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My Pretty Little Slaves

My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 11 – Super Bowl trip, Laurie's homecoming and Ben Jr.'s Birth

Characters Introduced:

Darryl, 33 white, Charter Bus Driver
Suzy, 33 white 5'8, Red hair Sky Blue eyes 36D breast

“OH God Ben, I missed you lover” Laurie says as she starts to kiss him and work her way down her lovers body showering him with kisses. She grabs BIG FELLA and kisses him, licks the head and looks up at Ben “Master we are not going to leave this room till we go back to Alabama, You are mine now” she sucks BIG FELLA deep getting him hard. Laurie straddles BIG FELLA and pushes down on Ben erect cock. “Ben, darling you are my sex slave now. I hope you brought you supplements because I am going to drain your balls”.

Laurie is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA, moaning and screaming “OH GOD. OH GOD, GOD I LOVE YOU MASTER”. Ben reaches up and caresses her breasts as she bounces up and down. She lowers herself down onto Ben's chest still grinding away on BIG FELLA. “Laurie, I love you sweetheart. I want you to be my second wife. I am going to keep you with me always, you need to finish the school year baby”. “Ben, lover it is hard for me to concentrate on school when I am always thinking about you and BIG FELLA. My heartaches when I am not with you my love”

Laurie cums hard and then Ben turns her over and starts hammering her pussy really hard and fast pounding against her cervix and then finally pushing through and cums hard a long inside of her womb.

“I love you Laurie, and I miss you when you are not with me also”. They lay there and make out for a couple minutes before BIG FELLA is hard again. Ben then rolls his lover on her stomach and pushes BIG FELLA between her swollen pussy lips and deep inside of her hitting her cervix with every stroke. He tells her she is really tight in this position as she starts to flex her muscles in her pussy. Laurie starts to milk BIG FELLA, holding him deep inside of her as Ben tries to pull his rock hard cock out of her velvet smooth pussy and then back deep inside of her. They fuck like that for over an hour before Ben pushes deep inside her womb and dumps a second load into her.

“Ben, do you want me to get pregnant with you child? I am not on birth control” Laurie says. “Sweetheart, I would welcome our baby. I just want to make love to you until we have to leave for Alabama. I want to be with you the whole time I am up here”. He collapses next to her on the bed and pulls her on top of him and they kiss and snuggle. They does off for a while, Ben is awoken by Laurie sucking on BIG FELLA, she is taking him down her throat, she gets off and jumps on top of BIG FELLA pushing him deep inside of her. She rests while BIG FELLA is deep pressing against her cervix. She is squeezing her muscles and contracting them around Ben's shaft.

Ben flips her over and starts pounding away on her pussy, Laurie rhythmically moans and grunts as Ben pounds her for over two hours. Every fifteen minutes she has an orgasm and tells Ben that she is cumming and cumming hard. Laurie is sweating as she is taking a brutal fucking by her lover as Vivian knocks on the door and comes in. “Are you too alright? Need anything Master, Laurie?” “Water, Gatorade and my pills please” Ben says. Laurie looks over and just smiles at her mother. “Are you two enjoying yourselves? It sure sounds like it.” She goes gets Ben and Laurie some water and Gatorade and some protein bars and some fruit. She gives Ben 8 supplements and his vitamins. She puts out the little blue pill bottle for later. He takes them as Vivian goes to the end of the bed to watch BIG FELLA push deep inside of her baby. She has lust in her eyes and starts to lick on BIG FELLA and suck on Ben's balls. Vivian then starts to lick on Laurie's pussy, taint and asshole. “OH, GOD Vivian that feels good” they both say. Bill comes in the house from a long day at work. He hears the moaning and screaming from upstairs that seems to be coming from his daughter. He calls out to his wife and daughter with no answer. He goes up and hears her bed squeaking and louder moans as he reaches and opens her door and sees Ben pounding his daughter mercilessly stroking deep inside of her pussy as his wife is underneath them licking and sucking on her daughters clit and her Masters cock.

Bill is hard he takes off his pants and drops his boxers and frees his 9 inch cock. He pulls his wives pants and panties off and starts pounding her pussy. He fucks her long and hard with each stroke he barely hits her cervix. The four of them fuck for a good two hours like that without speaking a word. Ben pumps his load in Laurie's womb and Vivian sucks down her husbands load.

“Nice to see you Ben, seems like you have gotten reacquainted with the ladies” Bill says.

“Yes, I have. I missed Laurie so much that I could not wait a minute longer before we made love when she got home today” Ben tells him breathing heavy. “You have been going at it since 3 Ben? Shit that is over five hours” Bill asks. “Yes, Bill, and we are not leaving this room till morning” Laurie tells her father. “Laurie is not going to school for the rest of the week, Bill. We are going to stay in bed till Thursday when we leave to go to Alabama” Ben tells him. “Did you find out about a transfer to either Atlanta or Birmingham?”.

Bill “Yes, they don't have anything down there in Birmingham or Atlanta. I have put my resume on the job boards and hope to find something soon”.

“Bill, I have some news I need to tell you. Might as well do it while we are all together. …. mmm I am pregnant” Vivian tells the group. “It better be Ben's baby” Bill says. “Of course it is my Master's baby. I only have sex with the two of you” Vivian responds in anger. Bill is smiling as he tells her “I am just kidding, I know it is not mine sweetheart. I guess Ben you have another baby on the way. They way you are fucking Laurie she is going to get pregnant also”.

“That is OK with me, as long as I am with my lover and my Master” Laurie tells her father.

Ben goes over to his bag and grabs a box and kneels in front of his lover Laurie and takes her and and asks her will you be my second wife, I love you and cherish you just as much as my sweet angel Becky. You too are going to be mine for the rest of our lives. I promise to honor, cherish and protect you for as long as I live”. Ben takes out a huge engagement ring and places it on her finger.
Laurie is crying and nods. “What was that sweetheart, I did not hear your answer?”.

“Yes, Ben I will be your wife. I love you” Laurie says as she kisses him and they start to make out on the bed. Ben takes a little blue pill and swallows it with some water. Vivian and Bill get up and get ready to leave as Ben asks “Vivian can you bring us something to eat in about three hours, Please?”. “You need anything Laurie?”. “Just plenty of time to express my love to my new fiance and lover”

Vivian leaves and sees BIG FELLA is hard and is about ready to be inserted into Laurie's once tight pussy. She notices it is now gaping and shakes her head knowing that BIG FELLA is stretching her daughters pussy having felt it herself on numerous occasions. “Master, if you wear Laurie out I am always willing to take BIG FELLA for a ride!”. She leaves and goes to her bedroom as she hears her daughter giggle and then starts grunting as she is starting to get pounded.

Vivian and Bill hear their daughters' moans and her yelling “OH GOD, I am cumming” every ten to fifteen minutes for the next four hours and then they hear her say “Cum in my womb Master get me pregnant”. Vivian goes gets some food and water plus some protein bars for the lovers. She knocks on Laurie's door and enters. She looks at the two lovers, Ben on his back with Laurie next to him snuggling against his side. “I brought your food and some water for you two, that sounded like some good loving you two were having”.

“It was amazing, Mom. Ben is a terrific lover, I felt BIG FELLA stretching my pussy with every stroke. He hits my G-SPOT with every stroke that sends shock waves throughout my body” Laurie tells her mother. They eat and Ben goes takes a shower, Laurie joins him and they have sex in the shower until the hot water runs out. Ben then turns off the hot water and they get out of the shower dry each other off and Ben picks his lover up and insert BIG FELLA back inside of her pussy and takes her back to bed with her straddling him. She is bouncing up and down on his erect cock. Bill comes out and asks the lovers “Ben, Laurie can you please keep it down. I have to work in the morning?”.

Laurie “We can go down to the basement tonight and have sex so Bill can get some sleep”. They take blankets and pillows and a couple of sheets, of course Ben takes his pills. Ben is still erect when they get to the basement. Laurie comes over and lays down next to her lover, “I love my ring Ben, I will make a wonderful wife for you. I know you cannot legally marry me when you are already married to your soul-mate Becky, but I will make an acceptable second for you my love”. She gets on top of him and pushes down on BIG FELLA. “AHH, That is where it belongs deep inside of me” Laurie says as she goes to sleep on her lovers chest. Ben puts the covers over them and goes to sleep with his new wife in his arms. “I love you Laurie, more than you can possibly know, we are going to have a wonderful life together”.

The next morning Bill goes of to work and Vivian comes downstairs and sees the lovers holding each other. Ben wakes up and looks at her. In a low voice Vivian says to her Master “Ben, you really love Laurie don't you?”. “Yes, I loved her from the moment I rescued her from those bastards that tried to take her virginity and rape her. I was afraid they were going to kill her also. I am going to take good care of her. She will never want for anything, will always be by my side. Becky and I have already talked at great length about this. She agreed to this on one condition that she can make love to Laurie also” Ben's reply to Vivian. “I love you too Master and I know you are going to take care of the three of us. What are we going to do with Bill? I still love him and he still loves me, more so now I think. It has definitely changed our sex life for the better”.

“Bill is going to eventually move down to Alabama with you guys. I do not know when, but his is going to be there for his grandchildren” Ben tells her. “Let me go and you get some more sleep”.

She leaves and Laurie smiles and says “Ben, I fell in love with you that night also. I don't want to go back to school after the Super Bowl. I want to be with you and Becky and my other family. Lets get some more sleep and continue our love making. I like sleeping with BIG FELLA inside of my pussy Ben”. They sleep for a couple more hours, they awake and make love for hours on end.

“Ben, I was serious when I told you that I do not want to go back to school. I want to be with you. I feel safe, secure and loved when I am with you. Will you think about it at least?” Laurie says. “I will think about it while I continue to pound your lovely pussy” Ben tells her as BIG FELLA is hard again. He puts Laurie in the doggie position and inserts BIG FELLA inside of her and starts pumping her pussy with long deep strokes hitting her cervix with each stroke. He pounds her pussy like this for about two hours as Laurie has orgasm after orgasm. Ben then grabs her arms and lifts her up and caresses her breasts twisting her nipples a little. She moans “OOOOOHHH, Ben you never did that before, you are going to make me cum again!!!”

Vivian comes downstairs and asks the lovers “Are you two going to eat dinner with us tonight?”. Ben looks up as he continues to grind on his lovers pussy. “When is it? I am enjoying my wife affections and her lovely body”. “In two hours, can you two finish up your love making before then and get cleaned up”. “I think so, what do you think my lovely wife?”. “I think we can make that let me see if I can get BIG FELLA to cum” Laurie says as she clenches down on him “AHHHH, I am cuming my love” Ben tells his lover. They both fall onto the floor and are exhausted from the day of love-making.

They struggle to get up and go upstairs to the shower without thinking or even caring they are naked as they walk upstairs holding and caressing each other as they move through the house unaware that there is anybody else in the house. They make there way to the bathroom start the shower and sensuously wash each other. They kiss and wash each other softly as sweetly, Laurie washes her lovers groin as does Ben her pussy. They continue to kiss as Ben makes he way down Laurie's body and starts to suck on her vagina.

Ben licks and sucks on her slit and inserts his long tongue inside of her vagina, stoking her G-SPOT with long deep strokes. “OH GOD, Ben I love you” Laurie keeps saying as she has a powerful orgasm. “Alright you two, enough of that. Dinner is ready. Get dried off and come to the dinning room after you put some clothes on!” Vivian says shaking her head.

They come down to the dinner table and eat after dinner Bill asks Ben “Do you have enough energy to DP Vivian for dessert?”. Ben looks at his lover and his second wife “Bill, only if it is OK with my wife Laurie. Just like Becky, Laurie has to approve when we are together” Ben tells the room. “Ben, you mean you will not have sex with me unless my daughter gives her approval?” Vivian says. “She is my wife now, I love her with all my heart. I will never do anything that would jeopardize my relationship with Laurie!”. They look over at Laurie and she has tears in her eyes and running down her cheeks, “I love you Ben, you are so sweet and caring. You don't really need my approval but I do appreciate it”. She gets up and goes over an kisses her husband and lover. “Lover, you have my permission to have sex with Vivian on one condition” Laurie says. “What is that my beautiful wife?”. “That you pound her until she is unconscious, unresponsive and passed out from the pounding”

Ben “OK, I can do that”. Vivian is excited and smiles at Laurie and thanks her. She jumps up puts the dishes in the sink and runs upstairs to get undressed and ready. Laurie goes gets Ben his pills and gives him a little blue pill. She puts his cock ring on and then sucks on BIG FELLA to make him hard as steel. She then sucks on Bill and gets him hard. Ben is in Vivian's ass while Bill fucks her pussy. They pound her for two hours until Bill comes, he gets out of his wife's pussy and Laurie gives him a little blue pill and sucks him hard again. They proceed to fuck for another four hours. Vivian loves to be double penetrated by her two lovers, she has an orgasm every ten to fifteen minutes while the fuck her. After Bill cums for the last time that night Ben takes two more little blue pills and puts Vivian in the doggie position and hammers away on her ass. He fucks her for another six hours until she passes out and then continues until he is about ready to cum. He then takes BIG FELLA out of her ass cleans it off and inserts it into Laurie and pushes deep inside of her pressing against her cervix until it opens and pours his cum inside her womb. He cums hard for thirty minutes. Picks her up and takes her to her bed and they sleep for a couple of hours with BIG FELLA still firmly inserted into her pussy resting against her closed cervix.

When they wake up Laurie looks at her stomach, it is bloated with all the semen that has been poured into her womb. “Ben, my period is not for another three weeks honey. I cannot go around with a bloated stomach all the time. We can try to get pregnant when I move down to Alabama after the Super Bowl. If you have to cum in me cum, down my throat and let me swallow your cum”. “OK, honey”. They kiss and snuggle Laurie tells her lover “You have not fucked me in the ass yet. I want you to make love to me in my ass Ben” Laurie tells him as she works her way down to his cock, taking BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucking him hard. She gets the lube out of her draw and rubs it on her anus and on Ben's cock head. She positions herself on BIG FELLA and pushes him deep inside of her ass. “AHHHHHH, GOD that feels good lover”. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA, stretching her rectum out. Ben flips them over and starts to pound away in her little ass. They fuck for three hours, Ben grunting and Laurie moaning, When Ben finally comes in her ass it takes it all out of him.

“My God was that some good sex. I love that little ass of yours my love”Ben tells Laurie. “Tomorrow we head back to Alabama. I need you to say goodbye to this place before we leave. I am going to take you home with me next week. I am never going to let you out of my sight. You are mine now. Lets get dressed and go out to dinner with Bill and Vivian and tell them the news” he tells his lovely wife.
Laurie “I think we should shower first then get dressed lover”. They go take a shower together, which is beginning to be a habit, and get dressed. They call Bill and tell him to meet them at their favorite restaurant. Ben, Laurie and Vivian head out they drive around town for a while and then go to the restaurant. They head in and Laurie whispers in Ben's ear “I am not going to miss this place one bit, lover”. Ben smiles as they go in and see Bill waiting for them at the table.

Ben orders some champagne and they toast Vivian's pregnancy and then Ben tells Bill and Vivian “Guys, Laurie is not coming back to Michigan after the Super Bowl. She is coming home and live with me and Becky. I love her and cannot wait until May. I will make sure she gets her High School Diploma down in Alabama”.

Bill “Well this does not come as a surprise to me. They way you too have been going at it since Monday. I know you love her Ben. We just need to take her out of school, make up some kind of excuse”.

Vivian “This is a complete shock to me. How dare you take my baby from me. She is all I have left”.

Ben and Laurie both have their mouths open staring at Vivian. “I am just kidding you two. I love you Ben, you will make a great father, and son-in-law. I look forward to seeing my grandchild in July and my baby in October. Hopefully I will be living in Alabama by then”.

Ben kisses her and thanks her and shakes Bill's hand. “You need to look for a job in Birmingham, Bill. You need to be close to your family, your grandchildren and Vivian's baby”.

“I put my resume up on the boards on Tuesday for Atlanta and Birmingham, I would prefer to be in Birmingham and have the girls go there to college” Bill says

“Don't worry about the money, it will be less down there, but so will your bills. You already have a house down there. And I will get you a condo where ever you get a job if you want” Ben tells Bill.

“You are too generous, Ben”. “I love your daughters and Vivian. You are my friend and you have given me more than money can buy. Do not worry about the money, Bill do something you like. What did you dream about doing when you were a kid?”

Bill “I always wanted to build things, make things”. “Well I might have a couple of projects that you can help me with. We can discuss this later. Have you ever wanted to be in construction? Own a construction business?” Ben asks.

“I wanted to be an Architect when I started university but you know how things go in life” Bill says.

“What would it take for you to become an Architect, Bill?” Ben asks. “Three years in school, and acceptance into a Architect school” Bill tells him. “I think Auburn has an Architecture program, we can check and see if we can get you in there”.

They eat dinner and have dessert and they leave the restaurant and go back to Bill and Vivian's. Ben and Laurie go to her room. She packs a bag of clothes for the weekend. “We will have the rest shipped down to Alabama by your parents later” Bill tells her. He looks through her closet and tells her they might need to go shopping in New York, Los Angles or Paris to find suitable clothes. The ones in her closet are for little girls. She is a young woman and his lover, she will have to dress appropriately when outside the house.

“You mean you want to take me shopping in New York and Paris?” Laurie says. “Fashion week is coming up, I will have to check with Becky and see when it is, but yes. I also plan on us going to Grand Cayman Islands for a couple of weeks after Ben Jr. is born for our honeymoon”. “I need to get my passport for Dad” Laurie states. “I already have it baby, you just have to pack a few clothes for this weekend. When you are with me at home we will be naked the whole time” Ben says “That sounds fun, lover. Leslie is coming to the Super Bowl right, Ben?”

“All my slaves are going to be there. You will meet the new ones, Mary's mother and sisters and also Marty's mother and sisters she has 7 sisters” Ben tells his new wife. “You have trained all those women, Master?” “No, I forgot to mention that the massage girls from Hawaii just showed up and begged to be my slaves. I have just trained Marty's mother and her older three sisters. I have had sex with all of them except the youngest pair of twins they are just 10. I fucked them in the ass several times and they are excellent cocksuckers. I need you to be with me when I train these women. I think I am going to be busy for the next three months”.

“Ben, you do not have to train them all at once. You are an excellent lover but you cannot fuck all day and all night. I will not let you do it. You have to rest sometime” Laurie tells him. “I know that is precisely why I want you with me. I just can't control myself with all this fine pussy around me I just go nuts”. “You have such a rough life my love. All these beautiful women that want to have sex with you, want to suck on BIG FELLA and ride you” Laurie says as she starts to kiss him she nibbles on his ear, rubs his head. “You need to shave, let me do it lover”. She takes his hand and leads him to the master bathroom and takes her fathers shaving kit and puts shaving cream on Ben's scalp, neck and face. “You might as well do my chest also lover” she then puts shaving cream on his chest and begins to shave him. Rinsing in hot water and then putting a hot towel on his face and head. Vivian comes in while Laurie is attending to her lover. Laurie smiles at her mother and continues to take care of her lover. When she is done she kisses him and takes him into the tub and they make out while they soak in the tub filled with hot bubbly water..

They dry off and go to bed, the make love and go to sleep. Ben sets Laurie's alarm clock for the last time. It is set for 9, the alarm goes off and they get dressed and head to the airport with Bill and Vivian. They board Ben's private jet and fly back home to Alabama. Ben and Bill double team Vivian while they are in the air. They wash up after they land and drive to the mansion where everybody is waiting for them. Ben introduces his new wife and her parents to his new slaves. Bill, Vivian and Laurie see Leslie and go over and give her a kiss.
Leslie “Laurie, you are Master's new wife?”. “Yes” Laurie shows her sister her huge engagement ring and Ben comes over and puts her wedding band on. “You are so lucky Laurie, I know Ben loves me and mom, but you must be really special to him. Hello Master, your baby is growing strong in my belly” Leslie says. “Leslie you look lovely and yes I do love your sister. I love you too. I think your mother has something to tell you. She might as well tell everybody. Listen up everybody Vivian has an announcement”.

Vivian “Well, I am pregnant with Ben's baby, I am six weeks along”. Becky comes up and kisses Laurie, Leslie and Vivian “Laurie, you are going to sleep with me and Ben from now on. Congratulations Vivian, welcome to the club. Master is going to have a lot of babies born this year” Becky says shaking her head. “Ben, I rented a bus to take us all to the Super Bowl in New Orleans and then bring us back on Tuesday, seeing as we have 75 people in our party. It will be here in an hour. They all greet the new mistress Laurie and her parents. Mary introduces her mother and sisters, Marty does the same. Kiki, Kali, and Mami come over and greet them. Kiki asks Master “Do I have time to give Bill a blow job? I think he will like it”. “Sure” Kiki drops to her knees and frees Bill's 9 1/2” cock and starts to suck it as Ben's newer slaves come over and look on. “Nice tool Bill, not as big as BIG FELLA or course, but not bad for a white man” Martha says. “Girls, Bill is on the big side for white men, most pack between four to seven inches at the most. We are all blessed to be loved by Ben and his BIG FELLA”. They all agree. “So Bill, when are you going to move down here. Afraid you are going to get your brain fucked out?” Elfie says.

“We are working on moving down here this summer, I am looking into a few options that me and Ben have gone over. If Ben doesn't mind I wouldn't mind a dance with you sweetheart on the way to New Orleans” Bill says. “That is OK with me. I know you can't get my girls pregnant and that you are clean, Do you want to have sex with him Elfie? Ben asks”

“Can I have him in my pussy and my dad in my ass?” Elfie says looking at her father. “Sure” Ben tells his Little Italian Treat. “You OK with that daddy?” Elfie asks her father. “I am getting use to it, Yes that is OK with me baby”. All of a sudden there is a knock on the front door and in comes Jamal, the mover friends of Ben's, Carol and Ken. Jamal and the movers give Ben their clean HIV/STD certificates and Ben asks about Sheila, Jamal's girlfriend and Ben's flight attendant on his private jet “Is Sheila coming with us?”. “No, she had to go see her folks. She is pregnant and is going to tell them” Jamal says “Well congratulations, Jamal” Ben tells him.

They all load the Bus, the teachers, Dr. Reynolds, Teddy and Leroy, Paula and Sally, Antonio and everybody else. The movers come over to Ben and ask him if they can take some of the girls for a ride. “Not in their pussies without using a rubber, only if they agree. No rough stuff or I will have you killed” Ben tells them. “You don't have to tell us that, We know you Ben and what you are capable of. We would never hurt one of your ladies” Omar says. “Another rule, no pussy on any of my girls that are pregnant”. “Yes, Ben”. They each pair up with a girl. Omar gets Sarah, Fred asks for Sam, Jerry likes Rebecca and Abdul goes with Victoria. Jamal asks Carly and the next thing you hear is moaning and humping.

Leslie and Nadia come up and sit beside Ben “Ben, I have a doctor friend that I want you to meet. She specializes in hair removal, specifically around the groin. She has an office in Tuscaloosa. I have had my pussy done and also Nadine's. I wanted to ask you permission to have your slaves down in Tuscaloosa to get the treatment also. It will keep them from having to shave every couple of weeks”.

“I will meet with her after Becky has her baby this month. I will bring Laurie down with me, Leslie she is not going back to Michigan. She is going to get her GED down here in Alabama” Ben tells them. “Master, can I worship you now” Nadia asks “You sure can”. She gets down on her knees and starts to take BIG FELLA out of Ben's pants. The driver looks back as he is stopped at a stop light and sees BIG FELLA.

“Damn dude, Now I see why you have so many women. Look at the size of that fucking thing!” the driver says. “Now ladies, I hope you realize all brothers are no where near that big”. Isabella says to him “The five black guys back there going at it are all between 11-14 inches long with nice girth, what are you packing” Driver says “I got eight inches going” Isabella “Not bad for a white guy, Bill is 9 1/2” and Antonio is a little over 8” right Ben?”. Ben nods as he is getting a great blowjob from Nadia and starts kissing Leslie.

“What is your name?” Isabella asks the driver. “Darryl, ma'am”. “Well, Darryl we are all Ben's lovers. All the women in this bus are Ben's and he can have us whenever he wants. We all love him and care for him, and he cares for all of us”. “Ben, you are one fucking lucky guy to have all these women to love you and suck on your cock whenever you want”.

“It is a rough life, Darryl, but it is the life I have chosen for myself. I love my women as you can tell they all love me. My friends on occasion, rarely, have the opportunity to sample them. I have taught them all how to deep throat a cock and they are all proficient at it, as you can tell by my love Nadia” Ben tells him as Nadia continues to bob up and down on him. She then makes him cum hard and she swallows all of his cum.

“Mmmm, that I what I call a good milkshake” Nadia tells the driver as he shakes his head. “Darryl what are you doing while we are in New Orleans?” Ben asks, “Nothing, probably go to a bar and what the game while you at the Superdome” Darryl tells him. “I have an extra ticket for you if you want it. You cannot fuck my girls because you do not have a clean HIV/STD certificate but you can have fun with us” Ben informs him. “That is OK, I am married and I really love my wife. I would never cheat on her” Darryl tells him. “How long have you been married?” Isabella asks. “We were high school sweethearts and got married right after graduation. It will be fifteen years this June. I am more in love with her now than I was then”.

“Does she like football, Darryl?” Ben asks. “Ben, when I call her and tell her that my client just offered me a ticket to the Super Bowl she is going to be so jealous. She loves football, college or the NFL it does not matter”

“Call her and tell her that you are going to the Super Bowl and put it on the speaker for us?” Ben tells him. “You are cruel, Ben!”. Ben gets on his phone and calls his pilot and informs him to have the jet ready for a passenger that will arrive at 5 to fly to New Orleans. “Darryl, I will have my pilot fly her down to New Orleans, if you can meet her at the regional airport I will have a room for you two till Monday. If that is OK with you”. “You are too generous, Ben”.

“No problem, Darryl”.

Darryl calls his wife on speaker phone and tells her “Suzy, you will never guess what my passenger just gave me”. “What did he give you dear?”. “A ticket to the Super Bowl dear!”. “You are shitting me”. “No, I really got a ticket for the Super Bowl. He is really generous dear”. “You are so lucky dear. I wish I could go, I am so jealous of you”.

Ben and his girls are laughing “Suzy, this is Ben Barnes. If you can get to the regional airport at 5 pm I will have my pilot fly you to New Orleans to meet Darryl and I have a room for you at the hotel we are staying at. I also have a ticket for you. Do you want to go?” “Hell yeah, thanks I feel like I just won the lottery. Thanks a lot. Darryl honey I will call you when I get to New Orleans”.

The get to New Orleans and pull into the Waldorf Astoria and disembark. Ben's manager friend from the hotel in New York called the Manager and he is out front to meet him.

“Mr. Barnes, the top two floors are all yours. Here are the keys to your rooms. Let me get the bell hops to get your bags, Sir” the manger says.

“Sir, I need another room for Darryl my driver and his wife, please put all his expenses on my tab” Ben tells the manager. “Yes sir, very good”. Manager goes in and gets another room for Darryl. “Mr. Barnes, all we have left are suites. I will just charge you the single room rate” manager informs Ben. “That is fine, can you have your driver drive Darryl to meet my jet at the regional airport” “Yes sir. Just give me a call when Darryl is ready to pick up his wife”.

Darryl gets a call at 6 that his wife is at the airport and he calls down to the manager and goes out front to wait for the car. It is a limousine and Darryl just laughs and gets in and goes to the regional airport and picks up Suzy.

“Darryl, Ben has a private jet and it is luxurious” Suzy says as Darryl leads her to the waiting limousine. “Shit, he has some style to him” Suzy says. “You should see his house and his women. This man knows how to live”. The ride in the limousine and head to the Waldorf Astoria and the chauffeur gets out and opens the door. The go into the hotel and Suzy tells Darryl “I have always heard about this hotel but have never been in one”.

Darryl “Apparently, Ben is a frequent customer of the one in New York. You should have seen the manager cater to him when he arrived”. “I want to meet him, Darryl” Suzy says. They go up to Ben's room and knock on the door. Tiffani comes to the door and Darryl introduces his wife and asks if she could meet Ben. Tiffani is in a robe as are most of the girls in Ben's suite. They enter the room and Tiffani then undoes her robe as all the other girls do.

“It is OK, we are not self-conscious, we always walk around naked. It is Becky's rule that while we are indoors we should be naked”. They go see Ben in the bedroom Hanna is riding BIG FELLA and Peggy is on his face getting eaten out and is moaning loudly. Suzy sees Ben's huge balls as she watches Peggy have a loud orgasm. Followed by Hanna gushing juice on BIG FELLA. Laurie goes over and sucks the juices off of Ben's cock and balls. She sucks on his balls until he erupts in Hanna womb. Hanna gets off Ben, BIG FELLA is still erect and Suzy yells “OH MY GOD. That cock is FUCKING HUGE”.

Ben walks over to Suzy after rapping a towel around his waist and shakes her hand and says nice to meet you. She is transfixed on his cock and crotch area. “Nice to meet you to Ben, Can I see your cock again, Please?” He takes his robe off and she is mesmerized by its size and girth. Suzy licks her lips and caresses it with her hands and then goes down on BIG FELLA. Becky comes in and yanks her off and tells her that she cannot have sex with Ben because she does not have a clean HIV/STD certificate. “You should really think about this, you have been faithful to Darryl your whole life. You two need to talk about this. It is going to change your relationship with each other. We are more than happy to have you join us, Suzy, but you and Darryl really need to think about this”.

Ben “Suzy if I have sex with you I am going to push it all the way in, I am going to fuck you in the ass and down your throat. All my ladies do it that way, whether it is one time deal or not”.

Suzy “We have never done anal, Darryl always wanted to do, but I was afraid. We will talk about it. I love my husband but do not want to regret not taking a shot at that huge cock later in life”.

Ben “Suzy, why don't you and Darryl go back to your room, order room service and a nice bottle of wine, talk about it and have anal sex with Darryl first. Before you commit to having sex with me”. Darryl is smiling at that, he thinks he is finally going to get to have anal sex with his beautiful wife. Darryl and Suzy leave after she thanks Ben for the ticket to the game and for the nice hotel room. “Ben only goes first class” Becky tells them. “Obviously he has a taste for beautiful women and fancy hotels” Darryl chirps in.

Darryl and Suzy go back to their room and order dinner with a nice bottle of wine. Suzy “I need some dick before dinner arrives”. She pulls Darryl's pants off and unleashes his semi-erect cock out of his boxers and starts to suck on it. She takes it deep and fast. She is more excited than ever before and sucks him off in ten minutes she swallows his cum for the first time in their lives. Darryl then falls down on the chair and tells his wife that was the best blowjob ever.

“Baby, we are going to fuck all night long. I am super horny” Suzy tells him as she gets up. “After seeing Ben's cock you are extra horny, Suzy?”. “Darryl, that cock is fucking huge. Bigger than porn stars that we have watched. I just want to know if I could take it. I see the girls he has and they are smaller than me. We are going to have anal sex tonight. I want you to be my first, even if I never have sex with Ben or not. You deserve both my cherries. I do love you and that will never change sweetheart”.

They eat dinner after it arrives and drink their wine. They then take a shower and make love, they continue as they head to the King size bed. “Put it in my ass lover, go gentle at first” Suzy instructs her husband. He is so erect now. He was wanted to fuck his lovely wife's ass for over twenty years. He pushes the head of his cock inside her tight anal ring and then starts to push as she screams into a pillow. “Gently baby, Gently”. “Sorry, I got a little excited are you alright Suzy”. “Yes, just go a little slower and loosen me up a little more”. Darryl fucks her three times in her ass that night and twice in the morning.

“Suzy, do you still want to have sex with Ben?” Darryl asks. “Not today, that is for damn sure. My ass is on fire. Want to go get a HIV/STD check at a local clinic just in case? Do you want to fuck one of Ben's girls?” Suzy asks. “If you are going to fuck Ben, I want to watch that cock go inside of you” Darryl tells her. They go and get their clean certificates and then go back to the room and take a bath together. “Darryl, I want to call Ben and asks him if I can have sex with him tomorrow”. “OK, sweetheart!”. They call Ben and tell him they have a clean certificates and want to come up tomorrow and have sex. He tells them OK.

Then next morning after breakfast and they have showered and cleaned up they go upstairs hand in hand and knock on Ben's suite. They enter and Becky tells them to strip, Suzy does and Becky tells her she needs to loose the bush. Suzy says OK and Darryl smiles as he always wanted her to have a shaved pussy. After Tiffani shaves her clean the go into the master suite and see Ben. Reanna is getting him hard and ready for Suzy. What they don't know is that he has his cock ring on and has taken three little blue babies. He is going to fuck her pussy for a good eight hours.

Suzy comes out and is completely naked and shaven. Darryl says he wants to watch which is OK with everybody. “Suzy, I am going to fuck your pussy until I climax however long that is, do you agree to stick it out to the end”. “Yes”. After I fuck you pussy, I am going to pound your ass until I cum do you agree” “Yes” I am going to push my cock down your throat multiple times, do you agree to this and everything else?”. “Ben, Yes I do”. Ben then places her on the bed with her legs above her shoulders and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy, Darryl sees his wife's pussy being stretched. “Ahhhh, Damn that is big” Suzy says. Ben only has about half of BIG FELLA inside of her. “Suzy, Ben is only half way in and you are going to have your cervix pushed open by my husbands cock” Becky tells her. Ben starts to push as she winces in pain he keeps pushing until he hits her cervix. He rests there letting her pussy adjust to his 5 1/2” girth, “Darryl how thick is your cock?” Laurie asks him as most of Ben's slaves watch Suzy trying to adjust to BIG FELLA. “About two inches, why?” Darryl says.

“Well your wife is getting stretched out by BIG FELLA which is 5 ½” wide. Are you liking it yet Suzy?” Laurie asks “I am getting use to it” she replies as Ben starts to stroke her pussy. “UGH UGH UGH, Oh my god you are so big Ben. It feels so good. Fuck my pussy, You are a fucking god” Suzy says to her new lover as Ben continues to stroke her pussy with greater speed. He takes BIG FELLA all the way out to the tip and then drives it back inside her until he strikes her cervix hard. He does this for about thirty minutes making Suzy climax every five minutes until he finally pushes through her cervix. She screams out in pain as he stretches her cervix out. Darryl is looking on in amazement that Ben can go on for this long. “Are you alright darling?” Darryl asks his wife. “Ben just pushed through my cervix, it hurt like hell. It is getting better. Ben are you going to cum soon?” Suzy asks.

