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Fucking his little sister and her friends

John sat on his porch, smoking a joint as he watched the young girls walk by. Friday meant the teenage disco down the road and a bit of idle purving. He reckoned they were all around sixteen or seventeen, and the parade of tight asses and young tits was better than watching the news. He wondered why girls didn’t dress like that when he was young, but then everyone thinks that.

He was really waiting for his sister Anna, who was going to the disco and planned to change in his house. His parents weren’t so happy about small dresses and high heels so she always wore her sexy clothes under her normal ones to pass her parents inspections before going to her brother’s house to transform for the boys.

John had to admit that Friday’s were starting to become his favourite night of the week; watching his little sister change into whatever these young sluts seemed to be wearing these days would send him out on the town with a hard-on that lasted through Sunday. She was a petite brunette with a killer ass and a cute little smile that would always send him over the edge. When they were younger they used to fool around under the covers, pretending they were a couple, but since they had grown-up more it had changed into gentle flirting.

The steps outside his apartment block were raised above the road and two teens sat on the lower level, slightly facing away from him. They were handing around a bottle of vodka, drinking it straight and grimacing each time they took another swig. John looked closer at the two girls.

The first was a pale redhead, who had a slight emo look with her dark eye shadow, was wearing a tight black and white striped dress that hugged her slim figure. Her hair hung down past her bare shoulders and her shy eyes kept glancing up at John whenever she turned her head. The other one, a skinny blonde, wasn’t glancing up at John, she was staring.

‘Is that a joint?’ she called up, while putting her fingers under the waistband of her denim hot pants. She jutted out her chest, proudly showing off her sexy breasts that were barely contained within a tight white top that was split down the middle.

‘Maybe’ he said, taking another drag.

She walked up the steps and stood above him, her blonde hair blocking out the setting sun. John took her in more closely. Her legs were perfection, without an ounce of fat, and he thought that he’d be able to wrap his two hands around her tiny waist. Her face was of a naughty angel, the soft eyes off-set by an inviting mouth and high cheek bones. She was no emo, her bright make-up and light pink streaks in her blonde hair showed a more cheerleader air.

‘Can I have some?’ she asked, twirling her hair in an obvious attempt at flirting to get her way. John shrugged, why not he thought, and handed it over. She took a long drag and blew it out through her nose. John smirked, she was trying to be cool in front of him.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked, as she handed him back the joint.

‘Emma’ she said, sitting down beside him ‘you’re Anna’s brother, right?’

‘Yeah, you waiting for her too?’ he said, looking at his watch ‘I’m not expecting her for another hour.’

‘I know, she just texted us. Got any more of that inside?’ she said, pointing at the joint that was nearly finished.

‘I’ve got something better’ he said, opening his legs and not exactly hiding the large erection in his jeans. It was a ridiculous move, but he didn’t feel like being flirted with all night, he wanted to know the score. He had heard the rumours about what went on at these discos, and thought he might as well test it.

She arched her eyebrow sexily and looked down towards her friend.

‘You promise to help me out with a problem I have with my friend?’

‘Depends on the problem…’

‘You don’t need to know the problem’ she said ‘but you’ll definitely enjoy the solution…’

She ran back down the stairs and John watched out of the corner of his eye as they urgently whispered between each other. Eventually the redhead nodded and they both came up the stairs. He stood up as they reached him.

‘Hi, I’m Sarah’ said the redhead. John took her in more closely, admiring the small dash of freckles running down the top of her cute nose, her small lips still full and pout.

Emma, the blonde, stood beside her. As John said hello back she put her arm around the girls’ waist and squeezed, before slowly moving her hand down to rest on her ass. The redhead, Sarah, scolded her lightly and slapped her hand away.

‘So what have you got that’s better than weed, eh?’ she asked ‘we’ve got a disco to go to after all.’

John smiled ‘come inside, I’ll show you’. He was thinking that his sister might arrive at any minute, but it was worth the risk; these two girls were giving off a serious vibe, especially the blonde, and the red head had a look in her eyes that said to John ’it’s always the quiet ones’, so he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

The girls walked ahead of him and John watched their tight little asses shake down the hallway; the tight dress squeezing the redheads’ ass while her high heels lifted it up and showed off her superb, long legs and the blonde wriggled her juicy cheeks in the denim hot pants that barely covered half of her ass. John was so entranced he forgot to lock the door behind him.

Once inside, John beckoned them to sit around the table on the couch as he went into his room to get his party pack, as his friends liked to call it. He listened to the girls giggling in the other room while he checked what was left. It was more than enough.

‘Well’ he said while grabbing three shot glasses and a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard ‘how would you girls like to do an Irish tequila? I wouldn’t normally offer, but you two look mature for sixteen.’

‘Oooh’ said Emma ‘what’s an Irish tequila?’

‘Like everything Irish, it’s stronger and better.’

He poured out three shot glasses and took out two bags of white powder.

‘Wait, I forgot the lemon!’ he said, jumping up to the fridge and taking out a plate of lemons. After cutting a few slices, he lowered each one into a bag of powder, coating it in white crystals.

‘Now girls, hold out your hands.’

The two girls, who had been sitting together on the couch held out their hands silently. John took the other bag and took a large pinch out of each and sprinkled it on the girls’ hands before doing it himself.

‘What is this stuff?’ the redhead asked, nervous despite herself. She seemed to be one of those cool and aloof girls – never wanting to speak too much in case she got caught out saying anything stupid.

‘It’s cocaine’ said John ’and the lemons are covered in crushed-up ecstasy. The whiskey is just whiskey, but I still rate that the most dangerous.’

‘It’s okay, Sarah’ said Emma, balancing the cocaine ’my sister did it before and said it was great.’

‘Well, let’s do it shall we?’ said John, sitting down between the two girls, feeling their warm bodies resting against his ‘first lick the cocaine, then the shot, then the lemon.’

