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Renee adds to our Marriage

Let me tell you a little about my wife and my self before I get into this story. My wife Renee and I have been married for eleven years now. Renee is 42 and I am 55 and we are compatible in every aspect of life except in the bedroom. She is 5’10” tall with long legs and long blonde hair. Her breasts are perfectly natural and as firm as a twenty year old with D cups. She is a very beautiful and sexy woman. This story began about 3 years ago. I have always known that Renee had a relationship with a woman for about a year just before we met.

Like I said we were not compatible in the bedroom. I always felt there was something wrong or missing. So it was not a real surprise to me when she dropped a loaded question on me one day 3 years ago.

“Dick,” she asked, “as you know I have got to know a woman on line very well. We have been talking for the past year; she is married but is not happy and wants out of her marriage. We have become very close and I want to have a relationship with her. She wants to leave her husband and move in with us. This is the deal, I love you very much but you know I have always told you that it’s different with a woman and I miss that. I do not want to loose you. I want you both. She does not want to have sex with you though, only me. This is what I have in mind; I will not ever have sex with her without you there so you can watch. That way you will feel a part of it and not left out. You can do things with me and you and I can make love after. I really feel this will spice up our sex life as well.”

“Wow,” I replied. “This is kind of sudden is it not?”

“Lori and I have been talking about it for awhile; I just was not sure how to tell you. If you agree she will move in tomorrow.”

“And if I don’t agree?”

“It may ruin our marriage.”

“As long as you keep your promise to me and never leave me out or make me feel alienated, I will be OK with it.”

She smiled and gave me a kiss and said, “I promise my love and you are the best husband and you are making me very happy.” With that she was on the phone telling Lori to move on in tomorrow morning.

We all slept in the same bed. At first we were all nervous about the situation. After several days Lori and I sat down and had a long talk about everything. She was nice and we seemed to have a lot in common. After all we both loved the same woman.

That night, while we were watching TV, Renee got up and said she was taking a shower and going to bed. Lori and I stayed on the couch and talked for awhile.

About an hour went by and we heard Renee ask, “Are you guys coming to bed or do I take café of myself?”

I stood and looked at Lori and held my hand out to help her up as I commented, “Sounds like an invitation to me.”

When I entered the bedroom Renee was standing next to the bed in a very hot sexy see through negligee. It was red lace and showed off her large breast and hard nipples. You could see enough of her pussy to tell she was clean shaven. I heard Lori moan as she saw the sexy figure standing next to the bed.

“Wow, what a sight. You look so hot Sweetie I am all ready throbbing.”

Lori replied, “Now that makes me wet.”

Renee softly spoke, “Lori you need to get undressed and join me on the bed. Dick you can sit right there and watch.” As she pointed to a chair at the foot of the bed. “Enjoy my love!” She responded to me.

I did not see Lori get undressed but that was probably due to the fact I could not take my eyes off my very hot wife. Lori was now naked and on the bed but I was focused on the tall hot blonde that I had never seen like this before.

Renee slowly crawled up and over Lori and began to kiss her very passionately on the mouth.

Although I had never seen any kind of passion from her before, I did not feel any jealousy, just excitement from watching her be so hot. I was already as hard as a rock and could feel the dampness of pre cum in my shorts.

Renee started kissing Lori’s neck and slowly moving down till she reached her breasts.

This was the first I had noticed Lori’s bare chest. She had smaller titts than Renee, about a C cup. Not as firm but still looked good, nice and round with perfect nipples. She was a little over weight but her body was tight not flabby.

Renee started kissing and licking all around Lori’s nipples and then she would suck one into her mouth hard and lightly bite it. This would cause Lori to moan slightly and softly. After several minutes of teasing her breasts she began to slowly run her tongue in circles, large then small, down across Lori’s smooth stomach and down to her bare mound.

As Renee’s tongue came close to Lori’s bare pussy, she moaned and spread her legs to give my wife better access. Renee started to lick along the lips of the now very wet cunt in her face. Her tongue ran up and down both lips from the hood of her clit to just above the anal opening. Each time she reached the clit she would pause to run circles around it with her tongue.

I could see the effect this had on Lori as each time her legs would tighten and shake slightly.

Every fourth or fifth trip up and down with her tongue, Renee would slip her tongue deep inside Lori’s dripping hole and lick out the sweet juices.

Was this my wife? I could not believe what I was seeing. My wife had her face buried in another woman’s crotch right in front of me, on our bed. You would think I would be jealous or hurt or something but instead I was full of excitement. For the first time in 8 years of marriage she was having fun, passion and excitement in the bedroom. I can’t really explain my feelings but I was glad for her and happy to be a part of it.

Lori reached down and lightly pulled Renee by the hair to bring her mouth to hers for a passionate kiss as she licked her own juices from Renee’s mouth and lips. As she did this she slid Renee’s top over her head to expose her large firm D cup breasts and pulled them both to her mouth and started sucking and licking both her nipples at the same time.

This caused Renee to moan and grind her pussy on Lori’s bare mound.

Lori rolled Renee over onto her back and very aggressively removed her bottoms to expose the rest of her nakedness. Lori knelt between Renee’s legs and started kissing between her thighs up to her freshly shaven mound. Lori took both hands, one on each side of Renee’s pussy and spread her lips apart to expose the wettest pink flesh I have ever seen. She then buried her face between the parted lips and began to lick and suck vigorously up and down her waiting crevice.

Renee looked over at me and smiled. She had such a different look on her face that I had never seen on her before. The best way to describe it would be a look of pure pleasure with loving happiness. Her eyes looked deep into mine as if to say thank you and I love you. She motioned for me to come over to her. As soon as I got to the edge of the bed she reached out and pulled my shorts down to expose my cock that was now harder than ever before. She pulled it to her mouth and suck it all in. The sight of her being eaten by another woman as she sucked my cock, combined with the vibration of her moans, was almost too much. I had to pull out or explode already into her mouth.

Just then Renee began to tighten every muscle in her body as she had a very explosive orgasm. “Uuuuummmmmm gggggaaaaarrrrrrrggggg!” She moaned.

She always makes that garg sound when she cums. She pulled Lori up to her mouth and began kissing her and licking the juices off her face. After tasting her own cum off of Lori, Renee told me to get her favorite toy out of her dresser.

I quickly retrieved her pearl rabbit vibrator and handed it to her.

Renee wasted no time turning it all the way up and going to work on Lori’s wet swollen pussy.

I sat back down in the chair because my knees feel weak as I watch my wife work the vibrator as deep as it will go and position the rabbit ears on both sides of Lori’s clitoris. This causing Lori to squeal with pleasure. Lori’s clit was hard and protruding up between the two vibrating ears. Renee leaned her head down and began to lick and suck it. Almost instantly this sent Lori into a quivering orgasm as I saw her body shake and tighten as she moaned from deep in her throat.

“Aaaaahhhhhgggggg oooooooooohhhhh baaaabbyyy suuuccckkkk it haaaarrrrddd. Fffffuuuuccccckkkkkk iiimmmmmmm cccuuuuuuummmmmmiiinnnggg” Lori groaned!

The sight and the sounds were so hot that my cock was throbbing with every beat of my heart. I could feel the pre cum oozing out and sliding down my rock hard shaft.

Lori lay perfectly still on the bed as Renee slowly pulled the vibrator out of the dripping wet cunt and began to give the vibrator a very sexxxy blow job.

The sight of that was so hot it seemed to give Lori her second wind. She sat up and rolled Renee over onto her back, she leaned up, as Renee was still sucking and licking the toy, and began licking it to meet Renee’s tongue. This hot scene lasted a few minutes until Lori took over on the vibrator and went to play on Renee’s sweet and wet pussy. SHe tried to slide it deep into Renee’s wanting hole, as Renee rose her hips to help it. As wet as Renee’s pussy was it was too tight and stopped the vibrator dead. Lori pulled it back enough to get it buzzing again and went to work on her clit with her tongue and mouth. Sucking and licking hard and fast on her rock hard little shaft.

“Bring me your hard cock baby.” Renee softly gestured.

Everything was getting to me, the sights and sounds of my wife and her female lover were so hot and erotic. I have never felt such a feeling of erotic excitement in my life. As I stepped close to the bed, Renee reached up and pulled my cock into her mouth and in an instant I could not control my load as it erupted deep into her throat. For the first time she swallowed my cum and never spilled a drop.

My cumming in her mouth must have been a turn on to Renee as she began one of the biggest orgasms I have ever seen her have. Lori’s face was wet, the vibrator was dripping, and the bed was soaked. Then she lay there with the most satisfied look on her face as Lori crawled up into her right shoulder and I lay down on her left. She fell fast asleep with that same look and a great big smile on her face.

Lesbian Desire 2

Part II The Defilement Continues
Carries continued defilement by a group of lesbians continues and we now join our poor heroine about to be subjected to even more lesbian perversions. Krizzy

Carrie lay trembling her tears rolling down her cheeks, her anus and pussy burned with pain from the rapes inflicted upon them earlier, she had tried all night to loosen the padded cuffs that held her pinned to the mattress,”Please God help me to get out of this disgusting mess alive…I promise that I’ll do whatever you want,just make this stop please..”,her silent prayers were interrupted by the door being unlocked and slowly opened. A glimmer of hope crossed her face as her muffled cries filled the room, for as the door swung inward the form of a woman filled the doorway,”A policewoman!!!”,Carrie struggled and screamed behind the ball gag as the woman approached her.Sim walked to the bound girl,it was exactly as she planned ,”She was to busy being played with to notice Kylie or herself in the room the night before last….this was going to be awesome.”,she kept a straight face as she loosened Jess’ toys gag,”Oh my God what happened to you?..”,the girls sobbing and crying increased as she related what had been done to her,”Please get me out of here please!!!! I want to go home..”, Sim made a show of trying to unlock the cuffs and shook her head in a false frustration,”These are locked pretty good…,give me a moment to straighten things up..”,she sat on the edge of the mattress and turned her gaze to the young woman once more,”So Carrie your saying that your co worker Jess Feldman abducted you,imprisoned you here,and that she and a group of lesbians have been training you to be a sexslave?..”,Carrie cried as she answered,”Please get me out of here!!!please!!!!.Sim smiled inwardly but kept her game afoot,”I realise how terrified you are miss but please answer the questions..”.The young woman sobbed as she tried to articulate what had happened,”J,J,Jess..,she raped m,m,me..and she,she told me I was for lesbian use only from now on…please unlock me and get me out of here please!!”,Sim turned her head away as the evil grin appeared across her face,”Calm dow hun,I’ll help you..,but I have to find out what happened first..”,Sim was satisfied as the girls sobs filled the room,”The game was definitely afoot.”.

Kylie waited patiently outside the room as her girlfriend baited the girl along,she smiled as she heard Sims words carry out into the hallway,”Now calm down hun,I want to help you but I have to find out what happened exactly,…I was called to this residence about a domestic disturbace complaint and when no one answered the door I gained entry because I thought I heard someone crying, you if I’m not mistaken..,like I said,I want to help you but you have to describe in detail what has transpired here..can you do that for me?..”,Kylie felt her pussy grow wet as the girl sobbed and started to scream,”THEY RAPED MY PUSSY AND ASS WITH THEIR STRAPONS!!!!!,THEY MADE ME LICK THEIR CUNTS!!,AND THEN THEY RAPED ME MORE!!!,,PLEASE JUST UNLOCK ME AND GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!,PLEASE!!!”,Kylie grinned,that was her que,she entered the room holding the fake gun and laughed,”Well,well….,what do we have here?..”Carrie struggled on the bed screaming even louder as the young woman approached,gun aimed straight at the police woman,”Lose the gun belt sweet heart and put your cuffs on,left wrist first and face away from me so I can cuff your hands behind your back,”.Sim smiled inwardly as Kylie cuffed her arms behind her,”I’m a policewoman and what your doing will not go unpunished..let me and the girl go now and I’ll try to get you a deal from the D.A for helping us.”Kylie merely smiled and pushed Sim onto the bed next to Jess’ sexslave,”I don’t think so bitch,see I’m the one who called you,I figured Jess’ little fucktoy might like some company and when I saw you and found out you were on duty I couldn’t help but imagine how hot it would be to make you help me play with her like the little fucktoy that she is…”,Carries eyes widened in dread,and as she tried to scream once more, Kylie pushed the ball gag back into her mouth and tightened it,” Shut up….,we’re gonna make a little movie about lez lovin!!!!!””,Kylie felt her pussy grow hotter as the girl cried.

Carries tears fell as the woman helped the officer undress,she had been so close to freedom until the interuption of Jess’ friend,”Why is this happening to me God?, Why?”, she only felt dread as the woman finished disrobing the policewoman,”Pretty fucking hot for a cop slut..”,Carrie wasn’t sure but she thought she saw the officer smile at the womans words,”Now lay on the bed next to my friends fucktoy!…”,her tears continued to stream as the helpless officer did as instructed.As Sim lay next to Carrie she hoped that she would not notice how wet her pussy was getting or how hard her nipples were growing.Kylie smiled as her girlfriend lay next to Jess’ slave,” What she and Sim had planned was awesome,give some false hope,then take it away,it always made the fucktoy struggle harder,just like fucking them for the very first time…a fun ride indeed..”,she thought as she set up the tripod and camera.” O.K sluts this is the way it’s gonna work…”,she turned to Sim with a fake glare,”You my sweet piece of cop meat will be the top..”,Sim smiled inwardly as Kylie turned to Jess’ slave,”.And you Fucktoy shall be the bottom….a roll you should be used to by now,,,and if not, to fucking bad…..”.Carries tears fell as the woman pointed the gun at the officer and ordered her to stand,her tears fell harder as she watched her pull a harness and strap on up over the womans thighs and tighten them around her ample hips. Kylie laughed out loud as the fucktoy cried, she was glad that she had Sim face her as she put the strap-on on her,her face glowed and she was smiling all the while imagining the fun she would soon be having.Kylie gave Sim a stare that seem to say stay in roll as she reached back and slapped her ass,”Why the face sherrif slut,you not like having a rubber cock between your legs?”,Sim smiled one last time and put on her acting face,and as she turned around all Carrie saw was another female with tears in her eyes.

Sim was not sure how much longer she could hold back as Kylie released Jess’ slave and ordered her to get onto the mat, ”Get on your hands and knees fucktoy and face the camera”,the poor girls drool ran from behind the gag as she sobbed and slowly did as instructed, Sim found herself growing hornier as the naked backside presented itself to her, the heart shaped rear and the bubbled ass cheeks almost made her cum right then and there, the girls shaven pussy still looked sore and red ,but her anus was still surprisingly tight looking, Sim could only smile as Carrie cried and slowly did as Kylie commanded.Staying in character she leaned and whispered lightly as Kylie turned the camera on,”I’m sorry Carrie. If I don’t do what she says were probably both dead..”,Carrie tried to hold her tears back as she felt the rubber cock brush against her backside as the policewoman leaned to whisper the words to her, Kylie turned to the scene presented before her and chuckled,” Sim was playing her part perfectly, Jess’ sexslaves eyes filled with tears but Kylie saw the small glimmer of hope in them as her girlfriend whispered false words of hope,”..if I can get us out of here I will,but just play along with the sick bitch for now…”.Kylie walked to the pair on the mat and smiled as she spoke,”Now fucktoy what this first scene will entail requires me to remove your ball gag,…I want you to smile pretty for the camera..,then your going to eat some asshole..”,Carrie cried once again as Kylie turned to her girlfriend and put a fake sneer upon her face and turned her gaze to her,”..And you my little cop slut will kneel in front of fucktoy here,spread your ass cheeks,and let her tongue do all the work,do you understand copslut?”,. It took all Sims self control but she forced a crocodile tear to her eye and answered,”Yes…”,any and all hope Carrie had fell as the police woman knelt in front of her reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

Kylie felt herself growing wetter and hotter as she removed the fucktoys gag, ”Now I understand you two will not like doing this….,but remember who has the gun..”, with a grin she turned her gaze to Sim,”,,,if fucktoys tongue is not firmly pushed into your anus I will hurt you both..,so you had best make sure it is,do you understand copslut?”,Sim felt herself grow wetter as she continued playing her part and strengthened her voice,” If you let us go I won’t tell anyone about this….,and I’m sure I could get Carrie to stay quite about the inciddents that have transpired here..”,Kylie smiled and slapped Sim across the face hard,and as she did so she saw the lustful look in her girfriends eyes grow,” Neither of you sluts are going to do anything anyhow….Now lean your bum into fucktoy face!”.Carrie cried but tried to stay silent as the woman pushed her fanny hard against her face and whispered to her,” I’m not going to like this any better than you Carrie but stick your tongue out.,buy us some time.”, Carrie wailed, “Please stop this neither of us want to do this please have mercy!!!!”,Kylie made a show of pushing the gun to Sims head,”Put you fucking tongue out fucktoy..,and I want to hear a lot of slurping noises as you eat her ass…,now fucking get to it!!!!”,Kylie watched Sims face light with pleasure as the girls tongue slowly pushed forth,”Ewwww!!!,this is gross please don’t make us do this!!!”,Kylie was enjoying the show as she reached to fucktoys head and pushed it back to Sims ass,”Stop your fucking crying fucktoy and get your tongue deep in copsluts asshole!!!”.Sim felt Jess’ slaves tongue as it slowly pushed into her anus and drew a deep breath in,she loved having her ass tongued and the girls inexperience brought a whole new pleasure to it,she looked to Kylie and smiled, but answered in a weak tone,” Carrie’s not pushing her tongue as deep as you told her..”,Kylie took the fake gun and aimed it at fucktoys head,” Get that dirty little lezzy tongue of yours deeper or I’ll shoot you in your face!!!,Understand?”, Carrie wailed, but she did as instructed, but as she pushed her tongue deep into the ass she could only cry and pray for death.

Carrie was disgusted at the nasty things the woman was making them do, like tonguing the officers asshole,she felt the gun pushed to her head and winced as she pushed her tongue deeper. Her tears now streamed from her eyes,” I wish I was dead, I wish I was dead..”,the repetitive mantra ran through Carries mind for almost fifteen minutes as she willed herself not to throw up, then came a thought,” Why did the officer tell the twisted woman that her tongue was not deep enough!”, she recoiled slightly till she felt the womans hand dig deep into her hair,”NO FUCKTOY!!!””,she flailed about as the woman pushed her face back in between the twin globes of flesh,pushing her nose hard enough in to suffocate her,”Run your tounge in circles fucktoy!!!!”,Carrie once again did as instructed and heard the policewoman whimper.She withdrew her face enough to say a quick few words,” I’m sorry..”,Sim simply smiled for the camera as she answered ,”’s o.k. Carrie we really don’t have a choice,. I’m Sim by the wa..uunnhh!!”,Carrie watched as kylie moved to Sim’s front and roughly slap her,”NO!!,YOUR COPSLUT!!!!,now shut the fuck up and just enjoy your ass being eaten.”, Kylie stood and moved to the tripod,looking through the view finder she brought her fingers to her pussy and slowly stroked it. Sim faced the camera, her face was a mask of sheer exctasy and lust,she kept her left hand back holding Carries face tight between her buttocks,it had been a long time since she had a slave perform anilingus,and she felt her pussy grow hotter and wetter behind the strap on,she heard the girls cries as she started bouncing her ass on her face,she looked to Kylie and grinned as she mouthed the words,”I want her on her back.”,Kylie grinned and immediately understood,standing she approached the two with a devilish smile” You know fucktoy I know your loving this so far,but I think copslut needs to be able to ride your face a little harder!!”,and with those words Carrie found herself cuffed back down to the mattress helpless as ever.

Kylie cuffed Jess’ slaves wrists tightly and made sure there was no wiggle room at all,Sim sat in the corner pretending to cry as Kylie finished locking the young woman in place,she slowly turned to Sim and smiled,” Fucktoys face is ready for your asshole copslut,Now get over here and ride her tongue!!!”,Sim made a show of false defiance but Kylie merly waved the gun in her direction and laughed,”I really don’t care if you want to do this or not copslut!,but my friends sexslave needs to be trained to eat ass and you’re gonna help regardless..”.Sim let her false tears stream down her cheeks as she approached Carrie,”I’m sorry Carrie,I really am..”, Kylie slapped her across her face,” Get this straight copslut!,her name is fucktoy!!!,I don’t want to hear you call her Carrie again,if I do I’ll just shoot you in the head and make fucktoy eat my ass instead…,got it copslut?”, Sim hung her head in false defeat,”…yes,..I’m gonna sit on your face now,…..please just do what she wants us to o.k.?”. Carrie was sickened as Sim faced away spread her ass cheeks and slowly stradled her face,and as she slowly lowered her self upon it Carrie heard the evil woman laugh,“ Ha-Ha!!..sit tight on her face copslut…And you get your tongue out fucktoy!!“, Carrie struggled as the oxygen slowly started to disappear but obediently pushed her tongue forth.Kylies fingers rubbed her slit faster, she reached and lightly pinched her clit and immediately felt the warm surge of an oncoming orgasm. She grinned as she watched Sims performance,her girlfriend faced the camera bouncing upon Jes’ slaves face, a look of sheer lust and depravity showed upon it as she reached back and fisted the girls hair in one hand pulling her face deeper, causing the fucktoy to cry harder,while with the other hand she cupped her own tit and smiled for the camera while mouthing the words,” Fucking awesome.”.Carrie started to black out seeing small stars of light flash across her eyes and prayed that she would pass out, she continued to cry as the police woman released her hair and slowly lifted her ass from her face.

