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Project Gaia, Chapter 5

Something on this island is very different. I haven’t felt the same since a bit after we arrived. I was always an example of ethics and conduct, and now here I am driving around sitting next to the woman I was meant to observe. I’d done plenty of observing, and plenty more, having just a few hours ago made love with Ali in a tropical paradise and now all I want is to do more of the same thing. Something on this island has changed me. It’s like the culture has been injected with sex, everything inviting naughty thoughts and actions. It’s rare to go long without seeing two people fucking their brains out; the men are avid lovers of the women’s’ pregnancy and the women themselves (most swollen enormously with pregnancy, bigger than a single term) happy to pleasure one another. But why? The hormones? I suppose it’s part of the reason, but even a multiple pregnancy doesn’t drive women into this kind of sexual overdrive. Maybe all of them together explains it. To test my hypothesis I asked Ali to drive me to the most crowded area around. Deep down I knew this wasn’t to sate my scientific curiosity, but my lust.
Ali knew exactly the place to go, setting her sights on the beach. There were white sand beaches with mild, bright blue waves crashing onto the shore and the hot sun beating down on the barely-clothed beauties. Big bellies were waddling about in revealing bikinis, showing as much skin as they could thrust into the daylight. The only one pieces I saw were the girls who had decided against bikini tops, their dark nipples pointing out like erasers on pencils. I was amazed at how collectively brazen these women were. At home no woman this gravid would consider herself sexy enough to parade around, so obviously fertile and fecund. But no woman on this island considered herself anything less than a goddess. Why should they, I suppose. They are treated like fertility goddesses, giving birth to the next generation in the lap of luxury.
Ali, sad she hadn’t brought a swimsuit with her, led me into the crowd, which was an experience by itself. Every belly I saw was round and smooth, ranging from modest to eye-poppingly enormous. I marveled at how many babies some woman must be carrying, and how close to (or even past) term some were. The packed pregnant beach apparently gave these women great joy, bellies bulging rudely from their figures up and down the beach as they tanned and relaxed and swam and frolicked with one another. I suspect under some of the shadier umbrellas and changing tents the frolicking and companionship had been taken to its inevitable conclusion. My head was swiveling so fast I tripped over my own feet when Ali stopped suddenly without warning.
Spitting out the grains of sand from my mouth, I shaded my eyes and looked up. There was no need; the sun was thoroughly blocked out by two moons rubbing against each other. I stood up and saw Ali hugging a nude pregnant woman, her belly swollen huge and round in front of her. They parted and began rubbing each other’s globes, talking about their pregnancies.
“That’s my girl Ali, always getting so big so quickly. Damn girl, you’re so pretty. And who is this? And why do you always have some new hunk on your arm?”
“This is one of the new scientists, here to study us.” They shared a look and a giggle at this point and it became more obvious that I could hardly expect a girl as obsessed with sex as Ali seemed to be to keep what we had done a secret. All I can hope for now is that my superiors somehow don’t find out. “Meet Brittany! She’s one of my best friends. And one of my roundest! Look at you, babe, all belly and boobs. Ah, I love it.”
Brittany took a step back and thrust her belly forward, hands on her lower back. I was hypnotized by her massive womb, especially since she was so obviously proud of it. It curved out from under her breasts and sloped out so far you couldn’t see her sex even though it was obviously bare. Her belly button had popped out and topped her tummy like a third nipple. It took me a minute to shake away from staring at her pregnancy to take in the rest of her. A brunette beauty, she swayed back and forth on her heels, which shook her bare tits slightly left and right, brown crinkled nipples rudely stuck out. It was obvious from her tan she spent a lot of time at the beach and from her lack of tan lines that her nudity was a habit. Everything about her was slight and thin besides her fat belly and big tits. I imagine she would be a thin girl if not for her pregnancy, one where she was very clearly carrying multiples.
