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The Great Pumpkin Fucker

I had worked every year at the Roscoe Farm since I was 16 to make some extra money. I had worked the past summer helping with the corn and helping around the farm. It was no surprise they called and ask for me to work during the pumpkin season. Mr Roscoe was going to be away for 5 weeks at a rehab center to help with his alcoholism and they wanted me to run the farm until he got back.

Mrs. Roscoe was a nice lady but had no idea how to run the farm and left everything to her husband. They invited me over to the farm on Thursday and we all had dinner and they told me what they expected this year. I was now 21 and felt that I could run the farm. I had to hire a couple of workers to run the register and park cars and help out around the farm with different duties. There was a small country store that sold apple cider and pumpkins and a big apple orchard that people could pick there own apples. They had a niece that was going to be the cashier and they had a friend of Mrs. Roscoe that they wanted me to hire also.

I called a friend that worked last year and he had two friends that were looking for extra work. I new they would be perfect helping park cars and other duties around the farm. I called the Roscoe's niece would turned about to be Japanese. I called Mrs Roscoe friend and she said her name was Daisy and she was 36 and her husband was a traveling salesman for a computer company and she need to make some extra money. Daisy also commented she was willing to do anything to help Mrs. Roscoe. I told them all about dressing in shorts and T-shirts because it was still hot and to bring a smile and look forward to seeing them on Saturday.

I decide to show everyone there duties on Saturday and then the farm would open on Monday for business. I met the Roscoe's niece Fuksu, she was about 5ft and had a tight little body. Fuksu looked like one of the girls from the Fast and Furious films and she had on a tight tank top covering her C cups. Her ass you could have bounced a quarter off and she had some blue shorts matching her eye shadow. I showed the store and how to run the cash register. She smiled and then I sent her to the pumpkin patch to start picking pumpkins. Next was my friend from last year Tim who brought along his friends from his college football team Mark and Oki. All three were over six foot and black and well built to handle anything at the farm. I sent them out to pick pumpkins and move hay bales and stock shelves in the store.

They all left at 2pm and then Daisy showed around 3pm. She had a doctor appointment in the morning and could not get to the farm until later. I was sitting on hay bale and she pulled up in the mini van and walked across the field to the store. She was about 5ft 7 and had platinum blonde hair. Her hair rested about half way down her back and her whole body shook as she got closer. She had a dark tan and big gold hoop earrings and she had on a tight pair of blue jeans. Her ass was stretching her jeans and she had on a red and white poked dot long sleeve shirt that was tied under huge breast. Her cleavage looked like it was going to spill out the front. Daisy measured 44JJ – 30 – 32. My mouth dropped open and when she got closer I jumped up and shook her hand. Daisy smiled and gave me a hug and she smelled great. I guided her around the farm and showed her the apple orchard and store were she would work. She smiled and said yes to everything I told her. I walked behind her as much as I could to watch her ass shake in her jeans and then we walked up to the main house to see Mrs. Roscoe.

The next day went by fast and on Monday the operation went very smoothly. We had about 25 people come and pick pumpkins and walk around the farm. I had hooked up the tractor and pulled some folks around on a hay ride. About 5pm I decide to close the farm and I said goodbye to Fucksu and and the guys made sure to close the front gate. They came back and were helping me clean up the trash and make sure everything was put away. It was still light out at 6pm and we decided to take a break. The guys were smoking and talking about college and some of the girls that they thought were hot. All three were good with the ladies and they had started a story about a black girl that used to come to practice and watch them workout. They had taken her behind the bleachers and all three of them had taken turns with her.

We all smiled and then Tim said "Hey dude have you seen that older white chick. We sent her to go pick some apples about 4pm and I think her mini van still in the parking lot." I said "guys can you hop on the tractor and will go see were she is." It did not take us long to find Daisy who was still picking apples. Some of the apples were on the ground and she was bent over picking them up. Daisy was wearing tight denim shorts and her butt cheeks were coming out and she had another red flannel shirt tied around her waist under neath her huge juggs. Her 44JJ looked enormous and every guy stared as she kept picking apples. I adjusted the front of my shorts and called out to her. "Daisy the farm closed. You can stop picking apples and come back with us." She smiled and walked over and Mark helped her get on the hay ride.

