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A Journey Into Youth CH5

A JOURNEY INTO YOUTH – Chapter 5: Youth and More Youth

Continuing the findings of Youth by an older man – who had long thought Life had passed him by…..but Life is a complex matter….and it takes twists and turns one can never imagine….especially when it is a Youthful Life….

Part 1
I left for home that afternoon happily enough; Lien had not been angry or upset with me – for telling her sex between us was a bygone: she seemed to understand, and she probably sensed my feelings towards her daughter were quite different to those towards the mother: as indeed they were.
I decided to stop off at my restaurant on the way, rather than going home and coming back later; it was almost full even at 17.30, but one of my preferred tables was free and I sat there, while one of the girls brought my ashtray, my glass, ice and bottle of Heineken: I was a creature of habit – perhaps that made me boring, I wondered to myself.
But then my phone rang, and a young voice said “Chao Anh Steve, this is Trinh – you remember, twin sister of Phung?”
“I could hardly forget you and Phung, em; what’s up?”
“Well, Phung told me everything about how it felt yesterday when you and she, ah, fucked. It made me all wet and dizzy, and now I wish I had done it also. Can we meet sometime, and you can be my first lover please?”

I hesitated; Trinh and her sister were only 13 years old, but their Father had wanted me to deflower them yesterday, in front of his friends, right here in one of the private rooms. Phung had been the first, and I had certainly enjoyed her on my lap, and knew she had also, but Trinh had pleaded her monthly period, and her Father had not pressed her further.

Now she was asking for a deflowering herself.

“Well, perhaps wait a few days, Trinh, and think about this; you are still very young, yes: as is Phung I know, but you don’t have to do things always at the same time; just wait a little, ok?”
She ignored all those words; “When I told Dad, he said it was up to me, so I said I wanted same as Phung: so Saturday afternoon at the restaurant, ok for you Anh? That’s not the same day as Phung, Sunday, so you see: I am not going to do it at the same time!”
“Trinh, you mean with your Father and his friends there again, to watch? Yesterday you said you didn’t want it like that.””
“Yes, Anh, I know; now I think it all seemed ok yesterday, even exciting, so see you Saturday, please Anh?”
The prospect, even with spectators, was too lust-inducing, and my cock answered for me: “See you Saturday, em Trinh.”

The rest of the evening, both at the restaurant and at home, passed quietly and uneventfully – quite a change from previous days!
Tuesday was the same, Wednesday was Bich’s lesson night, but she was so good at anything in English I could offer her, I said we should just make Wednesday’s our night when I would buy her dinner and we just have an English conversation, no real lesson at all, but educational as my general knowledge, worldly knowledge might be useful for her; she agreed, so we cancelled her weekend lessons, unless she just wanted to come to be with the group, and we went for a late dinner before she went home.

Thursday night I had the anticipated visit from Hong and Ngoc’s mother, Yen, after my shower and relaxing in front of BBC News on the TV; she came to get her fuck after every time one of her daughters and I had done the same. She was much younger than me, of course, slim and beautiful, as her daughters showed, but it was almost a duty for me to have sex with her, and though my cock didn’t discriminate, my emotions were never as aroused now with ‘older’ women (seemingly older than about 15!)

However, I had been wanting this visit to talk about the tablets she had given me when I was sick 2 weeks earlier; she had said they would make me stronger, when she had tended my fever and headache, rubbed a cool cloth on my body, and then taken the fuck she felt was owed to her after Ngoc had wanted me to take her virginity the previous night: ‘2 daughters, 2 fucks for me’ she had said.

“Do you have any more of those tablets, em Yen?” She smiled; “Did they help you feel, ah, better, Anh?”
“Yes, but they aren’t Viagra are they – Viagra can be damaging to a normally healthy man, to his heart, if he takes it when not required.”
She smiled again; “No, Anh, no chemicals in them at all; they are a Vietnamese herbal medicine, and the only thing they might damage is the hole you fuck too long and too strong.”
“Well, that’s good, makes them like Vitamins; so, em, can you get me some more please?”
She laughed, reached across to my lap and found my cock alive and kicking in my shorts, held within my crossed legs as best I could from the moment she had arrived and made it clear what she wanted; “Well, you certainly don’t need one just at this moment, Anh, but I will buy more tomorrow.”

We didn’t leave the sofa, and BBC News continued to the Weather – and whatever beyond… I was occupied with Yen on my lap, her shorts off, no panties; her shirt the same: off, and no bra. My shorts took her but 2 seconds to rip down my legs, and her cunt 2 more seconds to sink down on my cock.
She had taken control the previous 2 times she had wanted this: tonight was no different.
She yelled “Stay right there, Anh; I am going to fuck you!”
“And do you know what: tonight I have taken one of those pills also: they are supposed to work for women, as well as men, so get ready!”

Amazingly, Yen asked me if I wanted her to stop and go and get a beer! As she planned this to last quite a while!

She certainly proceeded with gusto, and soon her first climax came, and juices flowed down between us, and I thought of the sofa under ‘Oh my, this is going to need cleaning!’
As if reading my thoughts, she said “It is my sofa, Anh; you can soak in me for days to come and then I will get you a new one.”
Yen bounced up and down, my cock ever at the ready, but tonight I knew I wanted to release, for the first time in what, 4-5-6 days I thought… and so I had the eventual upper hand, my emotions not involved here, nor were hers I decided: just raw sex is what Yen wanted, and so I lifted my hips up and pounded against her every down stroke.
She was a squealer, and she didn’t stifle them much, so it was a noisy time whenever she hit another peak, and more so when I grabbed her breasts and mauled them hard, rubbing her nipples in my palms roughly, happiest most when she allowed her body to lower so my mouth could do their best to swallow a breast as much as I could.
I couldn’t fit the whole in my mouth, as I had already known from previous attempts, and it was one of the wonders of my youthful girls that I could swallow theirs – apart from Chinh’s, and even Hong’s were now almost as large as those of her mother, here in my hands and mouth at this moment.

Yen was flagging, after valiant efforts to prolong her vigour and desires, the physical exertion was proving greater than even her herbal-fuelled strength could sustain, and then she collapsed down on me, her head collapsing on to my shoulder and her breasts flattening against my chest.
Ironically, my strength was intact, as she had done most of the work, but I had no inner desires to roll her over and pound her more just so I could release useless semen, so what I had felt I wanted was now not to be requited this night.

But my cock remained hard and inside her, and her cunt muscles twitched around it, through the juices which squished within and without us; I hit the walls of her womb every time I pulsed, and this reminded me of her youngest daughter, Ngoc, 12 years old, and who took my whole length the very first time she grabbed my cock and plunged it inside her, ripping through her hymen until I was buried to the hilt. When I became concerned, I rolled her on top of me, but she did it again: bounced her cunt down until her groin met mine and she had taken me the whole way again; she loved doing that!

Now, in my memories of Ngoc, my cock wanted to believe it was that young cunt it was in and it bubbled and pulsed and reared, my balls tensed – but did nothing more!

She groaned loudly and pushed her cunt down on my cock as far as she could, and the walls of her tunnel were stretched as I pumped and flexed within, until I accepted my fate and Yen could not cum any more, even as she wanted to.
I let her relax against me for 5 minutes, before she could rouse herself and slurp her way off my cock. I helped her dress, she smiled and slowly made her way to the door; “You sure you want those tablets, Anh: you don’t seem to need them – though I think, perhaps, you want their help, you do also need to let yourself go, Anh – filling me or the girls might be as good for you as added strength of the herbs.”
She stroked my face and leaned up to kiss my cheek lightly; “I hope you sleep well, Anh.”

“Please buy them, em; perhaps there are times to come when I will need them; sleep well yourself em.”

Part 2

Friday after work I stopped to buy grocery necessities and then my motorcycle taxi took me home, where I put everything away and decided to have a shower and change before going out.
Washing my long hair, I heard a giggle, so I quickly rinsed shampoo from my face to allow my eyes to open, and found Ngoc in the bathroom doorway, nonchalantly eyeing my body.

I always left the bathroom door open when alone, and as it was a room without a western-style shower stall, there was no screen or partition should one wish to hide – not that I bothered, Ngoc and I had had sex, naked together, so it was hardly a new sight for her.
“The front door wasn’t locked, Anh, but I did knock first; promise!”
I smiled through the dripping shampoo, “It’s ok, em; so, something I can do for you?”
“I wish I could say ‘yes’ and stay and have a shower with you, but Hong and I are going out with Mum and some friends for dinner. Mum just sent me over with your medicine, so I put it on the table, Anh. Anh, are you still sick?”
“Oh no em, they are just like vitamins, I am fine em; how much, did your Mum say?”
She told me the amount and I told her to get it from the kitchen table where I empty my pockets of everything every day. She came back and showed me the notes she had taken, “I only took the exact amount, Anh.”
“I trust you, Ngoc, and thank your mother for me please; and have a nice dinner, see you in the morning.”
“Bye, Anh Steve, I love you, my Teacher.”

