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End of the Road

“Sorry, it’s a taxi again”
“Oh you’re joking!”
I can’t believe it. Nothing like a nice relaxing end to the week, stuck in a plastic death trap with a clueless driver, reeking of anything floral to mask the heavy smoke. Just brilliant!

It happens every time I don’t want it to. Whenever I’m stressed, bored, miserable or just gagging to get home, the late ride home is a taxi. As if staying at my dreary school for extra wasn’t bad enough, there’s a sodding taxi to put up with. But I’m moaning, time to look at the positives…

Well it doesn’t look like there are that many people waiting. I’ll at least be able to sit down this time. The foyer’s tiny; even with all 4 of us in here it’s crowded. Garish crème walls, hideous old wooden beams… But yes, positives…

Nope still haven’t thought of any…

“Right who’ve we got then?” Mrs. Clanton failed at living things up, which is never an easy task with 3 high school students on a stuffy Friday evening. The only sign of movement was a crossed leg from some dark-looking girl near the door. “Rosie Collett?” The girl moved again, raising her arm slightly. “Jason Hollinger?” An equally dark boy who was presumably Rosie’s boyfriend motioned too. “Jonny Hanson?” Yep, that’s me. Let’s go! But there was still one more. “Sam Doherty?”

“Oh that’s me, sorry I’m late. Just had to come from the other side!” Hello, whose this? A huge 6th former! Crap he really is huge! His uniform can’t possibly contain the size of his huge arms and chest. Even his trousers look like they’re almost tearing at the amount of flesh on him. Compared to a weedy sap like me… I feel almost uncomfortable. I bet he plays rugby or some sport for hours on end. But he doesn’t have the face of a rugby player. On top of his neck muscles is a face of a film star. Completely spotless and very slim, with short blonde hair and the cutest nose I’ve seen on a boy of his age. And his eyes, oh crap he’s looking at me. Close your mouth!

“That’s fine Sam. At least your here now. All present and correct. Let’s go!” Come on you sodding emo couple, get up! Ooh, best wait until Sam’s walked past me. He’s grinning, oh hell he noticed didn’t he… What’s he stopped for? Eek, my hands came dangerously close to his ass then! It’s a very firm looking one at that… Oh get real Jonny; you’re never going to stand a chance.

Oh no… It can’t be! The sole driver can’t be that exact same short fat balding Indian bloke with an eternal frown and a smoking cigarette who came very close to chucking me out of his cab when I complained of his smoking in the car. Great, not only do I have a stupidly fit 6th former rubbing it in my face that I wasn’t as attractive as him, I have some bitchy Indian cabbie who couldn’t tell left from right. Kill me now…

“Right” the still chirpy Mrs. Clanton said, “Two for Alderson, two for Chadlington?” Hang on, two for Chadlington? Sam lives in the same village as me? How on earth hadn’t I noticed before? And Alderson, that’s miles away from Chadlington! How can we possibly fit in the same taxi and still be back before dinner?
“Jason, Rosie you’re with this gentleman here; Jonny and Sam you two are with the man parked near the fire exit I believe” Well at least I’m not with misery guts driver then. But I’m still with Sam the Stud. Mrs. Clanton chirped her goodbyes as me and Sam wandered over to a battered looking Peugeot. Fingers crossed the driver wasn’t as bad as the car… I’d best go for the back seat, passenger side. But why’s Sam going for the seat next to me? What the hell was wrong with the passenger seat? Oh just get in and look friendly to the driver…

“Alright there boys?” Oh God not more chirpiness. Who the fuck is this prat then? Holy crap! Something can’t be right. Looking right back at me is a darkly tanned, mid-twenties Indian beefcake! Sure, he’s not physically in the same league as Sam: he’s got quite a bit of extras on him; but his amazing looks have made it quite…hard for me. He’s sitting with his legs wide open, and in tight fitting leather jacket too! There’s not a lot I can’t see to be honest! I can’t believe my luck! I’m stuck in a cab with a rugby jock and an Indian slut of a taxi driver! Now I’ve got to cover up my increasing problem subtly. “Name’s Jack, not your usual cabbie I know” He’s got a strong English accent; he’s obviously picked it up from this region. Maybe he’s only half-Indian… “Both to Chadlington then? Best get you back quickly then, got a bit of a way to go!” Crap, how fast do you want to go! We nearly took out 3 cars there! I can just hope that the rest of this journey is nothing like the start…

It’s been about 15 minutes now and no-one’s said a word since we set off. Not too far to go now, until I go back to a boring house in a boring village doing sod all for another Friday evening. I just wish I could control my eyes. I want to just look over at the eat opposite me, but I know I’ve got to keep them looking out the window. It doesn’t help with Sam putting his arms like that… Oh no, don’t cross your legs, don’t! Oh great…
Hang on, he’s turning off the A road early! This is a new route… And he’s driving slower too… At least Sam’s put his legs down now.

