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My Boyfriend’s Cock

I was walking home with my boyfriend, Liam Payne, from a party we were invited to.

He can't drink because he lost a kidney, thank God he got another, and quickly decided to give it up.

I wasn't drinking because I saw the monstrous things it does to people.

Like my mom for instance.

My parents are divorced and I have one sibling, a younger brother-Tyler.

He's 8 and loves to be active, he's ADHD.

Anyways, Liam and me were thinking about actually having sex tonight.

We haven't got the chance because my dad, whom I live with, is always home hosting a poker game or some "fun Friday" activity. But today was Saturday and he was gone at his friend Jim's.

My brother was at a sleepover at his friend's house and wasn't supposed to be back until late tomorrow.

I had the house all to myself.

I pecked Liam's lips as we made it to my front porch.

I bent down to the mat for the spare key and I could feel his stare on my ass.

He then slapped it and it jiggled.

I am a petite blonde, big ass and size C tits. I just turned 18 and knew not to make Mr. Horny wait any longer for sex.

Tonight would be the best night of his life.

I got up in one swift movement and unlocked the door. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

I felt the bulge in his pants grow as it touched my ass.

I pulled away and threw the key on the coffee table.

I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom.

It had a queen sized bed.

I took off my jacket, walked over to the door and seductively locked it.

I turned around and noticed he was only his boxers, lying down on the bed.

His erection was showing through his Calvin Klein's and I just wanted to rip them off and fuck him there, but I decided to be a tease.

Now I know this isn't his first time but it was mine.

I always wanted to fuck a cock and knew Liam's was perfect.

I trusted him enough to give everything to him.

I started to strip off my dress slowly.

He groaned as he put his arms behind it head.

When I was just in my undergarments, I climbed unto the bed and made my way over to his throbbing member.

I grabbed it through the boxers and started to rub it a bit.

I felt him harden as I unbuckled my bra.

He smiled and threw it to the side. He then started to suck and bite at my nipples and I moaned out of pleasure.

He went to my right breast and did the same thing, taking it into his mouth and teasing me.

It made me soo wet.

I felt him tug on my underwear and decided it was time.

I watched him lick his lips as he pulled down the wet things.

I knew tonight was going to be the night so I shaved this morning.

He smiled and looked up at me for approval.

I nodded and he pulled my legs over his shoulders, burying his face into my pussy.

I giggled as I felt his tongue slide across my clit.

He started to push his tongue in and out of my vag. I felt myself clench at his every movement.

When I was about to cum he pulled away, smirking.

I groaned, unsatisfied and sighed.

My first blowjob.

I watched him lean back and show his "little" friend that was just dying to come out of those briefs.

I then slowly pulled them down and his cock sprung to life, all 10 1/2 inches of it.

I gulped, knowing from what I heard he loves deepthroat, and began to lean over his cock.

I started to lick the tip and smiled as I tasted his pre-cum.

It was delicious and it made me crave more.

I started to take some of his cock into my mouth.

I started to lick in circular motions all the way down. Taking it in inch by inch.

I moved my hand slowly with the rhythm of my mouth.

He then shoved my head all the way down and I gagged a bit.

He smirked and moaned as I took it to the head.

I started to go down and felt his cock deep down my throat.

I clenched his balls in my hands and started to squeeze him, he quickly pulled out before he came and smiled.

"We'll save it after the real fun begins.", he said while flipping me over, making me fall on my back.

He pointed his cock at my entrance and slowly made his way into me.

I bit my lip as he hit my cervix. I nodded and bit my lip, hard, as he started to fill me with his cock.

I was at the point of blood and he let me udjust to his size.

Then he slowly began to go in and out.

It hurt but the pleasure overpowered it.

I moaned as he began to go faster and harder. He inched in more and more and soon I felt his balls touch my vag every second he rammed into me.

I moaned "Liam" every five seconds as he fucked me harder and faster.

When I felt myself stiffen I knew I was going to come so I screamed, "I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM!", and then I came.

My body was limp and he fucked me until I felt him stiffen and he grunted going as fast as he could into me.

Then he pulled out and started to jerk himself off.

I sat in front of him, my face ready and my mouth open.

I wanted to taste more of his precious cum.

"UGHHHHH", and then the white liquid squirted out of his cock. It was still hard but limp.

I caught the cum with my mouth and swallowed it all.

We both fell back unto the bed, panting.

"Round two?", I asked looking at his cock and he smiled.
A/N: Was that good?

It's my first so please don't judge.

