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A Egyptian Fantasy

Let me first describe Priscilla. Dark eyes, long thin face, long black shiny hair, she was of indeterminate age. The slightly hooked nose and large red lips gave her a very Iranian look. Undoubtedly an Arab, she was, in fact, Australian of Egyptian descent. Dressed as he first saw her wearing a long, red, albeit low cut dress, other than her face, it was not possible to determine the beauty of what lay underneath.

The uniform consisted of a white hat, green one piece mini skirt with a white mini apron. The skirt was not quite long enough to completely cover a pair of black knickers protruding though which were the white frilled edge straps of a suspender belt. Her stockings were skin coloured and pulled tightly up to about three inches short of the tops of her thighs revealing just a little bare flesh in the adjacent zone between. On the end of her legs were fitted a pair of dark stiletto shoes augmenting the former's already well proportioned length.

As there was no actual stage, he sat on the floor so as to give the bed the impression of a podium. A mirror was on the wall to the left. To the right was a series of steps leading to a shower cubicle. Although not theatrical the lighting was soft and balanced and in keeping with intention of the room. After a initial little trouble with the music, Priscilla made her entrance and began to stride the imagined catwalk up and down across the line in front of the bed. She mounted the steps allowing the rear suspender to pull tight across the skin of her posterior augmenting the curvature of the latter. Slowly, suggestively, immodestly and indecently she began to remove the various items of female attire worn especially for the occasion. Once down to the knickers she began a piece of eroticism for which words are hard to find, but for which the reader will understand the involuntary action of a part of the male body was adequate response. Priscilla lay on the end of the bed brought her legs up together waving them in response to the music until they were absolutely vertical. She then parted them wide keeping them accurately straight in military fashion. Back and two they went in a daring display as if to challenge his very manhood. After a couple more disciplined gymnastics the knickers were removed in an equally defiant and precise manner. Thus it was that Priscilla summoned him to the stage crawling hands and knees across the platform having discarded all but stockings and suspenders.

It was summons he eagerly accepted and upon which, by now, he was anxious to show consideration to the beautiful wench. He began by kissing her copiously along the very length of the seemingly unending shapely mechanisms which had so recently been the subject of his fascination. In so doing his lips passed close to, yet without touching, the divine zone which had so recently been efficiently uncovered. Then, taking the initiative, he began a sensuous lip to lip contact of that womanly sexual device which, judging by the sound issuing from above his head, was producing just reward for the series of provocative actions she had just performed. As he worked he looked with satisfaction across the straps of her suspenders and over the summit of a pair of firm, soft, yet delicate breasts to her distant face -itself in sheer ecstasy at the work which was being accomplished between her thighs.

There followed a couple of female orgasms before she rolled on to her knees. Not satisfied with his performance he continued his cunnilingus attack from the other direction. This time his head was inverted and he was able to look through the gap between body an those exquisite fastenings still remaining taught as they pulled the nylon integuments covering her legs from a point adjacent to his ears. This perspective of her thighs was only possible with that most intimate of contacts.

A few moments more and fellatio was next called for by our Mistress of Ceremonies. He delicately played with her long black hair while this descendant of the Pharaohs skilfully demonstrated the erection ability of her forefathers extended way beyond that of the construction of the Sphinx. As he looked at his naked countenance glazed in the mirror he wondered at the skill of this maiden for whom he was probably just one a many men she had had. "Right, push it up" she said as she rolled on to her knees and presented him with a pair of buttocks between which lay an apparatus of procreation in virulent form. His moment had come. It was time for him to perform and he intended to do a job commensurate with his own feelings of respect for his nubile partner.

As he got to his knees and gently pushed his penis inside his ephemeral mate, there came a ecstatic sound from a series of pillows down beneath where her head lay buried. Looking to the left, he could see the reflection of a man preoccupied by the sheer pleasure of the copulatory act he was in the process of performing. The interior of the dame was wet, warm and comfortable as he held tightly on to both sides of the shapely curves which had hitherto played only a lustful role. After a short while he raised himself self into full operating position, pivoting from his ankles and pushing his erected organ like a giant piston from a old steam locomotive. Although exhaustion soon approached he was by now only interested in giving her an encounter which, with all her experience as a hooker, even she would remember. In the circumstances his own self control exceeded his expectations for shortly Priscilla indicated that she would like him to ejaculate. At that point he took the brakes off and losing complete self control, buried his head alongside hers panting "alright I am going to come and I want the whole fucking place to hear about it!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" He literally bellowed as loud as he could deliberately trying to make sure that everyone in the whole brothel and anywhere else for that matter could hear the conquest that this perfidious princess had just scored.

