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What a Deal! Chapter 12

A reminder that this is a Non-Consent/Reluctance story. If you don't want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on.

From the last story

I gave Suzanne a hug. "Sure, Suzanne. Call us after you and Bill discuss it. I know you need to do that, too."

I walked her to the door and Bill was there waiting. "Bill, glad you could stop by. I know that we were a little tough in there for your first time, but you have a beautiful and sexy wife you loves you a lot. You are a lucky man, never forget that."

He smiled. "I have never forgotten it and I never will."

Suzanne smiled warmly at him and they left.

I turned to Cindy and Katy. "Anyone want some popcorn?" They laughed and we all went to the den to watch a movie.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband.
Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife.
Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's.
Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow.
Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband.
Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife.
Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.
Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend, now Dennis' sub.
Suzanne, 36 years old, 5'5", 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance.
Bill, 38 years old, 5'9", 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne's husband.

Over the next few weeks, everyone was pretty busy. I didn't get to see Becky or Diane. Diane was dating someone steadily and seemed to be enjoying life again. Becky was working and leaving town on business often. Jack and Louise were too busy to make the trip over to see us and Jackie had just taken a new job and was working odd hours. That left me with Cindy and Katy to keep me busy. Of course, I managed to do that. Katy was a very willing submissive and loved the situation she had with us. Cindy, of course, was the best wife a man could imagine. She was beautiful, sexy, loved to submit to me, loved to help me dominate Katy, and desired sex almost as much as I did. The fact that I had loved her most of my life made it fantastic.

It was early March before I got word from Suzanne that we could get together again. She said that she and Bill had been playing their ‘game' and that he was very good at it. She loved being pampered and being taken care of like he was doing and it had actually increased his libido. She told me that she had not had sex with anyone else since we had gotten together, but was looking forward to another chance. She invited Cindy, Katy, and I over to her house for a small dinner party. She told me it was going to just be her and Bill, my threesome, and another couple who they knew a little from where Bill used to work.

At that point, I also told her that I knew of someone from my basketball group who had a warehouse full of equipment that he was trying to get up and running for selling. He had gotten it from a business that had folded and the first guy he was working with to get everything in running condition had become too busy. I told him about Bill and he was interested in meeting him and possibly offering him a job. Suzanne was ecstatic about this. With college coming up, they were going to have to hit their savings harder than they wanted with Bill not working.

Finally, on the Saturday in question, Cindy, Katy and I all got dressed and headed to Suzanne and Bill's house. Cindy was in a skirt and wrap around blouse that gaped when she leaned over. I made her lean over a lot. Katy was wearing her school girl look with a plaid skirt and white blouse. She left the bra off, so in certain situations her nipples were visible. I was in dress pants and a long sleeve dress shirt. I had made sure to have a good bout of sex before we left since I was horny and was not sure if we were going to get any playtime in tonight.

When we arrived, we were introduced to Brittany and Jimmy. Brittany was a tall slim redhead with a nice shape and big blue eyes. Her face and the upper portions of her exposed chest were dusted with freckles. She seemed to have great legs and was wearing a brightly colored dress that went to her knees and left just enough of her chest exposed to invite looking. With her 3" heels on she was as tall as I was. Her husband was about 5' 10", thin, with a slightly balding head and was wearing Dockers and a polo shirt. Suzanne was wearing a wrap around skirt and blouse.

Suzanne led us all into the den and her dress was a very clingy and silky one. When she walked in front of me, her ass wiggled deliciously. I wanted to cup it and fondle it, but managed to hold myself in check. Bill was in the kitchen getting drinks and came in to get our drink order. He was wearing Dockers and a rugby shirt.

We all sat around and had a couple of drinks while Bill finished cooking. We were enjoying ourselves when he invited us in to dinner. We went in and Bill showed us where he wanted everyone to sit. He surprisingly put Suzanne at the head of the table. On the right hand side he put me, then Brittany, and then Jimmy. On the left hand side he put himself next to Suzanne, then Cindy, and then Katy. The end of the table was left vacant. I thought it was very telling that Suzanne got the head of the table, but nobody else seemed to pay any attention.

After we finished enjoying a tossed salad, chicken cacciatore, and some mixed veggies, Bill asked us to go into the den for desert. We had gone thru about three bottles of wine, so everyone was feeling pretty good. We all went into the den and starting taking seats. Brittany and Jimmy took the loveseat. I sat on the couch and Suzanne sat in the middle. Katy went to the restroom and Bill brought in some strawberries and chocolate on a tray and put a bottle of Tequila and some shot glasses on the table. He sat down at the end of the couch on the other side of Suzanne. We were discussing some of the changes to the downtown area when Katy came back in. She didn't look for a seat, but came and sat down on the floor next to my legs, leaning against them from the side. That brought an arched eyebrow from Brittany.

Bill poured everyone a shot and we all toasted and threw them back. He refilled them and I could tell that everyone was getting a little sloshed. Some of the jokes were also becoming a little rude.

Brittany thanked Bill for the dinner. "Bill, I can't believe how good you are in the kitchen. Everything was wonderful." She turned to Suzanne. "Suze, I can't believe how lucky you are. I wish Jimmy could cook just a little." She poked him in the ribs and he chuckled. "Sometimes I come home and I'm so tired that I can't imagine even entering the kitchen."

"You and me both!" Jimmy added.

Suzanne smiled and patted Bill on the thigh. "I know. Bill has taken on more of the cooking and is getting pretty good at it since he lost his job. He's a wonderful husband." Bill smiled at the praise.

Since Katy was sitting at my feet and leaning against my legs, I was restricted from reaching the strawberries and chocolate. I asked her to get me one. She reached forward, dipped the berry into the chocolate and then turned and fed it to me. "Is that good, Master?"

There was immediate silence at that. Jimmy and Brittany were staring at the two of us. I finished the berry, knowing that we had revealed a little more than planned. I decided to just go with it. "Is there a problem?"

Brittany swallowed hard. "Did she just say ‘Master'?"


She continued to stare and Katy turned beet red. "As in slave to you?"

I smiled. "Yes, that's correct. Katy has become our slave."

Brittany turned to Cindy, who was smiling. "Our slave?"

Cindy nodded. "Yes, she's our little bitch."

Brittany drew back at that and Jimmy grinned.

I decided to answer some questions before they were even asked. "Katy is our slave. What that means is that she does whatever we tell her to do. Right now she lives with us, cleans our house, cooks sometimes, has sex with either or both of us, and even has sex with anyone else we tell her to have sex with. Does that answer all your questions?"

Brittany almost choked at that last part. Finally, she turned to Katy. "You do this of your own free will?"

Katy smiled and snuggled up to my legs. "Yes, ma'am. I love my Master and Mistress."

Brittany was still having a hard time processing this so I decided to up the ante. "Katy, you love it when we talk about you being our slave, don't you?" She nodded. "Do you love to have sex with me and Cindy?"

"Yes, Master."

"Do you love to have sex with other people?"

"Yes, Master."

"If you don't do what you are told, we discipline you. Do you like being disciplined?"

She looked down at the ground. "Yes, Master, very much."

Brittany was now turning red herself. She kept looking at Jimmy, for what I have no idea, but he just sat there and smiled.

I continued. "Katy, are you getting turned on by this?"

"Yes, Master."

"Are you getting wet?"

"Yes, Master."

"Stand up and take your panties off. You are not allowed to wear wet panties."

"Yes, Master." Katy stood up and reached under her skirt. She pulled the panties down easily and handed them to me. I could feel that they were getting wet.

"Put them on the coffee table." Katy did just that. She spread them out like they were on a store display. "Thank you, Katy, you may sit back down."

