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Darceline’s First Night, Part Two

Michael woke up in a daze, confused by his surroundings for a moment.

"Darceline?" he murmured as he sat up, starting to remember what happened.

The clock read 5:02 a.m., alerting him that he had to get home. His parents would be getting up in two hours, and he could not explain where he had been, if need be. He started getting up, reading a passage in the hotel bible before leaving the motel and checking out.

Michael drove home silently, his face reddening as he relived the previous night. He was ashamed, having to go to a prostitute for his first…anything. He had never been with a girl, ever, and gave up trying.

"Darceline," he muttered to himself, a small smile on his face. He had enjoyed her gentleness, and was nervous about her anyways. She had said it was her first night. Could it be true? He wanted to see her again, he had to…


Darceline woke up on the couch, her throat sore. She dreaded what her day, mostly her night, would have in store for her.

"Darcy, get the fuck in here!" Jeremy called from his room. Darceline quickly jumped out of the couch, her see-through lingerie swishing around her breasts.

"Yes Jeremy?" she squeaked, standing in the doorway. She could see from there that his cock was hard, and she could see the needle and baggy on his bedside table.

"Look what I woke up with, ready to earn your medicine?" Jeremy asked, the smile on his face making Darceline's heart sink.

"Of course," she replied, approaching his bed slowly. she just wanted to get her fix, but she knew it wasn't going to be easy.

"Get on the bed, bend over on your hands and knees in front of the mirror," Jeremy directed, "and make it snappy."

Darceline quickly complied, and as soon as she did, she felt her pimp's cock line up with her dry little puss.

"I-I-I can't get wet, Jeremy," she whimpered, and she heard him spit on his cock before pushing the head into her tight little hole, grabbing her by the hair and shoving his penis inside her roughly.

Darcy cried out and glanced at the mirror, seeing Jeremy look himself in the eye there. She hung her head in disgust and waited for him to finish. Ten minutes later, she heard him groan loud, pulling out to cum on her ass.

She waited a few minutes as he relaxed before moving out from under him, scampering over to his bedside table and sitting on a small stool next to it.

"You're lucky I don't just make you quit, you little whore," Jeremy muttered, putting his cock away as he moved to the edge of the bed. He tied her arm off easily and opened a drawer in the table, pulling out a spoon, lighter, and little bit of a cotton ball.

Heating up the heroin on the spoon, he placed the cotton in the black fluid and slurped it up with the syringe, sticking it in a barely visible vein on Darceline's inner elbow. She hissed as it pierced her skin and bit her lip.

"Go ride out your high, slut, you have a few hours until work, then I'll pick you up and take you back where you were last night," Jeremy muttered, backhanding her and pointing away from his room.

Darceline quickly scampered out of the room, still naked, and laid down, closing her eyes. She thought about Michael, where he might be, what he might be doing. She stretched, her arms above her head, back arched. Her right hand slowly slid to her breast, softly carressing it with her eyes closed. Darceline envisioned Michael, laying next to her, touching her. Her left hand moved down, to her stubbley honeypot, and slowly began rubbing her clit.

Her middle finger of her right hand swirled around her nipple, making it stand up, firm and perky. She moved to her other nipple, licking her finger before repeating the process. The cold air on her body felt good as she became more aroused, thinking of the cute weird client she had previously sucked off…..

She moaned softly, sliding her left middle finger inside her wet puss, breathing rapidly as she touched herself, her body writhing with pleasure. She moaned again, soft and quiet, as she felt her vaginal walls tighten around her finger. Her voice cut off as she climaxed, twitching a little and closing her legs tightly around her hand, her nails digging into her breast. She left her finger inside, feeling her warm insides throbbing, before getting up and making her way to the shower.

"Michael…" she whispered to her bathroom mirror before getting into the steamy shower, leaning her head against the tile wall…


Michael leaned his head on the tiled wall of his shower, the hot water cascading down his body. He didn't know what to do, he couldn't stop thinking about Darceline, that girl…that PROSTITUTE, he had met the night before. She was so beautiful… sure, her raccoon-like make-up was a bit messy, and her hair was a rat's nest, but under all that, he knew she was beautiful.

Looking down, Michael saw his cock twitch, and blushed even though he was alone. He had never been normal about anything related to sex, it was all so embarassing. The closest he had ever gotten to touching a girl before last night was at a wedding.

