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Broken Birds, Part 3, Bonding

Part 3

They huddled together. Four frightened women squeezed into the back seat of an armored Escalade, watching the sunrise. Their second move in two weeks. None knew why. They knew not to ask.

The Escalade was one of five cars in the convoy. Another car scouted ahead and one lagged behind, taking no chances along a pre-planned route that had few traffic cameras. Tim suspected that it had been an ATM camera that had led to the discovery of their first hideout and a traffic camera that led to the discovery of the second. The hunters were very good.

A light haired, fragile looking young girl sat behind the passenger “shot gun” seat, her head resting on the window, a sad, faraway look on her face. A ball cap hid most of her hair and remained ready to be pulled forward to obscure her features. Rule number one: Never draw attention to yourself. Dressed as the others in a nondescript “hoodie”, she had a delicate beauty with straight nose, wide expressive hazel eyes that seemingly changed color and a sensuous mouth with puffy lips. Her jeans were suitably tight and growing uncomfortable as the drive continued. Her name was Lynne.

Beside her was her mother, a striking raven haired beauty named Rachael. Though they had been roused from sleep with only minutes before leaving, her makeup was impeccable, her hair flowing out the back of the cap she wore. She was tired but showed no outward sign of fear. She had developed an almost childlike trust in the architect of their flight, Beth’s father. She remembered an old line from a movie, “He doesn’t know how to fail.” It had sustained her through the hideous nine months of planning. Their escape had been managed with military precision. Her confidence in him had grown immensely over the past two weeks as Beth began to share her secrets about Michael and his friends.

Susan, her second daughter, sat on the other side. Susan’s features were near duplicates of her mother, though she had a slightly larger mouth and larger breasts. Beneath their similar clothing, however, the women were very different. Susan had been the victim of forced mutilations that haunted her dreams and had damaged her soul. Whereas her mother had resisted, Susan had been broken. She knew she would never have a normal life. Damn that doctor and damn her brother and father.

Beth had the outside window. In many ways, she was the strongest. It had been her gang rape and brutal sodomy that started this journey. For many months she had given in to self pity and the constant physical pain as the doctors tried to repair the physical damage. Her attackers had taken her ability to create life. She had wallowed in a very dark place until her father had torn down the walls of her self-pity. In one night he had taught her about love and the future. It was a memory that kept her warm inside. Michael would find them and be with her again.

Feeling silent sobs beside her, Beth hugged Susan close, gently stroking her cheek. “We’ll be OK. Tim is my Dad’s friend and he knows what he is doing.”

Susan was both fragile and confused. Beth knew her dad, Michael Shannon, would protect them and come for them when it was safe. She had a daughter’s confidence and belief in her father … and a lover’s certainty.

Finally, with the sun at its zenith, they arrived at several small cabins in the woods. A very large man named Jake pointed the ladies to a cabin in the middle.

“I’ve gotta go!” Susan blurted with urgency and ran to the cabin, followed closely by the other three. Jake and the security detail followed, making sure the vehicles were out of sight and covered with thermal blankets. The first detail set up perimeter sensors.

None knew it, but this was to be home for several months.

Michael Shannon and his friends had set a plan of retribution in motion. Now the plan was becoming real, with frightening consequences. Originally intended to destroy those who had raped and mutilated his Beth, it had set catastrophic forces in motion.

Catastrophic for some very powerful people.

Senators, congressmen, agency heads, corporate presidents, international businessmen and even clergy, their children and their families now were exposed. For these four, though, only one man was a direct threat. David Walsh, Rachael’s husband and Lynne and Susan’s father.

They had been in the cabin for a week and had settled into a routine. Dr. Alice Chalmars had accompanied them on their journey in another of the convoy cars. She looked young, but had trained and practiced as a trauma specialist for fifteen years. Her face was plain, almost non-descript, her brown hair cut short, barely touching her shoulders. Her stark makeup applied seemingly to discourage any interest. Her pale blue eyes seemed to glow with empathy. She enjoyed exercise and the slender body it gave her, but she was far from an athlete. Rachael had hired her after an extensive background check by Tim’s organization. Rachael had told her the dangers as well. After learning that all four had been raped and sodomized, one mutilated and two had lost their ability to conceive children, Alice could not refuse. And the money was spectacular.

She had been seeing Beth for several weeks before their flight and marveled at her recovery. Until the beginning of their flight, Beth had wallowed in every negative emotion God had planted in women. The morning they met to begin hiding, Beth had changed radically. Gone were the self-loathing, the hatred of men, the crippling fear of intimacy and most of all the terror of sex. While far from fully recovered, Beth was healing and dreaming of tomorrows.

Alice knew what had happened, of course. She also knew who had helped Beth to begin to live again. Beth had an almost absolute faith and trust in only one man. Alice knew Michael had made love to his daughter. While unconventional to say the least, Alice began to wonder about the “treatment”.

As she came to know Rachael, Susan and Lynne, she began to consider if such “treatment” would also help them.

During their first group session at the cabins, Alice asked Beth about her hopes for the future. She had asked the question many times in many ways. It was a kind of base line test.

“When this is over, I want my Dad and me to move to a quiet tropical island where we can dive and surf and sail.” Beth said after a moment of thought. Alice’s eyes were thoughtful. Always before Beth’s answer had been about ending her pain or getting away from all people so she would never again be hurt.

Alice said, “That’s a bit of a change. Any reason for the change?”

