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Preteen Exploration

I was 12, in my first year of secondary school. I was 4’6”, slim build, and twinky look. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and an awakening 5” erect penis – I was just figuring out the joys and pleasures it had to offer, the same as every normal boy. I was always quiet, in a family of 8, quiet was the best option – I didn’t mind – I read, listened to music, played Lego, and met up with my best friend – Mark. He was also 12, we were next door neighbours from the day we were born. 4’9”, slight, brown hair, blue eyes – he was devilishly attractive, with a mischievous glint in his eye, and a smile that would light up Denmark. I never really know when I started to find him attractive – I was always attracted to him, and his smile.
We never spoke about sex. Not until that day at least. Mark and I were playing Lego in my room, and were doing the role-play – having already built our houses, cars and furniture. It was night time in Lego land, and we decided it was best to leave Mr and Mrs Lego rest for a while. “They should have sex”, Mark declares. I look at him a shocked state. “MARK, shut the door – the others will hear”, I demand. “What? Do they never say the S-word?” he asks. “No. Never”, I reply. He snorts, as he reaches into his pocket, and produces 4 small packets. “What are they?” I enquire. “Oh come on”, he retorts. “They’re condoms”, he adds. “What?” I say. “Condoms. You put them on your willy when you have sex. I heard me Da say so – he was giving orders to me Ma to put it on his willy”. As he elaborates, I feel movement down below. I like the idea of this. I don’t know why, but it sounds like it should feel good. “Where you get them” I ask. With a look of obviousness, Mark replies “Where you think?” His father’s supply. I am handed a packet, and told to open it. I take it with shaking hands, and tear the packet open. I pull out the condom, and wonder how on earth one is supposed to wear such a thing while having sex.
I was still a virgin, and really had no interest in sex per se – I was just getting used to the euphoric feeling of jerking off, and the resulting orgasm, obviously. “How do you wear them?” I ask. “You slip it on your willy when it’s big, and roll it down” replies Mark the learned. “You’re joking” I say. “No way, man – check it out” he replies. Before I have a chance to argue, Mark jumps up, unbelts, unzips, and pulls his school trousers down. “Mark” I exclaim, “What are you doing?!” As he pushes his underwear down, I am filled with intrigue. His 5” cock flips out over the hem. “Showing you how they’re used” he replies. I am stunned into silence as I watch with awe, as he effortlessly opens the condom, pulls it out, slips it over his pulsating cock, and rolls it down his shaft. He moans slightly. “Can I touch it?” I ask. “Sure” as he moves closer to me. I reach out to feel the plastic, his cock is still pulsating, as it continues to grow. It stops at about 6”. My intrigue leads to action – I take his cock firmly in my hands, and start to wank my friend. Slowly at first, but by impulse, Mark starts to thrust his hips forward into my hands. I move my hand faster as his abdomen muscles tense, I know what’s about to happen, and my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I keep pumping his cock, until with one prolonged moan, he cums in the condom. Cum collects in the reservoir, as he continues to shoot load after load from his still hard cock into it. I want to try this. I stand up, push down my school trousers, followed by my underwear, my cock flops out. I tremble as I open the condom, I feel the coldness of it against my foreskin. “You make sure the roll is on the outside, hold the reservoir firm, place the roll over the head of your cock, push the roll down your shaft until you reach the end” – I take the instructions. The condom feels awesome against my skin. Is this what it feels like to have sex I wonder? I don’t know, I just know that I am in heaven. I walk over to Mark, who has now sat on the bed, his cock still hard. He instinctively takes a good firm hold of my meat, and starts to jack me off – I am already so close – I thrash my hips forward as my cock moves between this boys hands, my muscles tense, my balls have Goosebumps on them, and with one final pump – I release into the condom. I keep moving, not wanting the feeling to ever end, I want to keep going – keep this feeling forever.
I laugh when the feeling subsides, my cock is sensitive in the condom, sensitive but still hard. I want more. “How was it?” Mark asks. “Awesome” I breathe in. “I could do that again”. “Wanna try something different?” Mark enquires. “Like?” I ask, inquisitively. “Sex?” he replies. “With who? You need a girl, no?” I retort. “With me, boys can have sex with boys. Instead of putting your willy into a fanny, you put it into the other boys bum”.
I follow Mark’s lead – he tells me to lock my door. Check. He tells me to take off my jumper, my tie, my shirt, my tee, my shoes and my socks, I slip off the trousers and underpants off completely. I am naked. Totally naked. I tell him to get naked, quickly. He strips off his clothes. His body is magic, I want it badly, and I want it now. I walk over to him, he lies on the bed, face down. He tells me to take the condom off my cock, and pour the cum over his butt hole. I do so. He then tells me to lie down over him, and to move my cock between his buttcheeks up and down to lube him up. He reaches around with his hand, guides the head of my cock to his entrance, and tells me to push gently in. “Shouldn’t we be wearing condoms?” I ask. “We’re both virgins. Condoms are only for people who have fucked others” comes the reply. I go back to concentrating on my cock, oh fuck, the head slips into his butt crack. Ecstasy, just simple ecstasy. He is tight, and warm. “Slowly” Mark instructs. I push my cock in gently, little by little, inch by inch, until I am all the way in. “How is it?” Mark asks. “fuck I’m gonna cum in a sec I think” I breathe out. Sure enough, I gently manoeuvre myself in Marks ass, and it sends me over – I move as gently as I can, all the while trying to satisfy the itch that has overtaken me. I am laughing again – my cock is all too sensitive, but again, still hard. I want more. Once I recover, I gently move my cock in and out, working Mark’s ass around my cock, he moans gently. “You OK?” I ask. “Oh yeah” he replies, “you?”. “Fuck yeah” I reply. I allow Mark’s ass get used to my cock, as I gently move in and out, I know I’m close, but I know if I do long strokes, the feeling subsides. I want this to last as long as possible. I pull out, turn him around, and push myself back into his ass. I can see his face, I lean in to kiss him. Our lips touch, his are warm, his tongue meets mine, his hips undulating over my cock. I move slowly, concentrating on Mark’s orgasm. I remove the condom from his cock, the smell of cum fills the air. I wrap my hands around his cock, massaging the remnants of cum into his cock, making it slick. As his hips move faster, his moans get louder, and his body tenses and he shoots rope after rope of cum onto his chest, one shot landing on his neck. I lean in, kiss his lips, and lick his neck. The cum is salty. I run my tongue along his body, collecting all his cum. I run my tongue over his cock – the head still dribbling out cum. I start to pick up speed. “Faster” Mark says. I guess I am doing something right. I thrust in long strokes, pushing myself in as far as I can, almost pulling out completely. I am jerking Mark’s cum covered cock – I pump it faster and faster. He moans, I know he is getting close, so am I. I continue pumping, and after one last pump, I can feel Marks cock pulse in my hands, and his ass spasm around my cock. This sends me overboard, and I thrust myself into the depths of Marks bowels and shoot rope after rope of boy cum into him. We slow down, kissing, our tongues wrap around, our breathing heavy, our bodies tired, our virginity gone.

Confessions from Mac the Flasher – A Serial Public Masturbator (1)

This is how for me it all started, the public wanking that is. I'm not asking for for forgiveness or understanding, I'm just telling you how it is. That girls are sex objects and that part of the thrill. Does that make me a pervert? Yes, so get over it.


As a boy of 12, the teenage years for a boy loom on the edge of the horizon, tantalisingly just out of touch of your grasping fingers and you’re wanting all that it potentially offers the young mind and body. But before the teenage years, you are 12 and your mind and body are given a serious kick in the teeth first.

Now, If a boy of 12 was to utter the swear word “Cunt” to their Granny, be in no doubt she would tell your mum and dad, but she would call it “Dropping the C bomb”. Never the less your mum would give you a verbal ear bashing that sends your mind crazy and your dad kicks your ass until your body is black and blue.

But if a boy of 12 were to utter the word “Hormones” to their Granny and she will still tell your mum and dad, and she may call it “Dropping the H bomb”. But instead of your mum and dad sending your mind crazy and kicking you black and blue. It’s the H bomb doing it instead and it’s just as devastating for a boy of that age as the original H bombs that were dropped Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of the second world war.

I got my first pubic hair not long after turning 12 and I was happy as pie, I was a man now. Plus as a super extra bonus, my cock grew and extra 4 inches in that year. Yippee! But also in that year I grew 9 inches in height, which looking back now was very painful and for about 2 months I could hardly walk as my joints were so damn sore.
Also when I hit 12, it took no more than 2 months from my birthday to get my first wet dream, my first erection, the first time I masturbated and the first time I cum on purpose. I did enjoy the sensations I was getting but I didn’t really understand what the fuck was going on and panicked.

My “H Bomb” had been dropped and hit its target square on.

Ok, so now I could get a hardon and cum, and one of the first questions I asked myself was. What shall I do with it now? I didn’t know then why they happened, I didn’t know that the reason was later in life you use your hardon and cum facilities to help a lady to make a baby. I went to Catholic School; such things weren’t taught to us. Any way I couldn’t have seen Sister Mary, a nun of indeterminate age with a better beard than I can get even now, teaching us about the sex.

Even if I did know the real reason, I was 12 for fuck sake, girls were horrible, girls were yucky and I would have been more worried about losing my bag of glass marbles than losing my virginity.
But, I did know that it felt good when I had a hardon, it felt better when I was stroking it and felt like heaven when I cum.

I know what I’ll do, I’ll keep on doing it that’s what! And unashamedly I did and everybody in the family, a lot of people in school and most of the street knew within weeks. I had a new toy to play with and I wanted everyone to know about it.

Mum, dad, my brother Tony (15) and sister Lisa (14) poor souls, absolutely hated it when I was 12. My cock was so rarely in my shorts it had a better suntan than my face and I was pulling on it so much I looked like a lopsided Popeye by the time I was 13.

I would run into Lisa’s bedroom shouting. Look at me Lisa! And pull on my cock a couple of times and run out again. The same with Tony. Mum and dad would be sitting watching some TV, then they would hear the unmistakeable sound of slapping skin. Dad would shout at me to stop, then mum would chime in. Then I would run out in to street and give a neighbour an eyeful as well.

The nuns at school, God bless’ em, had me in church praying to Jesus every day for forgiveness and the confessional had the equivalent of a revolving door just for me. And if I had carried it on for much longer, I’m sure the Vatican would have sent someone to do an exorcism .

I was out of control after 4 months; it didn’t get any worse for everyone after that but certainly didn’t get better for them until probably about 2 months before I was 13. By then I had been to a kids shrink for about 2 months and would see him for another 2 years. He hadn’t stopped me of my million wanks a day but I had stopped doing it so openly at home, school and in public. I was made to realise it upset people and was bad and naughty to do it infront of people, especially girls as they like it the least.

And he told me why, he told me about sexuality and sex, the birds and the bees. It was what the hairy chinned nuns couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me. From then on I looked at girls differently. They were no longer horrible and yucky, they were now nice and sexy and my bag of glass marbles went in the bin.

What did the shirnk say about doing it infront of girls? – It was bad and naughty to do it in front of girls. They don’t like it. Suddenly it took on a different meaning for me. From, not to wank infront of girls. To, wank infront of girls, but don’t let them see you.

Until the shrink had said those words and taught me about sex, I never gave it a thought that it was a sex act, it was just me showing off and having a laugh. I didn’t care who saw me , boy or girl, man or woman. it wasn’t sexual for me in any way.

Now it is a sex act, and boys like sex with girls, Boys get hard cocks because of girls, boys cum because of girls.

I was a randy teenager that came to love the sexual kick and the embarrassment and sometimes humiliation it can cause to girls I was doing it to.

It’s was naughty, very naughty.

I like naughty, let the naughty games begin.


The 2 incidents here are when I was about 13. There will be more, as I have lots to tell, but the order I put them down are not necessarily in the right chronological order. I’m just writing them as I remember them. I wish now I had kept a diary or a journal of my exploits.


I remember it being a hot summer. Us kids were off for the 6 weeks summer holiday, playing with hose pipes, drenching each other, playing football, doing kids stuff and having a great time.

Me and my mate Adam, had been in our local park all day swimming in the river, sitting in a rubber ring and letting the river current take us down stream, playing football and catching frogs.

It was about 5 in the afternoon and Adam has to get home, his mum would be home from work and would have his tea on the table. We went our separate way but would meet up again in the same park by our favourite tree at 11 the following morning.

So I was just walking home, bear footed and just in my shorts, my t shirt I had on got lost somewhere in the park.
I turned off the main path and took a short cut home which goes through the woods and on the other side is a small clearing that backs onto the river which I had to cross to get home.

I came through the trees and I saw her. She was older than I was, maybe in her 20’s and stretched out facing the sun, next to the river which was about 20 feet from where I was standing. She has on a dark coloured 2 piece swim suit and had huge tits, flattened slightly as she was on her back, but she still had 2 big mountains on her chest.
There was no one else about that I could see, so I took my shorts off and held them in my left hand and started to pull on my cock with my right and made my way quietly over to her as I could.

I was about 5 feet behind her head and could see her eyes were closed. Her tits looked even bigger close up and were sexy too, I could just make out her nipples through the material and moved around to her left so I could see her cunt properly. It looked smooth.

My cock got very hard and I was wanking really fast and it felt so good, my eyes darting their gaze between her tits and cunt.

She then opened her eyes and was looking right at me. I thought she was going to scream at first, but instead she said.

“What are doing you little fucker? Go on fuck off” and sat up still looking at me.

I just kept on wanking, and stood my ground.

“I’m wanking, looking at your cunt.” I said back to her “ Your cunt looks nice, I bet you boyfriend puts his cock in there.”

“Fuck off you little pervert!” she said.

I could feel that I was about to cum.

“Ooo, I’m cumming.” I said and shot my cum, it landing near my feet.

“Thanks” I said, running off across the river. “You have nice tits too.” Shouting at her, over my shoulder.

The following morning was a sunny and as hot as yesterday when I met up again with Adam, at the agreed time and place. Adam was in the same year as me at school, had some of the same classes too and my best mate. He knew about my wanking antics at school the previous year and thought it hilarious, nearly pissing himself with laughter when a num would drag me out of class by my ear for having a quick pull on my cock. He was quite shy and would never in a million years do what I do and was scared shitless of the nuns as well.

I was telling him about my wank at the girl after he left. He was wide eyed and smiling.

“Were her tits really that big? Wow! Was she sexy, what was her cunt like?” His questions were flying out like machine guns bullets.

The first hour of our day was me reliving it over and over for him and answering his questions.

“Can I see you do it next time, if I’m around?” Adam asked.

“Sure, i don’t mind, come on let’s see if there’s any girls around”

There was a big grin on his face.

