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Gillian and Marcus – A Slave Story

Gillians hands were shaking as she held the pregnancy stick out in front of her, two bright blue lines. That son of a bitch.
He had always joked about getting her pregnant, about filling her with his seed and forcing her to have his black bastard babies. Now she was. He had witheld her contraceptives lately during her daily rapes, the last three months he had made sure he buried his 11 inch black dick deeply inside her before he came and lay on top of her petite pale body for several minutes girating his hips and joking how his cock was acting like a cork.
She began to shake. She was carrying his child.
He had left the pregnancy tests in her cell to torment her. He was usually more interested in making her suck his dick when he came by to visit her than making her use them but she had nowhere to hide the evidence. Less than a year ago she had been in Virginia with her family, dreaming about her great adventures travelling by herself. Dreaming of holiday romances. She had flown from New York to Paris, spent several days in Ireland before venturing to Scotland. Then she had went into a bar, fell in with a small group of locals. A very pretty girl called Miss, two average looking guys, called Jacob and Edward. A few hours later, she had awoken from a drugged stupor and Jacob was stealing her virginity. Raping her.
That woman was later just referred to as Mistress. The place she had been taken was remote, a farm in the middle of a wooded highland. Called the Dolls House it was Miles from anywhere. But frequented by many men. She had organised Gillians rape by hundreds of strangers for months until Marcus, her Master, the father of the thing growing inside her, paid for permanent possession.
Six months she had been at the mercy of his every whim. Every desire. He fucked her until she couldnt stand, until she lost consciousness, learned how to play with her body until she came, sobbing with her eyes clenched tightly as she cried in shame. Had ravaged her so often that her body now felt an alien emptiness when he wasnt buried deep inside her. A few months ago, she had attempted to escape, he had fucked her for two days straight and beaten her as punishment. Then he had taken her back to the Dolls House and had her gang-raped by easily a hundred men. The ordeal had lasted several weeks, continuous fucking until she was a broken shell, little more than a lifeless doll. When her spirits had been completely destroyed, she was then sent back to him. Then he came up with his latest torment. Keeping her contraceptives from her, giving her fertility hormone injections daily. He would impregnate her. She begged him every time he thrust himself inside her not to come inside her, to use her mouth instead, to give her the contraceptive pills. He just laughed in her face and pummelled her unwilling body, filling her with his seed.
Tears began to sting her eyes. She looked around at her small cell, it was only big enough to accomodate a small queen sized bed, a small ensuite bathroom and tiny mini fridge.
Her vision blurred.
Please God no…. she prayed in despair. What was going to happen now?
She clutched her stomach.
Marcus was huge, he was six foot 5 inches tall. The child would probably be huge too.
Part of her wanted to claw through her skin and rip it out of her, another part wanted to run away and hide the poor child from the monster that had created it. She must be 8 weeks by now. As the hours passed she fought several warring emotions. She felt sick at the thought of any part of him growing inside her, it was surely a demon, considering where it came from?
If he raped her again, surely she would miscarry?
She would be spared. Then she felt disgusted with herself, regardless of how this child came to be, it was an innocent in all this. As much a victim as she was.
She paced up and down her small cell for what felt like hours. She would have to fight him off this time. She couldnt let him hurt her baby.
"I'll fill you with my babies, over and over" he had laughed at her the night before. She shuddered at the memory of the feel of his hot semen filling her as his cock softened and he lay on top of her, lazily circling his hips. Even semi erect his large thick girth still slammed into her cervix.
"Slut, I am going to impale you on my cock until you come and beg for my seed in your belly" he had promised her. By the time he had finished paying with her clit with several toys, and tormented her with his dick, spearing her in several positions just to hurt her, she had begged him to fuck her and empty his seed deep inside her just to make it stop. Then he had made her suck him hard all over again and forced her to ride him for several hours until she collapsed in exhaustion. How could he last that long??
Her body almost braced itself for impact as she remembered how he had pounded into her with every single syllable. "Beg me bitch, tell me how much you want my dick in your tight pussy" he had taunted as he had fucked her ass, a gag ball tied in her mouth so she couldnt answer him. "Tell me Whore, or I'll fuck you like this until you do" he had teased knowing there had been no way she could respond other than to scream out in pain as he raped her relentlessly.
"I cant hear you" he had sneered as he groped her soft 34C breasts and violated her petite body as she bounced limply on his hips crying in painful pleasure as he played with her clit at the same time. "I'm getting tired of doing all the work Whore, I think a few hours in the Belt would make you a little more agreeable" he taunted. It was his favourite piece of restraints, a piece of custom head gear which included a ring gag and once worn could be attached to a belt which could be strapped to a mans waist and upper thighs and secured the persons head to the groin area. He made her wear it for hours and forced her to suck his dick. She hated it. She shook her head in pleading. "You rather ride my cock?" he asked as he pulled her hair and dragged her head back to look into her eyes, she nodded pleadingly. At least then she could set her own pace, and she didnt struggle for every breath. "Yea?" he asked again. She nodded eagerly. Tears streaming down her face. "I prefer you where you are" he said as he plunged his fingers deep inside her pussy and played with her clit at the same time. "I'm going to make you come, then I'm going to make you suck my dick" he declared.
She felt hot tears streaming down her face.
How could she possibly have a child to that monster?

Summer Job

“Really it’s easy. I promise.” Alex says to me.
I look in the distance. Beyond the line of trees at the end of the little field where we are sitting I can vaguely see the grey concrete wall. I look at my friend and at the money he is counting.
It’s more than I ever had in my life so far. And he just earned it.
“But isn’t it dangerous?” I ask him.
He shakes his head. “Some are kind of weird, but most are just nice to you.”
Even though he looks happy I cannot help but notice how swiftly he empties the bottle of water.
“And isn’t it dirty?”
He is getting slightly annoyed now. “Noooo, it tastes funny yes, and the end isn’t tasty at all. But really it’s not as bad as it sounds. Just try it for yourself.”
I look at the concrete wall in the distance. It’s the backside of the public toilet.

I take a very deep breath, think about what I’m about to do and get up. Alex smiles now.
“Good luck” he says and stuffs the money away in his pocket.
“Won’t you come with me?” I plead.
He thinks about it, and then shakes his head.
“Sorry, no. I already had one today. I don’t want to spent the next 15 minutes telling them over and over again I’m done for today.” He sighs.

All alone I slowly walk towards the small building. My heart is pounding and I cannot shake the feeling off that I’m about to do something very wrong. Once I’m getting closer my legs feel like rubber and my pace slows to a halt.
I’m really close now. I can see the opening of the building. There are men inside. Four as far as I could count them. They all look old but not grampa old.
I almost turn back but a thought stops me. If I go in there, I’ll be back within 10 minutes and I’ll have more money than I can spend in a day.
‘Just go in there.’

Step by step I continue my way towards the shadowy grey building. I stop right at the entrance. The bright sunlight makes it difficult to see what’s inside the dark bathroom. I see there is a fifth guy that I missed at first. He is all the way in the back walking back and forward impatiently. Two of the men face each other and are touching their crotches.
The two last both lean on the metal sink and are looking at me. The oldest of them, judging by his greying hair, is looking weird. Not angry but not happy either. The man next to him is smiling at me.
It’s a friendly welcoming smile.
My legs are frozen to the ground and I cannot move. I just stand there watching.

Until the friendly man nudges me towards him. First with a little jerk off his head, but when I do not move he uses a quick hand motion. I obey and walk inside.
It’s colder than I had thought and it smells rather nasty. I hesitantly walk over to the man.
He is still smiling.
“How old are you boy?” He gently asks.
I am so nervous I completely forget to lower my voice when I reply.
“14” a squeaky high pitched answer.
Both the men laugh softly.
“No you are not.” The friendly man says. “But that’s ok. What brings you here?”
Oh oh. Alex hadn’t mentioned this. He told me to just say 50 and they would either shake their head or nod. He hadn’t told me what to answer to that question. I look at the floor and I feel myself getting red. What to do?
Luckily the man spares me more embarrassment. He crouches so he is on the same height as me and touches my cheek softly. His hand is warm and feels nice.
“You here to earn some?” He whispers.
I nod. I’m still burning red but at least I don’t have to talk.
The man chuckles and scruffles my hair.
“How much?” he asks.
“50” I answer.
The man nods. Good. Good. Now the rest.

I turn to see if there is a stall empty. One is, all the way at the back. The man follows my gaze and gets up. With a soft hand between my shoulder blades he pushes me towards the stall.
“Hold on.” I hear a dark voice.
I turn around quickly feeling caught and stupid.
The other man is looking at me sternly.
“Tell me boy, were you sent here by someone?” he asks with a deep voice.
I shake my head. It feels as if my teacher is asking it.
“No sir.” I answer quickly.
The sternness in his face disappears. “Then its ok.” He says and looks away.

I continue my long walk towards the empty stall. Even though it’s only a few meters away, it feels like an endless walk.
Once I’m in I close the lid on the toilet and sit on the cheap plastic. He closes and locks the door.
It feels ridiculously small inside with the tall man. I feel trapped. All I can do is look forward and all I see is his crotch. His body blocks out every other view.
I’m afraid, but also exited. I cannot believe I’m actually going to do it. My throat is stuck and I cannot talk, but it isn’t needed anyway.
He ruffles my hair one last time and then crouches. He slowly pulls my pants and underwear down until my butt is nakedly pressing against the cold plastic toilet cover. I’m panicking now.
Alex didn’t tell me about them touching me. I was supposed to touch him. Before I can stop him he grabs everything that’s between my legs. His hand feels really good and warm.
He starts massaging it. Gently but firmly. Within seconds I feel the blood flow to my cock and it’s hard against his soft palm. He wraps his hand around my cock and starts jerking me.
Never had anyone done that to me and it felt great. It was so different than doing it myself. Despite this man breathing heavily in front of me my mind let go and enjoyed every jerk he made on my cock.
His other hand is gently stroking all the skin surrounding my package.
“14 my ass.” He grunts as he tickles the hairless skin.
He moves his hand up, under my shirt. When he find my nipple he squeezes in it. There is a soft explosion of electricity in my chest and belly. I moan softly.

He abandons my cock and starts undoing his belt and pants. He is still playing with my nipple when I see him tug his own package out. It looks nothing like mine.
His cock is dark skinned and there are veins running alongside it. The skin around it is covered in dark hairs. He lets my body go and stands up.
My face is almost on the same height as his cock now. The tip is wet and it smells a little.
Moment of truth.
I take a very deep breath and prepare for the worst. I open my mouth as far as I can. Making sure my teeth wouldn’t hit it. He holds his cock and aims it for my mouth. His other hand grabs the back of my head, keeping it in place.
With a fluid hip motion he forces his cock in my mouth.
“Take it boy, take it” He whispers.

Automatically I had withdrew my tongue as far back as I could. I take another deep breath. I hold him in place with my lips and slowly I press my tongue forward until I taste him.
A wave of relief washes over me. Alex told the truth.
It tastes salty and musky, but not disgusting at all. He felt my tongue exploring his cock, so with his fingers I feel him pull his skin back, leaving his cockhead exposed in my mouth.
I take another taste and he grunts softly. Against his exposed head the taste is stronger, but it’s really not that bad.
I start moving my head. It feels awkward at first. I try to massage the underside of his cock with my tongue and at the same time move back and forward but it’s more difficult than I had imagined.
He helped me. He took a firmer grip on my head and started pushing himself. Softly he slides his cock deeper in my mouth and withdraws again.
After a few pushes we settle into a nice rhythm. My jaw hurts a little and my tongue feels numb but I don’t feel the need to stop.
Slide, slide, slide. Over and over.