“So what did you stay for?” Now he wants a conversation? And he’s got a really nice voice too; so purring and… Oh hell, just go along with it…
“Oh, just some Maths revision; you?”
“Ah, I was at band practise” He plays too?! I think I might just die right here… Ah well, may as well keep it up. Could kill some time too, seeing as were travelling at sub-zero mph.
“Really? What do you play?”
“Well, guitar tonight. But I play other stuff too” Where’s my cyanide…
“I see, looks like you don’t just play instruments either…” Crap, wasn’t thinking!
“Huh?” Thank God…
“Oh, nothing…”
“Oh you mean sports! Yeah, how could you tell?” he laughed.
“Well it’s hard not to notice!”
“I’ll say!” Oh crap, cocky driver’s got something to say… “You’ve got a great body on you! I tell you, there’s no-one who wouldn’t want a body like that! Hell, no-one would mind having a ride on one if you know what I mean!” Thanks for that Jack, that’s really helped.

Seems I’m not the only one blushing, Sam is too. Odd, I didn’t expect modesty from such a fit guy. Looks like it’s only the driver who thinks with his balls. Hang on, he’s looking back… Turn your head back you stupid boy, don’t want him thinking your some sort of freak.

“How big are you then?” Well that was all of 5 seconds. You must be joking! But no, he looks deadly serious looking back in his mirror at Sam. I think I’d have preferred it with short and balding. Get out of this one then Sam!

“Er… well I don’t really think I should talk about it…” Oh my God he’s cute when he’s modest. No, look back outside…
“Come on, it’s only us three!”
“Well I…”
“It’s OK, we won’t tell!”
“Really, I…”
“What’s it to you anyway? Just drive!” Whoops, did I really say that and that loudly? Silence: well that’s killed it. Now what?

“How about you then, grumpy?” Oh you complete and total…
Shit, what was that? Fantastic, a huge plume of smoke from the bonnet, thank God for that. Why is Jack not screaming though? Just pulling over, no shouts, no curses… The car’s stopped now and Jack’s still calm. He’s just getting out presumably to look under the steaming bonnet. Don’t close the door… Or you could just do that, that’s great too… Now I’ve got to sit here in virtual silence. It’s too awkward for either of us to speak.

“So, where about do you live?” But Sam’s obviously manlier than that… He snapped out of the awkward silence rather suddenly. He doesn’t even sound timid.
“Me? Just down by the school.” Unlike me…
“Really? That’s a way away from me then. That’s probably why I didn’t know you lived in the same village!”
“Yeah, I didn’t know either.”
“Hang on; you’re Jonny Hanson aren’t you?”
“That’s it; I knew I’d seen it somewhere! You’re brother’s Carl isn’t it?”
“Yeah…” How the fuck did he know that?
“Cardiff to study Physics?”
“Yes.” Bloody hell, this guy knows my brother?
“Yeah! Oh God I remember Carl. You’ve got the same sort of face as he did!” He’s got all enthusiastic all of a sudden… But I’m still confused…
“You knew him then?”
“Oh yeah just a bit”
“I went out with him” You what?! He was serious? He can’t have been! I never really got mixed in with my brother’s love life, but I never really guessed he went my way as well. More to the point I didn’t think Sam did either. God tonight’s been weird…

“Oh…” was all I could manage to say. Sam was still looking at me though.
“I know it must be a bit of a shock… I mean we were never really very public about it”
“Yeah, I know…”
“It’s just he was always so understanding and such a fun guy to be with. We just tried it out for a bit and we both rather liked it… Sorry, I bet it sounds weird me taking about your brother like this”
“No, it’s fine. To be honest, I think he’s quite…nice too…” I can’t believe I just said that to a virtual stranger…
“Yeah he is… But still, he’s gone now. Bigger and better places”
“Yeah…” Not more awkward silence please! Say something… “I wonder how long Captain Blabbermouth’s going to be.”
Sam laughed. “Who knows? He could be ages. Might be here for a while” I twisted that. But it looks like it was meant to be twisted… He’s looking straight at me again. Oh God, he likes me doesn’t he? Hell… I thought I’d never get a chance… Crap, now he’s moving closer. My brother’s ex… Surely not… Oh what the hell, go for it Jonny!

