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Blackmailed By My Brother – Part 2

Chapter Five

Carrie started to turn and run back out but before she did, Jack spoke to her.

"Stop. Close the door, then come here."

Carrie froze at that tone and turned back toward her brother, then walked next to him.

Jack leaned closed and sniffed at Carrie's coated face.

"That's pussy!" he exclaimed.

Carrie blushed furiously.

"A-A-Angel is here," she said, her eyes averted.

Jack just looked at her.

"Get on your knees," he said, turning towards his younger sister. She did what he said. Jack took his cock, still hard, and rubbed it over her face, gettin it wet with Angel's outburst, and then put the head up against Carrie's mouth.

"Suck it."

Carrie resignedly opened her mouth and took the head inside.

Jack knew that he wouldn't have much time if Angel was in the house, so he took hold of Carrie's ears and immediately started pumping back and forth in her mouth, face fucking his younger sister.

Carrie's eyes got big as saucers as she felt Jack's cock bang into the back of her mouth once, twice, three times then again and again as he carried out the mouth rape. She could taste Angel's pussy on his cock and in her haste and confusion over the taste and events taking place, she was licking Jack's cock.

'God,' thought Jack to himself, 'she's really getting into sucking my cock!'

He felt a rumbling in his balls and knew that he was going to shoot soon so he increased his pace until he felt the orgasm start. That's when he pushed deep, deeper than before, and felt the head of his cock pop into his younger sister's throat.

Carrie panicked when her brother pressed his belly up against her nose as the cock in her throat cut off her air supply. She felt him shooting his sperm directly into her gullet and was swallowing reflexively to clear the air passage, her hands trying in vain to push him away.

When Jack finishing draining his balls he pulled back and then out of his sister's mouth.

"Thanks sis…now, go clean yourself up."

Jack put his cock away and walked out, leaving his sister a bit stunned on her knees, the taste of cum and pussy resident in her mouth. He walked over to her room and peered inside. He could see Angel laying on his sister's bed, eye's closed, her shorts off and on the floor. Angel was playing with her pussy, more teasing herself than seriously going for it.

Jack felt his semi-soft cock starting to rise again. He walked into the room.

"Don't stop on my account," he said, looking directly at Angel's eyes, which now fluttered open.

"Wh-what the hell…"

"Listen up. I have a video of you and my sister last night, getting high and sexing it up. I have the coke that you left behind. I have her admitting on video that you sold her the coke. Unless you want me to totally fuck up your life…"

Angel just blinked at him. She never before had felt quite this exposed.

"What do you want?"

Jack walked over to the bed and then dropped his shorts, revealing his semi-hard cock.

"I wanna' fuck."

Chapter Six

'Well that's not so terrible' thought Angel.


"You need to get me harder."

Angel smirked and then slid around on the bed so that her head was hanging off the side of the bed, her mouth opened in silent invite.

Jack moved forward, allowed Angel's hand to guide his cock inside her mouth. When he felt her suck hard, he knew that unlike his younger sister, Angel had had some experience sucking cocks.

Just then Carrie walked into the room.

"Oh!" she exclaimed, surprised to see her brother in her room, and getting head from Angel.

"Come over here, Carrie. Get behind me on your knees and lick my ass."

As Carrie moved into position, Angel had moved one of her hands down to her pussy and was now rubbing her clit, knowing that it would further excite Jack. She could look and partially see Carrie behind Jack, and knew that the young submissive was now starting to lick his crack.

"Feels good, Carrie…get it all nice and wet."

A minute or so later Jack told them both to stop. He didn't want yet another blowjob finish, but instead wanted pussy.

He pulled Angel around into position, putting her legs up onto his shoulders while he was standing on the side of the bed.

"Hey, go easy, you're kinda' bi…"

Jack didn't heed her request, but instead sunk his cock completely inside her exposed pussy, bottoming out against her cervix.

"Owwwwwww….fuckkkkk!" cried Angel, not used to such a big cock from a high school kid.

"Jesus, you're tight," said Jack as he started fucking in and out of the younger girl, her saliva around his cock providing the necessary lubrication to allow the fast pace.

"Carrie? Get on the bed." Carrie climbed up onto the bed and was watching his cock go deep inside her friend's cunt.

