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Celestial Nirvana: Part 7 – The Final Lesson

Victoria looked out the window of the hotel room she was sharing with Jack. She could barely keep her mind on one thought or worry, it was like trying to grab snakes while pumped full of Novocain. Playing in her mind over and over like a Youtube video set to repeat, the scene from the garage haunted her like the guilt of a crime. Her emotions were a sea of confusion, struggling to define her feelings for Jack. After seeing what he was capable of, she felt fear; after realizing the secret he had kept from her, she felt distrust and resentment; and after hearing his words and seeing him smile… she felt love.
As Jack came up behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders and kissing her neck, she stirred and pulled away, almost with disgust. Biting his lip, he wrapped his arms around her waist, and while she gave a half-hearted struggle for a few seconds, she quickly became docile.
“Victoria, what do I have to do to make your forgive me?” He asked.
“You don’t get it, you just don’t get it. It’s not a matter of whether or not I can forgive you, it’s a matter of what this means for our relationship. I have no idea who or what you are and you won’t answer any of my questions.” She said bitterly.
“No, this is about forgiveness. You’re angry with me for keeping this secret from you. You’re angry with me for complicating things. You’re angry with me because I can’t give you any answers right now. But what angers you the most is that things had to change when they were so perfect just an hour ago. Speak your mind Victoria.” He replied.
“How can I trust you? How can I believe you when you say you love me or start preaching your psycho bullshit?! How do I know that you’re not just stringing me along, thinking of me in the same way that a human thinks of an animal or an insect? How can I ever trust you when I can never be your equal?” She asked.
“Victoria, I am human. I have a human brain and a human body, and the way I feel and think is possible for any other human. Except for my powers, any other human can become like me, it all depends on how they choose to see the universe and how they choose to shape their perceptions. The love I feel for you is just like the love anyone else would feel in my position. I love you and I care about you.”
“But why have you hidden the truth from me?”
“Because of this, right here and now. Can you imagine what your reaction would have been before we started our relationship? We’ve been together for so short a time, can you really say that you would have handled this better in the past?”
“If you can bring back the dead, why didn’t you bring back your mom?” Victoria asked.
“I do not see life and death in the same way you do, everything I have said about existing forever has been honest and true. The only reason why I revived those thugs is to make up for the violence I committed against them in the first place. What happened to my mother was an accident, but what I did to them was on purpose. Admittedly, I let my temper get the best of me, and recreating them was my penitence for it.” He said with his hold loosening. Taking a step forward, Victoria turned around and placed her hands on Jack’s chest.
“Do you really love me?” She asked.
“With all of my heart.” Ha answered.
“Then I trust you.” She murmured.
Leaning forward, she buried her face in the side of his neck and held onto him for dear life. Jack wrapped his arms tightly around her, his fingers tented against the back of her head and the sweet fragrance of her hair dominating his senses. Both humming like newborn pups, they tightened their grasp on each other, holding themselves so close together that they could feel each other’s hearts beating. As if surrendering, Victoria released her hold and raised her head, glanced up with a small content smile and blushing face. Looking like a cat getting rubbed in just the right spot behind the ear, she completely let go and almost became limp, fully giving in to the feeling of being embraced.
Slowly, Jack loosened his hold and the two teenagers stared into each other’s eyes, waiting only a few moments before they started kissing. Panting heavily from their growing horniness, they moved over to the bed without ending heir kiss, quickly undressing each other before lying down. Without using his hands, Jack entered Victoria with one great push, drawing a gasp of joy from the young beauty. Their naked bodies pressed together and interlocked, the two lovers began panting and trembling in bliss with Jack taking point, thrusting into Victoria with machine-like strength.
Victoria’s body was indescribable in its physical beauty and feeling. Her firm rolling breasts jiggling against his chest, her soft flat belly lapping against his like waves on the beach, her long smooth legs wrapping around his waist and holding him tightly, her beautiful scarlet hair smelling like roses and fruit, and her red lips, as soft and delicate as wisps of ice cream. He loved every single centimeter of her body, and she could feel his love. She could feel his feelings basically being injected into her with each penetration, as well as with each breath they shared while they kissed.
Jack began to pick up speed, driving into her like a woodpecker and causing the mattress to rock back and forth and bounce on its frame. Feeling her barriers crashing down with each thrust, Victoria stopped kissing him and laid back, relishing the feeling of her approaching orgasm. Knowing the signs, Jack changed his movements, stirring his cock inside her with each thrust instead of relying on deep penetration. At last, Victoria cried out in ecstasy and Jack could feel her pussy shaking with wet arousal.
“Oh Jack!” She moaned over and over again.
Not done, Jack rolled off her and got behind her with the two of them on their sides. Lifting up her leg, he re-entered her and resumed fucking her, giving her a wide excited smile from the switch to the new position. Grinning and licking her lips, Victoria looked back and resumed hissing him, while placing one hand on his cheek and using the other hand to rub her clit. With the threshold reached, Victoria was quick to have another mind-numbing orgasm.
“Victoria, I’m going to cum.” He grunted in her ear.
“Well you’ve certainly deserved it. Give to me baby, pour all of your semen into me.” She whined.
Happy to obey, Jack put all of his remaining strength into twenty more brutally-fast thrusts, forcing his cock into her with so much speed that his balls were basically being slingshot back and forth almost painfully. In tandem with the twentieth thrust, Jack gave a low growl and emptied all of his reserves into her, filling her up to the point where sperm was overflowing and oozing out of her pussy. His erection deflating, Jack pulled out of her and laid his head on the pillow.
“I love you Jack, and I just want to be with you.” Victoria whispered, pressing herself against him.
“Don’t worry, we’ll be together forever.” He replied, holding her close and slowly drifting to sleep.

“For as long as I can remember, my mom has been an overachiever with high expectations of me. You could say that she is a workaholic, always spending her time at one job or another, coming home late each night because she would rather work 5 to 9 instead of 9 to 5. It’s not like we needed the money, we would have been fine if she had worked better hours. When I asked her why she was never home and why she was so obsessed with work, she said that adults have to work, that’s just the way it is. Knowing what you have to do and doing it is all a part of growing up. She drilled that into my mind over and over again: know what you have to do and then do it, it’s time for you to grow up. I used to think she just hated my dad and I, but now I’m old enough to know that she’s just crazy. Oh well, with me being a whore and my mom always gone, it’s no big surprise that I started screwing my dad every night.” Kelly said with a bitter laugh, sitting on the invisible ground with her back to Jack.
“How Freudian, very interesting.” Jack said, walking towards her from across the dreamscape.
“What do you mean?” She asked.
“Freud believed that early childhood experiences dominated the shaping process of the human mind, and that most inner conflicts stemmed from the instinctive desire to have sex gone wrong. Many of these issues deal with the parents of the opposite gender. To be frank, you’re Freud’s wet dream.” He explained, sitting down behind her, back to back.
“So how does that help me?” Kelly asked, leaning her head back against his shoulder.
“Well we have two aspects as to the development of your identity crisis. On one hand, you have an uncaring mom who would rather stay at the office long into night than take her role as a wife and mother, leaving that role open, and you have her forcing a concept into your mind that terrified you and gave you a deep-seated fear of growing older. The family is the greatest basis for the development of our personalities: we mirror ourselves after our same-gender parent or rebel to create our own personality, in this case, your mother. We then use our opposite-gender parent as a model in which we develop our expectations for everyone of the opposite gender.
Quite simply, your father is the first man you have ever known and you used him as a model to set your expectations for finding a mate. With this, it’s clear that since you didn’t really have a mother in which to mirror or rebel against, you instead saw the role that she left wide open. Because you had no identity of your own, you sought to take your absent mother’s, at least in terms of responsibility. This can often take place in single-parent families, but it is because of your complete lack of an identity that you took it so far. This is why you never really felt shame when being intimate with your father; it was because you had not established your role as the daughter.
Then, there is the second aspect. From what I understand, you loathe your mother and you rarely ever saw her. From this, I can assume that you naturally rebelled against becoming like her, using only what you were able to gleam from her. She said that she basically drilled into your mind the concept that growing up involves total self-knowledge and the stoic sense of what has to be done. You hated your mother, so you hated what she believed in. You didn’t want to prove her right and become what she wanted, so you turned your back on knowing yourself. You tried to fight against the aging process, you wanted to stay young, immature, and carefree to rebel against her, and to do that, you had to stay ignorant of who you are and “what you needed to do”. Basically, your feelings for your mother triggered and energized humans’ natural fear of death and aging.
The fact that you were so desperate to stay young also helps explain why you chose the role of a prostitute. By becoming a sex object, you made yourself feel wanted and attractive, which is the main desire and fear that people normally develop, as they grow older.” He said.
“So what should I do?” Kelly asked, feeling the last and greatest weight basically melting off her shoulders.
“Nothing. You now know the source of your problems, and with that, you will naturally and subconsciously work to fix it. You have discovered your identity, so you’ve solidified your core and know where you stand. All that’s left is to overcome your anger and resentment for your mother and come to terms with your fear of death and aging, which you will achieve when I teach you to unlock the Self. For now, you are done.” He said.
Getting up on her knees, Kelly turned around and leaned on Jack, wrapping her arms around him.
“Jack, you’ve helped me more than anyone else in my life. No one has ever been so kind to me and done so much for me.”
“You don’t have to thank me, we’re friends after all.” Jack said with a smile while reaching back stroking her hair.
“Jack, I think I love you.” She murmured. Jack’s hand stopped, and he slowly moved it down from her hair and placed it on her hand.
“Kelly, you know I am with Victoria. I love her and I promised her that I would be with no one else.” He said softly.
“But you love me too, I know you do! You wouldn’t have done all this for me if you didn’t!” She said desperately with a tight hold.
“You’re right, I do care about you, but not in the same way I care about Victoria. Please Kelly, don’t make this difficult.” He said.
“You told me that you love to help people, to fulfill their potential. If I could be with someone I love and who loves me, just for one night, I think I may finally understand who I truly am. Be my mirror, show me my reflection.” She pleaded. Jack sighed.
“Speak to Victoria, I won’t do anything unless she wants me to.” He finally said.

“In order to discover the Self, you must see through the Superego. You must see through the display you use to project who you are, the part of your personality that is shaped by events and experiences. Think of your mind as like a planet, with your Self as the pure molten core, free of all characteristics or distinguishable features. Your Superego is the surface, shaped and morphed by the tectonic collisions of your life and decorated by life. All three of you have gone through this process: Victoria, you removed the barriers you had created around yourself out of fear of assimilation and have learned to trust others; Kelly, you discovered your identity and came to terms with your innate fear of growing up; Tyler, you faced the death of your sister, learned that pain is in the mind, and that there is no possible course of action, except for the one taken, all resulting in the loss of the guilt that has plagued you for years.” Said Jack. The four teenagers were sitting on the floor in Jack’s room, taking advantage of the time after school.
“Now, you all know that I am different, and I have promised you all of your answers on my birthday. That said, it would be better for you to complete this before then, which means that we have four days. Today I will begin going over with you the main concepts of the self and give an overview of the Tree of Life, something I have instructed Kelly to research. After that, we will closely examine the concepts, and hopefully, you will all be ready to accept my answers. Are you all ready?” He asked. Everyone nodded.
“Good, I’ll start off summarizing what I have told you all already. The Self is the core of your personality, the untainted source of all your honest likes and dislikes. When I say honest, I mean that the social factor has no effect on it. If you give into peer pressure, you could say that your Superego is the need to impress others, but the Self is your conscience, telling you not to give in. The interesting thing is that with this example, your conscience is acting, but not specifically your morals. Basically, the Self does not recognize rules or laws.
The Self has a very instinctual and biological origin, as it controls how we perceive our world and essentially regulates the flow of chemicals and neural pulses in the brain. It is like a combination of your physical desires and your pure emotions, basically the Id and Ego to your Superego, as Freud would say. However, the Self is also the source of higher-level thinking. I don’t mean that unlocking the Self makes you a super-genius, but it is instead the medium we use to conceive our place in the universe. The Superego looks only at the tiny world we live in, but the Self takes in our acknowledgement of the entirety of creation and gives birth to true philosophy.
As I said before, the Self controls our perceptions, labeling everything as good or bad, basically working on autopilot. However, if you can achieve the Self and see the truth that it provides for you, then you can see something from every possible angle, both positive and negative, and truly choose to be happy. People often ask me why I am so happy. Quite simply, I am happy because I am able to see the light in everything. They say that every problem is an opportunity in disguise, well that’s basically how I see the world. I only lower my smile out of respect for people grieving or when it is socially needed.”
“So how exactly do you discover the Self?” Kelly asked.
“You must overcome every assumption and unwritten rule that society has given you, you must realize your true value in the universe, and you must learn to go beyond black and white perceptions and see the grey in between. Many of the lessons on the Self, you have each already learned, albeit separately. I’ll go over all of them again so that you each get the same lesson, but not now. Now, we focus on the Tree of Life, also known as the Kabbalah and the Sephirot Tree. I figure since you know what I am capable of, there is no point in hiding it.”
On the wall behind Jack, three diagrams of light appeared, each the size of a table. All three of his students gasped in amazement, even Victoria, who had seen him block a knife, dematerialize bullets, and rip humans apart atom by atom and then resurrect them. The first diagram was of the simple Tree of Life, no more than a web with eleven bubbles, a name in each one. The second one was more complex, with explanations and directions around and between each bubble, as well as multiple symbols. However, due to the language of its origin, it was completely unreadable. The third looked downright strange, resembling an upside-down palm tree with branches extending from the trunk and a label imprinted on each of the ten leaves. Each branch had its own Sephirot bubble, as well as the heart of the roots and the knot of the tree.
“The tree has multiple interpretations, not only in translation but in appearance. One of my favorites is the work of Robert Fludd, the one who created the third diagram. The Tree of Life is one of the foundations of all religion, serving as the pathway to God. Now before you start worrying, I want to assure that I’m not trying to indoctrinate you into a cult.” He said with a laugh, which was joined by the others.
“I use the Tree of Life as a reference because I find it to be truly a fascinating concept and a perfect example for my methods. I am in no way religious. You all know my motto; half of reality is how you perceive it. When I say it, I mean that it is only through consciousness that things can be labeled and categorized. You can’t deny that a star is a colossal mass of nuclear fire, but you need a mind to actually label it as ‘hot’. This ability, born to everything that thinks, could almost considered a divine power. Quite simply, the gods that humans try so hard to find are actually the humans themselves.
That’s why the Tree of Life is such a good example for my teachings, you can replace God with the Self for the achievement that it leads you to. Since God and man are one in the same, the Tree of Life leads back to the same goal. Now, we move onto the definition. Each Sephirot on the tree corresponds to a virtue, a state of mind that must be attained to form a path. The tree has many different translations, but the overall idea is the same. Try to remember these, at least the definitions.
Keter, the first Sephirot, is our direct connection to our higher self. It links us to the higher dimensions through which only the mind may enter, since the mind creates them. It also consists of things that the human mind cannot comprehend. It represents the primal stirrings of intent in the Ein Soph –the Ein Soph being both the origin of everything and the divine nothing- or the arousal of desire to come forth into the varied life of being. But in this sense, although it contains all the potential for content, it contains no content itself, and is therefore called 'Nothing',
Chokhmah, the second of the ten Sephirot, is the first power of conscious intellect within Creation, and the first point of 'real' existence, since Keter represents emptiness. It is the power of intuitive insight, as well as wisdom. The "wisdom" of Chokhmah also implies the ability to look deeply at some aspect of reality and abstract its conceptual essence till one succeeds in uncovering its underlying axiomatic truth. These seeds of truth can then be conveyed to the companion power of Binah for the sake of intellectual analysis and development. Consider this our ability to comprehend and define.
Binah is 'understanding' or 'contemplation'. It is likened to a 'palace of mirrors' that reflects the pure point of light of Chokmah, increasing and multiplying it in an infinite variety of ways. In this sense, it is the 'quarry', which is carved out by the light of wisdom. On a psychological level, Binah is "processed wisdom," also known as deductive reasoning. It is davar mitoch davar -understanding one idea from another idea. While Chockmah is intellect that does not emanate from the rational process (it is either inspired or taught), Binah is the rational process that is innate in the person, which works to develop an idea fully.
Da’at is considered the point of creation, when the active principle of Chokhmah (wisdom), meets with the passive principle of Binah, 'understanding', and creates the archetypal idea of knowledge. These three are sometimes referred to as the “super-conscious”. You could say that Da’at is an unofficial Sephirot, serving as the keystone between all of them. Consider it your anchor, the balance in which you retain your humanity so that the knowledge of the Tree of Life doesn’t fuel your ego and give you delusional ideas of grandeur.
Chesed is loving-kindness, a simple virtue that can never be underestimated in its value. Like Da’at, it is an anchor to remind you that you are human, as one who is cruel seeks to separate himself from others, while someone who is kind opens their heart and places trust.
Gevurah is understood as God's mode of punishing the wicked and judging humanity in general. But like I’ve said before, man and God are one in the same, therefor, it is the ability of humans to judge other humans. It is the foundation of stringency, absolute adherence to the letter of the law, and strict meting out of justice, essentially making it the key to mankind’s ability to create civilization. This stands in contrast to Chesed. Gevurah is associated in the soul with the power to restrain one's innate urge to bestow goodness upon others, when the recipient of that good is judged to be unworthy and liable to misuse it. I used Gevurah when Victoria and I were attacked, knowing there was no time to talk. As the force that measures and assesses the worthiness of Creation, Gevurah is also referred to in the Kabbalah as midat hadin (the attribute of judgment). It is the restraining might of Gevurah which allows one to overcome his enemies, be they from without or from within (his evil inclination).
Tiferet is the force that integrates the Sephirot of Chesed ("compassion") and Gevurah (Strength or Judgement). These two forces are, respectively, expansive (giving) and restrictive (receiving). Either of them without the other could not manifest the flow of enlightened energy; they must be balanced in perfect proportion by balancing compassion with discipline. This balance can be seen in the role of Tiferet, wherein the conflicting forces are harmonized, and creation flowers forth. This is what will grant you the knowledge to know when to talk down a terrorist who has shot you in the chest and is trying to crash a plane and when to do what you can to ensure your safety or the safety of someone else. Tiferet also balances Netzach and Hod in a similar manner. In that case, Hod can be seen as the intellect where Netzach is seen as emotion.
Understanding the attributes of Netzach and Hod gives us a new perspective into understanding what is happening in the world. No longer do we merely look at an act at face value and attempt to understand it as such, but we must look at it also in terms of "a means to an end.” These Sephirot mark a turning point. Whereas the first two groups of Sephirot deal with intrinsic will and what it is that we desires to bestow upon other people, these Sephirot are focused on man: What is the most appropriate way for man to receive God's message? How can God's will be implemented most effectively? In essence, it is the innate desire to find the Self, balancing intellect and emotion to uncover your core.
All the Sephirot are likened to different parts of the body, and Netzach and Hod are likened to the two feet of a person. Feet are usually only the means for a person's activity. While the hands are the main instrument of action, the feet bring a person to the place where he wishes to execute that action. However, Hod is seen as form of "submission"; being explained that instead of "conquering" an obstacle in one's way, (which is the idea of Netzach), subduing oneself to that "obstacle" is related to the quality of Hod. Tyler, what you and I discussed about how time dictates all actions fit into this category. It is the humble acceptance of one’s role and value in the universe.
The Sephirot of Yesod translates spiritual concepts into actions that unite us with God, or as I’ve said, the Self. It plays the role of collecting and balancing the different and opposing energies of Hod and Netzach, and also from Tiferet above it, storing and distributing it throughout the world. It is likened to the engine-room of creation. Think of it as the hub between the Self and the Superego, creating the compromises between our true desires and society’s needs that we experience every day. When the Self tells you that you are hungry but your Superego reminds you that you are on a diet, the principal of Yesod comes into play in the form of you deciding to eat something healthy.
Malkuth is the final Sephirot, and unlike the other nine, it is an attribute of mankind, which does not emanate from mankind directly. Rather it emanates from mankind's creation—when that creation reflects and evinces mankind's glory from within itself. Think of it as the final anchor, the link between the world outside your body and the world inside your mind. It is associated with the realm of matter and relates to the physical world. It is important not to think of this Sephirot as merely "unspiritual", for even though it is the emanation furthest from the divine source, it is still on the Tree of Life. As the receiving sphere of all the other Sephirot above it, Malkuth gives tangible form to the other emanations. It is like the negative node of an electrical circuit. The divine energy comes down and finds its expression in this plane, and our purpose as human beings is to bring that energy back around the circuit again and up the Tree.
Now, that is it for today. Go home, mull over what I have told you, and see what progress you can make on your own. I’ll leave you all alone tonight.”
Everyone nearly rolled back onto the floor like water if its container suddenly disappeared. They had been sitting still for so long and paying so much attention to Jack that they had lost all feeling in their muscles. They all stood up and stretched, moaning in joy at the feeling of finally being able to ease the tension in their bodies.
“Alright ladies, I’ll drive you home.” Tyler said with a yawn.
“Actually I live just down the road, so I’ll stay with Jack a little longer and then walk home. But thank you though.” Victoria said gratefully.
“Kelly?” Tyler asked.
“Yeah, that would be great. But uh, Victoria? Could I talk to you for a minute?” She replied, causing Victoria to raise an eyebrow in suspicion.
“Sure.” She said, following Kelly out of the room and deep into the hall.
“So, what do you think they’re talking about?” Tyler asked.
“I don’t have the heart to listen in.” Jack said, standing up and stretching.
“You’ve certainly recovered from your wound quickly.” Tyler remarked.
“Well now that you three know, I don’t have to pretend anymore. Really, I just walk with the cane for everyone else’s sake.” Jack explained.
“So when I discover my Self, will I get powers like yours?” He asked, making Jack laugh.
“No, my abilities and the Self are completely unrelated. Don’t worry my friend, you’ll get your answers soon enough.” Jack responded.

“So what’s up?” Victoria asked, standing in the bathroom with Kelly.
“You told me about what happened with those guys in Washington, but there is something I need to tell you. You know that I used to be a whore and a drug addict… well I’m not anymore. I mean that literally; I’m a virgin and I’ve never had any drugs in my system.” She said nervously. Victoria looked at her quizzically.
“What do you mean?”
“Jack cured me of all my problems. He cured me of all my STDs, my withdrawal symptoms, he removed my scars, and he even gave me my virginity. Basically, I haven’t been this pure since I was nine years old. I told you that so I could tell you this. I don’t know how to say it, so I’m just going to be blunt. I’m in love with Jack, and with your permission, I’d like to have a three-way.” Said Kelly. Victoria took a slow deep breath, trying to keep her emotions in check and not feel overly protective.
“Go home Kelly.” Victoria sighed, walking out of the bathroom.
“Nice chat.” Kelly said with a click of her tongue.

“So, did you get what you were looking for?” Kelly asked, sitting in the passenger seat of Tyler’s pickup truck as they drove towards her house.
“I guess, I got a lot of information but no real answers. Though I guess I can understand, I mean he did basically give us the tools to achieve our goals, now he’s going to let us experiment with them before telling us what they’re for. I just wonder if we’ll really accomplish something before the 21st.” Tyler shrugged.
“I’ve been wondering about that. You know what the 21st is, right?” Kelly asked.
“Of course, 12/21/2012, the Mayan doomsday that everyone has been talking about. What, you think it’s real?” Tyler laughed.
“Well maybe not the Mayan thing exactly, but haven’t you noticed that he wants to get everything done before then, like he’s not expecting anything after? What if he knows something that we don’t.”
“Girl, from the moment we met, I’ve known that he knows something that I don’t know.” Tyler grunted.

Jack and Victoria lay on his fold-out mattress, painting heavily with their bodies glistening with sweat and their clothes scattered across the room.
“Kelly asked for a three-way.” Victoria said out of the blue.
“Really? I didn’t think she would go that far.” Jack replied.
“So you knew?”
“Of course I knew, I’m the one who sent her to ask you. She said she wanted to sleep with me, I turned her down because I’m with you, she insisted, and I told her that she would have to talk to you if I were to break my promise. I must say, the suggestion was a good idea on her part. Make you feel more comfortable by letting you watch and intervene however you like, let you remain a part of it. It seems she really trusts you, after all, you’re one of her first real friends.”
“You’re such a gentleman.” She said sweetly.
“So what was your answer?”
“I said no. I’m not into women and I hate the idea of sharing you.” She replied, sitting up with a blanket wrapped around her.
“With how hungrily you lick your fingers clean after each session of playing with yourself, some would say otherwise. Besides, maybe this would help you finally eliminate your trust issues.” Jack suggested. Victoria shot him a dirty look.
“I’m going home.” She established.

Kelly was lying in bed, staring up at her ceiling with her mind abuzz with questions, all of which about Jack, the 21st, or his teachings. What was going to happen on Friday? Would Victoria change her mind if she pressed the matter? How was she supposed to make sense of what Jack had told her. She had studied the Tree of Life over and over, but she just couldn’t figure out how it worked.
‘Calm down, you aren’t helping yourself by getting all worked up. Jack told you to try and make some progress on your own, so do it and quit complaining. We have to do whatever he says, he’s our teacher.
Holy shit, we may be a cult after all.’ She thought to herself before laughing.
Her nerves steady, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and interlaced her fingers with her whole body becoming calm. Lying on her back, not moving, she slowly felt sleepiness crawling up her body like frost. But it was mental tiredness she wanted, not physical tiredness. More and more, she calmed her mind, focusing only on her breathing until she felt herself beginning to fall back towards the world of dreams.
‘Ok, Jack isn’t coming tonight, so I can’t rely on a dream to help me. So… visualize it.’ Kelly thought, imagining the Tree of Life. No matter how many times she looked at it, it always seemed familiar, like it was tickling some long-lost memory.
‘Focus on the first one, Keter, focus. He said… he said that it dealt with higher planes, those that only the mind could reach and the ones that surpassed all human understanding. He said it was nothingness, the bleakness from which creation originated. Ok, not sure what to do with that. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to try…’ She thought.
Like sweat from pores, liquid darkness began to ooze forth from every surface in her room like ink. She was sinking into her mind, bypassing all stages of sleep and landing right in the REM stage. As she sank further and further into the dream, her mind was losing its grip on reality. Within minutes, she began to sink into her bed as well, losing her sense of what it felt like and her knowledge that it was really there. Finally, her sheets opened up beneath her and she fell into space, surrounded by stars and galaxies.
“Planes that only my mind can reach and planes that I cannot comprehend… The bleakness from which creation originated…” She murmured as her bra and panties slowly slipped off her body and transformed into gas.
“The limits of what I can understand, the edge of my mind… The edge of the universe…” She whispered, closing her eyes and allowing her brain to delve further into the dream.
Taking a deep breath, Kelly felt no fear or shock as cells began to bud off her. At first they were no more than the usual dead skin cells, but in seconds, entire layers of skin were flaking off, revealing the muscles and veins beneath. As if being eaten by acid, all the veins began to corrode, their cells being jettisoned off like the escape pods of a space ship. In a silent splatter, her veins all popped, emptying her blood into space. With the biological cloud expanding, her muscles became the next material to fall apart, followed by her organs, and at last, her skeleton.
Moving quickly, her cells spread out in all directions, flying off through space. Each cell, intact and immune to damage, contained all of her senses and was linked to the rest in one great hive mind. Kelly could feel them all, as if they were billions of tiny hands with eyes in the palms, letting her see and touch everything. And yet, there was no brain or top cell for the information to be received. It felt like she experienced everything through each cell all at once.
Her cells continued to spread out, some picking up speed and others slowing down. Time passed, Kelly didn’t know how long, it barely felt like an hour to her. But regardless of time or the elements, her cells survived the wraths of space, being sucked into black holes, landing on planets and asteroids, getting caught in space storms and gas giants, or just flying off into the darkest corners of the cosmos, never to see or be seen again. Over the course of what felt like barely a couple of hours but were really several billion years, Kelly’s cells were stretched across the entire universe like a 3D minefield, her existence spread out across the entirety of the universe.
But… it was too great. She could see from each and every one of her cells, but it was like she couldn’t communicate with them. Whenever she focused her attention on one, she would completely forget about what she saw with the others. She would look through one, find she couldn’t contact the one closest to it, and completely forget about everything she had seen in the first. It was like each and every time she applied the tiniest amount of focus or attention, her memory completely slipped, like a goldfish swimming in circles because the bowl seemed completely new to it with each lap.
But there was more, she new there was more to see. She had to go beyond the horizon, go beyond the edge of the universe. She willed herself to go further, expand her parameters to new sizes. Her cells continued to fly out in all directions, approaching the very rim of the universe. But the farther they flew, the foggier their vision came. Each one was essentially failing like a broken security camera, but she couldn’t stop, she had to see more! She was so close, she had just about reached the edge of the universe. Finally, she broke through into the realm of Nonexistence,
Suddenly, her universe began to condense, closing in on itself, being devoured by true Nonexistence. Kelly’s cells were all being pushed back into the universe, watching as the colorless Nonexistence washed over the universe like a tsunami. It was all shrinking, the universe collapsing to half its size, then a quarter, the size of a galaxy, a nebula, a black hole, a star, a planet, a house. Pushed back to the point from which she originated, Kelly was forcefully reformed by the pressure of Nonexistence, before it finally devoured her.
Kelly bolted up with such intensity that she basically jumped out of bed and landed on the floor, gasping like someone had just tried to drown her. Never in her life, even with Jack, had any dream been that vivid or realistic. Had she inadvertently scratched the surface of the Self? Is this what it was capable of?!

Tyler knew this was a dream, but he still felt like he was going to spontaneously combust from the rage boiling in his veins. He was in the parking lot of the local movie theater, behind the building and in a dark corner. it was late at night, and in front of him, not two feet away were his thirteen year-old self, his naked sister, and the two men raping her while the third guy kept Tyler pinned down. Both Tyler and Elsa had been bound and gagged with duct tape so that they couldn’t fight back or call for help, but that didn’t keep them from getting beaten and roughed up.
Tyler had suffered this dream over a thousand times, but he could never get over it. Only through repeating what Jack had taught him did he maintain his cool and keep from falling apart. But this time, what was hurting him the most was the fact that he was still having the dream. He thought he had come to terms with his sister’s death, he thought the dreams would stop after Jack’s mom’s funeral, and yet he still had to endure this nightmare. He knew what was going to happen, it had been burned in his mind, yet he couldn’t look away. He watched as one of the men taking turns with his sister pulled her up onto her hands and knees, smacked her ass, and the inserted herself into her anus. She cried until tears were streaming down her face from the sodomy, having never experienced it before and received no warning. While she was anally raped, the other two men switched places, giving Tyler a new captor while the one who had been standing on top of him moved in front of his sister, pulled out his dick, and started jacking off. It didn’t take long, he showed no hesitation in ejaculating right on her face at pointblank range.
After several minutes, the man raping her pulled out with a long string of semen leading from Elsa’s bleeding asshole to the head of his cock.
“Alright, I’m done, let’s get out of here.” He said, pulling out a knife and proceeding to stab both Elsa and Tyler in the chest.
Tyler winced and put his hand on his side, feeling like the blade had just entered him for real all over again. With the young Tyler and his sister Elsa lying on the cold pavement, their blood pooling beneath them and blending together, the thugs grabbed the money they had stolen and began to run off. However, after only taking a few steps, they stopped dead in their tracks, time having completely stopped. This always happened, this was the point where his memories stopped. Whether he blacked out or just repressed it, he had no idea.
He turned back to his past self and Else and felt his jaw drop. The two of them, together in that one small space in the parking lot, was the only area in which time was still moving. Elsa, scrapping her naked body on the cold hard pavement and gushing blood, wiggled over to her younger brother. The young Tyler, on the verge of passing out, began to feel his eyes drooping. The present Tyler looked around, seeing the dream being consumed by darkness and reaching the end of his memory. No, he had to see the rest! Tyler crouched down, watching Elsa scrape her face against the ground until her lips and nose were bleeding profusely, but succeeded in pulling the duct tape off her mouth.
At that moment, everything became dark, the young Tyler having closed his eyes and ended the visual component.
“No! NOOOO!” Tyler screamed.
“Tyler…” He heard. It was his sister’s voice, Elsa’s! His eyes had closed but he hadn’t lost consciousness yet. There was more to the memory!
“Elsa!” He cried out with tears running down his face.
“I’m sorry Tyler, I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry your special night got ruined. I know you’re hurt, but I also know that you’ll survive. So please, promise me, promise me that you’ll live your life happily and carefree. Don’t let this screw up your future and make you bitter. I’m not angry and I don’t want you to be. I know it’s your birthday, but please, do this for me as an early gift for mine. No matter how much you’re hurt, please, just be happy. No matter how bad things may get, always be happy. I love you Ty, and happy birthday.” He heard his sister murmur in the darkness.
Falling to his knees, Tyler sobbed uncontrollably, not even noticing as the scene returned to its original frozen moment. Looking back at the three criminals, he finally understood. This was the last time he would ever have this dream, it hadn’t come back to haunt him from the past, but to make sure he understood everything before moving onwards into the future. He had finally heard his sister’s dying message, the last chapter in the story, telling him how to live his life. He finally knew what he had to do.
“Chesed, Sephirot of loving kindness.” He said to himself.
‘So please, promise me, promise me that you’ll live your life happily and carefree. Don’t let this screw up your future and make you bitter. I’m not angry and I don’t want you to be. I know it’s your birthday, but please, do this for me as an early gift for mine. No matter how much you’re hurt, please, just be happy. No matter how bad things may get, always be happy.’ He thought to himself. He then turned to the three frozen figures, caught in mid-sprint. He knew what he had to do from now on, and he had to start with them.
“I forgive you.” He said softly.

Victoria was walking down the street of Portland, breathing into her hands to keep her fingers warm. The sidewalk was unusually packed and the sounds of traffic were practically overpowering on this day. It was freezing outside with a bitter sea breeze rushing between the buildings. About to press the button on a street lamp at an intersection, Victoria and everyone else in the city was nearly blinded by a bright light in the sky. Looking up while trying to shield her eyes, Victoria gazed in amazement at the object falling down from the heavens. It looked like the Tree of Life, but almost in the form of a neon sign that was several miles in diameter. Among them, the Malkuth and Yesod Sephirots were on fire.
Piercing layer after layer of the earth’s atmosphere, the tree rapidly heated the air around it and in Portland, so much so that buildings and people began to catch fire. Crashing into the sea, the Tree of Life created another blinding flash, similar to a nuclear explosion, and summoned a mushroom cloud of water that reached all the way up into space. Simultaneously, a molecule-shattering shockwave and deluge of fire washed over Portland. With nothing to shield herself with but her own arms, Victoria had no way to prevent her own body from being reduced to ashes.
Moving at speeds that made sound look like a mentally challenged slug, the incinerating pulse spread out in all directions, obscuring the northern Atlantic, eastern Canada, and New England. It continued to expand, quickly consuming the hemisphere, and then the whole planet. Anything standing was instantly shattered like a sugar cube and anything flammable was completely incinerated in less than a second. With fire raining down from the sky and the lakes boiling, earth looked more like hell, completely devoid of life in only minutes.
Victoria’s eyes bolted open and she looked around wildly, finding that she was floating in space. With her was the entirety of earth’s population, not just humans but all life, including animals, plants, insects, and even germs. Everyone was naked, but lucky for Victoria, she was the only conscious one, save for Kelly. The dream-Kelly was floating in front of her, wearing the same smile that Jack always wore.
“What, you turned into Kelly and now you’re visiting me? I thought you were leaving all of us alone tonight.” She said, still angry with Jack.
“Actually, for once, I’m not Jack. I’m your subconscious, which you thought was your dream-Jack the whole time. Jack did tell you that contact with the Self was the source of all philosophy.” Said Kelly.
“Well what was all that just now?” Victoria asked.
“That is your mind processing the information of two of the Sephirot and turning them into a similar image. Yesod, the link between the Self and the Superego. Malkuth, the link between the mind and the physical world. I’m here to teach you what you already know, using information that Jack has already told us, mixed with your own philosophical knowledge.
Quite simply, all this is the result of death, allowing all life on earth to return to what it once was: matter and energy. Though technically, it never really was anything but that.”
“Ok, so what does this have to do with anything?” Victoria asked impatiently.
“It is meant to show you that regardless of the species, all life is life. We are all made from the same matter and energy, the same atoms forged in the stars and the same power born from the birth of the universe. Regardless of different thoughts, opinions, ideas, beliefs, genders, ethnicities, and even species, we are all exactly the same, all part of the super organism known as Life. Think of how close you are with someone if you are able accept their blood transfusion. Now realize that everyone is made of and can exchange the same biomass, as long as the pieces are small enough.” Kelly said. She then floated forward and placed her hand on Victoria’s chest, causing her to shiver and blush.
“What are you doing?” Victoria asked, looking away.
“Showing you how close we really are.” Kelly said before leaning forward.
In the skin in her hand and the skin on Victoria’s chest, the cells began to break down into the pure molecular components. DNA chains were reformed and connected with each other, linking Victoria and the Kelly at the biological level. Victoria trembled and panted as Kelly’s hand completely merged with her chest, entering her torso cavity as a splash of primordial ooze. The flesh on Victoria’s back began to rise up, being shaped into fingers with the DNA inside turning back to the original Kelly’s.
Kelly pressed forward, inserting her whole arm into Victoria’s chest, with her flesh, blood, and bone becoming Victoria’s, before reforming from her back from Victoria’s own flesh, blood, and bone. Kelly continued to lean forward, interlacing her long smooth legs with Victoria’s before they melted together. Victoria panted and shook as she felt her breasts and pussy being touched by Kelly’s. She knew this was a dream, she knew that this wasn’t some trick by Jack or the real Kelly (that being impossible), but she had never touched another women like this. Kelly’s breasts felt so soft and warm against hers, their nipples practically fencing before merging together like water’s reflection and the person that the reflection showed as they dove in. For only a few seconds, Victoria could feel her own pussy against Kelly’s, the two pairs of lips kissing sensually and gently before they too formed.
With a soft smile on her face, Kelly closed the gap between her and Victoria and kissed her, inserting her tongue into Victoria’s mouth and filling it with her own flavor. Victoria struggled to describe the taste of another woman, it was so sweet and wet, like hot tea with extra sugar. Then, Victoria and Kelly fully joined together, their bodies becoming one large human-shaped blob of living flesh, with the DNA of the two women unwinding and reforming to a new level of compromise, joining together like grasping hands. Even their bones were basically turning into neutral biomass, as the core of their shared bodies just became a well of primordial ooze, a concoction of biological information and chemical materials.
The two women joined together completely, neither one of them could breathe, but they didn’t need to. Every cell was basically breaking down into proteins and molecules, simplifying to the point where oxygen was no longer required. And yet, each particle could be felt as if the nervous system was still fully operational. Their heads completely merged, Victoria could feel their brains became one, the DNA shuffling but the matter remaining the same. With neural networks being completely rewired and formed for the brief merging process, it was like Kelly’s mind was pouring into her own. She could feel their personalities joining, see her memories (well to be clear, the memories she was projecting onto the Kelly), and feel her own identity melting.
Finally, like one light beam passing through another, Kelly’s face began to form in the back of Victoria’s head, leaning out as their bodies began to separate one again. Her limbs broke free of Victoria’s, her breasts reforming as their torsos differentiated, and at last, Kelly stepped out of Victoria, the two women separate once again with their DNA back to their original forms. Victoria was practically going into shock, unable to process what had just happened. It felt almost like dying, her mind losing sense of what it was and unable to connect to the rest of the body, and yet, it also felt like rebirth, like her mind was re-entering the real world as it became one with Kelly’s. It was terrifying and yet euphoric.
“As Jack always said, the only real differences are the ones we create ourselves. At our core, we are all exactly the same, each a cell in the one organism known as life. You could go through that same process with an animal or plant, your biological identity being lost as it merged with that of the other organism. Watch.” Kelly said.
Around her, all of the people and organisms that had died in the first stage of the dream began to fly through space to a single point, as if drawn in by a black hole. Bodies slammed into each other and melted together, becoming a great mass of human flesh. Then, animals began to join in, further melting the biological identity of the mass as they became one with it and the entire system compromised to their DNA. The animals were followed by plant life, with trees, weeds, flowers, and grass crashing against the small moon of biomass and becoming one with it. By the time all the insects and germs had joined with it, the living sphere was the size of earth’s moon, completely anatomically neutral, the sum of all life born into one single organism.
“Should I take the rest of the life in the universe and add them? The aliens from across the galaxy? I’m sure you know now that they would become one with all other life without any other problems.”
“Oh my god.” Victoria gasped.
She could then feel herself being pulled forward, drawn to the living sphere as if by gravity. But after merging with Kelly, she no longer felt any fear. Completely calm, she let her body crash into the surface, being absorbed on contact without any sort of impact. As if sinking in acid, Victoria could feel her body being dismantled as she sank deeper and deeper into the mass, and yet it was completely painless. Instead, she felt like her body was almost growing, picking up the sensory information from the sea of biomass around her. The deeper and deeper she was pulled in, the more of her cells were pulled away. Finally, reaching the core, Victoria’s mind basically melted, being replaced with the collective hive mind of the entire organism.
She didn’t know where she ended and everything else began, she didn’t even know who she was. There was too much information floating around and through her to keep her identity. It felt… so good. It felt like all of her problems and conflicts were disappearing, being dematerialized as she became one with all life of earth. Her identity was gone, now filled only with the pleasure of being a part of everything.
In one great explosion, the moon ruptured and sprayed biomass in all directions like a colossal pain balloon. Cells were jettisoned in all directions, each one falling apart and crumbling into its atomic components. Gasping for air and feeling like her mind had just gone through a blender, Victoria was tossed aside, back in her original body. She looked around wildly, hovering in space with Kelly still with her.
“What the hell? What happened?” She asked, looking around but seeing only stars and galaxies.
“The sphere is still what it was, only in one of its simplest forms. You’re still in it, but not in the way you think. While you can’t exactly see each one individually, you are floating in a sea of atoms. Each atom around you was in the biomass moon, and around us, undetectable by your human senses, is the energy that flowed through it and all life on earth. In essence, this is what all life is: atoms and energy joined together in a specific way. Even between life and inanimate matter, there is no real difference, save for what shape it’s in. It’s just like what Jack said at his mom’s funeral. If you want, the sphere can be reformed, or you as well can be turned into pure atoms and energy.” Kelly explained. Victoria took a deep breath.
“So what now?” She asked.
“Now you have to understand. Yesod, the link between the Self and the Superego. Malkuth, the link between the mind and the physical world. You now understand through Malkuth that life and death are one in the same, that our form and shape is the only difference between our living cells and the earth beneath our feet. The mind and the physical world are one in the same. And through Yesod, you know that your Self and your Superego are your identity and how you differentiate yourself from all matter and energy around you. It is the source of your natural definition of what the difference between life and death are, it’s what let’s you feel emotions and draw meaning from the physical world.” Said Kelly.
“Alright, I understand.” Victoria said, taking another deep breath.
“Do you? Because if you do, then you won’t feel any discomfort from this…” Kelly said as she floated over to Victoria.
Her hand on the back of Victoria’s head, Kelly brought their lips together and kissed her, softly at first but then with more passion. For the first second, Victoria was numb to the feeling of the soft feminine lips against her own, but in a flurry, waves of pleasure shot through her whole body. Kelly tasted so sweet, so unique from Jack, so deliciously different. Victoria had never been with a woman before or even thought of one, but now with Kelly… she suddenly didn’t care. Sexuality no longer meant anything, preference had no worth now that she knew the truth about all life. All that mattered right now was pleasure, and feeling as good as she could while exploring the body before her.
Victoria wrapped her arms around Kelly and the two women’s bodies became interlaced, trying to create as much surface contact as possible while they both began to suck on each other’s tongues. To Victoria, it almost felt like she was kissing herself, like she was locking lips with a clone of herself that had a different appearance. All life is one in the same, the only individuals are those who want to be individuals, all bodies are fundamentally compatible at the biological level, and all that mattered was the preference of the person. After everything she had seen and experienced in this dream, Victoria couldn’t care less about the gender who she was with, as long as they were someone she cared about. A body was a body, what mattered was the mind inside of it, and even though she only felt love for Jack, this new experience of being with a woman was driving her wild with lust.
As she resigned herself to what was about to happen, she felt a surface against her back and gravity take affect on her. She was lying on an invisible floor, which immediately told her what was going to happen. Kelly ended their kiss and began to run her tongue across Victoria’s cheek and down her neck. Even if it was a dream, Victoria could not even begin to describe the feeling of a woman’s tongue on her naked body, so soft and delicate. Compared to Jack, who was as gentle and loving as she could ever want, Kelly was just so femininely sweet. Victoria gave a soft coo as she felt Kelly begin to massage her breasts with her hands, giggling and covering them with soft kisses.
As Kelly wrapped her lips around Victoria’s left nipple and began sucking it lovingly, Victoria looked down and they made eye contact, the two of them smiling. Kelly moved back and forth, licking Victoria’s breasts like they were two mounds of ice cream. She then moved down, running her tongue down Victoria’s flat belly. With a girlish laugh, Kelly began petting Victoria’s wet pussy, teasing her and licking her lips before finally coming down and flitting her tongue up the middle of the entrance. Feeling a woman touch her most precious and sensitive spot, regardless of how gently, made Victoria give a soft whine and blush. Lying on her stomach on the invisible ground with Victoria’s thighs against her ears, Kelly began sensually running her tongue through Victoria’s cunt, licking up her juices and energizing every nerve in her body.
“Oh god, that feels so good!” Victoria whimpered as she ran her fingers through Kelly’s hair. She then yelped as she felt Kelly insert her thumb into her anus.
“Come on baby, cum for me.” Kelly purred, working her thumb back and forth in Victoria’s tight asshole.
She continued eating Kelly out, sending her tongue as far up into Victoria as possible while working her lips against the entrance. Victoria’s face was bright red and it almost looked like she was crying in joy, writhing with each flick of Kelly’s tongue and squeezing her large breasts for added stimulation. As Victoria approached her first orgasm, Kelly suddenly stopped, nearly causing Victoria to beg and plead for more.
Getting up on her knees, Kelly wrapped her arms around Victoria’s legs and lifted up her lower body so that her ass was in the air. With a giggle, Kelly ran her tongue around Victoria’s asshole, teasing her and causing her to whimper from the new ticklish sensation. Reaching up, Victoria started fingering herself frantically, her hand barely an inch from Kelly’s face as she gave Victoria her first rimjob. Taking it even further, she spread open Victoria’s ass cheeks and spat down into the darkness of her asshole, nearly making her cum from the visual feeling of having Kelly’s saliva so deep inside her. Holding her willing recipient open, Kelly inserted her tongue into Victoria’s anus, using it to try and sodomize her while Victoria fingered herself into her first orgasm.
Without a doubt, it was one of the greatest climaxes of her life, with her hand basically a blur as she came so hard that pussy juice actually splashed out from her slit and soaked her face. With Victoria taken care of, Kelly moved aside and got on all fours, shaking her ass at Victoria.
“Come on baby, you know you want to…” She purred.
Like a crackhead spotting from cocaine on the floor, Victoria crawled over with her whole body twitching and buried he face in Kelly’s pussy, licking it like there was a gun to her head. Both women began to moan in happiness, Kelly moaning to fit the situation of the dream, and Victoria moaning from the delicious taste of Kelly’s snatch and the erotic realization of what she was doing. For years, Victoria had wished she could lick her own pussy, dreaming of the pleasure it would bring, but here and now, her subconscious flashed with the discovery and acceptance that what she had really wanted was to experiment with a woman. With this knowledge, she doubled her efforts, gorging herself on Kelly’s sweet cunt with undeniable aggression, as if trying to force herself inside of her.
Before long, she could feel Kelly beginning to tremble. She knew what it meant, she knew it all to well. But instead of continuing what she was doing, she stopped and moved upward, working her tongue into Kelly’s asshole while fingering her cunt. Kelly moaned in euphoria as Victoria expected and even began shaking her rear so that her young soft ass cheeks would jiggle against Victoria’s face.
“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Kelly shrieked with Victoria ass-fucking her with her tongue. After soaking Victoria’s hand with her juices, Kelly rolled onto her back.
“Come on baby, get on top of me.” She instructed.
Knowing exactly what she meant, Victoria turned around and moved on top of her in the 69-position. She lowered herself down, burying her face in Kelly’s cunt while setting her ass down on her partner’s face. Getting to both taste Kelly’s pussy while getting her own pussy licked, Victoria was in complete nirvana, unable to voice the sheer amount of sensual pleasure was experiencing with her body interlocked with Kelly’s. Her body instead spoke for her, giving her another orgasm, which Kelly matched in timing and intensity. Drinking up each other’s juices desperately, the two women waited until they had stopped shaking before separating.
“So, have you changed your mind?” Kelly panted.

