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The story of an Egyptian Godess part I

This is a story about the life of an Egyptian girl, highlighting the events and circumstances that transformed her from the innocent, loving, high class little girl she used to be, into the cruel, power hungry, dominant bitch she is now.
The girl's name is Manar, and she is the only child of one of the most wealthy and influential families in all Egypt. The year is 2005, the arab spring revolutions are yet to come, and the NDP party, of which her father is a prominent member, rules, and practically own the whole country.
The father is one of the more important ministers, close friend to the head of state, and owner of several huge industries. His fortune is estimated to be in the vicinity of 40 billion dollars, and his power is virtually unlimited.
The mother is a prominent lady of society, with a huge record of charitable events. In her late thirties, featuring a most incredible body, jet black long hair and fair pale skin. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful women of the high society.
Manar inherited the looks of her mother, she is 18 and she is a knock out, and she is yet to find out the power her body hold on all men, well, almost all men. As for now, she is completely in love with Yasser, a rotten young man who belongs to her circle.
The story begins at the gate of the elite social club, with Manar driving through at high speed, almost knocking the guard with her sports, special made, BMW. She on the phone with Yasser who is mad at her for being late.
“Where the hell have you been, I've been waiting an hour for that hash.”
“I am sorry honey, I got delayed by that dealer, I….”
“Well now that you are finally here, meet me in the locker room, and fast”
“Honey, please don't send me to that part of town again, that dealer and his guys almost…”
“If you don't like the place, find another, until then, you have no way but going there”
“but I am telling you, we almost got raped in th…”, click.
Manar stared dumbly on her mobile. Although Yasser always acted like this, she couldn't believe he doesn't care that he almost got her raped, he's her boyfriend for god sake. Pulling herself together, she stopped the car and turned to her friend Dalia who was sitting quietly on the passenger seat and said
“Dalia, take the car home”
“You still going with him to that party?” asked Dalia,
“But of course I am going, he will be mad if I don't”
“Ok then, see you at home” Dalia answered coldly,
Manar hopped off the car, almost running toward the locker room. She was hurt by his reaction, yet she still didn't want to annoy him, she told herself maybe he was having a bad day after all, or he, in his fury, didn't quite understand what happened. Rushing inside she stumbled into his arms. Looking in his eyes, she almost forget what happened.
“Hiya mozza (egyptian term for hot girl)” he greeted her, “got my hash?”
“Yes, but this time was a nightmare, I was on the verge of being RAPED” she said stressing the word. He eyed her from head to toe.
“What happened exactly?”
“Well after he gave me the hash and I paid, he suddenly grabbed me, holding my body to his and kissed me, so I slapped him, and then hell broke loose, he pushed me to his buddies arms, and they started calling me names and manhandling me.”
Seeing no concern in Yasser's face she decided to elaborate so he comprehends what she feels.
“They grabbed Dalia also, they raised my SKIRT” she said pointedly
“and grabbed at my ass and crotch, and boobs, and they did the same to Dalia, they even tried to lower her jeans, but she managed to hold them in place.”
“And then?” he simply responded.
“AND THEN? And then they laughingly let us go, thankfully, after robbing all our money of course”
“Well then, they never intended to rape you, they were just having some fun, good thing you got the hash, or it would be for nothing”
“HASH? HASH? I got molested and all you can think of is your damn fucking HASH?”
“You deserve it for going in that slutty outfit you are wearing” Yasser snapped back pointing at the very short black leather skirt and the almost see through black top that came barely to her belly button and clearly showing her matching black bra.
She angrily responded “you requested me to wear that specific SLUTTY outfit for the party, remember?”
Yasser annoyingly waved his hand saying “common, I am not in a fighting mood, let's not make a big fuss of it.”
Manar looked at him in silent pain while he retrieved a joint from his pocket and smocked it, then quietly she asked
“Yasser, don't you love me?”
He looked back at her smiling, throw away the finished joint and responded “Sure I love you, you are my little mozza”
“why then…”
he silenced her by grabbing her head and pulling her lips to his, and Manar again forgot all about her anger as she melted in his strong arms. They kissed for a while, their tongues dancing together a feverish dance. She felt like every cell in her body is ashing for him to take her, to mark her body as his property. He moved her to a nearby counter, bend her on it and raised her skirt to her waist.
“Yasser, someone may come!” she said half heartedly.