“I know, I know. I’ve gotten pretty big this time. Weird it’s only two in here, I’m as big as when I had three! I’m happy though, I love this shit. I’ve been cumming like a hundred times a day. I swear my preggo belly is pushing on my clit. I gotta stop talking, I’m about to drip.” Wow, Brittany certainly got right to the point. I had never heard a woman speak that raunchily about sex, and it was a little shocking coming from a woman with an enormous bump. Apparently she was having twins, so with her girth she had to be close to delivery. I didn’t know much about the birthing processes here yet so I finally spoke up and asked her how far along she was. She smiled and patted her globe.
“Nearly there, forty-two weeks. Only a couple more! Not much left to do but relax and enjoy myself. I’m so big enough already. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting so fucking pregnant I waddle like a penguin but my babies are already twelve pounds each. Ugh, shoot me now. Kind of a catch-22, I love being pregnant but I still fucking hate birthing kid this fucking big.” Wait, had she said 42? I know pregnancies only last 40 weeks. Maybe this girl had it wrong? She didn’t seem like the sharpest tool.
Ali was a bit smarter than her friend and must have read the confusion on my face. “Pregnancies tend to last an extra month here. It’s part of why we keep things so stress-free. We also have such great diets, they’re really great about giving us what we need.” This was the kind of thing I needed. I made a note to check into specific dietary needs at my next convenience. Now my day was yielding the results I’d come for. When I looked up, Brittany was waddling as fast as her swollen feet could take her toward the water, Ali right behind her and stripping off her top to join her. They splashed into the water and began a playful game of belly tag, grabbing each other and moving effortlessly in the warm water. I stopped to take notes of what I was seeing around the beach specifically, including a girl laying out sunbathing who was massive enough to warrant a beached whale comparison, a girl walking out of one of the changing tents wiping her mouth as a grinning man walked out behind her (gee, I wonder), and two girls near Ali and Brittany giggling as they shot their milk at one another. When I looked up from my book, Ali and Brittany were waddling up the beach hand in hand. Brittany looked back for me, and yelled that I better hurry up and join them. Not wanting to lose my subjects, I jogged up to meet them, not a hard task since they weren’t moving too fast. I have to say, even though Brittany was a fit girl her broad ass sure had a lot of attractive bounce to it.
We kept walking past everyone, past the beach, and onto the street. I was wondering where we were going before we turned into a beach-adjacent bungalow. Judging from the pictures, this was Brittany’s home and like everywhere else I’ve been it was focused on comfort and ease. The pictures were of Brittany, at term in several different pregnancies, some bigger and some smaller, next to a chart of her measurements. As recently as last week Brittany measured an impressive 68 inches around her belly. It was obvious she had been doing this for years (she still looks under 25) and had been swollen up even bigger than what she is now with child. Britt helped Ali shimmy off the soaked shorts she had swum in and they stood back again to admire one another. This entailed a ton of belly rubbing and oohs and aah at the movement and kicks. Ali and I sat back onto a nearby couch and Brittany had to sit down on her favorite chair, saying being so big tired her out pretty quick. I saw through this, though and I think Ali did too. Once Brittany sat down the drops of moisture trailing down her thighs were obvious. Brittany was dripping wet and panting now as she sat back as far as she could. She saw the hunger in Ali’s eyes and scooted her hips up and spread her legs apart, her belly pushing towards us. Ali shuddered next to me and slid off the couch and slinked along until she was at Britt’s feet. Brittany’s pussy was bright red and already lubricating furiously, pooling under her and filling the air with musk. I was hard as a rock, my cock straining against my pants as I watched Ali massage the insides of Brittany’s legs before she started