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The Boss’ Whore

I was feeling confident as I sat at the table, secure of my position as the golden girl of the organisation, the rising star, unmissable and undeniable. I was the only woman round the table with 15 men, but I was confident enough to take them all on and more besides. I caught my manager’s eye and brought up my presentation on my computer, so it displayed on the media wall at the front of the boardroom. Getting up, I smoothed my skirt over my narrow hips, tucked my long blonde hair behind my ears, licked my lips, and then, once I was sure I had everyone’s attention, delivered my blistering presentation.

Yes, maybe I was using my sex to gain an advantage in the workplace, but the way I figured it you had to use whatever advantages you had to get ahead and stay ahead. It's a dog eat dog world and there were a million more guys snapping at my heels. I look hot, why shouldn't I use it to make sure all eyes are on me? Although I’m only 5’2", slightly built with smallish B cup boobs, I was wearing killer heels and a wonderbra, and I knew that in my tight fitted suit and low-cut camisole I was a knockout.

I made my presentation, answered the standard inane questions, and sat back down. While the men debated my point I started to get bored – my proposal was the only reasonable one and I knew it, so I didn’t bother to concentrate. Instead I called up a sexy story I’d been writing to send through to my crush of the week. I could feel myself getting turned on as I wrote the most depraved scene I could imagine, basing the female character obviously on myself.

Gradually I became aware that conversation had ceased and all I could hear was uncomfortable clearing of throats. I looked around the table to see everyone looking either at the screen or at me, and I realised I’d left my laptop attached to the media wall so everybody could read what I’d written. Hurriedly I took it off the screen, knowing it was too late, my face crimson and my hands shaking. I couldn't believe I’d been so idiotic, but I knew I couldn't back down if I was to come out of this with a shred of authority left. Instead I slowly looked round the table, meeting the eye of every man in turn, daring them to comment. After a couple of very tense moments everyone backed down, and conversation resumed. I was mortified, but wouldn't show it, hoping nobody could see my hands shaking or notice my legs trembling under the table.

The meeting drew to a close and everyone gradually wandered back to their desks, until it was just me and Ian, my boss, left. A small smile was playing across his face, and I knew I was in trouble. I have always had a great relationship with Ian. Slightly flirty, if truth be told, but I know that he has always respected my drive and the results I have achieved for him.
"My office, now". I knew I’d have to face the music, and have always preferred to get the unpleasant things out of the way quickly so I can savour the more pleasurable parts of my job, so I picked up all my files and my laptop and trooped after him. As we passed my desk I put my laptop down, but kept the files hoping nobody would realise I was going to be told off, maybe even formally disciplined.

As I said, my relationship with Ian has always been a flirtatious one; I have often caught him watching me, and as I got to his office I came up with my plan. Allowing me to walk ahead of him, Ian locked the door behind us and reached over to shut the blinds. He walked round his enormous desk, and just as he was about to sit down I "accidentally" dropped my files. I made a big deal of it, bending over and picking them up slowly, giving him a good look down my top, really putting on quite the show for him. I heard him move, and I knew that what I was doing was having an effect.

My breath caught as big hands spanned my waist. I hadn’t realised Ian had come behind me, engrossed as I was in showing my breasts to him. I stepped back slightly to grind my buttocks against him, before collecting my files and trying to stand up. I felt the warm weight of one of his hands on the small of my back, putting enough pressure on it to keep me bent over, before he ran his other hand over my bum to my thighs, feeling my stocking tops and suspenders through my tight skirt. Suddenly my confidence deserted me. This was meant to be my game, my plan, and the thought of it being hijacked had me nervous and flushed.

"Ian, what are you doing? Get your hands off me! I’ll report you for this". The whole time his hand was stroking me, and as he laughed softly I realised that I was moving against him, responding to his stroking.
"I think it’s time you showed me some respect Kim. From now on you will address me as Sir, OK?". Mortified, I tried to move away. Impatiently he shoved me forward so I was bent over the desk, then he lay across me with his hands either side of my head, grinding his erection against my arse. "You will answer me when I ask you a question Kim, OK?".

I was incensed. I couldn't believe Ian, the boss I'd had such a good laugh with, the friendliest face in the office, would do this, and I started to struggle. Holding me down with one arm, his elbow digging into my back he tugged my skirt up over my hips, exposing the slutty underwear I’d worn – a black lace thong and matching suspenders, sheer black stockings with a deep red lace top. He rubbed a finger between my lips and it came out wet, I heard his low chuckle as he pushed it in front of my face. "Tell me you don’t want this… look how wet you are, filthy girl". He ground his now obvious erection against my arse, and I could feel the heat of his hardness even through his clothes. "It’s OK, I’m feeling it too, feel what you do to me, how hot you make me. I’m going to fuck you good girl, make you scream before I’m done".

I never intended it to go this far, and I was mortified that he would know I was turned on. Maybe I'd never really looked at Ian properly, he was my boss after all, but the sheer size of the man suddenly became obvious to me and my stomach clenched in nervousness. I knew I didn't have a hope of fighting him off, and the knowledge so outraged me that I started to struggle in earnest, yelling at him to let me go. "So… my little slut needs discipline? Shame to mark such a perfect white arse, but I can’t let such blatant disrespect go unpunished. I’m going to spank you until you apologise. I want you to say ‘Sir, I’m sorry. I’ll try to be a better slut’. Do you understand?"

"Fuck you Ian, get off me, this isn’t funny you know".
I yelled in shock as he slapped my bum hard, his hand spanning the entire cheek, a dull thud of pain fading to a stinging burn. He paused a second, then hit the other cheek. There was another small pause, and then he started to laugh. "It’s only going to get worse Kim. You can’t get away, so you should just give in and say it".

I shouted in anger. No way was I going to let him win on this, no way was he going to get away with manhandling me like some wayward schoolchild. I was an adult and I was a professional and the company had harassment policies to prevent this sort of thing happening. As I started to picture myself bringing the wrath of HR down on Ian's smug face my tone changed to a more insulting one. "You filthy sick bastard, let me up this minute you pervert".

Suddenly Ian stopped everything, and lay across my back to let me feel his full weight pressing me into the desk, making it difficult for me to breathe. He whispered gently into my ear "That’s fine, I’ll just call HR. You were writing porn on a works computer, you’ll be sacked, but that’s not my concern. Your call.".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but in a sickening jolt of realisation I knew he was right. Everyone saw what I was doing, if he wanted to he could have me escorted off site immediately with no further questions asked. I realised I had no power to stop this unless I was prepared to lose my job. Having been sacked from my last two roles for insubordination I couldn't afford to have another blemish on my record; I'd been lucky enough to find this job and another sacking would make it impossible to get a decent role. I became more conciliatory, wheedling almost, feeling all my power ebb away and desperately trying to come up with a new plan, my mind reeling. "Ian, I really need this job. Please, let’s work something out. There has to be some way to resolve it."

"There is. You’re lying across my desk, my handprints on your arse. Do as you’re told and you get to keep your job. Be disobedient and you don’t. It’s quite simple, I assure you".
I thought about it for a second, and realised that infuriatingly he was correct. I couldn't bring myself to speak, so acting on the premise that actions speak louder than words I dropped my head to the desk and moved my feet apart, giving him better access to my wetness. When he was sure I wasn't going to struggle he stood up, and grabbing my bum cheek with one hand he landed the hardest blow yet, sending a thud of pain through my body, making my core ache with the sting.