I'd love some feedback.

sister licks precum from boyfriends cock

Pipe Crew Part VII

I know some of you have an idea where you'd like the story to go, and I appreciate the thoughts. I reality, I thought the story was going an entirely different direction when I started. I was a normally horny teenager and yes, I did have sex with some of my guy friends. Still do. I am not hung up on labels like gay and straight. I am more binary than that. Either you are horny and down to fuck, or you are not. But I am enjoying the comments, so don't be shy about giving me ideas. I'd also like to apologize for the C&P mishap. It was really late and I was exhausted from typing one-handed.

After having sex with Katie for the first time, I felt different about myself. More relaxed. At ease with being a young teen transitioning to adulthood. Until then, I felt like I was a little bit of a freak. I’d had sex with my sister and sex with my buddy, and those times were precious to me and exhilarating to recall even now, but I felt like until I had sex with a girl that I wasn’t related to, I wasn’t quite normal. Now I felt my urges were valid and normal, not venal sins or worse, mortal sins. Not that God ever came into my head while I was satisfying my teen lusts.

My first sex with Kate ended with a rush, and we lay there panting in each other’s arms. I didn’t withdraw my cock, even as it deflated. I tried to stay joined with her until shrinkage finally separated us. I removed the sopping condom and held it up in the starlight for Katie to stare at in wonder.

“What are you going to do with that, Paul? Save it as a memento of your first time?”

“I should, shouldn’t eye? Put it in a little frame with a glass front, pull it out on special occasions to show the grandkids and put on display at the county fair. Shoot, the folks at OSU may want it,” I kidded.

“What for? To put in the Horner Museum in the basement of Gill?”

“No, I was thinking the seismology department may want it to explain the earthquake that rocked south Centerville tonight.” She giggled and pushed me aside, struggling to get up and get dressed.

“Put your clothes on! Someone may have missed us. We need to get back to the party,” she ordered. I grinned and complied.

We walked into that party like the King and Queen of Forever. Rusty told me later he could see so much about me was different, that he knew I had gotten into Katie’s panties. He said from that moment on, I walked like a young lion who knew in a couple of years, would be the King of the Beasts. Katie stuck by my side. Sometimes we held hands, sometimes she slipped her hand into my back pocket. Subtle hints to all the other females in the area that I was strictly HANDS OFF!

We finally found a quiet corner where I sat in the chair and she sat on my lap, arms around my neck, her head on my shoulder. I would have been perfectly content to stay that way forever. Finally our little private heaven was invaded by James Baldwin, the youngest of the Baldwins.

“I gotta get Jack and Joe into bed, do you two lovebirds want a ride home or do you have one?” I looked over at his two older brothers, they were leaned over a table getting ready to arm-wrestle, which James and I knew would end with them both wrestling for real and then something was bound to get broken.

“Yeah, we’d better get while the getting is good. Looks like we are about to overstay our welcome at Kellerby’s. How do you reckon we are going to get your brothers out of here with the furniture all in one piece. Katie, God bless her, had the answer. She looked out the window and then shouted, “Dammit Krissy, put your top back on! No one wants to see your tits!”

And just like that, the house emptied out of every red blooded male from 14 to 94. Apparently every single one of them wanted to prove Katie a liar and show their devotion to her cousin Krissy and her perfectly formed breasts.

Once everyone was outside, someone asked “Where’s Krissy Schultz?” When they turned their attention to her younger cousin Katie, Katie just shrugged her shoulders and replied “Probably at home asleep by now. How should I know?” just as nonchalantly as a trained poker dealer. Now that we had the boys outside, it took little coaxing to get them in the back of the green Datsun. It was weird riding shotgun with Katie in the middle rubbing against James as he drove. I could see him checking her out pretty closely. I prayed he wouldn’t do or say anything Baldwin-esque for the several miles to the Schultz farm. Thankfully, he kept his thoughts and hands to himself, even when he shifted and he could have brushed up against her.

When we got the Schultz place, I got out and walked Katie toward her darkened porch. I leaned over and kissed her. While it was a long kiss, it was just a straightforward lips on lips kiss. When I straightened up and prepared to go in again for a little more passionate kiss, I heard someone on the dark porch clear his throat.

“One should be enough there, young fella. I am holding my Ithaca over and under after all.” I froze like a man caught with his hand in someone else’s wallet.

“Oh daddy! You are not! You don’t even have any shells for that old ten-gauge,” scolded my girlfriend and heroine. “Don’t talk to the man I am going to marry like that. You might just scare the grandkids right out of him, and then who are you going to leave this place to?” Clearly she had her father all figured out.

“Grandkids?!!! Over my dead body! “ That over and under roared in the night and I saw two flames six feet long reaching for the sky as he fired into the air. “And as you can see, it is TOO loaded!”

