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part 12; Mom Time

Over the next few days, things were as usual at school. I would hang out with Tyler a bit, flirting with Mr. Lopez when I had a chance, and swinging my ass for Mr. Anderson for no good reason. I didn't even like Mr. Anderson, but it was a turn on having his attention. It felt so dirty for this guy to look at me the way he did, he looked so perverted. It was obvious he wanted to fuck me, I couldn't hear the end of it from my friends. Somehow, it was a bit of a turn on having this perverted teacher wanting to fuck me. Tanya had bought me some thongs on our little girl time trip, and I began wearing them every now and then to school, without telling mom. As far as I could tell, I was the only girl that would wear them. I always felt so sexy wearing them, and it made me shake my hips a bit more for those looking. Every now and then, boys got a glimpse up my skirt, or noticed the missing pantylines on my pants, and word started spreading quick about me wearing thongs. I started changing for P.E. in private whenever I wore thongs, hoping that other girls wouldn't notice my thongs. One day in P.E. I was wearing my short shorts that barely covered my ass, and noticed some of the boys started checking me out more than usual. I assumed they noticed the missing pantyline, so I made sure to stretch a bit longer than usual to give them a good view. Tyler showed up and scared them away as usual. When I got back to the dressing rooms, I turned around in the mirror, and noticed my thong line showing. During lunch:
Tyler,"Are you wearing a thong."
Me,"Yeah, how do you know."
Tyler,"I could see it. And all the other guys could too. You can't be showing everyone like that."
Me,"I am sorry, I didn't know you could see it."
Tyler,"I didn't know you wore thongs."
Me,"I just started, do you like it."
Me,"Ever seen one?"
Tyler,"Mmmmm uhhhhh."
Me,"I will show you."
We ran off into one of the far areas of school that no one went to, and I pulled my pants down with my butt facing Tyler. I saw his jaw drop. He probably couldn't tell, but I was really turned on. He stood there staring.
Me,"Want to grab it?"
Tyler,"mm ok."
He reached and groped my ass for a bit.
Tyler,"I like your butt."
He pulled his hands back away from my butt. I stood there for a second, hoping he would do something else. I was dissappointed as I pulled my pants back up, wishing he would have fucked me. I wondered if it was an age thing or something. I was really horny that day, and checked to see if Juan would be waiting for me after school, but he wasn't there.

Grandma picked me up at school and dropped me off at home. Bill's car and some other car were parked in front of the house. I walked in to the sounds of mom moaning and screaming. It was coming from her room. She sounded so hot when she screamed. I was turned on immediately. I walked slowly towards her room hoping the door would be open, but it was closed. I continued past her room towards mine, I opened the door to my room slowly, trying not to make any noise. I laid down in bed, took off my clothes down to my thong, and masturbated through the thongs fabric. I loved hearing mom's voice. I could picture myself being the lucky man fucking her, groping her body, making her scream for me. I orgasmed fast. I felt my pussy wet through the fabric of my thong. I was satisfied for now, but I needed to get with mom again.