“Let’s try the same place as yesterday.” And off we ran.

We go to the clearing but we were disappointed to find it empty of girls. So we started to walk the length of the park. We saw plenty of girls but they tended to be with parents or boyfriends. But we kept up our search and then we struck gold.

Adam spotted 2 girls about our age, not far ahead and walking together towards us. Both of them wearing bikinis and both had long blonde hair with flip flops on their feet and carrying big bags.

We hid out of the way until they passed us and we started follow them at a safe distance and giggling in anticipation.

The girls then went off the path and headed towards the woods. They went through the woods and when they got to the clearing they stopped and said something to each other, pointing as if trying to decide where to sit. The clearing was empty. They picked their spot, pulled out towels and sat down on them.

Adam and I were still just inside the trees hidden from the girls view and decided to move round to get closer to them but keeping to the trees. We could see that they pulled out drinks and crisps from their bags and started to eat and drink them chatting to each other but we couldn’t hear them fully.

We had found our spot just behind and close enough to the girls and for now we sat down and watched them for a while finishing their snacks and then rubbing the sun cream that had been pulled out from a bag over their bodies.
I was getting hard watching them rub the cream all over themselves, up and down their legs, over their bellies and across the top of their chest just above their tits. I started to pull on my cock.

The girls laid down on their towels, legs slightly spread and arms down by their sides.

“I’ll give it 5 minutes Adam then I’ll go out to them, are you coming out as well?” Adam shook his head.
“No, I’ll just watch from here” he looked scared but excited.

“Are you going out nude or what?” he asked me.

“Yeah, I’ll stand behind them a bit, so my shadow doesn’t hit them and start to wank my cock, then move around next to the one on the right. If I’m quiet and they don’t hear me I’ll get very close to her.”

Adam had a smile from ear to ear. We watched them both for a few more minutes and I got up and took off my clothes, but left my trainers on and made my way over to the girls.

I stopped about 10 feet behind them and started to wank, my cock was already hard. Neither had moved at all since laying down and they had their eyes closed shut against the bright sun.

I looked behind me at Adam and could see that he had his cock out and was furiously wanking.

I then crept around to the girl on the right as I said to Adam I would and stopped about 3 feet from her level with her tits, which were very small and flat as were her friends. They were both very skinny, their rib cages showing plain as day through their tanning skin. Flat bellies and skinny legs.

“Hello girls, wanna see my hard cock and see me cum too?” I said to them.

They both screamed in shock and sat up, looking at me. The girl nearest me quickly moving away on her hands and knees and sat to the left of her friend.

“Nice arse” I said when she sat down. “Take you knickers off so I can see it properly.”

“Eww, what are you doing, with your wilily, and no I won’t take my knickers off.” She replied shocked.

“It’s called wanking, don’t you wank your cunts girls? You know rub your finger along your cunt, maybe put it inside.”

“What’s a cunt?” she asked.

“You know, your slit between your legs, your pee hole” I replied, looking at her cunt.

They both looked embarrassed. I laughed.

“Ha, you do, don’t you, you finger your cunts!”

“ Go away, leave us alone”

“No I’m wanking, I’ll go when I see you wank too, go on take your stuff off let me see your tits and put a finger in your cunts and I’ll cum on you both. Have you seen cum? Have you even seen a hard cock? I bet you haven’t.”
The girl to the right looked like she might start crying and shouted.


I was getting on a roll now and didn’t let up.

“No, I’ve told you, I’m wanking and want to cum on you when you take off your stuff. I want to see you finger your cunts.”

My cock was rock hard, pre cum had started to ooze out and I was so horny and really wanted to see their cunts.

She burst into tears.

“I’ll tell you what, you don’t have to take it all off, just pull your knickers to one side and let me see your cunts, you don’t have to finger it or anything, just let me see them. That will make me cum and I’ll go away. Ok?”
“You promise” came the reply and I smiled.

“Scouts honour” I said and knelt down on the vacant towel, my cock throbbing and my hand a blur stroking it’s length.

“So go then, spread your legs and pull your knickers to one side”

The girl on the right shuffled on her ass a bit and spread her legs and pulled her knickers to one side. It was beautiful, a slim slit, no pubic hair. She looked away, embarrassed.

“You as well” I said to the girl still crying.

“Because if you don’t, I’ll do it for you and then I’ll put my hard cock in your cunt and then I’ll cum, so fucking do it” I was losing patience now because I knew I was very very close to cumming and did want to see her cunt too.

“It’s called fucking, I’ll fuck your cunt, then cum in it, then fuck it again if you don’t do it like your friend has”

Tears streaming down her face and her hand shaking she pulled her knickers to one side, her cunt looked almost the same as her friends.

“See that wasn’t so hard was it girls?” My eyes hungrily eating up both cunts.

I shuffled closer on my knees to get a better look at them and was almost touching their knees. I orgasm was so close now, and my cock was fit to burst.

I pointed my cock at the crying girl aiming it towards her cunt and BAM.. I cum and spurt of hot greasy, sticky shot of cum hit her belly just above her cunt and it started to run down close to it. I had more to give and pointed my cock at the other girl and cum over her thigh, the final spurt landed on the towel the girls were sitting on.

The girls quickly let go of their knickers and tried to clean my cum off them selves. I stood up taking the towel I was kneeling on and wiped my cock clean.

I dropped it on to the grass.

“Thanks girls” and I walked off towards Adam.

When I got to Adam, I got dressed and we ran off laughing. I thought it best we left the park and headed to Adam’s and for rest of the day all we did was talk about what happened.

Naughty Lily – part 2

I tried to push her off  me as fast as i could but it was to late. I heard a voice next to me saying: 'What the hell are you two doing?' I looked up and saw the hot teacher Lucy, Miss Lucy was a beautiful woman in her middle-thirties. She had nut-brown hair and had brown eyes. She also had tremendous boobs, but not as big as those of lily  and despite the fact she was a teacher, she never covered them to much. . Miss Lucy was always wearing skinny jeans which made her ass look very big. She was wearing high heels and looked very sexy in almost everyway. I think all of the students wanted to date her and so did I. So when she asked: " what the hell are you two doing?" I didn't know what to say and I looked at Lily, she stood up abruptly and grabbed her clothes, while covering her female parts. I was still naked and therefore stood there awkwardly. I responded and said: "I… I… am sorry ", she said to me "you better sorry! What were you thinking? You don't just fuck around in my classroom, however, I can understand it, I was young too." In attempt to make her less angry, I said to Miss Lucy: "You are still young". She blushed and said: "don't try to fool me, I am still angry." In the mean time, Lily was cleaning the cum of her face. I was still naked and therefore I grabbed my underwear, however, my boner hadn't gone yet and the appearance of Lucy worsened the situation. At last Lucy said: "I expect both of you tomorrow morning in my office." 
When she was gone I looked at Lily and she was smiling. She said with a horny voice: 'Now that was a surprise.' 
I was amazed and laught; this truly is the girl for me. I stood up and spanked her on her round butt cheeck. She giggled and said: 'we better go home now.' 

We decided to go to her house, because after all we still needed to finish our report. She lived in a mansion still with her parents. Her parents were extremely rich, they had a beautiful lambourghini parked just before their house. She took me inside and offered me a drink. I took a coke and we went to her room. After walking across more than 15 rooms we arrived at her huge bedroom. She had a two-person bed because it was more comfortable. She took me to her desk and emptied my bag on it. I asked: 'so when do we start?' suddenly smiling she said: 'Now!' before i knew it she mananged to get me on the bed kissing with her. Her ass was now ontop of my dick, which became hard instantly. Her round warm butts were on my laps with my dick almost coming out of my pants. She was very horny and she unbuttoned her clothes.   Her nice and round C-cup tits were  almost popping out of her black bra. She put her jelly tits in my face and I started licking them. It was such an experience to lick those nice tits. Then I wildly grabbed ber throat and started kussig her mouth. My tongue twisted around her togue intensively while my hands were holding her round ass. Then she went down on me and grabbed my pants. She yanked my pants down and  abrubtly grabbed my big 20cm penis out of my tiny underwear. She spit on my penis and spread the saliva on my penis. Before i knew it, a hot moisty ring was going up and down on my penis. The top of my penis was hitting the back of her mouth, while her tongue was massaging the underside of my penis. It felt so good i ended up moaning loudly. Sometimes she stopped, just to place my cock between her massive tits and started to titty fuck me. Just before i came, she stopped. She looked at me with  a horny look and said with a horny voice: 'I want you inside me'. A took my dick away from her tits and went down on her. I started licking the clitoris and she moaned very loudly. I pushed my tongue deep into her vagina and she screamed out loudly. Then I grabbed my dick and started penetrating her. Centimeter by centimeter I went deeper into her vagina. After 1 minutes i had fully penetrated her and was starting to move more smoothly. She was moaning so hard, and yelled: 'wait for a second!' But i was so turned on, that i couldn't stop. As i was fucking her, I noticed, besides her screaming  loud as hell, how moisty and tight her pussy was. I wanted to change position, so that i would be fucking here in a doggy style. So i grabbed her and threw her on her stomach on the bed. I grabbed her round ass and I put my cock in her tight vagina. I decided to fuck her a little bit faster, because my balls were tightening. Now that the pain in her vagina was gone, she squeezed out my cock and pushed me on my back. She looked at me with a hungry face and said: 'I'm gonna ride your cock and I will suck your cock empty, until I am satisfied.' Damn I really loved her that moment. She stood up and turned her pussy towards me. I saw her big round breasts and I pulled her down towards my cock. And she initiated riding my cock. As she was riding my cock, i took her tits in my hand and her nipples were in my palm. I noticed that they were hard and she bent towards me, laying her tits on my face. They felt very soft and i put one of her tits in my mouth. On an erotic way I massaged her nipple with my tongue. She stopped riding on my cock and sucked my cock. Her hair was on my stomach and therefore, I held her hair. She sucked my cock with great speed and I almost came in her mouth. I pushed her off me and I started to jerk off, while she was playing with her balls. She was licking my balls. I said: "babe, I'm almost coming!" Therefore she opened her mouth and waited for me to cum in her mouth. She put my hands away and masturbated me. Finally, I came on her and my warm and sticky sperm was flying into the air, heading into her mouth. The sperm landed on her face and mouth and i filled her mouth with my sperm. She first waited and then swallowed all the sperm. Exhausted we laid down on the bed. 'That was amazing,' I told her. She looked at me and smiled. 'Now get the fuck rid of that sperm, before your parents come home.' 
'Yeah, it's probably for the best if you leave for the time being,' she said annoyed because I told her to clean up my mess. 
With great trouble I managed to get to the door. Just before I left she said to me: 'Think about miss Lucy, perhaps she can satisfy our needs…'

Faster daddy i begged as he fucked me

Sean’s Story: Chapter 7

Sean’s Story
Chapter 7: Warm, Unspoken Secrets

I watched Casey walk towards his house, then turned and headed up my driveway. I opened the door to the house and walked into the chill of the air conditioner. It was October but this was Florida which meant that the air outside was hot and humid, leaving me feeling sticky as I shut the door behind me.

“Sean?” My mom called from the kitchen.


“Just making sure. You hungry?”


Snacks are always appreciated. Never a reason to turn down snacks in my experience, even if they meant my mom wanted to talk. She knew food would lure me in better than money. I wandered into the kitchen to the smell of garlic, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar. Balsamic tomatoes is one of my mom’s favorite snacks and she’d managed to pass that particular love on to me. I was drooling before I reached the kitchen bar across from my mom. We stabbed at tomato chunks with forks and devoured them. Absolute heaven.

“How was school?”

“Fine. Same as always I guess.”

“Have fun?”

“It’s school, mom, not the circus.”

Moms. They try to be cool but they don’t really know what’s going on. Or so all kids think.

“How’s Mrs. Kendler doing?”

Mrs. Kendler was my chemistry teacher. All the parents loved her just as much as the students did. She managed to bridge the gap between student and parent in a way that most teachers only wish they could.

“She’s good. She had us perform a really cool experiment today. We ignited phosphorus in a crucible. It was awesome. Phosphorus is a metal but when you put water on it… But Mrs. Kendler is good. She showed us some pictures of Kevin today. He just turned five and he looks a lot like her. He’s really cute.”

I’d realized that my mom didn’t care about the lab. She’d actually wanted to know about Mrs. Kendler. Whoops.

“Speaking of cute, tell me about Josh. I don’t really know much about him.”

“Well, um… He moved here from California and he likes to surf. He swims for the school. He’s a cool guy.” That’s about it I guess.

Yeah. So much information there. I was a real encyclopedia.

“I think he’s good for you.”

“Mom, I know. You said it the other night at dinner. Remember? Dad agreed. He’s gonna make me into a man, or something. But yeah, he’s cool.”

I hadn’t even intended that innuendo, and had to stop myself from grinning when I realized what I’d said. Not that it was false either. I fully intended for Josh to make me a man but that wasn’t something I was about to tell my mom. Hell, I didn’t really want to talk about Josh with her in general. I loved her but there was some things she just didn’t need to know. I didn’t think it would bother her to know that I was… doing things with Josh, but I wasn’t ready for that conversation yet.

“So, what did you do today?” I asked.

She didn’t seem bothered by the change of subject. Score!

“Oh, not much. I worked out at 9 and then met Diane for lunch at Billy’s Café. I had this wonderful salad with halved grapes and cranberries in it. Oh! Diane says Brian is having some trouble in math. Do you talk to him anymore?”

“Not really.”

“Well, he could use some help. I told Diane that you might be willing to help him. You used to be good friends.”

“That was a long time ago.”

“So? Maybe you could charge him. He really needs help.”

“Maybe?” It wasn’t really a question but I wasn’t going to win this. It was pretty obvious now that this was the reason she’d wanted to talk to begin with.

“Think about it.” She gave me a stern, motherly look.


My mom smiled and then looked down, half surprised that we’d finished off the tomatoes. She started to clean up as we finished our conversation.

“Dinner should be ready around seven. I assume you’ll be home?”

It was just about four. Three hours? Sure.

“Yeah. Just have homework to do.”


She went to work on prepping dinner or something and I headed upstairs. I loved my mom but she could be so weird sometimes. Not that there was anything wrong with her wanting to know what was going on in my life but sometimes I thought she tried too hard. Maybe all teens felt that way?

I closed the bedroom door, threw my backpack on the floor by my desk, and flopped over onto the bed. What a day! My and Josh’s relationship –or whatever it was- had almost come to light a couple of times; I’d stood up for myself; I’d avoided talking to my mom about how I felt about Josh. Some ups and downs but it was a good day overall.

