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The Terror of the Incubus

What is it about the night that amplifies our fears?

Perhaps it is a primal instinct, born in a time when our ancestors huddled in caves for protection against noctural predators that posed a real and tangible threat to their very lives.

Perhaps it is the darkness, a neutralizing of our primary sense that turns the otherwise familiar world around us into a world of shadows, a world of mystery, a world of the unknown.

Perhaps it is the silence, a time of reflection on all the worries we managed to push to the back of our minds in the din and cacophony of the waking day. Worries about our well-being. Worries about the future. Worries about our own mortality. All brought to the forefront, ignored by the fading conscious mind yet seized upon by the subconscious, scrambled together and transformed into ghosts, goblins, and demons.

Or perhaps we fear the night so much because there really are demons out there.

* * *

The sun set over an ordinary house in an ordinary town. It could have been any house, and any town. Certainly there was nothing unusual about either. There were no claims that the house was haunted. There were no reports of supernatural activity in the town.

The house had one resident, a young woman who was no more unusual than the place where she lived, except that she was quite beautiful. She had soft, blond hair that almost glowed when the light struck it just right. Her eyes were a deep blue that gave her the appearance of always being excited, always enjoying herself. This was complemented by her full lips that seemed always turned up in the corners in a half smile.

She had a lovely body too, a full chest and slender waist with the perfect amount of curves. She was a vision of loveliness, a fine target for any nocturnal predator with more than food on its mind.

With the setting of the sun came the slowing of the pace of modern life. She had spent her day in work, and her evening in relaxation, like so many countless people the world over. And now, with the hour growing late, she prepared for bed. Like many women, she had a routine that she followed in preparation for bedtime. She spent a few minutes in the bathroom washing her face and changing into a long, white nightgown, then returned to the bedroom. Climbing into bed, she reached for a paperback book on the nightstand to keep her company until she felt sleep start to overtake her. She opened the book and read for a while, completely unaware of what lay in store for her tonight.

The last rays of sun faded to darkness, leaving the light in her room the only defense against the pitch black of the nocturnal world. It did not occur to her to think of it that way, at least, not while the light surrounded her. But she was gradually growing drowsy until finally she yawned, stretched, and set the book down. She pulled the cord on the bedside lamp that provided the only light in her bedroom, then found a comfortable position to lie in and closed her eyes.

When the lights went out, the demon moved. He had been lurking in the shadows, waiting for this moment. Very slowly, he inched his way toward the bed and the reclining woman. He would not take her until she fell asleep, however. Dreams were his realm, and he could have no power over her until those dreams filled her mind.

And so he paused when he reached the bed, standing silent and unmoving beside her. He had infinite patience; he could wait all night if he had to.

If she had opened her eyes at that moment, she might have caught the briefest of glimpses of this nightmare creature before he vanished in a puff of imagination. He vaguely resembled a human, though not tall, standing less than four feet when stretched out to his fullest. His face was human enough, though gnarled like an old oak tree. Horns protruded from the top of his head, which, combined with his wide, grinning mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and long pointed ears, gave him a devilish look. His eyes, peering out from beneath a pair of thick, bushy eyebrows, stared with a frightful and unblinking gaze at his next victim. A thin but coarse layer of fur covered him from the top of his head down to the claws at the bottom of his double-joined legs.

He could have been any number of demons. Few people had ever seen one and fewer still could identify them by sight or description. But he had one feature that clearly gave him away. Between his legs hung a monstrous thing, much longer and wider than that of most men. A full foot it was in its current flaccid state, yet capable of growing another six inches when aroused. The demon was made for one purpose, and one purpose only: to creep into the beds of unsuspecting young ladies at night and have his way with them. He had no given name, but men and women alike called him incubus.

His eyes, capable of seeing in even the deepest and darkest pits of the nether realm, wandered the room, taking in the details but caring nothing for them. If he had more depth to his feelings, he might be interested in the bottle of expensive perfume on top of her dresser, or the classic murder mystery paperback on her night stand, or the large painting of a horse's head on the wall. He might care that she took care in not only her appearance but also her smell, that she loved to read old books, or that she had an affinity for horses. But his was a single-minded purpose. He cared only for her body.

The woman on the bed yawned and shifted her position. It would not be long now. Her consciousness was slowly fading. He could tell because as she gradually slipped further and further toward the dream realm, he felt his power over her growing. Soon she would be completely under his spell, unable to move. Then he would take her as he had taken thousands of women before, consummating his passion without restraint or remorse. She might remember it as a dream, or she might not remember it at all. A nightmare, she might call it, and dismiss it as such. If he enjoyed the pleasure of her flesh, he might even visit her again, creeping once more into her dreams.

When the demon felt his power at its maximum, he moved once again toward her. She was now frozen, and would remain that way until he finished his lusty business and released her. Her body was now fully his to do with as he would.

As he climbed onto the bed, her white nightgown began to melt away. Clothing was an obstacle to his satisfaction, and therefore disappeared when his power reached its peak. Nothing could possibly stand in his way now.

He reached out with one of his clawed hands and stroked her neck, enjoying the silky smooth feel of her feminine flesh. He snifed once, taking in her sweet odor, made all the sweeter by her growing fear. She sensed him now. That was good. Her terror would enhance his delight.

His hand wandered lower along her now nude body. He cupped one of her breasts in his hand, giving it a firm squeeze. His mouth opened in a grin, and his long, pointed tongue slithered out. He bent over her sleeping form and let his tongue run over her chest, seeking out her nipples. The woman gave a weak gasp at the contact, all she could manage in her paralyzed state. The incubus loved to hear such sounds; it meant that although her conscious mind had no control over her body, she could still react to his touch. He preferred when their bodies had a little life to them. Most women were completely petrified, lying there immobile as he took them. This one was different.

He lay his head down against her chest, listening for her heart beat. There it was, pounding rapidly, no doubt in horror. She would not soon forget this night!

While he was there, he turned his head and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Teasing it with his tongue, he felt it hardening between his lips. That would add one more dimension to her terror: guilt. She would know that she was not supposed to enjoy this, and yet her body was already betraying her true feelings. If he did his job well, she might even climax, the ultimate humiliation. Yes, he was going to enjoy this quite a lot.

The incubus let his hands and tongue run over her soft flesh for a few minutes longer. No need to rush things; he had all night. For now he was content to just toy with her, letting her fear and arousal grow, merging together into one emotion.

His hand wandered slowly down her body, tracing down her abdomen to her thigh. She squirmed at the contact, perhaps a bit ticklish, though not as ticklish as some women he had seduced. He remembered one woman who laughed out loud while still asleep.

With surprising gentleness for a demon of the night, he stroked her thigh, running his hands from her hip to the inside of her leg and back again. He watched for the telltale signs of her growing arousal. He could just take her against her will if he was so inclined, but that was never as satisfying as warming her up first. A woman forced might suppress the memory of his visit. A woman who derived at least some enjoyment out of it in the midst of her terror would never forget. She might remember it as just a nightmare, horrifying yet thrilling. But remember it she would.

