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Charity At Work 3: Retail Therapy

Welcome back readers of my filth.

When this humble narrator last left you I had just been fired from the rock and roll lifestyle know as flipping burgers for fucking the donkey dicked half wit night manager.

It was merely the second in a series of three jobs I would lose over the summer before I moved into the two that would end up defining the next several years of my life. But that’s getting ahead of myself, you want to hear all about how my big titted self got canned from the next job. Here’s a hint, it’s a three lettered word that starts with “ sex”. Shocking huh?

With two work disasters under my belt it was time to move on and hope I landed in a job that wouldn’t end with me landing on my back. Mrs Parsons even decided to list herself as a character reference after an orgy at our place with Momma,, Hope, myself and about eight big black cocks. Mind you it wasn’t a sex reference, being the preachers wife in a strongly Christian town was a big kudos to have in anyone’s book.

This was just few days after the pounding and firing at the Burger baron and Faith still wasn’t talking to me, so she missed out on the cum-for-all. Mrs. Parsons’ name was as good as gold in this town and I actually had job offers down the block.

I eventually chose on a lingerie store, simply because I would get a great deal on pieces and could directly order customsized bras and outfits for Momma and myself. Momma had huge breasts and mine while not monsters like her, were exceptionally large and out of proportion with my petite frame. No more driving two hours into the big city and two hours back to get bras for us, or ordering and waiting three months for something that might not even fit.

It was a dream job. The clientle were predominantly women on their own, or couples and the occasional bashful man looking for something for his girlfriend, or possibly himself. Who am I to judge? It was a pretty laid back envoirnment. My boss, Patti was a dream boss too.

Patti was a dyke, and made no allusions about it. She was what you might consider a mildly lipstick lesbian. She had short cropped dark hair a stud pierced nose ( year s before it was popular) dark tanned skin displaying her half native heritage ,cool grey eyes, and was always dressed in a slightly off punk manner to her. Her girlfriend would come and pick her up after work. She would smoke joints with me, let me play any music I liked. We talked about girls, and by the end of the first day I had already dropped that I was bi. She even invited me to dinner with her girlfriend.

We would try outfits on after work , and I generally knew why she loved helping me into them, my tits have always been girl attractors. But she was too professional and too cool to ever act on her attraction or try ruining our friendship.

Within a couple days I was already working 9 to 5 and was offered weekends when school started, in short everything was absolutely awesome. And for the first three weeks, everything was.

Then George stepped in through the door and everything changed.

From the moment he stepped in the place I knew he was a man that demanded attention. Every head turned in some manner when he wandered in. If “manly” was defined by a picture in a dictionary it would have been a picture of George. He strode with confidence and security as if he owned the ground he walked on.

George was in his mid 40’s and a powerhouse of a man. He stood at 6’2” and had a solid athletic build. Dirty blond hiar close cropped with touches of grey at the temples which added a touch of distinction to him. A chiselled body from hard work, classically rugged good looks and a look from his gorgeous blue eyes could turn a woman’s legs into butter. There was something oddly familiar about him too.

He was dressed sharply, yet casually and strolled through the aisles checking out everything in the store. He smiled at a couple who was shopping, the lady smiled back and instead of looking away he merely locked his eyes on her as if communicating his approval of her. The wife blushed like a school girl until the hubby went red and pulled her away. George would then go back to what he was doing.

“ Hello Patti”, came his lustrous baritone

“ Hi George”, Patti said waving nervously to him with a smile

I even saw a brief flush on her cheek when he spoke to her, a man that could melt lesbians? This was something out of a comic book.. Georg had the same magnetism that Marcus had attracted people and inspired confidence in men and lust in women. I had always thought it was the appeal of alpha male and forbidden taboo due to Marcus being black, but apparently some men just had that aura regardless.

“ It has been awhile , how’s May”, George said asking about Patti’s partner.

“ Oh she’s fine”, Patti blushed, “ how have you been doing?”

“ Fantastic. Been out of town for awhile, but back home and back to business”

“ Great to hear George”

“ You and I should find some time to hang out again”

Patti actually gulped at that “ Sure George, I would like that”

“ And who is this?” George said turning to me.

Those eyes of his locked onto mine and were like headlights into my soul. I felt dwarfed by this mountain of a man. I actually felt heat in my throat as I blushed.

“ Hi I’m Charity”, I said nervously extending my hand

He gently took my hand in one of his big ones and softly held it yet firmly too.

“ I bet you just are”, he said with a twinkle in his eye.

I smiled and felt like giggling like a star eyed whelp at the feet of a rock star. I was flushed and extremely flattered at his attention. I had never gone gaga over anyone like the other girls did over teen heart throbs. But I imagine this is what they felt like.

He took his hand away and broke the spell and asked us both

“ So I’m looking for something for Consuella, do you have anything that would you think she might like”

“ Oh there’s plenty, I have some things in the back here I’m sure she would love”, Patti said almost jumping from behind the till.

“ No, I think Charity should show me, if that’s alright with you”, George said turning his gaze back on me.

I just smiled and blushed and lookd to my feet.

“ I guess”, I could hear Patti say a touch crestfallen, “but if you need any help, please let me know”

George wandered to the back where we had the naughtier outfits on display behind a divider. Patti just motioned to me and whispered” He’s one of our biggest customers, make him happy” and pushed me after him. As I turned to walk she grabbed me again and undid one of my top buttons on my blouse

“ Tits never hurt” and she pushed me on the ass back

George was looking at bras and bustiers when I wandered into the back partition. He turned to me and gave me a million dollar smile. I saddled up along side him with my hands behind my back, ever so slightly pronouncing my cleavage through my top.. He checked me out once and went back to it.

Consuella is a good friend of mine and I know she wants something to surprse her husband”, George said looking through the rack., “ what do you suggest?”

I looked through the rack as well, trying to pick out something nice and tasteful, and found a red and white striped chemise.

“ You can never go wrong with something light and fun”

“ Hmmm, I don’t know, she might be a bit too big for that”

“ Oh , I’m sorry I didn’t realize she was a plus sized woman”

“ I’m sorry Charity, I didn’t mean it that way”, he said with friendly deep chuckle, “ I meant she might be too top heavy for that”

I went red at that, I felt like a naïve schoolgirl being let in on a joke. This still was all too much, I just wanted to twirl my hair and gaze adoringly into his eyes.

“ Oh gee, gosh, I don’t know”, I said suddenly flusteredThen I noticed I actually was curling an end of hair with my finger nervously. “ Would you happen to know her size?”

He turned to me and gripped me by the shoulders and looked me up and down. I just stood there like a deer in the headlights.He actually spun me around too to look at me. I just smiled and stood there waiting his queries.

“ Hmmm…she’s somewhat similar to you. Show me”, George said matter of factly, with a slightly mischievous smile.

“ You want me to show you?” I said startled.

“ Yes”

“ My cup size?”

“ Yes”. He said calmly and confidently.

I took a quick glance around nervously. I knew Patti, George and myself were the only ones in the store no one could see much of anything behind the partition, yet I was still heavily reluctant. I smiled nervously but a look from his eyes just melted me anyways.

“ Oh okay”, I blushed and started unbuttoning.
I opened up my blouse and proudly displayed my luscious 32DD bust encased in white lace courtesy of the store. I could already feel my nipples stiffen under his gaze. George smiled hungrily and cupped my breasts with his big hands. He rubbed my stiff nipples under the fabric eliciting a soft gasp from me.

