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Alison’s Secret life

Living with all older boys and a younger sister is hard for any teenage girl. Being 17, 5'3, naturally dark brown hair and 110 lbs with almost D sized boobs, only made it that much harder. I live with my dad, my older brother whose probably around 200lbs, on the football team with brown hair as well, and my younger sister who looks very similar to me but her hair is a shade lighter than mine and not fully developed. Mom passed away just as I was going through puberty. It made it difficult, trying to learn anything you can from your friends since I didn't have my mom to teach and my dad was no help at all, wanting no part of my woman hood. My brother made it worse by wanting to beat everyone of my boyfriends I ever had, not to mention recently I think he's started to get attracted to me in a way brothers never should toward their sisters. I would find my panties from the dirty cloths missing, sometimes my bras and even my hair scrunchies. My sister and I have a interesting relationship. I'm not sure if its taboo or what but I learned things like how it's important for a girl to "play" with herself sometimes to relieve a lot of stress. At the time I didn't think anything of it other than showing her a useful skill to get through tough times. Lets just say we help each other play sometimes an leave it at that. Almost forgot, James is my brother, Summer is my sister, dad is dad, and I'm Alison.
I wake up from a hand shaking my leg. Hovering over me, James, with his hand a little higher than it should be on my thigh, specially since I sleep in a tank top and my panties" get up Aliway Another day of school, but at least it's Friday". Summer and I always get ready together since we go to the same school, James is in college and has his own truck. Fridays are late start days, I drive Sum an I to school in dads old junker. We have 20 minutes or so when we get there, so Sum gets her homework done, And i go make out with my boyfriend out by his street bike. Sitting on his 600cc black ninja, matching my black thigh high heel boots.him standing between my legs grabbing my ass as I wrap my arms around his neck. Whispering to each other we decide to go through with what we talked about last night. I lead him into the girls locker room and lock the door, having access since I'm on the volleyball team. I push him against the lockers kissing him as I unbutton his pants pulling them down as I lower to my knees stroking his hard cock in my soft hands. Looking up at him with a naughty smirk i taking him into my mouth. not being very big I can almost fit all of him in my mouth, laying his head against the lockers he lets out a soft moan as I suck him slowly, my lip gloss smearing over his stiff shaft. He brings me up by my chin and kisses my lips hard as he fumbles with the belt on my white skinny jeans, swinging me around giving my ass a strong smack as he bends me over the wooden bench. He grabs my jeans by the belt an pulls them down just past my ass cheeks, one of which has a red hand print. " you sure you want to do this baby?" " just remember to go easy it's my first time with this". Bending over he spreads my cheeks an spits on my pink lil hole before grabbing my hips and lining his hard cock up with my tight virgin ass. Slowly pushing his head in, I bit my lower lip and grab the edge of the bench to stop from screaming in pain. Slowly his cock slides in more an more. pausing each inch to let me adjust to the intrusion in my ass. just as i think he can't go any farther he pushes another inch and his thighs push against my ass cheeks. Balls deep in my ass he pulls out an inch an pushes back it, repeating it over an over going faster each time as my ass loosens with each thrust. He fucks me harder, his thighs slapping against my ass cheeks. Leaning over me he slides his hands under my blue tank top, squeezing my boobs as he continues to thrust harder an harder. " Ooo shit baby, you ready?" "Mhmm" moaning and squeezing my tits harder, he goes faster as his cock releases its load deep in my ass. Leaning on top of me, he rests breathing heavily in my ear as his cock softens in my ass. 
The first block bell rings as I pull my panties an jeans up over my hand printed ass and walk out of the girls locker room into the mess of people called the hallway. I finally get to my locker, opening it to look in my small mirror I have, redoing my lip gloss and some of my eye shadow. I grab my books and head for my first class, the hallways empty, shoot I'm gonna be late. I jog down to the end of the hallway and slowly open the door to algebra. Every always looks when the door opens, which they did this time too, I just hurried to my seat and sat down. The creepy kid behind starts laughing breathing funny. I turn around in my seat to see his arm under his desk moving, slowly leaning over I see him rubbing at his hard on through his pants. So desgusting, I'm not even going to say anything to save myself the embarrassment. As the teacher finishes up his lecture I get up to go talk to him about what I missed. Coming back to my seat I see the kid staring at me and what the hell he has his dick out an in his hand. Staring at the floor with my hair in my face, avoiding eye contact I sit back down. Ooo god, I heard him speed up as I bent over to sit in my desk. Trying so hard to ignore the weirdo I scoot my desk forward and open my book. Am I the only one who notices this? I can hear him going to work behind be, beating his meat hard. " Serverson may I go to the bathroom?" " Seeing that you were already late to my class I should say no but I guess I will let you this time" The kid breaths heavier an stops, as I hear the sound of a zipper, he gets up and walks toward me. I open the door and close it quick behind me, the kid stops and grabs a tissue off the filing cabinet. That's so gross. . . I look in the bathroom mirror seeing my tank top on the small of my back and my black panties exposed above my white skinny jeans. I adjust my bra and tank top as I walk into an empty stall. I slide my jeans an panties down, sitting on the toilet. My hand between my legs, I rub my clit softly. I know I said its gross but sometimes things just turn you on. I slowly rub my fingers up an down my wet slit, moaning softly. The loud noise of the door opening makes me freeze in place. The sound of high heels across the tile gets louder. A pair of black heeled boots stops in front of my stall. A black haired girl leans over an looks under the stall door. "Hey bitch" Andrea says laughing. "Hey Andrea" "what's wrong baby girl?" I unlock the door and she steps in closing it behind her. "That creepy kid in my algebra was jerking it off behind me" Andrea smirks "by the sound if it, you didn't mind it, and by the looks of it you could use some help" leaning in she bites my lower lip and rubs my inner thigh "but you know I won't do anything in here" she stands back up and I stand with her pulling my panties and jeans up. We both walk over to the mirror adjusting our bras and fixing some make up problems. " sexy boots Andrea" she looks down and laughs " stop stalking me an we won't end up wearing the same cloths on the same day. " shut up" pushing her with my hip. She walks past me toward the door and smacks my ass as she walks by, the same cheek as my boyfriend earlier. " stop being a tease and getting all those boys horny" she walks out the door.
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Darceline’s First Night, Part Two