A whimper escaped the woman's lips. The incubus grinned. So she was a vocal one. That was good. She might even be a screamer. Women often screamed when he left and released them from their paralysis. It was a rare woman that screamed during the act itself. It would be a subconscious scream, a reflexive action brought on by abject terror mixed with sexual ecstasy, an instinct so strong that it overrode his paralyzing power, breaking through the barrier that kept her silent and unmoving. It would be one of the most intensely emotional experiences of her life.

The incubus brought his nose down toward the junction between her legs and sniffed. She was giving off that odor that he loved so much, the smell of a woman aroused, mixed with a touch of perspiration. Some women only smelled of cold sweat, and no matter how patiently he tried to excite them sexually, they remained hard and frigid. It was like trying to seduce an ice cube.

This one was different, he could tell. If not her mind, then at least her body was deriving some pleasure out of his caresses. She was probably hating herself for feeling this way, shamed that she could enjoy this vile abuse from such a terrifying creature. Shame, fear, and arousal. Before he was though, she would know each like she had never known them before, and they would be so tied together that she would not be able to tell the difference. He grinned once agin at the thought.

His mouth opened and his tongue extended, reaching out for that delightfully tasty spot between her legs. It made contact with the tiny ridge above her slit, and her body jerked. He almost cackled with glee. No frigid ice cube, this one! It would be a rare treat to mount her and feel her body writhing beneath him.

But she was not ready for that just yet, and neither was he. True, he could take her right now, but he was having too much fun to rush it. He wanted to savor the pleasure of her body for as long as possible.

He let his impossibly long tongue wander all over the area between her legs, causing her to squirm even more. She continue to whimper, even beginning to moan a little. It might be from fear or it might be from arousal, or more likely it was from both. She herself probably didn't even know. It didn't matter, as far as the incubus was concerned. All he cared about was the delightful sound. To him, it was the sweetest music in the world.

Faster and faster he licked her, and the movement of her body grew more wild. He sought out the hole within the folds of her womanhood and pressed his tongue in, tasting the ecstasy of her excitement. She was leaking like crazy now, and he lapped it up hungrily, a delicious and intoxicating nectar. He was an addict, unable to control himself and not wishing to.

The woman's body suddenly stiffened, and the incubus realized he had taken things too far. He had not been trying to push her over the top; he had merely wanted to prepare her for the penetration. With the sudden climax behind her, her body might not be so energetic when he took her.

It could not be helped now. She was clearly as prepared as she was going to get. He withdrew his tongue grudgingly, despite being eager to take things to the next level.

The incubus crawled on top of the sleeping woman, and he heard her gasp as his swollen manhood pressed between her legs. He pressed forward, feeling the tip pass through the outer lips. Her body opened to him, and despite the sheer girth of his member, he felt it slipping inside.

The woman whimpered again, no doubt horrified at the violation. That made it all the better, as far as the incubus was concerned. It wouldn't be anywhere near as fun with a willing victim.

He continued pressing deeper into her until he knew she could take no more. It wasn't his intention to cause physical harm to her; he would leave her here terrified but unharmed. He always left them in the same state that he found the, just in case he decided to visit them again another night.

It felt wonderful to be finally inside her. Her body had accepted him surprisingly easily, yet her warm tunnel gripped him tightly. It was the sensation that he lived for, literally. Sex was to him as necessary as food was to a man.

He pulled out a few inches, then speared back in. The woman gasped again, and the incubus grinned. Despite her previous climax, she was still aroused. Her body responded as he had hoped when he fell into a rhythm of thrusting inside her. She writhed beneath him as well as she could in her paralyzed state. Perhaps she was trying to escape. Perhaps her movements came from a primal terror rather than illicit excitement. What a delicious thought.

The incubus had amazing stamina, and if he wished, he could keep this up for hours. Many a woman had gotten no rest the night that he visited them, even in their sleep. He considered going for one of those marathon sessions tonight. With such a lively girl, it would be pleasurable enough. He could rape her until the first glimmer of the dawn forced him to retreat. But his mood had been spoiled by his previous mistake. He had hoped for a perfect night, but that chance had already passed. That would have to wait for another opportunity.

He didn't try to keep going. He let himself enjoy the thrilling pleasure of her body, but his heart wasn't in it as much as it could have been. He still loved the squirming motions her body made beneath him, and the cries of intense pleasure mingled with unholy terror that excaped her throat. It was an animalistic cry, almost inhuman. That sound meant that he had stripped her of all humanity and reduced her to a creature of sensation, instinct, and passion. No room for conscious thought left in that head of hers. Tomorrow she would become a woman again, but tonight she was just an animal.

His lust consumed him as well, although he had never been much more than an animal anyway. The world of unbridled passion untempered by conscience or social responsibility, that was his world. He reveled in it, gloried in the profane darkness of sexual frenzy.

And so he let himself go, losing himself in the wild ecstasy without holding anything back. He attacked the woman ferociously, a wild beast in the throes of passion. She was nothing to him but a means to an end, an object, a toy, a tool for deriving pleasure.

Yet he himself was little more than that. He had lost all conscious thought and become a mass of physical sensations. There was nothing left of the incubus but those sensations, a bundle of exploding nerves.

Then at some point a thought intruded on that soulless mass of pleasure. He needed to put an end to it eventually, so that he could rest in preparation for starting the cycle again tomorrow night. He fought down the instinct to keep going forever, and let time continue on its relentless course.

He pushed himself to take it to the final level, to cross that threshold. His frenzy reached a peak and he felt the fiery heat of his passion building to an explosive finish. It was the climax of his nocturnal adventures, the treasure that drew him back night after night, the sole purpose of his existence. He welcomed the oncoming torrent, enbraced it, loved it.

He let out a wild roar as it overtook him. Through the haze of his climax he heard another scream mimicking his own. Demon and woman blended their voices in a violent and profane chorus, the sound of ultimate pleasure.

Then the moment passed, and the incubus collapsed on top of the woman. Her breaths came in heavy gulps, and he felt a thin sheen of sweat covering her entire body. She had enjoyed it more than she would probably admit to herself, and likely hated herself for it.

He dismounted her then, and as he crept away, the world returned to the way it had been before his visit. Her nightgown reappeared in the same way it had vanished earlier. Her subconscious mind was already rearranging her memory of the event so that she thought it was a dream. Even the signs on her body of his penetration had cleared away. An incubus never left any tangible proof of his presence; perhaps he truly was just a nightmare. Dream or reality, it made no difference to him. He had no need to question the nature of his existence.

The instant he released the woman from paralysis, she gasped and sat straight up in bed, her face flushed and breast heaving. She reached for the light switch, and a moment later the room lit up as bright as day. But the demon had already vanished, hiding once more in the darkest shadows of the night.

But the incubus was not finished with her. She would have the honor of being visited by him two nights in a row.