It was his uncle's wedding, or maybe a distant cousin, and his parents encouraged, more like forced, him to dance with one of the distant cousins present. She wasn't very pretty, but she had a beautiful ass and pretty large breasts for a fifteen year old. He was seventeen at the time, and they danced to one song before parting.

Later that night, there was a DJ and colorful lights in the dark, and everyone was dancing more wildly. The same cousin came up and started dancing with him, her breasts pressed to his chest, arms draped over his shoulders, and he felt himself get hard. His cousin didn't seem to notice, and somehow her lowcut shirt fell a little too low, revealing a little nipple, and Michael immediately came in his pants, groaning. He muttered an excuse about not feeling well and ran away.

"And that was that," Michael muttered to himself, turning off the shower water and ignoring his hard-on. As he dried off, he stopped in front of the mirror and dropped his towel, staring at himself in the steamy mirror. He stared into his reflection's gray eyes, his dirty blonde hair dripping. He was okay looking, and knew that if he were more confident, he'd have a girlfriend like Darceline.

"Darceline…." he whispered to his bathroom mirror, wrapping the towel around his waist and going to get dressed.

————-(Fast Forward Twelve Hours)—————

Darceline walked through the door after a long day of work at the strip club, her ass sore from getting pinched and slapped by the scummy regulars she always danced for. She let out a depressed sigh, knowing her night was nowhere near over. As she came into the kitchen, she saw a note on the table.

"Will pick you up at 9 tonight to take you back to your corner, be ready. –Jeremy"

Darceline almost smiled, having three hours to eat, nap, and get ready. But the smile didn't make it when she realized what she'd be getting ready for, to be used and abused. She quickly dumped a can on corned beef hash into a pan, frying it up on the dirty stove of the roach apartment she stayed in with Jeremy.

When the food was done and eaten, she set her alarm for 8:30 and took a long nap, hoping she'd be able to sleep enough to be food for the street, another disgusting drug addict, fucking for money…


Michael walked through the front door of his parent's huge two-story Victorian after a long day of school. He had wanted to take a year off from high-school, but his parents wouldn't have it. He needed to start medical school right away, he needed to be a young handsome doctor and marry a nice girl from another WASP-type family, and give his parents grandchildren!

Michael smirked a little, imagining what his parents would say if he brought Darceline home and presented her as his girlfriend. They'd probably disown him, or have heart-attacks. He walked into the kitchen and pressed a button on an intercom-device.

"Maria, I'd like dinner now. A nice lean steak and some macaroni salad, with a super baked potato, sour cream and all that. Thank you," he said, and sat down at the table. The cook/maid, Maria, came up from stairs to the maid's quarters and began cooking.

Michael wondered if she'd ever blow him, or let him titfuck her, because she was supposed to do everything he asked. He was suddenly very embarassed, and looked down, waiting to be served.


Darceline sat on the porch at 8:57, waiting for Jeremy to show up. She had on black fishnets, white six-inch heels, very short ruffled bloomers, a lacey white bra, and thigh-length black pea-coat over it. When Jeremy showed up, Darceline hopped up and got in the car, so as not to keep him waiting. He backhanded her just the same.

"You stupid cunt. Are you excited to go sell your disgusting body?" he growled, pinching her thigh hard. She shook her head and he let go, revving his engine and driving her to the street she had been at the previous night. "Make me some more money tonight, Darcy."

She tripped as she jumped out of the car, and watched Jeremy drive off, speeding. She stood in her usual spot, shivering, and waited.

Fifteen minutes later, an SUV pulled up in front of her, and a feminine finger beckoned from the window. The woman inside looked to be in her early thirties, and was wearing a pantsuit, her hair back in a severe ponytail.

Darceline gave the usual prices, to which the woman nodded and had Darcy get in. The woman drove into a garage a few blocks away, and turned her car off.

"Close your eyes," the woman said in a stony voice, and Darceline complied. She felt the woman's hands over her breasts, squeezing. "Oh, Stacy….you've been making eyes at me in the office for weeks…" the woman moaned, squeezing a little harder. "Dirty cunt, you know I'm married," she muttered, her hands pulling down Darcy's bloomers and fishnets, cupping her pussy. "What's that? You're not wearing any panties?" the woman said, and suddenly Darcy felt herself being moved around, and a mouth on her inner thighs. "I want a taste," the woman growled, and began going down on her, rubbing her clit fast and licking all over her cunt.