Wham, our faces are together, and I can feel his breath down the front of my shirt. Best let him lead the first kiss, he knows what to do. Fuck, he’s good at it though. Just nipping at mine and coating them in his drool. Mmm, I want some. Even his tongue muscle’s big! And it feels so good in my mouth! Time to feel his face; it looks so smooth in the light. Ooh, it’s warm, and my fingers are freezing. Hope he likes this as much as I do… I don’t think my trousers can take anymore!

Is that his hand on my thigh? Christ he’s pulling it towards him as well… How much does this guy want? He’s pushing; he’s pushing me into the seat! Holy crap, he practically on top of me now! A huge rugby player is planting me into the back seat of a taxi! I must be dreaming! Off go the seatbelts, and now he is, he’s on top! Crap, it feels good, his huge muscles pressing against me. Feels like he’s rock hard too, and I’ve just let some precum out… He’s still not broken the kiss either! I need air… Ooh, was it meant to sound like that? I’ve never heard that before, sort of an orgasmic gasp… And he’s done one too! Shit I want him so badly now…

Now we don’t need that, do we? Best take it off then! It feels damned good under there. Come on Sam, take it off! “That’s it; show us your hot body!” Whoops didn’t mean to say that. Don’t blush, please…
Ooh, sly smile I like that. What’s he getting up for? Oh… That’s why… Holy… Erm… I’ve never seen such…

Oh shit… I can’t bear it… Come here! Ha, that took you by surprise, didn’t it? Shit yeah, your torso feels nicer on my lips. So bumpy, so warm and so…
“Ooh you are so horny! Looks like Jack was right, anyone wants to have a go!”
“Sssssh! Just lie down and let me loose!”
“Whatever you say, pretty boy!” What did he call me? Ooh, you’re going to pay for that; get down! No point fighting it! Yes, you’re amazingly strong and fit, but now it’s my turn to have you!

Best just take a seat here. Oh yeah, he’s hard alright! Ah, this feels so big; my ass is going into overdrive! Look at him too! He wants me to get it out too! That’s right, you groan for Jonny. I’m not going to get it out till you scream for me!

Hello, his pecs are massive! Looks like I’d best stimulate those too! Let’s have a taste of your nipples then! Mmm, nice and hard, just how I like them! Looks like he likes them too! There’s no use thrusting for me yet, not until I hear you screaming!

Hang on, cold hands, warm and hard crotch I know what I can do! Down you go, boys! Oh boy, he liked that! The last time I heard that it was on the internet! Hold on, where’s the end? I can barely get my hand around this too! Oh my God, it’s massive! I bet Carl had a nice time with this! Let’s see how loud this hunk will go then! Time to finger his head I think! I’ve always liked this, he’ll love it too! Ooh and its wet…

Damn you, you horny devil; that was loud! Loud enough for me to tuck in! Hell it’s tight down here. Down goes the zipper, off goes the button, pull down the fabric and… Oh… My… God… That’s got to be 10 inches at least! I’ve got to… I’ve… Look at him, just grinning away.

“I thought you’d be pleased!” You bet I am! “Go on then, you’ve earned it!”
“But I’ve never done it before”
“Who gives a shit? Suck me hard!” Ooh, he can be a dirty boy then! Well if you insist!
Wow, this tastes good. Scratch that, this is probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted! This is massive; I’ve got to strain to fit my cheeks round it! Listen to the boy scream too! You would have thought he was a virgin. Best go a little further down from his head now then. If it’ll fit though!

God I can only get to about half way… That’s annoying. I was hoping to get it all soaked in my drool. Hang on, what are my hands doing? Oh they’re up on his six-pack again, no surprise really! Might be better if I just lick it now rather than just swallow, it’s too big for that really. I bet he’ll want me to though! What I would give for a dick like his!