Suddenly I feel proud. A mix of relief and pride fills me. I’m actually doing it. I can’t believe it.
All I see is his shirt and belly closing in on my and withdrawing again. All I taste is his salty scent. I’m actually sucking on a man. The sensation feels fantastic.
Not the physical feeling of it, but the idea.
I get more bold and touch his moving cock more firmly with my tongue. He grunts again. It’s working.
I place one hand softly on his belly so I can match his movements better.
He moves his hand from the back of my head to my cheek and keeps it there. With his thumb he is caressing me and he uses his fingers to keep my mouth aligned with his cock.
Suddenly he withdraws quickly.
He keeps my face in front of his cock and with his other hands he starts jerking himself really fast.
“Let me see you swallow” he grunts. He quick motion of his hand so close to my face forces me to close my eyes.
I just wait it out.
He grunts some more and warns me “Here.”

The moment I open my mouth something warm hits my upper lip and the back of my mouth. Bitterness swells through my mouth. I try to jerk my head back but his grip is too strong. I feel him push his cock onto my lower lip and his stuff just gushes over my tongue.
Automatically I keep my tongue under it so it glides into my mouth instead of on my chin. It tastes horrible and I cannot help but wince. He takes his cock back and I quickly swallow it away. It gets worse. The bitterness is almost painful as I feel it glide into my stomach.
He doesn’t give me time to process it. I feel his wet throbbing cock being pressed onto my closed lips. I take it in and feel him dumb his last stuff into me. This time I was more prepared and it feels easier to swallow. Still I cannot help myself and softly exclaim “eew”.
He chuckles friendly and crouches in front of me.

I open my eyes slowly and feel a shudder down my spine, still tasting his seed. He wipes what he sprayed onto my lips off with his thumb.
“Was that your first taste of a man?” He whispers.
I nod.
He smiles friendly again.
“You did great” He tells me. Another wave of pride fills me.
“Here” he continues “Let me help you.”

He grabs both my thighs softly and caresses them. I look down and notice my cock is still hard. My cock looks so small between his big hands.
The moment he grabs my cock I feel that great sensation again. That weird yet pleasant feeling of another touching my cock. I relax more against the toilet and let him do whatever he wants.
He starts jerking me with the same speed he did himself.
Within a minute I come to a moaning orgasm. I feel my own cum leak over my cock and his hands. I fall forward and steady myself by holding his broad shoulders while my body shakes the last of my seed onto his hands. I am breathing deeply.
While he is still holding onto my cock with one hand he wraps his other arm around me.
“You are beautiful” He whispers.
His comment makes me feel funny. Like being proud but stronger. For some reason I feel happier than ever.

While I’m still enjoying the after-glow of my orgasm he slides my underwear and pants back over me.
I’m still in a dreamy haze of happiness so I almost forget the money.
Before he unlocks the door he grabs his wallet and fumbles in it.
He takes out two notes. He first hands me 50 euro.
“This is for your mouth.” He says and hands me a 20 after that “and this is for the rest of your body.” He says with his ever friendly smile.
I think it’s an odd comment, but happily accept the money.
After that we walk out of the stall.

There are more men inside now and most look at me. Some with a smile and some with a frown.
I don’t mind it. All the fear is gone and I feel just pride. Once I’m out of the dark smelly building and feel the fresh air blow past me I take up a good run towards the field where Alex waits for me.

I’m all out of breath when I reach him. He had been tanning. His shirt was next to him and he gets up very slowly. He smiles when he sees me.
“And?” he asks.
I proudly show him the 70 euro. His eyes get big once he sees it’s more than 50.
“What did you do for that?” he quickly asks.
I shrug. “I sucked and after that he jerked me.” I tell him while I settle down onto the grass next to him. I immediately remember the taste of his seed. I first give Alex a soft stomp on his shoulder and then down the remainder of the water we brought with us.
“You told me the end didn’t taste so bad!” I accuse him.
He smiles guiltily.
“Well you get used to it I swear. I didn’t want to scare you off too much.” He admits.
I shrug and forgive him. The experience had been so great and exciting the awful taste is easy forgotten.

“So he did you?” Alex asks me. He sounds hesitantly.
I nod and lay down onto the ground.
“That felt really good.” I tell him.
“So it worked?” Alex continues.
“Worked?” I’m confused. I try to look at his face but the sun is blinding me.
“Well you know. Did he do you to the end?”
“Yeah of course.” I tell him. To prove it I undo my zipper and show him the wet spot on my underwear.
“Wow.” He says and is quiet after that.

It’s silent for a minute.
“It never works on me.” He softly admits. He almost sounds guilty.
“What?” I ask him.
“Well you know. They often want to touch me, but I can never, you know, go to the end with those men.” He says.
I find it funny he can easily talk about taking in an adults cock, but doesn’t want to say orgasm.
I chuckle softly. “I came within a minute.” I tell him.
He is silent again.

We lie there for 20 minutes and I had almost forgotten the conversation when he suddenly asks.
“Could you teach me?”
“What?” I reply.
“Well… you know, how to cum with someone else.” He pronounced cum hesitantly.
I chuckle again. It’s weird and funny to see my experienced friend Alex struggle to talk about it. The roles are completely backwards.
I play with the thought of making him cum for a while. My tummy and chest feel funny when I imagine how that would go.
“Sure” I tell him.

We are quiet for a while again. I had planned on spending the money I had earned but tanning in the park feels too good to stop.
We don’t talk for a long time. When the sun is losing its strength I tell him it’s time to go home.
He looks at me. Then turns bright red and looks away.
“Wanna sleep over?” he asks.
I immediately understand his question.
“Sure” I reply “I’ll ask my mom.”
I chuckle softly when he avoids my gaze and collects his things.

When I get on my bike my cummy underwear reminds me of my adventure. It still makes me happy.
In the back of my mind images of the man’s belly moving towards my face and the feeling of his cock poking my mouth flash back and forward.
Somehow I think I should feel bad about it. As if I did something wrong. But instead I feel good and happy.
Before I reach my home I come to a realization. If this makes me feel good it cannot be wrong.

Taking Risks Chaper 2

My phone rang at about 11 o'clock at night. I regained sight and looked over at it, it was Ricky.
"Hello?" I asked groggily.
"Hey, I need you over here…NOW." He said.
"What? It's elev-"
"Excuse me…slave…did i tell you to question me? Get your little ass over here!" He commanded.
I paused, there was noise in the background…someone was talking to him.
"Y-yes sir." I said. I was so tired…but it was Ricky…
Ugh, fine, I'll go.
I got out if bed, ran a brush through my hair and walked all the way across campus to Rickys dorm room.
There was noise coming from the other side of the door. Someone shouted "upstairs".
I knocked.
Ricky opened the door with a grin. "Glad to see you're obeying orders." He said.
"Why do you need me, sir?" I asked.
"Why do you think" and with that, he pulled me inside, slammed the door, and pushed me in the direction of the couch. He started unbuttoning my top then kissed me fiercely.
I reached for his shirt, pulling it off.
He pulled away from the kiss, resting his forehead against mine.
"I told you I'd make up for it…well, I'm going to…Drew!" He yelled.
I heard footsteps, and turned around. At the foot if the stares was a slim, sexy blonde. His hair was just the right length, and he had a great body.
"Drew will also be your master. You got that ya little slut?" He asked, grabbing my throat.
"Mmmm, yes sir." I almost moaned as he kissed me, i wanted him so bad.
Drew started unbuttoning my jeans as Ricky did his own.
I was left in only a bra when Drew pushed me over the arm of the couch. He traced his fingers around the outside of my vagina then thrust one in. He then bent down and started licking my clit with his tongue. He stuck two fingers inside of me and swirled his tongue around my clit. I moaned and tilted my head to the side, Ricky was jacking off to us.
Ricky walked over to me.
"Suck, slave." He ordered, so i took the base of his shaft in my hand and put my lips around his tip. I circled my tongue around his tip then slowly moved his entire length into my mouth. I started up and down on his hard cock as Drews fingers pounded harder into me and he played harder with my clit.
I moaned with Rickys hard, thick cock in my mouth and he seemed to go wild for it.
I took Rickys dick out if my mouth and began to run my hand up and down on his shaft. He let out a small moan. Drew pulled his fingers out and moved his tongue from my clit to my core and began sliding his tongue in and out of me. I moaned loudly, still giving Ricky a hand job. Rickys dick was throbbing and soon he shoved his thick cock into my mouth and came hard. I swallowed every drop of his delicious cum. No sooner had i had swallowed it, Drew had pounded his rock hard dick into my wet pussy. I gasped. It hurt a bit, but it still felt so good. He pulled in and out, each time he went deeper, each time he went harder, he slammed as hard as he could into me, I bucked my hips and grinded them against his. It felt so fucking good. Suddenly i felt my muscles clench around him as i climaxed. It felt amazing. I came all over his huge cock. He pulled out if me and Ricky took his place. Drew made me suck his dick so i could taste myself on his huge member. Meanwhile, Ricky was teasing me with his cock, his fingers, and his tongue. Finally, i was moaning while sucking Drew's dick, begging Ricky to slam his thick cock deep inside my tight wet pussy. I wanted him so bad.
Like he was reading my mind, he slammed into me.
"Damn baby girl, you're so wet and tight!" He said.
I began to suck in Drew's cock harder and harder as Ricky slammed harder and deeper with each thrust.
Drew was just about ready to cum when he pulled out of my mouth and came all over my body. He covered me in the white, sticky liquid. It was so hot. Ricky came inside of me when he saw me covered in cum. I could feel him throbbing inside of me. His moaning pushed me over the edge and I came right after he did. I have to say, I like Ricky more than Drew…
Ricky pulled out and helped me to my feet. He pulled me into his bedroom and shut the door, leaving Drew outside.
"You're all mine, bitch. On the bed, now." He ordered.
I got on the bed. He grabbed my wrist and tied me to the bed with my hands above my head.
"You're gonna be a good girl right?"
"Y-yes sir…" I said hesitantly, i didn't know how I felt about this.
"Good," he said walking over to my side and leaning down to my ear, "cause right now, i want to fuck you so damn hard, and i don't want a bad girl struggling to get away." He said in a whisper.
It sent a shiver down my spine. Hewas got between my legs, crawled above me, and kissed my lips softly, then started trailing kisses to my neck. He was sucking and biting on my neck when i felt him rub his fingers on my wet pussy. I moaned quietly. He moved his finger up and rubbed my clit while moving his kisses down to my breasts. My eyes were closed, but i felt his warm breath on my breast and on my nipple. He started licking around my nipple, playing with my breasts, all while rubbing my clit. It felt so good. Then he stopped all together. I opened my eyes just as he began to thrust inside me. I shut my eyes again and let out a gasp. It was then I remembered I couldn't move my hands. He thrust harder and harder into me, giving me every inch. I didn't struggle against the restraints, instead i started moving my hips, driving Ricky wild, and making it even better for me. He kept thrusting in and out for a bit. Soon his cock was throbbing deep inside my tight wet pussy as i felt myself tighten around him. I let out a small squeal…
"Come on baby, cum all over my huge cock." He said, and when i did, i felt him cum too. The fact i couldn't use my hands made the orgasm even more powerful. I wanted to give him everything because i felt weak and vulnerable, and damn did it feel good. He could have done whatever he wanted next and i would have been fine with it.
He gave me my panties and a big shirt of his to wear, and then dressed himself in pajama pants and a tee. We went out into the living room and saw that Drew wasn't there anymore.
"So why was Drew here?" I asked.
"I told you I'd make it up to you, and they say two is better than one, so why not make it a threesome?" He said.
"Your logic is…different." i stated hesitantly.
"Baby, i don't care, watching and hearing you cum was so fucking hot, its seriously the greatest thing ever. Mmmmm, you're just so innocent…but your also the devil…and i loved how weak you were when i tied you up. It was definitely one of the hottest things." He said.
I looked at him with a smirk. "Thanks baby, but i think i look better…" i leaned over and whispered in his ear, "COVERED in your cum."
To be continued…

Pimps and Hoes Party!!!