“In order to discover the Self, you must realize your place in the universe and solidify your self-value. You must realize that while we are all individuals in a sense, we are all exactly the same in the grander scheme. The only true differences are the ones we create ourselves, while in reality, we are all made of the same atoms, molecules, and energy. Our DNA may be different and we may have different thoughts, but that only shows that the pieces that built us all don’t always go together in the exact same way, especially in the mind. Let’s say you took DNA out of the question and compared any two humans. Other than perhaps differences in how they are built in terms of bulk and size, the only conceivable difference between them is how their minds work via neural pathways and component affiliation. Even between genders, there is no difference.
If I wanted to, I could complete change each of you into someone else, including each other. Which woman would Tyler become and which woman would become a man, oh it makes me laugh just think about it.” Said Jack. Tyler and the two girls laughed nervously, knowing that he really could do it.
“I don’t just mean rearranging atoms either, your DNA contains all the information for humans in general. While it may require a Y chromosome from a sperm to fertilize an egg and create a male human, the DNA in every woman contains the biological information on how to create a child of the opposite gender. And that’s not all, all organisms stem from the primordial laws of anatomy, and each and every organism carries those primordial laws. Plants use photosynthesis and animals use cellular respiration, but if you had the ability, you could without a problem take the genetic information from either and turn them into the other. As long as the atoms are there and you can manipulate them, you can turn anything into anything.
However, if you go even deeper, you realize that we are actually no different from non-living matter as well. Take any object in my room, or even your own clothes, just pick something. You and whatever object you picked share the same principals of containing matter, energy, and chemical reactions. Even a cold stone has energy passing through it and molecules breaking and forming within it. You may be thinking to yourself that this is a load of bullshit (pardon my French), but you are each no different than whatever object you chose.
While the atoms, amount of energy, and number of chemical reactions may be different, all matter is the same. It all depends on how it is put together. Tell me, what is the difference between a dead body and a living one? At the atomic level, none. In terms of energy, great. Cellular condition and health? Well that depends on reason of death and how long ago death occurs. Imagine a human dying, not from any illness, accident, or even age. Just imagine life leaves him like a dead battery, and for the sake of the metaphor, his cells remain in perfect condition. Do you know the only difference between you and that body? Nothing more than the amount of energy you contain and it contains. Hell, since the cells are still intact, you could bring him back to life with a jumpstart.
In essence, the only difference between you and any dead body is the amount of energy you each have and the condition of the cells if you want to be nitpicky. That’s it. It still has matter like you, it still has chemical reactions like you, and it still has energy like you, albeit a lower amount. There is nothing different between you two, and since there is no difference between a dead body and inanimate matter, there is no real difference between life and inanimate matter.” Explained Jack.
“So how does that tie in to self-worth?” Kelly asked.
“If you see yourself as exactly like everything else, then you see yourself as an equal part of the universe. Instead of thinking that you’re a person on the only known planet that can support life, you realize that you are a conglomerate of atoms and energy, held in the gravitational pull of another conglomerate of atoms, orbiting a nuclear fusion conglomerate of atoms in the universe. You see yourself not as an organism on the dry earth, but as a drop of water, more energetic than the dry earth but made of atoms just like it.
The next time you go out and maybe glance up at the moon, I want you to realize that the difference between you and it is little more than how you are both built and how far apart you are. If your ever bored, reach out and touch the nearest object. Try to visualize the atoms in your body coming into to contact with the atoms in that object, the energy swirling around within it and you, and realize that you are nothing more a bigger copy of that with more atoms and different chemical reactions.” Said Jack.
He then paused, letting the words sink in to everyone’s mind. Mulling over everything he had told them, Victoria, Tyler, and Kelly looked around the room and the floor, doing what he said and visualizing the atoms and energy. In their eyes, he could see that they knew he was right. He could see that they were realizing how matter and energy were the only changes.
“Once you realize this, then you will see pain in a whole new way. You will realize that what you feel as pain is nothing more than chemical reactions in your body, reacting to other chemical reactions or physical collisions. At which point, the value and meaning of that pain becomes up to you. Imagine someone plays a prank on you, humiliates you in front of the whole school with everyone pointing and laughing at you. Unless their prank involved physically harming you, your only pain comes from the value you place on the prankster’s intentions and the laughing of everyone. They cannot force this pain on it, you can only choose to let it happen. If you can see beyond the social meaning implied in the ramifications of that prank, if you can see the insignificance of something as insipid as the opinions of the people laughing at you, and if you can look at yourself and realize that since you are not hurt, there is no reason to be upset, then you realize that you have achieved complete self-reliance.
Victoria, Kelly, I told this story to Tyler, I think this will help you understand what I am saying. Back in my old school, there was a girl I knew, one who I had taught to discover the Self. Unfortunately, she became the victim of a sexual assault. However, in no way did it affect her because she didn’t let it affect her. To understand why, let’s take a look at the reasons of why sexual assault normally hurts people.
1. There is the physical damage. She had her virginity taken away, but to her, it did not matter, because that didn’t mean she couldn’t still know the feeling of making love to someone for the first time in her life. Any other scars would inevitably heal.
2. There is the loss of power, the loss of the ability to choose who touches you in that way, when a woman is normally very selective in who she allows to establish that bond. She said that she didn’t mind, because nothing he could do could hurt her mind, only her body, and I’ve already explained the meaning of that. That man could penetrate and violate her body, but no one could penetrate or violate her mind, and that is the one place where she would always have control and the only place she needed control.
3. The issue of sex itself. Let’s face it, we learn more from the faceless media and society about sex than from our parents when they give us “the talk”. But ladies, try to imagine that you knew nothing about sex, rape, or sexuality. You’re basically one of those feral children that you hear about in India. Now imagine that a stranger sexually assaults you. You have no idea what is so you don’t fight back, so he in turn isn’t rough or cruel. Do you think that you would feel the same pain and fear as a woman who has grown up in modern society? At most, you would be wondering what the hell he was doing and what that sensation was.
Before you start thinking I’m full of shit, you can see this affect in animals. Have you ever seen a female dog freak out and have a psychological break-down if she get’s mounted by a strange dog in the park? It knows nothing about what it means to be raped, only of its instincts to mate and reproduce. You’ll see this throughout the animal kingdom, females are really only picky about finding the best member of the opposite gender to give it the healthiest offspring. The rest of the time, a female will basically just stand there and smell the roses, barely even registering it.
If you can see your body in an instrumental way and look at intercourse in the same way an animal does, then you see that the pain of sexual assault comes from the victim’s perception of the act. My friend was able to see it as some damage to her body, nothing more. Though whenever I have this conversation, I like to remind who I’m talking to that I am strongly against sexual assault and do not make light of the damage it can cause.” He elaborated.
Victoria and Kelly were both silent, incorporating what he had said into their minds. Hearing it, they almost felt safe, like Jack had just given them a special defense against sexual assault should they ever become a victim. They almost felt like should such a thing ever happen to them, they would be able to retain control and would have a safety net, protecting them from the worst aspects of the assault.
“If you can learn to see the world from this view, then you can live a life without anger or grudges. You see that a materialistic life means nothing since the value of objects come from you, and if you can look beyond pain and no longer be negatively affected by others, then you can learn to forgive in just about any situation. You can forgive someone who burns down your house, since you don’t need material possessions. You can forgive someone who kills a member of your family, since you know that death is only an illusion. You can forgive someone who hurts or robs you, because you know that you will recover and that you will get more money if you really need it.
If you can learn to forgive and become immune to the negatives, then you’ll have nothing left but positives. You’ll help everyone because you’ll have no fear of being hurt and you won’t care about the cost. When that terrorist shot me, I held no ill will. I forgave him and worked to help him, and you will with whomever you meet. Happiness comes from the Self, but it also comes from people, so since you have no fear of cost or betrayal and see only the light, your greatest joy becomes making other people happy. You see that since you don’t have to live in a negative world, no one else should have to.
The next time you are driving through the rain and see someone with a flat tire, I hope you’ll stop and help them. So what if it’s raining? You’re body will tell you that it’s wet and probably cold, but that only matters if you mind it. So what if the person you’re helping isn’t very likeable. Maybe your kind act will help them become a better person. What if you are late for an appointment or date? You can always reschedule and only a person who is truly important will understand and won’t mind if you’re late. You’ve learned how to not be unhappy, so do whatever you can to make sure that others aren’t unhappy in your place.
Once you learn how to always be happy, you can do things for others that you didn’t like before and help them become happy. You can work down in a soup kitchen and help others, while being as happy and carefree as if you were at home doing what you would normally doing. I know today I’ve sounded like someone who devalues the human experience, but believe me, I believe the one and only true positive in this universe is the ability to be happy.” Jack said with a cheerful grin.
Everyone smiled at his words, feeling a warmth in their hearts. Right then and there, they knew they would never again be miserable. As long as they had a choice and the knowledge Jack had blessed them with, they could always be happy.
“Now I’m going to cover one more subject and then we’ll have to call it a day. The subject I want to go over ties in with the original topic of self-value, as it deals with the final equalizer in this reality, the equalizer that dictates what reality is: time. I’ve gone over this with Tyler, but you two need to hear it. Everything in the universe is predetermined by time, with there being one and only one reality. Have you ever been in a situation, where later you wish you had made a different decision or chose a different act? Have you ever blamed yourself for not doing something you were capable of?
In truth, there is no point in being angry with yourself, because what you did was unavoidable. Every event in reality is destined; it is the one and only path that time can take. Imagine you are walking down the street, visualize it. Every step you take has already been preordained by time, including the next one. You raise your foot, lean forward, and are about to touch back down. At this moment, an unlimited number of variables are switching to the points required for your next step. Temperature, air density, stamina, sense of balance, distractions, the ground itself… all are parts of the equation for this step, and every one is exact and unmovable.
Now imagine the step and where you touch down, its exact point on the sidewalk. According to the variables, there was no other place you could have landed. All the variables had lined up for you to step in that exact geographical spot, not a single micrometer out of place. Every single variable guaranteed it at that instant, it’s not like all the variables said your foot would land there but the variable for your sense of direction said you would momentarily lose balance and step an inch short. Every variable lines up exactly to create one single reality without any other possibilities.
Everything you do, think, feel, and say has been predetermined by fate. This conversation was guaranteed, the way you are sitting was guaranteed, the way you are breathing while you listen to me was guaranteed, and every decision you make about it is guaranteed as well. However, like I said, every single variable has to line up, and this includes decision-making. Every event happens because the variables allow that one path of time to exist, and like it, every decision you make is only possible because you have the ability to make it.
Imagine you have to make a very important decision, one which requires you know all the facts and understand the consequences of your choice. That said, time cannot make you give a well-informed decision without knowing the facts, understanding the consequences, and being capable of making that decision. No event can take place without the setting just right, and no decision can be made unless you have the ability to make a decision. Just as a worst case scenario cannot happen without the setting supporting it, you cannot make a smart choice unless you yourself are smart enough to make it. Even if your decision is just a guess, you are only able to make that guess because you have the mental prowess required to make it.
And with that, we’ll call it a day. Now just like yesterday, your assignment is to mull over everything I’ve told you and incorporate it into your own minds. This information is useless unless you choose to let it impact you. Like they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Jack said.
Feeling like their minds were about to burst from the massive psychological injection, Victoria, Tyler and Kelly all gave sighs of relief and joy while they stood up and stretched.
“By the way Jack, I have football practice tomorrow. Is it ok if I come later for tomorrow’s lesson?” Tyler asked.
“Of course, have fun!” Jack said with his usual carefree smile.
“I guess that means me, Kelly, and Jack will be spending some quality time together.” Victoria said, looking right into Kelly’s eyes with the smallest of smiles. Kelly’s eyes widened, almost as a nonverbal way to question if Victoria meant what she thought she meant, and with a tiny nod, she confirmed it and Kelly lit up like a Christmas tree.

It was a warm morning, at least slightly, warm enough to turn the would-be snow storm into a torrential downpour. Wet, freezing, and probably guaranteeing a cold, Tyler twisted the bolts of his spare tire onto the axle of the motorist’s truck, since she didn’t have one. He was more than twenty minutes late for class and uncomfortable in his wet clothes, but he didn’t mind in the slightest. His body could handle it, one late class wouldn’t kill him, and he could always just get another spare. Humming the song that had been playing on his alarm clock radio, he tightened all the bolts and then put his jack and tire iron back into the cab of his truck.
“I borrow my husband’s truck one time and I pop a tire, just my luck. I can’t thank you enough, please, take this for the tire. It’s the least I can do.” The woman said, clutching an umbrella and holding out all the money from her wallet.
“Don’t worry about it, consider it a freebie.” Tyler replied.
“Please, I can’t get a tire donated and changed in the rain by someone without giving them something. Please let me make up to you.” She insisted.
“If you want to make it up to me, don’t let this ruin your day.” He said cheerfully before climbing back into his truck and driving off without a care in the world.

“Watch it whore!” A student said as Kelly bumped into him in the hall and knocked his phone out of his hand.
“Oh, I’m sorry.” She said, picking it up for him. Noting the scratch on the screen, the punk uttered a loud curse.
“Goddamn it, shouldn’t you be off sucking from freshman dick?” He accused. Instead of feeling anger or shame, Kelly just smiled.
“I don’t do that anymore. Sorry about the phone.” She said.

Victoria yelped as the cup of hot coffee splashed across her chest and soaked her favorite blouse, turning the radiant sky blue into sickly brownish-purple. It took her everyone in the cafeteria only a second to conclude that the huge stain would never come out.
“Oh Jesus, I’m so sorry Victoria!” Her friend exclaimed.
“Relax, no harm done.” Victoria said.
“Oh come on, everyone knows this shirt is your favorite.” She said sheepishly.
“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to find a new favorite. Here, sorry about the coffee.” Victoria said with a smile while handing her friend a few dollars to get another drink. In the corner, sitting at his usual table, Jack looked up over his book of poetry and smiled with pride.

“Ok, so just to make sure, this is a one-time thing.” Victoria established, standing with Kelly and Jack in his room, all three nervous.
“Agreed.” Jack and Kelly said.
“And this is YOUR one time, no more women after this but me.” Victoria said, pointing at Jack.
“Yes dear.” He said sarcastically.
“Have you ever been with a women?” Kelly asked.
“No, but I’m always open to new things. You?”
“Plenty of times. Don’t worry, it’s fun.” She said with a smile.
“Alright, here goes nothing.” Victoria said, walking over and planting a kiss on Kelly.
Jack watched with a raised eyebrow and an erect dick as the two women stood like statues, their lips pressed together and unmoving. After several seconds, they separated, stared into each other’s eyes, and started kissing again, this time with more passion and tongue. Immediately, they began feeling each other up and panting heavily as they kissed over and over again, sucking on each other’s tongues while fireworks went off in their heads. For Victoria, the feeling, taste, and acknowledgment of being with another woman was even greater than in her dream, since this Kelly was real, and for Kelly, the same unique kinky arousal experienced when kissing another girl was flaring back up.
Jack took a step forward and wrapped his arms around them, reminding them that he was still there. Victoria ended her kiss with Kelly and then began kissing Jack while the former began undressing. Once Kelly was naked, she pressed herself against Victoria and took her place kissing Jack, letting Victoria get undressed. Pressing herself against Jack and Kelly, Victoria joined in and added her lips to the fray. The three-way kiss ended after several seconds and the two women climbed up onto Jack’s fold-out bed. While Jack undressed, Victoria and Kelly explored each other’s bodies with their hands, giggling and relishing the softness of each other’s skin.
All three now completely nude, Jack climbed onto the bed with them, immediately moving over to Victoria. Setting his head between her legs, he began to hungrily lick her cunt, slurping up the juices already dripping from between her legs. While Jack ate out Victoria, Kelly got on top of her, straddling her face. Without any hesitation or sign of discomfort, Victoria sent her tongue up into Kelly while working her lips against the entrance, causing the young woman to begin whimpering in bliss. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had gone down on her, and now that she was a virgin with an untrained body, every lick from Victoria’s tongue was as potent as during her first time. For Victoria, just the fact that she was having her face sat on by another woman was practically orgasmic. She felt so kinky, so naughty, and yet she wanted more.
Grabbing Kelly’s hips, she moved her forward on her face. Knowing what Victoria was doing, Kelly smiled and got up on her hands and knees in a crabwalk with Victoria’s face kept buried in her young tight ass.
“Damn, you’re kinkier than I thought!” Kelly said, feeling Victoria’s tongue penetrating her asshole like a power drill.
With Victoria now wet and loose, Jack got up and brought himself up to her level. Without his hands, he pushed his manhood deep into her slit and began fucking her. With short fast strokes, he worked himself through her cunt with only his lower body, keeping his upper body stationary so that he could lick Kelly’s sweet snatch. With a tongue in her ass and a tongue in her cunt, Kelly was whining in happiness, desperate and wishing for Jack to start fucking her. Victoria, feeling Jack’s manhood slam her interior like a machine while she licked every corner of Kelly’s tight asshole, was on cloud nine and at the peak of her euphoric potential. But like all good things, the position had to change.
After a minute of fucking Victoria, Jack finally sat back up and pulled out of her. Quick on the scene, Kelly basically pounced on him and hungrily took his cock in her mouth, sucking it clean of Victoria’s pussy juice and relishing the feeling of his member on her tongue.
“I’m ready Jack, you gave me my virginity, so you should be the one to take it.” She murmured, laying back and spreading her legs.
With a kind smile, Jack climbed on top of her and Victoria backed off, patiently letting Kelly have her turn. With Victoria running her tongue through his mouth, Jack slowly entered her, spreading the lips of her pussy with his cock and moving in centimeter by centimeter. Even though she had been fucked hundreds of times, the feeling of penetration was completely new to Kelly’s healed body, and she unknowingly dug her nails into Jack’s back as he reached her hymen. Without ending their kiss, Kelly nodded and Jack obeyed, pushing all the way in and deflowering her.
With formerly virgin blood streaming from her torn hymen for the second time in her life, Kelly moaned happily and Jack worked up to his usual rhythm, quickly forcing her to spread her legs and raise them as he pumped her snatch like a hammering piston. Victoria watched the two of them while chewing on her lip and working her fingers between her legs, wishing she could have her turn again. By now, Kelly’s feet were up in the air and Jack was working her with all of his strength, waiting for her to give that key moan.
Finally hearing it, Jack gave ten more powerful thrusts, delivering her to her first orgasm. With Kelly as limp as a ragdoll, Jack sat up to catch his breath. Quickly, Victoria climbed up onto Kelly to get her turn, shaking her ass at Jack and grinning.
“Come on stud, put it in me. Right here.” She said, spreading her ass cheeks.
Smiling at the honor, Jack leaned forward and first ran kisses across her taut shapely rear, teasing her and using the opportunity to finish catching his breath. Soon ready, Jack got up on his knees and pressed the head of his cock against her tight asshole. Leaning forward, he slowly began to enter her, causing Victoria to wince and whine at the strange and almost painful sensation. Moving slowly to spare her as much discomfort as possible, Jack slowly moved forward, millimeter by millimeter. With Jack working himself inside her and stretching her virgin asshole, Victoria was holding onto Kelly tightly for support and Kelly was returning the embrace. With time and patience, Jack eventually worked his entire cock into her and waited for Victoria to stop trembling.
“How are you doing champ?” Kelly asked beneath her while stroking her hair.
“I’m ok.” Victoria said softly.
“How does it feel?” Jack asked while rubbing her shoulders. She looked back at him with a tender smile.
“Fantastic.” She whispered.
“I’m glad. Ok, I’m going to start pulling out. If it starts to hurt, tell me and I’ll stop.” He said, Victoria answering with a simple nod.
Holding onto Victoria’s hips, Jack slowly retracted his phallus, pulling out of her as gently as possible. Feeling the huge mass being removed like a knife from her gut, Victoria gagged and whimpered with Kelly talking her through it. Once he was back far enough so that only the head was inside her, Jack began to push himself back in, this time getting a lot less resistance in terms of tightness and Victoria’s reaction. Time passed, and after a few cycles through her, Jack was finally able to stop slowly entering and retracting and start fucking her.
Leaning forward on his hands, Jack began thrusting into her with his speed slowly building. Quickly becoming accustomed to the feeling, Victoria’s pain was soon replaced with ecstasy. After a couple minutes, she was giving soft moans of pleasure which rose in volume as Jack’s speed increased. Beneath the two of them, Kelly was focusing less on the physical sensations and more on her awareness of what was going on. Knowing that a sexy young woman had her naked body pressed against her own was even better than the sensation itself, and that was really saying something, as the feeling of Victoria’s warm soft breasts against her own was practically orgasmic. But above all, the knowledge that the girl on top of her was getting sodomized for the first time made it incredibly kinky. Every time Victoria moved from one of Jack’s thrusts, it charged up Kelly’s horniness and made her feel like she was getting ass-fucked as well. With no other stimulation, she just focused on the feeling of Victoria’s warm, soft, naked body interlaced with her own and erotic knowledge of Victoria’s first anal pounding.
By now, Jack was moving at top speed, slamming Victoria’s loosened anus with almost brutal power. To Victoria, the feeling of being both sodomized by the man she loved and held by her naked friend was almost too much to describe in terms of the pleasure they were generating. The bed beneath them was jumping on its foundations and creaking like a house on the verge of collapse as Jack hammered Victoria’s asshole like a mallet driving a stake into the ground.
“Oh god, I’m cumming!” Victoria moaned as her body drowned in its own deluge of happiness.
“I need a break.” Jack panted as he pulled out of her.
“Don’t worry, just lay back and I’ll take care of everything.” Kelly said coyly.
Doing as he was told, Jack lay down on the bed and Kelly moved onto his lap. With lots of courage and years of experience, she grasped his dick and pressed it against her asshole, slowly lowering herself onto it and moaning as it entered her for the “second” first time. Victoria watched her with almost a mix of amazement and adoration, simply impressed with how well she was taking it and completely doing so on her own. Once Jack’s manhood was completely inside her, she began to rock back and forth on him, using the changing angle to control how deep inside her he was. Damn, she really knew what she was doing!
Bouncing on Jack’s cock, Kelly suddenly yelped in surprise as Victoria came up behind her, giggling coyly as she used one hand to fondle Kelly’s modest B-cup breasts and used her other hand to finger her. She even upped the ante by running kisses up Kelly’s neck. With the multi-directional sources of pleasure, it only took Kelly only a minute to have a gushing orgasm. With her ass sore, she dismounted Jack and Victoria quickly went down on him, hungrily sucking his cock and cleaning it of Kelly’s juices. Straddling his lap, she worked his cock into her pussy and began riding him while Kelly sat on his face, letting him gorge himself on her slit and asshole. While the women rode him, they both leaned forward and started kissing and touching each other, even teasing each other by pulling on each other’s nipples.
Once Jack had regained his strength, they switched again, this time with Jack mounting Kelly in the doggy-style position and fucking her pussy while Kelly went down on Victoria, eating her out while she massaged her breasts. Now that they had all gotten accustomed to what they were doing, they began switching more frequently. Taking every position they could, Jack fucked Victoria and Kelly like and animal, while the two women found themselves incapable of going long without pawing at or licking each other. Over and over again Jack would enter one of the women, fuck her with all of this strength, pull out and receive a quick blowjob, then enter the other woman all over again in a different position.
After an unknown amount of time, the three teens were on the bed, Jack lying on his back with Victoria and Kelly sucking him off, taking turns or working simultaneously, often with their lips and tongues stopping to mingle with each other.
“Girls, I can’t hold it back any longer. I’m going to cum.” Jack said softly, completely exhausted.
At his words, both women grabbed his cock and began stroking it quickly, jerking him off with their faces right above it, pressed together with their mouths open. In a huge spraying mess, Jack fired every drop of semen he had like a cum volcano, covering both women’s faces and more than filling their mouths. The two women then finished by licking the semen off each other’s faces and cum-swapping it back and forth, followed by a long French kiss in which they swallowed it all and licked the remains out of each other’s mouths.
Completely exhausted, the three teens laid side by side, once again out of breath.
“You know, I doubt I’ll be able to keep the one-time-only rule.” Victoria said.
“Well I certainly wouldn’t blame you, that was easily the greatest sex I’ve ever had.” Murmured Kelly.
“That truly was very enjoyable.” Jack said happily. At the sound of approaching footsteps, they all looked up as the door opened.
“Hey Jack, hope I’m not to late. Is there still time to…” Tyler said, stepping inside and trailing off inside them.
Everyone was dead silent, Tyler staring at the three naked teens the huge wet mess that they had turned the bed into and Jack, Victoria, and Kelly staring at Tyler and wondering what he was going to say. Finally, Tyler burst into uncontrollable laughter, cackling to the point where he had to hold onto his sides and looked like he was about to fall over.
“Jesus Christ, you’ve been fucking the two of them?! We really are a cult!” He laughed.

It took a while for Tyler to get all the laughs out of him and even longer before he, Victoria, or Kelly could look each other in the eyes. Regardless, they eventually moved on and returned to the lesson.
“Now, since we’re short on time, this lesson is going to be short. Tomorrow, we’ll go over everything and won’t stop until you all discover your Selves. So far, we have mostly talked about humans and their roles in the universe, the universe itself, and perceptions of pain. Now, we continue from yesterday and delve into human relationships and interactions. For this, we will return to the Tree of Life and focus on the Chokhmah Sephirot, the Binah Sephirot, and Da’at Sephirot. As you may recall, Chokhmah is the power of intuitive wisdom and the ability to draw meaning from the abstract and form a solid truth, Binah is the ability to process and learn from what we encounter and form connections between subjects, and Da’at is the balance between them, the ability to understand meaning and create our own.
These three work in human interaction and help unlock the enigmatic quagmire known as the minds of others. In order to understand yourself, you must understand others, and vice versa. The original requirement for understanding is empathy, defined as the ability to feel others’ pain. Through empathy, you can see different paths in life by using other people as test subjects. It lets you see the alternatives to yourself, the paths not taken. By knowing others, you gain a point of reference as to knowing yourself.
Now, if you can gain a mastery of empathy, then you gain the ability to look past almost all conflict. Just about every argument or fight is drawn from a misunderstanding, they are the results of two parties not truly knowing each other. However, if you learn to put yourself entirely in someone else’s shoes, then you become incapable of misunderstanding. I don’t just mean imagining yourself living that person’s life with their problems and opportunities, but being able to replicate their very thought process. If you can see the world exactly as they do, then you gain the ability to solve any problem. You can create the perfect compromise, you know who is right and who is wrong without relying on stereotypes and assumptions, and you know exactly how to defuse them.
When I talked to that terrorist, I put myself in his situation and mindset exactly, and with that information, I knew just what to say to calm him down.
By mastering empathy, you gain the gift of omnipotence. When you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and look at the world exactly as they do, then you can do so with everyone, and can therefor see the entire world and understand all problems. You understand all social dynamics and are able to break down the barriers between your mind and the minds of everyone else. However, it’s not quite that easy. It requires a great deal of skill in being able to read other people and draw forth information from what you see in them. But if you can understand how your brain works, then you can understand how their brains work, and if you can understand how their brains work, then you can understand how your brain works.”
“So basically the Self can be used to replicate the minds of others?” Tyler asked.
“Well I wouldn’t quite say it like that. It’s more like it allows you to connect with others and become one with all of mankind, and from that, you gain complete understanding of who you are. Think of other people as like maps of your brain, each one inaccurate in some way. However, if you take all those maps and figure out which parts are true, then you understand the build of your subconscious. Now, I believe we should call this a day.
Tomorrow, you will all reach the final step and discover your Selves, I promise.” Said Jack.

Jack’s apostles lay in their beds, unable to fall asleep. Their minds were all buzzing, wondering what it would feel like when they discovered their Selves, as well as wondering if it was really going to happen. Jack had guaranteed that they would all succeed tomorrow, but was it really possible for people to have such a drastic metamorphosis in just twenty days? And on Friday, they would get the answers that they had all been waiting for…

“Very good Kelly, it seems my words did have a strong effect.” Jack said with Kelly having just finished retelling her dream on the night of their first lesson. He had asked all three of his students to do so, so help share their knowledge with each other.
“Now before we begin the awakening process, there are two more branches of the Tree of Life we must go over; Netzach and Hod, the most important Sephirots in discovering the Self. These two Sephirots are tightly linked, Netzach dealing with action in the desire to find the Self and Hod with submission in the face of nature. In other words, they are your individuality vs. your self-worth. With Netzach, you are a completely unique person, a living being, a human with his or her own thoughts, ideals, and beliefs. With Hod, it all comes back to how everything is the same, including life and inanimate matter. In essence, Netzach allows you to act while harnessing the Self, and Hod provides the universal view that keeps your mind wide open without any biases or limitations. By devaluing yourself, you become part of a larger and larger group, up until the point where you realize that you are nothing more than matter and energy, which in turn lets you understand the universe.
You must remember these two Sephirots when the process begins: Netzach to keep you from becoming completely submissive to the universe and basically turning into a vegetable, and Hod to remember your place in the universe, remain humble, and know that all is one and one is all. Now for this to work, I need you all to sit as comfortably as possible. Find a position that you can maintain up to the point where you feel like you’ll fall asleep. Close your eyes and try to visualize what I say while remembering everything I have taught you.” Jack said. Victoria, Tyler, and Kelly all did as they were told, getting as comfortable as they could be while sitting on the ground and closing their eyes. When Jack spoke again, he did so softly.
“For now, focus on your breathing and your heart rate. Keep your mind pinned on each breath passing through your lungs. In and out, in and out. Direct your attention to the air moving through your body. In and out, in and out.” He said, waiting for a minute for their brains to all reach a calmed state.
“Imagine yourself sitting on this floor, feel the carpet beneath you, and below that, the hard wood floors. Slowly, you begin to sink into them, the floor beneath you is melting. Further and further you are lowered, the floor basically turning into a net that is now snapping one strand at a time. Finally, the floor breaks, and you fall into darkness. Deeper and deeper you fall, no ground beneath you but no fear in your mind, you simply fall, fall until you lose all track of time.

Victoria was hovering above the earth, naked and completely at peace, sitting in the lotus position. Above her, a diagram of the Tree of Life appeared, the size of a lake. From each Sephirot, tendrils of wood began to extend out and merge together, turning into a literal tree of truly gargantuan proportions but barren branches. Becoming as large as the state of California with the diagram glowing in the side of the trunk, the tree reached down with its roots and began to wrap around the earth. Billions upon trillions of times, the roots separated and spread out, each one plugging into an organism on the planet. Piercing the atmosphere and cloud cover, each root came down and injected itself straight into every living thing like a syringe, from the largest whales to the smallest bacteria. The roots then expanded, with a layer of bark covering each organism and cocooning them as they merged with it.
As the organisms were absorbed, the tree continued to grow in size with its roots even digging into the ground. On the branches, leaves began to appear, one for every organism absorbed. Riddling the planet with more and more roots, the tree continued to grow, enlarging to the point where the tree was like someone’s forearm and the earth was their fist, now held together only through the roots of the trees. The tree completed, Victoria began to float backwards, coming into contact with the tree, specifically in the Da’at Sephirot. But instead of being completely consumed, she only partially merged with it, with the whole front of her body completely exposed.
Like Victoria, the tree began to float backwards through space. As it zoomed through the null void like rogue meteor, Victoria basked in the sea of minds churning within the tree. All the identities and individualities had been melted down like scrap metal, but there was still so much passion within it. Emotions, instincts, and desires rose up in foamy tidal waves, with all the life of earth having basically turned into one colossal mind. In the center of this sea and almost controlling it was Victoria, taking in incomprehensible amounts of information from all the organisms that the tree had absorbed. But there were more than the life forms that had just been on earth at that time, it felt like every organism in the history of earth, even the history the universe, was now swirling within the Tree of Life.
For several billions of years, the tree flew through space, with Victoria spending the entire time bathing in the waterfall of knowledge from all the organisms. As the tree flew, it picked up more material and continued to grow in size. Now instead of consuming organisms, it was consuming asteroids, planets, stars, black holes, entire nebulae, and even galaxies, with all the information and history of each and every piece of matter passing through Victoria’s mind like the entirety of Niagara Falls being forced through a garden hose.
She could see it all, every planet’s formation, every star’s life and death, and every black hole’s birth. She could see every rock colliding, every wisp of gas or dust, every geographical feature on the endless number of barren planets being formed. And yet, while the tree was absorbing everything, it didn’t really feel like the matter was being devoured in any sort of way. It felt more like the tree was a metaphysical medium, binding all matter and energy together like a protein bonding atoms into molecules.
Finally, the tree reached its destination, the very center of the universe and origin point of the Big Bang. The very heart of the universe was a colossal black hole, several times larger than even the largest galaxy, and surrounded by a spinning disk of matter that took up half of the universe’s surface area alone. Passing through wave after wave of matter, the tree approached the black hole while absorbing everything around it and growing in size.
Reaching the event horizon, the tree was practically drowned in a sea of light, created by every photon in the area being drawn in to the black hole. Like a swimmer diving into water, the Tree of Life entered the heart of the universe. Penetrating the mass, all the information and history that had taken place around every single atom and light particle that the black hole consumed was channeled through Victoria’s mind. Immediately upon the tree’s insertion, roots and branches began to appear on the surface of the black hole, and in a matter of seconds, the entire mass was consumed and became part of the tree. Now the largest thing in the universe, the tree began branching out once again, sending wooden tentacles out in all directions, each tendril grabbing and binding with a single atom. The atoms were absorbed, as well as their information.
The roots continued to spread out, exceeding the speed of the expanding universe itself. They consumed every single atom in space and drank up all the energy, but as they reached the edge of the universe, something happened. The universe stopped expanding, and instead, began to contract like a deflating balloon. As the universe closed in on itself, all the branches and roots were pushed back, causing the tree to curl up like a dead spider. Quickly, the universe became so small that the Tree of Life was compacted as densely as water, without a single nanometer of open space. Yet the universe kept on shrinking, crushing the mass of the Tree of Life itself and condensing it.
Smaller and smaller, the Tree of Life was crushed from all sides like a dying star turning into a black hole. Quickly, the atomic pressure and the temperature skyrocketed, until finally, the Tree of Life had been compacted into a single speck, as hot, dense, and small as the primordial particle that the universe was born from.
In a radiant light that surpassed all human understanding, the particle exploded into the second Big Bang, recreating the universe in a flood of energy and molten quarks.
Victoria’s eyes bolted open and she took the deepest breath of her live. She felt like every cell in her body was on fire, and yet she felt no pain. Looking down at her hands, she almost thought that she had gone blind, as it looked like her hands and the background behind them had completely merged together. But in reality, she was seeing her hands in a completely new way. She wasn’t seeing them as parts of her body, but as masses of atoms, just like the floor beneath her. It was almost like they were camouflaged.
Barely able to think straight, Victoria glanced over at Tyler and Kelly, both in the same state as her and looking like they were about have a seizure. Victoria looked at her hands again, trying to describe how she felt. She didn’t feel smarter exactly, but she felt… more sensitive, in terms of the outside world. She felt like she could feel the entire universe and every atom around her, and compared to that, everything in her life was well beyond insignificant.
They all then turned to Jack, who had a proud smile on his face.
“Congratulations, each of you has found your Self.” He beamed.

