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Who would believe?

I live in a small flat with my fiancée we are mostly happy but both very busy people. I am in my early thirties but look after myself going to the gym when I can but am not what you would called ripped. While I was sitting watching TV getting quite board there was a knock at the door. It was Jane. Jane was a tall wiry girl with long black hair and small pert breasts. She had a predilection for black. This time she was wearing black leather boots that ended at her calve. A fairly short leather skirt that ended a couple of centimetres above her boots, her top half was encased in a skin tight black t shirt that clearly showed the shape of the bra underneath. She was also clad in a big long leather coat. Her makeup was also typical for her as it was very dark and extenuated her big dark eyes and good cheek bones.
My fiancée was away at choir and was planning to stay overnight at her mother’s so there was no chance we were going to be interrupted so I invited her in and asked her whether she wanted a drink. We had a couple of glasses before we even got close to actually talking about what she was here for. She had apparently had a fairly major argument with her own husband a man that I didn’t get on with and had avoided for a number of years. There had always been a mutual attraction between me and Jane and he had noticed, it had led to some masculine posturing and one up man ship that didn’t help ether of us. As the conversation continued I noticed that Jane was moving closer and closer to me and a lot of her sentences were being punctuated with smiles and touching of her hair until she was close enough to actually reach across and touch my thigh or shoulder. Then almost out of nowhere she darted forward and kissed me. It has to be said that I didn't push her away. I kissed her back and our tongues intertwined and I felt my prick getting hard. Her hand began to move down to my lap as we greedily devoured each other. Just as things started to get hot, there was a knock at the door.
We both froze thinking my fiancée was home. The second knock brought me to my feet and we both looked nervous but as we had been stopped before we did anything I soon got a hold of myself and went to the door when I pulled the door open there stood Sara.
Sara was a fiery red head. She was a little heavier in figure mostly because of her massive Tits which she was not afraid to show off given enough drink and encouragement. She was dressed up as if she had come from a club her body squeezed into a tight fitting dress that extenuated every curve of her body. Being that Jane had already turned me on my dick became hard as a rock just looking at her.
“Well if only Jamie had that reaction” she said smiling and nodding at my very noticeable hard on. Sara and I had enjoyed a very passionate night together a couple of years back and occasionally had met up to blow off steam. She obviously knew that my fiancée was out and wanted to have some fun as her husband had drunk himself into a stupor once again. As she stepped into the flat she rubbed my hard cock with a delicious dirty look on her face.
Once she entered the living room she saw Jane sitting on the couch and the wine glasses out on the coffee table and immediately jumped to the right conclusion. She stomped toward the other girl and stood in front of her. Jane saw her coming and not wanting to back down stood up to meet her stride. The two women had never got on. They were so different and yet so alike that it had led to many shouting matches and on several occasions the conflict between the two almost came to blows. In my opinion the reason for their animosity stemmed from the fact that the other ones activities were so similar to their own that while people insulted one the other felt the attack.
As Sara stood in front of Jane the two women stared at each other with nothing but anger. Sara had realised what was happening or at least about to happen before she came in.
'You think you can cheat on my friend with this slut' Sara shouted spittle flying from her lips
‘Who you calling a slut? Whore!' Jane replied
I have to admit I was more than a bit turned on. I couldn't think straight with these two beauty’s that I had been harbouring some fairly graphic fantasy’s about. Having both done there best to get my motor running.
The two were now silent and staring at me waiting for a response. If only Jane and then Sara had not turned me on so much by jumping on me I would be able to think. That gave me a really stupid idea. Realising I had nothing to lose I went for it. Crossing the room in two strides I grabbed the sexy red head and planted a kiss on her. Part of me was shocked when her mouth opened with no encouragement and we shared a passionate kiss as her arms wrapped around me and she drew me closer and Jane looked on.
When we broke apart I took a step back. Both girls were looking at me and they both looked very turned on.
“The thing about this is that everyone knows you hate each other” I said and the two girls exchanged looks of confusion before turning back to me. “Therefore if either of you try to say that I was having an affair with the other one no one would believe you.”
A silence began to stretch out as both girls took the statement on board and thought it through. Just as I began to think that both girls would throw their arms up in the air and stomp out of the flat possibly after slapping me hard in my face Jane spoke.
