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Confessions from Mac the Flasher – A Serial Public Masturbator (4)

It would be a good idea to read the previous chapters as knowing some of the history involved will certainly help in understanding the underlying theme of this and any other future chapters.

As I have mentioned in an earlier chapter I’m 32 years old. What I haven’t mentioned anything about is whether or not I have a girl friend or I am married.

Well to set the record straight, I am in between girl friends and not currently married.

“No really!” I’m sure some of you may have thought or even said out loud.

“No shit Sherlock, you do surprise us”

But let me set the record straight here and now. I was married, but I’m now divorced. I was married to Carol for 2 years, until I was 30. And I have had girlfriends, I haven’t kept a count, but it’s around the 30 mark.

One night stands? Yeah sure, I’ve had some of those as well.

Even if I do say so myself, I’m not a bad looking guy and I keep reasonably fit, I may not have 6 pack, but I’m fat free and flat bellied. ( I frequently go to the gym and work out, but that’s for another chapter. )

I have a good job. I have my own house that’s all bought and paid for and still have all my own teeth too.
So I don’t have a problem getting girlfriends or even a wife. I do have a problem keeping them though.

I do enjoy sex, ( as I have mentioned in Confessions from Mac the Flasher – A Serial Public Masturbator (2) The Later Years ( Chapter 1 ) ) you know, in boring places like the bedroom.

But I also enjoy public sex very much. I like it in all the same places I like public masturbating. The beach, in parks, on trains and buses, etc, etc.

And there’s the problem, certainly not for me but any girlfriends I have had and definitely my ex wife Carol.

And that’s part the reason she is my ex wife and I’m girlfriend free.

But there is more to add to this, and the thread runs throughout all my girlfriends and Carol too.


Her name was Charlotte and she was 13 years old. With long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and her skin had a chestnut coloured tan from the long hot summer we just had.

To me, she was a beauty worthy of a Miss UK title, she was to be my first girlfriend.

Adam, my best friend for years and I had been back at school for a few weeks after the long summer holiday, getting back into the swing of things.

I no longer got my cock out at the drop of a hat to have wank in class any more, something the nuns were grateful for, and Adam too. ( He did get very embarrassed when I used to do that as did the nuns. )

But I made up for it in other ways, by just being a total arsehole in class. I was disruptive, I didn’t listen to the teachers and teased the girls and made them cry, buy grabbing their hand and rubbing my cock with it.

I was 13 and I didn’t give a fuck.

It was the 3rd week into the new school term, a Monday morning and Sister Anne was calling off our names, so she could tick us off against the register.

I was busy giving Adam a dead leg, by continuously thumping his right thigh and he was trying to give me a Chinese burn to my free hand.

“Susan Harris!” Called out, Sister Anne.

“Here Sister” Susan replied and Sister Anne duly put a tick against her name.

It would be my name next and I was ready to make some stupid reply or make a farting noise.

“Charlotte Heath!” Called out, Sister Anne.

“Here Sister” came the reply.

What? Who the fuck is Charlotte Heath? And I stopped giving Adam his dead leg and looked around to see who the new girl was. I had already decided she was next on my list of girls to tease.

I spotted her 2 desks over to my left. And my first site of her was just as I had already described her, she was looking a little scared, as a new girl she probably didn’t know anyone and had her eyes looking at Sister Anne.

And for the next 20 minutes I couldn’t take my eyes off her, my eyes switching between her face and her skirt hem which as she was sitting down rode up her thigh showing her very nice legs.

Adam continued to give me a Chinese Burn, Sister Anne had finished calling out our names for the register. I even gave the proper response when she called my name. Then she continued to tell us the day’s notices. I didn’t hear a thing after my name had been called.

I was well and truly smitten with Charlotte.

Next thing I knew was Adam kicked me in the shin to wake me from my reverie as we had to get to our first class. Math, eww.

I got up, but didn’t leave straight away. I waited for Charlotte to leave and I followed her not knowing which class she was due at and not caring either, I just wanted to be near her.

I caught up with her.

“Hi Charlotte, you new here then? What class do you have now?” I enquired, hoping it was math.