The whole situation was weird, but Darceline felt her body react, and soon she was twitching with an intense climax like nobody had ever given her. When she was done, the woman licked her up and then said, "pull up your panties, whore," in the same cold tone she had used earlier. She drove Darceline back to the street and literally kicked her out of the vehicle, making her land roughly and scrape up her arms. The woman grabbed five $5 bills, paperclipped together, and threw it at Darceline. "I'd kill myself if my daughter turned out like you," she shouted, slammed the door, and drove off.


Michael finished his dinner and went into his garage, sitting in his car for quite some time. All he could think about was Darceline, and how bad he wanted to see her. He didn't want to, though, at the same time. She was indeed a prostitute, probably a drug addict, and maybe even diseased. His insides felt wrong, and he made his decision.

Michael drove to Darceline's spot, just in time to see her shoved out of a black SUV and have money thrown at her. He gasped and pulled over across the street. Getting out of the car, he rushed over.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked, concerned, trying to help her up.

"Fuck off!" she growled, not looking at his face. She didn't recognize his voice, and elbowed him away. "I'm a goddamn worthless pros-" she stopped talking when she looked up and saw who it was.

"O-oh…hello," she said, her voice softening nervously. She picked up the money and put it in her purse, shaking a little. Her face was red and her arms and hands were bleeding.

"W-w-want to g-go to my h-house to fix that u-up?" Michael stuttered, staring into Darceline's eyes. He was stuttering again, shy and nervous.

"Alright," Darcy said, taking his hand as he led her to his car, holding the passenger door open for her. He smiled to himself, glad his parents were out at some charity function. He started the car, and began the drive home…

Jessinta Ch02A – School – remastered work

*This is a reworking of an earlier release of mine*

Over the course of the next twelve months, these parties and of me getting drunk at them; was becoming a regular occurrence.
By the time I was close to sixteen, I think I would have suck on ever biker’s cock in the club.

I pleaded with Bones; whom I had a major crush on; to fuck me.
He was like most of the regulars at the club, declining my invitations and basically telling me; “I was too young”.

Although I was fitting in at the Club and I felt welcomed; where I wasn’t was at school and at home.

My school grades had been sliding long before, I became acquainted with motorcycle club; but now they were a disaster.

Once upon a time I could have corrected the situation, but now I was losing the battle with myself.
My sexual drive was dictating; my common sense.

At first my interest in school started to wane, when my father left; and I was stuck with an alcoholic selfish mother.
Then my infatuation with all things motorbikes and then Bones, plus the club’s chaotic parties; all helped me continue my slide in failing grades.

At school all that was on my mind was on Bones.
I was totally obsessed with him by now, and I wanted him so badly.
I started turning up to the club in flimsy outfits, all that did was attract attention from the neighborhood hang-a rounds; that hung out near the corner stores.

I told of my affection and problem to Shaz.
She told me to try look for someone at school.
“I am not interested in any boy at school”, I said.
“Leave it with me and I’ll ask Bones or we’ll look at plan B”, Shaz said.
“Plan B”, I said.
“Wait and see, in due time”, She finished, and hugged me tightly and kissed me.

At school as part of my punishment for wagging (hooky), I was made to do yard duty with another student; a boy (Todd).

We spent the whole day collecting rubbish together, all alone except for recess and lunchtime; when we head to our respected areas.

Almost immediately after the day’s final recess break, I started to flirt with him; by asking him personal questions.
At first he was hesitant and looked embarrassed, by my probing.

“Stuff this, if they want to clean up the school; let them do it”, I said, frustrated.
“What, what are you doing”, He asked, as I threw off my gloves.

“We have two hours left of the school day and we are left alone, want to play”, I said, and tapped his pants and grabbed hold of it and squeezed his cock.

Todd jumped.
“What, what do you mean play”, He nervously asked.
“What do you think”, I said, and forced my hand inside his pants and boxers; and latched onto his growing cock.

I started giggled and I smirked at him.
He went red with humility.

“Look, if you want to have some fun; follow me”, I pleaded.
He looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“Come”, I said, and grabbed him by a hand; and led him to just within the school boundaries.
We were near the train tracks but just inside the schoolyard; behind the school sports pavilion.

Todd around once again, he was scared and nervous.
While he looked around, I removed my panties and when he looked at me again; I was twirling them around my index finger.

Todd stood there, as I gave him a wicked smile.
He was trembling and I think I made him nervous and as he took a deep breath.

