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Bad Teacher – Chapter One: The Plan

“And that,” said Ms. Archer with the slightest smirk, “is why boys are falling behind girls in every category. The older generation of white-haired males may still be in power, but girls are more intelligent, less governed by primitive instinct, better at communication, and have longer attention spans; it’s just a matter of time before this generation overtakes both the good old boys and the weak, subservient old women who enable them. Final papers are due on Monday, and I expect each of you to provide solid arguments supporting your vision of a future society based on this premise.”
I muttered to myself a bit and rolled my eyes, but made sure to do so without being seen; I didn’t want to get drawn into an argument that the bitch would win by trumping in with some attack on my “obvious chauvinism” or, her favorite, veiled threats referencing the fact that grading in a politics class is based mostly on essays, and essay-grading is completely subjective.
Besides, I knew that come Monday, grading papers would be the least of her worries. I nodded to my accomplices as the bell rang and we filed out, careful not to let my irritation show.
We had been developing the plan for months now. At first, the guys in the class (and even some of the girls) had been annoyed by her incessant, strident preaching about the patriarchy, the male gaze, and other feminazi go-tos, but there wasn’t much we could do about it. We bitched a bit, whined about having to sit through a whole semester of this, but by now most of us were pretty used to hearing and seeing this general type of thing in the media, the movies, and so forth. So we figured we’d just grit our teeth and power through.
Then the results of the first test came back: I had written an essay suggesting that equality was already here, and continuing to harp on quotas and averages was not only futile, but counter-productive. I used what seemed like well-reasoned arguments, and just to be safe, I had had a female friend of mine read through the paper before turning it in to make sure I didn’t come across as sexist. She said that although she didn’t completely agree with what I was saying, it was certainly nothing outrageous and my arguments were well-supported.
A week after turning it in, my grade came back: D. I was shocked! I had written papers before that went against the professor’s apparent position on an issue, and for sure, I knew it meant they’d be a little stricter with their grading, but never had it resulted in anything more than a couple points off of what I thought it should be. I was used to getting A’s, and I had put as much effort and thought into this paper as I had any other.
The paper was full of red marks pointing out my “privileged male thinking”, my “lack of understanding of the female experience”, and so forth. At no point was there a single word about my logic or facts; what it boiled down to was that she disagreed with me and was going to punish me for it. I was, of course, furious, but I had never really been one to fight authority, and so I planned to just let it go and make sure the next paper was airtight, when I overhead a few other guys talking about their grades.
They all had similar sentiments to me; a couple of them weren’t the brightest bulbs, but still felt they had done better than F’s, and the rest were in the same boat as me. One of the bolder guys walked over to a group of girls who were all chattering excitedly, and asked them how they’d done. It was consistent: A’s and B’s for all of them.
As the next week went by, it became clear that this pattern was true across the board. Only one guy had anything higher than a C, and he was extremely effeminate and may have been even more stridently feminist than the professor. There were a few girls with bad grades, but by and large they all had A’s and B’s.
After a Friday class, a few of us guys were trying to figure out what we could do about it. The idea of going to the Dean’s office was brought up, but this was a liberal university in New York City, and we quickly dismissed the notion that the school would have our backs. A few other suggestions were thrown out and all were quickly shot down as pointless.
I had been thinking about this for a while, so I gathered my courage and said “I think we need to take matters into our own hands. This cunt needs to be taught a lesson.”
The other guys stared at me – we were a bunch of intellectuals studying politics at a posh university; “taking matters into our own hands” was not part of our thinking; for that matter, “cunt” was not part of our vernacular.
“What do you mean?” said Jake. “How does one teach a lesson to a professor?”
Slowly, but with growing confidence, I outlined the plan I had worked out in my head: we would kidnap the professor, take her to a country house outside of the city, and give her a lesson she would remember for a long time.
“I’m talking handcuffs, ropes, whips, riding crops – you name it. She has to learn that her behavior will not be tolerated.”
I went on like this for a few minutes, and I could see the other guys starting to warm up to the idea. We were so engrossed in thinking about it that we didn’t even notice Lisa, one of the girls from the class, eavesdropping.
Suddenly she piped up “I caught most of that. Are you guys serious about this?”
I jerked around, surprised. Lisa was a petite brunette with a slim, athletic figure and fantastic breasts that she tended to show off with tight, low-cut shirts. Most of us had used her tits as a distraction to help us get through the awful, endless hours of the Archer lectures.
For a few seconds, I thought about laughing it off and telling her we were just joking. But I saw the other guys looking at me and realized that if I backed down now, they would probably lose whatever little bit of resolve they’d built up in our few minutes of conversation. It also occurred to me that Lisa had been one of the few girls with a low grade, so I wondered if maybe she might not interfere if we let her in on the plan.
“Yes,” I said. “We are.”
“Good,” she said. “I was tired of listening to that harpy after day one, and I can’t stand the way she stares disgustedly at me every time I walk by. Plus, there’s no way I wrote a C- paper. I don’t fucking write C- papers!”
For the second time in a 15-minute span, the other guys were standing there shocked, mouths just about literally hanging open; this time, I joined them.
“What?” she said. “Don’t look so surprised. We aren’t all brainwashed into believing her nonsensical raving. I’ve argued with her on my own, and she is absolutely dismissive of even the smallest deviation from her point of view. I don’t see any way around it: she needs to be taught a lesson, and what you guys have in mind is the best idea I’ve heard.”
“OK,” I said, gathering my composure by sheer force of will. “So you won’t rat us out?”
“Rat you out?” she scoffed. “Hell no. I’m going to help you!”
We all broke out into relieved grins. We decided to go back to her apartment before discussing this further, to make sure we wouldn’t run across any less-friendly eavesdroppers. Once we got there, the plan to grab Ms. Archer as she was walking to her car – she always worked late on Fridays – came together quickly.
By the time we were done, everyone was nervous, excited, and wired with anticipation. Lisa was dressed in one of her usual outfits – a tight tank top with spaghetti straps, shorts that were barely more than underwear, and tiny flip-flops that showed off her beautiful, red-painted toes. All five of us had been eyeing her during the planning, trying to stay on track but having a hard time not getting distracted. I kept thinking about what it would feel like to hold those wonderful tits and lick her soft, delicate feet.
I had become the de facto leader of the group, and Lisa looked over at me as we started to stand up to leave.
“Don’t you guys think it would be a good idea to practice a little before the real thing happens?”
I raised my eyebrows a bit, having a hard time believing she meant what I thought she meant, "Practice?" I asked, trying to keep the note of excitement out of my voice.
“Yeah, you know,” she said as slid off her flip-flops, opened a box sitting next to her couch, and pulled out a rope, “practice.”
Well, she didn’t have to tell me twice. I immediately took the rope from her hand, pulled her arms behind her, and tied her hands together with one end of it. I pulled her shorts and panties off and stuffed the panties in her mouth.
“Keep this in your mouth until I tell you otherwise. If they fall out, you will be punished.”
She was looking at me this whole time with a mix of excitement and fear. I could tell this was something she had fantasized about, but had probably never done before. I reached down and felt her pussy – it was shaved! – and she was wet already.
“Kneel on the couch with your head on the back and spread your knees apart,” I said. She quickly obeyed, kneeling with her ass up in the air, knees spread well apart, and feet hanging off the edge. I cut a length off the rope that was holding her wrists together, leaving plenty still attached. With the part I had cut off, I tied each of her ankles to the legs of the couch.
I looped some of the still-attached rope around her elbows, pulling them tightly together. I then took the end of the rope, went into her bedroom, and looped it around the leg of her bed like a pulley. As I pulled the rope taut, her hands were raised straight above her back, forcing her to stay in the bent-forward position; I tied it off once I started feeling serious resistance. As I pulled her into this position, I heard the first muffled squeals of discomfort through Lisa’s gag; I ignored them as I continued my work.
During all this, the other guys were standing around a little stunned, not sure what to do. Once I was done, though, they were presented with an irresistible picture: a beautiful girl, tied helplessly in a position that offered convenient access to her pussy, her asshole, and even, with a little maneuvering, her mouth.
“OK, here’s what we’re going to do,” I said to the group. “We’re each going to take turns fucking her – pussy or asshole, your choice.” As I said this, I was watching Lisa’s reaction, and I noticed a definite shudder at the word “asshole”. “But,” I continued, “no coming in either hole. The cum goes in her mouth. When you’re ready to cum, switch to the mouth end and the next guy can get started. Feel free to warm up with the mouth if you want, but since this is my op, I get first dibs on the pussy.” No one argued with this.
By this point, of course, I was rock-hard. I walked up behind Lisa and unceremoniously crammed all nine thick inches into her now-soaking pussy. As I fucked her, the other guys started lining up at her mouth.
“You can let the panties out now,” I grunted. She did, and one by one, they moved up and she started sucking. After a very short time, I felt a shudder from Lisa, and from the spasms that followed it was clear she was coming, and coming hard. Her whole body tensed and flushed, and she pulled involuntarily at the ropes holding her in place as she screamed in ecstasy. After that, she went limp; the only thing keeping her from sliding to the floor was those ropes.
I kept fucking her for a few minutes but knew I wouldn’t last long, and I still wanted to give her the real treat. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and lined it up at her asshole. She stopped sucking the guy she was on, turned her head to the side as much as possible, and said “I don’t know if I can handle that in my ass – can’t we just stick to the pussy for now? It feels soooo good!”
“Why is she able to talk?” I said dismissively. “Seems to me there are plenty of gags available for her.” Jake got the hint and quickly jammed his cock back into her mouth, using her hair as handles to pull her head down onto it. I went back to what I was doing and slowly but firmly pushed my way into Lisa’s ass. She squirmed and struggled, but it was hopeless and she knew it. After a minute or so she just gave in and let me pump away, occasionally letting out a cock-muffled cry of pain. Pretty soon I was back to being ready to blow, so I said “Move it!”, ran quickly around, shoved my cock all the way down her throat, and blew a bigger load than I ever have in my life, before or since.
“Swallow it all,” I said, my cock still in her mouth. She swallowed, and I pulled my cock out. “Now clean off the rest.” And she licked my cock clean as Ben started fucking her. One by one, the cycle was repeated until everyone had had their turn. Lisa came at least once with every different guy, and by the time we were done she was completely exhausted.
“Now, just one last thing,” I said. I untied the rope from the bed and brought it back around. I moved her coffee table right next to the couch, laid her back on it, and tied the rope to it. Now her head was hanging off the edge. “Now,” I said, “it’s bukkake time.” One after the other, we fucked her mouth, and by the time we were all done, her face, tits, and hair were covered in cum.
“I’ll see you guys in class next week,” I said. “Lisa and I have some more practicing to do this weekend.” Lisa, completely worn out, tied to the table and with the cum still dripping off her, could only muster a soft groan and a small shiver of anticipation.

Broken Birds, Part 26 Latina Night

Part 26
Latina Night

The compound filled with grief and sadness. The doctors had been too optimistic. Misha crossed over first, only four months after her trip to Brisbane. Rachael passed a few days later as though to meet her lover. Michael spent their final days with them, holding them close. Each was in his arms when they crossed.

The harem and Michael scattered their ashes on the cold winter ocean wind.

Rain splattered against the ocean view windows. The harem, Becka and Sandy were in the main living room with the babies and Michaela. Rafaela held a sleeping Elizabeth, “Liz”; Kat held a fussy Victoria, “Vika”; Alice played with Michele, now known as “Little Misha”.

Michael strode in looking haggard. The deaths of his two oldest mates had hit him hard. Shoshana went to him. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers. Tomorrow Shoshana, Michael and Lynne had an appointment with the fertility clinic.

“Ready for tomorrow, Honey?” he asked.

“More than ready, my love.”

Lynne came to them. “How about you, Momma? Are you ready?”

“I’m ready, but I want some loving when I get back. I want to feel like we made the baby together,” she said smiling at Shoshana.

He went to the bar and collected a dozen flutes, lining them up on the bar. He opened several bottles of champagne and filled them.

“Girls, come here,” He called out in a loud, happy voice, “take a glass.”

The stood around him, glasses in hand.

“We loved Rachael and Misha. I’m sure they were in heaven an hour before the devil even knew they were dead.” Misty eyed, they all drank.

“To life,” Lynne said in Hebrew.

“They wanted us to be happy, so I think it’s time to start planning tomorrows,” Michael said firmly, “Becka, Sandy, any ideas?”

Alice had suggested focusing on them. They’d lost their Mom, Dad, Rachael and Misha all within the space of a year. They were having a hard time getting over their rapes. They felt alone and isolated because they had not joined or been asked to join the harem. They needed to feel special.

“I want to learn to surf,” Becka said immediately.

“I want to try the water parks, Surfer’s Paradise and the Brisbane Mall. I want to SHOP!” Sandy exclaimed.

Michael smiled and looked at Jennifer, “I’ll call Tim, but I don’t think there’s much risk for them,” Michael said deciding it was probably time that most of the girls were no longer in danger, “Anyone else want to go?”

The room exploded with pent up need for freedom.

Tim nixed Rafaela, Maria, Nita and Alice. Though the feds had dropped the charges and the Listas appeared to no longer be a threat, Rafaela’s face had been plastered over the American media. They were devastated; sure they would spend the rest of their lives as caged birds.

Michael had an idea. He talked with Tim.

“Look, most of the danger comes from facial recognition, right?” Michael asked. “Can we get them plastic surgery, altering their features just enough that the facial recognition software won’t trigger?”

“There’s a guy I know at CIA. I’ll get back with you.” Tim said before hanging up.

Two days later, Michael found an encrypted message from Tim. It was a file containing the exact procedures that would be necessary to alter the girls’ features just enough to prevent detection.

He went to see Jennifer.

The night before the trip to the water park, Michael called everyone into the main living room. He had the nannies take his children to the den. He put a flash drive in the flat screen television and turned it on.

The first face was Rafaela. The image changed. It looked a lot like Rafaela, but the new image had a softer chin, slightly wider nose and more generous forehead.

Maria’s image came up. Her face changed. The round shape became slightly more angular, her nostrils slimmer, her brow thinner and her cheeks higher.

Nita was next. Her face became less angular, her cheeks less prominent, her nose smaller and thinner.

Alice’s image came next. Her face changed into a true beauty with fuller lips, rounded chin, wider nose and higher forehead.

“According to Tim, these small changes will defeat almost any commercial face recognition software,” Michael said softly, “and the changes are small enough that it won’t force us to change passports.”

He looked at the Latin women and Alice, “You up for it?”

They looked at each other, “YES!” screamed Maria. The others nodded smiling.
“When can we have this done and what is the recovery time?” Rafaela asked

“Tomorrow,” Jennifer said, “and you can cover the scars with makeup after three or four weeks. The scars themselves will fade in several months. We can also have your body surgery done if you like.”

Rafaela nodded. Her two pregnancies had postponed removal of her brand and repair of several horrific scars from her gang rape many years ago.

“Then we can go out?” Nita asked.

Michael nodded.

The four of them mobbed him.

Rafaela looked at Beth who nodded happily.

Rafaela pulled Michael to her. “Tonight will be the last night for Rafaela. I need you to say goodbye,” looking over at Maria, Alice and Nita, “do you want to say goodbye with us?”

The three women looked to Beth who nodded. They popped up together to join Rafaela and Michael. They headed for the master bedroom.

Beth looked at Becka and Sandy, sitting disconsolately on the couch.

“I’m incredibly horny,” Sandy said, her frustration growing.

“Me too,” Becka wailed, “Why won’t you let us be with Michael? We love him as much as you do!”

Beth sighed. She nodded to Jennifer.

Jennifer and Alice had discussed this. She marched to the bedroom door and knocked. Michael was still dressed. Both showers were running.

“Michael, I hate to rain on Rafaela’s parade, but we’ve got a problem. Those two little girls are going to rape the first boy they see if we don’t do something. I’m not talking about having them join the harem, but they need to satisfy their bodies with something more than their fingers. They need to understand what making love is.”

Alice’s head appeared in the bathroom doorway. Jennifer waived her out and explained. Alice had grown to love the girls and understood that it was time for them to have sexual contact, though she had hoped it would be a boy of their own age. Thinking about it, though, this probably had been inevitable.

Alice went off to burst three Latina’s dreams for the evening.

When they emerged, they had smiles on their faces if not in their hearts.

Michael came out looking for Beth. She closed her eyes so he would not see the sadness and nodded.

He went to Becka and Sandy. He sat on the ottoman in front of them.

“What’s up?” he left the question open so they could either tell him or hide the truth.

Becka reached forward and took his hands in her small delicate fingers, “Alice has taken us about as far as she can with words. Sandy and I both need to feel whole again. To do that, we have to trust a man. We both trust you. Why won’t you let us?”

“Honey, your Mom trusted me to make the right choices for you. You only have one first time to give yourself, heart and soul to a man. I don’t want to take that away from you because you want to feel pleasure.”

“You see the rings on their fingers? They chose to place their hearts in my care. Forever. They’re committed to me and I to them. Do you think you’re ready to make that commitment? That’s what it is to make love.”

“I know you’re frustrated, but I want you to wait for a while. Get to know some of the boys. Then if you’re sure you want to be my woman, I will never refuse you. I love you both.”

“You may want to play with my ladies, to practice kissing and stuff.”

Becka giggled. Sandy kissed him on his cheek. She looked at Beth, “He’s a great Dad.”
Beth nodded, smiling.

Michael rounded up his Latina women. Alice stayed with the Burkett girls.

They talked for a while, but the girls’ physical frustration was obvious. Jennifer came to Alice and whispered in her ear. Alice started in surprise, considering her idea. She nodded.

“Girls, let’s go to my apartment,” Jennifer said with a smile. Other members of the harem that heard her, giggled. Jennifer waved the others to join her.

Becka, Sandy, Lynne, Shoshana, Kat, Beth and Jennifer crossed the compound to the infirmary. They climbed the stairs to a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment overlooking the sea. Alice stayed, knowing she had to maintain her objectivity as their counselor. She went to join Michael and his Latin harem.

“Let me show you around,” Jennifer said suppressing a giggle.

She took them into the first bedroom. It had a King size bed, but their attention was on the bedside tables. Sitting on top were several vibrators, fake phalluses and two butt plugs. Padded handcuffs and lube sat on the other bedside table.

No one said anything about the instruments of pleasure.

Jennifer led the now confused girls to the other bedroom. The bed had long since been removed. The carpet had been replaced with a three-inch thick closed cell foam pad. Two strange devices sat on low stands with thick, white towels underneath. They were rounded with a fake phallus on top with a raised strip topped with bumps.

“What are those?” Sandy asked pointing.

“They’re Sybians, Honey.” Beth said, “When we’re horny and can’t have Michael, we come up here. This is our sex gym.”

“Can we try it?” Becka asked, feeling her pussy begin to leak.

“Sure, Honey,” Jennifer said, “do you want us to help you or just show you how it works?”

Looking at Beth, Sandy asked, “Will you play with us?”

Beth smiled warmly. Lynne giggled.

Beth led the girls to one bathroom; Jennifer, Lynne and Shoshana went to the other.

Minutes later they were back in the padded room in bathrobes.

Beth took the lead. She adjusted the height of the platform. She went to a dresser in the corner, taking out a box of condoms. “First we put a condom on the fake cock.”

“Why?” Becka asked.

“Honey, your vagina has bacteria in it. It also has a specific ph. Other women have slightly different balances. The condom is a precaution to be sure you don’t get an infection,” explained Jennifer.

Becka and Sandy nodded.

Kat took some warming lube from the dresser in the corner and squeezed some on her fingers. She went to Beth sliding her other hand inside Beth’s robe and pulled Beth into a long passionate kiss. Her lubed fingers found Beth’s slit, spreading the warming gel along Beth’s intimate lips and opening.

When Kat broke the kiss, Beth’s green eyes had a dreamy expression. Kat pushed the robe from Beth’s shoulders.

Kat led her to the device and helped her mount it, the fake phallus disappearing into Beth’s welcoming love tunnel. Beth’s clit rested on the raised bumps.

Shoshana and Lynne stood at Beth’s side. Kat took the remote, flipping two switches. She twisted the right knob. Beth’s eyes snapped open as the cock and strip of bumps began to vibrate. Shoshana took Beth’s left nipple into her mouth. Lynne sucked on the right.

Kat turned the other knob and the cock started to rotate in Beth’s tunnel and the strip rose to kiss her clit. Beth squealed her delight. Her eyes closed as she bathed in the sensations. Her body began to glisten with sweat.

Kat turned the knobs a bit. Beth rose a bit and slammed back down, her natural lubricant streaming down the sides of the device.

Shoshana slid a hand beneath Beth’s ass, gently inserting a lubed finger in Beth’s asshole.

Kat turned the knobs again. Beth screamed her orgasm.

Kat turned the knobs again. She knew her lover. Beth started cascading, multiple orgasms.

Kat watched Beth carefully. When Beth’s eyes snapped open, Kat immediately switched the device off, put the remote down and embraced her lover.

She gently kissed Beth.

“God, I love you,” Beth said to Kat.

Sandy and Becka had watched in awe.

“Can I be next? Becka asked.

“Honey, you can both be next,” Jennifer said smiling, “we have two Sybians!”

Kat led Beth to the other bedroom, knowing the girls would be fine. Kat loved Beth desperately and completely and wanted only her tonight.

She lay Beth down on the bed and slid beside her. Beth was still deep in her well of physical pleasure. Her nerve endings still vibrated and sang. She mewed when Kat took her into her arms. Kat had never known so much joy.

Shoshana led Becka to one Sybian; Jennifer led Sandy to the other.

Alice quietly opened the door to the master bedroom. Inside, Latin music played while shadows, thrown by flickering candles, danced across the room. The room reeked of sex.

Michael was on his back. Rafaela rode his cock while Nita rode his face, facing Rafaela. Nita and Rafaela were in a passionate kiss. Maria sat on her knees behind Rafaela, stuffing a small vibrator into Rafaela’s ass.

Maria’s eyes lit when she saw Alice. She shoved the vibrator a little further into Rafaela and came to Alice, pulling her onto the bed. Alice looked to the bathroom, intent on showering first. Alice was a bit of a clean freak, but Maria would not wait.

Nita joined Maria and Alice. Alice was on her back. Maria’s lips locked onto hers. Maria ripped Alice’s blouse off. Buttons flew everywhere. Her bra followed, freeing her small breasts with their sensitive tips.

Nita ripped her shorts and panties off.

Rafaela was screaming her pleasure, though the vibrator had fallen out of her ass. Michael was close too. They came together. It was his first orgasm of the night.

Maria signaled Nita as Rafaela rolled off Michael’s semi rigid cock. Together they pulled Alice to Rafaela’s sex.

Alice had always avoided tasting the mixed fluids that now ran in copious amounts from Rafaela’s pussy. Nita and Maria had noticed and were perplexed. The mixture of shared sweat, female lubricant and semen tasted wonderful and was a great turn on to them.

Nita put a finger to Rafaela’s leaking pussy and scooped up a glob of the mixture. She licked it from her finger, smiling at Alice. Maria kissed Rafaela’s dripping labia, making sure the fluid was thick on her lips. She looked at Alice, her eyes pleading.

Alice placed her lips on Maria’s tentatively. Maria pressed her lips back firmly, sliding them to maximize the fluid on Alice’s. After a moment, Alice pulled back and licked her lips, tasting the mixture for the first time. She smiled.

“Get it from the source,” Maria said, pushing Alice to Rafaela’s crotch. At first, she was tentative, her natural instincts fighting her phobia. She licked Rafaela’s outer lips. Her tongue traveled the length of her slit to her clit, still engorged. Finally, Alice began to relax, letting her natural instincts take over. She began to devour her lover’s cunt.

Michael watched, smiling. Maria and Nita came to him. Nita took his semi-hard cock in her loving mouth, tasting the same mixed juice as Alice now enjoyed. Looking down into her trusting eyes, Michael’s cock sprang to full life.

Maria pushed Michael back. Facing him, she swung a leg over his body. She wiggled her ass to Nita. Nita deftly fitted Michael’s shaft into Maria’s hot, steamy snatch. As Maria rotated her hips, slowly impaling herself, Nita left to get something.

She was wearing a strap-on when she returned. She lubed it well. Approaching Alice’s ass, she turned the vibrator phallus on, sending thrills though her small body. She spread Alice’s legs. Nita crawled between Alice’s lovely spread thighs. She tried to lift Alice. Alice understood. She rose to her knees, her mouth still glued to Rafaela’s pussy.

Nita gently rubbed the vibrating cock between Alice’s wet nether lips. Finding her target, she pushed forward gently into Alice’s pussy. Alice pushed back urgently. After a few strokes, the cock was fully buried in her inner depths. Nita began to sway her hips to the tempo of the music. Alice moaned into Rafaela’s pussy.

Rafaela pulled away from Alice’s lips, reversed herself so her face was directly beneath Alice’s. Their lips joined in a sloppy, wet kiss.

