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Having Anna for Dinner

A brunette girl, who appeared sixteen years old, lay on the floor watching TV with her younger sister, a blonde girl who was six years younger. Their father had lost his job about a year ago and was only recently able to find another. He hadn't gotten his first paycheck yet, and wouldn't or several weeks. The brunette propped herself up on her long, thin arms. "Is there anything for dinner today, mom?"
"I'm afraid not, Susan. We don't have much food left," their mother called back. They were lucky to have any food at all more than once a week, if they ate that often. Susan laid herself back on the floor. She was very nearly skin and bones by now. She was five-seven and only weighed ninety pounds. She reached over and stroked her younger sister's hair. She spoke softly.
"It's okay, Anna. I'm sure you can go next door for something to eat." Anna was closer to four feet tall, and by now barely weighed sixty pounds. She wasn't holding up as well as the others, and occasionally would join the neighbors for dinner. Susan assumed that they pitied Anna more than herself because Anna was still so young. Still, Anna protested to the idea.
"They haven't been giving the rest of you anything. I don't wanna be the only one eating." Susan smiled at her sister's words. They were wasting away. Their father's last job hadn't paid very well, and when he was laid off, they were left with no income at all. It only took three months to use the emergency money they'd managed to save up, and two months to use most of their food. Seven months after that realization came, they were barely alive, and not many people were willing to help them out.
The two girls mother came into the room, and Susan announced that she was going to the bathroom. Anna looked at her mother, who sat on the floor next to her. "Anna," she started off. "I wanted to ask you something."
"Yes? What is it?" Anna asked. Her mother looked at the floor for several seconds.
"Well, you know we don't have much food. In fact, we have enough for only one more meal. We're getting desperate. Your father won't be paid for a few more weeks yet, and if we don't get more food, then we might starve to death before that happens," her mother swallowed hard.
"Are you… asking me to live with someone else?" Anna asked. Her mother smiled sadly.
"Well… I can think of something to get us a little more money in the mean time. If it's okay with you, I know a woman who'd pay us some money to, well… you know…" she put her hand on Anna's lap, "touch you." Anna blinked rapidly. "I've been fighting her for months now, trying keep her off you. I've been trying to not let things get that desperate, but… I think we've lost that fight."
"Mom, it's okay. If we need the money, then… She can…" Her mother smiled.
"Are you sure, baby?" Anna nodded. "Well, then I'll make the phone call." Her mother gave another sad smile, then walked into the kitchen.
Later that night, there was a rap at the door. Anna opened it, and greeted a woman who was five foot seven with straight black hair. The woman smiled, her grey eyes looking into Anna's blue ones. "Hello. Is Heather home?" the woman asked. Anna had almost forgotten how curvy a healthy woman could be.
"Mom's upstairs in her room," Anna answered.
"Ah, then you must be Anna. You're much scrawnier than I remember you being. Have you not been eating? Ah, that must be why Heather finally gave in. Well, we should let her know I'm here," the woman said. Anna nodded and gestured for her to follow. "Heather," the woman called when they reached the bedroom.
"Yes," Anna noticed a twinge of resignation in her mother's voice. "I see you made it." She had been sitting on the edge of her bed with her head in her hands. She sighed heavily. "Did you being the money?" The woman walked across the room and handed Heather a stack of money. She stood there and watched as two hundred dollars was counted out in twenties.
Heather nodded, and the woman smiled as Anna led her down to her own room. Once there, the woman picked Anna up off the floor and set her on the bed. That's when she noticed that Anna's clothes were tattered and looked like they were several sizes too big. They really were pressed. She pulled Anna's shirt over her head and saw that there wasn't much meat on her bones. Poor thing.
She pressed her lips to Anna's nipples. Her breasts hadn't begun to develop yet, but the woman wasn't too concerned. Well-fed or not, they still got hard. She kissed her way up to Anna's neck. "By the way, my name's Sarah," the woman told Anna, before pressing her lips to Anna's. She took off her own shirt and her bra. She guided Anna's small hand to her own breasts and made Anna squeeze. "That's right, we're going to have fun touching each other tonight."
She slid her own pants off, revealing she hadn't been wearing panties. Then she slid Anna's off of her, and began to rub her clit through the panties she had on. She pressed her lips to Anna's nipples again, nipping at them with her teeth. She felt Anna getting wet through her panties. Sarah began kissing down Anna's stomach, coming to a halt at her waist.
She kissed around Anna's wait, directly above her panties. Then, slowly, she pulled the panties down Anna's legs. Sarah pressed her lips to Anna's pussy, pressing her tongue into the young hole. Anna gasped for air, enjoying the sensation. Sarah moved her tongue up toward Anna's clit, pressing down on it and moving her tongue all over it. Anna began moaning.
Sarah reached up and began pinching one of Anna's nipples, still giving her oral pleasure to the young girl. Anna began pushing Sarah's head into her pussy, not wanting her to stop. Sarah moved her tounge faster, working between Anna's pussy and her clit. It didn't take long before Anna started screaming. Before long, Anna was having her first orgasm.
"Now, my young bitch, you get to do the same thing to me," Sarah said, pulling her head from between Anna's legs. She removed her own panties, and lay on the bed, her legs spread wide for Anna. Hesitantly, Anna pressed her lips to Sarah's pussy, and began using her tongue to play with Sarah's clit. Sarah moaned, "That's right, please my cunt, little bitch. You're gonna be my whore tonight."
Sarah took Anna's hand, guiding it to her pussy. After a second or two, Anna inserted one finger, then two. She moved them around inside Sarah's cunt, and Sarah moaned louder, enjoying the feeling. "That's right, now, put them in my ass," Sarah moaned. Anna did as she said, and Sarah arched her back, gasping for breath. Anna continued to work on her clit, and Sarah moved her hips in rhythm with Anna's fingers.
It was nearly ten minutes like this before Sarah had an orgasm of her own. She pulled Anna up to her, kissing her on the mouth. Sarah grabbed Anna's young ass, massaging each cheek. "We're just getting started, you little whore. Come on, grind your little cunt against mine," she said. Anna did, and both girls started moaning. After a few minutes grinding, Sarah stopped Anna, saying "Alright, we're gonna do something else now."
Sarah positioned herself so that her waist slid between Anna's legs, rubbing their pussies together. "Yeah, that's right, whore, we're gonna do this until we both orgasm again," Sarah instructed. Anna was screaming with pleasure now, her little body shaking. Sarah was breathing hard, rubbing her nipples. Anna was using her fingers to rub her clit. A few minutes later, both girls had orgasmed, and were laying on the bed catching their breath.
They were laying on the bed facing each other, Sarah groping Anna's ass, and Anna playing with Sarah's breast. They were kissing when Heather walked through the door. Sarah smiled at the woman, who looked at the floor. "Your daughter's quite good, Heather. You should be proud of her ability to please a woman." Heather said nothing. Sarah stood up and grabbed her clothes, walking out the door. "You look after that girl. She's sweet enough to eat," she said in a soft voice to Heather.
Heather looked at the floor for several moments after Sarah had turned the corner. "How much money did she give you, mom?" Anna asked, still naked and sitting on the bed.
"Two-hundred dollars," Heather said quietly. "Enough to buy something to eat for a few days."
"That's more than we've had in a while," Anna stated factually. "Why aren't you happy about that?"
"I don't like the idea of having to whore out my daughter to get money," Heather told her. "It's late, you should get some sleep," she added, closing the door. Heather walked into her bedroom and lay down next to her husband. He had gone to sleep before Sarah had shown up, and didn't know what had happened. He looked healthier than the rest of them, as his job was providing him with a free lunch.
Heather was awake for nearly an hour thinking about everything that had happened. The family's finances had caused her to let a pedophile have sex with her daughter. They were likely going to starve to death if her husband's job didn't pay soon. All she had gotten that evening was two-hundred dollars. That'd feed them for a while, but it would go farther if…
Sarah's last words before departing played in her mind. "She's sweet enough to eat," Sarah had said. No, it wasn't literal. It's just an expression, and besides, cannibalism would be worse. No, she just had to forget about today and make the money last as long as possible. It'd only be a few weeks before her husband's job came through.

Three days later, Heather and her husband were sitting in the living room. His head was in his hands, and he was almost crying. He'd been laid off again. "I guess I'll just have to try a couple towns over, see if there's anything for me there," he said in desperation. "Might have to send Anna to live somewhere else…"
As the family slept, Heather walked into Anna's room. She looked at her frail little girl. The family looked a bit healthier from the money Sarah had given them, but Anna couldn't last through that again. She'd be devastated if she had to live with anyone else, and the remainder of Sarah's money would last longer if there was one less person to feed.
Sarah's words played through her head again. "She's sweet enough to eat." Anna woke up then, and looked confused at her mom. "What's up, mom?" she asked softly. Thinking quickly, Heather replied.
"Oh, I was just wondering… a few days ago, did you like what happened?"
"Kind of. I mean, it felt good, what she did. Why, do we need to do it again already?"
"No, I was just wondering, sweetie." Anna looked at her for a second before sitting up further, revealing that she wasn't wearing a top.
"Did you wanna try it, then?" she asked. Heather stared for a second before making up her mind. She walked over to her daughter and put her hand between Anna's legs. It turned out that Anna wasn't wearing anything while she slept. She began to kiss her daughter's lips. She told herself that what she was about to do was for the best.
She heard her husband walking down the hall, closely followed by Heather. She looked at Anna's clock. Yeah, it was time for her husband to leave for the next job hunt, and Heather would be dropped off at school along the way. Heather was to take Anna to her school before too long. She'd have all day to do what needed to be done.
Heather returned to kissing her daughter, and pushed Anna onto her back. Holding Anna down with her body, Heather reached into the drawer of Anna's night stand – her craft drawer, in which, there was a knife. She pulled that knife out of the drawer. Heather pulled her daughter into a sitting position, and used one hand to begin grabbing her ass. With the other hand, she stabbed her daughter through the chest.
Still locking lips with her mother, Anna's body went still and limp. Heather began to cry, holding her daughter's body close. After a few minutes, she stood up and carried Anna down the stairs and to the kitchen, where she began her work. Now holding back the tears, Heather selected one of the steak knives from her drawer, and started to slice her daughter's meat from her bones. After nearly an hour of careful cutting, she had left no meat at all on the bones.
As dinner time rolled around, Susan and her father sat down at the table. As was the family custom, Heather brought out their plates. "We have some meat tonight. Dear, I know how much you like breast meat, so I made sure to get you some," Heather said, putting a plate holding a slice of the promised meat, accompanied by a scoop of mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables in front of her husband. "And for you, sweetheart, since you like Sirloin, I hope you appreciate the effort of preparing it," she commented, setting Susan's plate in front of her. Her meat was, as her fathers, accompanied by potatoes and vegetables.
"And what's the occasion for this?" her husband asked, looking at the food.
"Just a little ritual, hoping that you'll get a new job soon," Heather said, a smile on her face.
"Hey, mom, where's Anna?" Susan asked, looking at the empty chair normally reserved for her sister.
"Anna's was invited to dinner elsewhere," Heather answered before going into the kitchen for her own plate. Behind the closed door, Heather took a deep, ragged breath before gathering her dinner. She had taken care to prepare the meat from Anna's vagina for her own meal. She looked at the plate she'd prepared herself, and tenderly placed a garnish of parsley on what once was her daughter's pussy. Having calmed down, she took her place at the dinner table, and upon sitting down, her husband insisted on saying Grace.
While her husband and Susan slept, Heather went out to a tree in the back yard. In her night gown and wearing a blanket wrapped around her shoulders, she shivered in the wind. She wiped away tears from her face and looked at some freshly turned earth. This was Anna's final resting place. Heather had taken care to break the bones until they were unidentifiable, and then buried them here.
Though not a proper funeral, she had been as ceremonious as she was able, and had buried many tears along with her daughter. Now, though, she pleaded with Anna to not hate her. On this cold and windy night, Heather could hear lightning in the distance, and stayed, crying, on the spot, asking repeatedly for Anna's forgiveness and understanding. When the rain began to fall, Heather stood up, quite shakily, and began to walk toward her home. She took one last look at her daughters grave, and entered her home.

Ravished in the Gym, Part 2

You can read Part 1 using the yellow MrSoftee profile link above. I'd recommend it, it’s not vital though.


Millie and Ann rushed back to Ann’s house, skiving off school. Ann’s mum had taken the day off work as well, and was waiting for them in the kitchen.

“Looks like you got it,” she smiled to see their triumphant young faces.

“He so fell for it,” Ann told her happily.

“I’m not surprised,” her mum grinned at them, looking up and down their hot fourteen-year-old bodies dressed in miniskirts and little tops, “any pervert would be putty in your hands.”

Millie put Mr Clifton’s stolen phone on the kitchen table and as she did so her mood changed. She quickly pulled her hand away.

Ann’s mum noticed. “So somebody has to look and see what’s on there,” she said gently, “to make sure that there’s some incriminating stuff to nail them. Well…there’s also the question of you getting over what they did to you Millie. If the videos and photos are on there you’ll find it hard to look at them, but it might help…”

As she spoke the stolen phone rang. Ann’s mum hesitated for a moment, then picked it up. The screen said ‘James’.

“Hello Mr Farrier.” She held the phone open so the girls could hear.

“Who’s this please?”

“Shelley Whittle, Ann’s mother,” Ann’s mum was sounding severe, not like her normal cheery self at all. “Not a vulnerable young girl, but an adult with resources. We have met, though in VERY different circumstances.”

There was a pause.

“Hello Mrs Whittle. I’m calling the stolen phone you’re holding, to give two miscreant girls the chance to return it before they find themselves in serious trouble.”

“Just don’t bother Mister Farrier.” Neither Ann nor Millie had ever heard her mum spitting mad like this. “It’s you and Mr Clifton who are in serious trouble, as well you know.”

There was a longer pause while Mr Farrier was clearly trying to work out what Ann’s mum knew. It sounded like he was talking to someone – Mr Clifton it had to be.

He came back on, in a different tone. “Alright well she was fine wasn’t she? A bit of roleplay and nobody hurt. That’s obvious. It’s over now anyway, all in the past, though I should mention that there are copies so if you want it to stay in the past we’d better just leave it there. You delete what’s on there and we’ll do the same. She can keep the phone, as a gesture, put her own sim in it. It’s a good one.”

It was clear that all the videos and photos of Millie must indeed still be on the phone. Which was a good one as he said. Millie was thinking the pervy teachers just would have big new phones to watch their pervert videos on.

“We’ll get back to you,” said Ann’s mum grimly. “Bear in mind that two teachers repeatedly gang-raping a defenceless fourteen-year-old pupil on school premises, in an ordeal lasting two and half hours, are going to be looking at many, many years in prison. Many years. Position of trust. Virgin. Underage. Look it up. I think you’ll find the sentence will be over sixteen years. Twenty, perhaps. You’ll be beaten and ass-raped in prison, because they don’t like child rapists there, then when you come out no-one will touch you. You’ll be convicts on the Sex Offenders Register and unemployable. So take a look down the road at your lives: you’ll be in prison being ass-raped for ten years, then when you come out you’ll be in your fifties and you’ll have the rest of your lives on state benefits. Your wives, if you have them, will have gone and so will your homes. You’re staring down the barrel of the end of your lives as anything worth living.

“So get on your knees and start praying that I come up with some alternative to just calling the police, to be the best thing for Millie, and for all the other girls you’re supposed to be caring for. Don’t bother with the threats you’ll only piss me off. You can’t post any photos or video online now, because however you edit them we can prove they came from you, so you’ll only dig yourself in deeper with child pornography charges, and also if you do anything vindictive towards your victim the judge will ladle on even more years of ass-raping.”

“I’m sorry,” Mr Farrier could barely talk, “we’re both very sorry; we didn’t hurt her…look…”

Ann’s mum hung up on him, while the girls gaped at her in awe. Millie was thinking she might look like a hippie but she could jolly well dish it out! It had been way way awesome to hear Mr Farrier smashed and grovelling like that.

The phone rang again, but Ann’s mum ignored it and after six rings it stopped.

“Right!” Ann’s mum made a visible effort and went back to being her usual friendly self. “Don’t worry about that description I was giving them Millie, that was to scare the shit out of them, we can work out how it was for you in another way. You might see it as one thing or another, I don’t want you to think it was worse than it was, or better, you can work that out for yourself, how bad it was, and we’ll help you. The main thing is YOU have the power now, OK? So…well…”

“It wasn’t as bad as that, you know…” Millie said, processing what she’d just heard, “…like ‘repeatedly gang raped’. They didn’t hurt me, they just…well…did me a lot. And I kept having orgasms. They were bullies and it was awful but they weren’t nasty or anything, and they washed me afterwards and everything…”

Ann’s mother thought it was typical that the victim herself saw it as less serious than the people who cared about her. Well that was alright, she would rather Millie thought it was less evil and scarring rather than more. She didn’t want Millie living down to expectations that she must be badly damaged, feeling she ought to be traumatised. Well…

“Well perhaps we should watch a bit of the video, together?” she suggested. “Would you be up to that? We can stop it at any time. If you can I think it will help you get over it. It’s a help if you can face these things and understand them, rather than letting your mind bury them.”

Millie nodded. She was scared about it, but she trusted Ann’s mum, and what she said sounded right.

Ann’s mum took the memory card out of the phone and put it into the TV, and they sat on the sofa to watch it, Millie in the middle. She selected the first clip and hit Play.

The first scene was Millie taped to the parallel bars being fucked by Mr Farrier. They all gasped, watching the video of Millie looking this way and that, avoiding looking at her teachers. She seemed highly aroused already, panting and jerking and twitching.

Even Millie had to admit she looked lithe and sexy, if desperately unhappy. The clip followed her though to her orgasm, which was very obvious. At one point Mr Farrier’s face appeared briefly in shot as Mr Clifton had let his phone wave around while he was trying to get a clear shot of the big cock pistoning in and out between her thighs.

“Got them,” said Ann’s mum.

“They’re toast,” Ann agreed.

Millie was confused. She hated seeing herself helpless. She’d been totally bullied and used. At the same time it was hard not to see she looked sexy, cumming like that. She’d had no idea she writhed around quite so much, and with all that jerky thrusting of her pelvis, and made that deep sort of gasping noise. And although he wasn’t in great shape Mr Farrier had looked a bit expert…

Millie checked anxiously to see what the others were thinking, but they were smiling encouragingly and still with her.

She felt safe to play the other clips: a short one of her on her hands and knees, then a longer one of her tied over the horse – there was some of her having her first orgasm on it with Mr Clifton and her second one with Mr Farrier. You could really see how big his cock looked in relation to her. There was one of her being done missionary by Mr Clifton and one with the ball under her – that looked quite sexy too she had to admit. At odd times the faces of both teachers came into shot, and once they had then even quite small parts of their bodies quickly became recognisable. The photos were various ones in the gym, then a couple of her on her own in the shower, and in her bra and panties in the changing area obviously having been tricked into looking at the camera.

At the end they all sat there on the sofa, not saying anything for a moment. Millie was scared, guilty, in a rage and turned on all at once. Ann’s mum seemed to know somehow.

“Well I can see how they made you orgasm,” she said, “that was very calculated; I think any healthy girl would have found the same thing.”

“Any slut you mean,” Millie had plunged into guilt.

“No no,” Ann was quick to reassure her. “It was awful, but it was sexy too, in some ways, I mean obviously it was terrible to do that to you, but it’s natural to be turned on, don’t you think?” She was looking at her mum.

“Completely natural,” her mum affirmed.

“I mean,” Ann carried on, her hand taking Millie’s, “I reckon I’d have got off for sure. Anything in you like that, especially that big, and deep, you’d be bound to get off, wouldn’t you? I know I would anyway. I always…” she broke off, realising that in her haste to reassure her friend she’d revealed a bit more than she’d meant to.

“Don’t worry darling,” her mother smiled at her, “I know you’ve been borrowing my vibrator, it’s quite alright. I left it in the bathroom cabinet for you to find when you were ready. The silicone holds a bit of aroma even after you wash it,” she grinned. “I always wanted you to be healthy and enjoy sex when the time came. Our bodies are made for it, aren’t they, so we might as well make the most of it!”

Millie soaked up this liberal attitude to sex. She couldn’t imagine her own mum and dad even doing it the once to create her, never mind having a vibrator and actually letting her borrow it! Though Ann’s mum was still totally in shape, and even good-looking in her don’t-care way. When she came swimming with them Millie could see she was pretty perfect in fact! Her tits and like the underside of her ass were as firm as Ann’s. She wasn’t that old either, only in her early thirties or something.

“Anyway Millie,” Ann’s mum was sounding serious again. “this is something that nobody else would say to you, with you being underage legally, but I think after that bad experience it would be good to ‘overwrite’ it with a good experience – if you know what I mean by that?” Ann’s mum worked in computers.

Millie thought she knew, but to be on the safe side she just looked expectantly at Ann’s mum. There was something a bit magnetic about Ann’s mum’s face now anyway…

“Overwrite the bad experience with a good experience,” Ann’s mum explained, “so that your brain doesn’t embed ‘sex’ as being used. You see what I mean? You need some good sex so that you don’t learn that ‘sex’ is what they did to you last Friday. Sex is a sharing thing, about people being caring or even just having fun but it has to be equal, you see? You mustn’t learn that it’s about bullying and being selfish. Bullying and selfishness have to be kept as just bullying and selfishness and not become linked with sex. You see? So ideally you’d, you know, have a nice boyfriend or something?”

Millie had lots of boys who wanted to be her boyfriend, but none that she’d gone out with. She’d danced with boys and fended off boys, but otherwise she just had boys who were friends. She was only fourteen. There were a couple that she fantasised about, but they were in Year 13 and didn’t even know she existed. She explained all this to Ann’s mum.

“Hmm, alright it was just a thought,” Ann’s mum seemed to abandon the idea.

“I don’t know about Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes not knowing you exist Mills,” Ann said with a smile, I’ve seen them perving you when you’re not looking, even if they’re too Mr Big to be seen talking to you. You are freaking hot you know. In fact…I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t fancy you.”

As she said that she was getting up. “Anyway is it lunch Mum?”

“Yes darling, do you want to get it started? I’ll just go up and change, it’s warming up now isn’t it?”

The girls went into the kitchen, laid the table and cut bread. Then Ann’s mum reappeared – in a miniskirt and little strappy top! She laughed at their surprise.

“I thought you look so nice in your minis I had to join you,” she grinned. “I haven’t worn this since…about 2000 probably! It quite takes me back. What do you think?” She did a twirl and laughed, and the girls grinned back.

Over lunch Millie kept noticing that Ann’s mum wasn’t wearing a bra. It was as obvious as herself and Annie, and they hadn’t changed since dressing to zap Mr Clifton by totally flaunting their tits! Ann’s mum didn’t need a bra either: her tits didn’t sag at all. Her arms were perfect as well, even the back of her upper arms, and even her neck that only had a few pretty light creases…

Ooops! Ann’s mum had caught her looking! Shit, it must’ve looked almost as if Millie was checking her out! She hastily looked down to take some more salad. Then she replayed in her mind the glint that had been in Ann’s mum’s eyes. Millie looked sideways at Ann, and saw her grinning too!

Millie realised what Ann had said: ‘she didn’t know ANYONE who didn’t fancy her’!

Millie blushed furiously. What was that? Did it mean Ann’s mum fancied her? That was crazy, but perhaps it did; Ann’s mum wasn’t like other people’s mums was she? Millie had watched lesbian videos, like everyone. Got off to them. Some of them were mature women with girls…

And did it mean Ann herself? Her best friend, who it turned out was doing herself with her mum’s vibrator? God! Now Millie was thinking about Ann saying she always got off with it…what did Ann look like when she was cumming?

Millie peeked through her eyelashes. Which yes were stupid long she knew. Shit they were both staring at her. Double shit she couldn’t stop blushing!

“So you see Millie,” Ann’s mum started talking seriously again, anyway, “the thing is that it wasn’t about YOU. Yes you are very pretty but it could just as easily have been Annie or some other pretty girl. The reason it happened was all about those men, being so selfish, not having proper empathy and ignoring other people’s feelings. It was them and their extreme selfishness. Not you. You were quite entitled to do your rhythmic gymnastics and practice on your own and be stunning and be sexual and healthy and get aroused when your genitalia are stimulated. OK?

“So it’s about them and them abusing the power they had over you of being physically bigger and stronger. Not about you, about them. But now you have the power over them because you can destroy the rest of their lives, if you want. Which is pretty much how this society and the justice system is supposed to work”

Millie’s attention flitted between Ann’s mum calling her ‘stunning’ and ‘sexual’ and the idea of destroying the lives of Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier. Though after watching all those cums nobody could say she wasn’t sexual…and had Ann’s mum actually said ‘when your genitals ARE stimulated’?

“Do you think we should destroy their lives?” she could ask the question and then look Ann’s mum in the face at the same time – her eyes were a bit amazing. She could look at Ann too which was complicated suddenly because Millie wasn’t sure if Ann was just her best friend now or something possibly more, like someone trying to get in her panties. And Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes had been watching her?? Honestly it seemed like the whole world wanted to have sex with her…

“Well one thing to think about is we ought to make sure they never do it to another girl,” Ann’s mum replied. “Sex offenders so often repeat. Then the other thing is just for you to end up feeling safe and positive about yourself, at the end of it all. There’s no great rush though, you can think about it, and we can talk about it, later on or tomorrow or whenever. Now, are you two going to help me wash up? There’s not enough for the machine. Do you want to wash Millie and we’ll dry?”

It was only three or four minutes before Millie thought she knew why she’d been given the job of washing – she had to stand leaning slightly over the sink, with her ass sticking out a bit. The gymnastics did make her ass quite sticky-out anyway. She’d heard comments about it, boys perving…

The first time Ann’s mum brushed past it, it could have been nothing; but then it kept happening. The third time felt like a hand somehow, and then Ann did it. The fifth time Ann gave a little giggle that she couldn’t quite stifle.

So they were in it together, Ann and her mum!! Letching her ass and touching her up. Millie grinned and stuck her ass out, and Ann came and blatantly leaned into it while picking up a plate to dry. Millie tingled madly at the contact. She turned round.

Ann and her mum were right there, very close, looking into her eyes with an expression…Millie hadn’t seen quite this expression before but she knew what it meant.

“I ought to leave you two to it,” Ann’s mum was saying, “but I really would like to join in, if I wouldn’t be in the way. I hope I’m reading the signs right Millie…”

Millie could only nod rapidly.

“We wouldn’t know what we’re doing would we?” she was looking at Ann, sliding a hand round her waist. Ann’s mons pressed onto the top of Millie’s thigh. Ann’s face was RIGHT there! Ann. Annie… Millie leaned forwards by a millimetre and they were kissing. Okay they DID know what they were doing, it was just automatic. Christ she was into it, getting wet feeling Ann…

But Millie wanted Ann’s mum too. Ann’s mum was so lovely, so protecting and respectful; caring, strong, clever…and sooo sexy. Millie reached for Ann’s mum with her other hand.

How Ann and her mum were going to get on having sex with her together Millie didn’t know, but they didn’t seem to be worried about it.

