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Mom & Daugher & Condom

I was picking up some groceries at the super market when I met her. Valerie Fields was in her early twenties. She had just graduated from college. She was still living at home with her Mom. I made a funny joke about a cucumber in the produce section. She turned with her friends to laugh. I thought she was very cute. She was a little bigger than her friends. Maybe that why I was attracted to her. I've been loving bigger women more and more. Valerie was no different. She had long dark hair down to her shoulder. She was maybe 5ft 5 with a very curvy body. She was a little bigger around her ass than up top. But she made me stare at her as she walked passed me in the super market.

She had her best friend give me her number as I slowed down when I saw them in the parking lot. They were all going to the beach. I had to work but gave them a smile. I did not get much work done that day. It was not until a few days later that I called her. She was heading to sign up for classes. We met for some coffee. We kinda of hit it off. I was not sure if there was a spark. But I did want to see her again. I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek for our first date.

Our second date was dinner and a movie. It was her choice. She wanted to see a horror movie. I just wanted to get to know her better. We sat in the back row of the movie theater. It was the last movie of the night. During the movie we held hands. I drove her home. I parked my SUV and walked her to her front door. It was kinda of late. I was just about ready to give her a kiss when the porch lights turned on and off. "Oh! Sorry! That my Mom. She is kinda of protective of me. She had me when she was real young. Thats her telling me to come in. I had a nice time Buck. Thanks." said Valerie

A few days later I got a text message. "Hey big boy. My Mom going out for the day. Do you want to come over????" I smiled as I text her back. "Yes!" A minute later I got a return text. "Bring your bathing suit and that sexy smile." I smiled again and sent her a text back . "See ya Soon"

I went to take a quick shower. I cleaned up some small hairs on my face. I checked my body for any hair. I had a small patch of hair above my cock. The rest of my body was bare. I combed my short hair. Put on some cologne and body spray. I did not put on underwear as I pulled up my Hawaiian shorts bathing suit. They were a long pair of shorts down to my knees. I put on some sandals. Some dark shades over my eyes. I put on a simple short sleeve white t-shirt. I checked myself in the mirror. Not bad for 24. I love to run and workout still. I smiled as I picked up my keys off my night stand.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to Valerie house. I saw there were no cars in the driveway. I parked next to the garage. I got out and walked up to her front door. Valerie had a nice two story brick house. There was a nice big front yard. Her neighbors were about 30 feet from her house on either side. I knocked on the front door and waited. I looked around. A few seconds later the door opened.

"Hey! Come on in. You just missed my Mom. She is going across town to visit my grand mother. She goes there every Saturday. I love your bathing suit. You can take off your sandals over there. Follow me." said Valerie. I walked behind Valerie. We walked into kitchen. She was wearing a big blue one piece suit that covered her body. She had a white skirt covering her ass. I smiled when I saw she had on some blue flip flops. I finally got to see her cute feet. She had painted her finger and toenails to match her sexy purple lips. She had on some purple makeup that was just right. This was the first time I had seen her with makeup. I was feeling a little bit more excited when she stopped to see me staring at her curvy body.

"This is our kitchen. Would you like something to drink or eat?" she said. "No! Thanks! I'm good." I said. "Ok! Follow me outside. That's our pool. Over there the hot tub. Only my Mom gets to use that. I'm not allowed. My Dad left my Mom for his skinny secretary last year. My Mom been kinda of depressed ever since. She got the hot tub last week to make her feel better. I hope I'm nor boring you." said Valerie. "No! Sorry that happened. What time is your Mom coming back?" I said. "Mmmm not for awhile. She usually comes home late. She kill me if she knew you were here. She can very over protective at times. She always warning me about guys." said Valerie. I smiled as we walked over to a table and some plastic chairs.

I held Valerie chair as she sat down. I walked around to sit opposite of her. We made some small talk for about 30 minutes. "I'll be right back Buck." she said. I watched as she walked across her lawn to a small wooden swing set. There was a large Oak tree next to the swing set. There was a even a small tree house on top. There was a big tire swing on the main branch of the tree. There was even a small slide. She reached into the tire swing. Just inside the tire. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She walked back.

Valerie was standing behind her chair. "Do you mind if I smoke?" she said. "No! Feel free." I said. "It's another thing I hide from my Mom. She hates it." said Valerie. "Mmmmm… Just curious. Anything else, you keep from your Mom?" I said with a big smile. "Ha Ha…Oh I bet you like to know. Maybe! Can I ask you a question first?" said Valerie. "Oh…things just got interesting. Sure you can ask me anything. But just one question. Then you tell me a big secret. Something your Mom does not approve of." I said. "MMMm..I really can't think of a question. Can you just take off your shirt so I can see your muscles." said Valerie

If your not aware of this big gurl fact. Most big gurls, not all. Want sex more than regular size girls. I find this to be a true most of the time. They don't beat around the bush. Most just say what's on there mind. So Valerie wanting to see my body was no different. I laughed as I pulled off my white shirt over my head. I dropped it on the grass next to my chair. "How's that?" I said. Valerie smiled as she brought her menthol cigarette to her mouth. She took a big puff as she blew the smoke over her head. "Buck! You look nice…I really like your blue eyes but those arms and your abs are sexy. Your making me get hot." said Valerie.

I sat in my chair checking her out. She moved her free hand down to her big hips. She puffed on her cigarette some more. She flicked the ash in the air. She put her big sexy lips around the end as she puffed on it some more. "What's my question? I will tell you anything." she said. "MMMmmm… How about a big secret your Mom does not know. If she found it would make her very mad." I said. I watched as she smiled and moved her hand down the front of her white skirt. "You promise not to tell right. I mean this would make her very mad." said Valerie. "Oh you have my word. I'll never tell. Cross my heart." I said. I secretly crossed my fingers behind my ass as she looked around her back yard.

