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Memoirs of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry #1)

Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry # 1)

I often fantasize about women. Unconscious women. Lovely unresisting ladies that I can manipulate, rape and have total control over. It is extremely difficult in today’s world to do so without being caught so all I could do was to fantasize. For 20 years. This changed one night when I was walking around at a furniture store. I saw a lovely young woman together with a plain looking female friend whom I had absolutely no interest in. She was dressed in a tight sext sleeveless top and a short black skirt. She exuded sexiness and feminine charm and my groin ached with desire as I looked at her. I started to follow her discreetly around the store and eavesdropped on what they were saying. I found out that she was staying alone and that she would not see her boyfriend until the next day. I knew then that it was my chance.
I stalked her as she left the store alone, late that night, after parting with her friend and followed her car to her apartment. I got off and entered the lift behind her while she unsuspectingly smiled at me sweetly. I made sure that there was no camera in the lift before I pressed the button for the floor above hers. When she reached her level, she walked out into the dim corridor and I saw her walk out and started to open the door to her house as the lift door slowly closed. I quickly pressed the door open button and walked quickly towards her. She was still opening the door and turned back when she heard me. Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise as I delivered a hard chop with my hand to the side of her neck. Her eyes rolled up as her eyelids fluttered close and she keeled over limply to slump into my waiting arms. At long last, I have a woman in my power!

I held her close to me, savouring the fragrance of her perfume and the sensation of her feminine curves on my body, as I opened the door with the key that had dropped from her hands when she was knocked out by me. I then dragged her into her house and locked the door behind me. Now she is mine. I caressed her unconscious body and kissed her sleeping face , all the while squeezing her breasts in an uncontrollable surge of lust. I french kissed her and let my hand creep up beneath her skirt and underneath her undies to finger her tight pussy, which soon started to turn moist after my repeated probing. I then held up her body as I pulled her top off. Her purple strapless bra was then revealed, supporting and hiding her firm, shapely breasts. The sight of her smooth white skin and breasts was too much for me as I stripped, off my jeans, pulled off her skirt, ripped off her baby blue undies and stab my stiff throbbing penis into her vagina. Within seconds, I have spurted my cum into her body. I guess I could say that as of that moment, she was pregnant with my seed. I stroked her unconscious face lovingly and kissed and licked her from her face and down to her breasts and then her flat stomach and cute belly button , blood-stained vagina (yes, I was not too gentle with my thrusting) and finally her sexy legs and feet.
I was done with her and decided to leave. However, I realized that she has seen me before being knocked out. That means I cannot let her live if I wanted to remain a free man. I looked at her lying there peacefully, softly breathing, so beautiful and vulnerable. And she had smiled at me just now. But I have no choice. I wrapped my gloved hands around her soft, yielding neck and slowly started to squeeze. I watched as her breathing began to sound laboured and noisy. Slowly, it stopped. I kept on squeezing for a few more moments to ensure she would be beyond resuscitation. When I was done, her lips have turned slightly purplish and her face had taken on a bluish tinge. Suddenly, she did not look so attractive anymore, with her asphyxiated dead face, bleeding vagina and half naked state. I was rather guilty for really ruining her day and her life so I decided to make it up to her by at least presenting her corpse in a more attractive manner.

First, I helped her pull her skirt back snugly over her lower body and sexy butt. I then held her up and pulled her white top back over her body.( I decided to take her undies and bra back with me as souvenirs of my first conquest.) Still, she did not look as lovely as when I first saw her at the store. So I searched through her bag and found her cosmetics pouch. I used what little knowledge I have about make up to apply a dark red lipstick on her lips and some purple eye shadow and mascara to make her look prettier. When I was done, she still looked dead but she was pretty. So pretty that I decided to accept the invitation offered by her gaping mouth and sexy red lips and inserted my erect penis into her mouth. By pulling her hair, I managed to move her head up and down around my penis and within minutes, I shot off what cum I have remaining into her mouth which she seemed to enjoy as most of it was swallowed by her. I then wiped away the semen that have splattered onto her face before leaving quietly.

This was my first but definitely not last victim. And I started to think that maybe female corpses are hotter than unconscious women.

Lexi’s Nightmare

I awoke the next morning around 7 am. My pussy screamed in pain as I sat up and moved off my bed. I slowly pulled my sleep Capri’s up and walked into the bathroom, my lips throbbed and my insides cramped as I relieved myself. I brushed my hair and walked into my mother’s room. Her bed was made and I heard her voice downstairs. Now is your chance Lexi, tell her what happened my mind screamed at me.