Laurie “Suzy, we put Ben's cock ring on him. He is going to fuck you for at least four hours if not longer without cuming” she says smiling at her. “Oh god, I don't think I can take it for four hours” Suzy says. “You going to take it and I bet you are going to enjoy every minute of his pounding” Tiffani says to her. Ben after an hour of fucking her missionary style he turns Suzy over and puts her on her knees and then pushes deep inside of her. He tells her to give him her hands and when she does he rocks her world as he pushes deep inside of her womb he pulls her back by her arms and she cries as she cums hard three times in a row. “Oh GOD you are so deep Ben, don't stop fucking me, pound my pussy. You are fucking stretching me out, OH GOD I am cumming again” She floods the sheets with her cum again. Darryl looks at the girls and asks “Does he fuck all of you like this? Does he always last this long? He has been fucking my wife silly for over three hours how much longer does he have?”. “Well he fucks us however he likes and we are willing to take whatever he gives us, whether it is an hour or two. He has fucked me for five hours straight one time. I loved every second of him. He has made love to me also. I love my master. Ben will probably fuck Suzy for at least eight hours the rate he is going. She will never be the same when he is done with her. He is probably going to pound her ass for a couple hours also. Has she ever done anal before?” Tiffani says. “He is really going to fuck her for 8 hours straight, she has never done anal with me before” Darryl replies.

“How do you like BIG FELLA, honey? They want to know if you ever done anal before?” Darryl asks his wife who is recovering from another orgasm as Ben continues to fuck her without mercy. “I love BIG FELLA, Ben can fuck me whenever he wants. No I have never done anal before. Ben is going to be my first” Suzy says. “You really are enjoying it” Laurie says as Darryl looks on in amazement how his lovely wife is taking BIG FELLA deep inside her. After two hours fucking her doggie style he picks Suzy up and makes her legs dangle to the side of his hips as he trusts deep in and out of her sore swollen pussy. She then starts to ride BIG FELLA cowgirl style as Darryl continues to watch. They fuck like that for two hours after she came for the 30th time in that position Ben the puts her on the floor by the bed and pulls her legs over her head and starts pile-driving BIG FELLA deep inside her pussy. He pushes deep inside of her her opening her womb and she screams “OH GOD, I HAVE NEVER BEEN FUCKED LIKE THIS BEFORE”. Ben pounds her for a good two hours and then while they are still engaged he picks her up and puts her back on the bed and really starts to fucking pound her hard. He has fucked Suzy for a good eight hours and when he does finally cum he cums deep inside her womb. He pumps her full of his semen for a good thirty minutes. Ben then goes and takes a shower as Darryl comes over and sits next to his exhausted wife, “Are you OK Suzy? You got what you wanted. Did you enjoy having sex with Ben?” Darryl asks “I am OK, pussy is sore. I really enjoyed sex with Ben”.

Ben walks back into the room he is hard again and comes over to Suzy, he flips her on her knees and spreads her ass cheeks as Laurie comes over and puts anal lube on her. “OH GOD, you going to fuck my ass now!” Suzy says as Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her virgin ass. “AHHHH, GOD DAMN that hurts” Suzy says but Ben just smiles and continues to pound her ass. He looks over at Darryl and smiles at him. “This is nice and tight, just how I like them”. He fucks her in her ass for a good four hours before cuming hard inside of her. When he started out fucking her ass she was in tears crying her eyes out. At the end she was moaning and groaning in pleasure. He then pulls out and puts her on her side on the bed.

Ben then goes into the shower and gets cleaned up he comes out and is naked. He pulls Suzy's head over to the side of the bed and pushes a limp BIG FELLA into her mouth and down her throat. Darryl comes over and sees his wife suck on Ben's big cock. When he is erect Darryl can see the head of BIG FELLA being pushed in and out of her throat. He fucks her throat for a good hour before cuming deep and shooting he large load into her stomach.

He goes and takes a shower and then runs the tub full of hot water. He goes and picks up his lover and takes her to the tub and puts her in it. He washes her and cleans the cum out of her and she is slow to regain her composure. Darryl walks in and she tells her husband “Honey, Darryl I want Ben to be my lover. I love you, I always will but I need to have Ben in my life also”. She gets in between Ben's legs and reaches back and kisses him on his lips as Becky and Laurie comes into the bathroom. “Becky, Laurie Can I have been as a lover? I love how he made me feel. I want to feel that again. I love my husband Darryl, but I really love having sex with Ben” Suzy says. Becky explains the life of one of Ben's slaves and tells her that Vivian, Laurie and Leslie's mother is one of Ben's slaves. Although she has not gone through the training. She is pregnant along with Leslie and is still married to her husband Bill. Bill has also agreed to this lifestyle and has had sex with a number of Ben's slaves, he has had a vasectomy so he cannot get one of us pregnant. If you and Darryl decide to join our family he would need to wear a rubber if he is to fuck one of Ben's girls in their pussies. You two have to decide this on your own. Ben tells her “I am fine if this is a one time thing with you. I have more than enough women that I have to please, as you see. You are a beautiful woman Suzy and I would love to continue to make love to you. But Darryl has to agree to this. I do not want to break you two up. If both of you don't decide on this and it is just you that wants to be with me, I will not accept you as my lover. It has to be with Darryl's approval”. Ben to Darryl “When we are done with our bath why don't you take your wife back to your room and talk about it. You do not have to make a decision right away. You can make a decision when we get back to Alabama. Enjoy the weekend and yourselves. I have some training to do when I get back I have 11 girls I have to train in their asses and throats, I also have 5 that need their pussies trained”.

Martha walks into use the bathroom “Suzy, he still needs to train me and my girls when he gets back. I love my master and I can't wait. He is an incredible lover much better than my soon to be ex husband. My girls love him and my daughter Marty is pregnant with his child. I plan to get pregnant as do my other girls. I hope I already am pregnant. He fucked me for two days when he trained my pussy a couple weeks back. I would let him fuck me however he wanted for as long as he wanted to. My body is his temple, I am his slave, his lover and hopefully his baby momma”. She comes over and kisses her lovers Ben, Becky and Laurie. “Becky is my mistress she is the woman of the house just like Laurie is. We all follow their lead. We all love each other all the women. Bill is a part of the family and we love him too. The other men you see are Ben's friends who can have sex with us if they have a clean HIV/STD certificate, it is up to the women to decide if they want to have sex with them. The virgin pussies must remain that way and there is no vaginal sex without a rubber, Master I am going to sleep if that is OK, you don't need anything else do you?”. “No my love, good night” Ben tells her.

“You see I love all my women and they love me. I take care of my slaves, they are slaves in name only. I consider them all my wives. Becky is the only one that is legally married to me. She is first and foremost in my heart. All my decisions are run by her first. I do not accept a new member to the family without her approval, Laurie is my second wife. I love them both, Becky a little differently than Laurie. I will always have one of them with me at all times, preferably both. Becky is due to give birth to my son in three weeks. When that happens we will have a celebration, I have a lot of children that are going to be delivered this year, I love children and always wanted a huge family”.

“Well Master you have your big family, Suzy, I love Ben with all my heart, I still love my husband Bill also. Laurie and Leslie are my daughters and we gave them to Ben they are his also. I am carrying his child inside of me. I love having sex with Ben and Bill at the same time. This life might not be for everybody, but it suits us perfectly” Vivian tells her. She then gives Ben, Becky and Laurie a kiss on their lips, she whispers in Tiffani's ear “I am horny with all this fucking that Ben has done all day”.

“We are going to bed Master, we love you see you in the morning” Tiffani says as she holds Vivian's hand and exit the bathroom. “Are they going to have sex together?” Darryl asks. “Yes they are, we are all bi-sexual here except for Ben and the other men” Becky tells him.

Ben and Suzy get out of the tub and dry off. Suzy gives Ben a passionate kiss on his lips and whispers in his ear “I love you”. She drops to her knees and dries BIG FELLA off and kisses the head and says loudly “I hope to see you soon, you beautiful wonderful cock”. She gets up and gets dressed and goes to her room with Darryl, the both say goodbye. Becky calls down to room service for some clean sheets and puts a robe on and gets them from the maid when she knocks on the door. “Ben, I think you just made a great impression on Suzy” Becky says. “Yes she told me she loved me in my ear” Ben tells her. “She really has a nice body don't you think, Ben?”. “Yes she does, how is Ben Jr. doing?” Ben asks her as he kisses his wife and lover. “He is doing fine, are you ready for bed?” “Yes, I want my virgins with me tonight as usual” Ben tells her as she gets the sheets. She goes and makes the bed and gives the maid the soiled linens. She then goes gets the virgins and tells them to get cleaned up and ready for bed. Ben sleeps with Cam, Calla, Peggy and Laurie and Becky. He kisses all of his slaves goodnight and they go to the bedroom and they all snuggle with their master and lover. “We love you Master” his girls tell him. Their bodies are intertwined as they go to sleep. “I love sleeping with my girls covering me, snuggling against my body. I love you Laurie, I love you Becky” Ben tells his wives as he kisses them good night.

The next morning Ben is awoken by Cam sucking on BIG FELLA. When he wide awake Calla straddles his face, “Master, I think you need some virgin pussy to eat before breakfast is served”. He smiles and starts to lick her from her anus to her clit. He separates her pussy lips as he continues to lick her pussy after she has one orgasm Ben sticks his long tongue into her pussy and moves it in and out of her tight pussy. He licks and sucks up on her girl cum and then starts to stroke her hymen causing her to buck her hips. While this is going on Cam is deep throating BIG FELLA she is chicken heading on him, after about twenty minutes of sucking his cock and squeezing his cock in her throat Ben erupts a torrent of cum down her throat and into her stomach. “That is what I call a great hot breakfast” Cam tells everyone there. She gets up and prepares his morning pills and comes back with a glass of water and his pills as he gives Calla another orgasm. Cam sees Peggy bouncing up and down on an erect BIG FELLA, she is taking him up her little ass. “God I love my Master in my ass. He makes me feel so warm and loved. Ben I love you” Peggy says as she twirls around on BIG FELLA. Calla gets off of his face and Peggy giggles at the site of his face covered with her cum. He takes his pills and the three girls lick his face clean and suck on his lips and chest as Peggy continues to bounce up and down. When she feels him about to cum she gets off and takes him into her throat and swallows his load. She then straddles his face and he makes her cum three times. She cums so hard the third time anybody that was not awake is awoken by her moans and screams of an orgasm.

Ben then gets Peggy off of his face and tells Laurie to come to him, She does and starts to suck his cock and get him hard. Once he is hard she gets on top and guides BIG FELLA into her pussy. “Lover, please get me pregnant. I want your baby growing inside my belly. I want to have our child to grow up with a lot of brothers and sisters his/her own age”. “Laurie, you stopped taking birth control right? You will become pregnant in good time. We have plans together over the next three months that we need to keep. I love you and we are going to have many children together. How many do you want?” Ben asks her. “At least six or seven, lets start with one at the beginning”. “You really want six or seven babies my love” Ben asks her. “If you are up to it, I want as many babies as you are willing to give me, as long as you keep giving me BIG FELLA”. They make love for an hour in that position and then Ben turns her over and pounds away in her pussy as Bill, Vivian and Leslie come into the room.

Bill “We are going sightseeing and was wondering if anybody else wanted to go”.

Laurie “Bill, I have everything I need right here in my arms, my lover, my master and my husband. He already has made me cum three times”.

Vivian “When you get done you want to come out with us and see New Orleans, Ben, Laurie Becky?”.

Becky “Sure, Ben you almost done”. “Almost, I can never get enough of Laurie” Ben tells her. The fuck for another 45 minutes and he pulls out and cums in her mouth. They get up and take a shower together. In the shower Ben tells Laurie “I love you so much, it hurts. I want to get you pregnant but I also want to travel with you and go and see places together”. They kiss and start to make out in the shower when Becky comes in and tells them “This is supposed to a shower not a make out session, lets get ready and go sightseeing and go to dinner”. “OK, Becky we will finish up in here” Laurie says giggling. They finish their shower and dry off. The go into the bedroom and dress. All Ben's ladies are dressed beautifully, when Ben walks out of the bedroom with his designer three piece suit, gold watch and hat to match. They are now ready to go to town. The call and make reservations for the whole gang. The person on the phone says he cannot accommodate such a large group. Ben picks up the phone and asks to speak to the manager. He tells him he wants to rent the restaurant from 8 to closing and asks how much. The manager tells him what he thinks is a ridiculous amount and Ben agrees to it. He says he will be over in a minute with the deposit. Becky asks how much was it to rent the whole restaurant. “100k” is Ben's reply. They go to the restaurant and Ben talks to the manager and gives him his credit card number and tells him he expects an open bar, best champagne and wine to be available. He tells him he wants crayfish available also. They leave and go sightseeing, shopping and tour the city. He goes to the store with Suzy and Darryl. “Darryl if you are going to hang out with me we need to get you a couple of suits” Ben tells him “Girls take Suzy and get her some dresses and go to Victoria's Secret for somethings meet us back here” Ben goes to Hugo Boss and buys Darryl three suits and looks at the other guys and gets them each a suit. The all get fitted and he tells the tailor he needs Darryl's suit done in two hours. The tailor says it will cost him. Ben pulls two hundred dollars out and asks is this enough. The tailor nods and tells him to come back in two hours. Ben just spent over three thousand dollars in suits. The go meet the girls and Suzy runs up and kisses Ben on the lips “You are too generous, Master” Suzy says. Ben whispers in her ear “Call me Ben when we are in public, so you decided already?” “No, Ben it just popped out. It sounded good. I still love Darryl, but want BIG FELLA again.” Suzy says to him.

The go back to the hotel so that Suzy and Darryl can get dressed for dinner. The rest stay down at the hotel bar. They get their drinks and socialize for a little bit. The arrive and Bourbon House restaurant at 7:45 for dinner and the manager comes up and greets them. He says he has a few guest left and he is arranging the tables now. He asks them to wait in the bar and order appetizers. Ben tells the bar tender to just bring five of each appetizer and asks for 10 bottles of Dom Perignon. They bring out the Champagne and everybody gets a glass and Ben gives a toast “To friends and Family may we always be together in the good times and the bad”. The pregnant girls only take a sip. The younger girls love it. Cam tells Ben “We need to get some of this at the mansion”. “I agree with that” Ben tells her as he kisses her on her lips. The appetizers come and Ben sees that it is not enough and tells the bartender to order 5 more of each appetizer. He also orders 75 bowls of seafood chowder. Asks the bartender about the crayfish. The bartender tells him they don't serve crayfish. Ben tells him to ask the manager. He comes back and tells him they have 75 pounds of crayfish and they are going to be ready when they are seated. The eat their appetizers and soup. The all drink and have a good time and get seated by 8:15. The first course is the crayfish. Ben then orders Plateaux De Fruits De Mer Le Royale for everybody. They then each order their meals. After dinner they have coffee and after dinner drinks as they wait for dessert. The go back to the hotel after dinner and turn in for the night.

Ben “Ladies, I want to thank you all for a wonderful evening”. Reanna tells him he is not getting off that easy. Reanna takes off her clothes and Ben's clothes as does Hanna, Missy, Rachel, Sam, and Sarah. Reanna starts to suck on BIG FELLA as Laurie goes gets his pills and two little blue pills. Ben makes love six of them for the rest of the night, they don't stop until they pass out at 8 in the morning. They sleep until noon and then get ready for the Super Bowl. Darryl has the Bus downstairs ready for them at 3:30. They go to the Super Bowl and everybody has a great time, cheering, getting souvenirs. All the guys tell Ben that this was a dream come true. Every girl comes up to Ben and kisses him and tells him they love him. After the Super Bowl they go back to the hotel and Ben informs each one that before they leave on Tuesday that he is going to have sex with each one of his women. All the women cheer this and they start the orgy. The movers, Bill, Teddy, Ken, Leroy and Dr. Reynolds all join him. They fuck the non-pregnant girls in their pussies with a rubber and sometimes they spit-roast them and DP a few times. They never cum in their pussies.

When Tuesday arrives they all get cleaned up as Darryl goes get the Bus. They load into the bus and head back home. While on the bus Suzy comes up to Ben and says “Ben, I have made up my mind, I want to be your lover, your slave. I want to keep Darryl as my lover also. He has agreed to this and wants to be a part of the family if you Becky, and Laurie will accept us”. He tells her to get undressed while he talks to his two wives. They agree and tell her to suck on BIG FELLA until he gets hard and then ride him.

“Thank you Master, Mistresses” Suzy says. “Ladies, we have a new slave that is coming to join us. She is going to start her training this week with Martha and her girls along with Kiki, Kali, and Mami” Becky tells everyone. After Ben gets finished fucking Suzy he then goes up to the front of the bus and talks to Darryl as Suzy is greeted by all the other slaves. Elfie takes two of the movers Omar and Abdul to the back of the bus. “Do you have a rubber, Omar?” Elfie asks he does,, “I want you to double penetrate me”. She undresses as they do. She sucks both their cocks as they get hard Antonio comes back and watches as they start to DP his sweet little daughter. Elfie sits down on Abdul's 12” cock taking it into her little ass, Abdul pushes it through her anal ring with a pop. Elfie starts bouncing up and down on him telling him it feels really good, she spreads her legs and tells Omar to pound her pussy hard.

“Darryl, you agreed with Suzy's decision right?” Ben asks. “Ben, my wife loves having sex with you. She wanted this really bad. She told me that she still loved me and wants to keep having sex with both of us. I am not really thrilled about having to share my wife, but I see how you treat all your women and it is not like you are going to be fucking her all the time” Darryl tells him.

“I will take care of her, respect and honor her. You know I am going to have to train her as part of her being my slave” Ben tells Darryl. “Yes, I remember that you need to train some of your other new slaves also” Darryl says.

“Yes, I need to train 11 asses and throats. I also need to train 5 pussies. Are you having second thoughts about your wife becoming my lover Darryl?” Ben asks.

“I do not know how we are going to make are bills when she is taking off work so that you can train her to be your slave. We need her income to pay our bills” Darryl says.

“Don't worry about the money Darryl, I take care of my family. Always have always will” Ben tells him.
They drop Ben's slaves off in Tuscaloosa and Nadia kisses her daughter goodbye and then kisses her master and whispers in his ear “I have a friend I want you to meet when you get a chance, she is a dermatologist that specializes in hair removal”.

“Nadia, I will try to come down in March if I can get away. I need to train some women and be ready for Ben Jr. birth” Ben tells her. “We will wait on you my love”

Ben gets back in the bus and they head back to the mansion and disembark. They get all the suitcases out to the Bus and take them into the mansion and Ben comes out and sees Suzy kiss her husband goodbye. All the girls go to their individual houses, Martha knows Ben is going to come over shortly.

Suzy and Ben walk into the mansion and she tells him “Master, I am all yours. Please make love to me”. “First we need to get settled, I am going to take you over to Martha's later to start the training. Alexis and Alileen need to have their pussies trained along with you, Kiki, Kali and Mami. You all need your asses trained as well as your throats. Laurie make sure you get my pills. I am going to call in a refill tonight. It will probably take me five weeks to complete all your training” Ben tells her. “It is going to be a fun five weeks, Master. We are all going to be happy and well fucked” Suzy tells her new Master.

Ben goes and talks to Becky “Honey, I need you to do some research for me”. “You want me to find out about Darryl and Suzy, where she works and about their bills and house payment?” Becky says almost reading his mind. “Why don't we asks her about her job and where she lives?” Becky says.

“I am thinking about buying a transportation company, need to get the information about the company that Darryl works for and make them an offer they cannot refuse” Ben tells her.

“Suzy, you probably need to inform your employer that you won't be in for a couple of days” Ben says to her with Becky beside him. “You know I was thinking about that. I could always get another job. I really want to spend some time with you and my new family” Suzy tells them. “Where do you work, Suzy?” Becky asks her “I work in a club in Birmingham. I am a topless waitress. I lost my job in my career last year and that is all that I could find. Tips are good because of my breasts and looks. I am really getting tired of the customers grabbing and groping me. I never said anything to Darryl because we need the money and he would just get mad and cause a scene at the club”.

“You are not going back to that job, Suzy. Nobody is grabbing and groping my slave or lover. That will never happen. If you need to work I believe I know an Italian restaurant owner that will hire you. Let's go to Martha's and start the training” Ben tells her as he gives his wife a kiss “I love you Becky, give me a call over at Martha's if you need anything or get any information that I asked for”. “Yes my love, enjoy the training but do not over do it. I will checkup on you in a couple of days”.

“Laurie, are you ready? You get my pills and lube?”. “Yes, my love. Are you ready for some training ?” Laurie asks Ben. “I am going to take it nice and easy. I have all the time in the world to pound the crap out of my girls, right Suzy?” Ben says.

“Master, I am at your disposal. I want BIG FELLA anytime you want to unleash him on me” Suzy tells Ben. They leave the mansion to go to Martha's to start the training. On the way Suzy asks “Master, I probably need to tell Darryl that I quit my job?” “Let me take care of that, I have a plan so don't worry about your bills or anything else. Just concentrate on being happy and loved. I will take care of the money thing, trust me my new lover”.

They get to Martha's and Ben explains that he owns the houses next to Martha's and shows her Crystal's and the other ladies houses. They go into the house and Martha comes up to Suzy and welcome her and Laurie to the house “Welcome lover, girlfriend and mistresses Laurie. Suzy, Becky's rules apply in this house also. No clothes are allowed on while we are in the house, so strip. We are all family and lovers, Girls Master is home”. Martha's girls come running down the stairs with their breasts bouncing. Ben smiles and kisses each of his girls. Victoria is first with her 36C breasts bouncing comes running up to Ben and jumps in his arms “Master, welcome home lover”. Next are the three sets of twins. Ben kisses each of them and squeeze their breast and asses. “I love you girls and they way you come running up to greet me when I come into the house. I am kinda hungry for some virgin pussy. Do you know anyone here that has a virgin pussy that I can eat?”

Cam and Calla jump on their master's and kiss him and then drag him over to the couch where they sit with their legs spread. “Come and get it Master!” Cam says. Ben smiles at her and then buries his head in her lap, licking her pussy sucking on her pussy. He spreads her lips and licks through her pussy and sucks on her love button that is starting to get erect. After about ten minutes she starts to climax hard. Ben sucks on her love tunnel as she squirts her cum into his mouth. He then starts to stick his long tongue into her hole, licking and sucking. He strokes her hymen with his tongue. Cam looks up at Suzy and tells her while breathing heavy “God, I love it when he sucks my pussy”.

“I love virgin pussy, it is so sweet. Different than a pussy that has been fucked. You two are so special” Ben says to everybody. “Master, you cannot deny us BIG FELLA forever. We want you to be our first” Calla tells her Master as he gives Cam a really hard and long orgasm. “My turn Master” Calla tells Ben. Cam reaches up and kisses her lover, “Master, I love you”. Ben sucks Calla to three orgasms and then tells Alileen and Alexis that it is their turn to get their pussies trained.

“This is how it is going to go. I am going to train Alexis and then Alileen's pussies first. Then Suzy, followed by my Hawaiian slaves. Suzy when I start to climax in you I will pull out and pump my load into Alexis or Alileen. Suzy I am trying to get them pregnant. I will do the same when I fuck my Hawaiian slaves. I will then start the anal training starting with Cam and Calla then work Martha, Suzy, Victoria then the twin. Finally I will do the Hawaiian girls. I will then start the oral training. Of course all this stops once Becky goes into labor, agreed?”

“Of course, Master. We want to be there for Becky just like you. We have the rest of our lives for sex and training” Martha says. “I am not going anywhere, my lover” Victoria tells Ben. The other ladies agree.

“OK, Alexis come with me to your bedroom I am going to start with you. Cam and Calla you two are to perform the fluffing duties as usual” Ben instructs.

“Master, can I watch?” Suzy asks. “Sure, anybody can watch. I will not stop until I have fucked Alexis ten times in a row. I will then go to sleep and then do the same with Alileen” Ben tells everybody. He then takes Alexis up to her room that she shares with her twin and puts her on her back, spreads her legs and sucks on her twelve year old pussy. He gets her to climax and then pushes his rock hard cock deep inside her wet pussy. “Ahh, that is what I need my lover. Pound me Master. Put all your baby batter inside my womb, get me pregnant my love. I want your baby”

“I will do my best my sweet little girl. I love you” Ben tells his young lover. Martha and Suzy watches as he fucks her for 45 minutes before he pushes through her cervix and cums hard. He fucks her two more times before he takes his pills and a little blue pill. He fucks her doggie style after Cam has gotten him hard. “What are those pills, Martha?” Suzy asks. “He takes several vitamins and a supplement that increases sperm and the little blue pill gets him hard for a long time” Martha informs her. When he is done with his training of Alexis she looks like she is three months pregnant with all the sperm in her womb. It takes him little over twenty-four hours to train Alexis and they fall asleep together and rest for ten hours. “Alexis, I love you sweetheart. You are mine and I will love, honor and cherish you for the rest of our lives” Ben tells his lover after they wake up.

“Master, lover I love you too. I feel like I am pregnant. I hope I am, lets get cleaned up. You need to shower and I will shave you” Alexis says “After we eat, I am going to rub you down and get you ready for my sister Alileen”

“Yes my love” Ben tells her as he gets up and kisses her and squeezes her breasts. They go to the bathroom and take a shower together. Alexis all 5'1 of her washes her lover as he washes her. She pays a great deal of attention to BIG FELLA. “Master, it would be nice if you did not have any pubic hair. It tickles my nose and gets in my teeth. Can I shave your groin area?”.

“OK, be careful” Ben tells her. Alexis gets a fresh razor and shaving cream and lathers her Master crotch and nut sack. “Master you have huge testicles. Although yours are the only ones I have ever seen up close” She shaves him clean without a nick which is a relief to Ben. When they are done and dried off they go downstairs to eat and Alexis calls the rest of the slaves over to check out her work.

“Master let me shave his groin and balls come and check it out. It is really smooth” Alexis says to everyone. One by one they come by and rub his groin Victoria actually goes down on BIG FELLA and sucks him off. “Damn that is nice, no more hair in my mouth, I love it sis Master. We should keep it this way. Would that be alright with you Master?” Victoria asks.
“I would do anything for my lovers, you know that. You guys shave your pussies for me it is only right that I do the same” Ben tells everybody there.

“Master, you should get one of your slaves to do it for you. It would be our pleasure to do it for you. We will be very gentle with the goods I promise you that. We do not want to damage the merchandise” Martha tells her lover.

“Alileen are you ready for your training? Ladies if you excuse me and Alileen, Cam and Calla. We have some work to do” Ben tells the girls.

The four of them go up to Alileen's room and Ben puts his trainee on her back and he starts to suck on her slit and nibble on her clit. He licks her from stem to stern. He opens her lips and starts sucking on her hole and then sticks his tongue inside making her moan loudly. When she is wet and he is hard from Cam's sucking on BIG FELLA. He mounts Alileen and starts to push BIG FELLA inside of her. He hole stretches to accommodate his large cock. “OH GOD MASTER, I love you. I FUCKING LOVE having sex with you. BIG FELLA is stretching me out. FUCK ME” Alileen says.

Downstairs Martha and the other ladies are watching TV “I think Alileen is enjoying her training. Ladies have any of you missed your period yet?”. A couple answer yes and she tells them to go get a pregnancy test out of the master bathroom and take the test. “It will be a nice treat for Master if we all can get pregnant for him. Although I want to fuck him some more”.

Victoria and Candy come back and they both show Martha their positive tests. “That is terrific news, congratulations girls. Tomorrow we will go see Doctor Reynolds and get you checked out and make for sure. Lets hold off on telling Master until he is finished with Alileen. That should be sometime tomorrow night or the next day”.

“From the sounds that are coming from her room, Master is really pounding the crap out of Alileen”. Candy says as they all hear a loud scream and moaning coming from upstairs. After about two hours Ben finally pushes through Alileen cervix and pumps an extra large load inside of her womb.

“One down, nine to go lover. Cam can you get my pills for me please? Calla come get me hard again. When he is hard again he mounts Alileen again as she looks up at him “Pound my pussy Master, I love you. Get me pregnant. I want your baby growing inside me”. He starts pounding her when Cam comes back with his pills. He takes his vitamins and supplements, eight of them, and tells Cam he does not need the little blue pills yet. He pounds her for an hour and then cums again in her womb. He rolls off of her and Cam starts to suck him clean and get him hard again. “Damn Master, you just made me climax six times” Alileen tells Ben as she cuddles with him “Want me to ride one or go in the doggie position, Master?”

“Doggie for a couple of times my love” Ben tells her as she gets on her hands and knees. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her. He pumps her like a jackhammer for a good 45 minutes before he lifts her up and slams her down on the bed while still impaled on BIG FELLA. He then starts stroking her long and deep and cums in her womb. He is still hard and exits her cervix and then continues to pound her. “Master, you are amazing” Alileen says out of breath. “Keep going my love, this body is yours”. Ben fucks her for another hour before climaxing again in her womb.

“Cam, how many times was that?” Ben asks out of breath. “Master, you pounded her five times so far. You need some more pills?” Cam says as she starts to clean off BIG FELLA, she licks him from stem to stern. From his extra large 7” bulbous head down his 5 1/2” shaft. “Master you have a beautiful cock. It is magnificent”

“Thanks sweetheart, Calla can you get me an your sisters something to eat and drink and my pills for me love?” Ben asks trying to catch his breath. “Yes Master” Calla says as she kisses him and runs off to fix them something to eat and drink. She comes back with a try with Gatorade drinks and Ensure for Ben. She has his pills twelve supplements, vitamins and two little blue pills. Ben and Alileen eat and drink and Ben takes his pills. Both Cam and Calla suck on BIG FELLA and get him hard. Alileen tells her lover that she will ride a couple of times. She straddles BIG FELLA and inserts him into her vagina. She pushes down on him and moans in pleasure “OH MY GOD, DO I LOVE HOW BIG FELLA STRETCHES ME OUT!”. She grinds on BIG FELLA humping up and down on him. “GOD MASTER, I LOVE YOU!!!” she climaxes hard and falls on his chest.

“Alileen baby are you alright?” Ben asks her. She does not respond, he checks she is still breathing and her pussy is still pulsating on BIG FELLA. “What happened, Master? Is she still alive?” Cam asks “Yes she is still breathing, I think she just fainted from the orgasm she just had. Get her a cold towel for her head”. Ben tells her and she comes back with the cold towel. They rub her head and back. She regains consciousness and looks at Ben “That was amazing Master. My whole body was tingling. It felt like I was shot with an electrical charge. Did you cum yet lover?” “No, baby I have not yet. You think you can handle more sex?” Ben asks his young lover. “Master, you have fucked me six times. You are not getting off that easy” Alileen says as she starts to grind on a still erect BIG FELLA. “When you are ready to cum flip me over and cum in my womb again lover” Alileen asks her Master, Lover and Husband. She grinds on him for about thirty minutes and he turns her over and cums deep in her womb.

Cam, Calla, Alexis and of course Alileen are in bed with him. “Girls, I love you more than words can do justice. I am going to love you for the rest of our lives. You are so beautiful and sweet, I love you twins. So identical so different. I hope you do not regret being with me with you being so young”.

“Master, Ben I think I can speak for my sisters when I tell you this. I love you. We love you. You make us feel so special. I know I am only twelve and sisters are ten, but we know what love is and we feel it with you and the rest of the family. I cannot wait until we are all in the same house” Alexis says to Ben and her sisters agree.

Calla starts to suck on BIG FELLA as Ben starts to kiss Alileen and Cam “I need some virgin pussy while Alileen rides me again, will you let me eat you Cam?”
“Ben lover you can suck on my pussy whenever you like, I love it when you suck my pussy and stroke my hymen with your tongue” Cam tells him as she straddles his face and he starts to suck on her young pretty pussy. He sucks on her while Calla gets him hard and then Alileen starts to grind on BIG FELLA again. This goes on until he cums in Alileen's pussy having made Cam cum six times five of which woke the house up.

Suzy walks into the room a little jealous at first. She sees Alileen getting off of BIG FELLA who is rapidly deflating and goes over and starts sucking on him. She starts on the head and works her way down. Licking his cum and the juice from Alileen's twelve year old pussy. Ben looks down at Suzy sucking and licking on BIG FELLA. “Suzy sweetheart are you getting antsy. Your time is coming!”.

“Master, I saw your beautiful cock being neglected and did not want it to feel lonely” Suzy says as Laurie comes into the room “My loving husband do you need anything? Suzy, BIG FELLA is never lonely for long”.

“Laurie come here” She comes over to and gives him a kiss. “MMM you taste like virgin pussy, how my I help you my lover and husband?”

“I need my supplements and pills. I have three more times with Alileen before we can take a break” Ben tells her as she leaves Ben tells her he loves her and asks that she check-up on the other houses and with Becky. She leaves and gets his pills and brings them back with Gatorade and Ensure with some energy bars. She gives him his pills and Gatorade, he takes 12 supplements and two little blue pills with this vitamins. He eats an energy bar and washes it down with Ensure.

“I thought that was for old people, Ben?” Suzy says. “Honey it helps with my libido and also with the vitamins and nutrients. How about I suck your pussy while Alileen rides me? I want you to face her and make out with each other” Ben tells her. “That sounds like fun how about it, Alileen?”

“I could suck on those large breast of yours while I grind on BIG FELLA I guess. You know we all sleep with each other, the girls that is? You suck pussy Suzy?” Alileen asks her.

“I have not but would love to learn, I know what I like” Suzy says as she straddles her Masters face and Alileen starts to grind on an erect BIG FELLA. Alileen leans over and starts to lick and suck on Suzy's large 36D breast. It is almost too much for poor Suzy, Ben sucking on her clit and Alileen squeezing and sucking on her breasts. After about five minutes of this Suzy starts to cum. After the first one Ben continues his licking of Suzy's slit and begins to lick her anus as well. When he sticks his long tongue into her hole she starts to rock back and forth. Suzy's PC muscles start to squeeze down on Ben's tongue and suck it in deeper into her vagina. She starts to cum the second time and wets Ben's tongue and face.

Suzy screams “OH MY GOD MASTER…. I AM CUMMING…” Laurie walks into the bedroom and she sees Suzy sweating and panting as Ben continues to work on her pussy. Alileen is grinding on BIG FELLA, “Master, you want to continue to suck on Suzy's pussy until Alileen makes you cum?” Laurie asks him and he gives a thumbs up because he cannot speak with a mouthful of pussy. They continue this for two hours until Ben cums in Alileen and Suzy has climaxed for the twelfth time. She is very weak as she dismounts from Ben's face. She kisses her master and tells him that was the best pussy eating she ever had. She wobbles into the next room and passes out on the bed.

“Alileen you ready for the next one? Ben asks his lover “Can we take a shower first, Master? Get cleaned up a little before we go at it. We have two more times.” Alileen asks “Baby I would love to take a shower with you, maybe even a nice hot bath. Have we had sex in the bathtub yet?” Ben asks Alileen “No let's try it” The go to the master bathroom and draw a nice hot bath in the jacuzzi tub and make passionate love for the next thirty minutes until the water gets cold. Ben then picks her up and puts her on the floor on her hands and knees. Ben then guides BIG FELLA into her warm pussy that is getting accustomed to being stretched by BIG FELLA. He grinds on her for an hour before depositing his load in its intended place, her womb.

Ben lifts her up and carries her into her bedroom, Alexis Cam and Calla are there waiting on them. Ben puts her on her back and pulls her legs above her head. Cam sucks on BIG FELLA until he gets hard. He then starts to pound on her for the last time and her training will be complete. At least her pussy training. He fucks her for three hours finally cuming in her womb. He then lays next to her and the fall asleep together.