Alice pulled back from the kiss. Her pussy throbbed urgently. Her breathing became ragged, her nipples engorged. Rafaela understood. She took a nipple in her mouth and sucked hard.

Alice squealed. Rafaela twisted the other nipple hard.

“Yes,” a short pause, “Yes,” Alice screamed. Rafaela bit down.

AIEEEEEEEEEE! Alice’s body bucked, froze, shuddered and finally collapsed, the fake cock coming out of her pussy.

Beside Alice, Maria continued to dance atop Michael’s cock with his strong hands kneading her large breasts.

Later that evening, after Michael came inside Nita, Alice eagerly had the small teen sit on her face.

Five very physically satisfied women lounged in the living room of the sex gym.

“I can’t believe that thing!” Becka murmured. “I never knew sex could feel this good.”

“I never knew it could feel good, period!” Sandy said, her eyes still focused on the enormous orgasm she’d just experienced.

“Wait until you make love,” Shoshana said, “You just had the physical pleasure. Wait until it combines with the emotional and spiritual part. You won’t believe it!”

The girls looked dubious, still enthralled with the physical pleasure they’d just experienced.

Jennifer spoke up, “Look, we’re female. We’re hardwired to need both physical and emotional intimacy. The men that raped you took your bodies. They never touched your heart. Don’t let the fear of physical intimacy keep you from the incredible joy of emotional intimacy. Your bodies are now whole. Now it’s up to you to choose the man you give your heart to. That’s why Michael said “no” tonight. He wants you to have the opportunity to choose.”

Broken Birds, Part 28 The Compound on Green Island Time

Part 28
The Compound on Green Island Time

Rafaela’s period arrived with the other girls’ departure. For some reason it was particularly severe. Michael offered to bring Jennifer back, but Rafaela declined. In truth, she wanted Shoshana to have a week with Michael. Rafaela had her children and knew her place in Michael’s heart.

“Michael, I just got my period and this one is a bitch. I’m going to lie down and see if I can feel better,” Rafaela lied.

Shoshana hid her excitement, but silently thanked Rafaela. She saw the truth in Rafa’s dancing eyes.

Shoshana knew Michael was in agony, his world in danger. She remembered when they had caged the beast. She had been waiting for several months to beg a favor. She went to him in his office, a bottle of wine and two glasses in her hands.

“Michael” she called softly before entering. The house seemed oddly silent and felt empty.

He turned, saw the bottle and nodded.

She poured him the first glass and then poured hers.

“Michael, I swore I would never bring my past into our bedroom. I never want anyone to think of what happened to me in that room. I have something to ask you to do, though, so I have to explain.” Tears gathered in Shoshana’s eyes.

It happened about eight months before Beth’s rape. Shoshana, then known as Susan, had been sent by her father to see her brother, Thomas, at his university on “the Hill” during a break. Shoshana knew she would be used as a sex toy for Thomas and his friends, but there was really no choice. David had the money, power and viciousness to force compliance. He and Thomas had raped her and broken her will to resist.

She went, knowing that her sister Lynne might soon be the target of David’s sick lust. Lynne would soon turn seventeen, an age dreaded by the Walsh women.

Thomas was acting strangely. He treated her as his sister, introducing her to his fraternity brothers. Thomas and six of his fraternity brothers sat with Shoshana at dinner. Thomas was called away to the main door. She saw that he was talking to a very young girl with fine brown hair and luminous green eyes and delicate features. She had a high forehead and flawless, pale complexion; a long, thin upturned nose and an oval mouth with a pouting lower lip.

The girl entered the fraternity house tentatively. Thomas led her to the basement. Several of the “brothers” excused themselves.

Another visitor arrived. She had dark hair, sharp features and predatory eyes. She was a bit overweight and carried a large purse.

They locked the front door and turned off all visible lights. Shoshana began to feel fear run through her.

The two remaining fraternity brothers grabbed her arms, lifting her bodily from her chair.

“Time for us to join the party,” the sharp featured woman sneered. She reached out and twisted Shoshana’s left breast, “I want to see those famous nipples!” She ripped Shoshana’s blouse and bra, exposing dark nipples more than an inch long.

“Wow! I’m gonna have a ball with them,” she said with an evil smile on her face.

Thomas stripped the young girl, tied her wrists and ankles together and threw her on the old basement bed. She had no say in what was about to happen. Thomas tied her wrists and ankles to the headboard posts, effectively folding her in half and spreading her open. A video camera recorded every moment of her agony and humiliation.

He looked at Shoshana and simply said, “Strip. Everything off,” he said firmly, a look of loathing clouding his eyes.

She complied. She didn’t try to cover herself. The woman made sure, extending a cattle prod that hovered suggestively over Shoshana’s sex.

The girl on the bed tried to escape her bonds. Though they were padded, they were like steel. Whatever they had in mind was going to happen. The campus was deserted except for a few security guards that had long ago been bribed into compliance.

“Get up there and get her ready. We don’t want to hurt her,” Thomas lied, “This is going to happen. Try to make it good for her.”

Shoshana climbed on the bed. Thomas turned to the sharp-featured woman, “Show me,” he demanded. The woman opened her large purse and began pulling out items.

On the bed, Shoshana looked into the terrified eyes of a young girl named Janet. Most people called her Jan. She was a “townie”, fresh meat for the spoiled children of the rich on “the Hill.”

“Please help me,” she pleaded with Shoshana.

“I can’t stop this from happening, but I can make it not hurt as much,” Shoshana said sadly.

“My uncle is a State Trooper, you’ll never get away with this,” Jan said defiantly.

“Don’t tell them, they might kill you. Let me tell them!” Shoshana said urgently, moving down to Jan’s sex.

She saw some warming lube on the side table and grabbed it. Shoshana desperately spread the lube and added her saliva to try to make Jan’s rape more bearable. Even as she lapped Jan’s virgin pussy, Shoshana formed a desperate plan. She couldn’t oppose Thomas, but perhaps she could use the weak boy, Robert, to stop this from happening.

“Shit, where’re the pins?”

“I’ll go get some,” volunteered Robert.

“Can I go pee? Robert can watch if you want,” Shoshana hoped she sounded sincere.

“Okay bitch, but don’t be long. I want to split this cherry!” Thomas announced.

She left with Robert. Once on the ground floor, she said desperately, “Her uncle’s a state trooper! We’ve gotta stop this or you’ll all go to jail or worse!”

Robert blanched visibly. They heard a scream from the basement. Fearful eyes met fearful eyes. Robert froze, trying desperately to see a way out.

Shoshana’s mind raced. “Robert, go stop this. So far they’ve probably just taken her cherry. I made her pretty wet. There’s probably no real damage. THINK!”

Finally, he nodded and headed back down the stairs.

They entered a room filled with the smells of sex, pain and fear.

Thomas stood to one side, his blood covered cock in the woman’s mouth. As fraternity brother jackhammered his cock into the little girl’s bloody pussy.

“Her uncle’s a State Trooper!” Robert exclaimed.

Hate beamed from Thomas’ eyes, directed at Shoshana.

“They’ll slaughter us. No trial, no judge, they’ll leave us for hog bait,” one of Thomas’ frat brothers said, his voice trembling.

Robert used Shoshana’s explanation as a solution, “Look, we’ve only taken her cherry. We can take a bunch of pictures, digitize them and make it look like she wanted it. We can even change the face of her first fuck. Susan can clean her up and get her off campus. If we keep going, we’re gonna have to kill her and Shoshana and dispose of their bodies.”

Shoshana turned parchment white. Robert was not an innocent. He was just a cowardly monster.

“Fuck!” Thomas exploded. He looked at his blood-covered cock. He looked at Shoshana.

“Get her cleaned up. Then give her a couple of douches and brush her teeth and mouthwash. Got it?”

Shoshana nodded meekly.

Shoshana helped Jan shower, douche and redress. Shoshana walked her to the edge of the campus. A taxi waited.

Shoshana remembered the broken look Jan gave her. “I hope you roast in hell,” Jan said weakly.

Shoshana returned to the fraternity house. It was a bad mistake, but she had nowhere else to go and no money.

Seven sets of angry eyes met her. She surrendered to their hate.

They tied her to the bed in the same position they’d tied Jan. First Thomas, then the other men pounded her pussy until she whimpered in pain, blood dripping from her torn sex. Then the bitch began to play with her. She inserted thin pins in her elongated nipples and clit. Shoshana screamed herself hoarse.

They flipped her over and jack hammered her ass until it too bled bright red blood. They used pins in her nipples and breasts to keep her focused on the agony she now felt.

She was incoherent. She felt someone climb onto the bed.

They adjusted the cameras.

“Meet Max,” Thomas sneered, “this is the surprise we had for Jan. Now it’s yours,” as he led a dog to beside her head. “Suck him.”

He used her hair to twist her head to face the dog’s cock. The bitch had his penis hard and inches from Shoshana’s mouth. When Shoshana refused, they used the dental device one of the brothers had taken from his dentist father. It spread her mouth wide. The bitch guided Max’s penis into a human mouth. Later, the bitch had Max mount Shoshana’s bloody pussy.

One of her attackers complained that her pussy was so loose now that he couldn’t come. The bitch assembled an alum douche and enema to tighten Shoshana’s most intimate and sensitive tunnels. The bitch decided to spice things up. She dropped cocaine and various peppers and mild acids into the douche fluid. She injected it into Shoshana’s vagina.

They filmed her douche.

For a few moments, Shoshana remained quiet. Then her eyes snapped open and she let out an inhuman scream, doubling over in pain. Her screams hurt their ears.

“What’d you put in that?” Thomas demanded of the bitch.

She blanched white.

“Get some fresh water and douche in her. NOW!”

As the girl tried to rinse the douche bag, blood began to ooze from Shoshana’s bloody pussy, the flow increasing by the minute.

Thomas left the room and called his father. He needed help. If Shoshana died, their whole world would collapse.

An ambulance took Shoshana to a private hospital. She kept saying, “It burns,” over and over.

They sedated her. Thomas, as her brother, was the family representative until David could arrive.

The doctor had seen this kind of abuse and injuries before. A feral light burned in his eyes.

“She has significant vaginal and cervical burns. She may not be able to conceive or carry a child to term,” the doctor watched Thomas closely. Thomas really didn’t care. “She needs her vaginal floor repaired. Based on the Alum solution injected into her, someone wanted her tight. It might be preferable to surgically tighten both her anus and vagina.”

Thomas started. Was the doctor suggesting surgically tightening Susan?

“Your father called. He’s consented to the surgical procedures, but you need to agree as her medical representative. Do you want me to tighten her vagina and anus?”

Thomas nodded.

“There are also a number of other things you might want to authorize. Her labia are very swollen and prominent. Some men prefer inner lips that remain inside the outer labia. They call it a “Camel toe”. We can remove the excess lips and implant rings so the lips could be manually stretched to allow entry into her vagina. Since all the surgeries, including the vaginal reconstruction surgery, have the same recovery period, you may also wish to have a ring inserted in her clit hood or through her clit. We can also insert rings through her nipples.”

Thomas’s cock raged. The doctor understood.

“After her sphincter is repaired, we can lighten her ass with certain creams. Perhaps you would like to also increase her oral capabilities. We can modify her tongue and insert a metal stud that she can be trained to use on a man’s penis or a woman’s clitoris.”

“All of it!” Thomas said enthusiastically.

“There’s one other thing. I am very hands-on. I will want to test the modifications before releasing her to have sex. Is that acceptable?”

Thomas nodded enthusiastically.

Michael remained silent as Shoshana relived her trip though hell. He held her as she shuddered with remembered pain and humiliation. She wept at the memory of her permanent disfigurement. Michael knew the story well. He wondered why Shoshana had gone through the obvious pain of recounting it.

“Michael, I want to know that Janet is OK? She thinks I was part of it. Sometimes, I think it’s better not to know but I have to!” she cried in pain.

Michael called Tim. When David had killed himself, Tim’s people had recovered most of the flash drives and photo memory cards. Michael really didn’t want to see them, so he had Tim categorize them.

Michael explained. Tim searched his database. “I think I have both a flash drive and a camera memory card.

“Tim, can you check and see if they match Shoshana’s memory. I want to know what’s happened to this Janet.”

“On it Boss.”

Less than twenty four hours later, Michael had his answer. It would hurt Shoshana terribly.

They had made tender love that morning, knowing they had both time and privacy. Shoshana was ecstatic. Now Michael had to give her horrible news.

She was on the pool deck. “Shosh, got some info on Janet.” Shoshana’s mood instantly evaporated. Fear filled her eyes.

“She’s alive and apparently in good health. Her parents divorced a few years ago and her mother threw her out a week or ten days ago. She’s doing Internet porn and selling herself as a hooker.”

“Before you ask, I’ve asked Alice to poll the other girls to see if they would like to help another broken bird. Alice said it far more complicated since Janet may think of you as an enemy.”

Michael had a plan, but it depended on Janet. If the bitterness and hate had eaten her soul, if she hated Shoshana, Jan would not be allowed to come to the compound. Michael felt empathy for her, but his family came first.

Green Island – Maria

Things accelerated on Green Island.

Saturday night, Maria took Jeff to her room. On the way, they kissed twice. During the first kiss, she moved his hand to her breast; wallowing in the pleasure as he kneaded the soft, firm flesh.

On the second kiss, she caressed his cock through his thin pants, whispering, “I need you in me.”

When they got to her door, Jeff hesitated. “You’re committed to this man?”

“I’ll explain,” she said pulling him inside.

They embraced passionately, but he held her off. She understood that he needed to understand.

Willing her raging hormones to wait, she began, “Michael is a wonderful man. He rescued me from a horrible life of rape and pain. He taught me to love. He knew that I never had a choice, so this week is about me exploring choices. He’s set us free.” She was looking into space.

“Jeff, I want you. I want to make love to you. I want to feel you inside me and perhaps one day to meet our children. But I have been used. I am far from a physical virgin. Not by Michael, but by some very bad people.”

“I promise you, I have made love to only one man. I hope you will be the second and last.”

Jeff looked into her dark eyes and began to drown in her passion. He pulled the small woman to his breast and picked her up, carrying her to the king size bed. He placed her gently in the middle and slid onto the bed, pulling her to him. He tried to go slow. Maria was having none of it.

Clothes few in all directions. Maria desperately wanted this man. She ripped his shirt and fought his belt buttons and zipper to get him naked. She pushed him to the bed on his back and climbed on his chest. He was a bit smaller in stature and size than Michael, but she didn’t care. This was HER man! Without realizing it, she had succumbed to her cultural imperative.

She began to slide down his chest until she felt his cock head touch her distended labia.

She looked into Jeff’s eyes.

“Do you want me? All of me?” Maria asked in a husky voice.

Jeff had never felt passion like this. Instead of answering, his strong hands took her hips and slowly impaled her.

“Slowly love. It will take me some time to adjust to your monster.” Inside Maria giggled. He was smaller than Michael, but she understood male needs.

He stopped and let her adjust, thinking he did not want to hurt this little woman. She adjusted quickly and slowly sat up. Outside the Latin music continued and Maria began to dance on his cock, her hands above her head. She had perfected vaginal muscle control, so her pussy grabbed and caressed the invading shaft.

Jeff was in heaven. Maria’s muscle control sent waves of pleasure directly to his manhood. He was close. His hands closed on her hips, stopping her from her dance of passion that was making him come.

He looked into her frustrated eyes.

“You cum first,” he said softly. It was the perfect thing to say.

She took his hand and placed it thumb down on her clitoris. He rubbed gently. She resumed dancing, moaning and then screaming into the night. He kept caressing her clit and she kept cumming. His lips captured her nipples, sucking them hard and whipping them with his tongue. Her climax seemed endless.

Finally she was spent and fell to his chest. Unlike the harem where others would then please Michael, she needed to make her man cum.

She levered her head to look into his eyes. “Give me a minute and I’ll make sure you feel as special as you’ve made me feel. If you tell me one of your fantasies, I’ll try to make it come true.”

He told her. She ran to the bathroom, gave herself two enemas and returned to him with lube in hand.

Jeff took her ass after which she sucked him until he came in her mouth. She opened her mouth to show him his ejaculate, closed her mouth, swallowed and then showed him her clean tongue.

Later, she felt him cum in her pussy. No condoms for them.

By morning, Maria and Jeff shared dreams of children, futures and threesomes.

On Sunday morning, they went to breakfast together.

Maria and Jeff became inseparable. They snorkeled, watching stingrays try to lift blocks of concrete in the shallow waters. Every moment they spent together seemed to bring them closer.

Alice and Beth noticed sadly that Maria no longer wore her commitment ring. They still smiled, though when they saw her eyes and Jeff’s share a special moment. Maria had her one and only man. They knew it would hurt Michael, but he had known what might happen.

It had only begun.


Broken Birds Part 29

Part 29
Green Island – Lynne

Lynne and Ian dove the Great Barrier Reef. The clear water, bright sunlight and incredible fish life made them feel clean despite the salt. Both had dive skills, but they came to see it now as a shared passion.

They snorkeled and swam. Lynne began to believe in tomorrows with a man of her own.

On the fourth morning, Lynne woke to the aroma of a different man. She was in a double chaise lounge, Ian’s arms around her. She was clutching his morning erection through his pants. In the night, someone had covered them with a blanket.

“I didn’t dare move. You’re so incredibly beautiful,” Ian said softly. Lynne blushed, but gave the hard shaft a squeeze.

“Is that an invitation?” he said lightly, but meaning every word.

“No, a promise for tonight. I want to be fresh and ready for anything you might want.”

He saw she was serious and he smiled.

As she started to rise, Ian held her back, gently caressing her shoulders. His message was clear. He wanted tonight to be perfect too.

Inside she felt warm and treasured. She mentally explored the possibilities, imagining his hard body on hers. Time wouldn’t matter and she would not have to share him.

“Meet in an hour for some snorkeling?” Ian asked, pointing to the beach where masks, fins and snorkels were displayed.

“How about some food first? I starved.”

“Food it is! Meet at the restaurant in 1,” he said chuckling.

They had breakfast together. They sat in the restaurant for hours, talking about dreams and hopes. Ian delicately brought up the subject of her rapes, fearful that it might be an issue if they had sex.

Lynne had to be honest. This man seemed already a part of her. Ian held her hands in his.

“It was my father and brother. They tied me up and raped me several times over the period of a couple of weeks. When my Mom found out, she sent me to a boarding school to protect me,” she said simply, reliving the horror in her mind.

He watched her carefully, seeing the pain and the terror.

“Are you OK now? I mean have you dealt with it?” Ian felt inadequate, an unusual feeling for him.

She smiled sadly, “I think so. I’ve got a wonderful family, a great therapist and a marvelous lover. But I won’t really know until tonight,” she brightened, “until I feel you inside me.”

Ian felt his cock rage. He chuckled. And started to drink his tea.

“You’re laughing at me?” she said in mock indignation.

Ian chocked, spitting out a mouthful of tea.

“No, no,” he chocked out, “I have a raging hard on thinking about tonight. I had to get my mind off sex.”

She seemed mollified. “Tell me what you want to do tonight,” she said seriously. Lynne wanted the words to paint a picture for her.

“How about we go to your room and I’ll describe everything as I do it with you? If I tell you sitting here, I’m afraid I’ll cum in my shorts.”

A feral light shone through her eyes. “Come to my room in an hour. The hell with waiting!”

She left first. Ian had to wait for his erection to subside. His shorts still had a wet spot when he went to his room to shower and prepare.

Lynne knew Ian the lawyer was likely to be on time, so she hurried.

She showered, gave herself two enemas, douched and shaved. She was dressed in an oversized T-shirt, brushing out her long, wavy brown hair when she heard his knock. Instead of putting on the negligee she had intended, she answered in the t-shirt. She’d be naked soon anyway and she felt good about being dressed only in her birthday suit.

Ian stood there with a bottle of champagne, two glasses, a single red rose and a stunned smile. Lynne was gorgeous!

She pulled him inside, throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him with a passion even she did not know she possessed.

Ian put the bottle, glasses and rose on the dresser while returning her kiss. He took her into his arms with practiced precision. Somehow, though, this felt different.

When they broke, wonder and lust danced through her dark eyes.

Still holding her, Ian looked into those marvelous brown eyes. “First, I want to see you naked,” Ian said, remembering his promise, “I want to imprint the image of your body on my heart.”

Lynne gasped, wondering how he knew she needed the words. She stepped back and threw off the t-shirt. She cupped her B cup breasts with their hard nipples, kneading them and lifting them toward her full lips.

When he reached for her, she held him off.

“I want to feel your hands squeeze and caress my breasts while you suck and lick my nipples.”

Her hand dropped to her groin. She sensuously ran a finger along the visibly wet cleft between her outer labia. “I want to feel you inside me, stretching me, making me cum and filling me with your cum.”

Her hand went to her ass. “I want to feel you in my ass, stretching me, claiming me for your own. I want to feel your shaft with my mouth and these lips,” she said running a finger across her lips.”

“Now, I want to see your cock, to taste it, to caress it with my tongue.”

Ian stripped quickly, his cock raging.

She knelt before him, took his shaft in her small hand and looked into his eyes.

“Lick it Love,” he said softly, “taste the cock you will taste thousands of times in our future.”

She licked the shaft from his balls to the little triangle of nerves on the underside of the head, her eyes never leaving his.

“Now take it between your lips into your beautiful mouth.” Her mouth engulfed the head of his formidable manhood. Her tongue twirled around the head in a practiced dance of lust.

“That’s it, my cock sucking woman. Make love to my cock.” Ian moaned at the pleasure, both physical and emotional, watching his cock slowly disappear into her mouth and eyes.

“One day you will give me your throat, letting my cock shoot my cum into your stomach.” Ian had never been deep throated.

Lynne craned her neck, took a deep breath and opened her throat as Shoshana had taught her years ago. Lynne slowly took his entire shaft into her throat, caressing it with her esophageal muscles.

“Oh my God, that’s incredible, Love,” Ian was in heaven.

She pulled back to breathe. He pulled here up and into a long, deep kiss.

“You mean in my throat like that?” she said giggling.

She strode to the stereo and hit play. She led him to her bed. He picked her up and laid her gently on the sheets, inhaling her fresh scent. He lay beside her.

“I’ve never had a woman take me in her throat before,” he said in wonder.

“Any other fantasies you want to try,” Lynne’s confidence soared, “I want this to be so special today.”

He kissed her in a way she had never been kissed before. He started gently grazing her lips. She wanted more. Her lips parted, her tongue began to explore his mouth while he caressed it with his tongue. Then it was his turn to explore her teeth and palette. His hand found her very wet pussy, teasing open the slit between her inner lips. He began to caress her clit with a gossamer touch.

She ripped her mouth from his moaning loudly.

He dropped his head to her breast, sucking on one nipple, then the other. Lynne gasped and had trouble keeping her breathing rhythm. He captured her clit between thumb and forefinger.

“There,” she cried out, her body beginning to tremble.

He bit down gently on her nipple.

“Yes!” she screamed, feeling her muscle neurons begin to misfire, “YES!”

He simultaneously slid a curled finger in her pussy, rubbed her clit with his thumb and bit down on her nipple.

“IANNNNNNNNNNNN!” she screamed as her climax exploded in her brain and through her body.

He kept caressing her, biting her nipples and impaling her. She kept cumming, crying out his name.

Finally, exhausted, she pushed his hands from her pussy, lying back in his arms, sweating and trembling.

After regaining her senses, she levered onto her side and looked into Ian’s eyes. She saw a look she’d only ever seen between Michael and Beth.

She slid down Ian’s body, slobbering over the cock head. She took it in her throat while watching his eyes. The pleasure was too much. On the fourth stroke, he started to shake. She realized he was calling her name!

His cock began to spasm shooting copious amounts of his seed directly into her stomach. She pulled back to get some of his semen in her mouth.

When he finished, she sat on her feet, leaned over, her breasts dangling provocatively. She opened her mouth showing him his milky cum on her tongue. She closed her mouth and swallowed, opening after to show him her clean mouth.

Despite having just had a massive ejaculation, Ian’s cock remained hard. He knew it was probably the little blue pill he’d taken, but it was also this incredible sensual woman.

“I’m too sensitive to take care of this monster right now, but let’s try something,” she said maneuvering to straddle his cock, facing his feet.

She slowly impaled herself. Fortunately, though Ian’s cock was formidable, it was not as large as Michael’s. There was none of the initial pain Michael’s monster always caused her. She swung her legs atop Ian’s and lay back, trusting him to catch her. He did.

Now back to chest, she swung her hair to one side, his lips close to her ear.

“Now tell me your fantasies,” she said sternly, “Every one of them.”

His hands caressed her breasts and nipples as he spoke

“I want to cum inside you without a condom, feeling our juices mix. I want to stretch your ass and cum in your mouth. That’s a big one with me. I’ve seen it on the Internet, but I never met a woman who’d do ass to mouth.”

