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Ziall filled day

Lying here; pain rushing through my thighs and breasts, and my hair in tangles and knots; I think back to what led me to experience a night that will always be in my thoughts and cherished in my memories.
“Hey Faye, you're looking amazing today.” I turned around and saw Zayn walking into my room and quickly slammed my laptop shut and turned around.
“Oh, erm… Hey Zayn, didn’t know you were coming so early. And please, I'm still in my pyjamas.”
“What were you looking at?” Zayn said as he slowly walked up to where I was sitting at my table.
“Oh, nothing. Just a … erm… school project.”
“Sure.” By the look on his face I knew he didn’t believe me. I didn’t even believe my own lies.
“I was just looking at some photos for something. Nothing big.”
“Hey!” Niall burst in, flinging himself on my bed and making himself comfy.
“Hey Niall. How are you?”
“Hungry. When are we going? Why aren’t you dressed yet?” Niall, being Niall, just wanted and cared about food.
“Now. We are going now. I just need to get dressed so get out!”
I shooed both of them out and rushed to the bathroom to wash and fix my hair. One done, I rushed back to my room and threw open my closet to find something to wear. Not having bothered to fix up an outfit beforehand, I chose to wear a nice short blue skirt, orange stockings and top and blue heels. Leaving my hair down with a nice bow, I walked back to where the boys were sitting and off we went to, none other but, Nando’s.
“That was so good!”
“Of course it was Niall, everything is good to you” I said, as we hoped back into the car and drove off aimlessly.
“Not true.”
“Fine, then name something you don’t like.”
“Erm… uh…”
“Exactly.” Zayn and I erupted with laughter in the front seat and Niall just glared at us.
“Where are we going anyway Faye?”
“I don’t know. Where do you want to go?”
“Let’s go back to my place,” Zayn suggested.
“Yeah, ok. Niall, you coming too or do you want me to drop you off at home?”
“Let him come too. It'll be fun.” Zayn turns around and gives Niall a wink. Little did I know what was in store for me.
“Home, sweet, home.” Zayn said, as he welcomed us into his small apartment.
“I need to go toilet, don’t do anything fun while I'm gone, ok?”
“Ok, Niall.” Zayn and I chorused.
Zayn lead me to his couch and we both sat opposite the TV. He turned it on but neither of us were focused on it.
“You really do look beautiful.”
“Thanks, Zayn. You are looking mighty fine yourself.” I said trying to hide the fact that what he said sent me over rainbows and lollipops.
He scooted closer towards me and asked: “What would you do if I kissed you right here and now?”
This sent me to wonderland. I got slightly dizzy but pushed through and replied: “I don’t know. Kiss me and we’ll see what happens.” I smiled when I saw his look of surprise mixed with… with… lust.
He leaned in closer to me and kissed me tenderly on the lips. I welcomed him and pushed closer into him, lacing my hands through his hair. He wrapped his arm around my waist and lifted me onto his lap. I opened my mouth, allowing his tongue into my mouth. He left his hand around my waist, not knowing, or too shocked to know, what to do. I reached up and slid off his Varsity jacket, then slipped my hands under his shirt and pulled it off. Just then, Niall bursts out of the toilet and stops mid step when he saw what’s going on.
“Hey! I said don’t do anything fun while I'm gone. I wasn’t gone that long!” He started walking closer towards us, scowling at Zayn and me.
“Sorry mate, couldn’t help myself. Her body was calling me,” Zayn said, winking at me. I turn around, hiding my blushes.
“Haha, very funny. But no. I want some too.” Niall picked me off of Zayn and held me to the bedroom. The dropped me onto the bed, threw off his top, unzipped his pants and stepped out of them before crawling on top of me. He lifted my top off and slid my skirt off. He threw my heels away and was starting to slide off my stockings when Zayn walked in and pushed Niall off me.
“Just let me do her first.”
“NO! I want her first!”
“Boys, boys, you can both have me,” I said, winking and smiling sweetly. At this both stopped and looked at me, then looked at each other and started making their moves. Niall continued pulling off my stockings while Zayn continued kissing me. Crouched on top of me, Zayn enveloped me in a kiss. He unlatched my bra and rubbed my breasts softly in his palms. Niall had taken off my stockings and started on my panties. Once off, he trailed his hands slowly and gently over my legs till they reached my inner thighs. He pulled my legs wider apart and gently rubbed my lips. Of course, I was already panting and cumming and Zayn and Niall were rock hard. Zayn’s touch strengthened and my breasts were becoming sore, but his yearning for my taste kept me locked on his lips.
Zayn pulled away and said: “Niall, swap.”
Niall obeyed and came next to me, kissing me hard on the lips first then trailing kisses down to my breasts. Zayn crawled over me and wrapped my legs around his neck, and then he flicked his tongue in and out, sucking away at my flowing juices. My moans quickened and this affected both boys because they started bitting; Niall bit down hard on my nipple and Zayn bit my lip. I let out a scream of pain but it was quickly drowned by my loud moans.
“I can’t hold it anymore, I'm about to explode,” Niall pulled off me and took off his boxers, he was hard as ever.
“Yeah, me too,” Zayn stood up and took off his pants and boxers, also showing a very erect penis.
“But who goes first?” Niall asked.
I grabbed at Niall’s cock and brought it closer to my lips, rubbing it a few times before taking it into my mouth. Zayn kneeled in front of me and jammed himself into my tight wet hole. My scream was muffled but I felt a tiny tear trickle down my face. Niall had his head thrown back; softly moaning, and Zayn kept thrusting himself harder and faster into my hole.
Being as they were really erect, it didn’t take much for them to cum. Niall came first into my mouth, his body became rigid as he emptied his hot sweet cum into my mouth. Just as I was licking away at the tip of Niall’s penis, Zayn froze as he came. He pulled out and I could feel the wetness between my thighs.
My breathing slowed but I was too exhausted to move, so I just lay, with the boys next to me; their soft breathing lulled me to sleep.