kissing the underside of her belly. Britt’s view of Ali was completely blocked by her own pregnancy, so she let her head fall to the side and she kept eye contact with me. She bit her lip and thrust forward with a bolt when Ali probed her pussy with her tongue, Ali obviously experienced at eating out another girl (especially a girl with a giant belly). Brittany eyed me up and down until her eyes rested at my obvious erection and she gripped her belly as Ali went to work trying to making her friend cum. Brittany hadn’t been kidding about how horny she was, this girl was pouring like a faucet now that Ali was lapping at her pussy like a melting ice cream cone. Finally the tension broke and Brittany reached out for me and I was next to her in a heartbeat, shirt already off and her clawing away my zipper and briefs until she pulled out my cock and stroked it with hunger before devouring it in her tight mouth. Any pretense I had about ethics and detachment was lost as this swollen model gave me the loudest, wettest blowjob I’ve ever experienced.
We must have been an erotic sight, Brittany swallowing me while a nude Ali had graduated to pushing her fingers into Brittany while tasting her juices. Britt was deep throating me now, her head bobbing up and down while I cupped her head in agreement. I think the only reason I held her head was to keep from applauding because she was so intensely focused on my dick it left my legs weak. I was amazed enough that she could take as much of me as she did. There is no doubt now that my penis has grown noticeably bigger during my stay, longer, fatter and veinier than I’d ever seen it. Brittany began moaning and pushing her swamped pussy onto Ali’s face as she began to cum. Ali redoubled her efforts, leading Brittany over the peaks of orgasm before leaning back on her heels to show her face showered with juice. It took only a moment before the sex-crazed Brittany was ready to go again, but now that her head was clearer she was a bit more demanding.
At her instructions, Ali laid down on the floor and Brittany kneeled down in front of her. They kissed softly as much as they could, their bellies preventing them from getting too close. Brittany had other plans in mind and slid herself down Ali’s body until she was parting her thighs and licking her way down her thighs until she was tonguing her tight pussy. She was slobbering all over Ali’s lower body, tracing up from her calves to her pussy to her belly button and back around again. Brittany’s belly was so huge it was pressing into the carpet, pulling her down so her back arched up and her ass stuck out. It was clear by now that Brittany was a cock-hungry slut, so I had no problems kneeling down behind her and sliding my dick into her bright red pussy, bottoming out on one stroke. Brittany felt me deep within her and used the excitement to shove her tongue deep inside Ali and claw at Ali’s round ass. A woman as pregnant and horny as Brittany demanded a good, hard fucking and I jackhammered into her sex as her and Ali built toward orgasm, Brittany shoving her head deep in Ali’s crotch as Ali began to cum. Ali shivered and shook with pleasure and I went to work making sure I wasn’t the only one not to leave satisfied. I grabbed a handful of brunette hair yanked back, arching Britt’s back even more and rewarding myself with a deep twinge around my cock. Brittany was humping back at me as best as she could given her belly, her tits slapping wildly against her bump. I looked down at Brittany’s fat ass bouncing against my legs and noticed for the first time a tattoo just above her ass cheeks, reading in curved ornate lettering “BORN TO BREED”. I went crazy seeing this, fucking this proudly knocked up slut with quick, deep thrusts until I couldn’t take anymore and came inside her. I must have shot over half a pint of cum, jizzing for near a minute until Brittany collapsed on her side next to Ali. They interlocked hands and rested for a while before deciding it was time to go about their day.
They each rose with a grunt and left to shower together. I know Ali grabbed a bottle of cocoa butter moisturizer as they waddled to the back so I imagine they are taking turns rubbing each other down. I don’t have long until they return. I think I feel my body chemistry changing even as write this, drawing me deeper into this rabbit hole of hedonism. Down and down it goes, where it ends I do not know. The most worrying part is that I don’t really want to know.