He hushed her yanking her panties to her knees and freeing his cock in one swift motion. She braced herself while he took hold of her hips aligning his 10” cock to the entrance of her already dripping pussy. Lounging forward, he buried his meat in her in one forceful motion while she held back a moan of pain. He is always like that, always forceful. She remembers when she asked him to go slow, he just laughed and plunged harder. Her pain turned into pure pleasure as he pounded furiously in her wet pussy, hitting her cervix with every in-stroke. She started to moan as she felt herself nearing climax, her whole body tingling as she was slammed into the counter. But just when she almost reached the verge of her orgasm, he abruptly pulled from her. She mouthed a silent “nooooo” while she desperately tried to reach for her pleasure, until she felt the head of his cock pushing on her anal ring. She tried to stand up, instantly returning to earth, in protest.
“NOOOOOO, DON'T, you know it hurts”
He took hold of her hair and hold her down saying “Shut up and take it bitch, it's not the first time”
“NONONO PLEASE YASSER, I don't want it, I don't like it, please”. She reached her hand and took hold of his cock pushing it away from her tender hole while trying the get up from his hold. Suddenly she felt herself yanked by the hair and spun around to face his angry growl.
“NOO I won't let you, I ca…”
She couldn't finish her words as she felt herself yanked by the hair like a rag doll, she heard a slapping sound that she didn't comprehend for a second. Another slapping sound, this time she felt it, yet she couldn't believe it. She was never slapped by him before, or by anyone for that matter, not even her own parents. She didn't know it hurt that much, that it is that humiliating, that degrading. He was yelling something, but she didn't know what he was saying, she just stared in complete shock. She didn't offer the faintest resistance when he spun her around again facing the counter and bend her on it. He spit on her ass hole, and just shoved his dry cock all the way up her bowels in one stroke, yet she didn't feel the pain, she didn't feel anything. She just laid there taking the brutal pounding. For over 10 minutes she laid still, and he pounded. Even when he pulled out and yanked her to her knees, his cock-head in line with her mouth she didn't resist. Feeling the head pushing at her lips she simply opened up, accepting the shit covered meat in her mouth. Still grabbing her hair, he forced his cock down her throat a couple times and released a good amount of cum down her throat, and pulled out to get the rest in her mouth and on her face, groaning loudly.
“Yeah, that's it my bitch, drink my cock milk you cum hungry slut, yesssss”. After he was done, he finally let go of her hair, allowing her head to drop. She stayed where she is, still as a statue, as he tucked away his cock and buckled up his pants.
“Common, get yourself in order, I don't want to be late, or don't you want to come with me”
Noticing her lack of reaction, he snarled “Very well then, suit yourself, I'll find myself another tramp to take”
And simply left the locker room, leaving Manar on her knees, gazing to the floor, shocked to her very core. She stayed like that for a minute, then slowly, her head lowered to the ground, her arms on either side of her face, shielding herself from the outside world, and wept.


The yell snapped Manar back to reality, and she suddenly became aware of her state and whereabout. Yet she didn't move, or try to cover herself. She felt so cheap that she didn't see a point in doing so. Thoughts slowly formulating in her head. A man, entering the locker room to find a girl having her naked ass pointing at him, a slut he will surely think, and won't he be right? Ain't I a slut? What girl would let herself be molested by lowly drug dealers but a slut. And to do it for a man who would ass fuck her, against her will, in a locker room, then discard her like a used toiled tissue. Even a slut won't accept that.
She heard the man's footsteps approaching her. What will he do, she asked herself, will he just fuck my presented pussy and ass? Or will he lift my face to know my identity, well he will have a lot to brag about, fucking Manar Sherif like a 10 pounds hooker. Maybe he will summon his friends to fuck me as well. Let him have it his way, for what more damage can it make.
She felt some kind of cloth laid on her, covering her almost naked body, and the man kneeling beside her, holding her shoulders, trying to get her up.
“Miss, are you ok? What happened? Who did this to you?”
And as she slowly got up, she recognized the voice. Hussein, one of the guys she hangs out with. Countless times did he tell her how much he loved her, asked her out on a date. And countless times did she turn him down, categorizing him in her head as a “Not Man Enough” type. He was extremely gentle and polite, and she didn't like that. Good for him she thought.
The moment she lifted her head, looking at his face, he recognized her, and she saw the deep concern sculpted on his face. A concern that was present even before recognition, a concern for a stranger girl, a stranger human, in distress. She wept again.
