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Memoirs of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry #3)

Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry # 3)

It has been 2 months since the last killing. The first two victims had provided great joy to me before and especially after their deaths. I will never forget the sexy body of the young woman I strangled and the smell and taste of the second one whom I drowned in the bathtub.). Yesterday morning, I felt the lust upon me again so I went out in the evening to a nearby neighbourhood to try my luck. I happened to walk by a house where a crowd of young women were leaving. A young, pregnant and sexily dressed woman was at the door, waving goodbye to them and thanking them for their gifts. It must have been her baby shower that has just ended. I enjoyed her sexy pregnant curves through her tight fitting baby doll maternity dress for a while but decided that it was too risky to take her as my next victim as I have no idea who was at home with her. I was about to walk off when I heard one of her departing friends ask her to take care as she will be alone for the night. She replied that her husband would return the next morning. I knew then that I had my next victim. I walked towards a nearby café and waited for an hour until it got dark, all the while fantasizing about what I would do to her corpse after I kill her.

When I returned to the house, the lights were off except for one of the first floor rooms. I decided to break in while I got to the chance. I approached a rear window and opened it easily as it was not locked. I crept into the house and approached the staircase leading up. I was near the front door when suddenly, I heard the sound of a car stopping outside and someone walking towards the front door. I quickly ran and hid beneath the staircase behind some boxes. The door opened and I saw someone opened the front door and walked in. The light was switched on and through a gap between two boxes, I saw that it was a young woman who somewhat resembled the pregnant lady. It was probably her younger sister who had come to accompany her. She was very beautiful and dressed sexily in a white spaghetti top with an almost transparent sleeveless blouse over it. Her tight fitting black pants showed off her long and shapely legs. As she walked in, I could smell the fragrance of her perfume. And she was alone! I sure felt lucky.
She walked past the place I was hiding and started to walk up the stairs. I quietly but swiftly walked out from my hiding place, walked behind her a delivered a hard chop to the back of her slender neck. There was a thump sound and her head jerked backwards. She gave a short sexy sounding gasp of pain and went limp instantly, falling backwards into my arms. She would be out for quite some time with that blow. I could feel her body pressing against me and I could smell her hair in my face. I inadvertently reached forward to cop a feel of her shapely breasts.

Just then, I heard her sister calling out for her. I immediately lowered her onto the floor and crept back beneath the stairs. I was just in time as her sister came down the stairs soon after. She was still in the sexy red dress and quickly went over to check on her sister. After shaking and slapping her gently and failing to get a response from her comatose sister, she stood up and took out her mobile. I quickly stepped forward towards her and she gave a short scream of fear before my left hand clamped down over her mouth and nose while my right hand grabbed her neck. She dropped the phone as she tried to struggle with me but she could not free herself from my strong grip. I pushed her against the wall, feeling her pregnancy-swelled breasts pressing into me, while continuing to squeeze her neck and [pressed down over her mouth and nose. She made some whimpering noise and tried pushing my arms away ineffectively for a while before her struggles weakened. Soon, she went limp and sagged against the wall, with only me holding her body upright. I removed my left hand from her face and saw that her mouth was open, probably gasping for air before she died. My hand was stained with her saliva and I licked it, savouring the pregnant taste before giving her parted lips a quick kiss. I felt a tinge of remorse at killing her unborn child but there was no other way.

