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Jessinta Ch02B – Tuesday

The brute’s name was Russell or Rusty; and I have serviced him on two more occasions since my last episode.
Todd walked around me at all times; as he was still too embarrassed about not lasting the distance.
So now Rusty was my go to guy and as he was more popular, I was getting more boys to service.
All were seniors; I didn’t care as long as they paid me and I didn’t attract heat from the teachers.

It was Tuesday and lunchtime and I was waiting patiently for the school bell to sound to end lunch.
I was in the girl’s toilets doing my usual end of lunchtime body check in front of the large mirror.

First I checked my white shirt, then if my green and blue tie was straight; my matching plaid skirt was fine; I had already checked my pink knickers while I peed not long before.
I looked down at my feet and saw that all that was left for me to do was to stretch my legs on the basin and pull up my white sox.
I had removed my bra and put it inside my back-pack, prior to starting my lunchtime check.

It was next to my face and hair I tightened my pigtails, applied lip gloss; before shining my glasses.

I next blew my reflection a kiss and left the toilets.

This was my usual lunchtime check list anyway; but this time I wouldn’t be returning to class after lunch.

Once the bell sounded I made my way down to the rear of the school and to the Pavilion area.
I then squeezed myself through the gap in steel mesh fence and walked towards the train tracks

I walked on the train tracks and off school grounds.

By walking by the tracks; I was out of the school grounds and out of sight of anyone associated with the school
It also led to the rear fence of the Clubhouse, albeit via a longer route.
So it might have been the long way; but it was also a safer way to go there without being caught.

As I walked I kicked stones that lay scattered along the tracks; I was in deep thought to myself.
All I was thinking about was what was Shaz’s big surprise for me and why did I have to skip class to find out.

The journey ended after walking about twenty minutes on the rocky train track path.
I could finally see the clubhouse from a distance; but by this time my checklist had become a waste of time.
As I stomped my way along this bumpy track my top was beginning to unravel, from inside my skirt.
I had already begun to loosen my tie, followed by me unbuttoning the top few buttons of my shirt.

By the time I reached the clubhouse my shirt was no longer neat appearing and tucked inside my skirt.
The coast was clear of anyone from my school, now.

The first person I saw as I entered the compound was Bones.
He was busy in the yard clearing rubbish.

He wasn’t expecting me or for me to throw myself on him.
I skipped up to him and jumped on him; like a child would to see their favorite adult.

There I was wrapped with my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips; and hugging him tightly.

He stepped back smiling but a little in shock and bewilderment.

Once we broke our embrace and I was back on the ground, I grabbed a hold of his dirty jeans and squeezed his crotch.

He gave me a disapproving but funny look.

“What’s the matter daddy, aren’t you happy to see me?”, I cheekily said.

I smiled and jumped in the air and gave him a peck on the neck and then skipped away to the main building.

It was eerily empty inside the bar and recreation area; but for the music.
The music was on, but not on loud; but conspicuous by his absence was Gypsy.
Gypsy is usually hunched over the bar and also Manitou wasn’t in his office either.

“Shaz”, I called out.
“Be with you soon Jessie”, Shaz called out; from an area I had been forbidden to enter.

I sat by the bar and put my bag on the ground and waited.

While I waited, I removed my hair ties.
A Prospect walked in from a closed door.
I had never seen him before; he must be new.

There seemed to be an aisle behind the door; but that’s all I could make out because of the darkness.

He motioned me to follow him through it and I did.
“Shut the door”, the Prospect told me.

It led to another large recreation room; it was filled with hammocks and strange looking items.

Another Prospect was inside but Shaz wasn’t.

I sat down on a sofa by a coffee table; it was filled with dirty magazines.

The Prospects kept staring at me; so I gave them a not too impressed look and stuck out my tongue.

Several minutes had now passed and the Prospects mingled amongst themselves.
I was getting bored and I stretched my legs out on top of the coffee table, as I began to flicker through the pages of one the dirty magazines.