"Get over her face and let her lick your pussy," said Jack, tightening his grip on Angel's legs to allow him better thrust.

"Waaaaait…I d-do-don't eat…"

"You do now," interrupted Jack, as Carrie settled her pussy down on Angel's face, taking some satisfaction in getting someone to service her. When she didn't feel Angel's tongue she reach down with both hands and tweaked both the girl's nipples hard. That got a response, and soon she felt Angel's tongue and mouth against her slit.

Jack had one more trick up his sleeve. He'd never fucked a girl in the ass, but as he was looking at Angel on her back, covered up by his younger sister, and bent around by his arms, he decided to go for broke. He leaned forward and whispered to his sister.

"She going to try and push you off and get away. Don't let her."

Carrie lustfully nodded.

Jack slowed his pace and then stopped and pulled out. For a moment, Angel thought he might be tired or something and just concentrated on the pussy that she was licking, which she admitted to herself tasted pretty sweet.

Angel then felt Jack adjusting her legs and bending her a bit more. She thought he was just trying to get even deeper inside. Then she felt his cock press up against her asshole but before her brain could really register what was happening, it had happened. Jack's cock was wet enough with her pussy juice, and she was angled just perfectly so that when he pushed, she couldn't budge. His cockhead just popped into her cherry asshole and then he kept on pushing, figuring he had to get balls deep in order to hold her in place.

For Angel it felt like her ass was on fire. She yelled but of course her yell was muffled by the pussy on top of her face. She tried to push away but Jack just grabbed her hands and brought them to her legs which he gripped tighter, not moving within her ass, but resting balls deep.

Then he pulled out, just halfway, and then pushed back inside. He heard more cries from Angel, and this turned Carrie on. She wiggled her pussy and asshole against Angel's mouth and nose and ground against her, trying to reach orgasm.

Jack pulled out again, this time until just the head was within. He held it there for a full five seconds…giving Angel time to think about it. Angel tried tightening her ass muscles by squeezing down, but, it still wasn't enough. It just provided Jack with a more exquisite grip around his cock was now pushing back into the depth's of Angel's plundered ass.

She screamed again into Carrie's pussy, and the vibrations against Carrie's pussy lips, plus just the whole situation of watching her brother assfuck her friend, was enough to drive Carrie's pussy into orgasm. She came over Angel's face, and Angel just gave up, relaxing her arms and muscles and surrendering to the assfucking.

Jack felt this relaxation and began stroking steadily in and out of Angel's ass, making deep strokes, not pounding hard to hurt the girl, but long, steady strokes to ignite the fire within his balls one more time.

Carrie was out of it and moved off of Angel's face and lay down on the bed. Angel, her face covered with Carrie's secretions, looked up at Jack with a mask of slight discomfort and passion melded into one.

"Gonna'…cum…in…you…ass…" said Jack to Angel, his thrusting increasing now.

Angel reached down with one of her hands and began rubbing her clit. Jack saw this and smiled and then shot a load of hot cum into her ass, pumping four, five, then six jets before collapsing himself on the bed.

Angel hadn't quite cum yet, and was still masturbating.

"Carrie…get over between her legs and lick my cum out of her ass."

Carrie moaned but didn't want Jack getting mad so she moved, with Angel spreading her legs as she felt the young girl's tongue licking her well-fucked starfish.

"Ohhhgawwwddddddd………" Angel crested and came, her body bouncing on the bed like she was having a seizure and then she settled down, almost passing out, just cooing quietly, closing her legs to stop Carrie from licking her asshole further.

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt12

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt12

I woke on Monday by Kayko slowly riding me. It truly is wonderful to wake up in the morning and find your beautiful wife riding up and down your shaft and milking you slowly. Kayko had a very pleasant smile on her face, and I could tell she was enjoying her ride as much as I was.

“Good morning,” she said as she looked down on me from atop her perch. “Did you sleep well?”

“Good morning beautiful,” I responded while stretching my legs and arching my back upward. Kaykos’ mouth opened with a nice smile as she got the ‘extra’ inch of dick she could not get to while I was sleeping. “My god you are beautiful.” I said as I reached up and caressed her breasts.

She smiled back at me and giggled a little as she continued to ride and quickened her pace. “Are you going into town today?” she asked as she ran her hands up and down my chest.

