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my loving daddy 3

Hey again people, this is the 3rd story in this saga, I hope u like it. Here the boy gets some unexpected action. should read the first two to get this one.

When I did, I felt my head on something hard, it was the lump in daddies shorts again. I couldn’t wait to taste the yummy juice; I mean why does daddy get to have all the fun? It was my turn now. As I moved to unzip his shorts Daddy moaned a bit, his dick popped out, straining against his underwear but only the head appeared through his zip. So I unbuttoned his short and Daddy quickly slipped it off. Now all that was between me and my prize was his underwear, I kept looking at Daddy’s big hard penis stretching the underwear, I was so nervous, it looked so big, and t was throbbing against the material, I decided to take off his underwear. When I released his underwear Daddy’s dick came up and hit me in my chin, and followed over my mouth and stopped at my nose, there was precum on my face now. It was warm but quickly cooled, I looked at Daddy’s beautiful dick in front of me, craving for attention, I remembered how good he made me feel with his mouth, I wanted to do the same thing for him, daddies dick wasn’t big in reality just under 7” but it was thick, so chunky that to me at that age it looked like a monster, a beautiful sexy monster. I felt daddy pop my package out of his mouth and let it rest on his neck, then he pulled his finger out of my ass, making my flaccid dick twitch a bit in pleasant memories. This move made my mouth hang over his dick, and Daddy said “take ur time son”

I was so touched, I could see this man’s dick so close to my mouth, he was a big strong man who could’ve easily made me suck his dick, but despite his urges he loved me enough to be patient with me. I stared at his dick in total love, I was gonna make his buck and twist and turn; I wanted him to cum in my mouth. For a few seconds the world around me disappeared, I didn’t even remember that I was stomach down on daddy; all I could see was the glistening tip of his dick craving for attention. So I leaned in and gave it a test lick right on the hole, as my tongue pushed against his pee hole I felt his dick jump again, so I licked again, again it jumped, it was getting hard to lick so I put both my hands around it and heard a distant moan, then I went to town on daddy’s dick, I was licking it like my favourite ice cream, it tasted better than any ice-cream I ever tasted, salty but just enough, slimy but not disgustingly so. As my tongue began take longer harder swipes I could see daddy’s balls twitching, scared he would cum I quickly swallowed his dick. Or at least that’s what I thought, in reality I only got half the head of his massive yummy penis inside my mouth, it was too thick for me. This caused daddy to involuntarily spasm and he ended up shoving the remaining head of his dick in my mouth, it felt so full my jaws started o ache a little. But I felt more pride then anything, I made him buck and squirm, I was so happy with this that I started to suck harder than ever in my life, all the while making my tongue swish all over his knob, I loved it. As I did so I could taste more precum and this made me more hungry. I was bought back to my senses when I could hear moaning and groaning

“oohhhh, awwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwwww, yeeehhhhhhhhhh, keep going sweetheart, oh my love, fuck u feel so good. Ahhhhhhhh”

That really turned me on, I was his love, I felt even better when daddy grabbed my ass cheeks with both his hands and spread them, he started lick and sucking my twitching pink hole and moaning into it at time, I could feel my dick get hard again as he licked me with so much passion I thought this would be the cleanest part of my body. He then started spitting on my ass hole and took a finger and started massaging my prostate again, it was so heavenly, a warm dick in my mouth a finger in my ass, oop! Make that two. Two felt a bit much at first because it was stretching my hole but I a few seconds it felt great. Suddenly daddy started bucking more, so his dick started pushing up into my mouth, so I sucked for all my life. I felt daddy’s dick twitching in my mouth so much that I knew he was gonna cum, his balls tightened and I was desperate to taste his juice, one last twitch….

