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Holidays, Chapter 1 – A New Year

This is my first attempt at writing. All comments on how to make the next chapter better are appreciated. :)

The clock struck 12:01 AM on the new year of 2013, but all Sadie Moreau could think about was her desire to get fucked. It was her idea to bring her husband Mark out to the dance club to celebrate New Year’s, but now she just wanted to get wild out in the alley beside the downtown Toronto club. Sadie had just recently turned thirty, however her sex drive had stayed the same since her late teens, only abating when she was busy with work or stressed about life’s issues. Tonight was a different kind of horny though, this was the first time she had actually been having fun since getting the news from her doctor that she was unable to have children, and she was all the more excitable having taken a recent break from romance and sex while dealing with the news.

Sadie had been excited about tonight for the last couple of days. She really wanted to show Mark a good time for being so understanding lately about her medical news that she’d received three weeks before. She wore a revealingly tight and short red dress to make Mark as crazy and jealous as she could, then she would let him do whatever he wanted to her, but now all the stares she was getting in the club from admiring guys and girls around her had gotten her own blood so hot that she took Mark by the hand and began to lead him off the dance floor. Sadie wasn’t the most graceful person when it came to squeezing through dense crowds. Her large and firm cantaloupe sized breasts, coupled with her toned cyclist ass made it hard to maneuver in tight spaces. Her long brightly coloured blonde hair was a bit dishevelled from the grinding she’d been doing and kept getting into her incredible sky blue eyes. Both men and women in the club found it difficult not to make subtle gropes at Sadie when they saw her body, and they were all but prepared to rip off her clothes when they looked at her Helen-of-Troyesque face, that was so symmetrical and without blemish that she more resembled a perfect work of art than a living breathing human being. Sufficient to say, Mark was a lucky man as he was led from the dancing crowd.

“Sadie, where are you taking me? I thought you wanted to dance all night.” Mark asked loudly over the chest pounding bass.

“I want to get us some privacy babe, for a different kind of dance.” She replied, unsure of whether Mark heard her.

Mark could tell from the way his wife, Sadie had been dancing tonight that she was really charged up for sex. He had struggled to not get a hard-on when she had been grinding her tight butt against his thin dress pants, a struggle he had failed to overcome. At one point Sadie had been looking back at him and she was biting her plump lower lip, which was coloured pink and glossy tonight, which Sadie knew was his favourite. That had made it impossible for him not to get hard. He had told her once that whenever she looked at him that way with her lips coloured, all he could think about was putting his instantly rock hard piece in her mouth, and that he did not want to be gentle about it. He had never actually been very rough with her before, but tonight was different, and both of them knew it. Mark also couldn’t help but notice that everyone else in the club was absolutely eye fucking his wife to the bone, and he could not blame them tonight. Sadie had really been begging for it the way she was dressed. Her outfit was so tight everyone that wasn’t legally blind was able to see even the finest contour on her perfectly sculpted body, and she had just happened not to have worn a bra.

The club they were in was aptly called ‘Wishbone’, it was a more exclusive place with a fifty dollar cover and nobody was allowed in that was under the age of 25. The way this New Year’s crowd was looking at Sadie though, you could have sworn that everyone in there was just seeing their first pair of breasts. The women in the club were even brave enough to ‘accidently’ rub against Sadie as she passed by them on their way to the coat check booth, more than one got a handful of her ass. The guys weren’t shy about looking, but Mark Moreau was not a man to be fucked with. He stood about six feet four inches in his socks and had the build of Daniel Craig in the film, Casino Royale. Since Sadie and he were wed ten years ago when they were both twenty, no guy ever made a move on her. Marks’s body language and his deep navy eyes sent the message to every player in the bar that he would not be afraid to lay them out of they got too close to “his Sadie”. Marks face was pretty in a man’s way, but it was strong at the same time, somewhat like Ryan Philippe’s features, but with a much stronger jawline. Sadie appreciated Mark’s protective style of love, she also knew that he was not jealous whatsoever of women getting close to her. Mark had never got upset when girls would kiss Sadie, he often encouraged her to go along with it, but it never went further than brief heavy petting with other women.

Finally after wading about in the crowd for a few minutes, Sadie and Mark reached the coat check. The line was fifty people deep, which meant entirely too long of a wait for the mutually heated couple, truthfully neither of them needed a coat despite it being -15 degrees Celsius outside, their blood was pumping so fast throughout their body at this point from animalism that it crossed both of their minds to just have sex right then and there, but cooler heads prevailed, and they pushed to the exit after they glanced at each other. Over a hundred pairs of eyes followed them as they made their way out.