“There is another side of this though” she said with a very dirty smile
She faced up to Sara her tiny breasts only inches from Sara’s massive tits. When she turned Sara seemed to get her drift
“Nobody would believe that you had a threesome with the two of us” Sara confirmed
Dumb founded I stood amazed half convinced that I was in some sort of dream and not wanting to move in case I woke up as the two girls kissed each other. They both opened their mouths hungrily and began to mash their lips together. Both of their eyes were shut and they moved their arms up and down each other’s back. It had been widely rumoured that Jane was into girls as much as boys and when asked she would normally just shrug and smile which I always took as meaning she had experimented before. The shock was Sara she had never even hinted at anything like this before.
So it was a massive shock to see Sara was the one who was the first to go for more than just kissing. She brought her hand up to Jane’s breasts and began to gently stroke and then openly fondle. Her caresses brought The Goth girls tiny nipples to a point that could be clearly seen through the skin tight black t shit she wore. Jane herself began to gently grown and move her hands from around Sara’s waste to her back.
As she was much taller than the red head Jane was able to run her hands over her back find the zipper to her dress and gently pull the zip down without breaking the caress Sara was performing on her tits. She then turned her cheek to Sara so that she could keep up the kiss but had her mouth facing toward me ‘little help’ she said in a husky whisper before going back to kissing.
I did not need to be asked twice and I moved up behind Sara and began to kiss a trail that started at her neck an went first to the left knocking that strap from her shoulder and then to the right. The dress was being held up now soley by Saras massive tits and I tugged from the bottom to bring the garment down. As it puddled around her feet I noticed for the first time that she wore re high heeled shoes that set off her hair brilliantly.
When I brought my eyes up I saw that Sara was helping Jane pull off her t shirt and pull down her skirt. Took a step to one side wanting to take in the sight of these two women stood in my living room dressed in there underware
Sara then took a step back and for a moment I thought both girls were again having second thougts. Yess stood wearing a bra that was of a shiny material and encased and lifed her boobs to give her a cleavage. Her knickers were of the same material and fitted round her slim hips and cocered her mound well. What was noticeable about her underwear was a dark patch that showed just how wet she was. Sara’s underclothes were much more sheer they were see through and clearly meant to be shown off. Her nipples were bright pink and standing on end and poking through her net like bra. She too was busily leaking her juices through her knickers which nid nothing to hide her ginger brush.
The two women stared at each other hungrily devouring each other with their eyes. Sara blinked first and reached behind her own back for the clasp of her bra and when she undone it her massive tits spilled out of there prison and she tossed the thing aside looking at Jane who was already reaching behind her to undo her own. Her tits came out with less of a flourish but as Sara’s had been on display even in the bra I think that one was a draw. Jane was the next to move tugging down her pants and lifting one booted foot and pulling the small material away and throwing it. Me and Sara both breathed in with desire. I had seen Jane’s cunt before she normally sported a massive mound of dark hair that was untidy however now her pussy was very different it was completely bare. She had obviously shaved and the lips of her cunt stood out proud, red and dripping wet. I tore my eyes from Jane to see Sara removing her knickers and flinging them to one side.
‘now you’ Sara said her eyes still on Jane’s cunt. It actually took me a while to realise she was talking to me. She raised her head toward me and then moved over and began to wrestle my t shirt over my head. Throwing it to one side when it was realised from my arms.
She then moved onto my jeans and was trying to undo my belt and pull them down over my massive hard on. As she attempted this feat I stumbled backward and fell on my ass as the passionate red head wrestled my pants off. I realised then that it would be more beneficial to just lay back as opposed to trying to help and soon I was naked my dick standing up think and at a right angle to my stomach.
Before I could glance down to see what was about to happen. I saw first one boot then the another stepping either side of my head. As I stared toward the celling all I could see was Jane’s cunt and it was dripping wet.
She slowly lowed herself onto my face so I could eat her out. I could hear that she was appreciating the attention as I first ran my tongue along her pussy lips. Using my own mouth to hold her openso I could dart my tongue inside her slurping noisily at her sex as she squirmed with pleasure. She was so wet that I was finding it hard to breathe as I greedily ate her out and her juices flowed freely.
As I was going to work on Jane I felt the sensation of what Sara was doing. First I felt moisture as Sara put her mouth over my incredibly hard dick. Then the feeling of her tongue running up and down its shaft and spending particular attention to my balls. Then a most unexpected feeling that only came from the red head putting my entire cock into her mouth and then forcing it into her throat and causing her to choke slightly and leaving a long line of spittle on my shaft as she withdrew it.