“Mmmmm a double D, I’d wager, “.George smiled now slipping his hands under the cups and onto my heating up flesh.

“ Yes”, I whispered half spell bound.

“ Show me more”, George instructed me.

I looked around furtively and saw the changing booths. I looked at him and back to the booths and George just smiled. He took me by the hand and led me into the nearest of the three. He pushed me in and closed the door behind him. I had never done anything in a changing booth, but with the experiences I had in washroom stalls with the high school football team and mrs Parsons boyfriend, I had already grown a small fetish for these kind of atmospheres.

As George locked the door behind him I had already taken off my blouse and was unsnapping my bra. He turned to me with a hungry predatory smile and grabbed me by the small of the back and pulled me to him. George pressed his hard muscular body against my pliant and much smaller soft frame and I almost melted into him.

George gripped by the chin and pushed his mouth into mine. My tongue darted swiftly into his mouth and his hungrily pushed back. I ground my hips into his and could feel a massive heaviness down his thigh. Everything about this man was magnificent. He gripped my hair in his hands and deeply soul kissed me, he was masterful.

He then pushed me to my knees before him and unzipped himself with one hand. George had gone commando and his thick heavy cock sprung from his pants. It was another monster, I had truly been blessed this summer it seemed. And I worshipped it.

I hungrily suck at his big meat, he bent my head back so that I could look him in the eye whilst doing so. I felt absolutely subservient to this man in a way I hadn’t felt in a good long time. There is nothing quite like falling down and worshipping a fuck god who knows it to be true.He just smiled at my devotion and pushed his big meat into my mouth.

With the exception of Beeder, George was the only white guy I had ever met with a huge cock. But unlike Beeder , George was masterful with it. This was a man with strength, purpose, confidence and skill. I moaned around his cock as I trembled through an orgasm without touching myself knowing what was in store for me.

He started thrusting his dick over and over into my mouth, I was tearing up and drooling around his impressive girth. I couldn’t get much past my lips and I gagged every time he hit the back of my throat, I kept trying but this was a bad position for even attempting to deep throat such a massive beast.

“ I’d love to eat that sweet peach of yours, but this isn’t that place “, George said stroking my hair like the little fuckpet I was.

He pulled his horsecock from my mouth with me gasping for air. I wanted it back in my mouth and whimpered for it. George just gripped me the hair, pulled me up and pulled me up against him so that we both faced the mirror.George then pushed his huge dick between my thighs and had me stare in the mirror.

He dwarfed me this mount standing behind me, he lifted one of my legs and placed my foot on the changing booth seat. He then slipped his cock underme and I could see in the mirror this might erecting jut up between my thighs. He rubbed his thick tool against the soaking cloth that were my panties and I grinded myself against it whimpering. He was huge behind me and the image in the mirror was so sexy. The petite blondewith the big tits and the mountainof a man with the huge cock teasing her to death with it.

“ Tell me what you want”

I whimpered, “ Your cock”

“ I can’t hear you”, he teased rubbing his length against me

“ I want your cock, please” , I begged.

“ You want my cock in your little pussy”

“ Fuck my pussy please Mister”, I whimpered

George reached around and literally yanked my panties off with one hand with a snap.I gasped and then gasped again as he guided his big girth to my waiting hole. He eased his thick meat into me ever so slowly, letting me enjoy every luxurious inch at a time.

George grabbed me by the tits as He slowly pushed into me, my eyes half lidded as he took control of my body. He pulled me against his muscular frame and started a slow steady rythym thrusting his length in and out of me. He fucked me masterfully picking up his pace ever so slowly but slightly picking up the temp with every thrust.

George wrapped one arm around my waist and was soon thrusting hard and fast deep into me. So firmly he even picked me up off the floor and was fucking me as my feet dangled and I was suspendedby his thick arm.. He turned and gripped the top of the door with one hand as he started slamming into me.

I reached up as well, my tits now pressing into the glass of the mirror that was placed there as well. The whole booth shook with every slam into my stretched pussy. He filled me entirely and kept at it. When I has a firm grip he let go of the door and start didldling me as her rammed his huge cock home in me

I was shaking and cumming through an intense series of cums. I started whimpering, then crying then shrieking. This just spurred George on and he started slamming his horsecock into me, his balls slapping wetly against my ass. I was cumming like crazy at his masterful hand and cock strokes.

George pokerfaced me forever it seemed and for a second I thought I was going to pass out, but I came back as my got knocked against the door a few times as Georgewas making his way home. He grunted and thrust harder and harder.

Stars exploded inmy eyes and George let out a slow deep growl and thrust one final time forward, I could feel his jets of sperm, Actually feel every gooey blast flood my womb. And then there was the wrenching of the door as it popped off the top hinge with that final cum thrust.

He lowered me down and I trembled and squeezed his throbbing cock in my spasming pussy. I felt like the god of sex had just had his way with me. I leaned heavily back into him and he leaned forward and bent my chin up to face him. George gave me a deep long lusty kiss full of adoration for my stamina, I knew right then I was going to be his cocks lave.

“ Ahem” , came a voice from in front of us.

I opened my eyes and there was Patti with a grimace on her face staring down the two of us, her arms firmly crossed over her ragged ramones shirt.

I was speechless. Crap. Here we go again

“ You owe me a new door George” was all she said, her grimace now turning to a smile.

“ You mean I’m not fired?” I gasped out.

“ Shit no girl, you took George’s dick like a champ, you should get a raise”

George meanwhile was acting like nothing had happened and was already zipping his pants back up. He even started leafing through his wallet.

“ Couple hundred do it?”, He asked Patti.

“ Sounds about right”, she said taking his money.

I got back into my bra and blouse confused by this sudden turn of events. I fucked a customer, ruined store property, and was being complimented for it? My panties were a complete write off, oh well, not the first time I had ever gone without wearing them. In fact I generally preferred not to, but work was something you didn’t want to flash the gash aat.

‘ You’ve got one hell of a employee here, Patti”

“ Yeah she’s pretty radical “ ( remember this was the eighties, people actually said that shit).

“ So I’m not fired?” I asked again

George just laughed and grabbed a random handful of lingerie from a rack. Patti laughed too and hugged me.

“ Hell no little lady, I’ve been fucking George for years”

“ But, but …you’re a lesbian”

George laughed at that too, Patti flipped him the finger and he wandered off near the front of the store.

“ Yeah, I am, but George has been the only exception to that rule, well mostly”

“ Mostly?”

“ Yeah, okay, if George wants me to fuck other guys, sure, but only if he’s there”

“ What about May?”, I asked about her girlfriend

Patti gripped me by the chin and looked me in the eye with a serious stare” She is to never know, I love her dearly but this would kill her. I’m a save to his cock but I’m a slave to her heart, dig it?”

“ I …I dig it”, I got what she was saying.

I fucked around a lot but my heart was true to Chet. I was even prepared to fuck around Chet’s back if he didn’t accept it. Hell, I still fucked around on him with guys he didn’t know about. The teachers, the parents of the kids I babysat , Jerome. Hell, I probably wasn’t even gonna tell him about George. It was sex, not love. Some people just couldn’t separate the two, and I guess may was one of them

“ Cool, now lets get out of here, I want some of that dick”

I laughed and followed her to the front of the store. George was just buying random shit around the sotre, Patti explained he had just come here to fuck her but she his eyes when they landed on my tits. So he had locked up the store and waited for George to finish banging me. She sounded like she had no doubt George would fuck me from the moment he met me.