Katy sat back down on the floor. She purposefully let her legs fall apart a little and flashed her shaved pussy at Jimmy and Brittany. Brittany gaped and Jimmy smiled.

I knew she did it on purpose. "Katy, did you just flash your pussy at Jimmy and Brittany?"

Katy knew where I was headed. "Yes, Master. I'm sorry."

"I didn't ask you to do that, and you know what happens when you misbehave."

"Yes, Master." Katy stood up, once again making sure her pussy was exposed as she got to her feet and moved to the side of my legs between Suzanne and I. She leaned over and put herself across my lap for her spanking, her ass pointed towards Suzanne. I glanced up at Jimmy and he was fixated on her legs where they led up under her skirt. Brittany was actually staring there, too. Cindy was smiling and Bill and Suzanne were watching Jimmy and Brittany.

I flipped her skirt up, baring her ass for everyone and I knew that Suzanne and Bill could see down her crack to her rapidly swelling pussy lips. I looked over at Cindy. "I think 10 is about right, don't you?"

Cindy grinned. "No, I think 12, 2 from each person in the room since she has shocked and embarrassed them."

Brittany turned her head toward Cindy. Jimmy did, too, but was immediately fixated back on Katy's beautiful little bubble-butt. Suzanne and Bill just smiled.

I rubbed my hand slowly over Katy's ass. It was such a beautiful, smooth, pale ass. I looked over at Cindy. "Hon, why don't you go first."

"Okay." She stood and came over. She delivered one pretty hard smack to each cheek. After each one Katy counted them and thanked her Mistress. Cindy went back and sat down.

I looked at Suzanne. She smiled. "I'll go next." She looked over at Brittany and Jimmy. Jimmy was practically salivating, but I could see that he was staring at the panties, too. Brittany just stared at Suzanne. Then Suzanne smacked Katy hard on each cheek, adding to the bright pink color they were turning. Katy counted them obediently. Suzanne turned to Bill. "Honey, I think I'd better take your turn." She reached down and grabbed his cock thru his pants. "We don't want any early accidents, do we?" Bill looked down sheepishly and Brittany almost choked, but watched closely. Suzanne turned and smacked Katy again. Katy counted.

I looked over at Jimmy and Brittany. "Well, who's next? We have to discipline Katy. It's the best way to keep her in check, and she loves it. Well?"

Jimmy looked at his wife and stood and came over to the couch. He didn't hesitate, just walked up and smacked Katy on the ass, although not very hard. She counted.

When he went back to sit down, Brittany was staring at him, but smiling. She then got up, a little shaky after all the alcohol, and came over and smacked Katy lightly. Katy counted.

I kept running my hand over Katy's ass between each little spanking and I could tell she was turned on. "And for the last two…." I gave each of Katy's already red little cheeks a smack and then started stroking and rubbing it. She almost purred. "Okay, Katy, you may return to your place." She got up and sat on the floor next to my feet.

"Cindy, are you wet?"

My wife looked at the floor briefly and then up at me. "Yes, sir, I am wet."

"Then you must add your panties to the ones on the table." She did so, to the delight of everyone it seemed. I turned to Suzanne. "Suzanne, what about you? Are you wet? If you are, you need to add them to the table."

Suzanne smiled and I could tell that she, too, wanted to push the sexual boundaries tonight. "Yes, Dennis, I am very wet." She stood up and reached up under her skirt and removed her panties. She laid them on the table and the wetness was obvious.

I looked over at Brittany. She tried to shake her head at me, but when she looked at Suzanne, Suzanne was smiling and nodding. "C'mon, Brit, you can do it. It's just a little game."

Brittany looked at her husband and he shrugged his shoulders. "It's just a little fun amongst adults."

She was a little drunk, but still didn't want to do it. "I don't know. I hardly know you guys."

Her husband looked at her. "That should make it easier. C'mon, hon, you know you want to."

Brittany sighed. She looked around the room and then stood unsteadily as she tried to slip them off without exposing herself to anyone. She did a pretty good job. When they were visible, they were a very nice yellow bikini panty. She put them on the table. Then she sat back down and looked at her husband. "What about yours?" Jimmy stared at her.

That really upped the ante. Suzanne and Cindy giggled. Suzanne asked the question we all wanted verification of. "Jimmy, are you wearing panties?"

Brittany laughed, her drunkenness obvious to us all, as her husband's discomfort became more obvious. "Yes, he has always had a panty fetish. He just likes to wear them. I don't think he wears anything else anymore."

Suzanne laughed and Jimmy glared at his wife. "That's okay. Bill has on a very nice pair of mine. Right, Bill?"

All heads swiveled toward Bill. Bill smiled and got into the game. "Yes, Princess, a very nice pair."

Suzanne patted him on the thigh. "Well, dear, I think you need to add them to the growing pile in the middle of the table."

"Yes, Princess." Without any hesitation, Bill removed his shoes and then stood up and took off his pants. He was wearing a pair of Suzanne's blue cotton panties. He had a boner and there was a slight pre-cum wet spot on the front.

Suzanne reached over and ran her hand over it. "Looks like the men are making their panties wet, too." Bill groaned as she helped him pull them down. All the ladies stared at Bill's erection. It was only about 5", but it was exposed for all their eyes. The sexual tension in the room just went sky high. He put the panties on the table and sat down. He did nothing to cover himself. Suzanne turned to Jimmy. "Well, panty-man. We're waiting."

Jimmy turned crimson, but reached down to untie his shoes. Brittany suddenly became more demonstrative and involved in the game.

"That's good, honey. Let us see those pretty little panties of yours."

Jimmy stood up after removing his shoes and unbuckled his belt. He was moving very slowly. Brittany reached up and patted him on the butt. "C'mon, hon, we don't have all night." Jimmy took his pants off and revealed that he was wearing a matching set to his wife's nice yellow bikini panties. All the women were giggling and Jimmy was flinching. He finally pulled them down, revealing a small, but very hard dick. Again the women stared.

The alcohol was ruling the party now. Brittany looked over at me. "What about you?"

I smiled. "I'm not wearing panties."

"But the rest of us are not wearing any underwear at all."

I looked at her. "Well, if everyone gets naked from the waist down, then I'll do the same, because I'm commando."

I looked over at Cindy and she stood and immediately removed her skirt. She stood there and allowed everyone to examine her smooth pussy.

Brittany was surprised and the alcohol had definitely loosened her tongue. "You're completely shaved!"

"Yes, I am. I love it this way. I can get turned on by just wearing jeans and letting the seam rub against my pussy and everyone who eats my pussy loves it this way."

Brittany stared as she said that. Then Cindy removed her blouse as well, freeing her nice little tits. Suzanne stood and stripped completely, everyone watching closely as her tits and pussy were revealed. Then Suzanne told Bill to do so. I think Brittany and Jimmy were starting to catch on that she was a little more dominate over him than they thought. Katy stood and removed her clothes. Brittany looked at Jimmy. He stood and removed his shirt. His bobbing dick captured everyone's attention.

"Jimmy?" Brittany looked questioningly at her husband.

"You started this, baby. Now take off your clothes. You know you've always wanted to do this and that's why you are pushing it. You have wanted to be naked in front of others for a long time now."

Brittany blushed, but suddenly stood up and pulled her dress off over her head, giving a drunken giggle as she did so. She was naked underneath. She had a breathtakingly beautiful body. I think it's safe to say that the women wanted her as much as the men. She had firm breasts with very nice nipples that stood out. Her shape was that of a goddess. Her pussy was shaved to a landing strip and yes, the carpet matched the drapes.

She stood there for a second, appearing to revel in the attention and then sat back down. She took a deep breath, reached out and took another shot of tequila and then looked at me. "Well?"