Over the past several weeks, Beth had started to care deeply for Susan and Lynne. Over the past nine months, she had come to love Rachael. Rachael had spent her entire adult life being abused, but she still had the capacity to love and trust. At least Beth thought she did. Beth decided to answer.

“I gave my virginity to a wonderful lover.” She said softly.

“Your virginity?” Alice blurted, a bit flustered.

“When I came back from the hospital the first time, I talked with my Dad. He told me that though my body had been fucked against my will, I had not given myself to anyone yet, so I was still a virgin. It took me a while to understand, but when I made love for the first time, I realized he was right. Gentle. Passionate. Kind.” She giggled a little. “We went from making love, to sex to fucking. It was incredible!”

“Must have been a great lay.” Susan said without thinking. Realizing what she had said could hurt Beth, she quickly apologized. “Sorry. I just meant that it would be wonderful if the man you are with truly loves you and doesn’t just want to get his rocks off.” She spoke with a slight lisp. The tongue stud they had implanted could not be removed without surgery and there was no time or facilities.

Alice turned to Lynne. “Any thoughts?”

Lynne looked at the floor and said, “I don’t know if I could ever give myself to a man. I’m damaged goods.” She began to weep silently.

Susan, “We both are Sis. At least they didn’t get you to that butcher.” Her face seemed to collapse as she sobbed.

Rachael wanted to hug her baby girls, but that was one of the rules. No mothering during sessions. Alice would end the session if she thought damage was being done. Right now she needed to understand what Rachael thought.

Lynne’s confession had triggered maternal instincts in Rachael, so Alice brought her back to the question.

“Rachael. Any thoughts about what Beth said?”

Rachael was silent for a moment, staring at Beth. “I don’t think I’ve ever truly made love with a man.” Her girls knew that though they were the product of rape, their mother loved them nonetheless. “I never had the choice. I’ve had some pleasure, but it has always been my body, not my heart. I don’t think I have ever trusted a man enough to offer him my soul.” Tears welled in her expressive brown eyes.

Alice realized that hugs and tears needed to be shared. “Let’s break the no-hug rule!” She announced.

Rachael was rooted to her chair as the realization of her lost years and opportunities swept over her. She had been a sex toy for most of her life and would never know the kind of loving Beth had just described. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Her two girls rushed to her and embraced her, caressed her hair and wet cheeks, their own tears mixing with hers.

Beth was about to speak, but kept silent as Alice put her finger to her lips. This moment could be a breakthrough.

The session lasted the entire afternoon, though Beth left shortly after Rachael’s break down. Rachael and her girls needed time together.

After Rachael calmed a bit and her daughters had taken their seats again, Alice asked, “Do you want to tell us?”

“In a way, I lied. When I was growing up and traveling with my father, I had a wonderful love affair with a young woman who was my tutor and governess. Later I found out that my father had ordered her to seduce me and get me ready for his use. Still, I think she loved me at some level. Anyway I’ve felt that kind of love, just not from a man. I couldn’t ever trust a man that much.”

This unexpected turn worried Alice. With all three vulnerable and naturally submissive, they could determine that they would probably turn to women, following Rachael’s unintended direction.

“What about Michael?” She asked softly. “Do you think he could bring you the joy he gave Beth? Would you trust him?”

It was a desperate ploy to retrieve the situation. She knew that both Lynne and Susan needed a direction for their desires.

“That would hurt Beth,” Rachael said softly. “I couldn’t do that to her. And I’ve had three children and a lot of mileage on this old body, so I couldn’t compete with her anyway.” She paused. “But I’ve thought about it.”

Rachael was actually considering Michael as a lover. Alice knew that Beth loved Rachael and would probably allow Michael to spend a night with Rachael, but that was not the answer. It wasn’t about sex with Rachael. After a lifetime of abuse, she needed a lifetime of love.

“Beth makes him sound like Superman with a big dick,” Susan interjected, with her telltale lisp.

Alice caught that. Beth had just confessed to Michael being her lover today, yet the girls seemed to know quite a bit about their relationship.

“So Beth told you?”

“Not everything. Just that she had a lover. Her story meant it could only be her father. God, I hate the idea of her father abusing her. Just like Dad did me.” Lynne spat bitterly.

“I spent the last 9 months with him while he tried everything we could think of to bring Beth out of the place she was in. You didn’t see her. She was totally broken and in a hole. He did everything a parent could. Then she seduced him. I KNOW. He was so desperate to do anything to help her.” Rachael was shaking with rage at the thought of Michael being compared with David.

Alice saw that Rachael was actually in love with Michael, but could not admit it.

“Time out!” Alice said firmly, seeing that Rachael’s emotional walls were finally coming down.

“You think he’s abusing her?” Alice said directly to Lynne.

“What would you call it?”

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Alice’s mouth. “Unconventional to say the least. It seems to have worked, though. What do you think Rachael? You’ve known Beth since her attack.”

Rachael looked at her daughters. “When I first saw Beth, this is what she looked like.” She fished in her bag and produced a picture taken on the first day. She had gotten it from Michael if this came up.

The picture showed Beth’s hideously disfigured face. “She was a virgin when they got to her. They beat her, broke her nose and cheekbone. The bastards pulled her front teeth with pliers and tried to jam their cocks down her throat so hard that her throat began to close up. If she hadn’t gotten to the ER, she would have died.” Rachael paused. “They jammed a broom handle up her vagina so hard it ruptured her cervix and her uterus, then jammed it in her ass and tore her sphincter. They took a bite out of her breast and put safety pins through her nipples. They burned her clit. After all that, she crawled out a second story window and slid down the roof. Thank God she landed in bushes. Someone saw her fall and got help. After all that they did to her, she still would not give up.”

