Babysitting my moms friend daughter

Story 1

Babysiting for my mom bestfriend

My name is Tim I'm 17 years old one day my mom and her friend plan to go out. My mom and her friend haven't went out for a long time but then the babysitter cancel. My mom ask me if I would look after the 12 year old daughter her friend had me being a good son I side yes. Well on my way to go babysit my mom drop me off n pick up her friend Kim n dam did she look hot 36dd nice round ass I had dream of fucking her before.
Mom: see you later son take care of Samantha
Kim: will be back tomorrow
Me : I will and okay

I walk in the house and she Samantha on the sofa watching tv. For a lil 12 year old she had a nice size of tits for her age 23b I think and a small bubble butt.

Me: hey Samantha what you watching
Samantha: just some cartoon
Me: I love cartoon
Samantha: me to

I watch cartoon with her all day tell she fell alseep on the sofa. I change the channel to sum more guy stuff tell I saw her legs open and her lil panties. I tried and tried to stop looking so I gave in and went in for a smell she smelled so yummy I wanted her there and now. I had to control my self she was dead alseep I called her name Samantha wake up she didn't wake up I was getting turn on so I went to find sum dirty movie I new Kim had around here sum place and 5 minutes later I found her stash of movies and rubbers and dildos. I place the movie in Kim room for I won't wake Samantha.

I played the movie and set down on the bed with my dick out it not that big or small it a nice size and later on the movie was getting hotter and hotter it was about a babysitter like me fucking she was fucking the man off the house my dick was harder then ever. Next thing I know the door open from the room my dick and my hand and 12 year old in nothing but her panties and bra.

Me: Hey what are you doing I thought you were asleep
Samantha: I was then I herd a loud moaning nose and I came to the door to listen and it was you watch this movie the sound of the girl moaning was getting me a feeling I'm not use to and I had to watch it can I watch this with you I won't tell my mommy
Me: still trying to hide my dick ummm i don't know are you sure you wanna watch this stuff it's dirty
Samantha: yeah well you seem to enjoy it and we both like cartoon maybe ill like this to
Me: okay but you can't tell no one okay

I still have my dick out and harder then ever the new movie came on of a young girl walking in on her stepdad masturbating to her panties and they start fucking. Samantha getting that feeling again she all in to the movie

Samantha: what is he doing to her thing down there?
Me: he's eating her out if you want I can show you how it feels
Samantha: oh really yay yay yay I wanna feel like that girl on tv
Me: okay

I start rubbing her pussy and her here make a small moan by this time my dick was thumping hard I just wanted to fuck this girl right there and then. I move her panties to the side and rub her clit she moan even loader I layed her down and took off her panties and bra. I bit her nips and suck on them kissing her all the way down tell I get to her pussy I lick it slowly then started going faster,harder and deeper her moan were screaming
Samantha: ohh ohhhh my god this feels soo good i don't know what this is called by I feel like I'm going to explode

She cam so hard she pulled ass in the air her cum was so sweet and juicy I told her omg baby you tasted so good what you just did was a orgasum. Samantha: it felt so good I won't you to do me like the guy doing to his daughter.
Me: oh I'll fuck you but you got to do sum thing for me
Samantha: what's that?
Me:suck my dick
Samantha: how do I do that?
Me: you just pit you mouth on my dick and suck or blow like your blowing bubbles

She got on her knees and pit her mouth on my dick her warm mouth was so small she couldn't get it in. Just relax and start moving your head up and down that right just like that baby start going faster wean you get the hang of it. She was going faster and depper I pit my hand on her head to make her go father n faster I made her gag but she keep going.
Me:Omg baby you gonna make me cum do you want daddy cum in you mouth baby do you?
Samantha: gag daddy
Me: get ready baby it coming

I make her take my hole 6 inch dick in her mouth and I cum making her gag on my dick and cum.
Me: be a good girl a shallow my cum baby
Samantha: your cum taste good daddy now can you fuck me daddy
Me: laydown and open your legs

I lick her pussy sum more that sweet taste is still there. I pick the head of my dick on her pussy she was so tight my head wouldn't go in. I had to lick sum more of her pussy to get her more wet. I got back over and and side this might hurt a lil baby I push my dick in she moan so loud and in pain I slowly move it in and out tell it get lose I hit her chary
Me: get ready to be a women
Samantha: I'm ready daddy fuck me hard like that girl on the movie

I push as hard as I can Samantha scream in pain I just keep it in there tell she relax and wean she did I started moving it in and out faster and harder she was moaning like crazy now I knew I had to fuck this 12 year old like no other. I started to fuck her harder and her moans were tuning into small gash for air and a lil pain she love it
Samantha: fuck me daddy harder harder fuck me make me cum
Me: oh baby your pussy is so nice and tight you gonna make me cum

I keep fucking her I was about to bust my load. My body over this sweet lil girl I wanted this day to never end I was so close to bust
Me: baby were do you want my cum in you pussy or mouth
Samantha: in my pussy daddy

I'm cumming baby ohhhhhhhh baby your pussy feels so good. After I came we just set there watching the dirty movies still this lil girl is really dirty. After the movie were over I ask her what she want for dinner.
Me: what you want for dinner baby
Samantha: more of your cum haha just play pizza
Me: maybe another day baby ill call the pizza guy
Samantha: yummy and okay I can't wait
I gave her a long kiss and later on the pizza guy was her I payed him we ate and we feel asleep both on the sofa. I woke up to the door opening and it was my mom and Kim.
Kim: was she a pain
Me: no she was the best we had so much fun (well we fuck)
Kim: good to know if you had so much fun with her wanna watch her next week
Me: yes I will (yay another day to fuck this naughty girl)
Bye thx for watching me see you next week

Hope you guys enjoyed this the First story I wrought don't hate on me plz
Any girls wanna talk Kik me @ ShowMeYourPussi btw I really 17 all ages

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