“I was having a great time dancing, but I was getting a little too hot in more ways than one to stay in there. Besides, you’ve been so great about this infertility thing lately that you don’t deserve to be teased any longer.” Sadie explained

“Hmmm, I see. To be honest I was pretty close to having you back there in front of everyone. I don’t know how you do it, Sadie, but you still make me crazy even after all this time.” Mark said as he gave her a deep kiss, with just a hint of tongue. “Let’s hurry to the car, we can come back and get our coats tomorrow or something. Right now I just want to get you in bed and do all sorts of filthy things to you.” A big smile had grown on his face.

“well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait that long, and I think we should start this new year with something special that will set the pace for 2013.” Sadie replied in her quiet seductive voice. Her nipples had begun to show through her dress, not from the cold but from pure arousal. Not caring if anybody was watching she took Mark’s large hand into her own small one and slowly guided him up to her upper inner thigh, which Mark immediately realized was soaking wet, even through her black lacy panties. He’d had no idea Sadie was that horny.

Still holding onto Mark’s moistened hand, Sadie led him around the side of the club. It was a well-kept place, and the neighbourhood was pretty safe, so she wasn’t too worried as she continued to guide Mark around into the closest dimly lit alley. Neither of them noticed the cold as Sadie reached under her dress and pulled down her sexy black panties that clearly showed the evidence of how wanting she was for cock. Mark, being a gentleman, kissed Sadie’s neck and lips as he lifted and sat her on a large humming electrical box of some sort. The vibration and added warmth added to Sadie’s excitement, she wasn’t sure she could maintain consciousness anymore unless Mark began to service her. Mark immediately spread her legs and began eating out her delicious and juicy pussy. He always loved licking her, she did such an excellent job of tasting and looking impossibly appetizing. Sadie moaned in the alley, quietly hoping someone would see what they were doing, while at the same time hoping not to get caught. Mark continued to trace his tongue all over Sadie while she moaned his name and begged him to be inside of her. With his mouth now covered in Sadie’s intoxicating aroma, Mark could no longer contain his now raging cock inside his pants.

Sadie stood up and bent over the electrical box as Mark undid his pants and took a condom out of his wallet.

“You’re not going to need those anymore Mark, remember? Stop fooling around and fuck my brains out. Don’t treat me like a lady tonight.”

Mark realized his old habit of reaching for a condom was now a thing of the past and immediately slid inside of Sadie’s eager and incredibly tight pussy. Mark’s cock was a respectable seven inches, which was more than enough with Sadie, who often couldn’t handle the whole thing because she was built so petite below the waist. Sadie’s internal muscles gripped onto Mark’s solid dick with more veracity then either of them had ever experienced, it felt incredible. Sadie had never felt so filled this deeply before and Mark was in complete heaven as he enjoyed his wife that had suddenly become tighter and warmer than she was as a teenager.

They began sweating as Mark fucked Sadie increasingly hard. He was surprised how well Sadie was taking him, and also that no one could hear them as the sound of Mark’s waist hitting her ass was loud enough to be heard a hundred yards away, she was also moaning his name like he was Superman with a 14 inch dick. Mark seeing how far he could push things tonight began pulling Sadie’s hair roughly and spanking her hard enough to leave hand prints for days. It was the slapping sounds that drew Rachel from across the street.

The married couple furiously fucking in the dim alley didn’t notice Rachel walk right up to them and stand behind Mark as his sweaty body kept sexually punishing Sadie’s wanting hole. Rachel waited a full two minutes before she began to remove her own panties from beneath her skimpy black dress. She moved in beside Sadie and that’s when Sadie noticed the hot young latina girl. Without speaking a word, Rachel began kissing Sadie, holding nothing back. The couple weren’t in the mood for asking questions, and this turn of events suddenly made what was already their best fuck session even better. Sadie became so wet she began noticeably dripping down her legs, and Mark could only do his best not to finish too soon. He’d always had a thing for dark skinned latina type girls, and this was just too perfect. Mark wasn’t sure Sadie would do more than just kiss this girl, even though what Sadie and Rachel were really doing could only be described as face fucking. That was already enough for him but when Rachel laid down on the electrical box in front of Sadie and spread her legs in front of her face, Mark knew he’d only last another couple minutes. That’s when mark pulled out of Sadie and used some nearby snow to quickly reduce his blood flow.

Sadie knew that Mark wanted to enjoy as much of this experience as he could, so she understood what he was doing when he took his completely engorged cock out of her quivering pussy. She had only rarely been able to cum from actual intercourse, but she felt like tonight was going to be one of those rare occasions. As Rachel lay in front of her with her legs spread and her little pussy ready to be eaten, Sadie couldn’t help herself to try something else new. Rachel didn’t have as nice a chest as Sadie, but her body was tone, her ass was perfectly shaped and her skin was a beautiful shade of light brown. Rachel’s pussy smelled great too, She had been expecting to hook up tonight and so cleaned and perfumed herself to make sure she had someone eat her out, Sadie was happy to oblige.