So, there it was again: a proclamation of love from 12y.o. Ngoc; a cause for concern I had to be careful didn’t lead to hurting her.

After my hair had dried for a while, and was brushed, I dressed and was ready to head out – but not before I looked inside the bag of herbal pills from Yen, and decided to swallow one – and then began to wander down to my restaurant, musing as to why I never thought of calling some of the foreigners I used to work with here in years past. Many were still here; some, like me, had married Vietnamese women and some, unlike me, were still married to that same woman.

But when I had been married, I entered a new circle, and the friends and family of that circle were all Vietnamese, and I found it much more comfortable, more fun, and invariably cheaper than going to one of the favourite bars I used to with guys from work or from associated business circles.

So, these days, I rarely went to the bars where I knew I could find them if I wanted, and those guys didn’t go to ‘local’ places which I preferred – like the restaurant I now arrived at: my local, where I was comfortable, had fun or had my own freedom to just read my paper, and it was cheap (I could buy 2.5 bottles of my beer here for the cost of 1, or even less than one, at the main bars in the centre of the city, the Saigon area which was rapidly becoming filled with 5-star hotels, luxury foreign apparel shops, high-end restaurants and bars: gone were the old days of 1996, when I had first arrived here.

‘Go away nostalgia’, I said to myself, ‘don’t give me that mood tonight, I am quite happy and satisfied at the moment, and the old Saigon area is never coming back as I loved it.’

There was a new girl working tonight – which meant I would give her a ‘welcome’ tip at the end, double what I normally gave, as I did to all girls who served me for the first time after they commenced working here.
I enjoyed it when they stared at how I rearranged the set bowls and chopsticks and glasses on the table: I moved away everything, giving room for my newspaper, kept a saucer to put my beer glass on – to save the tablecloth from being soaked – and reached into my pocket tonight for my beer cooler (stubbie holder in Australia) in which I kept the beer bottle – for the same reason.

Then I got up and went to the basket of plates and took an ashtray, and sat down, shoes off, crossed one leg up under me, and opened my paper to the page I was reading.

The girl had her pen and notebook out, waiting; “Heineken, em, and no, I don’t normally eat, just the beer please.” She looked confused, but then Nim came over, smiled at me, and said “Anh, this is Cam; em, Anh Steve is a regular customer, every day, so just do what he says ok.”
She brought my first beer back and dropped an ice block in my glass, pouring the beer too fast, so it was only foam and bubbles; I showed her how to pour it slowly, and she blushed and thanked me.

Cam had a very pretty face, quite large breasts under the regulation tight uniform shirt – tonight all the girls wore red, but the styles weren’t always the same, only the colour, and Cam’s shirt was a size too small I thought, with a deep cleavage shown when she bent over the table. Her jeans were tight also, riding up into her crotch….”How old are you, em Cam?”
“15” she answered, “I am a cousin of Nim’s; she got me the job here.”
She spoke in a Hue accent, and it was sometimes difficult for me to understand, as indeed some Hue people found trouble with my southern, Saigon, accent, but I clearly understood the number ‘15’!
“Well, welcome, em, but you listen to Nim, and learn from her; and be very careful, sometimes the men get a little drunk and….well, I am sure Nim has told you better than me to be careful.”
She smiled, blushed again, mumbled “Thank you, Anh…Steve” and rushed over to Nim; I swallowed a mouthful of beer, lit a cigarette, and read my paper, with my cock still exclaiming ’15!’ in my shorts.

The evening was fine for an hour or so; Cam served me well, with a little help from me as to my preferences, which also gave me more time to ogle her, to fantasize, and to feel the yearning for another Youth.
She lingered at my table every time she gave me new ice, or replaced an empty bottle for a full one, when I signalled, and finally she said “Nim says you never show an interest in the girls here, Anh; why is that – is it ok to ask?”
I smiled at her, standing beside me so I had to look up past almost-full grown breasts, and replied “This is my daily relaxing place, em; has been for some years and I am friends with all the girls who work here. But if I show an interest in one special girl or another, I am afraid that would not be good for my friendship with the others, my relaxation time – and, most of all, it might lead to me taking one of the girls home….and then I would have to pay money, naturally – and that would make it like a business deal, and not just friends going to, ah, bed together.”

“Do you understand em? I would rather be friends every day with all of you girls, than the same as some of the other men who just pull their money out of their pocket to get a girl to go with him. That is not who I want to be; can I have one more beer please, em Cam.”
“Yes, Anh, I do understand, but it is part of the job, you know?” I nodded understanding; “Do you like me anyway, Anh Steve?”
“I do em; you are beautiful and very young. I hope you can stay this way – without being hurt.”
“You wouldn’t hurt me, Anh; I know this is true.”

I glanced up at the figure looming over my table; it was the father of the twins, Phung and Trinh, smiling at me, and sitting across from me at my table as Cam tactfully withdrew.
“How are you, Anh Steve?”
I had never even got his name last Sunday – he was only the girls’ Father; I didn’t want to know it now either, didn’t want to become very friendly with him, even if I accepted his motives were to ensure his daughters lost their virginity in front of him (plus friends) so he could see they came to no harm, it was better for me to keep my distance somewhat.
“I am fine, em, thank you.”
“Will you come in and have a glass with my friends, Anh?”
“Are your daughters here tonight, em?”
“No, no, they are out for dinner with their mother; you’ll see them tomorrow, right?” I nodded ok, “One glass em.”

But it wasn’t just his friends; true, Phung and Trinh weren’t there, but new working girl Cam was in the room.
She was working – serving the 7-8 guys beers and ice, taking food orders and sending them down to the kitchen, and serving the table when dishes arrived – so there was nothing unusual in finding her here: it was the look the twins’ Father gave me when I was looking at Cam.
“Attractive isn’t she, Anh?” I nodded, and he continued “She is my cousin’s daughter from Hue, and a cousin of Nim’s on the other side of her family; I brought her down from Hue and Nim helped her get the job here.”
“She is also a virgin, trust me, I know.” I looked at him, and he had a knowing look in his eyes and a somewhat leering smile from his lips.
I felt as if he knew young girls were what I lusted for now; young girls who wanted to become young women; young virgins who trusted me to take that innocence away from them; young girls whose cunts gave me the renewed feeling of younger years myself – as if they gave me, or I sucked from them, an essence of their Youth.
“Would you like to be her first also, Anh Steve?”

I paused before answering; of course I would like to be, but I was wary of having sex with a girl here – for the very reasons I had told Cam a short time earlier.
I was also wary of his motives: it was almost as if he was prostituting me in front of his friends – as surely this would be another spectacle he was arranging for them to watch, I knew.
But I pretended otherwise to draw him out; “You mean fuck her, and do it here in front of your friends, like your daughters? What do you get out of it, em?”

He smiled; “Well, my friends do pay for my beer and food for their entertainment, plus a little extra: I’ll share it with you, Anh – the ‘little extra’ is quite a lot; could be a lot for you same as I share it with the girls….”
He left the offer hanging in the air, waiting for my reaction; I gave none while I drained my glass.
“Em, if you want to be a ‘pimp’, ok, this is up to you, but do you think it is right to use your daughters, your family members, for this? To make me a prostitute, and just buy me with money, pay the girls off with money?”
“Think about it, Anh; you enjoyed Phung last week, and she had a wonderful, first time; you told Trinh tomorrow you would be here with her, and I am sure you will enjoy her the same, and she the same; and my friends the same. Cam could just be a new virgin for you to enjoy, and for her to learn how a wonderful lover is, before she has to endure the other type of customers – as she surely will. You are helping them, Anh, trust me: that is the truth.”

I didn’t respond; my glass was empty, I nodded “Chao” to all the men at the tables, and to the twins’ Father, and went out to my table.

‘Do I just want to be a prostitute for him?’ was my question. ‘Does being a prostitute really upset me?’
Nim came over with a new bottle and ice; she seemed to be smiling sympathetically at me.
“I know what he wanted, Anh Steve; he is remotely family, but he had to tell me before I would allow anything like he wanted with my cousin.”
I sighed “And you agree with him, Nim?”
“He brings a lot of friends here, Anh; it is good business. But, more importantly, I trust you not to hurt Cam, or any other girls; I wouldn’t feel the same about another man.”
“But what about me, em – this makes me just a man who sells himself for sex!”
Nim smiled, patted my arm and then stroked my cheek; “From what em Phung told me last Sunday, you are very good at it, Anh, so any time you need an extra fuck, call me: and I don’t sell myself, Anh, so this would be just you and me – any time, Anh.”

