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These are some of my earlier works. My newer ones are much better. But enjoy anyway!

"Black*Star!" Tsubaki cried, arching her back into the greedy palms squeezing her breasts, her hips rocking against anothers in a blind, sweltering heat of passion. The nipple that was encased between her lover's lips was gently bitten, earning a low groan from Tsubaki as she tried very very hard to keep herself from losing her balance. To feel such a large appendage, fully erect and hard and hungry, pumping in and out of her clenching and unclenching passage; was simply like nothing she'd ever felt before.

Never before had she been touched in such private places like they weren't even hers to call private. But he grabbed her hips and held her close, biting and sucking at her most sensitive areas, penetrating her sacred hole, her little flower-that was no longer to be. Tsubaki couldn't even argue that she felt guilty over the loss. She wanted more.

More touches, more of his fingers carassing her large breasts like they were perfect portraits of porcelain; his touch as ghostly as touching a fragile piece of billion-dollar china.

More of the rough, merciless pumping in and out of her warm, dripping core.

More of the grunts, the groans, mixed with the heated moans and desperate cries of esctacy or need.

More of him. More of them.

"Black*Staaar!" She whined, arching against him, bowing her head pitifully. Clutching at his muscled arms as he chuckles, pulling back and kissing her soft, full lips; his tounge dancing with hers as he moves his hands from her breasts down to her hips, gripping tight and pushing and pulling in a fast-paced tempo she didn't have the strength to follow on her own accord. She mewled into the kiss, fisting her hands in his hair, feeling her own trickle past her shoulders and dance across his biceps-like curtains draping the floor. The hard, stone floor of chiseled perfection. The same could be said about her hair, silky onyx, shimmering shades of blue and silver in the moonlight trickling in from the barest parting in the actual curtains on the window; illuminating thin strands of the otherwise pitch-black room.

A sharp thrust destroyed her mind and ripped him from his thoughts as he felt her clench so tightly around his length. She cried out, her legs tightening around his waist as she let out another desperate squeal of his name. Gritting his teeth, he pushed in again before popping out completely. Tsubaki panted, her eyes wild. She looked at him, her gaze just…wild.

"Why did you…"

But before she could finish he pushed at her thighs, forcing her to spread them wide and let her knee's bend. Like a pretzel.

He pressed himself tight against her, holding her hips, before revving into her once more; pushing her down into the mattress as he thrusted into her from a '/' angle. She yelled, arching her shoulders up in a vain attempt to arch fully. He continued to hold her firm to the bed and carry on with his schizophrenic tempo-earning gutteral cries of esctacy from his lover.

"More, more-please, Black*Star!" She begged, her voice quiet but frantic. "Pl-please…Rougher…"

Her nails raked over his sturdy shoulders and down his built back, the pads of her fingers just barely danced over the rippling muscles. "I need you…All of you."

His head was resting against the pillows of her breasts, his breaths coming out in laboured puffs between the soft mounds of flesh. His hips churned against hers, and with every word she spoke, every little gasp or moan he could hear made him speed up his thrusts; driving himself so hard against her his bones ached from the impact. Tsubaki's eyes fluttered shut and she moaned, her head falling back as her hands traveled to clutch his hair, holding him to her bosom. Focusing intently on his speed and force, Black*Star re-adjusted his grip on her hips before lifting his head and sweeping his lips across one breast, hovering over her nipple, only just—until he lapped at the sensitive nub-his tongue barely making contact-but a few more laps, all the same soft and ghostly, and her nipples were so hard they were throbbing.

Much like his pulsating dick, which was still growing harder and his muscles still tightening.

He was going to cum soon and he knew it, somewhere in the back of his mind, but he was so focused on getting her release. He needed to hear her cry, to scream for him until she was reduced to begging in an iredescent whisper. Her heart was beating loudly-or just so to him-and his heart seemed to only be a few paces ahead. Her arms had wrapped around his neck and held him to her nipple, gasping in air like he was sucking it out. He let out a moan of her name when she had a small spasm; the tremors shivering him as well. She responded by arching her chest up higher, and he took this as a chance to bite down on the swelled-purple berry. She cried out his name yet again..

"Aaaahaaah! Black*Staaaar, pleeease. I can't do this, I can't take it!" She exclaimed, releasing him from her clutches and letting herself fall onto the mattress, save for the one hand on his chest. She shivered, "Aah…" as he pulled back-if only slightly-and gazed at her, half concerned, half impatiently waiting for her to get her mind straight enough to finish the sentence.

"H-Hur…Hurt me. Please, please-hurt me. I want it, Black*Star." She licked her lips and whimpered, "So much…"

When she finally got herself together enough to sheepishly peek at him from behind her thick curtain of hair; his face was unreadable. He was completely still, like he was a completely different person.


"Please…" She begged, feeling her eyes like a thin sheet of ice was being wrapped around them. "I need you."

The last cord of his sanity was snapped.

Instantaniously Tsubaki felt him shovel them against the headboard, her thighs still pressed against his chest with her legs over his shoulders; and then he was ravaging her.

His lips pressed against hers-forcefully, harshly. He dominated her immediately, pressing his even-further hardened dick between her smooth, silky folds; rubbing along her channel in a feverous trance; his hips churning against hers in a circular manor. His hands were at her breasts; squeezing, cupping, palming and petting her large, bouncy assets for all they were worth. He pinched her nipples, squeezing until she arched, before cruelly twisting them-hard, harder, harder until she squealed through the kiss, wringling against him, only succeeding in letting him twist them harder.

This is where she couldn't help the panic, the logic and the sense that momentarily flooded her systems. Black*Star, when fully loose, was insane. It was only natural. And Tsubaki was the only person in the world that could push him over the line and pull him back up like it was no big deal. But nobody knew just how she'd had that part of him reeled in, how she held onto him and kept him here-right where they both wanted to be, both in sanity and in insanity.

Alarms were telling her body to fight and it did-only bringing more violence out of her meister. He slammed her against the headboard when she broke the kiss to gasp in one breathe of cold, stinging air to her burning lungs before his lips were on hers again. He bit down on her lower lip until she arched into the hands squeezing her full breasts, weighing them in his hands and slightly bouncing their weight. She moaned when his tounge easily dominated hers and forced her to sumbit to his will. Easily, she fell limp in his arms, panting when he broke the kiss and moved down.

He bit her right nipple, biting harder when no sound was heard. Immediately that shocked Tsubaki from passing out and she arched, crying his name. "Please!" She begged, like she actually knew what she was asking for. Sucking on the nub, allevating the pain, before pulling his lips back and pressing a kiss to the swollen tit. Rough, marking-like he was proving he owned this part and that part of her body and she didn't. Because really, she didn't.

His lips disappeared and for a moment Tsubaki wondered. Then, she felt hot breath on her most sensitive area and squeaked. "Yeees, ple-please!"

A tounge lapped at her clit and nipped at the swollen plum. She gasped, a sing-songy sound. "M-m-more!"

He develed into her folds, sucking on the rouching of flesh, lapping the juices between her clit and just above her entrance.


He bit down on her labia and pulled until she arched again; "Aaaaaaaaaah!"

Again and again, biting and pulling and manuevering swollen pink flesh. Secretly, he inhaled her scent, choking back a groan at the musky sweetness that flooded his nostrils. His mouth watered; he could taste her already. Sweet, honey-thick juices oozing down his throat like a hot shot of bourbon. He shivered, moving forward and kissing her just over her quivering hole. Tsubaki was losing it.

"Black*Star, Black*Staaar! Now, please, I'm begging you—"

He nuzzled forward until his nose worried the hood of her clit. "Beg some more."

His lips brushed over her entrance and She cried out, his hands firmly planted on her hips to hold her down. "Please, please, Blaaaack*Staaar. I can't take this feeling it aches so much-I need you so bad I feel like I'm dying. I need you, you own me, Black*Star; so use me! Please, use all of me…Please…Please…"

Her whole body quivered and she was spasming again. He tantanizingly bit on her clit and dragged, dropping down to her labia and repeating the motion, as if considering her plea.

Just as Tsubaki sucked in a breath to beg more, he smashed his face to her pussy.

And he shoved his tounge inside her, worming it as deep as it could go, pushing her thighs onto the bed just as she began her reaction.

"OH GOD, BLACK*STAR!" She screamed, then screamed even louder. Her body quaked and she released a miserable howl, her hands immediately covering her eyes and curling into half-fists as she screamed again, convulsing underneath him.

Black*Star greedily sucked down her yummy syrup, feeling it smear over his lips, down his chin, down his throat…He groaned against her, kept lapping as she convulsed and her body began to shake uncontrolably.

"More, more, mooore! Don't stop!" Tsubaki cried, clutching the bedsheets as his tounge slowed when he scooted up farther. "Nyaaadon'tstop!"

Pushing down hard on her thighs, he buried his head between her legs and drank hungirly. Didn't care how wild she was, how sex-crazed they seemed. This was hot and yummy and good and it wasn't going to stop.

"Moooooooore!" Tsubaki howled, her head hitting the headboard for the millionth time.

His head rocked and angled against her heated skin as he drank just as needy and she begged for the action. His lips rubbed against the insides of her labia, his tongue swirling all around inside of her, brushing against her silky walls; with his hot breath blowing over her clit. Tsubaki cried out, arching high into his mouth, moremoremore…Black*Starslid his hand from her hip to her clit, rubbing it with all five fingers; mashing the hard nub with her fingers while his thumb pressed down on it, digging a nail across the clit. Soon, he drove her to an ear-shattering orgasm, tasting even thicker, richer tastes of sweet juices on his tongue.

Quickly he pulled away, shook his head at Tsubaki's sputtered protests as he quickly flipped her over and leaned forward one more time to smear his mouth against her whole mound; one sweep to clean up the previous mess, before shooting back up and shifting close.


She screamed as he shoved back inside her. He roared, his whole body quivering as she squeezed hungirly at his cock, starved for his seed. She clutched at the sheets above her head, screaming his name over and over again as his hips violently rocked against hers.

"Black*StarBlack*StarBlack*StarBlack*StarBlack*StarBlack*Star…" She keened. Half in-tune with her words, half-not, he returned to focusing on driving her senses haywire, and suceeded with flying strands of hothot semen shooting deep inside her tight, sputtering core.


That's it, god dammit!

He gave her ass a hard slap, an angry red handprint forming it it's spot. Tsubaki yelped, louder and louder, louder…

Goddammit. Black*Star hissed, gritting his teeth. Time to show her just who had the control here.

Yanking her up by a fistful of hair, Black*Star pushed Tsubaki forward-into the wall. She whimpered, even moreso when Black*Star pinned her hands above her head with one hand of his own, while his other hand dragged her thighs apart; putting her on full display for him. Trembling, Tsubaki arched her back and bit down on her lip that had split somewhere in their animalistic-fucking. Trusting her to obey him, Black*Star released her hands and discovered the answer yes. Tsubaki stayed put, except for spreading her legs a bit wider. He smirked at that.

Such a good girl.

If Tsubaki had a protest she quickly-and smartly-choked it back. Her yummy pussy was oozing with the sweet, tantalizing juiciness he just loved to drink down like it was the Liquid of Life. Having said attributes arched and beautifully exposed to his hunger was like a God-send.

And she was sooo sexy. It was astonishing-so innocent, so sweet and pure, yet when Black*Star cracked her open he was able to see her insanity, which was 99% sexual, and. . .Fufill it, per-se.

Squeezing her ass, earning a gasp from his cooled hands on her heated skin-moreso from Black*Star's spank-Black*Star leaned up and nipped at her shoulder blade, determined to break her.

"You just love being tortured, don't you Tsubaki?" His voice was teasing, but dark. He had a smug smirk on his face after she nodded a little too quickly, squirming under his intense care and scrutinizing gaze. She arched higher when one of his hands came up to cup her breasts; his thumb brushing over her nipple until it hardened. Pinching it securely between his middle and index finger, Black*Star continued brushing his thumb over the sensitive nub again and again, tweaking and twisting when Tsubaki began losing her breath. She let out a miserable keen, her little hands balling into tight fists. Black*Star pulled, pulled, pulled-until she coughed out a begging plea. "N-n-ny-ya-haaa…Please, n-ny-no more! This is m-more than torture, this is…"

"Insanity?" Black*Star asked, his grin deepening at her lack of reply. "Welcome to my world, Tsubaki, where I am your only God you can pray to, sacrafice yourself to…Beg for my mercy."

"There's no such thing. . ." She whimpered, her head falling forward when she ground against the intruding middle finger rubbing against her clit and along her channel. She moaned when he slid a finger inside her, feeling how tight she was, before slipping out and gripping her hips once more. Tsubaki arched, biting harder on her split lip, leaning forward when Black*Star pushed on the small of her back until her chest and head rested on the mattress.

"Black*Star…" Tsubaki moaned, spreading her legs wider. Her fingers twitched to reach between herself and the bed to spread herself for him, and fighting through the haze that filled her head Tsubaki was able to process the thought and do it; two fingers pulling her labia apart while the rest were splayed over the insides of her thighs.
His answer was a low, threating growl. Her hips were pulled backward until they rested against his; the raging hard-on he owned pressing against her channel, between her soft, silky folds. She whimpered, her entire body trembling. Her clit was throbbing, her nipples ached and heat was building inside her stomach; twisting the coil inside her so tightly she wanted to curl up and squeeze her legs together until it died.

Black*Star reached underneath them and rubbed her clit, slowly at first-then faster, faster, until her coil was twisting so tightly it was painful. She shuddered, crying out when Black*Star pinched her swollen nub of flesh-undoubtly stained purple, with all he's been doing to her-before he dug a fingernail across it. Tsubaki wailed.


He could torture her for hours-days, it was so entertaining. Her hips shuffled and shifted so desperately, her noises on varying levels of amusing while her body's temperature and state of arousal ever-spinning against his barest touches. She was truely a gem, a perfect, blissful notion of pleasure coped into a strong, yet sensitive being.

She was a Goddess, his Goddess. Perfect, above all else, all others. Except for himself, of course.

And he was about to make sure she didn't forget that.

Tsubaki was begging for him; her voice quaking as she desperately whispered for him to fuck her. Black*Star teased her, manipulating her nipples to throbbing erection, massaging them as Tsubaki did everything in her power to squrim into his touch.

"Please, God, I beg you…"

Her hips rubbed against his hard-on and he bit back a groan. Gripping her hips, he stroked her sides. Fuck, Tsubaki couldn't believe this-beforehand, Black*Star was screwing her like the world was ending. Now, he was teasing her like it was just beginning. What the hell?!

"Mmm…" Black*Star kissed the inside of her thigh, lapping at the juices trailing from her heat. She blushed, the soft feeling driving a nail through her coil. She shivered when his breath danced up her thighs to tickle her mound.

"Hhhhnn, B-Black*Staaaar…" Tsubaki moaned. He moved up against her, aligning his hips with hers. Probing her entrance, Black*Star moved one hand around her waist to press against the particular point between her heat and her stomach that she felt her coil twisting. He pressed down hard at the same time he shoved inside her and she mewled, her pussy squeezing his length tightly; desperate for him. She wouldn't last long, she couldn't-the pressure to release was building already.

"Hn, mgmhhh, f-faster…" She gasped when a sharp pang shot through her body. She sat up slightly, bracing herself on the headboard, resting her forehead against her hands. She moaned continously as Black*Star's grip on her thighs tightened, pulling and pushing their searing bodies together for life and death.

Faster and faster, harder, deeper. She was crying his name, his glorious amazing godly name—screaming for him to take full advantage of what he owned: Her.

Black*Star hissed when she clenched him tightly around the base, immediately shoving into her twice as hard, earning a loud cry from his lover while she quivered, begging for more. Resting his head on her shoulder, he smirked.

"Can't get enough can you?"

"There's too much of you to ever get enough of…" Tsubaki answered, moaning again when he bit her shoulder blade and pinched her clit. Moving his hands forward, he spread her lips and rubbed her clit while his other hand occupied itself with mashing the rest of her slick folds.

"OOooooh," Tsubaki moaned, rocking her hips against his. He gripped her thighs and began moving with her, each thrust driving him a little deeper inside of her. "God, Black*Star…"

"Your so tight but you feel so good…" He murmered against her neck, squeezing her volumtious tits while he bit over her pulse. She moaned his name again when he sped up his thrusts, his grip moving from one hand on her breasts and one on her hip.

"Closer…" Black*Star cautioned, rolling her nipple between his fingers. She arched and gasped as a quelling began in her belly. "So close!"

Black*Star bit his lip to keep from groaning, holding her flush against him; his hands roaming over her body as he still managed to force them inside eachother. Tsubaki sung his name to the air as he pumped his cock in and out of her folds. Soon, Tsubaki tightened so much she whined his name like a call for help before toppling forward at his sharpest, swift thrust at a precise '{' angle, his cock catching on a certain nick of her walls that sent her overboard with a wail.

"Ohhhhh Black*Staaar…F-faster, ny-p-please, don't…!"

He hauled her up and pressed her against the headboard so her clit crashed into the little topper ball located in the middle. She cried out, arching her hips-which also pushed her down farther onto the ball-to squeeze his base. He growled, fisting a hand in her silky hair.

"Not stopping until you break." He hissed, slamming into her again. She cried out, trembling, her entire body on fire. Black*Star threw his head back and groaned when his muscles tightened so hard his throbbing cock stiffened his hips from moving at all. He released his stream of heavy semen inside of her; bucking deep inside of her warm, sheathing core. Tsubaki mewled his name, her own cum trailing down her thighs mixed with his. The air was heavy and smelt like musky sex, her hair stuck to her back, breasts, thighs and cheeks. Black*Star fell to the side after pumping the last of his load underneath her breasts, pulling her on top of him. His head rested against the disheveled pillows, allowing her to whimper and whisper his name, curling up and burying her face in his neck and hair. Smirking, he hiked one of her thighs up his hip and held her close, whispering her name back. A language of tone and eyes that only they understood.

"Greatest. Goddess. Ever." He panted into her ear. She smiled and looked up at him with touched eyes. He returned her gaze, moving a strand of hair out of her face. "And she's all mine."

"No one elses." Tsubaki promised, giving a curt nod. Black*Star leaned forward and sealed their beings with a kiss, before drifting off into utter bliss and peace with his lover tucked safely in his arms.

Where no one would dare touch her; lest they face the wrath of the Man who Surpassed God: BLACK*STAR!

Naruto the Number One Sexiest Knucklehead in Konoha: Sai Gets Loose (revised)

"Sai Gets Loose"

Day after the big storm Sai draws on the hilltop over the lake. He normally draws his animals, but today he decided to draw the scene in front of him. He hadn't seen Sakura since the day he gave her the book, nor has he seen Naruto, or for that matter Kakashi. He has seen Yamato, but only in passing lately. It has been fairly quiet in the village of late. He hears the wind blow. Sensing someone walking up behind him knowing it was an ally. "Hello, Sakura."

Sakura stopped for a split second knowing that it was purely a good guess. "What you drawing?"

"Landscape. Is there a mission?"

"No, but there is something else." Sai turned now interested to hear what Sakura had to say. Sakura spoke once she had his attention "remember that book."
"Did you enjoy it?"

"Very much so. In fact I have a gift for you, but we need to go to my place to get it."

Sai stands up unsure how he should answer. He decided to take the safe road "yes." Both leave the area as a butterfly lands on a nearby flower.

They arrive as Karin and Ino depart. Sakura begins the introduction between Sai and Karin "Sai I would like you to meet my roommate Karin. Karin this is my teammate Sai."

Sai and Karin eyes met. Karin had heard of him thru reports, but knew nothing other than he was root. For Sai he also read her report, but never thought he would find his counterpart in person.

"Well see you two later. Sai is getting his special gift" Sakura says her goodbyes to her friends and launched Sai into her place. Sex session with Sakura about to begin for Sai. The two enter Sakura's room. Sai sweating bullets being this is the first time he has entered her room. "Welcome Sai" Sakura says behind him doing so she undresses.

Sai turns to see her then quickly feeling embarrassed "what are you doing Sakura? "

"Your gift. That book taught me something I should have shown you earlier. You have waken my senses to a whole new level of experience that can't be taught on any battlefield except in the bedroom" Sakura says undressing herself behind Sai "you can look now."

Sai turned to see Sakura fully nude as the day she was born. A little pink hair down near her private section, her erect pink tits, and her lovely figure captured Sai's sights all for a few seconds before he turned around unsure how to react.

"Relax, this is the way all life is created through sex" Sakura says softly rubbing her hands on his shoulders.

"I have read about this, but didn't know you had such emotions for me" Sai takes deep breathes saying this to Sakura.

She wraps her hands around his body. Nuzzling his neck as she feels his body. She lifts his shirt. Without objection Sai allows her. She than takes his pants off revealing a fully butt naked Sai with skin as white as snow. She moved her hands around squeezing his ass. She kissed his back sending into uncertain emotions that he never felt before. Moving her hands around she rubs his balls and cock until he his hard. "Does this feel good for you Sai? " Sai nods happily. To Sakura that happiness could be fake on his face, but his cock did not lie. She moved around and faced his cock. He looked down confused. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She began to suck on his cock. His breathing intensified with each thrust in her mouth. She rubbed his ball sac gently. Before he could take no more she popped it out and stood up in front of him. "I am going to kiss you is that alright?" Sakura asks him with a hint of glee and a ton of lust in her facial expression.

"What was that you just did?" Sai asks about blow jobs.

She takes a deep breath "blowjob it is where a woman sucks on a mans cock. You can satisfy me soon." She kissed him on the lips then looked at him hoping for a reply kiss. Sai tries his luck and kisses her back.

"Very good. Some more practice and you'll be a pro." Sakura kisses him again this time using her tongue this time. Sai tried doing the same. After a couple times got a hang of it. Soon they were on the bed Sakura pulled out and stopped Sai "next lesson."

"Is this where I give you a blow job?" Sai asks.

"Uh…no instead you are going to eat my pussy" Sakura states clarifying his question until he got it. He moved to the edge of the bed and got between her legs. He stared at her pussy before licking her clothes getting it nice and moist. He licks her pussy lips a little longer as her breathing got louder. "Okay you got a hang of that. Next lesson. Suck my breasts" Sakura tells him. Sai got on her body and sucked on each tit until they got hard. "Now we fuck!"

"Fuck!?" Sai confused by what she meant.

"Sex. Intercourse. Mate" Sakura says before Sai realized.

"How? " he asks.

"Right. Lay on the bed" Sakura got up as Sai laid on the bed. Sakura got on top and moved his semi hard cock in her pussy. She bounced up and down a couple times before stopping. "You need to thrust your hips with my motion. Got it." Sai did as commanded within a few minutes he was fucking her with the same timing. He breathed heavily feeling her moist pussy engulf his cock. Thrusting his hips making the bed creak. "Uh…huh..Oh…yeah…yeah…uh…huh…fuck me Sai!" Sakura screams bouncing on top of him enjoying the moment.

Sai figured if she could make loud noises so could he "yes Sakura yes! Fuck yes!"

"Damn, Sai talk dirty you naughty boy. Do you like fucking me? Am I your dirty whore? I am a dirty fucking slut who loves cock!" Sakura screamed panting as she fucked him. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her breasts. "Oh Sai, fuck me harder!"

Sai fucked harder and faster his cock in her pussy "yes Sakura! I feel like I am going blow!"

"So do I!" She screamed louder than ever before as Sai and her own orgasms shot through her body. She collapsed in the most mind blowing sex she has had ever.

"How was that?" Sai asks. Sakura hated when someone asked that question it felt as if the experience was poor.

She replied "fantastic, but never ever ask that question again." The two rests for a short period.
Once they wake a couple hours later Sakura asks him "there is something I need from you."


"Fuck! I got to go!" Sakura screams running to the bathroom. Sai scratches head and also realizes he needs to go to. Rushing to the bathroom he follows Sakura. Sakura is sitting on the toilet peeing. "Sai! You too! Pee on me if you must." He does spraying his pee on her breasts and belly. After a few more moments they are done resting in the bathroom. "Sai before I was trying to tell you that well you better sit this is going to be a long story." Sakura explains the story from the top until she has said every detail she can think of. "What I want from you is to find any information and tell me ASAP. I will show you more sex moves then you can possibly find in any book."

"I will do my best Sakura" Sai says leaving somewhat used, but wasn't complaining at all. Both get dressed to look respectable as Sakura gives him a good bye and good luck kiss. Sai leaves as Naruto appears with a huge grin on his face. "Oh hello, Naruto."

"So Sakura is taking care of your needs to huh Sai" Naruto grins happily by this discovery.

"You bet I am. Maybe sometime we can have a team session" Sakura walks behind Sai talking to Naruto.

"We best get it on than huh Sakura?" Naruto says passing Sai.

"You…two…" Sai lost by the conversation.

"Of course Sai it is only natural to fuck peers as long as all parties are in agreement. Now I really need Naruto in me now, so if you excuse me!" Sakura says to Sai as Naruto takes his clothes off. Naruto opens up Sakura's shirt and begins sucking on her breasts in front of Sai. Sakura shuts the door in Sai's face as she focused attention on Naruto.

Sai walks away in search of this spy.


Next Episode: The Dogs and Bugs of Summer


Author Notes: I have figured out why I am getting these blank pages. It is word that I am using. I should copy the text onto a notepad before posting here. Will remember that from now on.

Memories of A Mortician: Virgin Conception/ Concrete Love

NOTE TO READER: Drawing of these and all my previous stories can be found on the Sex Stories forum here. Please feel free to view and comment.


Name: Y.J.Y.
Age: 18
Cause of Death: Blood loss from incision on abdomen. Severe damage to internal organs.
Other Injuries: Slight chloroform burns on lips and nose.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 13hrs
Notes: This young woman was the victim of a violent but somewhat sexy occult ritual.

Your belly was cut
Impregnated with a goat
I impregnate you

In all my years as a mortician, I have only come across one incident of an occult killing. This particular case was noteworthy for two things. First, the victim was a lovely young lady. Secondly, the nature of the killing was really bizarre. Her killer chloroformed her and proceeded to try to fulfil a ‘prophecy’ which was found written in the woman’s blood at the scene of the crime.

"In the year of their lord two thousand one three,
When the belly of the young virgin swells with the child of the Beast,
Your seed shall find her yielding flesh,
And the Master shall be free."

He cut open her abdomen and stuffed ('belly of the young virgin swells') a goat fetus ('child of the Beast') inside. He then sewed shut the incison and had sex with the woman ('your seed shall find her yielding flesh'), who have by now died from blood loss. He then dressed her back up and put make up on her to make her look more suitable as a partner for the Master. (Apparently, the prophecy was false because the 'Master' doesn't seemed to be freed yet.)

When I received her body, she was clad in a light blue bra and bloodstained pink panties. the coroner had already removed the goat fetus and sewed her back up. The long scar across her belly stood out starkly against her fair skin. I though it looked sexy. Especially with the hot looking make up her killer had applied onto her stunningly beautiful face which even death failed to dimninish.. It looked like another of the Kosmetics Killer's victim but the modus operandi was different so the police did not suspect him this time.

I gave her a long French kiss on her red lips while fondling her shapely breasts and running my fingers down the long row of stitches cutting across her smooth, soft and pale belly. Some blood was still oozing from the wound and I licked some of it from my fingers. It tasted really sweet. I held up her limp body and undid her bra, causing her perky breasts to pop free at me seductively. I then tore off her pair of blood stained panties and used a hose to wash her violated vagina clean of her killer and rapist’s semen.

Next, I proceeded to have some hot sex with the nubile and shapely corpse of my latest customer, thrusting into her bloody vagina savagely. As I repeatedly pushed down on her body, more blood leaked from the slit in her belly, lubricating our bodies. I stroked her face and hair and flicked her tongue around her mouth with mine, savouring the taste of her saliva. I inserted my throbbing penis into her inviting mouth and shot off a load of cum down her throat which bulged sexily as she swallowed unconsciously. Finally, I shot off my last dose of semen at her belly wound, letting it drip into her body, bonding us in a way that no other corpse had done.. It was one of the best experiences I had. I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her cold but yielding body and fell asleep, enjoying the fragrant smell of her hair.

