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The Life and The Dream

Ok before I start the story i want people to know that the first story is pretty much my life as a 13 year old freshman and my life through school. However to add a little of fantasy to it I added a secondary life, the secondary life is my brother he is a science expirement that has the ability to control time. Hope you enjoy, let me know if you want me to continue or stop it or even seperate the two stories. Paul and I real sex stories are when we are out of time pause, everything fake is in the time pause.

I awoke to the worst feeling any teenage boy could ever have. The feeling of the first day of high school. I walked downstairs and grabbed myself a bowl of cereal, as I sat upon the couch I looked around, and noticed that my brother had not come down with me. Also, he never came in last night to get on his top bunk of our bunk bed. I called to my mom.
"Mom, Where is Noah?"
"He went to camp."
What the fuck? Now something, didn't feel right Paul was never the one for "camps". He usually told me this crap anyways.
Paul and I have been best friends since the day he was born, I was born 6 hours before him, and through life we've been together at parties and playing sports with our older step-siblings and the neighborhood kids. However it wasn't the first time we were seperated but it was the first time he hadn't told me where he was going. I wasn't really worried he could handle himself.
I got ready for school, looking in the mirror at my 5'4" tall average weighted body I thought of what this year could hold instore. All i could think of was the developing girls and the parties that included sex and beer. What a thought it was such a thought I had gotten myself hard. Now I thought with no brother in the room i could finnaly masturbate. I'll save the details but after i gotten myself off i walked to my bus stop and waited with the group. On my street their werent many kids so the only kids on the bus stop were Paul, Me and Tisha and her little brothers. Tisha was kinda a bull amongst cows in the fact that she was stronger than most boys but also dressed in more guy clothing. However she wasn't that bad her ass was pretty tight ans she had C-cup breasts which was among the top 5 in size at our school. We had been friends since the first day My family moved here to Fillmore, NY from Rush, NY but she was always friendly.
When i arrived at the bus stop it was about 7:30 which gave me about 10 minutes until the bus would come, all I could think was I'm such a dumbass! When i turned the corner i saw Tisha at the bus stop with her blond hair. but this was strange she was wearing a tight shirt and some jeans that hugged her ass, she actually looked like a girl. I walked to the bus stop and stood on her right side.
"Hey Owen, What's new?"
"Not much, you?"
It seemed like we had been standing there forever, then something unexpected happened, she dropped her pencil infront of me and she grinded her ass against my dick as she bent over. Oh she was not gonna get away with that I brought my fingers to her camel toe and started to rub, she instantly stood up and walked back to my left. Again it seemed like forever, but there it was again her hand wandering near my crotch, that was the last straw I threw down my backpack and her's grabbed her by her waist and dragged her into the woods behind our bus stop.
"About time!" she said
I ignored her remark and undid my pants as she dropped to her knees, I checked my watch 8 minutes.
She started to whack me off and all i could do was relax and enjoy the feeling of her soft hand against my dick.
"It's not bad but I was hoping for two dicks to handle, where's your brother?"
"Camp." As I grabbed her head and forced her mouth on my dick, for never doing this before her mouth was so great that it took me about 6 minutes to cum. As I did I smashed my dick all the way down her throat.
The bus came and i headed of to school as Tisha attempted to make sure no ne could she the cum she couldn't keep in her mouth by licking it up and swallowing the protein i left her
After six weeks of school and constant blowjobs from Tisha, my brother returned home and he told me the story that hardly anyone would ever believe.
He told me that he was selected for a military science experiement, they altered his genes so now he can control time, he can stop, rewind and fast forward time without anyone knowing except the ones that contain his blood.
"So does that include me?"
"Not Yet." My brother than made a little incesion on his finger with his pocket knife and let the blood run into a cup.
"Here drink this it will give you the ability to stop time but now you can freely walk in the time pause."
As I did he stopped time, and he began to show me the world of paused time. He told me how to stop, rewind and fast forward time.
So now the fun began as it would be the first time I went to school with the ability to control time. As we turned the corner we saw Tisha with a bright smile on her face.
"WOW!" As Paul saw the flourescent Tisha
" Just wait." I replied
As we approached I threw down my backpack and led her to the woods with my brother following. As she took out our duo of 6" cocks. All she did was smile until I led her mouth to my dick. As she sucked us both my brother walked around and began to take her pants off.
"No I'm not ready yet."
He only smiled as he stopped time.
"You, ready?" Paul said pointing to her tight ass
"Hell yeah!" as I began to fuck her mouth
He began to fuck her pussy all he could say was how tight her pussy was, then he pulled out as I finished in her mouth.
"Im gonna take her ass" as he started fucking it took him 2 minutes to finish in her ass, then we switched places and I fucked her pussy. My god it was the tightest thing I've ever felt, it had to take me about 5 minutes before I had to pull out and put her in her ass and let go deep into her bowels. I pulled up her pants and put us back in the original positions as we resumed time when my brother said.
"Well then you better blow us better than ever before, slut." She only gave a smile before she gave us the best head we've ever recieved.
So leave a comment if you want me to continue the dual fantasy and reality let me know so I can continue the story onto that school day or if you would like for me to seperate the two stories Reality would follow me, Fantasy would follow me and my brother let me know whatcha think!