“You’d better git,” Katie warned. “I’ll see you on the bus on Monday. “ Then she leaned in and whispered softly, “I love you, Paul David.”

Dumbstruck, I could only turn and walk away. It was so much for a boy to take in. Fear, exhilaration, triumph, joy, ecstasy, and about the rest of Roget’s Thesaurus couldn’t put the right words into how I felt right then. Cosmic might describe it best. I felt like I had touched the cosmos.

At work bright an early the next morning, from their appearance, you might guess that Jack and Joe had slept in the back of the Datsun. You’d have guessed right. Mister Loeschen takes no pity on high school football stars that drink too much. He put them on the silage chopper and field shuttle. It was hot, stinky and loud. The perfect cure for a hangover. For the first several passed, they’d stop at the end of the row and climb off their machines to puke in the headlands. When they were pretty well emptied out, they stopped waiting until the ends of the rows and just dry heaved wherever the urge struck them. At lunch, they only took in water. By afternoon they were beginning to look vaguely human again. By the end of the day, they were shaky but they were upright and taking in nourishment again. Rusty and I spent the day working cattle and cleaning the shop. A pretty easy day, considering how much work needed to get done.

“What happened last night?” he finally asked. “You and Katie were gone for quite a while. When you came back, you looked different. What gives?”

“We just took a walk down to Veterans Park and watched the submarine races,” I replied, making a reference to the make-out spot on the TV show Happy Days. He laughed. Then he got serious.

“Pauly, I gotta tell you something and I am only gonna tell you if you promise it won’t make you mad.”

“Sure Rusty, anything.” I was ten feet tall and bullet proof, so I was ready for anything.

“When I said we weren’t gay, you know, for what we had done, I think I was lying.” He started to tug at the fingers of the work gloves he was wearing. “I think I am in love with someone.”

“Really? Who?”

“You, dumbass.” Now it was my turn to be flabbergasted.

“Rusty, just because we are teenage boys with urges and we are good enough friends to act on those urges, it doesn’t mean we are all out gay. Hell, I know I ain’t gay. But that don’t mean I don’t like what you and I do together, because I do. Why do we have to be one or the other? Why can’t we be both? At least until we decide which one is going to stick?” I thought I was making a good argument for being reasonable.

“What if we are? I mean, what if I am? I ain’t jumping off no damn bridge like Billy Joe.” He referred to a movie that had come out not long before where a young country teen much like us, committed suicide after having sex with another man.

“Do you think girls are attractive?” I asked.

“Hell yes! What does that matter?”

“Do you get urges when you see a pretty girl? Does your dick get stiff?”

“Yeah, of course. What does that matter? It gets stiff when I see you, that blonde hair and that nice butt of yours.”

“Why don’t we wait and see until after you’ve had sex with a girl before you decide if you are gay or not or both? Trust me when I tell you, sex with a girl is pretty damn fantastic.” I grinned reassuringly and slapped him on the back.

“You damn dog you! I knew it. You fucked Katie Schultz, didn’t you?”

“Come on Rusty, don’t be like that. She’s my girlfriend, not some two-bit Reno whore. Be nice, alright?”

“Yeah yeah, I got it. I can’t believe the Squirt got laid before me.” It was his turn to slap my back.

“What the hell does that mean? “ I asked. “You’ve got laid before. Remember?”

“Nah, that don’t count. That was just friends having fun. Right?”

“Right. Now I can collect on that marker you owe me. Remember? The next time we are having fun, I am going to collect.” Rusty just grinned and adjusted his crotch. I could see the outline of a hard-on pressing down one leg of his jeans.

That night, while I was soaking away the sweat and grime and trying to loosen the muscles that had stiffened up the night before, my kid sister Becka joined me in the bathroom and assumed her normal perch on the closed lid of the throne. She was peculiarly quiet as she sat there with her knees tucked under her chin.

“What’s up sis? Are you getting sick?” Sometimes in the fall, she would catch a cold and it would linger for weeks. She shook her head no. “What is it then?”

“When you came home last night, you didn’t kiss me or hug me or anything. I was waiting up, but you came in, took off your clothes and went right to sleep. You didn’t even wake up when I came over and shook you.” I could tell it really troubled her. I could tell she felt ignored.

“Awe Becka, don’t be like that. I had a long day, that’s all. I will make it up to you tonight, I promise.” She brightened at the prospect. She jumped off the stool, leaned over the tub and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and skipped out of the bathroom. My dad entered the opened door.