“Yes. I have to get a few things from the main office and do some work. Why?” I asked.

“Oh nothing really,” she sighed. She then began grinding her clit against my pelvic bone, making her already hard nipples stand out even more. “I was just wondering how long I get to enjoy my husband this morning.”

“Well,” I said as I sat up to look her straight in the face. “You may enjoy me while I have my coffee.”

Another nice smile came across her face. Kayko wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist, locking herself into position. I slid off the edge of the bed and stood up with her, causing my full length to enter her. Luckily for me she only weighs 105 pounds otherwise this would have been very difficult. What is also nice is that she can hang on to me completely on her own, leaving my hands free to open doors or pick up things. With her mounted firmly on me I threw on a robe and wrapped it around both of us. It’s not quite large enough to cover all of her back, but with it tied, we are like two peas in a pod. I walked down to the kitchen carrying Kayko like it was nothing at all. On the other hand, we have done this several hundred times so it is no big deal. And with an automatic coffee maker, all I needed was a mug and I was set. I sat down in one of the kitchen bar stools. Kayko opened her legs as I sat and let them dangle down to the side. She really does love me, and I love her back just as much. As I sat there sipping my coffee she gently stroked my hair while she massaged me inside her.

“You know what?” I said as I looked into her almond shaped brown eyes.

“No, what?” she asked.

“I love you enough for two lifetimes.” I said as I set my mug down on the counter.

The smile she gave me set the world right, along with the hug I got. Kayko clung to me with a loving embrace that I will remember for a very long time. She even squeezed me inside her just as hard as her arms were pulling us together. I really do not know what I did to deserve a woman such as her. From the very first day we met until this very second, she has always been there and been supportive of me without a single question. How could I ask for more?

Kayko hugged me for a long time before she finally sat up. When she did, I saw the tears running down her face. “What’s wrong sweetie?”

“You are the nicest man I have ever known,” she said as she wiped the tears from her cheeks. “I just love you so much that I don’t know what to do.”

“I know you do honey,” I answered to her. I ran my hands up and down her back and shoulders trying to sooth her. I looked her straight in the eye and spoke softly, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me during my entire life time. You are beautiful and smart, and the best friend I have ever had. You are a great mother to our kids, and the most outstanding wife any man could ever dream of, not to mention the most fantastic lover on the planet. I am so lucky to have you in my life. There are no words for me to fully express how much I love you or to describe the feelings you make inside me. I am the happiest man alive. And I am, without question, yours forever.”

As I spoke I could see the tears welling up in her eyes before they began pouring down her face again. The smile that accompanied them showed that I had just spoken directly to her heart, which is exactly what I had intended to do. And Kayko knew that I meant every word. She leaned forward and gave me the most passionate kiss she could produce. I could feel the love she was trying to share with me through her lips and her body as she kissed me while crying tears of joy. It was the most exciting, sensual, and intimate moment that we have ever experienced together and we were sitting in the kitchen. It’s strange how things work sometimes.

I abandoned my coffee and carried Kayko back upstairs. This moment was just too precious to let go. In the bedroom I made love with Kayko for almost two hours, taking deliberate measures to make sure she could feel the love that I had for her. I don’t think we have ever expressed so much passion for each other in one setting like we did that morning. It could only be described as beautiful.


Sitting at my desk in my office I could not help remembering my wife and the morning’s events. It was a huge distraction that kept my mind occupied for a while, but it also made time fly by. Everyone in the office stopped in, at some point in time, to see how the ‘jet setter’ was doing, and to thank me for doing such a good job while on the road. I never really thought about the rest of the office, especially when I was traveling. Granted I did have to communicate with them on a regular basis, but it was almost always via the internet and e-mails or the occasional phone call. I rarely saw any of them in person. (Kind of like my family.) Before I knew it, it was 5:30 and I had everything done. I was looking forward to going home and seeing my wife and the kids. This would be the last I would get to see the girls, for at least a few days, and I wanted to make every moment count.

As I pulled into the driveway Mark was waiting for me. “Hey dad,” he said as I got out of the car.

“Hey big man, what’s going on?” I asked as I walked up to him.

“Mom says for you to go upstairs,” he replied while taking my brief case.