“You have now,” she said in a deep, sultry voice. She felt him harden in her tunnel.

“I’d like to see you go down on another woman, making her cum.”

“Can we save that one for tomorrow night? I want only you tonight.” She giggled.

“What about you? What are your fantasies?”

“I’ll tell you later, you haven’t finished. All of them.”

He told her all of them, the threesomes, swinging, sex beneath the skies, double penetration, but it was his final fantasy that imprinted on Lynne’s heart.

“I want to watch our children enter this world.”

They lay joined for a long time. Neither wanted the moment to stop.

She felt his cock start to deflate, “So, who do you want me to lick?”

His cock sprang to life, imagining the scene.

“What about Jessica?” she was the resort entertainment director. Jennifer had medically cleared all the staff as well as the guests just in case.

“I’ll ask her tonight,” Lynne said as she wiggled her ass. She slid off him and took his shaft back in her mouth and throat, “We taste amazing together,” she said in her sensual voice.

He was very hard again.

She went to the bed stand and retrieved some strawberry tasting lubricant. She squeezed some into her palm and handed the lube to Ian as she wiggled her ass by his hand.

She applied the lube to his shaft, he to her puckered starfish. He poked a lubed finger into her ass with gentle care, then two, stretching her nether hole.

Finally, he knelt behind her and slowly moved forward. She tensed at first contact, but immediately relaxed. She gasped when the head pushed through her sphincter. Ian moved slowly, letting her channel stretch and relax.

“Your ass is so hot and tight, Love, it’s incredible!”

“Take my ass, make it yours, ram that enormous cock into my little hole.” Lynne was turning herself on, “I need to feel your balls slapping my pussy, NOW.”

Finally he was all the way in. He tried to be gentle, but Lynne was having none of it. She pulled forward and rammed herself back on his cock. Ian responded, grabbed her hips and began to slam into her.

“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Stretch my ass! Make it yours!”

After a dozen strokes, he exclaimed, “I’m about to come!”

Instantly Lynne pulled away, reversed herself and took his shaft in her mouth, sucking it ferociously, letting it slide back into her throat. Seeing her throat expand with his cock sent Ian over the edge and into an epic orgasm. String after string of cum shot down her throat. Once again, she pulled back a little letting the last of his semen rest on her tongue to be displayed and swallowed.

They rested, sipping champagne, talking about dreams and hopes.

She told him about her family without names or origins. With his connections, he could probably find out, but she told him that it could do enormous harm to some of them and would mean she would never see them again. Though curious, Ian saw the real terror in her eyes, drowning his curiosity.

He told her about his life. He’d traveled extensively and had spent a year at Oxford, though he was by no means a scholar. He’d toured the States, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Europe and South Africa, never finding the peace of his native Australia. Lynne world began to grow in his arms, to see the places she desperately wanted to visit through his words.

After a while, they lay in each other’s arms and dozed. Her eyes snapped open. She noticed him looking at her with a strange expression.

“What’s up?”

“I realized I never said it,” he said softly, “I love you Lynne.”

Lynne happily walked through the doorway in her heart from Michael to Ian. Michael would understand.

She slowly took off her commitment ring and placed it on the dresser, “I love you Ian. I love you in a way I have never loved a man before. Please believe that. I can’t explain it, but I love you so much.”

“Now come in my pussy without a condom.”

That evening, Lynne saw the pained expression on Alice’s face and the fury in Beth’s eyes. Neither could penetrate the armor of her love. She wasn’t indifferent, but Ian was now her man and she wanted to be his entire world.

The initial wave of frantic play over the first two days had smoothed into a comfortable atmosphere, making Jessica’s job easy. She planned two parties each night, one at the day visitor pool where she had dancing music, beer and wine. At the private pool she had more mellow music and a full bar. Tonight, she was a bit tired, so she went to the private bar.

She saw Ian and Lynne, now clearly a “couple”. They waived her over to their table. A thrill went through Jessica. While technically not a lesbian, she was close. And Lynne was hot. Had she known the plan, Jessica would have been astonished. Ian was a hunk. Several of the girls had cursed when he attached himself to Lynne.

“Hi!” Jessica said with more energy than she really had, “You guys look happy!”

They looked in each other’s eyes. She giggled. He chuckled. Jessica thought they had that freshly fucked aura about them.

“We made love all day,” Lynne said, getting the elephant in the room out in the open. Jessica’s smiled brilliantly. Lynne continued, “Wanna join us tomorrow night?”

Shock registered in her eyes. She couldn’t have heard that right, “and do what?” in a whisper.

“Let me lick your pussy and have you lick mine. We can go from there,” Lynne said in a soft woman’s voice.

Ian marveled at Lynne’s honest, direct approach to the world. Only later would he discover that it had been copied from Michael’s personal ethics and habits.

“If you’re serious, I’d love to,” Jessica said in a warm voice.

“Oh, take a couple of enemas too. My tongue likes to travel around the world.”

Having secured Ian’s fantasy for tomorrow, Lynne took him to the beach to fulfill one of hers. They began to make gentle love on the beach. In her mind it had been wonderful. Unfortunately, the reality of sand and mosquitoes and gnats ruined it. They finished in her room.

Lynne’s acceptance of Ian’s desires opened a doorway for him to a universe of sensuality. He took Lynne through it with him.

Ian moved his things to Lynne’s room for the remainder of the vacation. After a fabulous day of snorkeling and lounging, they went to shower off the salt before preparing for Jessica.

They’d seen her throughout the day, of course, and the sexual tension hummed between them. Having finished snorkeling, Lynne went to shower in the day visitor pool locker room. Jessica saw her go in and followed.

Lynne smiled broadly when she entered. Jessica strode directly to her, slid an arm around her waist and pulled Lynne to her. Jessica’s eyes were aflame with desire. Lips met willing lips. A soft kiss morphed into an inferno of need. Jessica had seen a great deal of sex this past five days and she was beyond horny. Lynne felt her need and dropped her hand to Jessica’s pussy. Lynne giggled into Jessica’s mouth. Jessica was dripping!

Jessica’s lips were on fire with need. It filled her. Coupled with anticipation for the night, she was a wreck.

Lynne pulled her to the dressing room and locked the door. Lynne pulled Jessica’s one-piece suit off her shoulders, pulled it down and off. She pushed Jessica to the seat, spread her legs and knelt on the soft, padded floor.

Lynne attacked Jessica’s pussy like a ravenous animal, licking, sucking and gently biting. Jessica moaned, gasped and squealed her delight. Lynne’s hands kneaded Jessica’s C cup breasts with their rock hard nipples. Jessica pulled Lynne to her clit. Lynne sucked it into her mouth and bit down gently while her tongue whipped the engorged button mercilessly.

Jessica screamed in orgasm, but Lynne continued until several screams later, Jessica pushed her away. Lynne’s knees started to hurt, so she stood and caressed Jessica’s shoulders.

“You taste great!”

Jessica looked up with wonder in her eyes. They smiled at each other and left the room to the showers to get the salt off them, talking about the night to come.

Lynne inserted a finger in Jessica’s pussy before they exited. Jessica still leaked excitement.

Ian waited patiently at the pool, rising as they approached.

“Open wide,” Lynne said inserting her finger in his mouth, “This is what Jessica tastes like.” Jessica giggled, the flame of passion burst bright again.

Jessica joined them for dinner, the spotlight clearly on Lynne. Both Ian and Jessica wanted her and were obviously trying to seduce her. They both succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Jessica and Lynne left to get ready. Ian would give Lynne an hour before returning to their room. Lynne hated to be rushed. Ian wondered if he would fulfill two of his fantasies tonight.

Beth and Kat came to his table. He started to rise, but Kat gently pushed him back into his seat. “Can we join you?” Kat asked with a slight southern US accent.

“Sure,” Ian said apprehensively. He knew they were upset at his relationship with Lynne.

“I want to apologize,” Beth said, “I was angry with Lynne, thinking of my Dad and how he’ll miss her. Don’t misunderstand me, he will, but when he sees her so alive and full of love, he’ll be OK.” She extended her hand. He took it. Kat jumped into his lap and kissed his cheek. “Just be good to her. She’s a keeper.”

When he got to their room, Lynne had a towel around her body and another around her hair. She’d just finished shaving for the night’s activities.

“Had an interesting hour, Love,” she looked at him quizzically, “Beth and Kat talked with me for awhile. Then Alice came over. They apologized for being upset and told me they had never seen you so happy so Michael won’t have a problem. They asked me to tell you.”

She flew into his arms. If Beth apologized, it would all be set right. The guilt that had hidden in her heart evaporated.

He took his shower, shaved and put on linen pants with a drawstring. He was Commando beneath.

When he came out, he was surprised to see condoms on the bed stand. Two fantasies might be explored tonight.

Lynne simply sparkled with joy. She already felt Ian was her husband, her one and only. That didn’t mean they could not share their bodies, but they would never share their hearts.

She wore a thin dressing gown with a sash tied loosely. She was one tug from being naked. Her makeup screamed sex. Her long flowing hair was pulled into a single thick ponytail as she anticipated a good deal of oral play and didn’t want her hair in the way.

They barely heard the gentle knock. Brown eyes met gray in thrilled anticipation. Lynne hit play and music filled the room.

Jessica looked fabulous. During the day, she wore little makeup since she was frequently in the water. Now she looked a flawless, green-eyed beauty. She wore a beach cover-up, thong and beach sandals. She wore her thick, blonde hair pulled into a ponytail.

Ian handed her a flute of champagne. Lynne joined them, “To a night of wonder.” They drank.

Lynne took Ian’s hand and led him to a chair. “You get to watch until we ask you to join,” Lynne said releasing her inner slut.

When she turned around Jessica wore only her birthday suit. Lynne tugged her sash and joined her. Each held the other with one arm while the other hand explored the mysteries of the other woman.

Jessica had almost been a world-class runner until a knee injury had ended her career. She had an athlete’s confidence. She kept in shape in the gym, pools and ocean at the resort. Her ass was well muscled, beautifully shaped and rounded without any cellulite. Her c cup tits were full and topped with pink aureoles and long, now hard nipples.

The kiss ended with Jessica leading Lynne to the bed, positioning her so Ian could see. Jessica took her time, kissing every erogenous zone only women can find. By the time Jessica reached her breasts, Lynne was in a universe of pleasure, her nipples steely while her pussy streamed fluid.

Jessica sucked her right nipple hard. Lynne stiffened and gasped. Jessica moved her right arm until her hand was just above Lynne’s sex. She extended her index finger with its long nail. She found the opening with the tip of her finger. Lynne moaned and began to tremble.

Jessica bit down on the nipple while dragging her fingernail gently up Lynne’s slit to her clit, flicking it just once.

Lynne screamed as her orgasm exploded through her.

Jessica levitated to between Lynne’s legs and began to suck her clit. She captured it in her teeth and tortured it with her tongue. The incredible sensations fueled multiple orgasms. Lynne thrashed, but kept pulling Jessica to her pussy.

Her leg cramped, pain fueling her final orgasm. “IIIIIIIIIANNNNNNNNNNNN!” and she collapsed.

Jessica helped her knead the cramp, stretching her leg out, toes up. It released.

Covered with Lynne’s juice, Jessica came to Ian and drew him into a very wet kiss. He surprised her, drawing her into a warm embrace as he licked Lynne’s fluid from her face and chest. His hands stayed around her waist and on her hip, but they hummed with sensuality. She looked into his eyes and surrendered her lips to his.

The small part of her that still liked men seemed to grow inside her.

“Hey bitch, don’t try to steal my man!” Lynne said it as a joke, but her eyes were deadly serious. She joined them in a three-way kiss. She tasted her own juice. She dropped her hand to find Ian’s cock. It was hard as steel.

“Jess, do you mind if he fucks me while I eat you?” she looked at Jessica whose eyes showed wonder. Lynne knew that look. “Or would you rather he joined both of us?”

Jessica’s eyes lit up. “Both.” A little part of Lynne cried out, ‘not again.’

Ian was no fool. He saw Lynne’s wounded eyes, but could not think of a way to change the course of the evening.

“Don’t I get my show first?” Ian asked, trying to give him time to think, “I want to watch the love of my life eat you. Then we’ll see where it goes.”

Lynne heard the love and reassurance. He’d offered to forego his fantasy for her feelings. She finally understood how Beth could share her father. ‘I’m being a little bitch,’ she thought.

She led Jessica to the bed. She reached out to Ian and had him sit close. She wanted to put on a good show for him to apologize. As he approached, she grabbed the pull string on his pants. Now they all wore the same clothing.

He sat next to Jessica while Lynne laid on her other side.

“If you want to play with Ian while I’m between your legs, go ahead,” Lynne said, smiling, “you’re going to taste him later, anyway.”

Ian understood. Lynne had defeated her inner demons.

He watched Lynne begin to kiss Jessica, a soft kiss of invitation. It grew into a fiery lip lock. Ian was forgotten. Incandescent need coursed through Jessica. Lynne matched her intensity. Finally they broke the kiss. Lynne pushed Jessica down.

“Get ready bitch, you’re mine tonight,” Lynne growled. She began to explore the exquisite woman. Ian watched his woman in awe of her raw sensuality. By the time Lynne reached Jessica’s pussy, the room reeked of sex. Jessica streamed lubricant and was gripping the sheets, her eyes closed in concentration.

Ian watched as his gentle Lynne attacked Jessica’s pussy with abandon. Jessica screamed as Lynne found her most sensitive nub. Two fingers opened her pussy lips. Ian saw Lynne’s tongue dart inside, her tongue collecting Jessica’s secret nectar. Lynne sucked the woman’s clit.

Jessica shrieked her climax.

Lynne bit down gently, whipping her tongue across her clit.

She came again with another earsplitting scream. Jessica gripped Lynne’s hair, holding her to her labia, grinding her pussy against Lynne’s mouth.

Another series of misfiring neutrons was followed by another, incoherent shriek.

She released Lynne’s head.

“Help me turn her over,” Lynne said.

Ian helped Lynne turn Jessica onto her stomach. Lynne’s face was covered with Jessica’s juice. Ian kissed her with a passionate desperation.


Lynne’s tongue began to work down Jessica’s ass crack, kneading the firm muscles, spreading the cheeks to give her access to Jessica’s puckered starfish. Her tongue finally reached the nether opening.

Lynne’s hands pried the ass cheeks apart and began to caress the pink starfish with her tongue.

Jessica squealed weakly. Lynne looked at Ian, motioning to the lube on the bedside.

Even as her tongue caressed, Lynne began to add a finger to her instruments of pleasure, spreading strawberry lube around and finally in Jessica’s ass.

Jessica moaned. Lynne gently inserted one finger, using it to pry her anus open. She added a second heavily lubed finger.

Jessica came to life, coming to her knees. Lynne motioned Ian to kneel behind Jessica. Lynne lovingly lubed his cock. Ian finally understood. He positioned himself behind Jessica.

Lynne whispered something to her. Jessica shook her head, whispering a reply.

“Pussy first, then her ass, darling,” Lynne said too soft for Jessica to hear. She took his cock and slid it along her inner lips, parting them. Finding her opening, Lynne gently pushed him forward, “be very gentle. No condoms.”

Lynne lay on her back and squirmed beneath, her face inches from Jessica’s. They began an intimate kiss. Lynne didn’t have to watch to see what Ian was doing. It was plainly written on Jessica’s face.

Ian pushed forward a little. Her tunnel clutched at him. She was very tight. He moved forward when he felt her press back. He started to impale her. He felt something. Not believing, he pushed gently forward. His way was obstructed. She was a virgin! He felt Lynne’s fingers on his balls urging him forward.

He coiled and ripped through her hymen. Jessica shrieked her pain into Lynne’s mouth.

Ian pulled back and froze. He felt her channel desperately trying to adjust to his shaft. He’d heard her suppressed cry.

He felt her push back. He moved forward slowly and in tiny increments, each movement waiting for Jessica’s signal.

Finally she was fully impaled. She began to rotate her hips, grinding in rhythm to the music. Ian felt Lynne’s fingers on Jessica’s clit. Jessica danced in rhythm, caressing his cock deep inside her.

Jessica’s breathing became ragged. She lost her rhythm. Ian directed her hips. She began to climb the mountain of her climax. Ian willed himself to wait.

Jessica began to move in frantic patterns, slamming onto his cock. Ian met her passion. Lynne sucked Jessica’s nipples, frantically rubbing her clit.

Jessica let out a primal scream as she climaxed. Ian felt her tunnel flutter than grip his shaft in a death grip. His control failed.

“I’m cumming,” he announced.

Jessica ground her pussy against him, telling him to come inside her.

He exploded inside her. His spasming shaft triggered another violent climax. Jessica collapsed forward feeling Ian’s shaft slip from her pussy.

Lynne pounced and began caressing her leaking labia, tasting the mixed blood, semen and female juice until a weak voice begged, “enough.”

They lay exhausted, Jessica in the middle. Explanations would be for tomorrow, but Jessica looked at Lynne and quietly said, “Thank you, thank you. It was incredible,” Jessica looked at Ian who had wonder in his eyes.

He smiled and pulled Jessica close. “You are incredible. I’m sorry I hurt you, but you are so special. I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much.”

Lynne surrendered her heart and soul to Ian that night.

Trials and Tribulations of A’s sub

Trials and Tribulations of A sub.

Lauren and I had been getting to know each other for a while. Various chance encounters had led to the two of us getting closer to each other. Whilst not shy in coming forward, she remained a bit of an enigma with her closely guarded emotions. Having looked on from afar, whilst she maintained her relationship with Mark and looked after her son Josh, I thought there was always the potential there for something more but to date nothing had been forthcoming. One night, after a random conversation this all changed……..

How to describe Lauren? At 26 she stands at a petite 5”4 with a sensuous hour glass shape. Brown hair with highlights dress forth from her Jamaican roots. Her devilish brown eyes always dance with a playful hint of mischief. Her lightly bronzed skin wraps itself around her tight frame. She is the sort of girl that can leave men foaming at the mouth, with her hour glass figure, Size F breasts and a flirty nature many men have tried. What Lauren keeps somewhat secret however, is her perverse kinky side.

When away from prying eyes and behind closed doors her demeanour changes from lady to a freak between the sheets.

“There's easier ways to get a lady to strip” Lauren replied, her usual flirty tone, highlighted by the chirp of the text on the phone.

“Oh really, So If I had said so, you would have done it” I replied, in a slightly intrigued way. Was there enough in the text to indicate she was interested……

A short pause ensued before the phone lit up again.

“Hypothetically speaking, if no one gets hurt……..” She continued the conversation but the message was well and truly out of the box. As the conversation continued various strands of their friendship converged into one.

Already knowing Lauren's kink of humiliation, ideas formed in my head. This could become quite exciting indeed.
“I'm going to give you some tasks to do. I expect them done.”

Would she take the bait…..

“What sort of tasks” came her reply.

“For large parts of your near future now, I am going to own your body. You will cum on request, perform for me how I see fit and we will stretch your limits with your submission”

“Simple one to start with, you have to come up with 5 punishments, for when you fail a task, for every poor punishment you suggest a video of yours will be posted online for the whole world to see how much of a slut you are. You shall also not wear any panties in work today!”

“Ok” she replied, a slight whirl of anticipation was in the air. Would she see the challenge through? Whilst she thought she was submissive, some of the tasks would really push her boundaries out, whilst she liked the idea of that, how would it play out?

Later on that day, the message came through, she had done as requested. Her paper thin pencil skirt covered her round shapely ass, leaving little to the imagination. As the day wore on she could feel eyes in the back of her head, people staring at her ass, trying to detect the outline of her thong. Would anyone notice? The thought turned her on and she started to get wet. Her mind raced at the things she wanted to do. Sat next to her boss and colleagues, the turn on of being so filthy just under their noses made her wet even more. She started thinking about her punishments. Whilst the idea of the videos also turned her on, she was somewhat reluctant to get caught. The punishments would have to be suitable! She liked a bit of pain but a enjoying a punishment wasnt an option. She knew I would decide if they were suitable and I wasnt to messed around.

Her phone lit up startling her out of her day dream.

“At 3.30pm Go to the toilet, drop your skirt and finger yourself hard for 5 mins, I want the juices to pour out of you.” Her breath became somewhat shallow for a while, the thought immensely turned her on. But how would she complete the task, at work? As the minutes ticked down, she made her excuses about making a call and scampered off to the bathroom. Inside the toilet, she waited for the final minute to tick off. She knew he wanted her to really finger herself hard. Beads of sweat appeared at the bottom of her neck as she knew if anyone else came in to an apparent empty toilet, the sounds of her fingering herself furiously would be apparent. She eased the pencil skirt down her legs and just let it hold around her knees. She reached down to her pussy and was slightly shocked at how wet she was, her fingers glistened as she started working them in and out of her pussy. She tried to stiffle a moan but was unsuccesful. She added another finger and started to pound her pussy , sloshing noises rebounded round the bathroom, as her fingers disappeared at pace inside her. She pushed deep in her pussy and dragged her nails down the velvety flesh of her pussy inside her. The thoughts of her humiliation and vulnerability pushed her on further. She felt the orgasm build inside her but just as she drew close, the alarm went, her 5 mins were up. Panting as she pulled her skirt back up, wishing she had the comfort of her panties to hide the smell of her sex and to mop up some of the obvious juices running down her legs, she returned to work, informing me that she had fulfilled her task. As she left the bathroom she licked the juices off her fingers. She was enjoying being a submissive and being tested, it excited her more than she had believed it could do.

“Make your excuses tonight, I want to see you for dinner!” I replied, maintaining my composure but knowing quite simply if she had been there I would forced her against the wall and pounded into her to secure some release.

It had not been easy to organise time out that evening. Lauren's mind had been wandering all day. Her episode in the bathroom and left her pussy aching to be touched and finished off. She was dying to find some time to get her vibrator out and orgasm as she knew she could. Furthermore telling Mark she was off out to meet her friend, had caused a little awkwardness. If he knew what really was going on there would be hell to pay. As she dressed for the meal, she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked good, she knew it. Her fantasies of being used and explored sexually were on the precipice of being realised. Her heart beat a bit faster.

The meal passed without incident, much to her frustration. She couldnt work out why I had not issued her another task. She ached to please and perform.

“Get in your car and follow me, I'm going to fuck you and make you swallow my cum”

She oozed just at the thought. As they followed in tandem down the city streets, they came up to a small housing estate. Dimly lit they pulled to the end of the lane just outside a small set of apartments. I beckoned her into the car. The kissing started, passionately they explored each other before it quickly turned into nibbling. The hot breath on her collarbone caused her to moan involuntarily. As she slipped out of her jeans, she noticed I had done the same. Her breasts pushed to be released from her bra, literally bursting at the seams, I grabbed her head.

“At no point do I want to see you use your hands, I am going to fuck your face and throat now”

The humiliation of being spoken to like a whore, turned her on further. She further went into her submissive trance as she put her hands behind her back.

“Look at me, whilst I fuck you in the head”

Her eyes stared into mine. As her lips engulfed the cock she noted how much she liked the taste. She also noticed how big this cock was. Maybe 9 inches in length but the girth was the real key, so thick it pushed its way down into her throat. She had not gagged before on a cock, it didnt take long before she started gagging on this cock. As her dark brown eyes fluttered with panic, her throat spasmed around the cock. I held her head in place firmly. The 2nd gag caused her to shut her eyes, I instantly ordered her to reopen them. She gagged a third time, tears streamed from her eyes. Her mascara ran down her eyes. She could feel the tears. Never before had she really been treated like this. She was loving every minute and craved more. The lack of oxygen was getting to her now and as she gagged a 4th time she started to choke. She felt her head being lifted as I allowed her to breathe in. She coughed up some spit on my cock and I wiped It over her face. Keeping her hands behind her she had moved her hands down to her pussy now, finding it soaking and yearning to be touched. She moaned as her fingers found their spot. Pumping into her pussy with rhythm. She was loving every minute of being A's slut. Her head was forced down on to the cock again, this time not as far as last time, however this time I started pumping my cock into her face. Her eyes rolled back into her head. The sloshing sounds from her pussy were matched by those of the cock being repeatedly forced down her throat. She tried to resist moving her head back but finding it was being firmly held in place. More tears followed, she did as she was told and stared back into my eyes. Watching as I fucked her throat over and over again. Her pace picked up further than she thought possible. It was almost like she was punching herself in the pussy she was hitting in that hard now. As she started to blackout again she noticed she was brought up for air, coughing up more saliva and spit over her face. Her face was now covered with spit, saliva and little bits of precum. She loved her looks, she spent an age everyday making sure she looked her very best. It was one of the things that defined her. She was loving the humiliation of being turned into a sex toy. She could imagine what she looked like with smeared mascara, coating her face and the spit and other juices hardening over her pristine skin.