I sat up and looked around my room. It was about fifteen by ten feet, not big by any standard, but it was mine and I loved it. The walls were the same blue they’d been since I was a kid but they were now covered in pictures, quotes, and posters. I literally had pictures everywhere. Pictures of me and my family, pictures of me and Casey, pictures at the beach, pictures at theme parks, etc. Whoever and wherever. There were pictures of me and Casey at all ages. We’d been inseparable since we were about three years old and I loved him like the world’s greatest brother. He was my other half.

Above my desk was a poster from the Boondock Saints. Great movie. I could never understand how people didn’t like that movie. I had a Harry Potter poster, a Simple Plan poster, and a really hot poster of Jude Law. I know, gay. I didn’t know why but Jude Law totally did it for me when I was 15. I would have done horrible, horrible things to that man. My bed was a full-size with the steel-grey comforter completely askew due to my habit of sleeping in a cocoon. There were various knick knacks strewn around the room from various places I’d been or friends and relatives have visited.

My room was my own and I was comfortable there. I’d spent much of my life ensconced in there. I liked being alone. It suited me. I sat for a couple more minutes and thought about the day some more. I always loved to look back on the day’s events and find new meaning in them. I found I was doing that a lot more over the last couple days. Unfortunately, I was unable to gather anything new about Josh’s storming off during lunch. I sighed and got up. I didn’t have time for too much pontificating today. I had homework to do before Josh, hopefully, came over tonight.

I pulled off my shoes & socks and took my pants off. I put them in the hamper and, in a t-shirt and boxer-briefs; I walked into the bathroom to pee. I wasn’t a big fan of school bathrooms so letting loose that long-held flow felt amazing. There are few feelings in this world on par with orgasm but a good piss is up there with it.

As I shook off the stray drops that are the bane of every man’s existence I admired my soft penis. It was pretty obvious to me that I had grown during the last year. I now had a nice man’s cock and a full bush that I could be confident with; a far shot from the boyish prick I’d sported when the Tori incident had occurred. Illogically, I felt proud of the floppy cock in my hand. I’d had nothing to do with how it turned out but I was proud nonetheless. I smiled, put it back inside my warm underwear, and washed my hands. I fetched pair of gym shorts from the closet and headed over to my desk.

I sat down and began my homework. There was a lot to do: chemistry, algebra II, world history, and English. Bonds and radians and Caliphs, oh my! I set into my assignments and became fully engrossed. Time flew by and I was dead to the world.


Huh? What was that? Some noise had awoken me from my homework stupor.


Something had hit the window. What the fuck? I walked over and looked out. It was about six o’clock and the sun was starting to set. The sky looked beautiful. Below my window, standing on the grass between our houses, was Josh. He always looked sexy and the dusky light only made him look better.

He motioned towards himself, my room, and then shrugged with a smile. I was puzzled for a second then realized he was asking if he could come up. He’d never asked before. Why start now? I was just happy he was coming to see me. I hadn’t been sure if I’d see him after he left during lunch. I smiled and nodded while waving him up. I watched as he started walking towards the front of the house.

Yay! It was an agonizing wait while he made his way to my room. I couldn’t even figure out where to be. Stay at the window? Go back to my desk? Meet him at the door? Why was this so difficult? Luckily I didn’t have time for my head to explode as Josh walked in before steam started coming out of my ears.

He opened the door and just walked in. It looked as though he’d come straight from swim practice. His hair was mussed and he smelled faintly of chlorine. I wondered if he’d had a shower yet which, of course, led me to picturing him in the shower, gloriously naked. My dick twitched and I came out of my daydream.

His smile broadened as our eyes met and my heart fluttered. I wasn’t sure what to call “us” but I knew I was way beyond just crushing on Josh. Three days and I was a lot deeper than I should have been, I knew that much. I walked to meet him and looked up into his eyes. They were a beautiful dark brown that looked like bottomless pits. I thought could look into them forever but the view was broken as Josh brought his head down to meet mine and our lips met.

His lips were soft and wet. The contact was electrifying and caused me to feel a tingling down my spine. He grabbed my hips and pulled me in closer as his lips parted and I felt his tongue flick gently across my lips. Our hips were pressed together and my chest was against his as we made out. I could feel his hardness pressing against me through our clothes.

He pulled back.

“Hey sexy.” He said in a way that made me want him inside me.

I was in a daze from the passion but managed to blush which made him grin. This had to be a dream. It couldn’t be real. It was all too amazing.

“Hi” I said meekly.

Josh slowly guided me backwards, our bodies still pressed together, until we reached the bed. He lowered me down onto my back and helped me further onto the bed. I laid there and watched him as he climbed up after me and moved up, straddling my body, until he was above my lower stomach. In my mind we should have been reversed in this position, naked, with me bouncing on his cock. He grabbed my arms which had been against my sides, and held them against the bed above my head.

Holy fuck! I didn’t know what had gotten into him but it was incredibly hot. I’d never thought I’d be into being dominated but maybe being submissive was hotter than I gave it credit for. His aggressiveness just turned me on so much. My cock was rock hard and ready to go and, judging by the large bulge in his shorts, so was his. This looked like it was going to be a good night.

He leaned over and started to kiss me again, his hands still holding mine against the bed. I was helpless to resist the onslaught of his lips against mine as he kissed me into submission. He slowly rocked his hips back and forth across mine as his tongue entered my mouth. The combined pleasure of the friction on my cock and the sensuousness of his tongue made me moan. Bliss.

My heart was pounding in my chest as we made out on top of my bed. I wanted to hold him to me tighter, and run my fingers through his hair but I couldn’t. Being denied simultaneously frustrated me and made me hornier. I loved it. We continued to make out for what seemed like eternity but was only a minute or two in reality. We were so engrossed in each other that time left us and we were barely aware of the world around us.


Josh must have gotten whip lash his head shot up so quickly. I turned my head to look and saw Casey standing in the now-open door. He looked embarrassed, confused, and a little freaked out. Josh hurriedly scrambled off of me and stood next to the bed as I sat up.

“So much for just fucking around.” Casey said.

“Huh?” Josh looked confused.

I stood up and started walking towards Casey as he started to leave.


But it wasn’t any use. Casey was already half-running toward the stairs. Well that was shit. I looked at Josh for reassurance and found him glaring at me. Great.

“You told him we’re “fucking around’?” he asked angrily.


It didn’t look like he believed me at all.

“Did it look like he knew anything?” I continued, “I didn’t tell him anything about us.”

He thought about it for a second and looked a little relieved but not satisfied.

“What was he talking about then? Huh?”

“When we were walking home from school he asked me about what I said at lunch. He asked me who I’d blown. And I told him that I was just fucking around, that I hadn’t blown anyone yet.”

He looked a little embarrassed now and I was glad that he did. I hadn’t told Casey anything. I hadn’t done what he was mad at me for. But I wasn’t telling him the whole truth. I wondered if I should have told him about my challenging Casey to try and figure out who I could have blown. I didn’t want him to hate me. He was looking more sheepish now and it was really cute. He always looked cute.

“Oh… Sorry. Just… you and Casey are really close. I thought you might have told him.”

“Well I didn’t. I told you I wouldn’t. And I didn’t.”

Now that he was no longer angry and confused what had just happened hit him full force. It was still about what Casey knew. Us, the two of us, were in the open as far as he was concerned. He looked a lot more freaked out. I guess I would have been freaked out if someone had walked in on me making out with a guy before I came out. But I was in a different place. Josh, on the other hand, had now been exposed for the first time.

“Maybe I should go talk to him.” I suggested.

“Do- Do you think I should come?”

The assertive, confident Josh who had taken charge and rendered me submissive a few minutes ago was gone. In his place was a scared boy who had no idea how to escape from the situation he had found himself in, or fix it. So cute. Not particularly sexy, but cute.

“No. I think I should go alone. He’s mad at me more than anything else anyway.”

“…k.” he said lifelessly.

“Just go home. I’ll let you know how it went.”

He didn’t even kiss me he was so caught up in being worried. He picked up his backpack, left the room, and went home. I dressed and went downstairs.

“Mom, I’m going over to Casey’s for a bit.”

“He was just here.”

“I know.”

“What about dinner?”

“I guess start without me if I’m not home.”

“Don’t stay out too long. You have school tomorrow.”

So she knew that Casey had been over. Did she know that Josh had been there too? I didn’t have time to think about it. I had enough on my mind already. I went out and crossed the street to Casey’s house.

I considered knocking but figured I’d just walk in like I normally did. No need to raise his mom’s suspicions. I went inside and walked down the hall to Casey’s room. The door was closed but he hadn’t bothered locking it as it opened when I tried it. Casey was at his desk, apparently doing homework, and was obviously trying to ignore me. I could play these games too. I walked up and stood just behind him and to the left. He knew I was there, there was no doubt about it, but he just continued working on his homework as if I didn’t exist. Chemistry.

“Cobalt has fifteen elections in the third level, and two in the fourth.”

He had made a careless error and I pointed it out, knowing that he’d have to fix it, and he did.


I waited silently.

“What do you want?” he asked eventually.

“To talk.” I said flatly and went to sit on his bed.

Casey turned his chair to face me. He was trying to make his face emotionless, but I knew him too well for that. He was hurt. I’d hidden something from him, something big. We never kept secrets from each other, with the exception of before I came out, but he understood that. He had a reason to be hurt. I knew that but I still felt that he was being childish. Plus, I’d wanted to tell him from the beginning. I’d fought so hard not to tell him but I’d promised Josh I wouldn’t.

“I’m waiting.” He said just as flatly as I had.

So it was going to be one of those “explain yourself” deals. I could live with that I guessed, even if Casey wasn’t my dad. Whatever.

“I wanted to tell you.”


“I did!”

“Then why’d I have to catch you hooking up to find out!?”

I paused. The truth was the truth, even if it put the blame on Josh’s head. I didn’t know how this was going to end, but I knew the path it would take.

“I promised Josh I wouldn’t say anything.”

“And why would he do that? Make you promise not to tell me?” he looked incredulous.

“He’s scared.”

“Of what?”

“Of people finding out about him.” I said and then, quieter, “You wouldn’t understand.”

It was a low blow but it would get him on my side. And I was right. His facial expression softened a bit.

“I don’t care if he’s gay, bi, straight, or attracted to porcupines. You know that.”

“I do. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t know you like I do. And, hell, I was terrified when I told you that I was gay. It turned out you already knew, but I was fucking scared. I’m the first person he’s ever told that he’s not straight.”

Casey thought about that for a second.

“Were you really that scared when you told me?”

“I’d tried to tell you like ten times before I finally got the balls. I was scared that you’d stop talking to me, or beat the shit out of me, or spread it around the school. I was terrified but I had to tell someone. I had to tell you.”

I paused for a second to let that sink in.

“Josh likes you. He thinks you’re a cool guy but he’d never told anyone before. And then he’s in a relationship… or something with a guy and doesn’t want it to get around…”

Whoops. I might have said a bit too much. He kinda just sat there, stunned.

“Wait…you and Josh? Together?”

I could feel myself blushing as I fought for what to say.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know if you’re together?”

“I don’t know what we are.”

I was just as confused as Casey and I think he could tell. He could read me just as well as I could read him and it had to be evident on my face and in my voice.

“So you just fuck then?”

I blushed.

“We haven’t fucked.”

“But you want to?”

Oh Jesus. This was so much more awkward than I had anticipated. I hadn’t envisioned a scenario in which Casey interrogated me about what I did with Josh. I just didn’t think that would be of interest to him.

“I…Uhhh… I dunno. Can we talk about something else?”

He had to know this was embarrassing to me. Was this punishment for my not telling him? Payback for my keeping of a secret?

“How long?”

What? Was he asking what I thought he was asking?

“When did it start?”

Oooooh. Hee hee.

“It started after we got home from the beach. He caught me watching him from my window when he was changing and he came over to confront me I guess? I don’t know. One thing led to another and I ended up blowing. He came over against last night and we blew each other.”

“Lucky fucker. I haven’t had a blowjob in over a week.”

I grinned at him and he grinned back at me. We were cool. I’d been sufficiently humiliated to appease his hurt. We were back to normal. But I couldn’t leave it at that. I had to make sure he understood about Josh Serious business.

“Ok, I know you don’t care that I’m gay, or that Josh is… something. But it is scary each and every time someone finds out. He’s terrified about what you think right now. You need to let him know you don’t care and that he’s still your friend.”

He looked at me like I was crazy so I gave him my best puppy dog eyes

“Pleeeeaaaaaase?” I whined, “For me?”

“Fine. Now, you gonna help me finish my homework?”

“Neh. I gotta get home.”

“Gotta get back to your boyfriend?”

My stomach felt warm and fluttery when he called Josh my boyfriend. And then I realized that it wasn’t really true, and my heart sank a bit.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” I said sadly, “And he went home.”

“I’m sorry. I-“

“It’s not your problem, it’s mine. I fell in love with the closeted guy.”

His eyes bugged out a little. I’d said more than I’d meant to say. What else was new?


“LIKE I meant I like a closeted guy.”

“No. You said ‘love’.”

Yeah…Fuck. I stared at my hands as I started to fiddle with them. I could feel myself blushing again, the heat palpable in my face.

“I… I really like him. A lot… I want to be with him and I want him to want to be with me.”

“Shit. You’re in deep.”


We sat there in silence digesting what was just said. I was hopelessly in love with a confused guy who liked being with me sexually but I could only guess about the rest. Why couldn’t this just progress to him falling for me as hard as I had fallen for him? That’s all I wanted. A dash of his cock in my ass wouldn’t be bad either.

“I guess I should go.” I said softly, finally breaking the silence.

“Ok. See ya tomorrow.”


I left and walked home. I went inside and walked to the kitchen, where my parents had started eating without me. I apologized, sat down, and started eating. We made small talk and I made up an excuse about Casey needing my help with homework, which wasn’t unusual, so they believed me. We talked about our days, as if any of us really cared, and ate. I helped clear the table when we were done and then excused myself and went upstairs.

I walked into my room on autopilot, stripped, and got in the shower. I washed myself and got out. I figured I’d read for a little bit and then head to bed a little early as I was pretty tired. I walked to the window and looked out into the night. Josh’s blinds were open but he wasn’t in sight. Instead, on the floor of his room facing towards me, there was a smiley face printed on a piece of paper. It made me smile to myself and caused my heart to skip a beat.

I walked to my bed and lay down to read the next book in the Ender’s Game series as the night drifted away for a bit. Instead of Tavares, Florida I was now on the colony of Lusitania far, far away… I wished I could be there with Ender and Miro. I could only imagine the adventures he would experience on this amazing world. I got more and more tired as I read until I had to put the book aside and just crawl into bed. I fell asleep with thoughts of wondrous, strange worlds in my head and none of my normal problems.

End Chapter 7.

