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Crazy Ass Life CH2

Authors note- sorry I haven't posted for a LONG time but my lifes been chaotic and busy but without further delay here is the second chapter of crazy ass life. And remember I like feed back so comment!

So fellow punks, goths, rejects and shejects

Crazy Ass Life Ch.2

I woke up the next day in the hospital bed, they had me stay one more night to make sure I had no more problems. As I opened my eyes I saw Kayla's beautiful face, and her beautiful light blue eyes, and her beautiful silky black and blue hair. I know I haven't known her long but I'm in love with this girl. I believe we were supposed to have met that night. I have two broken ribs, a black eye and a broken nose from the fight with her ex and his friends. Now it's time for some payback. I sat up slowly. "ahhh" I said with a crackle in my voice, in pain. "ohh baby, are you ok?" she said worried helping me. "ya I will be all right" I said holding my side, I stood up from my hospital bed. "Ahhh fuck!" I screamed. She panicked and came to help me, the nurse came running in. "HEY HEY! Sit down you can't get out of bed. Just wait for the wheel chair." so I  sat back down. "so are you really going after jason?" she asked me in a soft almost whisper voice.  "ya I am, he has to be taught a lesson, he can't be treating women like that. And look what he did to me." I said. "exactly you are in know shape to fight, I don't think I can handle another scare like what you put me through this time. I just want to know that your safe." she said as tears started running down her cheeks. I hopped out of the bed not caring how much pain I was in and gave her a hug. I looked into her eyes and whipped the tears off her cheeks. "I will be fine, I promise you." I told her. "That's what you said last time! Please don't go, just let the others take care of it!" she yelled while crying. I hugged her as tight as I could. "they need my help and there doing this for me. I will be fine, ok babe." I explained to her. "ok…. And if you get hurt I'm kicking your ass." she said with a smile giving me another hug. The wheelchair came and they rolled me out the front door to my brothers car, I got into the passengers side and Kayla got in the driver seat. We drove to my house, when I walked through the front door I didn't expect Ally, Mike, Amy and Johnny to all be sitting in the living room. "hey guys" I said in pain as Kayla was helping me to the couch. I sat down and Kayla sat next to me. "Hey!!!" they all cheered, happy to see me. "how are you" Amy asked me in a worried voice. "I'll live, just a few bumps and bruises." I said laughing a bit. "that's it bro, tough it out" Joey said, he lit up a joint and handed it to me. "take your meds" he said in a joking voice, everyone laughed. We smoked a couple joints and joked around the rest of the day. We had a great time, at midnight everyone went home and Joey went to bed. Kayla spent the night, we went into my room and laid down on the bed. "hey what's your favorite memory you have? I asked her. "well my favorite memory is when me and my friends drove up to Appleton and hangout for the whole weekend, what about yours?" she asked. "well before the accident every year my parents would take me and my brother to Wisconsin dells for a week" I said remembering the good times. "I'm sorry about what happened to your parents" she said comforting me. "can I ask you something?" I asked her, looking in her eyes. "anything" she said looking back in mine. "would I be insane If I said that I am in love with you?" I said to her still staring into her eyes.