Part 3

Last night, I didn’t finish my last beer; I paid Nim when she brought my requested bill, and left her with the tip to keep and give, as I would have given, Cam on her opening day.

This morning, Saturday, short of sleep due to the conflicting thoughts in my head after I had walked home from the restaurant, I phoned Hong, Hanh and Chinh and I begged off the morning lesson, using a poor night’s sleep as my excuse, but saying Sunday would be fine.

Within 5 minutes, Hong was at my door, anxious about my health; I smiled as she came in “I am ok, em, just not feeling clear in my mind to teach this morning.”
“Can I help, Anh; Mum gave me the ok to come over after you phoned….”
I kissed her lightly, “No em, I am healthy and fine, just too much thinking sometimes; not your problem to worry about, honestly. See, I am smiling; later I need go shopping, then I will buy some lunch and have a sleep this afternoon…tomorrow will be a new day, my Hong, so you can help me by not worrying today, ok?”
She nodded, gave me a hug and went home.

A while later, another cafe downed, I shaved, showered and washed my hair. In the shower, my cock was aching in anticipation, growing as I washed it – without any masturbatory help from me – and as I was towelling myself dry, the cloud of questions and mild depression I had been under since last night suddenly lifted: This was sex with Youth, and I wanted it.
Getting paid, sharing the ‘takings’ with a pimp and the young girl involved – they were secondary items, of no importance to me (though certainly they were to the twins’ Father, and to the girls I am sure) because the ‘why’ I was going ahead with this was purely my own lust for another young vagina.
And, truly, I was a more considerate lover for their first time than many others might be.

I went to the restaurant, sat at my table, did all as I normally would; and waited. Nim looked over with a questioning smile; I gave her a big smile, a nod – positive signs that I was all ok today; she relaxed with a bigger smile on her face, and spoke to Cam, who was not serving my table today (by rotation, the girls changed where they served).

I read my paper and was just starting my second bottle when the twins appeared first at the top of the stairs, looking around for me it seemed, smiling when they spotted me and heading into the same Private room as last week.
Their Father and his friends trooped up the stairs; gosh, there were 10 of them I counted, but what surprised me was the appearance of 2 more young girls, holding hands with 2 men who I hoped, dreaded, were their Fathers: what am I in for now I wondered.

Nim and a couple of the girls, Cam included, began carrying beers and nuts into the room, and a few minutes later, Nim came out with the slips of the food orders the group had chosen. I went back to my paper: it would be a while until they had eaten and drunk enough for the twins’ Father to ‘summon’ me – I guess that’s what a pimp did to his prostitute: order them to come at the time of his choosing.

Although it was like being the doctor or dentist, with clients now sitting in the adjoining waiting room, I was calm and accepting now of the situation, and confident in my skills, which would be required shortly.
I continued to drink and read; hearing the laughter and noise increasing from the room, much louder when Cam or someone came out or entered the room: more beer, more dishes of food, toilet visits, men out to speak on their phones, and the telltale signs of early drunkenness was appearing: flushed faces. But Vietnamese, and some other Asian drinkers, had this ability to seem or to be, drunk after just a few drinks – and then they continued drinking anyway!

Then I sensed, and looked up to see Phung heading for the toilet, and she motioned her head for me to follow; I needed to go in any case, so I followed, and her hand stretched out of the doorway to pull me into the Ladies’ room.
She took control and sat me on the closed lid of the toilet, lithely jumping to straddle my legs, her short skirt riding high up her thighs, as her hands grabbed my cheeks and pulled my mouth to hers for a deep tonguing kiss.
That was all my cock needed to forget the clinical aspects of the appointment waiting, to ignore the business-like transaction of the afternoon and to remember why I had agreed to all this: raw sexuality of virgins, of the Youth I craved these days: it reared up against her panty-covered cunt.

Phung withdrew her tongue; “I haven’t been able to think of anything else all week, Anh, and I can only sleep with my fingers inside me, dreaming it was you like last Sunday when it was you. When can I see you again, Anh; I have to do it more, but I only want you – and this!”
I was bowed in my shorts, but my prick was trying to break out, and the hump was against her rubbing vagina, and she was moving back and forth on me, and she brought herself to a climax without any real contribution from me, and she slumped against my chest, with my arms around her.
“We should go, Anh; I was only supposed to come out and get you!”

She clambered off, stumbled as I helped her; I had to ask “Who are those other 2 girls, Phung; are they still there?”
“Oh, their Dads are friends with my Dad, so they just came along; they’re just kids, but they are staying, yes.”
Phung said this as if she was 18y.o. rather than 13, but it was exciting they would be in the room also it seemed.
We went out, and I went to my table, avoiding the look of Nim, and sat to finish my beer; only then did I glance down and find Phung’s climax had left her juices coating the groin of my shorts – perhaps this is what Nim was looking at!
I picked up my empty glass, held it low in front of me and headed across, opening the door to the New World.

The room went quiet for a moment, which was disconcerting, but the twins’ Father was up and thrusting a bottle at my glass and filling it and the hubbub resumed.
I really didn’t have time to think of anything; Trinh pulled a chair out from the table, turned it so it was facing the table of spectators, and took my hand to sit me down – after she had pulled my shorts down and off, and my cock flew up – just as Cam came in the door and gasped at the sight of my cock waving in the air, seeking, searching….
Whatever was driving Trinh’s mind or body or emotions, she was taking control, and she sat me down; no pretence of modesty, she pulled her shift-like dress up over her head, and she was naked in front of me – and everybody present – and she jumped up onto my lap.

I didn’t allow her to jump on my cock: she may have thought she could take it like that, but I was going to prevent her doing harm to herself, so I held her on my knees, my cock waving at her just in front of the virgin cunt it sought; I sought.

But she surprised me; she slipped off my knees backwards and took my cock into her mouth, almost a deep-throat cock sucking from the start!
The room had not been in my consciousness, but a roar intruded, as I realised the crowd approved of this new action, but I was keen for some tongue and mouth use of my own – so I picked her up under her armpits and laid her gently down on the floor, swivelled around, and let her resume her cock sucking, my arse crack open to the world, but my mouth now fastening on her cunt, and my tongue reaching for her clit, searching for the button which would begin her pleasure.

When I hit it, she writhed and squealed, and buried her mouth up my shaft; but as I licked and sucked at her, she couldn’t stay on my cock, and she twisted and tossed her head as I brought her to the first orgasm, her clit hardening in my mouth and – just as her sister – she poured out juices, not over my cock as Phung had done, but a spurt into my throat, and I swallowed as she continued, like a boy pissing a strong stream of urine.

She laid her head sideways, panting, and I lifted my mouth away and picked her up again to sit once more in the chair, facing her; but this time I lifted her up and straight down on my prick: she was ready now.
I whispered to her, before I let her drop down my slippery, straight shaft “This will hurt, em Trinh; just bite me or kiss me – that will help you.”

She first bit my shoulder, hard, as I lowered her, gasping, straight down and through her hymen without a pause; she squeaked and jumped but her teeth only bit harder on my shoulder, and now she was down, I moved my free hands to her tiny mounds of breasts and I tweaked her nipples, somewhat roughly, to confuse her mind as to where the real pain was.
I did nothing for a minute; then Trinh lifted her mouth and came to mine, kissing me furiously as she began moving her legs and hips and cunt.
Another roar from the crowd greeted something: perhaps it was the blood I could feel trickling down my skin from her teeth, or maybe there was blood from Trinh running down my legs to the floor – I hoped not too much….

But now my cock was doing what it did best: fucking this young cunt on it, and Trinh released my mouth when the gasps became too much, when the feelings became too much, and then she felt able to bear down on me as my cock rose within her, and she screamed then, and came with her first climax from a fuck.
Now she was like her twin sister: her juices cascaded down my embedded cock, making the up and down movement within her love canal easier, more slippery and comfortable for a tunnel so young it could hardly contain the width of my prick.

She came again as I helped her lift up and sit down, but she was again like her sister when she told me she was sore, and maybe this was enough for now. I complied immediately, and let my cock just linger within as she lay her head down to my chest, and I cuddled her for a few minutes –quietness in the room, or at least within my mind as Trinh reflected (so I assumed) on what she had now done for the first time and I reflected on what I had done again.