"Buck! She thinks I am still a virgin." said Valerie. "I could see that might make her mad. You did say she was over protective of you. Mmmm…. So how did you loose it." I said. "I was a good girl all through high school. Then I went to college. I woke up one night in my dorm room. My roommate was having sex with her boyfriend. I watched. The next night he came to see her. She was not there. One thing lead to another. We had sex. I really liked it. A week later I slept with a professor to get a good grade on a test. OMG I can't believe I am telling you this." said Valerie. I smiled. "So you became a little party girl after that." I said. "Oh god yes. I dated a few guys." she said. "A few. I think maybe more than a few. What happen to your roommate? Did she find out about you having sex with her boyfriend." I said.

"Ummm.. Yeah she found out. She was mad at first. Then she invited her best friend from her home town to stay with us in the dorm. The first night they tied me up and spanked me. Then they used as there sex slave for the weekend as punishment. Were still cool. She coming in next week to see me. My Mom would kill me more if she knew I liked pussy as much as good hard cock." said Valerie. My cock was semi hard before. It was rock hard now. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to bust out my Hawaiian shorts. She dropped her cigarette butt in the grass. She put it out with her right foot. Her flip flops went back and forth. She arched her back as she licked her middle finger on her right hand. She let out some smoke in the air. She then curled her finger in her mouth. "That a pretty good story. I think your Mom would be very upset. Her little daughter not so little anymore." I said with a big smile.

"I think you right big boy." said Valerie. "Did you learn anything while you were at college?" I said. "Mmmm..I think I did. Why don't you come over here and I'll show you." she said with a big wink. I got out of the white plastic chair. She reached on the small round table. She put her white towel in the grass below her feet. She got down on her knees. I walked over standing right in front of her. She reached up with her long nails. She slowly untied the white string keeping my long Hawaiian shorts on. I saw her lick her lips. She moved her free hand to push the soft material on my cock. She gently outlined my cock in my shorts. "I guess you might be bigger than that cucumber at the super market. I better make sure." said Valerie.

I watched as she pulled the knot on my shorts open. She then pulled down the side of my shorts over my ass. She had my shorts around my ankles as my cock shot back up hitting her in the face. She gasped. "GASP!!!" I looked down to see my cock resting on her purple lips. She licked the pre-cum of the tip. She moved her lips around my cock. She gagged as she got a few inches in her mouth. She started to stroke my cock. She then let go of my cock in her mouth. "God! You shaved this monster. Damn Buck! Your big! I never seen a cock this nice before." she mumbled as I shoved my cock back in her mouth. I could feel the saliva falling off my shaft as she moved her head up and down on my cock. I pulled out smacking her face with my cock. I bounced my big naked balls on her chin as she opened her mouth wider.

She might have did bad in class but she did learn how to suck cock very good. It was quite nice as I watched her suck my cock. I reached down to put my hands on her brunette hair. I pulled it up making her spit out my cock. She slapped her wide tongue with my cock. I then unclasped her swim suit top. The once piece was barely on as she let go of my cock to catch her top falling around her waist. I looked down to see her nice large firm breast move in her hands. I jacked my cock as she kept looking up at me. My mouth was open as she tried to suck the tip of her left breast. Her big nipples were wet as she spit on them.

"VALERIE!!!!!!!!! What are you doing???? OMG Honey!!! What is this boy doing to you. Stop!! Young man stop that. What are you doing to my innocent daughter?" said a female voice. My head turned with Valerie as I saw an older lady come out her back door near her kitchen. She was about 5ft 8 with short platinum blonde hair just over her ears. She was wearing two large gold big hoop earrings as she strutted across the wooden deck toward us. She was in her mid thirties. She had on some very tight dark blue jeans. She had a tight yellow blouse over her very large breast. She had on white shirt that blocked her big boobs from falling out. She had on some very long red nails with white tips that matched her toenails. She was wearing some yellow 4inch heels that matched her blouse. She had a small yellow leather purse under her right arm. She was moving faster as she got in the grass.

"Hi! Mom! What are you doing back so soon? How Grandma?" said Valerie. My cock was still sticking straight out. I was completely naked standing there. Valerie had covered her big tits as she was still on her knees. She moved to look at her Mother from the grass. "I forgot something. I did not even make to your Grand Mothers. Can you imagine if she was coming back with me. She might have had an heart attack. Who is this? Wait! Why am I explaining this to you. I am glad I came back. I told you about boys. They just want to have unprotected sex with you. Just like when I was younger. Do you want to get pregnant?" said Mrs. Field. "This is Buck…No I don't want to get pregnant Mom. I mean, we were not even having sex." said Valerie. I stood there and watched Valerie Mom get more mad. "Oh my goodness if your Dad could see you know." said Mrs. Fields.

"Your not going to tell Dad. Are you???" said Valerie. "I am going to call your father and tell him the truth. His daughter a little whore. She was out sucking cock in our back yard. I am so sure he like to hear that. Did he do this to you? Did her dare you to suck his big cock?" she said. "Mom! Your embarrassing me. It does not mean anything. I was just curious. Buck was just trying to be nice." said Valerie. "Trying to be nice. I'm sure! Is this the first time? Have you done this before Valerie?" said her Mother. "With Buck yes!" said Valerie. "OMG there been others. I can tell by your face. You smiled. My daughter likes sucking cock. Your suppose to wait. I can't believe how my day is going. What that smell?? Who is smoking. Valerie get on your feet. Breath in my face. NO!!!!!!! You smoke to. It's like I don't even know my own daughter. Have mercy on me." said Valerie Mom.