"I’ve said OK Ian, I’ve told you I’ll do it. Please, there’s no need to hit me"
"Have you said what I asked you to Kim?" *smack* "Have you?"
I couldn't remember what I was supposed to say. My mind, my greatest asset, failed me completely and remained determinedly blank, and Ian started to spank in earnest until my whole bum was burning and I was shaking with pain and desire. "Ian, I-"
"Sir, in public, in private, in the office from now on. Sir"
"I’m sorry Sir, I can’t remember what to say"

A pause, and then he sighed in exasperation, his breath brushing my neck to send a shiver through me as he bent down to murmur in my ear. "Fine, repeat after me. Sir, I’m sorry"
I hesitated for a second, knowing that once I said the words there was no going back, then I steeled myself and in a voice barely higher than a whisper I repeated "Sir, I’m sorry"
He threw his head back and laughed in joy at my submission, at having beaten me and broken my will. "I’ll try to be a better slut".
"I’ll try to be a better slut"
"Good girl, say it again"

My face was burning, an ominous pressure behind my sinuses suggesting tears were threatening, but I was soaking wet and my hips were moving against him as I repeated in a stronger voice "I’ll try to be a better slut".
I moaned as I felt Ian ease his hard cock into me, and couldn't help more noises escaping as he pulled his hips back only to swing them back into me, moving faster and harder as he used me. It was too frantic to last long, and he bit my shoulder before growling "again, louder"

"I’ll mph… try to be mph… a better slut"
He let loose then, hammering away at me, pulling my hair, slapping my tits, shoving brutally into me. "Scream it slut, cum for me"
I screwed up my face as I screamed "I’LL TRY TO BE A BETTER SLUT SIR, OH GOD!". I started to orgasm around my manager's cock, grunting and moaning, and he grabbed my hips to shove all the way into me as his hot cum spurted deep within me.

There was nothing but our panting for a moment, then as he pulled out he wiped his cock across my crimson arse before fastening his trousers. I stood up on shaky legs and tried to rearrange my clothing, adrenaline coursing through me and making my hands tremble. "So, shall I come to your house tonight then my whore?"
I was taken aback, I thought this was a one-off, not to be repeated, and I said as much to him. "Oh no, a whore gets paid for sex. If you’re taking an ongoing salary I expect this to be an ongoing arrangement"
"But I’m not a whore, I’m not, you took advantage of me and you know it"
Ian laughed loudly before gently slapping my face. "You just fucked me to save your job. You had sex for money, and that makes you a whore. Don’t fight it, revel in it. You’re a hot fuck and it makes sense to do what you’re good at".

He unlocked the door and pushed me out, and I knew all the men in the office could smell my sex and had probably heard me screaming. I looked back at him, unsure, even as I could feel a combination of my wetness and his seed running down my thigh.
"Take the rest of the day off Kim, and consider that a warning".
"Yes Ia… Sir" I heard myself say as I scurried away, humiliated beyond belief but knowing I'd never had such a powerful orgasm before, and knowing I would repeat the experience if he did turn up at my house.
"Good girl. I’ll see you later".

All afternoon I sat at home thinking about what had happened. Half of me wanted to go to HR; surely his abuse of me was far worse than my writing erotica in work. Even as I thought it I knew it would achieve nothing except for getting us both fired. As I stepped into the bath I winced as the hot water hit my tender bum, then laughed at the idea that Ian would show up at my door. Then I realised it wouldn't be altogether unwelcome if he did. I couldn't order my thoughts, didn't know what I wanted, and it left me feeling vulnerable. I've always been the girl with a plan, I've always known exactly what I wanted, yet I couldn't decide whether or not I wanted to see his big masculine body on my doorstep, on my sofa, in my bed, looming over me with his erection in his hand… As my thoughts drifted I allowed myself a momentary admission that I did enjoy sex with him in all his wild uncontrollable dominance, then I forced my mind onto other topics, not entirely unsuccessfully.

At 7pm I sat in my nightshirt in front of the TV and I jumped as the doorbell rang. As I opened the door I knew my face must have looked a picture of shock as Ian casually strolled past me, taking his coat off and draping it over the banister before turning to face me. "Cat got your tongue my whore?"

"Ian, I didn't think-"
"No, you never bloody think, that's your problem. So damned cock-sure in work, teasing every man in there to get your own way, thinking you're such hot stuff. I intend to fix that, fix you, you understand? And if you don't like it… well, you know the number for HR. Although, judging by your screams this afternoon you'll have a hard job proving anything that happened wasn't more than consensual on your part. Who'd have thought you were such a fucking dirty whore?"

Grabbing my hair he dragged me through to the dining room, my scalp stinging so much I didn't dare struggle. He then removed my nightshirt, leaving me naked and vulnerable before him. Taking his belt off he wrapped one end round his hand, letting me know the price of any disobedience. I allowed my head to drop to show him his message had been received, but a part of me couldn't help wondering what it would feel like to have that leather belt used on my buttocks, to feel the deep heat of its lashes. I realised I was trembling only when Ian gripped my upper arms with his hands, digging his fingers into my soft flesh. As I looked up I thought he would give me a little reassurance, but instead all I saw was grim determination.

"On your knees my whore"
I obediently dropped to my knees even as part of my brain started screaming at me, questioning why I would kneel before this jumped-up office Hitler. Ian then removed his clothes slowly and methodically, the way he did everything. He folded them carefully and piled them onto the dining table, until eventually he was as naked as I was, his cock already hard. When he was sure I was watching him he moved his feet apart and turned his back on me. "Lick my arse Kim, you filthy whore".

I recoiled, disgusted that he would think I would do something so depraved. Ian turned back to face me and made sure I saw him pick up his belt once more. Instead of whipping my buttocks as expected he suddenly brought the leather down against my tender breasts. The crack of the blow made me jump, it was so unexpectedly loud. Initially I didn't feel the pain and just as I started to relax, thinking it would be bearable, he struck two more blows. His aim was better for the follow-ups, and the pain rushed through me in a wave of agony. I knew I wouldn't be able to stand the pain if he continued, and as I started to cry and beg him to stop he turned his back again, leaning slightly forward. "You know what to do then Kim, don’t be shy now".

I crawled forward and pressed my face to his cheeks, breathing in the earthy smell of his arse, before tentatively reaching out and touching the tip of my tongue to his rim. "For gods sake Kim, let me bloody feel it, or do I have to whip you again? Get your tongue deep within me, come on".

I pushed my tongue deep into his arse, recoiling from the taste and the humiliation of having to do this, and I heard him moan "mmm… much better. Now keep it right there, as deep as it is". Just as I was wondering what he meant by that, he walked forward, making me shuffle on my knees to keep up with him. I wanted to cry in shame, crawling round after him with my tongue buried in his arse. I’d never felt so degraded.

Ian reached the table and stopped, leaning down on it with one hand. He told me to put my hands on his cock, and to both our amazement I willingly did so. I was surprised to feel the size of it, the hot hard heaviness of it, the softness of the skin moving over the hard core of it. He reached his free hand down, and gripped my hands tight around his shaft, moving them back and forth, forcing me to wank him while I tongued his arse. His reaction was so strong, I couldn’t help but get a bit turned on by both my unaccustomed humiliation and his obvious enjoyment. I fastened my lips around his anus and sucked softly as I tongued him, and in response his hand moved mine faster on his cock.

I was enjoying it so much I was a little disappointed when he pulled away, saying "that’s enough for now whore, I have other plans". I was tempted to beg to continue, and then as I realised what I was about to say my face flushed crimson again. How had I become so depraved in one day? Taking my hand, he pulled me to my feet and led me upstairs, sitting me on the bed like a child while he rifled through my wardrobe.

He pulled out all my clubbing clothes, holding up each item before deciding whether or not it would suit his purpose. The dress he chose is one that I’ve only ever worn once, when I wanted to look trampy for an ex. What little there is of it is silver, and a metallic fabric that slides over my skin and makes my nipples hard. It is a minidress that reaches just below my crotch if I don’t make any movements, backless to the top of my arse crack, spaghetti straps leading to a V neck low enough to show the skin between my breasts. It is an indecent dress, never worn out of the house, and I cursed myself for having kept it and not put it in the charity bag.

"Very nice Kim, very nice. There is obviously no way you can wear underwear with this though, so I should make sure you look your best". Walking over to me he pushed me back on the bed, before lifting my ankles over his shoulders and bending his head to my pussy. He ran his tongue all the way from my arse to my clit, and laughed as my body jerked in response. He did it again, a little more firmly, then sucked on my clit, nipping at it gently, loving that I started to groan loudly. He started to lick and suck it in earnest, and I could feel my cunt grow damp. He laughed when he saw my juices, my hairless pussy meaning that they spilled out everywhere, all over my lips and onto my inner thighs. His laugh was a bark of triumph, and I felt my face grow crimson with embarrassment even as my chest flushed with arousal.