I slowly removed my shoes and socks. I stood up and took off my shirt. I took the belt out of my pants and then started unzipping them. I went slowly because I knew that I was commando. Once I had them unzipped I let them drop. My 7" popped straight out, hard as a rock. Brittany stared at it and licked her lips. I felt like a stud amongst the three guys here. I was glad Jack was not around.

Suzanne smiled and the sexual tension was getting unbearable for us all. She reached out and grabbed my cock. Brittany covered her mouth in surprise. Suzanne looked straight at Brittany. "It's a pretty nice one, isn't it? I mean it's not the size of those porn professionals, but it's certainly bigger than Bill's or Jimmy's. And he really knows how to use it!"

Brittany stared at her and then stuttered. "Wait… you've fu… I mean you and he…."

Suzanne stopped her. "Yes, Brittany, I've fucked Dennis. I really enjoyed it. Bill and I have an arrangement and I can fuck other guys since I'm in my sexual prime and need sex a lot and he doesn't." She turned to Bill. "Isn't that right?"

Bill smiled and nodded. "Yes, Princess, you can fuck other men." He turned to Brittany. "He is pretty good. Suzanne really enjoyed the last fuck and she looked amazing having such good orgasms."

Brittany looked at Bill, then Suzanne, then back to my dick where Suzanne was lazily moving her hand up and down it. The she looked over at Jimmy, who was also watching the three of us closely. She looked down at his dick and then back over at mine. I think the alcohol had completely dropped most of her inhibitions. We were all now naked and staring at each other.

Suzanne was apparently enjoying both her dominance over Bill and keeping Brittany guessing because she leaned over and started sucking my dick. Fuck! She was a good cock-sucker.

Brittany gasped and Jimmy watched in awe. Cindy stood up and moved behind the loveseat. She put her hands over Brittany's shoulders and grabbed her tits. Brittany never even looked at Cindy. She just watched as Suzanne blew me and put her hands over Cindy's to guide them as they played with her tits.

Suzanne lifted her head and looked over at Brittany. "You want some?"

Brittany sat there, staring.

Suzanne pushed her. "Brittany, you know you want try it, so get your pretty little ass over here and sample Dennis' cock."

Brittany didn't even glance at her husband. She immediately stood up to move toward me. Katy just moved back a little as I spread my legs. Jimmy started to say something as she moved past him, but she ignored him and he stared. He looked confused and sat back against the loveseat, his small dick sticking straight up.

Brittany kneeled in front of me in wonder. I chuckled to myself about what she would have thought if her first dick larger than her husband's had been Jack's. He was almost two inches larger than me.

Brittany wrapped her hand around the base and studied the part that stuck out over her hand. She looked up at Suzanne. "It's so hot, but this is so cool. I've never held anyone's dick other than Jimmy's."

Suzanne's eyes went wide. "You were a virgin when you two married?"

Brittany nodded. "Yeah. I've heard people talk about big dicks, but I've never seen anyone other than Jimmy's in real life."

Suzanne looked over at Jimmy. "Well, Jimmy and Bill both have very cute little dicks, but it is sometimes nice to just get fucked with a larger one."

Brittany looked over at Bill's dick and then back over her shoulder at Jimmy's. She smiled. I think the alcohol was still talking when she spoke to him. "Sorry, honey. I want to play with Dennis for a while."

Jimmy just stared. Things were definitely further out of control than he had considered they would be when he told her to strip. Cindy, Katy, and Bill were all just watching.

Brittany looked up at Suzanne. "You've really fucked Dennis?" She was not shy at all now.

"Yes, a couple of times. Bill likes to watch and then clean me up afterwards."

Brittany blinked at that. "He does what?"

"Bill cleans up all the cum from me and Dennis when we're done fucking."

Brittany looked over at Bill who nodded. "Wow! That's fucking hot! That would be so cool!"

Jimmy finally spoke. "Brit!"

Jimmy's strong response shook off some of the alcoholic fog that appeared to be causing Brittany to act so brazen. She blinked a couple of times at Jimmy. "Oh, sorry, honey. I didn't mean to freak you out." However, she never relinquished her hold on my dick. She turned around and suddenly bent over and buried my dick into her mouth, sucking and licking on it.

Jimmy flinched and then started to get up. Cindy was still standing behind the loveseat and moved to him. She put her arms on his shoulders. "Just a second, Jimmy." She moved around and sat on the loveseat next to him. "She's just drunk. Let her play with my husband's cock. It's just sex." She spat out the word cock vulgarly, then reached down and grabbed his. "After all, what's good for the gander…." She started stroking his dick. He groaned and I guess he was going to cum pretty quickly because suddenly Cindy was telling him to stand up. "Get right over the top of your wife. C'mon, cum all over that slut. She's sucking my husband's cock and she wants cum, so let's give her yours. She's such a slut kneeling there sucking another man's cock while his wife jacks you off. C'mon, baby, give it up." Cindy talked and jacked him off until he suddenly erupted, spraying his spunk all over Brittany's back. As soon as the first spurt hit her, Brittany lifted her head and watched as Cindy jacked her husband off all over her back. She seemed to watch rather dispassionately and then turned back to my dick. Cindy pushed Jimmy back down onto the loveseat.

I had other plans, however, and pushed Brittany's head away from me. "It's fucking time."

Brittany sat back and stared at me. Cindy moved over and grabbed Bill by the hand. "Bill, I think you and Jimmy should sit over here and watch as Dennis fucks the ladies. Whenever you need some attention, I'll let Katy take care of you."

Bill let himself be lead over there and then the two of them sat and stared. Katy moved over and kneeled on the floor in front of them with her back to the loveseat so that she could watch the action.

I was glad I had sex just before coming because I was hoping to fuck both of these wives before cumming again. I stood up and so did Suzanne. Together we helped Brittany up.

Suzanne smiled and lightly kissed Brittany on the mouth. "Brittany, why don't you lie on the couch and let Dennis fuck you first. You'll enjoy the larger dick. I know I did."

Brittany just stared at her. She looked back at Jimmy who appeared to be a petrified tree, his expression of surprise frozen on his face. "I don't think I can."

Suzanne smiled. "Okay, sweetie, let's do this. Dennis will lay down and I'll ride his dick for a while. Then when you want a turn, just let me know. Just kneel down here next to the couch and watch."

Brittany obeyed like a well-trained dog. I laid back and Suzanne talked to Brittany about it. She was becoming very vocal apparently. "Okay, let me just mount this nice cock. I'm pretty wet so it should be easy." She crawled over me and slowly impaled herself on my dick. She was hot and wet and slid down easily. "Mmmm. I love that dick." She turned to Brittany. "Oh, Brittany, look at how it penetrates my pussy. It feels so good!" Brittany leaned forward and looked from between my legs up at my dick penetrating Suzanne.

I heard Bill talking. I could tell that he was trying to soften up Jimmy. "Don't worry about it Jimmy. It's just sex. I love watching Suzanne getting fucked. She looks so lost in her own world and so fucking gorgeous when she's having an orgasm. I love watching this."

Suzanne was so hot that I could tell she would come soon. She continued to talk and sat up straight so I took my right hand and ran it down to thumb her clit while my left strummed her nipples.

Suzanne continued to narrate. "Oh, fuck, I love having my clit and tits played with while fucking. Are you paying attention to this Bill?" I think that was rhetorical and for Brittany's benefit. "It's so fucking good." She started bouncing harder. "Oh, fuck. Brittany, you have got to try this. It's so good. Oh, yeah. Oh, fuck. I'm going to cum." Several deep breaths followed and they coincided with her dropping herself down on me hard. "Oh, fuck! Shit! Cumming!!" She went thru spasms on top of me, her head back and her eyes closed as she reached her orgasm. She shook and trembled and I continued to thumb her clit until she pushed my hand away and collapsed on top of me. She kissed me on the mouth and sat back up. "Whew! That was a good one." She turned to Bill. "Did you enjoy that honey?"