Michael woke up in a daze, confused by his surroundings for a moment.

"Darceline?" he murmured as he sat up, starting to remember what happened.

The clock read 5:02 a.m., alerting him that he had to get home. His parents would be getting up in two hours, and he could not explain where he had been, if need be. He started getting up, reading a passage in the hotel bible before leaving the motel and checking out.

Michael drove home silently, his face reddening as he relived the previous night. He was ashamed, having to go to a prostitute for his first…anything. He had never been with a girl, ever, and gave up trying.

"Darceline," he muttered to himself, a small smile on his face. He had enjoyed her gentleness, and was nervous about her anyways. She had said it was her first night. Could it be true? He wanted to see her again, he had to…


Darceline woke up on the couch, her throat sore. She dreaded what her day, mostly her night, would have in store for her.

"Darcy, get the fuck in here!" Jeremy called from his room. Darceline quickly jumped out of the couch, her see-through lingerie swishing around her breasts.

"Yes Jeremy?" she squeaked, standing in the doorway. She could see from there that his cock was hard, and she could see the needle and baggy on his bedside table.

"Look what I woke up with, ready to earn your medicine?" Jeremy asked, the smile on his face making Darceline's heart sink.

"Of course," she replied, approaching his bed slowly. she just wanted to get her fix, but she knew it wasn't going to be easy.

"Get on the bed, bend over on your hands and knees in front of the mirror," Jeremy directed, "and make it snappy."

Darceline quickly complied, and as soon as she did, she felt her pimp's cock line up with her dry little puss.

"I-I-I can't get wet, Jeremy," she whimpered, and she heard him spit on his cock before pushing the head into her tight little hole, grabbing her by the hair and shoving his penis inside her roughly.

Darcy cried out and glanced at the mirror, seeing Jeremy look himself in the eye there. She hung her head in disgust and waited for him to finish. Ten minutes later, she heard him groan loud, pulling out to cum on her ass.

She waited a few minutes as he relaxed before moving out from under him, scampering over to his bedside table and sitting on a small stool next to it.