Pimps and Hoes Party!!!

Some of the neighborhood girls got invited to a theme party at one of the local Italian night clubs. The theme was Pimps and Hoes. I guess the locals had been watching a lot of hip hop or rap videos on MTV. Drinking age is 16 in Italy, which means at 16 they are legal for the clubs as well. The girls were excited, but wanted some protection at the club with all of the “perverts” that would probably be attending. They came to me since I had been a bouncer at college bars in Texas and Ohio as well as here in Italy years back. I also speak Italian and they trust me to take care of them.

In there excitement they asked me to take them one afternoon to do some research on the subject with the local talent.
Taylor “Please Tony, we need to know how to dress and act?” I have a soft spot for Taylor as I have for years. She is attractive 18 year old with brown eyes and auburn hair. She stands about 5’5” with minimal breasts, but her most attractive asset is her bubble butt. The type that men lust after and women are jealous of, I had masturbated many a night to visions of that ass at different angles.

Tara “We’ll bring euro as I am sure that we will have to pay them to show us stuff.” Tara is 16 the same height with an athletic slim yet muscular build. She has blond hair and blue eyes, not quite as facially attractive as Taylor but not unattractive by any means. The thing that catches everyone’s eye is when she does not have a sports bra or heavy duty bra on restraining her double D cup breast that seem out of place on her frame.

“Just what kind of “stuff” are you talking about? I won’t be doing anything with them especially not with an audience if that is what you are thinking.”

Amanda “Tony, do you really think we would ask you to do such a thing? We are just talking about them showing us how they dress up close and how they act with their clients, up until the actual part where they provide services.” Amanda is the same age as Tara, about 5’7” tall with brown hair and big brown eyes. She has the body of a porn star and the face of a princess with every move she makes teasing men that watch.

Along with them was her sister Gee who is 17 and Paola who is also 16. Gee is the beautiful prom queen type more beautiful than the rest with a nice fit body a smaller ass, but a tantalizing gap between her legs. Paola is probably the least attractive facially with dark hair and eyes small breasts, but a Latin bubble butt that is bigger than Taylor’s and rivals its beauty.

I am a big strong guy at 6’4” and 250 pounds. A proportionate body and all parts so to speak. Not one to measure my own penis, but have never gotten complaints or felt as if I had left any women needing more. I love foreplay, so that helps as well.

“Well ok I guess we can go then, just hope the wrong people don’t see us and get the wrong ideas about what we are really up to.” So off we went in my truck, the girls in their shorts or denim skirts and t-shirts and I was in sweats and a pull over.

We pulled up to area with two on the street that motioned us back behind a broken down building. So we got out and started talking with the women. Not a one was covering her full ass with their g-string covered crotches showing as well. One had a dancer’s ass small g-string and purple transparent nylons with no skirt and an open jacket exposing her nice breasts. Another the same with red net hose on and a half shirt with constant under boob on display with nipples exposed with every move. A couple with thin transparent tube dresses and nothing at all underneath. The other two had on short jean skirts that came down to the top of their triangular patch in the front of their g-string and top of the crack of their ass.

Strange how the most of them seemed to speak a decent amount of English. They let the girls take pictures with them and then they bring them to me to show how they persuade their customers. They hug up on me and start stroking my crotch placing my hands on different parts of their bodies. As we look around we can see other customers with women doing different things. I can see the girls are actually starting to get nervous, not sure if it is because of what is going on around them or with the feelings they are getting from it. Gee, Tara, and Taylor were pretty red faced Paola and Amanda were really getting into playing along with the women.

The attention I was getting and all of the stroking had given me an erection. I could see that all of the girls had noticed it as well since it was hard to hide in my sweats. With everything going on I was in sensory overload. I had not noticed that Paola and Amanda had worked their way next to me replacing the women in the group. Their skirts hiked up with my hands feeling their asses and their hands feeling of my erection. Once I did realize it I acted as if I hadn’t long enough to get a good feel of their beautiful asses and had pushed my fingers up onto their slits. As Paola started to put her hand down my sweats I grabbed it acting surprised that it was them instead of the other women. As I pulled her hand away it pulled my boxers and sweats snapping them halfway exposing my erection. The other three gasped as I pulled them back over my rock hard erection.

“Ok, that’s enough! Let’s get back in the truck and go.”

Paola and Amanda “We’re sorry! We got caught up in it as we could feel you did. We thought that by the way you were playing with us that you wanted more. We are so sorry!”

“Look I am sorry too. Yes, I was caught up in it as well and that was nothing I could hide. I did not realize it was you two until the moment I stopped you. I told you guys that nothing like that would happen, so when your hand started down my pants I realized things had gone way too far. Let’s just go.”

As I got into the truck I heard the girls in the back seat whispering “Did you see how big it was? How did it feel? Oh my god that was so hot…”

I acted as if I didn't hear it, but liked what I heard. It actually turned me on that they had seen or felt my erection. Gee and Tara were sitting in the front with me. Gee was sitting next to me and kept stealing glances of the bulge in my pants. Tara’s eyes were glued on it as if she was in a trance. To me this seemed to make me harder, but it probably just kept me hard. Even still erect when we arrived back home. They had all started chattering about what they planned on wearing and who they would emulate. They were going to walk up to the Italian lingerie store close to our houses the next afternoon once they had it all planned out. The streets are narrow so I had to park with the passenger side of mu truck up against the wall. I held my door open to help Gee and Tara out of the front. Gee got out spreading her legs as she did giving me full view of her crotch under her little denim skirt. She had on a white cotton thong and her crotch had a visible wet spot as she scooted down putting her foot on the step bar. She caught me looking and blushed, but did not attempt to cover up or put her legs together. As she stepped down past me her arm brushed my crotch pushing against my erection as she acted like she did not know. Tara had spandex short shorts on that did not hide a thing. She jumped into my arms throwing her arms around my neck and wrapping her legs around my waist.

“Thanks Tony! We had fun and know exactly what we are going to do for the party.” she stated as I am sure she could feel my erection poking against her slit through our clothes. Still hugging me as she slid down tightly against my body, which caused her body to guide my erection against her crotch like a finger on a light switch. I actually came in my shorts as she did. I think she knew it as she must have felt the pulsation against her thin spandex. Her reaction was to keep hugging me with her arms around my midsection. At least the timing felt as though she did as soon after I stopped exploding in my boxers she let go smiling as she walked away. They all left thanking me and heading to Taylor’s house.

The night had come. The girls asked me to pick them up in front of Taylor’s. They also asked me to wear a black Adidas track suit with white piping, a wife beater, sun glasses, a few big rings, gold watch, and a thick gold chain. I put it all together opting out of the boxers as they bunched up with the static caused by the material of the sweats. I headed over in my truck.

I was awe struck when I arrived. They wanted to take some pictures in front of her house and I could not believe my eyes. Taylor had a very small G-string, blue transparent hose not hiding anything, and a leather jacket. They obviously had started drinking and she turned around bending at the waist asking if I liked her costume. I almost jumped her bones right then and there. Tara came down in some thin nylon booty/boy shorts and a half shirt that just barely hid the nipples on her bare DDs, a denim jacket over her shoulder. I was not sure if she actually realized how much of her lower body that could be seen with the right lighting. I could actually make out her camel toe and a tuft of blonde hair above it. Paola had on some red net hose and a leather jacket, her ass was unbelievable and her white transparent G-string showed the dark shadow of her landing strip. Amanda had on a shortened denim skirt with a red thong, when she turned around the back was open to the top of her beautiful ass crack. Gee came out in a thin red mostly transparent tube dress that was very tight, ended just barely below her ass cheeks and seemed to only be held up by her nipples. I couldn’t make out her panties, but when she turned around there was nothing hidden through the stretched material. My cock was already mostly erect and I was wishing that I had thought better about buying some briefs or wearing some compression shorts. I was getting excited remembering how it felt for them to check out my erection the last time.

They each came up getting pictures with me holding them from the ass as they posed at my side raising a leg across mine and then another with me dipping them backwards with one arm. They seemed to be fine with me groping their asses except Gee seemed a bit nervous. She gave me a hug and I kissed her neck, which seemed to ease her nervousness. We did the first pose and then when I dipped her she almost fell back as my hand slid on the slick material of her dress. As I grabbed her to stop her from falling I grabbed a handful of her dress covering her ass which popped the top down uncovering her breasts. She jumped against me to hide her breast wrapping her legs around me as I held her up by her bare ass. As my hand flattened like a seat under her ass my fingers touched her naked, swollen, and slick slit. She gasped loudly as it did, but did not move to change position.
“Holy shit, you aren’t wearing panties are you?” I whispered in her ear. I knew the question was already answered, but for some reason I wanted to point out that I was feeling her hot wet pussy. She buried her head against me and shook her head no, then proceeded to let go of her grip around my neck leaning against me while she pulled the top of her dress back over her breasts. As she wiggled she wiggled against the hand that was holding her up. My fingers covered her gap and I could feel the lips of her pussy rub back and forth against my fingers. The heat and wetness was an amazing feeling. I am sure that she could feel my now rock hard erection against her mound as well. As I set her down I kept her against me to make sure she got a good feel of how much I appreciated her and ran my finger through her slit, across her taint, and ending up on her anus as she stood on the ground. She got on her tip toes and I met her half way kissing her on the lips before we separated. The flash from the Iphone went off and then they all decided that they needed that pose as well. So I kissed each while I put my hand on their asses.

Tara asked me how I like her costume as she posed with her hands behind her head. When she did this it totally exposed her Nickel sized Areola and pencil eraser sized stiff nipples. When she realized my eyes were popping out of my head and why, she blushed and let her arms down. She stood close to a light and I said “I hope it is dark in the club!”
Tara looking confused “why’s that?”
“Your shorts don’t hide anything in the light”
Tara “just in the back, our butts are supposed to be on display”
Tara “Now what do you mean by that? You can’t see anything.?. Show me where!”
I approached her taking my finger outlining the tuft of dark blonde hair. As I did I could see her labia start to swell. “OK, OK, I get the point! Any lower and they will really be transparent. Is it bad?”
“Just don’t stand close to bright lights close to people you do not want to see it.” She started to pout a bit “It is really sexy though…” She grinned ear to ear.

They wanted a group picture. They had Taylor on my right and Paola on my left as I held their bubble asses and they put heir hands in front of me acting as though they were on my crotch. Amanda bent over in front of me with Tara and Gee leaning onto her once they set the timer for the camera on the Iphone. Amanda pushed back acting as though I was taking her from behind. This pushed Paola’s hand into Taylor’s and on to grasp my erect cock. They all laughed, but even after Paola moved her hand Taylor did not. I squeezed her ass which seemed to wake her up and she let go. Once she did I poked Amanda in the ass with it acting as if it was unintentional.