I had no idea what this was about, but considering how things had gone this morning it had to be good. When I got to the top of the stairs Erin, Saki, and Shiori were waiting for me in the hallway. All three were wearing their night shirts and nothing else. As I approached the girls they all gathered around me.

“Hey girls,” I said as I gave each one a pat on the head. “What’s going on?”

Erin spoke up for the three of them. “It’s reward day,” she said as she began unbuttoning my shirt. Saki and Shiori began unbuckling my belt and unsnapping my pants while Erin pulled my shirt off.

“Reward day,” I said as the girls stripped me till I was naked.

“Uh huh,” replied Saki as she grabbed my dick and gave a little tug, coaxing me into the bedroom.

In the center of the bedroom floor was the long low table from the gym. It was covered with our good comforter and had pillows at one end. Kayko was standing at the end of the table that did not have the pillows in a short T-shirt, the hem of which did not even cover her pussy fully. She had her hair braided into one large pony tail which hung over her left shoulder and went between her breasts. She looked fantastic.

“Mike,” she said in a quiet but stern voice, “The girls have earned their reward. Please lay down on the table.”

I was not about to argue. I took my position on the table, which is just barely wide enough for me to lay on, and watched quietly as the girls lined up at my feet. Erin was in line first, followed by Shiori, and then Saki. Kayko walked around to the head of the table and stepped across, lining her pussy up with my mouth. She lowered herself until I was able to easily lick her and then she began giving me a blow job. Her sweet aroma is more than enough to get me hard, but her expert manipulation with her mouth had my dick straining in no time at all. I wanted to give her an orgasm but she cut us short, standing up and stepping over me when she was satisfied with my hardness.

“Ok Erin,” she said as she took up a position to my left.

Erin stepped forward and spread her feet apart. Straddling me and the table she worked her way up until her pussy was just barely touching the end of my cock. She was smiling down at me as she slid her pussy up and down my shaft a few times before allowing me to enter her. She was tight and definitely wet. Erins’ mouth opened wide as she sank down onto me with her legs opened wide. That was the only part of her that was touching me, the inside of her pussy. I could easily see as inch after inch of my shaft disappeared in between her tightly stretched labia. She clasped her hands onto her breasts and let out an ever increasingly loud moan as she slid down until she stopped. She had taken a little more than three quarters of me inside her when she began sliding up and down at a slow pace. Kayko looked on with a nice smile of approval as our daughter slowly fucked herself on me. After about 8 or 10 trips up and down she set down as far as she could, taking maybe another half inch before she did something different. She squeezed me! It was nothing like what Kayko could do, but I could definitely feel it.

“Oh wow,” I said as Erin looked down at me. “I can feel that.”

A huge smile came over her face as she squeezed again only a bit harder this time. Kayko had done really well teaching her and it showed in the performance I was receiving. After several more squeezes she began riding up and down again, slowly and steadily picking up speed. I reached between her legs and began working her clit with my finger, sending her through the roof. With the second rotation of my finger Erin let out a loud gasp and sat down hard. Not much more of my dick went into her, but she certainly grabbed the pit of her stomach as her orgasm plowed through her. Her hips twitched and bucked forward and backward as my sweet little girl came all over her daddy’s cock. She grunted and gasped and pinched her nipples as she rode out the waves, relishing the pleasure she was feeling. When her orgasm subsided she looked down at me with the most sultry look on her face that I had ever seen.

“Thank you daddy,” she said as she rose up from my dick.

She then took a few more steps forward and set her pussy down on my mouth. Hell yea! Eating some pussy is one of my favorite activities. I dove right in to my daughters snatch, licking and sucking at her sweet hole while holding her down onto my face by her legs. She tasted delicious. While I munched away at my daughters gash, I felt Shiori lower herself down onto my dick. This was the first time I had been inside her and she was easily as tight, if not tighter than Erin. I heard her gasp as I felt about half of my dick slide into her. I wish I could have seen the look on her face but my daughter’s crotch was in the way. She began riding up and down just as Erin had done, taking her time to get used to my length and girth. I was in heaven. My daughter had her pussy parked on my mouth and was quickly approaching her second orgasm, and Shiori was fucking herself on me at the same time. It was great! When Shiori stopped on her down stroke and started to squeeze me, I blindly reached between her legs and began manipulating her clit. She didn’t cum as quickly as Erin, instead she started riding up and down again before she started jerking and bucking her hips in her own orgasm. Hearing Shiori cumming set Erin off. Her sweet little pussy sent out a gush of juice that poured into my mouth. I swallowed and licked as Erin gasp for breath while her orgasm rocked her world. Her legs began shaking and she almost fell over. I withdrew my tongue and allowed her to calm down. I took a deep smell of her sopping wet pussy, her aroma filling my nose and my senses. Shiori was just finishing her last few twitches of her orgasm when Erin stood up and stepped over me. She knelt down beside the table and looked me in the eye.