I then teased him, by flipping my skirt up and revealing my freshly shaved pussy.
He just stood there; dumbfounded.

I then kissed him on his cheek and giggled.

“Come”, I made him follow me to a bench.

I sat down and reached forward and fumbled his cock free of his pants.

“Nice”, I said, and slowly jerked his cock hard.
“What, what are you doing”, He stuttered.

“Oh just waking something up”, I cheekily said.

I could tell I was getting to him, so I slow stroked his cock; while looking deep into his eyes.
H e began to breath funny and I made him moan, I leaned over and gently bit his right ear; while slow stroking his cock.

“Relax”, I whispered.
By now his pants had slid down to his ankles and his boxers were caught around his knees.

With my free hand I unbuttoned my school shirt and revealed my bra to his eyes.
His eyes were transfixed on what was under my bra, my tiny breasts.

“If you want you can squeeze them and free them, if you like”, I whispered, in his ear as I kissed his neck.

He slid his hands under my bra and touched my perky nipple, it felt good to have someone touch them other then myself.

A wicked idea hit my head, and now I am about to attempt to act it.

I sat back down on the bench with Todd standing in front of me.

Smiling I leaned forward but not before winking to him.
I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft and without hesitation; placed his mushroom head inside my warm mouth.

He froze almost instantly, while also letting out a moan.
I went to work on sucking on the top half of his cock, nice and slowly for a brief minute; before stopping.

I pulled his cock from my mouth and licked my lips nice and slowly.
“Yum-mee”, I announced.

“How did that feel, lover-boy”, I seductively inquired.
“Like nothing I had felt before”, Todd happily said.

“Good”, I smile, and put it back inside my mouth and back to sucking on it.
This time I was more rigorous and eager to swallow his cock, and I take him inside my mouth deeper.

“Oh god, oh god feels so good”, Todd moaned.
It only took me another maybe two minutes, before Todd’s cock began to twitch and then explode his cum inside my mouth.

I swallowed what I could before attempting to stand up and kiss him.
Todd took one look at my cum dribbling face and he looked groused out; and attempted to back away from me.
He tripped himself up on his pants and fell flat on his back and banging his head on the asphalt.

I rubbed his cum from my chin with the palm of a hand and dried it up on my white shirt, and with a handkerchief.
Then I went to a drink fountain and properly cleaned my face and tried removing cum from my shirt.

“Sorry, you looked like a slobbering dogs”, He said, rubbing the back of his scalp walking up to me.
“Oh thanks”, I sarcastically said.

We kissed once I had washed my face and dressed ourselves.

As we headed back towards the main school area, I faintly here the final bell for the day.

While we strolled carrying a bin between us, Todd confided in me.

“Jessinta that was my first kiss and my first sexual experience and thank you”, He bashfully said.
“Jessa is fine and no problems, lately I can’t help it but I need to express myself like I do with you”, I said, and slapped him on the shoulder.

As we handed in the bin and gloves, the vice-principle (Mr.Anderson) saw us.

“What on earth, why is you clothes so dirty”, He demanded.
“Yard duty, sir”, I answered.
“Oh, ok”, He said, and walked away.

Todd decided to walk me home, that day.
As we got close to my home, I had to put him straight as he seemed to be a bit clingy.

“Now, now Toddy bear, you are my Toddy bear, but honey don’t take this wrong but you are not my boyfriend but you can think of yourself the next best thing to one; ok”, I set him straight.
“Okay”, I curiously said.

“Here’s the deal, from now on until further notice; meet me at our spot on Mondays and Fridays after school and we can play some more”, I said, calmly.
“If you bring a friend and they want a gobby too, then it’s $10 for them; free for you”, I announced.
Todd smirked and nodded a yes.

We hugged and briefly kissed and I went home.

I tossed my clothes in the washing machine and then hung them out on the clothesline.
Then I took a long warm bath.

I told Shaz about what I did to Todd and what our arrangement was.
She was impressed, well it seemed she was.

She also had a surprise for me, on next Tuesday week; that is if I can skip school after lunch.

On the next Monday at school, Todd bumped into me at lunch time.

“See you tonight Jessa”, He said.
“No problems, I will be there”, I said, with a smile and walked by.

After school I sucked Todd’s cock, behind the School Sport’s Pavilion.
Then Todd walked me home.

Shaz reminded me about next Tuesday and I was puzzled at what she was planning, but she wouldn’t say.