Whilst still day dreaming she hadnt noticed I saw how hard she was pumping her pussy. I flipped her around into a simply doggy position, her Jeans kept her knees tight together making her pussy even tighter than it would normally be. Looking at her pussy, she was practically flowing with juices. I forced her own fingers down her throat as she cleaned herself up. I spat at her pussy, hearing her whimper and sink further into her submissive and humiliated role. This was not normal sex, she was forced back onto the cock as it ploughed inside her. Screaming yes she sensed her orgasm about to overwhelm her. I held her hips and with no tenderness, started fucking her like the dirty whore she knew she was but a side virtually no one else had seen. As she tried to catch her breath as I pulled and pushed her hips into me, the cock being slammed into her pussy, her orgasm was complete, forcing a hard orgasm out of her. Her clit by now engorged was being teased by my fingers and she desperately tried to calm me down so she could recover from her orgasm but it didnt happen. The force was infact increased the cock now slamming into her pussy, waves of fluid poured out of her. As she felt the hand roughly grab her air forcing another moan and scream out of her, I pulled out letting her juices out of her. She thought this would be her chance to recover but as I flipped her onto her back, my knees pinning her arm down, she suddenly realised what was coming next. She was about to taste her own juices and more importantly she knew he was going to cum in her mouth. I pushed hard and barbarically into her throat, instantly causing her to gag, as I came into her throat I pushed myself back allowing the next spurts to drop into her mouth, making sure she tasted every last drop of me. After telling her to clean my cock and make sure she sucked every drop of cum out of me, we pulled apart.

“I loved it, Thank you”She gasped.

“Would you fuck me tomorrow, I should be able to be yours all night as Mark is away with Josh.”

I told her to say please. “Do I have to” she replied, regaining her composure.

“Yes if you want it to happen” the stern reply came back.

Snapping back into her submissive mode,

“Please fuck me tomorrow?” she said

I scribbled down the address of a hotel and told her to be there at midnight. Any later and I wont let you cum for a week!

“I couldnt do that” she replied.

“You will do what you are told”

Whilst still friends, she noted the tone of the voice and realised, that when like this together. Her role was submissive and always would be.


She turned up at the hotel, wearing her suspenders, and a long shirt dress that came down above her thighs. She looked sexy, she knew it, it was turning her on. However she had worn it to turn me on. As I saw her enter the building, my cock stood to attention showing it had worked.

She knocked on the door and walked into the room. Normally she had power over men when dressed like this. It was a comfort blanket she liked. She was impressed that it didnt seem to have the same affect on me. It instantly made her feel submissive.

As we kissed our hands started roaming, it wasnt sensual but it was erotic. Clothes were strewn around the room, get on the bed, face down and ass in the air. Treated like the piece of meat she craved to be, she quickly got into a position. I pulled her thong off her, soaked before we had even started. Open your mouth, she did as requested, she wasnt expecting as her pussy juice soaked thong was pushed down her mouth and partially into her throat. She partially gagged but held it in.

“I'm going to spank you” She rubbed her legs together, she had enjoyed being spanked.

However what came next was not what she expected. Her image of being spanked was a few spanks when she was being fucked.

“I want you to count to ten, with every spank”

The first spank hit are on the ass, jarring her back into reality. She bit down on her thong, forcing more of the juice into her mouth. An instant red welt appeared on her ass.

“2….3……4……5 (whimper)”
The spanks fell on her ass, alternating cheek to cheek. The timing was moved for each one so she couldnt get into a routine. Her eyes remained shut as she tried to counteract the pain by focusing.


Tears in her eyes and her ass started glowing. Little bruises were starting to form on her ass from the intensity of the spanks. She was screaming 9 and 10 as the final few landed. Her ass was really glowing now. Some purple marks indicated the bruising that would form later.

As I finished I grabbed her head and started finger fucking her, she was dripping from the start. The humiliation and pain of the spanks had worked their magic. 1 finger soon went to 3 and finally 4 and they moved in and out of her with a blur. Forcing her pussy open as wide as it could be, my hand was soaking in her juices. She clearly enjoyed it hard and as 1 finger pressed down inside her the rest of my hand smacked into her, crushing her lips. Her body was in turmoil the pain charged around her body but further turning her on. She didnt understand the sensation but was craving more and more. She came quickly leaving a wet pool on the bed. As she climbed on top and forced her legs wide and rode the cock her 2nd and 3rd orgasms ripped out of her, complete with a full on squirt soaking my cock and chest as she moved her pussy up to prove how much she was gushing.

As her legs trembled, I grabbed her throat and started playing with her massive tits. Biting and nibbling her nipples watching her reaction as the pain went through her.

“You have 2 minutes to get my cock as wet as possible before I rip your ass open”

The words sparked her into a frenzy, she sucked the cock like a seasoned whore. Desperately spitting on it to get it as wet as possible.

“Resume your position”, as she did so with her ass In the air, I mused over how comfortable all this felt yet only days ago this would never have even crossed my mind. Her hands grasped the pillow and duvet as my cock started its assault of her ass. She gritted her teeth in pain. Eyes firmly shut she bit her lip hard. It was evident she hadnt been fucked in the ass in a while and certainly by not such a large cock. She thrashed around as her ass slowly started giving in, cm by cm. The cock worked its way inside her. I could feel as her ass slowly gave in, feeling my descent further inside in. She screamed as the pace picked up, my cock fucking her ass, her head thrashing round. Screaming at equal amounts of pleasure and pain. Her ass was very tight, gripping the cock tightly. She loved being submissive, more importantly she loved being my submissive. Her ass was a sight to behold. gripping tightly onto my cock, her pussy still dripping from before as her fingers worked their way inside her. I pushed a bit harder and her ass gave in, taking the cock fully. She screamed a bit higher and moaned deeper. Her fantasies were being rolled into one and replayed over and over. When I had judged she couldnt take any more pain I pulled out of her ass. As she sobbed quietly whilst regaining composure I told her I wanted to see her lick her ass off my cock. She knew what she was doing. Maintaining eye contact all the way through she licked my cock from shaft to top showing me her tongue was tasting her ass. How she loved this humiliation.

I was now eager to cum, she had orgasmed again with her fingers in her pussy whilst I had pounded her ass. I spat on her ass watching the spit slide down her little brown hole and drip down onto her pussy. Without warning I slipped my cock inside her, grabbed her around the throat and with one hand on her hip pumped hard and fast over and over into her. She couldnt keep her balance and as she fell her hair ripped back into my hand. She was being fucked like she had only dreamed of, her body ached. In pain and in pleasure. Her ass was now bruising off, her head hurt all over. Her hair has been pulled from all angles, her eyes were covered in tears. Her head had been left off the lip of the bed allowing me to really fuck deeply into her throat, everytime she coughed up it covered her face. Her body was covered in bite marks and her ass stung with every pounding her pussy received. I came deep inside her, unable to hold myself any further. She moaned to another orgasm and bounced her pussy up and down at the same time milking my cock of every last drop of cum.

As we curled up I whispered into her ear.

“ next time im going to cum in your ass and have you eat my cum out of your ass in a spoon” Her mind was overwhelmed. She needed this more than she dared admit and as much as she tried to remain aloof she curled up completely comfortable in her own submission and drifted off into a sex induced coma.

Candy From Strangers 3 : Bonding With the Boys

It was a glorious summer morning in the seaside town of Heaven’s Cove. The birds were chirping, the flowers in full bloom, neighbours waving and wishing everyone a great day. Even here on Rosemary Drive it was just a picturesque. No one could tell from a casual look that beginnings of the end of innocence for this sleepy town was already fast at work in the Chesterson home.

Ted woke up later than he had wanted to, normally his internal clock he could set other clocks to. But already he was an hour late for work and it would take an hour just to get there. Looking over at the other side of the bed he noticed Franny his pretty younger wife wasn’t in it. He couldn’t really blame her after rejecting her advances last night, she was probably already out jogging again so as to avoid a morning fight. But he could bet he’d get an earful when he got home.

His pride and joy twin sons James and Marshall were still in bed after helping the sweet old lady that lived next door. Franny adored them, his step daughter Hannah adored them, he bet the little old lady adored them. He just wished he had been half as robust and virile as them when he was their age. He even doubted that, he didn’t think he could be anywhere near virile in this house.

These thoughts while new, still seemed natural to him. That wasn’t his fault at al, this wasn’t a psychological issue it was a physiological one. He had been taking the blue and white “ candies” from next door, and their effect on him had been an inhibitory one. It lowered his energy, his sex drive had vastly diminished, his metabolism slowed down, he was becoming more passive. In short, the drug was turning him into a wimp, and he was completely unaware.

Heck, he even grabbed a handful of the blueberry and liquorice “candies” as he rushed off to work, because they were just so darned tasty.

The slamming of the door woke the Chesterson boys from a fitful sleep. The twin boys had been powering down a heavy stream of all three of the drug varieties on request of the raunchy sex queen old lady next door. These drugs had already had a noticeable affect.

The boys were stronger now, their metabolism had sped up, they ate tonnes more in order to keep up with their physiques. They had boundless energy and confidence, not to mention their dick had grown by 4 inches in a week. Mrs Higgins knew the affects were cumulative but a certain point the growth stopped, she was just curious as to when. Afterwards the drug would be for maintaining virility and pheromone release.

Not to mention dear Franny Chesterson who had also taken a multitude of the very same drugs mistaking them for candy as well. Their effect on her wasn’t as physiologically changing as of the boys at this point, but the triple combination had also activate her own pheromonal release, which in turn reacted with her twin stepsons pheromonal discharge.

The triple threat in men made them aggressive, caused muscle and penile growth, acted as birth control and a panacea to hostile viruses, but it also made them appear as sexually attractive partners. The female triple combination did the same inverse; a heightened sexual desire, birth control and virus inhibition, but it alsso regulated the body to be more receptive to reproduction and attraction. Hence, the breasts grew larger, the hips wider. In prolonged interaction with the triple release of the male it would also adapt the birth canal making it more receptive to males of larger more “ alpha” sizes.

The process certainly wasn’t painless, in fact the boys attributed their sore and aching genital to the week long pounding sessions of Mrs Higgins next door all week. Franny could already feel them in her, her breasts felt swollen and a constant ache and near itching in her crotch, which she also attributed to her desire for her husband and quiet fantasies about her stepsons. In fact, this was what woke her up this morning.
She realized with a start where she was when she opened her eyes and felt panicked. The busty blonde step mom was asleep in her twin boys closet where she had sough refuge the night before. She had been furiously masturbating watching her hung stepchildren fuck the living daylights out their allegedly retiring next door neighbour. She had fallen asleep naked, her sports bra and underwear still discarded on the floor of the boys room.

She felt ashamed and dirty, yet somehow still completely calm and pacified as if this was how she was supposed to feel ( the drugs influence on her) while she hid in the closet. She prayed the twin boys would rush on downstairs for breakfast and let her sneak off in to the master bedroom down the hall and get into some clothes. But in seems the twins were in no hurry today.

“ Man, I am beat from last night”, James said

“ Yeah, she really drained our balls”, Marshall kicked in

The boys laughed at that and Franny just wanted to diapear, they were back at it again like they were last night. Talking about how much fun it was fucking the little old lady next door in all three holes. Franny was ashamed to admit it, but even now she had some arousal at the memories of watching them fuck her silly.

“ Just thinking about it is making me hard again”, Marshall exclaimed.

“ We shouldn’t have slept in so late, we could have dumped a couple more loads in her before she went to the airport”, James joked

The two boys laughed at this, but Franny could actually see in her minds eye what they were talking about and she felt her juices flowing. The room was still permeated with the musk of last night, so her receptors were still charged for ex. The fact that the boys were getting hard just released more into the air. She could feel herself ache and hungry in her loins.

“ Shit, you’re jacking off, trying to see if you think you can still beat me to fuck her ass first?” James said

“ Yeah, I’m pretty sure my cock is bigger than yours”

“ Bullshit, mine is a monster now, just you see”

Now the boys were both jacking off and could Franny could hear the steady fapping of their meat from inside the closet. She swore she could smell their meat from where she was, the images of them with their big cocks in their hands dancing in her mind. Those huge sweet pieces of man meat, she was thinking. Her hands went almost involuntarily to her sopping pussy even in the confines of the closet.

“ I’m not going to measure you r dick, I’m not gay” Marshall laughed

“ Get a fucking ruler, I’ll sit on your bed, faggot”, James joked back

Oh god, now they were sitting on the same bed. Their big meat hard and ready for a woman to be thoroughly devoured. To be trusted into over and over again untill she was a wreck of a satisfied woman. She twisted around to try to peer through a crack in the door, ever so quietly getting on her hands and knees to see.

There they were both sitting on Marshalls bed. The twin blonde athletic 16 year old boys were sporting massive erections. They both individually ere slowly stroking their meat and passing a ruler back and forth to each other to check. Their lean hard muscular bodies and their mighty beasts was the only things she was truly fixated on. She was almost salivating at the thought of sucking their dicks.

“ Shit, I think we are both the same”, James complained

“ Bro, hate to admit it, but I think you’re longer, but I’m thicker”, Marshall said

“ Speaking of thick, Franny’s ass is looking pretty good these days”

They both laughed at that, Franny blushed. Dirty boys, it wasn’t right that they were staring at their stepmothers ass. But she was also very flattered that such prime pieces of virility thought her big ass was sexy. Her husband hated it, so this was a real thrill.

‘ Yeah, if she wasn’t our step mom I would totally tap that ass”

“ Totally, I would love to see that fat ass jiggle as I pounded her doggy style”

Her pussy almost purred at the compliments, Franny had to admit she would love nothing more than those boys lined up to fuck her from behind. Their huge cocks pounding into her, dumping load after load into her like they did next door. Sucking off one boy hard untill he was ready.

“ If she was here right now, I’d shove my dick down her throat”

Her juices were dripping down her leg right now.

“Yeah see if we could fit both our cock in between those lips of hers”

She trembled a the image of this subservience, the drugs had totally done her in again and her body trembled through a small orgasm without being touched. She even outright moaned and her hand went flying to her clit to rub one out as she fantasized.

James and Marshall but jerked up at this sound from their closet, they took a quickly look at each other and got up towards the closet. Franny had only closed her eye for a second but when she peaked out she saw the giant cocks coming toward here. This was a nightmare or a fantasy she couldn’t tell which.

The boys stepped to either side, ready to attack the intruder ; oblivious to their own nudity. The pheromones of the step mom and the moys now permeated the room.. She was now sexually fully charged and subservient and they were pumped with tester one and lust. They ripped the door’s wide open and their eyes bugged out of their head and what they saw.

There was their blonde big titted step mother on her knees before them. She was sweaty and flush. Her nipples were hard like diamonds and her chest was heaving with lust. They could smell her sex and see the juices dripping down her thighs. She had a hungry lost look in her eyes with half lidded lust.

“ Cocks. Give me your cocks”, she grunted looking only at their swollen manhoods.

The boys stood for a second stunned, looked at each other. Then laughed and gave each other a high five.

“ If you insist”, James said stepping forward to his step mom.

Franny reached out and gripped James dick in one hand and stretched her hand t grab Marshall’s stick by the other. Her hands could barely wrap around their girth. They were burning hot and throbbing her hands. A James stepped forward all thought of morality or her husband completely vanished and she wrapped her lips around his cockhead.

It was so wonderful tasting him, her tongue twirled out and tasted his pre cum. Positively delicious. She hungry slurped on her stepson’s tool, then turned her head to get a taste of Marshall as well. Equally delicious. She alternated sucking on them, swapping back and forth, jerking off one while sucking the other. The boys loved it.

James grabbed one her boobs in his hand and she groaned at his touch on her. Marshall followed hi lead and gripped the other tit. They started rubbing and tweaking her rock hard nipples which sent shivers up and down her spine. This almost pushed her over the edge, she groaned and increased her gusto.

The boys were so turned on by having their busty step mom sucking them off, they were getting close to cumming already. In turn Franny was lost in the moment and almost anything could set her off now. He shuddered as they played with her nipples and that was enough to set the boys off.

James was in her mouth when he came, he fired volleys into her mouth which she was mostly unprepared for. She tried spilling it out but end up swallowing some his seed just not choke, the rest dribbled out of her lips and down her chin. Marshall on the other hand pained her face with his load, covering her cheek and nose with hi spunk.

“ Eat it”, James told her

Mrs Higgins was very suggestible to their commands, so Marshall didn’t think this would be much different as if he expected this was what normal sex was like. Neither boy not the step mom knew her total sexual submission was part and parcel due to the candies

Franny thought it was nasty and disgusting, but she wanted to do nothing more then to please her virile studs, so she scooped up the cum from her cheek and lips. It was warm and salty, but there was also something downright rich and sweet and savoury, an extra bonus to pwer of the evil drugs. She found herself lapping it up and even licking her fingers clean.

“ Holy cow, she’s almost as nasty as Mrs Higgins”

Now she was hurt, “ Almost?” she pleaded.

Franny was never the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree and this drug was really brining out the most naïve part of her. The boys laughed at her childlike indignation.

“ Tell you what *Mommy*, how about you come over to my bed and let me titfuck you while James fucks you from behind”

A shiver ran through her. Yes, she wanted this, but she was cheating on her husband now. What could she do, But her desire for cock won through

“ Okay” she said

Marshall sat on the edge of the bed , hi thick dick proudly standing out. She waddled over on her knee and got between his legs. God, he was still hard she marvelled, Ted would come once be done for a couple days, these two looked they could go forever. Franny nuzzled her face against it firm girht and breathed deeply of his musk. She bobbed her head down and started licking at his balls too. He was smooth shaven, something she had always wanted Ted to try but thought was too porn star. She would have to thank Mrs Higgins for this.

She felt James strong hand grip her back ide and knead it like a ball of dough. She gaped and smiled, they really did like her big ass. Then she felt him start pushing his fat cockhead against her dripping wet labia and hi yearning to push in.

“ Oh my, it’s really going to happen, you’re to fuck…” , Franny said out loud but interrupted.

What interrupted her was James pushing himself deeply and quickly into her. He was so fucking huge! Her 16 year old step son was stretching her open in ways she could imagine. She was so full and it felt so right. His big dick pushed deep into her chasm, hey jaw dropped open and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. This was what a real man felt like she thought, she could never go back to a small dick now.

“ Oh my god, you’re so fucking big” she groaned to her boys

“ Shut up and start titfucking me “, Marshall said

She complied immediately, she really didn’t know what she was supposed to be doing having never done it before. Marshall seemed like an old hand at it though. He pushed his dick between her tits and told her to squeeze them together. With her hands squeezing her tits together she was merely held up by leaning against Marshall while James hands gripped her hips.

The boy got into a steady rhythm of fucking her on either end, every time James would pull most of his meat out of her, Marshall would thrust his big dick up between her boobs. It was like a well pistoned three part machine. James was pounding his entire length into her with hi heavy balls slapping up against her ass. Every time Marshalls cockhead would pop out from between her big tits, she kept her head bent over and her mouth open so she could give a little suck of the cockhead; which would escape her lips with a very audible ‘pop’ sound.

The boys grunted and groaned as they double teamed their step mom, this probably twice as hot as banging Mrs Higgins. True their step mom wasn’t anywhere near a raunchy as Mrs Higgins, but it was far more taboo. They weren’t supposed to be doing this, but it felt to good to stop.

They went on like for a good half hour at the very least, pistoning in and out of her like a machine. Franny’s jaw was aching and her pussy was in overload. She had already shook through a couple small cums when James stretched her even further . James could feel himself tensing up and that wash of electricity starting in his balls and cock coming over him.

“ Oh shit, oh shit, I’m gonna blow”

Franny pulled her head away from the titfucking to call out over her houlder, “ Yes, please, cum in me , cum in me”

That was all James needed and he gripped Franny by the hips hard and thrust balls deep into her as he unloaded his juice. Franny could feel him in her throat it seemed , and the seed of warmth billowing inside her set her off on a tremendous cum. He shook and trembled as he kept pumping his jizz into her.Marshalls watching his step mom shake through a cum made him fire his load in a geyser between her tits, coating her boobs and her neck.

The boys away from her, when James pulled his big dick out of her Franny whimpered feeling empty inside. She just leaned against the bed on her knees and shook subtly as her stepsons spunk dribbled out of her pussy and down between her tits.

Franny didn’t have to wait long too long to lose that empty feeling though. The twins had merely decided to change positions. James pulled up Franny’s head by the hair so that he could scoot in front of her, while Marshall was in his hands and knees behind her, already pushing his tick shaft up into her snatch.

Franny began to wrap her tits around James’ big dick when he stopped her, “ Naw, I want you to swallow my dick instead *Mommy*”.

The boys laughed at that, even if it humiliated her a bit and Marshall spanked her big jiggly ass. The boys started double teaming the woman that was over twice their age that was raising htem. James had her hair gripped firmly in one hand and was thrusting his cock up while pushing her head down his tool. Marshall meanwhile was pummelling at away at her sperm dripping cunt in a desperate attempt to cum in her honey hole

This went on for an hour at least. James gagging Franny with his big dick while Marshall pounded her steamy twat like a jackhammer. She must have cum half a dozen more times, shaking through them as the boys used her like a ragdoll. When she wasn’t gagging on James’ dick, he had her rolling her tongue around his balls. When Marshall slowed down a bit on her punished pussy it would be only long enough to give her ass several firm hand-print spanks on her jiggly rump.

Eventually Marshall dumped a deposit of sperm in her and flowed down her thighs like the previous load now crusted to her. A few minutes later, James thrust her head down his dick as he fire volley after volley down her throat. She gagged a bit and sum escaped her lips, but she swallowed obediently as much as she could.

Thi time when they pulled away it wasn’t to take turns, so she leaned forward and collapsed her upper half on the bed. She was trembling and exhausted. The boys had fucked her silly. Her legs felt like jello and her pussy throbbed, both in joy and soreness.

“ Damn, we should take a picture” James said

She turned her head to them, they were so handsome standing there. Young strong bodies, their cocks still hard. They looked at her like they had conquered a mountain. She felt like a woman fulfilled. A woman owned.

“I’ve got a camera” Marshall joke

“ Oh don’t be mean”, Franny half whimpered

Marshall fished his camera out of his draw and flashed a quick shot, Franny turned her head away in time though. How embarrassing.

“ You ever take it in the ass * Mommy*?”

Franny sheepishly blushed, Yes, but only from your father, and only on special occasions”

The boys laughed again at this

“ Well today is a special occasion “, James said

“ Yeah, today marks the first day of you being our bitch”

Franny turned her head away and began to whimper and cry. How humiliating that they would talk to her that way. Denigrate her. Denigrate their father like that. The little bastards.

Marshall grabbed Franny by the hair and roughly twisted her around to face him. There was nothing but animal lust and power in his eyes. Marshall bodily pulled hi step mom by the hair to her knees between them. To add to her humiliation the boys started smacking her face with their schlongs, it was like being lightly slapped around.

“ Just say you don’t our cocks anymore and you won’t be our bitch”, James told her dick smacking her

“ But,, but” , Franny tried protesting closing her eyes hoping the humiliation would end

“ Just tell us you don’t want our dicks in you anymore, and we’ll stop” Marshall said

“ But I do!!”, she whimpered tears in her eyes.

“ Then tell us you’re our bitch!, ” James commanded,

‘ I’m your bitch”, Franny whimpered

“ Then you’ll take our cocks in your ass?” Marshall shouted

“ Yes”, Franny whimpered out looking down

“ Yes, you’ll what?”, James asked pulling her head back to look her in the eyes

“ Yes, I’ll take you in the ass “, Franny submitted , “ and the pussy, and the mouth, anyway you want”

The boys laughed and let her go. She was entirely humiliated and completely bound to them now. She was owned by their giant cocks and she knew it. She turned her head down in shame.

“ Good, go get yourself ready, we’re going to get something to eat, I’m starved”, Marshall said

“ Yeah, face down ass up and good to go in your bed, or there will be hell to pay”, James said and the two boy dressed in short and went downstair.s

They couldn’t believe their good luck, they had just spent the last two hours fucking their step mom silly and now had her upstairs waiting for them to sodomize her. It had been an incredible week so far. They were shy virgins a week ago, and now they were dominant bucks.Life couldn’t get any better they told each other as they wandered into the kitchen

That’s when they noticed the bowls of candies on the counter.

“ Fuck me”, James whispered.

The two rushed forward and saw that they were the very same ones they had been instructed implicitly to keep safe and stashed and only to themselves. What made this disaster even worse was that even a cursory glance could tell that candies were at least half gone. Their knapsack was sitting on the kitchen table, in their stupid haste they left it lying out.

The boy looked at each other, their faces turning white

“ Holy fuck, they’ve been eating the pills”, Marshall said.

But it didn’t make sense, if they were , their Dad would have banging the hell out of Franny all night and the house was as quiet as a church mouse. Unless their step mom had….

“That’s why she was so horny!”, James said to his brother.

“ Makes sense, but doesn’t explain Dad not being that way” Marshall mused

“ Mrs Higgins said something about different combinations”, James scratched his head

“Right, we just have to find out what he took and make sure he keeps taking it to keep him off our case”

“ Good plan”, James concurred.