He was I. Thanks Priscilla, for a wonderful night.

Made in the Slums by boblink10

MADE IN THE SLUMS by boblink10 modified by Ghostrider939 without permission

When I was ten years old my mother ran off with another man and she left me behind with my father. He was never a very good father and I guess not a good husband. He had a mean streak and it was especially bad when he was drunk which was most of the time.

We lived in Chicago, in a slum neighbourhood with a lot of poor people. Even slums have people with money but they usually do bad things to get it. My dad worked for a man named Joey Murrelo, dad said he was a collection man and sometimes an enforcer whatever that meant. I knew from the beginning I could not depend on my father to be there for me. I was expected to clean the house, wash the clothes, and cook the meals. I had to ask Mrs. Preston two houses from us on how to cook a meal.

When dad would come home drunk I would make myself scarce, by hiding in my room or leaving the house altogether until he would pass out. Most of the time he did not even think of me being there. A few times he beat me pretty bad because his meal wasn’t ready when he walked through the door or if he wanted a drink and could not find his bottle. I made a real effort to go to school as it was a better place to be then at home. The first time it happened was when I was twelve, my birthday was a month ago and school was out for summer break. I had been sleeping on the couch when I woke up feeling uneasy, there stood my dad looking at me with a beer in his hand. He says,

“Hey girl you are starting to look pretty good have you been giving it out to the boys yet?”

“Giving what out to the boys,” I asked.

“Your pussy, have you been giving your pussy out to guys getting a little humping action?”

I said, “No I don’t do that kind of thing.”

“Well,” he says, “I think its about time you learned how to put out, especially to your old man, make me happy to have a young cunt like yours wrapped around my cock.”

I was scared and jumped up to run but he grabbed me around the waist with his free hand and lifted me off the floor. He says,

“Come on girl, let's get ourselves acquainted and have some fun.” He carried me into his bedroom and threw me on the bed,

I said, “Come on dad let me be.”

“Oh I will let you be alright. Let you be happy on the end of my cock.”

I knew he was a little drunk and I knew he could get mean if he did not get his way. He looked at me on the bed and said,

“Come on, Bitch, take off your clothes and let me see your young cunt.”

I was trying to find a way out of this but could not see any, I asked him if he needed another beer.

“Maybe later but right now I have a nice big bone for you to work on, now get those clothes off.”

I started to take off my clothes like he said but I was taking my time. He put down the beer and says,

“You need some help girl,” and he grabs my blouse and one big pull and all the buttons went flying and he pulls it over my head. I was naked to the waist, and dad says,

“You got some nice tits there girl. I will have to eat on them.” He throws me down on the bed and starts to suck and chew on my nipples and at the same time his hand is on my crotch and he is rubbing my pussy.

Let me up Dad,” I said, “Stop it!” but he was deaf to my pleas. He was sucking my tits for awhile then he stops and says,

“Let's get the rest of your clothes off.” He starts to undo my skirt and pulls it off, grabs the sides of my panties and pulls them off of me.

“Wow what pretty little cunt you have there girl,” and he starts to undo his pants and shirt and take them off. When he pulls his gear off I see his cock and its not small. It looks huge, about two inches across and eight inches long.

“Come on baby lets get some humping going.” I try to get off the bed but he knocks me back and slaps my face.

“We can do this easy or we can do this hard but its going to get done.” He gets between my legs and I feel him trying to get his cock in my cunt, I try to squirm free but he holds me firm and I feel his cock lodge in my pussy and he says,

“Oh yeah baby its going to happen now.” He gives a push and his cock goes in part way and it hurts as he stretches my cunt and I say,

“Dad stop, your hurting me.”

“Wait till this next hump girl and I pop your cherry,” and with that I feel him grab my hips and really push himself into me. The pain is awful as I feel the cock push through my cherry. I scream in pain and my eyes fill with tears that run down the side of my face.

Dad keeps right on moving in and out of my pussy and ignores my suffering. The pain is still intense, but as dad fucks me the pain slowly eases up. The pain is still there but now I feel his huge cock in my cunt and it feels like it will rip my pussy apart. Dad fucks me and it feels like forever but it was probably fifteen or twenty minutes, and he says,

“Yeah baby, you feel great and I’m going bust a nut in you.” With that he starts groaning and grabs me tight and buries his cock way up in me and I feel his body tighten and spasms start in his cock and hot liquid pumps into my pussy. After a minute he pulls his cock out of me and rolls onto his back, his breathing is fast and he is relaxed and soon falls asleep.