Kylie aimed the fake gun at her girfriend once more and continued the play act,” Now copslut I want you to sit in that chair and to stay still for a bit while I get fucktoy here ready to ride your cock,got it?!!!”, Sim nodded her head in acceptence and slowly moved to the chair and sat facing the camera.She felt the ripples of lust course through her body as Kylie forced Jess’ sex slave to stand,” Now I know that you’re loving this so far fucktoy,but I want your owner Jess to cum hard when she watches you riding copsluts cock…,now open your fucking mouth!!!..”, Carrie wanted to beg for the woman to stop but knew her pleas would fall upon deaf ears,she started to sob again as the ball gag was forced back into her mouth and her wrists were pulled tight together in shackles that hung above the chair,and as she was forced to straddle Sim she hoped that the cop would still find a way to save them both from further depravity.Sim was transfixed as Kylie bent the fucktoys legs up and tied them tightly, Kylie ran a belt from eack leg to the girls shoulder forcing her knees almost up to her breasts and tightly cinched them into place so that she was resting on the officers lap with no real control,she looked like a marionette hanging from the shackles with her legs bent ,and her sobs behind the ball gag turned both woman on, Sim knew she would definitely be enjoying the ride that Jess’ toy provided for her,”As far as the toy enjoying it she could give a shit less..”, with fake tears she leaned to the girls ear and whispered as she took her strap on and slowly started to push it into her pussy,”I’m sorry Carr….,“ A warning look from Kylie made her stop,“ I’m sorry….,fucktoy….,but you need to take my rubber cock now..”, and as Sim felt the fat head push past the girls pussy lips she gripped her head and pulled it into her shoulder tightly and smiled for Kylie and the camera as she forcefully brought her hips up sinking the strap on completely in the fucktoys pussy.

Carries tears streamed down her cheeks as Kylie walked up from behind her and patted her ass cheek,” Hey Sherriff slut!, reached a hand behind fucktoy here and squeeze her ass cheek..”, Sim was in complete exctasy as she kept Carries head held firm to her shoulder preventing the girl from seeing her smile as she reached back and gripped her ass cheek tightly in one hand fondling it and continued to thrust her hips upwards causing her to cry as the dildo pumped in and out of her pussy.Kylie directed the pair as she watched from behind the cameras view finder,” Pump fucktoys pussy harder!!!”, Sim gladly obliged as she whispered into Carries ear with a fake tenderness to her voice,”…ungh!!yeahh..,relax babe, just take it so she wont hurt us…”, Carrie tried to pull away but being frog tied with her legs held tight against her,and her wrists barely supporting her weight could do little more than flail helplessly about as the policewman whispered into her ear over and over,” I’m sorry fucktoy,I’m so sorry fucktoy..”, Carrie soon found herself being bounced harder upon the rubber cock by an additional pair of hands on her backside, she wondered how long her tears could fall before they just dried up?. Kylie reached from behind and gripped fucktoys hips bouncing her about two inches up, before pushing her back down hard,”So tell me Sherriff slut…is fucktoys pussy the best,or what?..”, Carrie only felt confusion as Sim released her head and licked her lips and brought her other hand around to hold her other ass cheek tightly letting her true intentions finally show,” Jess is so fucking lucky..”, Carries eyes widened in recognition at the betrayal,“ WHY!, why?..“, she screamed behind the gag as she felt Kylie wrap one hand around her throat squeeze tightly and draw her back to seat her properly upon her “Girlfriends” cock ,as she so filth fully put it.Carries eyes fell to Sims suddenly uncaring face, if anything, as their eyes met the woman actually pumped the dildo harder between her loins,”UUUMMMUUMMHHH!!!!!!”, Sim laughed then smiled and released a hand and tenderly ran it along her jaw line as Kylie held her trapped,” Come on fucktoy ride me harder, like the sexslave that you are!!!!!!!”, Carrie fought the bondage helplessly as the women bounced her harder against Sims thighs sending the dildo deeper. The look on the fucktoys face was priceless Kylie thought as she realized their ploy for what it was, and she now struggled futilely as Sim raped her,with evil intent she chuckled and pushed a finger to Jess’ slaves anus causing her to sob behind the gag even more,and just as she pushed her finger into her ass she leaned to Carries ear and whispered,” Yup!,seems this is definitely for lesbian use only!!!”, Carrie could only sob as the woman continued to violate her and laugh.

She lay in her cell, emotionless at the evil that had befallen her, Sim and Kylie left her as instructed by Jess ,her wrists were pulled up and behind her head to the back of the medical chair, various leather straps running across her torso and thighs guarantee no wiggle room ,her ankles were likewise trapped in the two stirrups at the end. As Sim and Kylie were leaving Kylie turned the flat screen to on and started the movie,she smiled as Sim put the earphones on her and tightened the head harness,” Hope you like the sound track slave”,she bit her bottom lip as Sim came to her,and as one they left Carrie to the movies of her own torture.Carrie thought she should cry as she watched Sim force her strap on into her anus, but there were none,she watched as onscreen her ass jiggled from the slaps of the womens hands and the repeated thrust of Sims hips,” Your name is Fucktoy,you belong to Mistress Jess,you are happy when she is happy, you are a slave,you are for lesbian use only,you will obey Mistress Jess..” Carries head twitched slightly as the timed vibrators took off,one in her pussy,and one in her ass,the voice she’d been listening to seemed to drown out at the double vibration,her pussy and ass were sore,and she felt one more tear as she started to hear the voice again,” Your name is Fucktoy,you belong Mistress Jess,you are happy when she is happy, you are a slave ,you are for lesbian use only,you will obey Mistress Jess,you will please Mistress Jess..”, once agai she prayed for death.

wife abducted pimp syringe

Part 13, Men’s Attention

I appreciate all the comments and emails. It fuels me to continue writing. I hope you all continue to enjoy my writing.

After Bill caught me sleeping with mom naked, he seemed to spend much more time at the house, and paid much more attention towards me. I was used to walking around the house in short shorts and booty shorts. The first time I caught him paying attention to me, I was wearing a tank top and small shorts. I was cleaning around the house, wiping dirt off some of our furniture. I was listening to some music, and kind of dancing around to it. I got down on my knees and on all fours to clean under the furniture holding the TV, which I hadn't cleaned in a long time. It took about a minute, which passed by fast as danced a bit to the music. I was about done, when I looked up a bit, and saw the TV screen reflecting Bill sitting in the couch behind me, looking at my ass. He noticed I saw his reflection, so he grabbed the paper and pretended to be reading it. I acted like I didn't see him, and hurried up cleaning and left. I wondered how long he had been sitting there watching me. I noticed his attention on me a few times after that.

One day after school, I saw Juan in the spot where he used to wait for me. I have to admit, I was happy he was back. It's not like I loved him or anything like that, but it was the feeling I had being around him, like a whore, like a fucktoy. I didn't enjoy being raped by him and his dad, but it was still such a turn on thinking about it, feeling so used. I walked over to greet him.
"Hi Juan, haven't seen you in forever."
Juan,"hey b, what's up. Yeah, sorry. My dad told me to leave you alone for some time. Just in case you were mad I guess. Are you mad at me?"
I never really did feel mad at him, I almost felt like I deserved what I got for being so easy, but I obviously didn't tell him that.
Me,"I am a little mad, I was mad afterwards but now I'm over it."
Juan,"That's badass. Let's go have some fun."
Me,"I can't, I'm getting a ride from my boyfriend right after school."
Juan,"come on, I haven't fucked you in a while, come give me a quick blowjob."
Me,"His mom might be waiting already."
Juan,"come on, just real quick."
We ran to our little fuck spot in the abandoned area, and he grabbed me by the hair and put me on my knees.
Juan,"come on, real quick."
I undid his pants and pulled his dick out. He used pushed the back of my head towards his dick.
Juan,"open up bitch, hurry up."
I opened my mouth and he immediately pushed my head down, putting it all the way in. He began fucking my face fast, it was like he was masturbating with my mouth. I felt his dick get fully hard, growing in my mouth as he back and forth. I felt some gagging as he fucked me, but it wasn't too bad. I got a little teray eyed, and felt a tear roll down my cheek as he used me.
I tried pulling out to catch my breath, but he pressed harder on the back of my hand, and I got that distinct smell that men give when they are about to cum. I felt his body tense up, and push down hard, so I pushed my face forward, touching his balls with my lips as he fucked me. He began grunting, and I felt his dick pump inside of my mouth. I felt warm fluid going down my throat, but I couldn't taste it. I began moving my head, fucking myself a bit to please him. I knew he was done, so I began to pull it out, and got a bit of his cum on my tongue, I felt that salty taste he had. I looked up, and he seemed out of breath, and so was I.
Juan,"good job. Go catch your ride."
I got up and ran to my pickup spot, where Tyler and his dad were waiting. I was expecting to get a ride from Tyler's mom, not dad.
Tyler's dad (Larry),"there she is."
Tyler,"I was looking for you, but I couldn't find you."
Me,"sorry, I had to use the restroom."
Tyler,"were you crying, he reached towards my cheek where a tear had been."
I had forgotten to clean up on my rush.
Me,"oh, no, I just got something in my eye."
Larry just smiled,"I'm sure she is fine, now let's go kids."
We walked towards the car and Tyler's dad said,
"Hey, let your pretty girlfriend ride up front, so she can have a better view."
I rode in the passenger seat while Tyler's dad drove.
Larry,"what have you been up to sweetheart?"
Me,"oh nothing, just school and stuff."
Larry, "oh that's good, hope my boy is treating you good."
Me,"mmm yeah."
Larry,"hey, you must have fallen."
I didn't know what he meant, but he reached over to my knees, which had dirt on them. He began doing small wipes, like he was removing the dirt from my knees. Tyler must have assumed his dad was wiping the dirt off, as his dad moved his hand un and down my thighs with each swipe. It felt odd to say the least, but I didn't say anything.
Larry,"there you go."
We made it to the block before my house, and Larry asked,"how is your mom doing?"
Me,"umm good."
Larry,"I bet, I haven't seen her in a while, let her know I said hi."
We made it to the front of the house and I tried opening the door, which was locked.
Larry,"come on boy, you know you need to open the door for a lady."
Tyler,"oh yeah."
Larry unlocked the doors, as Tyler got out to open mine. Larry reached over and put his hand on my thigh saying, "this boy hasn't learned how to treat a lady yet, but he will."
My door opened and I got out as I saw Larry's stare slide down towards my ass. Tyler and I hugged and said goodbye, as Larry continued staring at me. I began walking away and their car didn't leave until I went into the house. I wondered if it was to make sure I made it in safe, or if his dad was still staring at me.

Mom was going to be working until nightime that day, so I had the house all to myself. I did my homework, than went to her room to try a few of her new clothes on. I was too small, and needed bigger tits to fill them up. I got an idea, I filled up two balloons with air, and pushed them into her bras so I could pretend I had tits. It looked pretty good underneath blouses. I wondered if I would ever look like mom. I also wondered about all the attention I was getting from men lately, I didn't look nearly as good as mom. As I looked in the mirror, I could see my hips had opened up a bit, and my butt seemed a little bigger. My butt actually did have a good size for my small body. It kind of scared me to thing I might grow a butt, and no tits. I had been wanting a big pair of tits like mom, I hated to think I wouldn't get them. I kept going trough some of mom's things when I found a box in the back of her closet. I wondered what it was, so I opened it. It had diffrent things on it, that I didn't know what they were for at the time. It had balls attached by a string, going from small to bigger ones. It had a glass looking triangular 'thing', like a cone. There was a cylindrical tube type of thing made of rubber. Then I saw a big black rubber thing. I didn't know what it was for about 5 seconds, then I noticed it was like a dick, with a head and balls and veins and everything. It was like a huge dick. I wondered what it was for, but it didn't take long to figure it could only have one purpose. I couldn't figure how she used half the things on the box. I had a falshback from when I was younger, I opened a box like that, but had no clue what those things were for, so I had put it back. I decided I would give the big black rubber dick a try, so I laid in her bed, and tried to put it inside my pussy. I was to dry to even get the tip in, so I tried sucking on it to lube it up. I opened my mouth, but could barely even get the head in, it was so thick. I licked it all around, then tried putting it in. I tried pushing it in, and it seemed almost like it was hugging to sides of my pussy, not going in. It slowly began creeping in, but I felt my pussy being stretched to wide, and it was too painful, so I was done with that. I looked through the box, and found another one, pink dick shaped thing, with and twist button underneath it. I twisted the button, and it began shaking. I laid in bed again, and pushed that one inside my pussy. It was much smaller than the previous one, but still had trouble getting it in, so I sucked it and gagged myself to lube it up. It was a bit painful, but I got it in. I twisted the knob hoping for the best, and felt the vibration inside my pussy, nothing great. I turned the knob some more, and it felt better. I turned it all the way, and it finally felt good. I began fucking myself, going in and out slowly, pulling up on it to feel the vibration in my clit. My mind began venturing off, into mom, tanya, and being raped. I felt myself getting wet, it became easier and easier pushing it all in, with little pain. Thoughts of mom's videos came to mind, of her being violated. Then I related the vibrating sensation to Tanya's toungue. I began fucking myself faster, thinking of being raped by Juan and his dad, the day I finally felt used and abused, like mom. My body began tensing, and I felt it explode, as the rubber dick continued vibrating on my clit. By the time I pulled it out, it was soaked in my juice. I took it to the bathroom to wash it, then put everything back in its place, knowing I had just found a small treasure chest.

I still had time to waste, so I decided to cool off in the pool. I put on the thong two piece Tanya bought me, and bathed and swam around a bit. It felt so good to have the bikini's fabric up my ass, and my buttcheeks so uncovered. It felt so sexual. I laid in one on the pool chairs to dry up, and began masturbating over my bikini, rubbing my clit. I was thinking of getting with mom again, and with Tanya, thoughts of a 3some came to my head, it would be so hot. I remembered Juan's dad and his big dick, and how painful it was, and how my pussy felt so full, and stretched. It hurt when it happened, but in my mind, it was exciting, and almost felt like feeling it again. I imagined mom getting fucked by big dicks like that, wondered how she took them, wondered how she came to enjoy them, if I ever would. My body tensed, and I felt myself cumming. My juices flowing out of my pussy, my pussy vibrating at my fingertips. It was great feeling the bikini's fabric up my ass, feeling my ass divided in two. I jumped in the pool to cool off a bit. I came out after a few minutes and walked towards the glass door, where I saw bill standing inside staring at me. I must have turned bright red. I wondered how long he had been standing there, why was he staring at me like that, maybe he saw me masturbating. I didn't want to talk to him at all, I was so embarrassed. I opened the door and walked right past him.
Bill,"hey brenda, just checking up on you, your mom was gonna be a little late, brought you some pizza if you are hungry."
He knew mom wasn't around, he had no business there, I didn't care about the food.
Me,"oh thanks, I'm not hungry right now, maybe later."
Bill,"alright, I'll leave it here."
I had to walk past him, as he stared at my ass in that thong bikini, all the way to my room. I almost felt like crying, feeling ashamed, like this mas had raped me with his eyes. How could mom get eaten up by men's eyes on a daily basis, and be so cool about it.

Andrea + Dannielle p2

Once Andrea got the hang of rubbing herself off, her and Dani made it routine to watch each other right before they went to sleep. The girls were in the middle of their school year and learning many new things, including sex in health class. Andrea started becoming afraid of the thought of sex, even if it was just seeing her sister's lovely pussy. Dani made it her mission to show Andrea there was nothing to be afraid of.

Dani, a virgin herself, knew so much about sex from watching countless hours of porn when her parents were gone at work on Saturdays. Andrea usually went to the mall this day, leaving Dani home alone with nothing but her fingers and a computer that opened the door to all sorts of kinky sex videos. She loved everything from bestiality to gay porn, but her favorite was incest. Something about it made her so wet and desperate. She ached for Andrea's pussy on Saturday nights after long days of working her own.

Dani made sure Andrea knew to stay home one weekend so she could show her a "special surprise." When the time came, Andrea was nervous. She feared they would get caught. She couldn't imagine what that would look like to her mother. She'd be disgusted to see her twin daughters rubbing their cunts while watching men and women get their asses licked and fucked.

Dani wanted to go a step further. She wanted to feel Andrea's pussy, to taste it. But first, she had to show Andrea that sex wasn't bad or scary. She made a special list of videos to show to Andrea. It consisted of three videos. First was a typical video of a white man fucking a black woman missionary style.

The last two videos are where Dani really kicked it up and she knew she'd get Andrea with them. The second video was of twin brothers who took turns giving each other messy blowjobs and then they fucked each other. The third and final video showed two teenage girls performing oral sex on each other. The best part? The girls were twins.

Dani sat her nervous twin down in a seat next to hers and turned on the first video. After it progressed, Andrea started feeling wet. She liked how the woman's tits jiggled every time the huge cock thrusted into her.

"She's pretty…" Andrea said. She wanted to talk, but she was unsure of what to say. She figured that was a start.

"What else do you like about her?"

"Well, her nipples look real big. That's pretty sexy. And her hips are big, too. Her skin looks so smooth and soft."

"Most girls are like that."

"Not me. I look weird." Andrea lowered her head, ashamed. She felt ugly. Her and Dani were identical, but something seemed much more graceful and beautiful about Dani.

"Andrea, I think you're perfect." Dani reached over and squeezed Andrea's hand. She smiled and hugged her sister, suddenly wetter than ever.

"Dani, I want to touch myself."

"Me too. I'll play the next video. I think you'll like it." Dani started playing the video of the twin brothers. The monitor showed two identically handsome men passionately kissing and flicking their tongues together.

"Whoa." Andrea whispered. "Are they twins?"

"Yep. Just like us." She smiled at Andrea reassuringly. She then stood and stripped. Andrea did the same. Both girls leaned back in their chairs and started slowly rubbing their clits.

They stared as one brother licked the other's ass. The brothers both moaned, as did Andrea and Dani. Dani felt herself running out of patience and decided to skip to the third video.

Andrea smiled as soon as she saw it. She definitely liked the sight of tits and pussies. The twins in the porno rubbed each other's pussies and then moved into a 69 position where they lapped up each other's juices.



"If, uhm… If I let you taste mine, can I taste yours? Just off our fingers, you don't have to go down there." She looked away, afraid to hear the answer. Dani reached into her pussy and covered her index and middle fingers with her juice. She told Andrea to take off her shirt and she did. Dani instructed her to close her eyes and focus on what she felt. Dani wasn't sure of her next move, but she knew this was almost too good to be true and she couldn't mess up.

She first kissed her sister on the lips. They hadn't done this since the first time Dani exposed herself to Andrea and they both longed for it. She then forced her wet fingers into Andrea's eager mouth. She sucked and swirled her tongue around them.


"What, Andrea?"

"Do whatever you want. I want to learn everything."

It was music to Dani's ears as she bent down and once again pressed her lips to her sister's. She moved them around and parted them to search for her sister's tongue.

"Stick your tongue all the way out of your mouth."

Andrea did so and Dani met it with her own tongue. She held it there for a second and then wiggled the tip of her tongue around Andrea's. She then opened her mouth to take Andrea's tongue into it. She sucked hard and Andrea moaned, excited by this new experience. Dani gathered more of her pussy juice as she continued making out with her sister. She smeared it all over Andrea's puffy nipples and then rubbed it in.

Dani released her mouth from Andrea's and moved it to the large nipples before her. She flicked one with her tongue and then took it into her mouth where she sucked and bit. Andrea began screaming. This new sensation was driving her crazy. She felt like her nipples were attached to her pussy; she felt just as good down there.

Suddenly Andrea's legs started shaking and she had an orgasm. She didn't squirt like she usually does, but she didn't think she would since Dani was only stimulating her nipples. She panted hard as Dani climbed back into her chair.

"Your turn."

Andrea, so turned on by the pleasure she just felt from her sister, lunged at Dani and passionately kissed her on the mouth. She had new confidence about her actions and she rubbed her hand down Dani's body and then met her wet, soft pussy.

"I like the taste!"

"Take more, Andrea. Taste your sister's pussy."

Dani moaned as Andrea reached down and gathered juice onto her small fingers. She brought them up to her mouth and touched her clit as she sucked.

"Is it good? How does my pussy taste?" Andrea glanced up at Dani. She was biting her lip, amazed at how sexy the situation was. Andrea pulled her fingers out of her mouth and once again coated them in Dani's pussy juice. She forced her fingers into Dani's mouth. She felt so aroused as her sister's tongue worked its way around all of her fingers.

"I want more, Dani."

"Take more, sissy. It feels so good and you look really sexy right now."

