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BBC Billy

This is my first attempt at any sort of story, true or otherwise. I realize it might be a bit long winded but consider it practice for future stories. Comments welcome, but no reason to be ornery about it.

These events took place about about six years ago when I was 35.

I had known for years that I was bisexual. If I were to tell the truth, I have known since high school. It took me until I was 32 to finally try it for real though. By the time I met Billy I had already had many experiences with several men and had learned, for sure, that I was bisexual. I was married to a pretty hot woman at the time, but still craved my M2M time occasionally.

I met Billy on an online chat forum that catered to bisexual men. It was the same place I had met a couple of my other guys, so I had had success there. While I had several very satisfying experiences with white men, even some very well endowed white men, I kept going back to fantasizing about black cock. Big, long black cock. The idea of a big black man's cock in my round white ass kept me looking for just the right man to cure my curiosity.

I had pictures posted on my profile for the chat room and I got messaged regularly while online. One day a messaged popped up. It was from this black guy named Billy and we chatted for a couple hours. He was respectful, but playful, which appealed to me. We would chat several more times over the coming days and weeks and eventually exchanged pictures via email.

Since I specifically asked for them, he sent me several pictures of his cock. Both flacid and diamond hard. His pictures immediately stirred my interest and had me jacking off to thoughts of being stuffed by him. He was a little taller than my 5'9” frame at almost 6 feet tall, and he had a very athletic build. Not overly muscular, but very trim and tight. He had very dark black skin too which for me was a plus. His cock was a thing of pure beauty though. At 9” long and above average girth I was transfixed by the pictures of it.

We soon moved onto getting on cam with each other. We would stroke our cocks together and talk about meeting up. One particular night I told him I had a special show for him. As he sat behind his computer and watched, I stripped down and turned around so he could see my ass. I turned around to face the camera and held in my hand a rather large dildo that I used on myself regularly and suction cupped it to the table. Turning my back to him once more, I spread my ass checks apart and slowly sat down on the fake cock. Taking it all the way in. He was stroking his cock and telling me how much he wanted me. I told him the same as we stroked ourselves to a shuddering orgasm. That night we made plans to meet the following week.

On the day that we were finally going to meet, I was nervous and excited. I spent a couple hours before hand cleaning and preparing myself for what I hoped to be the best night of man sex I had ever had. Billy had to work that day so we had to wait until that evening. I drove over to his side of town and met him at the place he worked. We both wanted to meet in person somewhere with no pressure first, just to make sure that we both were still cool with everything before we decided to hook up. After a few minutes of talking to him, and getting along great, I was completely hard. All I could think about was getting back to his place. Apparently, I wasn't the only one as he soon spoke up and asked me if I was ready to go. Agreeing instantly, we walked out and headed to our cars. I followed him to his house a few minutes away.

He let me into his house and then followed and closed to door behind him. When I turned to look at him, the look in his eyes said all that needed to be said. We walked towards each other and fell against each other. The next few minutes were a blur as our tongues and lips tangled with the others and cloths started being removed.

He was down to his boxers and I was naked when I took a step back and looked at him. He reached for the waistband of his shorts and I stopped him. Stepping back close to him, I hooked my thumbs in the band and started to push them down over his hips as I slowly sank to my knees. Finally! After several weeks of teasing and waiting, his heavy black cock lay before me. Now, I knew how long 9” was, but until I was face to cock with it, I just had no idea. His sexy cock was heavy and hung low over a set of shaved balls. If ever I had had a doubt about being with a black man, it quickly evaporated as I sat eye to eye with this impressive piece of manhood.

Placing a hand on each hip, I leaned in to him and the first part of me to touch his cock was my mouth. I slowly took the head in and immediately knew there was no way I was ever getting the entire thing in my mouth. I didn’t care though, I just wanted it. He knew what I wanted and he didn’t try to force himself down my throat or get rough with me. He let me set the pace and gently put his hand on the back of my head. I managed to slowly work up and down his cock until I was getting a little over half of it inside my mouth while I swirled my tongue over it. I slide all the way off and lifted his massive tool up so could suck his balls, one by one, into my eager mouth.