Both girls looked shocked, their eyes alternating between the picture and their mother.

“They had saved her uterus, but that moron nurse forgot to turn on her meds and she hurt herself. Then they had to take out her uterus. After, she was in the darkest place I have ever seen. We thought she might kill herself. She had six…six operations not counting the teeth implants. She came back from all that! Look at her tonight. If she can do it, so can we.” Rachael continued, her anger spent, now with empathy for her daughters. “What David and Tom and that bastard doctor did to you was a horrible thing and I would give anything to change it.”

She now looked directly at Susan. “We can fix your body. We have to wait until it is safe, but believe me, Shosh, we WILL fix it.”

Alice. “I think it’s time to end this for today.” She was emotionally spent. She had seen the picture and could not believe that Beth had been so destroyed only nine months ago.
The girls had never met Michael, but were desperate to find out if he measured up to the stories Beth had told them.

When they got back to their cabin, Beth was waiting. She had started a simple dinner of steak, salad and potatoes. The three looked haggard and emotionally drained.

“Everything OK? Is there any news?” Beth asked with concern in her voice.

Lynne came to her and hugged her so tight she gasped for breath. Susan did the same. Susan and Lynne left to get cleaned up.

Rachael came to her and embraced her softly, with infinite love.

“What’s that for?”

Rachael spoke softly, “They saw pictures of you that first weekend. I think they realized that if you can still find happiness and love after that, they can too.”

They ate in a comfortable silence, each alone with her thoughts. After cleaning up, Lynne and Susan went to bed.

Rachael stayed behind. She sat next to Beth on the couch. Beth could see that something was troubling her.

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Rachael debated with herself. She did not want to make things difficult, but also did not want to lie.

“After you left, I confessed to having loved another woman. I’m not a lesbian, but she is the only person I have ever made love to. It was a setup, but I gave myself to her just as you did with Michael. Alice asked me if I thought Michael could help me. I won’t ever do anything to hurt you, Beth, but I was thinking about it at dinner.”

She looked intently into Beth’s eyes. She found no anger in those dancing, sparkling eyes.

“Do you want him to make love to you alone? I’m willing to share if he’s OK with it, but I want to be there!”

Rachael took Beth’s hands in hers staring intently. “Don’t tease me Beth. I know Michael loves you completely and would never hurt you. You can’t be serious.”

“Of course I’m serious! Michael also loves you. And I know he’ll love Susan and Lynne if she’ll just keep her sarcasm under control. He hates sarcasm.”

Rachael’s head spun. “Explain.” It was a plea.

“The four of us are damaged and broken. Maybe Lynne has a chance at a normal life, but I’m not so sure. The other three of us will never have a normal life. Too far down that river to paddle back. With what my Dad is doing, I think we’ll have to become a self-contained unit for a long time. That means no man for two or three of us or we learn to share.” Beth smiled at the confusion on Rachael’s face. Beth knew her logic was unassailable.

“Now I want to ask a question. What’s it like to be with a woman? I mean I know what a woman tastes like since that bitch sat on my face, but what’s it like to make love to another woman?”

Rachael pulled her off the couch and led her to Beth’s room, smiling.

Rachael closed the bedroom door softly, holding Beth’s hand. When she turned she began caressing Beth’s cheek with her fingertips, slowly leaning forward to kiss Beth’s full lips. It started slowly and built in intensity. Rachael’s tongue slid along Beth’s lips and into her mouth, slowly caressing the younger woman’s tongue with hers.

Finally the broke apart and stared at each other, clearly surprised at the intensity of the passion. Lust filled eyes searched lust filled eyes.

“Run a bath for us. I’ll get some wine.” Rachael said in a voice filled with passion.

When she returned, the bath was running, Beth lighting several candles to add a romantic atmosphere.

Beth reached for Rachael and brought her into an embrace, feeling breasts pressed against breasts. Oddly, Beth took the lead. Her lips nibbled at Rachael’s neck just behind her ear.

Rachael let out a low moan.

Encouraged, Beth began trailing kisses down Rachael’s neck as she unbuttoned her blouse. Rachael moaned into the teen’s mouth. Beth deftly unclasped the bra and Rachael’s breasts came free. Beth cupped first one and then the other breast. Rachael had obviously had a breast lift. Beth broke the kiss and leaned down to take a hard, brown nipple in her mouth. Her pointed tongue traced around the dark aureoles and flicked over the hard nipple center.

Beth broke away and turned off the bath taps. Rachael leaned back against the bathroom wall, slowly regaining her composure. Beth returned to her and completed undressing her. Then she stepped back, undid her house pants and pulled her sweatshirt over her head. Last came her bra. Her left breast still showed thin red lines from the last surgery. They would fade with time and anti-scar cream.

They eyed each other openly, as neither had ever seen the other naked.

Rachael’s 32B breasts had little sag, the nipples now standing erect with passion. Her belly was marked by faint stretch marks, but was flat and toned. Rachael pirouetted showing off toned calves and thighs and a magnificent tight ass. Clearly she knew a good plastic surgeon.

“It’s not fair,” Beth whined. “You’re gorgeous!”

“As are you.” Rachael felt more confidence than she had ever known.

Beth stepped into the warm bath, extending her hand to help Rachael enter. At first they sat face to face. Soaping each other, content in that moment to just touch each other.