He pushed two fingers into me, rubbing them against my G spot, causing even more juices to flow. He started to finger-fuck me, delighted at how responsive I was and how wet I got, making a damp spot on top of the duvet. Just when I thought he would push me to climax he took his hand out and wiped the wetness down my thighs to my knees. Looming over my naked body he took his cock in his hand, just like my earlier bathtime fantasies. Working his hand quickly, stroking his shaft firmly he soon moaned as his seed sprayed all over my stomach. He used the head of his cock to smear his cum, before rubbing it in with his hand, pushing his sticky fingers into my mouth for me to clean. Greedily I sucked at his fingers, hoping that now he had climaxed he would allow me the orgasm I was craving. My hopes increased as he removed his fingers from my mouth, cupping my face gently.

"Up now Kim, you have work to do". Shaking with need, I forced myself to stand up, and meekly allowed him to dress me over the cum on my skin. Gradually though my mind took in what was happening "But Sir… the dress is too short, you can see that my thighs are wet".
"Well observed my whore, that’s how I want you".

I was crimson with embarrassment, but allowed him to slip the shoes he had chosen on to my feet. When I saw the shoes my heart sank still further. It was a pair I had often laughed at, calling them my stripper shoes. Platform soles with a 5" heel, Perspex, with black leather straps that work their way up to my knees, emphasising my slender calves. As he fastened them I couldn’t help noticing that they made my legs look much longer, and immediately I started to feel sexier, more desirable. He saw my face, noting my pout, and tutted softly. "Yes, I almost forgot. Stay there and close your eyes".

I obeyed, and stood dressed like the cheapest of whores, listening to Ian rummaging on my dressing table. I wanted to look, to see what he was doing, but I didn't dare. I heard him move and then flinched as he touched my eyelid. I could feel him stroke my eyelids softly and realised he was applying makeup. I didn’t move until he had finished, and then he led me to the mirror before telling me to open my eyes. When I saw myself I was horrified. I was unrecognisable, coated in heavy slutty makeup, dressed like a whore. I looked like a whore, like I should be walking the streets fucking all comers.

"Yes, my whore, take a good look. Don’t you look a pretty little whore? Finally everyone can see you for what you are". Ian took his phone and took a few pictures of me, and tears sprang to my eyes at the thought of him having a record of this, of me looking like this, acting like this, witnessing my degradation. "Oh no Kim, don’t smudge your face, that’s my fourth favourite bit of you. Want to guess what the top three are?". He laughed cruelly, and I forced myself to be calm, shutting off my emotions. I knew I could walk away, but I knew he was vindictive enough to have me fired if I did. If I was to keep my job I had to take whatever he gave and blank out the emotions. Just like a real whore would, I reflected.

Ian led me down to my car in my garage, and I still didn't protest. I didn't say a word as he drove to the woods, even though I knew it was a popular dogging spot. I imagined people coming over to watch him fuck me, thinking I was a whore, and although I burned in shame I wouldn't allow myself to show anything as he parked the car, turned the engine off, and turned the interior light on.

Within minutes a man approached the side of the car. He was in his early 20s, quite attractive, and he came round to talk to Ian through the window. I couldn't hear what was said as both men spoke in hushed tones, but I was surprised when the stranger came round and opened my door. I looked at Ian, and he smiled and nodded. The man helped me out of the car and pushed me face-down over the bonnet. I stared at Ian through the windscreen, wondering when he would come out to stop events before they went too far. As I bent over I knew my wet slit was clearly on display, dripping with juices, the lips puffy.

The man moaned, and roughly shoved his cock deep into me. I cried out in pain and shock, and Ian smiled to hear it. He was saying something, but I couldn't make out what it was. I realised Ian was urging the man to ever rougher usage when he reached round and twisted my sore, bruised breasts. I started to cry in earnest, and Ian leaned forward so his face was only a few inches from mine behind the windscreen.
"Be a good whore, make me proud"

Ian was clearly enjoying my humiliation, and suddenly the humiliation faded as I began to find the whole thing arousing. It is freeing to know that you can do whatever you want, be as filthy as you want, and nobody will be shocked because you’re just a cheap whore. I moved back against the man, pushing a hand between my legs to rub my clit. Ian broke into a broad grin, and taking his phone out again, he started to film me being fucked.
"Other hand, finger in your arse. Do it!"

I hesitated for a second, but then pushed two fingers into my arse, still rubbing my clit while the man furiously rammed into me. I felt his cock swell and I knew he was going to cum in me. I didn't care that he wasn't wearing a condom, I wanted to feel him shoot deep within me, and the idea pushed me over the edge. I screamed loudly as my orgasm hit, jerking and shaking, throwing my head back, looking into Ian's eyes the whole time. I came over and over again, I couldn't stop, and the orgasm was so intense I could barely stand it. I felt the man shoot deep within me, jets of hot sperm coating my slick channel, and it triggered another orgasm for me.

As the stranger pulled his spent cock out of me and stepped away I couldn't hold myself up, and I slid off the bonnet, landing on my knees on the floor. I watched the man fasten his limp cock into his trousers before he walked back to Ian's window. As I knelt in the dirt with his sperm dripping out of my abused pussy I clearly heard him speak to Ian. "Thanks mate, there you go. Best fiver I ever spent".

As Daddy watches!

I was young girl when my parents started going out doing their own things as they called it. Mom would meet up with other men for hours at a time and dad would go do whatever it was that dad did. They started getting a teenage boy to baby sit with me. He was a very good looking young man with dark brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes and the biggest smile you ever saw. His name was Eric and he was my favorite baby sitter of everyone my parents had ever had sit. We use to have so much fun when Eric would come and sit with me.

Eric always made me feel special. Eric and I would spend all of the time we could together. One day Eric asked me if I wanted to learn how to make him feel more special than anyone else. I looked at him and said yes Eric, I would love to make you feel more specail than anyone else Eric. Eric looked into my eyes and said, I knew you would say that my special little girl. I could tell you were special by the way you always kiss me on the lips when I tuck you in for bed Eric said.

Eric took my hand and led me over to the couch where he sat down. Eric lifted me up onto his lap, having me straddle him so that I was facing him. Then he looked into my eyes and said, you know that you are my special little girl, don't you? I looked Eric in the eyes and said, yes I do know that I am your special little girl Eric. Then he asked me, have you ever seen your mommy and daddy kissing? I told him, yes I have seen them kissing, they kiss for a long time sometimes Eric. That is because they care about each other so much. That is one of the ways that they show each other how much they care for each other. Would you like to kiss me like that my special one?

Oh yes Eric, I would like that alot. I do love you very much Eric.

Eric looks at me and smiles with that big beautiful smile he has and says, thats my baby girl. I love you very much too little one. Then he put his arms around me, pulled me close to him and started to kiss me very passionately. I did the best I could to return his kiss. Then he started to move his tongue around on my lips, then into my mouth it went. I sucked on the end of his tongue just a little and he moaned lightly. Then he sucked my tongue into his mouth. It felt so nice to feel so special to Eric. He pulled is head away from my mouth and looked me in the eyes, is this a good kiss for you my little one?

I looked at him and said, oh yes Eric, it is a very good kiss.

Eric started kissing me once again, taking his time to make it very passionate and feel very good. Once again, Eric pulled his head away and said, you are making me feel very special baby girl. Then he pulled me closer to him, sliding my hips in closer to his crotch. I was wearing a nighty and panties. My nighty had lifted up over my ass a little so that my panties were showing. Eric looked at me and said, you are growing into such a beautiful baby girl. I love how special you are making me feel right now my precious. Then Eric asked me if he could take off his shirt so that he could feel me close to him?

I looked at him and said, yes of course you can Eric. I would like that very much.