Billy placed a hand on each shoulder and slowly lifted me up. Leading me to the bedroom, I followed and almost panted with the excitement of it all. Once in the bed, he had me lay down and straddled me as we fell into a 69 position. His mouth instantly engulfed my entire 7” dick. I had never had anyone, man or woman, be able to completely take my cock with no resistance. It was mind blowing. It felt so good I almost forgot about my new favorite toy dangling above my face. He slowly reminded my by lowering his cock into my willing mouth.

He kept still while I bobbed my head up and down his length. Since he been nothing but considerate so far I lay my head back and grabbed his hips and pulled him down into my waiting mouth. Letting him know it was OK for him to work his hips and feed me that beautiful black snake. He took the hint and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth being careful to not go to far. It was a fantasy come true for me. I had cum so many times thinking about sucking his cock, having him fuck my face, and I was finally getting it. I knew at this rate of excitement though, I wasn't going to last very long so I eased my way off his cock and patted him to let him know I was ready for something new.

He crawled off me and turned around, now sitting up on his knees facing me. He looked down and smiled at me and said “I am glad you stopped. Your mouth was getting me close to cumming. You are amazing.” Smiling back, I said “I've never had anyone deep throat me like that. I almost came as soon as you did that. It took all my willpower to control myself.”

Billy said “You don't have to worry about controlling yourself with me. We are in no hurry and there is no reason to be one and done. You can cum as many times as you want tonight” “good, I might have to take you up on that” I said.

I crawled over to him and gave his cock a quick lick and then turned around, presenting my ass to him. He reached over and grabbed the lube off the bedside table and started applying it to his cock, making it shine in the low light of the lamp. Next he started rubbing my ass and making me slick with the lube. Slowly he inserted one finger, working it in and out of my ass. A second finger soon followed and then a third. He was getting more and more excited as he finger fucked my ass. “Oh man, your ass is so nice. Your ass looks so hot with three fingers in it. Mm mm, Work your ass on my fingers, come on, push back on my hand”

I started flexing my hips and pushing back on his probing fingers. He grabbed my shoulder with his right hand and helped me push back on the fingers of his left hand as he stretched my asshole out and got it ready for the fucking of a lifetime. I was really getting into it when I felt him remove his fingers and his left hand joined his right on my shoulders. He leaned down and said “Are you ready? Are you ready for my cock?” I shook my head yes. “Tell me you want my cock” he said. “I want your cock in my ass Billy. Fuck me with your big black cock!”

With the word “cock” still on my lips I felt the head of his monster touch my open asshole. Squeezing my shoulders he slowly started to push his cock into my waiting ass. Inch by inch he slid in. Stopping to pull almost all the way out before easing back in further and further. I could feel my hole stretch around his cock. Feel him filling up my ass like I had never felt before. A slight tinge of pain issued from my invaded anal cavity and he pushed more of his cock into me. I was almost at the point of having him stop when I finally felt his pelvis push against my ass cheeks. He was now completely buring, balls deep, in my ass.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Oh god yes” I said. “Just take it slow at first”

Sitting up straight he grabbed my hips and slowly started to pull his cock out of my ass. As he did, I felt the emptiness that remained. I released the breathe I had been holding, unknowingly, and waited for him to continue. He released my hips and massaged my ass cheeks in his large hands as he pushed back into me. I struggled to remain still and I felt the entirety of his amazing cock bottom out inside me again. He worked his cock in and out of me slowly for several minutes. Each time it became easier to take him, and more pleasurable.

I looked back over my shoulder and said “Fuck me Billy. Fuck my round white ass with your huge black cock”

As he started to fuck my ass he said“You've wanted me to fuck you because I am black more than because I have a big dick huh? You wanted to have black cock in your white ass more than anything.”