I still had not covered up. My cock was still rock hard sticking straight out. I put my hands on my hips. I squeezed in my hard ass. I flexed my abs. I waited for the next shoe to drop. I should have ran over the big fence covering the back yard. I could still as they gave each other mean looks. "Valerie! Be very honest with me. Are you still a virgin……….OH!!!!!!!!! Heaven help me!! I can see by your face again. Was it Buck? Was it that a dirty high school gym teacher. Who was it? Tell me!!! Speak up." Her Mom said. I leaned back to catch a glimpse of Valerie Mom big ass. She had a nice hour glass figure. She had very big breast. A tiny waist and a very nice big ass. If I had to guess maybe…. 48HH breast – 28waist – 38 inch ass. I gulped as I checked her out some more.

Valerie shot me a dirty look when she saw me checking out her Mom. "No it was not Buck. It was a guy at college. It was a one night thing. I accidentally was given some alcohol. Then he gave me a cigarette. I was light headed. I am so sorry Mom. Please don't be mad. I promise to be good again. I won't be bad anymore. You can trust me." said Valerie. "Did you use protection? Did he wear a condom?" said her Mother. "No! He told me he did not like the way they felt. Then the condom fell off of his tiny dick." said Valerie. "Did you know how to put it on? Don't they teach that in Sex Ed anymore?" said her Mother. "No! Budget cuts. I never learned. Don't be mad. It won't happen again Mom. I promise to be good." said Valerie.

Her Mom looked at Valerie standing there holding her breasts. She then looked at me. Then back at Valerie. "I don't think I can trust you. Next time I come home. I might find a bunch of guys back here. I might catch you doing more than just oral sex. I could not live with myself if you made the same mistake as I did and got getting pregnant. I have to show you. This is going to hurt me more than you Valerie. I have to put my foot down. I can't trust you. I see the way men look at you know. They all want the same thing. It's been a whole year since you father left. It's been almost 2 years since I had to worry about using protection. Your father and I always were prepared. I used to be on the pill. I still carry some of his condoms in my purse. See!!" Valerie Mom unzipped her purse.

A second later she pulled out a small green pack of condoms. "Mom!" said Valerie. "Ummm come here young man. I need to show my daughter how to put these on. Can you do me a favor and slip this on." she said. She handed me the green foil packet. I was now about a foot from Valerie Mother. Valerie eyes got big as she saw me me rip open the package. I looked down. It was for a very small guy. My eyes got big when I pulled out the condom to take a look. I smiled when I watched both of there faces. The condom would not go around the tip of my hard cock. I did not want to cut of the circulation. "I don't think it will fit. Mmmm it's a little small for me." I said. "Those were my husbands. I had no idea there were different sizes. I just picked up the small size box. He was not all that gifted when it came to sex. But he always wore one. Even when I was on the pill." said Mrs. Fields.

I stood there naked with the condom in my hand. Mrs. Fields looked around. I heard Valerie let out a soft moan. She was rubbing her left breast. Her Mom shot her a dirty look. She then looked back at me. "Damn you young people don't know how to do anything. Damn MTV warped your minds. Come here young man. That is it. Here help me to the ground." said Valerie Mother. I held her hand as she got on her knees in front of my cock. She was inches from my cock poking her in the eye. She looked up to see the bottom of my cock. My naked balls sat there as she looked me up and down. She put her hands in the grass to steady her balance. Her jeans were so tight she could not move. Her heels finally fell out as she moved up on her knees toward me. She then looked at her daughter who was still holding her big breast. Her nipples poked through her fingers as she looked at her mother.

"You can't tell your Dad I showed you how to do this. He would kill me. He thinks your still a virgin. I promised him that you would not get pregnant before you got married. I guess I have my work cut out for me. Now watch Valerie." said her Mother. I looked down to see Valerie Mom reach for my erect cock. She grabbed her small hand half was around the base of my cock. She used her other hand to grip my cock all the way around. She gave it a nice big squeeze. "Young man. You are very big. So much bigger than my husband. I can't believe how round and hard you are." said Mrs. Fields. I watched as she stroked my cock. She then let her hand fall under my cock to my big naked balls. "Damn your shaved and so smooth down here. I never felt that before." she said. I looked over to see Valerie eyes get big. She was watching her Mom jack my cock.

"First you get the cock ready. Valerie are you watching? Just pull on it a few times. You then roll out the condom. Hand it to me Buck. Ok! Now you put the tip on his cock. Just like this. MMMmmmmmmm….RIPpppppppppp OOops. I guess that one was a broken before we tried. Lucky I have a few more. Ok! Now lets try that again. RIPPppp…Damn!!! Another broken condom. Am I hurting you honey?" said Valerie Mom. "No! I'm good." I said. She was making me so hard. I was loving what this hot older cougar was doing to me. I was breathing heavy as I watched Mrs. Fields reach in purse to get another condom out. She peeled open the foil wrapper. She then looked at my cock starring her right in the face.

"Maybe! I got an idea. Just relax young man. Let's try making him wet. Maybe the condom will slide on easier." said Mrs. Fields. With that she took my cock and spit on the tip. She then wiped her small hand down making my cock wet. She did this a few more times. Her spit was hot as she kept starring at my cock. Valerie was pulling on her nipples as she looked at her Mom spitting on my cock. I kept my feet shoulder length apart as she tugged on my cock. "Still a little dry. I never did this for my husband. But his condom would fit on him. I better try." she said. I looked down to see her lick her big red lips. She then stuck her tongue to lick my cock. She swirled around the tip of my cock as she began to suck my cock. Some saliva came out of her Mom mouth onto my cock. I watched as her saliva dripped down to her massive cleavage under her small white shirt.