Daisy turned to face the four of us and we watch her boobs jiggle as the tractor hit every hole in the dirt back to the farm. She laughed and giggled at us and all of kept staring at her. I brought the tractor into the barn and we all got off and she brushed off her shirt trying to get rid of the straw. "Thanks guys, you are all so wonderful to come and help a girl out." Daisy said. We all nodded our heads and then I said "How was your first day Daisy?" She smiled and said "I just love getting outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Everyone on the farm is so nice and friendly. It's nice to get to talk too people. My husband is away so much that I get lonely in my big double wide all by myself. It gets boring watching Tv and sun bathing all day." Daisy had started to twirl her blonde hair, she had put her hair in a pony tail and she bit her lip as she looked at the four of us. Mark sighed and then Oki shifted his shorts and I wiped my forehead. Tim just stared and then rubbed his chest.

Daisy said, "You guys look hot maybe you should take off your shirts." She turned and started to walk over to a big hay bale that was at the end of the barn in the corner. We all started to follow her and we all took off are shirts. She turned around and placed a blanket on the hay bale. She sat down and reached up and untied her shirt. She had the biggest black bra I had ever seen and we all had circled her on the hay bale.

I reached up and cupped her right breast and her head fell back. Tim grabbed her left breast and both guys if front fondle her thighs. Tim was the first to drop his shorts followed by Mark and Oki and I reached back and fondled her bra and used both hands to unhook her huge bra straps. Her bra fell onto the straw floor and her huge juggs hit Mark and Oki waist as she Frenched kissed Tim. I reached down and tugged off my shorts and underwear and threw them onto the floor. Daisy reached over and Tim dick was about 9inches and slim with two hairy balls. Mark had his 9 inch cock rubbing on her left nipple and he had a big cock head and was about 4 inches around. Her right hand touched my big 8 1/2 white cock and she scratched my big hairless balls. I felt a little confident about my size but when I looked over and Oki dick sprang to life I was shocked. He had a monster 14inch cock that was round and a big dark purple head and Daisy froze as she felt it rub her left breast.

I grabbed Daisy head and she sucked my cock and then Tim and she strained to get Oki big cock in her mouth. Mark had dropped down on his knees and pulled her shorts and thong to the floor. He was eating her pussy and she screamed and his face was wet from her first orgasm. I looked down and she was stroking my cock and Oki and Tim was shooting his load in her mouth. She swallowed every ounce of his load and then started to really suck my cock. I reached down and pulled on her pony tail and shot my first load into her mouth and she slurped it down. Oki backed up and he started to stroke his big cock and then he fired his first shot. It looked like someone had empty a mayonnaise jar onto her chest and chin from the amount of cum that was shot out of Oki cock and we all gasped at his load. Mark finally got up off his knees before he was covered by Oki goo and he pulled on his dick and add to her spermed juggs.

Daisy reached down and licked off her breast and grabbed Oki shirt and clean off what she could not swallow from her chest. She sucked us dry and brought us back to life and she laid down on her back with her legs standing straight up. Tim was first and he guided his dick in her wet pussy and Mark and I sucked Daisy big juggs and Tim fucked her tight hole and exploded inside her. No faster that he got out then Mark jumped on her and Oki dick came back to life and she was sucking his big cock again. Mark was next unloading in Daisy and his sperm leaked out her pussy onto the hay and I reached down and stuck my finger in her cunt. Daisy was oozing goo from her hole so I spit on my cock head and guided it to her ass hole. She stopped sucking Oki and said "yes boss fuck my ass. Show Daisy how you fuck the help." I jammed my cock in her ass and she relaxed and my 8 1/2 inches got in a good rhythm. Her legs were hitting my chest and I sucked on her toes and she screamed and I looked down and her pussy opened up and more goo came out mixed with her fluids and she gagged on Oki dick. I tensed up and Oki blasted her throat and I climaxed in her ass. We took turns fucking and swapping positions with Daisy until it was 8 o'clock and her husband called and wanted to know when she was going to be home.

