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Mr. Hyde’s Night Out.

"Instantly the spirit of hell awoke in me and raged. I saw my life to be forfeit; and fled from the scene of these excesses, at once glorying and trembling, my lust of evil gratified and stimulated, my love of life screwed to the topmost peg."

-Robert Louis Stevenson, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"


It was Halloween weekend and my girlfriend was out of town, so I figured there was no better time to become a completely different person.

Think about it: Wouldn't you love the power to live without accountability, if only for one night? To do and say anything and know that you'd be Scott free in the morning? To have no regrets, no inhibitions, no conscience? Most of us would. Some of us would even kill for it.

It started with an offhand remark from a literature professor: He mentioned that Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was based on an actual, though debunked, vein of study. Once upon a time, medieval alchemists believed that you could extrapolate a human being's personality the same way you could a physical substance, and even separate its elements. They believed they could study the soul, draw it out and sample it, and that they could do it in the only vessel that such a thing did or could exist in: the very body of the person themselves.

The idea struck a chord with me. My degree program was psychology, but I wanted to read those old fraud's works. Not because I ever suspected they were right but because I thought that the ancient world might have some singular insight into the concept of the id. My teacher humored me, directing me toward obscure branches of Jabir ibn Hayyan and Muhammad ibn Zakariya Razi. I was fascinated by what I read. Imagine: the belief that artificial powers could induce disassociation so extreme that it caused an actual physical transformation. Complete nonsense of course…but what an idea! Once I'd really thought about it, I couldn't stop. "Sam can never let anything drop," that's what Erica says about me, and I guess she's right.

The procedures laid out were not that complex; these were, after all, medieval works. I can't say when exactly I decided to actually try it, but maybe I secretly had the plan in mind all along. Maybe the appeal of being someone else was what drove my supposed intellectual curiosity from day one. I don't know for sure; I can’t take anything about myself for granted anymore. In any case, by the time Halloween weekend approached I already had all of the equipment I would need, hidden in a trunk in the closet. And with Erica leaving town for a job fair, I was free to experiment without any awkward questions. I felt a twinge of guilt, as I was sneaking around on the woman I love, but I was sure she wouldn’t understand.

And anyway, what was the harm?

The process, as I mentioned, is simple, but I was no chemist, so I took my time, careful not to spoil any of the volatile ingredients. It was almost sundown by the time I had condensed the final product. It didn’t look like much, just a few ounces of clear liquid in the bottom of a graduated cylinder. But if I was right, it was the key to a whole new me.

Or not. In truth, I had no idea what it would do, beyond having established that it was not poisonous. So I toasted my reflection in the window and drank the concoction, then sat back to observe the results.

For a while I felt nothing, and before long I began to suspect I'd been very foolish, taken in by some dusty old alchemy. And then I started to feel feverish. There was a burning feeling inside me, like I had swallowed a hot coal. I tugged at my shirt, and finally I took it off, and my pants too. I was sweating and my body was red as a sunburn. I panicked; had I poisoned myself after all?

I picked up the phone to dial 911, and that’s when I noticed that my hands were different. I turned them over, hardly believing what I was seeing. Then, for a panicked moment I thought the floor was caving in, as everything seemed to sink before my eyes, but in fact what was happening was that I was becoming taller! A tingle in my scalp alerted me to a change there, and I discovered that my hair was longer. I ran to the bedroom to look into the mirror, and what I saw astonished me: My reflection was that of a man who looked nothing like me at all! I was completely transformed.

Whereas before I had been overweight, now I was lean, tanned and muscular. My broad face and snub nose were replaced by rugged, chiseled good looks. I had wide shoulders and powerful arms. For lack of a better phrase, I’d become tall, dark, and handsome. Curious, I stripped off my underwear and checked downstairs. Yes, the transformation was very complete indeed.

I began to laugh, probably a little hysterically. Was this really happening? Understand, I expected, at most, a psychological response, the impression or belief, probably vague and fleeting, that I had become someone else, an idea probably borne from the power of suggestion and the narcotic effect of the compound. But this, this was too much to imagine. I think I went a little out of my mind then, laughing and dancing and posing in the mirror, delighted and overwhelmed by my discovery.

I probably should have gone to the hospital. At the very least I should have begun documenting my findings. Instead I felt like going out. I wanted a night on the town to celebrate, and to explore just what the new me was all about. If I had been a little more conscientious, I would have realized that I had reason to be worried. If the source of my discovery was thousands of years old, someone else must have attempted this before me; so why were their findings never recorded? Unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to consider this then.

First things first, I decided that the clothes in my apartment didn't suit the new me. It was hard to find a boutique still open that late on Halloween, but I managed. The salesgirl who sold me the suit was very friendly, and I do mean very friendly, and this gave me pause. I’d never had much luck with women before; Erica was my only real "conquest." Was it just because I was better-looking now? Or was it that I was also more confident, more outgoing, more secure? These are exactly the kind of questions I should have been asking myself then, and if I had bothered to observe any change in my behavior everything that happened next might have been avoided. But I didn't ask scientific questions. Instead I asked the salesgirl, Tina, what she was doing that night? Oh, working, of course. Well, did she have a break coming up? Could I treat her to a drink? Could I treat her to anything else? My, what a cute smile you have, Tina…

And soon it was "Oh, what a hot mouth you have, Tina," and "Oh, what a dirty girl you are, Tina," as she pulled me into the back room and unzipped my pants, yanking my new cock out for its first street run, as it were. I really could not believe it; this kind of thing never happened to me. But hey, I wasn't me anymore, I thought; maybe this kind of thing happens to the new me all the time? Tina's cherry lip gloss lubricated her mouth as she slid my whole cock in at one go. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt; Erica, it goes without saying, never did this. I grabbed a handful of Tina's hair and pushed her down. Normally I'd have been too shy for that kind of thing, or even too afraid hurting her, but now my hands acted all on their own. And she liked it. She moaned. I pushed harder and she gagged, but she didn't try to stop. I felt strong.