Jack and Victoria were lying in bed, staring into each other’s eyes after having just made love.
“How do you feel?” Jack asked while stroking her hair.
“I feel… I feel so good that I can’t even describe it. I never thought it was possible to be this happy. I feel invincible, like nothing can hurt me or make me lose my smile. I just see everything in a positive way, it’s like being in a fantasy world.”
“Now you know why I’m always smiling.” Jack said.
“I can’t even begin to say how much I love you and how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me. We’ve been together for less than three weeks, yet you’ve completely reshaped my world in ways that no one else could. Compared to what I have now, my previously life could barely even be called a life. I feel like I’m in heaven and I can see the entire universe.” She murmured happily.
“I’m glad, your happiness is the light of my life.” Jack said. Victoria’s smile slowly faded and she bit her lip.
“Jack, am I going to like the answers you’ll give me tomorrow?” She asked.
“That is up to you. I’ve given the three of you the exact time and place to meet me and I will answer all of your questions. How you feel about them is all your jurisdiction.” He said.

10:33 AM, December 21st, 2012
Victoria, Tyler, and Kelly hurried across the school campus. They were headed to the intersection next to the school, where Jack had told them to meet him at exactly 10:35. All four teenagers had pretended to go to the bathroom and left school, but Jack had gone early. Even after discovering their Selves, Jack’s students were nervous, wondering what he would tell them.
They found him at the street corner, waiting for them with an excited smile.
“Ah good, you’re here just in time.” He said.
“So now you’ll answer our questions?” Tyler asked.
“In just a minute. Here, follow me.” Jack said, walking out into the intersection with cars honking loudly at his sudden carefree stride into the center of danger.
“Jack, what are you doing?!” Victoria yelled as cars continued to pass by, honking at him.
“If you want your answers, you’ll have to stand here with me.” Jack said with his normal grin. Drawing up their courage, Victoria, Tyler, and Kelly followed him into the street. All cars came to a screeching halt and the morning was hammered with the blaring of horns, but Jack remained still.
“Jack…” Tyler began.
“Wait for it.” Jack said.
“Get the fuck out of the road!” One of the drivers shouted.
“Jack…” Kelly began.
“Wait for it.” Jack insisted.
“What are you, retarded? Get out of the fucking road!” The driver shouted, climbing out of his car.
“Jack!” Victoria screamed.
“And here we go.” Said Jack as the time reach 10:37.
In a bright flash, a line appeared in front of Jack, jagged and containing mass on all three axes. It was a crack, a crack in reality itself. Streaming from this crack came visible energy, forming a shed-sized sphere of light that looked like electrified neon. Immediately, gusts of wind began firing off from the sphere while the sky above went from blue to green and purple. Seeing what was going on, all of the drivers who had been honking their horns either tried to turn around or just climbed out of their cars and ran for their lives.
“What the hell is going on?!” Tyler shouted, trying to shield his eyes from the wind. Wearing his usual smile, Jack turned to the three of them.
“This is what was predicted by the Mayans, Hope Indians, and countless other indigenous groups and cultures throughout the history of your world. It is the beginning of the new celestial year, which is the equivalent of 5125.36 of your earth years.”
“So it’s the end of the world?!” Kelly yelled.
“Not really. The Mayan Calendar -as you call it- is just like any other calendar, resetting for the next year after its completion. However, what matters is what happens on this day and the opportunity it creates. Every celestial year, these cracks open up in our universe, not as a sign of damage or gradual deterioration, but as a sign of its imperfections. This universe is not what it was meant to be, it disobeyed time, the one and only force which can do that. This universe is flawed and filled with inferior matter and energy, gathered together into random clumps by gravity.” He explained.
“What are you talking about?” Victoria asked, stepping forward.
“There shouldn’t be any matter in this universe, all regular matter should have been annihilated by the equal amount of antimatter that was supposed to appear in the Big Bang. Not only that, but there certainly isn’t supposed to be any dark matter clogging up space. Quite simply, this universe is like a deformed newborn, imperfect compared to the rest of universes and dimensions within creation. These imperfections are ruining the harmony of existence and weighing down the other universes like a section of dead brain matter crippling the rest of the brain.
Cracks like this can be found across the universe, but they only appear at the beginning of a celestial cycle. So do you know what the smoking gun is? Life. Every spot in the universe that contains one of these cracks has a planet sharing the same space, a planet with life. Suffice to say, I lied a little bit about there being no difference between life and inanimate matter. The truth is that life is powered by a very unique form of energy, different from the energy that powers all other chemical reactions, and that energy leaks into this dimension through the cracks.”
“Who are you?” Victoria asked desperately. Hearing the question actually made Jack give a small laugh.
“There is no human word for what I am. You would be right if you said I was God, if I was an angel, and if I was an alien. The best definition I could give is that I am the soul of this universe and the manifestation of all life. I guess you could say that I am the Tree of Life and the essence of this dimension.”
“But you said you were human!”
“Yes, as in I took the form of a human when I arrived here. I was purposefully born seventeen years ago in this town because of the proximity to the crack. It was the easiest way to stay around it for when this day finally arrived. I came here, took the form of a fertilized embryo in my mother’s womb, and she gave birth to me, not knowing that I had chosen to be born. My powers are the result of my unnatural existence. Quite simply, I am an abomination brought for by the birth of this imperfect universe. I am not supposed to exist, but I was born with the Big Bang due to the flaws of this universe. I was born with all of this knowledge, knowledge of everything. You could say that the only why I exist is because of those flaws.”
“What are you trying to do? What is your goal?” Tyler asked.
“Again, there is no human word to properly express what I shall achieve. I suppose the best name would be Celestial Nirvana. I am here to fix this crack in reality, just as I have fixed every other crack across the universe. Once that is done, all universes and dimensions shall merge together into a single space beyond all comprehension. Everything will be recreated and made perfect, and beginning and end will become one in the same in everlasting equilibrium. This imperfect universe is preventing Celestial Nirvana and the perfection of all existence. This is the last world, the last crack in the universe. I have spent almost fifteen billion years traveling through the cosmos, closing each crack when the celestial year ends. With this, everything will become perfect. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a universe to recreate.” Jack said, turning to the sphere and placing his hand on it.
“No Jack, don’t!” Victoria cried out.
Nearly knocking the three humans off their feet, a deluge of energy shot up from the sphere and into the sky. Firing off through the vacuum of space faster than the speed of light, the beam of energy crossed the entire universe in only a few moments before striking the very fringe. Upon contact, the all-encompassing edge of the universe began to glow with the intensity of a billion suns and started to constrict. Closing in on itself, the edge of the universe devoured everything like a tidal wave of light, converting all it touched into a “perfect material”, something that was neither matter nor energy.
With the one and only flaw in a truly limitless line of perfect universes and dimensions slowly fixing itself, the merging process began to take place. Like cellular division in reverse, each dimensional plane began to merge with the others, creating one super space in which the concepts of existence and nonexistence no longer had any meaning or difference. It was a neutrality that no living mind could comprehend, a form of perfection that transcended all opinions and perceptions. Only Jack, the very soul and essence of his universe, could fathom the meaning of the Celestial Nirvana.
Fighting through the gusts of wind, Victoria rushed over to Jack and grasped his arm.
“Jack, please! You have to stop this!” She begged.
“Why? You of all people should understand and appreciate what I am doing.”
“But I don’t want it to end this way.” She said desperately, drawing a look of amusement from Jack.
“I never expected to hear that from someone who had discovered the Self. Victoria, once this is completed, beginning and end will be both one in the name and nonexistent. Everything you are will be recreated into the perfect form that the all of Creation was meant to be. Every atom, every spark of energy, it will all be reformed and you shall truly become one with everything, including me.” He said happily.
“So you would rather have something perfect? I thought you loved me.” She said bitterly.
“I do, every word I said about loving you was completely true. I normally come to planets with life just before the end of the celestial year, but with earth, I arrived early, seventeen years early. You humans fascinated me, you were the most interesting species I had ever encountered. Wanting to study you and having seventeen years to kill, I changed my form into that of a human embryo and entered this world to watch you humans while I waited. I must say, it has been thoroughly enjoyable, especially discovering your unique form of sexualit and attraction. I love you Victoria and you and I will spend all of eternity together, just like you wanted.” He replied.
“Please Jack, you don’t have to do this!” She argued.
“This is neither a matter of want or need, it is something I must do but is not exactly required. Every organism must come to terms with its own creation to meet the end of its sentience peacefully, be that reproducing, choosing not to have offspring, or even destroying your own creators. That is what I am doing; I was created through a mistake, so it is my duty to fix that mistake. I was born with the ability to do this, so I must do this. This is the path laid out for me, I must erase the problem and install perfection and the Celestial Nirvana. This has been the conclusion of my life for almost fifteen billion years.” He continued. Victoria bit her lip, trying to think of something to say. Suddenly, it came to her.
“I never expected you to want something so boring.” She said, prompting Jack to look at her quizzically.
“You want to live in a perfect existence? It’s pathetic. Beauty is created from imperfection but perfection brings nothing. Your music, your books, your philosophies, and the woman you love are all the result of this flaw that you seem to loathe so much. If this perfect universe of yours does come to exist, will that honestly make you happy? You’ll just be a bunch of perfect particles in a perfect universe, completely devoid of thought or feeling. There will be nothing for you to appreciate, you won’t even be able to feel appreciation. It will be the same as not existing at all.” She said coldly. At her words, Jack looked back at the sphere of light in front of him and the beam of energy shooting up into space, having lost some of the color in his face.
“Ask yourself this Jack, would you rather exist in a universe where you had no thoughts or sensations and there was nothing to experience, or would you exist in a universe with music and art? Would you rather exist as nothing but a pile of lifeless atoms in a galaxy filled with atoms just like yours? Or would you prefer to live in a universe where you could appreciate and study everything around you. Jack, would you rather exist in that hollow perfect universe as something without life, sensation, or meaning, or live in a universe where you are with me, an imperfect girl who you love and who loves you with all of her heart? Face it, you lost your temper back in that Washington garage because you cared about me so much that you couldn’t accept my death and you couldn’t forgive those guys. Admit it, love without life is meaningless, just like how life without move is meaningless.” She asked desperately pressing herself against him. Jack didn’t answer, he merely stared at her with his smile gone.
“I made this for you for your birthday. Would you rather live in a meaningless universe where it has no meaning or doesn’t even exist?” She asked, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a folded piece of paper. Unfolding it, she handed it to Jack. It was a sketch of the two of them embracing each other in the same position as the sketch Jack had seen in her room, both of them completely naked with smiles of tender love on their faces.
“You say that half of reality is what you make of it and the values you add. Why would you want a reality where you are incapable of perception and there is nothing to value? Is being perfect really better than being alive and happy?” She said.
Slowly, Jack lowered his hand and took it off the orb of light, causing the energy beam to come to a stop, as well as the universal rebirthing process. As the beginning of the new celestial cycle came to an end, the crack closed back up and the sky returned to its normal color. With a small smile, he turned back to Victoria.
“I’ve waited almost fifteen billion years for this… what’s another 5125.36 years? I guess I’ll come back and try again when you won’t be around to nag at me.” He teased. Crying tears of joy, Victoria wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him as tightly as possible.
“Forget it, you’re going to make me immortal so that I can make sure you don’t destroy the universe. Oh god Jack, I love you so much.” She murmured.
“I love you too Victoria, and you’re right, I would rather be in an imperfect universe where I am happy than a perfect universe where I am incapable of feeling anything. I’m sorry for scaring you, all of you.” He said.
“I don’t think you’re the one you should be apologizing to for the scare. The whole world is probably flipping out with how the sky changed color. Is there anything you can do to fix it?” Tyler asked with a grin of relief as ha and Kelly walked over.
“Sure.” Jack said.
Without so much as a twitch of his eye, every single human being on the planet suddenly exploded into a molecular mess, broken down at the atomic level. Before the bloody mist could even settle or stain the surroundings, everyone was reformed exactly as they had been before, save for their memory of the past few minutes being completely wiped. With every single human basically frozen in time, waiting for Jack to restore life to them, he used the opportunity to repair anything that might have been damaged in the panic, rearranging the atoms back into their original places and making everything good as new. Everything completed, he kick-started everyone on the planet, basically returning them to their schedule with nobody being the wiser.
“There, it’s done. Aside from us, nobody knows about what just happened.” Jack said.
“Well then I suggest we get to class. Since the universe isn’t getting a remodeling, detention is still an issue.” Kelly said with a small laugh.
“Jeez, it’s not only 11:00 and I’m mentally exhausted.” Tyler sighed, turning around and walking back towards the school with Kelly. Jack and Victoria remained in the empty intersection.
“I love you Jack.” Victoria said again.
“I love you too.” Jack replied, wrapping his hand around hers.
“Oh, and Jack? Happy birthday.”

p.s. More than I hope you liked it, i hope this series taught you something.

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So here was Jolene two days later, back in the mall to see if she could scoop up the blonde shop assistant. She had deliberately put on an even hotter outfit – frankly, a slutty and sensuous one that was almost over the top, not least because the African-American woman’s tits were nearly over its top. It consisted of a pair of skimpy tight black shorts, cut low on the hip, and above this a front-buttoned bustier, with flat panelling below the bust and very prominent moulded half-cups for her size 34F breasts above, which drew the eye and emphasised their size and thrust. This sexy ensemble was set off at the bottom by a pair of silver strap shoes with five-inch stiletto heels, and at the top by Jolene’s large silver hoop earrings and her jet-black hair, which tumbled down in thick curls to the middle of her back and framed her nipples at the front.

At first, when Jolene arrived at the store there were several people shopping in the clothes department, and the young assistant was busy and preoccupied. Jolene decided to go for a coffee in the Starbucks that was located on the ground floor and return in about twenty minutes, when this little flurry of activity would have subsided. She was about to turn away, when she saw the supervisor of the section approach the blonde shop assistant and speak to her for a moment, after which the girl departed on some errand – hopefully a brief one. The supervisor was probably in her early thirties, tall and slim, with short blonde hair that gave her a slightly butch appearance, and Jolene noticed with interest that she was covertly watching her junior assistant’s ass as the girl walked away. Then the supervisor turned her gaze in Jolene’s direction, and the black woman quickly pretended to be engrossed in the rack of clothing in front of her. Jolene was acutely aware that she was being checked over with more than casual interest, and decided to follow this up as well if the opportunity presented itself. Although nearer to her own age, the supervisor was a handsome and attractive woman, and the black lesbian had no objection to adding the spice of experience to her diet of white pussy – taking a white woman who thought of herself as a ‘top’, and breaking her in to her proper place as a subservient ‘bottom’, was always a great pleasure as well.

After spending a few moments in apparent browsing, Jolene was pleased to see the young blonde reappear, bringing with her a small wheeled rack on which a batch of dresses were hanging, still in their polythene wrapping. The black woman had followed a meandering course through the stands of clothes which had brought her round behind the supervisor, and only about three yards away. This paid off, as she heard the older woman give instructions to the effect that the assistant should put these items out now, before taking her scheduled mid-afternoon break, during which someone called Signe would cover for her, and the supervisor herself would return in about half an hour, to check that it had all been done correctly. Well, mused Jolene to herself with satisfaction, this had turned out to be fortunate timing indeed – the blonde bitchlet was scheduled to be on her break soon, which would give an ideal window opportunity during which no one would be monitoring her.

Jolene noted with pleasure that the supervisor had turned around and was deliberately taking a route out of the department that took her past where the scantily-dressed black woman was standing, and she rewarded the woman’s interest by waiting until the perfect second, and then dropping down onto one knee, apparently in order to look at the hemline of one of the dresses in front of her. This posture provided a truly amazing view from above down her ample and well-displayed cleavage, and Jolene smiled inwardly as she heard the footsteps behind her falter for a moment, and a soft exhalation of escaping breath, before the supervisor collected herself and walked on.

As the young blonde shop girl started to take the new dresses out of their plastic coverings and hang them on the clothing stands, the dynamic black lesbian set her trap in motion. Placing the shoulder bag that she had been carrying next to a mirror on the side wall, where she could still see it but it was out of the way, Jolene extracted her cell phone and then took a few steps towards the racks of clothes near to where the shop assistant was working. After switching the phone on but putting it in silent mode, she pretended to carry on a conversation with a female friend, though in fact no call was taking place. The purpose of this play-acting, which she had used effectively several times before, was that firstly it lifted her right arm up to an angle that both drew attention to her breasts and thrust them out even further; secondly, as she moved around almost in twirls, her head going back from time to time in a peal of laughter, it made the poses that she struck which highlighted her tits and tush seem quite natural, and, thirdly, it gave every opportunity and encouragement for the shop assistant to ogle her, by appearing to be so engrossed in her phone call that she would not notice this.

The plan worked to perfection. Jolene’s outfit, when worn by such a handsome and physically imposing black woman, was guaranteed to draw the eye and wet the slit of even the shyest and most virginal of lezzies or bi-girls. Without giving any sign of it, Jolene kept the white girl in her peripheral vision, and noted with satisfaction that the shop assistant was clearly moving around with only one aim in mind – and it wasn’t where the new dresses should go (for they were being almost randomly distributed), it was stealing peeks – ever longer and more blatant – at the ebony fuck-goddess in her tight hot pants and almost-indecent top. The young shop assistant seemed almost hypnotised by the prominent display of Jolene’s 34F cup breasts, whilst in response Jolene was getting turned on by the young blonde’s attention, and her own pussy was starting to feel itchy and seep dampness into the crotch of her panties.

Now it was time for Phase B of her plan. From a nearby rack, Jolene collected a dress which she had chosen earlier – it was a very short, bright red, party dress in a quite trashy style, strapless and with only limited bust coverage (which would be even more minimal on Jolene’s bulging pair), and with a bow-tied band just below the breasts to make them even more eye-catching. It was an item that Jolene actually wanted to buy, because if she wore it in the lesbian clubs, maybe combined with plastic white boots, she knew that she would score with any cunt she wanted to have, whether white or black. However, for now it had another – equally sexual – purpose.

Carrying the red dress on its hangar, Jolene picked up her bag and walked over to the service counter, where the young shop assistant was now standing, having accomplished the distribution of the new items. The magnificently curvaceous and charismatic black woman paused in front of the pretty blonde and casually rolled her shoulders to make her breasts rise and fall, noting with satisfaction the glazed look on the mesmerised girl’s face. The policy of the store was to have their staff dress in items from the latest range, and the shop assistant was attractively outfitted in a pre-faded blue denim jeans-style mini-skirt and a white camisole top with an elaborate ruffle front, both of which went very well with her long straight straw-blonde hair; her lightly tanned legs were bare, and below the skirt she was wearing only a pair of open-toed shoes with a khaki block sole. Apart from the ruffle effect, the camisole was made of thin cotton material, and Jolene noted with interest that the slender babe was wearing no bra beneath it – the points of her nipples were quite visible through the fabric, and indeed more so now than they had been only seconds before. The mature lesbian took this in whilst also glancing at the identity tag that was clipped rather precariously to the top edge of the camisole, which revealed that the shop assistant’s first name was Astrid, followed by something Scandinavian that ended in ‘strom’. Given her Nordic looks, this was not surprising – the city was in a part of northern mid-West where there had been substantial immigration from Norway and Sweden in the later nineteenth century, and with many families inter-marrying in subsequent generations, Scandinavian names and looks were still very common in the area.

Jolene gave Astrid a warm smile, which set the young blonde unconsciously to nibble at her lower lip with her teeth, and the handsome mature black woman lifted the red dress up and draped it skimpily across her own bust.

‘Hi there, I’d like to try this on – I think it’ll look good on me, don’t you think? Would you show me where the changing rooms are, please?’

Astrid swallowed, looking a little like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an onrushing juggernaut (which, of course, Jolene certainly was in the lesbian sense), and stuttered a reply:

‘Oh! … mmm … er … oh, yes … yes, it would! … umm, right … ma’am, yes … they’re just here, ma’am … this way, please …’

The shop assistant was a slender girl, nowhere near as well-endowed in the bust or ass as Jolene, but her pair of nicely perky B-cup breasts were matched by an attractive slim butt, which the mature black woman eyed acquisitively as she followed behind Astrid. The entrance to the changing room area was only a few steps from the service desk, which was placed so that it could monitor those going in and out. At this quiet time of the afternoon, as Jolene had expected, there was no one else using any of the half-dozen white-walled cubicles. The black woman selected the one furthest from the entrance, nodded to Astrid, and entered it. However, instead of closing the door behind her, Jolene casually – but very deliberately, for this was a key part of her plan – let it swing ajar behind her, as if she had not noticed that it was unlatched.

As she had hoped, the temptation that this offered was too much for Astrid to resist. In the three weeks since the young blonde had started working in the womenswear department, she had found herself increasingly drawn to checking out the figures and looks of the most attractive customers – especially the more mature ones. Astrid wasn’t quite sure what this signified, or rather she preferred not to follow that line of thought at all. She had always thought of herself as ‘normally’ bisexual: that is to say, mainly but not exclusively interested in guys. But in the last couple of years there had not been any particularly interesting guys, and in truth she hadn’t really been bothered to try and find them. She had never had any real experience with girls, only a fairly innocent kiss-and-cuddle friendship when she had been fifteen, but now it seemed that she was thinking about them and their bodies quite a lot! Oh, well, Astrid thought to herself unconvincingly, it was probably just a natural reaction to working in this job, with hot women constantly around you, preening and posing, dressing and undressing. This black woman was a case in point, with her big tits and jutting ass displayed in that provocatively skimpy figure-hugging outfit! She had fascinated Astrid from the moment that she had walked through a couple of days previously, and did so even more today, as she had wandered around chatting on her cell phone, quite oblivious to the shop assistant’s stares. Keen to see what the statuesque mature woman was wearing under that amazing bustier and those tight little shorts, and eager to see what her undressed body looked like, and the incompletely closed cubicle door drew Astrid like a moth to the flame.

The shop assistant checked her watch, and saw that it was a minute after the time that her break had been due to begin. A glance over her shoulder out into the store showed that Signe was making her way through the stands of clothes towards the service counter, so that was covered. Astrid quickly decided that she had the time and opportunity to satisfy her curious curiosity – just for a moment, she told herself, and then she would slip out when Signe wasn’t looking this way, and go for her break. Looking through the open side of the cubicle door would be too blatant, too easily spotted if the woman looked that way, so instead Astrid moved up close to the hinge side of the door, licking her lips, and peeked through the narrower gap there.

The young blonde nearly gave herself away with an audible gasp in reaction to what she saw. The black woman had removed her tiny shorts, revealing a skimpy thong beneath: it was scarlet-fronted with black trimmings, in a real ‘whorehouse’ style, and so brief that it covered almost none of the woman’s ass, with its black back section vanishing only a few inches below her waist into the crevasse between the ripe swell of her buttocks. As if that was not enough to rivet Astrid to the spot, the woman had folded down the top section of her bustier, to display the other half of the matching lingerie set: a half-cup bra, scarlet with black lace edgings, from which her large breasts were almost spilling out, and jiggling with every movement.

When Astrid had first looked through, Jolene had been standing in profile to her, holding the red dress on its hangar and looking at it. However, she now placed it on one of the hooks on the side wall, and turned with her back three-quarters towards the door (which relieved Astrid) to face the large mirror that took up the end of the cubicle. Jolene was quite certain that the cute young blonde was watching her; she had listened carefully, and there had been no sound of anyone walking away. In confirmation, Jolene took a quick glance in the mirror on the far wall, and smiled inwardly. The shop assistant was not very smart, or perhaps not thinking clearly, for her ankles and feet were clearly visible through the wide gap at the bottom of the cubicle door.

Jolene decided to up the stakes and give the pretty blonde a view worth having, one to warm up and wet her pussy. Posing as if she was examining her own body in the mirror, she ran her hands over her bust, cupping and fondling each of her breasts in turn, briefly scooping them completely out of the flimsy bra and then dropping them back in. Then she ran her hands down her stomach and shifted her stance to a more open posture, before rubbing her right hand over the crotch of her thong several times. Finally, she reached round behind to caress her butt, in the process turning back towards the mirror so that her ass was pointed straight at her voyeur, and she was rewarded with the faintest sound of a soft gasp from just outside cubicle.

The powerfully-built mature black lesbian smiled to herself – now was the moment to act, now was the time to take what she wanted!

With no warning at all, and with lightning speed, Jolene whirled on her heels, took two long strides to the door, yanked it wide open, and seized the astonished shop assistant by the arm. Jerking the white girl almost off her feet, Jolene dragged her into the cubicle, and slammed her back against the side wall. The capture had been so sudden and unexpected that Astrid had no chance to do anything more than give a frightened squawk, being violently pulled one way whilst her name-tag was dislodged from her top and went flying in the other direction, to land unheeded on the polished pinewood floor. With her left hand, Jolene quickly fastened the door on the inside, whilst her right hand went around the young woman’s throat, pinning the shocked and bewildered blonde to the wall. Jolene had long ago found this grip to be very effective, for it was ideal for muffling any protests or cries for help, and it established a rapid mastery – physical and psychological – whilst occupying only one hand, and so leaving the other free to strip away clothes, maul breasts, pull on tits, or spear up under a skirt and seize a vulnerable vulva.

Astrid gave a little frightened whimper, as she didn’t know what to say to her captor, who now stood very close to her – oh! so overwhelmingly, overpoweringly close! – with a furious expression on her face. Jolene glared intimidatingly at the slender white girl; the black woman’s anger was faked, of course, but her surging lust gave her voice convincing heat and a raw edge, as she snarled:

‘I saw you, you little bitch, don’t think I didn’t! – I saw you spying me on me, you cunt, watching me get undressed! I know what you are, you’re a lezzie, a dirty fucking lesbian!’

‘Oh, oh! No, no!!’ gasped Astrid, trying to shake her head in denial, though the woman’s grip around her neck prevented much movement. To her horror, the angry customer continued:

‘I’m gonna complain about you, sneaking and peeking’, Jolene hissed fiercely, ‘you lesbo cunt, I’ll see that you’re fired! I’ll speak to Ms. Beecher, she’s an old friend of mine, yeah! She’ll sack you, bitch, and with no references too!’

Astrid blanched as Jolene named the store’s austerely authoritarian deputy manager, who was a mature black woman of similar age. Jolene was not exactly bluffing – she had no intention of reporting Astrid, of course, but she did indeed know Ms. Beecher from their college days, and they still regularly met up and shared a few drinks, before sharing a double-ended dildo. Ms. Beecher only liked black pussy, so she would not be interested in this quaking blonde, but she had an amazing knack for seducing African-American high school girls and college cheerleaders, and would invite Jolene to her house to double-team them, as the pair of powerful dominants drilled the panting pretties in all of their holes and taught them obedience to their mature mistresses.

Of course, Astrid knew nothing of this, and she whimpered miserably as she realised just how foolish she had been, putting herself in danger of being dismissed. Jobs were very hard to come by for unqualified young women in these hard times, and she had been lucky to get this one – she didn’t dare lose it, that would be a catastrophe. She wailed in desperate supplication:

‘Oh, ma’am! Oh, no, please don’t … oh, please, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean anything! Please, please don’t .. don’t complain, please … I can’t lose my job, oh! please, I’ll do anything, please …’

That was exactly what the black pussy-hunter had been manoeuvring to hear – those three magic words of surrender: ‘I’ll do anything’. She made a pretence of seeming to relent a little, and was rewarded by a spark of hope in the frightened blonde’s eyes.

‘Oh, yeah? You will, huh? You will really?’

Clutching at this hope, Astrid nodded vigorously, and frantically gushed in reply:

‘Oh, I will, yes, I will! Anything! Anything, anything at all – just please don’t complain about me!’

Jolene gave her white victim a steely look, not showing a hint of the exultance she felt inside. She made a pretence of considering this vague offer, whilst keeping her hand around Astrid’s throat to pin the girl to the wall. Then she slowly nodded, as if reluctantly granting a great favour:

‘Well … I suppose, I could punish you myself, right here and now – I’ll teach you a lesson, bitch, and one you won’t forget!’

Jolene smiled secretly to herself: it would indeed be a lesson, a fast track course in becoming a lesbian submissive, and the blonde cunt would certainly never ever be the same afterwards. Astrid’s heart was fluttering in her chest, for all sorts of reasons, but she made herself swallow and express her thanks. However apprehensive she felt about the proposed ‘punishment’, being sacked would be much worse.

The black dyke kept her right hand around the white girl’s throat, ensuring her captivity, and ran her left across the pretty blonde’s upper chest, groping and squeezing her small firm breasts through the thin cotton of the ruffle and camisole. Astrid was still stunned by the turn of events, and she offered no resistance, although her eyes went wide and she gasped at the overtly sexual molestation. There was no bra to protect the shop assistant’s nipples, and Jolene pinched each of them briefly between her thumb and index finger, eliciting a whimpering moan from her young captive.

Certain that the slim blonde was too intimidated to struggle or attempt an escape, Jolene quickly changed her grip on the white woman’s throat to her left hand, and then roughly shoved her right hand up under Astrid’s denim mini-skirt and gripped her crotch. The young shop assistant squealed and quivered as her Venus mound was seized and squeezed in an iron grip, and then she squealed a second time as Jolene, dropping to squat on her haunches, ripped Astrid’s plain white bikini panties down to her ankles in one powerful muscular wrench, and then whisked them away to land in a corner of the cubicle.

The black dominatrix kept her grip at Astrid’s shoulder with her left hand, whilst two sharp slaps from her right hand to the blonde’s inner thighs gave the unmistakeable instruction to spread her legs open. Astrid unquestioningly hastened to comply, despite her astonishment and anxiety about where this was going – the black woman had accused her of being a lesbian, when she was obviously a dominant dyke and cunt-muncher herself! However, although the threat of a complaint may have receded, more dangerously the bitch had influence with Ms Beecher, and in any case she was just so awesome, so physically voluptuous and such a sexual dynamo, that Astrid hardly wanted to resist.

The white girl was very aware that as she parted her thighs, her denim skirt had ridden up above her hips, exposing her naked cunt to the lascivious gaze of the big-busted black bitch, whose face was level with her pussy and barely a foot away. Astrid leaned supinely against the wall behind her, an uncertain expression on her face, as butterflies fluttered in her stomach and she became aware of a damp warmth in her pussy. She looked downwards, and her arousal increased as she took in the amazing bird’s eye view of Jolene’s big breasts and the deep valley between them. As she watched, almost blank-faced, the mature black woman slid her right hand up Astrid’s inner thigh to her clean-shaven cunt, stroked her vulva, parted her outer labia with two of her long fingers, and began to rub up and down, and probe in between, sending hot and cold shivers coursing through the blonde’s body.

No one had touched Astrid in such a way before, as none of her handful of boyfriends had shown much interest in foreplay, or indeed in whether she had obtained any satisfaction at all from their intercourse. The blonde shop assistant began to moan softly, as Jolene’s expert touch aroused her erogenous zones, tickling apart her inner labia and poking into the tight cleft of her vagina. And then something truly amazing happened, something that Astrid had known unconsciously was bound to happen from the moment that the black lesbian had ripped off her panties. Spreading the white woman’s curling labia apart with two fingers, Jolene leaned forwards and placed her mouth over the shop assistant’s pussy, sucking the outer folds and ridges in between her teeth and nibbling on them, and then pressing down and stabbing her thick muscular tongue deep into Astrid’s slit.

Never before had any mouth come close to Astrid’s cunt, and so she had never experienced oral sex or cunnilingus. The effect on the inexperienced blonde was explosive, sending racking shudders through her slender frame, as her mouth hung open and her eyes bulged in shock. But even more powerful than surprise was the incredible sensations that convulsed her, as Jolene ate out her pussy with the sleek practised expertise of a woman who had feasted on hundreds of vaginas for more than twenty years. Astrid was now gasping and groaning, and without even thinking about it, she thrust her legs as wide apart as possible, to allow this Amazonian black dyke the best access with which to feast on her pussy for as long as possible.

‘Aaaaaahh! Oooaaaahhh! Oh, yes! Oh, fuck me – yes, yes, eat me, fuck me, fuck me – aagghh, aaaahhhhhh, yes!’

Aware that the young blonde was near to orgasm, Jolene moved her lips upwards and sucked on the tasty babe’s clitoris, whilst ramming two of her long fingers into the shop assistant’s vaginal passage, and then pumping then in and out with tremendous speed and force. Astrid was, quite literally, blown away – sex had never been anything like this before! She had not even dreamed that it COULD be anything like this! The sensations were unbelievable, so intensely erotic they were like fireworks bursting in her head. Oh, she thought, let this not stop, don’t stop … and then her climax exploded, ten times – no, she realised, a hundred, a thousand times! – better than any orgasm she had ever known, whether with a boyfriend’s cock or (as had been mostly the case this last year) her own fingers.

Jolene was fully attuned to the signals that the white girl’s body was broadcasting so loud and clear, and the mature black lesbian smiled with complete satisfaction as she released Astrid’s labia from between her lips, and then licked around the blonde’s clean-shaven cunt, savouring every drop of her pale pussy-juice. The dominant dyke knew for certain that she had just made a conquest, that she had utterly blown the girl apart sexually, and could now use her any way that she wanted. Jolene also knew well that the essential thing was to follow up that advantage, to keep the momentum and carry the girl so far down the road of lesbian submission that there would be no way that she could ever, ever come back.

First, the powerful and big-titted black woman rose to her feet and pressed against Astrid, sandwiching the young blonde’s body to the wall. Her hands pushed up under the camisole top and grabbed the girl’s breasts, massaging and mauling them, whilst her mouth latched onto Astrid’s, consuming her in a passionate French kiss. To her satisfaction, but not surprise, the pretty shop assistant responded vigorously and with no hesitation, twining their tongues together and even – very promisingly – trying to fondle Jolene’s heavy breasts as well.

After a long moment Jolene broke the kiss, and then leaned back slightly to undo the front buttons of Astrid’s camisole top and pull it off over her head. This was followed at once by reaching down, unsnubbing the button of the shop assistant’s jeans-style denim mini-skirt and pulling down its zip; the skirt quickly came open and tumbled down around her ankles, leaving the young woman completely naked apart from her shoes.

Jolene took Astrid by the hand, and the shop assistant stepped out of her fallen skirt and, without any resistance, followed mutely as she was bidden. The changing cubicle contained only one piece of furniture, a small bench with a padded seat, about three feet in length, on which customers could sit whilst taking their shoes on and off. It was normally placed neatly against the side wall, but Jolene hooked a foot around its nearest leg, and dragged it out into the middle of the cubicle. With a wordless gesture that was at once obeyed, she instructed the white woman to lie down along its length on her stomach, so that her cunt and ass were stuck out over one end, and her head at the other.

Jolene had previously placed her bag underneath the bench, and now it was revealed in easy arm’s reach. The capable black pussy-hunter had come well-equipped for just this moment, and the first item that she removed from the bag was a strong black leather belt, three inches in width. Straddling the prone shop assistant, Jolene quickly passed one end of the belt under the bench and then wrapped it across Astrid’s back at her waist, cinched it tight, and fastened the buckle. The blonde was now securely fixed to the bench, and Jolene continued the bondage more for its psychological and erotic effects than from real necessity. She took four short lengths of white cord from the bag, and in turn fastened Astrid’s wrists to the front two legs of the bench and her knees to the two back ones. The bag then disgorged a further item: a round red rubber ball-gag, which was shoved into Astrid’s mouth and tightened behind her head – this was not so much to prevent calls for help, but rather that to ensure that her orgasmic moans and shrieks did not attract unwelcome public attention.

After admiring the captive naked white bitch for a few seconds, Jolene walked round to the front of the bench where Astrid could see her. Slowly, tantalisingly, sexually, Jolene removed her bustier and then slid her panties down her legs, to end up standing in bold authority, legs braced apart and hands on her hips, naked apart from her silver strap stiletto shoes and her flimsy bra – her breasts were so big that some support was usually needed, as well as the fact that near-nudity was always more sexually arousing than complete nudity, for both the wearer and the beholder.

Astrid gazed up in mesmerised awe at the Amazonian figure of mature African-American womanhood that was standing in front of her, with massive breasts barely restrained by the gauzy lace cups of her skimpy bra, and her protuberant fleshy vulva displayed. Then the blonde’s eyes widened further still, for the black woman reached again into her bag, produced an intimidatingly long black plastic dildo in a black strap-on harness, pulled it up her meaty muscular thighs, and buckled it in place around her pelvis. Astrid could feel her own pussy gaping and almost drooling at this incredible sapphic sight, and she gave a shiver of anticipation as Jolene disappeared from view to walk round and kneel at her butt. Then there was the sudden hard demanding pressure of the dildo’s knob against her vaginal entrance – Jesus Christ, the thing was huge … no, impossibly so … aaahhh! oooh! yes … ah, yes, oh FUCK!!

The young blonde’s wails were completely muffled by the ball gag, as to her astonishment she found that Jolene had worked the whole length of the massive phallic rod into her, and it was now filling her to capacity – almost, it felt, to splitting point. Jolene began a steady rhythmic humping, withdrawing the dildo for about two-thirds of its length, and then with a powerful surge of her hips thrusting it back in right up to the strap-on’s faceplate.

Astrid’s awareness shrank to this small timeless bubble, in strange detachment from the world outside. She no longer cared about that or gave it any thought: all she wanted was to be taken and taken again by this powerful mature black woman, this incredible ebony fuck-machine – the white blonde now longed with cunt-gushing intensity to surrender herself utterly, to be used as a lesbian sex-slave.

Jolene was experienced enough to be able almost to pinpoint the precise second of sapphic surrender; at once she stepped up the face and force of her penetrations, as Astrid shuddered with every pussy-slamming impact. There was a sheen of sweat on both women’s faces, chests and backs, and Jolene was wearing a wild feral teeth-baring grin as she exultantly hammered the massive plastic cock into the cunt of the young white girl who was bound and captive beneath her.

The conquest of the pretty blonde bitchlet – whom she knew that she would now have at her submissive command, to be taken again and again – was so arousing that Jolene was actually the first to climax, without the need of any greater stimulation that the satisfaction of her dominant dyke lust and the hard slap of the inside of the strap-on’s faceplate against her pudenda as she drove home each ravaging insertion. The mature black lesbian released her grip on Astrid’s hips and almost tore open her own flimsy bra in her urgent need to maul her own breasts. Just as she seized and twisted her nipples, with the dildo buried full-length in the white woman, she came in a drenching bone-shaking and utterly satisfying orgasm – to be followed barely a second later by Astrid, who writhed convulsively in her tight bondage.

‘Ah, yeah’, thought Jolene, ‘I’ve nailed that white cunt well and good, yeah – fuckin’ good fuckin’, that is! Bitch is mine now, for sure … tasty little blondie, she’ll go down well with – or rather, on – ha, ha! – our group, yeah, she’ll soon learn her proper place is serving black pussies, and we’ll fuck her brains out, oh yeah!’

The imposing mature African-American reached an arm into her bag and produced a small white cotton towel, with which she quickly wiped her face, chest and back. Then she arose, sliding the dildo out of Astrid – which made the girl quiver again in near-orgasm – and used the towel to wipe the length of its shaft. Still wearing the harness, Jolene leaned against the wall of the cubicle for a moment, enjoying the view of the naked bound shop assistant, and making no move to release her from captivity. The dyke had accomplished her main objective, but her plan of campaign was not quite complete. Then her face creased into a wide smile, for it seemed she had timed it to perfection.

There were footsteps in the open space onto which the changing cubicles fronted, and a voice enquired questioningly, in a slightly petulant tone:

‘Astrid? Astrid! … where are you, girl? Signe said she saw you come in here – are you still here? Astrid?’

It was clearly the supervisor for this part of the store, the tall slender older short-haired blonde, who Jolene had noted earlier taking more than a casual interest in Astrid’s ass and in looking down Jolene’s jaw-dropping cleavage. Just then the black woman heard a muffled exclamation, as the supervisor stopped immediately outside the cubicle door, having spotted Astrid’s name-badge lying on the floor.

‘Perfect!’ thought Jolene, ‘I couldn’t have designed it better!’