“Son, you had a heckuva first game last night. A heckuva first game. Now everything is going to be different for you.” He sat on the stool. I felt a little uncomfortable with my dad in the room while I was taking a bath, but clearly he had something on his mind. “From now on, your friends will treat you like you are something special and your opponents will try to break you. If you keep your wits about you, and don’t act like someone special, you will be all right. And don’t let the other team rattle you. Those guys are just like you, and when you go to college, some of them are going to be your teammates. You will find out on your own that what happens in high school stays in high school. I know I ain’t making much sense now, but I will soon enough. “

He left me in the tub and walked out, closing the door behind him. I climbed out of the cooling water and took a long look at the guy in the mirror. A lot had happened in the summer of that guy’s thirteenth year. A lot more was going to happen in his fourteenth. I was eager for it to come and anxious for what might happen when it did. But I figured he and I would get through it together. I grinned, flexed my new body and gave myself a chuckle at how ridiculous I looked flexing.

That night, after everyone had gone to bed and the noise of our parent’s lovemaking grew loud enough for us to hear, Becka climbed into my bed and onto my lap. She was wearing her familiar baby doll nightie, but she wasn’t wearing the bottoms. The sparsely haired triangle of her pussy was perched on the shaft of my hard cock. Becka was my first. And on this night, we both knew she would be my next. Without a word she started to rub her bare sex on my shaft through my shorts. She grew warm and damp, enough so I could feel it on my rigid member. I rested my hands on her thighs while she increased her tempo, causing us both immense pleasures. I didn’t protest when she leaned forward enough to reach behind her, grab the waistband of the gym shorts I wear to bed, and push my shorts clear of my erection. She sat back down on the shaft and the exquisite feel of her tiny pussy sliding up and down my shaft was enough to trigger an orgasm, but I withheld my release. She leaned forward again and grabbed my shaft and aimed it at her tight little vagina and slowly backed down on it. She was so slick with her own juices that I was able to slip in with just a few false thrusts. I enjoyed both the velvet vise of her cunt gripping my cock like a fist and the grotesque view I had of my large cock penetrating my tiny sister. As she bucked and heaved, I put my hands around her waist to keep her from getting out of hand. She threw her head back and then arched her back leaving my hands to provide her with support while she continued to grind. I could see the outline of my cock pressing against the inside of her lower abdomen. She had found her own g-spot and now she was riding my cock in the best position to batter it from within. She began to flow with enough volume to make me think she has wet herself. I almost forced her to stop, but the smell was so nice I let her continue. She pulled her baby doll nightie up and stuffed it in her mouth to stifle her screams. When she exposed her tiny mounds and cute little nipples I couldn’t help it. I slid my hands up and pinched her hardened areoles. I knew this would send spasms through her cunt. It did. She had to throw one hand back on my thigh to support her weight, and the other she kept pressed her nightie at her mouth. Now it was my turn to lose it. I came so hard I saw stars swimming before my eyes.

Becka leaned forward, exhausted. She tucked her legs together and trapped my still hard and throbbing cock in her tiny womb. While she caught her breath, I was suddenly aware that the noises in the next room had ceased. I could sense bare feet approaching our bedroom door. I grabbed the covers bunched at the foot of my bed in with a reaction fueled by panic. I covered us both up to our necks when the door opened. It was my mother.

“What kind of noises did I hear coming from in here? Becka, why aren’t you in bed?” She froze.

“She heard some strange noises, like animals fighting and she got scared. She climbed in bed with me until the noises stopped.” Mom was stunned. She hadn’t considered how thin the walls were in this old farmhouse. She approached the bed.

“They seemed to have stopped,” she said, reassuring her baby girl. “You should be alright to go to sleep now. I am sure they are over.” You can’t imagine how strange it was to have my mom, who had just fucked my dad pretty hard I was certain, leaning over me to comfort my little sister who was naked from the waist down with my cock buried in her, covered with our spent love juices. As she bent over to stroke Becka’s hair, my mother pressed her near naked breasts against my side and arm. It was enough to make my cock twitch. She patted me on the hip as she straightened up.

“Don’t snuggle your brother too much. He’s got to go to work in the morning.“ She leaned over and kissed my cheek, brushing her breasts against my shoulder. I may have only imagined it, but it felt like her nipples were hard too. It occurred to me that my saintly mother was as randy as her son and daughter. Maybe that’s where our strong desires came from.

She left the room and when I was certain she was back in her room, I felt inspired to slowly fuck my sister with the re-energized erection left behind by my mother and the close proximity we had to getting caught. Slow and steady I ground my cock in and out of her cunt until I could take no more and pumped another throbbing load into her. We took our time cleaning each other up. But eventually she went back to her own bed and fell asleep before her head came to rest on her pillow. I thought about Katie as I went to sleep.