Soon she was bent over with her palms pressed against the wall and her spectacular ass in my hands. The thin black line of her thong bisected two perfectly round cheeks, and I gave the left one, then the right one, a hard smack. My hands were huge now, and I was a little clumsy with them; bright red palm prints glared on her white backside. "Oh, fuck, that is amazing!" she said, growling and wiggling her hips. So I did it again, the soft, round flesh of her ass cracking under me over and over. Erica would have killed me if I'd gotten this rough with her, but this girl ate it up. Why? Was I just lucky? Or did she like it because I liked it, and she wanted to like me?

I fumbled with my cock in a clumsy, unsure way; I had an enormous hard-on by this time, and it was easy to pull aside Tina's non-existent panties. I paused, realizing I didn't have a condom on me. But she hadn't said anything about it? How would my body even react to anything I contracted right now? Questions for another time, it seems, as I popped the tip right into Tina's wet little cunt and slid it in one inch at a time while she moaned. She was so hot inside, and the skin on my shift was so sensitive; the feeling almost scared me, and for a second I felt myself losing control of the new me, shrinking back into my normal self, but then I pushed past it and that exhilarating feeling of power and control came back again. I squeezed Tina's cheeks between my hands again as I pushed up, and up, and up inside of her. Her body was very accommodating; I loved every second of it.

She was still facing the wall, so I grabbed her by the hair again and pushed her into it, hard; her cheek ground the plaster and her moans became a little muffled, but she didn't tell me to stop. The line of her body under me was flexing back and forth as I rode her from behind; curious I pulled my shirt up and off so that I could see more of my own physique; the ripple of my abdominal muscles above my hips was almost hypnotic. I imagined invisible waves of force emanating from my muscles, traveling down my hips, across her rippling ass, and then in a spike right up her spine to her brain, where they came out the other hand end as grating moans and breathless gasps. I was a machine, and she was the socket.

I got so worked up watching this that I didn't notice I was going to cum until it snuck right up on me: I grabbed Tina's hips as hard as I could and pulled; her nails scraped the wall. Her pussy was sopping wet and hot around me as I gushed, spurting inside of her. A shudder so hard I thought it would split me open ran through my body, and then in a second it was done, and I was spent, lax, out, finished. I let go of her; she almost fell over. I could see her knees were weak. I checked the time; we'd only been going at it for ten minutes or so, but it felt like longer. She was trying to pull her pants up. "Shit," she said. "That was intense."

"Yeah. Sure," was all I said.

We cleaned up. She had to get back to minding the register before someone else came along. I was suddenly, intensely bored by her, and the change shocked me, but I tried to make polite small talk, telling her I'd come back and see her again. Hell, maybe I would; why should I only have one great night in my life? Why shouldn't I do this all the time? It was so easy, it would almost be criminal not to do it. By this time I'd almost forgotten I was there to buy clothes; Tina hooked me up with a nice suit on a discount. I left the shop dressed to kill and feeling ten feet tall. The streets were full of people; people in costumes and people in party dress, people who were drunk and drinking and people who were laughing and dancing and living. I wanted to grab every woman I saw and waltz down the street with her.

I walked in no particular direction, just heading toward the most noise. I turned up Columbus and ended up on Broadway, a neon-soaked corridor under flashing signs advertising "Live Girls!" A doorman grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in, complimenting my suit; I stuffed a twenty in his breast pocket and he took me to a table right next to the stage. I ordered champagne. Soon the club dancers were hanging on my every word. The night became one long, drunken tilt-a-whirl of lights, colors, music, and women; so many amazing bodies, so many beautiful eyes and charming smiles. What the hell had I been doing with my life until now, I wondered? Nights like this were what living was really all about. I forgot all about home, about school, about Erica, and most of all about myself. What did I need any of that for? Why have that, when I could have this instead?

It must have been close to midnight when I stumbled into the men's room, chuckling to myself. While washing my hands I found that someone had slipped a note, written on a napkin, into my pocket. It gave the address of a parking garage and said, "Meet me in thirty minutes." Well, color me intrigued. I went to the garage and found the space I was supposed to wait at. There was a slick green Audi parked there. Eventually a cute, petite redheaded thing came and unlocked the driver's side door. I stayed in the shadows, watching. Did I know her? I'd expected to discover one of the dancers here, but it took me a moment to place this woman: She was the bartender! I chuckled, amused, and then stepped out where she could see me. She was startled for a moment, but smiled when she recognized me.

"Well hello," she said.

"Hello yourself." I took her by the hand, which startled her again, but when I raised it to my lips and kissed it she blushed.

"I wasn't sure you'd come…" she said.

"Lucky you," I said. I gestured. "Is this your car?"


"Can I drive?"

She paused, flustered again. I grinned. She gave me the keys. I got in and adjusted the driver's seat; my legs were much, much longer than they normally were. She seemed awkward sitting in the passenger seat, but smiled at me, shy. I wound my way down the ramp and out into the street; the car purred like an alley cat. "I'm Jesse," the girl said after a while.

"Nice to meet you," I said.