“I bet you jack this bad boy off every night!”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“I’d love to see it!”
“You want to see me jerk off?”
“Hell, it’d be the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”
“Well get your ass back in your seat, this is gonna be big!” Yes, master!
Ooh he looks good like that, sitting completely naked, one leg on the seat in front and his meat pointing out right at me. Oh God, he knows how to fist that baby. Just casually up and down his massive shaft. He’s spewing out loads of jizz too! Am I really that good? What’s he doing now though? Licking his finger and… Oh, fingering his tight ass! Shit shit shit, he loves that too! Just listen to him! He’s getting faster, and faster. Where’s my camera when I need it? No, don’t look at me, you’ll make me…

Sod it, I can’t take it anymore. I’ve got to get mine out. It looks so thin compared to his though. Who cares though? He still looks like the horniest thing in the world right now!
“Well you’re still pretty big for your age Jonny!”
“You’re just damn huge though!”
“You like it then?”
“Fuck yeah!”
“Bend over then!”
“Bend over!”
“You mean…”
“Oh yeah…”
“Show me your cute little asshole!”
“You like it like that then?”
“Yeah, but Jack’s coming back…”

As I bent over against the steamed windows, I saw Jack come back. And sure enough he poked his head round too.
“Holy hell! I told you, didn’t I?” No, don’t make Sam shy again… Please, it’ll be ages before I can get him this hard again. Do something Jonny, anything!
“Are you just gonna stand there and gawp or get back here and fuck me too?” Oh shit I’ve done it now…
“You what?”
“You heard Jonny, get round here and help me fuck him!”
“Yes sir!” I thought he’d me more than willing to oblige. That’s it, throw your clothes down there and… Hang on… That’s massive! It’s even bigger than Sam’s, and I thought his was big! What the hell have I got myself into? But my ass is feeling so tight right now; I’ve got to fill it up!

Sam’s sliding under me, and Jack’s got me by the shoulders. This should be good! OK, just hold tight and let them do the work.

FUCK!!! I can’t breathe it’s that good! Two massive rods being thrust deep inside me feels so good… Sam’s a good thruster too; nice huge hip muscles must help with that! He’s going really deep with each one too; I’m screaming far too much.

Although not as much as Jack. That driver’s got one of the filthiest mouths I’ve ever heard! Must come as part of the job! Strange how the two biggest ones here are the ones who sound the most like they’re the virgins… He feels pretty randy too, I can feel his load mixing with Sam’s deep inside me. Oh God, this feels too good for words! Who’s going to blow first?

Oh, it’s Sam. That was one huge groan when I kissed him. But Jack’s still screwing me, even after Sam’s withdrawn! God this guy can go on for ages! Looking down on Sam’s orgy-filled face is so hot! I can’t resist this guy! More kissing please!

“Come on Jack, we’d best get home now!” Oh, do we have to?
“Oh, but Sam, this ass is so fucking tight! I could screw this horny bitch for ages!”
“Look, Jack I’ve got to get home now and we need to get changed!”
“But come on…”
“Don’t make me phone the school!” Ooh good one! That’s got him walking. But what’s the rush?
“What have you got to get home for Sam?”
“To set the webcam up!” Pinch me!

Come on Jack, drive quicker, I want to get home and see Sam again! I know it won’t be as hot as it was earlier, but I want to get that video! He kissed me off when he left… Surely he can’t be serious about us being boyfriends? He went out with my brother for hell’s sake! My god he’s fit though. Hold on, why’s he slowing down?

“You do know I’m still hard?” That might be why. Am I really going to get to suck two people off in one night? Of course I am! Let’s get this zipper down then!

Daddy’s Little Boy

I knew it would go wrong from the moment it started. It was bad enough to start with, how could he possibly have made things any worse?

OK, maybe I should start explaining a few things. Life isn’t great. Never is. The gist of it is Dad divorced Mum a while back now. Alright a big while back, I was about 3. He’s a bit of a… what do you call it… evil rich twat? Something along those lines… So he bribed off the solicitors, my Mum’s never allowed to see me again and I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere with just super van man for company.

Dad’s got this stupid haulage company. Basically he’s paid ridiculous amounts to drive up and down the country with people’s stuff and fucks anyone on the way. That’s the sort of man he is. Thinks because he’s got loads of money, he can buy off anyone and anything he can. Sadly, his physicality goes hand in hand with that too. Big is the way to put it nicely. Never have I seen a man with a combination of flab and muscles. I hated the guts out of the man, but I could never do anything about him!

