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Milk of Desire, Book III: Chapter 1 – Setting a new direction.

I woke the next day as if nothing had ever happened. Jen wasn't rude, but happy as she woke me up for the breakfast Mom was making. Mom had the day off as did we, and we enjoyed a Sunday home as a normal family.

It was refreshing to take a break from sneaking and hiding from my mother. That and yesterday was kind of exhausting, so just relaxing and watching TV and doing normal house chores was nice. I decided that from now on I would try to keep Sunday as a day of rest from sex since the last thing I wanted was to ruin my valued family time.

Monday morning came and I was refreshed and ready for action. I rode to school with Jen, picked up Lisa and Katey, who both sat in the back with me of course. Then I got what was now a customary double blowjob from my foxy ladies on the drive to school. While Lisa had my firm cock in her mouth Katey whispered in my ear, "I've decided to stop taking my birth control pill." Then she deftly pulled off her panties from under her skirt and put my hand on her pussy.

Shit that made me so hard I almost came in Lisa's mouth right then. I diddled her already wet cunt and asked her softly back, "Do you really mean what I think you mean?"

She nodded and pulled me in for a hard passionate kiss. After that I almost roughly pushed Lisa away and in the tight confines of the back seat I turned to get between Katey's parting thighs.

I'd fucked my sister once in her back seat, but then it had just been the two of us and the car wasn't moving at the time. It was difficult to get any rhythm, and I might not have even cum before we got to school if I hadn't been so turned on, but having rested up the day before filled her up with my sticky swimmers.

"Tomorrow I get the cream pie before school," Lisa teased with a smile as we pulled into the school parking lot. Quickly we all put back our clothing for school and went about our day as if nothing unusual had happened.

I didn't really pay attention much that day, because Katey's intentions got me worried once I wasn't lusting for her. She wanted to have my baby? We were technically a couple, and I think I did love her more than just a object, but what if what happened to my mother happened to her? If she got pregnant would the spell get broken and would she hate me? I didn't like that idea at all, but I guess the only way to find out if that would happen would be to try it.

But was I ready to be a father? I didn't have a job, or any means of supporting us. I still had two years of high school after this one. I suppose Mom would let us stay at home, but she was already working long hours to support the two of us, much less another woman and a child. And on top of that, was I sure Lisa and Jen were both on the pill? I'd never used a condom, so for all I knew they could all be pregnant already! My imagination was running away with me. Mom's a nurse, and if I knew Jen was sexually active, then Mom must have known also, so had to be on the pill. Lisa I was less sure of, but decided I'd have to ask later.

Most of the day was spent with me then imagining each of my girls with round bellies and kids underfoot. It really did make me smile and I realized that would actually be a great future, but I'd need to find a way to afford it. We'd need a big house, lots of yard space, and I'd need to find a way to get a good job that paid lots of money. What was I good at? I got decent math and science grades with lousy English and almost failing Spanish grades. Maybe an engineer, architect, or banking job would be for me? I decided to visit the guidance councilor during a study hall.

He was a weird guy I'd never seen before, but that's because he mostly dealt with seniors and juniors. He was balding with frizzy hair and thick glasses, but still seemed polite as he welcomed me into his office and asked what he could do for me.

I explained how I was already thinking about what job I wanted after school, and he just talked about college and my grades. I tried to narrow down on what I could do without college, since I really didn't want to wait another four years, and maybe couldn't if any of the girls were already pregnant, but he didn't listen to anything I had to say and just droned on about how if I wanted to get anywhere in life I absolutely has to go to college, and to do that I needed to work harder on my grades. After ten minutes I thanked him for his time politely, if disingenuously, but he seemed happy thinking he'd helped and I returned to my study hall positive that had been a complete waste of my time.

Maybe I didn't need to go to college, or even finish school at all? If this power I had worked, then maybe all I needed to do was use it on the right people and I could get whatever I wanted. So what did I want? I decided to make a list, so took out a notebook and started writing. First up is money, so I'd need a banker or someone already wealthy. Second would be a house, a nice big one, so an architect to build one, or a realtor to buy one. Mom was a nurse, so covering medical wouldn't be a problem. But I didn't know anyone who could fill the rest of this list, but I decided to start keeping my ears open and ask some questions.

Another class ended and I was headed to gym. It was the only class that groups all the classes together, from freshmen to seniors, but I really didn't know anyone much outside of my own class. I'd have loved to see any of my girls now, but they all had gym in the afternoon. Not even Jake was in this class with me, so gym was often lonely.

I didn't usually have a problem, but today while changing two seniors came up behind me while I was only in my underwear and grabbed at my clothes. "Hey," I said harshly, while feeling very scared that I was going to get beat up.

The bigger one was blonde and his name was Derrick, but I didn't know the slightly smaller guy with brown hair, but they both were football players and well built strong guys. Derrick took the lead while pulling my pants away from my grasp, "What's his sister call him again Chad?" he asked his friend.

"Runt," said the other. I recognized his voice then and remembered Chad had been Jen's last boyfriend. I had a bad feeling this was going to get ugly.

"So tell me, Runt. What's this I hear about you spending a lot of time with my girl?" Derrick asked, but it was more a threat than a question.

"I dunno," I said nervously.

"See, she told me she was seeing someone else, but all I see is her hanging out with your ugly face," Derrick poked me in the forehead as he looked down on me. "I think we need to help remember. Whatda you think?"

Chad grinded "A swirly facial." They laughed and each grabbed one of my arms. I struggled and begged, but soon they had me in the handicapped stall , one on each side holding me upside-down and plunging the toilet bowl with my hair and flushing it to allow me to breath. After they thought they tortured me long enough, or at least as long as they thought they could get away with it, they left me alone finally with the parting words from Chad, "Tell Jenny to call me or you get another treatment next time."

I spat out toilet water and dried my face and hair before going to my next class. The rest of that day's school was spent plotting my revenge and by the time school was out I had it all planned out. Chad and Derrick wanted to get back with the ladies, but I wanted to make them pay and never bother me again, and since I was able to get Jen to accept Jake as her boyfriend maybe I could be even more convincing in other ways.

I had to try, so I told Jake to head home without me and do my homework before I met up with the girls who I started explaining my plan to as we all headed back to my house. Mom would be out for a little bit longer and I texted her to let her know I wouldn't need a ride from Jake's tonight as I'd be home on a triple date party with Jen and Lisa and their 'boyfriends'.

When we were home I had Lisa invite Derrick out on a date, as well as Jen call Chad, telling both of them to drive over here for a romantic dinner. Of course Katey was happy to be my date, but we had work to do to prepare dinner and get everything ready. Jen and Lisa started cooking right off and I took Katey to my bedroom with an empty cup from the cabinet.

"What's the cup for?" Katey asked as we sat on my bed and she kissed me.

"It's for the secret ingredient for tonight's meal," I replied and kissed her back while already feeling good from thinking ahead to my plan as I began grabbing at her big soft breasts through her shirt. "And you are going to help me harvest it." To that I unzipped my pants and pushed off my underwear with them, leaving me just in socks and tee-shirt with a mostly soft cock.

"But that won't get me pregnant," she whined as she grabbed onto my soft package and fondled my harry balls pleasantly. "I told you that want to have your baby."

"I know you did," I comforted her, and remembered this morning. "You really do want to have my baby, don't you?"

"More than anything," she said with stars in her eyes like it was a dream come true.

"But how could we support a family?" I asked a little frustrated that she wasn't considering the future.

"With love anything is possible," was all she said and silenced me with a passionate kiss. Our tongues tangled and soon it didn't matter what we were talking about anymore. I was getting horny in her hands, while she was still fully dressed. I reached up under her short skirt and pushed one finger under the side of her panties to rub her clit.

We sat there masturbating each other for a bit, then she pulled back and pulled off her panties, much as she had done this morning. "If I can't get your cum, then the least you can do is let me have some fun." Then she pushed me back so I was lying on my bed as the feisty redhead, still apparently fully dressed, straddled my waist and slid my hard cock easily into her pussy while her skirt concealed the action. It felt great, but she didn't waste any time and began ridding me hard, jabbing my love spearhead against her cervix as she fucked me.

I loved feeling and watching her bounce on me, with her big breasts still bound in her shirt and bra, like fucking me was a secret affair. "I'm sorry I didn't make you cum this morning," I apologized as I grabbed her hips, "But you'd really turned me on so bad." I pulled her down hard on her next bounce while bucking up into her. She squeaked and I could tell she was getting close already. "I promise, I'll do you as often as it takes to put a baby in your belly." That did it and she squealed out her orgasm loudly as her pussy convulsed around my prick fully embedded within her.

I rolled her over and mounted her just long enough to give her juicy cunt a few more good hard thrusts before I pulled out and grabbed the cup. It was almost painful to not be allowed to plant my seeds in her fertile womb as I had done so often these last few weeks, but I needed it for my plan. I grunted as I fist pumped my slippery dick over and over while gazing at Katey still panting from a good cum until I sprayed my precious semen into the glass with an audible splurting sound.

I squirted out five good jets and a few more that only dribbled out some more in aftershocks, but with my collection done I kissed Katey and set down the cup on the bed stand. "At least let me get whatever you're not going to take," she whispered then twisted her head down and sucked on my shrinking and tingly leaking dick. She worked and squeezed every last drop out and was tonguing my pee slit when I finally made her stop.

I got my pants back on and Katey followed me out back to the kitchen with the cum cup in hand. "So what's for dinner?" I asked Jen.

"Chad and Derrick are always eating meat and pasta to bulk up for the football team, so tonight we made steak tips in linguini," she showed off the dish cooking in the oven. It looked and smelled great, and I said as much, but it was time for them to get dolled up for the boys. "Take it out in fifteen minutes," Lisa instructed me as they headed to her room.

Katey and I set the table up for six people while the food finished cooking. Then I took our meal from the oven and Katey started dishing out a serving to every plate as I heard the knock at the door. Jen and Lisa came out to answer it and I quickly I spooned out half of my drying cum onto the food on the two plates at the end of the table and stirred it in to hide it in the white sauce of the pasta. The four older teens came in and I was worried my plan would fall apart right off.

"What's he doing here?" Derrick asked, obviously meaning me.

"He lives here too," interjected my sister.

He was going to argue, but I spoke up, "I wanted to apologize for any misunderstanding, so I made dinner for us all." Then I held out the center chair on one side for Jen.

"I ain't eating that shit then. Come on Lesse, I'll buy you some REAL food," Derrick said annoyed. Damn it, I need this to work!

"Well I'm staying and eating Russell's meal," Lisa said and I directed her to the middle seat opposite Jen, to make sure the two guys sat and ate the right meals. Then I got to my seat next to Jen, and Katey to hers opposite me by Lisa.

Luckily the peer pressure was enough that they also sat and soon everyone was eating and talking. I passed out sodas and quickly enough the two guys really loosened up. They talked about football and how hard the coach and teachers were on them, and as I'd told Jen and Lisa to play up their roles as girlfriends. They laughed at their jokes and were touching their arms and shoulders and even kissing them on the cheek. They even started talking to me a little, and weren't total jerks either.

I almost decided to chicken out on finishing the last part of the plan, but the hatred I felt for them couldn't be washed away so quickly. Besides, I had so see how far I could push them, even if only to see how much control my power actually gave me.

By the time dinner was over Mom was just getting home. "Save any for me?" she smiled. There was, and I told her we were just about to watch a movie in the living room. "Don't let me interrupt." She sat in my seat to eat, and the pack of high schoolers followed me. I had the perfect movie for my plan all picked out, even though I'd never actually seen it before. Katey sat next to me on the couch, with Chad and Jen squeezed in on the other side, and Lisa sat on Derrick's lap in one of the plush chairs. I clicked on the TV with the remote and pressed play.

'Brokeback Mountain' wasn't actually as bad a movie as I thought it was going to be. Everyone was always complained about how it was a gay film, but it was moving and I thought the story was great. I didn't swing that way, but the point was to put the conversation out there afterwards and see what I could do with it. The guys groaned when it came on and made some rude comments at the first gay scene, but their dates jabbed them in the ribs and the movie went on. Mom came in about halfway through and told us not to stay up too late then headed for bed.

When it ended about two hours later the girls are weepy and clingy at the sad ending, so the guys didn't seem to complain at all. Jen and I went to the kitchen to gets some cookies.

"Hey, push Chad and Derrick to see if you can get them to kiss," I told her.

"That'd be funny," she smiled and we came back, served the cookies, and soon we are sitting around talking about the movie.

"I'm not gay, but that was a good movie," I commented.

"Hey, I'm not gay either," stammered Chad and everyone laughed.

"You never thought about it once?" pried Jen?

"No way!" said Chad like he was offended.

"But I bet you guys like seeing girls kissing each other though. I know I love watching Jen and Lisa making out," I threw in. They looked at each other, then at their girlfriends, but neither spoke. "Hey, it's only natural. Go on sis, give Lisa a kiss and show them how it's done."

Jen and Lisa both giggled and hopped in front of the TV like it was a stage, then looked into each other's eyes for a moment as they embraced to push their breast and hips right up together and wrap their arms around backs and butts, then tilted their heads and pressed their mouths together. God that was so sexy and beautiful. I'd seen them all naked before, playing with each other's bodies while I was too busy, and even eating out each other's pussies, but even fully clothed just being totally enraptured with kissing each other got me hard all over again, and I don't think I was the only one. I saw Chad shift in his seat while Derrick actually pushed at his crotch to adjust himself in his pants. Fortunately for me I still had Katey at my side and she hugged my arm with one hand and just let me direct the show.

After a solid minute of this erotic sapphic entertainment they finished and looked back at their guys. "Your turn," Jen cheered.

"What the fuck?" Derrick jerked up with a quick look back at Chad.

"No fucking way!" agreed Chad.

"Oh, come on," pushed Lisa now, "It'll make me so hot."

The guys just looked back and forth, still trying to refuse, but also trying and not upset their girls. I needed to push some more, "It's only fair since you got to watch them. " That seemed to do it and they stood, and then did a quick peck of lips together to the jeers of the girls. "Jen and Lisa made out for several minutes, with full tongue! You guys gotta do at least a minute. Here, I'll time you." I looked at the clock and said, "Go."

They moved closer now and then they were actually doing it. Not as enthusiastic as the girls had, as they kept their hands to themselves, and only locked lips, but they actually kissed each other. It was a little creepy, but I couldn't help but laugh internally as the minute dragged on and for even a moment after I said, "Time" they finished more slowly than absolutely necessary.

The girls cheered and with that first victory I decided to risk going further. I hoped that they were fully under my power now, so it was time to really test it. "You guys sure are confident, but I guess you're like brothers being on the football team together."

"Yea," Chad said, "It's a brotherhood with a real team spirit."

"You gotta really trust the other guys," Derrick agreed.

"Do me a favor and look at each other," and then they did, just like they had before they were kissing, but more relaxed this time. "You guys trust each other deeply don't you?" They both nodded and I continued, "You would do anything for each other." Again they nodded, "You love each other like brothers." Once again another nod, "More than brothers, you actually love each other more than anyone else in the world." They didn't nod yet, so I kept going, "It' time to be true and open your hearts. You cannot be truly happy with anyone else. You are in love with each other. Say it."

Then to my shocked delight they actually both said together, gazing into each other's eyes, "I love you," and then all on their own they kissed again. This time we could all really tell they meant it too. As they kissed now Katey began rubbing my cock, and I could tell this was turning her on.

"So guys, I'll see you at school tomorrow," I said to break their mood.

"Right," Derrick said, "Er, sorry Lesse but…" he stammered to explain.

"Don't worry, I love Russell," Lisa said and I knew she meant it too.

"Jen, I…" Chad began but my sister cut him off also.

"I'm in love with Russ too," she smiled.

"But he's your brother?" Derrick asked.

"Only my half-brother, but he's all the man I'll ever need, even if I have to share him," Jen answered and then her and Lisa came to sit on the couch with Katey and I and we all hugged.

"Hey, I'm not one to judge," Derrick said and grabbed Chad's hand to hold it before they kissed once more briefly. "So, your place or mine?" he asked his friend as they walked to the door. I heard Chad say something about his father freaking out, but then they opened the front door and were gone.

"Now it's time for you to give me your baby juice," Katey sexily whispered to me.

"No fair," Lisa fussed, "I wanted to feel him inside me next! You already had him twice today!"

"Ladies please," I silenced them. "I promised Katey she'd get every load until she's pregnant, but I got a lotta fucking until I cum again."

All the girls laughed with me as we set about taking off each other's clothes, all four of us kissing and touching each other, until once naked again I directed Katey to sit in the middle of the couch and got Lisa and Jen to each side. Then I stood in front while they all sucked on me together. Katey got my tip, while Jen and Lisa sucked on each side of my shaft, whetting it down, sucking on it or sometimes my fuzzy balls.

Once I was really hard I had Jen and Lisa turn and get onto their knees, each straddling Katey's open thighs, with their naked asses up for my pleasure. "There it is…" groaned Lisa as I slid my dong into her tight cunt. Jen started kissing Lisa's cheek and soon they were making out while I gently fucked Lisa from behind. Not to be left out Katey grabbed one of each girl's breasts and began rubbing and sucking on them. I reached over and gave Jen's ass a firm spank to stun her and get her attention. She pulled away from kissing Lisa and I started fucking her hard and fast, making her gasp and growl, then I pulled out hard making her moan and shudder.

"My turn," Jen cheered and I quickly got behind my sister and sheathed myself into her hot box. I took my first thrusts into her slow to let her vagina expand to my manhood's full size. Once she was opened up completely I started fucking her hard and fast as well. I saw Lisa moan as she couldn't stand being without me and was now shoving half of one hand into her pussy and frigging her clit with the other. I was already getting close and with a firm grip slammed my sister's ass hard and pulled out of her just as suddenly as I had Lisa's.

Luckily Jen's tit was in Katey's mouth or she would have screamed so loud the neighbors would have heard when I gutted her with my fuck spear. She was wet, but hadn't had anyone opening her pussy up as I brutally plunge into her harder than I had intended, but my lust had overtaken me. I plunged in only a few times, pushing my sister and Lisa out of the way as I took Katey forcefully. Katey knew I was close and begged, "Fill me with your baby!" My painfully huge cockhead kissed her cervix and I blasted jets of cum deep into her womb.

Lisa groaned with me and I could tell she had gotten herself off as I tried to impregnate her best friend. Jen started rubbing herself also watching us mate but seemed a ways off, and as I seeped the last of my seeds into Katey's furrow and I knew she hadn't cum again. "I'm sorry. I couldn't hold it any longer," I explained regretfully to her, but she just kissed me.

"You gave me everything I always wanted," she smiled and I knew I loved her desperately. Even more than any of the others. "Here…" she said before pushing me off. Then she turned over and got between Jen's legs, "before you get all the way soft, put it back in." Then she started munching on Jen's kitty. I was getting much softer, but was still just hard enough to slide my semi into Katey's gooey honey pot from behind. Lisa was behind me and hugged me as she molded her body to mine, pushing her small tits with rock hard nipples into my back and softly biting my neck and shoulders. Then she squeezed and spanked my ass a few times. Between that and watching Katey eat Jen out I actually started getting hard yet again.

Then Lisa snaked one hand between my ass cheeks and poked at my anus. It surprised me, but actually felt good and I just fucked Katey harder as I regrew inside her. She teased and rubbed my anal opening, but didn't penetrate me, and raked her fingers over my tight ball sack. She gently squeezed and massaged them and I started groaning loudly at how good this felt. I am normally a silent guy as I fuck, but the over stimulation on my sensitive cock and everything else was really putting me over the moon.

I'd lost track of everything else other than Katey's pussy and Lisa's hands when Jen started cuming with short spasming grunts as Katey's tongue flicked her clit and drank up her pussy juice. Then Lisa whispered in my ear, "You want to knock up me next, or your sister?" That tripped my trigger and I was actually surprised that I was cuming again already. I didn't even think I'd gotten fully hard yet, but with a guttural grunt I deposited a fresh coating of sperm to Katey's well used cunt.

Before I was completely done cuming Lisa's hand moved forward past my balls and I felt her diddle Katey's clit and the combination finally set her of. "Mmmmm!" she screamed into a mouthful of Jen's pussy, making her shiver with pleasure as well. After I'd finished Katey's still spasming vagina squeezed me out and we kind of collapsed on the couch. After a second Katey started pushing herself out of the pile of sated flesh and grabbed her panties. "Gotta keep it all inside," she explained as she quickly slid them on and tight up to her leaking wet pussy. Even as she did so I could already see the white wet spot form on the crotch before she cuddled back onto the couch with me and the other two girls. I guess this day didn't turn out too bad after all.



Chapter 2: Fresh request – Jake's virgin fourteen year old sister Jackie ask me out, and I decide to take her.

Chapter 3: Pool party – Chad and Derrick invite me over to a senior party and I spy my next conquest, Shanique, a sexy black girl.

Chapter 4: School hijinx – I got Shanique under heel, but get detention by my teacher for having Jake doing my homework.

Chapter 5: New and old – Mom takes my mind off things with an old video she made with her first husband, and I help her relive it.

Chapter 6: Discipline and control – Saturday detention with my MILF teacher, Shanique, and four other guys. It's good to be bad.


Author's notes:

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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 18 – Cayman Island Vacation, family scare and reunions

My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 18 – Cayman Island Vacation, family scare and reunions.

Characters Introduced:

Odette, 34, Dee's Sister, 5'4, White, Dirty Blond with Green Eyes, 34DD Breasts
Carmalina, 30, Dee's Sister, 5'4, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 36D Breasts
Paula, 12, Carmalina's Daughter, 4'10, White, Brown hair Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts
Paulina, 12, Carmalina's Daughter, 4'10, White, Brown hair Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts
Paulette, 12, Carmalina's Daughter, 4'10, White, Brown hair Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts
Danica, 13, Paula's best friend, 4'11, White, Black hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Daisy, 13, Paula's best friend, 4'11, White, Black hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Cara, 14, Dee's Niece, 5'2, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts
Casey, 14, Dee's Niece, 5'2, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts
Charlene, 14, Dee's Niece, 5'2, White, Brown hair with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts
Erin, 17, Karl's Niece, 6'0, White, Red hair with Green Eyes, 38DD Breasts
Shari, 13, Karl's Niece, 5'2, White, Dirty Blond with Black Eyes, 34C Breasts
Sharon, 13, Karl's Niece, 5'2, White, Dirty Blond with Black Eyes, 34C Breasts
Haley, 15, Karl's Niece, 5'8, White, Red hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts
Katrina, 14, Karl's Niece, 5'6, White, Red hair with Green Eyes, 34D Breasts
Joanna, 31, Karl's Sister, 5'4, White, Dirty Blond hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts
Hadiya, 15, Orphan, 5'3, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts
Annette, 14, Orphan, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts
Anastasia, 14, Orphan, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts
Ameilia, 14, Orphan, 5'0, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts
Josefina, 13, Orphan, 4'10, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts
Jackie, 13, Orphan, 4'10, White, Black hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts
Julie, 19, waitress in Cayman Islands, 5'8, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 36D Breasts
Dana, 15, Julie's sister, , 5'4, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Jacqueline, 35, Julie's mom, 5'2, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts
Helen, 13, Julie's sister, 5'0, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts
Heather, 13, Julie's sister, 5'0, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts
Erin, 11, Julie's sister, 4'9, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 30A Breasts
Erica, 11, Julie's sister, 4'9, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 30A Breasts
Katyana, 21, Czech bride in the islands, 5'6, white, Blond with blue eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck
Oleg, 26, Czech groom, 6', white with a little 5” cock

************************************ “Note to readers” ******************************************

This is a completely fictional story. It contains scenes of incest, sex between an older man and young girls. Sex with multiple partners involving young girls and women. If this is not your cup of tea, stop reading right now.


The story picks up right after the Christmas orgy…

Ben congratulates the movers on getting their women pregnant and bids the goodbye. Next to get up and get moving is Ken and Carol. Ken informs Ben that the additions will be ready by the time the family gets back from the islands and that the school should be ready by summertime. The office building will be ready by July. Ben congratulates them on their pregnancy and kisses his former slave Carol.

Ben is exhausted from the previous three days activities and heads to his luxurious master suite where he is joined by his bed slaves who have all showered and cleaned up. Ben then takes his lovely little Peggy into the shower and they wash themselves. After drying each other he tells Peggy that he loves her and that soon she will be a woman.

“Master, I am fertile the third week of the month” Peggy tells her lover. “Baby, when we get situated down in the Cayman Islands I am going to suck on your pussy for twenty-four hours. I am going to miss sucking on your virgin pussy. I love how you get off on my eating you out. After that I am going to make love with you for at least two days, if not longer” Ben tells her. “Promises, promises. Master, I want only to be yours in my vagina. I liked having sex with the other men, but I want to be only yours. I love you and love how you have always treated me with love. You always treated me like a lady” Peggy tells Ben.
“Baby, you don't have to have sex with anybody you do not want. That includes me, I will not force you to have sex with me. I love you, I love everything about you. You are going to remain my bed slave” Ben tells her. They go to bed and sleep a nice long time everyone is worn out from the activities.

When they are well rested they head back downstairs, Ben is with Becky and Tiffani as they head into the den. Ben has several packages from his private investigator. Ben opens the first one it is an investigation of Odette and Carmalina, Gretchen's sisters. He reads it and sees both have a set of triplets one set is 14 years old named Cara, Casey and Charlene belonging to Odette. Paula, Paulina and Paulette twelve years old triplets of Carmalina. Carmalina is taking care of her best friends daughters that were orphaned when her friend and her husband were killed by intruders. They are 13 year old twin named Danica and Daisy.

Ben then gives the report to Becky and Tiffani and they ready it while Ben reads another investigation into Karl's sister Joanna who has five children and is divorced from her husband that is in jail on murder charges. Joanna has daughters that are seventeen, Erin. Haley who is 15 and Katrina who is 14. She has a pair of thirteen year old twins Shari and Sharon. She also is taking care of a friends children who recently died and gave her custody of her children because she did not know who the fathers were.

There is a fifteen year old girl named Hadiya, triplets Annette Anastasia and Ameilia who are 14. the final two children are twins Josefina and Jackie who are 13.

Ben gives Becky and Tiffani the file and they read it and Becky tells him, “We should invite them to come to the Cayman Islands with us on vacation. We can size them up down there and see if they fit. I know that Karl and Dee would love to have their sisters with them”.

Ben asks Tiffani what she thinks and she tells him “Isn't that what your mother wanted? For you to help disadvantaged women who are mistreated or abandon?”. “Yes, it was Tiffani. No more new recruits. I am just going to take care of family” Ben says “I don't spend enough time with the women I have now”.

Maize answers the front door and Soyeon is at the door. Soyeon is beginning to show and comes through the door and asks for her Master. She is led to the den and is announced. Soyeon proceeds to undress and asks Ben “Master, can I worship you and then ask a question?”. He smiles and says sure. Soyeon kneels in front of him and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. Ben gets hard as Soyeon continues to service him. Ben asks that they go get her children. When they come back with her four pregnant children they smile and say to Ben, “Momma seems to be enjoying BIG FELLA”.

After about a half and hour Ben erupts down Soyeon's throat and once he is done climaxing Soyeon takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and her mouth and catches her breath. She says something in Korean.

Hyejung says to Ben “Master, my mother wants me to translate for her”. She speaks something in Korean and then Hyejung translates “My mom wants you to consider helping her sister, my aunt Eun and my cousins” something more in Korean, “Her husband died about six months ago and she is about to be evicted and homeless. They have no other family”. Ben tells Hyejung “What are your cousins names and where do they live?”.

“Master, there names all start with Eun like their mother, there is Hee and Jung who are fourteen. Kyung and Mi who are twelve and finally Sun who is ten. They live in Seoul and my mother has their pictures and address” Hyejung says. “OK, give me their information and I will call my friend in the State Department” Ben says and Hyejung translates for her mother.

“Thank you Master, my sister and nieces will make great slaves” Soyeon says. “Go and visit with your daughters I will be with you soon” Ben tells them. “Will you make love with me, Master? I have missed BIG FELLA” Soyeon asks. “Yes, Soyeon I will. Let me make a few phone calls first”.

They leave and Ben makes his phone calls, first to Odette and then Carmalina. He invites them down to the Cayman Islands. They say that Dee told them that the family moved down to Alabama and are very happy. Ben asks if they have their passports. They say they do not and Ben tells them to send the applications to his friend in the State Department and he will push them through. Ben asks them how many are in their party, a question he already knows and he tells them that he will send them plane tickets to the Cayman Islands around the end of the month. Ben then calls Joanna and goes over the same things with her. He tells all three women that it is a surprise with for Karl and Dee.

Ben then calls his contact in the State Department and informs him that friends of his will be sending him 22 applications for passports, he would like them pushed through the system. Contact says no problem. Ben tells him about Eun and her predicament and wants her brought over to the States. The contact asks for her specifics and Ben tells him what he wants to hear. He asks how long will it take to get her over here. It usually takes about three months, the contact says he will try to get them over sooner. Ben thanks him for his efforts.

Ben then goes and gets something to eat and takes his pills and vitamins and heads to his Korean girls room. Soyeon sees him entering the room and comes up to him and starts stroking BIG FELLA. “I love you, Master. You take such good care of my girls and your slaves” Soyeon tells him as she works to get him hard. She then pulls him to Hyejung's bed and puts him on his back, “Let me ride your beautiful cock” Soyeon says with a heavy accent. Soyeon rides him for two hours before Ben is ready to cum. Once he is she gets off of BIG FELLA and puts him in her mouth and sucks all his semen down her throat.

Soyeon smiles and says something in Korean, “Mother says we are all blessed to have a wonderful man to love us and to take care of” Hyejung says as she kisses him. The five of them surround Ben and start taking turns making love to him.

The next couple of days the family gets ready to go to the Cayman Islands, Ben calls Jessie and makes sure all the houses are stocked and everything is ready for their arrival. Jessie tells her Master that she is ready and the houses are stocked and ready.

The whole family boards the new airliner that Caillum is flying with the help of Steve Rodgers, Ben's trusted pilot for years. Ben has cars ready to drive them to the compound when they arrive. It is the first time for most of them to be at the compound. The are astonished by the size, number of huge houses. Ben tells them it is completely surrounded by twelve foot high walls and that the beach is isolated and secluded.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we are free to go around unclothed as we do at home. No one will see us in the compound. Enjoy yourselves, Dominic you will find the kitchen in the main house has enough appliances so you can cook for the entire family. Your only duty is to cook dinner, we are able to fend for ourselves the other meals. Maize, Hazel, Niaomi you and your girls are more than welcome to relax and enjoy yourselves, just keep the houses clean and the sheets changed” Ben says and after he does he strips as does the rest of the family. “All the houses have pools in the backyards. Young ones an adult has to be present if you go swimming, and no one goes swimming in the ocean without other people there. We must be safe while we are down here as we are in the mansion” Ben says. The maids start taking off their clothes and join Ben and his bed slaves as they go take a look at the secluded beach. As they walk towards the beach Jessie comes out, naked and runs over to her master. “Master, I have missed you so much” Jessie tells him as she kisses him. She takes them to the beach and puts her Master in a lounge chair under the shade and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard.

“Master, I want you to get me pregnant while you are down here” Jessie says. Ben tells her he is fine with that and she straddles him and starts bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA as Tiffani, Becky, Renee and Rachel come over and sit next to the two lovers. They watch as James and Reanna head to the ocean hand in hand. They wade into the cool waters and start making out.

“Master, James and Reanna make such a beautiful couple” Renee says. Ben enjoying Jessie's tight pussy looks over and tells her that he agrees. He tells her that he thinks they should be married in July or August after she has her babies. Renee tells Ben he is very generous. “Renee, I only want the best for my girls. I let Carol go as you know, she is still loyal to me. But she is now with Ken and I am happy they are going to have a baby together”.

Jessie is bouncing up and down as more family members are coming down to enjoy the beach. Becky and Tiffani make sure everyone has enough suntan lotion on. They put lotion on all the younger slaves, particularly the bed slaves. Rachel and Ray Jr. are putting lotion on both of them, Rachel making sure that Ray's cock and balls have plenty of suntan lotion on. “We need to make sure all of you have suntan lotion before you head out in the morning” Ben tells them.

Becky comes over and pushes Jessie deep on BIG FELLA, “Master puts his seed in our wombs. I will make sure you get pregnant” she tells Jessie as she rubs suntan lotion on both Jessie and Ben, “We don't need you getting burned either, my lover”. When she is done Ben picks up Jessie and puts her on her back.
“Master, please give me all of BIG FELLA. I love you and have missed you. You are the only man I want. Give me the ultimate gift, your child. Please bless me with a child, your child” Jessie says as Ben continues to pound her cervix. He fucks her really hard slamming her into the chair for about a half and hour before he breaks through her cervix and begins to pump her womb. This goes on for about an hour as the whole family takes in the evening sun.

Dominic has a feast for them on the back deck of the main house. Rock Lobster, Grilled Red Snapper and Wahoo. Jessie has put fresh fruit and veggies in every kitchen. Linens are fresh and every house has a fully stocked bar. Ben finally climaxes in Jessie's womb and she drifts off to a peaceful sleep.

They let Jessie sleep it off as the family eats and as they are about to finish Ben goes down and wakes her up. Her stomach is bloated with the amount of semen that Ben has unloaded in her. Ben helps her up to the deck and tells her to eat as Dominic brings her a plate of lobster and snapper.

“Jessie, I want to go out as a family on Saturday night. Every Saturday night. Can you make reservations at the finest restaurant for the family? We probably need to rent out the whole restaurant because we have two hundred people in our party. Dominic and Derrick need at least one day off a week from cooking for the family. I need to set up a couple of fishing trips” Ben tells her.

“Guys you want to go fishing?” Ben asks Fred, Freddie, Karl Jr, Karl, Darryl, Ray Jr., James, Bill, Joe, Caillum, Steve, Jason, Dominic, Derrick and Michael. Joe is the first to speak up “Master Ben, my place is beside my Mistress Becky at all times. I will not leave her side to go fishing. Thanks anyway”. Becky strokes her fuck toy's head and kisses him. Ray looks at Laurie and she nods and he accepts.

“Sir, you are not really inviting us are your?” Dominic asks. “Of course, I am. This is a working vacation for you. You need to have some fun and I was thinking you might as well catch what you will be cooking” Ben tells him with a smile. “Thank you, Sir.” Dominic says as does Derrick.

Ben and family spend a relaxing evening watching the sunset, Ben and a couple of his bed slaves go play in the surf and then head to the main houses pool. Ben makes out with all of his bed slaves. He bed mates have multiplied lately.

Ben goes to each house and makes sure everybody has everything they need. Janet tells Ben that several of the women want to go shopping in the morning. Ben smiles and says OK and tells her to buy more suntan lotion and hats to block the sun.

Ben goes back to the main house and goes to the hot tub with Pia, Mia and Lia. He asks his little lovers if they are enjoying their new family. “Master, I think I can speak for my sisters and say that we love our new family. I know I love my new daddy and lover” Pia says.

After they have soaked for a while Mia gets out and takes Ben to the pool where they cool off. She straddles Ben and starts kissing him while he is on the steps. “Master, I love you. You saved me and gave me a home and a new family with my friends Peggy, Joy and Jennifer” Mia says and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts to stroke him until he gets hard. Mia then pushes down on BIG FELLA until he pops into her ass.

“You make me feel so full and secure, my Master and lover” Mia says as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. Ben gets up and carries his little lover to the lounge chair and they continue their love making with an audience. Peggy, Cloe, Sam, Sarah, Tiffani, Tiff and Nicole are watching them enjoy themselves. When Ben finally erupts in her ass he wraps her in a towel and they all go inside to bed. Ben with his bed slaves. He has two California king size beds just like home. He rubs Becky and Laurie's bellies and tells his children he can't wait to see them. He kisses both mothers and then his son who is in a crib in the room.

Ben sucks on one slaves pussy while another one sucks on BIG FELLA. They continue this for hours until they are all tired. They sleep until noon when Tiffani comes in and tells him that several ladies have gone to town to shop. He gets up and kisses his mother-in-law. “Master, come with me” Tiffani says.

She leads him to her bedroom and kneels before him, “Master, I am fertile now and want your child growing inside of me. Only way you can do that is to make love to me Ben”. She then starts to suck on his cock taking BIG FELLA down her throat. Once he is hard Tiffani takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and then her mouth with a pop.

“Master, I love you and our new family” Tiffani says as she lays Ben on his back and starts to straddle him “You have created a wonderful large loving family. The men have accepted you as the Master and you having dominance over their wives and daughters”. Tiffani humps up and down on BIG FELLA. “Dear, I treat them with respect. I love their wives and they love me. It was surprising how well Margaret took to being my slave. I still need to train her, but first I need to fulfill my promise to Peggy. I love that little girl so much. She gave me her whole heart and soul” Ben says.

“That is why you have her name on your ass cheek. Becky might have your heart, but your ass belongs to Peggy” Tiffani says. “I could not take another breath without Becky, Peggy is just as dear to me as Laurie and Brooklyn” Ben says. Tiffani continues to grind on BIG FELLA for about an hour before Ben turns them over and begins to push through her cervix. Becky comes in and lays next to them. “Ben, get grandma pregnant. I think after you make Peggy a woman she should become your forth wife. I know you love her as do I. I love making out with her and making love with her while you are busy with the family. I think she will accept” Becky says.

Ben then starts to cum in Tiffani's womb and continues for thirty minutes. Ben lays next to them and says “I like that idea of her becoming my forth wife. I am going to go to town and see if I can make arrangements for thirteen dozen roses to be delivered in three weeks. I want to put a flower arrangement in every bedroom. Need some flowers around here. I want to complete Peggy's ceremony before Karl and Dee's sisters come to town. They want them to become members of the family”.

“Ben, what are you planning on doing for Peggy's cherry popping ceremony?” Becky asks. “Well I was thinking about the first time I would do it with the family around, then I would take her into the ocean and have sex there followed by the pool and then in the room I setup with the rose pedals and flowers. In there I plan to make love to her for at least twenty-four hours if not longer. I want her trained by the time we get out of the bedroom. After we rest I will then ask her to be my forth wife. I hope she says yes”.

“Master, she loves you with all her heart as do all your slaves. Peggy wants to be only yours. She always looks for you and is very protective of you” Tiffani says.

Ben rubs Tiffani's bloated belly and tells her that he needs to put a couple more loads in there. She tells him with a smile anytime and kisses him.

Ben takes Tiffani into the shower and they wash each other. Ben asks Tiffani to watch after Becky he is worried about her and they babies. They get out of the shower and Ben gets dressed and Ben heads out the house, he passes Nikki's bedroom and hears her and Karl Jr. and knocks on the door before opening it.

He smiles and tells them to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. “Mmm, that is a good idea. Some outdoor sex with Karl, thanks Daddy” Nikki says. “That is not what I meant” Ben says. “Dad, I want to spend as much time as I can with Karl. I love him and he makes me feel so special” Nikki says.

“I know, I just want you two to see more than just this bedroom. Karl you are going to go fishing with the guys. Nikki you need to go shopping with the girls in a couple of days. It is OK with me if you spend time together, even make love” Ben says.

“Master Ben, I want Nikki to be my wife, I want her and I believe she wants me. I love her more than life itself” Karl says. “You want to marry me?” Nikki says. “If you will have me, my love. I only want you” Karl says.

“Finish up here an meet me downstairs, Karl after you take a shower and get dressed. Make it quick!” Ben says and before he closes the door he hears his daughter moan out her love for Karl. An hour later Karl comes downstairs and meets with Ben. Ben has Janet, Janie, Alice and Jennifer with him.

Ben then gets everybody into the SUV and head to town. They go shopping, Ben lets the girls go dress shopping as he takes Karl to the jewelry store. “Karl, if you are going to marry my daughter you will need to get her an engagement ring” Ben says.

“Ben, I have no money” Karl Jr. tells him. “Yes you do, I just have not given it to you. When you decided to be a part of my family you a bank account with five million dollars in it. Do you really want to marry Nikki?” Ben asks.

“Ben, I love her with all my heart. All I want to do is make her happy. I want to graduate high school and go to college and prove myself worthy of her love. I know she is going to be a lawyer. I don't know what I want to do yet, maybe be an accountant or something else. All I know is I want her and I want to have children with her. I know she wants children. I have only been away from her for twenty minutes and my heart aches for her” Karl says.

They head to the jewelry store and Karl sees something he likes and knows that Nikki would love. It is a two carat diamond ring, marquise pink diamond on a platinum band. Ben asks the saleslady to see the ring and they both look at it. Ben tells her he will take it and asks if it could be re-sized. She says of course. Ben looks around and picks out some other jewelry, earrings pendants, necklaces and bracelets. Karl sees a necklace he likes for himself and one for Nikki. They make their purchases and head out to meet the women. They have bought several dresses and hats. They head to the drug store and buy several bottles of suntan lotion. Ben then heads to the docs and rents two charter fishing boats for the guys to go fishing.

They go to lunch at a nearby restaurant called the Wharf. The eat a fabulous meal and Ben asks for the owner. Ben tells him he has a party of two hundred and asks if they could handle such a crowd on a Saturday night. Ben tells him he wants to rent the place for the Saturday coming up and asks how much it will be. The owner tells him what he makes in an average Saturday night. Ben asks what he made in the best Saturday night. The manager tells him and Ben says he will give him 50% more than that with an open menu. He will pay for the drink. The manager agrees and clear the schedule. He tells him he has a wedding party that night of twenty-five but that should not interfere with his party.

Ben agrees to his price and that the party be allowed to remain in the restaurant. They go come and Ben tells Dominic about the fishing trip and also dinner at the Wharf on Saturday. He says it will be an engagement party at the Wharf.

Ben then goes and finds Karl and Dee. He sees Dee sucking on Karl's 9” cock and begs their pardon. “Karl, Dee it seems that our families are to be joined in more than just Master/Slave relationship. Your son has proposed to my daughter, Nikki, and I have blessed their union” Ben tells them. “Master, I have witnessed Juniors affections for your daughter. He loves her, true he has been with the maids since we joined the family. But he loves Nikki with all of his heart” Dee says.

Dee comes over and frees BIG FELLA from his confines and starts to suck on him. Once he is hard she tells her Master “I am fertile now, please bless me with your child. Bless our union and that of our two children. I love you Master. I love my husband Karl also. I want you to have my pussy while my husband fucks my ass” Dee says.

The two of them fuck her for two hours, Karl climaxing twice in her ass. Dee screaming out to Ben to give her a baby. “So does this mean that you give your blessing to their union?” Ben asks as he cums in Dee's womb. “Master, yes if it pleases you. Karl Jr. would present a very loyal and faithful husband to your daughter” Dee says.

“Come sit at my table next to me and my beloved wife Becky tonight. Karl is going to propose to Nikki at dinner tonight with a ring he just bought. I will give my blessing as will you, agreed?” Ben asks Dee and Karl Sr.

“Yes, Ben. I will give my blessing to their union. I could not asks for a finer more beautiful daughter-in-law” Karl says as he rubs his wives belly “I look forward to seeing your son”. “Are you comfortable with our arrangement, Karl?” Ben asks him. “It was a little tough to swallow at first, but you made my wife very happy. Rebecca loves you with all her heart I have never seen her happier. You got her to go to college which is something I could never do. My twins love being with Rebecca and the rest of the girls here. They enjoy having sex with you and are all pregnant. I enjoy my time with the maids as well as my wife and your other women. I am fine with it, I would never have come to the Cayman Islands if we didn't join the family” Karl says.

“Karl, Rebecca wanted to be my slave and her going to college was one of the conditions of my accepting her as a slave. Your son and daughter are going to college also. I will not have uneducated slaves or son-in-laws. I plan on getting a house up in Boston so they can stay there while they are at school. Nikki is going to Harvard in the fall, I will try to get Karl in also” Ben says.

“Master you are too generous” Dee says. “Nonsense, my Nikki loves Karl Jr. and he loves her. He needs an education and they want to be together. With all the fucking they have been doing I would not be surprised if we end up grandparents before the year is over” Ben tells them.

Ben then excuses himself from Karl and Dee, but before he does Dee asks about her sisters. Ben tells her he is still thinking about her request. Ben then goes and checks on Faith, Hope and Charity and his children. He makes love to the three of them. Faith tells him as he is pumping into Hope's pussy that they are all fertile and ready to get pregnant again and bare more of his children.

Ben spends the rest of the afternoon enjoying the love of Faith, Hope and Charity. They lay him on his back and ride BIG FELLA. When one rides him the other two kiss and caress him. When he is ready to cum the two girls push the third down on BIG FELLA making it pass through her cervix. Ben then pours his potent seed into their wombs. After she gets off of him and starts sucking on BIG FELLA for the next girl to ride.

“Master, I love you. My sisters all love you” Hope tells him as she kisses him, “you have made a happy home for all of us. You give us shelter and your love unconditionally. We would fight any force to keep the family together an intact”.

Ben gets up and takes the girls into the shower and washes them off and they do him. They dry off and head down to the main houses back deck for dinner. Karl and Dee are waiting for them as is Karl Jr. They set down and start in on the appetizers and after a couple of minutes Nikki walks onto the deck. Ben nods to Karl Jr. and he goes over to Nikki and drops to one knee.

“Nikki Barnes, would you do me the great honor of being my wife?” Karl Jr. says. With that the whole family looks at the couple. Nikki looks at him on his knees as he produces the engagement ring that Karl and Ben choose earlier that day. “Karl, I love you but I will not marry you. I am too young and you are even younger” Nikki says.

Dumbfounded, Karl Junior starts to tear up as Nikki smiles at him “Karl, my love, Of course I would love to be your wife. I was just trying to keep you on your toes” Nikki says as she kisses him and he puts the ring on her finger. Of course everybody is naked as usual, Karl then takes Nikki over to a lounge chair and spreads her legs. He looks up at her and asks “Can I have dessert before dinner?”.

Nikki smiles and nods as he begins to suck and lick on her slit. “I think you are right, Master, we are going to be grandparents by the end of the year” Dee says as they watch the two young lovers enjoy themselves.

“Ben have you been giving Karl Jr. tips on cunnilingus?” Becky says laughing as they hear Nikki moaning. Ben says no and Joe chimes up and says “Mistress Becky, it was I. I gave Karl Jr. tips on how to please a woman by sucking on her pussy. I beg your apologies”.

“No reason to apologize, Joe” Becky says. “May I worship my mistress?” Joe asks. She nods and Joe looks at Ben and tells him “Thank you Master Ben, I love my new life as Mistress Becky's fuck toy. I love her with all my life. My life is hers to do with as she chooses”. Joe then crawls under the table spreads his mistresses legs and goes to town as she eats her meal.

Both Becky and Nikki have multiple orgasms during dinner, the only difference is that Becky actually ate her dinner. Nikki and Karl Junior ate after before they went to the beach and went swimming and a little sex on the beach.

The next day Ben and the guys go fishing while the ladies go out shopping, Peggy and some of the other girls want to go fishing with Ben. Ben sympathetic tells them next time. Ben and the guys catch grouper, all colors of snappers, tarpon, mahi-mahi and plenty of other fish. By the time they get back to the docks they have over 1000 pounds of fish.

Ben books the boat for the next three weeks, the captain tells him he has more boats. Ben books the three boats the captain has. Ben gives the mate a three hundred dollar tip and they take their fish to be cleaned. Dominic has special plans and tells the cleaners how he wants the fish cleaned.

That night they are obviously having fresh caught fish for dinner. When they guys get back the women put on a fashion show. They ladies purchased the men matching linen suits for dinner the next night at the wharf. They eat dinner with Dominic and Derrick and the maids, who are also on vacation, sort of.

Ben makes sure everyone has a glass of wine, except for the many pregnant women. He raises his glass and toasts the family, “To family, friends, and loved ones. Dominic, Derrick you have prepared another fantastic meal, Maize, Niaomi, Hazel and girls although you are employees I hope you feel like you are family, because I know Becky and myself feel like you are family. I know several of the men here love you and love being with you” the younger girls shyly look down and smile “to my new soon to be son-in-law, Karl Junior and my lovely daughter Nikki. My your love grow and I look forward to your marriage this summer. To Reanna and her fiance James, I say they have a double wedding. Congratulations, I love you all. Cheers!!!”

Everyone says cheers to him. They eat and relax around a bonfire on the beach. Everyone naked and cuddling. Ben has his favorite gals around him. Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, Peggy and of course Tiffani. They watch the fire go out and head to their separate houses.

The next day they have a leisurely day around the pools, Ben makes love to several of his slaves. Just a normal day for Ben and family. That night they head to the Wharf restaurant which Ben has rented out, except for a wedding party.

They enter the restaurant, all two hundred and are greeted by the owner and the manager. They are seated at a large table with the other party to the far side of the restaurant. They order appetizers, several appetizers and champagne. Ben asks the waitress what her name is, she tells him Julie. He asks her to send over two bottles of their finest champagne to the wedding party.

When she is gone Faith says to Ben, “Isn't Julie beautiful, Master?”. Ben tells her yes she is. They eat their appetizers and order dinner. The bride and groom come over and introduce themselves to Ben and Becky.

“Mister, that was very nice of you to send over the champagne, I am Oleg and this is my fiance Katyana” Oleg says. Katyana is a very beautiful 5'6 tall blond hair beauty with piercing blue eyes and what looks to be 36D breasts to Becky. “Hello, I am Ben Barnes and this is my lovely wife Becky. It is nice to meet you and congratulations on your upcoming wedding” Ben says as he shakes Oleg's hand and kisses Katyana's hand. Oleg responds by kissing Becky on each cheek.

Becky excuses herself to the restroom, Katyana goes with her. In the bathroom they make small talk. Once they are finished with their business they get to the sink and Becky asks her if she is looking forward to her marriage. “Well to be truthful with you, I love my fiance very much. But he has a very small penis I guess. I have never had sex with him but have given him what do you call it a blow-job. I am still a virgin and told him I am saving myself for marriage. I guess I am having second thoughts that is all. He is the only cock I am ever going to have, a little disappointing I guess. How is your man? Is it true what I have heard about black men?” Katyana says.

“Well, Ben is the only man I have ever been with, well before we got married I was a virgin. Let me tell you this. I don't know about all black men, but my husband is sixteen inches long and five and a half inches wide. And he knows how to use it” Becky says.

“You are so lucky, what I would give to see that” Katyana says. Becky tells her to hold on a minute and goes and gets Ben. Becky tells him that she wants him to do her a favor. She drags him into the bathroom and they take him to the handicap stall.

Becky then tells Katyana to get on her knees and Becky unleashes BIG FELLA. Katyana looks astonished at the size of Ben's mighty cock, she takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts to kiss and lick on him. “Mmm, chocolate cock” she says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. She bobs up and down on BIG FELLA taking him to the back of her mouth. Becky tells her to breathe through her nose and swallow. She will help her take it down her throat. Becky then pushes Katyana's head down on BIG FELLA. Ben erupts after about twenty minutes of her tight throat squeezing on BIG FELLA.

Katyana wipes her mouth and kisses Ben and then Becky and tells them thank you. Ben leaves the women's restroom and heads back to the table. A couple of minutes later Becky and Katyana head back to their tables. They eat dinner and as they do Becky leans over and whispers in Ben's ear “Katyana wants you to pop her cherries this week”. Ben shakes his head “Ben, she wants to come over on Monday and have you do the dead, think of it as a wedding present to her. You know she came while she was sucking on BIG FELLA” Becky continues to whisper.

After dinner and dessert, Hope asks Ben if she can invite Julie back to the compound. Ben doesn't see any problem with that. Little does he know that Hope and Faith are planning on having her primed and ready for Ben in a couple of hours. Faith asks Julie if she would like to come back to their compound and swim in their pool or on their private beach. Julie says sure why not, she is off for a couple of days.

Ben pays the bill, which is several thousand dollars and gives Julie a five hundred dollar tip. He gives the manager and the bartender a hundred dollars as well as everyone in the kitchen. He tells them the food was wonderful. Julie punches out and leaves with them. They closed the place out. On the way out Oleg and Katyana come over and again thank them for the champagne and Katyana gives Becky a kiss on her cheek and asks her to talk to her husband.

On the way home Becky leans over and tells Ben that Katyana really wants BIG FELLA inside of her. When they get home they go to the pool and swim for a bit. “Ben, Katyana was really impressed with you. She loved sucking your cock and taking your load into her belly. I was wondering if you would give her an early wedding gift on Monday and pop her cherry” Becky coos to Ben as Hope, Faith and Charity come into the pool with a freshly shaven Julie.
“Ben you remember our waitress from the restaurant, Julie? Isn't she beautiful?” Faith says. Ben smiles and agrees with them, Becky kisses her husband and tells him to enjoy himself. Ben escorts Becky out of the pool and turns to get back in the pool and Julie screams “OH, MY GOD that thing is huge”.

“Julie, Ben is Becky's husband. But he is also every woman in the compound Master and we are his slaves. We already have one of his children and hoping to get pregnant again down here in the islands” Faith says as she swims over to Ben and kisses him. “Faith, I am a virgin. I don't think that huge cock is going to fit inside of me” Julie says.

“Julie, you are welcome here as long as you want to stay. You do not have to have sex with me to stay” Ben says. “I can understand if you are too scared to try having sex with Ben. BIG FELLA, that is what we call his cock, is very large. Larger than any other man you will ever meet. He is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide” Charity says.

Julie swims over and strokes BIG FELLA, “I can barely get my hand around him” Julie says. “If I have sex with you I am going to want to pop both your cherries, Julie” Ben tells her. “You want to fuck me in the ass as well as my pussy. How does that ever fit in a woman’s ass?” Julie inquires. “With practice and a lot of lube” Faith tells her. Faith kisses Julie and then Ben, “Julie you don't have to have sex with Ben. If you are afraid I can understand. Are you a virgin?” she asks.

“Yes, I have always worked to support my mother and my younger sisters. My mother works but that is not enough. My fucking father abandon us twelve years ago when I was just seven” Julie says. Ben kisses her deeply, sucking on her bottom lip. Ben asks Julie about her family, her sisters and mother.

“Ben, my mother name is Jaqueline. She had me when she was sixteen and is now 35. He has the same figure as me but is only 5'2. I have a fifteen year old sister named Dana, she is 5'4. Then there are the twins Helen and Heather they are 13 and five feet tall. Finally there is Erin and Elana who are eleven and only 4'9. We are happy put poor, we get by with what we have. The tip you gave me tonight is more than I make in a week in the restaurant. I try to get as many tips as I can” Julie says as Ben kisses her and caresses her large 36D breasts. “I would like to try to have sex with you if you take it easy on me” She tells Ben.

“Baby, I am going to treat you really good. You are going to love it. Have you every had an orgasm before?” Ben asks. “I have double clicked the mouse before, you know masturbated” Julie says. Faith, Hope and Charity giggle and tell her, “That is nothing compared to what our Master is going to give you. Trust us you are going to love it”. Ben then carries Julie over to the lounge chair and spreads her legs. He then kneels down and starts to like and suck on her slit. He spreads her labia and starts to lick her inner lips and then her tunnel. When he strokes her hymen she start screaming and moaning.

Peggy comes out with the other bed slaves and gathers around. “I love it when he sucks my pussy, I believe our Master just stroked you hymen with his long tongue” Peggy tells her. Ben continues to suck on her pussy and stroke her hymen until she climaxes hard three times. He raises up and tells everyone “I love the taste of virgin pussy and virgin cum”. “Yes, Master we know. We know”

Ben sucks her to four more Peggy-like orgasms before she screams, “My GOD will you put that beautiful huge cock of yours in my pussy. Fuck me and make me yours”. Ben looks up and says he needs to get his cock hard. Julie puts him on his back and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, at least trying to. Julie strokes BIG FELLA and licks and sucks on the head until he is hard. Once he is hard she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy.

Julie pushes down breaking her own hymen, she is a woman possessed. Julie lets out a little whimper and the starts pushing more and more of Ben's might sixteen inch cock into her virgin pussy. “Oh, God you are so big. I can feel you stretching me out” Julie screams as Ben just lays their smiling and enjoying her extremely tight nineteen year old pussy.

Julie bucks on BIG FELLA for about an hour having an orgasm every five to ten minutes. Ben then picks her up and takes her over to the table and puts her down. “Julie, when I make love to one of my slaves I come in their wombs. I am now going to push through your cervix and pour my seed into your womb”.

Ben begins to throttle her pussy with long deep strokes and begins to pound her cervix. It takes Ben an hour before he finally breaks through her cervix. Julie screams out, “OH GOD, Make me yours don't send me away. I want to be yours”. Ben strokes her womb and after about thirty minutes he begins to pour his semen into her womb.

Ben pulls up and exits Julie's womb, she wraps her legs around him and pulls him down. “I want to be your slave. I want this feeling for the rest of my life. Master, please make me yours. I will do whatever you want”.

“Julie, was the sex that good?” Peggy says. “I don't have anything to compare it to, but I really don't need to have any comparison. I only want that beautiful huge cock inside me as much as I can”. Julie squeezes BIG FELLA in her pussy. Her pussy is spasming around the huge cock inside of her. Julie rotates her hips on Ben. “Will you be my Master, I want to be your slave” Julie says as she continues to try to get BIG FELLA hard again while it is still in her.

“Well, I will accept you as my slave if you introduce me to your sisters. I want your sisters also. They are as beautiful as you right?” Ben tells her. “Master, I will introduce you to my family. My mother sure could a good fucking. Are you going to make my sisters and mother into your slaves?”

“Julie, only if they want to be my slaves. I will not force them” Ben tells her. “Well once you fuck them they will be yours just like I am” Julie says. Faith, Hope and Charity go over what is required to become a slave. Julie smiles and tells them that Ben can have her anytime he wants. Ben is hard again and starts to fuck her again.

“Master are you going to get me pregnant?” Julie asks. “You and hopefully the rest of your family” Ben tells her as he pounds her again on the lounge chair. Once he is done he picks her up and takes her into the downstairs bedroom saying goodnight to everyone.

“Master, are you going to fuck me all night?” Julie says. “All night and all day tomorrow. You belong to me now. As will the rest of your family. I am your Master” Ben says as she squeals in delight. Once in the bedroom he puts her on the bed and tells her to put her head off the end of the bed. Ben the pushes a limp BIG FELLA into his submissive slaves mouth and starts to face fuck her. “Julie, I am now going to teach you to deep throat BIG FELLA” Ben tells her as she grabs his buttocks. Ben forces inch by inch down her throat telling her to relax and breathe through her nose. After about 45 minutes Ben blows his load down her throat. Becky comes in with his bottles of pills.

She gives him his vitamins and supplements with a little blue pill. She leans over Julie and welcomes her to the family with a kiss. “Master is going to train you now. He is going to fuck you pussy into submission. He is going to pound you ten times in a row. After you will have earned you Queen of Spades tattoo on you mound. He will then fuck you in the ass ten times in a row and you will earn your Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of you neck. Finally you will perform twenty blow-jobs on your new master. I am your mistress now. Once you have completed your training you will be part of the family” Becky tells her.

“Master is going to get me pregnant. I am not on birth control and am fertile this week. I hope he gives me more than one baby” Julie says. She kisses her Master and starts sucking on BIG FELLA trying to get him hard. Ben lays on the bed and Julie gets on top of him and rides BIG FELLA. “OH, GOD Master. You are a FUCKING-GOD. Get me pregnant, get my mother and sister pregnant with you seed. Fuck me” Julie screams as she bounces up and down on him.

“Julie you want me to get your sisters pregnant. You want to be pregnant with them, raise our babies together?” Ben asks her as she continues to grind on BIG FELLA. “Yes, Master. Oh god you make me feel so good. I can't believe I was a virgin just a couple of hours ago and now I have this huge beautiful cock pumping in and out of my pussy”.

Julie grinds on BIG FELLA until she has had eight orgasms and then Ben rolls her over to her back and starts pounding her cervix fast and hard. Julie is hollering and moaning so loudly that Tiffani comes down with a ball gag for Julie. “Baby, we need to get some sleep. While Master is training your pussy please keep this in your mouth” Tiffani tells her with a smile and puts it in her mouth and kisses Ben. “Have fun, Master” she says as she leaves the room.

Ben in one hard thrust pushes past Julie's cervix and starts pounding her womb. After about thirty minutes he pours his semen in her womb. He leans over and tells her “One down, nine to go” as he unstraps her ball gag. She immediately goes for BIG FELLA trying to get him hard again. Once he is hard Ben tells her to get on her hands and knees. She does and he puts the ball gag back in her mouth and inserts an rock hard BIG FELLA into her wet stretched pussy.

Ben in one stroke pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her, all the way to her cervix. He pumps her relentlessly and ruthlessly for an hour before he pushes through and starts pouring his cum into her womb. He then takes the ball gag out of her mouth and she immediately starts to suck him hard. “Damn, I can taste both of us on BIG FELLA” Julie says. Ben fucks her eight more times before the morning. He fucks her doggie style, missionary position, he rides her like a horse three times. The last time she passed out from having too many orgasms and had to be revived.

In the morning Faith, Hope and Charity knock on the door and come into the room. Ben is sleeping with Julie in his arms, he belly severely bloated with all the cum that is in her womb. The girls kiss their Master and their new sister slave. They wake up with smiles on their faces and Julie says “Good Morning, Master. That was fantastic. Can we wait a couple of hours before we start my anal training?”.

“We sure can, we need to get cleaned up and I need to take you to see Sheila our tattoo artist and get your “Queen of Spades” and “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos” Ben tells her. She rolls over and kisses him and tells him “Thank you Master for accepting me as your slave. I will bring my sister, Dana, over on Tuesday and have you pop her cherries hopefully. She is fifteen and stands 5'3 with 36C breasts”.

“So you think she will want to be my slave?” Ben asks her. “Ben, you show any woman this amazingly huge weapon and she will be putty in your hands. My little sisters are going to be yours also” Julie says as she holds BIG FELLA pumping him with her hand that cannot go all the way around it.

They get up and head to the shower in the master suite. Julie checks her pussy and notices none of Ben's cum is leaking out. “Master, you put thirteen loads in my womb and none of it is leaking out” Julie tells him. “Sweetheart, I always cum in my slaves womb and it very rarely leaks out. Your cervix traps my seed in your womb waiting for your egg or hopefully eggs to be fertilized. I hope you drop several eggs and they split. That is what the theory is with Becky that she is have three sets of twins. She is due in March and can't wait. I have many of my lovers that are due this month and more next month” Ben tells her as they get into the shower and clean each other.

“I have sixteen women this month alone that are going to give birth. Nadia is our resident doctor and she has delivered quite a few babies the last couple of months” Ben tells her as they wash off and get out. As they dry off Tiffani comes into the bathroom and tells Ben that Nadine, Emily and Julia's water has broken and they are about to give birth.

Ben, Tiffani and Julie go to the house that Nadia has setup as the birthing suite. They see Julia and Nadine in the bed and Emily on a table all breathing hard and doing their Lamaze exercises. Nadine is the first to give birth to her children, all boys. Nunzio Naadir (weighing 8 pounds), Norberto Naasir (weighing 6 pounds), Nino Nabhani (weighing 8 pounds), Nicola Nadhim (weighing 7 pounds), Nazzareno N'gouna (weighing 8 pounds). They all have large penises like their father. “Master, you can never mistaken your boys. They all have huge penises” Nadia tells him. The girls laugh, “They are truly blessed then. As are the women that they will please like our Master and lover” Nadine says. “Baby, you did a very good job carrying and delivering 37 pounds of babies” Ben says.

“They are Barnes babies, they had to be big like their daddy. I love you Master. You have made me very happy” Nadine says as they kiss. Emily is the next to give birth to her baby girl, Jocelyn Dilara. She weighs a whopping nine pounds. Ben kisses Emily and the baby and tells her she did good. Joe is their and smiles at his former wife and now mistress. He is their with Becky who has him on his chain.

Julie leans over and asks Ben in a whisper “Mistress Becky has that man in a collar and chain, what is the deal?”. “Julie, Joe is my wives fuck toy” Ben says and Joe speaks up. “Julie, I am not only Mistress Becky's fuck toy but her slave and her protector. My very life belongs to her. I do not draw breath unless she tells me too. I would gladly die for my Becky as I would my daughter Julia. Nadine you did a great job with Master's babies”.

“Mmm, you mean you have accepted this lifestyle. Being subservient to Becky?” Julie asks. “Not only Becky, but my Master and all the women here that are Master's slaves. It is my duty to pleasure them with my tongue” Joe tells her.

Julia start to give birth to her boy, Gaston Andreas, who weighs in at eleven pounds and has the biggest penis so far of any of Ben's children. Even bigger than Ben Junior. They leave the room and go to the living room with the babies and the whole family comes by and congratulates the new mothers, so of the women are seven, eight and nine months pregnant themselves. Tiffani tells Julie that they have 47 children already fathered by their Master. They have 37 more babies due this month.

“Master is so generous, he gives us all his seed and blesses us with his children. It is the slaves duty to produce children for Ben. Some have decided to wait until they are out of college to start producing children. You will give Ben many children as will the rest of your family if they decide to be his slaves” Tiffani says. Jolene, Sandra, Nicole and Tiff come into the house and tell Ben that their water has broken. Over the next twelve hours each give birth to their children. Ben begins Julie's anal training while they are giving birth. He trains her in the living room fucking her ass into submission, cuming in her womb every time.

Jolene gives birth first to a healthy baby girl, Salena Rebecca, weighing in at nine pounds. Next up is Nicole giving birth to her identical triplet girls, Aaliyah Peyton , Adrienne Penelope, Annabelle Piper, all weighing seven and a half pounds. Tiff is the next to give birth to her twin boys, Olabode Benjamin, Henry Neo, all weighing nine pounds. They are all sport Ben's attributes. Sandra is the final person to give birth in the bunch. Giving birth to triplet boys, Ezekiel Austin, Ezra Ben, Ethan Jacob, all weighing in at 8 pounds.

When Ben is finished with Julie's anal training, Julie being passed out with a smile on her face. He kisses each mother and his new children. Ben then goes back and lays down with his new slave and sleeps for eight hours before he is awoken by screams of Josie giving birth. Jolene's sisters have all broken their waters and are in labor. Ben gets up without waking his new slave-in-training.

Josie has already given birth to two of her four babies by the time Ben walks into the room she then births the next two all girls named, Janice Joceyln, Anna Beth , Georgia Peach, Layla Christina, all weighing around seven pounds. Janice is next to start giving birth as Ben comes over and kisses Josie telling her she did a good job. Ben is crying his girls are so beautiful just like their mother.

Janice grabs and squeezes Ben's hand as she starts giving birth to her triplets, all girls. They are named Josie Becca, Heather Catarina, Crystine Jolene, all weighing eight pounds. Jolene comes in and witnesses her sister giving birth. She has Salena in her arms as she sees Claire giving birth to her triplet girls, Genevieve Melissa, Haleigh Clairice, Frida Becky. They all weighing seven pounds. Ben kisses both Janice and Claire and kissing all his newborn babies.

Ben is sitting their crying when Julie comes in and asks what is wrong. “Oh, nothing. I just feel so blessed to have all these beautiful women that are mine. They love me and have given me so many beautiful children. Julie, I love children and always wanted a big family”. “Well it looks like you are getting your wish. By my count you have just increased your family by ten more children” Julie says.

“Not my family, OUR family. You are mine now, you belong to me, body and soul” Ben says. “Yes it does. I am going to take a shower and go see Sheila and get my tattoos” Julie says as she kisses Ben, rubs BIG FELLA and gives him a kiss. “I think I am going to get pregnant with all the cum in my womb” Julie says rubbing her belly as she leaves.

“Our new sister is very beautiful, Master” Jolene says. Ben agrees as Clairice starts to give birth to her girls, Jaden Claire, Joy Jolene, Kate Janice, all around six pounds. Ben leans over and kisses his new baby momma slave. “You have made me very happy ladies. Very proud and very happy. I love you all with all my heart” Ben tells them.

“Master, I love you. I think I can speak for my sisters and tell you that we all love you and feel very blessed to be your slaves” Josie says. “Rest up and I will see you later” Ben says as he leaves them. Nadia takes them to their rooms with their children with Janine, Annabelle and Mercedes help.

Ben walks across the courtyard and hears his name. Vivian and Beth are walking from the front gate with a blond woman. They come up to Ben and he recognizes the woman, it is Katyana from the other night. She is smiling at the sight of BIG FELLA swinging between he legs.

“Katyana, is it? What are you doing here? Why are you not with your husband?” Ben asks nervous. “Mr. Barnes” Katyana says as she grabs BIG FELLA “after I had this huge cock down my virgin throat I have not been able to get it out of my mind. I want you to take my cherry, I want to give you my virginity. I need this in my pussy stretching me out. I cannot go back home without knowing what it feels like to have this inside of me”.

“What about your fiance?” Ben asks. “Fuck him, he has a little five inch dick, I need this inside of me” Katyana says as she kneels before him and starts sucking on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She then strips as Ben tells her, “If I fuck your pussy I want to fuck you in your ass”.

“You can fuck me in my ass, my pussy anywhere you want for however long you want” Katyana says as she grabs BIG FELLA and pulls him with her, “Where are we going to start fucking?” She says as they head to the main house and go out back. Her 36D breasts bouncing all the way.

Vivian and Beth are giggling as they go around the back of the house and see Becky, Laurie, Leslie and Tiffani in the pool. “Master has found another virgin that wants to have her cherries popped by BIG FELLA” Beth says as the girls see Katyana. “Isn't that the bride from the other night?” Leslie says. “Yes, it is. Nice to see you again. Apparently sucking our Master's cock was not enough for her. BIG FELLA is kind of hard to get out of your mind isn't it?” Becky says.

“Yes, Becky. BIG FELLA is the only thing I have been thinking about since that night. I want this big beautiful chocolate cock in my virgin holes” Katyana says as she puts Ben on the lounge chair and starts sucking him hard, once he is hard she gets up and straddles BIG FELLA facing the girls and puts BIG FELLA up to her tunnel. She looks up and smiles before pushing down on BIG FELLA popping her cherry. A tear runs down her face as she begins to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA. After about 90 minutes she is still bouncing up and down as Julie comes around the corner and sees Ben getting ridden.

“Master, thanks for my new tattoos. I got this one especially for you” Julie says pointing to the sides of her pussy. It reads “For Ben Barnes only”. “My body belongs to you, my love my Master” Julie says. “Come over here and let me suck on that delicious pussy of yours, Katyana turn around and make out with Julie kiss her and suck on her breast while you ride BIG FELLA” Ben says. They both do as they are told. Katyana and Julie look like sisters as they kiss and suck on each others breasts as Ben makes Julie climax hard five times as Katyana rides BIG FELLA to eight orgasms. Her pussy being stretched and her cervix being pressed hard. Ben has Julie get off of his mouth and put Katyana on her back.

“I am now going to break through your cervix. I am going to go where no other man will ever go, certainly not your limp dick husband. I am going to fuck your womb and pour my seed in there” Ben tells her. “Oh, Ben baby. Use my body as you wish. Fill my womb up with your beautiful seed, hopefully I will get pregnant with your babies. Fuck my limp dick husband” Katyana says.

Ben pushes deep, fucking her with all his might as he pounds her cervix for twenty minutes before he pushes through. Katyana cries out and screams that it hurts. “Baby, you will get use to that I am going to fuck you like this all night. You will be dreaming of this when you fuck your husband after you get married” Ben tells her as he fucks her with all sixteen inches of BIG FELLA. Bottoming out, when he does he twirls around in her.

“OH, GOD. Ben how am I ever going to be satisfied with a little dick. Pour your cum inside of my womb. Give me your babies, I want you to give me boys so that they can grow up to please women like you do” Katyana says. Ben begins to pour his seed into her, it takes him 45 minutes to stop pouring his cum into her womb. When he is finished he takes BIG FELLA out of her womb and lays down on her.

“You ladies are very lucky to have such a beautiful wonderful man to make love to you” Katyana say out of breath. “Baby, I am the lucky one to have these beautiful women in my life. To love me and to care for. I love my women, all my women. I support them and we take care of each other” Ben says as he pulls completely out of her once virgin pussy.

He goes and gets in the pool to cool off. Their is a trace of blood on BIG FELLA as he gets into the pool. “Katyana, go with Laurie and Leslie. They are going to take you to the shower and clean you up. They are going to give you a couple of enema's and clean your ass out. They are then going to shave that bush of yours. If that is OK with you” Ben says.

“Ben, baby, I will do whatever you want whenever you want. Just keep fucking me” Katyana says. She has a well fucked look on her face. Laurie and Leslie get out of the pool and dry off and pick up Katyana whip off her bloody pussy. Katyana is wobbly on her feet, “Ben, that was some good fucking. My pussy is sore but it is also still tingling” she says.

They go to the shower and get her cleaned up for Ben, while they are in there Ben and Becky discuss Katyana. “Ben, it really looked like Katyana loved you popping her cherry” Becky says. “Yes it did. I enjoyed it as always. We need to make sure she goes back to Oleg” Ben says. “I will but I want you to fuck her brains in before we send her packing” Becky says with a smile. Beth and Vivian tell her that she is evil. “You know, Becky, that once someone has a taste of Ben's love making it is over for her with other men. Once you have had the best the rest will never do” Vivian says.

“You know we should have that printed on T-Shirts. “Once you have had the best the rest will never do” I like that” Becky says. Becky kisses her husband, “I love you and love sharing you. You are a caring loving man”. Ben rubs her pregnant belly and tells her, “A couple more months and I will be able to see my baby girls. I love you with all my heart. Without you none of this would mean anything”.

They kiss as Beth and Vivian come over and kiss both of them. Becky gets out of the pool and goes over to a lounge chair under an umbrella as Joe comes over and kneels before his mistress. He dries her off taking special care of her belly and pussy. Becky rubs his head and he gets up and kisses her full on her lips. “Mistress Becky, you give my life meaning. I love you with all my heart” Joe tells her as he lays down next to her. “Do you need anything, something to drink or eat?” Joe asks and Becky says no.

“How are the newborn babies doing Joe?” Vivian asks. “The babies and mothers are doing very good, they are sleeping and getting their strength back” Joe tells them in response. Becky picks up Joe's hand and puts it on her belly, “Do you feel the babies kicking, Joe?” she asks him. “Yes, Mistress I do. They are very strong”.

Ben is making out with Beth and Vivian when a showered and shaved Katyana comes back out. Leslie tells everyone “We gave her five enemas and she is finally cleaned out and completely ready for BIG FELLA”. Ben swims over and feels her pussy and mound. “Very good girls, smooth as a babies butt” Ben says. Katyana gets in the pool with Leslie and Laurie and comes over to Ben. She strokes BIG FELLA until he is completely erect and then straddles him.

“This is where your cock belongs all the time, in a woman's pussy or ass” Katyana says. “Girl ninety percent of the time it is” Bill says as he come over and gets in the pool. He kisses his daughters and his wife and then Beth. Bill starts to make out with Beth.

Katyana is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA and starts screaming out having a loud orgasm. “Damn, Ben you are amazing. That white guy has a cock bigger than my fiance” Katyana says. Vivian tells her “Yeah my husband is over nine inches long”.

“You two are married, I thought you were Ben's slave?” Katyana says. “I am his slave as are my two daughters here. We love our Master and have given him children, Laurie is due next month with six of Ben's babies” Vivian says as they see Bill start to fuck Beth. “Katyana, I love my wife and daughters. They wanted to be Ben's slaves and lovers. I find him to be a very good friend and do not mind sharing my women with him. I love having sex with his slaves also. Because I am sterile I can go bareback in their pussies if they want” Bill tells her.

“We are all family and we all love each other. All the women are bi-sexual, we have sex with each other regularly” Laurie says as she witnesses Ben grab Katyana's shoulders and pushes her further down on BIG FELLA. She screams out “Yes, fuck me” Katyana starts shaking from a powerful orgasm. Once she comes down she starts to cry. Ben asks her what is wrong.

“Ben, I don't know if I will ever be satisfied with my husband. I know I have to marry him, my parents want this marriage. He is a very successful businessman in my country. Until I saw BIG FELLA I thought Oleg's cock was normal size” Katyana says.

“His cock is normal size for a white man, five to six inches long. Ben is way, way, way above normal and we are blessed that he loves us” Leslie tells her, “I lost my virginity to him in Hawaii and have never been happier. I don't want or need any other man. I do like having sex with the other guys in our family and Ben's select friends. His friends are black and are hung, not as well endowed as him but all are over ten inches long with a nice girth. Ben are they guys coming down here?”.

“Ah, yes in the middle of February for a couple of weeks” Ben tells them as he continues to enjoy Katyana's tight pussy. Ben picks up Katyana and carries her out of the pool and to the lounge chair next to Becky and starts pounding her with long hard deep strokes. Katyana trembles from one orgasm to another as Ben masterfully pounds her into total submission. In between orgasms that are flowing regularly Katyana looks over at Becky and smiles and tells her “Thank you for sharing you beautiful, powerful husband with me. I am eternally grateful”.

Ben pushes through her cervix and starts pouring his seed into her womb for the second time. When he is done he lays next to her, out of her womb but still firmly lodged in her pussy. Katyana whispers in Ben's ear, “I am fertile now, I hope you fertilize my egg with you sperm. On my wedding night I am going to put in my diaphragm to make sure my limp dick husband doesn't impregnate me. I want to have your babies, I know they are going to grow up powerful and strong like their father. If they are boys they will have your huge cock”.

When Ben pulls his cock out of Katyana's once virgin pussy she immediately starts to suck on him trying to get him hard. Tiffani comes over with a glass of water and his pills. “Nice to see you again Katyana is it” Tiffani says. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and says “Yes, I am Katyana. I am worshiping Ben's mighty cock like I did Saturday night at the restaurant. Once I saw this and tasted it, I have been fascinating about this ever since. I could not get married without tasting and having him stretch my pussy out. No other man could ever stretch me like Master Ben. You are lucky to have such an endowed man to make love to you”. Ben pushes her head back down onto BIG FELLA, “Enough with the speeches, more with the sucking my little Czech lover” Ben says.

Once he is hard Katyana straddles him and starts to ride his cock, she asks “What time is it?”. Someone tells her the time and she asks for a phone, she calls her fiance “Oleg, I am not going to be at the hotel tonight. I am with my new friend Becky and her family at their estate. Yes, they don't mind. Yes, yes. Oh, OK then I will see you in two days then. I love you too”. She hangs up the phone. “Master, would you like to fuck me for three days straight? My fiance, his father and my father are taking a two day fishing trip. I want to get as much as this BIG FELLA as I can if you would let me”.

“That is fine with me” Ben says as he enjoys her humping on BIG FELLA faster and faster. When Ben is ready to cum Katyana instinctively rolls over and lets him pump his seed into her womb. Ben then exits her womb and then eventually her pussy and lays next to her. Julie comes over and kisses her new Master. She has a bottle of lube in her hands, she leads Katyana over to the table and spreads her legs wide. Julie then works a thick glob of lube into her asshole. She works one finger in at a time. When she has four fingers in her all the way to her palm she exits her ass and goes and works on BIG FELLA getting him hard after putting on his cock ring.

Ben having gotten rock hard he walks over to where Katyana is waiting and puts BIG FELLA on her ass. It hits her in the middle of her back and she looks over and tells him “This ass belongs to you, no other man will ever fuck me in the ass without your permission. Take my anal cherry and make it yours”.

Ben pushes ten inches into her in one fast push which elicits a loud scream from Katyana. Julie asks her if she is alright she says “Hell Yes, it hurts but it hurts so good. Fuck my ass, my Master. Take my ass and make it yours”. Ben starts to pump her ass hard he tells her to give him her hands and she complies. Ben uses her arms like reigns on a horse and rides her for a good four hours when he is almost ready to cum he exits her tight, or somewhat tight anal ring and tells her to drop to her knees. Katyana complies and she knows what he wants and opens her mouth.

Ben comes over and starts to pour his cum into her mouth. When her mouth is full she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and swallows. Ben cums in her mouth for thirty minutes, Katyana swallows his whole load. When he is done she licks him off and tells him, “I never let Oleg cum in my mouth. You taste so good, I don't want to waste your seed. Ben I know I have to marry Oleg but know this. I am loving my time with you”

They break for dinner and then go inside to the spare bedroom that has become the training room in the Cayman Island. Ben proceeds to fuck her in the ass for the rest of the night and in the morning Tiffani, Julie and a couple other slaves come in on them as they are sleeping, Ben holding her tight against him. Cum is oozing out of her gaping anus and onto the sheet. Ben wakes up and takes his pills and kisses his Czech fuck toy.

“Master, let me suck on your cock” Katyana says. Once he is hard she looks in straight in the eyes and tells him, “I will do whatever you want. I would love to try a double penetration, a spit-roasting also. I want to be completely and utterly fucked by the time I go back to my limp dick future husband. I want to experience all that I can with the little amount of time I have with your family. My only wish is that I met you and Becky before I got engaged to Oleg. Any woman that would refuse your loving is an idiot or completely nuts”.

Katyana then straddles Ben and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and pushes down on him. She pushes all the way down to her cervix and starts grinding on him. Katyana waves to Julie and Tiffani and they join her, she kisses both and tells them, “Thank you for allowing me to enjoy your Master”.

“Katyana, we all share the love of our Master and lover. He is a very generous man with his affections” Tiffani says, “I have been with him for a couple of years, my daughter became his slave and then his wife first then I came on board. I have never experienced love like my Master's love. He loves you with his whole soul”.

“I just became his slave and lover. In a couple of days I am going to introduce my oldest sister to him. I hope my whole family becomes his slaves. I was a virgin like you before Master made love to me. I believe I am now pregnant with his child, God I hope so. I always wanted children and he can provide a stable environment to raise children” Julie says.

Katyana humps on BIG FELLA for a good two hours before Ben is ready to cum, once he is ready they turn over and Ben pushes deep inside of her and pours his cum inside of her womb. “That is where your seed belongs, in a woman's womb” Katyana says before she reaches up and pull Ben down on her and starts kissing him.

“Lets get showered and go to the beach, I have a private beach. We can go naked after I put some suntan lotion on your white skin” Ben tells her. “As long as I can put some on you, no reason for you to get burned either. I love the smooth even color of your body. Ben, can I tell you something?” Katyana asks.

Ben tells her sure and she leans up to his ear and whispers “I love you, I wish I could marry you and become your slave instead of my little fiance Oleg”.

They spend the next couple of days together fucking and sucking. She returns home and Ben takes the day to relax and recuperate from his love making.

Ben then prepares the room for Peggy. It is Peggy's turn to become a woman. After putting the flowers and everything in place he goes and collects his little Peggy. He takes Peggy to the beach and starts sucking on her pussy. Once she has had three major orgasms Ben looks up at her and asks her “You sure you want to loose your virginity?”.

“Master, Ben. I cannot remain a virgin for the rest of my life. I have watched you take plenty of other girls virginity. I want to feel BIG FELLA moving in and out of my pussy. I am your slave, I love you with all my heart. I will always be yours. Please make love to me, I am ovulating right now. I want to have your beautiful children. I love you and am yours” Peggy tells him.

“I know, I know. I am just going to miss your loud orgasms as I stroke your hymen” Ben says as he lays on his back. Peggy immediately takes a limp BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks on him until he is hard. She straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA with him lined up with her tight virgin pussy. Peggy's pussy stretches to accommodate the size and girth of BIG FELLA. Peggy moans and groans as she takes more and more of BIG FELLA into her tight pussy.

“Master, I love you” Peggy starts screaming out repeatedly as she grinds on BIG FELLA. After about thirty minutes she reaches her cervix. The whole family is around her as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. Crystal and Faith come over and kiss her and welcome her to womanhood. She screams out her love for her Master and lover. Crystal and Faith then proceed to suck on her developing breasts, which started out as 32B's when she became Ben's slave, to a whopping 34D's size breasts thanks to all the vitamins and hormones to produce eggs.

When he is ready to climax they roll over and Ben starts his assault on her cervix. It takes him an hour before he breaks through her cervix and another 45 minutes before climaxes in her womb. Peggy has had at least twenty screaming orgasms as Ben has continued to fuck her relentlessly for over three hours.

Once he is done they profess their love for each other. Ben leans down and kisses his little lover. Sweet little Peggy he whispers in her ear, “Of all my slaves you are my favorite. I love you Peggy with all my heart”. She kisses him and tells him “I love you too, Master. I love you with every fiber of my being. I will always be your “Sweet Little Peggy” for the rest of our lives”.

Ben then picks her up and takes her to the pool. There is a stream of blood that is oozing from her pussy. They make love in the pool and then by the pool. When they are done. Ben picks up his little lover and tells them he will see them tomorrow. He then takes her to the Master suite and they make love for forty-eight hours straight. Katyana comes up and kisses Ben goodbye with tears in her eyes. She tells Peggy she is very lucky. “Ben, I will always remember you and your beautiful cock. It is what is going to keep me going for the rest of my life”. She kisses Peggy and then goes over and thanks Becky for allowing her to experience her husbands love.