The next day we all played it cool at the beginning of the day. I sent the guys out to park cars and I saw Daisy come in about an hour late. Her husband had dropped her off and she was wearing a over sized white shirt and loose fitting jeans with a pair of low cut heels. She was tying her shirt in a knot under her breast as she walked toward me and her husband stared out the window. I walked up to Daisy and told her she was to pick pumpkins today and she smiled. About an hour later it began to rain a little and I decided to send everyone home.

I let the guys go home also and they looked around the parking lot and did not see Daisy mini van so they went home. I closed the gate and started to walk in the rain towards the pumpkin batch looking for Daisy. Daisy was not to hard to spot. Her shirt had gotten wet and her huge boobs could be seen through her white shirt. Her two inch nipples were erect from rubbing against the wet material. Her blonde hair was wet and her ass had slid out of her jeans and her big ass crack was showing. I took off my shirt and then my shorts and walked in my white cotton boxer briefs that were wet from the rain. My cock was erect from rubbing against the wet material and looking at Daisy bent over picking pumpkins.

I walked up and started to massage Daisy ass and I reached around and tugged on her wet nipples. She sighed and I pulled her wet shirt off and freed her huge breast. The rain was dripping off her big juggs and her makeup was running down her face. I walked her over to a big pumpkin in the middle of the patch. I bent her over the huge pumpkin and her wet boobs went down the side of the pumpkin and her head hung over the front. I propped her ass up and squatted down and ate her ass and pussy. She grunted and filled my mouth with her fluid and some water from the rain. I marveled as I ate her pussy and slapped her wet ass cheeks she had a hard time keeping her balance. I stood up and guided my wet cock into her pussy and it made aloud sucking noise as she took inch by inch. I reached around and fondled her nipples and then her juggs in my hands. The rain flowed down her back onto my stomach and she wiped her hair into my chest as I fucked her harder and harder. It only took me about an half hour of fucking her and thirty screams of "Yes" and "mother fucker" before I exploded in her hot pussy.

Daisy put on her shirt and so I put on mind and I carried the rest of our clothes back to the country store. I laughed as her ass jiggled and her breast rubbed against my arm as we walked through the pumpkin batch. I opened the door to the country store to get some food and water and I took Daisy back to my work trailer behind the ban and I fucked her for the rest of the day. I told her to report to work in the morning at 6am and not to ask questions. I told her she was our new barn bitch and her boss gave the orders.

Daisy showed up on time and she came back to the trailer. I had bought a nurse uniform from the costume store down the road and when the guys showed up for work at 7am they were told to come to the trailer for there mandatory physical. They were all a little confused when they came in and sat down on the couch but when I opened the bathroom door and Daisy walked out in her nurse uniform they all smiled. She got her first double penetration that day and she took two cocks in her mouth for the first time. We showed her a dirty Sanchez and what it was meant to be tea bagged. She was a good sport and loved the way we fucked her all day. We all worked and took a break and came back to the trailer to fuck and suck Daisy until it was time to close for the day.

Every day Daisy came to work and we would figure out a new way to fuck her and do nasty things to her. Near he end of the pumpkin season we were discovered by Mrs Roscoe's niece Fuksu but she liked big cock and she loved to suck pussy so she kept quite. I am not sure if Mrs Roscoe every new what a real whore her friend was but Daisy would get pregnant and have a black baby. She is still married and her husband sneak into the apple orchard and watch us fuck his wife. Mr. Roscoe was pleased with the farm when he got back and invited me to run it again next year.

At the moment I am in a pumpkin batch waiting for the great pumpkin. It's a full moon and I can see Fuksu getting out of her car with some girl friends of her. The guys are taking off there clothes and a mini van just pulled up behind Fuksu car. I look down and my dick is fully erect – there must be a great pumpkin fucker after all.



Mom’s best friend…

This is the true story of how I lost my virginity.