Kneeling down to pick up the badge, the supervisor was taken completely by surprise when the cubicle door next to her was suddenly flung open and a powerful big-breasted black woman, almost naked apart from a bra and high heels and – Jesus! a fucking strap-on dildo!! – grabbed her by one arm and a handful of her short blonde hair, hauling her upright and pulling her into the cubicle. The supervisor was so astonished that she made no struggle, and her shock was redoubled by what she saw inside the little room, as the black woman closed and relatched the door with her left hand, whilst taking a choke hold at the stunned supervisor’s throat with her right. Almost oblivious to this, the older white blonde gazed down at the naked and bound body of the pretty new assistant in her department, who she had been lusting after herself, and who had clearly just been given a real hard fucking by the voluptuous black woman. The supervisor’s mouth hung open, and she could only stutter incoherently, her mind in a whirl and her pussy wetting in response to the sapphic scene before her.

Jolene gave the supervisor no opportunity to catch her breath or regroup her thoughts – with older and more experienced women in particular, it was essential to keep your target confused and off-balance. The black woman launched into a hissing tirade of pretence fury, this time claiming that Astrid had attempted to molest her in the cubicle whilst she was trying on the dress, that Jolene had confiscated the strap-on from the young assistant and then given it to Astrid instead, ‘to teach the bitch a lesson’, and then she repeated her threat to complain to Ms. Beecher, unless perhaps the supervisor could ‘make it up to her’.

As she said this, Jolene noted the name on the supervisor’s staff badge: Ms. Nadine Kolvskya, obviously of Polish descent – they were another large group in this city – which explained her stronger jaw and brown eyes. The black woman reinforced her message by groping the supervisor’s small firm pointy B-cup tits through her white shirt, and then getting a hand up the unresisting bitch’s khaki A-line skirt. As Jolene had expected, the gusset of the white woman’s panties was soggy with arousal, and the supervisor moaned in pleasure as Jolene pushed a finger into the camel-toe groove along her seeping slit, poking the cotton fabric an inch deep into her. Nadine’s nipples had hardened at once under Jolene’s rough mauling, and now the supervisor shifted her stance to open her thighs further to the black woman’s probing hand.

Nadine was 33 years old and a closet lesbian; that is, she had not come out to her work colleagues (with just one exception, another woman who was also a secret pussy-fucker) or her family, despite having been actively and solely lesbian since her college days. She lived in a small one-bedroom apartment, to which she regularly brought the lovers who she met in the lesbian bars and clubs or over the internet, for one-night stands. The supervisor had found her new young assistant highly attractive and had even considered breaking her lifelong rule of keeping work and pleasure apart, and making a pass at the hot little bitch, but had not yet summoned up the nerve to do so. Now it seemed someone else had broken Astrid in, but, still, this meant that the pretty blonde was definitely fuckable. And, as to the powerful dyke who had done it – Nadine moaned with desire, for it had always been one of her most erotic masturbatory fantasies to be dominated by big-titted black bitch, but it had never happened … until now! At once, she eagerly promised to do anything at all that the charismatic powerful African-American woman wanted – anything, anything at all!

‘Wait, no, please … yes, I’ll do anything you want – please, aaahh! oh, my cunt, ooohhh! … just wait a moment, please – oh, fuckit, ooohh, aaaahhhh … aaaggghhh!’ gasped Nadine, as Jolene worked her fingers inside the crotch of the woman’s panties and probed more firmly into her vagina. The supervisor pulled her phone out of its pouch at her belt, showed it to Jolene, and added: ‘Hold on, I’ll need to get some cover for our section, please?’

Jolene nodded her consent, and Nadine quickly dialled the internal number of her colleague who managed the lingerie and nightwear section – the one person here who knew of her sexual orientation: they had been friends and lesbian fuck-buddies for years, and knew each other’s tastes very well indeed, for they shared a lust for innocent-looking teenage and college girl pussy.

‘Marge? Hi, listen – can you get one of your girls to cover my section for a while? I need to have a private talk with Astrid, y’know, like with no interruptions … yeah … yeah, she’s all tied up at the moment, ha ha! … mmmm, yeah … Signe can again? sure, that’s great – thanks babe, I owe you one! Ciao!’

Nadine slipped the phone back into its pouch at her belt, and then undid this and dropped it to the side. Thoroughly aroused by the sight of the pretty nude girl and the mental image of her getting fucked by this amazing Amazonian African-American woman, she was eager to participate, and quickly undid the buttons of her shirt and unfastened her skirt. As the white woman stepped out of these, Jolene seized her bra cups and gave their contents a hard squeeze, making the supervisor gasp and almost buckle at the knees from the sexual charge that coursed through her body. Jolene unclasped the supervisor’s bra and let it fall, and then – partly from impatience, and partly to show her dominance, she seized the supervisor’s sky blue bikini panties at the front and literally tore them apart. Wide-eyed at this show of strength, Nadine gave a whimper of submission as the fragments of fabric fell at her feet. A second later, her unclasped bra followed them downwards, and now Nadine was in the same condition as her young assistant – stark naked, apart from her shoes.

Jolene pressed forwards, squashing Nadine’s nude body between her own firm flesh and the ungiving cubicle wall behind. At six foot in height, she had a couple of inches even on the tall slim supervisor, together with more weight in her full lush body and more strength in her muscular arms. Even if Nadine had fought to escape, it is unlikely that she could have done so, but no such thought crossed the white lesbian’s mind. Part of Jolene’s greater weight was already making an incredible impression on her – the black woman’s massive breasts were mashed against her own small cones, swamping them utterly with their rich dark expanse. Jolene leaned her face down to Nadine’s, and gave the Polish-American woman an electrifying thrill as she ran her tongue from left to right across the blonde woman’s lips. Nadine sighed and opened her mouth in further surrender, and at once Jolene pressed her lips against it and thrust in her tongue, in a long deep and arousing French kiss.

Confident of having established the upper hand, Jolene used her lower hand to devastating effect. She slipped her right hand back between the supervisor’s legs, found the opening at the lower end of her cunt, and then rammed in two fingers, side by side, for their full length, before starting to pump them in and out of the white woman’s loose and sloppy slit. Under this assault, Nadine broke from the kiss for a second, her head going back and a deep groan bursting from her throat. Jolene used her left hand to deliver a warning, pinching Nadine’s right nipple, and then – as the blonde gasped from the brief jab of pain – forced her tongue back into the supervisor’s mouth. Jolene’s finger-fucking was merciless, and after only about thirty seconds, Nadine’s eyes bulged, her legs shook, her torso trembled, and she was riven by an earthquake of an orgasm – better than any she had had in the last five years for sure, maybe ten … maybe even since her first times with an older college professor, nearly fifteen years ago.

As the supervisor gasped for breath, Jolene twirled her round to face the wall. A quick dip into the black woman’s capacious bag produced another goodie – this time it was a pair of handcuffs, which Jolene clamped on after pulling the supervisor’s arms together behind her back. Then, keeping a firm, and rather painful, grip on the supervisor’s short blonde hair, she led Nadine over to where Astrid was strapped to the bench seat. The older woman was crisply instructed to lie down on top of the younger blonde, in the same direction, with her chin resting on the back of Astrid’s head and her ass and cunt sticking out just above those of the shop assistant. Being about five inches taller, Nadine was able to straddle across Astrid’s captive body and arch her legs over those of her assistant, which had the effect of spreading the supervisor’s vagina and ass even more vulnerably wide open. Jolene then produced three more lengths of bondage rope, using two short pieces to tie the supervisor’s ankles to those of her younger colleague, and then she passed a much longer rope three times across Nadine’s back and around under the bench, strapping the two white bitches tightly together into a very fuckable femme sandwich.

During all this, looking over her shoulder, Astrid had watched in disbelief the stripping and finger-fucking of her immediate boss, and was blown away by Nadine’s evident lesbianism and her swift submission to the black dyke’s desires. The young blonde almost thought that she might be dreaming all of this (if so, what a dream, wow!), and if she had been able to move a hand, she would have pinched herself to be sure – but the throbbing ache in her stretched and ravaged cunt was proof enough that indeed this was for real. She admired the sexy slender shape of Nadine’s naked form – her supervisor might be more than a decade older, but she was slim and clearly worked out regularly at the gym, for there was no sign of flab or sag anywhere, and her breasts, which of similar size to Astrid’s, looked firm. As her supervisor bent over, Astrid shivered in arousal at the feel of the lithe older woman’s naked body lying down on top of her own, with Nadine’s hard erect nipples pressing into her shoulder-blades, her firm stomach resting warmly just above Astrid’s butt, and her panting breath on the young blonde’s neck.

Jolene dropped to her knees behind the delectable sight of the two white women’s matching wide open cunts and butts, and she began by lapping her tongue into their slits and tasting the flavour of their oozing pussy-juice. Whilst she licked one pussy, she used two fingers of her right hand to tease and rub and flick the other, alternating back and forth between them. The two white women moaned softly (Astrid being muffled by her gag, but still audible) at this tantalising treatment, knowing that it was only the preliminary.

After a couple of moments, Jolene rose to a squatting position, and brought her strap-on dildo into play, with devastating effect. Her technique was simple but sure: she thrust the plastic phallus deep into Astrid’s cunt, withdrew it, rammed it into Nadine’s vagina for its full length, pulled it back out, and then started the sequence once again with Astrid. However, as both of the subjugated white women became more wet and open, alternating the fucks became too slow a process. Jolene reached into her bag for one more weapon from her arsenal: a bulky ribbed vibrator, which she switched on and shoved into Astrid’s pussy-hole until only the control button was protruding. This allowed the powerful African-American bitch to concentrate on breaking-in the older of the white women; whilst Astrid jerked and gasped beneath her boss, Jolene began a pounding pistoning of the supervisor’s slit, faster and harder than any before, until Nadine climaxed with a series of harsh nasal grunts. This revealed that the older blonde was a squirter, and of a surprising amount. As Nadine came, a fountain of cum-juice sprayed across Astrid’s buttocks and into the cleft between them, trickling down over her ass-hole and the base of her cunt, and giving her a lesbian baptism.

Jolene had judged both the pace of her fucking and the setting on the vibrator well. The quakes and shudders made by Nadine as she came were transmitted directly downwards into Astrid’s pelvis, and they combined with the insistent rasping of the vibrator in her pussy. Rendered mute by the ball-gag, Astrid violently tossed her head from side to side, her lovely long blonde hair flying in every direction. However, her only road to release was to keep going, to let things take their course – and, sure enough, only seconds later, that is what happened, as the young shop assistant trembled in another mind-blowing climax.

Jolene smiled, though with a slight tinge of regret, as her campaign of conquest was nearly complete, and it had been a tremendous turn-on. Still, she wasn’t quite finished yet! Sliding the cum-coated vibrator out of Astrid’s pussy, she then touched its throbbing tip to the tight sphincter of her supervisor’s anal hole. Nadine’s eyes bulged and her mouth opened – but before she could plead for mercy, Jolene rammed the wad of Astrid’s damp and fragrant discarded panties in between her teeth. With a menacing hiss, the intimidating black dyke declared:

‘I don’t wanna hear your mewling, you soft slutty white cunt! Chew on that, bitch! From now on, you’re gonna take it where I wanna give it t’ya, and I don’ fuckin’ care whether ya like it or not, y’hear?’

Nadine’s last shreds of willpower to resist evaporated as swiftly as a summer shower on a noonday sidewalk. In fact, she found being treated in this humiliating way, being used as a sex-object almost against her will by a dominant black woman, to be the most explosively erotic experience that had ever happened to her. Somehow, the fact that she had always disliked, and had almost entirely avoided, anal sex actually made it all the more intense – for her surrender to this was absolute, it was unconditional surrender into sapphic submission and sex-slavery to her new mistress.

The slim body of the mature white supervisor shuddered convulsively as Jolene drilled the humming vibrator into her anus, forcing open her tightly-puckered asshole. Nadine gave short panting snorts for breath through her nostrils (for she obeyed orders, and kept Astrid’s so-wonderfully flavoured soiled panties in her mouth), and screwed her eyes tight shut. The violation of her rectum was searingly painful for a moment, and then it became more stimulating as the battery-powered plastic pole jiggered away inside her ass. Sweat sheened the face, back and butt of the shop supervisor, as the violating vibrator did its deadly work.

Nadine’s was not the only asshole to receive an education from the ebony-skinned dyke. The older woman felt Astrid’s body underneath give a wild frantic jerk, thrash for a moment in impotent struggle, and go rigid as a board. Although she could see nothing that was going on at the other end, she instantly made the correct deduction. Without giving the poor young girl any warning, Jolene had rammed the strap-on into her asshole, taking her rectal cherry and introducing her to anal sex by means of bondage and rape – an experience that Nadine also correctly suspected that Astrid would be repeating many, many times in her long future life of sapphic submission.

Astrid’s high-pitched wail into her gag – really more of a scream – was effectively muffled so that it was quite inaudible outside the cubicle, but there was just enough sound to thrill Jolene as she withdrew the dildo from the white girl’s peachy rump – and thrust it back in, even harder and deeper. Astrid convulsed again, and then went limp, like a puppet whose strings have been slashed. The blonde shop-assistant lolled in completely broken surrender, with incredible sensations battering through her from her abused ass, until a pyrotechnic orgasm exploded in her brain.

With her much greater sexual experience – and despite her relative anal inexperience – Nadine had not yet been forced to climax by the pulsing vibrator in her butt-hole. Seeing this, the black lesbian maestro withdrew the strap-on dildo from Astrid’s violated young anus, and slammed into Nadine’s vagina, which was still hanging gaping and invitingly open, and coated with the slick remains of her previous squirting orgasm. Jolene pivoted her hips and delivered a hard slamming thrust deep into the older woman, and the effect of the double-penetration – which was actually a first for Nadine – was literally climactic. The mature supervisor’s eyes bulged, her mouth gaped open, drooling saliva and almost letting Astrid’s panties fall out, and her thin frame quivered in over-loaded ecstasy. The older woman had literally never known anything like it – it was terrifying, it was painful, it was shocking, it was astounding, it was thrilling, and it was sublime.

Looking down at the prone and exhausted naked bodies of the two white women that she had just fucked almost to the point of oblivion, Jolene purred with satisfaction. These bitches had been well and truly taken, transported to a sexual destination from which they would never return. In the older woman’s case, she was clearly already a lesbian – but now she had learned her proper place in the order of things, to be the sexual toy for use or abuse by any black woman that wanted her rangy blonde body. As for the young bitch, she would be a submissive sex-slave from now on, and Jolene and her friends would make sure that her journey down that path would be swift and absolute.

Jolene untied the rope which bound the two shop employees together, and then the other cords that fastened their arms and legs. She removed Astrid’s gag as well, leaving the young blonde gasping like a landed fish. Neither of the white females made any move to rise, as Jolene removed the strap-on harness from around her waist and gave a quick wipe of the projecting plastic phallus. Then the big-busted dyke reached down and gave a resounding smack to the upthrust butt of the supervisor, and ordered her to stand up. Shakily, her knees feeling like jelly and her stomach churning in acrid excitement, Nadine clambered to her feet, whilst Astrid remained flopped out on the bench.

The busty black woman ran a hand appreciatively over the small but firm pointy breasts of the shop supervisor, as Nadine stood quietly like a horse whose trainer is assessing its readiness for a ride – or perhaps for market. Jolene gave the lithe white lesbian an approving kiss on the lips, and then thrilled the woman by instructing to don on the strap-on cock and fuck the blonde girl – something that Nadine had been longing to do since the pretty babe’s first day at work.

As the supervisor eagerly stepped into the harness, Jolene administered two sharp smacks to Astrid’s butt, one on each cheek.

‘Roll over, you fuckin’ lezzie slut! Get on your back, spread yourself, and get ready to take it like the lesbo bitch you are, you slutty cunt!’

Astrid whimpered, for she really didn’t think she could take any more, but already she knew better than to disobey. With an effort, she shifted around to lie on her back on the bench, with her head at the top and her pussy at the other end, wide open and accessible as her legs had to be spread apart in order to be braced on the floor. Her eyes widened as she saw her supervisor was strapping the last buckles of the dildo’s harness into place, whilst looking down at her with hot gleaming lust in her eyes.

Nadine had learned lessons too, and once she was ready she turned to the statuesque black woman and bowed her head in mute homage, eyes cast respectfully down at the floor, and waiting for permission before carrying out her orders. Jolene was pleased at this rapid progress, and whilst nodding her consent, she hefted her heavy breasts, one in each hand, and proffered them to the thirty-something blonde.

‘Oh, thank you, mistress!’ breathed Nadine, as she bent to take each nipple briefly into her mouth, doing reverence by licking around the aureole and then sucking on the tit.

The white supervisor then knelt down at the end of the bench, between Astrid’s parted thighs. She took a moment to savour some foreplay, massaging her hands up and down the young woman’s inner thighs, over and across her stomach, and then to cup and squeeze her breasts. At this point, Nadine bent forwards and paid oral tribute to this sweet pair of mammaries – but harder and firmer than she had with her conqueror, this time nipping with her teeth on the nipples as well as sucking them.

Astrid began to twitch and moan and mumble, and Nadine divined that the girl was sufficiently aroused and ready to be taken. Oh, how the mature supervisor had longed for this moment! – and now it had been suddenly gifted to her, thanks to this stunningly sexual black goddess! She rose part-way onto her haunches, gripped the shop assistant’s thighs in order to brace her position, lined up the dildo like a torpedo on its target, and then swung forwards, spearing into Astrid’s pussy in one smooth deep stroke. The pretty girl gave a wonderful shiver and gasp beneath her, and her pelvis began to thrust backwards in time to Nadine’s penetrations. Astrid began to babble between her shallow pants for breath, and all of her words were pleas to be taken, to be dildo-shafted and lesbo-fucked for ever and ever more. Nadine was more than happy to oblige, and she increased the pace and power of her penetrations, until Astrid’s groans turned to deep harsh grunts, her pleas became reduced to the sobbing reiteration of ‘fuckme!’ over and over, her back arched, and she spasmed in orgasm.

During this, whilst the two white women were intensely absorbed in their lustful lesbian love-making, Jolene had not only quietly got dressed, but she had also used her cell phone to take a series of pictures of the supervisor fucking her assistant – in what was clearly consensual sex, with no restraints in sight – and had transmitted copies of them securely to her home email address.

As Astrid came under Nadine’s strap-on shafting, the mature supervisor climaxed as well, her mind in an incredulous whirl of erotic excitement from having fulfilled two of her fantasies at once: dildoing a young blonde employee, and getting taken forcibly herself by a powerful big-busted black bitch.

Jolene gave a rich satisfied laugh, and the pair of cream-skinned blondes turned to see their ebony conqueror smiling like a cat who has caught her mice. The statuesque African-American waved her phone at them, and informed them that she now had all the pictures that would be needed to get both of them fired for fucking instead of working, and that if they wanted to keep their jobs they had both better do exactly as she ordered from now on. Today was Friday, continued their new owner; on the next afternoon, they must wait outside the store when it closed, wearing pretty feminine dresses and their hottest lingerie, and Jolene would pick them up in her car, for an evening and night of submissive sexual service to herself and some of her circle of African-American friends and lovers. The black woman calmly informed the two stunned – but deeply aroused – white women that they would be in use until Sunday afternoon, and therefore they must make whatever excuses they wanted to families or friends, in order to be available until then.

‘Do you understand, sluts? Your cunts are mine now, and dontcha ever forget it!’ ended the authoritative African-American.

With the alacrity of true submissiveness, both Astrid and Nadine quickly nodded their assent.

‘Good! Yeah, we’re gonna fuck you white pussies right out of your skins, you’d better believe it, you pussy-sluts!’ concluded Jolene.

With an imperious gesture of her fingers, she ordered Nadine to stand up, remove the strap-on and return it to her, whilst a firm negative nod at Astrid kept the pretty young blonde in her place – for which the girl was glad, for she had come so many times that she was not sure that her limbs had either the strength or the co-ordination necessary for her to arise.

Receiving the warm and well-used dildo, Jolene wrapped it in the small towel and placed that on top of the other items in her bag, which she then zipped closed. Blowing an ironic kiss to her two conquests, the big-titted black woman coolly collected the red dress from where it was hanging on the wall, exited the cubicle and closed the door behind her. With a satisfyingly warm feeling tingling between her legs, the charismatic Amazon sauntered over to the cash desk, where she musingly eyed the tightly-stretched white shirt worn by the assistant on duty – Signe, that was the name, she recalled – a well-curved young woman and another Scandinavian-looking blue-eyed blonde (really, the profusion of these pretty white bitches was why Jolene loved living in this city!). Signe was stealing little fleeting glimpses at Jolene’s bustier from under her lashes; hmm, thought the majestic mature black woman, letting her hand linger for a moment longer than necessary on the girl’s slender wrist as she took the receipt, and noting the tell-tale signs of a flush on the babe’s cheeks and a sudden pointy projection of her nipples, I must come back next week and find out which part of the store she normally works in, for that would make it a pussy-hunter’s dream – a hat-trick of blonde cunts.

Meanwhile, back in the cubicle, Nadine gazed down at the supine figure of Astrid, who stared back up at her in open-mouthed wonder – wonder at the turn her own sexual life had suddenly, and she knew irrevocably, taken, and wonder at the thrilling sight of her austerely elegant and slender supervisor revealed as a voracious lesbian. Really, thought the aroused older woman, this is just too good to stop now – that little slut Signe can look after everything out there for a while longer, as I’m sure Marge will have given her very firm orders (and I suspect the hot little cow takes all sorts of firm orders from Marge, here and after work, certainly Marge has been hinting as much!).

The lust-filled supervisor ran her tongue over her lips, still tasting the heady flavour of the black woman’s orgasmic juices that had sprayed across her mouth and cheeks at the start of this sexual marathon – or, at least, she corrected herself, at the start of her own induction into the arena of lesbian lust that the little white-walled changing cubicle had become. Wagging a finger at Astrid in clear instruction to remain where she was, Nadine stepped across to straddle the bench, facing down towards Astrid’s legs. Slowly, savouring the moment, she lowered her cunt onto the employee’s face, and was rewarded by the sensation of Astrid’s eager questing tongue lapping at her pussy as soon as it came within reach. With a contented sigh, Nadine folded over at the waist and brought her own mouth down onto Astrid’s vulva, in the classic 69 position.

Nadine took great pleasure from the sight, scent and texture of Astrid’s sweet young pussy, exploring its soft intricate folds, like the petals of a pale orchid. Shivers of pleasure ran through the pretty young babe as the experienced lesbian dexterously used her fingers to ease the girl’s labia apart, and then to massage gently up and down at the sides of her slit, squeezing softly but firmly. Nadine’s capable lips and tongue teased around the intricacies of Astrid’s vulva, finding erogenous zones the petite blonde had never even suspected existed. The older woman sucked the girl’s projecting labial lips into her mouth, massaging them with her agile tongue and then nibbling on them with her sharp teeth. With each nip, Astrid gave a little mewling gasp which was muffled by the fact that her own face was pressed up again her supervisor’s broad crotch, and her tongue was pressed into the soft sticky slit that divided it vertically.

Nadine’s cunnilingus stimulated her young pupil into greater arousal and application, and Astrid applied herself with renewed enthusiasm and determination – though little of either science or subtlety. She wrapped her arms around her supervisor’s slim waist and hips, pressing the older woman’s firm body down against her own, whilst she thrust her whole face into the gap between the woman’s legs, squirming her nose against the base of Nadine’s Venus mound, thrusting her tongue into the woman’s meaty fragrant pussy, and lashing it around as far and fast and firm as she could manage.

For a while, there was nothing but the faint sounds of sapphic satisfaction, as each woman avidly licked the other’s slit, squirming and thrusting their tongues into the warm wet crevasse as deeply as they could. Not surprisingly, it was the young novice who came first, in a long slow and deeply satisfying sequence of orgasms. Nadine was pleased to see that this did not diminish Astrid’s enthusiasm for cunt-munching, and the girl continued to suck her supervisor’s slit with industrious vigour until, about thirty seconds later, the young blonde was rewarded with a second squirting shower of pussy-juice from the older woman’s climax, which fountained over Astrid’s face as she eagerly lapped up as much of the fluid as she could.

Astrid was near to exhaustion, but buoyed up by utter exhilaration. All of her confusions had gone: she knew what she was now, and how amazingly good it could be – and now she had an experienced pair of older and incredibly hot women to show her the way, to take and use her: a mistress (for Jolene’s authority was absolute over them both, and in truth no blackmail was necessary for this), and a mentor. It was the final and overwhelming proof of what Astrid had been suspecting for some time: that she was not really bisexual, but in fact entirely lesbian. This is what had got her into this trouble in the first place – she had realised that she was checking out and getting turned on by all the sexy mature women who came into the store.

Slipping back into her work uniform, Nadine broke into Astrid’s reverie:

‘Well, honey, we’d better be ready for the black bitch on Saturday, and do whatever she wants – her and her friends, and I’ll bet they’re just as fuckin’ hot black dykes as she is! Meantime, you’re gonna come home with me tonight – when we close, you wait a bit further down the street from the staff car park, and no one will see that I’m picking you up, ha ha! I’ll really give you a going over tonight, and then you’ll be ready to take that bitch’s strap-on when I’m done with fucking you!’

Astrid swallowed and looked wide-eyed at her supervisor, but her nipples were already stiffening into hard erectness and she could feel the flush of heat between her legs at the prospect.

‘Oh, yes – thank you, Ms. Kolvskya, thank you! I would like that, really I would – anything you say, anything you want, Ms. Kolvskya, I’ll do, just teach me, show me – just fuck me!’

Smiling, the older woman reached out and tweaked the girl’s right nipple between a thumb and forefinger.

‘My dear, when we are alone – at my apartment, of course, but here too – you can call me Nadine. And, I think we had better get used to calling her’ – at this point, the supervisor nodded at the door through which Jolene had departed – ‘Mistress, and make ourselves ready for anything that she requires!’

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Science via sex: Chemical Bonding

This is meant to be a bit of a humorous way to help you explain a science concept via sex. Seriously, who wouldn't have learnt better at school if teachers used sex as an analogy for various concepts??

Ever thought that chemistry was simply too hard or abstract to understand? Well, how about an explanation of a few major concepts using something everyone can understand: sex. Much of what happens at an atomic level can be summarised as atoms having sex in various positions with many interesting outcomes.

A fundamental principle of chemistry, that many find rather challenging, is bonding. There are two major types of chemical bonds; ionic and covalent. Let’s start with ionic bonding.

Ionic bonding involves the bonding of a metal and a non-metal via the transfer of elections. It is all about filling electrons shells. In short, atoms are ridiculously small spheres which have protons and neutrons in the middle and electrons occupying space around them in regions of space called shells (not 100% accurate I know, but we will stick with shells rather than orbitals). We will consider metals to be males and non-metals to be females.

We are all very aware that women have various holes; pussy, ass, mouth. In like manner, non-metals have ‘holes’ in their electron shells as they don’t have enough electrons to completely fill their outer shells. Metals have lone (or unpaired) electrons in their outer electron shells, meaning these electrons ‘protrude’, as it were, from the atom. Males have a protrusion in the form of their cock. Metals wish to get rid of their protruding electrons (same as guys want to get rid of an erection via sexual activity of some sort) while non-metals seek to fill their electron holes. When an atom has a complete outer electron shell (either having lost or gained electrons), it is stable. And that is why they form ionic bonds. We will use sodium (a metal) bonding to chlorine (a non-metal) as an example.

Chlorine is desperate to fill the gaping hole in her outer shell while sodium wants to get rid of his lone electron that is jutting out from his otherwise filled shells. Neither can gain satisfaction alone, despite concerted effort, so Chlorine goes for a night out at the local bar in the hope of finding a willing partner to bond with. Sodium is a regular at the bar so they were invariably going to run into each other at some point in the night. The first time they meet, the attraction was unmistakable.

“Oh Chlorine, I can feel the attraction between us. I simply can’t resist that hole in your outer shell. Let me fill it please?” Sodium whispers to Chlorine.

“Yes, I want it, I need it! I can’t wait until later, let’s do it right here!” Chlorine moans in reply.

The two atoms move closer and thrust into each other energetically. Chlorine takes sodium’s lone electron deep into her hole, gasping as she feels the wonderful sensation of her hole finally being filled.

Sodium can’t hold on any longer and his electron flows into Chlorine, leaving her outer shell completed. He also feels satisfied, his electron no longer protruding painfully for all to see. The two now stick to each other as their opposite charges attracting. Sodium and chlorine are no longer atoms, they are now ions (charged atoms with complete outer shells). The compound they now make is sodium chloride (chemical formula: NaCl).

And here is where a bit more chemistry is needed. Electrons have a negative charge. This means that if a metal loses an electron, it loses a negative charge meaning it is now positively charged. Think of it this way, if you get rid of a negative thing in your life, you become more positive. If you get more negatives, you become negative in your outlook. This is the same for non-metals, they gain electrons (having sucked or pulled the electron off the metal) meaning they become negatively charged overall.

What happens if sodium, which only has one electron in its outer shell, was to bond with say phosphorous which has three holes in its outer electron shell? Sodium can only fill one hole meaning Phosphorous will not be satisfied as she wants all three holes filled. So what can Sodium do? The answer is; have a gangbang.

Phosphorous was feeling very adventurous and yearned to not only fill one hole, but all three at the same time. She really found sodium quite attractive but knew he couldn’t fill all her holes by himself so she suggested he bring a few friends to help out. She felt so aroused at the thought of soon being filled by three metals at the same time, having them eject their electrons into her.

Phosphorous had just finished getting herself prepared when she heard Sodium arrive at her place, closely followed by two of his friends (also sodium atoms). She opened the door and invited them in, feeling the energy between them as they passed by. She wasn’t in the mood for foreplay so she quickly shut the door, moved to the middle of the room and put her holes on display for the Sodiums to see.

“What are you boys waiting for? Come fill my holes with those electrons, I want to suck them off each one of you at the same time!” Phosphorous declared.

The Sodiums grinned in excitement at each other and quickly got into position around her, feeling their electrons throbbing at the sight of each gaping hole.

Phosphorous began to suck the electron off of one of the Sodiums while sliding her other accommodating holes onto the waiting electrons of the other two atoms.

“Oh yeah, take those electrons!” One of the Sodiums called out.

There was no need for additional thrusting, Phosphorous could feel the sodium atoms lose their electrons into each of her holes, the sensation causing her to vibrate slightly with the extra energy that surged through her.

“Yes, fill my holes with those big electrons.” Phosphorous cried out in pleasure.

While only quick (less than a nanosecond which is a billionth of a second), the atomic sex was amazing. Phosphorous looked down excitedly at her now filled outer shell while the Sodiums, having lost their outer electrons, high-fived each other in a show of excited achievement.

All satisfied, the four remained in a group forming the compound sodium phosphide (formula; Na3P).

As you can see from the example above, metals only have a set number of electrons (this depends on their location in the periodic table of the elements but generally between one and three) in their outer shell that can be lost and non-metals can have more than one hole in their electron shell (again, this depends on the location of the non-metal in the periodic table but usually between one and three holes). If a metal has insufficient electrons to fill the non-metals holes, an additional metal atom is required. Conversely, if a metal has say three outer electrons (like a guy having three cocks) but the non-metal only has one hole in its out shell (think of a woman who only wanted to fill her pussy), three non-metal atoms would be needed.

So that is a crash course on ionic bonding; it’s all about non-metals sucking electrons off metals to fill their holes and having the same number of electrons as holes (ie same number of cocks as holes so that everyone is satisfied). But there is a second major type of chemical bond we will also briefly consider and that is covalent bonding.

Covalent bonding involves two or more non-metal atoms sharing electrons to complete their outer shell. While they don’t gain additional electrons (as they hold onto the ones they have but also share them with the other atom), they can still fill the holes in their outer shells. Again, we will consider non-metals to be women. However, this analogy is not as clear/easy-to-follow as the ionic bonding one so you need to take it in good humour, as it was intended.

As covalent bonding involves only non-metals bonding, and for our analogy non-metals are women, we will consider this form of bonding via lesbian sex.

Remember that bonding is all about filling electron shells either by gaining or losing electrons. But as women do not have cocks, but they still want to have one or more of their holes filled, how do they go about doing so? Here is where the wonderfully simple but effective double-dildo comes into action. The double-dildo allows each woman to have a hole filled at the same time as the other and both share the pleasure. Just as one double-dildo is needed for each hole (ie one for pussy into pussy, another for ass into ass, etc), so too with electrons, one covalent bond consists of one electron from one of the non-metals filling the hole of the other, while that atom shares one of its electrons to fill the hole of the first. Sounds confusing? Let’s look at an example of this in action. To begin with, we will go with hydrogen bonding to chlorine to make hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid, chemical formula: HCl).

Hydrogen wasn’t certain about trying but the desire to be satisfied was more than enough to push any doubt from her mind. Chlorine was right in front of her, she had spread her stunning hole open and already had one end of a double-dildo inserted, the other end pointed directly at Hydrogen.

Hydrogen moved closer and slipped the dildo deep into her outer shell. Both atoms moaned in pleasure as they firmly gripped the double-ended toy, relishing the feeling of having finally completed their outer shells. The two were strongly bonded as their holes gripped onto the toy now rapidly oscillating in and out of each of them at close to the speed of light.

“Oh that feels amazing!” Hydrogen called out.

“I want to keep sharing this toy between us forever!” Chlorine gasped in reply.

As was mentioned above, the analogy is not great as you have to imagine that each end of the double dildo is one lone electron from that atom. Each atom contributes one electron to the bond (making an electron pair which is energetically stable) and they then swap this back and forth at extremely high speeds meaning that they have at any given point (from a probability point of view) a complete outer electron shell which means they are stable. There is no real anatomical equivalent to represent this in females (ie they don’t have anything that I can think of which both is penetrative and also able to be penetrated at the same time) so the double dildo is as good as I could think of.

So what happens when one of the atoms wants more than one hole filled? We’ll start with an incestuous example to begin with that describes the formation of diatomic (meaning two atoms) molecules (which are usually gases such as hydrogen gas, nitrogen gas, etc). The example below is that of oxygen bonding with its twin sister to form the oxygen molecule (formula: O2) which is what we breath.

Everyone knew that the oxygen twins liked to stick together, but they may not have realised just how close the two were nor how incredibly naughty they could be. The two identical atoms had an insatiable appetite for double penetration; having one hole filled was never enough, they wanted both holes filled at the same time.

As they slid down onto the first toy, they hummed in excitement as their first hole was filled, then slowly positioning the second toy at the opening of their second holes, they thrust vigorously into each other, moaning as the second toy filled them forming a double bond.

While they hadn’t transferred electrons, their shells were completed as they were sharing the electrons back and forth. As both atoms were filling two gaps in their electrons shells, they each had to share two electrons meaning a total of four electrons were being swapped back and forth. Two electrons form one bond (one double-dildo) so the extra two electrons (the second double-dildo) formed a second bond which is called a double bond. Some non-metals can form triple bond also (think of it as two women using three double dildos to fill their ass, pussy and mouth at the same time). Triple penetration equals a triple bond.

A final quick concept to consider is that of slightly large covalent compounds. From the examples above, it was seen that hydrogen has only one gap in its electron shell while oxygen has two. So in order for oxygen to be completely filled, hydrogen will need a friend.

Both Hydrogens looked so cute as the spread their holes in front of Oxygen. Much smaller than her, the Hydrogens were also not very experienced. While Oxygen had said she wanted to do double penetration, the two Hydrogen atoms were only keen to have one hole filled.

Oxygen slowly eased each double ended toy into her gaping hole and eased in between the Hydrogens. The energy between them was electric; all participants were becoming more and more excited as the toys, protruding from either side of oxygen, drew closer to the waiting holes of each Hydrogen atom.

“I can’t wait anymore, please shove it in!” One of the hydrogens called.

With a wicked grin, oxygen slammed both toys into the hydrogen atoms simultaneously causing a gasp to escape from all three of them.

“Oh yes, I’m completely filled” Oxygen groaned as they arranged themselves in a more comfortable bent shape, now forming the molecule; water (formula: H2O)

The maximum number of covalent bonds able to be formed by non-metals is four. Carbon and silicon are generally the only ones able to form four bonds but there are special cases where a different form of bond can be made (called a coordinate covalent bond) but I have no idea how to explain that via sex!

Hopefully some of the above has made it a bit easier to understand the concept of chemical bonding, although the analogies are horribly limited in accuracy. At the very least, I hope you get a laugh out of the explanations. Just remember that ionic bonding was about metals and non-metals bonding (men fucking women) while covalent bonding involves non-metals bonding with other non-metals (lesbians using double dildos).

In heat

Jan is a school teacher, he teaches music, art, etc… He is a small man, five six…one forty, one thirty five or something like that, we all like Jan though. Most of us here went to school with him.
Hell, most of us went to school together, or were at the same school a few grades apart.

Middle class and lower middle class families for the most part…

AS a group we are between 25 and 30 years of age. Of the 30 plus people here only a few are younger or older. Those are mostly friends or siblings of one of us.

WE hold these parties at some ones house 4 or 5 times a year…Never going to the same house twice in a four year stretch…kind of a rule we self imposed.
WE have a Halloween party, which is a must. A pre-Christmas party, another must. Those are the two closest ones, usually about 5 or 6 weeks apart.
We take a few months off until spring before the next one. Finally we have two in the warm months. One at the end of May or early June and the big summer bash in August after everyone has returned from vacation. We try and have succeeded so far in having our warm-weather parties at a home with a good sized yard.

Tonight-s party is being held at Kerry and Carrie-s. I know there is no limit to the number of jokes that has brought on. Kerry is assistant manager of the produce department at a major grocery chain store.

Carrie, Kerry-s wife, inherited her father-s tire shop…yes tire shop. She has always been a bit of a tom boy so I guess it only fitting she should be in a man-s world… AT work she is tough…away from work, aka these parties she is allot of fun…a very caring woman. And she will from time to time cause some uproarious things to occur.

Enter me, and more importantly my date. I always bring Delha to these parties. Her and I are both single and have no significant other…WE are both 27.
Delha is part black which is likely why she is the tallest woman in our super group. You would have to know this about Delha-s back-ground because you cannot tell by just looking at her. The only possible tell would be her dark tan in the summer; but allot of people have those.

Other that her tan she is very white indeed… Her face is classic Scottish, her father-s ethnicity. Delha is bi-, or so the story goes. I am the only one she ever goes out with and we do not…

Three parties ago at Marinas and Chad-s things got wild. It was near mid-night and the party had been it-s usual fun time for all. Delha moved up behind Carrie and hugged her in a sensual way. I thought this might turn unpleasant…
WRONG, wrong, wrong…Carrie turned and gave Delha a soft kiss on the mouth. The room went dead quiet. The two women looked at one another;
—Let-s dance Carrie said to Delha.

WE have rock and roll music playing in the back-ground at these parties and this time was no different. The girls started to dance a regular two step kind of thing, unrehearsed. It was enthralling. Out of the corner of my mesmerized eye I saw Jan talking with Chad.
—Hold on girls, I got a good one for ya…

Both women looked about and waited. Chad has a large collection of good old kick ass rock and roll tunes. WE waited for half a minute or so:
Boom…, Boom, it began…Jeff Healey-s Roadhouse blues…

Delha and Carrie picked up-on it and the mood at the party went ballistic; these two ladies danced as if they were in heat. Fuckng bump and grind, pussy on thigh; both women…sliding their hands up and down each other-s body. Tits against tits…light kisses leading to some fucking hot mouth on mouth action.

My fellow partiers talked, laughed…sighed and eventually went quiet as it appeared these women were going to orgasm right in front of us…
The song was also quieting, the sleaziest man at this function nodded at Chad suggesting he quickly bump this tune for another kickass R&R masterpiece. Chad winked at me and hurriedly moves to his machine.
Chad is the man, what a fucking guy…he has some real vintage stuff…
…..Little Sister with Steve Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey; you could not ask for more.

The room filled with good old bump and grind; Carrie and Delha resume their dancing… Twas a thing of beauty to watch two women make out …and these two for the first time, fuck it was hot.
They started off dancing dirty, rubbing pussy on thigh. Too my surprise Kerry encourages his wife… to go for it… and she responds by tweaking Delha-s nipple. Both girls start touching breasts and squeezing nipples…shirts or blouses are pulled out, buttons undone…they are getting hotter and hotter.

There is some soft chatter in the room, a giggle or two…some heavy breathing… I am on the floor slash rug, on my knees with my hands together almost praying… Mine eyes riveted to the action less than six feet from me… If somebody cum-s I am likely going to get wet.

I can-t fucking believe what is happening here…we have never had this kind of action before…this is my thing.

Somehow the dancing stopped and Carrie was on the rug with her feet towards me…Delha had removed her shirt and bra in a split second exposing her beautiful tits to us all. Carrie was looking at them a touching them…
Carrie-s blouse was open and one tit was out…she had nice tits…beauties. Delha moved Carrie-s blouse and bra straps off shoulder, now both Carrie-s tits were exposed to us.

Delha swooped down with her mouth and assaulted Carrie-s tits…pulling at her nipples with her mouth…Carrie arched her back, twisting slightly so she was no longer lying flat on the rug…she was so fucking hot I doubt she knew or cared were she was…

Out of nowhere Kerry came and undid his wife-s pants and pulled them off her, panties and all…Carrie reached for her pants at first but once they were gone she was Delha-s.
Delha moved her around ruining my view, [I will have to complain to her about that], opening Carries legs;
—Come on baby, I take you to heaven and back. I overheard Delha whisper to Carrie.