I woke up an hour later and proceeded with my work. I gave her a good, long wash, taking extra care to wash her mouth and vagina of all my fluids. I carefully cleaned off all traces of the makeup applied by her killer. I then towelled her body dry gently, copping a feel or ten as I was doing so. Next, I took out the clothing bag her family had delivered to me and dressed her up in virgin white bra and panties. I dressed her in a lovely pink dress which showed off her long shapely legs and helped her put on a pair of strapped sandals. Finally, I styled her hair and applied some light make up of my own. Light purple eye shadow, blusher and a layer of pink lipstick. With her belly wound all covered up and no other visible injury, she looked better than she was alive if I might say so myself.

27. CONCRETE LOVE (2013)
Name: L.J.T.
Age: 21
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to strangulation.
Other Injuries: Contusion on back of head caused by blunt object.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 32hrs
Notes: This young woman was yet another victim of the Kosmetics Killer. This time, the killer tried something different after he was through with her corpse…

Young and so lovely
Unconsciously killed and raped
‘Pregnant’ in concrete

The Kosmetics Killer didn’t strike again for a few months after the Xmas Killing nearly 6 months ago. The police was still hunting for him when he struck again but this time it was in a neighbouring country. Apparently, the Kosmetics Killer had made his way across the border. The victim was a 21 year old woman who had travelled there on a day trip with her friends but went missing halfway through the trip. The police from both countries could not find her for 2 days but on the third day, someone found his dog barking at a slab of newly laid concrete on the floor next to an abandoned farmhouse. He noticed a foul smell coming from it and called the police. They soon unearthed the corpse of the missing woman buried in the concrete. She had started to decompose but the police could tell that she had been strangled, raped and then made up and dressed up in another set of clothes. They knew it had to be the Kosmetics Killer. What I know is that her family decided to send her corpse to me to prepare for her open casket funeral. It was going to be a challenge given her not being fresh anymore but I would not pass up this challenge. Besides, she looked really pretty from the photographs in the newspapers.

I went to her corpse the moment she arrived at the mortuary. There was a sickly sweet smell which I savoured the moment I walked into the preparation room. I pulled back the sheet covering the dead woman and realized how lucky I was not to have refused this case. Decomposition had done nothing to her except to enhance her beauty. Her skin color might have turned greenish but it gave her a uniquely attractive appearance. Her face did not bloat or swell fortunately, probably due to the cement somehow preserving her beautiful features. Her neck bore the traces of a reddish blue strangulation mark. The most arousing part of her body was that her abdomen was severely bloated from decomposing gases in her body and she looked pregnant and ripe in her sexy pink top and light blue tights. It sure looked as if she was expecting her killer’s child, a thought which caused me much pleasure as I imagine impregnating her again with my sperm. Streaks of dried cement also covered various parts of her body, giving her a dirty, helpless and vulnerable appearance, adding to her allure.

I started by kissing her on her lips, still lightly colored by the Kosmetics Killer’s lipstick, and stroking her breasts and bloated belly. I gave her belly a gentle puch and was rewarded by a sexy sounding belch and a whiff of decomposing gases which erupted from her mouth into mine. This turned me on even more and I held up her limp body and ripped off her top, biting and sucking on her slightly rotting breasts. I then pulled off her tights. I realized that she was neither wearing a bra nor panties. Her killer must have taken them for a souvenir or maybe the police had kept them as evidence. Either way, her full naked beauty was revealed to me. Marbling of her veins made them stand out in contrast to her skin. She looked alien , yet very attractive.

In the past, I might have hesitated but then given that I already have AIDS, I stripped and plunged into her without consideration of germs and infections I might get from this dead beauty. My thrusting actions pressed down hard onto her distended belly and dark, slimy fluid spurted out sexily from her mouth and nose in a smelly but sexy fountain of gore. More slimy fluid was pushed out from her vagina, lubricating it wonderfully. This went on for the next one hour as her violated body was violated again by me. I licked, kissed, sucked and massaged her all over her body, hoping that I have given her as much pleasure as she has given me. I ended my pleasure the usual way by inserting my penis between her darkened lips and shooting off into her wet and inviting mouth. I was so exhausted I fell asleep next to her for an hour before waking up and starting work.

She was a real challenge as I had to cover up all traces of decomposition in her. Fortunately, our sex had forced out fluids and gases from her stomach so her belly looked flat and trim once more, albeit with some stretch marks. In case someone come along, I first washed off all traces of blood, semen, cement, my semen and assorted corpse juices from her body. I noticed that bloody fluid was still oozing out from her mouth, belly button and vagina so I washed them again. Her belly button had become an outie due to all the bloating and I lovingly and patiently cleaned and washed off all the lint in it with a cotton bud. I then did the basic draining of body fluids and injection of formaldehyde with a trocar.

When that was done, I gave her a final shower and towelled her dry. I then applied a thick layer of foundation and powder on her body to give her a lifelike complexion. It was difficult but possible with my years of experience. The only blemish that remained was her strangulation mark, which was too discoloured to cover properly so a faint bluish line can still be seen around her now fair and slender neck. I then helped her put on a pair of strapless bra and panties before dressing her up in a sleeveless tank top and jeans. Finally, I applied some light makeup on her face. It was nothing like the quantity the Kosmetics Killer normally used but I thought it made her look really lovely all the same. Finally, I combed and styled her hair and put on her pair of glasses. Now, she looked sweet and pretty, all ready for her final viewing.

Rhiannon. Part 2.

Authors note. If you’re not into stories about older men, who have sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded, please read on. This is a multiple part series. And there’s more to this story of dark depravity, then meets the eye.

A quote from Nabokov’s, Lolita.

“Human life is but a series of footnotes, to a vast obscure unfinished masterpiece.”

Chapter 6. Fond memories of Rhiannon.

Its now Sunday afternoon, Chester Mcalister cant stop thinking about the erotic taboo things he did Friday night, with a preteen girl named Rhiannon Jones.
The taste of her succulent young pussy is still on the tip of his tongue. The way she looked up at him with her bright blue eyes, as she sucked his cock for the first time keeps flashing through his mind. He chuckles remembering the surprised look on her face, when he came in her mouth.

Today he's down in his basement darkroom, developing the last batch of pictures he took during school picture day, where he met Rhiannon. Of all the pictures he took that day, his favorite photo's are of her.

He made duplicates of her school pictures for his own collection. He loves
the way her blue eyes, match the blue dress she’s wearing. He pins these pictures up alongside the almost nude bra and panty shots he took of her, as she posed for him on the couch upstairs in his living room. His favorite picture of all, is the close up shot he took of her panty covered camel toe.

Beep…..beep! A text message alert on his cell phone startles him from his lust filled trance. Picking up his phone, he says to himself in a cheerful whisper
"Well alright, its my sweet young friend Rhiannon!" He hasn’t spoken with her, since he walked her home, and met with her mother Friday night. She’s down in Devonport, visiting her grandparent’s. She’s due back in Otter creek tonight.

The text read. Having fun with Grandma & Grandpa. Miss u. Wish u were here. Ps. don't worry I'm keeping our secret to myself.

He smiles, seeing the last part of her text. Relieved to see she’s keeping what they did Friday night, just between them. "Good girl Rhiannon,” he says. Speaking to himself again, as he often does these days since his wife died, just a little over six months ago. He quickly typed a text message back, telling her.

Glade you r having fun, but I wish u were here with me. Please come see me when u get back. Like I said b 4. I have so many things I wanna teach you.

He waited for a reply, but she never did. So trying not to become obsessed, he laid his phone down and went back to work. As he worked, he thought of his old friend Frank Dicks. Frank’s one of his oldest friends, they met years ago on a fashion shoot assignment in Russia. Where they found, they both have a taste for young girls. He knows Frank runs his own modeling agency in New York. Thinking of this, he remembers telling Rhiannon she has modeling potential.

Thinking of his friend in New York, he takes a break and walks upstairs planning on calling him. Earlier this morning, he left a freshly rolled joint laying in an ashtray near his house phone. He lit it, then dialed Frank’s phone number. The call rang through for a long time. He was about to hang-up, when he heard a young Asian girls voice. "Hello, who is calling,’ said the girl. Her accent brought back fond memories of many nights spent in Vietnamese, and Taiwanese brothels back in the late seventies. Having spent so much time in post war South East Asia, he knows the girls accent is Vietnamese. And she’s way to young to be one of Frank's fashion models, or a secretary. He spoke in charming tone.

"Well hello sweetheart. My names Chester Mcalister, I'm calling to speak with Frank Dicks. Is he home by any chance.”

She yelled out. "Daddy. A man is on the phone. He say his name is Chester" She struggled with his last name. He heard Frank tell her.

"Give me the phone Maylee, and go put some cloths on baby….No, on second thought, don’t get dressed. Come here and sit beside me on the bed.”

Chester heard what his friend said to the girl, who sounds so young on the phone. Frank answered the phone joking comparing his name to the old Hustler magazine cartoon. "Well hello Chester Molester, oops…I mean Mcalister!”

If any one else addressed him by this name, he would've hung up. But it was Frank who gave him the nick name, back in their younger days. When they both worked as a freelance fashion photographers. Whenever they traveled to exotic locations; with reputations for taboo pleasures. They often slipped out at night, to sample the young female delicacies. With fond memories, Chester laughed.

"You haven't lost your since of humor, have you Frank,” he chuckled. “Yes this is the one and only Chester Molester, aka Chester Mcalister."

Frank laughed, happy to hear from his old friend. Of whom he’s shared so many wonderful experiences with. They haven’t spoken for a while.

“How’s it going Chester, are you still living in Otter Creek. Or have you moved to a more exciting location?”

“I’m still in boring old Otter Creek,” said Chester. “I’d move to the Big Apple, but I don’t think I could ever get used to the big city life….“Hey, did I hear that young Asian girl call you daddy,” he smirked. “Frank you old perverted playboy. Did you go and get yourself hitched or something?”

"Yes, I am kind’a hitched,” said Frank. “Her name's Maylee, she's Vietnamese.
I adopted her almost two years ago, she’s twelve years old now….And being as you and I know each other so well. I’ll tell you, she's like my wife. At least that is, when we’re in the privacy of our own home; if you get my drift." He said the last, proud of himself. Chester knew right away what he meant by. If you get my drift.

Chester laughed. "Frank…You old sly dog.”

Frank replied proud of himself "Ha! You’re right. I am a sly dog. And you of all people, should know. I like the thrill of taboo things.” He spoke of things he’s done with Maylee. “She's so sweet and sexy for her age, you should come out and meet her sometime. I’ve already let some of my friends out here sample her fruits. Chester she's a good girl, she'll do anything you want….Hold on minute, I’ll show you . Maylee, suck my cock, while I talk to my old friend baby."

He heard him moan to Maylee. “Oh…Yeah baby…That’s just what daddy needs.” Frank chuckled. “You’re not into girls like Maylee anymore, are you Chester." With his cock being sucked, he suddenly remembers Chester’s deceased wife Jenna. "Man…It’s hard to believe, Jenna died six months ago. I'm so sorry, I didn't come to her funeral. She was a great lady Chester, you miss her don’t you.”

Hearing Frank’s pleasure, brought on fond memories of what he did with Rhiannon Friday night. Since that night, he’s almost forgotten about his late loving wife Jenna. Now Rhiannon’s the only girl on his mind. He cleared his thoughts, getting back to why he called. First he forgave his old friend.

"That's ok Frank…I remember, you were out of the country at the time. But anyway I’m calling to ask you for a favor."

Frank moaned with pleasure. "Ahhh…What kind of favor, old buddy!"

"I’ve met a pretty young girl out here in Otter Creek. I told her she has modeling potential. And to top things off, I'm also teaching her some of the finer things in life. If you get my drift!"

He heard Frank breathing heavy. "Ahhh…Good girl Maylee…Oh sorry Chester. Did I hear you say you met a young girl like my Maylee?" Frank sounded slightly out of breath, when he spoke. But now he’s curious, just the same.

"You heard me right old buddy…Her names Rhiannon, she's twelve years old. She has the face of an angel, with beautiful auburn hair, and bright blues eyes!"

Frank doesn’t seem to be listening at the moment, he’s lost in his girls taboo attention. "Ahh…Yes Maylee…You know what daddy likes, don’t you baby."

Chester’s becoming aroused. Frank came back to the conversation, telling him.
"Sorry Chester, but….ahh Maylee's very good at the art of falatio."

Chester begged. "Frank please control yourself, my girls out of town. Stop teasing me like this Dammit.” he’s irritated, but aroused at the same time.

Frank chuckled, hearing Chester’s desperate plea. He spoke out of breath.
"I bet hearing this brings back good memories of the old day’s, doesn’t it….But anyway, I'd like to meet your young friend. What did you say her name is?"

Chester proudly replied. "Her names Rhiannon, just like the old song from the seventies." He heard Frank breathing hard, and moaning.

"Ahhh Yes baby…Suck me…Yeah make me cum!" Frank’s heavy breathing turned to loud moans pleasure, as Maylee brought him to an intense orgasm.
"Eat my cum. Ahhh…Ohoo yesss. Suck it…suck it." Frank fucked her mouth, Maylee swallowed every drop of his seed, then licked his cock shaft clean.

"Frank are you ok," said Chester, being worried his old friend had a heart attack.

"Ha..ha..ha, Chester I'm more then alright. Good god I'm fantastic. I wish you were here watching my little Vietnamese vixen give me head. Chester, if Maylee was six years older, I’d get her into the porn business. That’s how good she is!"

He heard Frank speak to Maylee, as if she were his servant. "Go make me a martini. Remember sweetheart, shaken not stirred.” Maylee answered gleefully.

"Ok daddy, I make you good drink. You wait here, I’ll bring it back to you."

He heard Maylee's bare feet run across the room, out of earshot. Now having Franks full attention, Chester got back to business. "Maylee’s a sweet girl,” he said. “But anyway, as I was saying. I'd like you to meet Rhiannon…She’s a pretty girl Frank. I took about a hundred shots of her last Friday. The girl looked stunning in my camera lens. It’s only my opinion, but I think she can easily be a great child fashion model. And an even greater adult fashion model.”

"Alright Chester,” said Frank, in a strictly business tone. “This Rhiannon kid sounds interesting, I'd like to meet her. And, I want you to meet Maylee. I’m free next weekend, I can book a flight and meet you next Friday." Frank chuckled. "Now tell me Chester, Is she still a virgin?"

"No I haven't taken her cherry, as of yet,” said Chester. “But, I’m planning to.”
He laughed nervously. “I haven’t taken a young girls virginity in years. But I’ve learned she’s a very curious girl Frank, and she’s a fast learner. She let me eat her pussy, and…Oh man Frank, she sucked my cock. It felt so damned good."

Chester told his friend every dirty detail of what he and Rhiannon did Friday night. After that they spoke for a long time, discussing old times, photography and the fashion magazine industry. Frank told Chester, his modeling agencies doing very well. And he’s not hurting for money. Before ending the call Chester agreed to pick Frank and his underage mistress up at the airport, next Friday.

Chapter 7: A Night To Remember

Its nine pm Sunday night, Rhiannon came home by seven. When she came home, her mother wanted to spend time with her, so she and her mother watched TV for a while. Melissa; her mother fell asleep on the couch. Although in deep thought all night, she’s done well at keeping recent experiences to herself. But all during mother daughter bonding time, and all weekend long. She’s been thinking about every strange new erotic thing, she did with Chester. Before she came home, he sent her a text message asking her to come over. Now she’s hesitant to go see him. Hoping he’s gone to bed by now, she began getting ready for bed herself. As she unbuttons her shirt, her cell phone beeps. It’s a text from Chester.

“Come see me” it said. With trembling hands, she texted back.

I really wanna see you, but I cant. I have school in the morning.

He replied back. I have gifts for you !!!!

She giggled, texting him back. What did you get me?

He replied. It's a surprise. Please come see me.

Curious, she typed a quick reply. Ok I’ll B over ASAP.

She hurriedly stuffed pillows under her blankets, making it seem as if she’s in bed just incase mother looks in on her. She stepped in front of her full length wall mirror, checking the short black skirt she’s wearing. Then she slipped into a white hello kitty sweatshirt. It’s the middle of October in Iowa, and it’s cold outside. Her mother’s sleeping on the couch, in the living room. Not wanting to walk past her and wake her up. She opened her bedroom window, then slipped her five foot tall body out into the cold night air.

Once she arrived at Chester's home, she found herself struggling with multiple emotions. Her mind told her, run back home, stay away from this man. But the warm tingling sensation deep inside her virgin sex told her. Ring his doorbell, let him know I’m here. She’s curious about the gifts he has for her. The gifts aren’t the only thing she’s curious about.

She remembers him saying. "I have so many things to teach you." This phrase invokes both fear and curiosity. She shrugs off her fears, deciding she wants to experience more of what they did Friday night; no matter how wrong it is. Her hand shook reaching up to ring his doorbell. His door swung open, almost immediately. She stands smiling up at him, his warm friendly smile comforts her. He’s dressed differently this time, wearing a Chicago Bears t-shirt and a pair of matching sweat pants. His kind voice greeted her.

"Well come inside, before you freeze to death out there." She stepped in, speaking with sarcasm in her young voice.

"You’re right, it is cold out there. I cant believe you talked me into this!!"

He wasted no time getting reacquainted. To her surprise, he lifts her in his arms holding her with his hands under her ass. "Kiss me baby girl," he said.

Disregarding her fears, she kissed him. She thought it would be; just a quick affectionate kiss, until feeling his tongue licking her lips. Remembering how French people kiss, she let her tongue touch his. He carried her to his living room, then sat down, letting her slender legs straddle his lap as if she were a stripper at a gentlemen's club. Breaking from the kiss, she told him with a giggle in her voice.

"I'm still trying to get used the way French people kiss."

He chuckled. "Well lets practice a little more then.” They began kissing again. While kissing her, he starts thrusting his almost bare cock against her crotch. Being dry humped excites her, she dry humps him back. After kissing for a good while they parted from each others lips.

"I sure did miss you Rhiannon,” he smiled looking into her eyes. “And the way you kissed me just now, means you really missed me too."

She blushed, telling him. "I missed you, but?" she stopped in thought.

"But what ?"he asked. She looked him in the eyes.

"The things we did Friday, made me feel weird,” she paused, thinking of what to say. “Don’t get me wrong, I liked what you did to me…And I liked sucking your penis, because it made you feel good,” her voice trembled, telling him.
“After you took me home, I felt ashamed about what we did.”

"It’s ok sweetheart, don’t ever feel ashamed of what we do… You’re just young and inexperienced, that's all. I think you've always wanted to do things that adults do. That's why you came over tonight; isn't it?"

She shook yes, then leaned over giving him a butterfly kiss; letting her lips lightly caress his lips. His cock grew fully erect, when she gave this childish kiss. She feels his cock growing against her crotch, she feels her own wetness soaking the crotch piece of her panties. She dry humped him, grinding her crotch over the tented cock beneath. She giggled, telling him.

"I think your penis, is happy to see me too Chester!!"

"Oh yes honey,” he told her. “My cock has a mind of its own, you’re just lucky I can control it. Because if I didn't have control over it. My cock would rip right through my pants and ram right up into your tight little snatch."

She smiled and giggled, letting her crotch rub against his manhood.

"This feels good Chester. Is this what it feels like to have sex?" Her body trembled small orgasms rushed up her spine, sending warm feelings over her entire body.

"Is this what it feels like, if you put your cock inside me," she asked.

Hearing what she said, he thrust harder against her. "It feels even better baby." Doing this he feels her body tense and shiver. Knowing it’s time, he told her.
"Lets go to my bedroom, I bought some special toys for you this weekend."

She came to her senses. "What kind of toys, did you get me?"

He laughed telling her. "I got you big girl toys!" He lifted her up, pressing his fingers against the panty covered folds of her pussy as he carries her .

She moaned. "Mmm …..I like how that feels."

"Your little pussy's so wet baby. These toys I bought for you, are going to make it even wetter," he sat her down on his bed. "Let me undress you, it’ll be more fun to play with your new toys with your cloths off."

He pulled her sweatshirt off revealing a white button front shirt underneath. He told her. “You finish undressing, I'll get your gifts." As she undresses, he opened his closet door and took out three different packages of various sizes. They’re all wrapped in colorful pink and blue birthday wrapping paper. Now she’s curious. He turned seeing her taking a white training bra off, she smiled.

"Well, give me my gifts,” she said. “I snuck out of my bedroom window, just to see what you got for me.”

"Ok sweetheart, I know you’re going to love’m. But first get your dress and panties off, because these are big girl toys." He sat on the bed watching his young mistress finish removing all of her cloths, even her socks and shoes. He handed her the first wrapped gift, smiling as she examined the long skinny object.

Curious what it is, she ripped the colorful wrapping paper off. "It looks like your penis Chester, but its pink not white." She curiously examined the strange gift. He laughed. "It's what big girls call a dildo, it also vibrates." He took it from her then turned it on. "See here, you turn the red dial at the end, then put it against your little cunny. I cant wait to fuck your little pussy with it."

He handed it back to her, she seemed a little intimidated maybe even frightened of the five inch long one inch diameter pink cock shaped dildo, complete with soft rubbery looking veins. He gave her another gift, this one’s slightly smaller.

She asked confused. "Is this another dildo thingy too?"

He chuckled. “It’s kind of like the dildo thingy, just open it and see."

She unwrapped it then examined it, seeming a little less intimidated by the small vibrater. "What is it? I think I like it better then the dildo; its smaller."

"Its called a pocket rocket, it works pretty much like the dildo." He handed her a third gift. "This gift, is something very special to me. I almost hate to part with it."

She took the small gift, noticing sadness in his eyes. Curious she ripped the wrapping paper from the tiny box shaped object. It turned out to be a small blue velvet jewelry box, she opened it seeing a gold diamond pendent necklace inside.

"Oh Chester it’s so pretty!" She held the eight inch long fourteen karat gold diamond pendant necklace up, letting it dangle in front of her face. Her blue eyes seemed brighter then before as she looked it over with intense curiosity. He wiped a tears from his cheeks, before telling her about the gift.

"It belonged to my wife Jenna, it was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry. Here sweetie let me help you put it on." He placed it around her neck, then ran his fingers over her exposed breast and nipples. She slid from the bed, wanting to see how it looked around her neck, in his wife's old vanity mirror.

"Oh Chester,” she said smiling from ear to ear. “Its so beautiful, thank you so much. I promise I'll take really good care of it."

As she stood in front of the mirror, he picked up the little blue pocket rocket, then knelt on the floor behind her. Wrapping his arms around her body, she accepted his warm embrace. He whispered in her ear.

"I want you to feel how the pocket rocket works. Just stand right here with your legs spread, and don’t worry. It won't hurt a bit." He turned it on then touched it between her legs as she stood in front of him. He spoke in a perverted tone, telling her. "I want you to cum all over your knew toy for me, little girl."

At first she thought she was being shocked with electricity, when he touched the small vibrator against her sensitive young clit, her voice trembled.

"It feels kinda weird….But in a good way," she said. Her body tensed as he pressed the small sex toy against her clit, then pushed the small toy deeper inside her pussy crack, her knees began to shake. He whispered in her ear.

"Oh yeah baby, you like it don't you. Your little pussy's getting so wet."

It turned him on, almost as much as Rhiannon. His cock grew rock hard, her juices drenched his hand and fingers. She felt an intense orgasm rushing from her clit, her knees started shaking suddenly her knees became weak. Chester held her up. He didn't want to stop pleasuring her, his cock became even harder than before. He lifted her up with one hand under her bare pussy leaving the toy inside of her, then laid her on the bed.

Her body shook from an intense orgasm, it’s so intense her ears ring. He told her.
"Get on your hands and knees for me, just like the pose you did for me last Friday on my couch in the living room."

On weak knees, she rolled over on her hands and knees as her new best friend requested. "What are you going to do?” she asked in a small voice.

He knelt down behind her with his knees on the floor, then placed the pocket rocket against her sopping wet pussy. It tickled her, she started giggling until another orgasm rushed over her body. He watched her thighs quiver and shake.
"Mmmm….Chester, its feels sooo goood!!" her knees and legs quivered.

He held her right leg firmly, so she cant pull away. He pressed the sex toy deeper in her virgin pussy, making sure to work it against her clit. He then lowered his mouth and tongue to her upturned ass crack, while using the toy on her clit. He pushed his tongue into her asshole, licking and sucking her anus, occasionally working his tongue into her cunt from time to time. He kept working the toy deeper into her dripping wet snatch. She made cute little sounds of pleasure, she started naturally humping the toy as he worked it into her virgin cunt lips. .

"That's it baby get nasty for me,” he said. “Fuck your little toy!!"

Suddenly she feels her body spasm with multiple intense orgasm's, rushing over her body one after another. Her butt cheeks quiver and shake, her moans of pleasure are music to his ears. He kept eating her asshole and pussy like a starving man, working her virgin clit and pussy over with the toy. He let her go, she collapsed on the bed, trying to catch her breath. Finally coming down she spoke in weak little voice.

"Oh Chester, that felt so good. But I cant believe you licked my butt hole!!"

"I'm not done yet !" he said in a perverted tone. "Ok baby, get back up on your hands knees again. I have a few more things to do with you," he said.

"What are you going to do now?" she asked curiously.

She slowly moved back to her buns up position. Chester grinned eyeing the sexy young preteen, admiring the view of her upturned ass.

"Rhiannon. You're the hottest little girl in Otter Creek!!" he said.

She turned her face back towards where he stood, and watched him take his sweatpants down revealing his rock hard cock, giggling as it sprang from its confines. He looked down at her grinning as he stroked his shaft, accusing her. "Look what you've done to me Rhiannon."

She giggled. "How did I do that?"

"Its because you’re so damned sexy, that's how you did it.” He gave her the pocket rocked, telling her. "I want you to put this in your pussy, just rub it into yourself. And while your doing that I'm going to give you a surprise from behind."

She began stroking herself with the vibrater. "You have another surprise for me?" she said with her voice trembling as the toy did its thing.

"Yep but you'll have to close your eyes, don't open them until I say you can."

She closed her eyes like he asked. He picked up the pink rubber dildo, then knelt down behind her upturned ass. He began licking and sucking her asshole again. This time he made sure to get her nice and wet.

"Mmmm…that feels good." she cooed, while pushing her ass harder against his mouth and tongue. When she did this, he pushed the head of the dildo into her tight little asshole, she reacted just as he thought she would.

"Chester…What…are you doing!!" He turned the vibrater on, it made a deep toned humming noise as he gently pushed it deeper into her asshole. He sounded perverted when he spoke. "You like that don't you baby?"

"Umm…Yes…but it hurts a little," she didn't pull away.

He kissed her pussy then asked. "Is it good or bad pain."

She giggled nervously. "Its kind of a good pain." He began gently twisting and thrusting the dildo into her, while at same time reaching between her legs helping her masturbate. He lowered his face back to her asshole licking around the dildo, he spat on it and pushed it deeper. Her body tensed, she moaned.

"Chester…What are you doing!" He pulled the dildo out, then stood up. knowing how wet she is because he’s been fingering her, she’s now ripe for deflowering.
He held her hip with his left hand, using his right hand to guide his erection to her virgin pussy. The soft flesh of her sex feels warm and erotically inviting to him. "Are you ready for your surprise Rhiannon!!"

Feeling the head of his cock pressing against her vulva, she looked back at him. Now completely aroused, she doesn’t stop him. Feeling his cock being pushed against her opening, she moaned. "Yes….I'm…ready." Hearing her give permission, there’s no turning back now. He pushed the head of his cock just inside her vulva. She’s tight but well lubricated. He kept pushing in, watching in amazement as his erection slipped in little by little, inch by inch. Just a short way in, he feels her delicate hymen trying to stop his invading cock. He reared back, then gave quick thrust forward.

She screamed out. "Chester it hurts!" her voice trembled.

"Don't worry baby, it only hurts the first time, the pain will go away."

Thrusting his hips forward, feeling the thin wall of flesh tear away. She complained. "It hurts, take it out Chester."

He calmed her. "Just relax baby, the pain won't last."

