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The Lion King. Simba and Kovu Part 2

This story doesn't belong to me I am just sharing it from a 3rd party source. All credit goes to the owner and writer LORDSOFTRUNKS. I decided to sare since I couldnt find any Lion king stories anywhere on here :D

Simba and Kovu were out on patrol of the Prideland borders, overhead the clouds grew darker and darker, as if a storm were taking shape above them.
"I think we better find shelter, I don't think we can make it back to Pride Rock." Simba suggested.

"I agree." Kovu replied looking above at the sky.

Then Kovu remembered something.

"Hey Simba, I remember we past an empty cave a little while back, it shouldn't be too far." Kovu said.

"Then we'll stay their until the storm passes." Simba replied.

Then the rain started pouring hard.

"Run for it!" Simba commanded.

Both lions ran toward the cave they had past earlier in their patrol and by the time they entered, they were both soaking wet and the rain was pouring down hard.

Simba then shook off the wetness that was on his fur. And Kovu did the same.

The cave was warm and dark inside and seemed to as wide as the cave back at Pride Rock. There seemed to be a ledge at the far end of the cave that led downward.

"It seems like this cave is also very sound proof." Simba pointed out.

"Yeah this cave here is under a ton of rocks, you couldn't hear a thing, in fact I can't hear the rain outside…." Kovu pointed out.

Simba then walked toward the ledge at the far end of the cave, the ledge took a was about a few feet up from a small hole, that seemed to be easy to crawl out of.

"Hey Simba what's over there?" Kovu asked a few feet away.

"Come see," Simba replied.

As Kovu approached him he stumbled and crashed right into Simba and sent them both flying over the ledge. Simba and Kovu landed with a small thud, and ironically Kovu ended up right on top of Simba.

"Ouch!" Simba yelped as Kovu landed right on his back with Kovu on his chest.

"Ooohh…." Kovu moaned as he moved his head and came nose to nose with Simba. And in trying to move away at the same time, they both ended up kissing eachother by accident.

"Oh….Sorry." Kovu apologized.

"Hmmmm….." Simba replied with an angry look on his face and forced Kovu off of him.

"Come on, lets go!" Simba said as he crawled his way out of the hole with Kovu following close behind.

"Uh, Simba, I'm sorry…." Kovu continued to apologize.

"Kovu, I've been meaning to talk to you about you fucking my daughter the way you have been." Simba answered.

"What?" Kovu said with a startled look on his face.

Simba then turned and looked at Kovu.

"She came up to me today and told me that you were fucking her like there was no tomorrow…and you cut her leg!" Simba accused him.

"She told you?" Kovu questioned.

"You should know how to fuck Kiara properly, and not injure her." Simba pointed out.

"So you know about fucking?" Kovu asked.

"Yeah." Simba replied.

"Well, I'm sorry for cutting your daughter's leg Simba, I'm not that experienced." Kovu replied.

"Well, maybe you need more experience if the pride is going to survive." Simba replied.

"Yes, I do." Kovu said.

"Then maybe you need a new lesson." Simba said with a look of fire in his eyes.

"You….could teach me?" Kovu asked.

"Yeah, in fact I'll give you some paws on experience." Simba declared with a smile.

"Your….gay….? Kovu asked with a look of astonishment.

"I'm bisexual, I prefer Nala over any other creature but I also like the male variety. However I usually like females more over males, yet I also offer my services as a teacher for the males that don't have enough experience in having sex with a lioness. Your case obviously being you injuring Kiara. I don't want that to happen again." Simba said.

"Oh." Kovu said.

"Now Kovu, I'm concerned with the way you have sex with Kiara. You cut her pretty badly today, and if your going to do that with every other lioness waiting in line, then we're gonna have trouble ensuring the pride's future, not to mention our stomachs. However since you cut my Kiara's leg in a bad way I'm sure you want to see it that it doesn't happen again." Simba said.

"I see. I have to admit I am inexperienced with having sex. So in order to be a good sperm donor to the rest of the pride, I see the point your trying to make." Kovu replied.