 "YES!!!!!! But that means were both insane, because I'm in love with you to." she said kissing me passionately, she crawled on top of me and kissed me again.  She took her black flyleaf t shirt off revealing her black bra. I reached up and started to play with her breast squeezing and pushing them together. She undid her bra and threw it against the wall, I rolled her over onto her back and clamp my mouth to her breast. I flicked my tong up and down her nipple. I nibble on it a little while twisting and pulling the other one. "ohh ya" she said moaning, I kissed down her stomach till I reached her jean shorts. I unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off, I kissed up the inside of her thigh to her black silk panties. I pulled her panties down and returned to her pussy, I kissed around her pussy not touching it. That was driving her crazy, giving her small waves of pleasure. I kissed her pussy softly, then I licked it up and down. I plunged my tong as deep as I could into her pussy. I tong fucked her furiously, I took two fingers and plunged them into her pussy and fingered her while I ate her out. "Ohhh Baby! Ohh YAAA! Faster Faster FASTER!!!!!!!!" she screamed as she started to twitch and shudder. When she came down from her climax she just looked at me. "how are you so good at that?" she asked while she panted like crazy. "It's my super power." I said laughing, she looked at me with this seductive smile, she knew it drove me crazy! I got off the bed and turned on my system, and turned on "jesus of suburbia" by Green Day. I turned it on full blast. "why you turning it up so much?" she questioned me. "Because this is about to get loud!" I said with a smirk, I hit play and walk over to the bed. IM THE SON OF RAGE AND LOVE, THE JESUS OF SUBURBIA!!!! the song blasted, I slowly pushed Kayla on the bed kissing her soft lips. I broke the kiss to take off my shirt, once my shirt was off I took my shorts and boxers off. We were both naked. "I WANT YOU IN ME NOW!!" she demanded, I didn't hesitate I positioned my cock at her entrance and slammed into her pussy. "AAAHHHH!!!" she sighed in pleasure, I started jackhammered her pussy. "HARDER!!!! HARDER!!!…. OH YA!!!!….FUCK THIS SLUT!!!" she screamed, this slut likes it rough I thought to myself, I'm gonna show this slut how rough I can get. I pick her up still fucking her and slammed her against the wall fucking her fast and hard! "you like it rough don't you, you dirty slut!" I yelled "I love it rough! Fuck this slut as hard as you can!!" she screamed, I lifted her up again and sat her on my dresser knocking everything off of it. I jackhammered her pussy for all it's worth. "AHHHHHH YAAAAA!!!!!!!" she screamed, the music was no help at covering the screams of this girl, but I don't care no more. I lifted her off the dresser and set her on her hands and knees, I grabbed my tv remote and shoved it in her pussy. "ooohhhh" she moaned, I grabbed her hand and put it on the remote. "Fuck yourself!!!!" I commanded, she did as she was told. I spread her ass cheeks and positioned my cock and slammed into her ass hole! "AAAAHHHHH" she screamed in pleasure and pain. I jackhammered her ass while she furiously fucked her pussy with the remote. "OOOHHHH YAAAAA OOOHHHH YAAAAA!!!!!!!!! IIIIIMMMMM AALLLMMOOOOSSSSTTTT TTTTHHHHEEEERRRRRREEEEE!!!!!!" she screamed "MMMMMEEEE TTTTOOOOOO!!!!!!" I said between pants. She started to twitch and shudder the same time I shot my cum into her ass!" When we came down from our climaxes we past out on my floor. 

I woke up on the floor with Kayla past out next to me. I looked around my room, posters of Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Marilyn Manson, Three Days Grace, Linkin Park ect. My dresser by my door was knocked over, with stuff all over the floor. I smiled remembering last night, I looked over and laughed. Noticing the remote still in her pussy, I reached over and moved the remote in and out. "ooohhh" she moaned quietly. I took it out of her as she opened her eyes. She smiled, "morning" she said, "morning" we stared at each other, I kissed her passionately. " I'm gonna catch a shower" I said, I got up and walked to the bathroom "still naked" and stepped into the shower. I turned on the water and let the worm water run over my face with my eyes closed. I felt arms wrap around my waist, "you mind if I join you?" Kayla asked, i turned around and stared into her eyes, I kissed her. We finished showering and got dressed. It was Saturday so we had no where to go, we walked into the living room where Joey was hanging, "what's up bro" I said. "next time you two fuck try to keep it down." he said     laughing, Kayla started to blush, " sorry man" I said laughing. I called up Ally, Mike, Amy, Johnny and told them to come over. 15 min later I got a knock on the door, I got up and answered it. "hey what's up man, how ya feelin!" mike asked handing me a case of beer. "Even more sore now, gotta little rough in the bedroom last night if you know what I meen" I wispered quietly. But not quiet enough, cause a water bottle came flying at my head. I ducked just in time, "Shut up!" she screamed trying not to blushed. All of us guys just laughed, so we all cracked open a beer and started joking around till Joey brought up the plan. "so whats the plan now?" he asked me, the conversation just got serious. The room was quiet as I thought, " so Johnny, Joey, Mike and I will wait for them at Roosevelt, and when they come we will sneak up behind them and hit them in the back of the knees." I said trying not to shake as my adrenaline starts pumping through me. This happens a lot when I get ready to fight. "sounds like a plan man. So when do you want to do this?" Johnny asked me, I looked at the time on the clock above my room door. My brother and I left the house the same after what happened to my parents. We figured it would be easier that way. It was noon already so why not tonight I though. "how about tonight?" I asked. "sounds good to me" Mike said looking at Johnny. "Sure man, this is gonna be awesome!!" he yelled. So we hung out drinking and smoking, till I looked at the time. It was 9:30 pm, we had to dip. "hey guys we gotta head out! But you guys wanna do a line before we dip? I asked, "sure" they all said almost in unison, I set up a line for every one. I rolled up a dollar and snorted my line, then past the rolled up bill to my bro. When we were done, Johnny, Joey, Mike, and I grabbed the bats and got into my bro's car. When we got to the park i noticed they were already there. "Fuck!!!" i yelled.

"Now what!" Mike said, I looked at my brother, which looked like flames were gonna come out of his eyes. "Now we are gonna finish this!" he said stepping out of his red gran am. We all got out following him. My brother and I were walking in front, with Mike and Johnny behind us. We were all wearing are hoods up, I had a black sweat shirt, my bro had a red one, mike a green one and johnny a grey one. Jason and his 3 friends looked at us, trying to figure out what's was going on. We stopped in front of them, he didn't recognize us, I looked up showing him my face. "guys it's the guy from school" they all started laughing, "how was the hospital" jason said laughing, I got pissed and swung the bat hitting him across the face. It knocked him out instantly, I looked up at Jason's friends with darkness in my eyes, there faces were priceless. They were like scared little girls. Then my friends started attacking them. I took my bat and beat his ribs with it, then I broke both his legs. When we were done we took off running to the car.