“Thank you daddy,” she said before she leaned down and kissed me very tenderly on the lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too sweetie,” I replied as she stood up and walked over to her mother.

I didn’t get to see their exchange because Shiori rose up from my dick and scooted forward, blocking my view with her leg. “Thank you for the orgasm Uncle Mike,” Shiori said just before she planted her pussy on my mouth.

Her aroma and taste was a bit different from Erins and Kaykos’, but it was still good. I dove my tongue into her and began licking away as I waited for my little pet to mount up. What I felt, however, was not her pussy sliding down onto me, but her mouth sucking and cleaning my dick. Saki used the flat of her tongue to lick me from my balls all the way up to the tip, just like a dog licking your hand. She meticulously worked her way around my cock, cleaning off all of the cum the other girls had left behind. I worked Shioris’ clit with my tongue and lapped at her hole, bringing her to another orgasm in record time. I know that was a little selfish of me, but I think it actually intensified the sensations for her. She bucked her hips really hard against my face and shook almost violently as her second orgasm shattered her. She didn’t squirt cum like Erin did, but she did become super soaked. I lapped up her sweet juice before releasing her legs from my grip. Panting and gasping for air, she stepped over me and knelt by my side.

“Thank you Uncle Mike,” she said before giving me a kiss. “That was great.”

“Anytime sweetheart,” I answered as she stood up.

She bowed to me before turning and stepping up to Kayko. Kayko gave her a hug and a very nice smile. She spoke something quietly to her that I was unable to hear before she turned and left the room. That left just me, Saki, and Kayko all alone. Saki was just finishing up her cleaning job when she looked at me and gave me a very naughty looking smile. Standing up she scooted up the table with her feet spread out wide, aligning her pussy with my hard cock that was standing up like the Washington monument. She placed the very tip of my cock between her lips and looked down at me.

“I have been waiting for this for a long time,” she said as she slowly impaled herself onto me.

Ever seen what a snake looks like when it swallows a large meal? It’s skin is pulled out tight and it makes you think the thing is going to split open. If you could imagine what that might feel like from the inside, that is what Saki felt like sliding down onto me. I thought I was going to split her open! But then that little vixen did what I thought would be impossible. She looked down at me, gave me a quick smile, and then relaxed her muscles and sank down onto me, taking as much of my cock into her as Erin had. She let out a loud grunt when my cock reached the top of her pussy and stopped. Without one of the other girls sitting on my face Saki was able to lean forward and kiss me. She slowly began riding up and down my shaft while kissing me with all of her youth and exuberance. She was making love to me, or at least she was doing her best to make love to me. Kayko stepped over to us and knelt down, gently stroking Sakis’ hair while she worked herself up and down my shaft.

“Mike,” Kayko said softly, “Give her your best.”

I wrapped my arms around my tiny niece and began fucking upward into her. Saki pulled her mouth away from mine and let out several loud gasps as another inch of my dick made room inside her. She was full of man meat, but not as full as she was going to be. Sakis’ fingernails dug into my shoulders as she held her ass still, leaving me unimpeded access to drill into her. I started using long slow strokes, almost pulling completely out of her before driving back in until I hit the top of her pussy. I would then apply pressure by pulling down on her hips and hold her in place for several seconds before repeating the process. Each stroke caused a little more of my cock to fit into her, stretching her pussy to new depths. I must have done that about 20 or 30 times before on that last stroke, her pelvis touched mine. Saki bit into my shoulder and shook all over as my cock skewered her. Kayko rubbed her hand up and down Sakis back as she laid there trying to assimilate the sensations she was feeling.

“Good job sweetie,” Kayko whispered into her ear. “Good job.”

“I feel so full!” she exclaimed.