As my excitement grew with the attentions of Sara I concentrated more on my attentions to Jane’s quim. As I busily ate her out her groans and cries of pleasure grew to a high and she declared ‘I’m gonna cum’. As soon as she said that Sara stopped what she was doing to my dck.
From my vantage point I couldn’t see what was happening so I continued to tease and stimulate the girl on my face. At that the sensation on my prick changed and I felt the undeniable sensation that Sara was lowering herself cunt first onto my dick. Jane moved slightly so she could lean forward and this meant I could now see from beneath her and the sight almost sent the cream exploding from my dick. The red head had indeed lowed herself onto my dick and as she bounced up and down she was leaning forward to allow Jane to chew on her tits occasionally stopping to re position so that she could kiss the other girl with open mouth passion.
The three of us became more and more turned on until we almost as one came. My Dick exploded in Sara and the two girls screamed their way to their own orgasms between breathlessly feeling each other’s tits and kissing with open mouths and exploring tongues.
My face was now covered in Jane’s juices and Sara raised herself from me and collapsed into an armchair as Jane also got off me and sat by the arm of the same chair. I rolled over lent up against the chair on the other side. We were all breathing heavy and smiling broadly.
“so what now?” Sara said running her tongue over her lips.
Jane got to her knees “well I want some of that” she said and turned toward where Sara was sitting with her legs open. She bent toward the other girl and lowered her head to the mount of red hair which I had previously expelled my cum. Jane Lowered her mouth to Sara’s quim and began to lick greedily at the cum that was leaking out of her before eventually using her own fingers to separate he cunt lips so she could get her tongue deep into the red heads cunt.
Sara began to groan and squirm in her seat. Her mouth opening and closing as the desire built up within her. As Jane worked on Sara I realised what I wanted. I stood and steped behind the black haired girl and was about to enter her cunt from behind whe she turned her head.
“Take me up the arse” she said with a dirty smile
I didn’t need to be asked twice and as Jane turned back to servicing Sara I placed my fingers into Jane’s cunt which was still soaking wet from her juices and my spittle. I began to bring the liquid from her pussy to her ass hole using her own cum as a lubricant. When I had wetted the girls asshole enough I was ready to enter her.
I placed the head of my dick on her opening and as I watched the expression of Sara while Jane was increasing the vigorousness of her oral pleasure. Jane also had hold of Saras nipples which she was squeezing and pulling in equal measure which was apparently having about the same effect as her tongue was on the red head pussy.
I plunged my dick into Jane’s hole and she squealed and groaned as I filled her up centimetres at a time. ‘oh my god that’s good’ she shouted hoarsely. Sara though placed her hands on the back of the girls head and then forced her head back to her cum where she again continued to eat the gingers quim.
I moved my cock in and out of Jane before eventually changing to shoving my cock into her cunt. Watching the two girls was getting to me however apparently Jane was better at oral than me and what I was doing to Jane was driving her to a quick orgasm and Sara soon followed both of the screaming as they came a second time.
When they were done Sara and Jane moved from where they were Jane Bringing herself from me with a soft pop as my cock came free of her ass the hole still remained and Sara smiled and ran his hand over Jane’s arse as they’re positioned.
They both owe knelt in front of me and they both began to take turns sucking and wanting me until I began to reach a peek again. As my final orgasm gripped me both girls knelt eyes toward me ready to take the load on their faces. This sight alone was enough and a jet of cream left my dick and impacted on Sara’s forehead and as Jane continued to want me she aimed the next stream to her owned cheek. Greedy for more Sara grabbed my cock and took the next on her cheek before putting the entire cock into her mouth and swallowing a few loads when she drew away Jane grabbed my weapon and it disappeared into her mouth as she forced the thing down her throat trying to get the last few drops.
With that we all dropped to the floor spent.
After we all cleaned up we agreed it was wrong and we would never repeat the exercise. However whenever I heard Jane and Sara shouting or bitching about each other from then on in I always smiled a little and thought of what happened that night and whenever my fiancée was at choir rehearsal I always wondered if the door would knock again after all. ‘who would know?. And who would believe?

Maria and her sister Connie

Maria and her sister Connie

Maria and Connie grew up in a big Greek family in Brooklyn. Maria was younger than Connie and they were best friends growing up. Even though they were three years apart they almost looked like twins and people could always tell they were sisters. All girls have secrets and Maria and Connie had their fare share.