The Life and The Dream pt 2

Before i start I'd like to apoligize i red through my story and realized i said Noah, He is my cousin i meant to say Paul if you had yet to realize.Also I rushed and some details were left out but anyways if you have read the past story, I had just found a new relationship with Tisha which has some sexual experiences and my brother had returned home from his expirement and has found out he has the ability to control time and has shared the power with me and has taught me the ways to do so. Ok last chance if you want my real life(Yes still has sex) comment and tell me or do you want me to continue this super power story with this time control stuff, comment and tell me also.
The November breeze came in through the open bus window as we headed off for school, it felt pretty relaxing as we headed on our way through the Medina streets. Our bus usually didn't fill we usually had the first half of the bus filled with little kids and maybe 3 or 4 high schoolers mostly because others would walk or drive there themselves. So there sat Paul Tisha, Kylie and me, Tisha sat with me as Paul talked to Kylie. We were 7 minutes out from school when i felt the familiar hand grab around my junk. It took no less then 3 strokes before I was hard again. I felt like getting off but i had a good reputation goin for me and I didn't want to ruin it. I was known as the good kid, the smart athletic type that wasn't hard to look at either. With a bright future insight i didn't want it pulled away from me beecause a girl got me off that was willing to do it any other time. What i hadn't thought of the time was why didn't I freeze time and get off then deny her, but I don't think it would have worked she was determined.
"Stop! We're on the fucking bus!" I whispered to her as her hand continued to stroke my dick.
"But I'm so horny! and obviously you are too!" as she squeezed my dick harder than before almost causing me to cum right there.
"Yeah well I can wait I'd prefer not to do it in public!" Then the look she gave me was the puppy dog watering eyes and everything.
"Fine do it! But never agian understand?!" she smiled and answered
"Sure but no promises." she said with a giggle
Oh boy the next 5 minutes were hell, I tried to not look suspicious as Tisha whacked my dick at a constant pace. However that last minute was the worst as her mouth engulfed my dick, oh god what a feeling. I put my fist to my mouth to prevent from giving any signal i was getting pleasured. Finnaly I was at my climaxed I grabbed her by her hair and thrusted her mouth arond my whole dick as I released. She came up and showed me the amount she actualy got in her mouth as she swallowed it, i rubbed my dick in her face giving her the signal to clean me up. So after she licked me clean it was about time to get off the bus at school. As we stood up to get off the bus Tisha gave me a kiss on the cheek as we departed, oh god.
See Tisha was nice and all but she hung with the wrong crowd and I never wanted to date her because she always got involved in drugs and dumb shit and I had a reputation to keep in check. So I needed to make sure she knew that but I wouldn't tell her until later her blowjobs are just too good to give up at the moment. As I turned around I saw Kylie getting Paul off as well as he mouthed to me "Thanks" I guess wathing Tisha suck my dick got her horny.
As we entered school our friends Shae and Jake, both a grade above us, came up to us asking why we hadn't been at practice. See Paul was the QB for the new Jv football squad and I was the new CM/GK for the Jv soccer team and neither of us went to practice the day before partly because it had been his first day home and i didn't want to go to practice when I could spend more time with him. Anyways we went to our first period classes he was off to Earth Science lab and I was off for study hall when i saw Taylor G. She was my Ex from 6th grade we didn't really "date" it was a more stupid children believing they're mature but anyways their she was her bright figure with a tight ass much tighter than Tisha's and a much prettier face than Tisha's but my dick was already to go and I concentrated on stopping time, I went through the routine my brother told me to do. Slowly I concentrated on the scene above me closed my eyes and tried to picture the whole scene paused. SUCCESS!
Now it was time for a little fun I walked around deciding what I'd do first. I circled my frozen target then I decided what I'd do. I bent her over her jeans hugged her ass tightly so I figured why keep them on? So after I stripped her completly I got behind her rubbing my dick along the entrance of her pussy, making sure i was well lubricated. After I was well lubed I entered her pussy, it was so tight! I thought Tisha was tight but truly her pussy was cutting off circulation from my dick, as I pulled out the largest pop sounded as blood ran from her pussy. I quickly wiped it up and restarted my voyage into Taylor's virginity. I mean whats more to explain her tight pussy was so freaking tight and pleasureable but it was very uninteresting with no reaction from her. I figured it won't matter Tisha will be bouncing on my dick soon enough anyways. So i just decided to fuck her pussy and get rid of this bothersome erection. After 6 minutes I reached my climax, what a feeling. SHIT! The sudden realization of what I just did was nerve racking. That was until i saw almost all of it start to drip out from her bloody pussy then breathing a sigh of relief i scopped the rest out with my fingers and went to the bathroom to grab some paper towels. When I came out I saw my brother pumping away into her ass, I decided to wait back by the bathroom, I find it hard to have a threesome with another guy and even harder when that guy is my brother, so I decided to just wait until he was done. After he finished on her back I saw him pull up his pants and head back towards the gym. As I approached Taylor's motionless body I got hard again, what a piece of ass to look at! With her pussy completly destroyed I decided to take her virginity in yet another way. As I slowly inserted my dick I heard my brother's voice.