Finally the water cooled and it was time to get out. Rachael rose first and stepped out of the bath. Beth followed and soon they were both wrapped in damp towels.

Rachael retrieved the wine and poured a single glass for both of them.

“We’re going to swap a lot of fluids tonight, Honey, so why use two glasses?” Rachael beamed.

Beth chuckled a bit and took a sip, handing the glass back to Rachael.

“Today was tough on you, Rachael. Lie down on you stomach and let me show you something I learned from Michael.”

She copied her father’s massage technique, remembering the feel of his hands on her over the many nights of her recovery. It had been the one thing that could calm her. She felt her pussy begin to leak, unsure if it was the memory she was repeating or the feel of Rachael’s supple skin.

First her feet, then her legs, then her shoulders, gently moving her hair aside to place a fluttering kiss on the nape of her neck, finally her ass. Michael had not kissed her or massaged her ass, but he would. By the time she had gotten to Rachael’s beautiful ass, the aroma of fresh woman filled the room

“Turn over.” Husky, lust filled voice.

She started with the thighs, stopping just short of Rachael’s pussy, then to her belly, then shoulders, then breasts…

“Please…” Rachael moaned weakly.

Beth smiled, remembering the passion her Dad’s massage had raised in her.

Finally she attended to Rachael’s pussy.

Her labia were naked, no hair. Beth wondered if it had been shaved or waxed. As she gazed at the inviting mound, Rachael’s hands found he head and gently guided her down.

Beth pressed her lips to labia, slowly licking the vertical slit, opening the inner lips, allowing Beth to taste her essence. It tasted slightly pungent, yet fresh. Beth’s tongue burrowed into her tunnel. Gently she opened the inner lips, her tongue exploring the pink mystery.

Rachael flowed freely, her moans becoming louder. Beth positioned her right hand to cup Rachael’s ass, her thumb caressing her crinkled asshole.

Rachael gasped, “Put it in!”

Beth understood and gently jammed her finger into Rachael’s asshole as her lips closed around the clit, sucking hard, her tongue whipping the little love button.

Rachael screamed incoherently. Her hands pulled Beth forward, her legs folded over Beth’s head.

Beth reveled in the pleasure Rachael felt. She continued to flick her tongue over Rachael’s engorged clit, forcing her to climax over and over until her legs relaxed and her hands pushed Beth away from her over stimulated pussy.

Beth climbed onto the bed, her face soaked with Rachael’s juice. For a time, the two women lay side by side, lost in a fog of passion. Finally Rachael turned to face Beth.

“You asked me to show you what it’s like with a woman. Then you show me how incredible it can be. Where did you learn that?”

“I did what my Dad did to me. Only I don’t have a cock to make it feel even better!”

She searched the younger eyes. “Did you really mean what you said about sharing?”

Beth shifted so she could look directly into her lover’s eyes. “I meant ever word. I think we may have kicked over a hornet’s nest, so we’ll be together for a long time. And I love you Rachael. You helped me more than you will ever know. Once I thought I would checkout, but you were there. And before you ask, I don’t see you as a mother figure. I see you as an older sister and lover. You’re gorgeous, sexy and loving. What happened to me was done in hours. They did that to you for decades.”

“Now, let’s figure out how to help Susan and Lynne.”

“Not tonight. Tonight I show you how to make love to a woman.” Rachael winked with humor, pushing Beth onto her back.

Broken Birds, Part 4,

Part 4
Rachael’s Youth

Beth woke and reached for her new lover only to find empty bed. She realized that the shower running had woken her, so she groaned softly and began to get up. She felt the wetness beneath her. The night had ended with Rachael’s discovery that Beth squirted! Beth smiled at the memory of Rachael’s dripping face. The elegant lady with a face covered with her juice.

The bathroom door opened, framing Rachael in the light from the window. The joy in her eyes was the only greeting Beth needed.

“Hi Lover!”

“Hi Lover!”

Beth swatted Rachael’s ass as she passed to get into her shower. 20 minutes later she came out in a damp towel and wet, stringy blonde hair framing her face.

Rachael had stripped the bed and the mattress pad. She was dressed in a pair of Beth’s house pants and t-shirt. She had dried her hair a bit and had it now in a ponytail. She still looked ravishing.

They left the room with the laundry in their arms. Lynne and Susan confronted them, their arms folded across their chests. Rachael blushed beet red. Beth waved and said, “Hi Guys!” and disappeared into the laundry with the bedding.

The girls had made breakfast for everyone. As they ate, the awkwardness grew.

Beth confronted it; “OK we made love last night. Problem?”

Lynne looked away. Susan just grinned, shook her head and held up open hands pretending a false look of innocence. Beth grinned.

Rachael said softly, “I think you better explain our situation. I think you are right, but it would be better coming from you.”

Beth nodded and finished her orange juice.

Susan held up her hand. “I have something to say,” her lisp a bit more pronounced. “We are starting a new life. I don’t want to be Susan anymore. Mom, I knew you wanted me to be Shoshana. I know it identifies me as a Jew, but I don’t care. Can we change my name when this is over?”

A single tear streamed down Rachael’s face. She rose and went to Shosh, taking her face in he hands. “Of course, Honey.”

“OK. What’s your announcement?” Lynne asked with a touch of sarcasm.

Beth resisted the urge to respond in kind. Lynne was a part of her life now.