It was last Thursday when I found out. Obviously Dad hires people to work him at the company, but I’d only just found out that he hires a boy right here at home, merely to wash his van! I was just doing my coursework in my room, when I heard my Dad shouting. When I looked out of the window, I was he wasn’t alone. There he was; a Chinese boy was standing on our drive.

From up in my room, there wasn’t much to tell. For all I knew, at the time he could have just cycled into our gate by accident. But my fears were realised when I heard Dad shrieking at him:

“Look what you’ve done! Exactly, nothing!” I never realised that before, Dad always used to take his van to the garage to be cleaned. But I’d never imagined that he’d hire a boy to do his dirty work for him. Even then, his van was fine, spotless in fact! But then it got worse: “You know what that means don’t you! Get in the back!” I couldn’t believe I was seeing my own Dad throw a boy head first into the back of a van. By the noises and movements that came next, I knew what evil my Dad was doing. I knew that Dad had divorced Mum, but I never thought he’d even be interested in that… For the rest of that day I was too sick to do anything.

So that was Thursday. It’s Monday now, and I’m back from school doing my usual thing: coursework till dinner, then ad lib from then on. But again, the Asian boy was there. He turned up after the silent dinner on the doorstep; and he and Dad just walked back out into the driveway. Dad started ranting about last time and then came storming back in.

As he finished his tea, I asked him:
“So who was that then?”
“Never you mind!” Nice talking to you too… Looks like I’ll have to find another way of knowing person X.

I gave it a couple of minutes before deciding to give him a couple of biscuits and a drink. Dad was busy on the phone to his “business partners”, so I snuck out of the front door. It was already getting dark and he was still hard at work. He seemed surprised to see me, but he was glad it wasn’t my Dad.

“Here you go; looks like you might want these!” I offered him the plate. He took it off me, putting down his sponge. He was so hungry, he didn’t even care that his hands were foamy and wet. The biscuits were gone in seconds. While he was cramming down the biscuits, I got a closer impression of him.

He was definitely Asian with jet black hair and equally dark cute eyes. His spotless skin was brown enough to make me think he was probably Thai or Malaysian… But I could see straight over the top of his head he was that short. And he didn’t look any older than 12 or 13. How could such a cute, innocent boy be stuck here working for my hellish Dad?

It’s probably best to hit the ground running now. “So, working for my Dad then… What’s that like?” I already knew the answer anyway, and I didn’t get one anyway. All I got was a timid squeak. I knew he could speak English from the hideous outbursts I’d heard before. But then I realised what the squeak was for.

“James? Get back inside! What are you doing interfering with Alex’s work?” Satan roared as he stepped out of the door.
“I was just giving him a snack! He needs a break!” I said, and Alex seemed to perk up at the idea of his new saviour. Which was odd, as I only gave him biscuits…
“No he doesn’t, now get back inside now! And you Alex, you know what happens when you slack behind!” Dad grinned with evil, and both mine and Alex’s faces went white.
“What, Dad?”
“GO AWAY JAMES!” and he threw me down to the door, and then grabbed Alex with equal force. The last I saw of him that night was his helpless pleading eyes staring down at me as he was stuffed into the back of the van as Dad followed him. Sick with anger I ran into my room.

I couldn’t get to sleep that night. Seeing those empty eyes in the poor boy ruined everything. And my hate for my Dad had never been so high. 15 years of hate had reached an all time high and I was kicking myself for not doing more to save Alex. I just hoped my Dad hadn’t ruined the poor boy’s life. When I finally drifted to sleep, the dream wasn’t pretty…

Tuesday evening, the thoughts were still in my head. Thankfully my Dad was down at the pub for some random get-together with his fellow pug-faced bald hideously fat alcoholics. Dinner was ironically chicken chow-mien and I tried to wash away the nightmares with some TV.

As with yesterday, Alex arrived bang on 6 as it was getting dark. I very nearly broke down in tears when I opened the door to see his bright eyes looking up at me. I knew in my mind exactly what he’d gone through, and you could see what it had done to him emotionally. He didn’t speak so I said:
“Erm, I’m sorry Alex. Dad’s gone down to the pub tonight; I don’t think he’ll need you.” I tried to say in between sniffs.