That same night, mom walked her friends out of her room, they were laughing and talking about what a good time they had. Mom walked them out to the front door, and when I heard it close, I walked out to see my mom. She was walking back to her room, when we bumped into each other.
Mom,"Hey baby, you're awake."
Mom was only wearing a thong, her big breasts were fully exposed. She crossed her arms when she saw me, trying to cover up a bit.
Me,"hi mom, I'm just grabbing some water."
I leaned in and she leaned down and we kissed each other. I could see the makeup around her eyes was a mess, she had tears than had ran down, her face was a bit of a mess. She even had what looked like saliva on some of her hair.
Mom,"ok baby, I'm gonna take a bath, make sure to go to sleep early."
Me,"I want to take a bath also, let's do it together."
Mom,"mmmm ok."
We jumped in the bath naked together, and I could not contain myself. I crawled towards her and began kissing her. Her she was a bit hesitant at first, and her breath was ackward, I assumed it was from sucking and swalloing cum. I groped her big breasts as I kissed her, and felt slimy fluid all over them, I wasn't sure if it was cum, or saliva, but I went down towards them and began cleaning them with my mouth. It didn't taste like anything to me, so I cleaned them up good, then began sucking on them. Mom began moaning as I groped her and sucked her tits. She was obviously in pleasure, and even looked a little shocked that I was so hungry for her. I could smell her milk, waiting to get pumped out, in her warm breasts. I pumped her tits and sucked and sucked, feeling her warm milk in my mouth, and continued to swallow it all. I squeezed each breast with each of my hands, as I went back and forth between them, sucking her warm milk. I felt my pussy getting hotter and hotter, and mom moaned louder and louder. I could feel her breasts swell up. I reached between her legs to her pussy, and began masturbating her, just how she had shown me. Mom grabbed the back of my head pushing me into her breasts, her body began shaking in pleasure. She used her other hand to squeeze her own breast as I sucked on it, and I felt her explode.
Mom,"oh god."
Her loud moans became loud screams, and her body shivered, and her pussy vibrated. I knew she had orgasmed. Her body began to settle down a bit, when she pulled me off her tits and kissed, sticking her toungue into my mouth, licking up some of her own milk.
Mom,"you are getting better."
She pushed me back and began sucking on my nipples, which felt amazing. She reached down with her hand into my pussy, doing circles around my clit. I was on fire, and I was moaning and screaming. I held on to her tits with both hands, as I felt my body explode in pleasure. I felt myself cumming, my body shook, splashing water all over. I was out of breath when I finished, and mom just kissed me and sat back again. We sat and bathed in silence for a few mintues.
Mom,"I am going to ask you something, and I want the truth, don't lie to me."
Mom,"Did you have sex with Tanya."
I was shocked, how did she know. I sat there as mom stared at me waiting for an answer.
Mom,"don't lie to me."
Mom seemed mad for a second, then said,"tell me all about it."
I told her more or less how it got to that point, and she just sat there thinking about it. After a few minutes, I finally asked, "are you mad?"
Mom,"Not at you, I should have known Tanya would do something like that."
Me,"Don't be mad at her, I love Tanya, I promised I would not tell anyone."
Mom,"Do you like girls."
Me,"mmmm uuhhh welllll yeah."
Mom,"and you like Tanya."
Mom,"and you like me also."
Me,"mmm welllll uhhhh yeah, but I like you differently than i like her."
Mom,"How is that."
Me,"cause your my mom, and you are hot, and I love you and I want you, but you are my mom. Tanya is not my mom, so she could even be my girlfriend."
Mom,"she is married."
Me,"yeah, but I don't mean like girlfriend girlfriend, I mean like, it won't be weird. Have you had sex with her?"
Mom looked shocked,"why do you ask that?"
Me,"Just curious, she is pretty touchy with you, I think she likes you."
Mom,"yeah, we've done it a few times."
Me,"Do you like her?"
Mom smiling,"ok, that's enough Tanya talk, you need to get to bed."
We walked back to her bedroom, wearing only our towels, and I followed her inside.
Me," I want to sleep with you tonight mom."
Mom,"ok, baby."
She sat in bed drying her hair, as I massaged her shoulders. I loved her smell, specially after she showered. I was turned on again. I began loweing my hands closer to her breasts as I continued to massage her. I undid her towel wrapped around her, exposing her big breasts. They almost shined still humid from our bath. She didn't even blink, she just let the towel fall right off. This woman was everything in my life at that moment, she was so beautiful, so voluptous. I could not contain myself, my hands were on her breasts almost immediately. I wanted nothing more than to please her and make her mine.
Me,"lay back, I want to show you something."
Mom laid on her back, and I climbed down to her legs. I began caressing her beautiful legs, giving her gentle kisses. I moved slowly, opening her legs gently, kissing her all the way in. I dove right in, began licking at her, licking at her clit, licking at her lips. I could feel her heat, her sweet smell, I loved her taste. She immediately began moaning and moving with pleasure. I could feel my chin getting wet, as I licked her clit, and I went down to taste her. I loved it. I felt like a man taking her, though I was satisfying her, I felt like I owned her. I felt myself getting wet, my fluids began drooling down my thighs. She bgan moving her hips up and down, as she held my head between her legs, I used my toungue to lick her. I pushed two of my fingers inside of her, they were soaked immediately, her walls were tight around me. I loved feeling her inside, I wished more then ever to be a man, to feel her deep. I wished I could go further than my small fingers could. I began feeling my toungue and jaw getting tired, but I could see her body shaking, her moans getting louder. Her grip on the back of my head got tighter, and I felt her press me down closer. I felt her pussy vibrating, and then suddenly she exploded. Her juices soaked my chin, her body shook violently, her moans were screams. Her orgasm last a few seconds, then her body just collapsed in bed. I went a little lower and began licking her clean, pulling my fingers out dripping in her juice. I loved her taste. I ate away until she was completely clean. There was nothing left for me to clean, so I pulled back. Mom sat up and looked at me. I could feel her fluids dripping of my chin, so I used my fingers to clean myself and licked them clean.
Mom,"I see you've had a little practice at this."
She motioned for me to sit on the bed, so I got up and sat down. She pushed me all the way back, kissing me all the way down, licking the inside of my mouth. She opened my legs and began fingering me. She moved down and sucked on my nipples for a bit, then went straight down to my pussy. She began licking my juices, sucking on my lips, licking my thighs, completely taking me. She moved back to my clit and and licked away, as she fingered me. I felt overwhelmed from immediately. My body shook out of control, and I felt electric as I came, probably withing a minute. She came back up and kissed me once more. It was a deep passionate kiss, with her toungue licking inside my mouth. She turned off the lights, and I slept leaning on her breasts, both of us completely naked, fully satisfied.