Eric removed his shirt, then pulled me into him. Oh that feels much better baby girl. The only thing that would feel better right now, would be if you would let me remove your nighty so that both of us have bare skin touching each other. I told him, please remove my nighty Eric, I would love to feel your skin on mine. Eric removed my nighty, leaving me in only my panties sitting on his lap, stradding his ever growing cock.Then Eric looked at me and said, oh baby girl it isn't fair that you only have on your panties and I have on my pants, would it be ok if I took my pants off so that I am just in my underwear with you?

I looked at Eric and smiled, yes that would be very nice Eric I said.

Eric lifted me off of his lap and set me on the couch. He stood up and removed his pants. Sat back down on the couch and lifted me back onto his lap. Then he looked at my little body and said, baby girl, your nipples look to be a little hard, are you cold? I told Eric, no

I am not cold, I just feel a little excited Eric.

What are you excited about baby girl?

About being with you, so close and feeling so very special to be
our baby girl Eric.

That is so very nice to hear my baby girl. Can I touch one of you nipples please?

Oh yes, please do Eric.

Eric reached over and took one of my little nipples into his grasp, pinching it between is thumb and finger. Rubbing it gently at first and then giving it a little more pressure. I let out a slight moan.

How does that feel my baby girl?

It feels very nice Eric. Please do that to both of my nipples?

Eric reached over with the other hand, took his thumb and finger and began rubbing both of my nipples. I couldn't help it when I moved my little pussy over his ever growing cock. It was an automatic reaction from how good Eric was making my nipples feel. He leaned down and started kissing me again while continuing to rub my nipples.

How does that feel baby girl?

Oh Eric, it feels better than anything ever has before.

That is what I hoped you would say baby girl. But now we must put our clothes back on. your parents will be coming home soon and I need to get you into bed before they arrive home my precious little one. Now I need for you to not tell anyone what we did here tonight my baby girl. They would try to keep me from baby sitting you ever again and we don't want that to happen now do we baby girl?

I promise I won't say a word to anyone ever Eric. I always want you to baby sit with me.

Good girl. It will be our little secret baby girl. And maybe if you would like to do things like this all the time when I sit with you, we can do them.

Oh that would be so awesome Eric. I want to feel special like that with you every time you sit with me Eric.

Good girl.

We put our clothes back on. Eric took my hand and led me to my room where he tucked me into bed for the night. He leaned in and instead of just giving me a peck on the lips, he gave me a very passionate kiss. Remember baby girl, this is our little secret. I love my baby girl so much and don't want to not be able to see you precious.

Our secret Eric. I promise to never tell anyone.

Shortly after Eric left my room, I heard my dad come home. He looked at Eric and said, how did things go tonight? Eric looked at my dad and said, things went very well Sir. You have a very special daughter, I enjoy sitting with her and it would be a priviledge to do so anytime Sir.

My dad said, I was hoping you would say that. Thank you very much for sitting with my little girl.

It was only a couple of days later when Eric was called to sit with me again. When he arrived at the house, I ran over to him and gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. My mom said, she really likes you to sit with her, I am glad you enjoy sitting with her. Then my parents went on their way.

Eric looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. I was already in my nighty and panties for the night, ready for bed when it became bed time.Eric took my hand and led me to the couch. This time Eric took his pants off as he said, it is only fair that I have only my underpants on also. Then he sat down, pulled me up onto his lap and whispered into my ear, does my baby girl want to kiss me again?

Oh yes I would like that alot Eric.

I was hoping you would say that precious.Eric leaned in and gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever had. Then he started to kiss his way down to my neck. He had not done that before.

How do you like that my beautiful baby girl?

Oh Eric, it feels so very nice.

Eric started kissing and sucking on my neck again, as he did, he reached down and pulled up my nighty and removed it. Then he removed his shirt so that we were both only in our underwear. Eric went back to kissing my neck and then moved his way down to my little nipples. He took his tongue and licked all around my nipples, making them get very hard and poke out. He opened his mouth and took my right nipple into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue as he sucked on it.

How does that feel precious?

It feels so very nice Eric. I like that so much. As I was sitting over his cock, I could feel his cock growing under my pussy. Eric pushed me down onto his cock a little.

Do you feel that between your legs baby girl?

Yes I do Eric. What is that?

That is what is called a cock baby girl. It is growing very hard because you have me very excited and feeling very special. Do you want to see what it looks like?

Yes Eric, I would love to see what your cock looks like.

Eric gave me a huge smile and set me on the floor between his legs. He pulled his huge cock out of his underwear so that I could see it.

What do you think of it baby girl?

It looks very nice Eric. It is so big and so hard.

Yes it is baby girl. It is like that because you make me feel so very special. Would you like to lick it?

Oh could I Eric?

Yes you can baby girl. Lick it all you want to. You can even suck on it if you would like to baby girl.

I leaned over and Eric took his cock into his hand and guided it over closer to my mouth. I took my tongue and licked the very tip of

Erics cock which made him moan instantly. I knew that he liked that very much. I licked all over the head of Eric's cock next. With each lick of my tiny little tongue, he moaned even more. Then I decided to see how loud he would moan if I took the head of his cock into my little mouth, so I opened wide, pushed my mouth down over the head of his cock and his moan was the loudest he had let out.Oh yes baby girl, suck on it just like that baby girl. Just like that. Keep sucking.

I kept right on sucking just like eric wanted me to.

Oh baby girl, I am getting very close to blowing my load he said and he plulled my head off of his cock. Do you want to see how very special you make me feel baby girl?

Yes I would Eric. Please show me?

Ok, take your hands and grab my cock baby girl. Rub up and down on it with your hands wrapped around it.

I wrapped my little hands around Eric's hard cock and began to move them up and down on his cock. It took no time at all for Eric to yell out.

Oh yes baby girl, that's the way to do it, I am going to show you now how special you make me feel baby girl. Here it comes.Eric's cock started shooting out his cum, so much cum, everywhere. It was all over his stomach and my hands, down on his pubic area. That is such a good little girl. You make me feel like no one else does baby girl. You are the most special girl ever.

What is all of that, that came out of your cock Eric?

That is called cum baby girl. It is what happens when you make me feel so very special like this baby girl. Would you like to try a taste of it baby girl?

Sure Eric. I would like that.

Eric took his finger and scooped up some of his cum off of his chest, took his cum filled finger and brought it to my mouth.Open up and suck my finger like you sucked on my cock baby girl.

I opened my mouth and took Eric's finger into my mouth and sucked on it. It tasted kind fo salty and like nothing I had ever tasted before.

How does that taste baby girl?

Very good eric. I like the taste of your cum. Can I lick up all of the rest of it?

Oh god yes baby girl. Lick up all of it you want to precious.

I started by licking it off of my fingers and hands. The I leaned in and licked it off of Eric's chest. Then licking my way down to his pubic area, I began to lick it off from around his cock. I could feel Eric's cock starting to grow again from my licking up his cum.I looked up at Eric and said, does that make you feel special when I lick up all of your cum Eric?

Oh god yes baby girl. You make me feel so very special all of the time, but that makes me feel even more special baby girl. It shows just how much you truely love me baby girl.

I do love you very much Eric and only want to make you feel as special as you make me feel Eric.

Now we need to get dressed again baby girl and remember, you can not tell anyone, or they will never let me see you again baby girl.

I know Eric. I promise, I will never ever tell anyone.

Good girl. Lets get you into bed before your parents get home baby girl.Eric took me to my bed and tucked me in, gave me a very passionate kiss and said, I love you baby girl.

I love you too Eric.

This time it was longer before my dad came home. I had already fallen asleep. My father asked Eric once again how things had gone.

Eric looked at him and smiled and said, things went very well. You have the most special girl ever Sir. My dad then said.

I knew I picked the right boy for the job. How is she coming along?

She is coming along even better than you can imagine Sir. Tonight she sucked my cock, I wasn't sure if I should shoot my load into her mouth, so I had her finish me off with her hands. She surprised even me when she licked up all of my cum Sir. She completely licked me clean and I started getting hard again. She is a very talented little girl Sir.