After a ten second cool down session, Mark re-entered Sadie from behind. He obviously wasn’t as big and hard as he had just been before the break, but he was still able to give Sadie the fuck of a lifetime, and his cock was now cold on the surface from the snow, which sent Sadie over the edge quicker than ever before. Mark loved feeling her cum and squeeze all over his cock. He kept thrusting and put pressure on her asshole with his right hand thumb as he switched between spanking and pulling her hair with his left hand. It wasn’t long before she came again and her knees began to sag a bit. Rachel too was moaning and cumming from Sadie’s tongue work. Sadie knew exactly what Rachel wanted, and gained pleasure from seeing how much she was turning Rachel on.

Mark continued watching his wife eat out the mysterious latina for a few more minutes before he knew he absolutely had to explode.

“Where do you want me to cum, baby?” Mark asked in a voice without much breath.

“You have to finish inside of me, Mark, I’ve always wanted to feel your warm cum inside of me, now we have nothing to worry about.” Sadie replied as she looked back, her face red and sweating.

Mark finally let himself cum. He drove his cock as far as he could inside of Sadie, and simultaneously pushed his thumb deep into her ass. He released 6 cumshots inside of her clenched pussy before he stopped counting, but his dick kept twitching and emptying more cum inside of her. He stayed inside a few more seconds, enjoying his dominant position over Sadie before he pulled himself out of her, a large volume of his cream followed his cock out and spilled on the ground as Sadie remained bent over with her face hovering just above Rachel’s sopping pussy.

“What now?” Rachel asked. She still hadn’t told the couple her name.

“I’ve never had another woman lick me. I want you to eat my husband’s cum out of my pussy, and I want
you to do it laying on your back like you are.”

“Absolutely! Come sit on my face.” Rachel’s eager voice made Mark hard again.

Without saying anything else, Sadie stood up straight and then straddled the electrical box that Rachel was laying on. Sadie lowered herself over Rachel’s face with Mark’s cum still dripping out of her steadily. Rachel’s mouth was wide open catching most of it, but a few stray drops freckled her face. Sadie lowered herself until she was resting right on Rachel’s mouth. Mark was a couple feet back watching as the women shared his seed, from the tight hole of his wife to the slutty mouth of this young girl with the rockin’ body. That’s when he noticed that Rachel was reaching under Sadie and was rubbing her own clitoris.

Mark stepped closer and began kissing the back of his wife’s neck while Rachel continued sloppily tonguing her. Thinking with his dick, Mark reached down and began rubbing Rachel’s wet pussy; Rachel withdrew her own hand and allowed Mark to do the work, while they both kept working on Sadie. Growing hard and frustrated, Mark knelt down without Sadie knowing what was going on directly behind her; she was too focused on Rachel’s mouth to think about what Mark was doing. Mark took advantage of the distraction by slipping his cock into the eager crotch of the girl whose name he still did not know. He didn’t put on a condom and right now he didn’t care. All three of them were completely caught up in what was going on. Rachel wasn’t as tight as Sadie, but she was different and young and that was all that Mark needed, he began thrusting himself deep inside of Rachel as his wife continued to receive Rachel’s tongue inside of her, inches from what he was doing.

Rachel’s pussy was soft and gently grabbed at his now throbbing cock. Mark didn’t care if he got this latina girl pregnant or if he even caught something off of her, all he could focus on was the amazing feeling of both her slutty cunt and the fact that he was fucking a younger woman literally right behind his wife’s back. Careful not to thrust to hard and make Sadie know what was going on behind her, Mark quickened his pace and rushed himself to his climax. Coincidentally Rachel came at the same time, however she didn’t let on by moaning, she knew Mark wanted to fuck her secretly in case his wife didn’t agree to it. Rachel continued to lap up the sexy blonde’s cum filled pussy as she felt herself and the husband finish simultaneously. She was on the pill and had never contracted an STD, and felt pretty confident that the married guy who had just fucked her to orgasm was in the same boat. She didn’t care in any case, his cock felt great and so did the warm cum he unloaded inside of her.

Mark backed off and zipped up his fly when he noticed his jizz starting to come out of Rachel. He could tell from Sadie’s quickening breath that she was almost at her orgasm, so stealthily he picked up Rachel’s panties and put them back on her. Almost as though on cue, as Mark had finished hiding the evidence that he had just fucked the young girl and begun backing away, his wife finished on Rachel’s mouth. All the excitement caused tremors throughout her body. She dismounted Rachel and replaced her own panties.