“Common now, easy girl, easy, it's ok now”
He took her in his arms, comforting her, until she calmed down.
“Let's go dear, we don't anyone else to bang on us now, do we?”
He helped her stand up, and as she arranged her clothes, he noticed the dried cum on her face, and, without saying a word, fetched a Kleenex from his pocket for her. She took it and simply started to remove the stains of cum from her face, not bothering to hide it.
“Manar, I know this may be hard on you, but what happened there, was it…” he asked after they exited the room.
“It's Yasser.” she calmly answered.
“Oh, then ummm, errr, ok”, he knew, as everyone else, that they were together.
They walked the grounds of the club, under the peaceful night sky, for a couple minutes, each lost in his own stream of thought.
Then Hussein asked “Would you care for a cup of lemon or something? Or would you like me to take you home to rest?”
“I don't want to go home” she responded, rather grimly.
“Ok, let's grab some drinks”
They sat together in a scheduled table, her drinking her lemon, him his coffee till she finally said “Well I guess I owe you some explanation”.
“You owe me nothing, though I would be honored if you confide to me”
And she told him everything. Her relationship with Yasser, how he used to use and abuse her, how he made her buy his hash, how he didn't care the less for her desires and pleasure during sex. That he doesn't seem to care about her, save her body. She opened up to him like she never did with anyone before, and he listened.
Finally, he asked “Manar, I don't understand, why did you stay with him all this time?”
“I love him, I have always loved him. Hussein, he is the only man I have ever been with, and I've been with him since I were 13. I never even been kissed by anyone else.”
“Well that can easily be changed.” he said with a grin, and Manar couldn't help but smile.
“Listen” he said, “It's getting late, let's go get some dinner and I'll drive you home”
“I don't want to go home, I'll tell you what, I was dressed for a party, would you like to take me to some bar? I want to drink and dance till dawn. And I would like to do it with you, what do you think?”
It took him a mere look at the gorgeous beauty sitting across from him to say yes, and off they went.


Dalia drove the BMW in the empty streets leading to Manar's home in New Cairo. She has left her friend at the social club, and went to her favorite bar, had dinner and a lot of wine. Now the time is 2am, she's drunk and she is really pissed off.
As Manar's friend she went with her to buy that hash. Friend my ass, she thought, people can call us friends as they wish, she knows exactly what her position, her role, is.
Now Dalia's father works as a manager in one of Manar's father companies. When Dalia's mother died a couple years ago, his boss offered to take her to live in his house with his own daughter.
“They are of same age, and are both alone. We are hardly home, why not they stay together? I am sure Dalia will make the best friend for Manar” Said Manar's father.
That day her father told her about his boss' offer. She was excited at first, although she didn't meet Manar before, but staying with a friend her age was thrilling. And she knows the family, they will have a swimming pool and all the stuff she dreams about. Until her father started telling her how she should behave, how she must please Manar at all times, never make her angry and basically do whatever Manar or her parents asks for her.
“Papa, you don't want me to be her friend, you want me to be her SERVANT”
“But of course not, my dear girl, you will be friends”
“And what if we fight, like all friends do, huh?”
“Then you would get your father jobless….. or worse”
“Ok papa, I will do it, but as I see it, you are selling your own daughter for that job of yours.”
Her father was clearly hurt by that statement, yet he said nothing. The next day he drove her to the Sherifs' mansion. She only saw him a handful of times since then.
Now after two years of living with the Sherifs she understands, Mr Sherif is not just a man of money, he is a man used to get whatever he wishes, and he has the power to accomplish that. Only a handful of men in whole Egypt can stand against him, and God helps any other person who dares stand between him and his wishes. She has seen examples, families wrecked, children kidnapped and raped, men imprisoned, even slain for merely refusing to sell him their lands or businesses.
And she lived to her word, acting the perfect friend/servant for Manar. True Manar never mistreated her, always calling Dalia her friend, sometimes even her sister, but still they both know who is in charge, who is the “important” sister.
Now her friend got her manhandled and molested by a bunch of lowly drug dealers to buy some hash for her asshole boyfriend, and Dalia was pissed off ever since this ordeal.
She was not pissed for being molested by them, no, she kinda liked it. Their roughness, their bodies smelling of sweat and tobacco, that hand that went under her top, squeezing and almost scratching her bare tit with it's mere roughness. They got her splashing wet in an instant. And oh when she saw them grab and force finger Manar, had they known who she is, who her father is, would they do it anyway? She like to think they would, these men challenge the whole system, they fear nothing and no one.