Good, good. That is what I wanted to hear. So you have not played with her little pussy yet then?

No I have not Sir. I wasn't sure how she would react, but after what she did tonight, I think she is ready for some pussy play Sir.

Very good. I want you to probe her pussy with your fingers on your next visit. Make sure to pop her cherry so that she is no longer my little virgin. You will be very priviledged to have it at such a young tender age.

Yes Sir, I understand. I will make sure to pop her cherry on the next visit Sir as you wish.

With each visit after this next one, I want you to get her spread a little wider each time until she is ready to take on your cock. That will be the visit where I will be watching in on. I want to see you fill my baby girl up with your cock. Because it will be my turn after that.

Can I ask you Sir, Why is it that you want me to be the first cock that your baby girl feels? Not that I am complaining or anything. I am just wondering is all. I am looking so very forward to being the first cock she has.

I want her to be filled by another cock first so that when I push mine into her, it goes in very easily. I don't want to have to do any of the work to get her ready to take Daddy's cock. I want her to be ready, willing and able to take it any time I give it to her.

I can understand that Sir. I will make sure she is ready to take your cock very soon Sir. My next visit will be a very fruitful one in where she will loose her cherry and start to take my finger. It will be a pleasure to work her up to a cock Sir.

The next night I was in my room changing when Eric came to the house to sit with me. I had just taken off my shirt and pants when Eric came into my room.

Well hi there baby girl.

My eyes lit up, hi Eric.

Look at you baby girl. Already in just your panties. How very nice. Can I take off my clothes with you baby girl?

Oh yes Eric. I want to see your body naked Eric.

Good girl. Eric removed all of his clothes this time, including his underwear. He sat down on my bed and pulled me over to him.

Oh Eric, it feels so good when you hug me like this.

Eric leaned down and started to kiss me passionately. He moved his way down to my neck, pulled me up onto his lap and worked his way down to my nipples, taking them into his mouth, flicking them with his tongue while he sucked my nipples. Then he laid me down onto the bed. He started to kiss his way down my belly. Can I take your panties off of you baby girl? I want to make you feel as special as you made me feel last night precious.

Oh yes Eric. Please take them off? You are making me tingle down there.

Oh baby girl, that is a very good thing to happen. That means that you want to feel me make you feel very special baby girl. Your little pussy is going to enjoy what I am going to do to it tonight baby girl.Eric takes my panties off. Starts to kiss all around my pubic area. At such a young age, I do not have any hair there yet, so it makes it very nice for Eric to lick and kiss all over. Eric spreads my legs.Is it ok that I spread your legs like this baby girl? It will help me make you feel even more special than you already do baby girl.

Oh yes Eric. You can do anything you need to do to make me feel like your special little girl Eric.

That is all I needed to hear baby girl.Eric goes back to kissing and licking all over my private area. Then I feel his tongue run along my slit, licking me from asshole to clit. When he reached my clit, he looked up and said.

Does that feel good baby girl?

Yes it does feel very good Eric.

Eric takes my clit into his mouth and starts to suck and lick it feverishly. I start to moan.Oh yes Eric. That feels really good.

Eric takes his tongue and runs it down my slit to my opening. He takes his hands and opens my lips to spread me apart so his tongue can slip right into my pussy. His tongue slides right in and he flicks his tongue around inside of my pussy. I moaned louder and it felt so good. I never felt anything like that. Then Eric took one of his fingers and replaced his tongue with his finger.

How does that feel baby girl? I don't want to hurt you at all.

It feels very nice Eric. I like how you are making me feel right now.

Very good baby girl.

He starts to slide his finger in and out, not far enought to take my little cherry away yet though. Just enough to make it feel very good. Then he slowly works his finger in a little more. Eric can feel my cherry with the tip of his finger and he pulls out a little to ensure to not pop it yet. I am beginning to slide my bottom with the same pace as Eric's finger. He feels so good finger fucking my little hole. Then with one very slow, steady push, Eric pushes his finger in farther until he pops my cherry.

Ouch Eric, that hurts a little.

Oh baby girl, I am so very sorry. Do you want me to stop?

Oh no Eric, just don't push so hard.

Ok baby girl. I think I already did what I wanted to anyway. Now it will feel very good for you again baby girl.He continued to finger my little pussy, pushing his finger in farther with each stroke. It did feel very good. I didn't want him to stop. Before I knew what was happening, I could feel a warm rush down in my pussy. I was bucking my bottom to keep in time with the pace of Eric's finger fucking me.

Oh baby girl, You just came all over my finger baby girl. I didn't know that such a young girl could cum like that precious. Oh you make me feel so very special baby girl. Do you want to suck my cock for me now?

Oh yes Eric, I would love to suck your cock for you. This time can you cum in my mouth?

Oh god yes baby girl. I was so hoping you would say that to me.

I moved over to Eric's cock, took it into my little mouth and went to work on it right away. I took his cock as far into my little mouth as I could and moved my head up and down on his cock like a pro. I sucked him so tightly that it didn't take no time at all for him to blow his load into my mouth.

God yes baby girl, I am going to shoot into your mouth right now baby girl. Swallow it all down for me baby girl.

Eric started shooting his load into my mouth and I swallowed and gulped his cum down as fast as I could. Some of it dribbled out of the corners of my mouth and I was sure to lick it up off of Eric's cock when he was finished cumming. Then Eric got up and helped me get dressed for bed. He tucked me in and kissed me more passionately than ever. Grabbed his clothes and put them on quicly before leaving my room.

My father returned home shotrly after that and asked Eric how things went once again.

Very well Sir. I did as you wished and your daughter is no longer a virgin Sir.

Very good job Eric. How did she take having your finger in her tight little cunt? Did she cry or did she like it?

She liked it very much Sir. The only time she said anything about it hurting was when my finger pushed through her cherry. But she let me keep fingering her even though she said it hurt. I think she just wants to feel so very special that she will let me do anything to her Sir.

That is a good thing Eric. I want her ready to be fucked by her Daddy as soon as possible Eric.

I understand that Sir and will have her ready for your cock in no time Sir.

Good boy Eric. Make it happen.Little did I know that Daddy was watching his little girl at home as Eric used me as my Daddy's wishes.

Eric's next visit comes and I am super happy to have him to sit with me while my parents are out. He comes to the house and I run and hug him like I always do. He gives me a big hug back. Then puts me down and acts casual while my parents are still there. Then as soon as they leave, Eric picks me up and gives me a huge kiss and hug.

Is my little girl ready to play with Eric tonight?

Yes I am Eric. I love playing with you.

Oh that is what I love to hear from my baby girl.

Eric then carries me into my room, sets me on my bed and starts to remove his clothes. Once he has his clothes off he starts to remove mine.There my baby girl, this is much better. I love looking at your naked body. You are such a beautiful little girl. Now come here and let me give you a proper hug and kiss baby girl.

Yes Eric.

I crawl over to him, climb onto his lap and wrap my arms around him.

He in turn wraps his around me and pulls me in for a nice long passionate kiss. As Eric kisses me, he slowly guides my little pussy right over the top of his nice hard cock. He does not push me down onto it, just hovers me over it. Eric slides one of his hands down my back and around to my pussy. Eric starts to rub my clit with his fingers, then slowly slides his fingers to my opening where it is beginning to get moist.

Oh my baby girl, you are enjoying this very much, aren't you?

Yes I am Eric, I always enjoy this time with you. I love the way you make me feel so very special everytime you are here.

Oh that is so very good to hear baby girl. I do love this time with you also very much.Then Eric slides one of his fingers into my pussy and slides it all around inside of me. I let out a moan of pleasure as we kiss. Then I lean back and say to Eric.Would you like it if I suck on your cock for you Eric?

Not just yet baby girl. Let me enjoy playing with my baby girl for a little while. Then you can suck it all you want to sweety.

Oh yes Eric, anything you wish.

Then Eric slide his finger in a little deeper. Does this hurt at all baby girl?

Oh no Eric, it feels really good.