Without warning, Andrea got on her knees and lifted up her sister's legs in one swift motion. Her face was inches away from the one thing she wanted most. She moved her face to Dani's pussy so her nose was touching it. Dani was panting and getting wetter by the second. Andrea stuck out her tongue and licked from her sister's tiny hole up to the large clit, where she sucked and nibbled.

Dani began screaming and within seconds, she was squirting. She didn't have time to warn Andrea and her face ended up coated with her twin sister's cum. Dani quickly stood up, knocking Andrea to the floor.

Dani, still shaking from her orgasm, pushed Andrea so she was laying on the floor. She moved her face close to her pussy and performed the same treatment, except she was able to reach her sister's asshole with her tongue. This drove Andrea wild. She screamed and kicked and squirted on Dani's face and in her mouth.

Once Andrea finished, Dani gave her a final lick and slithered up next to her sister. She cradled Andrea and placed her head on her chest. Both girls sat and relaxed and neither of them could wait for night to come.

Lesbian turned Straight for a night…

I was turning 25 tonight and it just didn't feel like a night I should be out and about, It was a typical rainy April day. The shower seemed to be a heavy slow downpour. The water splashed like a grenade exploding on the pavement. My friends and I entered her bar. I wish I would have asked her, her name but I was to caught up in the moment to….
She brushed past me gently caressing my back with my friends orders as they helped me celebrate my golden birthday. Needless to say they decided I needed a hell of a night even though I don't drink. They drank and partied like crazy animals, but I couldn't take my eyes away from the waitress with the purple streak and perfect eye liner. He lips so perfect so just kissable, her body was perfect. Her large breast that were being smothered under her tight black tank top, her hips and the way they moved. Everything about her made me stay that night. I know she caught me looking at her and the way her cheeks light up let me know she was into me too.
Hour by hour passed, until it came time for close. She winked at me as I stepped out of the bar and passed her on the way. I was to nervous to say a word to afraid, to jittery like I always was. But that night I took a chance as I waited for her. She stepped out of the bar, we made eye contact. She started walking toward me and I started to panic. But something primal kicked in.
As she stopped in front of me I gently put my hand behind the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. Her eyes closed as we began to make out, as the rain cascaded down and began it's down pour on us in the street. The kiss seemed to last forever, time slowed to a stand still and seconds seemed like hours. The kiss ended and she whisperd 'Hi, I'm….' her voice faded, she was taken aback. She had never been kissed that way. I asked her if she wanted to come dry off at my place a block away. She just smiled as we jogged back in the rain.
The door slammed shut as soon as I turned around she had already spun around jumping at me, latching onto me locking lips togather, her big chest pressed against me her legs wrapped around my waist. My hand grabbing ahold of her perfectly shaped ass. Her jeans hugged her body well enough for me to feel her curves as I held her up. We kissed in a deep passionate way that only a couple could. I let my hands wander all over her body as I walked her to my bed.
We layed on the bed, me inbetween legs as I grinded up against her. My hands slide up and down her sides carressing her, pulling her into me, feeling her soft smooth chest and pulling her in closer into me. I could feel the heat from between her legs as she tore my shirts of and tried to undo my belt. I sat up, taking my own belt off as she ripped her shirt off. She wiggled out of her jeans, as she grasped for my pants, tearing them almost literally off me, forcing me onto my back and putting her ontop. In her red silky bra and her matching lace thong I couldn't control myself. I was poking out of my boxers I was so hard.
Her eyes caught the raging hard on poking out of my boxers. Her eyes then staired back up at me as her tongue began to swirl around the tip of my cock. She worked it like you could only imagine. She began doing this amazing thing with her tongue as she bagan to swallow me whole. She took me all in her mouth at the same time, continuing to do something amazing with her tongue. I could help but close my eyes, and moan in pleasure as she somehow was touching every single button I could every want. I just laid back and took it all in. I felt her hands wander all over my body. Her nails scratched my stomach and up to my scarred chest. She caressed my shaft with her other had, by stroking in tandem with her mouth. This was the most amazing thing I had ever gotten.
She could sense I was about to cum soon, I had grown extremly warm in her mouth and lots and lots of pre cum had began to flow out. Just before I went over the edge and came she stopped me just short. Holding me back by biting my shoulder as hard as she could. It was astonishing how this woman knew what buttons did what on me. It was even more amazing when she rolled over and I saw just how toned and beautiful her body really was. After letting go of my shoulder and rolling over she unsnapped her bra, and laid down. She exposed her large breast and just looked at me as though to say, 'My turn'. My lips started from her's as I kissed her in thanks, I slowly worked my way down to her neck. Kissing and nibbling on her ear, letting my warm breath sweep across her body like a fog. I wanted her to feel everything. So my hands moved from her shoulders to her breasts, carressing each nipple and massaging them as my kisses played catch up. I went down her neck, kissing gently on where i could and however I could. I kissed to her breasts. Flickering my tongue on her nipples, and nibbling on them as I slowly took of her thong.
As I made my way from right to left I couldn't help but want to kiss down her firm stomach that my hands had been touching and playing with. She seemed so tight and so firm, but her skin was ever so soft. I couldn't beilive my lips as I kissed her stomach. I reached where her landing strip started. I was amazed that she had one. This woman was just a stunning beautiful woman, full of surprises. She had everything I could have ever wanted in her. Before I went to far, I began to tease her by running my tongue around her other lips and teased her by lightly touching her clit with my free hand. She couldn't take it and grabbed the back of my head and moaned 'Just doit already!' My tongue started licking up and down her lips as my finger slowly circled her clit. her body started to shake and shiver as her moans grew louder and louder. I licked deeper into her pussy and tasted her sweet juices, as my fingers worked her clit even harder and fast. I could feel her pusle as her orgasm began to grow stronger and stronger as she got closer and closer. Soon my finger was rubbing her clit back and forth just as fast as I could and I was licking and twirling my tongue all over getting her to orgasm. Her back arched and she let out one of the loudest moans I had ever heard.
So moaned and almost purred as she came, her pussy pusled hard and squirted a little bit as she becamedripping wet and her clit got harder as she came down from her orgasm, I could still feel her pussy pulsing as my tongue replaced my finger on her clit to slowly bring her up to a little closer orgasm before I entered her. She was still shaking a bit as I kissed my way up her body. I stopped just short of going inside her. The tip rested just between her lip, parting the dripping wet lips ever so slightly, she looked at me and smiled. I slowly began to enter her tight wet pussy. She was amazingly tight. Virgin tight, It was a hard fit with my thick cock. Immediatly her eyes rolled back into her head. She let out a purr of pleasure as the tip entered her. She started grasping for air as I slipped half way into her. She dug her nails deep into my back letting me it was a good pain, as I entered inside her. I was touching her back wall when I was all the way in. A perfect fit, as she later called it. Her breathe was short and gasping for air inbetween her moans.
I started off slow and steady letting her get used to the new thick sensation. Her nails dug deeper into my back as she began to hold me close as I slid deep inside her. Her moans told me she was happy as they grew louder everytime I began to draw out of her. I began to pick up the pace as I thrust a little faster each time. I could feel her body cling tighter to mine and her moans growing louder and louder. I could feel her walls tighten around me as her pussy began to puslate again. I could feel her body wanting it fast. I did just that, I thurst faster and harder, she began to cum immediatly as I thrust deep and hard into her, moan after moan orgasm after orgasm as I thrust deep and hard. I loved the feeling over wrapped around me like that.
I rolled her over doggy style, into my own modified doggy style. I pulled her up so my chest was to her back, I turned her head to the side. My left arm braced her against her large cheast as my right hand rubbed her clit. We made out as I did her from behind. Her orgasms were strong and powerful, she was an amazing woman. I felt her cum again and again. Her pussy was dripping wet and almost begging me to cum. That's when she rolled back over spread her legs and begged me to go cum inside her. I entered deep inside her, as we made eye contact she begged for me to cum. She whispered it into my ear, she kissed me she even rubbed her own clit, just to help me come. Soon the feeling came. She was close as well. I could feel her pussy pusling again, but this time it was stronger it was more powerful, I felt the strong warm urge to cum, I felt her body arching as she moaned 'Cum with me baby! I'm Cumming!' as soon as she began to orgasm and cum, so did I. I thrust deep one last time and let loose deep inside of her. She felt it hit her back wall and it just drove her crazy. She began to loose her mind and got off by me coming deep inside of her.
When we had finally calmed down, I was still inside her layed her back down, from her arched position and covered us in my sheets. We couldn't stop stairing at each other. Her eyes fluttered, and she was amazed. She looked deep into me almost reading me. She kissed me one last time before her eyes faded out and we fell asleep. She pulled herself into my chest and wrapped my arms around her.
The next morning I awoke to an empty bed. I was alone, my shower had been used her clothing was gone and all the was let was a wet towel and a note….
"My friends call me, Tinz. It's nice to meet you Jethro. (Sorry I looked through your wallet). I wanted to wish you a Happy Bday, but I didn't know how. So Happy Bday! I just wanted to let you know that I don't sleep with men, because I'm gay. But something about you just sparked, and that kiss in the rain was like a love scene eveyr woman dreams of. So thank you for the dream night, I hope to see you again, thanks for the 'Perfect Fit' oh if you ever want to call, my number is 555-637-9049" She kissed the note at the bottom of the page.
I went back to the bar that night, and there was that beautiful woman in a Red shirt that hugged her every curve and a black pair of pants that showed off her thin bikini underneath… and she blushed when she looked at me. So I winked back……

Rick’s Wife part 6 of 6

My friend's story

Rick's WIFE 6 (6 of 6)
"Ladies, bring Peter with you and come stand in front of me,"
William said.
We rose from the couch and moved together toward William. I
was stopped by the gentle, guiding hands. Silence for a moment or
"Will you all kindly move so that Linda is in the center of
the triad you form. Linda, take your panties off, and hand them to
your husband. Now, turn around, spread your legs a bit, bend at
the waist and place your hands on your ankles. There, that's fine.
Can you spread your feet apart a bit more? Good. And can you
comfortably maintain that position for a little while?,"
"I think so," Linda replied.
"Peter, reach down with both your hands and spread your wife's
buttocks, please. Yes, just so. I do enjoy contemplating and
enjoying a woman in this position. It touches the sublimated
animal nature in a man, and is more primitive than face to face
coupling. The spiked heels, long sculpted legs rising to creamy
tight buttocks, the pink rosebud asshole, nearly hairless, topping
a small and luscious cunt. Ah, yes. The cunt. That alter of
adolescent dreams and adult passion. How much semen in our long
history has been spilled as an offering to the cunt dreams and
obsessions of young boys? And even as grown men, having just
received the satisfaction of its sacrament, how often does the
lust, desire and even pain remind us that we LACK a cunt around our
prick, or at the end of our fingers or tongue, and that, by god,
it's time to worship again?"
"Linda, you have a cunt of great beauty. If it could speak,
it would BEG to be penetrated. It would speak of probing fingers,
or of soft tongues. The small drop of honey just here…"
Linda's entire body shivered. "Oh, god…." she moaned.
"…..entwined in the soft pubic hair rising above your
clitoris, speaks plainly enough to anyone willing to listen. It
tells me that you need, you want, you must have my cock, your
husband's cock, any cock inside of you. Would you like to milk my
cock with your cunt, dear Linda?"
"Yes, yes I'd like that…"
"I know you would. Peter, give me your hand."
Holding Linda's left buttock apart with my left hand, I felt
William grasp my right hand by the wrist. He guided it down and
placed it into the cleft of my wife's open buttocks. Releasing my
wrist, he placed his hand on top of mine and moved both our hands
downward together, almost as one. As my middle finger moved along
the beginning of Linda's slit, his middle finger, resting atop
mine, suddenly pressed downward and both of our fingers penetrated
deep into Linda's vagina.
William spoke softly, close to my ear, but loud enough for all
to hear. "To share your loving wife with another man, as you share
Linda with me, is very beautiful, Peter. It bespeaks a profound
understanding that the most wonderful, the most loving
manifestation of possession is to share. And to share,
unreservedly, what we love most teaches us the gracious lesson that
we can never really "possess" another human being, that all we can
ever do is to give, and give, and then give again. It is not a
trite lesson to learn that the more we cling to things, the more
they slip away, while the more we give things up, the more they
come to us."
As he spoke, our fingers probed Linda. Together, they moved
in and out, turned about, returned, then slowly left her lubricated
"I can see Linda is getting a bit uncomfortable. You can
stand up, dear. Peter, sit here on the couch; let me help you.
Now sit back and spread your legs. Linda, get down on your knees
in front of your husband and rest your arms on his thighs."
I felt Linda's cool hands slide along the tops of my thighs.
There was a moment or two of silence. Suddenly, I felt her hands
tighten and she dug her nails into my legs. There was a deep
exhalation of breath from her lips.
"My cock is buried in your wife, Peter. Linda, you can use
your hands on your husband, but not your mouth. Right now, I want
to be the only one penetrating you in any way. Breigha, please
kneel behind me and caress my buttocks."
As Linda began to masturbate me, I felt the rhythmic rocking
motion, from William's slow thrusting, being transmitted through
her. Every once in a while, William's thrusts would be more
violent, and Linda would jerk forward. The only sound, besides
Linda's occasional moans and deep breathing, was the "slap" each
time his hips met my wife's buttocks.
"Linda, let go of your husband's cock, lay your head on his
lap, and arch your back downward and your hips up. Much better.
Now take your right hand, place the middle finger in your husband's
mouth, and fuck him with it, exactly like I'm fucking you. When I
go deep, go deep in his mouth. When I slow down and move it around
inside, I want you to mirror it with the same motion of your
finger. I want you to fuck your husband exactly as you're being
Linda's long finger entered my mouth, then slowly withdrew.
It's tip circled about my lips, teasingly, then suddenly penetrated
as Linda jerked forward and breathed a low "Mmmmmmm…" It went
deep, to the back of my throat, sloooowwwwwly withdrew until just
the tip clung at the edge of my lips, then penetrated again to the
hilt. With her finger inserted to its full length, she began to
move the base in a large circle where my lips engulfed it. It
moved out just a bit, then began to fuck inward with the rhythmic
forward jerks of Linda's body. As Linda fucked my mouth and as
William fucked Linda, she began to mouth the raunchy obscenities I
knew foretold a coming orgasm.
"Linda, as you cum with another man's cock buried in your
cunt, and as you fuck your husband's mouth, I want you to tell him
that you love him, that even though the little slit between your
legs, all your lovely body, has been given up and offered to me,
that your submission and gift is really to him."
Trying to catch her breath, between the now savage shagging of
her proffered bottom, Linda spoke to me.
"Peter….darling….I do love you. Oh, god…. He's fucking
me so hard..but… I'll always love you, Peter…. I'll always be
your wife…. this has all been for you, for us…. Oh, my
god… Peter, I'm cuming…."
Linda's orgasm was long and hard. She dropped both hands to
my waist and gripped me almost painfully. Her body shuddered and
thrust back against William's pumping cock, clinging to it, trying
to engulf it, to open herself totally and to give up every inch of
the depth she had to offer, to pull his penis up into the core of
her belly.
Breathing heavily, her body slick with sweat and jerking with
post-orgasmic shivers, I held her head in my hands. My cock,
engorged with blood and heavy, lay beneath her heaving chest. I
felt William lean forward and gently kiss the top of her head, then
quietly disengage. There was silence for few moments.
"Try to rise, Linda. We have the last chapter to write
together, the one you specifically requested. Breigha darling,
bring the cream, please."
I felt Linda rise unsteadily. There was movement to my left,
then Breigha knelt on the couch beside me. After a brief pause,
two cool hands, coated with soft cream, circled my cock. They
worked up the base to the tip, smearing the cream around every inch
of my hard-on. As the fingers worked, William talked.
"As Breigha has her fun… please, let's not get too carried
away, dear; Peter doesn't look like he has a lot of self-control
left…. let me tell you what is happening, Peter. I'm standing
behind your wife, my friend, my hands around her front and in her
crotch, playing with that sweet cunt I just fucked, my cock rubbing
up into the crack of her ass. Oooh, Linda, dear! I guess you
could say she's doing the rubbing, Peter! Anyway, her hands are
reaching around behind us and she's massaging my ass cheeks. We're
both watching Breigha's handiwork and your commendable efforts to
keep from cumming. Tell me, Linda, how would you like to have a
seat on Peter's creamy pole?"
"I think I'd like that."
"I think you'd both like that. Let's accommodate your
husband. Please spread your legs a bit, Peter."
I felt Linda move between my legs as she placed both palms on
my knees.
"Scoot forward a bit, Peter. There, that's good. Lower
yourself a little, Linda. Here, let me hold your ass cheeks open.
Breigha, kindly guide Peter."
As Breigha held my cock, Linda lowered her ass onto me. Anal
sex had been a turn on for me as long as I could remember, but
Linda had been sensitive there and seemed to enjoy it only rarely.
Accordingly, we indulged occasionally, but not as often as I would
have liked.
As the tip touched her, she stopped. Then, slowly, she let
her weight press down. Just at the point where I thought Breigha
must be mis-aiming, the head pushed through the tight ring of her
anus and entered smoothly. Linda inhaled sharply then let out a
throaty groan. Slowly, ever so slowly, she settled down and down,
down the length of my cock, taking every inch until I felt
William's fingers, holding her buttocks, rest on my lap. As his
fingers pulled out from between us, she finally let her full weight
rest on me, and was now impaled totally.
"A woman taking a large and erect cock fully in the ass is a
marvelous sight, Linda. Breigha and I would enjoy the view better,
though, if you would lean back against your husband's chest.
That's better. Now put your feet up and on top of his knees.
William, spread your legs wider."
We did as asked. I could imagine the scene: my cock buried
in my wife's ass, leaning back, her legs spread and her feet
resting on my knees, her sex open and soaked above the stretched,
full anus. William's voice suddenly came from near my ear, just
behind the couch.
"Breigha, please kneel down in front of them and use your
tongue to good advantage. Peter, I want you and Linda to relax,
and enjoy my wife's attention. In the meantime, I'm going to reach
down here over your shoulder, take your wife's hips, and move her
up and down your cock. Please let me do the work, Peter. I like
to think that I will be fucking your wife in the ass with your
cock. It's a good thing you're so petite, Linda. This might have
been interesting, otherwise."
As Breigha's tongue swirled around my balls, the place where
Linda and I were joined, and my wife's cunt, I felt William's arms
reach down over my shoulders from behind, and his hands grasp
Linda's hips. Slowly, the tight ring gripping my cock rose up to
the tip, hesitated, then descended. Linda gasped as she was once
again impaled on my probing penis.
"It is the most incredible sensation to be fucked in the ass,
is it not, Linda? There is no other feeling of "fullness" and
penetration that approaches it. To submit to an ass-fuck is to be
truly opened, possessed and owned. Watching your husband's cock
slide up between your cute, dimpled ass cheeks is a sublime
picture, I can assure you. And to have others watch your
submission and penetration, to have strangers witness this offering
of the most intimate and private part of your body to a man and to
the phallus, is truly sweet and decadent, yes?"
"Yes," she whispered. "Yes, it is."
Breigha suddenly probed with her finger at my ass, then slowly
insinuated it deep into my rectum, turned it around, then withdrew
it. Returning again, she began to fuck my ass with the full length
of her digit while continuing to tongue the underside of my
testicles. Meanwhile, William had begun to raise and lower Linda,
the ring of her stretched rectum sliding up to the tip and back to
the base, the movement regular and smooth. I could tell being man-
handled and lifted like a child by William was turning Linda on
even more. She moaned each time, at the top, as the tip nearly
pulled free, only to have her body lowered once again.
I lowered my hand and felt my balls, pushed three fingers into
Breigha's mouth, moved up and felt my creamy cock and the juncture
where my wife and I were intimately joined, the almost obscenely
stretched ring of her anus, full now and easily accepting the fuck,
then moved up and plunged into her cunt, retreated and centered
finally on the little nib of her clitoris.
As I masturbated my wife the way I know she loves, I had a
sudden epiphany. I imagined that William was masturbating me,
using my wife's ass and body to jack me off. The thought passed
quickly and was obliterated by the pure pleasure of the many
sensations: Breigha's slightly painful but very erotic probing of
my ass, her tongue on my full testicles, my wife's tight ass-hole
sliding almost magically up and down the full height of my rigid
pole, her warm breath and animal moans low in my ear, her fingers
in my hair. Sensing we were close, William had begun to raise and
lower Linda more quickly, nearly slamming her down on my lap,
fucking her in the ass with my cock.
As Linda's orgasm peaked, her body writhing in pleasure and
pushing her pelvic bone and clitoris hard against my frigging
fingers, her anus clenching and unclenching, I shot my semen into
her ass. I arched my back and rammed upwards as deeply as I could
into her ruined bottom. She screamed once, loudly, as every muscle
in her body tensed and shivered. As we both came, William reached
around from behind and gently, lovingly, cupped both our foreheads
in his warm hands. Breigha had knelt up and was stroking Linda's
belly and breasts, occasionally planting light kisses on the
insides of my thighs.
It was in this way that time stood still, or so it seemed.
The last few waves of orgasm so slowly dissipated that I do not
remember when I finally realized that it was over, what may have
been many minutes or hours later, and came awake as if from a
dream. I do not remember the demarcation between "orgasm" and "no
more orgasm." I only remember the four of us frozen like that for
what seemed like hours, dreamily stroking and being stroked,
neither Linda nor I attempting to remove my semi-erect cock from
her rectum, and both of us running our hands up and down our sweaty
bodies, kissing like teenagers, feeling the dreamy touch of
strangers everywhere.
Just barely, I remember William and Breigha dressing, hugging
us, saying their final goodbyes, and the blindfold being removed.
I remember, in the hazy red glow of nearly dead embers, seeing my
wife for the first time in hours, her hair akimbo, face flushed and
anxious, full of life and love and wanting everything to be
alright. We slept what was left of that night on the living-room
floor, arms and legs entwined within a soft comforter, wrapped
around us like a womb.
Saturday, I rose before Linda, showered and began to make her
favorite breakfast of sourdough pancakes. I squeezed some fresh
orange juice, and sliced a few avocados that we would dip in the
cream cheese I was softening.
I heard the shower begin running and knew Linda had risen.
She soon shuffled bleary-eyed into the kitchen, staring at the
little feast I had prepared, and sat her pretty little behind at
the dinette. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she wore
my red bathrobe tucked around her like a large tent.
"It rises, it moves, it appears hungry…. Dare I feed it?"
"It gets fed, or it inserts an avocado pit in your left
nostril," she said grinning.
"Oooooooh. Scary."
I produced the sourdough flapjacks with a flourish, then
grabbed the maple syrup I had warmed. I sat down and we enjoyed
the breakfast for a few minutes in silence.
"You know I've got a thousand questions I want to ask you," I
started suddenly. "Like how you met this William and Breigha, what
you told them, how you set this all up, etc. Oh, and by the way,
is this the end of your fantasy? This multi-part fantasy stuff is
okay, but it's a double-edge sword, you know. MY turn is coming up
and you know how much I thrive on precedents. When are we getting
the pictures? How do we know they aren't keeping copies? What did
they look like? How old were they? Jesus, did you believe the ego
of that guy? God, you were sexy as hell. Babe, I REALLY had a
good time, but I was wondering what…."
Linda had suddenly put her hand up in exasperation.
"Look, sweetheart, we can talk about all this later. Right
now, I can tell you that I've pretty much shot my fantasy wad, at
least for a while. It's your turn, dear husband. Now let me eat
my pancakes in peace, okay?" she said with a smile.
"Okay, okay… I just want you to know that you're not making
it easy to top you!"
Linda looked up and narrowed her eyes. "This is a
COMPETITION? Fine. Just fine. Remember, though, that YOU brought
it up. I can whip your ass at anything I set my mind to, including
"Hey, wait a minute, it's not my fault. It's all that goddamn
testosterone sloshing around in my blood. You know how it goes…"
"Yeah, I know, you're nothing but a big, walking testes with
a dick for a nose. Well, I'm ready for whatever YOUR puny little
"perverted" brain can come up with, husband of mine!" Linda said
with an evil grin and a twinkle in her eye. She got up from the
chair, kissed me on the forehead and sashayed out of the kitchen.
I nibbled the corner of a half-eaten, soggy pancake and
weighed the 50 or 60 different ideas I'd been storing up for the
last 30 years or so. Yeah, I think I could top her. But not in
the way she may THINK I would try to top her.
As all the scenarios unfolded in my mind like a cheaply
wrapped package, my dick stood to attention. I started to load the
dishwasher (remembering to rinse them first). Life is so full of