But them daddy picked me up off of him and put me on my hands and knew, I was so sad I was gonna cry, didn’t he want me to have fun??? I wanted his juice in my mouth; suddenly daddy rubbed his slimy wet dick against my already lubed ass hole, and shoved. Not hard but just enough that the first bit of the head of his dick entered my ass, it hurt, a lot. But I wanted to make him happy, luckily he came just then, emptying his seed into my 11yo rectum, it was so hot I no longer felt the pain, just squirts of cum entering my bowel, I could feel my intestines swelling, but it was a great feeling, it kept cumming until I came from the sheer horniness it made me fell, just a dry orgasm, but it was amazing, Daddy squirted around 10-12 strings into me before he was satisfied, then he pulled out the tip of hid dick and laid down on his bed, I stayed on my hands and knees for a bit, I felt some of his load leaking out. I didn’t wanna lose any so I clenched my ass and lay with him, I hugged his chest and wrapped my legs around him and that’s how we slept.

I slept so well in his arms that I didn’t realise how much time had gone past, I woke up and found that daddy wasn’t beside me anymore, I was kinda sad but then I felt delicate licking of my ass hole, that cheered me up I looked around and realised that it was morning, the licking in my ass got deeper in my 3.5” 11yo penis got harder, then it went really deep into my ass it felt so good I arched my ass out to let more tongue in. Then I heard Daddy calling from downstairs “so what do u wanna eat?”
I said “just toast is fine daddy, just toast….”
Then it hit me, if he was downstairs who was making my ass feel like it took a trip to heaven? Reaching depths I never thought possible and licking out my Daddy’s cum from my pink twitching hole?”…….

To be continued,
Tell me what u guys think, and any ideas are appreciated and comments

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Fiona helps with neighbourly relations part 3

I had no idea how long I’d been knocked out for from the punch dickey had given me and it took me a good two minutes to pick myself off the floor properly and to get my bearings. By the time I did get my bearings though I realised the situation I’d got Fiona in to hadn’t got any better; in fact it had gotten worse, well much worse for Fiona and her very sore pussy anyway.

Fiona was still naked but on the floor now squatting down with her feet flat on the floor and her legs about shoulder width apart allowing her battered pussy to be seen, her arms were up at either side of her and in each hand she was gripping on to a dick. Not Dickie’s dick as he was stood slightly to the side of Fiona; the dicks filling Fiona's small hands we’re the hard young cocks of the two lads that lived opposite Dickie.

“Hope you don’t mind but I invited Chris and Mark, I wasn’t sure whether they’d met Fiona yet so thought I could introduce them, they seem to be getting on ok don’t you think?” Dickie said smirking at me and not even waiting for a reply before turning and sticking his cock down Fiona's throat. “Wank them off then Fiona” he said and she instantly began moving her hands up and down each of their cocks in expert unison.

I could do absolutely nothing except watch as again a sexual game I’d played with Fiona had spiralled totally out of control. Even though I loved seeing Fiona get fucked and used by other men I was starting to wonder whether I was abusing her too much; she was after all nearing fifty and her poor pussy was taking some serious abuse but on the other hand she always told me how much she loved getting fucked.

I don’t know, I mulled it over as I watched the three swap round and Fiona's mouth opened for the head of Mark’s cock and she set about giving him a wonderful blowjob. It was during Mark’s turn in her mouth and when they swapped so Chris could use her that I decided in the morning we’d move to a new apartment in a different part of town. This would be easy as the banks we’re still bulging from the good work Fiona and Alice had done at the warehouse for Donald.

“Right up here slut” I heard Dickie say and Chris and Mark helped her to her feet and she still seemed a little unsteady but Dickie roughly pulled her on to the sofa beside him and made sure her body was laid along the sofa and that her pussy was next to his cock.

After a little bit of shuffling about he’d positioned himself and Fiona so that he was ready to penetrate her pussy. He lifted her right leg in the air opening her hole a little and allowing himself slightly better access, he then lined his helmet up between her swollen folds and rammed his dick home making her moan loudly.

“Come on one of you shut the bitch up, she can’t make a noise with a dick in her mouth can she!?”

Chris didn’t need asking twice and positioned himself in a half kneeling position on the sofa and pushed his dick forward in to Fiona's mouth silencing her moans instantly in to muffled noises. They then pummelled her hard whilst Mark waited his turn patiently stroking his cock; he didn’t have to wait long as Dickie gave up his spot and yet another strangers cock was soon spreading and filling Fiona's terrorised hole.