"What's your name?"

I almost said, "Sam," but then I stopped myself. No, I thought, not tonight. Tonight Sam just isn't good enough. "Victor," I said. She giggled more.

She gave me directions to her place. The streets in the city are narrow and no matter what they show you in the movies it's hard to find room really open up a car like that, but I managed. I was drunk as hell, of course, but if she noticed she didn't care. Jesse's place was out in Pacific Heights. I was a little impressed; it was all deco floors and pricy leather furniture, and a giant aquarium of tropical fish and live plants. I asked, as casually as I could, how a bartender afforded this house and that car.

"My fiancé is a doctor," she said, after hesitating for a moment.

Oh man. Just when I thought my night couldn't get any more interesting.

She excused herself to "freshen up." I counted to ten and then followed her. The house was mostly dark, so the light from the bathroom was easy to pick out. She was doing a line off of the sink and when she came back up the sight of my reflection behind her made her jump. She turned and smiled in a guilty kind of way; her pupils had dilated almost to pinpoints. I looked her up and down; her dress was the barely-there type. I placed one hand just beneath her ribs and then slid it down the side of her body, feeling her through the thin fabric. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. I wasn't paying attention anyway. I pushed her up against the sink; she gasped a little.

"So," I said, "tell me about this fiancé."

She blinked. "Huh?"

"What's his name?" I ran my hands across her curved hips.

"Henry," she said, sounding somehow uncertain.

"Henry. Tell me about Henry." My fingertips brushed the bare tops of her thighs, just under the hem of her dress. The bright lights over the mirror showed me that the small hairs on her arms were standing up.

"You want to know about…?"

"What's he like?" I said. I pushed against her harder, grinding my crotch into her body. She leaned back, but once her head touched the glass there was nowhere to go.

"He's…nice, I guess," she said.

"Hmm. Does he have a big dick?"


"I said, does Henry have a big dick?" One of my hands slid around her thigh and up between her legs; naturally, she wasn't wearing anything under her dress. Once my fingers connected I saw the lightning bolts dancing behind her eyes.

"Oh!" she said, her mouth a perfect O. She drew in a rough breath. "It's…it's okay, I guess."

"Hmm. So, Henry, okay dick, makes a lot of money, does that sum things up?" I massaged her with two fingers, the rubbery flesh of her lower lips pulsing already. "You like to suck his okay dick?"

"Not really…" she said. I pushed against her harder; her legs were open now and trying to wrap around me, but there was not enough room.

"You don't like to suck dick, or you don't like to suck his dick?" With my free hand I grabbed her face, a little rough, and I ran the pad of my thumb over her lips; she licked it for a second.

"I don't know," she said. "He's the only guy I ever…I don't know."

"Only guy, huh?" I pushed her back more. She was shaking all over. My fingers were working up inside of her. She was closed up tighter than a vice around them. "So what about this? I guess you've never seen one like this?" I let her go long enough to unzip and pull my cock out. She shook her head, although I'm not sure she was really looking at it. I realized she must have been pretty wired all night, and now she was a long way gone. Well, suited me fine; less handholding necessary.

I positioned her sitting on the sink with her legs spread and her back against the mirror, and then I ran it home. With Tina earlier I'd wanted to explore the feeling of my new body, but now I was only interested in the matter at hand. When I pushed in I saw Jesse's eyelids flutter up for a second and she opened her mouth to say…well, I don't know what, because I clapped a hand over her mouth to muffle it. With my other hand I moved her leg out of the way a little more and then I started to thrust; she was a hot, tight little thing, I'll give her that. I had to practically force it, and then again halfway. She sounded like she was screaming but it was hard to tell, since I was smothering any noise she might have made. I checked her eyes now and then, just to make sure she was having a good time; mostly they were rolled back, which I took to be a good sign.

Her legs were up in the air and around me, and every time I leaned into her they bobbed up and down. Her shoes were still on and one of them slipped off and dangled from the tip of her toe, which I found hilarious for some reason. I grabbed it and threw it over my shoulder. Then I leaned into her so hard that her legs went ramrod straight for a second and stuck out on either side of me. She moaned so loud I couldn’t smother it, and for a second the bitch actually bit me, although it was probably an accident; I took my hand off her mouth in any case. She was sopping wet on me and again I wondered again whether it was safe to be going bareback on her. But I was already too committed to stop, so I just kept going, burying myself in her body again and again. I was still fully clothed, just with my fly down, so I stripped off my coat; it was getting hot in there in a hurry.

"So how does Henry fuck you?" I had to repeat the question a few times before I got a somewhat coherent answer:

"Not…like this…"

"No? How then?"

"He's always–AH!—he's always slower."

"Do you like slower?"

She giggled and shook her head in a languid way. "No."

"You tell him that?"


"Why not?"

"What the fuck—AH, FUCK!—difference does it make?"

"Probably makes a big difference to him."

"Just shut up and fuck me…" Her words were slurred and ran over each other. Her fingers were all tangled up in my hair now. She sat so far back on the sink that I had to stand on my toes to get an angle where I could keep my cock in her, and my ankles were starting to ache in protest, but I recognized that I was coming up on it now and I sure as hell wasn't about to slow down.

"What do you want Henry to do that he never does?"

"Mmmm, Henry never sticks it in my ass."

"What else?"

"Henry never calls me….never calls me a…" She trailed off, seemingly bored with her words, her eyes rolling again and her words just a low moan. I slapped her once, hard, and her eyelids fluttered open.

"Henry never calls you a what?"