I could see now that Delha had two fingers in Carrie and her thumb was rubbing Carrie-s clit… Carrie was arching and twisting on the rug… I got a brief look at her face when she flipped her head over pointing her face in my direction… I have ever seen a woman so turned on…

Just when I thought Carrie was going to cum- …, Delha stopped and move on her… Delha re-inserted her fingers and started to lick Carries clit…
Carrie lost it…plain and simple. Her body arched in thrust, stiffened…, shook; and repeated itself. Her hands grabbed at the rug… her head trashed about…I do not think she took a single breath…orgasm after orgasm.

I sat on my knees, rapt in what I had just seen…my cock ached, it was so hard…

When Carrie started to surface she looked for her pants…Kerry took his shirt off and laid it over her pussy and thighs. I seems someone did not want Carrie covered. [In my defence they did add to my comfort as I sat on them on the rug.]

When I got up Kerry looked at me and laughed… I heard moaning and other noises but I was not interested. I saw Jan with his wife and I made a bee-line for them.

Jan-s wife is a very attractive and respected woman. Maybe the most respect of our super group. Her dark brown hair par shoulder length. Her sexy average size boobs. She has a nice shape, narrow waist, etal. It-s her ass, pussy and legs that the guys whisper about behind the backs of those who look out for her; and that is a few.

She turned her back to her husband and he looked at her clothing and waist. I moved in on them and placing a hand on her waist, swung her gently away from Jan in what could only be seen as a dance step.

—Jan, I want to borrow your wife; I am so fucking horny man.

He laughed;
—Go ahead man.
—JAN! She said.
I took two more steps in jest holding her; waiting for Jan to call me back. Instead he said;
—It is that kind of a night honey.

She struggled some and said;
—Put me down…, let go of me. [She is very light actually. I was not going to force her I was teasing really.]
I kept swinging her about in kind of a waltz step. Another step to the hall…I was just about to stop when I heard some laughter and one loud voice say;
—Lucky bastard, I wanted to fuck her.

I could feel her stop; kind of relax her protest…another step, what harm could it do to continue down the hall. Her feet barely touching the carpet to keep balance I suppose…I never gave much thought to what I was doing…I was just doing it. Spontaneous I believe they like to call it. Whatever, I was fucking horny and she is beautiful…what else is there?

Waltzing into the bedroom I shut the door behind us…bringing us to the bed. I paused, expecting the door to open and this beautiful woman to be taken from me.

I plopped down with her taking her by the hair I kissed Jan-s wife with as much passion as I have ever kissed a woman…I wanted to fuck somebody. Jan-s wife was much more than somebody.
[I had just popped the clutch and my motor was roaring...]

She pushed at me but I held on and kissed her again…ravishing her lovely mouth. [Still expecting this to end surreptitiously.]

Like most women, when she sensed how badly I wanted her she stop pushing against me.
—Take off your top, I said. I think I said that…

I rolled her on her side and pinned her, un-doing the clasp and zipper of her skirt…quickly removing her skirt and panties…she was not so fast with her top.

She pushed at me with her hands but she did not seem desperate.

I went down on her, burying my face in her beautiful dark bush…eating her pussy. My hunger apparent as I ate her out like a mad man…

I rose up to fuck and she pushed at me;
—Let me get the rest of my clothes off before you drive me into the lower level.

Her top off…, I pushed into her…she pushed back trying to hold me…
—Slow down.
I kept fucking her as my urgency required…
—Slow down.
I did not listen.

She punched me in the shoulder and pushed at me…squeezing her legs together …trying to stop me…
—If you don-t stop I will scream my head off she said.

I stopped…looking at her face…with that beautiful dark brown hair all around it, and some covering it. I could hardly breathe I was panting so hard.
—Slow down, if I am going to be fucked I want to enjoy it. She said.

—I am so horny, I said.
—So am I, she replied, now slow down so we both can get what we want.

—Ok, I said panting.
She smiled at me.
—Here, get off…I will get on top of you…you know…ride -m cowgirl stuff.
I watched her sit atop me…spreading her legs wide to take me in. What a fucking great idea I thought to myself. Her pussy was well covered with a matt of dark brown fuss. Good Lord she is fucking gorgeous.

I watch my cock slip into her… I could not stop staring at her…her thighs so wide…my eyes roamed her body…she was very nicely put together…Jan-s wife…
I could not remember her name.

I watched her tits as she rode me…those nipples swaying…she looked very pretty.

I felt her move slightly as she adjusted her position atop me…
—mmmm; a little extra treat for my cock.
She, the unnamed woman Jan married, fucked me…my stamina stayed, I do not know how, but it did…she fucked me and fucked me and fucked me…I sure loved the feel of her.

My eyes drank in her sexy body; every fucking pore.

She started to dig and dig and grind against me…working her way as far down on me as she could…and pulling high up on my cock…again and again…our pace increased…
—Oh my lucky cock; I blurted out, what a good fuck.

She glanced at me as she cam…Her beautiful young body twisting atop me.

She sat looking into my face;
—You never came, is something wrong she said.

—No, I answered…you are so beautiful…so beautiful to watch…, cum-ing became secondary. [I paused.]
—Can we try this again? I really do need to fuck.

There was a knock at the bedroom door;
—Ann, you coming home? It was Jan.

She rolled off me and my heart sank;
—NO! ….We are spending the night together. My reputation is ruined anyway.
She whispered into my ear;
—If Jan is going to give me away then I am going to say for how long.

Ann I thought, right Ann;
—You-ve got a fantastic body Ann, I said; trying to reinforce her decision to stay the night with me.
She laughed.
—That is classic.

Mom and i were raped

I believe a little back ground is in order before I tell my story. My Dad works at the Livermore Lab. He is doing some kind of work for the Japanese Government and spends a lot of time in Japan. Mom whose name is Fern works at the school I attend and is an administration assistant. She is tall for a women 5’11” and weighs 155lbs. She has very long legs and her breasts are medium size I would guess. I know when we went shopping one time I over heard the sales clerk say she was a 36-24-37. My name is Dawn and at the time this story starts I was 5’8” and weighed 140lbs and my measurements were 36-23-36. I play soccer and basketball for our high school and I was a sophomore. We live in a rather secluded area of Pleasanton. Our house is way up in the hills and our front gate is ¼ mile from the house. Our nearest neighbor is a half mile. You need a code or an OK from the house to get in. The house is four bedrooms and three bathrooms with a big family room off the kitchen and Dad’s den plus a 3 car garage.

It was one week before my sixteenth birthday. Mom and I had been out shopping for things to decorate the house. I was real excited because my Dad promised he would be home in time for it and I’m pretty sure he is going to give me a car. I have been taking driver’s Ed. And Mom has been letting me drive the car to the store and shopping center close by.

It was a little after six when we got back and I had pulled Mom’s Mercedes into the garage. We were giggling and carrying and weren’t paying attention. We got out of the car and Mom put in the code to get in the house. I had opened the trunk to get the packages out. Normally Mom shuts the garage doors as soon as she pulls into the garage. This time I was driving and didn’t think to do it. Just as Mom opened the door two guys’s appeared out of no where with hoods over their faces. One guy, the biggest one grabbed Mom and put a switch blade to her throat and said don’t make a sound. The smaller one grabbed me by my hair and said I’ll cut you if you scream. I was so scared I was shaking like a leaf. As Mom opened the door our dog Raven a black German Shepard leaped up on Mom wagging his tail not knowing what was going on. The big guy told mother to grab the dog. She did and he said as soon as we get inside close the garage door and put him out in the garage which she did. I could now see that the big guy who was about 6’3” was a black man and the smaller one was about 5’7” who was either Latin or Asian. I could see they were wearing surgical gloves. The Black man asked “who else is in the house?” Mom said no one, but my husband will be home soon which we both knew was not true.

They had each of us by the hair and began to go from room to room. When we got up stairs and went into Mom & Dad’s bedroom the black man said this will do just fine. Mom & Dad had this big king size four poster bed. He threw Mom down on the bed and said shut up and don’t move. He took off the back pack he was wearing and took several strands of rope and tied Moms hands to each of the two post at the head of the bed. He then tore moms blouse off and ripped her bra off. She tried to kick him so he took out the switch blade and said if you move I’ll cut you from crotch to your tits. He took two more ropes and tied one end of the rope around her ankles and the other end to the top of one of the foot posts. When he finished the other Mom was spread eagled on her own bed. Mom kept saying, please don’t hurt my daughter. Then the Black man tied my hands together and tied me to the left foot post. He took some tape and put it over each of our mouths. He said, “Now we are going down stairs to the kitchen and get something to eat. When we get back I am only going to ask once. Where do you keep your money and valuables? If you lie to me I will hurt you and your daughter something awful. They were gone about forty five minutes. We tried to get away but it was no use. When they came back the Black man pulled Moms tape off and said “Now where are your valuables?” She told him about the safe in their walk in closet and gave him the combination. He came out of the closet with a stack of hundred dollar bill and some of Moms good jewelry. He also had Dad’s 38 special. The little guy asked “How much did we get?” $3,500, he said. Wow said the smaller one we really hit pay dirt here.

The big one said now let’s have desert. He began to disrobe. When he dropped his pants and didn’t have any under wear on my eyes about popped out of my head. He was enormous, at least nine inches and about the size of my wrist. He got between Moms legs and shoved that huge dick up into Moms vagina making Mom scream through her gag and I think she momentarily fainted. He could only get about 2/3rds of his dick into her at first. He began to thrust in and out of Moms vagina. The little guy came up behind me and pulled my panties down and forced my legs apart. I was so fascinated by what the black guy was doing to Mom that I didn’t realize at first what was about to happen to me. I was a virgin and the only sex experience I had was about three weeks previous.

I had stayed over at my girl friends house one Friday. Over the previous year when we stayed together we would kiss and some time’s we would caress each other’s boobs. This night we went a little further with our experimentation. We were lying together and we started kissing, only this time Shirley (that’s her name) put her tongue into my mouth. I tried to pull back but she had her arm behind my head. She was shoving that tongue all over the inside of my mouth. I started getting a funny feeling between my legs and I felt my nipples pop out. It felt so good I started kissing her back and running my tongue inside her mouth. After about ten minutes she reached over and placed her hand on my boob and proceeded to massage it and run her thumb around my nipple. It felt so good and the feeling between my legs became much stronger. I reached over and placed my hand on her boob that was a little bit bigger than I was and I started to massage it and run my thumb over her nipple. Her nipple popped out at least a ¼ inch and it excited me. She than slid her hand down between my legs and inserted her finger through my vulva into my vagina. I tried to pull away but she kept pushing it in and out of my hole. I had never felt anything like it before. I had never masturbated before and this sensation was completely new. She moved her finger up to the top half of my vagina and I could hardly believe how good that felt. Suddenly I got this tremendous feeling there and I could hardly get my breathe. I felt like everything flowed out of my body through my vagina. I said christ, what was that. Shirley smiled and said I think you had your first orgasm. I felt so good and relaxed after it. I wanted Shirley to feel the same way so I reached down and began to finger her vagina pushing two fingers in and proceeded to move them in and out of her pee hole. We kept doing it to each other until we each had climaxed four times. We fell asleep in each others arm. The next morning before we got up for breakfast she reached down and touched my vagina and whispered, “the next time your over I want to eat your pussy.” I said what? She slid under the covers and got between my legs and stuck her tongue into what she called my pussy. I can’t do justice to the feeling I got. I spread my legs and she was running her tongue up and down my pussy lips when her mother called us for breakfast. When she came out from under the blanket her lips were all wet from my pussy. I said Shirley that felt so good I’m can’t wait until next time.

I came to my senses as my antagonist shoved his dick up my pussy. He hit my hymen and lifted my butt up a little higher and jammed it up into my pussy tearing the hymen. It hurt but thank god he was not as big as the Black guy. It didn’t take very long before he pulled me to him and I felt this hot stream shoot up inside me. The Black guy was still hammering Moms pussy with that huge dick. As I looked at Mom I saw a change come over her. She began to thrust her pelvic bone back at him each time he slid into her and she was taking his whole cock now into her pussy. She began to moan and he said “you like my big cock don’t you little whore. I could see white stuff oozing out of Moms cunt. I knew I shouldn’t have but suddenly it was making me so hot to watch that big cock ramming in and out of Moms fuck hole. He fucked Mom for close to twenty five minutes before grabbing her ass with both hands and shoved that big cock all the way in her and I heard him say Ohhhh shit that feels good. Just about that time the other guy jammed his cock back up my pussy again and began to fuck me like a rabbit. I felt that same feeling I had with Shirley and my pussy started secreting some fluid and I came all over his cock just as he shot his load up into my vagina. My legs became so weak I could hardly stand up.

The Black guy said I’m going to take a shower and then a nap number two so watch them. Turns out they called each other number one and number two. Mom was still moaning and I think she was still Cuming a little. It seemed to excite the little guy because he took his pants and shorts off and crawled up on the bed. He took some of Moms juices from her pussy and began to massage her ass. He pulled her down as far as her arms would allow and then lifted her legs up. He put a finger in her ass hole and began to run it in and out of it. Then he inserted two fingers and really started pumping them in and out of her shit hole. After about three minuets he inserted his cock into her anal cavity and fucked her. He lasted a lot longer this time and must have fucked a good fifteen minutes. To my amassment Mom started moaning again and was thrusting her ass down into his dick each time he came into her. I could hardly believe that my sweet shy mother was enjoying the fucking she was getting from each of them. I saw him push hard and as deep as he could into her cavity and shot his load into her.

The Black guy came out of the shower and smiled and said was it good in her shitter? He said yes she was nice and tight. He laid down next to Mom and put his arm across her stomach massaging her tits for awhile and fell asleep. Number two went into the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out he was completely naked. He went over to his own back pack and took out his switch blade and came over to me and cut my dress off and undid my bra and cut the straps so that I too was naked. He then got down on his knees between me and the bed post and started sucking on my titties. I would like to say he discussed me but it didn’t. It actually felt good and I began to get excited. My pussy heated up and secreted more of my juices. His tongue was rolling around my nipples as he sucked them in turn. When he decided I was hot enough he reached over to mother and extracted some of her juices and rubbed them into my ass. He took a finger and tried to shove it up my ass. My sphincter muscle was so tight he had a real hard time. Finally He was able to insert it into my hole. It hurt at first but he kept sliding it in and out very gently. He had about a six inch dick and not to big around. He inserted himself into my pussy and took several strokes before withdrawing and placing it against my butt hole. He began pushing into my ass; it was very difficult because the sphincter muscle was so tight. Finally he was able to shove his cock all the way in. Dam it hurt but shortly it started to feel kind of nice. He reached around and began to massage my pussy and my clit. I now understood why Mom responded like she did. I started pushing my ass back at his dick each time he shoved it in. He fucked me like that for about ten minutes and then he grabbed my hips and shoved it in as far as he could and came. I had three orgasms. His dick came out of my ass and he left and went down stairs. I kept thinking, my god why wasn’t I more upset over the situation. To be hones, I was having feelings I had never experienced before and I liked it. Suddenly the phone started ringing and the black guy flew off the bed and grabbed his knife and put it to Moms throat and took the tap off. “Who is that” he asked. Mom looked at the clock and said it’s my husband. He calls us every night around ten o’clock. “Ok, I’m going to put the phone next to your ear and will be listening. He picked the phone off the cradle and placed it along Moms ear. High honey, she said, yes everything is fine. Dawn and I went shopping today and bought the decorations for the party. Is there any chance you can come home any earlier? The black guy tightened the blade on Moms throat. That’s Ok I understand. Well I love you and will talk to you tomorrow night. He hung up the pone and said “you did just great.” Now I am willing to leave you tape off if you promised not to scream or call for help. It is doubtful if anyone would hear you anyway. Mom said she promised and he looked at me and I nodded affirmative so he removed my tape.

He went into the bathroom and came out with one of our full length towels. He rolled it up and placed it behind Moms neck. Then He took one of Moms big pillows and placed it under her ass so that she was at and angle with her ass way up. He began to rub his cock jacking himself off. When he became semi hard he got back on top of Mom and inserted that huge cock back into her pussy and started stroking. He fucked her real nice and slow for awhile. Christ I was getting hot watching. He increased his tempo and after a short time Mom reared up her ass and shot this huge amount of water out of her pussy. I thought she was peeing on him. It flooded both of them and the bed. He laughed and said “hey number two I guess I found her “G” spot.” I had taken a sex course in the eighth grade and know all about a woman’s sexual organs. Boy you sure did. She had a lot of pussy juice stored up there. He got up and cut Moms leg ropes and got back on Mom and began to fuck her again. Mom through her legs around his waist and was fucking him back. She was moaning and groaning something terrible. She was Cuming one after the other. He was now really fucking her fast and hard. Suddenly he extracted himself from her pussy and swung around so his cock was over her face. He picked up his knife and said if you bite me I’ll cut you. He shoved his huge dick into her mouth and began to fuck her like a pussy. Deeper and deeper he went. When he pulled back Mom was choking and gasping for air. He said hold your breath and I will withdraw in time for you to breathe. He pushed back into her and continued to fuck her going deeper and deeper into her throat. Then he would withdraw and she would take great big breaths before he shoved it back in. Finally I couldn’t believe what I saw. Her throat expanded and was bulging out as he shoved his cock almost all the way in. When he withdrew she moaned and again took huge amounts of air in her lungs and he shoved back down her throat this time he got it all the way in. He was fucking her throat really good and I was fascinated as I watched her throat expand around that big dick, He withdrew once more and said get ready I’m going to blow. She sucked in more air and he plunged deep into the throat and he grabbed her head and buried his cock completely and I saw her throat contracting as he came. He held her there until she started to struggle and then he withdrew his cock from her mouth. She was choking and sucking in air but none of his spunk came out of her mouth. I realized that she had taken it all down her throat and into her stomach. I marveled that she was able to do that. “My god lady you are fantastic. I have never had anyone able to take my whole rod down their throat. Mom’s chest was heaving from the ordeal and she was still taking big breaths.

Number one said “Ok ladies you have had your pleasures now it’s time to put on a show.” He came over and took the rope that had been around Moms legs and tied each of my legs to the bottom of each side of the bed spread eagling me. He untied my hand and tied my hands to each side of my Moms thighs. Ok girl I want you to eat your Moms pussy. Clean every bit of cum out of her box. No, I can’t do that she’s my mother. If you don’t I will cut her. Mom said its Ok honey I’ll be alright. I placed my mouth over her cunt. She had a real strong pungent odder and I began to lick her pussy and eat the cum the black guy had deposited in her earlier, plus her own juices. He said when I come back I want to se her cunt all clean and ready for her next fuck. No spitting it out.

I began to really get into it, licking and sucking her pussy. I was scooping out great quantities of cum and swallowing it. When I began to run my tongue over her clit she started moaning, what a feeling to know I was making my mother hot. I pushed the sheath covering her clit and was surprise how big it was. It was as big as the point end of a pencil about a half inch long. When I sucked on it Mom would throw her pussy up at me. She began to cum and I got real excited because I had such control over her. I sucked and sucked that clit and worked her cunt with my tongue. She was now Cuming in a continuous stream. We must have been at it for about fifteen minutes when suddenly I felt a ruff tongue go into my pussy. I was so wet from making Mom cum that it slid in quite easily. I tried to see who or what it was but couldn’t quite see. The tongue was going in and out of my dripping cunt and it made me cum. Every time I came the tongue went in deeper and faster scooping out my pussy cum. I finally realized it was Raven. Number one said. Your dog and I have become friends since I fed him some good steak meat. He helped Raven jump up on my back and that dam dog started humping me. He found my pussy and as soon as he was in he started fucking me like a jack hammer. Both of the guys were saying that’ a boy, fuck her good. Raven was fucking me a mile a minute. I felt something begin to swell up in his dick and he would shove it through my pussy lips and then it would pop out. It got bigger and bigger and was really hurting me. I cried please stop him he is hurting me. Then that knot went all the way in me and stayed, between the knot and the and the end of his dick was so long he penetrated my cervix, some how finding the hole where my vaginal fornix ring was. I thought I was going to go crazy it felt so good. Raven started shooting his jizz up into it with each thrust, and he went deeper and deeper until I felt him about two and a half inches up the cervixit. He just kept thrusting and shooting his cum up my cervix. I grabbed Moms legs and let out a moan and came one of those “G” spot fountains. It was shooting out like a jet steam between my vagina walls and Ravens cock that had me stretched to the maximum because of his knot. I had never had such an extreme orgasm as that. I didn’t think he would ever stop shooting in me. I couldn’t believe that after that enormous climax I could cum again so soon, but I did. Finally Raven turned himself around and we were ass to ass. We were really tied. He tried to pull out of me and each time he tugged I felt him shoot a little more of his doggy cum into me and I would explode with another orgasm. Finally after about ten minutes he came out of me with a loud plop. It was then that I realized he had scratched my sides with his nails and it hurt enough to make me cry.

Well sweet cheeks now that you have had that big knot up your snatch your ready for me. My Mom yelled no, your to big for her you will split her open. Shut up he said. The next thing I new he was shoving that huge peace of meat up into my sore pussy. My god he was big. He stretched my pussy lips to where I really did think he was going to split me wide open. However he didn’t, he started fucking me with long even strokes like he did Mom. At first it was hurting because I was stretched so tight. Even tighter than the dogs knot did. Then the pain turned to pure ecstasy and I began to cum once again. He increased his speed. Ohhhhhhhhh god that feels wonderful I cried. Yes. Oh yes yes, fuck me number one, faster, faster oh god yessssssss I screamed ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhg as I came again and again. He was now ramming me like a great piston shoving that massive cock deep into my pussy, crushing my cervix. In the mean time as soon as he started fucking me number two came over and forced my face back into Moms pussy so I began to lick and suck her cunt and licking her clit all over again. In minutes I had Mom Cuming again. We fucked and I sucked for a good twenty minuets when number one grabbed my waste and plunged his dick so deep I thought he would drive my cervix & uterus into my stomach and unloaded a huge amount of his sperm in me. It was hot against my pussy wall. I couldn’t believe the cum he still had after fucking Mom twice. He was amazing.

He took two more pieces of rope and tied Moms legs to the posts. He said we need to get some sleep so will you be quiet so I won’t have to gag you. We both said fine. He went over and lay down next to Mom and went immediately to sleep. Number two came over and stuck his meat up my ass and fucked me for quit awhile. His stamina was getting much better. He finally shot a load in my ass and went over to the sofa and laid down. It took awhile but I finally fell asleep. It must have been about five in the morning when I was suddenly woke up with raven on my back. He must have been licking my pussy while I was asleep because I was all wet with new cum. He shoved his dick up my ass and began to fuck me. It felt good at first and then I felt his knot start to swell and I thought oh shit I can’t let that knot go in me so I began to wiggle my ass back and forth try to dislodge his cock. It didn’t work, he gave a big shove and the knot went up my ass hole and began to swell inside me. I screamed it hurt so badly, but Raven just kept on thrusting his dick and knot up my ass. Number one turned on the lights and said what the hell is going on? By then Raven was fucking me like a machine gun and was shooting his sperm into me. He was so far up my ass that I think he had entered my colon. I was crying and Cuming at the same time. Raven finally slowed and just gave me short little jabs shooting his Jizz into me with each thrust. Number one was laughing and saying look at that will you what a sight. Mom was saying Oh christ pull him off her he’s up her ass. She will be all right. The ass hole has the ability to expand quite a bit. In fact as soon as he pulls out I’m going to fuck her there. Mom said please don’t she’s just a little girl. Little girl my ass she a great piece of ass and some guy is going to be lucky some day if he’s hung well enough. After breakfast I’m going to let your dog fuck you in the ass then I’m going to bury my cock in there as well. Mom didn’t say another word. Raven’s knot finally came out of my ass and I hardly had a chance to enjoy it when number one shoved his humongous cock up my ass hole. It hurt a little at first but he was right my ass accommodated him and he fucked me for over a half hour before he shot a another load of his creamy sperm into my ass. When he finally pulled out I felt like he had jammed my colon clear up to my chest. The relief was wonderful I came at least six times during that half hour. We then all went back to sleep.

I woke up with my cheek on my Moms upper thigh and my nose next to her pussy. She smelled of pee, cum and her own juices. I realized she must have wet the bed because neither of us had been to the bathroom since we came home. I had peed on the floor my self during the night. One and two were no where in sight. I looked and saw Mom looking at me. I smiled and took my tongue and flicked her clit ignoring the strong smell. Her ass jumped and I did it again and I heard her whimper ever so softly so I buried my face in her pussy and began massaging her pussy lips with my tongue. I gently ran my tongue over her clitoris. She said Oh honey I know it’s wrong but god you make me so hot and you do it so well. That’s it baby, Oh shit I’m there already, oh sweet jesus ummmmmmmmm. And she shoved her pussy up into my face as she climaxed. I kept on eating that wonderful pussy that I came out of and thought “here I am trying to get back in” It made my pussy tingle just thinking about it. I kept eating and running my tongue in around and over her pussy. She kept Cuming time after time. Ummmmmm, Ohhhhhhhhh shit, yessssss baby yes she kept saying each time she had an orgasm. I think I would have eaten her pussy all day, but number one came in and said, well lookie here my ladies are starting without us. That’s enough of that. I’m hungry and I want you to fix us some breakfast. She untied Moms feet and then retied her legs so that she was tethered like you would a horse. He then untied her arms and did the same to me. Mom said we need to go to the bathroom and take a shower and then we will fix you a nice breakfast. Ok he said but make it fast, I will be right outside and leave the door open. We hobbled into the bathroom and Mom sat on the toilet and said thank god I was about to shit myself. I had to pee real bad so I stuck my pussy over the sink and peed. When Mom was finished we both go in the shower and turned on the hot water as hot as we could stand it. We soaped ourselves and shampooed our hair. When we finished rinsing Mom unscrewed the shower head stuck it up her pussy and gave herself a water douche, she likewise did it to her ass. She handed the long nozzle and said douche your pussy and your ass. It really felt good running the water up into my cunt. When I stuck the nozzle up my ass a whole bunch of shit came poring out. Mom got out of shower and sat on the toilet and got rid of what was left in her ass. She came back into the shower and stuck the hose back up her ass and held it there until clear water was coming out. She handed the hose back to me and said do the same thing. She than got out and sat on the toilet again and let whatever was left in her ass come out. She then got an enema bulb out from under the sink and took out a bottle of baby oil and stuck the nozzle into it and squeezed some into the little bulb. She than stuck the nozzle up her ass and squeezed, completely lubricating the inside of her ass cavity. I was just finishing running the water up my ass for the third time before the water came out clear. I squatted and let the water run out of my ass. I ask Mom why she had squirted baby oil up her but. She said, “incase those guys decide they want to fuck us in the ass again it will make it easier on us.” When I came out of the shower Mom said bend over. She shoved that tube up my butt hole and squeezed the baby oil up into my ass cavity. Then she took a piece of Kleenex and folded it and placed it between my ass cheeks. So the oil won’t run down your leg, she said. We finished toweling off and wobbled down to the kitchen. Raven kept trying to stick his nose up our crotch as we walked and I nearly fell down the stairs when he hit home and his tongue went into me about an inch. Mom gave him a good whack and told him to go to his bed.

Mom fixed a really nice breakfast for them. Number one had a porter house steak and four eggs, toast and coffee. Number two had bacon, about a half a pound, three eggs toast and coffee. I was starving I had not had anything to eat since noon the previous day. I ate a small steak and scrambled three eggs as well as toast and coffee. When we finished number one said Ok back upstairs everyone. Mom said she wanted to change the sheets before she had to get back on the bed. Number one said I think that would be a good idea and grinned.

We left all the other covers off when we finished changing the sheets. Number one said alright today we are going to let you choose how you want it. Mom looked rather sheepish and said I’d like you to fuck me number one. Ok but I want to cum in your mouth. I was really surprised to hear her say “I would like that. How about you sweet cheeks? Number one said to me. I surprised myself when I said, your way to big for me to take in my mouth and I have never sucked a dick before so I would like Raven to fuck me while I give number two a blow job. Number two was grinning and I think his chest stuck out a little more. I want to get a sweat shirt my sides are already marked from raven’s nails. I retrieved my sweatshirt and called Raven. He came bounding into the bedroom tail wagging like crazy. I told number two that I wanted Raven to first lick my pussy and when I was ready I wanted him to sit in the chair and I would give him his blow job. Then I changed my mind and said no I want you to sit on the end of the bed. I wanted to watch Mom get fucked again.

I sat in the chair and spread my legs and began to finger my pussy, after I had my first climax I let Raven lick me. He did so enthusiastically. I saw number one again place a rolled up towel behind Moms neck and the pillow under her ass. He got between her legs and plunged that massive dick into her wet hungry pussy. He was taking long easy strokes in and out of her Pussy. Mom was already moaning and had at least one or two orgasms already. I became instantly hot and I cam as Raven shoved his tongue up into my fuck hole. I walked over to the bed straddle legged as Raven continued to lick my now warm wet cunt. I got on my hands and knees and Raven needed no urging He jumped up on my back so I reached back and took his dick in my hands and guided him into my vagina. When I was sure he was in me I took number two’s cock into my mouth. Number two started humping my face while Raven was doing a good job of fucking my love hole. Number one had increased his tempo and was now grinding Mom’s pussy with a vengeance. The more I watched the hotter I became. Ravens knot was starting to swell up inside me and number two had his hands on each side of my face and was forcing my mouth back and forth on his cock .I could feel Raven now deep within my pussy cavity. His knot was in locked inside me and again I could feel the end of his cock go into my cervix causing me to have multiple orgasms. Mom’s legs were locked around number ones’ waist and was fucking that big cock for all she was worth. I was now taking all of number two’s cock sucking and running my tongue over the head of it. He was moaning, Mom was moaning and I was moaning. Number one unlocked Moms legs and switched around like before and drove his cock gently but firmly down her throat. Raven was squirting his doggy cum into my cervix, and number two grabbed my head and forced his cock deep into my throat shooting his thick creamy sperm and I swallowed it all. I looked over at Mom and I could see her bulging throat was once again receiving the full length of his humongous cock. Raven was still short pumping me and that did it I let go one of those “G” spot orgasms and it gushed out around Ravens knot and onto the floor. I just collapsed from it all. I may have even fainted because the next thing I knew was that Raven had turned around as was trying to get his knot out of me. I grabbed his hind legs and pulled him back tight against my ass. He was still Cumming inside me and about every third squirt I would cum again. Number one ground down hard on Moms face and his balls were under her chin. I saw him rear his head back and heard him say Oh god you are unbelievable. When he pulled out of her throat she gasped for air just like the last time. I thought, “If Mom isn’t careful she could smother to death. I realized I was still gripping Ravens hind legs holding his dick submerged in my vagina tunnel. I let him go and his knot plopped out of me and his doggy cum and the rest of my “G” spot fluid came poring out of my pussy. Number two said hey that was real nice, thank you.

After we had lunch number one said to Mom, “Ok it is your turn to fuck your dog and give us a show. She knelt on her knees at the foot of the bed and said this is so degrading do I have too? Oh Mom you’re going to love it I whispered. I brought Raven up behind her and he started licking her cum out of her cunt and ass. I could see his tongue go across and into her pussy, scooping up large amounts of her juices. She started moaning and lifting her ass higher so Raven could penetrate her further with his tongue. I saw her climax and Raven renewed his efforts in trying to eat her offering faster than she could reproduce it. Raven was losing the battle. I reached down and gave Ravens dick a couple of jerks and he mounted Moms back. I had given her my sweat shirt so she wouldn’t get all scratched up. I guided his dick into Moms waiting cunt and Raven did the rest. He fucked her hard and fast. I squatted down and watched him shove that knot in and out of her pussy until finally he gave a big shove and the knot went in and stayed. Mom was grunting and Cuming with each powerful thrust. She said Oh honey your right he is wonderful. He made me cum half a dozen times.

I got so hot watching Mom fuck Raven that I grabbed number one and said come on big boy I want that humongous cock in side me. He laughed and said “what a change since we arrived. You like big black cocks don’t you?” You son of a bitch I should hate you but you have made me learn to love that big cock in me. “Well you have your choice, in your ass or in your pussy but I get to cum in your mouth if I fuck your pussy” I can’t take that big a cock in my mouth like Mom did. How do you know, you haven’t tried. I don’t know where Mom learned to do that but until you two I’ve never had a dick in me any where before. Daughter like mother, don’t you think you’re as good as she is? I could force you to but I want you to volunteer. He’s right if my mother could do it I should be able to I thought. Pussy I said. He picked me up and laid me on the bed and placed the same pillow that had been under Mom under my ass. He re-rolled the towel and put it under the back of my neck. I was still wet from watching Mom and Raven but I fingered my cit anyway to make sure I was well lubricated. He slid that huge pole up in me and filled the inside of my cunt stretching my lips to the breaking point and I threw my legs around his hips as he began moving in and out of me with long easy strokes. He had been fucking me like that for about five minutes when Mom came by my head and said drink this. What is it I asked? It’s some oil and water to make it easier on your throat. I remembered how much easier it was to take it in the ass when Mom squirted that oil into me. Ok Mom I said and drank it.

Number one was increasing his tempo and I could feel his cock slide over a spot just inside my vagina about two & half inches in and on the upper side of my cunt. I could feel the sensation building and new I was going to have a “G” spot climax if he kept on like he was. I had already cum twice but I was anxious to have that wonderful & powerful sensation that the “G” spot brings. He was now fucking me with fast hard strokes. I felt the sensation building and I said yesss fuck me number one, harder, faster you have my pussy on fire oh shit yesss, OH YESSSSS I screamed and I shoved my pelvic bone up into him and let a stream of my pussy water come streaming out of my pussy between his cock and my vagina walls aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I went limp. I felt like all the strength in my body left. I drench my ass his cock and the bed. He gave me about a dozen more strokes and then undid my legs and turned around. He placed his cock to my lips and I opened my mouth. I was scared to death. He said breathe through your nose and if I enter you throat don’t panic. Take a deep breathe and hold it. When you just have to breathe again if I haven’t pulled out hit my thigh. I must be crazy I thought. He began to intrude my mouth with that huge cock. I was stretching my lips and when he touched my throat I panicked a little and began hitting his leg. Relax he said I haven’t even started. I relaxed my throat and he shoved about three inches down my throat passage. I had not taken a breath and I panicked again and started hitting his leg.
He with drew his cock out of my mouth and I was gasping for air and chocking. I told you to breathe through your nose until I touched your throat then to take a big breath and hold it as long as you can. Your throat opened just fine so you shouldn’t have a problem he said. I nodded my head and he re-inserted his cock into my mouth. When he reached my throat I did like he said I sucked in as much air through my nose as I could and held it. He shoved that pole down about five inches this time and held it there for a moment and then withdrew. I blew out the air in my lungs and took several big breaths. See now that wasn’t so bad was it. I shook my head no. Ok now let’s do it. He reinserted his cock and when he reached my throat tunnel I took in as much air as I could and he plunged his cock deep into my throat. It hurt at first because it was being stretched so much for the first time. He was now moving up and down my throat with ease. I was sure glad I had taken that oil. He pulled out and I gasp for air and then he went back in and I repeated the procedure. He did not put all his cock in me and was pumping my throat nice and easy. We repeated that three more times, and on the last one he was sliding up and down my throat a lot faster. He grabbed my head and shoved his cock all the way in and I felt like he ruptured my throat. It was really painful and I felt his thick creamy cum slid a short distance down my throat and into my stomach. He held me there and pumped several more globs of his spunk into my stomach. I started hitting his leg because I couldn’t hold my breath any longer but he just held me tight with his cock all the way down my throat. I started thrashing around and hammering his leg when he finally pulled out. I was chocking and sucking in air and saliva was running out of my mouth. I hollered at him, “You son of a bitch I damn near choked to death.” He just grinned and said no you weren’t you were fine. In fact you were great. As soon as I had gotten my breath back and my panic had subsided I thought that wasn’t so bad. In fact I was kind of proud of myself because I knew I was every bit as good as my Mom who had shocked the hell out of me. If this hadn’t happened I never would have suspected how much my mother liked to fuck and suck cock. When I looked over I had to giggle, Mom was on the floor tied to Raven with his cock up her ass and number two’s dick in her mouth that she was sucking like crazy. Looks like you have been busy with no concern while your daughter was practically being suffocated to death. She didn’t answer because number two had his hands behind her head and her face was shoved tight against his groin. I could tell he was Cuming by the look on his face. I watched her throat contracting as she swallowed it all.

It was now dinner time and we all went to the kitchen. Mom cooked and I fixed a nice salad she broiled steaks and some frozen french fries. I let Raven lick my pussy while we ate. He got a steak too. Number one said it was time for them to go and asked for Moms keys to the Mercedes. We have stayed two long but we enjoyed every minuet of it. It’s Ok if you report us two the police because we did force you to have sex even though you ended up liking it. I found these sleeping pills in your bathroom and I want you to take two each. By the time you wake up we will be long gone and we did.

We all went back up stairs and Number two had Mom sit on his cock and she put it up her ass. He said come hear girl and sit on my face. I almost ran thinking wow He’s going to eat my pussy. I straddled his head and lowered my pussy to his waiting lips. When he inserted his tongue I thought christ he has a long tongue. It went into my cunt hole close to four inches. He even tickled my “G” spot with it, what really set me off was when he ran it over my clit. His tongue was so long that it took seconds to run the entire length across it, and it didn’t not take long before I climaxed. I could hear Mom moaning about how good it felt up her ass. Number two jumped up on the bed and stuck his dick in my mouth. Boy what a difference from the previous one. I sucked it with vigor, running my tongue over his piss opening moving my head up and down his cock. I came three times while I was sucking him off. When he came he had his cock in as far as the edge of my throat and I enjoyed the smooth feeling of his thick sperm sliding down my enlarged throat. I came again and got off his face and sat in the chair. Number one then picked Mom up and turned around so she was kneeling on the bed and he began to ram her ass. Sitting there watching a nine inch cock going into her ass was quite a sight. Raven came over and stuck his nose between my legs and started licking. I scooted forward and opened my legs wide to allow his tongue full penetration. I came quickly and I turned around and got on my knees to let Raven hump me which he did. When his cock and knot were fully in I thought to myself what kind of a tramp had I become, because I really like having the dog fuck me with his long dick that could penetrate my cervix. Raven made me have two more orgasms. While I was tied to him I laid my head on the seat pillow and fell asleep.
When I woke up Raven was fucking me. I looked at the clock and it was three in the morning. I looked over at the bed and could see Mom lying there snoring very loudly. I was still groggy as Raven pounded my pussy. When he finished I fell back to sleep still tied to him. I woke up and it was day light and damn if Raven wasn’t fucking me again. I thought shit I need to get up but it felt so good with Ravens cock this time in my ass. I lifted my but up so he could get full penetration and he fucked me hard and fast. When his knot went in and stayed and he was giving me those short jabs squirting his juices into my ass cavity I swear I think he actually was able to go into my colon a little bit, maybe an inch and I came. I was really amazed at how often I could cum.

After I became untied from Raven I went over and woke Mom. What happened? I asked. She was still a little groggy too but she said well after you fell asleep while Raven was fucking you which was quite funny I might add. We talked awhile and then I suggested that for our final act how about number one fucking me and number two fucking me in the ass. Number two said hey that sounds great. I got on top of number one and bent over and let the other into my ass. That’s the last thing I remember.

Gees Mom what are we going to do I asked. Well first were going to call the police then I want you to put your robe on and we will wait for them to get here. I am going to put Raven out in his kennel. When the police come I don’t want you to mention the dog at all. Let me do the talking. Shit Mom I want to take a shower I’m full of dog cum in both my ass and my pussy. No, now that I think of it we are going to tell them the whole story how they forced us to have sex with them and the dog. If we stick as close to what really happened about being threatened with a knife and being tied up and all we will be Ok. I want us to be examined by a doctor. And I will have the doctor prescribe one of those new 24 hour prevention pills. Homey I want to say how sorry I feel about what happened between us being incest and all but it was forced on us. Mom of all the things that happened that was the most wonderful. I want us to continue making love. She smiled and said it was nice wasn’t it.

It’s been three months since and things are getting back to normal. They found Moms car in San Jose and we are on summer vacation. I had my party and of course I had a million questions thrown at me but I answered them discreetly not revealing too much. I did get my car, a little Austin Healy. Dad wanted to find and kill them. He still spends most of the time in Japan. Mom said he hasn’t been able to touch her yet. She thinks they may need to go to counseling. I bought a cock strap in Livermore at the porno store and I fuck and eat Moms pussy all the time. So Mom has not had to do without. The only other change is Mom bought a Great Dane last week. He is two years old and is larger than Raven. When He gets full grown the Veterinarian said he would be close to five and a half feet from ass to nose. We are teaching him to fuck when he smells our pussy juice. His cock is already a little bit bigger than Ravens. I can’t wait until he is full grown. Last Friday was the first time I let him fuck me and wow he is strong. When his knot went up me he stretched me and I started thinking about number one. I hope they never catch them. I am going over to Shirley’s this week end and I am looking forward to continuing what we started the last time I stayed over.