Very little people didn't tremble in front of Manar and her, either in fear of their power, or in awe for their looks, not these guys, they just took what they want, then and there. That is how men are meant to be, rough, rude and fearless, not those sissies she meats everyday.
She remembered a statement she heard in a movie when she was a kid, a woman defining a man as being “something hairy and smells of sweat, cigarettes and alcohol” and since then she seems to measure all men relative to this definition.
The damn problem is that they let her go, dripping and horny as hell. Now that fucking slut is spending the night dancing and partying, and getting her holes pumped likely several times during the night, while she, Dalia, is heading home alone and horny as a bitch in heat. And she knows damn well she can't pick a cock in her way home. Manar can of course, even Mrs Sherif does it occasionally, but not Dalia, why?, because she is a fucking servant, a guest of the house. Well, she still have her secret fuck toy, and God help him if he's not there.
She drives in fury until she arrives at the mansion, she pops her head out howling the guard and sighs in relief when she found out it's indeed Samir's shift. He opens the gate and she orders him to get to his room, undress and wait for her. He bows in obedience and she rushes to park the car and head to his room practically running from lust.
As she enters the small, smelly room she finds Samir already naked and lying on his small bed. She shred her clothes in record time while he stares at her in awe. He still can't believe his luck, this piece of heaven have chosen HIM to satisfy her needs. He doesn't move a muscle as she straddles his face, immediately grinding her cunt on his mouth and moaning the instance he started lapping at her slit.
She twists on his face like a mad woman, urging him to do everything at once
“Lick my cunt you worthless shit, push you fucking tongue deeper, suck my clit, MAKE ME CUM GODDAMMITTTTTT”.
It took her no more than ten seconds to engage on a mind shattering orgasm, cum shotting out of her pussy like lava out of a powerful volcano, she almost passes out from the long awaited relief, but she craves more, much more.
She shifts herself a little forward, bring her anal opening to his mouth and he immediately get the hint, stabbing her rear hole with a spear like tongue. She had taught him well how to please her body. As he fucks her asshole with his tongue, she feels electricity shooting through her back and to her head, her whole body tensed and her left hand shot to her nipple pulling and twisting it. Her other hand rest on his chest in an effort to steady herself. As she feels his sweaty hairy chest muscles, she closes her eyes, let out a low long groan and another climax hit her with wave after wave of pure pleasure. This time she collapses on top of him her face buried in his pubic hair. She blacks out.
She comes around a few minutes later to find herself in the same position, pussy locked on Samir's mouth, and face buried in dirty pubic hair. She inhales a deep breath of the musky smell which ignite her internal fires again, then gets up. Now that her “emergency” situation is resolved, she can enjoy the pleasures this body is offering to her. She looks at his face, covered in her cum, his eyes glazed as he looks at her heavenly body, and smiles. She moves herself between his muscular legs, takes his large cock in both her hands, and starts savoring it. First the mushroom shaped, blood filled head that she loves to chew on lightly, going down to the 12” shaft, tracing every vine and enjoying the dirty taste of sweat and dried piss that he always bear. God that's what she calls a cock, not those clean, shaved pieces of meat that she finds elsewhere. There is something about dirtiness that incredibly turns her on. She is always clean and shiny, but when it comes to sex, the dirtier the better. Maybe she is a dirty whore inside, she doesn't know, and she doesn't care. She rarely get the opportunity to satisfy herself, when Manar is out alone, like today, or when she gets maddeningly horny that she decides to risk it anyway. And in those precious few moments, she intend to give her body exactly what he wants, dirty of perverted that may be.
By now she has all 12” of cock in her mouth and down her throat, she raises her head pulling the cock out to her lips, takes several deep breathes, then dives again till her face is buried into his hair. She holds her head down and start massaging his cock with her throat muscles, determined to milk it to cum without ever taking it out. She feels his body starting to tense and know that she is close to success. She swallows hard, simulating the buried cock and scratches the sides of Samir's body. He readily clenches his ass cheeks and erupts, sending hot cum directly into her stomach. She still keeps him buried as deep as it goes until she can hold her breath no more. He is still rock hard. Another thing she likes about Samir, he can go all night.
Enough foreplay, time for the main dish, she thinks.