“Yes, my first day.” And pulling out her timetable and checked it, said.

“Er, math.” Room 4a.

YES! Same as me
“Same as me then. Come on I’ll show you the way.”

We had the same classes all day and sat together for most of them, I was in heaven and for the rest of the day I was a gentleman to her. No teasing, no cock rubbing.

I’ll rephrase that a bit, I was a gentleman for the rest of the day until we were walking to her house.

At lunchtime, we ate lunch together with Adam and by the first afternoon class he was teasing me because Charlotte was officially my girlfriend and I was going to go to her house after school to do our homework together.

Adam was just jealous because he fancied her too.

I couldn’t wait for school to finish.

At 3 o’clock on the button, the bell rang and the school emptied and I was holding hands with Charlotte and walking towards her house.

She told me where she lived and as it happened we didn’t live that far apart, just a couple of streets away, so I showed her the short cut through the park which takes 10 minutes off the walk should we have gone the long way around.

I liked holding her hand it felt nice, along with her skirt that even when standing ended above her knees and Charlotte’s pretty face, my cock got hard and I gave it a quick rub through my trousers.

We didn’t talk until we were in the park and walked over the bridge we needed to cross that spanned a narrow but deep and fast flowing river.

It was still daylight and was a sunny day but thick the tree canopy made it more like late evening on the other side of the bridge and quite dark.

When we crossed Charlotte stopped walking and looked in to the darkness around the trees.

“Are you ok? I asked, full of concern.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t walk through here on my own, it looks scary.”

“Nah, it’s fine. Come on, I want to show you something.” And pulled at her hand and we continued walking.

I did have an ulterior motive, my cock had been hard for 5 minutes and I needed release and I needed to get things moving along.

So we were now heading to a quiet spot among the trees. She was going to see me wank.

“is it far?” Charlotte asked.

“No not really, nearly there” as we got deeper into the tress. I gave my cock another rub.

“Have you had a boyfriend before Charlotte?”

She blushed a little, her cheeks turning a shade red and coyly answered and in a hushed tone just barely audible.

“No, you’re my first.”

I smiled and replied.

“You’re my first girlfriend, too.” Trying to put her at ease, but it was the answer I was looking for.

“So you have never seen a boys wilily then?”

“What? Er, no I haven’t.” And blushed an even deeper red and averted her eyes away from me.

We had stopped walking because we were deep into the trees at the spot I wanted to get to. It was away from the main path and no one was near.

I had smiled to myself at her embarrassment. I pressed on.

“Would you like to see mine?” looking directly at her and continued.

“It’s just that my brother said to me, that boyfriends show their girlfriends their willy. He does it to his girlfriend all the time.” He didn’t actually tell me this at all, but Charlotte wasn’t to know that.

Charlotte was still looking away from me, let go of my hand and didn’t answer.

“It will only take a minute, come on just over here.” I took hold of her hand again and led her to a large deep pile of dry dead leaves.

“Just sit there on the leaves, you don’t have to do anything. My brother also said that when a boy and a girl, just like you and me are boy and girlfriend they are in love so they have to do it.”

Charlottes cheeks were still burning red, but she did now look at me and sat down. She still hadn’t given a reply but her sitting down was the equivalent of an agreement.

I took off the bag I had over my shoulder and dropped it on to the ground along with my blazer. I slipped off my shoes and undid my trousers and was about to pull them down.

“What are you doing? Why are you taking your trousers off?”

“So I can show you my willy, it’s better this way.”

“What if someone sees us, we’ll get into trouble. I don’t want to get into trouble.”

“It’s ok Charlotte, really. No one will see us here” And I bent down and gave her a little kiss on her cheek, she tasted nice, she tasted sweet.

My cock was pushing hard to get out, Charlottes discomfort was fuel to it and getting even harder.

I finally took off my trousers and my underpants, my cock was pointing straight up, my shirt was getting in the way so I took that off too.

I stood naked infront of a sitting Charlotte and my right hand took hold of my cock near the base, my fingers wrapped around my shaft.

Charlotte looked up at my cock with a mixture of wide eyed amazement, embarrassment and asked.