I let her stay there until she stirred and kissed me; “Thank you, Anh” and I lifted her up and off and down, found her dress nearby and helped her put it over her head and cover her.

For a few moments, I just sat there in the chair, the surroundings returning slowly, but then Phung jumped me – as naked underneath her shift as her sister had been -straight down on my as yet un-released cock, and she fucked me as mercilessly as possible.
She held my cheeks tightly in her hands, looking – glaring – into my eyes and said loudly, so all could hear “I watched you with my sister; now I want it again, Anh, so just fuck me with that cock!”
The group cheered her; I looked for Trinh, but she had gone, perhaps to the Ladies’ room; the person my eyes saw was Cam, and she was standing to my side, fondling her own breasts and moaning.

I whispered to Phung “Trust me, em Phung; you just keep up the fuck, and in a minute I will give you what you want.”
I reached my long arm out and pulled Cam closer, fumbled with the buttons of her shirt for a moment, and pulled her face to mine, so close only Phung could hear when I said “Em Cam, if you do this” and I rubbed her tits inside her shirt, to the delight of the Group, “These men, many men, will think you want to be fucked! You don’t want this, trust me, so you have to work here and be nice and friendly – but not show your sexuality like you were just doing – ok?”
“Oh, but Anh Steve: I want you!”
Phung looked up; “He is mine Cam; go to the Ladies’ room, check on Trinh, and rub yourself off – just like I have been doing all week, waiting for this again!”

Cam was dismissed, and Phung resumed her bouncing, and I did my best to give her what she wanted, and what I had said I would give. I had vaguely meant my own juices, but my cock just remained ramrod hard, and so I gave her new climaxes, marvelled at her ability to pound down my length, and felt the essences of her running down, forming what must be a pool below us by now.
Tonight she reached her third orgasm before she couldn’t last more, even as I lifted her up and buried her, hard – down one last time; she seemed to be like Ngoc: able to take my full length within without pain, and wanting more, but I drew her to me for a long kiss, and lifted her off.

No sooner was she a step away than a mouth was slurping at my glistening, slippery cock; then a second tongue joined in, and I looked down to the 2 new young girls – “kids” Phung had called them – going at me as if to an ice-cream cone.
“No!” I said loudly, “Enough for today” and I eased the 2 heads away from my cock gently, pulled them upright. But I couldn’t resist cupping one tiny, bud of a breast on each girl, as I smiled and said “Wait for the right time, girls – but it is not today.”
I pulled their heads lower, their mouths, one by one, to mine and I burrowed my tongue down each throat in turn, my hands on the backs of each girl, stroking up and down, moving my hands around to the front of their t-shirts and palming their nipples, as they each tried to mould their cunts against my thighs and slide up to my desperately seeking cock.

I stood them up; stood up myself and turned to find my shorts wherever Trinh had thrown them; Cam was there, holding them, but before she handed them to me, she bent down to her knees and sucked me inside her mouth, my cock still ramrod straight and full.
She had a beautiful mouth; a set of lips genetically perfect for sliding down a cock, and I so wanted to release and let her taste what that cock contained, but it wasn’t going to be, so I let her do as she so clearly wanted, and I did the same: reached inside, finding her bra gone, and her huge nipples just begging for my fingers around them.
‘Oh, I wanted them in my mouth’ my mind screamed!

‘But not here’ my mind also said to me, and I released her, gently pulled her head off me and up to kiss her deeply; “One day, when you are free em; I want to make love to you away from here – if you want.” I had whispered this to her, mouth to mouth: this was not going to be a money-making venture for the twins’ Father. Cam glanced at me, batted her eyelashes, and bobbed up and down on my cock again: surely a nod of agreement!
But she stopped after a moment, and gave me my shorts with a smile. The twins had left the room, the other young girls were sitting with their Dads, and I went out to the sounds of clapping and hooting from the room.

Back to my table, sitting down, lighting a cigarette and finding Cam opening a new bottle for me, I was physically worn out.
At the end of the cigarette, half of the bottle, I asked Nim for the bill; she shook her head – no need to pay; I was too tired to argue, and could only manage a wan smile.
The twins appeared, coming to my table; Trinh said that was better than even she had expected from what Phung had told her, and yes, she was tender, but very happy; her smile confirmed it as they both kissed me lightly.
I swallowed the half glass left, picked up my paper and cigarettes, put my hat on, and went downstairs to call a motorcycle taxi over from the other side of the road: too tired to walk.

At home, I made sure I locked the doors, cleaned my teeth, ignored the need for a shower and climbed into fresh sheets on the bed, and went to sleep.

It was only mid-Saturday afternoon, but I slept until midnight, waking in the darkness and lying there, thankful there had been no interruptions.
There was a message on my phone, but I had turned it to silent mode, so it was just sitting there waiting; I ignored it for now.

My mind had returned to something like turmoil; another 2 young girls to service for their first time, plus Cam? Should I really be allowing myself to get sucked further into this circle of young sex, or was enough enough?
I went for a shower, cleansing my body, but not my soul. A BBC News story I had seen in the morning came to my mind: a former famous presenter, now deceased, was now alleged to have been a ‘predatory’ sexual molester of young girls. It was the term ‘predatory’ which concerned me, as I could hardly ever deny the young girls now in my sex life, but was I the predator? I didn’t wish to think so; I had never coerced any of them, indeed 2 of their mothers wanted to experience the same as their daughters…but was I doing right by the young girls? That was what my soul was asking now….

Part 4

I made a cafe, watched football on TV while I drank it, but I wanted ‘banh mi’: a bread sandwich roll, and my staple food; I went out to find one, late as it was. It is a popular snack for Vietnamese to buy on their way home from going out for the evening.

I knew my normal lady at the corner would have wheeled her trolley home by now, so I went to the restaurant, still open for another hour or so, though the girls with children, or if gone with a customer, would leave only a few staff. If I didn’t see a banh mi trolley on the way, the restaurant staff would run off somewhere for me and buy as I wanted, which I would eat and drink a beer.
One of the girls was still upstairs, couple of the young men – and also the father of the twins, surprisingly. He ordered 2 beers for us and came to my table after a minute, though my beer was already delivered, as everyone who worked there knew exactly what I needed.
“I was hoping you might come back, Anh” he began, and reached into his pocket to withdraw a large wad of cash, sliding it across the table to me; “That’s your share, Anh; more than we expected but there were more guys today, and they paid extra because you ‘performed’ extra! My girls are happy, the men were happy, I am happy, and Cam and the 2 new girls can’t wait to be happy too; so, Cheers to a happy afternoon, and more to come!”

He raised his glass, and I politely clinked mine and drank, mute, staring at the money – my money for having sex with his daughter.

He swallowed his beer quickly, at least able to realise I didn’t wish to speak; when he stood to leave, he thanked me again, and asked “How about tomorrow afternoon – you ‘up’ for it, Anh?” He chuckled at his joke, while I felt momentarily stunned; was he truly asking for another ‘performance’ so soon?
Yes, he was.
“With whom this time” I asked.
“Those 2 girls who sucked your dick today – they want it together tomorrow! Their Dads only have tomorrow and then they all go back to Hue, so you would be doing me a huge favour, Anh…and more money for us too!”
“Phung and Trinh have my number; call me mid-day and I will tell you; that’s the best I can do em.”
He gave me a smelly, bear-like hug, and went out laughing and calling “See you at lunch, Anh.”
I would need to take another of Yen’s pills when I got home, I said to myself, without answering him.

Part 5

I drank several more beers at the restaurant, ignored the sandwich presented to me, and gratefully accepted a ride home when the boys said it was time.
I did take a pill, cleaned my teeth, stripped out of my clothes and fell asleep immediately, until Hong woke me knocking on the patio door.

It was daylight my eyes conveyed to my brain, so not a furtive, middle-of-the-night visit for sex. I could see Hong outside, through the open curtains, so I groaned and threw my legs out, stood and found my shorts, unashamed of my nakedness in front of Hong.
She came in when I unlocked the door, went out to the front room and opened the door there; Ngoc came in with a breakfast roll on a plate for me. I smiled at them, said I would shower and be out quickly: it was 09.00, and I was late for my class.

But in the shower, I returned to my introspectiveness; the knowledge that I had 2 more ‘client’ young girls due to be ‘fucked’ by me in a few hours led to thoughts of that predatory nature I had feared last evening. The knowledge also led my cock to an immediate upright position: which part of me was to rule my actions, was the question.

Dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, hair wet and as yet un-brushed until the tangles dried a little, I found my front room full: Hong and Ngoc, Chinh and Hanh all there, waiting for my appearance; I saw 4 heads tilt downwards and 4 pairs of eyes stare at the same part of my body: my cock was attention-seeking, and all deep thinking of earlier flew out the door, as my body responded to these 4 girls/women, all of whom I had shared my body with.
Chinh, especially, as she and I had reached the Clouds and the Rain when we made love: the mountain top of ecstasy as I knew it.

Lesson time; the girls began, all of them, asking about my health – having cancelled yesterday’s lesson. I smiled and said “I am fine girls; anybody want to start with another question, as a topic for discussion in English?”

I looked at them as they pondered for a few moments; Hong, 15, with breasts competing for size and the desire to be in my mouth against Hanh, 13. Ngoc and Chinh: both 12, both able to take my full length to the depths, despite their tender age and virginity, or near virginity in Chinh’s case.
4 women, here, in front of me, all of them so Young and vibrant; and all able to pass some of that youth to me during our times together, like osmosis: I absorbed new Life from their abundance of it.

I wanted, needed, those secretions of Youth to continue my own Life: Full Stop. The issue was settled in my mind now, and I would go to the Restaurant after class finished, where 2 new vials of the potent medicine I craved would be waiting.

My chest heaved a huge sigh, and I smiled at the girls – here to learn English. Hanh had begun talking and I struggled to catch up the subject: ah, she wanted to talk about the role of Women in society in Vietnam as compared to other countries I had been, and to Australia.

I nodded, good topic for discussion, and I hoped to lighten my own mood and allay any fears the girls had of my health when I said “Well, when you 4 young ladies sit in chairs, your ‘place in society’ doesn’t take up as much space, nor do your chairs have to be as strong as chairs in many ‘Western’ societies, where 4 ladies there, these days, take up a whole lot more space to fit their big bottoms in much stronger chairs!”
I paused while they considered, and then I helped them understand; “That was a joke girls; sometimes ‘place’ and ‘space’ are interchangeable, and ‘Western’ women take up a whole lot more of their ‘place’ in society than your 4 lovely, slim bodies.”

Chinh understood first, her half-American genes and early upbringing had her nodding; as Hong began to chuckle, Chinh said to them “He means: we are not as fat so our ‘place’ is smaller! Good joke Teacher!”
“Ok, more seriously girls; you tell me what being a Woman means to you: Hong, would you start please.”

Thereafter, we had a lively discussion until Ngoc broke in to the conversation a long while later to add: “Being a Woman means I have had sex and made love; that is the best thing about being a Woman.”
The others, and I, went quiet; I glanced at the clock: mid-day already, so I broke the silence to announce class over for today.

4 young girls looked at me, seemingly expectant that I would choose them, by a nod or a wink, to stay after class: I smiled at them all, said “See you next week, my best students” – and they understood the dismissal.

And I went to the restaurant.

I fucked 2 new young girls; when the first was comfortable sitting on my cock in the chair – after her maidenhead was pierced, and my mouth over hers had softened the pain of that moment – I picked her up and I lay with my back on the floor, lifting her up and down with my hands on her hips, not allowing full penetration, but enough for her to feel what a man’s cock could do within her.

She was tiny, and it had taken a long time for her vagina to even accept my head, but I had sucked my fingers in my mouth, coating them with saliva, and gently teased her opening until her own excitement gave some small lubrication to aid the process of deflowering her.
Once we had broken through, and her tears had stopped, she was a willing little woman, and liked the idea of bouncing up and down; she wanted to be naked, as I was, and she pulled her own shift dress up and over her head; I had left it on for her own modesty, but she seemed to throw modesty away with her hymen, and took my hands from her hips and up to her nipples, which willingly hardened under the hands she wanted me to rub there.

Her friend – and now I found out their names were An, with my cock in her cunt, and Chi, standing above my head, looking upside down at me as she took off her own dress, pulled her panties down her legs, and sat on my face.
“I want my cunt licked, Anh, please.”

As with my first ‘performance’, with Phung, I had tuned out the crowd in the room every time since; but now it intruded as An bounced and bucked on my cock, and Chi offered her cunt for my mouth to suck and tongue to probe: the men yelled – encouragement I assumed.

How could two 12 year old girls want themselves subjected to sex in this manner, I wondered; to be the object of all these men’s carnal desires, yet willingly undress and display themselves as I, the paid fucker, took their virginity and impaled them on a cock – the size of which they truly shouldn’t naturally experience for many years to come?

It was a question of many questions.

But this was a job, now, for me, and I was able to get what I wanted – Youthful essences – and get paid, and know I was making love with these girls like no other man would: with tenderness and care for their very first time.
So the questions receded in my mind, and my cock and mouth resumed what they loved…

…and Chi lived up to her promise of boldness, and she dumped a load of juice down my throat and over my face when she climaxed on my tongue; I had to twist my head away to avoid being drowned, and drank and rubbed my nose clean on her perfectly smooth skin, and felt the wisps of her cunt hairs tickling me as they grazed across my face.
An was different; now she had been introduced to sex, she didn’t want to stop.
I didn’t need to do much: thrust up at times as she thrust down, but she was nowhere near my extreme length before she finally let loose an orgasm of screaming with her mouth, and clenching with her cunt muscles around my cock; her hands were dug into my ribs, and mine were pulling at her nipples, stretching them and twisting them, and she came again.
Chi let more juices out at the same time, her own orgasms coming before we had even copulated, and I strived to push my tongue way up inside her, until I could slave it across her erect clit, and feel the outer skin of her hymen’s membrane.

Thankfully, for a respite, An collapsed down and lay along the length of my body; her nipples were large, but her body was more that of a boyish build: no breasts yet, ribs bony to match my own, and a flat abdomen down mine, all the way to our joined groins; her feet tucked under my thighs and her slim legs laying atop. It was very comfortable, in fact, and I could have had quite a nice nap lying just like we were.
It was a thankful respite as my tongue was tired of working within Chi’s cunt, and I let it just slowly slurp at her wetness, as I cuddled An’s body to mine; such smoothness, such tininess, such loveliness – all within my enveloping arms, and I drifted…

But Chi wasn’t at all in need of a rest, and she stood up, moved around my body and eased An away to the side, supplanting An on my cock for her own cunt: she was bold, this one.

An lay in the crook of my right arm, and I realised she was done for the day, or the moment, and I cradled her there, almost a baby. I tried to ease Chi’s bounces so she wouldn’t hurt herself down my length before she was fully ready, but she had other ideas: she lifted up until my head was sitting inside her vaginal lips, and she just sank to the depths, of herself and of me.

I felt her membrane tear, but she didn’t pause, didn’t scream; she just continued allowing herself to slide down my rod, only pausing when the walls of her cervix were almost pierced.
She raised her upper body straighter, raised her her head to the sky (well: ceiling) and let out a triumphant yell; I did all I could to stifle such noise, so I bucked up and my cock gave her such a surprise that it could lift her entire body almost that she stopped the noise.

Chi fucked me after that moment of her transformation into Womanhood; I had another body to hold, my long arm encircling An’s tiny form so I could tweak her nipples and rub the yet-formed mounds where her breasts would develop; she purred like a kitten and stroked the sparse hairs on my chest.

A large breast was shoved into my mouth but, unable to fit, the bearer of such a beautiful tit pulled back a little and let her big, succulent nipple stroll around the inside of my mouth, until I gently grabbed it within my teeth and used my tongue to stimulate it more than it already was.
Whoever it was was behind me, and her breasts over my face obscured my vision, so it was a guessing game as to the identity….but the size of the nipples and the breasts…it had to be Cam, the 15y.o. and the only other virgin who seemed to be waiting for me in the restaurant.
Oh, and I wanted Cam, but that wasn’t fair on Chi: she was doing all the work, on this the most special day of her sexuality.
I gently pushed Cam’s breasts away, shaking my head at her as now her face came into view, her eyes pleading. I reached my left arm up and pulled her face down for a kiss “Not yet Cam, there is another I need to take care of just now. Do your buttons up before these men grab you for a feel of your body.” “Oh” she moaned, and slipped away.

I released An from my embrace and devoted two arms and my concentration on Chi: time for a change, so I sat up and rolled her over and under me, my arms cushioning her on the hard floor, as I raised my body up and looked her in the eyes; “You fuck very well, em Chi, but now I will fuck you, ok?”
She smiled acceptance, and I pulled my cock back to the entrance of her body, ignoring my backside sticking somewhat in the air in front of the crowd – and even the rough hand which slid a finger up my arse-crack: they pay for a spectacle, so they can see all of me if they want.