Okay, some combination also made people super not horny the boys concluded. Franny had clearly been taking the whole chemical cocktail. But where was Hannah? Shit, they had nightmares about would happen if a 12 year old girl was running around on the full treatment

They started looking frantically for her, but saw the note on the fridge in her crayon handwriting “ GONE TO TINAS BE BACK HOME SUPPER LUV HANNAH “. Thank Christ for small miracles. They poured the candies back in baggies and planned to hide them in their room. And they would find out from Franny what pills she had been taking and what their Dad had too. They had to bring this quickly back under control.

They eventually settled down and made themselves brunch of French toast, waffles, sausage and bacon. The pills had made them eat more and more to keep up with the growth it was accelerating in their bodies. It took them till almost 1 to finish. That’s when they remembered they forgot about something.

The boy snickered and wandered up stairs and headed for their parents bedroom. They opened the door and smiled at the sight they received.

Franny was face down and ass up on the bed as instructed. Her midsection was propped by all the pillows she could find and she diddling herself with one hand, while slowly pushing in and out a small blue dildo in her ass. She clearly had been at this a while, there were a couple glasses of water by the bed, and she was dripping down her thighs onto the sheets from her diddling.

“ Holy shit, she’s been at this for two hours”, Marshall all but exclaimed

“ Please fuck me” Franny whimpered from the pillows

The two teens high fived and got out of their short, their cocks already at the ready at this erection inducing sight.

“ It was your idea, so you get to go first”, James conceded

“ That’s very white of you, thank you”, Marshall said gratefully

“ But I get Mrs Higgins ass first now”, James smirked

“ Asshole”, Marshall laughed

“ Please fuck me”, Franny whimpered from the pillow

“ Shut up bitch”, Marshall said smacking her ass eliciting a yelp and submission.

Marshall grabbed the bottle of lube their step mother had dutifully prepared from them as well and generously coated his dick with it. He then smeared it all over his stepmother’s ass crack as well. She was trembling and shaking in nervous and scared anticipation.

Marshall started slowly pushing his dick against her puckered hole. James already had the camera out and was flashing digi pics.

“ Oh god, oh god, oh god oh god”, Franny started whimpering into the pillow as Marshall slipped his cockhead into her back door.

Once his cockhead in was in, he firmly trusted.

Franny went apes hit. She started kicking her shins and pounding the pillow with one of her hands. She buried her face in the pillows and howled. Thi just encouraged Marshall some more and he started thrusting harder and deeper. She would kick and scream into the pillows more. Soon Marshall was pounding into her rectum.

Franny screamed and howled into her pillow as she felt like he was being torn apart. Marshall was shoving a log up her ass she swore. She always enjoyed anal sex the couple of times a year her husband would indulge her. It was something she got from her last hubby a often, but Ted thought it was too dirty. She kept diddling herself to heighten the experience too. It was intense, brutal , painful and heavenly.

Marshall just pounded away at her ass mercilessly, her ass shaking at every thrust. He would also throw in a spank on her big booty every now and then to show her who was boss. He even pulled her head back every now and then to hear her scream.

“ OHHHH GOODDDD MY ASS! YOU’RE TEARING ME APART! OH GOD FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!”, was one of the many similar things she would cream to the heavens before her head was shoved back down into the pillows.

Marshall fucked her ass for 45 minutes straight. Spanking her butt red before he dumped a huge dpeosit in her back door. He pulled out leaving her whimpering and quivering.

James then stepped up with his fully lubed dick and started giving her the same treatment.

Another 45 minutes later of full anal punishment and another series of mind blowing orgasms that made Franny a completely limp noodle on the bed. She merely grunted with her every thrust into her fully violated backdoor.

When James got close, he pulled out of her destroyed derriere and gripped her by the hair and pulled her around to face him. She wrinkled her nose at that was about to come but didn’t resist. James shoved hi dick in her mouth and came down her throat. The combination of lube, Marshalls spunk and her own ass juice was nasty, but she obediently swallowed every last drop, even milking his cockhead for any last drops

“You are one nasty bitch, “ James said stroking her hair.

A feeling of pride and warm security flushed over here, she felt happy having pleased these young demigods of hers.

They gently took her into the washroom and pulled her into the shower. They carefully washed her down and oaped her up kissing her all over. Sshe felt like a princess at their attentions. She in turn washed her teen boys all over. He had soaped up their dicks and was stroking them hard in each hand in the shower.

James turned her around so that she was facing her and rubbed his big dick up her ass and winked over her shoulder at his twin. Marshall got the idea too. James pulled Franny’s arms up and around his neck. She smiled knowing her boys were up to something but not knowing what, but she was games

With her arms around James’s neck, James then pushed his dick slowly into her ass. She gasped but could now handle it a bit and eased back into him. James then wrapped his amrs around her waist and pulled her up and further impaled her ass on his dick. As she groaned around his anal impalement, Marhall gripped her thighs in his hands and placed her legs around his so she was fully off the floor of the tub. Then he guided hi dick into her pussy.

My god Franny thought to herself, they’re both in me! The feeling was nothing short of mind blowing, they had double stuffed her. She nearly fainted when she could feel them almost rubbing against each other in her.

Then they started fucking her, and she actually did pass out for a few second the feeling was so intense. They took their time double stuffing her, as she came again and again and again. This had officially become her favourite new ex act.

Franny didn’t know how long they were in there for, a he kept coming every half minute it seemed. Small ones, then every few minutes a big one. It was sublime. And they just kept slowly double fucking her

The boys were getting closer to cumming too when they heard a knock at the door

“ Hello honey, I’m home work”

It was Ted! Franny’s hubby and James and Marshall’s father. They could hear the doorknob to the washroom slowly turn to open

“ Don’t come in!!”, Franny yelled in a panic

The door stopped, the boy were frozen in mid thrust into their stepmother’s pussy and ass.

“ I’m …ummm…having my period.. it’s really messy in here”, Franny said making up a ridiculous lie

“ Umm okay”, the door closed the bare inch it was open

Franny and the boys breathed a sigh of relief. There was no way she was going to let these two stop fucking her, but he really didn’t want a divorce from their father either.

“ What’s for dinner?”, Ted timidly asked on the other ide of the door

“ Order a fucking pizza and wait downstairs”, Franny barked at the door

“ Yes dear”, came the meek reply

They waited a few more seconds then started earnestly pounding back into their stepmothers’s holes. It was bliss and positively evil doing this to her husband in the same house. In minute the boys were cumming deep inside her, and the intense crewing sent her off into a literal screaming orgasm.

Downstairs Ted sat in the living room after making the order for pizza. He heard his lovely wife howling upstairs in what seemed joy, but he decided it wasn’t worth offending her again to investigate. He had seen the dildo and lube and the wet spot on the bed. She was still upset with him about last night and was pleasing herelf. This was just a reminder of how pathetic a lover and man he knew himself to be.

He popped a couple of the blue and white candies he had in his shirt pocket that he took to work with him. At least the candies made him feel better he thought. Little did he know they were actually doing the exact opposite. The pheromones of the other drug results in the bedroom reacted with hi own diminishing-inducing drugs and made him defensive and self conscious. The more he took the blue and white, the more of a cuckold he would become, but little did he know that at all.

His boys came bounding down the stairs happy as clams, flush and looking like they had spent the day in hearty exercise. He hadn’t even heard them in their room. Not that Ted would ever disturb them, in fact he was a touch intimidated by his own sons now.. Alll thanks to the drugs he was taking unknowingly.

He smiled and answered their question congenialy, agreeing with them at all the right spots. The boys looked they were holding out on some big joke, but were refusing to tell him. Ted sure wasn’t brave enough anymore to ask why.

Franny came done and she looked positively glowing, he hair still wet from the shower. She was dressed in a very tight top that didn’t look like she was wearing a bra underneath and a skirt. Ted thought this highly inappropriate around his sons, but didn’t want to speak up against his wife.

“ How was work dear?” she said stepping up and giving him a peck on the cheek and stepping away.

She went over and sat down on the couch in between his two sons. They seemed such a perfect family, and they did seem awfully a lot more chummy. Even Marshall casually draped his arm across her shoulder like a loving son. Almost too loving

“ It was slow and boring, did you three do anything interesting today”, Ted asked innocently

Franny turned beat red for a second and jut smiled

“ Jut had a good bonding day with my two favourite men in the world”

James gave her thigh a friendly squeeze

“ I thought I was your favourite man”, Ted half joked

She smiled and said agreeably enough; “ Sure”

Ted was about to comment on that curt “sure” when the door bell rang, he looked to Fran w ho just waved him off to the door. It was the pizza guy and he paid him off, he wandered back to living room and as he was entering he could have sworn he saw Franny pull away from a kiss with Marshall.

“ Pizza’s here”, he said meekly

“ I can see that Theodore, “ she sighed, “ go get places ready at the table”

She only called him Theodore when she was upset so he just meekly wandered back to the kitchen and set the places. When he came back he alo could have sworn again she saw Franny break away from a kiss with James this time, but the light were still off in the living room and he couldn’t tell in the half light.

“ Dinner’s ready”

Franny sighed and got up “ Fine” and walked right pat him toward the kitchen. James and Marshall too, they acted almost like he wasn’t even there.

When they got the big round dinner table, Franny rearranged the settings a bit and decided to sit across from her husband. Also more curious was that she insisted that James and Marshall set right beside her on either side of her. That left three crunched together, and Ted alone diametrically opposite her

The boys seemed thrilled with that, so Ted didn’t argue. Just as they were sitting down to finally eat, the doorbell rang again. Ted looked meekly not knowing if he should go answer it or wait for her to tell him to do so

“ Do I have to do everything here”, Franny said exasperated and went to answer the door.

Ted actually had jut missed her making out with Marshall and James on those occasions he wandered. They hadn’t kissed her all day untill the DP in the shower. It was like she was fully their lover now. Especially seeing how much of a pussy and idiot her husband really was. She didn’t know it was the drugs in their bodies or the pheromones they were expelling reacting with each other, but she simply hadn’t felt this good in years.

She opened the front door and was surprised to see Heaven’s Cove’s brand new Sheriff at the door. Sheriff Lewis Brown to be exact. He had jut been voted in as the new Sheriff less than 6 month ago but he was already popular and making waves. He was a tall powerfully built African-American man in hi mind 40’s but was the most agreeable person you’d ever meet.

At his side holding his hand was Hannah, her clothes were a little dirty but she didn’t seem any worse for wear.Franny’s heart jumped into her throat for a second

“ Are you okay angle?” she asked Hannah

Hannah just nodded meekly

“ Sorry to disturb you during dinner Mrs. Chesterson, Hannah here got herself lost earlier this afternoon and was shy about telling us about where she lived.”

“ Thank you so much Sheriff for bringing back my angel”, Franny said wrapping her amrs around him

In that second Franny felt that same wave of insane attraction she felt around James and Marshall. The touch and scent of this big black man was powerful What she didn’t know was that the Sheriff had taken the same cocktail as her. All she knew he was incredibly hot.

Hannah rushed past her mom and ran towards the kitchen and the smell of pizza.

“ It’s all in a day’s work, it’s always a pleasure to reunite a family”, Sheriff Brown humbly said

Franny moved in close to the towering peace officer and put her hand on his belt. She was intoxicated by this mountain of dark flesh.

“ If there’s anything I can do to repay you, “ Franny moved in closer, “ and I mean anything, please let me know.

She was right up close to him, just yesterday she could never believe she could be so wanton to a complete stranger. The feeling seemed to be mutual as she could feel him tent up in his black uniform pants, it poked at her belly based on their mutual heights. The drug working on both of them mutually dangerously.

“ Honey, come join us at inner”, came the insecure call of her husband Ted

This somewhat broke the spell, and she stepped away somewhat abashed. He just smiled cordially and gave Franny a business card.

“ There’s my office and cel number, have a safe night ma’am” said the Sheriff and stepped back into the night and towards his cruiser at the end of the driveway.

Franny floated back in as if on a cloud. Two wonderful studs in her home, a lovely daughter and an intriguing chocolate skinned gentleman who just gave her his humber. It was a wonderful night. She saw Hannah sitting at her spot between the boys and and scooted her over to the other side of the table to sit with her young stud step-sons.

The meal was decidedly surreal in its seemingly strained casualness. Hannah was very quiet on her day lost in town , but only talked about wonderful the Sheriff was and how she got to ride in the police car and hang out at the police station where she met a nice lady.

The boys seemed to be concentrating very intently on what she said, as if hanging on every word Hannah mentioned. Which was very unusual as far as Ted was concerned, they usually just teased their little step-sister and brushed her off.

Franny was unusually quiet too, she sat quietly almost staring into space slowly , very very slowly nibbling at a piece of pizza with just one hand. The other hand firmly in her lap to Ted’s eyes. Whenever he was going to ask her something she just hook her head as if not interested in hearing it.

The real reason for Franny’s slow eating and the boys concentration was something far debauched. Whilst she was eating with one hand, she had first freed James cock with her free hand and was slowly jerking him off under the table. James had to concentrate his hardest not to burst out groaning as she milked him slowly and lovingly. He had to cough and bend over a bit to mask when he spunked all over the underside of the table and all over his step mom’s hand.

Franny then would wipe off the spunk under her skirt on her bare sex swollen twat. She would then grab another piece of pizza with that and gave the same treatment to Marshall with the other hand. Jerking him off under the table while her oblivious of a husband just sat and nervously smiled.

After they had both cum , the boys dug into their meals. Hannah told her step-dad joke giving a chance for Franny to whisper quickly in both boy’s ears.

“ When you go to bed, masturbate till you’re almost ready to cum, there’ something I want you to do”

The boys were very lively about that.

The rest of the dinner was a slow and friendly one after that. The boys wolfed down most of the boxes, with Hannah and Franny following suit. Ted was a little more peckish.

They retired to watch some family programming in the living room. Franny insisted that Ted sit on the armchair as she settled into the couch with her two stepsons. After an hour of Franny cuddling with both boys, Franny decided it was time for everyone to get some shuteye. Hannah was already asleep on the rug before the TV.

Ted took Hannah to bed and tucked her in while Franny changed into a nightie. Ted came to bed and Franny got out of it, saying she forgot to say good night to the boys. Also unusual for her, but Ted was glad she bonded with them so well.

She padded down the hall and into the boys room. She quickly nipped in the room and closed the door behind her. James and Marshall flicked on the lights on their nightstands and Franny smiled. They were hard and been stroking off just as requested.

“ You wanted to stuff both your cocks in my mouth, nows your chance “, Franny said kneeling.

James and Marshall beamed at each other and got out of bed, Franny pointed to the camera and James picked it up.

They wasted no time trying to jam their cocks into her hungy mouth and even with her jaws stretched as wide as she could, she could do no more than get both their fat cockheads jut the inside of her lips. James flashed a couple shots of their step mom looking up at them with a double dose of meat in her mouth.

Then she started stroking them as they were already crazy close to cumming anyways. They spurted quickly into her open mouth. She then bobbed back to show them a mouthful almost overflowingof cum. Another picture taken. She swallowed then showed her empty mouth. Another picture taken

She kissed their dicks goodnight, giggled then bolted from the room.

She crawled into bed beside her hubby, who tried cuddling close to her. She gave him a wet kiss on the mouth in return.

“ Salty pizza huh?”, Ted mentioned

“ Of course”, she wanted to laugh and tell him it was his sons’ spunk.

“ Are we okay now?”, Ted asked, “ about last night?”

“ Of course honey, “ Franny said sweetly, “ but if you really want to make it up to me, how about eating me out”

Ted wasn’t used to being given orders in bed, but this was going to make her happy so he climbed under the sheets and followed her request. She was definitely juicy tonight, maybe a little sweaty and salty.

Franny just lay back and enjoyed, and she came extra hard knowing he was eating his superior son’s spunk from her now owned twat.

When she was done cumming, she pushed her husband off and rolled over and went to sleep a very happy woman

Ted just lay on his back thinking, what the hell was going on.

In a few days, he would learn the truth and to learn his place.

The Voyeur and the accident

It had been two months since Jacob had been with Nick in the Library, when Nick had told Jacob he loved him. Jacob had felt like such an ass, he had strong feelings for Nick, although he didn't know how to describe them. Jacob had tried many times to talk to Nick about it, and to have sex with him again. Ever time Nick denied him.

It was a Friday evening, Jacob had decided to go to Nick's house to talk to him about this, and tell him, or try to tell him how he feels. Jacob just couldn't stand not being with him. They weren't fucking every time they were with each other before their library encounter, but they had seen each other, been with each other on a daily basis. On top of that Jacob couldn't stand it any more he felt horny as hell. He wanted to ride Nick's cock and Nick to ride his.

Jacob walked into Nick's house, he found no one there, only hearing faint voices coming from Nick's room. Jacob decided to walk up to Nick's room, as he did he heard the moaning of a girl. He thought Nick had someone in there, he wanted to find out, a fire kindling inside of him. He walked up the last few steps very slowly, Nick's rooming being at the edge of the first step. Jacob saw that the door was partial open and peeked inside.

He saw Nick sitting on his bed, with a friend Micheal. Micheal was as tall and lean as Nick, with a light black skin tone and dreads. They we're watching porn.

“Doesn't that look like her?” Nick asked Micheal as they watched the porn.

“Hmmm… a little I guess.” Micheal replied, while twirling one of his dreads, tightening it.

Jacob, claimed down, and sat on the edge of the steps, looking into room. He watched both of them, observing every little movement. Nick had started to rub his thigh, brushing his hand against his cock, which was hard. Micheal had leaned back watching the video, his eyes peered over Nick from time to time, noticing him touching himself. A bulge pooping out of his crotch. As Nick started to move his hand closer to his cock, Micheal slapped his arm.

“Hey stop playing with yourself.” Micheal said calmly focused on the porno.

“What, I can't help, your not getting a boner?” Nick said laughing, pointing at Micheal's crotch.

“Yeah, but its not like we can jack off.” Micheal said

“Yeah we can. We can right now, there's nothing wrong with jerking off a hard on.” Nick said, to make his point , Nick stood up and undid his belt, opening his jeans and sliding the zipper down, took off his jeans, bringing them down to his ankles. Leaving only his black briefs, with his cock wanting to come out. Nick sat down and pulled his cock out from his briefs, waving it in the air at Micheal. Jacob let out a soft sigh, wanting Nick, fondling him in his mind while he wore the black underwear. Jacob started to rub his cock, easily feeling his rod in his cotton shorts. Micheal had followed suite wanting to relive himself of his boner. Undoing his pants letting them slide to the ground with his boxers. He sat back down on the bed, leaning back as he jerked his cock off. Jacob let out a gasp, covering his mouth in time so the two wouldn't hear. Micheal's cock was very long and thick. Jacob thought that he and Nick had large cocks Nick's being 7 inches with a large girth, and his own being 8 inches and thinner with a girth about 5 inches. Micheal's cock was cut, with a patch of thick wiry pubes behind it, a large what appeared to be 10 inches, with a girth that seemed to be 50% bigger than Jacob's.

Micheal had spit into his hand, and begun to jerk off his monster of a cock. While Nick rubbed himself down, moving his foreskin over his head. Nick had removed his briefs completely letting his hairy balls hang out. Jacob wanted to join in. From his spot he pulled down his shorts and boxers to his ankles. His cock sticking straight up covered in precum. He played with himself, rubbing his shaft and massaging his balls, even fingering his ass, as he watched the two jerk off. Then something happened Jacob wasn't excepting.

As Nick jerked off he had started fingering his ass as well. Micheal had seen this, giving birth to and idea. Micheal reached into his jeans and pulled out a condom, and placed it on is cock.

“Wow what are you doing man?” Nick said as he stopped jerking off, watching Micheal put the condom on his large cock.

“What, every one knows your bi dude. Your telling me you don't want to ride my dick.” Micheal said teasing Nick, but also serious.

Nick stared at Micheal's cock, his ass hungry for it. Nick stood up and walked over to his desk pulling out a jar of Vaseline.

“Yes!” Micheal said pumping his fist into the air, as if in victory, trying to make light of the situation. His face return to a plain look after no response from Nick.

Nick scooted over to Micheal on his chair, the Vaseline in one hand, his cock in the other jerking it off. He opened the jar and took a big lump of it into both hands. Nick started to lather Micheal's cock with the Vaseline, applying a enough to cover most of his friend’s cock, which used most of the remaining jar. As he rubbed the Vaseline onto Micheal, Nick was amazed by how hot the cock felt. It felt as if Micheal was sunbathing all day face up, his cock storing the heat. Nick got off the chair and kicked it back to his desk. He stood over Micheal's cock his ass rubbing against it. Micheal grabbed Nick by his hips and guided him.

Nick grind his teeth as he felt the head of Micheal's cock enter him, he slowly slide down the entire shaft, till he sat in Micheal's lap.

“Oh fuck. God damn it….your dick's so big. ARGH!” Nick moaned as he met Micheal's lap, tears running down his cheeks as he impaled himself. Micheal just leaned back moaning to himself as he felt Nick's ass massage his cock, the pressure felt like bliss, trying to push it out. Nick's ass expanded around his friend quickly, as the raging hot rod, felt like it had begun to melt Nick's asshole.

“Ah yeah, that's it, move faster Nick…” Micheal groaned as he felt Nick start to move up and down his cock.

Micheal using his hands, pushed Nick up and down his rod, sliding himself in and out with ease. Nick on the other hand felt equal pain and pleasure and he felt Micheal's cock moving through him, feeling like its going to split his asshole apart.

Micheal felt like a change in scenery, he pushed Nick so he was on the ground., sliding with him his cock still in Nick. He rocked his hips pounding his manhood into Nick. Micheal leaned up on his hands and continued to fuck his best friend, riding him like a dog on the floor.

“How do you like, my dick Nick? Your my friend, but I, uh, always knew you were a fag.” Micheal said as he thrust his hips, his cock raging inside of Nick making him moan.

Micheal began to speed up, his balls banging into Nick, on the edge of cumming.

“Take your condom off, and cum inside of me.” Nick said moaning. Micheal quickly pulled his cock out with a pop, removed his condom and reinserted himself.

“Ah, fuck, god, your ass feels so good.” Micheal exclaimed as he rammed his cock back into Nick, cumming filling Nick's ass up, as Micheal's seed swam out of the slit of his cock and into Nick. Micheal moaned as he emptied himself, removing his cock after his was sure every last drop was in Nick. Sitting on the floor his legs bent to the side as his pants held him at his ankles. His cock had been buried so far into Nick that when he came it was so far in Nick that it didn't seep out. Nick turned around facing Micheal went to his groin, he sucked on his monster cock, taking it all the way till his nose touched Micheal's pubes.

“Yeah, uh suck my cock!” Micheal said as he Nick eat his manhood, sucking off all of Micheal's sperm and Vaseline from the condom. Micheal had grabbed Nick by his head for support and thrust his hips, jamming his cock down Nick's throat. “Uh yeah, uh how do you like the taste of, ah, huh, my cock?” Micheal asked as he stopped face fucking Nick, who was gagging. Nick had spit a glob of Micheal's cum onto his cock jerking him off. Nick didn't respond so Micheal slapped his head lightly.

“Yes, I like how your dick taste in my mouth.” Nick said, he jerked off Micheal's cock quickly, milking out the final reserve of his seed. While Nick jerked off Micheal cock, he licked at his head with his tongue, massaging Micheal's large balls at the same time.

“Uh fuck, I'm going, cum again, argh.” Micheal said as he felt his cum going through his cock. Nick jerked off Micheal's cock moving his hand up and down the shaft rapidly, Nick glided his tongue up the shaft as he felt it throb. Micheal's cock shot streams of sperm onto Nick's face as he felt Nick glide his tongue up and down his shaft. Micheal's cock completely empty, laid against his chest softening. Micheal breathing heavily looked at Nick's face it was covered in his sperm, on his cheeks, lips and nose. Nick turned Micheal around so his ass was facing him. Nick started rubbing his cock in between his ass cheeks.

“Wow! What are you doing?” Micheal said as he felt Nick's cock rubbing between his ass cheeks.

“Shut up.” Nick said as he pushed Micheal forward, and continued to use Micheal's ass to massage his cock. Micheal did nothing, as Nick used him. Nick spit a stream of saliva onto his cock, squeezing Micheal's ass together like a pair of breast. Nick's cock began to surge, his sperm ready to shoot out. Nick removed his cock and jerked it off, spurting out globs of sperm onto Micheal's ass.

“Uh yeah.” Nick moaned as he shoot sperm onto Micheal, rubbing his head on Micheal's ass. Spanking him with his rod. In the heat of the moment Nick shoved his cock into Micheal's ass, his pubes and balls rubbing into Micheal.

“Fucking…Ohhhhhh.” Micheal moaned as he felt Nick's seed pummel onto his prostate. Nick just laid on top of Micheal till his cock got softer. Nick stood up, his cock half erect, sweating, pulled up his briefs.