"There you are! we need to discuss something!" he yelled from the end of the hallway.
"What?" As I turned with Taylor still impacted on my dick
"This whole random stopping time shit stuff has to stop ok its not gonna be an eventful day if you stop time every 3 seconds you get horny." As he took out his dick and stuffed it into Taylor's mouth. God Damn the kid couldn't let me just finish banging her.
"What do you suggest then?" I asked as i pumped my load into Taylor's tight ass
"Well I think we meet here everytime we pause time to figure out what we're doing and you're only allowed 2 stops in time a day, got it?" As he came in Taylor's mouth
"Yeah got it I'll get in position you resume time when your ready."
"Ok" As he left I began to clean up Taylor making sure she was clean before Paul started time again
I took my place where I had been before I had stopped time and awaited for my brother to resume time. When time resumed I opened the door to study hall and held it for Taylor as she walked by she flashed a smile. Apparently she hadn't felt the deflowering she had just recieved. When I sat down at a table I saw my friends from last year waiving me to come over. I walked over there was Greg the star swimmer in the making, already 5'10 and more muscular than most seniors he had the right to be called that, also there was Wesley he was a small kid about 5'3 and extremley scrawny and also extremley nerdy, Bryce was the basketball stud of course he was the tallest in the grade at 6'0 and was decently strong, and then there was Pope he was about 5'11 and very large, he was the center for the Jv football team and with his size it wasn't hard to find out why. As we talked the period away about what high school will bring Taylor came over to me and handed me a note"Call me at around 5:30<3" Of course this was followed by a couple of punchs to the shoulder and talking about sex.
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, lunch, and 6th period went by fast without any stopping from me and my brother. There was really no hot girls or teachers so I found no need to stop in search for a quick fuck and anyways I was dead tired from earlier. Then in the middle of 7th period time stopped so I stood up and walked to the front of the study hall room awaiting my brother. When he arrived he told me that he had found a girl to bone and would start time, while I waited back at my position. Call me no fun but when your dick is hurting you just don't wanna fuck anyone. well came 8th period the last period before after school, then practice. For once I couldn't wasit for practice, when out of my eye caught the girl that I had a crush on since last year and behind her walked the annoying bitch who had the greatest ass in the world, what a waste. The girl I'd had a crush on was Jackie Alverez, she was about up to my forehead in height and was drop dead gorgeous and so innocent. Her brown hair was seemed to shine when she walked and her figure was not dull either. She was beautiful inside and out, but she was quiet and hard to talk to. So why not fuck her? because I guess I had enough feelings for her. Then there was Christina, god she was so annoying, the dumb blond walked with her ass in the air like she god damn owned the place. she was slightly taller than me and skinny and flat chested. She was the almost the exact opposite of Jackie. then the wicked idea crossed my head why not ruin this stuck up bitch. So I stopped time and walked down to the study hall room where my brother was waiting. We both had found a girl that we were about to fuck, but I also placed Jackie off limits and he told me that Kylie was off limits as well. We both agreed and walked back to the girls.
Finnaly! A girl I can fuck by myself! As I walked into the class room I saw Christine bent over putting her books under her desk. Even better! with her in position it makes my job so much easier. I stripped her of her pants and panties and stared at the glourious ass of the great white bitch. It didn't take me anytime to ram my dick in her vagina and began to pump. Now Christine wasn't the loosest in the world but apparently more guys had been in there than i had thought. So as I switched from her pussy to her ass I realized that I hadn't told my brother how we were going to begin time again. However I was so lost in the feeling of her ass around my dick I didn't care, that is until I heard the biggest scream of my life come from Christine as I emptied my load into her anus. I stopped time as quick as I could fixed her pants and then jumped back in my seat. I started time and listen to the teacher yell at Christine for screaming like that. All I could do is laugh.
The rest of the day was less interesting as I went through the day, the call from Taylor was just to talk but nothing more. As I finished my homework I looked at the clock 11:00, shit! I trudgged for my bed falling on it and passing out there. What a day!
Again let me know if I should go all reality none of this time stop stuff or if I should continue with this, let me know if I can fix anything!