“Ok, let’s get going before your neighbors think you are running a brothel…” I loaded them in helping them up onto the step bar knowing that I would get a great view. Tara got in the back first giving me a great upshirt view of her magnificent breasts as crouched to walk over to the far seat. Then Amanda with an awesome ass view looking over her shoulder to catch me checking her out. Paola got up bending over to give me a face full of ass. A clear enough view that I could see that she hadn't shaved her ass in some time if ever. Dark curly hairs poking out around her G-string. “You might not give many others this view until you shave” I said while laughing. She blushed and hit me on the arm. Taylor got into the front I was mesmerized by the beauty of her ass in the hose as she worked her way across to the other window seat. I am sure that she felt the heat of my gaze as she did. Gee stood on the step bar and then turned around sitting on the edge of the seat giving me a perfect view of her glistening wet pussy. As she tried to scoot over in a sensual manner it caused her dress pull exposing her beautiful breasts. A firm handful each with tan dime sized areola and stiff little nipples. Once in place she adjusted her dress covering herself once again. Taylor saw this and laughed.

We arrived at the club to find many others in costume, but it seemed more like a psycodelic 70’s party with men in bright colored suits and matching hats the women in short dresses with bright crazy patterns. Many had bouffant or afro wigs. I looked at the girls “I think we missed the mark on the theme!”
Taylor “Actually, I think we are the only ones that hit a bull's eye!” We all entered with them grouped around me. Boy did we turn heads! Actually they did. We found a booth and sat ordering drinks. The waitress talked about how impressed she was with our theme costumes. She was dressed in black G-string and white hose on bottom and a tiny half shirt covering two thirds of her breasts that said “fuck me!” on the front.
Tara “See, we did get it right.”
Amanda “I guess we are the only ones with the balls to do it.”
I watched the waitress’ beautiful round ass as she walked away. Amanda hit me from one side and Gee from the other “what the hell? You are here with us, are we not enough for you?” I laughed thinking that they were joking then looked around at the scowls I was getting from each of them.
“Ok my bad, but a pimp always has to keep his eyes out for new talent!” they all laughed nodding in agreement.

The waitress came back with our drinks plus complimentary shots. I don’t drink so I gave mine to Tara. The waitress pulled out her Iphone and wanted to get a picture with me. She handed the phone to another waitress walking by to take the picture. She kissed me on the cheek while I groped her ass and then she grabbed my semi erect cock, which hardened in her hand. Once the picture was taken she turned to kiss me which is when Taylor and Tara jumped between us pushing her away. Tara pulled her hand away and replaced it with her own looking at her defiantly before they kissed me on each cheek. Of course I placed my hands on their asses. Tara continued to grope my erect cock feeling out every inch down even to my sack. Taylor just looked down watching as she did while I felt her beautiful ass up through the nylons she was wearing.
“I need to sit down!” As I did Tara sat on the little table in front of me, Paola and Amanda sat on each knee, with Gee and Taylor on either side. A couple of drinks and shots later they wanted to dance. It was easy to see that they didn’t have a whole lot of drinking experience as they were all really tipsy. I also don’t know what were in the shots. Tara, Gee, and Taylor each drank an extra shot as they drank my complimentary shots that came with each round. They say complimentary, but we did pay 30 euro a piece to get in.

Taylor and Paola started dancing against me like strippers gyrating against me. It was hard not to be into it keeping my hands low and in constant contact with their impeccable asses. They smiled at each other as they turned around rubbing their asses against me. Paola now reaching down to get a feel and stroking my hard cock. I reached down placing my hands between their legs finding both to be drenched with their juices. The heat coming from their sex was exhilarating. I rubbed their swollen pussies through their panties and Taylor’s Nylons. Paola’s web stockings were no protection from my fingers. They kissed me and moved to dance with Tara and Gee.

Amanda came to me lifting her leg into my arm kissing me passionately. She actually ran her hand down my stomach and into my pants gripping my naked cock and stroking it a couple of times before pushing down and squeezing my balls. I reached up into her jacket feeling her breast and she kissed me again. She then turned bending over pushing her ass against my crotch, I reached down running me finger through the middle of the damp camel toe pushing between her lips and on to her clit. This caused her to push back harder and gyrate against my hand. I was just getting ready to push in past her G-string when Tara came over to cut in. Amanda kissed me once again before joining the others.

Tara was quite tipsy and falling all over me kissing me sloppily. She moaned as squeezed her ass hard. My fingers reaching close to her slit as she has a skinny ass. “I am sure that my shorts are probably transparent by now” in my ear not whispering as the music was loud. She turned around placing her body against mine with my erection poking her just above her ass. She leaned back telling me to cover her breasts each time she raised her arms. I placed my hands on her waist and she grabbed them pulling them to cover her breasts as she danced with her hands on her head. What magnificent breast she has I was in heaven and massaged her breasts as I held them. She twisted and moaned as I held her nipples between my fingers. We went through this process a couple of times before I looked over seeing three guys in their twenties trying to join in the dance with the girls.

They seemed to be handling the situation fine until one of them got behind Gee pulling her dress together exposing her ass, pussy, and tits. I was there in the blink of an eye pulling her against me with one arm so that her breasts and crotch were covered by my body and my left hand covered the crack of her ass and anything else that could be seen from behind. At the same time I lifted my foot into his crotch catching the back of his head as he buckled forcing it into my raised knee. The guy to the left punched me in the side of my face As he came with the other in combination I dropped my head forcing his contact to the top of my forehead. I heard bones crack just before he screamed in pain then pulled him to me head butting his nose causing it to explode. The other ran in fear as the bouncers came towards me. As they saw the two on the floor and the mostly naked girl on my arm they quickly stopped nodding and taking the other two away.

I held Gee against me as the others helped her cover herself back up. I leaned down kissing her neck “Are you ok? Sorry I let that happen.”
She kissed me back on my neck nestling her face against it. “It is not your fault, just some asshole. Thank you for coming to my rescue, you really fucked them up! It was just embarrassing.”
I spoke into her ear “You have nothing to be embarrassed about. There is no part of you that isn’t beautiful.”
“Do you really think so?”
“My god yes, you are incredibly sexy! It would be a shame to hide that.”
She kissed my neck again “whatever, but you were the only one I wanted to see me.” She buried her head in my chest as we walked back to our seats. After that display the path cleared quickly for us.

As we sat the waitress brought us another round kissing me on the forehead “This one is on the house.” Gee sat to my right and Amanda to my left. Gee took my hand placing it on her thigh just below her crotch. She uncrossed her legs giving access to my hand as I moved it towards her swollen pussy. She was soaked in wetness her lips easily parting as I ran my finger between them. She watched me as I pulled my hand to my face sucking her juices from my finger and then kissed me shoving her tongue into my mouth.

The place had gotten crowded, so the girls decided it was time to go. The waitress came up seeing us getting ready to leave. She asked for one last picture with the group. She slid up next to me showing me her number reaching down to place it in my pocket while reaching over to feel my cock again. I worked my hand into the back of her nylons wiggling my finger against her anus. She got the picture that thankfully took some time with the crowd passing in front of the camera and then kissed me goodbye.

Gee was to my right and Amanda to my left. I had my arms around their waste, but they both quickly took my hands moving them to their asses. These two sisters were some damn sexy that it was driving me crazy. I had long lost where the facade of the theme act started and ended. I had touched parts of these girls bodies that I had only dreamed of touching and the night seemed to be far from over.


Trafficked Love Ch. 1

Chapter One: Get “Rich” Or Die Trying

She leaned up against the brick wall of the local thrift store, close to Harrisburg Pike and Mound Street. It wasn’t the best of areas, but Angel had certainly been in worse. Her grey jean shorts, tshirt, and vest were worn. She wore black boots that were in desperated need of replacement. A lit cigarette hung loosely out of the corner of her mouth. She watched as a few cars drove about in the parking lot. She heard shouting, catching her attention as her gaze shifted to two men arguing under one of the lights in the lot. No doubt things would soon get physical between them.

As she watched them, her hands in her pockets, she heared footsteps behind her. She gripped the knife in her pocket tightly and her body tensed, the footsteps getting closer.

“Angel” a male voice spoke from behind her.

She stayed still, watched the two arguing men. Her body relaxed a bit. He was no threat to her, she knew him.

“Angel” his voice a bit more stern.

She looked toward the ground, inhaling on the cigarette in her mouth before reaching up and pulling it out, and flicking the filter to knock off the loose ash.

“Come on girl” she saw him nod and tilt his head out of the corner of her eye, ushering her to follow.

She took another hit from her cigarette before smothering it out on the bottom of her boot. She pushed herself away from the brick wall and followed him. Her hands back in her pockets, she followed him behind the building, and to a black four door 2012 chevy pick up truck. The windows were tinted dark enough that it almost seemed that there were no windows. He opened the driver’s door and got in, shutting the door behind him. Angel walked around the car and got in the passenger’s side.

He started the car, threw it into gear and drove back around the building and across the parking lot.

Angel stared out the window. The two arguing men were fighting now, grabbing and throwing each other around.

“There’s a party tonight at PD” he informed her, “you’re on.”

Angel was silent. She didn’t mind performing at the PD, it was fairly public, the bouncer was pretty nice, and always looked out for the girls. All she’d really have to do is stand on stage and shake her ass for a bit. It was quick money, and she was glad that was all she’d have to do tonight.

“Here” he tossed her a bag, making her jump a bit.

Angel opened the bag, and pulled out a black studded bra and matching hot pants. It would be her outfit for the night.

She put the undergarments back in the bag and closed it. She would change when she got to the club.


“Hey, Brik” she said to the bouncer as she opened the door to the club.

The bouncer smiled and grabbed the door from her and held it open. “Rich got you working tonight?”

“Yep. Someone’s gotta pay the bills.”

The bouncer laughed before sending a “see ya” after her as she walked in the club.

Angel’s eyes adjusted to the light pretty easily, as she was acustom to working in dimly lit rooms and buildings. It came with the trade. She pushed her way through the small line of people waiting to pay the cover fee, and into the main area of the club. Head down, she headed to the side of the stage and through the “employees only” door. Angel squinted as the harsh lights hurt her eyes. That would take a moment to adjust to. She found an empty spot at the table in front of the large mirror that spanded across the far wall. She set her bag on the table, and pulled out out the skimpy garments, and striped of what she was wearing. She slipped into the bra and hot pants, adjusting to make sure they covered all necessary areas, even if it was barely.

The girl next to her turned and headed out towards the stage, and Angel gathered up the girl’s makeup and began applying it to her own face. The girls were use to sharing such things, as there wasn’t much money to spend on everyone having their own. She powdered her face as pale as possible, adding a dark red wine shaded eye shadow and a thick black line of eyeliner. She found matching lipstick and applied it before looking in the mirror. She russled her hair a bit and reexamined herself. Finding herself satisfactory, she headed back out the door to the club, and up on the stage.

As people, mostly men, gathered around the stage to watch, Angel danced half heartedly. Her head was never in her dancing, and she would never let her heart be in it either. She gave them what they wanted, but little did they know how little it was of her. Accepting a few dollars from a handful of men, her eyes scanned the room. The night was slow, but Angel knew that making eye contact with the men, and holding their gaze would draw them in and they would pay more.