"Now Kovu, since this trip turned out differently from what I had planned I think that this is the perfect place for your lessons. We aren't going to leave here until you know every trick in the book." Simba declared.

"Ok!" Kovu said with excitement.

At this Simba pounced on Kovu.

Simba was standing right above Kovu with Kovu looking up at him.

Simba proceeded to lay down on Kovu chest. Kovu felt the weight of Simba's warm body and mane against his

"Ok first lesson.." Simba said looking into Kovu's eyes, and proceeding to nuzzle him, their manes flowing against each other the heat rising between them.

"Kissing….." Simba said.

Simba licked Kovu's nose, taking in his scent, his taste and his breath. Then Simba grabbed Kovu's muzzle with his paws and licked furiously, their lips brushing against one another. Simba then worked his way down Kovu's neck and chest, wetting Kovu's body with his saliva and love.

Kovu felt good, feeling all that Simba was providing for him, he cringed when Simba licked his chest and mane, clenching his teeth for the waves of pleasure that over took him.

Simba then moved back to Kovu's muzzle.

"Open up for me." Simba ordered.

With that Kovu opened his mouth and let Simba's tongue in.

Simba lips met with Kovu's and proceeded to shove his tongue into Kovu's mouth, feeling all around his teeth, tongue and inhaling the oxygen in lungs.

The kiss was unlike anything Kovu had ever experienced. Their tounges wrestled around in the tight space of thier mouths. Kovu then should his tongue into Simba's giving his would be lover a mouthful.

When Kovu was fighting for oxygen, Simba filled his lungs with the air in his own, refusing to break the bond at all costs. And Kovu did the same.

Finally after about three minutes, Simba broke the bond and rested his mouth in Kovu's mane.

"Damn…." Kovu said.

"Were not done yet…." Simba said catching his breath.

Simba then got up.

"Get up and turn around!" Simba commanded.

Kovu then got up and turned around his back facing Simba.

"Now crouch into the position, Kiara does for you." Simba ordered.

"Huh?" Kovu asked.

"Just do it." Simba replied.

Kovu then crouched into the lovely position that Kiara had always done for him when they were matting.

Simba then mounted Kovu, moving his tail aside and positioning his dick right in front of Kovu's wanting hole.

Kovu had never done this before, but he didn't care…he wanted Simba in him.

Simba's dick found it's way into Kovu's hole, he went slowly at first but then quickly began to pick up the pace as Kovu eased into it. Simba then drove his dick deep into Kovu, as he and Kovu began to moan with pleasure. Simba gripped Kovu's haunches with his claws, pulling him closer, with him still thrusting insanely into his ass.

Simba fought back the urge to cum with all his might, and continued to thrust in and out of Kovu until he was roaring with each insertion.

Kovu couldn't believe how well he was being humped. He never realized how inexperienced he was while fucking with Kiara, and this made him want to impress her and Simba even more. And he had finally realized that Simba had obtained much experience over the years, and he was glad to receive the chance to fuck with him.

Simba with clenched teeth, finally exploded inside Kovu, knowing he couldn't hold it any longer after going for 4 minutes straight.

"AHHHH!!" Kovu roared as he felt Simba deliver his seed inside his intestines.

Breathing hard Simba finally pulled out of Kovu and dismounted him, his dick was all red and slimy, but he was satisfied.

Kovu could barely stand up, his behind was very tender from the ass fuck he had gotten from Simba.

Catching his breath, Simba looked over at Kovu.

"Hold on." Simba commanded.

"Huh?" Kovu turned around.

"I'm not finished." Simba answered.

"There's more?" Kovu asked.

"Much more…" Simba replied.

"Turn back around and put that ass of yours in the air." Simba ordered.

Kovu did as he was told, he hunched down his ass pointed toward the ceiling.

Simba then walked up behind Kovu, and began to lick and inhale the inside of his ass.

Kovu shuddered his ass still tender.

Simba then licked up all of his juices and stuck his tongue where his dick had just been and put his paws on Kovu's haunches for more leverage.

Kovu moaned long and hard as Simba continued to clean out his ass. After about two minutes of this Simba retreated, licking his lips.