"Whore," she said. The word was a little exhalation.

"You like being called a whore?" I was sweating all over, aching from exertion, my spine bowed with the effort of fucking as I poured into her.

"I love it," she said. She was limp like a doll now. She seemed to be waiting for something. "In fact, I think he's going to say it a lot, after tonight…" The sound of a key turning in the lock made my ears prick up. Jesse did too. "Oh," she said, "that' should be him now."

I felt a cold stab of panic. My cock squirted inside the tight, clenched confines of her body at that moment, popping off, but the thrill of it withered under my fear. The front door was opening and there were footsteps on the floorboards. It wouldn't take long, of course, for Henry to find us here. Jesse just sat back, arms folded, watching, seemingly bored. I wanted to slap the daylights out of her, but there was no time. I zipped myself up and readjusted my belt, thinking maybe I could find a back door or a side door or something without being noticed. But as soon as I turned around, there was Henry, standing blank-faced in the bathroom door. Cue my cold sweat.

Henry looked at me. Henry looked at Jesse. Jesse looked at Henry. I looked only at the door, and my ticket out of here. Nobody said anything. After a while I broke the silence, giving Henry the closest thing to a winning smile I could manage. "Well," I said, "I guess you and your girl have a lot to talk about."

I was close enough to see Henry's throat jump up and down as he swallowed. "Yeah," he said. "I guess we do."

"Why don't I just show myself out while you do," I said, slipping past him. I couldn't help but brush his shoulder. He was stiff as a board. I was in the living room and halfway home by the time he caught up.

"Wait a minute," he said.

"I don't see that this has got anything to do with me," I said. I was smiling still. "You two just settle your thing and I'll—"

"I said, wait a minute," said Henry, and now, for the first time, he looked angry. I smiled wider and put my hands up.

"Henry," I said, "with a thing like this, you have to understand—"

In all fairness, he really did swing at me first. That's not bullshit. Yeah, he took a swing; then I took one back. And another one. And another one. I'd never even thrown a punch in my life, so I really don't know what happened, but the next thing I remember is Henry huddled on the floor with his hands up; Henry, with his nose broken across his face; Henry, with a mouth full of blood, too frightened to move, and throbbing pain in my hands and wrists from pummeling him again and again. Jesse was hanging onto me, telling me to stop, even trying to pull me away. When I caught my breath I shrugged, letting her drag me. I felt hollow, like everything around me was happening from a million miles away; I became fascinated by the sight of bruises on my knuckles, wondering if they'd still be there when I changed back to normal.

It was a while before Jesse's voice penetrated my haze: "What the hell is wrong with you?" she said. I shrugged again.

"What? Isn't that what you wanted to see?" I said, taking a step closer to her. She backed away.

"You completely lost it," she said.

"He swung first."

"Just get out," she said. She did not sound angry, exactly, nor did she sound quite afraid. If anything, she was simply disgusted. The contempt is what provoked me. Rather than leave, I rounded on her and started backing her up one step at a time, jabbing a finger at her collarbone.

"Don't give me that," I said. "You want to play games? Let's start with you. Let's ask, where was all this concern for Henry before now? Huh? Why don't you tell me? Why don't you just tell me?"

“I…” she said.

“Now you care about him, huh? You care? Tell me just how much you cared twenty minutes ago? Tell me about that. Go on, tell me.”

"Get out!" she said again; tears were in her eyes. I smirked. And then—

I swear I just meant to push her out of the way. She was telling me to get out but she was between me and the door. I just meant to give her a little nudge so she'd move; I swear that's all I meant to do. I think. I really do. I don't know how it happened; in slow motion I watched her teeter, watched her fall, saw her silhouetted in the light from the aquarium, heard the glass break and the water gush out. Next thing I knew my shoes were wet, and there was blood in the water too. So much blood…

Henry screamed and jumped up and came at me again. Or maybe he was just running to check on Jesse, I don't know. I pummeled him again all the same, and when he stopped moving I ran. I ran like a shot, out of that house, down the block, into the night, just running, running, running until the blood pounded in my ears. I really think I ran all the way home. I must have looked like a maniac to anyone who saw me. When I slammed the door, my heart was thundering and my lungs burned. I went to the kitchen, hoping water would help, but I couldn't keep it down. I hurt all over; what was happening? My body was changing, my muscles shifting and contorting, rearranging themselves over my bones. The formula was wearing off! But it was worse than before; it hurt more. A lot more.

I couldn't stand. I crawled on my hands and knees, trying to get to the bedroom, trying to strip off my now ill-fitting clothes, leaving a trail of discarded garments behind me. Every square inch of me was on fire. Breathing felt like needles in my throat. Pain throbbed at the back of my eyes. There was a shrieking noise, like a fire alarm; was I screaming, or were my ears ringing? I couldn't tell. I just kept trying to move forward, not even sure what would happen if I got where I was going but certain that the immediate goal was the only thing keeping me sane.

I got as far as the bedroom door, and then I just couldn't go on. My bones were changing shape and I couldn't support myself anymore, so I collapsed in a heap where I was, sobbing and wretched. I thought I was going to die. I decided it was okay.

I closed my eyes. The pain didn't stop when I slept. Even my dreams hurt.


Erica's voice woke me.


She sounded far away.


She was upset, scared.

"Sam, are you okay? Answer me? Sam? Sam?”

She leaned in right next to my ear.

"Samantha, answer me!"

I opened my eyes. It was morning; the light hurt. Erica was standing over me. She must have come home early. She looked scared. I was lying in the doorway with my back all twisted up; for a moment I feared I couldn't move, but no, after a moment's stretching I was all right. The pain was just a dull throb now.