After smiling and holding eye contact with a few men, and gaining a bit more cash, Angel caught eye contact with a man at the back of the club. He had eyes that appeared to be harsh and judging, but the longer she held his gaze, the softer, sadder they became. He was bald, but had a trimmed and short mustache and beard that seemed more like controlled stubble. His skin was tanned, and he was fairly built. He stood about six foot, hands in his pockets. He wore a black tshirt and dark jeans. She held his gaze as long as possible, urging him to come closer. But he broke the gaze, lowering his head to look at the ground.

Angel’s eyes narrowed ever so slightly as the man turned and headed to the nearby bar.

She continued dancing, taking quick glances at the man at the bar, until another girl came out and Angel backed off the stage and back into the back room.

She pulled a few bills from her hot pants and bra, uncrinkling them. She pulled her grey shorts back on, over the hot pants. Surprisingly, they covered her better.

“Where’s Rich?” she asked one of the other girls.


Heavens were the upper floors of the clubs where the owners of the clubs and the owners of the girls usually stayed. Out of sight of the paying customers. They didn’t want to add tension around the customers. Relaxed customers pay more money.

Angel headed out to the main floor of the club and around to the other side of the stage, and down the hall towards the restrooms.

“Hey there sexy slut.”

She felt a hand slap her ass pretty hard. She turned quickly, one arm swinging, hoping to swat the man across the face, but he had stepped back just in time.

“Don’t touch me.”

He laughed and stepped towards her, grabbing her waist and pulling her to him.

She squirmed, demanding him to let go. Customers aren’t suppose to touch the girls.

He turned her, and forcefully shoved her against the wall, pressing her face against the cold wall. He grinded his pelvis against her ass, and whispered in her ear “be a good girl and you’ll get your tip.”

He put his forearm agains the back of her neck, pinning her still. He tugged on her shorts, trying to pull them down.

“I’m asking you only one more time. Let me go.”

“I’ve always wanted to fuck the ‘Fallen Angel’ and put her in her place” he responded, using her stage name, referencing her black attire and dark makeup.

She growled, stomping the heel of her combat boot on his foot. He howled in pain, letting go of her to step away. But Angel gave him a swift elbow to the side of his face before he managed to get out of reach, sending him sprawling towards the opposite wall.

“What the fuck is going on here?” she heard Rich’s voice shouting.

Angel turned to the perverted customer, “don’t fucking touch me, pig!” She turned towards Rich, walking past him, shoving her dancing earnings in his hand and out the back door of the club to the secluded grass behind the building.

The door slammed shut behind her.

She sighed.

“Tough time in there?”

Angel turned, seeing the man who she held her gaze with, leaning against the wall of the building, just inside the shadows.

“What makes you think that?”

“I heard the shouting.”

She bowed her head, digging the toe of her boot into the grass.

He sighed, reaching into his shirt pocket, and pulling out a pack of cigarettes. “Cig?” he offered, walking over to her.

She looked at the box as he held it out and open to her. She looked up at him before pulling one out, and putting it in her mouth. He pulled a lighter from his pocket and flicked the flame on. She cupped her hands around it as he lit the cigarette for her.

She turned away from him, and sat on a stone a few feet away.

“So what’s your name?” he asked.

She inhaled on the cigarette before pulling it from her mouth, “Fallen Angel.”

“I’m not talking about your stage name.”

She looked up at him, her eyes narrow. For some reason he seemed easy to talk to “Angel.”

He nodded “and that guy?”

Her eyes narrowed more “Rich.”

“He your pimp?”

Now he was getting too personal. “He’s a friend.”

“A friend you give all your money to?”

Here eyes stayed narrow, not responding to him.

“Let me guess, he holds your money for you so you don’t have to worry about it while dancing.” He paused, leaning back against the wall of the building. “Why are you doing this anyway?”

“Gotta get rich somehow” she replied taking another inhale from the cigarette.

trafficked love

Trafficked Love Ch. 2

Chapter Two: No Victims In This Game

Angel finished her night at the PD club. But her night itself wasn’t actually done.

Rich dropped her back off at the thrift store she was at earlier. He threw her a few bucks that she made earlier. She could use the money for whatever she wanted, usually food or cigarettes.

She walked to the McDonalds on one end of the parking lot. The night staff were not surprised by her attire. They frequently had girls come in at all hours of the night, during all times of the year, in even less clothing than Angel’s studded bra, vest, shorts and combat boots. This area was known to be crawling with girls looking for work and willing to get their knees dirty for quick money.

Angel pocketed the money Rich gave her, and headed to the back of the McDonalds. She scaled the fence surrounding their dumpster, and began rummaging through the trash. Finding some old buns that were only a few days expired, she helped herself.

Angel knew the restraunt’s schedule. They had to throw out perfectly good food on the expiration date. Those were the days she could eat for free, like today.

She proceeded to climb back over the fence and walk back across the parking lot. She lit up a cigarette as she walked. It wasn’t long before a car pulled up next to her. Quickly, she opened the door and got it. She knew if she tried to negotiate before getting in, she could be picked up for loitering.

It was easy. The guy wanted oral before he made his way home. Ten minutes and fifty bucks later, Angel pulled herself out of his car. He sped off, to no doubt go home and kiss his unknowing wife.

She continued along the outer edge of the parking lot, closest to the busy road. She had just gotten to the pizzaria, which was closed for the night, when she heard the faint sound of shouting over the cars roaring past.

She turned to her left, looking across the busy road. There seemed to be a brawl going on at the gas station across the way. There were four people. One girl, Angel recognized from the PD club, screaming at a man who was handcuffing her and dragging her to his near by car. The other two men were also shouting. One, laying on the ground, face down, the other, handcuffing him with one knee in the center of his back. They were obviously police officers arresting the two for soliciting sex. But the police weren’t in uniform.

It was hard to hear what was being said, and hard to see as well. But when the man arresting the guy on the ground, looked up, their eyes met, and Angel’s eyes narrowed. She couldn’t be sure, but his appearance was very similar to the man at the club earlier that night.

That’s when Rich’s truck pulled up in front of her, blocking her view of the scene.

“Get in” he ordered sternly.

Quickly obeying, Angel barely had the door shut behind her before Rich burned rubber out of the parking lot.


Back at Rich’s house, only a mile away from the arresting scene, Angel slid out from Rich’s truck. Rich put his arm around her neck, resting it across her shoulders, and led her inside.

Once inside, with the door closed, Rich called to her.

She turned, only to recieve a hard backhanded slap across her cheek. She gasped softly, but kept her head turned away from him.

The other girls in the room turned to watch and see what he would do next.

He put his hand out. Angel reached into her pocket, pulled out the money he gave her for food and the money she made, and put it in his hand.

“Upstairs” he said to her quietly, motioning with his head to the stairs.

She turned and made her way upstairs. He followed her and instructed her to his bedroom.

Once in his bedroom, he gave her a one-handed shove towards the bed. She stumbled, but gained her balance quickly.

“Strip” he ordered.

She obeyed without thinking. Once bare, she felt a hard slap on her ass.

“On your knees over the bed.”

Again, she obeyed without thinking, kneeling on the floor, head rested on the bed, arms out stretched above her head. She heard him pull his belt free from his pants.


She felt the sting of the leather belt across her ass…and again…and again. He whipped her over and over, her tender flesh stinging and bright red. A few tears fell as a natural reaction to the pain, but inside, she was numb.

He beat her a few more times.

“Never talk back to a potential client. Never hurt a client!” he hissed at her as the lashing came with every word.

His arm tired, he sat on the edge of the bed, pulling her down to the floor at his feet. She lay motionless, not daring to look up at him. He grabbed her ass, rolling her a bit to get a good look at her red, welted and quickly bruising flesh.

He sighed “fuck. Looks like you’ll have to be over a Frank’s for a few days til your ass heals. No one pays for bruised whores.”

He reached down and grabbed her by a handful of hair, pulling her onto the bed. He forced her onto her stomach, gently running a hand down her spine. She heard him unzip his pants, one hand on her ass still. He straddled her and forcefully pushed himself into her.

She tensed, burrying her head into the bed. It took most of her strength to refrain from crying out as her took her how he pleased. His thrusting rough and forceful, he ended as quickly as he began. He rolled off of her, landing on the bed next to her, panting.

She laid still.

He gave her ass another slap as he caught his breath and sat up.

“You know” he said, moving back to the edge of the bed “there are no victims here. Not in this game.”

The Girl Scout -19 The Meat Wagon

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The Girl Scout-18 Street Justice

Lisa leaned forward handcuffed to the pole, naked, hooded in the dark alley.
O’Malley spread her cheeks. Well boys, who is going first.
Lets flip for it Sarge. Ok.
First guy to only get Tails goes first.
Sarge slapped the Bitch Ass. That’s the tail you get.

Oh, look Sarge, the poor little Whore is shaking.
She should have thought of that before she came into my district.
They all laughed and flipped their coins.

Heads, Heads, Tails.
Fuck You O’Malley, you are first again.
Yea sick of your sloppy seconds.
Boys you like it, fucking a pussy with my cum running out.

O’Malley squeezed her ass cheeks.
Gonna fuck this guinea bitch good. She should have stayed up on Taylor Street
with the rest of the gumba’s.


Lisa started to move her legs, her knees were buckling.
Bitch, I told you keep them spread wide, you won’t like it if I have to improvise.
Sarge slapped the Bitch ass on each cheek.
Look at that boys, jiggles real nice.
Come on Sarge fuck her already, we are stiff already.
Yea fuck that pussy already.

Lisa, naked, cold, trembling handcuffed in the alley waited yet
another ordeal. There was the brief moment of hope, the fresh
air of freedom now pulled away. She had fallen in among the street
cops of this backwater district.

This was the hood and the cops that no one wanted to know about.
Every day they would come from their quiet neighborhoods of safe
streets, clean cut lawns and flower boxes to the backwater of the inner city.
Vacant buildings, empty lots, cars on crates, crap everywhere.

The urban decay of the 70’s had set in. In this harsh environment
they had learned to cope and survive in a hostile environment. Lowest
on the food chain were the street whores. Mainly addicts the cops considered
them vermin. Especially worthy of contempt were the white girls who would come
down to sell themselves on the street.

A hand pulled Lisa’s head to the side.
Ready for some White Cock for a change?
We’re not going to pay you, this is a freebie.
If you are good, maybe we won’t dump you in the river.
He spit in her face. Fucking Skank, what shit are you on.
Please, you are wrong you don’t….
Shut the fuck up with the bullshit, every one of you Bitches has some
BULLSHIT sob story.

Her head jerked the other way. Oh the little slut is crying. What’s a matter
the cops being mean to you or you miss the black dick.
Tears ran down the little Bitch’s eyes as the Sergeant ran his hand over
her cunt. Violently he rammed his dick inside her.

A spot light lit up the scene as another cop car came into the alley.
Hey boys, thought we come by to join in the fun.
You guys got to wait your turn.
Sarge likes to take his time and then we are next.

Look like a nice young cunt this time.
Yea they are getting younger.
Sarge was grunting and moaning. He had her hips in his
hands as rammed his dick inside her.
Hey Mikey, why don’t you check this shit out.
One of the new cops, a tall bulky young blonde man
walked up where Lisa was cuffed to the pipe.

Mikey pulled her by the hair and looked into her red puffy face.
Cute little Bitch, you guys are wasting a hole. He took off the cuffs
and grabbed her hair holding her head waist high and jammed his
fingers into her mouth. Lisa gagged as pushed his fingers around
her mouth.

He looked down at her red crying face.
Ready for some throat fucking, you little whore?