He pushed in deeper, now four inches out of seven are buried inside of her tight little pussy. In reality, he hadn't planned on taking her virginity so soon. But he just couldn't resist the temptation. He heard her moan, not sure if her moans are pain or pleasure. "How does it feel now baby girl?"

Her voice quivered. "It doesn't hurt so bad now, are you going to keep it in me?"

"Yes honey, I'm going to finish what I started. Just relax and let me fuck you."

He shoved in just a little deeper, he noticed a trickle of blood seeping down the folds of her pink cunt lips. She grunted. "Are you going to put all of it inside me?"

Thrusting inside her, he gasped. "Yes I am baby. You need to feel every inch of my cock inside of you, I know you want it!" He shoved another inch inside of her, she grunted. She’s not protesting anymore, it’s more of a gradual acceptance that it’s gone this far, and there’s no stopping it now. The flesh of his cock feels warm, it stings a little, but not as much as before.

With six inches out of seven shoved into her tight snatch, her young sex feels like a vice with soft jaws slowly crushing his cock. But the tightness is pure pleasure. He warned her.

"I'm going to fuck you now, just relax, let it happen. Its going to be one of your most memorable experiences!"

He pulled back until almost coming free, then slowly thrust back in. He watches as his hardness disappears then reappears inside this beautiful young girls pussy. There’s some blood, but nothing to unusual: After all, she is a virgin; at least she was before tonight. Like he told Frank Dick’s on the phone. It’s been a long time since I deflowered a virgin.

His voice trembled. "Oh….little girl. Your cunny feels so good, your so hot inside."

She doesn’t speak, she just makes little grunting noises. He talked dirty to her.

"You like it don't you baby…I'm going to fuck you harder now." His hips smacked against her ass cheeks, she feels pubic hair brushing against her soft skin. She grunts. Ahh…ugh…ahh. He loves how she sounds, he feels successful in the first steps of seduction. How it’s time to plant the seed, he began fucking her harder.

"Don't get me pregnant." she begged sounding breathless and weak.

He grunted. "Don't worry I cant get you pregnant; I'm sterile." He ignored her pleas, knowing there’s no way he can ever get this sweet young thing pregnant. He’s been sterile for years. He fucked his sweet little mistress for twenty minutes, no longer able to hold back, he came hard. He began thrusting harder and deeper grunting out. "Oh Baby daddy's coming, oh yes here it comes baby girl!!

Rhiannon feels hot sperm drenching her deep inside, she feels his cock meat flexing and throbbing. Her entire body feels flush, warm tingling sensations of pleasure wash over her. Her knees gave out, and so did Chester's. They both fell to the bed, he’s still inside of her. He doesn’t want to let go of his young mistress quite yet. Laying on his side in a spooning position, he continues thrusting into her. A mix of pain and pleasure shot from her well fucked little pussy. Her pain turned to pleasure when Chester kissed her, the kiss took the pain away.

Chester stopped fucking her, she lay on her side with his arms holding her tight. Now she feels safe and loved. She thinks to herself, as they lay together without speaking. He loves me, that makes what we did right.

Chapter 8: After The Thrill Is Gone

They fell asleep as they embraced, both exhausted they slept for about an hour. Chester woke up first, startled he looked at Rhiannon, she’s still asleep. He looked at his bedside clock, he whispered to himself "Oh shit its eleven thirty," he shook Rhiannon's shoulder. "Wake up sweetheart." She woke up half asleep, not sure where she is, she spoke in a groggy voice.

"Mom. Is it time to go to school already. Come on just let me sleep a few more minutes." Chester chuckled, then planted a kiss on the corner of her mouth.
He told her. "Rhiannon baby, your not home. Wake up, your at my place." This made her wake up quickly, she feels his sticky cum between her slender legs. She panicked. "Oh no Chester I've got to go to school. Oh god I'm going to be late."

She sat up looking at her bare crotch, her blue eyes opened wide noticing dried blood on her thighs and pussy lips. She spoke in panic.

"Oh no Chester, I'm bleeding," He sat up and wrapped his arm around her.

"Your ok honey, its just a little blood from your broken hymen. Come with me to the bathroom. I'll run you a nice warm bubble bath, you can soak for a while. After you soak for a while, you'll feel like whole new girl."

"But I'm going to be late for school Chester, moms going to freak-out when she finds out I'm not in my bedroom. I should go home, maybe she's not awake yet,"
She thinks it’s early Monday morning. He realized what she’s thinking, and reassured her. "Its still Sunday night, you’re not going to be late for school."

She rubbed her eyes. "Its Sunday. I thought for sure it was Monday," she touched her bloody pussy lips. "Its not time for my period, why is there so much blood,"

He told her. "Its not from your period honey, its because I took your virginity. Now come with me, I’ll run us a nice warm bubble bath.”

As they enter the bathroom, he had her sit on the toilet while he ran her a bath, making sure to add plenty of his wife Jenna's favorite aroma therapy bubble bath soap. As he filled the tub, he heard Rhiannon crying, he turned finding her with her head in her hands, weeping . He knows why she’s crying; she just realized she’s no longer a virgin. He knelt before her wrapping his arms around her. Gently caressing the soft bare skin of her back, telling her in a soothing voice.

"Its ok baby. What we did was so very special. Losing your virginity is nothing to cry about." She heard what he said then pushed him away, telling him.

"Chester, I'm only eleven and a half. I'm to young to lose my virginity!"

Hearing what she said he realized to his dismay, she’s right; but what’s done is done he thinks to himself. He looked into her eyes, then gave his opinion.

"Why does it matter if you lose it at eleven and half, or at eighteen and a half…Sweetie, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. The way you’re so curious about sex. I think, if it wouldn't have been me who did this. You would eventually meet some young kid, who doesn't know a damned thing about sex. He'd take your virginity then leave you all alone. But with me; that won't happen."

He leaned back and looked into her watery blue eyes, she looked back at him wiping tears from her cheeks, his voice was gentle as he spoke.

"Now step in the tube and soak for a while. I'm going roll us a joint. A nice warm bath, and a few tokes of some good weed will help you feel better."

Chapter 9: Relaxing In The Afterglow

Bubble baths are one of Rhiannon's favorite things in life, she leaned back and fell asleep waiting for her adult friend to return. She wasn't sure how long Chester was away, it was the sweet smell of marijuana being blown into her face that woke her up.

"Ah that's good honey, I see you’re enjoying my wife's aroma therapy bubble bath. It is relaxing isn't it." he sounded happy when he spoke. She smiled up at him.

"Oh yes I love how the bubbles smell." she said.

"Hey baby scoot up a little, I wanna sit in the tub behind you," She did as he asked. Once he settled in, he handed her the joint.

"Here, have a few tokes, it'll make you feel even better!" He wrapped his arms around her, then pulled her back, letting her lean against him with her nude body between his legs.

"There, now this is the best way to relax after having great sex!" he said.

She handed the joint back to him, blowing out a thick cloud of smoke. She sounded like an adult when she spoke. "Chester, are you a pedophile?"

He coughed, choking on pot smoke. Once his throat cleared he answered her.

"Well sweetheart, that's what the know it alls of our society call men like me. But I prefer to be called a little girl lover, not a pedophile. And I like big girls too."

She asked another question, its been nagging her conscience since last Friday. "Why do you like girls my age?" He gave her the joint, she took it then raised it to her lips. Being stoned, he contemplated her question, then gave his best answer.

"Rhiannon…You're the first person to ask me that. I'll some it up as; youthful purity. Especially pretty girls like you, you've never been touched by anyone before me. I love your innocence, and your curiosity to explore new things."

She handed the joint back to him, then reached under the water rubbing her hand on his leg. "Chester…Am I the only virgin you've ever been with?"

He almost said yes, until he thought back to 1968. It was the year he seduced his ten year old stepsister Megan, he was fifteen at the time. He's always considered this, the time of his own sexual awakening, and his first time with a young girl.

"No you're not my first virgin. You're the first person I've ever told this to. But the first virgin I was ever with, was my stepsister Megan. She was ten, I was fifteen. Hell, that was way back in sixty-eight."

She giggled. "You had sex with your stepsister. Chester you’re such a perv!!" she looked back at him asking. "Were you in love with her?"

He thought about what she asked. "Yes I was in love with her, but it wasn't true love. We were what you kids these days call; friends with benefits. Our affair went on secretly for almost four years. It ended when I was eighteen. I went off to college, and Megan found herself a new boyfriend about a year later. She up and married the guy a few years later….She's got kids of her own now. They live up in Minnesota, I usually see them around the holiday's."

She kept asking questions, he figured it must've been the pot that made her so talkative. "If your stepsister was your first virgin, and I was your second. What about other young girls you've been with, were they virgins?"

He laughed. "You’re so full of good questions to tonight," he thought a moment.
"I really haven't always been into little girls. My stepsister was an experimental relationship. After college I landed a job, working for a well known news agency. In 1978 they sent me to a country called Vietnam. I'd been wanting to go there since my father was killed in the war, back in 67. So I went, thinking maybe it would help me come to grips with the loss of my dad. But the only thing I found there was more grief. I guess from that grief, I discovered my love for young girls. But they weren't virgins, they were child prostitutes." He gently squeezed one of her small breast getting her attention. "You know what a prostitute is, don't you?"

She placed her hand on his. "Yes, mom told me about them. Men pay money to have sex with them. But I never knew there were, little girl prostitutes!"

He hugged her thinking of things he's done in the past. "Yes Baby, in some Asian country's, and even some European country's, there are places where men, and even a few women go to have sex with kids. These days governments of these country's, crack down on sex tourist who go looking for that kind of thing. But back in the seventies and early eighties, child prostitution was quite an attraction. I spent lots of time with different young Asian girls. Later on, my friend Frank Dicks and I found a few places in eastern Europe, that cater to men with the taste for young girls like you."

He lowered his hand to her crotch, she spread for him. She seemed to be turned on by the stories of his perverted sexual exploits. She moaned.
"Mmm… That feels good. But you were married, did Jenna know about the girls you had sex with." He kept fingering her, she began thrusting her pussy against his probing fingers. He told her about Jenna.

"No I never told her about what I did. To tell you the truth, I married Jenna with thoughts of never being with another young girl again,” he sighed. “And it worked, I loved Jenna so much that I never touched another young girl."
His voice tremble with sadness as he spoke. "After she died, I buried myself into my photography business. I guess it kept my mind out of the gutter, so to speak." He pushed his fingers deeper into her tight pussy. "But then I met you baby girl, and I just cant seem to get enough of you." He masturbated her, telling her.

"You like what I'm doing, don't you Rhiannon?"

She heard what he said, his perverted tone of voice sent chills down her spine, and just the same his perverted tone turned her on. She opened her legs wider for him. "Oh yes…I like it, ahhh…I really like it." He lowered his mouth closer to her ear, telling her.

"I want you to fuck me Rhiannon, right here in the bathtub. You made me hard again, I want you to turn around and sit on my cock. Fuck me Rhiannon!!!"

She heard the urgent tone in his voice. As if she were under his spell, she quickly turned around facing him. She’s so turned on by his stories, and the finger fucking he gave her. She suddenly finds herself needing to fuck this old perverted man. He clutched his hard cock in his hand, showing it to her. The suds are starting to dissolve. "Come on baby girl, sit your tight little cunt on my cock."

He noticed something different about her blue eyes, it was none other then youthful lust. She moved her cunt over his cock, he grasped her hips telling her.

"That's it baby, put your legs outside my thighs. Then lower your beautiful cunny right down on my cock." She lowered herself down over his erection, grunting feeling the large mushroom shaped head of his cock enter her. The soapy water helped it slide inside. He spoke in a deep perverted tone of voice.

"Good girl, put it all the way inside your tight little pussy for me."

She looked down at the amazing disappearing cock, telling him.

"Look, I did it Chester, it’s all the way in me!!" She smiled a cute sexy smile at him. Her body began to shiver with delightful pleasure. Peering into her eyes with lustful desire, he spoke.

"Now fuck me baby, your in charge now…Fuck me like a whore."

Being told to fuck him like a whore sent warm tingling shivers of pleasure from her ears to her pussy. Before tonight, if someone would've told her this, she would've been completely shocked. But tonight as she fucked the fifty-eight year old mans cock. It made her want to be just like one of those prostitutes he told her about. He leaned back against the tub, placing both hands on her slender waist steadying her. Rhiannon humped herself up and down on his stiff member like a teenager in a barley legal porn movie.

Ahh…ugh….ahhhh. She doesn’t speak, she just makes cute little grunting noises. He watches her eyes, noticing the way she kept them partially closed. She opened her eyes smiling at him. "Am…I doing it…Right Chester," she asked.

"Oh yeah baby girl…You’re doing it totally right…Yeah baby fuck me like a whore make me cum!!

She knew he meant ride it harder, so that's what she did. She began riding him so hard and fast the bath water started spilling over the side onto the floor below the tub. "Oh my god Chester this…feeels so gooood!!”

Chester pulled her to him, he began thrusting into her. Now the bathwater began churning like waves in the Atlantic ocean. Feeling his balls tighten, he moaned out. "You’re making me cum…ahhhh yesss!"

He came dumping his last load of sterile sperm deep inside her inner walls. She felt his hot sperm injecting deep inside, she kept riding his pulsating cock until she’s to warn out to fuck him any longer. It’s over now Chester's spent cock throbbed inside of the young preteen like a human heart. He feels her pussy throbbing in its final glory of an intense orgasm. He broke the silence.

"Phew…That was really something baby, you really got into that!!”

Rhiannon raised herself up looking into his eyes, she gave him a flirtatious smile.
"So is that how those Vietnamese whores fuck Chester?" What she said took him by surprise. He let out a guttural laugh, telling her.

"Baby they never fucked me like that. You put theme all to shame."

Its been years since he had sex with one the many young hookers, he spent time with back in the old days. Since then, no girl with the exception of his wife Jenna ever fucked him the way she just did. He kissed her then pulled away, telling her.

"You need to wash your pussy, its full of sperm again." She looked down at her crotch noticing the cum as it flowed out of her. He used a wash cloth to clean her up, then he told her. "I better get you home, it’s getting pretty late."
They both dressed. Rhiannon used Jenna's old blow dryer on her wet hair, as she finished drying her hair he told her.

"I'll walk you home. I don't think you should be walking home alone in the dark. Some pervert might grab you or something."

What he said made her laugh, and reply sarcastically.

"Oh yeah. I need an old perv like you to protect me. I feel safer already."

He grabbed her by the waist, tickling her. "Yes but this old perv won't murder you. I'll just fuck you, now come on lets get you home."

Chapter 10: The Walk Home

It’s a little passed one in the morning, when they step out into the cold October night air, Chester held Rhiannon's hand. Now as they walk, she thinks about one of her worst fears. "Chester what does sterile mean?"

"Why do you wanna know that?"

She replied in a serious voice. "Because that's what you told me, when I asked you not to get me pregnant," she squeezed his hand. "Chester when I visited my grandparents I used grandmas computer to look my question up on the internet. The answer I got, said a girl my age can get pregnant. You told me you were sterile, what does that mean?" She pulled her hand away and stopped walking.

"Tell me what sterile means Chester!!"

"It means my sperms no good. I couldn't get you pregnant if I tried. When I first married Jenna. I tried to get her pregnant. My doctor did a test on my sperm, he told me my sperm’s sterile. That's why Jenna and I never had any kids."

She flashed a relieved smile. “Good now I don’t need to worry.” She took his hand they began to walk, she asked him. "Can we do it in the bathtub again, next time I come over. I really like bubble baths. And having sex in the tub makes bath time even more fun."

He laughed. "Baby girl, we'll do it anywhere you want. As I've said before. I have so many things to teach you. Are you willing to learn sweetheart?"

The answer she gave him surprised and delighted him.

"Sure, I'm ready to learn. And maybe I'll teach you a few things while we’re at it!"
She spoke seductively. He looked at her face in the moonlight, she’s smiling contently. Finally they arrived near the edge of her yard.

He asked. "How did you sneak out?"

"I climbed through my bedroom window. Can you come with me, to the back of my house. I'm not sure if I can climb back in, as easy I climbed out."

The idea of getting caught by her mother, or maybe even one of his friends on the police force made Chester a bit nervous. But he doesn’t like the thought of her being stranded outside, in the cold. He whispered.

"Ok I'll help you, but we needed to be quiet as church mice. We don't wanna wake your mom, or the neighbors."

With that said they proceeded to the rear of the house, using the shadows of the over hanging trees to conceal them from view, as they came to her bedroom window Rhiannon whispered. "Here's my window, help me open it."

Chester raised the window, it made a light squeaking noise. Thoughts of how he'd explain to her mother, why he’s helping her little girl sneak back in ran through his mind. His heartbeat quickened, his arm pits began to sweat. Rhiannon quickly pulled herself up and over the windowsill. She stuck her head out of the window whispering "Good night Chester.”

He whispered back. "Can I have a goodnight kiss?" She smiled, shaking her head yes. The kiss warmed his body, but he quickly pulled away hearing a noise from inside the house. "What was that?" he whispered.

Rhiannon looked behind her. "I don't know. Just go, before you get caught."

Not taking time to close her window, he ran back into a dark grove of trees at the edge of her yard. Inside Rhiannon quickly climbed into bed, covering herself with her blanket. She’s still wearing her jacket blue jeans and shoes. Suddenly the door swung open, her mother must've heard a noise, she came to investigate. Melissa noticed her daughter laying in bed. Thinking she’s sleeping, she stepped inside. noticing the curtains around the window blowing in the wind.

Rhiannon lay with her eyes half shut, watching her mother walk to the window. Melissa closed the window whispering to herself.

"She left her window open. Doesn't she know, we live in a dangerous world."

Her mother turned towards the door, Rhiannon thought she was leaving, but she stopped near her bed. Rhiannon continued pretending to sleep, making sure to close her eyes tight. Melissa leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek, she heard her mother whisper. "I love you sweetheart." After this she left the room. Rhiannon whispered back. "I love you to mom," her mother didn't hear her.

Rhiannon climbed out of bed to undress, as she undresses she starts crying.
Her mind’s torn between her love for her mother, and her friendship with Chester. When it comes to Chester, she’s not sure if it’s love she feels for him; or just plain lust. Thought’s of losing her virginity tonight also bother her. But she likes the things he’s teaching her. Suddenly her tears stop flowing.

She took her white cotton panties off letting them drop to the floor, then climbed back into bed. After pulling the covers back over her half naked body, she licked the tips of her fingers, then began fingering her once virgin cunny. Masturbating herself, she remembers what she did last Friday, when she sucked Chester's cock. She began sucking the fingertips of her free hand. Adding to her fantasy, she pretends the fingers stroking her pussy are Chester's cock. Her hips started bucking, thrusting up and down pressing harder against her invading fingers. Coming down from the orgasm she whispers softly .

"Teach me Chester….Teach me everything!!!”

End of part 2.

The Island – SMC – part 3

Once again, this is fiction, it is a story. All characters are fake.
This is just a story, I do not condone nor engage in these activities.
Part three may be the last part to this story

     It has been nearly a month since myself and the girls arrived at our private island retreat. We have enjoyed every single day together. Amanda has been all over me, her sister and Julie ever since I switched her birth control pills with the aphrodisiacs. She would let my cum inside her at least once a day, thinking she was protected. She also didn't know her little sister was getting a load of sperm every night before bed too. But that was about to change. 
     After she became comfortable with everyone, Amanda began acting like the big sister, almost motherly. She gladly helped teach Julie many things that she previously didn't know about being sexual. She was always eager to play with and show off her little sister too. But this morning, Amanda came into my bedroom and got Amy out of bed and told her to shower. She took off her bra and panties and then climbed into bed with me, I was completely naked under the covers already. 
     She snuggled up close to me, laying half on top of me, nuzzling her head into my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and she looked up to me, smiling as she caressed my body. I was slowly rubbing her buttcheeks, reaching my fingers down her crack, then she pushed away. 
     "no, no" she said, smiling a devious smile. "today is all about Amy. Today is her birthday!" 
"Is it really?" I smiled
"Yeah, and I want my sister to having an amazing and lasting 10th birthday" she smiled deviously again, the reached under the covers and slowly fondled and caressed my balls, looking up into my eyes. Before I could say anything, she quickly hopped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I could hear some giggling and she poked her head out of the door. 
     "Get dressed and go have breakfast with the other girls and tell them stay outside today. Amy and I have to get ready for her birthday surprise," Amanda instructed me. 
     "Well I need to shower though," I smiled. 
     "you can use Emily's shower," she smirked back and shut the door. So I got up and headed down the hall and opened the door to Emily's room, she wasn't in bed. 
     My cock began to stiffen as I heard the shower running. Emily's shower was one of the nicer ones, it was large enough for four people, no door or front half to it, a small sitting bench, and multiple shower heads. I slowly and quietly opened the door. Emily had her back to me, washing her shoulder length bright red hair. I looked her up and down, the soapy water cascading down her back, her firm round buttcheeks, and down her thin freckled legs. I could tell she had just shaved, Emily turned enough that I could see she had shaved her bright red pubes as well. 
     My mind wandered thinking about how that fluffy red pubic hair turned me on the first time I saw her. Then I noticed it, as she turned a certain way. Emily had a small bulge in her lower abdomen, between her belly button and her hairless pussy. I smiled, knowing that was my baby she was carrying. It had been about a month since the first time she took my seed, I'd say she was fertile that day. Emily looked so beautiful, you'd overlook her bump if you didn't know, and I could tell her small cone shaped freckled breasts were protruding a bit more than normal. As I studied her nipples, they too were enlarging and poking out even further. There was no doubt in my mind she was the most beautiful pregnant eleven year old redhead ever. I couldn't stand it, plus I needed to shower! 
     Emily was washing her face, bent over slightly as I walked into the shower behind her, the first part of my body to touch her was the head of my hard dick as I pushed it between her slightly open pussy lips. She didn't jump, but just pushed back, and leaning forward, putting her hands on the bench. And all in that motion, she pushed back and I pushed forward into her pussy, which was already soaking wet. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and deep. The sound of her ass slapping against me was amplified by the water and the openness of the shower, along with her loud moaning. 
     I could see her firm pointy tits jiggling with the motion of us fucking. I reach up under and started fondling one, playing with her nipple I could feel her pussy tighten, loving my touch. She bent down further, keeping her legs straight, pushing into me as she rocked her hips. Emily reached under her pussy and began fondling my balls, "give it to me," she moaned. Her young pussy clenched me tightly as she orgasmed. I couldn't hold back either, plunging my cock into her all the way, squirting more hot sperm into her already pregnant pussy. "Mmmmm yes," she moaned. Emily stood back up, my cock still holding my cum inside her as I gently caressed her wet naked body. Then I reached her barely bulging tummy, rubbing it gently. 
"I think you've already gotten what you wanted Emily," I whispered in her ear. She turned around as my cock fell out of her pussy, slowly leaking my cum out and she looked up at me and down again to her tummy, rubbing herself. 
     "Yes, I know," she replied, smiling. She leaned up and passionately kissed me on the lips. "Thank you Jake" she smiled. We finished showering, taking turns sudsing and rinsing each others bodies. I put on just some linen pants, and Emily dressed in a blue satin tube top bikini and matching small thong bottoms. We headed downstairs and joined Julie for breakfast. 
     Julie had finished cooking, and eaten herself, serving me and Emily. I gave her bare buttcheek and smack as she turned around. 
"Thank you beautiful," I told her. 
She was wearing a one piece white lace thong leotard. Her olive skin contrasting so sexy to the pale white outfit. Her little dark nipples pronounced through the thin lace, and her dark wispy pubic hair poking out through the material. I realized it had been a month, and Julie and I had not even had intercourse yet. There will be time. 
     Julie had become increasingly more sexual and more provocative since she first showed up. She started squirting more frequently when she orgasmed. 
     "Today is Amy's birthday. While you're in the mood for cooking, let's make a cake," I said as I reached for a mixing bowl behind Julie, squeezing her bare butt as I do. My fingertip reached the edge of her pussy, and I could feel she was soaking wet already.  
     As she bent over into the fridge to get the eggs, I reached up between her legs, cupping her warm wet pussy. I massaged her pussy and she rocked her hips. She continued to gather and mix ingredients, all the while I would be fondling her, playing with her pussy. She poured the mixture into the pan and set it down. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and let her lick it clean. She smiled, hopped onto the counter and spread her legs wide open.
     She reached into a drawer and pulled out a small vibrating dildo, and went to town. This little thin Asian absolutely loved playing with herself, rubbing her pussy with one hand as she pressed the whirring dildo up against her sensitive clit. I grabbed the camera and started filming and snapping photos, as she was completely into herself, moaning and squealing, her twelve year old body wiggling in pleasure. Julie moved the dildo in all directions against her clit, faster and more aggressively. She slowed down and slid the fake cock inside her slightly, moving it in and out, rubbing the shaft against her clit as she fucked herself. 
     Within minutes, she laid her head back, her moaning stopped, she had gasp, holding her breath. Julie slowly pulled the buzzing cock out of her, the tip touching and vibrating against her young clit as she began to cum. 
     Julie began squirting her young girl juices from her pussy, it kept coming from her pussy as she rubbed more vigorously, the dildo over her spraying pussy acted like a thumb on a garden hose, her pussy juices shooting everywhere! She finally stopped. Relaxed, panting, she would occasionally moan softly or tremble lightly as she tried to compose herself. 
     "Wow Julie, that was beautiful," I finally broke the silence, caressing her thin thigh as she twitched. "And you added a special ingredient to the birthday cake," I laughed. 
     "That'll make it real delicious," she smiled looking down on the counter, the pan ready to go in the oven was covered in her pussy cum, she grabbed a spoon and stirred it into the mixture, licking the spoon clean afterwards. "Yummy!"
     She straightened up herself, but not cleaning her own juices from her body, and placed the pan into the oven to bake. I helped her make the frosting, "Here, add a teaspoon of this, it'll make it even sweeter," I handed her a spoon of the aphrodisiac powder and she dumped it in without question. 
     When Julie finished the cake and cleaning up, she changed into a tight one piece swimsuit, probably two sizes too small, her perky hard nipples and furry Asian cameltoe extremely pronounced as she ran out of the house and down to the lagoon to join Emily on the dock sunbathing. 
     As I was icing the cake, Amanda walked into the kitchen, she was wearing a thin silk robe, and smelled absolutely beautiful and she had subtly put on some make up, looking absolutely gorgeous. 
     "Oooh, cake!" said Amanda. 
     "We aren't finished with our makeover yet, but we were hungry, can we have some?" she asked. 
    "Of course," I sliced her two big pieces, smiling. 
     "Amy looks so amazing," she looked me in the eyes, "you'll both love her birthday surprise," she grinned, taking the cake and heading back to her bedroom with two pieces of frosted cake. 
     I needed to rinse off, but I decided to go down to the lagoon. I walked down and took off my linen pants, waded into the water completely naked. Emily and Julie were laying on the dock just chatting, I soaped up and bathed in the lagoon, toweled off my body and walked back inside completely naked. I started up the stairs and head to my room from some fresh shorts. I was almost to the door when I heard Amanda's door open slightly. 
     "I think we are ready," she smiled poking her head out. "Looks like you are too," she grinned looking at my naked body. "You can just wear that, give us ten more minutes," she shut the door. 
     I gave them a few minutes, looked outside, Emily and Julie were still down at the beach. So I walked into the room. There was Amy, completely made up, wearing a thigh length white silk gown and thigh high lace stockings. She looked much older than 10. 
     "Wow, you look amazing Amy," I said looking her up and down. "happy birthday by the way"
     "Oh, it definitely will be a very happy birthday," she looked at my slowly rising cock, then giggled to her sister as she walked into the room. 
     Amanda was wearing a black one piece fishnet bodysuit, everything clearly visible through all the large openings, even her thin legs. I could already smell both girls' young wet pussy juices in the air. I walked over to Amy and took her in my arms, kissing her lips deeply, passionately. Looking into her eyes as I caressed her small silk covered body. 
     Amanda walked over and pulled me onto the bed, laying me on my back, she kneeled next to me as Amy climbed onto the bed too. Both young blonde sisters looking so sexy as they caressed my naked body. Amy lifted the bottom of her gown, revealing her bare and visibly wet little pussy. She straddled me and began to grind her soaking wet pussy up and down my shaft, like she had before. Only now her sister is watching. 
     "That's not how you do it," Amanda laughed at her little sister, and grabbed my cock, guiding the head into Amy's small hole. I pushed up inside her as she lowered herself onto me, Amanda kissing her little sister on the lips, "happy birthday sister"
     Amy began bouncing up and down on my thick cock, Amanda intently staring at her sister and myself as we fucked. Amy bounced up and down eagerly on my cock, loving the feeling. I began to fondle her tiny body, as I caressed her tummy I almost thought I could already feel a slight swell. Amanda noticed and smiled, leaning down and whispering into my ear, "give her a birthday present," as she reached down and began fondling my balls. 
     Amy settled her small body all the way down on my cock, slowly moving her hips, grinding her wet clit on me as her young pussy clenched me tightly. With Amanda still massaging my balls, I couldn't hold back, I looked up quickly at Amanda, then up at Amy. I began unloading my sperm deep into Amy, the tip of my cock inside her womb as she gets fertilized. Her mouth dropped open and she slowly opened her eyes looking at me, she got the biggest grin and reached down, rubbing her tummy. "that was the best birthday gift ever!" she exclaimed, still panting.
     The sisters kissed each other and then each made out with me. As Amanda was kissing my neck, she whispered in my ear, "my birthday is in three weeks, I think I'd like the same gift." 