* * *

The sun rose on another day. The world came alive, and bad dreams were pushed aside in the confused pandemonium of wakefulness. It was a time that the incubus both hated and loved. He loved it because people forgot the terrors of the night, leaving them unprepared for when those terrors returned. He hated it because there was no room in the world of the daytime for a demon of the night, and he was forced to flee to nether realms where day never came, waiting for sunset and a new night to give him new power.

But the cycle was endless and infinite, so he sat motionless in the dark, knowing that his time would come again. And it did, just as inevitably as the dawn. With the setting of the sun, the incubus arose once more from his dormant state, returning to the same house and the same bedroom as before. He had yet to achieve true satisfaction with the woman, and so he waited in the shadows again, watching in anticipation as she performed her bedtime routine in preparation for sleep. She would find no comfort in sleep though, for he would once again haunt her dreams and take her as his own. Once more he would mount her, using her body for his own fiendish pleasure.

The woman finished her nightly ritual and climbed into bed, reading some more in her book until her eyelids began to droop. She returned the book to her night stand, then pulled the chain on the lamp, filling the bedroom with darkness and bringing the incubus out of his hiding place.

The demon crept slowly forward, watching again for the telltale signs of her slumber and the building of his power. He would take her more quickly this time, not giving her a chance to pass the point of no return before he entered her. He had made the mistake of drawing things out too long last night, a mistake he would not repeat tonight.

Her breathing slowed, and he watched the hypnotic rising and falling of her chest until he felt his power reach its peak. She was asleep now, and ready for him. Her bedsheets and clothes melted away as the paralysis overtook her, exposing her nubile young body to his lustful gaze.

He climbed onto the bed then, lowering his head to take in her sweet aroma. He was going to enjoy himself immensely tonight.

His tongue slipped from his mouth, running all over her body. He clutched one of her breasts in his hand, toying with the nipple until it hardened. Her breathing grew more intense and her body began to squirm as it had last night. Good! She was growing excited.

The incubus played with her other nipple for a while until it poked upward like the first, then he leaned back to admire his handiwork. There was no sight so pleasurable to him as a woman aroused. He gazed down at her beautiful nude body for a minute or two, then leaned down and planted a kiss between her breasts.

He did not often kiss women, on the lips or elsewhere, but this was a special case. This woman was different; she responded to his touches with eagerness, almost willingness despite the horror she must feel at his presence. He might even visit her a dozen more times before growing bored with her and moving onto his next victim.

He moved his head lower along her body, kissing his way down to that blissful spot between her legs. He let his tongue touch that spot, reveling in the moistness that he found there. Her body reacted almost eagerly, her muscles tensing and her her hips thrusting upward. He savored the sweet nectar of her arousal as she began to whimper in fear or pleasure, or more likely both.

The incubus was careful not to push things too far tonight. He paid close attention to the signals coming from her body, and he knew when it was time to move on to the main event. He withdrew his tongue, then again mounted her. She cried out as the tip of his swollen member made contact with her, and he pressed forward slowly and eagerly. Her lips parted, and he felt the warmth of her depths enveloping him. It was a tight fit, which made the pleasure all the more intense.

He began to thrust repeatedly into her, at first plunging deeper inside with every motion until he could go no further. He rolled his hips forward and back, and her hips rose up to meet him each time. She would not be able to deny that at least part of her enjoyed this, no matter how much the rest of her feared him. And why not? He was an incubus, designed for just one purpose. He had devoted many lifetimes to that purpose; naturally he was as good as the most talented man, perhaps even better.

Over and over he pressed into her, fulfilling that purpose with enthusiasm and delight, even glee. To refuse himself that satisfaction would not even occur to him; it would be completely contrary to his nature in the same way it would be contrary to the nature of a man to refuse to breathe.

The sounds from the woman's throat had grown steadily from whimpers to moans, and now finally to screams. The incubus listened in delight to that profane symphony, like the most beautiful music. She was lost now in the throes of passion, which built within them both until it was almost unbearable. As one, they hit their peak, their bodies writhing and thrashing in unholy climax until the wave overtook them and passed them by, leaving them both panting in exhaustion and bliss, the tingling of their nerves evidence of the dance of lust they had just engaged in.

Satisfied with his conquest, he climbed off of her and released her from paralysis, letting her gown fade back onto her body. Once again, she sat up in bed, but just as the incubus was about to fade out of sight, she reached for something on her night stand and tossed it at him. He felt something cold and thin drop around his neck then tighten snugly. The lights in the room came on, but he was horrified to discover that he could not vanish.

For several seconds, the incubus and the woman stared at each other in shock, the tension in the air palpable. Something had gone horribly wrong, he realized. Never before had a woman had more than a brief glimpse of him before he vanished. Her waking should have been enough to drive him from her sight, and the lights should have made him disappear instantly. What had changed that?

Then the look of shock on the woman's face vanished, replaced by a big grin. "Oh, you're so CUTE!" she exclaimed with glee.

Cute? What was that supposed to mean?

"Last night you made me feel like a woman," she told him. "It was the best I've ever experienced. Oh, I was frightened at first, but it felt so good that I completely forgot my fear and just enjoyed it. I decided then and there that I just had to have you for my own, so I did my research to figure out how to catch you."

The incubus continued to stare at her, a knot forming in his stomach as he thought about where this conversation was headed.

"You're an incubus, right?" she asked.

He said nothing.

"The strong, silent type," she continued. "I like that. Anyway, I couldn't find anything in my reading about how to catch an incubus, so I took a chance with silver. It seems to work for vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural creatures, so I figured it was worth a shot."

He glanced down at the loop around his neck, noting that it was a loop of silver cord, the other end grasped firmly in her hand. Silver! That explained it. She had trapped him with a silver chain! This was horrible! He couldn't remove it. He couldn't escape. He couldn't even vanish when the lights came on.

The grin once more returned to her face, and she pounced on him. He tried to run, but she grabbed him and squeezed him to her chest in a bear hug.

"Oh, we're going to be so happy together!" she exclaimed. "Just wait till I show you off to my girlfriends. They'll be so jealous! Daddy will be overjoyed that I found someone to make me happy, and I just know Mom's going to adore you. Oh, they'll be surprised at first that you're a demon. But they've always been open-minded, and I'm sure it won't take them long to warm up to you."

The incubus struggled against her, trying to get away. This couldn't be happening. It must be a bad dream. A nightmare. Could an incubus have a nightmare? He had caused enough of them himself, but he had never been the recipient of one.

She finally released him, but only to grab him by the cheeks, draw him in, and plant a big smooch on his lips.

"We'll have to get you some clothes, of course," she said. "We can't have you running around naked. Tomorrow we'll go shopping."

Shopping? He hated shopping. Or at least, he thought he did, although he had done it before. But wearing clothes would be torture. It would put one more obstacle between himself and the fair skin of the young damsels he liked to seduce.

"But there's one thing you should know," she said. "I've always wanted a June wedding, so we'll have to wait for summer. I hope that's all right with you."

Wedding? She couldn't be serious!

"It will be absolutely the most spectacular wedding ever! Tomorrow after we're done shopping, we'll start working on a guest list. Does an incubus have a family? Never mind; I'll invite enough for both of us. Oh! I just realized, you'll have to get a job, because you'll need to pay for a ring. We can go look at rings tomorrow too."