"Oh, Simba." Kovu said as he collapsed on the floor laying on his side.

"Do you think you can roll over on your back?" Simba asked.

"Hmmm, Yes." Kovu answered.

Kovu then rolled over on his back his paws straight up in the air.

Simba then walked around to Kovu face staring at him from above and gave Kovu a little nuzzle. Kovu took advantage of this and gave Simba a lick across the lips.

Simba then laid down on top of Kovu, laying his dick on Kovu's nose.

"Let's see who can cum first." Simba suggested.

Simba then hungrily eyed Kovu's dick. It was black and hairy and very erect.

Simba then started sucking it, taking Kovu's entire dick into his mouth and licking his nut sack. Kovu did the same, taking hold of Simba's pink pecker, it grew inside his mouth becoming fully erect and continued to nurse until he Simba finally came.

Simba cummed right inside Kovu's mouth, Kovu tasted Simba's juices and wanted more and then continued to suckle Simba's dick until he came once more. Simba could feel Kovu taking him to new heights, and yet Simba had yet to make Kovu cum.

Simba then took hold of Kovu's dick with his paws and with every ounce of touch and gentleness he could manage began to nurse and fuck Kovu, until he finally came.

"Ahhh…" Kovu howled as he cummed right into Simba's mouth.

Instead of swallowing it, Simba held it in his mouth and got up.

Kovu exhausted from the ordeal, breathed for the blessed air, that was until Simba came face to face with him once again.

Before he could think, Simba kissed him once again.

With that Simba let all of Kovu's juices flow out of his mouth and right into Kovu's, his mouth clamped shut and feeling all around Kovu's mouth.

When he was done delivering Kovu's own juices Simba released from the kiss.

Kovu's mouth was a mustache of his own cum.

"So how do you like your cum?" Simba asked, looking into Kovu's exhausted eyes.

"Oooooo…..great." Kovu said exhausted.

"You think you could go one more round?" Simba asked.

"Fuck yeah!!" Kovu replied.

Simba then kissed him again and nuzzled him under the neck. After he had done this act, he got off of Kovu and stood up. Then he turned around his ass facing Kovu.

"Now it's time to show me what you've learned." Simba said with a horny look on his face and crouching in the position Nala always did for him.

Kovu then got up and mounted Simba, moving his tail aside and guiding his now fully erect dick into Simba's ass.

Then he began thrusting in and out of Simba.

Simba moved with Kovu as he felt Kovu rush inside him.

Kovu couldn't get enough of it. He was fucking the one he was supposed to kill! And it felt so good to be deep inside him! It was driving him crazy! He then began to pick up the pace until he was clenching his teeth fight the urge to cum. He wanted to hear Simba scream his name. And he would be damned if he didn't. If he couldn't kill him, he could make love to him, and the thought of Simba screaming his name would be all that he needed. With this thought, Kovu gripped Simba and pulled him as close as he could.

Simba couldn't believe how fast Kovu was thrusting in and out of him. Waves of pleasure sweeped over him and he couldn't help himself, he eventual lost control of his bodily functions and started cumming on the floor, it just felt so good. Kovu kept thrusting refusing to cum until Simba called his name or he would rip a very important part of his body.

Simba couldn't take it, he didn't want Kovu to stop.

"KOVU!!" Simba screamed.

And with that Kovu finally came. Delivering his seed inside Simba's intestines.

Kovu exhausted dismounted Simba and laid down on his back. Simba took a moment to compose himself and walked over to Kovu.

Simba then laid down on top of him and the two nuzzled eachother and licked eachother's faces, their black and red manes flowing. They kept this up for at least an hour, never tiring of the other's tastes and scents. They then fell asleep together until the dawn came.

– End of Chapter Two -

The Lion King. Simba and Kiara Part 3

"Mom are you sure your ok with this?" Kiara asked her mother.
"Kiara, your father has told me about what happened between you and Kovu. You obviously need help because I don't want to have a daughter who can't walk around because the one she loves hurt her by accident while trying to make love to her." Nala replied.

"Mom, are you sure your ok with me and dad….ya know…" Kiara asked with an embarrassed look on her face.