Bill smiled. "Yes, Princess, that was fucking amazing! You are so beautiful when you cum."

Jimmy stared at us, but his dick was hard again.

Suzanne rose up off me and Cindy helped her because her legs almost gave out. My dick was pointing up at me and covered in her copious juices. Brittany stared at it and then leaned over and touched it. Suzanne saw this. "Go ahead, Brit, you'll love it."

Brittany looked over at her husband and he was staring, but could not bring himself to say anything. Cindy saw this and looked at his erection. She waited until Brittany decided she had to ride me. As soon as Brittany straddled me, she looked at Katy. "Katy, suck Jimmy's dick while his wife gets fucked."

Jimmy flinched as he felt Katy's mouth cover his dick. He looked down and then back up at Brittany. He still looked like he was in shock as she lowered herself onto me. She groaned and bounced up and down a couple of times to get me all the way in. She was really tight.

Once Brittany got all the way down, Suzanne spoke again. She leaned over and put a hand on Brittany's left tit. "Doesn't that feel wonderful, Brit?" Brittany had her eyes closed and moaned. Suzanne started lightly pinching her nipple. "Go ahead, start fucking that big, hard cock. Oh, and look at Jimmy." Brittany opened her eyes and looked over at Katy sucking him off. They stared at each other. "Katy is going to suck your husband off while you fuck another man's dick. Isn't that cool?" All she got in return was a groan from Brittany as she started moving up and down and kept staring at her husband.

Suddenly, Jimmy groaned, threw his head back, and came in Katy's mouth. She swallowed it all. Jimmy seemed to collapse into that corner of the loveseat like she had sucked all the energy out of him with his spunk. Brittany had been watching closely, but then started bouncing harder. Suzanne narrated. "That feels good, doesn't it Brit." Nod. "Do you like fucking that big, hard dick?" Another nod. "Did you like seeing Jimmy get sucked off?" Nod again. "Well then, get moving and start cumming. If you let Dennis cum in your pretty little red-haired cunt, Bill will lick it out for you." Her eyes snapped open and she stared at Suzanne. Suzanne grinned. "Yes, he will, and I guarantee you'll love it almost as much as he does." Brittany looked over at Bill and he grinned. "C'mon, fuck that dick. Make him cum. Dennis will reach up and thumb your clit, too." I did as she stated. "He's going to fuck you into next week and fill you up. Fuck him, baby." Brittany was now bouncing up and down hard. I was thumbing her clit and Suzanne was pinching her tits. Brittany started shaking and I knew she was going to cum. She did. She jerked and bucked and came, leaking out her juices all over me.

I still had not cum, so I grabbed her hips and fucked up into her as hard and fast as I could. I could feel that it was close, so I kept it up and she stared down at me. Suddenly, she started cumming again and this finally set me off. I came and started pumping her full of cum. I came and came, overjoyed at fucking her in front of this audience.

We both relaxed for a second and then Suzanne helped her to her feet. "Keep all that beautiful spunk in you. Bill will love cleaning up a new pussy."

I sat up. "Katy, clean me up." She dutifully came over and started cleaning me.

Suzanne sat Brittany down in the middle of the couch. "Okay, Bill. Your turn." Bill scrambled over, his erection purple and leaking. He knelt in front of Brittany and spread her legs. Her eyes never left his as she stared at what he was about to do. I looked over and Jimmy was leaning forward to watch, but he didn't appear to be shocked any more. Bill leaned in and took a long lick from her ass to her clit, licking up the leaking fluids and then dove in. He lapped and sucked and licked and Brittany put her head back, closed her eyes, and smiled. She appeared to be in heaven. After a couple of minutes, he was done and sat back. Katy was done with me, too.

Suzanne helped Bill up. "That was wonderful, honey. Was it good?"

"Yes, Princess, it was wonderful." Brittany sat up, but Bill was right in front of her preventing her from getting up.

Suzanne looked down at his dick. "Oh, my. That looks purple. I think you deserve a reward. Brittany, honey, please suck off my husband. The poor dear is in dire straits after eating your cunt. You owe him a reward after that."

Brittany hesitated. She couldn't see her husband, but I could. Again, he seemed calmer now. Maybe it was Katy's blowjob; maybe he was beginning to relax and enjoy himself. Finally, Suzanne pushed Bill forward between Brittany's knees and then pushed Brittany's head toward Bill's dick. She did it slowly and Brittany let it happen. She slowly took Bill into her mouth and started sucking. It was only about 20 seconds later that he filled her mouth with cum. It was too much and started running down her chin. She pulled back and Katy was there to clean up the leftovers on Bill. Suzanne leaned over and Brittany's eyes got wide. Suzanne leaned in and kissed Brittany. She let her tongue come out and go around Brittany's mouth, gathering the wayward spunk and then kissed her hard, feeding the remainder to Brittany. It was very hot and I felt like I might get hard again except that between the alcohol and holding off for so long I was exhausted.

Suzanne stood up and looked over at Jimmy. "Thanks for sharing, Jimmy. Your wife is fucking hot. If we weren't all drunk and tired, I think I might have to eat her pussy myself."

Jimmy blushed and tried to smile. He was still a little uncomfortable, but didn't say anything. He and Brittany had probably never discussed this and I'm sure they were going to have to do some talking now.

Suzanne turned to them. "Why don't you guys stay here tonight? The guest room is made up and I think we've all had too much to drink. I also think we should talk about this tomorrow morning."

Everyone looked over at Brittany and she was already falling asleep. Jimmy looked around the room. "Okay, that's a good idea."

Jimmy stood up and gathered his and Brittany's clothes. I turned and picked her up. "Just lead the way and I'll bring her." She didn't even open her eyes as I followed Suzanne and Jimmy to the guest bedroom. I put her down and she curled up in a ball. We said good night and he didn't really want to acknowledge me.

When we were back in the den I looked at Suzanne. "Did you think that it was going to go that far tonight?"

"No, not really, but I was hoping." She grinned and gave me a quick kiss. She then turned to her husband. "Thank you, honey, for going along with everything." She gave him a big kiss and hugged him hard.

"You're welcome. I enjoyed it."

Suzanne turned to me. "Now if only Jimmy and Brittany are okay. We may have pushed them too far, but we'll find out in the morning."

I nodded and Suzanne turned to Bill.

"Did you really like all of it?"

"All of it. I especially enjoyed eating another woman's pussy." He pinched Suzanne on the ass.

Suzanne faked a yelp and punched him on the arm and then pulled him close. "Just remember that I get to fuck anyone, but you don't. I will let you eat a woman only when I feel generous, but never fuck them, understand?"

Bill smiled and gave her a peck. "Yes, my beautiful Princess."

I decided it was time for us to leave. "Yech! You guys are too sweet for me!" They all laughed. "We need to get home, too. It's late and we are all a little tipsy."

We all said good-night and I left hoping to get some more of that beautiful red-haired pussy again.


I was awakened the next morning at about 11am by the house phone ringing. I slowly got up and made my way to it. We had removed it from the bedroom because we used our cell phones so much. When I answered I got a big surprise.

"Hey, Dennis, it's Suzanne."

"Ugh! It's 11am Suzanne, you guys are up already?"

"Yes, and it was quite an interesting morning."

I came fully awake at that. "Yes?"