End of WIFE

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A Teenage Escort

A Teenage Escort.
Part 1.

The Training

My family was fairly poor, no, really poor. As a child through high
school I was teased about my clothes, shoes, everything other kids had
that were nicer. By the time I got to 10th grade at 16 years old I was
sick of it. My parents were wonderful just not educated and had lousy
jobs. We never went hungry or anything like that but the teasing had
scarred me to my soul.

One thing I had going for me was I am pretty with a great body. That led
to many of the mean insults from other girls because their boyfriends
wanted to fuck me. Not date me, not the trailer park poor hot chick, but
hot chick to slam a few times without being seen out with me.

For the longest time my studies were all I was interested in, having
seen what being high school dropouts did for my parents.

At a local Goodwill store, the ones where donated stuff gets sold for
charity, I was looking at some clothes. It?s really kind of awesome what
you can sometimes find for a buck or two. This lady comes over to the
rack I was at and says, ?oh that would look so good on you.? It
surprised me because she wasn?t one of the volunteers that work there.

?Uh, thank you but it?s a few more dollars than I have to spend?, I
replied. ?My name?s Brendy?, she said as she extended her hand to shake
mine. ?Hi Brendy, I?m Rhonda.?

She flashed a big smile. Looking at her outfit took me aback, she was
dressed in what must have been a very expensive dress, Fendi handbag,
and beautiful stiletto heals. ?Well Rhonda it is my pleasure to meet you?.

?You don?t look like you shop here often Brendy?, I commented. ?Oh I buy
a lot of stuff here for my girls, they go through a lot of clothes on
the job.?

?How many daughters do you have?? Brendy smiles big again, ?none, they
work for me.? Inquisitive now about what they do and why they go through
so many outfits I asked her, ?what do they do to go through so many

She shakes her head slightly and replies, ?this and that, they use many
for costumes, some get ripped up, some kept as souvenirs by their, uh,

I?m really curious now, uh dates?? ?Dates, souvenirs, ripped up, what do
your girls do exactly??

She looks me dead in the eyes and says,?Rhonda, you?re a beautiful young
girl with an angelic sweet face and a super hot body, you could make a
lot of money working for me.? I?m interested in the idea of making a lot
of money. My brow furrows, ?and what exactly would my job be??

?Well,? she continues, ?I have many gentlemen, very rich gentlemen, that
want a nice young girl to spend time with, and they pay well. Looking at
you I can say you?d make about $2,000 to $3,000 a week, cash. Does that
sound interesting Rhonda??

My eyes get wide open, first at the amount of money then ask, ?you say
spend time with but for that kind of cash they must want more than company.?

?Most do but some not, they like the company of a young pretty soft
girl, but yes, some want more? way more but they pay really, really
well.? My face is turning red and I?m getting a warm feeling rushing
through my body. I?m a virgin, only seen a dick a few times but used to
sneak my parents porn movies when they were gone and rub my pussy.

I?ve seen them enough to know how dirty people can get, licking pussy,
sucking cock, fucking, ass fucking, 2 or more guys ravaging a girl. Now
the clothes comment makes sense. In these movies there are schoolgirls,
nurses, street whores, simulated rape, spanking, girls getting tied up,
slapped around.

?Gee Brendy, that?s tempting but I have to be honest with you, I?m a
virgin and though I?ve seen porno?s enough to know about almost all sex
I?m not sure I could do it, ya know??

And there?s that big smile again. ?Oh Rhonda, a virgin gets $5,000 or
more the first client they have. Depending on what you?re willing to do
you could get up to $10,000, but you?d have to really be at the disposal
sexually to the client, maybe even more than one at the same session.?

?If I tried and couldn?t go through with it what happens??, I ask. ?The
client isn?t charged and you go home, but won?t be called again for an
escort?, she explains.

I?m thinking about this hard, up to $10,000 for the first time, that?s
better than the shitty McDonald?s some rich asshole punk in school would
give me to try to fuck me. And a regular weekly income of thousands, I
could tell my parents I got an after school job, help with the bills,
wear nice clothes and tell all those snotty bitches at school to fuck off.

This is the turning point, F-YOU snob cunts! ?Look Rhonda, let?s do a
trial run to see if you want to do this, ok?? Trial run??

?I have a client tomorrow I take care of personally, his money allowed
me to start this business and get other girls working for me,? she says.
?He likes what is called a ?triple play?, blowjob, fuck, and anal. You
can come along and just watch to see how it works. He?ll pay you $500 to
play with your pussy while he does me and you said you like porn so it?d
just be like live porn.?

?But I don?t have anything decent or sexy to wear.?

?No problem, we?re about the same size, I?ll pick you up early and we?ll
raid my closet and get you set up.? Looking at her outfit I bet she?s
got some really nice stuff I could wear. ?Ok, I get out of school at Lee
High at 3pm, pick me up there ok??

?Sure sweetie, that will give us plenty of time to get worked up and
ready, see you then,? she says then turns and walks out to a red
Mercedes convertible.

All that night and next day at school I?m anxious, nervous, and turned
on. Classes seem to drag on forever. When that last bell rang I
practically sprinted to the parking lot. Not seeing her car was
disappointing until I heard this honk-honk. Looking across the street
was a limousine. The dark tinted window slides down and Brendy leans out
and waves to me.

You should have seen the looks on people?s faces as I crossed the street
and the driver opened the door for me. I was hooked, F-U snobs was all I
could think.

?Is this yours,? I ask Brendy. ?No, it belongs to our client, he?s a
very, very wealthy businessman. There are a lot of perks in this
business Rhonda. Now let?s go get you prepped, raid the closet, and
enjoy a fantastic dinner then have some fun!?

Next thing I know is we are at a beauty salon, an expensive spa as the
rich call them. ?Come on Rhonda, it?s time we get pampered.?

The doorman guides us in and it is awesome. In the front is a tray with
champagne, he hands a glass to each of us. Quickly an immaculately
dressed and coiffed woman smiles and says, ?Brendy, so good to see you,
and who is this beautiful girl with you??

?This is Rhonda, hopefully you?ll be seeing her often.?

?Ladies, follow me please? as she leads us to the spa area. We enter
dressing, or rather undressing rooms, and strip naked then wrap
ourselves with warmed soft large towels. I hear Brendy calling and step
out of the dressing room.

?Follow me Rhonda? she says then heads around to a large room. There are
padded tables that have a hole where your head would be. Doing as she
does I lay down on the table putting my face in that open area. It
coddles my face.

Soon two women enter and take our towels off leaving me naked. I feel
warm oil being poured on my back and legs. Sliding hands start to rub
me. Good gawd this feels good! Scented candles are lit and low and
soothing music is playing and this woman is massaging my body nearly
putting me to sleep. This goes on for about a half hour before we are
wrapped back into the towels.

Again, following Brendy we go to another room. Here we get our hands
massaged then dipped in warm oil. The two Asian women begin to work on
our finger nails as our feet are soaking in a tub of warm oil then massaged.

I can?t believe this, for the first time in my life I got a massage and
am getting a manicure and pedicure. Sure, I?ve read all about spa
treatments in my women?s magazines but for a girl who wears $1 shirts
this is unreal. Brendy is getting me hooked harder and harder, she knows
the game.

After we are done there two men, gay as hell, come in and walk (or
prance) us to the hair salon area. We are washed, conditioned, cut,
dried and styled. When they turn me around to the mirror I almost cried.
My hair looked like those bitches at school. Then we go to yet another
room filled with mirrors and lights around them.

Oh fuck, I?m going to get a professional make-up job. Thanks to the
towel all the pussy juice that I was flowing didn?t leave stains on the
chairs. During all this Brendy is talking so sweet to me and telling me
how I could have this all the time. Yeah I thought, just got to suck and
fuck to get it.

No big deal I rationalized, to live this lifestyle I probably have to
marry some fat ass and do the same with him. At least I could do it on
my own terms.

We left the spa and entering the limo more champagne was waiting.
?Rhonda, we?re heading back to my penthouse apartment to get ready. As
the limo pulls up to this high rise building my awe grows. Penthouse?
The only penthouse I thought I?d see was the magazine on the porn rack
behind the counter at the local zippy mart.

A uniformed doorman opens the limo door, ?good day miss Brendy,? he
says. ?Oh very well Jim, and how?s that wonderful family of yours?? She
really knows how to work people and I find it intriguing.

To the exclusive express elevator we go up to her apartment. It was
flashy but in a good way.

?Oh come dear, let?s get out of these clothes and take a bath.? This
bathroom was larger than my whole trailer. ?Be careful not to wet your
hair or rub your face sweetie. The dressing area is over here.? I follow
her. Seems like a lost puppy but my head is spinning from all this.

She opens these two large French doors to reveal a ?closet? that is a
clothing store, shoe store, and accessories store combined. There are
chairs and a table in there. Chairs and table in a closet?

We undress and slip into the tub. She has scented oils and rose petals
floating on top. It is odd that I have no shyness being nude around her.
The tub is so large we don?t even touch each other. A light bubbling is
coming out of places all over the tub and is invigorating.

She pours two glasses of champagne, apparently rich people drink a lot
of champagne. My head is getting light, I?m not used to alcohol.

?Our client likes everything smooth,? she says as she grabs a razor. She
moves over to me and lightly kisses me on the neck placing the razor on
the ledge. I never thought about being with a woman but I don?t recoil.
Moving up my neck to my ear I feel tingling in my pussy. Her light
kisses and tongue moves across my cheek and she is now licking my lips.

Her kiss becomes firmer then her tongue parts my lips. My mouth opens to
her tongue and my tongue meets hers.

There I am making out with this beautiful woman and liking it. Her hands
are stroking all over my body making me squirm a little. That good
squirm of excitement.

Backing away she gets the razor and pulls one of my legs up, lathering
it with some good smelling gel. She shaves me from ankle to hip, very
gently and sexy. Then the other leg. ?Rhonda, stand up sweetie, I?m
going to make you smooth everywhere.?

I do and her hands spread my legs exposing my pussy. I?m not hairy at
all and she carefully takes what ?peach fuzz? I do have off my body.
While we were nude earlier I noticed she had already groomed herself.

Stepping out of the tub she dried me off, again kissing me a little.
Then she dried herself.

?Let?s get you some lingerie honey,? she says. Back to the huge closet
we go. She grabs a shopping bag off the floor and says, ?here sweetie, I
bought this for you earlier today,? handing me the bag. It contained a
pair of black thigh high lace stockings, a garter belt, black corset
with push-up top (with my ample tits meant they were going to look
huge), and lace thong panties.

?Put the stockings on first, then the garter belt and straps, then the
corset, and call me at that point, I?m going to get us another glass of

Sliding the stockings, pure silk, up my super smooth legs was thrilling.
I had seen garter belts in Victoria Secret ads so knew what to do and
the corset was already laced so I just pulled it on. ?Brendy, I?m at the
point you said to call for you.?

She popped around the corner and handed me another glass of champagne. I
told her I was buzzed.

?Not yet dear, but you will be?? Standing in front of her with my new
lingerie I was still very comfortable being naked with her. Maybe I had
a thing for women I didn?t know before. My bare recently shaven pussy
was exposed.

She approached me and began deep kissing me, swirling her tongue around
mine with champagne being exchanged in our mouths. I could feel her hand
slide around my breast cupping it, pulling and pinching my hard nipple.
Next her hand slid down my tight hard stomach to cupping my pussy. Using
her index and ring finger she opens my flower. Her middle finger gently
touches my clit.

My body shakes. Her kisses get harder as she feels me reacting to her
touch. Nobody but me had ever touched my pussy and it was fantastic.
Pressing firmer now rotating her finger on my clit I shuddered more. I
could feel me getting wetter with every circle on my pussy button.

Lightly pushing me back I could feel my legs back up to a chair. ?Sit
down sexy girl.? When I do she kneels between my legs and takes the
glass from my hand placing both on the table.

She looks up at me with that big smile of hers, puts both hands under my
thighs pulling me to the edge of the chair. I can?t speak either out of
fear or excitement. I just know this is the most exciting feeling I?ve
ever known. Pulling each leg up behind the knees she spreads me and
places each over the soft arms of the plush chair. I feel exposed but
sexy, I had never worn lingerie nor feel the air on my pussy that was
freshly shaven smooth.

Leaning into me her hot breathe feels good on my pussy. Soft loving
kisses she gives all around my pussy and inner thighs. My head falls
back as I feel her hands slide up the silk stocking covered thighs that
are open for her.

Her tongue licks with strokes at my closed vagina, with each lick I feel
more sensation. Now her hands have reached my pussy, her fingers open
the folds that protect the opening.

I?m totally exposed like I?ve never been and never knew how much I would
want to be. As she pulls me open she laps at my obviously excited
dripping cunt. My hips buck upwards slightly to greet her mouth. Gently
but with enough pressure her lips suck my pussy lips in one side at a
time. I feel her wet (her saliva and my juice mixed) lips suck in and
slide up and down each of my exposed pussy folds.

Becoming rhythmic my hips gently press into her as she gently presses
her mouth onto me. Going from one side of my cunt to the other feeling
her more firmly open my up and barely touch my clit was driving me to
heights I never thought.

On one sliding stoke up she sucks my clit into her mouth and I nearly
fall backwards in the chair. Brendy has my pussy pulled open, juiced
like nothing I ever did alone, and had my clit which was hard in her
mouth. As she slid one finger from each hand holding me open into my
sloppy cunt her mouth sucked my clit into her harder.

My breathing became so fast I was near hyperventilating. The tip of her
tongue barely lapped on the tip of my clit. Her fingers moved deep
inside me. My pussy spasmed and Brendy felt it, she then started to
ravage my clit with a hard sucking mouth and swirling tongue.

It was all I could take and blurted out, ?Brendy, I going to cum you are
making feel too good.?

That just made her plunging fingers press up into what I later learned
was the infamous ?G spot?, suck my clit harder and tongue it faster.

My hips pressed into her mouth so hard afterwards I thought maybe I did
something to hurt her. ?Ohhhhh Brendy, it?s happening, I?m going to cum
harder than ever??

She continued and I shook as I came. Oddly, something I never did before
and was worried after it happened, when I was having the best orgasm in
my life I squirted something out of my pussy. Shaking as I came down
from the orgasm my mind raced, oh gawd did I just pee in her mouth?

?Rhonda that was so delicious, I think you?re going to be great in this

I was heaving and breathing deeply. ?Brendy I?m so sorry, I don?t know
what happened. Never have I had anything squirt out of me while having
an orgasm, please don?t be mad.?

?Sweetie,? she said laughing, ?you?re a squirter, you get extra money
for that!?

?A what? What?s squirting? Why get extra money??

There?s that big smile again. ?You?ve seen porno and when a guy cums he
shoots jizm from his cock. Well, some girls do too when they cum real
hard, it?s much thinner but about the same thing. Clients will pay extra
if you can do that while you rub yourself off, fuck you, fuck your ass,
and if you can do it when they?re sucking your cunt they will love you.?

?But that?s the first time I ever did that and it was because of you,? I

?You just have to learn to control it, and you will, you are the best
girl I?ve had in a long time. Look at you, your body is perfect, you are
a baby face beauty, and I?ll bet you can be the dirtiest slut my clients
ever had. You?ve got a big rich future girl!?

Every time she tells me things she gets me more excited about doing this
escort work.

?Now baby, let?s have one more glass of champagne then we?ll get
dressed. The limo will be here at 8 to take us to dinner with our
client. Afterwards we?ll go to an exquisite hotel and do what we do. Ok??

?Brendy, if this job is anything close to what we just did I?m your best

I clean up my pussy, it was a sloppy mess, and Brendy brings another
glass of champagne. ?Let?s look through the closet to find you something
super sexy but very refined to wear. Go ahead and put on the thong
panties I got you.?

Her clothes are so fantastic, we look on rack after rack, she wants to
put me in the perfect outfit. The shelves of shoes she has is a huge

She already bought me sexy lingerie. ?Rhonda, look around and you?ll
find many sexy dresses that still have the tags on, anything you want
you can keep, same with the shoes.? You got to be kidding me I thought,
there were dresses with $2,000 price tags, shoes at $1,500, the clothes
the bitches at school wear.

I found the perfect black short dress that went perfect with my
lingerie. It did. ?Oh sweetie, I know the perfect shoes to go with
that,? she says as she hands me a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps. We?re
talking $800 shoes?

She dresses and looks immaculate, this kind of money you can buy
whatever and look perfect. But again for what clients pay you should.
You may have up to 8 in a week, that?s big money.

We meet the limo driver in the lobby. Whisked away downtown to a
Japanese restaurant that doesn?t even have a sign outside. Brendy takes
us back to a private frosted glass dining room. Opening the door is an
amazingly handsome guy in his 30?s I guess. His eyes grow large seeing
me follow Brendy through the door. Am I on drugs in some ?Pretty Woman?
dream that I?ll wake up in my trailer?

?Hello Trevor, this is Rhonda and she?s going to join us tonight, I
didn?t think you?d mind??

?Brendy, you devious person, you knew I wouldn?t mind and you brought
such a young exquisite beautiful girl. It will be of course my pleasure
to spend an evening with you two wonderful tantalizing women. As you
knew it would Brendy.?

We are sat by a tuxedo wearing maitre de like we were royalty. Small
talk goes on as wine is served, an appetizer, soup, sushi (yuck, not my
liking at that point), and a small grill comes in. They cook lobster,
shrimp, steak, etc. that all smell so wonderful.

All the time the wine is flowing. My head was already airy from the
champagne and the wine didn?t help. If not for all the food I?d be a
falling down drunk by now.

After dinner they bring in these small cups of dark colored liquor. It
was sweet and delicious.