Rachel swallowed everything that Sadie had deposited in her mouth and wiped off her face with her forearm.

“That was unbelievable.” Sadie said quietly to herself.

“It was nice meeting you guys.” Rachel said. She made a few last minute adjustments to her hair and dress then started walking down the dim alley back towards the street she had come from.

“Holy Christ, did that just actually happen? I don’t think I’ve ever had a better orgasm than the all of the ones I had tonight.” Sadie said. She fell limply into Mark’s arms.
“It’s the start of a whole new year darlin’” Mark said as he released a big gasp of air. A wide smile swept over his face.

E3 – Educating Natalie – DP, BBC, Incest & Cuckold

E3 – Educating Natalie – DP, BBC, Incest & Cuckold

By billy69boy

Chapter Three

After Uncle Roger finished his shower, he was greeted by his angry girlfriend. How dare he? Such a young girl! How could he? My uncle had no answers. I heard Sandy tell him he could make it up to her by doing what she said. He nodded eagerly. She told him he would take her out Friday night to Black Mack’s tavern, around the corner from their apartment. He would invite two men of her choosing back to their place. He would have to watch them fuck her, and do whatever she told him to do. He quickly agreed to accept her demands. I thought it was kind of strange that she would make her case in front of me, until she added that she wanted Natalie to be there too, as if she decided I deserved to be punished as well. When Sandy asked me directly if I was free to stay overnight this Friday night, I could do nothing but nod my head in agreement.

After dinner on Thursday night, I told my mom and dad my plans for staying at Roger and Sandy’s place over the weekend, and they barely looked my way as they grunted their consent. After quickly clearing the table and loading the dishwasher, I ran up to my room and packed my bag. I didn’t have much in the way of sexy clothes at my age, so I snuck into my parents’ room and stole one of my mom’s sheer black negligees, and then raced back into my room. I took off all my clothes and tried it on. As I watched my emerging curves appear in my mirror, I couldn’t help but start touching my boobs and my twitching pussy. I pulled the nightie up to my waist, and slid one finger, then two fingers, into my hot slit. It made my knees buckle right away, and I had to lie on my bed so I wouldn’t fall down. I watched in the mirror as my fingers thrust in and out of my quivering cunt. It got me so turned on; I came right away, and then again, right after the first one. When I finally calmed down, I took off my mom’s nightie and hid it at the bottom my overnight bag. I was certain she wouldn’t miss it. Mom and dad hardly seemed to talk to each other anymore, much less have sex together, which is another reason why I found it so unnerving when I caught my dad leering at my emerging womanhood with those greedy, sinful eyes of his.

I was so horny from thinking about the weekend. Friday couldn’t get here soon enough, I thought, as I lay naked on my bed. I reached over to my nightstand, and picked up my old reliable hairbrush. First, I ran the bristles lightly over my pussy lips, as I thought about what Sandy had said to me and Uncle Roger. I didn’t know exactly what she planned, but it sounded like it was going to be pretty wild. After the bristles got me all worked up again, I turned the brush around and buried the handle deep into my cunt hole. I fucked myself hard and fast, and soon my whole body was jumping and jerking from my intense climax.

When I arrived at my uncle’s house Friday night, I was impressed to see Uncle Roger all dressed up, and Sandy looking so sexy in her low cut blouse, and her miniskirt. They told me Grandfather Jakob would stay with me until they got home. They only planned to be gone for an hour or two. That was fine with me. I wondered what else grandfather might want to teach me. He already wore a big, lustful grin on his face, as he shamelessly undressed me with his eyes. Even though I was wearing a plain white blouse and my favorite black skirt, he acted like I was standing there naked. I could tell I was blushing, and I got that familiar feeling between my legs, and I knew that my panties were getting damp already. When Sandy and Uncle Roger walked out the door, it only took about 10 seconds for Grandfather Jakob to pounce on me like a lion attacking his prey. He took me into his arms and gave me a big hug. Soon, his hands slid down my back and he squeezed my ass.
Instinctively, I reached between his legs and rubbed his hard cock through his pants. He groaned, and started to unbutton my blouse as quickly as he could. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so my firm, naked little boobs popped right out. He cupped them in his trembling hands, and massaged them a little roughly, but it felt good. I got really hot as he reached under my short skirt and slipped my pink panties down to the floor. He dropped to his knees and gawked at my smooth pussy that greeted his saucer eyes. As I held my skirt up for him, he touched my clittie and swirled around it with his fingertip. It made me lightheaded with anticipation. I watched his face as he slid his finger into my wet pussy, and began to finger fuck me quite vigorously with one hand, while he reached behind me and felt my ass with his other hand. He replaced his fingers with his mouth, and buried his face in my juicy crotch. My legs really started shaking, as he sucked my cunt and fondled my ass. Sensing that I was having a hard time standing up by then, he pulled me down to my knees, and stood up so that his throbbing member was at my face level. I didn’t need to be told to take his huge meat stick in my mouth. He held my head steady while I worked several inches into my mouth, but he only stroked me for a minute or two before he groaned, and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was surprised, but I guess he didn’t want to cum just yet.