Lisa lay in the alley as the cops stood around smoking and laughing
drinking beer . Curled up in a ball Lisa lay cold and shivering in the alley.
The cops joked as they took turns pissing on the helpless piece of trash.
Mikey held his dick aiming his yellow stream at her head.
Worthless Bitch.
Lisa shivered as the warm piss turned cold.

Finally a police truck with a box built for prisoners pulled up.

It was the MEAT WAGON.

They used it to transport groups to the county jail. Nights they would
round up a group of whores, just enough to make a good show.
They would throw them in the meat wagon and take them to the jail
and hold them in a cell for court.

The cops opened the back of the meat wagon and it was already almost full.
It was motley lot of Whores. The Good the Bad and the Ugly but no good.
You two, pull her in. Two Black bitches pulled Lisa into the Meat Wagon.

Hate to be that girl. Got that right, lets give them time to have some fun.
Two cops drove the Meat Wagon over to the local restaurant and went into eat.

Inside the Meat Wagon.

So What we got here, fucking Snow White.
What you doing down here, girl.
No, you don’t understand.
Shut the Fuck up, we understand alright, come down here selling your
white ass. You should stay with your own kind. Hard enough for
us without some young white whore coming around.

Wait, Wait.
Mahalia, an old fat black whore grabbed Lisa by the hair.
You ever eat any black pussy.
Oh No.
What you got something against me.
No NO , I never. Slap. Lisa took a slap across the face.
Mahalia pulled down her shorts down around her fat thighs.
Bout time you learned.
Get in here and start licking. Had five fucks tonight so it
should be nice and juicy for you.

The other girls were laughing their asses off.
Now that something I wouldn't want to smell.
You watch what You talking bout. Yelled Mahalia.
She pulled Lisa face down into her crotch.

I wants to feel some sucking and licking.
That’s it, lick it, suck it. Get that tongue inside me.
Let me hear you slurp bitch.
Eat It. Eat it. Eat it. Fucking White tramp.

Mahalia wrapped her thighs tight around Lisa’s head.
Her mouth was deep inside the fat, smelly dirty ugly black cunt.
Lisa couldn’t even see, her head was trapped by the belly fat rolls hanging down the fat whore.
Eat it Bitch. Suck on it. Lisa could hardly breath. The smell, the taste were so putrid.
The smell of urine, cum made a toxic mix.

To Be Continued.

Sandy takes Cindy to Work

I woke up when an alarm went off at 5:30AM. I looked at my watch and realizing what time it was I went back to sleep. I did not even notice that Sandy and Cindy got up, got dressed and left the bedroom. My watch alarm went off at 6AM and so did my cell phone's alarm and I had to get out of bed to shut it off.

I put my clothes on and went out and found Sandy and Cindy sitting at the table eating breakfast. They had set a third table setting for me. So I went in and sat down and started to eat.

Sandy told me she was taking Cindy into work today and she needed me to pick her up by 9AM. I asked her why. She said it was the price of her being home yesterday when she was supposed to be at work. I said,"But you were at work." She said,"Yes, but to provide you with cover for the overdose of Cialis and to say you were with me and not my daughter we have to say I missed work and my boss has to verify it."

"So what is he going to do with Cindy and with you?" I asked. She replied, "Cindy will suck him until he is hard and then he will fuck me in front of her." How did he find out about her knowing how to give a blow job. She said,"His mother is the judge that handled my husband's case. He had taught her to suck cock but not very well. He only gave me a job because I gave his sex. We were in school together and I was the class whore and he was part of the judgmental crowd that condemned me."

That pissed me off. I ask her "Do you want to stop it?" She said,"yes" I went to Cindy's room and pulled out my sunglasses. I gave them to Sandy and told her "When he propositions Cindy today push the back button and then hold down the front button for 2 seconds. Then look straight at them while she gives him a blow job. These contain a digital video recorder and will record him in the act. After it is over push the front button again and it will store the video. Let Cindy bring them to me."

Cindy spoke up,"Would it be good if he fucked me instead of mom?" I said,"It would provide stronger evidence of wrongdoing." "Mommy let me fuck him please, I want to put a stop to him doing it to you."

Cindy I'll pick you up at 9 behind the restaurant. I took out my laptop and went to and typed in where we were and then I typed in the address Sandy gave me for the sleaze ball's restaurant and I connected her printer to my computer. After downloading the driver for the printer from the manufacturer's website and installing it I printed it out on her printer. The map said it would take 52 minutes to make the trip.

The girls left. I had about an hour before I would have to go get Cindy. I knew Ed's activities would not start for a couple of hours yet but I knew his habit of rising early. I called him. I told him of how his dream girl neighbor was being sexually abused and blackmailed to keep her job. And how it had now spread to the child next door too. He said he had known the restaurant owner in high school and the guy was a jackass back then. Thought he was better than anyone else because his mother was a judge he thought he was untouchable.

I told him of the video recording glasses and how we were going to stop him. There would be no blackmail simply the implied threat that if he ever tried to fire or fuck Sandy again or get at Cindy then the DVD would be released.

He asked me who I would get to convert the AVI file to a DVD and I told him I could do it myself with either my laptop or my desktop because both had the Freemake Video Converter Software installed and had DVD RW drives.

He asked me how I liked babysitting Cindy and we talked about my medicine problem the night before and how both of them had worn me out and worn my prick raw. After I hung up I took a shower and taking my laptop with its fully charged battery with me I left to go get Cindy.

I followed the google map to the restaurant then I went around the block and went down the alley behind the place. I found the back door about 8:48AM and did not have to wait long.

Only five minutes after I pulled in the little girl who had grown so dear to me came out. I reached over and unlocked the car door for her. She got in and handed me the sunglasses her mother had borrowed from me.

I asked her,"Well What happened?" She replied, weeping,"When he found out I was not a virgin, he called me a fucking slut. He did fuck me and you'll see in the video he did not let me get a single orgasm. I feel dirty for the first time since the court put Daddy away." I drove out of the alley and went back to Sandy's home. She asked me to let her out in the driveway and she ran in and I went and parked the car in front of the house.

I went in and heard the shower running. I went into Sandy's room and heard Cindy call and say,"Would you like to wash my back Charlie?" I opened the bathroom door and stepped in. You know I would not mind washing any part of you. I took off my clothes and got in the shower with my little nymphet and took the bar of soap and scrubbed her back. I went from her shoulders to the small of her back not wanting to force anything after what she had been through. When I was done scrubbing her she turned and embraced me with a full body hug. She said,"I'm glad you are here for me Charlie."

Now that was enough to start my organ expanding. She felt it rise was we held each other. And she commented,"I hope you don't mind if I ignore that right now. I just don't want to have a penis right now. I got under the water and washed the days sweat off my body. She scrubbed my back. I had to hunch down so she could get at my shoulders but there was nothing sexual even though she washed down to my thighs.

She said,"I douched at the restaurant. I douched again when I got home. I still feel dirty down there." We got out of the shower and I dried myself off then dried her off. When I went down to dry her legs and feet I sniffed at her pussy and said,"You smell as delightful as you ever did." She said,"Really?" I said,"Since he did not let you cum maybe that is what you need to have to get yourself into the clear. We exited to her bedroom. She laid on her back on the bed and said,"Maybe so, would you mind giving it to me?" I said,"You only have to ask." Then I climbed up as she spread her legs. No tease this time. I put my mouth right to work licking up her slit and circling her clitoris and then down the slit to her vagina and then up again in an endless loop. Normally this kind of stimulation would trip her trigger in three minutes or so but I was holding her ass in my hands with my tongue moving through the cycle for a full ten minutes before she stiffened and quaked in climax. I then added two fingers inside her vagina and finding her G-spot I worked on it from inside while my other hand presses on the spot from outside. So this was a three point assault on her senses. Five minutes after the first clitoral orgasm she released herself to a full vaginal climax which cause her to roll back and forth and arch her back in a way that lifted her ass off the bed and I had to raise up with her to stay in contact.

When it was over she grabbed me by my ears and pulled me up to her face and kissed me with tongue. She embraced me fully both of us naked. She said,"Charles, make love to me." I did not need to be told twice. My erection was ready, my little girlfriend was ready so I slipped by prick slowly into her vagina. I pushed up so as to be driving into her high in the slot and brought both of us to strong climaxes twenty minutes after I had penetrated her. We just lay there in each other arms. About a half hour later she asked me if I had seen the video. I reminded her i had not had time to watch it. But we got out of bed. She said,"I'll make sandwiches while you look at it." I got dressed. She went to the kitchen still naked. So I took my computer and running off AC power I loaded my VLC Media Player and hooked the video sunglasses to the USB port of the laptop.

The computer loaded the driver and showed the contents of drive E. It was single AVI file. I told the media player to play the Video on drive E and it complied. I saw the kitchen of the restaurant and saw an office with windows. As the man in the office saw Sandy and Cindy come in he pulled down his blinds so no one else could see what he was going to do to the two red headed women coming to his office. He opened the door as they arrived. Gallantly admitted them welcoming then by gesture. Sandy turned to show us he locked the door and closed the blinds on the door.

He walked back to his desk, took off his suit coat, dress slacks and his boxers and said to Cindy "Suck it" Cindy hesitated but then reached out and started to jack him and as he became hard, she told him,"Maybe I'll fuck you today since I'm no longer a virgin." Then she started to put his organ in her mouth and suck him. He became abusive"Not a virgin and you are only nine! What a fucking whore you are! If you want me to fuck you then that is what I will do. He started to lift up her dress. She did have panties on. She uncoupled his orgasm from her mouth so he could remove the dress. Then he took her panties off and sniffed them.

He said,"Oh the scent of a woman and you're only nine." He reached out and ran his finger up and down her slit a couple times and then said I hope you are ready bitch. He grabbed her by her armpits raised her over his head. Sat in his office chair and put her down guiding her legs under the arms of his desk chair and impaling her on his cock, Cindy let out a whimper when he penetrated her as she was not truly lubricated yet it had hurt.

She commented,"Bastard didn't even give me any foreplay." She may have been on top but with her feet not reaching the floor she had no leverage to control what he was doing to her. He raised and lowered her with all the passion of a nerd doing curls with a barbell. Sandy walked behind the desk to show where his penis went into her daughter's body and he just kept lifting and lowering her. He had no rhythm to it. I would say he did not want her to get off from this. This rape ran about 10 minutes when his face scrunched up and he said quietly,"Bitch is making me cum. She is so tight." When he finished cumming he tossed Cindy halfway ac-crossed the office. Sandy ran to her a picked her up. Reclaimed her panties and dress and helped her into them. They left the office and went to the back door. The whole thing only ran 30 minutes all together. Then Cindy put the glasses on walked out. She saw my car and came and got in. I had shut them off and stored the image when she gave them to me.

I told her,"He has no idea what a precious little girl you really are." She turned to me and kissed me. We are the sandwiches she had made. They were as good as mine. Then she said,"What do you want to do now?" I told her, I'm going to make a DVD of what happened but I'll have to edit out where you get in my car.

I loaded my Freemake Video Converter and loaded the video in. I edited it while she watched. I started where Sandy had started and included everything that happened until she came out the back door. That is where I stopped it. Then I clicked on convert to a DVD and I titled the DVD Criminal Evidence and then I went to the living room. She asked me how long it would take to make the DVD. I told her less time than it took for him to mess you up. She sat down beside me and snuggled into my side. I put my arm around her. She said,"You know I feel safe with you."