Soon we were leaving in the limo. Very quickly we were at a posh hotel,
doormen falling over to greet us, Mr. this and that the whole time.
Shuttled into another private elevator my brain is scrambled. It?s not
just the alcohol, the whole day has been an experience I didn?t know
existed. No doubt from all the stuff that I got and experienced it was a
$3,000 day already, and that was before the money from the client.

The elevator opens directly into the suite. Once inside the client goes
to the main bedroom. Brendy comes to me to explain the events to come.

?Once he comes out he?ll be in a bathrobe, you will sit over there on
the small couch and he will accompany me on the long couch. We will
touch then I will do a strip dance for him. While I do he will get hard
and begin to stroke his cock, ok??

?Yes, I understand.?

?As he strokes his dick you will come up behind me and rub your hands
over me, slowly undressing me. Then I will do the same to you. We only
go down to our lingerie, the rest will happen later, got it??

?Sure, I can do this.?

He walks into the room exactly as Brendy described. The music cues up on
the sound system and Brendy begins her dance. I get up and walk over to
her sexy dance, already my pussy is getting wet again. As the music
plays and she sexily dances we strip each other.

As if on cue he opens the robe. He has a hard dick that must be 8? and
fairly fat. Brendy and I continue and I?m getting more excited but still
too afraid to take a dick in my cunt.

The lighting is low but enough to see everything. Brendy pulls me to her
side and buries her tongue in my mouth. We are there dancing slowly
feeling each others bodies, kissing intimately, wearing nothing but our
lingerie. I?m in my black and she?s in an almost identical outfit in white.

Both of us are clean shaven from ankle to belly. She turns me so my ass
is facing the client. Bending me over she exposes my ass and shaven cunt
to him. Looking between my legs I can see he has increased his pace of
jerking his dick. Oddly seeing his large dick hard was exciting. Brendy,
now having my body bent over exposed pulls my cunt open. It isn?t as
soft and sweet as we did before, it is more forceful and dominating.

I don?t mind, I?m getting more excited every second.

Her hands open me up for view. Now it?s two fingers each hand stretching
my cunt open. Her thumbs are now firmly tugging on my clit. My pussy
juice is gushing. Grabbing the back of my head by the hair she shoves my
face in her cunt.

Bent over, pussy and ass at the view of the client, Brendy stretching my
cunt and almost harshly massaging my clit with a thumb, she rips my head
back and shoves my mouth on her pussy.

I hadn?t licked her at her place nor licked any girl, but I knew what to
do. She went back to having two hands work my pussy just feet from the
client?s face while bucking her hips and pussy into my face. Her taste
was so good I knew I was dripping in cunt juice. She was also totally
shaven smooth and the whole atmosphere was sex, pure hardcore sex. And I
liked it.

Just a moment later she did something I never thought I would enjoy. Her
sloppy fingers soaked in my pussy juice pulled out of my cunt.

I felt her slide upwards. Remember, I?m bent over, my virgin pussy and
ass open now exposed just inches from the client?s face. He?s stroking
his dick as I lap at the sweet cunt of Brendy, she takes one finger from
each of her pussy soaked hands and enters my asshole.

I jump in those expensive pumps I?m wearing. A finger on one side and
one from the other is now entering my ass.

After a short time oddly my ass relaxes because I?m so turned on her
fingers pull me open. Each hand then jams another finger in my bung.
Again at first it hurts then becomes ok. Still looking through my legs
as I?m bent over the client is jerking so fast and hard I can?t believe
he hasn?t cum.

This continues for just a short time longer. Brendy pulls away from my
lapping tongue and presses me down to my knees. Next she walks around
me, my back to the client and her facing him.

?Time to suck my cock Brendy? he tells her. I?m not sure what to do, I
can?t see them right now.

Brendy instructs me to lay on my back so I stretch out and am now
looking up her legs apart and staring directly at her luscious pussy.
?Finger my cunt Rhonda? she tells me. I reach up and insert two fingers
into her. They slide right in because she was very wet.

She bends over a grabs the client by the base of his hard thick cock and
begins stroking him. He leans back on the couch as Brendy slowly strokes
him. Able to look back now I?m watching them, learning.

I slip two more fingers in her juicy cunt, only my thumb is out and it?s
furiously rubbing her clit. Brendy then lowers herself on her knees with
the client?s dick just in front of her face. She takes her other hand
and gently pulls my arm down pushing it down to my pussy.

The sweet smell of her wet cunt so close to me was more intoxicating
than all the alcohol I had that day. Much to my delight Brendy then
squatted right onto my mouth. She was grinding her cunt on my open
sucking mouth. My tongue darted in between her folds trying to taste all
of her I could. Feeling her using my face as her sex toy was great.

She lifts up just a bit. ?Rhonda get on your knees beside me, I want you
to watch me suck a cock the right way.? Getting out from underneath her
I get in position as she instructed.

As if on auto-response my hand moves to her pussy slipping four fingers
inside. Meanwhile my other hand goes to my pussy putting three fingers
in my gushing cunt. Brendy moves her mouth to the client?s purple cock
head. Gripping him at the base, using the tip of her tongue she lightly
laps at the shiny precum oozing from the hole at the top of his dick.

I?m watching intently knowing I would need these techniques to be pro in
this business. She next swirls her tongue around the ridge where the
shaft and head meet. Moving from there using her lips and tongue she
works the shaft. Up and down the bottom, top, and sides she sucks and
licks his dick shaft.

Looking at the client?s face his eyes are almost rolled back. Brendy
moves her attention his ball sack, licking all around at first then
sucking one then the other nut into her mouth. It looks very erotic as
she is doing this his cock is twitching around in the air. Brendy
reaches up and strokes his dick some more.

Her hand strokes down and stays at the base slowly squeezing and
relaxing her grip. Then her head lifts up and her mouth is open and
directly over his dick. She lowers her mouth on him slowly and devours
his large cock down to her hand. He throws his head back to the couch
now looking up at the ceiling.

Brendy slowly pulls her mouth up stopping just before the head pops out.
She removes her hand and slowly again now goes down where his dick meets
his balls. Gawd, she sucked his entire dick all the way into her mouth.

He raises his hips a bit forcing him into her mouth deeper. Brendy is
one great cock sucker, as good or better than any I?ve seen watching my
parent?s porn.

She begins to move her mouth up and down his dick. Both my pussy and
hers are getting so wet our juices are flowing down the inside of our
thighs. As my fingers work each of us the slushing sound mixes with the
slurping sound of her mouth fuck she?s giving our client.

As her pace increases his hips buck a little more at her face. He grabs
her head and soon he?s face fucking her furiously. Faster and faster he
shoves his cock deep into her mouth, it has to be getting into her
throat. Occasionally he just gets full hilt into her throat and stays
there pressing himself as deep as he can get. Given the size of his cock
that must be pretty deep.

Brendy doesn?t gag, I?d be gasping for air. Amazingly I see her tongue
come out of her mouth to his ball sack. That?s impossible I think but
there I am getting a direct view of a great cock sucker deep throating a
large dick and licking his balls at the same time.

He pulls back and begins a fast paced fucking of Brendy?s mouth and
throat. With my slick hand nearly wholly in Brendy?s sloppy cunt I put
my thumb into her ass. She must have liked it because she bucked back
into my hand forcing it deeper in her pussy and ass.

The client sat upright leaning over Brendy?s head, still pumping her
mouth. He was watching me fuck her cunt and ass with my fingers.

It must have been a good look because he began to grunt and almost
brutally stab at Brendy?s throat. Still holding her head by the back he
groans and grunts louder. From the pornos I know what?s coming, or
cumming. So does Brendy, she bucks harder on my hand and groans herself.

Vibrations from her groans on his cock must have been the final turn on
as he stiffens. He groans one more time then says,?oh yeah Brendy you
great whore, I?m going to cum down your throat? as he presses her head
into his crotch. Two seconds later he grunts and I can see Brendy?
throat moving as she swallows his cum.

I?ll bet it was a lot by the number of times I saw her throat moving
while swallowing each spurt.

His upper body falls to back of the couch, his dick still deep in
Brendy?s mouth. Brendy begins to shudder slightly, I wonder if I?m
hurting her now. Nope, she starts to groan and buck her ass against my
hand. M, M, M, MMM, MMMMMMM, I hear from her.

I realize she?s having an orgasm, and that sets me off. I start my own
groaning. In an instant I feel her pussy tighten then spasm. Mine was
doing the same. Soon I felt a warm liquid flow out of her and down my
forearm. She?s a squirter too.

It was all I needed and began my orgasm squirting my female ejaculation
all over the carpet. Eventually both of us had girl cum covered thighs.

?Damn, what are you girls doing, marking your territory?? It brings a
laugh to all of us. By now he had pulled his dick out of Brendy?s
talented mouth. I was startled to see he was still hard, I thought all
guys went limp after an orgasm.

Brendy sat up, turned, and deep kissed me. She hadn?t swallowed all his
cum and I was tasting cum from a man for the first time.

As she kissed me his cum was swapped between us and flowing out of our
mouths. He must have huge wads because I saw how much she swallowed and
how much was being swapped between us. And he was still hard, this
client was like a machine, no wonder Brendy wanted to bring me along.

Brendy pulled away from me and says to our client, ?let?s not waste all
this girl cum.?

She stands up, turns around facing away from the client, I?m still aside
on my knees. Next she straddles his body lowering her dripping cunt onto
his hard dick. She grips it guiding it first to a split opened at her
sopping cunt then all the way into her well worked opening.

It?s a very sexy sight, her body facing me and a large dick sliding in
her exquisite pussy. This goes on for some time then Brendy gives me
another instruction.

?Rhonda, get in front of me standing?, so I do. As her pussy is getting
fucked she reaches out putting three fingers in my slippery cunt. In
rhythm with his thrusts her fingers thrust into me. My legs are spread
wide and she curls her fingers hitting my G spot. Again she slips her
thumb in my ass, I?m beginning to really like my ass getting attention.

My legs start to tremble just a bit, I?m on the verge of another orgasm.
No way, at best when rubbing myself off I had two, and they were several
hours apart. ?Don?t cum yet Rhonda?, she says as she pulls her fingers
out of me.

The client has his hands on her hips thrusting his cock hard into her
pussy, looking around her at me. ?Rhonda, kneel in front of me a lick my
clit as I get fucked?, Brendy tells me.

I?m so hot I drop to my knees and hungrily go after her clit. My tongue
also meets the client?s cock shaft as it pumps her pussy. The thrill of
sucking her clit, licking around her pussy and tasting her juices from
the client?s dick was great. Really great.

My sucking and licking of her clit with the thrusting of his cock was
taking Brendy over the edge. And it was the client. She starts groaning
again in that tone that says she?s going to orgasm. That sets off the
client who joins in the groaning, they are both about to cum.

I?ve got Brendy?s clit in my mouth sucking it in and flicking it quickly
with my tongue. In a few more strokes they go off, cumming together.

He floods her cunt with salty cum and it mixes with the sweet taste of
her orgasm. A thought that ran through my head was why does a guy taste
salty and a woman taste sweet? The thought quickly goes away as the
client pulls out of Brendy?s pussy.

She grabs the back of my head pushing it off her clit and directly at
her pussy opening. I can feel her squeezing her inside muscles. Wads of
his cum mixed with hers flows into my mouth.

I gurgle slightly trying to swallow all their flow coming out of her.
?You need to learn to swallow a lot of cum to be a top earner in this
business?, Brendy says. The gush seems to go on forever, I recall how
much she swallowed giving him a blowjob and still had plenty to swap
into my mouth while kissing.

Also recalled was how much she had soaked my hand and her thighs with
her juice. Now the two added was a lot, but was very good to taste and

Brendy went over to the bar and poured all of us a glass of champagne.
The client was half limp, even half hard he looked big. And after two
ball draining sessions he should have a shriveled up dick. But there was
one more performance to complete the ?triple play?.

We talked and drank. ?Brendy, as always, you are the hottest fuck ever.
And this Rhonda you brought along was a great addition. Rhonda, you are
so beautiful and innocent looking but you have the soul of a whore, and
that?s not meant as an insult.?

?Not taken that way, I appreciate your compliment?, I say. Brendy chimes
in, ?I met Rhonda at a store and immediately knew she was a star pro in
the making. Though she?s here on a look-see escort you can tell easily
why I was so attracted to her.?

We finished our glass and the client was ready for the final ?play?.
Brendy walked over to the bed and sat down on the side. ?Rhonda, come
lay with me.?

I walked over, Brendy stood up and deep kissed me for awhile. She pulled
me down to the bed laying on top of me, our legs intertwined. The client
was on the couch stroking his cock again. Our kissing was intimate and
sexy, not like any boy that had kissed me. Brendy?s hands were lightly
stroking all over my body.

This was all to take in. I?m a 16 year old high school girl that has had
a pampered day and was for the first time having sex with someone other
than myself.

Brendy begins kissing my neck. She tongues my ears, never knew how good
that would feel. Down my shoulders she reaches my breast. At 16 they are
firm 34c?s with light brown hard as diamonds nipples. She sucks one in
her mouth while lightly tweaking the other.

While doing that her thigh is pressing firmly into my crotch making my
pussy feel it. She licks the flesh of my tits then sucks on the other
nipple. They are hard and sensitive to her attention.

Slowly she kisses and licks me down my flat belly to my thighs. She?s
sucking and lapping at the girl cum that had flowed while we were
together earlier. The client has jacked his dick to be hard and large
again. I could see him as he watched us.

Going down one inner thigh Brendy moves to the other. Her kissing,
sucking, licking gets more passionate. Moving up soon I can feel her
breath on my hairless pussy. Soon after that I can feel her kissing my
pussy. Reaching under my knees she pulls my legs up and back. I?m on my
back, legs spread and pushed back opening my pussy.

Brendy kisses my cunt. I reach down and hold my legs back freeing her
hands. She moves her hands to my cunt pulling it wide open. We were here
earlier in the day but I wasn?t as open and exposed.

With two fingers on each hand she inserts them and opens my cunt hole.
Her tongue laps every inch of my pussy. She licks and sucks my clit
getting it hard like she did my nipples. The client is still stroking
his cock. This guy isn?t normal, he?s hard always and cums like a
freight train.

As Brendy finger fucks my cunt and sucks my hard clit I feel a pressure
at my ass opening. Using both her thumbs she enters my ass. By now I?m
somewhat used to having my bung entered. But she wasn?t done, she was
training my asshole for future money making use. Clients pay for the
basics, every additional service earns more money, a ?full service?
escort always makes more money.

I can feel her thumbs pulling outward, she?s stretching my asshole open.
As it relaxes her mouth leaves my cunt. Her tongue swirls around the
outside of my anal opening. Not for long, now she?s darting it in and
out of my butthole. And she has a long tongue.

The sensation is incredible, my hips rise off the bed and press into her
face. She sticks her tongue in my hole while thumb fucking my ass as she
also pulls it open.

My hand finds its way to my pussy. It?s soaking again, how can I be
flowing that much juice in my cunt? I?m so hooked now, sex is awesome
and getting big bank for doing it is impossible to turn down. Hell, I?d
be with Brendy even if I was going to earn any money.

Brendy backs away, sits upright and tells me to flip around so my head
was at the foot of the bed.

As I position myself Brendy backs up straddling my body and squats so we
are now in a 69 position. My head is at the very end of the bed with her
cunt on my face, her ass just barely past the edge at the foot of the bed.

She?s grinding her pussy on my mouth and tongue while she grinds her
mouth and tongue on my cunt.
My hands are under her pulling open her cunt as her arms are under my
legs and hands opening my pussy. We?re mirroring each other?s motions,
fingers in cunt, suck clit, lick pussy lips, finger assholes, slurping
like good whores at each other?s privates. Well, as a whore they?re not
so private.

Brendy and I are moaning, groaning, slithering around licking,
fingering, and sucking each other?s cunts. A muffled instruction comes
from Brendy, ?Rhonda, use your fingers to sop up my pussy juice and use
it to lube my ass real good.?

It was an easy task because she was full of her juice, girl cum, and the
client?s cum. I literally used two fingers like a scoop and inserted the
juices in her ass.

After four or five times lubing her butt I heard the client get off the
couch. At this point my mouth was all over Brendy?s pussy. Her face was
buried between my legs getting me so hot I was bucking and rotating my
hips driving my cunt into her mouth.

Obviously my view was looking up towards the ceiling well framed by the
perfect butt cheeks of Brendy. That view was soon lost.

The client was directly over me and behind Brendy. Play number three was
about to begin. I could easily see his cock, it was in his hand and as
big as before. He began spanking Brendy hard on her ass but she seemed
to like it. The harder he smacked her butt cheek the harder she pressed
her cunt on my mouth. This went on for about five minutes, her ass was
blood red.

Though I had lubed her ass with all our juices he spit in his palm and
stroked his dick.

The client stepped forward positioning the head his big dick at Brendy?s
anal opening. With one hand holding his cock and the other holding
Brendy by the hip he pushed the head of his cock into her butt. I could
see the initial resistance then opening to allow him into the first inch
of her ass. It makes me more excited and my sucking of Brendy?s cunt
gets harder.

Once he had the head in her hole he stopped, but only for a few seconds.
I could feel Brendy?s thighs stiffen, she knew what was next.

The client smacked both her ass cheeks then grabbed her hips. Violently
in one stroke he rammed his rigid large cock into Brendy?s bowels. He
grunted and breathed like an animal. Using his strong arms he pulled her
hard against his cock pressing his cock as deep into her as possible.
Without pulling back he continued this deep thrusting.

His balls were slapping my forehead. Brendy was giving out muffled
grunts as her face was buried in my cunt. I was eagerly sucking her clit
and enjoying the juice flowing from it.

My arms reached around her thighs and using my hands I pulled her ass
cheeks open. We were in total ecstasy, all three of us. My cunt being
sucked by an expert whore, me licking a sexy beautiful woman?s pussy,
and the client hard fucking Brendy?s ass while watching us 69. This was
better than I ever imagined while diddling myself to porn.

Brendy gives me a taste of what she was getting. While sucking my cunt
she puts two fingers in my ass. As my hole muscles relax she inserts
another finger. So far I?m ok, my cunt had so much juice flow my asshole
was coated in slick girl goo.

The client is still pounding her ass like an animal in heat. Brendy
seems to be enjoying it because she face fucks me and fucks my face
harder. I?m enjoying it also, her on me, me on her, him in her ass
ravaging her anal cavity, this was too good. I?m drunk on sex, a virgin,
still haven?t had a guy in my pussy, ass, or mouth, but I knew this was
the life I wanted. Not a street whore but a high class escort.

Feeling more pressure at my asshole it was Brendy pushing a fourth
finger in my butt. She was expanding them as she was pushing into me. I
never thought my ass could take one finger, now her hand was half way in me.

She?s still taking a hard fucking of her butt and stretching mine. Our
client feverishly stabs away at Brendy?s perfect ass, grunting like a

Oh gawd, I feel more pressure at my asshole. My hips are raised off the
bed, Brendy has my face soaked in her juice, the client is fucking her
ass hard, and what more can happen? That?s what I was about to learn.

Brendy had her hand except thumb in my butt. Unbelievably my ass had
relaxed and accepted the insertion. Now her thumb was trying to get in me.

Between her saliva and what had flowed out my pussy her hand was
slippery as oil. She was pressing her thumb at my asshole, already
stretched farther than I would ever had imagined. But Brendy was
training me to be a top earner escort and knew anal gets the second
highest pay. It will be a few days before I learn what top highest pay
service is.

As hot as this night has been with watching her suck off our client,
lapping at her pussy while he fucked it, being in a 69 with her, now
seeing her ass fucked while licking her as she was me, and having her
whole hand in my ass was crazy fun.

Brendy?s whole hand slipped in me after a few tries. She made a fist and
slipped her hand and wrist pass my reluctant bung muscles. I was too
excited to resist.

She moved into my ass up to her wrist, slowed for a second, then rammed
deeper into me with her forearm. Her arm had to be 6-8? deep in my butt,
as she was still licking and sucking my pussy. Our client was making
that grunting ?I?m going to cum soon? sound.

Brendy was close, he was close, and I was ready.

Our client pulled Brendy hard back against him burying his cock deep
into her asshole. Brendy had her arm half way up my never explored butt
and I liked it, her mouth was very deliciously sucking my cunt, and she
was grinding her cunt so hard on my face I couldn?t breathe.

?Ahhh, that?s it, I?m going to cum!? the client bellowed. He jerked
Brendy?s ass hard onto his dick. She was hard fisting my ass, sucking my
clit, and I was sucking hers.

The client let loose a wad deep into Brendy?s bowels. Brendy then
flooded my face with her orgasm. That set me off, my ass clinched, my
cunt spasmed and I squirted a third girl cum on Brendy?s face. It seemed
to last forever.

As our client pulled out of Brendy?s ass his cum flowed down her crack
on onto my face, mixing with Brendy?s cum.

Slowly pulling her fist out of my butt, lapping all my orgasm juice out
of my cunt, Brendy turns around facing me. She smiles at the sight of
her and the clients cum covering my face. Bending over she kisses me
then begins to clean my face off.

Clean as lick and swallow all that juice, hers and his.