Jacob was watching the two the whole time,jerking off. He felt the urge to cum but he had no where to go. He had to cum though, so he pulled his cock straight up and went down on himself. His cock was long enough that he could get his mouth past the head. As he sucked himself off he jerked the shaft. He moaned quietly to himself as he came shooting his own cum into his own mouth. He swallowed all of his cum, swiveling his tongue around his head cleaning it. His cock semi hard, he pulled up his shorts and boxers, and continued to watch the two.

“Uh, *huff*, that was good, ha ha, sorry about that at the end.” Nick said as he gripped his cock through his briefs, a wet patch forming from his cum. Micheal stood up and pulled up his pants and shorts, pushing his cock up against his stomach.

“That's okay, I'm just surprised you took my cock.” Micheal said laughing, rubbing his piece, settling it. “I was at this party once with this, girl, she was high as hell. Any way, she was grinding on me and shit, then she wanted to go into the bed room. We get there and she pulls down my pants and screams.” Micheal said as both of the boys laugh.

“Man your tight as hell though, I thought you did that with Jacob.” Micheal said

“Nah man, I fucked him like a bitch a few times. Your dick is just huge!” Nick said laughing

This had hurt Jacob, he felt his eyes swell a little, telling himself that Nick only said this because he was with Micheal. The two had buckled their pants back on and put on shoes.

“Hey lets go get something to eat.” Micheal suggested and he walked out of the room Nick right behind him.

“Jacob?!”Micheal exclaimed as he saw Jacob siting on the steps. Before anyone could react Jacob ran.

“What? Jacob's here?!” Nick said as he saw his leg running past the corner steps. Nick quickly followed Jacob pushing Micheal to the side. The two ran out of the house Jacob a good couple yards ahead of Nick, running towards the end of the street.

“Jacob! Goddamn it! I just want to talk to you.” Nick said howling at him. Both boys were rapidly reaching the end of the street. Jacob saw that the road was busy as usual, but he figured he was fast enough he could past the cars.

“Jacob stop it! I…need…to…talk…to you!” Nick screamed as they neared the street, the flash of cars' headlights, in their eyes as they turned. Nick in a attempt to catch up with Jacob had a final speed burst, just a few feet behind him they reached the street and passed the cars.

Jacob was right he was fast enough to past them, but Nick wasn't. Jacob heard a grunt as a car passed, he looked behind him and Nick was gone. He had thought that Nick gave up, that was until he saw a car to the side of the street, traffic was slowing when it passed it looking at the scene. Jacob his adrenaline still high, was confused he walked over to the car. As he did he saw a man standing outside of it. When their eyes meet, the man got into the car and drove off down another street quickly. Jacob saw a body laying to the side of street, its head resting on the curve. It was too dark to tell from afar. He walked closer and saw that the person's right arm was bent in a awkward way, and their left leg was appeared twisted at the ankle. Jacob got closer and closer to the body, being able to make out the details of the clothes, black jeans and a black shirt, a slim, lean body, and long hair. It was Nick.

“Nick!” Jacob screamed he ran over to his side, his hair was matted together at the back of his head, blood soaking the patch of hair that touched the curve. “Oh, god what the hell! Why did you have to chase me you dumb ass?!” Jacob groaned as he felt Nick's neck, he was still alive with a faint pulse. Jacob quickly got out his phone and called 911, they appeared moments later, the hospital only down the street. Two people came out of the ambulance and placing Nick on a gurney. They rushed him into the vehicle, placing an oxygen mask on him. Setting up his vitals. They let Jacob ride in the ambulance with them.

“What happened?” asked one of the paramedics, Jacob cleared his eyes quickly having started crying from his revelation of Nick's injury.

“Uh, we were running down the street. I had played a prank on him, and he chased me.” Jacob said, trying to be as convincing as possible. “I didn't see it happen, I just saw a car near the sidewalk when I turned around. He drove off when I walked over, and I saw him…on the ground.”

The trip to the hospital had taken a mere two minutes. The paramedics rushed Nick into the ER, the EMT guided Jacob to the waiting room, where he called Nick's mother from Nick's cell. She was stuck in the Caribbean, not being able to return as there was a storm. She called the head nurse of the ER, and registered Nick.

The doctor came out a two hours later.

“Are you Jacob, young man?” He asked

“Yes, sir.” Jacob replied.

“Mr. *******'s mother instructed us to update you and you will do the same for her. He has a minor concision, a fracture in his ankle and his arm.” the doctor said earnestly, Jacob was shaking.

“Okay I'll call his mother.” Jacob said as he brought out the cell phone.

“When you finish if you'd like you can go see, although he'll be out of it for a while. Ask the attendant and he'll guide you.” the doctor said

Jacob called Nick's mother and went to his room, dreading how he looks.

july 1982 Rednecks Lust

It was just another hot July, Friday night in Ocala. I got off work,

cashed my check and grabbed some dinner at Aunt Fannies Resturant.

After I ate, I went for a ride on my freshly rebuilt Shovelhead, a

'80-80. I took the long way out thru the forest, then zig zagged

down to Belleview, then back up 441 and stopped at Dick's Bar on the

north side of town. It was around 9:30 when I pulled into the

parking lot and a dozen or scooters were already there. I entered

the dimly lighted bar, grabbed a long neck Bud and put my quarter

down on the pool table, there were two ahead of me. I watched as

this chick, Georgeann, shot pool and beat the two guys ahead of me.

As I watched her bending over to take her shots, seeing her tight

blue jeans hug her cute, round, firm looking ass, very lewd thoughts

ran thru my mind, I had an erection from hell. Her boobs all but

were falling out of the tight white tube top she had on. A small

bulge of belly hung over her tight jeans. I love a woman with a bit

of meat on them.

Georgeann and her husband Tom were fairly new to Ocala. They had

opened a small motorcycle shop in Belleview, Tom worked on Harleys,

Britch and German motorcycles. He was a big guy, about 6'3" and

muscular, a good #200's, long haired and tattooed. He was 24 at this

time. Georgeann was short, maybe 5 foot even, mid-back lenght curly

brown hair, round faced, high cheek bones, chubby cheeks, full pouty

lips, green eyes and light freckles across the bridge of her nose.

Pale skinned. Very Irish looking. She was somewat full figured, not

fat, but slightly chubby. No beauty queen, not playboy material, but

wholesome, like the girl next door. I know she had kids, but didn't

know thier ages. I knew there was a infant though. She almost always

wore t-shirts or tank tops to the bar, tight blue jeans and black

engineer boots. Her rack was hard not to miss, even in the baggy

shirts she usually wore. When she did wear a tight tank top or tube

top, especially this white one that was so tight, her boobs stood

out very firm and straight, no sag. Her huge dark nipples could

easily be seen thru that white top. Her waist, while slightly

chubby, was narrower than her hips, her ass was perfect and as

thight as her jeans she always wore were, she sported a very

interesting camel toe that clearly defined her box. Georgeann was

18, but looked younger.

It was my turn to challenge her at pool. "Shooting for drinks?," I

asked as I racked the balls. "Sure, I'm game," Georgeann asnwered

with her usual killer smile. I hadn't really heard much about Tom

and Georgeann in the few weeks they had been hanging around except

tha Tom was a dam good mechanic on older iron and British bikes.

That was until last Saturday. A buddy of mine, Roger, said he seen

Georgeann and Tom leave Al & Joyces, another local Biker Bar, with

Julie and Hank. Nothing strange with that, right, but Julie rode

behind Tom and Georgeann was on the back of Hanks bike and before

they got on the bikes, there was a very long kiss but not between

husband and wife. Roger and I assumed that the two couples did some

ol'lady swapping that night. As I watched Georgeann break, I wished

I had a ol'lady to swap with Tom. Georgeann was giving me a case of

blue balls, bad. Georgeann didn't make a ball on the break, I made

two, then scratched, Georgeann ran the table. I bought her a rum and

coke. She flirted with me the whole time we shot the game, Tom

sitting just feet away talking with Richard and a couple of other

bikers. Even after she beat me, she flirted with me and talked with

me as the next in line racked up the balls. I watched Georgeann whip

the next victim. Inbetween shots, she stood next to me and talked

with me. After she won, she stepped down, givng up the table,

excused herself with a huge smile, stopped by where her husband was

sitting, then made her way outside. I waited a minute, then headed

to the door myself.

Georgeann was leaning against the wall of the bar smoking a

cigarette. She looked up when she saw me exit the bar. "Hi," she

said with that adorable smile,"Billy Bob, right? You shot a good

game. I'm Georgeann." "Nice to meet you, your pretty dam good with a

cue yourself there beautiful," I said. Georgeann's face lit up, "Aw

shucks, flattery will get you laid…," she said, blushing slightly.

I laughed, "in that case, gorgeous, why haven't I seen you wearing

your crown, you know, the Miss America one, or for that matter,

hollywood doesn't know it's hottest new actress is stashed away in

Ocala," I gave it my best shot. She laughed, "ok, enough, I know

when I'm being put on, so no more flattery, your not gonna get

laid….tonight anyway, but, …how about a blowjob, if you can keep

your mouth shut?," she said. I was speechless. "Come on, I haven't

got much time, let's go around the side….," she said, took my hand

and pulled me around to the side of the building. She reached up and

wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me down and pressed her lips

to mine. My hands went to that wonderful ass, just as firm as I

thought, then to her tits. Her tube top came down, I broke the kiss

and fastened my lips around one huge, dark, very erect nipple and

started to such. I was surprised when I got a mouthful of milk. I

greedily swallowed and sucked some more, then she switch tits so I

could suck the other. Without pulling up her tube top, Georgeann

went to her knees and started to unzip my jeans. I helped her and

pulled my dick out. I ain't huge, I have about 6 inches and average

in thickness, but the way she licked and sucked, telling me how big

and nice my dick was, I felt like I had a foot of cock. Georgeann

easily swallowed me whole, she reached in and fondled my nuts as she

sucked. I couldn't take it. I told her I was about to cum, she

doubled her efforts and let me explode in her mouth. She swallowed

and milked every last drop of cum from my dick till I went soft. She

stood, pulled her tube top back up, thanked me and said, "let's

stand around front, in case Tom comes walking out."

Once we were around front again, she pulled out another cigarette. I

lit it for her. "Dam hun, you got some tastey jism! I wouldn't mind

a steady diet of it. Billy Bob, if Tom ever happens to ask you, just

be honest, tell him I blew you, OK, don't lie, he'll get pissed, if

you tell the truth, hell, he'll just say next time he'd want to

watch, but just don't go up and tell him, or brag to anyone, ok,

that would really piss him off," she said. "Yeah, sure, if you say

he woun't pull out a gun and shoot my hillbilly ass," I said. She

laughed, "No, as long as your upfront, he's cool. He loves watching

me with other guys and then joining in. Speaking of, if I could get

Tom to invite you home with us tonight for some fun, how do you feel

about fucking a cunt while her ol'man watches?," she asked. Fuck, I

had no problem what so ever. I told her so, then added, "hell

Darling, if it was you, I'd drop my draws and fuck you in the middle

of the whole fucking Bar!" "Your sweet, don't be surprised if Tom

asks you, ok, but remember, if you tell anyone, we'll deny it and

never again will I do anything with you, and that would be a shame,

'cause I really like your dick…..," Georgeann said, then left me

standing there as she walked into the bar.

I re-entered the bar myself, sat off to the side and couldn't stop

checking out Georgeann. I wondered if she was as good a fuck as she

was a cock sucker. Dam, she had a talented mouth and those tits!!

That was the very first time in my 30 years I had sucked a milky

tit, except when I suckled at my own ma's when I was a baby. About a

hour after Georgeann had sucked my dick, I went back outside to get

some air and smoke a joint. Georgeann walked out a minute or so

later. I offered her a hit, then we shared the joint, not talking,

but just knowing smiles between us. The joint was almost finished

when Tom walked out. Georgeann introduced us. "Great meeting ya

Billy Bob. So your the guy Georgeann wants to ball so badly, she

said ya got some great tasteing cum," he said and it took me back, I

didn't know what to say. "Hey bro, don't worry, I ain't pissed.

Georgie says your willing to come home and play and that you'll keep

your mouth shut, that right?," he asked. "well, um, yeah, I ain't

gonna tell anyone. Shit, to be honest, I've thought about balling

her since I first seen ya'll a few weeks ago. She's one hot lady," I

said honestly, then added, "hell, if she was mine, there's no way

I'd share her." Tom laughed, then said, "Brother, the way I see

things, I can't make someone want to be with me, I can't force

someone to love me. I sure as shit ain't got the time to play

warden. I ain't gonna worry all day long if my ol'lady is cuckolding

me. She wants other dicks, hell, even pussy, it's fine by me, as

long as she doesn't lie or hide it from me. If she finds someone

else that will make her happier, then great, I want her to be happy,

thats love. Sure, I'd be fucking devestated if she ever left, but

not as bad as if she lied and cheated, then I'd be devestated and in

jail for killing the cunt and what ever guy she was with. It works

for us. I know she'll be home when I get off work, I know she's

coming home with me even if she took on the whole fucking bar, and

believe me, she's done it before. So like I said, if ya want to come

back to our place for some fun, it's fine by me, as long as you

don't mind me joining in."

"Ok boys, Tom, Billy Bob knows I love you and you love me and I

ain't leaving you. Billy Bob knows if he keeps his mouth shut, we

can have many nights of fun to come and I garantee you Billy Bob,

your gonna know not only what my pussy feels like but my ass too. So

now thats that settled, I sure hope they finish our pool soon! It's

fucking hot! I want to swim…," Georgeann said. I looked at my

watch, it wasn't even 10pm. "Well, if you wanna swim, we can go out

to the boat launch out in the forest. The Game and Wildlife keep it

pretty clear of Gators and even at night, the waters so clear, you

can see if any are even close, what do ya say?," I asked. "Hell

yeah! Let's go skinny dipping!!," Georgeann said like a little kid.

We mounted the bikes, Georgeann behind her husband on thier 82-80

stripped down dresser and they followed me out Silver Springs Blvd,

out pass Silver Springs Park, out Hwy 40 to the boat ramp, just

before the bridge that goes over the Oklawaha River. The place was

deserted. We parked the bikes by a picnic table, before Tom or I

could dismount, Georgeann had her tube top off and was topless.

Those boobs were huge. She'd later tell me her boobs at that time

were 34dd, her wasit was 26 and her hips were 34.

By the time Tom and I were down to our boots and jeans, Georgeann

was totally naked. My dick was rock hard. She did have a bit of

chubbiness around her midsection, left over from having the baby.

Her stomach had a bright red thick scar going from under her navel

to just above the hottest, completely bald, chubby pussy mound I had

ever seen. Not a trace of any hair, not even stubble. God, if it

wasn't for the c-section scar, I'd swear I was looking at a 10 year

olds cunt. She smiled, "come on guys, I want to cool off!" I kicked

my boots off, Tom did the same. I dropped my jeans, my dick sprang

straight up, sticking out at a 90 dgrees from my groin. Tom dropped

his and I got a bad case of peinis envy. He had to be at least two

inches longer then mine and easily twice as thick. What did

Georgeann see in my little dick when she had a monstor like that????

Images of me on my knees, between Tom's legs, as Georgenn rode her

husbands cock, reverse cowgirl style, me licking and sucking on his

shaft and balls as it slid in and out of Georgeann and chewing on

her clitty as he fucked her. I wondered if Tom was Bi? Georgeann

went towards the river. I yelled for her to hold up a minute. With

the help of the overhead street lights that the state had in the

boat launch, I studied the water and the shore on both sides. I

threw several stones. No gators. I said one of us had to stay on

shore and keep a eye out while the other two swam. I told them to go

first, I'd keep a eye. Georgeann dove in, Tom waded in till he was

up to just below his neck. Georgeann swam over to him, wrapped her

legs around him and began kissing him. Then she broke the kiss,

pushed off him, swam, did a loop de loop, came up for air, then dove

under. I watched as she skillfully took Toms huge cock in her mouth

under water and swallowed his whole 8 inches, no problem. She

finally released his dick and came up, gulping in air, laughing as

she did so. Tom kissed her. I watched his hands fingering her cunt

underwater, the water is that clear. Then he waded out and watched

as I dove in. I was nervous at first when Georgeann swam up to me,

wrapped her arms and legs around me and began kissing while her

husband was not 20 feet away on the bank. She reached between our

legs, took hold of my prick and rubbed it up and down her very juicy

slit. She postioned my cock head at her entrance. I was not prepared

for how tight her little girl looking cunt was. She forced her cunt

onto my cock. I had never had a cunt as tight or as hot as

Georgeann's. I held her, our lips pressed together, mouths slightly

opened, tounges danceing as she slowly moved her hips back and

forth, slideing her tight pussy up ad down my entire lenght. The

alomost weightless fuck in the water was fantastic. Everyonce in a

while, I'd glance up at the bank and Tom would be standing there,

strokeing his hard on. I was so close to cumming. Georgeann's breath

was becoming more and more labored. She broke the kiss, leaned her

head back as she moved her pussy faster and faster back and forth on

my shaft, she started moaning, then almost yelling, "Oh Fuck!! God

Dam! I'm cumming, oh shit baby fuck my pussy!! ….. Tom, he's

getting me off!!!!!"

Georgeann pulled her pussy all the way onto my cock, my balls

slapped her ass. Her huge, firm tits were squished against my chest,

her face was buried in my neck, I felt her mouth sucking, almost

biteing my neck as she grounded her cunt on my dick, her clitty on

my pelvic bone. She was pulling me as deep as I could with her legs

that were wrapped around my waist and her heels of her feet dug into

my ass. Georgeann rubbed her clit against me hard and fast as she

climaxed, I couldn't take it, I let loose deep inside her. She

slowly stopped her grinding, she lifted her head up and kissed me.

"Dam Billy Bob, that was fantastic. Your a great fuck. I hope you

got more in ya…," she said, kissed me once again, then pulled her

body away from me, my soft cock slipping out of her vice like pussy

grip. Even in the moon light, I could see my sperm floating around

the water. "Hey you two, headlights coming this way," Tom yelled.

Then he started putting on his jeans. Georgeann and I made it to

shore and we had just put our jeans on, Georgeann was still topless

when a Sheriff's patrol car pulled up. The deputy shone his spot

light at Tom, then me, then on Georgeann who was standing there all

innocent like in just her jeans. Her big, milk filled titties

glowing in the bright spot light. The deputy, a middle aged man,

asked for our ID's, his hand on his gun as he watched us dig in our

wallets. He took our drivers license's, ran the check, telling us

not to move. That included Georgeann from putting on her top. He

then ran the vins on our bikes. He went around to the trunk of the

patrol car, popped open the trunk and took out a poloroid camera.

Standard procedure for most Florida police agencys. He took a

picture of Tom from all four angles, recording his tattoo's, then me

from three, I had no tat's on my back. Then he took several of

Georgeann topless from various angles, even though she had no

tattoo's. He handed us back our registrations and licenses. He told

us to get dressed and if we wanted to skinny dip again, to come

around later in the night and to make sure we had someone spotting

gators. He smiled, told us to have a good night. AS he was getting

back into his patrol car, Georgeann walked over to him holding her

tube top in one hand, she whispered something to him, then opened

her small truckers wallet and handed him a business card. He left

smiling. Georgeann walked back smiling. Georgeann said she noticed

the winged wheels on his uniform that ment he was a motorcycle cop.

She told him if he stopped by the shop when he was off duty and she

was there, she would make it worth his time, if he knew what she

ment. "That's my girl! Always improveing relationships between us

low life Bikers and those low life Police Bikers…," Tom said. I

followed them to thier house, which they just moved into, it was

right around the corner from Dicks bar, where this all started.

Right across from Donkey Dicks house.

We pulled around to the side of the house and this cute little honey

opened the side door. Georgeann dismounted, pulled off her helmet,

Tom pulled inside, then Georgeann told me to go ahead and pull

inside to. We pulled into a game room. They had a pool table in the

middle of the room, a couch against a wall, shelves above the couch

and on the other three walls, filled with books and Harley nick

naks. There was a juke box, a stereo and a pinball machine. Tom

parked his SHovel against the wall next to a 48 panhead, I pulled in

and killed my motor. The little cutie shut and locked the door. I

took off my helmet. "Billy Bob, this is Jodie, Tom's little sister,

Jodie, this here is Billy Bob," Georgeann introduced us. Jodie,

reminded me a lot of another Jodie that hung around, except Tom's

sister had light brown hair, the other Jodie was blonde. The other

differance was Tom's sister had a large rack, blonde Jodie had these

cute little tiny cone titties with hersey kiss pale pink nipples.

This Jodie was about 5'7", no more than a #100's and I'd say 30#'s

of it was tits. Jodie measured, 32c-20-30, cute as a puppy, big blue

eyes, very thin, tiny little butt that was filling out a pair of

very nice terry cloth grey shorts and a small bikini top that showed

off her huge tits on such a slender frame. Her legs were thin, but

well shaped and very fucking long. COltish comes to mind. "Ya got to

keep it down, I just got the baby to sleep," Jodie said. Tom plopped

down on the couch, kicked off his boots and socks, then stripped out

of his t-shirt, he invited me to do the same. Jodie and Georgeann

went to get some beers. "Relax bro, Georgie's taken a likeing to ya.

I turst her judgement in people, as long as ya don't go around

bragging that ya nailed my ol'lady, she'll drain ya dick most

anytime. Just remember, what goes on between us, or what ever ya see

when ya with us is no bodies business but our own, if your not into

it, then, man, ya ain't gotta do it, no one forces anyone to do

anything," Tom said. "I'm cool, I just can't believe my luck meeting

ya'll. Your a lucky mother, Georgeann's got one of the best

personalities I've ever saw in a woman," I said. Tom laughed, "it

ain't her pesonality that ya interested in, brother, she gives the

best head and her fucking cunt is like a virgin 9 year old. Me,

persoanlly, I think we're gonna get along just fine."

Georgeann and Jodie walked back into the game room. Jodie opened a

bottle of bud and handed it to Tom, sat in the big man's lap, opened

her own botle, put her arm around him and kissed him. I could have

sworn Georgeann said Jodie was Tom's sister, but right then, I

didn't care, Georgeann had opened a bottle and handed it to me, then

sat on my lap. She had changed from jeans to a pair of terry cloth

shorts just like Jodie had on. WIth her arm around me, we began

kissing. My hand went to her thigh. I was surprised at how meaty it

was. Thick and firm. Georgeann's hand that wasn't around my

shoulder, began playing with my chest hair, then my nipple. I

returned the favor. I pulled her tube top down and freed those huge

firm tits. I felt the couch move, Tom and Jodie had gotten up and

Tom pulled his jeans off and I peeked as Jodie took off her top and

shorts. Her pussy was as hairless as Georgeanns. With her thin body,

long legs and those firm titties, she looked 12 years old, inspite

of being 5'6". Tom sat back in a recliner that was in a corner, he

watched Georgeann and I making out, me playing with her tits as his

sister knelt in front of him and began sucking his huge dick. She

didn't swallow his whole dick like Georgeann had done, but she was

taking a lot more than half of it. I couldn't help but admire her

cute, tiny ass, the shape of her hips and waist, those long,

defined, coltish legs. Georgeann stood up, she pulled the tube top

over her head and took it off, then dropped her shorts. Now, in the

bright light of the game room, I really got a good look at her

perfect little, chubby pussy. Not a hint of pussy lip showing, just

a line where her crack was. I pulled her to me and kissed her as I

grabbed her ass cheeks, then sucked on her nipples, drinking her

milk as I forced her to spread her legs a bit to give me acess to

her hot box. DAM! SHe was soaking wet, but still so tight I had to

force my middle finger inside her. I used my thumb to rub her clit

and was surprised when it started to harden and grow. Georgeann had

a huge clit, it grew stiff and hard like a minature dick, a good

3/4's of a inch. Hell, it looked like a tiny uncut dick with the

hood partially over the tip, which looked like a swollen cockhead.

Georgeann spread her legs even more. I forced a second finger inside

her and was rubbing my pinky on her asshole. Georgeann began

moaning, then had a orgasm as I finger fucked her and had her left

titty in my mouth. "Ya doing something right Billy Bob, she usually

takes longer to get off with a guy the first time, keep it up bro,"

Tom said winking at me. Jodie was now slowly strokeing her big

brothers cock as she gave his balls a very sloppy tounge bath.