Project Gaia, Chapter 6

Ali and Brittany didn’t take long in the shower, both coming out looking like angels and smelling like flowers. They had showered and lotioned and dressed up for the rest of their day. I had checked through my notes while they were gone and decided to track down the answers to my questions on the girls’ diets. What did they feed the women bringing forth the next generation? Did it change them, maybe make them more docile or hornier? Could be. These women treated pregnancy so differently that they all had something different in common. It could be their diets and so that’s what I wanted to explore next. Unfortunately Brittany couldn’t come along, being so close to popping she wanted to stay at home and rest so Ali and I went out to explore the food sources in Eden.

It turns out Eden used a kind of high-tech cafeteria system. The girls would go in whenever they felt like it and input some login data. Each girl had a specific diet program, based on their personal body and pregnancy. Their meals would be brought out to them by food staff while they relaxed on whatever they wanted. There were no limits on the girls meals or calories, the dieticians figuring there was little chance of the girls being so pregnant and gaining too much weight. Some of the girls used this as an excuse to pig out, spending hours a day gorging. It was really remarkable how, even though they were all tied together through being so hugely gravid, the girls had so many choices on how to spend their days. We were in luck that there was a café close to Brittany’s house and Ali and I walked (and waddled) the few blocks.

Ali had changes out of her dirtied tank top and shorts and into a dress borrowed from Britt. It was a white button-up dress, the hemline falling just above her knees and bouncing with every step. She had finished it off with a black sash tied just above her belly and below her boobs making every curve pop out and drawing your eyes down to her bump. I don’t know what she and I were meant to be but I suppose I should note her that we walked hand-in-hand, Ali saying that her legs were still weak from so many orgasms that day. We walked slowly through the streets, admiring some of the more swollen women and the maternity clothing shops before finding the café.

Ali punched in a code to the establishment and we entered the hall. Smaller well-lit circular tables surrounded by comfortable chairs, booths and couches littered the area. Some of the tables were occupied by women focused on their meals, hugely pregnant figures made even rounder by the caloric meals they were eating. Most of the hall was empty, though. I guess it wasn’t truly a typical meal time, but I still would have guessed more women would be here. I was feeling lost here and asked Ali to see if she knew anyone here we could talk to. It was just easier at this point for me to learn from other women since my conversations with Ali tended to turn into less talking and more cumming. Ali and I walked the tables for a few minutes in search of a familiar face and finding none. All these women were smiling and happy but Ali didn’t really know any of them. Finally, as I was giving up, Ali yelled across the room “NIKKI!”.

A hazel haired beauty looked up from a sizable meal to wave back at Ali, motioning us over to join her. Her bright green eyes and dimpled smile were very pleasant and she had a body worth noticing. She was sitting splay-legged at her table in a padded booth against the wall and her huge belly reached all the way out to her knees. It must have stuck out two feet and I’m certain it was wider than her body. She could barely cover it with a t-shirt (black with a yellow “under construction” stretched over the belly, funny).

“Meet Nikki”, Ali introduced as she settled her own pregnant frame into the booth next to her friend, me next to Ali. “I was assigned to show her around the island too when she first joined Eden. This was a few months and quite a few inches ago though. How are you doing? Gonna pop?”

“No, haha, not yet. I’m still only seven months. Hard to believe, honestly, I feel like I am all belly. Seriously, I thought they eased the new girls in with a lower order multiple before they gave us a big bunch of quintuplets like this!” I choked on the water I was sipping when I found out she was knocked up with quints. More than anything else I was thinking about how big her belly would get in the next two to three months. There’s no way she’d be able to even waddle!

“They try to but you must have just been super fertile. Don’t lie though, you like it. You gotta, I know I love when my belly gets that big and full.”

“I do love it, but I don’t like having to get so big so quick. I’m already 88 inches around and that’s just not enough. That’s why I spend so much time here, I have to gain at least another 100 pounds. I’m not worried about getting too fat though, all the doctors and dieticians agree most of that weight will be baby and boobs. I don’t mind these, I have to say.” I didn’t mind her boobs either, each of them were huge and heavy and nearly as big as her head. “Still, I wish I could little things like drive, walk regularly or, say, see which pants I’m wearing.” Ali and I giggled at her joke. Nikki laughed too and I think her shirt nearly tore, as tight as it was against her pregnant body. She shifted in her seat and I couldn’t help after her joke to check out her ass to see it was a pair of sweat shorts cut like bikini panties, high up on her hips and revealing nearly everything. Her shorts looked more like a belt than anything decent.

A waiter walked by and asked Ali if she wanted something to eat. Ali did after a long day and I took this as my opportunity to use the bathroom. I left as Ali gave her code for her specialized meal and her and Nikki began whispering very closely.

Using the bathroom gave me the chance to finally inspect my own changes. My penis had absolutely grown. I wasn’t worried though. If this was my biggest problem, I’m doing ok. I finished up and composed myself to try to act professionally in front of two hot women with big bellies. I left and accidently walked straight into the kitchen across the hall. I saw men bustling about preparing complex dishes and meals. The amount of food in this kitchen was overwhelming. Some of the meals were so immense they needed two men to carry the platter out! The only thing I couldn’t place was how every dish was sprayed with some substance right before it was sent out of the kitchen. No one was looking up from their work to notice me, so I dabbed one of the cakes after it was sprayed and put the napkin in my pocket. I will test it as soon as possible for chemical agents, and I hope that gives me another piece of this pregnant puzzle.