Erica was shaking her head and biting her fingernails. "Samantha?" she said. She only used my full name when she was angry or worried. "Talk to me, baby. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I said. My voice startled me; it was hoarse, but back to normal. A quick survey showed that I was back to normal too. I looked at my hands; no bruises.

"What happened?" Erica said.

"I…had too much to drink." My head still hurt, too. I went to the bathroom and started the shower. I looked into the mirror and stared at myself until a fog of perspiration blotted out my reflection entirely. I looked like me again; but was I me? Was I really, completely me? Or was I maybe…

"Sam?" Erica said again, coming to the door. "Whose clothes are these?" My suit was still all over the floor. I shrugged, turning toward the shower so I didn't have to look at her while I answered.

"I went to a costume party." Before she could ask any other questions I stepped under the water, hoping to wash away everything that had happened. The memory of Henry's ruined face and Jesse's scream while falling sent a flutter of panic through me. What had I done? Were they all right? Were they…

After I turned the water off I toweled dry and went straight to my phone. I looked at the Gate's site: "Two Dead on Halloween Night," the headline told me. I couldn't breathe. But I let out a sigh of relief when I read on: The article was about a shooting at a nightclub. I looked over all the recent city news, but there were no other murders, no missing persons, no couple beaten to death in their home in the early hours of the morning. They were alive, then. Thank God.

I kept an eye on the news for a few more days, but there was no mention of the attack. No need to worry about police detectives knocking at my door. Not that it would have mattered; all the witnesses would have described a tall, handsome man. No reason to suspect the short, fat lesbian. The formula had done its job. It did its job very well, indeed. I was anonymous. I was safe. I had escaped all consequences.

Well, almost. I can't get rid of the dreams. And it can't fix things with Erica; something changed between us after that weekend. I don't think she ever really trusted me again. She asked me questions that I just plain didn't have any answers for, and the more I hedged, the more I pushed her away. But what could I tell her? Not the truth, surely. She left me a week ago. She said she needed time to think. That's fine by me. I need time too.

I've dropped out of school. Didn't go to a single class again, after Halloween night. Just didn't have it in me, I guess. I burned all my notes on the formula, but I can still remember the whole thing. I've tried to make myself forget it, but of course, that doesn't work. That worries me too.

I'm not going to lie: I liked being the Other Me. It was fun. I want to do it again. Even with everything that happened…well, no one really got hurt, did they? Not so bad that they won't all get over it sooner or later anyway. Besides, why should I have to sacrifice for everyone else all the time? Why can't I do what's important to me, just once in a while? Is that so bad? Would it be wrong? I don't know. Sure, there would be risks, but aren't there always? And if you think about it, I really was provoked…

That's what I tell myself. And then I get sick for even thinking about it.

I don't go out anymore. I don't talk to anyone. I don't look in the mirror. I just think about that night. I could make more of the formula. I could do it right now. I could have a drink and go out and forget all my problems, and whatever new problems I get, well, I could forget about them too, in the morning. Yes, I could do that. But will I? I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know myself at all, these days. That's been the scariest part of this whole thing, actually.

I guess the question is: At the end of the day, how much can you trust yourself?

How much, indeed?

Cuckolded by a 12 Year Old : 2: The Nanny Cam

The next couple of months were the best times of my sexual life, two days a week I was burying myself balls deep in Tammy’s 13 year old pussy. The best part of it was how enthusiastic she was about the entire thing. She couldn’t get enough of my cock and was always sending me naughty texts and emails about what she wanted to try next.

She would sputter and gag her way through trying to give me blowjobs. Our best success at that was when I would have her head hanging over the edge of the bed and I could shove nearly my entire cock down her throat. I would cum on her face in those cases, because she thought the taste was yucky.

I couldn’t get enough of cumming in her teen pussy though . She would squeal and squeal as I plugged away at her, which turned me on even more. So much so that I could get hard again quickly and give her another load. Friday’s were the best, as I would pick her up straight from school and get to fuck her in her private school uniform for a couple hours before sending her home

I can’t describe what it was like tapping her from behind while she was in that uniform. My hands gripping her dirty blonde curly tresses. Pounding into her tiny tight pussy from behind until I blew a load into it. Spanking her ass till it was red. It was the best.

Iwas finally moving on to get ready to fuck her in the ass, after showing her a lady cleans her ass out for it, when she got a call from her Mom wondering where she was. So we had to call it short

It was a Saturday afternoon when Tammy showed up to our house. Annie and my wife were out at equestrian practise, so that left me to amuse myself all day at home. I had been setting up nanny cams all around the house to spy on my housemaid who I was certain was stealing money and jewellery from us. I was hooking them all up to my PC locked up securely in my study.

Tammy had actually come over looking to see Annie, I reminded her that Annie was at equestrian practise all afternoon. Tammy just gave me a coy look twirling one of her curly blonde tresses and told me that she was sure we could find something to do to pass the time. I smiled back and ensured her we definitely could

I started taking up to the bedroom my wife, Liz and I shared but she told me she wanted to do it in Annie’s room. I thought this was hot and dirty but had to ask why, she told me it was a surprise and told me to get ready.

I went into Annie’s room, it was standard young teen fare. Posters on the wall. Pictures of the horses she liked. Her awards from school, The bed flowing with stuffed animals. I usually wasn’t in here very often, but had been so this morning to set up the nanny cams, which gave m e an idea. I rushed to my study and started recording , just so I could watch the action later privately.