The End
to be continued…

Rhiannon, part 3.

Authors note. If you’re not into stories about older men, who have sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded, please read on, there’s more to this story of dark depravity, then meets the eye.

A quote from Vladimir Nabokov.

“I think it is a matter of love; the more you love a memory the stronger and stronger it becomes.”

Chapter 11: Sweet Dreams

Chester made it back to the safety of his home, around 2 a.m. His mind reeled with thoughts of almost being caught by his preteen girl friends mother, as he helped her sneak back in through her bedroom window. Now as he undresses for bed. His mind wanders back to the taboo things he did with Rhiannon, only hours before in the same bed he used to make love to his long deceased wife Jenna in.

After slipping into a pair of sweatpants he always wears to bed, he lays down turns out the light and tries to ease his troubled mind. Laying alone in the darkness he remembers how Rhiannon became the aggressor, when they fucked one more time in the bathtub. This fond memory helps him relax, he soon fell into a deep sleep.

As he sleeps, he begins to dream. The dream takes him back to 1968, when he was a young boy of fifteen. At fifteen he looked completely different, no balding salt an pepper gray hair, no wrinkles, and no body fat. He loved the Beatles, so he had his hair styled to look like Paul McCartney. With his boyish good looks, he had a few high school girls swooning over him. And not without exception of Megan, his ten year old blond haird blue eyed four foot ten stepsister. She was totally infatuated with him.

His dream brings him to the time he looked after Megan, while his mother and stepfather went away for the weekend. He recently broke up with his girlfriend, and since the breakup, he had been lonely and constantly horny. Now as the dream unfolds he finds himself leaning against a doorway caressing his cock through sky blue cotton pajama pants, as he observes Megan.

She's laying belly down on the floor in front of the families first color TV set, totally entranced in the plot of an old show called The Mod Squad. It didn’t help matters, that she was wearing nothing more than a white cotton nightgown, with no panties to cover her firm little preteen ass.

She didn’t notice him that night, as he leaned against the doorway ogling her upturned bare ass. She recently bathed and apparently she decided, being as daddy’s not home she doesn’t need to wear panties. Chester’s cock grew hard, making a tent against the fly of his pajama's. The sight of her young white ass, peeking from under her nightie, completely turned him on.

He lay down next to her on the floor. "Did I miss anything?" he asked, placing his hand on her back. Even in the dream, he feels the heat of her young body and the touch of her soft skin. Megan smiled sweetly, enjoying that he’s laying so close to her.

"Yeah the bad guy has Julie Barnes tied up, he just tried to rape her."
Megan notices, he’s not watching TV, he’s eyeing her bare ass.
She giggles telling him. "Take a picture, it’ll last longer."

He lays his hand on her bare ass, she giggles but doesn’t push it away.

“You’ve got a cute little butt Megan. Has anyone told you, what a nice ass you have."

"Giggle….Do I really have a nice ass…I mean butt!”

He caressed his fingers over her soft white flesh.

"Oh yes, and your skins so soft," he strokes her ass, telling her. "You don't seem to mind me touching you. Do you like how it feels, when I touch you?"

She blushed. "I've seen you touch your ex girlfriends butt. I've been curious to find out what it feels like to let you touch mine….Yes, I like how it feels!”

He placed his lips close to her ear, telling her. "Can I teach you how to kiss?" he gave her a kiss on the lips. She blushes telling him.

"Yes teach me. I've seen you kissing Dawn, kiss me like you kissed her."

Soon enough, kissing lessons became fondling lessons. Her young body trembled, feeling his fingers gently squeezing her small preteen breast. She’s not wearing panties, he slipped two fingers between her legs. She didn’t protest, when he masturbated her. It wasn’t hard for him to coax her into letting him undress her.

He still remembers the sight of her beautiful developing body, in the light of the television set. The way she lay on her back, while they kissed like passionate lovers. His hard cock poked from the fly of his pajama's, kissing her he guides her hand to his erection. He moans feeling her soft fingers grasping his cock.

“Play with my cock,” he tells her. “Your soft little hand, feels so good on my cock….Yeah baby just like that."

The dreams so real, he feels her hand on his member. As she strokes his cock, he fingers her virgin pussy. Megan’s body responds to his touch, she humps her pussy harder against the tips of his fingers. She moans. "That feels, sooo good." She touches her lips to his, wanting him to kiss her more.

That night Megan found she liked kissing. And from this point on, if Chester wanted sex, all he had to do was kiss her. The dream continues, with every erotic memory. This was the night he took Megan's virginity, he whispered in her ear.

"Are you ready Megan, please. I wanna fuck you so bad."

She replied breathlessly. "Yes do it. I want it inside me!"

He lay over Megan ready to do the deed, just as he's guiding his cock to the opening of her virgin sex. He hears a telephone ringing, in confusion he looks around the room trying to find where the irritating ringing’s coming from. There was no irritating phone call back in 1968 that interrupted his first seduction.

Suddenly the dream ends, Chester sits up in bed, his face and body are drenched in sweat, his cock is rock hard. And ten year old Megan is no where in sight. He's half asleep realizing its his bedside phone ringing, and he's back in the present not the past. Angered someone woke him from a very pleasant dream, he answers in a gruff sleepy voice.

"Hello…Who’s calling me, so damned early in the morning!!"

The way he spoke, made the caller hesitate before speaking.

"I'm…So sorry Chester, this is Melissa Jones. I was hoping you'd be awake by now, it’s almost nine in the morning."

He swung his legs out of bed placing his feet on the floor. Anxiety rushed through his mind and body, realizing its Rhiannon's mother, he feared the worst. Fighting panic, he breathed a calming breath then answered in a calm cool voice.

"Oh good morning Melissa. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be so rude."

"Chester, I'm calling to ask you a favor."

Hearing she’s not calling in anger, he calmed down.

"Why sure. What can I do for you Melissa?”

"Rhiannon's not feeling well, and I cant miss work today. I'm calling to ask, if you can look after her until I get home this evening," she flirted. "If you help me out, I’ll make a you nice home cooked dinner. Doesn’t that sound good Chester ?"

He almost jumped for joy realizing, he can spend the whole day alone with Rhiannon. "Why sure Melissa. Bring her over, it won't be any trouble at all. That is unless Rhiannon doesn't wanna spend the day with an old coot like me."

Melissa laughed. "Chester, she thinks the world of you. When she told me she wasn’t feeling well this morning. I told her, I'll see if my neighbor Mrs. Finch could watch after her. “Ha” Chester she begged me to call you. I think she sees you as her second grandfather," she paused in thought.

"Chester. I hope you don’t mind but, since I met you last Friday, I've done a little research on you. I talked to your friend Sheriff Jackson, he had nothing but good things to say about you. And I also spoke with the hospital cancer ward staff about you. They all remember the way you stayed by your wife's bedside, before she died. They told me, they had to beg you to leave when visiting hours were over. So Chester, I know I'll be able to trust you around Rhiannon.”

As he listened to Melissa telling how his friends and acquaintances, like and respect him. His conscience gnawed at him, he doesn’t like deceiving this woman, or his friends. But thoughts of spending the day with Rhiannon, overpowered his guilty conscience. The taste of the girls sex, is still on his tongue.

"Oh no Melissa, I don't mind one bit. And you’re right, you can trust me!"

He heard Rhiannon in the background. "I'm ready mom. We need to get going, you’re already late for work." She sounds like she’s looking forward to spending the day with him. Hearing her sweet voice eased his troubled mind. Melissa spoke telling him. “Ok she’s ready, we’ll be over shortly.” she hung up.

He heard the phone go dead, then he began dancing around his bedroom speaking out loud. "She's coming over to spend the day with me. Yeehaw!!"

Now the little head of his cock is doing the thinking, for the brain in his head. Any feelings of guilt or anxiety have gone away. Now, the only thing he’s thinking of is Rhiannon’s pretty face, and all of the taboo things he’ll do with her, for the next eight to ten hours of this fine October day.

Chapter 12: The Little Head Takes Charge

Chester stood watching Melissa Jones stroll through his living room, examining collections of photos he’s placed on the walls over the years. Every photo is a history of his photography career. She’s an attractive thirty-two year old woman. Her hairs auburn brown, cut just below the ears.

Her eyes are blue; like Rhiannon's. The sky blue nursing scrub blouse she’s wearing, exposes the outline of pert nicely shaped breast. The snug fitting scrub pants she’s wearing enhance her firm round ass. Observing Melissa, he envisions Rhiannon will grow up, being the spitting image of her mother.

"Wow Chester, Rhiannon told me about all the places you've been. You've really lived an interesting life," said Melissa. She looked at the clock on the wall. "Oh Dammit, I'm late already. I really should be going." She started for the door.”

He stopped her from leaving, to ask a question before she left.

"Have you considered, letting me help Rhiannon with a modeling career. She has such a natural beauty. I told you last time we met, that I took some pictures of her. You said you didn’t mind. I have copies in this envelope I’m holding."

He noticed a look of concern in Melissa's eyes.

"I don't know Chester, modeling is such a tough job…She's only twelve."

Rhiannon cut in. "Mom! I'm almost thirteen. Chester has a friend in the fashion business, he says he can help me get started."

Rhiannon seemed a little more awake now when she spoke. She acted sickly, or more like; completely warn out when she walked through the door just moments before. Melissa spoke to her, sounding like the true mother she is.

"Rhiannon. I know how old you are, you don't need to keep reminding me, but ok, I'll give this some thought while I’m at work."

She knelt down, giving Rhiannon a goodbye hug and kiss. Before Melissa left, Chester handed her a large vanilla envelope containing pictures of Rhiannon's photo shoot. These pictures are of Rhiannon fully dressed, not the pictures of her posing sensually, dressed only in her pink bra and panties. He kept those for himself; especially the close up of her camel toe.

"Here, just look at these pictures. I think you'll notice how photogenic she is."

Melissa took the envelope, a little edgy over his determination to get her little girl into modeling. Before stepping out, she told him.

"Ok I’ll look them over on my break, but I really should be going now."

He kept talking as she walked out.

"Just give’m a look-see Melissa. I know you'll see what I mean. And also, if you’re around this weekend, my old friend Frank Dick’s and his adopted daughter Maylee are coming to visit. Frank runs a modeling agency in New York city, he’s been in the business for a long time. He knows a good model, when he sees one."

He stood watching Melissa walk to her car, from a small window in the door. Rhiannon snuck up behind him, wrapped her arms around his waist, then slid her hand down to his cock, groping him through his gray sweat pants.

"Good morning Chester, did you miss me!!" she said cheerfully.

He didn't expect her to be the aggressor. When her mother brought her in, she was doing an academy award winning sick child act. Once her mother left, it was like a sudden divine miracle occurred. He laughed turning around to hug her back. "Well alright sweetheart, I’m glad to see you’re feeling better."

He lifted her up in his arms, making sure to fondle her ass. She’s wearing her favorite Hello Kitty sweatshirt, and pajama's with pictures of Barbie printed on white cotton fabric. He kisses her passionately while carrying her to his bedroom. He laid her on the bed then knelt on the floor, grabbing hold of her pants at the waistband, he pulled her pajama pants and panties off at the same time.

She yelped. "Chester….What are doing!!!"

He smiled up at her. "Your cunny needs to be sucked, now spread your legs."

He threw her garments to the side, then buried his mouth and tongue into her young hairless pussy. She moaned, and began thrusting her pussy against his mouth and tongue.

"Oh yes,” she cooed. “I was hoping you'd do this to me again!!"

Chester mumbled from her wet crotch. "You like this, don’t you baby girl !"
He pushed an index finger inside, trying not be too rough. It’s only been a few hours since he deflowered her. She pushed back exclaiming.

"Yes I like it …Put your finger in me. Ahh ugh. I like that too."

He loves the cute way she moans. He licks and sucks her pussy with even more intensity, eating her as if; he’s a starving man, and she’s his last meal. After five minutes of intense cunnalingus, he stopped and looked up. He knew he gave his young lovers pussy a good early morning workout, by watching her chest heaving, as she tries to catch her breath. He lay on the bed beside her, placing his lips to hers for a kiss. She kissed him back, savoring the taste of her own juices as her tongue touched his. Chester pulled away from the kiss.

"Do you wanna learn something new baby!" he asked. He pushed his still clothed cock against her bare leg. She smiled replying breathlessly.

"I think so…What is it?" she said being curious. He explained.

"It's a sexual position, we adults call sixty-nineing. I lay on my back, you turn around facing my feet. I'll eat your pussy, while you suck my cock."

Rhiannon looked puzzled at his explanation of the new sex act.

"Move over baby, it looks like I'll need to show you what I mean. Take your sweatshirt and Jamie top off. I want you totally naked today, although I do like Hello Kitty clothing. You look very sexy it, but I want you naked.”

They both undressed Chester lay on the bed with his head on a pillow.

"Ok turn around, put your sweet pussy over my mouth."

She giggled nervously complying to his order. Once she’s over his face, he now has a clear view of her pinkish brown anus and the beautiful pink folds of her vulva. He gave her pussy a kiss, her legs shivered from a small orgasm.

"Now don't go thinking, I'll be doing all the work baby. Because while I'm eating your pussy, and cute little asshole. You'll be sucking and licking my cock. Which as you can see, my cock really needs your attention," he smacked her on the ass with his hand. She protested. "Ouch, hey that hurt."

Although it didn't really hurt, once the warm stinging pain rushed from her ass cheek, her clit tingled with hot pleasure. He told her, gruffly.

"Get to work baby. And this time, when I cum in your mouth; don't spit!"

With her body laying on top of him, with her mouth sucking on his cock. From this position he’s able to lick her pussy and asshole at the same time. He loves the flavor of her anus, mixed with the sweet salty flavor of her preteen pussy. He stopped what he’s doing, to instruct her on the finer points of fellatio.

"Your doing good baby, but from time to time. Kiss and lick my shaft, pretend it's a lollipop. Get it really wet with your spit, it’s ok if you make a mess," he chuckled, then kissed her pussy. “While you’re making a nice mess all over my cock. I’ll make you all wet and nasty down here.”

She stopped sucking him, asking curiously.

"Kiss and lick the shaft. What's the shaft?" He laughed at her question realizing, she’s still very inexperienced. Sex is something almost completely new to this sweet young girl. Like a father doing home work with his child, he explained.

"That's the part of my penis below the top, which is called the head."

"Oh…The mushroom looking part’s the head," she kissed it. "And this long piece below, is the shaft. I see it now!”

He laughed. "Honey, I love you," he slapped her ass. “Now get back to work.”
The spanking made her lurch, she slapped him on the leg. "Stop that!" she said.

She felt his tongue licking between her anus and pussy, causing her body to tremble with pleasure. They licked sucked and kissed each other, for at least thirty minutes. Giving each others bodies as much pleasure as one could possibly give. But as usual, oral sex can be very fatiguing on ones lips tongue and jaws.

"Chester, what we’re doing is so nasty. But I like it!!" her body trembled.

He mumbled "I like it too," he gave her anus and pussy a kiss then asked.
"Is your mouth tired baby. Are you ready to take a break."

She stopped. "Yes my lips, are worn-out." she rolled away.

"Come cuddle with me,” he said. “Cuddling, is the best part of sex.”

She lay beside him, without caring where his mouths been, she kissed him. He pulled her entire body on top his chest, feeling small erect nipples rubbing against his skin. "Kiss me!" he said. That's exactly what she did, her warm wet precum soaked lips press against his. As they kiss, he reaches between her butt cheeks. Finding her anus with the tip of his index finger, forcing it in up to the first knuckle. Her body shivers with a strange orgasm, like the one she had last night when he shoved a small dildo in her asshole. Her voice trembled.

"Chester that feels weird….But I like it!" She pushed back against his finger, instead of away. He shoved his finger in deeper, then began fingering her virgin asshole. Making her orgasm with intensity. She kissed him as he did this, mumbling moans of pleasure as they kissed.

"You like it don't you baby," he said looking into her blue eyes.

"Yes….But, its so nasty," she said breathlessly.

He took his finger out. "Yes but you like it when I do nasty things; don't you!!"

She giggled nervously. "Yes, I do like being nasty with you. I don't know why, but I do like it."

He replied hoping she’ll agree. "Because you love me, that's why."

She blushed giggling childishly. He realized, she’s too young to admit, she loves someone so much older then she is.

"Rhiannon !" he said. She looked curiously into his eyes. "What?"

He kissed her. "Make love to me!" She blushed. "How do I do that?"

He smiled and kissed her again. "I want you to put my cock in your sweet little pussy, then ride me like you did last night in the bathtub."

"Oh that's what make love means. I thought it was just called fucking."
She looked deep into his eyes telling him. "I like the words; make love, better than fucking. Fuckings not a nice word, make love sounds much better."

"Then Dammit,” he joked. “Make love to me, or better yet fuck my brains out!"
He kissed her again. "Now sit up and slip my cock inside your sweet pussy."

He watched her struggle trying to lower herself down on his fully erect cock. "Here, let me help you," he said. He spat on his fingers then massaged his wet digit between the lips of her vulva. She giggled closing her eyes as a small orgasm passed through her body.

"There now it should slip right in baby. Go' ahead see if it fits."

She guided the head of his cock to the pink hairless folds of her sex. They both watch in amazement as his large adult cock slowly disappears inside her tight love tunnel. "It…fits…Chester it going in me, that's so cool!" she exclaimed.

"Oh yes honey. See what a little lubricant can do," he said. A wave of pleasure rushed from his cock, the tightness of her sex feels so good.

"See how much of it you can put inside," he grunted.

She lowered herself down slowly, stopping with five inches of cock meat stuffed inside, her voice trembled. "It hurts….But just a little bit.”

He reassured her, in a calming voice. "That's ok baby, you'll be ok."

She began riding him, slowly moving her body stuffing more cock inside. Her pussies so tight with her on top. It feels so good, he began playing with her small breast. He feels her bodies natural lubricants coating the skin of his cock.

"That's it sweetheart, go slow get used to it. Your doing good, please don't stop. Do it baby make love to me!!"

Hearing his words of encouragement, she began humping his cock a little faster. She wants to please him. His cock feels warmer with every stroke. He pulled her body down, for a kiss. She’s shorter than he is, but with his head on the pillows he can kiss her as she fucked him. The warmth of her lips send pleasure through his body, like small electrical shock waves. She feels small orgasms, from somewhere deep within her young body. She looked into his eyes, asking.

"Am I doing it right. Am I just like the other girl you've made love to!"

He kissed her. "You’re much better than they were, baby!"

She lifted herself up, placed her hands on his chest, then began riding him like she did in the bathtub. "Ride me baby ride me like a cowgirl." He said watching her react to his commands. Rhiannon began riding his cock hard and fast, her small breast shook every time her thighs slap against his lap. The bedroom air, became filled with scent of lustful sex.

Her voice trembled. "Your cock feels hot inside me. I like how it feels!"

She’s inherited her mothers sexual prowess: Yes Melissa Jones, is wild cat in bed. Rhiannon's wild fucking made him lose control. He’s been holding back, he wants their love making to last longer, but he cant stop. Finally he looses the battle, grunting he exclaims. "I’m cumming!!"

Rhiannon felt his cock flexing inside the walls of her sex. Now exhausted, her upper body fell on top of his. She had no more strength left to hold herself up.
She feels his cock throbbing, pumping every last drop of sperm deep inside. Chester’s totally spent too, he spoke gasping for breath.

"Rhiannon, that was fantastic," his cock began shrinking inside her tight cunt.

She looked into to his eyes, her voice trembled. "Can we do it again?"

He couldn't help but laugh. "Honey, you wore me out. I think I need a nap."

She lifted her body from his cock, seeing sperm dripping from her cunt she exclaimed childishly. "Sperms yucky. It's the one thing, I don't like about sex."

He rolled out of bed. "I'll go run us a bath, that'll make us both feel better."

Twenty minutes later, Rhiannon soaked in the tub while Chester went to roll a joint, and bring back something to drink. She heard music playing, she likes the beat of the drums and the lead guitar. She heard her name in the opening lyrics of the song, sang by a woman with a sexy smoky voice.

Rhiannon rings like a bell through the night, and wouldn't love to love her. Takes to the sky like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover. All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind. Would you stay if she promised you heaven. Will you ever win. She is like a cat in the dark, and then she is the darkness. She rules her life like a fine sky lark, when the sky is starless.

Chester stood in the bathroom doorway, watching Rhiannon. She’s laying back, with her eyes closed, smiling. Swaying an index finger to the rhythm of the old song with her name in its title. He spoke, disturbing her content slumber.

"Do you like the song Rhiannon. It’s all about you."

She opened her blue eyes and smiled, looking at him.

"Yeah, it's a cool song. I like it…Come sit in the tube with me," she joked. "I like leaning against your fat belly, its nice and soft."

He faked a frown. "Fat belly, oh baby you hurt my feelings!" She flashed a devilish grin. “Oh just get in here, before the water gets cold.” She moved up letting him sit behind her. Leaning against him, she says something that warms his heart. "This is nice baby, I like taking baths with you."

Hearing her call him “baby” took him by a pleasant surprise, it’s the first term of affection she’s used for him, since their taboo affair began. Once he settled in behind her in the tube, he hugged her nude body with one arm then handed her the joint. As she took a drag from the joint, he told her.

“Your mom called, while I was out rolling this joint. She was checking to see how you’re doing. I hope you don’t mind, but I told her you were sound asleep.”

She gave him the joint, then blew a thick cloud of sweet smelling smoke out.

“That’s ok,” she said, in a stoned voice. “I was asleep, sitting here in the tub,” she shrugged. “I didn’t really wanna talk to her anyway.”

She giggled, when he began playing with her nipples, while slipping the other between her legs. She spread wider for him, feeling his fingertips stroking her pussy. Her body trembled as he pushed in deeper. “That feeels sooo goood!”
She exclaimed. He spoke to her while fingering her soapy pussy.

“Just after your mom hung-up, my friend Frank called to tell me. He and his daughter Maylee, will be coming to Otter Creek for a visit this coming Friday. I
E-mailed him a few pictures of you, he says he likes your looks, and he’s looking forward to meeting you. He’s going to help me, talk your mother into letting you become a fashion model for his agency.”

Her voice trembles, as he plays with her pussy. “Ahhh..Oh yes, that’ll be so cool.” She humped against his stroking fingers. His cock became hard, he stroked her cunt whispering what he wants her to do next. “Fuck me baby, fuck me now!!”

Chapter 13: Frank And Maylee, flying high.

It’s Friday, just before noon, as Frank Dicks and his adopted daughter Maylee board a plane leaving New York, heading for Devonport Iowa. Where in in a few hours they’ll meet with Chester, and his young mistress Rhiannon.

Frank is in his fifties, around the same age as Chester, but he has a full head of salt and pepper gray hair; of which he keeps neatly trimmed. His face is sternly handsome, his eyes are brown, he stands a lean six-foot tall. Today he wearing an expensive dark blue tailor made Italian suit, over a starched white shirt. The entire ensembles made complete with a dark blue silk tie. Needles to say, Mr. Dicks loves flaunting the fact, he’s a wealthy man.

His Vietnamese born adopted daughter Maylee, just turned twelve a little over two weeks ago. The girls south east Asian heritage makes her appear younger then twelve. She wears her dark black hair long; it cascades all the way down over her butt cheeks. Today she’s braided her hair into two braids, of which she now has each braid draped over her shoulders laying over her chest. She tied the ends of each braid with blue ribbons.

Her face is delicately beautiful, her nose is petite, her lips are naturally pink.
It’s her constant smile that everyone notices first. She’s wearing light purple eye shadow, it enhances the shape of her dark oriental eyes. Her breast are small, but developing nicely. She stands a little over four eight. The outfit she’s wearing for her first trip to the Midwest, consists of a gold colored silk blouse, over a short black pleated skirt, purple knee socks, and shiny black patent leather shoes.

"That blouse you’re wearing, is so pretty sweetie. Did your grandfather buy it for you." The question came from a young stewardess, as she stowed Maylee's carry on luggage in the overhead compartment near their first class seats.

Maylee, corrected the stewardess. "He is not my grandfather, he is my daddy."

"Oh sorry honey. Its just that, your father looks more like a grandfather than a father." Frank heard what the attendant said, it irritated him.

"Miss, I adopted Maylee two years ago. I saved her from living the rest of her life in the Peoples Republic of Vietnam, my age shouldn't matter. Now if you don't mind. Once this plane is in the air, bring me a vodka martini, shaken not stirred.
And bring my little girl a Coke on the rocks, with a slice of lime. Now please excuse us until were in the air."

He wants to be alone with Maylee, who in reality is his young lover. Yes as sick and ridiculous as it may seem. Frank's needs for the sexual affections of young girls, eventually took him to modern day Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh city.

Where, with his money, he paid off Maylee's prostitute mother, and few greedy communist politicians. After that he legally adopted her. Most people they know, think of Maylee as his daughter. But there are a few friends of his, who know Maylee is really his underage mistress. One of these friends is his business partner Julia, the other is her teenage submissive girlfriend Alisa.

Once the planes in flight Maylee told Frank.

"I need to use restroom now. I need to pee very badly daddy!"

The thought of having Maylee become the youngest member of the mile high club came to Frank's perverted mind. He stood up holding his hand out to Maylee.

"Come with me honey, I'll help you." Maylee thinks he only wants to show her where the restroom is. She pointed to the sign posted over the restroom door. "Daddy I know where it is, it’s right there. Don't you see sign!"

Frank looked at Maylee with a smile, she's became to know as his; I want sex smile. She blushes but doesn’t try changing his mind. Maylee's teenage friend Alisa told her once; she and Julia, had lesbian sex on a flight to Paris once.

With this in mind Maylee took Franks hand, he led her to the restroom. Before opening the door, Frank looked back over his shoulder. Noticing he and Maylee are almost the only first-class passengers, other than two star crossed lovers, who as of now are busy kissing each other passionately. The first class stewardess is busy back in coach, helping the other stewardesses pass out refreshments.

Frank quickly opened the door. "Hurry inside Maylee, I need you to take care of me." Maylee giggled as they entered the small restroom. Once the door was closed, she whispered. "I need to pee daddy. What you want me do for you?"

Frank grinned mischievously. "Suck my cock, while you pee.”

Maylee’s not ashamed to be nude in front of Frank. As a mater of fact, when they’re alone behind the closed doors of Frank’s Manhattan high-rise condo. They often lounge about in their birthday suits; and if not nude, she wears various sexy lingerie for him. She raised her short black skirt, then pulled down a pair of sexy red lace thong panties.