He walked around behind me, and pushed my head down onto the floor. He spread my ass cheeks with his meaty hands, and buried his mouth in my ass crack. He had me jerking all around, as he sucked on my dark pucker. I was in ecstasy. He abruptly sat up and fingered my pussy and ass all at once. I came all over his hand. He pulled his fingers out and put his hand in front of my face. My mouth opened automatically, and he slid them in. I sucked them, and he groaned again. He refocused on my ass after that, spreading my cheeks wide and pushing his throbbing cock into me as I sighed loudly. He was gentle at first, but not for long. Soon, I was taking his full length deep in my ass, and all I wanted was to feel him cumming inside me. Instead, he pulled his erupting cock out, rolled me over, and shoved his cock into my mouth. I sucked all his cum down my throat, and licked his shaft clean. Then, we heard the front door open. In walked Uncle Roger, Sandy, and her younger sibling Louise. Oh, and two big, athletic looking black men.

For some reason, I didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed, being caught sucking old Grandfather’s cock. It seemed natural, and no one coming in the door seemed to show any reaction. They were into their own thing, I guess, but I wasn’t sure what it was yet. They all filed by us and headed into the bedroom. On the way by, Louise winked right at me, and motioned with her head that I should join them. Louise was 23, and beautiful. I had secretly admired her sexy body for a few years. I was ready to go with them, but Grandfather wasn’t done with me yet. I saw him coming back from the kitchen, clutching a banana in his hand. He put me in the kneeling position, and began to lick my hot box. I bucked against his mouth shamelessly, and I was cumming in no time. He sat up, and pushed the banana into my steaming pussy, and fucked me with it unmercifully. I didn’t protest at all. I took all of it, and he seemed to be impressed with that. He was obviously in his glory, having his way with such a young innocent girl. I got a kick out of his enthusiasm, and I did all I could to accommodate him. When he pulled the banana out of my cunt, I wiggled my tight ass, and spread my cheeks for him, silently suggesting that he try his banana there. He laughed with pure glee, as he filled my ass with that banana. It seemed like just the sheer nerve of my kinky old grandfather was enough to make me cum again.

After that, we decided to see what was happening in the bedroom. But first, I went to the guest room, whipped open my bag, and dug out the sexy negligee I had brought for the occasion. I put it on, and I must say I looked pretty hot in it. When we entered the room, Grandfather and I were both shocked by what we saw: Sandy was on her knees on the bed: straddling one black man, while the other one crouched behind her. They were fucking her in both holes at once! Wow, I’d never even thought of that before, despite my earnest, if incomplete study of the science of porn.

Uncle Roger was lying next to them on the bed, with Louise squatting over his face, grinding her cunt into his mouth. As grandfather and I stood in awe, our mouths agape, I heard Sandy tell Roger to get ready. Louise quickly got off the bed, and flopped down on a chair, looking all dreamy-eyed. All of a sudden, the black man who was fucking Sandy’s ass pulled out and plunged his cock into my beloved uncle’s mouth and filled it with his load of cum. I was in shock. I didn’t see that one coming at all. But I was even more surprised when Sandy rolled off the other man, and she pointed at me. He stood up in front of me, pushed me to my knees, and filled my mouth with his huge fat cock. I tried my best to suck it, even though I could barely get my lips around his cockhead. I guess I was good enough, because his jizz spurted out, and I swallowed as fast as I could. I looked around and it seemed like everyone was pumping each other, or feeling themselves up while they watched me try to drink down all his cum. I was gasping for air when he finally finished dumping his load down my throat, but I didn’t throw up or anything gross, so I guess I did okay. The man cupped my face in his hands and gave me a big smile, his eyes twinkling.

By now, I didn’t think anything would surprise me. Louise made her way over to me. She bent over and kissed me on the lips, and then she f***ed her tongue inside my mouth as she tried to taste all that cum I just swallowed. She whispered in my ear that she was so glad I was finally ready for sex. They had all waited patiently for me to get to this point of sexual curiosity. With that, she pushed me onto my back, and straddled my face. She lowered herself down onto my mouth, and wiggled around as I licked and tongued her cunt. She got me to finish what Uncle Roger had started with her. She came in about a minute, no more. I loved how she tasted, and I was proud that I could make her cum, especially with my mouth.