The two younger lads with all their stamina pumped and hammered Fiona for twenty minutes swapping over a least three or four times before Dickie was ready for another go.

“My turn lads” he said pushing them both away and pulling Fiona off the sofa only to lead her to the arm of the small chair and bend her over it leaving her on her tip toes and her hole at his mercy. “Reach round and spread your arse cheeks show the lads your dirty arsehole” she did this without hesitation and they all admired her tight shaven knot.

I had a funny feeling what was coming but said nothing and allowed it to continue, the last thing I wanted was a punch off all three of them.

Dickie stepped behind Fiona and lifted his left leg over the side of the chair and placed it on the cushion next to Fiona's head, he then stepped in real close to Fiona his cock swinging just above her anus that she was still holding spread like an obedient whore. He then turned to address the lads like he was delivering a demonstration to work colleagues.

He used his right hand to turn his cock downwards so that his helmet was now aimed directly at her tightest hole and he lurched forwards letting his helmet press against the resistance of her anus and Fiona instinctively released her cheeks and yelped.

“Spread your fucking cheeks”

Again she obediently reached round and pulled her fleshy cheeks apart showing the lads her anus. Dickie applied pressure and there was a slight moment where her sphincter almost repelled the pressure of Dickie’s cock; but with a little tug on her hips towards him and a tad bit more pressure her hole opened and his cock disappeared inside.

Fiona's scream must’ve been heard in the flats next door but Dickie didn’t stop until he was completely balls deep in Fiona's rectum. He then stopped and turned to Mark and Chris.

“I told you she was a total slag lads so just use any hole you want once I've finished”

He turned back to Fiona and then began fucking her arse with long and hard strokes, making sure he crammed all of his dick deep in her rectum on every thrust; it wasn’t long before Fiona was having a noisy orgasm and Dickie was telling her how much of a whore she was if she enjoyed coming with a cock in her arse. I think Dickie enjoyed calling Fiona degrading names and did so throughout the next fifteen minutes he assaulted her anally making her come twice in the process.

As I looked across at Fiona from where I was seated her face all screwed up and contorted as Dickie’s cock used her arse, I couldn’t help but think she was probably pleased that her pussy was getting a bit of respite as it’d been thoroughly battered over the last ten or so hours. Just as I could see that her face was changing in to her orgasm face Dickie pulled out and pulled her down on to her knees and rammed his cock down her throat.

“What a whore” I heard Chris say to nobody in particular; I think he was just admiring the smuttiness of the woman before him on her knees taking Dickie’s cock in her mouth after it had just been deep in her arse.

He continued to use her mouth for the next few minutes until his sperm boiled up in his big swinging balls and he grunted and his cock twitched in Fiona's mouth; and her cheeks bulged as his semen filled her mouth. He pulled out and three more huge streams of thick white spunk splashed all across Fiona's face leaving her covered.

He pushed his dick back in to her mouth for her to clean and stepped away moments later satisfied.

“She’s all yours boys” Dickie said stepping back and plonking himself down naked on the sofa, his dick shrinking all the time until it was laid on his thigh spent.

I turned back to Fiona who was already on all fours with Chris’s cock wedged in her mouth and Mark easing his young hard dick in to her loose anus. The boys were absolutely going to town on Fiona using both her holes like a two bit whore’s from a street corner; but then again maybe she was nothing better than a two bit whore anyway.

Once Mark had made her come for the third time he pulled out and swapped with his mate Chris and both were soon quickly back in to a fast hard rhythm that suited them both, as Chris slammed his meat in her arse he pushed her forward sending more of Mark’s meat deep down her throat making her nearly gag a little.

Fiona came again only this time as her body was so tired her little whimpers we’re all that could be heard as her legs clenched and legs trembled a little. He orgasm bought about another position change and she was lifted across mark so that she was facing him and he fed his dick up in to her sore pussy; once comfortable he pulled her forward so her huge tits squashed in to his chest and her head was near his own. Mark kept her head far enough away as he didn’t really fancy getting Dickie’s come over himself that was for certain.