As she sat down Frank unzipped his fly, then pulled his semi erect cock out. After two years of living with the man, Maylee knows exactly what her; so called daddy wants. While she pisses, she reaches over taking his half erect cock in one petite hand, placing the other hand on his nut sack, then opened her mouth taking his cock between her lips. Frank moaned, and began fucking her mouth.

"Yes! that'a girl. You always know, just what I want, ahhh yes suck me."

Maylee sucked licked and fondled his cock to full erection. She opened her legs, knowing he likes watching her pee. She doesn’t quite understand why, seeing her pee turns the much older man on, but it seems to make him happy. So now every time she gives him a BJ while peeing. She opens wide, letting him see her golden piss as it flows from the lips of her vulva.

Frank whispered. "Maylee baby, I’m nice and hard now. Lets fuck!"

The vulgar way he said this would upset most girls Maylee's age, but she’s used to Frank's dirty mouth. She stopped sucking him, looked around the tiny room with puzzled eyes, saying. "How you fuck me, there is no place to lay down?"

He grinned mischievously. "Stand up, sexy girl. We don’t need to lay down."

She stood up, Frank lifted her body, jostled her around placing his hands on her bare ass cheeks. Then reached around guiding his hard cock into her tight young snatch. Maylee grunts feeling his cock spreading her open, she whispered.

"You right daddy. We don't have to lay down, we standup. You so smart daddy!"

Frank grunts softly, using his arms to raise and lower his young mistress up and down on his shaft. "Why thank you baby," he says, proud that his little girl thinks he’s so perversely intelligent. But, knowing he needs to finish quickly before they’re discovered, he begins fucking his young lover faster. Pressing her petite body against the wall, ramming as much of his erection deep inside her tight little snatch as he can. Panting he tells her.

“Maylee. You’re now an official member of daddies, mile high club!!"

She whispered in a sweet little voice. "What is mile high club?"

Looking into her so called daddies eyes, Maylee sees, he’s about to cum. For the past two years, of almost constantly taking care of Frank's needs. She's now able to sense it, just before it happens. She feels the warmth of her older lovers cock as it strokes against the walls of her sex finding her G-spot.

Frank isn’t the only man she’s ever been with. Way before him, when she was growing up in Vietnam. Her mother pimped her out to sex tourist, looking for young stuff to satisfy their needs. She was very young, when she had her first orgasm. Now she feels an orgasm building inside of her young body, in a tiny airplane bathroom flying eight thousand feet above the earth.

"You cumming daddy. You make me cum too daddy!!"

Frank feels the walls of her young pussy pulsating against his shaft, this sends him over the edge. He can no longer hold back. He gruffly whispers his satisfaction when he cums. "Ahhhh. This feeels sooo fucking good."

He fell back against the door, it took all of his strength to keep from falling down. He fears getting stuck between the toilet and the door, then having to explain to their rescuers; why his adopted daughters vagina is impelled on his cock. Finally they both came to their senses, he let her down telling her.

"Use some wet paper towels to clean yourself up."

He wiped his cock clean, pushed his limp dick back inside of his underwear then zipped his fly. "Ok I'll go out first," he told her. All too suddenly they hear knocking at the door. “Oh shit,” he whispers. Maylee quickly pulled her panties up, and fixed her dress. Frank placed his index finger to his lips, telling her to be quiet. He reached for the door handle, then slowly opened the door.

Outside the door stood a bewildered looking young woman, the one he noticed necking with her male friend; most likely her boyfriend or husband. He gave the woman a reassuring smile, he’s a fast talking business man, he always seems to know what to say under pressure.

"My little girl gets air sick. And to top things off, she's Claustrophobic, she wouldn't use the restroom without me."

Much to his relief, she accepted his explanation. They both squeezed passed her. The woman reached out patting Maylee on the shoulder saying.

"You have such a good daddy honey, I hope you feel better now."

Maylee smiled broadly. "I feel very much better, thank you."

When the woman stepped in,she slipped on something. As luck would have it, she didn't figure out, it’s Frank's semen. She yelped.

“Oops. Hey, you spilled something in here.” Saying no more she quickly closed the door. Frank and Maylee sat back in their seats.

Maylee asked Frank. "Can I see pictures of the girl, we are going to meet."

She’s seen the pictures before, now she feels the need to look again. He opened his briefcase, took out a vanilla envelope, then gave it to her. She took out three eight by five photos of Rhiannon, of which Chester took of her in different poses. He watches her examine each photo, noticing she seems somewhat infatuated with the pretty auburn haired blue eyed preteen.

"Her eyes are so blue daddy, I wish my eyes were blue like hers." Frank pulled her closer whispering. "I think your eyes are beautiful, just the way they are."

She looked into his eyes asking. "Do you think she is pretty?"

Frank stroked her shoulder, admitting. "Yes honey, she’s a pretty girl."

She peered into his eyes whispering. "Are you going to fuck her?" She said this, knowing he craves other young girls; not just her. And she seems a bit jealous. This is his fault, over the past two years, he’s treated her more like his wife slash sex toy than a daughter. He stammered a quick reply.

"I don't know, if I will or not. But if I do, it’s only sexual. Not because I love her, like I love you." What he said made Maylee blush, she smiled at him.

"Maybe this girl and me, will be friends. We both can share you, like I share you with other girls back home in New York."

They’re both suddenly interrupted by the stewardess.

"Mr. Dicks, I brought those drinks you ordered, sorry I'm so late with them.”

The sudden interruption startled Frank, he hopes she didn't hear what they were just talking about. He took a calming breath, smiled and spoke calmly.

"That's ok miss, just as long as you made our drinks the way I ordered them, we’ll be just fine.”

Chapter 14: The Meeting, lust At First Sight

Being as Chester did such a good job taking care of Rhiannon, when she was supposedly sick Monday morning. Now her mother has allowed him to be her daughter's; official sitter. Its Friday afternoon, he picked Rhiannon up after school, so she can accompany him to pick Frank and Maylee up at the airport in Davenport. Chester hasn't seen his old friend in years, and he's never met Maylee.

Now they're both sitting in the waiting area of the airport terminal, waiting for Frank and Maylee to depart their flight from New York. Suddenly Rhiannon spots a tall slender stylish older man, with salt and pepper gray hair. She wasn't sure at first who he was until she noticed he’s holding the hand of a young Asian girl.

Rhiannon tapped Chester’s arm. "Chester, is that your friend and his daughter?"

Chester stood up seeing Frank walking down the terminal, holding Maylee's hand. "That's them, come on lets go meet them," he took Rhiannon by the hand,

As Maylee comes closer, her dark brown Asian eyes roam over Rhiannon's slender five foot tall developing body. Since she came to the states Maylee has become fascinated with how many different eye and hair colors round eyed American woman have. She's particularly fascinated with Rhiannon's bright blue eyes, and long auburn brown hair. Over the past two years Maylee has experienced lesbian sex.

She's a bisexual twelve year old girl. She’s had lesbian sex with Frank's fifty-year old business partner Julia, and her eighteen year old girl friend Alisa, she hasn’t been with a girl her own age in a while. And this blue eyed girl named Rhiannon, has her experienced young pussy wet with excitement.

Rhiannon gave Maylee a friendly smile, reaching out to shake the exotic looking Vietnamese girls hand. "Hi Maylee, my names Rhiannon." Maylee gave Rhiannon a traditional oriental bow. Frank noticed Rhiannon’s awkward reaction to Maylee’s greeting. She’s standing with her hand out, waiting for a handshake.

He scolded his daughter.

"Maylee. You're not in Vietnam any longer, shake her hand. Don’t bow."

Maylee blushed smiling nervously, apologizing reaching out to shake Rhiannon’s hand. "I am sorry. Please forgive me," she said.

"Hey no problem,” said Rhiannon. “It’s just that, you're the first Vietnamese person I've ever met. I’ve never seen anyone bow like that before."


During the long drive back to Otter Creek. Rhiannon sat beside Chester as he drove, Frank and Maylee sat in the back seat. After about an hour of silence, from their guest in the back seat. Rhiannon heard light moaning mixed with slurping and sucking sounds. She turned around, and what she saw totally surprised her. Maylee’s busy orally pleasing Frank. Chester never told her, his friend and Maylee were having a secret sexual relationship, like they’re having.

Rhiannon couldn't take her young eyes from the older mans face, he’s smiling just like Chester does when she does this for him. Suddenly Frank opened his eyes, he placed his hand on the back of Maylee's head, what he said to Rhiannon shocked and aroused her.

"Do you like to watch little girl,” he cracked a mischievous smile. “Hey maybe you'd like to join us back here, Maylee can always use a little help."

Frank gently forced Maylee's head down causing her to deep throat, almost all of his cock. Rhiannon thought he was being mean to his daughter at first, but when Maylee swallowed Frank's cock without struggling or barely gagging, she assumed this was something he often does with her. He released Maylee's head, she came up for air, then glanced back at Rhiannon.

Maylee spoke breathless. "Come back with us Rhiannon, help me suck daddy."

Rhiannon’s speechless, she feels Chester's hand caressing its way up her leg. Today she’s wearing a navy blue knee length skirt. After a week of spending most of her after school time with Chester, she’s grown accustomed to being groped by her friend.

"Go'a head baby girl. Try it, you might like it!" said Chester. forcing his fingertips under the crotch piece of her light blue cotton panties. As he stroked her crotch Rhiannon opened her legs, as she always does when her older lover touches her like this. "But Chester, I don't know him!"

Frank began coaxing her, while thrusting his cock into Maylee’s mouth.

"Come on back here Rhiannon. My little girl needs your help!!”

She smiled nervously. "Ok, I'm not sure what to do, but I'll try."

She pulled herself over the seat giggling as she fell in beside Frank. Maylee stopped pleasing her man, speaking to Rhiannon with pre cum on her lips.

"Come help me. Daddy loves it, when two girls give him blow job!"

Chester turned his rearview mirror down, wanting to watch. Frank reached over caressing Rhiannon's small breast, telling her.

"Take your shirt off honey, its going to get hot back here." He patted Maylee on the head. "You too Maylee, I wanna see your cute little tities too."

Maylee didn't hesitate, to remove her blouse. Her breast are small for her age, she usually wears a padded bra , but today she went without. Chester's car is an older model Cadillac, there's plenty of room on the floor in front of the rear seat for both girls to kneel side by side between Franks wide spread legs. Rhiannon watched Maylee use her mouth lips and tongue to please a man she calls daddy. Maylee noticed she’s watching, from the corner of her eye.

"Here, you do it,” she told her. “Daddy taste good. You suck him, he likes it when girls like us suck him.”

Rhiannon giggled nervously, she never expect to find out Chester's friend and his daughter, did secret sexual things like this with each other. Rhiannon's hand shook as she touched the strangers cock for the first time. But also as her fingertips touch the warm flesh of Franks cock, warm sensations of pleasure rushed through her pussy. She heard Frank tell her reassuringly.

"Go’a head Rhiannon. I promise to be nice. I have a feeling you’re knew at this."

He caressed her cheek, as she lowered her lips to his cock. Disregarded Maylee's spit she left behind as, she wrapped her soft lips around the head of Frank's cock. As Rhiannon sucked his cock, Maylee used her lips and tongue, kissing and licking his shaft, her tongue and lips felt exquisite to her Father. And the way Rhiannon quickly bobbed her head up and down, while sucking and licking the head of his cock, made this taboo preteen blowjob even more pleasurable for him.

Frank joked with Chester, noticing he’s watching in his rearview mirror.

"Hey keep your eyes on the road buddy." Chester asked his old friend.

"How's my girl doing back there Frank, have I taught her well?"

Frank moaned. "Mr. Molester…Ahh… You've taught this girl very well."

Maylee kissed Rhiannon on the corner of her mouth.

"I suck him now, you lick his cock. He likes having his cock licked."

Rhiannon’s shockingly aroused by the wet kiss. Over the past week, since she met Chester. When ever he kissed her like this, it truly excites her. Rhiannon stopped sucking, then ran her wet precum soaked lips along Frank's cock shaft. She's learned quickly that men like having their cocks licked kissed and fondled. She also used her soft preteen fingers to gently fondle Frank's nuts.

"Damn Chester these girls are good at this. Their putting porn stars to shame," said Frank feeling his daughters warm lips sucking and slurping over his erection, like a professional hooker. But it was Rhiannon's wet tongue and lips that began bringing Frank to his second orgasm of the day.

Each girl began tag teaming Frank's cock, with Maylee's experience and Rhiannon's curiosity to learn newly acquired sexual skills. Frank started humping his ass up and down on the seat. Even with Rhiannon's limited oral experience, she knew the older man was going to orgasm soon. As she licked kissed and fondled Frank's cock and balls. Maylee worked her expert lips, mouth and tongue bobbing her head furiously up and down on her adult lovers cock.

Frank felt cum churning somewhere deep inside, suddenly he cant hold back, he moaned to the girls. "Ahhh…Yes. Suck it girls suck me dry. Make me cum!"

Exclaiming his orgasm, his cock pumped hot semen into Maylee's young mouth. Rhiannon kept licking and kissing Frank’s cock shaft. Semen leaked from Maylee's mouth, it ran down Frank's cock. Rhiannon tasted the mans salty cum, swallowing it down as if it were mothers milk.

Over the week she spent with Chester, she's developed a taste for cum. She now finds herself daydreaming in school about the flavor of a mans sperm. Rhiannon's pussy twitched with aroused sensual excitement. She continued licking sucking, then swallowing any sperm Maylee didn't swallow at her end of the blow job.

Maylee stopped sucking her daddy's cock, she tapped Rhiannon on the shoulder.
When she raised her head, Maylee placed her cum soaked lips over hers, forcing the tip of her tongue against Rhiannon's equally wet cum soaked lips. Without thinking Rhiannon returned the wet sloppy kiss. Frank exclaimed.

"Maylee,” he said with a pleased smile. “I think, you have a new best friend!!"

End of part 3.
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Rhiannon, part 4.

Authors note. If you’re not into stories about older men, who have sexual relations with young girls, don’t read this story. But if you’re open minded, please read on, there’s more to this story of dark depravity, then meets the eye. You’ll need to read the ending.

“Let all life be an unfettered howl. Like the crowed greeting the gladiator. Don’t stop to think, don’t interrupt the scream, exhale, release life’s rapture.”

Vladimir Nabokov.

Chapter 15: New York City, Rhiannon becomes a model.

Its been a little over seven months since Chester met Rhiannon, she turned thirteen in May of 2012. Back in October Frank used his gentlemanly power of persuasion, to talk Rhiannon's mother into letting him and Chester bring Rhiannon to New York City in June. Now after a long hot day of modeling photo shoots in Central park. They’ve arrived back at Frank and Maylee's tenth floor
high-rise condo, located somewhere in Manhattan.

Rhiannon’s looks have changed over the past few months. Her hairs been styled to an elegant shag cut, with blond highlights. Today she's wearing light tan eye shadow with black eyeliner, this made the blue in her eyes stand out a little brighter for the camera. With makeup on, she looks much older then twelve.

Today she’s wearing a brand-new blue and white silk designer dress. The dress is the last outfit she wore for the last part of a long hard day of modeling. Before leaving the park, she begged Frank to let her keep it. Now the expensive dress belongs to her, but what she doesn’t know is. Expensive freebies like this often come with a price. The price being; tonight she'll be sleeping with the boss, and this doesn't mean Chester, it means she'll be bedding down with Frank.

Chester pulled his worn-out young lover to him from behind, gently fondling her braless breast. He likes how the silk fabric of her dress feels as he gently caresses her nipples under the dress. He spoke gently into her ear.

"You look totally worn-out sweetheart. Why don't you go take a shower, while I see what Frank and Maylee have in mind for dinner tonight.”

Rhiannon placed her soft hand over his, not wanting him to move his hand away. His touch feels good, her breast have grown. And as they grow, they’ve become even more sensitive to touch.

"Can I take a bath. Maylee gave me some new bath oil. I cant wait to soak in it."

"Why sure honey, maybe I'll join you in a while."

She smiled at him. "You better join me baby. You know, I like leaning on your fat belly when I bathe!"

He kissed her on the lips, he's been dying to do this all day. And Frank's spacious condo is the best place to do this, without anyone's prying eyes noticing an old man like him kissing a twelve year old girl. She pulled away, and fondled his crotch. "Come in with me Chester,” she says playfully. “I’ll wash your cock."

This of course made him change his mind about dinner, even though he is famished. He took her hand, telling her in a hurried voice.

"Lets go baby girl, I guess I'll be eating you for dinner." He took her hand, but she led him to their room. Maylee and Frank watched them disappear.

"They look like a married couple," said Maylee, enjoying Frank's lustful embrace.

"Yeah,” said Frank. “Looks like old Chester's in love. The trouble with that is, he has to bring Rhiannon back to mommy by Monday, I think my old friends biting off more than he can chew, don't you?"

Maylee looked worried. "I hope they don't get in trouble daddy. Rhiannon is my friend, I don't want her to get hurt."

Frank kissed her. "Lets go take a shower baby, I'm throwing a party tonight. Lets get cleaned up before our guest arrive."

Maylee smiled, she likes parties, especially Frank's adult parties.

"Will Julia and Alisa be at the party daddy, I want them to meet Rhiannon!"

Frank smiled at the thought of his perverted girl loving friends, meeting Chester's luscious young girlfriend.

"Oh yes honey, all of our friends will be here tonight."

Later as Rhiannon and Chester dry off in their bedroom, they hear sounds of numerous voices echoing from Frank's living room.

"Sounds like a party out there," said Rhiannon, bending down to retrieve panties from her suitcase. Maylee knocked then entered, her eyes looked strait at Rhiannon. Since they've met back in October, they've had a few lesbian encounters. But Rhiannon is still getting used to the way her pretty Asian girlfriend looks at her, especially when she's naked. Maylee spoke in an excited voice.

"Hurry Rhiannon, get dressed. Daddy is throwing a party for you and Chester."

Maylee directed her eyes at Chester, looking his body over from head to toe, then back to his cock. "You get dressed too Chester,” she cracked a mischievous smile. “Things get wild at daddies parties, I know you will have fun!”

Maylee looked at Rhiannon's plain looking white cotton panties, telling her.

"You no wear panties, I like you better without panties. My friends Julia, Alisa, Anita, and her little sister Nina. They like you better without panties too."

Rhiannon’s not sure what her cute young Asian friends talking about.

"Maylee why shouldn't I wear panties?"

Maylee wrapped her arms around Rhiannon, whispering in her ear.

"It is surprise, you no worry my friends will take care of you!"

Maylee gave Rhiannon time to slip into her terrycloth robe, then took her by the hand, talking quickly as they walk away. "Come with me, I'll find you something nice to wear, I make you look pretty for my friends!"

Chester noticed a curious, or maybe a worried look in Rhiannon's eyes, as Maylee pulled her from the room. He has a good idea Frank's party, will be wild just as Maylee said, he hoped Rhiannon's young body will be able to withstand all of the adult attention she'll soon be getting. Frank knocked then stepped inside.

"Gees Frank, you and Maylee never give people time to say come in before you enter,” said Chester, covering himself.

"Oh sorry buddy, said Frank. “I guess your getting shy in your old age. But anyway, I've invited some of my friends over tonight. I’m throwing you and Rhiannon a little dinner party before the weekends over.”

"And I guess Rhiannon's the main course," said Chester.

Frank laughed. “Yes…But, you’ll enjoy Maylee for dessert.”

"Your girl Maylee told Rhiannon, she wants her looking pretty for her friends, she pulled Rhiannon out of here, like the building was on fire. Before she did that she told me. You throw wild parties." Chester smiled curiously.

"What kind of party is this old buddy?"

Frank smiled mischievously, pulling a freshly rolled joint from his shirt pocket.

"Here smoke this with me, and I'll tell you." Frank lit the joint, then handed it to Chester, as he took a drag, Frank explained.

"These friends of mine have a taste for young girls, just like we do Chester."

Chester's nerves suddenly feel on edge, he took a large toke of weed then held it in. The thought of sharing Rhiannon with others; is a turn on, but at what cost will it be to their relationship.

"I don't know about this Frank, Rhiannon's an adventurous girl. But on the other hand, she's just a simple Midwestern country girl. I don't know if she's up to orgy status yet."

Frank blew smoke from his lungs. "Don't worry Chester, she's not the only party favor. My friends Jimmy and Alex brought some sweet young girls along with them. Just wear your robe, it’ll make it easier for you, when the fun starts ."

Frank gave him the joint, speaking of old times, and Chester’s old personality.

“You’ve been out of the game for a while Chester, but I haven’t forgotten the adventures, you and I had so many years ago. “Ha” You were a wild man back then. And now since we’ve gotten back together, I’ve noticed you seem to really enjoy sharing your girl with me.”

“Chester. I’ve been around your sweet little girl, long enough to know. Under that cute little country girl façade, lies an adventurous girl waiting to experience everything.” Frank turned and walked away, saying. “Hurry up, get dressed. I want you to meet my friends. I think you’ll like them.”

Chester slipped his robe on, thinking of what Frank said. It must've been the strong weed inducing its numbing affect on his brain. Just the thought of Rhiannon being the highlight of tonight's party, made his cock twitch with excitement.

Chapter 16: The Party

The party of course isn't the usual boring New York dinner party one might expect. The guest consist of two men a women and her teenage girl friend, and two preteen girls. Two of Frank’s New York friends were introduced simply as Jimmy and his younger brother Alex. Jimmy is a tall slender somewhat good looking Italian American from Brooklyn, he looks to be in his mid forties.

His younger brother Alex is in his early forties or late thirties. The brothers are quite possibly affiliated with the mafia, but Chester decided it’s best not to ask about what they do for a living. Jimmy and Alex brought two very cute, but young Puerto Rican girls with them. During dinner Chester spoke with the girls, he found out they’re sisters. Anita is the oldest she's ten, her little sisters name is Nina, she just turned nine.

It turns out their father pimps them out to Jimmy and Alex for a debt he owes them. Also on the guest list is Frank's bisexual lady friend and business partner Julia. Chester figures her to be in her mid fifties, she's a tall slender attractive woman. She wears her curly red hair boyishly short, her eyes are emerald green.
Julia came to the party with a young looking black haird brown eyed girl named Alisa. Frank told Chester, Alisa’s almost nineteen. He says she’s Julia's submissive lesbian lover.

Alisa seems younger than eighteen and a half. But in a situation like this, you don't ask questions, you just enjoy every unique character at the table. Rhiannon sat close to Chester at the dinner table, she's nervous around all of these unusual, but interesting people Frank invited to his party. Maylee did tell her a few details about what usually happens at one of Frank's weekend parties, before the party started.

Now as Rhiannon sits at the dinner table, her thoughts are both fear, and curiosity of the kinky things Maylee told her, might happen once the guest leave the dinner table, then retire to the living room. Maylee sat to Rhiannon's right, as they eat and sip red wine Maylee leans over slipping a small white pill into Rhiannon's hand. She asked. "What is this?" Maylee whispered in her ear.

"It is Ecstasy. Take it, don't worry it won't hurt you." Maylee kissed Rhiannon on the cheek. Rhiannon’s reluctant to take the drug. Maylee nudged her.

"Take it, it not hurt you. It makes things more fun, once party starts!"

Chester didn't see what Maylee gave Rhiannon. If he would've known Maylee gave his young lover a drug called ecstasy, he might've stopped her from taking it. Rhiannon popped the innocent looking pill into her mouth then washed it down with sweet red wine, of which she’s already getting drunk on. Within in minutes as the drug mingled with the food she ate. She feels warm tingling sensations beginning deep inside her vagina.

The sensations quickly flow up her spine to her extremities. Her nipples became erect. She’s wearing a white silk blouse, the smooth fabric caresses her nipples, her body shudders with small orgasms as the drug took over her once innocent mind and body. She looked over at Maylee, becoming sexually aroused by Maylee's exotic Asian beauty. She has a sudden urge to kiss Maylee. It’s not an urge to kiss her on the cheek, she wants to shove her tongue down Maylee's throat. She wants to show her exactly how she feels about their friendship.

Chester heard the guest laughing and applauding. He turned his attention to where Rhiannon’s sitting. What she’s doing turned him on immensely, she’s suddenly found Maylee's soft red lips erotically enticing. And this time it isn’t Maylee making the first lesbian move to kiss her, she decided to kiss Maylee.
The kiss isn’t just a soft peck on the lips, it’s more like a sensual Hollywood movie kiss. As she kisses Maylee, she began foundling the girls small breast.

Frank noticed what’s going on, and decides it’s time to party

"Well Ladies and gentleman, I see Rhiannon and Maylee are ready to party."

Frank stood up from his seat, letting his paisley print silk robe fall to the floor, exclaiming. "Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to undress. After all we cant have any fun with our cloths on now, can we!"

Once that was said everyone undressed, with the exception of Jimmy and Alex's young dates Anita and Nina. They seemed slightly frightened, as they watched every adult at the table remove every stitch of clothing they had on. Jimmy noticed they didn't take heed to Frank's request.

"Hey you's two get those cloths off. You girls weren't so damn shy last night, when you spent the night at our place."

His brother Alex spoke, both brothers have thick Brooklyn accents.

"I know what Anita and Nina like. They like dance'n to music and take'n their cloths off, like their momma does." Alex nudged nine year old Nina on the shoulder. The four foot-four girl looks so cute, with her long dark brown hair tied back with a pink bow. "Hey babe, ya wanna do a strip tease for us?"

Nina shrugged her shoulders nervously, looking at her older sister Anita

"Do you wanna dance for them, like we did last night for Alex and Jimmy."

"Yeah I guess,” said the cute ten year old. “After all, it is a party, lets dance!"

The crowd of adults are all so delighted, that these two underage hookers decided to join in with them. Jimmy and Alex took their hands and led them to the privacy of Frank's living room. Frank turned his stereo on. After finding a CD of Santana’s greatest hits. Once Anita and Nina hear the Latin beat of a song called Oye Como Va. They've heard the Latin rock song before, smiles appear on their faces, they began shaking their scantly clad ass's to the bongo drum beat, and the bluesy Latin sounds of a lead guitar solo.

Ten year old Anita's long silky black hair sways as she shakes her hips to the music. Both sisters wore sexy summer clothing. Ten year old Anita’s wearing a thin white tank top over a very short black satin mini skirt. The skirt flows sensually with every move the young preteen makes with her hips and ass.

Nina’s wearing a thin floral print cotton blouse, with little white buttons running down the front. As she dances, she slowly unbuttons each one. She’s wearing a pair of extremely short pink hot-pants. The shorts expos every curve the young Puerto Rican has. Needless to say; for a nine year, Nina has very nice curves.

Alex and Jimmy told the girls. "Take it off girls. Take it all off." Alisa and Nina must’ve also taken ecstasy. Now any inhibitions they had, when they arrived at Frank's condo left them with every piece of clothing they took off.

Chester sat watching these young Latin dancers so intently, he almost forgot about Rhiannon. Looking to his right, she’s standing close to him. He found Frank and Julia helping her undress. At first he thought maybe he should stop them, but as he observes what they’re doing, he notices Rhiannon seems to be enjoying their attention.

Julia unbuttons her white silk blouse, as Frank unsnaps the waist band of Rhiannon's floral print skirt. Once her blouse and skirt fell to the floor, she stood before everyone topless, wearing a pair of skimpy black T-back panties.
Julia wants this sweet young thing totally nude, she wastes no time kneeling before Rhiannon to remove the skimpy panties as quickly as possible.

Julia exclaimed. "Frank darling, this little girl is, sooo fucking adorable."

Frank smirked. "I knew you'd like her Julia."

They led Rhiannon to a love seat, just a few feet away from Chester. He watched his girl sit down. Julia knelt down, gently forcing Rhiannon's legs apart. The women buried her face between her legs, then began eating her pussy. As Julia licks Rhiannon's cunt. Frank aimed his cock to Rhiannon's lips, telling her.

"Suck me baby. You know how daddy Frank likes it."

She didn't hesitate, she began sucking and licking the mans cock like a highly paid porn star. She spread her legs wider making sure Julia has enough room to work. Over the past few months she's had plenty of lesbian sex with Maylee. And one thing she has admitted is; girls eat pussy much better then boys do.