Kayko leaned to her left and looked between mine and Sakis’ legs. “Well,” she said after making a short visual observation, “it’s no wonder that you feel full. You have almost all of your Uncles’ cock inside you.”

Sakis’ expression was one of mixed pain and pleasure. She looked like she had just won the Nobel Prize, but the slight grimace on her face said she was in a little bit of discomfort. One thing was for sure, she was in no itching hurry to move.

“See if you can sit up,” Kayko said as she placed her hand on the girl’s chest.

Saki slowly rose until she was sitting upright again. There was still an inch of my dick visible beneath her, but her thighs were now resting on my hips and supporting most all of her weight. She kept her hands pressed into the pit of her stomach as she continued to sit perfectly still. Kayko stood and stepped over me, aligning her pussy with my mouth while facing Saki. I listened to her talk to Saki as I licked and sucked on my favorite pussy.

“Now that you are down almost all the way,” she said while grinding her pussy back and forth on my mouth, “tighten up inside.”

I could tell, from my end, that Saki was not about to rise up any at all. She had me inside her and she was not going to give up an inch. When Kayko finished speaking I could feel Saki tighten her pussy around me. It was a little tough to tell at first because she is so tight. But by the second and third squeeze, I could feel it.

“I can feel that,” I said into Kaykos’ pussy. “She’s squeezing me.”

For a few more squeezes I could feel Saki doing her best. Then, things changed. Kayko shifted her position a little which pulled her pussy away from my mouth. With the opportunity to see I looked up from between her legs. Kayko and Saki were kissing! And I’m not talking about a little peck on the beak. I’m talking about open mouths and full tongue action. Saki had a hold of Kaykos’ head and was locked in a deep open mouth kiss with her. Kayko had one hand on one of her own breasts and was reaching for Sakis’ crotch with the other. When Kayko found her clit, I thought Sakis’ pussy was going to pinch my dick off! She went from tight to OH MY GOD HOW CAN SHE SQEEZE THAT HARD in an instant! I don’t know if it was pain or pleasure she felt but Saki screamed into Kaykos’ mouth and began shaking.

I was to the point of taking all I could stand. I wanted a little more action than what I was getting and decided the time was right to do something about it. With a gentle push of Kaykos’ leg I was able to get my head free. My two beauties parted from their kiss as I sat up, holding Saki next to me as I swung my feet off to the side of the table. With a good grip on her I stood up, keeping her impaled right where she was. When she brought her legs up to hook them around my waist I hooked my arms underneath her knees, forcing her to keep her legs spread wide open. Saki looked into my eyes in a state of shock and confusion as I slowly began to withdraw my dick. I swear it looked like I was pulling her pussy out from the inside as I tried to withdraw. Her lips clung tightly around my shaft and stretched outward a good 2 inches before finally yielding up some of my cock. Saki let out a gasp as an inch or so of my cock came out of her. Her grip around my neck tightened as I pulled out almost all the way before pushing forcefully back into her.

“Be easy Mike,” I heard Kayko say as I began pumping my helpless niece up and down my shaft.

I don’t think Saki could have spoken right now even if she had wanted to. She looked around, almost frantically, as I raised and lowered her tiny body on a cock that was most likely too big for her. But Saki hung on. She grunted and groaned with each inward thrust, reacting out of instinct to the large man that was invading her. Slowly and steadily my pace quickened as she took more and more of me into her. After 10 or 20 strokes she was taking all of me, all the way down to my nuts. Kayko sat down on the table and began jamming three fingers in and out of her own pussy as she watched me fuck our niece. Both of them were moaning as I continued my upward climb to an impending climax. Saki was almost to the point of going limp as she was in a virtual nonstop climax while I drove into her. Her legs hung loosely over my arms and her grip around my neck was almost nonexistent as I raised and lowered her by her waist and legs as I satisfied myself inside her. Sweat was now running down my face and back as my arms worked my niece up and down at an incredibly fast pace. I wasn’t going to last for long, which was probably a good thing for Saki. Her head was rolling back and forth and around and around like she had lost her neck. I figured she was on the verge of passing out as my orgasm quickly approached. As my cock began to swell Saki raised her head and looked straight into my eyes with tears running down her cheeks.

“I love you,” she said as she yielded herself up to me, relinquishing the last bit of resistance she might have had.