Once she is gone and Ben is out of Peggy's pussy Ben tells Becky to make sure she has Katyana's information and how to get in touch with her. Becky tells Ben, “Katyana is probably pregnant with your child”. Ben looks down and shakes his head and tells her “Probably so”. Ben then gets up with his new Peggy in his arms and takes her to the shower.

They go outside where the whole family is waiting for Peggy. Crystal, her mother, and sisters are there to welcome her to womanhood. While everyone congratulates her Ben goes and gets a special ring he picked out for her. Ben goes back outside and goes over to Peggy and kneels before her. “Peggy baby, you know I love you with all my heart. I want you to be my fourth wife and Mistress to the family. Well what do you say?” Ben asks as he puts the ring on her finger.

Peggy is crying as she kisses her new husband, “Of course Ben, I love you” she tells him. Ben gets up and pulls her onto his lap and asks her “Did you enjoy your coming of ceremony my love?”. “Yes, Master was very beautiful. Loved all the flowers in the bedroom, it was very beautiful and romantic”.

Ben and Peggy go into the pool with Jessie and a bunch of slaves and swim around. Jessie asks her new Mistress if she could have a go with her husband. Peggy tells her we share Ben and BIG FELLA and his affections. Jessie kisses Peggy and then Ben as she strokes BIG FELLA hard. “Time to get me pregnant my love, give me a baby” Jessie tells Ben as she straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her. Jessie bounces up and down on BIG FELLA for a good hour before Ben carries her to the lounge chair and starts drilling her. He pounds her cervix for twenty-five minutes before it relents and lets BIG FELLA pass into her womb. Ben starts to pump her womb full of cum when Nadia comes to the pool area and tells everyone “Abigail is going into labor, somebody find Mike and Margaret. Mandy is already with her”.

Ben exits Jessie's pussy with a loud pop and kisses her she tells him to go and witness his baby being born and kisses him. Ben finds Mike and Margaret and tells them about Abigail going into labor. They go and head to Nadia's birthing room in one of the houses. While on the way they see Renee with Tiffani. Renee's water has just broken and she is going into labor. They all go to the house just in time to witness Abigail delivering her triplet girls Caimile April, Bethany Amanda, Laticia Abby, all weighing in at around 8 pounds. Ben, Mike and Margaret each are holding a baby.

Ben tells her lovely Abigail “You did a great job, my love. Caimile, Bethany and Laticia are very beautiful just like their mom”. He leans down and kisses her on her lips. “Grandpa and Grandma what do you think of your granddaughters? Congratulations on becoming grandparents”.

Both Mike and Margaret have tears in their eyes, “Ben, thank you. They are beautiful girls.” Mike says, “They take after their mother” Ben tells him in reply, Margaret give little Bethany to Mandy to hold she is due in two months and comes over to Ben and kisses him. “They are very beautiful babies, Ben” Margaret says and then tells him “I want you to get me pregnant also. I want to give my daughter's a little sister or brother. I have been taking my pills that Abigail gave me and am fertile this week”.

Ben kisses her and tells her OK. Renee goes into labor as her girls come into the room they are all pregnant. Sarah due in April is the only one showing, being six months pregnant with six babies. Reanna, Rachel and Sam are due in July. They witness their mother giving birth to her boys Jelani Ben, Jengo Ben, Kofi Benjamin, Olabode Benjamin, all weighing between nine and ten pounds. Two sets of identical twin boys with extra large penises like their father.

Ben kisses Renee and each of his baby boys. Mike says “It look like your boys will be able to please all these girls”. Ben has tears in his eyes as he looks up and is surrounded by his seven babies and five pregnant women that are going to give him twenty-four more children when Becky walks in with Ben Junior. Becky is seven months pregnant with six babies and sees her husband is very emotional.

“Ben, Renee's boys are very handsome like their father. Abigail you girls are beautiful. Ben you have seven more babies in the family” Becky says as she kisses him. “I love my large happy family, all these beautiful babies. Renee you did a good job carrying those big boys for nine months” Becky says as she starts to feed Ben Junior who has cut his teeth.

Margaret gives the babies back to Abigail and takes Ben by hand to the living room. She puts him on the couch and spreads he legs and kneels down in between them. “Master, you did a good thing here. You brought my family back together. I love you, you are my daughter's baby daddy and hopefully mine. I still love Mike, always will. I want to make love with you” she says before taking BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucking him hard. Once he is hard she gets up and put BIG FELLA into her pussy and starts grinding away.

Mike comes in and watches his wife with BIG FELLA in her stretched pussy. Margaret grinds back and forth on BIG FELLA and screams out three orgasms, after coming down from the third one she asks Mike to fuck her in the ass. Mike is hard from seeing his wife enjoying BIG FELLA, he gets up and comes over to his wife. Ben spreads Margaret's ass cheeks apart and Mike spears his wives anal ring with his 9 1/2” cock. Ben and Mike build up a rhythm and fuck her for a good hour making her climax every five minutes. It seems like an hour long orgasm. Mike cums hard deep in her ass and exits her ass with a loud pop.

Ben almost immediately picks Margaret up and turns her over and slams BIG FELLA deep inside of her stretching her cervix. Ben jackhammers her pussy for a good ninety minutes before he breaks through and fucks her womb for about thirty minutes. Ben then pours his semen into her fertile womb for an hour. When he is done Margaret's stomach looks like she is three months pregnant. Ben exits her womb and Margaret pulls him down on her and professes her love for him. They get up and head to the shower and cleanup, Ben kisses Margaret as he washes her body. He caresses her 36D breasts and soaps them up and washes them and then her hairless pussy. He washes her nice ass and her crack, she is leaking Mike's cum out of her asshole.

Margaret starts to wash her Master and kisses him “Ben, I meant what I said downstairs about loving you. You are very generous and caring. You brought my girls back into my life and given me grandchildren and hopefully more children. I do love you”. She drops to her knees and starts to worship BIG FELLA. She kisses his big head and tells him “I love you too BIG FELLA. You make me feel so full and stretched out”. She sucks him hard and starts deep throating his sixteen inch cock. It takes Ben thirty minutes to cum down her throat. They get out of the shower and dry off.

They head back downstairs holding hands, they go outside to the pool and warm themselves under the sun. Ben puts suntan lotion on Margaret and several of his other slaves that have joined him. Faith, Hope and Charity are there and Ben asks them where is Julie, “She went to get her sisters. She wants them to meet you” Faith says.

“Yeah, I know she wants me to make them my slaves also” Ben says as he makes love to Hope and sucks on Charity's pussy. Julie arrives with her sisters about two hours later, Ben having climaxed in Hope's womb. He is relaxing with them in the pool as she comes around the corner with Dana, Helen and Heather (13 year old twins), Erin and Elana (11 year old twins). They all have blond hair and blue eyes.

“Ben, I would like to introduce you to my sisters. They all wanted to come and meet my boyfriend” Julie says. Ben kisses his girls in the pool and gets out of the pool and comes over, Julie gets undressed as he does. Dana asks her “What are you doing? Why are you undressing?”. “When we are at home we always naked, look at the other women here” Julie says as Ben comes towards them. Dana whispers to Julie, “Shit, that is one huge penis. How big is he? It is swinging between his legs like a bat”.

“Girls, this is my new boyfriend. His name is Ben Barnes. Ben these are my sisters, Dana, Heather Helen, Erin and Elana. My boyfriend is sixteen inches long, Dana” Julie says. “Julie your tattoo says you are his property” Heather says. “Yes, I belong to him now. I am his slave and he is my Master. He takes care of me and I take care of him and his needs. We make love and fuck every chance we get. All these women in his estate are his slaves, he is their Master and he takes very good care of them”.

They go over and meet everyone that is around the pool and Ben asks if they want to go swimming in the pool or the ocean. Erin tells him they did not bring their bathing suits. Julie tells them they go in their birthday suits. Dana is the first to strip and goes over and sits by Ben. She is 5'4 with nice perky 34C breasts.

“Mr. Barnes, all these women here are your slaves? You have sex with all of them?” Dana asks him as she continuously glaces at BIG FELLA. Ben reaches over and lifts her head to make eye contact with her, “Yes, Dana. All these women are my slaves and I am their Master. I love each one. I am married to Becky but treat all my women as my wives, even your sister. I am going to take care of your sister, Julie for the rest of her life. She wants to get pregnant. I will not force you or your other sisters to have sex with me. I want you pretty girls to come home with me and live with us, Julie is coming home with us”.

She reaches for BIG FELLA, “Mr. Barnes can I touch your huge penis?” Dana asks. “Dana, my name is Ben. Please call me Ben. And if you do yes you can do whatever you want with BIG FELLA” Ben tells her. “BIG FELLA?” Dana says as she rubs on Ben's cock and then sees the tattoo on the top. “I see Ben, that is very appropriate” Dana says as she kneels in front of him and starts to lick, kiss and suck on BIG FELLA.

“What are you doing, Dana?” Heather asks. “I am sucking on Ben's cock. Get over here and watch me suck on this beautiful cock” Dana says. Her sister reluctantly go over and watch her suck on BIG FELLA. At first she can only get the head in and then eventually she gets about three inches in her mouth. Julie tells her to swallow and breathe through her nose when BIG FELLA hits the back of her mouth. Dana nods and Julie works her down on BIG FELLA.

Ben is enjoying Dana's efforts in sucking BIG FELLA and tells Heather to come over and straddle his face. She looks worried and Julie tells her to do it she will love it. She does and Ben starts to suck on her virgin pussy making her climax almost immediately. When she comes down she asks Julie “What the fuck was that, Julie?”. “You just had your first of many orgasms. Ben just made you cum by sucking on your pussy” Julie tells her.

Helen looks on and says she wants one of those. Erin and Elana say the same thing as Dana starts taking BIG FELLA down her throat. Erin says “Damn you can see the head of Ben's penis stretch out Dana's throat as it goes down her throat”. “That feels amazing when you have BIG FELLA down your throat” Julie tells her sisters. Faith, Hope and Charity come over and kiss their new sister slave and introduce themselves to her sister. Hope puts Heather on her back and starts licking her pussy. Faith takes Erin and Charity takes Elana, they start sucking on their pussies. After a couple of minutes all four girls are screaming and moaning. Erin and Elana are squirters and squirt into their partners mouth.

When Dana has made Ben come down her throat she gets off of BIG FELLA and licks his balls and shaft clean. Heather then moves down, getting off of Ben's face, and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Heather sucks on the head and underneath of the head and starts pushing down on him. Ben tells Dana that she did a good job and tells her he wants to eat her out. She smiles and kisses him and then lowers her pussy on his mouth. Her sister have climaxed multiple times from Hope, Faith and Charity's efforts.

Ben makes Dana climax hard by stroking her hymen and then he cums in Heathers mouth. She swallows the first load and then tells her sisters to come over and try it. Erin is a little hesitant at first. Elana and Helen are the first to suck down a load and tell Erin it tastes good. Erin gets three loads down her throat before Ben is finished cuming. She continues to suck on him until he is hard again and she gets off of him. Ben gets Dana off for the fifth time and asks her if she wants to ride BIG FELLA.

Dana jumps up and goes over and sucks on BIG FELLA and then she straddles him, “Dana, baby it is going to hurt when I pass your hymen. It will get better I promise” Ben tells her as she pushes down on BIG FELLA. She screams that it is to big that it hurts, Ben reaches up and pulls her down and kisses her and tells her it will get better and then he forces her down on BIG FELLA, breaking her hymen in one stroke. He pushes deep inside of her. Ben pulls her up and then pulls her down hard on him. Her sisters tell her they see blood coming from her pussy.

Julie tells them that is normal when you break your hymen. It takes Ben 45 minutes before he reaches her cervix, she has had multiple orgasms after she got over the pain. Dana leans over and kisses her new lover and tells him it feels good now. “Baby, when I cum in a woman I always cum in their wombs” Ben tells her as he rolls her over and starts pounding her cervix hard and fast. It takes him an hour before he breaks through, Dana's pussy squeezing and clamping down on BIG FELLA.

When he presses through her cervix Dana lets out a loud scream and then starts to moan as Ben bottoms out in her womb. He fucks her womb for thirty minutes before blowing his load. Becky comes over and gives him his pills and a little blue baby. “Ladies, this is my wife Becky. She is the Mistress of the house” Ben tells Julie's sister. “How was your first time Dana? Did you enjoy having sex with Ben and BIG FELLA?” Becky asks her.

“Absolutely amazing. Never felt so full or alive before. When he came in my womb I though I was going to explode” Dana says. “I don't know about my sisters, but Ben will you be my Master. I want you to make love to me as much as you want. I can never get enough of BIG FELLA” Dana says as she leans down and cuddles with him. Still with an afterglow on her face.

“Before you girls ask me to be your Master you need to know what you are getting into. If you become my slaves I will train you in your pussy and then your ass. I will fuck your pussies ten times in a row without interruption and then your ass ten times in a row. Finally you will have to give me twenty blow jobs in a row without interruption. You will be very sore afterward, but you will be my slaves. I will give you tattoos on your back like your sister Julie, and the one on the back of her neck and on her mound above her pussy. If you agree to that I will accept you as my slave” Ben tells her.

Without hesitation Dana tells him, “I want to be your slave”. Heather and Helen ask can they try having sex without committing to becoming a slave. He says yes. Heather comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Ben then puts her on her back and pushes BIG FELLA into her 13 year old pussy. He pushes up to her hymen and tells her it is going to hurt then it will get better.

“Master, Ben it feels so big inside of me. If feels like you are fucking me with a bat, ow shit that hurt” Heather says as Ben pushes past her hymen and tries to get as deep inside of her as he can. “OH GOD, BIG FELLA is so thick. OH GOD MASTER I think you are ripping me apart” Heather says as Ben picks up speed, he leans over and tells her “It will get better sweetheart, trust me”. Heather is sweating as Ben pounds her with long hard deep strokes. It takes him an hour before he gets all the way to her cervix, once he does he starts pounding her cervix fast and hard. Heather is enjoying BIG FELLA and Ben's prowess as a sex Master. She has a major orgasm and screams out loud “OH, GOD Ben. BE MY MASTER. I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE”.

Ben pushes through her cervix and starts pumping her womb and eventually he pours his seed into her fertile womb. “Master, that was amazing. Helen, Erin, Elana you have to try this. Have sex with Ben and he will be your Master. You will beg him to be your Master like I just did” Heather says as Ben exits her womb and then her tight pussy with a pop.

Helen comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA, “It is my turn” she says when his is hard. She lowers herself onto BIG FELLA and pushes down breaking her own hymen and starts pushing down and pulling up and down. She is fucking Ben hard and fast, she tells Ben “My period is next week. Get me pregnant like Julie”

“Your not my slave yet” Ben says. “I will be soon, I want you as my Master, please accept me as your slave” Helen says as she grinds on BIG FELLA having one orgasm after another. Ben reaches up and pushes her all the way down on BIG FELLA impaling her. When he passes her cervix she screams out loud and he turns her over on her back lifts her legs and begins pumping her womb. “Helen Baby, I accept you as my slave. When I am done I am going to have you go see Sheila and have your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on your lower back with your sisters Heather and Dana.

Ben goes balls deep inside of her tight virgin pussy and Helen screams out “Thank you Master, pour you seed in my womb. Give me your cum, OH GOD you are making me cum again”. Ben throttles her for a good 35 minutes before he climaxes in her womb. Once he is done cuming her tells Helen, Heather and Dana to go with Faith and get her back tattooed. He tells Helen and Heather to have their names put on the upper arms.

Once they are gone, Becky comes over and gives him his pills and tells Erin and Elana that Ben loves having virgin slaves. “You girls do not have to have sex with Ben in your vagina to be his slave. You will have to be trained in your ass and complete your oral training” Becky tells her.

Erin looks at Elana and tells both of them “The hell with that, I want that beautiful cock in my pussy and ass”. Erin then goes over and sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard. When BIG FELLA is hard she asks Ben to go easy on her and lays on her back with her legs spread wide. Ben licks her pussy and makes her cum hard, while she is still climaxing her pushes the seven inch head of BIG FELLA into her extremely tight pussy.

Ben is really sweating as he pushes deep into little 4'9 Erin. He pushes past her hymen tearing it to shreds and continues to pound her pussy. He gets about seven inches into her and hits her cervix. “Elana, have you girls started your periods yet?” Becky asks her. “Yes, Mistress Becky. We started having our periods when we were nine. We are regular, we usually have our period the second week of the month. Is Master going to get us pregnant?” Elana asks.

“Yes he is” Becky says. Ben is grunting as he humps on an orgasmic Erin, she is crying out her lover for her new master. “Is Ben going to make our mother his slave? She really needs to have a good fucking. My dick less father abandoned us and she hasn't had a man in her life for seven years. She would really enjoy BIG FELLA” Elana says as Erin has a screaming Peggy-like like orgasm as Peggy comes up and introduces herself.

Becky tells them that she is Ben's fourth wife and their mistress. Peggy then spreads Elana's legs and starts to suck on her virgin pussy. She knows how to suck pussy and makes her cum five times before Ben pushes through Erin's cervix. Ben then cums hard in her womb he pulls out of her womb trapping his seed in her womb and then rolls over and rests with BIG FELLA still in little Erin's pussy.

“Baby, I need to rest for a minute. That tight pussy of yours wore me out” Ben says as he kisses Erin. “Master, please take my mother and make her a slave” Erin asks her new Master. “Erin, sweetheart, I am going to give your mother every opportunity I can. I am going to support your mother and hope she will come with us on our adventure” Ben tells her. “Master, she needs a man in her life really bad. She was abandoned by our father, the worthless prick and hasn't had a man since having to raise six children by herself. She needs some good loving” Erin says.

Julie comes over and tells them that she is going to bring their mother over on Sunday and hopefully she will agree. Julie says she will probably be shocked when she sees BIG FELLA and all of our tattoos on our backs.

Becky comes over and tells Ben that Odette, Carmalina and Joanna have just landed. Ben asks her to get Karl and Dee over here and when they arrive have them brought over here to meet their siblings. Tell Karl and Dee that I want them to meet the new slaves.

Becky does as she is instructed and goes and gets Karl and Dee. They come over and see Erin in Ben's arms and Elana sitting next to him. Heather and Helen come back to the pool area and Ben sees their back tattoos and tells them they look good. He introduces Karl and Dee to them and wait for Faith and Dana to come back. Ben exits Erin's pussy and Elana starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

“Ben you just keep collecting beautiful girls don't you” Dee says. Before Ben can say anything Becky comes into the backyard and says “Look what showed up at the front gate”. Dee sees her sisters Odette and Carmalina and she runs up and hugs them. They have their daughters with them. Karl sees his sister Joanna and goes up and greets her and her children.

“Master, you devil. You never told us that you were flying them down here” Dee says. “Baby it is a surprise” Ben says as he is enjoying Elana's efforts in sucking on BIG FELLA. He is hard as a stone and taps her on the head to get off.
He greets his new guest. “Welcome, ladies I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Cayman Islands with us” Ben says. The twenty-two ladies just stare at a rock hard BIG FELLA. Odette notices Dee's tattoo. Becky goes and gets Rebecca, Karl Jr., Gemma, Grace, Ashley and Ameillia.

Odette asks Dee “I see the tattoo on your back and on your neck, what is that all about?” without looking away from BIG FELLA. “I am Ben's slave and he is my Master as our my daughters. Karl Junior is engaged to Ben's first-born daughter Nikki. And they are going to get married this summer. We are all pregnant with Ben's babies also”.

“Karl how could you let this happen?” Joanna asks him. “I love my wife Dee and that is her choice. I have sex with many of Ben's maids and have impregnated several of them. I enjoy this lifestyle. I hope you will join us. Joanna's daughter Erin, a six foot fire red head beauty with huge 38 DD breasts with small areola for such big breasts, comes over to Ben and drops to her knees and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. “Erin, what are you doing? Get off of him” Joanna says.

She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and looks over at her mother and tells her “You cannot expect me to see this beautiful cock and not want it. I am going to suck Ben's cock and hopefully get it all the way down my throat”. Erin bobs up and down and starts to get it down her throat as Rebecca and her sisters come around the corner and greet their cousins. Karl has Nikki with him. They are all nude. Shari and Sharon look at Karl Junior's twelve inch tool and smile at him.

Karl Junior introduces his fiance to his aunt's and cousins. Shari says “You sure have grown up since the last time we saw each other, Karl”. Sharon just rubs his cock, “Nikki you are a lucky woman to have such a beautiful cock to enjoy” she says to her. “You want to give him a blow job it is fine with me. We are sexually liberated, although I will not have sex without him being present. I love Karl with all my heart”.

Sharon drops to her knees and starts sucking on Karl's impressive cock. She licks and strokes it. Ben has his hand on the top of Erin's head and tells Joanna, Odette and Carmalina that he hopes that they will feel welcome here and enjoy their stay. Ben tells them that clothing is optional and that the family goes around the estate nude. He tells them to get use to it. Odette and Carmalina kiss their sister and Dee tells them to get undressed, that they are all family here.

The women all get undressed and watch Erin deep throating Ben enormous cock. Paulette asks “How big is Ben's penis?”. Faith tells them he is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide. Erin finally takes BIG FELLA all the way down her throat. It takes Ben thirty minutes before he pours his cum down Erin's throat and into her stomach.

She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and sucks a couple ropes and tastes Ben cum, “Damn it tastes a little salty and sweet at the same time” Erin says. Once she has taken him out of her mouth Ben goes over and kisses each lady on the lips and is introduced by Dee and Karl.

Odette introduces her daughters Charlene, Casey and Cara fourteen year old triplets. Carmalina introduces her daughters Paula, Paulina and Paulette twelve year old triplets and her adoptive daughters Danica and Daisy, thirteen year old twins who was her best friends children and she was given sole custody of them. Karl introduces his sister Joanna and her children, seventeen year old Erin. Who just gave him an incredible blow job. Shari and Sharon thirteen year old twins, Sharon the one who just swallowed a huge load from Karl Junior. Fifteen year old Haley and fourteen year old Katrina. Joanna introduces her adoptive daughters Hadiya, fifteen year old raven hair beauty with emerald green eyes. Her younger sisters triplets Annette, Anastasia and Ameilia that are fourteen years old with the same raven black hair as their older sister and deep green eyes. Josefina and Jackie thirteen year old twins round out the clan. Ben kisses each on on the lips most stroke BIG FELLA as he kisses them.

Elana comes up to Ben and pulls on BIG FELLA, “Excuse us ladies, Master has work to do. He has my cherry to pop so that I can get my “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo on my lower back”. She leads him over to the lounge chair and begins sucking on BIG FELLA until he gets hard. Elana then spreads her legs and tells Ben “Come and get it lover, make me a woman. Make me your woman”. Ben smiles and lines up a rock hard BIG FELLA to her pussy and pushes deep tearing her hymen in the first push. She yelps in pain as Ben continues his assault on her young tight virgin pussy. Her twin Erin comes over and tells her it hurts at first but gets better. She tells her to relax and breath as Ben pushes deeper and deeper, pushing inch after inch into her until he reaches her cervix about nine inches in. He rest there for a while just moving around in circles trying to get her to adjust to his enormous girth.

Once Elana's pussy starts squeezing BIG FELLA and relaxing around the head, Ben starts to pound on her cervix. It takes him an hour before he can finally push through and he bottoms out in her womb. Odette says “I have never seen a man fuck like that and last that long, much less seen a cock that freaking huge”. “Sis, our Master can go for hours upon hours. You want to go a round with BIG FELLA” Dee asks.

“Maybe, eventually. I don't know” Odette says. “Don't be scared” Dee says “He will be very gentle with you”. “Yeah, gentle as a jackhammer” she tells her in turn as they watch Ben hammer away at Elana's womb. Ben groans and starts to pour his seed into her eleven year old womb filling it to capacity and then some, bloating her stomach out. When he is done he pulls out of her womb trapping his seed in her and then exits her pussy with a very loud pop.

“How was that Elana?” Ben asks. “I hope I didn't hurt you”. “No, Master you didn't hurt me. It hurt like hell when you tore my hymen and then when you pushed past my cervix but it began to feel a lot better after awhile. I loved it when you poured your cum in my womb, it felt so hot”

Ben lays next to her and rest awhile. Faith picks up Elana and takes her to Sheila's room to get her tattoo. Odette, Carmalina's girls are in the pool with Dee's kids. Joanna's Erin, Sharon and Shari come over and sit by Ben. Erin kisses Ben and asks him if he has enough energy for another round. Tiffani comes over and gives him his pills with water and an energy drink. Sharon starts sucking on BIG FELLA while Shari sucks on his balls. Erin begins to kiss him and rub her enormous chest on his.

Erin looks Ben in the eyes and asks him “Do you like my breast, Ben?. All the boys at my school plus most of my teachers wanted to fuck me, but I remained a virgin. Now I know why. I want to give my virginity to you and to your powerful, beautiful cock”.

Joanna speaks up “No, Erin don't do this. Save it for the man you are going to marry”. “Mom, I will never find a man to measure up to Ben. His cock is bigger than anything I have ever seen in any porn movie. He obviously knows how to treat women. I am going to give him my virginity and hopefully he will make me his own” Erin tells her in reply.

“Joanna, Odette, Carmalina I wanted to keep this to myself until the end of the trip, but I might as well offer this now. I want to open my house up to you three ladies. I want you to move down to my mansion and live with us. You will be well provided for and taken care of. You don't have to be my slaves to accept. I have plenty of women, Dee and Karl just wanted you to be closer and they are my family and I try to do everything in my power for my family. I love them dearly, Karl and Dee. Karl Junior is my soon-to-be son-in-law and my daughter Nikki is probably pregnant with his child already. They have been fucking non-stop for over a month now” Ben tells them as he is interrupted by Erin straddling him and pushing BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy.

“OH FUCK YEAH, THAT IS ONE FUCKING HUGE COCK. IT IS SPLITTING ME OPEN” Erin screams as she pushes BIG FELLA all the way to her cervix. “Your are bleeding, Erin. You are bleeding around your pussy” Sharon says. “That is normal when you tear through your hymen” Dee tells her. “Erin are you enjoying my Master? Are you enjoying BIG FELLA?” Dee asks her.

“Hell fucking yes. Master this is your pussy do with it as you choose. Stretch that pussy with your beautiful powerful cock of yours. OH GOD, BEN. MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE. I want to be your slave. I want to be your woman” Erin screams out. Karl Jr. is in the pool with Nikki making out with his cousins and says “Looks like Ben has another slave”. “Karl, fuck me. I am yours put that nice fat cock of yours inside of me”.

When they are done, Ben cuming in Erin's womb and Karl Jr. in Nikki. They go to dinner at the main house. When they walk over to the house. Nikki tells her Dad she has good news and tells him she is pregnant with Karl's baby. He kisses her and tells her that is good news. “The baby is going to have to stay with us this fall while you are in college” Ben tells her. They go to dinner with the whole family. Ben introduces the new slaves, Karl and Dee's sisters and nieces. Introduces Erin as his new slave. Then he has everybody raise their glasses in a toast to the newest pregnant girl. “To my beloved daughter Nikki, and her husband to be Karl congratulations to the new parents. My daughter is pregnant with Karl's child. Oh, God I am going to be a grandfather” Ben says. “Cheers to the new couple. We are going to have a wedding this summer that is going to rival the most extravagant of all time. Karl and Nikki getting married with Reanna and James getting married also. To a happy loving family, may we always be in love and care for each other. Family is everything, nothing else matters”.

They all toast and come up and congratulate Nikki on becoming pregnant. Liz tells Ben that the horse farm in Alabama is his that they will meet with the former owner when they get back in April.

Ben asks the ladies if they like horses, he tells them he just purchased a ten thousand acre horse ranch with goats and cattle. Ben looks over to Odette, Joanna and Carmalina and tells them there is enough room for all of them. They will have there own separate master suite. He tells them to think about it.

After dinner they go to the beach and sit around a bonfire Ben making love to his new slaves, Julie's sisters. He makes love to each one and then takes them into the house. James is with Reanna as usual, he is is fucking her from behind while she sucks on Odette's pussy. Karl is with Nikki fucking her in her ass while she is sucking on Carmalina's pussy. Ben tells the sisters “We are a large happy loving family. My slaves pussies are mine, I share them form time to time with friends that you will meet at the end of February, My ladies are all bi-sexual, they love men and women”.

When Ben gets to the house with his five slaves he tells them he is going to break in their asses, “Girls, I need to prepare your asses for the training. I will be honest with you and tell you this will hurt to start with. When we are done you will be very sore, your ass might even feel like it burns. It will get better, I promise. Know this, you girls are mine I love you and will protect and support you for the rest of your lives. Dana, I am going to start with you. I am going to use some lube and get your sphincter loose before I put my cock in your ass” Ben tells them as he puts the lube on an erect BIG FELLA and then on Dana. He pushes a generous amount of lube into her ass with his fingers and then positions BIG FELLA at her anal ring and tells her “Here it goes” and with a push and pulling on her hips Ben gets the head of BIG FELLA into her ass with a loud pop. Dana is wincing in pain as Ben pushes deep inside of her. Ben then pulls all the way out and then immediately pushes back into her anal ring. He does this thirty times until she is loosened up enough and he pushes ten inches into her in one long stroke.

“Dana, is it getting better” Ben asks. She tells him yes and just keep BIG FELLA in her ass. Ben pounds her ass for a good hour before he exits her ass and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy and explodes in her pussy.

Ben gets up and tells Helen it is her turn. She comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. She then straddles Ben and he puts lube on BIG FELLA and squeezes lube into her thirteen year old ass. Helen then lowers herself onto BIG FELLA. She is on her feet as she lowers herself onto Ben's hard cock. She pops her anal ring and eases her way down and then pulls up and then back down. After about twenty minutes Ben pulls her feet from out from under her and she is suspended on BIG FELLA and is sinking further down on BIG FELLA.

Helen screams out her love for her new master as Tiffani comes in and sees Ben on his back enjoying his little thirteen year old lover bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. Tiffani tells the girls to come around to the end of the bed and watch as Ben pumps his load into her ass.

Ben starts to erupt and Erin says “Damn, you can actually see BIG FELLA pumping the load into Helen. Does that feel good Helen”. She looks over and nods exhausted from the pounding her ass has taken and also from countless orgasms. When he is done pouring his load into Helen, Ben pulls little Helen off of his cock and puts her on the bed. Cum is flowing from her gaping ass and Erin and Elana go over without being instructed to and start licking the cum that is leaking out.

Heather comes over and tells Ben “It is my turn, Master”. Tiffani gives Ben his pills and then kisses him and tells him to enjoy his new lovers. Heather sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard and asks Ben how does he want her. He tells her on her stomach with her legs spread apart on the bed. She complies with his wishes and he pushes BIG FELLA into her her anal ring making her scream Erin and Elana come over and hold her down as Ben pushes into her sphincter.

“Damn Master, I don't know how you fit that huge cock of yours in our asses” Dana says as she comes over and sees Ben pushing into Heather's ass. It goes in with a pop and a scream from Heather. Ben reaches for the lube and pours it on her ass and then continues her assault on her young thirteen year old ass. Ben tells her that her ass is his as he continues to push into her ass and then pull out. Ben grabs her arms and starts to wale on her ass pumping her with long hard deep strokes as she cries out. Ben then releases her arms and lays on top of her and tells her that it will get better.

Dana is engrossed in the sight of the huge seven inch bulbous head of BIG FELLA as it enters and exits her sisters once tight anal cavity. “Punish her ass Master, give it to her hard” Dana tells him as he throttles young Heather's ass. It takes Ben over an hour to cum inside of her ass. He exits her ass and tells everyone that he is done for the night.

“Master, you still haven't done Erica or Elana” Julie tells him. “Tomorrow sweetie, tomorrow. Lets sleep” Ben says as he pulls Heather onto him and tells her he is sorry for being so rough. She looks up at him and says, “It better get a lot better than that. It hurt like hell”. The six of them sleep together in the king size bed. Erica and Elana are between Ben's legs they have a cold wash cloth cleaning off BIG FELLA and Ben's balls. When they are done cleaning BIG FELLA off they take him in there hands and start licking on him until they fall asleep.

They sleep until late in the morning. Erica and Elana are still in between his legs with BIG FELLA still in the grasps. Heather and Helen are on either side of him and Julie and Dana are laying on top of him. Becky comes into the room and sees them sleeping peacefully together. Ben looks up at her and smiles at her. Becky sees that Heather and Helen still have cum leaking out of their asses and that Dana's ass is still gaping wide. Erica and Elana are sucking and licking on BIG FELLA in their sleep.

About an hour later she hears a scream from the bedroom and goes in and sees that Ben has popped Erica's anal cherry and is going to town in her ass. Her twin is holding her down and the other girls are in the shower cleaning up. Ben rears up and starts to cum in Erica's ass.

Ben looks over at Becky and tells her that was a very tight ass. “Master, every ass is tight when you first take it. Erica, it will get better” Becky says. Erica looks over at her very tired and smiles. “Master has one mighty cock” Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her ass with a pop, he is soft and lays down. Becky goes and gets a wash cloth and a glass of water for Ben. She gives him his pills and washes BIG FELLA off. “When you are done in here we are going to need to clean these sheets, they are soaked with cum” Becky says with a smile. “Welcome to the family girls” Becky says as she leaves and Elana moves over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. “What are those pills for Mistress Becky” Julie asks. “It helps Master with his stamina and his sperm production” she tells her. “It works very well. Master cums in buckets” Julie says with a smile.

When she has gotten BIG FELLA hard Elana lowers herself onto BIG FELLA putting him in her ass. Elana is letting gravity work as she sinks down on BIG FELLA. Julie helps her with lube on BIG FELLA and pushing her down on BIG FELLA. When she penetrates her anal ring she lets out a little scream. She humps up and down on BIG FELLA, her ass stretching out to accommodate his large girth. Erica looks over to her new Master and asks “I wonder how many eleven year old girls have such a powerful beautiful man to love them and make love to them. I love you Master, you are amazing”. She kisses him fully on his lips and tells him again “I love you, you are amazing. My body tingles all over from your love-making”. Erica lays her head down and goes to sleep.

Ben lets Elana work BIG FELLA in her ass for 45 minutes before he turns her over and starts pounding her. He fucks her for an hour before he comes deep in her ass. He passes out while still in her ass and is holding her tight. Julie asks her sister if she is alright. “Never better Julie. Thanks for introducing me to Ben, he is a beautiful man”.

“That he is, when he took me I never felt more alive. Then he told me he wanted my sisters also. He is going to provide us with a stable home, provide us with the best educations and children. Look at his compound here, I can only imagine his mansion in Alabama” Julie states.

Ben sleeps with little Elana in his arms for long time. Erica cuddles with him also, the three of them look so at peace together. When Ben wakes hours later he picks up his two little lovers and takes them to the shower and washes both of them and himself. They strip the bedsheets and take them the the washer and start the wash and head outside. Ben with his two lovers on either side of him.

“Master, did you sleep well?” Julie asks. “Yes, I did. I had two little angels to snuggle and hold” Ben says as he sits with Erica and Elana at the table and they eat something trying to get their strength back. Both girls sit very gingerly on the seats, Ben notices and tells them it will get better. After dinner Ben gets in the pool and Paula, Paulina and Paulette get in the pool with him.

Paula asks Ben “Ben, where you serious when you are told our mother that you wanted us to move in with you?”. “Yes I was. I am very serious when it comes to family. I know Dee and Karl would be thrilled to have their extended families around them” Ben tells her as her sisters Paulina and Paulette come over and grab on to his strong shoulders. “Will we have to become your slaves?” Paulina asks. Ben smiles and tells them no and that they do not have to be his slaves for them to move in. Paulette asks him “What you don't think we are as pretty as Erica and Elana?”. “I did not say that. You three are very beautiful and very sexy young ladies. I just do not force women to be my slaves” Ben tells her.

Bill hearing the conversation “He doesn't have to force women or girls to have sex with him, they seem to fall out of the trees and attack him”. “Very funny Bill, Very funny” Ben says as he holds the triplets, “Why do you guys asks these questions? Do you want to be my slaves and my lovers?” Ben asks them. Paula has a firm grip on BIG FELLA underneath the water. She is stroking him back and forth as her aunts Dee, Odette and mother Carmalina come over and get into the pool. “You three little vixens enjoying my Master?” Dee says.

“Oh, Yes” Paula says as her mother looks under the water and sees she has a firm grip on BIG FELLA. “Looks like Paula got a new toy” Carmalina says with a smile. “A very nice long and hard toy. Momma are you going to be Ben's lover and slave? Don't you want this nice big fat cock inside of you” Paula says seductively, “I know I want to be his. I just don't know if it will fit” Paula says. Erica lifts her head and tells her “It will fit, your pussy will stretch to accommodate his size and girth as will your ass”. Dee laughs at hearing this.

Ben then picks his little lovers up and takes them over to the lounge chair and sets them down and asks them “Tell me what you want?”. “I want to suck on this huge cock of your” Paula says and Paulina says “Me too”. “Well while you two are sucking on BIG FELLA I want to taste Paulette's sweet virgin pussy” Ben says. They all respond “Yipee”. Ben lays on his back and Paula and Paulina starts sucking on his cock each taking a side as Paulette straddles his face.

Ben grabs her hips and starts licking and sucking on her slit. Paulette immediately responds by moaning and moving her hips. “My Master is excels at cunnilingus” Dee says, “You two have got to try him out”. Her sisters are playing with their pussies under the water as they see the girls enjoying Ben.

After Paulette's fifth orgasm she screams out “OH, FUCK. BEN BARNES, MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE. I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE. I WANT YOU TO BE MY MASTER”. She repeats this as she has another five orgasms. Her sisters are working up and down on BIG FELLA with their tongues. One will suck on the head for awhile when the other licks the shaft all around.

Ben lifts Paulette up and tells them to switch. Paula jumps up and runs over and straddles his head as Paulette takes her place on BIG FELLA. “Give me what you gave my sister, Please” Paula says before she lowers her pussy onto Ben's mouth. Just like her sister she climaxes almost instantaneously. Ben gives her as many orgasms as her sister as he feels a more experienced mouth on his cock. Ben lifts Paula up to see Carmalina taking over sucking on BIG FELLA as her daughters are licking the shaft.

Ben looks over at Dee and she is smiling. Ben lowers Paula back down on his mouth and continues to suck on her virgin pussy. He licks her hymen and makes her cum hard like Peggy used to do. Ben makes her cum until he climaxes in Carmalina's mouth. Paulette and Paulina asks her mother to share and they exchange kisses and she puts some of Ben's cum in their mouths which they swallow. Carmalina is the last to swallow his load. She then returns to sucking on BIG FELLA. Ben picks up Paula and Paulina takes her place. He begins to give her orgasms one after another.

Once BIG FELLA is hard, Carmalina announces to her girls “Let me show you how to ride this huge cock”. And she raises up and straddles Ben and pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. Her pussy not having a cock in it for over nine years is extremely tight. As she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA Bill tells Carmalina's girls “See, Ben doesn't need to force women to fuck him. They are lined up to ride his huge cock. And once he has fucked you, you will never be the same again”.

All three girls scream out that they want to be Ben's slaves. Ben cannot respond because he has a mouthful of pussy and a nice tight pussy is clamping down on his cock. Ben think Carmalina is going to break BIG FELLA off from his body. She rides him and rides him as she does Ben continues to suck all the pussy juice out of pour little Paulina. Cara, Casey and Charlene come over and tell Ben they want what he just gave their cousins.

“Please give me some water, then I will suck on your pussies” Ben says as they get him a large glass of ice water and he downs it quickly. Cara is the first on his mouth and he makes her climax ten times before he switches partners and get Casey to straddle his face. He makes all three girls cum before he is ready to blow his load into Carmalina's sweet tight pussy. When he is he gets Charlene to get off of his face.

Ben then picks Carmalina up and puts her roughly on her back and start pile driving her pussy. He asks her “What do you want, tell me what do you want?” He says this repeatedly as he batters her cervix into submission and breaks through and enters her womb. When he does she screams out loud “I WANT TO BE YOUR SLAVE. I WANT YOU TO BE MY MASTER”. Karl is there by then and tells everyone “Well that did not take long”

Odette says “She wants what her sister just got”. Joanna says “Me too” as Ben pours his cum into Carmalina's womb. “So all three of you want to be my slaves. You are willing to get the required tattoo, “Property of Ben Barnes” on your lower backs.

The three women look at each other and tell him yes as does Odette and Carmalina's triplets. Joanna's girls are all around in the pool and on the lounge chairs and tell him that they do not want to be left out and that they want to be his slaves also.

“OK, tomorrow you are to get your tattoos. The triplets get their names on their shoulders, twins too” Ben says.

Ben then heads into what has become the training bedroom and with the sheets changed with clean ones he tells Carmalina's girls and Carmalina to come into the room with Odette and her girls. One by one he fucks each one of the triplets. Carmalina gives him his pills in between every other fuck. Ben pops six vaginal cherries and eight anal cherries that night and into the next morning. He doesn't get finished until mid afternoon. The girls are tired and warn out. Joanna and her girls take their place and bring him food, water and his pills. Joanna is first as she sucks on BIG FELLA while he is eating.

When Ben is finished eating and is hard as a rock she lays on the bed and tells Ben to “Come and get this pussy”. For Joanna, Odette and Carmalina it has been years, many years since they have been with a man. They have been concentrating on their children. “Baby, you spent all those long years without a man, concentrating raising your daughters and even taking in your best friends daughters. Now it is my turn to concentrate on you and your pussy” Ben tells her as he pushes deep inside of her pussy. When he finally gets her loosened up he start really pounding the crap out of her. He fucks her so hard she starts to cry.

“Are you alright, Joanna. I am not hurting you am I?” Ben asks as he stops. “OH, Hell no. Keep going it has just been so long since I have had a man inside of me. And you are no ordinary man. Or even extraordinary man. That cock of yours is freaking huge and it is stretching my out. GOD I MISSED THIS” Joanna says.

“OK, when I cum in a woman I always cum in her womb” Ben warns her as he jackhammers her cervix for about 35 minutes until it relents and lets BIG FELLA in. Joanna screams “NOBODY HAS EVER FUCKED MY WOMB BEFORE” as Ben strokes her womb and then starts cuming in her womb. When he is finished he exits her womb and lays next to her. “Joanna, you have spent the majority of your adult life taking care of your children. You have done a great job. Let me help you and your daughters” Ben tells her. “Master, I am yours. I know my brother likes you as does my sister-in-law Dee. She actually loves you as do their daughters”.

“Dee and her daughter's are carrying my children right now they are due in August” Ben says. “Master, you keep fucking me and fuck my daughter we will all be pregnant” Joanna says. “That is a plan. It shows your commitment to me and your desire to be my slave” Ben tells her. “Master, if you want me and my daughters to get pregnant we will. Are you girls on board with that?” Joanna asks her daughters.

“Well, Erin is already on her way. She sure enjoy Ben fucking her yesterday. I want him to make love to me” Haley says. Hadiya, Annette Anastasia, Ameilia, Shari, Sharon, Josefina and Jackie all agree.

“OK, one by one I am going to pop your vaginal cherries. I am going to fuck you and push BIG FELLA past your cervix and pour my seed into your young fertile wombs. When I am finished popping your pussies I am going to take each of your anal cherries also” Ben tells them. He lines them up from oldest girl to youngest. All the girls are between the ages of fifteen and thirteen. Ben pounds each of their pussies long and hard it takes him three days to take all of their cherries. When he is done he is done, Ben gets up and kisses each one and tells them to go get their “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on their lower backs and for the twins and triplets to get their names on their left upper arm.

Ben then goes to the master suite and falls asleep with Peggy, and his other bed slaves. He tells them he does not want to be touched for sex in two days. “Master, you are so generous and caring” Peggy tells him as she leans over and kisses him. She give him his vitamins and supplements with water and washes his body with a cool damp cloth. Ben sleeps for twenty-five hours straight. When he wakes up Tiffani has his meal ready for him. She serves him and tells him she is very proud of her son-in-law.

“Why is that, Mom?” Ben asks, tongue-in-cheek. “Because, you had planned to bring Dee and Karl's sister down here. You probably already knew they haven't had a lover since their husbands either left or died. You did this to make family members happy, just like you helped Soyeon with her sisters. That is why you do most of what you do on a daily basis” Tiffani says as she strokes BIG FELLA. “How is this beautiful cock feeling today?” Tiffani asks him. “It was sore as hell from popping all those cherries, but it is feeling better now” Ben says.

Becky comes into the room, “Ben you are awake thank God. Kiki, Mami and Kali are ready to have their babies” Becky tells him. “OK, you are out of breath. You have to take it easy you are carrying six babies in your belly. I love you and you need to take care of yourself, please don't over do it” Ben says. “I will. I will walk with you to the other house” Becky says.

“Becky, my darling. You are the reason I am still alive. I cannot fathom going on if you are not with me to share in my life. You need to take care of yourself my love” Ben says as he takes his pregnant wife into his arms. His kisses her passionately and deeply. They leave and head over to the house that has the birthing suite in it. They hear screams as they enter the house and go to see that it is Kiki as she starts giving birth to her three girls. They all weigh around seven pounds and are named Emily Kali, Sophie Mami, Kono Becky, Ben is as usual in tears as one of his beloved slaves gives birth to his children. Ben kisses Kiki and she tells him the names she has given her three identical girls. Ben likes the names, especially Kono as he remembers her from his scene on Hawaii Five-O. “Kiki, my love, you did a wonderful job with the babies. I love you” Ben tells her as he kisses her. Joanna, Odette and Carmalina's girls come into the room and asks if they can witness the next birth and Nadia says yes. Kali is the next to give birth to her girls, Alanah Kiki, Aleyla Mami, Amaui Becky, all weighing around eight pounds. Ben cries again as he sees his children born. “Girls, I always wanted a large family. I love you three with all my heart. You came to me with nothing but hope and I love you with all my heart. You are so sweet, and beautiful. I thank God for giving me you to love and take care of” Ben tells them as he kisses Kali. Mami is the next to give birth to her daughters, they weigh in around six pounds and are named, Halia Kiki, Haukea Kali, Haunani Becky, and Mami tells her Master their names. He kisses her and kisses all of his newborn baby girls.

“Master, each of them have given one of their babies Mistress Becky's name as a middle name” Erin says. “Erin, is it, It is because of Becky that we have Master in our lives. She is generous enough to share her man and her love to us. We love her as much as we love our Master” Kali tells her. “That makes sense” Erin says. They all leave the mothers with their newborn baby girls to bond.

Erin comes up to her Master and tells him, “I want you to get me pregnant. I want to give you babies”. “You will, you will” Ben tells her. Erin pulls her Master to the pool area behind the house, Becky smiles at him and tells him to enjoy himself. Erin drops to her knees and starts sucking BIG FELLA hard. When he is hard she puts Ben on his back and straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA into her warm wet pussy. She rocks on BIG FELLA facing him as Dana comes over and asks them if she can join in. Erin smiles and looks at Ben and says sure.

Dana straddles Ben's face and he starts eating her out. Dana and Erin start kissing and caressing each other. Julie comes over after Ben has made Dana climax three times and sits next to them. She tells Dana to get up, “Ben, my mother Jacqueline just called and asked where the girls are” Julie says to him.

Ben is ready to cum and he flips Erin over and pushes into her cervix and pumps his enormous load into her womb. He exits her and sits down next to them. Dana immediately starts sucking and licking BIG FELLA clean. “Julie, call you mother and tell her to come over. I want her to join the family. I want to take care of her just like I am taking care of her daughters” Ben tells her.

Julie gets up and kisses her Master and tells him thank you. She goes and calls her mother and tells her that her sisters are with him at her new boyfriends house. Julie invites her over for dinner to meet her new boyfriend.

Ben gets up and takes a shower and gets ready to meet Jacqueline. He is behind the main house in the pool when she arrives. He is in the pool with her daughters Dana, Helen, Heather, Erin and Elana. Julie meets her mother in a designer dress that she borrowed from one of Ben's girls. She kisses her mother and tells her “My boyfriend owns all of this Mom, He has ten houses in his compound. He has a mansion in Alabama that has over twelve hundred rooms. I am moving there with him in April when he goes home”.

Jacqueline still taking that in and seeing the all the big houses as they walk behind the main house and around to the pool. Julie takes her dress off and puts it on a chair. “Mom, when we are with Ben we are all naked” Julie tells her mother as she stares at her. Julie brings her mother over to the pool area where she sees this large black man playing with her other daughters. Each one gets out of the pool, naked as the day they were born. Erica and Elana are the last to leave the pool and take Ben with them.

Jacqueline gets her first look at Ben with all his muscles, very smooth even skin tone, and of course his enormous cock. Dana is the first to speak, “Mom, I would like to introduce our new boyfriend and our Master. Mom, he is our lover and he is going to take us back home with him”. Dana then turns around and shows her her “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoo as does her other daughters. Ben comes over and shakes her hand, Jacqueline is staring at BIG FELLA.

“Damn, that thing is huge. You fucked my daughters, Ben is it?” Jacqueline asks. “He made love to us. He popped our cherries in our pussies and asses. We are his mom” Heather says. “He did not force us, he does not have to. We came to him willingly” Helen tells her as Becky, Tiffani and all his other women come over and greet Jacqueline.

“Ben you have all these women around why do you need my daughters?” Jacqueline asks. “I don't need them. I want them and they want me and what I can provide for them a stable home that loves them. All my girls love them and we are going to take care of them. Your daughters are coming home with me and they will be getting the finest educations possible. I want you to come with us also” Ben tells her.

“Jacqueline, I love Ben. He is my husband and I love sharing him with my sisters here. I even brought my mother in with us. She loves Ben with all of her heart also” Becky tells her. “I have given birth to his daughter. Most of us will or have given birth to Ben's children. We all love him and each other. There is no jealousy in our family. Ben loves to take care of his women. Your daughters are his now. You are their mother and whether or not you want to become his slave, Ben is going to take care of you. You are family now”. Tiffani tells her.

Dominic comes out and tells everyone that dinner is ready. Ben, Becky and Tiffani take Jacqueline to the buffet and she sees it is loaded with food. All types of fish, scallops, shrimp, huge tray of lobster tails and all the trimmings. Ben tells Jacqueline to help her self and gives her a plate and leads her through the line. When they are seated outside Jacqueline tells Ben “I have never seen that much food on a dinner table for a family”.

“I have to feed over two hundred people. My family is very large, I have sixteen maids, two cooks to feed also the men. I cannot just feed my women but also my friends” Ben tells her. “Are you always naked? All of you seem to be very comfortable running around your compound with no clothes on” Jacqueline asks. “We are always naked in our house, the maids and cooks are always clothed. We are nudist” Becky says.

“Jacqueline, It cuts down on time for Ben” Bill says. “How is that?” Jacqueline asks. “When he is ready to make love he doesn't have to waist time taking off his and his slaves clothes” Bill says. “There he goes” Ben says laughing “Mr. One-liner”. After they have all had their fill and have congratulated Dominic and Derrick on another fine meal Ben, Becky and Tiffani take Jacqueline and her daughters out back to the pool area.

“You know what I like to do after a fine meal?” Ben asks Jacqueline “I have no idea” she says in reply as Tiffani and Becky giggle. “I like to work it off with some vigorous sex. Would you like to take BIG FELLA for a ride?” Ben asks her. “Well, I couldn't” she says in reply. “Mom, yes you can. You haven't had sex since your husband left. You have been concentrating on us kids. Trust me you will enjoy it” Julie tells her mother. Heather and Helen come over and take her dress off.

“We need to shave that bush, Master loves a smooth pussy” Tiffani says and leads Jacqueline to the bathroom in the training suite. Once she is clean shaven and proven smooth by Tiffani's talented tongue she tells Jacqueline that once she decides to become Ben's slave that he will have Emily take off all her hair below her neckline permanently. Tiffani brings Jacqueline back out to Ben and her daughters. They see Julie sucking on BIG FELLA and Dana tells her mother that Ben is ready for her.

Julie takes a rock hard BIG FELLA out of her throat and puts Ben on his back. Julie then leads her mom over to Ben and tells her to straddle him. She does and lowers herself onto Ben as Julie positions BIG FELLA into her slit and she starts to take him into her pussy.

“GOD DAMN that is a FUCKING HUGE COCK. OH MY GOD YOU ARE GOING TO RIP ME APART” Jacqueline screams as she slowly lowers herself onto BIG FELLA. Julie and Dana help her by lifting her legs up and she is suspended on BIG FELLA. All her weight is on BIG FELLA and slowly she descends onto him. When Jacqueline gets a couple inches further down on BIG FELLA the pull her up and drop her down.

This goes on for about an hour before BIG FELLA reaches her cervix. When this happens Dana and Julie pick up their mother so that just the head is in her pussy and then slam her back down. They do this slowly at first then they become really forceful with her. When Ben is ready to cum he tells the girls to step aside and he takes over. The first thing Ben does is flip little Jacqueline over onto her back and pulls her legs to the side of her body and starts jackhammering her cervix. He does this for about forty-five minutes before he pushes through and climaxes hard into her womb.

“Jacqueline, I always finish in my lovers wombs” Ben tells her as he exits her womb trapping his seed in her womb to fertilize her eggs. When Ben is done with her she is going to be pregnant with Ben's babies. She will have three sets of twin boys. Ben lays down next to her and asks her, “What do you want? I want to support you and your girls, well my girls now”.

“Fuck, Ben that was the best fucking sex that I have ever had. True I haven't had a lover since the children's father left me. He was really small compared to you and the couple of lovers before him were not that big either. What do I want, you asks me. I want you to continue to fuck me” Jacqueline says. “Do you want to be my slave, be totally commitment to me and the family, the whole family?” Ben asks. She says yes. “Your daughters will be your sisters now” Ben says. She says okay. “All my women are bi-sexual as you probably deduce by now. You will be loved by me and my slaves, are you okay with that?” Ben asks. Jacqueline says yes. “I will fuck you ten times in your pussy, then ten times in your ass and finally you will have to successfully give me twenty blow-jobs in a row. Are you okay with these terms” Ben asks. “Yes, my god yes. Just fuck me and quit talking”

Ben fucks her pussy twice more by the pool and then takes her into the training suite and fucks her till mid-morning. They get up and go out to the pool where Jacqueline's daughters are waiting for them. “Your mother passed her pussy training” Ben says as he carries Jacqueline on his cock. Tiffani has the lube with her and they spread it on her asshole and Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and they lift her up and Tiffani positions BIG FELLA so that it is lined up to her anal ring.

Julie and Dana then push their mother down on BIG FELLA and he pops into her ass which elicits a loud scream from their mother. They bounce her up and down for about two hours until she gets the hang of it. Ben cums in her colon and they lay her down on his chest. “Jacqueline you are now mine as are your daughters. Rest now and I will be back for you” Ben says as he takes her back into the training suite and lays her down on the bed. When Ben exits her anus she looks up and tells Ben “You truly are a FUCKING-GOD” with a smile.

Ben then goes to the master suite and sleeps with his wives in his arms. The next day Ben makes reservations for the next Friday for dinner for 250 people at the Blue Cilantro restaurant. They say they cannot accommodate such a large party. He asks for the manager who tells them they cannot accommodate that party. He asks them how many people do they seat the manager tells him. Ben says he wants to rent out the whole restaurant form 8 till closing name his price. He does and Ben accepts the price no questions asked. The manager is dumbfounded he thought the price was outrageous.

Ben tells Becky to have everybody ready to go to a fancy dinner on Friday at the Blue Cilantro restaurant. She tells him it will be done. She takes Odette, Joanna and Carmalina and daughters on a shopping spree with Julie's sisters and mother. They buy dresses and evening gowns with shoes and all the accessories that go with it.

While they are buying dresses, shoes and all the other stuff Ben goes to the jewelry store and purchases his new slaves earrings, diamonds around emeralds, or sapphires to match their eyes he also purchases necklaces and diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. Ben has his bags in hand and goes to the boutique that they told him they would meet him at.

Tiffani says they want to go to a couple of other boutiques and Ben says he will go to the bar and wait for them their. Tiffani sees his bags and knows what he bought and kisses him and tells him he is sweet. It is five hours before they are all ready. Each lady has several bags as they meet Ben and they are famished from all the shopping. They order fish tacos, chimichangas, nachos and a bunch of frozen drinks. Non-alcholic for the pregnant ladies. Ben asks his new slaves if they enjoyed their shopping they all say yes. Erica and Elana come over and kiss their Master and tell him they love him. “This is like Christmas all over again only better, Master” Erica says. Ben kisses her and tells both of them that outside of the house call him Ben. They eat and head back to the compound. The girls put their new clothes away and take off the clothes they have on and meet Ben out back of the main house.

Ben goes up to each of his new slaves and gives them earrings that match their eye color, necklaces with the same stones. Each girl cries and kisses him, “Master, you are too generous. We don't need these things. If I take the liberty to speak for all of us new slaves, all we need is your love and to be with you” Joanna tells Ben. Ben gives everyone their earrings and necklaces and they all put them on and in their ears.

“I think there is one thing missing from this picture” Ben says as he reaches into his bag and kneels before Jacqueline and produces a huge engagement ring. “Jacqueline, will you do the honor of being my wife. I will love honor and cherish you for the rest of our lives” Ben asks her.

“But Ben you are already married to Becky. How can you marry two women” Jacqueline asks. Both Tiffani and Becky are smiling as Ben tells her and all of them, “You are my slaves, correct?”. They all nod yes. “Well, you might be my slaves but you are also my wives. Although I can only marry Becky legally, I will treat all of you as my wives and lovers”.

Ben then puts an engagement ring on each of his new slaves fingers and then puts their wedding bands on. When he does he tells them “I will love, honor and cherish you for the rest of our lives. I will protect and take care of you for the rest of your life”. Each lady has tears in her eyes and kisses their Master, lover and now husband.

“Ladies you are now mine, you belong to me” Ben tells them. Erin comes over to him and kneels in front of him and tells him, “We belong to you and you belong to us. So do you BIG BOY” she says as she grabs BIG FELLA and starts licking and sucking on him. Julie and Dana come over and lick the shaft as Erin sucks on the head and starts taking him down her throat. Helen and Heather come over and suck on his balls as Erica and Elana caress his ass and then stand on a chair and kiss him repeatedly. Ben erupts down Erin's throat and they all get up and put him on his back. They take turns sucking BIG FELLA hard and ridding him, when Ben is ready to climax he pushes past their cervix and pumps his load into their wombs as usual.

Ben makes love to seven of his new slaves when Debbie, Callie and Madeline come to see him. They run up to him and kiss him as Joanna is ridding him. Debbie tells him “Master, we are pregnant, we are pregnant. Master you are going to be a father again”. Callie and Madeline both nod with smiles on their faces as Stephanie comes over and kisses Ben. “You have made me really happy Master. My sisters too” Stephanie tells him. Becky and Tiffani kiss all four of them.

All three are pregnant with triplet girls and are due in October. Stephanie is due in July with six girls. All the new slaves congratulate the three of them and Debbie tells them that Master is going to fuck them so hard they are all going to be pregnant soon. Each one of them smile at that concept. Erica and Elana talk to themselves and say “We are probably going to give birth twenty times before our wombs dry up. That is a lot of babies, Master”.

“Well Becky, you think next year we should build a new thousand bedroom wing onto the mansion?” Ben says to her. “That sounds like a plan, we need to make sure they all can connect to each other so that you do not need to go outside” Becky says. “I am going in go lay down” she says as she kisses Ben.

Ben spends the rest of the night outside by the pool making love to his women. He kisses his new baby mommas and asks them “Are you ladies happy to be with me and part of the family?”. They all tell him yes. “Master, I never thought I would be part of a harem or be into having sex with women. But I love my new life with the family” Madeline says. “It doesn't hurt that you have a huge tool, a gigantic mansion and really really know how to treat a woman like a lady. This place down here isn't bad either” Callie tells him.

Debbie doesn't says anything she just kisses her master and straddles his face and kisses Odette who is riding BIG FELLA and tells her “Welcome to the family, I know you are going to enjoy it here”. Debbie grinds her pussy on Ben's mouth and Odette grinds her hips on BIG FELLA. Ben enjoys all of his new slaves that night. In the morning Tiffani, Laurie and Brooklyn come out and see Master on a large beach blanket with his slaves covering him. A huge pile of human flesh all naked.

Ben wakes up and looks at his girls and says “I think they liked their jewelry I bought them”. Ben shift his hips and Erica instinctively grabs BIG FELLA and starts sucking on him. It is like she is in a trance. Ben loves the feel of her throat around the shaft of BIG FELLA. It doesn't take him long to explode down her throat. When he does she wakes up with BIG FELLA down her throat.

Erica eases her way off of BIG FELLA and looks up at her Master and tells him “That is one hell of a way to wake up. I loved it” she works her way through the pile of women and girls that are laying on him and kisses him.

“Master, you are too generous. I can't wait to bear you children” Erica says. Little does she know that she is already pregnant with Ben's babies. She is going to have Ben's babies, triplet girls. Ben has impregnated her mother and her sisters with triplets and they will give birth in October.

Ben kisses her and tells her that he loves her and her sisters and mother. “You will want for nothing and be taken care of. What do you want to do with your life? What job did you always dream of doing?” Ben asks her.

“Master, I always wanted to be a veterinary doctor. I love animals” Erica tells her lover and husband. Slowly the other lovers wake up when they do the stroke BIG FELLA and give him a kiss and Ben too. One by one they get up and go take a shower. “That was fun, we should do that again” Erin says.

Ben finally gets up and takes a shower with Erica, Cloe and Jill. Ben then after eating tells everyone that he wants to have a quite day at the beach. Everybody goes and gets their towels and suntan lotion. Of course they rub their Master down with sunscreen. All the slaves that are not with their children are at the beach sunning. Ben and Bill put of the volleyball nets and they watch the girls play volleyball.

The guys are watching as the girls are bouncing around playing volleyball. “Life is good” Bill says as he reaches into the cooler and gets a beer. “Good friends, beer and naked women playing volleyball”. Cloe and Jill come over and see that Bill and Karl have raging hard cocks. They asks Ben “Master, can we take care of Bill and Karl?”. Ben smiles and nods yes.

“Now this is perfect. Beer, naked volleyball and pretty girls sucking on our cocks” Karl says. Dee comes over and starts sucking on BIG FELLA and gets him hard as Margaret looks on. Margaret looks at Dee and she knows what she wants. Dee gets up and Margaret comes over and straddles Ben. “I want to have sex” Margaret says. Ben smiles and kisses her. Margaret puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and grinds on BIG FELLA. She leans over and tells Ben, “I think I am pregnant” and kisses him.

“Have you taken a pregnancy test yet, Margaret?” Ben asks and she says no as she has an orgasm. “Ben, Abigail's girls are beautiful. You certainly make a beautiful babies” Margaret says as she comes down from her orgasm. “It has more to do with the beautiful women than it does me” Ben tells her.

Margaret kisses him and tells him he is a liar and bounces up and down on BIG FELLA eventually Ben erupts in her womb. Margaret lays down on Ben with BIG FELLA still inside of her pussy and falls asleep with a huge smile on her face.

They spend the day at the beach, swimming, playing volleyball. The girls get the guys to play volleyball as they watch their cocks bounce as they play. They head back to the house and eat dinner. After dinner Ben calls and sets up dinner cruises for Sunday, he rents ten boats to carry everyone. Ben then heads to the pool and is joined by his Korean girls. As he gets in the pool they come over and kiss and suck on BIG FELLA. “Master, you look so sexy walking over here to the pool. Make love to us” Hyejung tells him. Hyeri, Hyomi and Hyerim surround him as their sister gets him hard and then brings Ben into the pool. Hyejung jumps into his arms and guides herself down on BIG FELLA. She proceeds to bounce up and down as Tiffani, Sandra, Tiff, Nicole and Erin watch.

“Master really is quite good at making love. He is a master at sex” Erin says. “Well shit he should be, ninety percent of his time is spent fucking his slaves” Bill says with a smile. “The king of one-liners strikes again” Ben says as he takes his little Korean lover for a ride. “Erin, Master if very generous and loving. Our mother gave us to him and we have never been happier” Hyomi tells her with a huge smile on her face.
Ben spends the rest of the night making love to his slaves in and around the pool. In the morning they get up and all go take showers after kissing their Master. Ben talks to Tiffani and asks if she thinks the family would like to go scuba diving next week. She says that she could twist some arms and get them to agree. Tiffani says a day at the Botanical Gardens sounds like fun.

Ben calls and sets up scuba diving for the next week and a fishing trip for the guys again. That night they go to the Blue Cilantro for dinner. They arrive in stretch limousines and enter the restaurant that is setup for them. The waitresses Brianna, Harper, Sydney and Destiny show them to their tables. Julie knows them and they hug and talk over in the corner. They order appetizers of Ceviche, Mussels, Shrimp, Scallops Indian style for every table. They order breads for each table and salad for each person. Ben orders wines for everyone and they all talk and celebrate a fine time. The waitresses are really busy serving the party of 250.

In between the courses Julie talks to her friends and they asks her “How have you been doing?” Harper asks. “Never better, I am in love for the first time in my life. My mother and sisters love my new boyfriend Ben also. We are going to move in with him when he leaves for the states” Julie

For dinner they order Mediterranean Paella, Lamb, Asian Aromatic Sea Food, and Whole Fresh Catch of the Day and of course Lobsters for every table. They eat a great meal with wine, mixed drinks. The pregnant women get frozen drinks without alcohol, the eat and eat. After dessert the leave, Ben giving the waitresses three hundred each and tells them thanks for the great service.

They pile into the limousines for the ride back to the compound. It is the end of the night and Julie is in the last limousine. She talks her friends to come back to the compound with them. They of course go after Julie described it to them.

Julie shows them around the houses. They see everybody is starting to come out of their bedrooms naked. They see James with his huge cock and also Karl, Freddie and Karl Jr. with their cocks swinging. Julie tells them that everybody walks around naked all the time. They have a private secluded beach. Julie convinces her friends to undress. They are all have clean shaven pussies. Julie shows them the pool behind the house she is staying in and the ones next to hers. Julie tells them that her boyfriend owns all this, ten houses in total.

Harper sees the tattoo on her lower back and asks her what that is all about. “I will tell you shortly” Julie says.

Julie then takes her friends to the pool at the main house. Ben is in the pool with Peggy, Cloe and Jill. Heather, Hope, Faith and Charity are lounging about the pool. Julie says “Master, do you remember my friends from the restaurant. I invited them to spend the night and to party with tomorrow. I hope that is alright with you”. Ben tells her that is fine and Peggy kisses him and whispers to Ben to go greet them. Ben smiles at her, he knows her thinking, and gets out of the pool with his back to them.

Brianna whispers to Destiny “Damn, he is very strong and very well toned”. Ben then turns around and the four girls mouths drop. Ben walks over to them with BIG FELLA swinging between his knees. Harper is the first to say anything “Damn, Julie your boyfriend has a huge fucking cock”. Brianna asks “How long is that cock?”. “BIG FELLA is sixteen inches long with a girth of 5 1/2”. Isn't it nice?” Julie says.

Ben walks over and shakes the girls hands and says welcome to my compound. Ben jumps back into the pool with his girls and starts playing with them. “So what do you think of my Master? He is very beautiful isn't he?” Julie asks. “Yes he is. If he is your Master than that makes you his slave?” Sydney says.

“Yes, I am his slave as is every other girl or woman staying in the compound. We all share our Masters affections” Julie says as her mother and sisters come around from the side. “Your mother is his slave also?” Brianna asks. “Yes, I am as are the rest of my daughters. We couldn't be happier” Jacqueline tells her. “You can't believe how good it feels to have that huge cock inside of you pushing and stretching you out” she tells them.

They watch as pregnant Cloe and Jill enjoy making out with their Master. Crystal comes over with her baby girl Cheryl in her arms and tells Julie's friends “My daughters all love our Master, this little one is Masters baby and my girls are all pregnant or have delivered a baby. My daughter is inside the house feeding her baby boy Vincent right now. My three daughters in the pool are all pregnant with Ben's babies”.

Brianna, Harper and Sydney get in the pool with Julie and they swim and splash around. Julie goes over and kisses her Master while stroking BIG FELLA hard. Ben is erect and ready to go as Julie whispers in his ear, “Lets give my friends a show”. Julie lowers herself down onto BIG FELLA and lets out a loud moan as the large head and pushes herself down further onto BIG FELLA. Ben then takes her out of the pool and puts her on the lounge chair on her back and starts stroking her with long deep strokes.

“Damn, you can really see your pussy stretching around that huge cock, Julie” Harper says. “It looks like your pussy is gripping Ben's cock and doesn't want it to let it go out of your pussy” Brianna says. All four girls are rubbing their pussies while watching Julie getting nailed. They hear her climax hard seven times as Ben pounds her. Jacqueline comes over and tells them “Now you know why Master has so many slaves. He knows how to give pleasure to his lovers”. “And he has a huge fucking cock that seems to never goes down” Destiny says.

“That helps too, watch as he buries his cock into her womb and pumps his load into her womb” Peggy says as she swims over. “I bet by the time we go back home, Julie and her sister will all be pregnant with their Masters babies” Peggy says as she sees the girls rubbing one out. “God I hope so” Julie says as she enjoys Ben's pounding of her pussy. It takes Ben about two hours before he actually pushes past Julie's cervix and starts pumping his load into her.

By this time Destiny, Harper, Brianna and Sydney are sitting next to the two lovers, watching them enjoy each others bodies. “I didn't know it was possible for a cock to pass your cervix” Harper says. “It is not only possible, but also very pleasurable to have your womb stroked by a cock” Julie tells them. When Ben is finished cuming he exits her womb and then rolls off of her and takes her in his arms with BIG FELLA still in her pussy.

“That was fantastic, Julie” Ben says, “Did you girls like the show?” he asks them. Before they can answer him with the obvious answer he asks them, “I think Julie would like to have you join us Sunday for a dinner sunset cruise we are planning. Would you girls like to come?”

“I would love to come. I can only imagine how many times you can make me cum” Brianna says. Julie smiles as she knows her friends are transfixed on BIG FELLA. “Before you hussies can sleep with my Master you will need to get a clean HIV/STD certificate. That is a requirement for any woman wanting to sleep with Ben for the first time that is not a virgin. You all have had sex before right?” Julie asks.

They all say yes. “I have never had sex with a man the caliber of Ben” Harper says. “I got to warn you. Once he fucks you, you will never want another man to fuck you. You will beg Ben to become your Master and do whatever he wants” Julie tells them. “Yeah Yeah Yeah. It is just sex” Brianna says. “OK, in the morning the ones that want me to make love to them will have to let my doctor Nadia give you a blood test. I got to warn you, if I fuck your pussy I will fuck you asses also” Ben warns them.

“Julie, you let Ben fuck you in the ass with that huge cock of his” Destiny asks her. “Every chance I get. I fucking love it, makes you feel so full” Julie tells them. Ben pulls out of her pussy finally and Dana comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. When he is hard she straddles him and puts BIG FELLA at her anal ring and tells the girls “Watch this and learn”. She then spreads her ass cheeks and pushes down on the head of BIG FELLA. It enters her ass with a pop and she sinks down on him.

Ben grabs her legs and puts them over his shoulders so that her weight is resting on BIG FELLA. Ben pulls her up and down on BIG FELLA putting more and more of his cock into his little fifteen year old slaves ass. She screams out one orgasm after another much to the amazement of Julie's friends. After about 90 minutes Ben pushes all sixteen inches into Dana's colon and pulls out and then back in. He does this for about thirty minutes and then pours his cum into her colon.

Ben then picks up Dana and tells Jill, Cloe and Peggy that he is going to bed. They get out of the pool dry off and follow their Master to the master suite. Before he departs he tells Julie that he loves her and to have fun with her friends. “Good all. See you in the morning” Ben tells everyone.

The next morning Julie greets Ben at breakfast and hands him a note from Nadia and he reads it. All four girls are clean and free of disease and he tells Julie what it said. “Do you really want me to have sex with your friends?” Ben asks.

“Yes Master, I want to share BIG FELLA with them. I think they will enjoy your loving and this beautiful cock of yours” Julie says as she rubs BIG FELLA. “OK, after breakfast I will approach them and see if the want to have sex.

Ben eats breakfast and takes his pills. He then sees the four girls around the pool and goes over and says “Well girls, you came back clean and disease free. Do you girls want to have sex with me? If so I am going to fuck your ass and your pussy” Ben tells them. Brianna, Sydney and Destiny say yes, Harper jumps up and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Ben says to Julie and Dana “I guess that was a Yes”.

Ben asks Brianna about her family. “Ben, it is just my mother, Penelope. She is forty. My father died about fifteen years ago. He left mom money and she has been living off of that for awhile. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with my sister Iris who is 18 and my twin sisters Julian and Jillian who are 16”.

Ben asks Destiny about her family. “Ben, my father died ten years ago from a heart attack leaving us all alone. My mother, Louise is with a real dip shit now Oscar. I can't stand him. My twin brothers, Nathan and Nelson are 18. I have triplet sisters who are 15 named Maria, Marie and Mila. Clara is 13 and finally Lea who is 11. My brother called me a couple weeks ago and told me they beat up Oscar and warned him not to touch their sisters ever again. They did not tell me anymore but plan to go up there and see for myself. They live in North Carolina”

Ben then asks Sydney about her family as he enjoys Harper working over BIG FELLA. She has successfully taken him down her throat by this time. “Well my mother had me and my sister when she was still a teenager. My mother Estella is 34 and she had me when she was 15 and my sister when she was 17, My sister Lucy is at home in Dallas with my sisters and brother. I have a 15 year old sister named Kensi and next are the twins Danella and Danny they are 14, finally my twelve year old sister Kristy. My Aunt Mariah moved in when when her boyfriend left her with her twins Christine and Chastian who are 15. My mother struggles to make ends meet and I send her back what I can from my tips that I get at the restaurant”.

Ben start to erupt down Harper's throat when he is finished cuming into her stomach he asks her the same question and she tells him about her mother Patricia who is 37 and her sisters Paige, 20; Jordan and Jordana who are 18, and Delilah who is 16. The youngest is her brother Gary who is 14 and is tall and very strong for his age.

Ben then looks at Brianna and asks if she wants to suck on BIG FELLA. Harper moves out of the way, as she does Ben pulls her to him and kisses her and then sucks on her breasts. “Harper you have beautiful breasts” Ben says as he licks on her nipples. Brianna is having a hard time taking BIG FELLA into her small mouth. Ben continues to squeeze and suck on Harper's large 36D breasts. BIG FELLA is hard and Ben looks down at Brianna and tells her to ride him.

She smiles and gets up and straddles and Julie comes over and lines BIG FELLA up with her slit. Julie moves BIG FELLA back and forth on her slit and Brianna climaxes hard and sprays BIG FELLA and Julie's hand with her cum. Julie then puts BIG FELLA into her friend Brianna's pussy and then pushes her down on him. When the head of BIG FELLA passes her labia she screams out loud “Fuck that is a huge cock”. Brianna slowly works up and down on BIG FELLA, “I can feel him stretching me out, OH GOD I feel so full” she says as she continues to work up and down.

“Brianna, you only have three inches in so far. You have thirteen more inches to go” Julie tells her. Brianna screams out that it wont fit in her, that Ben is too big to fit inside of her. This goes on for about thirty minutes and she still only has about seven inches inside of her pussy. Ben then picks her up and puts her on her back. “Baby, brace yourself. You are about to get all sixteen inches” Ben says with an evil grin. He starts pushing BIG FELLA deeper inside of Brianna, Ben puts a couple more inches in her and then pulls all the way out until just the head is in her pussy and then pushes deep inside of her again. Ben starts to pound her hard and fast with Brianna moaning and screaming. It takes Ben an hour before he hits her cervix and then starts jackhammering her cervix. He looks over at Julie and tells her “Shit, Julie, your girlfriend here must only have fucked white guys with small cocks. Brianna, you have an incredibly tight pussy for a woman who is not a virgin”. Ben rests at her cervix for a minute as Tiffani comes over with water for both of them and his pills.

“What are those pills for Tiffani?” Harper asks. “One is for increased semen production and the others are for stamina” Tiffani tells her. “Shit Ben has been fucking Brianna for over 90 minutes without interruption, how fucking long can this man go?” Harper says. “Master has gone eight hours before” Tiffani says. “OH, Hell no. He will kill me” Brianna says. Ben starts his assault on her cervix banging deep, trying to get through. He does this for another hour and finally he punches through her cervix and bottoms out ten minutes later.

“I told you Brianna, you could take all sixteen inches inside of you” Ben says as he rests in her womb. “I didn't think a man could pass a woman's cervix and fuck her womb. It fucking hurt when you broke through my cervix” Brianna says. “Brianna, I am going to pound this wonderful pussy a couple more times today” Ben says as he starts stroking her womb. He then pulls out of her cervix and then pushes back past it. He does this for 30 minutes before he pours his seed into her womb.

When he is done he pulls out of her womb and then rests for a minute before pulling all the way out of her pussy with a loud pop. He gets up and lays down on the lounge chair next to them. Destiny comes over and inspects Brianna's pussy, “Damn, no cum is leaking out of her and her stomach is bloated” she says. Destiny then sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard and he takes more pills as she puts BIG FELLA into her pussy which was wet just from watching him pound Brianna.

“Brianna, are you okay?” Julie asks her. “Never better, Ben has a huge cock. I could get use to that cock fucking me. Going in and out of my pussy. I can feel his load in my womb. Damn he cums a lot” Brianna says. Ben smiles at her know he is going to make that pussy his, Julie looks at Ben and knows what her new Master is thinking. “I see why you have so many women around you Ben. You defiantly know how to go in style and also how to make love” Brianna tells him.

“Brianna honey, that was just a pure fucking you just had. Once I break that pussy in I will then make love to you. Remember I am also going to fuck that nice ass of yours” Ben tells her. “What do you call Ben, Julie?” Brianna asks her friend. “We call him Master when we are at home, why?” she tells her in response. “Well, Master, you can fuck me in my ass, my pussy or hopefully I can eventually get that beautiful cock down my throat anytime you wish” Brianna says.

“You want to be Ben's slave, Brianna?” Julie asks. “I don't know. All I know is I want him to fuck me again” she tells her as Ben smiles. Ben is enjoying Destiny's pussy that is not as tight as Brianna's but still very enjoyable. Ben lets her ride BIG FELLA until she gets him all the way down to her cervix.

“Are you going to fuck my womb like you did Brianna, Ben?” Destiny asks. “Girls, I always climax in my lovers womb. That is unless they are pregnant. Are you girls on birth control?” Ben says. They all say no. Ben smiles and says “Good, I want more babies”.

Ben rolls over with Destiny still engaged with BIG FELLA and he starts pounding her cervix. It takes him over an hour before her cervix lets BIG FELLA into her womb. “I intend to fuck you all until you beg me to be your Master” Ben says as he pushes deep into Destiny's womb and starts pouring his seed into her fertile womb. After this weekend Destiny will be pregnant with six of Ben's babies and she will submit to being his slave.

Once he is finished pouring he cum in her womb he exits her womb and her cervix traps her semen in her womb. He rests and kisses Destiny and plays with her 36C breasts. “Who wants to be next? Harper or Sydney?” Ben asks as he gets out of Destiny. He rubs her belly and kisses her deeply. She tells him that was the best sex she has ever had. Ben tells her it only gets better when you completely submit to him.

Ben then lays on his back and Harper comes over and starts licking and stroking on BIG FELLA. “You want to make all four of us your slaves don't you?” Harper asks. “I am not going to force any of you to do anything you don't want to do or become anything you don't want to become” Ben tells Harper and the other girls. Harper after getting BIG FELLA hard moves up his body and kisses him as she pushes down on BIG FELLA.

“FUCK THAT COCK IS HUGE!!!” Harper screams. “Yeah that's right. BIG FELLA is huge and he is making that pussy his” Ben says as he grabs Harper's hips and pushes her down deep on BIG FELLA. He then takes her legs from off the ground and puts them over his shoulders so that her weight is resting on BIG FELLA.

Ben grabs Harper's shoulders and starts driving her down deep on BIG FELLA. He pushes her all the way down to her cervix and lets up and then does it again. All along she is screaming and moaning out in pleasure and pain. They do this for two hours until Ben picks her up and starts jackhammering her. “Tell me what you want and that I already know. Tell me what you want” Ben asks her over and over again as he jackhammers her cervix. Ben then puts her on her back and continues his jackhammering of her cervix. It takes him 90 minutes before he breaks through and Harper screams out, “OH GOD MASTER, I AM YOURS OH GOD JUST KEEP FUCKING ME FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE”. Ben fucks her womb for an hour before he climaxes in her womb.

He exits her womb and then her pussy with a pop. He goes and jumps into the pool. She is breathing hard and walks into the pool on wobbly legs. She swims up to him and asks “Well, will you be my Master? I want to be your slave”. “Harper you are going to have to asks my wife Becky. It is OK with me” Ben says. Ben then gets out of the pool and goes over to Sydney and asks her “Are you ready for your turn?”. She doesn't say anything she just gets up and starts sucking on BIG FELLA.

Sydney opens her mouth wide and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. She works back and forth on the head. Ben grabs her head and pushes BIG FELLA down her throat. “Damn, you can see the head bulging out her throat” Brianna says as Ben starts working back and forth in Sydney's throat. She has tears running down her cheeks as BIG FELLA is is getting fully erect. Once he is erect Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and mouth with a pop. Sydney is wet from the experience and Ben puts her on her back with her legs over her shoulders. He then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her wet pussy.

Ben starts jackhammering her pussy and Sydney starts moaning and grunting as Ben pounds her into submission. Ben fucks her cervix for three hours before he breaks through and starts pouring his seed into her womb. When he is done he exits her womb and rests while BIG FELLA is still inside of her pussy. Sydney starts crying and Ben asks her “I didn't hurt you did I?”.

“No, I am just emotional from the best fucking I have ever taken. You truly are a FUCKING-GOD like your tattoo says” Sydney tells him. Tiffani and Janet bring them dinner as the five of them rest up. When they are done with dinner and Ben has taken his pills he tells the four girls to follow him. Ben takes Harper, Brianna, Sydney and Destiny into the training room and fucks each of them twice. They do not leave the room until everyone is ready to go to the sunset cruise.

The girls come out of the suite with bloated bellies. Ben goes upstairs and gets dressed for dinner and asks Julie to find her friends something to wear on the dinner cruise. She does and she takes the outfits to them in the training room. Once dressed the girls come out and see Becky.

Sydney is the first to asks her “Mistress Becky, will you allow me to become Ben's slave? I want him to be my Master, and I want to be his slave”. Then Brianna comes over and asks her followed by Harper and finally Destiny.

“So all four of you want to be Ben's slaves. You will have to be trained, which means Ben will fuck your pussies ten times in a row without interruption. He will then fuck your ass ten times in a row without interruption and finally you will give him twenty blow jobs in a row. Are you willing to submit to the training? Are you willing to get the required tattoos?” Becky asks them. They all say “Yes, Mistress Becky”. “OK, it looks like we have four new slaves. Welcome to the family. Tomorrow you will get your “Property of Ben Barnes” tattoos on your lower back”

“Thank you Mistress Becky” they say. Becky kisses each one on the lips and tells them, “Us slaves are all bi-sexual. Have you girls ever eaten pussy before?”. They all shake their heads no and she tells them they will learn. They all go to the docs and board the boats that will take them on the dinner sunset cruise. Ben has rented ten boats and they all take the same course so that everyone can see each other. They eat their delicious meals as the sunsets over the water. Ben kisses his five wives and Tiffani who are with him on his boat. They have a wonderful time eating a fine meal while watching dolphins jump out of the water. They see stingrays in the water.

They head back to the compound and everyone tells Ben they had a wonderful time they all say goodnight and Ben takes his four new lovers plus Julie to the training room. Ben has Julie bring in the ball gag for her friends.

“Tonight I am going to break in your asses. Have any of you ever had anal sex before?” Ben asks. Harper says she has with a small dick as has Brianna. They both say it did nothing for them. “It will be different with me and BIG FELLA” Ben tells them as Julie comes into the room with the ball gag. He puts it in Brianna first and puts her on her stomach with her legs apart. He puts lube on an erect BIG FELLA and in her ass and starts pushing BIG FELLA into her ass. Ben pushes hard into her anal ring and it does not give until he starts to put his fingers in and starts lubing her anal ring.

Ben then pulls her ass cheeks apart and begins his assault on her anal ring he eventually gets the massive head of BIG FELLA to pass her anal ring. Brianna is screaming into the ball gag as Ben pushes inch after inch into her ass. “Damn, that looks so hot. You can see her ass stretching to accept that huge cock” Harper says as Ben starts to pour more lube on his cock and her asshole.

Brianna screams into the ball gag as Ben pushes deeper and deeper. He takes the ball gag out of her mouth after she stops screaming and leans over and tells her she is doing good. “Master, it hurt really bad when you starting fucking my ass. I thought I was going to die when you pushed that fat head past my anal ring. I did not know you could climax from anal sex” Brianna says. “Did you eventually enjoy it?” Ben asks.