Confessions from Mac the Flasher – A Serial Public Masturbator (4)

It would be a good idea to read the previous chapters as knowing some of the history involved will certainly help in understanding the underlying theme of this and any other future chapters.

As I have mentioned in an earlier chapter I’m 32 years old. What I haven’t mentioned anything about is whether or not I have a girl friend or I am married.

Well to set the record straight, I am in between girl friends and not currently married.

“No really!” I’m sure some of you may have thought or even said out loud.

“No shit Sherlock, you do surprise us”

But let me set the record straight here and now. I was married, but I’m now divorced. I was married to Carol for 2 years, until I was 30. And I have had girlfriends, I haven’t kept a count, but it’s around the 30 mark.

One night stands? Yeah sure, I’ve had some of those as well.

Even if I do say so myself, I’m not a bad looking guy and I keep reasonably fit, I may not have 6 pack, but I’m fat free and flat bellied. ( I frequently go to the gym and work out, but that’s for another chapter. )

I have a good job. I have my own house that’s all bought and paid for and still have all my own teeth too.
So I don’t have a problem getting girlfriends or even a wife. I do have a problem keeping them though.

I do enjoy sex, ( as I have mentioned in Confessions from Mac the Flasher – A Serial Public Masturbator (2) The Later Years ( Chapter 1 ) ) you know, in boring places like the bedroom.

But I also enjoy public sex very much. I like it in all the same places I like public masturbating. The beach, in parks, on trains and buses, etc, etc.

And there’s the problem, certainly not for me but any girlfriends I have had and definitely my ex wife Carol.

And that’s part the reason she is my ex wife and I’m girlfriend free.

But there is more to add to this, and the thread runs throughout all my girlfriends and Carol too.


Her name was Charlotte and she was 13 years old. With long dark hair, beautiful brown eyes and her skin had a chestnut coloured tan from the long hot summer we just had.

To me, she was a beauty worthy of a Miss UK title, she was to be my first girlfriend.

Adam, my best friend for years and I had been back at school for a few weeks after the long summer holiday, getting back into the swing of things.

I no longer got my cock out at the drop of a hat to have wank in class any more, something the nuns were grateful for, and Adam too. ( He did get very embarrassed when I used to do that as did the nuns. )

But I made up for it in other ways, by just being a total arsehole in class. I was disruptive, I didn’t listen to the teachers and teased the girls and made them cry, buy grabbing their hand and rubbing my cock with it.

I was 13 and I didn’t give a fuck.

It was the 3rd week into the new school term, a Monday morning and Sister Anne was calling off our names, so she could tick us off against the register.

I was busy giving Adam a dead leg, by continuously thumping his right thigh and he was trying to give me a Chinese burn to my free hand.

“Susan Harris!” Called out, Sister Anne.

“Here Sister” Susan replied and Sister Anne duly put a tick against her name.

It would be my name next and I was ready to make some stupid reply or make a farting noise.

“Charlotte Heath!” Called out, Sister Anne.

“Here Sister” came the reply.

What? Who the fuck is Charlotte Heath? And I stopped giving Adam his dead leg and looked around to see who the new girl was. I had already decided she was next on my list of girls to tease.

I spotted her 2 desks over to my left. And my first site of her was just as I had already described her, she was looking a little scared, as a new girl she probably didn’t know anyone and had her eyes looking at Sister Anne.

And for the next 20 minutes I couldn’t take my eyes off her, my eyes switching between her face and her skirt hem which as she was sitting down rode up her thigh showing her very nice legs.

Adam continued to give me a Chinese Burn, Sister Anne had finished calling out our names for the register. I even gave the proper response when she called my name. Then she continued to tell us the day’s notices. I didn’t hear a thing after my name had been called.

I was well and truly smitten with Charlotte.

Next thing I knew was Adam kicked me in the shin to wake me from my reverie as we had to get to our first class. Math, eww.

I got up, but didn’t leave straight away. I waited for Charlotte to leave and I followed her not knowing which class she was due at and not caring either, I just wanted to be near her.

I caught up with her.

“Hi Charlotte, you new here then? What class do you have now?” I enquired, hoping it was math.

“Yes, my first day.” And pulling out her timetable and checked it, said.

“Er, math.” Room 4a.

YES! Same as me
“Same as me then. Come on I’ll show you the way.”

We had the same classes all day and sat together for most of them, I was in heaven and for the rest of the day I was a gentleman to her. No teasing, no cock rubbing.

I’ll rephrase that a bit, I was a gentleman for the rest of the day until we were walking to her house.

At lunchtime, we ate lunch together with Adam and by the first afternoon class he was teasing me because Charlotte was officially my girlfriend and I was going to go to her house after school to do our homework together.

Adam was just jealous because he fancied her too.

I couldn’t wait for school to finish.

At 3 o’clock on the button, the bell rang and the school emptied and I was holding hands with Charlotte and walking towards her house.

She told me where she lived and as it happened we didn’t live that far apart, just a couple of streets away, so I showed her the short cut through the park which takes 10 minutes off the walk should we have gone the long way around.

I liked holding her hand it felt nice, along with her skirt that even when standing ended above her knees and Charlotte’s pretty face, my cock got hard and I gave it a quick rub through my trousers.

We didn’t talk until we were in the park and walked over the bridge we needed to cross that spanned a narrow but deep and fast flowing river.

It was still daylight and was a sunny day but thick the tree canopy made it more like late evening on the other side of the bridge and quite dark.

When we crossed Charlotte stopped walking and looked in to the darkness around the trees.

“Are you ok? I asked, full of concern.

“Yes, but I wouldn’t walk through here on my own, it looks scary.”

“Nah, it’s fine. Come on, I want to show you something.” And pulled at her hand and we continued walking.

I did have an ulterior motive, my cock had been hard for 5 minutes and I needed release and I needed to get things moving along.

So we were now heading to a quiet spot among the trees. She was going to see me wank.

“is it far?” Charlotte asked.

“No not really, nearly there” as we got deeper into the tress. I gave my cock another rub.

“Have you had a boyfriend before Charlotte?”

She blushed a little, her cheeks turning a shade red and coyly answered and in a hushed tone just barely audible.

“No, you’re my first.”

I smiled and replied.

“You’re my first girlfriend, too.” Trying to put her at ease, but it was the answer I was looking for.

“So you have never seen a boys wilily then?”

“What? Er, no I haven’t.” And blushed an even deeper red and averted her eyes away from me.

We had stopped walking because we were deep into the trees at the spot I wanted to get to. It was away from the main path and no one was near.

I had smiled to myself at her embarrassment. I pressed on.

“Would you like to see mine?” looking directly at her and continued.

“It’s just that my brother said to me, that boyfriends show their girlfriends their willy. He does it to his girlfriend all the time.” He didn’t actually tell me this at all, but Charlotte wasn’t to know that.

Charlotte was still looking away from me, let go of my hand and didn’t answer.

“It will only take a minute, come on just over here.” I took hold of her hand again and led her to a large deep pile of dry dead leaves.

“Just sit there on the leaves, you don’t have to do anything. My brother also said that when a boy and a girl, just like you and me are boy and girlfriend they are in love so they have to do it.”

Charlottes cheeks were still burning red, but she did now look at me and sat down. She still hadn’t given a reply but her sitting down was the equivalent of an agreement.

I took off the bag I had over my shoulder and dropped it on to the ground along with my blazer. I slipped off my shoes and undid my trousers and was about to pull them down.

“What are you doing? Why are you taking your trousers off?”

“So I can show you my willy, it’s better this way.”

“What if someone sees us, we’ll get into trouble. I don’t want to get into trouble.”

“It’s ok Charlotte, really. No one will see us here” And I bent down and gave her a little kiss on her cheek, she tasted nice, she tasted sweet.

My cock was pushing hard to get out, Charlottes discomfort was fuel to it and getting even harder.

I finally took off my trousers and my underpants, my cock was pointing straight up, my shirt was getting in the way so I took that off too.

I stood naked infront of a sitting Charlotte and my right hand took hold of my cock near the base, my fingers wrapped around my shaft.

Charlotte looked up at my cock with a mixture of wide eyed amazement, embarrassment and asked.

“Why is your wilily hard like that?”

“Because you are my girlfriend, you are very pretty. When a boy likes a girl he gets hard like this. And when it’s hard like this it’s called a cock. And when my cock is like this I wank it like this.” I slowly started to stroke the full length of my cock.

“It feels good when I wank it, I wank it a lot, I wank it every day. I like you watching me wank my cock.”

Charlotte dropped her eyes when I said that so I dropped to my knees and stood up on them, spread my knees apart and sat back on them so my ass was on my feet.

I was still slowly stroking my cock.

Her eyes were looking at her lap where her hands were, She was uncomfortably playing with them. She was sitting crossed legged. The hem of her skirt over the top of her knees.

We were just inches apart. I let go of my cock, slightly bent forward and with my right hand I put it on her left knee and left it there for a moment.

My touch made her flinch a little.

“It’s ok Charlotte, don’t be scared.”

“I’m not scared.” She replied, but her voice stuttered just a bit, saying the opposite.

Looking at my cock, I saw some pre cum had pooled in my piss slit.

“Look at my cock Charlotte; it’s hard like this because of you, because you’re my girlfriend. And because you’re my girlfriend you can touch it”

And as I said that, my hand left her knee and took hold of the top of her left hand and guided it to my cock.

“Just hold it like you’re holding a thin can of deodorant.”

She had to lean forward from her hips, but took it gently in her hand.

“Now gently and slowly just move your hand up and down.”

She started to stroke my cock. It felt so good and a shudder of pleasure coursed through my body.

“Mmm that’s nice.”

She stopped and changed hand and continued. I put my right hand back onto her knee and rubbed my palm half way along her thigh, pushing at Charlottes skirt exposing some of her left thigh.

Her pale skin was smooth and inviting and I pulled my hand back let the tips of my fingers touch her thigh and slowly rubbed the tips over the exposed skin. It felt as good as it looked.

“Take your skirt off Charlotte.”

She let go of my cock and took her gaze from there to my face, she was biting her bottom lip.

I took both of her hands in mine and I stood up, gently coaxing her up with me.

The top of her head barely reached my chin and I stood closer and bent over and kissed her full on the lips and they were soft to the touch.

Charlotte kissed me back and I lowered my hands to her ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze pulling her towards my cock and it was pressed in to her crotch.

“Take your skirt off” I repeated
She undid the button and pulled the zipper down and with very little coaxing from me I pulled it down and she stepped out of it leaving it where it fell.

I looked down to between her legs and she was wearing a pair of plain white cotton panties. To me they were the sexiest things I had ever seen and even today I don’t have any trouble getting hard just looking at something similar for sale as triple pack in a supermarket.

I took hold of my cock and ran it’s engorged head dripping with pre cum up and down those sexy panties.

It felt so hot and Charlotte shuddered as my head got close to her cunt. I had to stop or I think I would have cum there and then.

I let my cock go and it bounced back to the upright position. And I moved my hand down to her cunt.

“What do you call this?” as I tenderly rubbed her cunt through her cotton panties.

She let out a little giggle

“That tickles, stop.” Giggling again and half heartedly trying to bat my hand away

“When you tell me what you call it, I will.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“Tell me.” Still gently rubbing and another little giggle left her lips.

“It’s, it’s called a..a v..agina, vagina.” As she squirmed away, out of reach of my fingers. Smile on her lips and in her eyes too.

“That’s right it is, but when boyfriend and girlfriend are like this, it’s called a cunt. Do you understand? A cunt.”

She nodded in agreement.

“What is it called Charlotte, tell me?”

Her eyes dropped down and said quietly.

“A cunt.”

“Good” I said and kissed her soft lips, as I did so I slipped off her blazer dropping it to the ground and started to unbutton her crisp white blouse, working my way down the row of small buttons.

Underneath, she had a white cotton vest that stopped a little above her belly button and trimmed with little pink flowers.

With all the buttons undone Charlotte took off her blouse and dropped it on top of her blazer.

I could now see that she had no tits at all, flat chested, but her tiny nipples were hard and visible through the cotton.

“Have you started your periods yet?” I asked her.

Her cheeks started to fill up with the redness of embarrassment again.

“No, I haven’t.” Her bottom lip was quivering a little and her face looked a little sad.

“I hope it starts soon, I really do. I want boobs and mummy said they will come when it starts. I hate my flat chest”

“I do like them like that, so don’t get them too big” smiling reassuringly at her.

“and they’re called tits, not boobs” said as my finger tips rubbing around her nipples. Then took the bottom hem of the vest and pulled it over her head. Fully exposing her chest, the flawless skin pale, her nipples small but still hard and dropped them on top of her blouse.

I bent down and licked each one with the tip of my tongue, then trailing my tongue down her chest, over her belly kneeling down as I did so.

As I got to the top of her panties my hands took hold either side of them and pulled them down her legs and Charlotte stepped out of them. I threw then on top of her vest and blouse, it was a messy pile of clothes.

Her cunt looked perfect, just a slit, no puffy lips either side of it. Not that I had seen many, apart from the few I saw over the summer holiday, but to me it was definitely perfect.

As my face was so close to it I licked it, I don’t know why but it seemed the right thing to do. I licked it from the bottom of her cunt slit to the top. It tasted nice, so I did it again.

Charlotte shuddered.

“That was nice, so nice. Do it again.”

So I did, but this time I pushed the tip of my tongue inside her cunt slit.

She shuddered again.

Her hands were now on top of my head, I think her legs may have buckled if she hadn’t had something to support her
Her breathing became a bit ragged as she said.

“Again, again, do it again.”

“You like that do you? Don’t you touch your own cunt, don’t you rub your own cunt?

“A few times, but it didn’t feel like that.”

I went back and licked it again and this time I ran a finger along her cunt slit a few times and gently pushed it inside her cunt up to the first knuckle. It felt tight moist to the touch.

Another shudder caused Charlotte’s right leg to buckle at the knee. Nearly collapsing to the ground.

“Stop, stop stop, fuck.” Her breaths quickly, panting almost and I admit I was a little shocked as well, that was the first time I had heard her swear like that.

“Sit down Charlotte, before you fall down”

She dropped to her ass like a rag doll, still panting and flopped on to her back, her chest heaving.

“Jesus girl, are you all right? I barely touched your cunt.” Half mocking, but pleased too at the reaction her cunt got from my tongue and single finger. I’ll have to remember that one.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. My God. It felt like electricity was running through my vag..cunt all the way up my body. That was amazing.”

She had the smile of the Cheshire Cat and it was infectious because I did too.

I got down onto my knees between her legs and lay on top of her, my rock hard cock grazed her cunt as I did so.

“Ah ha Oh my God!” Cried out Charlotte and held her breath. Then she started to laugh.

“That tickled, a lot!”