Kayko let out a soft gasp upon hearing her declaration of love to me and covered her mouth with her hands. I was too far gone to stop and just buried myself into her as I fired my love and cum. Sakis mouth opened in a wide O as her womb was instantly flooded with the hot ropes of seed I was blasting into her. I couldn’t control my reactions as I jerked and bucked, causing Saki to let out a few little yelps of pain. Kayko quickly stood up and hugged us both from behind Saki as I emptied my balls, squeezing Saki between us. For the second time in my life, the world seemed to stop. I was so engrained in the moment, and the love that was being shared was so powerful, the house could have blown up and we would not have known it. Saki clung to me with all the strength she had left, which wasn’t much, and rode out the last of my orgasm before going almost completely limp. She was breathing really hard and her tiny body was covered with perspiration as I held her firmly down on my now spent cock. When I looked in to the eyes of my wife, who was standing directly behind Saki, she had tears running down her cheeks as well.

“I know how she feels,” Kayko said to me as she hugged us both again. “I feel that way every time.”

I raised Saki upward by her legs and waist, marveling at just how much cock had just been inside my tiny 4 foot 8 inch tall niece. It looked like a long thick rope coming out of her as I raised her higher and higher until I finally pulled free. When I walked over and set her down on the bed her legs remained wide open, leaving her wide open gaping pussy in full view. She actually looked a little bit strange having such a big hole in her, but at the same time it looked sexy as hell.

“You really opened her up,” Kayko said as she looked down at my handy work. “She’s probably going to be sore for a few days.”

“You think so?” I stated with a noted amount of sarcasm to my voice.

“I was when you can to Japan,” she said while squeezing my hand. “Come on, let her sleep.” And Kayko pulled the blanket over her. “You know she really loves you.”

“I know,” I replied while pulling a robe on. “How does that sit with you? I mean, having to share me with another girl?” I asked as we walked out the door and into the hall.

“Are you happy with it?” she asked after stopping and pulling my hand so I was facing her.

“I am happy that she loves me, but I don’t want to betray you.” I answered with the most serious tone I have in me.

“Ok, then,” Kayko answered as she started walking again. “She will stay with us from now on. Because if you are happy, than I am happy. And I don’t mind you making love with Saki, I think it’s beautiful. Just like when you are with Erin and Shiori.”

“I think Shiori has a thing for Mark that goes way beyond just sex and fun,” I said as I stopped her in front of Marks door.

From inside we could hear noises of two people heavily involved in their own action. I quietly opened the door and peeked in with Kayko leaning in just under my chin. Mark was lying on his back with Shiori riding up and down on his dick, occasionally stopping when she was all the way down in an apparent effort to squeeze him. Marks head was rolling back and forth as his older cousin worked her magic. We arrived at just the right time to see Mark arch his back and stick his dick up into Shiori as far as he could before he began jerking. My son was cumming in his first girl’s pussy. Shiori, upon feeling his orgasm, flopped down onto his chest and began kissing him in a very amateurish fit of passion. She began grinding her clit against his pelvic bone, bringing herself into the throws of ecstasy as well. The two of them humped and groaned into each other as they both came together. It was quite a site to see. When they both relaxed I pulled the door closed.

“See what I mean,” I whispered to Kayko. “There is something there.”

Kayko couldn’t argue with me because she had seen the same thing I saw. Mark and Shiori had a definite thing for each other. We walked silently down the stairs. Apparently Kayko was stewing about the events she had just witnessed. We came to find Erin sitting alone in the living room. She had the TV on but was not really watching.

“Hey beautiful,” I said as I sat down next to her. “Are you all right?”

She was definitely stewing about something. “Dad,” she said while fiddling with the hem of her shirt. “Do you love Saki more than me?”

I was instantly floored. I had not expected this kind of question from her at all. “No sweetie,” I said as I put my arm around her and gave her a hug. “You are my daughter, and I love you with all my heart. Why do you ask?”

“It just seems like you want to spend more time with her than you do with me,” she said in an obvious state of rejection.

“Look here,” I said while pulling her up into my lap. “Saki is just trying to impress me. I don’t know why, but she seems to think it’s important. As a result, she wants to spend more time with me.”

Erin thought about what I had said for a moment before looking into my eyes. “I want to impress you too,” she said. And she scooted closer to me, setting her pussy directly on the top of my dick.