Ben has all four of his lovers sleeping with him as Martha comes into the room ten hours later and looks in on them. She sees her youngest two sets of twins sleeping on top of their lover. Ben looks up and smiles at Martha, “I love this, Martha. This makes everything worth it. To be covered with beautiful women while you are asleep. To wake up the next morning with the people that you love and that love you”.

Martha comes over and kisses him and asks quietly if he needs anything. Ben asks what time it is and he is informed that it is evening time. He says that his lovers probably need something to eat and that if she could fix something for them it would be appreciated. She gets him his vitamins and supplements and a Gatorade plus a Ensure to drink. The girls finally wake-up smelling dinner.

“Master, I think Mom has made her famous meatloaf. I think that is the smell” Alexis says as she wakes up and kisses Ben. “Can I worship BIG FELLA while the others still are sleeping?” Sure is Ben's replay as she starts to suck on his cock. One by one his other girls wake up and join their sister in sucking and stroking BIG FELLA. They all kiss and make out with Ben.

“I love you Ben, Master I really do. You make me feel so warm, full and loved. I hope we have many children together” Alileen says. Alexis takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Ben “I agree with my sister” Calla takes her place sucking on BIG FELLA as he starts to erupt.

“Ladies lets get washed up for dinner, we smell like sex!” Ben says to her little lovers.

“Master, GREAT SEX!” Alexis says “Master, you promised to start our anal training next” Cam tells Ben. “Yes, I know. Let me get a couple of hours to re-cooperate before we begin. I need to call my other houses and make sure everybody is alright and call the mansion and make sure Becky and the girls over there are alright” Ben replies.

“Becky will definitely call us when she goes into labor, none of us want to miss Ben Jr.'s birth Master”. Alileen says.

“I need to call Antonio and arrange for him to cater a celebration party for when Ben Jr. is born. I can't wait for all our kids to be playing with each other. I love you all with all my heart” Ben tells Alexis and the other girls as they get up and go take a shower.

After dinner Ben calls around and everybody is fine, Becky is another fourteen days away at least and she tells her husband to not to worry that they will contact him when she is in labor. He tells her his progress and that he has Cam and Calla's anal training and that he will start Suzy's pussy training after that. Becky tells him that she has the information that he requested about Suzy and Darryl's finances. He tells her to have the banker pay off the house and their bills. He also wants to purchase the transportation company that Darryl works for. She tells him it will probably take a couple of days. He tells her that he loves her and to take care of the house while he is away.

He comes back and tells his four lovers that they need to go to Cam and Calla's room to start their anal training. “Thank you, Master” Cam and Calla says in unison as they run upstairs to their bedroom.

“Cam get on your hands and knees, Alexis come get BIG FELLA hard for me please” Ben tells his young lovers as they smile and do what they are told. “Alileen, can you get the lube from the bathroom for me. I want to lube your sister up?” “Yes Master” is her response as she goes gets the lube. BIG FELLA is now erect from the blow job that Alexis was giving him and Ben puts the lube on little Cam's ass and pushes some inside her anus with a finger then two and finally three fingers. “Master, will you just fuck me and quit playing with my ass. Lover fuck me” Cam tells Ben as he does what she wants and starts pumping BIG FELLA into her ass slowly at first then faster and faster until she can't take anymore. Ben has 10” inches inside of her and she is moaning and screaming. “You OK, lover. I am not hurting you?” Ben asks he little ten year old slave. “Master, I am fine keep pumping my ass. My ass belongs to you. I love you and love having sex with you. Please give it to me. I want it”. He then starts pumping her hard again. He finally climaxes after thirty minutes of pumping. “Damn that was good Cam, I love fucking you girls in your asses” Ben tells his little lover. He falls down beside of Cam as BIG FELLA pops out of her ass. Alexis and Alileen go over and look at her ass. “Master, Cam's ass is really gaping wide from BIG FELLA. It looks amazing, almost like her anus is winking at us”

Ben gets an energy drink and comes back and it is Alileen's turn to get BIG FELLA hard “Calla, can you get my pills for me. Please” Ben asks and she does. She comes back and Ben takes his vitamins and 8 supplements. “This time when I start to feel like I am getting ready to cum I am going to pull out of Cam and push all they way into Alileen's womb and deposit my load there, next I will do Alexis. What do you two think?”

“Master, I want to get pregnant with your child, put as much cum in me as you can” Alexis says and Alileen agrees.

Ben then pounds away in Cam's willing ass. Her anus is gaping wide from the pounding she is getting from BIG FELLA. She moans and grunts while he strokes deep inside of her when he feels his balls tighten he pulls out and pushes deep inside of Alileen pussy, with five strokes he is inside of her cervix and begins to pump his load inside of her. Filling her belly up with sperm. Ben then takes a little blue pill and does Cam again. Cam is on her back with her legs above her head as Ben pushes deep inside of her ass. He strokes her and then starts popping in an out of her anal ring. This excites little Cam to a series of orgasms. “Master, keep doing that I love it” Cam says as she comes down from a long orgasm, out of breath, trying to regain her composure. Ben does that for a couple more minutes then pushes deep inside of an awaiting Alexis with her legs spread and her pussy spread open by her fingers “Give me your baby batter, My lover, I want your baby inside of my young womb. My body is yours”

Ben then pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy and forces his way through her cervix and starts pumping his load into her womb. Alexis looks down and sees her belly swell with the hot cum that is being pored into her womb. “Master, I love the feeling of your hot cum inside of me”

The four of them do this for the next 6 turns in Cam's anal training every so often Ben takes more supplements and vitamins. He takes his little blue pill once. “Cam, baby the last two I need you to ride BIG FELLA to completion while I suck on Calla's pussy. I need some virgin pussy to suck on. I am also a little thirsty for girl cum. Are you girls up to that” Ben asks them “Yes, Master” they respond Cam obviously more tired than her twin. The fuck the next to orgasms for Ben this way. When they are done Ben tells them to all head to the shower and clean up. He takes the sheets off the bed and asks Martha for clean ones. She tells him that she will put them on while they eat and get cleaned up “Master, how are my girls doing with their training?”

“Martha, my love, they are doing beautifully. I love every inch of my lovers. They are so sweet and giving” Ben tells her as he goes and gets in the shower with Alexis and Cam and they clean each other off and then dry off and go downstairs to get something to eat and drink before heading to bed to sleep it off.

“Master, I love you. Ben I really do. I know I have to wait until I am thirteen to have my cherry popped in my pussy. Will you let me get pregnant when you train my pussy please?” Cam begs as she snuggles with her Master and lover. “Cam, darling. I am going to make you wait three years and when I take your virginity it will be in a special place just for the two of us. I am going to make love to you for a week, just the two of us. I am going to take Calla to a different place and do the same with her. I am going to do the same with my little Peggy. And yes baby, I plan to get you pregnant when I do your training. Once you start having your periods you need to keep track on when they come so we can plan. I love you girls more than you can ever realize” Ben tells her as they drift back to sleep. Ben has Cam on one side and Calla on the other with Alileen and Alexis in between his legs. They slept like this for twelve hours, having fucked and sucked for eighteen hours straight.

Ben trained Calla the same way he did her twin. He came in Alexis and Alileen's wombs five times each. “Hopefully you two will get pregnant soon” Ben tells the two. “I don't know Master, I could always use some more BIG FELLA in my pussy. It is where it belongs you know” Alexis tells him. He smiles and kisses her passionately on her lips. They get up and go to the living room, Master calls back to the mansion and checks in with Becky. Everything is OK and going as planned. Ben tells Becky that Suzy's pussy training is going to start in a couple of hours. He asks her to setup an appointment with the architect in three days. He tells her that he wants them to start working on the plans for the school and also a high rise office building. He tells her that he plans on Doctor Reynolds, Nadia, and Shannon's offices there. He also plans on putting the massage parlor there also. She tells him that sounds interesting. He already has people looking for building sites around town he informs her. She tells him that she will set it up and she will call with the time and date. Ben tells her he loves her and take care while he trains Suzy.

He goes to Suzy's room and knocks on the door. “Are you ready for your training Suzy?” he asks her. She opens the door and kisses him “Yes, Master I am always ready for you and BIG FELLA”. They go to the bed and Ben gets between her legs and starts licking her pussy and squeezing her tits. When she is wet Ben inserts an erect BIG FELLA into her pussy stretching it out. He fucks her for the first time for two hours before pushing into her womb and depositing his cum.

Martha comes up with Darryl in tow. “Ben, Darryl asked if he could watch you train his wife?” “I don't have any problem with that, do you Suzy?” “No Master, as long as he does not interfere with my training” Suzy tells Ben looking right at her husband. She then takes BIG FELLA and starts sucking him back to life. “Martha can you get Master's pills?” Suzy asks “Darryl, Ben is going to get me pregnant with his baby. Hopefully with my training because I am fertile right now and I am getting his loads in my womb every time. If you can't handle me having Ben's child you can divorce me, because I am Ben's lover now. When we have sex you are going to have to wear a rubber when you fuck me. This pussy is just for Ben to do bareback from now on. Do you have any problem with any of this?”

Sadly he looks down and tells his wife “No, that is fine with me”. Darryl is now defeated, not by Ben's hand but by his own wife. Darryl watches Ben fuck Suzy four times that night and he leaves saying goodbye to Suzy. He tells he he is off on a two week run. After Darryl leaves the house Ben asks her “Why were you so cruel to Darryl? I like him, you were mean to him. You just made him your cuckold. He was willing to accept this”.

“Master, my body is yours. I will have sex with Darryl from time to time, but it is yours from now on. I am your lover, your property to do with as you choose. I want to finish my training, we have five more times to go. They fucked for the next twelve hours straight, Ben cuming four times and Suzy climaxing over forty times. She was exhausted, sweat was poring off of her. They had made love in every possible position except for cowgirl and that was what Ben told her to do the last time before her pussy training would be completed. He put on his cock ring and had Martha get him hard. He fucked her after taking two little blue pills and his other pills for over five hours until she finally passed out from him cuming in her womb for thirty minutes straight. Ben gets up out of bed and takes a shower then goes to sleep with Cam and Calla. They snuggle with him and tell him that it was exciting watching him fuck Suzy.

“Master, I really liked watching her big breast bounce when you were pounding the crap out of her. I heard her cry out several times” Calla tells her lover. “Master, we are all lucky to have you in our lives. You are a magnificent lover, you are kind and gentle when we need you to be and when we need to get pounded hard you instinctively know. I am glad you do not have a job so we can fuck all the time” Cam says.

“I am the one blessed with all you beautiful women to love and to be loved by. I need to check on Becky and make sure she is OK. Need to call Antonio and make sure he can cater our celebration of Ben Jr.” Ben says as he gets up. He goes checks on Suzy, kissing her as she is still sprawled out on the bed. “Are you alright Suzy? Are you alive?” Ben asks

“Master, I know you have heard this before but I am going to tell you again YOU ARE A FUCKING GOD!!!! My body is yours to do with as you choose. I love you so much more than my husband. You gave me so many orgasms in a row that I cannot count them all. I have never passed out from an orgasm before either”.

“Get some rest lover, you want to go another round in your pussy in a couple of hours?” Ben asks “Master, my body is yours to do with as you choose, but I would rather not I am a little sore” Suzy tells him. “That is OK lover. Are you serious about Darryl?”. “Master, I will not let another man touch your property without your approval” Suzy tells him “Suzy, that is not how I wanted this to go”.

“Master, you cannot give me the most intense sexual experience of my life and expect me to go back to regular sex. Sex with Darryl is great, but having you is fantastic. My body is yours” Suzy tells him.

“OK, what if I tell you I will never have sex with you again if you keep treating Darryl like this?” Ben tells her. “Master, I would live the rest of my life without sex. I would probably commit suicide without BIG FELLA inside of me. Master, I love you. I need you.”

“Take it easy on Darryl, I think you really hurt him.” Ben tells her “I will Master”.

Ben goes downstairs and starts talking on the phone with Becky. He has an appointment that day with the architect, he says he will call Ken and invite him to the meeting. Everything is taken care of with regards to Darryl and Suzy's house and finances. Darryl's employers want to talk to him. He said he will go see them after the meeting with the architect. Ben asks about Ben Jr. and she tells him she is due any minute. Ben tells Becky to call him when she goes to the hospital. He goes takes a shower and Suzy comes into the bathroom and gets in with him and washes him and sucks BIG FELLA to another orgasm. Ben gets dressed and tells his women that he will be back after his appointments. Cam, Calla, Alexis, Alileen and Suzy kiss him and tell him that they love him and hurry back. As he leaves he hears Cam and Calla tell Suzy that they are going to teach her how to suck pussy, he turns around and smiles and kisses his other girls goodbye. He tells them all that he loves them all deeply.

Ben meets up with Ken at the architecture office they go in and meet with Ben's architect that designed the house.

Ben “How are the plans coming for the school that I asked for?”

Architect “I have a set for you and your man to look over”

Ben “Great, I also am in the market to build an office building. I am looking at something about ten stories tall. I have several doctors that are going to move in once it is completed. A massage parlor on the ground floor also. Need a suite for K&B Management”

Architect “What kind of doctors are looking to move in, Mr. Barnes?”

Ben “A family doctor, an OBGYN, a psychologist, pediatrician, and apparently a dermatologist my OBGYN knows. I also need a suite for a State Farm agent and a real estate agent. I want ground parking and a private underground parking for the tenants and select clients”

Architect “Sure we can design that for you. I am going to need to speak to each doctor to check on their floor plans but I can get the building designed without the specifics of each floor just yet”

Ben “The top floor will be for Dr. Reynolds. The ninth floor will be for the OBGYN and Dermatologist offices that I know for sure. I also want a private elevator and a private entrance to each doctor's office. The eighth floor I want for a the pediatrician's offices. The seventh floor I want for a emergency care facility. I want a restaurant on the first floor. The second floor will be for the insurance agency and real estate agency plus other offices. I might see if I can get an distant learning university to move in to the third floor. That would leave floors four, five and six without tenants. I will see what I can do about that in the coming months. Ken do you have anything to add to this?

Ken “Not at the moment, looking at the school I have some questions for the Architect”.

Architect “Go ahead”

Ken “How many students were planned for this building? No kitchen lunchroom area? Need to break down the ages of the children. No administrative offices are apparent. I see the library but it needs to be bigger. I would like to see a multimedia room.”

Architect “OK, it was designed for 100 students, I will put in a kitchen and lunchroom. Will put a note in for which room for which age level. Need to put administrative offices, library could be bigger and have the multimedia room next to it”.

Ben “It can be two floors if need be. This is going to be for my children and select others. So make it as nice as can be. I would like the teachers to have their own offices and a nurses station needs to be there also. I have seven teachers already signed up”. Ken chuckles at that. “I also want a perimeter setup around my property, I want a twelve foot barbed wire fence that is electrified around the whole property. Inside that fence I want a set of to fences ten feet apart that will have dogs patrolling. I want a gate off the road so it cannot be seen that is in brick with iron work display on top. I want a guard station with a direct line to the mansion. This guard station should be able to handle 20 guards with showers and sleeping quarters and a kitchen an entertainment area when they are off duty”.

Architect “I can work on that. I need to get a survey team out there to get exact measurements”

Ben “Coordinate with Ken here, he is the foreman on all my projects and partner in K&B construction”.

Architect “I will call you Ken when I have the modifications and for the scheduling of the survey team. How many acres do you want enclosed by the security fences Mr. Barnes?”

Ben looking at Ken “All thousand acres, but it cannot be visible to anybody on the street. I want it set off the road. I want the first part of the driveway to be gravel so nobody suspects anything is back there”.

Architect “OK will get right on it Mr. Barnes, let me get Ken's cell phone number and I will coordinate everything with him”

Ben pulls out a few cards with K&B Construction on top with Ken's name on them with his cell phone number and the title “President” and hands one to the Architect.

Ben and Ken leave and go back to the cars and Ben hands Ken the box of cards. Ken “You are full of surprises my friend”.

Ben “I thought this looked more professional, can I ask a personal question Ken?”

Ken “Ben, you can asks me anything”

Ben “When are you going to get Carol pregnant and have kids, I know she loves you and wants kids.”

Ken “As a matter of fact she is pregnant right now, she was going to surprise you when Ben Jr. is born”.

Ben “I hope you will send your children to my school. Would you even consider moving to your own place on my property? You are like a brother to me, Ken, I hope you realize that”.

Ken “I know, I know Carol told me that you always treated me like a brother. She said that you asked her if she liked me before you ever approached the subject with me. Her being your slave first”.

Ben “She liked you from the first time I brought you around. I am happy for her and you too”

Ken “You want security around your compound?”

Ben “Yes, I need to talk to Jamal and bring him on board. I have a couple of mercenary friends that have helped me out in the past and are loyal to me. I want them to train a security staff of about thirty. I need Jamal to start doing interviews and get perspective employees fingerprinted and security checks done on them. I want single men, prior military experience with self-control. My mercenaries are going to train them”.

Ken “Are you that worried about security down here in our little town?”

Ben “Not that much, but you can never be too secure. I will not let anything happen to my women. I want that to be known that anybody does anything to my women they will wish for death before it actually comes to them. You never saw the video of Renee's rescue or that of her captors being punished have you?”.

Ken “No”

Ben “We can go to the mansion and what it after we go eat at Antonio's restaurant, I am hungry how about you?”. “Famished” Ken replies.

The go to Antonio's and eat lunch. Ben asks Antonio if he would be willing to cater a dinner for Becky and Ben Jr. when he is born and brought home to the mansion?”

Antonio “I will close the restaurant and prepare the best meal you have ever eaten. How many guest will be there?”

Ben “Plan on at least 100”.

Antonio “I will work on the menu today, Ben. How is Elfie doing?”.

Ben “She is doing great, haven't seen her in a week. Been training new girls for a while. Call her and check on her whenever you want Antonio”.
Antonio “Ben, you know she wants to get pregnant with your child?”

Ben “Yes, I have all these women that want to bring forth children. Are you ready to become a grandfather?”.

Antonio grabs his chest “Oh my, I had not thought of that. Yes she will make a great mom and you will be a great father and already are a great son-in-law”

Ben “Thanks for lunch”. He lays down two hundred on the table for Antonio and his staff. Antonio comes running out the door after him “Ben, take your money. Your money is no good here. I keep tell you that”.

Ben “Antonio, you can't keep giving your food and services away. Not good business”.

Antonio “Only to my son-in-law and his women”.

Ben and Ken leave without the two hundred dollars and go to the mansion they enter and strip as Reanna and Rachel come up to them and kiss their master and Ken. “Reanna, take care of Ken while we are in the den for me”.

“Yes, Master” Reanna says as they go to the den. Ben puts in the DVD of Renee's rescue and then the personal treatment that her captor is getting in Mexico. All along Ken is getting his balls drained by Reanna.

“God Damn, this girl can suck some cock Ben” Ken says.

“How many times have you cum so far?” Ben asks “Five”

“Five more and then leave him alone, Reanna” Ben orders and she acknowledges with a thumbs up.

“You see what I mean about how I treat my enemies Ken?” Ben says after they watched the final DVD.

“Extreme prejudice” Ken says. “The girls will be made to work in a brothel when I am done with them next year. He of course is going to be tortured to death. My security team will know what I mean when I tell them to be loyal and to keep their hands to themselves around my women”

Ken “That much is for certain”

Ben goes and calls Jamal on the phone “Jamal, this is Ben Barnes how are you doing?”

Jamal “I am doing great, planning another trip and need security?”
Ben “Security yes, another trip not yet. I need to talk to you about heading up my security detail. Can you come over to the house and talk about it?”

Jamal “Sure thing, let me quit this place and I will be at your beck and call, Sir. Will be there in a half hour”.

Ben to Ken who is getting relieved for the last time, “Damn, Jamal quit his job without even asking what I am going to pay him or what the job is”.

Ken “I believe he realizes you are going to take care of him. You are getting a reputation”.

Ben “OK, I get that”

When Jamal arrives they meet in the den, Jamal does not even acknowledge the naked women.

Ken “Do you not see all these naked women, Jamal?”

Jamal “Sir, My job is to protect Mr. Barnes not to be looking at women. Mr. Barnes how may I be of assistance to you and your family”.

Ben “Ken, that is exactly what I am looking for in my security staff. Jamal, I plan to hire and train about 30-40 security guards. I probably should hire just as many personal guards for my girls, lets see if we can find 40 women guards for my ladies also. They all need to be professional, will be required to carry a side arm. Military training is preferred, they will all get trained including yourself with firearms and hand to hand combat from some friends of mine. I will run an advertise that we are looking for security. You will get them to send their resume and also bring them to town to do an interview and submit to a background check. You will take them to the police station and get their fingerprinted and have them sign all the forms necessary to complete the background check and financial records. The security guard job will start at 75k a year with room and board. Only single men and women. Your salary is going to be 125k a year starting today. By the way how is Sheila doing?”

Jamal “She is doing great, I love her to death. She is so nice and beautiful. She is trying to get pregnant. Every time I walk into the door she jumps my bones. I am not complaining she is a terrific lover”.

Ben “You two planning on getting married?”

Jamal “We already did, she did not tell you?”

Ben “No, that sneaky little minx. When did this happen?”

Jamal “Last week”

Ben gets on the phone and call Sheila “Sheila, this is Ben do you have something you need to tell me?”.

Sheila “No, what?”

Ben “Has your marital status changed”

Sheila “Oh shit, I forgot to tell you. We just got married. I am sorry Ben, I know you like Jamal”.

Ben putting her on speaker “Sheila, Jamal is here with me. I just made him head of my security force. I think he is going to go on vacation the first week he is employed. You two need to go on a honeymoon. Where did you dream of going Sheila?”

Sheila “Tahiti, Ben”

Ben “Ok, get your bags packed. I will send the details home with Jamal when we are done here. And congratulations”.

Sheila “Thanks Ben”

Ben calls his travel agent and books two first class ticket for Tahiti and a luxury honeymoon suite in Tahiti for two weeks. He tells her that the reservations are under Jamal and Sheila's name. “Jamal, I think you are going to take two weeks honeymoon, enjoy it”

Jamal “Thank you Mr. Barnes you are too generous!”.

Ben “Sheila has been in my employ for several years and am happy for the both of you. She is a beautiful woman”.

Jamal “Yes I know, She told me that the two of you have had sex before”.

Ben “That is in the past, she is your wife and would never touch her. I have way too many women as it is. I seem to be acquiring more and more from the request from the women I already have. I do not need anymore. Getting back to business I am going to setup an email account and post a job listing on the web and have the resume's sent to that email address. When you get back you are going to busy I believe going through the applicants resume. I will rent you a space to do the interviews and have them do the investigation paperwork. They will need to get their fingerprints taken down at the police station. I guess I will have Paula or Sally looking into setting up and account with Police Department. I will get the specifics to you when you get back enjoy yourselves in Tahiti. Take some pictures for me and tell me how the accommodations are”.

Jamal “Yes Sir, Mr. Barnes”.

With that he leaves and goes home to Sheila to pack and get ready. Ken comes over and asks Ben “You are paying him 125k to be the head of your security force?”.

“Yes, he had his interview some time ago and I put him through a couple of trials before coming to this decision. I will have to get in touch with my investigator and tell him to expect some more work and to hire as many people as he needs to do the investigating” Ben tells Ken as Becky comes into the room.

“Becky, nine months pregnant and you are a vision of beauty” Ken tells her. “Ever a smooth talker aren't you Ken?” Becky replies giving him a kiss on the cheek and the walking over to her man giving him a kiss on the lips. “I love you baby, how was the training and the architect meeting?” she asks him.

“I love you too my little angel darling” Ben says rubbing her belly “Training went well, nobody is complete yet. Cam, Calla, Alexis and Alileen are happy. Alexis and Alileen are hoping they are pregnant” Shaking his head “Suzy is a piece of work, she cuckolded her husband while he watch me fuck her brains in. Which is not what I wanted. She wants to get pregnant also.”

“Baby, lets go take a long soak in the hot tub and you can tell me the rest. Are you finished with Ken? Has Reanna drained his balls yet?” Becky asks Ben. “Yes I think our business is finished here, Ken do you want to take a swim before you leave, get cleaned up or anything”.

“No Ben, I am good. You probably need to rest up before going back to Martha's. Take care of the old man Becky” Ken tells them. “I will Ken, thanks” is her reply. He gets up and leaves the two of them. They go and get in the hot tub. Becky only stays for a couple of minutes before getting out and rubbing Ben's shoulders. They discuss the days business with the architect and the new school and office building. He tells Becky that he got a call from Nadia about a friend of hers that she wants him to meet.

Ben gets out of the hot tub and goes to the lounge chairs with Becky. They talk about the school they are going to build. Ben tells her about Jamal and Sheila getting married and him sending them to Tahiti for their honeymoon. About Jamal coming to work as security chief for them and him hiring and training 30-40 male guards to patrol the grounds and 40 female personal guards for the girls protection. He tells her that he is planning on having them trained in martial arts and carry firearms. He wants them to accompany them on their trips in the future and to protect the grounds. He tells her about telling the architect to design a fenced in parameter around the whole property. Ben continues to talk about the days events when Becky's water breaks.

“Ben, honey my water just broke I think. We need to get to the hospital”. Becky says .

“Tiffani, can you call the other houses and the girls down in Tuscaloosa for me. I am going to take Becky to the emergency room and call the doctor on the way” Ben asks.

“Yes, Master I will be right behind you two” Tiffani says as she starts to call the girls in the house and then the other houses as she gets dressed. Ben and Becky arrive at the hospital and get admitted to the maternity ward. She starts labor, and she gives birth about twelve hours later. All of Ben's lovers are there to greet Ben Jr. Tiffani called Antonio and told him to prepare something the celebration feast in three days when the baby comes home. Ben Jr. weighted in at just over ten pounds. Becky looks down at her baby and tells Ben that he must be his boy “Ben, look at your son's cock it is huge for a new born baby”. Ben with tears in his eyes “Baby you did good, I love you so much. Our baby is so beautiful”. He kisses her and his son. He goes out to the waiting room and it is crowded with all his girls, everyone of his slaves are there. “Becky and Ben Jr. is fine. He weighed in at ten pounds and he is beautiful. Go ahead and say hello and welcome Ben Jr. to the family”. One by one the girls go back and welcome Ben Jr. and congratulate Becky. The doctor comes out and sees Ben with Tiffani, Janie, Janet, Alice and Jennifer. All obviously pregnant

“Mr. Barnes can you please get these women out of here when they are done congratulating your wife and baby. We are not use to this big of a crowd”. “OK ladies the doctor has a point we need to get this train moving”. Ben goes back to see Becky and the doctor walks next to him and asks him “Are all these women with you Mr. Barnes?”. “Is the patient doctor privilege communication we are talking here Doctor?”

“Yes, of course. I am your wife's doctor and yours as well”. He tells Ben “Yes all these women are with me. I am obviously in need of your services in the future” Ben tells him “All those women are carrying your children” the doctor asks “Yes, I have a few women that are due this summer. I have a big loving family. We all take care of each other as you can see. This is my first son, I need to call my daughter and tell her the good news will you excuse me”. He nods and Ben walks into Becky's room and calls Niki and tells her the good news that she has a little brother. She is excited for both of them, she tells Becky that she loves her and can't wait to see her brother and to send her pictures.

Two days later they go home and have a large celebration for Ben Jr. It lasts all night.

Chapter 12 coming soon…. Training continues, Nadia's friend

My Wife Druged

This is a true story about my wife

I was at the Gold Coast 600 having a great time with some guys I met who were from interstate, we were having some great discussions and of course the conversation turned to sex,

Dwayne was telling us that they were all hoping to hook up with some pussy and really make the most of there weekend here, he said he had some Date Rape Drug and was going to get a chick and fuck the hell out of her. I was a bit concerned with this and asked how does it work, he said you crush the tablet and just drop it in there drink and about 15min later they are out cold, and pretty much you do what you want to them and they can’t remember a thing.

I thought about what he had said and then I told Dwayne that I was not happy with him and his mates just picking up an innocent chick and fucking the hell out of her, so I said to them all that if they wanted to have sex so bad I would be willing to let them fuck my wife if they wanted, but only with her under the influence of the drug, she would not agree to fucking strangers if she was not under the influence of something.

Now my wife Diane is 54yo , has a nice body, long blonde hair, nice facial features, great set of tits, and a hot tight pussy. Dwayne loved the idea and all the guys agreed, so Dwayne gave me the drug and I said I would call them and give them the address.

I was home for about an hour and asked Diane if she would like a drink, I gave her a Gin and tonic which is her favourite and crushed the tablet and mixed it in the drink, Diane drank all of it straight down, about 15 to 20mins later she was out cold in the lounge chair, so I shook her pretty hard to see if she would wake and she just slumped in the chair, I quickly got on the phone to Dwayne and gave him the address. (The boys were on their way)

I decided to pull the futon lounge out, I then grabbed Diane and started to take her clothes of and laid her on the mattress, WOW there was my Wife naked with her legs slightly open and her pussy glistening a little ready to have 4 strangers fuck the hell out of her, The erection I had was unbelievable and my heart was pounding with such force I thought it would come out of my chest.

Knock on the door, I opened up and there was Dwayne and his mates with 2 extra guys standing there, Dwayne said hey we got 2 extra guys is that OK, I said yes that’s fine they all came in, when they saw Diane on the Futon naked the boys all let out a cheer, I then told the guys that they can do anything they want to her but No pain, biting, slapping and do not leave any marks on her, they all agreed.

The guys all started to take of their clothes and there I was looking at 6 guys all standing naked with their hard erection cocks in their hands looking at my naked wife, I can not describe the sensation I was feeling but it was incredible.

Dwayne dove straight in and berried his head in Diane’s pussy, you could hear him slurping and moaning while he was sticking his tongue as far in Diane’s pussy as he could get it in. When I looked up Tom was at Diane’s face shoving his cock in her mouth with a big smile on his face, Steve and Chris were playing with her tits while holding her hands on their cocks and giving them selves a wank with her hands, I looked over to the new guys I had just met and they had the biggest grin on their faces wandering what to do but all so enjoying the show, I looked at Pete’s cock and it was massive I asked him how big he was, he said just under 10” but it was thick about as thick as the bottom of a 600ml Coke bottle, I was a bit scared that Diane would not be able to accommodate that cock.

Dwayne was finished with his liking my wife’s pussy and asked if they could turn my wife over and put something under her stomach so they could access her pussy doggy position, I helped them lift her up and we supported her with some cushions, so there was my wife bent over with 6 hungry guys with their cocks rock hard waiting to fuck her,

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I am hoping to use the tablets soon again but first I have to see what she remembers when she wakes up from this little gangbang.


druged wife stories

Bena Adventures 5: The pervert Asian champion of multiple orgasms and great bondage master! (Part 1 of 2)

Bena was really excited for the weekend with the winner of the orgasm challenge in the cinema. She had that feeling, that this experienced guy could bring her to dozens of orgasms in no time.
I exchanged different mails with the Asian guy named Cheng to specify the details for the weekend, where Bena had to serve him willingly. He seemed some kind of successful business man with a huge house and a special cellar room. He wanted her to be clean shaven down her sluttish body and her pussy pumped up. He told me to get all sex toys from us to his place. So he received a big package of dildos of various sizes and shapes, whips, clamps, that huge traffic cone like plug, ropes, needles, chains, pussy pump, the enema bag, 50 g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1 kg weights and some other stuff. Bena had to be delivered totally naked to his house in a suburban area. I was a bit nervous, because I wouldn’t have any control over her. He only made me an offer, that I’ll join him via webcam. He was transmitting everything to his paying friends in China. What he would earn and what he would do to her was totally up to him. I only gave him the rules not to damage her permanently of course.

So I delivered her on a Saturday morning at 9.30 am at his house. Bena wore a dog leash around her slim neck and I lead her out of our car. She was freezing and her hot perky nipples were stiff. I had put a 250 g weight on both her massive 3 inch pussy rings. That made her sluttish freshly pussy pumped pussy lips at least 3.5 inches longer. She had to walk in front of me to his house. He was already expecting us on the door. I handed her over and gave him the package of tools. I kissed her on her lips and her wonderful brown long shiny hair and said I would fetch her tomorrow evening at 6.00 pm. Cheng grabbed her firm sluttish a cup tits and massaged them hard. He slapped her ass cheeks and said: “well, thanks”. I left the scenery. I could clearly see fear and lust at the same time in her whore eyes. Last time she was left alone was when she worked as a prostitute. The result was that massive vulgar pussy rings through her fat sluttish cunt lips down there. What would come next she thought.

As I arrived at home I switched on my webcam and connected to his show. I could see my sluttish slave standing on a wall in a wonderful tight Japanese kind of rope bondage. Her arms were fixed behind her back. Her ridiculous small flat A cup tits were bound crisscross and stood out a bit. Her nipples were stiff and had clamps on it, connected with a chain. Her legs were fixed in a right angle with a bar around her ankles. Her beautiful long brown hair ended slightly above her puffy nipples. Her mouth was plugged with a dildo gag (in- and outside) around her head. Her head was lifted upwards a bit. It was a great piece of art. I had a hard one immediately. Bena suffered a bit and some spit was running down her slutmouth. In her eyes was pure lust and joy. He had some kind of vibrator on her shaven cunt and seemed to enjoy it. While he was doing her clit he fucked her with three fingers in her whore piss hole and licked her butthole. Bena loved that kind of torture and rolled her eyes. After three minutes she orgasmed the first time.

Cheng felt, that my slut could easily take more than three fingers and tried to push in his whole hand. Bena shrieked a bit because she wasn’t expecting that so quickly. But he managed it to push his hand directly in and fucked her more roughly. That slut of mine moved up and down on his fist and seemed to enjoy it again. Cheng added an 8 inch long and 2 inch wide dildo up her ass cunt. More and more spit run down her chin over her breasts and down her tummy. She was wild now and rolled her eyes again. Shortly before she would have been coming he stopped and shoved out his hand with a slimy plop sound. She went even wilder and was angry not to have orgasmed a second time. Cheng stood in front of her and slapped her face. He ordered her to control her feelings otherwise he would punish her heavily. He pinched hard into her sluttish flat tit meat and slapped that useless tits hard. So hard that the clamps fell off her nipples. As the blood run into them again she moaned in agony. Her legs shivered. Instead of replacing them he took a candle and waxed her nipples and tits. That cumslut loved it and enjoyed the sweet pain. I was a bit relaxed as I could join the first hour and found him doing traditional bdsm stuff. So I went out of the webcast for three or four hours and went shopping.

As I got connected to her at around 3 p.m. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My slut was totally bald. Her beautiful hair was cut off and shaved away. Bena had tears in her eyes and looked like she would have had some horror hours. Her eye shadow was smearing her beautiful face with black stains. That guy totally degraded her and took her beautiful long brown shiny hair. She looked like a worthless slutslave now, taken away of her beauty. I always had that fantasy but didn’t do it, cause I liked her hair. But that was it for the moment. Her legs were weak and she shivered and couldn’t stand there for any longer.