“Why is your wilily hard like that?”

“Because you are my girlfriend, you are very pretty. When a boy likes a girl he gets hard like this. And when it’s hard like this it’s called a cock. And when my cock is like this I wank it like this.” I slowly started to stroke the full length of my cock.

“It feels good when I wank it, I wank it a lot, I wank it every day. I like you watching me wank my cock.”

Charlotte dropped her eyes when I said that so I dropped to my knees and stood up on them, spread my knees apart and sat back on them so my ass was on my feet.

I was still slowly stroking my cock.

Her eyes were looking at her lap where her hands were, She was uncomfortably playing with them. She was sitting crossed legged. The hem of her skirt over the top of her knees.

We were just inches apart. I let go of my cock, slightly bent forward and with my right hand I put it on her left knee and left it there for a moment.

My touch made her flinch a little.

“It’s ok Charlotte, don’t be scared.”

“I’m not scared.” She replied, but her voice stuttered just a bit, saying the opposite.

Looking at my cock, I saw some pre cum had pooled in my piss slit.

“Look at my cock Charlotte; it’s hard like this because of you, because you’re my girlfriend. And because you’re my girlfriend you can touch it”

And as I said that, my hand left her knee and took hold of the top of her left hand and guided it to my cock.

“Just hold it like you’re holding a thin can of deodorant.”

She had to lean forward from her hips, but took it gently in her hand.

“Now gently and slowly just move your hand up and down.”

She started to stroke my cock. It felt so good and a shudder of pleasure coursed through my body.

“Mmm that’s nice.”

She stopped and changed hand and continued. I put my right hand back onto her knee and rubbed my palm half way along her thigh, pushing at Charlottes skirt exposing some of her left thigh.

Her pale skin was smooth and inviting and I pulled my hand back let the tips of my fingers touch her thigh and slowly rubbed the tips over the exposed skin. It felt as good as it looked.

“Take your skirt off Charlotte.”

She let go of my cock and took her gaze from there to my face, she was biting her bottom lip.

I took both of her hands in mine and I stood up, gently coaxing her up with me.

The top of her head barely reached my chin and I stood closer and bent over and kissed her full on the lips and they were soft to the touch.

Charlotte kissed me back and I lowered my hands to her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze pulling her towards my cock and it was pressed in to her crotch.

“Take your skirt off” I repeated
She undid the button and pulled the zipper down and with very little coaxing from me I pulled it down and she stepped out of it leaving it where it fell.

I looked down to between her legs and she was wearing a pair of plain white cotton panties. To me they were the sexiest things I had ever seen and even today I don’t have any trouble getting hard just looking at something similar for sale as triple pack in a supermarket.

I took hold of my cock and ran it’s engorged head dripping with pre cum up and down those sexy panties.

It felt so hot and Charlotte shuddered as my head got close to her cunt. I had to stop or I think I would have cum there and then.

I let my cock go and it bounced back to the upright position. And I moved my hand down to her cunt.

“What do you call this?” as I tenderly rubbed her cunt through her cotton panties.

She let out a little giggle

“That tickles, stop.” Giggling again and half heartedly trying to bat my hand away

“When you tell me what you call it, I will.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Tell me.” Still gently rubbing and another little giggle left her lips.

“It’s, it’s called a..a v..agina, vagina.” As she squirmed away, out of reach of my fingers. Smile on her lips and in her eyes too.

“That’s right it is, but when boyfriend and girlfriend are like this, it’s called a cunt. Do you understand? A cunt.”

She nodded in agreement.

“What is it called Charlotte, tell me?”

Her eyes dropped down and said quietly.

“A cunt.”

“Good” I said and kissed her soft lips, as I did so I slipped off her blazer dropping it to the ground and started to unbutton her crisp white blouse, working my way down the row of small buttons.

Underneath, she had a white cotton vest that stopped a little above her belly button and trimmed with little pink flowers.

With all the buttons undone Charlotte took off her blouse and dropped it on top of her blazer.

I could now see that she had no tits at all, flat chested, but her tiny nipples were hard and visible through the cotton.

“Have you started your periods yet?” I asked her.