"Can I come over and tell you about it? Everyone here has gone back to sleep."


Fifteen minutes later, Suzanne was sitting in my den in just her robe to tell me the story. Here is what she told me.

I woke up this morning to the sounds of moaning. I mean loud enough to wake me from a hangover, so it was pretty loud. I turned to find that Bill was just waking up from it, too. We got up and went out into the hall. The sounds were coming from the living room. We traipsed down there and found a very interesting sight. Jimmy had Brittany on all fours on the couch fucking her hard. He saw us, but she couldn't so he kept talking to her.

"This is right where you fucked Dennis and sucked Bill off last night. You are such a little slut. You didn't even know it until then, but you are a fucking slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, sir, I'm a slut!"

Jimmy smiled at us and continued. "You like it when I pound your pretty little pussy?"

"Yes, sir. Mmmmm."

"Did you really like sucking Bill's dick and swallowing his cum?"

"Yes, sir. Oh, god." She was really moaning and squirming at his words and fucking.

"Did you want to also eat Suzanne's pussy?"

"Yes, sir. I want to eat Suzanne's pussy."

"Do you want to eat it this morning? How about you eat Suzanne's pussy while I fuck you like the little whore you are."

"Yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir. Fuck!" She yelled the last part as she reached an orgasm.

Jimmy gestured to us and we quickly stripped off our robes. I walked over in front of Brit and when she saw me her eyes went wide. She didn't say anything, just moaned as Jimmy took that moment to punctuate his fucking with some very hard thrusts. He then pulled out of her and directed her to stand up. He had me lay against one arm of the couch and open my legs, and then he told her to get on all fours and learn to eat pussy like a good little slut wife. As soon as she put her lips on my pussy, he re-entered her. She was tentative, but willing to learn and paid close attention to when I moaned or directed her face somewhere. She knew what she liked and that gave her an edge, but she still needed some work. She was nowhere near as good as Bill.

After a couple of minutes, Jimmy slapped her on the ass. "Tell me you're a slut and will suck and fuck whoever I say."

She raised her head from my pussy and repeated it. "I'm a slut and will fuck and suck whoever you want me to." She put her head back into my pussy.

At that point I motioned Bill over and Brit finally put some fingers into my cunt. She was giving my clit a good sucking and finger-fucking me and that put me over the edge. That and the way Jimmy was ordering her around. As I relaxed from my orgasm, she lifted her head and saw Bill's cock not two feet away. Jimmy liked this idea.

"Go ahead, cunt. You made Suzanne cum, now you need to satisfy her husband as well. Suck that dick and swallow another load."

Brit did just that as Bill moved forward. She started sucking Bill and Jimmy continued to hammer her pussy. I was amazed how long he was lasting. Suddenly, he got there.

"Oh, fuck. You little slut. You are making me cum. Your tight little red-headed pussy is milking me and making me fill it up. Keep fucking and sucking bitch!"

Brit had no intention of stopping and held on thru Jimmy's orgasm.

Jimmy stayed there and held onto her hips. He watched as his wife again sucked Bill off. She did it well and within a couple of minutes was rewarded with his spunk.

Jimmy smiled and watched as Bill backed away. He looked at me. "Suzanne, do you want your husband to clean up this slut's cunt?"

I smiled. I liked this idea. "Yes, that's a wonderful idea."

Bill liked it as well. As soon as Jimmy pulled out and got Brit to turn around and sit on the couch, Bill shoved her legs out and feasted on her cummy cunt. She moaned and he licked and cleaned and sucked. He could tell she was going to cum again, so he paid special attention to her clit and fingered her ass. She jerked and came and wailed like a banshee. She didn't stop cumming for about 2 minutes before collapsing back against the sofa. While she relaxed Jimmy called me and Bill aside.

"Thank you for last night. I was a little shocked that Brit was so willing, but believe it or not we had play-acted some of those things. Now I'm going to dominate her and she's going to be my little slave bitch like your friends have Katy." He smiled widely and laughed.

"Wow!" I was a little shocked. "I would not have thought that after the way they acted last night."

"No, I wouldn't have either. In any case, do you feel like a little pussy right now?"

I smiled at her. "Why, do you know someone who has a little pussy?"

She smiled and punched me on the arm. "Asshole. You know better than anyone that mine is pretty small. It has tightened up rather nicely after having two kids, I think."

I laughed. "Yes, Suzanne, you have a very nice tight cunt. Why don't you suck me hard and then sit on my lap and I'll fuck you to heaven. Then you can take your messy cunt home to Bill."

"Exactly what I had in mind." She came over and we did exactly that.

<i> to be continued…</i>

Slut at sixteen. Part #1

Rundown –

My name isnt all that important. But if you need to pin one on me, You can call me Hannah. This is a true account and full story of how i got into the sex trade. I say true account but really there have been certain bends in the story to make it more entertaining in the long run, but basically its pretty much all true. I've decided to split this story into parts in an attempt to turn it into a novel of sorts and to improve on my writing skills. I welcome criticism and would happily chat about my storys/life with anyone over MSN. However please dont expect naked photo's or cam chats ect, i'll happily chat and talk about sex/my life but i'm not whoring myself virtually.
Anyway please enjoy reading.
- Hannah xx


I remember as a young girl, watching my parents fucking through the crack of the door, the groaning, the yelps of pleasure and the heavy breathing. Of course being so young I had no idea what they were doing. I had no concept of sex at that age. I saw them often through the door. My daddy thrusting over and over and mommy meeting each thrust with a lustful groan; I’d watch night after night fascinated by this midnight ritual. I never asked them about it or inquired into exactly what they were doing. It only happened when I was supposed to be sleeping so I figured I’d be in big trouble for being up so late.

As time passed I grew both in age and curiosity, I noticed the late night moaning dwindle with the years. Mothers yelping ceased and my father stopped thrusting. I had also noticed that during the late nights my father had turned instead groaning over the computer. Again, with age I knew what he was doing. I’d been through primary and secondary school I knew all about masturbation, the penis the vagina etcetera, my curiosity was such that I had pretty much learnt everything there was to know about sex. I mean, even I was at a rate of three orgasms a day myself with or without a male companion; it didn’t matter so long as i got my daily fix. I’d lost my virginity a long time ago at the age of twelve to some loser I never heard of after school. But I’d developed a fetish for older men; I suppose it’d developed after watching my father all those years ago it didn’t faze me though. I know were all different and I wasn’t afraid of expressing my interest to the older man.