"You're lucky I don't just make you quit, you little whore," Jeremy muttered, putting his cock away as he moved to the edge of the bed. He tied her arm off easily and opened a drawer in the table, pulling out a spoon, lighter, and little bit of a cotton ball.

Heating up the heroin on the spoon, he placed the cotton in the black fluid and slurped it up with the syringe, sticking it in a barely visible vein on Darceline's inner elbow. She hissed as it pierced her skin and bit her lip.

"Go ride out your high, slut, you have a few hours until work, then I'll pick you up and take you back where you were last night," Jeremy muttered, backhanding her and pointing away from his room.

Darceline quickly scampered out of the room, still naked, and laid down, closing her eyes. She thought about Michael, where he might be, what he might be doing. She stretched, her arms above her head, back arched. Her right hand slowly slid to her breast, softly carressing it with her eyes closed. Darceline envisioned Michael, laying next to her, touching her. Her left hand moved down, to her stubbley honeypot, and slowly began rubbing her clit.

Her middle finger of her right hand swirled around her nipple, making it stand up, firm and perky. She moved to her other nipple, licking her finger before repeating the process. The cold air on her body felt good as she became more aroused, thinking of the cute weird client she had previously sucked off…..

She moaned softly, sliding her left middle finger inside her wet puss, breathing rapidly as she touched herself, her body writhing with pleasure. She moaned again, soft and quiet, as she felt her vaginal walls tighten around her finger. Her voice cut off as she climaxed, twitching a little and closing her legs tightly around her hand, her nails digging into her breast. She left her finger inside, feeling her warm insides throbbing, before getting up and making her way to the shower.

"Michael…" she whispered to her bathroom mirror before getting into the steamy shower, leaning her head against the tile wall…


Michael leaned his head on the tiled wall of his shower, the hot water cascading down his body. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't stop thinking about Darceline, that girl…that PROSTITUTE, he had met the night before. She was so beautiful… sure, her raccoon-like make-up was a bit messy, and her hair was a rat's nest, but under all that, he knew she was beautiful.

Looking down, Michael saw his cock twitch, and blushed even though he was alone. He had never been normal about anything related to sex, it was all so embarassing. The closest he had ever gotten to touching a girl before last night was at a wedding.

It was his uncle's wedding, or maybe a distant cousin, and his parents encouraged, more like forced, him to dance with one of the distant cousins present. She wasn't very pretty, but she had a beautiful ass and pretty large breasts for a fifteen year old. He was seventeen at the time, and they danced to one song before parting.

Later that night, there was a DJ and colorful lights in the dark, and everyone was dancing more wildly. The same cousin came up and started dancing with him, her breasts pressed to his chest, arms draped over his shoulders, and he felt himself get hard. His cousin didn't seem to notice, and somehow her lowcut shirt fell a little too low, revealing a little nipple, and Michael immediately came in his pants, groaning. He muttered an excuse about not feeling well and ran away.

"And that was that," Michael muttered to himself, turning off the shower water and ignoring his hard-on. As he dried off, he stopped in front of the mirror and dropped his towel, staring at himself in the steamy mirror. He stared into his reflection's gray eyes, his dirty blonde hair dripping. He was okay looking, and knew that if he were more confident, he'd have a girlfriend like Darceline.

"Darceline…." he whispered to his bathroom mirror, wrapping the towel around his waist and going to get dressed.

————-(Fast Forward Twelve Hours)—————

Darceline walked through the door after a long day of work at the strip club, her ass sore from getting pinched and slapped by the scummy regulars she always danced for. She let out a depressed sigh, knowing her night was nowhere near over. As she came into the kitchen, she saw a note on the table.

"Will pick you up at 9 tonight to take you back to your corner, be ready. –Jeremy"

Darceline almost smiled, having three hours to eat, nap, and get ready. But the smile didn't make it when she realized what she'd be getting ready for, to be used and abused. She quickly dumped a can on corned beef hash into a pan, frying it up on the dirty stove of the roach apartment she stayed in with Jeremy.