“Yes, eventually I did. I will get use to it I guess it will become very pleasurable for me. Did you like it Master” Brianna asks. With a huge smile on his face he tells them “There is nothing like breaking in a virgin asshole. It is extremely tight and it squeezes and contracts on my cock. I love it but not to the point of hurting my slaves” Ben tells her. Ben is finally soft and he pulls out of Brianna's ass and lays down on the bed. Julie washes the ball gag and comes back with a wash cloth for BIG FELLA. Brianna sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard while Julie prepares Harper.

She pushes fingers with lube on it into her tight anal ring. When Ben is erect he gets up and goes over to Harper and pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. Harper opens her mouth to scream and as she does Julie puts the ball gag into her mouth and straps it in.

Ben grabs her arms and starts riding her like a horse. Harper like a screaming wild banshee as Ben jackhammers her ass into submission. Ben is like a man possessed taking long deep strokes in her ass. Ben leans over and tells her “Your ass is mine, your body is mine. I totally own this body. I am going to pound your pussy and ass Harper”. She looks over and nods her head with tears in her eyes.

Ben pounds her for three hours eventually lodging deep in her colon where he blows his huge load. When he exits her anal ring Ben pushes a huge butt plug into her ass. At the widest part is little over six inches in diameter. Ben leans over and takes the ball gag out of Harper's mouth and tells her that the butt plug will keep his load in her colon.

“Ben, that hurt at first but got to be very enjoyable after a while” Harper says with a smile. Ben then tells Julie to get Sydney ready while he takes a shower. Harper and Brianna join him and wash him off and play with BIG FELLA. They finish and get out and dry their Master off and start sucking on BIG FELLA. Once they get him hard they take him out to the bedroom and see Julie fucking Sydney ass with her fingers.

Harper tells Ben that her friend looks like she is ready. Ben goes over and pushes BIG FELLA into Sydney's ass with Julie pulling her ass cheeks apart. Ben takes her arms and uses those as reins on a horse shoving more and more of BIG FELLA into her virgin ass. Sydney is screaming into her ball gag and crying. Brianna and Harper talk to her and tell her to relax and that it will get better. Ben relentlessly jackhammers her ass faster and faster. Sydney's ass eventually loosens up enough for her to start enjoying the pounding she is taking, she stops screaming and starts moaning.

Ben pounds Sydney's ass for over three hours before pouring his cum into her colon and then popping an extra large butt plug in her ass. Ben takes the ball gag out of her mouth and lays next to her and ask, “Baby are you alright?”. “Master, Ben that hurt like hell” Sydney tells him. “You will get use to it. You began to like it the last hour or so didn't you?” Ben asks her. “It got enjoyable after awhile. It still hurt and my asshole is burning” Sydney says in response. “You will get use to it. All of Masters slaves take it in the ass or any other hole he chooses” Tiffani says as she brings Ben his pills.

“Enjoy yourself, Master. Take it easy on them and only fuck their asses twice this session” Tiffani says with a smile. “I am going to take Sydney at least three times and Brianna also that many times. I have yet to sample Destiny's little ass” Ben says. “Suspend her over BIG FELLA and let her weight do the work for awhile” Tiffani recommends. Destiny has nice breasts and small hips so anal entry into her will be very tricky. She has a nice ass but not much of it. Ben gets up and washes BIG FELLA and tells Julie to get Destiny ready.

Julie lubes up Destiny's ass while Ben washes in the next room. He comes back and Julie sees that he has his cock ring in. Ben asks Brianna to suck BIG FELLA hard. She immediately gets up and comes over to him and sucks on BIG FELLA. She finally gets the head into her mouth and Ben pushes her head down on BIG FELLA, eventually he pops down her throat and then starts bobbing up and down in her throat.

“You see, Brianna, I knew you had it in you to take BIG FELLA down your throat” Ben tells her as he takes his cock out of her mouth much to her displeasure. “I want more, I want you to put it back in my throat Master” Brianna pleads with him. “No it is Destiny's turn to take BIG FELLA into her ass” Ben says as she nods.

Ben then goes over and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her ass. He pounds her ass until he can get six inches into her. Destiny is screaming into the ball gag as Ben picks her up with BIG FELLA still engaged inside of her ass. Ben then twirls her around and grabs her shoulders and starts pushing her down on BIG FELLA. Destiny pleads with her new Master with her eyes to take it easy on her. He fucks her hard and then pulls her legs above his shoulders and then lays down on his back so that all of her weight is suspended in her ass.

Destiny sinks further down on BIG FELLA, inch by inch. Destiny is moaning and groaning as each inch gets inserted into her virgin ass. It takes an hour before she takes ten inches into her ass. Ben smiles at her as he grabs her shoulders and tells her to relax. He then pushes the last six inches into her ass. Destiny screams out “Fuck my ass, Make it yours Master”.

Ben pulls her up and then pushes her down on BIG FELLA, he does this for over an hour before he puts her on her stomach and starts to jackhammer her ass. She screams out “FUCK MY ASS, OH MY GOD I LOVE IT FUCK ME DEEPER. HARDER MASTER”. Destiny repeats this for the next hour as Ben pounds away in her ass. It takes Ben four hours before he climaxes in her ass.

Ben then lays down and tells his new slaves it is time to sleep. They surround him and cover every inch of his body with their flesh. Each girl kisses their Master and tells him they love him. “Girls, we are going to have a good life together. Start thinking about what you want to study in college” Ben tells them. They sleep all together in one heap of flesh.

Then next morning Laurie and Brooklyn find their husband covered with female flesh, which is not unusual for Ben. Each girl has a butt plug in her ass. Laurie gets the first girl up which is Brianna and takes her to the shower and washes her. She then takes her to see Sheila. Brooklyn takes Harper next to the shower and takes her to see Emily to get her hair removed. That is a long process. Emily takes off all the hair below the neckline. Which includes underarms, navel, pussy, anus and legs.

When Brianna is done with her “Property of Ben Barnes” Laurie takes her back to the training room where Ben is resting. Brianna looks at him resting on his back with BIG FELLA between his legs and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Laurie takes Sydney to see Sheila and get her back tattoo completed. Sydney asks Laurie if she likes being a part of the family.

“Sydney, I love Ben with all my heart. I look forward to giving birth to my lovers children. I love Ben with all my heart, I cannot imagine taking a breath without being with him. My mother and sister both love him. You have probably already met my father, Bill. We are all part of Ben's family. He is my Master and also my husband and would do anything he asks. My mother and sister have already given birth to his children. We all hope to give birth at least ten times to our Master's babies. I am having six babies next month and hope to have at least sixty of Ben's babies if he chooses to give them to me” Laurie tells her as they go to Sheila's tattoo parlor. She leaves Sydney there as she gets her tattoo.

Laurie then checks in on Harper and she is almost done with her hair removal. Emily tells Laurie it will be another hour. When Sydney is done, Laurie takes her to see Emily. Emily puts her on the table and inspects her and tells Laurie it should be at least three hours. Laurie then takes Harper to get her back tattoo.

Laurie goes into the training suite and sees Ben enjoying a nice blow job from Brianna as Destiny rides his face. Laurie waits for a couple of minutes until Destiny is done cuming into Ben's mouth and then takes her off of Ben's mouth. Ben is upset and Brooklyn takes her place.

Ben's new slaves all get their hair removal treatments and their tattoos. Ben goes to sleep for a while and is awaken by Tiffani. “Master, wake up. Wake up” she yells at him, shaking him awake.
“What is it Tiffani? What is wrong?” Ben ask as he wakes up. “Becky has gone into labor early, she is giving birth to your babies” Tiffani tells him and he wakes up immediately and gets up and runs over to the birthing room. He sees her give birth to his six baby girls prematurely. They all weigh around five to six pounds. When she is finished giving birth Becky goes slips into a coma.

“We need to get her to the hospital right now” Nadia says. Joe goes and gets Jessie's car and they load her into the car and speed off to the hospital. Ben is right behind them, worried about his soul mate. He is in tears as he does not know what is wrong with his beloved Becky.

Ben gets to the hospital and sees Nadia and asks her what happened. She tells him that she lost a lot of blood giving birth to your daughters. She is getting treatment and is in intensive care. Ben then goes and signs her in and tells them if she needs anything that to get it. Money is no object.

Ben spends the next twelve hours worrying about his beloved Becky. Nadia runs interference with the doctors. She comes in and tells Ben that Becky has lost a lot of blood delivering the sextuplets and that she needs a transfusion immediately. She has gotten a couple of pints of blood but needs more. Joe is listening in on the conversion, he goes and tells the attending doctor that he has blood that is universal and wants to donate it to Becky. He draws blood and test it and confirms that he is eligible to give Becky blood. He then donates a pint of blood to her.

“Doctor, I want you to take as much blood as Becky needs. Her life is all that matters to me. Nothing else matters including my life. I will gladly die if it means my beloved Becky lives” Joe tells the doctor with tears in his eyes. “You can only give but so much blood at a time” the doctor tells him.

“If Becky needs all my blood then give it to her. The only thing that matters is my beloved Becky” Joe tells him. The doctor ass how big is his family and says that other people might have Becky's blood type. Joe then goes and discusses this with Nadia. Nadia calls back to the compound and they make the trek to the hospital to donate blood so that their Mistress will survive.
Nadia tells Ben to go back to the compound and wait she will call with any news. Joe stays beside his Mistresses side. He reminds the doctor to take his blood everyday. Becky spends the next ten days in the hospital. Katyana comes by and visits Becky and donates blood. She gets a pregnancy test while she is there also. She is pregnant with Ben's babies but does not tell anyone.

Katyana comes back to the compound and goes and comforts Ben. Ben has his slaves watching him twenty-four hours a day. Ben is beside himself in grief, his slaves feed him, bathe him and take him to the bathroom. He is completely helpless and in a complete funk that Becky is in danger. Tiffani comes in and relieves the girls that are with him. Ben cries like a baby in Tiffani's arms. “Tiffani, my life means nothing without Becky in my life. I don't think I can go on without her” Ben says.

“Ben, honey, you will go on. Becky is fine, she is just resting from giving birth” Tiffani says. “I cannot lose my soul mate twice in a lifetime. First my mother and now Becky. Why? Please God let my precious Becky live” Ben weeps as he cries into the bed.

This goes on for ten days. Becky is in a coma for ten days. Ben is in complete depression and cannot be consoled. He has someone watching him at all times until Becky finally comes around. The first thing she sees is Joe looking like he hasn't slept in a long long time. “Becky, you are awake. Thank God, let me call the compound” Joe says as he calls Nadia. Once he has told her the news that Becky is awake.

Ben is the first through the door, he is crying when he sees Becky. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. “Baby, don't do that again. You know life doesn't mean anything to me without you in my life”. The doctor comes in and tells him that if they are planning anymore babies that they might want to wait 8 months or longer between giving birth and conceiving another baby. He tells Ben that she should be okay now and that she will be discharged in a couple of days.

Joe has tears in his eyes and thanks the doctor for saving Becky as does Ben. One by one the slaves come in and visit with their Mistress. The doctor says to Joe that they have a nice big family. Joe agrees with him and tells him that the whole family loves Becky with all their hearts. Doctor tells him that is obvious from the response and the sheer number of visitors.

Two days later they take Becky home to the compound and take her to her bed to rest. Ben brings in Ben Junior and Tiffani and Janet bring in their newborn baby girls. Becky gives them their names Chantel Tiffani, Clementine Becca, Deziree Joy, Emmaline Melanie, Genevieve Millicente, and Angelika Jocelyn. Ben sits next to his love of his life and kisses her and their babies.

Tiffani and Janet leave Ben and Becky alone for a while with their babies. Ben kisses Becky, “Baby, my sweet little angel I thought I lost you. I was so worried and afraid. I love you baby and I don't think I could go on without you” Ben tells her. “Ben, I love you. You would have gone on, you would have to. I don't plan on going anywhere. I plan to grow old with you”. “Baby, maybe we should put some distance between getting my ladies pregnant. I will ask Nadia what is an acceptable distance between giving birth and becoming pregnant again” Ben says to Becky. The nine of them enjoy their time together. Ben has the cribs brought into the master suite so that Becky can feed the newborn babies. Ben kisses Becky and takes junior with him as they leave. Tiffani comes by and kisses Ben and tells him that she is going to stay with Becky and not to worry go relax with your women.

Ben goes downstairs and sees Katyana and he asks her “What happened with Oleg? Didn't you get married?”. “Yes, Ben I got married. Everything was going fine our parents left and we went to the room and had room service and then made love. I guess it was good for him. I just imagined he was you and that his cock was BIG FELLA. I know Becky just got back and that you must be worried about her. I was wondering if I could relieve some of the tension built up by worshiping BIG FELLA?”.

“Katyana, you know you have to go back to the Czech Republic?” Ben asks. “Yes, I know. But I might as well enjoy my honeymoon even if my dip-shit husband is back home worrying about money and his business and not about me. I told him that I was going to hookup with Becky. Please let me have some fun with BIG FELLA” Katyana says. Ben nods and takes her out by the pool, Janet watches Ben Jr. while Katyana sucks on BIG FELLA.

“Ben you have a beautiful cock” she says as she licks on his cock. “I couldn't feel Oleg's cock inside of me after you stretched me out with this powerful tool of yours” she says and then starts licking around the head of BIG FELLA. Katyana then begins to suck on the head and works him down her throat. Katyana uses her throat muscles to massage BIG FELLA.

Katyana savors her time with BIG FELLA and takes her time to make Ben climax. It takes Ben 45 minutes to cum and when he does he pours his load into Katyana's waiting stomach. Ben climaxes hard for a good twenty minutes before he finishes. Ben doesn't cum in spurts he cums in one long huge stream. When he is done Katyana takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and her mouth and smiles at Ben. “You really needed that. I feel so full with your beautiful seed. I wish I was your slave like these women. You ladies are blessed to have a man like Ben to love and to comfort”.

“I did need that release. Thank you Katyana that was wonderful” Ben tells her as he lifts her up and puts her on the lounge chair next to him. Katyana's belly is bloated with his load and she smiles at Ben. Julie and Dana come over and kiss their Master and whisper in his ear that they want their turn on BIG FELLA. Ben nods and they tag team BIG FELLA sucking him hard. Julie is the first to ride him and she grinds on BIG FELLA for about 90 minutes before Ben is ready to climax. Ben rolls over still engaged in Julie and starts to pound her cervix and Julie pulls Ben down to her and tells him “Master, I think I am pregnant. I missed my period so please don't push through my cervix. I don't want to damage a baby if indeed I am pregnant”.

Ben smiles and starts cuming inside of her pussy. When he is done he leans down and tells her, “That is good news, if so. Go and see Nadia and get a pregnancy test done”. He kisses her and she tells him “My whole family is hoping to get pregnant with your babies”.

Little does Ben know that all of Julie's family is pregnant. They will find out in the next month.

Ben then feels BIG FELLA being sucked on and looks down and sees it is Dana who is working over BIG FELLA. She gets him hard and then starts to ride on BIG FELLA. She rides him like a bucking horse for a good two hours before he is ready to cum. When he is Ben turns her over and pounds her cervix into submission and pours his cum into her womb. Ben rolls off of her and into the next lounge chair and Dana comes over and lays next to him and tells him “That was fantastic, Master”.

Ben tells Dana that it was great before he gets up and kisses her, he then goes to the pool and jumps in. Ben swims around as Heather and Helen get in the pool with him and swim over to him. They hug him and start kissing him. “Master, we love you and have never been happier. We want to take care of you.” Heather tells him as she rubs on BIG FELLA. Heather once she gets BIG FELLA hard pushes herself down on him. Heather bounces up and down on BIG FELLA and leans over and whispers in Ben's ear “Master, we are pregnant. I believe we are pregnant with your babies”. Ben smiles and says that is great news and can't wait to see their babies. Ben fucks both girls in the pool and then looks at Harper, Brianna, Destiny and Sydney and tells them “Girls it is time to get your pussies trained”

Ben then gets out of the pool dries off and takes the four of them to the training suite and starts their training. “Ladies, if you are not already pregnant I am going to get you pregnant. That is one of the bi-products of being my slaves” Ben tells them. Harper looks over at her friends and tells him “Master, our bodies are yours. If you want to put a baby in us please do so”.

“OK, I am going to start with you Harper, then I am going to train Brianna. I want Destiny and Sydney to play fluffers, OK?” Ben asks and they all smile and say “Yes, Master”. Destiny is the first to suck Ben hard and he starts fucking Harper nice and slow to start with. Within thirty minutes he starts jackhammering her. It takes Ben over sixteen hours to finish Harper's pussy training when he does he lays down and sleeps for eight hours. Harper's belly is really swollen with the ten huge loads Ben poured into her. Ben wakes up to Sydney and Destiny sucking on BIG FELLA. Brianna gives him his pills and tells him it is her turn to be trained.

Ben then once he is hard starts fucking Brianna. Tiffani comes into the room with a tray of food for the trainer and trainees and tells them they need to eat. She gives each girl a bottle of prenatal vitamins and tells them to start taking these. The girls take them and eat their food as Ben continues to pound Brianna. Ben has her on her hands and knees and is pounding her from behind. Harper gives her friend her vitamins and something to eat. “Master really knows how to pound pussy doesn't he?” Harper asks her.

“OH, Fuck yeah. I am going to need to drink a lot of water so that I can keep hydrated” Brianna says as Ben starts to hit her cervix. It takes Ben 90 minutes to break through her cervix and pump a load into her womb. After he lays next to Brianna and they eat and drink to keep up their energy. Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her pussy and Sydney takes him in her mouth and starts sucking on him.
Ben tells Brianna to ride him this turn. She smiles and gets on top of him and puts an erect BIG FELLA in her warm wet pussy. Jay-Tee's cousins Erica, Elaine, Felicia and Fiona come into the training suite and see Brianna grinding on BIG FELLA and tell him “Master, we are horny. Can you suck on our pussies while you train Brianna for awhile?”.

“I always love eating a virgin pussy. Erica you are first, I want you to straddle my face facing Brianna. I want the rest of you to suck on Brianna's breasts and clit” Ben tells them and the girls smile and jump to it. As soon as Ben starts sucking on Erica's pussy she starts to climax as does Brianna as the other three take turns sucking on a breast or her clit.

“OH MY GOD, MASTER. THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!” Brianna screams as she comes down from her fifth orgasm. Ben is continuously sucking and drinking in all of Erica's sweet virgin cream. It takes Ben two hours to feel like he is ready to climax, he has made Erica climax so many times she is incoherently babbling something. He takes Erica off of his face and puts her to the side, Erica continues to shake and tremble as Ben puts Brianna on her back and starts pushing BIG FELLA past her cervix. Once he has he dumps his load inside of her.

“Damn, Master that was so hot” Fiona says. Brianna is delirious from all the orgasms she just had. She looks at Ben and tells him, “Master, I am not going to be able to make it through eight more times if they are going to suck on my breasts and clit at the same time as you are pounding my pussy. I never knew I could climax so much or so many times. It was fantastic as a one time thing”.

“OK, You can ride me while I eat the other girls. Girls no more sucking on Brianna's tits or clit” Ben says. Felicia tells Ben and Brianna that it was very arousing sucking on her breasts while she rode BIG FELLA. “OK, Felicia get on my face while Destiny sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard” Ben says. Felicia gives him his pills and smiles at Brianna, “That is two down with eight more to go. Do you think you can make it?” she asks her. “Yes, I do. I am going to give it my best shot” Brianna says as BIG FELLA is hard and she gets up and straddles him. Brianna tries to get her Master to cum faster by using her Pubococcygeus muscles to squeeze BIG FELLA. Ben is enjoying Brianna's efforts.

Ben makes Felicia climax over and over again. When she comes down from one orgasm he makes her climax again. This goes on for 90 minutes until Ben has her hop off of his mouth and he picks up trainee and starts pile driving BIG FELLA into her womb. He climaxes in her womb and smiles and tells her that was the third time. It takes Ben another twelve hours to climax six more times. “Just one more time, Brianna. Do you think you can handle one more time? I can stop and we can start over again another time” Ben tells her.

“That would be wonderful, but I started this I can handle one more turn” Brianna says as everyone else is asleep. She sucks BIG FELLA hard and she lays down and Ben pounds her from behind. He takes his time and pounds her for three hours before he enters her womb. “Who do you belong to Brianna? Whose property are you?” Ben asks her. “I am yours, my pussy belongs to you as does my throat and ass. I am yours” Brianna tells her as Ben begins to cum hard in her.

Ben collapses beside her with BIG FELLA still lodged in her pussy and passes out. Brianna spoons with her Master. She can feel his heartbeat in her pussy and it soothes her to sleep. They sleep like that for ten hours. Ben wakes up still engaged in Brianna's pussy. Becky comes into the room and sees her husband still inside of Brianna. Harper and Sydney to one side Destiny on the other side of Brianna and the four virgins all around the bed. She sees Little Elaine licking on Ben's balls and Brianna's pussy.

Brianna stirs and tells Ben, “Damn, Master that was the best fucking I have ever had in my life followed by the best sleep. I loved having you inside of me when I slept. It made me feel safe and secure. Who is that between my legs licking me?”. “That would be Elaine, Brianna” Becky says.

“Hello, Mistress Becky. Master was amazing. I guess my pussy is now trained” Brianna says. “Elaine you can stop licking on my pussy now”. Elaine reluctantly stops and Ben pulls out of Brianna and Elaine sees her chance and starts cleaning off BIG FELLA. Ben nods at Becky and tells her to let her do it for awhile. Becky takes Brianna and Harper to the shower and tells them to get cleaned up.

Ben takes a break for a long while and goes and soaks in the hot tub in the back of the house that Vivian and Bill are staying in. Leslie brings him food, his pills and drinks, “Master, how is the training going?” she asks him. “Those girls are wearing me out. I need to climax faster when I am training” Ben tells her. “That will never happen, I have been with you too long. It takes you a long time to climax. You have great staying power and also a nice huge cock” Leslie says as she leans in and kisses him. “I love you Master” she tells him. “I love you too, Leslie. Get in here and keep me company” Ben asks her. She climbs in and snuggles with her lover, Leslie is stroking BIG FELLA.

“How is he holding up?” Leslie says. “Baby, I love you girls with all my heart. I don't know about this training stuff though. Ten times in a row is killing me” Ben says. “Yeah, Ben you got it rough. You have over two hundred women that are at your beck and call. Want to have sex with you at all times. You can go anywhere you want and do anything you want” Bill tells him.

“Yeah, I know. What would you do if you had billions and billions of dollars. Don't have to work and have a love for beautiful women. Particularly young beautiful women” Ben says as he kisses Leslie. She strokes BIG FELLA until he is hard and puts him in her pussy and bounces up and down on him while they are in the hot tub. “MMM, hot tub sex” Ben says.

“Master, it has been too long since I had some quality time with you” Leslie says. Kaitlin, Mary and Marty come out of the house and kiss their Master and their best friend. “I want some of that loving too Master” Kaitlin says. Ben nods and Bill tells him his life is really rough. Mary goes over to Bill and sucks him off.

“Bill, you have a nice cock for a white man” Mary tells him. “Not as big as BIG FELLA, but nobody is as lucky as my Master” she says as she starts to lick on his 9 1/2” cock. Mary takes Bill's cock down her throat without too much effort.

Ben makes love to his college girls and then goes and rests for a couple of hours before he starts Sydney's training followed by Destiny's. It takes him two days to complete their training with Brianna and Harper serving as fluffers.

Ben and his new slaves sleep for twelve hours and then come out to the pool and relax as his friends start to show up for their little vacation. Just as they show up Vivian comes over and tells Ben that Laurie has gone into labor. They all go and witness her giving birth to sextuplet girls. They all weight around 6 pounds and are named Jamelia Leslie, Keisha Vivian, Nichelle Nicole, Tamala Tiffany, Zina Becky, Ameena Alicia. Ben again is in tears as his lover Laurie just gave him six beautiful baby girls. “Laurie, honey you did great. They are all beautiful like their mom” Ben tells her as he kisses her and his baby girls.

“Bill come see your beautiful granddaughters. Aren't they the prettiest little girls you have ever seen” Ben says as he has Jamelia and Keisha in his arms. Vivian is holding Nichelle and Tamala. While Leslie is holding Zina and Ameena. “It looks like you gave birth to three sets of twins, Laurie baby” Bill says.

Ben gives Jamelia and Keisha to Bill to hold and he kisses his second wife, Mistress of the house and now baby momma. “I love you baby, Laurie. You did a great job in delivering the girls. They are pretty like you” Ben says. “Master, they come from you too. You make beautiful children. We have a nice big family. We have 92 babies with a lot more on the way. I love you with all my heart” Laurie says as she strokes BIG FELLA. They kiss and Ben leaves her to recover.

Ben exits the house and sees Omar, Abdul, Fred and Jerry as they enter the compound with Morgan and Magdalena who are both four months pregnant. Katyana is laying out out back of the main house as they go and get in the pool. “Katyana, I want to introduce you to my friends Omar, Fred, Abdul and Jerry. This is Morgan and her daughter Magdalena” Ben tells her. “We belong to our Masters. How are you Katyana?” Morgan asks.

The girls talk for awhile as Ben talks to the guys, “Omar, would you like to have sex with Katyana?”. “Sure would she is beautiful. Is she a new slave?” Omar asks. “No just somebody we met down here. She just got married and her husband left her down here while he went home to take care of his business” Ben tells him. “What a fool” Jerry says. “You don't know the half of it. The family was at dinner and Becky takes me to the bathroom where she had Katyana waiting for me. She then gave me a blowjob, she later came over to the house and begged me to pop her cherries. I got to that pussy before he husband. What a schmuck” Ben tells them.

“Katyana, I want you to have sex with my friends. They are going to double-penetrate you. Are you up for that” Ben asks her. “With those handsome black studs with those nice big cocks. Yes, Master. I will do whatever you want” Katyana says in response as Omar and Abdul are the first out of the pool, they dry off and Katyana sucks them hard. The begin fucking her first Omar in her pussy and Abdul in her ass. Once the cum they switch and do her again.

“Master, you are too generous. Oleg is such a loser. I love this fucking” Katyana yells as Ben and his girls watch her getting off as she is pounded in her ass and pussy repeatedly. Morgan comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA. “If our men are getting off, you might as well get off also Ben” Magdalena says to him as she watches her deep throat BIG FELLA.

When Omar and Abdul are done double teaming Katyana they get off of her and she tells Ben that was fantastic. “Katyana are you on birth control?” Ben asks her. “No, but that is alright. I am already pregnant” She tells him as she stumbles over to him and whispers in his ear “I pray to God that it is yours and that it is male, so he can grow up strong, brave and beautiful like his father. I put in my diaphragm when I had sex with Oleg. Dumb shit never asked me why I didn't have my hymen. Before I leave for home, I want BIG FELLA filling my pussy up again. Something to remember you by”.

Katyana gets up and tells Jerry and Fred that it is their turn. They smile and pick her up and take her over a lounge chair and she sucks them hard. “Mmm, I love big fat cock. Give me those beautiful cocks” she tells them and they pound her long and hard.

Becky comes out of the house with Bea and Jayne. The four ladies hug and Bea and her friend Morgan go for a walk on the beach with their daughters. “I can't believe how much my life has changed since we have been with Ben. He is wonderful. We have been down here in this beautiful island for six weeks. It is absolutely beautiful down here. When the men go fishing we will go shopping. Ben is going to invite your Masters to go fishing with the guys. They caught so much fish last time we at on them for a couple of weeks. Ben has ten houses here and this private beach. Each house has it own pool and hot tub. Dominic and Derrick fix dinner for the whole family but other meals are up to the individuals. Ben has been training the girls he accepted down here in the Cayman Islands. You will meet Julie and her family. Harper, Brianna, Sydney and Destiny came to us last week. They just got their pussies trained” Bea tells her.

“How is it over there with those studs” Jayne asks her friend. “I love those guys, I can't wait to see our baby or babies. They are very passionate and they love both me an my mom with all their hearts. They treat both of us like queens. I got them to play video games with me and they even watched the Twilight series with me. I got so hot watching those two guys we only watched a couple scenes and we started having sex. It took us forever to get through the first two movies. Every night I sleep with two guys. I am always sandwiched between two of them. I know the love me” Magdalena tells her.

The four of them walk the beach back and forth and after a couple of hours they come back to the pool area and see Jerry and Fred still going at Katyana. Omar and Abdul take their slaves in hand and bring them into the pool and they start making out. “Morgan, baby. Katyana is just a diversion. We still love you and Magdalena with all our hearts” Omar tells her in between kisses. “I know honey. I know you love me and my daughter”.

Ben is in the hot tub with Janet and Janie on either side of him he calls out to his friends, “I have a couple of boats rented for tomorrow for some fishing. You guys interested. We caught a ton of fish last time. It was really fun”. They all say sure.

The next day the guys go fishing as some of the women go shopping. Becky has a list of baby stuff she needs for all the children. Some girls go shopping for clothes and they all come back to the compound in time to greet the men as they return to the compound with their catch. Dominic starts cooking fish for dinner as the ladies get their men cleaned up and showered. They massage their tired muscles.

They sit around the bonfire that night after dinner when Madison and Grace's water breaks. Ben picks up Grace and takes the girls to the birthing suite. Mother and daughter start giving birth to their Masters babies together. Madison is the first to give birth to her triplet girls they all weight right around eight pounds. “Master, I want to present you with your baby girls Abebi Becky, Aba Laurie, Amina Love, I love you Master” a tired Madison tells him as he comes over and kisses her. “They are beautiful, Madison. Absolutely gorgeous babies, you did a great job” Ben says as Grace starts labor. Ben watches as his lover delivers him twin girls named Talia Kelly, Teagan Madison, they weight over nine pounds each and look just like their mother. Ben kisses Grace and tells her she did a great job as Brooklyn's water breaks after watching her mother and sister give birth.

Ben is holding his little wives hand as she gives birth to triplet girls named Denisha Michelle, Malika Laura, Safara Jean. They all weighing around six pounds. Ben kisses Brooklyn and tells her their children are beautiful. “Looks like I have a couple of nieces and three new sisters my love. Our family is multiplying by the day” Brooklyn tells Ben as they kiss. In comes Kelli, “Master, our twins want to meet the rest of the family”. Her water is already broken and she starts having contractions and gives birth to Mallory Grace, Mara Susan, they weigh little over seven pounds each. Ben kisses her and the babies, and he tells her she did a great job and tells the family that he loves them dearly.

Ray is their witnessing the whole delivery scene. “You are going to have to be their for your sisters and nieces as well as for your children that you fathered with the maids, Ray” Ben tells him. “I will Ben. That was an amazing sight. I am going to be there for all the maids, whether their children are mine or one of the others. I love each one of them” Ray reassures him.

Ben kisses each of his children and then his baby momma's and tells them to rest up. Ben then leaves that house and gets Julie and her sisters and takes them into the training room. He begins with training of Julie's ass. He pounds her, opening her up for the anal training that she will being enduring for the next sixteen hours. When Ben is ready to cum he exits her colon and pushes deep inside her pussy and blows his load. “Master, that was fantastic” is all that Julie can muster as she is panting and trying to catch her breath.

Ben exits her pussy and tells the girls to clean him off and get him hard again. Dana, Heather and Helen do the honors as they wash BIG FELLA and then suck him hard again. Ben then puts Julie on her hands and knees. He rides Julie's ass like a bucking horse, making her moan and scream out one orgasm after another.

Ben climaxes in her ass after pounding her for a good 90 minutes. They continue this until she finishes her anal training. Ben then sleeps for a while with his lover Julie and her sisters. “Master, we love our new life. I can't wait to see our new home” Erica tells him. “Baby, in my mansion there are many rooms. Each of my girls has their own bedroom with a king size bed and a private bathroom” Ben tells her. “That sounds like heaven, not having to share a bathroom with my sisters”.

When Ben wakes up he calls and sets up reservations at The Brasserie Restaurant for three hundred for the following Wednesday. He books a house specialty called “Random Acts of Cooking Chef's Tasting Menu”a five course tasting menu with wine pairing for everyone that is not pregnant. That should give him enough time to complete Dana, Helen, Heather, Erica and Elaine's anal training.

While he is training Tiffani, Janet, Janie and Jacqueline bring in his pills, the girls vitamins plus food and drinks. “Master, are you going to get us all pregnant before we go home with you?” Jacqueline asks. In between taking his pills he tells them all, “Yes, that is the plan. I want all of you to give birth to my babies. You are going to need to keep taking those prenatal vitamins and get regular checkup with Nadia” Ben tells them. They all smile and say “Yes, Master”.

Tiffani comes over and kisses her son-in-law and whispers in his ear, “I am fertile and I want you to impregnate me”. She then sucks on BIG FELLA until he is hard and rides him for about an hour,. After she has climaxed for the tenth time she tells everyone “Ladies, we are all blessed to be loved by Ben. He is a blessing to our lives and my life. I love you Ben Barnes”. Ben pounds her for another 45 minutes before turning her over and jackhammering her for 45 minutes trying to get into her womb. When he does he pumps a huge load into her womb. “I love you mother” Ben says with a smile.

Ben exits her pussy with a pop. “I love that sound. The sound of BIG FELLA exiting a pussy” Tiffani says. She rubs her belly full of Ben's seed. Janet comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard to start Dana's anal training.

Dana comes over after Janie has put lube on her ass and in her ass. “Master can I ride on BIG FELLA for awhile?” she asks him. Ben smiles and says yes. Dana straddles Ben's waist and guides BIG FELLA into her anal ring. Once she is resting on BIG FELLA, Ben pulls her legs out and all her weight is on BIG FELLA as it pushes through her anal ring.

Dana lets out a little scream as the huge head of BIG FELLA passes her anal ring, Ben reaches up and pulls her further down on BIG FELLA. Julie comes over and applies lube to BIG FELLA as he is moving in and out of her sisters ass. Because of the tightness of her ass and her squeezing of her PC muscles Ben erupts in her colon after only 90 minutes.

Ben puts her on her stomach, after exiting her ass, and pours lube into her ass. Erica comes over and cleans off BIG FELLA. She then sucks him hard and Ben begins his assault on Dana's ass. Dana moans as Ben begins his pounding of her ass. “Master, cum in my womb when you climax. I want to get pregnant. I want you children growing inside of me” Dana tells him between orgasms. Ben likes the idea and after he pounds her for two hours he pushes deep inside of her womb and pours his load into her. It takes Ben another ten hours to complete her training.

Ben sleeps with Dana still engaged inside of her ass. They sleep for eight hours before they wake. “Master, I love having BIG FELLA inside of me when I sleep. It makes me feel safe and secure” Dana says. “Baby, when we get home I am going to have tracking devices call RFID's put into your bodies. I will always know where you are. You are mine, now. Anybody ever does anything to you. Well lets just say they will regret it as will their whole family. I protect my family and my loved ones”.

Jacqueline comes into the rooms with a big smile on her face. “Master, Master” she says as she jumps on Ben. “I am with child, Nadia just confirmed it. I am going to have your child”. “Jacqueline that is wonderful news. Ladies you are going to have a brother or sister” Ben says. “Seeing as though you put more than one baby in most of your women, I wouldn't be surprised if I had twins or triplets. The more the merrier” Jacqueline states.

Little does Jacqueline know that before they move to Alabama her daughters and her will be pregnant with thirty of Ben's children.

Ben then gets up with Dana and takes her to the shower. They wash each other. “Master, I really do love you” Dana says as she drops to her knees and sucks on BIG FELLA. “I want your babies inside of me. My body is yours” Dana says before she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and down her throat. Ben erupts down her tight fifteen year old throat.

“Baby, Dana. You are mine. I am yours. We are going to be together for the rest of our lives. We will have many children together. I hope we have at least fifty children together” Ben tells her. “You want me to stay pregnant don't you my love?” Dana says. “No, I think you have a good twenty-five years of child birthing years. I think if I can get you pregnant twenty times with multiple babies then we should be fine with that goal” Ben tells her.

They go back out to the bedroom and eat, drink and take their pills. Next up is little Helen. Julie has been lubing up her ass since they have been in the shower. Helen looks at her Master and tells him “Train my ass, I want my tattoo on the back of my neck just like my sister slaves. Train me my beautiful handsome Master”.

Ben pounds Helen for the next 18 ours and completes her training. He rests for eight hours and then begins her twins training. It takes Ben 22 hours to complete Heather's training. Ben then tells them that he is going to complete Erica and Elaine's training after they get back from dinner out at The Brasserie in town.

Ben sleeps for twelve hours and gets up with his trainees four hours before they have to go to dinner. Obviously, Heather and Helen's asses are going to be a little sore when they go to sit down in the chairs at dinner. They all go to dinner and enjoy some family time with the extended family. Ben has rented the whole restaurant and before they leave for dinner he tells everyone, “Do not recruit any more slaves!”. The girls all giggle, and Dana comes up to Ben. “The rule is we have to share you”. “Yeah, between my slaves. Not with every woman out there” Ben tells her.

Before they go to the restaurant they see Katyana off. She is going back to the Czech Republic, pregnant with Ben's babies. She gives Becky her contact information and email address and they say they will keep in touch. Katyana has tears in her eyes as she kisses Ben and Becky goodbye.

They go and have a fine time at the restaurant. They have a very elegant meal and Dominic talks to the chef as the family has dessert. The chef is amazed that he serves the same family every night. Dominic says he plans two weeks out. He has food delivered to the mansion where they all live.

Ben is watching the girls with the waitresses, he is a little worried about them recruiting more girls. Julie comes over and whispers in Ben's ear “Master, we are not recruiting the waitresses. They are just friends of ours. This is a small island and we know these waitresses”. “Okay, no new slaves down here in the Cayman Islands” Ben tells her.

They finish their dinner and get ready to leave. They pile into the cars and head back to the compound, little does Ben know that the guys have invited three of the waitresses home with them. They get back to the compound and they all go to the houses and undress. Ben is with the bed slaves, Erica and Elaine in the pool. Julie, Brianna and Harper come around the corner with Ray, James, Freddie, Karl Jr. and three of the waitresses from the restaurant. They are all naked and tell Ben they are going swimming in the ocean under the stars. Rachel and Reanna come around the corner with towels.

“Master, you remember the waitresses from dinner. This is Jessica, Jenny and Monique. We invited them back to play and spend some time together” Reanna tells him. “Yes, I remember them. Nice to see you three again. Enjoy your stay here at our humble abode. Remember what they say about Vegas? “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. The same applies here in the compound” Ben tells them. “Guys if you are going to have sex with these girls you need to wear a condom. No exceptions, you must protect the family” Ben instructs the gentlemen.

“Ben, where are your manners. Come out here and give the girls a welcoming kiss” Becky says as she comes out the back door with Ben Junior. Ben looks at her and shakes his head. He gets out of the pool and comes over to the girls and gives each of them a kiss on the cheek and welcomes them to the compound. All three are staring at BIG FELLA.

“Isn't my husband beautiful, Ladies?” Becky says as she kisses her husband. “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen, even in porno movies” Jessica says. “Nice and BIG. How large is that thing?” Monique asks “Our Master is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide and he knows how to make a woman feel good. When he makes love to a woman she will have an orgasm every five minutes or so. And he has stamina, he goes for hours” Reanna says.

“You called him Master?” Jenny asks. “Yes, all the women here in the compound are his slaves. We all have sex with Ben. He is our Master and we are his property as it states on our lower backs.” Julie says as she shows her back tattoo. Jacqueline comes over to the pool and tells the girls “I don't know about the other women, but I am happier than I have ever been. I thank God for Ben. That he has accepted me as his slave and that he has chosen my girls as his. I look forward to a long life with him and my fellow slaves”.

“Well we are going swimming now. See you tomorrow” Harper says. “Remember what I said about the condoms. Must protect the family” Ben tells them. “Have fun and be careful in the water”.

That night Ray, James, Freddie, and Karl Jr. all pound the crap out of the three waitresses on the beach. James pounds all three in their virgin asses making them scream out orgasm after orgasm.
Ben, Becky and Jacqueline watch for a while the kids enjoying themselves. “James really knows how to pound some ass” Jacqueline says. “Reanna taught him right” Becky tells her.

“Yes, she did” Jacqueline says as she takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts licking on him and sucking on the head. Once she has gotten BIG FELLA erect she straddles him and leans over and tells Ben “Lets show those youngster how to fuck a woman's ass”. Jacqueline pushes down on BIG FELLA until she gets him to pop past her anal ring. She puts her legs on Ben's shoulders and starts moving up and down on BIG FELLA.

They make love for two hours like that until Ben erupts into his willing slaves ass. Jacqueline then takes her legs from Ben's shoulders and then lays down with him in the lounge chair. They sleep until morning and are awoken by the group from the beach coming up for breakfast.

“It seems like the two of you enjoyed yourselves last night?” Julie says as she kisses her mother and Master good morning. “I like waking up and having BIG FELLA in my body. It makes me feel so secure and safe” Jacqueline tells them. They get up and head to the bathroom.

“James and the guys have nice big cocks, but your Master's cock is a whole other thing” Jenny says. “Yes, he is very well-endowed” Julie smiles at her friend. They eat breakfast and Ben says that he wants to go see the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and make a day of it.

Ben then takes the clan to see the Botanic Park and have another fine meal out before returning to the compound. They all watch the sunset when Nadine comes over and tells Ben and Becky that Isabella has gone into labor. Ben and Becky go to Nadia's birthing suite and witness Isabella giving birth to triplet girls named Margherita Ava, Maddelena Becky, Maurizia Emma, all weighing little over seven pounds. Ben kisses his lover and tells Isabella she did good. The girls are beautiful just like their mother. Mary comes running into the room and sees her sisters.

“It looks like Aidan has three little aunts to play with. They are beautiful mom” Mary says as Ava and Emma come in and tell Nadia that their water just broke. Ava is first to give birth to her triplet girls Angela Bee, Mauritania Tiffani, Lucianna Margaret, Ben kisses his little lover and tells her she did a good job. He is in tears again as he sees his women giving birth to his children. Emma is the next to give birth to her triplets Estella Ava, Essence Patience, Erika Lynn, “Mary we have nine little baby girls for Aidan to play with. I love you ladies with all my heart” Ben says as he kisses his baby girls and their mothers. Ben leaves them to recover and goes back to the main house. He tells Tiffani and Becky that they need to get extra baby seats for the new infants born down here in the Cayman Islands.

“Ladies, we have a nice large family. I can't believe how lucky I am to be loved by all these women. To know they love me with all their hearts” Ben says. “We all love you, Master. You are kind, generous and very loving. A woman would be crazy not to love you and be in love with you” Becky says and Tiffani agrees. “I am pregnant again, I just took a pregnancy test today and have been waiting for the right time to tell you” Tiffani says as she kisses Ben. “That is terrific news, Mom” Ben says as the three of them lay down and make out. Erica and Elaine come into the room and asks “Master, we are waiting to start our anal training”.

“OK, Lets get your ass lubed up and ready Erica” Ben says as he hands her the lube from the drawer. For the next three days Ben pounds Erica and Elaine's ass. He cums in their wombs and they get pregnant. In the meantime, Jenny and her friends go home. Tiffani and Becky take several of their sisters to go shopping. They bring home pregnancy tests for the new slaves. Brianna, Harper, Destiny and Sydney all test positive right away. As does Julie and Dana. Ben makes love to Helen and Heather several more times while they are down in Cayman Islands and they become pregnant.

They family heads back to Alabama in time to have Easter at the mansion. They says goodbye to Jenny, Jessica and Monique. They exchange email addresses. They pack everything and head to the jet with Caillum at the helm. Ken and Carol, Jamal and Sheila, and Omar and his crew go back on the little jet piloted by Steve.

They arrive home, Omar and his crew go to their house. Jamal and Sheila go to their house after she gives Ben a huge kiss. Carol and Ken go to their house. Ben and his crew drive to their mansion. They new slaves look at their new residence and are amazed at the size. The maids take the luggage in with the help of them men as the new slaves take a tour of the mansion with Tiffani, Janet and Janie. Ben comes in and he has a call from Soyeon and he calls for Hyejung to come and translate for him. Hyejung talks to her mother and tells Ben that she has a gift for him and asks if she could come over. Ben nods and Hyejung tells her to come over.

Ben catches up with Julie and her crew as Tiffani shows them their new rooms. “So ladies what do you think of your new bedrooms?” Ben asks them. “They are huge” Julie says. “I like that we don't have to share a bathroom with seven other people” Dana says. “Master, you are so generous to give us our own rooms. These rooms are bigger than any master bedroom I have ever seen or heard of” Jacqueline says.

Brianna, Harper, Sydney and Destiny love their new rooms. “Ladies, if you need anything from the store just let Becky or Tiffani know. I will set you ladies up with a bank account and a credit card. We find that most of the essentials can be delivered to the mansion” Ben tells them. They get accustomed to their new surroundings and Ben tells them that we are always naked in the house so be ready to see a lot of naked people.

In an hour Soyeon arrives and comes into the entertainment room where Ben and her daughters are. “Master, I have your gift” Soyeon says. She is of course naked and brings in her sister, Eun and introduces her and tells her something in Korean and Eun then strips and kneels in front of Ben. Soyeon then calls to her nieces and they come in. Ben looks over Eun, she is quite beautiful. Resembling a little doll. Eun has 36C breasts with black hair and eyes.

Soyeon introduces her nieces, Eun Hee and Eun Jung fourteen year old twins with black hair and eyes and 34C breasts and swan-like necks. Eun Kyung and Eun Mi twelve year old twins with the same hair and eye color. Finally little ten year old Eun Sun. They all strip and kneel in front of Ben. They all say in English, “Mr. Barnes, please make us your slaves. We want to be your slaves and you to be our Master. Our bodies are yours. Please make love to us and be our Master”.

Bill walks in right before they strip and hear this and says to Ben “It doesn't rain it pours. You have them coming in from overseas you lucky duck”. Ben looks at him and shakes his head. Eun and her girls think he is saying no and she says “Please Master Ben, make us your slaves. I am fertile as our my daughters, except for Sun. We give you lots of babies and take care of you and your huge house”.

“Hyejung translate this for me, please” Ben asks and she agrees. “Eun and girls. Soyeon wanted me to bring you to this country because your husband left you and abandon his children” Ben waits for Hyejung to translate. “You are welcome to stay in my house without becoming my slave”, Hyejung translates. Eun Hee looks at her mother and says something in Korean. Hyejung tells Ben “Hee says that you are a powerful man and that you will take care of them. She also says she sees that you are very well-endowed and that she wants you to make her a woman”.

Soyeon gives Ben her sisters clean HIV/STD certificate and Eun says “Master, make my daughters your women please”. “OK, I accept you as my slaves”. Hyejung tells them in Korean what he said and Eun Hee comes over and asks “May I suck on your cock, Master”. Ben nods and she sucks on BIG FELLA.

Ben tells Hyejung that Eun Sun will be his bed slave and that he plans on keeping her virginity intact until she reaches 13. He tells her to translate to her and what that means. Hyejung translates and she says something back to her. “Master, Sun says she will make a wonderful bed slave and that she is proud to take care of his body” Hyejung says as Sun comes over and kisses her new Master.

“Hyejung, please go over the what is required of them” Ben tells her and Hyejung starts telling them in Korean what is required. The women smile at Ben and tell him “Yes, Master” everyone except Eun Hee who has finally gotten BIG FELLA down her throat. It takes her 45 minutes to get Ben to cum. She takes it all down her throat and into her belly.
Ben spends the next two weeks training his new Korean slaves. After which they all get their required tattoos and piercings. They celebrate Easter as a family with his friends. As is a holiday custom they have an orgy after eating. This goes on for three days. Ben then takes Becky and they go shopping.

The head to the local Costco to load up on supplies. They have a trailer hooked up to the Expedition. They purchase toiletries, vitamins and household supplies. The new slaves have given Abigail their requests for personal items for their bathrooms. While they are out they notice that they are being followed again and call Paula and she pulls over the guy. He shows her his badge and Paula asks him what he is doing in the area. Phillip tells her just some FBI surveillance. She let him go and calls Ben and tells him that Phillip is back at it.

Ben arrives home and calls his private investigator and tells him to step it up on the investigation of Phillip. He calls his informant in the FBI and asks him about Phillip. He has been suspended for an illegal investigation. Ben tells his informant that he will take care of him in his own time.

Ben gets a call from his State Department friend and they talk for a while.

Characters also introduced:

Brianna, 21, Waitress in CI, 5'9, White, Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 36DD Breasts, swan-like neck
Harper, 22, Waitress in CI, 5'8, White, Black Hair with Hazel Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck
Sydney, 19, Waitress in CI, 5'2, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck
Destiny, 20, Waitress in CI, 5'4, White, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts, swan-like neck
Jenny, 19, Waitress in CI, 5'6, White, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts, swan-like neck
Jessica, 18, Waitress in CI, 5'3, White, Blond Hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck
Monique, 21, Waitress in CI, 5'2, White, Brown Hair with Green Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck
Eun, 30, Soyeon Sister, 5'0, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 36C Breasts
Eun Hee, 14, Eun's Daughter, 4'10, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 34C Breasts
Eun Jung, 14 Eun's Daughter, 4'10, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 34C Breasts
Eun Kyung, 12, Eun's Daughter, 4'8, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 32C Breasts
Eun Mi, 12, Eun's Daughter, 4'8, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 32C Breasts
Eun Sun, 10, Eun's Daughter, 4'6, Asian, Black Hair and Eyes, 32C Breasts

Coming SOON…..
Next up in Chapter 19 ….

Iranian sisters come to Alabama, sisters are reunited and introduced to Ben. G-Man gets his, as does his family.


So far in this series of stories we have:

880 : Number of Pages
487,048 : Number of Words
29,446 : Number of Lines



Memories of A Mortician: Virgin Conception/ Concrete Love

NOTE TO READER: Drawing of these and all my previous stories can be found on the Sex Stories forum here. Please feel free to view and comment.


Name: Y.J.Y.
Age: 18
Cause of Death: Blood loss from incision on abdomen. Severe damage to internal organs.
Other Injuries: Slight chloroform burns on lips and nose.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 13hrs
Notes: This young woman was the victim of a violent but somewhat sexy occult ritual.

Your belly was cut
Impregnated with a goat
I impregnate you

In all my years as a mortician, I have only come across one incident of an occult killing. This particular case was noteworthy for two things. First, the victim was a lovely young lady. Secondly, the nature of the killing was really bizarre. Her killer chloroformed her and proceeded to try to fulfil a ‘prophecy’ which was found written in the woman’s blood at the scene of the crime.

"In the year of their lord two thousand one three,
When the belly of the young virgin swells with the child of the Beast,
Your seed shall find her yielding flesh,
And the Master shall be free."

He cut open her abdomen and stuffed ('belly of the young virgin swells') a goat fetus ('child of the Beast') inside. He then sewed shut the incison and had sex with the woman ('your seed shall find her yielding flesh'), who have by now died from blood loss. He then dressed her back up and put make up on her to make her look more suitable as a partner for the Master. (Apparently, the prophecy was false because the 'Master' doesn't seemed to be freed yet.)

When I received her body, she was clad in a light blue bra and bloodstained pink panties. the coroner had already removed the goat fetus and sewed her back up. The long scar across her belly stood out starkly against her fair skin. I though it looked sexy. Especially with the hot looking make up her killer had applied onto her stunningly beautiful face which even death failed to dimninish.. It looked like another of the Kosmetics Killer's victim but the modus operandi was different so the police did not suspect him this time.

I gave her a long French kiss on her red lips while fondling her shapely breasts and running my fingers down the long row of stitches cutting across her smooth, soft and pale belly. Some blood was still oozing from the wound and I licked some of it from my fingers. It tasted really sweet. I held up her limp body and undid her bra, causing her perky breasts to pop free at me seductively. I then tore off her pair of blood stained panties and used a hose to wash her violated vagina clean of her killer and rapist’s semen.

Next, I proceeded to have some hot sex with the nubile and shapely corpse of my latest customer, thrusting into her bloody vagina savagely. As I repeatedly pushed down on her body, more blood leaked from the slit in her belly, lubricating our bodies. I stroked her face and hair and flicked her tongue around her mouth with mine, savouring the taste of her saliva. I inserted my throbbing penis into her inviting mouth and shot off a load of cum down her throat which bulged sexily as she swallowed unconsciously. Finally, I shot off my last dose of semen at her belly wound, letting it drip into her body, bonding us in a way that no other corpse had done.. It was one of the best experiences I had. I collapsed in exhaustion on top of her cold but yielding body and fell asleep, enjoying the fragrant smell of her hair.

I woke up an hour later and proceeded with my work. I gave her a good, long wash, taking extra care to wash her mouth and vagina of all my fluids. I carefully cleaned off all traces of the makeup applied by her killer. I then towelled her body dry gently, copping a feel or ten as I was doing so. Next, I took out the clothing bag her family had delivered to me and dressed her up in virgin white bra and panties. I dressed her in a lovely pink dress which showed off her long shapely legs and helped her put on a pair of strapped sandals. Finally, I styled her hair and applied some light make up of my own. Light purple eye shadow, blusher and a layer of pink lipstick. With her belly wound all covered up and no other visible injury, she looked better than she was alive if I might say so myself.

27. CONCRETE LOVE (2013)
Name: L.J.T.
Age: 21
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to strangulation.
Other Injuries: Contusion on back of head caused by blunt object.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 32hrs
Notes: This young woman was yet another victim of the Kosmetics Killer. This time, the killer tried something different after he was through with her corpse…

Young and so lovely
Unconsciously killed and raped
‘Pregnant’ in concrete

The Kosmetics Killer didn’t strike again for a few months after the Xmas Killing nearly 6 months ago. The police was still hunting for him when he struck again but this time it was in a neighbouring country. Apparently, the Kosmetics Killer had made his way across the border. The victim was a 21 year old woman who had travelled there on a day trip with her friends but went missing halfway through the trip. The police from both countries could not find her for 2 days but on the third day, someone found his dog barking at a slab of newly laid concrete on the floor next to an abandoned farmhouse. He noticed a foul smell coming from it and called the police. They soon unearthed the corpse of the missing woman buried in the concrete. She had started to decompose but the police could tell that she had been strangled, raped and then made up and dressed up in another set of clothes. They knew it had to be the Kosmetics Killer. What I know is that her family decided to send her corpse to me to prepare for her open casket funeral. It was going to be a challenge given her not being fresh anymore but I would not pass up this challenge. Besides, she looked really pretty from the photographs in the newspapers.

I went to her corpse the moment she arrived at the mortuary. There was a sickly sweet smell which I savoured the moment I walked into the preparation room. I pulled back the sheet covering the dead woman and realized how lucky I was not to have refused this case. Decomposition had done nothing to her except to enhance her beauty. Her skin color might have turned greenish but it gave her a uniquely attractive appearance. Her face did not bloat or swell fortunately, probably due to the cement somehow preserving her beautiful features. Her neck bore the traces of a reddish blue strangulation mark. The most arousing part of her body was that her abdomen was severely bloated from decomposing gases in her body and she looked pregnant and ripe in her sexy pink top and light blue tights. It sure looked as if she was expecting her killer’s child, a thought which caused me much pleasure as I imagine impregnating her again with my sperm. Streaks of dried cement also covered various parts of her body, giving her a dirty, helpless and vulnerable appearance, adding to her allure.

I started by kissing her on her lips, still lightly colored by the Kosmetics Killer’s lipstick, and stroking her breasts and bloated belly. I gave her belly a gentle puch and was rewarded by a sexy sounding belch and a whiff of decomposing gases which erupted from her mouth into mine. This turned me on even more and I held up her limp body and ripped off her top, biting and sucking on her slightly rotting breasts. I then pulled off her tights. I realized that she was neither wearing a bra nor panties. Her killer must have taken them for a souvenir or maybe the police had kept them as evidence. Either way, her full naked beauty was revealed to me. Marbling of her veins made them stand out in contrast to her skin. She looked alien , yet very attractive.

In the past, I might have hesitated but then given that I already have AIDS, I stripped and plunged into her without consideration of germs and infections I might get from this dead beauty. My thrusting actions pressed down hard onto her distended belly and dark, slimy fluid spurted out sexily from her mouth and nose in a smelly but sexy fountain of gore. More slimy fluid was pushed out from her vagina, lubricating it wonderfully. This went on for the next one hour as her violated body was violated again by me. I licked, kissed, sucked and massaged her all over her body, hoping that I have given her as much pleasure as she has given me. I ended my pleasure the usual way by inserting my penis between her darkened lips and shooting off into her wet and inviting mouth. I was so exhausted I fell asleep next to her for an hour before waking up and starting work.

She was a real challenge as I had to cover up all traces of decomposition in her. Fortunately, our sex had forced out fluids and gases from her stomach so her belly looked flat and trim once more, albeit with some stretch marks. In case someone come along, I first washed off all traces of blood, semen, cement, my semen and assorted corpse juices from her body. I noticed that bloody fluid was still oozing out from her mouth, belly button and vagina so I washed them again. Her belly button had become an outie due to all the bloating and I lovingly and patiently cleaned and washed off all the lint in it with a cotton bud. I then did the basic draining of body fluids and injection of formaldehyde with a trocar.

When that was done, I gave her a final shower and towelled her dry. I then applied a thick layer of foundation and powder on her body to give her a lifelike complexion. It was difficult but possible with my years of experience. The only blemish that remained was her strangulation mark, which was too discoloured to cover properly so a faint bluish line can still be seen around her now fair and slender neck. I then helped her put on a pair of strapless bra and panties before dressing her up in a sleeveless tank top and jeans. Finally, I applied some light makeup on her face. It was nothing like the quantity the Kosmetics Killer normally used but I thought it made her look really lovely all the same. Finally, I combed and styled her hair and put on her pair of glasses. Now, she looked sweet and pretty, all ready for her final viewing.

Asmodeus – Demon of Lust: Part 4

A/N – Hello everyone! I hope you guys are enjoying this series as much as I enjoy writing. Please, please send me some feedback if you liked it (or even if you didn’t) and let me know if you guys have any suggestions for what should happen next, all ideas are open to consideration. Happy reading!


Part 4

Get up! No use moping; crying will get you nowhere.

I push myself off of the wet rock, slipping and scraping my arm as I struggle to control my shaking body. Focusing on the icy pain, I encase my heart with that same cold, feeling it harden and add steel to my reserve. It seems silly, but blaming Asmodeus for this latest injury makes it easier for me to envision hating him. He did this to me.

While I haven’t quite managed hate just yet, I feel some satisfaction that my fear has – at least – turned into a soaring anger. I let it rage within me and my breathing speeds up. Curling my fists and squaring my shoulders, I resolve right now to return to my family as soon as possible.

But how to do that? Think Selena.

I know better that to hope I will find some magical, secret exit. If I ever want to leave this place I’ll have to be pretty fucking smart. I have to find a weakness of his somehow, something he’s said or done which will help me figure out a way to leave safely. Think, think! There must be something, a weak spot, an escape, a loophole; something. If I could find that one thing, I know I will be free.

A loophole.

As soon I realise his weakness, the loophole blares sharply in my mind and a plan forms under the idea. Suddenly, I have it, that one thing that will guarantee me safe passage home.

Right, first things first; get dressed.

If I have any hope of my plan working out, I have to let Asmodeus believe that I’m still under his spell. That means getting dressed in one of those ridiculously elaborate gowns and parading before him as if nothing is wrong. That is, until he slips. Then I’ll have my freedom, away from this wretched, volcanic prison and its gorgeous demonic warden.

I bite my lip, berating myself for that last thought. I’ve known since its inception that my plan’s fatal flaw is me. There’s no telling what my pathetic heart will make me feel when I see him; or what my treacherous body will make me do.

Best not to think about it. I’ll deal with those obstacles as they come.

Deciding that this is the best course of action, I scrub my body thoroughly with the earthy soap and lather some of it into my hair, washing away dirt, sweat, blood and tears. When I’m done, I step out of my waterfall shower and stand shivering for a moment until I register the sound of air rushing through a gap somewhere. Following the sound to its source, I find a large vent opened up in the ceiling.

Excitement courses through me. Could this be a way out?

Clouds of dust swirl beneath the spot and I wait for it to clear before standing directly below. The air pressure is so great however, that I cannot even look up from underneath. My heart sinks as I realise that even if the airflow was slower, I wouldn’t have a way to reach the gap anyway – it’s just too high up. The air is warm though and steadily begins to dry me off. Letting out a resigned sigh, I relax as the vent dries my body and focus again on my original plan.

As my hair dries, I wish for a comb to untangle the snarling mess. In the blink of an eye I notice a dressing table begin to rise from the stone floor. Slowly it ascends, finding a place next to the chest of dresses, the rock rumbling and scraping against the cave wall. After it has fully formed, a small stool of sorts rises before it and a crude box grows on top of it.

Stepping away from the relentless blast of air, I walk over to inspect my new furniture. Stopping at the table I run a hand over the rough edges of everything I have just created. I know it’s my work because it isn’t as beautiful as Asmodeus’. Lifting the lid of the box (which looks like little more than a miniature mud hut) I find a curved, primitive looking – though slender – ivory coloured comb. With only five teeth, it will barely do the job but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

I take the comb with me back over to the air vent and loosen the knots in my hair as it dries. The comb feels smooth and strong, and while I run it through my fine waist length hair, I find myself wondering what it is made out of. I’ve felt this texture before, I’m sure of it. Shrugging, I focus on combing out all the knots; I have to seem as if I still want to look good for my captor.

When my hair is dry, I head back to the dresser, expecting to find a mirror behind it. Like the one in my room at home. My brow knits in sorrow and I fight hard against the lump in my throat. No time for that. I swallow my tears down and will a mirror to appear before me.

Cracking and wind-chimes sound as iron grows out of the wall, framing the polished silver and glass mirror which obediently shows me my naked reflection. Sitting down and staring into the mirror, a chocolate coloured heart shaped face stares back. Rich brown eyes glint in the red glow of the cave; freckles pepper flushed cheeks and dot a button nose and full, well-shaped, dark pink lips are set in a frown of fierce determination while silky straight ebony hair frames it all.

I look different. Beautiful… When did that happen?

I know already though, it happened when he loved me. When he showed me what it felt like to be beautiful and what it meant. I couldn’t see it before, not on my own but I do now. Because he loved me, I can finally love myself.

The sharp brown eyes soften, then freeze, hardening once more as I realise that I’m doing exactly what I feared I would. And I’m not even near him yet!

I yank the comb roughly through my hair again, sharp, jagged strokes which rip out a few strands. Furious at myself, and at him and at this stupid comb I slam it against the stone dresser, breaking off a tooth. The sharp shard flies at my face and I duck just in time to avoid losing an eye. Sitting up again only when I hear the shard clatter harmlessly on the floor, I examine the damaged comb. The mysterious material of which the comb is made still bugs me and after I run a finger over the broken edge, I realise why. The comb is made from bone.

It takes all of my effort not to scream as I fling the hideous object as far away as possible. Letting out instead a horrified gasp, I try in vain to convince myself that it was an animal bone. Somehow though, I just know its human and the thought makes me sick to my stomach. Fighting back a wave of nausea, I take a deep breath and try not to think about where the bone could have come from; while an awful image of the bleached human skull from high school biology floats through my mind. This place is a nightmare come into reality.

All the more reason to escape… And soon.

Banishing my nausea, I push myself up from the little stone seat and pull out the navy silk dress from the chest Asmodeus made for me. Slipping into it, I shiver as the silver lace caresses my back. Struggling, I finally manage to tie up the ribbons at my lower back, only to find myself stumped as half the lace hangs unknotted, having previously been held up by yet more hidden ribbons.

Unable to manoeuvre the crisscross pattern at the right side of my mid back, I throw my hands up in exasperation and admit defeat. My captor will just have to tie it up for me. Dropping back down at my dresser I huff in annoyance as the lace whips against the bare of my back.

Something soft whispers against my ear and my heart races while I strain to hear over the roar of the air vent. When I wish it shut the noise stops instantly as the gap in the ceiling closes off. I listen intently to the delicate zipping sound of silk sliding through metal and when I feel my dress tighten comfortably, I know that it’s closing itself for me.

Pleased, I rise again and study myself in the full length mirror that Asmodeus conjured for me.

The navy blue dress complements my brown skin perfectly, affording me a sinister sort of beauty, bewitching but deadly. When I twist my body around, the lace radiates femininity, contrasting beautifully against my skin and showing off a taste of what is hidden beneath the silk and silver. The plunging neckline showcases just the right amount of cleavage, making my body ooze sensuality, the dark twin of Marilyn Monroe at her prime. I feel beautiful and sexy and dangerous all at once. This is the perfect outfit, the perfect armour against my captor, giving me strength before the dreaded war for my freedom.

All that’s missing is a little battle paint…

A clinking sound over at the dresser reminds me that my wish is the cave’s command. A small glass container sits next to a fine, short bristled paint brush. Taking a seat I open the little jar and lightly rub my finger over the thick black cream inside. As I expected, the black kohl sticks to my finger. Conjuring a small silk cloth I wipe my finger clean and pick up the brush, dipping it into the creamy liner.

Its only animal hair, I tell myself as I brush the soft bristles onto the border of my bottom eye lid. The effect is instantaneous; a little eyeliner goes a long way, enhancing the dangerous gleam of my eyes. Looking at the woman in the mirror, I know she means business.

I add a coat to the top lids as well, painting a line above each set of lashes. Wishing to add a little more colour to my face leads to a yield of even more containers, this time made of metal, each containing a loose mineral powder in differing shades. Wiping my liner brush clean, I shadow my eyes with black, silver and navy powder, creating a smoky look which also matches my dress. Finally, a small glass tub appears on the dresser, similar to the one which brought me the eyeliner. This time it’s filled with a rich mauve lipstick, which I apply lightly before heading over to the full length mirror again. Before I have the chance to examine my handy-work however, I feel the wall behind me begin to rumble.

Whipping around, I watch with mounting fear as an opening appears, melting into existence from the solid rock wall. My heart pounds in my ears as the thought of seeing him again so soon sends me into a panic. I’m not ready! All the confidence I felt not two minutes ago fades with alarming speed as I realise too late that it takes more than a sexy dress and a little make-up for me to be his equal, for me to be able to stand up to him.

When the entrance finally reveals itself, it isn't Asmodeus who stands in the doorway. My relief is immediate and I let out a soft sigh as a demon strides through, clad only in a filthy cloth tied to his waist with a leather belt. I roll my shoulders back and lift my chin up high as he strolls confidently towards me, practicing my new 'femme fatale' façade before I have to see the King again.

Feigning indifference to his presence, I glance casually at my nails, as if the creature does not frighten me. He’s one of the less horrendous looking ones sure, but he’s still a demon. It doesn’t help either that at the sight of me; his prick begins to stiffen, straining against his loincloth. Guess I won’t have to check myself out in the mirror after all. Ignoring his state of arousal, I look up at his face as he moves ever closer.

“Has it been an hour already?” I ask, in what I hope is a bored voice.

“It has been half an hour. My master sent for me to retrieve you later but I thought I’d come early and have a little fun first.” A lecherous grin spreads over his face as he draws a sinister looking dagger from a sheath on his belt.

My heart pounds painfully in my chest as I force a sneer at his words.

“Don’t be an idiot, you can’t touch me,” I level my gaze with his, finding strength in the truth of my next words, “he’ll tear you apart.”

Undeterred, the demon stalks toward me, knife poised in front of him, disgusting grin in place.

“What Asmodeus doesn’t know can’t hurt me; and you won’t tell him will you bitch? I can do whatever I want with your body and you won’t tell a soul because if you do, I’ll gut you while you sleep; even if you happen to be sleeping in the King’s bed at the time.”

I swallow painfully, slowly backing away from this monster, knowing that either way Asmodeus cannot help me now. Even if I tell him that this demon raped me, it won’t save me from being raped.

The back of my heel slams against the rocky stool at my dresser an I’m cornered, unable to move away from the demon that stalks ever closer. Blind panic overrides my logic and I can’t think let alone move. I’m shaking from head to toe as he laughs, savouring the taste of my fear. His putrid breath washes over me as he presses his body close to mine. Slowly as if to caress me, his rough hands slide up my arms. Then one tightens like a vice, causing me to cry out as he spins me around and slams me into the wall.

He forces me harder against the wall, the pain of being constricted adding to the ache of a bruised arm and the throb of my busted lip. His hips thrust toward mine and he uses them to hold me in place. His hands, now free, move in opposite directions, one squeezing my breasts painfully through my dress and the other pinching my bare inner thigh. A finger brushes against my most private place and I cry out in horror. Tired of playing with me, the bastard whips me around again wraps a hand around my throat while the other reaches for the belt of his loincloth. My body trembles so hard that it feels as if the earth itself is shaking.

Only when the smile slips from my assailant’s face do I realise that the earth is shaking. My fear has literally caused the cave to quake.

He launches himself away from me as chunks of rock rip free of the ceiling and crash deafeningly to the ground, cracking and crumbling. The terrified demon dodges them in a sick game of tag, narrowly avoiding being crushed by the large boulders or impaled by falling stalactites. All the while I have my body pressed against the wall next to my dresser, fighting to regain control of my body and end the bombardment of the cave.

Cowering against the wall by my dresser, I watch as a smaller stalactite falls too quickly for the dodging demon to notice. It is only when the shard – as large as the pins which originally held me captive – fixes his foot into the red earth that he pays any attention to it. His scream of pain is deafening, even louder than the din created by the falling rocks. The sound of it yanks me away from my fear as I realise that he can do me no harm, trapped as he now is. The rumbling and shaking slows and eventually stops until the only sound I hear is the demon’s low moans and gasps of pain. I stride confidently toward him, my fear forgotten and replaced with a rage unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Seething anger rolls off me as I stalk around the immobile, kneeling figure of the creature who would have raped me. My breathing is short and fast, air expelled in furious huffs and inhaled through flared nostrils. I feel as if I could breathe fire and I want to, if only to burn this worthless sack of shit to a crisp. I lick my torn lip, letting the burn add fuel to my rage, until I realise that I’ve healed myself. Interesting.

When I stop in front of the demon, he begins to whimper. He knows that I caused the earthquake (and its subsequent rain of deadly rocks); he can see the power in my eyes. He begs for forgiveness.

His cowardice forms a disgusted sneer on my lips. I lean forward and caress his cheek.

“Aw, what’s the matter honey? You don’t want me anymore?” I mock, using a faux-sweet voice and laughing outright when he flinches at the touch of my hand.

“Don’t tell me you’ve given up already! I thought we were only just getting started. Weren’t you telling me a few minutes ago that you wanted to ‘have a little funi’ with me? What’s the matter?” I taunt, “Can’t get it up?”

Using my will, I force the spike into his foot further still and he howls while I laugh.

“Please, my Queen, have mercy,” he croaks, panting hard and wheezing.

“Oh, so now I’m your Queen? Silly me and here all this time, I thought I was your bitch. Boy, do we have communication issues! That won’t do. If I am to really be your Queen, I need to work on my communication with you lesser folk don’t I? Hmm?”

“My Queen?” he asks uncertainly.

“I need to send a message; one which clearly illustrates that I am not to be fucked with.” I pause, all sarcasm aside. “You’ll do nicely.”

* * * * *

After I'm finished with my 'message' I decide to leave him in the cavern to be found by his kin. A deadly calm has washed over me and I feel absolutely no remorse over what I have just done. In fact, I find the blood spattered cave chaotically beautiful. My dress has become more than just symbolic armour; it showcases fine smatterings of crimson death, painting me horrific. Nothing will stand in my way.

Have I finally proven to myself and soon the entire hordes of hell that I am a force to be reckoned with? No-one would think to challenge me after they find the scene I left waiting for them in my chambers. Not that I intend to be here for very long, but still, it pays to be prepared.

I open up the cave and leave it unsealed to make it easier for them to find my victim. With Asmodeus on my mind I walk the passage ways unhindered, as if they were leading me directly to him. Indeed, it isn't long before I stop at the entrance of a large dining room.

Opulent as is possible in such a grungy setting, the room is as well decorated as a rich housewife's would be. A large candle chandelier drips hot wax onto the massive stone table, forming a ring of miniature red stalagmites around the centrepiece; a metalwork sculpture of a woman in the throes of pleasure. The detail is exquisite.

The naked figure is kneeling; her head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut. Her mouth is opened in an eternally silent scream of ecstasy. One delicate hand caresses a silver breast while the other is pressed firmly against her mound. Two fingers disappear into the life-like metal folds. As I examine her, I feel as if I am a goddess, watching over little humans and witnessing a real event, frozen in time. The image is so realistic and erotic that my clit twitches and a small shudder rolls through me.

“Do you like it, my love?” Asmodeus’ voice startles me. “My thoughts were on you as I created it.”

My heart races as I meet his gaze and my breasts heave as excitement tickles my belly. He is waiting at the end of the huge table, as beautiful as ever, leaning against an iron dining chair. Even more startling than his voice, is his state of dress. Instead of his usual, stark nakedness, I am pleasantly surprised to see that my demon King has decided to play dress up with me. He’s wearing a black suit and dress shirt, with a red tie tucked into a vest with silver trimmings. He looks mouth-wateringly delicious.

All thoughts of defiance or escape flee my mind. Without hesitation, I cross the room in a few brisk strides and wrap myself around his hard body. Running my hand down his side and feeling bold, I reach down and squeeze his perfect ass through the soft material of his pants, while my body begins to heat up in anticipation.

“Well this is unexpected; I believe I have just been sexually assaulted.” His laugh is masculine and sexy beyond all reason.

Chuckling, my King lowers his head down to mine and pulls me in for an enthralling kiss. When we break apart, I am drunk from it, giddy and aroused. Before I can jump him again, he pushes me back gently and eyes me appreciatively from head to toe.

“This dress is quite becoming on you, dear one. I see you have made good use of your recently acquired power. The make-up is a charming touch… As is the blood.” His tone is amused; clearly he doesn’t care that I’ve just slaughtered one of his minions.

“Thank you,” I reply, as casually as he had spoken, “You don’t look so bad yourself. Would you like to know why I murdered one of your kin?”

“Please, do confess my pet. I am sure the tale is quite fascinating.”

“That it is. The little fucker tried to rape me.” I wait for this to sink in.

His smile drops quickly and his eyes spark. His playfulness is replaced by a scorching anger, so hot it would wilt a desert flower. The very ground we stand on rumbles and cracks and his fury unleashes his tremendous power. Anticipating this reaction, I step closer to him and place my palm against his chest, rubbing it soothingly and standing on tip-toes to whisper reassuring words into his neck.

“Don’t panic my King; I can handle myself.”

He reigns in his fury long enough to regain his composure and stop the quaking he’s subjected the cavern to. Releasing a gruff, ragged breath, the demon’s eyes soften as he gazes down at me and pulls me into a tighter embrace. Drawing back, with a hand on my shoulder he caresses my face and watches me with an expression of such pure love that I almost can’t stand it.

“If anything were to happen to you, my love… Or to…”

He breaks off in mid sentence, turning away from me.

Heart-broken at seeing my lover looking so dejected, I draw closer to him, running my fingers firmly down his muscular back.

“I’m fine, really. Look at me.” I push his arm gently, knowing that I could never use brute strength to get him to turn around.

Persuasion works though, and he turns back toward me.

“See? Not even a scratch.”

“And I suppose your new healing abilities had nothing to do with that?” he asks, anger only barely concealed.

“That helped of course, but to be honest the only thing bothering me physically at the moment are these stupid dry contact lenses.” I rub my burning eyes as I say this.

“Allow me,” he replies, cupping my face in his hands.

Pleased to be getting a reaction out of him, I smile and lift my face up to his.

“Close your eyes.”

Confused, I do. Soft lips press tenderly onto my eye-lids, one at a time. When I feel him drawback, I open my eyes again, only to find much to my disappointment, that the contacts are as painful and hindering as ever. Even worse, they’ve made my vision even blurrier.

“Um, I don’t think that worked,” I whine, rubbing my eyes hard.

“Remove those infernal lenses.”

Carefully, I do as he commands and am astonished to find that without my contacts I can see perfectly! Cursed with short sighted vision ever since I was thirteen, this is the first time in years that I can see clearly unassisted. Only people with surgically corrected vision would understand how truly liberating this is. Without hesitation I flick the soft plastic – which I had relied on so heavily these past years – from my fingers and marvel at the beautiful clarity in which I now see the world.

“Thank you,” I whisper as I meet my demon’s gaze again.

“Anything, my love,” He swears as he strokes my hair lightly.

Anything? Could it really be that simple?

“Let me go home?” I ask in a small voice.

“Anything but that; I cannot let you leave.” His voice is hard and sharp.

Damn, I should have known. Silly me, stupid hope. More stinging and blurriness hinder my vision but this time it has nothing to do with contact lenses.

Sighing softly, Asmodeus wipes my tears away.

“Come now,” he chastises gently, “You must be hungry.”

Wow, now that was a subtle subject shift. Sniffling once, I remember my steel reserve and embody my earlier calm. Now is not the time to lose it; back to my original plan.

“I’m not hungry,” I lie, “Why don’t we skip straight to dessert?”

I reach for his leather belt.

It doesn’t take much persuasion on my part to convince my lover to take us back to his throne room. Along the way we leave a trail of clothing – mostly his – strewn on the hard earth, as I rip off each piece with relish. I’m not going to lie; although phase one of my plan involves seducing the demon of lust himself, that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying myself a little. Tearing away at each other’s clothing is a fun little chore as we head over to the bed.

When we finally reach it, I admit that I am hungry, but for something a little more bestial than food. I devour his lips and drink in his lust, no longer the helpless virgin from the night before. I’m a stone-cold killer, a real femme fatale and I need a strong man to keep up with me. I push him forcefully toward the soft mattress and bless him, he lets himself flop down. A greedy smile plays on my lips as I take him in, in all his glory, lying spread-eagle across the bed, his erection at attention.

Mine. The thought flits through my mind and begins a hostile take-over, infecting every other belief I hold dear. Nothing else is important while he uses my lust against me and maddeningly, all that I care about right now is that the demon king is mine and mine alone.

I jump onto the bed without fear and climb over his taunt body, my hips straddling his. Slowly I position my entrance over his engorged penis and lean forward until my breasts brush against his chest. I lower my head further still and bite his lips in my eagerness. I want to take control tonight.

As my tongue lashes his, I impale myself slowly with his member. That wonderful heat and feeling of fullness makes me sigh with utter bliss. I ride him slow at first, then grind my hips forcefully against his, tossing my head back with delight; moaning and squeezing my eyes shut as I feel every rub of his sensitive flesh against mine. I curl my back, dipping my face down to meet his again and all the while I don’t lose the beat, making sweet music with my body strumming his.

Strong hands grip my ass from both sides, kneading them hard before they move up to my waist. I gasp as he thrusts his hips up suddenly, his hands on my waist pulling me down. I cry out helplessly as the pleasure smothers and burns me at the same time. The blazing heat of his shaft spreads through me as a hard thrust batters the raw nerves within me. Dizzy in my climbing ecstasy, I let him take control again, possessing the strength to do nothing other than to brace my arms against his shoulders as an earth-shattering orgasm consumes me. My cry of passion sounds through the room like a Valkyrie’s call to battle and once again, the cave shivers against my power.

Asmodeus turns us over swiftly, covering my shuddering frame with his solid body. I slap his chest with unconcealed displease at having been denied my chance to dominate him for once. I’m about to demand my rightful place astride him when the first boulder slams into his back, sending shockwaves through us both. Fuck.

“I’m sorry!” I cry into his ear as more and more of the cave’s ceiling assails my lover.

“Do not worry, my love, it was but an accident.” He grunts as a large chunk of heavy rock slams into his shoulder blade.

Horrified, I bring my hand out from under the shield that is his bulk; if I could start such a hailstorm of boulders then I must certainly be able to stop it. I take a deep breath and focus what is left of my energy, willing the deadly shower to an end. When it stops, my lover continues his vigorous propelling as if suffering a stoning is a normal occurrence during sex. My concern is forgotten in a matter of seconds as my lust builds again. This time, instead of playing with me, Asmodeus keeps up his superb pace and climax again with ease.

Spent, with my tireless lover still pounding away at my pleasantly aching body, I drift into a state of semi-consciousness, staring at the beautiful demon through heavy lidded eyes and gripping his arms weakly, letting the sensations wash over me. I reach another peak before Asmodeus is done and finally slump beneath him in relief. He eases down beside me, his movements stiff and his back rigid.

Struggling out of my after-sex haze, I turn to him and gasp when I take in the ghastly sight of large purple bruising, standing out sickeningly well against his dark skin. I rub over them gently, whipping my hand back when he winces.

“I’m so sorry, Asmodeus. I didn’t mean to-“

“Do not dwell on your mistakes; for they are easily mended,” he interrupts, “these will disappear as I sleep. Moreover, my pet, I consider these love marks.”

He laughs so heartily that I can’t help but join in.

I quit laughing abruptly however when a sharp pain assaults my lower abdomen. The pressure is so sudden and so strong that I curl into myself, tears stinging my eyes and bile burning my throat. Asmodeus’s large warm hands are on my back and shoulder, soothing me as hurt increases. I feel as if I’m being sawn in half from the inside. Sobs of utter hopelessness stick in my throat, as every tiny movement increases the horror within me. Even sitting deathly still does nothing to alleviate my suffering. I moan my lovers name and feel him stroke my hair in response.

Why isn’t he helping me?

The agony lasts for hours, I know, as I feel every excruciating second. In all that time, kicked, screamed, swore, paced around the bed and lay writhing on the hard floor while the demon king watched. I think I truly hated him then.

Finally, after all my suffering I crawl back onto the bed, lying on top of the covers, drenched in sweat and too exhausted to do anything other than sleep.

* * * * *

When I wake, the pain is gone and Asmodeus is still beside me, rubbing pacifying circles over my tummy. Irritated, I shove his hand away and launch off the bed. He sits up and shoots me a look of resigned weariness, as if he knows exactly what is to come.

Too fucking right he should know.

“How could you just lie there and watch?!” I scream, seething at the man who confessed his love to me then watched me suffer.

“There was nothing I could do,” he replies evenly, rising from the bed to stand before me.

“Nothing? There was nothing you could DO?! I have seen the extent of your power my King,” I spit the words at him, “And I know that if anyone could have helped me, it could have fucking been you!”

“Yours is an ailment only time will mend.”

“Oh, so you know what’s wrong and you still did nothing? You disgust me.” I turn away from him, unable to bear the sight of him so calm; it physically sickens me.

“There was nothing to be done, my Selena. This is your burden for the next nine days.”

“Days?!” I whirl around and face him again, desperately gripping his arms and wishing he’d take back the words, “I won’t survive nine days of this! What’s wrong with me?!”

He cups my cheek with his palm and the gesture is so calming that I can’t help leaning into his touch. He kisses my tear-stained face quickly but instead on answering my question, he asks one of his own.

“When you first used my power, love, did you wonder why it worked for you?”

“What does this have to-” I begin, scared, angry and confused.

“Answer the question,” he commands.

“I didn’t really think about it. Didn’t you somehow gift them to me?”

He flashes an infuriating little smile.

“That would be an accurate assumption.”

“What the fuck does that have to do with anything?!” I yell, tired of his stupid games.

“Everything, my dear,” as usual, his answer is frustratingly vague.

Resisting the urge to crack a boulder over his head, I release a strained breath.

“Elaborate, please,” I plead through gritted teeth.

“It is really very simple my sweet, only those possessing my blood may possess my power.”

“So what? Because I bit you, I’ve got powers all of a sudden? What’s that got to do with the pain?”

“It takes more that the consumption of blood to grant the drinker permanent or strong magic – although, that does give one limited and temporary use of my power.”

“Quit with the mind games! Can’t you just speak plainly to me? I’m freaking out and I do not need this right now,” my voice breaks on the last word.

His gaze softens and he watches me with an expression of mild sympathy.

“Have you forgotten already, my love, why I stole you away? My power only channels strongly through those of my blood – or those carrying it within.”

He presses a hand over my womb; gently, possessively, as realization finally dawns on me. My throat closes with sorrow and shock, but I swallow it down. Really, how could I not have seen this coming? A voice at the back of my mind answers for me; of course I expected it, just not this soon…

I’m pregnant. This is not part of the plan.

Meeting Amanda: The Assault On Sarah – Chapter 12

When Tommy awoke the next morning, he felt like a new man. The last several days had completely drained him and to finally get a full night sleep is exactly what he needed. This morning when he woke up he didn’t feel drained and sluggish, but instead he felt like he could run a 10 mile marathon. Tommy was ready to begin this new day.

He noticed that Sarah and Amanda were not in bed with him. What he did notice was the dry crusty spot of cum on the inside of his underwear. “Those two just can’t leave it alone.” Tommy said to himself with a smile on his face. He finally crawled out of bed and went down stairs to see if that was where they were at. They weren’t there. He figured they probably went back over to their apartment so he went back upstairs to take a long hot shower.

Once Tommy was finished, he walked out of the bathroom and noticed he could smell the scent of bacon coming up the stairs. At first he thought that it was coming from another apartment until he heard laughter from his kitchen. It was Sarah and Amanda. Apparently they must have went to the store and picked up a few things, then came back and started cooking breakfast. He headed down stairs and went straight into the kitchen.