Her cheeks started to fill up with the redness of embarrassment again.

“No, I haven’t.” Her bottom lip was quivering a little and her face looked a little sad.

“I hope it starts soon, I really do. I want boobs and mummy said they will come when it starts. I hate my flat chest”

“I do like them like that, so don’t get them too big” smiling reassuringly at her.

“and they’re called tits, not boobs” said as my finger tips rubbing around her nipples. Then took the bottom hem of the vest and pulled it over her head. Fully exposing her chest, the flawless skin pale, her nipples small but still hard and dropped them on top of her blouse.

I bent down and licked each one with the tip of my tongue, then trailing my tongue down her chest, over her belly kneeling down as I did so.

As I got to the top of her panties my hands took hold either side of them and pulled them down her legs and Charlotte stepped out of them. I threw then on top of her vest and blouse, it was a messy pile of clothes.

Her cunt looked perfect, just a slit, no puffy lips either side of it. Not that I had seen many, apart from the few I saw over the summer holiday, but to me it was definitely perfect.

As my face was so close to it I licked it, I don’t know why but it seemed the right thing to do. I licked it from the bottom of her cunt slit to the top. It tasted nice, so I did it again.

Charlotte shuddered.

“That was nice, so nice. Do it again.”

So I did, but this time I pushed the tip of my tongue inside her cunt slit.

She shuddered again.

Her hands were now on top of my head, I think her legs may have buckled if she hadn’t had something to support her
Her breathing became a bit ragged as she said.

“Again, again, do it again.”

“You like that do you? Don’t you touch your own cunt, don’t you rub your own cunt?

“A few times, but it didn’t feel like that.”

I went back and licked it again and this time I ran a finger along her cunt slit a few times and gently pushed it inside her cunt up to the first knuckle. It felt tight moist to the touch.

Another shudder caused Charlotte’s right leg to buckle at the knee. Nearly collapsing to the ground.

“Stop, stop stop, fuck.” Her breaths quickly, panting almost and I admit I was a little shocked as well, that was the first time I had heard her swear like that.

“Sit down Charlotte, before you fall down”

She dropped to her ass like a rag doll, still panting and flopped on to her back, her chest heaving.

“Jesus girl, are you all right? I barely touched your cunt.” Half mocking, but pleased too at the reaction her cunt got from my tongue and single finger. I’ll have to remember that one.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. My God. It felt like electricity was running through my vag..cunt all the way up my body. That was amazing.”

She had the smile of the Cheshire Cat and it was infectious because I did too.

I got down onto my knees between her legs and lay on top of her, my rock hard cock grazed her cunt as I did so.

“Ah ha Oh my God!” Cried out Charlotte and held her breath. Then she started to laugh.

“That tickled, a lot!”

Taking my weight on my forearms, I bent down and kissed her. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and her arms wrap around my back. As I slipped my tongue over hers.

We stayed like that for a few minutes just kissing. Enjoying each other’s lips and the moment and trying but mostly failing to keep my cock away from her cunt. The slightest touch and her body would arch slightly.

We pulled our lips apart and gazing in to each other’s eyes, I shuffled my hips towards hers, my cock head pressed hard against her cunt. Her body arched again and she swore once more.

My cock still oozing pre cum and dribbling out on to her cunt, I took hold of my cock and rubbed it against her cunt. Spreading the pre cum all over the slit, then holding it still I pushed the head of my cock inside her cunt, just the head.

It was tight and took some effort.

Charlotte screamed out and it scared me a little.

“Shall I stop?”

“No, no, just wait a second, don’t move.” Panting hard.

Her breathing quietened down after a moment.

“Again?” She nodded her head

“Let me know when to stop, ok” Another nod.

I gently pushed again, her cunt maybe taking another inch.

“Oo, oh, it’s ok”

I pushed a bit more, maybe another inch inside her tight cunt. It did feel good, almost as good as some of my wanks.

Then I couldn’t go any further, It felt like I hit something, like a wall but soft. Then it went.

“OWWWWW!! Stop, stop.”

And I pulled out until it was just my cock head left inside.

Charlottes breaths were short and shallow.