"Dear, your father mates with all the other lionesses of the pride and I'm ok with it. He's ok with it, beside were all one big family here. I know the lionesses your father has matted with personally. And they are very aware of what they ask of your father." Nala answered.

"Furthermore, if you ever want to get pregnant with Kovu's offspring you need some help yourself. However Kiara, your father has informed me that you have total control over what happens. You can always say no to the whole thing, he's not forcing you to do anything you don't want to do or feel uncomfortable with." Nala explained to her daughter.

"I see, so I can tell him what I want him to do, and he'll do it?" Kiara asked.

"Yes, and you have total control over how far you want your lessons to go." Nala answered.

"Hmmm…this should be interesting, me being the boss of my father….that seems weird." Kiara said.

"Don't hold your breath he's only doing this because he doesn't want either you or Kovu to hurt yourselves again when you two have sex." Nala answered.

"So Mom, have you ever had any….accidents with dad?" Kiara asked.

"Well, yes dear. We have had our faults in the past, but since we've been friends since our cubhood, you've understandable gotten better at not having those little mistakes. I didn't have a huge cut on my leg after the first time we had sex together, so that maybe is the reason why your father is taking your sex education into his own paws." Nala replied to her daughter.

"Oh." Kiara answered and cringed as she felt a sting in her cut leg. The leg had healed up nicely over night, but it still had that buzz feeling.

Just then Kovu and Simba returned from their patrol and were walking up the side of Pride Rock to the Promontory where they were.

"Hi." Kovu and Simba said at the same time.

"Well, how did you handle him Dad?" Kiara asked.

"He's gotten better." Simba said with a smile.

"Oh, Simba may I talk to you for a moment alone?" Nala asked.

"Yes." Simba answered.

Simba and Nala went inside so that nobody else could hear.

"What do you want to talk to me about?" Simba asked.

"Well, I was just wondering. Since your going to have sex with our daughter, I think maybe I should be Kovu's first real test!" Nala said with a look of fire in her eyes.

"So your asking me if it's ok with me, if that you continue his training?" Simba asked.

"Yeah!" Nala replied.

"This isn't because we don't have enough sex? Is it?" Simba asked.

"No. I just want to see what he feels like on the inside, since I already know what he feels like on the outside." Nala replied.

"Ok, that's fine. Just take one of these." Simba replied and took out one of the senzu beans from the pouch that hung from his neck.

"That will prevent you from getting pregnant." Simba explained and tossed it at his mates paws.

"Ok." Nala replied as she ate it.

"I'm only gonna need one of these." Simba said and took out another and tossed the small pouch aside.

"This one's for Kiara." Simba said.

"All right, now after were done with these two, why don't we go to the water hole a little later this week?" Simba added.

"The water hole…" Nala started, but then her eyes went wide with excitement.

"What's so great about the water hole?" Nala asked.

"I'll show you when we get there." Simba said and then ran off to find Kiara.

***** Later in the fields, just before Dawn *****

"OK Kiara, what do you want me to do first?" Simba asked his daughter.

At this Kiara rolled herself out on top of the grass with her face toward the sky and a goofy look on her face. Her fur radiated in the early morning dawn, making it seem beautiful and florescent.

"Kiara….?" Simba said with astonishment.

"Daddy give me your paw." Kiara ordered.

"Well, ok." Simba replied.

Simba stuck out his paw and Kiara took it by her two paws and proceeded to bring her mouth down on it. She licked each and every one of her father's claws and when she was done wetting her father's paw she guided it down her body.

Simba extended his claws and very gently brushed against his daughter's fur while Kiara moved it down her chest, feeling the warmness of her salvia and cringing as her father's claws moved gentle down. Kiara then moved her father's paw down to her most treasured area, and she parted her hind legs and felt the rush of feeling as she rubbed her father's paw over her muff.

"So, this is what you like?" Simba asked.

"Yeah, why don't you teach me down here." Kiara said with a devilish expression her face, and continued to rub her father's paw on her muff.

Kiara then released the paw and Simba moved right between his daughters hind legs.

"Tell me when to stop." Simba said.

"OK." Kiara answered.