Ann’s mum started kissing her neck… oooohhh that was amazing…oh she’d better start thinking of her as ‘Shelley’ now she was having SEX with her…Millie had to stop kissing Ann so she could giggle. “Hello Shelley,” she said. In bare feet – bare feet? She’d only just noticed – Shelley was a bit shorter than her, an inch perhaps, so now it seemed quite natural to use her first name already.

“Hello sexy,” said Shelley, and started kissing Millie on the lips. In a second it was tongues, and a snog. Millie felt Ann’s hand sneaking up inside her top.

Four minutes later they were all in the big main bedroom, naked, in a huddle with their arms round each other, hands stroking lightly over backs and asses. Shelley had said she had a proposal.

“Now it’s completely up to you Millie but I have an instinct to replicate the gym scenario as much as we can, to take each element and overwrite it with good sex, if you see what I mean? Just the bits we can.”

“Mum!” Ann giggled, “you just want to tie Millie up and film her while you make her cum!”

“Shit!” breathed Millie, “Oh God!” The tingle in her body went mental.

“You see?” Shelley pointed out, grinning but serious, “already being tied up has associations for you? And being filmed? Well, possibly you had them already but it could well be that that one intense experience has linked sex and orgasms with being tied up and filmed, in your mind? It’ll be with being used as well – this is why we have to overwrite everything as much as we can.”

“Over and over again?” asked Ann with fake innocence.

“They made me cum twelve times,” smirked Millie, feeling electrified squirming against Ann and Shelley’s skin, “fucking me with big cocks in all different positions.”

“How many times does overwriting need?” asked Ann.

“Well it depends,” Shelley pretended to think deeply about it. She disappeared and came back from the bathroom holding a big pink vibrator. Millie could see it was all bobbly on the surface and was filled with silver balls it looked like.

“There isn’t really a fixed limit,” Shelley carried on, “because each new experience is just added on top of the original one, like layers, so it’s not once and it’s over, sort of thing, but each fresh experience helps some more.”

“Wow,” sniggered Ann, “so we might have to fuck you to completely to pieces babe.”

“Shit!” Millie sort of croaked, “completely to pieces!” It was the first time Ann – or anyone – had called Millie ‘babe’. She liked it.

“Not just today either,” grinned Shelley, “it’ll need a good long course of treatment I expect! And then we have to do other kinds of sex so your mind has the full spectrum of experience to choose from and form associations, not just what you had that one evening.”

Millie’s mind boggled as Shelley patted the big bed. Millie got onto it and lay down on her back, her mind in a complete whirl of unbelievable excitement. Shelley rummaged in the wardrobe and came back with a fistful of men’s ties. “He never wears half of these, “ she said cheerfully, “and I can’t stand these two.”

Shelley did one side and Ann did the other, so in a couple of minutes Millie was tied to the headboard and bed legs, spreadeagle and completely exposed, in an X.

“Now if you start to feel nervous or bad just say and we’ll stop at once, obviously, and untie you,” Shelley smiled down at the stunning young girl. Shelley could not believe she was doing this, but it felt right. Millie just looked eager and amazed.

Shelley stroked her fingertips lightly up the inside of Millie’s lithe, beautifully muscled thigh, and the athletic teen arched instantly up, her pussy instinctively seeking the fingers. It was so natural, utterly erotic. Shelley climbed onto the bed and let her fingers drift up to Millie’s labia. Shelley stroked lightly over them, then up and over her clit. Millie’s whole vulva was swollen, jerking as her pelvis started to jump spasmically. Christ, the hot girl was close already!

Ann lay down on Millie’s other side, struggling to leave her own pussy alone because she knew if she just touched it once she’d have to finish. Millie was sounding incredible already. The video on the phone didn’t do the sound justice…Oh! “Video mum!” she said.

“Oh yes – go and borrow John’s proper one,” Shelley told her, referring to her brother, “he won’t mind. He has a little tripod clamp thing for it too.”

Ann went off and came back with a small video camera that looked mostly lens, and fixed it to the end of the headboard pointing down across and along Millie’s increasingly frantic body. It didn’t show her face very well but… “that’ll pick up the sound well,” Ann smirked.

“You’ll take the card out after, won’t you?” Millie could just find enough awareness to worry about John getting hold of this! God, all his friends at school, Brian Davis and Matthew Haynes even.

“Oh yes don’t worry,” Shelley reassured her, “I’ll get him a new card. I don’t think he uses the camera that much anyway, after all that asking for it for his birthday. But we won’t give it back with the card in, I promise. You can keep the card, or clear it or burn it or whatever.” She smiled down at the writhing teen, then moved to start licking and sucking her right tit that was sticking up so tantalisingly.

Millie flopped back, lying tied between her best friend and her best friend’s mum, who now seemed to be more like her lezzie lovers! They worked over her tits and pussy, first with their fingertips and then with their tongues and lips and even their teeth a bit. Millie could only lie there and gasp and watch them, soaking up the incredible sensations and looking at Ann’s dark, straight hair and Shelley’s dirty blonde curly mop that she hardly even seemed to comb but always looked gorgeous.

Ann was watching her mum, seeing what she did, although as far as she knew her mum hadn’t done anything with anyone but her dad before and was as new to it as she was herself. But she seemed confident. Perhaps she’d just watched more videos. Anyway it was pretty obvious that Millie just loved the same things that Ann did to herself, so Ann played with the tit on her side and competed with her mum for Millie’s pussy which was insanely sensitive.

Shelley slid a finger into Millie’s soaking, pulsating pussy and could feel the girl was on the brink already. Ann’s finger joined hers and Millie’s head came up as the two fingers bent and started to thrust to and fro.

“Aaaarrrrgggghhh” Millie groaned loudly and started to thrash in her bonds. The orgasm built to bursting point and then exploded, her pelvis thrusting manically against the hands that Ann and Shelley somehow knew to keep pumping for a few seconds, and then slow the action down, ending with a soothing rub over Millie’s wet, hypersensitive labia while the aftershocks shuddered through.

Finally Millie subsided with a big grin all over her face.

“Wow,” she gasped, “that was awesome. Way more than awesome.”

“I can’t believe we waited so long babe,” Ann was smiling at her in a special way, still stroking her pussy but very gently now.

“No, I know,” said Millie, “untie me now babe I want to do you back.”

It felt nice calling Ann ‘babe’.

Ann and Shelley untied her and then Millie rolled into Ann and started to kiss and caress her, pressing their naked bodies together. Shelley watched fondly, starting to slide a finger over her own soaking labia.

Millie couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt having Ann’s naked body against her own, hearing her moan and having her writhe about in ecstasy as Millie worked her hand over her clit and labia. Ann was totally sexed-up, and ready to cum in a few short seconds.

“Don’t make me wait,” she whispered in Millie’s ear.

Millie rubbed her four fingers rapidly over Ann’s wet pussy, and Ann started. She bucked and writhed and gasped in Millie’s embrace as the orgasm gripped her, took her over, and then after some seconds eased away leaving her soft and spent in Millie’s arms. Millie kissed her everywhere she could reach; she’d never been so happy.

“You’re so beautiful Ann,” she said.

“I want to be tied up,” said Shelley after half a minute of smiling across at their affectionate intimacy.

“Oooh OK,” giggled Millie.

Shelley slid into the middle of the bed and her daughter and Millie tied her to the corners.

Millie started kissing and stroking her, while Ann just looked, a doubtful expression on her face.

“Can I just watch Mum?” she asked, “I…I dunno…you are gorgeous, but you’re my mum.

“Of course you can darling,” Shelley smiled at her, “we must just do and not do what feels right. You don’t have to do anything just because Millie’s doing it, you are my daughter and that does make it different. I’ll just do this with Millie. And let’s face it Millie is sexy enough to share a bit isn’t she?”

“She is,” smirked Ann.

Millie had just slid a finger into Shelley’s eager wet pussy when there was a noise from downstairs.

“What’s that?” said Ann.

“Oh it’s nothing,” gasped Shelley, “don’t stop.”

Millie did stop, but they couldn’t hear anything. What was it? Ann went to the door and stood on the landing, but after a few seconds she came back in.

“It’s all quiet,” she said, “it must’ve been something outside.”

Millie went back to playing with Shelley’s pussy and kissing her lovely firm un-mum-like body. Ann came and sat on the edge of the bed, watching.

Millie was just bringing Shelley up to start her cum when the door burst open. Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier were in the bedroom!

“Where…?” Mr Clifton started, then stopped. The two pervy teachers gawped at the scene that met their eyes: two naked teens and the gorgeous Mrs Whittle tied naked on the bed, with the little stunner Millie Stanford’s fingers in her. Ann Whittle nude…

For a few seconds, nobody said anything. Millie and Ann stood up, on either side of the bed.

Millie was scared. They were going to rape her again, she supposed. Ann was naked. Shelley was naked and helpless. The men were much stronger than any of them. Not that they were especially big, but she and Ann and Shelley weren’t either.

“Where’s the card?” Mr Clifton was waving a phone at them. His phone, from downstairs.

“You’ll never find it,” Shelley knew the slot on the TV was hard to spot even when you knew it was there. How lucky they’d left the card in it.

“Just give us the card, OK?” Mr Farrier took a step into the room, “you’re not exactly in a position to argue.”

“Or what?” Shelley didn’t seem scared even though she had to be Millie was sure, “you’ll rape us?” Shelley sounded scornful more than anything.

Ann moved, deciding her teachers weren’t actually going to attack her. She started undoing her mum’s wrist tie.

“No we’re not going to rape you,” said Mr Clifton, “that was just…I don’t know…we got carried away. We’re sorry about that. Now we just want the card. Alright? Give us the card, and we’ll go.”

“Yes or what?” spat Shelley. Millie started untying her as well.

“Or we’ll just have to ransack the place,” said Mr Farrier. “We know it’s here somewhere.”

Suddenly he seemed to make a realisation and pulled out his phone. In a second he was taking photos of Shelley tied naked to the bed, with the two naked teens working on the knots.

After a few shots Millie could see he was focussing in on her, lining up shots, then on Ann and on Shelley. These were porno photos now.

“Stop!” she cried, grabbing for the phone, but Mr Farrier fended her off easily. As he did so, his manner changed subtly. Millie looked, seeing his trousers bulging. The contact had set him off. Mr Clifton was looking at them all a bit intently as well.

“You’re just perverts,” said Ann.

“I know,” Mr Clifton tried to make a joke of it, “but we’re harmless really. Just give us the phone card…or…I’ll tell you what: the only other copy of Millie on Friday is on James’ phone here.” He pointed. “Get my phone card and we’ll delete all of them together, right here, so there are no videos or photos left, OK? None of last Friday, and none of a respectable mother having lesbian bondage sex with her own daughter and her underage friend…”


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A tale of a family PART 3

Martha smiled at Katy, and slowly ran her fingers through her hair. “I thought this was so wrong always. But I should have known that it was all along who was wrong. I have never had any experience like this ever before.” She said lovingly to her daughter. “I am not done with you yet mom. ” Katy winked and again slowly kissed her way back down to her mother’s now almost reddened clit.
Katy started giving small kisses around the heaving cunt. Then without any notion she rammed four of her right hand fingers right to the end of her mother’s cunt. “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, you daughter of a slut. You should have told me, you whore.” Screamed Martha as she held Katy’s hair and almost tugged at it like a rope. Katy just smiled up at her. Her hand was still inside the pussy, making rounds inside, giving Martha the horniest feeling she had ever had. Katy closed her hand into a box inside the cunt and slowly started bringing it back out. “Wowwwwww, mom, your cunt is awesome till now.” She said as her hand got stuck in the canal. Katy could see her mother’s eyes were closed. With her other hand she started rubbing Martha’s clit. And with a jerk pulled her boxed hand out of the cunt, making Martha almost scream in ecstasy. Before Martha could say anything, Katy again rammed her hand inside the cunt. This went on for some time. After Katy could feel her mother’s cunt loosened a little bit, she slowly started fingering her, only with her small finger. “AAhhhhhh you bloody slut, you loosened your mommy’s tight cunt today huh….. you will get your punishment for that you little whore.ughhhhhhh” “I want to be punished mom. Its been many days you punished me. But this time I want you bastard slutty tongue and whore fingers to give me the punishment.” Katy was only using her little finger all this time, frustrating Martha to her limit. “Put in bigger fingers you fucking daughter of a slut.ughhhh ughhh” Shouted Martha as she pulled at Katy’s hair brutally. “You have to wait for that you bloody fucking whore of a mother. I will do it when I feel like doing it, you understand you bitch.” Katy said as she paced up her finger’s speed. After Katy thought she had frustrated Martha enough, without any previous notion started fucking Martha with all her four fingers, while rubbing her clit with her thumb. “ohhhhhhhh, honey….. ohhhh you dirty slutty daughter of mine. You give so much pleasure to mommy. You whore…… Yeah right there….. in my pussy… Like that…. ughhgugghhh” Screamed Martha in ecstasy. Katy brought her mouth near Martha’s, as soon as Martha saw her daughter’s face near her, she pulled her into a mouth smothering kiss. Katy released herself and said in stern voice, “Not so early you whore. Open your mouth.” Martha did as asked. Katy made up globs of saliva and spat in Martha’s mouth. “Now taste your slutty daughter’s spit, you bloody motherwhore.” “mhmmmmmm” Martha moaned. Katy placed her mouth on one of the poled nipples and started biting it as hard as the skin would permit. “AAAAAwwwwwwww you horny slut. You motherfucking bitch, you bit my hard nipples.” Screamed Martha, “You gonna pay for that.”Katy now increased her fingering speed as fast she can. It was like a pump going in and out of the cunt, each time taking out the cunt juices. “mmmmmmmmm, I love the way my room smells sex.” Moaned Katy. Then suddenly Martha held Katy’s hand and started jerking it even faster than Katy. “ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhh you slut, you are making me cum. Awwwwwwwww ” with a bounding scream, Martha came river after river of cum onto Katy’s hands, as Katy continued to finger with full speed. It seemed Martha came for ages. Half of the bed was now soaked with her cum and juices. Katy reached up as both licked Martha’s juices from her hands. Katy was feeling kind of tired with all the fucking. But to her amazement her mother was a little too much ready to go at it again. But seeing her daughter almost drained out by the fingering, she got up kissed Katy on her lips lightly once and started pulling the blanket. “What are you doing mom?” Katy asked. “Its all soaked honey. I need to change it.” “No mom. I want to sleep in this today. I want to sleep on your cum.” “Ohh, you little slut of mine.” She put Katy on her back and got on top of her.
“Now its my turn.” Smiled Martha wickedly, “to please my daughter and to make her whore cunt cum all over my face, body and cunt.” Saying this she slowly took out her her tongue, opened Katy’s lips and let both of their tongues get entwined with each other as Martha’s hands continuously explored Katy’s young tits and hard nipples. “Taste you mom, honey.” Said Martha. Katy obliged and opened her mouth as Martha spat a big ball of saliva inside her mouth. Katy let that play inside her mouth for sometime and then drank all of it. “You taste awesome here too mommy.” Smiled Katy. Martha slowly moved down to Katy’s tits, and was awestruck by her own daughter’s beauty. “my oh my, these nipples must have brought hard on to so many guys eh???” Katy smiled. It was true though. Her nipples were even larger than her mother’s. Without wasting any time, Martha dig in and started licking, sucking and biting all at the same time. “ohhhh… ohh mom.. your mouth feels so good on my tits, I want them on my cunt.aahahaahh” Moaned Katy. After spending some time, Martha kissed her way down and stopped just in front of her daughter’s beautiful cunt. Her hot breath was falling on Katy’s cunt, which made the feeling even more exotic and unbearable. “Ohhhh mom just suck on my cunt. I want your slutty tongue inside my whore cunt right now.” Gasped Katy. “Know what honey, I am always on the wilder side when I fuck a girl.” Martha said staring at the clean, white cunny. Katy couldn’t understand what her mother was telling. But as soon as Martha’s tongue touched her cunt, she knew what Martha was telling her. Martha, got hold of Katy’s ass with loud slaps and pulled her cunt towards her mouth with a big jerk. “You are going to get one helluva ride, you slut. You shouldn’t have frustrated me so much.” Katy looked at her mother and winked. That was enough for the animal inside Martha which always woke up whenever she saw a young juicy cunt or a big black cock. Martha dug her unbelievably long tongue right inside the cunt. “ohhhhhhhh… moooommmyyyyy….. fucking hot……. You bitch you gonna make me cum the hardest ever” Screamed Katy in pleasure. Martha was on a licking and sucking spree. Her tongue was goin in and out of her daughter’s cunt faster than a piston, as her mouth sucked on her clit. As Katy closed her eyes, she could feel something crawling on her ass crack. And soon she realized it destination. As Martha’s mouth was at work on Katy’s pussy, one of her hand went behind and found the smudgy asshole. And before Katy could understand, a long finger was going in and out of her asshole too, with fucking hard speed. It brought almost to the edge. But it seemed that Martha knew what is happening and she withdrew both her mouth and finger, leaving Katy high and dry. She went up and put the finger from the butthole in Katy’s mouth. “Taste your ass, you whore. Taste your bloody young ass from your mother’s fingers. And give that to me.” Martha kissed like a wild dog taking in the awesome taste of her daughter’s asshole. Again Martha went down to work with her mouth and finger in both the holes, this time, with more number of fingers inside both. But again Martha retreated as she felt Katy’s orgasm building and almost at peak. She licked and sucked her fingers and kissed Katy until the sensation goes completely down. Then again she starts. Once she even left Katy when she right about to release. Katy screamed in irritation, “MOM, what are you planning to do, kill me like this??….” “This is your punishment you whore. I won’t let you cum until I am satisfied licking all your holes. Now turn around you slut. I gonna lick your ass.” Martha slapped Katy’s cunt so hard she screamed in pain, Before her scream can subside, Martha had her turned round and her ass pushed up in air. Martha got hold of Katy’s ass cheeks, separated them, placed her mouth over the asshole, and started filling it with her air. It was like her bladders were being vacuumed, Martha went on blowing until she felt breathless and blocked the hole with her fingers. The she started rubbing Katy’s clit with full zest. Katy was feeling as if she was boozed on a hundred bottles. And she thought she will that instant. But before she could understand, a mouth was under her cunt as it spilled the piss like a waterfall, drinking all of it, only spilling the overflowing ones. All this time Martha’s fingers were blocking the asshole, as soon as the pee was over, she released the hole, which made a big farting sound. And soon enough her pissed tongue was inside it, exploring the inner walls wildly.

Nice to get better response now. I hope this will be yet better. And yeah the father will be in 5th part, and the brother will be brought in another story. This story will only have 6 parts. And yeah if anyone wanna share anything, or ask about anything or get any suggestions, not only incest, I ain't an incest writer only, they can mail me on……….. coz I am an amateur writer but an experienced guy… ha ha ha….. HOPE YOU LIKE IT!!!!!

Jamie 3: Jamie has a Visitor

Jamie 3: Jamie has a Visitor

By Tanya Writer
Copyright© Tanya Writer

This is a work of fiction for adults only. The characters and their actions are fiction and none of this has ever happened. The author does not condone or endorse any illegal activities written of in the story. This just a story, do not do this at home.

Chapter 1

If you ask any kid, they’ll quickly tell you that summer vacation goes by too fast. That is something that teachers would agree with. Jamie had her birthday in late August and started sixth grade as an eleven year old, while Ron remained teaching fifth grade.

They both found that there were changes. For Jamie it was in her physical education classes. Now they would shower after class, which meant undressing in front of a lot of other undressed girls. This wasn’t something that Jamie found unacceptable, in fact she rather liked it, she liked to show off her body and liked to see the other girls naked. She had gained confidence because she knew that both a man and a woman liked her body and thought it was hot. It turned her on to see other girls because she had found that two girls could have sex together just as much as a girl could be with a man.

For Ron it wasn’t such a big change in some ways. He had been teaching fifth grade for many years, but he had never had an attraction to his students, at least not until this summer. Sex with Jamie had turned his head around. He could never see his students in the same way again, but he also used that to his advantage.

Ron would never put moves on any of his students; he was too professional for that. He also could keep his desires from affecting his grading, but that didn't mean he didn't have some of the prettier girls sitting in the front row. The ones he sat in front of his desk we not only cute but also girls that were a bit immodest in that they weren't careful about how they positioned their legs when they were wearing dresses or skirts. Ron would sometimes get treated to views up those skirts to see little pairs of panties. There were times in those first few weeks that some of the girls would lean over Ron's desk, and he could get a look down their tops. For the most part there wasn’t anything there but a flat areola, but one girl in the class had areolas which had become puffy, she would bear watching.

Molly had her own changes, now she was a senior in high school with a girlfriend of her own. Of course everyone just thought of them as good friends. But if they only knew what they did when they had time together!

But someone did know: Tammy. She had found the lesbian videos while snooping around in Molly's room. She had also found the lesbian magazines, with well-worn pages, stashed under her mattress. Tammy wasn't too put off by them. In fact she was turned on by them, and she was looking for more in Molly's room. It seems that it was all girls in the videos and magazines, no guys. Tammy would like to see some guys in them too, still the girls together were a turn on to her, so much so that she took the videos and watched them herself when she got the chance.

One change that affected both Tammy and Jamie is that now that they were both in a new school, they now were in the same home room. This brought out more of a friendship between the two of them. They managed to be friends despite Jamie ranking higher in the class and making better grades. Tammy had her problems academically, such that her parents got her a tutor for her in math. He was a boy from the eighth grade. He was a nice boy, smart and not bad looking.

Sherry was now full on the morning shift, from 6 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, so she was home when Jamie came home from school. Jamie was able to get herself up and make her own breakfast, and get herself off to school after Tammy left for work.

Jamie now at eleven was getting so that she might not need a babysitter, if and when Sherry might be going out. But if she did, there was always Ron, even though Molly was much less available now-a-days.

After discovering the wonders of sleepovers, Jamie began to have them with her new best friend, Tammy. She became a frequent visitor to the Flynn house. There wasn't much to them, but they both liked being together and Sherry liked seeing Tammy around, in a way that wouldn't create suspicion with Molly.

But there were dangers unknown to them. While Molly may have suspected that Tammy snooped around in her things, Sherry and Jamie didn't. Tammy being an early riser and Jamie far from it, and Sherry off early to work, especially Sunday mornings, it gave Tammy time to nose around in things.

She started going through Sherry's dresser and she found things. What she found interested her very much. She had found lesbian magazines, so it wasn't hard for her to figure out where Molly had gotten hers from. In going through the closet, she found that there were also lesbian videos. But even more interesting to her was that she found videos of men with women and she knew she needed to watch them.

Jamie was a deep sleeper and Sherry had a DVD player and TV in her room. Tammy was able to lock the door and put in a video. She laid back on the bed, and watched, starting with a lesbian one. That got her hot enough that she need to take her panties off and touch herself.

Tammy had never been with a girl before, well if you don't count herself, but certainly not with anyone else male or female. But she sure wanted to be with a girl now! Sherry's videos were even hotter than the ones that Molly had stashed. She went through them in fast forward, just to get to the good stuff fast and then went slowly through that. As much as she liked the lesbian things, she wanted to see the guy/girl videos. If the lesbian vids were hot, then the straight stuff was about to send Tammy's blood boiling. It was enough to make her cum watching them and playing with herself.

She had been watching them a while now, and she thought she could hear Jamie stirring in her room. Tammy had to put them away fast. It wouldn’t be good to be caught in Jamie's mom's room. She was just able to get out of the room and into the living room by the time Jamie was out of the bathroom.

The day spent together was just as usual, but back in the deep recesses of Tammy's brain she wondered about Jamie. For sure her mom went both ways, or at least she watches videos that went both way; does Jamie go both ways too? She would love to find out about that, because in truth Tammy would like to try it with her.

It was a secret thrill to both girls, though neither admitted it to anyone: they liked taking showers in school. It was a chance to show off their bodies, and see the other naked, peach fuzzed, small boobed sexy girls.

Jamie had only known her mother and Molly in that way, but she would like to have other experiences, but she also had Ron to make her feel like a woman. Tammy wanted to have her first sexual experiences with someone other than herself. Could Jamie be that girl?

Jamie loved to have the company and Tammy was invited the next week with the same result: as soon as Sherry was gone, Tammy was up and into her room. She shuffled through Sherry's videos to find something that would be exciting so that she could masturbate to it. She found things that were too exciting to not watch, but as with the last time she got so caught up in watching them that she forgot the time. Again she heard Jamie up and had to put things back in a hurry.

Tammy couldn't get enough and wangled another invitation to come back to Jamie's house the following week. Again the same result: Tammy programed herself to wake up just before Sherry left for work. She listened for her to leave and then she was up and into Sherry's room. As she went for the videos, there were two lying out with a note, that read, “Tammy since you are watching my videos you might find these interesting. Stay around today until I get home from work and we will talk about them.”

The videos we similarly in that they both had a younger woman, as their main actress. In one her partner was an older man and in the other it was an older woman that was her lover. Tammy knew she was caught, but it seemed that wasn't in trouble. She waited until Sherry got home, and wondering what would come of it.

Chapter 2

“Jamie, honey I’ll drive Tammy home, then I’m going to do some shopping.” Tammy went out to the car with her belongings. Tammy got into the car and turned to the girl. “You have been watching my videos. I take it you like them,” she said.

Tammy stammered, “What makes you think that I was doing that?”

“Because, they’re out of order, and only when you had visited; Molly knows that you have been into her things, and if Jamie had wanted to see them she would have just asked instead of sneaking around with things.”

Sherry continued, “Which did you like better the lesbian or the ones with guys?”

“I don't know,” Tammy admitted. “I liked them both.”

“Have you thought about being with another girl or woman?” Sherry inquired.

“Yeah, I sorta guessed you’ve been doing things with Molly,” Tammy said hesitatingly. “I also know that she has a girlfriend and they do stuff together.”

“Would you be interested in being with me?” asked Sherry boldly.

“Yeah!” Tammy cried. “I’d love it!”

“I know a place we can go,” said Sherry, starting the car.

She took her to a hot sheet motel that catered more to hookers so there weren't questions asked. She brought the girl into the room with her and got comfortable. Sherry took her in her arms and gave Tammy her first kiss. It wasn’t only her first kiss by a woman, but Tammy had never been kissed before by anyone, any real kisses, not the kind you give your parents at night or your great aunt when they leave.

She nudged at Tammy's lips with a soft stroking of her own lips, that were as gentile as the kiss of a cloud. But her lips began to explore her with a bit more force and then more passion, so that her two more full lips were covering Tammy's smaller and thinner lips. There was the pucker to them and a bit of a sucking action to that. Sherry followed that with caresses of her lips with her own as she rubbed her own against them. She began to take on lip between her two to caress it first the upper lip and then the lower.

Tammy was beside herself, she never felt anything so good before, she almost didn't have words of it. But not only that, but there was a connection to her whole body it seemed to be a buzzing in her ears, that was also in her entire frame. She had felt herself getting wet watching the videos, but now it seemed like there was a connection between her upper set of lips and her lower set of them.