Next, Louise got off me and walked over to Uncle Roger. She spoke out loud about it being a pity to waste a good cock, and she started working on his with her hand, and then her mouth. I was kind of turned on watching Uncle Roger getting hard, and groaning. Sandy didn’t seem to mind. She was the ring master of this circus, and she barked out the orders. Our black guests were named Hannibal and Isaiah, if you care to believe they were their real names. Their penises were so long and fat, no one cared about names.

Anyway, Sandy sat in the chair as if she were a movie director. She told Hannibal to fuck my young pussy with his enormous cock. He came over, picked me up, and gently placed me on the bed. I couldn’t see how he was going to get his fat cock in my pussy. He pushed my legs up, and Sandy and Grandfather Jakob stood on either side of the bed, each holding onto one of my ankles. After rubbing his shaft up and down my wet slit, he got his cockhead to disappear, and somehow he managed to bury his huge weapon deep inside of me. Once he had it deep, he slowly pulled out, and then pushed it back in, causing me to exhale loudly. He kept up his slow pace until my vaginal muscles relaxed enough to begin to accept his fat offering. I became aware that everyone else in the room was watching me take this big black bazooka up my almost virginal twat. All this attention got me so hot; I came again, even before Hannibal had established a rhythm. I settled down, and he began to stroke me good and proper, and everything was going great until we heard a loud voice in the living room, and then the bedroom door crashed open, and in marched my father, with a big kitchen knife in his hand. His wild eyes grew to the size of dinner plates, and his jaw dropped, when he surveyed the scene before him: all eyes in the room were focused on the scene unfolding on the bed, and there was his precious daughter getting fucked vigorously by a big black stud. Everyone gasped at once. Panic ensued temporarily, but mercifully, the shock was too much for my father, and he fainted dead away, and slumped to the floor. Immediately, everyone moved in, took the knife out of his hand, and tied his hands behind his back with the telephone cord. Hannibal never missed a stroke, and coolly continued to pound my pussy, until he grunted, pulled out, and pumped his cum all over my tummy and my pussy. I watched as he hovered over me and jerked his cock dry onto my smooth body. I responded with my own orgasm.

Lying exhausted on the bed, I heard Sandy quickly summon Uncle Roger over to the bed. She commanded my uncle to suck Hannibal’s cock clean, like the “cockhold” he was. I didn’t know what that meant, but I didn’t have time to think about it. I was too busy being surprised that Sandy wanted Uncle Roger to clean me up as well. I loved having uncle’s tongue go to work lapping up Hannibal’s cum off my belly, and down between my legs. I so love my Uncle Roger and this was the first time I got to feel his tongue on my body. I smiled to myself, as I figured it wouldn’t be the last time. As he sucked the juice out of my tender pussy, Grandfather Jakob and Isaiah secured my unconscious father tightly to the chair with some cord that grandfather had fetched from the kitchen.

Apparently, Sandy had other things in mind for me to experience. I guess she was intent on punishing me but good for seducing her boyfriend. She ordered Louise and grandfather to get me up on my knees at the end of the bed, my ass facing my father’s chair. She pushed my face down onto the bed, and pulled my arms back alongside my bent legs. She instructed them to bind each of my wrists to each ankle with the leftover twine. My ass was pointing toward the ceiling, and I couldn’t move. Then, Sandy surprised everyone by throwing a glass of water in my father’s face. He came back to consciousness instantly, and tried to yell and scream, but the gag in his mouth prevented him from making much noise of any kind. He pulled against the cord holding his ankles and wrists in place, helpless to move. Only his eyes were free to move around, and they focused on his daughter’s upturned ass. He was beside himself, and clearly upset, as his eyes took in the scene in the room. Everyone stood idly waiting for Sandy to call the next shot. She led Louise over to the bed and told her to get my asshole nice and wet. Louise was all too eager to oblige, and she went to town, forcing my dark entrance wider with her tongue.

Sandy then stared directly into my father’s eyes. She pointed at Isaiah told him she wanted him to fuck me in my ass. My father’s eyes almost popped out, and he shook his head back and forth furiously, to no avail. Father was Uncle Roger’s stuffy older sibling, and she hated him because he didn’t think Sandy was good enough for his little b*o. Now, she saw her chance to get even.