“Oh my god, yes, partially. I've wanted a black cock for a long time, it just took finding the right man. You are it Billy.”

“Then I am going to make sure you remember me, and my cock” he said. With that he slammed into me with all his force, rocking me forward. “Your white ass looks so good. Your tight asshole is pulling back on my black cock as I fuck you. How does that feel!”

“MmmmmMm” was all I could manage. I was reeling from the sensation of his cock stretching my asshole and from feeling like a bit of a slut. Here I was being fucked by a black man and loving it after only just meeting him in person tonight. It felt dirty and nasty and amazing. I was getting fucked by a black cock and I was loving it. I reached back and pulled him into me “fuck me Billy, fuck me harder!”

He was rocking into me at a hammering pace. The only sounds were our gruntings and the sound his skin made as it slapped into my ass. After a few minutes of serious sex I pushed back on him to slow him down and eventually pulled off of him.

“Lay down on the bed Billy” I told him.

When he was laid down I stood over him and lowered my ass down to his cock. Grabbing it in my hands I applied more lube and positioned it at the entrance of my ass. Looking him in the eyes I pushed down and took his entire length in me in one motion. He gasped and grabbed my waist. I started, slowly at first, to bounce up and down. Picking up the pace I was quickly into a fast rhythm that had me bottoming out on his cock and he squeezed and guided me with his strong hands on my waist. Billy reached and started stroking my hard cock with his hand as I rode him. I was getting close to cumming but wanted to prolong this feeling as long as possible. Reluctantly I slowed down and pulled off of him as I leaned forward to suck one of his nipples into my mouth. He moaned and grabbed my hair and pressed me into his chest.

I rolled over onto my back and spread my knees for him, inviting him in. He wasted no time and was soon on his knees between my open legs and pointing his still rigid cock at my now open and stretched asshole. Slowly he eased into me and filled me up like I wanted. In no time he was building up a pace that would have set some kind of speed record I am sure. I was able to lean forward a bit and actually see, for the first time, his black cock slide in and out of my white ass. Along with all the other things that I had felt that night, of finally being able to be fucked by a black cock, actually seeing it was to much.

My cum started to boil in my balls as I watched his cock become a blur as he slammed into me. I fell back and moaned “Oh god Billy, I am going to cum. I am not even touching my dick. You fucking me is all it is going to take” My statement had an instant effect on him and even though I didn't think it was possible, he started fucking me even harder. I was seconds away and there was nothing I could do to hold back.

“Ohhhhhhhh that's it Billy, fuck me! Fuck me!” I said.

Billy almost screamed “I'm going to cum! I am going to blow'

“Fuck my ass Billy. Cum in my ass, fill me up!!” Just saying those words did me in, I exploded. Long thick jets of my cum blast out of my cock and covered my stomach and chest. The sensation of cumming while getting fucked without ever touching my cock was a new one, and beyond description. I was still spasming when Billy cried “Here I cum, here I cum. I am going to fucking fill you up!”

One last slam of his body and he was still. I could feel his cock convulsing inside my now well used ass. Spurt after spurt of his cream pumped into my ass as he twitched and pushed further into me. We stayed like that, frozen, for several minutes as we both caught our breath. Slowly he pulled his shrinking cock out of me and lay down beside me on the bed. I could feel the lube and his cum almost flow out of my ass. I tried to close my ass but it required more effort than I wanted to expend so I just lay there and let my open ass spill its contents onto the bed cover.

Eventually we got up and walked each other to the shower. We helped each other wash off while we caressed each others bodies. Even limp, his cock was impressive and I didn’t resist the urge to suck it in it's relaxed state. He was spent, so I didn't get much growth out of it but I didn't care. Neither did he. He let me suck and lick him under the shower until the hot water began to run out.

As I got dressed to leave he asked when he could see me again. “Whenever you want” I said. “I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other”

A quick pat on the ass and I was out the door and headed home. I couldn't wait for our next adventure and the feel of that beautiful cock filling me up.