The lingerie was something he bought for his lady friends, he always bought a wide sample for the many women he was regularly fucking. Patti had already locked up the store so that no interrupted and was putting the CLOSED sign up three hours early.

Patti took me by the hand and the three of us left by the back door. We wandered around front and hopped in George’s primo Ferrari. Patti and I climbed in the backseat while George drived, he turned on the tape deck ( it was the eighties) and flooded the air with Vivaldi. A man with class and a world class cock to boot.

“ Are you bi, Charity”, George said whilst driving

“ Yes, George”, I said smugly

“ Good, how about you eat out Patti while we drive”, he instructed.

I turned to Patti and she just smiled at me flicking her tongue out like a serpent. So much for professionalism and friendship, I thought as Patti snaked out of her jeans and panties. She was very flexible too and managed to contort her self so that her feet were almost above her head.

Patti had a cleanly shaven pussy, which was only slowly becoming more popular than the landing strip at this point. But she had a pierced clit which I absolutely loved playing with. I rolled the studded ball around on my tongue while finger fucking her mercilessly. I think she surprised at how eager and talented I was. Within a few minutes she was already shaking and grabbing the seat cushions.

“ Holy fuck this chica is mue buente”, Patti panted out after cumming and almost squirting on me.

Good timing too as we pulled up to a No-tell Motel at the edge of town. Ironically not far from the trailer park I lived in. George parked at went inside the lobby to get the room. Patti and I made out in the back seat untill he returned

“ Normally it’s all first class with him, but I think he’s been going without for a few weeks”, Patti said off hand

“ How long have you known him?” I asked playing with her equally pierced nipples. She was a festival of piercing it seemed.

‘ Since high school, sucking and fucking him and his friends put me through college”

“ Really?”

“ Yeah, only cock I have ever loved” she laughed, “ even put the down payment on the store thanks to him”

“ That’s awesome”

George came back and waved the room key, we followed him into the suite.

Patti stripped out of her clothes in a flash and got on all fours on the bed. She clearly knew what she wanted. George and I stripped out of our clothes while Patti knelt on the bed wiggling her ass slowly back and forth. George directed me to the bed kneeling beside her. He stuffed his huge dick in my mouth untill he was hard, then pushed himself into Patti’s waiting cleft.

“ Oh Ffffffffffuck yeah, god it’s been too long”, Patti groaned as George pushed into her

George gave her a swift smart smack on her ass and she let out a yelp. He then proceeded to thrust more back into the lesbians cunt. I got to see the whole thing close up and it was remarkable. Whenever he would start to pull out her pussy lips would be dragged along with him he was so large. Patti would groan and moa as he thrust into her.

Every ten or so thrusts, George would pull out his thick tool despite Patti’s protestations of “ please don’t” or “ no, put it back in” and would push his dick into my mouth. I would slobber all over his dick untill he was fully lubed and he would thrust back into punk rock Patti’s twat to her sighs of contentment.

I lay down between them and started lapping up at Patti’s clit as George fucked her, my tongue teasing the little steel ball. Then I would dart down and slobber over George’s equally huge ass balls, rolling them around in my mouth. He would then pull out and lightly facefuck me some more and stick it back in Patti.

Patti eventually came squealing like a stuck pig her lower torso bouncing up off the bed like a firecracker and she bit into the pillow to scream. George was shaking and sweating too, but he pulled out and away and pushed me away.

“ Not yet, , not yet”

George gripped by the hair again pulled me onto the bed and onto my back. He then spun Patti around onto her back beside me. She was panting and sweating and still shaking from her cum. He then knelt over us and started stroking his big dick in our faces, but would push us away when we tried leaning up to suck on his thick fuck tool.

He instructed us to start playing with each others clits while we did so. Patti rubbed me hard, so I rubbed her hard back and soon we were just zipping along. Mysteriously enough all George did was reach over to the phone and dial out of the room.

Patti and I were reaching towards our climax with George’s horsecock dangling just scant inches from our side by side faces when George handed the receiver to Patti

“ Hey Baby-May, how you doing”, Patti said stifling a moan

Holy shit, George dialled her girlfriend!!

“ Just hanging with Charity with George”, she said between gritted teeth, sweating profusely

George then pressed his fat dickhead to Patti’s lips, stoking further and further

“Mmmmmprrrpphh,” Patti said then manging to spit out his dick, “ yeah, having dinner!”

George then pushed his cock right down deep into her mouth all but choking her, she glurked and glurked and gagged into the phone and then let out with a gasp

“ Oh yeah, huge fucking meal!” Patti gasped into the phone, and as George was about to choke her again she said , “ here talk to Charity!”

She passed the phone over to me and then George started facefucking her in earnest. Her hands went to his ass and she pulled him in even further. He then reached back and started fingering her twat rapidly, thrusting rapidly into her g-spot.

“ Hiya Charity, sounds like Patti is sure hungry”, May laughed over the phone

“ She sure is”, I said watching the show

“ What is she having?” May asked

“ A really big steak”, I winked at George

Patti started twitching on the bed, and I saw her start squirting under George’s digital ministrations

“ Are you three going to be long, I know how late she can go hanging out with George”

“ Oh I think, we might be here awhile, oh wait I think the desert cart is coming around” , I said as I watched as George pulled his dick out of Patti’s red face.

She gasped and shook as she climaxed. George grunted and spunked all over her face. It was a huge load coating her liberally. Her nose, her forehead, her chin, her cheeks and all over her lips. She was truly frothy.

“ Oh I think she’s finished with her steak , want to talk to her?” I said

“ Yeah, sounds great, bye Charity”

I handed the phone back to the fuck weary Patti

“ Oh god , it was so good, so juicy”, Patti said licking at George’s dick which was still hard

George then motioned me to to straddle Patti’s face and I was about to lower my pussy to her lips when Patti just blurted

“ Can’t talk desert is here, love you , don’t wait up” and then fumbled the phone to hang up.

Patti then pulled me down onto her and George then pushed his still hard cock into me while Patti licked me.

We sucked and fucked away for the next 4 or 5 hours. George managed to come two more times in between breaks. One time up Patti’s ass and the last one was allo ver our faces again. We got fucked silly, and when he was recovering Patti and I licked and sucked at each other till George was hard again. We even managed some time together in the shower.

I actually kept this jump and worked at the lingerie shop for the rest of the summer. In fact, I was promoted to assistant manager. Every couple weeks George would be in town and he would pick us up from the shop and we’d hot a hotel and suck and fuck the whol e afternoon long.

It wasn’t good for business, so George paid us for our time. Patti even hired a new girl to help cover for the times we spent with George.

Iwas making good money, lots of lingerie, and being paid to fuck a god.

It was good. Very good.

But things were about to get a whole lot worse

Charity At Work 4 : Learning the Hard Way

What time is it?

It’s Charity time!

As you know I had finally found a fulfilling summertime job which would end up being a part-time job through my last year of school. I was the Assistant Manger at the Love Hut Lingerie Store with my ¾ lesbian new friend Patti. But mostly important, that’s where I met George.

Ah George. The first white guy I had ever met that could satisfy all my needs. He was tall, muscular, athletic, handsome, rich and hung like a fucking horse. Dominant, masterful, able to melt even a lesbian like Patti into being a cock slave. Just a damn shame he was old enough to be my dad.