“Rachael and I talked last night about our future,” Lynne had rolled her eyes at the word talked. “The facts are simple. People want us dead. Important, powerful people. It’s not just your father. My Dad went after all my attackers. Until this is over, we’re going to be together or we die. Assuming you want to live, we can become a unit, sharing each other and my Dad or three of us can do without a man. And I am not going without a man no matter how wonderful my female lover may be.” She grinned at Rachael and winked so the girls wouldn’t see.

Shoshana was quiet, clearly processing.

Anger rose in Lynne’s eyes. “You mean we’re gonna be his harem? No way.”

Beth shrugged. “It’s that or lesboville or 6 feet under. There’s no way we can be protected if we split up. Up to you.”

Lynne stomped off to her bedroom.

It was time for Rachael’s session with Alice. Though she did not want to leave Beth, Shoshana and Lynne alone, perhaps it would be for the best.

Alice was surprised by Rachael’s smile and attitude. Somehow more relaxed and confident. Alice asked simply, ”Time to fess up. What’s going on?”

Looking straight into Alice’s eyes, she said, “Beth and I are lovers. We’re staying with Michael. So are my girls.” As she said it, Rachael realized that she would make Lynne understand.

She went on without prompting.

“You’ve asked me about my past. It’s a long, painful story.”

Rachael took several minutes to collect her thoughts and then began to slowly expose the truth.

She had been relatively sheltered as a child. Her family was small and close nit. Most of her relatives had perished in the Holocaust during the WW II and its aftermath. Along the way they had lost their identity as well. While they were nominally Jewish, no one observed the traditions or the religious laws.

Her family was quite wealthy as a result of several shrewd and manipulative grandparents and parents. Rachael’s mother was an only child and had also come from money. Rachael’s mother had died shortly after giving birth, the result of cancer, so she had no memory of her. She remained with her three brothers and her father.

Later she would realize that her father, Jacob, was not only shrewd and manipulative, but had no love for anyone other than himself. Between his business dealings and inherited wealth, he grew far richer and more powerful with no interest for the feelings or needs of others.

One night when she was 12 years old, he came into her bedroom wearing a robe and sat on the edge of her bed, patting beside him indicating she should come beside him. “I think we are going to home school you since we will be traveling a lot the next few years. I’ll introduce you to your new governess and teacher in the morning. Her name is Lana.”

Travel! No more school where she had been teased mercilessly about her looks. At 12 she had a large, hooked nose and she often heard the whispered “JAP” (Jewish American Princess). She hated that word.

“Before we go, though, I want you to have a nose job. It’ll make your face prettier.”

She jumped into his arms and kissed him in thanks. She hated her nose.

Jacob was a relatively small man with slender, almost feminine hands. Dark hair framed his high cheekbones, thin nose, thin lips and brown eyes. She clearly had his eyes. Probably his nose as well as he’d also had an operation on his when he was a teenager.

He pulled her into his lap, feeling the smoothness of her thighs against his as his robe pulled open a little.

She felt his cock rise.

He knew that little girls will do anything to please their fathers, but incest with his twelve-year old daughter was definitely not part of his plan. He hugged her tight, feeling the beginnings of her breasts. Then he pushed her off and told her goodnight and gently closed her door.

When he entered his room, Lana waited lying under the covers, her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail as he had asked. She had a small, upturned nose, high, Nordic cheekbones and generous lips. Her blue eyes sparkled with life.

In her room, Rachael lay awake, excited at the prospect of a new nose. She went into her bathroom and examined her nose carefully, trying to decide how she wanted it changed. While her bedroom was soundproofed, her bathroom was not.

She heard a scream followed by pitiful whimpering coming from her dad’s room. She didn’t know what to do. One ironclad rule in the house was never go into daddy’s room. The whimpering quieted and she faintly heard her father say, “It’ll feel better in the morning.”

She went back to bed.

Years later when she had become fast friends with Lana as well as her lover, Lana told her about that night. Her father had taken her anally, without preparation. Later, she would find the truth.

As they traveled the world, Lana would come to Rachael’s room whenever Jacob was away on business.

Rachael remembered the softness of Lana’s lips, her gentle caresses. Her nipples hardened as she remembered their first time they made love. They had come to Cozumel to scuba dive, but Jacob had left to go to Cancun for a business meeting and would not return for a couple of days. Beth was almost 15 years old, but had already developed into a beautiful, sophisticated young lady. The travel helped, but it seemed that after her nose was changed, she blossomed.

The diving that day at the Palancar reef had been spectacular. Beth and Lana were dive buddies and had found a sea turtle to photograph and swim with. Exquisite. As the dive boat docked, they collected their gear and dragged it to Beth’s room. On the door was a note “Limited Hot Water Today”. Their eyes met and both giggled.

“Well, buddy, hot or cold water” Rachael said.

“We’re both girls. What’s the problem? Let’s just shower together so we get this salt off. You scrub my back, I’ll scrub yours.” More giggles.

Rachael blushed. She had very limited contact with naked people, though as a diver she had seen brief glimpses of various body parts as people changed into shore clothes aboard the dive boats.

Lana went through the door, dropped her gear to be cleaned later and pulled Rachael into the bathroom. They stripped, Lana knelt to help Rachael to pull her wet bathing suit down and found herself staring into a naked, shaved pussy with hidden lips beginning to swell and distend.

“You are so beautiful,” she said quietly, her eyes filling with passion. Looking into Rachael’s fearful eyes, she stood and said, “let’s get the salt and sand off.”

They held hands as they entered the shower and turned on the water. The sign had lied. There was NO hot water and after shrieking at the cold water, they quickly soaped and rinsed away the grime, sand and sale. They grabbed towels and hastily retreated to the bedroom.