Georgeann pulled away, told me that was great, thanked me and said

it was her turn. She knelt in front of me, together, we managed to

get my jeans off. I had already cummed twice so far at Georgeanns

talented mouth and inside her pussy, I had no problem getting hard

again. I was rock hard since she sat on my lap. Georgeann was

looking in my eyes as she stuck out her tounge and began licking

around my bopping cock head, her hands were on my thighs. She licked

all around my head, then up and down my shaft. She pulled my ass

closer to the edge of the cushion, pushed my dick up to rest on my

belly, then began licking my balls. After getting my nuts soaked,

she gently took first one then the other ball inside her talented

mouth and gently sucked and played with them, then managed to take

both balls in her mouth. She was driving me crazy. Then she did what

no other woman had ever done to me, she began licking that little

area just behind my nuts and before my asshole. I never knew how

sensitive that was. My cock was getting even harder. Then, she began

toungeing, then rimming my asshole, something that only a few guys

had ever done to me before. She was not only licking my ass, but

sticking her tounge inside my butthole. I thought I was going to

shoot off without even touching myself. Then Georgeann went back to

licking my balls, then my shaft, back to my cock head which she

swooped down on, engulfing my entire lenght to the balls. She slowly

moved her head up, so only my dick head was between her lips. She

teased me with her tounge. I felt her finger probeing my butt, then

when she swooped back down, swallowing me whole again, I felt her

shove her finger up my ass and as she bopped her head up and down my

whole dick, she began massageing my prostate. I lost it. I flooded

her mouth with my cum. Georgeann gulped and swallowed, she didn't

miss a drop. She kept sucking my dick, but it kept getting smaller.

She let my cock pop from her mouth and smiling said, "I really do

love your jism, Billy Bob! Thank you!!! I hope I didn't break it, I

want it inside me again…." "Oh Baby, I should be thanking you,

I've never had a blow Job that fantastic before!!!! As for breaking

it, well, I hope a few minutes recovery time will work, meanwhile,

may I return the favor?," I asked. "I thought you'd never ask…,"

Georgeann said as she laid up on the couch, her head on the far arm

rest, one legs up on the back of the couch, the other spread as wide

as she could flat on the floor to the side. Her beautiful young

hairless cunt was totally on display. Still, her pussy was gaping,

just this thin slit, no pussy lips peeking out at all. I knelt and

dove in. I used every trick I knew, I sucked and pulled on her pussy

lips with my tounge, I sucked her clitty, I chewed on her clit, I

stuck my tounge as far inside her as I could. Georgeann was

climaxing non-stop. Not big orgasms, but a steady stream of short

cums and she was very verbal about it too. Her pussy was so tight.

So tastey. When she grasped behind her knees and pulled her knees

towards her shoulders, but as wide as she could, I knew exactly what

she was hinting at. With her knees pulled back and spread, not only

was her pussy spread and now finally gapeing open, but her cute

little wrinkled brown eye was right there. I had never tounged a

womans ass before, but I went to work on it while I finger fucked

her tight hole. Georgeann was yelling that it felt wonderfull and

she was building to a huge climax. She shouted out how much she

loved ass play and getting dicked up the ass. I ate her ass, then

slid my pinky inside her as my middle finger and pointing finger

were deep in her cunt. I managed to force my ring finger inside her

asshole with my pinky and was useing my thumb on her clit. I moved

up and kissed her, fingering her ass and cunt with one hand, my

other hand was now working her tit over. I moved up and managed to

slide my dick into her pussy, but left my fingers in her ass. I

could feel my dick with my fingers thru the thin membrane that

seperated the two passageways. "Oh GOD, YES!! FUCK ME!!!," she

screamed. Her head was thrown back, her face contorted, eyes closed,

her mouth forming a huge 'O' as she climaxed. "Oh Fuck, I need it in

my ass, fuck my ass Billy, shove that beautiful dick up my

shitter!!!," Georgeann begged. I pulled my fingers out of her ass,

pulled my dick out of her cunt and postioned it at her anal opening.

Before I could even try and push it in, Georgean was shoving her ass

back against my dick and the head popped in. I couldn't believe in

less than three hours I had fucked all three of her holes!!! I

pounded her ass, it was getting dry, I tried ot pull out, but

Georgeann said to keep fucking her she was just about to…"Oh

FUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccCCCKKKKK!!! I'm there….don't you dare

stop mother fucker…..Oh YEEEAAAAAHHHH I"MMmmmmm

CCCCCUUUUMMMmmmmiiinnngggggggggg," Georgeann started shaking and her

ass hole almost tore my cock off me. I shot off inside her ass. We

collasped, sweat dripping off us. Georgeann was showering me with

kisses. I heard applause. I looked around, Jodie was rideing Toms

cock, I could see it deep in her cunt as she faced him, her ass

towards me. They had stopped, Jodie had her head turned straing to

see us as Tom was clapping. "Encore, Encore, Magnificant…,"

brother and sister teased. I felt my face flush. "Never mind them,

there just jealous!!," Georgeann said as I slowly slid out of her

ass. I collasped back sitting on the couch. Georgeann sat up, then

bent over and took my flacid, cum, pussy juiced and shit specked

cock in her mouth and sucked me clean. That was so nasty!! I loved

it. I pulled her up and kissed her, then pushed her back and ate her

cunt and ass clean of the mess I made. When I finished, Georgeann

pulled me up and said, "Now, thats my kinda guy!" She gave me a deep

soul kiss. We kicked back and cuddled, our hand roaming over each

others bodies as we watched her husband and her sister-in-law fuck.

Jodie was rideing Toms cock in long, slow rides. Pulling her young

cunt all the way off his dick and then plopping back down, Toms fat

cock head spearing her cunt time after time. Tom began humping

upwards, meeting her pussy as it lowered, then he grabbed her

slender hips and moved her up and down rapidly as if he was

mastubateing with a toy. Jodie, who had been moaning in almost a

whisper, began screaming louder then Georgeann did as she climaxed.

Jodie and Tom were sweating just as bad as Georgeann and I had. Tom

pushed his sister down one last time and held her there as he lifted

his hips. "Oh Shit, I love feeling you shoot off in me!!," Jodie

yelled. They began kissing, then Tom relaxed, sat back down and

Jodie seemed to melt into his thick arms as they tenderly kissed

each other. When Jodie started to climb off Tom's lap, Georgeann got

up, told her to turn around quickly. Jodie did as requested and sat

on her brothers lap, her back against his chest, her cunt just above

his spent dick, her legs drapped over the arms of the recliner. Her

pussy was not so young looking anymore. The lips were very red and

swollen, it was gapeing open, her pink insides clearly visible and

everything was coated with thick white frosting, Tom's cum that was

begining to leak out of her. Georgeann knelt between thier legs and

I watched her lap at Jodies cunt a few times, then turned and asked

me if I wanted a taste. "Fuck yeah!," I said as I knlet besides

Georgeann who had moved to the side. I saw Toms cock up close, even

soft, it looked huge, it was still, even bigger then mine when I was

hard. "Go ahead, it ain't gonna bite ya," Georgeann said as she seen

me hesitate. I started licking, tasteing this young girl and my new

friends cum. My chin hit Toms cock several times, I wanted so bad to

take him into my mouth. Then I felt Tom's cock start to harden, it

hardened rapidly and was poking against my neck. I heard Georgeann

laugh then say, "hey Billy Bob, I think Tom likes you down there. I

think my hubby's queer for ya! Have ya ever been that close to a

cock before Billy?," Georgeann stated and then asked. I pulled my

head away from Jodies very tastey pussy with it's wonderful cum pie,

looked around at Georgeann, smiled, turned around, hesitated a

moment, then said fuck it. The worse that could happen is Tom throws

a punch at me and tells me to leave, or the best would be that Tom

is as bi as I am. I gave Jodie another couple of licks, shoved a

couple of fingers inside her, then pulled my head back so I could

take Toms cock head in my mouth. I began sucking him, I took almost

all of his 8 inches, Jodie was moaning, Tom was moaning, then I

began moaning as Georgeann got behind me and began fingering my

asshole with one hand and jerking off my soft cock with the other. I

got hard. Jodie pulled away, Tom was watching me suck his cock.

Jodie laid on the floor between me and the recliner and somehow got

Georgeann to place my dick in her mouth. I sucked Tom, he grabbed my

head and began face fucking me till he almost came. Jodie came up,

grabbed my hand, led me to the couch. She laid down, spread her legs

and pulled me on top. I fucked her cunt for a good 20 minutes before

I gave up. I couldn't cum again that quick, four times in one day

was way more then I was use to. Jodies cunt was a lot looser then

Georgeann's. I don't know if it was because she was so thin, or if

it was just genetics, but god, it was still some good pussy.

That was the first night of a very long, kinky and adventuous


Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.6: Aunt Lisa

Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.6:

Xmas Break: Aunt Lisa

I stripped and crawled into to bed under the covers next to Jenny’s naked body. My little
shadow followed walking up slowly to the edge of the bed her head down the entire time to
avoid eye contact.

Her small little mounds on her chest had two hard little pink nipples sticking out them. She was
standing so close, her normally pale milky white skin was red and hot as her little heart beat out
of control and she took short rapid breaths attempting to get more oxygen.

Her little heart was beating so hard you could watch her little hard nipples vibrate with each
beat. I watched as her shaking little hand reached out taking the cover and pulling them back
enough for her to climb in.

Her shaking little body climbed under the covers and laid beside me. Her whole body tensed and
shook nervously as I place my hand on her stomach and slowly slid it up across her smooth hot
little belly to her chest. My hand stopped at her little chest mounds and rubbed her hard little

“What are you doing here Elizabeth” I ask looking at the scared little girl as I slowly massage her
immature little breasts.

“Momma sent me” she says in a whisper between quick shallow breaths.

“Sent you for what” I ask even though I already knew.

“To be with you like Jill and Jenny” she says very low.

“Your not old enough for that” I say as I slid my hand down her little belly to her bald little pussy

Her whole body shook as my hand cupped her hot little virgin pussy mound and squeezed. She
was hot and moist on my palm and her little pussy squirted warm liquid when I squeezed it a
second time. Her aroma was heavy coming from under the cover sweet and musky mixed with

“I’m almost ten” she squeaks out after she pissed herself.

“Almost ten” I ask licking her pee and pussy juicy from my palm.

“Nine and a quarter” she squeaks out causing me to laugh.

“I think you should go back home” I say looking at the terrified little girl.

I figured letting her off the hook would have calmed and relaxed her but instead she started
crying and gasping for breath as she hyper ventilated.

“P-P-Please JJ, D-D-Don’t send me H-H-Home” she finally gets out between gasps for air.

I reached over and turned the light out and pulled her trembling naked body into me. Her crying
stopped and her breathing slowed after several minutes.

“I promise to be good and obey whatever you say husband” she says turning and giving me a
quick peck on the lips.

I grabbed her and pressed my lips back to hers pushing my tongue into her little mouth. Her lips
were tight and trembled as my tongue forced its way between them. She was scared but
opened her mouth for my tongue to explore and play with hers.

My cock was throbbing with such a naïve little cherry only inches away. It was late though and I
had a lunch date with Melody. I wanted to be able to enjoy that cherry so I rolled over and slid
my hard cock into Jenny’s wet little tight pussy. Jenny moaned as my cock slid thru her sore
pussy into her womb.

“You don’t want me JJ” Elizabeth says starting to sob after hearing Jenny moan.

I rolled on my back taking Jenny with me, keeping her impaled on my cock and turning the light
back on.

“Sure I do but first you need to learn what to do” I say thrusting into Jenny hard causing her to
yelp and moan once more.

“Now come squat over my face so I can lick your little cunt while you watch how a slut rides a
cock” I tell Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was shaking as she lowered her little bald pussy to my mouth. Gasping and giggling as I
slid my tongue between her little pink folds to her fuck hole. Her little lips tasted of her sweet
juice and pee but when I forced my tongue into her tight little hole it was all sweet virgin nectar
that leaked out.

As I sucked and licked on her little pussy, trying to suck her small little lips into my mouth her
little body began to quiver and she pressed her cunt hard to my mouth and moaned. Her little
thighs squeezed tight around my head as her cum trickled from her virgin fuck hole onto my
lapping tongue.

I pushed my tongue back into her tight wet pussy to release the last of her cum before pushing
her off my face. Jenny was riding my cock hard and moaning loudly. Jill was up as well fingering
her little pussy as she watched. Elizabeth watched as Jenny jerked and moaned before slamming
herself down and lying on my chest as she came.

Jill barely let Jenny’s pussy stop quivering around my throbbing cock before she pulled her limp
body from my chest and straddled me taking her place. Jill rode my cock hard and fast, a look of
contentment spread across her face as she felt my hot cum filling her womb.

Elizabeth just laid there wide eyed watching as Jill rode herself to orgasm before getting of my
cock. Jill and Jenny both looked at Elizabeth as my slimy cock slipped from Jill’s pussy.

“Lick him clean” they say in unison to Elizabeth then giggle saying “jinx”.

Elizabeth had no clue what to do with a cock but they said lick so that’s what she did, licking the
cum and pussy juice from my cock lick it was an ice cream cone. Her little tongue making circles
around my cock head.

Elizabeth’s tongue didn’t get a break when she finished licking me clean, Jill grabbed her head
and shoved it into her dripping little pussy to lick the cum from her. Jill was softly moaning as
Elizabeth lapped at her cum covered pussy when me and Jenny curled up and dozed off.

The next morning I was in the kitchen drinking a glass of orange juice when I heard a noise at the
front door. I walked over but nobody knocked so I looked out the window, Aunt Judy was nearly
back to the main house and Uncle Tom was standing at the door waiting on her.

I opened my door and there on the ground was a little suit case, obviously Elizabeth’s clothes.
Next to it was a box filled with Barbie dolls, obviously her toys. Looking at the box of toys as I
brought them in made my cock twitch thinking of the little virgin slut they belonged too.

I put her stuff on the table and went back to the bed and smacked my newest little slut on the
ass and headed into the shower. Elizabeth jumped up with a yelp and followed me in. Jill and
Jenny joined us a few minutes later, as we crowded into the shower barely room to move.

I add that to my mental list of things for the new house a huge shower. After our shower while
Jill cooked breakfast I sent Elizabeth to retrieve anything else she wanted and Jenny to pass a
message to Aunt Lisa.

“Tell her if she plans to take her boxes with her when she moves she best come get them today”
I tell Jenny.

We were sitting down to breakfast when Aunt Lisa knocked on the door. Elizabeth let her in and
led her to the table after she had stripped naked. Everyone sat down to eat except Jenny, her I
pulled my cock out and had her suck her breakfast out as Aunt Lisa watched.

“JJ can we talk” Aunt Lisa asks as she stares at Jenny deep throating my cock.

“Sure what’s on your mind” I ask holding Jenny’s head down on my cock until she gags.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot, please be reasonable and let us stay” she says begging.

“Well I’m still waiting to hear what exactly I get out of it” I say.

“I’m pregnant JJ so I don’t have anything to offer” she says sounding desperate.

“Well after Jenny finishes her breakfast maybe I’ll think about it while you fill up your belly” I say
holding Jenny’s head down as she squirms for air and I shoot hot cum down her throat.

Aunt Lisa kneels between my legs reluctantly taking my salvia covered cock in her hand.

“If I do this can we stay” she asks hopeful.

“No your just sucking my cock while I think about what if anything you can to do to stay” I say

I could see the tears already beginning to form in her eyes as she bent over and wrapped her
lips around my cock reluctantly.

“You’ll have to do better than that slut” I tell Aunt Lisa as her head bobs up and down on my
cock but only taking a few inches into her mouth.

She mumbles something around my cock as she attempts to take more into her mouth. I let her
suck awhile longer before giving her my terms of her surrender.

“You can stay but here is the deal first Uncle Tom and you will come back tonight and he’ll
watch as I fuck your pregnant ass and your to be my pregnant slut until I leave anytime
anywhere understood” I say looking her in the eyes as spit drools off her chin to her full breasts.

“Please be reasonable JJ” she begs.

“That was reasonable whore, now your first night will be a DP with me and Uncle Paul. I’ll be in
your ass in case your wondering” I say watching as all hope fades from her eyes.

“Now get the fuck out my house slut I got things to do” I say pushing her from between my legs
to the floor.

Me and Elizabeth headed into town to my lawyers to get her credit card and check on the plans
for my new house. My Uncles just thought they were getting one but they were staying right
where they were. My lawyer was smart enough to do the math even though technically I was
underage and didn’t control anything in less than a year I would.

He knew it was simple play ball with me or be replaced and considering my trust supported his
entire firm it was an easy decision on his part. After leaving my lawyers we headed over to

Elizabeth had brought her box of Barbie dolls to play with Lily. I sat on the couch as Elizabeth
undressed at the door. Alessa sat beside me looking sexy as always with her fat little pussy lips
glistening with moisture in hopes of wrapping around my hard cock.

Lily was standing between my legs getting her kiss as I rubbed her little pussy. She too was
hoping to get her lips wrapped around my hard cock like her mother. Unlike her mother though
the lips she wanted around my cock she was licking as she undid my pants and pulled my cock

Her little hand stroked my cock several times as she licked her little lips and watched it grow
hard. Elizabeth sat on the floor several feet away and started taking her Barbie dolls out the box
which caught Lily’s eye.

She held my cock in her tiny hand as she looked at it then the box of dolls back and forth several
times trying to decide which toy to play with. Lily smiled at her mother allowing Alessa to take
my cock so she could go play with Elizabeth but not before she bent down and wrapped her
little mouth around the tip to suck the precum off.

Alessa quickly took her spot between my legs and removed my pants completely before sliding
her moist full lips around my cock and down my shaft. My cock hit the back of her throat on the
first stroke and several stoke later her lips were wrapped around the base of my cock as she
gagged and spit drooled out.

After several minutes of Alessa’s head bobbing rapidly and spit everywhere she buried my cock
in her throat. She started humming and contracting her throat muscles around my cock. I knew
it would only be a minute before I came so I placed both hands on the back of her head.

The vibrations from her humming had my cock throbbing and her throat milked my cock until it
exploded in her pumping wave after wave of hot cum down her throat. She reached her limit
after the second shot of cum and began to squirm for air. I held her squirming head down as she
looked up at me with her big beautiful eyes.

She quit fighting and just stared into my eyes and watched as they slowly filled with water then
as the last of my cum was pumped down her throat her pupils got really small as the whites of
her eyes started turning pink then slowly darkening to red before her eyes finally closed and her
body started to go limp.

I released her head but she didn’t move until I pulled her head by the hair pulling her off my
cock. I slapped her face hard as I held her limp head up by her hair. Her eyes popped open and
she began gasping for air and struggling to get free. I released her and she laid at my feet
gasping for air for several minutes.

I smiled as I looked at her sprawled on the floor her chest heaving rapidly and her legs spread
wide enough to expose her fat little pussy lips. Her thighs were cover in liquid and I reached
down wondering if she had pissed herself. It was all her cum though not a trace of pee I noted as
I sucked her cum from my finger.

She crawled back up between my legs and laid her head on my lap and smiled weakly at me as
her big doe eyes stared into mine. The whites of her eyes had cleared some just looking blood
shot like after a night off drinking.

Her chest and breast were covered in the liquid that had leaked from her breast I noticed as I
reached down to pinch her swollen nipples. She had taken out the nipple rings I gave her
months before and the holes were long since closed only a small dark dot remained as evidence
they were once there.

She would be breast feeding soon though but I smiled as I looked down at her fat little pussy lips
and her little clit barely sticking out now. I laid her on the couch and had her put one foot on the
floor and the other over the back of the couch.

Her sweet little pussy was glistening with her cum as I leaned down and sucked one of her fat
little lips into my mouth. I cleaned each fold carefully sucking it into my mouth before moving to
her clit. Her hips were grinding and low whispered moans came from her mouth as I blew cool
air on her little clit bringing it out its shell to be sucked and licked.

I saved her sweet little fuck hole for last knowing the sweetest juice from this berry would still
be inside. I wasn’t disappointed as I slid my tongue inside her hot little hole and released her last
trickles on juice. Her ass was well lubed from the cum that had leaked down so two fingers
easily slid into her anus.

I finger fucked her ass while my mouth and tongue worked her little fuck hole. I was rewarded
again for my efforts as her body tensed and she screamed releasing another wave of her cum
into my open mouth.

As I pulled my fingers from her gaping little ass when her orgasm subsided she moaned and
sighed as if disappointed I had removed the fingers. I sat back on the couch looking at my watch
it was 1030am. Alessa didn’t move she just laid there exhausted. Lily and Elizabeth were
engulfed in their little Barbie world as they sat naked playing with the dolls.

“You can’t put clothes on her” I hear Lily tell Elizabeth when she starts to dress one of the

“All sluts are to be naked, right JJ” Lily says smiling at me.

“Yes, now bring your little virgin slut ass here” I say smiling.

Lily came over smiling as I picked her up and put her on my lap still holding her Barbie in one

Her little legs were spread wide straddling me and I reached down and put my finger inside her
tight little virgin hole. She was wet and hot inside as I slid my finger in and pressed against her
hymen. Alessa sat up and watched nervously as I removed my finger and started to rub my cock
head between her wet little lips.

“You’ll hurt her JJ” Alessa says weakly as I stop at Lily’s little hole.

I look at Alessa as I press the tip of my cock hard against Lily’s little tight virgin hole. Lily grunts
and bits her lip as just the tip is forced into her. Her tight little pussy squeezing so tightly I had to
keep pressure or be forced back out by her little pussy.

“Please JJ she’s not ready yet, your going to tear her in two” Alessa says begging as she watches
Lily squirm from the pain of her little pussy being stretched.

“Are you telling me no” I say looking at Alessa

“No Master I belong to you, Lily belongs to you and this baby will belong to you to do with
whatever you wish” she says rubbing her big pregnant belly as tears roll down her cheeks.

“Good” I say pushing harder until the head is almost inside Lily before she screams in pain.

“That’s enough for now” I say as I pull my cock back and rub her sore little pussy noticing the
small traces of blood.

I laid Lily on the couch and spread her little legs wide and slipped my finger inside her. Her
hymen was still there but her little pussy had torn slightly at the top of her little pussy.

“Lick her clean” I say smiling as I get up and get dressed before leaving.

I went to Melody’s and while she finished getting ready Lisa and I were in the kitchen.

“Where you going for lunch” Lisa asks.

“The mall I guess, unless Melody wants to go elsewhere” I reply.

I could tell by Lisa’s reaction that my answer wasn’t what she wanted to hear. She didn’t say a
word but started digging in the refrigerator and packing a little cooler with things then handed it
to me.

“If you take the second left of old Mill road it’ll take you atop the Mountain to a spot that
overlooks the lake and waterfall” she says smiling as she hands me several blankets from a hall

Melody came down a few minutes later and we were off. I found the spot easily enough and laid
the blankets in the bed of the truck since the ground was covered in snow. Although freezing
out I was sweating as I laid back and Melody feed me bits of food between kisses.

Lisa had even packed a bottle of wine in the cooler without me noticing. Melody drank most of it
trying to relax as our kissing moved to light rubbing and squeezing. Her pussy was hot and
dripping wet when my hand finally made it inside her panties. She moaned softly and just as I
was about to slide my finger inside of her she jumped up.

“Someone is coming” she gasps.

I hadn’t heard it but now I could hear the unmistakable sounds of a vehicle coming up the snow
covered road. It was a park ranger making his daily patrol but it was enough to scare Melody’s
legs closed for now at least.

We got in the truck and kissed and talked for the rest of the afternoon, we even did a little more
light fondling. It was nearly dinner time when we returned to Melody’s. Rick seemed to have
accepted me now and insisted I stay for dinner. Melody and Lisa were all smiles as me and Rick
sat and watched a game in the living room while they finished dinner.

After dinner and about thirty minutes of idle chat I was fixing to say my good bye’s when Lisa
looked at me as if reading my mind.

“It’s early JJ why don’t you take Melody down to the drive inn for dessert” she says smiling.

I realized then just how much I really did suck at this dating thing thank god Lisa was pointing
me in the right directions. Melody showed me off to all her friends at the drive in telling them
how I saved her life. I was nearly 9 when I dropped her off.

“Call me before you go to bed” she says after breaking our kiss to go skipping into the house.

When I stopped to pick Elizabeth up Alessa was in bed already with Lily on one side and
Elizabeth on the other.

“Fuck me hard please Master” was Alessa’s first words as I sat on the bed.

It had been days since she had a cock inside her and although I fingered her and ate her to
orgasm she was in need of a hard fucking. She already had the covers off and her legs spread
begging for my cock to be inside her.

Her little pussy was wet and moist as I slid my fingers thru her lips and inside her. She moaned
and opened her legs wider. I dropped my pants to the floor and climbed on top of her. Rubbing
my cock slowly between her lips to her hole and pushed just the head inside.

I kissed her softly then whispered in her ear.

“You don’t get any cock inside you until after Lily gets one inside her” I whisper.

“Please JJ” she says looking over at her little girl sleeping next to her.

“I could just take her now but I’ll wait until you beg me to fuck her” I say smiling as I slid from
between her legs and bend down to lick her sweet little pussy to one last orgasm before I leave.

I left Elizabeth there since I had Aunt Lisa and Uncle Paul to deal with when I got home. I wasn’t
even out my truck when Uncle Tom walked up.