So he decided to bind her to the ceiling. He laid her down to the ground and loosened the bondage. He bound her hands behind her back and connected them to her ankles. That made her breasts come up a bit. He made a tight rope around that little slutballs. Her eyes rolled heavily. She moaned loud and tried to say that this is too tight. But he didn’t care. It really looked a bit unhealthy. But he seemed to be a real bondage master. Then he took a last rope and made a leash around her neck. Then he spit on her bald head and said, that she will hang now for a very long and hard time. Bena enjoyed that tease and tried to say yeah. He lifted her up into the air. She looked amazing with her bald slutslave head and those little mosquito bitish tits. 3 shining balls. A big one and two ridiculous small ones. She was lifted to his dick height. He took out the dildo plug from her mouth and shoved her his dick deep in her throat. She licked it and sucked on it like the real cock hungry whore she is. That looked so nasty. That bald headed slut sucking with her fat lips on his asian dick. She enjoyed that so much and begged him to come on her bald head. He said: “you wish”.

Next thing I saw was a second guy playing on her nipples and sucking them hard. He took one thick needle and pushed it right through her left nipple. She screamed while blowing Chengs cock. That other guy, named Lee, took a second needle and pushed it through her right nipple. Everybody could see her agony. Her nipple were pierced with this 3 inch long and really thick 1/8 inch needles. Cheng was still fucking her slut mouth cunt. Lee took a 250 grams weight and connected it with a little leash on that right nipple needle and let it hang. Bena screamed like hell and felt her nipple stretch two inches on her little tit ball. Lee repeated that procedure on her left nipple. So she hang there and sucked that asian cock. Her pussy overlowed with her juices.

Lee went behind her and shoved a glove over his right hand. He didn’t need any lube to push that whole hand with one hard thrust deep in her bowels. Bena had a hard time. She wasn’t ready for this. She wasn’t ready for that speed and that intense torture of her ass. She tried to scream loud but Cheng pushed his dick hard into her mouth and stopped her scream. So she had two of her three holes filled already. That weights were bouncing fore and back, fore and back. What an incredible picture. Bena was now a real slaveslut, visible for everybody, due to her bald head. She couldn’t hide it anymore, when she didn’t want to show it. Her head was bald and showed that she is a dirty slut without any rights. I asked myself how that whole date would end up.

It was 9.00 pm on the first day. That guys treated her like a worthless piece of shit. Her ass made sloppy noises. Her mouth was full of gag. It drooled down her chin. Her overflowing wet shaven pussy was now the target for Lees second hand. Without lube he pushed it deep into her womb. He fisted her now with two hands, one in her piss hole, one in her shithole. Bena seemed to be in heaven. Totally under control of that two nurdy asian guys. Not able to move or regret the torture she is receiving. So incredible horny she came twice within seconds.

After that they released her of her bondage and lead her to the kitchen where she had to cook for the guys. They made a break and after one hour they had eaten. Bena did not. They had bound her to a chair. I could hear a machine running. Sounded like a mixer. They presented a huge bucket of puree. Bena couldn’t move. The next scene shocked me a second time for that day. They took something that looked like a 30 inch long tube and stuffed it like a sword into her throat. Her head pointed straight upwards and her mouth was forced open wide through that tube in her throat. They took the bucket and filled that puree into that tube directly connected to her stomach. That was odd I thought. I could only wonder how my slut slave managed to get all that stuff in her. It looked like four huge portions of puree. It was a situation like getting a goose feed. After that bucket was empty her belly looked like 3 month pregnant. They took out the tube and closed her mouth. Bena had to work hard not to vomit. Her eyes were in tears and she looked so dirty, eye shadow smeared and exhausted with her fat tummy, her little bluish slut tit balls and degraded head. She wretched several times but didn’t released anything. Lee came to her and pressed her belly hard. She felt true pain. He boxed her into her stomach what made her throw up a load of puree and steeled her air. She tried to protect her but couldn’t move and breathe. Lee boxed her again. Another load of puree came out and run down between her tiny tit balls. They slapped her face hard and said, that if she would throw up again she would get pierced for life. Bena could only nod. Lee already started to box her again in her tummy and a huge load of puree splashed two yards wide over the table. “ok slut, that’s it. You ll be getting pierced tonight.” They stopped for the moment and let her crawl behind them to the tv room. Then they relaxed all together and watched some porn movies. They said to my slut that she needs to relax a bit, because tomorrow becomes perhaps the hardest day in her life. Bena laid under their feet and tried to relax. She was still shocked but also fascinated of her bald head experience. Lee released her tits from that tight rope. That beautiful firm little perky tits looked ruined and hang down a bit like a dick. The needles stayed inside her tormented nipples until they went to bed. Bena had to take a shower. That webcam became a bit shady. When she came out of the bathroom they led her to the cellar room and showed all viewers, how they exchanged those long fat needles with two massive golden 2 inch wide and 1/8 inch thick rings. They fittet perfectly to her pussy rings. Bena was transformed to a perfect sluttish looking slave now. Nothing of her former beauty was visible anymore for the moment it seemed. Her perky little udders where misfigured a bit and pierced with gigantic nipple rings. Her head bald, her whore piss hole with those huge rings and the weights since that morning, her face empty. She was now a descent dirty slutslave. A worthless bitch that fucks everything. She liked that feeling somehow and slept immediately and had pervert dreams of what would follow the next day with her two new masters.

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confession of a submissive husband

My wife is hot. She always has been. I remember the first moment I saw her in high school, she stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away. There weren't that many girls at my school since there was an all girls school up the road and she was definitely the hottest. She wouldn't date me in school even though we occasionally fooled around. She knew how much I wanted her and would constantly flirt with me at the same time telling me in detail about who ever she was currently fucking.

Fast forward to our late twenties. We hadn't seen each other for a few years but when we got together it seemed very natural. Our sex life was great. We got married. A few years later she confessed she had slept with a family friend. I lost it at first but after I calmed down I decided to stay with her. It was just a mistake and wouldn't happen again.

A few weeks later when life was back to normal we were lying in bed with her stroking my cock, bringing me right to the edge of orgasm then stopping, then building back up and stopping again. It was driving me crazy. It was at this point, right on the edge of cumming that she started telling me how big David's cock was, how hard it was. Her lubricated hand running up and down my shaft slowly as she described her legs wide apart and his thick cock entering her for the first time. He fucked her hard first on top then from behind. This is how he came in her, filling her tight pussy with semen. My cock was straining, pre-cum oozing out. If I objected she would stop telling me the story and stop touching me. I had to listen. Bringing me close to cumming again she said I had better thank her for fucking David or I would just have to stay hard. I was so desperate the words just came out of my mouth. “thank you for fucking David” I couldn't believe I had said it. It made her laugh.

“That's only half the story” she said. On the way home she told me she could feel his cum running down her leg. Her panties were soaked through. He must have had a massive load. The dirtiness made her feel really horny. When she got home she immediately dragged me to the bedroom and made me lick her out. I didn't know at the time but I was licking a filthy mixture of David's cum and her pussy juice. Squeezing my shaft hard she made me thank her again and admit that I had licked David's cum from her. A huge wave of humiliation swept over me right as she made me cum. She got straight up and walked off leaving me covered in semen and wondering what had just happened.

That's pretty much how it started. From that point on she became dominant. She would deny me orgasms and make me confess loving licking up cum. I had to make her cum at least 4 times before I had earned an orgasm.

She met Brad on the train, they swapped numbers. He called and they agreed to meet in a hotel. Now he texts when he feels like it and she fucks him. I have to leave the house so he can come by and fuck her in my bed. When he has left I’m allowed to come home and put my mouth where his cock has been. I’m so submissive now that I have to call her beautiful pussy “Brads hole”. I’m only allowed to fuck her ass – the “dirty hole”.

When it’s not convenient at home they go to a motel. I have to pick Brad up and drive them there. I wait outside in the car usually. They always take their time. Once they made me watch in the room. He really fucked her hard and came a few times.

Last Saturday night Emma denied my orgasm again. I had to go to sleep with my hardon pressed against her ass. She really likes that. When we woke up of course I was as horny as hell. We fucked for a bit and when I was fully ready to blow she pushed me away and told me how she had sucked the cock of the guy that works in the cafe at work. That she had arranged to fuck him next Saturday after her shift at the hospital finished. I was going to have to wait till he had fucked her till I could cum. All week she has been telling me how thick his Lebanese cock is and how much he wants to fuck her. He doesn’t know I know so she made me come into work during the week and buy a coffee from him. He was very straight faced when he served us. As commanded by Emma I had to thank him enthusiastically. He thought it was for the coffee but Emma was really making me thank him for fucking my wife.

So now it is Saturday and Emma is at work. My cock is aching from a week of denial. I’ve had to fuck her and masturbate for her all week. She has cum in my mouth night and day all week. I’m waiting till it is time to go and pick her up from work. I know that she is going to fuck Gus in her office. I had to shave her pussy this morning and pick out some hot panties that Gus would like. Her pussy will be full of thick wads of his cum. She will make me lick it out in the car park while it is still hot.

I’m going to post this confession online so when she gets home and see’s it she might let me cum. I hope I have been good enough to deserve a full orgasm. Sometimes she likes to ruin my orgasm. She thinks it is funny.

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Mr. Hyde’s Night Out.

"Instantly the spirit of hell awoke in me and raged. I saw my life to be forfeit; and fled from the scene of these excesses, at once glorying and trembling, my lust of evil gratified and stimulated, my love of life screwed to the topmost peg."

-Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"


It was Halloween weekend and my girlfriend was out of town, so I figured there was no better time to become a completely different person.

Think about it: Wouldn't you love the power to live without accountability, if only for one night? To do and say anything and know that you'd be Scott free in the morning? To have no regrets, no inhibitions, no conscience? Most of us would. Some of us would even kill for it.

It started with an offhand remark from a literature professor: He mentioned that Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was based on an actual, though debunked, vein of study. Once upon a time, medieval alchemists believed that you could extrapolate a human being's personality the same way you could a physical substance, and even separate its elements. They believed they could study the soul, draw it out and sample it, and that they could do it in the only vessel that such a thing did or could exist in: the very body of the person themselves.

The idea struck a chord with me. My degree program was psychology, but I wanted to read those old fraud's works. Not because I ever suspected they were right but because I thought that the ancient world might have some singular insight into the concept of the id. My teacher humored me, directing me toward obscure branches of Jabir ibn Hayyan and Muhammad ibn Zakariya Razi. I was fascinated by what I read. Imagine: the belief that artificial powers could induce disassociation so extreme that it caused an actual physical transformation. Complete nonsense of course…but what an idea! Once I'd really thought about it, I couldn't stop. "Sam can never let anything drop," that's what Erica says about me, and I guess she's right.

The procedures laid out were not that complex; these were, after all, medieval works. I can't say when exactly I decided to actually try it, but maybe I secretly had the plan in mind all along. Maybe the appeal of being someone else was what drove my supposed intellectual curiosity from day one. I don't know for sure; I can’t take anything about myself for granted anymore. In any case, by the time Halloween weekend approached I already had all of the equipment I would need, hidden in a trunk in the closet. And with Erica leaving town for a job fair, I was free to experiment without any awkward questions. I felt a twinge of guilt, as I was sneaking around on the woman I love, but I was sure she wouldn’t understand.

And anyway, what was the harm?

The process, as I mentioned, is simple, but I was no chemist, so I took my time, careful not to spoil any of the volatile ingredients. It was almost sundown by the time I had condensed the final product. It didn’t look like much, just a few ounces of clear liquid in the bottom of a graduated cylinder. But if I was right, it was the key to a whole new me.

Or not. In truth, I had no idea what it would do, beyond having established that it was not poisonous. So I toasted my reflection in the window and drank the concoction, then sat back to observe the results.

For a while I felt nothing, and before long I began to suspect I'd been very foolish, taken in by some dusty old alchemy. And then I started to feel feverish. There was a burning feeling inside me, like I had swallowed a hot coal. I tugged at my shirt, and finally I took it off, and my pants too. I was sweating and my body was red as a sunburn. I panicked; had I poisoned myself after all?

I picked up the phone to dial 911, and that’s when I noticed that my hands were different. I turned them over, hardly believing what I was seeing. Then, for a panicked moment I thought the floor was caving in, as everything seemed to sink before my eyes, but in fact what was happening was that I was becoming taller! A tingle in my scalp alerted me to a change there, and I discovered that my hair was longer. I ran to the bedroom to look into the mirror, and what I saw astonished me: My reflection was that of a man who looked nothing like me at all! I was completely transformed.

Whereas before I had been overweight, now I was lean, tanned and muscular. My broad face and snub nose were replaced by rugged, chiseled good looks. I had wide shoulders and powerful arms. For lack of a better phrase, I’d become tall, dark, and handsome. Curious, I stripped off my underwear and checked downstairs. Yes, the transformation was very complete indeed.

I began to laugh, probably a little hysterically. Was this really happening? Understand, I expected, at most, a psychological response, the impression or belief, probably vague and fleeting, that I had become someone else, an idea probably borne from the power of suggestion and the narcotic effect of the compound. But this, this was too much to imagine. I think I went a little out of my mind then, laughing and dancing and posing in the mirror, delighted and overwhelmed by my discovery.

I probably should have gone to the hospital. At the very least I should have begun documenting my findings. Instead I felt like going out. I wanted a night on the town to celebrate, and to explore just what the new me was all about. If I had been a little more conscientious, I would have realized that I had reason to be worried. If the source of my discovery was thousands of years old, someone else must have attempted this before me; so why were their findings never recorded? Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to consider this then.

First things first, I decided that the clothes in my apartment didn't suit the new me. It was hard to find a boutique still open that late on Halloween, but I managed. The salesgirl who sold me the suit was very friendly, and I do mean very friendly, and this gave me pause. I’d never had much luck with women before; Erica was my only real "conquest." Was it just because I was better-looking now? Or was it that I was also more confident, more outgoing, more secure? These are exactly the kind of questions I should have been asking myself then, and if I had bothered to observe any change in my behavior everything that happened next might have been avoided. But I didn't ask scientific questions. Instead I asked the salesgirl, Tina, what she was doing that night? Oh, working, of course. Well, did she have a break coming up? Could I treat her to a drink? Could I treat her to anything else? My, what a cute smile you have, Tina…

And soon it was "Oh, what a hot mouth you have, Tina," and "Oh, what a dirty girl you are, Tina," as she pulled me into the back room and unzipped my pants, yanking my new cock out for its first street run, as it were. I really could not believe it; this kind of thing never happened to me. But hey, I wasn't me anymore, I thought; maybe this kind of thing happens to the new me all the time? Tina's cherry lip gloss lubricated her mouth as she slid my whole cock in at one go. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt; Erica, it goes without saying, never did this. I grabbed a handful of Tina's hair and pushed her down. Normally I'd have been too shy for that kind of thing, or even too afraid hurting her, but now my hands acted all on their own. And she liked it. She moaned. I pushed harder and she gagged, but she didn't try to stop. I felt strong.

Soon she was bent over with her palms pressed against the wall and her spectacular ass in my hands. The thin black line of her thong bisected two perfectly round cheeks, and I gave the left one, then the right one, a hard smack. My hands were huge now, and I was a little clumsy with them; bright red palm prints glared on her white backside. "Oh, fuck, that is amazing!" she said, growling and wiggling her hips. So I did it again, the soft, round flesh of her ass cracking under me over and over. Erica would have killed me if I'd gotten this rough with her, but this girl ate it up. Why? Was I just lucky? Or did she like it because I liked it, and she wanted to like me?

I fumbled with my cock in a clumsy, unsure way; I had an enormous hard-on by this time, and it was easy to pull aside Tina's non-existent panties. I paused, realizing I didn't have a condom on me. But she hadn't said anything about it? How would my body even react to anything I contracted right now? Questions for another time, it seems, as I popped the tip right into Tina's wet little cunt and slid it in one inch at a time while she moaned. She was so hot inside, and the skin on my shift was so sensitive; the feeling almost scared me, and for a second I felt myself losing control of the new me, shrinking back into my normal self, but then I pushed past it and that exhilarating feeling of power and control came back again. I squeezed Tina's cheeks between my hands again as I pushed up, and up, and up inside of her. Her body was very accommodating; I loved every second of it.

She was still facing the wall, so I grabbed her by the hair again and pushed her into it, hard; her cheek ground the plaster and her moans became a little muffled, but she didn't tell me to stop. The line of her body under me was flexing back and forth as I rode her from behind; curious I pulled my shirt up and off so that I could see more of my own physique; the ripple of my abdominal muscles above my hips was almost hypnotic. I imagined invisible waves of force emanating from my muscles, traveling down my hips, across her rippling ass, and then in a spike right up her spine to her brain, where they came out the other hand end as grating moans and breathless gasps. I was a machine, and she was the socket.

I got so worked up watching this that I didn't notice I was going to cum until it snuck right up on me: I grabbed Tina's hips as hard as I could and pulled; her nails scraped the wall. Her pussy was sopping wet and hot around me as I gushed, spurting inside of her. A shudder so hard I thought it would split me open ran through my body, and then in a second it was done, and I was spent, lax, out, finished. I let go of her; she almost fell over. I could see her knees were weak. I checked the time; we'd only been going at it for ten minutes or so, but it felt like longer. She was trying to pull her pants up. "Shit," she said. "That was intense."

"Yeah. Sure," was all I said.

We cleaned up. She had to get back to minding the register before someone else came along. I was suddenly, intensely bored by her, and the change shocked me, but I tried to make polite small talk, telling her I'd come back and see her again. Hell, maybe I would; why should I only have one great night in my life? Why shouldn't I do this all the time? It was so easy, it would almost be criminal not to do it. By this time I'd almost forgotten I was there to buy clothes; Tina hooked me up with a nice suit on a discount. I left the shop dressed to kill and feeling ten feet tall. The streets were full of people; people in costumes and people in party dress, people who were drunk and drinking and people who were laughing and dancing and living. I wanted to grab every woman I saw and waltz down the street with her.

I walked in no particular direction, just heading toward the most noise. I turned up Columbus and ended up on Broadway, a neon-soaked corridor under flashing signs advertising "Live Girls!" A doorman grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in, complimenting my suit; I stuffed a twenty in his breast pocket and he took me to a table right next to the stage. I ordered champagne. Soon the club dancers were hanging on my every word. The night became one long, drunken tilt-a-whirl of lights, colors, music, and women; so many amazing bodies, so many beautiful eyes and charming smiles. What the hell had I been doing with my life until now, I wondered? Nights like this were what living was really all about. I forgot all about home, about school, about Erica, and most of all about myself. What did I need any of that for? Why have that, when I could have this instead?

It must have been close to midnight when I stumbled into the men's room, chuckling to myself. While washing my hands I found that someone had slipped a note, written on a napkin, into my pocket. It gave the address of a parking garage and said, "Meet me in thirty minutes." Well, color me intrigued. I went to the garage and found the space I was supposed to wait at. There was a slick green Audi parked there. Eventually a cute, petite redheaded thing came and unlocked the driver's side door. I stayed in the shadows, watching. Did I know her? I'd expected to discover one of the dancers here, but it took me a moment to place this woman: She was the bartender! I chuckled, amused, and then stepped out where she could see me. She was startled for a moment, but smiled when she recognized me.

"Well hello," she said.

"Hello yourself." I took her by the hand, which startled her again, but when I raised it to my lips and kissed it she blushed.

"I wasn't sure you'd come…" she said.

"Lucky you," I said. I gestured. "Is this your car?"


"Can I drive?"

She paused, flustered again. I grinned. She gave me the keys. I got in and adjusted the driver's seat; my legs were much, much longer than they normally were. She seemed awkward sitting in the passenger seat, but smiled at me, shy. I wound my way down the ramp and out into the street; the car purred like an alley cat. "I'm Jesse," the girl said after a while.

"Nice to meet you," I said.

"What's your name?"

I almost said, "Sam," but then I stopped myself. No, I thought, not tonight. Tonight Sam just isn't good enough. "Victor," I said. She giggled more.

She gave me directions to her place. The streets in the city are narrow and no matter what they show you in the movies it's hard to find room really open up a car like that, but I managed. I was drunk as hell, of course, but if she noticed she didn't care. Jesse's place was out in Pacific Heights. I was a little impressed; it was all deco floors and pricy leather furniture, and a giant aquarium of tropical fish and live plants. I asked, as casually as I could, how a bartender afforded this house and that car.

"My fiancé is a doctor," she said, after hesitating for a moment.

Oh man. Just when I thought my night couldn't get any more interesting.

She excused herself to "freshen up." I counted to ten and then followed her. The house was mostly dark, so the light from the bathroom was easy to pick out. She was doing a line off of the sink and when she came back up the sight of my reflection behind her made her jump. She turned and smiled in a guilty kind of way; her pupils had dilated almost to pinpoints. I looked her up and down; her dress was the barely-there type. I placed one hand just beneath her ribs and then slid it down the side of her body, feeling her through the thin fabric. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I wasn't paying attention anyway. I pushed her up against the sink; she gasped a little.

"So," I said, "tell me about this fiancé."

She blinked. "Huh?"

"What's his name?" I ran my hands across her curved hips.

"Henry," she said, sounding somehow uncertain.

"Henry. Tell me about Henry." My fingertips brushed the bare tops of her thighs, just under the hem of her dress. The bright lights over the mirror showed me that the small hairs on her arms were standing up.

"You want to know about…?"

"What's he like?" I said. I pushed against her harder, grinding my crotch into her body. She leaned back, but once her head touched the glass there was nowhere to go.

"He's…nice, I guess," she said.

"Hmm. Does he have a big dick?"


"I said, does Henry have a big dick?" One of my hands slid around her thigh and up between her legs; naturally, she wasn't wearing anything under her dress. Once my fingers connected I saw the lightning bolts dancing behind her eyes.

"Oh!" she said, her mouth a perfect O. She drew in a rough breath. "It's…it's okay, I guess."

"Hmm. So, Henry, okay dick, makes a lot of money, does that sum things up?" I massaged her with two fingers, the rubbery flesh of her lower lips pulsing already. "You like to suck his okay dick?"

"Not really…" she said. I pushed against her harder; her legs were open now and trying to wrap around me, but there was not enough room.

"You don't like to suck dick, or you don't like to suck his dick?" With my free hand I grabbed her face, a little rough, and I ran the pad of my thumb over her lips; she licked it for a second.

"I don't know," she said. "He's the only guy I ever…I don't know."

"Only guy, huh?" I pushed her back more. She was shaking all over. My fingers were working up inside of her. She was closed up tighter than a vice around them. "So what about this? I guess you've never seen one like this?" I let her go long enough to unzip and pull my cock out. She shook her head, although I'm not sure she was really looking at it. I realized she must have been pretty wired all night, and now she was a long way gone. Well, suited me fine; less handholding necessary.

I positioned her sitting on the sink with her legs spread and her back against the mirror, and then I ran it home. With Tina earlier I'd wanted to explore the feeling of my new body, but now I was only interested in the matter at hand. When I pushed in I saw Jesse's eyelids flutter up for a second and she opened her mouth to say…well, I don't know what, because I clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle it. With my other hand I moved her leg out of the way a little more and then I started to thrust; she was a hot, tight little thing, I'll give her that. I had to practically force it, and then again halfway. She sounded like she was screaming but it was hard to tell, since I was smothering any noise she might have made. I checked her eyes now and then, just to make sure she was having a good time; mostly they were rolled back, which I took to be a good sign.

Her legs were up in the air and around me, and every time I leaned into her they bobbed up and down. Her shoes were still on and one of them slipped off and dangled from the tip of her toe, which I found hilarious for some reason. I grabbed it and threw it over my shoulder. Then I leaned into her so hard that her legs went ramrod straight for a second and stuck out on either side of me. She moaned so loud I couldn’t smother it, and for a second the bitch actually bit me, although it was probably an accident; I took my hand off her mouth in any case. She was sopping wet on me and again I wondered again whether it was safe to be going bareback on her. But I was already too committed to stop, so I just kept going, burying myself in her body again and again. I was still fully clothed, just with my fly down, so I stripped off my coat; it was getting hot in there in a hurry.

"So how does Henry fuck you?" I had to repeat the question a few times before I got a somewhat coherent answer:

"Not…like this…"

"No? How then?"

"He's always–AH!—he's always slower."

"Do you like slower?"

She giggled and shook her head in a languid way. "No."

"You tell him that?"


"Why not?"

"What the fuck—AH, FUCK!—difference does it make?"

"Probably makes a big difference to him."

"Just shut up and fuck me…" Her words were slurred and ran over each other. Her fingers were all tangled up in my hair now. She sat so far back on the sink that I had to stand on my toes to get an angle where I could keep my cock in her, and my ankles were starting to ache in protest, but I recognized that I was coming up on it now and I sure as hell wasn't about to slow down.

"What do you want Henry to do that he never does?"

"Mmmm, Henry never sticks it in my ass."

"What else?"

"Henry never calls me….never calls me a…" She trailed off, seemingly bored with her words, her eyes rolling again and her words just a low moan. I slapped her once, hard, and her eyelids fluttered open.

"Henry never calls you a what?"

"Whore," she said. The word was a little exhalation.

"You like being called a whore?" I was sweating all over, aching from exertion, my spine bowed with the effort of fucking as I poured into her.

"I love it," she said. She was limp like a doll now. She seemed to be waiting for something. "In fact, I think he's going to say it a lot, after tonight…" The sound of a key turning in the lock made my ears prick up. Jesse did too. "Oh," she said, "that' should be him now."

I felt a cold stab of panic. My cock squirted inside the tight, clenched confines of her body at that moment, popping off, but the thrill of it withered under my fear. The front door was opening and there were footsteps on the floorboards. It wouldn't take long, of course, for Henry to find us here. Jesse just sat back, arms folded, watching, seemingly bored. I wanted to slap the daylights out of her, but there was no time. I zipped myself up and readjusted my belt, thinking maybe I could find a back door or a side door or something without being noticed. But as soon as I turned around, there was Henry, standing blank-faced in the bathroom door. Cue my cold sweat.

Henry looked at me. Henry looked at Jesse. Jesse looked at Henry. I looked only at the door, and my ticket out of here. Nobody said anything. After a while I broke the silence, giving Henry the closest thing to a winning smile I could manage. "Well," I said, "I guess you and your girl have a lot to talk about."

I was close enough to see Henry's throat jump up and down as he swallowed. "Yeah," he said. "I guess we do."

"Why don't I just show myself out while you do," I said, slipping past him. I couldn't help but brush his shoulder. He was stiff as a board. I was in the living room and halfway home by the time he caught up.

"Wait a minute," he said.

"I don't see that this has got anything to do with me," I said. I was smiling still. "You two just settle your thing and I'll—"

"I said, wait a minute," said Henry, and now, for the first time, he looked angry. I smiled wider and put my hands up.

"Henry," I said, "with a thing like this, you have to understand—"

In all fairness, he really did swing at me first. That's not bullshit. Yeah, he took a swing; then I took one back. And another one. And another one. I'd never even thrown a punch in my life, so I really don't know what happened, but the next thing I remember is Henry huddled on the floor with his hands up; Henry, with his nose broken across his face; Henry, with a mouth full of blood, too frightened to move, and throbbing pain in my hands and wrists from pummeling him again and again. Jesse was hanging onto me, telling me to stop, even trying to pull me away. When I caught my breath I shrugged, letting her drag me. I felt hollow, like everything around me was happening from a million miles away; I became fascinated by the sight of bruises on my knuckles, wondering if they'd still be there when I changed back to normal.

It was a while before Jesse's voice penetrated my haze: "What the hell is wrong with you?" she said. I shrugged again.

"What? Isn't that what you wanted to see?" I said, taking a step closer to her. She backed away.

"You completely lost it," she said.

"He swung first."

"Just get out," she said. She did not sound angry, exactly, nor did she sound quite afraid. If anything, she was simply disgusted. The contempt is what provoked me. Rather than leave, I rounded on her and started backing her up one step at a time, jabbing a finger at her collarbone.

"Don't give me that," I said. "You want to play games? Let's start with you. Let's ask, where was all this concern for Henry before now? Huh? Why don't you tell me? Why don't you just tell me?"

“I…” she said.

“Now you care about him, huh? You care? Tell me just how much you cared twenty minutes ago? Tell me about that. Go on, tell me.”

"Get out!" she said again; tears were in her eyes. I smirked. And then—

I swear I just meant to push her out of the way. She was telling me to get out but she was between me and the door. I just meant to give her a little nudge so she'd move; I swear that's all I meant to do. I think. I really do. I don't know how it happened; in slow motion I watched her teeter, watched her fall, saw her silhouetted in the light from the aquarium, heard the glass break and the water gush out. Next thing I knew my shoes were wet, and there was blood in the water too. So much blood…

Henry screamed and jumped up and came at me again. Or maybe he was just running to check on Jesse, I don't know. I pummeled him again all the same, and when he stopped moving I ran. I ran like a shot, out of that house, down the block, into the night, just running, running, running until the blood pounded in my ears. I really think I ran all the way home. I must have looked like a maniac to anyone who saw me. When I slammed the door, my heart was thundering and my lungs burned. I went to the kitchen, hoping water would help, but I couldn't keep it down. I hurt all over; what was happening? My body was changing, my muscles shifting and contorting, rearranging themselves over my bones. The formula was wearing off! But it was worse than before; it hurt more. A lot more.

I couldn't stand. I crawled on my hands and knees, trying to get to the bedroom, trying to strip off my now ill-fitting clothes, leaving a trail of discarded garments behind me. Every square inch of me was on fire. Breathing felt like needles in my throat. Pain throbbed at the back of my eyes. There was a shrieking noise, like a fire alarm; was I screaming, or were my ears ringing? I couldn't tell. I just kept trying to move forward, not even sure what would happen if I got where I was going but certain that the immediate goal was the only thing keeping me sane.

I got as far as the bedroom door, and then I just couldn't go on. My bones were changing shape and I couldn't support myself anymore, so I collapsed in a heap where I was, sobbing and wretched. I thought I was going to die. I decided it was okay.

I closed my eyes. The pain didn't stop when I slept. Even my dreams hurt.


Erica's voice woke me.


She sounded far away.


She was upset, scared.

"Sam, are you okay? Answer me? Sam? Sam?”

She leaned in right next to my ear.

"Samantha, answer me!"

I opened my eyes. It was morning; the light hurt. Erica was standing over me. She must have come home early. She looked scared. I was lying in the doorway with my back all twisted up; for a moment I feared I couldn't move, but no, after a moment's stretching I was all right. The pain was just a dull throb now.

Erica was shaking her head and biting her fingernails. "Samantha?" she said. She only used my full name when she was angry or worried. "Talk to me, baby. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I said. My voice startled me; it was hoarse, but back to normal. A quick survey showed that I was back to normal too. I looked at my hands; no bruises.

"What happened?" Erica said.

"I…had too much to drink." My head still hurt, too. I went to the bathroom and started the shower. I looked into the mirror and stared at myself until a fog of perspiration blotted out my reflection entirely. I looked like me again; but was I me? Was I really, completely me? Or was I maybe…

"Sam?" Erica said again, coming to the door. "Whose clothes are these?" My suit was still all over the floor. I shrugged, turning toward the shower so I didn't have to look at her while I answered.

"I went to a costume party." Before she could ask any other questions I stepped under the water, hoping to wash away everything that had happened. The memory of Henry's ruined face and Jesse's scream while falling sent a flutter of panic through me. What had I done? Were they all right? Were they…

After I turned the water off I toweled dry and went straight to my phone. I looked at the Gate's site: "Two Dead on Halloween Night," the headline told me. I couldn't breathe. But I let out a sigh of relief when I read on: The article was about a shooting at a nightclub. I looked over all the recent city news, but there were no other murders, no missing persons, no couple beaten to death in their home in the early hours of the morning. They were alive, then. Thank God.

I kept an eye on the news for a few more days, but there was no mention of the attack. No need to worry about police detectives knocking at my door. Not that it would have mattered; all the witnesses would have described a tall, handsome man. No reason to suspect the short, fat lesbian. The formula had done its job. It did its job very well, indeed. I was anonymous. I was safe. I had escaped all consequences.

Well, almost. I can't get rid of the dreams. And it can't fix things with Erica; something changed between us after that weekend. I don't think she ever really trusted me again. She asked me questions that I just plain didn't have any answers for, and the more I hedged, the more I pushed her away. But what could I tell her? Not the truth, surely. She left me a week ago. She said she needed time to think. That's fine by me. I need time too.

I've dropped out of school. Didn't go to a single class again, after Halloween night. Just didn't have it in me, I guess. I burned all my notes on the formula, but I can still remember the whole thing. I've tried to make myself forget it, but of course, that doesn't work. That worries me too.

I'm not going to lie: I liked being the Other Me. It was fun. I want to do it again. Even with everything that happened…well, no one really got hurt, did they? Not so bad that they won't all get over it sooner or later anyway. Besides, why should I have to sacrifice for everyone else all the time? Why can't I do what's important to me, just once in a while? Is that so bad? Would it be wrong? I don't know. Sure, there would be risks, but aren't there always? And if you think about it, I really was provoked…

That's what I tell myself. And then I get sick for even thinking about it.

I don't go out anymore. I don't talk to anyone. I don't look in the mirror. I just think about that night. I could make more of the formula. I could do it right now. I could have a drink and go out and forget all my problems, and whatever new problems I get, well, I could forget about them too, in the morning. Yes, I could do that. But will I? I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know myself at all, these days. That's been the scariest part of this whole thing, actually.

I guess the question is: At the end of the day, how much can you trust yourself?

How much, indeed?

Cuckolded by a 12 Year Old : 2: The Nanny Cam

The next couple of months were the best times of my sexual life, two days a week I was burying myself balls deep in Tammy’s 13 year old pussy. The best part of it was how enthusiastic she was about the entire thing. She couldn’t get enough of my cock and was always sending me naughty texts and emails about what she wanted to try next.

She would sputter and gag her way through trying to give me blowjobs. Our best success at that was when I would have her head hanging over the edge of the bed and I could shove nearly my entire cock down her throat. I would cum on her face in those cases, because she thought the taste was yucky.

I couldn’t get enough of cumming in her teen pussy though . She would squeal and squeal as I plugged away at her, which turned me on even more. So much so that I could get hard again quickly and give her another load. Friday’s were the best, as I would pick her up straight from school and get to fuck her in her private school uniform for a couple hours before sending her home

I can’t describe what it was like tapping her from behind while she was in that uniform. My hands gripping her dirty blonde curly tresses. Pounding into her tiny tight pussy from behind until I blew a load into it. Spanking her ass till it was red. It was the best.

Iwas finally moving on to get ready to fuck her in the ass, after showing her a lady cleans her ass out for it, when she got a call from her Mom wondering where she was. So we had to call it short

It was a Saturday afternoon when Tammy showed up to our house. Annie and my wife were out at equestrian practise, so that left me to amuse myself all day at home. I had been setting up nanny cams all around the house to spy on my housemaid who I was certain was stealing money and jewellery from us. I was hooking them all up to my PC locked up securely in my study.