Rachael still shivered from the cold shower, a wet towel wrapped around her small frame. Lana approached her, dropped her towel to the tiled floor and pulled the wet towel away from Rachael’s body. Lana pulled Rachael to the bed and pushed her down on the bed. Lana laid beside her pressing her naked body against the shaking teenager.

“Old lifesaving trick. Sharing body warmth.” Lana smirked.

Rachael began to warm. Then a new, strange sensation began to grow inside her. She could feel Lana’s breath against her ear. Her small nipples hardened and her pussy began to swell. She pulled her head back to look at Lana, her smoldering brown eyes searching Lana’s sparkling blue. Only Lana’s eyes were no longer playful blue. They clouded with lust.

Lana’s hand went to the back of Rachael’s head and gently pulled Rachael’s lips to hers. The kiss started gently. Then Lana parted hers and she ran her pointed tongue across Rachael’s lips. An invitation. Rachael’s lips parted and her own delicate tongue reached for Lana’s. The kiss continued to escalate as their tongues danced a dance of lust.

Lana’s hand dropped to Rachael’s breast and to her nipple, now painfully hard. Such gentleness. Rachael pushed her breast into Lana’s hand and copied the move. Lana’s nipples were very long, almost an inch from her aureoles that were themselves puffed out from her breast. Briefly Rachael wondered if they were a deformity, but then passion overwhelmed all conscious thought.

Lana pushed her onto her back and began kissing and licking down Rachael’s body. When she got to her breasts, she licked around each nipple before suddenly sucking hard. Each time, Rachael squealed with delight. Her breathing became ragged, her hands in Lana’s wet hair.

Lana looked into those expressive brown eyes and smiled at the pleasure they registered.

As she left Rachael’s breasts, her right hand descended to the smooth labia. She gently ran a finger along the thin gash, carefully avoiding the hood that covered Rachael’s clit. Rachael instinctively opened her legs. Her hands now gripping the bedspread as her passion grew.

Lana rose from the bed just as her kisses reached just above Rachael’s mound. She scooted to the bottom of the bed, between Rachael’s spread legs.
“Please,” Rachael wailed, not knowing what she needed.

Lana smiled knowingly. She lifted Rachael’s legs to her shoulders and lowered her mouth to the magical mound. Lana pushed Rachael’s legs to her breasts, gaining access to her crinkled starfish.

Her pointed tongue began to caress Rachael’s asshole. The nerve ending went crazy. Lana knew that there were more nerves there than in Rachael’s clit. Lana felt the trembling in her folded legs and slowly moved to Rachael’s slit, her tongue slowly parting her inner lips. She came closer and closer to her clit, now peeking shyly from its protective hood. With her left hand, Lana parted the lips wider, allowing her complete access to the virgin pussy. She eagerly lapped at the pink inside of the lips and darted her tongue deep into the girls tunnel.

With her left hand, she began to caress Rachael’s asshole. Readying her for the finale. Leaking juice covered her hand. Lana used it to lubricate the hole, preparing it for violation.

She could tell that Rachael was about to orgasm. Lana licked the inner walls, ending just below her clit, pausing for a second. She suddenly put her lips around Rachael’s clit and sucked hard, quickly flicking her tongue over it as she simultaneously inserted her middle finger in Rachael’s ass.

Rachael burst into an incoherent scream of delight. Nerve endings fired in random patterns, her legs clasped around Lana’s head, locking her mouth on the dripping pussy.

They stayed lovers for nearly three years. Lana also shared her father’s bed. Though they experimented with her ass, Lana insisted nothing, not even fingers were allowed in Rachael’s pussy. Her hymen must stay intact.

Still, vibrators and butt plugs and tongue could bring incredible pleasure.

As she approached her 17th birthday, something changed between them. Previously bubbly and cheerful, Lana became withdrawn and distant. Rachael tried to understand, but Lana would not talk. Even when Rachael graduated from high school at least a year early, Lana did not seem happy. At times, Lana seemed terrified.

Her dad had taken to a new young apprentice from a prestigious college. He came from a fine family with broad connections. His name was David Weiss. He was casually Jewish, like her dad. He shared the same business ethics, that is to say no business ethics.

A few days before her birthday, her dad told her they were going to a lodge to do some skiing as a birthday present. She was thrilled. “Is Lana coming?”


His nostrils flared and his eyes clouded a bit with raw lust. Rachael assumed he was lusting for Lana.

“David is coming too since I have some business he has to help me with.”

“Can he ski?”

“Don’t know, but I’ll ask.”

The trip to the lodge was strained. David and Jacob sat upfront and drove while Lana and Rachael in the second seat. It took nearly 18 hours of continuous driving, but they reached it shortly after noon on a Sunday morning. It was nearly a mile to the next house, her father explaining that he wanted some peace and quiet.

Something was wrong. Rachael could feel it.

As David and Jacob took the luggage into the isolated cabin, Lana pulled Rachael aside.

“I am so sorry…” Lana’s eyes filled with tears as she turned away and walked to the cabin.

Rachael grabbed her backpack and followed. Once inside, her world changed.

As she entered, David grabbed her arms and Jacob her legs. She screamed in fear. She twisted to scratch David but the steel in his hands held her fast. Lana jammed a funny smelling cloth over her nose and mouth. The world seemed to reel and then she descended into darkness.

David slung her unconscious body over his shoulder while Jacob opened the door to the cellar. Lana sobbed in the corner, but descended at Jacob’s command.