Sherry continued her assault on Tammy's mouth by now licking the outsides of her lips. She could taste the little bit of chap stick Tammy had on, but also she could feel the contours of her lips. After her tongue got the lay of the land, she began her invasion. She forced her way in after breaking the door open and Tammy's mouth accepted her in surrender. Sherry found the tongue and made it her prisoner after wrestling it to the ground then Sherry was then free to explore the rest of her mouth. It was so warm and moist that it was making Sherry to get moist herself. Other than Jamie a couple of months before, she had never been so intimate with such a young girl. But kissing wasn’t all that Sherry was planning on doing with the girl.

She withdrew her tongue and invited the counterattack. No not invited, demanded that Tammy advance her tongue to seek revenge on Sherry's mouth, for the ravishing that Sherry imposed on her. Tammy was up to the task. As she tried to proceed, she was caught in the lips of Sherry's mouth and drawn in like a moth to the flame. She was pulled in by an unknown force. Tammy had to have what Sherry had, and Sherry for her part was leading her in, as though setting a trap. Once Tammy was in, Sherry pounced, and a great tongue wrestling match began. Tammy fought with all her might, even unskilled as she was she was all heart and she put her whole heart into it. The warm and wet of the two tongues clashing together, with sometimes the rough parts attacking other times using the soft undersides. No quarter was to be given nor expected to be given.

But one victim of that clash was Sherry's nipples. It seems they leaped to attention and were pressing against her shirt, trying to get to Tammy. But if they couldn't get free then and at least Sherry's hands were. They joined in the attack, going for Tammy's top. Since they were in a place where they wouldn’t be disturbed, she wasn’t going to take any half measures. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and with one quick motion lifted it up and over her head. It did have the effect of breaking their kissing, leaving that a draw.

But now that the kissing had stopped at least for a bit Sherry could look down at the chest of the eleven year old girl she had uncovered. While Jamie was still totally flat there but Tammy wasn’t. Just as her big sister had begun to sprout before some of the other girls, so had Tammy. Her little areolas were a bit bigger than a quarter, and stood up off her at least a half an inch above the rest of the flatness of her chest. Normally they were a light pink in color, but in her excited passion they turned a hot neon pink.

Sherry had to have her hands on them. First it was caresses and gentile touches that became oh so much more. She tweaked the nipples that came to attention on her little booblets. They were less than a handful there, hardly enough to fill a couple of fingers and what had been a dampness in Sherry's panties now was a full wetness. She leaned over and kissed each one, with licks that surrounded each. She could smell the freshness of the soap that she had bought for Jamie, so Tammy must have showered this morning using Jamie's things.

She couldn't wait any longer to bring her own boobs into action and she opened her blouse and exposed her mature tits to the young girl. It was so wicked, naughty, and absolutely hot to show her excited nipples to her. Tammy's hands rushed to them, she had to touch them, her first boobs she had ever felt. Sherry and Tammy both loved it. Sherry’s breasts were soft and a bit squashy but also had a bit of firmness to them. The nipples were standing up like the flag flying on a flagstaff a top of huge warship. The one thing Sherry needed was her lips on them. “Suck them for me baby,” she gasped. That was all it took. Tammy was on them in a flash and she nursed on them as if her life depend on it.

This only inflamed Sherry's pussy. She was wet and now getting that itch, meaning it was needing some attention soon. Much as her pussy wanted to get the attention, there was another pussy she was more interested in. With a meaningful look into Tammy's eyes she reached down and began to unsnap the top of her jeans. While still looking in her eye she pulled down the zipper. Tammy could only look down at Sherry's hands and watch what they were doing. The was a blush forming on her face, but it didn't stop her from allowing Sherry to do what she wanted. When Sherry gabbed that waistband and started to pull, Tammy lifted her hips. Her jeans were off quickly and she sat there in just a little pair of panties: yellow with blue flowers on them. The flowers weren't the only thing on them. There is a small wet spot over the area where the mouth of her pussy was. They didn't last long on her either. She was already lifting her hips before Sherry reached for them. She knew Tammy was ready.

With the clothing out of the way they both looked down at Tammy's bare hairless pussy. Her lips looked long and full. They already had a bit of a blush to them. Sherry just had to touch them. She ran her fingers around on the lips with a soft caresses that became more exploring. The exploring gave way to a definite attempt to get this little girl to climb the mountain to her orgasm. She opened her lips and a finger rubbed around her inner mouth and went in far enough to find her hymen. But Sherry wasn't going to break her cherry or at least not now.

But just because she wasn't going to break her didn't mean she wasn't going to eat her. She laid Tammy back and began her feast. She began by licking all around her groin and over her lips. She let her tongue do the walking and opened her lips by wedging her tongue and forcing her open to sample the tastes of her little pussy. This was something that was just fine with Tammy, she had dreamed of someone doing this to her for so long. And it was Jamie's mom, how cool was that? Sherry flicked her tongue around inside her on a reconnaissance mission, getting to know that lay of the land. But also it was a diversion for the main attack that she was planning. After being sure of what was there, she launched the main attack on her clit. From the beginning she grabbed her clit between her lips and drew her into her mouth. While she did it she was giving a bit of a hum so that there was a vibrating effect on her. She was sucking on it and flicking her tongue against it.

It was sending Tammy into overload. Her body began to respond by thrashing all over the bed. Sherry had to hold like she was riding a bucking bronco. But it was worth the effort, is so nice to eat a young girl's pussy. It was twice or more than that for Tammy, she had her cum. It was better than any cum she had ever had in her short life. There were fireworks and an earthquake and she may have even left her body. She sure loved sex!

As soon as the young girl got her breath back Sherry pushed Tammy's head down to you crotch with the words, “Eat me!” This was going to be something, she had wanted Tammy for some time.

Tammy followed directions and tried to do what Sherry had done to her, but there was so much and it was all new to her. I was hard to remember all that Sherry had done to her. Not only that but Tammy had been just enjoying what she had been doing to her rather than making a list of her tricks.

But she did know enough to kiss Sherry's pussy. She got a whiff of a woman's aroma as Sherry was very excited. She liked the smell and that alone seemed to start to get her excited again, almost like the feeling of the woman on her little girl's body. She ventured to lick her labia and found that not only was the smell something good to her, but so was the taste.

She tried licking her on the lips and around to the top, to where she knew that she had that special place that she liked to touch on herself, so Sherry must have one too. She was surprised that Sherry's was almost standing up and it was so long and thick compared to her own. But she licked around it and then tried to suck on it.

Sherry reached down and spread her lips and told her to lick her here and showed her just where she wanted it. Tammy did as told and licked and then sucked on Sherry's clit as told. It wasn't the greatest experience of being eaten out that Sherry had ever had, but it was enough. She was more excited by the fact that she has Tammy in bed with her.

She reached down and held up Tammy’s head, saying “That’s wonderful! You’re learning quickly, sweetheart. I know we’re going to enjoy each other a lot more, but now it’s time to get you home. Go into the bathroom and wash your face and gargle with some water. We don’t want your mom to smell my sex on you, do we?”

They dressed quickly and moved the conversation into the car. It was a private place to talk as they drove to Tammy's house.

“Well my little lover, how was it? Did you like your first time with another girl?”

“Yeah it was neat,” Tammy said with great enthusiasm.

“Well I’m sure we can arrange for you to have more.”

“Is it’s as good to do things with a guy?” Tammy wondered.

“Well you know Tammy,” Sherry cautioned, “you can't be telling anyone what we have done here.”

“Oh,” she said with a dejected tone in her voice.

“Don't feel bad little one,” Sherry said kindly. “It’s just that you have to understand that having sex with any one especially at your age, is a tricky thing. You can't be telling people about being sexually active, which of course makes it hard to find partners.”

Tammy asked, “Why is that?”

“Well you wouldn't want your parents to know, would you?” Sherry asked.

“Heck no!” Tammy said with some force.

Sherry continued, “It’s more than just them finding out. Depending on who you are with there could be trouble if people knew about it. I could be in a lot of trouble if someone knew about us here.”

“Oh! I’d never tell on you!”

“Good!” Sherry cried. “I’m glad to hear that, but if you wanted to do that with a guy, you have to understand they like to talk, they tell each other about girls and brag about what they have done with a girl, whether it’s true or not. So if you did something with a boy it would get around. You don't have to even do anything and stories might still get around. That is why you have to be careful about the boys around your school. I don't let Jamie date to protect her from talk like that.”

“Oh! But I wish I could do things with a guy.” Said Tammy dejectedly.

“You didn't like what we did?” asked Sherry.

Tammy said brightly, “Oh, yeah, it's great but I’d like a guy too.”

Sherry turned serious, “I have to ask you if you want to do this more with me?”

“Oh, I loved it with you,” said Tammy. “I want more! Much, much more!”

“What if I was able to arrange for you to be with a guy; someone who wouldn't spread things around? You could keep that a secret too?” Sherry wondered.

“Oh could you, would you?” Tammy cried. “I promise on a huge stack of Bibles I’d never tell anyone.”

“I have someone that might be willing,” noted Sherry. “He would be good for you, I’m sure. But how far are you willing to go with a guy? Are you willing to have full sex?”

“He’d fuck me?!” squealed the girl. “I’d love that!”

Sherry pulled up in front of Tammy’s house. There was one light on and a flicker of a TV could be seen through the drawn blinds. She set the emergency brake and turned to Tammy.

“Just remember girlfriend, once you lose your virginity there is no going back,” Sherry said seriously. “Once you give it up you can never be a virgin again, so have to be sure that you want to do it. Because someday when you are older you might meet a man you want to marry and you want to give him that special thing of your virginity, and you won't have it any more. So you need to very sure. You think about it, OK? I'll tell you what, if you want to sleepover next week and if it's OK with your parents, you and I can spend more time in bed together! Would you like that?”

“Oh yes! But will we come back here again?” she said questioningly.

“No you can spend the night in my bed” Sherry assured her. “Would you like that?”

“What will Jamie say when I’m in your room instead of hers?” Tammy asked.

“She’ll be OK with it, we don't keep secrets in our family, Jamie knows that I have sex with girls.”

“You have sex with Molly don't you?”

Sherry said “Yes I do, but now that she has a girlfriend of her own age group we don't get together as much.”

“Yeah, I know she was a girlfriend and they do sex.”

“How do you know that?”

“I peeked on them, and I watched them.” Tammy admitted.

“Well, Tammy it isn’t nice to invade someone's privacy. Just as it wasn't nice for you to be going through my things. That is part of being able keep secrets, you need to respect people’s privacy,” Sherry admonished her.

“I'm sorry,” she said with some contrition. “I promise I won't go in your things again.”

“You should also not be peering in on Molly again,” Sherry admonished. “And I’ll just bet that you’ve been going through her things too.”

“Yeah, but I won't do it anymore, but can you get me some magazines and videos like she has?” Tammy asked.

“We’ll see about that, but first I know that I can trust you and that you can keep secrets.”

“I didn’t tell anybody about the things Molly has or about her and Connie doing sex together!” Tammy ran on, “Can you really get a boy for me to do things with?”

“I have someone in mind,” Sherry confided. “I’ll see if he would be interested in being with you. But you have to think about how far you want to go with a boy and we’ll talk about it next week. Ask your folks if you can stay over Friday night next week. You can tell them I said it’s OK. Oh, yeah, tell them I said hi.”

With that Tammy took her stuff and ran across her lawn to her front door.

Chapter 3

Sherry came home without any shopping, and Jamie figured that something was up. Sherry sat her down and told her that she had taken Tammy to a motel and had sex with her. How did Jamie feel about that? She was cool with it, but she wondered if Tammy wanted to have sex with her too.

Sherry told her that Tammy had been going through her things while Jamie was sleeping. Jamie apologized that she didn't protected her mom's things, but Sherry told her that there wasn't anything to apologize for, since she hadn't done anything wrong, and, besides, she was sleeping. But it was Sherry who had a the bit of guilty feelings as she was almost stealing Jamie's friend. She knew what Tammy had been doing and allowed it, because she wanted to know if Tammy was interested in sex in general, and sex with her in particular.

“Remember when we were talking about my past?” Sherry queried her daughter.

“Yeah, what about it?” Jamie asked with a puzzled look.

“I told you that I had been with girls my age but also I had been with older women. I liked it with the older women and I learned a lot from them,” related Sherry.

“Yeah, so?” Jamie didn’t see any connection.

“Well honey, now that I’m older, I like to be the other woman and to be with young girls, that way I’m passing on what I have learned.”

“Is that why you do things with me?” her daughter asked.

“To tell you the truth that is part of it,” Sherry admitted, “but there is so much more involved with us. Yes I want to pass on to you what I know. Yes you are a turn on, because I do like young girls. But the biggest thing for you to know is that I love you. You are my daughter, and making love is one way to show you that I love you. I love making love with you, much better than with Tammy or Molly. With them it’s sex, but between us it’s love.”

“Mom I love you too,” said Jamie, putting her arms around her mother. “But do I have to worry that you are going to want to have sex with any other friends I bring home?”

With a laugh Sherry said, “Who knows if she is as cute as you…but, of course, who could be as cute as you?” she said while giving Jamie a big hug back. “Yes, I do find your friends sexy and attractive.”

With a chuckle Jamie said, “I’ll have to watch who I bring home, or maybe I should bring more home for you.”

Laughing Sherry said, “Yes dear, bring them on.”

“Anyone special you would want?” asked Jamie with a gleam in her eye.

“You want to know, huh? I can share a secret with you? I wouldn't mind seeing Helen in a year or two.”

“Molly and Tammy's sister? That Helen?” Jamie asked, amazed.

With a blush Sherry nodded her head.

“Wow, mom she’s only 7!”

Sherry nodded, “That’s why I said in a year or two.”

That got Jamie thinking, what would it be like to be with Helen in a couple of years or even now? What would it be like with other girls? She loved it with her mom, and she liked it with Molly, well except for Molly's pussy hair. But Tammy doesn't have any maybe she would be good to eat. There are a lot of other girls that don't have any hair yet, and they might be nice and she could have fun with them. Maybe there might be girls back in the fifth grade or so that might be interesting. If her mom can have them maybe she could too. Maybe there might be girls in Ron's classes that would be nice too.

The week went by fast but not fast enough for either for Tammy or Sherry, and they both looked forward to Tammy spending the night. Jamie knew what was up, and when Tammy arrived for the night everything was sort of normal. They all ate dinner together, and Jamie and Tammy spent time together. But when it was time to go to bed, it was to Sherry's bed that Tammy went. There was no embarrassment for any for them as to who was going to which bed.

They got in there and were quickly naked. Tammy admired the more mature woman's body, and Sherry for her part loved the little girl's body in front of her. They were both hairless on their pussies besides the height and weight difference the only other thing different was Sherry's A cup boobs while Tammy had only a slight swelling of her areolas.

They got into the bed and Sherry was anxious to get her lips on Tammy’s and attacked her. kissing aggressively. Tammy was playing with Sherry's boobs. It was so good to play with them, she could only wish that she had some like that someday. Since she wanted her boobs so much Sherry told her to suck on her nipples. Tammy did as asked but Sherry taught her how to do it better. Tammy was an apt student and willing to follow directions. As Tammy suckled at her, Sherry caressed Tammy's chest.

Sherry stopped her after a while and then spent her own time feasting on Tammy's little pussy. She couldn't help but admit to herself that as much as she liked Molly it was more or a turn on it was to be in bed, with Tammy. But as Sherry's tongue was well practiced it knew what to do Sherry's mind was wondering what it might be like with Helen.

But still she knew what to do to Tammy. She was licking around her lips. With her fingers she spread her lips and began to enter her special place. Tammy was beginning to make her juices and Sherry lapped them up. But then she switched to stimulate her clit. It didn't take much to send Tammy over the end to her orgasm. Once again her mind filled with fireworks and her body quaked with nervous release.

When she had recovered enough to be coherent, Sherry showed her what she wanted from her.

“I want you to wear this!” Tammy complained holding the contraption up for examination. “These panties are kinda big. And they have a hole in them. What's that for?”

“Here put them and we will fix them up…. Just be careful but I think the safety pin will keep them up on you. This is what goes in the hole,” admitted Sherry picking up a very lifelike dildo.

“It's like a guy’s dick!” Tammy said with amazement.

“Yes and I want you to fuck me with it,” Sherry said with desire.

Sherry laid down and had Tammy get on top of her in the missionary position. She guided the fake cock into her pussy as she had Tammy fuck her. It took a bit of coordination, but Tammy got the idea how to move her hips and move the dildo in Sherry. It was also a bit of work on Sherry's part to make it so that she could cum, and at the same time provide some stimulation for Tammy.

When she had a very satisfying cum, she asked Tammy, “How did you like your first fuck?”

“That was a fuck?”

“Yes it’s pretty much what fucking is,” Sherry admitted. “It’s just that you were playing the boy this time.”

“That is what a boy will do me?” Jamie wondered.

“Yeah pretty much, did you like it?”

“Yes!” cried Tammy. “I loved it! Your thing was rubbing on me while I was doing that to you. It was way cool.”

“You are still wanting to do that with a guy? You know if you go all the way you won't be a virgin any more. But you don't have to go all the way, there are other things that you can do with a guy, and he can give you pleasure.” Sherry said.

“What other things can we do?” Jamie wondered.

“You could do some of the same things we’ve done,” related Sherry. “You can kiss him, he can kiss your pussy like I did, he could rub your pussy, like you do, and don't bother telling me you don't, because I know you. I saw the little wet spots you left on my bed when you watched my videos.” (Tammy blushed at that.) “You might want to do things with and for him too. You could use your hand on him or you could suck him, it’s sort of like what I did to you, but of course he has a thing that sticks out like my little toy here.”

“I don't care about being a virgin, if it feels as good as you looked with your toy in you, it must be pretty good.” Tammy got a dreamy look in her eyes. “I think that I want him to fuck me. Maybe we can do the other things too. But do you think that you know a boy that will do with me, and not tell others. I know that I’m not so hot. Even Molly is better at getting boys. She has them calling her and she tells them all no. I don't have any breasts even like her.”

“I have someone in mind for you, I can talk to him and see if he is interested,” said Sherry. “I don't think that your bodily development, or lack thereof will be a problem, and I’m sure he will not be telling anyone about you. Let me see about it. But in the meantime I want some sleep. I have to go to work early in the morning.”

Sherry left Tammy to sleep in her bed while she went to work. Tammy knew that when she got up, she would have to face Jamie who would know that she had done sex stuff with her mom. She was going to try and play it cool and hope Jamie didn't make a big thing of it.

But when both girls were up, Jamie spoke to her, “So how was last night?”

Tammy was confused as to how to answer that, “Oh, it was OK.”

“You spent the night with my mom and it was just OK?” Jamie asked with an amused look.

Even more confused Tammy said, “Well. it was different than when I sleep in bed with you.”

“You did do sex with my mom, didn't you?” Jamie asked.

To Tammy it sounded a bit like and accusation, which she was quick to deny, “Oh now we didn't do anything like that.”

Jamie was almost laughing. “Really? She didn't do sex with you? She did the other day when she took you home.”

Tammy was blushing and embarrassed and almost in tears, but she again denied it, “No we didn't do those things, I don't know what you heard and how.”

Jamie came over and gave it her a hug and said “Don't worry about it. I know that you did because mom told me. She is bi you know she likes girls and guys. But I can't believe that sleeping with her was just OK.”

“You don't think it's bad that a girl would do that with another girl or a woman like your mom?” Tammy was wiping her eyes,

“No,” said Jamie. “Can you keep a secret?”

Tammy nodded, “Yeah, I guess.”

“I’m bi too,” Jamie frankly admitted.

“OMG!” gasped Tammy. “You’ve been with girls and guys?”

“Well only once of each, but you can't tell anyone any of this, the girl I had sex with is my mom,” said Jamie. “She’s really great, and I can't believe that spending the night with her was just OK.”

Tammy was greatly relieved and finally told the truth, “Yeah it was great, she licks my pussy so good! It makes me cum better than when I do it myself,” Then she said softly “Oops! Then she had me put on this thing like panties and she had this thing and she put it in a hole in the panties then had me fuck her with it.”

“Oh I love when we use that” cried Jamie, clapping her hands “So you didn't use the one with two heads?”

“What's that?” Tammy wondered.

“Did you have one part in you?” Jamie asked.

“No, is there one that goes in the other person too?”

“Yeah it’s really cool!” Jamie exclaimed. “I love how it feels to get fucked while I’m fucking her.”

“You had something in your pussy?” Tammy marveled. “You’re not a virgin?”

“No,” Jamie said. “I’ve been with my mom and a guy.”

“How was it with a guy?”

“He was great!” said Jamie.

“Who was he?”

Jamie shook her head, “I can't tell you, but he was great.”

Tammy said, “Your mom said she might be able to get me a guy, so that I could get fucked by a guy.”

“Then maybe she can get him,” said Jamie. “I wonder if it will be the same guy that I have been with.”

They were now thick as thieves. Tammy was comfortable with the idea of being out as being interested in women as well as guys. She knew that her new best friend also liked girls. It was something they could talk about. They talked of the bodies of the other girls in their class and who they would like to have sex with. In the back of their minds they were wondering what it would be like to have sex together. But neither one knew how to say what they wanted to know if the other would like to have sex together.

They both jumped when the phone rang. It was Tammy's mom calling to tell Tammy to come home to watch her sister Helen while their mom went shopping. That caused Jamie to wonder again about Helen and what she would be like in bed.

Chapter 4

Ron came to Coffee Cup as usual Sunday morning. Sherry greeted him with her smile, and a twinkle in her eye. As she brought his order, she asked “When do you finish your day at the school?”

“At three, why?” he asked, puzzled.

“I wanted to talk to you when we can be alone, you don't mind if I come over after I get off Tuesday afternoon.” Sherry went on in a conspiratorial tone, “We would be all alone after school.”

Ron smiled “Hmm, do you have something on your mind?”

On Tuesday Sherry was there a bit before all the classes were out. At the stroke of three, bells rang and she was almost knocked over by the door being flung open; standing there made her the defacto door person. She also got an eyeful of the young ladies as they exited the classroom. She went as soon as they were all out.

“Hi Ron!” she cried.

“Sherry, great to see you!” he said as he hugged her and gave her a kiss.

It was at that moment that one of the other teacher poked her head in, “Oh sorry.”

Ron looked over and said, “Oh Darlene, what can I do for you? Do you know Sherry? She’s the mother of the girl I saved this past June. This is Darlene Foster, she teaches one of the other fifth grade classes.”

“Sorry to interrupt,” said Darlene, a little embarrassed. “Um, do you have that DVD on the current events for this week?”

He handed it to her and as she walked out, she said, “I'll just close this for you,” and she slipped the door quietly closed.

“Well that was nice, thanks,” said Ron.

Sherry was surprised. “What did I do?”

“Her seeing us like that helps me,” said Ron. “It keeps them from trying to fix me up with someone. They seem to think we are going together. They’ve decided that the appropriate time has elapsed since Maddie died and since I can now date they all want to fix me up.”

“Aren't we in a way?” More quietly she said, “Or at least you are seeing us, both me and Jamie?”

“Yeah I guess and I’m loving every minute of it,” exclaimed Ron.

“Well, you can't seem to tear yourself away from here enough for either of us. We haven't seen too much of you since school started, and from the looks of the girls in your class I can see why,” Sherry said, recalling the bevy of cute girls she had seen rushing from the room to go home. “Ron, you sure have some cuties in here. I wouldn't mind getting to know some of them myself.”

“I might like that too but I don't want my head on a chopping block,” he said laughing. “So what brings you over?”

“I have a chopping block that needs your head,” she said with her biggest smile.

Ron was not sure what that meant, asked with a bit of a mix of caution and curiosity, “What do you have in mind?”

Sherry said, “Do remember Tammy Collins?”

“Yeah, she was in Darlene's class last year.” Ron recalled.

Sherry dropped the bomb: “She would like to go to bed with a guy.”

Ron looked at her with more than a bit of anxiety as well as that bit of curiosity with a little excitement thrown in. But he could only manage to get an, “Oh?” out of his mouth.

“I thought that you would like to be the guy to deflower her,” Sherry said, pushing her breasts in to Ron’s arm.

Ron gulped, “Why me?”

“For one thing you’re a good lover, both Jamie and I say that, and I think that you would be great for her first time,” Sherry said ticking things off on her fingers. “For another thing, you have experience with young girls and you’re good with them. Heck Ron you are always good with children and it’s just that now you have a special skill with them, that I think young girls need and can use. Plus I think that deep down inside, you like them. As for the girl who wants to have you, I can tell you she isn't bad looking, not much different body wise than Jamie, so I thought you might enjoy her. I know that I loved it with Jamie. Besides,” she said in a bit of a whisper, “kind of makes up for not getting Molly, don't you think?”

“You’ve seen her naked?” Ron’s mouth was dry.

“Yes, of course, I have had her in my bed,” Sherry assured him. “A girl's gotta do something when her babysitter/lover gets her own girlfriend.”

“You have been to bed with her?” Ron asked. “Well I guess that’s a silly question. You said sometime before that you’d like to bed her.”

“Yes, she’s a nice little bed mate, and just for you, she isn't like Molly,” Sherry assured him. “Tammy wants to go both ways.”

Ron asked, “You don't mind? What does Jamie think of that?”

“She’s certainly willing to share as long as you come over more often,. She wants more of you, and I could use a lot more of you too buster,” she said punching her finger into his chest, while giving him her thousand watt smile.

“In for a penny in for a pound, I guess,” he shrugged, but still smiling. “When is it that you need my services?”

“Ride your bike as usual Friday night about 6. We'll all have dinner before the slumber party starts.” As she strode out of the room, she looked over her shoulder and said “Be prepared to spend the night.”

Chapter 5

Friday came and Ron could hardly get through the day. The thought of having another young girl kept him semi hard the whole day, and some of the girls around school didn't help. He had lunch time playground duty and saw the panties on a couple of girls as the fourth and fifth graders were running around or playing on the jungle gym. After lunch it didn't help when Harmony was leaning over his desk in math, and he could see down her top to her little flat areolas.

Ron packed a little backpack and rode over to Sherry, coming via the back alley. The letter S was gone off the gate, but he knew which one it was. The gate wasn't locked, and he let himself in.

He came in through the kitchen where Sherry was finishing dinner and the girls were playing in Jamie's room. Sherry kissed him in greeting, “Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes, you timed it pretty well. You’re going to be OK with all this?”

“Yes, I think so,” he said. “either it will be a nice time, or I’ll be going to prison, I’m hoping for the former rather than the latter.”

Sherry laughed, “I’m sure it will be the former. I think that we all will have a good time. Ready or not here we go.”

She called out loudly, with a bit of excitement in her voice, “Girls he’s here.”

The girls ran out quickly with Tammy in the lead. She stopped short when she saw Ron. It was so short that Jamie ran into the back of her almost knocking her over.

“Mr. Baker!” Tammy said in surprise.

Ron smiled and said, “Hello Tammy! I haven't seen you since the end of school last year. You look very nice tonight.”

“What are you doing here?” she asked with some surprise and suspicion.

“Well Tammy, I was told there was going to be a young woman here that wanted have some time with a guy so she knew what sex with one was all about. I was under the impression that young lady was you. Is that not true?” Ron asked.