I stumbled down the stairs “Mom?” I held my abdomen. My mother turned around showing Jay sitting across from her at the breakfast nook. “Lexi… what’s the matter baby?” she walked over and put her arm around me guiding toward the nook to sit. Jay glared at me “Are you ok Lex? You don’t look well” he hand brushed my cheek. I flinched and swallowed the vomit gathering in my throat. My mother ran her hand across my head “Baby you’re shivering… are you sick?”

I shrugged her off “Mom my period is really bad and I don’t feel well. Can I please stay home while you and Jay go to work… please mom?” I pleaded. My mother looked at me then Jay “Well hunny you have your exam today… I mean how will you retake it?” I step back and grab the stair railing “They have retakes for missed exams next Monday… please mom”. She sighed “Ok Lex, but you’re not going anywhere alright? Go lie down and put a heating pad on your stomach to help with your cramps. I got to go I’m late” She kissed jay, his eyes fell on me as she kissed him, I walked up the steps and closed my door, putting a chair against the door handle.

I climbed in bed and huddled in a ball, trying to be strong. I couldn’t tell her what happened with Jay there. I would call her in an hour and she would help me. Knock, knock, knock “Lexi… lex please open the door” jay pleaded outside of my door.

I ignored him pretending to be asleep. The door handle jiggled. Knock, Knock, Knock! He banged louder “Lexi! Open the damn door!” I sat up “Leave me alone Jay!” “Lexi…I just want to know your ok. Can I get you anything?” I breathed deep “Yes you can go to hell and leave me alone”. I heard him sigh heavy and stomp down the stairs. I lay in my bed for about and hour when I heard our front door shut. This is my chance. I took the chair away from my door and opened it.

Silence… I walked down the steps and into the kitchen I grabbed the cordless and started to dial my mother’s office. The main answering line picked up I started to ask for my mother when the line cut off. I looked at the phone. “Well someone is feeling better” the voice said behind me. I gulped and turned to see Jay holding the end of the phone line.

He shook his head “Lexi, lexi, lexi… if you needed anything you could’ve told me” I back stepped around the island in the kitchen “ I mean I came up to check on you and you so rudely told me to go to hell” he stalked me like a hunter sizing up a meal. “I thought you left for work… I… I… was going to ask mom what she did with the heating pad” Jay reached out and snatched the top of my t shirt.

He yanked me to him. I trembled as he looked at me and smiled “You’re not a good liar Lex. When you lie, you look to the left” he leaned in toward me “You’re full of shit” he grabbed my face and shoved it back into the dinning room wall. BAM! I saw stars literally and the cordless fell from my hand. He pinned my right wrist above my head and his other hand went to my Capri’s trying to shove them down.

I clawed as his chest and face. “Lexi… goddamn it!” he reached for my left wrist to pin it with the other when I head butted him. I smashed right into his nose; he stumbled back and grabbed his face. I raced around the side counter and reached the patio door. I grabbed the handle and jerked it back when I felt my neck snap back. My air supply began to cut off. I grabbed at my throat and was jerked away form the door. I coughed and gagged.

“You cunt! That fucking hurt” Jay had wrapped the broken phone cord around my neck. My eyes tired up. I gasped “Please… please jay…” wheezing each breath “please don’t kill me”. He grabbed my hair and threw me face down on the floor. He locked the patio door while holding his knee on top of my back. I breathed hard trying to get more oxygen into my lungs. “Lexi… I tried to be good to you and you fucking head butt me? I was give us both what we wanted” he tied the cord tight around my wrist and turned over so I lay on top of my hands. I cried as he brushed the hair out of my face “Jay please I was afraid of what you were going to do.” He leaned down and licked my tears.

“Your tears are so sweet. I told I was going to give us both what we wanted baby” his hand pulled on the drawstrings of my Capri’s, loosing them allowing his hand to rub over my mound. I jumped “Please… please don’t jay” I kicked my legs trying to stop him from pushing my pants off. He kissed my thighs and licked at the juncture of them. “Shhh… lexi… its ok baby. I’ll make you feel good” I sobbed as he spread my legs and kissed my mouth. His tongue massaged mine mimicking a slow mambo. He pulled back “You are such better kisser then your mother lexi”. He moved down to my pussy and licked up my slit making me jump.