Mom woke me up later that same night, and told me I had to go to my room.
Mom,"Bill is here, you need to go to your room."
I got up hating the man that would take mom away from me. I was walking out, when mom put a towel over me, trying to cover me. As I walked out, I realized why. Bill was standing right outside, I tried to cover myself as I walked over to my room, feeling his stare on me.
Bill,"hey sweety."
I didn't bother with a response, as I closed the door behind me. I realized he must have walked in and seen us both naked, there is no other reason he would have been waiting outside. I felt so embarassed. I wondered if he knew, or how mom would explain it. Not even a minute later, I heard my mom getting fucked. Her screams filled the house, and what would have been a night of good sleep was ruined



Katie had just started high school she was so excited to go to a new school and be in the city for the first time. Her entire life she'd lived with her mother and father in a small town twenty miles away from the city and all she ever knew was farm life. Her father had just received an inheritance and no longer needed to work on the farm any more. The inheritance allowed his family to move to a big house which was owned by his uncle. They didn't have a worry in the world at least that's what they thought.

Two days ago Katie's mom took her to the mall to get “city girl clothes”. Her mother was not very conservative with her daughters choices. After all, all her mother had known was small town life as well so naturally she figured that if all the other girls were wearing short cut shirts and high skirts with tennis shoes as well as other tight clothing than it must be acceptable in society in the city. After shopping and getting some lunch Katie and her mother headed home. They decided not to use the car today so that they could enjoy the new smells and sounds of the city. They were used to walking and being on there feet. They passed many streets and shops and look in windows surveying all the sights. When they got a an intersection they were approached by a street person. “ Any spare change ma'am” the man asked. “ Oh I'm so sorry all I have is a credit card.” the man nodded and walked off into an alley a few feet away. Katie had asked her mother who that man was. Katie's mom wasn't exactly sure herself. “Obviously a man who needs help sweet heart.”