Chester turned his attention back to Anita and Nina. They’re busy on their knees sucking Jimmy and Alex. Nina’s doing Jimmy, while Alisa sucks Alex. Maylee and Alisa are dancing naked with each other, out on Frank's makeshift dance floor. Maylee notices Chester sitting alone, with no one paying attention to him. She gently smacked eighteen year old Alisa on the ass, wanting her to stop kissing her.

"Look at Chester, he looks so lonely." She took Alisa by the hand.

"Come with me Alisa. Daddy is with his girl. We will be his girlfriends tonight."

Alisa joked, in her southern draw. "He is kind’a cute, for an old guy!"

Chester’s nude like everyone else in the room. As Maylee and Alisa come closer they see his hard cock. They see he’s totally turned on from watching Anita and Nina give head to Jimmy and his brother Alex.

Alisa’s southern accent, disturbed his sexual trance.

"Hey there handsome. Do you wanna fuck me. Or am I too old for you?"

Chester laughed placing his hands on her full firm breast.

"Hell no,” he said. “You’re not, at all too old for me baby.”

Maylee took his hand. "Lets go to bedroom. We can fuck in bed."

Standing up, he looked towards the love seat, where Frank and Julia had been playing with Rhiannon. His eyes caught a glimpse of Rhiannon's white ass shining in the moonlight as she’s being led by the hand into Frank's bedroom by Julia. Frank turned back noticing Chester, he smiled telling him.

"Don't worry old buddy. Julia and I will take good care of her."

Maylee tugged his hand. "Don't worry, daddy will be good to her." Alisa smirked. "That is; if he can control Julia. She likes breaking in pretty young girls like her!"

Chapter 17: Perverting Rhiannon, The Final Seduction

Once Frank and Julia have Rhiannon alone in his bedroom. Rhiannon became frightened. "I think I should go back out with Chester," she said, her voice quivering as she spoke. Julia hugged her playing with her nipples.

"No way darling, you’re not going anywhere," she said.

Rhiannon stood naked sandwiched between the adults. Frank whispered, letting his lips caress the sensitive flesh of her ear.

"Julia and I need you tonight sweetheart, just lay in my bed with us. Everything will be ok!" His voice seemed, kind and comforting, she feels his hands, and Julia’s hands groping her young breast and pussy. Fear became ecstasy.

Frank slid a hand to her wet pussy, pushing a finger inside. Rhiannon’s body gave in to his touch. Julia and Frank slowly laid her down on the bed. With all three of them laying crossways on a mahogany four post bed. Frank and Julia began finger fucking her, while giving her passionate kisses about her cheeks and lips. Rhiannon spread her legs wide for them. Her body said yes, but part of her mind said no. In the end her body won the fight, her mind gave in.

Julia moved her well toned fifty year old body into a kneeling position over Rhiannon face. Rhiannon opened her eye's, finding herself staring up into Julia's freshly waxed hairless pussy.

"It’s your turn to eat me now darling," said the red-haired older women

Rhiannon opened her mouth and stuck her tongue into Julia's wet cunt. The women’s body trembled feeling the young girls tongue against her cunt lips.
Frank knelt down on the floor, wanting to eat Rhiannon's pussy, while she pleasures his business partner.

"Mmm…Sugar and spice and everything nice," he exclaimed before burying his face into her almost hairless sex. Julia slowly grinds her musky sweet cunt over Rhiannon's lips and tongue. She’s doing her best to please the red-haired woman, making sure to lick Julia's clit. Apparently she’s doing it right, Julia’s body shivered from an orgasm.

Julia moaned. "Oh Rhiannon darling, you're a fucking natural!"

Frank stopped eating Rhiannon, and climbed back on the bed. He kissed Julia on the lips, she kissed him back tasting the young girls cum on his lips.

"Mmm…the little bitch taste good on you Frank," she continued rocking her hips over Rhiannon's tongue. Frank whispered in Julia's ear.

"I want to fuck her. Please Julia, let me fuck her!"

He’s begging because, in the past months since he met Rhiannon, he's never fucked her. Now he has his chance, he’s going to take it. He knows Chester’s going to fuck Maylee tonight. Because he planned it this way, he ordered Maylee to seduce Chester's, just so he can have his chance with Rhiannon.

Julia let out a sinister laugh, lifting her cunt from Rhiannon tongue, then rolled over on the bed exclaiming "By all means Frank, fuck this little whore."

Frank lay beside her, asking for permission. Not considering it being rape, if she gives permission, even though she’s not of legal of consent.

"Can I fuck you baby, I know you'll like it?"

Rhiannon flashed a childish smile, then spoke flirtatiously.

"Yes…Fuck me, giggle. I don’t know why, but I’m sooo horny."

Frank and Julia are both fingering her pussy. She reached down, trying to push their fingers deeper. She began thrusting her hips upward exclaiming.

"Oh….Yes…I wanna fuck everyone at the party tonight."

Rhiannon doesn’t know it, but that little white pill Maylee gave her at the dinner table is the reason she’s so sexually aroused tonight. Julia whispered sensually in her ear as she fingered her.

"You're my kind of girl. Now let daddy Frank fuck you."

In Chester's bedroom, he’s standing near the bed watching Alisa and Maylee kneel on the floor at his feet, give him a two girl blow job. He looks down at Alisa as she bobs her head back and forth on his cock, he thinks how exotically beautiful she was with her hair dyed jet black. The teenager has the look of a gothic vampire, with dark hair, snow white skin, and bright red lipstick, and just the right amount of black eye liner drawn around her big brown eyes. She noticed him looking at her, she gave his cock to Maylee.

"You’re really love'n this Ain't ya darlin." He heard what sounds like a southern accent, as she spoke.

"That's not a New York accent I hear. Where are you from Alisa?" he kept gently thrusting his hips back and forth, enjoying Maylee's warm lips and tongue as she gave him head like a pro. Alisa flashed a sexy smile, before saying.

"I'm a Georgia girl. I was born in a little old town called Cordele.”

He asked out of curiosity. "How'd you get way up here, to the big apple?"

Alisa kissed Maylee on the cheek, then replied.

"I ran away when I was fourteen. I came up here thinking I'd get work as a model. I ended up living on the streets during one of New York's coldest winters. I started turning tricks to survive, that's how I met Julia. She was out looking for a young girl. She spotted me half frozen and desperate, working Time square. And to make a long story short, she took me home, cleaned me up, then fucked me all night long with a strap on dildo."

Alisa noticed his reaction to the last part of her story, telling him.

"You old perv. You liked the ending of my story, didn't you?"

Chester chuckled watching her take his cock from Maylee. Alisa licks and sucks him, peering up at him with her big brown eyes.

"Ahh…You’re so right baby, I did like the end of your story!" he rocked his hip forward enjoying the way her warm lips and tongue feel on his sensitive cock.
Maylee looked up speaking with precum stuck to her lips.

"I want you to fuck me now, sucking your cock made me sooo horny."

Hearing her Vietnamese accent, brought back old memories of the six
months he spent in her old country, back in 1978. He exclaimed his desires
"Why sure beautiful, I thought you'd never ask." Maylee noticed a big smile on his face as he tells them. "I wanna fuck both of you girls. I have an idea, both of you get on the bed, on your hands and knees. We’ll do the dirty deed right there."

Alisa liked his idea, she exclaimed. "You're a kinky old man Chester, that's good because I like getting kinky, hell the kinkier the better; I always say."

Alisa kissed Maylee then climbed on the bed, Maylee followed suit. Alisa joked. "Lets see who can make the old guy cum first, this should be fun," she nudged Maylee. "Ain't that right sugar."

Maylee replied innocently. "It sounds fun, I've never heard of this game before." She became competitive.
"My pussy's tighter then yours Alisa, I will make him cum faster then you."

She looked back at Chester smiling, he loved the way Maylee smiles. It seems to him; if Frank and his friends were harming this beautiful young girl, she wouldn't be so damned happy all the time. He knelt on the bed behind Maylee, he spat on his fingers then began stroking his fingers up Maylee's beautiful pink almost hairless pussy. He expected her to be tight, and she was.

Maylee felt his fingertip being shove inside her almost thirteen year old pussy. She’s young, but she knows to relax her vaginal muscles Chester's fingers easily slipped inside. He felt her young body tremble with excitement as he fingers her. She moaned and wiggling her tight little ass.

"You like how that feels, don't you sweetheart,” he said.

Maylee pushed back against his finger exclaiming. "Mmm. Yes I like how it feels, but I want your big cock inside me. Fuck me with your big American cock!"

Frank told her to seduce the man, so that’s what she’s doing. Chester did as she asked, replacing his fingers with his cock. He expected her vagina, to give him resistance as he enters her. She’s almost thirteen, she’s grown some over the past seven months, he thought she’d be tighter than Rhiannon. Surprisingly enough before he knew it, his pubic hair rested against her ass cheeks.

Maylee let out soft moans of pleasure. Alisa kissed her on the lips.

"Go a head fuck this little bitch hard. She likes it when you fuck her hard." Alisa smiled back at Chester, she winked at him, then nudged Maylee with her elbow. "You want the big man to fuck you hard, don't you sweetie."

Maylee moaned as he began thrusting into her. "Yes fuck my pussy hard!!"

He heard the young girls request and began fucking her the way she wants it.

"Take it baby, take my cock like a big girl. I know you can handle it."

He grunts thrusting into her. His thighs slap against her soft white Asian flesh, the sounds echo throughout the condo. They forgot to close the bedroom door. Chester pulled his cock from Maylee, she moaned out breathlessly.

"Why you pull out. I was enjoying that."

He chuckled, telling her. “It’s Alisa's turn…Just be patient sweetheart.”

Alisa pushed her ass backwards wanting Chester's cock the competition’s on. She’s bound and determine to make Chester cum first.

"Stick that big thing in me. Fuck me Chester, fuck me hard!!"

Chester grunted. "Ok my sweet little Georgia peach. Get ready to be fucked hard."

He entered her tight almost nineteen year old pussy. She flirted, doing her best to make him cum prematurely, wanting to win the competition. Telling him.

"Oh yeah baby, fuck my peach. Make it all juicy inside."
Back in Frank's bedroom he’s fucking Rhiannon hard from behind, Julia lay on her back with Rhiannon’s tongue between her legs, eating her baby smooth pussy. Rhiannon’s completely turned on by the older woman's musky sweet scent, she pries Julia's pussy lips open with her fingers, occasionally slipping her fingers inside. Each time she does this Julia moans contently letting Rhiannon know, she is pleasing her. Frank pulled out, when he does this Rhiannon's pussy squirts her juices all over his purple satin sheets.

"I need to lay down girls. Move over Julia, I want Rhiannon to ride my cock."

They changed positions. Rhiannon's legs feel weak as she lifts her slender leg over Frank's torso. Julia helped by guiding Frank's cock into her cunt.

Julia whispered in her ear. "Ride him hard you little slut."

Rhiannon's pussy’s so wet, she had no trouble taking every inch of the grown mans erection. She fucks Chester like this all the time, she loves being on top.
She feel in control when she's on top. She starts riding Frank hard and fast, her ass cheeks slap against his thighs.

Julia moved from the bed, while Rhiannon directs her attention to Frank's cock. She doesn't see Julia reach into a drawer near the bed, where she keeps a spare strap on dildo. Julia watches the young girl ride her male lover, slash business partner like a cow girl competing for top prize at the rodeo. She strapped the menacing looking six inch long black cock shaped dildo on, then kneels behind Rhiannon. Her voice is sinisterly pervertedly when she speaks.

"Lay your body down over my man slut. I’m going to fuck your little ass."

Frank likes what Julia’s going to do, the idea of feeling a dildo shoved up this beautiful young girls ass, as she rides his cock, completely turns him on. The last girl they did this with was Alisa. He reached up gently grabbing Rhiannon by the shoulder's. She peaked back at Julia, out of curiosity to see what she’s talking about. Frank sees fear in her eyes, the black strap is scary looking to her.

"Don't worry baby, you'll like it, just relax your sweet little asshole."

As Frank kept her calm, Julia squirted anal lubricant on her rubber cock, saying.
"Their now it should slip right in, Just relax darling. You’re going to love this."

Rhiannon grunts as Julia gently but firmly shoves her rubber cock, inch by inch into her tight sphincter. "Ahhh ugh…ahhh." Rhiannon feels slight pain as the thick black cock enters her. It’s nothing to unusual, Chester often uses a dildo in her ass at his home in Otter Creek. But this dildo is much thicker. The pressure from the dildo sends spasms of pleasure into her clit, which in turn is being stimulated by Frank's cock. Julia whispers in her ear.

"I wish you could see how big it is, its stretching your asshole so fucking wide." She looked into Frank's eyes, and winked. "Lets fuck this little whore!!"

They both began rocking their bodies in tune with each other. Rhiannon’s sandwiched in between them. There isn’t much she can do, but let these two perverted adults fuck both of her holes. Julia's dildo is also a vibrator, as they both fucked her, she turned it on. Rhiannon feels orgasms rushing through her body like a run away freight train. Frank and Julia feel her body shake as an orgasm passes over her. She moans as her body shakes with pleasure, and pain.

Frank's cock feels the vibration too, with Julia thrusting her dildo in Rhiannon's ass, he cant pull out. If he’s going to cum, he'll have to cum inside this young girl. He doesn’t care, he wants to cum inside of her. He always cums inside Maylee's, why not her. Although Maylee is on birth control, he’s not sure if Rhiannon is. And quite frankly; he doesn’t care.

Rhiannon's body began to sweat. With Julia's warm body laying half draped over her from behind, and Frank's body below, their sweat mingled. She smells sweat and sex in the air. Frank smells the arousing scent of sex too, this made him lose control. He’s trying to hold back, he wants to make his first time with this young girl last, but it’s no use. He came, Rhiannon feels his penis twitching inside the tender walls of her sex, she orgasmed, her body shook, her heartbeat quickens she wants more of this fantastic feeling.

"Oh ahhhh god yes…oh fuck yes." Rhiannon heard Frank swearing in her ear. Frank feels her heart beating furiously against his chest, he knows she came along with him. He lay satisfied below her, knowing: He’s completed the seduction of a beautiful young girl named Rhiannon.

In Chester's bedroom he’s ramming his cock, hard into Maylee's tender pussy. His hips smack against her thighs, Maylee’s laying on her back with her legs wrapped around his backside. Alisa lay beside them occasionally giving either Maylee or Chester tender kisses on their cheeks and lips. Alisa exclaims in a guttural whisper. "Fuck her Chester, give Maylee your sperm. Cum inside her."

Chester cant hold back Alisa's dirty talk sends him over the edge. He cums deep inside the girls sopping wet Asian pussy. Maylee doesn’t speak, she moans low gasp of pleasure. It’s her heritage, Asian girls are normally quiet when they cum.

Chester learned this years ago in a small nameless Vietnamese village, as he fucked a young Asian girl. To this day he cant remember the girls name, he paid money to fuck her, she was young. Maybe even younger than Maylee. Now all he can remember about that night is: The girl was beautiful, just like Maylee.

Chapter 18: Damage Done

Chester woke around two A.M, laying in a spooning position with his arm draped over Alisa. He tries to move, but cant, Maylee’s sound asleep behind him with one arm over his waist and one soft bare leg draped over his legs. Even though he enjoys the feeling of her soft skin on his, he feels an urgent need to check on Rhiannon. He gently peeled Maylee's limbs from his body, doing his best not to wake the Asian girl. Maylee murmured a soft sleepy moan then rolled her naked body over. He slid his body towards the end of the bed, doing his best not to wake both sleeping girls.

He found his white terrycloth bathrobe, then stepped from the room. Frank's condo’s deathly quiet. Passing the living room sofa, he sees Alex and ten year old Anita. They’re both laying totally naked together on a long sofa. Alex is hugging the little girl to his body. In the dim light, he notices semen leaking from the girls Vagina. They must've had sex, then fell asleep soon after. He found a quilt draped over the back of a chair, then placed it over them.

It wasn't for the mans modesty, it was for the innocent looking young girl. He stepped passed them and preceded to Frank's bedroom. The door’s open, he leaned in, seeing Rhiannon's face, she’s sound asleep. She seems safe and content with Frank's arm holding her body to his, he noticed Julia's short red hair, she’s laying behind Frank with her back to him.

As he observes this scene, he feels a hint of jealousy. He cant help but feel this way; he's in love with Rhiannon. He also cant shake the feeling; maybe bringing Rhiannon to New York was a bad idea. After his sexual tensions are gone, he feels shame. He hates this feeling. Sometimes he feels like, Mr. Hyde when he wants sex. After its over, he's more like Doctor Jekyll. He decides to let her sleep with Frank, as he turns away, he thinks to himself. "What's done is done."

Seeing the kitchen light on, he thinks maybe a glass of wine, or a shot of whisky might help him relax. As he steps closer to the kitchen, he hears Jimmy's Brooklyn accent, and a little girls soft moans of pleasure and whimpers of pain.

"Yeah Nina baby, ride my dick, you like It don't’ ya baby."

Peaking around the doorframe, he sees the sight of Jimmy standing completely nude in the middle of the kitchen. He's holding Nina up in front of him, he's fucking the cute young preteen standing up. Nina's eyes are half shut, but she spots him watching them, and stammers breathlessly.

"Jimmy….That mans ….watching us." Still holding the little girl in his arms thrusting into her tight sex, Jimmy turned around telling Chester.
"Don't just stand there staring like a peep'n tom. Come in here, join our party!"

Chester stepped closer to the perverted scene, feeling blood flowing back to his flaccid penis. He smiles nervously at both of them. Nina’s doing her best to please Jimmy. Suddenly her body tenses, her eyelids flutter. Jimmy sat Nina on the kitchen counter, telling her. "Little girl, you wore me out tonight. I cant cum any more. You and your sister, paid your papa's debt in full tonight."

Nina bowed her head, frowning. Jimmy placed his hand under her chin. Lifting her face up, he kissed her then looked into her big brown eyes.

"Hey, don't feel bad chica. Your daddy's going to be so proud of you and your sister, when we tell him how hard you worked tonight."

This seemed to make the girl happy, her frown turned to big smile. She asked childishly. "Do you think mommy, will be proud of us too."

"Why sure, she will!" said Jimmy.

What Jimmy didn’t tell her is. They made an offer, daddy couldn’t refuse.
The offer being. Give your daughters to us for the weekend, or we’ll break your knee caps. Daddy gladly accepted the deal; their low life father pimps them out, whenever he needs gambling money. This isn’t the first time, Anita and Nina spent time with Jimmy and Alex, to pay his depts. Jimmy turned to Chester, noticing the mans cock poking out of his terrycloth bathrobe.

He joked. "Hey looks like you wanna piece of Nina too, I'm going to bed, you stay and get acquainted with my girl." Jimmy turned and left them alone. Nina smiled spreading her legs, giving Chester full view of her sex.

"You can fuck me mister. I don't know you, but heck. I don't know half the men daddy sets us up with. And I guess, being as Jimmy gave me to you. You won’t need to pay for me,” she smiled. “You seem like a nice, I like nice people!”

He cant help but take her offer seriously, he quickly opened his robe, then guided his cock to her little pink rose colored pussy. Nina gasped, feeling the thick head of his cock forcing its way in.

Chester hasn’t been with a girl this young in years. She’s tight, but the girl’s experienced for her age. She spreads wide for him. Not wanting to hurt the cute little dark haired brown eyed beauty. He doesn’t fuck her hard, or go too deep.

Sitting on kitchen counter, Nina watches his cock slowly thrusting inside of her tiny pink cunny. The lips of her immature labia are swollen from having sex prior to this chance moment. Nina giggles, her body tenses, feeling his cock brush against her devolving clit.

Chester’s anxiety’s over Rhiannon slowly fade away, as Nina’s tight little pussy swallows his cock. Feeling the heat of her cunny, and just the right amount of girl lubricant. He begins fucking the little girls sex, just a bit faster. The time he spent with Alisa, and Maylee desensitized his cock. He’s not sure if he’ll cum, but he’s surly going to enjoy being inside this sweet little girls snug little love hole.

Nina’s breathing quickens, she moans and begins thrusting back into his thrust. Feeling her do this, he realizes; the girl’s very experienced. But after fucking her for at least fifteen minutes, standing with her sitting on the kitchen counter. His cock grew sore, he cant cum. He pulled out, then dropped to his knees, and began eating her lushes little pink flower. She moans, feeling his tongue licking over her well used little cunny.

She giggles, telling him. “Mmm…That feeeels really gooood mister.”

Enjoying her sweet reaction, he began vigorously kissing sucking and licking her little snatch. She moans pushing her cunny harder against his mouth. She came, her girl cum drenched his tongue. He keeps licking her, sucking down every drop.
When he stands up, he’s pleased to see Nina sitting on the counter with a very pleased content smile on her face. He kisses her, then asks.

“Did you like that sweetie.” A broad smile appeared on her full lips. “Yes.” was all she can say. He explained.

“I originally came in here, looking for something to drink.” He looked in a nearby refrigerator, finding a half full bottle of wine, and a jug of milk. He asked.

“What would you like some milk, or maybe some wine?” Nina spoke in a cute little childish voice. "I’d like some milk please. Jimmy was going to get me something to drink, but he said. We had to have sex first."

When she said this, he fought the urge to go beat the crap out of Jimmy. Deciding not to cause any trouble, he took a calming breath, then poured her a glass of milk, and a glass of wine for himself. He sat beside her on the kitchen counter, being curious he questioned her.

"So is this the first time you've been here?" she thought about the question.

"We come here a lot, Maylee's our friend. She likes us because we have the same secrets." She took a big sip of milk, showing she’s truly thirsty.

"What do you mean by. You have the same secrets?"

"What I mean is…We all have sex with adults. My sister and me do it for money, but Maylee does it, because Frank likes to watch her have sex with other people."

What she said bothered him, he thought if this would've been twenty or thirty years back, it wouldn't bother him at all: Why now? He kept asking questions.

"Does Maylee like having sex?" This made her smile. "Yes Maylee love's sex. And she love's Frank too, she told me. She's his wife."

Nina covered her mouth, shame appeared on her young face.

He asked. "Why did you do that."

She whispered in a little voice. "Because. She told me not to tell anyone."

He hugged her. "Don't worry about that, I'll keep it secret." He took the last swig of wine, then slid from counter top. He looked at the clock, telling her. “It’s three thirty in the morning. It’s way passed your bed time Nina, and I’m tired too."

He helped her from the counter, she asked him a question.

"Is that pretty girl with the blue eyes, your daughter, or is she your girlfriend."

"Yes Rhiannon’s my girlfriend, but keep it a secret Ok!” She smiled up at him.

"She's a lucky girl, because you're a nice man." Nina took his hand, smiling up at him she asked. "Can I sleep with you tonight? I know Maylee and Alisa, are in your bed right now, but I'm small, I won't take up much room."

He smiled down at the four foot four girl. "Sure, I think I can wedge you in somewhere. Come on lets go to bed, before the son comes up."

Chapter 19: Her Angry blue eyes.

Its nine in the morning, bright beams of sunlight shine through Frank's bedroom window curtains. The rays hit Rhiannon directly in the eyes, waking her from a very sound sleep. She sat up in bed, suddenly realizing, she’s not in bed with Chester. Frank and Julia are still both sound asleep, Frank’s laying with his back to Rhiannon, his arm now draped over Julia. Rhiannon's head aches, she’s experiencing her first hangover, and she needs to pee. She climbed out of bed.

She reached down touching her sore swollen vulva. Doing this, she discovers Frank's dry semen caked over her vaginal lips. She whispered to herself.
"Oh no, Frank came inside me." She ran to his bathroom, hoping she can wash herself clean; maybe saving the embarrassment of having her mother find out, she’s pregnant, at the ripe young age of thirteen.

She doesn’t understand, there’s no way to wash Frank's sperm from her body. Unlike Chester's sperm, Frank's sperm is very healthy. She closed the door, there’s a shower with an extendable shower head. She pulled the hose down then quickly turned the water on. It’s cold at first, but it becomes warmer as she holds the shower head between her legs, long enough to douche her sore pussy clean.

Once she dried her body, the only clothing she can find to wear is Frank's sky blue dress shirt. She placed it on her body, then went looking for Chester. Walking through the living room, she finds Jimmy laying naked on the love seat. He’s a tall man, she laughed to herself at the way he slepped, balled up in a fetal position with his knees against his chest. His jackets placed over his body, but it only covers his shoulders, his hairy ass and legs are exposed.

She looked at his brother Alex, he’s still sound asleep on the couch, with ten year old Anita laying face down on the mans hairy chest. The blanket Chester placed over them last night fell off. She smells the scent of sex, as she picks up the blanket, placing it back over them. After this, she continued looking for Chester.

Last night when Frank and Julia led her to Frank's bedroom, she didn't see Alisa and Maylee coaxing Chester to the guestroom. The bedroom door is closed,
she opened it slowly. Anger and jealousy corrupt her young mind, as her ocean blue eyes see Chester laying with three different aged girls. He’s wearing his house coat spooning with Nina. She’s wrapped warmly under the housecoat, completely nude. The cute little dark hared girl, looks way too happy.

The black haired teenage girl named Alisa, is completely naked, laying with her back to her. Alisa’s arm and one of her long legs, are draped over Maylee, she’s on the far side of the bed. The fact that, she herself had sex with Frank, doesn’t register in her young mind. Anger jealousy and fear of the entire strange situation began sinking into her confused inexperienced brain. She stood at the doorway fidgeting, her anger building up to a highpoint.

She cleared her throat then yelled. "Goddam you Chester. Wake up!!"

Chester’s dreaming about Rhiannon. The dream of course, is a sex dream.
They’re in his bathtub at home, she’s riding his cock. In the dream, he hears her, saying his name and swearing. He woke up thinking, Rhiannon never takes the lords name in vain. Drowsy from being up so late, he sees her standing near the bed. Her blue eyes glaring in anger. He smiles, glad to see her, although she looks and sounds angry. He tries charming her. "Good morning sunshine!!"

It didn’t charm her, at all. Without warning she slaps him, hard across the face. His ears rang, and his cheek stung like fire. He sat up in bed, Nina's naked sleeping body rolled from his housecoat, amazingly enough she doesn’t wake up. But he controls his temper, asking in a calm voice.

"Rhiannon! Why did you hit me, like that!”

In the seven months since they met, he’s never seen Rhiannon get angry about anything. But now, she’s completely furious. Rhiannon's eyes opened wide, she pointed at the crowded bed, explaining in an angry high pitched voice.

"Chester. Are you blind. I see one naked teenager, a naked thirteen year old. And
to top things off, I believe Nina told me last night, she's nine years old,”
She huffed. “God Chester, I know you’re kinky, but this really tops the cake!!"

She sees a very confused look in his eyes. He looked at Alisa, she’s waking up, looking back at him and Rhiannon rubbing sleep from her brown eyes. He looked down at Nina, she’s still sound asleep, her face looking totally content; she remained sleeping, even with the ruckus. He observed Maylee as she woke up, she rubbed her eyes, asking Rhiannon.

"What is wrong with you Rhiannon, why you so angry."

"I'm angry because." She cant finish what she wants to say, a look of confusion washed over her face, she began to cry, she caught her breath.
"I'm angry because. Oh Dammit, I don't even know why I'm angry."

After confusing everyone with her strange answer, she quickly turned and ran from the room. Chester rolled his body over Nina, but lost his footing on the hardwood flooring beside the bed. His body hit the floor with a loud thump.
Maylee looked down at him with a concerned look in her eyes.

"Are you ok, Chester?" He pulled himself from the floor exclaiming.

"Yeah, I'm ok. At least I think so." He tied his housecoat together then left.

Alisa and Maylee see, he’s limping slightly as he walks away. They both scurried from the bed, following after Chester, they’re both still naked. Chester stepped into the living room, trying to see were Rhiannon went. He looked to his right, seeing a sliding glass door has been opened. The outside winds blowing tan colored curtains. Maylee exclaimed. "She is out on the balcony."

Chester's heartbeat quickens with fear, she might try and jump. He ran to the balcony thinking the worst might happen. His heart calmed down finding Rhiannon looking out over the railing, her auburn brown hair with its blond highlights, is blowing in the summer breeze. Her backs turned to him, she’s still wearing Frank's blue dress shirt, the shirt tail blew up exposing her bare bottom. He stepped next to her, the view from the balcony overlooks Central Park.