One of the Prospects eventually offered me a coke; which I accepted.
I smiled and thanked him and the looks of him was also looked bored.
He went back to the other Prospect and sat back down.

Eventually Shaz entered the room, as usual dressed skimpily.
She was wearing a black tank top and black leather boots; which went up to her knees.
Her hair was tied up in a pony tail; and she also wore dark red lipstick with dark eye shadow.

It almost appeared that she didn’t wear any clothing under her top.

“Hi Jessy, are you ready for your surprise?” She greeted and asked.
I was puzzled and motioned with my chin; a yes.

“Boys”, she called to the Prospects.
They stood up and walked towards her.

Shaz ripped off her tank top and revealed her skimpy black lingerie one-piece.

It barely covered her breasts and it had slits for easy access to her nipples; likewise her crotch.
Her ass wasn’t covered at all really well; just a flimsy piece of sting that ran up from her crotch and between her butt-crack.

I just stood there admiring; like a rabbit caught in spot lights.

“Boys, we haven’t all day; get with the program”, she ordered.

The Prospects unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks.

I looked at them and at Shaz.

“Welcome to Tuesday; Honey”, Shaz said, to me.

Shaz walked up to one of the Prospects and gently started stroking his cock.

“Jess, don’t let me stop you; this is after all that ‘surprise’ I mentioned”, She said, with a wicked smile.

With that Shaz eased down to her knees and started stroking the Prospect’s cock near her head.
I then started to stroke the other Prospect’s cock.

She was stroking and making him pant and moan, all the while I was smiling as I stroke other one.

It was as if I was a child playing with something forbidden for the first time.

While we played, I watched Shaz and she was really getting a kick out of making her Prospect squirm in ecstasy.
Mind you, I was getting a kick out of it too; as my Prospect was panting a little by now too.

She looked at me and then at both Prospects; and we stopped.
Shaz firstly pushed her Prospect on to a cushion cube seat; I followed suit.
I followed her lead and she dropped to her knees; as did I.

She put her hands on the Prospect’s thigh and gobbled down on the tip of his cock; I did the same.

We both had a grip of their cocks with one hand and their mushroom heads were inside our mouths.
We both were tonguing and sucking down on them; while our Prospects panted.

Then I went into my own world and didn’t pay any attention to what Shaz was doing; for the time being.

So I began sucking my Prospect’s cock almost balls deep; I was having an effect on him as he moaned out loudly.

He put a hand on my head and then with the other he grabbed the back of the collar of my school shirt.

I think he was letting me know who the Boss was.
Then he released his grip on my collar and pulled my head from his cock with a hand full of my hair.

It hurt but I went back to the job at hand, as I held the base of his cock tightly; and I sucked and teased the rest of it.

I think he understood that I knew who was Boss; as he released his tight grip on my hair.

I briefly deep throated him before, he paid me a huge compliment and eased me from his cock and kissed me passionately.

While we kissed I continued stroking his cock.
He on the other hand had other plans; as he began to unbutton my school shirt.

I looked towards Shaz out of the corner of my eye, and her Prospect was tittie fucking her.
Shaz was lucky, she had bigger breasts than me and guys could do that to her.

My Prospect opened my school shirt and he helped me remove it.
My tie dangled between my breasts, and it was back to what I was doing earlier; my mouth all over his cock.

He at times had a firm hold of my hair; as if I had it tied up like a pony-tail.
Then he would release his hold and caress my head and hair.

While Shaz was screaming out in pleasure; my attention was focused on the cock in my mouth.

I was more interested in licking, sucking, stroking and gobbling on his large cock then what else was going on around me.

My Prospect put a halt to my fun for the time being; by pulling me off his cock and raising me up to my feet.
He swiftly turned me around and slapped my ass.

I could feel him moving behind me; as his cock bobbled around my buttocks.