Tammy had actually come over looking to see Annie, I reminded her that Annie was at equestrian practise all afternoon. Tammy just gave me a coy look twirling one of her curly blonde tresses and told me that she was sure we could find something to do to pass the time. I smiled back and ensured her we definitely could

I started taking up to the bedroom my wife, Liz and I shared but she told me she wanted to do it in Annie’s room. I thought this was hot and dirty but had to ask why, she told me it was a surprise and told me to get ready.

I went into Annie’s room, it was standard young teen fare. Posters on the wall. Pictures of the horses she liked. Her awards from school, The bed flowing with stuffed animals. I usually wasn’t in here very often, but had been so this morning to set up the nanny cams, which gave m e an idea. I rushed to my study and started recording , just so I could watch the action later privately.

Tammy was in Annie’s adjoining bathroom and told me to get naked and ready. I stripped out of my clothes and pushed some teddy bears out of the way and started stroking my already hard cock, keeping my eyes firmly on the bathroom door.

Tammy stepped out and I swear my dick got an inch harder. My thirteen year old tart was dressed in her school girl skirt and blouse which was open.What really turned me on was that she had slicked her hair with gel and stuck in ponytails, she was a spitting image for my own daughter Annie except for the curly spurts coming out of the ends.

“ Want to fuck me daddy? “ she said posing in the doorway

Tammy knew the ‘daddy’ talk turned me on to no end, dirty girl

“ Come suck my cock baby girl”, I told her

She crawled up onto my bed and nestled between my legs going straight away to nursing on my dick. I gripped her by the ponytails and start thrusting her head up and down on my shaft.

“ Yeah, that’s it suck Daddy’s big dick”

She went fervently to work on my cock with those instructions. I turned my head and smiled and nodded to the nanny cam hidden in the lamp on the dresser. This was awesome.

Tammy sucked on my dick for about ten minutes, but I was ready for more. I pulled her up my body and without even the pretense of foreplay and thrust Tammy onto my dick. She gasped at the sudden intrusion.

“ Daddy’s horny”, Tammy giggled getting into a rhythm on my dick

‘ Daddy loves fucking his dirty girl”

And fuck her I did, I gripped her tiny hips and thrust up into her snug little twat. She gave back as good as she got. We were bucking and sweating as she gasped and moaned through little cums, biting her lip when she did so. I rolled on top of her and started pounding her hard

“ Oh god, your penis is so good”, she groaned under me

“ Tell me what you want, tell me”, I commanded her

“ Fuck me Daddy , fuck me”

I pounded her furiously, her legs shot out to either side of me as I kept mashing into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight that I struggled from blowing a load too quickly. She gasped subtly under me every time I would bury myself to the hilt in her

I spun her around on to her hands and knees and faced the nanny-cam. Getting up behind her I could slam away at her sweet 13 year old pussy and catch all the action going on in her face. Plus my own personal porn would be a real treat. I gave the camera a thumbs up and spanked her ass.

Getting close, I gripped her pigtails like handlebars and started really giving it to her. This forced her head back and pulled her hands up off the bed. I was getting to my chance to rag doll her just like I always do before I cum

“ Cum in me Daddy, cum in me”, she whimpered

I let go of of her hair and gripped her arms firmly behind her back and started roughly bottoming out in her twat as she whimpered. In a few minutes I spunked my load deep in her twat, once I stopped jizzing in her I pushed her off my dick. Grabbed her by her hair and had her clean my dick.

I was suggesting another round, but Liz and Annie would be home in less than half an hour, so I cleaned her up and sent her home. I showered and had thrown Annie’s cum stained bed sheets in the laundry when my wife and daughter came home

Liz gave me a casual distracted kiss on the cheek

“ Do anything exciting today honey”, my busty blonde wife asked casually

“ Nope, just some laundry and puttering in my study”
Liz just gave me a tired look, “ You really need to get a hobby honey, you’re turning into a boring middle aged man”

Oh I had a hobby, I certainly wasn’t going to tell her about it.

Annie gave me a big hug, but her body against mine made me flash to fucking her best friend in her own very bedroom. Life was good

I didn’t even get a chance to watch my movie that night, or Sunday because it was church then shopping, then dinner with my inlaws. I only got a chance to check that it was running from my PC and saved the video of me fucking Tammy in Annie’s bed.

Monday was spectacular, getting to work I received nothing but good news. There had been a shift in management a few months ago and my new boss Jim Henry was making waves. He was a former soldier that had headed up our security and had made nice with the CEO. His business acumen came to light and the big boss moved him into our division.

On the surface he could come across as intimidating, a tall very muscular black man with a shaved head and a no- nonsense approach ot business. But when you started talking to him on a personal level he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. He had become boss of my department, and as a reward to those who had helped him , he was forwarding promotions

The great news, was that I was promoted to vice-president of marketing which was our department. I only answered to Him Henry himself. It was going to be a huge pay bump but the hours also got crazier. He knew I could do it, and joked it gave him more time off to start practising golf. So I found myself now covering his afternoons off, which was fine because I could occassionaly delegate and take afternoons off to fuck my hooker Cindy and pick up Tammy when I could convince her to skip school.

I fucked Cindy that Wednesday in the ass as a reward to myself for my huge success, and fucked Tammy in the same hotel room the next day. It was a no tell motel which even let Tammy get our room no questions asked.

My wife Liz was thrilled of course, and we had a big dinner that Friday night with Jim Henry and his wife as well. Annie even came though she seemed a bit distant, but she also managed to sneak a sip of wine. Jim Henry’s wife Trish was a wonderful woman herself, a stunning Ethiopian woman who had become a business lawyer in the US.

Jim Henry had to take a call from the boss and excused himself from the table, a few minutes later my wife Liz also got a call from her boutique and had to step outside as well. In retrospect I should have figured out what was happening when they both wandered in from their calls half an hour later and Liz’ hair was a bit messy. But Jim Henry’s wife Alicia was keeping me spell bound.

We got home late and I was raring to go, hell I was going to give Liz a good once over, which would have been a staggering second time in a month. But she complained that the wine had gone to her head and she just wanted a good nights sleep. Horned up I went to my study to watch my scene with Tammy

I put on my headphones, turned down the lights and got behind the desk. First things first though, I decided to scan through the last couple days of filming to see if our maid was actually robbing us blind.

It was mostly bland cleaning and running back and forth at high speeds of the maid puttering around the house. I slowed down a few times to see if she was actually lifting anything> I was about to call it a night and get to wanking when I came to yesterday afternoon’s video.

Liz had come unexpectedly early , around noon it seemed and dismissed the maid, the fast forward zoomed and she was suddenly up in our bedroom. She unrobed and got on the bed and start diddling herself.

This was new. So I stopped to see what she was up to and put it on normal speed. She was rubbing her clit on the bed when the phone on the nightstand started to ring. I turned up the volume to pick up the conversation, I had called her yesterday I was wondering if she was masturbating when I talke d to her.

“ Hi sexy man, you going to come over and fuck me?”, my busty blonde wife said

My heart sank, she never said that to me. In fact she never said anything like to me.

“ No, he’s out fucking one of his whores again, you don’t have to worry about him showing up”

Holy shit, she knew I was fucking around. A knot in my stomach began to grow, just how much did she know, did she know I was fucking Tammy as well. This was bad.

“ Exactly,” Liz said agreeing with something, “ and that pussy is yours anytime you want it”

I gulped, it was clear she had been fucking who ever this was for awhile now. I guess I couldn’t complain too much, I was fucking around, why couldn’t she. But I was also offended, she was my ife she should only fucking me.

She hung up and started diddling on the bed again with a smile on her face. I actually found myself aroused at this, I was seeing an aspect to her I hadn’t seen since college. I was stroking watching her jill herself off. Three of her cums later, I was about to shoot when the action on the screen changed

My boss, Jim Henry entered the bedroom. My eyes bugged out. Liz just spread her naked toned thighs wide at him and smiled wickedly. Jim walked up to the foot of the bed and casually began to take of his clothes.

“ My husband is very grateful for his promotion”, Liz said crawling slowly on all fours to the foot of the bed.

“ He better,” Jim said loosening his tie “ his ass kissing was getting on my nerves”

Ass kissing? My boss just brushed me off as a sycophant and he was fucking my wife! How dare he!

Jim unzipped his pants and out popped his dick in my wife’s face. He was fucking huge. I was always proud of the girth of my 7 incher, but Jim had a monster. He had at least a few inches on me and was nearly as thick as a coke can. Liz bent her head down and started slurping away at his chocolate stick.

“ Damn you have a talented mouth, your husband is really missing out” , Jim said still undressing

My wife Liz popped her head off his dick for a minute to say, “ Let him have his whores, I’ve got his big dicked boss”

They both laughed and Liz went back to work sucking on his huge dick. Jim put a hand on the back of her head as in ownership and helped guide her back and forth. All the whilst stepping out of his clothes entirely. He was tall and ripped, muscles on muscles. I couldn’t kick this guy’s ass in a wet dream.

My hungrily slurped on his big dick while my boss leaned over and started fingering my wife’s pussy through her backside. I had never seen her so hungry for a dick in my life, she was absolutely worshipping it. She haer lips and tongue up and down its very long dimensions from tip to balls. Even as a college girl I couldn’t remember her being this excited.

Her phone rang again and she reached over and grabbed it and put it to her. All without taking a break from sucking on Jim’s mighty beast.

“ Hey baby, how’s the big job today?” she asked sweetly into the phone

That was me! This was when I was calling her before checking into the hotel room to fuck Cindy in the ass. She continued her chat with me all at the same time continuing to worship Jims big dick.

“ That’s great honey”, she said then moved the phone away to slurp sloppily on Jim’s knob, “ don’t work yourself too hard”

Liz then rolled away and lay on her back on the bed and spread her thighs wide. She crooked a finger at Jim and beckoned him between her toned thighs. Jim crawled up between them , his big dick swinging like a black mace at my wife’s crotch.

“ I can’t talk too much longer honey, something really big has come up” she said winking at Jim and stroking his dick.

She lay back and started rubbing his fat cockhead against her clit, he start playing with her tits rubbing her nipples

“ It’s going to be a long and hard day here at the boutique” she smiled at him

Then suddenly Jim gripped her thighs and pushed his big dick deep into my wife’s pussy. Her mouth stretched wide in a big O, then she bit her lip hard. He began to thrust into her, and she put a hand to his crotch to get him to slow down.

“ Sorry darling, have to go” Liz said hanging up like she often does.

Jim pused her hand away and began thrusting hard back into her.

“ Bad boy, don’t you want to eat my pussy?”, she said smiling wickedly

“I’d rather have my wife do that”, Jim said gripping her thighs

“ I haven’t agreed to a threesome yet”, Liz said

“ Yet.” Jim underlined.

Jim was trying to get my wife Liz into a threesome with his wife Alicia, I could hardly believe my ears, my sweet as candy wife was debating getting her pussy eaten out by another woman. I found myself getting aroused at the thought, and to make things worse I was getting aroused watching my boss fuck my wife.

And fuck her he did, he started slow easing his giant cock into my wife’s pussy. Every time he would push another inch into her she would gasp. He would slowly with draw and then push back adding another inch of his huge meat into her. Eventually he was balls deep in her.

“ Oh god, I love your huge dick”, she moaned underneath him

“ Better then your husband?”, he gloated to her

“ Fuck yes, he’s not even half the man you are”

I was humiliated and turned on all at the same time. There was no way I could compete with this man. He was my boss and I owed my continuing employment to him. He was fucking my wife, but I couldn’t complain or the truth about my whores would come out. All I could do is watch.

He would then pull out till his cock head was barely penetrating her and she would whimper and beg and plead for him to put it back in her. She literally begged him to put his cock in her. It was humiliating and hot all at the same time. I felt myself getting hard

He alpha male ravaged her after she begged. He slammed deep into her and started power-fucking her. She howled as this monster cock buried itself balls deep into her over and over again. She gripped his ass with her hands and kept pulling my boss into her.

“ I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK DICK”, my wife Liz howled under his poundings

I started stroking myself to this display at wantoness from my wife. It was my own personal porn show.

He ravaged her mercilessly, he rolled her over onto her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind. Her mouth was slack open in a big ‘O” as he slammed into her behind. Her ass jiggled with each thrust and her tits swung back and forth furiously. Jim pokerfaced her though another screaming orgasm on her part, she gripped the sheets and dug her fingers hard into the sheets as she came like a woman possessed.

“ Lube, where’s your lube?” , Jim asked spanking her ass.

“ Nightstand, “ she managed to gasp out as he eased up on her.

I never knew she had lube in her nightstand, then again I had no idea of a lot things in her life apparently. He took out a bottle of lube and and pulled his dick out of her. She whimpered and begged him to fuck her some more. All I could do is stroke myself fervently.

He lubed up his big dick and then pulled her back to him. He slowly then pushed himself into her again

“ Fuck, your dick is so big and my ass is so small”

“Don’t worry bitch, it’s always fits eventually”

He was going to fuck her ass? I had never fucked my wife in the ass. Ever. She thought it was dirty and now she was freely giving it up to my boss. And she had been doing it for some time it seemed. I couldn’t believe it. I had to slow down my beating off as I felt I was getting close to cumming just by that very thought.

Liz grabbed a pillow and bit into it as Jim pushed his giant chocolate meat into her backdoor. This went on for about a half a minute as he sank into her millimetre by glorious millimetre until he was balls deep in her rectum.. Liz was grunting into her pillow and reached back between her thighs to diddle herself. When he was all the way into her Jim spanked her ass and she let out a little yelp.

He began to fuck her in the ass slowly at first letting her get used to his girth in her. Then he began to pick up the pace until he was slamming hard into her ass. Every few thrusts he would spank her ass to which would elicit another yelp from her.

Jim grabbed my wife by the hair and pull ed her back using her blonde tresses as a tether and began to power fuck her ass. She was pulled up to him but she continued playing her with her clit. I could easily see his huge dick from this angle as he penetrated my innocent as pie wife’s ass. And she loved it

She howled through several orgasm as he anally violated her, grabbing her big tits in his big hands as balance. At the end her head rolled back and she stiffened and even squirted on the bed beneath her. I had never seen a woman squirt in my entire life, least of all from my wife.
He then pulled out and pushed her onto the bed on her back. He straddled he face and jacked off towards her open mouth. She stuck her tongue out as he did so.

Then he started jazzing all over my wife’s face, she hungrily tried catching his cum with her tongue, but there was so much cum. He kept spurting over and over her face. All over her lips, he chin, her nose, her forehead and even into her hair. This set me off to and my meager spun load dribbled over my hand.

When he finished cumming he stuck his bog tool in my wife’s mouth and she sucked on it like a pacifier, trying to milk out the last bit of jizz with her lips. It was so fucking hot.

When he was done , my boss got off the bed and started dressing. Liz just lay on the bad panting heavily, her body slicked with sweat. She was nearly glowing and looked like a woman thoroughly sexually satisfied, something I had never been able to do.

“ See you tomorrow at dinner”, Jim said as he left

“Mmmmmmm so looking forward to it”, she purred from the bed.

She lay there for another 15 minutes or so in the afterglow, then showered and washed the bedding. Just in time for me to get home from fucking Cindy the hooker. Cindy, a woman I had to pay to have sex never came like that, even if she ever did and wasn’t just faking it.

I turned off the computer and sat there stunned. I was confused about how I felt. Humiliated at how my boss gave me a promotion just to spend time fucking my wife. My wife knowing I was fucking prostitutes. How my boss had fucked my wife in the ass and into complete sexual submission. And the worst part about how turned I was about it

I turned the computer back on and turned the nanny cam back on to take a look at my wife. I had to see that woman in the bed I had seen her fuck another man. Had to see her without seeing her, I don’t if I could walk into our bedroom now. The cam was running on real time and I expected her to be asleep.

She was in bed on the phone, so I turned up the volume

“ You bad boy, fucking me in the ass in the alley tonight”, she said into the phone

Holy fuck, that’s why she came back with her hair messed. Jim had been fucking my wife during their “ phone calls”. I was such a fool.

“ Yeah, he wanted to fuck when we got home, but I am so sore from these last two days”, she giggled.

How humiliating.

“Of course, tell her that I’m wanting that threesome now, it’s the least I could do for having her put up with my husbands boring dinner conversation”

Jim’s wife knew! She was covering for them fucking by listening to me. Oh god, this was horrible. And shamefully turned me on.

“ Good night baby, my sire ass already misses you”, she said hanging up.

I sat there dejected, humiliated and aroused in the study for another half hour before making my way to bed. Liz was sleeping with a little smile on her face which I had only noticed in the last couple months. I always assumed it was because her boutique was picking up, but it was really the face of a woman satisfied

I eventually drifted off to sleep wondering what to do next. Little did I know by the end of the next week, my fate was sealed


Carnival and Masque.

"'Your jesters weep behind their masks, and it is possible that those who seem to you priests have their true faces distorted with the joy of deceiving you. And you yourself, O King in the Golden Mask, who knows if you are not hideous under your adornments?'"

-Marcel Schwob, "The King in the Golden Mask"


“In truth, I often wonder what people look like under their masks.”

As she said it Portia was grateful that her own mask hid her blushing face, and she pushed against it to reassure herself it was still there, covering her from chin to forehead. Her skirts brushed the marble floor of the nave as she walked and kept her eyes on the tiles. The masks of the gods stared down from the cathedral walls.

“Well," said Father Marlowe, "there’s little enough sin in that."

“But isn’t it the same as lust?” said Portia. “The gods say that to want to see someone’s unmasked face is the same as actually trying to see it.”

“But the gods also say that to deny our human failings is to try to supplant them,” said Father Marlowe. His mask was a chubby, smiling face of gold, with curling hair at the temples. She noticed that, as he’d gained weight with age, he’d taken to masks that portrayed chubby cheeks and double chins to match his girth. The observation made her uncomfortable for some reason. The cathedral was empty except for they two, and they were heading toward the courtyard and then to the street, chatting as they usually did after her weekly confession.

“The gods give us sin to remind us of our place," Father Marlowe continued. "When you wish to see your husband without his mask, that is a lesson to you from the gods, and you should heed it.”

Portia’s steps faltered. “How did you know it was my husband’s face I was thinking of?” she said.

Father Marlowe’s belly shook with laughter. “Because you are a woman, and any woman would wonder about her husband‘s face after so many years of marriage. In truth, when my beloved Helen was alive I sometimes found myself dreaming about what her unmasked face might look like. Quite wicked of me, but I am as human as anyone else.”

They were outside now, walking beside the statues of the masked gods in the courtyard, the spires and masked gargoyles of the cathedral behind them.

“All the same Father, I wish I could rid myself of these thoughts,” said Portia.

“Well, there are times when I think we are fortunate to have our human failings," said Father Marlowe. "Tomorrow is the Hallowmas carnival, after all, and what would we do at carnival time if not sin?” The priest’s voice was tinged with mischief.

“I suppose so,” said Portia.

“The word ‘carnival’ means ’Farewell to the flesh,’" Father Marlowe continued. "We are creatures of flesh, Portia, and Hallowmas reminds us of that. You know, carnivals used to be very different, when I was a boy. Back then we still practiced animal sacrifice.”

Portia gasped. “No!”

Father Marlowe nodded. “It was a different time, and long ago." He patted her arm, once. The crowd on the street flowed in two directions around them. Father Marlowe’s grinning mask glittered in the late-noon sun. “I always enjoy our discussions, Portia. I look forward to seeing you again. Meanwhile, try to forget about your doubts tomorrow. And try to forget about your guilt too, if you can.”

“Yes, Father,” said Portia, bowing her head again. They parted ways. Throngs of people moved around Portia, as if she were a stone in a stream. There was an endless procession of gaudy masks and expensive clothes. Bright colors were in fashion in the high quarter this year, and a kaleidoscope of scarlets, azures, violets, beryls, golds and tangerines fluttered by, the men in their short robes and long capes, the women in their long dresses and shawls. Masks were of gold and silver and ivory, accented by jewels and pearls and gilding, as if the members of the upper crust were trying to outdo the gilt framework of the city's soaring towers and graceful bridges and broad pavilions. Portia straightened her own plain dress and shawl and her simple white mask, wondering how these people could dare flout such excess in the eyes of the gods. Then she reminded herself that it was the gods’ place to assess people’s sins and not hers, and muttered an apologetic prayer.

The Great Bridge that tied the two halves of the city was full of peddler’s carts and wealthy merchants meeting for the day's last business. Little enough surprise to see that the maskwrights were all out with their wagons and carts, displaying their most audacious wares in anticipation of the post-Hallowmas buying spree. It seemed that animal masks would be back in fashion this year. Portia paused to look at a gold one in the shape of a dove. It was too showy to be proper, of course, but she couldn’t help but look at it, and even to reach out for it, just for a moment, wondering if—

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” said the woman next to her. Portia snatched her hand back. It was Beatrice, the count’s wife; Portia recognized her blue and purple mask. No two masks ever sold could be exactly alike, of course; that was why maskwrighting was such a demanding trade.

“I was looking at the very same one,” Beatrice continued, touching the dove mask with a satin-gloved hand. “But of course it’s always so hard to choose what to wear for next season. What a burden such things are.”

Beatrice was standing much closer than Portia would have liked. “I suppose it’s nice,” Portia said, trying not to sound too interested.

“It would suit you,” said Beatrice.

Portia’s cheeks burned. “Perhaps,” she said, again keeping her tone neutral.

“It’s high time I got rid of this old thing,” said Beatrice, gesturing to her face. “If only we were permitted more than one…”

“That would be a sin,” said Portia, automatically.

“Yes, yes,” said Beatrice, much more lightly than Portia liked. “Imagine if someone had more than one mask. No one would ever know who they were. They could just put the new mask on and—”

“Become a different person entirely.”

Beatrice stopped. “Yes,” she said, and then silence stretched between them. Portia started to squirm. “Well,” said Beatrice, “it really doesn’t matter. The eyes of the gods are on us at all times, except on Hallowmas. They would know if we tried to cheat them by changing masks. That's what Father Marlowe says."

“Quite right,” said Portia.

“I do wonder sometimes what he gets up to when the gods eyes are off him. Don’t you?”

Portia started, but if Beatrice noticed she said nothing. She bought the dove mask, then invited Portia to dinner with the count after the carnival. “And bring Cassius too, of course,” she said. Portia accepted, chiefly to be gracious, and regretted dawdling near the vendor the whole way home.

She arrived just as the gardening staff was leaving to escape the chiding she had been meaning to give them all week about the rose bushes. The kitchen staff had delayed dinner twice while waiting for her to return, and the maids were late leaving because they had to wait for her to come home so they could receive their wages early, since they would not be on duty during the carnival. After she set the house in order Portia went to the east sitting room, where she found Alexander on the chaise lounge with his books spread in front of him. He bowed to her and said “Hello, Mother,” before consenting to be embraced. His eyes were bright blue behind his mask; he almost never seemed to blink.

“Hello, darling. Where is your sister?” said Portia.

“Here, Mummy!” said Octavia. Her voice came from behind the curtains around the bay windows, where Portia found her sitting on the window ledge and looking out over the gardens.

“Treasure, what are you doing in there?” Portia said as Octavia ran to her side, pigtails and curls bobbing around her peach-colored mask speckled with stars.

“I was watching the gardeners, Mummy,” Octavia said. “And I was listening to them. They were talking about the carnival. It’s tomorrow, isn’t it Mummy?”

“Yes darling,” said Portia. Secretly, she frowned; she hoped Octavia hadn’t overheard anything off-color. She would have to tell the garden staff to watch their language. Just another thing to get after them about.

Portia relaxed on the chaise lounge opposite Alexander, supposedly working on her embroidery but rather just letting it sit in her lap while she looked out the windows. Octavia curled up around her knees, lightly napping, and Alexander sat with his books, mumbling the words to himself as he read each verse over and over. Portia watched him at work, wanting to tell him how proud she was of him and but afraid to break his concentration. With as hard as he’d been studying the texts, she had hopes he’d set his aims on being a priest one day. It would do well to finally have a clergyman in the family. But she had not yet asked Alexander what his intentions were, and he had not yet volunteered anything, simply sitting with his unblinking blue eyes behind his mask and watching her, always watching her.

It was another hour before Cassius arrived home. Octavia leapt off of Portia’s lap and threw her arms around her father’s knees. Cassius picked her up and bounced her in his arms before handing her back to Portia. Alexander brushed the lint off his robes before greeting Cassius with a respectful nod and half-bow. Portia shifted Octavia in his arms so that he could embrace her, laying his brow against hers for just one second before pulling away.

“Darling,” said Portia, “it’s so wonderful that you’re home.”

“It’s the last day of the tenth month, Daddy," said Octavia. “Do you know what that means? Tomorrow is Hallowmas!”

“Is it?” said Cassius, feigning surprise. “Do you know anything about this?” he said to Portia, shaking his head as if bewildered. Octavia giggled. “And what would a very little girl like you know about carnivals?” he continued, his tone halfway between teasing and chiding.

“Alexander told me about it,” said Octavia.

“Did he?” said Cassius, turning to his son. Cassius' mask was slate-grey and bearded, with great black holes for his eyes. The set of the mouth was passive but often appeared to be frowning when his voice and body language made his displeasure clear.

“She asked,” said Alexander, not flinching from his father’s gaze. “It’s one of our most important holy days; it wouldn’t do to keep her ignorant of it.”

“I suppose,” said Cassius, his tone measured and even.

“We can discuss this after dinner,” said Portia. She had just noticed one of the wait staff standing in the doorway. They were seated in the dining hall, each of the four of them secured in their own chair back to back to back, each facing a different wall to ensure that they could not accidentally glimpse one another’s faces while eating. The staff laid out dinner and then beat a hasty retreat. Once alone and safely looking away, each family member raised his or her mask high enough to dine comfortably. Portia inhaled the scent of roast duck and realized she had no eaten all day. She was famished, but had only just this moment become aware of it.

Cassius talked a bit about his day in the Senate, and then Octavia would not stop asking questions about Hallowmas. “Mummy, why do we go unmasked on Hallowmas when to take off your mask is the greatest sin?”

“Because to go unmasked for a day is to remember why we must be masked on all other days,” said Portia. She heard Alexander mouthing the words along with her.

“Why is it such an important holy day?” asked Octavia.

“Because it’s when we conduct our most important rites and mysteries,” said Portia.

“What are the rites and mysteries?” said Octavia.

“Mostly drinking and fornicating,” said Alexander.

“Alexander!” said Cassius.

Portia heard Alexander shrug his shoulders. "That's what the help said."

"Which of them?" said Cassius. Alexander shrugged again.

"I can't remember now."

Portia frowned, and her appetite died.

That night the children went to their separate beds, and Portia shared a quiet moment with Cassius in the hall before they parted to their own rooms. He laid his brow on hers and she felt the hard line of his body through his clothes. A flicker of heat flared inside of her, but she tamped it down; the night before Hallowmas was a night for discipline and self-control.

“I’ll be at the North Gate tomorrow,” Cassius said.

“And I’ll be at the Great Bridge,” she replied. They had to know where each other would be so that they did not end up meeting by accident. In theory, one would never recognize an unmasked loved one, but of course, she knew every single part of Cassius’ body except his face. She’d heard horror stories about wives who accidentally recognized their husband’s birthmarks or scars during Hallowmas but too late not to have seen their faces. How awful, she thought, to look at your husband’s mask every day after and know what the real face underneath was like. Awful, and yet she could not stop thinking about it…

They parted. Portia paused by Alexander’s door, wondering if he was still awake and if he had overheard them. They had stopped by his door and spoken loudly on purpose, so that he too would know to avoid the places they would be. Teenagers were not allowed to take part in the festivities, but Portia was not so naïve as to think a boy Alexander’s age wouldn't sneak out anyway. And what of Octavia, Portia wondered? How many more years until she’s out in the streets, face naked for all to see, drinking the gods' wine and inviting men (or women?) to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh in the wayside gardens?

Portia closed her door and locked it. She undressed in the dark and laid her mask on the nightstand. Before bed, she ran her fingers over her exposed face, feeling the lines of her cheekbones, her nose, her brow, her lips. Her natural face was so unlike her. She lay on her thin mattress and recited orisons to herself until she fell asleep. It didn’t take long.


Portia woke with a feeling of unease. She reached for her mask, but no, not today, she reminded herself. Instead she sat up and ran her hands over her horribly bare face again. She listened; the house was completely silent; no children, no servants, no Cassius. She was the last one up and the last one out. Good.

Just walking down the halls unmasked made her feel ill. She was terrified at the thought of some stray, late-rising servant appearing, but there was no one. She went to the window and peeked through the curtains: There were people on the streets. Not many, as the crowds would gather in the public squares and the feast halls, but still she could see them. They were drinking and laughing and some even dancing, all of them dressed in costumes and all of them, of course, unmasked. How awful people's faces are, Portia thought, how terrible the way they move. She watched as a couple of girls, barely out of their teens, stole grapes off the vines covering her walls and ate them one by one, laughing. The way their mouths moved up and down seemed obscene. She closed the curtains.

She wanted to lock herself in, but of course, she could not. Dressing herself (she had no clothes garish enough to constitute a costume, but had made a wreath of flowers from the garden to wear as a crown), she covered her face with a wrapped scarf so that no dawdling neighbors would see her leave the house barefaced. This was permitted, indeed, resolutely necessary, as long as she removed it once she was away from her own home. She walked the empty streets for a few blocks. All the shops were closed except for the taverns, but even the taverns did no real business; everything was free, paid for by the church, and in each of the ale and wine houses you could find revelers dressed as monks and friars handing out libations; these, of course, were the Priests of Misrule, trusted with "guiding" the Hallowmas festivities. A great many of the people Portia passed were drunk, and even those who were not seemed surreally giddy, almost ecstatic, lost in some strange other world that existed only in their minds. This was, of course, expected.

Portia came to the bridge. It was a cool day, and bright. The public buildings were decorated with hanging vines, ripe gourds, cornstalks, and out-of-season flowers; Hallowmas was, above all, a fertility festival, an observation of the largesse of the gods. Here on the bridge, a great wooden idol in the shape of a sacred bull, hammered together from old planks and table legs and broken carts, was the centerpiece of the festivities. Surrounded by celebratory fires, the bull was the ultimate symbol of virility, and countless flagons of sacred wine were broken open against its horns, to the delight of the pious revelers.

Here Portia did away with her scarf, letting the harsh morning light scathe her naked cheeks. She uncoiled her hair from its braid as well, letting it hang free about her shoulders. A girl nearby, who a moment ago had been lost in divine ecstasy, gasped at the sight of Portia revealed, and indeed, her presence seemed to snap many out of their trance. Some of the bolder men made eyes at her, but she ignored them; marital indiscretions were hardly unheard of at Hallowmas, and indeed, they were almost considered holy rites in themselves, but she wanted nothing to do with these half-naked people and their lurid faces. Instead she went to the altar of the bull and picked up an empty chalice, letting a man dressed as a monk pour the sacred wine until it sloshed over the sides. She drank as much as she could in one go, and when her head spun and her knees went weak she allowed herself to fall.

To her surprise, someone caught her. Two strong hands supported her in her swoon and, half-leading and half-carrying, took her to the railing. She leaned on it, looking over the side and becoming somewhat lost in the churning blue waters below for a moment; the wine of the Priests of Misrule was particularly potent this year. Her mysterious rescuer fanned her until she was recouped, then showed her that he had rescued her cup as well. She thanked him for it with a mute whisper and, slowly this time, took a draught. The cold, cold wine soothed her insides. It was only now that she looked at the man who was with her, and when she did her breath caught in her throat; he was gorgeous! Portia had never seen an unmasked man so beautiful before.

The stranger was naked to the waist, and around his head was a crown of grapevines, and the vines trailed down his body. His fingers were stained with crushed grapes, and his skin was strangely dark, like someone who had spent long hours in the sun without covering of any kind. His hair was fair and his teeth were so white that when he smiled it almost blinded her. "May I share this cup?" he said. Portia stammered her consent, and he took the chalice from her; his fingers were very hot, and she trembled for a moment, spilling a few stray drops that ran over his fingers and onto hers. She wanted to stick those fingers in her mouth right then but she didn't. The strange man brought the cup to his lips, emptied it, and tossed it aside, letting it clamor on the stones of the street. Then he took both of her hands in his and held them up in a sign of thanks to the gods; Portia muttered a brief prayer along with him, but for once she was not thinking about the gods.

What am I doing, she thought as she let this stranger put his arm around her and walk with her across the span of the bridge. She could not take her eyes off of him. She should have been disgusted, should have felt sickened and repulsed by this man's shameful, unabashed physicality, but somehow this strange, nameless, divine man, was as beautiful as painted silk, even, as he was, unmasked and half-dressed. She felt a fire inside of her, a heat she thought long extinguished.

He pulled her aside, out of the thoroughfare and the mob. Her foot slipped just a little and she let herself fall against him, running her hands down his body as she did. She realized she was blushing, openly, nakedly blushing, but she didn't care. The strange man smiled some more and touched her cheek; she though it might burn his fingers it felt so hot. "I see you're very much in the spirit of the day," he said. Portia swallowed, realizing she hadn't said anything to him yet.

"To be honest," she said, "I don't think I've ever really understood the meaning of the Hallowmas carnival until now."

"I hear that so often," said the strange man. The reply made Portia feel merely common, but there was a gentleness about it that smoothed the rough edges away. Perhaps everyone was common next to a man like this? Without thinking, she almost asked his name, but closed her mouth at the last moment; even during a carnival there were limits to what was permitted. But the question seemed to linger, as if threatening to burst from her at any moment. To save herself, she stood as tall as she could, threw her arms around the strange man's neck, and kissed him.

She was terrified at first; she felt as if she were treading on a priest's robes. But the man, whoever he was, caught her up in his arms and pressed her to him, seeming to crush her like a grape in a press. Her heart leapt up and her head swam, and when the kiss was done she felt as if she'd bathed in sacred wine. She was not, she knew, really so drunk as she felt, but there was more to what was happening to her than just what went into the cups.

The stranger was pulling her aside, into an out-of-the-way garden at the edge of some estate, so open to the street and yet so tucked away and private that she had to guess it was designed for this very purpose. He pulled her in for another hot kiss and his strong hands ran up and down her body; Portia went weak in the knees but he held her up. She kissed the stranger again, and then she kissed his neck, and then she kissed the hard muscles and sinews of his chest, her wine-cooled lips gliding across his burning hot skin. And then she went lower…

Portia dropped to her knees, cushioned by the soft bed of grass and clover planted here. They were alone together, but of course, the garden was open, anyone at all could come in…but what did it matter? The stranger wore only loose white trousers, which she pulled down now, sliding them over his calves and knees. The sight of his prick, turgid and swollen, shocked her; she was used to quiet, respectful lovemaking in the dark, where such things remain partially hidden. To see it in broad daylight seemed unreal to her. She kissed it tentatively at first, unsure of herself, but soon she wrapped her mouth around the tip of the stranger's erection and, taking it slowly so as not to overwhelm herself, drew it in one inch at a time, letting her lips massage it on the way down. The stranger leaned against the garden wall, looking at her with half-lidded eyes. She went down until she choked and then eased off. The stranger brushed a strand of her hair off of her forehead. His fingers were strong but soft. She flushed all over.