Chris stood behind and positioned himself at the entrance to her anus; Fiona was about to be Dp’d by her young neighbours.


She came as Chris’s cock filled her rectum. She now had a good fourteen inches of solid young dick in both her holes and she was incredibly full and her orgasm was long and intense. The two mates then used her as if fulfilling long standing fantasies not giving her holes a moments piece as they alternately hammered their cocks home as deep as possible on each and every occasion.

The lads swapped after seven or eight minutes only this time she was lowered reverse cowgirl on to Chris’s dick that slid in to her arsehole with incredible ease, once she was leant backwards and supporting herself with the palms of her hands against Chris’s smooth chest mark moved in to fill her vacant cunt with his raging pole. Again full of dick she was hammered hard especially by Mark who was able to drive down from his position making her squeal. Fiona was unable to bounce herself up and down like Chris was asking as every time she tried Mark slammed his dick and his weight back on to her; Chris’s cock was acting more like a but plug…..a very long hard but plug to say the least.

Mark then said he was going to come and pushed inside one last time and held himself deep in her hole until he’d used her womb to deposit all of his young seed. Once he’d pulled out he stepped around to her head and she was made to suck his cock clean as she had done for Dickie twenty five minutes earlier.

Satisfied he joined Dickie on the sofa watching as Chris finished off with their sex toy on the lounge floor. Now Mark was out the way Chris told Fiona to begin riding his cock and with the remaining strength in her body she heaved herself up by pushing off Chris’s chest with her hands lifting herself up until about an inch of his dick remained in her arse before she dropped herself down and settled in to a slow steady rhythm that she could maintain.

From where they were positioned in the room we were all able to watch closely as Chris’s dick slid in and out of her arse as her pussy above continued to leak Mark’s spunk which dripped down on to Chris’s shaft and balls adding to the lubrication.

Her pussy was a red swollen mess, it was stretched and hung open her lips although inflamed were still permanently apart letting us all see just inside her hole were the semen steadily oozed from. We were definitely going to move tomorrow and Fiona would be granted at least a month’s rest so that her body could recover.

“I’m gonna come” shouted Chris. “Get up you slag” he shouted again almost shoving her up off his dick and Fiona fell forward on to her forearms. “Get up you slag I’ve got some come for you” he grabbed Fiona and turned her roughly until she was eventually on her knees in front of him. “Wank me off and make sure you shoot my come all over your pretty face” he’d given Fiona her instructions.

Fiona held Chris’s dick really close to her face as she used her right hand to masturbate him in her face, his big pink helmet was almost hitting her nose as she tried to make sure her face was directly under his cock as she didn’t want to miss her face when he finally ejaculated. She didn’t have to wait long as he groaned deeply and his cock swelled in Fiona's small palm spreading her slim fingers; his helmet swelled and a split second later the first of five come strands left his cock and saturated her already messy face.

Again she had to clean yet another cock with her mouth before he too joined his mate and Dickie on the sofa. Fiona just sat back on her ankles and looked a mess. She was dripping with three men’s semen. Her pussy was the sorest it’s ever been and her anus had been abused by the three men.

“Are you and your slag still here?” Dickie said looking at me; so I took that as the sign to leave and jumped to my feet scooping up Fiona's clothes and chucking her bra and knickers at her. “You can get that slag dressed outside just fuck off until next time” he said leaning forward and slapping Fiona's bare arse cheek as she passed the sofa.

They all laughed as Fiona hobbled out and I followed slamming the door behind me. Fiona quickly dressed and I helped her downstairs to our flat before anybody else saw her. It was really late by the time we got in but Alice was still up and looked horrified at her mums spunk covered face as she went to the bathroom for a bath.

“What happened?” she asked

“It doesn’t matter” I said “we’re moving out tomorrow first thing so pack yours and your mums cases, leave the furniture we’ll buy more”


“Just fucking do as your told”

More stories to follow

all names changed to protect peoples identity

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