After a momentary hesitation the two girls went for it. With grimaces and squeals they did it all, slamming the shot glasses down in the table and collapsing onto John, laughing with the triple whammy of highs. John laughed with them, enjoying the feeling of the two girls’ hands touching him, and felt himself get hard as Emma moved her hand onto his inner thigh and stroked her fingers up and down.

‘That was amazing!’ screamed Emma to her friend ’I could do another one right now!’

‘Easy now’ said John ’there’s plenty of time for that later.’

‘So what will we do in the meantime?’ asked Emma, staring at him and squeezing the inside of his thigh playfully. The instant hit of the two drugs and the drink had already gotten the girls giddy and loosened up.

‘I dunno’ said John ‘we could play a game…’

‘What sort of game?’ asked Emma. She asked in a way that all three knew what type of game she was suggesting.

‘What about a kissing game?’ said the redhead. John liked where this was going.

‘Kissing games are lame!’ said the blonde, giggling ‘that’s for kids’

‘Well, y’know’ said the redhead, looking at her friend with a grin ‘Emma here gives a great blowjob, or so I‘ve heard…’

‘Sarah!’ shouted Emma, looking genuinely angry ’You know not to say that!’

‘It’s true!’ said Sarah ’I heard you and Anna…’

‘Anna?!’ exclaimed John ’As in my sister?’

Emma raised her eyebrows and looked at John. Her demeanour had changed. A second ago, she was looking daggers at her friend, now she seemed to have decided something.

‘That doesn’t matter, it’s not true. Anyway’ she said, looking at her friend ‘you’re just saying that because you’ve never even been with a boy before’

‘Yes I have!’ said Sarah. The drugs had seemed to loosen her up. She had been suspicious of John at the start, now she didn’t seem to give a shit.

‘Prove it then’ demanded Emma.

‘How the fuck am I supposed to do that?’ asked the redhead, crossing her arms to her chest.

‘Suck his dick. Right now. That’s the game. Whoever makes him cum first is the winner’ responded Emma. John sat, not wanting to say a word in case he fucked this opportunity up.

‘Okay, fine’ said the redhead. John couldn’t help notice that she was eyeing the bulge in his trousers. She looked John in the eye and moved closer to him, thrusting her hand into his trousers and grabbing his cock before whispering in his ear ‘and who say’s I’m sixteen anyway?’

On the other side, Emma began to unbutton his jeans hurriedly, getting frustrated at even the slightest delay. John’s nearly nine inch cock sprung out and the two girls stopped for a moment to gaze at it.

‘Oh my god’ said Sarah as she gingerly wrapped her right hand around the shaft ’I’ve never seen anything so big…’

‘Too much for you, eh?’ he said jokingly, but the girl just smiled and lowered her head to his chest. He felt her long red hair fall onto his lower body and then the warm touch of her mouth as she began to engulf his cock. The blonde stared at her friend, breathing heavily as she brushed the girls’ hair to the side so she could see the action.

John grabbed her by the back of the neck, pulling her towards her and kissing her deeply. The little girls tongue darted around his mouth as she pressed against him, while Sarah spat on his cock and began jerking it. Her lips worked the head while her hands slowly milked his cock and massaged his balls. Even in his increasingly horny state John realised that the girl had skills, despite what her friend had said.

Soon Emma couldn’t keep herself and the blonde dropped to the floor beside her friend.

‘C’mon’ she said, watching her friend ‘you can go deeper.’ With that she began to push her friends head from behind down onto John, causing her to gag harder and her eyes to open even wider. ‘That’s it, take it in, take it all in.’ Despite her best efforts, there was no way the redhead could fit it all on her own, so the blonde took a different approach.

She moved her face towards John, taking off his top, kissing him lightly before whispering ’Fuck her face, fuck it like it was her pussy. I know her, she pretends she’s a little angel but I know she’s nothing but a fucking whore.’

The little redhead whimpered and for the first time looked away at John and towards her friend. For a moment it looked like she would pull her head back but John grabbed her at the back of the hand and said ‘You heard what your friend said, I have to fuck your little whore face.’

With that he began pumping his cock into her mouth. He felt her trying to pull away but that only made him rougher, lifting up off the couch as he quickened the pace. Even with that she couldn’t take it all, but Emma raised the stakes. She moved behind Sarah and lifted John’s legs so they wrapped around the back of her head. He began pulling his legs towards him while pumping his cock down the girls’ throat. The little redhead was gagging hard, her head locked into place, while her cheeks went red as she felt his massive cock fuck her throat.

‘You like that, bitch?’ demanded Emma as her friends’ mascara began to flow down her face ’You fucking cunt, you told everyone that we sucked those guys’ dicks just because you wanted everyone to remember your dumb little party, didn’t you? For the last year everyone’s been laughing behind my back, and you two faced little whore just kept smiling and pretending it wasn‘t you – I know it was you!’

John saw the look of rage on the blondes’ face, but quite frankly couldn’t have given a shit; this little beauty was about to make him cum any second. It didn’t matter to him if this was all to get revenge for some teenage gossip. With a final push, he slammed his cock all the way down her throat, the girls’ eyes meeting his with a look of what John thought was pure terror.

It was only when he released the girl and moved his legs that he saw that she had been feeling her pussy the whole time, reaching her hands under her dress. She sat back, breathless, fingering herself violently to orgasm as Emma reached around, feeling her tits through her top and slapping them through the fabric.

He stood up off the couch and began to jerk his cock to cum over these two sluts’ faces, knowing that they were going to get the full load. It was at that moment that he heard a voice from the door.

‘Emma! No! Not my fucking brother!’

It was his sister, Anna. She stood there; her hands on her hips watching the scene unfold. The two girls looked up at her, still heaving and touching themselves and each other. John stood there, facing his younger sister, but continued to stroke his cock. He saw her hesitate, staring at his manhood. Before she could help herself, John saw her lick her lips.

There was only one thing to do. John turned and walked slowly towards his sister, his cock sticking high into the air. At first she took a step back but then remained stock still as he reached her. Moving behind her, he rested his hands on either of her arms and began kissing her neck.