When the food was done and eaten, she set her alarm for 8:30 and took a long nap, hoping she'd be able to sleep enough to be food for the street, another disgusting drug addict, fucking for money…


Michael walked through the front door of his parent's huge two-story Victorian after a long day of school. He had wanted to take a year off from high-school, but his parents wouldn't have it. He needed to start medical school right away, he needed to be a young handsome doctor and marry a nice girl from another WASP-type family, and give his parents grandchildren!

Michael smirked a little, imagining what his parents would say if he brought Darceline home and presented her as his girlfriend. They'd probably disown him, or have heart-attacks. He walked into the kitchen and pressed a button on an intercom-device.

"Maria, I'd like dinner now. A nice lean steak and some macaroni salad, with a super baked potato, sour cream and all that. Thank you," he said, and sat down at the table. The cook/maid, Maria, came up from stairs to the maid's quarters and began cooking.

Michael wondered if she'd ever blow him, or let him titfuck her, because she was supposed to do everything he asked. He was suddenly very embarassed, and looked down, waiting to be served.


Darceline sat on the porch at 8:57, waiting for Jeremy to show up. She had on black fishnets, white six-inch heels, very short ruffled bloomers, a lacey white bra, and thigh-length black pea-coat over it. When Jeremy showed up, Darceline hopped up and got in the car, so as not to keep him waiting. He backhanded her just the same.

"You stupid cunt. Are you excited to go sell your disgusting body?" he growled, pinching her thigh hard. She shook her head and he let go, revving his engine and driving her to the street she had been at the previous night. "Make me some more money tonight, Darcy."

She tripped as she jumped out of the car, and watched Jeremy drive off, speeding. She stood in her usual spot, shivering, and waited.

Fifteen minutes later, an SUV pulled up in front of her, and a feminine finger beckoned from the window. The woman inside looked to be in her early thirties, and was wearing a pantsuit, her hair back in a severe ponytail.

Darceline gave the usual prices, to which the woman nodded and had Darcy get in. The woman drove into a garage a few blocks away, and turned her car off.

"Close your eyes," the woman said in a stony voice, and Darceline complied. She felt the woman's hands over her breasts, squeezing. "Oh, Stacy….you've been making eyes at me in the office for weeks…" the woman moaned, squeezing a little harder. "Dirty cunt, you know I'm married," she muttered, her hands pulling down Darcy's bloomers and fishnets, cupping her pussy. "What's that? You're not wearing any panties?" the woman said, and suddenly Darcy felt herself being moved around, and a mouth on her inner thighs. "I want a taste," the woman growled, and began going down on her, rubbing her clit fast and licking all over her cunt.

The whole situation was weird, but Darceline felt her body react, and soon she was twitching with an intense climax like nobody had ever given her. When she was done, the woman licked her up and then said, "pull up your panties, whore," in the same cold tone she had used earlier. She drove Darceline back to the street and literally kicked her out of the vehicle, making her land roughly and scrape up her arms. The woman grabbed five $5 bills, paperclipped together, and threw it at Darceline. "I'd kill myself if my daughter turned out like you," she shouted, slammed the door, and drove off.


Michael finished his dinner and went into his garage, sitting in his car for quite some time. All he could think about was Darceline, and how bad he wanted to see her. He didn't want to, though, at the same time. She was indeed a prostitute, probably a drug addict, and maybe even diseased. His insides felt wrong, and he made his decision.

Michael drove to Darceline's spot, just in time to see her shoved out of a black SUV and have money thrown at her. He gasped and pulled over across the street. Getting out of the car, he rushed over.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked, concerned, trying to help her up.

"Fuck off!" she growled, not looking at his face. She didn't recognize his voice, and elbowed him away. "I'm a goddamn worthless pros-" she stopped talking when she looked up and saw who it was.

"O-oh…hello," she said, her voice softening nervously. She picked up the money and put it in her purse, shaking a little. Her face was red and her arms and hands were bleeding.

"W-w-want to g-go to my h-house to fix that u-up?" Michael stuttered, staring into Darceline's eyes. He was stuttering again, shy and nervous.

"Alright," Darcy said, taking his hand as he led her to his car, holding the passenger door open for her. He smiled to himself, glad his parents were out at some charity function. He started the car, and began the drive home…