Tammy blushed until she was about the color of a beet from her red hair down to her feet in her little sandal shoes. With a bit of uncertainty in her voice she said, “Ahem, maybe. You came over to do sex with a girl?”

“Yes, I did I was told that a young lady needed my help getting her love life started, I was told that girl was you. If you would like, I’ll make love to you and show what it’s like to be with a man,” Ron reassured her. “I understand that you do know something about sex already.”

“Umm, maybe,” she stammered.

“I understand that you have had sex with Sherry here,” Ron said, pointing to the hostess of tonight’s party. “Is that not true?”

Tammy flashed her eyes to Sherry and that had a look just short of panic in them. She couldn't bring herself to speak, and could only nod yes, then hung her head.

“Tammy don't worry that I know about that,” Ron said, patting her back gently. “Sherry and Jamie both like girls as well as guys. And you don't have to worry about anything since I was with Jamie and she enjoyed it, as I’m sure she will testify.”

Tammy looked around in amazement, the thoughts that were running through her brain; her new best friend had sex with this teacher, and she has sex with girls too? Wow!

“Would you like to experience sex with me today Tammy?” Ron asked gently.

Biting her lower lip she nodded her head and managed a softly spoken “Yes.”

“Good, dinner is ready. Let's eat,” said Sherry bring the food to the table.

A nice dinner it was. Sherry was a good cook as she learned a lot hanging around talking to the chefs when she wasn't busy. She found out about the little things she could do to spice up usual foods or how to make special little dishes to go with a meal.

Afterward everyone went into the living room and Sherry got out the evening’s entertainment. She pushed a DVD into the player. The credits weren't much, more than a title and some lines of a disclaimer, saying everyone watching it better be over 18. It launched into the sex with a father and daughter pair, no plot, no subtext, just plain sex. The thing about the video was that the age difference was close enough that the couple in the video could be father and daughter. They even looked a bit alike. Well maybe they were related.

They wasn't into the video two minutes when Sherry stood and took off her all clothes and told all to get comfortable. Jamie was naked quickly afterward, and Ron joined them. It was all a bit much for Tammy to take in. She got a long and hard look at Ron's thingy, and his thingy was long and hard. There was fear and eagerness in her heart fighting it out as to who would win.

Sherry encouraged her, by saying, “Go ahead Tammy and take off your clothes.” To which she obeyed, before settling down on the couch with Ron. Ron took mental inventory of her body, slight puffiness around her areolas on another wise flat chest, and an equally flat tummy. Down below it was a set of prominent lips devoid of hair.

Meanwhile Sherry and Jamie were closely entwined, more than one would expect from even a close mother and daughter.

Ron put his arm Tammy and began to pet her naked tummy. She looked up at him, and caught the loving and gentle look in those eyes looking back down at her. This made her comfortable and she settled into his arms and allowed him to pet her.

He started with her belly. It felt so nice and tender and just short of a tickling feeling. But it felt soothing to her. He then began working his way up to her little budding areolas. As he toyed with them he began to light a fire in her groin. Playing with them also had an effect on him as he started to release small amounts of his precum.

She reclined so that her head was against his chest. Her head was just above his jutting cock. When he stretched out his arm to begin to pet her pussy, she looked up at him. He gave her smile, which she returned and nodded to his hard dick. With a smile and a nod he had told her that she could touch him. She reached her hand out and wrapped her fingers around his special manly part. It felt good to both of them. She explored him just getting the feel of his manhood. Tammy wondered how something could be both soft and hard at the same time. She liked to move his skin on his hot shaft and she marveled at the fine tracery of light blue veins visible under her small hand.

Meantime over on the loveseat, Sherry and Jamie were no longer watching the video, but rather making their best snogging moves on each other, to their mutual enjoyment.
Jamie had her hands all over her mom's boobs, which brought her nipples up to rock hardness standing up like Mount Everest. At the same time Sherry toyed with her daughter's back door, causing it to pucker in hopes that it might be invaded at some time soon.

Chapter 6

Ron brought this up short by gently pushing Tammy off of him, and he stood. He turned and took Tammy by the hand and helped her off the couch and led her to Jamie's room. He closed the door and took her over to Jamie's bed. This was the place he had removed Jamie's cherry, and now he was going to the do the same thing to her best friend, in the same bed.

Ron saw over on the desk that Sherry had organized a gift for him. There were two towels a pack of pre-moistened towelettes and a bottle of lube. “That woman is prepared,” thought Ron.

The two of them laid down in the bed and Ron began to kiss her. She wasn't a bad kisser he thought. Either Sherry taught her well or she must have had practice even before being with Sherry.

Their French kissing was going well, Tammy gave as good as she got, and she got well. Ron had no more inhibitions about being with young girls. He explored her mouth as she explored his, using their tongues as their search implements.

While doing this his hands returned to her chest stroking and fingering her little areolas. Ron liked that she had just a hint of something there. Jamie was good still being flat but it was nice to have a little something there too. It didn't take long for his tongue to follow his hands and he began to kiss and lick at her little puffiness. He was enjoying this and Tammy was too. He licked around the nipple and then gave it a suck before moving back to give the whole little mound a suck. The whole time his other hand was teasing and pulling at her other one, circling it with a wetted finger. Then he switched, and the one got what the other had been getting.

It seemed to Tammy that her pussy must have been wired to her boobies and it started to get itchy there and she needed it scratched. As though he was clairvoyant, Ron sensed what she needed and sent a free hand down to provide that scratch. Her lips were swollen before but now they seemed even more so. If he tore his gaze away from looking into her eyes as he suckled at her chest he would have seen that they had some of that red color she had before, with her blushing, only this time that color wasn't from embarrassment: Tammy had desires, desires that she wanted fulfilled, now!

Ron could sense this, perhaps it was with the little squeaks from Tammy, or maybe it was her pushing his head away from her chest and down toward where she needed him. Just to keep her keyed up a bit he stopped and blew a couple of raspberries on her tummy. That sent them both in to giggles. But he knew he had a job to do, and always a faithful worker, he moved ahead to do it. He arrived at her pussy and looking back into her eyes he gave it a kiss. She returned his gaze with an approving smile.

He kissed and then licked his way around her engorged lips her little clit began to rise her little head, as much as she could, attempting to peak through her hood, as though she was also wanting to look at who was giving her such interesting attention. Ron repaid her clit for rising up and went to meet her. He greeted her with a kiss that made Tammy shutter.

He used his fingers to spread her lips and sent his tongue in to explore her insides. This was something Tammy wasn’t adverse to, in fact she spread her legs farther to encourage him. He licked her vaginal opening seeing how far her could get his tongue into her, that turned out not to be too far, as her little cherry blocked him from getting up into her more. That he would take care of soon, but first things first.

His lips moved up to that lovely clit that was standing up waving to him in greeting. He acknowledged it with a kiss and then a lick. He licked around the little bud that was there, tonguing the hood and sending his oral member up inside it to get at the seat of her excitement. He was licking and sucking there while his finger began to explore that seat of her femininity. That was it for her, she couldn't take any more, and exploded into her orgasm. Her legs were shaking and she gave a loud series of moans when the energy ricocheted through her body. Her tummy shuddered like a bowl of upset jelly and her pussy fairly gushed her sweet nectar. Ron licked up the juices that she produced before he took a towelette and wiped her down and dried her off with one of the towels. She took a little break to catch her breath.

But in the other room there wasn't much of a break going on. Sherry had her daughter on her back as she munched on her little pussy. Not one to be content with a simple pussy eating, she was also fingering Jamie's little asshole. As Jamie made more juices Sherry would dip her finger in them until Jamie was wet around both bottom holes. It was then that Sherry pushed her finger into Jamie's anal opening. Jamie could only give a contented sigh, but that changed in a bit when Sherry sent a second finger to join the first one. She began to ass finger-fuck her. But her other hand wasn't busy so her first two fingers joined in the assault by running themselves into Jamie's pussy. Sherry had the pleasure to feel her fingers separated from each other only by a bit of tissue in Jamie's perineum. But Sherry wasn't the only one who was getting pleasure from that, Jamie was getting more out of that then ever her mom was. Plus there was the added bonus that her mom was sucking on her clit at the same time. It gave Jamie an orgasm that her mother seemed to have specially prepared for her. It was then that they took a break.

Break time was over back in Jamie's room, and Tammy was getting her first close up look at Ron's manhood. To the virgin girl it didn't look so huge close up, as she had seen in some of Sherry's video; as Ron was only six inches in length and not fat, however not skinny, around.

Tammy gently held Ron’s cock and asked, “How come in the videos, the guys look larger?”

“That’s because they choose guys to be in them that are above average size so you can see them better. It’s the same you might have noticed that all the women have huge breasts. It’s those actors who are larger in size than the average person is who they use in the videos. Most people aren't like that.”

The girl gave a sigh. “Good I’m glad because some of them were huge. You’re not so huge.”

Ron didn't know how to take that, was it a good thing or a bad thing that he wasn't so large. He asked her, “I take you don't like the larger ones. I can promise you I’ll be gentle with you, and I think you’ll enjoy it.”

She asked shyly, “Are you going to put in me now?”

“I will if you want me to,” he said softly.

“OK, I’m ready for you to go ahead.”

“We need to get you a little more ready,” Ron grabbed one of the towels and folded up and on the bed. He had her lay on it with it under her butt. He then moved to place his face between her legs.

He began to lick around her lips and up to her clit. He enjoyed the hairlessness of her pussy, she was beginning to make some of her girly juice and Ron got a taste of them. He spread her lips with his fingers and began to go into her tight little girl hole.

Tammy looked down at the man licking her pussy so nicely. “Are you gonna put your thing in me?”

“You want me to do that now,” Ron asked, “or do you want me to continue what I was doing?”

“I want you to put it in me, Sherry likes to lick me, and she does it good. But I want a guy to put his thing in me.” Tammy had a determined look on her face.

“Your wish in my command, my dear. Spread your legs more and bend your knees up. I want you to reach down with one hand and open your lips, OK?”

She nodded her head in agreement.

“OK when I get down there I want you to take my penis and guide it into your vagina. You can do that?”

Again she nodded her head. Ron moved over her with most of his weight on his hands and his knees. As he lowered himself Tammy took his cock in her hand and led him to her pussy. He was at the sweet entrance to her, and he asked again, “Are you ready?”

She nodded one more time. With a push he moved forward until he hit her barrier and stopped for a minute, then with more of a push he broke through her maidenhead. Tammy flinched in pain, and tears began to run from her eyes. She made a few sobbing noises. Ron stopped and was ready to pull back out of her. But she controlled herself, and told him to stop and not do anything. Ron laid on her, his erection. buried in her vagina. He wasn't sure that this was going so well and it might turn out to the latter of his fears expressed earlier this evening.

Tammy recovered from the sting of her cherry breaking. She was able to say, “Aren’t you supposed to move in me?”

Ron nodded, “Yes, you want me to?”

“Yeah, go ahead,” she said. “I want to see what it feels like to have sex with a guy.”

That was enough for Ron, and as he began to pump in to her, he made his movements slow and gentle, but when her was all the way in her she flinched again, since his cock was pushing up against her tender cervix. He moved so that he wasn't going all the way in and she seemed to be better about that. Tammy began to get into it, the sting of losing her cherry was gone and as long as Ron didn't go all the way in her, it was OK. She realized that she felt really full down there from him being in her. His cock was rubbing on the roof of her vagina and across her clitty and that felt very good for her.

It wasn't the greatest fuck for Ron because he hated to see the girl in pain. Of course there is some pain the first time, but she seemed to have more than one would expect with her for her. She was tighter than even Jamie, and it felt good to him to be in such a tight pussy. He wanted it to be good for her, so he tried his best to get her off.

It didn't take long for his efforts to pay off and with a couple of grunts and a few ohhs and some heavy breathing she had her orgasm. It wasn't perhaps not as good as with Sherry, but she did it, she had fucked a guy. He kept pumping in her for a couple more minutes then she felt the wetness flood the insides of her, as Ron shot his cum deeply inside her virgin pussy.

Ron got off her to see some of his cum leaking out of her pussy. He got some towelettes and cleaned her off. Then she wiped her brow that was covered in sweat and her face where her tears had flowed. He dried her off before cleaning himself. Once they were both clean and dry the next order of business was to get some sleep. She moved over and was soon in a spoon position with his arms around her. It did make her feel better.

But in the other bedroom mother and daughter were still having fun; Sherry having gotten a smaller pair of harness panties had her two head dildo out and was fitting it in, while Jamie was already wearing it. Sherry got up into a position on her hands and knees and Jamie moved behind her. Sherry reached back behind herself while Jamie was looking down. Between the two of them they had the business end into Sherry's pussy.

Following her mom's instructions the preteen girl began a slow fuck of her mother. As nice as it was for Sherry, Jamie was getting more out of it. She loved that as she fucked her mom she was fucking herself. It was such that Jamie's pussy took over and she was soon pounding her mom, just so that she would be pounded as she felt that she needed.

It didn't take that long before mother and daughter, adult and preteen were cuming together. Jamie pulled her fake cock out of her mother and then the other end out of herself, before taking off the panties harness.

They talked as they cleaned Sherry's toy so that it was ready for the next time it was used.

Jamie said “I like these new panties they fit me better, and it makes your thing go in me better than the other ones you have.”

“I’m glad you like them dear,” said Sherry. “They should fit Tammy too, if I can borrow you best friend now and again.”

Jamie laughed, “Yeah but don't forget you have a daughter to satisfy right here at home.”

With that little conversation they snuggled together in bed.

Chapter 7

Sherry was up early and ready to start her shift at the Coffee Cup at the ungodly hour of 6. She had been quiet enough that she didn't wake Jamie. Meanwhile Tammy slept on worn out by the night's sex. But Ron heard her and got up and made coffee so there was some when Sherry was out of the shower.

“Oh Ron you made coffee!” said Sherry, giving him a warm hug and a quick kiss. “You are a dear. How did it go last night?” Sherry poured them both cops of steaming java.

Ron sighed and said, “I don't think she liked it as much as she thought she would.”

“I think she had a lot of expectations, and maybe they were unreal,” Sherry offered. “Nothing in reality would match what she thought it would be like in real life.”

“I hope that is only that. You don't think she was will say anything to anyone?”

“No I’m sure she won't. You'll be all right.” Sherry assured her daughter’s male lover.

“I hope you’re right,” Ron said. “I think I might have been a bit much for her. She was very tight.”

“Girls stretch, you shouldn't fret over it,” Sherry said, reaching for Ron’s cock. “You have a nice size for a girl or a woman.” Sherry grabbed her stuff and headed for the door.

“Baby I’ll call you when I get home from work, but I have to move or I'll be late, thanks for the coffee, that's what I needed. Jamie kept me up. I love sex with that little minx of a daughter, it’s hard to resist her.”

“Yeah tell me about it, she is one hot little girl.” Ron grinned.

Ron laid down on the couch and was quickly asleep. It was there that the girls found him later in the morning. The two of them were standing over him.

“Ron,” Jamie called to him, “what are you doing on the couch?”

He opened his eyes and smiled at the two visions of loveliness standing there. “I was up early with your mom and I didn't want to wake up Tammy by getting back in bed with her.”

Jamie laughed, “Well I hope you can be up for me.”

Ron laughed back, “Oh Jamie dear I’ll be dead when I’m not up for you. But aren't I here for Tammy?”

Tammy spoke up quickly, “It’s OK with me if you do it with Jamie.”

“You are sure?” Jamie asked her best friend.

Tammy nodded eagerly, “Oh yes, it's OK!”

Ron smiled and looked at his first pre-teen lover, “That means you’re up to bat Jamie.”

“It looks like your bat is what is getting up, I'll be right back, you just make that a bigger bat,” said Jamie running into her room.

She came back with the bottle of lube and rubbed in on Ron's six inch bat. She asked Tammy to help and put some in her pussy.

Once they were both lubed sufficiently, Jamie positioned herself over Ron’s crotch and guided his prick into her with a dreamy sigh. Then she rode him cowgirl style. Her hips were bucking up and down on the hips of Ron's bronco she didn't even need a reins to hold on to him, nor did she have a hat to wave in the air, but she rode him all the way to the buzzer. That buzzer was going off in her ears, and inside her head. But that wasn't the only place that had something going off in her. Her pussy was buzzing like mad and Ron was buzzing in her, loading her with his own special lube.

After getting a load of that, Tammy ran and got the towelettes and the other towel, so the two lovers/performers could clean up. While Ron and Jamie were now clean and dry, Tammy was the one who was wet.

Jamie could see the swollen lips and leaking fluids from her best friend. It was a first time for the two friends and certainly not something that either of them didn't want. The kisses expressed what their words did not. It was another fight between tongues as each other explored the other's mouth. Tammy showed Jamie her best kissing moves. But they were noting compared to Jamie's; funny though both girls learned to kiss from the same woman and had been to bed with the same guy. It must have been the much greater experience of Jamie's since she had been doing this for a while now.

Their hands were exploring each other as much as their tongues. They found each other’s nipples and each rubbed them for the other girl. But both had a fire going, which would only be dealt with by the pussy that was waiting for best friend/lover of the two preteens.

Jamie went first and pushed Tammy's head toward her pussy. Tammy wasn't dumb and began to lick her. She didn't have all the talent that Jamie's mom had but she did have her youth on her side. She dived into and began to tongue fuck Jamie. Jamie had never come down so much from her climax with Ron, so it was easy to send her over the hill into orgasm land.

But Jamie wasn't so wiped out so much that she went to her mom's room and got one of her smaller vibrators and the panties harness. She began to tease Tammy with the vibrator, first on her little nipples, then moving down. She had it on max vibrate when she ran it around Tammy's butthole. She then moved it up to her clit.

It was then that she fit it into her holder so that she had a small vibrating cock sticking out of her panties. She laid Tammy down on her back and mounted her and began to fuck her. Tammy was going out of her mind. That it took the cake as it turned out it was a little smaller than Ron's dick, which was the right size for Tammy. So between the in and out action provided by Jamie's hips and the added with the maximum vibrating action that little thing put out, Tammy had her own trip over climax mountain.

It was then that the two girls were totally worn out. Ron could only watch, he was out of service and he watched with eagerness but his member couldn't get hard even with this erotic show put on by the two preteen girls. Ron excused himself to head home. Tammy realized that she had better get home too. She and Jamie took a quick shower together and she was off.

Sherry could only come home to Jamie now that her visitors had gone. But Jamie was sure to provide a very, very warm welcome.

As always thanks to my editor Nicknason for all his help and work.

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt22

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt22

It was about time that I could spend some time with Kayko. Aside from the kisses and hugs I got from her when I showed her the check, I had not been able to touch my wife all morning or afternoon. And with the invitation she was giving me now, I was on a search and destroy mission.

Kayko had this naughty grin on her face as she began to slowly back up toward the den. I knew this was going to be good and I began to take my close off as I started across the room after her. If your spouse was doing something like this, wouldn’t you be slightly interested too? When she got to the corner by the edge of the fireplace she lifted her right hand and beckoned me with one finger, coaxing me to follow. I really didn’t need that much prompting. When I dropped my pants and my raging boner sprang free, her grin turned into a huge smile. My baby knew what she was getting.

I caught up with her as she entered the den. The smell of the new pool table was inviting. I know most people might not like the odor from a new piece of furniture, but the combination of adhesives and the smell of the leather pockets was like gasoline on my fire of lust. Kayko looked at me with the same flame of lust in her eyes as she backed up and stopped with her ass against the edge of the head of the table.

“So what game do you want to play?” she asked in a very sultry and slutty voice.

I grabbed my dick and aimed it directly at her as I closed in on her. “How about if we play some pocket pool.” I said as I stepped right up to her. “We’ll play Kayko in the center pocket.”

She smiled as she threw her arms around my neck and began kissing me very deeply. Her soft skin and her hard nipples felt great against my chest as I kissed her back. Kayko reached down with one hand and closed it around my engorged member.

“Mmmm,” she hummed before she pulled her face back a little, “Looks like your stick is ready.”

With a kiss to my neck, and then one to my chest, Kayko squatted down in front of me with her knees wide apart and took me into her hot mouth. The sensation was heavenly. Her tongue cradled the underside of my shaft as she slowly engulfed my length into the back of her throat. I could not help the little shake in my body as she began giving me an absolutely fantastic blow job. Kayko does not play around in the slightest when she is giving me oral pleasure. She takes both hands and grabs me by my ass and pulls my hips toward her face, not allowing me to pull away from her without taking her with me. And then it seems more like she is trying to feed from me as she bobs her head up and down my shaft and swirls her tongue around and around. It is extremely difficult for me not to blast a load down her throat in just the first few seconds. But on those days when she is determined, there is virtually nothing I can do. And today was one of those days. After only about 20 seconds or so my knees locked, my toes curled up, and my cock began firing in rapid succession. When Kayko felt my dick swell up in her mouth she sunk her fingernails into my ass, pulled me deep into her mouth, and began swallowing when the first rope plastered her tonsils. I shook and shuttered as I fired away, especially when she began humming in between swallows. Holy shit! The room began to spin as Kayko hung on till the last spasm subsided.

“Oh…my…god!” I moaned as I pumped my wife’s throat full of protein.

I looked down at her to see her with her eyes closed and her lips locked tightly around my shaft. Kayko did not stop sucking until she was positive she had got every last drop. My legs felt like Jell-O when she finally pulled her head away and let my dick drop down in a semi flaccid state.

Looking up at me she smiled and licked her lips. “Now that is what I am talking about!” she said before she placed a kiss on the head of my dick and then stood up.

“Wow honey,” I said when she was standing fully erect. “That was incredible!”

“I know,” she smiled with a devilish grin on her face. “I have been wanting to do that to you all day.”

I was not about to make a bitch of any kind. Kayko had just pleasured me to the upper reaches of the atmosphere, and she had enjoyed every second of it. Now it was my turn for some payback. I started to move in on her, to show the same kind of appreciation for her when she stopped me.

“Rack them up,” she said in a very non-sense manner, and she turned aside and headed for the rack of pool cues on the back wall.

I have to tell you that by this point, I was getting ready to rape my wife. She was teasing me and keeping me at bay for some reason, but why? I had no idea. I walked around the table and pulled the wooden ball rack from its hanger. It’s nice. It’s very well-constructed with brass screws and a nice high sheen to it. I imagine to replace it alone would probably cost $100.00 or more. I set the rack on the table and picked up the box of balls. They were all perfect, without a single mark on them. But as I filled the rack I noticed one very important detail. The cue ball was missing.

“Damn it.” I said as I put the last ball into the rack. “We can’t play.”

“Why not?” Kayko asked in a strange tone as she stepped around to the head of the table and leaned her cue stick against the rail.

“Of all things the cue ball is missing.” I said as I quickly began looking in the empty pockets.

“Are you sure?” I heard Kayko ask as I worked my way around the table.

When I had checked the last pocket I looked up at her. “Yea, I’m su…” and I stopped in mid-sentence.

Kayko had the naughtiest look on her face that I have ever seen. She had the tip of her right index finger in between her teeth at the corner of her mouth and she was leaning against the pool table with her hip.

“Maybe you just haven’t looked in the right place yet,” she said in her most seductive bedroom voice.

Had she? I wouldn’t put it past her. I have known Kayko to do many different things just to torture me, but this might actually be the capper. As my dick began to rise to full hardness again I took a few steps toward her, causing her to turn till her ass was flat against the head rail of the table.

“And just where do you suggest I look little girl?” I queried as I stepped forward between her spread legs.

The glint in her eyes told me that my assumption was correct. Kayko had the cue ball inside her, and it had been in there for the whole party! I stepped forward and kissed her while the head of my dick pressed against her belly just above her belly button. Kayko let out a soft moan and placed her hands on my shoulders. With just a gentle lift, I picked her up and set her ass on the rail. As soon as she was set she leaned back and spread her legs wide apart. Her glistening pussy lips were just inviting me to feast on her, and I quickly dropped to one knee to devour my favorite dish.

To say that she was wet was an understatement. The area between her legs, that nice little pocket that I love so much, was covered in her cream. Several little trails led down her legs with tiny drops at their ends. I was not about to waste a single bit of this wonderful nectar and I began licking and kissing her from about mid-thigh. Instantly she arched her back and brought her hands down to grab two hands full of my hair. She was not very subtle with her moves when she pulled my head down so my mouth covered her gash. She tasted sweet, and the heat emanating from her felt like I had a small oven turned on high directly in front of my face. Kayko moaned loudly as I licked and probed her lips with my tongue. Her head twisted back and forth with each flick of my tongue against her hardened clit. A true feast fit for a king. I reached up with my hand and inserted my index finger. Sure enough, about an inch or so inside her I could feel the smooth hardness of the cue ball tucked away.

“There it is,” I remarked in between licks.

I gave the ball a little push, pressing it deeper into her. Kayko let out a moan before she tightened her muscles and the ball started on the short trek out. I backed my face away and watched intently as her lips slowly opened and the ball became visible. With steady force from her, the ball slowly emerged, stretching her lips wide open. I placed my hand at the ready. The ball slid out and plopped into my palm with a wet slap. Kayko let out a little grunt as the ball exited her, leaving her honey pot vacant and ready to be refilled. She was soaking wet. A large glop of cum followed behind the ball, leaving a thick wet trail from her hole as it started down toward her ass. I quickly covered her clit with my mouth and hungrily devoured her sweet cream, leaving nothing to waste.

Kayko was mauling her tits and her head was rolling back and forth as I finished my clean up job before standing up. I was now going to get what I had waited for all day. Without any hesitation I plunged my dick into her all the way down to my nuts. Kayko sucked in her breath and quickly wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me harder into her.

“Oh no,” I said as I placed the wet cue ball on the table and grabbed her ankles, “It’s my turn.”

Kayko quickly grabbed the edge of the table with both hands as I pulled her legs wide open and began pounding into her. Kayko hung on for dear life while I pummeled away at her tender insides. I wasn’t worried about hurting her because Kayko could take all I had and then some. It was time for me to quell the primal urge to mate with my wife, and Kayko was going to get all I had.

I hammered away into Kayko until she let out a loud moan, arched her back, and began cumming. I love seeing the expression on her face when a powerful orgasm races through her. Her eyes clamp shut, her mouth opens wide, and she shakes all over as the tidal wave sweeps her away. Now that she had her first orgasm it was time for me to get serious about what I was doing. I let go of Kaykos ankles and grasped her by her torso, pulling her up to face me. Kayko came in with a huge kiss as I picked her up and carried her to the chair in the corner of the room. As I have said many times, my wife was so small I could just pick her up and set her down where ever I wanted. She wrapped her legs around my back as I traversed the small distance across the room, never once slowing down at the kiss she was giving me or the squeezing she was doing with her pussy. When I sat down in the chair Kayko opened her legs and put all of her weight down on my groin, grinding me deeper into her.

“Oh you are so beautiful,” I said between kisses and gasps for air. “You make me feel so good.”

“Oh yea,” she replied as she switched her pussy into hyper-drive, “you make me feel like a woman.”