A large, four-poster, king size bed sat in the middle of the room, sofas on either side. The overhead beams had several “D” rings secured with large through bolts. Two padded stools sat beneath locked wall cabinets. At the far end was a full bath, complete with two “D” rings in the floor beside the toilet.

David slung Rachael’s body in the middle of the bed.

Jacob turned to Lana. “Get her ready. Tie her up first then cut her clothes off. Then get her fresh and clean for her big night.” As almost an after thought, “You’ve loosened her ass, right?”

Lana nodded, tears streaming down her face. Jacob realized Lana was now a liability. Perhaps he could get David to do it. Then he’d have something on his willing partner.

David said, “She’ll be out for at least an hour. Let’s tie her flat and wait for her to come around before we start.”

Jacob smiled and nodded. It would give him time to get ready.

About an hour later, Jacob strode down the basement stairs in a bathrobe and carrying a white towel.

David raised Rachael so Jacob could slide the whiter towel under her ass and upper thighs.

Rachael lay naked on the bed and began to stir. Lana had shaved her pussy so it was baby smooth. Jacob nodded to David and he began securing Rachael’s legs to the head posts, effectively bending Rachael in half, her knees nearly touching her breasts.


Lana rose from her seat and moved to the bed. She, too, was naked and shaved. She climbed on the bed and moved between the trussed girl’s legs. She began caressing the teen’s pouting nether lips, begging God to forgive her part in this. As Rachael began to respond and awaken, Lana felt strong hands grip her thighs brining her to her knees. Another hand pressed her face into Rachael’s exposed labia. Lana felt the cock ride up and down her vertical slit, spreading her open and lubricating the cock head. He finally found the entrance to her love tunnel. And slowly put the head inside.

A brutal thrust impaled her. She tried to scream, but strong hands held her face to Rachael’s pussy.

“What’s going on?” Rachael asked a she began to get her bearings. Her head snapped around. She recognized Jacob with his cock fully ready, holding Lana’s face to her pussy.

“Daddy, NO! Lana, Help me!”

Jacob roughly pushed Lana to the side. “Take care of Lana,” he ordered David.

David grabbed Lana, still impaled on his cock and carried her to the sofa, dropping her over the arm and pushing her face into the cushions. Too late, Lana finally understood the nature of these men.
Jacob felt power course through his veins. His cock had never been harder. He climbed onto the bed and lay beside Rachael. The sounds of Lana being fucked and whimpering in pain was music to him.

“You are now 17. And tonight I will make you a woman.” He saw the look of horror on her face as she started to speak. He slapped her. “Don’t talk, just listen.”

“This morning you married David at a small ceremony in a chapel outside Houston. I gave my permission. You were a beautiful, virgin bride.” He smiled at the confusion and fear on her face.

“I am going to take your cherry. I’ll fuck you every few hours until one of those little test strips turns blue. You see, while you’re David’s wife, you’re my baby factory. Your brothers are weak. Half their genetics is from your mother and she was weak. This way, I have a 75% chance of getting a worthy heir.” He chuckled at the horror in her eyes. When I’m sure I have someone worthy, we’ll change the baby factory into an amusement park.”

His speech had taken too long. Rachael wet pussy was now only damp.

“David, bring the bitch back over here.”

David dragged Lana to the bed. She crawled to Rachael’s pussy and began to caress the lips again. Rachael’s terror was far too much for her to respond. After a few minutes, his frustration showed. David offered a tube of lubricant. He grabbed it and squeezed a generous amount into Lana’s hand. She gently worked it between Rachael’s nether lips, begging God for forgiveness. David shoved Lana aside and took his place. He looked down into his daughter’s eyes and saw fear and loathing.

Jacob moved between Rachael’s legs, levering himself into position. He turned to Lana who was silently weeping. “Guide me into here.”

Lana moved quickly down the bed. She grabbed his cock and moved it gently along Rachael’s labia, parting her inner lips, then wedging it at Rachael’s vaginal opening.

Rachael saw the naked lust in her father’s eyes. She closed her eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks.

Jacob thrust forward, watching her face contort with pain. He felt her tender barrier and pulled back, then thrust forward violently through her virgin barrier. Her eyes snapped open as she screamed in agony, bucking her hips to expel the invading cock.

Jacob watched her eyes fill with excruciating pain and humiliation. Again he thrust and felt his tip touch her cervix. Her tight tunnel clutched at his cock, muscles desperately trying to adjust to the brutal assault.

He began to jackhammer into her. This was about the power he had over her, the power to bend her to his will.

He felt his balls fill and ready to explode.

He smiled at her. “First baby batter coming up!” He jammed his cock in as far as he could and let loose several strings of cum.

He levered himself off her, his softening dick slipping out of her pussy.

“Pillow!” Lana shoved a pillow beneath Rachael’s ass, elevating her to keep his sperm inside her.

The next several days went much the same. They would untie her after an hour of elevation, but she and Lana remained prisoners of the basement.

Lana tried to explain, but Rachael would not listen and would not speak to her.

On the seventh day, they changed her position into a doggie style, but that did not allow Jacob to see the pain in her eyes and they reverted to bending her against the headboard.

After the fourteenth day, they had her pee on a pregnancy test strip. It was blue!

That night, Lana left with David. Rachael never heard from her again.

Rachael prayed her ordeal had ended with the pregnancy, but Jacob and David had other ideas.

Rachael was again tied even though she had long since ceased to resist. Jacob and David left her tied and alone in the basement for a time.