The First Day Of School Series: Chapter 4

As the school day wore on, my guilt became stronger. I felt awful for kissing Dan, but every time I thought about it, his soft lips on mine, his big arms wrapped around me, I got a bit of a hard on. It felt so wrong-but it felt so right.
I wasn’t that talkative all day, and Luke asked me what was wrong. I said I was just tired. I could never tell him that I kissed Dan, because that would kill him, and our relationship would surely be over. I knew that it was terribly wrong, but I wanted more-from the both of them.
At the end of the day, Luke asked me if I could come over. He said his parents wouldn’t be home until late, and it would just be he and I. Of course I said yes, and off we went

——-Later, at Luke’s house———–
As we walked in, I threw my bag down and sat on his couch, while he went and got us something to drink. When he returned, all I could do was stare at him. For some reason, I no longer felt guilty, about kissing Dan.
When he sat down, he set our drinks on the coffee table, and I leaned over and kissed him. The kiss was the same as the one that he gave me in the library, and I never wanted to let go. As we sat there, my dick started to grow, and he started to rub it. It felt amazing, and I was getting pretty horny. I noticed his hard dick, and I could see its length stretching down his leg, because of the tightness of his jeans. I started to rub it, and he moaned.
I started to undo his belt, and unzip his pants. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his piece of meat. As soon as I pulled it out, my mouth left his, and I started to lick the head of his cock. By now it was oozing with his salty pre-cum, and I leaned down to take a taste.
He put his had back, and was breathing heavily, and moaning loudly as my tongue swirled around the head of his cock. I loved the feeling of the head of his cock on my tongue, and I couldn’t get enough.
I started to make my way down his cock, licking and sucking, and it was amazing. I loved giving Luke blow jobs, because he moaned in the sexiest way ever. It was such a turn on.
I started to bob my head up and down on his big cock, and he just sat with is hand behind his head, moaning. This continued for about 5 minutes, when all of a sudden he grabbed my head, pulled it down on his cock, as far as my head could go, and shot his warm cum down my throat. I successfully swallowed every last drop, and I sat up.
“You give the best head ever Gabe
I smiled at him, and we just looked into each others eyes. I have to admit though, Dan was on my mind. Just then, Luke and I heard a car pulling down the driveway.
“Shit, my mom is home early with my little brother and sister. I am not supposed to have friends over right now. You have to go.”
“Well I can’t use the front door”
“Yeah, just go out back”
I grabbed my bag, and made my way to the back of his house. I didn’t really want to go back home, so I decided to walk back to the school. It was still open, and filled with people, from practices and other stuff.
I made my way to the bathroom, because I really had to pee. I went to one of the secluded bathrooms on the 3rd floor of the school, so I didn’t have to be in an awkward situation. When I walked in though, I walked into a very awkward situation. Standing there washing his hands was Dan.
He had obviously just come from practice, because he was wearing a sweat soaked tank top, and a baggy pair of basketball shorts. I have to admit, I was kind of turned on by this. His muscles were clearly showing through the wet, tight shirt, and I could see somewhat of a bulge in the shorts.
I felt my dick rising, and I wish I could have stopped it. He looked back down at the sink, and turned it off. He looked up at me again, and started to walk out. I knew I couldn’t let him go.
“Wait Dan”
I really didn’t think this through, I had no idea what to say to him. I just wanted to be around him. He looked so sexy. So I walked toward him, and put my arm on his shoulder.
“Don’t be angry with me”
“Listen Gabe, I know we did stuff and all, but I am not sure about all of it. I don’t think I am even gay”
Honestly, I didn’t want that to be true. I wanted him to be gay. I wanted him, even though I already had someone.
I looked into his eyes, his soft eyes, and I went ahead and kissed him. At first, I felt resistance, like he really didn’t want to, but then he started to loosen up. I felt his tongue at my lips, and I let it enter. I loved kissing Dan to be honest, and I really didn’t want to stop.
All of a sudden, he backed away.
“What about you and Luke”
“He doesn’t have to know”
I felt ashamed for saying that, but there was no stopping now. I reached down, and felt the now hard cock in his pants. It was about 7 ½ inches long, as far as I could tell. He breathed a little harder, and I could tell he wanted me to do more of this. I started to rub it more, and it felt amazing in my hand. By now he was humping into my hand, and moaning in pleasure.
“Dan, I want you inside of me”
“I don’t know Gabe, I have never done anything with a guy before”
“It will feel good”
“Alright, let’s do it”
I wanted to do this quickly, because we were doing it in a place where people could possibly walk inside. I bent over the counter, and pulled down my pants. He pulled down his shorts, and boxers, and I heard him spit on his cock a few times.
“Before you try to fuck me, lube up my asshole”
“I know what I am doing Gabe, I have watched gay porn before”
He spit into his hand, and spread it on my ass crack. It felt pretty good. He entered a finger or two a couple of times, and finally I felt the head of his cock at my ass hole.
“Yeah, go ahead”
I really didn’t know how thick his cock was, until I felt it in my hole. It was hurting pretty bad, but I didn’t want him to stop. He stopped for a second, and all of a sudden thrust all 7 ½ inches into me. I yelled out, and he quickly covered my mouth.
Then he started to fuck me. He started with a slow pace, and I felt the pain starting to let up. I was moaning alot, and actually starting to enjoy it. He picked up pace, and grabbed my cock and started to jerk it. He was grunting in this odd, but sexy way, and I was really turned on. This was all so good, and as he vigorously rubbed my cock, I started to cum all over his hands. He squeezed some more cum out of my cock, and lifted his hand to his mouth, and licked it. he must have liked it, because as he fucked me, he licked his hand clean.
When he had finished licking his hand, he started to thrust really hard into me. Then he leaned over on me, as he drained his cum inside of me. He was breathing hard, and clutching me tightly, and I felt him go soft inside me.
“That was actually really amazing”
“I agree”
He wiped off his cock, and pulled his shorts back up. By now, I had forgotten that I had to go pee, and I didn’t have to anymore. I didn’t bother to clean myself, so i just pulled up my pants. I walked over to Dan, and he was smiling at me. He leaned down a bit, and kissed me. When we had finished kissing, he just looked at me for a while. Just then, we heard footsteps outside the hallway, and decided to go. He gave me a quick kiss, and we both left the bathroom.