"Mom what are you doing?" said Valerie. Her Mom did not answer. She had half of my 9 3/4 inches cock buried deep down her throat. She pull my cock out and it was very wet. She looked at me with a big smile. She then took the next condom out of the foil wrapper. She placed it on the tip. "Ok! This should work now Valerie. Watch please!" said Valerie Mom. She tried again to roll the condom out over the tip of my big purple head. I watched as she struggled to get over the tip. I was nice and wet put it kept falling off to the side. She was making my cock feel great as she started to fondle my balls. "Let me see if I can do something with these big balls you have. Maybe if I put them in my mouth we can fit this condom on." said Mrs. Fields. I liked were this was going.

She opened her big red lips to start to lick my balls. She stroked my cock with her free hand. She handed me the condom as she sucked on my balls. She bounced my cock on her forehead. She pushed my cock onto my abs. I felt the tip touch my belly button. She had both my big balls in her hot mouth. Valerie moved to the side to get a better look of her Mom sucking my balls and cock. I kept a straight face as she sucked my cock in front of her daughter. I leaned forward to see down her back. I could see her big ass was bursting her jeans from the back. I could see a small white thong buried deep in her ass crack. I could feel her knees touch my feet as she sucked on my cock. She then let go with a big moan. Valerie eyes got big as her Mother looked around.

"Can you think of anything young man that would help me show my daughter how to put this on you? I want to teach her so she does not get pregnant." said Mrs. Fields. I was going to go for broke. I had to see the rest of her MILF body under her clothes. "Since you can't really get your small hands around him. I once had a girl put the condom between her breast. My cock went right in. You push your breast around him. It should work." I said. I was waiting for one of them to say no. I was still waiting as Valerie was starring at her Mom. Mrs. Fields was unbuttoning her big yellow blouse. She pulled it off to the right side. Her big white shirt was a huge tube top. I had not seen that on a woman in quite some time. She was a sexy cougar on the prowl wearing that top.

Her big fat puffy nipples stretched the front of the white tube top. I was praying she take it off next. She pulled on the side but could not get it off. Valerie dropped her right hand in front of her bathing suit. Her big breast fell down in the cold air. "Can you help? I have seem to grown since I put this on this morning. I took the tag off before putting it on. I had it in a box for sometime. Thanks!" said Valerie Mom. I reached down to grasp the sides. I pinched her soft skin to get some of the white tube top. Like a dream. I pulled up causing her huge breast to fall out the bottom. "WHAM!!! BAM!!!!" Her two large orbs were loud when they smacked her soft skin. I looked down to see her huge nipples expand in the cold air. She looked up at me. "Your only the second male to see my gifts. My husband hated them . He said more than a handful was bad."

My eyes got big. Valerie eyes almost fell out seeing her Mom huge breast. They made Valerie look very small. I smiled as Mrs. Fields stuggled to push them up toward my cock. "Is this Ok? How do you want me young man?" said Valerie Mom. "OMG Mom. Is this even necessary. I mean it Mom. I learned my lesson." said Valerie. "Shhh Valerie. Pay attention. It because of you, I am having to put myself through this. Now be quite." said Valerie Mom. I looked down not missing a second of looking at her huge chest. Her aeroles were the size of a small pizza. They were topped off by two big dark pink nipples. About the size of the tip om my big thumb. My mouth was grinning from ear to ear. I gently moved my hips forward. My cock rested on top of her left breast. She smiled as I then slapped her breast with my cock. I held the condom in my right hand.

"Oh that is perfect Mrs. Fields." I said. "Call me, Holly. Mrs. Fields make me sounds older. You don't think I'm old? Do you Buck?" she said. I shook my head "NO!" I then moved my cock all around Holly big breast. She watched as my cock circled her very soft skin. I reached down finally to feel how heavy they were. "Oh those are very nice Holly. Your husband doesn't know what he has been missing." I said with a big smile. Her breathing had increased as I palmed the front of her breast with my two big hands. They oozed out the sides of my big hands. They felt like to beach balls filled with sand. They were so soft and natural. It was the opposite of what I was expecting. She had not stretch marks as far as I could see.

I pushed my cock into her huge valley. Her skin was white and she had some small freckles buried deep in her cleavage. I was sure she never sun bathed with these beauties out for everyone to see. She would look very hot with a nice tan. I could feel her warm skin began to wrap around my hard cock as she looked down to see me cock in her cleavage. She smiled as I pulled my cock out and then back in. She pet out a soft moan as she spit on my cock. "Just need a little. I've never done this before. Your teaching me new tricks young man." said Holly. I let out a soft moan. I could feel her warm skin began to pick up friction as I fucked her huge breast. I then dropped my hands to her big nipples. I began to fondle them between my fingers making her warm all over. I heard Valerie trying to take off her one piece swim suit. She went to get a chair. I heard it move in the lawn.

My cock barely saw the light of day as her cleavage was huge. I then felt her spit a big globe inside her cleavage. I was enjoying myself so much that when Valerie said, "Are you ready enough Buck for the condom." It broke our rhythm. I stopped as Holly opened her eyes. "We better try. Valerie stop enturpting us." said Valerie Mom. I ripped open the next condom. I placed it inside her cleavage all the way deep inside just on her chest. I pulled my hands out pushing her breast together. I then put my cock back inside. I could feel the condom on the tip of my cock. It just moved around not going on. "Push them really hard together Mom." said Valerie. Mrs. Fields pushed then together very tightly. My cock was being crushed in a good way. A second later my cock flew out the top along with the condom. All of us turned to watch the condom fly in the air. It landed in the middle of the lawn.

"Valerie! Are you naked now just like you Mom and Buck? Pick up my purse. Look inside please. How many condoms are left?" said Valerie Mom. "Ummmm!!! Looks like just one more is left." said Valerie. She held it up in her right hand. "Toss it to Buck." said her Mom. I grabbed the last condom out of mid air. I looked down to see Valerie Mom was turning red. She blushed as she looked me up and down. My cock was still erect as I looked at her. "My husband would have cum by now. You must be really good at holding out." she said. I smiled. "Any ideas for the last one." I said. I was smiling as Holly looked around. Valerie was sitting down again. She was holding her breast with her arm. She had her left hand over her big hairy pussy.