When he walked in there both girls had their backs towards him. He just stood there watching them joke around with each other while cooking breakfast. Then he noticed that they were also talking about him and what it was going to be like having his baby or babies, which ever it may turn out to be. He listened to them discussing that if one or both of them are pregnant, what names they would pick. Tommy finally let them know that he was standing there by making a low whistling noise. He started to laugh when both girls screamed when they heard him.

“Damn Tommy. Are you trying to give us a heart attack?” Amanda said while heading towards him with her arms held out wide. When she wrapped her arms around him she reached up and pulled his head down to her so she could kiss him.

When Tommy stopped kissing Amanda he looked over at Sarah, who was still standing over by the stove, watching her daughter and Tommy. “So are you going to just stand there or do I get a kiss from you also?”

“Yeah mom, you better get over here and kiss him. If you don’t then I guess I get to have all of them for myself.” Amanda said with a smirk on her face. Then she leaned up and started kissing Tommy again.

“Alright young lady, you better save some of him for me.” Sarah headed over to Tommy. Once she was there she told Amanda to go watch the food on the stove so it wouldn’t burn. “Now young man, where’s mine, or did she take all of them for herself?”

“You don’t have to worry about that Sarah. I have a never ending supply of kisses for the both of you.” Then, Tommy started kissing Sarah with the same passion that he kissed Amanda with. He knew that Amanda was his girl but he wanted to treat them both equally.

When the three of them had finished breakfast Sarah and Amanda told Tommy that they needed to go back over to their apartment to get something and they would be right back. He walked them to the door and kissed each of them before they left. Once he closed the door he started to head back into the kitchen to clean everything up from breakfast. He figured it was the least he could do since the girls had cooked breakfast for him.

Just as he was about to turn the water on, Amanda came running back into Tommy's apartment crying and calling for Tommy.

“What’s wrong?” Tommy asked Amanda.

Amanda was pulling him towards the door. “It’s my friend Eric. He attacked mom and slammed her against the side of the apartment.”

That was all Tommy had to hear. He immediately ran past Amanda, down his front steps and across the parking lot towards Sarah’s apartment. He could hear Eric screaming at her and also hear Sarah crying and pleading with Eric.

“You bitch, I thought you loved me and then I see you kissing that new guy. You’re just a fucking whore. That’s all you are, a fucking whore. I really believed you loved me but now I see that I was a fool.”

Sarah had her hands out in front of her and kept backing away from Eric. She saw the pipe in his hands and she was certain that he intended to use it. “Eric please, what we had really wasn’t love. I’m sorry if I made you think that it was. I truly am sorry. What we were doing can get me in a lot of trouble and I really don’t need that. I didn’t think about the consequences of my actions.”

“Bullshit!” Eric yelled at her. “You are so full of shit that I’m surprised that when you sucked my dick, that I didn’t see shit on the end of it when you took it out of your mouth.” Eric could see that she was getting ready to say something and he wasn’t going to listen to anything else she had to say. He grabbed the pipe with both hands like he was holding a baseball bat, and swung, catching her across her stomach. The whole time he was smiling and laughing at her. He watched as she grabbed at her stomach, wrapping her arms around her midsection. He started laughing even harder as she collapsed onto the ground. She never saw the next blow coming.

When Tommy reached the side of the apartment he could see Eric standing over Sarah laughing at her. Tommy could see the pipe Eric was holding. When Tommy looked at Sarah lying on the ground he could see that Eric had already hit her with it. Right then he thought to himself. “If she is pregnant that hit might have….Tommy couldn’t finish that thought. He didn’t want to finish that thought. The next thing Tommy saw was Eric raise the pipe over his head. He knew Eric was getting ready to hit her again.

Tommy ran, from around the corner of the building, towards Eric. He really thought he was going to get to Eric before he could swing the pipe again. He was wrong. He was only about fifteen feet from Eric when he saw Eric look out the corner of his eye at Tommy and smile. Tommy watched as Eric swung the pipe down, catching Sarah on the side of the head. It was a sound that Tommy never wanted to hear ever again. “NOOOOO!” Tommy yelled at Eric.

Tommy hit Eric at a full run, knocking the air out of Eric’s lungs from the impact. When they landed Tommy was on top of Eric holding him down. When he finally realized that Eric wasn’t getting up right away since he was still trying to catch his breath, Tommy ran over to Sarah to check on her.

When he knelt down next Sarah, he could see she was completely unconscious with blood running down the side of her head. He checked to see if there was still a pulse and was relieved that there was one. He was worried though because the pipe had made contact about an inch above her left temple. He was starting to pull his cell phone out to call 911 when he heard a noise behind him. When he turned to see what the noise was he saw Eric heading straight for him with the pipe raised over his head. He could see a look of complete hate in his eyes. Eric was only about six feet from him and Tommy was prepared to do what ever it took to protect Sarah. He started to lunge for Eric, in hopes of knocking him off his feet without getting hit by the pipe. Tommy was just starting to move when he heard a loud bang from behind him. When he looked at Eric again he saw that he was lying on the ground with a hole in his chest. He wasn’t moving. When he turned around he saw Amanda standing there with his gun in her trembling hands.

Amanda’s whole body trembled at the thought of what she had just done. She could feel the gun start to slowly slip out of her fingers towards the ground. Finally she collapsed to her knees and started crying hysterically.

Tommy quickly ran over to her and picked the gun up and moved it to the side away from her. The whole time he was talking to the 911 operator.

It didn’t take long for the cops and the ambulance to get there. They gave their statements to the police about everything that happened. They were surprised to find out that a couple other people also saw everything and gave pretty much the same statements that Tommy and Amanda gave. After the cops were done with them they headed straight to the hospital to check on Sarah. When they got there they were informed that her mom was taken up for surgery to relieve some pressure from around her brain.

Several hours passed when finally the surgeon came out to them in the waiting room. Right away they could see that it wasn’t good.

“Are you Sarah’s daughter?” The surgeon asked Amanda.

“Yes. How’s my mom doing?” Tears were already running down the side of her face. She could see what his answer was just by the look on his face.

“Well you know that we took her up to relieve the pressure from around her brain. What we didn’t expect to have happen was the bleeding that started in her abdomen. Everything that we saw on the x-rays and ultrasound looked good when it was done in ER. Somehow we missed something. We did everything that was possible. I am so sorry for you loss.

Tommy sat there in shock. There was no way that this was happening. This had to be a really shitty joke that the doctor was trying to pull.

“Your joking doc, this is just some horrible joke you’re trying to pull.”

“You must be Tommy, Sarah’s boyfriend.” The doctor asked.

Tommy was surprised to hear that. He asked the doctor. “How did you know that?”

“I wish it was a joke. This is the one part of my job that I hate the most. I prefer to give the family members good news, not bad news. Sarah regained consciousness for about 10 minutes after she arrived in ER. She said that her daughter would be arriving with you.”

“She wanted me to tell you and Amanda, that she loved the both of you very much and that she wanted Amanda to stay with you if anything happened.”

Tommy hardly heard a word that the doctor was saying. The only thing that still registered in his mind was that the doctor told them that they did everything that was possible and that he was sorry for their loss. Right then Tommy started to loose control but he quickly regained his composure with Amanda there. He felt the pain of loosing a friend and lover and didn’t want to accept what he was being told, but knew that this was a lot harder on Amanda because she had lost her dad several years ago and now her mom. He needed to keep control of himself for her sake.

Amanda didn’t cry or say anything. She was starting to close herself off to everyone and the only thing she wanted to do at that point was die so she could be with her mom and dad. She watched as the doctor stood up and walked away.

Quickly she stood up and called after him while running up behind him. She watched as he turned around to look at her. She could see he was expecting to be yelled at and told that he didn’t try hard enough and then probably slapped across his face.

He was completely surprised instead by Amanda coming up and hugging him and telling him thank you for trying to save her mom. He then watched as she walked back to Tommy who wrapped her in his arms. He could easily see that the hug they shared wasn’t the hug of a friend and young teenager but the hug of two people that completely loved each other. He finally turned back around and walked away.

Tommy and Amanda walked out of the hospital with their arms around each other and drove back to the apartment. They both held each other that night and cried their selves to sleep.

It’s been a little over 8 months since Sarah passed away. They found out 2 months ago that Eric was sentenced to 20 yrs for the murder of Amanda’s mom with a chance of parole in 12 yrs. The prosecuting attorney was pushing hard for the death penalty but it ended up being denied. By the time it went to court, Eric was almost 17 and ended up being charged as an adult. Two weeks after he went to prison they were informed that he had been raped and killed in his cell by two other prisoners but surprisingly nobody knew who the two prisoners were. Everyone, even the guards, all of a sudden had a bad case of amnesia.

Two months after Sarah died they went and got married. Shortly after that they went and bought a house on 10 acres of land. Tommy paid it off completely when they signed the final papers. Tommy actually having money was a secret that he wasn’t going to be able to keep hidden from Amanda. When he told her that they didn’t have to worry about money because he was left a very large inheritance, she collapsed onto the couch.

Today they had just come back from the doctor’s office to see how the babies were doing. From everything the doctor told them, it appeared that all three of them were doing fine and were developing like they should. Tommy was happy to hear that. The doctor also informed them that they should back off from having sex so much between now and when the babies are born.

When they got back to their house Amanda went into the bathroom to take a shower. She was only in there for about five minutes when Tommy climbed in behind her. She felt his arms wrap around her to place his hands on her swollen belly.

Tommy loved to feel her belly with the babies in there. It had to be one of the most wonderful things in the world to him because he knew that right there, under his hands, were three little lives that he helped create. The one thing that surprised him was that he found it to be a complete turn on for the both of them. Since Amanda has been pregnant she has been hornier than she was before.

“I see you couldn’t stay away could you?” Amanda said while putting her hands over Tommy’s.

“You know I can’t. I find you so totally sexy being pregnant and yes I know, you don’t see yourself that way. Well to me you are and right now I want to have some fun.”

“But remember what the doctor said Tommy.”

“I know what he said but once more before the babies are born couldn’t hurt.” Tommy informed her while squeezing her breast in his hands.”

“Well let’s get out of here and into bed and we can have all the fun you want.”

They climbed out of the shower and dried each other off a little and then Amanda led Tommy to the bed. Once there she pushed him onto the bed where she started to slide her way up his body to lay one of her nipples in his mouth.

Tommy enjoyed Amanda’s breast even more now that she was pregnant. In the last several months her breasts went from a 36B cup to a 42D cup from what Amanda had told him. Tommy didn’t have any complaints about that.

When Amanda’s nipple touched his lips he immediately sucked it into his mouth and started to flick his tongue eagerly against it and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down to him. He could hear her sucking in air and moaning when ever he flicked his tongue across her nipple. That right there made him suck on them even more.

Amanda was enjoying the attention that her breasts were getting. Since she has been pregnant her nipples have gotten even more sensitive that all Tommy has to do is barely brush against them and they are sticking straight out and her pussy starts getting wet. She started to slide down his body just a little and felt his hard cock brush against her pussy. When she slid down the length of it she would start to head back up, making sure she got it nice and wet from her pussy. Just doing this was almost making her cum right then. She could feel Tommy make his cock jump up to try and make it hit its mark but she wasn’t going to let that happen yet.

Tommy’s cock was so hard that it was starting to hurt. He wanted to feel it slide into her wet pussy and a couple times it almost went in, but Amanda would lift her ass up a little so it would slip right back out.

Amanda could see that if she kept this up he would cum before he ever got inside her. She was having a lot of fun teasing him like this and wanted to see how much he could handle before he finally decided to have his way with her. Amanda finally decided that she should stop teasing the poor man like that and started working her way down his body even more.

She loved the feeling of Tommy’s cock sliding under her swollen belly and already she could feel the trail of pre cum that was being left behind. When his cock started to slide between her breasts she stopped and looked at the head sticking out from between her boobs. Amanda couldn’t help herself. She quickly took the head of his cock into her mouth and began one continuous 45 second suck job. She hoped that when she finally stopped sucking that she didn’t suck the skin off the head of his cock. She could feel Tommy’s whole body tighten up from the sensation that she was causing to shoot through his body. She enjoyed the loud pop she would hear when she pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Amanda looked up towards Tommy’s face to watch as he started to relax and try and catch his breath. She enjoyed watching his chest raise and lower every time he would breathe. Amanda slid her hand up over his stomach and onto his chest she could feel his heart beating like it was trying to find a way out.

When Tommy was finally able to catch his breath he looked down at Amanda. He watched as she ran her tongue across her lips and then very quickly flick it across the head of his cock. He could see that look in her eyes that even up to this day, still made him worry sometimes about what was going through that mind of hers.

“What are you thinking about doing little girl? I see that look on your face and usually when you get that look I never know what to expect.”

“Oh you’ll find out in a minute. But you’re going to have to close your eyes until I tell you to open them. I’ve got a surprise for you. I will tell you that it’s something we have never tried and for some reason I want to give it a try right now. Now my bad boy, close those eyes so I can give you something new.”

Tommy wasn’t sure if he should take a chance like this but he figured it couldn’t hurt. As long as she wasn’t getting ready to try some freaky bondage stuff on him he would be happy. Tommy laid his head back and closed his eyes in anticipation of what Amanda had planned for him.

Amanda wasn’t sure about this. This right here was going to be the first time Tommy had ever had his cock in her ass. She wasn’t sure if she would like it so for the last week or so she has been shoving a vibrator in there to see if it was something she wanted to try with Tommy. The first time she pushed the vibrator into her ass it felt really uncomfortable in there but she also remembered how her friends told her that it felt weird at first but after a few minutes it felt great. She found out they were right.

Amanda stood up and got a bottle of lube that she had bought with the vibrator out of a drawer next to the bed. The whole time she kept an eye on Tommy to make sure he wasn’t peaking. She squirted some on her hand a started rubbing it all over Tommy’s cock. And then used her finger to make sure her asshole was nice and slick. Next she took the vibrator out and placed it on the bed next to Tommy’s left knee. When she was ready she climbed up on the bed and started to lower her ass towards Tommy’s cock. She reached down and lifted his cock up till it was lined up with her ass, then lowered herself down onto it till she could feel his cock against her hole. She discovered that this wasn’t anything easy to do while she was carrying three babies.

Slowly she started to push her asshole against his cock head. She tried several times to get the head in but for some reason she wasn’t having any success. When she was about to give up she felt the head of his cock slide in her ass. She heard Tommy let out a low moan. She was glad that it wasn’t hurting any so she started to push down some more to try and get more of him inside her. Every time after she would push down about an inch she would lift back up off of Tommy’s cock. After about another dozen try’s she finally had all of him in her ass to the point that she was completely sitting on Tommy.

Finally she told Tommy. “Ok Tommy, open your eyes and look.”

When Tommy opened his eyes and looked down towards her he watched as she leaned back, showing Tommy her empty pussy. This right here surprised Tommy because he has always thought this was something that Amanda wouldn’t want to try so he has never asked if she would even want to attempt it. He laid there and watched as she lifted her ass up and then drop it back down onto his cock.

Her ass was so tight that Tommy wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold back from shooting his load inside her ass. He could feel her tighten her ass when she lifted up and then completely relax it when she dropped back down. Tommy listened to Amanda’s moaning and noticed that she had picked up the pace. She was getting ready to cum and he was going to make sure he came exactly when she did.

Amanda was close to cumming. Very close. It wasn’t going to take much longer before she soaked Tommy’s belly with her sweet juices, but she wasn’t ready for that to happen just yet. She started slowing down and then completely stopped moving on Tommy’s cock. She wanted to try one more thing. She reached over next to her, by Tommy’s knee, and picked up the vibrator.

Tommy’s eyes went wide when he saw her pick up the vibrator. He laid there looking from the vibrator to Amanda, wondering what the hell she was planning on doing with it. It wasn’t long before he found out.

Tommy watched as she turned it to a low setting, leaned backwards onto his legs, and slowly started to slide it into her pussy. He could feel it vibrating through the walls of her pussy straight to his cock. He watched as she tried to look at him but her eyes kept rolling back in her head to the point that all he saw was the white part of her eyes.

Amanda slid the vibrator in as far as she could then she leaned back up so she was sitting on Tommy again. She started lifting and dropping her ass on his cock like she was doing before but now she was impaling herself on a vibrator also. The feeling of having her pussy and ass filled at the same time was driving her insane. This was something she wished she had tried along time ago. She felt Tommy’s hands sliding over her legs up to her hips. When he started to pull his hands back down he ran his finger nails down the outer part of her thighs. She didn’t think anything about it when she felt Tommy’s fingers around her pussy until she felt the speed of the vibrator pick up. She looked down at Tommy, completely wide eyed, at the realization that he had turned the speed up on it.

That was all either one of them could take and Tommy and Amanda started cumming exactly at the same time. Tommy didn’t expect it to have that kind of a result that quickly. He grabbed Amanda by her hips, holding her in place on his cock and the vibrator. With every shot into her ass he would thrust up into her. He felt her hands clamp down around his wrists and at first he thought she was trying to pull his hands loose but then realized that she was actually trying to keep her balance so she wouldn’t fall over off of him.

Once they started come down from their orgasms Amanda slid off of Tommy and laid down next to him. She reached down and started to pull the vibrator out when her hand got completely soaked. She looked over at Tommy who was also looking at her.

“You didn’t have another orgasm did you?” Tommy asked with a concerned tone to his voice.

Amanda shook her head and said. “No I didn’t. I think my water just broke. Maybe this is why he wanted us to lay off from having sex till they were born.”

Tommy jumped up and started to get dressed. He couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get his pants to zip up right until he realized that he put them on inside out. He had been telling himself that he would never be one of those expecting fathers that freaked out when it came time to go to the hospital. He wasn’t doing a very good job.

Amanda slowly crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom and started the shower. There was no way she was going to the hospital without cleaning herself up.

Once she was ready Tommy got her loaded into the car and started heading for the hospital. Several times Amanda had to tell him to slow down so he didn’t cause an accident or end up in one himself.

When they finally reached the hospital Tommy got out and helped Amanda inside so she could get checked in. It didn’t take long for Tommy to run back out to the car and find a place to park it and then run back inside to her.

Amanda was almost certain that he was probably setting some new speed records for nervous fathers. She sat there looking at him smiling. She couldn’t believe everything that has happened to her in less than a year. If someone would have told her a year ago that she was going to meet the guy she would marry, loose her virginity to him in the pool, have a threesome with Tommy and her mom, loose her mom and get married and have triplets in the first year she would have told them that they had lost their damned mind.

After everything was filled out an orderly took her up to a private room for the delivery. She wasn’t in there twenty minutes when she saw a doctor walk in. It was the same one that tried to save her moms life. He walked over to her and gave her a hug and shook Tommy’s hand.

“I see we get to meet on better circumstances this time.” The doctor said with a smile.

“Yeah, a lot better circumstances.” Amanda said.

“Well I just thought I would come in and say hi before I left. When I come in tomorrow I’ll stop in and check on you and the babies. Have you decided on any names yet? We have but we still don’t know what sex they’re going to be. We wanted that part to be a surprise.”

“Well when I stop by tomorrow you can introduce me to them.” He gave her another hug and said bye to the both of them.

Within the next hour Amanda gave birth to not 3, but 4 babies. When they discovered that there was a fourth one even the doctor was surprised. He delivered 3 girls and 1 boy. All of which were born completely healthy and well developed.

Tommy couldn’t have been anymore happier than he was that day. The only way this day could have been any better was if Sarah could have been there to see her grandchildren.

The next day the doctor came back just like he said he would. “I hear you guys had a bonus in the bunch.”

Tommy started to laugh and said. “Yeah the best they can figure is that the reason they didn’t see the fourth heartbeat was because it was lined up directly behind one of the others.”

“So what names did you give them?” The doctor asked.

“Well I’ll give you the names in the order they were born. The first one we named after my mom, Sarah Lynn Ryals. The second one is named after Tommy’s mom, Jennifer Lynn Ryals. The third one is Allison Lynn Ryals and the last one is Tommy Alan Ryals II. Yes we know. The girls have the same middle name. We both thought that it was a wild coincidence when we found out that his mom and my mom had the same middle name.”

Well what about Allison? She has the same middle name as Sarah and Jennifer.” The doctor asked them with a puzzled expression on his face.

Tommy answered this one. “We figured that since Sarah and Jennifer had the same middle name we decided to just use it for Allison also. Now would you like to know how little Tommy got his name?”

“Well I figured that it’s your name, especially with the II at the end.”

“Well it is but it’s not my middle name that we are using. It’s your first name. Yes my middle name is Alan but so is your first name.” Tommy told the doctor with a smile on his face. He could see it took the doc several seconds to register what Tommy had just told him.

Once it finally registered in his head, the doctor got this huge grin on his face. He asked them. “Are you serious? Did you really mean what you just told me?”

Both Amanda and Tommy shook their heads yes. “We meant every word of it. They said in unison.

“You tried so hard to save my mom when she was brought in here that day almost 9 months ago.” We know you did everything that you could to help her but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. This is kind of a way for us to say thank you. I know some people wouldn’t agree with this decision but oh well. They will get over it.”

“Wow. Nobody has ever done anything like this before. Thank you. I feel really honored. Well I better get out there and start my rounds. But before I do that I’m stopping by the nursery to get a look at all four of them. Congratulations to the both of you.”

Later the next day Tommy, Amanda and their four little bundles left the hospital. Tommy had used the previous day to go out and purchase everything that they were going to need for the fourth baby. He was glad that he went out several months ago and bought an SUV because there was no way they could have gotten four car seats into his old car.

“Well Tommy, it looks like we are going to have fun trying to find time for us to be alone now.” Amanda said while rubbing her hand on his crotch. She could already feel his cock starting to get hard.

“Well we have six weeks to figure that out because you remember what the doctor said. No sex for six weeks.”

“Yes I know. But it doesn’t mean I can’t pay attention to you though.” She squeezed his cock through his pants.

“I guess I will have to make it up to you later on with all the attention that I will be getting. Come on, lets get them home and in there cribs.”

Neither one of them could think of a way that would make this day any better.

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The Island – SMC – part 3

Once again, this is fiction, it is a story. All characters are fake.
This is just a story, I do not condone nor engage in these activities.
Part three may be the last part to this story

     It has been nearly a month since myself and the girls arrived at our private island retreat. We have enjoyed every single day together. Amanda has been all over me, her sister and Julie ever since I switched her birth control pills with the aphrodisiacs. She would let my cum inside her at least once a day, thinking she was protected. She also didn't know her little sister was getting a load of sperm every night before bed too. But that was about to change. 
     After she became comfortable with everyone, Amanda began acting like the big sister, almost motherly. She gladly helped teach Julie many things that she previously didn't know about being sexual. She was always eager to play with and show off her little sister too. But this morning, Amanda came into my bedroom and got Amy out of bed and told her to shower. She took off her bra and panties and then climbed into bed with me, I was completely naked under the covers already. 
     She snuggled up close to me, laying half on top of me, nuzzling her head into my shoulder. I kissed her forehead and she looked up to me, smiling as she caressed my body. I was slowly rubbing her buttcheeks, reaching my fingers down her crack, then she pushed away. 
     "no, no" she said, smiling a devious smile. "today is all about Amy. Today is her birthday!" 
"Is it really?" I smiled
"Yeah, and I want my sister to having an amazing and lasting 10th birthday" she smiled deviously again, the reached under the covers and slowly fondled and caressed my balls, looking up into my eyes. Before I could say anything, she quickly hopped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I could hear some giggling and she poked her head out of the door. 
     "Get dressed and go have breakfast with the other girls and tell them stay outside today. Amy and I have to get ready for her birthday surprise," Amanda instructed me. 
     "Well I need to shower though," I smiled. 
     "you can use Emily's shower," she smirked back and shut the door. So I got up and headed down the hall and opened the door to Emily's room, she wasn't in bed. 
     My cock began to stiffen as I heard the shower running. Emily's shower was one of the nicer ones, it was large enough for four people, no door or front half to it, a small sitting bench, and multiple shower heads. I slowly and quietly opened the door. Emily had her back to me, washing her shoulder length bright red hair. I looked her up and down, the soapy water cascading down her back, her firm round buttcheeks, and down her thin freckled legs. I could tell she had just shaved, Emily turned enough that I could see she had shaved her bright red pubes as well. 
     My mind wandered thinking about how that fluffy red pubic hair turned me on the first time I saw her. Then I noticed it, as she turned a certain way. Emily had a small bulge in her lower abdomen, between her belly button and her hairless pussy. I smiled, knowing that was my baby she was carrying. It had been about a month since the first time she took my seed, I'd say she was fertile that day. Emily looked so beautiful, you'd overlook her bump if you didn't know, and I could tell her small cone shaped freckled breasts were protruding a bit more than normal. As I studied her nipples, they too were enlarging and poking out even further. There was no doubt in my mind she was the most beautiful pregnant eleven year old redhead ever. I couldn't stand it, plus I needed to shower! 
     Emily was washing her face, bent over slightly as I walked into the shower behind her, the first part of my body to touch her was the head of my hard dick as I pushed it between her slightly open pussy lips. She didn't jump, but just pushed back, and leaning forward, putting her hands on the bench. And all in that motion, she pushed back and I pushed forward into her pussy, which was already soaking wet. I grabbed her hips and began fucking her hard and deep. The sound of her ass slapping against me was amplified by the water and the openness of the shower, along with her loud moaning. 
     I could see her firm pointy tits jiggling with the motion of us fucking. I reach up under and started fondling one, playing with her nipple I could feel her pussy tighten, loving my touch. She bent down further, keeping her legs straight, pushing into me as she rocked her hips. Emily reached under her pussy and began fondling my balls, "give it to me," she moaned. Her young pussy clenched me tightly as she orgasmed. I couldn't hold back either, plunging my cock into her all the way, squirting more hot sperm into her already pregnant pussy. "Mmmmm yes," she moaned. Emily stood back up, my cock still holding my cum inside her as I gently caressed her wet naked body. Then I reached her barely bulging tummy, rubbing it gently. 
"I think you've already gotten what you wanted Emily," I whispered in her ear. She turned around as my cock fell out of her pussy, slowly leaking my cum out and she looked up at me and down again to her tummy, rubbing herself. 
     "Yes, I know," she replied, smiling. She leaned up and passionately kissed me on the lips. "Thank you Jake" she smiled. We finished showering, taking turns sudsing and rinsing each others bodies. I put on just some linen pants, and Emily dressed in a blue satin tube top bikini and matching small thong bottoms. We headed downstairs and joined Julie for breakfast. 
     Julie had finished cooking, and eaten herself, serving me and Emily. I gave her bare buttcheek and smack as she turned around. 
"Thank you beautiful," I told her. 
She was wearing a one piece white lace thong leotard. Her olive skin contrasting so sexy to the pale white outfit. Her little dark nipples pronounced through the thin lace, and her dark wispy pubic hair poking out through the material. I realized it had been a month, and Julie and I had not even had intercourse yet. There will be time. 
     Julie had become increasingly more sexual and more provocative since she first showed up. She started squirting more frequently when she orgasmed. 
     "Today is Amy's birthday. While you're in the mood for cooking, let's make a cake," I said as I reached for a mixing bowl behind Julie, squeezing her bare butt as I do. My fingertip reached the edge of her pussy, and I could feel she was soaking wet already.  
     As she bent over into the fridge to get the eggs, I reached up between her legs, cupping her warm wet pussy. I massaged her pussy and she rocked her hips. She continued to gather and mix ingredients, all the while I would be fondling her, playing with her pussy. She poured the mixture into the pan and set it down. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and let her lick it clean. She smiled, hopped onto the counter and spread her legs wide open.
     She reached into a drawer and pulled out a small vibrating dildo, and went to town. This little thin Asian absolutely loved playing with herself, rubbing her pussy with one hand as she pressed the whirring dildo up against her sensitive clit. I grabbed the camera and started filming and snapping photos, as she was completely into herself, moaning and squealing, her twelve year old body wiggling in pleasure. Julie moved the dildo in all directions against her clit, faster and more aggressively. She slowed down and slid the fake cock inside her slightly, moving it in and out, rubbing the shaft against her clit as she fucked herself. 
     Within minutes, she laid her head back, her moaning stopped, she had gasp, holding her breath. Julie slowly pulled the buzzing cock out of her, the tip touching and vibrating against her young clit as she began to cum. 
     Julie began squirting her young girl juices from her pussy, it kept coming from her pussy as she rubbed more vigorously, the dildo over her spraying pussy acted like a thumb on a garden hose, her pussy juices shooting everywhere! She finally stopped. Relaxed, panting, she would occasionally moan softly or tremble lightly as she tried to compose herself. 
     "Wow Julie, that was beautiful," I finally broke the silence, caressing her thin thigh as she twitched. "And you added a special ingredient to the birthday cake," I laughed. 
     "That'll make it real delicious," she smiled looking down on the counter, the pan ready to go in the oven was covered in her pussy cum, she grabbed a spoon and stirred it into the mixture, licking the spoon clean afterwards. "Yummy!"
     She straightened up herself, but not cleaning her own juices from her body, and placed the pan into the oven to bake. I helped her make the frosting, "Here, add a teaspoon of this, it'll make it even sweeter," I handed her a spoon of the aphrodisiac powder and she dumped it in without question. 
     When Julie finished the cake and cleaning up, she changed into a tight one piece swimsuit, probably two sizes too small, her perky hard nipples and furry Asian cameltoe extremely pronounced as she ran out of the house and down to the lagoon to join Emily on the dock sunbathing. 
     As I was icing the cake, Amanda walked into the kitchen, she was wearing a thin silk robe, and smelled absolutely beautiful and she had subtly put on some make up, looking absolutely gorgeous. 
     "Oooh, cake!" said Amanda. 
     "We aren't finished with our makeover yet, but we were hungry, can we have some?" she asked. 
    "Of course," I sliced her two big pieces, smiling. 
     "Amy looks so amazing," she looked me in the eyes, "you'll both love her birthday surprise," she grinned, taking the cake and heading back to her bedroom with two pieces of frosted cake. 
     I needed to rinse off, but I decided to go down to the lagoon. I walked down and took off my linen pants, waded into the water completely naked. Emily and Julie were laying on the dock just chatting, I soaped up and bathed in the lagoon, toweled off my body and walked back inside completely naked. I started up the stairs and head to my room from some fresh shorts. I was almost to the door when I heard Amanda's door open slightly. 
     "I think we are ready," she smiled poking her head out. "Looks like you are too," she grinned looking at my naked body. "You can just wear that, give us ten more minutes," she shut the door. 
     I gave them a few minutes, looked outside, Emily and Julie were still down at the beach. So I walked into the room. There was Amy, completely made up, wearing a thigh length white silk gown and thigh high lace stockings. She looked much older than 10. 
     "Wow, you look amazing Amy," I said looking her up and down. "happy birthday by the way"
     "Oh, it definitely will be a very happy birthday," she looked at my slowly rising cock, then giggled to her sister as she walked into the room. 
     Amanda was wearing a black one piece fishnet bodysuit, everything clearly visible through all the large openings, even her thin legs. I could already smell both girls' young wet pussy juices in the air. I walked over to Amy and took her in my arms, kissing her lips deeply, passionately. Looking into her eyes as I caressed her small silk covered body. 
     Amanda walked over and pulled me onto the bed, laying me on my back, she kneeled next to me as Amy climbed onto the bed too. Both young blonde sisters looking so sexy as they caressed my naked body. Amy lifted the bottom of her gown, revealing her bare and visibly wet little pussy. She straddled me and began to grind her soaking wet pussy up and down my shaft, like she had before. Only now her sister is watching. 
     "That's not how you do it," Amanda laughed at her little sister, and grabbed my cock, guiding the head into Amy's small hole. I pushed up inside her as she lowered herself onto me, Amanda kissing her little sister on the lips, "happy birthday sister"
     Amy began bouncing up and down on my thick cock, Amanda intently staring at her sister and myself as we fucked. Amy bounced up and down eagerly on my cock, loving the feeling. I began to fondle her tiny body, as I caressed her tummy I almost thought I could already feel a slight swell. Amanda noticed and smiled, leaning down and whispering into my ear, "give her a birthday present," as she reached down and began fondling my balls. 
     Amy settled her small body all the way down on my cock, slowly moving her hips, grinding her wet clit on me as her young pussy clenched me tightly. With Amanda still massaging my balls, I couldn't hold back, I looked up quickly at Amanda, then up at Amy. I began unloading my sperm deep into Amy, the tip of my cock inside her womb as she gets fertilized. Her mouth dropped open and she slowly opened her eyes looking at me, she got the biggest grin and reached down, rubbing her tummy. "that was the best birthday gift ever!" she exclaimed, still panting.
     The sisters kissed each other and then each made out with me. As Amanda was kissing my neck, she whispered in my ear, "my birthday is in three weeks, I think I'd like the same gift." 

The End
to be continued…

The interracial Sexual Surrogate chapter two

The interracial Sexual Surrogate
Chapter two

Any concern for Deanna about a gynecology examination had now quickly vanished? This was replaced by feelings of anticipation for helpless kinky sex,… and she was the one that was going to experience some of the most stimulating and kinky, a young woman like her had ever been exposed to? The breast and clitoral attachments were only the start. The small amount of tasteful slickem nurse Joy had applied has gone from a wonderful relaxed feeling that was content and blissful at first,.. to one of more urgent sexual relief? Her nipples always sensitive were now more sensitive than ever, and the stuff on them had only softened the tender skin and allowed them to easily swell up into the glass tube like device as they were pumped only adding to the sensual sexual sensation!

First nurse Joy had released the nipple tubes, but when the fresh air mixed with the slickem the desire for some sort of nipple abuse was, oh so overpowering, but her nipples will only be a minor discomfort and inconvenience!

This attention is something she wants more than anything,… now in desperation Deanna starts to beg then plead OMG! Please! Oh help? Help Me Ohoooo! Then Deanna was more than surprised and shocked as this attractive black woman now stark ass naked leaned over and kissed her again but this time it was even a more lustful wet and perverted face sucking, all this had done was to increase her desire for some sort of sexual relief!
Her nipples were bad enough! But, OMG! What had really got her attention though was when glass tube device was released from her now swollen cherry tomato size “Clitoris”!

The vacuum was released with a sucking sound and the suction tube pulling at her now blood red “Clit” and most sensitive sexual nerve endings was causing even more desire for attention!

It had instantly left her with desire for clitoral attention, and abuse which few woman especially her, could ever begin,.. to imagine! Deanna in a low groaning voice, said please, OMG please do something? Nurse Joy knowing quite well that it had taken very little of the slick chemical to take full effect, and was teasing her as much as possible saying to Deanna! Something,… you want me to do something? “Oh My” what ever could that possibly be? Deanna now in real distress and barely able to move almost screamed, anything, Dammit, anything do it OMG! Do it! Joy knowing that Deanna more than ever will except any kind of sex play or abuse even sexual torture for relief!… But this attractive young lesbian bitch of a woman savors the moment and slowly takes her time, with Reggie and several of those from Black Bred magazine watching the wanting anguish on Deanna's face several more flashes of pictures are taken!

My wife Deanna is totally helpless and can move very little, no matter how much she try's can do nothing to change her helplessly bound position and vulnerable predicament! Just when she is beside herself with wanton lust nurse Joy has rested her chin on Deanna's tummy and has blown her breath lightly across Deanna's swollen puffed up clit! All this along with the slickem has done is increase her wanting for ever more attention!

Now almost in tears for some sort of relief, and with Joy taking her sweet ole time, has again blown on the most incredibly sensitive over swollen clitoris, then has moved around and starts to slowly lick the tasteful slickem off, like a cat lapping some warm sweet wonderful cream! For Deanna almost immediately and with no resistance left at all, is on the very verge of an incredible orgasm, one that has started deep from within her most perverted sexual being! Just when she thinks it is going to happen and have the best of the best sexual climax!

Nurse Joy playfully stops blowing her warm breath, Deanna if not restricted and encumbered would have been climbing the walls or at her whits end, and is again shamelessly begging and pleading! Then Joy, being a bit sadistic has timed Deanna's release perfectly and clamped the cold steel of the Saenger Obstetrical Forceps tightly around and over her swollen and super ripe rose bud sized clit! This is followed by several more close up camera flashes!

The sensation is mixed as the cold steel slows down but does not stop this incredible rushing orgasm much like a male that wants to ejaculate with blue balls, and has had his cock pinched tight not allowing the semen to flow and cannot be rewarded with the incredible blissful pleasure! But the results of this restricted wonderful sexual torture makes the feeling last so much longer almost three times as long as Joy first tightens and the slowly releases the forceps little at a time, this is followed by the best sexual orgasm my young wife has ever had, and for Deanna this is saying something!

She under the present circumstances is almost numb and would not need to be bound or restrained at all! As after experiencing such sexual pleasure, she would not or could not move a muscle! But she needed to be bound tightly for what was coming next! As she laid there helplessly Reggie AKA Dr Mc Nausty first used the vaginal dilator , then forcefully inserted the gigantic duck billed stainless 30mm Vaginal speculum! She could feel it go deeper and deeper until the cold steel of the tapered flange was tight against her warm wet pussy lips!
Then the threaded wing nut adjustment was turned again, and again opening her vaginal passage a little at a time stretching even her pelvis bone along with her vaginal tunnel,… but now easily open enough so that a gigantic black base ball size cock head could with little trouble be inserted!

Just as she was able to tolerate this most uncomfortable stretching Reggie slowly forced in an anal stainless stimulator called the trailer hitch through her tight pink little sphincter ring asshole muscle!

This was another of his doctor friends device's that he had pioneered. Both now have left Deanna's eyes wide in wonder? Once her cunt is wide open it has given, Dr McNausty easy access to Deanna's urethra passage! The tissue around the urethra is full of super sensitive erotic nerve endings and Reggie's Dr friend has assured him that most women can easily be stimulated in this area with very pleasurable results. Deanna cannot see at all what is happening to her pussy, but her imagination goes crazy as she can only feel, as Reggie inserts a 130 mm long Female – Urethral stainless steel ribbed stimulator, one rib at a time The entry point end is only 5 mm but once fully inserted , and at the very end is almost 10 mm in size as the last rib passes and snaps into her with its full length!

As each rib snaps past her tight little urethral pee hole opening and into the passage this sensation is mind boggling, it is another thing she has never experienced nor could even imagine?

But this was only the beginning of female sexual stimulation the likes of which few women have ever experienced! Again for Deanna all of this was new,… very new! Just when she thought there could not possibly be anymore, the buzz box was wheeled up close, and electrical connections were made to the steel anal trailer hitch ball probe ribbed stimulator and speculum, then the buzz box was turned on low?

Her sphincter muscle tightened up slowly at first followed by her vaginal tunnel that the speculum was holding open! Then the stainless urethral stimulator was charged as the buzz box alternately sent small amounts of current to one and then all three!

OMG! For Deanna she felt her buttocks around her sphincter first helplessly tighten raising her up firmly against the leather belt around her middle, then her upper thighs and vaginal muscles contracted followed by her and pubic mound, was it ever erotic to watch as her body and muscles reacted uncontrollably, and the electrical current did its thing, as Deanna's pubic sex organs were charged again and again!

For Reggie having the doctor explain the procedure and how it worked was one thing but to see the actual effect and results of it on a naked bound helpless female, made ole Reggie's dick instantly hard! Nor was this perverse sexual stimulation lost on nurse Joy!
Reggie's doctor friend had warned him not to exceed 500 mili amps or past the red arc! This doctor had taken from the Antique equipment of the day, and had developed adapted and improved upon these Clitoral Vaginal, Anal devices.
This added to the “Excitement and Enhancement of these Systems,” using the old along with the new and his own experiences, was something he used almost daily in his practice, of stimulating well to do white women!
Vibrators are one thing but. electrical urethral and prostrate, (yes women really do have a prostrate , also called ‘Skene’s gland’, is located a few centimeters into the vagina, in a place better known now as the G-spot.) simulators, like these last items would as Deanna was now finding out take the kinky mechanical and electrical sex play to a whole new level.

Electrical stimulation of the urethra and the Skene's gland can evoke incredible pleasurable vaginal contractions. The good doctor by using this slender metal rod with ripples and inserting it into her urethra followed by electrical stimulation, could would and did attain numerous explosive orgasms!.

Deanna's bottom would roll from side to side and her pubic muscles would contract tightly around the speculum as if trying to fuck this duck billed steel device! Her body continued to do this time after time to the commands of the electro stimulating buss box!

For Deanna there was no doubt that Nurse Joy was indeed naked! She with her head hanging upside down had a wonderful view of Joy's incredible cunt thighs and clit that were only inches away from her lips! She, (Joy) had what one might call gap, as a full figured black woman with large buttocks she had an incredible spread between her thighs just below her pussy! It was well over three inches that would make entry to it easy! At first with Deanna's head hanging down helplessly Joy had raised up on her toes and spread her legs, maneuvering her almost dripping cunt lips up to and directly over my wife's painted red lips! This had left her helpless to resist!

Again for Deanna perverted thoughts of sex and pleasuring this black woman were ever so appealing as her, big well stimulated clit came closer and closer and her soft thighs were now on either side of Deanna's head!

This had left Joy's incredible warm wet black on the outside and pink on the inside cunt lips on either side, and draped over Deanna's nose almost smothering her with a heady female ambiance. The smell of a woman ripe for sex, this and the sensation was over powering as Joy with one hand, had reached under and pulled Deanna's head up firmly! Then, said to my lovely young wife suck me, as she placed Deanna's lips perfectly under her gigantic clitoris and pulled them both together tightly! For Deanna being totally helpless as she sucked this incredible “Clit in” was every thing she had ever fantasized about sex with another woman, but this was nothing compared to what happened next? Once Joy had felt Deanna's soft red lips securely around her clitoris, and before Reggie could stop her, she had reached over and turned the knob on the electro stimulator buzz box full to the right, this had brought the needle to the very top of the red arc!

For Deanna it was the be all and end all of stimulating sexual perversions all rolled into one! She had just gotten this incredible pink of Joy's clit fully into her mouth as it hung down by only the fleshy black skinned membrane and was doing her best at trying to nibble abuse and suck it down! But surprise and shock was when the flash,… of several jolts of burning milli amps shot through her genitals like a lightning storm as more and more flashes seemed to occur? It was as if all of her sex organs and sexual nerve endings had been electrocuted with the maximum amount of electrical current an oversexed young woman could stand!

It was a wonder she had not bitten Joy's clit clear off! But Joy looking for the ultimate sadistic perverted orgasm had taken the chance?… Deanna had bitten her pretty good, but it was exactly what she had wanted! At almost the same time, Joy had leaned forward and had taken a big mouthful of Deanna's swollen clitoris! The results were predictable as one was experiencing jolts of lightning and the other satisfying herself with clitoral blissful abuse, then after several minutes they shared incredible mind blowing orgasms together,… this had left them both shuddering! Deanna's pubes were jerking up and constricting with sexual pleasure followed by jolt after jolt as the machine slowly ran its course! After this Joy just laid on top of her with big breasts against each other and the only way she was able to stand was to keep her mouth on Deanna's clit, and clamp her incredible thighs tightly around Deanna's head!

For Deanna it was wonderful at first to have her face buried in between Joy's incredible thighs and wet slit! But when she could no longer breathe and was almost smothered by soft wet dripping black female flesh, she started choking for air! Feeling the only way to get relief was to actually bite Joys' clit Joy after being pleasured did not expect this and really jumped in surprise that allowed her incredible ass cheeks thighs and breasts jiggle and ripple obscenely! But the results for Deanna was fresh air and as she gulped it in several more flashes occurred?. Joy then scolded her giving her a look of wonder along with playfully calling her a cunt sucking little bitch! The flashes were not all lightning inspired by the jolts of the machine as the photographers from the Black Bred Magazine had taken some incredible shots of both Joy and Deanna, shall we say, that were and had been intimately together!

Nurse Joy now free and able to stand was assisting Dr Reggie as he removed the electrical connections the anal ball plug and the speculum. This had left Deanna's vaginal passage stretched wide open, but had tightened her sphincter like it had been sucking of a lemon! Joy again with the big looped forceps!
Clamped them tightly around her swollen clitoris!

Now with her cunt hole wide open , and clit clamped at the same time had slowly started to removed the ribbed urethral stimulator one rib at a time! Deanna even though the electro buzz box was turned off and disconnected, was still experiencing incredible pubic contractions along with her buttocks that continued to tighten and raise her up ever so perversely. Along with each rib of the probe as it snapped out she would jerk and yelp, oh!, Oh! O My! OMFG! Then after it was removed Reggie had tightened the forceps even more and nurse Joy had taken a small syringe and injected some of the good doctors most special stimulant before releasing the forceps, for Deanna still unable to see only feel this she thought, was about all the abuse her over stimulated and abused clit could take!… But she was wrong?

Her cunt began to slowly tighten up, at first he just flicked his fore finger off his thumb using her swollen clitoris like a small fleshy little nub! Again and again he flicked it making her clit absorb the stimulant. He used the tip of his finger nail, like trying to knock a pesky bug off of a picnic table! Deanna would squeal hold her breath and squeal again as each time as her “clit” was flicked hard! Then, he was able to stick several of his finger in her tightening slit roll it around point it up and massage her over stimulated area, better known as the “G” spot! For Deanna it was instant pleasurable orgasms, several right in a row as she shuddered and thrashed around! She gasped again and again! OMG!, OMFG!…… Please stop, oh G! Please stop, Oh please! OMFG! Please don't stop! Her mind was going one direction and her body completely out of control was going quite the other, neither could quite decide what was actually happening how to react or what would happen next?

It was nurse Joy's turn, as she wearing black latex gloves had taken a small plastic bottle shaking it up quite well then squirted some orange cream onto the glove and at first started slowly rubbing it up and down the inside of Deanna's cunt lips and down into her vaginal opening. At first it was much like the slickem, warm soothing and almost euphoric? But after several minutes of rubbing it had slowly turned into a most sinister smoldering sensation, one of wanting and to be ever forcefully rubbed and touched in just the right place! Deanna started whimpering and moaning with her eyes watering and perspiration forming on her brow as the stuff took effect and it was rubbed around on, and all over her swollen clitoris this had detracted her from it slowly swelling!

Please watch this video, about one third of the way is what I have described happening to Deanna!

Again for her this situation has gone from wonder to pleasure the multiple orgasms of concern embarrassed humiliation and now back to sexual sadistic abuse! OMG! For Deanna her cunt seems to be on fire, and if this is not bad enough her swollen overstimulated clitoris it is as if someone was holding a burning cigarette on the very end of it! Just when she has resigned herself that there is nothing she can do to escape from this naked bound helplessly abused torture and that it could not possibly get any worse or more perverted and abusive?…..

The first of several sharp cracks of a leather belt has struck her firmly on her bare over heated pubic mound and Reggie was the one doing it, and paying close attention to her cunt lips and clit!

Some of the few kinky and sexually sadistic games that Deanna and I had played was a bit of mild pussy whipping, I have used about 12 to 14” of my belt folded in half, and not all that hard, just enough to really get her body to respond to watch her labia lips and clit slowly respond and appear from her slit was so erotic! This was one of the suggestions I have given Reggie, and for him to try even more aggressively on my horny young wife! For Deanna it is a welcome relief from the burning and stinging sensations of the cream, and the desire for abusive rough sex is becoming ever so overpowering. Whack after whack, again and again has made my wife call out,.. with those words that the most perverted sexual sadist loves to hear! Softly at first she says in between the crack of the belt, “Please Harder”, then louder “Harder, then groaning and louder yet Harder! OMG! Harder!….

The desire for abuse is tempered for a moment from the touch of the belt as one type of painful discomfort and abuse is offset soothed and replaced by another! Several more cameras flash with some vivid close up pictures, one of her red hot abused pubes and the other is a distorted facial expression is almost priceless, as her face changes back and forth from blissful pleasurable, to abused pleasure?

For the last several hours or so, my oversexed young wife has experienced helplessly bound humiliation abuse and incredible orgasms more than most women experience in a lifetime, and her date to meet Darryl at the Black Cobra has not even started! Finally her helpless gynecological examination has run the full stimulating course, and it is over! Nurse Joy has taken the warm soapy solution and sprayed it all over Deanna's well used and abused pubic area, and still wearing black latex gloves has washed and wiped away all of the orange cream. Then nurse Joy has released the metal bands around Deanna's breasts and with Dr Reggie's help have easily unstrapped her bonds, and have helped her up leaving her sitting on the wooden Gynecology table. Deanna still shaken from her incredible perverse ordeal, and with Joy's comforting help takes a period of time for her heart rate and pulse to return,.. anywhere near normal!

OMG! What an incredible experience! Even though she has been well washed it, the electrical buzz and the small injection in her clit has left her with a warm subtle wanting desire, that of an almost insatiable nymphomaniac one that will not nor cannot easily be satisfied, and one that will require quite a number of equally horny oversexed black men, in order to take the edge off of this desire,… much less actually satisfy her and give her some real sexual relief!

But the fact that she is already pregnant is also part of the reason she is so horny. Had she actually thought about her past pregnancies she would have known that it was a super horny part of pregnancy and remembered that being pregnant also increased her desire for sex especially her fantasy's for rough and perverted sex with forceful black men!

Being totally naked and helplessly bound like she had been, for Deanna was one of her most deliciously enjoyable fantasy's when it came to sex! I asked her once why this was such a turn on, and her answer was, that anyone especially big mean black men (Part of her Fantasy) could do anything to her and she would have no choice in the matter! So being like this, along with her imagination left her almost dripping and if one added a blindfold her sexual imagination would easily go crazy!

Nurse Joy had helped her stand and had escorted her to a small wash room and assisted her in freshening up, after which she helped Deanna slip on and wiggle into her dress. Now refreshed and re covered to somewhat normal, Joy said I want to see you soon? We, some of my girlfriends are having an all girls lingerie party and I really want you to come and model for us? Also I am planning on stopping by later at the Black Cobra to see how you and Darryl are getting it on!

For Deanna still a bit naive in many respects the off handed comment went right over her head as she thought what Joy had actually said was “Getting Along”? But then realized she had said “Getting It On”! Then still slightly shuddering from her experience and with a smug knowing smile knew exactly what she had meant by Joy's comment. The examination room was empty. Almost everyone, those from the magazine Black bred were gone leaving only Joy and Reggie. Reginald again being the perfect gentleman and still playing the part shook her hand that was still trembling and said that Deanna's tests and response to the exam would be sent to the sexual surrogate clinic and that in his opinion she would have no problem at all being able to bare and mother an interracial child! Going on to say that she was welcome back anytime and that he or his colleague (The Good Doctor who's office he had used) would be more than happy to see that she was more than stimulated again, and that the clinic would pay for the service, this comment was made with a wink and a big smile from Reggie!

Joy had called our cab driver friend then saying that the “Black Cobra” was not far just around the corner, had escorted her to the door saying I don't want you be late for your date with Darryl! As Deanna opened the door, Joy grabbed her again pulled her close, face to face and said I want you,….. I really want you,…followed by another forceful kiss! Then said oh,… what I really meant to say was,… I want to see you soon………
For Deanna this had taken her breath away the whole experience had been incredible, now with being kissed and obviously propositioned by this attractive black woman along with the residual from being stimulated six ways from Sunday and what seemed to be her clitoris swelling had left her flustered, but ready for just about any kind of sexual adventure. As she walked down the hall towards the old elevator she had forgotten her purse as her thoughts of Darryl and her date with him was interrupted when she pushed the old elevator button.

When the door opened Old Tom had this knowing look on his face and Deanna now looked at him quite differently, and a little closer? The bulge in his pants was still there apparently she had not been mistaken earlier, and this trip in the old elevator she was about to make, was going to be much different? He, for an old black man now seemed more hansom virile and forceful than ever! But the reason was the good doctor he had also been experimenting with erectile dysfunction in older black men especially those with large cocks that like old Tom had become flaccid and had come up with the answer that would make an old man hard for over four hrs and Tom was one of the first to experience this gift! Again he offered her his hand and helped her in closing the metal safety cage. Then Deanna was surprised as the rickety old elevator jerked shuddered and headed up ^,…. not down? Deanna with naively weak knees said nothing and made no effort what so ever to inquire or stop him? Both just looked at each other like two wild hungry dogs in heat as the elevator lurched along, past floor after floor. Her “Big abused Tits and Bare Bottom Jiggled Obscenely”, as the elevator traveled up, and finally stopped at the 14th floor?

It was as if they were a young horny as hell, high school couple on a first date where the girl had told the boy she was not wearing any panties, and that he could do whatever he wanted , her! Old Tom did not have to be told nor did Deanna as both knew exactly what was going to happen or at least the old man did? He had unzipped his pants and out flopped a big hard black cock, but not quite what Deanna had expected, it was about 10” long though and quite firm, but the big difference was it curved up most interesting and perversely!

For Deanna to be fucked by an old black man on the top floor in an old elevator, and by one that was old enough to be her grandfather was pure fantasy! But the thought of his big black curved cock thrusting up into her was so sinfully perverted exciting, and inviting along with the fact that she, sill stimulated was ever more ready to be fucked, more than at any time in her life! Her green dress was very loose fitting after being stretched from getting in and out of it, she without any words being spoken had easily pulled the top down exposing her big soft beautiful breasts to him! For old Tom he was like a schoolboy again as desire and lust easily overcame his tired old worn out body !
His long black fingered hands lovingly caressed the fair white skinned breasts needing them harder and harder, the harder he squeezed the more she liked it, especially when they found her nipples! But he was not the only one enjoying himself as her hands had found his most unusual curved up dick and cock head! She could not believe an old man like this could have such a rock hard cock, and that she was the one that was causing this? Again it was as if both for the first time was enjoying the others intimate sexuality. Then he ordered her to turn around, face the wall and spread her legs!

For Deanna to be ordered around, along with being half naked wearing heels and fucked from behind was one of her most favorite positions, and to be done this way with a big curved black cock would make the experience ever so perversely enjoyable, the thought with her clit slowly swelling had left her instantly wet! The green dress was no hindrance at all, as it left most of her hourglass bottom easily exposed especially with her hands up helplessly out of the way on the elevator wall! This had allowed the dress to inch up even farther exposing her entire bare bottom!

Deanna had this most unusual habit of sub-conscientiously pointing her toes inward as she would stand with her legs apart and stick her ass out making access to her much easier and was more than sinfully ready for what she thought was coming? He had rubbed his curved cock head up and down her wet slit readying it. The fact that she still had some of the residual slickem from her trailer hitch stretching stimulation would make what was about to happen even easier! But, OMG! To her surprise, she gulped ,…and her eyes widened in “Shock” followed by the word “No”! This escaped from her lips as his big black curved up cock easily found its way up,… and into her pink tight little ass hole sphincter muscle! For Deanna being fucked in her back side, was never one of her favorite things as she thought to be fucked in the ass was only something a true slutty whore would willingly do! This was something we had done little of, and was so to speak “Virgin Territory”!

But the nasty penetration while wearing only this short dress and being lusted after my an old black man, along with being fucked in the ass on the top floor of this old office building had quickly made her clit buzz, pussy tighten and her slit start to drip! Oh was he ever hard, she could not help herself and screamed out as he thrusted up into this almost virgin place, harder and deeper each time with her heels apart an up on her tip toes with them pigeon toed had allowed him up and into her ever deeper as she tried to steady herself against his nasty back door invasion and the elevator wall! Thrust after thrust almost picked her up off the floor each time, she squealed and squealed like a stuck pig never thinking that having her Hershey highway packed like this would turn her on,… but it did! In what seemed like minutes but in reality was much longer this virile old man had cummed warm semen, and for someone his age a lot of it! He kept squirting up and into her as he pulled her white bottom down harder and harder against his hard curved cock!

She had not realized that the elevator had started down while she was humped from behind? The lurching old elevator only added to her perversion as her butt fucking came to an end, she was still squealing obscenely as the elevator door opened and the metal safety screen was pulled aside! OMG! She was treated to several more camera flashes of her almost naked, and him still wearing his cap and short jacket, was naked from the waist down, with his pants around his ankles? The office buildings main lobby earlier had been entirely empty, but now not only was there the camera crew from the magazine, also a number of onlookers had gathered! Several were white women on there way up to experience some of what Deanna had previously enjoyed but from the real doctor!

They were all pointing and murmuring at this most nasty public display of perverted sex! Deanna 's white skin instantly turned beet red at being caught naked in public with a black dick up her ass, was horribly dreadful, and embarrassing! The old black elevator operator at his age could have cared less who saw him and as he pulled out,.. his unrestricted cock squirted its last vestige's of cum all over! The crowd that were watching had gone from hushed comments to several whistles, some were even clapping as the old man turned to face them with his curved slimy cock wagging about, removed his cap and then, took a bow! Deanna embarrassed even more had pulled her loose fitting top up over her breasts and with cum still dripping from her bare ass hurried by the crowd not daring to look at anyone, and out onto the sidewalk, trying to escape this horrid public humiliation!

She had hoped the cab would be waiting, but it was not? The street was much busier now as cars drove past but no cab was in site? She in a panic not thinking had started off down the street, remembering what Joy had said the “Black Cobra” night spot was just around the corner, she did not noticed the two big black men that were following her at a distance ? It had been a warm spring day and was just getting dark. She had nothing, no coat or purse only the short green skimpy dress that was well stretched and barely covering her!
Joy had called our cab driver friend alright, but this call was just a signal for another of my kinky and devious plans that was about to take place!

Deanna had numerous fantasies some cute some dark and several about rape! One of them was to be raped by experienced black men, ones that were really horny! Men that have never had sex with an attractive white woman, they were the kind of men that had been disadvantaged and treated poorly by the mostly white establishment! The kind of men that would love to take out their anger frustration and extreme feelings of racial injustice by brutally raping a young shapely white woman like Deanna? Especially a woman like her that now found herself half naked wearing only this short green dress, high heels and on her way to an all black bar to be romanced and fucked by Darryl. Her first real date with a handsome forceful black male!

This was one of her darker delicious sexual fantasy's, and that was to be forcefully raped by mean nasty black men, men that would treat her with disdain, and give her the rough sexual abuse she had fantasized about! This fantasy was about harsh prolonged hard driven sex by at least six big black perverts! All of this particular fantasy had been told in detail to our cab driver friend and he in turn had seen to it that most of men she had described in her fantasy and everything she had fantasized about, like it or not was about to happen!

There were six of them alright and unknown to her the fact of being purposely set up like this could not have turned out any better. Most were exactly the kind of men Deanna had masturbated to, the perverse thought, of men like them really doing her, being caught half naked in a back alley and her having absolutely no choice in the matter had produced incredible orgasms as she would fantasize and pleasure herself! Now we would see fantasy and reality become one, and it definitely would be the abusive sexual satisfying experience she had hoped for,.. and more! Just as she reached the corner two more big mean looking black men appeared OMFG! For Deanna this fantasy of hers instantly flashed across her mind as she stumbled and turned to beat a hasty retreat, but as she turned around and started back towards the office building she could see two more equally distasteful looking black men coming toward her!

Should she scream or try to run,… her only escape seemed to be a dark alley just ahead, she quickly turned into the darkness and hurried along clutching the stretched top of her dress that had slipped down even farther and was just barely covering her sensitive nipples! She had glanced back expecting these men to be right behind! But was surprised at first, then somewhat disappointed that they had not seemed to followed her? As Deanna made her way farther down the alley she could see lights and the lit up sign that said “Black Cobra” it was still some distance and across the street from the alley, she could not believe her luck, as she was almost halfway their?
As a half naked white female in a dark alley in the poor black section of the city she was both excited and scared to death! Her heart and breasts were almost pounding out of her dress, again with mixed emotions of escape or being dreadfully raped! In only moments she would be safely in the bar with Darryl. Deanna could clearly see the sign and that the picture on it was of a big black cock perversely and cleverly altered into the image of a snake, one of a “Black Cobra”, but there was no doubt that this depiction was, that… of a big black cock!

Her thoughts had gone from being brutally raped only moments ago to a most pleasant romantic and sexually satisfying evening with Darryl? All of these thoughts were shattered when two of the biggest meanest looking black men seemed to appear out of the dark from nowhere, blocking her path to the bar bright lights and safety! Deanna was stunned unable to move for the moment and as she relaxed her hold on the dress, this allowed it slip down, exposing her abused nipples that were now hard as rocks! Her big white “Tits” were heaving in the excitement of it all and were now easily and totally exposed to these black men! OMG! Deanna thought,.. she was had,… and all of her fantasies of being brutally raped now replaced any thought of escape and with her clit still swelling, her over stimulated pussy was starting to drip uncontrollably!

These two muscular men unlike the others had raped numerous white women and had recently been released after being held in jail for several days! They had been accused of a sadistic brutal rape, the white woman they had done this to would not press charges as they had brutally raped threatened and intimidated her? Had Deanna known this she like that woman would not have been quite so excited or anxious for abusive sex! These two men were actually brothers, they were stocky looking older bald headed men in their early 40s with ,what appeared to be beer bellies! Deanna now scared out of her wits had turned to run, and as she did the others, all four of them now blocked her way! Just as she realized their was no escape one from behind had grabbed her thin green dress and pulled,… easily ripping it off leaving her stark ass naked in only high heels! To be like this totally naked in front of six big black men was one of Deanna's most perverted sexual fantasy's and one she had almost hurt herself masturbating to!

As she stood there naked surrounded by these horny black men, one of the two brothers had removed his belt and had gotten up close to Deanna? Then placed the belt around her neck pulled it tight and slapped her hard, then with his face next to hers said,… do what you are told you little white bitch, and maybe we wont cut your “Nipples” off, when were done! Our cab driver friend had been told that my wife only needed a vocal threat and a hard slap to the face after which she would willingly do anything! For Deanna being threatened and slapped hard with her face still stinging and her eyes watering, said hesitantly I will do anything, anything please don't cut my nipples off,…as she finally realized her most dark delicious perverted sexual fantasy was about to come true!! ….

To be continued in chapter three

Bella's Journey

Bella loved being pregnant. She also loved having full and milky breasts.

Bella had quickly realized after her first pregnancy that she was happiest when she was pregnant, and her breasts were full of milk. When her body was in this condition she felt amazing. Not only did she feel incredibly beautiful and sexy, but she also felt extremely sensual as well.

Bella simply adored all the wonderful sensations she felt coursing through her body whenever she was seeded with a child deep inside her womb, and her breasts were full and flowing with sweet milk just waiting to be latched onto by a hungry mouth.

This is why Bella had chosen to live her life as a professional wet nurse and surrogate for the past 10 years because it enabled her to make a comfortable living doing what she did best…making babies and breastfeeding.

During Bella's first pregnancy, her milk had come in by the sixth month, and she had simply kept her milk flowing in between her other pregnancies with the customers that came to her for wet nursing services. In fact, Bella never had any issues with not making enough milk, simply because her customers kept her busy 7 days a week. And since she was either breastfeeding or pumping every 3 to 4 hours, she tended to make too much milk instead of the other way around.

When Bella first happened upon her current career path, she would have never guessed just how different her life could have changed in 10 years, or just how content she would be now. It all started with her first pregnancy 10 years ago. After she was 6 months into her pregnancy, she knew without a doubt what her purpose in life was from now on.

This is why that within the past 10 years, Bella had remained pregnant through approximately 8 of those years. Her body was literally made for making babies because she was that fertile, and she experienced zero side effects while she was carrying a baby. When it came time for her to deliver, since she experienced such short periods of labor she had very little pain, and so she had been giving birth with the help of a midwife for the past 6 years.

This was a win-win for Bella because her midwife could keep on eye on her during her many pregnancies, as well as the baby she was carrying, and she could also assist Bella in finding surrogate parents for the children she gave birth to since she had no desire to keep the children and raise them as her own. Bella had felt guilty about this decision initially, but then she realized just how many loving couples were looking to adopt, and then she quickly realized just how much she was helping these couples out by giving them a child of their very own.

In addition, because it took little effort for Bella to be seeded, she would literally conceive on her first attempt most times. And because Bella truly enjoyed having sex, this was another positive in her eyes, because she got to enjoy conception all the way to a baby's birth, and she was able to remain sexually active throughout almost all of her pregnancy. She would then take approximately 2 weeks off after a baby was born, and then she found that she was ready to have sex again since she had an extremely high sex drive.

Bella found that she literally craved sex all the time, and because breastfeeding and being pregnant made her quite horny, she found herself in a constant state of arousal most days. This is why Bella had sex daily, and even still had to masturbate at times because she would still find herself extremely aroused after certain customers.
Bella was picky with who she accepted as an ongoing customer if they preferred to drink straight from her breast. Because of this, she had a potential customer checked out thoroughly before accepting them as a regular nurser, and she would only accept those individuals who were healthy and who would agree to nursing multiple times a week. Bella preferred a hungry mouth over a breast pump anytime simply because a mouth felt so much better, and it helped her keep her milk supply up on an ongoing basis.

Over the years, Bella had also made a point of having a steady number of healthy men on her client list, so that if she needed someone to breed her, she would already have a number of healthy candidates to choose from. This is the direction Bella usually went when she felt it was time for her become pregnant again. She would mention this possibility at the beginning of their relationship when they were only coming to her for wet nursing services, and then she would revisit this topic when she was ready to be impregnated again.

Bella never had any difficulty finding a man willing to impregnate her. Her requirements were simple. If she chose them, they would have to be willing to try multiple times if needed over a week long period until she was seeded with his child. He would then have to sign away all rights to the child because Bella did not want to deal with a complicated situation.

In exchange for his services, Bella would offer him free wet nursing services throughout her pregnancy, and she would also allow him the opportunity to become her lover while she carried his child to term. This arrangement had always worked out well for Bella, and since she was such a sexual woman, this arrangement allowed her to stay sexually satisfied during her pregnancy in a very safe way.

Most of Bella's regular male customers relished the thought of making love with Bella because she was such a beautiful woman, so this was a perk that most of them hoped would be offered to them sooner rather than later. In fact, there was a waiting list to become one of Bella's regular customers because her breasts had maintained a very healthy supply of sweet milk, and she had been in business for decade with no intention of stopping at anytime in the near future. The fact that she was gorgeous only added to her popularity.

Bella had started wet nursing others when she was only 19-years-old, so at the moment she was only 29-years-old. She was also one of those women who literally glowed when she was pregnant, so she was extremely attractive while she was carrying a baby, and even when she wasn't pregnant. Bella stood 5'9 and she weighed around 120 pounds when she wasn't pregnant. When she was carrying a child, she never gained more than 25 pounds, and she would quickly loose most of this weight when she delivered the baby. She was also one of those truly beautiful women who was curvy in all the right places without being overweight, and the fact that she was a natural redhead with creamy white skin and green eyes only added to her beauty.

On any given day, Bella had customers dropping by every 4 hours through the day and evening hours. She would allow them to stay between an hour and an hour and a half. This way if she needed to increase her milk supply to accommodate another customer, she would simply have them suckle on her after they had emptied both of her breasts. She never had any complaints when she requested this, simply because it ensured them a full 30 or 40 minutes of milk during their visits.

Bella had always had very full breasts, and they had increased quite a bit since she began wet nursing 10 years ago. She had been a 38DD when she first started, and she was now a very healthy 44G. Bella adored her breasts because they were so sensitive, and she found herself fondling them a lot when they weren't being nursed on by a customer. Her pink nipples were quite large because of her chosen profession, and they remained erect most of the time whether she was nursing a hungry mouth or not. Because Bella took good care of herself, and her breasts were quite firm despite their healthy size, so Bella would often go without a bra whether she was at home or out in public.

Bella was naturist, so she felt completely comfortable in the nude. She wore as little as possible most days depending on the weather, and she would generally be nude while she was breastfeeding one of her customers. If the customer wanted to fondle and play with her other breast and nipple while they were nursing, Bella was fine with this. Any other touching had to be requested and agreed upon in advance, and were never an extra charge, but simply considered a one time perk at that moment in time.

This meant that she would sometimes allow a customer to finger her pussy while they were nursing, and she would even give a particular male customer a sensual hand job during their session. This was an ever changing situation, and a perk that none of Bella's customers took for granted.

Bella knew that a few of her regular customers were interested in being her next stud because they had already mentioned their interest to her. Bella had given each of these particular customers a sensual hand job within the past month, as this was a good way for her to see their cock and determine just how long they could sustain an erection before shooting their load.

Bella made no apologies for what she liked. She loved to be fucked, and she wanted what she wanted deep inside her pussy when she was horny and wanting to be seeded. She loved both cut and uncut men, but she found that the uncut men could fit further into her cervix when they were thrusting deep inside her. This is why she would go with an uncut guy a lot of the time, but this wasn't the only detail to consider. Bella needed to find the guy attractive in other ways, as she generally would have sex with them for extended periods of time until she was impregnated. After she was seeded she would want to fuck as often as possible, so this is why other things besides a man being cut or uncut would come into play.

At the moment, Bella was very close to making a decision on who would be given the opportunity to seed her next, but she wanted to see them both again one more time before making her final decision.

Bella looked at the clock and realized that her next appointment was due any moment. She also quickly realized that she was quite horny. Bella decided that since her next appointment was one of the two men she was trying to decide between, she would allow him to finger her while he was nursing. Because she loved masturbating his uncut cock, she would simply instruct him to disrobe before he began nursing. This way she could stroke him during their time together.

Bella smiled when she heard the doorbell ring because her pussy was already sopping wet, and she couldn't wait to feel his fingers deep inside her while he empty her very full breasts.

It was at these moments that Bella realized that she was the luckiest woman in the whole world.

To Be Continued…

Famous Love

Heard of a French exchange? German exchange?

Fucking Japanese exchange if you will?

Ever heard of an American exchange?

Yeah. Didn't think so.

The whole point of an exchange, is to learn about the culture, language and life of the people of a foreign county. Now, what is the point in doing something like that when you speak the same language and learn the same things? (I could say have the same culture, but I would be lying. Kinda.)

I'm sure the teachers would have taken into account those points when they arranged the whole thing. But I don't think the students – me included – cared too much…


Yes, I know, we – English sixth form students (aka Seniors) – were flying half way across the world to stay with our American host families for a month – seeing as we had finished every exam we needed to take – learning about the history and visiting their sites, before we both – being the English student and the American – flew back to England and they get what we got, except in a different country.

Confusing? Weird? Completely pointless?

Cool? I sure as hell thought it was.

"Ohmigosh! Could you imagine if Taylor Lautner was part of the exchange! That would be so cool!" My best friend, Eva, squealed as the rest of the people filled into the room, awaiting our final briefing on the trip before we left on Saturday.

I was about to launch into an internal thought about how there were loads of nerds going on this trip and how much I wished there would be some nice hot guys out there – seeing as we seemed to be failing so miserably in that department (in both sexes, Eva and I being the only cool people. Which I could say I'm joking about, but I'm not,) when my heart decided to uncomfortably lodge itself in my throat.

"What?" I gasped at her.

"Jasmine," she sighed, "Do you ever keep up? We're exchanging with Valencia High School, are we not?" She didn't give me a chance to answer, "Yes. And if you read magazines or something you would know that the Taylor Lautner attends Valencia High School and is in our year!" She finished on a squeal, causing a few snotty pencil pushers to turn and give us a pathetic glare.

"What are you fucking looking at?" She hissed at them.

"I hope that wasn't a swear word I just heard, Eva." Miss Stockwell entered the room, gazing upon Eva sternly.

"Nope. Of course not."

"That's what I thought." She settled her papers and shit on the desk.

"Now before you bombard me with all your questions, I just need to have a quick word with Jasmine if you don't mind." She smiled fondly at me and I slipped out of my seat and made my way to the front, as the chatter picked up behind me.

"Now, I'm sure you know your host is a girl, am I correct?" She started in a hushed tone.

"Yeah. I've been e-mailing her. She seems nice." I would have preferred a boy, but…

"Ah. Well, we have a problem you see. Jenna has been matched with a boy – and she feels uncomfortable to stay around a boys house," I rolled my eyes and she gave me a smile, almost as if to say 'I know', "And I heard you mentioning to Eva how you would have preferred to stay with a boy like she was. So would you like to switch places with her? Or would you like to stay with your original host?"

I love you God.

"No! I don't mind switching! She can have my place. Can you let my host know that I wont be staying with her anymore though?"

"Of course. And thank you for doing this. It really helps me out." I smiled and started to make my way back to my seat.

"Oh, Miss Stockwell?" I asked before I sat down, "What's the name of my host?" She glanced at one of the many sheets on the table.

"Um…by the looks of it…someone called Taylor."

The week took longer than ever.

I had my step-mum help me pack everything all day on Friday, making sure that nothing was left at home. So this means, tampons inclusive.

My dad and step-mum both dropped me off at school, where a coach was waiting to take us all to Gatwick airport. I said my painful 'goodbyes' and climbed aboard.

Cant blame me, can you? I'm travelling half way across the world. Last time I checked, the furthest place I've ever been from my parents was twenty minutes down the road.

Lame, I know.

Getting checked in went smooth, but was long and shit boring as was the hellish plane journey.

Usually, I get excited about travelling, but how can I when I have something much bigger on my mind?

Yeah. I'm still pissing my pants about the fact the my host could be Taylor Lautner.

I've considered the con of course. I mean, there is most definitely more than one Taylor at Valencia, and my mind is all jumbled up at the moment, so I'm probably just getting excited over nothing.

Of course, Eva was no help.

"How many guys in one year have the name Taylor?" She would ask rhetorically, "Not many. And, he goes to Valencia! Big hint. Also, I read in Heat that he's always wanted to go to England. It's all the sign Jazz! Stop being a pessimist. You know you have him as your host, you lucky bitch. So savour it."

My heart fluttered at the thought, but my brain told my heart to shut the fuck up.

Someone nudged me.

I moaned.

And again.

"Fuck off Eva." I grumbled still on the edge of unconsciousness.

"Excuse me Jasmine." I snapped open my eyes, only to see that I am face to face with Miss Stockwell.


"You girls need to keep your language in check around these families. I may be used to it, but I'm sure they are not."

"Are we here?" I perked up immediately, when I noticed the coach had come to a complete standstill. And was in fact. Empty.

Thank you Eva.


"Yes. That's why I came to wake you up! They're all off the coach. They obviously forgot to wake you up in their haste to get off." I wasn't really paying attention to her.

I was paying attention to the uncomfortable feeling of my heart smashing against my ribs.

"Shit," I didn't care if she heard me. I quickly pulled out my compact mirror and adjusted my hair into a smoother do, applied some more eyeliner to the top lid.

"Do I look okay?" She rolled her eyes.

"Yes. Beautiful. As always. Now let's get a move on before we get stuck on here." She picked up my hand luggage for me so I could climb out of my seat. There was a big commotion going on outside. I could hear it. But I couldn't really see it.

Tinted windows you see.

It was only when I got off of the coach – more like fell out – and onto the ground of Valencia High, did I realise at least one of my prayers had been answered.

Hot guys.

A hell lot of them.

One of them saw me, went all wide-eyed like a little owl and nudged the one next to him who turned, looked and nudged the one next to him etcetera…

Obviously, by the amount of guys, they thought that there would be a lot of hot British chicks going over.

Not that there isn't any girls, it's just that who wants to go with a girl that has really bad acne, smells like a swamp and looks like a loser?

Another loser maybe, but it doesn't look like there are any here.

"Jasmine!" Eva squealed, letting everyone know my name, before running over to me from somewhere in the crowd, dragging along this cute guy.

"Thank you for waking me up." I scowled playfully at her when she reached me.

"No problem," she grinned, "This is Evan." She motioned to the guy beside her who was literally beaming.

"Hey." I waved at him and grinned like a fool. But I was happy when he returned it with his little American 'Hey.'

"Damn. Now that is a piece of England I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of," A buff guy nudged past me on purpose and threw me a wink over his shoulder.

"You can look, but you cant touch." Eva called after him.

"Then I'll look long and hard. And maybe God will answer my prayer's."

"And what are they exactly?" I cocked my eyebrow at him and one of his friend wolf whistled.

"That your clothes will magically fall off that hot ass-"

"I see your making friends already, Jasmine." Miss Stockwell interrupted him and placed a hand on my shoulder. I was kinda disappointed really. Y'know when your being all teasing and everything, but you don't want it to end because your actually having fun? That's what I kinda felt like.

"Yeah." I winked at the sexy guy and I swear he just blushed as all his friend burst out laughing and started cat calling.

"Well, you can finish your…um…conversation later. Right now, I need to fill you in on something."


"It's nothing bad. Don't worry."


"What's basically happened, is that your host-"

"Taylor," Eva interjected in a coo.

"Taylor? Fuck man. Not good." One of the hot guys friends repeated in a shocked tone from somewhere behind Eva and…Evan.

I just managed to peer around Eva's head to see them all trudge off dejectedly.


The were really hot as well.

"Yes, Taylor. Well he has been a bit delayed, but he phoned in and asked if you could stay with Evan for this night. Which Evan kindly agreed to," I smiled at him, "You and Eva can just bunk in and then tomorrow he'll come and pick you up and take you back to his house. And you'll do whatever he's doing and stuff, and then he'll bring you to school on Monday where we will all meet."

"But what about my stuff?"

"You can take it with you."

"I cant believe you guys get to go out when we have to stay at school," Evan grumbled.

"Yeah. But when you come back to England, you get to go out and we have to stay at school. So it's fair really."

"I guess…But it would be cool to go together. And then we could really show you everything. " We all nodded in sad agreement.

"Anyway. Not to worry, eh? You guys will still be hanging out on the weekends and evenings. But I think it's time we make a move. We'll all meet back here Monday morning. I have your mobile numbers."

"But they don't work over here."

"I know. I have the host's. And I have a disposable one. But I can trust you guys enough not to do anything retarded, cant I?"

"I cant believe you just said retarded."

"Can I?"

"Yes, Miss Stockwell." She was young, kinda of cool, but still like a mother to us. So we liked her.

"Good. See you guys tomorrow!" We waved goodbye to her, before grabbing our luggage and making our way to Evan's SUV in the school lot.

School had been finished for a while now, so there was just the students who were picking up their exchanges in the lot.

After struggling to get both our suitcases into the trunk – even with Evan's help – we both climbed into the cool cab and made our way to Evan's house. Staring out the window like a bunch of tourists.

"Your gonna be really disappointed when you come to the UK…" I laughed as Evan helped me yank my case out once we had parked outside a very large house in a very large estate.

"Really? I heard it's really cool."

"Shit." I shook my head, "Compared to here anyway."

"But I'd say the same. I'm sick of this place."

"Touché." He laughed and lead Eva and I both inside to his mega nice home.

"Mom?" He called.

"Is that you honey?"

"There's only me. Who else?" He started to laugh. There was a small shuffle of feet from around the corner of one of his big white walls and a small woman appeared.

"Oh my. Hello there sweeties! Welcome! I'm Lucy." She pulled Eva and I into both unexpected hugs, as we both greeted her cheerily despite our drowsy state.

"Evan, you never told me there would be two. I would have set up another room." She said releasing us.

"No. You didn't need to do that. I actually have a host but he's a bit delayed at the moment, so I'm going to be bunking in with Eva just for the night." I assured her.

"Taylor." Evan rolled his eyes.

"Taylor? Ooh!" She squealed grabbing the tops of my arms, "He's a very close friend of the family. You guys are welcome to stay round whenever you want." She released me and sighed, "You two are going to make such a cute couple."

"Um Mom? Do you think you could cut out the match making crap? She hasn't even met him yet. Jesus." Evan saved me.

"Sorry, honey. Do you guys want something to eat? It's a little past dinner right now, but I can slip in a pizza if you want…?"

"Oh no thanks. We ate not too long ago." Eva smiled.

"I bet you guys are beat. I'll show you your room." Evan started to make his way down one of the grand halls.

"Night girls! Have a good sleep."

"Night Lucy." We waved back at her.

Friendly people.

Evan showed us the massive chamber which was otherwise know was – Eva's room – and left us alone. We dressed mechanically in our pyjama's, brushing out teeth in the en-suite and falling onto the double bed. We were sleep on legs right then.

But when I had actually settled down – I found it very hard to fall asleep.

Reasons being, I kept on thinking about Taylor.

No, I still didn't actually know if it was the Taylor. And I realised I had had many opportunities to ask whether his last name was Lautner, but I had missed them, and all I really wanted to do right now was get out of bed and go and ask Evan (or his mother) whether it was Taylor Lautner – or if I was actually crazy.

My mind decided then it was best if I slept and wait until the morning.

Eva and I had breakfast with Evan the next morning, discussing what we would be doing today, when someone honked a car horn from outside.

"That must be Taylor." My heart fluttered against my ribs.

"Thanks Evan. I'll see you at school in a minute Eva," I gave Evan a quick hug and received a knowing wink from Eva before grabbing my suitcase – which was by the front door – and making my way outside.

"Um, Evan?" I called back into the house.


"Does Taylor have a Porsche?"


I closed the door behind me.

Holy shit.

I made my way timidly over to the flash looking car, the same moment someone stepped out.

"Hey there," The very good looking man, removed his very good looking glasses to reveal his very good looking familiar chocolate brown eyes.

Screw you brain, I told you my heart was right.

"Hi," I squeaked breathlessly, before being pulled in to one of the most amazing hugs.

Oh my – fucking – God. I am hugging Taylor Lautner.

"Wow," he grinned a fuck me grin, his hand still lightly laid on my hip, "Your much hotter than I thought."

My eyes widened, "Thank you."

"Anything for you sugar."

Taylor just called you sugar, Taylor just called you sugar.

"Um. How am I going to get my suitcase into you car…?" He stopped grinning for a moment, eyed the car and then my suitcase, before turning back to me with a grin.

"Not sure. But with a little bit of magic, you can make anything work," He winked at me and went to lift up my suitcase – with his bulging biceps – in an attempt to get it into the car.

I, of course, stood there dribbling.


"Hey, I'm sorry I couldn't pick you up last night. I was…er, a little held up with work," Taylor started from beside me.

"It's okay. Your busy. I understand."

"You do?" He glanced over to me and smirked his irresistible smirk that had girls dropping their pants for him.

"Yeah," I took a deep deliberate breath and his grin expanded, "Who doesn't?"

"Not everyone." He countered softly.

"Well, it was a good job you have me for your exchange then." He shifted gears and his arm brushed mine lightly.

"You got that right."

It was quiet for a moment, and all you could hear was the smooth sound of the engine.

"So, seeing as we're going to be living under the same roof for two months…why don't you tell me a bit about yourself…?" I broke the comfortable, yet marginally uncomfortable silence.

He laughed a delicious laugh.

"Good idea. Um…where to start…" he shifted gears as he thought, "Well, I'm an actor."

"No shit Sherlock." I snorted and he joined in.

"Okay, I like travelling. Eating. Sleeping. Working out. Going to the beach. Partying….um, oh yeah, and checking out hot girls." He threw a deliberate wink at me.

"Nice to know." And I wasn't lying.

"So, what about you honey?"

"Same. Really. Except I don't check out hot girls,"

"I bet you check out hot guys, right?" He seemed thrilled by the idea, so I didn't want to burst his bubble.

Not that I didn't check out hot guys. Because I definitely did.

"Of course," I giggled.

"And…would I be ranked under that title…?" He murmured, glancing at me out of the corner of his eye.

It was only then did it hit me, that he was flirting with me.

Taylor – fuck me – Lautner is flirting with you! RESPOND CHILD!

"You may very well be, Taylor," I purred, watching with satisfaction as his pulse whipped against the bronze skin of his neck.

I hadn't realised that we had pulled up outside a house bigger than Evan's, as I was too busy concentrating on Taylor, who was facing me – and very close.

"My name sounds so hot when you say it in that British accent," he whispered, "Say it again."

"Taylor…" I unconsciously leaned closer.


"TAYLOR!" His door was wrenched open, nearly causing him to topple out onto the floor as I jumped to high in surprise that I smashed my head on the low roof of his sports car.

"Fucker…" I moaned quietly to myself, clutching my head. The pain seemed to knock some sense into me though and when I looked back at it, I could quite believe I had flirted with this superstar when I didn't really even know him.

But he flirted back. I knew that.

"Makena. What the fuck is your problem?" He hissed at the bouncing teen.

"Is this your exchange? Is she staying here? Oh my God, hi! I'm Makena! It's so nice to meet you! You must be Jasmine, right?" She pulled me out of the car and bounced up and down with excitement.

"Yeah. It's nice to meet you too Makena."

"OhmiGosh. I love your accent!" She gushed.

"Thank you. You have a really cute one too." Bless her.

She started to blush wildly, and before she could compliment me on something else, Taylor interrupted her.

"Enough. Jasmine is my exchange and I'm sure she's sick of your questions and shit. So why don't you go and do something girly, okay?" Before I could kindly protest, Makena answered.

"She's nice. Unlike you," she started to stalk off toward the house next door, "Asshole." She threw over her shoulder.

"It's okay. I didn't really mi-"

"Shh," he took hold of my wrist in his warm grip, "I know. But she would be bothering you all day otherwise, you have to do things while their fresh. Otherwise people get the wrong idea," I wanted to question him about the fact that he started flirting with me nearly as soon as I had met him, but I was distracted by the warm feeling emanating from his body.