Taking my weight on my forearms, I bent down and kissed her. I felt her tongue slip into my mouth and her arms wrap around my back. As I slipped my tongue over hers.

We stayed like that for a few minutes just kissing. Enjoying each other’s lips and the moment and trying but mostly failing to keep my cock away from her cunt. The slightest touch and her body would arch slightly.

We pulled our lips apart and gazing in to each other’s eyes, I shuffled my hips towards hers, my cock head pressed hard against her cunt. Her body arched again and she swore once more.

My cock still oozing pre cum and dribbling out on to her cunt, I took hold of my cock and rubbed it against her cunt. Spreading the pre cum all over the slit, then holding it still I pushed the head of my cock inside her cunt, just the head.

It was tight and took some effort.

Charlotte screamed out and it scared me a little.

“Shall I stop?”

“No, no, just wait a second, don’t move.” Panting hard.

Her breathing quietened down after a moment.

“Again?” She nodded her head

“Let me know when to stop, ok” Another nod.

I gently pushed again, her cunt maybe taking another inch.

“Oo, oh, it’s ok”

I pushed a bit more, maybe another inch inside her tight cunt. It did feel good, almost as good as some of my wanks.

Then I couldn’t go any further, It felt like I hit something, like a wall but soft. Then it went.

“OWWWWW!! Stop, stop.”

And I pulled out until it was just my cock head left inside.

Charlottes breaths were short and shallow.

“That hurt, but it’s getting better now, it’s ok now”

I slowly pushed my cock back inside her warm and tight cunt. But it now felt a bit wetter than before and seemed to slide back in a bit easier.

I was expecting to feel the wall again, but it had gone and I could get my cock in further than before and after a short while I couldn’t go any further. All my cock was inside her wet, tight cunt.

I pulled back half way and pushed back in. And did this slowly at first getting a bit quicker and quicker.

Charlotte had her legs wrapped around me, pushing me in and her hips came up to meet my thrusts.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck Oh God. So good” Charlotte’s head was rolling from side to side.

It was only a few minutes later and I knew I was about to cum.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and buried my cock into her cunt with my last possible stroke and orgasmed, my cum spurt out in a single long shot.

Charlotte’s head was still rolling from side to side, shouting and swearing.

My breathing was heavy as was Charlotte’s, her legs dropped to the ground and my shrinking cock slipped out of her cunt and we just laid there until we got our breath back and she had stopped swearing, but her mouth open taking in big lungfuls of air.

I gave her a kiss on her lips and sat up. Looking at my cock it was covered with a mixture of cum and a little blood and Charlottes cunt was dripping out the same.

She now had puffy cunt lips

Charlotte sat up, her face was flushed her hair a mess and a few leaves, which I pulled out for her.

I went to my bag and pulled out a pack of tissues and took a couple out and offered Charlotte the pack which she took and removed a few and cleaned up her cunt.

She saw the little blood mixed with my cum.

“Blood?” she looked worried as she said it.

“It will be fine, don’t worry it usually happens first time apparently.“

She didn’t say anything and cleaned herself up with the tissues and I did the same to my deflated cock.

She looked over and started to laugh.

“Not so big now is it?” and laughed.

“ You cheeky cow and rushed over to her holding the dirty tissue over her face.

“No, no , yuck, yuck.” Still laughing and twisting her head to get away from it.

“Say you’re sorry, say it.“ Waving the tissue over her face.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry” In between big belly laughs.

I walked over to my clothes, turned around and flicked my dirty tissue at her.

It had hit her leg leaving behind a smear of pink cum as it bounced of and dropped to the ground

“Eww” she shouted and I started laughing and got dressed.

“Pig” she said and got dressed herself and I stuck out my tongue at her.

“ I was a good Catholic girl when I went to school this morning and a day with you and I’m wiping your cum off my cunt, Father Anthony will have a heart attack in confessional when I tell him.”

I laughed and replied.

“Well you go first then, coz if he does croak I won’t have to go.”

We finished dressing and got ourselves together and made our way to Charlotte’s house.

“What time does your mum get home?” I asked Charlotte.

“About 4” looking at her watch.

“Damn it, it’s 4 now. She’ll be mad if I’m not home when she gets there. Can I just go home on my own, maybe not a good idea to have a boy in tow first day at a new school, especially one who had his cock in my cunt. I’m going to have to try and get my panties secretly washed so she doesn’t see anything on them as well?”

“Tell you what, “ I said

“take’em off and I’ll get them washed for you today and get them back to you tomorrow, ok?”

“Any excuse to get my knickers off eh. But thanks” and she slipped them off and gave them to me. I held them to my nose and sniffed them.


“Mmm love that sweaty cunt smell” I said smiling and stuffed them into my pocket.

We walked to the park gate. Charlotte knew her way from here.

“See ya hear at 8.30?” She asked.

“You bet” She gave me kiss and ran home. I saw her go around the corner and disappear.

“ADAM!” I shouted.

“You can come out now”

“Fuck me, mate you fucking fucked her, I saw everything, when your cock went into her cunt, I cum myself. I thought you might have heard it moaned so loud. I thought you were just going to wank and cum on her!” Adam was incredulous.

“Yeah I was mate, but you saw her. She didn’t put up much of a fight about it. Popped her cherry, blood and everything” I was laughing.

“Oh before I forget” I pulled out her panties, waving them infront of Adam’s face.

“Bonus!” I said.

“Wanna sniff ‘em? Look cum and blood. “ Pointing to it
Adam’s face was a picture. And taking them from my hand held them up to his nose and took a deep breath.

“Mmm, nectar” he said, handing them back to me.

“Keep them mate.” Laughing.

We walked to my house, our arms over each other’s shoulders, going over the after school’s activity of the day.

2 weeks later Charlotte and I split up, no she broke up with me.

We fucked most days up until then, or I would wank and cum on her if we didn’t have time for various reasons.

But the reason we split up was, I told her Adam had seen us fucking that first time and very time since. And after a few days, another 5 friends were watching too. I should have sold tickets.

That kinda freaked her out.

I don’t think she ever talked to me again for the remainder of our time at school.

Cousins — a Tale of Teenage Incest (Part 4)


Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel (

Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state. This story is to be considered “Fiction” although it has its basis in “Fact”. This is not to be considered a true tale of underage sex, statutory rape, or molestation, as these events happened more than a quarter century ago. Some of the principal parties are no longer living. The only reason I’m telling you that it has its basis in truth, is it might make it all the more sexy for you, and maybe make your orgasms better/stronger/faster. Thank you, and enjoy.

Part 4

By the time Ronnie and his date ever got to the house, however, there had been some sort of big argument between them. She was shouting at him in such a tone that no one could really understand what it was she was saying at all. He handed her something, which she threw at his head, and we saw it was his keys, actually. She picked them up again, got back into his truck, and spun the tires as she left. I think everyone breathed a sigh of relief that she did not remain at the reception.

People were not staying very long past dark, out of respect for my grandparents. Jim and his new wife were kinda nested on the back porch. She wasn’t able to drink, of course, and there was to be no “wedding night bliss” at that late in her pregnancy (2 1/2 weeks until her due date) so, the night was coming to a mellow close. I was settling on the back porch with them, when Ronnie came out and joined us, handing Jim and myself each a beer, and we all kinda settled on the big porch glider that was there. Yeah, I was a grown woman of 16 now, drinkin’ beer on my grandparents’ back porch with the guys. Both my sisters were off fucking some boy or other somewhere or other. But my night suddenly had turned for the better in that regard.

We sat and laughed, and drank more beer, talking about some of the funny things that happened that day, and my brother finally asked us what ever happened up at the cabin those 2 summers past that sent Ronnie into exile for so long. He had been one of my brother’s best friends there for a time, and then all of a sudden, he was gone. We slowly told our tale, with a good bit of shameful laughter, aided by the Yuengling Lager we were drinking. By the time we were done, my brother’s jaw was on the floor, and Ronnie and I were laughing hysterically, and I had slid onto his lap with my arm around his neck. All he and his wife said to me was “Way to go Tina!!” I guess they approved of my taste in men, even at 14.

Ronnie looked like he might have been in danger of nodding off, and THAT was not in my evening’s agenda of entertainment, so, I told him he was going for a walk with me, down to see the animals, I said.. My grandparents kept a few chickens and various other things in a little barn down below the house… just away from the lights of the porch. A couple goats, for milk, and such, some pea-fowl, if I recall, and the place was always crawling with kittens and cats. I took him down below the barn, where no one could see us, and threw my neck around him, remembering how we kissed those 2 summers ago, and starting there. My pretty Ronnie had learned a thing or two about kissing in the last few years. He had his hands all over me and in no time at all, I was just as wet and excited as the night when we were so rudely interrupted.

We went inside the barn by the lower door, and up the stairs into the hayloft. It was dark, and I was trying to remember where the hay-holes were, so we wouldn’t fall back down, on top of a goat or something, but we made it to the stack of bales on the front side of the barn safely. I sat Ronnie down, undid his boots and his belt just from memory alone. He had on one of those “dressy” plaid western shirts with the snaps, I felt in the dark, so “rrrrrip” off came the snap- shirt. I could once again feel his smooth chest and shoulders….

I felt down to his cock, and I guess the beer was having a slight anesthetic effect on the poor boy, so, I got down on my knees to see if I could help, but I wasn’t going to let him “get off” so easy this time… I had other plans for that pretty cock of his.

Just the warm, wet feeling of being in my mouth must have been enough to overcome the beer. His cock began expanding immediately in my mouth, and I only swirled my tongue around the head a few times, just to get him fully hard.

I had changed out of my “bridesmaid’s” dress about 5 minutes after the ceremony was over, and I was in my usual T-shirt and Sweats, which I had off and lying in a pile with Ronnie’s clothes in no time at all. I pushed the panties right off along with them, and hadn’t put a bra back on that day, so I was pretty much ready for action. I moved Ronnie to a single bale, laid him out nice and comfy, with his feet on the floor of the hayloft. Straddling him in one easy motion, I let myself down, already dripping wet from our kisses earlier, slowly, a little at a time upon Ronnie’s beautiful cock. I got to a point where it felt like it didn’t want to go any further. He looked up at me and said, “Oh God, Tina, you’re still a Virgin?”

I nodded my head and smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you, Ronnie, my beautiful Ronnie.”

“Ohhh Gaawwwddd!” he moaned, and pushed himself up on his elbows, so that I could bend forward and kiss him, and that kiss may have been the best of all that night, because he was inside me, right at the point of taking my virginity.

He broke the kiss and said, “Are you ready for this? It’s going to hurt a bit, with some girls a little, some a lot. Are you OK with that?” I nodded my head, and with that, he pushed his hips up into me, and I felt the pain, sharp, but I’d felt worse in my life.

“Do you want me to get on top, now?” He asked, and again, I nodded my head.

Without pulling out of me, he wrapped his arms around me, and told me to push up on the hay with my feet… now he was on his legs, with my legs wrapped around his skinny waist, he took me over to a place where the hay was stacked double high, and sat me in a reclined position, all the while staying inside me. I kept my legs wrapped around his waist, but my hands, I grabbed the bailing rope with, above my head on one of the other bails. I needed to, I was about to get the fuck of a lifetime, and I mean that literally.

With me firmly secured, Ronnie slowly pushed into me all the way. I felt him grind his pelvic mound against my clitoris as he bottomed out. Slowly, he’d pull out almost completely, and repeat the motion over and over. I felt a little sore each time the ridge of the head of his cock passed my torn hymen, but that minor soreness compared to the emotional joy, and physical pleasure of his grinding against my clitoris, plus feeling him inside me made it seem minimal. Like I said, I had felt much worse.

He had a good rhythm going, and honestly, my mind was gone— lost somewhere in pure physical bliss. Ronnie reached one hand above him, and grabbed hold of the barn rafter, to keep his own balance, and the other he rested atop my delta, with his thumb resting right upon my clitoris. With that thumb, he began to rub it in slow circles at first, then, as he could tell something was changing within me, just by my breathing, he started manipulating it harder and faster, and increased his fuck-rhythm as well. Oh, god it felt soooo good. In a matter of moments, I could tell Ronnie was getting close. Not waiting for the matter to come up for discussion, I said “Ronnie.. You keep fucking me, until I cum, if you gotta cum, you just do it inside of me, and keep on fucking me, ok?” He responded with a breathy, “Yeah!”.

I was getting sooo close myself, when I felt him slam me hard a few times, and I could feel the temperature of the ooze inside me that we had both made jump up substantially. I knew, then, that he had cum. I could feel the extra ooze start to drain out around his cock and out of my opening. True to my request, though, he kept on moving in and out, and kept on violently assaulting my clitoris with his thumb. I looked up, and he wasn’t just balancing with his hand on the rafter. He was holding himself up by this beam. I had fucked the poor boy weak in the knees, and still asked him to keep on fucking me!! With that thought, I went over the edge. I wrapped my legs around his skinny waist, and I shuddered and all but screamed out loud, “oh Ronnie, my sweet Ronnie!!” I reached up for him, to pull him on top of me, and he gladly acquiesced. He needed the time off of his legs…. in a little while he rolled off of me, and lay next to me on the hay bales, pulling me to his chest. Oh how I loved being there.

Finally, we got dressed, and went downstairs, and seeing my brother and his new wife still sitting on my grandparents’ back porch, we rejoined them.

My brother asked, “Did you see any animals, Tina?”

Ronnie responded, with a big grin, “Oh, maybe a snake and a beaver.” I reached back and spanked his ass for that crude joke.

We laughed anyway, and sat there with them until nearly 2 AM, when my Mother came looking for me. She wasn’t happy to see me sitting on Ronnie’s lap, but I doubt she had any idea of what we had been up to earlier that night. My panties had just a tiny spot of blood on them the next morning, I noticed, as I got ready to shower, so I just buried them in the trash, and put a tampon in, just in case.

I walked up to my grandparents’ house, expecting to find Ronnie there sleeping it off somewhere, but, to my sad surprise, they said my brother, Jim had left to take him home about an hour before that. Shit— we never did get to talk about any future plan, or anything. I didn’t even know how to get hold of him. Oh well. Jim probably did. It would be alright. I took a walk down to the barn, to make sure everything was OK, and it was, with the exception of a handful of hay that had to be thrown away. No animal should be expected to eat THAT stuff — at least when they weren’t a part of the fun of making the mess in the first place….LOL

Soon, I heard a truck pull up. It was Jim. I almost ran up to him, with all these questions… he asked me to take a little walk with him, down to the old pond, which I agreed to. That’s when I learned who Ronnie’s “date” was the night before.