For the next hour we screwed in every part of the den. On the floor, on the table, against the wall, standing, sitting, all fours, you name it. We enjoyed each other to the fullest extent. At times I pounded into her with reckless abandon; almost trying to hurt her it was so physical. With a change of position we were making love in a slow grind, feeling every part of each other and savoring every sensation while hot kisses and dancing tongues unified us in our passion. We left virtually no stone unturned as we thoroughly enjoyed each other. Finally we had to stop for a breather. I had not had an orgasm yet while Kayko must have had 30 or more. It didn’t bother me because I just had my wife in every way that I wanted, and now we just needed to take a little rest. Besides, we were both really sweaty.

I pulled my rock hard cock out of her and sat down on the chair, leaving Kayko on the floor with her legs wide open. She is beautiful, no matter which angle I am looking at her. But to see her lying there, almost helpless, was a definite turn on. As we both started to catch our breath Saki and Erin came into the room.

“Are you guys done yet?” Erin asked as she stood in the doorway in a loose fitting T-shirt.

Saki didn’t even wait for an answer. She walked right over to me, climbed up onto my lap, and impaled herself on my cock. When her pussy came in contact with my groin she clamped down, holding me firmly inside her. “Do me next Uncle Mike,” she said as she began squeezing and releasing me inside her tight body.

“Easy does it,” I said as I lifted her off my cock and set her on the floor. “I need a little breather. Will one of you go and get us some drinks?”

Zoom, Saki was gone. She must have had a rocket in her ass because no sooner than I had said it, she was gone to do it.

“Dad,” Erin said as she walked over to me, “Are you going to teach us how to play?”

“Sure thing honey,” I said as I watched Kayko rouse herself from the floor. “We haven’t even got started yet, so when Saki returns, we’ll all play. How’s that?”

Erin smiled really big and nodded her head. “Fair enough,” she said, and she pulled her shirt off to reveal her naked body.

My daughter is going to be a real heart breaker. Aside from the fact that she is only 12, she looks almost exactly like her mother. The only difference is that her little boobs are not as big as Kaykos’ yet, and her patch is not as developed. And aside from the subtle differences in her nose, her fingers, and a little more American look to her eyes, she is virtually identical to Kayko. Given a few more years, and I will not be able to tell them apart.

As Erin dropped her shirt on the other chair Saki came back in with two big glasses of lemon aid. “I didn’t know what you wanted so I got my favorite.”

“Thank you sweetie,” I said as I took the glass from her. As she turned to give Kayko her drink I took a huge pull. It was ice cold and sweet. “Aaahh!” I said in appreciation as the cold drink cooled my insides and made me feel refreshed. “That’s good.”

Seeing everyone else naked in the room Saki quickly shucked her shirt, leaving her naked as well. “So,” she said as she looked from me to Kayko and then back to me while spreading her pussy apart with her fingers, “are we going to play?”

“Your Uncle is going to teach you how to play pool,” Kayko said as she set her drink down on the lamp table. “Go get a cue and come over here.”

Erin and Saki followed her directions and were quickly standing at the head of the table with their chosen implements.

“Ok,” I said as I circled around the girls till I was standing between all of them. “Hold your cue like this,” and I made a bridge with my left hand and hooked my right index finger over the top. “Keep your feet apart so you have a good solid base to keep your balance. And strike the ball like this.” With that I pulled back on my cue and hit the cue ball, sending it to the far rail and back to the head of the table. “Now you guys try.”

All three of the turned and faced the pool table. Placing their left hands on the red felt they all bent over and made bridges with their hands and hooked the cue’s like I had done. From my view in the back it was a wonderful sight. Three naked asses were all lined up and ready for the taking. I stepped up behind Erin and leaned over her, not only to look down the cue to see how she was aiming, but to shove my dick up into her. Erin gasp when my cock bottomed out in her, causing her to almost drop her cue stick and fall forward onto the table.

“Easy sweetie,” I said as I helped her align her cue again. “That’s just a little distraction.”

“Yea,” she said as she looked over her shoulder to catch a glimpse of my eye, “It feels like a pretty big distraction from my end!”

Kayko and Saki both laughed as I helped Erin strike the ball while I had my cock stuffed in her. It didn’t go straight, but that really didn’t matter. She had tried, and under some extreme circumstances. As the ball went down the table I pumped in and out of Erin a few times until the ball came back.

“Good job sweetie.” I said before I withdrew my dick and stepped over behind Kayko. “Alright, you’re next.” I said, and I wormed my cock back into my wife.

Kayko looked over at Erin who was standing there leaning against her cue and watching intently. “You’re right,” Kayko said as she made her bridge and aligned her cue, “It is a rather large distraction, isn’t it?”

Erin smiled at her mother, knowing exactly what she was talking about. Kayko lined up her cue and drew back, striking the ball in the exact middle. I stood and watched as the ball went straight down the table and began its return trip off the far rail. It slowed steadily until it stopped less than a balls width from the rail right below her breasts.

“How was that?” she said over her shoulder as she squeezed my cock inside her. “Think I can handle this?”

“Apparently so,” I said as I pulled my dick out of her and took a step back.

Kayko turned around and faced me. “I played pool with Hirito many times.” she replied as she set the end of her cue on the floor between her feet. “I think I can handle a stick just fine.” and she winked at me.

Ok, I just found out another one of Kaykos talents. Pool shark. If we got into any real serious games, I would have to watch myself or I was going to get into some real trouble. I turned to face Saki who was waiting patiently for me.

“Like this?” she said as she placed her hand on the table and made her bridge. I stooped down a little bit and shoved my cock into her, lifting her feet off the floor completely. Saki was ready for me and adjusted her hand on the table, pushing back firmly so she would not topple over. I quickly grasped her hips and held her in place, balancing her on the end of my dick so she could line up her shot. Saki struck the cue ball, sending it down the table in the same manner as Kaykos. But on the return trip, the ball stopped right against the head rail.

“How was that?” she asked as she clamped her pussy onto me like a pair of vice grips.

“That was perfect sweetie,” I replied, and I gave her a few good pumps up and down my shaft for her reward.

“Ok,” I said as I pulled my pet off my cock and set her back down on the floor. “We’ll play 8 ball teams. Kayko and Saki, you are the first team. Erin and I will be the second.”

“How do we play?” asked Erin as she looked blankly at the table.

“We’ll explain as we go,” I said as I placed the head ball on the dot and lifted off the rack. “Kayko and Saki, you’re up.”

Saki and Kayko put their heads together for a moment and whispered back and forth, making gestures toward the table and discussing their strategy. While they did this I motioned for Erin to come over to me. “I think we are going to have our hands full,” I said as I watched my wife step to the head of the table and line up for the break. I held my breath as she drew back before striking the cue ball. CRACK! And the balls scattered all over the table. It was one of the better breaks I had ever seen and she managed to sink three balls from her first strike.

“Two solids and one strip,” she said as she picked up the chalk and started around the table. “I guess we are the solids.”

Kayko was handing us our ass till she finally missed her fourth shot. She worked her way around the table, showing excellent ball control, until a bad leave left her with an almost impossible shot. With that miss I sent Erin to the table.

“Just be calm honey,” I said, reassuring her that any effort would be better than no effort at all. “Just put the balls with the stripes into the pockets.”

Her first shot was not bad. She sank the ball she was shooting for, as well as one of Kayko and Sakis’ balls.

“Thanks cuz,” Saki chimed in as Erin walked around past her.

Erin just smirked at her as she lined up her next shot. It was a miss, and it was pretty ugly too. Erin came around to where I was seated and flopped down on my lap with her head against my chest. “We’re going to get creamed,” she said in a rather dejected tone.

“What’s the matter,” I said as I put my arm around her waist. “Don’t you have any faith in your old man?”

Erin lifted her head and smiled at me before she turned to watch Saki run in her first shot, and then line up for the final shot on the 8 ball. “See, we’re dead meat.” she said as Saki dropped the 8 ball in the pocket nearest us.

“That’s game,” Saki said with a big smile.

“Good job,” Kayko said as she stepped over to her and gave her a high five.

“But dad didn’t even get to shoot,” Erin protested. I think she was a little pissed that we lost so easily.

Standing with her arm on Sakis shoulder, Kayko looked across the table at Erin and said, “Well what do you suggest?”

Before I could say a word Erin blurted out, “How about the best out of three?”

“You’re on!” replied Saki, anxious to dish out a little more humble pie. “And the losers have to do whatever the winners want for the rest of the day!”

“Ok, you’re on!” Erin snapped back.

Sitting on the sidelines like that, it almost seemed like a fight was going to break out. Saki and Erin are both really competitive; I learned that during my birthday. But to see these two go at it over a friendly game? This would require some careful monitoring.

“What do you say dad?” Erin said when she turned around to face me.

I looked at Kayko who just stood there with a half grin and a raised eyebrow. If this was another one of her little ploys, then I would just have to show her what being king of the house is all about. “Ok,” I said from my seated position, “I’m game for it. But the shooting order stays the same, so Saki, you’re up.”

“Can we beat them?” Erin asked as she glanced back and forth from the table to me.

“I have a plan,” I said as I set my pool cue to the side and placed my hand on her hip. “Turn around and sit on me,” I said as I gave my dick a few strokes with my hand to harden it up again. “Sit with your legs wide apart to make sure Saki can see me inside you.”

Erin quickly turned around and straddled my legs. I lined my cock up with her hole just as Saki made the first break. The balls scattered across the table, not nearly as good as when Kayko had made the break, but she still managed to sink one ball. When the ball dropped in the pocket, Erin sat down with an audible “Aaahh” as she engulfed as much of my cock as she could from a kind of awkward position. Sakis head spun our way when she heard Erin. Instantly I could see a look of envy on her face as I brought my hands up to caress Erins breasts. I know it was not exactly the best idea, to exploit Sakis feelings like that, but all I needed to do was throw her game off a little. It was painfully apparent that she had played pool at her father’s house too, so I was going to have to use some ‘dirty pool’ if I planned on winning this game.

Saki looked at the table then back at Erin sitting on my dick. I think my plan was successful because, clearly, I had broken her concentration. She lined up her next shot and took it. To say that it was an ugly miss was being kind. She missed her ball entirely and sank one of ours.

Erin looked at the dejected girl as Saki once again gazed at my cock going up into her. “Thanks cuz.” Erin said with a little bit of pleasure and labor to her voice.

Saki turned beet red before she walked over to the chair next to Kayko and sat down. My plan worked. Now it was time for me to dish out a winning dose of victory. I pulled Erin off my cock and stood up. She let out a sigh as she was now once again vacant on the inside. My glistening dick became the focal point for the two team members on the other side of the room as it bounced up and down while I walked. It was time for me to have a meal as I looked over the table and played out my strategy.

When I was going to Stanford, I used to hustle for beers at a pool hall that was not too far off the campus. I had developed quite the skill set and left the joint very drunk on many occasions. Now it was time to show these girls what it means to grab the bull by the horns. The first three shots were like clockwork. Bang, bang, bang, and we were easily in the lead. As I walked around the table and lined up my next shot, I was standing directly in front of Kayko and Saki. I leaned down to take the shot. That is when I felt a little hand cup my balls from behind and roll them around a bit. I stood up to see Sakis hand coming back to rest on her thigh and her sporting that ‘oh innocent me’ look. Kayko just had a smirk on her face as she looked back and forth from my dick to my face.

“Ok now,” I said as I looked at the two ‘innocent’ teammates, “I didn’t touch you guys while you were shooting.”

“We didn’t do anything.” Saki said in a rather sheepish voice before she glanced up at Kayko.

“Right.” I said as I gave the two of them one more glance before turning back around. So that’s how they wanted to play…fine. I lined up my shot only to feel the small hand cup my balls again. In all honesty it felt rather good. I sank my shot and moved around the table, glancing back at the two culprits. If they wanted an interesting game, then that is exactly what they were going to get! I ran out the rest of the table, sinking the 8 ball directly in front of them.

“Looser racks,” I said as I placed the cue ball on the dot and waited patiently. Clearly I had taken quite a bit of wind out of their sails.

Kayko racked them up before sitting back down with Saki. Immediately the two began whispering back and forth. They were going to really have to work at this one because the score was now tied and I was still shooting. CRACK! And the balls went flying. Usually I am no slouch when it comes to the break; I always get a good spread and sink one or two balls. But this time, luck was against me. All of the balls stopped without a single one going in. Damn! Kayko was up again. I went back to my seat and sat down, just a little perturbed that I had not got at least one ball in. Kayko stood up and surveyed the table. That hungry look came into her eyes, that same look of deep concentration she gets when she is eyeing my cock and getting ready to rip my brain loose. She moved around the table and began shooting. 1…2…3 shots in quick succession. Kayko was on a tear. This game was going to end without me getting another shot unless something happened. When Kayko walked around in front of me and Erin and bent down to take her shot, I jumped at the opportunity. With one quick move I spun my cue stick around and shoved the fat end into Kayko. Kayko missed her shot and instantly pulled forward, freeing her pussy of its hard wood invader.

“That’s not fair Mike!” she protested as she looked back at the table just in time to see the cue ball fall into the corner pocket.

“What?” I said in the most innocent voice I could muster. “What happened?”

She was upset, and I could understand why. The end of my pool cue was cold and I had caused her to miss her shot. She looked at the table and then back at me. For a brief moment she had a look of anger on her face before it turned to a small grin. “Ok,” she said as she started back around to her seat, “I guess I did deserve that. But no more touching till the game is over. Agreed?” she said as she looked from me and Erin over to Saki.

“Agreed,” we all said.

Erin got up to take her shot. Even with the cue in hand she still sank one of our balls as well as one of theirs. I was going to have to work with her so the games would at least be even in the future. Erins second shot produced the same results, one of ours and one of theirs, only their ball went in the pocket first. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Saki quickly jumped to her feet and stepped up to the table. She had been eyeing the whole scene and knew exactly what she wanted to do. As she took her first shot I rubbed my cock again to get it hard. I was still playing by their rules when I had Erin sit back down on me again. She let out another soft moan when she was again filled by me. Saki took her next shot before she looked over to see Erin sliding up and down my shaft while I massaged her breasts. She didn’t seem to be so rattled this time and managed to sink one more shot before missing at the 8 ball.

It was now all up to me. I gave Erin a kiss on the neck before I pulled her off of me and stood up to survey the damage. The set I had on the table was really ugly, but do-able if I watched what I was doing. I worked my way around the table, sinking shot after shot till I was aligned with a shot that had me looking down the length of the table and directly at Kayko and Saki. Those two had pulled out all the stops and were hell bent on distracting me. Kayko was leaning back in her chair with her legs up on the arm rests and spread wide open. Saki was kneeling on the floor in front of her with her right hand up inside my wife almost to the middle of her forearm, and she was twisting it back and forth. It worked. Not only did I miss our last ball, but I scratched.

Kayko watched the cue ball drop into the corner pocket and smiled really big. “We got him,” she said as she brought her legs down and began to stand up.

Saki didn’t even have time to pull her arm out before Kayko was on her feet and reaching for her cue. I guess tactics like that deserved a win, but I was not going to make it easy on them. Kayko stopped and spread her feet apart so Saki could withdraw her hand. Just as she started to pull it out I spoke up.

“What are you doing?” I said, stopping Saki before she could withdraw her hand. “No, you have to keep it in there.”

Kayko began to protest, “What are you talking about?” she said as she stood with her feet apart. “I can’t shoot like this.”

“You approached the table,” I said in a rather stern voice, “so you have to do it ‘as is’. Saki, stick your hand all the way back in.”

Saki looked up at Kayko at a definite loss for words. The whole game, and afternoon servitude, rode on this one shot. “Do as he says,” Kayko said as she retrieved the cue ball out of the pocket and spread her feet back apart.

Saki obeyed and pressed her hand back up into Kayko before she froze in place, not moving a muscle. Kayko just looked at me with an air of confidence as she first set the cue ball, and then sunk the 8 with an extremely easy shot.

“Game and set,” Kayko said triumphantly as she spread her feet apart to let Saki have her arm back.

It was a clear victory, I could not deny that. Granted there was some mean tactics employed during the game, but the victory was clearly theirs. “Ok.” I said as I put my cue stick back in the holder. “I am at your service,” and I bowed to the two of them.

Saki quickly stood up and beckoned Kayko to lean down to her. Saki kept glancing over at me as she told her aunt what she wanted us to do to pay off the bet. The two exchanged whispers as Erin and I awaited our fate, wondering just what they would have us do. After a moment, Saki stood up straight with her hands behind her back and a smile that would light up New York. I had an idea of what was coming, but waited patiently for the verdict from Kayko. Kayko paused for a moment before she spoke. I guess she was just rehashing things in her mind before she dealt out the duties for the afternoon.

“Ok,” Kayko said as she looked at the two of us, “Erin, you will work in the gym for the rest of the day at your worst exercise, the hanging ‘T’.”

“Aw man!” Erin exclaimed in a somewhat exasperated voice.

I can only guess that it is a tough exercise. That is the exercise where Kayko hangs by her ankles and pushes the heavy stone phallus out before letting gravity pull it back in. Being a man, I have no idea what this is like, but from Erin’s reaction, I think she would have rather sat on a cheese grater.

“Come on,” Kayko said as she motioned for the door, “let’s go. Mike, Saki will tell you what she wants.” she said with a smile and a little nod toward my pet. “Enjoy your afternoon.”

As Kayko and Erin left the room, Saki walked over and stopped directly in front of me. “So what do you want my little pet,” I said as I bent down and placed my hands on my knees so I was looking her straight in the face.

“I want you inside me for the rest of the day,” she said flatly while reaching out to hold my flaccid cock. “No matter where you go or what you do, I want this inside me,” and she gave my cock a squeeze.

I was right in my assumption; Saki wanted to use me as her personal fuck toy for the rest of the day. Anticipating her thoughts was about as hard as hitting the ground when you fall over. I guess it could have been worse, she could have dreamed up something wild for me to do. But to be inside my pet for the next 4 or 5 hours, this was not a problem.

I picked Saki up and set her on the edge of the pool table, coaxing her legs open by pulling on the outsides of her thighs. Saki quickly took the cue and lay back onto the red velvet top, spreading her legs wide apart and pulling her pussy lips open with both hands. The pink feast that was laid out before me was almost more than I could bear. I skipped the foreplay and dove straight in, attacking her hardened clit with my tongue and lips. Saki instantly arched her back, letting out a loud moan in the process. She quickly let go of her pussy and grabbed two hands full of my hair, pulling my face in hard against her. She was not playing around either. It felt like she was ripping my scalp loose from my head as she ground her bald pussy against my mouth.

I really do love the zeal my pet has for me, and how she enjoys what I do to her. I was going to make her cum so hard that she would not forget it for many years to come. I licked and sucked at her sweet gash, drinking in all of the sweet juice that began flowing freely from inside her. Her pussy felt like a raging fire, the heat was making my face sweat as I relished the flavor of my pet. Saki was throwing her head back and forth like she was having a seizure until I pushed two fingers into her. Almost instantly she froze in place with her mouth wide open as my fingers probed deep into her. “Oh yes!” she hissed through her teeth as I began working her G-spot from the inside while my tongue tortured her clit from the outside. She lifted her ass clear off the table with her feet on the edge of the rail as I intensified my advance. She didn’t last for long, maybe 2 or 3 seconds before she was convulsing up and down with an incredibly strong orgasm.

In the case of Kayko I usually slow down a bit to allow her some recuperation time, but Saki is young, so I figured she could handle a bit more. Her chest was heaving up and down and her legs strained to push her pussy against my mouth. She was on an orgasmic ride that had her squirting into my mouth as I pumped my fingers in and out of her as fast as I could. When she began humping her hips up and down I pulled my face away and pulled my fingers from inside her. Immediately Saki dropped her ass to the table and shook like she was freezing to death. I didn’t waste a second and stood up as soon as her ass came down. She had no chance to prepare before I plunged my cock into her, driving in deep until the head of my cock smashed against her cervix. Sakis eyes opened wide and she looked up at me with this wild animalistic look on her face. She clamped her legs around my back, sat up on the edge of the table, threw her arms around me and bit the shit out of my chest as I began hammering into her like she was a piece of meat.

I have not felt that kind of pain since I broke my leg skiing a long time ago. Luckily for me Saki needed to breath, and she quickly let go of the mouth full of my chest that she had just been chewing on. I was relieved, but Saki had awakened the beast, and I was hell bent for leather for a little satisfaction. Saki would just have to bear it all. I only stopped for a second to reposition my arms under Sakis knees. With her legs hooked over my elbows and a firm grip on her waist, my little pet was held wide open for the destruction she was about to get. I began pulling Saki up and down with my arms while I thrust forward and back with my hips. On each in stroke Saki got every last millimeter of me before I pulled almost all the way out. I could hear the air being forced out of her lungs every time I plowed in to her before she would quickly suck in another breath on the out stroke. She had no chance of stopping me. There was nothing she could do. I had her legs pried wide open and I easily overpowered her, repeatedly jamming my cock up into the tender young gash. I pummeled her for at least ten or fifteen minutes until it felt like my arms were going to explode. The veins on my forearms were standing out clearly as Saki took everything I could possible dish out.

Finally, I had to rest. Sweat was pouring off me and Saki and she seemed almost unresponsive. I sat down in the chair with her still mounted on my dick. Keeping her knees hooked over my elbows made sure that I was the deepest in my pet that I could get. Saki fell forward onto my chest. Her matted and sweat soaked hair stuck to all parts of her face, neck, and shoulders as she lay there like a mounted trophy. She was breathing hard, but I think she was out because she did not move for several minutes. I sat there wondering if I had been too rough on her. I had not thought about it at the time, but I could have seriously hurt her. I was starting to get a bit worried when she rolled her head to the side and brought her hand up to brush her hair out of her face.

“Are you ok?” I asked as I looked down at the top of her head.

Sakis grip around me with her arms tightened a bit and I felt her grip me lightly with her pussy. She swallowed once before she lifted her head and looked me squarely in the eye. “Is that all you got?”

End Part 22

My First Camping Trip

We had just arrived at the camping site; it was in the middle of nowhere, nobody was here, and it was raining. I, myself had never been camping before, and my friend Katie had persuaded me to go on a camping trip, since I had never been before. I was a good looking girl, I was 19 and was pretty tall, I was 5"9 and weight just over 110 pounds, I had a great ass, so I was told by friends and previous boyfriends, my tits however weren't the best, the were a 34B, not too big. Katie was the completely opposite, she was perfect, she was 5"5, weighed about 10 pounds less than me, had a great ass and had the best tits ever! I had sometimes even fantasized about spending a night with her, and the things we would do.

As soon as we got out of the car we ran to the trunk of the car and got out the tent to set it up, I guess my choice of clothing wasn't the best, I was in a tank top, no bra, really tight shorts and wore just a thong. I guess it wasn't the best decision, but it was hot when we left from the house, and it sure did turn Katie on, as I had caught her checking me out a few times, I guess she couldn't keep her eyes off of me.

I had never put up a tent before, good job that Katie had, I watched as she set it up, trying to be as "helpful" as I could, for moments I'd just sit there and stare at her ass. I got out our sleeping bags and put them on the ground next to the tent. I carried on trying to "help" Katie putting up the tent.

Before long, with my "help" the tent was up, however there was only one sleeping bag out side the tent, the other one had rolled off down the hill, next to where the tent was situated and had rolled into the stream there… I turned around and saw Katie, I said to her "I guess we'll have to share a sleeping bag tonight" with a massive smile on my face, "I guess we will…" Katie winked "… but I'll quickly go get it so it can dry out in the car" she continued.

"Don't bother Katie, there is no need for it, hunny. You'll just hurt yourself trying to get down there, in this weather." I replied quickly, but before she had fully understood she was half way down the hill, heading for the sleeping bag; I honestly don't know why. I turned around and headed to go back into the tent, and then I heard a scream "Help! Help me April!" I ran to the edge of the hill and saw that she had fell over trying to get back up, it looked like she had cut her knee "Give me your hand" I shouted, she gave me her hand and I pulled her up, and she ran into the tent.

I walked into the ten, she was just sat there, she had changed, now dressed in black. Her eyes were a deep, beautiful blue, even through the redness one could see how captivating they were. Her cheeks glistened with the tears from earlier. Her blonde hair was behind her ears, she put her fingers through them as she sat in the tent.

I asked her how she felt, I got no reply. The ran was slowing down, so I went to find some firewood which wasn't damp, I came back from the trek to get the firewood about an hour later, the tent was zipped up, I wasn't sure why; I inspected – it felt a bit weird that the tent was zipped up, especially since the weather had changed from awful rain showers to beautiful sunshine. I unzipped the tent and my jaw just dropped…

I saw Katie naked, she sat there just rubbing her clit and had two fingers inside of her, I looked at her for a few seconds; neither of us moved or said anything. To be honest, it felt pretty weird looking at Katie sitting there like that, yes I know I had fantasied about it in the past, but I never thought I'd ever see her naked, doing such things.

My eyes kept bouncing back and forth between her pussy and her eyes, she locked eyes with me, I froze, I felt paralyzed. I could see that she was continuing rubbing herself whilst we locked eyes, this sent a massive shiver down my spine.

I broke the intense few moments where we locked eyes what felt like minutes, and left the tent to give her some privacy. I found a dry place where I could light a fire – I never knew how to really.. I just remember seeing something on Bear Gryll's about lighting a fire on some place where it was dry, luckily about four feet away from the tent there was a dry spot, I set the firewood alight, by now it was about 9 PM, as we had set off late; it was getting cold once again, I suspected it to rain, so I sat by the fire for a while.

Then I heard the tent unzip, Katie emerged.
"I'm sorry about earlier, April" Katie said, clearly lying.

"Oh don't worry about it, I rather…" I replied quickly.

"You rather what?" Katie said whilst cutting me off.

"Erm… erm.. I… I rather enjoyed it" My face became beet red as I said it.

"So did I, I didn't think you would, I thought you'd be creeped out!" Katie confessed, whilst giggling.

Once again, as I predicated it started raining, we both ran into the tent, and the fire was extinguished. I remembered that we only had one sleeping bag, I saw Katie stripping off in the corner of my eyes. "I got really wet from that rain out there, why don't you join me?" I jumped at the oppotunity, with both feet, I quickly pulled the think tank top which barely event covered me anyway, you could clearly see my nipples through them. I slid the tight jeans from my waist, and pulled the thong furiously off of myself.

I joined Katie in the sleeping bag, we laid face to face, I had my hands my by side, in the sleeping bag whilst Katie had hers outside of the sleeping bag, our breast touched; there were hardly enough space for us in the sleeping bag as it was a single.

I slipped my hand in front of Katie's pussy, it felt hot, I could actually feel the heat radiating from it! That make me twitch, my hand hit her pussy, I could feel that was wet, Katie let out a long gasp as I brushed my hand against it again, but this time I meant to do it, "Sorry, it was an accident!" I said, clearly telling a lie, just like she had before, when I caught her fingering herself. Her pussy was shaven, no hair at all, it was smooth like she had just done it before we had left; thinking about it now, she probably did, just like myself.

After the second time of me touching her, I noticed that her breathing had became heavier than before, I also noticed that he hands had gone into the sleeping bag, but behind her, so I didn't become suspicious. Once again, her breathing became a lot heavier.