Maria never knew it but her big sister Connie was always jealous of her ever since they were little girls because Maria always got more attention from their parents, especially their father, Franco. As they grew up Connie would bully Maria from time to time out of jealousy but they always made up and hugged one another after their fights.
When Maria was just nine years old and Connie was twelve, their mother Christina died of a tragic accident and left Franco a single father with their two daughters. Maria and Connie missed their mother dearly but they were happy to have their father Franco to take care of them.
As time went on Maria and Connie grew up into two beautiful young women, however Maria was slightly prettier and more attractive to men than her older sister Connie and this did make Connie jealous but she still loved her little sister Maria.

After Maria graduated from high school she went to college wither her older sister at the University. They got into a nasty fight over this guy James who had been sleeping with Connie for a year and she considered him a boyfriend. James met Maria her first day at school and he knew she was Connie’s little sister but Maria didn’t know that James was Connie’s boyfriend and James romanced her and seduced her into having sex with him.
Connie caught James fucking her eighteen year old sister Maria up the ass in his dorm room and completely freaked out on both of them. Maria was so nervous and humiliated because her older sister caught her taking it up the ass which was taboo for them since their family was devout Christians and she was doing it with her sister’s boyfriend which she was previously unaware of. To make thing worse Maria was an amateur to anal sex and she didn’t know to give herself an enema before doing it and when James pulled his big throbbing penis out of her asshole she took a big stinky shit on his cock and his bed and started to cry in a state of utter embarrassment and shock.
Connie screamed at Maria and called her a dirty piece of shit whore and told both James and Maria that she hated them. Maria begged her big sister not to tell anyone and Connie said she wouldn’t because she didn’t want to ruin their family name but told Maria that she was very mad at her and she didn’t want to talk to her for a long time.
After a few years Maria and Connie were talking to each other again. Connie forgave Maria for her slutty mistake and Maria learned a good lesson about anal sex and being a slut. Maria was a slut all through college, she was not just screwing college kids though. Maria found a boyfriend named Justin who was a police officer and she eventually began to serve him and his friends as a full time sex slave. Things were going good and Maria was enjoying her relationship with the her boyfriend and his buddies. Maria and Connie graduated from College and got jobs working as professional hairstylists.
Maria kept serving her boyfriend and his friends as a sex slave which Connie was completely unaware of and would not approve of. When Connie turned twenty nine she got married to a guy named Bruno and Maria was her maid of honor.
One day Justin asked Maria to recruit her sister into sexual slavery and Maria said Connie would not be interested , Justin just nodded his head and said “ok”.
Two more years passed and Maria and Connie were now thirty two and thirty five. Maria was still a sex slave and she had done some really nasty and kinky things but she really had no idea what kind of Masters she had been serving.
After coming home from work one night Maria was extremely tired and she needed sleep desperately. She was tired from what her Masters had been doing to her plus a twelve hour shift at the office so she went straight to sleep. What happened next she never expected. Maria woke up in the dungeon she had been serving her Masters in and she was securely bound and gagged so she could not move or make a sound. What she saw in front of her made her shudder in fear but also turned her on a little bit. Maria’s Masters had abducted her and her big sister Connie and locked them in the dungeon.
Justin told Maria that her and Connie would be locked in the dungeon for the rest of their lives and that it was Maria’s job to help them break Connie and get her to do what she was told without fighting. He told Maria that her and Connie would be severely raped and beaten for the next two weeks straight to get them used to their new life.
Connie was still blindfolded and she could not see Maria’s face but she could hear her voice saying, “it will be okay Connie, just do what they say and they won’t hurt us.” Maria and Connie were both very scared, Maria didn’t know what she had gotten herself into with these men, what started off as a fun way to live out her sexual fantasies was now a nightmare of brutal rapes and beatings on a daily basis.
Maria cried as she watched her Masters rape and beat her big sister Connie into submission. She begged them to stop only to get beaten as a punishment for being a bitch and not keeping her fucking mouth shut.
After two weeks of being broken Maria only had a couple of cuts and bruises on her body because she was giving the men what they wanted and going along with what they told her to do, she was in good shape and she was healthy because they were letting her eat good food but she did have to pay a price for it. Treating Maria better than Connie was also part of the men’s plan.