‘John… I’ve… I never meant this… oh, fuck…’ she whispered, but the soft moan betrayed her as he lightly kissed her neck. He began to unzip the billowy dress and let it drop to the floor, revealing her real party outfit. Not for the first time in his life, John looked on his baby sisters’ body in awe, but this time she had even out done herself.

She wore a short tartan skirt that was frayed at the bottom as if she had cut it even shorter herself. A black fishnet top barely covered her body, riding high at the back and low at the front with the stockings continuing down the sleeves ending with a triangle at the hand. A black bra covered her c-cup breasts and she stood taller than her small frame from black high-heels.

‘Jesus’ he said ‘what were you planning to do at that disco tonight?’

He stood back a moment and soaked in her body. Their mother was Spanish and it showed on her daughter, her olive skin covering a frame that had curves in all the right places. Her slim waist led to an ass that seemed to defy gravity, pert and full, pushing the skirt even higher, while her dark hair flowed down the curve of her arched back. She looked over her shoulders and her eyes rested on her brothers.

‘Do you really think I look sexy?’ she asked shyly, biting her bottom lip.

He couldn’t even respond, instead moving behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist, kissing her neck and her shoulders. He moved his cock in between her legs, and she squeezed her thighs together, reveling in the feeling of her brothers’ dick pushing against her pussy. She moaned again as he turned her around, stared at her straight in the eyes before gently kissing her upper lip. Soon they were kissing deeply and passionately, now seemingly unaware even of the other two girls in the room.

Emma and Sarah hadn’t been watching the two siblings idly however, both were touching and kissing each other too, the effects of the drugs taking hold over their bodies. The blonde was just in her bra and a g-string, while the other had kept her figure hugging dress on.

Anna reached down and took her big brothers’ cock in her hand, starting to stroke it up and down as they kissed.

‘Do you want this?’ she asked seductively, but with a hint of fear in her voice.

‘I’ve always wanted this, sis, always’

John, fearing he was set to burst, picked his sister up and lay her on the couch. The two girls moved towards them, the redhead crawling across the floor before stopping at the couch. On all fours, she arched her ass into the air, stretching the fabric of her dress to breaking point.

‘Hello’ said Emma, smirking over Anna’s body. ‘Don’t worry, we won’t tell anybody, as long as you don’t tell about us two of course.’ She rubbed Anna’s right breast with her fingers, twisting the nipple roughly through the top. ‘Y’know, I was going to get my revenge on that little bitch over there tonight, but this is a lot more interesting.’

The blonde bent around and starting sucking deeply on John’s cock which had been resting against his sisters’ shaved pussy.

‘Not yet’, the little blonde smirked ‘we haven’t finished the game yet’.

He began to take off his sisters’ panties with one hand while he used the other one to reach out and feel the redheads’ ass. His sister began kissing Sarah, their tongues reaching out to meet each other. After a moment, Emma released his dick and looked at John.

‘I want you to fuck that little whore before you fuck me and your sister. And make sure you pound the little bitch; she deserves it after all the shit she’s been saying about us’ she said simply. He looked at his sister who seemed to nod in agreement and he moved behind the redhead and began touching her ass through the dress.

‘Spank her, you fucker’ demanded Emma, and John obliged willingly. Sarah groaned as he started to spank her hard, moving her dress away to expose her tiny ass. He moved his cock into position and pushed against her pussy opening. He stopped for a moment before looking at the blonde who was watching the scene unfold.

‘What the fuck are you staring at?’ he asked, gesturing towards his sister at Emma ‘lick her pussy you little cunt.’

Obviously, Emma liked being ordered about as well, because she immediately moved towards his sister, slowly slid off her panties, reached below her skirt and began to feel Anna’s pussy. She started to moan in pleasure as Emma started to push her tongue against her clit, moving in circles while fucking her with two fingers.

John couldn’t take it any longer; watching his younger sister getting licked-out made his dick bigger than ever and he started to shove his cock inside the little redheads’ pussy, getting progressively more turned on as it went further in. He felt her tight pussy clamp over his cock. He started to loosen her up, sliding in and out of her faster and faster.

‘Oh fuck yeah’ she whimpered ‘that feels so fucking big inside me… harder… fuck me harder…’

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face back towards his own. Moving his hands around her front, he pulled the dress down, exposing her tits, and he used his right hand to feel her body while his left kept her hair pulled back. He quickened the pace, fucking her harder and faster. The girl squealed in pain as he pumped her pussy as fast as he could while his sister began to orgasm on the couch, her body arching in pleasure as the blonde quickened her pace.

He tried to take the whole scene in; his sister groaning loudly, her slim body gyrating against the blonde girls’ mouth. She still had most of her clothes on and John was desperate to finally see those tits that he had fantasised for so long about. Emma seemed to read her mind, reaching up and pushing the bra over her breasts before his sister finished the job. He could see her nipples poking out from behind the fishnet top and he began fucking the redhead even harder; her body began to move away with the force, making him grab her around the hips and pulling her pussy onto his cock.

The little blonde moved away from his sisters’ pussy and began sucking on her tits, eventually kissing her deeply.

‘Do you like watching your brother fucking your friend? Is it turning you on?’

John and Anna’s eyes met. She licked her lips as the blonde started fucking her pussy with two fingers.

‘I fucking love it…’ she almost whispered.

‘You want his big cock inside you?’

‘Yes, more than anything’ she moaned, as John continued to pound the young redhead.

The redheads’ body was starting to shake and her pussy seemed to be almost vibrating. John decided to send her over the edge; he reached out to the table with one hand and took a pinch of ecstasy before shoving it under the girls’ nose. She sniffed it in deeply without really knowing what it was. She screamed at the combined feeling and her body began shaking violently. John could feel a pressure building up against his cock, pushing it back out. The redhead was squirting, her orgasm spilling out onto the floor.