At first I thought he was confused about what to do. He just stood there with his huge back pack on his shoulders in the cold dark. He blinked. He blinked again. He hadn’t moved at all since I opened the door. Suddenly he turned to leave.

It was such a sorry sight to see the boy wander down our drive into the dark. I sighed as I decided I couldn’t just let him walk alone. I called for him to wait as I jogged down the drive to meet him. Before I got there he had turned round, eyes alight with joy. He wasn’t alone, that’s all he needed to know for him to do it.
When I got there I was surprised to find myself pushed right into the back of the van. Alex had thrown himself at me and was fumbling in his pockets. The boy was frantic with movement and was pushing me ever harder against the cold metal.

“Hey! What are you doing?” I dared to ask, when he got a key out of his pocket. He rammed it straight into the keyhole of the van and we both fell laughing on top of each other into the van. Then I knew what he was up to.

For such a cute boy, he knew what he was doing. Maybe that was Dad’s fault. But don’t think about him now, you’re getting hard! We shuffled further in and Alex slowly started to lick at my lips. He was obviously nervous and this was probably his first kiss. The door banged shut with the wind, and I lured Alex into the darkness with my tongue. I couldn’t see anything, but I knew that he was there.

His thin hips were pulsing on mine, and I could feel his hyperactive body tensing. He just wanted to try everything, properly this time! God he was hot, the quiet boy had turned into some cute cheeky animal.
The tears dried on my face as I felt a brief gust of air against my face. He’d taken his shirt off, as when he came back for more, I felt cold flesh in my hands. He licked again at my lips, and his hot breath rolled down my neck. My back pushed up in reflex and we crashed together again. This charged him up more, and I felt his cold hands tug at my shirt. His fingers were temptingly cold enough to make me squeak in joy.

I couldn’t see what he was going to do next. All I knew is that he wasn’t kissing me. I just felt his two hands on my body. And I could only hear his hard squeaks of breath. His cold hands were at the base of my shirt. I thought he’d want to take my shirt off, but he just suddenly rammed them right into my boxers, the sly slut!
Once again, I squealed in ecstasy. His cold fingers were caressing my balls. It tickled, but it felt really good. How does this boy know just how to get a guy? While one hand was busy down my pants, the other was up rubbing my pointed nipples. The cold made it quite a bizarre sensation. As Alex got harder, my growling got louder. The purring in delight he saw as an invitation.

Down went the zipper, and off went the boxers. I can only describe the next bit as heaven. The tight Asian lips were drenched and ready for it. It’s never easy to pull this off right, but he did. I could feel drips of drool running down me as his senses went into overdrive. The tight ring of his mouth ran up and down the whole length, and in between swallows it let out high squeaks of joy. He pulled back on the skin, and I felt my head expand madly. I felt the ring of tension catch on it every time, and every time it made a little pulse, and with every pulse, goo seeped out of the top.

My mind went into meltdown. I was in the back of my hideous dad’s van whilst his employee was making love to me. How could this feel so good? I had to let the poor boy at least enjoy himself while he was here for once. And by the gasps and giggles, I could tell he was. But then how old was he? Was I allowed to let him? So many problems, but I just wanted to carry on.

Softly I whispered his name and he stopped. I felt for his shoulders and picked him up. He was at least a foot shorter than me, as I could feel his head against my chest as he pushed against me. Standing against the wall of the van, I slid my jeans down to my waist, and Alex took his clean off. I just managed to catch him in his unexpected gleeful jump. He breathed long and hard down my neck as I slid myself into him. That alone was enough for me to expand inside him. Then that led to more breaths and the whole cycle just kept going until I was ready to explode.

Alex tried to bounce playfully on me, but he was enjoying the feeling too much. After what he must have done before, he was still surprisingly tight. The playful Asian couldn’t stop turning me on and I bounced him further and harder. He seemed to love it, squeaking and moaning in delight. He squeezed his entrance tight and I squeaked too. Then he sunk his cute smile into my neck, and I felt his cold breath run down my back. But I also felt tears. Had I been too hard? Surely not as bad as my Dad…

Thankfully, he started growling, so he was still enjoying it. So I carried on. The further I went, the tighter he got. And the tighter he got, the more he squealed. And the more he squealed, the closer I got to letting go. This boy was so cute, it was unbearable. It was too hard to control. I was going to…

But as we were both heading for orgasm, the door flew open. And both of us were stunned rigid.

It was my Dad.

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