Oh good baby girl. And Eric slides his finger in farther. sliding it in and out very slowly. Then he takes another finger and slide it in a little.

How does that feel baby girl?

Oh Eric, I love the way that feels. Please push it in more?

God yes baby girl. And in goes his two fingers, deeper and deeper. The deeper into my little pussy Eric's fingers go, the louder I moan and the more passionate his kisses get. Before long I am sliding up and down on Eric's fingers, pushing them as far into me as they will go. Oh that's my good girl. Ride my fingers baby girl, ride them. Oh yes. You feel so good sliding up and down on my fingers little one.

Your fingers feel so very good inside of me eric. Do you think you can slide another one in there too?

Oh my god baby girl, I will certainly love to find out.Then he slides one more up into my little opening. Not too far at first. Does that feel ok baby girl, or does it hurt?

Oh Eric, it feels wonderful in there. Please put it in more?

Anything for you my baby girl.Then in it went, farther and farther until it was in as far as the other two. He slowly slid them in and out, taking his time to make sure not to hurt me at all.Is it still feeling good baby girl?

Oh yes it is Eric, very good. I love how it feels to have them in me like that Eric.

I love how much of a big girl you are right now baby girl. Maybe next time I will have to try my cock inside of your pretty pussy baby girl.

Oh yes Eric. Please put your cock in there next time?

I will just for you baby girl.

Oh thank you Eric. I know it will feel good to have your cock inside of my pussy Eric.

Yes it will baby girl. I will love the way your little pussy feels wrapped around my hard cock. Just as Eric said that, I started to ride his fingers harder and faster, fucking them like a good little slut should. Eric's fingers match my pace and before I know what is happening, I feel my tight little pussy contracting around Eric's fingers as I am getting ready to cum all over them. Eric whispers in my ear.Let it go baby girl. Let Eric feel you cum all over his fingers. Cum for Eric baby girl, oh yes, cum for me.

Then my body let loose, I had cum dripping out of my little hole, running down Eric's fingers and onto his nice hard cock and all over his lap. Eric pulled his fingers out to allow all of my cum to drip out.Oh that's my girl. You did a very good job baby girl. Now you can suck on my cock if you want to baby girl.

Oh yes Eric. I want to suck it very much.

I immediately got down on all fours and took his cock right into my mouth. I began sucking him right away. Not playing around this time. I was a greedy, hungry little slut. I wanted him to shoot his cum in my mouth very badly. As I sucked his cock like a professional slut, I could hear him moan loudly.

Oh my god, you are a good little cock sucker tonight baby girl. Yes that is the way to milk Eric's cock baby girl. Suck it like you want it all.

I took most of his cock into my mouth and when I did, Eric surprised
me by taking one of his hands and pushing my head all the way down onto his hard cock, making me choke a bit, but swallowing and allowing his cock into my throat.

Oh god yes, thats it baby girl, take it all in, take it all in. Good job.As I sucked his cock, deep throating it, he moaned louder and louder.Oh my fucking god, I am going to cum in that hot little cock milking
mouth of yours baby girl. Are you ready for it?

Before I could do or say anything, Eric pushed my head down onto his cock, forcing it into my throat and shot his load right down my throat. That was the first of many deep throating experiences I had with Eric.

Oh my god baby girl, you did such a good job sucking my cock. It has never felt so good shooting my cum into anyones mouth before, ever. I love the way it feels to shoot my load deep down your thorat baby girl. You took it so very well for your first time deep throating my cock baby. Now it is time to get you cleaned up and back into your pj's baby girl. I am sure your parents will be back shortly.

Yes Eric. I am sure they will be also. We wouldn't want them to find out about this and not let you sit with me anymore. I love having you sit with me Eric. I don't want that to stop ever.

Neither do I baby girl. I am so glad that you like our time together. You are my very special little girl.Then Eric cleaned me up and put me back into my pj's and tucked me in. As he kissed me good night, he said.

I love you very much my little girl.

I love you too Eric.

Then Eric put his clothes on and went out into the living room and watched TV until my father came home.

How was our little girl tonight?

Oh my she has come such a long way. She let me have three fingers in her little pussy while she slid up and down on them, Sir. She is becoming such a vey wonderul little slut, just as you wish her to be.

Very good Eric. You are doing a very good job with her. She trusts you very much to allow you to do these things to her. I am proud of you. Very soon we will be sharing her together.

That will be very nice Sir. I look forward to that day. What Daddy had not told Eric was, is that he intends on sharing his baby girl with several other men who would love to have their cocks sucked by a little girl and stuff their dicks into her little pussy for their pleasure.

A few days went by before Mommy and Daddy went out again. But they got Eric to sit with me again. As soon as he came through the door, there I was to give him a huge hug. Eric always hugged me back and this time was no different. With each visit, Eric became more and more attached to me and I to him. My parents left, but before they did, they asked Eric if he could sit with me all night.

Oh yes, it would be my pleasure to sit with her all night.

Thank you Eric. We will be back at 8am. Feel free to sleep in our room while we are out tonight. It is better than sleeping on the couch.

Oh yes Sir. Thank you very much for allowing me to sleep in your room. I will make sure that the bed is made before you arrive back home.

My parents leave and Eric lifts me up right away and gives me a nice long passionate kiss. Oh baby girl, did you hear that? We have the whole night for us to be naked with each other and play our special games together. I will enjoy being next to you naked all night baby girl.

Oh Eric, I love being naked with you and playing our special games. It will be very nice to be able to sleep next to you naked all night Eric.

Yes it sure will baby girl. We will be able to play all night long if we want to. You are such a sexy little girl.

Then Eric carries me into my parents room, places me on the bed and starts to take my clothes off as he continues to kiss me. Our tongues darting in and out of each others mouths as we kiss. Eric has all of my clothes off and now starts to take his own clothes off. Once he is naked, he grabs me and pulls me onto his lap. His cock is nice and hard by this time. He gently takes one hand and pulls my lower body up so that my pussy is hovering over his hard cock. You are such a beautiful little turn on baby girl. Do you feel how hard my cock is sitting between your legs?

Yes Eric, it is very hard and feels so nice and warm between my legs Eric.

It is hard for you baby girl. Only for you. Do you want to suck on it for a little bit to make it all nice and wet?

Yes Eric.And before I had the words out of my mouth, I was down on all fours, licking the head of Eric's nice hard cock. Licking my tongue all the way around the head and then taking him into my mouth all at once.

Oh yes baby girl, you know what Eric likes. Suck it like a good little slut does. Yes, you make my cock throb for you baby girl. Only you know how to suck my cock the way I like it.

Then Eric pulls me up and back onto his lap for some more kissing. He has me so that my pussy hovers over his cock once again. Eric takes two fingers and begins to insert them into my pussy. He pulls them out, brings them to my mouth and says.Suck on these and make them nice and wet for me baby girl.I take his fingers into my mouth and suck them nicely for Eric. Once they are wet enough for him, he pushes them back into my pussy.

Oh now thats better baby girl. They slide right in good now.

Mmmmm. Yes they do Eric. They feel so good sliding in and out of my pussy Eric.

You are getting nice and wet for me baby girl. Are you ready to have me try to put my cock inside of your pussy baby girl? I want to feel
ow good you feel wrapped around my cock.

Yes I am very ready to feel your cock inside of my pussy Eric.

Good girl.

He then pulls his fingers out, grabs his cock and places it at the opening of my pussy. Sit down on my cock baby girl, go as slow as you need to go. I don't want it to hurt you at all. I want it to feel as good as possible baby girl.

Yes Eric, I will go slow.

I start to slowly push my pussy down onto Eric's nice hard cock. There is a little preasure at first as The head enters into my hole. Once the head is in, it feels so good and I continue to slide myself down onto his rock hard cock.

You are doing such a good job baby girl. Your pussy feels so good stretched around my cock.

My father had left a poleroid camera sitting on the night stand next to the bed. Eric had noticed it and asks.Hey baby girl, there is a camera here, wouldn't it be wonderful to see how my cock looks inside of your little pussy? Would you let me take a few pictures?