He reached around and gave me a hug; then he kissed my neck.
I rolled my neck and reached back and caressed his head.

While still kissing me, he reached around with one arm; and flipped up my skirt and slid a hand inside my knickers.

I buckled briefly as his probing fingers found my wet hungry pussy and made me moan almost instantly.

I stood there almost listless and moaning, as he began fingering my pussy inside my knickers.

My arms dangled by my sides and my neck was arched further back into him.
I was bucking my hips into his groin, as he fingered me intensely.

If he didn’t have a hold of me with his spare arm; I think I may have collapsed to the ground by now.

He then stopped and bit into my neck like a vampire.
Then he dropped to his knees behind me and yanked my knickers down to my knees.
I obligingly helped him remove them; by stepping out of them.

He repositioned in a slightly bent over stance; I used my hands to support my body against a wall.

He then started to spread my legs apart from behind, before his tongue started slobbering up my ass region.

I felt a finger, or maybe two enter my ass-hole; and slowly finger my ass.
It definitely did feel different and it was a shock to me at first; as it made me tense up a little.

After a minute or so, he stopped and I was back swallowing his cock; while he gently caressed my hair.

Having my Prospect’s cock in my mouth was one thing, but catching a glimpse of Shaz sitting on her Prospect’s cock was something else.

I felt envious of her, as I had been trying for quite some time to have the same done to me.

My Prospect realized that my attention was partially with Shaz, so he decided to change that.
He stopped me sucking and lifted me from the ground.

I was turned around and repositioned so that my hands were now braced against a coffee table.
While braced against the coffee table, my back was bent over and my butt was pointing sky high.
My skirt was now flipped over, in between my belly button and titties.

I let out a semi squeal, as he slowly slid his large cock inside the entrance of my soaking wet pussy.

He grasped my butt cheeks with a hand on either side, I could only grin.
“Finally”, I thought to myself.

This was now the first time since my violation at hands of Uncle Steve that I had been penetrated.
At least this time, I am a willing participant.

He was now slowly fucking me and I was like a cat in a fish market; purring with pleasure.

There I was bent over and moaning, and bucking back into him; each time he pulled out.
He gradually increased the pace of his thrusts and I was clearly in ecstasy and I loved every second of it.

Now it was my turn to squat on a Prospect’s cock.
He hugged me from behind, with his cock buried inside my pussy and lifted my up and sat down on that coffee table.

I was squatting on cock and leaning back in to his chest, with him groping a breast and hugging my belly.

My back arched and I felt like a wave flow through my body, as I screamed out.
“Aw Fuck aw fuck yes, ooh mmmh”, I had just had an orgasm.

It felt better than any dildo I had used before in the past.

My Prospect realized what had happened and decided to lift me off so I could recuperate a little.
I had a plan to suck on his cock, but Shaz leaned over on all fours and beat me to it.

So I played tonsil hockey with him instead.

Until Shaz’s slightly darker Prospect presented me with his big and fat cock.
He didn’t have time to blink, before his cock was swimming in my mouth.

Once inside my mouth, I realized that he was much rougher with me then the Prospect I recently played with.
By now I could take it, oh well at least I thought I could; as he steadily began to face fuck me.

He yanked me by the scruff of my hair and lifted me off my feet and tossed me into a nearby hammock.

Once on my back on the hammock, he fucked me hard with my legs between his shoulders and biceps.

I groaned and moaned, as he fucked me hard on the hammock.

Shaz had my Prospect’s cock deep in her throat, all I could see was his balls and the whites of her eyes.

He started to bite and suck on my neck now too, but he still fucked me good and hard.
I was feeling his cock more, but surprisingly it didn’t hurt.

My Prospect was finished with Shaz and leaned over and kissed me, and then I was back with him once again.

He had me standing up before the coffee table, and he removed my skirt and tie.

Then I was bending over once again, but this time he slid his cock inside my wet pussy only briefly.
Before he pulled out and then inched it into the entrance of my ass.
I tensed up at first and as it crept inside, it made squirm and freeze at first.