A job? The incubus didn't need a job! His job was to creep into women's bedrooms at night and have sex with them. And he was damn good at it!

"And then we'll settle down in a nice house and have lots of children. I wonder what they'll look like? If they look anything like you, they'll be the most adorable children ever! Oh, I can't wait!"

Settle down? Children? That did it. The incubus screamed, a sound that he had never made before. He had made plenty of women scream, but the only sound he had ever made himself was a lusty and triumphant roar in the heat of passion. He struggled again, trying desperately to escape. He didn't want to settle down! He didn't want to have children! He just wanted to disappear back out into the night to find another lovely young maiden to seduce. Why couldn't she just let him go?

"We'll have none of that," she insisted. "If you're going to sleep with me, you'll have to face the consequences. I'm not just a one-night stand; I demand a more permanent relationship. But don't you worry your cute little head about it. I just know we'll be so happy together."

She reached over to the light switch and turned it off, bathing the room once more in welcome darkness.

"Come on. You'll feel better about it in the morning." Then she lay down and pulled him over on top of her, holding her to his chest again. The incubus gave up his struggling, recognizing how futile it was and consigning himself to his doom.

* * *

What is it about the night that amplifies our fears?

It may be a primal instinct. It may be the darkness. It may be the silence. Whatever the cause, the incubus lay awake all night against his lover's breast, staring out into the darkness as he worried about the future, paralyzed with terror.

* * *


DADDY’S LITTLE JEWEL — Chapter I: Unexpected Luster

Waiver Note: The following story is a completely fictitious narrative and is pure fantasy. This chapter involves graphic sexual descriptions between an adult man and his teenage daughter. The whole of this novella consists of multiple adults and teens (several of them family members) having sex with one another, written in a similar fashion. If the topic is not of interest or offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

I should also mention that in my writing I strive to incorporate a strong (sometimes longwinded) storyline, complete with several developed characters and a detailed background. In addition, I sometimes make use of an extensive and broad vocabulary. If all you’re looking for is a quick, simple sex story, my ideas probably won’t interest you.

To those who proceed, I love getting feedback. So, enjoy and feel free to vote and comment!

- seltra

- – -

Glowing summer rays filtered in through the window as I lay on my bed, with no bedding and no clothes, just a sticky, white cream covering my hand and splattered across my torso. Great, I thought, now I need to get it out of my chest hair. It’s not like it was unexpected. What else can a guy anticipate from relieving his own morning wood? Usually, my breathtakingly gorgeous wife took care of things like that, often beginning before I even had a chance to wake up. Not the case today.

Damn, how I missed her! With Kelly gone, I was longing painfully for that void to be filled again. It was nearly excruciating, and it had only been four days! Though, what else could I do to cope? This sexual farce I had just attempted was certainly not a replacement. It felt good, but it just wasn’t the same.

To clarify, we hadn’t separated and she hadn’t passed away – both of which I am thankful for every day. No, rather, she was taking a month-long vacation. A friend of hers she worked with had entered a draw sponsored by a radio station in town. Having won a pair of tickets and being divorced for several years now, she invited my wife to enjoy the Caribbean cruise that was offered. When Kelly left that morning, she had promised, “Don’t look so depressed, David. Don’t worry; I’ll be back before you know it.” Her twinkling blue eyes showed her sincerity.

Well, I already knew it, and what’s more, my sexual cravings certainly did also. We had always given each other the time and means to fly on our own, while remaining committed to each other. I certainly wasn’t about to restrain her from enjoying herself. However, we were both so prone to want some sexual intimacy with one another that we would find ourselves making love at least twice a day, often as much as three or four if we could find time away from our occupations and kids. We’d been apart from one another before, and able to cope with it – but rarely ever this long.

Sure, we’d miss making love on occasion every now and again. If ever there was a two-day gap, though, it was time for a serious discussion about why one or the other was holding out. Some debates were far more heated than others – either with sex or with anger – but we always made amends and somehow worked things out. It was therefore a matter of pride to me to have been married twenty years now, still maintaining that passionate spark between us despite the busy lives we led. Our lives had always been filled with events of some kind. It had been like that as long as I could remember.

In high school, I knew I wanted to do something productive and challenging – for me at least. I found I had an almost natural talent at handling money, and in my senior year decided to head to college and become an accountant upon graduating. It was during that year that Kelly moved with her family to our small town. Although she was a sophomore, I knew the instant I laid eyes on her that she was the one for me. Her golden blonde hair, her deep blue eyes, her exciting personality, her passion for life; everything about her was perfect.

We dated until I graduated, and kept in close contact after I was accepted at and moved to a nearby college. Usually every few weekends I’d make the drive to see family and spend some time with Kelly. Being so social, she’d had no problems making friends – or attracting other guys in my absence. There were a few close calls, but I kept in her life just successfully enough that she never forgot about me.

I wasn’t entirely innocent on the flirtation front either; I had a few small relationships in college, too, but I just never found anyone as spectacular as Kelly. Many men ask how I was able to woo such a trophy wife. I attribute it to her being young and naive – and totally in love with me. Still, I could never be happier with any other woman.

I proposed to her the night she graduated and we were married only a couple months after to the delight (and strong urging) of both of our parents. We’d had some very lustful moments while we dated – both with one another and the others we had been with – but nothing could have compared to that amazing and passionate intimacy we shared together that first night as husband and wife.

We’d always been careful exploring our sexual natures, knowing that one moment of neglect could lead to an unexpected pregnancy. Before we were married, neither of us was prepared for that. After, well…we weren’t quite as strict in our prevention as before. A baby surprise package – our son, Will – arrived a couple weeks after our first anniversary. Thought it wasn’t specifically the plan, we were overjoyed to have him.

Some time afterwards, Kelly and I decided we were intent on having our children each about two years apart or so. A couple months after Will’s second birthday, our second bundle of joy arrived; another son we named Broc. Just more than two years later, our third child was born, our only daughter, Julie. That was when Kelly and I decided that we were finished. Three children were enough. Getting clipped and snipped, there would be no more offspring for us.

Those years in college were highly challenging, balancing studies and family life. By the time I graduated, all three of our children had been born. Finances were very tight sometimes, leading to more than one argument between Kelly and me, but we always found ways to make ends meet and keep our family together. Both of us had seen our parents get divorced, and neither of us was anxious to put our children through the hell it can cause.

Over the next several years, I worked my way up the accounting ranks. By the time I was 32, an avid coworker of mine and I decided to venture out on our own, setting up our own accounting firm – and becoming quite successful within a few years. Because of our dedicated work, we were both making substantial incomes despite any setbacks that plagued us (and there were several).

One of the great things I quickly found about owning the firm was that I was able to work from home. It wasn’t uncommon for me to use my home office instead of actually going downtown. Plus, I’d usually try to take Fridays off, taking care of some business in the mornings if necessary and only showing up to the office if absolutely necessary. I enjoyed the fantastic liberty of being home instead of putting in fewer hours slugging it out with endless numbers at work. It was a great feeling to have produced both time and money for myself.