It would appear that my Ronnie had gone and gotten this horrible woman pregnant a few months ago. The girl’s family had insisted that he marry her. So, he was very much engaged to her last night, when he made love to me in the top of the barn. Ronnie asked Jim to explain it all to me, so I wouldn’t be upset, but I was upset. I had loved Ronnie for years. Surely he had known this. He might have been exiled from my family’s affairs for a while, but surely he could have come to things at my grandparents’ place, and seen me in between. I waited for him, why couldn’t he wait for me?

I said some of these objections out loud, I guess, because soon Jim was trying to comfort me and defend Ronnie at the same time. His best argument was, “Tina, the problem is, Guys have cocks, and unfortunately, cocks don’t wait… oh sure, they can wait a month, or even two, but years?? No, you’re asking too much of any guy. At least any guy I ever knew. Did he know he was supposed to wait for you?”

“No, But…”

“Well, if he didn’t even KNOW he was supposed to wait, why on earth would you expect him to?? I’m sure he had feelings for you up at the cabin those years back, but you were just a kid, Tina. You know mom and dad… They’d never let you hook up with him at that age. They didn’t even like that part of the family. They thought they were all losers, and you know. Ronnie’s not the most stable guy in the world, when it comes to jobs and such. Dad would have been throwing that in your face all the time. I know it hurts, but it’s better off this way. At least you have good memories of him, and he is a great guy, underneath. He was my best friend for a lot of years, until mom exiled him from the place.”

I cried on Jim’s shoulder that day. I cried on my grandmother’s lap that night. I cried on Jim’s new wife’s bedside right up until she had the baby. I cried to the new baby for a while, telling her all the secret of my broken heart, as if she could understand.

After a while, the crying stopped.

I actually never saw Ronnie again. I was told he was at my grandparents’ funerals, but I didn’t have the courage of heart to go to either one of them. I sat outside the funeral home for my Grandmother. My Grandfather, well, I just didn’t even try to go.

Over the years, I married an asshole, had 3 children, who can be assholes when they want to be. I often think how different my life would have been if only Ronnie could have been mine instead. Or even if I had gotten pregnant from our little tryst in the barn. I would have loved to have my pretty Ronnie’s baby. But things just didn’t work out that way. In all my life, I’ve never had better sex than that night in the barn, and I’ve never had better oral sex than from my Pretty Ronnie up at the cabin, on that sofa.

I just hope and pray that wherever he is now, that he is happy, and that he has someone who loves him.

I hope you all enjoyed my “mostly true” story.


END Part 4

End Cousins Series

My New Girl Part Two

This story contains sexual situations involving underage characters. If this type of story isn't your bag, please go read something else. Don't vote negative because you don't like the topic. This story will eventually have quite a few chapters and starts out slowly building more and more on the sex with each chapter. Not all of the themes are covered right away, but I promise to deliver. I have not finished this one yet and it may be a while before I do, but I wanted to share what I have. Right now I only have two chapters. Please refrain from reading Chapter 2 without reading Chapter one first. If you do, you won't understand how the story has developed.

My New Girl Part Two

I got up early and had breakfast. I am sitting in the family room wearing my swim trunks merrily waiting for the door bell to ring. I am eagerly awaiting my hand job. Ten year old or not, it was amazing and I want another one. I start watching cartoons. An hour passes. I begin to think Melissa isn’t going to be able to come over today. Those chimes are music to my ears. I walk quickly to the door.

To my surprise, Sherry is standing there with Melissa. I am only slightly disappointed. This means I won’t be getting a hand job today, but with Sherry looking so sweet, I’ll be ready to explode by the time I get alone with Melissa. “Hi Sherry. Hi Melissa. Are the two of you ready for a swim?” To my horror, Melissa stands on her tip toes reaching up to pull my face down close enough to kiss me right smack on my lips. It is a lingering kiss. Much longer than a young girl should have with an adult male, but not so long it couldn’t be thought of as innocence.

Sherry looks on in patient surprise. “Hey, Melissa. Come up for air before you strangle him. I see the two of you are getting along pretty good.” Sherry pats Melissa on her butt. “Head for the pool girl.” Sherry and I stand there watching Melissa trot off to the pool. Sherry looks longingly into my eyes.

“I apologize for Melissa’s behavior. She is at a delicate stage right now. To my utter shock, Melissa has started taking an interest in sex. She talks about it all the time. I am not sure how to handle it. I know she's old enough to give her the talk, but I can’t bring myself to explain it to her and she really wants to know. Melissa thinks the world of you. She thinks you are a hunk. I do too, so I really can’t blame her. I think Melissa has a crush on you. It seems my little girl has good tastes in men. It may seem crazy, but with Melissa trusting you so deeply, do you think it would be possible for me to send her over here tomorrow for you to give her the talk?”

“I’d be honored to give your daughter the talk, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it without seeming vulgar to her. I’ll probably need at least eight or nine hours with her. First I’d have to figure out her terminology so I won’t be using words she isn’t used to. I am also afraid I might tell her too much. I’ll have to be careful of her feelings. As you said, she obviously has a crush on me. That was a pretty sensual kiss for a little girl. If you promise not to get mad if she tells you strange things, I’ll give it a try. Besides, it will be an excellent opportunity to train her.”

Sherry giggles. “You really want a kiss bad don’t you? Melissa is in the pool. Go ahead and kiss me now. If I like it, then you can train Melissa if you want a longer one from me.” We both laugh at that. I wrap my arms around Sherry at the same time hers go around me. Our lips meet. Soon I am sucking on her tongue. God that woman can kiss. Sherry breaks the kiss.

“Sorry. I didn’t want to stop either, but Melissa might catch us. I‘ll send her over tomorrow about nine. Take as long as you need. Why don’t you keep her over night? She’ll get a charge out of that. You can let her sleep in your bed. I trust you. That will take all the hurry out of it. How you tell her about sex is up to you.”

“Don’t be surprised if she asks you to show her your penis. She has always had a tendency to say what she’s thinking. If she’s thinking anything like I am, she definitely wants to see it. I’ll let you figure out how to handle that. Heck, you can show it to her if she wants to see it that bad. It sure as hell isn’t going to hurt her any to get an eyeful..”

I am trying to digest what Sherry just said. Did she just give me permission to train her young daughter? I’m not so sure of what just happened, but I do know I will get quite a few hand jobs tomorrow. My dick swelled in my trunks at the thought of Melissa’s warm little body snuggled up next to me in my bed.

I am also dreaming about Melissa’s sweet lips finding their way to my penis. I can only imagine her gently sucking my juice from between my legs. Well, that isn’t happening. Not with a ten year old. “Sherry. Lets take a swim. Melissa will be eager to have us join her.”

Melissa is swimming and having a wonderful time. She is also keeping a casual eye on me. Sherry and I are parked in lounge chairs next to one another. Today Sherry is wearing a blue suit that is even more revealing than the green one she has. My eyes are already glued to her snatch. Her eyes are focused on my hard dick.

“Joe. Lets hold off on that swim. I have something I need to explain to you. I think I may have been a little forward yesterday. I feel I may have come across as a slut.” I spoke up immediately. “Oh no. I would never think that.” Sherry held up her hand signaling for me to keep quiet. “Be patient. I have something to say and if you interrupt, I won’t be able to say it right.”

As much as I enjoy looking at Sherry‘s gorgeous body, I find myself eagerly waiting for Melissa to get out of the pool so I can watch her cute little body as she slowly strolls back to the diving board. Sherry continues. “I have to explain why I came on so strong to you. I have never done that with anyone else. Not even with Tim.”

“First let me explain my situation. My husband developed penal cancer a year after Melissa was born. The doctors had to remove it all. And I mean everything. I still love Tim dearly and I am very glad to still have him. He takes hormone treatments to stay like a guy. Unfortunately I haven’t had a dick in nine years. Tim fucks me hard with a strap on to help satisfy my needs, but it just isn’t the same.”

Melissa is looking our way. She seems like she is preparing to come over to us. I make a small gesture to her that Sherry can’t see to let her know to wait. I hope she picks up on it. “We were lying in the bed a few years back when Tim told me he wanted me to make a promise to him. He said he knows he can’t satisfy me.”

“He wants me to look around for a guy I like. Then I can get him to service me. He says when I do, he doesn’t want to know about it, but he won’t be trying to find out if I am either. Tim says he wants me to be happy. He basically said I could fuck all day if I felt I needed to. He won’t mind as long as I come home to him, because he loves me more than anything in the world short of Melissa.”

“I knew right away it wouldn’t be possible even if I wanted to, because Melissa is with me all the time except when she is in school. I have to be home then, because Melissa has asthma and may get an attack. I promised Tim that if I ever did take him up on his offer, I would never bring the guy in the house. I told Tim about my dilemma. His reply was that’s your problem. Then he laughed as he said I could always let her watch. I never worried about looking until I saw you a few days ago. I need you Joe. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get around Melissa being here. Now you know my problem.”

I sit dumfounded. I had never heard such a heartfelt story. “Sherry. I really need you too. You are special to me. I want you to know your going back to your husband every night is not a problem for me. As to Melissa. If you don’t want to send her to someone else to keep while we are together, then the only solution would be to get her to understand and then let her watch. Would you really be able to handle that?”

Sherry looks down at the concrete in thought. “It sounds crazy on the surface of it letting my ten year old daughter watch someone make passionate love to me, but with my situation and her fascination with sex, it probably really isn’t all that crazy after all. If I decided to let her watch, how would I break it to her without her telling her Daddy? And for that matter, would she even go for it?”

I look Sherry in the eye. “I’ll tell you what. If you are serious about what you told me earlier, then I may be able to actually train Melissa a little. If you agree not to get mad, I’ll let her coerce me into showing it to her. I’ll even teach her to kiss. I mean, she’s already kissed me once. It shouldn’t be too hard to have the subject come up while I am telling her about the birds and the bees. Tell her it’s a sort of slumber party. She can stay up all night. After she learns to kiss, I’ll talk to her subtly to see how she might feel about me doing it with you without her knowing you want to. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Sherry is sitting with a fucked up look on her face. “I don’t know, Joe. She’s awfully young.” I smile at Sherry. “You’re the one that wants me to give her the talk. It’s a simple matter to twist it a little to broach the subject about me and you being an item.”

Sherry finally grins. “I guess you’re right. It certainly won’t hurt her to kiss you some. Besides, she already put a pretty good lip lock on you earlier. She really likes you a lot Joe. You are all she has talked about the last few days. I’ll send her over as soon as she’s had breakfast in the morning. Seeing as tomorrow is Tuesday, keep her with you until 9 PM Wednesday. That should give you enough time to sort of feel her out so you can talk to her without coming on too strong.”

I nearly choke on my tongue when she says feel her out. That’s exactly what I plan to do. “Okay. Its all set then. Come on. Lets join Melissa in the pool.” Sherry and I head to the water and dive in. We were having blast swimming and taking turns throwing Melissa around in the pool.


I hear the doorbell chiming. I glance at the clock. It's only seven. Seven. Damn. I overslept. I had the alarm clock set for five. I jump out of the bed running to the door. I am still nude. I stand at the door without opening it. “Just a minute. I’ll be right there.” I rush back to the bedroom throwing on a pair of slacks and a pull over shirt. I know it's Melissa at the door. If I go to the door naked, it might freak her out. It might also move things along a little too fast.

Yeah. I am eager for her to give me another hand job, but I plan to give her the talk first. That needs to be done without fucking her while I do it. She’s only ten and it’s up to me to draw the line somewhere. The door swings open revealing Melissa donning a full length pair of black dungarees. A button up red blouse and white tennis shoes. She has a small luggage case in her hand.

“Hi Melissa. Ready for a swim?” Melissa holds the case out to me. “Mom said to bring this to you. I asked her if I could swim for awhile, but she said you wanted to talk with me and the swim would have to wait.” Something is not right here. Melissa is dressed too modestly for a slumber party, even with none of her little girlfriends coming over. “Come In Melissa. Sit here on the couch. I need a couple of minutes before we talk.”

Melissa parks her little rump on the couch. “Okay, Joe. What’s going on? Its so weird. Mom made me wear this outfit and she won’t tell me why?” I shake my head. “Don’t worry. Just wait there until I get back.” I rush to the kitchen to call Sherry to make sure nothing changed. “Hi. Joe. I was expecting you to call. You don’t need to ask. I didn’t tell Melissa anything. The words wouldn’t come out. Her clothes are in the bag.”

“I wasn’t sure what you would want so I packed the usual stuff little girls wear at slumber parties. I also packed a little surprise, but only if Melissa decides to wear it. She is dressed like she is so you can develop things at your own pace. I figured that would be easier on you than sending her over there half naked. You’ll have to explain everything to her. All I did was send her to talk with you. She doesn’t even know she’s spending the night. I wish I was there with you. I need another kiss.”

“Okay. For a minute I thought you changed your mind. I’ll take it slow and I’ll watch her feelings closely. I don’t want to do anything to upset her.” Sherry let out a sigh. “That’s just the problem. The way Melisa talks about you, the only stuff she’ll get upset over are the things you don’t do. Bye Joe.” I hang up the phone.

Melissa is waiting impatiently. She has her little legs crossed. I sit next to her on the couch. Melissa grins. “Let me play with it again, Joe. I want to see it squirt out. Let me get my clothes off first so I can get it all over me.” Damn, she’s already charged up and ready to go. It’s a good thing Sherry didn’t let her wear her bikini. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me if she could catch it in her mouth. I have to slow her down a little bit.

“You can do that later. We need to talk first. Just sit quietly and I’ll tell you what is going on. Your Mom asked me to give you the sex talk. I’ll explain everything to you. The next time you get with your girlfriends, you’ll amaze them with what you know.” Melissa pipes in. “Cool. I’ve always wanted to know it all. Are you going to show me how?”

I put a finger to my lips shushing her. “Don’t interrupt. I have a lot to say. After we finish the talk, I’ll teach you some things. I won’t say what yet. I don’t know about showing you anything. We’ll have to see how it goes. Your Mom is going to let you spend the night with me. You don’t have to be home until nine tomorrow evening.”

Melissa flies into my arms. “Oh, wow. Cool. I get to be with you almost two whole days. Can I sleep in your bed?” “You sure can Sweety. You can pretend it’s a slumber party.” She wraps her arms around my neck kissing me smack on my lips. She feels good in my arms, but I can see we have a lot of work to do just to get her to kiss good. My dick is already hard anyway. I pull her loose from me placing her back on the couch next to me.

Melissa looks at me inquisitively. “What am I going to wear? I don’t have any clothes other than these. They won’t be comfortable enough for a slumber party.“ I hand her the case. “Here. Wear these. Your Mom packed them for you.“ Melissa starts unbuttoning her shirt. “Whoa, girl. Lets wait until I finish the talk. Then the party can begin. When you get dressed, I want you to do it in the other room. Understood?“ Melissa giggles and buttons her shirt back up.