Tammy was in Annie’s adjoining bathroom and told me to get naked and ready. I stripped out of my clothes and pushed some teddy bears out of the way and started stroking my already hard cock, keeping my eyes firmly on the bathroom door.

Tammy stepped out and I swear my dick got an inch harder. My thirteen year old tart was dressed in her school girl skirt and blouse which was open.What really turned me on was that she had slicked her hair with gel and stuck in ponytails, she was a spitting image for my own daughter Annie except for the curly spurts coming out of the ends.

“ Want to fuck me daddy? “ she said posing in the doorway

Tammy knew the ‘daddy’ talk turned me on to no end, dirty girl

“ Come suck my cock baby girl”, I told her

She crawled up onto my bed and nestled between my legs going straight away to nursing on my dick. I gripped her by the ponytails and start thrusting her head up and down on my shaft.

“ Yeah, that’s it suck Daddy’s big dick”

She went fervently to work on my cock with those instructions. I turned my head and smiled and nodded to the nanny cam hidden in the lamp on the dresser. This was awesome.

Tammy sucked on my dick for about ten minutes, but I was ready for more. I pulled her up my body and without even the pretense of foreplay and thrust Tammy onto my dick. She gasped at the sudden intrusion.

“ Daddy’s horny”, Tammy giggled getting into a rhythm on my dick

‘ Daddy loves fucking his dirty girl”

And fuck her I did, I gripped her tiny hips and thrust up into her snug little twat. She gave back as good as she got. We were bucking and sweating as she gasped and moaned through little cums, biting her lip when she did so. I rolled on top of her and started pounding her hard

“ Oh god, your penis is so good”, she groaned under me

“ Tell me what you want, tell me”, I commanded her

“ Fuck me Daddy , fuck me”

I pounded her furiously, her legs shot out to either side of me as I kept mashing into her pussy. Her pussy was so wet and tight that I struggled from blowing a load too quickly. She gasped subtly under me every time I would bury myself to the hilt in her

I spun her around on to her hands and knees and faced the nanny-cam. Getting up behind her I could slam away at her sweet 13 year old pussy and catch all the action going on in her face. Plus my own personal porn would be a real treat. I gave the camera a thumbs up and spanked her ass.

Getting close, I gripped her pigtails like handlebars and started really giving it to her. This forced her head back and pulled her hands up off the bed. I was getting to my chance to rag doll her just like I always do before I cum

“ Cum in me Daddy, cum in me”, she whimpered

I let go of of her hair and gripped her arms firmly behind her back and started roughly bottoming out in her twat as she whimpered. In a few minutes I spunked my load deep in her twat, once I stopped jizzing in her I pushed her off my dick. Grabbed her by her hair and had her clean my dick.

I was suggesting another round, but Liz and Annie would be home in less than half an hour, so I cleaned her up and sent her home. I showered and had thrown Annie’s cum stained bed sheets in the laundry when my wife and daughter came home

Liz gave me a casual distracted kiss on the cheek

“ Do anything exciting today honey”, my busty blonde wife asked casually

“ Nope, just some laundry and puttering in my study”
Liz just gave me a tired look, “ You really need to get a hobby honey, you’re turning into a boring middle aged man”

Oh I had a hobby, I certainly wasn’t going to tell her about it.

Annie gave me a big hug, but her body against mine made me flash to fucking her best friend in her own very bedroom. Life was good

I didn’t even get a chance to watch my movie that night, or Sunday because it was church then shopping, then dinner with my inlaws. I only got a chance to check that it was running from my PC and saved the video of me fucking Tammy in Annie’s bed.

Monday was spectacular, getting to work I received nothing but good news. There had been a shift in management a few months ago and my new boss Jim Henry was making waves. He was a former soldier that had headed up our security and had made nice with the CEO. His business acumen came to light and the big boss moved him into our division.

On the surface he could come across as intimidating, a tall very muscular black man with a shaved head and a no- nonsense approach ot business. But when you started talking to him on a personal level he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. He had become boss of my department, and as a reward to those who had helped him , he was forwarding promotions

The great news, was that I was promoted to vice-president of marketing which was our department. I only answered to Him Henry himself. It was going to be a huge pay bump but the hours also got crazier. He knew I could do it, and joked it gave him more time off to start practising golf. So I found myself now covering his afternoons off, which was fine because I could occassionaly delegate and take afternoons off to fuck my hooker Cindy and pick up Tammy when I could convince her to skip school.

I fucked Cindy that Wednesday in the ass as a reward to myself for my huge success, and fucked Tammy in the same hotel room the next day. It was a no tell motel which even let Tammy get our room no questions asked.

My wife Liz was thrilled of course, and we had a big dinner that Friday night with Jim Henry and his wife as well. Annie even came though she seemed a bit distant, but she also managed to sneak a sip of wine. Jim Henry’s wife Trish was a wonderful woman herself, a stunning Ethiopian woman who had become a business lawyer in the US.

Jim Henry had to take a call from the boss and excused himself from the table, a few minutes later my wife Liz also got a call from her boutique and had to step outside as well. In retrospect I should have figured out what was happening when they both wandered in from their calls half an hour later and Liz’ hair was a bit messy. But Jim Henry’s wife Alicia was keeping me spell bound.

We got home late and I was raring to go, hell I was going to give Liz a good once over, which would have been a staggering second time in a month. But she complained that the wine had gone to her head and she just wanted a good nights sleep. Horned up I went to my study to watch my scene with Tammy

I put on my headphones, turned down the lights and got behind the desk. First things first though, I decided to scan through the last couple days of filming to see if our maid was actually robbing us blind.