That same year also marked a revolutionary year for my wife. As Julie began first grade, Kelly and I discussed the possibility of her achieving a goal she had been dreaming of in high school, and had been planning before children arrived so soon. She had always been dedicated to health and fitness, and now there was the opportunity for her to become a fitness instructor. Although Kelly was by no means out of shape – especially for being 30 and having three children – I was neither hesitant nor wanted to inhibit her in this endeavour. It would certainly keep her active, and assist me in that aspect to be sure!

Within a few years, Kelly had also ventured off solo and had begun organizing a small fitness organization with a relatively solid and recurrent clientele. I was very proud of her, and encouraged her every expansion of the business.

Through it all, it’s a wonder that our children never felt neglected. Well, perhaps they did, but their spirits never appeared overly dismal. Keeping active in school, sports and social activities occupied their minds, I suppose. We would always strive to arrange a couple interesting activities each week (besides dinner) to do as a family. It kept us relatively close, comfortable and open with one another. We would all share our triumphs and tragedies, keeping us all on the same page.

As Will grew, he became something of a scholastic workaholic. There were times I’d have to force him outside to get some fresh air. He was a brilliant kid; I’ll definitely give him that. Straight A’s in school were the norm for him, and he would often be very discouraged with anything less. A parental word or two with him was a common theme, encouraging him not to give up, but become better on the next attempt.

Balance eventually came as he discovered a passion for swimming in his freshman year. All through high school, he strove to be the best, and often was in his swim meets. With a fitness instructor for a mother, his stamina and strength were nearly unmatched. Kelly pushed him hard – to the limits sometimes – but never so hard as to drive him over the edge.

The only unfortunate circumstance with Will is that his social life was sacrificed in lieu of training for swimming and his dedicated study habits. He’d had a couple girlfriends in high school, and he did have a small, close circle of friends, but nothing more notable than that. I was certainly proud of him and all he’d achieved, but I wondered how he’d fair beginning college on a swimming scholarship in the fall. Being 19 now, he had already moved out a few weeks ago and appeared to be doing just fine thus far.

Broc, our second son, was more like his father than I was willing to admit in both looks and behaviour, even at 17. If the sport had a ball, he’d master it in hours. Despite his natural sporting talent, he had his favourites: rugby, football and soccer. In fact, the day before my wife had departed for her vacation, Broc had left for a month-long rugby camp. With flight schedules, he’d likely be arriving home the same day Kelly returned.

When he was only in middle school, Broc was increasingly the centre of attention. He was the partier. He was the socializer. He was the womanizer. On many occasions over the last few years, Broc had pulled me aside for advice and counsel on how approach the opposite sex which I was more than happy to give. I knew he was having a lot of sex, but with which girl which week was difficult to keep up on. However, to either of my sons, I would never cease to emphasize two points: first, if ever she says no, you back off immediately; second, if they ever get a girl pregnant, they would be the one I abort, not my grandchild. I think I was successful in getting the message across.

As with Will, Broc excelled at sports, again largely due to the rigourous training their mother would put them through. He was fast, he was strong and he was eager. Though he may not have maintained as high an academic average as his older brother, his grades were in the B-range and both Kelly and I considered that nonetheless excellent.

Our 15-year-old daughter, Julie – or Jewels as we often call her – is the absolute apple of my eye. The spitting image of her mother, with the exception of eye and hair colour, and she never ceases to amaze me. She keeps excellent grades, most often A’s like Will. However, she also keeps herself dedicated in sports, like Broc, particularly volleyball and track. Despite these calls for her attention, she keeps herself social and available for the occasional and casual relationship. Basically, take the personality highlights of both my sons, put them together and you have Julie.

A few years ago, Julie began asking those dreaded questions about members of the other gender in her life. I redirected her to Kelly, who was more than happy to answer them. I was more happy not to. The things I know about how wonderful women can be don’t extend to them maintaining that wonderful nature. That’s another reason I’m overjoyed to have Kelly in my life.

And right now, I was missing her terribly.

It wasn’t just the female companionship, but the compatibility she had with Julie, as well. With Kelly on her cruise, Will moved out and Broc away at rugby camp, it was just Julie and me this month. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I was uncomfortable around Julie or didn’t want to spend time with her. I was just more afraid of having to fill both parenting roles over the next few weeks than anything else. I was just hoping that I was strong enough to accomplish that, moreso mentally than physically. I more or less had physical down pat.

I looked down at my body again being bathed in the summer sunlight. At 39, I was still decently muscular, weighing in at 215 lbs and standing 6’3”. I still had defined abs and reasonable tone in my chest, legs and arms, all thanks to my wife’s dedication to her profession – and our mutual passion for sex. I couldn’t quite keep up to my teenage sons during sports anymore, but I figured their dear old dad could still give them a run for their money. It had been a while since I had challenged Julie. I hoped I was still capable of that.

Right now, though, my eight-and-a-half inch friend between my legs had expelled several globs of white adhesive onto me before he began settling back down. This actually concerned me a bit. Being quite an open family, our kids weren’t always ones to knock and Julie bursting suddenly through the door filled me with some dread. Besides, I thought, how could she help me with this problem, anyways?

As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. I leaned away from the door and raised my leg, but knew I was hiding almost nothing should my daughter choose to enter.

“Daddy?” her lovely, sweet voice called from the other side. “Hey, I’m making some breakfast. Would you like some?”

“Yeah,” I groaned as I sat up, convinced she wasn’t entering for the moment. “That’d be great, Jewels. Don’t come in, ok? I’m not dressed yet.”

She giggled her charming teenage giggle and responded, “I figured, Daddy. I’m well aware you and Mom sleep naked. I didn’t think you’d stop even if she’d gone. I’ll be downstairs, ok?”

“Yeah,” I agreed again. Her footsteps thudded lightly as she bounded down the stairs to the kitchen.

I sighed, partly in relief, partly to vent my frustration that Kelly wasn’t here. It was true, Kelly and I almost always slept in the nude together. It was easier to make love that way; far less clothing to inhibit us. Retrieving my boxers from the floor with my clean hand, I retreated to our bathroom to wipe myself off.

I chuckled softly to myself as I did so. I had promised Kelly that I wasn’t going to watch porn or even masturbate while she was gone. She had laughed, saying she’d try the same. They were both activities we used for comfort if we were away from each other for a night or so. Hell, we even enjoyed watching a porno flick together every now and again – it frenzied our desires real quick! We knew we’d be starved for physical contact with each other when she returned, but eschewing those activities this month would only heighten the tension.

Four days, I lamented with a chuckle, I couldn’t even last four days. I wondered how Kelly was faring.

Once the evidence of my self-satisfaction was cleared, I began giving my face a splash of water. I began remembering another promise Kelly and I had made to each other long ago. Shortly after we were married, another girl at the college began flirting with me endlessly. I joked about it with Kelly and was shocked when she gave me ‘permission’ to have a little sexual fun with her.