"Sometime when my husband would enter me from down there. His cock would shrink. Maybe we can just try putting the last condom on the tip of of your cock. Then just moving on the outside of my skin. Not putting your big cock inside me. It's been so long since I felt a man. I am not sure how I will react down there. Plus we have to show my daughter how to use them correctly." she said.

I just smiled as Mrs. Fields held out her hand. I helped her to her feet. She was still wearing her heels as she gained her balance. Her huge breast shifted on her chest. They were hanging down passed her waist. She had to move under them to pull her jeans together. She got the first button undone. As she moved her hands down her right hip to unzip the side. Her small hip hugging jeans fell open and slowly she shimmed in place trying to make them fall. She pushed her hands down her sides and pushed her tight jeans over her large ass. She was now standing there with her jeans around her ankles. She had a small white thong that hugged the front. A small string went up her ass holding them high on her hips. I could tell she was cleaned shaven by now signs of hair under her see through white thong. She had soaked the front and all of the string from her wet pussy. I could really smell her scent now as she looked at me.

Her sweet perfume was now being drowned out by her sweet pussy. I reached down to hold her jeans as she put her hand on my shoulder. Her breast brushed against my face. Her nipple cut through my small hair on my head. I kept starring at them on my face as I held her jeans. I pulled them over heels. She was now standing with her breast on top of my head. Her jeans were in the lawn and her heels touched together. She leaned up as I stood up next to her. My cock poked her soft breast flesh as she looked around. I saw a big beach towel in the grass near her purse. I walked over and unrolled the towel on the lawn. I could feel the sun on my back. It just moved under a cloud as Mrs. Fields walked over and laid on the towel.

Valerie Mom spread her legs. I looked down to see her white thong ride her big cunt lips that were now trying to fall out of her pussy. She looked at Valerie. "Mom what are two doing now. I can't believe this. I am going to tell Dad." said Valerie. "Shhh! I'll tell your Dad how much of a big whore you are with the boys in the neighborhood. This is for your own good. Trust me nothing is going to happen. I used to do this to your Dad. His tiny cock shrunk when it got near my vagina. Now be quite. I need Buck to be good. Ok! Go ahead young man." said Valerie Mom.

I got on my knees and crawled in between Mrs. Fields legs. I sat back on my ass. I put my legs under hers. I pulled her toward me sliding up my thighs. "Go ahead take off my white panties." she said. "Mom! That a thong for goodness sakes. Did Grandma buys you those?" said Valerie. "Yes! She bought me them and the white tube top. She also bought me a small viberator and the big hot tub. She wanted me to feel better. No be quite you spoiled brat. Watch this. It's more for you than me. I know how to put on a condom. Ok! Buck! You can take them off now." she said.

I wanted to play with her pussy before I got them completely off. I was going to act like I never took them off a woman before. I reached down feeling her big cunt lips slide on my two fingers. She moaned. Her pussy got more warm. I then traced her pussy lips with my middle finger. I could see she was breathing heavier. She was also tossing her head back and forth on the beach towel. I saw Valerie drop her hand and stick a finger in her pussy. I then gently peeled down her white thong exposing her wet pussy to the cold air. I then pulled them down her legs. She put her heels on my shoulders as I pulled them over my head and onto the grass. She was now completely exposed to me and her daughter. "Mom!!!! You shaved your big bush. When did you do that?" said Valerie. "I got it waxed the other day. I got my nails done and I joined a tanning salon. Now watch what Bucks does next. He is going to place the condom on the tip and then roll it down is large cock. Leave a small refuge at the tip to collect the sperm. You don't want to burst the tip." said Valerie Mom.

I moved closer as I put my cock on top of her pussy mound. She looked down between her large breast to her flat stomach to see the tip of my cock looking back at her. She smiled as I ripped open the last condom. Valerie watch as she looked over her Mom and I from the side. She could not see my cock as I dropped it between her Mom legs. I massaged Holly perfect thighs with my two big hands. I placed the condom on her stomach as I spanked her exposed cunt lips with my cock. I could hear the slapping of my cock on her big wet pussy lips. She bite her lower big red lip. I smacked her lower pink lips with my cock. I reached up to tug on her big nipples. This caused her to moan very loud. "God Mom! From that moan I am thinking you might be liking this. I am so glad your showing me how." said Valerie.

I bit my lower lip as I moved my cock on the tip of her labia. I could feel her pussy lips move around my cock. I took the condom and place it on the tip. It look like a lid going on to a container that did not fit. After a second it fell off causing my cock just to go inside her pussy. Just the tip nudged in. Maybe a 1/4 inch of the tip eased in. Mrs. Field moan from that. "Is it still on?" she said. I placed it back on tip as I moved up and down her pussy lips. "How does that feel?" I said. "Feels nice. Valerie pay attention. As Buck cock shrinks. Then the condom fits around his cock. Then you stop at the base. There a reservoir tip at the top. You can also get the ones with ribs for your pleasure. Not that I am saying to go out and buy some. But I don't want you to get pregnant young lady." said her Mom.

I kept playing with the outside of her pussy with my cock. I dropped the condom on the beach towel as I massaged her thighs with my hands. After a few minutes of making her pussy more wet. She reached down with her left hand to touch my cock. She moved her hand from my balls to the tip of my cock. She looked at me in my blue eyes. "Ok! Nice! Good job! Buck! Glad to see you got the last condom on the cock of yours. Now lay on top of me. I will show my daughter how to have sex with out the condom falling off. Buck put you hands right there. Let me guide you in. OHhhh UUMMmmm your much larger than my husband. God it's been to long since I had a man inside me. I never had someone this big before. Valerie just listen. Observe honey. It feels like your not even wearing a condom young man. Great job sweetie." said Valerie Mom.