At the end of the first two weeks Connie was in way worse shape than Maria. On her first day of breaking the men dressed Connie up in her wedding dress and put her into her own room and removed her restraints.
The next thing Connie knew she was in a cement room with one very heavy steel door and no windows wearing her wedding dress. A group of twenty five men entered the room followed by her little sister Maria who was blindfolded and had her ears plugged with headphones that had satanic heavy meatl blasting in them so she couldn’t hear Connie scream. Maria was placed into a chair and a video camera was placed into her hands, she was then restrained and tied into place firmly with the video camera pointed straight at her sister and their Masters.
Maria was completely unaware that she was about to videotape her big sister Connie being gang raped and beaten into submission by twenty five men. A cage was then placed around Maria and the men told Connie that she had permission to try to save Maria and runaway.
The men let Connie try to open the cage for a couple of minutes and laughed as she screamed for Maria and told her she was going to save them and get them out of there. Maria could not see or hear Connie but the video camera in her hands was recording everything. Suddenly five of the men attacked Connie, the first blow she received was a hard punch to the face which knocked her down and made her eyes swell up and tear. Next, the men began ripping her wedding dress off and beating her with chains and sticks simultaneously.
Connie was being a real bitch and trying to fight back but it was useless, she was outnumbered and overpowered. She could not stop fighting back though and the men had to teach her a lesson. All twenty five of the men swarmed on Connie with chains, belts and sticks and brutally pummeled her into submission.
They were picking her up and letting her stand on her feet and giving her a chance to fight back just to knock her down and beat her again. She was now in her bra and panties and her body was completely covered in bruises and cuts, her arms and legs were broken as well as her hips.
The men made sure she wasn’t hurt too bad though because they didn’t want her to die, they just wanted to hurt her worse than she could ever imagine. After the men beat Connie senseless they picked her broken body up and started to rape her.
Maria was still blindfolded and satanic heavy metal was still blasting in her headphones as she held the video camera that was recording the brutal beating and rape of her big sister Connie. Connie screamed in pain as the men took turns fucking her in the asshole, mouth and pussy. They were picking her up by her broken arms and legs and throwing her around like a rag doll as they raped and sodomized her broken body.
She begged them to stop only to be beaten more. Connie was in really bad shape and Maria still had no idea. One of the men went into Maria’s cage and gave her an enema to make her take a shit. Maria’s shit was collected in a bucket and brought to Connie. The men had finished raping and beating Connie for now and now it was time for her to eat and drink.
The men all jacked off into a big gallon sized pitcher and urinated into it as well. They then forced Connie to drink the entire pitcher and told her that was all she would be allowed to drink from now on. After Connie drank the semen and urine cocktail, the men started shoving her little sister Maria’s shit into her mouth and forcing her to swallow it. Connie was too weak and hungry to vomit up her meal of semen, urine and her sister Maria’s shit.
One of the men grabbed a clear plastic bag and after stuffing a piece of Maria’s shit into Connie’s mouth and smearing it on her face, he pulled the plastic bag tightly over Connie’s head and made her choke on Maria’s shit and suffocate for about thirty seconds. He pointed her head straight to the camera and said “smile for the camera and your sister Maria, Connie, you fucking bitch.” Then the man took the bag off of Connie’s head and let her get a breath of fresh air and told her to stop being a fucking bitch or he would break her fingers.
The men then left the room, all but Justin. Justin took Maria out of her cage and took the video camera from her. While still filming he pointed the camera at Connie who was destitute after being raped, force fed her sister’s shit and had her limbs broken. She was still alive with no internal injuries but she was in severe pain from her broken bones.
He filmed her as she cried on the floor unable to move, covered in cum and piss and shit, then turned the camera to a still deaf and blind Maria, who was naked and gagged and also had a butt plug in her asshole and said, “Thank you for filming us breaking your big sister Connie, Maria. I don’t think she will be giving us anymore attitude.
Justin turned off the camera and removed Maria’s blindfold and headphones and left the two sister’s in the cement room together. Maria was in complete shock by the state her sister had been left in and there was nothing she could do to help her big sister so she just cried. One hour later the men returned and tied Maria and Connie into fixed positions facing a large flat high definition television screen. Maria and Connie’s eyes were held open by their lids with a tool from one of the men who was an optometrist.