While she hated sex with Jacob, she had resigned herself to being used like a piece of meat. Now she was trussed up the same as the first day. Her fear began to grow as she remembered Lana’s insistence at stretching her anus. She began to understand the full extent of the horror of forced sex.

“Tonight we celebrate.” Jacob said gaily as he descended the stairs with David in tow. David was twirling a device like a horse bridle. Made of stainless steel, it was designed for dental work. It fit over the lips and teeth, preventing the teeth from closing, giving free access to a patient’s mouth. A strap dangled from the back.

She looked with horror as David approached her head, snapping her head away from him.

Her father roughly grabbed her nipple and twisted hard. She screamed in pain. “You little cunt. Stop fighting. It will only hurt worse.” He said with a slight slur. She smelled whisky on his breath.

She surrendered and let him put the device in her mouth. David then locked it in the position that seemed to stretch her jaw to its maximum and fastened the strap around the back of her head. He then shoved a pillow under her ass.
Jacob retrieved a tube of lube and a syringe type device with a perforated needle about the width of a cigarette. He first put the white powdery contents of a small vial in the syringe and then filled it with liquid lube. He shook it several timed to ensure the powder would spread in the lube. She knew what was coming and tried to relax. Lana had taught her that fighting insertion was painful.

He inserted the tube in her ass and squeezed. He twisted it so the lube exiting the perforations would coat her entire anal tract.

Tom stood by her head while her father climbed between her obscenely spread legs.

“This may hurt a little.” Jacob said as he lined his cock with her crinkled starfish. He pressed forward, the head demanding entrance. Rachael tried to relax. The head popped through her sphincter without too much pain. The practice with Lana had saved her from the worst of that. Jacob reared back and thrust forward brutally, stretching her entire channel. Slippery heat enveloped his cock as he slid deeper. Her anus grabbed him in an incredibly tight hold. Even though she had practiced with Lana, Rachael’s ass filled with unbelievable pain. She screamed in agony, the pain seeming to grow with ever thrust.

Though somewhat drunk, Jacob quickly began to reach explosion. He slammed his cock into the unwilling ass, almost inverting her colon when he pulled back.

Finally he shot his load deep into her ass as his arms gave our and he fell on her, his mouth inches from her distended lips. “That felt so good! Damn you have a fine ass.”

She wanted to vomit.

He pulled out of her ravaged ass and got his drink. “You want sloppy seconds?” Jacob asked David?

David eyed her open mouth. Jacob wagged his finger, “Not until I’ve been in there.”

David shrugged. He thought about his trip with Lana and his cock became like steel. Through a haze of agony and exhaustion, Rachael noticed the size of David’s member. She gasped in fear as he reached above her head and began undoing the ankle restraints and holding her leg until it was on the bed. Her hands remained tied together above her head. He flipped her over onto her stomach, pulling her into a doggie position.

“Tie her hands behind her back. I’m getting hard again and it’s time she cleaned me off.” Jacob said.

David unclipped her hands from the “D” ring in the headboard, unclipped her wrist restraints and re-clipped them behind her back.

Rachael felt the bed sag as her father climbed on. He grabbed her hair and lifted her head, reveling in his daughter’s pleading eyes.

“Clean it, bitch,” he said as he forced her head down on his semi-hard cock covered in lube, ass juice and semen. He used her hair to control the rhythm.

“Use your tongue and really clean that cock!”

Jacob’s excitement grew as he neared completion. Just as he started to cum, he signaled David who had been waiting impatiently for the old man.

David thrust forward, into his “wife’s” sore asshole, forcing her forward her father’s cock slamming against the back of her throat. Jacob thrust back and began to cum. David thrust hard again, more than half his manhood embedded in her clutching ass. Rachael tried to scream around Jacob’s cock, opening her throat to the semen that shot from her father’s prick. David thrust forward again and the head of Jacob’s cock popped into her throat as he ejaculated into her stomach.

Seconds later, David came in Rachael’s ass.

As he hopped off the bed, Rachael rolled onto her side and curled into a fetal position.

Once her virginities had been fully removed, Jacob allowed David to enjoy his daughter’s ass and mouth with the only stipulation being that he would not hurt Rachael so much it would damage the baby. Only after her first trimester did Jacob agree that David could share her pussy, but David declined. His secretary and her friends filled his needs.

Thomas Jackson Weiss was born nine months later.

Susan was born fourteen days short of a year after Thomas.

Lynne was born fourteen months later, on Rachael’s 20th birthday.

Deciding that three heirs were sufficient, Jacob had the doctor perform a hysterectomy on Rachael. The doctor received a handsome bonus for tightening her vagina at the same time even though all her deliveries had been by ‘C’ section. Over the next year, she underwent several plastic surgeries to restore her body to as near pre-pregnancy terms as possible.

After the surgeries, rehab and gym workouts, David still showed little interest in Rachael, instead humiliating her by giving her to friends and business acquaintances to use.

Jacob died a horrible death, choking on his own vomit following a stroke four years after Lynne was born, placing all his assets in a trust for his daughter and grandchildren. David would be trustee for now, but Thomas would assume the role of trustee when he turned 21.

Darkness had claimed the day when Rachael finished her story. She could not remember which parts she relived in her mind and which she shared with Alice. As she recounted her story to Alice, Rachael’s feelings of betrayal fully resurfaced. She began to cry. Everything seemed so real again.

Somehow she was in Beth’s arms, being led back to their cabin.

Alice stared at the floor for a moment, let out a long sigh and closed her laptop. It seemed incredible that this woman had survived.