The first inch of my cock was pushed out a few times from her under used pussy. It had been some time since Mrs. Fields had a man in her. Now I was going to take full advantage of this huge breasted MILF as she opened her legs to allow more of cock insdie her. A few minutes I had half of my cock in her. She moved her head to the side as my hard abs fell on her flat stomach. She put her hands around my hips cupping my muscular ass. I felt her long nails push down as more of my cock was inside her. A few minutes later I had all of my cock buried deep inside her. "YES!!! Fuck!!! God your so big young man! Faster! Faster!" said Mrs. Fields. Valerie mouth dropped open as she saw me pound her Mom pussy with my big cock. She got up to walk behind us. She looked down to see my unprotected cock inside her Mom. She was naked standing there as her Mom gripped my ass with my cock deep inside her tight pussy.

I looked up to see Mrs. Fields great big breast falling to her sides. I leaned up with my mouth to lick her nipples. I grabbed her right nipple in my teeth as I tugged on it. "Yes! Faster! Fuck me! God it's been so long….I forgot what its liked to be fucked by a man." she screamed. I moved to bury my cock in her and roll to the side. I move her on her right side. I inched my hard cock back deeper in her. Mrs. Field was moaning. I looked to her feet to see Valerie walking back to her chair. She was rubbing her breast and had her left hand playing with her big bush. I reached around to tug on Valerie Mom breast as my cock pounded her pussy. I felt the unused condom on my knee as I slammed my cock into her tight pussy.

After a few minutes I started to bite Mrs. Field neck. I slapped her big ass with my free hand. I then reached over to play with her exposed labia. She them had a big orgasm on my cock. Her mouth fell open. Her eyes were watering. She could not saying anything but to let out a big grunt. I heard Valerie sit down on the chair behind us. She could see my cock going in and out of her Mom wet pussy. I could not last any longer. I felt Mrs. Fields close to another orgasm. I held onto her hips. I faked like I was taking off the condom from my cock. I pulled out long enough to watch Mrs. Fields slam her tight pussy on my cock. I grunted in her ear. "Fill me up! Cum deep inside me. It's been to long young man. Fuck my pussy. God your cock." said Valerie Mom. "No! Mom don't let him cum inside. I don't want to babysit your kid." screamed Valerie. I tried to pull out. But it was to late. She held onto my cock with her pussy. I felt one huge explosion. About 8-10 squirts later I fell back on the beach towel.

Mrs. Fields eyes were closed. Her breast stopped moving. I looked down to see her pussy was oozing my sperm. She was pushing my big load out onto her bare skin. I looked at my cock that was dripping. A second later Valerie moaned in her chair. She got a cigarette out and started to smoke. A minute later she walked over to her Mom. Mrs. Fields reached up to take the smoke out of her daughter hand. She took a big puff. I then watched Valerie go inside the house. Mrs. Fields rolled over and stuck my wet cock in her mouth. About 30 minutes later I came down her throat as she deep throated my cock.

A week later:

"Wow! Nice to meet you Mrs. Fields. I'm Brandy. Valerie roommate from college. It's nice for you to allow me to come visit. I did not realize you were a nudist. You look very nice." said Brandy. "Your welcome sweetie. You and Valerie have fun. This is Buck. He going to be staying with us again this week. Valerie up in her room." said Valerie Mom. We both watched Brandy walk toward the house. I could feel the hot water from the hot tub on my skin. I could feel Mrs. Fields small hand jacking my cock under the bubbles. Over a game of truth or dare two night earlier. I told Holly about her daughter and her roommate from college.

Mrs. Fields got off the couch in her bathrobe. I had just fucked her in the ass as we watched a porn movie. We had not heard from the girls all night after dinner. I followed Holly up the stairs. I watched as she pushed the door to her daughter room open. I looked over her shoulder to see her daughter tied up on the bed. Brandy was using a big huge strap on as she fucked Valerie. Brandy slapped Valerie big ass as she fucked her pussy harder. Holly dropped her hand on the inside of my bathrobe to feel my cock getting harder. Brandy stopped what she was doing. She looked back at us in the door way. "Valerie looks like your Mom watching you this time. I can't believe you watched you Mom fuck a boy you liked. That hot!!! Now your my bitch again. Stay here. I'll be right back. I need to go check out your Mom fucking that big stud Buck." said Brandy.

I followed Valerie Mom to her bedroom. "Oh! Buck your hard again. I am so glad Brandy you like my daughter so much. I guess I don't have to put her on pill again. I am so glad I don't have to buy her some XL condoms from the drug store. I do however need to pick up a home pregnancy test. My breast are getting bigger. My nipples are so hard lately." said Valerie Mom.

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It had been awhile since I had fucked another women besides my wife. We had moved about a month ago to a new part of town. The houses were still under construction and there were 4 houses at the end of our circle. I had made some money on a Internet company and decided to take some time off. My wife still had a good job and we had been married for about 2 years.

We had met at a swinger / sex party. I had come with a girl from work who wanted to hook up with other guys but needed a date to get in. I played shy and hung out then I spotted my future wife. She was being fucked by a small girl with a large black strap-on and 4 guys were jerking off watching her take it in the ass. She is about 5ft 10 with big blonde hair that matches her huge juggs. She has a big ass and hips and she is a size 40EEE / 34 waist and 40 inch ass. I started to get excited and when the girl rolled off her I walked over and unbutton my pants and fed her my dick. She had come with her husband who liked to watch. He stopped watching when I continued to fuck her for a week after the party at there house, when he was at work. She loved my cock and we both let each other play outside the marriage. She likes girls sometimes, so we would bring a hottie home for the weekend and tie her up or just fuck her until we got bored with them.