She slides her body on his moving upward, kissing and licking all the way up his stomach and chest, pausing on the dense hairy patch between his nipples, then up again until she feels his cock-head poking her pussy lips. She position herself and back up, slowly impaling herself on his pole. She cums as soon as he hit her cervix. She pauses for a minute to enjoy her orgasm and to adjust to the monster inside her. No matter how wet she is, her rare sex episodes makes her extremely tight she may pass as a virgin.
As her pussy adjust to it's invader she starts rocking back and forth, and bounces up and down until she is close to another orgasm. Then she leans backward gripping his thighs for leverage and brings her legs together, resting her feet on his face.
“Lick my feet boy, mmmm, yes, suck my toe, ohhh, clean them good. Are my feet dirty boy?”
“No Ms Dalia, you feet are clean and delicious” responded Samir.
Dalia raised her right feet, looking lustfully on him, then she gingerly lowered her feet to the ground, collecting as much filth as she could. Of course it was just some dust, but she imagined it were all kind of dirty filth. She brought her feet an inch from his face and asked again.
“And now my feet cleaner boy, are they still clean or are they filthy?”
“They are filthy Ms Dalia” responded a breath taken Samir.
And as his tongue touched her feet for the first lick, his cock twitched violently inside her and she exploded in another huge orgasm, arching her back, digging her sharp nails in his thighs and slamming her feet on his face. They continued like that for a while, her rocking violently on his cock and pressing her feet on his face, and him trying feverishly to kiss and lick and much as he can from her feet, until he shot a powerful second load deep into her cunt, and as soon as she felt his cum on her cervix, she exploded in turn into yet another powerful orgasm.
As soon as her orgasm ended she jumped from him, with lust almost flaming her eyes.
“Get up now my beasty, time to fill my last and most itching hole”.
He practically jumped up also, and stood waiting for her to decide what position she prefers at the moment.
As for Dalia, and especially after her earlier encounter with the dealers, she wants to feel his strength, his masculinity, so she laid face down on the bed and said
“Come here big boy, lie on top of me, and fill my dirty ass with that iron rod of yours”
Now Samir IS a big man, with over 90 kgs for pure muscles. Compared to her slim body, of merely 55kgs, she will definitely feels his power as his body crushes hers.
Samir lean on her, cock in hand, aiming for her tightest opening, an as his head started to breach her ass,
“Easy there big boy, we don't want to ruin that magnificent tight hole, mmmmmMMMMM AAHHHHHH, yes slide it in, ahhhhhhhh it hurts so nicely, eeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhh, oyyyy FUCK I LOVE ANAL”.
And as Samir bottomed in her ass, he was feeling like his cock is going go be detached by the extremely tight grip of her anal ring, it was driving him crazy. He collapsed on her, knocking the air from her lung, and she immediately took his arms, guiding them under her, one holding her belly, the other under her breast, his hand squeezing her firm tit.
Samir hold her tight, pulling her body into his as if he means to draw her inside, his legs wrapping tightly around hers, and started pounding slowly in fear that he hurts her tender ass.
“Move it you weak bastard, is that all you can do? AAAAAAWWWWWW FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU” She howled, twitching and twisting under him.
He tightened his grip on her even more and pounded away on her hole, he felt like his cock is going all the way down to the bed and wondered for an instant, then his lust took over.
Dalia felt she cannot move, she cannot even breath, and that put her on overdrive, to say she climaxed would be an understatement. She practically rode one continuous shattering, unearthly orgasm. She started moaning, screaming and urging her battering ram to pound her even harder.
“Harder you fucking shit, I know girls who are stronger than you…. work that cock of YOOOOUUUUUUUURSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeehh FUCK FUCK GOD GOD GODDDDDDDD”
Samir was going like a mad 200 rpm machine by now, sweating like a pig, groaning and grunting like a beast, really trying to crush her into his arms. As for Dalia, she was starting to feel how raw her asshole became, she suspected she was bleeding and was pretty sure she will be sore for a week, and it added to her pleasure. Bleeding or even dying, she can do nothing about it, she can't make the slightest move, or scream, she can hardly breath at all. She is completely dominated by his strength, reduced to a mere recipient of his assault on her ass. She closed her eyes enjoying her everlasting orgasm. This is how fucking is intended to be, she thinks, not a cooperative action between two bodies, rather a one way action done by a brutal fucker to a passive fuckee. She reached her mind eye into their point of interaction, seeing the massive cock brutalizing her anal cavity, straining, bruising and almost tearing apart her inner walls that struggle to cling to the pistoning rod. And as she feels his arms tightening even more on her body, and his cock expanding inside her, her peak heighten even more to levels she didn't know existed. She was barely conscious when Samir finally unleashed his hot cum deep into her ass, firing stars in the back of her head. The last thing she felt is Samir raising from her, going down on her body and locking his mouth to her ass, gently licking her raw flesh, and sucking his cum from deep inside her. She smiled remembering when she first fucked him, he objected on licking his own cum out of her, she told him that SHE drinks his cum, so if he thinks he is better than herself, she will make sure he doesn't stay in such unsuitable low job. He never hesitated again to do it, or anything else she told him to.