It took a while, but I managed to explain it all to Melissa without being too vulgar. I was surprised at how intelligent her questions were. She asked a shit load of them too. “Thanks Joe. I thought I’d never be told what it's about. Can I ask you a special favor. Its very important to me?” Here it comes. She’s probably getting ready to ask if I’ll let her blow me. “I already told you, you can ask whatever you want.”

Melissa looks at me like she isn't sure. “My Dad doesn’t have any brothers. Would you be my Uncle? Would you mind if I call you Uncle Joe?” This request really got to me. I am thrilled Melissa likes me that much. “I’d love to be your Uncle. You can call me anything you like.” Melissa hops up in enthusiasm. “I love you Uncle Joe.”

I watch in amusement as Melissa scurries into the bedroom to change. When she came back out, I nearly drop my eye teeth. Melissa is wearing a tiny black lace lingerie ensemble that consists of a nearly see through bra, an almost nonexistent pair of panties, and a cute matching short gown that resembles a veil in texture. I want to fuck her already. But of course her being just ten, I can’t do that.

Melissa plops beside me on the couch. Her frail arms wrap immediately around my shoulders. She hugs me close and her mouth moves straight up to mine. “Oh, Uncle Joe. I love you so much.” Her lips mash against mine. I am finally able to get a grip on my emotions. Yeah. I am starting to fall in love with her too, but I really needed to slow things down a little before they get too far out of hand. At this rate, I’ll be banging her in the ass in no time.

I peel her arms loose pulling her lips away from me. Wait, Melissa. Let me teach you some other things first. I am sure you will enjoy them. I want you to sit in the lazy boy across from the couch. Sit in it whatever way you normally would. Melissa looks at me like I am nuts.

“Aw Uncle Joe. I want to try some of the stuff you told me about. I really want to feel you inside of me. Please?” I hold up a hand signifying for her to keep quiet. “The first lesson is anticipation. This is the way it works. You are sitting across from me. I can’t touch you and you can’t touch me. You want to cuddle with me really bad. You already know how you feel.”

“I am guessing from the way you are talking, you are bucking at the bit to go all the way. What I want you to do is think all about what you want me to do to you. Dwell on it. Imagine it happening. Think about how good it is feeling. In the mean time, I want you to sit comfortably, but act like doing it with me is the farthest thing from your mind.”

“I am going to do the same thing over here. We’ll do that for two hours and then talk over how we feel. Then we’ll see what develops from there. Okay?” Melissa pouts a little then smiles. “Okay, Uncle Joe. I trust you, so I’ll give it a try.”

Melissa trounces into the chair just like any ten year old would. Her legs immediately slide under her ass cheeks with her knees at the edges of the chair. I could see her hole sucking in most of the narrow cloth barely covering her hole. The edges of her pussy are exposed on each side nearly showing off her lips. My crotch is already getting wet. I can only imagine what kind of shape I’ll be in two hours from now.


Two hours has passed. The two of us have been drooling over each other the whole time. My underpants are soaked. I can smell the sex emanating from between my legs. Melissa is breathing like she is in heat. I believe I see a wet spot in the front of her panties, but it’s hard to tell with the black color. Her nipples are poking at the thin material on her chest.

“Okay, Melissa. Come over here. Sit beside me and I’ll teach you how to kiss.”

To be continued………………………………………………………………………………..

My homeless stepdaughter Part 3

As Chelsea lay in bed with us, something awoke inside of her. She no longer wanted women her age. She wanted them young. She wanted teenagers. The thrill of being the first for someone was overwhelming. And the excitement of watching her boyfriend pop Ronnie's cherry was almost more than she could bare. She knew the repercussions for getting caught were severe, but now she had a 16 year old that could help her. This could be a lot of fun.

Ronnie lay in bed, her head resting on her stepfather's chest. She couldn't believe what had happened in less than 24 hours. She still felt the throbbing in her cunt from the fucking he gave her earlier. She loved how he felt inside her. This wasn't her first time with someone, but i was the first time she had fucked. She had given blow jobs before, mainly for some pot or to get some other special favor from some kid, but nobody had every kissed and touched her like he did. She loved his mouth on her body, especially on her freshly shaved pussy. She loved having Chelsea there too. She had bisexual fantasies before and even kissed a girl once, but that was as far as she had ever gone. She loved feeling Chelsea's bare chest against her. She loved her kisses, she loved how soft she was. As much as she knew she was going to love fucking her daddy for the foreseeable future, she knew she was going to want Chelsea all to herself for at least an hour. And she knew that her daddy was going to be the only cock allowed inside her, but she was also planning on bringing her daddy presents once she started making friends.

Ronnie woke early and got up to shower. She walked into the big shower and turned on the water, feeling it pour over her body. As she lathered herself she heard the shower door open. She turned and saw a very naked Chelsea step inside with her. Ronnie smiled and stepped aside, giving Chelsea some space under the water. "Can you do my back?" asked Ronnie as she handed Chelsea the loofah and the body wash. Chelsea smiled and took the items. She slowly lathered young Ronnie's body up. Ronnie placed her hands against the shower wall and Chelsea gently cleaned her.

Ronnie closed her eyes and spread her legs as Chelsea's hand moved down her body. Chelsea ran the sponge across her ass and down between her legs. Ronnie's eyes opened and she turned around. They looked at each other for a second before Chelsea leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. Ronnie kissed her back hard, their tongues dancing in each other's mouth. Their hands ran all over each other's bodies. Ronnie reach down and found Chelsea's soaking went cunt and jammed two fingers inside. Chelsea did the same, and the stood under the water, finger fucking each other as they kissed each other.

Chelsea dropped onto her knees and spread Ronnie's legs apart. Her mouth went directly to Ronnie's cunt, sucking and licking her clit. Ronnie grabbed her by the hair, trying to force her entire face inside her pussy. Chelsea loved the taste of this young pussy, and being on her knees right now let her know that she wanted more of this. She wanted more young cunts. She wanted to teach them to be dirty little sluts, just like she was. Her tongue moved at a mile a minute and suddenly she felt Ronnie's grip on her hair tighten as she began to cum. Ronnie's juices squirted all over Chelsea's face and mouth, her cunt contracted and expanded as her orgasm tore through her.

Ronnie saw stars as she came, her legs went weak but Chelsea had the peace of mind to keep her up on her feet. Her heart raced, her breathing quickened. This was all new to her, but she knew that she wanted this as many times as possible. She released Chelsea's hair and basked in the sensations. She looked down and noticed Chelsea rubbing her cunt. No, this wouldn't do. Ronnie reached her hand out to Chelsea and helped her to her feet. Chelsea stood and they both faced each other. Ronnie then pulled her in for a kiss and slowly turned her so they had switched places.Ronnie dropped to her knees, face level with Chelsea's pussy. Chelsea reach down and spread her cunt lips apart. "Kiss me here", she said. Ronnie leaned in and took Chlesea's clit into her mouth. She had never done anything like this, but she remembered what had just been done to her. Ronnie kissed, licked and sucked her first pussy. She loved the smell, she loved the taste. She loved the feel of this bare pussy against her face. And she especially loved having her hair pulled. The pain turned her on for some reason. Definitely something to remember for next time.

She licked and sucked Chelsea's pussy like the delicious treat it was. She wondered if she was bisexual before, now she was sure of it. She knew that she would never get sick of this taste or this sensation. Chelsea felt that familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach. She knew she was about to cum. She gripped Ronnie's hair harder and exploded on her face. Thsi was only the second time she had squirted like this. As good as the sex was with George, she had never shot this much juice out of her pussy. Her legs went weak and she slowly slid down the shower wall until she was on the floor with Ronnie. They both giggled as they kissed, the water still pouring over both their naked bodies.

They recovered and got up, making sure to clean each other extra well and fingering each other to a few more orgasms. Finally they got out, toweled dry and walked into the bedroom. Daddy was laying there, his rock hard cock in his hand. Ronnie and Chelsea dropped their towels and walked towards him. "Daddy, I want to watch you fuck Chelsea." Chelsea climbed on the bed and lay on her back, her legs wide open waiting to be fucked. Ronnie kissed Chelsea then straddled her face, reverse-cowgirl style. As Chelsea went to work on her cunt, Ronnie grabbed Chelsea's legs and spread them wide. "Fuck her daddy. Then I want you to cum inside her so I can clean you both up."

I could not believe this was actually happening. I gripped my cock and pushed it inside Chelsea's tight little cunt. I was worried that I may lose interest now that I had a virgin cunt to fuck, but that definitely was not gonna happen. I pushed inside and felt her grip me. Ronnie arched her body as Chelsea worked her cunt while I started sliding in and out of her. Ronnie grabbed me by the back of the neck and kissed me, whimpering as she felt Chelsea's tongue working its way deeper inside her. She broke our kiss and looked down, watching my dick slide in and out Chelsea's cunt. "Fuck mommy harder daddy! Fuck her faster!!" I started pounding Chelsea's cunt faster and deeper, just like my little girl begged me to. "Oh daddy she's eating me so good! Oh fuck daddy! I'm gonna cum!!!" Her body went stiff and then into convulsions as she started cumming on Chelsea's face. The site was enough to push me over the edge. I shot my cum deep inside Chelsea's cunt, making sure it went deep inside her. As soon as I was done I sat back, my cock slipping out. Ronnie immediately leaned forward and began sucking and licking my dick clean. "Mmm mommy, you taste so fucking good", she said as she licked and sucked me clean.

You should have seen my face when I saw what she did next. She reached down and buried her face into Chelsea's cunt. Chelsea, feeling renewed, began to lap at Ronnie's cunt. "That's my little girl," said Chelsea. "Clean mommy's cunt!" Needless to say, I got hard again. I moved to the top of the bed and straddled Chelsea's face. Slowly I pushed into Ronnie's cunt and began banging away at her while Chelsea sucked and nibbled her clit. My cock slipped out a couple of times and was met by Chelsea's warm mouth before she slid it back inside my little girl. I slammed in hard a few last times before letting out another flood of cum inside her. I pulled out and watched as Chelsea opened her mouth and caught my cum as it oozed out of Ronnie's cunt. She then reached up and, like Ronnie, sucked my cock clean before burying her face in Ronnie's cunt and sucking the rest of my cum out. Ronnie sat up and ground her cunt into Chelsea's face. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and turned her face to kiss her. She moaned into my mouth as another orgasm ripped through her, finally causing us all to collapse in a heap.

I woke up a little bit later to a quiet house and saw that I had a missed text. "Hey honey, took R to the store to get her plan b and start her on birth control. Will be home soon. C." Again out the door without me. I got dressed and walked outside. I needed a good drive to process what was going on in my life now. I drove by the local park and saw the teenage girls playing softball. Their short shorts and tight shirts made me hard as a rock. I wanted more teenage pussy, and I had the perfect women to go get it for me. I wondered how I was going to explain to Chelsea that I wanted more teen cunt, not knowing that she was already on the prowl for a new fuck toy to bring home for the three of us.

Seduction of a Babysitter Part III

Melissa sat up, looking down at her leaking pussy, "wow Nathan, it feels funny with your cum leaking out, it's tickling my butt." Nathan softly laughed as he got dressed, looking at her. Melissa stood up as his cum continued to seep out of her freshly fucked pussy, running down her inner thigh.

Nathan looked at the couch and noticed a large wet spot on the cushion, where she was just sitting. It was a mixture of her juices and his cum, as well as the juices from her squirting, on the other cushions. He knew he had to find a way to get it cleaned up.

Melissa moved her panties back over, so her pussy wouldn't leak anymore cum. Nathan looked at her, "we need to get the cushion covers off so we can wash them." Melissa nodded and helped him take the covers off of the three cushions. Nathan threw them in the washing machine, then went to get his change of clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Melissa had gone to her room, to get her own change of clothes. When she heard the bathroom door close, she laid down on her bed, relishing the feeling of being loved and having Nathan's hot cum in her pussy. She touched her covered pussy, and smiled to herself as she felt the wet crotch, knowing it was Nathan's cum and her juices soaking her panties.

When the shower started, Melissa sat up and grabbed her clothes. She got up and headed for the bathroom as well. She quietly opened the door and closed it behind her. She could see the shadow of Nathan against the shower wall, as he soaped himself. She removed her panties and bra and snuck into the shower behind Nathan.

Melissa stood far enough back, so he didn't hit her when he turned around. She stood there watching as Nathan washed his hair and body, as he turned around, his eyes were closed. She watched him wash his dick and ball sack, licking her lips as his dick flopped limply in front of her, as he soaped them up. His dick was only half the size as when it was hard, but still looked exciting to her.

Nathan threw his head back and slowly backed into the shower, rinsing his hair off, the water rinsing off his body as well. Melissa couldn't restrain herself any longer as she slowly moved to her knees in front of him and wrapped her hand around the base of his limp dick, the water coming off of him, splashing onto her. Nathan jumped in surprise, quickly opening his eyes and looking down at her, "Melissa what are you doing?"

Melissa smiled at him coyly, moving his limp dick around in her hand, "conserving water." Nathan was beside himself, he didn't know what to say or do, Melissa was insatiable. He couldn't believe she still wanted more, and wasn't worn out from earlier. He didn't know if he would be able to get hard again or not, but he didn't stop her from trying.

Melissa giggled at him, "are you complaining?" Nathan shook his head, as he just stared at her, letting the shower hit his back. Melissa smiled as she knelt up and opened her mouth, taking his limp member fully into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the base and sucked hard. Nathan groaned in response, as he put his right hand on the wall and left hand on the shower rod, to steady himself.

Melissa sucked as hard as she could on his dick, twirling her tongue around the head of his dick, as it limply flopped around in her tiny mouth. Nathan could feel his dick starting to respond to what she was doing, slowly beginning to grow in her mouth. Melissa moaned on his dick as she felt it beginning to harden. She started moving her head back and forward as his dick continued to get harder, unable to get it all in her mouth, as it grew fully erect.

Melissa pulled her head back, looking up at him, as she started stroking his dick with her hand, "wow it's hard again, " and giggled. Nathan chuckled lightly, not sure what to say to her, he knew this girl was young, but didn't think her sex drive would be like this.

Melissa had nothing else on her mind, but having sex with Nathan again, wanting to have sex with him all night. She stood up and turned around in front of him, the top of her head almost even with his nose, but her hips almost even with his. Nathan watched her bend over at the waist and shake her tiny ass in front of his hard dick. Melissa reached between her spread legs and grabbed his dick, determined to get him back inside of her.

Melissa backed herself up until she felt his dick push against her pussy lips. "Are you ready Nathan?" She asked, giggling. Nathan only groaned, his erection almost hurting as it lightly throbbed in her hand.

Melissa held his dick steady and slowly pushed her hips back, feeling him penetrate her again. She let out a soft moan as she continued to push her hips back until her ass rested against his pelvis.

Nathan groaned as his dick was enveloped by her warm recess. It was still extremely wet and creamy from their recent session. He watched her swollen pussy lips surround his dick, as they stretched to accommodate his dick. He grunted as he made his dick throb inside of her, thinking about grabbing her hips and pounding her hard, but decided to let her do what she wanted first.

Melissa put her hands on the sides of the tub to brace herself and slowly started moving her hips forward and back. She only moved her hips forward a few inches, then back into him, enjoying the feeling of having his dick in her again.

Nathan started rocking his hips, in time with hers. Their skin slapped together and made splashing noises as their pace hastened. Nathan knew it was going to him some time to cum again, but her pussy still felt incredible to him, as it squeezed his dick as they moved with each other.

They started moving a little faster with each other, her ass slapping into him getting louder and louder. Melissa's ass cheeks were spread apart as she arched her back, giving Nathan a look at her puckered asshole, and her pussy still clinging to his dick. Nathan moved his hand to her lower back, his thumb in the crack of her ass and lightly rubbed her asshole.

Melissa's moans grew louder, as Nathan rubbed her asshole harder, sending new sensations throughout her body. "Yes, fuck my pussy Nathan, god don't you ever stop fucking me," she moaned, as she stopped moving her hips and let him keep going.

Nathan couldn't believe what she just said, but kept rubbing her asshole, pushing the tip of his thumb against the opening, as he grabbed her hip with his left hand and kept thrusting into her hard. The water from the shower provided some lubrication as his thumb started to enter her asshole.

Melissa felt his thumb penetrate her ass, causing her to throw her head up, as a brand feeling coursed through her body. She started slowly rocking her hips again, as Nathan started moving his thumb in and out of her puckered hole. She had never played with her asshole when she masturbated, but what he was doing to her ass felt amazing.

Nathan could feel her sphincter muscles constructing around his thumb, as he felt her pussy getting even tighter around his dick, moving in and out of her as hard as he could. He was grunting as his pelvis slapped against her ass cheeks. He had never had anal sex with a girl, but he had done plenty of anal play. He pushed his thumb into her back door further, and pushed the tip against his moving shaft through the thin membrane, separating her bowells and vagina.

Nathan fucked her hard for a few more strokes, then slammed into her one more time, stopping there, "stand up and face me Melissa," he groaned. Melissa moaned, and reluctantly stood up, his dick slipping out of her, and turned to face him. Nathan turned around and shut the shower, then looked at Melissa and smiled, "let's go to your room now."

Melissa had a disappointed look on her face, but after he said that, it lit up and she excitedly got out and scurried to her room. Nathan got out of the shower and toweled himself as dry as he could, then made his way to her room.

When he walked in, Melissa was laying on her bed, rubbing her slit with her middle finger, "took you long enough," she said excitedly. He snickered as he climbed onto the bed next to, his dick had gone down a little and was only semi-hard. As he laid back, Melissa grabbed his dick and moaned, "awe, it isn't hard anymore." Nathan chuckled at her, and watched her start stroking it up and down.

"What is so funny?" Melissa scoffed as she squeezed his dick hard. Nathan winced in pain, and answered, "nothing baby." Melissa scoffed again as she moved to straddle his legs, not taking her hand off of his dick, "whatever." Nathan looked down at her pussy, it was red, swollen, and slightly agape, as she scooted herself forward, his dick growing hard again in her hand.

Melissa moved forward until his dick pressed against her slit, using her hand to push it between her pussy lips. She started moving her hips up and down, enjoying the feeling of his shaft rubbing against her clit. Nathan felt her legs jump and tremble against him, as she used his dick to stimulate her clit. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," Melissa moaned over and over, as her hips moved faster up and down. Nathan reached up and grabbed her tiny tits, lightly squeezing them, and groaning, "are you gonna cum baby, huh are you gonna cum on my dick?" Melissa moaned, "uh huh, uh huh."

Nathan throbbed his dick against her pussy, yelling, "come on baby, cum for me." His primal instinct had took over, as he watched her frail body tremble and bounce on top of him, knowing that was why he was urging her on.

Melissa could feel her orgasm growing inside of her, feeling the pressure building inside of her. She moved her hand off of his dick, grinding her hips against his body, his dick spreading her pussy lips apart. "Oh, I'm gonna cum Nathan, your hard dick is gonna make me cum," she announced, her body trembling harder.

Nathan squeezed her tits harder, pinching both of her nipples with his thumb and forefinger, of each hand, urging her on, "yeah Melissa, cum for me baby." All of a sudden her body froze on top of him, "ohhhhh," she moaned as her orgasm shot through her body. It wasn't as intense as earlier, but she still felt incredible pleasure as her orgasm coursed through her.

"Yeah baby cum!" Nathan yelled, as he felt a warm rush of fluids flowing onto his dick and abdomen. Melissa's hips started moving involuntarily, her fingernails digging into his chest as she clenched her hands. Her orgasm continued to ravage her body, as her body shook and jerked on top him. Her engorged clit rubbing against the head of his dick, keeping her orgasm going.

As her orgasm began to fade, Melissa's body shivered and shook as she fell onto his chest, her arms laying flat on the bed. Her breathing was labored as she tried to catch her breath. Nathan wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back, as he made his dick throb again, causing her to tremble more and moan.

Melissa pushed herself up, after she had recovered, and looked at him with a wide smile. Nathan smiled back, "you look so sexy when you cum." She laughed a little and responded, "thank you, now time for you to cum again."

Nathan groaned at her comment, knowing it may take a while, and his erection was still hurting him, but refused to go away. Melissa smiled again, as she lifted her hips up and looked down at his dick, seeing her pussy juices and some of his cum from earlier, covering it and his balls, looking foamy white. She reached down and held his dick straight up.

Nathan looked down as she held his dick steady and slowly started lowering her glistening, frothy pussy towards it. He watched intently as her pussy lips opened around the head and took it inside, as she steadily lowered her hips down.

Melissa noticed that her pussy easily took his dick inside, as she moved her hand away and sank down fully onto him, knowing it was because of her cumming and them fucking earlier. She giggled, "my pussy loves having your hard dick inside of it." Nathan snickered, wondering where she learned about all of this, and talk like that. He groaned as he felt her pussy squeeze his dick, and her ass resting on his thighs.

Melissa lowered her head, as she put her hands on his chest, and started lifting her hips up. Unable to restrain himself any longer, he grabbed her ass and lifted his hips up, slamming into her hard. Melissa jumped when he slammed into her, and moaned, "oh yeah, fuck me baby." Nathan used her words for encouragement, dropping his hips back to the bed, and slamming back into her.

Melissa was grunting and moaning as he pounded in and out of her pussy, hard and fast. Nathan was grunting as well, as he lifted his head up and started suckling on her pert nipples, moving from one to the other, then back. "Oh yes suck on my nipples, fuck my pussy," she moaned, her hips moving to meet him. Her pussy was making squishing noises as he slammed into her, leaking out juices around his dick and running down his swinging ball sack.

After a few more thrusts, Nathan stopped and ordered, "get off and get on your hands and knees." Melissa moaned excitedly as she quickly got off of him and got on her hands and knees next to him. Nathan got up and knelt behind her, looking down at his dick, and seeing more of the white foamy, frothy juices at the base.

Nathan moved towards her, putting a hand on her ass, and holding his dick with the other. When he felt the head of his dick slip into her, he didn't hesitate and slammed all of his 6" into her. Melissa threw her head back and arched her back, moaning, "yes, fuck me."

Nathan didn't know why he was being so rough with her, but she wasn't complaining about it, rather she was urging him on. He grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart as he started moving in and out of her pussy, hard. Melissa rocked her body with him, slamming her ass back into him, when he slammed into her, feeling another orgasm building inside of her. Nathan's grunts grew louder and louder, each time he slapped against her ass, feeling his balls starting to tighten up.

Melissa moved down to her elbows, her ass raising higher in the air, as she continued meeting his thrusts. She started vigorously rubbing her clit, wanting to cum again, as she yelled, "yes fuck me, make me cum again Nathan."

Nathan got a good view of her puckered asshole when her ass raised up. He started rubbing his thumb against it, as he kept thrusting in and out of her.

Melissa stopped moving her hips when she felt his thumb on her asshole again, focusing on the new feeling it was giving her, still vigorously rubbing her clit. He rubbed her asshole in a circular motion, using steady pressure against it. As her asshole slowly relaxed to the attention, it started to open up. Nathan kept fucking her hard, as he started pushing the tip of his thumb against the opening.

Melissa still couldn't move, intrigued by the new feeling she got from him playing with her asshole. It sent all kinds of new sensations through her, that she couldn't explain.

When his thumb penetrated her, he kept pushing it in, as his thrusting slowed a little. Melissa's body was trembling hard, as her moans got louder. When his knuckle slip into her asshole, she cooed, moving her hips a little faster into him, feeling her orgasm nearing. Nathan was moving his thumb in and out of her asshole, in time with his thrusting, feeling his dick sliding in and out of her pussy with his thumb through the thin membrane separating them.

Melissa's movements stopped as her pussy clamped down on his dick, and her asshole squeezing his thumb. "Ooooohhhhh fffuuuccckkk!" She moaned as her orgasm coursed through her again. Nathan could barely move his dick inside of her pussy, as he felt her squirt juices out her pussy, forcefully around his dick, covering his balls and thighs. Melissa started thrashing around in front of, as she experienced an orgasm like none other, squirting more juices on Nathan.

Nathan could feel his cum boiling up, as her pussy squeezed and released his dick, as if milking it. He pulled his thumb out of her ass, and laid across her back, putting his hands on the bed, forcefully thrusting into her as she came. "I'm gonna cum too baby, I'm gonna cum with you, ah fuck!" He yelled, his dick throbbing as it shot what little cum he had into her.

As Nathan started cumming in her, Melissa went into another orgasm, moaning, "yes cum in me, cum with me." Nathan was grunting as his dick continued to throb, not sure how much cum he was emptying into her, but enjoying the orgasmic bliss.

As Melissa came down from her orgasm, her body was weak and she fell limply onto the bed, his leaking dick slipping out of her, her breathing heavy. Nathan followed her to the bed, collapsing on top of her, totally exhausted and drifting off to sleep, his wilting member in her ass crack.

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

Me and Ben’s first gay experience

My name is Nick, and this is a story that happened last year when I was in Europe with my soccer team. There were 15 of us, and we were staying in hotels, two people to each room. This occurred on the last night of the tour, when me and Ben were staying in the same room. I’d wanted to fuck him for about 3 years, and I finally did something about it. I was 16, and Ben was 15. I’m about 5 foot 11, and Ben is 5 foot 8. I look pretty normal, with tanned skin and a sort of half Bieber haircut. Ben is really hot, and his entire body is tanned and defined, but not muscular.

I looked over and with the help of the dim street lights I could Ben was asleep, his eyes closed. I slowly pulled the covers off myself and stood up. On my tiptoes I carefully walked over to his bed and crouched down. I started lifting up his duvet when he suddenly moved, and turned from his side onto his back. I waited, then resumed lifting his covers and put my head in his bed, between his feet.

I used my arms to pull myself into the bed until my whole body was in and I was lying between his legs. Ben had no shirt on, just briefs that hugged his thighs. He smelt sweet. I slid my hands up his smooth thighs until I reached his briefs. I put my fingers under the elastic band and slowly began sliding them down. Finally I got them over his soft penis, and all the way down below his balls which we hanging. His penis was about 3 inches soft. I placed my hand on it, getting a feel of the size as I couldn’t see in the dark. It twitched. I sniffed in the aroma. I ran a finger down from his balls to his ass, which was right in front of my face. I make a ring around his tight and hairless asshole with my left index finger. Ben's breathing was constant and he lay motionless. I reached my right hand up to his cock and wrapped my hand around it.

I could feel the blood pumping into it and it started to enlarge. The head started to come out of the foreskin as it grew. I reached my hand up to Ben's bellybutton and traced a straight line down his smooth and tanned stomach to his partly shaved pubic hair. I picked up his cock and moved my head forward, lightly licking the tip of his cock. His breathing stopped and his body became rigid. He brought his thighs in on each side of my face, and they were touching my cheeks. They were warm and beautiful.

I took that as a hint and enveloped the whole of his cock into my mouth. It was now at full size and about six and a half inches long. I ran my tongue along the underside, and a sweet liquid dribbled down his cock into my mouth, precum. I moved both hands up his tight body and rubbed his nipples as he began moaning in ecstasy. Ben pushed my head down with his hands, and I took his entire cock down my throat. I bobbed my head up and down, loving every minute of this adventure. I grabbed a pillow from under Ben's head and placed it under his ass so it was in a higher position.

I licked my finger and pushed at his hole, and it went it. I took the finger out and put it back in my mouth. I could taste the sweat that had dripped down from Ben's balls. I moved my whole head down to his ass and ran my tongue over his tight asshole. I put pressure on my ass with my tongue and my tongue slipped in. I fucked him with my tongue for about 20 second. More sweat from his thighs that were still on each side of my face dribbled down and eventually came down to my mouth. It tasted salty and I loved it. His back arched as I inserted my finger in his ass again. With my other hand I began stroking his cock which was still half erect.

I sat back and pulled his briefs right off before getting up on my knees. I stroke my own cock a few times to get it fully hard, about six inches. I leaned forward over Ben's body and brought his legs up on my shoulders. My cock was right at the entrance to his ass. I pushed hard, and the saliva left over from when I was licking him helped as lubrication. Ben let out a muffled cry, and my cock slowly pushed into him. When it was all the way in, up to my balls, I let out a sigh. I slowly drew my ass back, and then pushed forward again. Without a condom it felt amazing, and Ben was lying back with his eyes closed. He started stroking his hard cock, and I kissed his feet which were right beside my face.

My thrusts started getting quicker as my cock plunged in and out of his still tight ass. As Ben's breathing began to pick up he orgasmed, and cummed all over his stomach. With my cock still in him, I leant over and licked up his cum. This action by me leaning over forced my cock in him even deeper and he let out a gasp. The salty liquid coated my mouth, and this pushed me over the edge. releasing 5 spurts of cum into his ass. I sat on my knees with my cock still in him for a moment, our breathing frantic and loud. I pulled out and collapsed on him, our sweaty bodies with cum all over them making it extremely messy. Ben took my cock into his mouth, and sucked all the cum off of it before I got off him and stood up. I walked over a few steps before falling onto my bed and drifting to sleep


Good or not? It’s my first so leave criticism and tell me if you want more