After a lengthy discussion, we decided to trust one another not to run away and still have a bit of extra-marital sex once in a while if we felt we needed it. As long as we always came back to one another at the end of the day, we were contented to acknowledge that, sometimes, frustrations arise in our systems that the other wouldn’t be able to alleviate – at least not on their own, anyways. For example, it’s difficult to quell the desire for a threesome with only the two of us. Why not take care of these desires with someone before they’re a problem?

I considered this, reminiscing on some of the one-night stands I’d had in the last 20 years. Kelly had occasionally had them, too, and probably more often than I had. Affairs, we found, were actually a lot of fun, especially if we were ‘playing the game’ so to speak and trying not to get caught. Whenever it was discovered, we’d both just laugh and usually end up making love right then and there as part of the joke – so long as the kids weren’t around!

Wiping my face with a towel, I mulled over the possibility of maybe having another affair while Kelly was away. Obviously, I couldn’t tolerate only a few days without some sort of sexual release. After a moment, I decided against it unless there was a desperate need and a very good opportunity that presented itself. Kelly would be attempting to drive herself mad without sex so that she’d be in overdrive when she got home. I figured I could play along, though I might ease the pain by myself a little along the way.

I fitted my black boxers over my waistline, giving myself at least some cover for when I followed my daughter downstairs. Like I said, we were a reasonably open family. Parading around one another in underwear was not uncommon. Kelly and I long ago decided that, since we all have bodies, why cover up something so beautiful? We realized that not all families are as liberal and when it came to any of us having company, the rule was to keep covered. Wanting comfort – particularly in the evening – it was usually a tough rule to remind ourselves of and obey when someone was visiting.

We were mindful, though, to discourage full-out nudity. I’ve scolded each of them (including my wife) – and from time to time been scolded by them – on more than one occasion over flaunting ourselves shamelessly in front of each other. Kelly and I understood that our bodies have desires, but to provoke those desires with family members wasn’t something we encouraged. Regardless, it still happened. One member of the family would walk by quickly for whatever reason without anything clothing and members of the opposite sex would turn their heads. It was only natural, but Kelly and I worked to curb it as often as possible.

Leaving my bedroom and descending from the upper level, I could hear Julie hard at work in the kitchen. Whatever she was cooking smelled delicious. She, like her mother, enjoyed making food for the family. Often, we’d find the two of them together in the kitchen preparing something for us to eat – usually some particularly healthy snack and just enough to quell any hunger we may be been experiencing.

When I rounded the end of the staircase and entered the kitchen, I immediately felt blood rush to my loins. Perhaps it was because she looked so much like her mother. Perhaps it was because Kelly had been gone for a few days now and I’d had nothing to settle my desire to mate. Perhaps it was all that and more, but for whatever reason, my daughter looked absolutely stunning that morning, early-rising look and all!

Her slim, athletic build appealed to the innermost basic instincts that a man can have – ones that a father should never entertain about his child and instead crush before they even take root. Still, here I was gazing at my daughter – my 15-year-old Jewel – with a whole new level of attraction. Her toned and sun-kissed legs were marvellously feminine, rising up her 5’5” figure to a firm and solid teenage butt, one that was scarcely covered by a pair of skin-tight, black exercise shorts. Those shorts melded to her loins, describing her sensational pubic region in intricate detail.

Above the shorts’ low-rising hem, more lightly-tanned skin appeared as Julie’s midriff taunted my vision with a discreet view of adolescent flesh. A thin cross section of her solid pubescent abs was revealed, further provoking my animal nature. I couldn’t tear my eyes off her, even as a surge of growth filled my underwear. I wanted more, and my eyes continued their upward climb across my daughter’s maturing body.

A white t-shirt covered her torso, yet left little for the imagination. The sheer fabric clutched her frame, not unlike her shorts below. Every aspect of her features was available for my viewing pleasure, albeit lightly shrouded by cotton. The round, 30C breasts she carried sat firmly and prominently on her chest, unresponsive to gravity. What’s more, the low cut of the shirt’s neckline exposed a healthy amount of delectable teenage cleavage. Beneath, I realized there was no bra; not a single ridge rose up from her appealing body to disturb the image.

What did rise just below the neckline were the dominant areolas protruding from off her curvy breasts. The material was just sheer and tight enough that I could see the darker pink of her nipples announcing themselves beneath the constricting fabric. They were sized just perfectly, and glared back at me as if begging naughtily for a father’s teasing and tasting.

Further up, her square shoulders and toned arms worked on the meal she was preparing. It was entirely evident that she was a bold, self-confident young woman. That in and of itself was immensely attractive; a girl her age so determined to take on the world. The suntanned skin called out for me, and I yearned to have her in my arms and love her with every forbidden passion that a parent must resist.

Finally, crowning her magnificent body was her crafted and undeniably gorgeous face. Flawlessly moulded features comprised its outline, exploding with beauty at every point. Her full lips and mouth, I knew, were designed for receiving the deepest of kisses – kisses that I knew I could produce to delight her. Shoulder-length brown hair coursed across her scalp and flowed down to her back as a single column, being pulled back in a tight ponytail.

Her smooth and full, chocolate-brown eyes met mine. They were filled with adoration for both life and family. It was a magic that I doubted could be replicated. In that instant, it felt as if her whole soul merged with mine, creating a longing deep within. It was a longing that the two of us should betray the social taboo and complete the union, becoming physically and intimately one as father and daughter.

Damn! I confessed to myself. My daughter’s sexier than hell!

“Daddy? Did you hear me?” Julie sounded so far away. At first I only revelled in the majestic sound of her voice, but it snapped me back to reality very quickly. She stared at me expectantly, her powerful auburn eyes burrowing into mine.

“Hmmm…?” I muttered, blinking and shaking my head, feigning sleepiness. “Sorry, Jewels, what was that? Still getting the sleep out of my eyes,” I lied as I rubbed my face.

Julie giggled. “Oh, I see,” she acknowledged, returning her concentration toward the breakfast she was creating. “I asked if you could grab a couple plates for me. I’m almost done here.”

“Yeah, sure,” I complied, taking another brief but satisfying look at her wonderfully-maintained figure. It must be all the care Kelly has her take, I figured. I felt another surge of growth as the bulge between my legs struggled against my will to restrain it. It was everything I could manage not to allow a fully grown erection to emerge. Damn cock, I cursed.

“I’ll bring the food over in a sec if you set things up,” offered Julie with a dazzling smile.

I returned the facial gesture and agreed, “Sounds good to me. We’ll need ketchup and syrup, I suppose, huh?”

“Yup, if you could please. Thanks, Dad.”

“No problem.”

Gathering plates, utensils, and any condiments required for the meal, I made my way to the dining area table and organized a place for both myself and Julie before sitting down. She came over a moment later carrying the food. As she filled the plates with French toast, poached eggs and a couple sausages, she leaned over the table causing her shirt to open for an unrestricted view inside.