“oooohhhh, my filthy animal … I love you”

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Lost And Caged: Chapter One

Chapter One

After graduating about four years early from my college of being a Doctor, I really didn’t have much to do with my life. I was an insanely smart young- adult, graduating High School at 16 years old and graduating from college at age 20. It wasn’t common to see such smart people around these days but in some instances, you do. I could easily make $100,000 a year with my degree but of course, that’s not exactly what I wanted to do.
A year ago, I had been reading about the FBI cracking down on Human Trafficking rings and hearing person stories from the victims made me hard. And then my father died. He was a pretty rich man, I suppose. He had a nice, large villa in Florida that he awarded me in his will. It was pretty big with a large basement.
Although moving from my New York to Florida was pretty rough, I learned to adjust. I grabbed my pilot’s license and bought a private plane. I was cleared by the U.S Border Agents by claiming I was a International Moving Agency just so I could get across the border. I lied and told them that I was a retried U.S Navy Seal. I also told them I did all my clearances. If I found anything suspicious before I flew across (Such as drugs or other illegal stuff), that I would report the client to the U.S Border Agents. And they believed every word. I did however have to tell them where I was flying from and where to and when. And I was completely cool with that.
I pretended to be the International Moving Agency for a few months, making about $6,000 a week depending on how much I was carrying. That money helped pay off the rest of the villa. During that time, I managed to make a few friends in Mexico who wanted to be in business with me so we formed an alliance. They helped me pull off the International Moving Agency for a few more weeks before we finally quit.
I helped them illegally immigrate into Florida with me. They helped me set up the perfect place.

Hold on …. I’m getting way too ahead of myself. Scratch everything you just read and let’s go back to my high school years …..

I grew up in Florida for as long as I could remember. I could remember going to the sandy white beaches of the Gulf and spending time at Disney World. But a little after my 9th birthday, my mother began to get very sick because she was a druggie. At my young age, I didn’t appreciate what my mom did, I always knew what drugs she took because she could never outsmart her son. After about two years of coming and going from the hospital, she finally died, peacefully.
I think the death of my mother really turned my father to his evil doings. He started hating women, especially young women. He would beat me senseless and tell me how worthless I am. I never enjoyed the beatings but I took it like a man because that’s what he told me to do. I remember one morning, waking up and I was told that I would no longer go to public school because I was too smart. I was 12 and already in 9th grade, two grades higher than normal.
He started working in his villa’s basement more often. He told me I should never go down there because that was “Daddy’s Secret Work” that he would show me when I was older. He told me that he would have a special gift for me when I could go down there. He didn’t think that I knew what he was doing down there. But I did. I could hear the constant screaming, and different sayings and the sound of a gun shooting and reloading.
By the time I was 13, my father thought I was mature to handle what was down in his secret basement, even though I already knew what was going on. He brought me downstairs and showed me around. And that’s when I discovered exactly what was going on. There, on a wooden table, was a girl that I recognized from my school. A little bitch if you ask me. And at that point, he told me to rape her. I was totally against the idea but he threatened to kill me if I didn’t. So I raped the girl, pumping my first load of cum ever into her tiny pussy.
After raping her about six times between my father and I, he untied her and carried her to the car. He told me to get in and that we were going to dispose of her. I followed, getting this ultimate high. We drove to the docks about 20 miles away. My Dad picked the girl up and carried her to an old, abandoned boat. It didn’t run well but it worked well enough to get us about 50 miles into the ocean. The worst part was that we were in shark infested waters.