It was mostly bland cleaning and running back and forth at high speeds of the maid puttering around the house. I slowed down a few times to see if she was actually lifting anything> I was about to call it a night and get to wanking when I came to yesterday afternoon’s video.

Liz had come unexpectedly early , around noon it seemed and dismissed the maid, the fast forward zoomed and she was suddenly up in our bedroom. She unrobed and got on the bed and start diddling herself.

This was new. So I stopped to see what she was up to and put it on normal speed. She was rubbing her clit on the bed when the phone on the nightstand started to ring. I turned up the volume to pick up the conversation, I had called her yesterday I was wondering if she was masturbating when I talke d to her.

“ Hi sexy man, you going to come over and fuck me?”, my busty blonde wife said

My heart sank, she never said that to me. In fact she never said anything like to me.

“ No, he’s out fucking one of his whores again, you don’t have to worry about him showing up”

Holy shit, she knew I was fucking around. A knot in my stomach began to grow, just how much did she know, did she know I was fucking Tammy as well. This was bad.

“ Exactly,” Liz said agreeing with something, “ and that pussy is yours anytime you want it”

I gulped, it was clear she had been fucking who ever this was for awhile now. I guess I couldn’t complain too much, I was fucking around, why couldn’t she. But I was also offended, she was my ife she should only fucking me.

She hung up and started diddling on the bed again with a smile on her face. I actually found myself aroused at this, I was seeing an aspect to her I hadn’t seen since college. I was stroking watching her jill herself off. Three of her cums later, I was about to shoot when the action on the screen changed

My boss, Jim Henry entered the bedroom. My eyes bugged out. Liz just spread her naked toned thighs wide at him and smiled wickedly. Jim walked up to the foot of the bed and casually began to take of his clothes.

“ My husband is very grateful for his promotion”, Liz said crawling slowly on all fours to the foot of the bed.

“ He better,” Jim said loosening his tie “ his ass kissing was getting on my nerves”

Ass kissing? My boss just brushed me off as a sycophant and he was fucking my wife! How dare he!

Jim unzipped his pants and out popped his dick in my wife’s face. He was fucking huge. I was always proud of the girth of my 7 incher, but Jim had a monster. He had at least a few inches on me and was nearly as thick as a coke can. Liz bent her head down and started slurping away at his chocolate stick.

“ Damn you have a talented mouth, your husband is really missing out” , Jim said still undressing

My wife Liz popped her head off his dick for a minute to say, “ Let him have his whores, I’ve got his big dicked boss”

They both laughed and Liz went back to work sucking on his huge dick. Jim put a hand on the back of her head as in ownership and helped guide her back and forth. All the whilst stepping out of his clothes entirely. He was tall and ripped, muscles on muscles. I couldn’t kick this guy’s ass in a wet dream.

My hungrily slurped on his big dick while my boss leaned over and started fingering my wife’s pussy through her backside. I had never seen her so hungry for a dick in my life, she was absolutely worshipping it. She haer lips and tongue up and down its very long dimensions from tip to balls. Even as a college girl I couldn’t remember her being this excited.

Her phone rang again and she reached over and grabbed it and put it to her. All without taking a break from sucking on Jim’s mighty beast.

“ Hey baby, how’s the big job today?” she asked sweetly into the phone

That was me! This was when I was calling her before checking into the hotel room to fuck Cindy in the ass. She continued her chat with me all at the same time continuing to worship Jims big dick.

“ That’s great honey”, she said then moved the phone away to slurp sloppily on Jim’s knob, “ don’t work yourself too hard”

Liz then rolled away and lay on her back on the bed and spread her thighs wide. She crooked a finger at Jim and beckoned him between her toned thighs. Jim crawled up between them , his big dick swinging like a black mace at my wife’s crotch.

“ I can’t talk too much longer honey, something really big has come up” she said winking at Jim and stroking his dick.

She lay back and started rubbing his fat cockhead against her clit, he start playing with her tits rubbing her nipples

“ It’s going to be a long and hard day here at the boutique” she smiled at him

Then suddenly Jim gripped her thighs and pushed his big dick deep into my wife’s pussy. Her mouth stretched wide in a big O, then she bit her lip hard. He began to thrust into her, and she put a hand to his crotch to get him to slow down.

“ Sorry darling, have to go” Liz said hanging up like she often does.

Jim pused her hand away and began thrusting hard back into her.

“ Bad boy, don’t you want to eat my pussy?”, she said smiling wickedly

“I’d rather have my wife do that”, Jim said gripping her thighs

“ I haven’t agreed to a threesome yet”, Liz said

“ Yet.” Jim underlined.

Jim was trying to get my wife Liz into a threesome with his wife Alicia, I could hardly believe my ears, my sweet as candy wife was debating getting her pussy eaten out by another woman. I found myself getting aroused at the thought, and to make things worse I was getting aroused watching my boss fuck my wife.

And fuck her he did, he started slow easing his giant cock into my wife’s pussy. Every time he would push another inch into her she would gasp. He would slowly with draw and then push back adding another inch of his huge meat into her. Eventually he was balls deep in her.

“ Oh god, I love your huge dick”, she moaned underneath him

“ Better then your husband?”, he gloated to her

“ Fuck yes, he’s not even half the man you are”

I was humiliated and turned on all at the same time. There was no way I could compete with this man. He was my boss and I owed my continuing employment to him. He was fucking my wife, but I couldn’t complain or the truth about my whores would come out. All I could do is watch.