‘Wow, you really are a little whore!’ said the blonde, grabbing the redheads’ face roughly. The girls’ eyes were still rolling up towards the sky, her legs shaking with the force of the orgasm. ‘Now make yourself useful’ she said, pushing the girl towards John’s sister lying on the couch. She made Anna go down on all fours on the couch, spanking her ass to make sure she stuck it out high enough in the air. She seemed to become entranced with his sisters’ ass, rubbing fingers down and around it before sticking them into her tight, inviting pussy.

‘Your sister is incredible’ she said, allowing herself a deep and long lick along her pussy lips and to her asshole. John couldn’t agree more and smiled at his sister as she looked at him over her shoulder. He made a move towards her, unable to help himself anymore.

‘Down boy!’ Emma cried, playfully smacking his cock ‘I need cock now’. She again grabbed the redhead by the hair and positioned her behind his sister and demanded that she eat her asshole.

No matter how much he wanted his sister, John was looking forward to this. The little blonde was practically vibrating sluttiness, her every body movement aimed at getting pleasure. He decided to play her at her own game. He grabbed her hair.

‘So who’s the real slut here, eh?’ he asked, moving his other hand down to her pussy. ‘You want my cock? You want me to fuck your little pussy?’

‘Oh fuck yeah’ she groaned ‘make me your fucking whore!’

He moved everything off the table and, picking the blonde up, dumped her onto the surface and spread her legs wide. He began licking the inside of her leg, moving along her smooth skin and breathing in the smell of this hot little slut. She kept pushing her pussy towards his mouth, desperate for him to lick her wet pussy, but he wouldn’t give her the pleasure, not just yet.

‘Beg me for it, you little bitch. Beg daddy for his cock.’

‘Please! Please fuck me! I need it!’

‘You didn’t fucking listen, you whore’ he hissed at her, smacking her tits roughly ‘I said beg Daddy for his cock.’

‘I’m sorry! Please Daddy, please fuck my pussy! It’s so wet… please!’

‘Not good enough now’ he said harshly.

He moved to the head of the table and pushed his balls into her face. He could feel her breathing in the scent deeply and he let his whole weight dropping onto her face, making her go red with the lack of air. He put his hands around the back of her head and lifted it towards him, positioning his cock against her lips.

‘Open wide for Daddy’

She tentatively opened her mouth and he shoved his cock in deeply causing her to gag against his thrust. Deciding she needed a dose of her own medicine, John began fucking her mouth roughly, feeling his cock slide down her throat. Watching the young girls’ eyes bulge and his cock disappear into his mouth nearly made him cum, but he wanted to keep that for as long as possible. Before he finished, he grabbed her behind the head with both hands and began fucking her face as hard as she could. The little blonde girl started to gag wildly, using her hands to try and push him off her.

‘Oh fuck’ she gasped, gulping for air, before regaining her composure and asking with a smiled ‘so, do I win the game?’

John smiled back. That’s better, he said, grabbing her legs again and spreading them wide. He rested the cock at the top of her pussy for a moment and looked at her, waiting.

‘Please Daddy’ she almost whimpered ‘please fuck me…’

With that, he shoved his cock as deeply as he could into the little blonde. He could only force it halfway, but even with that the girl screamed loudly, reaching out both hands to grab onto anything as her body rocked against his thrusts.

John used his weight to force more of his cock inside her tight pussy before pulling it back out and starting to get into a rhythm. The little girl squirmed beneath him, her body trying to take in his cock. He looked across at his sister who had her head rested sideways on the arm of the couch, groaning loudly as the redhead lapped at her ass hole. She reached down with her own hand and began rubbing her clit to orgasm, watching her brother fuck her best friend.

‘You want it, sis?’ he said, grabbing the blonde by the thighs and pulling her onto his cock, his full length going in and out of the small girl.

She almost couldn’t respond, instead biting her bottom lip and groaning. ‘I want it so bad, so fucking bad. Fuck me… stick your cock inside me…’

‘What do you want me to do to you’

‘I want you to fuck me… I want you to fill my little pussy… I want… I want… I want you to hurt me…’

With that, John pushed away from the blonde. Moving to the couch, he grabbed Sarah and pushed her away, the little redhead falling to the floor, naked and panting.

John began feeling his sisters’ ass, pulling the tartan skirt down and past her high heels. Resting his cock against her ass, he pulled her by her breasts towards him. Her head reaching behind, they met in a deep and passionate kiss. He moved his hand down to her pussy and began rubbing her clit, making her groan into his mouth, while she reached around and grabbed his cock.

‘Are you going to fuck me, big brother? Are you going to fuck your little sister?’

Listening to his little sister talk dirty broke any doubts that John may still have had. He pulled her fishnet top over her head, leaving her naked except for her high heels. He took one long feel of her body, resting on the curve of her back and pushing it down so her ass stuck up into the air. He began rubbing the tip of his cock along her pussy, pushing it upwards and feeling her wetness.

‘Tell me what you want me to do to you, little sis’

She looked around again and pulled his face towards hers. To his surprise, she had a look of real seriousness on her face.

‘Please, John. I’ve always wanted to be used, my boyfriend, he’s not… I just want to be fucked. I want you to hurt me, to use me, do anything you want with me…’

He understood, but he couldn’t bring himself to be rough with her just yet. He kissed her again, feeling her smooth body with his hands. He pushed her head back onto the couch and moved his cock to the entrance of her pussy. He could feel the warmth emanating from it, begging for him to be inside her.

He pushed inside, feeling her pussy clamping down on his cock. It was so tight he could barely fit it inside her but the feeling of fucking his little sister was immense. He had never felt anything like it. He didn’t even notice the two other girls moving to the two siblings’ side to watch them fuck each other.

Emma wriggled underneath his sister, her legs coming around and locking John against Anna, plunging his cock even deeper inside her. Sarah got on all fours and brought her head down beneath him and began sucking on his balls, taking them into his mouth.