Once it was a few inches inside, my Prospect slowly fucked it in deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Once I had gotten used to the invasion in my ass, I enjoyed it; sure it hurt at first but it was only brief.

This was the first time I had a cock in my ass and I took to it.
I loved it and I even helped my ass accommodate its intrusion, by spreading my cheeks apart with a hand as I braced myself with the other.

He knew I was enjoying it too, by my moans and groans.

Once his cock was within balls deep, I braced myself with both hands on the coffee table.

I saw Shaz was now being fucked hard on the hammock I was just on.
She looked like she was enjoying herself.

So I basically spent the rest of that day with cock in my ass or in my mouth.

“Fuck I loved it”, I told Shaz, sometime afterwards.
“I know and so did I, and do every Tuesday”, she said.
“Really, every Tuesday”, I said, excited.
Shaz nodded.

“Looks like I am taking Tuesdays off from now on”, I said.
Shaz laughed and giggled.
“All the boys go out on jobs, and leave me alone on Tuesdays”, Shaz told me.

Darkness was setting in, when Gypsy and some of the other bikers returned, by then I was already at home.
When I did leave, I didn’t leave alone.
I also left with several deposits of cum buried deep; in my ass.
Also I had bite marks all around my neck and breasts.

My Prospect’s name was “Sick-Boy” and Shaz’s was “Hammer”, I found out prior to Sick-Boy riding me home.

At school the bite marks stuck out like a red flag to a bull; as I started hearing whispers in the corridors about me.

Those whispers became reality in the not too distant future.

Tuesdays became a day that I would disappear from school and also a time I would be shared around by most of the Prospects; secretly for sexual acts.
It was mainly Sick-Boy, as we not only become fuck buddies but friends.

>>>>Jessinta Ch03 – My Schedule.

Part 13, Men’s Attention

I appreciate all the comments and emails. It fuels me to continue writing. I hope you all continue to enjoy my writing.

After Bill caught me sleeping with mom naked, he seemed to spend much more time at the house, and paid much more attention towards me. I was used to walking around the house in short shorts and booty shorts. The first time I caught him paying attention to me, I was wearing a tank top and small shorts. I was cleaning around the house, wiping dirt off some of our furniture. I was listening to some music, and kind of dancing around to it. I got down on my knees and on all fours to clean under the furniture holding the TV, which I hadn't cleaned in a long time. It took about a minute, which passed by fast as danced a bit to the music. I was about done, when I looked up a bit, and saw the TV screen reflecting Bill sitting in the couch behind me, looking at my ass. He noticed I saw his reflection, so he grabbed the paper and pretended to be reading it. I acted like I didn't see him, and hurried up cleaning and left. I wondered how long he had been sitting there watching me. I noticed his attention on me a few times after that.