"It's a beautiful view isn't it?" he said in a calm voice.

She wiped tears from her eyes. "Yes it is," she said. She looked down at the people below. Its Sunday morning and Central Park has its usual joggers and dog walkers, going through their everyday mundane routines. Looking down at the people in the park from ten stories up, she tells him.

"I wonder what they'd think, if they knew, what went on up here last night?"

Hearing what she said, he suddenly finds himself thinking the same thing. He shrugged his shoulders and gave his best answer.

"Well sweetheart. There’re a lot of people down there, everyone of them have secrets of their own. And I think everyone of them might have a totally different point of view, about what went on up here last night." He cleared his throat.
"Do you wanna talk now. If you don't wanna talk, we can just stand here and enjoy this beautiful day."

He waited for an answer, looking out over the New York skyline. She moved closer to him then took his hand.

"Chester, I'm scared," her voice trembled as she spoke.

"Why are you scared baby?" He let lose of her hand, placing his hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him, her blue eyes showing fear.

"Frank came inside me last night!" she paused. "I don't think he's sterile like you, Maylee told me she's on birth control. But I'm not. Chester how would I ever explain getting pregnant to my mom."

He thought about what she said, then told her what so many men have told women over the ages of mankind.

"Don't worry sweetheart, a man has to ejaculate inside you more then once. Don't worry you won't get pregnant,"

He hugged her, saying. "I promise, you won't get pregnant; honest."

He made this up to calm her fears. He knows a young healthy thirteen year old girl, can very easily become pregnant. He hopes to god it won't happen to her.

She looked into his eyes. "Are you completely sure I won't get pregnant?" She continued looking into his eyes, looking for the truth.

His voice trembled slightly. "Yes, I'm completely sure!" She smiled, it’s the same smile which melted his heart, the day he met her back in October.

"I'm sorry I hit you. I saw all those girls in bed with you, I guess was jealous,” she paused.
“But Chester. Don't you think a nine year old girl; is maybe, just a little to young!"

He laughed. "Yes…You’re right…But I just couldn’t help myself…But baby, that's what people do at orgies, they have sex with other people. Now I guess, I should be angry at you, for having sex with Frank, but I'm not," he added.
"Rhiannon. You're a country girl, you don't fit in around these big city people."

As they stand with their backs to the doorway, they don’t notice Julia standing behind them listening in, she stepped closer interrupting their moment.

"On the quandary Mr. Mcalister. Your little girlfriend, fits in quite nicely with us city slickers."

Julia’s wearing a short blue designer dress, with red high heeled pumps.
She appears to be dressed and ready to leave for the day. She stepped next to Rhiannon. She feels the tips of the woman’s long red fingernails on the flesh of her chin. Julia kissed her on the lips.

"Mmm. You still have the flavor of my pussy on your lips darling. I really need to have a talk with your mother, she needs to let you come work for our agency more often.” She kissed Rhiannon again, licking her lips as she pulled away.
"Frank is right Rhiannon, you are. Sugar and spice, and everything nice!"

Alisa cleared her throat getting Julia's attention, as she walks onto the balcony. She’s wearing a jet black vest over a red blouse, and a very short black pleated mini skirt over fishnet stockings. Her Georgia accent came out when she spoke.

"Julia, I don't think her momma will let you have her."

She stepped next to Julia, kissing her lover on the cheek. Julia pulled her teenaged lover closer, with her long fingers on the back of her neck, forcing Alisa’s ear closer to her lips. Speaking gruffly.

"You don't tell me who I can, or who I cant have darling!"

Alisa went quiet, bowing her head in submission. Rhiannon noticed Alisa's body language, angry at Julia for treating Alisa mean. And for the way she took advantage of her last night, with the black strap on dildo. She spoke rebelliously.

"You're a bitch Julia, I cant work for someone like you!" With that said, Rhiannon stormed back inside. Chester smirked sarcastically before leaving.

"My little country girl is. Sugar and spice, and every thing nice. That's what I love about her, and Julia. I do believe you pissed her off, and you pissed me off too.
I won’t be bringing her back." He left them standing alone on the balcony.

Chester found Rhiannon getting ready for a shower, back in their bedroom. She looked into Chester’s eyes, telling him.

"Chester I don't belong here, I wanna go home; today, not tomorrow."

He can tell by the look in her eyes, she won’t take no for an answer.

"Ok, I'll book us the next flight out,"

He pulled her close, telling her. "I don't belong here either."

Chapter 20: One Month Later, Otter Creek Iowa

It's Monday morning Melissa Jones walked past her bathroom at home, the door is cracked open. She hears Rhiannon vomiting. This isn't the first time she's heard this happening, Rhiannon's been sick like this in the morning, almost every morning. Out of concern she steps in to check on her little girl.

"Oh baby your sick again." Rhiannon’s on her knees, leaning over the toilet, crying as she dry heaves. Melissa knelt down gently rubbing her daughters back.
"Baby you've been sick like this, almost every morning, I'm taking you to see doctor Gannon, she'll find out what's wrong with you. I'm worried about you baby. I hope its not the flue, July's such a bad month to be sick in."

A few hours later, Rhiannon and her mother sit waiting in doctor Gannon's examination rooms. The female doctor gave her a thorough examination. During the examination the doctor discovered Rhiannon's hymen is no longer intact. She also noticed evidence, she recently had sex. Fearing the worse, she did a pregnancy test. Doc Gannon’s been practicing medicine for years.

It wasn't hard for her to find out, Rhiannon snuck out to see Chester last night, they had sex. She returned home just after midnight. The doctor found traces of sperm, she took samples and sent them out to a lab for DNA testing. The doctor hasn't told her mother Melissa, what she discovered..

Melissa fears the worst, her husband died of cancer over a year ago, she’s thinking maybe the doctor found something terribly wrong with Rhiannon, she sat nervously waiting for the doctor to return. When she did come back, the look on doctor Gannon's face seems grim to Melissa.

"What's wrong with my daughter doc…Why is she sick all the time."

The doctor leaned against the examination table where Rhiannon’s sitting dressed in a blue hospital gown, she hesitated not sure how to tell Mrs. Jones what she found. She cleared her throat then announced what she found.

"Melissa, I hate to tell you this, but. Rhiannon is one month pregnant."

Melissa's mouth dropped open, she gasps. "Pregnant…No she cant be!"

Rhiannon's heart beat furiously against her chest, she bowed her head in shame hearing the news. The words; she’s pregnant, rang in her ears like a loud bell. She remembers the conversation she had with Chester, as they stood on Frank's balcony. Doctor Gannon hugged Rhiannon as she began to cry.

"Rhiannon. You need to tell us, who you've been having sex with," she said.

The doctor gave her some tissue, to dry her eyes with. Now knowing Chester lied to her, when he told her. It takes more then one sexual encounter for a man to get a girl pregnant. She became totally angry at him, and told the doctor and her mother the shocking news. "I've been having sex with Chester Mcalister!!"

The room went silent. Melissa, stood up, yelling out. "That son of bitch. I trusted him…The whole fucking town told me, I could trust him. And all this time, he's been raping my little girl. My god I’m such a fool, I let him look after her!!"

Melissa started heading for the door, doc Gannon yelled out.

"Melissa, where are you going!!”

"I'm going to kill Chester Mcalister, that's where I'm going!"

Melissa was furious, feeling so betrayed by someone she thought she could trust.
Luckily for Chester, Doc Gannon stopped her and calmed her down, but of course Doc Gannon didn't hesitate to call Chester's local friend, sheriff Jackson. Once Sheriff Jackson heard what Chester did, he immediately, and personally went to arrest his old friends on child molestation charges.

Chapter 21: All Good Things Must Come To An End

Rhiannon never told anyone. The baby forming inside her, belonged to Frank Dicks, she didn't want Maylee to lose her father. She remembers Chester telling her. Society will never accept men like me, and it’s better to keep things secret. And seeing her mothers reactions to what happened. And seeing how the authorities dragged Chester over the coals for what he did. By the end of the ordeal, she had nothing but distain for the ones who said Chester was an evil man. No mater what they said, she could never feel that way about him
She now understands why he told her, keep our taboo affair secret.

Chapter 22: Prison Blues. And love letters.

The judge gave Chester an eight to ten year sentence. Its now two years later, Chester's taking a nap, alone in his prison cell. He's dreaming, he dreams a lot these days. Hell when your in prison, dreams are the only freedom a man has. All of his dreams just happen to involve Rhiannon. In this dream, he and Rhiannon are making love in the bathtub. During their eight month taboo affair, Chester's old bathtub was one of his and Rhiannon's favorite places to have sex.

In the dream, she's facing him as he leans back in the tub, she's riding his cock. He looks into her eyes, she smiles and tells him, as she often does in his dreams. "I love you!" The dream fades away when Chester hears knocking on his cell door.
Chester's over sixty years old now, he moves a little slower these days, he stands up and steps to his cell door. The guard spoke telling him.

"Here Chester, it's a letter from someone named Megan Anderson.”

Megan is his stepsisters name, but even she stopped communicating with him when he was sent to prison. He took the letter, looking forward to hearing from her. He's so glad she decided to start communicating with him. They were close at one time, even after their affair back in the sixties. But when he was sent to prison Megan stopped talking to him. Curious, he ripped the envelope open. His heartbeat quickens, when he sees who really wrote the surprise letter.

Hi Chester this is Rhiannon not Megan, I hope you don't mind me using your stepsisters name, but I know you and I aren't supposed to have any kind of communications with each other, due to the judges ruling. Please tear this up when you’re done reading it,
I don't want you to get in trouble. After all its partially my fault you're in prison in the first place. I read in the paper, you Accepted the blame and plead guilty to all of the charges. And I respect you for that.

Well any way, I'm fifteen years old now, I'm still in school. I regret to tell you, I aborted Frank's baby. But mom and I knew, I was way to young for a baby. Chester the abortion was the hardest thing I've ever done, but as I look back on it. I know it was the right thing to do. I need to finish school, and being thirteen years old and pregnant just wouldn't work out to well. I'm also seeing a shrink. The head doctors helping me deal with the abortion, but she keeps blaming all my troubles on you. I know she's right about the fact, you did seduce me.

But I can never hate you for what happened. I hope you won't get angry when I tell you this, but I broke into your house while the trial was going on. I found those sex toys you bought me, I use them almost every night. I love pretending the pink dildo is your cock. And I love the way the little pocked rocket thingy feels on my clit. If you'd like to know, I used that one, when I wrote this part of the letter. But any way, I'm going to continue writing you, using Megan's name. I still remember the day you told me, you had sex with her when you were a teenager.

Ps. When I broke into your house, I found your old high school year book. O.m.g Chester, you were so hot back then, but I think I like the grownup version of you better. Anyway the news paper article I read about you said, the judge gave you eight to ten years. I guess the eight year part, means you can get out early if you’re good or something like that. So Chester be a good boy and get out early, I know eight years is a long time, but when you get out I'll be in my twenties, then no one can tell me who I can love. Oops there I go saying the L word. But Chester I would like to see you when you get out, I know you'll be older, but your age won't bother me.

Well, I guess this will be it for now, but I will be writing more letters. Maybe we can find a way for you to write me back. Don't send a letter to my house, mom would freak out. And before I end this letter, I want you to know one more thing. Dammit, I love you Chester. Ps being as I cant give you an actual kiss, I've decided the best thing I can do is put some of that expensive lip stick you bought me, when we were in New York City.
I'll be ending every letter I send you with lip prints. This way, you can kiss me, without me actually being there.

Goodbye for now, with all my love and kisses. Rhiannon Jones.

Chester raised the letter to his lips, then kissed the bright pink lip prints, placed near where she ended the letter by her name. After that he ripped the letter into tiny pieces, then lay back on his bunk, before drifting off to sleep he whispered.

"I love you Rhiannon, please wait for me”

The End.
I hope everyone enjoyed this series. I ended this story, with Chester going to jail. After all, what he did wit Rhiannon was very illegal. I read so many stories like this one, where no one ever pays for their crimes of rape and child molestation.
I know some won’t like the ending, but I like realism in my stories. And going to jail, is as real as things can get. So until next time, your’s truly mr. Longfellow.

Naruto the Number One Sexiest Knucklehead in Konoha: The Dogs and Bugs of Summer (revised)

“The Dogs and Bugs of Summer”

Author notes: How odd? I transfer it from the site to notepad back to this site and it acts up. This time I put it on tablet and will see if that is the trick to end the issues.


"Come Kiba give it your all" Hinata boldy says awaiting Kiba to attack. Kiba and Akamaru nod making a quick transformation where both are Kiba. They move in circles around Hinata as they go in for the attack. At all angles tornadoes spin around her as she remains still in a dome shield protecting herself. A quick palm hit from Hinata hits Kiba in the chest sending him past several trees until he hits a massive tree.

"You need to be faster Kiba! " she yells after him. Kuranai sits reading the fight between Hinata and her teammates.

"Now my turn" Shino stands on a tree limb above the action going on down below. A swarm of chakra infested bugs launch in the air stopping midair meters above Hinata before dispersing in the air around her acting as spiders creating a chakra web around Hinata trapping her. Hinata kicks and screams, but the web gets tighter. Shino heads down stands in front of Hinata. Looking into her eyes. As he does chakra bugs come out of his coat going thru the web. They cut thru her clothes opening her pussy to him. Kuranai cuts her attention from Hinata and Shino to see Akamaru and Kiba coming her way with sad faces.

"My turn to fuck you" Shino takes his hoody off moving closer to Hinata until they are mere inches apart. He releases his cock but is still fully dressed. Inserting it into a paralyzed Hinata. He could feel her pussy walls contract as he enters her.

Kuranai notices something isn't right, but before she could do anything Kiba and Akamaru have her trapped holding her down on the ground. The two Kibas grab her clothes shredding them off quickly. Kuranai laid helplessly as the assault on her body was going on by her own student.

Shino fucks Hinata repeatably as she stands motionless "I have long been wanting to do this." He shoves his cock in her some more as her juices flow down her legs.

Kiba fucks Kuranai's pussy as Akamaru who still remains in Kiba form does the ass. "Akamaru why don't we do her in our favorite position!" Kiba says as he pulls out. Akamaru nods bending her body down so she was in the doggy style. Akamaru continued fucking her ass. Kiba shoved his cock in her throat nearly gagging her.

Shino felling a tightness below shoved his cock deeper and harder into her pussy "Oh fuck! That's right take it all in. Oh yes I am coming!" Shino shot his load up her with some flowing down her legs. He releases the entrapment on her allowing her to catch her breath.

Kiba and Akamaru howl as their cock's are pleasured from their teacher. Akamaru pounds her ass as it turns beet red. Her pussy juice flowed down to the ground. She was being raped by a dog and his beast. Kiba felt a tightness in his groins as she licked and sucked on it. There was no way for her to bite it would send the wrong message of the type of teacher she is. Akamaru howl some more as he came gushing hot sticking cum in to her ass.

"Oh fuck yes here it comes!" Kiba screamed before also howling.

"Question for you Hinata. How is your family life. From what I sense theres been a change in you from the last training day" Shino standing above her asks as she takes in the realization that she is trapped even after the bugs have left. She will have to tell them her family incest.

"Well?" Shino asks impatiently. Akamaru returned to normal self. Kiba moves to listen to this conversation. Kuranai now able to move realizes what is going on. Hinata spilled her guts admitting her family issues. Once finished she cried knowing that her life was over. Everyone else knew it was time to talk to the Hyuga clan.

"I see this is a major issue, but Kuranai you must realize we can't simply end it when no rape occurred" a Hyuga clan elder states to her after discussing the issue with four other elders.

"And Hinata is suppose to just…" Kiba getting angry is cut off by Kuranai as she puts a hand on his shoulder.

"No pregnancy no issue. If she becomes pregnant from a Hyuga member she will need to be married into an incestuorous marriage. Any questions?" A different elder spoke up.

"If I choose someone outside the clan?" Hinata asks terrified of being pregnant and then marriage.

"You know the answer Hinata already" her father sitting in the corner until now was quiet spoke up "it is perfectly fine. The elders are explaning if you get pregnant by Neji or I get you pregnant you would have to marry within the family."

Hinata nods "I understand."

Kuranai speaks desiring a question Hinata had not answered "Naruto? "

The elders speak amongst themselves. Everyone knew Hinata's true love.

Hinata held her breath as everyone stayed calm for the elders to speak. "If Naruto is interested in marriage with Hinata we have no issue's. Incest with her father and Neji would have to cease. That is if he does" The elder who first talked says. Everyone understands.


The team rests at Kuranai's after the meeting earlier. "Thank goodness all of that bull is taken care of" Kiba states taking a drink as he sits on Kuranai's sofa.

Kuranai comes downstairs getting her child asleep. Hinata runs to the bathroom crying. Kuranai knew she was suffering. Kuranai sat down between her two male students wanting to talk about this morning rape. "Where is Akamaru?" Kuranai noticing she hadn't seen him since this morning.

"Oh he is getting a haircut" Kiba replies to her question.

"About the rape this morning" Shino who hadn't talked since this morning "we had to find out about Hinata's secret."

"Plus we over heard you doing Shikamaru and Naruto. We want in" Kiba says with eyes full of lust as he stares at her breasts as hungry as any dog would. Kuranai feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden turns to Shino who now has his Hood down also seductively staring at her like a spider looking at it's prey. As her head is toward Shino Kiba takes full advantage of cupping her breasts and kissing her neck. It sent a warm pleasant shiver through her body. She moved around to look at him kissing him on the lips. Shino digged a hand into her pants rubbing her wet pussy. He followed up by releasing her shirt revealing her massive breasts to both boys.

"Would you two like a blowup?" Kuranai asks and both nod releasing their cock's out to her. Her eyes widen at the realization that she should of done this ages ago. She moves onto the floor as the boys stood up next to each other ready and willing. She sucks both with a quick suck, followed by licking each shaft. The boys moan and roll their heads. Rubbing Shino now She sucks on Kiba wrapping and twirling her tongue around it.

"Oh sensei, yes Oh yeah!" Kiba moaning at the blowjob.

"Come on sensei give me some" Shino begging for Kuranai to give him some action too. Kuranai does just that popping Kiba's cock out of her mouth and inserting Shino into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and had her deepthroat him. Quickly she begins to breathe through her nose knowing Shino intends to shoot his load in her mouth. It only made her hornier of that thought crossing her mind.

"How about at the same time?" Kiba suggested to Shino.

Kuranai heard that as Shino releases her. Grabs both of their cock's and inserts them both into her mouth this time and begins to suck. Intending to dry both boys.


Hinata cleared up in the bathroom after a difficult day that now forced her to decide between her family and Naruto her love of her life. She took a deep breath and exhaled. Opening the door she walks to the living room.


Shikamaru had been up to his eye sockets in figuring out who is blackmailing them all. Tsunade wasn't hurting, and of course Naruto was doing his typical investigation by fucking. He walks up to Kuranai's hoping she could find a remedy to relieve his stress and to get some answers. Before he knocked he heard noises going on inside. Quickly he opens the door to see it.


"Oh fuck sensei! I'm going come!" Kiba screamed as his load comes first into her mouth. Kuranai sucks on both swallowing Kiba's cum as she cleans him off and continues to try to get as Shino off too.


Hinata stood at the doorway entering the living room watching the scene unfold in front of her. Her emotions were already crazy. To see this she didn't know what to do. Her hormones were driving high. Pussy ached. She looks down to see she was indeed horny. Needing relief from the tension in her life she undid her clothes until she was in her birthday suit. She walks forward as the front door opens sparking an interesting moment in the home of Kuranai.


"Here it comes sensei! " Shino screams. Kuranai released Kiba's cock and buried Shino's cock as far as it could go into her mouth. His hot steamy white juicy cum shot deep down her throat.

"What the fuck! " Shikamaru screams. Everyone freezes. Hinata turning from the trio to Shikamaru. Kiba and Shino stare in disbelief. As Kuranai is caught with her students cock in her mouth. She knew who screamed, but had no idea about Hinata.

"Shikamaru? " Kiba surprised to see him then sees Hinata stark naked "Hinata?"

Kuranai paused when she heard Kiba say Hinata. She took out Shino's cock and stood up also naked. "I can explain" were the only words she could say at the sight of a furious Shikamaru and a shy Hinata.

Shikamaru ready to blow took a deep breath and says his peace "I see who you really are." He walks out slamming the door behind him.

"I'm in love with Naruto" Hinata blurts out before she stop saying it.

Kuranai heard her child crying upstairs. She quickly took back charge of the scene "Hinata get dressed, boys I don't have to tell you this will have to be on hold, and I have a child to take care of!"


Next episode: Tsunade's announcement

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Naruto the Number One Sexiest Knucklehead in Konoha :Tsunades Announcement ( revised)

“Tsunade's announcement”

Author notes: did it same way as I got the last story and it goes blank. I do not understand why this site does this to me.

That's right stark naked Hinata made her decision she choose Naruto over her friends and family in Kuranai's own living room. Now fully dressed and walking away she marches to Naruto her one true love. Kiba and Shino walked wearily behind her leaving Kuranai's dazed and confused by the unannounced appearance of Shikamaru ruining the entire evening.

Following Hinata was the only thing they could do. Keeping their distance as not to disturb Hinata's urge. Hinata knew her teammates were behind her, but they were her last concern. Her mission now is to announce her love to Naruto.

Naruto escaped a hot steamy shower with a towel wrapped around his waist hiding his privates. He enters the main room with the girls doing odds and ends cleaning, cooking, and taking care of their own needs. Sakura stirring up medicine, Ino doing nails, Karin sweeping, and Tenten organizing her scrolls. Naruto's own harem what more could a guy ask for. Naruto had it made. He was able to satisfy all of them and they took good care of him. If he needed a good hard fuck he got it, and the stirring in his loins was rising again. Who to pick though? Who?

Hinata turned the corner into the street Naruto lived on. Looking back Kiba and Shino went into another street. "Byakugun!" She stares where they turned to see they had given up following her. She could now focus all her attention on Naruto. She walked up to the apartment building. Taking a deep breath and exhaling her decision was final. Naruto.

Naruto scanned the girls he knew how to handle each one. Sakura at this time was focused on her medicine and knew not to bother her at this time. Ino doing nails he knew never to bother a girl while they are doing nails. Karin possibly, but he did her mere hours ago and he wanted to be fair with all of them. Tenten doing her scrolls and of course it would be her turn after all, so that would be final. He dropped his towel showing his semi-erect cock dangling between his legs. The girls not bothering to look had seen him countless times before that any of them naked or fucking seemed the norm. Slowly walking to the bed where Tenten sat crossed legged going through her scrolls. Nearing a foot away she turns to him and smiles knowing they were going to have sex.

Ready to pounce on her Naruto stopped hearing a loud repeating knock at the door.


Hinata stood outside Naruto's door silent at first she scanned his room to make sure he was there and sure enough he was walking to Tenten. She closed her eyes and began to move her hand closer to the door. She knocked and knocked until the door opens with Naruto standing there with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Instead of fainting she stood there for a brief second before launching herself into his arms. His towel dropped to the floor as he hugged back. She looked into his eyes and kissed him on the lips. Instead of a normal kiss though she used a chakra induced kiss. Focusing enough chakra into her lips for him to feel the kiss. He couldn't stop or move as her chakra and his met with a powerful jolt through their bodies. Sealing the two together without words. The decision Hinata made in chakra was final.

Unbeknownst to Hinata Anko was watching several buildings away. She sent a scroll straight to the Hokages.


Sitting at her desk Shikamaru nor Naruto had figured it out. She grew impatient. How long could she keep a secret that now no longer mattered she had all the information she needed from Anko and Kuranai she no longer had to keep a secret. ANBU stood in front of her awaiting his Hokages orders. Shizune ran in frantically! with a scroll in her hand. "What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asks ticked by her appearance at this time. Shizune hands it without words. Tsunade reads quickly "contact Naruto!" ANBU bows and leaves swiftly. Shizune leaves too. Tsunade waits the next move on the chess board.


Naruto naked as a blue Jay threw his cock into Hinata who until moments ago was fully dressed. Now naked with her back to the wall as Naruto fucks her with his animal sides in full swing of this session. Door knocked, but neither heard they were to busy fucking to hear anything.

Ultimately Sakura stop what she was doing and opened the door to find an ANBU walking past her. He quickly took charge of the scene separating the two lovers as if they were mere paper shredded in half. Naruto stares at him frustrated but he could say or do a thing the ANBU spoke first "Tsunade wants you now Naruto for a mission." He was off.

Naruto understood and got dressed without looking at any of the girls. The road to Tsunade had begun.

"Enter!" Tsunade shouts knowing a nervous and cocky Naruto has arrived.

Naruto stepping forward until he stands in front of Tsunade "Granny Tsunade you called."

"You are to marry Hinata Hyuga. Thus ends your harem" Tsunade boldy shocking Naruto "I will give you the identity of the spy on this proposition."

"If I refuse to give up my harem?" Naruto innocently asks.

"Marriage or no spy identity. Love or lust. Which do you choose Naruto? " Tsunade standing up revealing her private section was showing her pussy and cock.

"Lust or love?" Naruto scratched his head "I would like to know the identity of the spy."

Tsunade smiled relieved of his choice other wise she would of fucked his ass until he bleed. "Come on in" she spoke past Naruto.

The spy enters the office walking next to Naruto with a wicked smile. "Good day Naruto" Anko speaks calmly than turns to Tsunade "do you require satisfaction my lady?" Tsunade nods. Anko moves behind the desk and begins sucking.

"Anything else?" Naruto jaw dropped shocked returns to earth asking Tsunade.

"There is…uh…Oh…" Tsunade moans "your mission is in that scroll there." She points at the end of the desk at a scroll.

Naruto grabs it taking a sneak at Anko really going at it. Naruto leaves for his mission grinning walking out.


Next episode: Mission 1

Twin Japanese Nieces PT20

Twin Japanese Nieces PT20

Throughout your life you will have many surprises, like finding a spare 20 in a suit pocket. It hits you out of the blue but you feel great when it happens. The smiling woman sitting on me, only inches from my face, had just hit me with some absolutely joyous news. We are going to have another baby!! Instantly I could feel my heart beating in my ears and my breath feel a little shallow in my chest as my eyes instantly dropped down to look at her belly through the water. I had flashes of carrying our baby in my arms, watching Kayko breast feed with a huge smile on her face, and all of the other wonderful things that happen when you have a new born. I looked back up into her eyes as she clamped herself onto me with her legs, arms and pussy, holding me firmly against her and inside her. Her expression would remind you of someone who had just won the lottery. I could see the joy in her eyes and the happiness seemed to radiate from every inch of her. She was truly happy.

(A little note about Kayko and her monthly cycle, I could set my watch by her. Every 28 days, without fail, she is on time every time, and it has been that way for the last 12 years. Never once has she gone over by even a day. So when she was one day late, she made a trip to her doctor.)

“So when did this happen?” I asked as I squeezed her breasts in my hands, making her hard nipples poke me in the chest.

“It was on your birthday,” she replied as she squeezed me inside her in sync with the squeeze of her breasts. “I just wanted to give you something special.”

I released her breasts and put my arms around her, holding her next to me with a firm embrace. I gave her a gentle kiss before I pulled back to look her directly in the eyes. “Sweetheart, you are the most wonderful and loving woman I have ever known and will ever know. You do more for me in a day than most wives do for their husbands in a lifetime.” (Sorry if I offend anyone with that statement) I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and at the gentle curves of her face and lips before I continued saying, “You are my one true love, the holder of my heart and the possessor of my love. You are the greatest gift I could ever have.” I paused for just a moment to watch her reactions. I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes and I could feel her body start to tremble as I spoke softly to her. “I am so honored to be your husband and the father of your children. ‘Give me something special?’” I said with a smile and a bit of a chuckle, “You already have. You have made my life complete.”