I dipped my cock into her, swirled the head around and around and knew her clit was being rubbed as she gasped and sucked air and then she gushed as she had on my face, juices spewing out of her and sinuously spreading down her tiny arse cheeks and coating both of us. I could see her mouth opening, ready for another of those ear-splitting yells, and I leaned down and swallowed the yell within my own mouth: I don’t like screams and really loud noises!

It was becoming harder to remember when I had last spurted my own semen in a cunt, and yet I felt no building eruption within my balls – perhaps they had retired for all time, and only a stiff cock was left to me?

If that was so, it was immensely enjoyable all the same, and the girls and women seemed to find it ‘adequate’, so a smile came to my mouth, even as it still covered Chi’s lips and my tongue probed her insides, as I stroked myself slowly and fast within Chi’s slippery tunnel, but I wasn’t reaching – wasn’t trying to reach – the utmost depths of her. Despite her own bouncing down my full length, when she was on top, I was worried she could damage herself on this, her first time.

I used my own technique of slow and fast, shallow and deep, and that brought back the last time I had emptied the useless juice which was my sperm: when Chinh and I had reached the Clouds and the Rain on our first time joined as one entity, bodies united, fused, and we had reached the Mountain top.

I wasn’t going to get there today, but Chi was coming close for herself again; though she would not know the expression, I hoped the ecstasy might surround her and give her the best feelings about her first love-making.
My mouth came away from hers and now I bent to her breasts, which I had yet to even touch; her nipples were tiny, hardly bigger than my own, but she had little mounds of breasts, and I swallowed one like I would a succulent peach, and the other like a ripe plum: that brought her over the edge, and this time I let her moan become the yell she had been bottling inside.
It was deafening to my ears, but in reality the noise in the room was such a din that it probably didn’t sound like a scream outside – well, not enough to bring the Police barging in to arrest me.

She settled against the floor and her chest heaved as I swirled my cock within her insides slowly and gently, withdrawing on each pull-back until I let her cunt lips close with a sucking sound as my cock came free, dripping juice down its shaft, over Chi and down to the floor. I lay down lightly on her for a minute of pounding hearts and deep breaths, before I rose, held her hand in mine and pulled her up from the floor.

I looked for another girl – An, or the twins, or Cam, and was thankful – though unnerved – to see an older woman, as in 30 or so, standing with one of the men: the twins’ father. But my concern now was with Chi’s comfort and my eyes pleaded for some womanly assistance.
She came over, finding Chi’s dress on a chair, and she slipped it over the young girl’s arms and covered her; no need for any bra, and panties could wait: at least she was covered.

I, naturally, was equally naked, and the woman looked lingeringly at my cock and smilingly asked “Do you want me to dress you also, Anh?”
My cock was dangling not upright, but long and hard and throbbing, covered in Chi’s cum; it seemed to take a look at her beauty and it pulsed upwards.

I was in the throes of after-passion still, and that seemed to give voice to my cock; “Perhaps not yet?” My eyes looked at hers, and she turned red-faced in front of me, and moaned “Oh, if only my husband wasn’t here, and my daughters!” So she was the twins’ mother, and now part of the transaction, it seemed.

My shorts and underpants were hanging on the chair behind her; I stepped towards her, close enough for my cock to brush the hem of her short skirt, almost up and underneath, as I reached around her to get my clothes. Truly, her knees wobbled, and my cock hit against her inner thighs, Chi’s cum or my new pre-cum didn’t matter; she had a taste of me on her skin.

Part 6

After I left the room, and settled back at my table, Nim brought a new beer, and sat opposite me, obviously needing to talk.
“Anh Steve, I have told Anh Viet this can’t continue here.”
“Who’s Viet em?”
“The man who organises this, An and Chi’s father – you know him, he gives you the, ah, money.”
“Oh, I never knew his name, em; never wanted to know his name. Ok, so what?”
“We are getting questions from other customers about ‘that room’, so my Boss told me to stop it.”
“Fine, em, I have no problem with that; I can go back to my nice, quiet times here.” I smiled at her, and she responded “But is it fun for you, Anh?” and her eyes twinkled.
“It makes me feel young em.”

And that was the truth: what I was doing was keeping me Young at heart and Young in body. For that, I could continue; for that I would take money – though never give it – if the product was a stream of essence over me which helped me feel much less than my birth age.

As I had these thoughts, Nim stood, and Viet’s wife sat down opposite me; her daughters Phung and Trinh and also An and Chi standing at each of her shoulders; they all had smiles on their faces, overpoweringly beautiful smiles.
“My name is Ha; you know my husband and my daughters and their friends – intimately, shall we say.”
I made no comment, drank some beer and waited for Ha to continue, as I looked at the cleavage she was offering me perched on the table’s edge, and felt the foot – larger than the girls, so could only have been hers – probing up my leg, up my shorts, and stretching to reach my responding cock.
“I have some friends – with daughters – and I have a place, and these 4 girls here want me to invite you to come and visit us; Monday evening ok, Anh Steve?”

The girls were all giggling and smiling and urging me to say “Yes”.
I said “Perhaps”; that was enough for the girls to consider an affirmative, and they bounced away, babbling amongst themselves.
Ha sat unperturbed, reaching across for my beer glass, fondling the stubbie holder in her fingers; she drank a long mouthful and handed the glass to me.

“The only thing is, Anh: anyone who works for me, I must check first, sample first…do you understand?”
I looked at her quizzically, though I knew exactly what she meant – but she had to say it to my face:

“You have to fuck me first, Anh! And I want it tonight!”
She stood up and I did admire her breasts and body in her top and skirt; her mobile phone was in her hand; “The girls gave me your number; I will call you after you rest, Anh.”

(End of Part 5…Where does this Life take me? Am I a male prostitute; a slave to the new Boss; or just a lover of Young girls? The answer was not easy to find….. Part 6 if I am on the right path to finding out….)

Mommy, Son, and Best Friend

"How brilliant would it be to fuck a woman right now?" I commented to my best friend, Danny.
"That would rule!" Danny confirmed.
"If a woman came in right now and asked us to fuck her," I continued, "I'd be so happy!"
"Guess it won't happen though."
"We can dream dude!"

My name is Cory. I'm eleven-years-old, a slender blonde boy who, at this moment in time, was kneeling naked on a bed.

Next to me was Danny Pearce, my best buddy in the whole world. He was also blonde, a freckle-faced kid aged ten, a year younger than myself. We were at his house, where he lived alone with his divorced mother.
Danny was naked, like myself, as we knelt on his bed whilst flicking through a pornographic magazine. It was nothing special, just a soft-core publication, but it was good enough for us two pre-teen horny little bastards! We may be pre-adolescents with no body hair, no pubes and still a good few inches below five-feet in height, but our bald nut-sacs seemed to be swelling with sperm and our cocks were rock hard.

"Look at her, she's hot!" Danny commented as he pointed to the centerfold in the magazine, a hot brunette on her knees and elbows, flashing a sexy smile at the camera.

"I wish I could step into the picture," I declared, "and fuck her hard from behind!"

We'd bought the magazine off an older friend at school, who swiped them from his dad and sold them to us kids. Danny and myself had put together our allowance to buy the mag, and though $5 was quite a lot of cash to two small kids in 1986, it was worth it! I'd started masturbating a few months ago and had taught Danny how to do it, both of us often jacking-off together.

"Hey, I got an idea," Danny said, "Why don't we try fucking each other?"

"Er…how?" I quizzed.

"Well, we can fuck each other in the arse. Remember that hard-core mag we saw once, round at my cousins? It had a photo of a guy fucking a chick in the bum?"

"Oh yeah."

"Well, let's try that."

"Okay," I grinned.

It didn't occur to either of us that it might be wrong, or that it was gay, or any shit like that. It's only older people who end up being morally constricted and restrained by prejudices. For now, I just got down on my hands and knees whilst Danny got himself some hand-cream from the bathroom (his mother was out so we didn't have to worry about being caught…for now.)

Soon, Danny was kneeling behind me, slathering cream onto his dick.

"Better put some on my arse," I suggested.

"Okay," Danny replied.

"Fuck that's cold," I shivered as I felt my friend paste some cream onto my arse.

Danny edged up to me and placed his hard, hairless dick to my lubed bum-hole and pushed. It felt a little discomforting at first as my sphincter resisted, but then suddenly it gave way and Danny's prick eased up into me. His cock was only four-inches in length. I was only eleven so this was kinda big for my tight arse. Nonetheless, it did feel pretty good, and I said so too.

"Feels good for me too," Danny commented as he picked up a rythym, "Better than wanking!"

"Go for it dude," I urged him, "This is making me feel real horny too. I can feel your dick right up my bum! It's cool!"