“That hurt, but it’s getting better now, it’s ok now”

I slowly pushed my cock back inside her warm and tight cunt. But it now felt a bit wetter than before and seemed to slide back in a bit easier.

I was expecting to feel the wall again, but it had gone and I could get my cock in further than before and after a short while I couldn’t go any further. All my cock was inside her wet, tight cunt.

I pulled back half way and pushed back in. And did this slowly at first getting a bit quicker and quicker.

Charlotte had her legs wrapped around me, pushing me in and her hips came up to meet my thrusts.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck Oh God. So good” Charlotte’s head was rolling from side to side.

It was only a few minutes later and I knew I was about to cum.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and buried my cock into her cunt with my last possible stroke and orgasmed, my cum spurt out in a single long shot.

Charlotte’s head was still rolling from side to side, shouting and swearing.

My breathing was heavy as was Charlotte’s, her legs dropped to the ground and my shrinking cock slipped out of her cunt and we just laid there until we got our breath back and she had stopped swearing, but her mouth open taking in big lungfuls of air.

I gave her a kiss on her lips and sat up. Looking at my cock it was covered with a mixture of cum and a little blood and Charlottes cunt was dripping out the same.

She now had puffy cunt lips

Charlotte sat up, her face was flushed her hair a mess and a few leaves, which I pulled out for her.

I went to my bag and pulled out a pack of tissues and took a couple out and offered Charlotte the pack which she took and removed a few and cleaned up her cunt.

She saw the little blood mixed with my cum.

“Blood?” she looked worried as she said it.

“It will be fine, don’t worry it usually happens first time apparently.“

She didn’t say anything and cleaned herself up with the tissues and I did the same to my deflated cock.

She looked over and started to laugh.

“Not so big now is it?” and laughed.

“ You cheeky cow and rushed over to her holding the dirty tissue over her face.

“No, no , yuck, yuck.” Still laughing and twisting her head to get away from it.

“Say you’re sorry, say it.“ Waving the tissue over her face.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry” In between big belly laughs.

I walked over to my clothes, turned around and flicked my dirty tissue at her.

It had hit her leg leaving behind a smear of pink cum as it bounced of and dropped to the ground

“Eww” she shouted and I started laughing and got dressed.

“Pig” she said and got dressed herself and I stuck out my tongue at her.

“ I was a good Catholic girl when I went to school this morning and a day with you and I’m wiping your cum off my cunt, Father Anthony will have a heart attack in confessional when I tell him.”

I laughed and replied.

“Well you go first then, coz if he does croak I won’t have to go.”

We finished dressing and got ourselves together and made our way to Charlotte’s house.

“What time does your mum get home?” I asked Charlotte.

“About 4” looking at her watch.

“Damn it, it’s 4 now. She’ll be mad if I’m not home when she gets there. Can I just go home on my own, maybe not a good idea to have a boy in tow first day at a new school, especially one who had his cock in my cunt. I’m going to have to try and get my panties secretly washed so she doesn’t see anything on them as well?”

“Tell you what, “ I said

“take’em off and I’ll get them washed for you today and get them back to you tomorrow, ok?”

“Any excuse to get my knickers off eh. But thanks” and she slipped them off and gave them to me. I held them to my nose and sniffed them.


“Mmm love that sweaty cunt smell” I said smiling and stuffed them into my pocket.

We walked to the park gate. Charlotte knew her way from here.

“See ya hear at 8.30?” She asked.

“You bet” She gave me kiss and ran home. I saw her go around the corner and disappear.

“ADAM!” I shouted.

“You can come out now”

“Fuck me, mate you fucking fucked her, I saw everything, when your cock went into her cunt, I cum myself. I thought you might have heard it moaned so loud. I thought you were just going to wank and cum on her!” Adam was incredulous.

“Yeah I was mate, but you saw her. She didn’t put up much of a fight about it. Popped her cherry, blood and everything” I was laughing.

“Oh before I forget” I pulled out her panties, waving them infront of Adam’s face.

“Bonus!” I said.