Friday was like Monday, Todd bumped into me at lunch time again.

“See you tonight, Jessa”, He said.
“Yeah no problems”, I said, and was about to walk off when he grabbed my arm.
“Can I bring a friend this time”, Todd asked.
“Sure, as long as you remember the arrangement”, I said.
“Oh yeah $10”, He said, and walked of looking pleased with himself.

When I arrived at the rendezvous point, I saw a large set senior there; with Todd.

While Todd put down his bag, my focus was on the large boy; that stood in front of me.
He was fat but not obese and a giant compared to me; at least six foot six.
My heart faltered as I looked him up and down.

I leaned back against the brick wall with a leg cocked at the knee.
At first I grinned at both boys, in a naughty sexy fashion; before rubbing my ass up against the wall.

Well so I thought.

“Ok boys, who’s first”, I said, with a finger in my grinning mouth.

I swayed my hips and butt from side to side, before squatting down to my knees; and waited.

It was the giant who eagerly stepped forward, by looking at him; he was basically a man.

I gave him a quick smile and he handed me his ten dollars.
He unzipped his jeans and I pried his cock from within it.

It was uncut and the first one of its kind; I had seen like that.

I looked into his eyes while playing with it until it went hard.
The foreskin felt funny to me, but that’s because I hadn’t seen or touch one before.

I jerked it nice and slowly, before I opened my mouth and placed it inside.
The skin over his mushroom head; felt different but it didn’t detract me from the job at hand.

He stood there moaning as I slowly sucked and swallowed; half of his cock.
I lightly squeezed and caressed his balls; as I got myself into a cocksucking groove.
He started to caress my hair gently; while complementing me.

All niceties soon ceased not long after, as he gripped my hair and began to force my head down until to his cock.
He began to feed me his cock; as opposed to me sucking on it.

I was waving my arm out frantically, as I struggled to breathe.
It didn’t stop him; it just spurred him on more.

I was already beginning to regret going through; with this plan of mine.

Eventually I settled down and rest my hands on his large hips.

Now he was forcing my head up and down on his cock; hard and fast.
I had no other option but to suck and gag; as he gripped hold of my hair tightly.

There I was with my mouth over his uncut cock, and being force fed on it; by this brute of a boy.

I was gagging, as it was forced; far too deep for my liking; I began waving my arms around once again.
As this was all happening, I peered around and saw that; Todd undressed now too.

It must have made him hot and bothered, just standing there witnessing this; as he slowly stroked his limp but growing cock.

Tears ran down my cheeks and slobber escaped my mouth; and oozed out like snot from a sick person’s nose.

The brute began grunting and snorting, along with a few moans; as I fed on his cock.

“Oh God”, He bellowed out, and his cock exploded in my mouth.
Luckily it made him relinquish his tight grip on my hair, as he relaxed and began to retreat from my mouth.

Cum and saliva oozed out almost immediately.
I tried to lick what I could of cum and saliva; from his slowly retreating cock.

He stood there moaning as I did this.

I slumped down onto my backside, and rubbed my hands to my face; to catch the freckles of cum that may have been there.
Then I licked my fingers and sat there smiling; and waiting for Todd to present me with his cock.

Todd walked up to me with cock swaying side to side like and elephant’s trunk.

I rose up and rested on my knees; and I eagerly reach for his average sided cock.
Almost immediately it began convulsing; before it was even half way in my mouth.

If I had a timer on him, it must have taken a whole thirty seconds if that; before he was plastering the walls of my mouth with his warm cum.

Todd was so embarrassed; that quickly pulled out and his cum followed.
It squirted on my face on my school top and dangled from his cock.

He was cussing to himself.

I sat back down on the ground with my legs spread eagled apart; gargling what I could get in my mouth of his cum.

“Wow, that’s so hot”, the brute said.
I looked up at him and smiled.

Todd must have gotten dressed quickly, because when I looked up; he was gone.

I tried to stand up and go after Todd; but the brute had other plans and stopped me.

When I looked back at him; he had his cock out again and was stroking it.

I smirked and shrugged my shoulder slightly.
His response was quick and forceful.

He grabbed hold of the top of my head, by gripping my hair there and forcefully lifted me off the ground.

I began to protest but my mouth was quickly; forced back down on his already hard cock.

I was grabbed by my hair and ears; and was being face fucked without malice.

Shocked and surprised; I was gagging and gasping for any air I could get.
He then relented and pulled out of my mouth.