One day after school, I saw Juan in the spot where he used to wait for me. I have to admit, I was happy he was back. It's not like I loved him or anything like that, but it was the feeling I had being around him, like a whore, like a fucktoy. I didn't enjoy being raped by him and his dad, but it was still such a turn on thinking about it, feeling so used. I walked over to greet him.
"Hi Juan, haven't seen you in forever."
Juan,"hey b, what's up. Yeah, sorry. My dad told me to leave you alone for some time. Just in case you were mad I guess. Are you mad at me?"
I never really did feel mad at him, I almost felt like I deserved what I got for being so easy, but I obviously didn't tell him that.
Me,"I am a little mad, I was mad afterwards but now I'm over it."
Juan,"That's badass. Let's go have some fun."
Me,"I can't, I'm getting a ride from my boyfriend right after school."
Juan,"come on, I haven't fucked you in a while, come give me a quick blowjob."
Me,"His mom might be waiting already."
Juan,"come on, just real quick."
We ran to our little fuck spot in the abandoned area, and he grabbed me by the hair and put me on my knees.
Juan,"come on, real quick."
I undid his pants and pulled his dick out. He used pushed the back of my head towards his dick.
Juan,"open up bitch, hurry up."
I opened my mouth and he immediately pushed my head down, putting it all the way in. He began fucking my face fast, it was like he was masturbating with my mouth. I felt his dick get fully hard, growing in my mouth as he back and forth. I felt some gagging as he fucked me, but it wasn't too bad. I got a little teray eyed, and felt a tear roll down my cheek as he used me.
I tried pulling out to catch my breath, but he pressed harder on the back of my hand, and I got that distinct smell that men give when they are about to cum. I felt his body tense up, and push down hard, so I pushed my face forward, touching his balls with my lips as he fucked me. He began grunting, and I felt his dick pump inside of my mouth. I felt warm fluid going down my throat, but I couldn't taste it. I began moving my head, fucking myself a bit to please him. I knew he was done, so I began to pull it out, and got a bit of his cum on my tongue, I felt that salty taste he had. I looked up, and he seemed out of breath, and so was I.
Juan,"good job. Go catch your ride."
I got up and ran to my pickup spot, where Tyler and his dad were waiting. I was expecting to get a ride from Tyler's mom, not dad.
Tyler's dad (Larry),"there she is."
Tyler,"I was looking for you, but I couldn't find you."
Me,"sorry, I had to use the restroom."
Tyler,"were you crying, he reached towards my cheek where a tear had been."
I had forgotten to clean up on my rush.
Me,"oh, no, I just got something in my eye."
Larry just smiled,"I'm sure she is fine, now let's go kids."
We walked towards the car and Tyler's dad said,
"Hey, let your pretty girlfriend ride up front, so she can have a better view."
I rode in the passenger seat while Tyler's dad drove.
Larry,"what have you been up to sweetheart?"
Me,"oh nothing, just school and stuff."
Larry, "oh that's good, hope my boy is treating you good."
Me,"mmm yeah."
Larry,"hey, you must have fallen."
I didn't know what he meant, but he reached over to my knees, which had dirt on them. He began doing small wipes, like he was removing the dirt from my knees. Tyler must have assumed his dad was wiping the dirt off, as his dad moved his hand un and down my thighs with each swipe. It felt odd to say the least, but I didn't say anything.
Larry,"there you go."
We made it to the block before my house, and Larry asked,"how is your mom doing?"
Me,"umm good."
Larry,"I bet, I haven't seen her in a while, let her know I said hi."
We made it to the front of the house and I tried opening the door, which was locked.
Larry,"come on boy, you know you need to open the door for a lady."
Tyler,"oh yeah."
Larry unlocked the doors, as Tyler got out to open mine. Larry reached over and put his hand on my thigh saying, "this boy hasn't learned how to treat a lady yet, but he will."
My door opened and I got out as I saw Larry's stare slide down towards my ass. Tyler and I hugged and said goodbye, as Larry continued staring at me. I began walking away and their car didn't leave until I went into the house. I wondered if it was to make sure I made it in safe, or if his dad was still staring at me.