Danny increased his pace very gently, holding my slender thighs as he drove his ten-year-old prick up my rectum. Five-minutes of pre-teen sodomy later and Danny cried out as he hit an orgasm. It was obviously pretty powerful for he banged my bum all the way in with his prick, hard and held my hips in a tight grip as his sperm filled my arse.

"Holy shit that was fun!" my friend gasped as his orgasm finished, "Shit, you got to try that dude!" He slid from my bum and I knelt up.

"My cock is so hard," I said, stroking my dick which was so hard it felt like it would fall off, "Turn round dude I want to bum-fuck you!"

"Okay 1 sec."

Danny got on his hands and knees and I used the hand-cream to grease up my dick and then my friend's anus. His bum was tight looking, pale little buttocks with a bald pink hole between them – it looked similar to a the assholes of the women bending over in the porn magazine, apart from the tiny nut-sac hanging beneath.

I copied Danny in shuffling up and placing my lubed dick to his sphincter and pushed in. Progress was quite good and my five-inch prick was soon wedged up in my friend's arsehole.

"You're right," Danny gasped under my rough impalement, "it does feel good! It's making me feel horny again."

"This is fucking tight," I panted, humping his bum, "It feels really hot in there! Shit, I bet this is just what it's like fucking a woman in the arse or something."

My hips banged against Danny's bum as I thrust into his gripping bum. My orgasm was not too long in coming and I hunched over Danny as I drilled his nipping arse with my cock, spewing my young jism into his bum. In a dozen hard pumps, my youthful cock flooded Danny's arse with my sperm before I finally slid from out of him, tired and dazed.

"That was a great idea dude!" I congratulated him.

"Yeah," Danny grinned, turning round, "Shit, we'll have to do that more often. It's fun isn't it?"

"I liked closing my eyes and imagining you were a woman. It works too, you can just imagine that you're doing a woman in the bum."

"I guess we'll have to be content with each other for a long while though, there's no girls in our class who'll let us fuck them."

Shame really. Fuck it, each other's butts will suffice!"

"I feel horny again, shall we fuck each other once more?"

"We could…" I was interrupted by the sound of the front door opening and shutting downstairs.
Instinctively, Danny and myself leapt off the bed and hurridly dressed, tugging on our clothes as the sound of footsteps came up the stairs. We were both dressed when there was a knock at the door.


"Coming mom!" Danny called, quickly shoving the porn mag under his pillow, and then opening the door.
"Hey kids," Monica Pearce said as she stepped in, "Hi son," she added, kissing Danny on the cheek, the boy squirming as all ten-year-olds do when kissed by their mom in the presence of a friend.

"Morning Monica," I smiled, politely.

"Hiya Cory," the woman greeted me, "Are you up to much?"

"Not really," her son shrugged.

"Nothing much," I added.

Monica grinned, probably easily able to tell that we had indeed been up to something, but not something we'd want a mother to know! Danny's mom was a 'cool mom', a friendly and laid back woman who almost seemed like a big sister to me. Monica had given birth to Danny was when she was only eighteen-years-old, and so was now still youthful at twenty-eight – a lot younger than my mom and most of my mate's mothers. She was blonde, tall with lovely big brown eyes and flowing golden hair. She was very pretty and had a warm smile, and she was also slim, the tight jeans and tight white T-shirt she wore showing off her curvey body. Her tits were not necessarily huge, but they did seem big beneath her top, the nipples slightly poking through as she didn't seem to be wearing a bra. My arsehole still burned pleasurably from it's recent fucking and my dick stirred as I appreciated Monica's body.

"Anyone hungry?" the young mother asked.

"Yeah," Danny replied, "I'm starved mom!"

"Me too," I added.

"I'll cook something up then," Monica announced, then turned and left the room.

"We'll have to leave it until later before we can fuck each other then," Danny said after shutting the door.

"Yeah," I agreed, "Will your mom go out later?"

"I think so. She often does on a Saturday afternoon."


Monica didn't go out that afternoon, however.
Danny and me sat on his bed, in our jeans and T-shirts, a little folorn.

"I thought your mom would go out," I said, idly wiggling my big-toe through a hole in my white sports sock.

"I thought so too," Danny sighed, flicking through the porn mag, "She often goes shopping."

"Shit, I wish we could fuck. I'm horny again!"

"We can't risk gettin' caught though dude."

"Yeah. My parents never go out so we can't go there."

Danny sighed again. "Maybe," he began looking up with a look of inspiration on his cute, freckled face, "we could ask my mom."

"Ask her what?" I wondered.

"For a fuck," grinned Danny.

"What? She'll go mad!"

"She won't! Mum taught me about the facts of life a few months ago and she was really cool about it, she didn't get all embarrassed or anything. Seemed to be quite forthright in explaining that sex was as much for fun as it was for making babies."

"Doesn't mean she'll want to fuck us though!" I laughed, though I was beginning to like the idea and saw that Danny was serious.

"We can always ask," Danny continued, "C'mon, my mom's too laid back to go mad at me! The worst that will happen is that she'll say no, moan at me for being cheeky, and that'll be that! Let's go for it!"

"You ask her though dude, she's your mom."

"Sure!" agreed Danny. He was very confident for a ten-year-old. He slid off the bed and, followed by me, went downstairs.

Dressed in her tight jeans and T-shirt and drinking a cup of coffee, Monica was lounging across the sofa in the spacious living room. It was about four o'clock and she was watching a quiz show, half-paying attention to the TV.

"Mum?" began Danny as he strolled into the living room, myself hanging back and biting my lip with anticipation as to whether my pal's plan would work! It alternately made sense one moment and absurdly surreal the next. We new 'motherfucker' was an insult, but so was 'jack off', even though most boys jacked off! Danny knew that fucking his own mom was not exactly a normal thing to do but neither of us thought it was in anyway 'wrong'.

"Yes honey?" smiled Monica, a look of understanding on her face. Like all mothers, she knew that the word 'mom' spoken in a certain way by her child would be followed by some sort of request.

"Can I ask you somethin'?" Danny said.

"Sure honey," his mother replied.

"It's…more of a favour really. You see…well, me and Cory…can we have sex with you?"

Monica, not unnaturally, blinked in some surprise at this.

"Cory and me," began Danny, stumbling over his minor hesitation and just going for it, "are really horny! We've been, you know, jacking off and stuff and thinking about sex. We really want to have sex with a girl you see, and you're the nicest looking girl we know mom! Plus, you're er…the only one around! Heh! Er…so whaddya say mom?"

"It's not quite what I expected you to ask me," Monica said, Danny and me relieved by the way she smiled softly, "but I guess we could arrange something?"

"Really mom?" exclaimed Danny, excitedly, "Jeez, I wasn't really sure if you'd say no or tell me off or something! Wow, this is cool, isn't it Cory?"

"Yeah!" I agreed, stepping up, "This is going to be fun! You won't regret this Monica!"

"You can't tell anyone about this though," Monica began, "Either of you! We could get in trouble, especially me because you two are under the age of consent (16)!"

"We won't mom!" Danny agreed, "Boy, this will be great! Thanks mom, you're the best! I got a real stiff willie about you. I bet Cory has too!"

"Damn right!" I confirmed, my cock indeed bulging in my Superman underpants.

Smiling, Monica put her coffee cup down and stood up. Without any warning, the sexy woman tugged off her T-shirt, revealing that she wore no bra, her nice round tits plump and sexy on her slender frame. Clearly very aroused at being watched by two appreciative little boys, my friend's mother continued to strip, now removing her socks and jeans. Finally, off came her lacy white panties so that she stood naked. Like I said earlier, she was twenty-eight years old, still fairly young for a mother of a randy boy approaching puberty and still with a very beautiful figure and face.

"Come and explore me boys," she invited us, "I'm all yours!"

Danny and me flashed a grin at each other and went for it! Monica knew that all me and her son wanted at first was just to explore a real life, nudey woman! Danny knelt in front of his mom and peered up at her cunt, which looked tight and hot between her slightly parted legs, topped with blonde hair. Standing next to Monica, my eyes were level with her tits, and I stroked them gently.

"Wow, your cunt looks nice mom!" Danny observed.

"And I love your tits," I commented.

"Thanks boys," Monica responded, enjoying the attention. After feeling up her tits I knelt behind her and stroked her buttocks. They were firm and smooth. Meanwhile Danny had finished getting a good look at his mother's cunt and he stood and fondled her breasts.

"I love your arse!" I said to my friend's mom shortly, still stroking her buttocks.

"Thanks boys," Monica responded, "Now it's my turn to see you naked! I haven't seen naked boy-flesh for a while, I must say."