My body was pretty well developed for my age at fifteen I could easily pass for eighteen which allowed me to move peacefully through bar security and into clubs with the help of a fake ID. Which of-course led to quick romps with unknown men, I’d always go for the older guys. They seemed easier to succumb to charm. Less likely to fool around and play annoying little chat up games, on top of that it was what I liked. I liked older men full stop. My breasts were pretty big for my age. I was a thirty-four C Cup and sporting some nice wide hips and two long legs to go with them. Along with a long flowing dark brown hairstyle and clear blue eyes, With all of that at my disposal I found it pretty much impossible to not get what I wanted.
By the age of sixteen I’d made a little name for myself. I was an ‘easy pull’ a ‘sure thing’ I wasn’t entirely bothered about it. I met very little of the same crowd during the day than at night. So I was confident enough to walk to streets during the day and not get noticed. However nighttime were a different story. I’d meet complete strangers and within hours or in some cases minuets end up on my hands and knees enduring long orgasms and taking load after load of strangers cum. One of the best experiences I had was with a stranger in my local bar. Just by means of passion I’d ended up in the men’s bathrooms bent over a toilet in a cubical. And of-course being half drunk I just let out every groan, some would say a bad thing to do in my position but I disagree. After several minutes of thrusting and groaning a small queue had formed, and I couldn’t just let all those boys walk away with their hands covering their sudden growth, I had to help them out. It was the Christian thing to do. At least that’s what I told myself. God knows how many cocks forced their way inside me that night. Thinking back about it, it must have been at least ten. I remember getting to the point where I didn’t have to look back to see if there were any more cocks to milk, as soon as one man pulled out another would mount my hips and start over. I gave up to the throws of passion about an hour into entering the club and that was at ten pm that night. I don’t know how long I had been mounted for, it was getting pretty light outside by the time I got out of the club. Although that didn’t count the amount of time I spent spooning the gallons of cum out my underwear. Which had been round my ankles for so long and the time spent drying my legs and taking care of any excess drippage I would encounter during the walk home. I ended up binning the pants in the end; they were just too soaked it was annoying in a way. They were my best pair. Black lace with a little embroidered golden dragon leaping out of the crotch, I’d only ever seen one pair of them. Even to this day I’ve never found another pair like them. My father was furious when I finally got home at eight am. I tried to make it seem like I’d been staying at a friend’s all night. But we both knew it to be a lie. I reeked of smoke. Beer and… A mystery ingredient I think he knew what that was too but for the moment being I had to listen to one of his lectures on kidnapping and how much I could have been next. About an hour into his ranting I just decided to go to bed and walked out. I knew I’d be in for a right yelling at when I awoke but I didn’t care too much. I was tired, my feet were sore and my hips felt like they’d been pelted with rocks and stones. Stupidly I left my street going belongings in my dad’s hands. A really stupid thing to do considering my night time rituals.
My dad wasn’t a particularly good looking man, he wasn’t necessarily unfit or ugly but, the stress of kids had taken its toll, Both visually and mentally. I can’t say I wouldn’t have said no if I had been given the chance to blow him or spread eagle for his pleasure. In fact I had thought about it many times now. I’d leap at the chance. It would be nice to have a well known man enter me for a change. But, What with social pressure and the fact it was one of the major taboo’s I’d repeatedly wipe the idea from my mind and think about something else to get off too.

It was some time later when I came out of my sleep induced coma. Ten to twelve hours at least, my head was thumping from the night before and my body felt like there was still a living entity forcing its way inside me. As an afternoon drifted past, I still wasn’t fully awake. It was about five thirty in the afternoon when my dad came into my room. He didn’t knock like I’d told him too. He just wandered straight in and took a seat on the bed behind me; I was sat in front of him at the time he came in, on the computer. Turning round I glared at him.

‘You didn’t knock, I keep telling you to knock before you come strolling in he-‘
‘Shut up… listen to me, and answer this question. Ok?’

I could tell before he asked me anything this was going to be something bad. Something seedy, I was in trouble, And big trouble at that. He voice was cold and raspy and before I could get a chance to say
anything he shot his question in my direction.

‘You didn’t you stay at a friend’s last night. Did you…’
‘Uhh. Sure I did, I stayed at Becky’s you can ask her if you like.’

There was a long pause. He looked at the floor and then back up to me. I could feel my heart beating, remembering that I’d left my bag with my dad when I got home, time seemed to stop, and in what seemed like an hour later he arose, stood up calmly and started walking the floor.

‘You know I went the pub with some work colleges today, while you were asleep… they went to a bar in town last night met up with a beautiful stranger and spend the night dogging…’
‘How is it? The guys. Who have never met you? Can describe you perfectly. Even what you were wearing…’
‘Umm… what… what are you talking about da-‘
‘Don’t play dumb with me! You didn’t stay at a friend’s did you? You were out. Out on the town fucking the night away. On your hands and knees and whatever the fuck you were on. With complete strangers may I add! I thought you’d been out drinking to. You came home smelling of cheap smokes and beer…’

Time halted once more. It felt like my heart was beating in my throat. There was no sense lying anymore. He knew I was out last night. He knew it was his ‘little’ girl that had screwed those work colleagues. My dad was red faced. As was I. Although it was for a totally different reason. I lowered my head and sighed. I wasn’t concentrating on my dad but in the corner of my eye I could see him, I don’t know what he was doing but, whatever it was. It was coming in my direction. Snap!. The noise was unfamiliar, looking up I saw my dad’s arm sweeping away from me, a look of gritty anger flooded his face and within that millisecond I know what the noise had been. He’d taken off his belt and holding the loose ends thrown his arm in my direction. It had struck me on the left thigh. A single sweeping motion, from left to right, And with that, no sooner had I lifted my head before an intense pain rippled up and down my left leg, I’d never felt pain like this before. I’d never even been struck before. I don’t quite know what happened next but I’d ended up on the floor. My hands grasping at the pain centre with my dad looming overhead.

‘I’m… I’m sorry daddy…’
With a sigh he sat down. Holding my bag in his left hand while sifting through it with his right.
‘Condoms… I never thought I’d ever catch you with condoms in your possession.’
‘I… I’m growing up daddy… I’m not a little girl anymore’
‘You’re sixteen for fucks sake! You’re still a child…’
‘I’m not, I can think for myself. I don’t need to be told what to do anymore…’
‘Get up!, get up! For crying out loud!’

My leg hurt badly and the bruise the belt had left me with made it worse. After clumsily staggering to my feet I stood in front of my dad. He was angry. But for some reason it wasn’t the usual anger. It wasn’t the sort of anger that I had seen before. The sort of anger that would result in mum being told of my deeds and me being sent to my room without food. I paused and waited for my dad to speak. As time slowly passed he began to look less angry and more… deep in thought.

‘Hannah… how many people have you had sex with in the past? And I want an honest answer…’
‘I don’t know. Too many…’
I’d mostly said that to piss my dad off. As an act of rebellion but, it didn’t work, He still looked deep in thought.
‘Hmm so you’re an experienced girl eh… hmm, tell you what. I’m going to give you a chance to get out of this… you interested?’
‘What? Are you… aww man…. ok… I’m interested…’
‘Ok listen up. I’ll only say this once. Now then, you see, I’ve been a little clumsy and I’ve lost a little money. Nothing serious, but I’d hate it for your mother to find out. And well. Your mother certainly wouldn’t want to hear about this. I think we both know that. So I propose a little money making scheme. You see. My work colleagues would love to see you again. And that means all of you. And I, well I wouldn’t mind some money. I think you get where this is going…’
‘You want me to whore myself out?’
‘Not whore exactly.’
‘Essentially, you want me to fuck for money. That’s whoring dad…’
‘Hmm, even still. Are you interested? Think of the money that pussy of yours could make…’

I don’t know how long I spent discussing he’s proposal. Two, three hours at least, Mum was out with my brother staying at my aunts for a while so it was just me and dad which made the whole thing easier to take in. Dad trying to persuade me to take cocks for cash, in the end we agreed on a seventy-thirty split. He’d get seventy. Since he needed the money to begin with or atleast thats what he told me, well that and because he would be taking a bigger risk trying to get people to pay for an underage girl to fuck them silly, and I’d get thirty. A little spending money for the work I was going to do. To be honest after the initial suggestion of which I would have never have expected. I was looking forward to it. Depending on the customers I might even be able to quit work. Which strangely was the first thing that sprang into my mind, the second thing to pop into my head was the staging area. We’d never be able to gather a bunch of men in the house so I could fuck them one by one without mum finding out. So dad said he’d rent a small one roomed bunk from an industrial building across the street from where he worked. He said with a little touch ups and a comfy bed it would be perfect. And with that I agreed to do it. I supposed it would lessen the risk having my dad close by when I get my nightly fucking. And besides, Fucking is what I do best.