Brendy takes me by the hand and leads me to the shower. In there she
washes my whole body in between kisses and sexy touching. The feel of
the expensive soap, her hands, and slithering of her body against mine
makes the perfect ending of my first experience.

She dries me off and we return to the main room. The client was gone.

On the table was an envelope. Brendy opens it, counts out some cash and
hands me $2,000. ?Oh gawd? I say, ?but I didn?t do anything with him.?
Brendy smiles, ?darling, you?re going to make a lot of money, that?s the
extra he paid to see your young body and us together. In a few days
you?ll have your first client and you?ll make over $5,000. Trust me
honey, you will be desired and pampered and rich!?

Hmm, my first client, $2,000 cash, I can live good, help my parents, and
say FUCK YOU to all those assholes that treated me like shit. I?m in!

The Girls of The VVIP Club

Being a waitress at The VVIP Club was the kind of work that wasn’t for every young woman. It was an exclusive club, and that meant that underage girls were the only girls hired as waitresses. That is to say, you had to be… a.) between 15 and 17) stunningly beautiful b.) have no reservations whatsoever in wearing skimpy sexy outfits and c.) love all the attention that patrons of both sexes lavished on you, including groping and kissing.

It was almost 3 a.m. and the VVIP was closed for the night. To of the hottest waitresses poured a drink. Gisele and Kelsie were left all by themselves at the bar. Kelsie looked stunning in a black thigh high dress showing off her long, tanned legs with black stiletto shoes while Gisele was wearing a knitted white shirt and red mini skirt with red heels and bright red lipstick. Both looked amazing as they sat there and chatted for a bit before Kelsie spoke up.

“Gisele can I ask you something?” Kelsie asked carefully.

“Sure Kelsie what’s up,” Gisele says smiling at her friend.

“Well it’s just I think I know the reason Brad isn’t coming to the club to see me,” Kelsie begins trying to hold back her tears as she lets out her inner insecurities to Gisele.

Gisele sighs and takes a sip of her drink Kelsiee, “Yeah I know why he isn’t here Kelsie it’s because he’s and they were rehursing for the gig they have this weekend. We have been though this.”

“No,” Kelsie says shaking her head allowing her long dyed blonde hair to shake around a few inches above her shoulder, “It’s because I’m ugly and he wants nothing to do with me.”

Kelsie breaks down and starts crying in the empty club and Gisele takes pity on her friend. Poor Kelsie hadn’t had the best luck with boyfriends and was so self-conscious that she was questioning everything she did.

Leaning forward Gisele rests her left hand on Kelsie’s bare leg, “You’re not ugly Kelsie in fact you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

Kelsie stops crying and giggles at Gisele’s like comment right out of a romantic novel. Then Klsie tilts her head up and looks into her blonde friend’s eyes. They both stop dead as if they were seeing each other for the first time not and friends not as enemy’s but as beautiful, hot, sexy women.

Gisele had a few lesbian affairs with older women who frequented the VVIP Club she met in the club, including a sexy bank manager and the woman who owned a tanning salon. None of these had ended in “relationships” more like a few nights of hot endless sex and she would never get her calls returned. Gisele knew it was the best sex of her life and if she were being honest with herself she would admit she enjoyed sex with women more than sex with men.

Now looking into Kelsie’s eyes Gisele sees the sexy young girl with all her mouth-watering curves and Gisele curses herself for not seeing them sooner. Kelsie had never been with a woman yet had thought about it but never felt her urges were strong enough to do anything about it However since working at the VVIP she had felt the attraction to other women go stronger and stronger, particularly toward Gisele. Gisele was seventeen and the fifteen year old Kelsie looked up to her, and often asked her for advice.

Kelsie looked deep into Gisele’s eyes felt her hand on her knee and she wanted more. Frozen in time Gisele watched Kelsie’s face break into a grin before she leaned forward. Gisele sees the line on her tanned face and even the marks of where Kelsie placed her lipstick as she moved closer to Gisele. Their lips touched and they kissed long and hard. Gisele to Kelsie’s delight kissed back and the two teens were locked in a passionate embrace.

Gisele’s hands moved slowly up and down Kelsie’s soft legs, as Kelsie’s lips set hers on fire.
Kelsie needed this so much. Her trapped feeling of loneliness had really started to get her down. She needed to feel loved, she needed to feel good about herself again. Gisele’s head was a cocktail of mixed emotions she wanted to fuck Kelsie but that might hurt her friendship. Kelsie loved men too much to give them up and the last thing Gisele wanted to do is break her friend’s heart.

Breaking the kiss Gisele looked up at Kelsie, “Look I’m sorry Kelsie but I can’t do this it would never work and you have a great boyfriend you should keep and,” Gisele ranted until Kelsie put a long slender finger across the blonde’s ruby red lips.

“It’s ok Gisele I’m not turning lesbian I just need to feel something better than sadness right now. I’ve never been with another woman so I’m kinda scared, but I trust you Gisele, I would trust you with my life,” Kelsie sighed with lust in her eyes.

Gisele smiled. She understood what Kelsie needed, she needed the same thing. The need to be and feel loved, “Ok Kelsie let’s spend the night in my room and I swear to you I will make it one of the best experiences of your life.

Gisele gently kissed her friend’s soft lips and the two girls smiled at each other. Gisele took Kelsie by the hand and lead her up out the back door of the club and around the corner and up the apartment elevator. The pure lust had always been there all the girls in the club saw each other as sexy women and often touched each other’s asses and breasts as part of the show for the patrons of the VVIP.

Now Gisele and Kelsie embraced in a lip lock as the elevator moved to the top floor. Gisele nearly kicked the door to her apartment open. She pulled Kelsie inside as the two sexy girls kissed and touched each other’s amazing bodies. They kicked off their high heel shoes Gisele’s hands moved over Kelsie’s perfect figure feeling her soft, smooth legs then grabbed her friend’s tight littleass. Kelsie’s rubbed her hands all over Gisele’s back as her own perky tits pushed against Gisele’s and could feel Gisele’s erect nipples pushing against her bra.

“Gisele, are you wear a bra?” Kelsie she asked breathlessly as Gisele broke the embrace giving Kelsie a fast peck on the lips.

“No Kelsie I’m not wearing a bra and now…” Gisele lifted her top pulling it over her head and dropping it on the floor, “I’m not wearing a shirt either.”

Kelsie’s eyes grew wide as she admired Gisele’s firm tities. Sure she had seen Gisele topless loads of times but like this. Her pink nippleslooked so stiff and hard and Kelsie licked her lips. Gisele’s tits were very pale compared to the rest of her body but Kelsie didn’t care as she stepped forward. Her left hand slowly squeezed Gisele’s tits together making the blonde groan with pleasure from Kelsie’s soft touch. Gisele tilts her head back and groans as Kelsie works her hands over Gisele’s C cup breasts, pinching her nipples and gently twisted them.

“You sure you have never been with another woman before Kelsie,” Gisele groaned.

“I’ve love your tits Gisele they’re so perky and warm,” Kelsie said in a sexy voice as her thumbs flicked over Gisele’s hard nipples.

Gisele squeezed Kelsie’s firm ass cheeks making the young girl moan. Kelsie grabbed the bottom of her dress. Lifting the material up Kelsie loved the sigh from of Gisele as she theew the dress aside, her body clad in only a black bra and thong set.

“How the hell can you think you’re ugly Kelsie,” Gisele says shaking her head in amazement as she stared at Kelsie’s hot young body, “You look fucking amazing.”

Kelsie felt herself blushing as she watched Gisele’s eyes following her body. Kelsie started to shake her body left and right doing a few sexy little moves making Gisele moan as she watched her body grind.

Like a stripper Kelsie turned round and dipped low shaking her firm little ass which made Gisele smile and rub her own tits, pulling hard on her nipples. Reaching her hands behind her back Kelsie uncliped her bra and let it fall down her arms. Kelsie swung the tiny piece of lingerie over her head and threw the bra away into the corner. She turned back, holding her little tities for Gisele to see. Gisele bit her lip and moaned as Kelsie’s tanned boobs bounced as the young teen danced. Gisele reaches out wanting to touch the perky tities. Kelsie wagged her finger at the blonde like a naughty schoolgirl before dancing around again and pushed her hot little tities in front of Gisele’s face.

Gisele’s cunt was dripping wet, and soaked the crotch of her thong as Kelsie continued to tease her with a sexy dance Kelsie slipped her thumb into the waistband of her panties and tugged the thong slightly down her hips. She did the same to the other side of her panties leaving the material hanging on her hips barely covering young pussy. She looked up to see Gisele with her hand inside her skirt. Kelsie smiled and giggled knowing she was making her friend rub her pussy.

“Do you want me to take my panties off Gisele? Do you want to see my wet little cunt? Do you babe?” Kelsie teased.

Gisele moaned as she pinched her throbbing clit inside her wet panties.

“ Of fuck yes Kelsie, please take of your panties I want to see your hot, wet little cunt,” Gisele whimpered.

Gisele was normally the dominant person in her lesbian relationships, it made her wild to finds herself submissively begging Kelsie to strip naked.

Kelsie tugged her thong down her smooth legs and kicked the wet thong off her feet sending the tiny fabric flying onto Gisele’s feet.

Gisele, brought the thong to her nose, sniffing at the sent of her friends cunt then she licked and sucked on the wet crotch. She moaned staring in awe at Kelsie’s young body. Kelsie’s cunt glistened with her juices and Gisele couldn’t take her eyes of the young girls puffy pink pussy lips. Getting to her feet Gisele moved toward Kelsie and let the flat of her hand brush over the girl’s flat mid section.

Gisele’s fingers traceed Kelsie’s belly button. Gisele smiled at Kelsie then tilted her head lightly kissed Kelsie’s left nipple. Gisele used her tongue to flick out against Kelsie’s stiff pink nipple and after a few tongue flicks Gisele sucked the nipple hard into her mouth.

Kelsie moaned as Gisele’s hand moved lower down her circling over her hips then without warning cupping the fifteen year olds wet pussy lips, letting the heel of her palm grind against Kelsie’s throbbing clit.

Both girls moaned at the heat of the moment as Gisele’s fingers traced the outer lips of Kelsie’s pussy feeling how hot and wet her friend was. Gisele continued to lick Kelsie’s firm little breasts and nipples. She sucked them against the sharp edges of her teeth then nibbled each nipple gently

Gisele moved her fingers inside Kelsie’s slick cunt lips letting her fingers circle her tight little fuck hole, but not enter, then she let her long finger nails flick back and forth over the young girl’s stiff little clit.

The hot young girl moaned and began to grind her hips again under contact. Playing with Kelsie’s tiny nipples Gisele’s skillful sent a thrill through her small young body. .

“Oh god Gisele your touch is so good but I want to see you naked too,” Kelsie groaned at Gisele’s fingers and tongue.

Gisele looked up at her hot young workmate before she took a step back and unclipped her mini skirt. The skirt slipped down her tanned legs and Gisele stood in front of Kelsie in just her red thong. There was a small wet patch on the front of Gisele’s thong.

“See, you hot little bitch, see how wet I am, because of you?” sighed Gisele, who pulled on the top of the thong so part of the crotch disappeared into her slick cunt lips.

Gisele pulled the thong up and down to let hit rub on her clit, “Oh fuck Kelsie, I’ve wanted you ever since you started working at VVIP. I’ve dreamed of you, tasting your hot little pussy as I rubbed myself to a crashing cum.”

Kelsie let two fingers brush over her stiff little clit as she watched her friend play with her clit.

Gisele moaned yanked the thong down her legs. She threw the thong directly at Kelsie’s.
face. Kelsie moaned and pressed the wet crotch to her lips, licking and smelling the essence of her friend’s cunt.

Gisele’s hairless pussy was coated in her own juices which made Kelsie moan as she sucked the same juices from the crotch of her friend’s thong. The smell of sex was in their air as the hot young girls embraced in a fit of lust

Gisele led Kelsie to her bed room and her bed. It is Kelsie who pushed Gisele back onto the blue bed cover. Gisele smiled up at Kelsie and spreads her legs wide. Kelsie loved the view of Gisele’s wet pussy lips, she moaned unable to take her eyes off Gisele’s juices as they ran down her firm thighs.

“Come on you hot little bitch I know you want to taste my cunt, what are you waiting for, eat my cunt out!” Gisele said in a sultry voice.

Gisele was excited at the thought of her sexy young friend eating her pussy. Kelsie let fingers trace Gisele’s thighs. She felt the heat from her wet pussy but she was still scared. She had never been so horny in her life and she really wanted to touch and lick Gisele’s cunt. Kelsie saw the raw need on Gisele’s face, and felt a surge of confidence.

Kelsie slowly lowered her head between Gisele’s thighs. She flicked her long blonde hair out of her and placed gently kisses along the outer lips of Gisele’s pussy making her shudder and moan. Gisele couldn’t believe how good it felt having this younger girl’s hot breath so close to her sensitive pussy lips. Carefully Kelsie flicks her tongue out tracing the outside4 of Gisele’s wet pussy lips making the shorthaired blonde groan.

“Fuck Kelsie, please keep going. Your tongue feels tood there. Keep licking, deeper, fuck your tongue is so good,” Gisele moaned making Kelsie happy. She knew she was pleasing her friend

Gisele’s pussy lips tasted so good to Kelsie, parted the pink lips with her fingers and let her tongue drag along the soft inner flesh of her slit. She made sure to lick up every bit of her friends juices. Kelsie has never tasted anything so good. She moaned thinking Gesele’s juices were far better than her boyfriends cum.

Lapping away Kelsie let the tip of her tongue circle her friend’s stiff clit, which made Gisele buck wildly. Kelsie lifted her tongue thinking she was moving too quickly.

“Oh fuck baby, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” whimpered Gisele as shem closed her eyes and moaned loudly as Kelsie’s perfect tongue picked up where it left off, playing with hr friend’s engorged clit.

Gisele ran her hands though her friend’s hair nearly in tears as Kelsie’s tongue played with her stiff wet clit.

“Oh Kelsie please eat me I need you to stick your little tongue inside my cunt hole Kelsie I need to fucking cum please stop teasing me,” Gisele begged her sexy friend.

Kelsie lifted head to see the look on Gisele’s face. Kelsie drove her tongue deep into Gisele’s cunt. Gisele screamed and grabed onto the bed sheets for dear life as Kelsie’s tongue worked like mad bashing in and out of Gisele’s tight cut. Kelsie moaned, as she pushed her tongue in and out of Gisele’s pussy as fast and as hard as she could. Kelsie paused to drink up all the tasty juices left on her tongue then drove her pink, wet tongue into Gisele’s pussy flicking the tip into Gisele’s sensitive cunt walls which made her scream out in pure bliss.

Kelsie buried her face right into Gisele’s cunt and her tongue twisted and plunged as it licked every inch of Gisele’s slit before lifting her tongue into Gisele’s G spot. Gisele groaned, amazed by how fast Kelsie found her pleasure spot. Kelsie’s tongue flicked her G spot again and again, until Gisele began to rock from side to side sending shere pleasure sent shooting up her spine. Kelsie pushed her face deeper into Gisele’s sweet smelling cunt and heard her friend’s cry with pleasure. Gisele groaned her friend’s name as her body began to t4remble a fine sheen of sweat appeared on her tummy and perfect tities.

Suddenly Kelsie lifted her eyes to stare directly into Gisele’s. She lifted withdrew her tongue from her friend cunt and twisted two fingers in up to the hilt.

“Cum for me you beautiful sucking bitch!” screamed Kelsie as she clamped her mouth over Gisele’s clit and sucked it hard into her mouth. She looked up at Gisele and sensed she ewas close, very close

She began to nibble at Gisele’s wet clit and heard her friend scream. Instantly Gisele’s girl cum sqirted from her quacking cunt and plastered her pretty face.

“FUCK I’M COMING KELSIE FUCK I’M CUMMING,” Gisele screamed as her whole body began to buck and convulse on the bed and a second squirt of cum flooded her mouth that now covered her friend’s cunt hole. Gisele roughly grabed Kelsie’s hard and began grinding her young cunt on her friends mouth until she was with her third orgasm which sent more juices splashing all over Kelsie’s face.

The sexy blonde lets the cum hit her face as her tongue moved quickly catching all of Gisele’s nice tasting cum. Gisele groaned as her juices dripped Kelsie’s pretty face and when her powerful orgasm subsided Gisele tilted her head up. She saw Kelsie’s face completely covered with Gisele’s creamy cum.

Kelsie had a massive smile on her cum covered face. Using her now well-seasoned tongue Kelsie cleaned cum from her lips. Then she crawled on top of Gisele and let her kiss and lick the rest of her own cum from the young girls face. Finally Kelsie put her head on Gisele’s beautiful titties. Kelsie kissed Gisele’s tits grinning up at her lover who was still recovering from her massive orgasm.

“Did I do ok Gisele?” Kelsie asked shyly.

Gisele smiled and looked into Kelsie’s puppy dog eyes, “You were amazing Kelsie that’s the best fucking orgasm I have ever had.”

Kelsie smiled at the complement as Gisele lifted her head up and kissed Kelsie softly on the mouth. Both girls groaned as Kelsie began to rub her wet thighs together putting pressure on her throbbing clit. She began to suck on Gisele’s softly as both girls moaned softly.

Gisele propped herself up on her elbows and looked deeply into Kelsie’s eyes, “Kelsie I can ask you something?”

“Of course you can lover,” Kelsie said with a grin as her finger traced Gisele’s “innie” belly-button.

“I want to eat you, I want to eat your sexy little cunt. You are such a hot little bitch and I want you to sit on my fucking face,” Gisele said as she let her tongue flash over her lips.

Gisele, laid back and closed her eyes. When she opened them she saw Kelsie’s firm tanned ass hovering a few feet above her. Kelsie giggled none of her other lovers ever asked her to do sexy stuff. She loved lesbian sites on the internet because the lovemaking seemed so real. How many times had she seen a girl lower her pussy onto another girl’s face? That kind of scene had always driven her mad, rubbing and fucking her own cunt until she squirted cum all over her bed.

Now Gisele wanted her to do the same think and it made the juices drip from her cunt. . Slowly Kelsie lowered her body giving her little ass a shake a few inches above Gisele’s sexy face. Gisele smiled and reached a hand out to slap Kelsie’s firm cheeks. Kelsie’s cunt was dripping wet and some of her juices dripped down on Gisele’s face. The blonde moaned wild to taste her friend’s cunt.

Gisele just marveled at the sight of Kelsie’s hot, young pussy. She stuck out her tongue Gisele so the tip took it’s first lick of the young girls cunt. Kelsie shuddered as Gisele flattened her tongue moving it up and down the girl’s pussy lips letting her juices flow into her mouth. Gisele let her tongue circle her friend’s dripping cunt hole, Kelsie groaned as Kelsie lowered her pussy so the stiff tongue would slide inside her.

Kelsie, threw back her head and groaned as Gisele’s tongue began to slide and out of her cunt. With each thrust the Gisele’s tongue probed her sensitive cunt walls, as it lapped up her juices. Gisele groaned into Kelsie’s pussy overwhelmed by the sweet taste and smell of her friend’s pussy. Gisele grabbed hold of Kelsie’s curvy hips and plunged her tongue deeper into the young girls cunt.

“OOOHHH fuck. OOOHHH FUCK! That feels so good Gisele. I love your tongue inside my little cunt. Please don’t stop!” Kelsie screamed, as she felt Gisele’s tongue probe deeper into her young cunt.

Gisele’s tongue swirled and stabbed exploring every inch of Kelsie’s young cunt. She stopped briefly to take in every delicious drop of her friend’s juices. Kelsie felt her weight on Gisele’s face so she slowly lifted herself up a bit letting Gisele’s tongue slide easily and deeply into her cunt.

Kelsie lowered herself back down feeling Gisele’s face in between her tight ass and that amazing tongue was stuffed up her snatch. Now picking up the pace a bit Kelsie used Gisele’s tongue like a dick as she bounced up and down letting Gisele’s small but powerful tongue fuck her tight young cunt.

Gisele moans softly each time Kelsie brought her cute ass down on her face. Gisele loved Kelsie’s ass she had always found herself admiring it at the club. She loved the feel of Kelsie’s sweet ass as it bounced right into her face. Kelsie’s juices just rolled down her tongue like a waterfall as at the sweet teen’s cunt was so wet and well lubed with her own juices her tongue fucked her with ease. Kelsie’s moaned louder as she bounced up and down on Gisele’s tongue like it’s little cock. The young girls cunt was beginning to tighten as pre cum flowed over her friend’s tongue.

As Kelsie bounced she rubbed her own tities, pulling and twisting her hard little nipples fiercely. She knew that her climax was not far away.

“Fuck me Gisele fuck my tight little cunt with your sexy tongue don’t stop Gisele keep fucking me!” Kelsie cried out as she began to grind her cunt into Gisele’s tongue and face.

Holding onto the Kelsie’s hips for dear life Gisele forced her tongue deeper and deeper into Kelsie’s cunt, then slid her tongue out and flicked it wildly over her throbbing clit. Kelsie screamed as Gisele’s tongue bashed over her clit sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout her young body.