I told her, "I can't understand why. I have had sex with you, the bastard had sex with you." She said,"Yeah, but you are so gentle and make sure I am ready before you ever put yourself into me. i know you love me and my mom. You've told me you would babysit me even if I did not have sex with you. That just makes me want to seduce you all over again. We sat there holding each other until the computer ejected the DVD. I put another blank one in and told it make another copy. Then we sat on the sofa and must made out. NOthing sexual just hugs and kisses.

The phone rang. She got up and answered it. "Yeah mom, it came out fine. We've got it on DVD already. I was feeling so dirty when I left but Charlie helped me come through it. Yes mom I'll ask him." She turned to me and ask me if I had taken my medicine. I said what I needed yes but not the erectile dysfunction drugs. Then she turned back to the phone and said,"We made love after I took a shower mom and he was fine without it. Okay mom, I will." She came back into my arms and she told me, "Mom wants make sure I leave enough of you so you can do her tonight."

After a half an hour she rose and went through her room and douched the semen I had deposit in her out. I was not planning on doing anything more not knowing when Sandy would ask for a command performance. She came out of her room wearing her red plain pullover dress. She sat down and embraced me and said,"You seem to be happy to hold me and I feel good and secure when you do." I could not think of any sensible response to that so I just said, "Thank you." Then we made out a bit more nothing sexual just hugging and kissing.

Then she whispered to me,"You know I'm NOT wearing panties!" I took my arm from around her front and dropped it on her knee. I started moving it up her inner thigh. "That's nice." and right after she said that I found the truth of her statement. I started playing with her clitoris and she started to breath harder and started to gasp for breath. Then she straightened out her body as stiff as a board as the orgasm seized her.

I continued the stimulation now working down the slit to the vagina then up circling the clit and back down to her vagina. She came again a few minutes later. This was closer to her normal pattern. I asked her,"Can I eat you?" She said,"Please, eat me."My tongue ran around her clit and down to her vagina and in three more minutes she was rolling back and forth as the orgasm struck her. I kept my hands cupping her ass until the climax subsided then I moved two fingers of my right hand into her vagina where I found the little lump that was her G-spot. I rubbed it as it flooded her with lubricant. My left hand was pressing on the G-spot from outside pressing into the fingers inside her. She came with a audible howl as she stiffened and quaked and arched herself off the seat of the sofa. Her head was on the back of the sofa and her feet were on the floor but only I was in contact with her between those two points.

As she came out of this she said,"I promised mother could have you tonight so I don't think we should keep doing this." I pulled my fingers out and let go of her. She said,"If mom won't suck you tonight just call me in and I will get you going. You've almost got me to the point where I'm ready to rip off your clothes and rape you. I told her."You can't rape a willing victim." That is a damned lie. You know I was willing to fuck that bastard but they are going to call it rape when the DVD gets seen.

I took her in my arms and held her and told her she was a beautiful young girl who was worth more than just sex. We both turned and looked in the dining room as my computer ejected another DVD. Then I put a third blank in it and told it to copy it again. She said,"Yeah, that guy just used me for a masturbation rag."

As the DVD's came out I pulled out the phone book and looked up the bastard's address and also his mother the judge. I needed mailers and called the local office supply store who told me they would deliver yet this evening if I gave them my mastercard number. I did and they said it would be there by 6. That was about when Sandy would get home.

We took one of the DVD's and put it in the player in the living room. She turned on the TV and started the DVD player. She laughed at the childlike art of the menu then started the video. She saw herself being guided into the office and the man welcoming her in then the demand for a blow job and just before she puts him in her mouth the admission she was not a virgin and the tantrum he threw when he heard that. Then the rape. She watched it intently and said,"He could have done that with a rag or a doll or anything inanimate. He did not make love I was fucked!"

She took the second copy in it played just like the first and the computer spat out the third copy. I closed the program and checked my e-mail. She put the third one into the player. Each was exactly the same since the program saves a file and makes each copy from the same file.

We'd killed a couple of hours with watching this rape video. I was bored with it. I told her,"I suspect that will end your desire to be punished. I can't think of a worse punishment than to be used as a jack off rag." She said,"Yeah I guess that is true."

We were making out on the sofa again with her dress covering her again when there was knock on the door. I looked out the window and saw an office supply company truck out in front and went to get the mailers. He gave me the mailers and I signed the receipt. The man smiled at Cindy and said good bye then turned and went back to his car.

I ask her,"Do you know him?" She said,"Yeah, Mom dated him for a while and I got into the act too with him." She got up and brought out the VHS tape she had shown Ed before. I watch as the man who had just delivered the mailers for the DVD's a bit younger in the video as Sandy explained that a man having his cock sucked will enjoy it and then teaches Cindy how to do it right. I said,"Now I understand why he smiled at you and why you blushed."

A few minutes later we heard Sandy's car pull into the driveway and she came in the back door. She said,"I've got cold cuts and Hoagie buns for supper and of course chips and dip." I took the Kroger grocery bag from her and started laying out the buns to build the subs. Cindy helped while her mother took a shower and dried her long beautiful read hair.

By the time Sandy came out we had the table set the Subs and chips and dips all on the table. She came out in a sheer nightgown calculated to grab my attention.

Sandy thanked me for talking to Cindy about what had happened and straightening out her thinking. She'd never have to submit to that jackass again once it hits. I printed the mailers on her printer. Since it was an inkjet I doubted they'd be able to trace it to her printer. She also sniffed the air and recognized the scent of her daughter's arousal. She asked Cindy,"Didn't i ask you to leave him with enough to make love to me tonight? " I cut in at that and said,"She got that hot on my fingers and tongue. I only made love to her once right after we got home.

She said,"Okay, I'm sorry I accused you." Then turning to me she continued,"I know how seductive she can be because she likes being so hot and climaxing." I told her,"Yes she can be seductive but she does respect your wishes."

She asked me if we could get any legal trouble with the warning we were sending. I told her,"What he is doing is illegal. A boss having sex with employees is guilty of sexual harassment. Having you bring Cindy in is child molestation and rape. He wants trouble he'll have more than he knows how to deal with if we release the tape and he knows it. It could force his mother to resign too. She will pressure him to stop.

"If nothing else we can get them both busted on a federal child porn rap if they keep the discs." She said,"How do we get them to them. I told her we will mail them through a mailing service that won't require a return address.

She ask me if she was to maintain a copy of the discs. I told her she could. I had made an extra copy. She then said,"Well if you want to see it and keep it." I said,"I don't find rape that arrousing and make no mistake about it what he did to Cindy this morning was rape. He cared nothing about her feeling good. He only cared to get his rocks off." She stated,"That's the way he is. I've never cum for him like I have for you and Ed and even the guy in the video you saw." Cindy cut in at this point,"Yeah mom, he was here today, delivered the mailers for the DVD's." Sandy asked her daughter,"Did he say anything to you?" "No mom, but he did look at me with a devilish smile. And Charlie said that I blushed." She turned to me. I explained,"I noticed he looked at her and smiled. Then I noticed she was beet red. It faded fast so I figured she had blushed at seeing him again."

We continued discussions about what had happened that morning both at the restaurant office and here at the house. When we were done Cindy loaded the dishwasher and started its cycle. Then Sandy asked to see the video. I waited until Cindy came back and she said she did not mind then she herself turned on the TV and DVD player and started the disk playing.

When he impaled Cindy on his cock and she whimpered, Cindy piped up and said,"No foreplay just rub rub and wham bam thank you mame. I wasn't even wet yet." Sandy said,"I'm sorry honey. I did not think he would be that cold with you since you are so young. And he had no call to call you names when he was having you suck his cock and you offered him full out sex." Cindy said,"Mommy Charles brought me home afterward and showed me how much he loved me. He is so nice about everything after we wore him so hard yesterday. We were sitting on the sofa with Sandy on my right and Cindy on my left. I went to Sandy and started to make out with this young woman as the DVD returned to the silly juvenile menu. Cindy shut off the TV and the DVD player then brought out my computer and pulling out the disk with her two man gang bang on it she said watch this and played the file using my VLC media player. As Ed and I has passed her back and forth as if she were a rag doll. Sandy asked,"Honey wasn't it hard to do them both?" Cindy said,"No mommy since I was wet before they ever put anything inside me. They did not ever hurt me.

"I want to fuck a bunch of guys sometime maybe I'll take on the whole pedophile club sometime."

sandy said,"She wants to go tomorrow are you going to take her?" I replied,"If you want me to I'll go and take her. I don't know these people but one base rule is leave no marks. That's why they do not accept virgins. You break one and she goes home bleeding and all hell breaks loose."

I was getting tired. I told Cindy to go to bed and I stayed out with her mother. She went to her room changed into a white pullover dress and came back out. She hugged and kissed her mother. Then she hugged and kissed me. with tongue and the parting shot."If you two need any help you know where I'll be."

I resumed kissing her. She asked me if I would like to see some very old homemade porn. I told her I would not mind. She went to her room and came out with a Poloroid VHS tape. It was hand lettered Sandy's Cherry Popping. I thought I will learn something I did not know before. She put the tape in the VHS machine, turned on her TV and turned it to the channel the VHS machine was on and said, "Just watch, at first I thought I was looking at Cindy. She was sitting on a bed. An off camera voice said "You know if I do this you won't ever be a virgin again right? The little red headed girl on the bed just nodded her head. I had to ask,"Is that you?" She said,"Cindy looks a lot like me at her age." She understood my confusion. Then the man came into the camera view and it zoomed in on his face with his tongue flapping on the little girl's clit. She was leaning back on her hands and enjoying the sensations until she climaxed at which time she grabbed her father's head and pulled him into her pussy. I had to know,"Is that your dad?" Sandy smiled and nodded. When she came back after that climax her father stepped back and said,"Honey the first time I do this it will hurt but after that it will all be pleasant okay?" Again the little girl on the screen nodded. The man stripped to his skin and pulled the little girl flat on her back. He gently pushed her legs apart and laying in between them he lined up his prick with his daughter's vagina. And pushed. When he reached her maidenhead he stopped, pulled back and pushed in hard and fast. She squealed as he tore through it then she relaxed and let the sensations wash over her. Soon she was stroking with him really getting into it. She had her arms reaching up to him and when the orgasm hit her she grabbed him and pulled him down against her own body. She screamed "I love you Daddy" as the orgasm overthrew her reason.

I realized as I watched the film that the camera had moved around the bed. I asked her who was holding the camera. She answered me,"Mom."

I ask the next logical question,"Are they still alive?" She said "yes" and then, "and we are in contact though they live a couple of states away. We may go there later in the summer and definitely during Christmas vacation. Do you still fuck him. When he wants me to. He did me last summer and my mother did my brother in the next bed.

The tape ended and went on to the same man with a beautiful but heavier version of Sandy. She said,"That is my mother." There was a whole bunch of incestuous sex acts on this tape. I ask her how long she expected the tape to hold together. She said it was probably only going to be showable to this generation by the time Cindy has children it will have deteriorated. I told her I could make it more permanent by putting it on a DVD. She said,"You can do that? I told her I had VHS to DVD conversion software even on the laptop.

She said,"Reliving my family sexapades made me wet, feel me. I reached for her pussy and she was dripping greasy cunt juice. I knelt in front of the sofa and began to lap at her love hole. When I had cleaned up most of the mess I went up the slit to her clit and circling it she shivered into a mini orgasm. "Damn" She exclaimed,"I didn't know I was that close." I slipped on finger into her vagina and found her G-spot. I put a second finger in and rubbed it constantly while holding the spot to my fingers with pressure from outside. My tongue was running up her slit around her clit and back down to where my finger went into her. With the triple stimulation she did not stand a chance. She suddenly stiffened and arched her back and quaked with a 8.0 Ricther scale and slid right off the sofa onto the floor. I climbed on top of her and kissed her with extreme tongue putting one hand on a breast and the other remaining at her pussy running the trip around the clit and down to her love entrance. She reached for my organ. She found it soft. But under her expert ministrations I got hard real fast.

She said,"Cindy was right you can eat pussy real well. Fuck me right now Charlie." The hand went from her breast to her mouth as I shushed her and said,"I won't fuck you but I will make love to you." She lined me up with her entrance and pressed myself into her about two inches. Then I swept her left leg in with my right leg putting my right leg outside her left leg. I swept her right leg in with my left leg and put the left leg outside of her right leg. Then I slide myself in as far as I could go. Then I rocked my pelvis to thrust in and out of her. She came every five minutes after I got into this position. She started to complain,"I've never had this many orgasm during sex." I tell her, "It's this position." She said,"Ed does it like this and I don't get this many this often." I point out the obvious,"He is too young to do it real well." She laughed for a few minutes and then another climax hit her and she lifted me off the floor for a few seconds before she collapsed back to the floor as she recovered control from the orgasm.

Finally I was about ready to cum and when she stiffened again I pumped my sperm deep into her body. As she recovered she felt the surging of the vas deference and knew what was happening. We both released a sigh as the pressure to cum was relieved. She said,"Too bad I can't marry again. You are a stud for your age." I told her "You ought to see me with my erectile dysfunction drugs." We got up and went into the bathroom. Sandy applied a douche. Then said,"I'm exhausted. Want to go to bed. I said, I'm tired too you lead." She lead me to her bed and we both collapsed into it and fell into a deep sleep.

Trafficked Love Ch. 3

Chapter Three: A Blue In The Brothel

Angel knew Frank all too well. He was her first pimp, and had stolen her virginity when she was only seven. At the time, he was her legal gaurdian, so it made it easy for him to torture her and pimp her out to his friends. That’s how she met Rich. He happened to be one of Frank’s friends, and when he offered to fork over money for her, Frank jumped on the offer and suddenly Angel belonged to Rich at the illegal age of eleven.

Sure Angel had tried to escape many times, and in fact, succeeded for a short while where she lived with two classmates and their older brother. But Angel, like most girls exploited at young ages, ended up back in Rich’s hands, where she seems to have stayed ever since.

Rich was forever in debt to Frank. Sure, he had paid Frank in exchange for Angel, but Frank had already done the dirty work of breaking and grooming Angel. In fact, he had done it exceedingly well, so Angel came into the clutches of Rich, pre programmed and perfect for sale.

So every once in a while, Rich would drop Angel at the motel that Frank ran his brothel business out of, and the two men would split the profit she made.

Frank ran a brothel out of a local motel in the slums just outside of the city. Frank did not own the motel, but he and the owner were close. Close enough that Frank could house his girls there and make profit, and the motel owner would get all the free sex he could handle in exchange. Business deals.

The motel was pretty run down, and the clientel was just as bad. Inside the lobby, behind the front desk was, what looked like to any average person, a doll collection. But clients understood the dolls’ true meaning. Each doll represented one girl. The dolls that stood upright were the available girls, to which clients could choose, and then be given the key to the room the girl was in. The dolls that were laying down were the girls that were currently busy with other clients.

Rich walked Angel through the back entrance of the main building. The greeted Frank, who was lounging in a chair in the staff only break room. Angel’s nostrils flared as the stench of alcohol, cigarettes, and cheap sex hit her in the face like a brick wall.

Frank smirked at her. Careful not to get in trouble, she quickly lowered her head. Looking a pimp in the eyes was a sure way to get beat. He stood, grabbed her by the neck tightly, and tilted her head up, trying to force her to look at him. She returned his force with closed eyes. She knew better than to fall for his tricks.

“Her ass is all torn up. So I’ll be back in a few days when she’s healed.”

Frank’s smirk grew. Rich headed back out to his truck.

She was trapped.

Frank let go of her roughly, almost throwing her backwards. “Room six” he hissed at her, tossing a key to her feet. She waited, not wanting to bend down and pick up the key, knowing all too well what was going to happen.

He stood there, silently.

She sighed, cautiously bending down to pick up the key. Once the key was in her hand, Frank gave a sharp and powerful kick to her rib cage. She let out a yelp, falling completely to the floor, the breath knocked out of her and replaced with sharp stabbing pain.

“Get going, bitch” he hissed, plopping back down in his chair.

Angel managed to pull herself upright and head out of the main building, down the walkway to room six. She pushed the key into the lock and twisted it open. She stepped inside the dim room and shut the door behind her.


Two days passed. Angel saw client after client; servicing them their every demand. Her body bruised and weak. She hadn’t eaten since the night Rich beat her. She managed to slip away between clients to stick her head under the bathroom faucet for a quick drink, but she never had enough time to shower, let alone sleep.

Frank visited her once. He dropped off condoms, an energy drink, and Excedrin Migraine medication. He gave her five minutes to clean herself, relax, and drink her energy drink. Then it was back to work.

Angel lost count of the men coming and going from her room. Her mind was hazy. Lack of sleep and years of mental and physical abuse takes everything in your brain and swirls it into grey mush. It makes a person numb. This is how life is, and Angel had come to accept that. Physically, she could leave if she wanted to, but mentally she was trapped. She was mentally a prisioner forever.


Collapsing on the bed, her third night at the motel, Angel closed her eyes to let her senses rest between clients. It was past midnight, and she wasn’t sure she was going to be able to do much more without falling asleep on a client.

The door clicked as a key was inserted and twisted. Angel’s eyes jolted open as she sat up to greet her next client. She did not expect the man from the PD club, the same man who was arresting a man and protitute three nights earlier, to be the one opening the door.

Bob's Frothy Adventures: Part 4

Bob and his sister were going to their seventeen year old cousin’s house. Their cousin’s name was Sam. Sam’s father had died last week in his classroom. He was found dead, riddled with bullets. A grenade had killed a student of his. Bob’s mom was driving he and his sister to spend some time with Sam. They were in their mother’s tropical sea metallic colored Toyota Corolla. When they got to their house, their mother dropped them off, and drove away. She said she was in a rush so she could bye Sam and his mother a present to make them feel better. She was partially telling the truth, but she planned to do more. She was going to give people blowjobs for ten dollars each. It wasn’t for the money, she was just a really big whore. She planned to use the money to buy the gift, even though she had enough money. Bob rang the doorbell. They were greeted by Sam and his mother. Sam’s mother was their aunt, her name was Wilma. Wilma was Bob’s mother’s sister. “Hello aunt Wilma. Hello Sam” Bob and his sister said in unison. “Hello dears” said Wilma. “Hey guys” said Sam. Bob and his sister expressed their dearest condolences for what had happened to the man of the household. Then, Wilma had to go out. She was going to plan her husband’s funeral. She said goodbye, and drove away in her crimson pearl Honda Civic sedan. Sam said that he had to go to the bathroom. Sam waited in the living room, petting Sam’s unneutured Black Lab. The dog’s name was Niggy. He knew Kajc Netersop’s Black Lab Wedey. Wedey hated Niggy because Niggy was bullying him. He bullied him because Wedey’s owners did not sexually pleasure him. Wedey was fine about not being pleasured, because he did not approve of cross species sexual relations. Bob’s sister really wanted to see Sam’s cock. She flung the bathroom door open. Sam had just finished pissing. He was shaking his dick around, to remove all of the excess urine. Sam had not yet noticed Bob’s sister. This made her so wet. She then took off all of her clothing, and started to finger her wet, sexy, amazing, pretty, young, twelve year old vagina. Sam then saw her. He soon had a 5.8 inch boner. He ripped off all of his clothes and carried Bob’s sister to the living room. He did this because he wanted to have Bob watch him fuck his little sister. Bob saw them naked, and got horny. He knew that they were going to do some sexual activities. He took off all of his clothing, revealing his hard thirteen year old penis. Sam lay down on the couch, and Bob’s sister was riding his hard cock, looking him straight in the eyes. They were moaning and groaning. Bob started jerking off Niggy’s dog penis. Niggy now had a hard canine boner. Bob lay down on the floor, and spread his legs apart. Niggy mounted him and started fucking him hard in the anus. Bob was moaning, the dog dick was pleasuring his sexy prostate. Niggy knot was expanded, and he started to shoot his sticky dog cum deep within Bob’s young bowels. Bob then had an orgasm. He moaned “I’m cuuuuming” as he cummed all over himself. When Niggy’s knot had deflated, the dog pulled out of Bob’s asshole and went over the corner to lick his dick clean. The dog penis soon retreated back into its sheath. Watching Sam fuck Bob’s sister made Bob horny and hard again. He went over and his sister started sucking his hard cock. Bob sent his semen into his sister’s throat as he moaned “AWEH”. He pulled out before he drowned her and jazzed all over her face. Bob’s sister then had an orgasm. She screamed “OH SAM AHJAH” a she sent her pussy juice all over her cousin’s pulsing penis. Sam then felt all of the fluids, and Bob’s sister vaginal walls’ clenching, on his dick. He moaned “ERUY” as he jazzed deep into her womb. They all got dressed. They then heard a beep, signaling that Bob’s mother was here. Bob’s sister then realized that Bob’s warm salty semen was still covering her young face. She ran over to Niggy, and the dog licked all of Bob’s young boy juice off of her sexy face. Bob’s mom then walked in. She felt something warm on her left cheek. She wiped it off with her finger and discovered it was semen. She quickly sucked it off her finger. She loved the arousing taste of it. It made her so wet. She was Niggy’s beautiful testicles, and longed to have Rex fuck her motherly vagina. She gave her gift to Sam. Sam opened the box, and saw that it was a Yankee Candle. It’s size was “large jar”. The scent of the candle was “Black Coconut”. Sam loved it! He thanked Bob’s mom. Everyone said bye, and Bob, Bob’s sister, and Bob’s mother got into the car. They drove back to their house. Then another car pulled into Bob’s driveway. It was a agate grey metallic Porsche 911 Carrera. Hoan Vegars got out. He was wearing a grey Confederate Army Kepi, an orange “Everything is Bigger in Texas” T-Shit, Wrangler jeans, and a brown belt with a brass oval shaped belt buckle that had the letter “CS” on it. He had purchased this belt buckle at the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia. Hoan was also wearing brown Justin Bay Apache western boots. Hoan was holding a Beretta 92 FS that was chambered in 9mm. This gun was made in the USA. At this time Sam was up in his room. When Hoan opened the door, Niggy growled at him. This was because Hoan seemed like a good Christian, something Niggy did not like. He good tell Hoan was Christian because of the golden cross necklace that Hoan had decided to wear on that day. Hoan fire one shot into Niggy’s head, killing the dog. Sam heard the gunshot, and searched his room for a weapon. Hoan walked over to the kitchen counter. He picked up the candle. This was because Hoan liked scented candles, even if they were called Yankee. Hoan picked it up, removed the cap, and smelled it. He then put the cap back down, and gently placed the candle back on the nice granite countertop. Little did Hoan know that Sam was sneaking up on him, armed with a stainless steel fork. Sam then charged at Hoan, screaming “AGHHHH!” Hoan turned around and unloaded his gun’s magazine into Sam’s chest. Sam was on the floor, dead. Hoan then walked out of the house. He got into his car, and drove away.