‘You dirty little sluts. You dirty little fucking sluts’ he gasped, almost in disbelief.

With that, John decided to treat his sister like she wanted him to. He got a purchase on her hips, thrusting inside her and holding it one more time. He then pulled out until only the tip rested inside her.

‘Oh God, fuck me big brother, fuck me like I always wanted you to’

He violently thrusted his cock all the way in, making her scream with pain and pleasure. Squeezing her hips tightly, he began to fuck her hard, roughly pounding his little sisters’ cunt.

‘Is that what you want, you little cunt? You want your own brother to fuck you?’

‘Yes, fuck me! Fuck your sister! It’s your pussy, fuck your pussy!’

He could feel her on the edge of an orgasm already, her little body shaking against his. Even with this, she still began to push back against him, their two bodies working together so they could feel themselves inside each other, the taboo heightening every sense.

After only what seemed like moments, John felt his sister convulse in an orgasm that rocked her body. She screamed loudly and bit the sheets at the end of the couch, her ass shaking as her brothers’ cock continued to thrust in and out of her.

The blonde by now was licking her lips and thrusting against his sister in an almost sexual frenzy, pulling Anna’s mouth towards her tits. John saw her hand reach down and feel her own clit, trying to watch John’s cock go in and out of his sister.

‘Oh my God’ she said in an almost awed voice ‘this is so fucking hot.’ She stopped and looked at John. ‘Fuck me too, please fuck me!’

John looked down to see the blonde raising her pussy off the couch, touching it against his sisters. He pulled out and began to fuck the blonde underneath, sending her into an almost immediate orgasm.

‘Oh yes Daddy, fuck your baby girls’ pussy!’ she screamed, bringing his sisters’ face up to hers ‘Your brothers’ cock feels so fucking good inside me… it’s so big.. you’re not allowed to have it back…’

His sister didn’t take kindly to that, pushing the girls face and slapping her roughly.

‘He’s mine you little bitch!’ and then spat on her face. This only seemed to turn the blonde girl on even more.

The two girls wrestled for a moment, before John grabbed his sisters’ hair and pulled her up from the blonde. The redhead stayed on the floor, looking up at the three on the couch with a look of total submission, fingering her pussy as mascara continued to run down her pretty face. John decided to deal with her later. First came his sister.

‘You know you shouldn’t be fighting!’ he shouted in his sisters’ ear ‘you’re going to have to be punished now.’

She smiled defiantly, drool running out of her mouth. He reached down and spread her ass wide open, pushing his cock against the small opening. For the first time, she started to have a look of fear on her face.

‘John… I’ve never…’

He didn’t wait for her to finish, pushing his cock inside roughly. He could only get an inch or two in it was so tight, but the look on his sisters’ face gave him all the encouragement he needed. She seemed to be lost in her own little world, oblivious to Emma twisting her nipples in revenge.

‘You take what I give you, little sister. All of you is mine. All of you.’

Never before had he fucked a girl that like. He was like a madman, pounding his little sister from behind for all he was worth, ignoring her screaming, knowing she was more turned on than ever before because he saw her grab the blondes’ hand and pressing it against her pussy as her ass was violated.

The blonde began to move more and more of her fingers into John’s sisters’ pussy, and he encouraged her to do her worst.

‘Fist the little whore. Fist my little whore sister while I fuck her virgin ass.’

Anna began to have wave after wave of orgasms, hitting her like a hurricane. She stopped moving as her friend and her brother filled her holes. She felt the little girls’ fist fuck her and her brother pushing all his nine inch cock inside her ass. She collapsed in a final orgasm, dropping like a dead weight onto the blonde.

John turned her over and pulled her up. He looked into his sisters’ face and knew that he had done what she had wanted. She seemed to come out of a daze and looked at her brother.

‘Are you going to give me your cum now, big brother?’ she asked as the little blonde moved beside her.

He pushed his cock into his sisters’ mouth for the first time, feeling her warm, big lips as he grabbed her by the back of the hair while she deep throated him.

‘That’s it’ he said ‘taste your ass, sis. Do you like the taste of your slut ass?’

Finally, he let himself go, pulling out and releasing load after load onto his little sister, letting it splash onto her eyes and cheeks before letting the final stream into her inviting mouth. She let it drool out of her mouth, the blonde licking it off her face and the two meeting in a kiss, swapping the warm cum between them.

‘Mmmm’ said his sister ‘that was fun…’

‘Yeah it was’ said the blonde, millimetres from her face. She kissed her again lightly on the lips, a stream of cum connecting the two as they moved away from each other, before pointing to the redhead and asking ‘but what are we going to do with this little bitch? She’s bound to shoot her slut mouth off.’

‘I won’t tell!’ Sarah shouted ‘I promise!’

Anna smiled up at her big brother before responding ‘I dunno, you told about me and Emma and those two guys, so why won’t you tell anybody about this?’

‘I swear! I really won’t tell!’

John decided to take the situation in hand. ‘I know what to do’ he said ‘Anna, get your camera phone.’ He picked up the redhead and led her into the shower, making her kneel on the floor.

‘You rolling?’ he asked his sister, who nodded mischievously.

With that, he took his dick out and unleashed a stream of warm piss all over the redhead, who seemed to be resigned to her fate.

‘Who’s the slut now?!’ said Emma, standing behind Anna with her arms wrapped around her.

‘Open your mouth’ John demanded, and Sarah opened her mouth and let the piss roll flow into her mouth and down her throat. John was surprised when he saw the girl reach down and feel her pussy as he humiliated her in front of her friends. She was a keeper, he decided. When he had finished he put on the shower and water began to wash over the young girl. ‘Clean her up’ he said, pointing to Emma ‘we’re not done with her yet.’

He pulled his sister towards her and walked back into the room. She kissed him deeply again, but this time lovingly. ‘I can’t wait until you do that to me’ she said seductively.