My Boyfriend’s Cock

I was walking home with my boyfriend, Liam Payne, from a party we were invited to.

He can't drink because he lost a kidney, thank God he got another, and quickly decided to give it up.

I wasn't drinking because I saw the monstrous things it does to people.

Like my mom for instance.

My parents are divorced and I have one sibling, a younger brother-Tyler.

He's 8 and loves to be active, he's ADHD.

Anyways, Liam and me were thinking about actually having sex tonight.

We haven't got the chance because my dad, whom I live with, is always home hosting a poker game or some "fun Friday" activity. But today was Saturday and he was gone at his friend Jim's.

My brother was at a sleepover at his friend's house and wasn't supposed to be back until late tomorrow.

I had the house all to myself.

I pecked Liam's lips as we made it to my front porch.

I bent down to the mat for the spare key and I could feel his stare on my ass.

He then slapped it and it jiggled.

I am a petite blonde, big ass and size C tits. I just turned 18 and knew not to make Mr. Horny wait any longer for sex.

Tonight would be the best night of his life.

I got up in one swift movement and unlocked the door. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close.

I felt the bulge in his pants grow as it touched my ass.

I pulled away and threw the key on the coffee table.

I grabbed his hand and led him upstairs to my bedroom.

It had a queen sized bed.

I took off my jacket, walked over to the door and seductively locked it.

I turned around and noticed he was only his boxers, lying down on the bed.

His erection was showing through his Calvin Klein's and I just wanted to rip them off and fuck him there, but I decided to be a tease.

Now I know this isn't his first time but it was mine.

I always wanted to fuck a cock and knew Liam's was perfect.

I trusted him enough to give everything to him.

I started to strip off my dress slowly.

He groaned as he put his arms behind it head.

When I was just in my undergarments, I climbed unto the bed and made my way over to his throbbing member.

I grabbed it through the boxers and started to rub it a bit.

I felt him harden as I unbuckled my bra.

He smiled and threw it to the side. He then started to suck and bite at my nipples and I moaned out of pleasure.

He went to my right breast and did the same thing, taking it into his mouth and teasing me.

It made me soo wet.

I felt him tug on my underwear and decided it was time.

I watched him lick his lips as he pulled down the wet things.

I knew tonight was going to be the night so I shaved this morning.

He smiled and looked up at me for approval.

I nodded and he pulled my legs over his shoulders, burying his face into my pussy.

I giggled as I felt his tongue slide across my clit.

He started to push his tongue in and out of my vag. I felt myself clench at his every movement.

When I was about to cum he pulled away, smirking.

I groaned, unsatisfied and sighed.

My first blowjob.

I watched him lean back and show his "little" friend that was just dying to come out of those briefs.

I then slowly pulled them down and his cock sprung to life, all 10 1/2 inches of it.

I gulped, knowing from what I heard he loves deepthroat, and began to lean over his cock.

I started to lick the tip and smiled as I tasted his pre-cum.

It was delicious and it made me crave more.

I started to take some of his cock into my mouth.

I started to lick in circular motions all the way down. Taking it in inch by inch.

I moved my hand slowly with the rhythm of my mouth.

He then shoved my head all the way down and I gagged a bit.

He smirked and moaned as I took it to the head.

I started to go down and felt his cock deep down my throat.

I clenched his balls in my hands and started to squeeze him, he quickly pulled out before he came and smiled.

"We'll save it after the real fun begins.", he said while flipping me over, making me fall on my back.

He pointed his cock at my entrance and slowly made his way into me.

I bit my lip as he hit my cervix. I nodded and bit my lip, hard, as he started to fill me with his cock.

I was at the point of blood and he let me udjust to his size.

Then he slowly began to go in and out.

It hurt but the pleasure overpowered it.

I moaned as he began to go faster and harder. He inched in more and more and soon I felt his balls touch my vag every second he rammed into me.

I moaned "Liam" every five seconds as he fucked me harder and faster.

When I felt myself stiffen I knew I was going to come so I screamed, "I'M GOING TO CUMMMMMMM!", and then I came.

My body was limp and he fucked me until I felt him stiffen and he grunted going as fast as he could into me.

Then he pulled out and started to jerk himself off.

I sat in front of him, my face ready and my mouth open.

I wanted to taste more of his precious cum.

"UGHHHHH", and then the white liquid squirted out of his cock. It was still hard but limp.

I caught the cum with my mouth and swallowed it all.

We both fell back unto the bed, panting.

"Round two?", I asked looking at his cock and he smiled.
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