Blast from the past

Keep in mind this is my first story. I would love to here your comment, but if you just feel the need to bitch DON’T! Advice is welcome. Thanks!

My name is Alex, which is short for Alexandra. I live in a small southern town where everyone pretty much knows one another. It isn't uncommon to become pregnant or marry at a young age, and I was no exception. By the time I was twenty I had two kids and a dead beat to raise. Coming from a broken home myself it was important for me to keep my little family together. I wanted better for my kids; the only problem is he made our lives a living hell.

Jeff slept and popped pills all day while I went to school, worked, took care of the house, and kids. He refused to work and belittled everything I did. I was lost and felt that I had made my choices and should deal with them. I stayed for over 10 years before I decided I had had enough and wanted out.

That day, almost down to the minute that I decided that I was done I heard from an old friend…
I had not seen or heard from Dom in at least 14 or 15 years. We dated briefly in junior high, basically a week of hand holding and phone calls. So I was surprised to say the least when in the middle of a huge argument with Jeff, I receive an instant message from Dom.

So it started…
That night in the midst of a hellish argument and writing an essay for my literature class comes my blast from the past. We talked for hours catching up on one another’s lives; it was like a breath of fresh air. At 2 that morning we finally said our good byes, and I told him not to be a stranger. I assumed I wouldn't hear from him again, you know how it goes. So I was surprised again when a few days later I receive another message asking if it was okay for us to chat. He made me happy…the emotion was so strange I didn't even know what it was at first. So of course I was more than willing to talk to him again. Much like the first time, we talked for hours still learning and getting to know one another.

It all started innocently enough. We would text or fb several times a week about nothing in particular, family, work, kids etc… After a few weeks of that we started talking every day. He would text while he was at work, and sometimes when he got home if his girlfriend was at work. It became the highlight of my day. I waited eagerly by my phone every morning for my new favorite sound…ding.

Jeff had managed to isolate me from my friends and family, so it was great to have someone to talk to. I had started branching out some, but this was different. I don’t know if it was the connection that we once had or that we had so much in common, but the pull was there from the beginning. I don’t think either one of us expected things to happen the way they did. The timing couldn't have been any more wrong. He was expecting a baby and ready to ask his longtime girlfriend to marry him. I was trying to find a way out of the my marriage… it was like calm in the middle of the storm for me though. It seemed like he was feeding me as daily doses of courage, and I could hold my head up high for the first time in years.

As our comfort level with one another grew we opened up more and more. He told me things about his past and present as I did with him. Then out of the blue he asks me a strange question. He asks me if a blow job was considered cheating. I was floored we had not spoken of or mentioned sex at all. Well that definitely broke the ice on that subject. He told me that he and his girlfriend had stopped having sex when she became pregnant. He said even before she didn't give blow jobs. It had been 5 years since he had had someone’s lips around his dick. I couldn't believe that she didn't like going down on him. It used to be one of my favorite things before Jeff. I loved the control, the look in a man’s eyes when he was lost. I tried to be good. I gave him advice on different things to try. My imagination was running wild, it had been so long since I had had a big hard dick anywhere near me. Jeff and I had not fucked in years. The pills made it where he couldn't get it up. So I lived on batteries and fantasy. Dom had unknowingly just stroked the flames of my fantasies.

Still trying to be good for his sake, I gave him more tips. What he didn't know is I was picturing myself doing all of these things to him. I wanted to taste him in the worst way. What I didn't know is that it was turning him on as much as it was me. After an hour he sent me a video of him jerking off. It was so hot; I wanted to be there to catch his hot spunk in my mouth. I've always been a cum slut. I love the feel of it on my skin, and the taste in my mouth. I didn't care about Jeff or Dom’s girlfriend any more. All I cared about was sucking the cum out of his huge black cock. I had never been with a black guy before, and the thought of have him balls deep in my warm wet mouth was about all I could take.