Kelsie’s thighs began to tremble and in an instant her whole body began to convulse as she lost muscle control she literly sat down on her friends face as her orgasm ripped through her tight little body.

She began to grind uncontrollably on Gisele's face and tongue. Gisele groaned herself as Kelsie arched her back and I fine spray of girl cum washed over Gisele’s face. Gisele did her best to lap up thecum as it squirted from her young friends cunt but there was too much to stem. The creamy girl juice same in sort spurts and as she nibbled on Kelsie’s clit another wave of cum washed over her face and breasts. Gisele moaned under Kelsie’s screams as her friend’s cum slit down her tongue. She did her best to drink it up.

As Kelsie’s body continued to tremble, and she slowly lifted her cunt slightly off her friend’s face. Gisele slowed the pace of her tongue on her friend’s clit. Gisele let her tongue lap over Kelsie’s pussy. She wanted every last drop of the sweet tasting juice from the from the young girl’s cunt.

Kelsie groans, her cum slit down Gisele’s throat. Gisele carefully helped Kelsie off her face and laying her down so her sweet head was on a pillow.

“Thank you Gisele that felt so amazing,” Kelsie purrs as Gisele licked cum from her lips.

“No way Kelsie thank you for being such amazing lover,” Gisele said softly.

“Whenever you feel alone or hurt we can curl up in each other’s arms and make it all better,” Kelsie said as she curled up against Gisele’s hot, naked body.

Gisele wrapped her arms around Kelsie, “I love you Kelsie,” she said kissing the young blonde on the top of her head.”

“I love you too Gisele,” Kelsie said before drifting off to sleep in Gisele’s arms.

Need to Cum? Dial 9 Fun Fun

Hello, and welcome to—"


Terrified, Kim abruptly hung up. The hot young fourteen year old wanted to get off but not that way. Or did she?

It had been the third time she had called in as many minutes, but each time she found herself unable to go through with it. Disappointed, she slammed the phone down into the mattress and angrily pushed the expensive laptop across the bed. She sighed heavily then let herself fall backward onto the bed, lying there defeated while staring up at the ceiling. Kim had only fourteen last week.

Kim picked up the phone once again and made another call. This time it was her fifteen year old friend Lana.

"Hey Kim, what's up?" she said playfully.

Kim laughed, then sighed heavily over the phone, "I'm frustrated, Lana."

Pausing for a moment she then added, "I'm so fucking horny!"

"Oh! And you decided to call me, because?" Lana laughed.

"Ha-ha," Kim mocked her.

"I wondered how long it would take before I got this call. I told you before sweetie, you worry about everything way too much. You need to just relax, Kim."

"I know, I know."

Sympathizing with her Lana then asked, "You poor thing. So when was the last time you got off?"

"About a month ago, I think." Kim answered.

Truth be told she was actually lying. Although it had been several months since she had had sex, she had only finger fucked herself to a very intense orgasm earlier that morning, but she wasn't about to get into the details of that with Lana. Kim wanted help arranging her next orgasm, not explaining her last one.

"Hey, don't feel bad," Lana replied, "It's been a really busy week. My last orgasm was about two weeks ago, and that's a lifetime for me. But – sorry – we were talking about you. Go on."

"I'm just… I'm sick of doing it to myself, you know?"

"I understand completely. What about those match making sites Julie was telling you about yesterday? Remember, before we broke off for the weekend she was talking about some sites?"

"Oh yeah!" Kim interrupted, "I am scared shitless to have skype sex, besides they might record everyting."

""Hmm. I see your point."

Kim sighed, "I dunno Lana, maybe I do want a one-night stand."

Lana laughed. "Hmm, I'll make a few phone calls."

"Oh thanks," she said mocking.

She then added, "Actually, that's what I was doing right before I called you. I dialed this phone sex number but…"

"What?" Lana gasped, "Phone sex? Wow, there might be a sexual beast inside that sexy little body of yours."

"So what was it? 1-900-Teeny-Cumms?" she laughed;.

"Yeah I wish. Nah I dunno, but I chickened out anyway."

"You what? Why?"

"I guess I don't get it," Kim replied, "I wouldn't know how."

"There is no how," Lana explained, "Just say what turns you on. Phone sex is all about communication and visualization."

"Yeah, I guess," Kim said, "That's what worries me, the communication part. I wouldn't know what to say. I'm afraid I'd be all, ‘Oh baby, fuck me hard or something."

"Um, Kim, that's what phone sex is."

"I know," Kim sighed, "I just don't feel right talking like that to a complete stranger over the phone. I'd be so nervous I probably wouldn't even enjoy it."

"All right, look." Lana suggested, "Tell you what. How about we practice?"

"Oh God," Kim groaned, laughing.

"Seriously. Let's just try it out. Just so you can get an idea and not go in cold turkey."

"Okay," Kim said, suddenly intrigued.

"All right. Now you be you, and I'll be the guy. And lets act as though you just called me."

There was a long pause before Lana finally spoke, "Well, what are waiting for?"

"Huh? I'm acting like I just called you," Kim laughed, "I'm waiting for you to pick up and answer."

"Oh fuck," Lana said rolling her eyes, "All right, all right."

Then, imitating a man's deep voice she spoke, "Hello?"

Hearing this, Kim immediately burst out laughing.

"Okay, I definitely can't do this if you're going to do that voice."

"Fine, all right. We should start at the good stuff anyway. So Kim, what are you wearing?"

Kim looked down at her body.

"Nothing much just a t and tights," she answered.

"Oh, Kim," Lana replied, and with heavy sarcasm added, "That's so sexy."

"Well okay, what are you wearing?" Kim playfully snapped back.

"I'm not wearing anything baby, just boxers and a cowboy hat."

This comment made them both giggle uncontrollably.

"Oh, a cowboy hat?" Kim teased, "Nice touch, very masculine."

"Thank you sweetie." Lana interrupted her, bring her back on track, "But you know, since I'm already pretty much naked, it's only fair that you are too, right?"

"You want me to take off my clothes?"

"Very much so," Lana answered, "I'm getting wet, um, I mean, hard right now just thinking about it."

Kim did a double take. She felt her pussy tingle when she Lana mentioned being wet A delicious surge of pleasure to passed through her body. Maybe this was going to work after all. With that, Kim sat up and struggled to remove her tshirt without taking the phone from her ear. She wasn't wearing any bra, so when the shirt came off, Kim's pert young breasts jiggled freely. She wasn't sure if it was the excitement of what was happening, or just the chill of the cool air against her naked skin, but her stiff, pink nipples were hardening quickly.

"Talk to me, baby," Lana said with a sensual tone, "Describe everything. I don't want to miss a thing."

"Well, I took off my shirt."

"Can I see a bra, or…"

"No. I'm naked. Well, half naked. You can see my titties, and my nipples." She explained before smirking, "And my nipples are getting hard."

"Mmm, I love your tits. I want to feel them. Can I put my big, rough hands on them?"

Kim giggled and felt herself blushing, but that wasn't the only part of her body responding. Her nipples were getting harder still, and her pussy started to moisten. Kim lay back on the bed and closed her eyes, using her imagination.

"Mmm yes I'd like that," she said, "You can touch them."

"Oh, yeah. They feel so nice. Do you like me touching you like this? Do you like me squeezing and playing with your perfect little titties, and pulling on your hard nipples?"

"Yeah. I like that a lot." Kim answered, "It gets me off. My nipples are really sensitive like that."

Kim's voice was softer, and breathy. Then, instinctively, her free hand moved to her tits where she began to softly rub and knead them. She gently tweaked and twisted her pink nipples between her fingers, watching them stand at full attention, and another soft moan her lips. Her young 14-year-old body was on fire.

Falling silent for a moment, Lana then asked, "Can I lick your nipples, Kim?"

Her voice was so sincere, so serious. Kim had to wonder if Lana had ever done this sort of thing before.

"Please," Lana continued, "Let me suck on those pretty little things, suck those stiff little nips into my hot mouth, please?"

"Okay, be my guest." Kim said matter-a-factly.

"Mmm… I'm licking them all over right now. Can you feel that?" Lana soothed.

"Yes." Kim replied, breathing harder now.

With that she grabbed a tittie in each hand giving them a hard squeeze and letting her fingers flick slowly over the sensitive nipples. She wet two fingers on each hand and imagined her fingers were Lana’s hot little tongue.

"Tell me how it feels, baby."

Kim had to swallow hard before she could respond.

"I can feel your tongue on my tits. It's so warm and wet. You're making my whole chest tingle."

"Just your chest?"

"No. My pussy is getting really wet, too."

"Hmm, that's good." Lana continued, "That's very good, Kim. Are your tights still on?"

"Just a second," Kim answered, and with that she swiftly got up off the bed, still clutching the phone to her ear and proceeded to strip.

Lana then said, "Describe it to me as you take them off. Tell me what I can see."

"Okay," Kim replied as she began pulling her black tights down slowly.

"Well, right now you can see just the top of my ass."

"Oh, baby. You're teasing me, huh? My big hard pussy… uh my cock is so hard for you right now."

Kim then pulled her pants down further, revealing just her butt.

"And now you can see my tight little ass."

"Mmm, and what a butt it is. That ass is just perfect, baby. Can I touch it? Can I squeeze those pretty cheeks with my hands?"

"Mmm, yes please."

"Can you feel that?"

"Yeah. I like that."

Kim then slid her hand across her buttocks and squeezed one of her cheeks. Then she traced the tip of her finger along the crack of her ass, causing her to moan just slightly, which caught both her and Lana off guard.

"Oh, you like that, don't you?" Lana smiled, "You like it when I touch and caress that tight little girl ass. But what about that sweet young pussy of yours, can I see it yet?"

Despite chatting and fooling around frequently, Kim had to admit that hearing Lana say the word "pussy" in this context was new, and it excited the shit out of her.

Lana sounded so serious about it all, that it actually excited her. Kim let her pants drop to her ankles before she stepped out of them and lay back onto the bed, closing her eyes again. Lying there without a stitch of clothing, she squirmed about on the bed with anticipation as the room quickly filled with the scent of her sweet, wet, throbbing cunt.

Lying in the middle of the bed, Kim parted her legs, bending them at the knees and tucking her feet up against her butt. Laying there with her knees flat on the bed, she was spread obscenely wide and glad to have the whole house to herself, imagining that if her mother might have ventured to her bedroom at that precise moment would have been treated to a wild sight – her pretty nubile body, not to mention her glistening wet pussy on full display. The very thought of her mom finding her like this sent another sexual jolt through her young body.

With that, she let her free hand tickle the thin hairs just above her tight slit. Kim liked the feel of her pussy when it was clean shaven, but she hadn't had much motivation lately to wax it all off. Instead, the new teen's blonde curls now matted her young mound, and Kim made a mental note to change that later tonight.

"Now you can see all of me. I'm completely naked… and spread."

"Oh yes, you are a hot little bitch aren't you," Lana said, "Now I'm going to pleasure you… finger fuck you. Would you like that? Can I do that? Can I put my finger inside your tight little cunt, Kim?"

On cue, Kim licked her own fingers and slid her digits over her wet slit before carefully dipping them inside. The action caused her to arch her back and let out a soft whimper as her young body trembled, as did her voice.

"Y—Yesss." She cooed – breathing a little heavier now, "Put your fingers in me Lana."

"Mmm, you're so wet too," Lana teased, only imaging the scene that was playing out in Kim's bedroom.

"Let me put my finger between your pussy lips and gently run it up and down that slippery slit. Mmm yes, your pussy is so fucking wet, Kim, it just wants to suck my fingers right in, doesn't it baby?"

Kim could not speak as she gulped deeply and squirmed around – tossing her head from side to side as she took in each and every lewd comment from her friend.

"God you're tight little cunt is so hot, Kim. So hot and tight, even around my finger Kim. Yeah I want my cock there!" Lana said thougth she wasn’t trying to imitate anyone.

Hearing a slurping noise over the line, Lana added, "Mmmppfff… you taste so good too. So sweet. I love the taste of your juices on my fingers!"

Kim began moving not just one but now two fingers in and out of her slick cunt. Burying them knuckle deep, she twirled them around inside and hitting her g-spot, gasped loudly as she heard Lana continue to lick and noisly suck on her own fingers through the phone.

"Yeah… ohh Lana," she managed to choke out, "Your fingers feel so fucking good… deeeep inside cunt,”

"Hmm I know. Now I want to fuck you, Kim. Yeah? Would you like that?" Lana announced, "I want to stuff this big hard cock of mine right in that sweet little pussy of yours. Would you like that baby?"

Falling silent for a moment, Kim seemed to hesitate before she answered, "No."

"No?" Lana stopped, a little taken aback.

But trying to keep things moving she added, "Okay… here I go. Oh yes you do. You want me to fuck that sweet little ass of yours don't you, fuck you hard until we both cum."

"Lana, no!" Kim said again, starling her.

If Lana was confused by this startling reaction, Kim was equally perplexed. For almost the entire session, Kim had been trying to visualize a big, strong man doing these things to her, but she had failed. Instead, Lana's sweet, undeniably soft feminine voice was just too much to ignore. It wasn't some cowboy who was touched Kim's breasts and nipples – it was Lana.

In Kim's mind it was Lana who had sucked her breasts. Lana who had squeezed her ass. And sweet, beautiful, Lana who had slid her fingers deep inside her tight, wet, teen cunt. And now, hearing Lana's voice describing a " hard cock" was just too confusing and unappealing for her – potentially ruining her fantasy. Kim couldn't believe what she was thinking, but she couldn't deny it any longer, either.

"Kim? What's wrong sweetie? Did I…"

"Don't be the guy anymore," Kim declared, "It just doesn't feel right, hearing your voice."

"Then, what do you want me to do?"

"Just be you." Kim said sincerely.

Though she had lost some ground on reaching her orgasm, she continued to finger herself – panting and whimpering softly over the phone.

"Kim, are you sure…"

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "You're all I can see right now, your beautiful hot little body. Please, don't ruin it for me."

"All right," Lana replied, still unsure about the whole situation.

Lana was wary of taking advantage of her friend in such an aroused state, but at the same time didn't want to ruin the moment by upsetting her.

"Please," Kim whimpered again, "Talk to me Lana. I need this… please."

Hearing the anguish in her voice Lana knew what she had to do.

"What do you want me to do?" Lana replied, instantly growing wet at her own submissive tone.

Lana’s own nipples grew stiff out excitedly while her hand unconsciously wandered her body, sliding between her legs and brushing over her crotch.

"Tell me what you want, Kim."

"Ohh… tell me what you're really wearing," Kim asked.

Then, almost interrupting herself she said, "No wait, I don't care."

"Just take it off. Whatever it is, just take it off now." She commanded.

Lana was not, in fact, wearing the boxers and cowboy hat she had made up for the fantasy, but rather a black singlet top and jeans. Sitting at her desk in front of the computer. She knew her hot friend needed her.

Lana stood up from the desk, set her phone down for a moment, and quickly undressed. Like Kim she was a petite girl, slightly taller than her friend , and despite being a year older was several pounds lighter. Lana eyes were a deep blue, and her lashes were dark. Her short blonde hair framed her face well, and her skin was, by contrast, rather pale. In a few short moments she stripped off her shirt, revealing a black, satin bra which incased two beautiful small teen breasts, which she quickly freed.

Her tities had tiny pencil eraser nipples. Next she pulled off her jeans, kicking them free. Her legs were smooth and slim, and her tight little butt looked adorable clad beneath the black panties. In an instant, Lana tugged them down her soft pale legs as well, leaving her naked hairless cunt glistened in the light from her wetness. It was a sight to see. Even she was surprised at just how wet she had become.

Quickly, she grabbed the phone and moved to lie down on a nearby sofa. Getting comfortable she spread her legs wide, putting one foot on the floor and the other on the top of the sofa's backrest. Then she briefly stroked her wet cunt with her free hand, feeling her clit twitch and grow hard under her fingertips. It had been a while since Lana had felt so aroused. Smearing some saliva across her clit she sighed as she briefly teased herself before returning to the conversation.

"All right, I'm back." she said, still catching her breath after undressing quickly, "And I'm naked."

Having left Kim alone for a moment, it seemed she hadn't wasted anytime getting off and was breathing a lot louder than before. Returning to the conversation, Kim took control of the dialogue without missing a beat.

"So are you’re naked?"


"Beside your computer?"

"No. I'm on the sofa now, lying back with my legs spread. I've got one foot on the floor and the other on the head rest." Lana admitted, "I'm just lying here touching my pussy for you Kim."

"Mmm, for me? Can I see your titties?"


"Are your nipples hard baby?"

"Yes, very. Do you want to suck them? I love it when they get sucked."

"Oh, definitely," Kim answered breathlessly, "But only if you keep finger fucking my tight little cunt."

"Ohhh yesss, all right," Lana breathed.

Hearing Kim speak so openly only aroused her further. It seemed the true, sexy Kim was coming out. Just as she had caught her breath from her previous exertion, Kim was taking it away again. Lana's firm little titties moved up and down, going faster with each second.

"So you want my fingers inside that hot little cunt of yours do you?"

"Yes, and use two fingers. I like that." Kim continued, "I only ever use two fingers on my little pussy."

"Hmm interesting,"

"Rub my stiff little clit with your thumb too."

"Yeah? I can do that, oh fuck so slippery."

Kim was detailing exactly what she was already doing to herself on her bed. Sweating profusely, she felt heat radiating from her entire body, but especially her young cunt, which was now dripping with exhilaration. She in fact was now so wet, that her fingers made gushing sounds as she pounded them in and out. Her clit was throbbing and her legs trembled. Stealing Kim's idea, Lana positioned her hand so that she fucking herself hard, and which caused her to let out a series of moans.

"Oh God," Lana said, "I can hear how wet your cunt is from here."

"Yea—aahhhh… so fucking wettt."

"Let me listen, Kim. Put the phone next to your cunt and let me hear your fucking yourslef."

"Ohh, fuck that is hot. Okay."

With that, Kim placed her phone between her spread knees and proceeded to twirl her fingers around her throbbing clit and in, out, in, out of her soaked cunt. Meanwhile, Lana would hear Kim's moans in the background, and imitating the actions, she groaned with pleasure as she tried to keep up pace.

Just then, Lana then suddenly heard Kim pick up the rhythm to the point where the soft gushing noise was finally replaced with a deep l and repeated slopping and slapping sound. Louder and louder in became. It was extraordinary.

"Oh ohh fuck this is it Lana, cum with me, fuck my cunt is dripping!" Kim cried in he background, "Fuck me Lana!"

Kim was now clearly fucking herself senseless with her fingers – two fingers knucked deep, to be precise – thrusting them in and out of her hot little cunt at a frantic pace as her palm slapped loudly against her sopping mound!

"Ohhh Lana fuck me, your fingers feel so fucking good, fill my little cunt… ohhh fuck yesss."

"Oh my God…" Lana moaned to herself as she licked her fingers and fervently twirled her fingers around her clit.

Finally after a few moments, Kim picked up the phone again and breathed, "Did you hear it? Can you hear how wet I am because of you?"

"Oh yes." Lana moaned, "Can you finger me, too? Please, I want to feel your fingers inside me, Kim."

"Mmm you'd like that wouldn't you? Okay, Lana. There. Can you feel me inside you? I'm in your tight fucking cunt."

"Mmm yeah."

Kim was not used to saying that word "cunt", which was exactly why hearing it from her turned Lana on so much.

"Oh, yeah, I can feel it," Lana moaned, "I want to lick your pussy so bad."

"Oh fuck yeah," Kim panted, "Me too. I've wanted to for so long."

She fingered herself faster, deeper.

"Yeah. I want to taste you. I want to taste your sweet pussy, baby. Lick that hard little clit of yours."

Kim said nothing. She just moaned her approval.

"Just imagine I’m with you right now." Lana breathed.

She then proceeded to describe the fantasy playing out in her head.

"And just imagine we're kissing.” Lana sighed

"Uh-huh… ooohhh, I bet you're a great kisser too, Lana."

"Now imagine I’m spreading your legs wide."

"Mmm yeah."

"Then I climb over you and straddle your head."

Almost panting, Kim then interrupted, "Oh yess… and we get in a 69 position, with your beautiful little cunt right above my face. Mmm yeah… and as I lean up and lick it, sucking hard on your clit and sliding my tongue deep into your tight cunt. You lean over and eat mine too!”

“ Oohh yeah that's so hot Lana. I can soo see us doing that right now."

"Lick me, Kim. I want your tongue on my clit. GOD I'm wet!"

"Oh, Lana, yesss!" Kim exclaimed, "I'm so fucking close! So close…"

"Yeah, both locked in a hot and sweaty 69… sucking and tonguing each other's hot little cunts until we cum! I'd make you cum so good Kim. Stick my tongue as far inside your hot wet cunt as I can."

"OHH!" Kim moaned loudly.

"Just suck my clit, Lana! I want to feel your hot tongue on me… your hot breath… your sweet cunt lips. You think you can do that for me? You think you can manage that next time we see each other?"