Isaiah was all too eager to take his place behind me. He smacked both cheeks of my smooth round ass, causing me to yelp and squeal a little, much to my dad’s dismay. Then, he pushed one finger into my juicy rectum, then two. He worked my ass hole vigorously with his fingers, and leaned over to spit on my ass for even more lubrication. I was beside myself with excitement, knowing that all those people were watching, especially my father. I will admit I took some satisfaction knowing my father was so upset at the image of his baby girl getting ready to take a BBC up her ass. Maybe I wouldn’t have enjoyed the idea so much if he hadn’t been fucking me with his eyes for the past few years. I made sure I was looking back at my dad while Isaiah slowly and gently worked his thick member into my forbidden entrance. He was surprisingly patient and considerate, as he took his time easing more cock into me, an inch at a time. After a few minutes, I felt a fullness deep in my ass that was rather uncomfortable, but delicious as well. He stroked in and out slowly at first, but his tempo began to increase, and soon he was sliding in and out of my ass with a stout rhythm. Uncle Roger, Hannibal, and Grandfather Jakob all stood around the bed watching, stiff cocks in hand. Louise was busy fingering herself, and finally laid spread legged on the bed in front of me. She lifted my head up and slid down underneath me, until her shiny pussy was directly under my face. She dropped my head back down and my mouth landed exactly onto her clit. She moaned right away, and held my head tightly on her screaming, frothy cunt. She didn’t have to say anything, I knew what to do.

Suddenly, Isaiah began banging against my hips, and everyone knew he was ready to blow. He looked over at Sandy for further instruction, and she just nodded and looked toward my ass. In no time, I could feel his hot cum pumping into my ass, which touched off a strong orgasm deep inside what felt like my very soul, if that’s even possible. When Isaiah pulled out of me, Sandy called for her “cockhold” again, and Uncle Roger stepped forward. She made him clean Isaiah’s cock with his mouth, and then told him to suck his cream out of my ass. I was busy eating Louise’s insatiable cunt when I first felt Uncle Roger’s tongue circling around my wide open back door. It felt soooo good, but I almost passed out when he locked his lips around my entire hole, and sucked the juice out.

When he stood up straight again, Sandy guided him away from me. I was still concentrating on sucking every last drop of Louise’s love juices out, and I didn’t notice that Sandy had pulled the belt out of my dad’s pants. WHACK! It snapped across my vulnerable ass, delivering an incredible sting. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Three more quick swings of the belt across my ass, and my body lurched forward. I was afraid I might have bit Louise’s clit clean off, but all I actually did was trigger a huge orgasm in her loins. I heard Sandy mutter something about teaching me to leave other peoples’ property alone, but it didn’t register right away, because: SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! My pussy turned bright red from Sandy’s attack on it from underneath. Yowl that really stung! Luckily, Hannibal stepped between us, and held out his hand to Sandy. Reluctantly, she handed him the belt. Regaining her composure, she pointed at Grandfather, and told him to fuck my pussy for a while. Eager to oblige, he grabbed hold of my hips and went to town. All the excitement in the room had him really aroused, and he was pounding into me with a rapid piston action that was surprising for an old man.

As everyone watched, Sandy whispered something in Louise’s ear. She nodded, and got up off the bed. She drifted over to my dad’s chair and knelt down beside him. Sandy ordered Uncle Roger to take Louise’s place, and soon I had uncle’s stiff cock in front of my mouth. I heard her tell my dad to look at what his daughter did when no one was around. She pushed my head down on Uncle Roger’s cock, and I did what comes naturally, as they say. I could feel my dad’s piercing eyes burn holes in my back. Meanwhile, Louise unzipped my father’s zipper and pulled out his very erect cock for all to witness. For all his holier-than-thou protesting, he sure was enjoying the show. Poor Uncle Roger didn’t even last as long as Grandfather. I had all his sperm swallowed and cleaned up before Grandfather Jakob abruptly pulled his slick cock out of my pussy, and jammed it deep into my ass without warning. Before I could even get used to it, he was banging his legs against my hips, and filling my ass with his sticky jizz.

Aunt Sandy wasn’t quite finished. She had quite the diabolical mind. She told Louise to stop stroking daddy’s cock, and to step away from the chair. She instructed Isaiah and Hannibal to tilt the chair over, so daddy’s head was on the floor, and his legs were up in the air. This would give my father a “better view” of the grand finale, she explained. I was kind of confused at first. I felt Uncle Roger and Sandy untying me, as Louise leaned over the chair, and continued to work over my father’s hard-on, nice and slow and teasing like. Sandy had a quick conference in the corner with Hannibal and Isaiah. Meanwhile, Uncle Roger took the opportunity to walk over to Louise and stand in front of her. She looked up and smiled, and began to stroke his awakening cock with her other hand, and finally, draw his stiffening member into her greedy mouth. His gasp was loud and audible for all to hear, but he was universally ignored, as the two BBC’s approached me. They picked me up off the bed, and stood me up between them. I was a little wobbly from being bound in the same position for so long, but they held me steady until I regained my balance, as I wondered what was going to happen next.