The Sunday paper had a detailed account of our game against Grant High. The article had quite a bit about Jack Baldwin and the certainty that he would be a four year star at OSU, which was heavily recruiting him. There were also two paragraphs about me and my first game as a Centerville Warrior. It was such thrill to see my name in print, I just read those two paragraphs over and over until I had them full memorized.

“Remember what I said about people treating you different?” I nodded. “Just because your name is in the paper doesn’t mean much. Your name will be in the paper a lot. Don’t believe anything you read and even less of what you hear. Understand? Believe your coach, do exactly what he says, how he says it, when he says to do it. Got it?” I nodded again. I didn’t really, but I figured a nod was better than a lecture.

For that entire week, practice was brutal. Even beating the defending sectional champions didn’t earn us a reprieve on the practice field. Strangely enough, all the work made me happy. The sweat and strain and repetition made me feel good. I grew more comfortable with high school football and the effort it took. I was no longer in awe of my teammates, even the seniors. Still they made me their freshman slave, but that didn’t daunt me at all. I gladly lugged the water jug to and from the field, sometimes sharing the load with a fellow Pipe Crew, sometimes enjoying the task as a solo effort.

We won the next four games by four or five touchdowns a games, I don’t recall. Even though I was drawing double coverage as a receiver, and teams stopped kicking the ball to me, I was getting enough catches to average about seventy –five receiving yards and close to a hundred return yards a game. Jack and James Baldwin did most of the work. We weren’t really a throwing team, but Coach Kennedy would throw enough to keep the field spread so our running attack could slog through the Friday mud for big yardage. Game number eight was circled on the calendar.

The eighth game of the year was North Valley High. North Valley had sent Centerville home with a loss the previous year in a controversial ending that both towns still talk about. That loss had been Centerville’s second and eliminated the Warriors from the sectional playoffs. Winter and spring had been hard on Coach Kennedy.

“Men, we are going to add a few wrinkles to our running game for North Valley. I plan on being so far ahead by half time, they are going to want to get on the bus instead of coming out for the second half,” he growled to everyone during a team meeting. We all cheered and grinned. If Coach K had a plan, we knew we’d do all right. “We are going with the wishbone, like Texas is running this year. It goes like this….” He spent the next forty-five minutes going over the wishbone formation with an unbalanced line. Instead of a quarterback, fullback and halfback all lined up, we’d have a quarterback and the full back behind him with two halfbacks split to either side, in a wishbone shape. Modified from the t-formation, it put the fullback in better position to block. With a tight-end on one side, and a wide receiver split out from him, it pretty much told the defense “HEY WE ARE RUNNING THE BALL OVER HERE! TRY AND STOP US!”

But then Coach Kennedy added a few wrinkles. With an unbalanced line, the defense would either have to overload that side to stop us, or we’d have the mismatch on them and gain huge yardage. That meant the linebackers and safeties would have to shade to the power side and a lone cornerback on the weak side. That’s where Coach Kennedy had plans for me. I would always line up on as the weak side halfback. With a simple lift of his foot, Jack would signal which way he wanted me to run. If he lifted his weak side foot, he was telegraphing me to sprint to that side and get open in a one on one battle with that cornerback. If he lifted his strong side foot, I was to follow the play and wait for the pitch and if necessary, throw a block on the backside as the play strung out to the power side.

Even though they knew what was coming, our own defense couldn’t stop it. This was power football with a little finesse and we really enjoyed running it.

When the whistle blew and the officials hand dropped, we kicked off to North Valley and that was the last time North Valley had any hope that Friday night. Our defense held them to one yard on that first series and against common sense; they punted to my waiting arms. Forty yards later I was pushed out of bounds on the 22 yard line. We scored on the very next play. We also used the wishbone to go for the double extra point and we were ahead 8-0 before North Valley had finished putting their chinstraps on. Our defense held them to three and out again. Again they punted in my general direction and again I cut through the defense like my hair was on fire and my ass was a-catchin’. This time it took two plays for us to score, this time on a keeper by Jack Baldwin that he carried 18 yards to the end zone. Five minutes off the clock and we were up 16-0. Midway through the second quarter, North Valley had enough. We were up 40-0 and North Valley couldn’t muster enough spit to make a game of it. We ran belly dives for eight minutes to head to the locker room at half time. When play resumed, North Valley tried to make a game of it. But an interception by Rusty let all the air out of their sails. We scored one more touchdown on a belly dive when James broke through and refused to quit until he carried North Valley thirty yards backwards. That was it. Our crowd didn’t protest when Coach Kennedy emptied the bench to get some younger players in the game. The final score remained 48-0 and Coach Kennedy had his revenge.

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