I got up after my wife went to work at 10am and got the paper. I looked across are lawn to the next door neighbor and saw the for sale sign had been taken down. I called my wife and she worked at a bank and looked up are neighbors profile. She said she would share later when I got home and not to jerk off today because she wanted to have fun tonight.

I made dinner and my wife Mindy got home around 8pm. We skipped dinner and went right up stairs for a long night of fucking. I woke up the next day at the same time and saw Mindy had placed the neighbors file on her desk in the den. I opened it up and saw the couple who moved in were name Rob and Tyler. They were both in there early twenties and he had a job as a new car salesman and she was on maternity leave for her job as a school teacher. I heard a beeping sound and looked out the window and saw the moving truck. I jumped in my car and headed out, I did not want to listen to a moving truck all day.

The next day I got up and went in the back yard for a cool dip in the pool and pulled up a lounge chair to get a tan. I dozed off and around noon I heard I big splash come from next door. I decide to go back inside the house for a beer and went upstairs and got my binoculars and look in the back yard of my new neighbor. I was a little taken back as I saw a beautiful women get out of the pool and dry off. It must be Tyler. She was about 5 months pregnant and she had a small belly and her swim suit was stretched to its limit. She was about 5ft 3in and had a light tan and dirty shoulder length blonde hair. She had small feet and a medium size ass. She had small hips and large breast. She had huge 46GG breast and I could see her big aeroles were purple and her nipples stood at attention.

I watched her all day and noticed she got no calls on her cell. She looked as if she called her husband but got no answer around 5pm. My wife got home late and she went to bed early. I stayed up and watched my neighbor walk back and forth in front of her windows. She was wearing a big t shirt and sweats that covered her body. I was watching sports center and saw her husband come home late. I continued to watched her and her husband and on the third day followed him to work. He was a real putz and I even went inside to look at cars to see how he reacted. He was a good looking guy and try to play toward the ladies but every one there seem to give him the cold shoulder. He worked late and left early.

After two weeks of watching them inter act and getting horny from watching Tyler, I decide to make my move the next day. I slept downstairs on the couch so not to fuck my wife, she was mad but got over it went I ate her out at the dinner table while she ate breakfast. She left early and I noticed Rick had gone also. I went upstairs and shaved and trim my balls and cock. I like to leave a small patch just above my cock and keep my balls nice and smooth. They sound better when they hit the ass of who every I am fucking. It was noon when I finally put on my white shorts that are two sizes to small. They hug my 9 3/4inch cock and big balls and my ass. I still have a small six pack but drinking beer will do that. I checked my self in the mirror and looked out back and saw Tyler in her pool. I waited till she got out and sat down on her lounge chair.

I put on my dark sunglasses and grabbed a bucket of cold Buds and a small towel and headed out the back door. I walked up to the fence and knocked on the wooden door separating our back yards. I noticed she had on a radio and figured she must not hear me so I opened the door and walked in. I walked bare foot all the way next to her in the lounge chair. She had on a bright red two piece bathing suit and was reading Cosmo when I blocked out the sun and she looked up. I stuck down my hand and said "Hi, I could not help notice you were here all alone. My pool is being cleaned and I was wondering if I could go for a dip in yours. I live right next door." She giggled and said "Hi, I'm Tyler and my husband at work. We moved in about a month ago. We were going to come say hi but he is always busy with work." I said, "that's ok, I know how it is to be all alone in a big house and nothing to do. How's the water?" She smiled again and said "its about 80 degrees." I said "wow!!Its suppose to be 95 today."

I put down the bucket of beers and jumped in the water and swam a few lapse. I saw she looked at her magazine but was still watching me as I swam in the pool. I stayed in the pool for about 15 minutes and said "Tyler are you thirsty, I know you cant drink but I could go inside and get you a drink.' She said "I got a lemonade over her but thanks." I got out of the pool and the water fell down my body onto the concrete. She put down her magazine and looked over her sunglasses and watched me dry off. I licked my lips and then walked real close to her. Her face was eye level with my my crotch and I know she could see the outline of my cock in my white shorts. I looked down at her and smiled.

I pulled up another chair and and got on the foam pad and put the lounge chair back all the way. I opened a beer and took a sip and layed on my back. I was about 3ft from her and saw she was looking at my crotch. I rolled over and got some sun tan lotion and put some on my face and body. "I hate getting tan lines," I said. Tyler looked at me and said "your a guy, what do you care." I reached down and unzipped my shorts and peeled them down and the wet shorts hit the concrete. Her breathing increased and she looked out the corner of her right eye at my manhood.

It looked like a big worm all wrinkled and laid flaccid on my upper thigh. I put some more lotion on my thighs and stomach and around my cock. Tyler kept watching but did not say anything. I had another beer and finally said "I hope you don't mind but clothes can spoil a good time.' She said "I am 5 months pregnant!!" I smiled and said "I could tell by the glow around your body and you are so cute with that hot body of yours." She pulled down her glasses and said "are you feeling ok, are you sick or something. My husband thinks I am ugly and wants nothing to with me. He goes to work all day and comes home and goes to sleep at night. I can't tell you when he has touched me last." I took down my sun glassed and looked into her eyes and said "he doesn't know what he is missing. Pregnant girls rock."

I got up and walked over to her and my dick was right in her face again. I looked down and her breathing increased and her nipples got hard and the front of her nipples made the fabric wet. I then crouched down and looked into her eyes and reached up and took off her glasses and put them on the floor. I stood back up and tugged on my dick making him harder. Her eyes got big and her mouth open and she looked up into my eyes. I grabbed her head and got her on her knees on the chair and she smiled. I stuck my middle finger in her mouth and she sucked and licked my finger. I them place my big purple cock head on her lips. Tyler froze and said "I never did this before. My husband does not like me sucking his cock. We met I was still a virgin."