With little left to do now in the kitchen I decided to leave before someone asked too many questions. Walking back to Nikki and Ali’s table I saw they had had a cake delivered. It was the same cake I had just tested! Those results just became even more interesting. It was a wide double-decker cake slathered with chocolate frosting and topped with ornate decorations and a large number “19”.

“Nikki, what’s with the 19? This isn’t…”

“My birthday, yep. Sweet number 19.” Nikki said through a mouthful a cake. She was attacking the desert head on, no plate just fork and mouth. Ali had cut off a portion for herself but it was clear this was Nikki’s treat. She was so young! Only 19, and already knocked up with five big babies. It was a wonder these women agreed to do this their whole lives. Why, a girl as young as Nikki could be pregnant for decades! At only 19 and apparently especially fertile she had signed herself over to be a baby factory, alternating her days between pleasure and pregnancy. She seemed happy enough at the moment, hair pulled back in a ponytail so nothing got in the way of her sweets. The wait staff had also left an impressively big can of whipped cream and Nikki sprinkled each individual bite with a dollop.

She ate and ate until the birthday cake had nearly gone, Ali pecking at it here and there but the majority going into Nikki’s tummy. With a final forkful and a satisfied sigh, Nikki finished the impressive cake and lay back rubbing her poor stomach (or at least as much as her slender hands could reach). She eventually rolled up her shirt and tucked it under her boobs to give her belly room to breath after such a meal. Ali was pretty full but Nikki had obviously capped off a full meal with a desert made for six. Well, she is eating for six. Most women didn’t take it this literally, but I wasn’t going to stop her from finding ways to grow her belly out rounder and rounder and plump her tits up until she was all belly and tits. Ali still had her playful spark and grabbed the whipped cream from the table. There wasn’t much left, but enough for her. She took a deep drag off the can before spraying a big smiley face across Nikki’s heaving belly, using her stretched skin as a pink canvas. Nikki giggled at the gesture and tasted the cream off her belly.

“Like that? I figured you’re so happy to be so pregnant you might as well show it with a big smiley face on your big belly.”

“I love it. Ugghh, I never used to eat this much. Now I feel like that’s all I do is get so stuffed. I’m lucky I don’t have big thunder thighs and a sagging ass. Don’t get me wrong, my ass is so huge right now but it still fucking rocks. Yesterday one of the waiters helped me leave after I got too full and I saw him get hard after he watched me waddle away. If I hadn’t been so full I’d have swallowed his cum right then and there. That’s the worst part about having quints at 19, I’m still not used to being massively pregnant and I have to do so much you girls just do naturally. I’ll be a pro soon, but now I don’t have any time to do other things. God I miss cock so much. I wasn’t, like, a whore before I came here but I fucking love a big cock.”

“You’ll have plenty of time to have all kinds of crazy, nasty sex, baby. Someone as sexy and round as you is gonna have no problem getting someone to love how you look,” Ali purred into Nikki’s ear, not wanting anyone else to hear but loud enough for me to hear them like an intruder. Ali noticed the whipped cream had begun to run down the slope of Nikki’s belly and was wildly distorting the once smiling face. Ali reached down a finger again to scoop and taste the cream. “This really is delicious. You know now that I think of it, it sort of looks like cum, doesn’t it? White and thick and sticky. Yep, really cummy.”

Ali leaned down and gently licked off some of the cum and Nikki shuddered in her seat and started scissoring her toned thighs together in frustration. Ali rubbed the cream around and around until Nikki’s belly was covered in a sheen of transparent white goo. It really did resemble ejaculate, and made her belly shine brightly, even in the dimly lit corner. How was Ali always this sexual? How could she turn every encounter we had into an orgy? It was unreal. She had been meant to be my guide but she had become as much my subject as anything else. She was nearly impossible to keep up with, but I hadn’t shied away from anything yet. She was definitely testing my limits.

“You know, if you really are hungry for some cock, there’s a big fat one sitting at this table with his mouth open.” For the record, I don’t think my mouth was open. I was there and Nikki smiled even deeper running her hands over her tits, around and around. Ali winked at me and went back in to lick at Nikki’s massive baby bump, lapping the cream up and making a real mess of it. I ran my hand down Ali’s bent over back and cupped her ass before she surprised me by unzipping my pants. This girl had some experience! I had been fool (or wise) enough to leave my underwear at Brittany’s, so Ali had full access to my rising cock, teasing the head of it while she teased Nikki’s sensitive bump. What a woman, always finding the erotic and being generous and unselfish with her men (namely me, in this instance).

“So what do you say, Nik? Do you want some real cum for once or what?”

“Ooooh, you have no idea how badly. Come here, stud. I need to swallow some cock right now or I’ll explode.” Nikki finally reopened her eyes and licked her lips through heavy lids. Well she already looks like she’ll pop, I better do what she says, I remember thinking. I’m amazed now at how persuasive I can be when I want to avoid how deep I am going into this world of sexual freedom.

I moved across the table to sit on her other side and lifted up enough to get in position. Nikki cooed in delight at the sight of an erect penis and reached out to hold the shaft firmly. She giggled at an idea before reaching out to grab the whipped cream canister and spraying it on the tip of my dick. I recoiled at the cool, unexpected sensation but Nikki caught me in her mouth before I could escape. I relaxed and let myself get lost in her smooth, soft technique. She tongued up and down my cock slit while rotating her mouth around my cock. She cleaned my penis of any of the sugary treat quickly before sucking deeply. She would release every few seconds to re-apply, alternating between sucking, licking and spraying whipped cream. She was really taking pride in her work while Ali sat up behind her (sitting sideways to get close enough with her belly) and kneaded her massive tits through the shirt-bra and pulled at her pointing nipples. After a few moments of tending to her needy tits, Nikki’s shirt began to darken and sag as milk flowed from her. All the while, Nikki was focused on my pleasure, my orgasm, my penis. She’d rest the canister on her belly while she sucked deeply from the head and stroked the shaft with both hands in short, rapid bursts and then squirt more cream on me, either covering the head or running a line down the shaft for lubrication. The only reason I hadn’t cum yet was the cool temperature of the cream kept backing me off.

Nikki released me from a particularly hard suck with a loud pop and rubbed my dick all over her face, trails of precum oozing out onto her cheeks and lips. I’m amazed I was about to cum for the third time in a day and still had enough hydration for precum, especially given the loads I had been dispensing.

“Cum on my face, cum all over me, I want to be covered in it. Please shoot your cum in my mouth and into my big, knocked up baby belly. Don’t you want to cum? Then shoot baby!” I had no choice, my cock had taken over my entire body and I was about to shoot my load all over Nikki while she pleaded for me to cum and stroked the cum from my balls with both hands. I shook and finally came, Nikki gasping as it hit her across her face. She lurched forward, in spite of her girth, and took me in her mouth, load after load spurting down her wet throat and into her bloated stomach. Her cheeks bulged at first but she relaxed and drank my cum with a smile. After I had finished, I slumped back and Nikki scooped the left over cum off her face and mouth and sucked it down.

“Thank you so much, I really needed that. I can masturbate all day long, and trust me I can, but after a while you just miss making someone else feel so good. God, I can still feel your cum in my stomach. Good thing I did this, I needed something for my breath,” Nikki purred. She layed back into Ali’s arms and rested her eyes again. Ali kissed the top of her head and after a minute I helped them both stand up and waddle out. Nikki’s body was even better than I had seen, her drenched shirt hanging heavily on her rotund middle. She had no stretchmarks on her teen body, her quintuplet filled belly settled into her wide, supple hips. Standing up, you really couldn’t tell if she was wearing those shorts at all, everything was on display. She managed to pull down her shirt a little to cover some of her swelling, but her meal had grown her rounder and the sticky, stretched skin had combined to make it tougher to redress. They talked for a minute while I composed myself and tried to figure out my next plan of attack. Thinking clearly was becoming difficult. I’m going to make a decision here and now; since something on this island is clearly corrupting me towards some unknown purpose, I will let myself go. That way I will find out what that purpose is, and I assume once I know that I will know the answers to the questions I can’t seem to answer in the traditional ways. It’s good for me that the way I will go is with a harem of pregnant horny girls all trying to live up to the name of their home, “Eden”.