Simba then pressed his muzzle down on his daughter's muff, Kiara cringed and clenched her teeth as she felt his cold muzzle on her muff. The Simba began licking, taking in his daughter's scent, aroma and taste. She tasted almost like Nala, she was his daughter after all.

Kiara grabbed her father's mane by her paws and pressed him down, wanting him to feel her and touch her in ways he had never dared before, until now. All that mattered to her was to feel him working his way into her with every lick, she wanted him to eat her alive, spiritually and physically. And she felt so good when he did it. Even more than she did Kovu.

Simba than stopped and looked up at his daughter resting his head on her stomach. Her hind legs resting on his back. She had this devilish smile on her face.

"Why'd you stop?" Kiara asked.

"You enjoyed that didn't you?" Simba said.

"I did." Kiara answered.

"Well, if you liked it that much, maybe I better ask you something." Simba said.

"And what is that?" Kiara asked with curiosity growing in her voice.

"Well, do you think we should go all the way, instead of taking it one step at a time?" Simba asked his daughter.

"Sure. I've liked it so far." Kiara answered.

"Great." Simba said.

And with that Simba got up and walked over top of Kiara and laid down on her, their heads face to face with each other.

Kiara felt small under him. He was very big and powerful and she enjoyed feeling him on her even better than when she did it with Kovu. He was very warm and felt strong because of all the mass. She could even feel her father's dick growing and hardening on her stomach.

"Now then, this is how we kiss while having sex." Simba said.

Simba then very gently and slowly pressed his lips against Kiara's. Kiara was surprised at first and was hesitant but eventually started to kiss him back. Before long Simba's tongue found it's way into Kiara's mouth and started feeling every tooth and her tongue.

Kiara was feeling very good at this moment. With her father on top of her and kissing her at the same time, was making her horny for more. She then returned this by working her tongue into her father's mouth and put her paw across his head pulling him closer to her. Her father's mouth had bigger and sharper teeth and was hot all around and it was just what she loved.

When Kiara was running low on oxygen Simba began to fill his daughters lungs with air, and his daughter did the same. Finally after about three minutes of this Simba finally released his daughter. Kiara nuzzled him for it.

"Wow dad, you sure know how to kiss." Kiara said.

"Kiara, do you know the best way to get rid of Temptation is?" Simba asked as he moved off of Kiara stomach and moved his dick under her hind legs almost directly positioned to go inside her. Simba was the resting his head on her chest.

"No daddy what?" Kiara asked.

"To Give In To It!" Simba replied sharply as he drove his dick into her and at the same time licked her chest, neck, muzzle and head in one lashing of his tongue and grunted as he penetrated his daughter. Kiara felt a stab of pain followed by waves of pleasure as her father started to pump into her.

"AAHHH!!" Kiara screamed as she felt her father. Sure she had seen him do it with another lioness when she was a cub, but she had never felt him this way before. With this action she put her paws around her father and dug into his mane with her claws for support.

She closed her eyes and bit her lips, trying to compensate and summon all of her strength into taking in her father's dick. Simba saw this and while she screamed grabbed her head with one of his paws, pulled her closer and kissed his daughter once more flowing his tongue into her mouth as he continued to fuck her for all he was worth.

Their furry bodies rubbed against each other as Simba kept shoving and thrusting his want into Kiara's ass all while locking his mouth with hers while their tongues wrestled around in the tight space. Simba could feel that he was ready to cum, and released Kiara from his grasp. He then roared with all his might as he exploded inside Kiara. A

Kiara roared in unison, feeling every muscle in her body tighten as she felt her father explode inside her. Simba continued to force his way into her until he was finished filling her with his seed, and he finally pulled out and rolled off of Kiara, both of them gasping for the blessed air that passed over head.

When Kiara finally caught her breath she looked over at her father and smiled at him with a horny expression. Simba was still exhausted from the effort but managed to look over and see his daughter's weird smile.

"What are you looking at?" Simba asked.

"Wow, that was the best fuck I've ever had." Kiara replied.

"See now that is how you fuck someone you love." Simba answered.