"Oh fuck yes! God YES!!" Kim almost yelled, "I'm gonna eat you so bad when I see you. I'm gonna shove my tongue down your throat, take you into into your bedroom and lick you till you scream! I don’t give a fuck if your hot mom walks in on us I would eat her cunt too."

"Uurghh yeaahhh, you dirty little bitch! You better, I want to do my mom too. Oh fuck that would be hot!" Lana moaned, "Mmpphhh, I might even have to take you at school, in front of everyone! And bend you over like the naughty little bitch that you are and stick my tongue in your tight little ass in gym class! Yeah? How do you like that, hey? You think you could handle that!"

"NNnnghhh yessss!!!" Kim cried, "Ohh… but not if I do it first! Wait till I see you!! I'm gonna shove my tongue and fingers so far in your ass and cunt at the same time you're not gonna know what hit you… and you're gonna scream my name!”

"You do that, and I'll squirt cum all over that pretty little mouth of yours!" Lana then vowed, "You'd like that wouldn't you bitch! Mmm yeah… watch you slurp down all my cum and juices."

Hearing this, Kim then shrieked out loudly, her body convulsing and thrashing against her fingers, and a squirt of cum flew from her little cunt and wet her entire body and the bed beneath her. Even in the cool room, sweat dripped from her sexy body and she bit her bottom lip and threw her head back, whipping her hips wildly.

"OHH SHIT LANA!!! OHHH SHIITTTT!!!" Kim choked back a scream as she was climaxed.

Hearing her cum, Lana moaned, "Urghh suck it Kim! Suck my fucking cunt!!! Can you feel my tongue inside you, deep inside you!?! You taste so fucking sweet!"

Kim bucked and jerked violently on the bed and rolled around several times – her fingers never stopping their furious assault inside her cunt.

"Did you cum baby? Did you like that you hot little cunt!" Lana panted, already on the edge herself.

"OOOHH fuck Kim, did you cum on my tongue while I licked that wet… NNNGHHH FUUUCKKK!"

And with that Lana reached her own crashing orgasm, her girl juices squirting all over her thighs and creating a big wet spot on the couch.

In all the commotion, Lana dropped the phone and grabbed a nipple firmly, tweaking it hard as her orgasm washed over her. Bucking and thrashing about wildly on the sofa, a second spray of cum flew from her throbbing cunt and onto the cushions. She then yelped out loud and nearly rolled right off the couch and onto the floor. A short while later, the two girls waited for their breathing to return to normal. Neither of them had moved from their positions, and both were still naked, gasping, and coated with cum and sweat.

Kim's nipples were still as hard as ever, while Lana continued to gently stroke her slick mound, making her tremble with aftershocks. Lana paused when she heard a sound coming from below. She reached down and picked up the phone.

"You still there?"

"Yeah," Kim panted, "I thought we got disconnected."

Pausing for a moment to take in what had just occurred, Lana then giggled, "That was fucking, intense! Kim I’ve never cum so hard."

Still reveling in their shared orgasms, the girls were extremely light headed, and hearing this confession from Lana caused Kim to start giggling uncontrollably.

"Oh my God!" Kim said, sitting up and taking a deep breath, "What the hell did we just do, Lana? That was the best cum of my fucking life!"

"Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I think." Kim said, her voice sounding detached, "I'm also thinking… I mean, did we just cross a line?"

A big smile spread over Lana's face.

"You bet your sweet little ass we did! And I tell you something else. I can't wait to see you. Tell your mom I’m sleeping over tomorrow night."

"Oh my God." Kim giggled, "Yes, I’ll tell her. My little clit is stiff again just thinking of it."

Real Hazing

Welcome to Hell Week.

“What do you mean anything?”

“What I mean Beth, is that it’s hazing – they can ask us to do anything they want and we either do it or we don’t get in” Sam replied.

“You mean like wash their clothes and clean their rooms?”

“No! Dammit Lilly I mean – they can have us do anything. Why the fuck else would we be naked in cages right now? We have to do everything they tell us to. To them, to their friends, to strangers. Whatever they say to do, we have to do. Whatever they want. And then next year we get to do the same to the other new girls.”

“But what if, you know, we can’t do it? There are some things I won’t do it’s too ewwy.”

“Beth get over yourself, ewwy or not you’ll do it or you’ll find a share house and pay rent this year. Why do you think this deal was offered to us 3? We’re the hottest and we’ll be fucking amazing – the other skanks will just be sorority holes for guys, we’ll be royalty – guys will do anything to please us if we do this. And Lilly stop freaking out, it’s one week of them in control of us, 3 girls who did exactly this last year and look at them now! They don’t go to classes and get awesome grades – why? Because they’re royalty!”

“Damn straight bitch.” Amanda, Sarah and Steph were all standing in the doorway listening to their bitches talking.
“So which one of you actually said the word ‘ewwy’?” Amanda asked staring at the three naked pledges in their cages. “Tell me, I’ll find out one way or another.”

Steph pulled a bag off her shoulders and opened it in front of the girls. Inside was a tripod, video camera and too many toys for the scared, naked teens to count.
“Don’t be scared sluts, you’ll love these when your covering them with your cum on camera.” Steph was leering at the girls as she said this, watching them shiver as she went over to Sarah and started pulling out all the toys from the bag. Some of them Beth, Lilly and Sam didn’t even recognise but they knew enough to recognise the butt plugs and the huge strapons coming out of the bag to keep their mouths shut.

“So who’s up first?” Amanda demanded of the scared teens, watching them look at each other worried.

“I like the blonde bitch” Sarah said, speaking up for the first time. “She looks petrified, I can’t to hear her moan.”

“Who cares if she moans, it’s day 1, they’re meant to scream – remember what Becky did to me last year first up? I barely slept for the first 3 days!” countered Amanda.

“Fine, take the brunette”, Steph said as Beth whimpered in her cage, “I’m pretty sure she was the one who was worried if this would be ‘ewwy’”.

Sarah approached Beth’s cage and reaching in through the door pulled Beth out by her hair enjoying the little squeals of pain emanating from Beth’s mouth.

“Wanna make the others watch, or do you wanna blindfold them so they can only hear what we do to this slut?”

“Sarah you’re evil – they need to watch or they won’t learn.” Steph said grinning, “We wouldn’t want them to repeat the same mistakes as this little slut would we?” Steph said as she spanked Beth hard on her right butt-cheek.

Beth groaned but knew better than to say anything in protest. “What was that Slut?” Steph demanded.


“Nothing what? Who am I whore?” Steph had moved over Beth’s body as the girl crouched on her hands and knees. Grabbing Beth’s hair and wrenching her face upwards Steph demanded, “What’s my name you little whore?”

“I…ahh!” Beth screamed as Sarah moved behind her with Amanda and both of them slapped her ass. “I don’t know! Please!”

“Well you’re not a completely dumb bitch” said Steph as she dropped Beth’s head. “At least you’re honest to say you don’t know something. Still a little disappointing my little slut, you could have at least tried Mistress.”

Beth felt something hard hit her pussy from behind.

“Mistress! I am so sorry! Please I know better now!” Beth said cringing as more spanks rained down on her ass and someone slapped her pussy. She couldn’t see Amanda, but she knew she was back there stinging Beth’s ass with unmerciful hands. Her pussy had stopped being hit though. Sarah had moved away from the unprotected cunt and had started digging around in the bag of toys she had brought. Beth was beginning to become truly scared.

Steph looked at the already half defeated girl below her, “You’re going to be too easy slut, I wanted at least a little bit of fight. Maybe that’ll come when we offer you up to the boys?”

Beth looked up terrified, ‘Offer me up?’ she thought. ‘I thought we were starting slow, what did she mean by BOYS? More than one?’.

Steph laughed looking at Beth’s face. “It’s OK darling, you’re not going to them yet. No right now you’re our new toy to break in. Now kneel and face my cunt.”

Beth went white, looking quickly over at Lilly and Sam, both of whom were still in their cages naked and could do nothing else but watch Beth’s humiliation. She moved her body to kneel in front of her new mistress as Steph started to strip of her tight mini skirt and tank top. Beth had no idea what was coming but she knew it was going to be something horrible. Both Sarah and Amanda had stopped moving and were watching Beth’s face. Steph loved having her cunt licked but she loved having her asshole eaten more.

When Steph had stripped down to her only her panties, she never wore a bra, her perky B cup tits didn’t need one and she loved being able to play with her obviously hard nipples whenever she wanted without a bra getting in the way, she moved to straddle her human toy’s face. “Have you even licked pussy before whore?”
Beth shook her head, no, too scared to say anything. Her face was directly below Steph’s g-string covered pussy and she could see that the girl’s underwear were wet and sticking to her mound.

“Like what you see? Me, Amanda and Sarah have been looking forward to this for a year so you better believe I am wet. I was made to go first too, believe me you’re getting off light. By now last year I had a fist in my ass and was begging to be thrown out of the building.”

Beth had no idea what to make of what Steph was saying, although she was now visibly shaking from the idea of having her ass stretched enough for a fist to fit in. Her ex-boyfriend had once touched her asshole but learnt the hard way that she didn’t like it. Luckily she was only sucking the tip of his cock at the time or she could have bit the whole thing off.

“Earth to whore! What are you thinking about! I said take off my thong!” Steph was beginning to get pissed, she hated being ignored and this worthless little cunt wasn’t paying any attention to her.

Beth reached up to her mistress’s waist to pull down the panties when Steph’s hand shot down and slapped her face. “What do you think you’re doing? Use your mouth slut! Sarah do you have handcuffs over there?”

Sarah grinned and nodded before passing a pair over to Amanda who quickly knelt behind Beth and cuffed her hands behind her back. Beth felt trapped. Above her was a wet, thong covered pussy, a girl was holding her hair to it as another girl was cuffing her hands behind her back next to her butt. She had never been so restrained and was beginning to panic.

“As I was saying whore – use your mouth and I better not feel ANY teeth.”

Beth looked up and tried to get a hold of Steph’s wet thong. It was hard to hold onto the material without the possibility of nipping the girl with her teeth. Beth soon realised what she would have to do, and snaked out her tongue slipping it between the girls upper inside leg and her pussy, running it along her wet slit.

Steph’s hand shot down again but this time didn’t hit Beth, it grabbed the back of her head holding her mouth and tongue in place. “Fuck slut! You’ve done this before haven’t you?”

Beth tried to shake her head but Steph didn’t care, instead grinding her pussy against the girls face she said “Maybe this should go for more than a week, I think I want this tongue every day for a year.”

Beth almost pulled away – she couldn’t even think about licking pussy daily for a year. But as her tongue continued up and down Steph’s panty line she had to admit it didn’t taste bad. The musty smell was beginning to fill her face and she knew she would stink of pussy.

“Fuck it take them off now, and I mean right now.” Steph ordered Beth, who quickly latched her teeth onto the bit of thong she had in her mouth before pulling her body and Steph’s thong to the floor. “Good bitch, like the taste of my wet panties?”

Beth nodded her head before dropping the thong to the floor.

“Open wide, now you get to taste it all.” Steph once again moved forward and held Beth’s head guiding her face between her legs. “Eat my cunt. Oh fuck yes!”

Beth dove into Steph’s pussy. She was beginning to break, and knew it. Steph’s juices were delicious and had already leaked enough from Steph’s pussy to cover Beth’s mouth. Her tongue darted in and out of her mistress’s pussy, licking from her clit to as far in as she could go. Steph’s legs began to tremble, this virgin cunt licker was good. She knew she had to get on the floor before she fell. She held onto Beth’s head and dragged her face forward as she lent backwards before falling on her ass and back with her legs around the slut’s head.

Amanda saw her opportunity. She loved seeing how ass virgins reacted to their first taste of anal action. She moved behind Beth’s hunched over body and spread Beth’s tiny ass cheeks wide. Amanda had to say Beth had one of the nicest little pink assholes she had ever seen. Not a single hair surrounded the tiny virgin hole which opened and closed as Amanda pulled Beth’s butt cheeks wider apart.

Beth had lost all control. She could feel someone touching her ass, knew she had to stop them but couldn’t do a thing. Her hands were still cuffed behind her back and her face was being painfully buried in the most delicious cunt in the world. Even if she could stop the person touching her ass she wouldn’t want to leave this pussy. Her tongue continued to drive further and further up Steph’s hole, which was rewarding Beth’s effort with more pussy juice than she could handle, it was beginning to cover her neck and run down to her small tits.

Just as she thought she was about to make Steph cum however something happened that made her stop licking.
Something warm, wet, soft yet firm was pressing against her asshole. She couldn’t figure out what was happening until she heard Sarah.
“Fuck Amanda you dirty bitch. You don’t know where the slut’s been, how can you just lick her asshole like that?”

Her tongue!? Amanda was licking her asshole?! Beth’s mind was exploding with the information it had just received but was quickly brought back to reality when Steph began to buck under her mouth. Her mistress was finally cum and Beth could feel the tension in Steph’s hand and arm increase as it forced her face deeper into the dripping cunt.

“Fuck yes you little Slut! Eat me! Eat my pussy. Ah ahhhh!” Steph had stopped making sense and was just holding onto Beth’s head with one arm as the other arm stretched above her head trying to grip the floor. “I’m fucking cumming!” Steph managed to gasp out before her pussy gave a quick shudder and exploded.
‘What the fuck?’ Beth thought, ‘Is she pissing on my face?!’ But the thought was driven from her mind as she felt something painful happen to her ass.

Steph’s pussy was convulsing continuously, squirting hot clear cum. Beth was desperately trying to pull away but couldn’t as Steph’s arm spasmed holding Beth in place.

Eventually the arm relaxed and Steph managed to roll free of the soaked, handcuffed girl bent over on her knees. Amanda had upped her game while Steph violated Beth’s 18 year old face, she had been violating her 18 year old asshole with her fingers. Amanda had dealt with anal virgins before but Beth was something else. Her asshole almost had no give to it whatsoever. No matter how much she spat on the girls asshole it refused to budge. Sarah actually had to come over and hold the bitch’s ass cheeks open so Amanda could slip 2 fingers up Beth’s spit covered asshole.

Beth was groaning in protest, finally able to voice her objections to the mistreatment of her untouched orifice. “Please, stop…please it hurts.”

Steph looked up, hearing the whore talk for the first time in minutes made her curious as to what had been happening to the slut while she had her cunt eaten. She saw Amanda kneeling behind Beth with her tongue sticking out a bit between her teeth and Sarah straddling the teens back facing away bent over obviously holding the girl’s ass apart.

“How many are in there?” asked Steph coming out of her daze.

“Only two, but it won’t stop there.” Amanda replied looking up and holding a 5 inch dildo in her other hand. “I want the bitch to be able to make this disappear in there before I’m done with her.”

Steph smiled weakly then realised her sluts mouth was still available. She rolled over and put her face next to her fuck toy’s. “Did you like eating my pussy whore?”

Beth couldn’t answer, her mind was reeling as she felt another finger enter her ass. Someone slapped her ass cheek making her wince in pain but she still couldn’t make words come out of her mouth. “Answer me slut or it’ll get worse, we have more than one size dildo in that bag – the big ones still hurt my pussy never mind my asshole.”

Beth’s eyes watered as she looked up and stared at her tormentor’s face. “I loved eating your pussy Mistress.”
“Good slut! You’re going to love this even more I promise you.” Before Beth could even begin fathom what Steph meant she saw what was happening. Steph had rolled onto her front and was backing her ass towards Beth’s face. “You just had your asshole licked. Now do mine.”

Beth couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t see or hear the other girls in the cages but she knew they were still watching. Knew they were judging her actions as she tried to edge away from Steph’s oncoming ass. Sarah however had let go of Beth’s ass knowing the timid whore wouldn’t want eat asshole voluntarily. She turned around still straddling Beth’s back and slowly pushed her cunt onto Beth’s neck and the back of her head. Beth could feel the wet pressure forcing her downwards, and knew she couldn’t escape. Steph had reached back and spread her butt cheeks and Beth could see her tongues destination. Steph’s pink asshole looked up at her almost winking as Steph stuck her ass up into the air.

“Eat my asshole slut, I promise I’ll like it. I don't really care if you do.”

Amanda meanwhile had watched Beth’s head lower and was preparing to strike. As soon as she saw Beth’s head dip between Steph’s butt cheeks she struck and shoved the 5 inch plastic cock up Beth’s once-virgin asshole.

The effect was immediate. Beth’s body whether voluntarily or not tried to lunge forward, away from the violating object, but Sarah was sitting on her back and holding her head to Steph’s asshole so all Beth managed to do was thrust her head further into Steph’s warm ass crack forcing her tongue up Steph’s ass.

“Oh fuck yes!” cried Steph, loving the warm wet penetration. “You dirty fucking skank!”

“Thought you might like that” called out Amanda who was pumping Beth’s ever loosening asshole with the dildo faster and faster.

“I will…urrghh…make it up to you in the shower..ahhhh!” Steph managed to moan into the floor as Beth plunged her tongue as far as she could up Steph’s asshole.

Sarah however was no longer needed on Beth’s back. The bitch had realised there was nothing she could do, meaning Sarah was free to get ready. She walked over to the cages and sat on top of Sam’s as she dug through the bag of toys. She looked between her legs at Sam’s terrified blue eyes.

“Don’t worry blondie, your turn will come soon enough – and you’ll be mine. Hope you don’t mind getting a bit wet though.” Sarah grinned as she found what she was after, three matching six and a half inch long, two inch wide double ended strapons, complete with little bumps all the way along the shafts for that extra bit of pleasure. She loved it when the girls matched.

Sarah looked over at the scene before her. Beth was done for. She could see the will to resist leave Beth’s body as the girl was abused at both ends. Sarah at least planned on pleasuring the girl a bit. Sarah stood, throwing one last look at Sam who was already looking back at the scene of Beth’s violation, and began to strip. She hated wearing clothing and a strapon, unless it was heels and even then it had to be for a special occasion…like when she got to fuck guys and girls with her toys.

By the time she was naked and preparing to pull up her strapon Steph was cumming again. Her entire body was shaking as Beth buried her tongue up the girls ass and her hand was below her cunt rubbing her clit as her other hand held Beth’s head in place. Amanda’s arm was a blur pumping the dildo in and out of Steph’s now accepting asshole.

Amanda looked and watched Sarah insert one end of the strapon up her cunt before she walked closer to Beth. A smile appeared on Amanda’s face. “So soon? I was just having fun.”

Sarah smiled down at the ass obsessed girl, remembering only too well the last time Amanda had had her ass for the evening. “You can keep her ass, we just need a different position. I want to be under the girl, inside her.”

Beth weakly lifted her head. Her neck was beginning to get sore but that was the least of her worries when she saw Sarah’s strapon. “Wha…what’s happening?”

“Shut up slut!” Amanda was still behind her and spanked her hard for daring to ask a question. “Haven’t you figured it out? You’re nothing but three holes to us.”

Sarah smiled, remembering Amanda screaming she was nothing but one hole to her – that girl really loved to abuse people’s assholes. Even her ‘boyfriends’ had a hard time getting attention paid to their cocks with Amanda!

Sarah lay down in front of Beth and told her to straddle her cock. Beth attempted to move forward and fell with her face hitting Sarah’s ‘cock’.

“You’re right whore you do need to suck it first don’t you.” Sarah grinned up evilly before holding Beth’s hair and forcing her cock into her mouth. Beth gagged as the strapon reached her limit and began to enter her throat. “That’s it you little slut, does this remind you of all the jocks you got on your knees for?”

Beth tried to pull away but her anal abuse had begun again with Amanda shamelessly pushing more and more of the dildo up her sore asshole. Beth couldn’t decide which abuse was worse then quickly remembered the taste of Steph’s musty asshole and knew if she didn’t get away soon she would be broken forever and remain these girls’ toy.

“That’s enough slut you’re almost enjoying this too much.” It was true, Beth had slobbered all over the strapon and had even stopped gagging as she focused on the feelings coming from her ass. Was she really beginning to like them? She can’t really have been pushing back onto Amanda’s invading thrusts had she? She didn’t even have time to think as Steph grabbed her hair and pulled her forward until her cunt hit something hard and wet.

Beth didn’t need to look down. She knew her pussy had hit Sarah’s strapon and that she was about to get fucked.

“What are you waiting for bitch?” Sarah’s face was red with sweat, Beth’s facefucking had forced the other end of the strapon into her cunt, and she was beginning to get hot. “Get on my cock and make me cum.”

Beth couldn’t have stopped herself even if she wanted to, her pussy was begging for cock. ‘Wait what?’ Beth thought confused, ‘How am I horny? They’re using me.’

All thoughts were driven from her mind however when Sarah lined up her cock and thrust into Beth’s dripping cunt.

Beth screamed.

She finally got what she had been craving since she was thrown naked into that cage. Her cunt was full, stretching even as Sarah pumped her cock deep into Beth’s cervix. Steph laughed menacingly, the same laugh she had when Beth tried to pull her face away from her asshole a life-time ago. Beth looked at Steph standing there, and at Amanda kneeling next to her and for the first time saw why Steph was laughing.

They both had identical double ended strapons to the one buried in her cunt.

‘What had Amanda said? ”Haven’t you figured it out? You’re nothing but three holes to us”. Three. Oh Shit.’.