We kept our distance because we knew what would happen if we were alone together. We still talked every day, and sexting just as much. We saw each other a couple of time (in the presents of other people.) It took us three months before we finally gave in. We met somewhere dark and quite. I climbed into his car and sat there for a while, it was odd at first since we hadn't been alone with one another in years. I knew what I wanted, but didn't want to come off as a slut so I waited… But the bulge in his jeans let me know he wanted it as badly as I did. I finally got the nerve to reach over and rub him. It didn't take me long to unbuckle his belt and jeans. I wanted to feel that soft silky skin in my hand. He was hard as hell, and I could wait to take him in my mouth. I had never seen a dick so big up close before. I took my time stroking him, my fingers wouldn't fit all the way around, but the teasing was getting us both hot. I took off my shirt before I bent down and put him in my mouth. It was the sweetest taste… Like coming home…I couldn't get enough.

I suck, slurped, and pumped enjoying every moan and groan he made. Every time I licked and sucked I could feel the pull at the core of my pussy. I was so fucking wet and he hadn't even touched me. I think I was half in love with him then, but when he started cumming in my mouth I was gone. All I could think about was the next time. I wondered how far we would go. I wanted him everywhere. I wanted to feel the big cock pounding in my mouth, ass, pussy, and sliding between my tits. I wanted to be his toy, his slave, anything he wanted or needed I was more than willing. I wanted to please Dom in the worst way. He didn't know it yet, but I had a submissive streak a mile wide. I needed to be controlled. It turned me on it the worst way that he didn't touch me the first time. I had not earned it yet.

It wasn't long before we had to see each other again. We had given each other something that we had been missing. I had given him the release that he desired while he had given me someone to trust. I could open up to him about my needs and wants and he understood because he was just kinky as I was. We needed to fuck like most people need air and water. We tried to stay away but the constant talking and masturbating weren't enough anymore. I found myself rubbing my pussy whenever I thought of him. It didn't matter if I was driving or in class. It was like a fire that I couldn't put out any more. I had never met anyone like him. We shared a lot of the same hopes, dreams, and fantasies.

I knew that he wanted a threesome and I was attempting to make the arrangements for his birthday. It was only about four months away, and I was extremely excited. I had always wanted to fuck a girl, but never had the nerve to try. The thought of Dom watching my first time was enough to close the deal. I had started planning…first she would suck his dick and then I would join in. Licking and sucking his hard cock. When he got ready to cum I wanted to be the one who took him in my mouth…I love the way his cum tastes, and I’m not sure I could share the first load. After he was relaxed I wanted him watch as we explored one another’s bodies. I wanted to lick her from top to bottom…finally burying my face between her thighs. I couldn't wait to taste her juicy cunt, stick my tongue inside of her, and sucking her clit until she came apart.
I figured by the time we were done with one another he would be ready for round two. I could picture him sitting there stroking that huge dick until it was ready to burst…

Well even with the best laid plans problems seem to find their way in. Ours happened about the middle of July, with a drunken phone call. As usual I had been up late fighting with Jeff. I had just gotten good and asleep when the phone rang. When I seen it was Dom I thought something was wrong because he normal didn’t call when he knew I was home. It was around 3:30 in the morning, and he wanted me to come over. I was stressed and upset because of Jeff, so I didn't question it. I got up showed, dressed, and left. I arrived around 4:30 and of course the house was quite. The front door was open and the TV was on. I assumed he had fallen asleep on the couch waiting for me. I knocked on the door, and much to my surprise an older lady answers the door…this is how I met his mother. She had been babysitting and decided to stay over instead of driving home that night. I tried to think quick, but I have never been a good liar. Needless to say neither is he. We were busted and things went to shit pretty fast.

His mother informed his girlfriend that I had came over, and that was pretty much the end of that…or so I thought.

Thanks for reading my story! Let me know if you want to hear part two… how his birthday became a surprise for us both.