I mean, huh?

"Now, how about I give you the grand tour?" Literally. I mean, everything about the place screamed grand.

"Sounds…great," He flashed me a blinding grin almost as if to stun me and make me loose all train of thought as his hand slipped from my wrist, curling around my hand.

Never in all my life, had I felt such a soft hand.

Dude must moisturize or something.

"Come on. Your room's next to mine." He towed me towards his mansion by my hand, dragging my suitcase along in the other.

Whilst I tried not to dwell on the fact that I would be sleeping in a room next door to him.

Freaking sex on legs.
I met his mom and dad, who were both really nice, welcoming people – I felt so relieved I'll tell you that – before Taylor showed me all around his house. (To call it a house is a bit of an underestimate.)

All the while, his hand stayed firmly around mine.

So mine stayed firmly around his.

"Holy shit," I whispered under my breath, "Is this my room?" Well of course it is moron. It's the room next door to his.

Eva's room was huge.

My room was ten times bigger.

"Yep. Do you like it?" Taylor's alluring voice came from very close behind me – so close, I could feel his breath on my bare neck.

I turned to him with the biggest smile ever.

"I love it. Thank you so much!" Without really realising what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him close to my body.

His body was stiff which made me consider I had really crossed the line, but before I could pull dejectedly away, I felt his warm arms, circle around my waist before jerking me flush against his body.

Is that a…-

No. It must be his…um…zipper or something…

Seriously? Since when do zipper's stick out like that?

Since when have I had a conscience that talks?

My conscience ignored me. Well, if it is his zipper – it's a fucking big one.

"If your gonna react like this all the time. Maybe I should take you shopping," He released me, but kept one hand firmly on my waist – hovering a little more towards the direction of my butt – as the other tucked a strand of my short, black hair behind my ear intimately.

"Maybe you should," I agreed with my flirtatious smile – I had used it on a few guys before, so I knew it worked like a charm.

And from the way Taylor swallowed audibly, I could see that it did.

"Taylor? Jasmine?" Debbie – Taylor's mother – called down the hall, giving us a little warning to stand a good foot away from each other before she rounded the corner.

"Oh, there you are! Do you like your room?" She smiled kindly as she approached us, with her little apron on.

"Yes. I love it. Thank you very much."

"Oh, no problem sweetie. Now, I just wanted to ask you two what you wanted for lunch. Or…if your eating out…?"

Taylor was quick to answer.

"That's okay mom. We were going to head down to the beach with some others in a minute. We'll eat at the bar down there."

"Well, alright. But make sure you get yourself settled in first, Jasmine. Taylor can be a bit pushy sometimes," She left us then, tittering back down the elaborately decorated hall, as I restrained myself from screaming: I HEART PUSHY.

"You want some help with unpacking? Looks like you've brought quite a load there," He nodded down at my black beast of a suitcase.

"Yeah. Thanks."

We chatted about school, friends, the exchange as we worked together on unpacking my stuff – which I found Taylor was very good and helpful at (probably due to the fact that he always travelled.)

"So. Who's going down to the beach?" I asked, hanging up one of my even dresses in the walk in wardrobe.

There was no answer.

I walked out of the closet, to see Taylor with his back to me.

"Taylor?" It was when he turned around with his shit eating grin, did I realise why he hadn't answered.

In his large hands, hung a pair of my French knickers.

"Taylor!" I reached out and tried to snatch them out of his hands, but his reflexes were much better than mine, so in one swift movement, they were above his head – out of my reach.

"Give them back!" I jumped, trying to grab hold of some of the flimsy material – but he was just too tall.

He seemed to be enjoying watching me struggle, by the sound of his seductive laugh which vibrated through our touching chests as I tried to climb up him. Which didn't work FYI. So I settled for something better.

I stamped on his foot.

He jumped back in surprise, falling flat on his back onto my king sized bed, arm outstretched above his head holding the white lace.

I took this as the perfect opportunity to scramble over his large frame, pinning his arms down with my knees and yanking my pants out of his grasp. With a lot of effort of course.

"Yes!" I crowed, holding my pants triumphantly above my head in some sort of way to rub it in his face that I had beaten him in this under garment fest – despite the whole reason for getting the lingerie off of him was so that he couldn't picture what I was wearing under my clothes, and here I was waving them high in the air like a trophy.


"Have some! In your face! Oh yeah baby." I was still – obviously – crowing in triumph, "Didn't think you'd get beat by- HEY!" In my delight, I was completely oblivious to Taylor's arms worming out from underneath my legs, his hands crawling up my thighs – taking a firm hold on them before flipping me over onto my back (him now straddling me) until it had all happened.


Instead of fighting him off of me, I went on a quest to hide the white panties from his hands.

I stuffed them under my middle back, but – of course – his hands delved straight under my back, so I had to find a new hiding place.

I balled up the pants and shoved them down my bra.

I stared up at him with a devious smile, which immediately disintegrated when I saw the look in his eyes.


"Jazz…" he sighed, shaking his head and smiling, "Do you really think that would stop me?" And before I had time to answer or clamber out from underneath his heavy body, his knees were pinning my arms down – just like I had done earlier – and I had no escape.

"Where to start…where to start…" he said thoughtfully tapping his finger to his chin, I watched warily – and helplessly – as something glinted in his eyes before he looked down at me.

"I know…" Instead of his hands going to my top like I thought he would, they fluttered to my face – gently brushing strands of aggravating hair out of my face.

"Don't look so worried," he brushed his index finger over the bridge of my nose.

"I'm not." He seemed startled by my response.

"Then why the dirty looks…?" He grinned at his choice of words.

"I don't know you."

"You do."

"No," I shook my head, "I don't really."

"You do in here." He traced a pattern of a love heart over the fabric of my scoop neck tee which was covering my left breast.

I could have protested, but I didn't feel like I should.

If he was wrong, then why would my heart smash against my ribs whenever he was in my presence?

He could see I had gone quiet when he had said that, and it made him happy.

"Now, let's see if I can find these panties." That infamous glint came back in his eyes.

"Let me ask you this…what are you actually going to do with them?" He shrugged from on top of me.

"Frame them. Sleep with them. Smell them. I don't know. Whatever I want. But they are in my possession and I will do with them what I will."


"Really? Is that it? No twenty questions?" He seemed stunned.

"Nope. But if your going to have a pair of my pants, then I want a pair of yours."

"Ooh. Kinky." He winked appreciatively before turning his attention to the place where I had stuffed my pants down my bra.

Well, this should be interesting.

I lay there, watching him intently as he unconsciously licked his bottom lip and then drew it into his mouth, his hands lifted from my waist to the brim of my top which laid flush against my pert breasts.

He swallowed and I let my eyes flutter shut as I felt his warm fingertips brush the top of my chest.

"Look at me, honey," He murmured, his fingers now ran along the underside of my top.

I opened my eyes to find his face very close to mine.

"Are you going to get your panties or not?" I whispered to him, not breaking eye contact.

He nodded wordlessly and nudged his hand deeper under my top.

I knew he had them, because I could feel it – seeing as it was pressed against my bare flesh – which meant I also knew he was stalling – pretending to still be in search of them – when he actually had them.

The warmth of his hand against the top of my breast – not actually on my breast (unfortunately) – made my heart crash against my ribs. And I was almost positive he could feel it.

"Jasmine, I-" His phone started to vibrate in his pocket then.

I could have screamed in frustration – definitely sexual – but that urge disintegrated when the jolting movements of his mobile shivered through his groin to mine.

We both groaned at the contact.

"Maybe," I gasped, "you should answer that."

"It feels too good."

"Answer it."

"Fine." He lazily pulled the phone out of his pocket and pressed it to his ear.

"Hey," he answered huskily as I tried to worm out from under his iron thighs.

He had his pants – or should I say, my pants – why am I still being held captive?

"Yeah. Be out in a sec." He hung up.

"Who was it?" I asked innocently as I tried to get him the hell off of me.

"Evan. Him and…Eva? Yeah. Well, they're waiting outside. We're going to the beach together."

"Well then, would be so kind in removing your butt from my vagina?"

"Did I just hear you correctly?" He seemed stunned that I had said that in front of him.

"Yes you heard me. Butt. Off. Vag. Now. You know, girls have bones there too."

"Keep talking. This may have been the best conversation I have ever had."

"Go and get me your goddamn pants and then piss off so I can change."

"Can I stay in here? I promise I wont say anything."


"Alright. I'm going." He slipped off of me and I resisted the urge to rub my bruised sex.

"Now," he turned to me with a cocked eyebrow, "Armani or Calvin Klein?"

"We wont get arrested for doing this will we?" I yelled over the whipping wind and loud engine to Taylor who opposite me, also holding on to the roof of the SUV.

"Are you kidding?"

"Does it look like I'm kidding?" He laughed.

"No way would we get arrested for this. Everyone does it all the time here. Why? Would you get busted in England?"

"Hell yes," I nodded, "Even if your sitting in the car – let alone standing on the back of it – without a seatbelt they'll nick you."

"Nick you?"

"Bust you." I rolled my eyes.

"Alright bitches we're here." Evan called out of the window once we had pulled up in the sandy car park.

Taylor jumped out and flitted to my side of the truck to help me out.

"Very gentlemanly."

"Don't cha know it." He left me then, to help Evan unload the body boards and cooler with drinks. Eva took this as an opportunity to bombard me with her delighted squeals.

"OH EM GEE. He is so hot! I knew you would have him! You turd monkey." She gushed once Taylor was out of ear shot.

"Did you just call me a turd monkey?"

"Yes, you turd monkey. Girl, he is so fine!" She started to do a little suggestive hip thrusting and a couple of guys who were passing wolf whistled.

"But he's a man whore."

"Well, yeah. But so are you."

"I'm not a man whore-"

"Your just a whore." She finished for me, "That's why you guys would be so great with each other! You can both get whoever you want."

"I don't understand how that is good."

"Well, if you can get whoever you want, then it's going to make Taylor mega jealous and therefore turning him into less of a man whore."

"Oh, and so when he's fucking a girl in his bedroom – which FYI is right next door to mine – I'm going to have to go through the lovely feeling of jealously?"

I did not like the sound of that one bit.

"Okay, so don't let it get that far. And if he does bring a girl back into his room, run in and scare them."


"But it doesn't matter. Why would he want to go for one of them," she nodded not discreetly over to a giggling group of blonde whores who were eye fucking Taylor, "When he has some foreign meat in the room next to him?"

"Meat? Oh great. That makes me sound like a fucking-"

"-sexy girl." Taylor finished from behind me, startling me.

"You little shit! Don't do that!" I smacked him lightly on the chest, but I think I hurt myself more than I hurt him. His pecks were like steel.

"Sorry," he laughed and patted my left arse cheek. Eva winked at me and jogged after Evan.

"Did you hear what I just said?"

"Nope. Only the end. Why, did you want me to?"

"No." I answered immediately.

"That just makes me want to know now."

"Well tough titty's, your not going to know."

"Titty's? Now that is what I'm talking about sugar." He spanked my butt through my denim shorts again. I blushed, glad no one had seen.

"Your such a whore." I shook my head and laughed. He nipped my bare shoulder with his perfect teeth, sending a shiver of delight down my spine.

"So are you."

"That's why I love it."
"Y'know," Taylor started from beside me, where his towel lay on the sand, "The suns out. If you don't take those shorts off, there might burn up."

"By the way your looking at them, they probably already have." He chuckled.

"But seriously. How are you going to get a tan like that?" I propped myself up and one elbow and removed my sunglasses.

"If you want me to remove my clothing, you just have to ask."

His eyes widened.

"Not all of it pervert." He grinned and motioned for me to proceed.

I rolled my eyes but got to my feet bringing the towel I lay on with me and draping it round my shoulders and turning my back to him.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Taylor complained as I kicked off my shorts.

"No giving you the viewing pleasure."

"But that's unfair."

"Oh, just wait."

"Why should I?" And then from out of no where, Taylor head poked through between my legs, head on the sand, grinning up at me.

"TAYLOR!" I gasped, jumping away from him with my towel wrapped securely around my body- trying not to kick sand in his eyes.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"That was so inappropriate! I hadn't adjusted myself! You could have seen my- anything!"

"Unfortunately for me. I saw no such thing. Quite upsetting really."

"Your lucky I'm not kicking sand in your face now."

"Go for it. But whatever your bringing, I'll bring it back. Just like earlier. Look who came out on top." Literally.

"Thank you for that beautiful reminder."

"No problem sugar." He hopped to his feet and folded his muscular arms across his muscular bare chest which was glowing from the sun tan lotion he had me rub on him, (Jesus Christ, I couldn't quite get over the fact how hot he looked half naked – chiselled abs jutting out from his stomach, pecks like bricks and absolutely no hair. Apart from the snail trail leading from his navel to his. Well. Below his dangerously low board shorts. You could only imagine what waited there.)

"What?" I asked him.

"Are you going to remove your towel now?"

"Y'know what? I don't think I will…" His grin evaporated.

"That's not-"

"Fair?" He nodded.

"Hate to break it to you, but life isn't. But…" I sighed, "Today's your lucky day. I'm going in the water anyway."

"Thank fuck for that." His tone was relieved.

I rolled my eyes and let the towel drop to my feet.

Taylor fell back onto the sand.

"Damn girl, what have you been hiding?" He muttered under his breath and his eyes raked the contours of my body with no shame.

I wasn't skinny. In some ways I wish I was. To fit into size 6 clothes would make my day – UK size. But I wasn't. I was pear shaped. Which was kinda good I guess because it had guys tripping over their tongues. Who would ever have thought a big butt and wide hips could get you laid?

"Okay. I think that's enough ogling." He shook his head and leaned back on his elbows.


"Okay, fine. You'll look like a Goddess-" Fucking hell I loved it when he gave me pet names, "-when you have water running down that hot ass body of yours. Now," he clapped his hands together and hopped back to his feet, "Want me to cream you up?"

"What?" I gasped.

Did he actually just say that?

Oh my God, I'm already creaming my pants – don't you worry about that.

He burst into a roar of laughter and nearly fell back onto the sand.

"Sadly, I didn't mean it like that," his laughs died down and he took a step closer to me, "but I can if you wanna…the SUV windows are tinted." He hinted suggestively, and as much as I wanted to take him up on that offer, rip off those Animal trunks he's wearing and suck him off, I politely declined.

"Get fucked."

"By you." He finished with a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"So do you want me to rub oil all over your body in the best massage you've ever had or not?" He pressed, the bottle of liquid already in his hand at the ready.

"Just do my back." I bit my tongue as soon as I had realised what I had said. A normal person with a less perverted mind would have got on with the job, but Taylor is anything but normal.

And being all perceptive and shit, his dirty mind picked up the words.

"With pleasure, honey. Now bend over and let me-"

"Say one more paedophilic thing in the next thirty seconds and you wont be rubbing oil onto anyone." I warned.

"Okay," he said easily and motioned for me to turn around, so he could rub the greasy shit onto my shoulders.

Oh my fucking DAYS that feels so damn good…

"So that's it?" I murmured as his fingers worked magic on the base of my neck.

"That's what?"

"No answering back…? Just 'okay'?"

"Well, you said thirty seconds. I've got about fifteen more. I can wait." I rolled my eyes and tried not to moan as he had hit a really good spot under my bikini strap, which he obviously had no worries about lifting up.

After coating that area he let it go with a ping.

"All done."

"Your really good. Thanks." I stood up without look at him.

"Anything for you sugar," I could feel his presence right behind me, "Oh, and I think my time is up." I smirked at him over my shoulder.

"I know. RACE YOU TO THE WATER!" I legged it for the water, kicking up sand behind me.

Fucking hell, why'd this beach have to be so damn long?

"Hey! You slag! That's cheating!" He yelled – by the sounds of it – not too far behind me.

"Don't call me a slag. You man whore!" I yelled over my shoulder and I was shocked that I couldn't see him.

Someone ran into me from the side, tackling me to the ground.

"You wont get away from me that easy." He grunted from on top of me – again. The other teens on the semi-full beach were now all looking at us.

"Get off me!" I hissed, rolling around on my stomach in the sand, "Okay bitch. You officially got sand in my bikini top and if you get it on my face. You will die."

"I don't mind licking it off. In both areas. Are you sure you don't have any down your panties? I don't mind cleaning that up for you either."

"Just get off of me."

"Maybe I don't want to."

"People are looking, and it looks like your boning me up the arse. So remove your erection off of my butt." He chuckled but I bet you he was blushing.

"They can watch. I'm quite enjoying myself. My erection likes your ass." I took it as a compliment.


"Jasmine? Erm…Taylor? What are you doing?" Evan's voice came from somewhere above me, but I could hardly look up that far, seeing as I was embedded into the sand by Taylor's hot, heavy, oily body.

Getting a good picture?

"He is sexually harassing me. Evan! A little help?"

"Hey Evan, what's Taylor do- OH MY GOD! IS THAT JASMINE?" Eva's voice screamed.

I rolled my eyes and decided to take things into my own hands. Sort of.

I thrust my butt up and into Taylor hard groin as hard as I could. Which wasn't very hard, but it still managed to make him groan in pain and slide off of my back.

"Phew." I panted, rolling onto my back and gazing up as the horror struck, yet slightly amused faces of Eva and Evan.

"Hey guys."

"Taylor. Man. You got some serious problems in your pants." Evan shook his head and a few water droplets fell onto my sandy stomach.

Ugh. I hate it when sand sticks to me. Yet, here I am, lying in it.

"Me?" he rasped from beside me, hands between his legs, "Jasmine was the one who did the butt thrust."

"You started it."

"No, you did. By cheating."

"I did not cheat."

"Yes you did."

"Fine. I did. But what chance would I have had if I didn't?"

"I would have let you win."

"Yeah. Right. And I have a penis."

"No you don't. Otherwise, you wouldn't be staying in my house."

"Oh. I see how it is," I propped myself up on one elbow – still trying to maintain that flattest look I could for my stomach – and Taylor mimicked, "Your just using me."

"No. I never said that."

"You were insinuating it."

"And you love it."

"Of course."

And then we both grinned at each other.

"Are you sure you can do this?"

"Taylor. It's fucking body boarding. I'm not a retard. Why?" I grinned, "Are you worried about me?"

"Er…" he scratched the back of his head with the hand which wasn't holding onto the board, "You could say that."

"How sweet."

"Don't get used to it." He warned, but grinned.

I peeked over my shoulder.

"That looks like a good one." He glanced at the waves heading towards us and balked.

"Are you shitting me? I wont even go on that! It's a monster!"

"Pussy," I muttered as I started kicking forward.

"Seriously. Um. Jazz. I really don't think you should ride that one!" He called, his voice laced with genuine worry. I know. What a shocker.

"GO JAZZ!" Evan hollered from the beach, of course, attracting all unnecessary attention.

Oh God. Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

"PLEASE DON'T DIE JAZZ!" Eva wailed, but Evan placed a reassuring arm around her shoulders.

It was only then did I notice that none of the other body boarders were riding this wave.

Even a good way behind me, Taylor noticed my panic.

"You cant avoid it now. It'll take you under! Just ride it. It'll be fine!" But his voice – for once – wasn't so sure.

I swallowed. It was gaining speed now and nearly right behind me, the tops of the – bigger than I thought – wave were starting to break.

Against my better judgement and bones in my body, I started kicking forward.

My heart was positively racing by the time I felt the back of the board lift with the sheer force of the wave – only slightly, as that was the point the heavy water crashed down around me.

I was momentarily blinded, water surrounded me and I thought that maybe I would never see the surface again. Nice one Jasmine.

But before the angry water could shoot up my nose any further, the force of the wave pushed me forward and out of the white swell.

The wave was so big, I rode it up a good few metres onto the beach.

"Oh my God, that was…TOTALLY AWESOME!" Evan yelled, breaking the silence. He ran over to me and gave me a big nice hug, before Eva came over and gave me a congratulatory squeeze.

Of course, everyone else on the beach broke out in their cheers and huddled round me.

I soaked it all up.

Why not? It was a pretty big achievement. For a body boarder.

"Shit. A hot chick that can ride a wave. I'm your number one fan." A guy wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"Well, you never know. If she can ride a wave, she might be able to ride one of us." Another guy stepped forward grinning as all the other half naked male specimen around me cheered and wolf whistled as girls, who were once interested and friendly rolled their eyes – a few stalking away.

Cant a girl catch a break?

"Hey, come hang out with us," the guy who still had his arm around me murmured into my ear seductively, "or you can lie in the shade with me…" his nose skimmed the edge of my ear, "Maybe somewhere quieter…? Just you and me baby. And we can talk about what your favourite ride is." His lips deliberately brushed the side of my face.

He was pretty hot.

And I had a very big urge to take him up on that offer, but before I could say anything an arm, warmer and dripping with sea water snaked round my waist and yanked me out from under the hot guys arm, the force made me collide with a half naked – very wet – and angry Taylor.

"Dude. What the hell?" He snarled over the top of my head to the hot guy who was staring at Taylor with wide eyes.

"Sorry man. I didn't know she was taken."

"I'm not." I assured him.

"Yes you are." Taylor growled.

"No. I'm. Not." His wild eyes flickered down to mine and the chocolate seemed to melt slightly, but they still held their ferociousness.

"You are."

Maybe he was trying to drop the hint.

But before I could say anything, I was being dragged away back to the SUV.

Without bothering with the gentlemanly-ness, he pushed me into the passengers seat, jogging round to the drivers and jumping in and slamming the door.

"WHAT THE-" We both started to shout at the same time, but stopped when we realised we were both speaking.

I waited for him to go, but he obviously did the same.

"You first." He ground out.

I grumbled angrily under my breath and folded my arms across my chest.

"What is your problem? I didn't do anything wrong! I wasn't going to go off and fuck him, you moron," kinda a lie, "He was flirting with me! I cant help being a kick ass body boarder!"

"He had his hands all over you! I wouldn't be surprised if he had his cock shoved discreetly up your ass! They're all players! I was just trying to help you!" He yelled back.

"Help me? From what?! You're a player! I know you are! We both know you are! Everyone knows you are! The superstar bad boy," I muttered, "I wouldn't be surprised if you'd fucked more than half of these girls on this beach! I bet their all your type. Beautiful. Skinny. Blonde-"

"Not blonde," he amended a little too softly, "I've got black hair. It looks really bad in the press."

"The pres-"

"And no. I haven't fucked all of the girls on this beach,"

"Oh," I barked sarcastically, "Probably scattered on different beaches right?" I spat sarcastically, "The thing I don't get, is your such a hypocrite!"

"I was just trying to help you!"

"Oh yeah. But I cant return it, can I? If you had girls all over you, you would hate me if I dragged you away like that. Or started snapping at them like some over protective mother! I'm not even taken!"

"Haven't you noticed that I may have a small thing for you?" He asked, his tone still raised.

"I know you have a big thing for me! The way your constantly flirting with me, being all protective, worrying. A dumb shit can pick up on those details Taylor. You've been dropping them like Hansel and Gretel. But I bet you do this with all the girls. On every beach." I added the last part as a hiss.

It was kinda sad once I realised it later. Here he was, millionaire actor admitting his feelings for me on the twilight of our first day together, and I was mocking him.

"No I fucking don't!" He yelled angry again, "Anyone I do screw means nothing to me. I don't have time for relationships."

I slumped back into my seat, for once, not having anything to say. But my chest seemed to be hurting mildly at his words – in an unfamiliar throbbing way.

"So," I started in an emotionless tone, "You like me, but everyone you screw means nothing to you?"

"No. I didn't mean it like that-"

"Oh sure. I bet you just-" Two large hands snatched my wrists in their painful hold, yanking me towards the half naked torso.

"I SAID I DIDN'T MEAN IT LIKE THAT!" he yelled again, his lips glistened with his saliva, "Will you listen to me?!"

I started at him wordlessly.

"You drive me insane! In both ways! Seeing those guys hands all over you made me sick to the core! Your not mine. I know. I haven't known you a full day yet. But for some reason – and I know it sounds fucking corny as hell – I feel like I've know you so much longer. Your not like other girls Jasmine," he sighed, his tone was much softer now, "You're a whore. Like me. But I've met other girls who are like that. Hell, I've met prostitutes before, but you keep me on. I don't know what it is!" he sighed again, but frustrated, rubbing his face with his hands, "You always leave me wanting more. I want you. But I don't. Because I feel that if I have you, that feeling will go. And I don't want it to. Because I've never felt this way before. And I like it."

I tried to process what he was saying.

After a long moment of tense silence he turned to look at me with his weary expression, for a moment, it made him look ten years older.

"Please say something. If you want to switch hosts, I understand. But please, don't stop talking to me. I really like you Jasmine. I cant fully describe it."

I exhaled a breath of air.

"So you like me. A lot. You want to fuck me. But you don't because you think you'll stop liking me the way you do now." I was summarising what he had just said.

"Basically, yeah. Except, mine was a whole paragraph and had much more tone and expression in it," he smiled lightly and took my hand in his again.

I smiled back at him.

"I'm sorry."

"You don't need to be sorry," he assured me and almost as if it was a natural gesture, he reached over the gear box and pulled me onto his lap, "I do want to know one thing though…"


"Do you like me the same way I like you?"

I didn't need to even think about that.

Hell, I probably liked him much more than he liked me.

The fact that he was a celebrity had nothing to do with it. I didn't think of his like that, and when I did, it was rare. He was just a hot guy. A nice, funny, sexy, hot guy.

Who I liked very much.

"Yes. I do like you like that." I kissed the corner of his mouth. The dampness from earlier transferred to my lips and I automatically licked it away.

He chuckled and ducked his head to kiss my cheek. All in all, two very romantic and sweet gestures. Who would have thought it'd come from us?

"So, do you wanna come to a party with me later? We can get something to eat first and then go home, get ready and go out. I promise I'll take good care of you."

"I thought we- you had school tomorrow?"

"Nope. We have a free day. For home studying."

"Oh. I don't think my teacher knows that."

"She does. She text all the hosts today saying that you have to meet her on Tuesday instead of tomorrow."

"Oh. Cool."

"So do you wanna go?"

"Sure thang."

"Great!" he crowed in obvious delight, "Do you wanna head out now? You must be hungry after all that body boarding." He grinned at me.

"Yeah. My stomach likes the sound of that."

I climbed back over the hand brake, Taylor had one hand inconspicuously yet supportive on my backside.

Well, nothing's changed then.

"Hey man, got over you little tantrum?" Evan open the driver side door and poked his head in.

"Yep. All sorted. We're gonna go and get something to eat and then go home, get ready and meet at Matt's later?"

"Okay. Eva and I already ate though. So it looks like your getting a cab." He grinned and waggled his eyebrows knowingly.

"Fine by us." Taylor hopped out of the driver seat, and came to open my door, but I was already half out of the car.

Aw, that is the cutest thing ever.

"See you guys later." Eva waved and did a little bum waggling as we walked away from her and back onto the beach to pull on some decent clothing and grab our items.

"So where are we going to eat?"

"Just a little beach café down the road. They do great sandwiches. If you like sandwiches?" He asked me sheepishly, like he had forgotten whether I liked sandwiches or not.

"I like everything. You can put anything in front of me and I will most likely eat it."

"What about if I was put in front of you. Would you eat me?" I looked up at him.

He had his sexy smirk back on.

"Maybe." I allowed.

"Good enough," he shrugged. I shook my head.

"Lemme ask you something Taylor. Why the hell do you always ask or comment in such disgusting ways?"

He looked up at me with a smile, and looked like he was just about to answer, when something caught his attention over my head.

Before I could follow his narrowed gaze, I was tucked deep under his arm, almost squished against his the side of his chest.

"Taylor!" I squeaked, "What the fu-"

"Shh!" He hissed at me under his breath at me and I instantly stilled.

I pulled the hair that was in my mouth out and wriggled a little bit so I could breath, which was also enough to be able to see.


Of course, Taylor was glaring at that hot guy who was standing, watching us at the edge of the beach with his posse.

I smiled at them and nearly waved, but I knew that would give off all the wrong vibes.

We passed them a bit more relaxed than earlier, only because the hand I didn't have resting on his, which was around my shoulder, was digging him in the side which was covered.

"You are such a loser." I snorted once we were well out of their view – but for some reason, I was still tucked under his arm. Oh well.

"You didn't mind."

"How can you say that when you're the one depriving me of any air to voice my views?"

"You feel good against me like that."

I looked up at him.

"Shit. I didn't mean it like that,"

"You didn't? I was starting to get used to it." I teased.

"No. Actually for once I swear to God I didn't mean it. Well, I did mean it. But not in the context your thinking," he sighed dramatically, "Jeeze, this is so fucking hard being with someone who has a dirty mind."

"Tell me about it." I muttered.

We walked in a comfortable silence, occasionally giggling at the previous event – Taylor's arm stayed comfortably around my shoulder and mine around his waist.

"So, I know your famous and everything. But how come you don't have to have a body guard?" I started after a while curiously.

He shrugged, "This is my home town. Everyone knows me from when I was a kid here, so nothing's really changed there. Paparazzi know not to come here, because this is the one place where I'm not disturbed. It's nice to get away from all that hassle."

"Oh. That's cool."

"Why?" he asked suddenly amused, "Did you want your picture taken?"

I pulled a face, "Hell no. I'm so un-photogenic." He laughed.

"For one, you are most definitely not un-photogenic. Very opposite that in fact. And two…well, you're the first person who's has actually said that,"

"What? That I'm un-photogenic?"

"No," he laughed again, "That you didn't want the media around and shit. That's the only reason girls hang out with me. To get famous and live in Hollywood. It's really pathetic."

"And kinda sad on your part. Seeing as you cant find a girl who doesn't want attention." I pointed out.

He looked down at me and his gaze softened, "I found you."

My heart just fell out of my butt.

"Yeah," I nodded breathlessly, "I guess you did."

His soft face broke into the biggest smile I had ever seen him wear, before he ducked his head to kiss the spot just below the corner of my mouth sweetly.

Why the fuck cant he just kiss me?

Well, why the fuck don't you just kiss him?

No one asked for your opinion.

Fuck this conscience. I want a refund.

I peeked up at him – he was looking forward, but would have seen me if it wasn't for the fact that I was tucked under his arm.

His lips were a very nice colour. I noticed that they actually changed colour sometimes. Ranging from a rosy, pink colour, to a natural peach. All in all, very inviting.

More so now, as I watched him lick them slowly, they shimmered and made me just want to touch them more.

With what part of my anatomy you say?

Well. That's for me to know and for you to find out.
We walked a little more down the sandy car park, till we came to the beach café – where we sat on the veranda talking, eating and having a very enjoyable time.

I don't think either of us mentioned one thing dirty. Fucking shock.

Taylor gave me the opportunity to call my first cab when we had finished. Not that I hadn't got a cab before – but the ones in London were pretty gay, so this was a little different for me.

And I totally sucked at it, so Taylor took over with one loud whistle and then we were on our way back home – to his house, I mean.

"I'll, er, meet you downstairs once your ready then," He said once we were both outside our rooms.

"What? No pervy comment?"

"Well, if you want me to…."

"No, it's okay. Maybe another time," I grinned, "Thanks for today."

"You're very welcome." His cheeks tinged a darker colour than they already were.

We stood there, smiling at each other for a bit longer than necessary, until I decided to break the spell and kiss him on the cheek.

Do you have shit aim or something? His lips are a little lower and more to the centre of his face. You moron!

Without looking back at him, I padded into my room and shut the door.

Someone fucking kill me.

"Wow. You look…" Taylor's eyes were wide as I entered the hall in my party outfit.




"No, I was thinking more along the lines of really beautiful actually." I blinked and blushed.

"Thanks. You look great too." Completely edible in fact. In his button down Boss shirt and French Connection dark wash jeans.

"I know." He grinned cockily at me – and for some reason, I was actually glad to see this Taylor back.

But, I would probably change my mind then next time he opened his mouth.

He took my hand and pulled me down the hall and to the lounge.

"Hey Dad, Jazz and I are going to go to Matt's for a while. Just for a little get together. We wont be back too late." Taylor informed his father, who was lounging on the sofa watching the hockey.

"Sure thing. What car are you taking?"

"Um…" Taylor hesitated, looked at me, grinned then answered, "The Ferrari."



"Okay. Have fun you two," I will, trust me, "Look after Jasmine Taylor. She's a guest here." Dan gave me a friendly smile, which I returned.

"Don't worry," Taylor started to lead me towards the door, "I'll look after you."

"Would you like me to vomit?" Taylor glanced over at me bewildered.

"I'd rather you didn't."

"Then slow the fuck down." He understood then and laughed.

"Am I driving too fast?"

Instead of answering, I wrapped my fingers around his arm closest to me and embedded my filed nails into his flesh, causing him to hiss and try and pull his arm away.

"What are you doing?"

"The faster your go, the harder I will dig my nails into you."

The Ferrari slowed considerably.

"Good boy."


"Bad boy."

"Much better,"

"You're an asshole. Did you know that?"


We both looked at each other at the same time and burst out laughing.

"So," he started, still chuckling lightly, "Are English house parties the same as our's?"

"I don't know," I shrugged, "I guess. We just get drunk, smoke and have sex," I could see Taylor nod appreciatively, "But without the pool."

"Yeah. The pools fun. Who knows what can happen under the surface?" He winked at me.

"So…thinking about getting lucky tonight?" PLEASE SAY NO.

"Only if you are."

"But you would kill any guy that touched me. Take this afternoon for example."

"Exactly my point."

I was quiet for a moment, trying to piece together what he had just said as Taylor burnt a hole in the side of my face with his intent stare.

I had the urge to sigh, giggle and maybe jump Taylor when I completed the puzzle.

But I held it in.

"Light bulb." Taylor chortled from beside me when he saw my face. Whatever that looked like right now.

"So…" I started finally, "Without all the complications. What you're trying to tell me, is that if you get lucky…it will be with me. And if I get lucky, it will be with you. Because neither of us can get lucky without the other. And that is why you wouldn't get angry, because no guy is going to touch me tonight. Apart from you. Am I correct?"

"Your smart." He smirked as I balked. And tried not to cream in my Abercrombie skirt.

"Jesus Taylor. I…"

"You what?"

I groaned, "Your going to kill me one day. I don't know how the fuck I am going to survive this trip." He pulled up outside the house with teens and at least twenty year olds pouring in, hanging out and partying around.

Of course, all eyes were on the flash car Taylor and I happened to be sitting in. So it was a good job the windows were tinted.

"You don't need to survive it," Taylor murmured, staring out of the windshield, "You just need to live for the moment."

I closed my eyes.

"Taylor, I-" I was cut off then. Silenced to nothing.

By the famous bad man's mouth curved around mine.

I pulled his face inches away from mine.

"Don't do this." He took me by the nape of the neck and crushed my lips back against his.

"We shouldn't." I tried again, but his hands twisted through my smooth hair, bringing my lips back to his in their fiery passion.

This time he pulled away, his eyes burnt into mine as he waited for me to come up with another lame excuse why we shouldn't.

"I don't have anything to say."

"Thank God." He smiled the most breathtaking smile I had seen and seized my lips as his own once and for all.

I had never in all my experience had a kiss like this.

At first it was hard, rough and very passionate by the way his lips crushed mine in their firm hold. Then when I gave myself to him, things started to change.

As if his lips had thawed out, they became soft, warmer and more inviting. His large hands which were once squishing my face against his, now relaxed and moved to the sides of my face, caressing and stroking away my hair which he had previous messed up.

Of course, my hands were everywhere.

From his short black hair, to the collar of his shirt, to his hard chest – and once I think I may have grazed them over his crotch. Whether intentional or not, I really cant remember.

God, I cant even remember my damn name when he's kissing me like this.

Without breaking out intense make out session, he gently pulled me over the space between our heaving bodies and onto his lap. His arms went from my face, to my back to my butt in literally seconds, probably so that he could pull me tighter against his prominent erection like he was right now.

The stiffness of his boner and jeans combined ground against my throbbing clit – and the movement had me more aroused than ever and left me gasping for air.

In my moment of trying to inhale some oxygen in this car – which is now full of carbon dioxide, by the amount of pants coming from both of us – Taylor proceeded to kiss down my jaw and all over my neck. Occasionally his tongue would flick out at the sensitive spots, or the sharp teeth would graze against the skin causing me to moan in delight and crush him closer to my chest.

Just as I leaned back to give him better access. The car horn went off.

I screamed in surprise as Taylor jumped so high that he smashed his and my head on the soft roof of his car – seeing as I was sitting on his lap.

"Shit. I'm sorry." He moaned clutching his head – but laughing at the same time.

"No. It's my fault. Got a bit carried away." I assured him, whilst rubbing the throbbing spot on the back of my head and trying not to lean back against the steering wheel.

"Not enough."

"Not enough what?"

"We didn't get carried away enough." Yes, I can feel that.

"Well, I did. Sort of. I got a bit excited."

"I can see," I looked down at him, just about to ask what he meant, when I noticed he was staring straight at my chest.

Thin top + Arousal = Throbbing sex and hardened nipples.


I could have screamed like a maniac. Grabbed something to maybe try and cover myself up. But to be honest. I couldn't really be bothered.

With a mixture of thinking what was the point, when he probably watches me shower naked through the key hole?

"I'm not the only one. I am sitting on your dick in you hadn't noticed." He grinned cockily at me.

"The sounded so wrong. Yet so much more right."

"I know." I grinned back.

There was a sharp rap on the window making me yelp in surprise. Again.

"Having fun in there?" One of the twenty year olds cupped his hand around the glass, trying hopelessly to try and peer in on the action. But he was obviously failing, seeing as only we could see out of the car and no one could see into it.

"Sure are." Taylor called back.

The guy wolf whistled and stumbled away with his friends, drink in hand and back to the party.

"Okay. Let's go." I tried to climb back over to my seat. But two arms held me firmly in place.

"How about, we not bother…? We could finish this off somewhere else…" He hinted suggestively, kissing each of my fingertips. Apart from my last baby one, which he enveloped in his mouth. His tongue caressed it to the point where I couldn't bear it any more.

"We cant. We have to go in. They know were here."

"So what?"

"So we're going in." He gave me his puppy dog eyes.

"Patience oh unworthy one. Your time will come."

"Before I get blue balls, please?"

"Gosh Taylor," I gasped, "Do you really take me for that much of a horrible person?"

"Er, yeah. You wont come home with me."

"Hang on a second. Weren't you the one this afternoon saying how you don't want to have sex with me because you don't want this," I touched his pounding chest, "feeling to end?"

"Yeah," he drawled slowly, "But I want to have sex with you much more than that feeling." He grinned.

I rolled my eyes, "Lovely." He squeezed my arse.

"So what's the final verdict?"

"We're still going in." He whined in objection.

"If you don't shut up, then I wont give you a…something later on. Okay?"

He perked up immediately.

"What is it?"

"I'm not going to tell you."

"Hand job?"


"Blow job?"

"Could be."

"A, er…something job?" I smacked his arm lightly.

"Get over it, baby. Ain't nothing coming past these lips."

"Apart from your tongue when you give me a blow job."

"Get out the car before I go and fuck someone else."

"Going!" He opened the door and threw both of our heated bodies out of the car.

Of course, everyone who had been standing in a hundred metre perimeter of the car looked over.

The guys took one look at me and either started cat calling or cheering Taylor on.

"Like that isn't embarrassing." I muttered under my breath.

"You okay there honey? Your cheeks look a little…flushed?" One of the guys hollered.

"Great. Thanks." I replied and turned to Taylor who was trying to contain his laughter.

"Does my hair look okay?"

"A little frazzled."

"That would be because of your hands. Can you smooth it out please, I don't have a mirror." He hesitated a little a first – probably because he didn't want to be seen smoothing out a girls hair – but then with a little shrug, he started to gently rearrange my hair into its former style. Not afro basically.

"Thanks." I smiled sweetly at him and kissed him teasingly on the lips, before taking his hand and leading him into the house.

"Man, she's got you pussy whipped Taylor." One of the many guys snickered as we walked past.

Instead of denying it, like I seriously thought he would – this jock I towed behind me like a little puppy said the unimaginable.

"Trust me. I know."

It was a good party.

Great, in fact.

There was good alcohol – of course, different to the stuff in England (most). There was good music. Fun people. Few cigarettes. Dares. Porno dancing.

My idea of a good time.

Taylor wouldn't let me out of his sight.

Even when I had to go for a loo, he insisted on waiting outside the toilet door. Kinda creepy, but cute at the same time.

"I'm going for a piss." He shouted in my ear over the music.

"'Kay. Want me to come hither?" Excess amount of alcohol makes me talk funny if you hadn't noticed.

"Nah, sugar. Evaaaa can look after yooou." He grinned goofily at me and grabbed my face with unnecessary force, and smacking me a hard one on the lips.

"Go!" I laughed, "Before you piss yourself." He smiled, saluted me and staggered off towards the stairs through the crowds of grinding bodies.

I think it's safe to say he was much more drunk than I was.

Jesus, how the hell am I supposed to get his butt home?

"Here," Eva passed me a bottle of Budweiser and an already lit fag – which had obviously been passed around a few times. I declined the alcohol, but took the cigarette, smoked it once and passed it onto the guy closest to me.

"Why are you not drinking my lovieeee?" She sang, resting her head on my lap.

I hiccupped and answered, "We wont be able to get home tonight if we both drink. There has to be one responsible adult." I told her, eyeing Evan who was sitting beside her – in a much better form than her.

Told you so.

"Good idea…Maybe I should stop…" But she drained the bottle in one go.

"Maybe you should take her home." I yelled to Evan. He nodded and lifted her to her feet.

"See ya lateeeerrr!" She tried to kiss me on the cheek, but nearly fell flat on her face.

"Bye Jazz." Evan pecked my cheek and half carried Eva outside, where she would probably try and take advantage of him.

I yawned and settled deeper into the loveseat. When Taylor got back, I would have to take him home.

"COPS!" Someone suddenly shouted from outside and the people who otherwise weren't passed out on the floor, stood up and started gathering their things together and making a get away out the back doors.

I, of course, had no fucking clue what to do.

Get Taylor.

Oh yeah.

I pushed past the scurrying people and took the stairs as fast as I could on my raw feet. I checked the public bathroom.

No one.

He's probably in the room with an en-suite.


I went over – as fast as my feet would carry me – to the bedroom with the bathroom I had used earlier that night and thrust open the door.

There leaning against the wall – eyes squinted shut – was Taylor.

With a girl on her knees in front of him, facing his crotch.

Oh fuck. Too much vodka for me.

My head was pounding like a damn sledge hammer in the hands of a psychopath. And I was positive I would have the biggest mother fucking headache when Jazz and I got home.

If we got home.

I could hardly piss standing up straight – so in the end, I had to just take it in the shower.

What? I didn't wanna miss.

I tried splashing some water on my face to get myself to sober up a bit – or snap out of the daze I was in right now.

I think it worked.

Obviously my feet thought otherwise, as they still weren't capable in making me walk normal steps. So I just tripped out into the bedroom.


Only twice in my life had my heart froze.

First, when Jasmine kissed me back.


When I hear my name slide off the tongue of my insane ex-girlfriend.

This 'insane' was definitely not a good one.

I blinked blindly for a moment until my eyes adjusted on her unmistakable face. Sure, she was hot – I mean, why the heck would I have gone for an ugly girl in the beginning? – but it's when you get to know her…

Man, that's if your crazy enough to try and get to know her.

"Sara? What are you in…your…why are yooou-"

"Aw. My little baby boy's a little tipsy? Or is it my presence that makes you lost for words?"

Both. But the second, like I said, was not a good one.

"Shh," she hushed me when I tried to say something, sliding off of the bed and sauntering over to me – Goddamn, was it just me, or had she put on about 20 pounds? "You don't need to say anything baby."

She kept walking towards me and I kept stumbling back – as if she didn't get the fucking picture – until I was smack bang against the wall with no where to escape.

Not that I would be able to get very far in my state.

"Don't-" she placed one of her ice cold fingers against my lips.

"I know exactly what you need." And then she was on her knees in front of me, giggling like a little school girl – which could have and definitely would have turned me on if someone else (aka Jasmine) but I was proud to admit that I had no erection whatsoever.

Actually, I wasn't proud.

Because I had a girl kneeling in front of my – erectionless – crotch trying to undo my flies, who I didn't even want. Who I didn't even like. And who I definitely, did not adore.

Yes. You heard me bitches.

I shook my head giving myself a worse headache – or maybe it was because there was a banging sound from inside the house – or inside my head, but my eyes were shut in actual pain. So I couldn't really see.

Jasmine you cock head. What about Jasmine?!

My eyes flew open and I glared down at Sara who…was glaring at something over her shoulder, but when I glanced up, it was just a shut door.

Jasmine man! JASMINE!

Oh right.

"Sara," she turned back to me with a sweet smile that had my dick shivering in fright.

"You want me to hurry up?"

"No." I tried not to slur, and to say it as fiercely as possible.

"Ah, you want me to take it slow?" She smiled and started to slowly unzip my pants, but I grabbed both of her hands in one of mine.


"Then what do you want? I was gonna fuck you later but…"

"I don't…I don't want you."

Her eyes blazed.

See? This is why my nickname for her was crazy bitch.


"I'm not repeating myself." She rose to her feet, narrowed eyes on me. Oh mother of God. Please save me.


"Okay! Party's over!" A cop banged into the room, "Out you two." He pointed at us both.

Needless to say, I ran as fast as I could.

The party had literally died. There was no one. Apart from the few people who were asleep on the floor. I staggered down the stairs in search of someone worth much more than my – me.

"Is that him?" A cop pointed over to me – and it was only then did I realise that he had been talking to Jazz. She turned around and eyed me for a long moment.

She's happy to see me.

Um, are you blind? That was so not a happy to see you look. More like a I-know-something-about-you-and-I-hate-you-for-it look.

"Yeah. That's him. Thank you officer." The cop motioned for me to come over with one hand as he shook Jasmine's in the other.

"No problem ma'am. Hope you get home safely," Obviously, she had worked her charms on him.

"I will."

Cue the audible, over dramatic gulping.


"I can drive." Obviously you take me for a retard. And I wasn't just talking about the fact that he was still mildly drunk.

"No. I will." He tried to take my hand, but I wriggled mine out of his and went to the drivers side.

He stood there for a moment staring at me as I adjusted the seat and rear view mirror, but eventually shuffled round to the passengers side and slumped into the seat. Whether to do with his mood or the alcohol I wasn't 100% sure.

It should be his mood. The dirty bastard. My conscience sniffed in distaste.

I know. I thought I was different maybe. He said I was.

And yet you still talk to him!

If you call three words talking…

Yeah, I do actually.

But should I really be surprised? I mean, don't you think I was kinda lucky that I walked in and he wasn't butt naked bumming that whore?

He shouldn't be 'bumming' anyone. Apart from you that is…

I wish.

I started the engine and pulled away easy enough, it was only when I got to turnings that I got stuck.

"Indicators on the other side." He murmured solemnly from beside me.

I grumpily thanked him for his help.

Angry bitch or no angry bitch, I was still a polite person. How do you think I get so far in peoples good books?

No words were spoken between us for the remainder of the journey apart from the occasional correction from – the still intoxicated – Taylor when I fucked up with the controls – which, I would just like to say, pissed me off like hell.

Being the controls and Taylor.

I sighed under my breath as I carefully pulled up outside the house. The lights weren't on, so Debbie and Dan must have been in bed.

Now just to get this ass up the stairs.

I unwillingly turned to face Taylor.

"Do you need help?" Yes he does. He needs to be admitted to a damn mental hospital.

"I'm okay."

"Good." And then I climbed out of the car and slammed the door.

I could have just marched into the house and shut the door, gone up to my room, covered my face with my pillow and screamed in frustration.

But I didn't.

I waited by the bonnet of the car for Taylor to catch up.

"Jasmine?" Taylor murmured quietly as I closed the front door as quietly as I could behind me.


"I need to talk to you."

"I bet you do." I muttered. He glanced over at me before stumbling on the second step of the grand staircase I was trying to get him up. I snatched his elbow and held him steady before dragging his heavy body up the stairs.

"I need to ask you something." He pressed.

I waited until we were way past his mom and dad's room before I spoke.

"What is it?" I rested him against the wall beside his bedroom door, took a step back and folded my arms.

"Why are you angry at me?"

He didn't.

Yes, Jazz. He did.

I fought back the adrenaline rush of rage and controlled my voice to a harsh whisper.

"Are you really that damn blind Taylor?"

He looked confused.

"No?" And I thought I couldn't get any more angry…

I sighed angrily, "I cant talk to you when your like this."

"Like what?"

"Like this! Drunk! Annoying! Uncooperative! Do you want me to write a list?"

"No, I'm okay baby."

"I'm not your baby."

"I think you are." He grinned cockily at me.

"Would you take a look at yourself!?" I hissed at him, "You think I'm just going to do whatever you want, don't you? Well, here's a reality check Taylor. I. Am. Not. Like. That. I'm not stupid. I'm not a push over. And I am most definitely not as low as that whore blowing you earlier."

His half smile evaporated like I had just flicked a switch and unmistakable pain flashed over his half lidded eyes.

"Yes. I saw you," I shook my head smiling humourlessly to myself, staring down at my feet so that he couldn't see the tears filling my eyes, "And now that is over with. I'm going to bed." I turned for my door – refusing to meet his gaze – but an hand snatched my arm and stopped me.

"Jasmine. Please. I-"

"Talk to me tomorrow when your not drunk. You'll probably just say something you don't mean." I tugged my arm out of his hard grip, shuffled into my room and shut the door.

There was a prominent sniffle from the other side.

I dreamt of a lot of things that night.

I dreamt I was back in the car with Taylor, the time when we shared our first kiss – but this time, I took him up on the offer of missing it and going someone quiet.

Then I jolted awake to the darkness of my room.

I dreamt I walked in on that girl giving Taylor head, but this time, I didn't stand and do nothing. I went to rip out her hair instead.

Then my eyes snapped open, dragging me away from that dream.

The last one was the best.

I dreamt of Taylor holding me under the covers of his duvet, tenderly kissing me on every available surface, before two black haired boys bounded into the room, clambering onto the bed and throwing themselves into our awaiting arms giggling, Mommy and daddy.

When my eyes snapped open this time, the room was light instead of dark.

And there was a single red rose laying beside my head.

I rubbed my face with one hand vigorously, not sure whether my mind had just imagined it.

I opened my eyes and it was still there.

I propped myself up on one elbow and picked it up. Examining it closely for reasons that I cannot fathom.

Why are you inspecting a rose you fool. It's not like you don't know who it's from.

Of course.

I pressed my nose into the petals and inhaled deeply, enjoying the light fragrance.

"It smells lovely, doesn't it?"

I jumped back against the velvet headboard at the sound of his gentle voice from the sofa at the end of my room. In the process I crushed the stem in fingers, cringing at the feel of the thorns piercing my sensitive skin.

He was perched on the edge of the white sofa watching me with tender but cautious eyes.

How long has he been there for?

"Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." I nodded and glanced down at the rose, who's thorns still intruded into my skin. I bit my lip and yanked them out, one by one as Taylor rose from his seat and made his way over to the bed.

"I got it from the garden. I could have got a bunch, but I didn't want to overwhelm you."

Yeah, I bet you didn't.

He bent down and picked something up off the floor.

"I made you breakfast though." Only then did I look up to him.

He held out a tray towards me, complete with a toasted cheese bagel, glass of orange juice and a bowl of strawberries and cream.

That there, was the single most nicest thing anyone had ever done for me. Ever.

Without saying a word, I sat up straighter and took the tray from him and placed it on my lap.

"Thank you." I could feel him literally beam from where he was standing – well, sitting, seeing as he had just perched himself on the side of my bed.

"No problem."

I smiled lightly to myself, more than to him, before placing down the rose on the tray.

I reached out for the glass of juice, but his hand took hold of mine.

"Your bleeding." He turned my palm around and examined the small cuts across my fingers which had beads of blood forming.

"I'm okay." He looked up at me, unsure, and then ever so slowly, inclined his head to kiss the red away.

I was angry. Still. But when someone brings me a rose, makes me breakfast and kisses my fingertips so gently I want to die, the hate withers out a little. Just a little.

"I'm sober now." He said suddenly, "And I want to talk about last night."

I shrugged, "What is there to talk about? I mean, what's happened has happened. You cant resist girls. I get it."

He sighed.

"Jasmine," he shook his head, "Tell me what you saw last night." I stared at him in utter disbelief and disgust.

"Your really pushing it Taylor. It was bad enough that I saw it, let alone have to think about it. Only a dick would make a girl do something like that." I gave him a pointed look.

"But I'm not a dick. Because I want you to tell me something that you thought you saw, but never actually happened."

"Never happened?"

"You just tell me what you saw, and then I'll tell you what actually happened." I frowned at him but started.

"You went to the toilet upstairs and then the cops busted in and everyone started disappearing. So I came to find you," I took a deep breath, "And I found you. With that girl sucking you off," I tried to control my anger and Taylor could tell, as he stroked the back of my hand, "She turned and gave me the nastiest evils. But that doesn't matter. I still don't understand how you could actually do that after what you had told me earlier." I glared down at the tray of food and tried to withdraw my hand, but he held onto it too tight.

He didn't comment on my last part, but said, "Okay. Now I need to tell you what really happened."

"This should be interesting." He ignored me and continued.

"I went to the toilet like I said. But I couldn't go in the public one because there was someone puking in it, so I went in the en-suite. I came out and my physco ex was sitting on the bed waiting for me. Now, when I say physco I actually mean it. She is a nasty piece of work that girl, I don't know what I ever saw in her. Seriously, I'm not lying, you can ask Evan…"

"I get it. Just carry on with your tale."

"Yeah, so she backed me up to the wall and tried to go down on me-"

"Tried? She looked like she was getting along fine by me. You weren't exactly stopping her were you? With your head thrown back in some sick type of ecstasy-"

"I was drunk remember? I couldn't go anywhere without falling on my face. And my face was actually pained. Do you know what I was thinking that whole time?"

I shrugged sulkily.

"I was thinking about you-"

"Oh that is just the most damned grossest thing I have ever heard-" I was cut off by Taylor warm hand smothering my mouth.

"You know what? Just listen from now on, okay?" His eyes pierced straight through my soul with a burning intensity until I nodded.

He released me.

"When I say I was thinking about you. I mean, I was thinking how I couldn't do this, because it would be betraying you. I didn't feel proud. I felt awful. I didn't even have an erection."

"Ooh, get you." He flashed me the look and I shut up.

"You know that's a big achievement for me," he countered softly, "Just like it's a big achievement for you not to get hardened nipples."

"Taylor!" He laughed and squeezed my hand gently.

"If you think that is a way of getting yourself back in my good books, you might as well fuck off."

"It was just a joke honey." I grumbled under my breath.

"Anyway, my mind was screaming at me to stop her, so I did. I told her I didn't want her, and before I could say that I wanted you instead – or before she could dice my balls the cops busted in. And the rest you know about."

I twisted the rose between my fingers as I thought long and hard about it.

"You told her you didn't want her?" He took my chin between his warm fingers.

"I told her I didn't want her, because I would rather be with you."

We stared into each others eyes for what felt like and eternity.

"If your telling the truth. Kiss me." I whispered.

He didn't even hesitate.

"So, you did all of this just to make me forgive you?" I smiled as we sprawled across my bed, feeding each other food whilst exchanging kisses.

I didn't care that I was lying in front of him in just my silk shorts and matching top, with no make up on and my bed hair.

If he didn't like me as much as he did, he wouldn't be in here right now would he?

"Kinda. Peace offering I guess." He grinned and wiped finger of cream on the cheek of my unexpected face.

"You didn't."

"Grr." I took a finger full of cream and tried to smear it quickly over his cheek, but he tried to dodge it, so it went all over his mouth instead.

"Oh, now your getting it."

And then he pounced on me, both of us equipped with a handful of cream.

"Taylor!" I laughed and squealed as he rubbed it into my cheeks, "Stop with the cream rubbing!"

He stopped, but only to looked down at me incredulously.

"I could say the same thing." He pointed to his white beard.

"Yeah, honey. You got a little sumin' sumin' on your face." I snickered.

"Oh yeah? Do you mind getting it off for me? I cant see."

He inclined his face dangerously close to mine with a wild grin.

"Your pinning down my arms."

"I know." He smirked and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Oh, I get it…

About time, Jasmine. Jeeze, your slower than a stampede of turtles running through peanut butter.

I slow smile spread across my face before I craned my neck those last couple of inches and started kissing off the cream.

I started to kiss, but then I kinda ended up licking it off. Starting from his jaw line and up to the corner of his mouth, then over his soft bottom lip. I was about to move on then, when his mouth open on my tongue and enveloped it into his own with a hungry groan.

And then we were moving together. His tongue and mine were twisting around in some sort of erotic dance, exploring one another's mouths in a way we never had before.

Of course, by having our faces mushed together like this, was just making us messier than before.

But we didn't care.

Taylor moaned and the vibrations travelled through my body, making me tingle in the most pleasurable places.

He withdrew his mouth then and before I could ask what the fuck he was doing, he picked the empty tray off of the bed and dumped it on the floor, before attacking me with his mouth and eager hands again.

"TAYLOR? JASMINE- Oh. Woah. Hi there." Makena burst into my room, halting in her tracks when she spotted us entangled on the bed in the making of some sort of porno.

"MAKENA!" Taylor reached behind me to try and throw a pillow at her, but I yanked his arm back down.

"Don't." I murmured to him and pushed him off me slightly so I could face the wide eyed – completely amused – teen.

"Sorry Makena. What did you want?"

"I forget…"

"Makena, I swear to God-" I smacked Taylor to make him shut up.

"Calm down horn dog. I was just kidding. Um, let me see…Oh yeah! Mom said that you guys need to make yourselves presentable because we're going over to Evan's later for a barbeque. So dress nice."

"Oh okay. Thanks for letting us know. When are we going?"

"'Bout forty-five minutes." I nodded and smiled as she turned to close the door.

"Oh, and you both have cream smeared over your faces. And I do not want to know what kinda cream." And then she ran out, shutting the door behind her at the same time the pillow hit it.

"I bet your glad you don't have a sister." Taylor sighed, rolling onto his back and pulling me half way across his chest. He smiled at me and handed me a tissue from my bedside table before grabbing one himself so we could clean our faces.

"In some ways…But it does get lonely a lot."

"But would you rather be a little lonely, or be involved in an intense make out session the same time your little sibling barges in and interrupts everything?" He countered with a grin.

"Oh, I don't know…We do have forty-five minutes…" I kissed him slow and teasingly, "Anything could happen then."
"Mmm," he nodded appreciatively, "I like the sound of where this is going."

"Where this" I motioned between us, "Is going is out that door."

His face fell.


"Get your butt into your room and pick out some decent clothes,"

"But you-"

"And then get your butt back in here and we can see where this is going."

I bounced all over the unmade bed as Taylor scrambled hastily over my body, falling off of the bed and staggering over to the door which he shot out of and into his own room.

I giggled to myself as I slid off of the bed.

Hmm, what to do, what to do…

Pardon the intrusion, but why don't you just screw him senseless?

Noooo. I don't want to do that – well, of course I want to do that, but give me another day. Jeeze. I don't want to earn myself a name in a different country. Maybe a little foreplay…

Foreplay sucks!

Well, then let me try and make it a little different…

Man, he's gonna be so disappointed.

I am disappointed with you, you cock sucker of a conscience. Now leave me alone. And for your information, he will not be disappointed. Far from it.

I smiled to myself as I grabbed some body lotion from the bathroom, and of course, by the time I exited it.

Taylor was standing by my bed, arms full of clothes, heaving for air.

"What took you so long?" I smirked sultrily before gently and teasingly sliding down my silk shorts at his viewing pleasure, to reveal my black skimpy pants, before sauntering over to the door and locking it.

I turned to face him.

I smiled to myself when I saw that he was in the same position. Except this time with his mouth open.

"I never thought the day would come, when I would see some of those pretty panties on that ass of yours." He whispered to himself.

"Well, today's you lucky day then," I walked over to him and took the clothes from his arms and laid them on the bed before returning to face him, taking his large hands in my own and resting them on my partially goose pimpled bare butt, "Isn't it?" I whispered in his ear before letting my tongue graze his soft lobe.

He shuddered under my touch.

"What…are we going to do then? We only have thirty-eight minutes now." His hands roamed my bare skin as he spoke.

"Let's get dressed."

He looked at me confused.

"Dressed? But-"

"Shh, baby. You'll see." I placed a passionate, hard kiss on his parted lips. I could feel his tongue touch them.

I pushed him back onto the edge of the bed, so that he was sitting facing me.

His hands never left my butt.

"Seeing as your not wearing a shirt…let's get these pants off you, shall we…?" He nodded nervously – I know – before tugging me down to the carpeted floor, so that I was kneeling before him.

Eye to eye with his unmistakable boner.

I smirked to myself as he leaned back on his hands, giving me full access to start tugging down his pyjama slacks.

By the way he was staring at me – half lidded eyes and a shit eating grin – told me he knew where this was going.

Needless to say, I was shocked when I let his gray cotton bottoms drop to the floor and discovered he wasn't wearing any underwear underneath.

"Like what you see?" Taylor murmured huskily from above me, breaking through my little trance of my staring fit at his – for lack of better word – cock.

I deliberately wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Um…" was the only semi-coherent thing that escape from my parted lips.

God, I had never seen a nicer penis.

Oh. Nice Jasmine. Real nice. And when I thought you were getting better…

Would you shut your trap and look at that thing? I pulled down his slacks and nearly damn well poked my eye out!

So is it always about size?

Size is just a bonus. Get it. 'Bon'us? Haha. Fuck, I make myself laugh.

Yeah, yeah, you're a blast. Now hurry up and suck him off or something before I age another ten years.

"You okay? It's, er, not intimidating you is it?" Taylor brushed my hair from my face.

"What? No! No, I just…I was just surprised that you don't wear pants to bed?" It wasn't intended to come out as a question.

Or an octave higher, but hey, I am staring at Taylor Lautner's dick after all.

"Well I did. But since you burst into my life, I don't see the point," his finger that was tracing the underside of my jaw and chin stopped on my bottom lip and it took everything out of me not to bite it.

Or lick it.

Or suck-

"Besides," he interrupted me – completely at ease at the position we were in, him being naked sitting on the edge of the bed and, me kneeling in front of his masculinity, "You never know what could happen."

I made a sound of contentment in the back of my throat and fought to compose myself.

Fuck, get a grip you stupid bitch. You know what to do.

Yes I did.

And then with a rush of confidence – I, Jasmine Walter's, was back. And a shit eating grin spread across my face.

"So," I whispered sexually, tracing my fingers up his hard thigh, "Is this," I grabbed the base of his hot, thick cock in my one hand, "what's gonna happen?" I squeezed it gently and started moved my hand to the tip.

Taylor's head rolled on his shoulders and he moaned softly.

"Yes, yes, yes…please motherfuckingChrist," he panted, "I want this sooooo badly." He whined like a little kid.

I bit my bottom lip as I swirled my index finger at the head, in his pre-cum, "I don't know why your begging Jesus. I mean, it's not like its him who's going to be making you feel the best you've ever felt in your life…"

"No, no, no!" He blurted out quickly, almost as if he was afraid that I would stop, "It's you baby. I'm begging you, sweetheart. I want you and only you."

BS. My conscience growled.

I shrugged.

I would take it.

He was shivering with anticipation as I leaned forward on my knees and guided my parted lips over the swollen head of his cock.

The taste was the best I had ever had. Salty but sweet at the same time. Blowjobs weren't my favourite thing to perform, it always makes me gag when I have to swallow that nasty salty shit. But this was somehow tangibly different.

Okay, so it tasted meaty and smelt of masculinity, but I liked it.

I liked it how his hands twisted through my hair as he moaned in ecstasy, guiding me further down his pulsing dick – but not forcing me so that I choked.

I liked it how he panted sweet sentiments to me as I pleasured him.

And to reward him – not like I wasn't already – I managed to do something I had only done once before. I practically unhinged my jaw and let my mouth and throat accept all of him.

"Fuck yes," he grunted and I closed my eyes as I felt my clit throbbing at his little noises.

God, I could just get off now…

I moaned in the back of my throat as I took one of my hands away from his toned thigh I was gripping onto and slipped it down the front of my damp pants, pushing it between my slick folds to find my sensitive spot.

I groaned in the back of my throat and was rewarded with Taylor producing the same choked noise.

"Nearly…there…nearly there," he panted over and over.

I wanted to scream, me too, me too…

But my mouth was kind of full.

A few mouth languid strokes of my tongue later and he produced a guttural snarl his cock pulsed in my mouth once before spurting his sweetness into my mouth. Which, for once, I had never been so happy to accept.

I came as this was happening, my thick liquid coating my fingers as I continued rubbing my clit and lapping off the dripping spunk from Taylor's sturdy length.

Who ever said women couldn't multi-task?

And then, when I was finished, I collapsed against Taylor's legs – heart thrashing from both accounts.

As we both tried to calm ourselves down from our high – more Taylor than me – the being above me stroked my wild hair from my face, softly and slowly for a while, before suddenly stopping.

"Jazz…when you were…um, were you…touching yourself…?" His voice was hoarse.

I lifted my face up, "Guys aren't the only ones who masturbate."

Excitement flashed in his eyes.

"That is so hot…" I grinned at him.

He stared at me for a moment, before wordlessly leaning down and picking me up – laying me across the bed beside him, he took my right hand – my writing hand and my masturbating hand – which still glistened with my juices and took my index and middle finger into his mouth. His tongue twisted between every crevice – tasting me.

"And that wasn't hot?" I shook my head.

"It was meant to be…" he nipped my skin, "Now…let's get you undressed."

I giggled as his hands dived eagerly at my damp lingerie, whipping it off in one fluid movement.

"I love you God…" he groaned as he stared lovingly at my bare sex before lowering his parted mouth to place a tender kiss on the surface. My heart thrashed against my ribs and I took a deep steady breath through my mouth.

"I want more of that sweetness I tasted earlier," he kissed me there again, "I want more of this," another kiss, "I want more of you." And then, ever so slowly, his tongue flicked out and licked the length of my wet slit.

I convulsed in shivers as his slick tongue spread my folds around his hot mouth, worming his tongue forcefully and deeper into my core than any other person had ever gone.

I writhed under his warm hands, his hot breath, his soft tongue strokes – gasping and panting for air as I twisted and untwisted my fingers through his short ebony hair, clutching him closer to me in every possible way.

I cant take it anymore.

I arched my back towards the ceiling and released a unfamiliar cry.

It's over.

He fingered my bundle of nerves with one hand and lifted my hips closer to his face.

Cant take it…

"Stop!" I cried, "Please, no more…" I tugged his hair, "You win."

He took a deep breath through his nose – and I wondered for a moment if I should have blushed at the fat that he was inhaling my arousal – before gazing lazily up at me.

"I didn't know it was a competition…"

I shook my head, perspiration trickled down the sides of my neck, "Yes. I told myself not to have sex with you. But I cant take it anymore. Just take me." I moaned the last part.

He was stunned to silence. I cracked open one eye to look at him.

"It's not hard. Just stick your-"

"I know what to do." He cut me off, still gazing at me shocked.

"Then do it," I begged, "And don't say you don't want to, because we both know you do."

He was silent for a moment.

"Your right." He agreed in a small voice that didn't match his form.

"Do it then. Now."

My body was craving him.

Without breaking my gaze he climbed over my body in a cat like way, like I was the prey and he was the predator. Waiting to pounce.

"You ready beautiful?" He kissed me slowly and passionately. I could taste myself on his soft lips.

"Yes. Yes." I was shaking with excitement as I gripped onto his ribcage.

He nudged my legs wider open and I felt his tip probe at my opening.

Nearly there…

Once he felt fully aligned, only then did he hit home.

I gasped as he filled me deep and full, savouring the pleasure of his warmth inside me stretching me as I accommodated his lengthy size.

I glanced up at his face once I had composed my own to see his eyes pinched together in ecstasy.

"Jasmine I-"

There was a loud knock at the door.

"Guys!" Makena's recognizable voice tore through our perfect moment, "Five minutes!"

The moment was shattered.

Taylor gazed down at me, his eyes pained and sorry.

I smiled and touched his lips to mine.

"Looks like our forty-five minutes is up."
"Why the hell did you make me dress in this?" I was frantically fiddling with the pretty buttons at the front of Taylor's car to try and get some cool air on me.

The butt hole made me dress in some denim white shorts and a plain t-shirt (with a lot of cleavage exposure to his personal taste) underneath my posh party dress thing.

And I was sweating like a beaver.

Beavers don't sweat-


Taylor laughed loudly and reached over to press one button that had a little AC picture underneath, immediately blasting me with cool air as we followed behind his parents and Makena on the way to Evan's.

"Because," he drawled slowly, peeking over at me with a hair raising smile, "That pretty little dress of yours is only for the beginning, y'know, when we're in sight of the elders and shit. But Evan has a basement – which is kinda like his bachelor pad, and after that's all over us younger people hand down there. And I wouldn't want to see you get that pretty thing ruined, so I decided to intervene. On your behalf."

"How sweet." I teased.

"Sweet?" He gasped, "I think I deserve a bit better than sweet."






"What am I? A puppy?"

"No. Okay fine. Um…how about…the best, kindest, most thoughtful guy in the whole world. As well as super hot." He pretended to think about it for a moment.

"Me like."

"Your gloating you bastard. You love it." I laughed and he laughed too.

"Okay, okay, I give. But what is with this guy thing? Is that all I am to you?"

I swallowed.

"I don't know. What do you think you are to me?" I changed the conversation around.

Truth me told, I was avoiding it due to the fact that if I said something – anything – I would fuck it up.

He didn't seem fazed by it, "More than a guy."

"Okay…what's more than a guy?" Please say it.

"Well, we're obviously more than friends too."

"Obviously," I echoed.

"And you know I love you to pieces…"

"Yea-Wait. WHAT?!"

Did I just hear him correctly?

"I love you. To pieces." He smiled and took my hand in his.

"Is that…the, um, same as er, you know. Normal love?" I choked out.

"Normal love being…heart swelling and beating twice as hard…drool slipping out of your mouth…painful erections 24/7.…that kinda love?"

I sighed deeply.

"Yes." I squeaked.

"Then," he raised my hand to his mouth and kissed it softly, "Yeah, I love you."

"So soon?"

"Do you not believe in love at first sight?" He grinned at me.

"Well…of course."

He smiled over at me again, and the way he smiled – told me that that had obviously happened with him.

"Holy shit. What happened to Taylor Lautner – the bad ass man whore?"


My heart swelled, drool slipped out of my mouth and my pants soaked in once go.

Yep. I was definitely in love.

"You look…happy."

"Well, of course I'm fucking happy you idiot. You just told me you love me! Love. Me! I'm off my fucking head!" I was squealing.

"I thought you might have guessed that already. Like when I left you that red rose on your pillow this morning. Red roses represent-"

"Love," I sighed happily, "I know. I just, never thought of it that way. And definitely never saw you in that way."

"Hey, I'm new at this okay? Take it easy on me."

"So am I!" I laughed.

"So…you love me too then?"

I smiled, "To pieces."

He was beaming.

"So, does this mean we're dating?" I asked him tentatively.

"Dating? Do be serious! We should be fucking married!" He laughed, "Okay, maybe not there. Yet. But more than dating."

I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face as I spoke.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend?"

"Better," he allowed.

"How about fuck buddies?" I snorted, and he burst out laughing.

"Fuck buddies? And how many times have we done that?" He asked incredulously.

"Point five I'd say."

"Point five?"

"Well, we technically did have sex earlier."

"Yeah," he grumbled, "Not as much as I hoped."

I giggled and ran my fingers through his hair, "Well just think, at least we got as far as the point where you stuck your-"

"I was living the moment, baby. I know."

"You don't want to hear my running commentary?"

"I'm okay," he chuckled and kissed my hand again, "We will have our moment – undisturbed soon enough. I'll make sure of that."

"Yay," I snickered.

"And I am not letting you out of my sight while we're here, okay?" We were pulling up outside Evan's now."

"You said that last night."

Fuck, was it only last night?

"Yeah, well I was drunk. And I refuse to get drunk at this one. And there was another reason, but I don't think I should tell you…"

"Please tell me!" I begged.

He unbuckled his seat belt and leaned over the handbrake to kiss me fully on my lips. Soft, caring and full of sweetness.

"I love you." He smiled against my lips, kissed me again with a little more meaning behind it and then on the forehead.

"Do you think we're too young to love?" I asked him softly.

He looked at me for a long moment before shaking his head vigorously.

"No. Not at all."

"Okay then," I smiled and leaned over to kiss him once more, "I love you too."

There were more people than I expected.

Kids, teens, adults and grannies filled Evan's large house – chatting friendly, eating the buffet Lucy had provided.

It was actually hilarious that every girl or guy I spotted – roughly the same age as I – was dress in the same manner as Taylor and I, being sociable and polite and everything, to make a good display in front of the parental supervision.

And then, after a good two hours of being well mannered, the younger – being us people – generation started excusing themselves and making their way down to the basement.

Taylor – bless his over protective soul – waited outside the lush bathroom for me while I changed, stuffing my dress into my bag and hanging it on the peg, before letting him take my hand and lead me downstairs to the fun.

People weren't too surprised to see us hanging around each other like we were. Sure, there were a few sharp looks from the girls aimed at me, and suggestive winks from the guys – but the was the same for Taylor (except the other way round of course).

So it was all good, great, fantastic even, until I made my way over to the large fridge to get a drink – without Taylor for once – and some douche bag followed me, taking this Taylorless opportunity as a moment to get jiggy with me.

"Hey baby," he placed his hand on my backside and whispered into my ear as I popped the lid from a Coke. What, I wasn't drinking?

I sighed and ignored him. I really wasn't in the mood to 'mess around'. I was a taken woman now.

"Why the sad face, sugar?" He was slurring bad which made this situation more awkward.

"I'm not sad, you moron. Now remove your hand from my butt now."

Had this douche not seen me hanging around with Taylor?

Instead of waiting for him to remove his hand, I walked out of it with mine and Taylor's drinks.

I spotted Taylor in the proceeds' of standing up. He had obviously been watching me and decided that now was the time to come and intervene. I could see that by the angry blaze in his eyes.

Just before I could rush over to his side and reassure him that what he saw was nothing.

A hand clamped down hard on my shoulder stopping me in my tracks.

"Like to play hard to get do ya?" The drunk cock breathed his toxic breath against the side of my face.

I decided to give him one chance.

"Take your hand off of me," I snarled at him, before glancing over at Taylor who was now trying to desperately throw himself through the throngs of hot bodied teens.

"How about…no." And then he slapped my butt.

And I snapped.


Holy shit, what the fuck just happened?

Okay, so one minute, I'm sitting on Evan's crowded sofa – chatting to Eva, but frequently casting glances over the top of her head to Jazz as she went to fetch us a couple of drink from across the room, and then the next there is some fucker swaggering up to her, arms splayed everywhere – acting like some cocky bastard trying to impress the ladies.

I for one, know that is definitely not how you impress the girls.

So yeah, back to the topic of that turd monkey.

I was watching him closely, he was speaking to Jasmine – but unfortunately their backs we're to me, so I couldn't see if she was distressed or not. So I didn't decide to intervene.

That was, until he placed his hand – completely not discreetly on her ass.

The ass I'm only allowed to touch.

So, of course, I shoved myself out of the seat and started to make my way angrily over to them.

I could only catch glimpses of them as I tried to push myself through the heaving, hot, sweaty grinding people surrounding me, and I could now see Jasmine's face.

She looked very pissed off, and that made me move considerably faster – practically forcing me to throw people out of my path.

I was positively growling under my breath when I saw him lean forward to whisper into her ear, his eyes all glassy from the alcohol. She suddenly jumped – and I could have bet you my next pay check that he had smacked her butt.

Her eyes blazed and then I watched her do the unimaginable.

In a movement so fast you would think she was part cat – I watched Jasmine snatch the hand that was resting on her shoulder using it as leverage before striking the – actually poor – guy in his clavicle twice with the sharp precision of her elbow before snapping her knee up into his stomach once and then his groin causing him to moan in undeniable agony.

She looked a bit more satisfied, but didn't finished there, as I continued to watch in utter shock as she used the back of her leg to buckle his knees and send him falling in a crushed heap to the floor, her hand pinned him down but she soon replaced it with her foot instead.

"You should have listened." I heard her say – only reason being, was because the music had been turned off and all the attention was turned to the scene taken in front of me.

The guy groaned, face pressed against the linoleum.

She then looked up at me – and everyone else who was staring at her opened mouth.

"Damn…" I laughed suddenly, breaking the silence, "What in fucks name was that?!"

Some people started to regain their chatter, chicks were giving Jasmine obvious admiration for the stunt she had just pulled, while a few other guys were eyeing her warily then glancing down at that dude on the floor – who was now being tended to – obvious worry on their faces, like that could happen to them next.

"That guy was hitting on me." She shrugged simply as she made her way over to me.

"Yes, I saw that," I muttered and then perked up again, "But seriously?! That was the single most best self defence moves I've seen! Where did you learn that?"

Honestly, I couldn't fucking believe my eyes. This girl who I loved, adored and worshipped. Had more in common with me than I would have ever thought.

"Thirteen years of XMA- I mean, Xtreme Marti-"

"-Martial Arts." I finished for her.

"Yeah," her eyes lit up at the fact that I knew what she was talking about, "But I did all the others too. Y'know, taekwondo and stuff. But mainly XMA."

"I cant believe it." I shook my head, laughing like a loser.

"Why? Sorry if that dude was your friend or something. He was really pissing me off though. Gotta put all those lessons somewhere-"

"Jasmine," I took her by the tops of her shoulders, "You are the only person – who is close to me, that does XMA."


"I do XMA too!" Her jaw dropped.


"Yeah! That's why I said that was the best defence moves I've ever seen! And I've seen them. A lot."

"Oh my God!" She squealed, throwing herself into my arms, "This is so cool!"

"I know!" I laughed and pulled her back so I could kiss her.

"Now we can practice together and I can kick your butt!"

"Hey," I pulled back grinning, "Your not the only one who's done thirteen years of this stuff. I'm a pro."

"Third degree black belt?" She questioned with a quirk of her black brow, and I had never seen anyone hotter.

"Yup. You?"

"You bet."

"Bow staff or Kamas?"

"Bow staff."

"Same!" She squealed again and slumped down into the nearest vacant sofa – where I joined her. She was watching the guy hobble out of the room, head ducked and shame all over his face.

Of course he would never mention this to anyone – I mean, for one he nearly assaulted Jazz and two, he got his ass kicked by a girl.

"Shit!" She gasped suddenly, tearing her eyes away from that sad ass, "I remember now! I saw you on the TV. You were on America's Most Talented Kids doing XMA! Man, you totally kicked some freaking butt, and that was a while ago, right?"

"Yeah, it was a while ago. Hence the word Kids." She grinned and smacked me lightly on the chest.

"Do you still keep it up, or what?" I asked her – completely intrigued by our conversation now.

"Well, I don't really have lessons. But I do demo's for the kids now and stuff – y'know, help out and teach…"

"Your fucking joking me!" I burst out, momentarily shocking her, "So do I! I mean, I don't take the lessons anymore – because I'm too cool for that and wanted to focus on the acting," I winked at her and laced her fingers through mine, "But I worked for years with Mike Chat, y'know the-"

"-blue Power Ranger." She finished with a smirk, "Yeah, I know. That guy is a total legend."

I thought dawned on me, "Well, hey. I'm supposed to be going up for a demo next weekend. I could hook you guys up…"

"Hook us up?" She waggled her brows.

"NO!" I shouted suddenly, "No! Not like that. Just get you guys to meet. And talk."

No way. Nu-uh. Hell fucking no.

"I was kidding he's like nearly old enough to be my dad. Nearly," she snorted, "But that would be great if you could actually do that. I would really appreciate it."

"How much would you appreciate it?" I murmured into her ear, trailing my fingers up her thigh.

"Not that much," she smacked my hand away before pointing her finger at me, "Now you know my trade secret, you better watch your ass," She settled further into the sofa and put her hands behind her head, "Cause I'll be kicking it."

I raised an challenging brow at her, "Oh, is that so? If you think your all it, how come you never 'kicked my ass' earlier? You've had plenty of opportunities."

"To save you from the embarrassment honey."

"I'm sure I could handle it."

"Yeah? That guy I just knocked to the floor thought he could handle me too. I bet you he's sitting outside under a tree pissing himself now."

"Try me."


"No. Outside."

"Where there are people? Are you actually asking for a death wish?"

Fuck me, I loved it when she was cocky.

"Are you too scared? Scared at the fact that you'll most definitely get your tight little ass kicked by me?" I teased, "I wasn't on America's Most Talented Kids for nothing y'know."

She stood from her seat.

"Let's do this bitch."

I raised from my own seat and gave her a challenging smirk.

"You asked for it."

On the way upstairs, we grabbed hold of Evan and Eva to come and watch – as we both wanted witnesses to who would win fairly, without everyone watching.

The four of us snuck outside, dodging our parents and slipped down the sidewalk and to a secluded green, just big enough for mine and Jasmine's match.

I stripped off my shirt and threw it Evan whilst Jazz stretched her arms.

"Why the hell are you taking off your shirt? You want to see the bruises I'm going to leave on you?" She said smugly.

"For one, I cant do this in a Dolce and Gabbana shirt. It's like…fashion suicide," she snorted, "And two, you will not be leaving any bruises on me. Honey, you wont even get to touch this."

"Your such a bastard."

"But you love me." She rolled her eyes but grinned.

"Y'know, Taylor. Jasmine is very good at this. Sparring especially. I've seen her beat a grown man before." Eva interjected from the side.

"Are you saying I'm not a grown man?" I feigned hurt.

"We know it, and you know it dude. Now get on with this shit before I turn one hundred." Evan called from the side.

"Okay Eva. You know what to do. Just count how many times I get him in the head and chest. Two points for head, one for chest and if I do a-"

"Jump kick to his head it's three points. Yeah, yeah. I know." Eva interrupted, leaning back against Evan.

"Okay and you-"

"I'll keep score for Taylor. Aka the biggest pussy in the world!" Evan yelled the last bit at the top of his lungs.

I kicked off my shoes and threw one at his head.

"And you," Jazz pointed at me, her eyes lit up with excitement, "No going soft on me, because I wont be going soft on you."

I narrowed my eyes at her, "The harder the better."

She rolled her eyes and took a step back from me in her side stance and I copied, bouncing on the balls of my feet like she was, rolling my shoulders to loosen my muscles.

We never broke eye contact.

"Okay…Ready…steady…Taylor is a pussy!" Evan hollered.

I snapped my gaze away from Jasmine to glare at Evan.

"Dude, what the fuck? Just say go-"

And then I was on the floor, the side of my face throbbing and Jasmine standing above me triumphantly.

"Nice one Jazz!" Evan and Eva both cheered.

"What! You cant count that! I wasn't even ready!"

"You said go…" Jasmine pointed out.

"Yes, but I didn't mean-"

"Just get off your pansy ass and get on with it. So far your getting your ass whipped Taylor."

"Yeah, Jazz has already scored 4 points. Jump kick to the head and she knocked you to the floor. Quality. You should see your face," Eva chortled.

I grumbled under my breath and got to my feet, rubbing my sore jaw.

Man, she knew how to throw a kick.

"Not bailing out already, are ya?" She teased.

"No. Just getting warmed up."

"So am I." We got back into our stances again. I was so ready to go.


It's funny. I mean, Evan shouts go like we're about to go running for each other screaming like a couple of banshees. But that wasn't the aim of the game.

We circled, eyeing weak places where we could attack.

As hard and cruel as this sounded, I would go for her head first. She owed me.

As I thought about this, Jasmine struck out with her right leg, twisting it and trying to plant her foot on my chest – which she would have done pretty successfully were it not for that fact that she was standing too far away.

"Your gonna have to get closer than that, baby." I snickered.

"What? Like this-" She did a perfect jump kick with a side spin and flew at me with her left foot, catching me right in the abdomen and knocking the breath out of me.

I refused to fall back and instead, struck out with a jump kick for myself as she was regaining herself from her hit, knocking her solidly across the jaw.

She stumbled back by the sudden impact, nearly falling over – I could have rushed over to her and asked if she were okay, but we were in a battle and there is no crossing enemy lines when that's going on.

She turned to spit behind her and only when she turned back, did I realise I had made her bleed.

She wiped the blood from her mouth and glared at me, instantly getting the guard I had dropped right back up.

"No one makes me bleed my own blood." She hissed, spraying more blood from her lips.

"Apart from me." I growled back.

She grunted and took a sharp step to the left as I took one to the right.

I lashed out with what was meant to be a jump kick to the head – and would have gone perfectly, if it weren't for the fact she was so fucking fast.

She managed to dodge it by ducking under my suspended leg before striking me once in the chest and then once in the side of my head.

I had to bit my lip to stop myself from groaning in pain, because seriously – that one hurt like a mother fucker.

"Okay, break!" Evan called and I instantly collapsed to the floor, putting my head between my knees and brushing my enflamed face against the cool grass.

"Aw, baby. Did that one hurt bad?" She crooned from above me.

"Yes it hurt you sneaky bitch," the was no point in denying it, there was obvious pain on my face, "Your good."

"I know." She grinned.

"Taylor man, you need to get your act together. You are totally sucking shit at this at the moment." Evan called.

"Yes, I figured that." I snapped and jumped to my feet, settling my glare on Jasmine.

"Cut the break short. I wanna finish this now."

"Me too," she sneered.

She is…SO hot when she does that.

"Okay, one minute. And…GO!" I don't think he had even completely uttered that one word before I took my foot against her chin, knocking it to the side – making more blood drip from her lip before taking it to her chest (trying not to get her in Boobtown) and knocking the air from her like she had previously done to me.

She coughed loudly for a moment and I gave her a little break – seeing as she was still my girlfriend – before standing straight and back into her fighting stance.

She gave a small huff as she flew at me, ready to give me the ultimate hit on my face with her brilliantly executed jump kick.

But I got to her first.

She made a small noise in the back of her throat – the throat I knew so well – and landed on her butt, the side of her face red.

"Oh yeah!" I turned to the others, throwing my hands up in the air triumphantly, "I am the winner! Who's the alpha…? I AM-"

Something hit be right in the side of my head, so hard the impact had me falling to the floor in a crumpled heap, throbbing head buried in the grass.

"I believe, I'm the Alpha," a voice came from above me, "You can be my sidekick."

Evan and Eva were cheering their stupid asses off which did not help the situation.

"What the fuck?! I won! You cant do that!"

"Actually Taylor, man, the time just ran out. Jasmine got her jump kick in time. Which leaves her with…" Evan turned to Eva expectantly.

"Twelve points." She said smugly.

"And you with ten. Sorry man. But she totally beat your ass."

"Oh yeah! Woohoo! Not so tough now, are ya?" Jasmine did a little victory dance – and as much as I was slightly miffed, it was pretty fucking cute, "You're my bitch!" She waggled her beautiful round ass at me and I couldn't stop myself from smacking it.

"Okay! You win!" I gave up. What was the point in fighting it?

"Aw, don't be upset baby. It was just a little match…" She plopped herself down in front of me, leaning forward to kiss me sweetly.

I could taste her blood on my tongue.

"Shit. Hey, I'm sorry about making you bleed. I didn't mean to do it that hard. I guess I just got a little excited…" I apologized, before waving to Evan and Eva as the told us they were heading back.

"Hey, that's not the only thing that goes hard when your excited," she winked at me and giggled and I could help the laugh that burst past my lips.

"No, it's okay though," she continued once we had controlled our laughter, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand to wipe away any excess blood, "I hit you pretty hard there-" she touched the side of my face where she had first hit me.

"OW!" I yelled as her touch enflamed my face even more.

There would be one fucking hell of a bruise there later.

"Sorry!" She apologized quickly, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!"

She looked so worried. And it looked genuine too. If girls had ever worried about me before – it was always phoney, as it was just their act of kindness to get into my pants.

Not my girl sitting in front of me.

"Shh, it's okay," I smiled and encircled her into my arms, laying on my side and pulling her close, "I was being over-dramatic. I didn't really hurt that much." I lied.

My face felt like it had been trampled on by elephants.

"Uh-huh. Sure…" She rolled her eyes and leaned up to touch it again, but this time only a light brush of her fingertips. It was soft and caring. Nothing I had really ever felt before, seeing as the only people who cared for me were my family and friends.

But you wouldn't catch my friends caressing my face softly, now would you?

"I would take a million hits, just to stay with you," Was what came out of my mouth before I had a chance to filter it and think about if I even wanted to say it.

But it was too late now.

I sighed in relief as her eyes brightened in that familiar way.

"That is…the cutest," she breathed and leaned closer so she could kiss me with her moist lips, "I would do that same for you too."

I smiled against her soft parted lips – which I was sure she could feel.

Because, truthfully, I would die for this girl who laid in my arms right now.

I would give her the world if I could.

And behind her words, lightning kisses and soft caresses, I knew in my heart and soul…

She would do that same for me too.
That week went pretty fucking awesome-ly.

More so, being the fact that we bonded more than ever (and for once not in that way – disappointingly enough) through our XMA. There was no awkward silence that we had the need to fill. We were on a whole new level.

Well, new for us.

School – for me – was shit as hell.

Sure, when Jasmine and I went to bed, we went to bed in our own rooms – just for keeping up the façade for my parents – before I later snuck out of my one and into hers, or her into mine, where she would kiss me long and softly before curling into a foetal position to my left side and I would wrap my arms around her and hold her against my chest – sleeping. Nothing else.

That was the best part.

But saying goodbye to her as she went sight-seeing without me as I had to endure the last semester of my godforsaken school – and try to get something out of it.

That was the worst part.

But then, I just had to remind myself that she would be in my arms at the end of the day. And that would always plaster a grin on a face and an erection in my pants.

Yes. I have been sexless for exactly two weeks now.

Of course we always got up to a point, but then we would be interrupted or my phone would start ringing or some crazy shit like that.

It was really starting to wind me and my dick up.

But it was Saturday now. The day to ourselves. And the day I was determined to get laid.

I was so determined. That after I had taken Jazz with me to my demo and let her visit Mike, watching them very closely as I tried not to get my ass whooped by eleven year olds as they schmoozed over god-knows-what – obviously XMA, but you never know – I had taken her out to dinner making sure she ate as many carbs as she could – seeing as my plan meant she would be burning a lot more than she was consuming later – before driving her up to my quiet place (actually just the top of a hill, overlooking my hometown) and laying her sweet body down on a blanket I had brought.

She grinned, kissed me gently – too gently – before putting her hands behind her head and gazing up at the clear night sky, obviously thinking we had come here to stargaze or some shit.

The only stargazing she would be doing tonight, is when I give it to her and she sees the Universe behind her eyelids-

"Why are you so romantic?" She smiled and pulled me down from the position I was in to beside her. (Position being, me staring mouth unhinged at her stretched out body before me. Just teasing me.)

"Er…I don't know," I muttered, floored for a moment and nearly permanently distracted at how good her cleavage looked when she put her arms behind her head, "I guess…it comes naturally now I'm with you."

She beamed at me, "There you go again. With the romance. Y'know, when you talk dirty- well, I love it. But it's nice to have a balance."

She likes it when I talk dirty…

"I can talk as much dirty as you want me to, baby." I said quickly, but seductively, pressing my body closer to hers as meaningfully as possible.

Obviously, not as meaningfully as I had hoped as she carried on.

"You do that. But I love it that you give me this special treatment. I mean, I know your new to this – like me. It…" she sighed and smiled at the stars, "It makes me want you that much more."

Oh. God.

She wants me.

Unconsciously a bit of drool slipped past my parted lips and I quickly went to wipe my mouth with the back of my hand before she saw.

Dude, that is such a turn off.

I know.

"Well, are you going to lie down…? Or are you going to just sit there dribbling on me all night?" She raised one eyebrow are me with a teasing smile on her full lips.

My face flamed and I settled down beside her.

"You saw that huh?" I muttered.

She giggled once before clearing her throat – the throat me and my dick had become acquainted with so well recently – before turning silent.

Then she burst out laughing.

"I'm…sorry…" she covered her face with a corner of the blanket, laughing hard as I sat there playfully frowning at her.

She rolled over and looked at me again before starting up with the giggling spasms.

I smiled at her and listening to her beautiful laugh, enjoying it very much, as each time she did laugh her boobs would move with her.

I shifted uncomfortably and even contemplated the thought of just unzipping my fly and letting my most loyal friend free.

I wonder if she'd notice…

ARE YOU INSANE? OF COURSE SHE WOULD NOTICE! My conscience screamed at me.

Alright, I was just wondering-

I'm sorry, that fucker interrupted, but correct me if I'm wrong. How can anyone not notice a certain someone's dick probing them in the back? I mean, you might as well just prod her with a hot steel pole.

God, it feels like that. I winced.

I know you jackass! Just – for both our sakes – don't get your weener out, okay? I want you to get laid as much as you do.

Yea- Wait. Hang on a sec. You are me.



I blinked and my eyes focused on Jasmine who had managed to control her laughing fit – but still had that little sexy-fuck-me grin on – she was on her side facing me. Her hand covered mine.


"I asked if you were okay, but you were in your own little world."

Boy was I in my world.

"No, I'm fine," I shuffled a bit closer to her just close enough so that I could feel the tips of her covered breasts touching my chest, "Glad to see you've finally contained the giggle monster though."

She grinned, "That was pretty hilarious though."

I grunted in response.

"Aw come on. Admit it."

I blushed and rolled my eyes at her, "I didn't think you saw."

"I see everything. Hear everything. And know everything." She winked and my cock nearly burst through the seams of my pants.

"I bet you use that to your advantage huh?"

"Sure do. Especially when your in the shower." God, she really knew how to push my buttons.

"Oh, well, in that case. I'm the same as you." I grinned as just managed to resist the urge not to whip out my dick and fuck her into next week.

She snorted, "Taylor, having the advantage of spying through the keyhole of my bathroom does not make us the same."

"Fine," I sighed and pouted, "But you love it."

"Right, of course. That's why when I caught you yesterday I came out kicked your butt."

"Nearly." I countered and my mind instinctively wandered to the throbbing pain on my left ass cheek.

"How can you say that?" She laughed, "I came out and told you to get out. Which you so stupidly refused. So I challenged you – in my towel – and you took it. And then what happened? Oh, let me see, you had to crawl out of my room. Am I right?"

I glared at her.

"Yes." I grumbled.

"There we have it. I am the Alpha." She grinned smugly and I. Just. Couldn't. Resist.

I literally jumped her. One moment, I was lying on my side watching her with intent…something and the next.

I was on top of her.

One leg pushed between her two, so that my knee was rubbing deliciously against her warmth. One hand tangled in her dark straight locks and the other digging under her back so that I could pull her tantalizing breasts closer to my taut chest. I didn't support my weight. I wanted to feel every contour of her body against mine and make sure she could definitely feel mine too. I knew I was crushing her. I mean, I was a heavy guy.

But to be honest, when I have her body close to mine like this, her breath intermingled with mine as one and her tongue stroking mine as mine caressed hers in return. I couldn't care less.

That was, until it started pissing it down.


Jasmine sighed beneath me, only getting pelted by a few drops of rain as my body was covering hers as my back was getting drenched.

"Come on," I murmured, kissing the rain drop with slithered down the side of her serene face, "Let's get you in the car." I rolled off of her and helped her to her feet, draping the blanket around her before we made a quick dash through the torrential downpour to get to the car which we had been using for our source of light. Thank God I had taken the 4×4.

After helping her into the passenger seat I threw myself into the driver's and blasted on the heating warming our wet clothes.

"Well, that went completely wrong." I huffed and turned the heating down to minimum. The heat coming of in steam from our damp bodies was seriously fogging up the windows.

"What would have been right?" she murmured, unravelling the blanket and tossing it into the boot.

"It doesn't ma-"


Why me?

Of course me. I just had to be the person stuck in this fucking steamy car with this beautiful woman who – I had just discovered was wearing a transparent shirt which was soaking wet.

And a crop top underneath. No bra.

I nearly burst into tears.

Obviously I wasn't acting very inconspicuous about the whole 'erect nipples' matter because Jasmine's hazel eyes followed mine down to her chest.

She sighed.

"I think I'm past the stage of caring about that."

"I'm not." I choked out and managed to tear my eyes away from her tits, "Please. Can you cover yourself up?"

"What?" She laughed, "Who are you and what have you done with the real Taylor?"

I smiled half-heartedly, but kept my hard stare out of the window, "No. Seriously. Please."


"Just…because." I struggled. There was no way in hell I would tell her that I brought her up to my favourite quiet place – which I had never actually brought anyone – just because I wanted to…not fuck her. But make love to her.


"Okay…" She climbed into the back of the truck and knelt on the middle seat with her back to me.

I watched her curiously in the rear view mirror as she sorted something out.

And then she pulled her shirt off. With the her stupid excuse for a 'bra/crop top'.

And I was given the viewing pleasure of her pretty smooth, glistening, sun kissed naked back.

I watched her open mouthed as she pulled her wet hair out of her grip, shaking the dark mess out so that it just touched her shoulders.

I drank in every detail about the smoothness of her back, the pear shaped curves, the way her shoulder blades moved as she adjusted herself, the way how whenever she would lift her arms up I would catch a glimpse of the side of her breast.

And then she pulled the blanket around her body, tucking it under her arms and turning to face me.

She smiled in the rear view mirror. Probably at my stupid expression.

"You okay?" She asked innocently.

I nodded then shook my head then nodded again, but shook my head the same time so I ended up doing this stupid head bobbing dance…thing.

"What? It's not like you've never seen me naked before…" She reminded me.

That, I have.

But this was somehow completely different, and so much more sexy. Maybe it was the fact that she was teasing me the same time. Or that she was wet. Or that she was just wearing a blanket and some shorts.

Or that she was beckoning me into the back with her.

"What…um…why," I came out with before clearing my throat, "What are you doing?"

"Getting comfortable. But I'm not even close if your not here." She beckoned me again and I couldn't refuse.

I shut off the engine and scrambled over the drink holder to get into the back next to her steamy body.

"Why are we getting comfortable?" I asked as I reached back to try and unhook my pant leg from where it was caught.

"It's not like we're going anywhere tonight. We'll crash and die."

"You think so?" I nearly tore off my jeans just to get into the back.

"Yeah. We're on a hill and all the water is running down it. If we try and go down the car's just going to slide."

Huh. That was a good point actually. Besides, I didn't want to die before making love to this beauty.

"Understood," I grunted and yanked at my end of my jean, successfully freeing it.

But unsuccessfully keeping myself up right.

"Um…ouch…sensitive area Taylor." I looked up. Jazz was pinned the seat, biting her bottom lip sexily. And then I looked down. Just to find I had used her boob to balance myself.

I let go quickly so as not to hurt her.

Big mistake.

"God, what is with you tonight?" She giggled and lifted my face off of her lap – from nearly between her legs – so that I could see her amused face.

I sighed and rubbed my face with my hands roughly, "I don't know."

She paused for a moment and studied my face curiously.

"Your trying to get lucky…"

"Was is a better term. Until the rain fucked everything up." She frowned and pouted at the same time – her cutest expression – before glancing out the window at the downpour surrounding us. Her fingers found their way to my wet hair, unconsciously running her hands through the strands are she gazed out into the rain.

God, that felt so fucking good!

"I still think it was very romantic," she smiled and kissed me deeply for long moment, but not long enough before pulling away, "Come on." She nudged me off of her lap before scooting in front of me and laying down on the very edge of the length of the three conjoining seats, she turned to me.

"You going to lie down?" I nodded and settled behind her, my back pressed against the length of the seats and her bare back pressed against my chest-

Wait. When did her back get bare. Shit! When did her whole torso get naked?! Oh my fuck, she's not wearing the blanket anymore. No…it's draped over our spooning bodies. Shit, shit, shit! Oh my God, what the hell is my hand doing there?! Self control man! Her delicious edible boobs do not control you – okay maybe they do. Don't touch them! NO! Don't do it!-

But it was too late.

Her boobs had literally called to me. To my eager hands, which willingly followed their instruction to crawl up the side of her bare torso, until I was touching them. Well one.

And I was just touching it, not full frontal groping.


I told my paranoid conscious mine to get lost before granting my fingers the touching pleasure of Jasmine's boob.

They headed off like a fifteen year old kid from their parents, tracing the soft quivering flesh, over the crease it had formed against her ribs and then to the edge of her nipple.

She gasped under her breath and melted deep against my chest.

I swallowed and traced the edge of her areola whilst brushing my thumb against her actual breast, comparing the different in texture. Not much. The were both soft as hell.

I stroked her areola once more before covering her whole breast with my hand, relishing the feeling of her hardened nipple against the palm of my hand.

I couldn't actually physically fit her whole boob into my hand. Luckily they we're quite big. Very big actually. Another thing on my list of 3 million way to love Jasmine. You see all these skinny girls who think guys will go for their body more than their breast.

Um, hell no.

Skinny girls with small tits are a let down. Skinny girls with big tits are fake. Curvy girls with small tits are…well you don't actually get curvy girls with small tits so it doesn't matter.

But some people have different ways of seeing skinny in their eyes. Sometimes skinny can be actually curvy and sometimes it can be all the way down to anorexic.

It when girls brag that they have 'curves' that pisses me off. Or the fact that they don't.

Personally, when a girls waist goes in an inch, that isn't remotely curvy. Curvy to me is like…Beyonce. Kim Kardashian. Kelly Brook…


She moaned before me as my fingers caught her nipple and tugged on it, writhing and twitching in front of me, rubbing her ass against my dick making it impossibly harder.

I groaned into her damp hair, inhaling the coconut fragrance – also getting some in my mouth by accident.

"Taylor," she whispered into the darkness. I could see from where I was lying that her eyes were closed and that she was breathing heavily, fogging up the windows even further.

God, I hope we don't die of carbon monoxide poisoning before we have sex.

"I'm here baby," I kissed down her jaw as far as I could reach and then back up to her ear before nibbling on her lobe lightly with my teeth.

"I want you," she moaned and placed her hand on top of mine – which was still groping her breast -before dragging it down lower until it covered her the front of her sex through her damp shorts.

Damp in both ways.

I tried to conceal my glee as much as possible as I took over and slipped my hand under her shorts, rubbing it against the damp panties.

"Ungh. You do want me," I croaked, cleared my throat and rubbed her a little harder so that she squeaked in surprise, "But it's not as much as I want you."

"It is." She insisted, and by the way warmth was leaking on my fingertips and up my whole arm, down my body and to my dick – I couldn't not believe her.

"When do you want me?" I growled.

"Now." She snapped back – her ferociousness catching me off guard for a moment. Before I realised that I was messing around with the Jasmine here.

She could catch you off guard anytime she wanted.

"Where do you want me?" I snarled again before clearing my throat. I didn't mean to come off so harsh, horny and demanding. I was planning on making love to her. But she just got me so freaking excited I couldn't help myself.

Tone it down man.

Dude. Why don't you just shut the hell up? Have you ever made love before? No.

Yeah, but neither have you. Moron.

I had to agree.

Man, it feels like I'm a virgin again…

Jasmine raspy, seductive, breathy voice brought me back to reality, "I want you inside my wet aching walls."

Wow. There she goes again with the catching-me-off-guard-thing. Y'know Jazz was never one to say stuff like that.

And that just made things that much more erotic.

"I think I might just be able to give you that," I whispered into her ear, slipping my index finger past her flimsy pants to touch her raw wetness.

I made sure she watched me as I took my finger out of her hot core, out of her shorts, panties and blanket before bringing it to my lips.

I smirked at her as I wiped my finger against my bottom lip, leaving a trail of her essence on my mouth before slowly licking off the sweetness.

She watched me for a second more before closing her and moaning.

"That…was…so hot."

I beamed and reached over to tilt her face toward me so I could give her a long, stimulating kiss.

"I want to-"

"Fuck me?" She interrupted against my lips.


She pulled away dejectedly. She was hurt, but she wasn't trying to show it.

"I want to make love to you."

Her eyes brightened instantly, "Really?"

"Yes. But I've never 'made love' before, so I don't know how to do it."

"Neither. I think it's just like sex, except you take it slower. Savour every movement you and your partner share with each other as you move as one. And all those movement have to be controlled by your heart. Not your dick." She explained quietly from over her shoulder.

Tough situation. I would have turned her round, but that would lead to falling off of the seat and killing the moment in one go.

Making love in the back seat of a truck…Kinda kinky…

The love truck. That's more like it.

"You sound as if you know what to do,"

"Not really. I just read a lot of erotica."

Time to get my dick out before it grows another ten inches.

"And that's not a turn on?" I muttered as I went to unzip my fly.

"Never said it wasn't." She chuckled.

"True." I rasped out, before sighing a well needed sigh.

My conscience reached for the microphone.

Ladies and gentlemen! Taylor has officially got his penis out! Can someone give his slow ass a round of applause please? You know what? Screw the applause. This one needs a fucking trophy!

I rolled my eyes and stroked myself from the base to the head – part of me trying to soothe the hot pulses running through my length.

The other just making sure I was all there.

And boy was I.

"Have you ever had se- I mean, made love in this position before?" Jazz murmured quietly from in front of me, turning her head slightly so she could see me over her shoulder.

I looked up from my throbbing dick to her beautiful moonlit face.

"I've never made love in general. But have sex? No. No I haven't."

"Neither. It's kinda kinky though." She giggled under her breath.

"It sure is."

"Seeing as it's our first time…making love. Should we pretend to act like virgins? Or just get on with it?"

"How can we act like virgins?" I was reaching under the blanket while I was speaking now, slowly tracing down the curve of her torso till my hands found the button on her shorts.

I breathed heavily against the back of her neck as I popped the button and she undid the fly, before we both shimmied down her shorts and damp panties down her smooth legs and onto the floor.

And then I yanked her back, with the arm that was snaked around her waist, so that I could feel all of her.

And did it feel good alright.

My dick nodded in silent agreement – rubbing against the top back of her squeezable thighs.

I think we both moaned at the contact.

"You didn't answer my question…" I whispered into her ear, breathing slow and deliberately down her neck after.

We were ready now. And now we were ready I could take it as slow as I wanted.

This was, after all, all in the cause of love.

…Ninety-nine percent anyway.

"I…um, I don't know," she breathed, bending a little so that she pressed her ass harder against my dick, "I could…scream."

"Um, I'd rather you didn't. Not out of pain anyway…when I make you come however, that is a whole other matter…" I kissed her bare shoulder, before rubbing my tongue against the sweet skin.

"Okay. Forget the screaming. Just shove it into me."

"Did you just growl?" I peered over her shoulder to see her face. She was breathing heavily and her eyes were lidded with lust.



"Yes you did. You just growled at me."

"Okay. So what?"


"Then why the hell did you ask me?"

"It amused me at the time."

"For fuck-"

"Hey, hey. Remember our last discussion? Calm and collected." She grumbled under her breath which made me chuckle before taking a deep breath through her nose. My arm wrapped around her waist lifted when her ribs expanded.

"Okay. Done."

"Good. And FYI I will not just shove it into you. I think that comes under the terms of fucking not love making."

"Can we just fuck and then do the love make shit. I cant wait any longer."

I nearly agreed. Nearly.

"No, my little horny beast. We're doing this the old fashioned way. When dinosaur's roamed the Earth. You'll enjoy it as much as I will. Slower is better."

"How do you know?"

"I don't," I grinned at her, "But I have a notion."

"Okay. Whatever you say love guru." She laughed under her breath, before settling back a little further, so that we were touching in every possible way.

I tightened my grip on around her waist – no fucking clue why it was there – and nudged her legs apart with my knee.

She gladly lifted her left one and rested it on top of mine as I wedged my leg between hers, shuffling a bit and handling myself until I could feel the tip of my dick rub against her wet slit.


After a little bit more of the teasing, I decided to cut us both some slack. We were both trembling with anticipation.

I ran my hands across her firm breasts and down her body till I found her sex. I held my hand tightly against it, loving the warmth and wetness against my fingers.

"Fucking love you, honey."

She rubbed the hand that was gripping her core.

"Love you more."

That was all it took for me to thrust myself slowly into her tight walls – which felt like a distant memory – up to the hilt.

She was tight. Hot. And smooth. Covering me everywhere.

And I fucking loved it.

At the same time we both expelled a long breathy sigh of pleasure.

Well, it was pleasure for me and I thought her until I caught a prominent sniffle.

I peeped over her shoulder again to catch her with a tear running down her cheek.

"Baby? Are you okay? I didn't hurt you, did I?" This is SO not good.

"No," she sounded fine and she turned too face me a little without disconnecting, "I thought we were going to act like virgins."


"You cried on your first time?" I was suddenly amused.

"Yes. Jesus Taylor. It might not hurt for you, but when someone is stretching you from the inside of your most precious place, it tends to hurt. Especially if they're really big-" I interrupted her, and tried my best not to snap.

"Okay. Enough about your previous sex life. This is the moment now. Just me and you. And we are not virgins so lets not act like it. Although you did have me pretty fooled."

"What can I say?"

"How about my name, in that sexy little voice of yours…?" She grinned, the luminous moon light glinting off her white teeth, before resting her head back against my arm that was under her head and moaning.


That. There, was the equivalent for GO.

I kept my promise I had made to myself – I took things slow. It was hard, I can tell you that. Not only was the position we were in not one I was accustomed with, but it took me everything in my heart – huh, Jasmine was right – not to fuck the living shit out of her.

Because the way her hot, slick walls clenched around my appendage every so often, how her hand made my hand rub against her sensitive spot between her legs at her speed, the way she whispered my name softly under her breath into the darkness in her was of expressing her ecstasy…

Fucking the living shit out of her was exactly what I wanted to do.

But…I managed to contain it.

I thrust my hips to meet the swell of her ass slow but hard, so that I hit her g-spot every time, earning myself an very appreciative moan from Jazz each time.

I rubbed her clit slow and hard, just like my thrusts, forcing her to press herself deeper back against me – giving me the beautiful chance of entering her another inch.

God, this feels so fucking good.

And it did. But I had to admit it was…hard.

I mean, you try manage screwing- I mean, making love, on your side from behind them.

It's really not that easy.

Oh well, good job I'm not fat.

"Ungh. Right there…yes…" She moaned, her nails pierced my hand which rubbed her core.

"I told…you…slower was…better," I panted in her ear. The hand which wasn't applying pressure to her clit gripped the door handle by our heads, using it for extra leverage and pleasured support.

By the amount of good feelings travelling from Jasmine to my dick to the rest of my body, I would probably break the whole damn door off in no time.

As it happens, it was creaking.

Creaking? The whole damn car is rocking! My conscience snapped at me, but despite its natural urge to be a prick – it was pretty gleeful that I actually had myself embedded deep within Jasmine.

Rocking? Ooooh, that's hot. I just hope we don't slip down the hill…

How can you say that?! You could know that you were slipping down the hill and you would still carry on having sex!

You know me well.

That I do. My conscience grinned cheekily whilst performing a little hip thrusting routine thing.

"Taylor…" Jasmine released a piercing moan and her walls automatically clenched around my cock.

I growled and licked the length of her beautiful silky neck.

"Your mine." I hissed in her ear, increasing my thrusting tempo slightly, but holding her back to my chest so that we didn't end up on the floor.

"Yours…" She moaned brokenly.

"All mine."

She swallowed audibly, a trickle of perspiration ran from her temple, which I caught on the tip of my tongue, tasting the saltiness of it.

"Mark me. Make…me yours."

Oh. That is SO hot.

"Where?" I groaned in her ear.

She didn't say anything as I rocked into her from behind, she just stretched her glistening neck before me, moving the hair from it.

I kissed it softly and slid out and then into her deeply.

"When I feel you slick pussy coming all around my cock…then I'm going to come…all inside you until…you can feel it in your stomach…and then I'm going to mark you…I'm gonna do it so hard…you'll be mine forever."

"Yes…do it." And just for extra measure, she clenched herself around me again making the burning sensation in the pit of my stomach increasing infinitely.

"Nearly there…" She cried, throwing her head back against my shoulder, exposing more of her edible neck to me.

I nibble along it as I plunged harder and faster into her – giving her a taste of what was to come – grunting as the burning sensation made my limbs tremble.

"Come on…baby. Fucking come all over me…and let me make you mine…" I moved her hair which had fallen away from her neck so that it was exposed again.

It was only a matter of seconds now.

"Yes Taylor!" She screamed as her sticky, slick body jerked and convulsed under my eager hands and other limbs, "I'm yours!"

She was still screaming when I shot my full awaiting load into her tight passage letting her name roll off my tongue.

She was still screaming my name as I bit into her soft neck. Hard.

After I was sure that she would have the same mark next year, I released her neck from my teeth and licked the indentation I had made. I couldn't tell if I had made her bleed, the saltiness from her perspiration covered it up.

I slowed unglued my hand from her swollen sex and slipped it up her softly panting body till I was at her waist before circling it around her waist, keeping her hand in mine.

We laid there for a long moment, content just to be in each others embrace, breaths intermingled, bodies still joined as one.

"I love you." I heard Jasmine softly murmur as I stared into the blackness of the humid car.

I squeezed her tighter, "Love you more."

She tried to turn around in my arms, but failed, so I unwillingly slipped myself from her warmth and loosened my grip on her, just so she could twist her body around so that we were now face to face.

She reached up to tentatively caress the side of my face. I closed my eyes and leaned into her touch.

"You bite like a bitch." I cracked open one eye and stared at her.

She grinned and I burst out laughing.

"You wanted me to…"

"True…" She allowed, and swept the pad of her thumb across my cheek.

I tightened my grip around her waist, crushing the air from her lungs. I kissed her with everything she hadn't taken from me already.

"Now your definitely mine." I whispered seductively in her ear.

"Yours." She gasped and I released her minutely, just so she could drag in a breath.

"Mmm…" I inhaled her hairline, taking in as much of her personal fragrance as I could, my nose occasionally skimmed her skin and she shivered under my touch each time.

She still wants me.

I stroked my hands down the length of her spine before covering the swell of her ass with them. I squeezed gently and pulled her closer to me. Only then noticing that my new and fully charged erection was pressing her evidently in her lower abdomen.

There is no way in hell that I can sleep with that.

Then don't, my conscience grinned and rubbed his hands together.

"You know…" I started, chaffing my hands against her bare ass, "I'm not that tired."

"Neither am I." She added with that infamous glint in her sparkling eyes.

I smirked she knew me too well, "There's a few other available surfaces I can think of…"

"Ooooh. You want it bad." She teased.

"Like you then." I retorted.

"You got that right,"

I nipped the end of her nose and smiled, "So what dya say? Up for Round Two…?"

"Only if there's a Round Three after…" She whispered back.

I growled and seized her lips with mine, slipping my tongue easily into her hot mouth, running it behind her straight teeth before stroking her own.

"Where…?" She breathed as I assaulted her neck with soft, tender kisses.

I pulled back slowly and kissed both her lids shut.

"Trust me?" I asked her, touching my lips to hers again.

"Always do."

And then I opened the car door and pulled her outside onto the wet floor.

And we made love in the rain all night.

Something chirped.


The chirping returned and I groaned under my breath.


Not only did the chirping start again, but it went into a full blown fucking sing-song tune in its high voice – that on some other day, when I wasn't half unconscious, I would have found pretty.

Right now, it was pretty annoying.

"Shut up!" I moaned, cracking my eyes open wide enough just to see a pretty bird fluttering away from its perch on the side of the bed of the truck.

Wait. Truck?

Bed of truck?!

I tried to sit up, but failed in doing so miserably, as a warm, bare (yet muddy), muscular arm tightened round my mid section and pulled me closer to the dirt caked, naked body it was joined to.

Why in God's name am I lying in the bed of Taylor's open truck, naked – apart from a damp blanket partially covering out bodies, – covered in dirt?

And all it took, was for Taylor to produce a little sleepy moan in the back of his throat and all the memories came crashing down.

Sex on the back seat.

Sex in the rain.

Sex on the bonnet.

Sex in the mud.

Sex in the bed of the truck.

I drew in a deep breath of fresh air through my nose, and settled deeper into the open crook of Taylor's dead muddy arm.

I had never had sex so much in one night.

Come to think of it, my conscience yawned from her well rested sleep, a little grin on her lips, You had sex with Taylor last night, more time than you've had sex with other people in general, spread over the period of three years.

God, I lost count of how many orgasms I had last night after fifteen…

I beamed quietly to myself before running my hand through my hair.

Big mistake. You see, while I'm silently gloating about the fact I had the best sex of my life last night with my naked boyfriend who's limbs are entangled with mine in the open air of the morning – I forget my hair is like a birds nest and caked with mud, and of course, get my fingers tangled.

"Ow, bitch suck!" I whispered quietly, as I yanked my hand out of my crazy hair, pulling a bunch with it.

"Did you just say bitch suck…?" a sleepy voice asked from beside me.

I yelped in surprise, jumping away from the sound and pulling the small damp blanket with me, covering my muddy body.

Looks like I'm not the only one who got dirty.

In honesty, I had never seen a hotter man.

But at the same time I could say that I had never seen such an hilarious one either.

Taylor was laying on his side, in the same position he was in to accommodate my body as well, with his hand over his eyes shielding the – now – morning sun. His left leg hung over his right, hiding his masculinity from me, but giving me a nice view of the side of his bare butt cheek.

Now imagine that – pure hotness.

With mud. Everywhere.

I burst out laughing.

"You…should see…yourself," I chuckled, moving back to his side.

"Um, I could say the same thing about you!" He laughed sleepily, indicating to my mud matted body, "Which reminds me…" he started still grinning as I shared the blanket with him and he pulled me close, "Why are we in the back of the truck? Outside?"

I smiled, "I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the fact that you didn't want your perfect interior to be dirtied from our lovely, clean bodies."

"Reasonable enough," he nodded, "Kinda harsh though. Making you sleep on this-" He motioned to the hard, plastic surface with his jeans and t-shirt scattered underneath to make it just that little bit more comfortable.

"It's okay," I assured him, "I don't think we slept much anyway. We were too busy."

He smirked at me, "Boy, you bet we were,"

I craned my neck to kiss him tenderly on the lips, the only part of his body that didn't have dried mud on it.

"You know," he murmured, kissing me again, "I've never had so much sex in one night. If I'm being honest."

"Mmm, I was just thinking the same thing."

He brushed some dirt gently off of my chin, before taking it between his fingers and tilting it up higher so that he could kiss me easier.

"We could always," he kissed down the side of my neck, "Add another one to the list," he kissed the side of my face as his arm tightened around me underneath the blanket, "Just to be safe…"

"To be safe?"

"Why not? And then, later on, it gives us a little challenge…" He was playing with the tip of my tongue now.

"What challenge?"

He grinned against my lips, "To see if we can beat this score."

What can I say?

I've always liked to challenge myself.

After our little session, just a small reminder of last night, we decided that it would be best if we headed back now, seeing as the rain had disappeared as quick as it had come and Taylor's parents were probably worried half to death. Especially when they saw the state we were in.

"Taylor! Jas- Dear God, what have you been doing!? Your filthy!"

What haven't we been doing?

I bit back the smile and absentmindedly rubbed a bit of dried mud off of my arm, leaving Taylor to do the explaining to his very confused and flustered mother.

"Erm. Well, after I took Jazz out to eat, I took her up to my quiet place…you know," he tilted his head to the side, waiting for his mother to catch on – she obviously knew where it was, so she nodded, "…yeah, just to chill out," I think we did everything but chilling out, "…and it was starting to get late so we decided to, um, make out- I mean make our way home!" We both cringed at Taylor's slip up and stared at Debbie, who with a shake of her head and a roll of her eyes she waved him on to continue.

"Um, so anyway we were on the way down the hill and the truck got stuck, 'cause it was raining so bad. Like buckets."

"Yes, it was very heavy." She agreed and the tightness in my chest loosened considerably, knowing that we were pretty much in the clear now.

Unless Taylor just decided to blurt out 'WE HAD SEX ALL NIGHT…AND ABOUT 20 MINUTES AGO!'

"Tell me about it. So we got out the car and tried to move it, but it didn't work. And that is the story of this-" He motioned to our muddy bodies.

Deborah gave a small huff, but seemed to believe us, "So you slept in the car all night?"

"Well, yeah. We didn't have anywhere else to sleep."

"Why didn't you call? Your father could have come and brought some help."

"Cell phone died."

But our hormones didn't.

She sighed again, but grabbed Taylor and I into an unexpected hug, crushing us both to her chest.

"I'm just so happy you guys are safe. I was so worried!" She released into the tops of our heads as we stared amusedly at each other whilst patting her back, "I didn't call anyone because I trusted you to be safe. I'm so glad you were." She released us finally.

"Guess I'll have to go change now, huh?" She smiled and brushed a few pieces of dirt from her sweater before making her way inside.

We started to follow, but she stopped us.

"And don't even think about coming inside like that."

"What? You want us to come in naked?" I blushed whilst Debbie turned to grin at her son.

"No…the hose is in the yard. I'll leave some towels by the back door."

"Taylor…" I warned as he turned on the hose and picked it up.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"Don't. Even. Think. About. It."

"Don't you trust me?" He gasped, "I'm hurt."

"How can anyone trust a guy with a hose in his hands?" I put my hands on my hips.

"Hmm, I think you actually might be right-"

And with a laugh he aimed the hose at me.

After our water fight, which I did not come out on top – for once. We patted ourselves dry through our drenched clothes and started to make our way inside.

Not before I drenched Taylor through his towel. Again.

I screamed as he chased me up the stairs.

"Oh, you are so getting it now!" He growled playfully, and before I could slam the bedroom door on his face, he grabbed me by the hips and threw me over his shoulder.

"TAYLOR! PUT ME DOWN!" I flailed aimlessly as he shut my bedroom door and made his way to the bathroom, laughing.

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure I quite caught that – I seem to be going a little deaf lately. Probably from you screaming so much last night. I really think it took its toll on my eardrums."

"Your such a bitch! Put me down!" I started slapping his wet backside through his jeans as he went to lock the bathroom door.

"Ooh. I like that. You can keep doing it if you like…"


He dumped me under the warm stream of water, flowing from the over head shower nozzle before climbing in on top of me, so that I couldn't get up.

I panted through the water drizzling down my face as my blood flowed back down to my body.

"I hate you."

He grinned and rested his cheek on my shoulder.

"I love you too."

"I said hate genius."

"I don't believe that you hate me."

"Oh, really? Well, I believe that I do. Very much."

He pulled back to look at me.

"You know, you were the one that started it…"

I stared at him open mouthed for a long moment.

"Excuse me? Who was the one that pointed the hose at me?"


"Then fuck you. You started it."

"Okay." He grinned again. "Maybe I did."

I rolled my eyes, "Thank God we got that through your head. Halleluiah." I raised my hands and then let them slop back down onto the water swirling around us on the floor.

Despite where we were and the position we were in, or how close our faces were, we didn't have the need to jump each other like a couple of dogs in season.

We stayed there, lying under the water – Taylor resting his face against my shoulder – holding hands, for just the sake of…being there. Being together. Holding each other.

It was probably one of the most intimate moments we had shared with each other.

"Come on, let's get showered. We've gotta go out soon," Taylor scrambled to his feet and pulled me to mine.

"We?" I asked gently as he helped me peel my sticky shirt off of my chest.

"I'm doing my damned best thing in spending as much time with you as I can," he squeezed my bare waist gently, "And that's what I'll do."

He finished kicking off his heavy jeans before moving our pile of sodden clothing to the corner of the walk in shower.

He turned back and I grabbed him and pulled him close for a hug, our naked bodies blurred as one.

"Thank you," I whispered into his chest.

He was a little taken back by the hug at first, but then with a kiss upon the top of my head he wound his arms around my back and pulled me closer.

Of course I could feel his evident arousal nudging against my thigh – and I was fully aware of it, as well as the hidden tension and lust still prickling to the surface of our skin as we embrace one another, skin to skin.

But we were having a moment. As we had learned last night – a moment in which you thought and acted with your heart, not your sexual organs and hormones.

And this was one of those moments.

"I love you. You don't need to thank me for anything. Never."

I shrugged under his warm touch and pressed my lips to his chest, "But I'm stubborn. So thank you."

He chuckled and kissed the top of my head again, "Your welcome," he loosened his grip slightly and pushed us deeper under the flow of water, "Now let's get clean. I'm starting to feel a bit nasty…"

"Even after the hose down…?" I grinned as he pulled my slick hair back, squirting some shampoo into it before massaging it into my scalp and hair.

"Even after that."

"Where are we even going?" I asked after a moment as he rinsed my hair gently for me, before scrubbing some of my shower gel into his hair. I guessed it was better than coconut and lime shampoo.

"To meet some friends," I watched him as he lathered down the rest of his body, before making him turn so I could get his back, "Twilight cast to be precise."

I stopped my movements, "The what?"

"Twilight cast. You know, my close friends – Kristen, Rob, Edi-"

"No, I know who they are, I just," I switched places with him so he could stand under the water, "I didn't know you would actually take me to meet them."

"Well, why not?"

I shrugged, "I'm not exactly famous…"

"Jasmine. It doesn't matter if your famous. God, it's just a stereotype. Famous people are just normal people. I mean, you see me as normal don't you? Not some famous celebrity…"

"Of course, although I'm not sure I could call you normal last night – I would rather call you an animal-"

His echoing laugh cut me off.

"Okay…but you get the picture right. We think we're normal. Sure its different. But we are really normal. So we treat each other like it, you'll see," he turned off the shower and shook his hair of water as I grabbed us towels, "They'll love you anyway."

"So is everyone going? Like the whole cast?"

"Pretty much, yeah. It's like something we do every few weeks – all meet up and go for lunch. It's a nice place where we don't get disturbed, nothing fancy though. And then after that, we'll all go back to someone's house for a bit before heading home."

"Sounds awesome." And I wasn't lying.

"Yeah, I already let them know I was bringing you – and a friend of your choice along – so that they should book another seat at the bar and grill."

"I can take a friend?"

"Of course you can, honey. You could take Eva."

"Yeah- Oh, no. She doesn't really like Twilight. No offence."

He didn't seem hurt, more so surprised, "Really? Most girls do…"

"She's not one of those girls I guess," we both laughed lightly as I wrapped my wet hair up in the towel, "Um, well, I guess I could take Toni."

"Toni?" He garbled through a mouth of toothpaste.

"Yeah. I guess she's my next friend on this trip, if I chose anyone. I mean, I've spoke to her before and from what I've got, she is a huge fan of Twilight. I haven't spoken to her since we came though. With everything that's going on I kinda forgot…" Guilt, "But I'm sure this would really make it up to her. She's kinda quiet. But when you get to know her, she's like BAM!"

"Take Toni if it makes you happy."

I went out to get my phone, not before kissing him on the shoulder lightly.

"You make me happy."

"I seriously cant thank you enough Jazz. I mean, this is so totally awesome! I'm so lucky to be going to this – I mean, how many other girls do this? Like, none! And I mean, just to see you Taylor, is like so damn amazing and has just made my whole year because you were totally amazing in New Moon, and your pack bro's, especially Bronson, he is fine…" We were in on our way to the cast meet up in the Porsche. It is typically a two seat car, but we couldn't use the SUV as it was in the garage having a serious clean out.

So we kinda had to squish Toni in the back – as you may have heard, she was fine with it.

"I think she's way past the whole quiet stage." Taylor chuckled from beside me.

"Oh God, I'm sorry. I know I'm usually all quiet and everything, but…I just cant help it! I'm so fricking excited!" She squealed and moved between the two of our seats and crushed us both in her firm hold, really letting us know how happy she really was.

"Okay, remember what I told you – breathe. In out in out." I teased her, earning myself a flick on the arm.

"I'm not in labour, child."

"Child? I would seriously consider taking that back missy. You wouldn't be here if it wasn't for me."


"I was just kidding." I snickered and squeezed Taylor's hand a bit tighter before we all settled into a comfortable silence.

Not only would I be meeting new people later, who I had the first ever fan chance of maybe becoming acquaintances with – or if I'm really lucky, friends – but I also had the warm feeling of giving someone else the chance of making new friends – Toni.

And to make someone happy, was probably one of the best feelings.

"Okay, girls, we're here," Taylor announced through the silence as we approached a car park with a the illuminated bar grill beside it.

I ignored the little excited flips in my stomach and listened to Toni's excited voice instead, "Holy shit, holy shit, we're here. Oh God, I think I might wet myself."

Taylor pulled the handbrake up sharply and turned to her, "If you pee yourself and ruin my interior – there will be consequences."

I rolled my eyes as Toni snorted at his joking tone, "I was joking, you turd."

We climbed out of the car, "What is with people calling me that?" He asked himself with a laugh.

"Maybe because you are one. Turd monkey."

"Turd monkey? Where do you come up with these names?" He poked me in the ribs before taking my hand in his.

"I cant actually take credit for that one, Eva told me. Well, she actually called me it so…"

"Ah, Eva," he nodded understandingly as Toni bounded to my side, dark hair fluttering everywhere as her excited emerald eyes watched us amusedly, "That would explain a lot."

"You bet it would."

It was when we were halfway across the car park, that someone ran into me out of the shadows.

Well, jumped on my back to be precise. Good job Taylor was there to support me.

"Oh my God! Your Jasmine! Ah, I've been looking forward to meeting you since forever!" The light weight woman released me from her chokehold from behind and pulled me into a normal hug, before taking both of my hands and jumping up and down in a circle with me as I stared wide eyed at her.


"Ashley. Taylor told me all about you. It's so good to finally meet you!"

I sputtered a, "You too."

"Oh my God, tha-that's…" Toni was not the only one who was gob smacked.

"Oh, sorry, hi! I'm Ashley," she pulled Toni into a hug and both Taylor and I snickered at her awed expression, "You must be…?"


"Awesome. I love your scarf by the way. Versace, right? I have one just like that."

"Seriously? Is it the same colour? Because I got this blue one, but they also had green and…"

I tuned myself out as they made their way into the bar ahead of us.

"Well, she made friends quick."

"So did you."

I smiled to myself, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all.

"So you told everyone about me, huh?" I cocked and eyebrow at him as we walked extra slow to the entrance.


"Good things I hope."

"What else would you expect?"

"Oh, I don't know…" He pulled me to a stop with a gasp.

"I cant believe you are insinuating that I would talk smack about you. That one really cut me deep."

"Oh shut up and kiss me."

His eyes widened and his fake pouting expression turned into his old smirk. Which I have to admit, I kinda missed.

"As much as I am very angry with you – and as much as I will punish you very bad when we get home," he winked, "I've been wanting to do this all afternoon."

He grabbed me in a bear embrace, lifting my feet well of the ground so that my face was level with his before crushing his lips to mine.

I sighed through my nose and ran my fingers through the spikes at the back of his head as he released my lips and peppered kisses all over my face and neck making me giggle.

"Come on then, before I have to seriously consider driving home."

"I wouldn't mind," I murmured, snuggling into his side as we approached.

"I bet you wouldn't, you little minx."

Just as Taylor had promised, the bar was pretty empty – which made me exhale a sigh of relief, I'm not sure what would have happened if it was full of screaming girls, but lemme tell you something.

There would be blood shed, and it wouldn't be mine.

There was a loud whistle from the left corner of the open area – and of course, where all the noise was coming from.

My heart stumble over a beat as I noticed every face at the huge table, before my eyes zeroed in on Toni.

Oh, and can you guess where she was? Practically glued to the seat beside Bronson chatting all snug – too snug – before glancing they both glanced over to Taylor and I.

She mouthed some garbled crap behind Bronson's back, but it looked a lot along the lines of, "OMG I'm talking to Bronson! He's so hot!"

Well, it would be reasonable coming from her.

Taylor grinned at me before towing me over to the bustling table.

"Jazz!" Ashley bounded out of her seat and gave me another hug, despite the fact that we had just pranced around the car park like a bunch of weirdo's not five minutes ago.

"Hey, I'm Nikki," the beautiful woman next to Ashley stood and hugged me gently, "Ash, you never told me you met Jazz already…" Holy shit, they're already calling me by my nickname. WIN.

"Oh, I didn't. Just out in the car park like a minute ago."

"Typical Ashley," Robert – fuck me – Pattinson murmured from his seat, "That woman wont give you a chance to breathe. Try not to overwhelm Jasmine too much," He grinned at me before standing and extending his hand, "Hi, I'm Rob. Nice to see an English face after hanging round this bunch for so long."

I shook his hand and he kissed my cheek silencing me from saying something along the lines of Toni's over there (but she was too busy watching Bronson loom over her) – so I just replied with a, "Nice to meet you too."

Of course, as soon as I was released by him, I was man handled by Kristen Stewart, then Kellan Lutz – who physically picked me up – and Jackson Rathbone, Taylor's other friends, Edi, Rachelle, Peter, Elizabeth and Tinsel then all the 'wolf pack' (again with the man handling).

Taylor was watching silently from the side with an amused look on his face.

"What's with you, dude?" Kellan clapped him on the back and shoved him into a seat.

"Just…observing." He grinned.

"Jeeze. We're not that bad." Alex snickered from beside me, throwing an arm around my shoulders.

"Besides, how could we be mean to such a cutie?" Kellan squeezed my cheek and I laughed and swatted it away.

"God, you guys are so up yourselves. Try and make a better impression, would you?" Rob rolled his eyes and stubbed out his cigarette.

Kellan stood up, towering over him – the look of menace on his handsome face, "Oh. You just crossed the line, man."

"You crossed the line so far you cant even see the line." I murmured under my breath.

Everyone looked at me and I froze.

And then they burst out laughing.

"High five girl," Kristen smacked her hand to mine.

"That was good, where'd you get that from?" Chaske nudged me with his foot.

"I don't know. A movie I guess…"

"See, the thing is with this delightful woman over there," Taylor winked at me, "Is that you have to be prepared for everything. I mean, everything. She'll just spurt out this random crap. Or just suddenly tell me she's a third degree black belt and whip my ass in a sparring match-"

"Jazz beat you?" Toni – momentarily distracted – burst out.

"Dude, that is totally unmanly. You know what, for that, I'm going to take away your man badge." Edi shoved Taylor's shoulder.

"I got my man badge when I grew a dick. Unlike you," Taylor retorted.

"Right. That's it!" Edi stood up, followed by Taylor and anyone who was sitting around was would have actually thought they would have started a punch up.

But they were just joking. Constantly.

"So, Jazz, what can I get you and your friend to drink?" Peter was on drink rounds and was about to make his way to the bar.


"Honey," Taylor said and everyone who wasn't involved in their own conversations 'aw'ed, Taylor ignored it as I blushed, "You can drink whatever you want."

"But, I'm not legal here, right?"

"Neither am I. But it didn't stop us the other night, did it?" Rob and Kellan hooted and started banging their fists on the table.

"Alcohol induced sex! Nice one Taylor!"

"Come on Jasmine, gotta spill it to them now." Ashley grinned as me and poked me in the ribs.

"We didn't have sex!" I laughed, "Very opposite in fact, wasn't it, honey?" I quirked a brow at Taylor, but left the smile on my face so it wasn't serious.

"Uh-oh. What did you fuck this time, Taylor? Yourself?" Taylor scowled playfully at Kristen.

"No, actually. It was crazy lady again. But I didn't fuck her. Scouts honour."

"Oh God. Did she try to make a move on you?" Nikki asked and it made me smile – it was really cute seeing his friends cover him like this.

"More than that," I interjected, "Move down to the fact she nearly had his dick in her mouth. And I had the lovely viewing pleasure of finding her in the position. But he was drunk, so I forgave him." I grinned at him and he laughed.

"Oh my God, honey. I'm so sorry." All the girls that were listening all immediately went to comfort me, as did the guys.

Kristen squeezed my hand once more before turning back to Taylor.

"You asshole," she smacked him round the back of the head, "Why'd you have to pull a stunt like that?"

"Hey! It wasn't my fault! She came onto me. I was off my head anyway! Jazz said so herself." He complained.

"Still dude. That's no way to treat a lady. And if you do it again, you'll have us to pay, got it?" Kellan warned, "And…I might just have to keep her. Just to myself. You know…" He waggled his eyebrows at me and I blushed.

"Do that again, and I'll fucking rip your eyebrows off. Got it?"

"Ooh I'm scared!" Kellan put on a girly voice and everyone was laughing, "Someone save me from the big assed wolf!" He snorted, "Grow a dick man."

"FYI, I have. And was actually putting it to good use last night, unlike you have in the part year." Taylor retorted.

I blushed and sank deeper into Alex's side as everyone stared at us two.

"Jasmine!" Toni elbowed me, breaking the loud silence, "You better give me some good details or so help me…"

Cheer's erupted around us.

"Details! Details!" Rob was banging on the table again.

"OMG. Ew, Taylor! That was totally inappropriate!" Kristen was punching him in the arm.

"Nice on Taylor!" Some on the wolf pack – don't ask me why I refer to them as that, I just do – were cheering him on.

"God, you ass hat. What kind of position have you just put Jazz in? It's okay, honey. You don't need to be embarrassed." Nikki and Ashley both reassured me.

"Nice to hear your finally getting some action. Been a while, hasn't it?" Edi was teasing him.

"Drinks, guys?" Peter was back and I could have nearly kissed him.

"You will give me details. Later." Kellan warned him low and Rob and Edi both murmured their agreement.

I pretended not to listen, or blush at the fact Taylor would probably tell these guys about our sex night later. I mean, I've had worse.

Besides, he wouldn't say anything bad about me, because that was just not what guys did. If anything, he would be bragging and that made me feel just that little bit better.

"Sorry, honey. I got you a rum and coke. I'll get you something else if you want though…"

"No, no it's fine. Thank you," I smiled at him and accepted the drink, "Although, I am quite disappointed with you guys. Forcing alcohol on a minor? Not really very good is it?" I clucked my tongue at them and a chorus of snickers spread around me.

"Who ever said we were good?" Alex grinned wildly at me.

"And you'll be drinking waaaay more than that later. Trust me." Rob clinked his glass with mine.

"Yeah, I mean you'll be so drunk you'll probably just do about anything." Kellan winked at me.

Taylor slammed his drink down and growled, "Do you want to keep your eyebrows? Or face for that matter?"

Kellan grinned and pretended to think for a moment, "I'd sacrifice it for Jazz." He grinned at me and I giggled.

Joking, remember?

"How cute," Taylor sneered, "Now give me a bucket so I can barf. But, seriously. I will rearrange your face. Got it?"

"I'd like to see you try shrimp boy. You may be new to your muscles, but I've had these babies for years," Kellan rested his arms on the table in front of him and flexed his huge arms, "You'll grow out of them anyway. Get old and fat." He shook his head and flexed his biceps again, "Not me."

"Are you sure? I mean, you used to have pecks – now look at them," Taylor leant forward as if to get a better look through Kellan's tight shirt, "Yup. Definitely man boob category now."

Before he could sit back, Kellan had him in a head lock across the table.

"Now looks who's paying, bitch!" He growled, chaffing the his knuckles across Taylor's scalp.

"OW! Get-off!" Taylor struggled and nearly broke free, but Kellan gripped him tighter, "Jazz! A little-help!"

I sighed and rolled my eyes but stood up, "Kellan…" I drawled sweetly.

His attention was successfully on me.

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Please let go of Taylor. I would like to take my boyfriend home in one piece."

"So the fun can commence…" Toni snorted from beside me.

"Oh, shush you and go back to playing tongue twister with Bronson." I whispered to her.

She grinned and gave me the if-you-insist-but-I-will-be-enjoying-it-every-second look.

I turned back to Kellan with an innocent smile.

"Okay," he sighed and shoved Taylor back in his chair, "But now you have to lay one on me."


"Do you want me to give you another noogie?" Kellan snapped back at Taylor. I watched amusedly as Taylor huffed and readjusted himself before slumping back in his chair and downing his drink in one go – Kristen assured him it wasn't so bad.

Great. So now I have to kiss this other sex God in front of my sex God?

I leaned over the table and kissed him quickly on his puckered lips.

He nipped my bottom lip with his teeth.

"You. Didn't."

I moved out of the way just quick enough so Taylor could launch himself at Kellan.

"Man, I do love our little social gatherings," Kellan rubbed the red hand marks around his neck as we drove back to Kristen's house, "So much." He threw at Taylor who was driving beside him.

Yes. That did leave me squished in the only slot available in the Porsche – the back. Seeing as Kellan needed a ride because he walked here, and Toni wanted to switch places so she could dry hump Bronson all the way back to Kristen's.

One moment so I can vom.

"I know you do," Taylor smirked at him, "Oh, how are the strangle marks coming along by the way? They seem to be bruising nicely now."

Kellan glowered at him before plastering on a fake smile.

"You know what? You look quite uncomfortable back there Jazz, honey. How about you come up front and ride on my lap while Taylor drives. I'm sure that would be…much more snug and warm…" Kellan winked at me from over the seat.

Taylor growled under his breath and skidded to a stop at a set of traffic light.

"How about – hmm, let me think – NO?" Taylor answered for me.

"Was I asking you, cock hat? NO. I was talking, privately with Jasmine," Kellan turned to me again, "So how about it?"

I smiled at him, "I'm okay Kellan. Thanks."

"HA! In your face bi-atch! I've got a girlfriend who's loyal. She doesn't want nothing apart from this baby-" He motioned to his tempting body.

"I'm sure." Kellan rolled his eyes, "Now watching the fucking road before you get us all killed, cause then Jazz and I will be in heaven and you'll be in hell. And then you can really suck it."

Kellan and Taylor's playful (yes, playful) bickering continued all the way to Kristen's.

All. The. Way.

It was two hours later and we were in the games room, playing snooker and drinking.

Yes, more drinking.

And yes. We were very drunk.

They would be a better word to use I guess, seeing as after my last proper encounter with alcohol, I ended up having to drive Taylor home.

And by the way he is- Ah, Jesus fucking hell.

So I was going to say, by the way he is drinking at the moment dot, dot, dot, but now I might just have to change that a little.

Ahem, by the way Taylor has his trousers round his ankles, t-shirt over his head and has just painfully run into the wall.

I think I will be driving tonight.

That's more like it.

"Fuck, Taylor!" Kristen groaned, "You dented my fucking wall with your damn head!"

I rolled my eyes and lifted myself from the sofa to go and kneel by his side – he actually looked unconscious.

"Taylor," I shook him but nothing happened.

I grabbed a glass of clear liquid that by its pungent smell was definitely not water and poured it on his face.

He coughed and opened his eyes before screaming, "AH, IT BURNS! MY EYYEEEESSS!"

I pinched the bridge of my nose before rubbing my sleeve against his squinted shut eyes as everyone spluttered their drunken laughter's around me.

"Come on, let's splash some water on your face," I helped him to his feet – tough let me tell you that – and lead him to the bathroom sitting him down on the toilet seat and tipping his head back so I could dribble some water against his eyes.

And then, just as I was refilling my cupped hand with water from the sink, Taylor happened to slide to his knees. I was about to rush over and pour the water on his face again just to keep him awake – because I actually thought he was losing consciousness again – when he turned to the toilet, lifted the lid and emptied the contents of his stomach into it.

I closed my eyes and tensed my stomach, thinking of fairies and butterflies before making my way over to Taylor.

I soaked a flannel with cold water and brushed the back of his sweat ridden neck with his as he continued to heave and gasp for air.

"It's alright, shh, get it out of your system baby," I murmured to him, "You'll feel better when it's over." But who was I to talk? I would rather hold in my puke and go through the horrible feeling of passing nausea than to actually throw up.

But, enough about vomit…

Taylor spat into the toilet once his was finished and reached up blindly to flush it, before slumping back across body, panting for air and dripping with sweat. His eyes were full of tears.

I wiped at his face for him, cooling him down as he cried wordlessly for a moment before slipping into a deep slumber.

My poor, poor baby.

I sat there for a while, just stroking my hand gently through his hair – maybe waiting for him to wait up and hurl his guts up again, or maybe just because I was actually enjoying the serenity of the moment (even if it was on the bathroom floor) – which was obviously longer than I thought as Kellan staggered into the room, in the process of unbuckling his pants.

"Oh, for the love of all that is holy, Kellan! Piss on me, and seriously you will never piss again." I warned, still cradling Taylor against me like some over protective parent.

He ignored me but stuck his head back out of the bathroom yelling, "They're in here!"

Then he turned back grinning, "Mind if I take a piss?"

"Um, how about yes? Did you not hear what I just said?"

"Nope." I rolled my eyes, of course he didn't, he's off his head.

"'Sup with Taylor?"

"Poured vodka in his eye, took him in here to wash it when he decided to empty the contents of his stomach in the toilet." I nodded to the toilet Taylor had his legs wrapped awkwardly around.

"Gross," Kellan shuddered and before I could even consider that he might say something sympathetic he added, "I cant piss in here, with his fat ass in there. Guess I'll just have to go upstairs." It was a coherent, well structured sentence so I didn't hold anything against him. He was obviously not as intoxicated as I thought.

As he staggered out, Kristen and Ashley pushed in.

"Shit! Taylor! Wake up!" Kristen took one look at his awkward body unconscious on my lap and fell to her knees beside him, "Come on, sweetie! You cant leave me here! Best friends don't leave each other!" She wailed, shaking him hard.

"Kristen! Shush! He's not…dead, he's asleep!" She stopped her shaking movement, thank God, I actually thought that would cause him to throw up all over me, but he slept soundly, "He's just not feeling good."

"Oh," she snorted and sat back.

"Maybe you should get him home…" Ashley was the least drunk apart from me and therefore said the most sensible idea anyone had said that whole evening.

"Good idea," I lifted Taylor's rolling head and Kristen and Ashley automatically went to support it and look after him as I got to my feet, "I'm gonna go get Toni. I'll get one of the guys to come and help you put him in the car."

Ash must have noticed my worried prolonged stare I left on Taylor because she added, "He'll be fine with us, hun. We'll keep him safe."

I flashed her a smile, "Thanks." Before darting to the games room.

"Okay guys," I yelled getting all of their attention, "Who is the sober male in here?"

Chaske, Alex, Rob and Peter raised their hands.

I sighed, "Chaske – when you stop groping Tinsel I might consider it. Alex," I eyed him for a moment, "My gut tells me I shouldn't ask you, so sorry. Rob…" I shook my head, "I'm not even going to bother…Which leaves me with Peter," I smiled brightly at him and he returned it, "Does the daddy vamp mind giving Ash and Kristen a hand with getting Taylor into the car…?" I batted my lashes at him.

He didn't have a chance at refusing in the beginning.

"I'll be back in a minute." He disappeared out of the room.

"Great! Now I just need to get Toni's butt."

"I think I saw her go upstairs…" Kiowa murmured as he brushed past me.

"Thanks!" I kissed his cheek before dashing up the elaborate staircase of Kristen Stewart's home, my search didn't take as long as I expected in the end.

I burst into the first bedroom, there was a lampshade on which illuminated the room lightly, definitely more that enough for me to make out the moving lump on the king sized, gold trimmed bed.

My shiver ran down my spine and I slammed the door – squealing.

"OH MY GOD I'M SORRY!" I covered my hands over my ears as I jumped from one foot to the other.

To see that…well, it was quite shocking.

"I didn't mean to! I just wanted to talk to you-" A hand covered my mouth.

"Do you realise your shouting?" Toni was behind me, the door was shut, but she had a bathrobe wrapped around her body. Her black usually kept hair was rumpled and her cheeks were flushed.

I shuddered again. God, I would never see her the same again.

"Sorry," I whispered once she released me and let me speak – OH GOD! WHERE HAD THAT HAND BEEN?

"It's fine. You scared us a bit."

"You fucking scared me, you horny bitch!" She grinned and waggled her brows at me.

"ANYWAY, before we start talking about you and Bronson shagging like dogs anymore, I came to tell you that Taylor and I are heading home cause he doesn't feel too good, and I was going to ask you if you wanted to come but I…-"

"No, it's fine. I'll probably crash with Bronson," she winked at me, "He'll drop me at my exchange's tomorrow. Although that douche probably wont even notice I've been gone the whole night. Probably playing chess with himself." She snorted.

"Unlucky you managed to snag the only nerdy dude at this school."

"Ah, but that isn't the only dude I've managed to snag." She did a little suggestive hip thrusting.

"Okay…and back to the topic of you and Bronson shagging! Not."

"I'll see you when I get back." She grinned.

"If you ever get back."

"You have a point."

"Okay then, I'll catch you later girl." She hugged me and I hugged her back – trying not to picture where her body had been.

I turned to the stairs, but she caught my arm last minute.

"Hey Jazz? I wanted to say thanks. Again. I mean, I never would have had this if it weren't for you. My life is better now, because of what you did for me."

I squeezed her hand, "I'm glad I could make you happy."

She sighed happily, "You made me happy by giving me Bronson – who makes me happy. I've never been so happy. Really."

I grinned at her, "Your welcome. Now get your naked butt in there before Bronson has to come out and spank you!"

"Ooh, I think I'll wait a little longer out here then." She laughed but re-entered the bedroom and locked the door for safety.

I was happy for her. Ecstatic even. That I could give her something she deserved.

But, truthfully, all I could think about as I walked down the stairs was shagging.

Sex. Sex. Sex.


Fuck me sideways and pray for a good journey home.

"Are you sure you don't want me to drive you guys back?" Kellan knelt by the car window as I adjusted my seat. Taylor was asleep in the passenger seat beside me, his head rested on a pillow Kristen had given me.

"Your not sober enough to. I'm fine, Kellan."

He frowned. He wasn't as drunk as earlier, but he wasn't exactly walking-in-a-straight-line-material-either.

"Honey, you don't know the roads around here." Ash leant against Kellan's shoulder, stooping down to peer inside.

"I know them enough. It's not that far anyway. It's further to the bar, but Kristen lives quite close to Taylor. I'll be fine guys."

They stared at me for a long moment before Kellan sighed, "Okay then. Text us from Taylor's phone when you get home."

"Will do."

He kissed my forehead and squeezed my hand before staggering to his feet, Ash pecked my cheek and promised we would meet up before I went back to the UK.

They were the last people to say goodbye to. I had exchanged number with all the others previously and said my farewells, fervently hoping that I would see them all soon again.

I made more than friends tonight.

"Bye guys!" I called out the window and honked the horn twice as they all waved from the drive.

My eyes kept flickering to my rear view mirror until I couldn't see them anymore as I drove carefully down the road back home.

The journey wasn't very long and as it was so late, the roads weren't very busy either. Maybe it was my driving that woke Taylor in the end.

He groaned from beside me and I glanced nervously over at his form.

"Taylor?" I asked softly, eyes flickering back from the road in front of me to him, "Baby? Do you need to be sick again?"

Peter had provided the car with a plastic bag just encase.

I don't know how long Taylor would beat himself up for if he defiled his car.

"No," he croaked weakly, bringing his hand to his head, holding them there like his head was about to explode, "Water…"

"Oh," I was sure I saw a bottle in here somewhere. I slowed and the movement made something roll to my feet, I bent to blindly grab the bottle.

It was water. I unscrewed the cap awkwardly and handed it to him which he guzzled like he had never seen water before.

"Thanks." he sighed leaning back against the pillow.

He looked much better – not as pale and sickly as before. More sober as well. But from the way he had his eyes squinted shut in pain, I could tell that expelling everything hadn't really done him too much good.

Let the hangover festivities begin.

Because, that was exactly what it was. He had puked his guts up, and now his body was reacting to the alcohol that had been absorbed into his system.

Man, he was going to be one helluva grouchy son of a bitch tomorrow.

"Headache?" I asked softly. Talking too loud would just really push the limits for him.


"We're nearly there. I'll get you some painkillers."

He was quiet for a moment and I considered that he might of gone to sleep, when he took my free hand gently in his cool, clammy ones.

"How did a guy like me, ever manage to get a girl like you?"

"Couldn't I say the same thing?" I smiled meekly over at him.

"No. You're not like me. You're…kind, loving…gentle. And I'm…"

"Exactly those same things. Which is another reason why we belong together," I continued before he interrupted, "Your everything I've ever wanted Taylor and more. You may not see yourself in that way, just like I don't see myself in that way. But we see each other in that way, and that's all that counts."

He agreed finally, "I guess."

"No, you don't guess. You know it."

"I know that I'll never stop wanting you."

I was beaming to myself secretly as I pulled into his automatic garage.

"Just the same as how I feel for you then," I parked the car and unbuckled myself before turning to him. He was leaning against the pillow watching me through tired, bloodshot eyes. He smiled the tiniest when I locked eyes with him.

"Hey," I leaned over to him, "I love you, okay? You and only you. I mean, why else would I put up with your crap?"

He gave a half hearted chuckle and brought his hand up to caress my face.

"I love you too."

"Good." I kissed him gently on the lips and then his forehead.

"I love you more than you know." I heard the faintest of whispers just before I shut the door.

After grabbing him two Advil for the night, getting him upstairs wasn't all that hard seeing as he could support most of his weight now. We had to be careful encase we woke up Debbie and Dan, but luck was with us and we made it to his disgustingly neat bedroom successfully.

I undressed him as he sat on swaying slightly on the edge of his bed, down to his boxers before helping him into bed. I went to get his phone from his jean pocket.

"Wait!" He whispered in the darkness, "Your not…leaving are you? Stay with me, please."

"Shh, baby," I knelt by his head, "Of course I am. I'm just gonna text Kellan to tell them we're home safe and sound. I'll get in bed in a minute. Just go to sleep."

He nodded slowly and snuggled under the sheets.

I text Kellan and left the phone on the side, not bothering to wait for a reply. I was too tired for that.

I went round to the other side – otherwise known as my side of the bed – and stripped off my jeans, shirt, socks and bra, leaving my vest top and girl boxers on and slipped into bed beside Taylor.

I didn't want to make him uncomfortable by wrapping myself around him like I did usually, so I scooted closer, so my side was pressed against his and twined my fingers with his.

I dreamt of a little black haired boy that night.
I woke up at about eight the next morning and slipped out of Taylor's heavy arm before padding back to my room and climbing under the made sheets.

It was kind of a routine for Taylor and I, seeing as his parents didn't really know the full extent of our relationship (although I was positive they knew something was going on), so depending on who's room we were in, the other person would have to wake at eight – on weekends, seven on weekdays – and slip into their own bed, just before Debbie came in, placing our morning juice on the bedside table.

Of course, soon enough, I heard the small footsteps coming down the hall, stopping at Taylor's room first and then creeping into mine to place my juice beside me before slipping out of the room and back down the hall.

I waited for a moment longer, before hopping out of bed, grabbing some spare Advil I kept in my handbag and my Tropicana and quietly making my way back to Taylor's room.

He was sleeping like the dead of course. Mouth partly open and snoring lightly. He had moved though. To my side of the bed. The sheets pulled right up to the top of his head making him look like a little baby in a blanket.

I suppressed the urge to take a photo of him and climbed into his warm side of the bed instead, placing the Advil and my drink next to his own before snuggling in beside him.

I could have definitely slept longer. Waaaaay longer. But I was awake now, and once I'm awake. I'm awake.

I rolled to my side so I was facing Taylor and scooted a bit closer to him, so my chest was touching his, at the same time, accidentally pressing my cold feet to his iron thighs.

He jumped and whispered something in his sleep before reaching for me unconsciously and winding his arms around my waist, curving me against his smooth skin.

I yawned and settled in deeper to his embrace.

"Are you asleep?" A sleepy voice asked suddenly, breaking through the silence and making me jump.

I swear he got some sick satisfaction out of doing that to me.

"Are you asleep?" I retorted and then looked up at him to find he still had his eyes firmly shut.

"What kind of question is that? Of course I'm not asleep." He cracked open one eye and gave me a sleepy/hung-over smile.

"You asked me the same question."

"Yeah, I know, but-"

"Wait a sec. This is gonna turn into one of those stupid bickering things that always end up in us grinning at each other." I interrupted him.

He smiled, "How'd you guess?"

"Some of us have a brain that works in the morning." I gave him a pointed look.

He grunted, "Mine feels like scrambled eggs at the moment…"

"That would probably have something to do with the excessive amounts of alcohol you consumed last night," I said as reaching for his juice and Advil, "Or should I say, expelled."

"Oh shit. I didn't barf on you did I?" He looked mortified as he took the pills from me, gingerly propping himself up so he could swallow them.

"No. Just missed. Good job you've got such good aim." I snickered.

"Man, that is so embarrassing. I don't remember anything until…" he thought hard for a moment, "…until we arrived at the bar with Toni…and I remember Ashley attacking you…and me promising you that I would punish you when we got home?" It came out as a question.

"Yeah. Something along the lines of that."

"So, how much punishing did I do then?"

I held up my index finger and thumb to form an silent '0'.

"I'm sorry…"

I waved off the apology and took his hand, "Don't be. I wasn't in the mood for it anyway. Pretty tired from lugging your heavy butt everywhere," I winked at him.

He smiled tiredly, looking like he was about to fall asleep again, before he gasped – the loud noise making himself wince, "Fuck. I didn't puke in my car did I?"

I told you he would beat himself up.

"No. Lucky for you. Kellan and Ash offered to drive us home, but I said I could drive seeing as it was only down the road and it wasn't busy. You were pretty much asleep for the whole thing. And no, you didn't defile anything else apart from Kristen's bathroom…"

He sighed and smiled at me fondly, "You're the first person I've let drive my cars."

"I'm touched."

"Seriously. I wont even let my Dad drive them. They're like my babies."

What is with the topic and babies?

"Well maybe you shouldn't get so drunk and then I wouldn't have to drive them for you."

"No, I don't mind. 'Cause I trust you."

"Okay, now I am seriously touched."

"Where?" He quirked a black brow at me.

Even when he's hung-over…

"In my heart! You moron!"

He groaned, "Shh! Too much noise! I cant take it!"

"You brought it on yourself."

"Of course I did," he gave a poor impression of my voice, "Oh Taylor, it's all your fault! I'm right, your wrong! Even when we did this…blah, blah, blah…"

He chuckled quietly and I smacked him in the chest.

"Right. That's it. You can fend for yourself today." I playfully glared at him and crossed my arms tightly across my chest.

"I'll just get mom to help me." He retorted smugly.

"And then she'll ask why. And you'll have to tell her its because you have a bitch of a hangover from last night when you got completely trashed."

Once again.

I was right.

"How long does it take for you to make a sandwich?" Taylor appeared in the kitchen doorway, leaning heavily against the frame – his hair was everywhere, his slacks were on back to front and he looked like he could have fallen asleep on the spot.

I tried not to laugh I swear.

"You should be in bed, mister." I gently scolded him before turning back to our lunch.

"I was. But then I thought 'Who takes ten minutes to make a peanut and jelly sandwich?' so I got out of bed to make sure you hadn't been…abducted or some shit like that." He shrugged away from the door frame and shuffled loudly over to me, his body hunched instead of in his usual straight posture.

Good job he had so many abs to keep him up right.

"Jesus Jazz. Have you got and OCD with sandwiches that you never told me about?" He watched me with wide/sleepy/amused eyes.

"No…I just have to have the sandwich perfect."

"What do you think and OCD is? You must have been spreading that peanut butter for about five minutes now…"

"For your information, I haven't," I sniped back, "I just have to have the jam and peanut butter on every available surface. I mean, don't you just hate it when someone makes you a sandwich and only puts the filling in the middle and not all the way up to the crust? I mean, who wants a mouth full of bread? If I wanted bread then I would have asked for a piece of bread! Not a sandwich…"

I was rambling now.

I cleared my throat somewhat embarrassedly and peeked up at Taylor who leant against the counted beside me.

He was staring at me like I had grown a third eye.

"You…freak," he sniggered, "Who does that?"

"Me. Obviously." I rolled my eyes and cut his ass of a sandwich in half and placed it in his awaiting hands before picking up mine.

He was still chuckling when we got up to his bedroom.

"Despite the whole 'sandwich-freakiness-shit', this does look pretty good." He allowed as he slipped back into bed.

"I told you. Of course it looks better! You know why? Because it actually has something to sandwich it together!" I huffed and Taylor started to snicker again, "I mean, it's like when you buy a bag of crisps-"

"Crisps?" He asked through a mouthful of food.

"Yeah…Oh dear God, please don't tell me you don't know what crisps are!"

It was a sin to say the least.

"No! I mean, well I've heard of that word loads. But I'm not sure the way you mean it, is the same way that I mean it…"

"Okay, crisps are those circular shaped potato snacks that are packed with fat but are like orgasms in your mouth-"

"You mean chips?"

"No…" I sighed, laughing a little, "Chips are those long thin rectangle things that don't snap and crunch when you squish them in your hand. The things that McDonald's sell. And KFC…and Burger King…-"

"No, no," he disagreed lightly, turning more to me and getting more into it, "Your talking about fries now."

"No, I'm really not."

"Yes you are," he carried on before I could interrupt him, "Wait, we are talking about the same things, but we just say it differently. Okay, so in England you say crisps for potato snacks but in America, we say chips. Or potato chips. And when you say chips in the UK, we say fries. Get it?"

"Oh yeah…" I laughed, "I thought my brain was all scrambled."

He laughed, "It is."

I mock glared at him, "Watch your mouth or I'll take my perfect sandwich away from you."

He laughed and started eating it before I considered it.

"So, what else to we say differently?" I ventured after a moment.

"Hmm," he chewed thoughtfully, "Pasta."

"The way you say it is really cute though," I pointed out, "Paasta. Not pas-ta. More smooth."

"Okay," he chuckled, "Give me some more."

"…Da-ter." I started.

"Dar-ta. Data." He countered in his cute American accent.

Tomato, "Tom-ar-toe."

He snickered before saying, "To-may-to. You freak."

I smacked him lightly on his bare stomach.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless you want to have a look what PB and J looks like half-digested." He warned.

"Okay," I moved my hand away, smirking, "I'm pretty good, but thanks for the heads up."

He chuckled but reached out and took my hand, "So…now we have established that not all the words we say are the same and that I could potentially vomit on you if you hit my stomach…" he chuckled again, "Why don't you tell me what I missed last night? I cant remember you meetings the guys…"

I shrugged, "Shame. It was pretty funny really. Everyone was so nice to me. Especially Ash and Kellan…although, er, I don't think you really approved of that…" He bristled immediately.

"Why? What did he do to you?" He tried to sit up, but I pushed him back easily and he didn't put up a fight, "I swear to God, if he touched you-"

"Will you shut your trap for a second? Nothing happened. We were all just joking and he was pretending to show an interest in me and you bust your nut and threw yourself across the table and…um, tried to strangle him. Quite successfully I might add."

"No way," he laughed, "That does sound reasonable, though I might have to apologize later…"

"He was pissing you off on purpose, so none of us really expect an apology. And he nearly urinated on you while we were having our bonding session in the bathroom."

He flexed his brows suggestively at me, "We were bonding in the bathroom?"

"Yeah. In the Jasmine holds Taylor's after he hurls in the toilet and cries himself to sleep kinda bonding."

His face fell.

"I cried? Man, that's gay."

"I would have cried if I just went through what you did."

He shrugged, "I guess. But it's still gay. I never cry."

"You cried the other day when we watched The Last Song," I pointed out, "And when I kicked your ass. And the other night when you had a nightmare-"

"Okay, okay! I cry. Jeeze, everyone cries…" He muttered embarrassedly.

I giggled at him, "You just said that you never cry, so technically you just completely rinsed yourself."

He mock glared at me, "If I wasn't feeling so much like pure shit at the moment, you would be over my knee with a tanned ass right now."

"I'm sure."

He winked at me, "So what else happened? Did you drop Toni off on the way back?"

"Not…quite. Let's just say her and Bronson got quite…erm, friendly and I was lucky enough to be the one to walk in on them having some friendly action in one of Kristen's rooms. Lucky me, right?"

His shocked face turned distorted in seconds, "That's gross."

"Tell me about it," I rolled my eyes, "She said she would crash with him, so I left her there – her exchange wouldn't care. She has Simon."

"I feel her pain," he sympathized.

"And my eyes felt pain when I saw what I saw," I laughed, "But she's happy. So I'll live with it."

He shook his head and brought my hand to his dry lips and kissed it tenderly, "Your fucking amazing, did I ever tell you that?"

"A few times last night." I grinned.

"Oh God," he moaned and laughed at the same time, "What did I say this time?"

"Nothing bad." I smiled to myself.

Debbie checked in on Taylor to see how he was feeling (he had told her earlier that he had the flu) and wasn't the least bit surprised to see me sitting next to him, clad in a one of Taylor's sweaters and some pyjama shorts I had hastily thrown on.

Taylor and I weren't touching of course, but we were in the same bed – and she didn't seem to mind.

Which was a good thing.

Or a bad thing.

Good, because his parents obviously knew about Taylor and I being together, and had accepted it easier than I ever thought parents could (hopefully my parents could do the same).

Or…maybe it was because they were used to seeing a girl in Taylor's bed.

Oh God. That was it, wasn't it? That's why Debbie wasn't surprised when we turned up muddy the other day, or when she let it pass when Taylor had slipped up about us making out.

I swallowed my unease as I watched her feel Taylor's forehead before handing him a cool flannel.

I could ask him, but I knew that would raise every unnecessary argument between us, that we had never had, but would potentially have. Everyone knows guys hate it when their girlfriend asks about previous girls and vice versa.

I would feel uncomfortable if he asked me, so why should I put him in that position?

I knew how popular Taylor was with the ladies – everyone in the world knew that. Every trending topic in every magazine would be of him with a new chick hanging off of his arm, making girls all across the world green with unnecessary envy.

Had he slept with all of them?

Had he brought them all home to meet his parents?

Had he given them a side of his bed – which we lay in right now – and let them call it their side?

Just like me?

I would never and have never done anything like that.

And those…often times when I have caught myself a guy – it would be back to his place.

Never mine.

I held back the disgusting urge to ask him and snuggled deeper into his side.

"Man," he chuckled lightly, pulling his fingers through my hair now we were by ourselves again, "I may be an actor, but doing that in front of my mom is probably the hardest thing to do."

"She believed you though. Maybe you are sick…" I felt his forehead – it was slightly warmer than usual. Probably just the alcohol still in his system.

"Nah, I don't think so…I mean, if I was really sick, I wouldn't be able to do this-" he rolled his heavy body on top of mine and caught my unexpected lips in his halfway only releasing them so he could slide the tip of his tongue from the corner of my mouth to my ear, where he started to nibble it. And lick it. And moan in it-

"Taylor," I pushed him gently away, but it was like pushing a brick wall.

Completely pointless.

"Wait. I don't think your in a…fit state for that. I don't want you to puke on me, cause that will really kill the mood."

"Baby," he nuzzled at my neck and my hands automatically slithered around his broad smooth back, "I'm fine. I'm fine. I made a promise to you last night about how I would punish you bad when we got back – and I broke it." He pulled me up so that he could tug off his sweater that I was wearing, so now I was only in a vest and pyjama shorts.

"Now I'm not one to break my promises, and if I do, I have to make it up. So that's what I'm gonna do," he bit me hard on the love bite I still had from him and I released a breathless squeak.

He pulled my tank top off next and started to place wet, open mouth kisses across my bare breasts, leaving shiny marks on them.

"Just don't punch me in the stomach," he smiled against my breast and looked up at me with those irresistable chocolate eyes.

And I. Just. Couldn't. Resist.

Every spot of reluctance I had in touching him, holding him, and giving him what he wanted, flew out of the window and I let him undress me, throwing my clothes to the floor followed by his.

Seconds later he was embedded deep within me, not letting me catch my breath, before forcing our bodies to move as one.

As much as my body was part of this as much as his was – if not more – we both knew deep down that this was more for Taylor than I. He wanted this more than I did, and I knew how much he wanted it so I gave it to him.

Crazy things you do for love, huh?

I would never tire of having sex with Taylor, and I was sure he knew it from the way my nails clawed his back raw as he slipped in and slid out of me with ease, gentleness and need.

As long as he needed me. I would give it to him.

Apparently, he broke a promise last night, and this was him making amends. Our bodies writhing as one – was for him.

But the driving force was for me.

He ground his groin against my pelvic bone, creating more friction than ever before, his weaker arms pulled my chest tight against his, letting me feel every contour of his sweating body against mine.

He rolled his hips against mine again and pulled at my hair.

Telling me he really knew what I liked.

For once, no words were spoken – it wasn't like there were many in the beginning – the only sounds that passed both our parted lips were the frequent moans, breathy gasps and grunts as he pushed deeper and deeper into me.

Until we came. Then we were screaming each others names.

He didn't roll off of me straight away. He held me for a while. Held me as we calmed our erratic beating hearts and our short gasps for air.

Once that was over , he looked up at me with a smile on his face.

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For giving yourself to me."

So he was thinking the same…

"Your welcome."

He smiled and then I smiled and he kissed me and I kissed him back, before he rolled off of me gingerly – which made me really consider that he wasn't very well after all – pulling the sheets we had kicked off around his naked body and snuggling down for a good nights rest (despite it being late afternoon).

"You should put on some pants encase your mum comes in."

He yawned and nodded, but didn't make a move to get out of bed, so I slipped out and got them for him, chucking them on his head before he pulled them off and tugged them on under the sheets, not bothering to get up.

He fell asleep while I went on a treasure hunt for my clothes, finding the sweater on his desk, the vest at the bottom of the bed and the pyjama pants on the floor at end of his bed.

I yawned, feeling a little sleepy myself, as I bent to grab my pants.

At the same time my finger brushed something cool and glass-like.

I frowned thinking that Taylor shouldn't have glass under his bed, as someone could easily stand on it. I thought maybe it was a picture frame which had been accidentally kicked under there and thought to move it someplace which wasn't dangerous.

It was bigger than I thought, but it was like a framed picture.

Which I horrifyingly discovered, was not one picture. But lots. A whole fucking collage.

Of girls. Women. Half naked.

I stared at it for a long moment, not really sure what to make out of it. At first I thought that this was obviously something guys did – not that I really knew – keeping pictures of half naked women under their beds for those lonely nights…

Even if the small cut out pictures were framed.

But then I saw the little message at the bottom. And I knew I was completely wrong.

For my main man.

Just a reminder of all the good times we've had.

Don't you forget it bro, cause I'm sure they wont forget you!


I read it. Over and over and over before staring back up at the collage of women.

There were so many, I was lost in a sea of bare flesh, false eyelashes and perfect bodies.

Taylor had slept with all of these women.

My stomach was clenching painfully, but I ignored it and continued to stare at the picture.

It was just of the women, but there was a glimpse of the background behind them as well more than a few of them lay sprawled dirtily across white fluffy beds, with everything hanging out and for a moment my eyes flickered to Taylor's white fluffy bed and then back to the picture.

Bed. Picture. Bed. Picture.

The large frame slipped from my fingers, landing on the spot where I was laying not ten minutes ago, making love to Taylor.

The bed these whores lay naked on.

The bed I lay naked on.

The bed he had had sex with them.

The bed we had sex.

I couldn't see the whole bed. But I looked enough like Taylor's to make me want to pick the picture up and smash it over his head.

I gripped the frame again but then dropped it back to the bed – pushing out the thought of severely harming him whilst he slept, completely oblivious that his girlfriend had just discovered her worst nightmare.

My stomach rolled again and I continued to ignore it a I threw my bottoms back on, cast Taylor one last glower before stalking out his room and into my own, leaving the picture on his bed to know exactly why he wouldn't wake up to find his girl- me beside him.

I rubbed at the stinging sensation in my eyes as I slipped into my own empty bed.

I never cried. Especially over a boy.

But Taylor wasn't just any boy. He was my boy.

Or so I thought.

But a tear slipped through my closed lids, followed by a few more, which turned into full blown sobbing.

Taylor had hurt me. He had confirmed my worst dreams.

He had made me cry.
Soft knocking woke me up.

I grumbled in semi-consciousness and rolled onto my stomach.


I groaned and snapped my heavy lids open, immediately yelling a loud, "WHAT?"

I gasped and slapped my hands over my mouth, as I realised.

I wasn't in my bedroom.

That wasn't my step mother calling my name.

And the person who's voice it was…

I was in a mood with. A very big mood.


I stayed quiet for a moment, praying he hadn't heard me wake up – but I wasn't in luck.

"Baby. Please. Come talk to me." He said softly on the other side of the locked door.

I gave him the middle finger – even though he couldn't see – and checked the time, it was ten-thirty in the morning.

All that crying was tiring…

Tell me about it hun, my conscience agreed.

Where the hell did you come from? You haven't been here in like…ages! Is this just some one way thing? You come and go whenever you want, but I get no say in it?

I come and go whenever you want. I'm your conscience you silly bitch. I give you what you want most. Your sad at the moment and you want to be comforted, so voila! Here I am!

What about all those other times when you just get on my nerves? I asked internally.

Children and adults, don't try this at home. It could possibly lead to insanity.

I mean, look at me.

You were pissed, so I am naturally pissed. See, if you wanted me to not be pissed and annoying like you were, then I wouldn't be. It's all up to you.

Gee, thanks for the heads up.

No problem. She grinned.

I rolled my eyes and slipped out of bed as quietly as I could. Still ignoring Taylor.

"Honey, I know your awake, I heard you," I stopped in my tracks and whispered SHIT, "And I just heard you whisper shit. I'm not deaf."

And I'm not stupid. Or blind for that matter.


So I did the bitchiest thing I could.

I made as much noise as I could as I walked around my room – not doing anything in particular – just to make sure he could really hear me as he so mildly put it, and so that he could know how much I was really not going to talk to him.

"Babe. Don't be like this. I need to explain. Please baby." He whispered from the other side of the door.

I stopped in my tracks and swallowed. I hated that voice.

Hated it because it made my grudge fizzle out just that little bit more.

I took a deep breath and grabbed a piece of paper out of my notebook and a pen out of my bag and wrote:

I cant. It's not fair. You cant get away with everything.

I sighed and pushed it under the small gap of the closed door.

It was childish, but I couldn't think at anything else at that moment.

I heard some rustling and then footsteps as he probably went to get a pen, and then there was the faint scratching sound of him writing on the wooden floor.

The note was pushed back under the door.

I opened it and read:

I know I cant. And I know how bad this looks. But I need to talk to you. I need to explain. I love you.

I sniffed and wrote back:

I don't know how you could explain.

More scratching in reply:

I can. I promise. But not like this. If you wont face me yet, could you at least go on MSN? It will be easier. And we can go on webcam if you want. If you want to see me. Because I want to see you. I want to kiss you and make it all better. But you need to trust me first. Can you do that?

I nodded gently to myself as I wrote back:

You said you trusted me. So I trust you.

His reply:

I trust you more than anything. When I woke up and you weren't with me…it didn't feel right. Being with you feels right. I love you more than anything. You know that. Baby, you're my fucking world. I'd fucking kill for you. You really don't know how much I cant lose you, honey.

I stared at the note for a long time, despite everything, I would have to keep it.

Written proof he wasn't just all about sex and alcohol like everyone said.

I rubbed at my face tiredly as I wrote:

Talk on MSN.

I dug my laptop out of my suitcase – I hadn't used it since I arrived yet – and loaded it up. Taylor and I had previously spoken about instant messaging if he ever had to get called away for a job or something – which didn't look like it was going to happen – and I had given him my address so he could add me.

I logged on and re-read his words on the note he had given back to me, remembering his words whilst waiting for him to add me.

Third time I was reading the note, a faint chime from the laptop interrupted me.

TDL06 ( hotmail . com) has requested to be a friend.

I snorted quietly at the word friend and clicked accept.

I waited for a second before an icon at the bottom of the screen flashed – indicating someone was talking to me.

It wasn't Taylor.

*Toni* says: Hey girly!

I smiled in spite of myself and typed back.

Jasmine says: How was it?

*Toni* says: Was what?

Jasmine says: Don't play smart with me. You know what I'm talking about. You know…your fuck fest with Bronson.

*Toni* says: OMG IT WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME! Not only is he GREAT in bed, but he is also sweet, and kind and a total gentleman…I seriously couldn't have asked for a better guy…

I swallowed.

Her words reminded me of someone sitting not too far from me.

Jasmine says: That's great. You going to see him again? Or do you think it was just a one off thing?

*Toni* says: One off? Yeah. Right. Ha, I'm going out for lunch with him today – soon actually.

Jasmine says: Aw, that's awesome. I'm really happy for you.

*Toni* says: Thanks hun. So…how's Tay-Tay?

Jasmine says: Um…it's a little complicated right now…

TDL06 has just signed in.

*Toni* says: What did he do? Seriously. He may be all kung-fu and shit, or whatevs it is that he does. But I will seriously kick his butt into next week if he hurt you.

I snorted.

Jasmine says: I'm sure you would like too do that, but I am definitely capable enough to handle myself girl…And it's martial arts btw.

*Toni* says: Yeah, but still…

She left it hanging.

Jasmine says: He hasn't hurt me. Physically. We just need to…talk about a few things…I'm only on here to talk to him actually. We're not talking face to face right now.

*Toni* says: That doesn't sound complicated. It sounds like a fucking full blown fight to me. Anyways… this is where I say goodbye…

Another icon popped up TDL06 says: Hey. I guess it worked, huh?

I minimized it and went back to Toni for a sec.

Jasmine says: Bye hun. Thanks for the unnecessary threats. You always know how to make me laugh.

*Toni* says: That's me.

I opened up mine and Taylor's conversation and sighed.

Jasmine says: Yeah. I guess it did.

TDL06 says: Baby, we need to talk about what you saw…

Jasmine says: Go for it.

I could almost picture him making up some stupid ass excuse.

TDL06 says: I didn't sleep with all of those girls.

Jasmine says: Great explanation. I feel so much better.

TDL06 says: When I mean I haven't slept with all of those girls. I mean I've only slept with three of them.

I stared at the screen with my mouth unhinged.

Jasmine says: Yeah. Right. And I'm God. I bet you've brought at least twenty of them home to meet your mum and dad. Just like me right? And you dubbed the other side of your bed, 'their side' – who's that like? Oh yeah! ME.

TDL06 says: Never brought one home. Which means I never gave them a 'side of bed'. You're the first girl my parents have met.

Jasmine says: Your bullshitting. There was at least twenty-five girls in your shrine. Who slept with the rest then?

TDL06 says: Evan.

I laughed disbelievingly under my breath.

Jasmine says: You're a dick, did you know that? Trying to pin this on your best friend. Why'd I always have to pick the assholes?

TDL06 says: I'm not trying to pin this on Evan damnit! I'm NOT LYING. You think he's this shy, cute, boy that wouldn't hurt a fly. Well, you haven't known him as long as I have. You said you trusted me Jasmine. Well, then trust me when I say that if you want to find yourself a PROPER man whore – go see Evan. I'm almost positive he wont deny it.

I couldn't get my head around it. Seriously.

I had never seen Evan hanging out with piles of women – but that would be because he isn't photographed at even second of everyday.

But still. Sweet, gentle, Evan…

But then again that would sort of explain why Evan's message on the frame was 'all the good times we've had'.


Jasmine says: What about all those girls that everyone sees hanging off your arm on the fronts of magazines. You've slept with all of those chicks. Haven't you?

TDL06 says: No.

Jasmine says: Then why, in magazines and tabloids, do they always seem to mention they have?

TDL06 says: One says they have, then the other says they have because they don't want to seem like they have been left out. When in fact, they're all lying to each other. The few girls I have physically been with wouldn't mention it. Because I know who they are.

Jasmine says: So you're trying to tell me that your not as 'bad man' as everyone says you are? Why don't you just deny the rumours?

TDL06 says: What's the point? They'll just keep coming up again.

Neither of us said anything for a while.

I revelled in the moment. The moment which made my whole heart feel lighter than it ever would. Discovering your…lover wasn't so promiscuous as you thought he was, was definitely the highlight of the year.

Well, of my year.

Jasmine says: I still cant believe that Evan slept with all those girls…

TDL06 says: Everyone has weaknesses.

Jasmine says: What's yours then?

TDL06 says: You.

I sighed.

Jasmine says: I'm not sure Taylor. I trust you. And I forgive you, even though you should have told me about ALL of this sooner but…

TDL06 says: What, baby? Anything. I'll do anything.

Jasmine says: I think we should get tested.

TDL06 says: What kind of test?

Jasmine says: Chlamydia and stuff like that. STI's. I know despite everything, you have to admit, you have had your share of girls…

TDL06 says: No, not really. Just three, like I said. And then you.

Jasmine says: That's not the point. You don't know what kind of things and…diseases you could have got. And we've had…unprotected sex. We don't know what you could have given me.

TDL06 says: I used a condom every time. You're my first.

Jasmine says: Seriously? Don't say it just cause you don't want to be tested.

TDL06 says: Seriously. You are my first.

I exhaled a sigh of relief.

Jasmine says: Oh, that's okay then, we don't need it.

TDL06 says: You've never had it unprotected?

Jasmine says: No.

TDL06 says: Then that would mean your not on the pill…

Jasmine says: Your right. I'm not. I've been taking the morning after. Well, not constantly, cause I'm sure it wouldn't do you any good living off it. But when we kinda got lost in the moment. I took it.

TDL06 says: So we need to start using a condom from now on.

Jasmine says: From now on?

TDL06 says: You said you forgave me.

I smiled.

Jasmine says: I guess I did.

TDL06 says: I am sorry. That you had to find the picture. I knew I should have never kept it.

Jasmine says: I should give it to Evan…

TDL06 says: Ha, you should.

Jasmine says: I wonder if Eva knows…

TDL06 says: I'm pretty sure she does. Evan has never been one to keep secrets.

Jasmine says: Oh, well. Cant say we didn't warn her.

TDL06 says: Yeah…but you know just cause you discovered all this about Evan. It doesn't mean that he is a different person. He's still…Evan.

Jasmine says: I know. And I wont hold it to him.

TDL06 says: …Do you still love me?

I let out a shrill slightly hysterical laugh.

Jasmine says: No.

TDL06 says: Seriously.

Jasmine says: Yes you fucktard.

TDL06 says: Hey. What did I say about the abusive names?

Jasmine says: Apologies your highness. Why'd you ask though?

There was a minute before he replied.

TDL06 says: Cause you hardly ever say it anymore.

Jasmine says: I don't always have to say it. Doesn't mean I don't mean it.

TDL06 says: It would be nice to hear it as much as I belt it out…

Jasmine says: I love you.

TDL06 says: I love you more.

Jasmine says: I still hate you.

TDL06 says: I thought we got over that, honey.

Jasmine says: We did. Weirdly enough. I was actually joking when I said that. But you probably cant see it.

TDL06 says: I can hear you laughing to yourself through the wall.

Jasmine says: Stop listening.

TDL06 says: Okay…

Jasmine says: Good boy. You know, this MSN thing is kinda fun.

TDL06 says: It is, but I would rather be talking face to face.

Jasmine says: But I was mad at you. I didn't want to face you.

TDL06 says: Why?

Jasmine says: Truthfully?

TDL06 says: Nothing less.

Jasmine says: …Because if I faced you then I knew that I wouldn't think straight and just forgive you basically straight away. And I didn't want to do that.

TDL06 says: That would make sense. So…when your angry, that's why you don't look at me..?

Jasmine says: Yeah.

TDL06 says: Is it the puppy dog expression?

I laughed.

Jasmine says: Maybe…

TDL06 says: I miss you…

I didn't even reply. Just shut the lid of my laptop, unlocked my bedroom door and slipped into his room.

He was sitting on his bed, back resting against his headboard just like I had been previously, his laptop rested on his lap.

He looked up at me and smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen him wear, before shutting his Dell, placing it on the floor and patting my side of the bed invitingly.

I half smiled and slipped in beside him, his arms constricted themselves around my body and pulled me close.

I lifted my face to his just in time to catch his sweet, apology, needful yet romantic and intense full kiss.

He pressed his face to mine, his nose against my cheek, his breath against my ear.

He nuzzled me, in a way that would make someone think that he had forgotten what my face felt like, his arms tightened around me as I melted deeper into his embrace.

A place where I really belonged.
Life in America was great.

Or as Miley Cyrus – aka the teenage whore, (not that I could really say anything, but what the hey) – would say, It's a Party In the USA.

Party indeed.

Okay, sure. Taylor and I didn't party every night, not in the 'go out and get hammered' kind of way.

But if your thinking about bedtime partying, then yes. We did party every night.

And day.

And morning, and lunch…

I thought our first night of sex was a lot. But honestly? It was nothing compared to how much we were over each other during the day, shredding each others clothes with just the barest amount of privacy surrounding us.

Of course, sometimes we didn't always get away with it. Worst time being before a shopping trip, Taylor decided to go park on the top floor of the open storey car park and have a little 'sexy adventure'.

There was only an empty van on the same floor, so I all too willingly agreed, grabbing Taylor and pulling him into the back seat of the SUV and letting him have his way with me.

An hour later, we were finished and both pulling on our crumpled clothes when the van drove away honking at us.

Much to our – well, my, seeing as Taylor found it hilarious – mortification, the guys who were in the van rolled down the window as they drove past giving Taylor thumbs up and hollering: 'You bagged a noisy one there son!'

Taylor bought me a pair of Jimmy Choo's, an Ellie Saab dress and a Valentino bag just to cheer me up, ignoring my grumbling protests.

It did make me feel a lot happier though.

Not as much as the fact we hadn't argued once since that day.

Yes we bickered, but only playfully. And didn't we do that in the beginning anyhow?

I did confront Evan about it privately soon after I had shockingly discovered the news, and found myself not really surprised that he did own up. I spoke to Eva after that about it and she just shrugged and said 'He owned up. We use a condom. He's not whoring around now.'

And that was the end of that.

Taylor and I spent a little more time with Ashley, Kellan and the others in our shared free time. I took Toni each time – seeing as Eva didn't mind – which she was very grateful for, seeing as she got to spend that much more time with Bronson until that fateful day when we had to leave.

Luckily, it wasn't goodbyes for everyone, as Ash and Kellan were coming over to the UK for a Eclipse promotional tour and so I would be able to spend some time with them then.

Three days before my last day in the US, Taylor graduated from high school as well as all the other Valencia exchange students.

I watched him proudly from the audience – beside his crying mother, father and sister – as he strode confidently onto the stage to receive his diploma, dark blue graduation gown flowing behind him.

I gave him is graduation present round the back of the restaurant we celebrated at that night. If you get what I mean. Cue unsubtle winking.

But, its today were on.

The day we all fly back to England.

I would definitely miss America…

"Are you nervous?"

I turned away from the airport runaway outside the plane window I sat beside and turned to Taylor who was watching me curiously.

"I'm fine."

"You don't like flying." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. He knew me too well.

"Is it obvious?"

He chuckled and squeezed my hand he was holding onto, "Not until you decided to break all my fingers."

I released his hand minutely, "Sorry."

"Don't worry, baby," he kissed the top of my head.

"I cant not. I hate flying."

"What scares you?" He asked gently.

"I don't know. Everything. Terrorists. Getting travel sick. The plane crashing."

He nodded understandingly, "I would have put us in first class, but we kinda have to stick with everyone else. It would be unfair. But if your uncomfortable, I can have a word with the cabin crew to see if they can squeeze us in…"

"Any deprive all these holiday goers a view of Taylor Lautner?" I motioned briefly towards the other people in the air craft, some girls giggling hysterically a few rows down, aware that Taylor Lautner was sitting on their plane.

"Anything for you honey."

"Its okay."

"Well…how did you manage to survive the flight over?" As he spoke, I was aware of the plane rolling forwards to the top of the runway.

I swallowed, "Eva distracted me."

"Bloody hard too," Eva interjected, pushing her face through the gap between our seats from behind, "it's the beginning of the journey that gets her riled. I tried playing all sorts of games with her, but it was useless. In the end, I had to stick my hand down her pan-"

"Eva!" I squealed, clapping my hand over her mouth.

"You what?" Taylor gasped.

"We played connect four."

Eva started to grumble something against my mouth, but I pinched her lips together.

"Jasmine. Tell me. I wont be freaked out or anything." He pleaded, his face looked so…eager.

Eva bit my hand hard and it fell from her mouth.

Shit balls.

"I fingered her to distract her."

"EVA!" I screamed, covering my face with my hands, pressing my palms to my burning cheeks in an poor attempt to hide my mortification.

"Holy…Shit…" I barely heard Taylor utter from beside me.

I didn't dare open my eyes and repeated the little mantra of 'Oh God, Oh God, Oh God' in my head.

"Jazz. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. I didn't mind." Eva reached between the seats to place an arm on my hand, trying to pull it from my face.

"Jasmine. Baby, seriously. That is probably the hottest thing ever." Taylor yanked my hands from my face.

"Your not freaked out?" I whispered, glad no one else was listening to our conversation.

He laughed, "Are you serious? I am sporting the biggest hard on right now from just thinking about it." He said the last part quietly.

I didn't check to see if he was.

I wouldn't have been surprised. Especially with Taylor.

"I actually didn't know you guys did that." He licked his lips and winked at me.

"Best friends? It was only a one off thing." I laughed nervously.

"You got that right." Eva fist bumped me, "And would you look at that! You didn't even notice us taking off."

I swallowed and glanced out of the window, to see the land of USA fading away.

"Thanks Eva." I sighed, talking through the still ever present nerves.

"No problem babe." She leaned back in her seat.

"You know…" Taylor murmured, leaning to whisper in my ear, "I can tell your still nervous, and I can think of plenty of ways to…distract you. Even better than Eva." His hand rubbed dangerously high on my thigh.

"How much better?" I smiled up at him. I wasn't sure whether it was seductive or not.

He grinned at me and pretended to think for a moment, before grabbing my hand and pulling me out of my seat.

I hadn't noticed the seatbelt signs had been switched off.

Wordlessly he pulled me towards the back of the plane, both of us ignoring the flirtatious looks from the women and girls as we headed to the toilets.

The toilets.

"Taylor! We cant do it in there!" I whispered loudly.

It was a late night flight, so the majority of people around us slept soundly.

"Don't deny us both this experience. Don't you think it is exciting to have sex in a public place?" he whispered back.

"Yes…" I admitted.

"And…it will be a distraction for you," he licked his lips, "The best damn distraction you'll ever have."

I couldn't resist.

"Meet you in the first cubicle in a minute." I turned to go the other way, but he stopped me.

"Why in a minute? Come now."

I clenched my thighs together at the sound of his alpha voice.

"It will look too obvious. Let me just go the other side of the plane and come in from the other side. I'll meet you in there." I pushed him towards the end of the plane, before edging down the aisle and cutting through the next gap through the rows of sleeping passengers, before making my way back down the aisle.

The end toilet was open and I went to open it, before I was roughly man handled back into the small cubicle behind me.

"Wrong one," Taylor growled, before devouring my lips in his hungry, wet kisses.

At some point the managed to close to door securely behind him, making the tight space we were in even tighter.

"This is smaller than I thought," I panted and Taylor roughly shoved my jeans down to my ankles, pressing my back roughly against the sink.

He grunted in agreement and promptly hoisted me up so that I was now sitting on the small countertop.

He pushed himself between my bare legs, against my core. I didn't realise he was naked from that region down until I felt his male hair brush my inner thigh and the cool lubricant of the condom on Taylor's hardened penis slip up and down my wet folds.

He didn't even give me a chance to breathe before he roughly pulled me off of the counter, shoving his thick cock into me in one, smooth thrust.

"Ungh," he cried out, gripping my backside in his warm hands as he turned suddenly to press me against the cold door.

The compartment was so small I could rest the soles of my feet against the sink I was previously sitting on, taking some of my weight off of Taylor.

He moaned, keeping one hand on my butt, he placed the other beside my head against the door and pulled out nearly all the way before slamming back into me.

Once. Twice. Thrice.

He was going at it so hard I was afraid we would fall through the door, out in the open for everyone to see.

I was sure he wouldn't have stopped even then.

He grunted and jerked his hips to meet mine again, his pelvic bone slammed against mine, causing the most unbelievably erotic friction ever.

I cried out and twisted my hands through his styled hair, pressing his parted lips to the tops of my breasts.

He bit one breast with his sharp teeth, before lathering the other with his slick tongue, the same time as jack hammering me with his powerful body into the door.

Who ever said men couldn't multitask?

"Oh, fuck, yes, Taylor, oh God-" I panted loosely before being pulled sharply away from the door and to the other small parallel wall, which he slammed me against before continuing to grind and roll his lean hips against mine, thrusting his cock in and out of my slick walls until I just couldn't take it anymore.

"Yes! Fuck Taylor!" I screamed, not caring if I woke the whole fucking plane up, as he jerked himself repeatedly into me, pushing me over that cliff and letting me ride my waves of one of the best orgasms I had ever had.

I had obviously set him off as seconds later he was falling with me.

"Baby, God, fuck-" he had moaned so loudly, pounding his hips to mine a few more times before pulsing inside of me, releasing himself.

He grew soft inside me slowly before he collapsed to the small floor space, pulling me with him.

"Holy shit, holy shit…" He panted over and over again, sweat poured down the face and neck, only to be soaked into his half unbuttoned shirt.

"I love you. I love you. I love you." I kissed him over and over, stealing his short gasping breaths.

"I love you too. You were amazing." His reached up to caress my face softly.

"And you successfully distracted me better than Eva," I smiled, gently pulling him out of me and cleaning both of ourselves up.

"I should hope so." He chuckled, zipping himself up and pulling me to a standing position before washing his hands.

I sorted myself out before wrapping my arms around his waist.

"I think we were a little loud."

He grinned at me and kissed me gently, "Even more exciting. Just don't make eye contact with anyone. Especially the teachers."

I groaned, "Shit…"

Taylor went to open the door then, and before he could even take a step outside, someone slammed into the bathroom effectively crushing Taylor behind the door and me behind him before throwing themselves to the floor, head over the toilet bowl and throwing up violently.

It took me a long moment to realize it was Toni.

"Oh my God, honey! Are you okay?" I wet a paper towel and held it against her forehead as she dry heaved into the toilet.

She coughed and gasped for air, flushing the toilet and reaching up for the sink, she splashed water on her sickly pale face, before rinsing out her mouth.

"I'm fine. I'm fine," she took the wet paper from me and rubbed her face roughly with it.

"No your not. Are you travel sick?" I pressed, wetting another paper towel.

She took a deep breath and stood up straight , turning towards me.

"I-" She started weakly, before spotting Taylor still standing shocked behind me.

I glanced at him before giving him a nudge towards the door.

This was obviously a girl to girl moment.

"Go. I'll be out in a moment." I kissed him before pushing him out of the cubicle and shutting the door and turning to Toni.

"I'm pregnant."

My jaw was definitely on the floor.


She glanced up at me, her eyes full of tears.

"I'm too young to be a mum Jasmine…"

I shook my head, not in disagreement, but in disbelief. She could not be pregnant.


"I'm pregnant. I took a test yesterday. It's Bronson's baby."

"Are…are you sure? I mean, this is a really big deal, and you wont see him-"

"I know," she snapped before sighing, "I know. This baby is definitely his. And I am definitely pregnant."

"Did you take a test?"

She nodded, "Three."

"Jesus Toni. What the hell are you going to tell people? Are you going to abort it?"

Her emerald eyes flashed up to mind, "I would never have an abortion."

I sighed and nodded in understanding. I wouldn't have one either.

"So your going to…keep it? Or what?"

She sighed tiredly and shrugged, "Maybe put it up for adoption…I don't know though. I cant tell Bronson this. It would ruin his career and it would be so selfish of me."

I pulled her into a tight, comforting hug and she let out a small sob against my chest, "We'll figure it out. Don't worry, sweetheart."

She nodded and sniffled, before turning around to grab another tissue, "Just don't tell anyone, 'kay?"

"I promise."

It was definitely the most distracting plane journey I had ever had.

"MUM! DAD!" I squealed, tripping off of the coach and tackling my awaiting step-mother and father to the ground.

Charlotte had been my step mother for as long as I can remember – my mother died in child birth – and she let me call her mum, so it was cool.

"Oh my God! We missed you so much!" They squeezed me back hard, my dad looked as if he would cry.

"I missed you too!"

Despite everything, I was a very family orientated person.

"It felt so weird not having to scream your name in the morning to get you up for school," My dad teased, kissing my forehead.

"Or having to have a cold shower because you used all the hot water," my step-mother added with a grin.

I rolled my eyes at the antics, "Okay, okay. I've only been here not even five minutes and your already teasing me?"

They both grinned at me and squeezed me into another welcome home hug.

"Sweetheart, your absolutely glowing," my dad held me at arms length to take a good look at me, "What's the reason for this? Happy to see us?"

"Yes, that and…" I turned to the second coach which had just pulled up, students running over with their parents to introduce their American exchange partner, who stumbled out into the crisp British morning air, heavily jet lagged.

Taylor then stepped out and I sighed.

"…and him." My step mum murmured, catching my weakness.

"Really? That's why your glowing? For a guy?" My dad asked.

I tore my eyes away from Taylor grabbing his luggage and turned to my parents, "He's not any guy dad. He's my boyfriend. Taylor."

"Boyfriend?" They both exploded.

"Yes! Now SHUSH!" Everyone was looking.

"Well…congrats kid. We were wondering when we'd see the day you'd bring home a fella." My dad patted me on the shoulder.

"Wait…your congratulating me?"

I could have sworn most parents would have busted their nut.

"We're happy you have a guy. Your kinda at that age now, aren't you sweetie? And its not like we're gonna stand in your way. I mean, your nearly eighteen. You're an adult."

I could feel myself tearing up.

"I love you guys." I hugged them again.

"We love you too, honey…but we do want you to be careful. Just in the sense that this boyfriend of yours doesn't even live in the same country as you, okay?" My stepmother chided.

I swallowed. That was a good point. A point Taylor and I had not discussed of yet.

I wasn't really sure I wanted to.

I nodded, "Okay."

They both grinned at me again, breaking through the slight tension.

"Besides, he is very good-looking." My step mum added, peering over my shoulder to get a good peek at him.

My dad grumbled beside us.

"I'll be back in a second. I'll just go an get him and help him with his luggage." I went to take off, but my dad suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Woah, woah. WOAH. Is this where you tell us that your boyfriend is actually your exchange partner too, and will be staying in the spare bedroom next to yours for a month?"

Oh. Forgot to mention that.

I sidetracked instead, "How did you think we met each other?"

"Hopefully not in the same bed."

My step mum giggled and smacked him playfully and I scowled at him.

"Okay jokester. I'm going to completely ignore what you just said and instead say that yes, Taylor is my boyfriend and exchange partner. Yes, he will be sleeping in the spare bedroom beside mine, and yes. It is for a month. So deal with it people."

My dad went to open his mouth, but then shut it with a sigh.

I smirked triumphantly and turned to get Taylor.

"Fine. But I want you to be careful. There are a box of condoms in my top drawer in you need them." My father called out to me.

I turned to him. He was grinning and my stepmother looked as if she were about to pee herself with laughter.

"Do I even want to know why you have condoms?" I hissed, glancing around and making sure no one had heard.


"NO!" I clamped my hands over my ears, "This conversation is officially over. Try to act normal when I bring Taylor over. Please."

I bolted away, my mind wandering back to the fact my dad has condoms in his top drawer.

Serious EW.

"Jazz!" Taylor called me over from the huge crowd of people. He was grinning madly, with his large suitcase in tow behind him.

I smiled at him and let him envelope me into a big, warm hug. He placed a kiss gently on my lips, "I missed you."

I chuckled at him, "The journey from the airport was only half an hour, Taylor. Don't be such a baby,"

He laughed and hugged me tight before releasing me, "I still missed you."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head with a smile, picking up his carry on bag as he grabbed his large suitcase, "Hey, come and meet my parents. They're looking forward to seeing you."

He smile faltered a little, "They are?"

"Sure. I told them all about us already, so you don't need to worry about that," I entwined my fingers through his as we made our way over to my on looking parentals, "I will apologize now if they say something embarrassing. Especially on behalf of my dad."

He chuckled, "Don't worry about it."

As we neared, I could see my parents eyeing our linked hands with a small grin.

"Hey guys. This is Taylor," I started to introduce them, "Taylor, this is my step mum and dad. Charlotte and Tom."

Taylor smiled his infectious smile and shook both of their hands, "It's nice to meet you."

"You too son." I breathed a sigh of relief as my dad smiled back at him.

"I guess, we should head back then," my step mum piped up gently, "I bet you kids are tired as hell."

"You bet." Taylor threw an extra wink in my direction just for extra measure.

Aw, hell.

"Oh, I rented a couple of movies for us to watch tonight if you guys are up for it…" My dad mentioned on the journey back home, "Some horror movie and a this other movie that everyone was making a bug fuss over in Blockbuster. Eclipse, I think. You know, the one where there is that weird sparkly vampire, that girl and this buff werewolf-" Dad cut off and stared at Taylor and I madly as we laughed hysterically in the back of the Jeep.

"What?" He demanded.

"Oh, nothing," I laughed, wiping tears from my eyes as Taylor snickered beside me, "That sounds like a pretty good film actually. Doesn't it Taylor?"

He snickered, "Yes it does Jasmine. I cant wait to see it."

My dad eyed the two of us suspiciously in the rear view mirror for the rest of the journey.

He did find out in the end. Embarrassingly enough for him.

Taylor and I were watching the screen and my fathers reaction the first time Taylor came on. It was hilarious to see his, "Wow, he looks a lot like you-…Wait. THAT IS YOU!" realisation.

My step mum just stared at Taylor in utter shock as my dad kept on spluttering some crap about 'me dating Jacob Black' and how he 'never realised' or the fact that we could get broken into by angry mobs of teenage girls now that Taylor Lautner was living in our house.

Taylor and I both just laughed it off and my dad seemed to relax.

But still in slight awe, we did continue to watch the movie.

"Thank you for everything, Charlotte." Taylor smiled at my stepmother as she said goodnight to us outside our bedrooms. Dad was already asleep, having said goodnight already.

"Don't worry about it, sweetie. I'm glad yours staying," she smiled kindly at him and came over to give me a hug goodnight.

"He can stay in your room if you want," she whispered in my ear, "I give you permission. I trust you guys."

I blanched at her, "But what about dad?"

She shrugged, "He wont come into either of your rooms. And…I'll tell him soon enough. He'll understand eventually."

I hugged her again, "Thanks mum."

"No problem. Just…be careful, okay?" She kissed my forehead and padded down the hall to their bedroom.

"Wow," I murmured.

"What?" Taylor asked, pulling me into his arms.

"She just gave me consent to sleep in the same bed as you."

His eyes widened for a moment before he grinned, "I love your mom."

I smacked his chest and he laughed, adding, "Not as much as you of course."

I smiled as I helped him move his stuff into my room.

I knew that much.
"There is…no way, I am getting on that beast."

"Don't call him a beast! He has a name." I snipped back defensively, my hand automatically reaching up to stroke the smooth muzzle of Prince, who rested his huge head on my shoulder, breathing his hot breath against the side of my face.

"Why would you call your horse Prince?" Taylor asked incredulously, his wide eyes still sizing up my most reliable friend who stood over me.

"Because he looks like one!"

Taylor just snorted.

I huffed and tugged Prince forward another step, towards Taylor.

"Will you just get on the damn horse? He's perfectly safe."

"Then how come you haven't ridden him yet? And more importantly, how come you never told me you owned a pony?"



"I don't know," I shrugged, "I must have spoken about horse riding at some point…"

"You may have been mistaken for the other riding. You know, the one where your sitting on my cock-"

"Taylor!" I hissed and Prince jerked behind me at the sudden sound.

"You just pissed him off." Taylor pointed to my gelding standing majestically behind me, all tacked up and ready to be ridden and relieved of pent up energy.

"Your pissing me off. Now stop being a damn pussy and get your butt on that saddle!"

He groaned in weak protest but climbed over the fence into the sand school anyway, cautiously approaching Prince who started to shift restlessly on his hooves.

"Don't be scared. Horses can feed off of that and it scares them too." I warned him as I handed him the loose reigns for a moment just so I could get the step to help Taylor up.

"Oh great," he said dropping the reigns and taking another step back (Prince was good enough not to bolt off luckily enough,) "Now there is definitely no way I am getting on him without you going first."

I rolled my eyes at him and took the riding hat out of his hands and pulled it onto my head, fastening the strap under my chin.

I got onto the step ladder and held onto the secured saddle before lifting myself onto Prince's back. I tightened the girth another notch before slipping the toes of my riding boots into the stirrups and nudging Prince into a gentle trot.

Taylor watched for about fifteen minutes from the side as I trotted and cantered Prince around our outdoor sand school, making sure he was fully warmed up before sliding off of my sixteen hand gelding and handing Taylor the hat.

"You promise to not let go?" He asked me as he stepped up to my horse.

"I promise."

Taylor successfully rode a horse for the first time that day.

And guess what?

I was the one who had to coax him off.

"I don't want to go…" Taylor whined against my lips, tightening his arms around me.

"Jeeze Taylor, its only a day. You'll have fun up in London."

"I don't want to see the sights without you with me. And besides, I wanna take advantage of you in that cute little uniform…"

I smacked his hands away from my white blouse, "Don't make fun of my uniform. English schools arent fun like America. We all have to wear uniform."

"I wasn't making fun of it. I think it looks sexy." He said innocently.

I decided to change the subject before I got too horny.

"Look. I managed to go sight seeing without you. Just. You'll like it anyway," I kissed him chastely again as the American exchanges went to board the coach which would drive them up to London, "I would love to come and show you around. But some people still have to finish school."

He pouted and I laughed at his expression.

"I'll see you after school." I pushed him towards the coach.

"Fine." He huffed, turning on his heel to stalk off towards the crowd.

"I LOVE YOU!" I yelled loudly, laughing at the same time as everyone turned to look at me.

Taylor stopped and turned, his face breaking out into a huge grin. He sprinted back towards me, tackling me in his huge bear hug, lifting my feet well off of the ground he peppered kisses all over my face.

"Love you more, baby." He kissed my nose before winking at me and making his way cockily back to the coach, leaving me all flustered and red faced in my school parking lot.

Holy shit.

If we cant even leave each other without an emotional, dramatic goodbye, how the hell are we going to survive when Taylor has to go home?

I swallowed.

"Jazz," I soft voice pulled me out of my waking nightmare.

I turned to find Toni smiling gently at me.

"Oh. Hey honey." I hugged her briefly for a moment before we started to walk back up to school together.

"I think Taylor's a little obsessed with you…" Toni teased, nudging me in the ribs.

I rolled my eyes and snorted, "Why you so obsessed with me…?" I sang out of tune under my breath.

"Woah. Hold that thought. Let me just go get some ear plugs," Toni covered her hands over her ears.

"Ha, ha. When'd you get so funny?"

"Ooh. Sarcasm."

I laughed, "Only the best."

We were silent for a while as we walked up the path to school.

I wanted to talk about it.

I just didn't know how to bring it up.

"Did you…-"

"No," Toni answered my unasked question, "I'm going to tell them tonight. I hope they'll understand."

I smiled over at her.

"Me too."

"It was so awesome! I mean, I've been to London before, but I've never gotten the chance to go around London. The London Eye was pretty cool, but it took ages to get all the way round. And I got a few things from Jack Wills as well." Taylor was positively gushing as he clambered off of my bed and went to his rucksack sitting on my vanity stool, he dug through it for a moment before presenting me with loaded Jack Wills bag.

I laughed at his excitement and went to leaf through his purchases before my bedroom door slammed open.

"Jesus Eva! Ever heard of KNOCKING?" I tried to calm my racing heart.

"Nah. I've seen everything before," she shrugged into my room, sauntering over to my small recliner in the corner and plopping down.

"You may as well get yourself comfy too Evan," I sighed, welcoming him in, "Seeing as everyone likes hanging out in my room so much."

He grinned as me and perched himself on the stool.

"So…what we're you bitches up to? Fucking? Again?" Eva so bluntly asked.

"For once…no. Sadly not." Taylor smirked and came to lay beside me on the bed.

I rolled my eyes, "Taylor was just showing me what he bought from Jack Wills."

"Oh. Yeah. Evan went there too."

"What did you buy?" I asked him.

He grinned and pointed to his t-shirt which undoubtedly said JACK WILLS right across the front, "I bought some other stuff too."

"I wish we went. I want some new Jack Will stuff," Eva whined.

"We'll go shopping once we finish our A-levels."

"Do you guys graduate?" Evan asked.

I shrugged, "Not like you guys do. We don't have graduation gowns and hats and stuff like that. I wish we did though. We kinda just have our last day and…leave. For college and university and whatever."

"We do have a big party though." Eva grinned at me and I groaned.

"What?" Taylor asked.

"Nothing. I'm just meant to be hosting the end of school party this year. I though mum and dad would say no and I could get out of it, but they were all for it. It's going to be a nightmare."

"I think it'll be fun. We'll still be here wont we?" Evan asked.

"Yeah. I think the school worked it out like that. We were there for your graduation and you're here for ours. Sort of. Your set to leave the next morning."

We were all silent for a moment.

Just thinking about leaving made us unusually quiet.

Taylor then opened his mouth to say something before was cut off by someone else stepping into my room.

"Holy shit!" I gasped, scrambling off of the bed so I could catch Toni just as she went to throw herself in my arms.

She sobbed into my chest heavily, gasping for air and I momentarily forgot about my other worried on looking guests (and boyfriend) but was more distracted by comforting my friend in need.

"Hey, hey," I hushed her, rocking her against my body as Eva came and stepped up to us, placing a reassuring hand on Toni's shoulder, "What happened?"

"I…I told them…" She choked out, bringing her hands up to her wet, red face.

Oh God. Her parents obviously weren't as understanding as she hoped.

"I…cant…believe I told them!" She heaved, "I told them Jazz…and they," she gasped through another sob, "…they kicked me out! I told them…I was pregnant and they didn't…want me anymore!" She cried.

There were a lot of gasps in the room – Toni obviously didn't care she had just blurted out her big secret – but the loudest one came from Toni as she wrenched away from my embrace.

"I'm gonna be sick," She clamped her hand over her mouth as I hurriedly pushed her towards my en suite. I shut the door behind her and turned to face the wrath of my friends.

"She's pregnant?" Taylor choked out, "With Bronson's kid?"

Well, that just skipped a whole step.

I nodded.

He stared at me wide eyed before flopping back to the edge of the bed.

"Taylor you cant tell him. Promise me you wont tell him. She doesn't want him to know. She told me she wants to give it up for adoption." I pleaded with him.

"But Jasmine! It's his child! He has the right to know!" He argued back, standing up from the bed.

"I know! But its her body the baby is growing in, so its her choice! She's the one giving birth to it! It's not your place to tell him anything!"

"Damn right it isn't! Bronson is planning on flying out her with Ash and Kellan, what's Toni gonna say to him 'Oh, sorry I cant see you right now, because I am currently pregnant with your child and don't want you to find out before I give it away!'" He snapped angrily, stepping forward to me.

I glowered at him, "I know you are sticking up for one of your best friends, but I'm sticking up for mine. You have to see that we have to go by what Toni wants."

"But its wrong." He sighed angrily.

"It does not matter. Its her body. It's her fucking choice damnit!"

I didn't realise we were so close – almost in each others faces – until I felt Eva pull me gently back.

"Calm down guys," Eva advised, "You don't really wanna fight over this do you?"

I didn't answer. I just looked at Taylor emotionlessly.

The angry fire in his eyes softened immensely and he took a step towards me.

"No. I don't wanna fight. I'm sorry," he took my hands and pulled me into his arms. I sighed and buried my face in his warm chest and curled my arms around his body.

"Me too." He kissed my head.

"But you guys cant tell. All of you, okay?"

They promised.

But apparently Toni's parents didn't.

It was round the whole school at the end of the week.

"Who you been shagging lately Toni?"

"Who's the babies dad? Your brother?"

"She must be a whore, if her parents kicked her out!"

"Jasmine! Don't hang around with her! She's tainted with some yobs spawn!"

It had all been too much for both of us.

"WILL YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP? SHE NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU, SO GO GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF EACH OTHERS ARSES AND LEAVE US THE FUCK ALONE!" I screamed at the stupid fucks of other students as Toni bolted for the toilet, the stress was too much for her.

It had been going on for a week now.

I ran after her as the students finally dispersed, finding her in the toilet sobbing her poor heart out.

"Toni?" I called softly, "Come out honey."

There was a bit of shuffling behind the closed door as she probably grabbed some tissues before the door opened.

"Hey, look don't worry about-"

My sentence cut off in a gasp.

"What?" She croaked, sniffling.


I pointed to her bloody, red soaked crotch. The fresh blood absorbed into her jeans.

Holy shit.


I turned my attention away from the tour guide as my phone buzzed in my pocket.


"Hey man! How's life in London treating you?"

Well, speak of the devil.

"Oh, um, hey Bronson. Yeah, its awesome. How's everything back there?" I moved to the back of the tour bus so I wasn't interrupting anything, but slinked down in my seat so the few paparazzi that lurked in London couldn't snap a shot of me.

They hadn't been successful so far.

"It's good. I guess. We all missed you and Jazz at lunch yesterday. And Toni. I definitely missed her," he pined sadly, "How is my girl?"

"Who? Jazz or Toni?" I joked, trying to pathetically change the subject.

"Toni. Of course,"

I rubbed the back of my neck, "Oh. Er, she's good. I guess. I haven't really seen her round much."

"Oh. Well, I cant wait to see her when I come over. She's gonna be so surprised to see me!" He chuckled excitedly down the phone to me.

"Well, er, man, I don't…really think that's a great idea anymore. I mean, I think she's going through a few things at the moment…" I spluttered nervously.

"But I thought you said you hadn't seen her around?" He shot back.

Fuck balls.

"I haven't. Really. But I just know through Jasmine."

"Well what's wrong with her then?"

"I…don't know."

"Well you obviously do."

"I don't man. Honest."

Jeeze, I may be an actor and shit, but this was going downhill. Fast.

"Okay," I sighed, thinking he had dropped it then, "I'll just have to phone Toni and tell her I'm coming sooner…"

"NO! Don't phone her!"

He sighed down the phone and I knew I had really dropped myself in it, "Why the heck not? Your not telling me jack shit, and I know something is up, seeing as you said that you don't even think it is a good idea that I even come over and visit-"

"It's cause she's pregnant!" I exploded.

There was a pause, in which I really did consider just bursting out with a 'just kidding'.

But the line went dead before I could take it back.

Fuck. My. Life.

I was in deep, deep shit.

Think of the most deepest part of the ocean in the world, filled with shit and then imagine me stuck at the bottom of the pile.

That was where I wanted to hide forever right now.

Why? Oh, maybe because I just blurted out the hugest secret ever, that was not my secret to tell, not just to anybody, but to the only fucking person in the goddamn world who wasn't supposed to know.

Fuck me like a rabbit.

Not only did that happen (you'd think it couldn't get worse) but I just happen to be spending this one night out of THIRTY other nights in a hotel room in London (for the experience. Yeah. Great fucking experience.) and not with Jasmine.

I hadn't told her.

Bronson was potentially on a flight over here right this second.

And my life just turned to hell.

Jasmine was going to dice my balls.

As I lay in the uncomfortable bed that night, I thought over what I could possibly do to save my life.

I definitely could not call her and tell her the situation. I mean, I could. But it was just not something you tell to someone over the phone. She'd probably be more pissed if I did it over the phone anyway, I thought, most girls do get pissed with that phone shit.

Oh God. So if I leave it till tomorrow when I break the news to her face, what the fuck would she be like then?

I fell out of bed in my haste to get to my cell which was charging on the table.

Fuck phones. I want to stay alive.

"Hello?" Came her hoarse voice from the other end of the line.

I probably woke her up. But right then, I didn't really give a shit.

"Jazz? I have to tell you something. URGENTLY. I messed up big time, baby. But I swear I didn't mean to-"

"Taylor?" She gasped down the phone, "No. I need to tell you something first…" she broke off for a moment, "…unless your phoning me to break up with me…?"

"NO! Nothing like that, its just today I was-"

"Me first!" She cut me off, "You know everyone has been really hard on Toni because of the pregnancy and everything?"

Talk about being on the same fucking tracks.

Before I could respond, she whispered, "The stress made her have a miscarriage. She lost the baby Taylor."

My life just got a whole lot worse.

"Fuck!" The sentiment was out of total shock and horror at the sudden loss of Toni's child.

But it was also for me. And my near ending life.

"I know," Jasmine sighed down the phone, "I'm at the hospital with her right now. She's so distraught it breaks my heart. Eva is sitting with her right now."

There was a very long awkward pause.

I was tempted to hang up.

"So, what was it you wanted to tell me?"

"Er, I don't…I really don't think…maybe I should just-"

"Tell me." Jasmine insisted down the phone.

And then it was pouring from my mouth. Just like on the bus.

I really had to get that in check.

"I didn't mean to I swear! He just called and he was asking me all these questions about her and I tried to hide it I swear to God, but then he kept on coming at me and throwing back what I just said to him and threatened to fly over earlier and I told him not to and in the end I just told him! And I didn't mean to, it just came out and I couldn't stop myself or take it back and then he hung up on me and I think he's coming over right now to check. But it has all gone to shit now this has happened!"

I spoke so fast I prayed she hadn't heard it.

But she did. Of course.

"Who is coming over?"

"Bronson." I squeaked.

The pause nearly made me shit in fright.

"You told Bronson about Toni-"

"By accident!" I threw in quickly.

"-and now he is flying over? After she just miscarried?"

Oh. Yep. There it is. The light at the end of the tunnel.

At least I wont die a virgin.

"Jasmine. I didn't mean to. I swear to you on my life." I pleaded with her.

There was another breathy pause, "And he is flying out here right now to see her?"

"Yes. Ash phoned me to ask why Bronson took off for here all of a sudden."

"And did you tell her?" Jasmine asked with her pitch raised.

"No. Jazz, I swear I didn't mean to tell it just came out."

I chewed my lip as I waited for what she would say next.

"You better get your butt down to the airport then. Fast."

Yes ma'am.

After scribbling a quick note in explanation of my disappearance for Evan, shoving it under his hotel door, I flew out of the hotel, called the first cab I could find and waited the torturous hour it took to get to Gatwick Airport.

I phoned Bronson. Multiple times. He obviously didn't have his phone switched on (meaning he was definitely on a plane seeing as he always had his phone on.) After trying to call him for the fiftieth time, my mind seemed to finally absorb the fact that he just wasn't going to pick up his cell and make my life more hellish than it already was.

I phoned Ashley instead.


"ASH! What time did Bronson leave for here?"

"What? Taylor, what the hell are you on about-"

"Just tell me!" I snapped, the cab driver gave me the eye in the rear view mirror.

"Um…I don't know what time, but I think he left about…seven hours ago maybe? Yeah. It was morning over here then," she seemed happy that she could remember, and I was just relieved that I had plenty of time to get the airport, "Hey. Isn't it like really late over there?"

I checked my watch, "Nearly midnight."


I was slightly irritated with her enthusiasm, but tried not to show it, "Hey Ash? It takes about eleven hours to get from LA to London, doesn't it?"

"Yeah," she confirmed, "But Bronson isn't flying from LA."


The cab driver jumped at my sudden outburst and I resisted the urge to tell him to mind his own fucking business.

"Calm down Taylor. He's flying from New York. He was on tour with me and Kellan when he just…took off."

"New York! Doesn't it take eight hours to fly from there to here?"

She sounded nonchalant as she answered and I could have screamed, "Hmm. About seven and a half."

I hung up.


The cab screeched to a halt outside the 'Arrivals' area of Gatwick Airport in a better amount of time I could have imagined.

I hastily threw two fifty pound notes at the grumbling cab driver (he wasn't grumbling when he saw the money) before jetting off inside the semi vacant airport, already calling Bronson's cell as I looked for the arrival gate for New York, ignoring the few people taking photos of my stressed face.

In the end, it wasn't necessary.


I turned to the sound of my name being called to find the one and only.

"FUCK! THANK GOD!" I threw my arms around the bewildered Bronson in a manly hug, not actually being able to thank my lucky stars enough that I had made it on time.

"Hey, man. What's up? Happy to see me?" He joked as I released him and started to drag him out of the airport.

"Taylor? Hey!" He pulled my arm from him and yanked me to a stop, folding his arms across his chest. Waiting.

Please don't make me be the one to tell him.

"Come on," I tried to urge him to walk, "We have to go."

He shrugged me off, "Not until you tell me what's happened."

I sighed and rubbed my face wearily with my hands as I turned to him.

"Taylor? Bro?" He questioned, placing a hand on my shoulder, "Is Jazz okay?"

I nodded and looked up at him.

Please understand.

"Bronson. It was the stress. People were picking on her and-"

"On who?" His eyes were blazing with a fire I had never seen before and I automatically took a step back.

He knew who.

"Toni," I whispered sadly, shaking my head, "The baby. Your baby. It's gone."

I had never seen him cry, until today.


"Your gonna have to tell her Jazz," Eva nudged me towards room 303, "He's gonna turn up and then Toni wont have any idea that he's here. Could you imagine what state that could put her in if she saw him all of a sudden? She might have a heart attack!"

I took deep breath and nodded, about to march into her room, but chickened out last minute and tried to turn back.

Eva grabbed me and pushed me into the room before I could get anywhere.

"Oh, hey guys," Toni smiled tiredly up at me from her bed, she was lucky enough to get her own room and some privacy.

Finding out the fate of her unborn baby sent her into paralytic shock on the bathroom floor, an ambulance was sent to pick her up, but she was okay now.

Not great. But okay.

"Hey honey," I smiled at her and went to sit on the edge of her bed as Eva took the spare seat by the bed, "How you feeling now?"

"Better," she nodded slightly and then smiled, "I can move my hand now," she demonstrated by squeezing my hand weakly.

"Thank God! I thought there was a definite possibility of an amputation there," I joked and she grinned, too tired to laugh.

"Jasmine," Eva prompted from the other side of the bed causing Toni to turn to her, then to me.

"What is it?" She asked, her eyes already worried.

My heart went out to her. She had already had enough bad news today.

And as much as what I would tell her next could be good news.

It wasn't.

"Toni," I started, not really sure how to tell her, could I just blurt it out? "Taylor made a mistake today, not on purpose. It…it just came out and he couldn't take it back. He phoned me and apologized. He really didn't mean to-"

"Bronson's coming over. Now." Evan cut me off.

"What?" Toni gasped, the sound of her heart rate picked up dramatically from the sound of the monitor beside her bed.

"Eva!" I hissed, then turned back to Toni.

Shit! Is she breathing? Yeah. I think so. Damn. I think she's going into paralytic shock again. Maybe I should call for help. Where is that fucking red bell? I really don't wanna be here right now-

"He's…flying…over…now?" Toni wheezed and my eyes frantically searched for something that could help her to breath better.

I grabbed something that looked like and oxygen mask and pressed it over her mouth and nose.

"JASMINE YOU NEED TO TURN IT ON!" Eva screeched at me, pointing to the tank it was connected to. I scrambled to twist the wheel so oxygen could flow into Toni's gasping mouth.

I hope it is oxygen…

Eva and I watched as Toni took three deep breaths, her heart monitor decreasing slowly in pace.

And this is why I could never be a doctor.

"You okay? We didn't mean to scare you…" I apologized and breathed a small sigh of relief when she smiled weakly up at me, still breathing and covered my hand with her clammy one.

"But…" Eva started gently beside me, "It is true Toni. He's coming over."

We watched her as she seemed to stare off into space for a long time, breathing deeply and evenly. She eventually reached up to pull the oxygen mask from her face so she could speak clearly.

"Why?" She whispered to me, "You said something about Taylor…"

I nodded sadly, "Taylor didn't mean to. He promised he wouldn't, but Bronson being Bronson was managed to get it out of him somehow. He was beating himself up about it so much. I swear on my life he didn't mean to. I know he wouldn't do something like that to hurt you, honey. Taylor's your friend. He wouldn't want to jeopardize your friendship." I explained on Taylor's behalf gently.

She took a deep breath and nodded, seemingly understand the complications.

"What did Bronson say?"

I shrugged lightly, "Taylor said he hung up on him when he found out and then Taylor spoke to Ashley who was with him and said he just took off. This is obviously important to him," I looked anywhere but Toni's watering eyes, "…I just wish he could have made it." I whispered.

She closed her eyes and I watched solemnly as a tear slipped down her cheek.

"Me too."

Eva fell asleep in no time at all, still sitting in the chair with her arms crossed on Toni's bed in front of her, with her head laying on it.

Toni wasn't asleep. But she kept her eyes closed. Almost as if she didn't want to face the world around her right then, and I honestly couldn't blame her.

I didn't move from the spot on her bed, despite the groaning protests of my back and neck from sitting in the same position for a long time.

I held Toni's hand until I heard some sort of commotion outside in the hall.

What the hell?

We weren't even in the ER section, so why are people shouting?

I slipped off of the bed and grab the rail for a second as I regain the strength in my legs again. I tried to slip my hand from Toni's weak grip, but still managed to rouse her.

"Where are you going?" She whispered, making a grab for my hand again.

"Just to see what that noise is. I'll be back in sec," I smiled and made my way painfully over to the door, stepping out into the hallway and shutting it behind me.

Aw fuck balls.

"Wait!" I cried, running forward to the small crowd of nurses, "They're with me!"

No one seemed to listen.

I pushed through the stupid twats of nurses watching the brawl outgoing on the floor with security and them.

Bronson was lying on his chest, face pressed to the cold hospital floor as a security man pinned his arms behind his back, having quite some trouble in getting him to stop struggling, Bronson yelling in rage, his voice muffled by the floor.

That I expected.

Taylor? I did not.

He was lying on his back on the floor not a metre from Bronson's struggling form, a doctor was gripping his wrists, stretching Taylor's arms well above his head as another security man tried to grab his thrashing feet.

I watched as the security guy got far to close and Taylor kicked him solidly in the jaw, knocking him onto the floor as he roared profanities and tried to turn on the doctor who was stretching him.

I couldn't watch anymore.

"EVERYONE BACK THE FUCK OFF! THEY ARE WITH ME!" I screamed as loud as I could, grabbing all the right attention as everyone looked up at me including Bronson and Taylor.

"And who are you?" One of the doctor's stepped forward.

"I've been staying with the patient in room 313." I tried to reply as calmly as I could.

The doctor looked confused but a nurse stepped forward to him, "She's with the girl who had the miscarriage."

I closed my eyes, not bearing to look at Bronson's face.

"Can you please let my friends go please? They didn't mean to do any harm," I pleaded. The security guard who Taylor had kicked in the face grumbled under his breath.

"I'm sorry. But visiting hours are over and these two just waltzed in here and started abusing my staff," one doctor spoke up.

Taylor and Bronson both started to yell in protest but I cut them off, "I'm sure they didn't mean to. This is a very stressful moment right now. My friend Bronson there is the babies father," I lowered my tone to the doctor, "Taylor had to pick him up from the airport as he just landed from America," I softened my tone and gave him my best puppy dog eyes, "Please could just make this one allowance? He has travelled half way across the world. We can discuss the consequences later…?"

The doctor sighed and nodded, "Very well. Just this once," he started to shoo the on looking nurses, "And don't worry about the consequences. I'm sure they acted out of stress."

I smiled, "Thanks Doc."

I watched as the security men released Taylor and Bronson, stepping away cautiously. Bronson scrambled to his feet seconds later, sprinting straight past me and to room 313. When Taylor had got his feet we both ran after him, bumping into Eva on the way.

"What was-"

"Is he with her?" I panted, cutting her off.

"Yeah," she nodded, "That's why I left. It was too…" she struggled to find the word.

"I know."

We all made our way down the lengthy corridor to Toni's room. I peered through the window and held back the tears as I watched Bronson cradle her to his chest, stroking her dark hair with his large hands as her pale hands gripped his arms for dear life.

Bronson's back was turned to me, but I could see by the way it trembled and shook that he was crying.

"I'm just gonna get us some drinks," Eva murmured, sniffing gently and taking her leave for the heart breaking scene before us.

I couldn't bear to watch Toni and Bronson's comforting embrace anymore, turning away from the window sharply I looked up at the pasty hospital ceiling, blinking the tears of sorrow furiously out of my eyes.

There was a prominent sniffle from beside me.

I wiped my eyes as I glanced to my left to find Taylor.

He sat on the floor, his back pressed to the wall, knees up, arms crossed and face buried in the crook of his arm.

And when I thought my heart couldn't break anymore.

I slid to the ground beside him, pressing the heels of my palms to my eyes.

"It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do," Taylor murmured thickly into his arm. Rubbing his face on it a few times he came to rest his chin on his arms.

"I'm sorry," and I was, "It wasn't your burden to bare."

He nodded and turned to me, his eyes were rimmed red, "He had to find out somehow. I was the one who fucked it up in the beginning, so it was my duty to tell him."

"Taylor," I shook my head gently, reaching up to trace my fingers over his weary face. His eyes closed at my touch and he reached out for me, pulling me close to him, halfway across his lap he covered my mouth with his unexpectedly, pulling my lower lip gently between his and sucking on it softly, caressing it with his sweet tongue.

The kiss was everything. Hard, gentle, passionate, tender, needy, distant, and I was confused as to why he was kissing me like this. I mean, of course I shouldn't be surprised that he kisses me all of a sudden. He was my boyfriend. It was normal to kiss me, right?

But he clutched me closer, almost painfully to his chest, now crushing his lips to mine, his hands caressed my face, touching me softer than I could have ever imagined and I realised in my aching chest that he wanted me.

Not in that kind of want. Not the kind of want I was used to feeling with him.

But he actually wanted me. He wanted me with him. He wanted me to stay with him. He didn't want me to leave. He didn't want to let go – not like Toni and Bronson. He wanted me to stay where I was right this second.

In his arms.

"I love you Jasmine," he whispered, kissing me hard on the lips again, "I love you so much you wouldn't believe it."

I didn't realise he was crying until I tasted his tears on my tongue.

And then, before I could even comprehend what was happening, I was crying too.

And we were smiling and crying and laughing and kissing and we looked like to stupid sappy gay freaks sitting on the hospital floor holding each other kissing each other like it was air to breathe.

But we didn't care.
Toni was given the all clear the next morning and released from the hospitals tight confines right next to Bronson, Taylor, Eva and I as we all piled into my Beetle and drove Bronson to the closest hotel where he and Toni would stay (seeing as she had still not been accepted back into her own home. Not that she would want to go back.)

"How long you staying for man?" Taylor rolled down the passenger window to speak to Bronson as he helped Toni into the hotel.

Bronson shrugged, eyeing Toni who was tucked snug under his arm, "A while."

"Kay. Call us if you need anything."

They waved somberly to us as I pulled away and took us home.

It had only been a week later, when we had all been having a coffee in the local Starbucks, when things started picking up again.

"Oh, look who it is," we all turned to the sneering voice to find the one and only.

"Sara? What the hell are you doing here?" Taylor stood suddenly, facing his ex girlfriend, flanked by two of the only guys you didn't want to mess with in this small town.


I groaned internally, oh great.

And for people who may not know what chavs are, it stands for Council House And Violent.

Huh. Welcome to England.

Sara flicked her stray unnaturally dark locks over her shoulder, "Visiting my cousins," she motioned to the two douche bags behind her as Toni, Eva and I gaped.

"No," Taylor growled under his breath, "Why the hell are you over here? Ruining our day."

Sara's cousins sneered at Taylor and I knew I needed to warn him before something broke out.

"Please," she snorted, "Ruining your day? Honey, I'm here to ruin your life. And your pretty little whore. Just like you ruined mine."

Taylor rolled his eyes, "Fuck you Sara. Get the fuck out of my life. I don't want to see you anymore. Don't you get it? Oh, you probably wouldn't. I mean, if these guys are related to you, you mustn't have a fucking brain let alone any common sense to realise that me telling you to get fucked is me cutting off any form of contact with you. And don't make me tell you again." He spat at her as I, and my other friends, stared at Taylor wide eyed at the manner of how he spoke.

He had never spoke so disrespectfully to a person – a woman – like that before.

But then I consider who he is talking to and I don't really feel any sympathy.

"And don't make me have to fucking tell you that your gonna fucking regret that. You cunt." One of her cousins – Jamie I think his name was – stepped forward, a menacing look on his face.

As much as he had nothing on Taylor (and from the way Taylor stood his ground firm, deliberately folding his muscular arms across his chest, flexing his biceps, he obviously knew he outranked him) I still had the need to calm Taylor down. I mean, these fuckers were nothing against Taylor, Bronson and Evan, but I was sure they had connections.

"Taylor," I whispered, taking his hand in mine and tugging him away, "Just leave it."

"Yeah Taylor. Why don't you listen to your whore and 'just leave it'?" Sara sneered.

I glowered at her from my seat.

She would regret that.

Big. Time.

"Don't you fucking dare talk about my girlfriend like that! She's a better girlfriend than you will ever be, now get your fucking skank ass out of my face!" Taylor roared, stepping out of my hold.

I started to get nervous. People were looking now.

"What are you going to do? Hit her?" One of her other cousins – Reece – stepped forward to Taylor.

"I would never hit a girl. Even if she's a fucking bitch," Taylor hissed.

Behind us, Bronson and Evan stood.

"Aw look. It's Taylor's pussy posse," Sara sniped, "Are you staying for a long time Bronson? Or just visiting your whore of a girlfriend? I heard about the baby by the way. It was probably better off gone."

Everything started to happen so quickly then.

Bronson moved forward, his fists clenched by his sides, the look of death in his eyes as he glowered at Sara.

"Check this out," Jamie laughed, "You gonna hit her too? Or are you too much of a pussy like this fucker?"


But it didn't come from Bronson. Or Taylor.

My knuckles suddenly started to throb and I flexed my fingers, looking down at the redness forming.

I then looked up to find Sara screaming in rage, clutching her nose, getting ready to lunge.

For me.

Oh shit. I just punched her.

And then reality came crashing back down.

"YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU BROKE MY NOSE!" Sara screamed at me, Jamie helped her off of the floor, while Reece turned to me, his arm raised.

I waited for the hit.

"I wouldn't even fucking consider hitting her if I were you," Taylor snarled, his hand in a vice grip around Reece's arm which was inches from my face.

Reece spat at him, "You fucking dead mate."

"And your about to be fucking humiliated. Mate."

I watched with wide eyes as Taylor twisted Reece's arm expertly, pulling him forward, only to grab hold of his other arm as well, before planting his boot clad foot hard against Reece's stomach and kicking him hard backwards, causing him to fall over a recently vacant table, knocking remnants of coffee down his t-shirt.

I was genuinely surprised to hear a few shocked laughs around me, but Sara's scream drowned it out as she staggered to her feet, blood still dripping from her nose and onto her top lip, she made a bee line for me, but a large hand was placed on her shoulder, restraining her.

"I suggest you pick up your friends and get the hell out of here before I call the police, young lady," the manager growled, not giving her a chance to respond, pushing her and her humiliated cousins towards the door, "And if I ever hear of you causing trouble with these people again – or in general – I will personally go to the police and give evidence against you myself. Now get the fuck out of here." One shove, and they were gone.

"Are you kids okay?" The manager asked us as everything started to die down a bit.

"Yeah," Taylor nodded, taking his seat again.

"How about her? Is she okay?" He nodded to Toni who was covering her face with her hands. Bronson holding onto her tightly.

Man Sara, I thought bitterly, That really was a low fucking blow.

"She'll be okay. Thank you."

The manager smiled and left.

"Well," Eva started after a long tense pause, "Jazz, you sure can throw a punch."

"Hell yeah!" Evan fist bumped me over the coffee table.

"Yeah," Toni sniffled, shooting me a weak smile as she pulled away from Bronson, "Thanks for sticking up for me Jazz."

I smiled at her, "No problem. That bitch deserved it," I threw a quick glance at Taylor, "Although…I think it was Taylor that you guys should be praising. Those were some kick arse moves, babe. I have taught you well." I grinned at him and he chuckled, but there was something that lingered in those beautiful eyes of his that looked somewhat haunted.

He smiled, but it didn't reach my eyes, "I learned from the best."

It was two days later. I was in my bathroom taking off my make up from mine and Taylor's night out at my towns local restaurant (where Taylor finally confessed that he was totally shocked at how small the portions of food in England were and how shit our snacks were. He was surprised we didn't starve.)

I had been a bit apprehensive as to the whole 'going out' idea. Not because I didn't want people to see us together. But because there was still a part of my mind that was nagging me about the 'what if's' of Sara.

What if she saw us when we were out together alone?

What if she had all her chavy cousins bring their friends and corner us?

What if they hurt Taylor?

I tried to not let it get to me.

They wouldn't.

Would they?

"Baby girl," Taylor appeared by my bathroom entrance, clad in only boxers (my father seemed to have been graciously accepting of the fact Taylor slept in my bed when my step mum told him. As long as we didn't do any funny business under his roof. (We managed to find a lot of other places.))

"Hi," I smiled at him, continuing to rub the last bits of make up off of my face in the mirror.

"You coming to bed?" He approached me from behind, taking hold of my hips, he ran his hands leisurely up and down my sides, ducking his head so he could place soft, open mouth kisses on the nape of my neck.

"That feels nice," I closed my eyes and melted back against his naked chest as his lips traced burning patterns onto my neck and shoulders. His hands snuck under the elastic of my pyjama shorts to my backside where they squeezed and massaged.

I turned slowly in his arms, winding my arms around his neck and pulling him down for a quick, lusty kiss.

"I'm definitely coming to bed now."

He chuckled and kissed me again, but pulled his hands from my shorts.

"As much as I am literally dying to take you up on that offer," he kissed my forehead, "I cant. You know what your dad said. I don't want to break any rules. Especially since he has been so kind in letting me sleep in your bed."

I frowned and pouted, "Please?"

"Tomorrow? Definitely. You know…" he mused with a smirk, "we haven't tried out Prince's haystack yet. It's quite warm in there too."

I laughed and pulled away from him, walking out of the bathroom and into my bedroom, "Could be kinda kinky."

"You bet it would!" He smacked my butt before throwing himself onto my bed, sprawling out all over it.

I picked up my hair brush and handed it to him wordlessly, perching on the side of the bed. I could picture him rolling his eyes from behind me, but he continued to start pulling the brush through my curled black strands.

I stared at the wall opposite me as he gently worked on my hair, pulling it round to my back.

"Something's wrong."

I frowned. How the hell could he tell?

He brushed my hair once more before taking my elastic band out of my hands and pulling my hair into a ponytail, "What's up, honey?"

I sighed and turned to him. We were both well past the stage of keeping things from each other.

"I'm just a little worried, y'know?" I said as I crawled under the duvet beside him, snuggling up to his bare chest, "With the whole drama the other day with Sara and her cousins. I'm just a little scared that we might see them again," I explained against his chest.

He surprised me by laughing quietly, "You? Jasmine. Afraid of Sara?" He started to laugh again in my ear.

"Not Sara. But what she could do. Like get her cousins and friends and stuff. No need to laugh," I grumbled.

"Baby girl," he kissed my forehead, but I could tell he was smiling, "There's nothing to worry about. Evan and Eva both saw her and her cousins yesterday in town and nothing happened. Sara and her posse even saw them, but they just kept walking, heads down. Evan said it was really funny. They obviously go the message, so don't get your pretty little self worried, okay?"

"Are you sure?"

He stared into my eyes for a long moment, his head slowly reached up to touch my face which he caressed gently.

And then he kissed me.

"Trust me."

"Always do."


I steeled my body, rooting it to the ground at the sound of the very recognizable scream, just before I was physically attacked.

I was learning.

"Hey Ash!" I laughed, I hugging the petite woman back. Just like the first we met, as soon as she released me, she enveloped both of my hands in hers and we started to jump around in a circle as British paparazzi snapped photos of us.

That was before I was enclosed in two huge arms.

"Kellan!" I giggled, not having to look at his face to know who it was.

"Hey sweetie!" He kissed both my cheeks as I threw my arms around his neck whilst Ash said hi to Taylor.

"How' you been?" He asked me, literally beaming as he placed me on the floor.

"Good I guess," I smiled, "Been a whole lot of drama going on, but I'll tell you about that later. How 'bout you?"

He grinned and took my hand, walking over to the others.

"Same old, same old. Better now that tour is over and we can have some free time. Spending it with my fave people," he nudged me in the ribs.

"Hey man. Have a good trip?" Taylor gave Kellan a manly hug when we reached them.

"Yeah it was pretty good. Bad turbulence. You been keeping my girl happy?"

"I sure have." Taylor winked at me, "Which reminds me. Why are you holding her hand?"

He shrugged, "She has soft hands."

"I moisturize." I threw in.

"But they are my soft hands. Mine."

"Hello Mr Grumpy Gills."

I snorted a laugh before offering Taylor my other hand.

He refused it, "Not until he lets go of your other hand. I'm not sharing."

"Okay. We wont share. How about I have Jasmine for my girlfriend today and you have Ash. We'll call it swapsies."

"Swapsies? I'm not even your girlfriend." Ashley interjected with a quirk of her brow.

"Ah whatevs. Shall we try it? It could be fun. Especially for me."

"Over my dead body." Taylor snorted.

"With pleasure," Kellan grinned, cracking his knuckles.

"Hey! I have an idea!" I slipped my hand out of Kellan's, "How about me and Ash pretend to be dating and you guys pretend. That's swapsies."

Ashley giggled, linking her arm through mine as Taylor and Kellan eyed each other with disgust, "No fucking WAY!" They both roared.

"Although. I don't mind you two having a crack at it while we watch. Could be interesting." Taylor smirked.

"Ooh yeah. I do like a bit of girl on girl." Kellan winked.

Ashley and I beat them all the way to the car.

"So how long you guys staying for?" I broached for the first time as Ash, Kellan, Taylor and I spent our day down on Brighton Pier.

We had been on all the rides at the beginning of the day, and to the aquarium at lunch and now we sat on the breezy beach, watching the sun set as we lapped at our ice creams we had recently purchased.

"We're not really sure. We can stay as long as we want really. But we were gonna head back at the end of the month. See family, y'know?" Ash answered, turning herself to face the direction of the wind, so it would blow her hair off of her face.

I nodded and licked the white, fluffy ice cream from the side of the cone.

"End of the month? So you'll probably catch the same plane as me, right?" Taylor asked from behind me (seeing as I was sitting between his legs).

"Yeah. Probably."

"Well, why don't you come to Jazz's graduation party? It's the night before we leave."


I deliberately took off a huge lump of ice cream into my mouth and swallowed, trying to cool down the burning sensation in the back of my throat.

"Would that be okay with you, Jazz?" Ashley asked me.

"Yeah. Wouldn't wanna cramp your style or anything." Kellan winked at me.

"No! Of course not. The more the merrier right? Might have a chance of getting laid, Kellan," I grinned at him.

He mock gasped as the others laughed, "Me?"

"I have to agree," Taylor chuckled, "You do seem to find it hard to keep it in your pants."

Kellan snorted, "No way. The girls will all be too young. It would be classed as rape."

"Yeah, well they're the same age as Jazz, and that doesn't seem too young for you, does it?" Taylor retorted.

"Besides," I added, "It wouldn't be rape. Your legal at sixteen over here."

"No. Way." Kellan laughed, "Now that is just asking for paedophiles!"

I shrugged, "I did have one living opposite my school once. He used to watch the girls getting on their buses at the end of the day. He's sorted out now though."

"I should hope so," Ashley said.

"Fucking filthy bastards," Taylor spat.

"Well. I'm sure Kellan will be fine in finding a girl for the night. I'm pretty sure most of the girls going will know who he is anyway, and I bet you that wouldn't mind at all how old he is just as long as its Kellan Lutz!" I put on my fakest fan girl squeal at the end.

They all chucked around me.

"I think I'll pass," Kellan grinned at me, "I'm saving this-" he motioned to his body with his ice cream hand, "-For someone special."


"Just someone special," he repeated, but leaned over and dabbed the end of his ice cream on the tip of my nose, winking.

Oooooh. I get it.

"See this pebble, Kellan?" Taylor asked behind me, picking up the smooth stone and showing him, "I am going to shove this so far up your ass, its gonna come out your nose if you don't stop flirting with Jasmine."

Kellan just grinned at Taylor before turning back to me.

"Yes, sweetheart, some one very special."

And then I was on my back, with Taylor no longer supporting be from behind as he was too busy chasing Kellan down the beach, screaming, waving the pebble at him.

Bystanders and lurking paparazzi snapped photos of their antics.

Ashley and I just laughed.

"So…where are we going?"

I wrapped warm scarf round my neck in the mirror as Taylor pulled on some gloves, "Down the park. It's bonfire night."

"Bonfire night?"

I turned to him, "Yeah…y'know. Loads of fireworks. Big bonfire where they throw the guy on. Guy Fawkes?"

He shrugged.

"You have never celebrated bonfire night before?"


"I thought…no. I guess not. It's an English tradition." I realised stupidly.

Of course he wouldn't know what it is.

"So, what are you celebrating?" He asked me as we got into my Beetle and drove the short distance to the local park. The sky was alight with fireworks, as people set them off in their back gardens. It was a noisy, sleepless night to say the least.

"Ages ago there was this guy, called Guy Fawkes. And he had this plot to blow up our Houses of Parliament, basically the place when our Prime Minister now works. But he got caught and was burnt at the stake. There is a little poem too."

"Tell me the poem." He seemed pretty intrigued.

"Um, it think it goes…

Remember, remember, the fifth of November,

Gun powder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why such treason,

Should ever be forgot.

Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t'was his intent,

To blow up the King and Parliament,

Three-score barrels of powder below,

To prove old England's overthrow,

By God's mercy he was catch'd,

With a dark lantern and a burning match,

Holla boys, Holla boys, God save the King!

And what should we do with him? Burn him!"

"Holy shit. How the hell can you remember that?" Taylor balked.

I shrugged, "My dad used to say it so much when I was a kid and it was bonfire night that it just stuck. He only used the say the short version though, but I know the long version as well. It's just kinda the story of what happened really." I pulled into a parking space, already able to see the crowds of people, ready for the parade at the beginning of the high street.

"So you people celebrate, by burning a guy?" He asked, taking my hand as we went to follow the walking parade which would take us up to the park.

"Not an actual guy!" I laughed, "He's called a guy, because of Guy Fawkes."

"Oh," he seemed a little disappointed and relieved, "I was gonna say, that's pretty cruel on your part."

"We were back in those days. But I'm pretty sure the guy we use now is just a stuffed doll. Sometimes to scare people, they put explosives in the dolls head on top of the bonfire, and before the light it, the blow the head off."

"Cruel country." Taylor snickered.

"Scared the shit out of me last year. I doubt they will do it this year though."

But they did.

And I had the full amusement of watching Taylor, Kellan and Ashley (who we had met here) scream in utter terror.

It was so funny, I nearly weed myself with laughter.

Once the massive pile of wood was up and burning, we all wandered over the food stands and bought ourselves a Toffee Apple each – traditional Guy Fawkes food – before making our way over to the front of the barrier, where people were starting to gather for the monumental fireworks display.

Halfway through his Toffee Apple, Taylor nearly choked as the first of many fireworks was let off into the sky.

I rested my arms on the railing and craned my neck backwards, mesmerized by the beautiful colours which painted the black sky as people 'oo'ed' and 'ahh'ed' around me.

It really was amazing.

"I agree. It is something isn't it?" Taylor spoke into my ear, his breath was warm and sweet against my face as were his arms, which he wound round my waist, pulling me back against his chest as we watched the display.

I sighed happily, watching my hot breath form swirling misty clouds as it mixed with the chilly air surrounding us.

Taylor kissed my woolly hat covered head and snuck his cool, glove clad hands under my coat and jumper, resting them on my warm stomach in an intimate way as we watched the display in the the English night sky.
Before I knew what had happened with my life, I was staring graduation in the face.

Not really graduation. But just my last day at school. A doss day really. Everyone else had lessons, apart from the sixth formers (seeing as we finished school a whole month before everyone else) who just chilled out on school grounds, played pranks on unsuspecting students and said goodbye to friends going to college and university or travelling the world.

Or in my case. Being stuck in England.

Yes, I was one of those people who just couldn't decide on what to do with my life. Good job and all really, seeing as Taylor had stepped into it and blown it into oblivion. I got my grades though. Nothing bad. It was all waiting out there for me somewhere. Teaching, counsellor…XMA instructor…

"You excited about tonight?" Eva asked – hardly containing her squeal of excitement – as we coated the backs of door handles with Vaseline.

I smirked, people are gonna love that.

"Eh, sort of. I guess."

"You don't want it to be at your house?"

"I don't really mind."

She was quiet for a moment.

"It's because he is going home tomorrow, isn't it?"

I didn't need to hesitate, "Yes."

"Aw Jazz! It'll be fine. You have all the time in the world to go and visit him – and he visit you. I'm sure he wouldn't mind paying for your flight out there if you really cant afford it. You don't have anywhere waiting for you, so I'm sure you could even live out there if you want-"

"I wouldn't do that. Well…not yet anyway. I have people over here I have to think about," giving her a pointed nudge, "it's not easy just moving to a whole different country and picking up a new life. I mean, I would have to get a Visa and somewhere to live and-"

"Okay. You're right. I don't want you to move anyway. I'm too selfish." She grinned at me.

"That's what I love about you."

We walked down the deserted corridor (everyone was in lessons) and through the gym, down the track field where most of the other sixth formers were hanging out.

"Is it just us guys going? Or did you invite every other sixth former in the county?" Eva asked as we sat beneath a tree.

"Just us. I don't think my house can hold that many people….Oh, and my cousin as well. She's sixth form too, but finished last week. She's staying with our gran down here for a while before flying out to America to visit friends."

"Awesome. Maybe she can take you."

"You know what? I'm starting to feel like you don't want me around here anymore, with all your unsubtle hints about me going back out there-"

"NO! No, no!" Eva laughed, "I was just joking. Seriously. You're staying with me Missy. And we can spend the rest of our lives basking in this glorious British weather," she motioned to the cloud filled sky.

"Hmm. Maybe not forever," I smiled and then sighed, "I'm really going to miss him though."

Eva sighed too, "Me too."


"Evan. Not Taylor you moron. Although I will miss him too. He's quite nice on the eyes isn't he?"

"Please don't tell me that you have suddenly developed a crush on my boyfriend." I begged.

She giggled, "Nah. He's too chiselled for me."

I stared at her incredulously, "Too chiselled? He is like…everything a woman could want in a man!"

"For you maybe. But Evan is perfect for me."

I rolled my eyes, "We should go visit together."

She seemed reluctant to answer, "I don't know. Maybe. I'm holding out on it though. For me and Evan this was just a summer fling, you know? Well, that's what I was thinking anyway. I really do like him. But I'm not gonna obsess myself in him," she eyed me, "Unlike you."

I smacked her arm, "I am not obsessed with Taylor."

She stared at me.

"Okay…I admire him. Not obsessed though."

She rolled her eyes, "Your obsessed with him, and he is obsessed with you. Get over it."

"Annabelle!" I screamed throwing open the front door, there was a flash of long auburn hair I just couldn't forget and then I was lying on my back on the floor, my petite cousin pinning me down in one of her infamous hugs.

"HOLY SHIT GIRL!" She squealed in my ear, cutting off my blood circulation.

"Wait, hang on sec!" I pushed her back a little so I could see my long lost sister's face, "Still as hot as I remember."

She grinned, her grey-blue eyes twinkling with mischief (something we shared,) "I could say the same thing to you," she unexpectedly grabbed my boobs in her pale, feminine hands, "Where did you get these babies?"

"Puberty." I laughed, smacking her hands away, "What about you! Where did you get these love handles?" I grabbed her hips.


I burst out laughing, "Oh yeah. Same here sister."

She smiled and ruffled my dark hair (which was basically the only thing we didn't share in common. Also being my eye colour – hazel. And skin colour – tan.)

"It's good to see you girls reunite again," Dad chuckled, coming into the hall to find us in our current position.

"It feels good to be reunited! I haven't seen you guys in aggeeeesss!" Annabelle hugged my dad briefly for a moment – still sitting on top of me.

"Well don't be a stranger, darling. Make yourself at home."

"Don't I always?"

He just chuckled and left us to our bonding session.

"So, you ready to party?" I asked as she agilely hopped off of me and hauled me to my feet in one go.

"Only if there are hot guys." She winked.

I rolled my eyes, "A few…" not many that are single though, "…Oh. Yeah. Um, I kinda have a boyfriend like…in the other room."

"WHAT?" She shrieked, dropping her bags she had in her hands, "I cant believe you didn't tell me!"

"I would have! But it hasn't been going on long…really. You know I went on that American exchange? Yeah, well I met him on that."

She narrowed her pretty eyes for a moment, eyeing me up and down, but she finally smiled, seeming to believe me, "Is he really hot?"

I nearly closed my eyes and smacked myself in the head, she would recognize him. It was like a tradition for her and I to go and see the Twilight movies together whenever she came down to visit of course she was going to recognize him.

And Ashley.



"Yes he is," there was no point in denying it, she would just have to find out the hard way.

"Well show me him!" She bounced excitedly.

Yeah, you thought I had a lot of energy.

"Okay," I agreed almost reluctantly, "Just don't freak out okay?"

She frowned, "Why would I freak out? Is it a woman? Have you come out of the closet and not told me Jazz?"

"NO!" I groaned and laughed, "I am not a lesbian, okay?"

"…Okay…" She seemed very suspicious as she picked her bags from the floor again. We made our way upstairs, dropping her stuff of in her room which she would be staying in for the week before making our way to mine and Taylor's room down the corridor a bit.

"Taylor? Can I come in?" I called through the closed door – not opening it in case he was getting changed, "I have someone important I'd like you to meet."

"Okay honey, be out in a sec!" There was some rustling and then footsteps before Taylor opened the door to find me and Annabelle.

"Oh! Hi there," Taylor grinned his famous, blinding smile at Annabelle (who I hadn't dare look at yet,) "I'm Taylor. Jasmine's boyfriend."

There was no reply, and as I was staring at Taylor's face, I didn't miss the fall in his smile.

"Is she okay?"

I cringed and reluctantly turned to find Annabelle staring at me in utter shock.


She blinked and gave me a long look before speaking.

"Jasmine. Your fucking Jacob Black?"

I sighed, relieved she hadn't overreacted and then rolled my eyes at her choice of words as Taylor snorted beside me, "He's called Taylor. And no, I am not fucking him."

"Not every hour that is." Taylor finished my sentence perfectly with a sly grin.

"Hi. Sorry about earlier," Annabelle smiled and batted her lashes, shaking Taylor's hand finally, "I'm Annabelle. Jasmine's cousin, but really her distant sister. We think we got separated at birth, but our parents disagree. You're really hot by the way."

I rolled my eyes.

"Thank you," Taylor smiled, "And yeah, I can see distant resemblance."

"Okay… so people are coming at seven. Which gives us an hour to get ready and sort things out. Hide the valuables and get the booze. I think will be able to do it-"

"-If we rush a little." Annabelle finished for me.

"Exactly." I grinned.

"Creepy." Taylor stared at the both of us.

"Come on girl! We got legs to shave!" Annabelle laughed, dragging me down to her room.

"So…you don't mind about Taylor do you? That I'm not gonna be out of the pull with you anymore, because I have a boyfriend…?" I broached curiously as Annabelle straightened my hair as I applied my make up.

"Yes. Extremely angry."

My eyes flickered up to the mirror where I could see her reflection standing behind me, working on my hair.

A smile tugged at the corner of her rosy lips.

"Not funny!" I smacked her playfully, but the sudden movement made her whack me over the head with the hot irons.

"HA! And that, my dear, is what I like to call a little piece of – serves you right!" She snickered, as I grumbled and rubbed the small forming lump on the back of my head.

"Yeah, yeah, choke it up."

She laughed for a little longer before quieting down, "I guess were not gonna be single sister's anymore, huh?"

"I'll set you up with someone."

"As long as he's hot," she allowed, "You have horrible taste in men."

I cocked an eyebrow at her in the mirror, "Oh really? Then explain to me why you called my boyfriend 'hot' to his face mere minutes ago?"

She huffed, "Okay. Big deal. One guy."

"Yeah, well I know a lot more hotter guys than you think…In fact, one of them is coming to the party tonight and as far as I know, he's currently single."

"Is he hot?"


"Good body?"

"Like you wouldn't believe."

She eyed me suspiciously as she handed me the straitening irons as switched places with me, "How would you know?"

I tried to hide my smile, "Oh trust me. You would know too when you see him. If you think Taylor had an awesome body in New Moon, you wait until you see his…If he lets you that is…" I let it hang. Teasing.

"Oh, he'll let me alright," she smirked deviously, "Gran didn't give me these curves for nothing."

The party was in full swing now it was around nine-thirty, everyone had arrived and didn't waste anytime in throwing back the congratulatory shots for the end of school and turning up the music till the walls were shaking. Thank goodness my mum and dad were out.

Bronson and Toni had turned up right at the beginning, so they could have a little quiet time with us before the party really kicked off. They spoke about their plans with Taylor and I about how they thought it would be best for Toni to fly back with Bronson tomorrow, seeing as she had no where stable really to go. I could have offered her to stay with me, but in the way her eyes happily – for once – lingered on her carer at her side, I knew she wouldn't have it any other way. I knew I would miss her terribly. But then I thought that I would easily be able to see her whenever I flew out to see Taylor, and when she had to come back here to sort out finances and passport and shit…

And then, to break all the tension, Annabelle had skidded into the room in her glitzy, figure hugging party outfit, eyes wide on Bronson.

"WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THE WHOLE FUCKING TWILIGHT CAST WERE GONNA BE HERE?" She had screamed at me. Not angrily. Just her way of expressing her shock. I think.

I managed to calm her down, and assure her that the whole Twilight cast would, in fact, not be here. But warning her that a couple of other cast members would be turning up, because they were close friends with Taylor.

I didn't say who.

And that leads us to where we are now. Party in full swing. Bronson, Toni, Taylor and Annabelle sat on the sofa's, talking loudly to each other over the loud music with drinks in hand (I didn't have to worry about other sixth form girls trying to make a move on him now. They saw what I did to that douche bag who made a move on me. They wouldn't even dare.) as I spoke to my fellow previous class mates, fixed drinks and answered the door.

And just as usual, Kellan and Ashley turned up fashionably late.

"I thought you weren't gonna come!" I laughed as I hugged both of them, graciously accepting the very expensive bottle of vodka and champagne from Kellan with a grin. Ashley handed me a little Tiffany box, which I found contained a beautiful silver ring with intricate detail and small diamonds and sapphires embedded into it.

"OMG, what the hell is this for!" I gasped as I all but ripped the ring from its cushion and slide it onto my third finger perfectly.

I crushed her into a hug as she happily explained, "Just a graduation present. Something to remember us by until we see you next as well. It has mine and Kellan's names engraved on the inside."

I nearly burst into tears, "Thank you SO much!" I kissed Ash solidly on the mouth, before jumping into Kellan's arms and laying one on him in appreciation.

I went to get down, but my feet didn't touch the floor.

"Er, Kellan? You can let go of me now."

Ashley giggled as Kellan just smiled. He looked totally blissed out.

"I don't think you should have kissed him like that. You'll never get away now."

"Kellan. Put me down."

He shook his head.

"Do it."




"I'll kick you in the nuts."

"You're too kind to do that." He smiled again, his eyes flickered to my lips.

I leaned away from him, "Kellan!"

"Just one more kiss and I'll put you down."

Ah, what the hell, you can kiss him anyway and Taylor will probably still kick him in the nuts for this later.

I kissed him again, intending for it to be a short kiss, but he reached quickly to weave his fingers through the hair at the back of my head, pulling me closer and crushing his parted lips to mine.



I furiously hit at Kellan's rock hard chest, hardly budging him from his definite OTT kiss he was giving me. Luckily I wasn't the only one, as Ashley started to tug on his strong arm that was tangled in my hair as the gripped my ass.

I grabbed at his face, pushing it as hard as I could away from me. He finally seemed to get the picture.

"KELLAN!" I screamed as I managed to finally worm myself out of his arms. I didn't yell angrily, cause I couldn't really take it out on him when I should have know he would have taken advantage of the situation, but he wasn't really helping.

I whirled round to face Taylor.

And really wished I hadn't.

He was staring right at me. His glassy eyes occasionally flickered to Kellan and then angry would momentarily replace the hurt in those chocolate orbs.

But the biggest emotion I could see oh so evidently on his face, was disgust.

"Taylor? Please, I-"

The pain in his eyes flamed into fury suddenly, and the step I had been about to take towards him was cut short as he cast his blazing eyes to me.

"Please what? How could you Jasmine? I thought after everything we've been through, that you, out of all people would never do…this," he broke off shaking his head bitterly, his eyes were still glassy which made me consider that he had drank more alcohol than I realised (and that would not benefit me at all), "With KELLAN of all people!" He exploded.

My heart broke as I watched frozen, three feet from him as tears pooled in his eyes.

He turned and stalked upstairs before I could stop him.

"TAYLOR!" I went after him, but was held back by a strong arm.

"You! You have done enough!" I turned on Kellan, beating at his chest in frustration with my clenched fists.

"Hey, hey, hey! Wait!" He struggled into pinning my flailing arms by my sides, "Jasmine!"

"What!" I spat, glancing around anxiously. There weren't many people in the hall, and the music was too loud for anyone to hear the yelling anyway.

My eyes landed on Ash who still stood behind Kellan a little, before she smiled apologetically at me, squeezed my arm before taking her leave.

"I'm…sorry," he said lamely, hanging his head as I shifted from foot to foot impatiently, "I didn't mean for it to go…on like that. I just get carried away easily."

"Ya think?" I sighed, "Kellan, don't worry about it. I knew it was partially my fault for letting you kiss me. Again," I frowned at him and he smiled a little, "But I know what Taylor is going through right now, seeing that. Cause, quite frankly, I've been there, done that and got the motherfucking t-shirt," I remembered the night I walked in on Sara attempting to go down on Taylor, but didn't go in detail.

"Yeah…I hope I didn't do anything to jeopardize our friendship, Jazz. Your like one of my best friends. I was just taking the piss really. Friend or no friend, I will never turn down the opportunity to kiss a beautiful girl."

I eyed him suspiciously for a moment, before allowing him to crush me in one of his famous bear hugs.

"Yeah. Don't worry about it. I actually had someone special I wanted you to meet as well, and then you had to ruin it."

He perked up, blue eyes brightening, "Oh, well I can still meet her."

"How do you know its a her?"

He snorted, breaking any lurking tension, "It's kinda obvious your trying to set me up with someone."

I blushed sheepishly, "Yeah…"

"So," he clapped his hands together excitedly, looking around, "Where is she?"

"She is my cousin Annabelle," I lead him into the busy lounge where all girls nearly jizzed their pants at the mere sight of Kellan by my side, "She's right over there. The really pretty pale girl talking to Ashley. She is also very important to me, so if you fuck this up. You die."

"Yeah, yeah," he said, but he wasn't looking at me. Just at Annabelle's profile, "Go talk to Taylor. I'll be fine," he trailed off, already making his way through the crowded, flirty girls – oblivious to their presence – and he planted his giant butt directly next to her.

I rolled my eyes, but turned quickly and made my way as quickly as I could upstairs to find Taylor.

I didn't have to look far.

"Taylor?" I called gently (my voice capable of being heard better upstairs away from most people), as I opened my bedroom door.

He was there, naturally, sitting dejectedly on the edge of my bed, not facing me. His head was bowed and my eyes watered at the pure sight of him.

"Had enough with Kellan, have you?" He asked thickly as I shut the door behind me and made my way to his side.

His question stopped me short though and I frowned at his hurtful words, "It wasn't what it looked like. We-"

"Whatever Jasmine. It looked like you were making out with him. How could it be any different?" He spat sarcastically, his voice slurring a little and I internally groaned at his state, "I cant wait for you to belt out your next excuse."

I blanched at his profile, he wouldn't meet my eyes, probably cause he knew I was about to explode, "Excuse me Taylor, but fuck you! It actually wasn't what it looked like you complete bastard! Kellan AND Ashley both gave me a graduation present and I gave them a kiss. Kellan was only joking, you know he always does!"

He turned to look at me then, his blood shot eyes a little wide at the tone of my voice.

Good. He knew I wasn't fucking around.

"Just cause he said he was joking, doesn't mean he was!"

"Why cant you just trust me? Go and ask Ashley if you want! She was standing by his fucking side the whole time! It was a simple, friendly kiss. Get over it Taylor and stop acting like such a pussy!"

I knew my words were harsh by the way he flinched angrily and then stood, towering above me. But at that moment, it was what I felt – even if I would regret it later.

I would definitely regret that later.

"NO! I will NOT get over it! I just witnessed my GIRLFRIEND MAKE OUT WITH MY BEST FRIEND! That isn't exactly NORMAL!" He yelled.


He blinked and took a step back. I swallowed and went to speak quickly.

"Look Taylor," I said in a reasonably normal voice, "You had your…complications which I happened to witness, right? But I gave you a second chance and trusted you, because I love you. I love you so much and that it is why I let you explain the situation and I forgave you. Even if you were lying – which I know you weren't," I added quickly.

He continued to stare at his feet, not moving.

I took another step closer to him, "Taylor? I'm not going to use what happened in the past against you. Because we already got past that. But I just want you to take into consideration that I forgave you and trusted you when that happened, and I would like you to just maybe try and do the same for me," I sighed wearily, "I am sorry though. I didn't mean for you to be hurt at all. I love you too much," I shuffled a little closer to him, "I would never want to hurt you."

He sighed too, "But you did Jasmine."

I shot of red hot heat pulsed through my veins suddenly and my guard was instantly back up.

I had apologized. And now he was just pissing me off.

"Well its not like you haven't hurt me before!" I snapped, "This works both ways Taylor. I apologized, okay? You don't have to be such an arse about it!"

His eyes snapped up to mine, "How am I being the ass? You started this!"

"I KNOW!" I yelled, "And I tried apologizing like a knew I should have, but that is the best I can do! What do you want Taylor? Me to go downstairs and punch Kellan in the face? Say 'Fuck you and your stupid humour, but my boyfriend wants a little better apology than a sorry'?"

"No! I trust you an everything damnit. I just-"

"You what? Wanted me to get on hands and knees and grovel at your feet? Just to see what it felt like to feel like you didn't do anything wrong for once?" I growled.

He glared at me viciously, "I never did anything wrong in the first place. You just make a big deal out of everything!"

"A big deal out of everything?" I barked a sarcastic laugh, "So I get upset because I catch Sara in the motions of giving you head and finding a frame of naked whores under your bed? That's rich coming from you! Your best friend – and one of mine, kisses me for a brief second and you nearly bust a nut!"

"Yeah well…"

"Well what!" I screamed, standing right up against him, "What is there to say Taylor? I forgive you over some of the biggest, heart breaking things ever, and you cant even stand to catch me-"

I was cut off suddenly by the force of being roughly pushed backwards against my bedroom wall. For a brief moment, I thought Taylor had really got angry with me and decided to shove me to get me to stop the truth from pouring from my lips, but that all flew out of the window when I felt his hot, heaving body press on top of mine, crushing me to the wall as his mouth devoured mine hungrily.

He literally ate my mouth. Okay, not literally, but close. His kisses were rougher than I had ever felt before in my history of kisses (and I had felt rough, rough before) I was sure my mouth was going to be all bruised and swollen (maybe even bloody) by the time he was finished with them.

As he kissed me painfully hard, I stared at the wall behind him with wide eyes, not being able to lose myself completely in the kiss yet, although I do admit to kissing him back.

Were we not just at each others throats just seconds ago?

And now what? Taylor was assaulting my mouth and ripping at my top with his rough hands as I let him?

I was letting him.

"Jasmine," he groaned, pushing my back painfully against the wall behind me, his hips thrusting up between my parted legs – which I never knew were parted – rubbing his deliciously hard cock at my most sensitive throbbing point causing an involuntary cry of pleasure to escape my parted lips as I began to help him, grappling for his belt buckle with one hand as the other grabbed his butt and kept him thrusting into my melting core.

"God, I wanna fuck you so bad," he snarled, grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling my head back so he could lick all the way down my neck to my breasts which had conveniently been taken out of my bra.

His horny growl had me shaking in lust and I realised myself at how fucking horny I was too. I damn near ripped his jeans and boxers off just to get to his awaiting, steel hard cock.

I let out a breathy moan at the mere sight of it, in all its glory, standing proudly erect between my sweaty thighs. The movements of our bodies made it occasionally trail across my bare upper thigh, leaving a hot path of wet pre-cum in its wake.

I couldn't take it anymore, and dropping our of Taylor's man handle and onto my knees in front of him, grabbing his trembling muscular thighs and guiding him quickly to my mouth.

Just one quick taste…

"No!" He nearly roared, pulling the head of his pulsing dick away from my lips quickly, leaving my tongue hanging out of my mouth, he quickly hauled me to my feet and threw me on my bed (yes, he did throw me) coming up behind me seconds later and ripping up the bottom of my party dress over my head as I lay face down on the edge of my bed, arms and face pressed into the mattress as my bottom stood on full view to Taylor, my feet the only thing touching the floor.

After throwing my flowy dress over my head, he proceeded to rip my lacy underwear from my backside leaving it bare to his touch and grabbing both my cheeks in his large hands, searing them with his desire as he slid one finger down to my swollen lips, parting them a little before impaling me hard with one quick thrust of his hips, nearly sending me toppling over and almost immediately hitting my g-spot.

"FUCK!" I screamed, gasping for air as face pressed into the sweet smelling comforter, gripping onto it for dear life.

Taylor didn't give me a chance to adjust, or to catch my breath like he usually did, because as soon as he had shoved as much of his thick girth into my sensitized core, he was ripping it back out again and slamming it back in again.

His short fingernails bit into my hips as he held onto them painfully, pushing me forward as he withdrew his rock hard length before gripping them tight in his sweaty hands and yanking me backwards, impaling me on his stiff rod. Again, and again, and again.

"Oh shit!" I cried, my knees buckling slightly on the next pounding. Taylor caught me by the waist before I could collapse to the floor, shifting me roughly so that I was spread eagle on the bed, arms splayed in front of me, and torso having better support as well as my thighs against the edge of the perspiration filled bed before continuing his fuck fest from behind.

"Do you like being treated like a dirty bitch?" He grunted from behind me, ramming faster and more frantically into me – this angle was so deep. Nearly too deep. I felt like I could feel him in my uterus and my clit jumped at the pounding he was giving me along with his dirty words.

I opened my mouth to gasp some words but was cut off by the familiar sensation starting to brew in the pit of my stomach, making my toes curl against the wooden floor, that I let out a breathy long wail instead.

This was definitely gonna be a good one.

A hand left my hip then and was thrust into my tangled mane, grabbing a fistful and pulling my head back, bearing my neck and causing me to cry out in pain.

The good pain.

"Answer me!" Taylor barked a panted breath in my ear.

"I like…being treated like a ….fuuucccckkk…" I groaned, grabbing fistfuls of the bed sheets in my hands and bending my back, sticking my butt out further and impossibly pushing myself more onto his massive, slamming cock.

He tightened his grip on my hair and I choked a sob as my whole pussy pulsed at his touch.

"…dirty bitch…fuck yeah…treat me like a dirty bitch!" I gasped, rocking myself into him and his thighs slapped against the backs of my own hot ones. The slick skin of our legs sliding against each other as he buried himself balls deep repeatedly into me from behind.

"I want you to…fucking scream the walls down…when you come," he snarled, releasing his handful of my hair, letting my heavy head sag forward onto the bed, "I want you to let everyone know I'm fucking you like the filthy whore you are," the hand which was in my hair turned to my backside which he gave one, loud thwack.

I screamed his name.

"That's it baby," he leaned over my back, pressing his t-shirt clad chest to my over turned dress, "You better fucking call my name," he paused to sink his sharp teeth into my hot shoulder, making me moan and jerk, "Cause it's the only fucking name you'll ever call again."

He leaned back and slapped my backside raw another two times as I sobbed into the sheets at the sheer magnitude of my oncoming orgasm. And, of course, the pain.

"Christ!" He growled, frantically pounding into me as he started to pulse himself inside of me, "You better fucking come before I do or so help me…"

"What?" I screamed at him, not looking at him as he continued his unmerciful fuck, "What will you actually fucking do!"

"You!" He spat at me, "Again and again and again," he grunted and delivered another hard spank to my burning cheek, making me cry out louder, "I'll fuck you into next year if it teaches you a lesson!"

"WHAT LESSON?" I wailed into the bed sheets.

"To not fuck with me! Your mine!" He yelled, spit glistening on his perfect lips as I turned my head to the side to look at his sweaty body over mine, "Only mine! So DON'T go fucking around with anyone else!" He snuck his hand round my burning thighs and to my swollen clit, which he pinched and rubbed making throb and jerk helplessly all over his cock as I prepared myself to ride out my most intense orgasm ever.

"Don't you fuck with anyone else!" I cried back at him before moaning loudly as my whole pussy tensed for its final release.

"I don't plan on it," he grunted before slamming into me, rubbing my clit, slapping my arse and grabbing my hair. One. Last. Time.

Tears poured down my face as I reached my final peak. I cried, screamed, sobbed, wailed his name as my whole body shook and trembled from the best orgasm I had ever experienced. Sweat dripped down my partially clothed body and onto the bed sheets which I hung onto for dear life as Taylor rammed into me a few more times before finding his own release into me from behind, growling and grunting my name and a range of profanities himself, both of us so loud, I wouldn't be surprised if someone called the police for bloody murder.

I could feel him trembling behind – and inside of – me as he weakly pushed and pulled his softening cock to and from my throbbing, dripping sex – milking his orgasm of everything it was worth as I continued to try and catch my breath in the steamy room, wiping my forehead of the trickling sweat onto the damp bed sheets beneath me. My elbows throbbed from where I had been leaning on them as Taylor ruthlessly fucked me doggy style, and all I could really do at that point in time, was collapse.

Unfortunately, the sudden movement of my body must have caught Taylor's heaving body off-guard, as he was still gripping onto my shaking hips in his clammy hands (and still deliciously joined to me in my most intimate place) his body came down with mine with a grunt – nearly permanently embedding me into the surface of the mattress with the sheer weight of his body.

He huffed and grunted breathlessly as he tried to roll himself from my back to prevent me from suffocating – however, if he was suffering any amount of the aching I was feeling at the moment, he wouldn't be able to make it that far. Which, consequently, was exactly what happened, as after a few attempted pushes and heaves, he only managed to successfully disconnect himself from my still oozing sex, and roll half way off of me.

Now what?

I didn't know what to say. He had just fucked me over like no one had ever before, what the fuck was I supposed to say to that? Hey, thanks for that. Best make-up sex ever, lets head back down to the party now so someone else can use this bedroom. Or how about, Great fuck Taylor. Thanks for that – wanna play cards?

I swallowed dryly as I turned my head to face him.

He was staring expectantly back at me.

I opened my mouth to say something – anything – but was cut off by Taylor.

"Holy shit, Jasmine!" He gasped, moving impossibly closer to my face, his hand reached out towards it, "Did I really hurt you? Oh God, sweetheart, I didn't mean it. I just thought that we…and you didn't say anything…Fuck. You did, didn't you? Shit, how could I have missed it – you were crying and…I-I didn't stop and I-"

"No," I croaked, covering his mouth with my trembling hand, "No Taylor. I was just…overwhelmed," I rubbed my wet face, "It was…great."

"Really? I was a bit rough on you though. I didn't mean to-"

"Will you shut up?" I pinched his lips together, "It was great, okay! Fantastic! Best fuck of my life. I loved the way you talked to me dirty, pulled on my hair and spanked me aggressively. I loved it."

"You did?" He mumbled against my fingers, and I let them go.

"Yes Taylor. More than anything." I smiled gently, touching his soft lips with my fingers.

"Good," he smiled against my fingers, kissing them, "Me too." He leaned forward on his side, nuzzling his nose against my cheek softly, before capturing my lips in a tender kiss.

His hand ran down my bare back (my dress still being pushed up to my shoulders) and to my exposed bottom, which he rubbed gently in his warm hand before squeezing it.

I jumped a little against his kiss and pulled back to look at him.

His eyes glinted mischievously.

Aw, shite.

"So…" he drawled slowly, brushing his lips back and forth against mine, "Seeing as you liked it so much, and so did I…"

"Spit it out Taylor." I rolled my eyes, but smiled nonetheless.

"Okay," he grinned, "Wanna fuck?"

I giggled, ignoring the aching of my muscles I felt, I reached down blindly to cup his ever-growing erection in my hand. Trailing my fingers lightly over the wet surface of it, smirking as Taylor moaned a little in the back of his throat, stiffening at my touch into a raging boner.


He growled at me, "I'm gonna need a better answer than that."

"Please do?"


"I'd love to?"

"No." He moaned as I stroked him softly.

I smiled at leaned back, yelling at the top of my lungs.


And then I was being slammed against the wall I had previously been pushed against, dress hitched to my hips as Taylor stood between my legs, lifting me momentarily only to drop me right on his rigid cock. Hard.

He growled against my neck as he began his vicious assault.

"Don't need to beg, baby. I heard you the first time."

However many decades later, Taylor and I emerged from my sex smelling bedroom, re-dressed, made up and smiling as other party people on the top floor gave us the stink eye when we passed them hand in hand.

"Shit!" I gasped suddenly as we made our way downstairs, "I completely forgot about Annabelle!"

Instead of giving me the reassurance I was looking for, Taylor just smirked and kissed my knuckles, "Cause you were doing better things, babe."

"Oh, shush!" I hissed, yanking him down the stairs and to the living room where I last saw her.


She was there alright.

Alongside Kellan (practically in his lap) as they sat on the floor in a small circle with Ash, Bronson, Toni and a few other friends, taking turns to spin the empty beer bottle on the empty floor. Laughing and squealing when it landed on them. Two of the girls just sat there in their bras, as one guy was just sitting there in his boxers. I laughed.

"There they are!" Ash called to Taylor and I, "Took you long enough!"

"Yeah…we had a lot of making up to do." Taylor cockily explained as he pulled us over to the circle.

"What? On every available surface you could find?" Kellan snorted.

"Yes. Actually," Taylor glared mockingly at Kellan, "Seeing as it was your fuck up of a mistake. I had to mark my territory, didn't I Jazz? Over, and over again."

My face flamed as everyone in the circle howled in cheers and laughter. I punched Taylor in the arm to hide my embarrassment.

"Aw don't be shy babe. I was just telling the truth so that no one tries to make the big mistake that cock sucker over there did," he jerked his head over to Kellan who grinned impishly, "In fact. I'm feeling a little territorial again-"

And before I could say anything. Taylor licked the whole side of my face in one long sweep of his fleshy tongue that had pleasure me so many times.

But here?

"TAYLOR!" I squealed, shoving his pathetically away from me as I wiped the wetness from the side of my face, "That's disgusting!"

He snorted, "You loved it really." He pulled me down into the circle.

And I didn't disagree. For once. Because the ungrossed out part of my mind actually did.

Sick right?

"Okay, cock-bites!" Kellan slurred a little, "Let's get spinning!"

As she was sitting next to him, I didn't miss Annabelle smile dreamily up at Kellan as he unconsciously wound and arm around her petite waist, pulling her closer to his muscled side. She turned her eyes to the spinning bottle, and caught my smug gaze.

"You okay?" I mouthed to her from across the circle.

She grinned the biggest damn grin ever, "Hell yeah!" She mouthed back.

I winked at her, happy someone else had found some happiness before I turned my attention back to the game.

We didn't manage to play much too much longer than I thought we would. Just about half-hour or so until I smirkingly dared Kellan to make out with Annabelle – which, I would just like to say, he jumped to without hesitation.

"Wow. Okay, Kellan. Calm down. Don't eat her face off!" I snorted jokingly, as Kellan grabbed my cousin in his huge arms, crushing her to the floor as he kissed her passionately and publicly.

It didn't work.

"Um, Kellan? Time's up buddy. You can let go of her now," Taylor laughed nervously.

And then the worst thing my eyes could possibly see happened in front of my eyes.

They started pulling each others clothes off.

"WOAH THERE. Not joking now! Get your fucking butt in a bedroom or something!" I squealed, covering my eyes from the sight before me, "I do not want to be seeing this!"

Taylor and Ash managed to grab hold of both of them quickly and haul them off into the spare downstairs bedroom (I don't know if they were still joined or whatever. And I didn't want to know.)

They returned soon, eyes wide with shock as were mine.

"Well. We know what they are gonna be doing for the rest of the evening."

Despite the whole ordeal, I grinned.

Exactly what Taylor and I would be doing.
"I cant do this."

"Me neither."

"No," I shook my head, taking a step away from him, "Please don't make me do this."

He hurried to close the space I had created between us, but I wouldn't let him.

"Wait. What?"

I sniffed and scrubbed away the hot, unfamiliar tears from my face.

"Jasmine…" Taylor face was horror struck, and looked slightly nauseated, "Baby…are you breaking up with me?"

I swallowed.

"Taylor, I just-"

"NO!" He roared, throwing himself forward and tackling me to the ground of Gatwick Airport departures, "You cant break up with me!" He sobbed into my chest, "I wont let you!"

His fresh tears pooling onto my chest triggering something inside of my heart so painfully that I couldn't keep it in anymore.

I buried my face into his sweet smelling hair and choked out keening cries.

"You wont be here for me!" I wailed, "Don't leave me. Please….I-I cant do this…"

He lifted his face abruptly from my tear stained chest, grabbing my face roughly in his hands.

"Don't you ever say I'm not here for you!" He growled determinedly, "I'll always be here for you Jasmine. There wont be a day where we don't speak to each other. And I'll make sure of it – do you understand me? If it's really so bad, then why don't you fly out with me?"

I took a deep, shaky breath through my gushing tears, "Because I cant. I have responsibilities here Taylor. I live here. Not in America. It's not as easy as it sounds," I sniffed, "Nothing is ever as easy as it sounds."

He nodded sadly and pressed his forehead to mine – both of us completely oblivious to the other on looking exchange students getting ready to check in for their flight back to the US.

He tilted my chin up so that I was looking into his tear filled eyes. Something tugged painfully in my chest in a way that I had never felt before. It hurt – so much. I wanted to claw it out of my chest the pain was agony. Holding Taylor in my arms, with my face pressed against his seemed to ease the pain – but just the thought of going home to an empty bed brought the pain back ten times harder.

"I brought you something," he whispered, wrapping an arm around me as he went to dig in his satchel with his free hand – I didn't miss that he never once let go of me – he brought out a cardboard box, which was light in my palm.

"It's a webcam. I bought one for you and for me, so we can Skype each other every single day. I know it wont be the same – but at least we will get to see each other everyday." He kissed my cheek.

I nodded and whispered a small 'thank you'.

It still wasn't the same.

"Hey guys – sorry to intrude. But Taylor man, we need to go now." Evan popped up behind Taylor.

Taylor growled under his breath in annoyance – but I was too upset to scold him, "Give us a minute."

Evan knew better than to argue.

"Come here sweetheart," he lifted me to my feet and wrapped me tight in his arms. I failed in suppressing more tears and body wracking sobs as I hugged him back – pouring my heart out into his black cotton t-shirt I would forever miss.

"I love you." I cried into his neck, hiding my red and blotchy face in the crook of it.

I pressed a small goodbye kiss there too.

"I love you more. So, so, so much more," Taylor pressed his wet face into the top of my head, pepper kisses everywhere his lips touched, "You're my future Jasmine. We're gonna get married and have twenty babies one day, I promise."

Despite everything, I smiled against his warm skin, "And I get no say in this?"

He kissed my forehead and pulled back to look at my face, "Of course not. You will be my wife, and you will have my babies. All twenty of them."

He smiled and kissed my lips – slow and tenderly. Sweeter than ever before. A kiss I had never experienced with him.

It was a goodbye kiss.

"I do have one question though," he asked, brushing the tears away from my face as people around us said their final goodbyes to their exchanges.


"Were you really going to break up with me?"

I didn't even hesitate.


"Really? You seemed pretty sure about it."

I kissed the corner of his mouth, "Never. Nothing can separate us, Taylor. Not even me."

He nodded and blinked, another tear fell down his handsome face.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

The next few minutes I couldn't really comprehend. Ashley, Kellan, Toni, Bronson, Evan and even Annabelle were surrounding me. Saying goodbye just like Taylor had. It was suffocating. I felt like I couldn't breathe.

But as in turn, they left for their own flights, the heavy weight in my chest didn't seem to ease at all – in fact it grew.

The absence of Taylor suffocated me. It tore my heart from my chest and trampled it to the ground I walked on. It gave me no emotion – no feelings but sorrow.

I couldn't breathe for a long time after that.

Taylor POV.

My life wasnt some fucking fairytale story.

And unlike some people. Time didnt pass.

Not even for me.

One Month Later.

Jasmine POV.

How I made it this long – I will never know.

The day I said goodbye to Taylor still kept my heart heavy in my cold chest, even if I wasn't think about it (which was rare) I still felt like I couldn't breathe. Like I was wrapped in one of Taylor's infamous bear hugs that would cut off my oxygen supply…

And then I would start thinking about him again.

It wasn't like I didn't speak to him. Because I did. A lot. There wasn't one day where we weren't Skype chatting to each other, talking about our day, what was happening on that side of the world, who was getting with who…

It was better than nothing. Better than a phone call, because at least I got to see his face everyday. I got to comment on his new clothes he bought as he in return would compliment my new hair cut or how pretty I looked that day.

But it just wasn't the same.

In the free time I had (which was a lot) I immersed myself in my XMA. Clinging to Taylor's side all the time had gotten me a little rusty on the joints, so I would hang around my the local training centre most weeks helping out with the classes and sometimes doing some one on one – trying desperately not to think about mine and Taylor's XMA bonding…

I tried not to notice, or maybe I didn't really care, when Eva started to distance herself from me. She used to come round everyday since he left, just to be a good friend and give me some moral support. But the visits grew scarce and scarce during the two weeks the passed, resulting in me only hearing through the grapevine about how my friend was.

I didn't really understand. So I asked dad one night. He seemed a little hesitant to reply, but with a good naturedly stroke of my hair he said:

"Maybe its because you've changed sweetheart."

Needless to say, I exploded on him and he didn't talk to me for a day after that.

That conversation had me particularly riled for a long time. As far I was concerned – I hadn't changed. I was still me. Sure, I had a couple of centimetres cut of my hair, and I had gained more weight due to the extra muscle I was pulling on from my training, but I hadn't 'changed'.

I took it out on my trainer the next day until I was sore all over and gasping for air.

"Nice work today Jazz."

At least someone paid me some respect.

A few days later – and still cramping in my legs, I decided to talk about it with Taylor.

"Taylor…have I changed?" I watched his expression on the screen intently for any trace of him lying.

"Of course not baby. Your still the same beautiful person I remember."

Yup. He was lying.

"What's wrong with me?" I moaned, resting my chin into my hand on my desk.

He sighed, "There is nothing wrong with you, honey. Okay, so you look a little tired maybe. Maybe a bit sick."

"Your right," I sniffed hard, "My nose has been getting really blocked up lately and my stomach keeps on aching. Maybe I have the flu coming on…" I rubbed my tired eyes.

"Maybe," he agreed, "You can be all snotty and ill, but you'll always look beautiful to me."

"You have to say that," I grumbled, "You're my boyfriend."

"I only speak the truth and you know it, babe. It has nothing to do with our relationship status."

I sniffed again and smiled up at him.

He smiled back.

"How's filming going?"

He shrugged, "Okay I guess. I've got a massive scene to shoot next week so I'm just prepping for that."

I tried to sound interested, "Cool. How's everyone else out there?"

"They're all good. They miss you loads though. You're the highlight of every conversation."

I frowned, "Tell them I miss them too."

"Of course and – er, Jazz? You just dribbled."

"Huh?" I looked down and was quite grossed out to find a small pool of drool on my lap.

"Gross! That's disgusting!" I stood, wiping at my lap and mouth (not caring if Taylor saw) just the same time a rippling pain fluttered across my bladder.

"Wait. I really need to go to the toilet."

"Jazz-" He started from the computer screen, but I was shutting my bathroom door behind me before he could finish his sentence.

As I relieved myself, I couldn't help but notice how motherfucking painful it was! It felt like I was pissing fire, it hurt so much. I tried clenching and taking it slow, but it still hurt like a bitch and I had to grip onto the sink to take the pain out on something.

Looking into my granny pants as I pulled them up (finally) I noticed a little blood in them. I could have jumped to the conclusion that it was my period – but as I thought about the pain in going to the toilet and in my abdomen as well as the increase in using it lately, I was hedging more to the side that I had a bladder infection.

"Jesus what took you so long? Or do I really not need to know the answer to that?" Taylor joked when I sat back down at my desk.

"No…I just. I think I might have I bladder infection."

He pulled a pained face, "Shit. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. I just…it really hurts when I go to the toilet, and my muscles are hurting – but I just thought that was from XMA. And then there was a little bit of blood in my pants…"

"Maybe you should Google it."

"Yeah." I agreed, opening up the internet browser I typed in what the symptoms of a bladder infection was and wasn't as surprised as I thought I would be when most of the symptoms I had appeared up on the screen.

"By what it says here – looks like a bladder infection is exactly what I've got. Unless you gave me gonorrhoea."

"Ha, ha. I see you haven't dropped your bitter sense of humour." He chuckled.

"You love my sense of humour," I defended.

"Yeah, I do. It's pretty hilarious." He chuckled again.

I smiled and then sighed, "I'll probably have to go and get this checked out then…"

"That's the only way to treat it babe."

"I'll see if I can get an appointment at the end of the week – it might have let up by then." I chewed the inside of my cheek.

"Okay sweetheart. I'll talk to you about it that day."

I stared at the computer then – at him – as a surge of emotion overwhelmed me.

"I hate this part."

He sighed, "Me too. I cant wait to hold you in my arms again. And kiss you. And make hot passionate love to you like that night up on the hill…"

I blinked back the tears as I remembered that special night, "As soon as you've finished filming and I can sort out a plane ticket…"

"…and where you'll live with me…"

"Yeah…wait. What?" I choked on a mouthful of excess saliva that my mouth seemed to be producing.

"Well, it wasn't really that much of a shock was it? I kind of did ask you to marry me and have my babies at the airport…" He seemed so nonchalant.

"Yeah, but not for like…a while!" I stuttered.

His face started to fall, "You…don't really have to if you don't want to…I just thought…and I don't want to pressure you…and it wouldn't be straight away of course, but I though we had a future-"

"Will you shut up? Taylor, of course I will marry you and have your babies and shit," he grinned, "…just not yet, okay?"

"What about moving in with me?" He pressed and I couldn't help but feel heavier than I already was under the weight of his questions.

"Maybe," I allowed gently, "I mean I will eventually of course. We always knew that didn't we? I just don't know if it will be the next time I see you. I need to talk with my parents and get a visa which takes forever-"

"Oh, I already spoke with your dad. He said it was fine."


He grinned wider, "Yup. I asked you dad – well, your dad sort of asked me about our future plans together because we seemed really serious, and we kind of agreed on marriage and starting our own family and everything…"

"…and you forgot to mention this to me because?"

"Well, it wouldn't have been a surprise then would it? It's not really a surprise now, but still…"

I swallowed the excess saliva (probably a side affect of the infection) and couldn't help but feel like my whole future had been taken away from me behind my back.

But then again, I tried not to show my surprise too much. I mean, it wasn't like I didn't want it – because I definitely did. Who the hell wouldn't want to live with Taylor? It was like a fucking dream come true.

"Let me just my bearings okay? But I wouldn't bust a nut over it – because it is definitely happening. Soon." I assured him, happy to see his face break out in one of his most happiest smiles.

"I love you Jasmine. Talk to you tomorrow, okay?" He winked at me.

"I love you too. Send my love to everyone as well. I miss you."

"Never as much as I miss you baby girl." He blew me a sweet kiss before closing out live chat.

I crawled into bed, wrapping my aching body in my thick duvet, trying to warm up my cold body and crossing my arms across my chest so as to prevent myself from reaching out to touch his side of the bed.

Thinking about Taylor as I closed my wet eyes – I sighed.

"So…" The greying doctor took a look at his screen for my name, "Jasmine. What seems to be the problem?"

I crossed my legs and clenched my vaginal muscles in hopes of not pissing myself. Leaving it a few days hadn't seemed to do as much good as I had hoped. The pain wasn't so bad anymore whenever I had to go to the toilet – but the frequency of the trips was. It was a fucking nightmare! And after going, I never felt like I had been properly – as if I hadn't emptied my bladder properly, y'know?

No, of course you wouldn't.

"I think I might have a bladder infection doc. I mean, it was killing whenever I went to the toilet and sometimes there was a little blood. There was a little aching as well – but I thought that was from my work out…and I feel like there are times of the day when I am literally wetting my pants. But it turns out just to be this discharge stuff…" The doctor may have been a man – and possibly a grandfather of someone – but I wasn't too worried about modesty right now. I had a problem and I needed it to be sorted out.

He nodded and made noises in the back of his throat when I explained my symptoms – writing it all down on his clipboard.

"Well – all the symptoms make it seem like you do have a bladder infection, which as you said, can cause a lot of discomfort. But I'd like to do a quick test anyway – not for the bladder infection solely per say. Just in case you might have some other sort of infection, okay?" He pushed himself off of his chair and opened a white drawer which he pulled a small clear cup out of.

"Do you think it is too much of a pain to ask you to give me a sample of urine?" He asked kindly, handing me the pot.

I shook my head, hopping to my feet and trying not to uncross my legs, "No problem, trust me. I'm dying to go anyway." I said before bolting for the toilet.

Finishing up, I handing him the pot and went and waited in the waiting room for about fifteen minutes before being called back in.

I sat on my chair and tried not to read into the doctors expression too much as he scribbled away on his clipboard.

More scratching.

I drummed my fingers against my knee impatiently.

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

I sighed, "So what is it? Do I have a bladder infection or what?"

He put down his pen and pushed his reading glasses up his nose.

"Actually. You don't."

Fall of a Hero – Updated

Author’s note: This story is based on real life events that occurred to me. The names have all been changed to protect the innocent, and not so innocent. Some dramatization has been added to match the themes of this site, but otherwise I have tried to remain true to the original experience.

This story does not have a lot of sex for its length, but considering it’s based on reality. . . Well, you’ll see why as you read it.

For those coming to this story from my dear friend’s, Dark_Brother, stories, I hope this answers some of your questions about his death.

This wasn’t easy to write, as it brings up a lot of hard memories, but I think I am stronger for having done it.

**I have decided to repost this, seeing as we are close to Memorial Day in The USA. I tried to get it out yesterday, but didn’t have the time.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 01

“Sergeant,” I say, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. Our orders are to stay and guard this road.” I’ve got a bad feeling about following my Staff Sergeant’s orders. Nothing I can put my finger on, just a feeling of dread, and I usually follow my instincts. Of course, I am here in a Muslim country, so I don’t know how good my instincts are sometimes.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Muslims. I do however, hate anyone who wants to kill me, or any other American, simply because we’re American. I HATE racists!

“Sergeant Baker,”—that’s me, by the way—Staff Sergeant Anderson says with derision, “We have two gun trucks,” (a gun truck is a HUMMV with either a .50 cal machine gun, or a MK-19 Grenade Launcher on top). “One can stay and watch the road, but we’re only a couple miles from where that IED went off a couple nights ago. We’re going to clear the route.” (An IED is an Improvised Explosive Device, or roadside bomb.)

Looking up to the half-moon in the night sky, I don’t like this idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no coward, but orders are orders, and smarter people than Anderson gave us our commands.

“I’m going,” Sergeant Barton, my best friend since third grade, pipes up, and I groan. The guy is a good soldier, but if I’m not around to look after him, he tends to get into trouble. If he’s going, then I am too.

Anderson sneers at me, knowing what my choice will have to be now. I can’t stand this guy! “Why don’t you be the gunner?” He asks me. “Maybe holding such a big weapon won’t make you such a little pussy.”

Alright, since I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’d better let you know I’m a guy. Don’t want anyone getting confused from the ignorant Staff Sergeant Anderson’s statement.

Michael Barton knows how I feel about being the gunner. “Forget it, Prick, I’m gonna gun,” he says, and then starts crawling into the back door, and pops his head out the top, behind the .50 cal. We’ve been friends long enough, that I’ve long ago gotten used to him calling me prick. It’s almost an endearment.

“Fine,” Anderson says. “Then you can drive, Baker. I was afraid you’d end up shooting us anyway.” I know he’s just trying to get under my skin, but it’s still working. “Garrett and Bertke, you’re coming too. The rest of you stay and guard this road.”

Stowing my M-16A4 rifle by the driver’s seat, I start the diesel engine, and wait for everyone else to get situated.

* * *

“Wake up,” a voice says next to me, and I rub my eyes to clear them of sleep. “We’re landing.”

“Thanks,” I say to Specialist Garrett.

“Dreaming about that night again?” he asks me, and I just nod, not wanting to think about those events. “You gonna talk to the VA about it, after you see your family?”

“No, I’m no wimp,” I tell him. “I’ll get over this on my own.”

The ebony skinned man shakes his head, but looks past me out the windows, as we descend. Following his lead, a feeling of homesickness washes over me as I recognize the mountains surrounding the valley where my wife and daughters are waiting for me.

Despite not wanting to think about that night, I remember having a conversation with my friend, Michael Barton.

“That’s kind of perverted,” I’d told him, after he revealed to me what he’d been working on so hard during his free time. We were standing in his half of the room, looking over his laptop.

“I know, but I don’t think it’s completely finished. I had to rush it, before coming out to this stinking country,” he tells me, defensively.

“I don’t mean that you are writing erotic stories,” I informed him. “I’m referring to what’s in them. The plot is pretty cool with the aliens and stuff, but the incest? I dunno, man.”

He grimaces at me, but I just chuckle. We’ve been friends long enough that I know I’ll get away with the laugh.

The captain of the airplane comes over the intercom, interrupting my thoughts and telling the stewardesses to strap in as we get closer to the airport. I pat the two letters in my pocket, both afraid of them, and reassured by them. The next few minutes seem to drag on forever, as we land, taxi to our gate, and then wait to deplane.

Conversely, the walk down the long hallway and out to baggage claim is over before I know it. Stepping out of the secure area, I can’t hide the smile which breaks across my lips as my three women rush to greet me. My wife’s blue eyes sparkle with tears of joy, after we’ve been separated for over a year. My legs are wrapped in the small arms of my two daughters. Tears start to stream down my own cheeks, as I hug my family tight to me. I know I missed them, but until this moment, I really had no idea how much.

“We’ve missed you so much,” Ashley, my seven year old daughter cries on my right leg.

“Don’t ever leave again,” Kally, my five year old daughter cries against my other leg.

My wife, Karrista, just cries happily. We don’t want to let go of each other as the baggage comes out.

Suddenly, there’s a loud noise behind me, and I dive for cover, tearing out of the arms holding me, and knocking over my daughters in the process. It only takes a few seconds for me to realize that someone had just dropped their bags, and I feel foolish as I slowly stand back up, my heart still racing. Thankfully, I notice I wasn’t the only one to take cover.

Unfortunately my wife and kids are looking at me with a concerned expression. I wonder what that must have looked like to them?

“Are you okay?” my wife asks in a whisper. I can’t look at her right now, ashamed, and just nod.

Thankfully the mood lightens as we start talking about Ashley’s grades, and Kally’s first year in school. Karrista offers to drive, but I tell her I’ve been missing driving anything smaller and faster than an up-armored HUMMV.

“Are you sure, you don’t want me to drive?” Karrista asks again, this time in fear, as I blow through an intersection. The light was more pink than red.

“Go VROOM VROOM, dad!” Kally cries from her car seat, excitedly. At least someone is enjoying this. I just wish the other cars wouldn’t drive so close to me.

Don’t they understand that it’s dangerous to stop at a red light? Someone might pull up next to us, and shoot us.

I don’t see the cop, until his lights are flashing in my rearview mirror. I only debate for a second on pulling over, then shake myself, as I realize what I’ve been doing.

I’m home, dammit. I’m safe. Why can’t I act like it?

The cop returns a moment later with my license. “Are you part of the unit that just returned?”

Laughing weakly, I reply, “Yeah, just landed. Guess I’m not used to the safe streets yet.”

“Well, I’m going to let you go with a warning, but under one condition: you let your wife drive.”

“Yes, officer,” I tell him thankfully.

“I like the way Daddy’s driving,” Kally claims, and Ashley tries to hush her.

“I have a brother that got back last year. I remember what he went through.” The officer seems to debate with himself for a minute, before adding, “He got some really good help with the VA. You might want to get in touch with them.”

“Thank you, officer,” I tell him noncommittally.

“Thank you for your service,” he says before turning and heading back to his car.

Karrista grips my thigh, after she gets in the driver’s seat of our car, telling me that everything’s okay.

But it’s not, and I’m not sure if it ever will be again. I’m home now. That broken down car on the side of the road isn’t an IED. That van coming up on our left isn’t speeding up to shoot at us. Why is my wife driving so slow?

We’ve got a long drive ahead of us, and as thankful as I am to be back with my family, I’m still feeling the effects of jetlag, so I take a nap.

* * *

“You really need to get the sand out of your pussy,” Anderson says to me, as we fly down the deserted road. Well, flying is a relative term, at forty-five miles per hour. This vehicle can go faster, but it’s too dangerous on this rough road and hard to see IEDs at faster speeds.

I ignore him, as I do every time I know I can get away with it. “I don’t understand why you chose to be a soldier. You’re a coward, Baker. You’re lazy, and a detriment to this team.” He continues in this vein, but I’ve heard it all before.

He considers me lazy, because during our training, on breaks, I chose to read, instead of socialize. Staff Sergeant Anderson is a butt-kisser of the highest caliber, and if you don’t kiss his ass, then apparently you aren’t worth shit. He even ordered me to quit reading because, “Real soldiers work on their skills. They don’t stuff their heads full of useless garbage.”

I AM worth shit, though, and know it. Checking my speed, I see I’m doing a whopping fifty mph. Laugh if you will, but in a fully up-armored HUMMV driving on these crappy roads, that’s pretty fast. There are almost more pot-holes than road, and the trip isn’t a smooth one.

Despite knowing that he’s just trying to get to me, and get me to say something that’ll get me into trouble, I can feel my anger rising.

“I don’t know how you made it through basic training, and I really don’t understand why you chose to stay in after your initial enlistment. Hell, I tried to stop you from getting your E-5 rank, but you went over my head.” Yeah, so that makes me smile. I know he’d been badmouthing me, so I went over him, and convinced the chain-of-command that I was worth promoting. That’d really pissed off my NCO, and was one more reason he always rags on me.

The thing I really don’t understand is: I’ve put in three different requests to be transferred to a different section, but Anderson has denied them. In truth, if it weren’t for Michael, I probably would have lost it with this superior acting asshole.

“Look,” I tell him, taking my eyes off the road for just a second, anger thick in my voice, “if I’m really that bad, then transfer me. I could be out of your hair in less than a week.”

“I can’t do that,” he tells me, and I can just barely hear the note of laughter in his voice over the sound of the engine, as I gun the truck past some debris on the side of the road. “You’re a danger to those around you, and I can’t pass you on to anyone else.”

Alright, that’s a low blow, no matter how you look at it.

“You sonuffa—,”

IED, IED, IE—” Michael Barton cuts me off, only to be cut off himself by a large explosion, and the world goes yellow.

* * *

“Jason!” Karrista yells, and I bolt upright, sweat streaming from my brow. I see we’re pulled off to the side of the road, and I open the door just in time to lean out, and puke. The remains of my lunch from the plane paint the dirt on the side of the road, as tears stream down my face.

“Mom, is dad okay?” Ashley asks, while Kally cries her own tears.

“Honey, are you alright?” I can feel my wife rubbing my back, reassuringly, but I shake her off. I don’t want to be touched right now.

Why am I still having this dream? That all happened months ago. Why can’t I be stronger?

Wiping my mouth, I sit up, and suck in a deep breath.

“Honey. . .?”

“I’m fine,” I snarl at her. Can’t she see that? I’m no longer puking, so obviously I’m fine. I see the hurt look in her eyes and immediately regret my tone. “I’m sorry, babe. I guess I just ate something bad on the plane.” Kally is still crying in the back, and I turn around to her, placing my hand on her leg. “Daddy’s just a little sick, darling. I’ll be better soon.” I tell her. I just have to get stronger, I tell myself. Time will heal this wound.

“Do we need to get you something for your stomach?” Karrista asks.

My first thought is to snap at her again. Why can’t she just leave me alone? But I shake it off, and get my emotions under control. “No,” I tell her, keeping my voice calm. “I think I got it all out.”

We get back on the road, and I start talking to the girls about their friends, and about what their plans will be for summer break, starting in a couple weeks. We chat amiably until they decide to take a nap, by which time Kally has regained her good mood.

“I know what I plan on doing with you during summer break,” Karrista states, reaching over and squeezing my manhood.

“Why wait?” I ask, smiling at her. Right now she reminds me of how she was when we first started dating. I grab her hand, and try to get it into my beltline.

She looks in the rearview mirror at our two sleeping daughters and then pulls her hand away and gives my crotch a light tap. “When we get home.”

I know better than to argue. Over the last few years, her sex drive has almost entirely disappeared, while mine has remained the same. We used to screw three to four times a week, but before the deployment with my National Guard unit, it was down to once a month, when I was lucky.

“Were you dreaming about Michael?” she asks me, and I feel my mood turn sour again. She never liked my best friend, and I really don’t feel like discussing him with her right now.

Turning to look outside, I let my mind wander as the terrain moves by.

* * *

“Oh, don’t give me that,” Michael had said. “You’re just as much a pervert as I am.”

“Maybe,” I hedged, “but I’m not the one that watched hentai out in the open bays back in Indiana, and my fetishes aren’t necessarily the same as yours. If you get caught with that shit out here, you’re screwed.”

“I’m not asking you to like them. I just want you to edit them, Prick.” He got a bit defensive, and I knew to start taking him seriously. “Besides, I’ve hidden it all since we came out here. You were the one that showed me how to do that.”

“You realize the trouble either one of us could get into if we’re caught with that on our laptops?” The concern was real. We were in one of those countries that outlawed any type of pornography. We both had some, but it was well hidden.

“Yeah, yeah. We’re not likely to get caught, as long as we keep our mouths shut about it.” I only grunted in response. “Look, it’s all already written. We can’t access the sites that I was posting to while here, but some people complained about errors, so when I repost this story, I want it as close to perfect as possible. I also want it to come out as I originally wanted it, instead of the shortened version I was forced to put out. It was obviously rushed.”

“Why didn’t you just finish it then?” I asked, and he gave me a look like I’m an idiot, and I answered my own question. “Because we were leaving for here, and you wanted an ending before we left.”

* * *

My wife pulls into our driveway, and I help her carry our still snoozing kids into the house. She offers to help me carry my bags in, but I know she can’t lift most of my duffle bags.

“You rearranged again, while I was gone,” I accuse her teasingly, as I drop my bags in front of the closet. She’s left me no room, having taken over my side of it.

“You weren’t here to argue. Now, are you really going to complain about that right now, or will you come over here, and take advantage of the fact that our daughters are still asleep?”

Grinning deeply, she already knows my answer, as I start stripping off my clothes. Giggling, she does the same, while I lock our door.

I won’t pretend to be some well-endowed god, but it’s been so long since I’ve been in the same room as a naked lady, and my wife does have a killer body, with her small waist, and child-bearing hips. Her once B-cup breasts, are now C-cups, sag only slightly after two kids, and her nipples are already hard.

My rod is veritably hurting, it’s swollen so much. Crawling up onto the bed, I kiss my lovely wife passionately. While our tongues entwine, I bring my right hand up to her left breast, and give it a gentle squeeze. I moan, not because she is doing anything for me, but just the fact that I have my hand on a breast (My favorite part of any woman), turns me on even more. I need to taste her nipple, and kiss my way down her neck and chest, until I can pull the rubbery tip between my teeth, and suck hard, making her moan, as her hands dig into my scalp.

“I’ve missed you,” she whispers to me, lovingly.

I try to say the same, but it comes out more like, “Mffm mhm hmf.”

I begin to kiss my way down her stomach, but she stops me.

“We don’t have time for that,” she informs me, and I groan. I love tasting my wife, but for some reason she hasn’t let me do that very much in the last few years. I know her excuse is just that, but I don’t push her, I’m too damned horny.

Spitting into my hand, I rub it against her vulva, making sure she’s wet enough. I slide halfway into her on the first stroke, and then am fully seated on the second. Missionary style isn’t necessarily my favorite, but after a year of celibacy she feels exquisite!

She feels so good, wrapped around my rod, and I start to move my hips, while I nibble on her neck. I use my elbows to prop myself up, and use my hands to tweak her nipples.

“Mmm, you keep doing that, and I won’t last long,” she warns me, but it’s been so long, that I can already feel my own climax building. I love my wife dearly, but when it comes to her orgasms, she’s like a man. One and she’s done.

I pick up my pace, and a moment before I start to shoot off deep inside her, I feel her vagina clamp down on me. We both strive to muffle our moans, as we crescendo together.

* * *

“IED, IED, IE—,” Michael yells a moment before I feel the impact of the explosion.

The steering wheel rips out of my hands, as the entire vehicle is moves sideways from the explosion. It’s odd; you hear about being in this situation from those that have been there, but until you actually live it yourself, you never really understand.

My ears are ringing, and I’m half blinded. There’s a sharp pain in my right leg, and my whole body feels like it’s been struck with a speeding truck.

Everything seems to happen all at once and yet in slow motion. I see Anderson yelling something, blood already running down the side of his face, but I can’t hear what he’s saying. Fear grips my insides like an icy fist to the stomach, as I see Michael Barton, face covered in burns and blood, lying unconscious next to me, inside the vehicle.

* * *

Karrista rolls over, still unconscious, as I sit up in bed, trying to rid my mind of that image. It won’t leave though, and I clearly remember how badly he’d been torn up by that blast. I want to throw up, but walk out of the bedroom, my wife softly snoring behind me.

Booting up my laptop, I navigate to the hidden folder on my computer, and stare at the one marked ‘Barton’.

Inside that folder is part of a hero’s last wish. I know I should open it. I know I should do as my best friend asked, but I can’t face his ghost right now.

Silently, I grab a pillow next to me, and soak it in tears, cursing myself for how weak I am. Maybe Anderson was right, I really shouldn’t have been a soldier.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 02

“Mom, why is Daddy sleeping on the couch,” I hear Kally ask my wife, and I come awake. Finally some sleep where I don’t dream!

“Go play in your room,” Karrista tells our youngest daughter. She turns and looks to me, hands on her hips. “So, Daddy. . . Why are you sleeping on the couch?” I know she’s not mad at me, but neither is she happy.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I mumble at her, hoping she’ll drop it.

She won’t. “Jason, why won’t you talk to me? I know something’s bothering you. I’m your wife. Please open up to me. Is it the nightmares?”

Ignoring her, I walk into our room, and start getting dressed. How am I supposed to talk to her about what happened? She’d never understand. Even if she did, how could I dump that on her? She’d never look at me the same way again. My best friend, a man she couldn’t stand, is dead. Literally died in my arms, and it’s my fault. . .

* * *

“Michael!” I yell, but can’t hear my own voice over the ringing in my ears. “No, no, no, no, no,” I repeat, as I reach out to check his pulse. Where is it? Why is there so much blood?

There! Is that it? Yes, it’s faint, but it’s there.

A hand grips the front of my body armor, and turns me to face Staff Sergeant Anderson. He’s still yelling at me, and I can just start to make out his voice, but not his words. I notice that his right arm isn’t moving properly, but I rip his left hand from my chest, as I try to open my door.

Thankfully it’s not jammed shut, and I step out onto wobbly legs. Or try to, the pain in my right leg intensifies tenfold, and I fall to the ground, yelling out in torture.

Michael, I think. Michael needs my help. Determination turns my limbs to steel, and I get back up, and reaching through my open doorway, grip my best friend’s body armor, and pull him out. Some small part of me notices that the vehicle is on fire, as another inner voice screams that you shouldn’t move a wounded person if you don’t know the extent of their injuries.

As carefully as I can, I get Sergeant Barton out, and pull him to safety. Feeling for his pulse again, I sense it’s still there.

A noise from the HUMMV gets my attention, and I realize the ringing in my ears has lessened. Looking up, I see Bertke dragging himself from the vehicle. He collapses, and I note that his legs seem to be useless.

I don’t see Anderson or Garret.

* * *

The front door slamming shut brings me back to reality, and I realize that my wife just walked out with the kids. I’m not worried about her leaving me. She’s just probably giving me some space.

Hmm, space. . .

No! I’m not going to think about those stories right now.

I walk into the kitchen and open a beer. By the time my wife and kids return from a trip to the zoo, I’m thoroughly drunk.

“Go to your room, girls. I need to talk to your father.” Uh-oh. Whenever she refers to me as their ‘father,’ I know she’s mad.

“Awe, come-on, babe,” I slur, trying to turn her mood around. “Why don’t we lock the door, and have a repeat of yesterday afternoon?”

“Because you’re drunk,” she scolds me. “What happened to you? It isn’t like you to get drunk in the middle of the day.”

“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it,” I snap, turning my back on her. It’s supposed to be a grand gesture, but the room violently spins around me, and I collapse onto my bum. Ha. . . Bum. . . Such a funny word that is.

“Don’t you think ‘bum’ is a funny word, babe?” I ask her, forgetting that I’m upset with her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this drunk before.” She looks down at me with her judgmental look, and I don’t want to look back at her. “This is because of what happened to Michael, isn’t it?”

Tears, unbidden, rise before my already blurry vision, and this time I nod. Nodding was the wrong thing to do, though, and I feel my gorge rise. I try to head for the bathroom, but the floor moves beneath me, tripping me up, and I end up puking on the floor, and falling on my face in it.

“Come on,” Karrista says, as she drags me to the shower. The wonderful woman strips me of my clothes, and as I lay under the shower, she cleans up my mess in the bedroom. I puke a few more times, the entire shower doing its best impression of a carousel; before I finally feel good enough to get cleaned up.

Unbidden, memories of all the times I’d gotten drunk with Michael surface.

“Are you ready to talk?” Karrista asks me, and I look up into her disapproving eyes. I’m tempted to. I know I need to talk to someone, but that look in her eyes stops me.

“You need to find help,” she tells me, the corners of her mouth tight. “I love you, but I can’t live with you like this, and it’s not fair to our children.

“I’ll call the VA as soon as I sober up,” I tell her. We don’t talk as she helps dry me, and tucks me into bed.

“Drink this, so you won’t feel so bad in the morning,” she hands me a glass of water, and I down it. I have to place my foot on the floor to stop the room from spinning, but it’s not long before I’m passed out.

* * *

“Are Garret and Anderson still inside?” I yell at Bertke, but he doesn’t hear me. I look from Michael to the burning HUMMV, and back.

Cursing soundly, I get up and limp back to the vehicle. Anderson is conscious, but I can see now that his right arm is hanging limply at his side. He’s fumbling with his seatbelt, but can’t seem to get it off.

Pulling out a tool from a pocket on my armor, I slice his seatbelt, and he helps me get him out of the burning vehicle. Garret is passed out in the back, and it takes all of my failing strength to get him extricated.

“Baker, get your ass over here,” Anderson yells at me, and suddenly I wish my hearing was still gone.

I pretend that it is, as I check over Garret. His leg is bleeding, but not badly, and blood is running from under his helmet. Checking, I can see that it’s a shallow cut, but surrounded by a massive goose egg.

Checking on Bertke next, (if Anderson has it in him to yell at me, then he has it in him to wait), I see that both of his legs are busted, a bone poking through his right thigh. Ripping off his medical kit, I apply first aid, until I’m sure he’ll survive. He’s already passed out from the pain.

Where is our other truck? Our radio is down, and there’s no way I’m going to try and get into the back of the HUMMV to get the backpack radio out. That entire vehicle is up in flames right now.

Still ignoring the ranting Anderson, I head back to Barton, and check him over. The side of his face is raw and burned. Horrible blisters have already started to form, where his skin had been exposed. Blood flows freely all over his face, and I can see blood soaking his digital camouflage. I rip open his armor, and then his top, gasping at what I see. Despite his armor, holes riddle his chest and arms.

Some of the wounds are bubbling, and I know at least one of his lungs is pierced.

* * *

“I told you, I wouldn’t put up with this,” Karrista screams at me, while she packs bags full of clothing. It’s been three weeks, and she’s sick of my excuses for not calling the VA.

“I’ll call them,” I promise for the umpteenth time.

“Call me when you’ve had your first appointment,” she tells me as she slams the trunk closed.

“Dammit, Karrista. Don’t take my daughters from me!’ I plead with her.

“Did you know they’re scared of you?” She asks me, looking me calmly in the eyes.

I take a step back, pain lancing through my heart. My girls, my baby girls are afraid of me? I’ve never hit them, unless you count a single spanking once in a great while. In fact, I haven’t had to spank Ashley once, and there was only that one time I had to tell Kally three times to do her chores.

Then I think about my anger. I used to be so laid back, but lately I’ve been so angry. It’s only because I’ve not been sleeping lately, I think, but I know better.

I watch, tears streaming down my cheeks as my life drives away.

* * *

“I need your help,” Anderson yells in my face. When had he crawled over to me?

“He needs me more,” I tell my NCO.

“He’s good as dead,” Anderson says coldly. “Now get your ass in gear, and bandage me up. I can’t do it alone.”

Glaring at him, I pour all the venom I can into my voice, “If he’s already dead, why are his chest wounds still sucking? Now get out of my way, while I try to save his life!”

I know I shouldn’t, but I shoulder the man aside, as I start tearing open packages, and placing them against the wounds, trying desperately to save my best friend’s life. It only takes me a few seconds to see that only his right lung has been punctured. As soon as it looks like I have the bleeding there under control, I turn my attention to his arm.

Michael’s hand grips my arm, and I see he’s awake.

“Don’t worry, brother. I’ve got you. We’ll get you patched up, and back to your wife again in no time,” I try to keep my voice reassuring, but I know there’s no hiding the quaver in it.

Sergeant Barton opens his mouth to say something, and I lean close to listen. He coughs, and I feel warm, wet blood splatter my face. Looking back down, I see his eyes roll back in his head, as he dies.

* * *

“I’ve got an appointment with a counselor at eight tomorrow morning,” I tell Karrista over the phone. “Will you please come back now?”

“Call me when you get out of that appointment,” she tells me, and I have to fight hard not to curse her.

“I’ve already been to a few,” I remind her. “I’ve been diagnosed with PTSD—Post Traumatic Stress Disorder—and that’s why I have the appointment tomorrow. I’ve done what you asked. Why won’t you let me see my daughters?”

“I need to know you’re serious. Call me after your appointment and we’ll talk,” she repeats, and then hangs up on me.

My phone sails through the air, smashing to pieces against the other wall. Dammit! That’s the third phone this month.

* * *

“Staff Sergeant Anderson is trying to bring you up on charges of neglect,” Chaplain Patterson tells me, and I can only nod my head despondently. “Don’t worry though. You saved all their lives. That won’t be forgotten.”

“Everyone’s but Barton’s,” I tell the tall man, as the stitches in my right calf start itching again. Who cares what Anderson is trying to do? Even after I splinted his arm, and then had to apply a tourniquet, the man is still bitter with me. He blames me for the loss of his arm. Of course, he’s also upset that they’re threatening to demote him for disobeying orders, and taking a single guntruck out, against our standard operating procedures.

“Speaking of which,” Patterson says, “This was dropped off earlier for you. Barton had it on him, as well as a letter for his wife. Apparently he wanted you to have both. I’m really sorry, man.”

The chaplain gets up, his shadowy form looming over me as he hands me two blood-stained envelopes, and leaves my now oversized room. Barton’s personal belongings are supposed to be getting packed up, to be sent home, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

New, hot tears pour from me as I see the letters have already been opened. I know the leadership doesn’t want any classified info getting out. Pulling out the letter with my name on it, I read:

Listen, Prick, I know I’m dead, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

A surprising laugh escapes me. This letter is so like him, irreverent, and blunt. I continue reading.

I know you’re having a hard time with this, but you need to get over it. I don’t know how I’m going to die, but however it happens, don’t blame yourself.

How can I not blame myself? If I had been the one in the gunner’s hatch, or if I’d kept my eyes on the road, instead of allowing Anderson to goad me, or if I’d tended to his wounds quicker, he might still be here today. His death is on my shoulders.

I know my wife will be taken care of financially, but I want you to deliver my other letter to her. It’ll be hard enough on her as it is, but I know you will make things easier on her. I don’t want a stranger delivering my last words to her.

A fresh stream of tears spring from my eyes, hot and wet, and I have to clear them, to keep reading. I had introduced Michael to his wife a few years ago, and know that she’s going to be taking his death badly. Despite him wanting me to deliver the other letter, I don’t know if I’ll be able to face her.

I want you to have my laptop. I need you to complete what I started. I know it won’t be easy for you, and I know you won’t like it, but I know you’ll do right by it as well. You’ll know where to find them.

There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s talking about his erotic stories. I glance across the room, to where his laptop sits, after being returned yesterday, and close my eyes. Now I know why they took the computer. After they read his letter, they must have gone through his laptop, to make sure it was clear of sensitive information. Part of me hopes that they found his stories, and deleted them. I know it’s wrong to feel this way, but I don’t know if I can go through them.

Everything may seem like it’ll be easy to do, but I don’t know if I can. Face his wife, and tell her I let him die? Edit stories that I will see him behind every word?

Okay, Prick, I’ve got to go now. Hopefully Anderson won’t razz you too badly tonight. I look forward to burning this thing when we get back tomorrow.

Michael Barton

* * *

“Okay,” Dr. Tony Albert, my psychiatrist says to me, “that’s good. You’re making a lot of progress, and your memories seem to be sorting themselves out.”

I’ve been coming here every Friday for a few months now, and Tony, as he prefers I refer to him as, has helped me with the IED attack. I hadn’t even realized how much about it I’d forgotten, but with his help, I’ve been coming to terms with it.

“Do you see how your friend’s death wasn’t your fault?” This question again. . .

“But—“ I start, and he cuts me off.

“It was your Staff Sergeant. He made the call to go against your orders, and send you out. You did the right thing, by trying to stop him. There are plenty of ‘ifs’ in your memory, but it all starts with Anderson forcing you to go out.” He sounds so sincere that I want to believe him. What he says makes sense, logically, but emotionally, I don’t know. “Have you taken the letter to his wife, yet?”

I shake my head, not wanting to speak.

“And the other thing?” I shake my head again. I haven’t gone into detail about Michael asking me to edit and post his stories; just that it’s something that I don’t know if I can face. “Well, you’re making some good progress, but I think if you can do those two things, then you will make even better progress.” He gives a slightly nervous chuckle. “You still want to get better, right?”

“Yeah, my wife and daughters are back, and I don’t want to lose them again,” I tell the slightly portly man. Karrista had come back after my second appointment with Tony. I’d felt as if she’d been stringing me along, kept telling me next time, but all had been forgiven when she’d returned, bags packed, and moved back in. I’d missed them so much. I just wish I didn’t feel like Karrista is still punishing me.

“Which do you think will be the easiest: facing his wife, or the other? I mean, you’ve already been through combat, and battle. The rest should be easy.”

Shaking my head, I know the answer, but don’t want to admit that editing erotic stories will be the easiest thing to do.

Back in my car, the engine running, I look at my clasped hands. Can I do this? Can I edit those stories? I’d have to keep them secret from my wife and daughters. Karrista would have a complete freak out, if she even knew they were on my computer, and she’d likely take my daughters away again. She’s such a prude, and the themes of his stories. . . .

Maybe. . . Reaching over, I open my glove compartment, and pull out the white, crinkled envelope holding two letters. I’d gotten rid of the blood stained envelopes before leaving that cursed country.

Before I can change my mind, I put my car in gear, and drive. Karrista will be upset that I’m getting back late from my appointment, but the VA center is halfway between home and my current destination.

It takes me a good fifteen minutes sitting in my parked car, before I can build the courage up, and get out, a single letter in my hand. My heart is thundering almost painfully in my chest, as I knock on the door. A very strong part of me hopes that she’s not home. My legs feel like jelly beneath me, and my entire body is shaking with apprehension.

I’m about to turn around and leave, when the door opens.

“Jason?” Allison Barton asks, and suddenly my feet are lead weights, too heavy for me to move. “It is you!” She actually sounds happy to see me. “Come in. Please, come in.”

The door opens all the way, and I see her standing there. I’d forgotten how good she looks. Her blonde hair is loose, and hanging down her back. She has on a white t-shirt that doesn’t hug her figure, but doesn’t hide it either, and a pair of Capri’s hugging her slender legs.

“I—“ I have to clear my throat, and try to speak again. “I have a letter from . . . from Michael.”

She draws in a deep breath, and I hand the white parchment to her. I can see that her hands are shaking as she takes it.

“I’ll. . . I’ll leave you to it, then,” I try to turn and walk away, but her hand on my arm stops me.

“No, please,” her voice is barely a whisper, and I can almost feel the emotion choking it. “Please, come in. I don’t know if I can read this alone.”

I don’t want to be here. I want to turn and run. Tony’s voice drifts through my thoughts, and I know I need to face this.

I follow her inside.

“Can I get you anything to drink? I still have Mountain Dew in the fridge. I don’t drink it, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it.” Mountain Dew had been Michael’s favorite drink, especially when mixed with whiskey. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink in two months.

It takes a moment to speak past the lump in my throat. “I’ll take one.”

She returns a couple moments later, can in hand. She has a glass with Ice, and I know the dark liquid is Pepsi. She doesn’t give me any ice or a glass, knowing how I drink my sodas.

She sits across from me, letter in hand, just staring at it. I know she’s trying to build up the courage to read it, and feel like an intruder. Looking around the room, I remember all the parties we had here. My wife never liked Michael, but she got along well enough with Allison.

“I don’t think I can read this,” the blonde tells me, handing the letter back to me. “Will you please read it?”

Me?!? It’s hard, but somehow I reach out and take the paper from her. Despite having the letter on me for most of a year now, I’ve never read it.

My hands are shaking so badly, that it takes me a couple tries to unfold it and start reading.

Allison, my dear wife.

If this is in your hands, then I was not able to return to you. You will never know how sorry I am for that. For the last three years, you have been the rock that has supported me through so many trials. I’m sorry that we were never able to have children, I know how badly you wanted to have kids of your own.

I know we fought about this before I left, but I want you to move on, and find a man that’ll treat you right. You deserve the best, and I want you to have it, and children.

I know Jason is going to have a hard time with my death, but I hope he is able to get this letter to you as soon as he gets home.

There really isn’t much more to say, that I didn’t say in my will.

I love you now, and always,
Michael <3

This is a side of my friend I’ve never seen. The line about ‘getting this letter to her’ hurts terribly and it takes all of my effort not to cry in front of his widow.

I don’t notice that she’s moved, until I feel her arms around my shoulders.

“Thank you, Jason,” She cries into my right shoulder. “I know this wasn’t easy for you either, and I want you to know that I really appreciate you doing this.”

“You’re not mad at me?” I ask, unsure I want to hear the answer.

“Mad?” She asks, and hugs me tighter. I can’t help but notice her breasts against my arm, and try to focus on something else. I made it over a year without getting laid, a couple of months should be nothing. If only Karrista would break down and. . . .

She laughs, and I feel the pain from Michael’s letter lessen at the sound. “Of course I’m not mad! You were his dearest friend. I used to say that I didn’t marry just him, but both of you. You were both such a big part of who the other was.”

My arms go around her, and this time, I can’t stop the tears. I don’t care if she knows I’m crying anymore. I have a reason to now, and after months of therapy, know that crying doesn’t mean I’m weak.

A number of minutes pass, before she pulls away. I can see where her mascara has run, tracing dark lines down her cheeks and onto my white shirt.

She sees the stains, and pulls away, covering her mouth. “Oh no, I’ve stained your shirt. Let me get you another one.” She turns and starts to rush from the room, but I call after her.

“I can’t. If I come home in a different shirt than I left in, Karrista will flip.” She’s always been a bit of a jealous wife, and Michael was to blame for that. The main reason she didn’t like my best friend. He had been quite the womanizer, even after marrying Allison, and my wife knows it. The fact that I’ve stayed faithful to her doesn’t seem to matter.

“Well, at least let me wash it. If I get it in the laundry right now, we might be able to get that out.”

I look at my watch, knowing that I’ve been gone from home for too long. I’m torn. If I stay to let her wash it, I will be here that much longer, but if I go home with mascara on my shirt, Karrista will have a come-apart.

Allison sees me glancing at my watch. “I promise to get you back quickly to your wife. I’m surprised she hasn’t called to see where you are, yet.” She knows my wife all too well. Come to think of it, I wonder why she hasn’t called or texted me yet. “I still don’t know why you put up with her. Now give me your shirt, or you’ll be here even longer.”

Nodding, I pull off my shirt, and toss it to her. Grabbing it out of the air, she rushes off, and I can hear her washer starting up.

I drink my Mountain Dew while I wait, a little uncomfortable being topless in her house.

“So how have things been at home? I haven’t seen you in forever.” I feel bad for that. Allison and I have been friends for years, even before she’d married Michael, but I haven’t seen her since the day we left. That was almost eighteen months ago.

“Karrista left me for a bit, but she’s back now,” I tell her honestly. Despite how beautiful Allison is, I’ve always felt comfortable around her. We’d dated way back when, but the break-up had been amicable, and we’d remained friends. “I think she’s still mad at me for taking so long to go to the VA.”

She raises an eyebrow at that, but asks, “So you’re going to the VA? Has that, um, been helping?”

I laugh easily, before answering. “Best choice I ever made. I’m not nearly as jumpy as I was when I got home, and can even drive down the street without freaking out.” I take a deep breath, before continuing, “It’s also the reason I was able to finally find the strength to come here today.”

She sits next to me, and places her hand comfortingly on my thigh. “I’m glad you did. It really does mean a lot.” She emphasizes her words with a squeeze of my thigh.

Looking up, I meet her green eyes, and smile. I can see that she really is happy I dropped off that letter.

Speaking of which. . . . “He never told me that you were having problems having kids. What’s up?”

Turning her shoulders to face me more, she places her other hand on top of the one on my leg, before answering. “He was always embarrassed, but he had a low sperm count.”

Placing my right hand on hers, I give them a squeeze. “I’m so sorry.” She’d often talked about how she wanted kids. About what she would do to her girl’s hair, or how she would play with her boys. For some reason it never occurred to me to wonder why they never had kids.

She laughs weakly, and I know this is a sensitive subject for her. I’m trying to think of a way to change the subject, when she says, “You know, we talked about artificial insemination, but didn’t like the thought. We even talked about having you get me pregnant.” Shock must register on my face, but she takes one hand out from under mine, and places it on top. “He was okay with the idea, but we knew Karrista wouldn’t be.”

“That’s an understatement,” I tell her.

“That’s why we never brought it up. Of course, we didn’t know how you would feel either. We talked a lot about it, in fact. We agreed that it would be our child, and that we would never want him or her to know they weren’t Michael’s own.” She sounds so sincere, and my heart melts for her.

I try to smile, and give her an obvious once-over. I’ve never hidden the fact that I still find her attractive, and it had actually been a running joke between the three of us. One more reason Karrista is so. . . . Well, enough about her. “Yeah, if I didn’t have to worry about losing my daughters, I would have jumped all over the offer. Or all over you, I guess,” I add with a wink.

Her hands simultaneously squeeze my thigh and hand. “She would never have to know. . .” and just like that, we’re talking about something in the present, and not in the past.

“But, I mean, Michael. . . They wouldn’t have a dad, and you’re all alone.” It’s not that I’m averse to the thought, but I worry.

She drops her eyes to her hands, and says, “The insurance money has set me up nicely, and I have it invested, so that I’ll never have to worry about money again. As for a dad, no, but he or she would have an excellent uncle. . .” she looks me in the eyes again as she says ‘uncle,’ and I know she’s referring to me.

“But I thought you didn’t want me in their life?” I ask, confused.

“How would we keep you out? You are our . . . my best friend. No, we just didn’t want the child to know that Michael wasn’t his father.” Her grip on my hand feels like a vice, and I know how vulnerable she is right now. This isn’t why I came over here; far from it! I remind myself.

But how can I deny the pain and desire I see in her deep green eyes? I don’t fool myself that her desire is for me, but for a child she never got to have.

“I don’t know when we’ll find the time to. . .” For some reason I can’t finish that sentence, and she gives me a look, as if I’m an idiot. After a moment, I realize I am. “Is now a good time?” I ask sheepishly.

You’d think I just gave her the moon, by the way her eyes light up. Getting up, she drags me back to her room, the room that she and Michael shared, but stops just outside the doorway.

Suddenly she seems apprehensive, and I wonder if she’s having second thoughts. For that matter, I don’t yet really know how I feel about this. I’ve never stepped out on my wife before, though I’ve been tempted more than once, and had plenty of offers. And having a kid that I can’t call my own?

But Allison needs this, and we’ve been friends longer than I’ve been married to Karrista. And it’s not as though my wife has any interest in making love anytime soon.

“I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings,” she says to me, her hand on my chest, and pulling me back to the here and now. “I’m not interested in a relationship with you. We are friends, and I love you like a friend. I’m not trying to steal you away from Karrista, or your daughters. I just want a child to call my own.”

A thought occurs to me, and I have to ask, “Who will you say is the father?”

She doesn’t even hesitate, “I’ll tell everyone that Michael had some frozen sperm, and I used that.”

This is really going to happen and she’s really thought this out, I think, as I look into her green eyes, and nod. Her slender arms wrap around my naked torso, as she hugs me tightly. “Thank you, Jason. You’ll never know how much this means to me.”

Her head tilts up to look at me, and I lean forward to kiss her tenderly on the lips. Unexpectedly I feel wetness on her cheeks, and pull back to see she’s crying. I open my mouth to say we really don’t need to do this, but she cuts me off.

“They’re happy tears. Now get in here, and get naked. We really shouldn’t waste anymore time, or your wife is really going to wonder.”

I really have no answer, and smile as I step through the doorway.

My pants are off before we reach the bed, and I help her with her white t-shirt and matching bra, before her pants are off as well.

We fall to the bed together, kissing deeply, and I enjoy the way her ample, firm breasts feel pressed against my chest. Our tongues swirl, as our hands roam each other’s backs. I know I’m pressed for time, but I also know it’s been awhile for her and me. This may only be a means to an end for her, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it as enjoyable as possible.

Breaking the kiss, I move my lips lightly along her neck, to her chest, and around her bosom. My left hand isn’t being lazy, as I move it to her lower mound, and notice how wet she already is.

I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but notice the differences between Allison and Karrista. Maybe it’s just that after nine years of marriage, I’m used to my wife, while Allison is a new-old experience, but I am already enjoying her.

I easily slip my middle finger into her, at the same time my lips reach her stiff nipple, eliciting a moan. Despite how great her teat feels between my lips, I want to taste her. It’s been so long, and it really is one of my favorite things to do to a woman. I pause for only a bit to make out with her belly button, making her giggle, before my lips finally make it to the small patch of fuzz above her crotch. She hasn’t shaved down here for a few days, but she wasn’t expecting me over today, either.

Her short hairs poke me in the cheeks, as I dig my face into her wet pussy, but it doesn’t matter as I get my first taste of her.

Even though we dated many years ago, we never slept together.

She has a sweet and tangy flavor, which truly tastes wonderful, as I dip my tongue into her, lapping up her juices. I suck in both her labia, and chew on them lightly, bringing more moans out of this sexy woman. Slipping two middle fingers into her, I get her close to a climax, before latching onto her clit, and sucking hard.

“Oh, fuck, it’s been so long,” she cries out as her hands grip the sheets, and her back arches. I don’t let up, though, and she tries to push my head back, but like a dog with a treat, I won’t give up my prize, driving her into another crashing orgasm.

I let go this time, as she comes down, breathing heavily, and she glares at me. “That was almost too much! Are you trying to make me too sensitive to do the rest?”

I hadn’t thought of that, but a smile splits my soaked lips as I reply, “Who knows? I guess I’ll just have to come back another time, if you can’t handle it.”

I act as if I’m about to get up and leave, but she sits up, grabs my face, and growls, “Don’t you dare!” before pulling me back on top of her.

Our mouths meet again, and there is a new hunger in her, as I aim my pole for her hole, and feel it slip inside a bit. I use my hips to slowly move in and out, sinking a bit deeper with each movement, until I’m fully within her.

Her fingernails dig into my butt, as she breaks the kiss, and gasps. “Are you sure, you two aren’t brothers?” she asks me, and I look at her confused. Michael and I used to get asked that a lot, but why is she asking me that now? “You’re the same size as he was,” she tells me, understanding my confusion.

Her words drive into me that this is his wife, and suddenly, now that it’s too late, I start having second, or is it third, thoughts. Have I crossed a line against my friend? I’ve crossed a line concerning my wife. . .

“Please, Jason. I need this more than you can know,” Allison tells me, hugging me back to her. “I’d forgotten how good this can feel. I’ve needed someone to love my body, the way Michael used to. We both wanted this, so don’t worry about him. Just. . . just fuck me.”

And there you have it. This is what he wanted, and I’m not hurting her. It’ll hurt my wife if she ever finds out, but I’ll do what it takes to make sure she doesn’t!

I roll us over, until she’s on top, then pull her chest down to my thirsty lips, I latch on to the nipple I ignored earlier, while my hands go to her ass, and start moving her hips. She feels so damn good, like this, and since this is one of my favorite positions, I know I won’t last long. By the way she’s now moving, I know she won’t last much longer either.

I start to blow my load deep into her, a moment before I feel her vagina clamp down hard on my rod, and over two months of pent-up sperm and spunk explode into her all-devouring cavity.

She leans down, and kisses me softly on the lips, whispering, “Thank you, Jason. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

She glances at the clock, and I do the same, feeling my heart sink. I should have been home over an hour ago.

“You shower, and I’ll throw your shirt in the dryer,” she tells me, and gets up. She holds her pussy, in an attempt to keep my seed inside her, but I deposited a ton up there, and it starts to drip as she runs out.

Forty-five minutes later, I’m in my car, and heading home. Michael’s letter to me is still sitting in the passenger’s seat, and I remember his other request to me. After what I’d just done with his wife, editing his erotic stories and reposting them will be easy.

Besides, Dr. Albert says it’ll be healing to complete what Michael started.

Author’s note: Since originally posting this story, many have asked me to continue it, but I can’t. Not because I’m unable, and not because of some haters, but because I don’t wish to tarnish what has truly happened. I don’t want to take this true story, and make something else out of it.

So instead, I’ll quickly bring you up-to-date. ‘Allison’ is three month’s pregnant. She doesn’t want to know what it is, until the birth, which is killing me. ‘Karrista’ wonders why I’m so interested in the baby, and I don’t know if she buys that I’m interested because it’s ‘Michael’s’.

True to her word, once she got pregnant, all liaisons between us have stopped. Part of me hopes to continue after the child is born. Maybe I can talk her into having more children? I don’t know. I’m able to handle the guilt of cheating, only because my wife still continues to ignore me. We do have sex, but sometimes I feel as if it’s only pity sex, and not because she wants it.

If you’re wondering how we kept our sex secret from ‘Karrista’, it’s simple. I graduated from my PTSD therapy sessions shortly after that first visit to ‘Allison’. My wife still doesn’t know. Even though my friend’s wife and I aren’t doing the deed anymore, it gives me some time alone to think, where my wife isn’t badgering me.

I have completed editing Dark_Brother's stories, and received a fair amount of hate for it, but it was healing for me. I don't care what you think of me for editing what he wrote. I make no apologies for it, as it was truly his work.

I hope this answers your questions, and closes this story for you. I won’t be closing this account, but I won’t be writing anymore from it either. Thank you, to those who serve our country, and especially to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom! From one soldier to another, I salute you!