A Nintendo Fan's Lust (2012 Re-write)



This is a story about me, the author, having sexual intercourse with Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. series; Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda series; and Samus Aran from the Metroid series. I would like to note that the Zelda character playing in this story is not the blonde version from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but the brunette version from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. The Samus character is also not the blonde version from the new age Metroid games, but the classic green haired version from the original NES Metroid. I did not want to have three blondes total because I wanted to spice things up a bit. If you want to play as the classic Samus in Metroid, enter “Justin Bailey” in the password mode. The character Kamek Koopa in this story first made his appearance in Super Mario World, and serves as a captain under Bowser.

This story contains very mature sexual scenes, strong language, and you should be at least 18 years old when reading this. It contains scenes of sexual body fluids, including fluid splashing; fluid drinking; and detailed descriptions of female fertilization. It is your responsibility if you e-mail, post, or direct this story to anyone outside of the original website that it was posted in. If you repost it, please only do so in an adult forum complete with all of this text and the disclaimer. None of this fanfic should be butchered up into pieces, and submitted throughout the internet without the legal warning, and all of the text that is included in here. Also, no e-mails with crap such as “Dude, you seriously need to get laid.” I am 27 years old, and I’m getting married to my fiancée next year. This story was made for fun, pleasure, and anyone that wanted to enjoy it. If you have read the original 2005 version of A Nintendo Fan's Lust, this re-write is an update that contains more detailed sexual scenes, and is more explicit compared to the original version.

~ A Nintendo Fan’s Lust (2012 Re-write) ~

It was dark outside with rain pouring outside my window. On days like this, I usually like to wrap myself in a blanket, and listen to my iPod. My favorite kind of songs I loved listening to, were ones that had emotion. Linkin Park was my favorite band because of this; it made me think how things could have been changed, or happened. It gave a sense of feeling to where I realized what reality really was about, especially when it was a loved one. Being nineteen years old in Arizona, many girls were interested in me, but I turned them all down because I was depressed. Why? I guess it was because I just felt they weren’t “the one” for me. I had this ideal soul-mate inside my head, and then later learned that there was no such thing as the perfect woman. I believe what caused this was me playing too much video games, and thinking everything was a fairytale. Princess Peach was a kind woman that loved to take walks at the fireworks, play a game of golf, and cuddle at a fire. Princess Zelda was a woman that enjoyed dinner by candlelight, loved to go on picnics, and held your arm while you had fun at the fair. Samus Aran didn’t seem to be the romantic type, but she still was very beautiful. Her tomboy personality made her the least of my favorites, but she looked like a gal that would love to have fun with you. These thoughts inside is what made me feel hurt, and I knew within that the chances of finding a woman like these three were close to zero percent. The women now days were sluts; gold-diggers; wore pants; smoked cigarettes; dressed like hookers with tight jeans and big breast implants; and it was a complete turn off. I had this belief inside me that women in general just weren’t romantic, and was just completely different from my expectations. This was my mistake I made at this age thinking like this, and now I lay here on my bed with my iPod, listening to sad songs while the rain continues to pour. What a sad mistake I made, rejecting all these women that came to me. I feel that they will be gone forever like a rose petal in the wind; a furnace going out; a shooting star in the sky. If I was just given a chance to enter the Nintendo universe and meet these three women, I would be the happiest man in the world. I gazed outside my window at the stars, and me being a religious person, I began praying. I prayed and expressed my love for them, and why I wanted to meet them. I was answered, and I heard a voice in my head. I was told that there was no way for this to happen, because they were imaginary. I begged because I wanted them so much, and I got a response saying not to give into my emotions. This bothered me a little, so I got up from my bed and went to the window. I said that I was willing to sacrifice my life, and wanted my spirit to go to heaven to be with them. The voice inside my head gave me a sign, saying this was pitiful.

Moments later, it began thundering. The sky outside my window flared white flashes, and the noise became loud. A lightning bolt hit the pole of my house and sent a powerful electric current to my room. The lightning then powerfully struck inside my room, lighting it up with electric shocks, white flashes, and loud crackling and thundering noises. I ran towards my bed and grabbed the post in surprise of what was happening. The electricity started causing other odd things to happen, such as my gaming stuff floating in the air, and wind blowing around the room. I was shocked because I couldn’t believe I was seeing something that was super-natural before my very eyes. Suddenly, a swirling purple portal opened up in my room, and grew several feet in circumference. I started yelling really loud as I watched in horror, thinking it was some form of evil trying to suck me in. The portal started to pull me towards it like a vacuum, so I held onto the bed post as tightly as I could while my hair was blowing in the process. I feared entering because I had no idea where it was going to take me. I had watched horror flicks of people that got kidnapped by aliens, got experimented on, and never returned. If this was the point of no return, death’s door; I wished I hadn’t asked for it in the first place. The vacuum became stronger, and I was losing my grip with my fingers slipping off the bed post. With enough force, I was finally pulled inside with purple electric currents surrounding my body. The portal closed and the room returned to normal, now without noise and the supernatural. Moments later; my eyes opened after I noticed I had fainted, and I found myself floating through a mysterious realm. I thought to myself that perhaps this was a realm of time and space that connected the Nintendo universe, and I looked around seeing many giant sized bubbles that had other worlds within them. One of the bubbles contained a world with castles, villages, monsters, and elves. The second bubble I saw contained a world with big cities, and kids throwing balls on the ground with creatures coming out of them. These bubbles were obviously worlds that were connected to the video games that everyone played. This was very exciting for me, and I knew to myself that my wish was finally going to come true. I was going to meet the women of my dreams, and be a very happy man. I looked behind me and noticed that I was heading for a crash landing into one of the worlds. I was unable to identify which one this was for some reason, and when I finally hit against it, I blacked out again.

My eyes slowly opened and they were very blurry; I did not know where in the heck I was. When the blurriness started to clear, I was able to make out three women that were looking over me. One of them held a cold rag to my forehead, and wiped it around. The other two were patting my face, trying to wake me up. My blurriness cleared and to my surprise, it was Peach from the Mario series; Zelda from the Zelda series; and Samus from the Metroid series. Samus was wearing her power suit, except that her helmet was not on her head, and it was resting on top of the table. Peach was wearing her casual pink dress as always, and Zelda was wearing her white dress.

“Josh!” Said Peach, rubbing my head with the rag.

“Wha……what’s going on!?” I said, blinking my eyes.

“Hey, are you alright?” Said Zelda, looking down at me while knelt on the floor.

My eyes widened and I got a bit scared. I got up fast and stood there, looking at them.

“Is this….for real? Did I seriously die and enter the Nintendo universe!?” I said, looking around with a bit of worry.

“Welcome Josh, you have entered the Nintendo universe. We’re glad to have you here.” Said Samus, sitting on a chair by the table.

“It… actually worked!? Oh my god…..I can’t believe it.” I said, looking at my hands with a slightly hushed voice.

I went and sat over at the table with Samus while Peach and Zelda did as well.

“So tell me, is this world for real? Or am I dead?” I said, looking at Samus.

“You didn’t die. Your man in the clouds was tired of you constantly asking, so he granted your wish.” Said Samus, while she pulled out a cig and started lighting it.

“You mean to tell me he created this universe, or was this here all along?” I said, looking at Peach and Zelda.

“We’re not exactly sure; all we know is that Shigeru Miyamoto is the god of this universe. As for how it is possible for you to travel from the real world to here, it is as big a mystery to us as to you guys of how the universe was created.” Said Zelda, looking at me with her arm on the table.

“Who cares about all this mishy mashy stuff? It’s going to be fun having an outsider from the real world here!” Said Peach, looking at us and clasping her hands together.

“Well, I’m very glad that I am here, and I’m very excited. I’ve wanted to meet you guys since I was a kid. ” I said.

We were sitting in a bedroom which contained a ticking clock, fire burning in a furnace, and a bed. This room was connected with other rooms, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and main living room. In this room, I noticed that there were a few Mario related items lying around. This raised some suspicion, but I decided to keep quiet.

“I have a question. Where are the other video game characters, and if you three are from other games, how is it that you all are in the same world here?” I said, with a look of wonder.

“Ha, silly.” Said peach, closing her eyes for a brief moment, and waving her hand at me.“ In the Nintendo universe, we are allowed to travel between worlds since Miyamoto created Smash Bros. That game allowed us to easily travel into each other’s worlds.” Said Peach, with a smile.

“The other characters are out doing other things right now.” Said Zelda, looking at me with a plain face.

I sat there stretching my arms, and then placed them behind my head.

“Kid, I think you should rest.” Said Samus, blowing smoke from her cigarette.

“Why?” I said.

“Traveling through dimensions caused you to get dimension lag. If you need to rest, there’s a bed over there.” Said Samus, pointing at it.

“Thanks guys.” I said, walking over to the bed and then climbing on top of it.

“Ugh, my body…….hey girls, would it be ok if I could get a massage?” I said, laying there looking at them.

“Oh and you want us to do it?” Said Peach, looking at me with her fist pushed against her cheek on the table.

“No, I want the knights to do it. Of course I want you girls to do it!” I said.

“Well, I am an expert at keeping the body fresh and healthy with massages.” Said Samus, tapping dust from her cigarette into the tray.

“Really? Well, gee; you're a damn good fighter, so I'd never expect that.” I said, still lying there.

Samus came over to the bed, sat down and started massaging me. She gripped her hand into a fist, pressed down on my back, and rotated it in different directions.

“Oh yeah, that's great Samus. You are an angel.” I said, with a relaxing voice.

Zelda and Peach came over to the bed.

“Here, I will work your arms. Peach can do something else perhaps.” Said Zelda, beginning to massage my arm.

“That’s fine….” I said, continuing to moan in relaxation.

I started to drift into sleep while the girls massaged me. Moments passed and one of them flicked the lights off, so now it was darker in the room.
I had noticed I was on my back after they flipped me over, and all three girls were still on the bed massaging me.

“I don’t mind how you girls do it.” I said.

Samus’s hand started massaging my shoulders while Zelda was rubbing my right foot, and Peach was rubbing my left foot. Samus’s hand began rubbing my stomach, and then she paused for a moment. She glanced up at me for a quick second, and then she slowly lowered her hand towards my underwear.

“Samus……what are you doing?” I said, looking at her.

“Massaging you.” She said, while her hand continued to slowly go lower.

“But……I…..” I said.

Her hand slid down beneath my underwear, and I gasped a little when I saw this. I felt myself slowly getting an erection.

“Ms. Samus!” I said, beginning to blush.

“……You….you girls really like me?” I said.

“Oh yes……we adore you…..” Said Samus, while she unzipped the zipper on my jeans with her left hand, and then lightly pulling my underwear down a bit with her right thumb. She then grabbed my jeans, slid them off my legs, and then threw them onto the floor. I lay there, embarrassed with my penis erected in my underwear. Zelda and Peach removed my shoes and socks, and then tossed them onto the floor as well. I pulled my shirt off and then tossed it with the other clothes. I was now completely nude, except I still had my underwear on.

Samus stood up and pressed a button on her power suit. It made loud mechanical and hissing sounds, and pieces began to drop onto the floor. Piece by piece they fell off her, along with her arm cannon, and metal boots. She stood there posing in her red Justin Bailey suit, and long beautiful green hair. She reached behind to where her zipper was, zipped it down, and her suit fell towards the floor. She now had her white bra, stockings, and panties on. I looked at her body, and thought she had a pretty good figure. I could see her ass through her panties, and it seemed kind of flat, but still turned me on in a way. I was getting tired of seeing models with busty asses, and wanted something normal for a change. She reached her arms behind her bra, and then pulled it up. Her right breast plopped down when she lifted it, and the left one plopped down after. Her breast size looked as if she was almost a D cup, and her nipples were large, round, and thick. She then slid her panties down her hips and down her legs, kicking them to the side. I could now see her green haired cunt, which was hairy and jungle-like. She had long beautiful Caucasian legs with nice curves at her hips. She was completely naked, and she looked HOT as FUCK!! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her!

Peach then stood up and undid her pink dress. It fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it. She stood there with her pink bra, pink stockings, and panties with a mushroom pattern. She reached behind her bra, removed the buckle and it fell to the floor. Wham!! Both of her breasts jiggled when the bra was removed! She was a C cup, and her nipples were about medium sized. She removed her panties, and I took notice at her ass; which was large; petite; and curvy. I also saw her cunt which was blonde, but not as hairy as Samus’s. She had long beautiful Caucasian thick legs with slightly less of a curve at her hips than Samus’s. This was becoming too much for me. I got a bigger erection, and my dick started to get hard.

Zelda then stood up and undid her blue dress. It fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it. She stood there with her blue bra, blue stockings, and panties with a Triforce pattern. She reached behind her bra, lifted it up, and it fell to the floor. No jiggling came from her breasts when they were exposed, because hers was a small B cup size with small nipples. This did not bother me, and I still thought this was awesome. I actually am a big fan of small breasts, unlike other men that are just into huge whoppers. She removed her panties and exposed her ass; which was cute; petite; round; and smaller than Peach’s. I also saw her cunt which was brunette, and it was good to see a different color for a change. She had long wonderful Caucasian legs that were nice and thin; along with a slight curve at her hips. I couldn't take it anymore! Not only a blonde and green haired babe were fully nude in front of me, but so was a hot brunette to top it off with! My dick got harder, and semen started to leak out. I just couldn't believe it! I was going to have sex with the women I grew up with from childhood!

“Josh, get ready for the night of your life!” Said Peach, with her arms out, and acting happy.

“My goodness! I don’t know what to say!” I said, in shock.

“Shocked? Isn’t this what you wanted?” Said Zelda, with a smile.

“I’ve loved you girls since I was a child, but you’re doing this for me!?” I said, still surprised.

“Don’t play dumb. The REAL reason you came here was because you wanted to fuck us. Childhood nostalgia? Romance? Bullshit!! You wanted our asses the day you reached puberty!” Said Samus, with her right hand on her hip, and a deceiving look on her face.

“Look, I can’t help it that I am a man, ok? When I got older, I started to think of you guys in a different way. I still love all the childhood memories, and I cherish them all!” I said.

“Oh really? Does that explain all the dirty pictures you saw of us on the internet, and getting off to them almost every single day?” Said Zelda, with a smile.

“Yeah, and how you yelled our names out when you ejaculated onto the carpet? ‘Oh Peach, oh Zelda, I’m cumming!’” Said Samus, chuckling.

The girls all started laughing and giggling.

“He even Photoshopped pictures of himself banging us! It’s a thrill!” Said Peach, laughing with her hand over her mouth.

“Why is this so funny to you guys?” I said, with a slight frown on my face.

“Because all you men are alike. You see something on your TV screen, and want to screw it, regardless if it’s real.” Said Samus, with a smile.

I sat there with my arms folded and continued looking at them with a slight frown. They giggled again for a bit.

“Enough of this small talk. Let’s give this pervert what he wants, girls!!” Said Peach, striking the air with her right fist.

They again sat down at the bed and Samus slid my underwear off, seeing that my dick was sticking up. She grabbed it and started to rub it, moving her hand up and down. She looked at me with a smile on her face as she did this.

“You like that, don't you?” Said Samus.

“Yeah….that's good.” I said, watching her.

Samus then lowered her head towards my dick, and then opened her mouth. She put her lips on the head of it, and then her head slowly moved down while it slowly entered her mouth like a Popsicle.

“Mmmmm, I want some too.” Said Zelda.

Zelda went over to join Samus in the dick sucking fest. Samus moved her head up and down in a normal pace, and she continued to suck it; I could hear her make a sucking noise as she did this. Samus stopped and rose her head up, and I saw her saliva on my dick. Zelda opened her mouth, beginning to suck me. She sucked while moving her mouth up and down, and I could feel her teeth rub against my dick. It did not hurt; it just excited me even more, because her teeth were pushing against my sperm tube. She did this for about a minute, and then stopped and raised her head up. I noticed that a stream of my pre-cum was on her mouth, and it was still connected to my dick. Some of it seeped onto the bed; and the rest of it seeped from her lips, and down below her mouth. Getting a blowjob from an elf was pretty cool, but what would it be like to fuck her? I bet that would be awesome, feeling elf pussy for the first time.

“Oh my god, you guys are good.” I said, enjoying it.

“I love the taste. Nice and sticky.” Said Zelda, pushing her finger into her mouth.

Peach crawled over to me and then I looked up, watching her step over me. From my point of view, she squatted down and then slowly lowered her ass towards my face. With both her hands, she spread her pussy with her fingers, and then pressed her pussy against my mouth. Her knees and palms were now against the bed, and I started to lick her. It tasted so sweet. I used my hands to grab her legs, and I repetitively licked the soft rose petals of her vagina. My head was seen moving up and down in motion behind her ass.

“Oh, I’m really embarrassed now.” I said, while I licked her.

“You should be.” Said Samus, watching us.

“This is my first time.” I said.

“Well I think it’s time for the next step gals!” Said Samus, with a perverted look.

“Let me go first.” Said Peach, whispering in their ears.

“Ok.” Said Zelda, whispering back.

Zelda came up and laid next to me, while Peach shifted her body around to where she was now facing me. She grabbed my dick, stood up half way, and positioned her vagina at the top of it.

“Wait guys, I’m a virgin!” I said, with my eyes widening!

“You're a virgin? Well, not anymore!” Said Peach, with a deceiving look on her face.

Peach quickly dropped down onto my pelvis. My dick slid right inside her pussy, and my virginity was gone in a flash. She screamed in pain while I felt my dick breaking through her hymen web, and I went in shock and gasped while my eyes widened. My dick finally got inside the depths of a pussy after all these years, and this was my first time feeling it! When her screaming subsided, she sat there looking at me, saying nothing. That moment, she looked down and slowly raised her body up. Her pussy lifted almost all the way from my dick, and she looked down. We saw her blood seeping out onto my dick, and then it slowly began streaming down it. “Oh my…” she said in a hushed tone. How in the fuck was she a virgin!!?? She has been kidnapped by Bowser countless times, along with the Mario Bros. constantly saving her! It then finally came to me; she was a virgin because the Nintendo games did not have sex scenes in them. Bingo! She lowered her body back down, and my dick slid all the way back into her vagina, causing us both to moan when it re-entered. She started to bounce up and down on my dick, and I could feel the walls of her vagina hugging it. Her round breasts would flop up and down every time she bounced on me, along with the bed’s springs making a creaking noise. It was the greatest feeling ever!! This felt like a porn flick!! I grabbed her hips while her pussy tightened on my hard dick, then my dick started to get wet. It was covered with a mixture of wet discharge and blood. She stopped bouncing, and then began to rock her hips in a back and forth motion. She did this for a while, and then began moving faster. The bed’s frame started smacking against the wall every second, and we could occasionally still hear the bed springs. I couldn’t believe I was fucking Princess Peach!! This felt so good that I felt like I was going to pass out! My heart started to pump fast as I started getting flash backs of how we first met when I was playing my NES, back when I was six years old. I saw a flashback of the axe disappearing while Bowser fell to his death into the lava, and how I first laid eyes upon her.

“Back and forth, baby! Back and forth!” Said Peach, while my dick continued to slide inside her.

“So, how does it feel to bang the woman you grew up with? I guess you could say we’re big sisters to you.” Said Zelda.

“Ah, that makes it even hotter.” I said, with a smile.

Zelda hugged and kissed me while Samus started masturbating and watching Peach getting violated on my dick. Samus pushed her fingers in her vagina, and began stroking herself. She moaned while she did this, and Peach's breasts continued to bounce back and forth.

“Holy shit!!” I said, with excitement.

“You like it huh? I knew you would you little pervert!” Said peach, with a plain face and her mouth slightly open.

Peach started to bounce on my dick again, and her ass smacked against me repetitively while I watched her breasts bounce up and down. It felt so damn good that I started to feel an orgasm.

“Peach! I think I'm gonna come!” I said, moaning and panting fast.

“Go ahead! I don't mind!” Said Peach, grabbing her breasts with her eyes closed.

“But, you'll get pregnant!” I said.

“That’s what makes it hot!! I don't care! Just go for it!” Said Peach, moaning.

“Alright then bitch! Here we go!” I said.

I grabbed Peach's hips and then with a thrust, slammed my dick deep into her vagina. We both came to a complete stop with her big ass resting on my pelvis, and then moaned loud while I began unleashing my sperm inside her tunnels. Peach’s head flicked backwards with her eyes closed, and her crown fell off and onto the floor. My dick shot gushes of sperm out into her, and each shot filled the depths of her vagina up. She also came, and her discharge began covering my dick inside her. This felt so damn good, and my dick felt like a banana being covered with chocolate syrup. Peach rose up, and my dick slowly pulled out from her. It was covered in blood and discharge; along with a stream of cum that was attached from her pussy to the tip of my dick, which was slowly seeping downwards onto the bed. We were no longer virgins.

“Fucking Christ! That was great!” I said, catching my breath.

“I'll say!” Said Peach, catching her breath as well.

It wasn't over yet, it was time for me to make the decisions. Now that I had fucked Peach, I wanted to get my fat thick Hebrew kosher sausage into Zelda while wanting Peach and Samus turn me on even more.

“Zelda, bring that hot elf ass over here.” I said, waving her to come.

Zelda moved next to me while I got up in a doggy-style position, and so did she. She positioned her fine ass next to my dick, and I got another erection. What turned me on was that her ass wasn't of a model, or mediocre, it was in between……..just right. I grabbed my dick and positioned it next to the entrance of her vagina. I teased her by rubbing the tip of it around the outside of her pussy in a circular motion, and she began to moan a little. I did this for a bit, and the warm juice of this Hylian princess began to seep onto my dick.

“Oh Josh, you’re driving me nuts. You’re making me leak!” Said Zelda, looking straight ahead.

I slowly pushed my dick into her vagina, and it was nice and tight. To my surprise, Zelda was also a virgin, and I felt my dick breaking through the web of her hymen.

“I always wanted to fuck an elf!” I said.

With a further thrust, I pushed more deeply into her. She was now completely de-flowered, and the feeling was great. My dick completely ripped through her hymen, and blood seeped from her vagina and covered my dick. She squinted her eyes hard, and made long grunting noises. Some of the blood started to drip onto the bed, and it left blood stains. I then slid my hands down Zelda's waist, and grabbed her small breasts. I began to thrust my dick repetitively into her while we held this doggy-style position. My pelvis smacked against her ass over and over while my big hands completely covered her B cup breasts. She was so beautiful in her bent over position, Caucasian skin, blue stockings, and long brunette hair that covered her back. We both didn’t moan and make much noise, because this was normal to us. She and I were fucking like a crack whore that was in debt to a pimp. The feeling was almost indescribable. It felt like I was Ganon……holding all three pieces of the Triforce. Her left breast, the piece of wisdom; her right breast, the piece of courage; and her pussy, the piece of power. My dick pushed and pushed hard into her soft wet Hylian cunt. Princess Zelda was getting FUCKED! We both started to moan, and I started to get flashbacks again, only this time, it was when I was playing my SNES. The flashback showed Zelda and me escaping from a dungeon while I was holding a lantern. We were walking through puddles of water, and I slashed bats and rats with my sword, protecting her. We pushed two buttons on a wall and entered into a chapel, and then the flashback came to an end.

“Zelda, you fucking whore!” I said; while I opened a small smack, pulled out a bunch of rupees, and then casted them all over her body. Some of them were different colors, such as red; blue; green; and yellow.

“You fucking slut!! You nasty dirty elf bitch!!” I said, smacking my pelvis against her ass, and then smacking her right cheek with my right palm.

As I was stroking Zelda, Peach stepped in front of her face, and opened her legs. She positioned her vagina next to Zelda’s mouth, and she started to lick Peach's pussy which turned me on even more. When I saw this, I started to fuck her faster. My dick pounded inside her at a faster pace, and I could even hear gushy fluid noises as I continued to slam in and out of her pussy. Samus stepped over and sat on top of Peach’s face, spreading her legs behind Peach’s body.

“Here, lick my pussy while you get your pussy licked.” Said Samus, guiding her vagina to Peach’s lips.

Without hesitation, Peach opened her mouth and pressed it against her pussy like a true lesbian. She started to suck on it, and Samus started moaning. Peach held Samus’s legs, and they started to tremble with ecstasy while her tongue licked up and down her vagina. It would move around the entrance of her pussy, and then she would occasionally push it inside. There we were, me slamming my dick into Zelda's cunt while she was eating out Peach, and she was eating out Samus. We all were moaning at the same time while I fucked, and they licked. You could hear my pelvis constantly smacking against Zelda’s small elfish ass, combined with sucking and slurping. There was a moan every second, which was a manly moan combined with three feminine moans. This was definitely a house of sin and lust, and not something you’d ever see in a Nintendo game!! I was getting so horny that I was at the state where I wanted to come.

“I'm gonna come!” I said.

“Pull out!” Said Zelda, while she licked.

“I…I can’t!! It feels too good!!” I said, beginning to pound her faster with ecstasy.

“Our kids will be half-elf and half-human! HURRY!!” Said Zelda, looking behind at me.

“Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!!” I said, squinting my eyes, making a heavy grunt, and plowing her faster.

I would have to be insane to pull out after hearing her say that. After my dick was sliding inside her at extreme speed, I halted and thrusted my pelvis against her ass, pushed my dick all the way inside her, and held this position. I yelled Zelda’s name out which lasted several seconds while I shot a huge load into her vagina. It fired gush after gush like rocks from an Octorok’s mouth. While I did this, she gasped, widened her eyes, and spaced out. She was shocked because she knew it was too late, and that there was no turning back. The cum splashed inside her pussy, hitting the walls, and going deep into her tunnels. My sperm swam and swam until they saw her egg, and one of them successfully entered. The baby was now destined to be a half-elf.

“NO!!” Said Zelda, still spacing out.

My dick stopped stroking inside her, and I smiled.

“You’re going to get pregnant now! Isn’t that nice!? Get ready for those wedding bells, baby!!” I said.

Zelda crawled to the side of the bed and sat up. My semen started leaking out of her vagina, and she put one of her fingers inside and pushed some of the cum out. It continued leaking onto the bed, making a small puddle in progress. Peach and Samus stopped licking, and we just sat there and looked at her.

“Oh no, too much of it got inside. I’m at very high risk now.” Said Zelda, watching the cum ooze out of her pussy.

“Damn, you sure loaded her up good! What will you ever do if you get her pregnant?” Said Samus.

“Don't worry about it; I’ll help take care of the kids.” I said.

“Alright….fine…” Said Zelda, with a sigh.

“Josh, will you help me too when I get pregnant?” Said Peach, clasping her hands together.

“Of course I will.” I said, as I smiled and put my hand on her leg.

“Well, if you're going to knock both of them up, you might as well knock me up as well.” Said Samus, rubbing her stomach.

“Samus….you mean….you're letting me impregnate you too!?” I said, looking at her with suspense.

“Yes….go ahead. You are a true loyal Nintendo fan, and I'd do anything to please you. Many Nintendo fanboys thought I was a tomboyish dyke, but I’m going to prove them wrong.” Said Samus, looking away.

“Alright….” I said, blushing a little.

Samus lay back on the bed, and she bent her legs in the air using her hands with her ass facing upwards. I moved up towards her, and rubbed my hand across her nice ass.

“It may be flat….but it’s still fuckable…..” I said, rubbing it up and down.

I moved my body on top of her and got extremely stimulated when my skin touched against hers. I positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy, and we both looked down at it.

“And here we go!” I said, slowly pushing my dick inside her. We both watched it slide in, and I pushed until my dick hit the edge of her hymen. She let out a little scream.

“Wow, you're a virgin too? With a body like this, I'm surprised!” I said, with amazement.

I pushed further, and my dick was having trouble breaking her hymen. She was such a tomboy that her cunt was super tight, and her hymen was well knit together.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to get that knot out of you.” I said, while she gripped the bed sheets, looked towards the ceiling, and started breathing at a faster pace.

I pushed my body against her, hugging her tight, and then thrusted as hard as I could. She began to scream while I moaned loud. Her legs were against my shoulders with her feet in the air, and my dick started tearing through her hymen. As I pulled out, blood began to smear on my dick, and it looked like a hotdog covered in ketchup. I pushed my dick all the way back inside her, and she screamed again while her legs continued to hold still in the air, and the palms of her feet within her white stockings were reaching for the stars. I began to penetrate her at a faster pace, sliding my dick in an out of her tight cunt. My pelvis repetitively smacked against her ass, and I was fucking her like a black man that didn’t give a shit about child support.

Peach moved up to my dick that was penetrating Samus, and then started to lick it. She moved her tongue up and down it, and then around the area that was connected to her vagina. She tasted both my dick and her pussy at the same time. Zelda put her hand on my ass and rubbed it while she watched me pound Samus’s tomboy cunt.

“Oh Joooooossshhhhh, it feels so goooooood……” She said, moaning while I fucked her.

I started to get another flashback. Samus and I got off an elevator, and we walked to where this item was sitting on a platform. We touched it, and a text appeared saying "Got screw attack." The flashback then faded. Samus was taking it pretty good with her legs and feet in white stockings that were dangling in the air in a circular motion.

Peach opened the nightstand near the bed, and pulled out a question mark block. She smacked it, and a Starman came out. She grabbed it, and it glowed in her hand.

“Here, take this.” Said Peach, showing it to me.

“Awesome! Use that on me, and I’ll fuck this nasty hooker faster!” I said, looking at Peach.
“Okay!” Said Peach, cheerfully.

Peach tapped the Starman against my body, and it gave me Starman power! My body immediately began moving much faster, and flashed multiple colors with sparkles floating around. The invincibility music from the Mario games even started to play, and my dick was pounding into her at about four times per second!! I started to push faster and faster into Samus's vagina, and she started to moan even louder, gripping the bed sheets with her eyes closed. The bed’s frame was smacking against the wall like Donkey Kong drumming his bongos!

“Oh Josh!! JOSH!! Fuck me, baby!!” Said Samus, with much pleasure.

I penetrated her over and over again, and her wet vagina continued to slide against my dick.

“Like that! Like that!” Said Samus, excitingly.

“I am cumming soon!! I have to pull!” I said, as I was panting and feeling my orgasm quickly flaring up.

“Well, pull then!” Said Zelda.

“Go for it. You’re going to have to marry three women now though. Hope you are able to handle that.” Said Peach.

“Maybe I should pull then.” I said.

“……..No….Josh……….blast your fucking cum right in my pussy! When you were a kid, you played more with Peach and Zelda! It made me jealous!” Said Samus, gasping and panting heavily, begging me.

“Huh!? That's because I kept getting lost in those mazes!” I said, while I continued to pound her.

“Samus, don’t mess with his mind like that.” Said Zelda.

I was ramming my dick inside Samus faster and faster as my body shifted towards her flat tender ass. I was fucking her so fast; I was like a starved Metroid without blood for days. Her big breasts bounced back and forth in a circular motion with her large thick pink nipples, and I constantly rammed her like a fucking jackhammer at a construction site.

“I’m gonna do it!!” I said.

“You favored Peach and Zelda over me! Josh! I want you to be mine!” Said Samus, wrapping her arms around me.

“Just do it!! Shoot that hot juice, and every last fucking drop inside me, honey!!” Said Samus, hugging me tight like an insert from a romance novel.

“No!!” I said, shouting.

“We shall bond together, you and me! Do it, damn it!! DO IT!!” She said, with her heart beating fast.

My Starman power started slowing down, and the flashing was fading. I came to a full stop and slammed my dick all the way inside her pussy. We both held this position, and gasped while our eyes widened. There was complete silence, and love filled the air. Samus and I now became one, and she would become my bride to be. I shot cum inside her like Bowser’s airship canons, and I slowly looked at my dick. We heard a few splats and splurts.

We both looked down, and cum started oozing out the crack between my dick and her pussy. I slowly pulled it out of her, and a splurt noise was heard again. After I pulled it out, a stream of cum came dripping off of my dick, and from the entrance of her pussy. It slowly seeped downwards against the bed, and left stains on the sheet. My penis was still erected, so I quickly made her turn over with her flat ass facing upwards at me. She laid sprawled out on the bed like a model with her green hair tied in a ponytail, and she was ready to be fucked once again. I climbed on top of her and rested my head against hers, and then we held both of our hands together. It was so romantic, and felt like we were destined to be together. I grabbed my dick and placed it against her anus with the head touching the entrance, and then it slowly enveloped it when I pushed it in. It was still wet with our exchange, and this created a nasty mushy feeling when I entered. I pushed it all the way inside, and her anus now completely covered it, which was nice and tight. I could feel the tip of my head touching the end of her rectum after it was fully inserted, and her legs would shiver a little when I did this. I remember back in the day when my mother told me that I would put a woman in the hospital when doing this, which would also land me in prison. If this was the case, so be it. I began to stroke her asshole several times, and I could hear a mushy sound every time it went inside. The head of my dick would occasionally touch the end of her anus, and she would say “ouch” when this happened. Although my dick was covered in our exchange, it was now mixed with her shit as well. We were basically making a chocolate cream pie together, and about to add whipped cream. With blood, cum, discharge, and shit all mixed together, it couldn’t get better than this. I began to stroke inside her at a faster pace with my dick sliding in and out of her, and I got another orgasm. We both moaned at the same time, and she said “Josh, I love you.” Our hands tightly held together while I shot my second load deep inside her anus, pressing my body against her tender ass. When I pulled out, both of her holes were now dripping with cum after she raised her ass in the air. Some of the cum from her anus dripped downwards and collected with the cum from her vagina, which caused bigger drops on the sheets. After I filled both her holes like a doughnut machine, I turned her over and put my mouth on her pussy. I began eating her out, and my tongue stroked against the entrance of her vagina. I would circulate my tongue around the outer area, and then push it inside her. I could taste the warm fluid inside her cunt while my lips smacked against her vagina lips. She moaned, gripped the bed sheets, and then gasped with her mouth slowly opening. Her head flicked back and she shook it with her eyes closed, causing her ponytail to come undone. Large amounts of discharge were shot right into my mouth, and it came splashing out like water from a drinking fountain. I drank her lesbian fluid and then swallowed it, gulp by gulp. I could have even sworn that I tasted my own cum that was mixed in with her discharge. “Yummy!” I said, lifting my head up.

“Wow! That was great!” I said, with my cum and her discharge dripping from my mouth.

“Sure was.” Said Samus, laying there with a smile as our exchange seeped out of her vagina, and onto the bed.

“So, what do you guys want to do now?” I said.

“Let’s fist!!” Peach said excitingly.

“Are you kidding me!? Do you have any idea how painful that can be!?” Said Zelda, with her eyes widening.

“It’s not painful if you do it right. You guys remember when Misty and I fisted each other? There was no pain at all because we knew how to do it.” Said Samus.

“We should give it a shot. I wouldn't mind trying it out.” I said.

“……..oh alright…..but if I start hurting, we stop ok?” Said Zelda, holding her hands.

“Ok!” Said Peach, striking the air with her fist.

“Here, I'll show you girls how to do it. I'm an experienced lesbian, so I know how.” Said Samus.

Zelda bent down into a doggy-style position, placing her knees and palms on the bed. Samus used her left hand to hold Zelda's ass, and she gripped her right hand making it into a fist. She put her knuckles at the entrance of her pussy, twisting, turning, and trying to work her way in. She tried smacking her cheek, but this only caused her anus to tighten. It finally began working its way inside, and her anus was slowly stretching and enveloping it. She pushed it in further, and her fist went half way in while Zelda gasped and closed her eyes. She pushed it in deeper to where her entire fist began to go inside, and Zelda yelled along with her heart starting to pump fast. She pushed it in further, and her anus began to slide down her arm, which was now extending from her vagina. She yelled extremely loud while it slowly sunk inside her. Samus moved her fist and arm in and out of her, causing her to pant, gasp for air, and yell some more. It looked as if it hurt, but felt good at the same time. We heard someone knocking at the front door, and the girls told me to go answer it. I went into the bathroom, wrapped a towel around me, and went into the main hall. I took notice that this room was very big, and had Mario related decorations around it, such as a mushroom carpet; some pink curtains; a Starman plush, a fire flower in a vase; a big long staircase; a P balloon; two Kuribo’s Shoes; and some question mark blocks floating near the door. Was this place what I thought it was? I opened the door, and to my big surprise, I saw Toad from the Mario series. He stood there with a plain look on his face, mushroom cap, tiny blue shirt, and white pants.

“Is… everything ok?” He said, rubbing his hand on his cap.

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” I said, pretending to act dumb.

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before.” He said, rubbing his chin with his two tiny fingers.

“I’m just a guest here.” I said.

“Well, I heard some screaming and yelling coming from inside.” He said, pointing at the room I walked out of.

“Yeah, um…….Peach is watching a movie. I think the volume may be too loud.” I said.

Toad walked inside, and I shut the door nervously. I felt like this because this was my first time seeing a creature that was non-human in front of me. This was strange to me in a way, but I quickly got over it because I knew to myself that it was just something to do with the world I was in. He looked over at the room where I walked out of, and began to walk there. I ran over to the door and shut it so he couldn’t enter.

“Don’t go in there!” I said, with my hand on the knob.

“Oh, are you taking a shower?” He said, looking up at me with his cute mushroom face.

“Yeah pal, the room is a little messy.” I said.

“……with Peach in there with you!!??” He said.

“Uh……..I uh…..she didn’t know I was taking one.” I said.

“Something fishy is going on here. Let me through.” He said, looking at the door.

“I can’t, I told you I was taking a shower.” I said, still holding onto the door handle.

Toad then began to hear some loud moaning coming from behind the door. He stood there listening, and then looked up at me.

“Alright, but I’m going to keep my eye on you.” He said with a smile as he walked back to the door with me. He opened it, and walked outside.

“I’m still going to be doing work on the castle’s roof. I’ll be done soon, and then I have to work on the swimming pool.” He said, looking at me from outside the door.

“Alright then, I’ll talk to ya later.” I said.

Toad walked away, and I began to close the door, but then stopped. I looked out onto the horizon, and saw a different world before me. There were pipes on the ground, floating blocks in the air, golf courses, clouds with smiles, flagpoles, and other castles and fortresses much further in the background of the horizon. I also saw a Lakitu floating by in the sky, and two Shy Guys in the distance riding a golf cart. I knew without a doubt, that I was in the Super Mario realm. This was a magical dream come true to me, and I was very excited. What new wonders would await me while I was in this Nintendo universe? I closed the door in amazement, and returned to the room with the girls, removing the towel that was around me.

I moved to the front of Zelda, and put my dick next to her mouth. She grabbed it, and glanced at it for a bit. Within that moment, she slowly put it inside her mouth and began to suck it with her eyes closed. It slid all the way inside while her cheeks would puff in and out. Her teeth would occasionally touch it which hurt a little, but turned me on even more. This caused me to moan with pleasure, and I flicked my head back, facing the ceiling. Peach moved next to Samus, started rubbing her hands up her waist, and then towards her breasts. She rubbed, rotated her breasts, and then pinched her nipples while Samus continued to fist Zelda. Samus began to work her other hand into Zelda’s asshole. She pushed two fingers in, and stroked her anus. Zelda said nothing, and continued to suck me. She inserted a third finger and stroked, still nothing. She inserted a fourth finger, and Zelda’s eyes opened again. Finally, her thumb went inside, and her palm slid inside her asshole. Zelda went into shock, and her eyes widened again. She started making a loud muffled noise with my dick still in her mouth, and was now in more pain because the anus is more sensitive than the vagina; plus it was a palm entering instead of a fist. She couldn’t believe that her pussy was being fisted while her asshole was being palmed at the same time. It was as if she was experiencing pain, but the pleasure made her want more. She was completely speechless, but my dick still continued to slide in and out of her mouth. She continued to suck it, brunette hair, elfish ears, and all.

“Don't stop! She likes it! She wants pain and pleasure at the same time, so give it to her!” I said, with my hand on Zelda’s head. Her hair locks went back and forth while she continued to go down on me.

Samus pushed both her arms inside deeper and further into both Zelda’s asshole and pussy. She extended it in and out of her, like she was working the mill. Fluid began to seep from Zelda's vagina which was now all over her wrist and arm, while her other hand in her asshole was smeared and covered with her shit.

“Cum….cumming……cumming…..” Muffled Zelda, softly.

Zelda closed her eyes and without making a sound, she released hot warm discharge onto Samus's fist. Samus felt the fluid, pulled out her fist from her pussy, and it dripped with her discharge. Her fluid was all over her hand, and it dripped onto the bed. She then pulled out her palm from her asshole, and it was smeared with her shit.

“Oh god, this is fucking nasty. I need to go wash this.” She said, looking at both her hands and arms, rotating them.

Samus got up and walked over to the sink. Her sexy ass shifted back and forth while she was walking towards it. She washed both her hands under hot water, and while she was doing this, Zelda lay back on the bed. I opened the drawer of the night stand, and pulled out a vibrator, placing it at the opening of Zelda's vagina. She started to moan while I rotated it around the lips of her pussy, and she felt the intensity of the vibration tease her. I slowly began to push it inside her, while the vibrator continued to buzz. It entered her, and she was now able to feel the vibrations inside her cunt. I flicked the button on the bottom to a stronger mode, and it began to vibrate inside her harder and faster. For a few minutes, I started to molest Zelda by pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She moaned while the hard buzz intensified her, much like a beehive inside her cunt.

“Oh god, that's good.” Said Zelda.

Samus returned and went to the night stand, pulling two more vibrators out. She sat on the bed and handed one to Peach, and they both started using them. We sat there for several minutes messing around.

“I think I'm going to have another orgasm.” Said Zelda, watching me.

“Wait, not yet. Is there any way you girls can all orgasm at the same time?” I said, looking at them.

“Why?” Said Peach.