‘You have no idea the plans I have for you’ he said, spanking her ass and bending her over the arm of the couch. ‘You aren’t going to that disco anymore, I can tell you that much.’

she reached around and grabbed his cock

Megan’s rape

Another story I found years ago. Again, not one of mine.

Megan had been there only four days and already she was

It hadn't been her idea to go to a boarding school in
Europe, but with her diplomat father sent to the Middle
East and her mother dead there was little real alternative.

Still, things here were so different than at home. The
girls seemed far more mature, more sophisticated. Not only
that but, in this all girl school, there seemed to be a
strange acceptance of lesbianism. Megan had seen a number
of girls holding hands, hugging kissing in the corners of
the library, and had heard some very ob-scene discussions
in the showers.

The showers.

She had put off taking a shower for the first two days, but
had finally reconciled herself to it. She'd never taken a
shower with other girls before, not being the athletic
type, and had found the first occasion mortifying.

The second time had been unnerving, but slightly less
embar-rassing. After all, the other girls seemed to take it
for granted, and nobody seemed to be really staring at her
naked body as she quickly washed.

Anyway, she told herself, she had nothing to be ashamed of.
She had an excellent body, slender, with good hips and a
round behind, no scars, nice legs, and breasts that, while
not huge, were pretty good sized and nicely shaped.

She had a strong, squarish, determined face, one that
denoted intelligence, and had thick, chestnut brown hair
that hung down around her shoulders.

No, her body was all right, though she still felt very
strange having other people seeing it. She also felt
strange seeing all those naked people. Girls in all shapes
and sizes, though mostly they were slender like herself,
this being an expensive school and the daughters of the
rich not wanting to be fat.

A couple of the girls had very large breasts, like Yvonne,
the Swiss girl, and Claudette, from Egypt. Some had very
small breasts, and she thought she should be thankful she
didn't have to be embarrassed about that at least.

There were tall girls and short girl, black, white, brown
and yellow girls, but mostly there were naked girls, with
breasts bouncing, soapy buttocks jiggling and pussies
winking. She was rather amazed at the display of flesh.

In fact, after she got over her initial embarrassment, she
found it to be something of a turn-on, being naked around
all those other people, her body wet and soapy, her hands
rubbing across her breasts and between her legs.

She was always careful not to stare at any of the others,
not wanting anyone to think she was queer, even if it was
accepted here. She was heterosexual and had no real
interest in females as such, it was just all that nude
flesh and her own naked state that aroused her a little.

Anyway, she was getting used to it, she thought, and would
soon be as blas‚ about it as the other girls seemed to be.

And then, that afternoon as she was looking in the back of
the library for a book to complete some research, she had
been approached by Yvonne, the tall, big busted Swiss girl.
At first, perhaps because her French wasn't great, that the
girl wanted to borrow money.

Then the older, taller girl had pressed her back against
the bookshelf and kissed her. Megan's eyes had shot up and
then the other girl's right hand slid under her skirt and
squeezed her pussy while her left groped her breast through
her thin blouse.

She had torn herself free, gasping for breath and shocked
by the suddenness of the other girl's attack. She'd run
away, leaving Yvonne sniggering.

And so she'd skipped her shower again, knowing Yvonne would
be there and being too humiliated to have the other girl
see her naked. She thought about going to the Headmistress,
or one of the teachers, but that would probably cause more
trouble than it would solve.

She had trouble getting to sleep that night, and was
wakened suddenly in the middle of the night by a sound in
her room. She sat up just in time to see her door closing,
and felt a wetness against her face and head.

She turned on the light and felt her head, gasping as she
felt the oozing sliminess there. She jumped out of bed and
looked in the mirror, seeing and now smelling a pair of
rotten eggs which someone had poured onto her head.

The gooey stuff was running down the side of her face and
down her shoulders and the front of her pajamas. Cursing,
she tried to wipe most of it off with a rag, then stripped
out of her pajamas, tossing them in disgust into the back
of her closet.

She got some soap and a towel, put on her robe, and made
her way down the dimly lit hall to the bathroom.

It was empty, of course. It was two in the morning. She was
relieved at that. She removed her robe and put her towel on
a hook, then stepped under one of the shower nozzles and
turned on the water. It poured down around her and she put
her head right under it to wash out the egg.

She shampooed her hair, not once, but three times, then
began washing her face, shoulders and the rest of her body.
When she had soaped herself all over, she stepped under the
water again, turning her face upwards to let the soap wash

She ran her hands through her hair and over her face,
rubbing at the soap as the water washed it away, then
stepped back to bring her face out of the water so she
could open them.

Her buttocks hit something soft but solid, flesh, warm
naked flesh. Her eyes shot open and she gasped in shock,
whirling around.

Yvonne was there, naked, grinning malevolently.

"What do you want? Leave me alone!" Megan gasped, backing
up against the wall as the bigger girl moved lithe forward.

Yvonne suddenly grabbed her, one hand gripping her thick
wet hair, the other going around her and pulling her in
close as her mouth jammed down on Megan's.

Megan struggled furiously as the other girl's tongue shot
into her mouth. The two staggered for several seconds
before the bigger girl's weight bore her back to the wall.
The big blonde girl's mouth was like a sucking vacuum as
her tongue whipped around in Megan's mouth.

Megan was mortified. Yvonne's big naked breasts were
rubbing and grinding and rolling against Megan's own
smaller ones, and she could feel Yvonne's pubic hair
against her inner thigh as the taller girl forced her legs
open and humped her loins into Megan's crotch.

Her right hand slid down and cupped Megan's wet bottom,
pull-ing her in tighter as her mouth tried to devour the
brunette. Megan continued to struggle helplessly, like a
fly caught in a spider's net, but she was no fighter, and
not a strong girl anyway.

Yvonne twisted on her hair, forcing her head back sharply.
At the same time she took her other hand away from Megan's
behind and jammed it in between her thighs, squeezing her
naked mound so hard Megan's brain seemed to boil and her
body reeled in dizziness.