He would then pull out till his cock head was barely penetrating her and she would whimper and beg and plead for him to put it back in her. She literally begged him to put his cock in her. It was humiliating and hot all at the same time. I felt myself getting hard

He alpha male ravaged her after she begged. He slammed deep into her and started power-fucking her. She howled as this monster cock buried itself balls deep into her over and over again. She gripped his ass with her hands and kept pulling my boss into her.

“ I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK DICK”, my wife Liz howled under his poundings

I started stroking myself to this display at wantoness from my wife. It was my own personal porn show.

He ravaged her mercilessly, he rolled her over onto her hands and knees and started fucking her from behind. Her mouth was slack open in a big ‘O” as he slammed into her behind. Her ass jiggled with each thrust and her tits swung back and forth furiously. Jim pokerfaced her though another screaming orgasm on her part, she gripped the sheets and dug her fingers hard into the sheets as she came like a woman possessed.

“ Lube, where’s your lube?” , Jim asked spanking her ass.

“ Nightstand, “ she managed to gasp out as he eased up on her.

I never knew she had lube in her nightstand, then again I had no idea of a lot things in her life apparently. He took out a bottle of lube and and pulled his dick out of her. She whimpered and begged him to fuck her some more. All I could do is stroke myself fervently.

He lubed up his big dick and then pulled her back to him. He slowly then pushed himself into her again

“ Fuck, your dick is so big and my ass is so small”

“Don’t worry bitch, it’s always fits eventually”

He was going to fuck her ass? I had never fucked my wife in the ass. Ever. She thought it was dirty and now she was freely giving it up to my boss. And she had been doing it for some time it seemed. I couldn’t believe it. I had to slow down my beating off as I felt I was getting close to cumming just by that very thought.

Liz grabbed a pillow and bit into it as Jim pushed his giant chocolate meat into her backdoor. This went on for about a half a minute as he sank into her millimetre by glorious millimetre until he was balls deep in her rectum.. Liz was grunting into her pillow and reached back between her thighs to diddle herself. When he was all the way into her Jim spanked her ass and she let out a little yelp.

He began to fuck her in the ass slowly at first letting her get used to his girth in her. Then he began to pick up the pace until he was slamming hard into her ass. Every few thrusts he would spank her ass to which would elicit another yelp from her.

Jim grabbed my wife by the hair and pull ed her back using her blonde tresses as a tether and began to power fuck her ass. She was pulled up to him but she continued playing her with her clit. I could easily see his huge dick from this angle as he penetrated my innocent as pie wife’s ass. And she loved it

She howled through several orgasm as he anally violated her, grabbing her big tits in his big hands as balance. At the end her head rolled back and she stiffened and even squirted on the bed beneath her. I had never seen a woman squirt in my entire life, least of all from my wife.
He then pulled out and pushed her onto the bed on her back. He straddled he face and jacked off towards her open mouth. She stuck her tongue out as he did so.

Then he started jazzing all over my wife’s face, she hungrily tried catching his cum with her tongue, but there was so much cum. He kept spurting over and over her face. All over her lips, he chin, her nose, her forehead and even into her hair. This set me off to and my meager spun load dribbled over my hand.

When he finished cumming he stuck his bog tool in my wife’s mouth and she sucked on it like a pacifier, trying to milk out the last bit of jizz with her lips. It was so fucking hot.

When he was done , my boss got off the bed and started dressing. Liz just lay on the bad panting heavily, her body slicked with sweat. She was nearly glowing and looked like a woman thoroughly sexually satisfied, something I had never been able to do.

“ See you tomorrow at dinner”, Jim said as he left

“Mmmmmmm so looking forward to it”, she purred from the bed.

She lay there for another 15 minutes or so in the afterglow, then showered and washed the bedding. Just in time for me to get home from fucking Cindy the hooker. Cindy, a woman I had to pay to have sex never came like that, even if she ever did and wasn’t just faking it.

I turned off the computer and sat there stunned. I was confused about how I felt. Humiliated at how my boss gave me a promotion just to spend time fucking my wife. My wife knowing I was fucking prostitutes. How my boss had fucked my wife in the ass and into complete sexual submission. And the worst part about how turned I was about it

I turned the computer back on and turned the nanny cam back on to take a look at my wife. I had to see that woman in the bed I had seen her fuck another man. Had to see her without seeing her, I don’t if I could walk into our bedroom now. The cam was running on real time and I expected her to be asleep.

She was in bed on the phone, so I turned up the volume

“ You bad boy, fucking me in the ass in the alley tonight”, she said into the phone

Holy fuck, that’s why she came back with her hair messed. Jim had been fucking my wife during their “ phone calls”. I was such a fool.

“ Yeah, he wanted to fuck when we got home, but I am so sore from these last two days”, she giggled.

How humiliating.

“Of course, tell her that I’m wanting that threesome now, it’s the least I could do for having her put up with my husbands boring dinner conversation”

Jim’s wife knew! She was covering for them fucking by listening to me. Oh god, this was horrible. And shamefully turned me on.

“ Good night baby, my sire ass already misses you”, she said hanging up.

I sat there dejected, humiliated and aroused in the study for another half hour before making my way to bed. Liz was sleeping with a little smile on her face which I had only noticed in the last couple months. I always assumed it was because her boutique was picking up, but it was really the face of a woman satisfied

I eventually drifted off to sleep wondering what to do next. Little did I know by the end of the next week, my fate was sealed