“Because, I want to feel your guys' hot wet fluid on me.” I said, while I continued to molest Zelda.

“Ah, so you’re into bukkake, huh? You are a pervert to the max.” Said Samus, masturbating with the dildo.

I let Zelda take control of the vibrator, and all three of them sat there stroking themselves with their vibrators they had. The girls started to moan and this was turning me on, so I opened the night stand to see what I could find. I saw a question mark block inside, and pulled it out. I punched it and a magic mushroom came out from the top, and then fell onto the bed. I grabbed it and looked at it while it shined brightly in my hand with its smile. Not fearing what this would do to me, I rubbed the mushroom against my penis, and then my dick began to grow in size. I was shocked seeing that it grew about three times its original size, and made the sound effect of when Mario touches a mushroom. I smiled after this had happened, and I was now able to shoot more loads of cum out, which would fulfill my bukkake fetish. Veins could be seen throughout my dick, and you could see two tubes from the head of my penis connected to my testicles. I grabbed my dick and started to stroke it while watching them masturbate. We all sat there, continuing to moan on the bed.

“Alright, I'm ready.” Said Peach.

“Me too.” Said Zelda.

“Same here.” I said.

“At the count of three, release your fluid onto each other!” Said Samus.

We moved up closer, and the girls and I were facing each other, sitting in a circle on the bed. The vibrators continued to make noises while we all moaned.

“ONE!” I said.

The vibrators continued buzzing, and we continued moaning.


The vibrators continued buzzing, and we still continued moaning.


“Now!” I said.

At around the same time, I sprayed very large loads of cum from my huge dick all over them while the girls shot gushes and gushes of their vaginal fluid onto each other and me. I shot my cum onto Peach's C cup breasts, and then aimed for Zelda and shot some on her face. I also shot a load at Samus and it hit her big knockers as well. Peach sprayed her fluid onto me, and some of it landed on Zelda. Zelda sprayed her fluid in the air like a fountain onto me, and Samus put her mouth under it. Samus then sprayed her fluid which hit Peach's body, and some splashed onto my dick. We sat there and looked at each other like we were whores in a whorehouse. Peach's breasts were dripping with my cum while Samus's breasts had the same treatment. Zelda started to wipe my cum away from her eyes, and all of our bodies were covered in a lot of fluid exchange. I grabbed Peach, Zelda, and Samus's heads; and then opened each of their mouths.

I stuck my large dick into Peach's mouth and shot inside her.

“One for you.” I said.

Then I pushed it into Zelda's mouth and shot inside her.

“One for you.”

Then I crammed it into Samus's mouth and shot inside her.

“And one for you.”

We all laid there tired out with cum and fluid dripping everywhere. It was without a doubt that we were going to hell; but in the Nintendo universe, that was most likely an area filled with Atari games. Cum and fluid was oozing and slowly flowing out of assholes, pussies, and mouths. Not a hole or area was uncovered, and the bed was drenched, soak and wet! It was so wet that everyone lied in the mixture of puddles and exchange on the bed. Everyone just sat there with our eyes closed, drenched in loads of liquid, gasping and panting like we had the biggest fuck of our lives. Everyone lost their virginity within an hour, and we were definitely whores without a doubt.

“Well, we are no longer virgins.” Said Peach.

“Yes, I know.” Said Zelda, looking at Peach.

“I don’t regret it one bit. I actually enjoyed it, and wasn’t a fan of being a virgin.” Said Samus, looking at us.

“Well, there’s no turning back now. What we need to be concerned about is you guys getting pregnant. Like I said, I promise to help you guys out in the long run.” I said, looking at them.

They nodded their heads, and we acknowledged this agreement.

“I’m going to change the sheets.” Said Peach as she got up.

“Yeah, I need to take a shower to get all this shit off.” Said Samus.

“Ditto.” Said Zelda, getting up as well.

“I think we all should take a shower.” I said.

I went to the side of the bed and smacked my penis hard against the night stand; causing it to shrink back to original size, along with unintentionally making the sound effect when Mario shrinks. Outside the castle window, a full moon shined brightly while Paragoombas and Paratroopas flew in the night sky. Suddenly, Kamek Koopa was riding his broomstick past the window in the distance, and he saw what we’ve done.

“Well well well, what do we have here. Looks like an outsider has entered our universe.” He said, fixing his glasses.

“I know a perfect plan that will help us capture Peach, and Bowser is surely going to love it! Because this guy had sex with them, there is a possibility of them getting pregnant. And when this happens, we can surely lure in any heroes from each of their realms!” He said, rubbing his hands together with a chuckle.

He zoomed off into the large moon in the night sky, and laughed loud and evil-like. His laugh echoed throughout the Mushoom Kingdom, and then faded away, as so did he.



A Nintendo Fan’s Lust (2012 Rewrite) is a re-write from the old fan fiction I made in 2005. This new version shows more explicit scenes that were not included in the original story, along with many major changes such as grammar; punctuation; the story advancing slower; being longer; and so forth. When I wrote A Nintendo Fan's Lust years ago, the story had a pretty high level of hype, and expanded across the internet. The fanfic got into many different forums, along with several people reading it on microphones. I had recently checked several other forums this year and had noticed that my fanfic was still being noticed. It first speculated around 2006 during the YTMND years, and it became very popular due to how infamous I was on YTMND, and my famous creation of Users of the YTMND community posted several links to, which was the website I had first uploaded the story to. Many readers either laughed, or became aroused after reading it. I am returning this year to re-write the story because I was not satisfied for the way it looked today. The first time I wrote this fanfic, I was being lazy. While I was writing it, I was masturbating, and it was hard for me to focus because it really felt like I was having sex with the characters. I guess my imagination was really strong in order for me to feel that way, and my hands were shaking while I was typing the story. My heart was even pumping fast at times. When I got an orgasm at the end of the story, I never bothered to do anything else with it, and I just left it there on The main reason I wrote the story in the first place was for self-pleasure, even though I still had a feeling it was going to get widely noticed; but I didn't bother to further do much else with the story. But alas, looking back at the past and seeing how people still enjoyed it, I'd thought I'd return and fix it up into a masterpiece. It took me several days to finish this re-write, because I kept adding more and more detailed scenes.

I had taken an English 2 class at my college because of a degree I've been working on, and I did well in the course scoring an A-. The class really helped me improve my writing skills, and I'd thought I'd use the skills to help fix up this fanfic, possibly to write more fanfiction in the future if more people enjoyed this one. As for some notes from my teacher when I got my final exam in the mail, she had said that I did very well except for not being able to provide evidence when backing up statements. That's ok because I'm happy with my current grade, and if I ever enroll into a university, I can perhaps take a higher level English class. If you liked this story, please send an e-mail to with your thoughts and opinions. If you don’t feel like e-mailing me, just send a message to JoshCube2 on YouTube. I plan on working on A Nintendo Fan’s Lust II, which is going to be a much longer storyline with several chapters. Because I am busy with my current job, it may take me a very long time to finish it. I don’t want to give much information on what it’s going to be about, because it will give away the plot. Stay tuned, and keep beating your meat to your favorite Nintendo gals. It is nothing to be ashamed of. ^_^

Angelique Part One

Angelique sipped a glass of red wine as she studied the curves of Bella's luscious body, the way her hair fell around her soft, bare shoulders.
"I am visiting Los Angeles on business," she spoke in a sultry Brazilian accent.
"I'm from Brazil, actually,"
She traced the edge of her glass with her fingertips.
"I am here alone this evening," she held her glass by the stem and swirled it on the bar.
"But I suppose you could say that I'm, " she paused to smile playfully.
"Looking for someone, so to speak."

Angelique turned slightly to face Balla, she was wearing a black burlesque corset & long skirt, she crossed her legs to reveal leather cowboy boots with four inch heels. her neck was adorned with a necklace bearing the image of the Goddess, Iemanjá that she inherited from her great grandmother. She was a bit distracted, taking a moment to drink in Bella's remarkable beauty.
Her imagination was running wild. There was something about Bella, something unrestrained, adventurous. Angelique pegged her for a southern girl, maybe Texas, strict parents, religious upbringing. Angelique could sense in her the lust for deeper experiences, she also sensed her erotic spirit, a need to express herself with her body.

She leaned on the bar, taking a more intimate stance.
"And you?" she looked Bella up and down.
"Surely you are not here all alone."

Angelique's Brazilian accent was so sexy and mesmerizing. Bella had met women from all corners of the world, but she had never met a woman as stunning as the one in front of her. The way she presented herself was so flawless. After taking another sip of her drink Bella flashed Angelique a flirty yet curious smile when she said she was looking for someone. “Maybe I could help you with that.” Bella raised her eye brow and smirked playfully. Bella's eyes shifted from Angelique's for a moment as she let her eyes explore the beautiful Brazilian once again. Bella had never been so attracted to another woman in all her life. Being a bi-sexual Bella had fooled around a bit with girls but for her she'd always preferred men. But within 5 minutes of meeting- Angelique had Bella drawn in and had her feeling a sense of lust that she had never felt towards any man or woman before. She was lusting for this woman she barely knew and as strange as it felt, Bella was kind of turned on and excited by it.

Bella lost her train of thought for a moment when Angelique moved in closer to her. Bella's eyes scanning over the beautiful woman's chest, admiring her beautiful necklace and her amazing breasts in her corset. After a moment Bella quickly came back to the conversation and smiled. “I'm here alone too, My friend knows the guy who owns this club… so I'm sort of here as a favour.” Bella told her, finding it hard to stay focused on the topic. “I wasn't keen on coming to this particular club but I'm glad I did.” Bella added as she put her hands in her soft dark hair and pulled it to one side. “So what kind of business are you in?… If you don't mind me asking.” Bella asked as she crossed her legs, giving Angelique the perfect view of her long legs. Bella was so intrigued by Angelique, she was very friendly but also came off as a bit mysterious. Bella knew there was more to Angelique and Bella was very interested in finding out; but there was also something extremely sexy and inciting about not knowing. After another drink and a little more conversation Bella found herself wanting this woman more and more. Every word she spoke in her gorgeous accent drove the Southern Bell wild. “Would you like to dance?” Bella asked as she slowly stood up, moving a bit closer to Angelique then necessary but Bella knew she wouldn't mind. Bella took Angelique's hand as they made their way through the crowd. When they found a spot Bella moved close to Angelique and put her hands on her hips, moving their bodies closer together as they moved slowly to the sexy remix the DJ opted to play.

Angelique took Bella's hand and led her through the crowd, she allowed her hips to sway and pop a little hard with the heavy beat. She put her hands on Bella's hips, swinging rhythmically.
"To answer your question, I own a beach resort in Brazil, a little place in Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina. I inherited it."
Angelique danced closer to Bella, she could feel her hot breath on her cheek.
"I'm actually looking for…"
She looked away for a moment, searching for the right words.
"An assistant, of sorts."
She traced Bella's hips with her fingertips as they danced. Every eye in the place seemed to be on them.
"My needs are of a rather, personal nature."

Angelique moved behind Bella, embracing her. She took control on the dance floor, keeping Bella close to her so she could feel the heat of her body, her hardening nipples pressed against her.
"Perhaps we can discuss it further," Angelique whispered.
"I'm staying at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood."
Angelique was feeling very bold.
"What are your plans for the weekend?"

“I can cancel my plans.” Bella replied. She had a few photo shoots scheduled for the weekend but she didn't care. Even though she had no idea what Angelique had planned, Bella had a feeling she was really going to enjoy whatever it was.

Angelique smiled when Bella agreed to cancel her plans. "I will, of course, compensate you for any income you might lose by spending the weekend with me." Angelique explored Bella's body with her elegant fingertips as they moved in a sensual, rhythmic unison on the dance floor. "We'll consider the next two days a sort of, probation period." Bella felt a soft kiss on the back of her neck. "Time to decide if we're the right…" Angelique's hands closed around Bella's wrists as they danced, restraining her playfully. "Fit." Another kiss, and Angelique was tempted to devour Bella right there in the middle of the crowded club, the taste of her skin, her sweat, Angelique decided she would sample all of the delightful flavors of Bella this very evening. Angelique's phone vibrated and when she checked the identity of the caller her mood changed a bit, she took on a stern, businesslike attitude, no nonsense."I'm so sorry, my pet but I'm afraid business calls." She slipped a room key into Bella's hand and whispered in her ear, "I'll expect you in my room promptly at midnight." Angelique slipped away discretely and disappeared into the crowd.

Angelique was just stepping out of the shower when she heard the front door. "Bella?" she called.
"Is that you, my pet?"
She towel dried her hair as she sat down at the vanity table.
"Help yourself to a drink, I'm just getting out of the shower!"
Bella wandered over to the bar, taking a moment to familiarize herself with the layout.
"And make me one of whatever you're having, please!"
Bella set two martini glasses on the bar.
"I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place?" Angelique asked, her voice echoed in the bathroom.
"Not at all," Bella replied.
She mixed the drinks in a cocktail shaker and sifted them into the glasses, then added an olive to each.
Angelique glanced at the clock as she painted her eyelashes.
"I see you're right on time!"
Angelique thought of the taste of Bella's skin, sweetness with a hint of sweat from the heat of the club. The thought of having her all to herself for the weekend was exhilarating. Goosebumps rose on her skin.
"Good girl!" she smiled.
"I'm very pleased!"

Angelique emerged from the bathroom in nothing but a white, fluffy towel, which made her bronze skin seem even deeper in tone. she was attempting to clasp her necklace behind her back. She walked over to Bella, handed her the necklace and turned around, letting her robe fall around her smooth, sexy shoulders.
"Would you mind?" she asked.

“Not at all.” Bella jumped at the chance to help her. As her robe slid off her soft shoulders Bella licked her lips. She put the Necklace around her neck and clasped it together. She let the necklace slide into place on Angelique's neck as her finger tips moved slowly over Angelique's shoulders. “Your skin is so soft.” Bella said softly as she moved Angelique's hair to the other side of her so her neck was exposed. Bella leaned in closer, her hot breath hitting the beautiful woman's neck. Bella took a moment to take in her beautiful scent. Lingering for a moment at her neck before she pulled away and sat back down.

Bella moved aside so Angelique could sit down next her. “So tell me more about this Assistant you're looking for..” Bella said as she handed Angelique her glass. Bella moved a little closer to the beautiful woman as she spoke. A curious smile played on the young brunette's lips as she listened to Angelique speak. Her accent very distracting from the topic at hand, Bella found it hard to keep her thoughts clear as the image of Angelique restraining her wrists earlier at the club entered her mind. It was so sexy how this woman took control. It drove Bella wild. Bella sat her drink back down on the table before she put her on Angelique's knee. Bella just wanted to touch her. She needed to. It was like Angelique was a drug she needed a fix on. She had never experienced such desire. Her soft finger tips running up and down slowly on her leg and knee, subtly getting high up her leg each time.

Angelique grasped Bella's wrists firmly.
"No no no, my pet," her voice took a sterner tone.
"We mustn't touch unless we are told to."
Angelique placed Bell's hands in her lap and rose to her feet.
"Let me explain the arrangement I am offering, my pet."
Angelique had been waiting for an opportunity to exhibit her dominance, and test Bella's limits a bit.
"I am in charge, from this point forward you shall address me as Mistress or Mistress Angelique."
Angelique picked up a match from the matchbook on the coffee table and struck it, the flame illuminated her smooth, tawny skin.
"You must always ask permission before you do or say anything."
Angelique lit two candles on the coffee table, and then proceeded to light the rest of the candles that had been strategically placed around the room.
"You are never to say "No" to me when I tell you to do something., your "Safe Word" is "RED". Do not hesitate to use this word if you find yourself in an unbearable situation. I will stop everything and we will talk."
Angelique paused in the middle of the room, facing Bella directly, her robe was open slightly, revealing her erect left nipple.
"Your duties as my personal assistant will be to attend to my every desire, is this understood?"
It was an easy decision. “Yes Mistress.” Bella answered.
Slowly Bella slipped off her heels and started to crawl towards her Mistress on her hands and knees, her breasts jiggling in her strapless dress.

Angelique smiled when Bella dropped to her knees. "I'm very pleased that we have come to an understanding," she said.
"Now, follow me , my pet." Angelique turned and walked toward the bedroom with Bella following behind on her hands and knees, she paused to light the candles along the short hallway leading to the bedroom.

The bedroom was furnished in elegant simplicity, the white curtains billowed seductively with the breeze from the open balcony. Outside the night air was filled with the pulsing beat of sunset strip. Next to the bed was a rack of bondage implements such as restraints, whips, paddles, ticklers, and blindfolds, On the bed was an ornate black collar with the name 'Bella" monogrammed on it. Angelique picked up the collar and patted the mattress. "Sit with your knees together and your hands in your lap, my pet." she commanded. Bella did as she was told. Angelique stroked Bella's cheek gently with her fingertips. "Mmmm good girl!" she praised as she fastened the collar around Bella's neck. "Tonight I will get to know my new pet," Angelique said as she stroked Bella's hair. "And my pet will learn exactly what is expected of her."

Angelique loosened the belt on her robe, letting it fall open exposing her bare breasts. Her pussy was shaved and glistening with wetness, a small jeweled ring pierced her belly button and she had an elaborate tattoo of a tiger on her right thigh. "Now, my pet," she said. "Can you control yourself or must you be restrained?"

When Bella had agreed to do the appearance at the club tonight never in a million years did she think this how her night would end up. Bella didn't mind of course she was very please with where things were going. Bella had wanted to let her hair down and be free and now on her hands and knee's following her new Mistress the southern sweetheart felt more free then ever. As they approached the bedroom Bella became more excited, having to close her legs tighter together as she crawled through the door and saw all of the bondage equipment. Bella had thoughts of her Mistress using her 'Equipment' on her and it made her even wetter. Bella's eyes followed her Mistress as she headed for the bed. On her Mistress's command Bella made her way to the bed and did as she was told. Bella bit her lip as she struggled not to touch her Mistress. Feeling her finger tips on her cheek sent Bella's body into a frenzy. Bella fought her urge this time but when she saw her Mistress move in front of her and expose her beautiful body Bella wasn't so sure she could hold herself back. Her perfect pussy right in front of her, so wet and juicy. Bella's eyes scanned her Mistress's body, her breasts were perfect, her nipples so luscious. “I don't think I can control myself mistress but I'll try.” Bella replied as she held her hands firmly in her lap, fighting her urge just to reach out and touch her Mistress's body. “I need you so badly.” Bella begged softly as her eyes feel to her Mistress's pussy in front of her. It looked so sweet and tasty, Bella knew she was going to have a lot of trouble keeping her hands to herself but she was going to try.

Bella moved slowly toward her Mistress but she didn't touch her. Her eyes locked on her Mistress's. It was clear to see Bella was going crazy not being able to have it. “I'm yours Mistress, I'll do anything… please let me touch you… or taste you…just for a second.. please.” Bella begged with a hungry lustful look in her beautiful hazel eyes. Bella moved one hand from her lap and put it on her own breast brushing her exposed nipple that had popped out earlier. It was clear to see she was having trouble holding herself back. She craved her Mistress, her desire to give her pleasure and touch her was so strong. Bella's other hand moved to her inner thigh but she made sure not to touch what now belonged to her Mistress. She could feel the heat coming from her wet pussy. “Please Mistress I'm so wet for you… I need you.” Bella said softly. Her sexual frustration boiling over the top. As much as it drove her crazy, she loved every moment. She loved being teased and having to begged for her mistress.

Angelique glared playfully at Bella.
"Disobeying your Mistress so soon, my pet?"
She selected a leather paddle from the rack.
"You were told to ask permission to speak!"
Angelique smacked her own thigh with the paddle.
"On your knees, my pet," she commanded.
"Rest on your elbows and lift your sexy little ass high in the air."
"Yes, Mistress Angelique."
Bella did as she was told.

Angelique slowly lowered Bella's panties to her knees and stroked her buttocks with the paddle, then she gave her a sharp smack.
Angelique lifted Bella's dress a little higher over her hips.
Angelique set the paddle aside and began to rub Bella's ass where she had struck her. There was a bright red stripe across Bella's ass and Angelique's pulse quickened.
Bella whimpered and started to speak but Angelique warned her not to make her punish her again.

Angelique sat on the floor beside Bella, stroking her thighs and massaging her buttocks.
"I want to see how hot and wet I can get that pussy of yours," she teased.
She was driving Bella wild. “Mistress May I speak?” Bella asked in a soft tone, not being able to speak properly. Bella was containing her moans and she was worried if she let herself her go she wouldn't be able to control herself and she didn't want to disobey her mistress again. “I'm so wet, I can't take it anymore. I need you so badly. Please.” Bella said softly once her Mistress let her speak. Bella wasn't sure how long she could handle this. Her Mistress could make her cum just by stroking her ass and thigh. Bella let out a soft moan and started to rock her body slightly trying to move her Mistress's hand closer to her pussy.

Angelique picked up the paddle and smacked Bella's ass sharply.
She gathered a handful of Bella's hair in her hand and pulled.
"I'll only tell you once, my pet," she whispered in her ear.
"Hold still!"
She spanked her harder this time, her ass reached a deeper shade of red. Angelique inhaled deeply, held her breath for a moment and let it out. She stood up and walked over to the rack and selected a pair of wrist restraints and a leash. She massaged her breasts gently as she took a moment to gaze at Bella's juicy ass, her juices dripping down her inner thighs. She walked over to her and knelt in front of her.
"Obviously, my pet needs to be restrained further."
She fastened the restraints around Bella's slender wrists, clipping the chain that connects them to Bella's collar, she then attached the leash.
"On your feet, pet," she commanded.
Bella struggled to get to stand up, only able to move her hands a few inches, cuffed together and chained to her collar, forced into a prayer pose, her panties around her ankles.

Angelique pulled the top of Bella's dress down roughly, exposing both of her gorgeous breasts. Angelique cupped them in her hands, touching the tips of her thumbs to Bella's nipples.
"Mmmmm, my pet has the most beautiful breasts." she said.
She led her by the leash out onto the balcony.
"I think all of Hollywood should see my pet's beautiful breasts!"
She led her to the railing and embraced her from behind, reaching around to massage her breasts and roll her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Bella could feel Angelique's large nipples hardening against her back.

The city lights twinkled and the sun was just hinting at rising. The cool night air rose goosebumps on Bella's silky smooth skin.
Angelique was unbelievably turned on, she felt that Bella would submit to any act she wished, this sexy little vixen belonged to Angelique now. She felt that she was already pushing her pet beyond her comfort zone but she wasn't about to stop now, it wasn't her style.
Angelique saw a couple of men gawking from the street below, she looked them in the eye as she let her robe fall to the floor. Angelique loved the attention and she wanted to show off her sexy pet to the entire world. She ran her hands all over Bella's trembling body and kissed the back of her neck softly. Bella moaned as Angelique's hand moved across her smooth stomach.
"Mmmmm, my pet," she whispered, "I want you to cum for me."
Angelique held Bella even tighter as her hands explored her body, she gently spread her pussy lips apart as the men on the street below cheered and cat-called. Bella's pussy was wet and slippery and Angelique slid a finger inside her, massaging her gently while she rubbed her clit with her thumb.

Bella was helpless, her wrists chained to her collar, her body was shaking, weak with desire.
"Your body is so sensual," Angelique whispered as she kissed and licked Bella's earlobe. "Me sinto muito perto de voce."
She sucked Bella's earlobe into her mouth and tickled it with the tip of her tongue, she was rubbing her clit faster now.
Angelique caressed Bella's throat as she slipped a second finger inside her.
"Cum for me, my pet."
Angelique was breathing heavier and faster.
"Cum for me, and then you can come inside and taste your Mistress."

Bella began to pant and she felt weak at the knees. Her tiny frame trembled with pleasure as she pulled against her restraints in an uncontrollable spasm. “I'm cuming Mistress.” Bella moaned. Bella's body tensed up as she felt herself cum all over her Mistress' fingers. As Bella panted to catch her breath the men below them were still enjoying the show as they continued to call out to the women on the balcony. They were very happy with the show Mistress Angelique had put on. Bella closed her eyes when she felt her Mistress' wet fingers running across her plump lips. “Taste yourself my pet.” Mistress Angelique Whispered into her pet's ear. Bella obliged and opened her mouth as her Mistress slid her fingers in and out and all around Bella's mouth. Bella licked her sucked on her Mistress' fingers, tasting her own pussy juices. That of course sent the men below wild as they cheered the beautiful women on.
When Mistress Angelique turned Bella around she couldn't decide where to place her gaze. Her Mistress' body looked so delicious. Her Mistress' wet pussy glistened in the faded light coming from inside. Bella licked her lips as she thought about what was going to happen next. Her Mistress was finally going to let her taste her. Bella's mouth watered at the thought.

Angelique took Bella's leash and strolled inside, licking her fingers clean as she walked. The men outside voiced their disapproval quite loudly.
Angelique seemed amused.
"You taste so sweet, my pet," she praised.
"You were such a good girl out on the balcony, I think you deserve a treat."

She instructed Bella to kneel next to the bed and she closed the French doors that led out to the balcony. She sat on the bed and opened the night table drawer to retrieve a small box containing a bag of marijuana, rolling papers and a lighter. She expertly rolled a joint, lit it and held it to Bella's lips so she could inhale. She then unfastened Bella's restraints, leaned back in bed and took a deep drag.
"Mmmmmmmm," she held the smoke in.
She leaned her head back against the headboard and exhaled.

Bella looked up at her Mistress and after getting an approving nod Bella slowly leaned down and ran her tongue up and down her Mistress' wet slit. Using her index finger and thumb Bella spread her pussy lips apart and dipped her tongue in her Mistress' slit before pulling it out. She repeated action a few more times before she brought her head back up for another draw on the joint her Mistress was enjoying. Bella moved between her Mistress' legs as they opened wider. On her knee's between her Mistress' legs Bella leaned forward and spread her Mistress' pussy lips apart and blew the smoke slowly up and down the slit. When she was done Bella moved her face forward and began lick up and down her Mistress' slit again. “mmm.” Bella moaned into her pussy. Mistress Angelique's pussy juices covering Bella's as she buried her tongue deeper. Using her left hand Bella began to massage Mistress Angelique's clit while her right index finger was slowly inserted into her tight little pussy.
“You taste so fucking good, Mistress,” Bella told her as she slowly slid a second finger inside her pussy. Bella's eyes locked on her Mistress' as she pleasured her. Bella just wanted to see the enjoyment on the beautiful Brazilians face. She want to please this woman, that's all Bella cared about. This woman had a hold on Bella that no one else had ever had. She unleashed something inside of Bella that Bella didn't want to have to hide again. Bella continued to push her fingers in and out of her Mistress slowly and sensually, making sure she felt everything. After a moment Bella leaned forward- back into her pussy, using the hand that was rubbing her clit she exposed it and let her tongue flick over it, again and again. her tongue teasing her Mistress' swollen clit.

Angelique took a long drag and then set the joint aside in the ashtray on the nightstand. She grabbed two fistfuls of Bella's hair and pulled her closer.
"Suck my clit into your mouth, my pet," she commanded.
"Oooooh, good girl!"
Angelique was becoming more aggressive, grinding into Bella's face, now glistening with her juices.
She instructed Bella on how to please her, treating her roughly until she felt her climax approaching. She moved her hips in a rhythmic motion, so sensual, almost hypnotic. Bella was licking and sucking as fast as she could, desperate to please her Mistress.

"Oh my god, fuck yes!" Angelique screamed.
She squirted all over her pet's face and collapsed into the pillows as she moaned and writhed in ecstasy. Her juices dripped from Bella's chin.
Angelique grabbed Bella by the back of the neck and pulled her close, holding her face between her breasts.
"Mmmmmmmm, my pet!" she exclaimed.
She held Bella tenderly, stroking her hair.
"I am very pleased with you, my pet." she said.
"Tell me, are you having a good time?"

“I am Mistress, I'm having a great time.” Bella responded her her soft southern accent. “I would be very interested in discussing maybe taking this arrangement past this weekend.” Bella added. This arrangement was new to Bella, she had never done anything of this nature to this extent but she had to admit she was enjoying it and wanted to explore it a lot more. Bella wanted to explore this lifestyle and explore the submissive within her. She knew by how well she had taken to this role as Mistress Angelique's pet that this was something she needed to explore more. She had let a complete stranger dominate her and she loved it, that had to be a sign that this was meant for her. Bella tugged on the collar Mistress Angelique had put on her earlier in an effort to refrain her hands from exploring her Mistress's perfect breasts. They were right in front of her, her hard nipples looking very inviting. Bella shook her head slightly to stop herself from thinking about her Mistress' breasts though that was near impossible; She had just had her head between them after all. “I would make a very good pet, I'd be there to fulfill your every need, whenever… or wherever you'd like.” Bella continued as she let her index finger trace the tattoo on her Mistress' leg. She was a goddess, everything about her mesmerized the southern beauty. She was perfection and Bella not only wanted to worship her she needed to worship her. It was a hungry desire coming from her that she couldn't fight.

Angelique brushed Bella's hair back over her ear.
She raised an eyebrow, "We shall see how you feel at the end of the weekend, my pet."
"Now fetch the hotel menu, It's in the sitting room," Angelique smiled.
"Let's order some room service, I'm absolutely ravenous!"
Bella scampered off into the other room.
"And we can discuss our plans for tomorrow!" she shouted.

When Bella returned, Angelique had slipped under the covers, she held them back for Bella to climb in next to her. Angelique put her arm around her and kissed her forehead gently.
"Tomorrow, my pet…since it IS saturday night, we will be hosting a party. The guest list is quite eclectic, but everyone is involved in the BDSM lifestyle in one way or another. You will have the opportunity to explore many avenues, just remember your safe-word. If anyone wishes to include you in any sort of play they must ask my permission first. Everyone is aware I am training a new assistant, and you are quite the talk of the town, everyone is eager to meet my new lovely pet."

Angelique was feeling very affectionate, snuggling closely with Bella, she opened the menu.
"Are you hungry, my pet?"
“The Caesar salad here is to die for.” Bella remarked as her eyes scanned over the menu.
“Maybe we should order some red wine as well Mistress. A little celebratory wine.” Bella smiled as her index finger played with her Mistress' navel piercing under the covers. Bella waited for her Mistress to decide on what she wanted before she called room service, Bella opted to do it so her Mistress wouldn't have to move. “Mistress, If you don't mind me asking…” Bella begun to speak as she slipped back under the covers and close to her Mistress. “What kind of things can I expect in this kind of lifestyle with you? After tonight I'm pretty excited for whatever you have in store for me. But I'm very curious about all of this as well.” Bella explained. Bella would be willing to try anything once, especially if it was Mistress Angelique asking her to do it. As far as Bella was concerned she didn't have limits until she had tried something and decided on it after the fact. But that didn't stop the young woman from being curious.
About 20 minutes later room service arrived. Bella sat back up from her Mistress' comfortable embrace and put on a robe. Pulling her hair to the side Bella headed out to the front door. A young man behind the door wheeled in a couple of plates of food and their wine. “Thank you.” Bella smiled. The young man proceeded to try and pick her up but Bella couldn't help but giggle. After what she had experienced tonight there was no way this guy would even have a chance with Bella. Bella sent the waiter on his way before she took the food into the bedroom. “Mistress, is there anything specific you want me to wear tomorrow night for the party?” Bella asked as she poured her Mistress a glass of wine. Slowly Bella discarded her robe and slipped back into bed with her Mistress. They clinked their glasses together before taking sips.

"This will be a cocktail party, I've always preferred cocktail parties, there's just something about the idea, that you're already going with the intention of committing at least one sin, and perhaps many more."
Angelique tickled Bella's inner thigh.
"So wear something sexy…upscale…no panties."
"Now!" Angelique was back to business mode.
"It's bathtime, run along and draw us a bath, and call downstairs and have the sheets changed, they can do it while we take a bath."
She leaned back in bed and lit up the joint again, watching in the bathroom mirror as Bella bent over the tub to turn on the faucet.
"Put some bubbles in the tub, too, my pet."
Angelique stroked her pussy as she watched Bella's sexy little ass jiggle in the mirror. She massaged her breasts as she parted her lips and traced them with her fingertips, she was on the edge of orgasm and looking into Bella's eyes when she returned to the room. Angelique held out her hand, signaling for Bella to stop.
"I want you to watch," she moaned.

“Mistress you look so beautiful when you cum.” Bella said softly as she felt her pussy juices on her inner thigh. Watching her Mistress play with her pussy turned Bella on more then she ever thought possible. The look on her Mistress' face as she came was the sexiest thing Bella had ever seen. After giving her Mistress a minute to catch her breath Bella moved toward her. “The bath is ready Mistress.” Bella said before she headed over to the phone to call downstairs. When Bella was done she followed her Mistress into the bathtub. A soft fragrant smell filled the air as Bella leaned over the tub to turn off the running water; Mistress Angelique getting a lovely view as she did.

They eased into the hot water cautiously, facing one another in the enormous garden tub, Angelique leaned forward to kiss Bella amidst the steam rising from the foamy water.
She slowly and sensually began to wash Bella's hair, massaging and stroking until Bella thought she might drift off to sleep. The suds flowed down Bella's body, over her smooth, wet breasts and stomach. Angelique rinsed Bella's hair then massaged her tan shoulders, her breasts…she reached down between her legs and stroked her pussy, massaging her clit faster and faster, splashing water onto the floor. Bella held on to the edge of the tub as Angelique had her way with her. Angelique held her by the throat to keep her still and looked deeply into her eyes, almost looking right through her.

Angelique grabbed a handful of Bella's long, silky hair as she fingered her.
Angelique jerked on her hair and whispered in her ear..
"Who's my hot, sexy little pet?"
Bella listened, her eyes closed, after a second she spoke.
"I am, Mistress."
She opened her eyes and moaned lightly as Angelique slid another finger inside her.
Bella gasped.
"Mmmm," Angelique moaned.
"Your MY dirty little slut, aren't you?"
Bella smiled.
"Yes, Mistress Angelique."
She winced as Angelique pulled her hair.
"I'm your dirty little slut!"
"Good girl," Angelique said as Bella shuddered from a deep, emotionally charged climax.

Angelique rose from the tub, her body shimmering and dripping with soapy water, she took Bella's hand and helped her out, steadying her trembling body.

“May I dry you Mistress?” Bella asked, eager just to touch her. Bella knew Mistress Angelique would know that though, it was obvious how much Bella craved her Mistress and it was obvious how much her Mistress loved to make her wait. Bella moved behind her Mistress when she got her Mistress approval. “Don't do anything Naughty , my pet or I'll have to punish you again.” Mistress Angelique smiled knowing this was going to be a challenge for her little pet. Bella moved her Mistress' long hair to the side and began to slowly dry over her soft shoulders. Her skin so silky and soft as her fingers brushed against it as she dried her. Bella bit her bottom lip as temptation teased her. Bella moved the towel slowly down her Mistress' back, over her perfect ass and down her amazing legs. Bella ran her finger tips down from the inside of her Mistress' thigh to her ankle. Bella stood back up, this time in front of her Mistress. The front of her body still wet. Bella licked her lips as her eyes fixed on her perfect nipples. “Your body is perfect Mistress.” Bella said softly as she began to dry her Mistress' chest, slowly and sensually. Bella took her time going over her Mistress' nipples, brushing them purposely over and over. She couldn't help herself, her Mistress was irresistible.

Angelique grabbed Bella's wrists.
"I warned you my pet."
She gave Bella a stern look.
Suddenly they heard the front door click shut and the maid's footsteps across the floor, she had come to make the bed.
Angelique's eyes lit up.
"Perhaps a witness to your punishment, my pet?"
Before Bella could protest, Angelique pinned her hands behind her back and swung the bathroom door open, startling the maid who had not expected to see two wet, naked women burst forth from the bathroom so suddenly.
"I am so sorry to disturb you, Miss Beleza," she gasped.
"I was told to make up the bed."
"No need to apologize," Angelique assured her.
"Please, go about your business."
She grasped Bella's throat firmly.
"I'm afraid my pet has been insolent and must be punished!"

The maid giggled, "Yes, Miss Beleza."
"What is your name, my dear?" Angelique asked.
"Milla,"she replied. The maid, a blonde in her mid twenties, began to strip the sheets off the bed.
"Perhaps you will provide us with an audience, my dear Milla, while I teach my pet a lesson."
"Uh…of course," Milla replied uncomfortably, she was blushing.
"Anything you wish, Miss Beleza."

"Anything?" Angelique asked.
"Of course."
Milla faced Angelique and stood up straight, she was cute and slender with adorable little breasts, naturally beautiful.

Angelique forced Bella to her knees and selected an elegant silky rope whip and handed it to Milla, who hesitated but decided to give in to the moment and have some fun.
"I would like to see you whip my insolent little pet."
Angelique grabbed the wrist restraints and shoved Bella face down on the carpet and cuffed her hands behind her back, her ass high in the air. She sat down in a chair in front of Bella, her legs spread, and ran her fingers up the wet slit in her pussy as she nodded to Milla.
"Strike her!" she ordered.
Milla gave her a reluctant swat across the buttocks and looked up at Angelique nervously.
"Loosen up, my dear Milla, lovely Milla." Angelique purred hypnotically.
"She has been a bad girl," she said in a deep, throaty voice.
"And you, Milla, my sensuous, golden haired vixen, must be the one to punish her, do you understand?"
"Yes, Miss Beleza," she replied.
"Imagine she is your enemy, someone you despise." Angelique said as she rubbed her pussy faster, breathing heavier.
"My boss?" Milla suggested.
She gasped, "My Husband!"

"Perfect," Angelique said, looking into Bella's eyes.
"Now, strike her," she whispered.
Milla whipped Bella awkwardly, getting a little turned on by the sheer surprise element of the bizarre situation. She began to loosen up a bit.
"Apply your strokes with the touch of an artist," Angelique whispered.
Bella moaned with each stroke. The silk lashes weren't painful as such, but tingly, it made her nerves feel alive.

Milla was really getting into it when Angelique interrupted.
"That's enough!"
Milla stopped in her tracks, stunned.
"Thank you, my dear Milla," Angelique smiled sweetly.
"You can leave us now."
Milla tried her best to compose herself.
Angelique stood up and walked over to the bar and took a hundred out of her purse and slipped it into Milla's hand, kissing her cheek as she held the door for her.
"Thank you, my dear Milla. Don't be a stranger."
Milla smiled, biting her lower lip as she back out into the hallway, she waved goodbye to Bella as Angelique slammed the door and strutted slowly over to Bella, she released her from the restraints and helped her to her feet.
She took her hand and led her to the love seat, Angelique remained standing.
"Tell me, my pet," she asked as she paced back and forth, shadows from the candlelight dancing across her smooth, bronze skin.
"How did that make you feel?"

“I would much prefer you punish me, Mistress, but if it makes you happy Mistress I won't protest to it.” Bella began her response. She adjusted her soft hair to the side before she spoke again. “But to give you a real answer it was like torture, watching you play with your pussy drives me crazy. I was so turned on and it drove me crazy that I couldn't do anything about it.” Bella explained with a smile on her face. As much as she hated it she did also love it. She loved how her Mistress would tease her and make her work for what she wanted. It was so sexy to Bella. Though everything about Mistress Angelique was sexy to Bella.

"Would you have made love to her if I had told you to?"
Angelique stepped closer to Bella, standing over her in an intimidating way.
Angelique was curious about Bella's true loyalty and how far she would go to please her Mistress. Although this evening was not even the tip of the iceberg of depravity Angelique had in store for Bella this weekend, she thought it was a good place to start a dialog.
"Yes Mistress." Bella responded. Bella knew she wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as she would with her Mistress but she would have done it if it made her Mistress happy. Bella was willing to do anything for her Mistress, no matter what Mistress Angelique asked of her Bella was willing to do anything at least once. "If you don't mind me saying, I think miss Milla enjoyed putting on her little show for you ." Bella smiled as she looked up at her Mistress. Why did she have to tease knowing how badly Bella wanted her? Just standing over her naked, her beautiful body just within her reach but she wasn't allowed to touch. Her skin looked so soft, Bella wanted to run her lips over every inch of it. Bella took a deep breath as she held herself back from touching her Mistress. Bella was struggling this much and it was her only her first night, Bella knew that she hadn't seen anything yet. She could tell her Mistress had a lot more in store for her. Bella slowly stroked the inside of her leg as she found herself being tempted again. "Why can't I touch you Mistress?" Bella asked in a somewhat desperate tone. Bella traced the shaped of her lips with her tongue for a moment as she admired the way the candle light complimented Mistress Angelique's already perfect body.

Angelique smiled,.
"It's past your bedtime, my pet."
She stroked Bella's cheek lovingly.
"Run get ready for bed, sweet Bella. I need to make a phone call, when I return, I expect to find you waiting for me in the sitting room."
Angelique turned and walked into the bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She called Brazil to check on things at her estate while looking through the closet for some sexy lingerie for bedtime.
She received a full report from her business manager over the phone, and notified her staff that she had no made plans yet to return to Brazil.
"I may decide to stay until spring," she said.
"Ciao, Andres."
She tossed the phone on the bed and selected a purple satin and lace camisole with matching cheeky shorts, she sat down with a bottle of lavender body lotion and spread it over her long, smooth legs before she slipped into the shimmering shorts. She stood up to check out her ass in the mirror. She pulled the cami over her shoulders and adjusted it to perfectly accentuate her breasts.
She brushed her hair for a few strokes as she admired herself in the mirror and then slipped into the bathroom to floss and brush her teeth.
She walked out into the sitting room, expecting to find Bella waiting for her there as she was instructed.