“I take it since Elizabeth spent the night with you that you’ll be taking care of her now and us”
he says without any sign of remorse for sending his 9 year old daughter to my bed.

“Well actually I haven’t fucked her yet” I say looking at him.

“Well when you do let me know so me and her Mother can get started on our new house plans”
he says coldly.

His coldness struck a nerve inside me for some reason.

“Well she can’t have babies yet anyhow so she’s really only half a wife maybe you should send
your seven year old over to make up the other half” I say slamming the door to my truck and
walking off.

My intention was to open his eyes to just how pathetic he was trading his 9 year old daughter
for a free ride. When I got out the shower however little 7 year old Hailey was naked and
sobbing nervously sitting on my bed with Jill and Jenny.

“I don’t know why, Daddy just came to my room and told me I would be living with JJ now, Mom
packed me a bag of clothes and dropped me off at the door” Hailey says sobbing.

I explain to her what was said and it wasn’t my intension for her to be sent but now that she’s
her it’s her choice to stay or return home. A knock on the door cut the conversation short, it was
Aunt Lisa and Uncle Paul.

“Get naked and wait for me in the extra bedroom” I say letting them in.

I returned to the bed room and Hailey was still sobbing nervously “I can’t go back JJ Daddy will
be mad if I do” she says.

I had about enough of these losers at this point and walked over to the main house and up to
Uncle Tom’s room.

“Since your so interested in when Elizabeth losses her cherry and your free loading will safely
continue. You and Aunt Judy will be there to hold her down. Hailey on the other hand I have left
the decision up to her if she wants to move back here or stay, Understood” I say looking Uncle
Tom in the eyes.

Aunt Judy was already crying when I walked in but started crying harder as she nodded her
head. Uncle Tom nodded as well holding his head low. I walked back over to the pool house and
talked to Hailey before heading into the other bedroom where Aunt Lisa and Uncle Paul were
sitting naked on the bed.

“Did your little whore explain my terms” I ask Uncle Paul.

“Not really” he says looking a little nervous.

“Well you best fuck the whore good tonight because after we DP her pregnant ass she’ll be
living her as my whore until Xmas break is over” I say admiring Aunt Lisa big belly and milk filled

“Umm what exactly does being your whore mean” Aunt Lisa says in almost a whisper.

“Well that’s obvious whores do anything anytime for a price and since your already paid for well
I guess that means keep your mouth shut unless my cocks is in it and your legs open” I say
watching as small drops of milk start to leak from her hard little swollen nipple.

“And if she does this till Xmas is over then you’ll leave us alone after that” Uncle Paul asks.

“Well Aunt Lisa isn’t that bad looking but being pregnant is really the only reason I’m letting her
be my whore so you can have her after the baby comes” I say which makes him breathe a little
sigh of relief.

“But that only buys you 5 years, this is a little girl right” I say walking over and rubbing Aunt
Lisa’s belly.

“Yes” she stutters out starting to cry.

“Well then on her 5th birthday you can pack her little bags up and send her to me” I say smiling
as I rub her belly.

“Please JJ be reasonable I can’t do that” Aunt Lisa says sobbing.

“That was reasonable I gave you five years to fix your life or whore your unborn daughter out
the choice is yours” I say sliding my hand down to her smooth shaved pussy.

“Oh and you might as well name the little slut Samantha because unless useless there wins the
Lotto she’ll be moving in with me in 5 years” I say shoving three fingers inside her pussy.

Uncle Tom just sat there and watched as I fingered Aunt Lisa and sucked her milk from her
breasts. I didn’t plan to fuck her pussy anyway tonight so I slowly worked more and more fingers
into her tight little pussy until I had all four inside her. She was moaning and begging at the
same time.

Her breasts were almost squirting the milk into my mouth as her first orgasm ripped thru her
body. The extra lube allowed my thumb to slip in as well, Uncle Paul watched nervously as I
forced my fist inside Aunt Lisa. She screamed, cried and begged until her pussy lips were
wrapped around my wrist.

Uncle Paul never said a word or made any attempt to stop me as I fisted her stretched pussy to
a second orgasm. I did fist her with shallow strokes not wanting to damage my little unborn slut.
I sat on the bed while she sucked my cock and Uncle Paul licked her pussy clean and got her
little tight ass ready for my cock.

Aunt Lisa was actually doing a good job taking my cock into her throat all on her own. I sat back
enjoying the blowjob and called Melody to tell her good night. After our talk I started thinking,
the girls especially Melody was having an effect on me. Not long ago I would have just fucked
little Hailey without a second thought.

Now I seemed to have a need to protect my little wives. Even the unborn one in Aunt Lisa I was
careful not to hurt as I fisted her. I was snapped back when Aunt Lisa’s started moaning and I
noticed her breasts started leaking milk again. I hadn’t really thought about it earlier when I was
sucking the milk out but now I realize I made a bad deal with these two.

I had taken human biology so the fact that her milk was breast milk meant one thing that baby
would be here soon, a few days at most. I could just not honor my deal but I did learn one thing
in the Academy your word is everything also I had meant what I said about only really being
interested since she was pregnant.

Aunt Lisa swallowed my entire load without spilling a drop then looked up at me licking her lips.
I had Uncle Paul lay down and Aunt Lisa straddled him taking his cock entirely in one stoke.
Uncle Paul was fairly large about 8 inches but I’m sure after the fisting that pussy was sloppy and

Aunt Lisa leaned forward as best she could with her huge belly and I knelt behind her and
pressed my cock to her puckered little asshole. Uncle Paul did a good job lubing her little ass and
stretching but it wasn’t good enough to save her as I drove my cock the full ten inches into her
bowel in one hard fast stroke.

“Oh fuck JJ, Please don’t move” she begs as I ripped thru her ass.

She was begging with every stroke as I pounded her ass hard and started spanking her hard.

“Move that ass slut and fuck both them cocks whore” I say slapping her ass again.

Her sobbing was replaced with heavy breathing and light moans as I drove hard into her ass and
Uncle Paul started driving up into her pussy. Uncle Paul came quickly but I held out until she
cried again as her ass became raw and traces of blood were on my cock before I filled her bowel
with hot cum.

“Get your last kiss then get out” I tell Uncle Paul after Aunt Lisa sucks my cock clean of her
bowel juice and my cum.

It wasn’t a very passionate or long kiss, I laughed as Uncle Paul left trying to get the ass and cum
taste out his mouth.

“Come on slut” I say and Aunt Lisa follows me to the master bedroom.

“Go take a shower and clean your nasty ass then you can sleep on the floor at the foot of the
bed” I tell her.

As she showered I prepared a few things then crawled into bed with Jill and Jenny. Pulling the
covers back before I realized Little Hailey was buried under them between the girls. Jill was half
awake and rolled over on my chest and kissed me. When Aunt Lisa came out and laid on the
floor Jill looked at me.

“JJ she’s pregnant she can’t sleep on a cold hard floor she’ll get sick” Jill says softly in my ear as
she nibbles on it.

She was right so I got up and got a few blankets from the closet and tossed them to her on the
floor. I’m getting soft I think as I fall asleep.

The next morning things were interesting around the house. First was Jenny she was a little
upset she had started her period. Obviously disappoint she wasn’t pregnant, Jill on the other
hand was bubbly and happy because she hadn’t started hers yet. The next interesting thing was
when Jill went into the bathroom to take her morning poop.

“JJ bring me some toilet paper please” she yells.

I smile as I walk Aunt Lisa in to the bathroom.

“Lick her clean” I say smiling.

“Where’s the toilet paper JJ” Jill asks.

“Right here, Aunt Lisa’s new duty while she’s with us is to be our toilet paper and don’t let me catch
anyone not using her” I say.

“Umm JJ I’m on my period” Jenny points out.

“It’s ok I’m sure the slut can make do she’ll just have to spend more time cleaning you” I tell

“Kneel there whore and you bend over Jill” I say.

Aunt Lisa slowly kneeled and stuck her tongue out as the tears began trickling down her cheeks.

“Spread your cheeks Jill so she can get in there to clean” I say smiling.

“JJ can we still fuck on my period” Jenny asks looking at me shyly.

“Yes especially since Aunt Lisa is here to clean up the mess” I say smiling as Aunt Lisa looks at
me with a disgusted look.

“In fact come here you little slut” I say sitting on the toilet so I could get a good view of Aunt Lisa
cleaning Jill’s ass.

Jenny smiled and straddled me sliding my cock into her well lubed little pussy with a moan.

“What you doing you stupid slut” I tell Aunt Lisa as she reluctantly leans in to lick Jill’s shitty

“You know she peed, you have to clean her pussy first then her ass you unsanitary whore. That’s
just fucking nasty” I say looking at her.

Aunt Lisa’s starts to sob softly as she licks Jill’s pussy to clean the piss. Jenny was hornier than
normal and riding my cock hard and being the first day of her period there was a lot of blood.
Aunt Lisa moved back to Jill’s ass after Jill came on her face.

I watched closely as Aunt Lisa stuck her tongue out and licked a small little piece of shit from
Jill’s ass then gagged as her tongue went back in her mouth. She forced herself to swallow then
licked another small bit off Jill’s ass.

“That isn’t going to do slut you’ll be there all week at that rate. Put your mouth to her asshole
and suck the big pieces of then keep your mouth there and licking it clean” I tell her.
Jill still had a few juicy looking pieces hanging from her asshole. Aunt Lisa opened her mouth and
pressed her lips to Jill’s ass and started sucking. She gagged as she swallowed but she kept her
mouth to Jill’s ass. Jill was moaning softly so I’m sure she was licking her little asshole.

“Make sure you stick your tongue inside her little ass and get it clean” I say.

“Jill moans loudly a moment later as Aunt Lisa forces her tongue into her ass. Jenny slams down
hard on my cock burying me in her little womb. Grinding her hips as her little body shakes as she
cums. Aunt Lisa finished Jill’s ass and sat back on her heels, She had a brown ring around her lips
as I got up and stuck my bloody cock into her mouth.

I guess the blood was worse than the shit because she nearly puked.

“Dam whore there wasn’t even much on my cock wait till you lick her clean” I say looking at
Jenny sitting on the toilet.

Jenny’s pussy was covered in blood and cum and was dripping into the toilet as she waited her
turn to be cleaned. I walked over and turned the shower on and Aunt Lisa crawled slowly over to

“Remember you dumb whore suck up all the big stuff then lick it clean we don’t have all fucking
day for you to enjoy your breakfast” I say then start shaving.

I could she them in the mirror as Jenny spread her legs wide and leaned back against the toilet.
The sucking and gurgling sounds as Aunt Lisa sucked her pussy clean had my cock getting hard

“Ok girls we got a long day so time for a shower and breakfast” I tell them.

I was surprised Little Hailey joined us in the shower, she stayed in the back behind the girls but I
caught her staring at my cock several time. Aunt Lisa laid on the floor sobbing as we showered.
After breakfast we drove into town and picked up Melody for our shopping trip to the mall.

The girls were prefect angels acting like my cousins when Melody was with us. We shopped for
her Mom, Dad, and brother and a few things for the girls. Mostly we just walked around holding
hands and talking and sneaking kisses in where ever we could.

We did separate for a while to shop for each other. I went back to my favorite jewelry store and
went straight to the back. No daughter today so she took one look at me and started crying as
she bent over the couch and raised her dress.

Her panties snapped easily leaving deep red lines in her hips, the pain was quickly forgot though
as I shoved my cock into her tight little ass. It took four hard stokes into her dry tight ass before
my balls slapped against her pussy. I shoved her panties in her mouth and pounded her hard till I
filled her little raw ass with cum.

“I ain’t got all day cunt clean your nasty ass off my cock so I can go finish my Christmas
shopping” I say pulling my cock from her ass then slapping it hard.

When I came out the owner looked at me almost crying as he wrapped Jenny’s purchases up. I
dropped Melody off just before dinner telling her I had a family thing tonight. It wasn’t a lie I did
have a family thing, I just failed to mention it was Elizabeth’s cherry.

When two Arab guys used me as their toy

I'm going to share a true story that I never thought I would ever write.

It was an ordinary Friday night out in Brussels. I had met up with some friends to grab a drink in a newly opened gay bar in centre of town. The premises were rather trendy; the crowd was young, cute and looked smart. People mostly stayed in their respective groups, distinctly cornered in, throwing a look now and then over the room at other boys. Yet they didn’t take the initiative to move over taking the initial contact.

The curse of being young: the self-confidence clearly had no correspondence to the appearance, youth and sexy looks. It seems this is often the case in young, trendy gay bars. Surely a lot of alcohol is consumed to ease the tensions and inhibitions.
We drank quite a lot. The few older guys who were present were more direct, almost staring you down with eyes emitting lust for some fun just for the night. I and my friends were not after these older guys. We had a good time, drinking and laughing, moving moderately to the heavy beats of the music.

Around five o'clock in the morning it was time to head on for something else. A part of the group wanted to go to a bar where mainstream pop music was mixed up with interludes of drag show performances.

This very small bar was always fully packed and it was hard for anyone to really move around, the toilet queue was awfully long and getting a drink in the bar took so long that you got sober by waiting. This was at least my opinion, but my friends didn't agree.

We therefore split and I left them to their miserable choice. My mind was on classy club music, a nice and efficient bar filled with straight acting, well-tuned cute guys.
My choice was therefore a club called the Box. It had an open atmosphere, two dance floors: one for club music downstairs and r'n'b/pop upstairs. It contained two bars and a dark room at the top. The dark room was a place I didn’t' use to go to. I had paid a visit once out of curiosity. That time it didn't take long until I felt a stranger's hand on my ass. I remembered I kind of froze not knowing what to do. The hand moved up to my belt and went down inside my jeans and suddenly I felt a finger playing around my hole. The finger pressed itself into my hole; I felt excitement but I was not ready to be fucked like that by some unknown guy in the dark, so I pulled the hand out and left for the exit. On the way out hands touched me both on the back and on my bulb under the jeans. One part of me wanted to stay but the other was too unsecure.

That was then. This late evening I came into the club around five in the morning. The dance floor was packed. I drank, chatted to people and danced to a great DJ for three hours which felt shorter than that. Around eight it was not a lot of people left. Maybe ten in total. I headed for the bar and ordered a last vodka-tonic, although I was quite drunk already.

After a while two guys came up and sat next to me. They looked to be around my age, around 20. They were the same height but more muscly than me and they were not blond with blue eyes like me but had darker hair and brown eyes. They probably had Arab origins. Both of them looked really good. Their fit, defined bodies were visible under tight T-shirts and jeans. We started to chat loosely: they asked me if I was alone and if I lived in Brussels. One of them put his hand on my thigh and caressed me slowly; the other moved his hand inside my shirt and over my back. It felt they were going forward a little bit too quickly and I escaped the situation by saying that I needed to go to the toilet.

I went upstairs to the toilets on the second floor, where there was no one. I could feel I was turned on by the touching and wondered what to do next. I had never been with two guys before and was a little bit prude when in bars and in public. I was not the kind of guy who was making out just like that. Too bad there wasn’t just one of them, which would have made things a little bit easier.

When I got out of the toilet one of the guys stood outside waiting for me. He smiled and asked me if I was intimidated by both of them touching me. “Somewhat” I replied. “Whom of us do you like the most?” he asked. “I think you're both cute” I said and added “and very sexy”. “You're very sexy too and I could see when you went away that you have a nice little bubble butt ass”. “Thanks!” I flushed a little bit embarrassed.

“So if it was just me, would you like to have some fun?” he asked. I looked at his hot, oriental, muscly body and could hear myself saying: "Yes, why not". “We can go to my place; I don't live far from here” I suggested. “No, my friend is waiting downstairs and I'd prefer that we just go up to the dark room” he said and smiled. “Well, I don't know about that; I'm not a great fan of dark rooms” I hesitated. “You don't know who is there and it's not very comfortable”. “It's ok” he assured, “the club is almost empty by now and there would be no one there except for us. So come on, I can tell for sure that both of us want to have some a little bit of fun” he insisted. “It’ s just a quick one; I'd love to have your little cute mouth around my dick and in return I'll give you a blowjob you’ll really enjoy. Wouldn't that be nice?” He put his hand over his package as to convince me. I could see a distinct, large bulb on his jeans. OMG, he has a big cock, I thought to myself.
It was watering in my mouth by the mere thought of tasting his thick Arab cock; I could feel mine was growing to.

He approached me, pressed his body against mine and started to kiss me with deep tongue movements. Wow, this guy knew how to kiss! It felt like heaven! Impossible to resist. At this time I was quite drunk and his gentle treatment of kissing and caressing my cock with his hand inside my jeans made my inhibitions for action in a public club be defeated. “You're hard and horny” he said, “so let's go up”. He took my hand and led me up the stairs to the dark room.

Up there he opened my jeans, pulled them down completely to the ground and sat in front of me. My cock swelled hard as he took it in his mouth and worked it good. One of his hands went off to my ass and started to play with my hole. One finger went in, then two. Slowly he started to finger fuck my my ass. Gosh it was nice having his lips around my cock and at the same time feel him finger-pulling me from behind.

We would only exchange blowjobs, he had told me. Is he now trying to prepare me to be fucked after all? Typically Arab men telling you one thing while having other intentions. These were only thoughts in my mind, but I couldn't protest since it felt too good. After a while, he stood up, we kissed with deep tongues.
Then he put the fingers he had used in my ass into my mouth. “You like the taste of your tight, bubble butt hole in your mouth?” he whispered and had me suck on them for a while before he pushed my head down to his large penis. I followed his every move and the orders he gave me, and it was clear who was in charge.
He slapped my face with his XL-sized dick before he pressed it down my throat. His cock went down all the way and he fucked me rather roughly until gasped for air. He noticed I was choking and gave me a fraction of a second to breathe in before he continued pressing it down as deep as he could. The taste of salty sperm mixed up with saliva filled my palate; I had to swallow some to keep up with his intense and deep mouth fucking.
He ordered me to lift my ass up so that he could finger-pull me while I was sucking him. I did was I was told.

Suddenly I could hear him whisper something in Arabic. A second later I felt someone coming up from behind putting his hands on my buttocks. I had thought that we were alone in the dark room.
Who was this third person who now wanted to join in? Was it his friend who had gone up earlier to wait for us? Of course, they must have planned this from the start.

The newcomer immediately took over my ass and started to penetrate it with his fingers. He seemed very excited and was quite intense in his movements. I almost lost my balance, which was anyway not the best since I had a considerable amount of alcohol in my body. I stopped sucking and was about to stand up to give it all a pause. The guy in front of me noticed my hesitation and quickly locked both of my hands and put his arm around my neck. He was much stronger than me, and although I tried to resist I couldn't get away.

Suddenly I felt the guy behind me start pressing his big cock into my anus. Although I was under the influence of the booze, the pain of the thick cock ploughing its way into my tight ass seemingly without any lube made me feel completely sober again. Desperately my hands fought to get released but all in vain. "Please wait!" I squeaked, “I need to…” "What is it? Don't you want to play anymore?" one of the guys interrupted. "Well, just let me get some lube and a condom from my pocket" I said trying resolutely to sound calm not to give the impression I was trying to escape. "No need for that cutie; I like fucking tight asses like yours without condom or lube. It feels much more natural and so much tighter and nicer, don't you think?" "But, I just…" He silenced me quickly by pulling my head back by a steady grip around my hair with one hand and putting the other over my mouth.
An extremely intense and very rough fucking followed. My ass was almost to explode and I could feel every inch of his big cock as it forced its way in and out in what felt like an eternity. It was almost like my ass would turn inside out of the deep ploughing and I felt my anus swelling. Inside me every show of the top of his cock sent electric shocks through my entire body; the pain came out on the other side through my mouth groaning and moaning. His friends slapped my face and rammed his cock into my mouth to shut me up.

After some time my anus got more and more numb and the pain started to go away. It became less tense, almost like it had given up and just let itself completely open to serve his cock's violent and rough enjoyment.
The guy behind me moaned louder and louder as if he was to come. Suddenly a warm sensation spread inside my body as he fired his big load deep up my ass.

He withdrew and got up in front of me ordering me to suck and lick his cock clean of the warm juice. I did as I was told and swallowed every drop of it, as I didn't dare to spit anything out. "Good boy! You seem to enjoy that tasty sperm" he said. "Now, lie down on the floor!” his friend commanded. He forced me to lie down with my chest facing the floor.
He got on top and guided his penis to my hole. He pushed into me; I felt the head enter me. A moan escaped my lips. He almost pulled out fully and then he just rammed it in full force. “Now, we're going to see if I can fuck this cutie even harder. He seems to like it!" They both put up a laugh of joy and excitement. He fucked me harder and faster. “I could see how you looked at my cock down in the bar, craving it. I’ll give you the fuck of your life and use you for my own pleasure like the little fuck-doll you are”. Her kissed me on the check and licked my ear. Then he intensified the fucking; I felt the entire weight of his muscular body as he pumped my ass with his massive cock like a machine spinning out of control.
"This is so fucking great. I love your tight ass baby."

By now the penetration went more smoothly because of the generous loud that his friends had previously delivered in my butthole, which functioned as a perfect natural lubricant. My ass had also got more used to the rough fucking and had opened up considerably by the penetrations of his friend's large cock fucking me so violently. The initial unbarable pain had vanished and been replaced by another feeling. Despite the forced situation I couldn't actually help starting to enjoy it. Yes, I found myself somewhat enjoying it. No, in all honesty I found myself suddenly and surprisingly loving it! Having this good-looking, young sexy Arab stallion working my ass turned me on like nothing I'd ever experienced. I was his little white toy; I could really feel how much he also loved it – loved the fact that I was there for him to enjoy fully. Everything just felt so perfectly right, like a dream. As he hit my G-Spot, this over whelmed me with ecstasy. “Yes, do me as hard as you can” slipped out of me. “I like you baby and I know you like me too" he whispered in my ear.
Then he came with a roaring and we were both to explode as he shot a stream of warm juice inside of me. He kissed me a last time on the cheek. Then he and his friend dressed quickly and left.

I sat for a while in the dark to get myself together. What was it I had experience? My ass was warm and swollen with the juice of the two guys dripping out. A smile spread over my face.
I started to jerk myself and came quickly. I left the dark room and the club.

On my way home I stopped by a gay sauna that had opened its door in the morning hour. I went in and ordered a sandwich and an orange juice in the bar.
As I sat down at one of the tables a bit away from the bar a black young guy came up to me and asked if he could sit down. "Sure" I said. We were there just with our small towels around our waists. He had a perfect body and he noticed my eyes screening over him. He let his towel open so I could see his enormous dick hanging in the open. My eyes couldn’t help staring at it.

"I saw you in the dark room" he said. "What?" "Yes, with the two guys. I was hiding in a corner with a friend when you came in. It was quite a rough fuck, wasn't it?" His words took me by surprise and I didn't know what to say.
"It wasn't planned. They just…" "I know" he interrupted. "They took advantage of you to have a good time and enjoy themselves. But you seemed to enjoy it yourself in the end." "Well… yes kind of" I admitted. "You're very cute" he said. "The fact that you've come to this sauna and didn't go straight home or to the police or anything must mean that you're not really done for today, I suppose." He smiled and stroked his hand over his big cock that had started to rise.
"I could give you a nice time up in one of the cabins. Of course with lube and condom." He took my hand and caressed it gently. I looked at his cock and felt how mine grew to create a visible bulb under the towel. He noticed and said smilingly "I take that as a yes".

We stood up and walked up two floors to an empty cabin were we dropped the towels and started to kiss. His large penis was like a dream; I felt it against me; his fingers were already exploring my hole. There was no need to warm up my ass really. At this moment I could take anything! I couldn't wait for him to enter me and make me all his…

PS. I have always been strongly against any form of forced or non-consensual sex and condemned it fiercely. Therefore this event has turned out very complicated and complex for me. I realise that if the guys had listened to my initial protests and not given themselves the right to fully use me the way they did my strong experience would not have been as strong and so memorable. I've since this happened tried to re-experience the situation by participating in role-plays and rape games but nothing can compare to the feeling of the real deal. Of course non-consensual sex should not imply unnecessary violence, and these guys did not seek to cause unnecessary harm in any way. All they really wanted was to fuck the shit out of me and enjoy the real game of being in full control over a little fuck toy to have not only the physical pleasure (the feeling of penetrating a tight butthole with no lubricant, as one of the guys said) but also enhance the experience by being the dominant male who exerts his full rights by nature – like a stallion, stag or bull who mounts a female or another male out of natural instinct and without asking for permission. The setting in this case also lends justification to their behaviour. I was the young boy in a gay bar, dressed to attract in a way that featured my tight body and bubble butt, and who strongly teased their instincts by signaling an interest in their bodies and engaging with them (this is different from a surprise coersion in the park). To be the mounted one and feel a muscly body take you in possession for a short while is nothing shamefull. On the contrary, it makes you feel wanted and craved for. And that in itself is an exciting thing!