“You have impressed me,” I said as I threw my arms around her again and gave her a big hug. “You are becoming a big girl, and a beautiful one at that. And, you are doing very well with your mothers training.”

Erin smiled really big. She then stood up and positioned her feet on either side of me before sitting back down facing me. Her hot little box came to rest directly on my cock which had emerged from between the two flaps of my robe. Erin began slowly grinding her pussy back and forth on my cock, causing it to grow and stiffen. Erin was sporting this shit eating grin as she felt my cock grow between her legs. She was turning me on, and her hard little nipples said she was getting turned on again too.

“I want to make you feel as good as you made me feel upstairs,” she said as she reached between us and guided my cock into her. She let out a pleasant “Aaahh,” as she slid down onto me.

Again Erin took about three quarters of my cock before I reached the top of her pussy. Our short episode upstairs had loosened her up a bit because I slid right into her with little difficulty. She was also soaking wet which helped out tremendously. With her pussy completely full she started fucking me up and down with a rather medium pace. It was a little quick for starting out, but she must have still been ‘warmed up’ from upstairs.

“Oh my god daddy,” she grunted out heavily as she made the trip up and down my shaft, “You feel so good inside me.”

She closed her hands together behind my neck as she started pounding away at me, pumping her pussy up and down in an increasing rate to bring herself, and me, to an orgasm.

“Erin,” Kaykos’ voice resonated from the kitchen, “You can’t just pump up and down like that, you have to stop and squeeze him. Your father really likes that.”

Erin seemed almost oblivious to Kayko as she kept pounding away, making herself sink a little farther down on me with ever few strokes. “I know mom,” she almost hollered out as she kept up her dogged pace. “But he feels so good!”

The animal side in me was starting to get unleashed as my daughter kept hammering away. She felt fantastic for giving me just a good ol’ standard fucking, but the beast was awakening. On one of her down strokes I grabbed her hips and held her down, forcing myself into her a little more than she expected. She let out a yelp as I stood up, lifting her off the couch and taking a standing position on the floor.

“Give me your legs,” I said as I released one hand and then the other to hook her under her knees.

I now had her in the same position I had Saki. With my grip reestablished on her waist, I began giving her the meat she so desperately desired. Erin threw her head back with her mouth wide open as I began giving it to her hard. Her tits flopped all around on her chest and her hair swung about wildly as I worked her farther and farther down my shaft. She was going to get all of me and that was all there was to it, forget the playing. Erin hung on for dear life as I skewered her repeatedly, getting her closer and closer to bottoming out against my pelvic bone. She started cumming like a waterfall with big drops coming off my nut sack and flying everywhere as I rammed into her. She was in absolute bliss! When my dick began to swell I gave one more good hard push, sinking the last inch of my cock into her.

“OH…GOD…YES!” Erin screamed at the top of her lungs as I erupted inside her.

For the next few seconds it was like trying to hold on to a wild animal. Erin went absolutely crazy. She kissed my face, my lips, and my eyes. She clawed at my back and shoulders while she jerked violently on my dick, doing her best to prolong the ecstasy she was feeling. She began slamming her pussy up and down my shaft which caused me to jerk erratically and almost caused me to drop her and fall over. Cum poured out of her pussy and showered onto my feet as I held on to her as best I could. If she had wanted to impress me, she sure as hell did it. I came in her until my balls hurt, shooting every last drop I had into my daughters wide open pussy. Erin finally began to slow down a little. She put a bear hug on me that easily rivaled Kayko and hung on as her orgasm began to slowly subside.

In all my days I have never seen a girl cum as much as my daughter just did. There was a huge wet spot on the floor that covered about 3 feet right where I was standing. It was one hell of a mess. Erin was completely spent. She loosened her grip on me and just shook repeatedly while I held her still fully rooted on my dick.

“Oh my god,” she finally said when a little of her senses returned. “My head is spinning.”

“No shit,” I panted. “My head is spinning too.”

Kayko came walking over with a few towels in her hand and stopped right next to us. She had a nice smile on her face and a look of pride. “She did good, didn’t she?” she said as she dropped the towels onto the soaking wet floor.

“Yes,” I replied while giving Erin a kiss on the lips. “She did.”

End Pt12