“Wanna sniff ‘em? Look cum and blood. “ Pointing to it
Adam’s face was a picture. And taking them from my hand held them up to his nose and took a deep breath.

“Mmm, nectar” he said, handing them back to me.

“Keep them mate.” Laughing.

We walked to my house, our arms over each other’s shoulders, going over the after school’s activity of the day.

2 weeks later Charlotte and I split up, no she broke up with me.

We fucked most days up until then, or I would wank and cum on her if we didn’t have time for various reasons.

But the reason we split up was, I told her Adam had seen us fucking that first time and very time since. And after a few days, another 5 friends were watching too. I should have sold tickets.

That kinda freaked her out.

I don’t think she ever talked to me again for the remainder of our time at school.



Gosh! She's got the right forms in the right places!
Not tall, slim, blond hair, blue eyes that I've seen in a flash!…
If she won't take the same bus as the one that I'm waiting for, I shall just take my chances, even if I'm to waste one or two hours wandering around the town…
The industrial area is situated into a forest, with only three enterprises.
How come I haven't seen her before?!?
I just cannot try to make any moves here, since there are so many people who know me…
So, I'll just be waiting for the bus…
Here it is!
She smoothly climbs on, so that I just follow her.
After a trip of twenty minutes, she prepares to get down…
Unfortunately, some ladies that I know do the same…
I follow her, from a distance…
Luckily, she just goes towards a tram station, and, more luckily, no other people that I know follow the same direction…
By now, she's clearly noticed my presence – now, this is it! Either she will ignore me, giving me the signal to go fuck myself, either she will just be waiting for my move…
We get into the tram. I approach her: “Hi, how come I haven't seen you before?”
“Fact is that I'm new here and also, this isn't the usual hour when I leave”…
We introduce ourselves – she's Jenny, and she works at an enterprise just beside the one where I work…
She's been working there for only two months, or something…
She isn't from Bucharest – she's rented a room in the neighbourhood of the place where I live…
“Why did you choose this area? It's quite expensive! Anyway, much more expensive than if you would have chosen to wake up with only ten, or fifteen minutes earlier!”…
“Yeah! So I've heard! But my room mate is coming from the same village from where I come, and my parents have insisted that I should stay with her”…
“Well, she's engaged to be married, and my parents have considered that she will take good care of me”…
“So, what kind of a person is she?”
“Oh, she's absolutely OK! She's even told me that, if I get myself a boyfriend, she just wouldn't tell my parents”…
“In that case, she seems to be a nice person – anyway, you are no longer eighteen, as I can guess”…
“No, I'm nineteen – in fact, in a few months, I shall be twenty!”
She looks at me and gives me a beautiful smile.
“Right!” I say “What if we take a stroll in the park? Or, eventually, have a beer at the terrace?”
“I'd love to, but I need first to go home”…
So we get down from the tram, I show her where I live, and arrange to see her again in an hour.

I go home, grab something to eat, take a shower, and prepare myself – I get some shorts, a teeshirt, and the badminton rockets…
The hour passes by, slowwwwwly! Very slowly!
Here she is, five minutes before the time, in a short and a teeshirt – both are white, but I'm sure that she isn't a virgin…
We get into the park, start playing, and I realize that she really knows nothing about badminton…
But, she seems to be a good learner, so that after an hour or so, full of perspiration, we decide to put an end to it.
“Now, Jenny, since you've been such a serious and good pupil, let me buy you a beer!”
We go at the terrace, grab some sausages and fried potatoes, and, of course, some beers…
I tell her that I'm freshly divorced, but, still, don't hate women…