Today Katie had just got off from her first day at school and was walking home as her mother was to busy trying to meet new people at social clubs. She continued down the street that her family agreed would be safest and most direct. When she got to 56th ave. there was a construction crew. “ Excuse me sir what's going on?” Katie asked one of the men in the orange vests. “ sorry sweetie you're gonna have to find a way around this street is blocked we had a pipe burst and it's fucked up the street pretty bad.” Katie was kind of shocked by the workers language but understood. “ Do you have any suggestions on where I should go?” Katie asked kindly. The construction worker was very busy and yelled” I don't care where you go you just can't go this way.” Katie sheepishly walked away and started heading down the block. Katie started getting worried her mother hadn't gotten around to getting her a cell phone yet so she was looking for a pay phone so that she could call her mother from there. Her mother had always had her keep fifty cents in her pocket for emergencies such as this. She was looking around frantically for a pay phone when suddenly she say someone using one. It was down an alleyway on the other side of the block. The alley looked dark and dirty almost as if the sun decided not to shine on only that part of the city. Regardless of the way it looked Katie decided it would be faster to cut through the alley.

Katie stepped slowly onto the dirty ground of the alley and proceeded to walk timidly through. Katie had gotten half way down when a figure came out from behind a dumpster and grabbed her. Katie wasn't able to scream because just as fast as she was grabbed a hand came over her mouth and she was dragged backwards. Katie had no idea where she was being dragged but was terrified none the less. The homeless man that had grabbed her took her through a door that was behind the dumpster and down some stairs. Once he had opened the door he through Katie to the ground and tied her up in the corner. Katie recognized the man just about the same time he recognized her. She was now even more terrified. Especially since he was now even dirtier than he was two days ago. The vagrant recognized her as well and started to get a grin on his dirty mouth. He walked over to Katie and bent down and grabbed her face. “ You're very pretty little girl. What's your name?” when Katie hesitated to answer the man slapped her in the face. He got up and walked out the door. Katie was from a simple area but she wasn't stupid, she tried to get loose of the electrical wire that was fastened around her. She got the wire loose and ran for the door. When she opened the door her face went pale and her hands shook. Not only was the homeless man standing there with a very angry look on his face but there was a very large man standing behind him with a smile on his face showing all the missing spaces in his gums where teeth used to be. The first man Punched Katie in the stomach and kicked her in the ribs. The second man grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the other side of the room and proceeded to rip her clothes off while spouting names at her that she'd never heard and subsequently didn't understand. “ Get that bitch ready Butch” the first man said. “ Oh I know what I'm doing Scruff just get everything set up for the fun.”

Butch had gotten Katie completely naked while also covering her with welts and bruises. Katie was defeated and completely lost as to why this was happening to her. “ You gonna tell you name now you little cunt, or are we gonna have to just give you one?” Scruff spat the words into Katie's face while holding her face from the ground by the nape of her neck. “ My…….My name is Katie.” Scruff took Katie's face and slammed it into the dirty concrete knocking a few of her teeth loose. Katie lay there helpless as the two men proceeded to undress. Once both men were without clothing they both jumped on her and started ravaging her. Scruff made sure to grab her ears while he forced his ten inch rod into her slack jawed mouth. He thrust so hard that her gag reflex forced her to throw up her lunch. Scruff never noticed and kept abusing her throat. At the same time Butch had grabbed some near by used needles and started pushing them through Katie's nipples. This was the first time Katie became aware of what was going on. She wished that she had stayed in the daze she was in so that she wouldn't have to endure this reality. Katie started screaming the best she could over Scruffs cock stuck deep in her gullet. Butch laughed as he took the last needle and pushed it slowly through her clitoris.