‘So were agreed, right sweetie?’
‘Yeah, seventy-thirty. Right?’
‘Ok, done, right. I think it’s time to practise.’

I paused before looking up from the patch of carpet I had been sitting on for the past few hours. Dad smiled and looked behind himself. Rustling through my bag and its contents,

‘Ahh, here we are. Right. Get started. Time is money’

He chuckled before handing me a banana flavoured condom. I knew what he wanted me to do, and in some way I was quite shocked. I’d always told myself that I’d never get to suck my dad and that it was a bad thing to even think about it. And yet, here I was. And no sooner had my dad given me the condom, his trousers were round his ankles and a limp but thick cock had popped out of his boxers. I signed softly and smiled. Pushing out an arm and stroking his cock softly using the other to lift the condom wrapper to my lips. And with a brisk motion the condom slipped out of its packet and into my mouth. If I was going to give my dad a blow job I might as well use my mouth to put the condom on. I looked back at my daddy’s cock. It was as hard as wood and probably the biggest cock I’d ever seen. Not to mention sucked. He smiled softly as I looked up at him, and with a caressing stroke of my cheek he leaned back pushing his cock outward and more into my face. I gave a final somewhat disapproving look before leaning forward. My lips sliding down to hilt of daddy’s cock.

‘Ahh baby, oh that feels good… ah yeah…’

His cock had only been in my mouth for a few seconds and already he was groaning, breathing heavily and telling me how much of a good girl I was. As the seconds ticked away I could feel myself losing control, just like the feeling I had with every other man I met, every other man I had sucked in the past, I wanted him inside me. Although. For some reason, this was a deeper passion; my pussy was soaking, yearning to be subdued, and the only way to subdue the yearning was a cock. Breathing heavily I could feel a hand brush up my upper-back, up my neck and onto the back of my head which changed from a soft brushing motion to a hard press, I couldn’t do anything but go along with it. Daddy pushed me down, Over and over. My head bobbed countless times. My mind focusing on giving the best deepthroat I could. Well that and the banana flavouring, which had now faded from sweet banana to a weak chemical like taste.

‘Oh god baby, if this is how you suck everyone were going to make millions, ah jesus… that feels so good. A little deeper baby I’m almost there, god you’re so much better than your mother…’

My ears pricked up after being told I was better than my mom, it’s not like I hated her. But we weren’t the best of friends; we’d grown apart as the years mounted and from what I’d seen as a child I knew I’d be a much better fuck than she could ever have been. And as soon as the thought rushed through my brain I felt a harsh force on the back of my head, this was it, the first time I’d get to take daddy’s load. Although a condom separated us from swapping juices I was as eager as I could be, I pursed my lips tightly and took the hard shaft as deep as possible down my throat. The yelp of pleasure that resonated from him was like nothing I’d heard before, first the groans, then the yelp. Then the pulsing, as he unloaded everything he could. His cock dug deeper down my throat as it expanded the huge cum load filling the end of the condom, then surpassing its reservoir tip, the sensation was amazing, as a deep heat slowly rose from my throat and into my mouth. I closed my eyes and tried to smile to myself. A hard task to accomplish with a snake like cock plugging my mouth, I could hear daddy sighing softly. He’d gone for sitting upright to a now lounged position, laying flat on my bed.

‘Ok baby, you can let me go now… you can, let me go…’
It took a few seconds to finally get his girth out of my throat. Most of which was down to his cock shrinking after the excitement. I’d never seen this expression on dads face before. Looking up, he looked both excited, and somewhat seedy. The face you’d see on an ally stalker, preparing to pounce on any woman stupid enough to walk home after a nights partying.
‘Ah baby, that was magnificent… the best blow I’ve ever had.’
‘You’re welcome daddy… I’ll have to charge you next time however.’
‘Oh will you now?’

There was a happy youthful glow in my father which spread swiftly throughout his body, I could only assume it was the recent interaction but from the sound of what I was getting myself into I’d soon find out for sure. It was an odd feeling after the blowjob. There wasn’t any awkward shifting or silence, but instead a steady stream of chit-chat, although I had imagined me and my father together many times I’d always pictured the ending plagued by silence. Void of emotion, thick with shock. It was a relief to be able to just, talk. The minor chit-chat wasn’t about much, daily happenings, the weather, money. But it soon shifted to the task at hand. The topics of slutty clothing soon arose, as well as what type of sex I’d allow myself to perform. It was odd sex-talking with my father but it didn’t bother me as much as I had thought it would. Id either gotten too familiar sex-talking with strangers, Or I just had a connection with him. Something I didn’t have with any other members of my family. He intern seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact his baby girl was sat on the bedroom floor rug, a wet patch between her legs and playing with the same cum filled banana condom he’d taken off not moments before. I don’t know why I was fiddling with the condom at the time; it was just something to do really. I was sliding it in and out of my fingers in rapid succession, squeezing the tip, as it bulged slowly with cum.

‘Anything? I’m not going to just do ‘anything’ I do have standards dad…’
‘Well. What don’t you like doing? Or what cant you picture yourself doing?’
‘I, I don’t know. It’s never a question I’ve had to think about before.’
‘Well what fetishes are you into?’
‘Well uh, I… I don’t know really’
‘Well… let’s just say you’ll do anything for now. I mean, if you don’t want to do something while with a guy there’s nothing he can do, it’s entirely up to you.’

I hadn’t been asked what I would or wouldn’t do to a guy before. Or even a girl. It hadn’t struck me that I may have to make an act of love upon the same sex. I wasn’t against it completely; I’d have to treat it as a learning curve I figured. I sat and watched as my father laid on his side, stretched across my bed, rumbling through my underwear draws. Commenting on the nice underwear and instantly dismissing anything he thought looked awful with a quick throw towards my bedroom bin. His cock was still, somewhat hard; it still had traces of cum on the end which now and then would get rubbed off, onto my bed sheets. I didn’t mind though, I kept wanting to just suck it clean, but didn’t want to appear more of a slut than I already was.

‘You don’t have a special draw do you. A secret place you hide your particularly seedy naughties?’
‘What do you mean daddy?’
‘Well I mean, there’s a few thongs and g-strings in here but… nothing overly erotic, don’t you have anything… purpose made for a slut?’
‘Not really, I guess you’ll have to get me something…’
‘Hmm, wait there. I’ll go get something, stay there now.’

And there it was. ‘Slut’ I was a slut. I knew I was. However I hadn’t expected to be called one outright by my own father, not yet anyway. I waited patiently, sat on the rug; it’d been my resting place for the past four-five hours at least. I saw no sense in leaving its warmth, yet.

I could hear rustling and box moving from my parents room down the hall dad was up to something, but what I had no idea. A few minutes flew by and I soon grew bored. Finally I got up. Part of my decision to get a fresh pair of underwear on, in aid of getting rid of the damn crotch patch which remained stubbornly, I saw no sense in closing the door. I’d sucked my dad off not so long ago. I had nothing to hide now. Picking a pair of panties up from the floor near my bedroom bin I began to remove the soiled pair. Sliding them down over my thighs and down my legs, I could hear my father heading back up the hall as the soiled underwear hit the floor. It was only natural I’d wait my change, and gauge his reaction.

‘Ah good, you’re changing, right, put these on. These should fit nicely.’
‘What? Whose are these?’
‘You’re mothers; she wore them for me countless times back in the day, when she had your figure. I think they’d be a perfect match for you.’