Make no mistake, I wasn’t in love with him. Far from it. Yes, we had similar tastes in arts and culture, but he was far too old. He couldn’t stand my babbling about school and girls, and his business dialogues put me to sleep. He was conservative, I was very liberal.

I thought I was in love with him. But really, I was in love with his cock

Anything he wanted, I would do. Anything. I literally begged him to fuck me in the ass with that big thing, but he told me he was saving it for a special occasion. Which pissed me off. Then he would dissapear for days at a time travelling or fucking other women. I would grow jealous of them, because they were getting his cock and not me.

I knew he only wanted my body and he paid me for it. It should have made me feel dirty, but I loved it. He would fuck me senseless two or three times a week and then pay me a couple hundred bucks each time. I was getting paid for the honour of fucking his huge cock.I still thought I could make him love me for me

Looking back on it now, I was stupid, but it was sure fun at the time. George and I would be lovers for years and years, even after Chet and I got married. In fact he was the first one to fuck me on my wedding night, but at that point he was no longer paying me for it.

It was four weeks into my job at the lingerie store and Patti and I were just finishing our third three way with him that a new chapter of my life would open.

Patti was face down on the bad, twitching as George’s fresh spunk dribbled out of her asshole. I was collapsed beside her on the bed as well, my pussy still throbbing from the banging earlier. It had been a particularly good session with George managing to cum 4 times that long afternoon. Twice in my pussy, once on Patti’s face and this last time up her ass.

It was late, nearly midnight when we were done, we had been fucking since shortly after 2 and all had to get back to our lives. Patti had to get back to her girlfriend May who had no idea her “ lesbian” partner was a cockslave, and I had to go feed my pussy to Chet and tell him all about how that mysterious stranger was fucking me and my boss.

“ I won’t be around next week ladies, so I’m leaving something extra”

Patti just limply gave a thumbs up and wet back to twitching with her face in the pillows.

I was pissed off.

“ You’re leaving again?”, I said huffing

“ We’ve been over this Charity”, George sighed, “ my trips might me too much for you”

“ You’re only going into the city!” I huffed sitting up and crossing my hands across my big ass titties.

“ That’s not what I meant”, George said straightening his clothes as he always did before he showered.

“ That I can’t handle the big city, or you fucking other women? “ I asked incredulously

George sighed again, “ You explain it to her, and if she still wants to fine, but I still say no right now” and wandered off into the shower

I was miffed and putting and stuck out my lower lip like a spoilt child. All my snotty breeding coming to the fore.

Patti rolled onto her side

“ Oh stop the fucking princess routine”, she sighed

“ It’s not fair!”

“ Jesus Christ Charity, he just doesn’t want you to be his whore?”

I snorted” I already am, why do you think I’m here”

Patti pinched me hard in the leg, enough to let out a yelp

“Bullshit, you’re here because you’re his slut, you go into the city with him and you become his whore”

Patti had a deadly earnest look on her face that she normally had when discussing music or how much she hated Reagan ( which in Texas was almost punishable by death). So I knew she was serious.

Patti sat up and explained it with as little sugarcoating to me as possible, and suddenly I began to see her point.

George was a fantastic businessman who had a flare for making money. If he had the right interests and backers he could turn a partnership into a massive profit. This was the age of yuppies, but everyone still wanted a sure deal. Stock markets were for cokeheads and gamblers and elite yuppies. George was in real estate, turning properties, chains, franchises..he needed everyone on board. This was the eighties in a double dip Reagan recession where the real estate market was a yoyo. George needed something to sell his business partners and prospects.

In short, George needed whores.

Women who would suck and fuck his clients no matter who they were, in anyway they wanted. And the cliens would be paying, or not paying any way they wanted. He needed a woman that would do things no matter how nasty or degrading to cement his deals.

And if I went on a trip with him to the city, I would become his whore

I was shocked and a tad horrified that George would do this to a woman he was with.

“ How do you know all this?” I asked

“ How do you think I paid for college? I was his whore for a year”

I was stunned for a moment. This headstrong fiercely independent punk rock “lesbian” feminist whom I actually admired had been a hooker to our fuckgod’s role of pimp. I didn’t know what to think.

George then came out of the shower and was dressing and putting a few hundred bucks for us on the nightstand.

I sat up on the bed and announced, “ Patti explained everything to me, I want to come to the city with you”

Patti just buried her head in the pillows and actually kicked me in the thigh when I said this.

I figured if Patti could go through this it just made her who she was, proud, fierce, independent and smart. It would be a life enriching experience and I would grow from it.

Besides, I thought I was in love.

George just sighed and said “ I’ll pick you up on Friday at 3, but for the record just remember for the record… you were warned”

It didn’t bother me at all. I mean, how bad could it get with George around.

I was so stupid. And I was so wrong.

Friday came and I packed a suitcase for my trip to the big city. Patti had already come up with a bullshit excuse as to why I would be gone, that she wanted me to go check out a line of lingerie that was opening up. Momma was so proud that her girl was getting a head for business. I felt bad lying to her, but I knew she would rip my head off if I told her I was going to town to turn tricks for my sugar daddy.

There’s a lesson there, Momma is always right.

I made my way to the bus stop where George was picking me up. He threw my bag in the trunk and told me that I wouldn’t be wearing anything I brought. That we were going to get some proper clothes. I was excited, we were going on a shopping trip.

I had been to New York several times as a child, but I hadn’t left my small town in well over a year at this point. Coming to Dallas was a big hit for me, everything was so exciting and bright and new. I was a gawker for the first couple hours we were there, but settled into a groove.

George took me to pricey boutiques and bought me the finest label name designer dresses, He even gave me jewellery to wear. Real gold earrings. A diamond encrusted choker. A real silver armband. He took me to a stylist and got me a fancy new up do. My hair twirled in a bob on my head.

I was gorgeous and felt like a princess. Low cut black v dress showing off my ample goods. Jewellery bedecked. Immaculate make up. Designer heels. Even long opera gloves to my elbows like Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

We were to meet his first client that night, a texas oil baron for dinner. It was a fancy steakhouse, with the cheapest beer being just under 10 dollars and imported from a small village in Germany. I was only allowed to drink if George’s client insisted. George explained his client was also to be my client.

I was expecting JR from the “ Dallas” TC show to come sit with us, instead I got Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazard. He had double chins and a belly that draped over his ridiculously over sized silver TEXAS belt buckle. He was boorish and crass and spit when he talked. I could actually see people moving away at other tables as he chortled and yelled and smoked the most foul smelling cigar I had ever been near.

I was nearly choking on the smoke, but I still put up my best boarding school smile. Daddy was good for that one thing at least. I had to put up with insufferable pigs before at all his elite dinner parties, I could put up with this. George just smiled at me, impressed at my decorum.

“ George my good man, I do believe you have out done yourself with this fine little filly here”, Boss Hogg drawled out

“ She certainly is a sexy girl”, George just smiled back sipping on his wine.

I smiled demurely and sipped at my sparkling apple juice.

Boss Hogg leaned over to me and whispered into my ear, his beer and cigar reeking breath ( mixed in with good ole halitosis) nearly gagging me as it enveloped my head.

“ I do believe you are to be my entertainment for the evening” he whispered and gave me a grin, showing a piece of meat between his teeth.

“ I do believe I am”, I smiled back bravely

“ “ Good girl, good girl” , he breathed heavily.

He then planted a meaty hand on my thigh and I had to fight back the urge to scream and clamp my legs together like a lock. So I just smiled and took it.

“ How about you give me a hand job under the table”, Boss Hogg grunted

I looked at George with a half pleading look, he just smiled and nodded as if to say “ this is what you signed on for”

I looked around to see if anyone was looking, but fortunately most people in the place were going out of their way not to pay attention the crass boor. I snaked a gloved hand under the table and snaked over to his lap, or at least what I thought was his lap.

Nope, not his lap, just belly fat. And more belly fat. Boss Hogg reached under and guided my hand down to his crotch and rubbed my hand all over it. I could feel his little chubby hardening under his distended trousers. Dear god, he couldn’t be much bigger than an index finger and no thicker then my thumb.

I struggled with his beltbuckle and his fly one handed while the two men chatted sports and politics. Boss Hogg was dismayed at the alarming number of “ negroes” and other “ coloured folk” taking up such larger parts in society. Great, not only was he a pig, but he was a racist pig. I wanted to laugh at him and tell him that a lot of these “ Negroes” were literally three times the man he was. But I just smiled and nodded appropriately.

Eventually I managed to get “ it” free”, and as I did Boss Hog started pulling at my glove. Ugh. He wanted my real hand too and not just the glove. So off it came and I fished into his hot very sweaty groin. His pubes were a nasty tangle of jungle and sweat. Stroking on his slimy little sausage was revolting.

I wanted to stop but I just bravely smiled and kept pulling his little pud. I started grunting in between half words to George. And his grunts got louder the more I stroked him. People were beginning to look around at him so I tried stopping but he insisted on me stroking him under the table.

His conversation with George pretty much ended as I continued jacking him off. His grunts become snorts of pleasure and people were looking at us with disgust. They couldn’t see what we were doing, but they knew. Boss Hogg must have been some sort of big-whig because no one told us to stop either.

And then he started exhaling and wheezing and his legs started jerking. I swallowed hard, and I felt him start spurting in my hand. It wasn’t jets or shots, t was a slow steady oozing of spunk, slow and slimy all over my hand and matting into his crotch. And it went on and on and on.

Boss Hogg leaned over in my ear and kept whispering “ Good little filly good little filly” hot and heavy as he came.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and I betrayed my disgust with a wrinkle of my nose and turning my head away from his truly nasty breath as he finished spunking his goo..

We sat there in stony silence as I took a napkin off the table and wiped off my hand under the table. Boss Hoggs face went from relaxed joy, to acknowledging the discomfort in the room, to beat red as he noticed the disgust in me that I was trying to hide again.

He angrily zipped himself up and huffed and puffed.

“ This is hardly some way to entertain a business partnah with some two dolla ho”, he said getting up ungraciously, part of his shirt sticking out from his fly.

“ Please, Jim, sit down”, George said politely , “ this is all some misunderstanding”

“ There is no misunderstandin!!!!, I refuse to do business with some man who brings a common streetwalker to a dinner meetin”, Boss Hogg said with feigned injury “ Good day sir, I say good day”

And as he left in a huff to provide theatre to the establishment he nearly knocked over our glasses and bumped into the other table.

George and I ate the rest of our dinner in silence. Whenever I was about to say something, he would just shake his head to silence me. There were whispers all around us and I knew they were talking about me. This was mortifying. This was as far from my princess fantasies as one could imagine.

George paid for our dinner and gave a generous tip. I don’t even remember what we had it was such a travesty of a dinner. He led me by the hand and we walked out to the car in just as much silence.

“ That was disgusting”, I finally spit out after a couple minutes driving in stony silence

I actually saw George’s hand’s tighten on the wheel and his jaw clenched. He was furious about how things went down and was refusing to even look at me

“ 2.5 million dollars”, he said through a nearly clenched jaw

“ What is?”, I said very nervously.

“ That’s how much I just lost because you couldn’t do a simple fucking hand job right”, George fumed

I slunk down in my seat a bit hurt at his words. I thought I did okay, and the guy got off. What else was I supposed to do? Like it? That was just nasty.

“ I’m sorry, George, I just –”

“ Sorry doesn’t cut it, this isn’t cocktailing some dumbass high school kid, if you can’t step up I’ll just put you on the next bus home”

I wanted to cry at how dismissively he just treated me. The tears were welling up in my eyes. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, how could he hurt me this way. I choked back tears.

“ He was so disgusting”, I almost sobbed out

“ Why do you think you’re here for Christ’s sakes”

“ I’m sorry”, I whimpered tears already trickling down my cheeks.

“ Fine, maybe we can still salvage something out of tonight”

I decided discretion was the better part of valour and didn’t make even a squeak in protestation or questioning what he had in mind. I just sniffled and dabbed at my eyes with a Kleenex. I imagined my trip to Dallas would be living like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ( which had just come out) but I was turning more into Jodie Foster from Taxi Driver..

We drove back to the Hotel in stony silence as well, when he got there George all but dragged me up to our room. I was certain I must have looked a scene with my make up running on my face. And not once did George say a single word to me untill we got up to our suite.

He swung by the arm and I landed on the bed on a plop. George then went to the closet and start going through a series of clothing hangar bags untill he found the right one and threw it on the bed.

“ Change into that”, he Barked rummaging back further into the closet.

I unzipped the bag and inside was a cheerleader outfit, with pom poms and everything>

“ I could have just brought my own cheerleader outfit from home”, I sniffled

“ Don’t be so stupid, I don’t want anybody having a clue about where you’re from”

I was hurt because I thought he was ashamed of me, it would only dawn on me later that fucking a jailbait look alike was a lot better then fucking an actual school girl cheerleader that could land you a prison sentence.

“ And for gods sakes, wash that make up off you look like a racoon hooker”, George muttered not even looking back.

He trundled into the bathroom to get changed. It was an outfit that barely fit and no school would allow it on any school grounds. The top went only to my midsection and the skirt barely covered my crotch. The pom poms were cheap and tacky as well. I even had to put my hair in pigtails as evidenced by the hair bands. Knee high stockings and low shoes. Normally I think this would be a dirty sex outfit, but in this situation it just looked cheap to me.

I came out after cleaning up and George was just finished redecorating the room in a bizarre fashion. There was a large transparent plastic drop sheet on the floor and another on the bed. This was bizarre to say the least.

“ What’s going?”, I asked confused

“ Please no more questions Charity” George sighed tucking in a corner of the bed, “ I’ll be gone a few hours so stay put”

“ But…” I tremored out

“ And for the love of god don’t mess anything up while I’m gone”, George said over his back and left the room

“ I’m sorry”, I said whimpering and curling up into a ball at the end of the bed.

George was true to his word, he was gone a few hours. I didn’t know where he was. No idea how to reach him> maybe he was just going to abandon me in this plastic hell as some lesson> maybe he was bringing back Boss Hog for some kind of disgusting oil wrestling match.

I tried watching TV, but turned it off not wanting to offend him if he caught me watching something when I should be ready instead. I had gone from desiring to please him to trying not to offend him in a manner of hours. Like I said, my own stupidity brought me here.

Around ten or so George returned and in great spirits, and he wasn’t alone either. There was an entire gaggle of Japanese businessmen with him. Possibly six of them in total. George was chatting to them in fluent Japanese and they were smiling back. I bolted from the bed and sat up with a smile.

I was going to make this right, one way or another.

George walked up behind me still chatting away with the businessmen. I smiled obediently. He flipped up by shirt and showed them my its and squeezed them and laughed and everyone else did as well. I just smiled prettily and let him do what he pleased.

They confered a few more minutes untill George stepped aside and motioned them to me. He pushed me to my knees in the middle of the room. The businessmen ( the youngest had to be forty) bowed and smiled and laughed amongst each other.

“ Take care of my business associates and anything they ask”

“ Of course George”, I smiled obediently and nervously

The “ spokesman “ of the group steeped forward, his bald forehead with the comb over glistening from some nervous sweat. He leaned down to me and smiled and asked

“ You will do us ..bukkake?”

“ Sure”, I said not knowing what he was talking about, “ Yes, what ever you want mister”

The spokesman nodded and turned to the others and spoke to them in Japanese again. Everyone seemed thrilled with my agreement. George just smiled and left the room. That kind of scared me, but I trusted him. I had to.

The businessmen stood around chatting nervously and poiting to me every now and then. I had no clue what was being said so I just smiled when they looked at me. And laughed whenever they did. For all I knew that could have been making fun of me.

Then the spokesman swandered over and touched my boob and when that worked he started grabbing it and mauling it. This encouraged the other guys and soon I had them all standing around me pawing at me. It was kind of flattering but still awkward. These guys obviously didn’t get a lot of tail back home.

One guy laughed and tried to push a boob to my mouth, he was sure surprised when I bent my head down and sucked on a nipple when he did so. This was a good cue for the guys to get to more involved.

They started unzipping themselves in a semi circle around me and soon I was surrounded by a half dozen peckers. They were relatively small for the most part, I guess some stereotypes were true, but they weren’t completely teeny tiny either.

I started stroking them off and leaned over to suck on the closest one. This was hardly my first rodeo sucking off multiple guys and I dug in. Hope would have been happy in her element here, but I was a size queen and this was fun but not thrilling for me. The businessmen were absolutely thrilled at the way I could swallow them to their crotch on every thrust.

I slurped and sucked merrily on these guys for while. I had trails of drool down my chin and neck already. The horny Japanese six some pulled the shirt up and over my head from here it was tucked in at my armpits and let me slurp merrily away. They pawed at me tits clumsily and I was reasonably content as no one was being nasty. One guy even tried fucking my tits but couldn’t from the angle they were at.

Seeing that failure they all actually picked me up. A couple guys grabbed me by the arms, another two by either leg. The last two gripped my head and my butt respectively. They set me down on the bed and continued their pawing.

A couple of them fingered me clumsily, not even enough to get my juices flowing. These guys were cluless about women. But they sure did like having their cocks sucked and I had my face surrounded in their dicks as they kneeled around me. One guy even straddled my chest and pushed my tits together and start fucking my boobies. Which is something I normally enjoy but was getting nothing out of their ministrations on me.

They went at this for awhile, pushing their cocks in and out of my mouth and taking turns fucking my tits. Whenever one would get too close to cumming he would switch out to titfucking or stand back if losing their pecker between my DD’s was going to set them off.

Eventually they pulled me off the bed when they were all sweating hard and started cheering “ Bukakke! Bukakke!” which I thought meant oral gangbang, as no one attempted fucking me at all. I was put on my knees in the center of the rom and they all surrounded me.

I soon discovered what they meant as they al started stepping forward and cumming all over my face and into my mouth. I was going to swallow like I always do, when the leader stepped forward and pushed my jaw down and gestured me to keep my mouth open.

They spunked and they spunked and spunked some more. I had cum everywhere. On my forehead, my nose, my eyelids, my chin, my lips and in my mouth. My face was caked in cum and I couldn’t see anything with all the cum over my eyes. I learned long ago not to open my eyes when I had sperm on them or in them , it hurts like a bitch.

When they were done, the spokesman stepped forward and had me close my mouth, I swallowed their mix of laods and let out a big “ AHHH” as a thank you. Hope would have been in heaven, I just thought it was funny. Spokesman then made my open my mouth again.

This was when I realized what the drop sheet was for, because that’s when the nastiness start.

The six business men then started pissing on my face and on my tits. I gagged as a jet of urine landed in my open mouth. I began to spit when the nasty acidic taste hit my tongue, but the spokesman waved his finger and I knew I wasn’t allowed. It was foul and they just kept pissing all over me untill I was soaked.

When they were done the spokemesman stepped forward and closed my mouth and I had to summon all my strength not to vomit as I swallowed their piss. I even grimaced through tears and let out a big fake “AHHHHH” like I did before, and they all laughed and cheered.

They went to the minibar and got themselves drinks still stark naked, I sat there nauseated untill the spokesman gestured me to the washroom. I all but ran to it

I spent a few minutes with my head in the porcelain rim yarking up what I could into the toilet bowl. I was amazed I didn’t end up puking on the way there. I freshened up my breath, and stepped into the shower for a couple minutes when I was interrupted.

The Japanese businessmen were ready for round two and led me back into the main part of the suite and onto the bed. It was a continuation of the previous round, more sucking and slurping and titfucking. They pulled me to the floor on my knees again when they were done and repeated the session.

Spunk swallowing. Piss swallowing.

This time I was better prepared and could almost handle the onslaught. I didn’t mind the pissing on my body as it was warm at the very least, kind of like a hot hose. It was the smell and the taste that revolted me to no end. Plus that it was so insulting.

Luckily there was no round 3, and I didn’t even vomit the second time. But I sure as hell felt nauseated and wanted to scrub myself down with bleach. When I stepped out of the shower and back into the suite the businessmen were already dressing.

George was back too and was happily conversing with the businessmen who looked like they were on cloud 9. He was shaking hands and were all smiles. Each of the business men came up to me and gave me a hug and a handshake and a peck on the cheek and generally acted like adorable puppies. It was surreal after treating me like a toilet, but I just smiled as they pressed a handful of hundreds and their business cards in my hand as they each did so.

After they left, George made me dress and had me mop up the piss and cum from the drop sheet. That was humiliating, but he assured me he would throw it away. He rolled up the sheets when he was done and took off with them. He came back to the room and wel eft it together, telling me it was time for bed.

I was relieved, I would finally have a night to George all by myself, but when we got to the room it was two double queens.

“ This trip is business, no t pleasure, you sleep in the other bed”, George said pointing , “ besides you still smell a bit like piss”

He was right, my hair still stunk but the words were what stung. And the way he said them so offhandedly like he was discussing a passing car. I slunk off into the bathroom and showered and spent extra time washing and shampooing my hair. In fact doing it twice.

When I came out , George was already fast asleep in his bed so I wandered off into mine and curled up in a ball alone.

I just wanted to curl up and dissappear. I was miles and miles away from the people I loved acting like a common hooker for a guy whose only redeeming feature was his giant cock. Patti was so right about him. So right. How could I even think for a moment I loved him. All I could think about now was Chet, and how much I wanted him to be here with me now holding me tight.

And I still had another night of this ahead.

George was up and about when I woke up

“ Come on sleepy head, we have a late breakfast appointment to get to”

I looked at the clock and it was 9: 05. It wasn’t even noon and already he had plans for me to put out to strangers for him. I was hating this more and more.

George leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheeks

“ oh come on gloomy gus, they aren’t all bad, and you did well last night with the Nakamura Group”

“ Thanks, I guess”, I yawned

George had already laid out my outfit for the day. White shorts. White tennis top. White tennis shoes. Athletic white socks and a tennis visor. Also laid down beside them was a tennis racket.

“ Here’s a wild guess, we’re playing tennis”

“ Actually, we’re losing tennis”

George explained to me that we were meeting a couple of Italian businessmen he had known for years. They were very competitive and loved making wagers over the years. They were also horndogs and loved nothing more then fucking women silly where ever they went. George simply devised trick where he would end up betting his “ girlfriend” on a match. It didn’t matter what George won, because he ensured that he always lost. This fostered goodwill and ensured future business.

We met them over breakfast. They were Rocco and Ezio and they were both pretty damn foxy to tell you the truth. Rocco had a shaved bald head and Ezio had a wickedly shaved and pointed goatee that I wondered if it would tickle. They were both very athletic to boot

Over breakfast they made small talk and their accents were delicious. They couldn’t keep their eyes off me and lit up when George told them I was his new girl friend. They were so happy to hear that, and said that he was better off than with Patti. This was another reminder of the scam unknowingly to them

I made an excuse to go to the washroom as part of the act, and wait ten minutes to come back whilst they made the wager. I came back and George announced that Rocco and Ezio has decided to join us for a match.

We lost and we lost badly. George was a much better player than I , probably better than Rocco or Ezio , but he had me for a partner. I was crap. I didn’t know the first thing about tennis but I tried my damndest to win.

After the match, George excused himself doing an Oscar winning portrayal of a man trying to pretend he had a meeting and left Rocco and Ezio to take care of me for the evening.

Within twenty minutes, Rocco and Ezio already had me up in their penthouse suite and on the couch half naked.

They were kissing me all over, grabbing at me, massaging me all over. They both would take turns deep soul kissing me and they were fantastic at it. I was supposed to be playing the seduced innocent , but I really wanted to fuck these guys already. They were pawing at my big tits through my clothes. Rocco had his hands up my shirt and Ezio was rubbing my moistening crotch through my shorts.

I rubbed them back as I swooned, my hands gliding over the big bulges in their pants. Thank god they were hung. I unzipped them deftly and let their monsters out.

They kept whispering dirty things to me in Italian in my ear. To this day if someone whispers…………………… (“ take our cocks you dirty whore” in Italian) I actually cum in my panties. These two were dirty bastards who knew what they loved, and their hands and mouths all over me had me raring to go.

I dropped to my knees before them without so much as being asked and fished out their big meat. Italian fellas are my number two after black guys, because they are usually hung and are passionate lovers. These two were no different. Their cocks were big and thick and made my mouth salivate.

I feasted on their huge dicks, stretching my mouth wide and engorging myself upon them. They were a great fit for my mouth too. Rocco was a bit thicker while Ezio was a bit longer. I made them slick with my spit while I sucked on them like meat lolipops.

Ezio pulled away me so I double fisted Rocco’s tool into my hungry lips, moaning on it like it was keeping me alive. Ezio got behind me on the floor and lay down with his head between my legs and ate me out like a pro. I squealed like a pig as I cam all over his face in a few minutes.

Then Rocco took his turn gobbling up my flowing gash, and Ezio got the blowjob treatment. They kept switching out on me for awhile until I was delirious.

They then pulled me up off the floor and directed me to the bedroom. I was pushed down on the bed on my hands and knees and Rocco entered me from behind. Ezio lay down before me pushing his fat dick between my lips.

They fucked me silly all afternoon. Whispering dirty words in my ear. Getting more firm and more rough with me just the way I liked.They would pull my hair, spank my ass. Deep kiss me, toss me around on the bed.It was amazing

Rocco was the first in my ass, pounding away at me till I saw stars, then it was Ezio also made me nearly black out. They then took their time double fucking me silly. All the while dirty talking to me. I begged them to keep fucking me hard and deep. I was a train wreck.

They finally came in me deep and hard, it was Rocco’s third time in my ass and Ezio was pounding my pussy at the same time. They came within seconds of each other, and I could feel them flood my womb. So much it was dribbling out of me.

I took a shower with them and they started fucking me again right in the shower. Which moved to the bathroom floor. Which moved to the hallway floor which moved finally to the bedroom.

When I could fuck no more, they simply took turns fucking my face until I obediently swallowed their loads.

It was late in the evening when I finally left my two Italian stallions. I was fuck drunk and sore and had been at this since before noon. They were so wonderful with me afterwards too, telling me how much they adored me and made me promise to stay in touch.

In fact , I did. When I travelled through Rome after school, I stayed with them for a couple weeks and we all had a great time, and would be always notified when I travelled to Europe.

I staggered my way back through the hotel and called a cab and made it back to my hotel suite floating on Sex Cloud Nine.

Our suite was already popping when I got there, George had invited some Russian industrialists over. I was raised to hate and fear the Russians, but the Wall was nearly down and McDonalds was already in Red Square at this point. George was happy to see me and gave me a big hug.

“ You certainly took your time getting home”, George said with a smirk

“ You were right, it’s not always bad”, I said giving him a kiss, “ in fact, it was amazing”

“ That’s my girl”, George said giving my reddened ass a squeeze.

To my complete lack of surprise George informed I was also to help entertain the Russians. They had hired a couple of escorts already and were deep in the alcohol. George also said it was completely optional, that the escorts seemed to e doing a great job of keeping everyone busy already.

I figured what the hell, and took a swig from a nearby champagne bottle.

They shared the suite across the hall, so the party was massive. And long. The champagne and vodka was flowing everywhere. So were the drugs. There was so much coke it was crazy. I avoided it like the plague and just played along drinking and sitting in Dimitri’s or Ivans or whoever the fuck it was this time’s lap.

The good times didn’t last and I pretty much walked into it. Everyone was having fun and getting high as a kite or drunk as a skunk or both. The guys were doing rails off the escorts and stripper’s tits. A few them were already fucking. A fake titted asian was already on one of our beds giving a blowjob to one guy while another guy was giving it to her doggy style.

I looked around to see a black girl and a blonde girl kneeling in front of George who was sitting gown on an armchair. The two hookers were running their tongues up and down his nearly 11 inch tool like it was candy and he was clearly enjoying it.

I was instantly pissed off. He hadn’t so much as touched me except in anger since we arrived and now he was getting a blow job from a couple of pros. I just crossed my arms across my chest and huffed.

“ Hey dere pretty baby”, came a Russian voice beside me : You no have sexy time?”

“ No, I’m not having a sexy time”, I said turning to the clearly high Russian

“ You come with party with us, yes?” he nodded to the door , “ we make you feel really good”

I looked ack at George who was now being smothered by the black chicks tits while the blonde was sucking him off. Fine. Two could play at that game

“ I would love to party with you”, I said offering my hand

The coked up Russian led me across the hall where there were a bunch of guys doing lines in the other room. They all looked like train wrecks. A stripper was passed out in the bed in the middle of the room. Spunk dribbling out of her asshole.

“ Hey guys, I bring next party girl!!!!”, my escort said cheering.

They all turned and nodded and smiled. Some more wickedly than others. My Russian then pushed me onto the bed beside the passed out stripper.Two of the others pushed her off the bed and onto the floor with a thunk. They told me to get my clothes off, they wanted to use me as a tray.

I thought it was funny, so I did so, and soon they were sprinkling coke all over my body. I didn’t know then what I know now, that trace elements of coke can be absorbed into the bloodstream right through the pores. They then started snorting it right off my body. Which tickled and almost made me laugh.

They started sprinkiling it on my nipples and even on my clit, which at first was nice when they started licking me out. I was even getting close to a nice cum when I started going numb.

There were hands and mouths everywhere on me, sucking and snorting and licking the coke and any inch of me they could find. It was divine but I felt my self dislocating from myself if it makes any sence. I closed my eyes and let myself enjoy the ride

I felt my thighs pushed apart and up over someone else’s thighs and a cock pressing into my twat. The party was really starting I supposed. I was grooving on the slow fucking he started giving me coupled with mouths and noses on me.

Then a hand went over my mouth and my eyes opened. A guy was there with a switchblade to my face. I freaked and squirmed, but he smiled and showed me the line of coke on it.

“ Here, you have some” he said smiling

I shook my head no. Alcohol, fine, pot, fine. No way I was going to turn into a cokehead.

His face went ugly and he sneered.

“ No, you have some or I cut your fucking nose off”

This was not cool. I went to move my arms, but hands held me down. I tried squirming away but I couldn’t move they were holding me down. I wanted to scream , but the hand over my mouth prevented it.

“ Snort it bitch”

He pushed the blade to my nostril and I started hyperventilating. I couldn’t breathe through the hand, and I knew this guy was so coked up he probably would cut me open. So I snorted along the dull end of the blade.

In a matter of moments the slightly numb sensation in my clit spread to my brain. Iwas wired and felt like the world was too sharp and jagged. I felt like I was tingling all over and lightning could spring from my finger tips.

The guy kept fucking me and he came in me with me barely noticing. My hands we brought together and handcuffed. The men started taking turns just mechanically plowing at me. I was lightheaded and everything in my brain was flashing off and like a fusebox. They kept feeding me lines and I felt like my head was going t explode

I thought I was going to die, my heart was about to burst from my chest and explode. I was sweating and trembling and nowhere near in a good way. This drug was nightmarish.

They kept fucking me, one after the other. I was barely lucid most of the time. Eventually they stopped feeding me coke, I felt like I had snorted half of Bolivia up my nose.

That’s when they turned me over, some guy spit on his cock and was pushing it against my ass.

My brain turned lightning clear and I saw everything around me in a flash like time stood still. I bit as hard as I could into the hand covering my mouth. So hard it drew blood. The guy let go with a yelp. And then I screamed at the top of my lungs


Then a hand came down the side of my head and everything went black.

I woke to my face being dabbed at with a cool cloth. Everything was quiet all around me.
I was laying on a bed with my head being cradled in George’s lap. He was gently stroking my hair and dabbing at my face with a wet cloth.

“ Hey..”, I whispered looking up at him

“ Oh thank God”, George sighed and bent over and kissed me on the cheek

There were actual tears in his eyes as he did so. He looked like a prisoner who had just received an execution reprieve.

I smiled and felt a dull ache in my temple, I rubbed my head and felt a goose egg.

George just pulled me close to him and was hugging me close. I would have loved it, except for one small thing; I was still high as a kite.

I pushed him away feeling like he was cutting off my breathing. I jumped to me feet and scanned the room. Everyone was gone. There were still traces of the party, and the passed out stripped was snoring beside the bed, but everyone was gone. Glasses were there, bottles were there, the coke was freaking everywhere.

I turned to George and noticed the blackeye and the cut on his lip. His hands were all scraped around the knuckles too. I thought he killed someone. I flipped out.

George explained to me that he heard the scream and ran over. I laughed imagining his dick flopping out ahead of him as he charged. He saw the guys fucking me and the bloody hand of the guy that just hit me. He went berserk on them kicking all kinds of ass. They bolted quickly from the room.

Then I panicked thinking the cops were coming and with me so high on coke that I’d go to prison for a million years. Like I said, I was high. George tried reassuring me no one wanted the cops here with all the blow that was in the room.

I spent the next few hours pacing and panicking and talking a mile a minute. I cleaned. I straightened paintings. I babbled about going to jail and how the police were in on it with the Russians. It was fucking crazy. George was a trooper and just took it in stride.

Then I started going on about how my life was ruined, and that I could never go back home . And I felt like my head was going to explode.

That’s when George pulled me onto the bed. I was still randomly babbling when he propped the pillows under my midsection as I was laying face down. I was going on about how Boss Hogg was probably arranging a sting for us right now with the Japanese Piss Police, when I felt him squirt something on my backdoor

“ What are you..” I said beginning to turn my head.

Then I felt him. George pushed his huge cock head every gently against my up turned ass. He had never fucked me in the ass before> He said he was saving it for a special occasion. I guess this was it. He was huge and he was gentle.

Ever so slowly George pushed his massive cock into my rear end. He filled me up in a way only handful of men ever had. It was superb. He took his time easing his entire length into me> Inch by delicious inch my ass opened up to accept all of him.

When he was fully inside me, George started to take his time rocking back and forth into me. I was full and felt like I was going to split into a million pieces of light.

George fucked me like this literally for hours. Slowly easing his dick in and out of my rectum. I was panting and heaving the entire time as he fully enjoyed my bottom. When I started to get uneasy he would slip out to his tip and lube up and go back in.

He fucked me so long the sun came up and I was no longer high. He fucked me sober and through a series of slow delicious orgasms that spread through me, He eventually sped up near the end as I was in a half slumber of joy and I could feel him finally thrust deep in me and the warmth of his seed spread throughout me.

We both drifted off to sleep like this, with his huge dick half hard in my ass. And woke only a few hors later when we shifted and his cockhead popped out of my backdoor.

I had already cleaned the place of coke in my drug induced frenzy, so we got casually dressed and checked out.

We stopped out a diner on the edge of town for cheap and greasy breakfast. I devoured a huge plate of French toast lathered in syrup. George enjoyed his eggs, hash brown and sausage. He even lit up a smoke. That was another reminder of how little I knew him

Our ride home was mostly quiet and into the night. But it was a comfortable quiet. Of two friends that had been through an ordeal together and come out alright.

I finally broke the silence.

“ I never want to do that again”, I said as the desert road whipped behind us.

He put his hand on my lap and I glanced over to him. There were tears in his eyes and he was choked up. But in a good way, a great way.

“ Me either”, George choked out

I smiled and cuddled up to his arm.

“ I hate Dallas” I joked

“ Yeah, but you liked the Italians”, he joked back

“ Who wouldn’t?”

He gave a short laugh and I cuddled closer.

And just like that I realized I wasn’t in love with him at all, and never was. I was in love with my silly cuckold Chet. I loved George too, but as a mentor, a guide. A friend.

I learned a lot of things that horrible weekend in Dallas.

I learned I hate cocaine, and racist pigs. I learned that I didn’t need to prove anything if it involved compromising who I was.I learned that just because I’m a slut that didn’t mean I was a whore, something Patti tried explaining to me already. That any kind of partnership of love had to be two ways and not just one. That I couldn’t live for someone else’s happiness.

They were bitter lessons, but it’s the ones we experience through pain and failure that stick with us most.

I’ve never told a living human being about what happened to me on that weekend until now. I’m pretty sure Patti had a good idea, but to her credit she never asked. She just smiled when I came to work Monday, gave me a big hug and treated me to lunch.

I was only 17 but in many ways I was almost fully a woman now.

And I don’t regret what happened, not one bit.

Some things you just need to learn the hard way

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