Her sweet and full teenage breasts again made their appearance and I was powerless to resist the urge to take in a deep gaze. The golden tan across her strong, young body was remarkable and accentuated every curve I could see through the tunnel her shirt created. The two ripe mounds of tissue hung there, suspended for a moment, again appealing to the most primal wants I had. Oh, those are so beautiful, I thought.

Somehow – I’m not quite sure how – I resisted the urge to remove my daughter’s shirt right then and there. I was very glad I’d already sat down at the table; my bulging manhood was unmistakeable now. I returned my sight to Julie’s face, just in time to see her grin mischievously back, turning from me and returning to the kitchen counter. A wave of sharp surprise and guilt gripped me. Oh, crap! Did she just catch me staring down her shirt? I wondered.

Either way, as she walked, my eyes returned to her, delighting in every sight her fifteen-year-old curves had to offer. The cute bubble bum she sported captivated me as she marched across the floor. With each step, her barely-clad waistline pivoted as only a woman’s does. Damn, what a fine ass my little girl’s got, I noted. My whole body ached with sexual desire. My eyes couldn’t get enough!

She returned soon with a pot of coffee and poured both her and myself a cup. Since beginning to drink coffee a year or so ago, she had become quite proficient in making an excellent brew, and I looked forward to it. Again, she leaned over, almost to an exaggeration, permitting another breathtaking view of her succulent chest. I behaved more fatherly this time, however, and made a greater attempt to concentrate on my mug instead of her body. Still, it was painfully difficult.

We began to talk as we ate. We knew each other well and therefore had enough topics to select that the conversation never waned. Fortunately, the distraction allowed my nerves and desires to settle some. I relaxed as felt my solid member deflating. Grateful for the diversion, I inquired as to how her summer job at the neighbourhood Subway was going.

“Not bad,” Julie noted. “I like it, I suppose. You have to be quick on your toes, that’s for sure. It’s fast-paced, but it gives me experience for keeping up to business when that time will come, won’t it?”

I smiled. Conversations with Julie always delighted me. Out of my three children, it was Julie that was the most ambitious, looking to launch a career for herself, not work for someone else’s. After a while, she shifted the topic towards me and what new accounts I was dealing with at the office.

“Well, we actually just started something exciting – well, for me at least. It’s as exciting as accounting can get, anyways,” I laughed. Julie laughed back and asked me to elaborate. “Well,” I began, “there’s a small restaurant franchise in the area that wants to do some expanding to other cities. They’ve asked us to take a look at their books and expansion portfolio and advise us. Looks profitable, so we’re very excited about what it could hold for us.”

We continued to chat as we finished our meal. Unfortunately, distraction soon became an almost irritatingly constant thing. With every move, Julie’s sultry body flowed in an overpowering way, sending jolts of electricity through me as I watched. As we neared the end of the meal, it didn’t seem to matter anymore what she was doing – sitting, giggling, just moving food to her mouth – every motion captivated me.

I was aware of my cumbersome emotions resurfacing, especially as that old familiar growth under my boxers returned. What was I going to do? I couldn’t just remain here while Julie paraded around the room attending to the chores. Sooner or later I would need to stand and it was that very moment that I feared. What would Julie think of a man lusting after his own daughter – especially when it’s her own father wanting her?

When we were done, Julie cleared up some of the dishes. As soon as her back was turned, I stood up quickly and filled my own hands with some as well. Maybe if I can remain behind her, she won’t notice, I hoped. “I’ll help you here, Jewels,” I offered.

My plan was working – temporarily. As I shimmied behind Julie while she loaded her dishes into the dishwasher, she happened to take a step back. Her firm, round butt collided directly with my groin. I knew it was impossible for her not to sense how rigid my penis had become, but had she been paying attention? Still, the impact had sent a shiver of desire through me. How I ached to pull her close and have it happen again. I fought off the want painfully.

“Sorry, Daddy,” Julie apologized

I soothed, “Don’t worry about it, honey.” I couldn’t let her turn around, not now! Quickly I gestured, “Can you grab the last couple things on the table there?”

To my dread, she looked at me. “Sure,” she agreed. I thought she was none the wiser – until her gaze drifted from my face to where a large tent rose from my crotch. It might as well have been Mt. Everest, being every bit as noticeable. “No problem,” she finished. As she turned to leave, I could have sworn she had pursed her lips into a wry smile. Did she find my predicament funny? Did she realize how deeply conflicted I was right now? I wanted her so badly, but knew that it was unacceptable to try.

Julie finished gathering the remaining items on the table just as my cell phone over on another counter. I was relieved to have an excuse to avoid her at the moment. If we were to run into one another again it could have spelled disaster.

To my dismay, the call ID wasn’t overly encouraging either. “Oh, fantastic,” I complained loudly. “Just want I want today; the office.” I hit answer reluctantly, faking a delighted, “Hello, this is David.”

As I hung up the phone, Julie could see my grim expression. “Everything ok, Dad?” she inquired.

“Just a screw up at work, Jewels, with the paperwork for that client I told you about it. Seems someone didn’t do things up correctly and now they almost want to back out of the deal. Actually, they’re threatening to do just that first thing Monday morning if things aren’t settled by this evening.” I took a deep breath and explained, “The good news is they’re willing to work with us on it, but it has to be settled tonight.”

I walked over to the couch in the living room area, and sat down. Rubbing my face, I sighed in frustration. My boxers were still protruding from my body, though not quite as expressively as before. I didn’t care much now. There was something else to complicate my thoughts now. Putting my head in my hands, I sighed deeply.

“Damn it, we went over those numbers a thousand times! What the hell could possibly be wrong?” I heaved.

After Julie had finished putting the condiments away, she joined me in the living room. Standing behind me, she placed her hands tenderly on my shoulders and began digging in her fingers, making deep, wide circles through the exposed muscles. I groaned. The massage felt good, and I could certainly use it.

“You alright, Daddy?” she whispered. The touch of her hands, the softness of her voice, just her mere presence so close to me was enough to reignite my lust towards her. The difficulties at the office suddenly became second place to reassuring my beautiful daughter. Along with it, my erection grew back to its full size immediately.

I reached up with one hand and held hers. “Yeah, Jewels,” I explained. “Just stressed, I guess.” She kissed the back of my head before letting go of my hand, and then kept massaging. I let my hand fall back to my lap and leaned back, abandoning myself willingly to her skillful kneading.

A moment or so went by before she asked, “You’re really upset that Mom’s out of town, aren’t you?” She was either perceptive or my dismay over Kelly’s absence was that obvious. I decided to try and play it off.

“Well, there’s the crap at the office, too. Besides, your mother’s been gone before. It’s not like we’ve never spent the night alone.”

“I know. But I know how much you two love each other. You guys are, like, always having sex. A night or two would be ok, I suppose, but it must be tough to cope.”

I inhaled fully and let the air release slowly. “Is it really that obvious?”

“Kinda, yeah,” she giggled. “That and I’m just smart!” She emphasized the point with a stronger grip on my shoulders. I chuckled. I had to agree with her there. “I also heard you moaning this morning after I got up. Were you…” Surprise built in my chest again as she finished her sentence. “Were you…jacking off…?” she asked innocently.