He’d thrown me which at first glimpse looked like a ball of pink string. But unravelling it revealed a pair of black lacy stockings, with pink frills. Along with a pair of boy-shorts and a bra, both black and both with pink frilly trim. He had also brought with him a shoebox, it rattled softly as he strolled in with it, weighted heavily under his arm. I didn’t want to ask what was in the box; I might as well try this lingerie on first. And see where it was going to lead. I had expected him to comment on my pussy or at least try to get a better look, but no. He sat still, watching silently. It took a few minutes to get the lingerie on; it was a tight fit but looked to saucy to stick out. Exploring myself it was clear this was purpose made lingerie not something you’d go out on the town with. There was a premade hole in the crotch and one in the rear with little tie-up flaps to allow and disallow access. There was also a strange smell, as well as a few good splashing of what looked like dried cum, from many years past.

‘There… now isn’t that a sight…’

I turned round, forgetting my father had been watching the whole time, time had passed, and I was immersed in exploring my new clothing, both the lingerie itself and the stains. My father however was in the moment. He was hard at work playing with himself. Stroking his growing cock like a teenager watching porn, It was cute at first. The face on him, all full of pleasure and yearning, it quickly turned to a deep lust, he looked up and down my body several times, I could do nothing but pose while he did so. Sticking out my backside and stroking my hips occasionally rubbing my breasts.

‘Your mother used to wear those for me. We haven’t washed them in fourteen years… oh the amount of cum she and those have taken. Makes me horny just watching you put them on’
‘You… haven’t washed these in how long? Eew daddy!’
‘I used to make her wear them for days on end sometimes masturbating for every minute for a full hour, Over and over. Sometimes she’d spend the entire day on all fours.’
‘I uh… I see… umm so. Wont she find out I’m wearing them.
‘I shouldn’t think so sweetie. She hasn’t worn them for many moons; I doubt she’ll even remember them. I do though.’
‘Okay, so what’s in the box daddy?’
‘Ah well, that’s for lesson three.’
‘Okay, so what’s lesson two and one?
‘Well I believe we can cross lesson one off. Lesson two however. Is about to begin. Come here baby… and lie down. I’m going to enjoy this.’

He stretched out a hand, I hesitated at first but then just thought ‘ah what the fuck’ he led me from the centre of the room to the bed, and before thinking, I was down, flat on my stomach. My pussy dripping, the thought of dry cum stained panties turning me on, I knew this was it, I’d finally get my father inside me, and it was my dream come true. I lay on my front waiting for the impending entry. Waiting for my father to slide up behind me, I waited for him to mount me, this however didn’t happen, I had to look back, maybe he had gotten cold feet, thankfully he hadn’t, he was bag in my back rumbling around for another condom.

‘Sorry sweetie, looks like you’re out of johnnies. Oh no! Wait, ha-ha, here we are, got one.’
‘Dad… we don’t need one…’
‘I’m your father sweetie; I could go to prison if you got pregnant…’

I rolled over onto my back and looked up at him, as I rubbed my pussy slowly. He was as horny as I was, and we both knew it. Looking down at me, he had a motionless face; he was desperately trying to rip the condom wrapper open, with no luck thus far. It took a few seconds before he finally got the wrapper open and popped out the condom. This was it. He was ready, I was ready. Well I would have been but the condom was throwing me a little off track. I didn’t mind the condom for the first interaction. But I certainly wasn’t going to allow it for the second time. Dad smiled cheekily as he whipped the condom on in one swift motion, in less than a second the condom was down to the hilt of his cock and he was crawling up to eye level. Sliding slowly, silently and without touching, I couldn’t take it, as soon as he got to eye-height I stretched out and arm, slipping my index finger down his stomach, stopping for a second at the tip of his now fully erect shaft before swiftly pulling the condom off with a wet slapping sound. He looked at me in surprise, I did nothing but bring the rubber up to my mouth, making sure to rip it roughly with my teeth.

‘Honey no!’
‘Don’t worry daddy… I’ll get the pill tomorrow, just… just let me carry you’re seed for tonight, plus, I think we need to add shot of fun to this outfit as father and daughter.’
‘Baby, we don’t have another condom are you sure you want to do this?’

It was a silent affair at first. My daddy held himself up with one hand while he used the other to untie my boy-shorts crotch opening; it seemed like an eternity before he was ready to enter me. I lay still, waiting for the inevitable glide upwards and inwards. My daddy was a heavy breather, but I’d never heard him let out a drawn breath before. Not anything like this anyway. It was as if he’d been walking the desert for years and this was his first swig of water. As he slid inside me we both emptied our lungs, letting out soft grunts every few seconds.

‘Ohh angel, Ohh baby, it’s been so long…’
‘I love you daddy, treat me like your whore…’
‘Urgh,, ah.. oh baby, god… you’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you like this…’

I was in ecstasy, laying there while my own father grunted and forced deep inside me; his own daughter. I lay back, on silk bed covers trying dearly not to start moaning loudly and not ruin the moment, i could feel every thrust through every nerve on my body. It was electrifying. My neck was warming up as my own father breathed heavily and grunted closely behind my head. It didnt take him long to unload every drop of cum into me. I didnt even get to orgasm although in truth, i figured we'd be having much more sex in the next few hours so i wasn't all that disappointed. I felt my father cum like no other man i had experience with, i felt every tense his cock made inside me, every thrust and i swear i could even feel the sudden warmth of the cum inside me, although logic told me it couldn't be more than body temperature making it hardly likely i could of actually felt the extra head. My father pulled out of me with a wet slick sound, the sound and long gliding motion alone almost tipping me towards that orgasm i never got to have. He stood up and went to wipe his wet cock off on the underwear i had used erlier, i wasn't surprised.

'Ugh, baby… baby… oh man… i cant remember the last time i fucked a body as fine as yours.'
'Um, thanks daddy…'

I looked up at him, now lying on my back on the red silk sheets, trying to put on my most cheeky smile. He looked drained, like an athlete that hadnt excersized for a while and was just getting back into it. Smilling down at me it wasnt hard to see that in his youth he would have been a very good looking man, if you liked that sort of gruff, stocky style. I slid my hand down the front of my body and down to where the cum was leaking freely from the rampent mating we had just done. He stood and smiled watching every move i made, i couldnt help but smile back as i inserted a finger rolled it around and pulled it back up to suck on. Even the cum tasted better for some reason.

'I think you'll do perfectly for this plan, baby…"
'Perfect for what play daddy?'
'You'll see baby… you'll see. Now. Get yourself online and order yourself afew sets of sexy underwear. i'll give you a spending limit of say… two hundred… i want it sent via special delivery though, the sooner we get it, the sooner we can start getting you into the game.'
'Uh, wow… okay…'
'I'm going to take a shower and start dinner, see you in a while baby.'

With that he left, tossing my soiled underwear in my washing bin and strolling off leisurely towards the shower. While i lay back, covered in cum and twitching slightly as i tried to bring myself to orgasm. I havnt expected it would have ended so abruptly and felt annoyed at my lack of orgasm so i had started masturbating, My fathers cum mixing with my juices and being rubbed around my clit, i was in ecstasy again and when i did come it was such a euphorious high. One of the few that left me speechless and gibbering for several minuets. When i did summon the energy to get up, i walked over to my standing mirror in the corner of my bedroom and stared at myself. My hair was a mess, I was covered in my own father spent load and dressed in my mothers cum soaked underwear. I was still twitching as my nerves recovered from the cum. Standing there looking at myself i tried to feel bad about what i had done and what might happen in the near future but i couldn't. I knew it was wrong, but i couldn't stop smiling, this is what i was and still am good at and i was determined to make the most of it. Who knew how good the sex would be in the future, hopefully even better than now. But that was a thought for later, right now i had to find some underwear online and eventually get something to eat, i hadn't quite realized how hungry i had gotten. I also wanted to try crack the secret of this plan daddy had concocted but that would come later after much more sex…