That would be very nice Eric. Take all of the pictures you would like to.

Very good baby girl.

Eric grabs the camera, has me lean backwards far enough for him to get a nice shot of my little pussy lowering onto his hard shaft, and snaps a picture. Then he pulls me forward while the shot develops and kisses me even more passionately. As he kisses me, he slightly pushes me down farther onto his cock. He feels so good sliding into my tight little pussy. I push myslef down even more to take more and more of him into my tight little hole.

Oh my god, thats it baby girl, take my cock deep into your pussy. You are being such a good little slut.

Once I have him in as far as I can take him, I start sliding up and down on Eric's nice hard throbbing cock. Oh yeah baby girl, fuck my cock like a good little slut. Make me feel the best you have ever made me feel my precious girl. As I slide up and down on his hard shaft, I can feel my juices start to flow.

Eric grabs me by the hips and starts to fuck me harder and faster.

Oh god yes baby, let those juices of your's flow over my cock. You feel so wonderful riding me. Fuck me baby girl, fuck me.

I can feel Eric's cock starting to throb even more and before we both know it, he is shooting his hot load deep inside of my little pussy.

Oh my god, yessssss baby girl. I have never cum so much in my life as I am right now baby girl. All of my cum is just for you. Only to fill your little holes up with it.

Once Eric has finished filling me up, he lays me down on the bed, his cock still inserted.

Lay still baby girl so I can get some more photos. Eric starts to take photos of his cock still inserted as far as it will go inside of me. My pussy stretched so nicely around his softening cock. Then he slides out a little and snaps more shots. He pulls himself all of the way out.

Oh my god baby girl, your pussy looks so very nice filled with my cum. Take your hands, one on each side of your pussy and spread it open so that I can get a couple of nice photos of you with my cum filling you baby girl.

Yes eric, anything you wish.

I took my little hands, one on each side of my pussy and pulled it open as far as I could for Eric to be able to get some very nice photos of his cum filling my pussy.Then when he was finished taking photos, he took two of his fingers and scoope out his cum.

Do you want to lick this off my fingers my cum hungry little slut?

Yes please Eric. I love eating your cum for you.

Very good my baby girl. You make me feel so very proud of you.

I sucked all of Eric's cum off of his fingers each time he scooped some out of my pussy. When he had finished scooping it out, Eric climbed of the top of me.

Suck my cock hard again baby girl. I want to be able to feel your pussy around my nice hard cock again.

I took him right into my mouth and started sucking him like a professional slut. He started to fuck my mouth as he became harder and harder. He pushed his cock down my throat, making me gag a bit but swallow to accomodate his cock. I was a fast learner on how to become a very good deep throater. Eric fucked my mouth for a bit, then pulled out of my mouth and pulled me up so that he could slide his rock hard cock into my pussy again.

Your cock sucking skills are becoming very good baby girl. I love the way your throat opens up and takes me into it so very nicely. Now I want your stretched pussy to take me into it as nicely.He pushes his cock right into my slippery little snatch. Sliding in and out and going in long and deep. Eric fucks me slow and deep to start and picks up the pace, going a little harder and faster with each stroke.

Oh god baby girl, yessssss, take my cock into you like a good girl
should. I can feel you tightening around my cock baby girl, your going to cum again for me aren't you?

Yes I am Eric. My cum is only for you Eric.

Good girl…Cum for Eric baby girl.

Just as Eric tells me to cum, I start cumming all over his hard cock.Oh god yes baby girl. You feel so good, take me all the way into you now and he slams his cock in, balls deep. Oh my god yes baby girl, I am going to cum in you just like this, and he slams into me again, balls deep as he shoots his load deep inside of me.Eric keeps his cock inside of me as he rolls us both over and has me lay on top of him with his cock still inside of me. he gives me a huge kiss and says.

Please lay on me like this for as long as we can baby girl. I want to feel us sleeping with my cock inside of you. Your pussy feels so warm and wonderful wrapped around my cock.

Oh yes Eric. I would love to sleep like this for as long as we can.

Then Eric turns out the light and we both fall fast alseep. We only slept for about 2 to 3 hours when Eric woke up with his cock still inside of me and beginning to get hard again. I could feel him as he statred to kiss my forehead and gently moved my hair to one side. I looked up at him.

Eric, I can feel you growing inside of me. Will you fuck my little pussy again please?

I was hoping you would say that baby girl.

Then Eric sat up with me still wrapped around him and started to lift me up and down onto his hard shaft. Up and down, going a little faster and harder with each stroke.

You make me so very horny all of the time baby girl. All I ever think about is us like this with every waking moment precious.

This is all I ever think about also Eric. I love you and only wish to please you in any way you like Eric.

You are going to make some man a very happy Master one day. You will be the perfect pet for any Master. You are already showing the signs of a good little slave my pet.

I smile at Eric and he starts to slide me up and down faster and faster. I can feel Eric's cock throbbing very nicely and I know he is about ready to shoot his load inside of me once again. Here it comes, flooding the walls of my pussy, hot and filling my little hole up with ease.

That is the best feeling baby girl, waking up with you on my cock while I am getting nice and hard inside of you and then shooting my load deep inside of that hot little pussy of yours. You make me feel so very special baby girl. Now we need to go clean up, put some pj's on in case we don't wake up before your parents get home.

Eric takes me into the bathroom and we shower together, he cleans me out very good and I take a couple of sucks of his cock while we get clean. We both put some clothes on and go back into my parents room. We climb into bed and Eric pulls me close to him. We fall fast asleep and wake up about an hour before my parents come home. Eric has straightened the bed, put the photos into his pants pocket and is cooking us breakfast when my parents arrive home.

My father asks Eric, how did things go last night?

They went very well Sir. We both slept like babies and as you can see, I have breakfast about done for her. Thank you for asking me to sit with her last night Sir. It was a very nice night.

Eric pats me on the head, gives me a kiss on the cheek and says.Be a good girl now and I will be back when your parents need me again baby girl.

Yes Eric. I will be a good girl. Hope to see you soon.

Eric left and my parents asked me how I liked having Eric here all night.

I liked it alot. He is alot of fun and plays with me and takes care of me. Eric is a very nice baby sitter. He is my favorite baby sitter.

That is very good to hear my father says. We will keep getting him to sit with you then little one.

The following week, Eric comes to sit with me once again. I run to the door and throw my arms around him and give him a huge hug, which he returns.

My father has allowed my mother to have a lover outside of himself.

Everytime that they go out, he drives her to her lovers house and drops her off. This time when he drops my mother off, she asks him.

What is it that you do when I am here with my other man?

Oh honey, don't worry about it, I keep myself entertained.

She exits the car and enters her lovers home. My father drives back home and takes his position at the window like he always does. Only this time, when the time is right, he will enter our home.

After my parents have left for the night, Eric takes me into my bed room and begins kissing me passionately like he always does. As Eric kisses me, he takes my clothes off. He starts to play with my little nipples. Then he takes his clothes off and once he is naked, I immediately place myself over his cock. I slide my pussy back and forth over the top of the head and then push myself down onto it, taking the head of Eric's cock into my little pussy.

You really know how to make me feel so very special baby girl, don't you? I don't even have to ask you to do things for me anymore, you just do them.

Yes Eric. I do them because they feel good for you and I both and I only want to please you Eric. I love it when you come to sit with me and I don't ever want that to stop.

Oh baby girl, I love you and I will never stop sitting with you.

I start bouncing up and down on Eric's cock and just as I do, my father enters the house and comes into my romm to find Eric and I fucking.

Oh my, what is this that I see going on in here?

Oh Daddy, Oh Daddy, I'm so sorry, it is all my fault Daddy. I made Eric play with me like this Daddy. Please don't make Eric leave Daddy.

Oh I am not going to make Eric leave little one. I just want to be able to play with you like this with Eric. Would that be ok with you my naughty little girl?

Yes Daddy, anything you want, just so Eric doesn't have to stop sitting with me Daddy.