“Mistress you look flawless.” Bella smiled as her eyes met her's. Bella could smell the lavender smell coming from her Mistress it added something to the outfit, Bella couldn't quiet put her finger on it. But Bella knew every time she smelled Lavender this would now be the image that would come to her mind.
Bella stood as her Mistress signaled for her to stand.
Bella followed her Mistress slowly into the bedroom and watched as she got under the covers. Her soft side starting show again which Bella enjoyed seeing after being punished. Bella climbed into bed with her Mistress, getting close to the beautiful Brazilian. Mistress Angelique was stroking her pets hair before she fell asleep. “Get some rest my pet, you're going to need it.” Mistress Angelique said in a soft soothing voice. It wasn't long before Bella fell asleep. Bella was completely exhausted from her many orgasms and punishments from the night before.

The next morning Bella awoke around 9am. The sun shining through the window on to her face. Once Bella's hazel eyes adjusted to the light she rolled over slowly and saw her Mistress sleeping peacefully beside her. Bella smiled and traced her lips with her tongue, even when this woman was asleep Bella still found her extremely sexy. Bella slowly got out of the bed, being careful not to wake her Mistress. Bella headed for the bathroom and freshened herself up. Bella fixed her long soft hair in the mirror before she brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth out with mouth wash. Bella applied a little lip gloss to her lips before she headed back into the bedroom. She got back into the bed and moved close to her Mistress. Her hand running up and down the material of her camisole on her stomach. Bella couldn't stop herself, but she was making sure she didn't touch anywhere her Mistress wouldn't like or anywhere that would wake her. Bella was doing this for about 10 more minutes before Mistress Angelique's eyes fluttered open. Butterflies forming in Bella's stomach as her Mistress' beautiful eyes locked on hers. “Good morning Mistress.” Bella said softly as her thumb glided over her Mistress' naval piercing. “I Hope you slept well.” Bella continued as a couple of her fingers ran slowly across her soft stomach, sending a tingling feeling over her Mistress's body.

Angelique grabbed Bella's wrists and climbed on top of her, straddling her and pinning her down, hands above her head. She started to scold Bella but she let a playful growl escape her lips and decided to kiss her, with a sensual rhythm and passion, moaning as she explored her mouth with her tongue.
"Mmmmmm, good morning, my pet." she whispered.
She released Bella's hands and stretched, reaching for the ceiling, tousling her hair as she groaned.
"Mmmmmm, touch me, my pet." she said.
"Caress my breasts, savor my skin with your fingertips."

Angelique arched her back as Bella stroked and petted her Mistress' body.
Her pussy was hot and wet on Bella's stomach.
Angelique lifted her knees over Bella's shoulders, straddling her face.
"Enjoy your breakfast, my pet."
She was moving her hips slowly, grinding gently into Bella's tongue.
"Suck my clit into your mouth, my pet," she moaned.
"That's it, flick your tongue over it as you suck, mmmmm such a good girl!"
Angelique twisted her own nipples as she writhed on top of Bella, she was breathing heavily, sweat running down the center of her back.
"Oh God, yes!" she screamed.
She began to shake, taken by surprise with the intensity of her sudden climax. She gripped Bella's hair with both hands, holding her head still as she came hard, gritting her teeth and groaning loudly.

A knock at the door roused Angelique from her euphoria, she looked down at the clock radio next to the bed.
She smiled down at Bella in between her legs.
"That's the DJ, would you show her in, my pet?"
She hopped off of Bella and sat on the side of the bed to roll a joint while Bella went to get the door.
A tall, very thin brunette without much skin that wasn't covered in tatoos was leaning against the wall with her equipment in two large cases stacked next to her when Bella opened the door.
"Hey, I'm Hanna, you must be Bella," she said.
"It's a pleasure!"
Bella introduced herself and showed Hanna in, Angelique embraced her when she sat down her cases in the corner of the living room.

"I see you met my beautiful pet!" Angelique said.
"She's every bit as stunning as you said," Hanna replied.
Angelique passed the joint to Hanna and instructed her to set up on the dining room table.
Hanna passed it to Bella and began to unpack her gear.

The caterers arrived soon after and the suite was suddenly a bee hive of activity.
"We'd better get dressed," Angelique said as she took Bella's hand and led her into the bedroom, she shut the door behind them.

Mandi Part 1

From the corner of my eye I saw her eyes upon me like daggers. Was I flirting with her boyfriend? Maybe unintentionally but I couldn't help it, he was so likeable. What she didn't know was that I was secretlystaring at her. Would I approach her? Not in a million years. She was too pretty, I didn't stand a chance and hey, she had a boyfriend, there was no way she could be interested in girls, especially chunky, weird girls.

To my guessing, this girl was about 5'4" with longer, blondish hair. She has a gorgeous face, bigger breasts for her size, slim waist, and a curvy ass. Her legs were kind of on the shorter side and her feet were pretty with little pink toenails to accentuate them. She wore a lowcut Hollister shirt that showed off how amazing her chest was. Her skinny jeans hugged her in all the right places and would make any young teenage boy melt in his pants and any middle age man run home.

She was too good for me. She was too good and I know it. She wouldn't want me, hell I wouldn't want me. I'm 5'10" with brown hair pulled under my Burgerman's hat. I'm chunky qnd the only good thing about that is that it makes my ass more full. My legs are long but in this uniform, you can hardly tell. I look like a dork. I've been told I'm pretty but that's outside of this uniform. This uniform is big and bulky. I doubt anyone "notices" me in it. Even though this uniform was big and unshapely, her boyfriend seemed to be flirting with me. He was flirting and that was the closest I could get to her.

"Would you like anything else, sir?" I asked as usual.

"Maybe a shot of you," he replied and my heart stopped. Did he really just hit on me? The daggers in her eyes were not only stabbing, but slicing and twisting through my eyes and face. She was not a happy camper.

"Oh…umm…well…" I was speechless.

"Well…you can call me later so I can make sure I can get that to go." He winked at me a slid a small piece of paper across the counter. He then turned around, smiled at his gorgeous girlfriend and walked out with her. I kind of shot her a smirk and she smirked a snotty smirk back.

I shoved the paper in my pocket before looking at it and hurried back to work. As I worked the rest of the day, she was all I could think about. Her snotty smirk told me I definitely had no chance but I didn't care, I loved a challenge.

I got off work fairly early that evening, around five or so. I drove home the same way as I always do but I noticed something. There was a hot little blonde about a mile from where I lived. She reminded me an awful lot of the girl I had seen earlier with her boyfriend. Could it be her? I squinted but saw it was not the girl from earlier. This girl was a little taller and her hair was a tad shorter and more wavy.

I pulled into my driveway and shut off my car. Digging for my house keys, I felt something in my pocket. I pulled it out, it was the piece of paper. I stopped and read it.

"Doesn't she look cute when she's pissed? Talk to her, she likes girls too. 555-3278, Mandi"

How did he know? I thought I could hide that I liked girls pretty well. I don't know how, but he saw right through me.

I contemplated texting her or not. She was out of my league, there's no way I could land a girl like her. I picked up my phone and typed her number into it. I sent her a little message introducing myself.

'Hi, I'm Chelsea from Burgerman's today. I couldn't help to notice you burning holes through my soul when your boyfriend was ordering. He gave me your number. Just thought I'd say hello.'

About twelve minutes later, my phone went off.

'Hey, this is Mandi. I'm sorry about earlier, he just pisses me off sometimes. It's not like I expect too much, I just want someone to be mine and all mine.'

'I know what you mean,' I wrote back, 'guys just don't get it. Hey, would you like to go grab some lunch sometime?' I didn't expect her to really answer back but my phone went off right away.

'That sounds good to me, how about Saturday? We could meet at this new place they just opened down the road from your work, I think it's called Francisco's.'

She actually wanted to meet this Saturday. I was so shocked but I had to keep telling myself it was just a meet, not a date.

'That sounds wonderful, when do you want to go?'

'How about seven, I know you said lunch but I'm more of a dinner girl.'

'Seven works for me, see you then.'

Was this really happening to me? I did a small jig and then proceeded to do my normal after work ritual. Come home, take a shower, put on something comfy, hop in bed, surf the internet. Everyday after work it was the same thing, but tonight I couldn't stop thinking about Mandi as I lie in my bed. As I though of her long blonde hair and big tits, I couldn't help but notice my hand wandering under my sheets. Thinking about her legs I found my right hand to be playing with my nipple and my left circling my stomach. It was her ass that got me the most excited. As I thought of how it would feel, I found my right hand already on my clit, rubbing it in small circles. I wanted Mandi. I wanted her bad. I rubbed faster and harder, each with a more intense thought of her. I wanted to feel her, taste her, caress her, please her. I wanted her to be mine. As I though of what it would be like if she sat on my face, the most intese orgasm raged through my body, causing me to actually jerk around. I was in heaven and fell alseep in the ecstasy I, and Mandi, had just caused.

When I woke up, it was the next day, Friday. Only one more day until I went on my "date" with Mandi. I didn't have to work Friday so I just sat around thinking of what I could wear and what I should say. I decided i'd wear my pink dress that stated "I'm pretty and I'm trying but not too hard."

After picking out my attire for the next day, I decided to go back to sleep. I slept for most of the day until my phone went off.

'Hey, I'm super excited for tomorrow. *kisses*'

Did Mandi really just send kisses? I smiled and shut my eyes again. I had a dream that I walked into Francisco's and Mandi was sitting by herself. I walked up to her table and sat across from her. She told me how pretty I was and we flirted back and forth. She told me how she heard the food wasn't that great and we should just ditch and go back to her place. I hopped in her car and we held hands as she drove home. She parked outside of a nice two-story suburban home and we walked up the sidewalk to the front door.

"No one's home, we can do whatever we want." She winked at me and led me into the house. We walked down a long hallway to a door at the end. She opened it and we went inside. Mandi told me to sit on the bed and that she had no other furniture. She sat down next to me. Mandi and I made small chat before she leaned over to kiss me. We shared a deep, passionate kiss and my hands travelled all over her. I took her top off to reveal the best pair of tits I had ever seen. They begged to be sucked and I didn't deprive them of it. I took her right nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it and sucking like a baby. She moaned and I noticed how wet I was. She took her hand and ran it across my back and shoulders as I switched nipples. I slid my hand into her pants and wiggled them off her. I then felt how wet she was through her panties and…

"CHELSEA? ARE YOU HOME?" I woke up instantly. My mom had come home.

"Yeah!" I shouted but heard to reply. I couldn't believe my dream, I had never had a sexual dream before, but damn was this one good. I wish I wasn't waken up for nothing. I tried to go back to sleep to finish the dream, but I couldn't. My mind was wandering too much.

I walked out of my room and down the stairs. I really couldn't tell where my mom was, I didn't really care. I made myself a sandwich amd went back to my room. I checked my phone. I had an unread message.

'Sorry, I can't make it tomorrow, I forgot I'm going out of town. Hope I can make it up to you later. *kisses*'

She bailed. Even if she said she had prior arrangements, she bailed. I knew I couldn't get a girl like her. Well I could, but only in my dreams. I didn't reply. I was over it. I hopped in the shower to wash away how dirty I felt for believing a pretty, sexy girl could like me. I washed and washed but still felt dirty. What if I saw her at work again? How embarassed would I be?

Chrissy, Max the Dog, Mom and Me

Lying on the floor watching a beautiful, blonde seventeen year old woman screwing your loyal Black Lab is just icing on the cake for what you have witnessed this afternoon. Seeing the long blonde hair hanging over her face and Max the dog humping her like there is no tomorrow, makes your dick swell up. Chrissy has really taken to fucking him. She and Judy, my sister, had experimented with this and Chrissy couldn’t get enough.

Having learned how to relax and let Max knot with her, she loved to have him fill her with gallons of dog cum. When the knot would pop out and cum would flow from her for several minutes. After a couple fucks from Max, she was used up.

I, however, was hard as a rock and ready to explode. Just as Chrissy started to suck my cock, the door to the kitchen opened and my mother walked in. I didn’t notice her when she walked into the den, until she screamed”Art, what the fuck is going on here?”

My fucking heart stopped and I figured I was dead! “Um, I was just teaching Chrissy how a guy likes to be treated.”

“Bullshit” she said. “I can see the dog cum running out of her and Max is over there cleaning off his dick, and you’re trying to choke the poor girl. I can’t believe you let me catch you two this easy. I’ve suspected this was happening, but I thought you would be more careful.”

Now I didn’t know what was going to happen. What was Mom going to do?

“Well, I guess I had better help finish this and show this young lady how it’s done.” She said as she started to unbutton her blouse. She threw it off exposing a pretty lace bra holding a forty year old pair of 34B’s. As she peeled off her jeans and stood there in her bra and panties. It was then I saw how perfect my Mom’s figure was. She worked out regularly and it sure showed. She is hot!

Max came trotting over to her and started trying to mount her. He looked like he had done this before
“Stay down Max, you’ll get yours later” she said and then kissed Max on the lips, sucking on his long tongue.

I almost came right there!

“Come over here Chrissy” she said “Let me show you how to do it right.”

“Art, you have a very nice cock, bigger than most, but not too big to work with. We should be able to work with it very well.”

I smiled getting a compliment like that and I think it swelled up a little more.

“Honey, you come over and stand in between us that should work best.” she directed.

I stepped between them and Mom grabbed my cock and began to stroke it. “It excites them if you just lick the head and swirl your tongue around the head. Then stick it in your mouth and suck a little, but don’t show them all you have yet.” With that my Mom swirled her tongue around the head of my dick and then sucked about half of it into her mouth and worked it up and down. When she went down my cock, she would stick her tongue out and run it along the underside of my dick. Holy fuck, it felt great!

My head was spinning as I had not figured that Mom would ever do anything like this. I figured she would scold me and tell Dad. I never thought she would be this open sexually.

“Now, you do it dear” she said as she grabbed Chrissy’s head and directed it to my manhood. “Just like Mom did” she directed.

Chrissy opened her mouth and swirled her talented tongue around the head of my dick and looked up at me and smiled. She loved this as much as me! She sucked my cock with all the energy she had left.

“Well, after seeing how well you handled his tool, lets show him what we got” Mom said as she looked at me and grinned. She held my cock at the base and opened her mouth and took my entire cock into her mouth and throat all the way to my balls! Then she stuck out her tongue and licked my balls with it. She squeezed the base of my cock and that was all that kept me from shooting cum all over the room. Over and over again she took me all the way into her mouth and I was beginning to get weak knees and wanted to cum. As quick as she started, she stopped.

“You can’t cum yet, son. We’re not done with you yet” she said. “Look Chrissy, squeeze it here and he won’t cum until we want him to. Here, you try it.”

Chrissy grabbed my dick and she repeated the deep throating Mom had started.

“Hey, this girl’s a natural” Mom said as she witnessed the best Chrissy had to offer. Time and time again my dick plowed down her throat and she continued at a rapid pace.

I was moaning and wanted to cum, when Mom said “Let him cum on your face, baby. Let him shoot it all over your pretty face. Don’t worry, Momma will clean you up.”

That was it for me, I let it fly. Cum sprayed from deep within me and spurt after spurt covered this gorgeous girl’s face. Cum covered her forehead and both cheeks. She had a mouthful and swallowed it and begged for more. I know I had never had an ejaculation of this magnitude. I thought I might pass out!
When it quit spurting cum, Chrissy’s face was almost covered. I smiled.

“Wow, son that ranks up there with the best I have ever seen. I’m impressed.” Mom smiled. “Now let’s get her cleaned up.”

Mom started licking the cum from Chrissy’s forehead. Every time she got a mouth full, she swallowed it. I took my finger and scrapped the cum from her cheeks into her mouth. Chrissy moaned and swallowed all I could give her. Then Mom came around and started licking her cheeks and started kissing Chrissy. They swapped cum and looked at each other. Their tongues met and they kissed each other deeply.

“Wow” was all I could say as I watched.

Chrissy started to massage Mom’s tits and she removed her bra. Chrissy started to suck on her nipple. I watched as it grew to be about an inch long. She worked on one tit with her mouth and massaged the other with her hand. It responded just like the first one had.

I couldn’t stand it. I reached over and ran my fingers around the waist of her panties. When I got them over her beautiful hips, I worked them down to her ankles and took them off. They were soaking wet and I had to smell and taste them. Gosh, they smelled great and tasted the same. I looked up and saw that I was face to face with the place my life had begun. It was beautiful, shaved clean except for a small strip at the top. Short but neat. Her pussy was beautiful and had a small diamond just above her clit. I was mesmerized and just stared at it.

“Are you going to look at it, or lick it?” Mom purred.”Go ahead son, It’s OK”.

I leaned in and kissed my way around my Mom’s pussy. This was supposed to be forbidden territory and the taboo just made it that much more exciting. I stuck my tongue into the slit just below her clit and ran it all the way to her asshole. I worked my tongue up and down and around until I had her whole crotch soaking wet. Then I made my attack on her clit and sucked it until it grew to about the size of my finger. Then I plunged my tongue into her pussy and worked it over with every trick I had learned.

Mom cried out with pleasure and Chrissy had to hold her down to keep working on her tits. She was writhing around on the floor like she was having a convulsion. Her juices were running out of her like she had sprung a leak. I lapped up all I could until she calmed down and laid there trying to catch her breath.

I don’t think any of us knew what to say about what had just happened.

Finally Mom said “Your father and I have been wondering when this day would come. We have discussed it and kind of had a plan on what to teach you and Judy about sex. We have always been open sexually, and have tried about everything we wanted to. This was not what we thought it would be like.”

“Judy and I have been experimenting for about six months, Mom. We figured that if we experimented with each other, we would be better lovers. We also figured we wouldn’t be the class sluts from having so many partners. Chrissy is one of the few who know our situation and she’s like one of the family” I explained.

“Well, she is definitely one of the family now!” Mom giggled. “Seeing you two about to go at it just set me off and I had to have some. Gosh Chrissy, you’re beautiful and I look forward to working with you more. Oh, yes, this is far from over. Once I break the news to Bob, he will want to join us and we will teach you kids all we have learned about sex and people. The sex with Max surprised me. We didn’t try dog sex until just the last couple of years. Max is great too, isn’t he?”

Oh, God, Ms. McDonald I thought you would be so ashamed of me for fucking the dog. I was ashamed and ready to be ridiculed by people when you found out. Do you mean you won’t tell on me?”

“Tell on you, girl I’m going to help you experience all that old Max has to offer. And don’t call me Ms. McDonald, call me Gina. He will give you orgasms you could only dream about. Speaking of which, I need one after all that oral sex.” Mom said as she got up on all four and looked at Max. “Here boy, Momma needs you.”

Max’s ears perked up and he practically ran to Mom. She patted her butt and he went to work. Max licked her pussy and asshole like it was honey and he was a bear. In about two minutes Mom was moaning and begging to be fucked. She patted her ass and said “Now baby” and Max knew what that meant. He immediately mounted her and started thrusting. He was like a wild dog and couldn’t find the spot. That was when Chrissy reached in and grabbed his cock and pointed in the right direction. As soon as it touched her pussy and he felt the heat he began thrusting as fast as I had ever seen.

Mom moaned as he entered her and filled her pussy with cock. He set some kind of record for screwing a woman and in a couple minutes he was knotted to my Mom. You could tell he was pumping her snatch full of doggy jizz and she loved it.

Chrissy watched in awe as Mom was filled with Max’s cum. In a couple minutes both of them just laid still and enjoyed it. Finally Max got up and began to tug on the knot. Chrissy tried to calm him but Mom said “It’s OK, he knows it will come out now.”

Max tried again and sure enough the knot popped out and cum ran everywhere. Chrissy was amazed at how big Max’s cock was after fucking Mom. She asked Mom if it was always like that.

“Yes” Mom said “Now’s the best time to suck it. He will really cum for you know. Go ahead, try it. Just hold it above the knot and he’ll surprise you. Try It.”

Chrissy crawled over to Max and slid under him. He looked down at her and licked her face. She responded by licking him back and she sucked on his tongue. He let her go because he knew what was going to happen next. She grabbed his cock as Mom had told her and she started to suck on it. She said it was very warm and smooth and tasted good. As she worked on it Max began to shoot spurts of cum out of his dick. This continued and Chrissy was trying to swallow as much as she could but it just kept coming.

“This is fucking great” she cried “Fucking great. I love it.”

Cum ran down her face, neck and tits like a river. Mom leaned over and started sucking Chrissy’s tits like returning the favor Chrissy had done for her earlier. Chrissy moaned and kept sucking.

My dick was starting to arise and I was wondering what was next.

Mom said “Art, I know you need to get off, but I am not going to fuck you. I have had second thoughts about fucking my son and your father and I are not sure what will happen. I won’t do it without his blessing and he’s not here. So, please don’t be mad at me. I have to have that discussion with you, Judy and your father. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mom. I understand. I have to save some for Judy when she gets home later anyway. Boy is she going to be pissed that she missed this!” I said.

“Yes she will be” Chrissy said “We’ll have a hard time making it up to her. But it will sure be fun to try!”

“Judy is another thing we need to talk about when father is home.” Mom said. “It looks like there will be some long family discussions in the near future. Chrissy, you’re one of the family now so this includes you, too. Be prepared to be involved. Now, let’s get cleaned up and make some dinner. This could be a long night.”

Mom was right, things would never be the same. Probably better, but not the same. I am looking forward to it.

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Commander's Delight

Note: Hello all! Again, like always, I write for money. Please message me if you would like your own personal, private, awesome tale of smexiness.
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Duke had become rather brash as of late Since the reinstatement of the G.I. Joes, the other Joe’s grew more and more concerned with Dukes behavior. Each member did what they could to try and help their leader, rather second in command, but nothing seemed to work. Duke’s wildness on the battle field, while impressive and heroic, was dangerous and no end could be seen.

To lighten their leaders mood, the Joe’s threw a huge birthday bash for Duke. Everyone was present, with presents! Oddly, Duke himself hadn’t even realized it was his own birthday, making the surprise that much more greater. But not all Joe’s were as clever as Shana M. O'Hara, codenamed Scarlett. Scarlett had given much thought into what was eating the Joe’s field commander from the inside out and soon came to only one possible conclusion and one possible solution. Sexual Frustration.

“Cover Girl…” Scarlett called out to another female in the room.

The party had now been going on for several hours, much longer then it probably should have. Infact, Duke had already retired to an empty portion of the headquarters to collect himself. Naturally, he was also thumbing through his giant mound of presents. He was not displeased at a new set of antique revolvers that he had received.

Cover Girl, rather Courtney A. Krieger, turned around to look at Scarlett, who had called her name. Cover Girl had yet to see Scarlett the entire party but when she did, her words disappeared. Cover Girl was the fashion model of the group but she strongly disliked being viewed as just another gorgeous, dumb female. Because of this, Cover Girl didn’t dress in attire that showed off her natural assets. Apparently Scarlett was unhindered by such vows.

Cover Girl ran her perfect hand through her long curly flowing locks of crimson self consciously as her wide eyes wandered along the scrumptious form of scarlet before she mustered up a response.

“Scarlett. Hello. How are you…?” Cover girl spoke gently, a finger lacing through one of her locks, coiling it nervously before stretching the curly strand straight. Covergirl found her eyes wandering over Scarlett as they spoke. Scarlett stepped closer, and closer, giving the former model an even better view. Cover girl knew that she was not the only one astonished by Scarlett’s wardrobe, or lack there of.

“Oh, you know, enjoying the party!” Scarlet said in a silky smooth voice that washed over Covergirl immediately and enticingly. Covergirl exhaled for a moment in response, obviously becoming prisoner to the unnaturally erotic voice of her commander at arms.

Scarlett was indeed breathtaking. She no longer donned upon her lithe, athletic form the typical bulky attire of a Joe. Where once was a skintight body suit topped with a pale leotard , now was just a simple two piece black bathing suit. The waist band of her bikini bottoms were exquisitely pulled down tenderly to reveal her shapely hip bones. So low was the minuscule material that Cover Girl knew that Scarlett was had a small bush of red pubic hairs in her nether regions. Cover Girl could only secretly beg that those panties would slip down just another inch, just one more. Scarlett didn’t need to look at Cover girl to know where her eyes were. Infact, Scarlett was disinterested in the gawking from Cover Girl and choose instead to look around the large room where the party was, ignoring Cover Girl sensual glances.

Cover Girl nipped at her lower lip as Scarlett advanced toward her position. All she could do was stand in bewildered silence.

“Have you seen Duke? I was planning on going swimming with him. A… birthday present if you will.” Scarlett finally spoke “But I don‘t think I will be wearing these little things.” She teasingly winked, snapping her panty band. It seemed like forever and the two females were nearly on top of each other. Scarlett took her naked arm and swung it over Cover Girls shoulder, her hand grasping just a slight handful of that curly hair from the tanned females head and slowly pushed it to the side toward the bikini clad Joe. Scarlett didn’t have to lean her head to the side to whisper as Covergirl followed the guiding hand of Scarlett. Cover Girl came to Scarlett, not the other way around.

Cover Girl didn’t, couldn’t resist such a provocative, sensual touch, however, she did curse herself for under dressing, or maybe, more to the point, overdressing. She was no match for the swim-ready Scarlett. Upon Cover Girl’s body was an elegant, eye-catching violet dress which had a slit up the side of each of her legs. It hugged her form snuggly, making her shape all that more attractive but nothing could compare to the sheer brazenness of Scarletts own attire. Cover Girl was dressed to look alluring, but Scarlet was majestic and awe-inspiring.

Scarlett chuckled under her breathe as she whispered into Cover Girl’s ear. “I know you like Duke. I heard from him that you actually came onto him one time. Want to know a secret?” With that, Scarlet opened her mouth and lashed a tongue soothingly, shamelessly against Cover Girls ear.

Cover Girl became weak in the legs. Her eyes slowly closed as her own hands gently caressed her silky violet dress, running sensually down the length of her sides as she exhaled in a forbidden sigh. Oh God! What was Scarlett doing! In the middle of a party no less. Cover Girl couldn’t hear the words coming from her companions mouth. She could, however, hear the enhanced droning of that warm breathe against her bare, naked ear.

Scarlett knew her actions were working. She playfully murmured under her breathe before running her tongue wetly against the earlobe of Cover Girl before snagging just a little tiny piece of it into her mouth, suckling it. Cover Girl squirmed and gasped sensitively. The torture continued on the super model, she having forgotten that she was actually asked a question. It seemed only second nature to Cover Girl that one of her hands journeyed to the side, caressing along the bare side of Scarlett’s before venturing backward to the erotically near peeled off panties of Scarlett, stroking along the rear – end.

Scarlett’s ass was taut, firm, but yet they still had just enough fat in them to sink her fingers into. “Yes…” Cover Girl finally spoke up after a hearty inquiring of “Hmmmm?” from Scarlett.

“I know you want Duke. So do I.” Scarlett spoke gently.

“Me, like Duke…” Cover Girl said exacerbated, as if that was untrue.

“Are you going to play coy with me all night, Cover Girl… Mmmm Courtney… or do you want to hear what I have in mind?” Scarlett said softly, suckling the ear even more furiously then before. Every action Scarlett did, Covergirl returned the favor as she teasingly slipped a finger along the crack of the straight red-haired females ass.

Duke was resting in a small office. It wasn’t his own but he was sure that no one would be using it tonight on account of the party – After all, no one would be able to find him if he was loitering around a place where he didn’t belong, and he wanted that. Wanted to be alone. With feet resting up on the desk as he sat in a comfortable chair, Duke wore a tan shirt and green pants, his typical wear for war and battle. He Hadn’t even washed it since the mission he just came back from, a little spot of blood burning brightly in the center of his chest. His muscles rippled as the shirt tried desperately to contain his bulky, masculine figure. He sat behind a desk, feet kicked up, admiring one of the two revolvers he had just received. It was a beauty, that was a fact but as he felt the cold, heavy contraption in his hand, he slowly placed it down into his lap as his eyes found something entirely different to focus on.

“Scarlett?” Duke said as the female Joe walked across the hallway outside of the room. She paused. Bingo. ‘found him’, she thought.

Scarlett turned toward the room and crept inside, not closing the door. Behind her, Cover Girl slipped in also. There was a long silence. Duke’s eyes widened as he found himself unwittingly caressing the naked flesh of Scarlett. She was exquisite, but it didn’t hurt that the pale-ish female was standing side by side with Cover Girl who had more of a tanned appearance. The stark color contrast was amazing and each of the redheads had a special zest, a flare with their own hair. Scarlett’s was straightened with a long lock that was pulled over her shoulder, which hung down and slipped enticingly between her sleek black bikini clad breasts. Duke realized that the lock of straight redhead belonging to Scarlett was trapped, imprisoned not only by the two firm breasts but was tucked under the material that connected the bikini cups just center of Scarlett’s chest.

Next to Scarlett resided someone even more erotic. Cover Girl, the beautiful, sensual, sexual model who joined the G.I. Joe’s to prove something to someone, or to everybody. Duke had never seen someone so shamelessly gorgeous before, yet she seemed slightly shy. A crisp red glow illuminating from her sharp featured cheeks. Cover Girl’s hair was curly, and while not as provocative as Scarlett’s, had its own allure. Duke thought about Cover Girl all the time but he never really saw her dress so spicy before.

“Now then.” Scarlett lifted a foot up behind her and hooked the open door with her bare foot and tugged the door shut. It closed loudly, the sound echoed in the room causing both Duke and Cover Girl to snap from their own introspectiveness.

“Scarlett? Why are you dressed like that? Hey, not that I am complaining though. You should go on Missions like that. But then if you did that, there would be no need for lil ole Betsy over here.” Duke chuckled holding up the revolver for Scarlet and Cover Girl to see. Scarlett ignored the gesture, but Cover Girl did look at it, it was an amazing gun… Even at this moment, she became a little envious of the gun. Or maybe, just maybe, it was because Duke couldn’t keep his eyes off Scarlett!

Scarlett turned around, revealing her sultry rear-end. The crack of her ass was clear as day and just beneath it was her suffocating tight bikini bottom which squeezed her medium sized firm ass cheeks much more firm. Scarlett casually reached for the blinds and pulled them over the door and the other two office windows. It seemed so natural and she laughed sensually at the joke. “Funny, Duke. But no, no, no. Tonight, I am not Scarlett. Tonight, Duke, you can call me Shana or O'Hara. Which one would you like?”

Duke awkwardly laughed low. This was getting odd. Very odd. He knew what these actions would lead to but he was still in disbelief and oddly out of his confident waters. “O’Hara it is then.”

“You like that name because you are comfortable calling me that, isn’t that right?” She purred before walking to the desk. Her movement was tauntingly slow as she rounded the desk toward dukes position. Duke’s eyes, hell, even Cover Girl’s eyes, was focused on Scarlett’s finger as it traced along various items on the wooden surface of the desk. The finger then slipped upward and under Duke’s chin.

“O’Hara?” Duke said quizzically.

“Call me Shana. Got it, Duke.” Shana said gracefully, bending down to Duke and planting a kiss on his lips tenderly. It was a gentle, soft, passionate kiss where it was more about the precision of Shana’s tongue upon Duke’s lips that really mattered.

Cover Girl sucked in her bottom lip, one of her hands ran about her side, feeling that enveloping smooth material of her dress before slipping forbiddingly downward to her thighs, her inner thighs to be exactly. She felt a tingle since she had seen, and lightly petted Scarlett — Shana —, but now she had an itch. An itch that couldn’t be ignored. This was really happening!? Duke wasn’t the only one in a daze of confusion, arousal, and disbelief.

“what about her?” Duke said after regaining his breathe. Shana’s hands were placed on the arms of the chair in which Duke sat in. Shana’s face was still ever so tenderly near his own. Duke could see her lips tremble with sexual energy, her teeth running along a small bit of lip, chewing it. Shana’s eyes danced flutteringly to Duke’s own eyes, to her chest and to the revolver in his lap… but maybe Duke was thinking about the wrong revolver.

“Oh, her?”

Cover Girl was didn’t notice they were talking about her. Both hands now running strikingly along her outer to inner thigh. She nuzzled her thumbs along her crotch as her hands completed their long, soft, sensual stroking movement.

Shana laughed a little, purring before turning around a little, her eyes focusing now upon the in – heat Cover Girl. “Hey, CG, you like being called Cover Girl or would you like me to be moaning out another name?”

Cover Girl immediately stopped her slow, tender arousing strokes of her hands in lieu of placing one palm against her pelvis, her fingers now pressing against her crotch. Cover Girl could feel the fabric of her lacey panties against her bald, freshly shaven moist cunt. Shana had a bone in her mouth and she was running with it! She wanted this to happen no matter what, didn’t she.

“Courtney” Cover Girl offered up tenderly as she gasped in a soft exhaling moan.

Shana turned to look at duke before barraging him with soft, sensual pecking kisses. “Apparently Courtney.” Shana said between kisses. Shana’s hands grazed along the solid shoulders of Duke, caressing his tan shirt before her delicate fingers, including her nails in the wake of her touch, stroked down his forearms, lingering ever so often to sample and delight in the strong, firm flesh of Duke.

All the while, poor little cover girl was standing by herself but that didn’t really seem to be much of a problem for her. Her adventurous hand now lustfully found itself snaking through the slit in her violet dress which stretched, up to her hip, and dedicatedly perched that hand just by her lacey teal panties, under the dress. Nabbing a pinch of her undergarment, she tugged upon it, making the otherwise elastic wear stretch and dig in-between her nether regions. It was impossible to get her damp panties wetter – but apparently as she sawed the panty string along her labia folds, it was definitely possible. Courtney gasped out in heated moan as she watched with delight as Scarlett slipped herself massagingly upon her commanders body.

“Having fun, yet? I love the way cover girl is serenading us with her own lusty desires. Don’t you?” Scarlett spoke huskily as she slipped down Duke’s body as he sat in the chair. With dexterous fingers, Scarlett undid his military issued pants. Duke’s member throbbed under his pants and it was clearly noticeable, more so when Scarlett finally began to unzip the pants. Out popped his already well hardened cock, peeking gloriously from under his lax boxers.

Exhaling, Duke leaned back in the chair as he felt scarlet’s pale colored fingers nimbly run up and down his shaft, each time she stroked, her grip tightened, tugging and slowly pulling the cock completely free from the boxers which now rest just under his aching ball sack. Duke, having had his eyes closed from sheer pleasure soon began to open them and look down into his lap. Was Scarlett… Shana really doing this! She might not have been naked but that was the furthest thing in his mind right now as her tongue lashed at his cock. With one playful stroke of Scarlett’s tongue, she took in a generous glob of precum which had been oozing on the tip of his large, mushroom head.

“Oh yeah…” Duke said laughing a little under his breathe, sinking back into the mood — and the chair. “You think you can handle it, Master Sergeant O’Hare?”

“We will just have to see, won’t we?” Scarlett teased as her silky soft hand gripped around the shaft, firmly stroking it, her thumb pressing tenderly onto the belly of the phallus. Her pout, purposefully bright crimson lips wrapped around the head, slipping it past them she accepted the cock down to where her precisely stroking hand resided.

“Come over here Courtney, you look like you need to be touched.” Duke said, feeling in a partially giving mood, his birthday or not! The flaming hot redhead walked over to her command. Leaning in ,her tongue swirled around his lips in anticipation. She bent down, some of her fire-engine red hair curtained over dukes face as she leaned in for a kiss. Though curly, it was extremely long. Duke felt it on his heavy breathing chest. As they kissed, Cover Girl took her own hands and ran them along his shirt, slipping it upward. Scarlett, sensing the movements; with cock in one hand, a good portion of it inbedded deep in her mouth, she allowed her free hand to slip up against his now naked chest, feeling his muscles. Scarlet herself was not by any means weak- where she was firm and taut, and in, he was visually well cut, with a six-pack that Scarlett now enjoyed tracing her fingers through.

The shirt came off rather easily, it didn’t hurt that all three of the people in the room desperately wanted it off. Scarlett continued to suckle on the cock, balls now ungripped, and Cover Girl was leaning and making out with Duke. “I have wanted to do this for so long. Not… exactly this… but I am not complaining.” Cover Girl said between kisses.

“Neither am I”

Duke let out a moan as Scarlett happened to say something also, but with his cock lodged so far into her eager mouth, he only felt the odd movements and strange sensations. But God, did it feel good.

Cover Girl took a handful of Scarlets straight hair, tugging it from its position inbetween her breasts, and cover girl offered her own little helping hand by pushing Shana down against the cock, burying her face in it. She accepted, with a little struggling and gags. Scarlett obviously enjoyed having her commander hilted in her warm, wet mouth.

Cover Girl with her other hand started to quickly undress, but it was not quick enough for Duke. Duke grabbed at the flimsy piece of revealing attire and pulled to each side, ripping it in half, cleanly to boot. The seams undid themselves accordingly and all Cover Girl needed to do was slip from the straps of dress.

“That’s one way of doing it.” Cover Girl chuckled, licking her lips. She wore no bra. Cover Girl’s breasts were pudgy, hanging just ever so lightly, dropping under the weight of their clearly fat contents. But they bounced and jiggled so invitingly that Duke was forced to immediately address them with a feverish, aroused, hungry grip. The flesh squeezed between his fingers before Cover Girl leaned forward, her hands wrapped around Duke’s head, using it as support, just rubbing her naked, soft tanned arms in his blonde hair. With her body arched, she dangled her breasts just out of Dukes mouths reach. Twirling a nipple in his finger, he brought his teeth down upon it, pulling it so Cover Girl got a little closer. Both hands gripped one breast as he fit the plump thing into his lustful mouth.

Scarlett was doing his job rather well down there, but eventually she let the member escape her mouth, this time much longer then a breathing pause. She stood up, her hands grazing along the shaft as she watched the scene of Duke and Cover Girl going at it. Turning around, her hands now slipped her black bikini bottoms to the side as she sat down onto Dukes lap. Duke had noticed Scarletts absent actions but frankly, he and Cover Girl were doing just fine until he felt a slight patch of hair rub against her cock before a hole was placed upon his head.

Scarlett continued to descend herself upon Duke’s cock. Her pussy was wet, just soaking wet, and hot, just the right combination to entice the commanders cock to tense up and become that much more ridged. Scarlett’s pussy was tight, it was forced to be pushed open, and a lot of pushing and pressure was needed to widen her suffocating gripping tight twat. Duke had fingered that Scarlett only really could use two or three fingers to get herself off. Her lovely nectar ran down the shaft of his cock, the stream of slowly, yet gushing cream slipped down his ball sack and dripped to the floor steadily as Scarlett continued to ram the cock deeper into her burning, needy cunnie.

“Oh god yes!” Shana screamed out as her body gyrated, each gyration gave birth to a new shudder of exhilaration and passion from Shana’s trembling body. It felt so good as she rob that cock underneath her. Wickedly, Scarlet tightened her pussy, choking the cock so much so that even if Duke wanted to orgasm, he might not be able to. She tightened herself ever so quickly, just enough to hug herself as she ascended and descended upon the length of that girthy, throbbing cock.

Cover Girl took her hand and reached around to the gliding, elegant body of the swim ready Scarlett. Seeking out with her fingers, she finally grazed upon Scarlett’s clit, rubbing it heatedly as she watched Duke suck her fat tanned breast. “Don’t think you can just cum inside her and not me.” Cover Girl laughed softly as she closed her eyes, soaking in the sensation of his harsh, lusty suckles of her highly sensitive breasts. Cover Girl rubbed her chest against Duke’s face, squishing his face in between her pillowy soft breasts. With nipples as hard as a rock and as big as a cherry, she enjoyed rubbing it against Dukes lips, teasing herself and him at the same time.

Like a dog in heat, Cover Girl, with legs slightly parted, rubbed her crotch against Duke’s arm. Duke noticed this and placed a strong hand against her crotch, his fingers were unstoppable, not even the panties could slow his rush. His fingers slipped into Courtney’s dripping cunnie. The sound of their entrance and feverish movements resounded clearly, apart from Shana’s gasping moans and screams of Bliss.

“Cum for me Duke!” Scarlett grasped, she was now in the throes of her own deep, passionate orgasm because of the cock inside her, but Cover Girl was very much a factor of her mind-blowing and quick orgasm. Cover Girl smiled as her eyes rolled up into her head. “Oh god, just like… like that” The model scarlet spoke tenderly as she felt her own illuminating, sensual orgasm wash upon her lithe, athletic body. That itch was getting scratched all to well from two thick fingers duke produced animalistic ally inside her.

Duke as well orgasmed, feeling the wetness gushing down his hand, with breasts smashing against his face, and a provocative knocking of his cock lodged just so perfectly inside Shana’s gasping, panting, tensing body wasfar too much for him to hold on any longer. One of his arms wrapped around Scarlet’s side, pulling her offbalancedly toward him. She plopped into his lap as Duke firmly jolted himself forward before letting out, what he thought, was the best orgasm of his life.

Cover Girl sat upon the desk, panting. Duke lay in the chair, smiling. Shana leaned against Dukes strong chest, sighing in contentment.


“Were you wearing a condom, Duke?” Cover Girl asked sofly, sighing from such an orgasm.

“No…” He said distantly.

“You didn’t… You might have gotten Shana pregnant?”

“Really! Damn it. I didn’t know that.”: Duke said

“Now you know.” CG said.

“And knowing is half the battle.” Scarlett chimed in — patting her stomach.

“Your damn right it is.”

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