“Alright my turn asshole don't hog all the good stuff” Butch exclaimed. Butch shoved Scruff out of the way and knelt in front of Katie. Katie's eyes were barely open and she was taking this short time as a blessing and was taking as big a breathes as she could. Butch Grabbed her by her hair and raised her up to her hands and knees. Right then Scruff came over and kicked her in the stomach. Butch kept her held by her hair and then shoved his cock right down her throat. Katie was shocked that this time it was easier even if this penis was bigger. Katie was so focused on breathing that she didn't notice Scruff grabbing her hips and lining up his thrust. Scruff rammed his dick all the way completely destroying her hymen and stretching her pussy to the limit. Katie shrieked with all she could in pain and fear. She'd never even touched herself in fear that her mother or father would find her to be a pervert or hussie as they called it. The two men continued to thrust at a rapid pace destroying Katie's body and her will.

Katie had blacked out and the two homeless men had just noticed. Butch Kicked Katie in the face with his bare fungus covered foot. Katie's eye opened slowly and she tried to shake the haze blurring her vision. She slowly realized in terror that she was still in that terrible basement with those two men. “ I don't think so bitch you're gonna stay awake for all of this. We Aint letting you miss anything.” Scruff yelled while reinserting his dick into her cunt. Katie tried to struggle until Butch stepped over her and started to piss in her face. Katie couldn't believe that all of this was happening to her. Had she been bad? Had she done something wrong? No answers came to her just the pain and humiliation. “All right bitch I'm gonna tell you whats gonna happen now.” Scruff said through yellow teeth. “ I'm gonna come in this loose pussy of yours and then butch is too. You're gonna get pregnant, And keep the baby. You're gonna tell your parents you want to keep the baby and you're gonna make them kick you out of the house. You'll be my bitch and everyone else that I say.” Scruff pulled out a razor blade and started to cut a triangle into her flesh under her ear. Katie screamed in unbearable agony as Scruff marked her with his blade. Butch stood over her laughing. Scruff finished marking her and then pulled her by her chin until she was straddling his cock. Butch came up behind her and lined up his dick with her brown eye. He thrust his entire twelve inches into Katie's rectum. Katie felt that she should yell and resist but strangely she started to want it. She couldn't believe it but she wanted these men to take her and do whatever they wanted to her. She needed it. Katie got so caught up in her own thoughts that she didn't see Butch grab the blade and start moving it towards the back of her neck. Butch continued to slice a Circle into her skin. Katie suddenly realized that she wanted that as well and started to moan. She leaned her head down and wrapped her mouth onto Scruffs lips and did her best to kiss him through the pain. The two vagrants got into a rhythm where the were thrusting in and out in unison. Both men erupted into Katie's body at the same time. Katie felt an unbelievably good vibration stream through her body as she experienced her first orgasm.

The two men threw her clothes back to her and threw her out of the door that was behind the dumpster. As Katie raised her body from the alleyway and winced her eyes against the light of the sun she slowly put her clothes on. Her clothes were soaked with blood and dirt. She liked it. She couldn't explain to herself why but she was happy with her situation. She walked home and loved the looks that she got from people passing by. She got home and her mother ran up to her and slapped her in the face “ Where have you been little gir…. oh my god Katie, what happened we need to get you to the hospital.” Katie grabbed her mom and cried into her shoulder. Unbeknownst to her mom Katie was faking and was actually smiling the biggest smile she's ever smiled in her entire life.

Katie's mom took her to the hospital and got her cleaned up and her wounds looked at. Also her mother found out that she had been raped. Her mother was devastated and chalked up Katie's mood Towards the whole thing to shock. Three weeks later Katie found out that she was pregnant and told her mother and father. Her family told her that it was against their beliefs but they had no choice but to get an abortion. Katie went off and attacked her mother and started screaming obscenities at her. Her father had had enough and dragged her up stairs and grabbed a suitcase. “ You have ten minutes to get what you want to keep and you miss are going to a boarding school “ “FUCK YOU I'm outta here” Katie yelled. She kicked her father in the groin and ran out of the house.

Katie searched and found the door behind the dumpster and opened it. Katie yelled down the stairs and called out. “ Scruff? Butch? Baby's home and ready for more”

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