I gently lowered her onto the floor where she lies beside her still unconscious sister. She, however, is no longer breathing and her face is slightly bluish. I found out that my throttling had left a dark bruise on her neck, which seems to enhance her sexiness and beauty. Her mouth was also open, which seemed to be inviting me to kiss her so I gave her a long French kiss, playing with her tongue with my own and tasting her saliva. I decided to act fast as I did not know who else would come and also because I have another victim waiting for me. I decided to have her on the large table in the dining room so I carried her limp for and lay her body onto the table. I then pulled up her dress and pulled down her pink undies. Her vagina looked warm and inviting so I rammed my stiff penis into it, entering her with ease. I kissed and stroked her face as I repeatedly pushed into her, lying on her swollen, pregnant belly as I did so. It felt good to have a rounded belly under me as all my previous victims were rather slim. I placed her arms around my neck as I continued to kiss her and squeeze her distended belly. Finally, my cum exploded into her dead vagina. I pulled out my penis from her and used it to stroke her face, leaving semen stains on her cheeks. I then placed it into her mouth and used her teeth to stimulate me until I force fed her with a second load of cum. By then, I was rather tired and thirsty so I pulled her dress and bra up until her milk filled breasts were exposed and I suckled on one of her ripe nipples. Warm, sweet milk filled my mouth as I sucked with glee. Only then was I done with her. I pulled back her bra and dress and I saw that my violent actions had caused her vagina to bleed before covering her vagina with her undies.

I then started on her sister. She was still unconscious but could wake up anytime so I decided to make her sleep permanent. I took out the slim leather belt I always keep in my pocket and wrapped it around her neck. I then tightened it and watched as her face slowly turned blue. After around 10 minutes, I unwrapped the belt from her neck, leaving a red ring around it. She sighed sexily as her last, by now stale, breath escaped from her mouth. I enjoyed the sight of her lightly made up face tilting limply upwards as I held up her body and took off her sleeves outer top. The spaghetti strap she was wearing inside highlighted her sexy body and I could feel my penis hardening again. I lowered her back onto the floor and proceeded to pull down her pants and undies, revealing her shapely thighs and legs and of course, her smooth, shaven vagina. I wasted no time and entered her while her body was still warm. She was much tighter then her sister and her virginity was confirmed when I felt her hymen tearing and warm blood flowed over my penis. She flopped about limply as I savagely thrust into her. I played with her lips and limp tongue with my fingers as I pushed forward repeatedly towards her, feeling her shapely breasts pushing into me. When I have shot my seed into her, impregnating her dead womb, I was exhausted and spent. I hugged her cooling body and stroke her breasts and flat stomach as I kissed her on her bluish face as I dozed off. I woke up an hour later in a panic. Luckily, no one came back. I got to work immediately. The Kosmetics Killer must always leave his calling card.

I started with the younger sister. I applied a layer of pink eye shadow on her eyelids and bright pink lipstick on her purplish lips, I also put some blusher on her cheeks, making her look more alive and seductive. I decided to leave her half-dressed, with her bloody vagina in full view of whoever is lucky enough to find her later on. For her sister, I have something special in mind. It is not every day that I can get a beautiful pregnant victim. I went back to the table where the pregnant woman is lying peacefully, dead and oblivious to what I have in store for her. Her pregnant belly was bare and exposed as I have earlier pulled up her dress. I decided to decorate it. Taking a purple marker pen I found in the house, I decided to leave a message for her husband. I found out that she was expecting a boy as the presents were all addressed to “Baby Michael” so I wrote “Congrats! It’s a boy!” on her pregnant abdomen and drew a large smiley face just to be friendly. I left her dress up above her belly, so her belly and the message, together with her blood-stained undies could be seen easily. I then painted her lips with bright red lipstick and coloured her eyes with blue eye shadow and purple mascara. Finally, I applied some blusher on her blue tinged face. I then arranged some of the presents she received in a circle around her body. As a finishing touch, I tied a blue balloon which I found in the house around her neck. I gave her a final kiss on her gaping mouth before leaving. On the way out, I passed by the corpse of her sister and I was getting so horny by then that I stripped and forced my penis into her parted mouth, ejaculating for the 4th time that night as her throat bulged with my cum. I then switched off the lights, crept out of the window and left for home. The two lovely sisters have given me a most wonderful time and I was glad to be able to impregnate both of them in one night.