Portia slid her tongue along the underside of his shaft, trailing wetness there, then slid it out of her mouth just far enough to tickle the head with the tip of her tongue. He seemed to enjoy that, or at least, to be amused by it, so she did it again, sliding her tongue around the ridge and teasing the spot behind it. His body radiated so much heat it was unreal. And what was that taste? She moved her mouth up and down on him again; the taste of his flesh was divine, a sweet and holy sensation that she could not place. She lapped at him, suddenly eager for more of it, and she opened her mouth wider, pushing him to the entrance of her throat, even allowing his fingers to fold themselves in her hair and push down, feeding himself to her. She moaned somewhere in her throat, sending the vibrations up and down him.

Portia was drifting away in the heat of the moment. A warm feeling of satisfaction started in her belly and spread through her body. Her mouth watered and she tried to pull even more of the stranger in, but there was nothing more, she had the entirety of him now, and she was feeling the essence of that sweet, drunken satisfaction that creates a greater need even as it gratifies. She heard, for a moment, footsteps on the stones behind her, and surprised voices, and even laughter, and opening her eyes for a moment she saw the stranger smile and wink, not at her but evidently at someone behind her. They were being watched. Perhaps there was even a crowd? She didn't care. She would not be interrupted. She wanted more. She had become single-minded in her pursuit of the stranger's flesh. She slid her hands up his taut thighs and around back, gripping his hips and all but forcing him, with as much power as her tiny body could summon, to go faster as he rocked back and forth, in and out of her gaping mouth.

His climax took her by surprise; he had given no indication, no verbalization, no change in his body language or breathing. But all of a sudden there was a sensation of pressure being released and then something wet and thick spreading across her tongue, filling her mouth. Portia's eyes snapped open, shocked, and for a second she had the urge to expel him, but she came to her senses fast and instead accepted it. The hot, wet flow spilled inside of her and she observed the gulping motion of her throat with a combination of fascination and horror. She imagined the stranger's seed mixing with the holy wine in her stomach. Is this the largesse of the gods too, she thought? And then she had to pull away because she was laughing, taken with a fit of merry madness.

All at once the stranger pulled her up again by her wrist, so fast that she nearly swooned again. She was gaping, red-faced, breathless, her knees shaking. The stranger smiled, stroking her cheek with the edge of one finger. "I hope you haven't worn yourself out already?" he said, "Come." He started to drag her along. She could barely keep one foot in front of the other.

"Come where?" she said, her words slurred.

"There are people you should meet," said the stranger. He was pulling her into a nearby prayer house, although by the sounds of things there was anything but prayer going on today. The statues and holy icons all had sheets and towels flung over their heads to symbolize the blindness of the gods' to humanity's actions today, and there were many half-empty casks of wine scattered about, and in the dark corners of the room there were many undressed people doing very many things that made Portia's insides quiver even as her head throbbed.

The stranger took her hand and presented it, very cordially, to a woman who was there, standing apart from the others, observing. This woman was pale but vibrant, with golden hair and long, exquisitely formed limbs. Her lips were such a deep red that they were almost purple, like the grapes that make the sacred wine. The stranger presented Portia's hand to this woman, who kissed it, in the manner of a gentleman. Portia's cheeks burned even brighter.

"I'd like you to meet my wife," said the stranger.

Portia's mouth fell open. "But you can't be here! Unmasked…you've seen each other!"

"So?" said the woman, still holding Portia's hand.

"But it's forbidden, a sin; it's monstrous!" Portia almost babbling now.

"According to whom?" said the stranger. He stood side by side with his wife now, both of them towering over Portia. "This is our house and we will decide what is sacred and what is profane. Who will tell us that it's wrong? You?"

"I—I—" said Portia. She felt confused, her head throbbing. She swayed on her feet again and both the stranger and his wife caught her.

"There, there," said the woman. They took her to a pew and sat her down. The woman began undressing Portia, who did not object. The feeling of her clothes gliding across her bare flesh was very gratifying. Her half-focused eyes fixated on three people in the corner who were very, very busy at something. Suddenly her vision was obscured by the stranger's wife, who leaned over Portia and kissed her with an open mouth. It was a fleeting thing, but Portia raised her head to chase after the woman's retreating lips when she moved away. The stranger swooped in and caught Portia's face in one hand, turning it toward him and giving her a matching kiss.

"I sense that you're feeling in the spirit of the season," said the stranger's wife. Portia nodded, since speaking was too difficult in her state. She was aware of the stranger's hands on her hips, guiding her into a dark corner of the room, and of the strange woman walking in front of her, beckoning her along. Suddenly Portia was in the midst of a mass of people, people half-glimpsed in the dark, a mass of writhing naked bodies and twining limbs. The stranger gave her a little push and almost sent her barreling into the midst of them, but someone (Portia had no idea who?) caught her and helped ease her down.

Portia lay on the floor, the tiles cool against her naked back. A sea of flesh moved around her and the air felt hot and still. She discovered another body pressed against hers, some anonymous woman lost in the drunken ecstasy of the moment, and when they came together (so soft, thought Portia) their lips joined in a long kiss. The nameless woman's hands moved up and down Portia's body, tracing the outline of her hips and her thighs, and Portia raked her fingers up the other woman's back, outlining in the curve of her spine. How remarkable, she thought, that this woman should be composed of all the same parts as I have, and yet we should look nothing alike. She set about testing the theory, examining, with her hot lips and soft hands, the various delicate parts of her unseen partner, tasting the slope of her neck and the angle of her shoulders, feeling the firmness and the ripeness of her breasts, testing the degree of her backside and the plane of her thighs. Portia anatomized the other woman one inch at a time, oblivious to their surroundings.

Suddenly, hands tugged at Portia's hair, and she was turned to greet another kissing mouth, another pair of exploring hands. A woman again, by the feel of her. Portia accepted the attention without complaint. Then she was pulled in a different direction and the hard, lean body of a man lay against her, his kisses hard and insistent. Someone else was behind her now and she felt the distinct throb of an erection against her backside. Strange hands pulled her hair again, arching her neck and back, pressing her breasts forward into the waiting molestation of the man in front of her. One of the women insinuated herself into the group, kissing her way up the exposed flank of Portia's thigh as she was pressed between the two men. None of these strangers, though, was the golden-haired couple who had brought Portia here; this she knew, because now and then she caught sight of them elsewhere in the shadows, always standing, always watching her, sometimes together and sometimes individually. But eventually she was buried underneath the huddle of competing bodies and lost sight of them entirely.

So many hands pulled at her, touched her, groped and fondled her; she felt pulled apart in every direction. She met lips on all sides too, too many to count or keep track of, too many mouths against her naked breasts or exposed neck or pale white shoulders. There were other intrusions on her too; a large hand snaked it way between her thighs, following them up, coming to the place where they met, and then strong fingers were massaging her naked sex. The throbbing feeling there spread out across her. Portia moaned and, with some difficulty because of the crowd, spread her legs. The weight of a body on top of hers took her breath away for a moment, but she had no time to catch it as the force of the unknown man's prick entering her made her chest heave and her knees shake. He propped himself over her on the tile floor and made quick business of pumping her soft, pliant body over and over again. Such a strange feeling, not like her husband at all—the unbidden memory of Cassius brought her back to herself for an instant, but the wine haze quickly swallowed her up again and she forgot him. She put her hands up and touched this anonymous man's face, feeling the lines of his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, trying to imagine what he might look like if she saw him more fully.

Her exploration was interrupted when one of the woman snaked her body across Portia's, kissing her and then direction Portia's open mouth to her small, soft breasts. Portia's tongue lapped at them, rubbing across the rubbery flesh of one nipple and listening to the tiny gasp catch in the other woman's throat. How remarkable that people's bodies could be operated so easily. Her own was responding with a rush of wetness down below, along with a contraction of muscles independent of her control. She kissed the other woman's flat stomach and hard thighs, then pushed her face between them, finding the other woman's wet sex and caressing it with her tongue. Portia couldn't help but compare it to her own.

And then she wondered, would this man, who was frantically making love to her in the dark as if his life depended on never suspending his pace, even know the difference between her and this other woman? Would he be able to feel it? She decided to find out. She pushed the both of them off of her; there was some difficulty in this, but when she used her nails it finally got a response. Then, standing on wobbly legs, she pushed the two of them together; it was childishly simple to maneuver them against one another, and soon Portia could see, dimly, in the shadows, their frantic coupling, neither of them missing a beat.

Strong hands grabbed at her again as some other man seized her and bent her over. She offered no resistance, and he began taking her from behind, grunting and moaning in the dark. Portia braced her hands against the wall and pushed back against him, feeling the hard bones of his hips bouncing off her body. Spikes of heat radiating through her every time he penetrated. When he finished after a few minutes of artless but ardent rutting he was almost immediately replaced by someone else, and it began again, and Portia, robbed of her senses, could not tell the difference between them, nor between any of the other line of faceless, nameless, meaningless men who used her body, one after another, nor between the equally indistinguishable women who pleasured and took pleasure with her. They were bodies in the dark, willing and eager flesh, a banquet of touch and taste. Portia took greedy mouthfuls of each meal, wondering how alike her own flesh was to theirs; did they know her? Was she as faceless to them as they were to her, or was she somehow special, remarkable, noteworthy, even here, even now? Would she be remembered? Would she know? She had no way to be sure.

Eventually the others dropped away, exhausted, bored, drunk. Portia was wrung-out and spent, but something about the burning ache of the wine wouldn't let her rest. People slept in two and threes on the floor around her and she picked her way between them. Finding one man still alert and at attention, she went to all fours in front of him and sucked his prick in the dark until he contributed to the growing communion in her body, and then he too fell away, uselessly slumbering. Portia groped her way across the floor, blind and helpless, until familiar hands found her; her strange host and his equally strange wife, still here or perhaps returned from an absence, had come to retrieve her. They stood her up, cleaned her off as best they could, covered her with some bare semblance of modesty, and helped take her from the house.

"Have you been enjoying your rites today?" said the strange man.

"Mmm, yes…" Portia said.

"We have more for you," said the strange woman, as they bore her along between them. More, thought Portia? What else could there possibly be? The sun was getting low. Portia eventually found her feet and began to walk of her own accord, staying between the couple, comfortable in their presence now, indeed, thirsty for it. She slipped an arm around each of their waists, and accepted theirs in return. Ah, now here were bodies she could distinguish, bodies that, even in the dark, she would never forget nor mistake for anyone else's. She became fascinated by the movement of their legs, particularly the way their ankles flexed. For some time she was so distracted by this that she didn't pay any attention to where they were going. Only when she saw the cathedral spires did her feet drag.

"We're going there?" she said.

"Where else on this most sacred day?" said the woman.

"But it's forbidden!" said Portia.

"You say that so often," said the stranger. They approached the gilded gates.

"We can't get in," Portia insisted, "there's no one there." But no sooner did she say it than the gates creaked open. The stranger and his wife entered, greeted formally by whoever was admitting them. When Portia, after a moment's hesitation, followed, she was stunned to see Father Marlowe. Yes, Father Marlowe, in his robes and wearing his mask, against all custom and holy law, wearing a mask on Hallowmas! Portia gasped, as did he when he saw her.

"Portia!" he said. "But what are you doing here child? No, not you, not you of all—"

"I followed them," said Portia. "They insisted that—wait, how did you know me? How do you know my face?"

Father Marlowe seemed about to answer but the stranger gave him a dark look, and he bowed his head. "Well," he muttered, "you are here. There is nothing to be done about it now. Come along."

He led them into the cathedral. Portia was at a loss to keep up, and she had no idea what was going on. It wasn't just the wine now, in fact she felt almost completely sober again. The high arches of the cathedral, always so comforting to her, seemed dark and sinister now. She tried to stay close to Father Marlowe, although in truth his presence was disturbing. How could a priest of all people dare to wear his mask today? And yet the strange couple did not seem bothered by it. Portia began to feel ill; who were these people? How could they so casually stomach such unspeakable sins? Even on Hallowmas there were lines that should never be crossed. She wanted to ask Father Marlowe, but he made a sign for silence, and his eyes behind his mask seemed desperate and pleading.

To Portia's surprise, the sanctuary was full of lights and people; no, she realized, not people at all, merely a line of dressing dummies wearing priest's robes and sacred golden masks in the likeness of bulls, a convocation of masks without faces behind them. Ceremonial torches burned on all sides, and the smell of incense filled the air. What in the world was going on? She followed Father Marlowe and he followed the strange couple, and up to the altar they all went, but here Father Marlowe warned her back. He made suppliant gestures to the couple, who stood at the very utmost of the altar.

"We greet you today, most holy and divine of personages," said Father Marlowe. The stranger smiled a little; his wife was impassive. "And we greet the witness you've brought." Portia started a little when she realized he was talking about her. "In your name, in your honor, shall we initiate the sacrifice?"

The stranger was about to speak but his wife cut him off: "Let her do it," she said. Again, Portia knew they were talking about her, and a hard feeling formed in the pit of her stomach, though she could not imagine what "it" could be. Father Marlowe paused for only a fraction of a second.

"Of course, my lady," he said.

He went to Portia; she stood face to face with the priest, and his eyes looked sad. Portia had no idea what was expected of her. He patted her hand once, reassuring her, and then he turned away and, to her horror, removed his mask, dropping it. Then he shed his robe as well, and for a moment Portia felt as if she were going blind, or perhaps that the world was going out of focus, and when the moment passed Father Marlowe was gone and where he had been, and indeed, still standing over the remains of his robes and mask, was a sacred white bull, lowing and snorting. It was huge and vibrant and alive; in the torchlight she saw sweat dappling its flanks, and when it turned to her its breath warmed her skin. Is it real, Portia thought, half wanting to touch it but half afraid to as well.

Then the stranger and his wife came to her, he guiding her forward and she placing a dagger in Portia's hand. The bull did not seem afraid, indeed, it took a few steps toward her, a friendly gesture, almost. It wasn't until the act was already done that Portia realized that, in one swift motion, she had cut the bull's throat; her hands had moved entirely of their own accord. She gasped and dropped the knife, but though a red stain spread across the great bull's white hide and its blood flowed over the tiled floor the animal did not cry out, did not stagger, did not fall. It stood calm, peaceful, letting its blood flow in streams, making no sign of pain. The stranger knelt, catching some of the blood in a sacred chalice. Portia shook her head, feeling ill. "What's going on?" she said, but the stranger hushed her.

Minutes passed and the stream of blood diminished to a dribble, but somehow the bull still lived. It shook its ears and flicked its tail, and that was all. The stranger put one bronzed hand on the bull's flank and his wife touched it on the forehead, and then the huge animal turned and trotted away, heading toward the altar, and then the world went out of focus again and the beast was gone, vanished, and if not for the blood on the floor Portia would not have believed it had been there in the first place.

"What…what was that?" she said.

"A farewell to the flesh," said the stranger. "Now Hallowmas is done; the most sacred rite has been observed, and you are our witness."

"Not yet," said the woman. She took the blood-filled chalice and, from the altar, retrieved a flagon of wine, which she mixed with the blood in the cup. Then she presented the cup to Portia. "Drink." It was not a request. Portia gagged, shaking her head, but the woman pushed the cup forward. "Drink!" she said again. "It's important. It's the covenant."

"But why?" said Portia. "What does it mean? What's going on here? Who are you?"

"Don't you know?" said the stranger. "Isn't it obvious who we are?"

Portia began to cry. The woman pushed the cup to her lips, almost choking her, and she drank; the concoction had an acrid, biting taste, and it burned her throat, but she drank. The alcoholic haze overtook her again, and she did not resist as the stranger carried her to the altar, laying her naked body across it, and the two stood over her, the man on one side, the woman on the other, hands joined over her. "Now it's done," said one of them (she could not tell which). "The flesh has been affirmed. Humanity's revels are ended."

Portia saw the masks of the gods on the walls; worse, she knew that they saw her. She wanted to cry out but no words came.

"Accept us back into the world now. Accept us into your hearts, your minds, and your bodies."

Portia was burning up inside; her limbs were on fire.

"Accept us," said the man, kissing her.

"Accept us," repeated the woman, kissing her again. Portia's lips burned with divine fire. Her body was floating away, or perhaps was being consumed. The stranger, she realized, was on top of her now, taking her across the altar, right there in front of the eyes of the gods, and his wife was leaning over, presenting her breasts to Portia's mouth, and Portia's skin burned, and her body became lighter and lighter, until it seemed she was not there at all. In the midst of her delirium, she thought she saw the images of the gods remove their masks. She thought she saw the naked faces of the gods. And—how horrifying to realize!—she saw that they looked just like anyone else.

In the final moments of Hallowmas, Portia could no longer tell mortals and gods apart. She couldn't bear it. So instead, she slept.


She woke the next day in her own home again; she did not remember coming back, indeed, did not remember anything after that moment on the altar. And how much of what happened there was memory and how much simply a mad dream? She did not know. She thought she might never know.

She was sore all over, and her hands were still stained with wine; wine, and perhaps something else. She tried to wipe them on her bedclothes before realizing what she was doing. She dressed herself with aching limbs, pausing only briefly before putting her mask on. It settled against her face, and when she opened her eyes everything about the world seemed to make sense again. Yes, everything was all right.

She went to the east sitting room, where the family was already awake and waiting for her. Cassius embraced her, setting his brow against hers, while Octavia chattered with bright greetings and Alexander, at his books as always, gave her a nod. It was a beautiful day outside, and the entire city was rising to greet the open air and the bright sun; with Hallowmas come and gone they had their entire lives to get back to.

"Good morning, Mummy," said Octavia.

"Good morning, Mother," said Alexander.

"Good morning, darlings," said Portia. She frowned; was there something wrong with her voice? It seemed to echo inside her mask. If so, no one else noticed. Cassius sat with her on a couch, talking about dinner with the count that evening; Portia found herself staring at Cassius' bare hands, comparing them to those of the stranger, even to those of the stranger's wife.

The stranger…

She was seized with a kind of spasm, almost a seizure, at the memory of that bizarre, blasphemous couple. She wondered who they were, where they were today, what they were doing, and the thought set a ringing in her mind, as if the bells of every church had split. Cassius did not seem to notice anything was wrong. He kept talking: "Did you know," he said, "Father Marlowe died yesterday."

"He did?" said Alexander.

"Oh yes. In his sleep, in the sanctuary, apparently. They found him this morning. Quite a thing, dying on a holy day. Seems appropriate. I wonder how we'll ever replace him. Anybody who came along would think—"

Octavia noticed first; her screams alerted the others. They all started, then looked at Portia, and then cried out as well. Cassius tried to look away, but it was too late. Octavia would not stop screaming, and eventually she took a needle from her mother's sewing basket and, in a fit, tried to blind herself, but Alexander stepped in to save her. In the end it didn't matter; what they had seen could not be unseen.

Portia had taken her mask off. Right there, in front of everyone, taken it off and broken it into pieces, and now the pieces were sifting through her fingers, falling away, going to dust, and then even the dust was gone. She looked at her husband and children with her naked face for the first time. "Accept us," she remembered the strangers saying. "Accept us," they'd said, again and again.

Cassius took her by her shoulders, shaking her, trying to get her to speak, trying to reason with her. Alexander shielded Octavia's view of the room, hugging her, trying to comfort her. Portia said nothing. Minutes passed before Cassius could get her to say anything, and when she did all she said was: "Accept us. Accept us." He stared, helpless, horrified, not understanding. But Portia was too far gone to explain.

When she opened her eyes she did not see her family anymore; without her mask on, she saw the faces of gods. And the gods saw her. And it was good.

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I woke up and my wife was gone and I took a shower and put on a bathrobe over my naked body and walked next door. I has a small bag of goodies to bring for our day of fucking. I walked in and Tyler was already naked and vacuuming the house. I sat on the couch and played with my self as she cleaned her house and then i took her upstairs. I layed a big black vibrator on the bed and had her put on a leather half cup bra that pushed up her huge tits and a leather crotchless panties that accented her big pussy lips. She put her hair up in a leather strap and I put on leather wrist bands and ankle restraints. I placed a few whips and tickle devices on the night stand.

I layed on my back and she got on my cock and was riding me like a cow girl and I handcuffed her left arm to the brass bed. I told her to get loud and vulgar and she screamed and came on my cock. It was just after 12 when I heard foot steps coming up the stairs to the master bedroom. I reached up and fondled Tyler big juggs and started to pinch her thumb size nipples. Big thick stream of milk shot out and hit the wall and the brass head board. Tyler screamed and said "fucking milk man, suck my breast mother fucker!!!!" I heard a groan and a brief case hit the the floor. My wife was standing there in a black corset and her dress was on the floor. Next to her was Rick and he looked stunned. Tyler was still riding my cock and yelling "Yes! Yes! master. Please fuck me harder. I love you big hard cock." Tyler finally turned and saw Rick standing there with a a cold expression.

My wife reached in her purse and pulled out a dog collar and put it on Rick neck. He froze and looked at Mindy and then she pulled down on his collar and he got on his knees in front of the bed. I unhand cuffed Tyler and she got up. Her pussy was dripping and my dick was coated with her wetness. Her nipples were engorged and small white milk droplets were on her breast. My wife pulled a chair out and I sat in front of them at the edge of the bed. I motion Tyler to come over and she got on her knees. She put her big juggs on my lap and engulfed my whole entire 9 3/4 inches into her throat. She had become a great cock sucker and I saw Rick look at her in amazement. I moved my ass slightly and then white goo spurted out her lips on the rug. There was still cumm on my dick and balls and my wife pulled Rick over in front of me.

I closed my eyes and felt two tongues on my balls and my wife pussy was next to my face as she held onto my shoulders and head. My wife handcuffed Rick to the chair and made him sit naked and he watched us fuck and whip and molest his wife for the whole night. It was 4am before my wife crawled out of bed and tugged on Rick dick and he dribbled on the rug.

We just got back for the hospital and Mindy had just given birth. We rode home in our new sports car and dropped off Rick at a bachelor party at the end of town. We were to pick him up after the party. They had paid extra if the hooker would swallow and Rick looked great dressed as a hooker. My wife went to part time at the bank and has been whoring Rick out to different groups.

Mindy should be home tomorrow and we hope to introduce her to our new neighbors the Caulfields who just moved in. Anglea Caulfield is on maternity leave also and I could barely make out her huge assets under her bikini. Before I forget, Mindy name the baby after me. She got matching tattoo's with Rick and they placed my name on each one of there ass cheeks:




Charity At Work 1: Adventures in Babysitting

Welcome back faithful readers

Charity Jones here again returning to entertain you with more adventures of my misspent youth.

My lat recounting detailed certain highpoints in my life as it transpired through the11th grade in my 16th year of life. I introduced you to the complete trinity of my closest friends, Faith and Hope. I also landed myself a highschool sweetheart by the name of Chet, who in turned out to be my personal cuckold. And of course the trials and tribulations of jut being a high school teen.

The school year ended with a whimper and less of a bang, due in great deal to our Nazi Bitch Vice Principal who was weekly punishing us for our tartly ways. I was just happy it was over and even quietly sailed through my 17th birthday just a scant couple weeks before the end of final exams.

Based on my previous accounts you would have thought I was ready to embark on a bacchanal spree of sex and debauchery. It had certainly been my pattern in the year that had just passed. But now I found myself ruminating.I was only now just seventeen, but I felt like I was on the verge of a crisis or an epiphany.

I had been in this relatively small Texas town for exactly a year now. I had stepped off the bus a spoilt rich kid from the East Coast banished here by the humiliation of an incarcerated and completely dishonest father. Sent to live with a Mother I knew nothing true of, and had been only been spread lies about.

I quickly developed an incestuous relationship with her, lost my virginity to a couple of her black lovers. Met up with my soul-sister the trash talking Faith O’ Reilly. Been involved with orgies and foursomes with her and my mother, and ended up in a huge black gangbang with those two and the preachers wife.

And that was just last summer.

The school year had been more of the same. Adding the goth girl and extreme cumslut Hope to complete our trinity. Tutoring sessions with donkey dicked ubergeek of the school. Monthly gangbangs of the three of us by the football team. Cuckolding my boyfriend. Sleeping with my Momma and her boyfriend and his employees. A sex for grades program with teachers topped off with anal punishments for that act by the evil Vice Principal

It was crazy!

Was the next year going to be more of the same? Was I always just going to be bubby blonde nympho? My Momma seemed happy being that way, and despite my love for her, there was no way I was going to spend the rest of my life in a trailer park putting out for the nearest monster cock if he just asked..

My options were limited it seemed though. My father had mapped out my entire life for me, from boarding schools to Ivy league universities. I was even content I would end up married to some stuffed shirt and live in a huge house in an upscale Connetticut zip code with 2.5 kids and a dog. But his Ponzi schemes put an end to that horrible illusion.

My plans on escaping the double-wide trailer I shared with Momma here was inherently dependent on money. Enough money to get into a decent university in addition to any kind of scholarship or grant I could somehow find. Momma had been sending me returned letters full of cash since I was young, and initially it was a big pile of money.

But many many beer later, in addition to huge new wardrobe, a lot of pot and many blatant luxuries; that mountain was quickly in danger of turning into a molehill. And if I kept up my spending-like-a-sailor habits, it would be gone by January.

It was time for the dreaded JOB.

It was a couple short days after our grades came out showing us that we had passed with flying colours. Hope and I with straight A’s and Faith with straight B’s ( her idea, she thought going from C- minus to A would have raised too many red flags on the drunken home front). We were celebrating by tanning on the roof of the double wide with Momma.

It was a good spot for getting an all-body tan as no one could see what we were up to.Momma, Faith and I were as naked as the Lord made us. Hope on the other hand was under a beach umbrella in a black one piece suit slathered with enough industrial sunscreen that a plant would die from not getting sunlight, she was rather proud of her pale as a ghost skin.

We were sharing beers and a couple joints when the topic of conversation eventually turned to the crisis vexing me.

“ I really do wish I could help you honey pie, “ Momma said in her thick Texan drawl, “ but I had already started peeling at your age and those were different times”

“ Yeah, one stripper is enough for a family at a time:. Faith joked

I punched her in the arm.

Momma leaned up on her side, her huge and heavy breasts sloping over as well. She was in her late 30’s but her “ money makers” as she called them were still a sight to behold in all the 36F glory.. Her and I resembled each other strongly. She kept her hair somewhat cured while mine was straight but both were the same corn field blonde. AS were the matching eyes of sky blue. I was smaller on the bust size being a 32DD, at least I was until about a month back, the beer had been catching up to me and I was now a 34DD. And I swore to god the twin sisters on my chest were getting bigger.

“ Shush now Faith O’ Reilly” said Momma to my BFF

Faith just softly laughed and lit up a joint.

Faith was the opposite of me. She was taller than me, I stood at 5’ 4” and she was 5’ 9” and would be 5’ 10” when she graduated. She was slim and athletic with a runner’s body. She had fire engine red hair and emerald green eyes which seemed to glow when she was plotting something devious. She typically kept her hair in pigtails or a ponytail. She was always obsessed with my boobs, pawing at them in pubic if no one was looking being borderline flat at 32B herself. When we fooled around together , her lips would always be planted on one of my nipples.

“ I’m just saying Busty McGee here needs to go out and do some hard work for once and get her fingers dirty”

“ Busty McGee the Younger”, I burst in trying to sound snobbily posh.

“ Excuse me your High Titty-ness”, Faith said pinching a nipple.

“ She could always branch into your clearly save labour camp conditions pharmacuetical industry,”, Hope quietly chimed in

Hope Jenkins was always an odd one. She was a punk rock brainiac. By today’s standards she would have been called a Goth, but late 80’s Texas simply didn’t have those. She stood in the middle of out heights at 5’6” and while I was all American blonde and Faith was Irish red; Hope was dark as night. This thick THICK black hair which she kept tied in a ponytail, but when unravelled was a thick lustrous dark cape that reached to her ass. She was a top heavy girl to, at 34D and her eyes were the most chilling ice blue. She was a curvy girl, not fat just “ thick” as they call it now with creamy white skin.

Faith was the tomboy, I was the popular cheerleader , and Hope was the introspective geek. There was no way the three of us should have normally been friends in a normal high school caste structure. But our debauchery bound us in ways no one could know. Pus we found we had other secrets about each other that we shared that made us ignore “ the system”.

“ You’re talking about my pot business arent you smarty-pants”, Faith asked

“ Yes, you certainly do exhaust yourself with it”, Hope said sarcastically

“ Hey, that took 3 years to build and someone has to pay the bills at home”

Hope looked like she was going to add something smartass again to her friendly rival Faith. Momma and I quickly shot her a glare that silenced her and she went back to reading Dante’s Il Purgato ( in italian no less).

Faith’s home life was a nightmare. She lived in a beat down trailer jut across from Momma and I which she shared with her drunk ass dad. He was a falling down mean drunk who somehow barely kept a job at the town brewery. He would drink himself into a rage and a stupor every night and engage in long fights with Faith . The mother had left years ago, leaving Faith trapped in her wake. Sometimes these fights had turned physical and Faith would sneak into my bedroom window crying with a blackened eye or split lip and cry herself to sleep with me.

Faith all but lived with us now, spending half the week here at a time, only going back to pay the power , cable and buy groceries for her old man. Momma and I were always pressing her to lay charges, but Faith never would and the local police were fools , always siding with the good ole boy rather then the chick connected to pot dealing. He would always be nicer to her when she returned home after 3 or 4 nights with us, but then the fight would start up again and Faith would be camping with us. Thank God he had never touched her sexually, that much we had squeezed out of her.

“ I know ya gotta do what ya gotta do Faith, “ Momma drawled out, “ but there ain’t no way I’m letting my baby girl sling pot..even if it’ that fine ass Canadian shit you’re bogarting right now”

“ Fair enough, “ Faith smiled and handed the joint over.

“ No pot dealing, no titty shaking, glad that clears up those lucrative career paths for a high school girl”, I snorted

“ You’re too young to start the Xaviera Hollander route”, Hope said taking a sip of her beer.

“ The who’s route?”, I asked raising an eyebrow

“ The Happy Hooker” , Hope said with a smirk

“ Bitch”. I said with a laugh smacking her leg.

“ She is getting a lot of practice though” Faith said

“ Hey!”

“She’s almost caught up with me, and I’ve got nearly twenty years on her”, Momma chortled

“ HEY!”

Momma just rolled onto her front and faced Faith who rolled over too so that they were face to face and sharing a joint much closer.

“ There are plenty of summer jobs out there, you just gotta apply yourself.” Momma said taking a toke

“ Wish I could help but the Bijoux isn’t hiring right now”, Hope said not sarcastically, she worked every summer at the town movie theatre, “ but I do have an idea.”

“ This better not involve some kind of joke about me being on my back”, I said finishing off my beer

‘ I’m hurt, really, to the bottom of my black soul”

“ Spill it freak girl”

Faith had taken a huge drag and had pushed her lips to Momma’s to share the toke. It was a kiss fest after wards as I could see their tongues dart out in half breaths, into each others mouths. I was getting horned up watching, damnit, I hate when they’re right.

“ Babysitting”, Hope said picking a can of Bud out from the cooler

It was a good idea actually. Very conventional too, and with incredibly low odds of leading to nookie I thought. Hope had two significantly younger brothers, and she had done this in the past It didn’t sound half bad for a starter job. Kudos to Hope

“ Unless you want to give 10 dollar blowjobs behind the Zebra Club” she stuck her tongue out at me.

“ Hardy har har”

Hope leaned forward out of her shaded pot and placed the cold beer can right between Faiths buttcheeks. The slim redhead shrieked and almost flew straight up in the air. She cursed obscenities at Hope till she was red in the face too. She sat up , took a breath, opened the beer can and then thanked Hope for the beer.

“ I think it’s brilliant, you already babysit your Momma when I come home plastered”, Momma said with a smile

“ Just one suggestion for you when it comes to handling kids, my dear Charity”, Hope intoned.

“ And that is?”, I asked back

“ Don’t fuck the children.”

I threw my empty beer can at her.


Babysitting then was a little different than it is now. There no websites I could post on about it, the internet being noisy dial up to BB sites and what not. You actually had to go out looking and it wasn’t exactly initially easy for me. The only parents I knew were Hope’s and she already was the built-in babysitter Or Mr Parsons the preachers wife, but based on all my run-ins with her , the babysitting would end with one of her boyfriend’s black cocks up my ass

Luckily our Church had a huge bulletin board so I had a small stroke of genius I took a picture of myself, taped it to a piece of paper and my qualifications and phone number and photocopied it and pasted it on the bulletin board.

“ Charity Jones. Honour Roll Student. Assistant Captain of Cougars Cheer-squad GO COUGARS! Attends Sunday service weekly. Available for babysitting. Rates negotiable. Call me at 555 -2868”, Faith read it out loud

“ What do you think?” I asked holding my breath

“ Assistant Captain?”, Faith asked, “ does that even exist?”

“ I am slated for Captain when the school year starts, it’s just stretching it…. a bit”

“ Tell you what Big Tits, even I’m gonna get a job”

“ Really?”

“ Yeah, the police are sniffing around again, I’d rather not spend Grad night in juvie”

Bolstered by the support that even Faith was beginning the job hunt, I posted diligently on the bulletin board .

The calls came relatively quickly, in a couple day actually. Half of them were crank calls, teen boys and younger wanting to comment on my tits. We would lie and tell them we were tracking their call and they would hang up in fear, this was before call display too. Boys are stupid.

My first job came about two days after putting it up. Mr John and Jane Smith wanted help with John Jr. when they went out for dinner. Yes, those are the fakiest fake names I’ve used yet, but you’ll find out why as the story progresses. Let’s just say these two never want to be discovered.

They were a lovely couple and their son was 6 years old of complete joy. John Sr was tall with next door good looks and a dark brown buzz cut you could grate cheese with. Jane was a dirty blonde with an average build and a sweet as pie disposition. They were so wholesome I almost felt as if I were developing diabetes. They were the wholesome I pretended and still pretend to be.

The night went incredibly smoothly and I got 50 bucks out of it. 50 bucks for watching kids movies, paying Snakes and Ladders, feeding him a snack, tucking him in and reading him a Curious George story. I also found out I adore kids.

They were a bit tipsy when they came in and while Jane was paying me and asking me how my night was, John Sr was blatantly staring at my tit’s the entire time. I’m used to flaunting them off but it was still a bit weird in front of his wife. She just excused him saying that boys were boys. She then had John Sr drive me home.

I had to keep a straight face on the way back to avoid bursting out laughing. You see he started asking me the weirdest inane questions. About school, About my shirt. About music. Wondering if I get back pains. About family. About how my mother and I shared the same figure. About how good it is too see me in Church. About how he loves the tops my mother and I wear to church. He was talking about my tits, whist trying to avoid talking about my tits. I answered him the best I could with a straightface.