He laid the limp girl on the bed of the boat, she could barely move. He pulled out a gun and popped a few rounds into her head only, it didn’t make the normal gun sound. It was silent. He then pulled out a knife and cut her throat. He handed the blood knife to me. He told me to stab her several times all around her body so more blood would be released. So I obeyed. And then my father covered her body in fish guts, throwing her in the water afterwords. We watched for 20 minutes and waited until four sharks popped up around the girls body. Each grabbed a part of the girls body and basically played a game of tug-of-war with her until she was pulled into pieces, eaten and swallowed. He told me that’s how you rape, murder and dispose of a girl.
So my father continued to do this little business of his until he was caught after I turned 16. They didn’t arrest me for anything, in fact, they thought I would need counseling. So I pretended that I did because I didn’t want to go to jail. But I had already graduated from high school, they couldn’t send me to a foster home if I had legally graduated. Or at least they didn’t if they could. I signed up for college in New York to become a Doctor. I stayed on campus in a dorm that I shared with a “Gay” buddy of mine. Good times, good times.
So after graduating 4 years early, I learned that my dad would be executed via being shock treatment. His lawyers signed the villa over to me, which I guess the feds never found. It brought back old memories for me. Some good and some bad. But for me, those memories were switched around. The bad memories were actually my good ones, and the good memories were actually my bad ones.

Now we can skip forward to the present. Just after I inherited the villa ……………………

“Yes, Aunt Hilda, I’ll be perfectly fine”I told her over the phone”No, I don’t think its going to bring back old memories.”
My Aunt Hilda was such a worry-wart. When she heard about me moving from New York back to Florida, she was very worried that it would be bring those old, terrible memories of my childhood.
“Listen, I gotta go now Aunt Hilda”I said”My flight leaves in an hour. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”
I hung up on my Aunt and grabbed my luggage. A two hour flight from the big city of New York to the small beach-side village of Sancun in Florida. There weren’t many people in Sancun but it was only a 20 minute drive to Miami, a big spot for tourists, spring-breakers and the people who lived there. Of course, I could drive five hours to either Panama City or Orlando if I wanted to. But who wanted to drive that long? No one.
After passing through security and boarding my flight, I waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle of New York and said hello to the calming streets of Sancun. There was maybe 6,000 people who lived in this tiny city. A lot of homes were right on the beach.
Sancun had their own local grocery store called Mark’s, a garage for fixing cars and a few fast-food restaurants. They also had this one old diner owned by Betsy Ross, who isn’t related to the Betsy Ross in history books, who named her diner “The All-American Diner”. She was a kind lady, in her late sixties, and the food was okay I guess. They had all the normal ‘fixin’s’ as Betsy called it.
If you drove about 10 miles south, about halfway to Miami, you’d find John Boone, his wife GiGi and their 16 year old daughter, Penny. They were a simply family who lived on a farm, raised Appaloosa Horses and sheep, and swore never to have contact with the “outside world”, aka Miami. Now Penny, oh boy, so many words to describe Penny. She was beautiful with her blonde hair that she always swooped to the side when she was tending the Horses. She was about 5’1 and maybe 100 pounds.

The entrance to my father’s villa was protected by a large, silver gate and an electric fence that surrounded all of the property. It was high enough to keep people from climbing it but not tall enough to raise suspicion. A little dirt road led to my father’s stone villa. Around back was a barn with a fenced area for the Horse. I would probably get a Horse later.
When you opened the large wooden door, the first room you saw was the foyer. A silver chandelier hung only a few feet from the ceiling. Mahogany stairs led upstairs to the second floor. A closet was underneath the stairs, with a secret panel to the basement. If you turn to the left, you have a small gathering room. To your right is the dining room. Now let’s go down to the basement because that’s the part you really want to learn about, isn’t it?
The whole basement was stoned. There was a long hallway with four jail cells, two on each side. Each were up against the wall and had chains on the wall to keep the girls still. Walk down a few steps and you’ll be in my main torture chamber. Equipped with a king-sized bed/OB/GYN table with leather straps to keep the girls down. Ropes hung from the ceiling to allow me to stretch the girls in different positions. On one wall, was a collection of sex toys. From dildos to vibrators to lots of things. And on the other wall was a bunch of whips, paddles and shit like that. I also had a closet full of other stuff such as the tattoo and medical supplies.

“Is anyone here?”I yelled out.”
I was over at the Boone Farm, in hopes of buying an Appaloosa Stallion. The cars were gone, which is quite rare, but I was hoping someone would be home.
“Hello?”I yelled.”
I headed towards the barn when I heard Penny’s voice. I walked inside and saw her in tight shorts and a cut off top. Her hair was in pigtails and she was pouring water into one of the Horse’s buckets.