I was left spitting and coughing; and I was breathing heavily and staring angrily at him.

He gave me smirk.

Before I could get settled; he reached for my hair and again I was forced to swallow his cock.
He forced me right down his cock; that my eyes ran and my nose was touching his pubes.

I was held down for what felt like eternity; and the lack of oxygen made me start to black out.

There I was gagging and choking; until I figured out how to try and breathe through my nose.

I was still gagging but at least I had some oxygen; flowing to my lungs.

Then he released his grip and I pulled my head off his cock; by spitting it out.

There I was panting, with thick strands of saliva dangling out of my mouth; as I coughed.

I was annoyed and I was about to yell at him; once I caught my breath.

Instead I was forced back on his cock again; there was little or no resistance this time.

I was actually beginning to suck his cock deeper then I had before.
He didn’t even need to grip my hair no more; I was compliant by now.

Sure I had sucked several Bikers’ cocks before; but never this deep and never this forceful.
The head of his cock was half way down my throat; never before had I sucked this way.

He then stops and gently lifted me off the ground and positions me on top of a bench.
I am made to lay down on my back with my head over the edge.

The twilight sun glared into my eyes; so I close my eyes to shield them from it.

When I open them; I see him stand right in front of my forehead and his cock near my nose.

He smiles and lowers his cock into my willing mouth.

I am fed his cock basically upside down.
In it went sliding in and out of my mouth; with his balls gently smacking my nose.

He again fucks my face deep; but this time I am more compliant.

In and out and with balls slapping my cheeks and nose; I gag a little but it’s not an issue anymore.
Thick clumps of saliva escape the outer edges of my mouth; each time he pulls outwards.

I am now so attuned to this experience that my eyes are shut and am accustomed to his forceful face fucking.

“Gak, gak, gak”, is the sound coming from my mouth.

I don’t know how long this was going on for; as the sun was setting now.
He stops and pulls completely out; and leaves me alone.

I spit and gasp for air.
Saliva coats my face and globs dangle from it.
I must have looked a real mess by now.
It would appear to someone watching; that I had just received a cum-facial.

I attempt to sit up but struggle and spit some more.

The brute looked like he had had enough for the day.
I looked at him and his still hard cock.

“Give me your cock back”, I almost, pleaded.

He walks up to me and rubs his sloppy cock; all over my spit coated face.

I poke my tongue out.
Like a starving animal; I try latch on to it.

He slaps my face with his cock once more; as I wiggle from the bench and on to my knees.
I then dive my mouth right onto his cock again, and away I go; sucking without aid and deep.

He doesn’t need to force me; as I have learnt how he likes it.
With large globs of saliva dribbling from my mouth; I continued to suck his cock.

His cock may be uncut but it is a few inches bigger then Todd’s and similar in size to most of the bikers; I had been servicing.

I gag now and then but I don’t relent.
At times I would jerk his cock while it was half buried in my mouth.
He must have liked it as he would let out small moans and pat my head.

All the time my eyes never left his.

He begins moaning while praising me; this makes me more determined to make him cum in my mouth.

I could sense he was getting near; by the movement of his hips.

My eyes watch his facial expression; all the while I am sucking him deeper.
At times his cock’s head almost slips out but is mashed in between my cheeks and teeth; making him grimace.

It is one of these times; that I feel his cock twitch and he blows a load of warm cum in my mouth.
He then pulls out almost immediately; cum now dangles from my mouth down my chin and from his cock.

I giggle as he taunts my mouth with his cock; just keeping out of reach.
He senses I eagerly want his cock back inside my mouth; and laughs.

Cum had been oozing down my chin and on to my school shirt for some time now; but I could care less.

The brute only slapped my chin with his cock; but as I poke my tongue out for it he pulls away.

He started getting changed but before he was fully clothed; he put twenty dollars more into my mouth.

“Until next time my cock whore”, he said, and smirked.
He then left me, there.

I had to use my soiled knickers to dry my face of cum; as I freshened up as best I could.

Then I had to walk home in darkness.
The cool air blowing up my skirt and between my bare ass and wet pussy; was exhilarating and risqué.

I was so happy and it must have shown by my swaggering hips.
There was a bunch of dark colored teenage kids; the wolf whistled me as I walked by the milk bar.

I had my arms crossed arm my small breasts; and grinning.

>>>>Jessinta Ch02B – Tuesday.