Sandy calmly sat on the edge of the bed and buried her fingers into her own pussy, as she nodded to the two big men. They picked me up and held me between them. I put my arms around Isaiah’s neck, and wrapped my legs around his muscular body, while Hannibal held me from behind. I heard my father groan from underneath his gag. I wasn’t sure if he was reacting to Louise’s cock-stroking, or if he knew what was about to happen even before I did. I should have taken it as a warning: with ease and swiftness, Hannibal pushed his thick black meat into my ass, causing me to shriek and buck in complete surprise. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw grandfather kneel down between Sandy’s outstretched legs, and replace her fingers with his eager mouth. This time it was Sandy doing the groaning, as she lay back on the bed, resting her body on her elbows. Grandfather went right to work, sucking her cunt with wild abandon.

In the meantime, Isaiah maneuvered his big love tool into my well lubed pussy, and I felt so full that my body shook uncontrollably for a minute or to, as it got used to the double intrusion of my most private parts. While I was working to calm down, they walked me over towards my father, each of them standing on one side of the tilted over chair. Now, I got it: Sandy’s plan was for my father to have to watch his baby daughter get both her holes filled with black cocks at once. I actually chuckled to myself as I looked around the room: Here I was getting bounced up and down on two incredibly talented cocks, while Louise jerked off my father and sucked Uncle Roger’s cock at the same time, with grandfather hungrily eating Sandy’s pussy. I felt kind of responsible for all this fun…if it wasn’t for me sitting on Uncle Roger’s cock in front of the TV, none of this would have happened, I smiled inwardly.

But, there was one more wild part to my story: As Isaiah and Hannibal spewed their hot sperm in both my holes, moaning and groaning together, Louise released the gag from my father’s mouth. Surprisingly, he didn’t say a word, probably because he was about to explode himself, as Louise beat his meat faster and harder. My two hot lovers pulled out of me, then immediately lowered my body down until they were on their knees. They held me in place, with my cunt and ass hole just inches from my father’s mouth. His head was free to turn either way, but he couldn’t get his eyes to look away from my glistening sex. The men lowered me down closer until my daddy could reach up and wiggle his tongue around my clit. Oh, it felt so good, like lightning passing through me. I knew I was going to have a super climax any second. I closed my eyes, but I could hear Sandy bucking and groaning in orgasmic spasms, while Uncle Roger grunted like a rutting pig as he unloaded his spunk into Louise’s mouth.

When the big men finally lowered my pussy right on father’s mouth, the floodgates opened completely. I squeezed Isaiah’s neck, and my legs flew out and back quickly as I came all over my father’s mouth, followed closely by Isaiah’s and Hannibal’s jizz shooting out of both my holes, which daddy gobbled up as fast as he could, even as his own cock spewed forth with a wicked, squirting orgasm of his own, which Louise caught in her mouth, just in time. I could tell she loved eating cum, and she didn’t miss an opportunity. When the two men left me squatting over my father’s willing mouth, they each sat on the side of the bed. Louise literally crawled quickly over to them and claimed their slick cocks for her mouth. Grandfather Jakob seized the opportunity to kneel down behind Louise, and stuff her cunt with his hard meat, for which she was grateful. For an old man he could really go, I thought to myself.

Meanwhile, I was in no hurry to get up and neither was daddy, I guess. He continued to suck and lick my holes clean, and it felt so good. Our relationship was forever changed for the better after that night. When they untied him from the chair, he was calm and grinning from ear to ear. He set the chair back up and slumped into it. Instinctively, I walked over and sat sideways on his lap, and he held me tightly in his arms. Everyone kind of began talking all at once, and the relief in the air was obvious. Everyone gathered on the bed, and Sandy brought in drinks.

I stayed on daddy’s lap, and before long, I could feel his erection pushing between my legs. I shifted around so that my back faced him. What the hell, I thought, we’ve come this far…might as well give him what he wants: I put my feet on the floor, and leaned forward a little. Daddy wasted no time sliding his pulsating cock deep into my pussy. He pulled my hips back toward him, and I could feel him burying it to the hilt. At first, no one seemed to notice, but soon enough I was rocking back and forth, causing his grateful cock to move in and out almost invisibly. After several tantalizing minutes of this teasing, I could no longer contain myself. I began rocking back and forth with more motion, and then I just gave up our little secret, and started riding his cock as hard as I could. I was bouncing up and down like a wanton slut at this point, and everyone finally looked our way. Every jaw dropped in unison, as I jumped up and down as fast and as hard as I could. I was out of control, and daddy couldn’t rein me in. I closed my eyes and threw my head back and rode his man rod until we both exploded together, and the group erupted in spontaneous applause…it was a nice touch, and very much appreciated, but not really necessary.

The fictional characters and story line were graciously provided by gorky17, Natalie’s real life uncle.