We go at her place, take the elevator, than she unlocks the door at her apartment and we get in…
We don't want to, but we cannot help hearing:
Oh, ahh, no! Yes! Give it to me! Don't stop! Yessss! Like that! Yesssss! Yesssss!”
The apartment is composed of a living and two bedrooms…
The door at her room mate's bedroom is ajar, and we can clearly hear the inhabitants…
“Now, bitch! Slut! Whore! Turn around and suck this fucking dick! Let me stick it down your fucking throat! I'm gonna make you puke! You, slut, bitch, whore!”…
“Oh, no, not that hard! You know that if I don't puke, I will surely have red eyes until tomorrow!”…
“Now, bitch! Take it!
…” And some more mumblings that I cannot hear…
Jenny turns completely red, and whispers:
“God! I've forgotten to ring the bell before entering! As Donna has asked me to!”
I take her by her hand, and, smoothly, take her out of the apartment…
She raises her hand to ring the bell.
I stop her: “No! Let them have their enjoyment! Don't spoil it!”
Than, I just start kicking the tip of my shoe with my badminton rocket…
After ten minutes or so, I make a sign and Jenny rings the bell, than unlocks, again, the door.
We get in.
Donna is a nice short brunette, with long hair, in her middle twenties, with very dark green eyes…
I can see that she hasn't had time to wash away her ruined mascara from her cheeks…
Anyway, she's satisfied! At least, I can see and say that!
We take seats in the living, and here appears Sam, in his uniform – he's a petty officer and he's wearing his uniform, being clearly frustrated by our appearance…
Donna serves us with some egg cocktails and tries to be nice…
She clearly is embarrassed by my presence…
Sam leaves, and, after ten minutes, or so, I leave too.
I am to see Jenny tomorrow, the same place and hour…

The second day, we just follow the same routine, with the difference that this time, I just invite Jenny to come at my place and listen to some music…
She accepts, and I have the opportunity to realize that she doesn't know how a whiskey is tasting, a Martini, a Riccadonna, so I just let her taste each, until she clearly has some balance problems…
I let her be, and, around eleven o'clock in the evening, I just take her at her place, this time reminding her to ring the bell…
Donna is alone, and clearly ogling at me…
I just smile, say my good byes, and leave.
I stay in bed and think: tomorrow, either Jenny won't come at all, either she will, this time, probably asking me to fuck her…
The way things are going, I'm sure that if Jenny won't come along, Donna will surely want to see how “interesting” I can be…
All right! The night goes by, I go at work, and, in the afternoon, I grab something to eat, than wait…
I look at the clock, and decide that if, by five fifteen, Jenny won't appear, I shall go at her place…
No worries! At five minutes to five, the door bell rings. It's Jenny!
I have the badminton rockets ready and I take Jenny to the park…
We come back home, I go at the kitchen to prepare some sandwiches and something to drink.
Jenny shyly asks me if she can take a shower. I give her a large towel and a bath robe…
In twenty minutes, she comes back, wearing the bath robe and, in her arms, her clothes in a pile…
She grabs a glass with wine, and goes to sit on the edge of the bed…
The folds of the robe open, so that I can see her thighs!
Seeing that, I just turn my head and “admire” the block of flats across the road…
After a minute, or so, Jenny stands up and goes at the window, looking at the traffic…
I go beside her, with my glass in my hand, say cheers and take a sip…
Jenny is still insistingly watching the traffic…
“Is it something wrong, Jenny?”
She turns a little, looks insistingly at my chest, and asks:

“Well, you tell me! Is it anything wrong with me?!? Or, is it anything wrong with you, with your divorce and everything!”…
“What do you mean?!?”
“Well, it's the third day since we are spending such a long time together… I cannot sleep, and keep asking myself why you don't, at least, try anything with me!”…
“Jenny, I've been married for some time and, honestly, I cannot take no for an answer – if I make my move towards a woman, I honestly expect her to be open and willing!”…
“All right than! So, what am I supposed to do?!?”
“For starters, let's just close the curtains, and you take off your robe”…
She starts laughing, steps back from the window, and takes off her robe…
I just take care that nobody can see what is happening in my room, than turn around and embrace Jenny.
I start by kissing her forehead, her eyes, her nose, than get to business at her mouth – she isn't trained in kissing, but she's a good learner – I keep on pushing my tongue between her mouth's lips and try to play with her tongue…
Than, I get down at her neck, her ears, than back at her neck – I can feel that she's ready.
I take off in a frenzy my clothes and, nice and easy, lay her on the bed…
She spreads her wings and I just stick my dick inside her – to my surprise, she's deep and large, and, please believe me, my dick isn't little!
She's showering my dick with fluids! She's just silent, but keeps pushing back at every push I give her…
I grab her legs, put them on my shoulders, and finally I get to feel her cervix with the tip of my dick.
She's surprised! She humms a little, than, again, gets silent…
I realize that this is new for her, so I just keep kicking her cervix – this may give her pleasure or pain – I cannot tell yet, but she will surely let me know, sooner or later…
Suddenly, she starts yumming – she's clearly having an orgasm! I also feel my balls reacting to this, so that I just withdraw my dick and spray my jizz on her belly…
Jenny is obviously disgusted! She makes a face that clearly shows that she hates what is happening to her…
I grab a napkin from a drawer beside the bed and start cleansing her – she grabs the napkin from my hand and continues cleaning the jizz from her belly, rubbing it frantically…
I just say:”Sorry, but I was so full, I just couldn't help it”…
“No! I am sorry! I should have told you that I cannot stand sperm on my skin!”…
I took her by the hand and leaded her to the bathroom. We took a shower, and, with me fully erect, came back to my room.
I've let Jenny sit on the edge of my bed, and, obviously, let her realize that I want her to suck my dick…
She started to caress my dick with her nose, her chins, avoiding to get close with her mouth to my dick…
“Suck it hon!”
“Mmmmmm no! I won't! I cannot do it!”…
She's clearly not a fan of sucking the cock!…
I don't insist – I just lay her on her back, and stick, again, my dick inside her cunt – a really very large and wet cunt!
It doesn't take more than a minute to her to have a huge orgasm again…
I keep on digging, this time putting some friction between our pelvic bones.
I make sure I rub her clit, so that in a few minutes she's orgasming again!…
I keep on digging and rubbing, until she orgasms again, and again, and again…
After more than a half of an hour, I feel that I'm gonna give some jizz…
“So, Jenny, I need to cum again! This time, where will it be?!?”
“Hmmmmm! I'm not on any pill! But you can try to see if you can enter back there…
Please, be gentle! Cause it has always hurt!”…

I stop pumping and hammering, and, gently withdraw, than start looking for the entrance up her ass.
The entrance is tight. Real tight!
The wetness of her cunt is surely more than enough, but she is real tight…
I try with a finger, than my thumb – she's real wet, but… tight!
Jenny is tense – real tense…
“Honey! Relax! If you don't, it will be some pain!”…
“Don't mind me! Just do your thing!”…

Jenny starts, silently, crying…
Her beautiful eyes are a fountain of tears… Silent tears…
I realize that if I don't push myself, I shall be, very soon, limp…
With her legs up to the ceiling, I withdraw my dick from her cunt, and aim it's tip towards the entrance of her ass… I stick it there, and, with no hurry, start pushing…
Jenny starts crying louder: “It hurts! It reaaaaaaly hurts! It's painful!”…
I can feel her ass sphincter with the head of my dick, but I push – I keep on pushing!
“Let me turn!”…
I suddenly stick out my dick and let Jenny turn on her fours…
I get on my knees, and stick my dick up her ass – I really don't care about her pain – my balls are boiling and I need to ejaculate – I don't really care if it hurts her, or not…
She makes no moves, but keeps complaining:
“Gosh! It hurts! YOU are hurting meeeee! You are sooooo big! It hurts! I'm in pain!”…
“Do you want me to stop?”
“No, but please make it finish quick!”…

Hearing this, I really don't care if I hurt her! I just push, trying to make myself finish sooner, and… suddenly my jizz is exploding!
I can clearly see that Jenny is wasted…
I raise from the bed, and go to the bathroom to wash.
Jenny doesn't come.
I go back to my room, to find Jenny sleeping (or pretending to be sleeping)…
At five o'clock in the morning, Jenny asks me to take her at her place…
Donna is expecting us, dressed in a bath robe…
They look into each other's eyes, and than, in a whisper, Jenny says:
“He's big! Much too big!”
Donna approaches the door, gently pushes me out, saying “Thank you for bringing her home!”…
Than, she just shuts the door…
I get back home, take another shower, and wait for the time to go to work…
I cannot help myself thinking about Donna…
I'm almost sure that, by now, Jenny is history…