"Do you want some help." I said, with a hint of passion in my voice; as I was clearly offering my services.

"No, I'm fine." she quickly replied, trying to hold back a moan.

I knew she wasn't, I took this time to do what I had fantasized before. I unzipped the sleeping bag, and unfolded it, I saw her right there, she was so wet! I leaned in and kissed her, it wasn't just a normal kiss, it was a kiss of passion, she follow threw with the kiss, and we broke for air, she grabbed me and kissed me again, this time it wasn't passionate, it was more a kiss of desperation.

One of my hands ran down her smooth body, past her tits, and down to her pussy, I pushed hard against the opening of her pussy with one finger, it easily went in due to the wetness. With the other hand still on her face, she took this opportunity to get both of her hands and run them down on to my tit, she got my nipple and with her fore finger and her thumb rolled the nipple through her finger, this sent a electrical wave through my spine, I love the feeling.

Breaking for air, I went in back to another kiss, we explored each others mouths with our tongues. I pulled my finger out of her steaming pussy, I rubbed her clit for a few seconds. After ever second had passed she moaned every so slightly more. This time I stuck three fingers deep inside of her, by this time, she gasped and let out a huge moan.

She broke from the kiss once again, and put her face in between my tits, she stuck her lips around my left nipple, she made a circular motion with her tongue around my nipple; this sent me into a huge orgasm because my nipples were so sensitive, my pussy was leaking at this stage.

I let out the biggest moan I'd ever had. "I'm CUMMMMMMMMing KATIE! I'M CUMMING" I screamed, my voice echoed through the forest.

I rolled Katie on to her back and moved my face between her legs…

I leaned in and tenderly kissed her clit. I could feel her twitch under my lips. It was like her pussy was gasping for air. I gently sucked her swollen bud into my mouth. I felt her thighs tighten a little as my tongue flipped over her clit a few times then made its way down into her pussy. I licked and kissed and sucked, slowly, switching back and forth between her pussy and her clit. I even let the tip of my tongue slip down and tease her puckered asshole. An all but silent moan escaped her and she seemed to lift up the slightest bit to encourage me.

I could feel Katie reacting. There was no way for her to hide it. She laid back; her arms flat to each side of her; palms down; fingers spread wide and she began to push up into my face. I could hear her breathing had become much heavier; she was breathing out of her mouth now. A few tiny moans escaped her lips as I got lost in my bestfriends wonderful pussy.

I kissed her softly and pulled away before she had a chance to cum then I stood up. Katie opened her eyes. Her chest was heaving as she tried to get enough air. Her gaze went to the bag which I stood over and her eyes began to plead.

I pulled out a dildo I had secretly hid in my bag, just for dire emergencies. I didn't bother putting any lube on it as Katie was already wet enough, I slid back down and put my head in between her legs, and slowly put the dildo in, it slid in with ease.

I could see that Katie was enjoying this, her facial expressions clearly showed that. She let out a loud moan, she bit her bottom lip as I inserted the dildo in and out of her pussy, each time going deeper. Her back arched, I pulled the dildo out of her pussy, and inserted two fingers inside of her, and licking her clit furiously.

I slid the fingers in furiously, and made a circular motion with my tongue around her clit, just like she had with my nipples. This drove her insane, I felt her muscles in her pussy gripping onto my fingers, very tight now. She let out a very loud moan, her breathing was very heavy at this time.

"I…. I'm… going…. TO CUM! I'm goingggggggggggg TO CUM" she screamed out, just like I did, her scream echo'd through the forest.

"Cum all over me, all over my face Katie! Do it now! NOW!" I screamed back. All of her juices flowed over my fingers and my face, it was amazing.

"I want to make you cum again, April" Katie giggled.

She got hold of the dildo, and put it into her mouth, she licked off all of the juices from earlier, this instantly made me insane, I couldn't wait anymore for her to stick it in me, I grabbed her hands and forced it into me. With a deep breath, she forced it into me, I let out a loud moan.

She pushed the dildo in, and out, just like I did; pushing it in further every time with her free hand, she pushed my legs into the air, I held them there as she fingered my ass. With a shock, I gasped and clenched my ass checks. The dildo was very wet at this stage.

She pulled the dildo out of my pussy, put her face down to my ass, licked around the hole and pulled her finger out. She slowly pushed the dildo into my ass, I let out a yelp, as I had never had anything in my ass before, it felt sooo good!

Katie picked up speed whilst sitting there and licking my pussy, the feelings I was experiencing was too overwhelming, I could feel my ass tighten around the dildo, as Katie started to thrust the dildo more, into my ass, I could feel the beginning of an orgasm. Just like Katie, my back arched, I grabbed onto the sleeping bag, clenched on to it with all my force, and shrieked as the full front of the orgasm hit me.

I screamed something roughly like "I ……… IM CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG ALL" and my voice just cut out, my juices smeared all over Katies face, she attempted to lick herself clean, and my pussy clean whilst I caught my breath.

"I think you might need some help with cleaning that off your face" I said whilst I smiled greatly.

I licked her face clean, and then we tongued passionately mixing my juices through mine, and her mouth.

"I guess we can sleep now.." I giggled, we both got back into the sleeping bag, and I put my finger to her ass as we just laid there and finally got to sleep.

This camping trip I will never forget.

i fingered my sister in camping trip

Sex with my neighbors! (Part 1)

Sex with my neighbors! The following story is completely true.

In this story I have changed some information for privacy reasons:
Address: 12 Brick Road
Name: Brian – 15
Neighbors: Jack – Father 44
Kate – Mother 43
Drew – Son 12
Kelly – Daughter 11
Jenna – Daughter 9
Grace – Daughter 8
Amanda – Full Time Babysitter 22

My name is Brian and I live at 12 Brick Road and next to me are my neighbors at 15 Brick road. They have 4 kids named Drew, Kelly, Jenna, and Grace. They also have a super sexy babysitter named Amanda. We are close neighbors and we will occasionally play outside together or play video games with each other. Drew and I play basketball together a lot. I have a perfect view of the babysitter’s room from my window and a perfect view of the 2 kids room from my bathroom window. Drew has his own room and the girls all share one giant room.
I generally watch the babysitter dress and get undressed from my window and sometimes the kids. Occasionally I’ll let them and the babysitter watch me.
The binds are generally closed to the babysitter’s room. However one day, I watched Jenna hang on them and break them! Now, the window is never covered. I peered out my window one night to notice that Amanda was having a three way with Jack and Kelly! I took a bunch of pictures and a few videos hoping to blackmail her!
The next day the family was leaving for their vacation house. I was actually talking to Drew and he told me his family was leaving for 3 days. However Grace had to stay home since she pushed Jenna down the stairs. Amanda never went on their trips anyway. So it was just Grace and Amanda. My family was gone for the week also so I was home alone also.
They have a big pool and I’m aloud in it without permission since I am a good swimmer. In fact they ask me to lifeguard at some of their parties and that’s a fun time but that’s another story. So today, I decided to wear my Speedo Jammer! I had bought this white one specifically so it would be see-through when it got wet. I actually bought it for when the only Amanda was home. I also had a thong but in black so that it would fall off in the pool but that’s for another time.
I just opened the white jammer and it was very tight which was perfect! I walked right over to the pool and Amanda was about to go in but I called her over and showed her my phone that had the pictures on it. I had the pictures saved to the cloud, my phone, my computer, and my camera! She gasped and politely said, “What are you going to do with those?” I replied, “Well I’m not deleting them. Are you horny?” She leaned over and kissed me on the lips. She was feeling my raging hard cock.
Grace walked outside and then Amanda stopped. Grace didn’t see. Amanda said something to her and went inside. I thought nothing of it. Grace stripped of her bikini top and came over to me and said, “Throw me in!” I said ok and ok and picked he up by her arms but she then said, “Higher! Lift my butt!” I complied and threw her in. Her bottoms fell of exposing such a super sexy hot pussy! She was 8 and giving me such a hard on!
Ignoring her nudity she swam over and said, “Save me save me!” This was a game what all of the kids played with me. I would bring them over to a lounger chair and pretend to give them mouth-to-mouth! I brought her over and she wanted me to actually give her mouth-to-mouth. I didn’t know what to do and I looked up and saw Amanda had been watching. Amanda winked and nodded her head. I gave Grade mouth-to-mouth and Grace started kissing me tongue to tongue! I was surprised and said, “Great your alive!” I then lay back on my chair and fell asleep for a few minutes. I woke up to Grace on top on me, my Speedo was off, and Amanda was in the Jacuzzi naked!
Since I was laying face up and my head was elevated, I had a perfect view of both of them. I acted asleep. Grace was felling my cock and it was getting super hard. She started to suck it and I opened my eyes! She didn’t notice but Amanda did. Amanda walked over and started pushing grace’s head up and down! I had some pre cum and Grace sucked it off.
I lay up and Grace jolted but wasn’t too surprised. Amanda said to me, “Grace wants your dick. She has only had oral” I whispered to Amanda, “Can I have you first? I would rather loose my virginity to use than and 8 year old.” Amanda said good point and then I explained my parents wouldn’t be home for a week. I had till next Monday (It was Monday) to do what I wanted.
Amanda told me to sleep over till Thursday when the parents would come home. I said it was a good idea so I brought some of my stuff over. When I got back Amanda told me Grace would be going with her friend to an amusement park but its far away so she would be sleeping in a hotel and she wouldn’t be back until Wednesday! I was curious how that came about! She was grounded but now she can go to an amusement park with her friends? Amanda told me that she told the parents that I knew about her sexual deviances! She also said the parents know all about it and everyone in the family is involved! I was surprised but again I saw it coming.
Grace left at 4 and Amanda was going to take me to see a movie. Amanda went to run some errands right after Grace left and said she would be back by 6:30. I was still naked and I wandered around the house. I looked through all the rooms. Almost every draw and closet. Then I went to the main computer. There was a spreadsheet of passwords left right next to the computer! List of porn sites computer passwords. There were hard drives with each family members name on it! I went through each one and there were libraries of porno movie on them. But they were the stars! They made their own porn movies!
It was around 6:20 so I covered my tracks and Amanda got home just in time with a few bags. There were groceries in 2 bags and sex toys in another. She walked me down to the basement. The one place I didn’t check. On the way I told he I looked around and I found the movies. She said good and brought me to the studio! Half the basement was filled with kids stuff and washing machines. There was secret door to the other side. It was filled with props and cameras and lighting. She told me that was where we would be sleeping. We wouldn’t be recording but just sleeping and fucking there!
She gave me some clothes to wear. She told me to wear them to the movies. They were lacrosse shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops. No underwear. She put on Circe Gathered Mini Dress! It was so hot! I went over started feeling her boobs!
We took the BMW convertible! Once she parked, she put the roof up and we made out. We went to get the tickets and some people stared as we walked to the theater. It was a love movie and a chick flick. I forget the name but it made girls so horny! There were 2 other couples in the theater making out and no one else came. She sat down in the back in a handicap seat. There were 3 handicap seat types. One that just had one chair and room for a wheelchair next to it. She sat in the single seat and I sat on top of her looking behind her. There was a mirror so I just about watched the movie on the mirror. Well I watched when we weren’t making out. She moved her breast cover straps away so I just grabbed and sucked those.
After ¾ through the movie Amanda got up and I sat down normally in the chair. She sat on top of me and guided my 6-inch dick into her ass! It wants very long but it was thick! I guess it was ok for her because she loved it. She reached into my pocked and took out a sex lube packed, which I didn’t even know was there. It helped my dick get in. My dick was just sitting in her ass with my hands on her 36D tits. Her hands on her cunt! Both guys looked and then their girls slapped them and they left. We were the only two people in the theater! The movie ended shortly after.
It was 9:15 and we walked out to the car. She asked me if I wanted to go anywhere special but I said no. We hopped in the car, she put the roof down, and I jumped on top of her! I lay there as she drove home.
I ran inside my house to get my phone just as my parents called! I told them I was feeling tired from working out and going to bed early. They bought it and told me they wouldn’t have service till Saturday and that I should try to call my grandma regularly to check in. My parents really trust me and my parents told my neighbor that they wouldn’t have cell service so they needed them to keep an eye on me. Everything worked out great.
I walked back over to Amanda still in the car and then she parked. We walked in the house and went to the bed. We undressed each other and went skinny-dipping! She gave me an underwater blowjob and I gave her anal. We went inside and went to the shower. We 69’d in the shower.
Finally! In bed! We started French kissing for 20 minutes before we even did anything else. She then placed my hands on her 36D tits and I played with them. She lay in bed and I got up and put my dick in her pussy and just rammed it in! She screamed with excitement and I continued for 10 minutes until I got tired!
We then lay in bed with my dick still in her, I thrusted again and again and I said I was going to come and she said in my mouth so I did. It wasn’t much at all but there was still some there. I fell asleep in her arms.

End of part 1

Please leave me some feedback! I have much more stories to come!

Ravished in the Gym part 3 – End Game

I would recommend reading the first two parts for maximum enjoyment, using the yellow MrSoftee profile link at the top of the page, but if you don't you should be able to follow what's going on.

As before I'd ask you please to read the WHOLE story before voting.


Millie couldn’t believe her pervert abusing teachers had been able to cancel out the stolen phone with these new photos.

Now they were going to get away with having fucked her over and over, just because they’d broken in and crashed her lovely sweet sex session with Ann and Ann’s mum Shelley. Shelley couldn’t do anything, being tied naked to the bed, and it didn’t exactly help that Millie and Ann were naked as well.

Anyway just for the sake of it she challenged to Mr Clifton: “That’s my phone, isn’t it? You gave it to me.”

Mr Clifton, his trousers still bulging as he ogled the fourteen-year-old beauty, was amused. “You have spirit Millie, I have to say. Things have changed though, and this is over four hundred quid’s worth.”

“Maybe she could earn it?” smirked Mr Farrier, whose eyes were also roving up and down the three naked lovelies.

“Four hundred quid? What for?”

“It’s insured isn’t it? How about a blowjob?”

“Ewe, I don’t think so!” Millie sneered.

“I’ll give you a blowjob,” Ann stunned them all, “for the phone. Millie deserves it.“ Millie and Shelley started to protest until they saw Ann looking at them intently. She was up to something.

“Both of us,” said Mr Clifton. Teen girls and phones, it was ridiculous.

“For both phones,” said Ann.

“You’re quite a negotiator aren’t you?” He was recalling how Ann had got him to take his trousers off by offering to strip with him, which was what had enabled Millie to steal his phone in the first place.

“I’m fourteen, and my mouth is virgin,” Ann smiled, revealing her perfect small teeth. She sank slowly to her knees by the end of the bed. “And this is my mum…”

The two pervert teachers looked at the super-cute teen looking up them, kneeling naked with her pert c-cup tits sticking out, her lean little body… right by her gorgeous naked mother – her sexy mother with her legs tied splayed exposing her clearly wet cunt right to them…

“Darling you mustn’t” Shelley said weakly. The girls knew though that wasn’t how she’d really try to stop it.

“Alright,” Mark Clifton couldn’t resist. “It is insured after all. Are you on with your phone James? D’you mind if I go first, as you went first last time?”

“Yeah OK. No that’s fine, she’ll have had some practice,” James grinned.

Millie watched aghast as her best friend, only fourteen like herself and so innocent, knelt submissively while the pervy teacher dropped his trousers and briefs and presented his hard, thick, seven-inch cock to her sweet face. It was only because Millie was now protectively right next to her that she heard Ann whisper to Mr Clifton:

“I want it rough, that’s my fantasy. Grab my hair and really face-fuck me. Make me choke a bit, like in the videos.”

Millie could hardly believe it. Nor could Mr Clifton. “Are you sure?” he asked. He even sounded a bit concerned.

Ann nodded. “Then I can act a bit, you know, struggle, if that’s OK? I like that.”

“Of course it’s OK,” he sniggered, “I’m a pervert remember!” The girl was full of surprises. Was there any way he and James could keep something going with her, perhaps?

“Shit!” breathed Mr Farrier, who had come over to watch.

Millie was trying to work out what Ann was up to. Why the struggle thing? On instinct Millie dropped to her knees in front of Mr Farrier; it wasn’t fair for Ann to do both of them. “I’ll do you if you want,” she whispered, figuring whispering must be important for some reason.

For an answer James Farrier undid his belt, pushed his trousers and briefs down, and worked his fingers into her thick, wavy hair. Millie duly opened her lovely mouth and he pulled.

It was only the look her daughter had given her that kept Shelley sane as she watched Ann and Millie being brutally faced-fucked at the end of the bed, struggling while their hair was gripped and used to thrust their pretty young faces to and fro on the big adult cocks, choking them.

The men were grinning down as they gave the girls what they’d asked for, and savoured the incredible sensations on their cocks. The backs of the teens’ throats felt especially wonderful on their swollen cockheads, pushing onto them, even partly into them, though the girls became a bit too desperate before they could properly deep-throat them. It was fantastic anyway, the greatest game ever. It was too great to last long, but that didn’t matter. These were the hottest bowjobs in history, surely.

Millie thought she was going to die, from not being able to breathe and from fury at being manhandled like this, used yet again; but it had to be worth it, somehow, or Ann wouldn’t have set it up. She carried on struggling, and got a breath each time she could.

Ann was gasping for air too, but she wasn’t angry like Millie. she was waiting for it to be over so her victory could be enjoyed. Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier had never noticed John’s little video camera, designed to fit onto his helmet while he was riding his motorbike, that was currently mounted on the end of the headboard still recording and covering everything.

Luckily in a very few minutes the men were there, pressing the girls’ faces in one last time while their cocks erupted in unison, Mark’s climax setting James off. They pressed and spurted, looking down at the tangled hair that was entwined in their fists, the firm young shoulders and tits and kneeling thighs. Then they let go, to finish with a couple of spurts onto those stunning young faces.

James Farrier grinned at Mrs Whittle’s appalled expression, scanning her naked body down over her tits to her exposed pussy, then back up. Why couldn’t his own wife stay in shape like this? Mrs Whittle was really lovely…out of the corner of his eye he noticed a little back cylinder standing out against the wood of the headboard.

“Fuck,” he said to his partner in crime, and pointed. “A video camera!”

“Hence the blowjob,” gasped Mr Clifton, “and the ‘be rough with me’ bullshit. Jesus. Thank God you spotted it.”

Ann, spluttering on the floor, groaned. Busted! It had all gone wrong. Anyway she’d finish her plan off, and just hope. It must be nearly four o’clock, for one thing.

“Get the vibrator,” she whispered to Millie.

Both men had gone round to look at the camera as the girls stood up. Ann wiped the worst of the cum off her face with her hand, and slid onto the bed between her mother’s legs. She suddenly scooped the cum to the end of two fingers and pushed them into her mother’s pussy, making her jump and shriek. In a second Ann had taken the vibrator from Millie and pushed that into her mother’s pussy, which was what the men really saw. They sensed they’d missed something, but didn’t know what. Her mother writhed, but in a couple of thrusts it was in.

“Very hot,” smirked Mr Clifford, “but this isn’t a webcam is it?” He waved the helmet cam at them teasingly. “It’s all just on a memory card isn’t it…this memory card!” He popped the card out.

“So, thanks for the great blowjobs girls,” Mr Farrier sniggered, “it was the best. Sorry Ann you always were a clever one, but this time it hasn’t worked out.”

The teachers, still grinning, watched Ann carefully wipe some blobs of cum off Millie’s beautiful young face, slide them to the ends of two fingers, then quickly push the fingers into her own pussy.

As the penny started to drop Ann was already inserting the vibrator. With a few determined thrusts, and helped by her mother’s juice, she quickly had several inches in. She had experience, after all.

“Noooo,” yelped Mr Clifton, realising what was happening more quickly than his friend.

Ann just looked at him, her sticky face defiant.

“Looks like a DNA test will show you raped me and my mum,” she said. “Both our pussies will look like they’ve just been fucked…”

“You little bitch!” Mr Clifton, losing it, took a step and grabbed her by the arm.

“LEAVE HER ALONE!” shouted Shelley.

“LET HER GO!” shouted Millie, lunging to help Ann but being grabbed by Mr Farrier.

At that opportune moment the door opened.

In the doorway stood quite a large untidy young man in a leather jacket. “Mum? What…THE FUCK?”

“John!” Shelley, Ann and Millie all gasped at once. It was four o’clock and he was back from school!!

Millie wasn’t too keen on Ann’s badboy older brother, even though she fantasised about his badboy friends. In Millie’s opinion John had never given his little sister the attention and respect she deserved. He almost ignored Millie as well. Just because he was four years older…

Now though the sudden appearance of the broad-shouldered lad, who was about five foot eleven and had got into several fights, was the most wonderful thing ever. Except for her being completely in the NUDE of course!! Why had they left all their clothes in the kitchen??

Millie and Ann hastily put a hand over their crotches and an arm across their tits. Shelley didn’t have that option but she had her eyes on the prize. “John! Get that memory card from Mr Clifford, and your helmet camera and their phones! Don’t let them go! Stop staring at me and get them. Now! And stop staring at the girls too.”

John was struggling to cope with the chaos, but his teachers meekly surrendered the items so he didn’t have to search them or even understand…

“Have they been…you know…to you?” he asked dangerously as his overworked senses started to assemble the incredible scene before him.

The teachers were smaller and softer than John Whittle. They knew he’d been suspended twice for fighting and they could see his protective instincts were about to kick off in the worst way. They shuffled nervously away from the bed.

Millie could also see John boiling up: “No no it was us John, Ann and me tied her to the bed.”

John gawped at her. “Millie? You? Why?” Her hair was all over the place and what was that on her face?

“It’s complicated, but it wasn’t them. Not this time anyway. And we took our own clothes off. Don’t hit them, we’ve got them, with the phones and the videos.”

John forced himself to look at his mother again, hoping for some explanation and trying to blank out her box.

“Yes darling, you can let them go now, they know what they have to do.” She addressed the quaking teachers: “ You’re going to phone here tomorrow evening for instructions aren’t you? And during the day if you see either of the girls you’re going to turn and go the other way.”

“Yes, yes…” Mr Clifford and Mr Farrier crept past John and fled down the stairs.

“Alright John thank you darling,” Shelley could see his discretion starting to fade as he surveyed her tits and his naked hot little sister and her naked hot best friend. “Go down to the kitchen please and bring our clothes up. Just leave them outside the door. Oh and some scissors please, these knots have pulled rather tight. We’ll explain later.”

John dragged himself out of the bedroom and went down. He hadn’t been keeping up with Annie growing up had he? And Millie. Jesus Christ he needed a wank now. And as for his mum…what the fuck had they been doing? God if Brian and Matt ever found out quite what a weird mother he had…


At the end of Friday a month later Mr Farrier and Mr Clifton were walking slowly over to the gym. They weren’t looking forward to meeting Mrs Whittle and the girls, but they had no choice. Shelley Whittle had laid out the array of evidence against them and it was terrifying: not only the real ravishment of Millie, all on video, but also the set-up ‘violent oral rape’ of the two young teens in front of one of their mothers. Mrs Whittle hadn’t bothered with a DNA tests, because the faked rapes of the mother and her teenage daughter weren’t needed – that was how bad things were.

They knew the videos had all been stored online and were beyond reach, on top of which the eighteen-year-old biker John Whittle had been told about the Millie episode – to explain how his mother had been having lesbian bondage sex with his sister and Millie – and was spoiling to smash their faces in and various other parts too. He’d been sworn to secrecy, presumably, but if Mrs Whittle or either of the girls ever said the word the teachers could kiss goodbye to many teeth, apparently. At least.

Mrs Whittle had repeated her vision of prison and the rest of their lives if the police were called in. With such ruination beckoning, the teachers had agreed to do whatever was demanded; whatever.

So for the last four weeks the forty-something teachers had been eating little and exercising lots. They’d lost seven kilos and put on muscle, and done some tanning, as per the detailed instructions. They were seriously tired of being bossed about by Millie Stanford with her diet and gym work and running and swimming. Still, they’d done it, and here they were still out of prison.

And in the gym. Ominously Ann was standing holding the video camera, while Millie was holding her phone (which Mark could see used to be his), and a bottle of something.

“Right, clothes off please,” said Shelley Whittle.

Millie was trembling with amazement at what they were about to do. So was Ann, who after a month of incredible lezzie sex with her amazing mum and her stunning, gorgeous girlfriend, was about to get fucked by a man for the first time.

“So; you’re going to teach Ann about fucking,” Shelley informed the men. That’s what she wants.”

The teachers gaped. This was punishment?

Ann was stripping off, revealing her lithe, five foot three body with her jutting tits, perfect skin and flowing, young-but-feminine shape. Like themselves she was tanned all over, though her tan was a bit uneven evoking real outdoor nudity. Her light-brown bush was neatly trimmed and her dark-green eyes shone in her sexy face.

“Yes,” continued Shelley, “you will each fuck her, however she wants, giving her a lot of orgasms like you did Millie, or whatever she decides she feels like. A lot of arousal. We want a running commentary so she can pass on the lessons to her boyfriends in due course. You are teachers, aren’t you?”

Mark Clifton gulped, while James Farrier tried not to look too thrilled. They didn’t want to look as though they were enjoying serving their penance, even though obviously any man would be in heaven fucking this delectable fourteen-year-old. They would do their very best, anyway, and hope to gain favour.

Ann lay down on the lowered horse, on her back with her ass on the end. She didn’t want too much intimacy, just the fuck basically. Or fucks rather.

James knelt down and started licking and sucking her pussy. Ann thought it was pretty good, though not as good as Millie and Shelley did it. It was what was needed anyway and she was wet and tingling straight away.

Mr Clifton stood up and offered his throbbing seven inches up to her wet, swollen slit. It slid in easily, surprising him for a second before he remembered about the big pink vibrator…

“Alright so, err…” he started the commentary while savouring the amazing feel of this tight, creamy pussy. Well if that bedroom scene had been anything to go by, and the vibrator, this was a well-exercised, fit young vagina. Her virginity was entirely nominal.

“So…I press right in,” he started commentating, “to stimulate the vulva with my pubic bones, you see…” he fucked slowly in and pressed, then started to fuck.

“Now I’m leaning over a little, and lowering her knees to adjust the angle of her pelvis, to make sure I engage her clitoris..” he was sounding a bit formal wasn’t he? Well the teaching was coming quite naturally…

“Now I’m just at the entrance, so the vagina is contracting inside, while I wait, and NOW when I push in there’s a lot of sensation, you see…” The joyful groan from the teen proved his point as he carried on fucking and lecturing.

Ann enjoyed the fuck, feeling the sex course through her body, thrilling her senses just how it was supposed to. Sex was such a great way to have a good time! She loved it. And Mr Clifton was doing her really skilfully; there was more to it than you’d have thought wasn’t there? And now she was ready for a cum…

“OK finish me,” she instructed, and less than half a minute later she was shuddering with a huge, gorgeous orgasm, feeling a man’s sperm being jetted into her for the first time. Just as well she was safe! Oooh that was lovely.