Danny and myself moved away from Monica and, with the lady sitting on the sofa, we both stripped naked. Monica was clearly impressed, for she looked hot and aroused as her eyes roved over our nude, prepubescent bodies.

"Come over here my sweethearts!" she invited us, "Come here, I want to explore you."

We did so, standing in front of the sofa whilst Monica, with a great deal of enthusiasm, ran her hands over our bodies, stroking our bellies and chests then moving to our dicks. Our cocks were hard and grew stiffer as the woman's fingers delicately stroked over them. Then she took her son's prick in her mouth. Danny hadn't expected this and closed his eyes in pleasure as his mother sucked his cock. Then she moved to myself, her mouth warm and wet round my member, her fingers tickling my bald scrotal sack that tightened under her gently touch.

"Such lovely hard little dicks," Monica crooned once she'd removed my penis from her throat, "I can't wait to have these in me. Are you looking forward to fucking me kids?"

"Yeah!" cried Danny.

"Me too!" I added.

"Let's do it then," Monica announced and stood up. She offered her hands to us and Danny and myself took one each. With a young, pre-pubescent boy in each hand, Monica lead us out the room. She was five-foot-eight, much taller than her son and myself.

It would have been fantastic had there been someone to take a photo of that moment, the lovely lady walking up the steps with her son and myself holding her hands, all three of us nude, our bare bums wiggling as we ascended the stairs.


We went into Danny's mom's room. There was a large bed under the window, the covers stark white to match the light tones of the room.

Monica got onto the bed naked and invited us to sit up next to her.

"Okay," she began, "Who wants to go first?"

"Me," I piped up, selfishly.

"Aw, I wanna fuck her first," whined Danny, just as horny as me, "She's my mom."

"Now now," Monica calmed us with a knowing smile, "There's plenty of time for both of you. Here, Cory, you can fuck me first. Danny? Sit back and stroke your dick, you'll be fucking me before you know it."

Danny moved aside and his mother lay on her back, spreading her legs and revealing a hot slit between her parted thighs. I licked my lips and followed her gentle instructions to mount her. I placed my hands flat on the bed either side of Monica's shoulders and looked down. My cock jutted out stiffly from my groin, pointing towards her cunt, but without me knowing exactly how to guide it in. Luckily, Monica took me in hand, literally, and held my dick in between her finger and thumb.

"Now just lower yourself honey," she said.

I did so, my cock being guided elegantly into the woman's hot cunt. I let out a sigh of pleasure as I relaxed on top of Monica, her body warm and soft beneath my small firm frame.

"That feels brilliant!" I panted.

"Good sweetheart," Monica purred into my ear, "Sex is meant to be good! Now, fuck me honey, start fucking me…that's it…thrust into me…"

My arse rose and fell between Monica's spread thighs, my small hard dick driving up into her cunt. She was tight and hot down there and I was in utter heaven as I shafted her neat cunt.

"I'm gonna cum," I began to stammer after just a few minutes. I knew only a little bit would come out since I just fucked Danny a few minutes ago…

"Pull out Cory," Monica said to me, "Slide out and cool off a minute."

With great willpower, I did so, dismounting my friend's mother, my prick slick with cunt juice as it slid from out of her. I moved aside, stroking my cock as my imminent climax ebbed away for now, whilst my friend mounted his mother just as I'd done. Guided and instructed by his mother, Danny was soon pushing his stiff dick into his mom's cunt, laying out flat on her and grinning with pleasure.

"Fucking hell it's great!" he announced, "Shit, mom, you're so hot!"

"Fuck me son," Monica panted. I was delighted to see that lust and enjoyment were clearly in her voice.

Danny fucked his mom's tight twat for several minutes, pumping his pelvis as he drove up into her cunt, his head barely reach up past her tits he was so short compared to her! Not that I was much taller myself.
As she had done with me, Monica instructed her son to pull out before he climaxed. Once Danny had done so, I took his place and re-inserted myself into Monica's cunt. It was lovely to be back fucking her again and I shafted her cunt at a good speedy rate.

My orgasm began to rise and, with no possibility of stopping, I cried out as I drove my dick up into Monica's womb and ejaculated there. My climax was harder than it had been when I'd arse-fucked Danny. For a good twenty-seconds I was close to fainting with pleasure as my youthful prick pumped out thick wads of sperm up into the cunt of the horny woman beneath me.

I kissed Monica on the lips and dismounted her. In no time at all Danny got back on top of his mom and fucked her. He shagged her just as fast and as zealously as I'd just done, Danny's climax shortly hitting him. He sucked on one of his mom's erect nipples as his prick spasm inside his mother and fired thick sperm into the cunt from which he'd been borne from ten-years and five-months ago.

"You boys are good for beginners," Monica said once her son had clambered off from her. She was disheveled looking and had clearly enjoyed it just as much as we'd done.

"Thanks mom," said Danny.

"My pleasure," his mother responded.

"You're so sexy Monica," I told her, "Shall we do this again? I'm feeling horny already!"

"Me too," Danny added, stroking his semi-stiff dick.

"And me aswell," his mother said, sitting up and giving us both a kiss, "I want to drink your young sperm next. How d'you horny rascals fancy a nice BJ?"

"Yeah!" exclaimed Danny, as if his mother had told him he was going to Disneyland or something, "That'll be wicked mom!"

"Would you like me to suck your dick?" Monica then casually asked me.

"Yes please Monica," I replied, politely.

"Right then," the naked woman began as she got onto her hands and knees, "I fancy a spit-roasting. Danny sweety?"


"Get up behind mommy and put your dick in my cunt from behind. You can fuck me doggie-style whilst I give Cory a blow-job."

Positions were taken up. In no time at all Monica was being seen to from both sides – her son thrusting his young cock into her tight cunt whilst his mother sucked on my dick. I'd never had my prick sucked before but there was no doubt Danny's mom was skilled at this. Tingling pleasure rippled up my hard shaft and through my body. Her tongue felt fantastic as it ran over my throbbing little bell-end whilst I lightly humped my hips and fucked Monica's ruby-red lips. Danny was having a great time too. He knelt at the other end of the bed, gripping his mother's firm bum-cheeks and slamming his little dick into his mom's cunt.
Ten-minutes passed until Monica took my dick from her mouth and asked me and Danny to swap positions.

As fantastic as it'd been getting my dick sucked, I was more than happy to go round to the other end of Monica at her out-thrust bottom. Her buttocks were smooth and firm looking, and her puckered anus lay between them. Under that tight rear-hole was her cunt, wet and inviting looking, it's pink lips glistening with juice. I slid my prick into that tight cunt and began humping Monica hard. Danny was already getting a nice cock-sucking, his mother deep-throating the boy's cunt-juice slick penis, taking it entirely into her mouth. Across from his mother's back, Danny and me grinned happily at each other as we fucked away, my grin containing admiration for my friend's nerve in just blatantly going downstairs and asking his mom for sex…and getting some!

We looked down at Monica as she began to fuck and suck us harder. Her tall, slender body squirmed with pleasure, banging her bum back against my dick whilst her head bobbed as she deeply sucked her son's prick. Though muffled, you could hear Monica moaning and grunting in pleasure, Danny's member stifling her deep moans of ecstasy.

"We're making her cum!" I announced, knowledgeably.

"Shit yeah!" laughed Danny, "We're making my mom orgasm! Yeah, go for it mom! Take our cocks! Haha! This is great!"

A dick in her cunt and mouth, Monica wasn't able to reply but nonetheless, on her hands and knees between us pre-teen boys, was able to confirm my conclusion by letting out more loud, muffled cries of ecstasy, her body bucking between us.

"I'm gonna cum too mommy!" Danny began to pant, "Oooh, yeah…in your mouth…SHIT! UUUH!"

His eyes rolled back and ecstasy fell across his young face as he began to squirt his seed. Still banging Monica's cunt from behind, I could hear the horny woman gulping as she swallowed her son's sperm, her own climax having finished just as her son's began.

As Danny fired the last of his jism into his mom's mouth, I began my orgasm. It was a good, hard one, long pent up, and I hunched over Monica's back and let out a long cry of joy as I ejaculated deeply into her cunt. My sperm fired up into her womb, joining the cum myself and Danny had shot up there earlier. All the while, Monica was greedily licking her son's wilting prick. Finally, I pulled out of her and lay back along the bed along with Danny, Monica between us and just as tired.

A few months after this incident, Danny's mom invited me into their house to make an announcement. She smiled and joyfully explained how she was pregnant. Danny and I were shocked but Monica was so happy so we smiled as well. I wonder who's child it is…