When he dropped me off, I gave him a peck on the cheek for a thanks for driving me and ran off inside. As soon as he drove away I burst into gales of laughter that went on so long that naked Momma and naked Marcus came out of the bedroom ( him sporting his foot long black dong glistening from my Momma’s pussy juices) to see if everything was okay. I told them what happened and then joined them in bed for the rest of the night.

I got a call the next night from Jane Smith asking if I was free both Friday and Saturday evening. They were both so impressed and completely secure with me already. They wanted to go for dinner Friday and dancing Saturday. I readily agreed.

Friday night came and I headed over, to be a tease I dressed in a blouse and left a few buttons undone . Jane loved my top and thought I was just so pretty. She even asked John if he thought my top was pretty, he just flushed quickly red and stammered something out while getting his coat on.

The night was yet another breeze entertaining John Jr and passed again without another hitch. Mom and Dad came home, tipsy again and Jane insisted on John driving me home.

This time I decided to drive the guy a little crazy and see how far he would go.

It was normally a 20 minute drive, so about 5 minutes in I decided to work my mojo on him

He was going on again about how normally cheerleaders were a lot more waif like than I, and if my figure ever presented a problem in practice, if the cheerleader top was too snug

“ Do you want to see them?”, I casually asked them

He stammered and gulped, “ ummmm, see …see what?”

So cute.

“ Do you want to see my tits?”

He all but swerved off the road at this, but gathered his wits quickly and continued driving on ahead, albeit somewhat slower this time.

“ I don’t think that would be appropriate Charity”, he said fixing his eyes on the road

I started unbuttoning my top as when I looked him up and down, I could plainly see his hard on tenting in his pant

“ Don’t be coy, you’ve been staring at my big tits since you first saw me”

“ Charity!”, a half swerve as he glanced over at me freeing my prisoners, “ I’m twice your age”

My top was now completely off and I was unclasping my bra in the middle.

“And your cock is twice the size it was when you got in the car”

“ Charity!”, he said sweating, “ I’m a happily married man”

“ And I’m a horny girl”

With that I swooped down into his lap. My lips were cock-guided systems and I start kissing his dick through his pants. He was definitely very hard, and my mouth on him through his slacks was making him harder. He swerved again but gained control.

“ Charity”, he said attempting to push my head away

“ Shush, “ I softly said and started undoing his fly.

His cock jumped free from his slakcs and brushed up against my face. I kissed it all over to his deighted moans. John probably hadn’t had a different woman on his dick since before he got married, and maybe not even then. In either case he certainly was enjoying my attentions. So I went back to work kissing his dick

I started licking at him like a cat, fast darts then slow long wet drags from base to tip. I wrapped my lips around his cockhead and started sucking on it like a nipple, milking it with my mouth, teasing his peehole with the tip of my tongue. His groans were a sign he loved it.

He pulled over to the side of the road and reclined his chair a bit. This allowed me more room to manevour and I took advantage of it. I pulled his pants down so I could access to hi entire length. He was average sized, being a size queen I was disappointed but not ever guy I going to be a monster. I tongued his balls and rolled them around in my mouth.

I started deep throating him with ease, that was one of the perks he had not being a monster. I could have him all the way down my throat without gagging and sputtering for air. I started hungrily slurping and alternating deep throating his dick. He was loving this, I bet Jane could never throat him.

I also reached under my skirt to play with my self while I was entertaining him, he probably didn’t have a cue what to do with another woman, so this was a good way to not be dissapointed. I love cock sucking, so I was already ripe and juicy for my fingers.

“ Move up the chair”, I told him

He did so wondering what I was up to, all it was so that I could craw between his legs. He was sitting awkwardly looking down , hi head almost mushed into the hood of car.

I ay up against his him, his crotch against my chest, and I pushed my tits together wrapping his cock thickly inside them.

“ This is what you wanted, my hot young big teen tits”, I smiled wickedly

“ Yes, Charity, oh yes”, he was already sweating

I released his throbbing boner for a couple moments to lube his stick up with spit. I then pushed my its together enveloping his dickmeat between my huge boobs once more. I could fee slightly thrust between them when they were firmly entrapped.

“ That’s it Mr Smith, fuck my its”

He then started to do so, slowly at first. The delicious friction between his oft skinned hard cock and my boobs was just delightful. I had him trapped there and all he could do was enjoy. He groaned and started pushing his hips up and down.

“ Yeah, you love these big tits, don’t you?” I asked, egging him on

He groaned “ Yes” and started fucking my tit even more

I egged him on more, and soon he was gripping my shoulders and plunging himself up against me. The friction turning hot and his body trembilng. He was seriously fucking my tits now, and I had to thrust my chest back into him to keep him from bucking free. It was hot, but more so for him. We were both sweating as he pounded away at my fun bags.

“ Oh God, I’m gonna , I’m gonna…” he started gasping out and getting still and shaking

I spit between my tits for more lube and then squeezed them together with both hands and started bouncing my chest up and down on his crotch. Now I was titfucking him

“ Cum for me. Shoot your load between my tits”

“Oh god”

“ Cum for me. Cum for me”

“ Oh god”

“ Cum. Cum . Cummmmmmmm”

“ Fuck…agggh!”

And then he spurt, a big load he must have been saving for weeks, it shot up between my tits and coated the underside of my chin. As he kept spurting I kept milking his dick with my double D’s. He spurted three more times coating my collarbone and my the top of my tits. I eased up and felt one more small spurt nestle itself between my cleavage.

He jerked and spasmed for a coupe more minutes as I let go of his cock from my tit-trap. I nestled hy head and licked his cock clean from al the cum on it. I then wiped the cum off my chin and slurped that up too. I rubbed the rest of his cum into my tit.

“ I’ve heard it helps them get bigger”, I said with a wink.

I put my bra and blouse back on and he pulled up hi pants and started driving. It was a quiet drive back. Me with a shit eating grin and him not knowing what to say. When we pulled up to the double wide in the trailer park he nervously he fished out another 50 bucks in addition to the 50 I got for babysitting from his wife. It was due to taking care of both boys tonight he claimed. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went inside.

The next night came and I was back to the Smith household. They were dressed to the nines for a night of dancing and looked great. Jane asked is John was handsome in his suit, I told her that he was good enough to eat. He just flushed and hurried to the car.

It was a night of Disney movies followed by more Curious George before bedtime for Junior. John and Jane pulled in around midnight, both tipsy again. John offered to pay a cab for me home, but Jane would have nothing of it and insisted on him driving me home. I told her I loved our rides together.

We were just puling out of the driveway when my hand was in his lap again. He was instantly hard. I liked getting a hundred bucks for fun with kids and a titfuck. By the time we were less then half a block away, I was already deep throating him. He had to pull over right there

Thi time I had guided his hands to my melons and was bobbing up and down my lips on his fuck stick. He was clearly getting into it and there was zero protestations from him at all this time around. I was really getting into some hardcore slurping when all hell broke loose.

Suddenly behind the passenger door wings open and a hand grips me by the hair from behind and wrenches me violently back and out the car door

“ You little slut!!”

Oh shit. It was Jane.

She loomed above me with unmitigated rage in her eyes. Steam was all but coming out of her ears she was that mad. I guess parking within eyeline of the house was not one of John’ smartest ideas. The married women I had met all seemed to be more discreet. My point stands, boys are stupid

“ And YOU!” Jane the Unforgiving growled pointing a finger at John, “ you bastard! How could you?”

“ Please Jane, it’s not what it seems”, he tried getting out

“ You had your cock in this whore’s mouth, THAT’S NOT OPEN TO A LOT OF INTERPRETATION!!!”, the formerly demure Jane howled

Meanwhile I tried sneaking away on all fours, praying I would get out of here before the police arrived. If this was going to be a homicide I had no intention on being the corpse next to John’s bullet ridden body.

“ Where the FUCK do you think you’re going?” she twirled her head to me

I could have sworn it spun all the way around her neck like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, but it was dark so I couldn’t be certain. If that was the case, I was hoping she wasn’t going to spit pea soup on me.

“ Nowhere ma’am”, I squeaked out

“ Damn right you aren’t”, she twisted her head back to John, “ You get dressed… asshole.”

We straightened up and she pulled the John bodily out of the car. She took us by the ears and dragged us off. I knew I was biting my lips to stop from screaming in pain as she dragged us back to their home. She al but kicked the door open and then dragged up upstairs into their master bedroom.

She threw me down to the floor and dragged John in front of me.

“ On your knees bitch!” she hissed at me

I meekly got to my knees , wincing hoping she wasn’t going to smack me in the face.

“ What does this little slut do that I don’t?”

“ Honey it’s not like that”, John aid

“ Bullshit! Look at her and her big fucking tits” Jane hissed again

Without aplomb she gripped by shirt and proceeded to rip it right open, buttons popping everywhere. I had come “ commando” tonight so as to get down to the titfucking for a tip quicker and now my tits bounced out for the world to see. I gasped so she covered my mouth with a hand.

Jane knelt down behind me with a hand firmly over my mouth. With her other hand she grabbed one of my tits rather firmly. She even twisted a nipple.

“ Look at these fucking tits, I bet you just wanted to suck them al night, you prick”

“ I haven’t sucked her nipples honey”, John pleaded

“ Bullshit, what kind of man turns down tits”

I couldnt say anything so I just shook my head “no” in an effort to confirm his story. She released her hand from my mouth.

“ Then what has he been doing with you and your teenage tits”

“ Just a blowjob and titfuck, that’ all ma’am”, I said demurely

“ Oh that’s all, “ she said with a sneer, “ Is she all impressed with you dick in your mouth?”

“ I don’t know, I guess”, John said trembling

“ You guess? How about you my little slutbag, are you impressed with this grown man’s dick, “ she said gripping me now my the neck and giving my nipple another hard twist, “ and you better me honest if you know what’ good for you”

“ I’ve had bigger”, I gasped under her neck squeeze

Jane laughed and laughed then said, “ You know what, so have I”

She had my neck in a vice like grip and was threatening to cut off my air supply but I just submissively took the punishment. It was something I had learned from the Nazi Bitch, you struggle and these Domme’s will just make it worse.

“ Oh stop whining John, I sucked and fucked a lot of cocks before yours came along, “ she growled, “ Yours was just the first that didn’t treat me like meat”

She let go of my inflamed nipple and gripped me by the hair and pushed me into face first into John’s crotch. I could actually feel his hardness through the pant. Great, just my luck, he’s a cuckold now too.

“ Show me what you do that’s so much different”, she hissed in my ear, “ Feed her your cock John”

John unzipped and did exactly that , he pushed his dick against my lips. He moved his hand down to guide my head but Jane just brushed him aside with a growl. She gripped me firmly and pushed my head down his cock.

Due to her half choking me already, I was already beginning to gag when even only half his cock was in me. That just determined Jane on more. She started fucking John dick with my face, gripping me she showed my head up and down on his dick over and over again until I was sputtering. Saliva dripped freely down my chin at this debasing. The worst part of it was, some part of me thought this was pretty damn hot. The rest of me wanted to get out here alive.

This went on for a few minutes, gagging and throatfucking, all the whilst Jane was commenting.

“ Look at the little slut gag on your dick. I thought the whore was better at this. You jut love throat fucking little sluts, don’t you”

It went on and on. Eventually Jane grew tired of this and wrenched my head back. I took a deep gasp of air as I fully free to breathe without a cock in my throat. She then dragged me on the bed by the air and laid me down on the edge on my back. She lay down behind me and pulled me against her, she locked her arms around my shoulders so that my arms were wide from my body.

“ Now get in there and fuck that sluts cunt”

“ I don’t think that’…”, John began

“ I don’t CARE what you think, now fuck this whore’s cunt!”

“ Yes Jane”, he responded

John knelt between my legs and tentatively pushed his cockhead against my already wet gash. I was turned on, but terrified by her. He seemed reluctant to do much more, but slowly eased his cockhead into me.

“ Damn it John! I said FUCK HER CUNT!” she almost yelled

He complied instantly, he gripped my thighs and slammed his entire length into me. I gaped out loud as he did so. So much for foreplay. And then he began just pounding into me.

“ Look at the slut’s tits bounce!”, Jane cackled.

I certainly was as John thrust away into me without a care. He certainly had a nice cock, but it was not stretching me wide like my preferred ones do. He just sent waves of pleasure through me instead. I had a bit more stimulation when he would slam up against my clit, but it was driving me mad

“ I think the slut likes it, don’t you slut?” Jane hissed at me

“ Yes ma’am”, I said groaning through the pounding.

She released my arms and scooted out from under me. I dared not to move my arms or pull John in close like I yearned to let Jane enter another phase of the flip out. She got undressed at the side of the bed. She was wearing black lingerie under her dress, clearly hoping for a romantic night before I got involved. Black lace bra, stockings and a garter. Her freshly trimmed pussy was bare to see having worn no underwear, she was gorgeous.

“ Like what you see slut?”, Jane said noticing my eyes all over her

“ Yes ma’am” I said my tit bouncing from the fucking I was getting.

“ Good, because I’m going to do something I haven’t done since college”, Jane said with a subtly angry smile.

She crawled up on the bed and straddled my face, she then lowered her self right onto my lip. She absolutely grinded her pussy into my face.

“ Eat my cunt, slut.”, Jane commanded.

I eagerly did so, I went to town on that twat. I slipped my tongue all the way up her slit and she trembled at it. This wasn’t new to her apparently, but she hadn’t been with a woman in a long time based on that sign. I gripped her by her ass and started hungrily lapping up her quickly moistening honey pot.

“ Shit the slut has a talented mouth honey, so much better than yours”, Jane sighed grinding her pussy into my face.

“ Yes Jane”, John said sweating as he fucked me

This went off for some time, John slowing down a bit now and then to catch his breath and not cum. Jane grinding against my face, slickening me from chin to nose in her juices. She came a few times all over my face, and when I reached up she guided my hands to her perky breast and had me tweak her nipples.

John was getting close and Jane noticed that and pushed him bodily off me. She just laughed and told him to watch as she could show him how to properly please a woman.

She then leaned over and knestled her head between my thighs. She then began lapping away at my pussy as I was with hers. In moments the two of us were in a torrid 69, her licking at my pussy like a woman thirsty for water in the desert.

With more room to move my head I started now eagerly sucking on her clit and she went crazy for it. It must have been all of three seconds before she started shaking and cumming hard from what I was doing. She trembed and shrieked into my pussy to muffle the sound. As she caught her breath, I wrestled my hands into proper position and started a curling a finger into her.

As soon as I was stroking her g-spot with my index finger I could feel her squeezing around me. She was cumming again. She wanted to show her husband how a woman got pleasured, I just don’t think she thought she was the one that was really going to learn the lesson

I had another finger in her when she started bucking wildly on me, the contractions started and she was heaving. Then a hot wet flow burst from her and she squirted al over my face. I lapped up what juices I could but there was a lot. She squealed like a pig as she came again and again and again.

She was just catching her breath, having abandoned trying to eat me, so I gently scooted from under her. I stepped back to admire my handiwork. Jane was shaking from her cums on the bed and laying on her side.

“Now it’s your turn……..slut”, I said looking down at her.

“ Wha…what? “ she groggily looked over at me.

I gripped her by the hips and pulled her up to her hands and knees.

“ John, get over and fuck this slut “ I commanded

I got in front of her as John knelt behind her. She looked up at me

“ What , what are you doing?” she said just coming down from her sex high

“ Less taking, more licking bitch” , I ordered her

I lay down before her again the head board and grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed it into my steaming twat. Just then John pushed his dick into his wife from behind. She groaned through my pussy as her hubby began to slam into her box

“ I said, lick my clit slut”, I ordered her looking down at her

She had this entirely subservient look on her face now and obediently obeyed my orders. Just to be safe I kept one hand firmly in her hair with her face pushed into my gash if she tried getting away. Jane was clumsy about it, but the sudden role reversal way way too hot for me and I was going to get off on it.

We kept at this for awhile, every now and then I would instruct John to slap her ass. That always elicited a squeal from her. After a few instructions John got the hang of it, and started spanking her more frequently. And now just soft ones, but firm hand print kind of spanks. This kind of punishment just made her lick my pussy more.

She eventually started fingering my twat, but she didn’t know how to do it propery, but the stretching was enough to send me off into a climax. Just then John did the same grunting and thrusting deep into hi wife’s pussy. I grabbed Jane firmly by the head and shoved her more into my twat as I came

After I stopped cumming, I eased back on Jane’s hair and had her role onto her back.

“ Clean his dick, “ I ordered Jane

John stepped up and stuck his cock in his wife’s mouth and she lovingly started slurping his juices from his wilting shaft. As a reward to her for being such a good bitch, I clambered down between her thighs and ate her creampie clean and sucked her clit hard to another cum.

I started getting dressed and Jane started thanking me profusely for such a wonderful night, she had John get her purse and handed me 200 bucks. I just smiled and thanked her and said I’d be available again for babysitting services. I couldn’t believe we hadn’t waked Jr, guess he sleeps like a log.

As I walked down the hall away from the bedroom they were already fighting again, she was bitching about how he just did anything a slut tod him and bah blah blah. Jesus, we just had an intensely hot threeway less then 3 minutes ago and already she’s bitching.

The funny thing I, I got a call from them next week for more babysitting. And guess what, the night ended with her dominating me then switching to being my sub in another blistering threeway. And guess what, 200 bucks and 3 minutes later they were fighting again.

The next night, another babysitting session, another threeway… more bitching and fighting after.

I had to call it quits after that.. I was costing them a lot of money, which didn’t seem right, plus this was just fucking crazy. Why anyone would want that drama was beyond me, plus I was getting the feeing they were inventing reasons to hire me. I was beginning to feel like the whore she called me in bed, and I wanted no part of it.

I had to explain this to Jane who understood, but I think she also gained a little girl crush on me. She would call me just to chat, ask me questions about sex between women and bitch about her husband, whom she swore was cheating on her

She’d also randomly take me for lunches or shopping, but always returned to the sex question and her conspiracies about her husband fucking every woman in town.

I eventually had enough of that too, and during the end of summer when I managed to get access to the Zebra Club’s VIP members room I smuggled her in so that she could meet some ladies in a similar situation.

It was total bullshit, but when she came down a few hours later; her make up smeared, her dress cum stained, her hair a mess, dried spunk on her face , a wobbly walk and a grin on her face I thought I had made my point. She never complained about her hubby again, but became a regular at the Zebra Cub.

So that’s why I didn’t give anything remotely resembling their names or occupation or anything. Fucking crazy. She’s a lot of fun to fuck, but she’s also the type to boil your bunny, and even years ater I don’t want her finding out to hunt me down and kill me.

My two week babysitting career was now over, It was time to buckle down and start handing out resume’s with Faith

And that’s where we’ll pick up in Part 2

See you then, and safe driving

Jodie n Kazz

Jodie n Kazz
Jodie looked across the room at Mark with distaste and contempt as she propped herself up on her elbows and knees ready for their landlord to take her from behind. She heard the landlord unfasten his pants and then drop them to the floor and felt his cold calloused hands grip her ass cheeks roughly and pull them wide apart. He plunged into her without hesitation causing her to wince and bite her lower lip. He was not a handsome man in fact he was at best an untidy slob but she was hopeful of at last one orgasm before this ordeal ended. After all he was a well endowed and well practiced at extorting sex for rent payment. Overlooking the fact that her own pleasure was not a priority to him she closed her eyes and worked hard to obtain all she could from the experience, this also rubbed it in her cuckold husband’s face.

Tonight was a good night her disgust for her husband and their life was enough motivation to catalyse her first orgasm quickly. For Mark’s benefit she began moaning loudly and yelling

“Yes, yes, right there baby. Fuck me harder, oh god yes”

Unfortunately she put too much into her performance driving her pig of a landlord over the edge. He pulled out and gushed all over her back, legs and the floor while he staggered back and forth. Jodie headed to the bathroom to clean up and the landlord leered and slurred to Mark

“Any time you want to make an early payment is fine by me”

Mark flew out of his chair with clenched fists and Jodie immediately screamed

“Mark, sit fucking down”

Grateful for Jodie’s intervention the landlord left smiling at Jodie and squeezing her tit as he passed.

“See you next week honey” he barely got out of his drunken mouth as he left the room.

Mark sat out in the lounge and whacked off to some amateur porn in the lounge as Jodie took a shower. She leaned against the wall prayerfully wishing a way out of this seemingly hopeless situation she was in.

At one time she had been a promising law student, top of her class and headed for a very bright future. That was until Mark and a couple of buddies from his club stormed onto her campus and beat her law professor to a pulp for making a move on her. Jodie wasn’t as well trained in using her body as payment back then and so was kicked out of uni and started working at Hooters to get her and Mark by.

Mark had been a good footballer at college, captain of the team in fact, handsome and a bit of a party boy. He and his behaviour were kind of fun for a while until he was thrown off the team for constantly rocking up drunk and lost his scholarship. His parents disowned him and threw him out as did Jodie’s a decision she had come to regret bitterly but when they gave the ultimatum of Mark or leave home, she was convinced it was true love and trusted Mark’s charm to see them through.

Mark was a failing entrepreneur a scammer at best. He had half baked ideas and jumped from one get rich quick scheme to another. He was good at making contacts but better at blowing them off when they realised how unstable he was. The one thing Mark had to fall back on at this point was the club. He had been good enough to charm his way in and had now been prospecting for 3 years. Even here the members were getting a little bent out of his shape by his empty promises and underachieving. They had even bailed him out financially the one or two times Jodie’s body had been rejected as payment by a couple of honest and above board cops.

Jodie could have been making some decent money modelling if it were not for the ink work and a couple of ugly scars on her body that had happened at a club party that got out of hand early in the piece when Mark became involved with them. There was no escape for Jodie though as she was Mark’s “old lady” and if she left him or did not show him the respect he “deserved” the club would find her and deal with her accordingly.

She turned off the shower and headed for the bedroom while drying off. Mark appeared from nowhere across her path with a back hand raised.

“Don’t be so stupid” she yelled.

“What’s Kazz going to say if I have to blow him with a black eye?”

He lowered his hand

“Well you don’t have to enjoy it so much” he grumbled

“Yes and you don’t have to react to everything at the drop of a fucking hat either”.

“Well get moving woman, I don’t want to be late for the Boss’s party”

Kazz was the president, a big well built man who had only tolerated Mark for so long as he and Jodie got on well, just not as well as Kazz would like. He was not about to do that to another members old lady no matter what his or their rank in the club, he was a real stand up criminal. Having said that it was an accepted practice for an old lady‘s services be offered on a special occasion to show respect for a high ranking member and today was the presidents birthday and Mark had promised Kazz a blowjob he would never forget.

Once downstairs they climbed on the saddle and headed to the clubroom. Jodie loved being on the bike, in fact she had her own but it was not looked on well for old ladies to rock up ‘as equal’ on her own ride. When they were nearly at the clubhouse Mark skipped up the gutter to get around traffic in his usual impatient manner only to get busted by a cop he failed to see nearby. Mark couldn’t afford any trouble tonight but of course he could not control his mouth and immediately upset the officer with a barrage of insults.

“Oh shut the fuck up Mark” Jodie pleaded

She approached the officer

“Please officer, do you think we could get off with a warning this time? “ She said loosening the zip in the front of her leather tube top.

“Get off?” He said

“Yes get off. I mean wouldn’t you like to, ‘Get off’, I could help you officer”

“Erm…pull around the corner ma’am” he ordered.

When they pulled around the corner Marked backed the bike up to the wall and sat on it while Jodie went down on the officer as she had many times before to save Mark’s ass. He sat and watched her head bob back and forth without much feeling, a little angry at the thought of having to fake remorse when they got home that night was all. Mark turned away as he heard the cop grunt and then saw him thrust forward to cum in his wife’s mouth. Once the officer had emptied his full load down the beautiful blonde’s throat he offered her a towel to clean up. As he walked past Mark back to his car he shook his head in disgust. Mark went to mouth off again but Jodie held her hand up signalling him to stop.

When they went into the clubroom most of the gang were there and the party was in full swing. Mark led Jodie toward Kazz and placed her hand in his

“Happy birthday boss”

“Greetings brother, thank you for coming pretty lady” Kazz replied with a mild Irish accent”

A couple of the boys dragged Mark off across the clubhouse to where a wet t-shirt contest was taking place upon the bar.

“So young lady, I suppose you would be wanting to get this over with” Kazz said

“I’m a bit nervous actually” Jodie said

“I didn’t quite catch that love let’s go somewhere a little quieter ay”

Jodie smiled and followed him into his private room where he stayed when he had been drinking heavily, which was most nights.

“Baby we can just sit and talk you know eh” Kazz offered

“No, no. I am happy to do this. I mean, you have done so much for Mark, so much for me, I am glad to do it”

“Eh, you’re a good girl lovey, you deserve better eh”

Jodie was a little confused as she had no idea until now that Kazz only kept Mark around the club as a favour to her. Even so that would come to an end soon. He had cost the club money and reputation a number of times with his big mouth and lack of self control and the club would not tolerate much more of it. A lot of the members had already called for his exit.

“What do you mean Kazz?”

“Well I just mean, um, err, that you are a special lady and that I hope your man is treating you right”

“Now is not the time to worry about that here let me help you out of those tight pants”

“Aw that’s alright baby girl, I can do it”

He dropped his pants and then planted his massive frame in a tub chair in one corner of the room with his legs spread. Jodie pulled them of completely and then climbed in between his legs with her eyes fixated on his bloated member. She looked up at him as she grabbed his ample cock in her tiny hand and stroked it back and forth.

“Oh my god you are a big boy all round now aren’t you?” She said as she stared at the large purple knob at the end of his painfully swollen shaft.

“Baby I have wanted this …” He stopped himself.

Jodie looked up at him. She was starting to get the idea that Kazz felt more for her than any other of the old ladies in the club but rather than call him on it she wanted to build on it by giving him an experience he had never before had. She smiled up at him hoping that he knew she had understood his Freudian slip as she squeezed her small mouth around his bulbous cockhead. She sucked hungrily on his cock as he squeezed the arms of the chair tightly. He knew he wouldn’t last long as he had fantasised many times about have this opportunity with Jodie but he did not want it to turn into a non event. Jodie had other plans, she wanted to finish him off quickly once and then offer him a round two that he would remember always. She worked the shaft vigorously with her hand as she sucked furiously on his knob. She began to massage his balls with her free hand and that was all she wrote. The big man shot rope after rope of thick, warm, sticky cum down her throat until he was empty.

He grabbed her head in his big hands and made sure she was looking at him as he said

“Girly that was the best umm… the nicest..err..Well it was bloody fantastic”

“I am not finished yet, I mean if that’s ok with you?” she pleaded

“Well I guess we went pretty quickly, there is still time for a cuddle I suppose”

Changing her mind and her original blowjob plan she unzipped and dropped her tube top to the floor and sat in his lap facing him and pushing her perfect tits in his face. He was a little startled at first but was overcome with his want of her almost immediately as he started feeding hungrily on her tits. With his focus on the most spectacular rack he had ever seen he did not notice her fumbling around in his crotch. Having not worn panties she was able to easily line up her juicy muff against the again rock hard tip of his swollen cock.

“Oh god”

She whimpered as she slid down him taking in the full length of his cock.

“Please fuck me hard” she begged

Unable to turn off the years of secret desire he had for this spectacular woman he grabbed her ass in his hands firmly and began pulling her down on his cock hard and then lifting her up before slamming her down once more. Her delicious tits bounced up and down in front of him popping in and out of his mouth frequently and she came for the first time very quickly sighing and moaning

“Oh yeah, fuck me, make me come, make me come again”

He had every intention of making her come again as he picked her up and walked over to the bed still inside her. He laid her gently across the bed and then positioned himself over her as he held his weight up above her. He began to thrust slowly in and out of her but before long was pounding in and out furiously. She pulled up his shirt and started nibbling on his nipples and chest occasionally stopping to gasp

“Oh yes baby yes”

She raised her head to kiss his neck as her body convulsed in orgasm once more, wave after wave. With only a little left to give she let the hulk of a man roll her over and position her for a Greek grand finale. Before entering he asked her

“Do you enjoy anal lovey?”

“Oh fuck yes. Pound my ass please”

He spat into her hole and rubbed it in and around her opening before lining the throbbing tip of his cock up ready to penetrate. He slowly slid inside as she groaned deep and low. He went half way with the first few strokes and then increased the depth and speed of his thrust every four or five strokes until he was pounding at her like a jackhammer.

Her pussy twitched in response to the sensation of his churning balls and he thrust his hips forward and emptied his load deep inside her ass as she soaked his balls and legs with her fountain of cum. With his diminishing erection still inside her he pulled her gorgeous frame close to him and kissed her back.

“Well thank you love” he said as he climbed of the bed

“The pleasure was all mine” she said and she had never meant it so much in her life.

“Happy birthday Kazz” she said as she kissed him on the cheek just before leaving the room so he could get dressed and rejoin the party.

Out in the main room Jodie sat and watched Mark grope and harass some of the single ‘Old Lady wannabe’s’ and got herself as drunk as she knew she could without throwing up and then had one more. She signalled mark to come over and he strutted over like an absolute wanker and flopped his cock out for her to suck in front of everyone. Jodie took one look and threw up all over it and ran to the bath room amidst a roar of laughter from the whole room. When Jodie returned from the bathroom she could see Mark had cleaned himself up as best he could but was no longer in the mood to stay. They said their goodbyes and left. Mark was not hostile or the least bit angry it seemed. In fact he seemed pleased with Jodie when they got home which first she thought odd but within minutes started to sound major alarm bells.

“Ok, what’s going on?” she said feeling much better having emptied her stomach an sobering up on the ride home.

“Had a lil talk to Kazz. He said you’re a keeper, a real fine talent he said”


“Sure did. Said I’d better take good care of you or he’d kick my ass”

“Well I guess I did my job then, like a good little wifey I mean”

“Aw don’t be thatta way Hun; you know its good news for both of us. One step closer to a complete kutte for me and maybe some work for you. Now let me say thank you” he said slobbering all over the back of her neck as he unzipped his pants.

“Work? What kind of work?”

“Shh” he said reaching from behind and popping her tits out the top of her top and sucking her neck.

Jodie started to get wet as he fondled her. Sex was one of the very few things Mark did right he was a good lover all round but especially good at eating her out. She reached behind her to find his cock bobbing around whilst he moved one hand from her exquisite breasts down to rub her pussy through her jeans. Her breathing grew heavy as she kicked off her shoes, Mark pulled off her skirt and spread her across the bed with her legs dangling over the edge and touching the floor. He plunged straight in with his tongue and then placed his lips firmly around her clit and circled it with his tongue. He flicked at it the sucked it powerfully until it was very hard. Jodie was already going wild at the thought of him cleaning the remnants of Kazz from her silky smooth pussy. He explored the depths of her pussy with his strong probing tongue before thrusting a finger inside of her immediately locating her G-spot.

She gasped as he hit his target and pushed her feet against the floor shoving her cunt straight into his face.

“Oh fuck yes” rang out as she came in his face.

He kept fingering her but slowed down to let her recover then gently and soothingly started sucking her clit in and out of his mouth.

“Oh god make me cum again” she pleaded

He put a second finger inside her and started suckling on her clit like it was a nipple. He removed his fingers temporarily to run laps around her cuntlips to make sure he cleaned up all the juice from her initial climax. Once satisfied with his effort he skipped his tongue down to her ass and gave her a quick rimming. Once again he tasted an unfamiliar flavour but did not ponder on it to long. His nose was inside her pussy as his tongue lapped her asshole making her gush straight up his nostrils. He coughed a and spluttered

“Fuck” he mumbled as he blew his nose onto a tea towel and threw it on the kitchen sink.

Trying to ignore his vulgarity Jodie rubbed her pussy and looked at him begging with her eyes for more. Mark pulled his pants all the way off and removed his shirt then spun her around to be lengthwise on the bed and hovered over her positioned between her spread legs. She looked down his heavily inked body then closed her eyes and pretended to be with someone else. Mark slid inside quickly and started pumping away. Jodie knew she would cum sooner than Mark and was glad for his sexual stamina. Her body bounced up and down the bed with his thrusts, her arms around his neck with her fingers locked behind his neck. Her perfect tits bounded to and fro as Mark lowered his head to take in a delicious nipple. She came softly and read Mark’s mind as they swapped positions.

She stood on the bed above him then turned and lowered herself to be reverse cowgirl in his lap. Still rock hard and desperate for his own orgasm Mark grabbed her hips and pushed and pulled her up and down his cock. He sat up and started kneading her big breasts in his fists as she continued to grind on his rod. He licked and nibbled at her neck as she grabbed his sack and massaged it then rimmed his asshole with the tip of a finger. She felt his balls twitch and then he filled her with warm sticky cum. Very quickly he pushed Jodie forward and knelt behind while his hardness lasted and pounded her doggy style as he kissed her back and found her clit with his fingers.

“oo oo oo ooh ye ee ee ee es” she cried as she gushed again.

The pair crashed fast asleep in no time naked and soaked in sweat and cum where they stayed until early afternoon the next day.

The phone ringing woke Jodie the next day


“Top of the morning to ya lassie”

“Oh Hey Kazz, Mark is not up yet”

“It is you I be needing a word with luv”


“The gentleman’s club was hit last night, bloody Nonad bastards, Janelle died lovey”

“Oh shit Kazz, I’m sorry. What can we do?”

“You’re a right smart young lassie, I know you are. I need someone to manage the place”


“You wouldna be a working girl, I just need someone to organise things, keep the business side tickin’ over. Are ya interested lovey”

“Well yes, yes I am. That’d be great Kazz. I mean it’s sad about Janelle and all but….”

“I know what ya mean. Come down later and we’ll get ya started, ok?”

“Sure, and …um, thank you”

“Don’t mention it, see you soon”

Jodie took to the position like a frog to a pond and in no time the club was in full swing and even busier than before. To add to the professionalism of the place Kazz paid for some surgical procedures and tattoo removal as a thank you to Jodie for helping the club out.
Mark was a little put out by the Jodie’s prominent position within the club while he tried time and time again to make full member but kept stuffing things up. Over time he became bitter and resentful and finally came up with a desperate plan that he was sure would earn his full patch. He planned to use Jodie to get into the club where he would take money and plant evidence that would lead to a rival club that he had been communicating with. He would then kill one of them and return the money claiming hero status and earning his top rocker. As usual with Mark though he did not cover his tracks well enough and actually uncovered other deals he had been making outside the club.

Kazz came to see Jodie one day at work to see how things were going. After fucking each other’s brains out Kazz told her what Mark had been up to.

“It’s the end of the line love, we have to cut him” he said looking at the floor

“You mean k…”

“I’m sorry; it’s the way we do things. He knows it. I ……well here I want you to take this and go and do your fancy law degree” Kazz said handing over a bag full of money.

“But Kazz what about us?”

“It’s not right you are Mark’s old lady and this is a chance at a clean break for you girl. You are better than all this”

“What if I don’t want to…?”

“I’ve made up my mind, there is no place for you here anymore” he said as he finished getting dressed.