A short while later, after a cuddle with Millie, she felt like some more cock, so James Farrier found himself lying down on the mat while the sexy teen lowered her wet pussy over his throbbing erection. She started going up and down on him, then after a couple of minutes she told him to fuck upwards, using his new-found fitness to drive his cock in and out of her. A phone appeared, held by Mrs Whittle, and he started doing the commentary into it. He took Ann to a climax, let her recover, and then started her off towards her third.

Millie was starting to feel sexy, watching her girlfriend being fucked by these big cocks and loving it. Millie felt sexy a lot of the time these days.

She took off her clothes, watched by Mr Clifton. She still didn’t hate him and Mr Farrier for having ravished her, though sometimes she felt angry still. It was down to her mood really. Bossing them about made her feel better anyway.

Sometimes she just thought about how they’d worked her pussy over with their big cocks and made her cum till she couldn’t stand up. And although it was stupid she was in some ways grateful to them for having made everything get started between her and Ann and Shelley.

She went over to the parallel bars, scene of her first rape. She’d been in the gym most days since, but had been avoiding this particular area; now it was time to face that feeling of helplessness. She draped herself over, facing up, between the bars, hanging by her knees and elbows. She caught Mr Clifford’s eye and with a flick of her head gestured him over.

“Four minutes,” she bossed him, deliberately.

Mark ran his finger up the delectable gymnast’s slit and found it wet. He hoped she, and the Whitltles, would eventually forgive him and James and they could relax; they just had to play along. He eased his cock in and started. Four minutes wasn’t very long, but Millie Stanford wasn’t just any girl. As she had a month before she reacted strongly, straight away, and he started fucking her in earnest, with long strokes landing quite firmly. Mrs Whittle appeared with the camera and he made himself start explaining what he was doing.

Millie told herself to enjoy the sex and get into being well fucked, and she found she could. Shelley had been urging her to look forwards rather than back, and to think about sex in the future rather than being attacked in the past. It wasn’t going to happen again: she wasn’t going to give up her gym sessions but now Mr Farrier had given her a key so she locked the door and left the key in. She had her phone, and these days quite apart from the police Ann’s brother never seemed to be far away and was on speed dial.

OOOHHH she was there already!

Mark pumped hard, holding the lean teen pelvis with his hands to brace it against his thrusting. She was starting, the little sexpot. “I can…feel her starting…” he gasped to the microphone, “so I’m bumping…into her now…to really…excite her vulva…”

He moved in a bit closer to hold her as she started to thrash around, in danger of flipping herself off his cock. He was beyond talking as he started too, the familiar bliss of orgasm sweeping through him. He was relishing the sensation of pussy doing it with him – a sensation all too rare these days.

The delectable teen gymnast and her pervert teacher orgasmed hard together for quarter of a minute; ecstasy that was part shared, and part not. Then they wound down and Mr Clifford slid gently out of her. Millie lowered herself to the floor and clung to Shelley while her legs stopped shaking.

“Thank you,” she said to Mr Clifford.

“You’re welcome,” he replied, smiling.

Now Mrs Whittle was taking her clothes off, heading with Millie for the mats, where Ann and James also seemed to have finished.

Millie lay down with Ann on one side and Shelley on the other. The three caressed each other while the teachers watched. Soon the super-fit nubile Millie was audibly aroused again, and so to a lesser extent were her lovers. So were the horny teachers: the girls made an incredibly erotic sight.

James and Mark saw Mrs Whittle look over at their erections, that they’d absently started playing with.

“OK,” she sat up and looked at them seriously, “decision time. You’re not really evil are you, just perverts. I think we can see our way clear to not destroying the rest of your lives, if you do a couple of things for us.”

She paused, and there was a hush. The teachers held their breath. The girls too – they had no idea what was coming even though Shelley was saying ‘we’.

“We need some ammunition, well a safeguard really, that’s independent of Millie, you can see that can’t you?” Shelley stated it as a fact, and the teachers nodded apprehensively.

“One of the reasons we’ve got you into better shape – apart from for Ann’s first time – is for your own benefit, because one of you is going to assfuck the other, while we film it.”

“Noooo,” Mr Clifton and Mr Farrier cried in unison. and the girls gasped in shock.

“You like assfucking with girls, I bet,” said Shelley, “I bet you’ve had a LOT of wanks to videos of girls taking it up the ass?” The men couldn’t deny it.

“So it’s the same isn’t it, physically? Your assholes are made the same as female ones aren’t they? So it’s quite survivable. It won’t hurt that much, with plenty of the lube I’ve brought and your skill with using your cocks. You just have to prepare the ass thoroughly of course and then be sensitive about doing it, which I’m sure you can be.

“So you can toss for who does what, or decide however you like, or do it to each other to make it completely fair, OR…of course you can refuse and I’ll decide you can’t be controlled to a safe level and do what I probably ought to have done in the first place and call the police in.”

There was an implacable quality to how she’d said it that belied the sexy naked woman, who wasn’t that big and not that old either.

“So basically,” she finished, “it’s, lemme see, one assfuck or a few thousand, whichever you prefer.”

James and Mark looked at each other, horror-struck. Then Mark’s face set. “No,” he shook his head, “sorry. We’re not doing that.” He was pretty sure that after a month Mrs Whittle must have decided not to put Millie through the ordeal of a court trial, with the cross-examination making her recount all the detail, calling her a liar and fantasist, and a jury being shown the videos.

“OK,” said Shelley, “call it in Millie.”

Millie nearly started to argue – she didn’t want to destroy her teachers’ lives now – then she realised Shelley hadn’t consulted her. She would have, wouldn’t she, if she meant it? It had to be a bluff. And Millie did quite want to see them one of them assfuck the other, that would be amazing to watch.

She walked over to her clothes and picked up her phone, trying to think about any bits of emergency calls she’d heard. She dialled three zeros, turned the volume down to hide the tone, put it to her ear, waited a few seconds and then said “Police please.”

A few seconds later she said: “Hello, I’ve been…raped by two teachers at my school… Millie Stanford…. Twenty-four, Meadow Green, Netherton…I’m fourteen…yes this is my phone…Kings’ School…”

“Alright,” Mark was rushing over, “hang up, we’ll do it, we’ll do it, hang up!” Christ what a nightmare. Whatever had possessed them to rape a girl? It was insane. And they did LIKE Millie, what on earth had they been thinking? He had to recognise that in some ways he and James were bad for each other.

Millie pressed an imaginary button on her screen and switched to Home before he could see there was no call.

“I think Mr Farrier should be the one to take it,” she said. Her first violator. It was hard not to smirk.

The teachers were too strung out to argue. In a couple of minutes Mr Farrier was on his knees on the mat working a lubed finger into his own tight, virgin back passage. There was some desperation in how he was trying to open it out.

Shelley was setting up two phones on chairs to capture the action from two angles in fixed-camera cctv style, and pointing out to the girls the area they had to stay clear of. They went and stood some way in front of the teachers, fondling each other to help Mr Clifton keep his erection when he offered it up to Mr Farrier’s hairy ass. They couldn’t help Mr Farrier with any arousal though, because he was too humiliated to look at them.

“Lots of lube mate,” he was pleading, “and take it slow for Christ’s sake. Really, really slow!”

“Yeah don’t worry,” Mr Clifton was working a finger into his friend’s asshole, squirting some lube, working the fingers around, then adding a second finger, more lube, and eventually a third finger and more lube.

After quite a few minutes it seemed the asshole was as ready as it could be. The girls watched in amazement as Mr Clifton lubed his cock and pressed his big cockhead onto Mr Farrier’s asshole! And after a minute it popped in!! Mr Farrier gasped in pain and Mr Clifton stopped.

“I have to wait a bit,” he explained to the girls.

Millie stood stroking Ann’s lovely lower back and asscheeks, thinking this assfucking was pretty weird.

After a few minutes Mr Clifton started moving, fucking his cock in a bit more. Then he stopped and waited again. To Millie it was pretty obvious that assholes weren’t really meant to have cocks stuck into them.

Anyway the men carried on, both looking about as hapless as Millie had felt that Friday evening a month before. Their humiliation was balm to her soul, and so was Ann whose warm, lovely body was leaning affectionately against her.

Eventually the cock was fully in, and Mr Clifton slowly pulled it out a bit, then pushed it back in. He did that again, waited a moment, then again. Gradually he built up to a slow fuck.

Millie had had enough though, suddenly. It was too ugly. Maybe it would be alright if two gay guys did it, she wasn’t sure, but the men looked so sad. She went over to Shelley, Ann coming with her. “Have we got enough?” she asked.

Shelley saw the expression on her face, and Ann’s. She gathered up the phones.

“Alright you can stop,” she told the teachers, “let’s go to my house now and review where we are.”

Mark and James weren’t sure what that might mean but they showered and drove round, hoping that the assfucking might be the end of the whole ghastly business. When they got there Mrs Whittle showed them upstairs, and into what was clearly Ann’s bedroom. It was girlie pink with posters of popstars on the walls, a makeup kit on a dresser, in front of a small TV. There was a battered fluffy pink toy rabbit on a chair.

Mrs Whittle stood on the far side of the bed, the girls on either side of her. She was holding a remote.

“Watch this then we’ll talk,” she said. She started a video, which the teachers saw immediately was an edited version of the blowjobs the girls had given them. They watched themselves with their cocks in the pretty girls’ faces, thrusting in and out and pulling the girls’ heads to and fro by their hair. It was hot. Then at the end their cum landing on the girls’ sexy young faces was even hotter.

Mrs Whittle stopped it at a frame showing both girls’ cum-streaked faces.

“Hot eh?” she grinned at them. The teachers nodded, grinning too.

“What’s hot about it?” she challenged them. Her smile had vanished.

“Well,” James was wrong-footed, “blowjobs, facials, they’re sexy aren’t they?”

“Sexy for who?” Mrs Whittle was spitting, out of the blue. Before the men could reply she carried on, evidently set for a long speech of some kind.

“This is Ann’s room, look around. It’s a girl’s room. The room of a sweet girl who should be able to choose what happens to her.

“This is where Millie told us about what you did to her. I just happened to be going across the landing and heard Ann sounding shocked about something, otherwise Millie might still be trying to cope without me. Suppose I hadn’t found out? You’d be having her in the gym every Friday wouldn’t you?

“You say you’re sorry but look at the face-fucking you think is so sodding hot. Look how violent and one-sided it is. What’s with the cumming on their faces? What’s that about? It’s dominance isn’t it? The joy of dominating two young girls, controlling and humiliating them. Using their head to wank in, using their hair like handles. And this was AFTER you said you were sorry for raping Millie. And now you still think it was great AFTER you were intimate with them just an hour ago.”

The teachers stood mouths agape, stunned by the hostility and how events were being linked…

“Now you’ve just this very evening had a taste of humiliation yourselves, awful humiliation, but still you didn’t’ empathise with the girls did you? You came in and watched yourselves abusing these young girls and still thought it was hot. You had their permission but it was still your idea of sex and having a good time with a girl wasn’t it? But it wasn’t actually pleasant for them was it? Being hauled around and choked and loomed over. Dominated. And don’t tell me a fourteen-year-old really wanted to live that out as a fantasy.

“So you may have some regrets about raping Millie, but you’re perverts. You easily lose sight of the fact that girls are people, with feelings that you should respect and empathise with. You refer to each other for what’s right and wrong, and not to the girls.”

“But,” Mark struggled to fend off this unexpected and quite savage attack on who he was, ”we LIKE girls. It was a mistake with Millie, we’re sorry…”

“Yes I know, you said: you ‘got carried away’ “ Mrs Whittle was scathing, “so it went further than you intended or whatever, but the basic tendency is there, isn’t it? This is your view of girls, that they’re there for you and not for themselves. But you’re surrounded by girls, and some of them are vulnerable, either physically like Millie was in the gym on her own at night, or emotionally so you could groom them. You might have been doing it for years for all I know. Or this could be the first time, but the first of many times. Who knows? But it can’t go on. I can’t leave things in that position. I can stop you doing it to Ann and Millie but what about all the others? You can say all you like that you won’t do it again but the tendency IS there isn’t it?”

“We won’t do it again, honestly!” James said earnestly.

“I don’t dare to believe that, sorry. It would be wrong of me, when the evidence says you might.”

Mark and James were getting a sinking feeling as Mrs Whittle produced two envelopes.

“So here’s the deal. It’s the only deal in town so don’t fight it or we WILL call the police. Not to say leak the assfucking video…” She handed them an envelope each.

They opened their envelopes together. Each one contained a letter detailing an appointment with a consultant at a different private hospital. Each was headed:

Orchiectomy Consultation

James read on: “Dear Mr Farrier,

Further to your enquiry about a bilateral orchiectomy, we are pleased to offer an appointment with our Consultant Surgeon Mr Shah. He will be happy to discuss your concerns about testicular cancer and offer appropriate advice and/or medical procedures. In the event that you decide to proceed with the operation, it can be performed in our modern scrupulously hygienic facilities, and will normally require an overnight stay. Prosthetic testes are available.

We look forward to seeing you on 6th May at 10:30 am.

Yours faithfully…”

“Oh no!,” Mark’s letter was basically the same, “you are NOT cutting our balls off, don’t even think about it!”

“You’re kidding!” gasped James, “No WAY.”

“It’s not such a big deal,” Mrs Whittle was unmoved, “any rescue dog is neutered and they can have a great life can’t they? We love them and neuter them, it’s normal. It’ll be no different for you. You can have a great life, be free, teach, do sports, drink, have a laugh, it’ll all be the same. The only thing you won’t be able to do is fuck, and when did you last fuck your wives?”

There was silence.


“Okay it was some years ago but that’s not the point,” said Mark.

“They’re not exactly in shape these days,” explained James.

“So who are you planning to fuck?” Mrs Whittle was inexorable. “You weren’t in shape either were you, and without being forced into diet and exercise you’ll go back to your normal forty-something flabbiness and then who exactly are you planning to cheat with?

“You who are surrounded by girls all day and are proven self-confessed perverts and rapists? Who are you going to fuck?”

“I don’t care,” Mark tried not to shout, “they’re my balls, for Christ’s sake, and I’m keeping them!”

“Alright you can keep them in prison then.” Mrs Whittle resumed her assault: “You have three weeks to turn up with a receipt for a bilateral orchiectomy and your two balls in a jar, or it’s that phone call that Millie started. And I will check with the hospitals too.

“Go home and play that scenario out: the police cars, the police station, the media, paps, the interrogations, the court case, the prosecuting barrister, the police van, and the prison. The ten YEARS or so in the little cell with the grey block walls and one or two scary cellmates. The showers. The assraping. The punches and perhaps stabbing, being hit and pushed around. The constant fear. Then you’ll come out, in perhaps 2025 or something, and be pariahs. No work. No wives fat or otherwise; no home – a seedy little flat perhaps. For thirty years or whatever until you die…do you want me to go on? Oh and have I mentioned the assfucking video going viral?”

The teachers had never imagined that this great-looking woman could be such a despot; so vicious and vindictive and merciless. She was just about young enough to be their daughter, technically! They could only shake their heads. She was a mother though, and she was seeing Millie as her own and the other girls too.

Anyway ‘nightmare’ didn’t even start to describe the abyss they were staring into.

They saw that Mrs Whittle had finished, flicking her head towards the door.

As they got to it she spoke again, her tone friendly all of a sudden. “It’ll be alright,” she smiled at them. “You’re not bad men really but you have these urges and you do lack empathy. It’s a solution. Without balls you simply won’t have the urges and so you won’t miss them. You can have a good life and so can everyone else around you. Do it. You won’t miss them, not really. And we won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

With no cards to play, the teachers nodded a goodbye, turned and went out.


“That’s Cal Crutchlow,” John was saying to Millie, sitting next to her on the sofa in his jeans and tight black T-shirt that showed he’d been working out. He was pointing at the bike race on TV.

“Yamaha,” grinned Ann at the three lads, Brian on the sofa and Matt in the other armchair.

“Yeah right,” said Brian, “And that’s Valentino Rossi just behind.”

Millie knew Valentino Rossi. He was a bit of a pinup.

“I like Marquez,” she said, “he’s the baddest.” She smirked at the boys, enjoying teasing them with what she’d just this second looked up on her phone, “I reckon he’ll toast Pedrosa over the season. It’s the lean angles he gets.”

John looked over at the web page on her phone and laughed. “I never knew you were so into it Millie.”

“You’d be surprised what I’m into John.” She was getting a bit flirty these days.

John had been around the house a lot more since the episode in Shelley’s bedroom, and was talking to her and Ann quite a bit now; at home anyway. She’d seen him often at school too, keeping an eye on her from a distance. Millie had realised that as an eighteen-year-old badboy biker he couldn’t be seen talking too much to a fourteen-year-old girl – people would take the piss.

Brian and Matt had been round sometimes as well, and were finding time to talk to her and Ann, and Shelley. The trio weren’t actually as ‘bad’ as they liked to make out; they were quite eager in fact for her and Ann to take an interest in their bikes and what was going wrong with them and how they were fixing them. The boys didn’t have much money so their bikes were old and always going wrong, but they were big and loud which was the main thing apparently.

The lads were fun, always laughing and doing stuff. In fact Shelley had been a little flirty with them too, Millie thought. It was just as well Mr Whittle was away on his conference tours all the time! Shelley said he was having a great time in the States telling everyone what to think. It wasn’t the first time she’d said something like that and Millie wasn’t sure they really got on all that well, really.

The race ended and Millie got up. “Think I’ll go and practice on the lawn a bit,” she said to Ann and the room at large.

“I’ll come too,” said Ann.

They ran upstairs and changed into their lycra shorts and tops. Ann didn’t do gymnastics but she’d bought the kit for running when she saw the effect Millie’s little skin-tight kit had on the lads. Ann did some sports, though nothing as seriously as Millie did her rhythmic gym.

Sure enough after about ten minutes the boys appeared on the back lawn, drawn like moths to a flame by the girls’ athletic young bodies and their happy laughter as Millie did some flips and played with her ball, while Ann tried to copy her. Millie couldn’t resist showing off with some vertical splits and flick-flacks right across the lawn. Shelley came out to watch too.

“It’s nice you’re all doing things together,” she said to her son John.

“I bet you could do those too,” said Brian to her.

“I might manage a handstand,” Shelley smiled, “not in a long skirt though.”

“I don’t suppose you have some shorts?” asked Matt with a smile. Mrs Whittle was a mum you could actually say that to.

“I will if you will,” Shelley shot back.

The young man didn’t know what that meant. What was his mate’s mum suggesting?

Millie and Ann came over. Millie was a bit fed up with the secrecy. If she’d learned anything recently it was that secrets were generally not a good thing. She slid a hand round Ann and her other one round Shelley.

It was intimate enough for Brian and Matt to start to react, and John too as his mum’s weirdness was looking likely to be revealed to his best friends. He was saved by the doorbell, which his mum went off to answer.

Millie kissed Ann, right on the mouth, and snogged her for a few seconds. She turned to the stunned Brian and kissed him too, rubbing herself against him, then did the same to Matt. Next she went to John and gave him the same treatment, rubbing her super-fit, slender young body all over him. Then she stood back next to Ann again, surveying their tented jeans.

“I like sex,” she announced, “and lots of it. You’re all hot. I like boys and girls, and Ann and Shelley and I do it all the time. I don’t want ‘a boyfriend’, I want fun. I hope I’m not too BAD for you.” She grinned challengingly at them, her beautiful young face alight with fun. Grins gradually spread across the boys’ faces, and across Ann’s too.

John felt Millie take his hand and start pulling him towards the house, just as his mum emerged carrying a parcel. It was a small box. His mum got the top open and showed the contents to Millie: two small jars.

“What was that?” asked John as she led him upstairs. Her sensual little hand was in his jeans already, fondling his rock-hard cock and tight balls.

“Trust me,” replied Millie, feeling free and strong and the most fabulous ever, “right now you don’t want to know.”

Plantation slave girls.

This story is about black slavery before the civil war and in a couple places it uses the N word.
If this will bother you, please do not read this story.


The location is southern Georgia near the coast just before the Civil War. Horace Franklin was a successful businessman in his late thirties. He owned a small plantation where he lived. It was only about forty acres. He did not farm it but let two sharecroppers pay him for the place to grow crops. He had a wife, Ellen, and two children. Over the years, from age and having children, his wife had lost the beautiful body that she had when he had married her all those years ago. She was now probably about fifty pounds overweight. The children were both active and happy. Helen was fourteen and Richard was eleven.

Horace did own three black house slave girls and they were his sex toys, as he no longer had much desire for his wife's body. Ellen did not have to do any cooking or cleaning. The slaves did all of that. She just relaxed and did needle point and other things to keep her amused. The house girls were all between fifteen and eighteen with great bodies. When one of them would get any older or get pregnant, Horace would sell her and buy another pretty young one to replace her. He always selected ones that were petite, with good sized tits and skin the color of fine dark chocolate. Ellen grew up knowing to never talk back or complain to her husband.

One thing Ellen did not like was that the slave girls were always nude around the house. Horace wanted it that way. She especially did not like that her children saw them that way but she did not say anything. Horace loved to touch the girl’s bodies whenever he came close to them. He loved having his hands on a firm pair of young black tits. It always got him hard. The girls had learned that they were expected to make him feel like they were very much enjoying anything he was doing to them, and often they were. He never fucked any of them in the family parts of the house, but he was very sexually active in the bedroom and in his private den. The master bedroom had two beds. Ellen's was a single and his was very oversized. Often, even when Helen was in her bed, he would have one or more of the house girls in bed with him as he fucked them or had them suck his well-sized seven-inch cock. Horace had told Ellen that she could have one of the slave girls pleasure her any time she wished but she did not have a desire for it.

One day, Horace was walking past his daughter’s room when he heard moaning coming from inside. Wondering if she was sick, he opened the door. There on the bed was Helen, naked with all three house girls. They were naked also as they almost always were. Two were sucking on and rubbing Helen's tits while the third licked her pussy. Horace had not seen his daughter naked for many years. He stood in the doorway and watched, admiring what a nice body she was getting and how beautiful she was and how she was enjoying having her newly formed sexual desires satisfied. They did not notice him there. After several minutes, Helen started moaning louder and saying, "Yes. Just like that. Lick me right there. Harder you little black bitch. Fuck my hole with your fingers. Do it harder. Make me cum in your slave mouth. Suck my cunt and don't let a drop of my cum get on my bed." Helen grabbed her buy the hair and pulled her tighter to her pussy. She arched her back and shook. "Agggggh !" Then with one last moan, she collapsed. With a big smile on his face Horace shut the door just as Helen was telling the slave girls that they could go now.

That night, Horace took the one that had sucked off his daughter to his bed. She sucked him for several minutes and then mounted him and bounced up and down on his prick till he filled her with his seed. He loved watching her tities bounce as she rode him hard. Thinking about how much he had enjoyed watching what had happened in his daughter's room earlier Horace said, "Ellen, are you sure that you would not like to have her service you now?" Ellen just rolled over so her back was to them and did not reply.

The next couple of weeks went past as usual. One day after the tutor had left and schooling was done for the day. Horace noticed his young son staring at the youngest of the slave girls as she cleaned in the living room, naked as usual. Horace noticed a bulge in his son's pants. He had a hard-on. It was the first time Horace had seen his son with one. "Girl, you have given my son an erection. Get over here and suck my son's cock. Make him cum so it will go down." "Yes, Master Franklin." Richard looked at his father and smiled. The naked black girl promptly stopped cleaning and came to the eleven-year-old boy. She dropped to her knees in front of him reached out and unbuttoned the buttons on his pants. She reached in and pulled out his small but rock hard prick. "Not like that, you stupid bitch. Take his pants all the way down and do it right."

She finished undoing Richards’s pants and pulled them to the floor. His prick was only about five inches and not much thicker than his father's thumb but it was hard like a railroad spike. The slave girl, Yana leaned forward and easily took the entire thing into her mouth. Her nose pushed into the pubic hair that he was just starting to grow. The soft loose skin on the outside of his firm inner shaft slid up and down as she deeply sucked him and bobbed up and down on his pole. Her talented black mouth worked wonders on the young boy and it wasn't more than a minute before she had him draining his nuts into her mouth. Richard yelled out in pleasure and his knees buckled. He almost fell to the floor. Yana pulled off and looked in his eyes. "Thank you young Master Richard. Thank you for letting this undeserving slave girl suck your wonderful white cock. You tasted very nice." She looked at Horace and he nodded in approval. Yana went back to cleaning.

The next night Horace took Richard and Yana to his bed and instructed his son in the art of fucking. Ellen could not help herself. She had to watch as her young son got laid for the first time. Again he only lasted about a minute as he fucked her pussy as rapidly as a rabbit. Then he collapsed onto her chest. Again she thanked them. "I am honored to be the first for the young Master." Horace sent Richard to his room. He could see that Richard was still hard. Ellen smiled as she turned away and Horace got between Yana's legs and spent ten minutes pleasuring himself in the cunt full of his son's cum. Then he sent her away. He lay in his bed with his prick in his hand and a smile on his face. He thought about going over and fucking his wife but decided against it and went to sleep.

Over the next couple of months the two children made a lot of use of the three slave girls. Horace would often hear the sounds of sex coming from their rooms and he usually took the chance to watch. One day he was walking down to the shed to get a tool that he needed to fix something. Under a big tree he saw a sight that stopped him in his tracks. His wife was there. She had her dress off and was lying on the ground with her legs straight up in the air. The black sharecropper was between her legs, pounding his big black cock into her cunt. She was moaning and crying out for him to take her hard. Her sagging tits flopped on her chest as he nailed her to the ground. Her head was thrashing from side to side. Ellen reached up and started pinching and pulling on her nipples as she orgasmed. He had not yet cum.

Horace was incensed. He pulled the black man off of Ellen and punched him several times before he got loose and ran off, leaving his pants on the ground and his cock waving in the air as he ran. He turned around but Ellen had already run back to the house and locked herself in the bedroom. The next day there was a big crowd in the town square as the black sharecropper was hanged by the neck. That night Horace was still steaming. He called the oldest slave girl into the bedroom and fucked her till he filled her with his cum. Then he forced Ellen to lay under her and eat her cum filled cunt. "You like fucking with niggers. Eat her black cunt till it's empty and don't stop till she cums." Very much in fear, Ellen did as she was told.

Still as angered as he had ever been, he went and dragged Richard into the bedroom. "Your mother is a dirty slut. Get up there and show her what it is like to be fucked by her own son." He almost threw Richard onto the bed. He was also in fear because his father was so mad. He leaned between her legs and pushed into her hairy snatch. Ellen closed her eyes and waited for it to be over. About three minutes later it was. Richard hurried off to his room and Horace slammed his bedroom door behind him.

Horace came to the side of her bed and grabbed her hair. He pulled her to his re-hardened cock and told her to suck it. She opened her mouth and he shoved his prick down her throat and started face fucking her, hard, deep and fast. Ellen gagged and spittle came out the corners of her mouth. Horace lasted almost ten minutes before he held his cock deep in her throat and shot his load straight into her stomach. She had to push him off so she could get some air before she passed out. Horace threw her head back down onto the bed and went to his bed. "Get some sleep whore”, he shouted. “You'll need it. I have many white friends and business associates that I bet will enjoy using your fat whore body for their pleasure even though it has had a black cock in it." Horace went to sleep and Ellen lay there with a smile on her face.