I was 13 and my Mom’s best friend Terri had recently walked out on her husband after finding out he was cheating on her. Terri at the time was 46 years old and very attractive (to me at least) for her age, red hair with some gray, about 5’6” tall, she was a large lady but not nasty large I guess a small BBW would be a good description of her. She had a nice round booty and big tits DD or DDD depending on which one of her bras I checked out. Terri came to stay with us for about a month while her husband moved out of their house and she got her stuff together. While she was staying with us she walked in on me in the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower, she only saw me for a minute but she saw everything.

I was nothing much to talk about, average kid, a little short for my age but in the shower at school I was always bigger than the other kids. Some of them would tease me about it but it never bothered me much as I knew they were just jealous. It was about a month after Terri moved back home that she called my mom and asked if she could “borrow” me for a day as she had some chores she needed a “man” to help her with. My mom volunteered my services and the following Saturday she dropped me off at Terri’s at around 8am. Terri was turning the basement into an office and needed help moving stuff in the basement and carrying stuff up to the attic. It was July and it was hot, Terri didn’t have AC anywhere but in her bedroom so it was hot and stuffy in the house. The basement was cooler so working down there wasn’t bad but once we started carrying things up to the attic we got sweaty.

Before we started moving stuff upstairs we took a break for some cold drinks. Terri had always been a favorite of mine, I always thought she was hot and when she hugged me I would get lost in those huge titties. We talked as we rested and she started asking if I had a girlfriend. I said no, and she said that was a pitty from what she had seen. I knew exactly what she was talking about because she had become a masturbatory favorite of mine where instead of walking out of the bathroom that day she closed the door behind her and we did everything my perverted little mind could think of. I blushed and she told me she didn’t mean to embarrass me, that I certainly had nothing to be ashamed of and that most men would give their right arm for what I had. I just kind of stammered out something unintelligible and seeing my discomfort she suggested we get back to work. She gave me a big hug which got my already growing cock rock hard and I know she felt it pushing into her thigh.

The attic was basically a hole in the ceiling on the second floor, it didn’t have one of those drop down ladders so we had to get a regular ladder from the garage to get up there. We fell into a ritual where we would pile stuff up in the hall then Terri would hold the ladder steady as I carried things up and arranged them in the attic. I was wearing a pair of loose shorts and I had gotten into the habit of not wearing underwear because all my mother bought me were tightie whities and they were mostly uncomfortable especially when I would get excited. I was up at the top of the ladder moving some boxes away from the hole so I could climb up when I felt Terri’s hand on my thigh just above my knee. I had been semi-hard ever since our discussion and hug and when I felt her hand touch me I went full on hard. I looked down and she was looking up but not at me but at the incredibly obvious hard on I was sporting in my pants. Her hand slid up my thigh into the leg of my shorts and I felt her begin to rub my balls. My knees got weak and I almost fell off the ladder, she looked right into my eyes and asked if Iiked that. I nodded yes and felt her hand wrap around my cock and begin to stroke me. She asked if anyone had ever done this to me before and I shook my head no. My mouth was so dry I couldn’t talk. She then told me to relax and enjoy. She took her hand out of my shorts grabbed them with both hands and pulled them down. My cock sprang out hitting my stomach. She grabbed it again and standing on her toes she slid her mouth down over it. I had jerked off many times but nothing had ever felt as good as this and I came almost immediately. I tried to warn her but she either didn’t hear me or care because she took my load in her mouth and swallowed every drop. She kept sucking until it became uncomfortable then as she was rubbing the head on her lips she looked up at me and asked if I liked it. I couldn’t tell her how much I liked it quickly enough and sounded mostly like a babbling idiot. She said she enjoyed it as much as I did but it had to be our secret and we could do it more if I didn’t tell anyone. I readily agreed and she said it was time for my first lesson.