Mom was going to be working until nightime that day, so I had the house all to myself. I did my homework, than went to her room to try a few of her new clothes on. I was too small, and needed bigger tits to fill them up. I got an idea, I filled up two balloons with air, and pushed them into her bras so I could pretend I had tits. It looked pretty good underneath blouses. I wondered if I would ever look like mom. I also wondered about all the attention I was getting from men lately, I didn't look nearly as good as mom. As I looked in the mirror, I could see my hips had opened up a bit, and my butt seemed a little bigger. My butt actually did have a good size for my small body. It kind of scared me to thing I might grow a butt, and no tits. I had been wanting a big pair of tits like mom, I hated to think I wouldn't get them. I kept going trough some of mom's things when I found a box in the back of her closet. I wondered what it was, so I opened it. It had diffrent things on it, that I didn't know what they were for at the time. It had balls attached by a string, going from small to bigger ones. It had a glass looking triangular 'thing', like a cone. There was a cylindrical tube type of thing made of rubber. Then I saw a big black rubber thing. I didn't know what it was for about 5 seconds, then I noticed it was like a dick, with a head and balls and veins and everything. It was like a huge dick. I wondered what it was for, but it didn't take long to figure it could only have one purpose. I couldn't figure how she used half the things on the box. I had a falshback from when I was younger, I opened a box like that, but had no clue what those things were for, so I had put it back. I decided I would give the big black rubber dick a try, so I laid in her bed, and tried to put it inside my pussy. I was to dry to even get the tip in, so I tried sucking on it to lube it up. I opened my mouth, but could barely even get the head in, it was so thick. I licked it all around, then tried putting it in. I tried pushing it in, and it seemed almost like it was hugging to sides of my pussy, not going in. It slowly began creeping in, but I felt my pussy being stretched to wide, and it was too painful, so I was done with that. I looked through the box, and found another one, pink dick shaped thing, with and twist button underneath it. I twisted the button, and it began shaking. I laid in bed again, and pushed that one inside my pussy. It was much smaller than the previous one, but still had trouble getting it in, so I sucked it and gagged myself to lube it up. It was a bit painful, but I got it in. I twisted the knob hoping for the best, and felt the vibration inside my pussy, nothing great. I turned the knob some more, and it felt better. I turned it all the way, and it finally felt good. I began fucking myself, going in and out slowly, pulling up on it to feel the vibration in my clit. My mind began venturing off, into mom, tanya, and being raped. I felt myself getting wet, it became easier and easier pushing it all in, with little pain. Thoughts of mom's videos came to mind, of her being violated. Then I related the vibrating sensation to Tanya's toungue. I began fucking myself faster, thinking of being raped by Juan and his dad, the day I finally felt used and abused, like mom. My body began tensing, and I felt it explode, as the rubber dick continued vibrating on my clit. By the time I pulled it out, it was soaked in my juice. I took it to the bathroom to wash it, then put everything back in its place, knowing I had just found a small treasure chest.

I still had time to waste, so I decided to cool off in the pool. I put on the thong two piece Tanya bought me, and bathed and swam around a bit. It felt so good to have the bikini's fabric up my ass, and my buttcheeks so uncovered. It felt so sexual. I laid in one on the pool chairs to dry up, and began masturbating over my bikini, rubbing my clit. I was thinking of getting with mom again, and with Tanya, thoughts of a 3some came to my head, it would be so hot. I remembered Juan's dad and his big dick, and how painful it was, and how my pussy felt so full, and stretched. It hurt when it happened, but in my mind, it was exciting, and almost felt like feeling it again. I imagined mom getting fucked by big dicks like that, wondered how she took them, wondered how she came to enjoy them, if I ever would. My body tensed, and I felt myself cumming. My juices flowing out of my pussy, my pussy vibrating at my fingertips. It was great feeling the bikini's fabric up my ass, feeling my ass divided in two. I jumped in the pool to cool off a bit. I came out after a few minutes and walked towards the glass door, where I saw bill standing inside staring at me. I must have turned bright red. I wondered how long he had been standing there, why was he staring at me like that, maybe he saw me masturbating. I didn't want to talk to him at all, I was so embarrassed. I opened the door and walked right past him.
Bill,"hey brenda, just checking up on you, your mom was gonna be a little late, brought you some pizza if you are hungry."
He knew mom wasn't around, he had no business there, I didn't care about the food.
Me,"oh thanks, I'm not hungry right now, maybe later."
Bill,"alright, I'll leave it here."
I had to walk past him, as he stared at my ass in that thong bikini, all the way to my room. I almost felt like crying, feeling ashamed, like this mas had raped me with his eyes. How could mom get eaten up by men's eyes on a daily basis, and be so cool about it.