She jumped, looking shocked. “Mr. Thomas?”
“I’m looking for your parents, are they home?”I asked.”
“N-no, they won’t be home for another hour or so”Penny said.”
I walked closer to her. “You got some nice Stallions here.”
Penny patted the male horse on the side. “Yep, this is old Brute. I’ve been raised around him. He’s produced some good foals.”
“So he’s a breeder?”I asked.”
“Yes sir he is”Penny said.” She reached into her back pocket and grabbed her phone. “Excuse me, I gotta take this.”
She disappeared out of the barn and I watched her ass wiggle. I walked closer to the doors of the stall to hear her talking.
“No Alisha, I can’t come over right now”she said”A neighbor is here. He’s a little shady but he’s kind of cute. No! He’s 21, Alisha, get a hold of yourself! Shh, I don’t want anyone hearing about that. Anyway, I’ll talk to you later.”
I watched as she walked back into the barn, her ass wiggling and tits swaying back and forth. I couldn’t help but stare.
“So where were we?”Penny asked.”
I grabbed her arm and twisted it. “Shh Penny, its alright.”
“Please let go”she cried”It hurts!”
I heard the gravel kicking around. With a firm grasp of Penny, I watched as her parents drove up the driveway in their red pick-up truck. John got out of the pick-up and headed towards the barn. I threw Penny into a stall and grabbed a stun gun from my pocket. I crouched in a stall and waited for John to come by. When he did, I stood up quickly and stunned him until he fell to the ground.
“Daddy!”Penny yelled.”
She jumped up and ran to her father. I grabbed her arm and dragged her up towards the house.
“Please stop, please!”she begged.”
I still continued to drag her up to the house until I saw her mother. I left Penny on the ground and walked inside. I quietly got behind Gigi and stunned her until she fell onto the floor. I grabbed two kitchen chairs. I tied Gigi to a kitchen chair and stuffed a kitchen towel in her mouth. I went back out to the yard and caught Penny trying to run away. I quickly stunned her until she also fell to the ground. She would only be paralyzed for a few minutes so I had to move fast to get her father into the house and tied to a chair and then get her inside so her parents could enjoy the show.
Quickly and neatly, I did so. When her parents came to, they were mumbling through their gags. I had my foot on Penny’s stomach and she was screaming bloody murder.
“You guys came to enjoy the show, didn’t you?”I asked, laughing”Your daughter is so innocent. Did you know she was giving your stallions blowjobs to perform better? Such a little slut. She will be my cumbucket and you guys will watch.”
I pulled off Penny’s clothes and revealed her shaved pussy. I licked above her pussy and moaned.
“You taste so sweet, baby”I said.”
“I-I’m not your baby”she said.”
I slapped her face. “The amount of pain you will feel now won’t even be close to what you feel later. Are you a virgin?”
She nodded and I laughed, a little bit.
“Let’s see, what can we use?”I pondered.”
I looked through the kitchen for what I needed and I found it. I walked back over to Penny. I held the object up to her.
“Imagine this as a pre-test until the pure torture later.”
I shoved the object inside her tiny pussy, popping her cherry. She screamed in agony as I almost hit her womb with this kitchen item.
“How does that feel?”I asked.”
“P-P-Please take it out!”she yelled.”
I turned to the parents who were shaking their head violently.
“Enjoying this show, aren’t you? Imagine what’s she going to experience later!”I said, laughing.”
I shoved the object in and out of her pussy until she couldn’t breathe anymore. She hadn’t experience an orgasm though. I imagined she was one of those women who were able to shut their body down if they were being raped. I pulled the object out and tossed it aside.
“Alright bitch, today’s torture is finished”I said.” I picked her up by the arm and wrapped my arm around her naked body. I pulled a gun out and pointed it at her parents. “Are you ready for this?”
“Please don’t kill them! I’ll do anything! I swear!”she screamed.”
I popped two rounds into each parents. My gun wasn’t registered so I cleaned it up and dumped it.
“If you were going to do something, you should’ve done it right then and there”I said”But you didn’t so I killed them. And now you are my cumbucket and I’m going to enjoy you until I dispose of you.”
I picked up Penny over my shoulder and carried her out to my truck. I threw her into the passenger’s side and climbed into the drivers seat. I groped one of her tits as I drove off towards my villa.
“We’re gonna have so much fun, Penny”I said.”

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