I look at his cock and see it has gone limp but there is cum and blood on it. I feel the cum start to run out of my pussy, so I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. There is a lot of cum draining from my cunt and as I wipe it up I see white cum with streaks of blood in it. I’m not a virgin anymore and I start to cry about it. My own dad taking my virginity without any concern about me. I go to my bedroom sore and tired and curl up and fall asleep. In the morning I see dad has left for work, so I make breakfast and clean up some of the mess he made in the kitchen. My cunt is still sore so I don’t do much else for the day. I make supper and dad comes in at six he eats and does not say anything, when he finishes eating he looks at me and says,

“You were pretty good yesterday. I would like some more of that why don’t you go to my bedroom, strip off and wait for me, I want to screw your young hot pussy again.”

I turn and walk to the bedroom and strip off my clothes and wait for him, I know there is no escape so I might as well get used to it. I have become my father’s whore at twelve years old. For a half hour I lay there waiting for him to come, when he does I see he has a beer.

“Come over here you young bitch and take my pants off.”

I know there is no use to fight him so might as well do as he says. I undo his belt and open his pants and pull them down he steps out of them, I pull down his briefs and I see his limp cock. He says,

“Suck it and get it hard so I can fuck your tight cunt. I take his cock in my hand and place it in my mouth it does not taste good but after a minute I get it clean and it taste better. Soon it starts to get hard and fills my mouth completely, I keep on licking and sucking his cock till he says,

“OK, Get on your back and spread your legs. When he is between my legs he says,
“Come on baby, take hold of it and guide it to your hole.”
I do as he says and the head goes in and he pushes the rest of it in, I wait for the pain but there is just the soreness that was there before he stuck his prick in me. I was surprised I was able to take within a lot of discomfort. Dad immediately starts to fuck me and I feel myself getting wet and his cock moves in me easier. In a little while my breathing gets fast and I feel myself building to a cum. I know what its like cause I have played with myself, but this feels a lot bigger and then it hits me. I push up and then the spasms start and I can’t believe the intensity of it. After my climax my dad is still fucking away on me and I am enjoying the feeling of his cock moving in me. Even though I hate him, I love his fucking. Five minutes later I feel myself building to another climax and oh god, here it comes again. I grip my father's arms and pull myself to him as the climax washes over me, then I feel him spasm and pump his load of cum into me.

Dad rolls off me says, “That was pretty good baby,” slaps my ass and says go get cleaned up. For the next couple of months Dad fucks me three and four times a week. The only change was he started to use condoms. When I asked him why he said he didn’t need any bastards around the house. Shortly after that I started my period and Dad had me go on birth control and went back to doing me bareback. Dad didn’t have many friends but he did have John. One weekend just before school started John was over at our house. Him and dad were having a few beers. I was doing the dishes while they sat at the table, I heard John say to my dad your daughter is starting to look hot. Dad said, “Baby, come over here.” and when I did Dad said, “Open up John’s pants and fish out his cock.” John’s mouth fell open and I knew I better do as Dad said or else. I reached down and unzipped his pants and reached inside and pulled out his cock, it was not as big as dad’s, just a nice size.

“Now give him a blowjob honey and let him know you like it.”

John moaned and groaned as I sucked him and in a couple of minutes he unloaded in my mouth and I swallowed it all. When I finished John said that I was better than when he paid for it. That’s when it occurred to me how I would get out of the slums. The next day John came over when Dad was not home, I told him Dad was not home. He said he came to see me, and maybe we could have some fun. I though this was a good time to test my plan so I asked him what he paid for a blowjob, I said,

“Be honest I’m curious.”

“Usually twenty bucks and fifty for a fuck.” he said.

I said, “I will do both for forty and not tell my father.” He said that sounded good to him, but said,

“At your age you could get twice or three times as much.” So I said,

“Where is the forty and lets have some fun.” He hands me the money and I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom. I sure had fun fucking him as I thought of the money I was going to make.

I found a spot on the internet, I said, “Young girl for fun and games,” and gave an email address.

Within a week I had half a dozen replies and set up dates at a local motel that had a side entrance. I met these men after school between three and five in the afternoon, usually doing two a day. I had no trouble getting one hundred a session and I only worked week days.

After two months I had a list of regulars and at that point would only take on referrals. I banked all the money I made except what John paid me, his once or twice a week was my spending money and I still charged him only forty.

Dad still does his thing with me and I don’t mind his huge cock. He has mellowed over the years and treats me better. At sixteen my bank account has reached half a million and I expect to do this more, full time, after I graduate high school, and hope to be a millionaire by the time I’m twenty one.