She tried to scream but all that came out was a weak
gurgling moan, and even that was silenced quickly as
Yvonne's mouth slipped over hers once more.

Yvonne rubbed at her pussy, then forced a finger up between
her vagina lips, driving it deep into her. Megan couldn't
push her hand away. With her head pulled back so sharply it
was all she could do to maintain her balance, and both her
hands were above her, trying to pry Yvonne's hand out of
her hair.

A second finger was thrust up into her body, and both
pumped in and out furiously as Yvonne's thumb searched for
her clitoris, found it, then ground down against it.

Yvonne pulled back suddenly, her face laughing at Megan as
she shoved her back hard against the wall. She said
something which Megan didn't catch, then shoved down on her
shoulders. Already dazed, Megan would probably have fallen
without any help, she went down quickly under the pressure.

Then she was squatting against the wall, hemmed in by
Yvonne's legs, staring into Yvonne's bushy blonde
crotch. She turned her head away, trying to crawl around
the girl but her hair was gripped again and pulled hard.
She cried out weakly, the sound drowned out by the

Yvonne snarled and shoved her pussy into Megan's face,
grinding her soft pussy lips and crinkly pubic hair across
her mouth and nose.

"Suck me," she said then, in English.

She pulled Megan's hair and the brunette gasped and began
licking at her pussy, not knowing what else to do. She'd
never done anything with girls before and had no real idea
of how to proceed, other than licking up and down the slit.

Yvonne sighed in pleasure, then reached down and took one
of Megan's hands, pulling it up and rubbing it along her
pussy. She shifted her grip to just one finger and pressed
it against her slit. Megan shivered in disgust, but pushed
her finger upwards, sliding it into the blonde's tight
vaginal tunnel.

"My Cleeet. Leek my Cleety," Yvonne moaned, jerking on
Megan's hair again.

Megan searched upwards with her tongue and found the hard
little button, then began to rasp her tongue across it,
desperate to stop the hair pulling which was sending
needles of pain into her skull.

She tasted Yvonne's salty girl milk, feeling it coating her
tongue and lips as she continued to lap at the girl's

"Suck meee! Suck meee," Yvonne gasped.

Megan tried to get her lips around the girl's clit and suck
it, pumping her finger up and down in her twat as she did

Yvonne began grinding her hips against Megan's face,
grunting with pleasure as she held the brunette against her
loins. She squeezed her big breasts with one hand while
continuing to hold tightly to Megan's hair with the other.

Then, as Megan sucked hard on Yvonne's clitoris the bigger
girl began humping and groaning and cursing softly in
pleasure. She let out a sigh and then gripped Megan's face
in both hands, pulling her mouth down over her fuck hole.

"Drink me, drink me. Suck me dry," Yvonne hissed.

Megan put her lips against Yvonne's box as the blonde's
fuck opening began to drool. She lapped and sucked at it,
drinking down the other girls juice.

Yvonne laughed loudly, then jerked back on Megan's hair
again twisting her around on her knees. Megan stared up in
sock and fear seeing another girl there, a short oriental
girl she didn't know. Yvonne pushed her face into the
Oriental's crotch and ordered her to suck her off now.

The two girls snarled and cuffed her until she began to
lick and suck on the other girl's slit, pushing her tongue
in between the tight pussy lips, running it up and down the
pink flesh and lapping against her clitty.

Her jaw and tongue were aching, but her hair hurt much more
as she was forced to lick the other girl to pleasure, then
turn and lick Yvonne again.

She was in a state of dazed misery when the tall blonde had
come for the second time and the oriental pulled her up by
the hair. She stood weakly, swaying slightly as the
oriental girl pulled her arms behind her back and held them

She could feel the girl's hard, pointed nipples pressing
into her back between her shoulder blades, hung her head
dully, not trying to fight back.

Yvonne had turned her back on her, and was fiddling with
something, stepping into what Megan thought was a pair of
panties. But then the big blonde turned around and Megan
saw that there was a long, thick black dildo sticking out
from a leather holder that hung between her legs.

Megan shuddered then sobbed in fear and despair as the
grinning blonde advanced on her. She stood right in front
of Megan, then kissed her deeply, her tongue slithering
inside the whimpering brunette's mouth. Her hands cupped
and fondled Megan's breasts and she bent to suck on each

Then the two girls turned the frightened girl around so she
was facing the oriental. The oriental girl clutched her
tight against her chest, hugging her. Megan felt the other
girl's breasts and nipples pressing into her own, but was
beyond caring by then.

Her head hung over the girl's shoulder and she stood there
submissively, her arms hanging down at her sides, knowing
resistance was hopeless. She felt the blonde's hands on her
hips, pulling them out. Her legs were parted.

She was already bent over a little since the oriental girl
was shorter than her, and so Yvonne had no trouble lining
the head of the dildo up against her cunt and thrusting it
up into her belly.

She jerked violently and then trembled like a frightened
puppy as the dildo slid deeper and deeper into her guts.
The oriental girl held one arm around her back and the
other behind her head, keeping her neck down on her
shoulder. Yvonne held her by both hips as she drove the
rubber cock into her.

Megan let out a pathetic whimper of pain as the first six
inches passed through her pussy lips and the next few
inches followed. While not a virgin she'd only had sex with
one guy and he'd only had a six inch penis. The seventh
inch opened up new territory, and the eighth, and ninth
inches caused a dull ache. The tenth inch made her cry out
in pain as Yvonne rammed the last of the rubber cock into
her sheath.

With ten inches of thick black dildo up in her belly, and
her guts cramping and aching with every movement, all Megan
wanted was to remain very still, till the pain eased.
Yvonne had other ideas. She began to fuck her at once, not
gently either.

The thick rubber prong slid back and forth inside her tight
pussy hole, rasping over her clitty and punching into her
cervix with each stroke. She groaned and whined and moaned
helplessly as her cunt was torn up by the thick girl-

A wave of dizziness struck her and she clutched the
oriental girl to keep from falling. The girl gripped her
hair and pulled her head up and back, then kissed her,
softly, her moist lips gliding over Megan's trembling ones,
her tongue flickering, dipping lightly into Megan's mouth,
sliding along her teeth.