The men left the girls in the room watching the videotape of Connie being broken. Maria cried for her sister Connie as they were forced to watch the video while Connie was in such a state of shock she could not do anything but sit and watch the videotape of twenty five men breaking her arms and legs and hips then raping her. They both wished they were dead but things we just beginning.
Connie eventually healed up but since her bones were never set she was now crooked and unable to walk normally and sex was now extra painful for her and since she was being raped on a daily basis, she was in pain constantly. Maria, however remained in very good physical shape as she was treated nicely and well fed.
Maria was allowed to wear beautiful clothes and make up and eat good food while Connie was not allowed to wear clothes and only allowed to drink semen and urine and eat Maria’s shit straight from her asshole. Connie began to hate Maria for receiving better treatment than her and began to believe that Maria was in on it which was not true because Maria was just as scared as her and was only doing what she was told.
The only reason Maria never cried every time she was forced to take a shit into Connie’s mouth was because she knew she would be beaten and punished if she did anything but smile while she did it. If she didn’t thank her Master for letting her take a shit in Connie’s mouth she would be beaten and she knew it.
One day the men brought Maria and Connie’s friend Diana down to the basement and forced the two women to watch them play gently with their niece before violently sodomizing her. The men were telling Diana that they found her friends and when she came into the room she was so happy to see Maria and Connie.
She asked Maria why her boobs were hanging out of her shirt and said “what’s wrong Connie? Are you ok? The men said you were here and you guys want to see me!”
At this point Maria was very scared for her friend and told her that Connie was sick and that everything was going to be okay and gave her a hug. The men then came into the room and pulled Maria to the side, they told her that if she didn’t get Diana to suck everybody’s dick without putting up a fuss that they would beat Diana just like Connie.
They told her to make Diana eat her pussy while Connie videotaped it then tell Diana to do the same thing to the men. A video camera was placed into Connie’s hands then pointed at Maria and Diana and turned on. Maria told Diana that they were going to play a game where she kisses her auntie between the legs. She told Diana to lick her pussy and stick her tongue in it. Diana started to eat Maria’s pussy and they were both enjoying it. Justin told Maria to get into a sixty nine with Diana so she did and they started to eat each other’s cunts while Connie filmed it.
Once Diana’s pussy started to get wet and she started to have fun the men came in and told Diana it was time to play with them. They made Maria teach Diana how to get on all fours and stick her ass in the air. Once Diana’s fat ass was in the air, Justin handed Maria some lube and said “put it on Diana’s asshole, we are going to fuck her up the asshole everyday so get her ready.” Maria told Diana that she was going to put something on her butt hole and not to worry and Diana said “ok, Maria”.
Now that Diana’s asshole was lubed up the men began to fuck Diana up the asshole very slowly and they were being very nice to her and playing with her as they did it. The men made Diana eat Maria’s pussy as they sodomized her and Connie was videotaping it all. Diana and Maria were both wearing ballerina outfits and Connie was completely naked.
The men started to pick up the pace and really fuck Diana up the asshole hard, she started to cry so Justin took his cock out of her ass and stuck it down her throat and said, “shut the fuck up and suck your shit off of my cock Diana!” One of the other men was fucking her up the asshole very hard as she choked on Justin’s cock. The men then started to rape Diana’s asshole very hard and she was crying uncontrollably.
Maria was telling Diana to do what the men said and it would be over soon. It was not over soon though. Diana was raped up her asshole for 48 hours straight by hundreds of men, they just kept coming into the dungeon twenty five after twenty five and raping Diana while Maria watched and Connie filmed it.
By the end of the two days Diana’s asshole was so stretched out that she was shitting her self uncontrollably but her pussy was untouched. Justin lodged a three inch butt plug into Diana’s asshole to keep her shit from falling out and to keep it stretched out and loose. Diana was now a sex slave just like her friends Maria and Connie and she was only allowed to remover her butt plug when Justin said it was okay. Diana and Maria stay dressed up in nice outfits with pretty make up on while Connie was kept naked and ugly with bruises all over her body at all times. Diana and Maria were taught to punish Connie and were rewarded for it. Connie is still eating Maria and Diana’s shit everyday and has grown to hate Maria and Diana and herself. Maria, Connie and Diana are not allowed to drink anything but a mixture of the semen and urine of their Masters and they are still sex slaves today. Diana's asshole can fit a large fist inside it and she has gotten used to being fucked up her slutty ass twenty five times a day.

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