Memoirs of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry #1)

Diary of the Kosmetics Killer (Entry # 1)

I often fantasize about women. Unconscious women. Lovely unresisting ladies that I can manipulate, rape and have total control over. It is extremely difficult in today’s world to do so without being caught so all I could do was to fantasize. For 20 years. This changed one night when I was walking around at a furniture store. I saw a lovely young woman together with a plain looking female friend whom I had absolutely no interest in. She was dressed in a tight sext sleeveless top and a short black skirt. She exuded sexiness and feminine charm and my groin ached with desire as I looked at her. I started to follow her discreetly around the store and eavesdropped on what they were saying. I found out that she was staying alone and that she would not see her boyfriend until the next day. I knew then that it was my chance.
I stalked her as she left the store alone, late that night, after parting with her friend and followed her car to her apartment. I got off and entered the lift behind her while she unsuspectingly smiled at me sweetly. I made sure that there was no camera in the lift before I pressed the button for the floor above hers. When she reached her level, she walked out into the dim corridor and I saw her walk out and started to open the door to her house as the lift door slowly closed. I quickly pressed the door open button and walked quickly towards her. She was still opening the door and turned back when she heard me. Her beautiful eyes widened in surprise as I delivered a hard chop with my hand to the side of her neck. Her eyes rolled up as her eyelids fluttered close and she keeled over limply to slump into my waiting arms. At long last, I have a woman in my power!

I held her close to me, savouring the fragrance of her perfume and the sensation of her feminine curves on my body, as I opened the door with the key that had dropped from her hands when she was knocked out by me. I then dragged her into her house and locked the door behind me. Now she is mine. I caressed her unconscious body and kissed her sleeping face , all the while squeezing her breasts in an uncontrollable surge of lust. I french kissed her and let my hand creep up beneath her skirt and underneath her undies to finger her tight pussy, which soon started to turn moist after my repeated probing. I then held up her body as I pulled her top off. Her purple strapless bra was then revealed, supporting and hiding her firm, shapely breasts. The sight of her smooth white skin and breasts was too much for me as I stripped, off my jeans, pulled off her skirt, ripped off her baby blue undies and stab my stiff throbbing penis into her vagina. Within seconds, I have spurted my cum into her body. I guess I could say that as of that moment, she was pregnant with my seed. I stroked her unconscious face lovingly and kissed and licked her from her face and down to her breasts and then her flat stomach and cute belly button , blood-stained vagina (yes, I was not too gentle with my thrusting) and finally her sexy legs and feet.
I was done with her and decided to leave. However, I realized that she has seen me before being knocked out. That means I cannot let her live if I wanted to remain a free man. I looked at her lying there peacefully, softly breathing, so beautiful and vulnerable. And she had smiled at me just now. But I have no choice. I wrapped my gloved hands around her soft, yielding neck and slowly started to squeeze. I watched as her breathing began to sound laboured and noisy. Slowly, it stopped. I kept on squeezing for a few more moments to ensure she would be beyond resuscitation. When I was done, her lips have turned slightly purplish and her face had taken on a bluish tinge. Suddenly, she did not look so attractive anymore, with her asphyxiated dead face, bleeding vagina and half naked state. I was rather guilty for really ruining her day and her life so I decided to make it up to her by at least presenting her corpse in a more attractive manner.

First, I helped her pull her skirt back snugly over her lower body and sexy butt. I then held her up and pulled her white top back over her body.( I decided to take her undies and bra back with me as souvenirs of my first conquest.) Still, she did not look as lovely as when I first saw her at the store. So I searched through her bag and found her cosmetics pouch. I used what little knowledge I have about make up to apply a dark red lipstick on her lips and some purple eye shadow and mascara to make her look prettier. When I was done, she still looked dead but she was pretty. So pretty that I decided to accept the invitation offered by her gaping mouth and sexy red lips and inserted my erect penis into her mouth. By pulling her hair, I managed to move her head up and down around my penis and within minutes, I shot off what cum I have remaining into her mouth which she seemed to enjoy as most of it was swallowed by her. I then wiped away the semen that have splattered onto her face before leaving quietly.

This was my first but definitely not last victim. And I started to think that maybe female corpses are hotter than unconscious women.