“Well…yeah…” was all I could think to respond back. Speaking to Will and Broc about this subject was one thing, but I’d never been overly comfortable discussing sex with Julie. I figured that was something my wife could handle a lot better. Another moment went by before I explained, “When a guy needs release, he does that, Jewels.”

She inhaled sharply. “I know,” she replied. She shifted her concentration to my upper back.

I let our discussion hang in the air for a moment before breaking the silence again. I sighed deeply once more before complimenting her handiwork. “That feels great, Jewels. What did I do to deserve this?”

Julie’s hands stopped and slid across my skin as she embraced me from behind, hugging me tightly. I reached up and held her arms, returning the affection.

“Oh, nothing really,” she confessed. “Can’t I just give my dad a shoulder massage to lift his spirits?”

I smiled and embraced her arms more tightly. “I suppose,” I admitted.

Julie kissed me on the cheek and then moved her mouth directly beside my ear. “Can I do something else for you, Daddy?” she whispered.

My eyes widened. She couldn’t mean what I thought she did, could she? I knew what she meant, but attempted to redirect her words. “I don’t know if there’s anything you really can do, honey,” I told her. “I need to get changed soon and get downtown to figure out what’s going on.” It was futile.

“No, no. It’s an idea that I’ve already come up with,” Julie explained. She released her hug and walked around the couch, kneeling in front of me. Putting her hands on my knees, she leaned forward and looked directly into my eyes. “I want you to be relaxed, Daddy. I don’t want you to be stressed out when you go to work.”

Just beyond her face was the opening of Julie’s shirt. I could again see right down there, the womanly curves on her chest again filling my view. Oh, hell, I thought, there are her boobs again. My heart raced. I could feel the fight or flight response filling me now, more than ever. I knew I had to resist – yet, I didn’t want to. I couldn’t resist anymore. Here was my fifteen-year-old daughter – my own flesh and blood – offering herself to me. Yielding to her offer, I took her head in my hands and leaned forward.

Our lips connected. An outpouring of forbidden love and passion issued between us. When we parted, I asked, “Well, what do you mean?”

Julie sat back on her feet, smiling coyly at me. She reached down and gripped the hem of her skin-tight t-shirt. “I mean this, Daddy,” she announced softly and, with that, lifted her arms above her head, removing her shirt and exposing her youthful body fully to my view. “I love you.”

No more imagining. No more wishing. No more wanting. My teenage daughter had bared herself to me, revealing a pair of the most exquisite breasts I had ever seen. She rose up again, leaning on my chest and began kissing my body as she descended. I could feel the stiffness of her nipples rub across me as she left no patch of my skin unexplored, explaining her designs to me the whole way down.

“I know you…have been…watching me…this morning…Daddy,” she cooed, kissing my body at every pause. She took one of my nipples in her teeth and gently bit, giggling at her actions. I smiled and placed a hand on her head as she continued to descend. “Did you…like what…I was wearing?”

I could only hum my appraisal.

When Julie reached my waist, she smiled up at me again. Grabbing the elastic of my boxers, she began tugging. Against my better judgment, I lifted myself up to assist her as she removed the article of clothing and tossed them to the side. My manhood – the very tool I’d used to create her – was now sitting directly in front of her.

She breathed lightly along the shaft of my rigid member. A shiver ran through me as the overwhelming anticipation grew. She reached out with her tongue and slowly, inch by inch, ran the muscle along the length of my engorged pike. When she reached the crown, she again whispered, “I love you, Daddy.” Then, she closed her mouth around me and slowly guided her head up and down.

“OHHH!” I shouted as her full lips engulfed my sexual rod. The pleasure was almost too much for one man to take! Surges of incredible pleasure filled me as Julie’s mouth and one hand rubbed along my most sensitive digit, releasing all the pent-up sexual tension of the past four days. Her other hand caressed my chest, the fingernails gingerly digging into my skin.

My breathing became shallow and erratic. “Oh, Jewels…” I huffed, caressing the back of her head with one hand. “Oh…Jewels…! Ohhh…yeah…! Oh, baby…! Oh, my…baby girl…! Hmmm… Julie…OH…!”

Her tongue felt every crevice of my penile skin in her mouth as it whirled around creating sensations that I had all but forgotten! The slow, even speed she used to pleasure me was insanely gratifying. I couldn’t imagine anything more exquisite, more heavenly, in the entire world than my own child pleasuring me!

I could only groan in delight, feeling her mouth make pass after pass over the head of my manliness. “Jewels…oh, Jewels…! Mmmm… Ohhh… Yeah… I’m…gonna cum, baby…ohhh… I’m gonna cum…!”

She increased her grip and rhythm slightly, intensifying the sensations. I lifted myself off the couch, thrusting upwards to meet the wonderful treatment that was being offered. I leaned my head over the back of the couch, grabbing the sides with both hands and clenching my eyes shut as the wonderful climax overtook me. One of Julie’s hands – I didn’t care which – began lightly fondling the delicate sack underneath. That was all it took – I was sent straight into overdrive!

“Julie…! Oh, Ju…Ju…! Honey…! OHHH… AH…AHHH…! MMMM!” I grunted, launching a powerful series of shots containing my seed down my daughter’s throat. The pumping action of her mouth didn’t cease. “JULIE!!! OHHH!!!” I cried out as the last shots fired.

I looked down at Julie. Somehow, she seemed much more to me now than just my fifteen-year-old daughter. With a loud pop, she released my settling manhood. She finished licking off what remained of my juices. “Mmmm! Daddy’s juice, straight from Daddy’s cock,” she giggled.

I put a hand on her cheek again. “Oh, Julie,” I expressed breathlessly. “Don’t tell your mother, but I think that rivals any blow job she has ever given me.” Julie smiled, biting her bottom lip, happily accepting the compliment. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome, Daddy. Thank you for letting me. Feel better now?”

I inhaled deeply a few times, catching my breath. “Yeah…” I confessed, “I think I can go into work a happier man today.”

The sweet laugh Julie gave was a joy to hear. She leapt up on the couch beside me, sitting against the opposite arm so she could face me. “I’m glad I could help you, Daddy. I, like, tried everything this morning to get you to ask me for something like this, but you just wouldn’t. I finally decided to do something about it myself.”

“Glad you did,” I responded, sitting myself against the other armrest. “Just one question,” I posed.

She looked back at me in surprise. Her teenage breasts caught my attention. They still taunted me, but I wasn’t so desperate now. I could satisfy them later. “What are you wondering?” she responded.

“Just where did you learn to be so – what’s the word I’m looking for – proficient at giving head?”

“Um…” she paused and bit her lips. Her eyes glanced around sheepishly and her cheeks immediately flushed a light shade of pink. Was it really that embarrassing? “Well, it’s kind of a long story. Actually, you might get mad.”

“Oh, Jewels,” I reassured her, “after what you just did for me? I’m just curious. I won’t get upset.”

She gazed at me timidly with her precious, seemingly innocent brown eyes.