He spread my lips and licked each one, sucking softly. “Uhh” I tried to hide my moans as his tongue massage my aching pussy. He blew lightly on my clit, “Lexi… you’re so sweet down here too… mmm” he sucked on the nub. My nails raked the floor and my breathing changed. He slid his tongue into my pussy, slowly kissing it deeply. My insides started to quiver.

I felt my body betraying me. “Please… I don’t want this… jay please” he blew into my pussy this time “shhh relax… Im going to eat your pussy like you’ll never believe baby” He slide his tongue deep into my pussy and spread my thighs further apart licking from front to back. I felt my hips rising up and down following his lead. “Mmmmm please…. I… I…. Don’t…. uhhhhh” he slid one finger inside of my and began to finger my pussy while he licked and sucked.

He thrusted his tongue inside deeper and licked my front wall. “Godddd…. “I felt him smile as he fingered faster and harder. My pussy grabbed his fingers making sucking noises. “That’s it baby… cum for me” I tired to fight my orgasm as my body climbed higher and higher. “No…. Please… please… Jayyyyyy…” my pussy coated his finger.
He smiled at me and licked my juice off of his finger. “Another first Lexi” I hadn’t realized he had unzipped his jeans and rubbed his hard head up and down my slit. “No… No jay pleaseee… im sore… please” he thrusted inside of my pussy. My back arched up and his pumped and pumped into me.

He kissed my neck and sucked “God baby…uhhh… your pussy is amazing… huhhhhh I… love …fucking itttt… mmmmm you want my dick don’t you Lex?” I cried out as he pumped with each thrust. I closed my eyes ignoring him. He grabbed my throat and squeezed “You want my dick don’t you?”
I nodded fighting for breath. “Ohhhh… I knew it baby… mom yeahh… fuck Lexii…” he lifted my thgh to his shoulder and thrusted deeper “Pleaseeeee!!! It hurt’s… pleaseeee” I cried out as he hit a deeper spot and my pussy ached with each penetration.

“Uhhh….. I know Lex… Im close… huhh… mmmm you want me to cum babyyy… mmm here it comes… fuck… fuck… fuckkkkkkkk” he slammed home three more times and stilled. I wimpered as his come coated my cervix. He snarled in my neck and lowered my thigh. He looked at me and strummed my lower lip “Lexi… your a better fuck than your mother” he kissed my lips and sucked on the lower one. I shuddered as he pulled out and zipped his pants.

He rolled me over and untied the cord. “Don’t move” he took his shirt off and wiped my pussy from front to back. I sobbed as he tried to clean my pussy of his cum. “Go upstairs and shower… I don’t need you smelling of sex when your mother gets home” he walked into the laundry room and started the washer “Lexi give me your clothes”. He walked back into the living room. “What? No Jay” I reached for my pants. Jay walked out and snatched them off the floor. “Shirt too”

I pulled my shirt off and handed it to him; I crossed my arms trying to cover my chest.
“Now go take a shower” he tossed my clothes in the wash an I walked through my house embraced of what just happened. What did happen? He raped me what the hell did I just have happen to me? My pussy never did that. I started the shower and heard my front door open “Oh hey baby” jay said. “Where’s lexi?” My mother was home. “She’s taking a shower. Feeling a little better I believe”

I shut the bathroom door. Why couldn’t she have walked in 10 minutes ago? I cried as the hot water ran over my back. I didn’t realize but I had rug burn on my lower back and hips. I’ll tell her tonight. This proves what happened. I washed my body for what seemed like forever. I stepped out of the shower and found Jay sitting on the sink. “ Wha.. What are you doing in here” I wrapped my towel around me. He smiled and pulled on the cotton wrap. “Your very attractive Lex” his finger traced my navel and hips. I gagged “Jay… I need to get dressed.” He gripped my hair and gave a crushing kiss to me.

“If you attempt what you did today again… I’ll sell you out as my little whore to my buddies. I’ll make sure to tell your mother you fucked Kyle. Don’t make me fuck your world up little girl. This” his slid his hand under my towel and gripped my pussy. “Is mine. I find out your giving it away. I beat the shit out of you. Whose pussy is this?’
I cringed “It’s yours.” He pulled harder on my hair “Good girl now get dressed dinner is ready”.