"I think I'll try that on Kovu." Kiara said as she got up and walked over to her father and laid down on him just as he did to her earlier.

"My turn." Kiara said.

Kiara clawed her father gently with both paws, going through his mane and down his body. Kiara then saw her father's limp dick. It was large and hairy and was all slimy from being in her.

"So, this is part of where I came from." Kiara said as she massaged it with her paws and then began to suckle her father's dick.

Simba moaned to the heavens as Kiara began to nurse his dick.

Kiara was surprised how her father's dick filled her mouth. It was very elastic and weak as she nibbled it slightly with her teeth.

"Ohhh….What the teeth Kiara." Simba warned.

Simba moaned through clenched teeth as Kiara slipped her cold wet nose on his balls. This was just making him crazy, Kiara slowly eased up the pace and finally he cummed once more spraying his seed into her mouth. Kiara liked how it tasted, but then was startled as she heard her father called out.

"Ahhhh….Kiara….don't…..don't…..swallow…." Simba managed to speak, while trying feverishly to catch his breath.

"What does he mean?" Kiara though as she held her father's cum in her mouth.

Simba then motioned for her to come over to his face, and Kiara complied with a puzzled look on her face. As she came toward his face, Simba pulled her close once more and kissed her again, flowing his tounge inside her and tasted they tasted the cum together. Kiara swallowed what remained of her father's cum and Simba did the same.

"It feels good in my throat." Kiara said with cum outlining her lips.

"It feels better in your stomach. That's what your Mom says." Simba added.

Simba then got up after he had finally caught his breath and moved behind his daughter.

"What are you gonna do now?" Kiara asked.

"Just stick your ass up in the air." Simba ordered.

Kiara did as she was told expecting to take him in again in some other fashion. She was right. Simba then stuck his nose right into her ass, smelling and licking around inside her. Kiara closed her eyes and moaned and groaned into her paws, with each lick her father made. Simba licked her out like that for at least ten minutes straight. This took Kiara to new heights of sexual endurance. Finally, Simba stopped licking around inside her and Kiara fell, her ass very tender from all the tongue lashing her ass had received.

"Kiara were not done yet." Simba said.

"Were…not…you mean there's still more?" Kiara said startled. How much more could she take from her dad! He had turned her inside out, and he still wanted more out of her.

"I'll tell you what Kiara, if you let me do one more thing to you, I'll let you fuck me all you want." Simba pleaded.

"Well, I think that would be fair. But I want to lick your ass afterwords for as long as I want." Kiara demanded.

"All right you can lick it for as long as you'd like, I can take it." Simba replied hoping it wouldn't be too long for him.

"OK, what do you want me to do?" Kiara replied.

"Get up and let me mount you." Simba said.

Kiara then moved into the position she always did for Kovu, and let her father mount her, she felt small under him, but since she was a lioness she could support him.

Simba then moved his dick up her ass once more, and Kiara slowly eased into it taking him in more slowly. When Simba had moved his dick all the way inside her he began to fill her with his warmth once more. It wasn't long before Simba & Kiara moaned in unison once again as she climaxed and he cummed inside her again.

Exhausted Simba dismounted his daughter and took a moment to compose himself. But before long he felt Kiara licking his ass, he then made good on his promise and let her take him. She licked him for at least 15 minutes, paying him back for all he had taught her, and when she was done, he collapsed with his head to the heavens. Kiara then crawled up on top of him and the two nuzzled.

"Daddy?" Kiara asked.

"Yes?" Simba replied.

"What was it like for you with Kovu?" Kiara asked.

"Well, it was great, but not as great as you were." Simba replied.

"Well, I've been thinking…maybe I should go and see what a lioness is like to have sex with." Kiara said.

"You want to fuck one of your fellow lionesses?" Simba asked.

"Yeah, I think it would be fun. Plus I might need more than one experience if I'm going to fuck Kovu again." Kiara replied.

"That might be a wise decision." Simba replied.

"Do you know any good ones?" Kiara asked.

"Well, you could always fuck Vitani, she's actually a pretty good fuck when it comes to be willing to do anything for sex." Simba said.

– End of Chapter Three -

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