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Honeymoon Cruise of Briana and Uncle Jake

This is a completely fictional narrative story, it is intended for entertainment purposes only.
If you do not approve of young love, do not read any further.

First, some background: my older brother had married a gorgeous woman a few years younger than him, she had daughter when she was younger, so my niece wasn't technically blood related to me. She was only 6 when her mother married into the family, she took a liking to me instantly. We had a playful, typical uncle/niece relationship right off the bat. My brother Dan was a traveling accountant and Marie, his wife was a lawyer, so they often required my help watching Briana, which neither of us minded, and we were all comfortable with it. Even at a young age we would kiss each other on the lips in a loving and family type way, nothing bad.
Then Briana started to slowly hit puberty, taking a liking to boys, and secretly had a crush on her uncle Jake. I found her very beautiful the entire time she grew up around me, didn't really have any thoughts about her until I noticed how she started flirting with me and teasing me playfully. I just shrugged it off at the time and became oblivious that it became more common, frequent, and more intense. My brother and his wife had promised Briana a cruise for her 11th birthday, they booked a suite with a balcony for a six night Caribbean cruise.
At the time this took place, I was 22, a good looking guy, 6'0, 180lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, and fit. I knew when the cruise was scheduled, and Briana told me how excited she was to go on it. A week before they were supposed to go, Dan received word he had to head out of town on business, and Marie was deep in the middle of a case. They told Briana they'd have to reschedule, she was devastated. She begged and pleaded to still go, but they insisted she couldn't go alone.
"what about uncle Jake? I think that's his spring break from college," she told them.
Sure enough, it was. They had called me, certain I'd already had plans, which I didn't.
"I'd love to take her if that's okay with you guys," I told them.
"well, you two have always been close, I'm sure you'll have fun," they agreed.
Briana asked for a shopping spree before the cruise, they were fairly wealthy and gave her whatever she really wanted, so Marie dropped her off at the mall a couple days before with the credit card to get whatever she wanted. An unsupervised shopping trip for Briana to buy some slutty little outfits that she loved to tease uncle Jake with. And she splurged!
I had packed like I would have typically for a cruise, still not realizing what was about to unfold. It didn't even dawn on me that we would be in the same room, a cabin suite with a balcony, and only one queen bed. Briana's parents picked me up and dropped us off at the ship, said goodbyes and parted ways. Briana and I boarded, headed to get some dinner as we departed and waited for our bags.
Briana was almost 11 and a half by the time of the cruise, she was tall and lanky for her age, probably 4'10 and a soaking wet 85 lbs, thin long arms and legs. She had thin bright blonde hair that was short, just below her chin, bright green eyes that would entice any man. Her cheeks were lightly freckled, as were her arms and legs. Her breasts were just beginning to sprout, she rarely wore a bra, a cotton girly training bra if she did. Her tiny nubs almost pointed upward they were so perky all the time, and her puffy nipples often poked and shown through her shrinking shirts. Her parents were too busy to really notice, or just oblivious.
And just before her birthday she had began her first periods, beginning to learn about sex from friends and the Internet, even kissed a few boys, and began exploring her changing body, often thinking about her uncle Jake. She knew quite a bit for a girl her age, watching porn and talking with more experienced friends, but not a whole lot of real world experience, yet. She still kissed her uncle Jake on the lips often and loved every moment of it, unsure when to try and take things further.
She seemed to cling to me more than normal as we explored the ship, I just figured it was because she was nervous about the vacation and being with me. She'd brush up against me, hold my arm, seemingly very touchy-feely, but I didn't think anything of it, we loved each other.
We ate dinner together, watched a show together, and almost acted as if we were on a friendly date the first evening. I had a few drinks throughout the day and was just a little buzzed, occasionally checking out other women on the boat, some my age, some younger too. When Briana noticed me checking someone out, she'd try and divert my attention, falling into me, blaming it on the boat's motion, rubbing up against me, teasing me.
It was getting late the first night, she began to yawn.
"I'm tired," she stated. "You think our bags are at the cabin yet?"
"They should be by now, are you already calling it a night?" I jab her playfully.
"Yeah, I want to shower and go to bed if that's okay," she smiled.
"Sure babe, I think I want to try my hand in the casino for a while anyway," I kissed her on the lips as we normally would, only this time both our lips lingered together a bit longer, more passionate.
"Okay good night uncle Jake, I love you," she batted her eyes as she looked up at me.
Briana swayed her tiny thin hips and her firm round little buttcheeks bounced under her short shorts as she skipped off to the room, I was mesmerized by her little tush as it swayed away from me. I headed to the casino, sat at the poker table and started ordering whiskey and cokes, winning a decent amount of money as I sat there for a few hours. Meanwhile, Briana got to our room, showered and changed into some sexy little lingerie she had bought from her shopping spree, admiring her young small growing body in the mirror as the lingerie barely covered her.
She started getting horny thinking about her uncle Jake in bed with her for the next six nights and how much that turned her on. Briana spread her legs on the bed, pulling the tiny gstring aside and began to rub and play with her wet little pussy. She fantasized about uncle Jake, having felt his cock several times throughout the day, wanting to feel it. Briana rubbed and fingered herself til she orgasmed, laying there on the bed exhausted, she feel asleep shortly after making herself cum.
The strong odor of her young juices filled the air as I opened the door to the cabin. The hallway light barely lit the room as I tried to quietly close the door, not wanting to wake her as she slept. I was pretty drunk, so I stripped, stumbled into the bathroom and showered. I sobered up a little from the shower, but still nicely buzzed as I put on my nylon basketball shorts, no underwear or shirt, I figured I shouldn't sleep naked as usual next to Briana.
I turned off the lights, climbed into bed a safe distance from her, both of us partially under the covers. I leaned over and kissed Briana on the lips gently as she slept soundly, laid back and fell to sleep almost immediately.
When I woke up I was a little fuzzy, thinking for a moment about where I was and with Briana for several days. She was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, I knocked on the door,
"Briana, I need to use the bathroom for a minute."
"Hold on just a moment and I'll be done," she called back to me in her sweet voice. I could hear a change in her voice, and I also looked down and noticed the red lingerie crumpled up in the corner, remembered the smell of her young pussy in the air last night, and I thought about how sexy she must look in it. Realizing it suddenly aroused me.
She startled me when she opened the door, stepping out casually, "good morning," she smiled up at me.
I was speechless, she had subtlety put on a little makeup, making her look much older, she looked stunning, and she only had a small towel wrapper around her little frame. Barely covering her small nubs, and the bottom rode way up her thighs, exposing almost her whole thin smooth legs, freshly shaven I noticed.
"I'll get dressed, you can shower and change and meet me upstairs for breakfast," she said, leaning up and kissing me on the lips blatantly deep and more passionate.
"okay," was all I could say, still speechlessly admiring her.
I gathered myself in the bathroom, showered, changed into some shorts and a shirt and headed upstairs. I couldn't find her at first, but as I was fixing my plate at the buffet I spotted her sitting in a corner booth. We sat at had breakfast together, talking about what we'd do today.
I got up and threw our trash away, when Briana got up is when I first really noticed her outfit. She was wearing a very short white pleated skirt, and a thin pink tube top that was more like an 8 inch wide piece of cloth. Anyone couldn't help but notice her tiny developing boobs jutting straight out from her girly chest.
We headed to the top deck, several boys, a few guys would check her out, she seemed oblivious, but the way she seemed to move told a different story. I could barely make it up the last few stairs to the top deck, I had a nice peek up her skirt and could see her entire round little buttcheeks barely jiggle as she bounced up the stairs. I could barely make out the white gstring she was wearing, the string was very thin and disappeared deep into her tiny buttcheeks.
She turned to me and smiled, spinning a little, the bottom of her skirt lifting and showing off her smooth round ass. She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as we stood at the first mini golf hole, whispering into my ear,
"do you like my more mature undies?"
"I do," I whispered back, she pulled away, looking into each others eyes. She smiled.
"Good," she quickly kissed my lips and skipped down to where she hit her ball. We played the whole course, joking, playfully flirting with each other. I could tell how badly she kept trying to feel my cock with any part of her body, curiously excited. Several times, when she'd bend over to retrieve her ball, I'd gently tap her exposed bare ass, "nice putt," I'd say. My finger tips eventually curled around her bottom one time, my pink slipping between her cheeks as I gave her a gentle squeeze.
"and nice butt," I said softly.
"I'm glad you like it," she smiled up at me, leaning forward and barely exposing the bottoms of her cheeks, sticking her butt out proudly. Briana arched her back as she did, pointing her tiny cones out. The breeze and her arousal gradually made them harder. Her nipples were clearly defined through the thin tube top. Her bare midriff was just as beautiful, her skirt rode low under her hips, exposing so much of her small body.
We explored the rest of the ship together, flirting playfully along the way. We sat down to eat lunch. Briana looked up at me,
"Jake…" she paused.
"yeah, you can call me Jake," knowing she wanted confirmation to call me that.
"if we weren't related, would you be my boyfriend?" she looked so beautiful and vulnerable as she blushed, batting her eyes at me.
"well, technically we aren't related, I mean not by bloo…"
She cut me off, excitedly kissing me, "okay, good!" she kissed me again. Then stopped, looking into my eyes, "you'd want to be my boyfriend right?"
"I don't think you're parents would approve of that," I was still a little apprehensive about how I knew this was going to turn out.
"but you love me don't you? I love you Jake," Briana pouted.
"yes, I do love you," I grabbed her small thin hands in mine, leaning in and kissing her passionately, deeply.
She sat and thought for a second, "okay, how about this?" she grinned devilishly, "my parents aren't here this week with us. Can we be boyfriend and girlfriend while we are on the cruise?" she smiled, "I won't say anything, and they will never know. I promise."
"I suppose that would be okay."
"I've always dreamt that you'd be my first boyfriend," she became all excited, speaking fast as a girl her age would, "in fact, I'd love to marry you. Oooh, can we pretend we are married?!" she shouted, grabbing my arms.
I paused, looking intently into her eyes, "you can't even tell your friends, okay? I mean it. This is only between me and you." I pointed my finger to the middle of her bare upper chest as I said you.
"okay, I promise!" she proclaimed without hesitation.
"we will find someone to marry us on the island we are stopping at tomorrow, okay?" I played along.
"okay! So that means tomorrow afterwards would mean we'd be on our honeymoon right?" she smiled and batted her eyes at me.
"I suppose so," I grinned.
After we finished lunch, we went to the theatre to watch a show. We sat together and she cuddled me close, running her small hands all over me, and I allowed it. I didn't resist when she reached blatantly to my crotch and grabbed my thickening cock through my shorts. She looked up at me for approval, I just smiled. She fondled me, gently trying to explore my cock through my shorts, and I again could start to smell her young juices emerging from under her short skirt.
I began to rub her thigh, after a few minutes she uncrossed we legs and parted them a bit. I gladly began caressing her inner thighs, lower and further up her skirt. I could feel the warmth from her young pussy with my fingertips. I got close, but never touched her.
She began to squirm a little and rub me harder, just as the show ended. We didn't have a choice but to stop what we were doing as everyone around began to get up and the lights came on.
Briana leaned up and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, "I want you so badly…" kissing me again, "but we aren't married yet" she giggled and shot up from the seat, yanking me up by my arm. Hugging me closely as we got up together. "I love you jake," she said.
"I love you too Briana," I said lovingly.
"you can go win some more money in the casino if you'd like," she smiled kissing me. "I want to lay out on our balcony and get some sun. Her thin body was already somewhat tan, she even had a sexy tanline on her bottom, and faint string lines from different style tops.
"that sound good, I'll meet you in the restaurant for dinner at 7 okay?" I replied leaning down and kissing her lips.
"Its a date," she returned my kiss. We parted ways. I sat and won some money at the poker table for a few hours, drinking as well. Briana went back to the room, stripped down and put on some very small bikini panties, walked out onto the balcony and laid down on the chair. She bronzed her sexy young body for a little over an hour. The tanlines on her chest and back disappeared, she admired herself in the mirror after she came inside.
Her small buds nicely darkened, her puffy pink nipples lightly contrasted against her flesh. She rubbed her own body, not even able to cup her own little mounds, she wondered if and when they would start to get bigger and she could get use of a bra. Briana began to play with her perky nipples as they hardened and became more sensitive between her fingertips.
Briana began to get very wet, fondling her own body, she reached down into her tight little panties, rubbing her wet pussy. She eventually laid down on the bed, spreading her legs wide, she left her panties on, tightly conforming to her wet pussy, the small bit of sheer material soaked with her juices as she rubbed herself, thinking about her new pretend boyfriend, soon to be pretend husband. Briana furiously rubbed her clit against the velvety smoothness of her panties, she panted, held her breath, the sounds of her juices flowing and violently rubbing between herself and her panties the only sound for a minute. She wailed, "ooooh, ooooh, ooooh yes!" she began trembling as she orgasmed, her panties now drenched as she laid back, panting.
She dozed off for a bit, got up, showered and get herself ready for dinner. I was already at our table when she walked up. Briana, freshly tanned, was wearing a thin summer dress. Mostly white, and flowery, the top clung tightly to her, her firm mounds a little more accentuated by the purse she had, pulling the dress tighter against the middle of her chest. The dress came more than halfway to her knees, she wore white thigh high stockings, the top lace portion visible a bit when she sat down and crossed her legs. Briana leaned up and kissed me on the lips, I could taste her faint lip gloss. She seemed so grown up.
We had dinner together, afterward we went to one of the bars, as we walked in hand and hand, we got a couple weird looks, a couple smiles too. I drank, we danced. Mostly slow dancing, tightly holding each other, I could feel her rapidly breathing occasionally as she shifted her body around and against my cock, pressing her tiny tits against me, snuggling close.
It became late, we danced the night away in each others arms.
"I think I'm going to bed," she declared yawning.
"I'll join you in a bit, I'm going to have a nightcap drink," I kissed her and she left for the room.
Briana was so tired from the day, she brushed her teeth, took off her dress and crashed on the bed. Still wearing her thigh high stockings, lace white boyshorts, and completely topless, she fell into a deep sleep. I walked in after my drink, leaving the bathroom door open as I got ready for bed. I admired her small thin tanned body as she lay there on her stomach, half her buttcheeks exposed under the lace of her underwear, her ass propped in the air. I brushed my teeth, got completely undressed, though about it for a minute, smiled to myself and neglected to put anything on before I climbed into bed with Briana.
I awoke with morning wood like any other day, but today was different. I could feel it before opening my eyes, so I slowly opened one eye very slightly, and watched her slowly stroking my stiff cock. She was sitting crossed legged next to my naked body. Her small thin hand barely fitting around my thick shaft, her other hand gently and methodically massaging my balls. Briana smiling with a look of awe on her young face.
I gazed down to see her bare developing chest for the first time completely unobstructed. Her aureola was about the size of a quarter, lightly pink and puffy. The nub was hard, protruding from the rest, her nipples sitting atop an inch tall mound, her small cones firm and pointy. I notice her look up at my face then at my cock as she stroked me harder and faster, maybe trying to wake me. I just smiled for her and moaned, still pretending to sleep as my niece jerked me off.
I couldn't last much longer, watching and feeling her stroke me, she looked so sexy doing it. I think she even felt my cock start to throb in her hands, as soon as I thought I was about to cum, she dipped her head down and took the entire head of my cock in her small mouth and began sucking. I moaned and she relaxed as I began to shoot my warm cum into her mouth, she gagged lightly, but then began guzzling it down as I squirted more. She massaged my balls, stroked my shaft, milking the entire contents of me into her mouth, never letting a drop go. She swallowed my whole load without hesitation.
"mmmm," she looked up at me, still slowly stroking my cock as it slowly softened in her small hand.
"mmmm," I replied back, slowly opening my eyes, smiling at her.
"I just woke up and saw how hard you were, I couldn't help it," Briana said, seeming a little embarrassed.
"no, it's okay Briana," I grabbed her and held her in my arms, her small buds pressing against my chest, my bare cock pressed against her bare tanned tummy. "that felt great Briana, I love how you make me feel," I said into her eyes and began to passionately kiss her. She gladly and excitedly made out with me, writhing her nubile body all over my naked body. We just kissed and passionately made out as if we were old lovers.
She rolled off me, and jumped out of bed. Pointing down at me as I lay naked on the bed, she said playfully, "you know, that was your last cum as an unmarried man," she winked and girlishly bounced into the bathroom. "you know today is the big day! Wear something nice" Briana shouted as she got ready in the bathroom giggling to herself.
I figured this would go along with this, I love Briana and love seeing her so happy. Plus she was so sexy and hot, developing and gaining sexual experience and maturity. So, I put on some linen pants, we were in the islands, so why not. I wasn't wearing any underwear, and I put on a nice white button up shirt as if the groom on an island wedding. Briana emerged from the bathroom wearing a cream colored silk nighty. The top had a lace trim, spaghetti straps, it clung to her, showing off her tiny little curves, her nipples accentuated through the thin silk material. The bottom of the grown size nighty came mid way down her thighs, indeed as intended, it looked more like a cute cocktail dress on her.
"wow, Briana, you are the most beautiful bride I've ever seen," I said genuinely, looking her up and down.
"thank you," she smiled, spinning, the short hem of her nighty flying up around her waist, proudly showing off the daring micro thong she was wearing. It was the same color as the nighty, the tiny triangle that barely covered her pussy was silk, and the tiny floss strings were barely visible.
"you look amazing Briana," as she grabbed my arm and we left the room, headed to get off the ship and onto the secluded island.
We looked around the few shops, explored the island, and eventually met a minister at a rural church and he "married" us on the island. The ceremony was short sweet, and not witnessed by anyone, therefore unofficial. We passionately kissed as he declared us married for her sake. She loved it and made her happy, so was I.
We walked the beach, toured part of the island, sightseeing as if a newly married couple. Holding hands, rubbing up against each other, kissing, and so on. We had a romantic dinner at sunset on the beach, the waiter poured her a glass of wine, neither of us objected. She was noticeably a little tipsy just after one glass. I had rented a beachside bungalow for the night, we stumbled into the cabin in each others arms after walking the beach.
It was small, completely open air, with the curtains drawn open, the bed felt like it was directly on the beach. The edge of the bedroom looked out over the water.
"I'm going to change, you should too…husband," she winked, skipping off into the bedroom.
I pulled the covers off the bed, walked to the edge of the bedroom overlooking the beach and water. I took off my shirt and pants, standing there completely naked for my new "wife" in the open air bedroom.
After a few minutes she came into the bedroom, she had touched up her makeup and brushed her thin blonde hair, looking absolutely breathtaking. Briana was a dark bronze tan color from sunning herself recently. Her beautiful skin was contrasted by the incredibly sexy tiny white teddy she was wearing. It was almost too small for her, it was sheer, incredibly see through, it was open cupped, her tiny puffy nipples poking upwards from the thin material they barely sat on. There was a vertical slit that opened from between her tiny exposed tits, down the bottom which barely came to her hips. Leaving her completely exposed, not wearing any panties for the first time, it was a beautiful sight. Her small bikini tanline was noticeable, and framing her young pussy in a very sexy way. Briana had a just a few short wispy blonde pubic hairs starting to sprout, her smooth parted lips were still clearly visible. And beautiful. She slowly walked towards me, feeling excited, nervous, sexy, vulnerable.
She looked up into my eyes lovingly, kissed me passionately, "I love you Jake"
"I love you Briana," I kissed her deeply as our bodies touched.
Sh instinctively reached down and slowly stroked my hardening cock. We slowly made our way to the bed, I laid her down on her back gently. She was hesitant at first, then spread her thin legs wide open, showing me her small pussy, soft and pink, short little blonde hairs barely growing. I laid down between her legs, caressing her thighs as my face approached her pussy. I could see how wet she was already, her smell was so innocent and sweet as I took in a deep breath of her. I looked up into her eyes as I ever so lightly kissed her pussy lips, she cringed slightly unsure of the feel. I kissed her wet pussy lips again, and again, as if I were kissing her lips. She tasted so sweet and delicious. Briana began to moan as I stuck the tip of my tongue between her folds.
I began licking her delicious wet pussy, sliding the tip of my tongue deeper inside with every stroke. Her girly moans filled the night sky, and the sound of her juices being licked and slurped was music to my ears. I licked her deeper, sucking on her young clit as she slowly rocked her hips naturally against my mouth. Her breathing got more rapid, my tongue working more furiously deep inside her. She grabbed my head, pushing me and my tongue deeper inside her, my nose rubbing against her clit.
"ooooh Jake!" she wailed, moaning for me as her legs tightened and held my head deep in her crotch. I could feel her body tense as she orgasmed.
Briana's young hot pussy gushed with juices, making a mess of her crotch area, my face and the bed, it was all so passionate and hot. She lightly caressed my head as I slowly and lightly just kissed her pussy, loving her with my lips.
"I like the taste too," she motioned me to kiss her.
I smiled as I crawled up to her kissing her small perky nipples as I passed up her chest, playing with them between my pussy wet fingertips as I kissed Briana deeply. Letting her taste her own delicious juices from my tongue and lips. We moaned into each others mouths. I could feel her squirming under me, spread her legs open wide, my bare shaft pressing against her wet pussy lips. She began to rub herself up and down my shaft, coating my bare cock with her flowing juices. She stopped kissing me, held my face and looked up into my eyes deeply,
"I love you Jake, I married you and now I want you inside me," she smiled and kissed my lips.
"I love you too Briana," I said pulling back and rubbing the head of my thick cock up and down her small wet lips. She looked up innocently at me and bit her lower lip. I pressed the tip of my dick into her tight opening. Briana winced, her mouth dropped open and her face became blushed. She pulled at my hips with her legs, forcing more of my cock inside her, I kissed her and she bit my lip as I popped her cherry. I slowly pulled out of her, grabbing a nearby towel I wipe us both clean of blood.
"that was the hard and painful part, now comes the fun part," I smiled, running my finger through her hair and kissed her lips.
"okay, I love you Jake," was all she could reply with a whimper.
I positioned my cock with her smooth pussy lips, Briana grabbed my cock and guided me inside her, she leaned her head back, mouth open, not making a sound as I pressed more inside, I could see her pubic mound swell with my cock almost entirely inside her. She was so tight and wet, moaning in pleasure as I slowly drew back out a little. Pushing myself a little deeper back inside, she clenched my arms with her nails as I started sliding in and out of her.
Briana began moving her hips with mine, smiling up at me and kissing me as we made love. My cock soon began to tighten, the whole situation was all too surreal. She looked into my eyes as if knowing what I was thinking, gave the most beautiful little grin, pursed her lips, nodded, and said, "yes"
We made absolute love there on the bed, exposed to the beach, on the island together. She wrapped her thin smooth legs around the back of my thighs, pulling me closer to her, we began passionately kissing as our groins danced in rhythm. Her young juices covering us both, my cock entirely inside her tight fertile pussy. Briana whispered, "I love you," and kissed me. My cock throbbed inside her, my balls tightened and I didn't ever think about it til this point, but was caught up in the moment.
As our lips met, my cock jumped inside her and I began to shoot my sperm into her unprotected womb. Unbeknownst to us, in that moment she was fertilized. We made out, grinding our naked bodies closer together, my cock still spurting my semen into her deeply. We laid there, our naked bodies intertwined, passionately making love. Briana squeezed her tight pussy tightly around my cock, milking the last bit of sperm inside herself. We both smiled, enjoying the moment, our bodies joined together.
We laid there for several minutes, my cock shrinking slowly inside her tight young pussy. When I eventually got off her, and slowly pulled my cock out, she leaned back, lifted her legs back by her head and covered her pussy quickly with her young hand. No words were needed, she just looked up at me batting her eyes innocently, gently rubbing her tummy and she moaned softly.
We slept together in each others arms, our naked bodies tangled together. My sperm slowly leaking from her freshly impregnated pussy all night. We woke in the morning to the quiet lap of waves on the beach feet from our bed. Briana was using my naked body as a pillow, her legs wrapped around my right leg, her arm across my torso. I could feel her messy warm pussy stuck to my leg from all our juices. I just watched her sleep against me, I began to caress her bare naked body, massaging her back, fondling her round little buttcheeks.
Briana woke up, looking at me, "good morning husband, " she smiled, looking from my face down to my cock. "somebody is awake," she smiled, and moved quickly, throwing her thin leg over mine, instantly straddling my waist. She pushed my erect cock down against my waistline with her pussy lips. She was so messy and sticky, my cock was already too from last night, she began to grind back and forth the length of my cock against her pussy. She looked deep into my eyes, "I love you and I want your baby," she softly spoke.
"we shouldn't have done that last night Briana, a baby will outlast this cruise. We are stopping this when we get home, remember?" plus, you are way too young to be getting pregnant," I spoke firmly, but couldn't help being so turned on by her in the sexy sheer nighty, grinding her hot pussy up and down my cock.
"I don't care," she pouted, scooting up my stomach and then backwards, her legs were spread, pussy wide open as she slipped over my cock. Giving me no option otherwise, she continued further down onto my cock, once entirely inside her, she sat upright on me. What a beautiful sight. She sat there, just lightly swaying her hips, grinding her clit on me with my entire cock inside her.
I reached out and began to fondle her little buds, she squeaked, moaned, and squealed as I played with them, so tiny and sensitive. Biting her lip she looked at me, "I'm cumming for you Jake," Briana moaned. Her pussy clenched me tight as her juices flowed all over me, her thighs.
I couldn't hold back, and wasn't quick enough to pick her up off me, my cock throbbed and began shooting my warm thick sperm up into her. She sat down hard on me with all her weight, rubbing herself below her belly button. "mmmm, yes" she said, my cock continuing to fill her fertile womb, undoubtedly impregnating Briana.
She milked my cock dry, and we laid there for a bit. Before getting off me, she leaned back and grabbed her tiny little gstring, putting it around her ankles and pulling up her smooth long legs. She quickly pulled the small patch of tight sheer material tightly against her pussy as she lifted off my cock. A potent morning load of semen held inside her with her gstring wrapped around her pussy lips keeping them closed. "I want this to be the one," she smiled, rubbing her tummy.
"I love you," I leaned over, kissing her before I went and showered, getting ready to head back to the ship.
Went I came out, ready to go, there was Briana, back in the same "dress" from yesterday, her short hair a mess. She appeared like she just had made hot love, which she did. "you're not going to clean up?"
"I like feeling like this, I don't want to clean up yet, I want it to soak in me more," Briana smiled and lifted her dress, her crotch and upper thighs were still all sticky and wet with both our juices. She looked very slutty, sexy, beautiful, hot all at once. She got several looks, smiles, and raised eyebrows as we boarded the ship. She seemed to like the attention.
After we boarded, Briana went back to the room to clean up and I needed a stiff drink. As she walked away, the bottom of her nighty would flip up, revealing her firm little bare cheeks, her thighs wet and sticky, some sperm running down her inner thigh to her knee.
I sat and had several drinks, astonished at what had happened in the last 24 hours, there was some guilt, but there was nothing I could do about it now, we were stuck in this situation for the next four days. I could only imagine what was to come…..