“When you finish your shift leave your keys in the drawer. No goodbyes just go!” he said quite harshly though his heart was tearing apart.

He paused after shutting the door behind him but barely got to reconsidering when a couple of the boys come in and dragged him off on some urgent business. Jodie sat in a mess of emotions; effectively she had just lost 2 men at once and didn’t see it coming at all. After several minutes of hysterical sobbing she pulled herself together, packed the few things she had in her office if you could call it that, and hugged each of the girls who were her only friends in the world goodbye and headed for home. On the way home she received a text message from Mark, it read

So sorry baby, I wish I had treated you better. My games have caught up with me, Kazz let me say goodbye and he promised you would be looked after – good luck babe, Mark

She barely managed to climb the stairs at home, the sobbing wreck that she was. When she opened the door the apartment was trashed. There was a bag packed and left by the front door that later she would discover had all of her stuff in it and some more money. Her initial reaction was the thought of collapsing in a mess on the floor but instead she kicked her way through piles of trash and in a sense she was bidding farewell to each room and the memories that went with them.

She hauled the large back pack downstairs, climbed on her bike and headed for the highway. She stopped at a motel a little after midnight and drank herself to sleep. She sat on the edge of her bed hoping it was all a nightmare. Her thoughts were disturbed by a knock at the door. She answered it and there stood a tall sleazy Italian man she barely recognised as the owner of the motel.

“Can I get you anything sweetness?” he said sleazily

“No thanks Mr…..”

“Alvez, Antonio Alvez, manager of the motel” he finished her sentence for her.

She closed the door and ran to the bathroom covering her mouth in case she threw up as she remembered giving the manager a blowjob rather than paying for the dump. I guess old habits die hard she thought to herself. After a long hot shower she sat and drank a strong hot coffee and considered her options. She could go back and beg Kazz to reconsider and take her in as his own but he had made his wishes fairly clear. She could run back home to her parents with her tail between her legs, but she didn’t wish to hear their ‘told you so’. In the end she decided to look for somewhere close to her old university, cheap and convenient to stay in while she worked out a way to obtain their forgiveness and accept her back into study.

Jodie stood outside a small but clean looking hostel only a couple of hundred metres from her university reading the sign ‘rates for students, enquire within’ when a short stocky Baltic looking man stopped and asked her

“Are you looking for a place to stay baby? “

“I’m not your baby and you can fuck off and leave me alone” she replied with the utmost of hostility.

“Oh I am sorry, that was very rude. Allow me to start again. My name is Karl and I own the Hotel across the road and I have just had a permanent resident, an elderly gentleman die so I have an apartment available”

“Did he…..”

“Oh god no, he didn’t die there he was in hospital for a while. I was just keeping it for him as he was a valued guest and I hoped his health would improve”

“Well shit Mr that’s a hell of a nice thing to do. What makes you think I could afford a place like that?”

“Pardon my being forward but you are a very beautiful woman, I assumed you were a model or an actress or both perhaps?”

“Very smooth sir but I am not looking for a relationship, a fling or even a quick fuck so on your bike!” she said firmly.

Karl rubbed his chin in his hand and walked off a little confused. He only got a little way when Jodie ran after him

“Hey Mr were you serious about the apartment?”

“Well of course I was ….”

“Jodie, my name’s Jodie”

“Of course I was Jodie but I don’t need any trouble” Karl replied

“Oh I am just not very trusting of people, sorry for my reaction. The thing is I am kind of new here or back here I mean and I don’t have regular work yet and I hope to study law, I mean finish studying law……..oh forget it” she said nervously and turned to walk away.

“Listen, I can tell you weren’t ready for our chance encounter just now so why don’t you meet me for dinner around 8 at Lahodny down the road. You’ll have more time to be better prepared this time”

Jodie looked at him for a long time before he spoke again.

“Look I am not trying to pull anything and I’m kind of in a hurry so if you are there great, if you are not I will advertise it first thing in the morning. Bye for now Ms Jodie” He said before turning and rushing off again.

Stunned she walked down the road to a small coffee shop down the road and sipped on an Irish coffee before ordering another double shot of Irish to go into it. She sat drinking and pondering her situation. Jodie knew she had to make Karl’s offer work but she did not have any work yet or even a spot in college. In honesty she thought and she was prepared to sleep under the stars for a while but this might be what she needed to get her moving a bit quicker. As she sat sipping she noticed a help wanted sign in the window. When one of the workers came out to see if she needed anything else she enquired about the position. The waiter went in and told the manager who came out and sat with Jodie.

“Hello young lady, I am James and I understand you enquired about a position here at Stephano’s?”

“Yes, yes. I am new in town and I have the most amazing offer at accommodation and I really need the work………”

“Slow down, now look the position is only part time but requires experience in managing a small team of floor staff for evening shifts, are you still interested?”

“I am sir……..”

“James, please call me James. What experience do you have?”

“Well I have managed a team of erm…umm… Employees before quite successfully and evenings are perfect as I want to go to Uni. I am a fast learner and I am prepared to put more into the job than required, if you know what I mean” she said with a wink.

Going red James said “Umm, yes, of course, well look it seems like you have enough experience for me to give you a go at least so if you come in tomorrow at 4 o’clock we will see how things go. Actually make it 3:30 I will introduce you to the staff and get you a little settled before service”

“Great, great, you will not be disappointed. I will be here at 3” she said trying to sound extra keen.

He smiled as she left grinning all over her pretty face. It was around 3 in the afternoon and getting too late to visit the Uni to beg for a position in their law program but today was the day if any Jodie thought. I mean she had a chance at a job, a chance at somewhere to stay, why not give it a shot. Jodie cruised into the car park on her hog and jumped of quickly hoping no one saw her. She visited the ladies room in the reception area of the Uni and fixed herself up to look almost socially acceptable and then used her charm on the receptionist to get a short interview with the Dean and asked her to hold her belongings for her while she was in the interview.

She sat nervously waiting for her interview trembling and shaking with nerves. She went over all sorts of phrases, lines and key words she might use to win favour with the dean. She hoped it was entirely a new staff in some ways: that would be a lot easier on her at least.

“The Dean is ready to see you now” the receptionist said.

Here goes Jodie thought as she nervously arose and headed to the door she was being directed to by the receptionist.

The room was empty when she went in so she stood nervously waiting. The Dean walked in and she collapsed on the chair behind her, a mixture of terror and grief on her face.

“You’re the Dean now professor?” she gasped

“It would seem that way now wouldn’t it Jodie.” He answered without a hint of emotion in his voice or on his face.

“I am so sorry…..”

“Look it was a long time ago Jodie and ….well I never blamed you for what happened but at the same time I will need some convincing just like with any other applicant. What have you been doing since you left us Jodie?”

She had a number of very convincing lines prepared and any one would probably have got her a placement but when she finally spoke it was the truth that came pouring out.

“Well sir” her lip started to quiver “I have been living the other side of the law. My parents kicked me out and my only option was to stay with Mark. He got involved a MC (motorcycle club) and I became his ‘old lady’ I have seen some things no one should ever have to see and I have done some things that make my stomach turn. I regret ever meeting him in most ways. All the same I am sad that he is gone, the way he went and that I never got to say goodbye. I still know right from wrong and I regret the decisions I have made that have steered me toward wrong and I now want to do what is right. I am free to do what is right and that is what I want to do”

“Jodie you were my favourite student and you showed a lot of potential but after all this time changes like those you describe do not happen overnight. The risk I would take in offering you a position here would be that you would slip back into old habits “

“I understand. There is nothing I can do about your apprehension and I would feel the same way myself. I can tell you I am serious, that I have been here one day and have already got quite a good shot at a good job and a place to live. I can tell you I have turned my back on the past, but that is all I can do. The rest is up to you sir”

“As a past law student and potentially future one I am sure you know that no one is perfect and that all have demons in the closet. I don’t expect you to be perfect Jodie just realistic with a clear focus on what you want to achieve. In some ways I hope you have not completely turned your back on the past as it may give valuable insight to the future”

“How do you mean?” Jodie asked completely confused

“At the moment there is one thing stopping you from obtaining a spot in our programme and it is not anything I or any other lecturer taught you but is something you have learned since you left”

The penny dropped and Jodie rose to her feet and looked at the door. She looked back at the professor and then at the floor and closed her eyes. Her fists clenched as she walked around the table and sank to her knees in front of the professor. He closed his eyes and his head dropped back into the soft cushion at the back of his chair as Jodie released his rapidly stiffening prick from their fabric prison. His cock was large and had an unusually large head. Jodie nearly drooled at the sight of it as she tugged at it several times and then took the large head into her warm moist mouth. She swirled her tongue around the purplish blue knob and kissed the tip before taking more of the shaft into her mouth. With eyes closed firmly she drifted backed to the first time she had Kazz’s cock down her throat and then dismissed it so as not to become emotional and cry. She removed the bloated knob from her mouth and ran her slippery tongue down the underside of his cock and then started open mouth kissing his balls. She gently sucked them into her mouth and ran her tongue from his balls to his asshole circling his asshole and then back.

She placed her hands on his hips and now started bobbing up and down on his swollen cock taking more and more in with every downward stroke. She felt his hands on the back of her head as she worked his cock skilfully. She felt his balls spasm and knew he was close to Cumming so she started to massage his balls in her hand and worked frantically on his cock. Within seconds his load was streaming down her throat and he was groaning so loudly Jodie was sure the receptionist across the foyer could hear.

“Oh my god. We definitely did not teach you that here. Have mercy” The professor gasped as he recovered from the best orgasm he had ever experienced.

“So, am I in?” Jodie asked still nervously

“You can start where you left of Jodie” he said still catching his breath. “But I may need occasional reminding as to why I let you in the course” he murmured with his eyes closed. “Come by tomorrow and we will get the enrolment stuff all sorted”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you” Jodie screamed and raced out the door forgetting the Dean’s pants were still around his ankles, luckily no one was around.

She looked at the clock as she walked out and down the Main Street and thought ‘shit I have nothing to wear tonight and fuck what was his name again? With a little time left and a whole lot of money she decided to buy something. She visited 3 stores before she came across a cute but conservative (in her mind) red wraparound with a low neckline. It was a good thing that she would not have to walk far as she would have looked anything but conservative in the saddle with the dress and accessories she found to go with it.

She decided to try it on to make sure even though she had never had a problem getting clothes to fit her gorgeous frame. One of the ladies that was not as judgemental or intimidated by the leather and denim combo that Jodie was already wearing came over to help. She had seen the leggy blonde come in and had hoped she might get to serve her. Jodie asked her to help her with it knowing she didn’t really need the help and was just spoiling herself with the attention. Once in the change room Jodie was naked in no time. She was use to being naked around other women after all. The woman tried hard to remain professional but failed miserably with her eyes fixed on Jodie’s amazing tits, she was practically drawling. It was not long before Jodie noticed and decided to play along

“They’re real” she said “Touch them if you don’t believe me”

The woman looked Jodie in the face then looked back at her tits and cupped one in her hand while she prodded the other one with a finger.

“They’re, you’re beautiful” she said looking Jodie up and down.

“Go ahead” Jodie said sensing the woman wanted to keep fondling her

Jodie’s eyes closed as she felt the warm breath of the lady on her nipple and then sighed as her moist soft lips closed around it. Driven wild with lust the woman increased the intensity of her oral assault on Jodie’s tits and stomach before kissing her hard on the lips. This was by far not Jodie’s first girl on girl action but it was usually for show in front of a room full of cheering leather clad men and women who were swimming in alcohol and not for her own enjoyment.

The woman pushed her up against the wall and knelt in front of her. Jodie opened her thighs to give her access to her prize. The woman immediately started slurping and sucking at Jodie’s rapidly hardening clit. Jodie could tell she was not the most experienced at giving another woman head but it was good enough to make Jodie’s legs tremble. Jodie kneaded her own tit with one hand and massaged the top of the lady’s head as the woman began a frenzied attack on her dripping cunt. Some disapproving customers heard the commotion coming from the small room and left in disgust. It wasn’t long before Jodie came right into the woman’s face but it was not enough to satisfy.

The woman helped Jodie to spread out across the floor and then removed her own clothes and lowered her cunt down over Jodie’s face. Jodie immediately started lapping at the horny woman’s lips and clit. The woman was now stabbing in and out of Jodie with her tongue while rubbing her clit furiously. The woman started to come and moaned at the ceiling and shuddered as her climax hit her but continued to rub Jodie’s clit. Determined to finish Jodie of again she started sucking her clit again and curled a finger up inside her and almost immediately located Jodie’s G-spot. In a matter of seconds Jodie began to spasm as she came for the second time.

They lay recovering briefly before the embarrassed women got up, dressed quickly and left the room. Confused Jodie lay on her back wondering what she was supposed to do now but then the woman returned with a towel and helped her to clean herself up.

“I am so sorry, I will have to let you have the garment for half price in case it was damaged in our …umm…little tumble”

“Oh that is so sweet of you” Jodie said trying to comfort the nervous and embarrassed woman.

“Oh it is you that is sweet” the woman replied licking her lips “I’ll see you at the counter”

“Cum again anytime” the woman said leaning forward into Jodie’s ear.

Jodie walked down the street a little dizzy and in disbelief but also quite satisfied and a little proud of herself. Everything she tried to achieve that day had had a positive result with some added bonuses along the way. She normally wouldn’t dream of achieving all she had in a fortnight. Still it was all a little empty when she remembered the contrasting day before and all she had lost. She shrugged it off and looked for somewhere to tidy up and get changed. She saw a Burger King down the road and figured it would do. She used the parent room as it had more room and freshened up and got dressed and looked in the mirror and was quite pleased with the way she looked. She had forty minutes before her dinner date so she sat and drank a coffee and got her head together. The day had been an emotional roller coaster that had taken a lot out of her physically.

She focused on the meeting she now faced and the opportunity that lay before her. Jodie assumed it was kind of a nice place that Karl worked at and he had seemed sincere and convinced that it was mere formality standing before her and a place of residence. She walked down the street going over lines in her head that would impress Karl and seal the deal; she was so preoccupied that she walked straight past the huge hotel and the restaurant.

“Jodie, hey Ms Jodie” she heard from behind her.

She turned to see Karl waving and running toward her.

“Where were you going?” he gasped as he caught his breath.

“Um to meet you Mr Karl” she said teasingly “and plain Jodie is fine thank you”

“As is plain Karl” he said taking her hand.

“Lahodny is this way, let me show you. I hope you are not afraid of heights, the restaurant is on the27th floor”

“Holy um I mean geeez is it in here?” she said pointing to a spectacular looking building with trees and fountains on balconies scattered randomly across its glorious face.

“It sure is” He responded with a laugh. “Shall I show you the apartment before or after dinner” He said cautiously, afraid that she may take it the wrong way and belt him or something like that.

“Let’s just see how dinner goes” she said very flirtatiously.

“You are a mystery aren’t you” he said a little confused once more.

“Not really but I like to do things on my terms” she said with a grin.

“Hmmm….inflexible not good for someone out of work”

“Oh I’m quite flexible, in some ways” she said with a wink

“Are you the same lady I met earlier today in front of the hostel?”

She giggled “I am, maybe I’ll explain over dinner, if you’re interested”

“I’m Intrigued indeed. Well here we are floor 27 and Lahodny’s fine dining restaurant”

Jodie’s jaw dropped as she walked out into the spectacular room. The room was decorated with colour and furniture that oozed modern elegance and class. A pianist played classical music while all the food and beverage attendants performed their duties with almost flawless posture and grace. Karl led her out to a balcony dining area and she gasped at the view quite audibly and said quite softly

“It’s the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen”

“Well take a seat then” he said pulling a chair out for her in the centre of the room.

“Can I order you a wine?”

“Whatever will get me hammered, wine is fine”

Karl sat and called a waiter over “bring us a couple of menus and a bottle of our finest Cab Sav please Hans”

“Finest, what the hell are you up to Mr?” she said this time with a wry smile

“Hey I like the best, in everything” he replied

They ordered their main course as another waiter opened the wine. Karl began speaking by way of confession

“Listen, I had just received the news of Mr Russo’s passing when I saw this stunning woman standing in the street. I could not take my eyes off you and as I drew nearer I noticed you looking at the advertisement for accommodation. I guess I put the two together and realised it was fate and offered you the apartment but all that I offered then still stands. In fact only what I offered then, I consider myself a professional and the fact that I am attracted to you must not interfere”

“AHA!” Jodie began in a joking manner to set him at ease “I appreciate the honesty but the question still remains, how will a student working part time pay for this?”

“Listen I need the apartment filled and you need a place to stay, I am happy to work through the details and come to an arrangement we are both happy with. So tell me more about your situation, you want to study law you said?”

Jodie looked for a few moments deciding how she would respond, how much she would trust this stranger and then figure what the hell and began with the whole story of becoming involved with Mark, being kicked out of home and Uni, getting involved in the MC world and her exit out of the club.

“Wow” was his response “So is all of it behind you now?”

“I guess so, I never really wanted in on that life to start with but as Mark’s old lady I had to tow the line and if I didn’t, well you know. It’s the people I will miss”


“Umm yes, I mean no, I mean … How do you know Kazz?”

“Oh I don’t, you mentioned him several times is all”

“Really? I guess I will, anyway do you still want to offer me the room?”

“Well of course, I mean look at the day you have had today, I wouldn’t want to spoil it now. Would you like dessert or should I show you to your apartment?” he said with a smile

“I would love to see the room now actually” she beamed

As she walked in, for the second time that night she was speechless. She had imagined a nice large room with a separate bathroom perhaps but this place was huge with two large bedrooms, a hot tub, separate kitchen and dining areas, an entertaining area, laundry, a study and spacious outdoor balcony area that was under cover. She flopped down on a sofa

“It’s beautiful Karl. There’s absolutely no way I can afford this”

“Well as someone who gets to put the price on everything around here I say you can”

“Well you said an arrangement we were both happy with and I think I can find a way to be happy to live with this arrangement” she said getting up and plopping herself on her knees in front of him in his chair.

His eyes grew wide as she fumbled with his belt and trousers.

“Hey I don’t know if I…..I don’t usually do…..I mean I………..oh god” he moaned as his cock vanished down Jodie’s throat.
He was defenceless against Jodie’s skilful assault and she was determined to earn her keep. She gave him a blowjob he would never forget and took his whole load before using her hands to help him return to a full erect state. Then she removed her top and gave him another blowjob and in no time he was shooting his second load all over her gorgeous tits.

“I have never….that was…”

“Shhh” Jodie cut him off as she kissed him on the lips.

“Thank you so much and I look forward to earning my keep” She said putting her top back on “now I would love to get some sleep if you don’t mind. It’s been a huge day.

“Oh of course, should I get someone to bring your bags up? Do you have bags?” he said still trying to get his head around what just happened.

“Uh this and what is on the bike are all I have” she said holding up the backpack she had been carting around all day.

“Well ok, in the morning I will take you to your parking area so that you know where it is and well, have a good sleep I guess” He turned and left the room looking back and smiling at her as he closed the door.

Jodie wandered around her new residence checking it out and sipping the champagne that Karl had brought up with him. She just about convinced herself that the whole day had been a big dream when she peeled off her clothes and flopped down across her bed. She was out like a light in no time. She slept until 11am the next day and got up starving hungry with no food in the apartment. She had not even bothered to bring the rest of her gear up from the bike. She tipped her backpack out on the sofa and sorted through the clothes in it and put on her best jeans and T-Shirt and headed out to buy some breakfast and some clothes for work and Uni. She had more fun than she had expected and got back in with half an hour until she started work.

After virtually running through the shower Jodie put on a nice shirt, skirt and shoes did her hair and makeup then left for work 5 minutes down the road and 10 minutes to get there. James was smoking a cigarette out by the kerb when she arrived which he ground into the pavement before greeting her warmly. He walked her inside and introduced her to the crew working there and then paired her up with Emma who had been there the longest and was the most qualified for the job Jodie was taking but was not interested as it would take more hours than she had to give. Emma was very supportive and showed Jodie the ropes with great enthusiasm. Jodie did very well on her first night and impressed the whole crew bar 2 girls who she found out had also applied for the position and would probably take a while get over it and get on with it.

Jodie’s shift finished at 10pm. She walked home and collected her bike on the way and Karl showed her to her private parking space and helped her with her belongings up to her apartment. Her feet hurt and she had a headache from having to smile and be nice to people which probably contributed to her offer to Karl

“Would you like to come in and get drunk and fuck?”

“Listen you don’t have to do that anymore Jodie, the room is yours….no strings”

“What do you mean anymore, have you been checking up on me?” she snapped

“Well no, do you forget how much you told me last night?”

“I guess so” she sighed “just a drink then?”

“A drink would be great thanks”

They didn’t have sex that night but they talked for a while before Jodie dropped off to sleep. Karl picked her up and carried to her bed and then left. Over the next couple of weeks Jodie tried hard to settle into her new life and settled in to most parts well. She wouldn’t start back at Uni for a month but knew when she did she would have very little spare time and that would give her very little time to think about and miss her past or at least certain people from it. Jodie felt unwell when she got up for a couple of days and feared the worst. She had been through the calm and was sure she was just about to head into the storm. The doctor confirmed it, she was pregnant. She immediately flew into a panic wondering if it was Karl or there was the stronger possibility the baby would belong to Kazz as it had only been a couple of weeks since she first slept with Karl. She did not tell Karl immediately but let her boss and people at the uni know.

Jodie was sure Karl would be supportive but would he be enough in the days ahead when there was uni, work and a newborn baby to juggle she wondered. She knew that he would not be as useful as he wanted to be and so she bit the bullet and contacted her parents. To her surprise they sounded almost happy to hear from her and set up a meeting at Lahodny as Jodie wished to impress them, she hoped things would go well and she could show them her apartment after dinner.

When they arrived at the restaurant Karl seated them but Jodie did not introduce him as her boyfriend at that point for several reasons. She and Karl had never officially become a couple and the baby news would be the priority discussion topic at dinner. Of course she had explained some of this to Karl which he uncomfortably went along with. Her parents were not thrilled with the news at all in some ways but immediately offered support. They were just happy she was getting on top of things and that Mark was a thing of the past. Just as Jodie had hoped they were keen to see her apartment and were suitably impressed as she gave them the tour. As they said their goodbyes downstairs Karl couldn’t help but notice from a distance Jodie’s mother place her hands on Jodie’s stomach and shed a joyful tear as she kissed her daughter goodbye.

“We’ll see you soon” her father said as they parted ways and Jodie headed upstairs to bed.

Karl had no idea how to approach the topic so one night at dinner without even thinking he offered her wine and when she did not accept he was surprised

“It’s not like you to turn down a good drop, or even a bad one” he laughed

“Karl I’m pregnant” she blurted out

“Ahuh, I suspected that when I saw your mother touching your stomach the other night”

“I, I don’t exactly know who the father is yet” she said nervously

He looked at the ground a little disappointed and embarrassed.

“There are only two possibilities, I haven’t been putting out all over town if that’s what you are thinking” She said with a little hurt in her voice.

“Oh” he began nervously “Kazz?”


“Does he know?”

“No and I don’t want him to. If it turns out to be his I will not tell him either. He forced me to leave and I have decided that it is time to put that life behind me for good. I do not want my child seeing the things I saw and was part of”

Karl did not respond exactly how Jodie had expected. He did offer support but his head was somewhere else, he was far less talkative than usual and gave a lame excuse about needing to get up early and left quite early. Jodie was a little disappointed but realised it was a rather large bombshell she had dropped and took herself of to bed early. Karl saw a change in Jodie over the next couple of weeks, she had meant what she said about leaving the past in the past and was really looking forward to being a mother. On impulse one night after dinner again, Karl proposed to Jodie who rubbing her stomach immediately replied yes. Jodie’s parents were delighted to hear the news and her mother admitted to suspecting and hoping there was something between Jodie and Karl that night at the restaurant.

Jodie didn’t want to be a whale of a bride and didn’t care too much people’s judgement regarding a child before marriage. Karl and Jodie decided when she finished up at work to have the baby it would be for good which of course made her a little sad as she had made some great friends at Stephano’s. She would invite them to the wedding of course and she also decided she would ask Emma to be her Maid of honour as they had come to be quite close.

Jodie invited Emma over to have dinner one night they were both not working and she waited until they had eaten to ask her. With a tear Emma accepted but then Jodie dropped another bombshell on her by asking her to be godmother. Emma immediately said yes rubbing Jodie’s tiny but growing bump. Both of them were a mess of emotions but all positive ones which may have led to what happened next. Staring into Jodie’s eyes with excitement Emma kissed her quickly on the lips. Jodie’s expression changed first to one of shock and then lust as she returned Emma’s kiss.

Jodie knew her friend was lesbian and that possibly Emma may have had a crush on her since they met so she pulled back and looked into Emma’s eyes

“Are we ok with this? I mean, you know that……..”

“I know baby, but who wouldn’t want to fuck you at least once if they got the chance” Emma said cutting her friend of.

Jodie melted at the complement and nearly collapsed on the chair behind her but Emma caught her and helped her stand while she helped her out of her clothes. She then backed Jodie into the sofa and took off her own clothes and lent in and kissed Jodie deep, probing and exploring every corner of her mouth. Jodie cupped a large handful of her milky white breasts in each hand and squeezed gently. Jodie broke the kiss and lowered her head to taste her friends flesh and gobbled up a nipple making Emma groan at the ceiling. As Jodie continued to massage and suck at her tits a tear rolled down Emma’s cheek. This was not just a passing fancy but a yearning, a dream come true for Emma. Jodie reached around and grabbed her firm ass and pulled her closer as she kissed her way up Emma’s neck and chin. The one thing Jodie had got from the MC was sex, she truly adored it and had become very good at it.

Emma now took control and Jodie yielded quite willingly as Jodie knelt between her legs and covered every inch of her torso with a kiss and a lick, a suck and a nibble until Jodie’s pussy was staring her in the face.

“Oh god it’s so beautiful Hun, you are very naughty keeping something like this from me for so long” Emma said’

She placed her hands under Jodie’s ass and moved her around so that her head was resting on the arm of the sofa. She had changed her mind once she had seen Jodie’s pussy and wanted now to get comfortable as she intended to worship Jodie’s stunning cunt for as long as she could. Jodie’s head rolled to the side as Emma’s lips kissed her own very tenderly with one hand she scooped up her own tit and sucked on the nipple while she placed the other on the top of Emma’s head. Then she felt Emma’s tongue rolling around inside her searching for nothing other than a response to its touch. Surprising herself more than Emma she was suddenly hit by a Tsunami of an orgasm and drenched her friends face and upper body who caught all she could of Jodie’s sweet nectar. Emma licked her way up her friends glistening body in search of more of her friends juice until she was kissing Emma on the lips once more.

“How was that Hun?” she whispered

“Holy shit girl, what did you do to me?”

“Oh consider it an engagement present” Emma beamed

Jodie arose and pulled Jodie up by the hands and then lay down the length of the large sofa

“Climb on” she said signalling with a finger for her friend to sit on her pretty face.

Emma began to lower herself gently but Jodie pulled her down hard against her hungry mouth and began gorging on her pussy immediately. Emma lowered her lips to Jodie’s pussy for round 2 but found it hard to get in even a kiss. She was being driven wild by Jodie’s frenzied attack and feared she would not be able to show the control she was used to showing as she gasped and moaned in ecstasy. As expected Emma soon shuddered and howled at the ceiling as she came and then lay next to her friend on the sofa

“Touché” she said cheekily

Once they had recovered they took a dip in the hot tub and talked about wedding plans mainly and a little about her old life. Emma was fascinated by the things Jodie had seen and done but she knew Jodie wouldn’t have chosen that path, she felt she had no choice at the time. Out of their conversation Jodie decided to use the money Kazz had put in her bag which was mostly all still there, to go toward a dress and if there was any left she would use it for a nursery. She brought the bag out from the bottom of her cupboard and emptied it onto the bed. There must have been thousands there, all hundred dollar bills. She looked up at her friend with a look of disbelief and shock.

“Damn girl, you have been sitting on a fortune” Emma said

Just then the lining fell out of the bag onto the cash only it wasn’t the lining. Well no ordinary lining anyway. It was a vest that Jodie recognised as a club vest. At first she thought it could be Mark’s but it looked small for his size so she unfolded it. It was a full member’s vest as it had a complete patch on the back. She turned it over and her jaw dropped when she saw her own name on it. A tear rolled down her cheek as her friend came around to embrace her. Jodie found a note while digging around in the pockets and pulled it out to read. She was too shaky so Emma read it for her

Dearest Jo, I am sorry I had to be a prick but the crew wanted you dead to. Lenny and I decided you had earned the patch a long time ago but I knew it would start shit with your old man. I have loved you for the longest time girl but there’s a better life out there for you. Take care of you eh girl, Kazz

Emma apologised for the lame accent and then offered to leave.

“No please stay with me tonight. I…I..Don’t know what to do”

“Drink?” Emma offered

“Absolutely, thanks baby”

Jodie had just started to feel the effects of the second triple JD and coke when Karl walked in.

“Everything ok” he asked as he crossed the room to kiss Jodie on the head.

“Hi Karl, Jodie found something from an old friend” she said seeing Jodie was too emotional to speak.

Karl looked at the vest “Ah, I figured something would turn up one day”

Jodie sobered instantly “What, why would you think that something…”

“Didn’t the note explain it?”

“Explain what, what are you fucking talking about?” she said angrily

Please calm down and let me explain, please. Reluctantly Jodie sat back as Emma stood behind her holding her shoulders. Jarl looked up at Emma

“Don’t even think about it, Emma stays” Jodie said and then looked up at Emma to make sure it was ok with her. Emma nodded agreeing to stay.

“Please let me tell you everything and then I will answer your questions if you have any at the end”. Karl pleaded

“I’m waiting”

“Listen, I knew Kazz a long time ago, probably before he met you and just before I decided not to follow the MC path and got into the hotel game. I used to help him with accommodation and he would handle security matters or debt collection issues from time to time. When the shit hit the fan with Mark I agreed to locate you and help you out and keep an eye on you while the dust settled for as long as it took” he explained.

“Look after me, what the fuck? He’s going to kill you Karl you…”

“Let me finish. Listen I have dreaded this day……….Kazz is dead, I’m so sorry” he said moving over to comfort her.

“No, no. He can’t be. Did he know you were screwing…?”

“He was already gone by then Jodie. Listen Kazz was my friend, a mate and I know he had a special place in your heart but I fell for you a long time ago and never made a move on you for years, until I felt it would not cross any lines” He put his arm around her.

She pushed his arm off. “Listen I just need some time ok. Just let me process all this for a couple of days huh” She said rather than asked.

“Ok Hun, you know where I am if I need anything” he said as he left.

Emma sat next to her “Do you believe him?”

“I don’t know, I think so. Nothing sounded out of place or farfetched”

“I guess not with your background” Emma said as a joke

Jodie laughed and then cried over Kazz. She asked Emma to stay the night and she agreed.

Over the next couple of weeks Jodie had an appointment that confirmed Kazz as the father. She decided to tell Karl the truth as it he may resemble Kazz when born and didn’t want any more mess. The baby was born and all was well, he was named Michael which was Kazz’s real name but nobody knew apart from his absolute closest friends, not even Karl.

Karl seemed ok but not delighted with the news and the wedding went ahead as planned. It was quite a small wedding at Jodie’s request, just family and close friends. Of course it was a very elegant wedding and reception within the hotel.

Karl was very good to Michael financially but never formed a strong emotional attachment as Jodie had wanted. At best he seemed like a distant but generous uncle. From an early age Michael was keen to go into the same area of work as his mother only Michael wanted to be a police officer. His mother thought he would grow out of the idea and hoped that he would as she knew all too well the dangers he would face if he pursued this line of work.

One day when Michael was 13 and digging around in his Mother’s stuff as all curious teenagers do, he came across an old piece of clothing made from leather. It was a vest from a motorcycle club. At first he thought it may be some sort of trophy she kept for putting some well known bikie behind bars being the talented lawyer that she was but then he saw her name on it. He was surprised and very curious and would question her about it later.

Karl was the first one in that afternoon so Michael showed him the vest and asked if he knew about his mother’s involvement in the club. Karl snatched the vest

“How dare you snoop around in your mother’s things? This is none of your business. You are not a real cop you know and my guess is you never will be if you’re….”

He stopped himself from ending the sentence.

“You are not to ask your mother any more questions about it ok, you will upset her. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes” Michael returned quietly

Karl had never responded like that before but there was obviously more to the story than that. One day when Michael was eighteen he did ask his mum about it. She explained that in her younger days she indeed did have some involvement but that it was behind her now and said that the things she had seen and done only served to make her a better lawyer. Although satisfied with his mum’s explanation he still was a little bewildered by Karl’s over reaction and secrecy but decided to let it go.

It was not until a few years later that the topic came up again in a rather confronting way. Michael was now living on his own and did not get to see a lot of his parents and decided to stop by. He still had his own key to his parents and was just about to let himself in when he heard screaming inside, it was his mother. Michael burst in pointing his pistol directly to where the noise was coming from. He was shocked to see his mother bent over the kitchen table with a huge bikie standing behind her who had obviously been raping her from behind. The stunned assailant grabbed his pistol and aimed back at Michael. Michael began squeezing the trigger when all of a sudden the giant held his pistol up in surrender as his mother begged him to lower his own pistol.

Before he could respond Karl burst in the room pointing a gun in Kazz’s direction

“What the hell are you doing here? How did you…..

“Shut your mouth now you backstabbing cunt of a man” Kazz said aiming straight between Karl’s eyes. You kept my boy from me”

“I did it for his own good, for their own good” Karl said still aiming at Kazz

“Oh bullshit man, you did it for your fucking self. You had a thing for Jodie since she laid eyes on ya, ya traitorous bastard.

“Son? Mom, what the hell is going on?” Michael asked still aiming at Kazz

“Nothing boy, this confused degenerate “Karl started

“Watch your fucking mouth you are already a dead man walking but I do not want to have to kill you in front of my family”

Suddenly Karl’s gun fired hitting Kazz in the shoulder and taking him down. With his head swimming and his lightning quick reflex Michael turned the gun on Karl, aimed at the arm holding the pistol and dropped him to the floor, all the time his mother was screaming at all three of them to stop. Michael crossed the room to comfort his mum but just as he reached out to her a bullet hit him in the back of the leg knocking him over. He looked on with sheer terror as Karl aimed his gun at his mother. He closed his eyes and dove in front of her as BANG the gun went off. But nothing seemed to happen. He opened his eyes and rolled over to see Kazz lying, bleeding, with his pistol pressed against Karl’s shattered jaw.

With some quick cleaning up and cover up work done Kazz completely dropped out of the picture as far as that incident went. The story read ‘Hero cop saves mother from wife beating husband’. Jodie decided to move her practice back out to be near Kazz and told Michael she would understand if he stayed, but Michael decided he wanted to learn more and he wanted to know his real father so his mother was able to wrangle a job for him with the local law enforcement. Within a few weeks of the family being reunited it seems Kazz and his boys more often than not seemed to stay just out of reach of the arms of the law.