Tears absolutely poured out of her eyes before she pulled herself hard against me and began crying her eyes out on my shoulder. I could feel her love radiating through my entire body as she sat there, trembling against me. I have to admit that I had a bit of a lump in my throat as well. I was going to be a father again with the love of my life. It felt like we were in our own little world, wrapped up in a blanket that shielded us from the rest of the world as we sat there in the hot water holding each other close. Hearing nothing and feeling nothing except for each other and the embrace that we shared. I can honestly say that for that one moment, time stopped.

(You guys have no idea how fucking badly this hurts to try and describe this without my Kayko here. You get the idea so I am going to skip ahead a little.)

When we rejoined the rest of the family the kids were all in the pool splashing around and having fun. It’s great to see them interacting with each other. Mark and Shiori were on one side of the shallow end of the pool while Erin and Saki were on the other side. The big beach ball we have was sailing back and forth between them as they played some sort of modified volleyball. Laughter and cheers sounded from the group as they splashed water and jockeyed for position. As Kayko and I approached the pool, play slowed until all of them were looking at us.

“I have some news for you guys,” I said as I put my left arm around my wife’s back when we stopped at the pools edge. All four of them gathered together in the shallow water just below me and Kayko and looked up intently with curious expressions on their faces.

“What is it?” resounded from the group as the all drifted a little closer to us. You could see the excitement on their faces as I prepared to speak. I am not sure what they expected, but the amount of interest each was displaying showed me that all of them were genuinely curious.

I cleared my throat and gave Kayko a quick glance. She had a smile on her face and just gave me a little nod of approval before looking back at the gathered crowd. “We are going to have to make a few changes around the house.” I said with a very stern tone about my voice. I could see their expressions change from curiosity to something that resembled uncertainty and possibly panic.

“Why?” asked Shiori after she gave Mark a quick glance before backing up against his chest.

“Well,” I said, as I gave the impression that someone was in trouble. “We have a situation that is going to require some major changes, and it involves all of you.”

Again, all of their expressions changed and they started looking back and forth at each other like someone had just farted in the car but would not admit it. I know it was a bit mean to string them along like this, and to be honest I was actually enjoying myself a little. But when Kayko gave me a gentle nudge in the ribs with her elbow I knew it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

“We are going to have another house guest,” I said as I gave my wife an additional squeeze. “And they are going to be staying for quite a long time.”

Mouths dropped open and Mark quickly put his arm around Shiori, drawing her tightly against him. I guess he figured that we were going to separate him and Shiori, but that was about as far from the truth as you could get. Erin and Sakis expressions changed from one of bewilderment to the beginnings of understanding.

“You see,” I said, finally getting around to the point, “we are going to have another baby.”

Can you say look of shock?! Everyone froze for just a moment as the news sunk in. The silence was so deafening that you probably could have heard a mouse fart in the next county. In the blink of an eye all of their expressions changed. The wide open mouths of Erin and Saki turned into huge smiles and their eyes got as big as saucers. Shioris’ expression changed to one of joy and she quickly turned around to Mark and began hugging the stuffing out of him. Mark hugged her back and began smiling with genuine happiness on his face. As quickly as their expressions changed they were all looking at Kaykos’ belly. Then the onslaught of questions poured out of them.

“When did this happen? How did this happen? Is it a boy or a girl? When is he going to be here? What are you going to name him?…” you get the idea. Everyone was trying to speak at once as they began piling out of the pool. Four naked kids hugged themselves to us with an excitement that built by the moment. It really was one of the cooler moments that we have shared as a family.

Kayko was the one who reeled in the excitement. “Alright everyone,” she said as she made a little distance between herself and the soaking wet kids, “we’ll get to all of your questions. Hurry up and get cleaned up for dinner.” she said with a clap of her hands.

“Dress nice,” I said, causing Kayko to turn quickly to look at me. “We’re going to go out and eat.”

All of the kids jumped and took off toward the house, laughing and cheering as they ran. It had been a while since we had eaten out, but I figured that today was definitely a time to celebrate. As the kids scrambled through the door I felt Kayko gently grasp my hand. She had this strange warm smile on her face as I turned my head to gaze upon her. She seemed like she was glowing as she moved in close to me while we walked across the blazing hot yard.

“I love you so much,” she said with a smile.

I responded by letting go of her hand and wrapping my right arm around her. “I love you too sweetheart.” And I gave her a nice little squeeze. I was on top of the world!

In 20 minutes we were ready to go. I had donned a nice pair of kakis and a golf shirt while Kayko was wearing her favorite red kimono. It was the same one she had worn the first time we had gone out to eat while I was in Japan. She looks hot as hell in it which almost guarantees that I have a boner the whole time. Her dark tanned legs extending down to her favorite black high heels beckoned me to lick and kiss every inch of them. And what is really the capper for me is the knowledge that she is completely naked underneath. The only other items she wore were her jewelry, capped off by the expensive pendent I bought her in Spain. To say that my wife looked like a million bucks was an understatement. She was absolutely gorgeous!

Mark was dressed in a similar fashion as me. He was wearing a nice pair of Dockers and a golf shirt while Shiori had on one of her miniskirts and a nice blouse. They matched, looking almost like a pair of bookends. Erin and Saki were both wearing miniskirts with equally nice tops as well, adding a nice splash of color to the group. Everyone looked great. As I held the door to the garage open for them, each of the girls, Erin, Saki, and Kayko each handed me the remote control for the egg inside them as they passed, giving me a smile and a wink as the remotes were placed in my palm. Shiori did not. She stayed glued to Mark like he was her life line or something. It was actually ok. I had ‘given’ her to Mark, so teasing her with the egg was now his responsibility.

We drove into the city to this really nice Asian restaurant that is Kaykos’ favorite. It’s expensive, but well worth the money if you ask me. Every time we have been there the food has been outstanding, matched only by superior service. Kayko says it reminds her of being back in Japan, and she always reminds me of our first dinner out and the limo ride. I always respond in the same fashion, I turn her egg on. Only today, Erin and Saki got their eggs turned on too. My daughter and my pet both fidgeted back and forth a little as we walked through the restaurant. It had been a while for them since the last time they were out in public with their wonder toys buzzing away inside them. But they handled things nicely thanks to my wife’s instruction. We got our usual table, a private dining table in a separate room large enough for all of us, including the twins. This was the first time they had been here, but they became comfortable with the surroundings very quickly.

The dining table was a traditional style Japanese table that you might find in any home in Japan. (Although considerably more expensive.) It was long and built low to the ground, and was surrounded by many large pillows for the seats. Leaving our shoes at the door we filed in to the room and took our seats. Kayko sat to my right with Erin sitting next to her, while my pet sat on my left with Shiori and then Mark. The family was well ordered, and I felt like the master. Kayko sat on her pillow in a very traditional style, with her feet folded underneath her in a kneeling position. The kids all sat Indian style. I will just say that I did my best, I am not as young as I used to be. When the food came in I turned the girl’s eggs off. Granted I do like the power of turning them off and on at my whim, but I wanted everyone to enjoy their food without any distractions. Besides, I already knew that when we got home the girls were going to rape me. So the brief pause while we ate was not going to be a big deal.

Everyone chowed down like they were hungry. I had the usual big helping of oysters along with a nice slab of Kobe beef. The other meals ranged from duck and soup, to shrimp and fish. Almost every type of food was displayed on the table somewhere, and it all smelled fabulous! About half way through the meal Saki reached over and tapped my leg.

“What is it honey?” I asked as I leaned over her way a little.

Saki stretched herself up toward my ear and whispered, “Will you turn my egg on please?”

I just looked at the young girl and smile before reaching into my pocket. A big smile came across her face just after I flipped the switch, causing her to wiggle back and forth a little on her pillow. I looked over at Erin, who was pulling the tail off a shrimp when I flipped her egg on. Instantly she sat upright and her mouth dropped open before she looked over at me and smiled. I gave her a wink before turning to look at Kayko. Kayko had seen what I had done to the girls and was sitting looking at me with wanton lust in her eyes. I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss as I flipped the switch for her egg to the on position. Kayko didn’t make a move. She just gazed back at me before she took in a slightly deeper breath than normal before letting out a soft exhale. She loves having the egg inside her when we are out, and I just love turning her on.

It would be fair to say that the bulk of the conversation at the table was about what we were going to name our new arrival. Everyone had at least 20 suggestions with names ranging from Tabitha and Tim, to Zander and Jen. It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm in everyone, even though it probably complicated the issue. But everyone got to have their say, and that is what was more important at this time. Just the fact that everyone got to participate in some fashion made the whole dinner great.

By the time we finished our desert, Erin and Saki both appeared to have had many orgasms. Both of them were breathing hard, and Erins nipples stuck out hard against her blouse. I imagine that their legs were probably rather wobbly, but I had no intention of turning their eggs off. I was thoroughly horny by this time and I was definitely ready for some action. As we stood to leave I noticed the big wet spots on Erin and Sakis’ pillows. Both of them had left a large wet spot where their naked pussies had oozed out my favorite drink. Oops. I gave a very generous tip when I paid for our $200.00 meal. It was the least I could do.

The ride home was absolute torture for me. While the kids were talking back and forth about who had the better name for the baby, Kayko had turned sideways in her seat with her feet toward me. She had her legs spread as wide as she could get them and was digging her fingers in her pussy while grinning at me like a naughty school girl. I thought I was going to rip a hole in my pants from the boner I was sporting as I occasionally glanced down from driving to see her pulling her pussy wide open before stuffing three fingers into herself. This is the only reason why I hate living so far out of the city. And Kayko seems to enjoy the agony she puts me through. For almost the whole way back to the house Kayko teased me, brushing my hand away every time I tried to reach over to sample the delicacy she was frothing up for me. I wanted her so badly that I almost pulled over several times to screw her brains out. But sensing my state of arousal and frustration she finally sat up and straightened out the front of her kimono.

“You can wait for a few more minutes,” she smiled.

I wasted no time getting us back to the house. Once in the driveway the kids all piled out of the car and headed straight for the house, leaving me and Kayko behind.

“Come with me,” Kayko said as she gently pulled my hand, leading me toward the back yard.

Who am I to argue? She led me to the patio where the large sun bathing chairs are and stepped out of her shoes. I already know this routine and began stripping as quickly as I could, discarding my clothes into a pile. By the time I was naked Kayko had the lounger folded out flat and was pulling her kimono off. I love watching my wife disrobe. Aside from the fact that each move looks like it has been rehearsed to excite me, her body is absolutely stunning. The deep red kimono came over her head to reveal her beautifully tanned and toned body. Her nipples stood out proudly from her firm round breasts, and her neatly trimmed bush highlighted the gentle curves of her hips. Every last inch of her is the same caramel color, from the edge of her hair line to the gaps between her toes. And there is not a single place on her body that is not firm. All of the years of exercise and training have kept her in impeccable shape. And now I was going to enjoy my wife who was going to do her best to pleasure me in any fashion that I desired.

I lay down on the lounger and looked up at her with my dick sticking straight up, ready for the wonderful feelings I was about to experience. Kayko moved gracefully to my right side and stopped with her feet apart, offering me a good look at her pussy with the black wire hanging out of it. I reached up and grasp the wire. It was gooey with her cream, and it only took a gentle tug to extract the egg from inside her. A rather large flow of her cum accompanied the egg as it came out, falling to the patio between her feet with an audible splat.

“Looks like someone is horny,” I said as I placed the egg on my pile of clothes.

Kayko smiled down at me as she stepped over the lounger, “You have no idea.”

Kayko aligned herself with my sky pointing dick and slowly lowered herself onto me, engulfing all of my cock inside her steaming hot crevice. It felt like I was sliding into molten butter as inch after inch disappeared into my wife. Kayko slid all the way down until her wide open labia came in contact with my groin before she stopped. This is one of the most outstanding things Kayko does to me. There is not any other place on our bodies that touch except for my cock inside her. And once she is down all the way, she turns on that fabulous milking machine inside her. Firmly and steadily she squeezes and releases my cock with her pussy, pulling and tugging at my engorged member. I reached up with my hands to grab her breasts, but Kayko stopped me.

“No touching,” she said with a devilish grin. “I want you to just feel inside me.”

I was in agony! I wanted to hold her breasts in my hands and feel their soft warmth. But Kayko had her own agenda for me. She quickly switched her pussy into overdrive, squeezing and releasing me from bottom to top. It felt like she was trying to pull my dick into her using only her muscles. I lay still and enjoyed the fabulous sensations, relishing in the fact that my wife was doing all of this just for me. After a few moments she slowed her pace before she stopped.

“I want to do something a little different,” she said as she slowly stood up and pulled herself off of me. “Hold still,” she said as she headed toward the house. “I’ll be right back.”

I had no idea what she had in mind, but I figured it had to be good. I looked up at the stars and wondered in anticipation as I waited the few minutes for her to return. When she did come back she was carrying a small blindfold.

“What have you got there?” I asked as she carefully placed the blindfold over my eyes and tied it behind my head.

“This will change a lot of things,” her voice said as I was suddenly in complete darkness.

This was something new. Kayko has always enjoyed being naked in front of me. She has no fear or hesitation in showing off her magnificent body to me in any position that I want. Now, being blind folded, I had only my sense of touch to experience my wife. I lay there perfectly still, waiting for the next stimulus to come when I felt my cock once again being engulfed in her molten hot box. The feeling was absolutely incredible! Without my sight everything seemed to be magnified by a factor of 1000! Every inch that entered her seemed better than the last. Once again she stopped when I was fully embedded inside her before she turned on the milking machine. WOW!! In my mind’s eye I could ‘see’ her with her legs wide apart, mounted on my hard shaft. Slowly and steadily she began squeezing me, eliciting a loud moan from me as her pussy worked its magic.

“Oh my god!” I moaned as she started sliding up and down my length at the same time. “You are incredible!”

I heard only the faintest little grunt of approval as she continued to bring me closer and closer to my goal, riding up and down on me like a jockey in slow motion. Again I reached up with my hands to grasp her breasts.

“No touching,” she said sternly, before stopping her trek about half way up my shaft.

“I’m sorry honey,” I said as I brought my hands back down to my sides. “You just feel so good.”

“I know,” she said as she slid back down my shaft before pulling all the way off me again. “I want to please you for being so wonderful to me.”

Again I was in agony. Slickened with cum, my cock was now out in the exposed air. And even though it was almost 90 degrees outside, the slight little breeze made my cock feel cool. I wanted back inside my wife. Back inside the warm surroundings that reminds me that I am home again. And to my great pleasure, I didn’t have to wait for long. Again I felt my cock slide into its molten hot sheath, once again held firmly inside his soaking wet home. I let out a loud moan of approval as she began sliding up and down my shaft, fucking me with greater diligence than before. The darkness of the blindfold only heightened the sensations of her delicious pussy as she raised and lowered herself onto me at an ever increasing rate.

“Would you like some pussy to eat?” Kayko asked as her pace slowed a little.

“Who do you have in mind?” I asked playfully.

“You have to guess,” her voice answered as her pace resumed.

I had not heard a thing when I got the unmistakable whiff of pussy directly in front of my nose. How she had managed to get one of the girls out there without me hearing was beyond me, but yet the aroma was undeniable. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue only to have a nice soaking wet pussy lowered into place. The sensations were just as intense as when I was first blindfolded and Kayko had sat on me. Whichever one of the girls it was she tasted fabulous! I could feel the delicate folds of her labia resting on my lips, and the hard little nub of her clit against my nose as I began devouring the mystery snatch. I started to reach up to grasp the legs on either side of my head but again Kayko stopped me.

“No touching!” she said again sternly, and once again my dick was out in the air cooling. I grunted a note of dissatisfaction into my unknown feast as my hands were pushed under the small of my back. “Now keep your hands there,” Kaykos’ voice resounded one more time just before my cock was engulfed again.

I felt helpless, but I was loving every last moment as my cock was being ridden up and down again and my tongue swirled around inside my unknown feast like there was no tomorrow. Somebody was going to cum, and it was going to happen soon. With a little tilt of my head and a few flicks of my tongue, my late night snack began bucking back and forth on my face, sending a shower of cum into my mouth and down over my cheeks. With one tiny little gasp I could tell it was Saki. She bucked her hips back and forth as my tongue licked and tasted all she had to offer. Combined with the grinding my cock was getting I lost it. My cock swelled up and my nuts tightened as my impending orgasm shifted into high gear. At the same moment a sense of urgency came across my rider, sending her into hyper drive. In a flash my cock was being squeezed and ridden at the speed of light. I couldn’t help myself when my orgasm started. I pulled my hands from behind my back, grasp on to the legs on either side of my head, pulled my face into the pussy I had been eating and screamed at the top of my lungs. My back arched and I fired, blasting a huge load of sperm up into my rider. All I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears as I unloaded.

Sakis hands ripped the mask off my eyes as her orgasm continued, revealing my naked pet looking down at me with her eyes and mouth wide open. I stuck my tongue up into her as far as I could while my cock continued to blast away, unloading my balls in a massive blaze of glory. I needed to breathe so I pulled Saki up a little, freeing my mouth to take in a gulp of desperately needed air. As I did I looked between her legs. That is when I saw that it was Erin who was mounted on my cock and not Kayko. Kayko was bent over behind her with her hands on Erins hips and she was pushing her down onto me. That one sight alone almost killed me. The next three shots were incredibly amplified in not only volume, but force. Erins’ mouth was wide open and her eyes were tightly closed as she took a huge load from her father. I was so confused at this moment that I could not have told you which way was up, let alone what had just happened.

Saki leaned forward and flopped down on the top of the lounger and off to my right. She was breathing hard, and she pulled her knees up to her chest and rolled up in the fetal position. Kayko looked over Erins shoulder to see me looking up at them when she leaned down next to Erins’ ear and said, “Look, see how much your father enjoyed you?”

Erins’ eyes opened to lock with mine. Instantly a huge smile come over her face just before she leaned forward and threw herself onto my chest, hugging me very tightly. I threw my arms around my daughter and hugged her tightly against me while I looked up at Kayko. Kayko did not let up on the pressure on Erins hips. She continued to hold her down on me even though we could not get any closer together. With the last little twitch from my hips my orgasm was over. Erin was full, and her mother made sure none of it was going to leak out. As Erin lay gasping for air on my chest Kayo slowly stood up, releasing the pressure she had been applying to Erins hips.

“Holy shit,” I said, halfway aware of everything that had just transpired. “That was incredible!”

Kayko looked down at me and smiled before she walked off toward the house, leaving me with the two exhausted girls on the patio.

“Thank you daddy,” Erin said with her face still pressed against my chest. “That felt so good.”

I placed my hand on the back of her head and held her close to me. “Thank you sweetie,” I replied as I gently patted her head and stroked her hair. “But what gave you guys the idea to do this?” I asked in a bit of bewilderment.

“It was mom’s idea,” Erin said as she raised her head up to look at me. “She wanted to do something a little different for you.”

As Erin finished speaking Kayko reappeared from the house. She was carrying the large dildo that was molded from me in her right hand and smiling like the cat that just ate the canary.

“Well that certainly was a surprise,” I retorted while smiling up at my wife.

Kayko stopped by the side of the lounger even with my hips. As she bent over she looked at me. “You have been so wonderful to all of us, and the girls wanted to do something a little special for you.” With that said Kayko barked out something in Japanese, causing Saki to immediately get to her feet and head into the house. “Erin,” she continued as she lowered the dildo between Erins wide spread legs, “pull off your father.”

Erin raised her ass up, pulling my length from deep inside her. As soon as my dick pulled free Kayko plugged her pussy with the dildo, trapping all of my sperm inside her. Kayko looked down at us with a smile on her face as she stood up straight. “Now go to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow.”

“Thanks mom,” Erin replied. Before she raised herself up from me, my daughter gave me a huge hug. “Thanks daddy, I love you so much.”

“I love you too sweetheart,” I responded, giving her an equally big hug.

My daughter stepped over me and scooted into the house, keeping her legs together as she went. The end of the dildo was just barely visible in the gap between her legs as she walked through the door and disappeared inside.

I looked up at Kayko as she swung her leg over me and sat back down on my semi hard cock, taking all of me back inside her. When she was fully seated she began squeezing me again, halting the deflation of my dick and causing me to grow hard again. “What do you mean we have a busy day tomorrow?” I asked as I grasp my wife by her hips and pulled her down onto me.

“You’ll see,” she replied with a pleasant smile. “It is the 4th of July and you will be home all day.”

“Yes,” I responded with a bit of uncertainty in my voice.

“Well,” she continued as she rode up and down a little, combining it with my favorite rippling action from her talented pussy. “We have a nice little celebration in store for you.”

“A celebration?” I was wondering what she had in mind. For my birthday the girls had played ‘games’ for my enjoyment, leaving me with a raging boner. Now she had something planned for the 4th? This was going to be good!

“Come on,” Kayko said as she stood up and stepped to the side of the lounger. “There is still more for you tonight.”

Now, I am no dumbass. When my wife tells me there is more in store for me I know I can take that to the bank. Her devilish little mind had something in store for me, now it was just a matter of finding out what it was and experiencing it. As I stood up Kayko grasp me by my dick and gave a gentle tug, leading me through the house to my awaiting enjoyment. In a way it’s kind of cool. Her soft hand feels good around my cock, and it is a different kind of feeling knowing that I am being lead around by the very thing my wife is going to pleasure. And I think it gives Kayko a feeling of power knowing that I am going to go exactly where she wants me to go. So I followed along in complete compliance, knowing full well that in just a little while I was going to be cumming again inside my exquisite wife.

Kayko lead me through the house and up the stairs to our bedroom, never once loosening her grip on me. As we passed Mark and Shioris’ room we could easily hear them screwing away like there was no tomorrow. Good for him. At least he was getting some on just as regular of a basis as me. I will admit that I was again fully hard by the time we walked into the bedroom, and I was ready to stick my cock back in my wife with a vengeance. Inside, my pet was standing at the foot of the bed in her usual inspection position. Her feet were apart with her legs straight, and she was bent over at the waist while holding her pussy wide open with both hands. Kayko lead me over behind her and plugged the end of my dick straight into the waiting girl. Saki made no move at all; she just let out a small sigh as the first 2 inches of my dick slid into her.

“Your pet has been waiting for this all day,” Kayko said as she released my cock and put her arm around my waist. “I am going to watch you two,” she continued as she pulled on my waist, forcing me to drive all the way into her. “Give her what she wants.” my wife said as she turned and began to crawl up onto the bed. Looking over her shoulder she gave me a little smile as she flipped over and lay down on her back. “And when you’re done, then you get me.” And with that said she spread her legs and slowly began rubbing her clit.

What would you do? Probably the same thing I did in this situation. I began fucking my pet like she was a plastic fuck doll. Saki gripped the sheets with both hands, making fists with her fingers bunching up the material as she hung on for dear life. I grasp her hips with both hands and lifted her up, picking her feet up from the floor as I plowed into her with very powerful strokes. Kayko stuffed three fingers into her snatch and hammered them in and out furiously as she watched me try and destroy our niece. The sight of my wife finger fucking herself had the effect of making my dick harder, which I forced in and out of my little pet without any regard. I was driving in deep into my little pet, and she was loving every second of it, grunting out moans of pleasure every time I bottomed out in her young snatch.

“Bring her down here,” Kayko said as she patted the bed next to her.

Pulling free from her I tossed Saki onto the bed. She landed next to Kayko and immediately flipped over onto her back, spreading her legs wide open in the process to reveal her bald little pussy. Her lips were spread open and her hole was still dilated from my cock having been in her when she positioned herself to accept me again. As I got up on the edge of the bed, Kayko rolled over and got to her knees. She was getting ready to sit on Sakis face when I stopped her in mid process. As soon as her leg had come over Saki, leaving her pussy spread wide open; I grasp her by her hips and pulled her back onto my waiting dick. Kayko let out a bit of a gasp from the unexpected intrusion when I drove into her, causing her to turn her head to the right and look over her shoulder at me.

“You’re supposed to be in your pet,” she said as her body jerked back and forth from the force of my thrusts.

“I will be,” I said as I slowed my pace a little. “Saki, raise your hips up.”

Saki spread her feet wide apart and raised her hips till her belly was touching Kaykos’. I released the grip on my wife’s hips, but reached around her and grasp onto Sakis’ hips, holding her up against Kayko. With one quick jerk I was out of Kayko, and on the next thrust I was in Saki. A noted ‘aaahh’ of approval came from my pet as I thrust into her 5 or 6 times before withdrawing on an out stroke. On the next in stroke I was back inside Kayko, driving deep into my wife again. I gave Kayko 5 or 6 good hard strokes before I pulled out and went back into Saki. Back and forth I went, switching between the two girls every 5 or 6 strokes for maybe 10 minutes. With her shoulders still on the bed, Saki had her hands clamped onto Kaykos’ breasts and she was squeezing them like she was trying to milk a cow. Both girls were moaning, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself even though I had more pussy at my disposal than I had dick.

Saki was the first to cum. Her legs began to shake and her pussy began to squish loudly every time I was inside her. If it had not been for my hands holding her hips she would have collapsed onto the bed, leaving Kayko to handle alone to handle me. As Saki shook she squeezed Kaykos’ breasts hard, sending my wife over the edge and into the realm of an orgasmic tidal wave. This was great! It’s the first time I had ever made two women cum at almost the same time by fucking them. Talk about a blast to your ego, this was it! I began pounding harder into both of them every time I switched back and forth. Cum from both of them dripped off my nut sack while I hammered away into one, and then the other.

Kayko finally looked over her shoulder and said between gasps for air, “Well…make up your mind, where do you want to cum? We’re both ready.”

NASA this is Houston, you have a green light for engine ignition. Commence start up! To hear my wife tell me to choose which one of them to cum in was like opening the flood gates of the grand cooler dam. In a micro second the countdown went from 10 to 1 and the fueling process was underway. I was already inside Kayko when the first blast started up the launch tube, so I just drove deep into her and let her have the first two shots. Kayko let out a little sigh as she felt the hot juice spray inside her, causing her to squeeze my cock with her pussy. But her enjoyment was short lived as I pulled out in the middle of the second shot. Without a drop wasted I stuffed my cock back into Saki to finish firing my load.

“Oh yes!” Saki squealed as I sent the rest of my orgasm down into her hot depths.

Kayko dropped down onto her elbows and began French kissing Saki as I pumped the last of my load into her. Sakis arms came up around Kaykos’ neck as the two kissed like they had been lifelong lovers, swirling their tongues around inside each other’s mouths. I grunted and jerked the last few times before I pulled out of Saki and sat back on my heels, dropping my pets’ waist to have her land on the bed between Kaykos knees. I had a tremendous view from where I was sitting. My wife’s fabulous ass was sticking out, almost in my face, with her now used pussy glistening from the combined juice from the three of us. Saki was lying flat on her back between Kaykos legs with her legs wide apart, and her bald naked pussy was shining up at me, glistening in the light just like my wife’s. ‘Mission accomplished’ I thought to myself as I watched the fervor of the kiss between them slowly fade. When they did finally part Kayko looked into the eyes of Saki and whispered something to her, causing Saki to nod her head yes and smile before looking down at me. Both of them seemed to be happy.

We all took a quick bath before heading to bed. I got to watch my pet and my wife clean out their pussies before having both of them ride me briefly in the hot pool. They truly do love me, and I love them just as much. We lay down in the bed with Kayko to my left and my little pet mounted on my cock, lying on my chest. Can you think of any better way to sleep?

The women in my home are genuine treasures, and I really mean it. My wife, my daughter, and my pet all loved me like I am the king of the universe. I am not sure what I did to deserve such a high and respected position, but I give all of the credit for the stability of the family to my Kayko. She was the real master here. And I am not just talking about all of the wonderful things she did with her body. I considered that as a fringe benefit. I am talking about all of the things she did to keep the family together. She washed the clothes and cooked the meals; she was the arbitrator for small issues as well as the supreme instructor for the girls. My wife tended the flowers and paid our bills while I was away, yet she asked for nothing in return. She just accepted what I give her and went about her business almost tirelessly, allowing me access to her body at any moment. And aside from being the glue that held this family together, she was absolutely gorgeous! I was the luckiest man alive. And it is not because of anything that I have done, it was all due to my wife. I miss you honey.

End Pt20