She took my hand and led me into the bathroom where she stripped and we got in the shower as she had me wash her she explained the different parts of her body paying special attention to her pussy and clit. Once I had washed her she started washing me. Of course I was rock hard again. She said that she had forgotten how good a young man was got on her knees and sucked me off again. Thankfully this time took a little longer and once again she swallowed my load. We dried off and she led me to her bedroom, she lay down on her back and had me get between her legs. Then she gave me the first of many lessons on pussy eating. She had me start by kissing and licking her thighs slowly making my way up to her pussy, she had me run my tongue over her lips nibbling on them and pulling them with my lips, sliding my tongue back and forth between them and pushing it inside her. All the time she had her hand on the back of my head guiding me and telling me what to do. After sliding my tongue in and out of her a few times she guided my head up to her clit where she had me make little circles around it with the tip of my tongue then flick it back and forth across it. She started to become very animated moving her hips up into my face and holding my head tighter against her pussy. Her clit was big and all I could think about as it was rock hard against my tongue was that it was like she had a little cock. So without her direction I wrapped my lips around it like she did to me and started sucking it in and out of my mouth. She started to shake all over and cried out as she mashed my head into her pussy. She started telling me to not stop as she continued to cum all over my face. She didn’t squirt but she got really really juicy. She grabbed me with both hands and pulled me up on top of her thanking me as I got my first real kiss. Her lips were soft and gentle and she told me to slow down, loosen up my lips to make them soft and we kissed for a bit as she ran her hands over my back and butt. I was grinding my hard cock into her belly. Next lesson she told me. Rolling over so I was on my back and she was straddling my waist she asked if I was a virgin. I said yes and she said not for long. She reached behind her and started to stroke my cock and then slid her bottom back grinding it on my cock. I felt her rotate her hips back as she sat up and the head of my cock fell into the hottest wettest most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. Then she started to slide back and down and I lost my virginity as her tight wet pussy slid down onto my cock until I was balls deep inside her. She moaned as I slid into her and I knew I wasn’t going to last very long like this. She didn’t move up and down but started to just rotate her hips forward and back then in little circles. Her big tits just swaying above me as she did. This was the most amazing thing I had ever felt and I told her I was going to cum. When she heard that she started to ride me hard and fast and we ended up cumming together. She collapsed down on top of me and we kissed for a long time with my cock inside her and her slowly grinding her pussy on it. I grew hard inside her again and she sat up and started to ride me moving up and down with long slow strokes the length of my cock. Her tits started bouncing and swaying and I was mesmerized. She leaned down lifting one of her tits to my face telling me to suck it. I gladly took that fat nipple into my mouth as she started riding my harder and faster. She told me to bite her nipple gently and I did and she started cumming on my cock. As she collapsed on top of me I was fucking up into her and she rolled me over on top of her and told me to fuck her. Instinct took over and I started to bang the shit out of her pussy until we both started cumming again. We lay there side by side after making out and talking when the phone rang. It was my mom asking if Terri wanted her to come pick me up. Terri told Mom that we didn’t get nearly as much done as she had hoped for, that we hadn’t eaten yet and if she didn’t mind she would like to keep me for the night so we could get an early start in the morning. Mom agreed and I started getting hard again thinking about spending the night with Terri. Terri noticed my reaction and dove down onto my cock sucking it like a woman possessed. She threw her leg up over my head straddling my face and pushed her pussy onto my mouth. I started eating her and I could taste my cum inside her. I wasn’t grossed out because I regularly lick my cum off my hands after jerking off. We came together and ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up to the most amazing feeling and it took me a few seconds to realize where I was and what had happened but it all came together when I felt Terri sucking my rock hard cock. Best way I had ever been woken up. She swallowed my load again and crawled up on top of me kissing me. I could taste my cum in her mouth and I started kissing her hard. We ended up fucking 2 more times before morning. Then spent the rest of the next day fucking and sucking our brains out only taking breaks for food and water. Terri was sucking my cock when my mother rang the doorbell to pick me up. I came down her throat and got my pants on as Terri opened the door thanked my mom for letting her use me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek as I walked out with my mom. Terri and I spent a lot of time together that summer I would sneak out at night and she would come pick me up and we fucked like newlyweds.

She told me her husband has a very small cock and when she saw me she was amazed that my soft cock was about the same size as her husband’s was when he was hard. She had only had 5 sexual partners before me and 2 of them were women. She ended up divorcing her husband and we continued to see each other on and off even after we both married. She became very sexually active and eventually introduced me to several of her girlfriends. But those are stories for another day.