The long rubber prick slid fully out of her pussy and she
felt it pushing against her asshole. Her eyes opened wide
and she tried to scream but Yvonne grabbed her hard,
putting a hand around her mouth and another around her

She whirled her around and slammed her front into the wall,
holding her hand over her mouth as she thrust the dildo up
into her asshole. Megan struggled violently, shocked and
horrified at the intrusion in an area she had never
considered before, but she could do nothing.

The dildo was a hot burning spike that split her apart. It
drove up to the center of her guts, making her cry out in
pain as her insides seemed to split open to make room for
it. She felt Yvonne's pussy hair against her ass cheeks
then and knew the long thing was buried in her rectum.

Yvonne laughed, then, still holding a hand over her mouth,
swung her around again towards the oriental girl, who
smiled at her. The oriental girl licked at her face above
Yvonne's hand, then bent and began licking and sucking at
Megan's breasts, chewing at her nipples gently.

Yvonne's hands shoved her aside, mashing Megan's tits hard,
making the soft flesh ooze out between her long, splayed
fingers. She ground her hips into Megan's buttocks as she
twisted the dildo inside her.

The oriental dropped to her knees and gripped Megan's
thighs, spreading her legs more, then she pushed her face
into her crotch and began licking and sucking at her
clitty. Yvonne's hands knead-ed her breasts, squeezing
repeatedly as she bent and sucked and chewed on the nape of
her neck.

Yvonne meanwhile, began fucking with longer strokes, though
still going slow. Megan had never been sodomised before,
but now that the initial pain was gone she thought, with
some relief, that it didn't really hurt at all.

Still, she felt totally degraded by being ass fucked by
this strange girl, and tears of misery continued to trickle
down her cheeks.

Her head hung forward, her eyes glazed. She grunted from
time to time as Yvonne fucked the big dildo up her asshole,
but did not show any other response until she noticed with
slow awareness, that her body was heating up, heating up
with sexual pleasure.

She was shocked at that, shocked enough to come out of her
misery and get her brain working again. She tried to deny
it, tried to convince herself it was some fluke of her
tormented body, some crossed wire.

But whatever the sensations were they were coming from her
cunt, and even as she stared down at the top of the
oriental girls head the sensations became hotter and more

Her ragged breathing became shallower as she panted for
breath amid the head that was gripping her body. She felt
faint, light headed. Her head buzzed and throbbed.

"Oh!" she gasped, then experienced a sudden spasm of heat
and threw back her head.

"Oh no," she whimpered.

The oriental girl's tongue was whipping furiously against
her snatch, her breath sucking out hard, blowing in hot,
her fingers probing, pumping, thrusting, squeezing,
rubbing, and behind her the big dildo was sliding up and
down in her guts.

Her breasts were burning hot as well, and her nipples rock
hard. Yvonne continued to squeeze and twist the tender
flesh, her tongue, teeth and lips nibbling, sucking and
chewing on her throat.

"Ohhhhhh," Megan groaned, her eyes fluttering, her body
quivering like a high tension line.

Her cunt was burning, burning hotter than she'd ever felt
in her life. It was a churning volcano getting ready to
blow. She twitched and jerked and whimpered, helpless in
the possession of the two depraved lesbians and her own
raging sexual fever.

The oriental girl pulled away sudden and turned to the
corner getting something. Megan moaned in disbelief,
gasping for breath, her eyes wide and blinking.

Her entire body seemed feverish. Her skin felt
excruciatingly tender, every touch sending sizzling
pleasure through her.

The oriental girl turned back to her and Megan saw she too
had strapped on a big dildo. She rushed up to Megan and
kissed her and now Megan kissed back, kissed passionately,
desperately, her arms going around the girl, clutching her
to her.

The oriental girl reached down with both hands, one guiding
the head of the thick dildo towards Megan, the other
slipping between the shaking brunette's cunt lips and
prying them open. Megan felt the rounded head of the dildo
slip between her pussy lips and groaned in acceptance.

She kissed the oriental and squeezed her ass hard, jerking
her forward, pulling the dildo up into her snatch. It slid
high and deep into her guts, nestling inside her nest to
Yvonne's dildo.

She trembled and shook, her body skewered from the front
and impaled from the rear. Four hands roamed her flesh,
teasing her nipples, squeezing her breasts, caressing her
buttocks. Tongues snaked under her ears, along her throat
and into her mouth.

The two lesbians began to pump into her, matching each
others pace. Yvonne slid her dildo deep as the other pulled
hers back, then Yvonne pulled back as the oriental girl
thrust upwards to punch into her cervix.

Her body convulsed, shaking and thrashing. Insane gurgles,
sighs and grunts escaped her gaping mouth as her eyes
rolled back in her head. The two girls fucked furiously,
humping as hard and fast as they could, tearing the two big
dildos back and forth inside her spasming guts.

Blast after blast of stunning sexual fireworks erupted
within her, a paralyzing whirlwind of feverish ecstasy
ripped through her blasting her into delirium as they
roared over her quivering body.

Her brief sexual experiences had never prepared her for the
howling firestorm that was now tearing through her system.
It was the most prolonged orgasm experience of her life,
and by far the most powerful, and when it was over it left
her in a state of exhausted bliss, barely conscious and
totally drained.

Even after it was over she continued to twitch and shiver
with aftershocks, hardly able to breath as the other two
slowly drew their tools from out of her holes and toweled
her off. Then, wrapping a towel around the dazed, mind
blasted girl, they led her back to Yvonne's room.

Hour after hour of sexual writhing was still to come, and
at the end, when morning dawned, the shy, sheltered teen
would be changed forever.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Please keep this story, and all erotic stories out of the
hands of children. They should be outside playing in the
sunshine, not thinking about adult situations.

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