I smiled and slid my cock into her mouth. After a few seconds I got a good rhythm going and she started to suck my cock and fondle my balls. She had a big smile on her face and saliva was dripping out her lips and onto her bathing suit. I reached down and fondle her breast and she squirmed under my control. After about 15 minutes of a pretty good blow job I arched my back and she grabbed my ass cheeks and I pulled out and shot on her face. Thick white globs hit her face and lips and she scooped my cumm and licked her fingers. I smeared my load on her face and had her lick my balls. I stood there for a second and then got on my knees and pushed her onto her back.

She spread her legs and I took off her bottoms and started to eat her pussy. She was wet and she had two big lips that I locked on and sucked harder. She grabbed my head and said "what the fuck are you doing? Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!!!" She exploded in my mouth and I licked her clean. I stuck two fingers in her gash and sucked on her big clit and she came 3-4 more times. My free hand I played with my dick and when I got hard again I stopped eating her.

Tyler eyes were closed and she barely felt my cock enter her hot box. I had loosen her up nice and good but when I got about half way she screamed and her eyes got real big as she bit my lip. I spit her out and pushed her on her back. I pulled her legs up the side of my head and grabbed her ankles and fucked her hard. My big balls slapped her ass and she smiled and was sweating all over her body. She said "I can't believe you got hard again, I am used to wham bam thank you mam and that is it." I laughed and said, "you ain't seen nothing yet baby." I pulled out and shot another load on her belly and under her huge tits. Her juggs had fallen to the side and her nipples were wet from lactating.

She grabbed my beer and followed me back to my house and we went inside and took along shower. I fondled and massaged her big breast and then we fell asleep on the bed. I woke up awhile later with Tyler left breast on my face and her nipple in my mouth. I hear Tyler panting and then I felt another hand on my dick. It began stroking me and I instantly knew my wife had come home and was eating out Tyler. I lifted Tyler breast off my face and saw my wife was naked and eating Tyler big hairy pussy. I looked down at Tyler and said "this is Mindy my wife. She has been a secret admire of yours for some time." My wife got on her knees and said "I see my husband stretch out your little pussy and sucked you dry." Tyler nodded yes and then my wife got both girls up and put Tyler facing me on her knees.

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My wife and I both take turns fucking are new sex slave and love the way Tyler has become a pregnant whore next door. About a month into our campaign of sex and fucking, my wife whispered in my ear that she had a plan. I should go over to Tyler house tomorrow and fuck the shit out of her. She would be be over at noon with a surprise. I called Tyler and heard Rick sleeping in there bed and told her that I was bringing over I surprise for her tomorrow and to be ready for a day of fucking.

I woke up and my wife was gone and I took a shower and put on a bathrobe over my naked body and walked next door. I has a small bag of goodies to bring for our day of fucking. I walked in and Tyler was already naked and vacuuming the house. I sat on the couch and played with my self as she cleaned her house and then i took her upstairs. I layed a big black vibrator on the bed and had her put on a leather half cup bra that pushed up her huge tits and a leather crotchless panties that accented her big pussy lips. She put her hair up in a leather strap and I put on leather wrist bands and ankle restraints. I placed a few whips and tickle devices on the night stand.

I layed on my back and she got on my cock and was riding me like a cow girl and I handcuffed her left arm to the brass bed. I told her to get loud and vulgar and she screamed and came on my cock. It was just after 12 when I heard foot steps coming up the stairs to the master bedroom. I reached up and fondled Tyler big juggs and started to pinch her thumb size nipples. Big thick stream of milk shot out and hit the wall and the brass head board. Tyler screamed and said "fucking milk man, suck my breast mother fucker!!!!" I heard a groan and a brief case hit the the floor. My wife was standing there in a black corset and her dress was on the floor. Next to her was Rick and he looked stunned. Tyler was still riding my cock and yelling "Yes! Yes! master. Please fuck me harder. I love you big hard cock." Tyler finally turned and saw Rick standing there with a a cold expression.

My wife reached in her purse and pulled out a dog collar and put it on Rick neck. He froze and looked at Mindy and then she pulled down on his collar and he got on his knees in front of the bed. I unhand cuffed Tyler and she got up. Her pussy was dripping and my dick was coated with her wetness. Her nipples were engorged and small white milk droplets were on her breast. My wife pulled a chair out and I sat in front of them at the edge of the bed. I motion Tyler to come over and she got on her knees. She put her big juggs on my lap and engulfed my whole entire 9 3/4 inches into her throat. She had become a great cock sucker and I saw Rick look at her in amazement. I moved my ass slightly and then white goo spurted out her lips on the rug. There was still cumm on my dick and balls and my wife pulled Rick over in front of me.

I closed my eyes and felt two tongues on my balls and my wife pussy was next to my face as she held onto my shoulders and head. My wife handcuffed Rick to the chair and made him sit naked and he watched us fuck and whip and molest his wife for the whole night. It was 4am before my wife crawled out of bed and tugged on Rick dick and he dribbled on the rug.

We just got back for the hospital and Mindy had just given birth. We rode home in our new sports car and dropped off Rick at a bachelor party at the end of town. We were to pick him up after the party. They had paid extra if the hooker would swallow and Rick looked great dressed as a hooker. My wife went to part time at the bank and has been whoring Rick out to different groups.

Mindy should be home tomorrow and we hope to introduce her to our new neighbors the Caulfields who just moved in. Anglea Caulfield is on maternity leave also and I could barely make out her huge assets under her bikini. Before I forget, Mindy name the baby after me. She got matching tattoo's with Rick and they placed my name on each one of there ass cheeks: