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What a Deal! Chapter 17

A reminder that this is a Non-Consent/Reluctance story. If you don't want to read about sex where someone is put into that position, then stop now and move on.

From the last story

She looked up at me with her deep blue eyes. "Good answer. I just wonder if you have any idea what your birthday present is."

"All you've told me is that we are going away for the weekend. I hope its fun!"

"It'll be more than fun. It will be mind-boggling. You'll see."

I kissed her again. "Love you, wife."

"Love you, husband."

We sat on the couch and watched a movie… well, we saw almost half before we were both asleep.

Recurring Cast

Dennis, 41 years old, 5' 11", 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes, Cindy's husband.
Cindy, 41 years old, 5' 4", 105 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, Dennis' wife.
Diane, 41 years old, 5' 7", 140 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, recently divorced friend of Cindy's.
Becky, 38 years old, 5' 9", 155 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, Cindy's friend, widow.
Jack, 42 years old, 6', 185 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, Louise's husband.
Louise, 38 years old, 5' 4", 130 lbs, blonde hair, brown eyes, Jack's wife.
Jackie, 19 years old, 5'6", 125 pounds, dark brown hair, blue eyes, neighbor girl.
Katy, 19 years old, 5'6", 115 pounds, blonde hair, blue eyes, Jackie's friend, now Dennis' sub.
Suzanne, 36 years old, 5'5", 125 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, neighborhood acquaintance.
Bill, 38 years old, 5'9", 170 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Suzanne's husband.
Brittany, 27 years old, 5'8", 120 pounds, red hair, blue eyes, Jimmy's wife.
Jimmy, 29 years old, 5'10", 160 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, Brittany's husband.

It was finally time for my birthday. Cindy and Katy were giggling all week and it was driving me nuts. I had no idea what they had planned, but it sounded like they were enjoying coming up with the idea.

Friday night when I got home from work, they were waiting in the kitchen. They both came up and gave me a kiss. "Are you ready for your birthday adventure?"

"You know it!"

"Okay, I have everything packed in the car and it's about a three hour drive, so we'd better hit it."

I looked at the two of them. "Are you going to tell me where we are going?"

"Nope!" Cindy grinned. "You'll have to wait."

I changed clothes and we piled into the car. We drove for about two hours and decided to stop for something to eat. After dinner we got back in the car. I had tried to get more information out of the two ladies, but they were surprisingly tight-lipped tonight.

At about 10pm, we finally pulled up in front of an older, slightly run down home. It was large, but had seen better days from the way it looked. The paint was peeling a little from what I could see in the dark, and some of the shrubs needed attention.

We pulled out our suitcases and made our way to the front door. Cindy rang the bell and it was opened by a tall, statuesque redhead.

"You must be Cindy, please come in." She greeted Cindy like she already knew her. She smiled at Katy and shook her hand and then turned to me.

"Ah. The Birthday Boy! Please come in. I'm Michelle. Your room is ready and since it's late, I suggest you go on up and we will meet and talk in the morning." As we all entered the foyer she turned with the key to a room. Only one, that was interesting. "Here is your key. Now, if you don't mind Cindy, I want to give the birthday boy a birthday kiss."

Cindy smiled. "I don't mind at all. This is his weekend."

The redhead grabbed me and kissed me. We immediately went into a tight clinch and she practically devoured my tongue. She was rubbing her large tits against me and grinding her hips against my rapidly expanding member. After about a minute, she broke it off. "Nice! I think this is going to be a very good weekend. The other guests are already here and we can all meet at breakfast. Breakfast is at 8, and then we can get started."

I was still trying to recover from the overheating I felt when the redhead plastered herself to me, but I didn't miss that comment. "Get started on what?"

They ladies all smiled. "You'll see in the morning. Now let's get to bed. You are definitely going to need your rest tonight."

That was enough of a hint for me. I was imagining all sorts of things now, but I would have to wait until morning to find out.

I noticed as we moved from the foyer, up the stairs, and into our room that everything inside the house was in excellent condition and looked to be recently redone, unlike the exterior. When we entered the room, it was gorgeous. There was a very nice sitting area and small kitchenette in the first room. In the second there were two king size beds. Off the bedroom was an enormous bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub in it. It was fantastic.

"Wow! You have outdone yourself this year, honey." I hugged Cindy and gave her a kiss. "I think this is going to be a good birthday."

She grinned and Katy giggled. "You have no idea."

I grinned back. "Well, if the kiss from that redhead was any indication, I'm going to have fun."

Cindy laughed. "Yes, you are. Now she was serious when she said we need to get some rest. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

We pulled our suitcases into the bedroom and unpacked a few things. We all got ready for bed, at least as much as we do. I sleep naked, Katy sleeps in just a pair of shorts, and Cindy sleeps in a pair of shorts and a sleeping bra. We brushed our teeth and the ladies removed their makeup and we were ready for bed. I crawled into the one on the left and Cindy and Katy headed for the one on the right.

"Hey, isn't anyone going to keep me warm?"

They laughed and Cindy gave me something to think about. "You just save your strength, big boy. You'll need it tomorrow."

I frowned. I was going to have to sleep alone, but there was the promise of a lot of sex tomorrow. Hmmm. I thought maybe they had arranged a porn star for me the way that redhead looked and acted. I considered that they had arranged an orgy or something. In any case, I was looking forward to that, but I hated sleeping alone. I was a little disgruntled. They both came over to me, sensing my mood. I got another kiss from each, but they danced away when I tried to grope them.

Cindy had taken hold of my right hand after I tried to feel her ass. "Now listen. You need to be good tonight, because we are not kidding. You will need to be rested and ready tomorrow. Okay? Can you do that for us tonight?"

I sighed. "Yeah, I can do that. I just can't stand the thought of sleeping alone in this bed while two of the sexiest women I know are sleeping together in the next bed."

Cindy gave me another quick peck on the lips. "Patience, grasshopper."

I groaned at the use of the old Kung Fu nickname and used her least favorite sarcastic response. "Yes, dear."

She rolled her eyes, stuck out her tongue, and climbed into bed with Katy. It turned out to only take me about 15 minutes to get to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, it was 7am and I was ready for the day. I woke up with an erection, probably in anticipation of what I was hoping for. I hopped in the shower and shaved and was ready for the day. I had not seen Cindy or Katy come into the bathroom so I stuck my head out to tell them I was almost done. The bedroom was empty. What?

I finished getting ready and noticed that their suitcases were also gone. Hmmm. Curious. What the hell was going on?

I was dressed and was heading downstairs at about 7:45 when one of the other rooms opened. Out of the room strolled Suzanne and Becky. Interesting. I didn't know they were some of the other guests. Cindy had definitely gone to a lot of trouble here. They were dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, as was I. They smiled at me.

"Hello, ladies." I waited for them and gave them both a hug. "Ready for today?"

Becky answered first. "We are more than ready. You?"

"I guess so." I raised my arms and shrugged my shoulders.

We made our way to the dining room. Cindy and Katy were already there. They were talking with the redhead and another woman, both of whom were dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. However, the way these women wore their clothes, even normal casual wear screamed ‘Fuck me!' Their jeans were so tight that they were creased about 5 times on the back of their thighs. They were wearing tall heels and their t-shirts did nothing to hide the fact that they were braless.

We all said good morning and I was introduced to the brunette who was with the redhead.

"Hello, I'm Francesca." She had a bit of an accent and, based on her name, I thought it was Italian. "I hope you slept well."

"Yes, I slept fine."

"Please, have breakfast. We will meet in the library after breakfast and go over everything." She smiled evilly and winked.

"Okay, thanks." I watched as the two walked away. This was going to be interesting.

There was some small chitchat over breakfast, but it appeared that besides Michelle and Francesca, that Cindy, Katy, Becky, Suzanne, and I were the only guests.

Cindy took my arm and led me into the library. It really was an old library with all the shelves and books everywhere. Michelle sat behind a desk and Francesca was perched on the corner. There were five chairs in front of the desk and the rest of us sat there. Finally, I was going to find out what was going on.

Francesca leaned forward and spoke. "Okay, Dennis, everyone here knows what is going on except you. Now it's time for you to find out." She pulled out a stack of papers. "This is a script. The script is about a private detective, which you will play." She looked at me and then the others. I was a little confused by all this. "Also in the script are your secretary, played by Suzanne, your wife, played by your wife, and a customer and her daughter, played by Becky and Katy." I looked around at them all and they were grinning. "Michelle and I are the fledgling owners of Personal Erotica. We make pornographic movies for private individuals. We do not use porn stars except on a few occasions. All the people we use in our movies are amateurs who have come to us to make a movie for them. In most cases, the individuals pay us for the entire movie, which runs about $20,000 for the lodging here, the making of the movie, the editing, and the production. However, in this case, we have made a deal with your wife to do it for $5,000 and the right to distribute it. You will make 2.5% of all sales over $50,000 and we make the rest. Not many of our movies have reached that level, but there is always hope that one will hit it big enough for Michelle and I to get the recognition we need to make larger and better films. This story is just a light story line to pull together the scenes. We have developed this script several times and your wife edited it to your tastes and personnel. Of course, this is a porn movie, so as long as you stick to the basic premise, the dialog in the script is merely there for guidance. You can ad lib all you like. So, what do you think?"

I was flabbergasted. A porno? I was going to make a porno and it was going to be distributed? "Well, I'm still in shock at this." I turned to Cindy. "You okay with them distributing this?"

"Yes. I can't think of anyone who would see it that I wouldn't want to see it. All of the folks who I don't want to see this wouldn't be watching porn anyway. All of us here have signed up for it as long as you agree."

I looked around the room and they were all grinning and smiling. "Okay, I'm in. How does this work?"

Francesca and Michelle smiled, stood up, and came around and hugged me. That got an immediate erection. Francesca looked down at my bulge and winked. "That's promising. Maybe I won't have to play fluffer after all."

I stared at her. "Well, after a couple of scenes, I might need some of your attention."

She laughed. "Don't worry. I'm going to sample the merchandise." She turned and looked around the room. "All of the merchandise."

Everyone giggled and then they started going over how it would work and where the shots would be taken. The plot was simple. I was a dominate and a private detective, running a one man agency. It was a little cliché, but hey, it was my porn debut! Suzanne was my secretary, who was in love with me and whom I was fucking, naturally. Cindy was my dutiful wife and submissive, not too far from the truth. Becky was a client who was worried that her daughter was becoming involved with a neighbor. They had just moved in a couple of months ago and I was hired to find out if she was okay. They went over the shooting methods, how the camera would be held and what to do. We went over everything and reviewed the shooting sequence until it was almost 11am.

Francesca stood up. "Okay, let's get the first scene out of the way before lunch. It's the opening scene where Suzanne blows you and then Becky shows up to hire you."

We all moved upstairs to where there was an office-like setup in one of the older rooms. We put on our costumes, such as they were, and got everything set up. I sat down and they got the cameras ready, told Katy to hold up a few key cue notes, and then we started.

I was on the phone as the scene started and telling a woman where my office was located. It was only about 2 miles from my home and she said she was close, as well. They filmed that, too, to get some initial background.

Finally, I hung up. "Suzy, honey, please come in here."

As she strolled in, I pushed myself away from my desk, revealing that although I was wearing a suit, my pants were down around my ankles and I was sporting a hard on. Suzanne walked over and looked down at it. "Need some attention, boss?" She leaned over and kissed me and as she did that her right hand stroked up and down my dick. We had been told to just get into it and not pay attention to the cameras moving around to get the best shot. The cameras looked heavy and I hoped Francesca and Michelle were up for it.

Suzanne then backed up and kneeled at my feet. "Mmmm. This looks good."

I grinned. "How about a snack, doll?"

"Don't mind if I do." She leaned over and pushed my dick up against my belly. She licked and slobbered all over my balls, making sure to keep her head over enough to the side for one of the cameras to pick up what she was doing. Francesca gave her the thumbs up.

Suzanne licked up one side and down the other. She then put her entire mouth over my dick and started sucking. It felt different knowing that there were 5 other women all watching. Two were moving cameras around and the other three just standing in the background. It was mind-blowing. I couldn't believe that I was fucking on camera. It wasn't a computer cam or a small video camera. These were the nice cameras that were used for moving shots by many filmmakers. I was in heaven and Suzanne went to work on me.

"Suzy, we have a client who will be here soon, so make it quick this morning."

She nodded and started bobbing up and down, sucking hard. At the same time she slid a finger alongside my dick and into her mouth, getting it wet. She then slid it down under my ass and started probing my asshole. She was rubbing it and slowly working it into my ass as I grabbed her head and started face-fucking her. I stood up suddenly and she knelt there as I fucked her mouth.

"What a good submissive secretary you are, sucking off your boss. That's a good slut, suck it baby." I loved talking it up on camera. I was just hoping I didn't overdo it. "Yeah, baby, I'm gonna cum in that mouth." I was thrusting and not paying any attention to the cameras now. I was just fucking her face. "Here it comes baby, open your mouth."

Suzanne opened her mouth and I pointed the head of my dick into it. I jacked it and came hard after having been off for a couple of days. I spurted and spurted, one camera was close enough to catch my spunk as I filled her mouth and the second was pointed up at me as I grimaced and came. I filled her mouth pretty full and she stared at me for a second before closing up and swallowing. She used her finger to push in a small bit at the corner of her mouth and then sucked her finger clean. She leaned forward and sucked on my slowly softening dick to clean up the last bit there and then smiled. "Was that fast enough, boss?"

"Yeah, baby, that was fast enough. Now stand up." Suzanne stood. She was wearing a nice blouse and a short black skirt. "Pull up your skirt." She did so. She was naked under the skirt and her pussy looked wet. I ran a finger over her gash, eliciting a moan, and then brought it up to my face. I smelled it and then sucked it clean. "Mmmm. You are wet and ready." I grinned and she groaned. "But we have a client who will be here shortly, so put your skirt down, go back to your desk, and no playing with MY pussy." I clamped my hand over her crotch to emphasize that point. She groaned again.

"Yes, sir." She straightened her skirt and walked out of the room.

Francesca yelled cut and she and Michelle put down the cameras. "That was very good for your first time on camera. You guys are obviously very comfortable with each other. We have time for the next scene before lunch if you'd like to get it in. It's just the conversation with your new client."

I was just buckling my belt by this point. "Sure, we can get that out of the way."

Francesca turned to Becky. "Ready?"


Everyone took up their positions and I sat back down at the desk. Francesca said action and Suzanne knocked on the door.


Suzanne stepped in first followed by a pretty frumpy looking Becky. They had her in loose pants and a sweatshirt, which barely hid the large breasts she carried. "Sir, this is Ms. Jackson. She's the one who called earlier."

I rose from the desk and came around front. "Nice to meet you, Ms. Jackson, I'm John Johnson… we spoke on the phone."

"Nice to meet you. Please call me Becky." Becky was acting pretty demure and unsure of herself. She was doing a good job playing this role.

"Please sit." I directed Becky to one of the chairs in front of my desk and I took the other one. "Now what can I do for you?"

She looked up at Suzanne meekly and I knew what she was thinking. "That'll be all, Suzy." She left.

"Now, what seems to be the problem."

Becky hesitated and I really thought she was having trouble with this. She was wringing her hands. "It's my daughter, Katy. We just moved here a couple of months ago after my husband was killed in an automobile accident last year. She was devastated and I thought we could use a new start. Things seemed to be going well, but then the other night she didn't come home. Finally, the next morning she came home and she looked odd. I don't know how to say this, but she looked like she had been up all night doing… you know." She leaned in a little like we were in junior high and talking about who had a crush on whom.

"I'm not following you, Becky."

Becky looked at me and said in a loud whisper. "She looked and smelled like sex. She then disappeared during the afternoon for the next few days and came back the same way each time. Finally, last night when she came out of the shower, I happened to catch a glimpse of her bottom. It was bright red and looked very sore." She looked down at her hands. "I'm afraid to think about what might be going on."

I decided to push this. "Becky, what do you think is going on? Are you suggesting that she is having sex and was being spanked?"

She looked up when I said spanked. "Yes."

"Do you have any experience with what an adult woman's ass looks like when spanked?"

She looked up quickly and then looked away. "Uh… uh… I've seen it." She wouldn't meet my eyes.

"In a movie or something?"

"Yes, in a movie."She answered that very quickly. Becky was good at this.

"Interesting." I rubbed my chin like I was thinking. "So what do you want me to do?"

She relaxed a little. "I was hoping you'd find out where she was going so that we could… I mean, so that I could make sure she's safe and talk to her about this. I know she's 20 years old, but she has been fairly shy most of her life. I just want to make sure she's okay."

"No problem. I'd love to take the job. Did Suzy cover my standard fee, rates, and the contract I'll ask you to sign?"

"Yes, sir." She looked up at me quickly, realizing she said ‘sir'. "I mean yes, thank you John."

"Okay, so just a couple more facts. Where do you live?"

"1556 Sycamore."

I stared at her for a second, trying to portray that I was a bit surprised. "Did you say 1556 Sycamore?"

"Yes, is something wrong?"

"What? Oh, no, it's just that that is very close to the office here. It should be easy for me to track your daughter and find out what's going on. Do you have a picture that you brought so that I'll recognize her? If not, I'll just watch the house until she leaves."

"I didn't bring one to give to you. Will that be a problem?"

"No problem." I stood up and held out my hand. "I'll get to work on this right away, Becky, and call you when I have something, okay?"

"Okay, thank you." She shook my hand and left.

I called Suzanne in. "Suzy, you're not going to believe this. That woman moved into a house three doors down from mine."

Suzanne smiled. "How convenient."

"Yes, it is. It appears that her daughter has been out fucking around and maybe getting a little rough sex. Her mother is afraid for her. Sounds like my kind of girl." I slapped Suzanne on the ass and she yelped.

"Yes, sir. That sounds like your style."

"I think I'm going to head home very early today and see if I can find out anything about this girl. I'll call you later and maybe let you cum." I grinned at her.

Suzanne moaned. "Please, boss. I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow."

I grinned again and smacked her ass again. "Who said I was going to let you cum tomorrow?"

Suzanne's eyes went wide and she played it perfectly. She hung her head a little and chewed on her bottom lip. "Please, sir?"

"We'll see, Suzy. You are just so gorgeous when you are a little frustrated. See you later." I gave her a quick kiss while squeezing her ass and exited the room.

Francesca called cut. "Wow. Becky you actually looked nervous and hesitating like you really felt all those feelings. Excellent work."

Becky smiled. "Thanks. I hope this turns out well."

"It will. Now let's head downstairs for lunch. We have a busy schedule in order to get this done over a three day weekend."

After lunch it was time for the next scene. As I read the script I was amazed at the little story that had been concocted. Francesca told me that in this business, it was best just to have general script guidelines because everything had to look so off the cuff… and let's face it, it was mostly about the sex.

Francesca and Michelle got everything ready. In this scene I was going to catch my wife, who loved to submissive role-play with me, playing the domme with Becky's little girl. Yum!

We set up for the next scene in the living room. Cindy was supposed to be dominating Katy in this scene and I was going to come home early to catch them at play.

Francesca told Katy to drop her robe and she did. She was naked underneath it. She had Katy bend over the couch and told Cindy to get into spanking position. Cindy dropped her robe and was also naked. "Now when this scene opens, you are spanking Katy and demanding her obedience. Then, your husband will come home and catch you. You are not a slave, but the two of you love to role play with you as the submissive to him, so he is a little surprised by what he sees here. Everyone got it?" Everyone nodded and said yes. "Remember to keep going, no matter what happens. We can always edit it later or retake portions of the scene. Okay… action!"

Cindy stood behind Katy, staring at her ass for a few seconds. Then she grinned widely. She started running her hands over Katy's ass. "Such a nice tight ass. Whose ass is this, cunt?"

"Your ass, Mistress."

"And what can I do with this ass?"

"Anything you want, Mistress."

Smack! Cindy threw her first bare-handed spank onto Katy's ass. "I think I'm going to spank your ass, then fuck it."

"Yes, Mistress, please do."

Smack! Smack! Cindy started raining her bare-handed slaps down onto Katy's delectable little ass. I was standing behind her and Francesca motioned me to move around the corner. They were going to put the cameras on the other side and get shots of her spanking her ass and rubbing her pussy and I couldn't be in the picture yet. I pulled back into the hall and waited. I could still hear them.

"Is that enough spanking, my little bitch?"

I heard Katy sniffling a little. "Y-Y-Yes, Mistress."

"Mmmm. You're very wet. You like be ordered around and spanked. You are a little submissive cunt, aren't you?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Get my strap on out of the toy bag."

"Yes, Mistress." I could hear Katy digging in the gym bag that contained all the toys for this scene.

"Now put it on me." I could hear shuffling around.

"Yes, that's good. Now I'm going to sit down on the couch and you are going to suck my cock and then lift it up to eat my pussy, got it?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I heard the movement and the sucking started. I was waiting for some sign when Francesca came around the corner. She whispered to me. "Now it's time to make your entrance."

I stood up and came around the corner. Neither of the women could see me yet. I was just behind Cindy enough that I was out of her peripheral vision and Katy, of course, had her face buried in Cindy's crotch. She had pushed the dildo up out of the way and was feasting on her delicious pussy. I approached quietly and then lay my hand on Cindy's shoulder. She had been completely mesmerized by Katy's licking and jumped, startled by my sudden appearance. She started to play her role.

She pushed Katy away and struggled to her feet. "Oh my God, honey, what are you doing home?" She seemed to be trying to hide the fact that she was wearing a strap-on and had a nude woman kneeling at her feet with pussy juices all over her face. Katy just sat back on her feet and stared.

"Well, now that you mention it, I was hoping to come home and have a little fun with my slut wife, but I guess now I can have some really big fun!" I grinned.

"Uh… uh… well, you see, it's like this…." She couldn't even come up with anything.

I walked around the couch and grabbed her by the shoulders. "It's okay, my little slut, because I am going to enjoy the little present you have brought for me." I nodded toward a cowering and very scared looking Katy. "I can see you've been training her well."

Cindy smiled a little. "Yes, sir. This is Katy. I've been training her to be my submissive a little like I'm yours. She is very submissive and loves it when I control her."

"I dare say you have taken it a lot further than the role playing that we do. It appears that you have made her your slave. And I also understand that when I was out of town last week that you made sure you had company."

Cindy's eyes went wide. "You know about that?" She was playing this up well.

"Of course. It's my job." I looked the two of them over. "Now let's do a little playing. First, take off that contraption." While Cindy removed the strap on I continued with Katy. I put out my hand. "Hello, my name is Dennis, but you can call me Master."

She looked at Cindy and Cindy nodded. "Hello, M… Mas… Master."

I pulled her to her feet. "Let me see what we have here." I ran my hands over her firm tits and she sighed when I pinched her nipples. I turned her and took a firm hold on her tight ass, squeezing it and marveling at its wondrous firmness. I then reached between her legs and ran a couple of fingers thru her gash. She just stood there and trembled. I turned back to Cindy. "Very nice, slut. I see that you have excellent taste in young ladies."

"Thank you, sir." Cindy stood next to me and started rubbing my already hard dick. "Shall we undress you?"

I nodded and they undressed me in almost no time. Once I was naked, Cindy pushed Katy back to her knees in front of me and addressed Katy. "Well, cunt, do you think you deserve to have some of this dick?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Do you think you can take this dick in your pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"What about your ass? Will it fit in your ass?"

Katy looked up with big eyes. "Yes, Mistress, if you wish it."

I smiled. This was working pretty well for me and I had an idea on the initial copulation. "Katy lay on the floor, face up." She lay down and looked up at me, focusing on my hard cock. "Cindy, sit on her face." Cindy moved over Katy and lowered herself to Katy's waiting mouth. I could see her tongue immediately go to work and Cindy moaned. I then knelt between Katy's legs and pushed them up and back. "Hold her legs up and back." Cindy took them and placed Katy's feet under her armpits, putting Katy's deliciously wet pussy on full display. I could see the cameras jockeying for the best shots. "Okay, slut, now guide my cock into this tiny little pussy." I leaned forward and Cindy took my cock and lined it up with Katy's cunt. "Now tell me what you want."

Cindy looked up at me. "I want you to fuck this little cunt. This cunt belongs to me and I want you to fuck it hard and deep."

I smiled and pushed my dick into Katy. Katy had been fucking a lot lately, but she still had a young, tight cunt. I pushed all the way in and buried myself. I then pulled out slowly and started a fucking rhythm. I was rocking back and forth and I could see that she was working on Cindy, but was distracted by the fucking. I then moved a little further forward to get my knees under me better, grabbed her hips, and started pounding her. Cindy smiled and leaned forward to kiss me. We kissed hard as the two of us used Katy for our sex toy.

Katy suddenly turned a little from licking Cindy. "Mistress, may I please cum?" Her voice was pleading and urgent.

Cindy smiled at me. "Yes, cunt, you may cum." She lifted herself off Katy and as I pounded her Cindy reached down and rolled her clit. Katy thrashed around, moaning and jerking and cumming.

When she calmed down I slowed my thrusting, finally took my still hard cock out of Katy, and looked at Cindy. "I think I need to fuck you and give your little slave here a cream pie."

Cindy smiled. "Oh, yes, sir, that sounds wonderful."

I thought she might get up from where she was still hovering slightly over Katy, but instead Cindy just turned around and got on all fours, her pussy still about 6 inches over Katy's face. "C'mon, baby, fill me up so that I can give Katy her treat."

I shuffled forward and sank my dick into my wife's beautiful pussy, both of us already soaking wet and needing no additional lubrication. She moaned and I immediately went to thrusting hard into her, watching as her ass cheeks bounced with each impact.

"Oh, fuck!" Cindy groaned as we both felt Katy's tongue under us, licking her clit and my shaft as it disappeared into her. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum!"

I thrust harder and Cindy came hard, trembling and dropping her head to the floor, supporting it on her hands.

"My turn!" I managed to utter as I started cumming. I started pumping and pumping and filled Cindy up pretty good. It took a while for me to stop thrusting. It seemed that my body was on overload and couldn't stop twitching. Finally, after what seemed a long time, I pulled out and stood up.

Cindy remained in that position and I could see the cameras getting close-ups of Cindy's messy cunt. A small trickle of my cum started leaking out so Cindy suddenly rose up and flipped over next to Katy on her back. She pulled her legs back and stared at Katy. "You know what to do!"

Katy slowly leaned over and started lapping up the cum that was running down Cindy's ass, licking up thru her pussy and gathering all the escaping spunk. Then she attacked the source and started licking and noisily slurping up at Cindy's hole. She got on all fours and buried her face in there, which left her ass sticking up in the air at me. I moved into position and ran my hands all over her wet pussy, wetting my fingers. I then ran them up to her ass and slowly worked first one and then a second finger into her. I could see Francesca capturing Katy's pussy eating with one camera and Michelle capturing my fingering of Katy's ass with the other. Things seemed to be going well. Suddenly, Cindy announced she was cumming again and Katy latched onto Cindy's clit, causing her to cum and squirm and spasm under her until she pushed her away. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and sat back. I looked at the two of them and smiled.

"Okay, ladies, we are going to have a busy afternoon, so let's get something to eat."

Francesca yelled cut and we all stood up. Francesca was the first to speak. "That was excellent. You guys just keep having fun and we'll get a great movie out of this."

"What about the angles and giving you room to shoot?" I was curious since in the porn I had seen, the participants had always managed to leave room so that the camera could make sure that what they were doing was visible.

"This is an amateur porn film. It's not supposed to be the staged items that you see in most porn. This is for those who want to see people really having sex and not making staged arrangements to display what they are doing. While the story is fictional, the sex should be just as real as possible. What you guys are doing is fantastic." She looked at her watch. "It's been a long afternoon and Michelle and I are getting tired from holding those cameras, so let's take a break and we'll discuss the next scene, okay?"

We nodded and Katy and Cindy put on their robes. I got dressed and we went into the kitchen for some drinks. We were all a little dehydrated and needed a break.

I couldn't wait for the next scene.

to be continued…

Turning Point Ch # 10

Turning Point Ch. 10

Mary has return home and she and Robert had a great sex filled evening. Mary has informed Robert of her sister and brother-in-law’s visit. Robert is nervous and excited about the addition of new people to their sexual play.

I was up early Friday morning. I was almost through with my morning work when Dad left for work. I knew he was pissed about something, he was spinning the tires in his truck when he pulled out to the drive.

I had finished feeding the beef cattle and was on my way back to the house when I saw Kay feeding the chickens and gathering the morning eggs. I was anxious to get to the lake but I stopped and spoke to Kay.

She was her usual no smile unfriendly self. I ask her what Dad was pissed about. Kay told him he was still pissed because he though the truck Aunt Shelby had given me was nicer than his truck. I though tough shit, he’ll have to live with it.

I gathered my fishing gear and a snack from the kitchen and headed to the lake. It was still early when I passed Mary’s house and I didn’t see any signs of life. When I got to the lake I got my lines in the water and set back and waited. It didn’t take long, I had the live well full of several nice catches. I cleaned six of the best and released the others. I gathered my gear and the fish then headed for Mary’s house.

It was still early morning and I was surprised when I saw a car with out of state plated parked behind Mary’s car. I walked around to the basement door, put my fishing gear in the usual place and slowly climbed the steps. I turned the door knob and pushed to door open a little. I heard Mary’s sweet voice say dome on in Robert, we have been waiting for you.

I stepped into the kitchen to find Mary sitting at the kitchen with another woman and man. All three were wearing short red silk robes. Mary laughed and told the couple I was not used to seeing her wearing any cloths when I was there. I could feel myself blushing causing all three the laugh.

Robert, this is my sister Alma and her husband Don. They arrived a little early that expected and of course they wanted to get naked right away. Since you had not meet Alma and Don we thought it might be a bit of a shock for you to walk in and find us all naked.

They all three stood up and Mary told me they would leave it up to me I could take their robes off any time I felt comfortable about it. I showed them the fish and Mary said we needed to take care of them first. While she was putting the fish in the freezer it give me a chance to get a good look and Alma and Don.

Alma was about three years younger than Mary . While Mary’s hair was a lovely gray/white color, cut short and combed back from her face Alma’s was a little longer and was still a little salt and pepper colored. She was a little smaller than Mary including her tits and hips. They both had brown eyes with an olive skin tone. I remembered Mary telling Alma was wild, love to talk dirty and loved to be treated rough.

Don also had gray/white hair brown eyes and a darker completion that either of the women. I remembered Mary told me Don loved hot wet kissing, both female and male. She also said he loved cum and anal, both giving and receiving. I had thought about all of this quite a bit the night before and this morning while I was at the lake. I had decided I was going to go for broke.

While Mary was putting the fish in the freezer Alma and Don as telling me how pleased they were to be there and looked forward to us having lots of fun during their visit. Mary put the last of the fish in the freezer then turned to me and ask, “well Robert what do you think of my family.

I smiled and told Mary we had not been properly introduced yet. I walked over to her, placed my arms around her, pulled her to me and give her a wet tongue thrusting kiss. I slipped one hand around and untied the sash to her robe then run my hand inside and began to squeeze and massage her big tits. I could hear Alma and Don with the Oh Yes, go for it. I slipped the robe off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I broke the kiss and lifted one of her big tits to my mouth and started licking and sucking. Then smiling I looked at her and said GOOD MORNONG MY SWEET MARY. She smile back and replied, ’ well, a big good morning to you to my sweet Robert.

When I turned around Alma was standing there grinning from ear to ear. I reached and pulled the shish on her robe, pushed it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I hoped I was not about to make a mistake in what I was bout to do. I grabbed a hand full of Alma’s hair and forcefully pulled her to me and kissed her hard on the lips, pushing my tongue down her throat as far as I could get it. At the same time I took the nipple of one of her tits and pinched it hard and pulled up on it. I hadn’t made a mistake, Alma pushed into me and sucked hard on my tongue then let out a loud moan. I roughly pulled her back by her hair, smiled and said SO GOOD TO MEET YOU MY SLUT AMLA. She laughed and said,’ oh fuck, I think I just cum and I would love to be your slut cum bucked for the weekend.

I heard Don ask, my turn now Robert. I turned to him and he already had his robe off and was slowly stroking his cock. I was very surprised, my cock was longer and bigger than his. I walked over to Don knowing I was about to do something I had never done before. I was about to French kiss a man. I put my arm around his neck and he did the same to me. It was a soft kiss at first then we both pressed harder and I pushed my tongue into his mouth and he responded by sucking it in. We held the kiss for a short while as I reached and removed his hand on his cock and replaced it with mine. He return the favor and we stroked each other a few strokes before we broke away.

Mary then reached and took me by the cock and told me to follow her that everything was ready in the bathroom. When we entered the bathroom I noticed the six bags hanging on a rack by the commode. Mary said she needed to advise me that if Alma had her way she will be very vulgar and freaky all weekend starting with the enemas and douches. I told them all that was fine with me. I was there to learn, gain experience and have lots of fun.

Alma stepped up, dropped to her knees, laying her head on the mat, reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks so far apart I know it had to be painful. She told me to get the fucking bag and shove the tube up her hot ass a let her have the whole fucking bag. Mary handed me a bag, I got down behind Alma and spit a big glob on her asshole. I heard her moan as I used my finger to spread it around her little rosebud. She screamed at me, ’ hurry up and shove it in you fucking piss head. I saw Mary motion with her hand to spank her ass. I did just that, I spanked her hard on her right cheek and told her, Shut-up you fucking cum bucket slut. I glanced up at Don and he was smiling and pointing toward her ass. When I looked back I could see a line of pussy juice running down the inside of her thigh. Damn, this ditch really did love it and so did I.

I shoved the tube up her ass a little further than I usually did with Mary, I released the clip and let it flow. Alma was pulling more on her ass cheeks and pushing her ass back against the tube. She said. Oh fuck, I’m so full I feel like I going to bust. I love the feel of it filling my gut. Fill me up and clean all the shit out of me so you can fuck my nice clean ass later.

When the bag was empty I pulled the tube out and she started moving her ass around and making sounds of pleasure, AAAHHHHHH Yes, so good. Don didn’t say word, he just dropped to his knees and pulled his ass cheeks apart. I took another bag from the hanger and put lube in the tube and started pushing it up Don’s ass. He moaned and told me to give him the whole bag at once. I released the clip and let it flow. He grunted and moaned a couple of times but he never told me to stop. As soon as the bag was empty I pulled the pulled the tube out.

As soon as I pulled the tube out of Don Alma got up and went to the commode. She didn’t sit down but raised the lid and squatted over the commode, took her hands and pulled her cheeks apart. She looked to be sure Mary and I were watching then let go with a stream of brownish/yellow liquid. She looked at us smiling and said looks like I’m so full of shit. I may need a couple more bags I laughed as I got the tissue to wipe her ass with it. This seem to be something she really enjoyed.

We all ended up with a couple of rounds with the enema teasing and playing with each other all the while. When we all had our asses nice and clean Mary took one of the douche bags of the hanger and ask Alma if she would like to go first. Of course she replied and I want Robert to do his little finger job on me. Alma set in the edge of the tub and opened her legs as wide as she could then told me, come on baby, fill my pussy and finger fuck my hot pussy. She used both hands to pull her pussy lips open exposing a rock hard clit and dripping wet pussy. She had me so turned my cock was rock hard and pre-cum was oozing out of it. I pushed the tub up her pussy then slipped two fingers up into her pussy until I touched her G-spot. I released the clip on the tube and the water started flowing.

Don was standing behind her on one side reaching around and pinching and pulling hard on her nipples while Mary was standing on the other side holding Alma’s head back against her breast while their lips were locked in a wet passionate kiss. Alma was moaning loud and thrusting her pussy into my fingers and the tube. She seem to be in a constant orgasm. She was totally absorbed by all that was going on and I thought she was going to pass out a couple of times.

As soon as the bag was empty I pulled the tube out quickly but continued with my fingers. Alma’s legs started jerking and she was moving her pussy back and forth so fast I couldn’t hardly keep my fingers in it. She took hold of my wrist and pulled my fingers out of her pussy. Mary told me to get ready that Alma was about to squirt big time. She was still holding her lips open and I kneeled down for a closer look. Just as I did Alma let go with a hard stream from her pussy. It hit me on my mouth and chin. I lunged forward and locked my mouth over her gaped open pussy and started swallowing as fast as I could. I thought she was pissing at first but it was not. It taste different and had a different texture. It was great and I was loving every drop of it.

It was all over in a couple of seconds but it was the most thrilling seconds of my life. Alma fell back in Dom’s arms and the three of us lifted her out of the tub and lay her on the floor. She just lay there smiling as Don stood looking at her and slowly pumping his cock. Mary stepped into the tub and set on the edge as I reached for her bag. She told me, I’ll take some of the same but I don’t know that I will have quite the reaction that Alma did. I kneeled in front of Mary and repeated the same treatment on her. As she predicted her reaction was not quite as wild as Alma’s but I did get rewarded with a great golden shower.

By the time Mary and I were through Alma was back on her feet and the four of us enjoyed a hot shower together. We all enjoy a turn of three of us giving the other one a good soaping. For the first time in my life I enjoyed the touch of more that one woman, the first time of having another man touch my cock and me touch his. Nothing heavy, just a little kissing, licking, soaping and rubbing.

After the shower we all dried off and went to the bedroom. Mary went to the kitchen and when she return she had our special treat glass with her. She ask me if I had enjoyed the three of them playing with me at the same time in the shower and if I enjoyed it when I joined them in playing like we did. I told her it was a thrill and I looked forward to more. Alma told me when the three of them got started things got really wild most of the time and if there was something I didn’t want to do or didn’t want to have done to me I should tell them now. I thought for a couple of seconds, looked at the three of them and told them I wanted to try any and every thing. I didn’t think I would like what Mary had called scat play and some roughness and pain would be fun but not too rough. Don ask if I had any restrictions on us playing and I told him no that I look forward to it.

Mary reminded me that Alma liked it rough and the hotter she got the rougher she liked it and would talk very nasty. She told me they would like for me to go first and I should lay down on the bed and they would have their way with me.

To be continued