My father takes his clothes off and walks over to the side of the bed where Eric and I are. Me sitting on top of his cock and my fathers cock looking very hard and very yummy.

Go ahead and keep riding Eric's cock my little slut and take Daddy's cock into your mouth for Daddy.

Yes Daddy, anything you wish.

I begin sliding up and down on Eric's cock once again and turn my head and take my father's cock into my mouth. Licking the head of it first and then taking it into my greedy little hungry mouth.

Oh that feels very nice little one. Suck Daddy's cock like a good little slut.

Oh baby girl, you really know how to take care of your men. Fucking ride my cock like a good girl. Suck your Daddy's cock like the little pro you are baby girl.

I knew she was going to be a good little slut for her Daddy. Make Daddy proud of you baby girl. Take these two cocks like a good little whore. Daddy is going to make some good money off of you. You are going to be pimped out like crazy with the way you take care of cocks little one.

I told you I would have her ready for you in no time Sir. She is very good at taking cock in her pussy and her mouth, now we only have to prepare her ass for some nice cock and she will be the perfect little whore, ready for servicing any and all who will pay the price for her services.

You have done a very good job in getting her ready Eric. For that, you will be rewarded very well with her services to your cock. She will be yours whenever you feel the need for your greedy little slut. I am sure that you will have some friends who would like to use our little whore also, so that will give you extra points.

Just then, Eric grabs me and moves while keeping his cock deep inside of my little pussy and lays me down on the bed so that he may fuck me harder. My father moves himself over my head and I open my mouth to take his cock in again. As Eric starts to fuck me nice and hard, my father starts to fuck my mouth with long slow storkes. He shoves his cock down my throat which makes me swallow to take him all the way in.

Oh my god little one, you really know how to suck a cock. Take it all the way into your throat little one.

Oh my god Sir, she looks so hot with your cock in her mouth and her little pussy filled with mine. Do you want to trade spots so that you can see how good her little pussy feels?

Hell yes. I want a piece of what I will be selling to all my preverted friends.

They both pull out and trade places. My father places his cock at the opening of my pussy and says.

What a nicely wet little pussy you have little one. I am going to like fucking it very much.

Then he slides his cock right into me with one slow long stroke. Then Eric puts his cock at my mouth and I open up and take him right in.

Oh yes baby girl, take my cock into your mouth, suck all of your juices off of my cock. Taste how good you taste baby girl.

Your pussy feels so very good around Daddy's cock little one.

And he slams his cock in, balls deep into me with one stroke.

Take Daddy's cock like the good little whore you are. Suck Eric's cock and make him cum in your mouth little one.

They both fuck my holes, Daddy in my pussy and Eric in my mouth. They are both moaning and groaning as they fuck me slow and hard.

I am going to shoot my load deep inside of your pussy little one. Eric are you close to shooting in her mouth?

Yes I am Sir. I am ready to shoot anytime you say.

Lets unload in her together. Now Eric, now, shoot in her mouth Eric.

Just as Daddy says that, I feel his hot load shooting hard against my pussy walls.

Oh fuck yeah. Filling your little pussy is so very nice little one.

Oh god yes, filling your little mouth is great also.

And just then, Eric blows his load deep down my thorat. I swallow as fast as I can, taking all of Eric's cum down my throat. When they have both finished, they pull out of me, lay on the bed, one on each side of me and carress my body all over. They are both telling me how good I am and how much they love the way we all play together.I look up at Daddy and say.

Daddy, what does it mean when you said that you are going to pimp me out?

All that means is that you will be able to have as many cocks as you want to have all of the time little one.

Oh, ok Daddy. I do like it when you and Eric call me things like a slut and a whore Daddy.

Thats good to hear little one. Daddy has alot of friends who would like to call you names like that too little one as they get to fuck you also.

Oh yes Daddy, that would be so very wonderful.

After Daddy and Eric were finished using me for the night, Eric left and my father went to bed with me in my room. He pulled me close and said.

I have wanted to do this with you for so very long little one. Daddy loves you very much and has wanted to show you just how much for thethe night, I feel Daddy's hands starting to carress my bottom. He isrubbing my butt and I feel his finger sliding between my ass cheeks. Then he brings his fingers to his mouth and spits on them to lube them up and returns them to my ass crack. I can feel his fingers rubbing on my little ass hole and I let out a little moan. He keeps moving his fingers up and down my crack and then I feel one of his fingers at the opening of my ass hole. He puts a little pressure on it and I can feel his finger trying to enter my ass hole. I move over onto my stomach to allow Daddy's finger easier access to my hole. He they reaches over to the night stand and grabs a bottle of lube. He opens it up and places a few drops of lube at my hole, then on his finger. Daddy takes his lubed finger and slowly pushes it into the opening.

Oh Daddy, that feels really good.

That is good little one, I want to make it feel even better if you will let Daddy. But we will take it very slow with this little hole of yours little one. We don't want to hurt it at all.

Ok Daddy. As you wish. You can do anything you want to your little one Daddy.

Good girl.

Then he pushes his finger in a little more. Moving it all around inside of my ass, stretching it open slightly to take his finger even farther. Then he pushes it in some more. Daddy now has his finger all the way into my little ass and is moving it all around inside of there. Daddy starts to move his finger in and out, slowly fucking my ass with his finger. Then he takes a second one and starts to insert it in with the first one. Taking his time to make sure that he gets it all the way in before he starts to fuck my ass with his two fingers in it. He uses his two fingers to stretch my ass hole open so that he can see inside of it and says.

Oh my little one, your ass hole looks so very good all stretched out like this. and he slide a third finger in right away. I goes in with ease. Now Daddy is fucking my little ass hole with his fingers, making me take it like a pro.

You are taking my fingers in your ass very nicely little one.

Daddy's cock is not much bigger than the three fingers that are in there right now, can Daddy put his cock into your ass little one?

Oh yes Daddy, please do. Please fuck my ass with your cock Daddy.

You got it little one. I knew you were going to be a professional whore for Daddy little one.

Then he pulls his finger out of my ass and moves up and places his cock into position.

Just make sure to let Daddy know if it hurts at all little one.

I will make sure I do Daddy.

Then he starts to push his cock into my tight little ass. The head slips right in and is followed by the shaft with ease also. Daddy begins to move in and out of my ass, fucking me like a well paid whore.

Oh my god, little one, your ass feels so wonderful around Daddy'sbig, hard cock. I don't know how long I can last before I cum deep inside of it little one.

Thats ok Daddy, you can cum in it any time you need to Daddy.

Oh fuck yeah. Here is cums already little one. Feel it fill your ass hole.

Daddy shot his load deep inside of my asshole, making it burn a little, but I didn't say anything. I knew Daddy would feel bad and I didn't want to make him feel bad about something that felt so good for him.

My main concern was to make sure that Daddy was satisfied. Now that my ass had been taken by my Daddy, it was time for him to start making some money off of his little girls body.

Daddy started out slowly, only having one friend at a time come over to use his little one. Then he let two at a time use me. Then came three.

Each and every friend of Daddy's that came to fuck me always told Daddy that he has one very talented little girl. By the time I was 10, I had been in several threesomes and foursomes. For my 10th birthday Daddy planned a bigger party for his little whore. Daddy had 10 of his friends come over to use his little girl for her birthday. Daddy made sure that he was present for each and every use to ensure that no one got out of line with his little whore. Making her a very well fucked little whore for her special day. Daddy kept whoring me out like that for eight more years until I was 18. I enjoyed each and every time Daddy, Eric and every other man Daddy chose to use me would fuck me like the whore I was. My body was for the pleasure of others and that made me so very happy.

On my 18th birthday, Daddy turned me over to Eric, who continued to line up men to use Eric's little girl as they wished. Once in a while, Daddy would come to watch with Eric and when the other men were finished using me for their pleasure, Daddy and Eric would take their turn and use me some more for their pleasure. They always said that they love having their little fuck toy well fucked and used before they fucked and used my holes. I was their perfect whore for as long as they wanted. I still enjoy seeing Daddy and Eric to this day. Having them use me after their clients have finished with me.