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Candy From Strangers 1 : Yardwork

Heavens Cove, one late October night late 1990’s

Doctor Higgins sat at his desk in his laboratory in his basement, staring in abject anger and disgust at the papers laid out before him.

“ 20 years,..20 years of my life because of food colouring, gelatin and a dumbass that couldn’t keep his mouth shut!”

He almost got to his feed but his wife pushed him back into his seat. She knelt under his desk slobbering all over his truly massive cock, slurping and worshipping at his meat . This mildly pacified the good DR. Higgins who pushed his hand on the back of her head to make her start bobbing her overstretched mouth up and down his length.

“ Unforseen and serious side effects have forced us to discontinue production and sale’s of the XR-81, XR-86 and the XR-113 pharmaceuticals”, he chortled in digust

Dr Higgins knew exactly what those side effects were, that’s why he urged them time and time again ,after the adverse affects of the gelatin and the food dye on the chemical properties, to make sure they were never sold together and to have medical regulation.

But no, after telling the CEO the pharma company what certain combinations could do, the corporate twit decided to market them all together. Some combinations were wonderful, especially for people with low sexual ethics like the good Dr. Higgins and the Ceo, but others would never pass FDA regulations and the lawsuits could crush them.

XR-81 was going to make Viagra look like Crystal Pepsi, it increased virility and recovery to astronomical levels and lasted for 24 hours and its affects were cumulative. This was going to make him rich

XR- 86 was his wife’s creation, she was a neurobiochemist whose brilliance often dwarfed is, but her low self image led her to create a drug that removed wrinkles and firmed your bustline, and the effects were cumulative, so in theory a bust size could grow a cup after prolonged use. This was going to make her rich

But XR-113 was the real piece of work. A universal form of birth control for men and women. Simply taken orally. 100% effective with zero negative effects on its own. It bolstered the immuned system to such an extent it killed foreign organisms and viruses.. It killed herpes, gonnorhea, syphilis, in short everything.. It even prevented HIV from infecting the host

The consequences would be staggering. No more fear of unwanted pregnancies. No more fear of sexually transmitted diseases. A new sexual revolution would sweep across the globe. XR-113 was quite simply going to change the world.

Then those dumbfucks had to go and start mixing them up, and now it was over.

Tonight was going to be the big night that their product was going to hit the market. His lab was full of the pills in vats in his basement . He had patented it so that he could sell a small portion on his own as well in a piece of legal genius, so as to not to be screwed out of the big profits.

He had been feeding his wife a steady and heavy stream of the full cocktail in preparation for tonight, he had even hired a few male escorts and was about to fly them in just to help gangfuck his loving wife of 25 years in a celebration of their newfound billionaire status

And now it was all over. Before it began

Angrily he started choke fucking his wife harder untill he blew a heavy load down her throat. Being heavy into the pills as she was at this state she eagerly cleaned him with her tongue, scooping up the cum from her chin and licking it up.

“ What a damn waste”

He pulled away from the desk and stepped back and looked at is wife, who smiled up at him obediently and hungrily.

She was a gorgeous creature, he mused, and just as brilliant as ever. The pills had given her back her body of her early 20’s, but the grey in her hair still said she was 51. Her 36H bust was worlds away from the34B it had been just three months ago, then again so was his 10 inch penis from its 5 inches just three months ago.

Then he looked at the vats of the pills.. Red for XR-81, blue for XR-86 and white for XR-113. So what that that they couldn’t sell, the pills had given them their marriage back and the sex drive of teenagers.

“ You know what, I’m not going to cancel those escorts honey, let’s get you fucked tonight”

“ I love you darling”, his wife said from cum caked lips

“ Love you two… now let me break in that ass of yours tonight for when the boys get here”

He reached out to her and led her by the hand upstairs to their marriage bed.


Heavens Cove, 2 years ago

It was a bright spring day on Rosemary Drive, a cul-de-sac street in the ‘suburbs’ of Heavens Cove. It is a picture perfect neighbourhood , white picket fences, immaculate lawns, kids playing in the yard, and every other home had a pool in the backyard. You could always count on a neighbour for a smile and a helping hand.

It started off just like any other Saturday morning. Husbands started doing random tasks around the house or mowing the lawns. The wives were preparing lunches, or catching up with friends, or looking after the little ones. Kids were playing in the street, off at soccer games or under the careful eyes of their mother. Just a typical day.

The families in the neighbourhood were typical Americana, one or two children. It was only the Higgins and the Chestersons that stood out. The Higgins were an odd older couple that mainly kept to themselves in their house and used to spend a lot of time together in their basements, but they always seemed very happy. Even if Mrs Higgins wife’s dress taste was consistently bizarre, over sized dresses that hid her seemly obese figure, but the mumu’s always seemed a bit too much. That was until a month ago, when Mr Higgins passed away in bed. Mrs Higgins mainly kept to herself since.

The Chestersons stood out because , Ted Chesterston was a divorcee who had married again to a woman 10 years 10 years his junior and had a 12 year old daughter of her own. Divorces were common place enough, but that still didn’t stop the clucking of tonguess. Ted Chesterston had two twin boys; James and Marshall.

The household was as happy as one you can imagine, and the boys adored their step sister Hannah and their new step mom Franny. They were all blond haired and blue eyed, and everything seemed the American dream.
On this day though the American dream would change.

It started enough innocently enough.

The two boys had just come home from soccer practise and were running around being the two 16 year old terrors that teen boys can be, dragging their mud all through the house. Fanny, the step mom kicked them out. Moving into the yard they soon got in the way of their dad, who was trying to build a tree fort for his 12 year old step daughter.

Mr Chesterson looked over the fence into the next yard and saw Mrs Higgins desperately pushing at a push mower in her backyard, still wearing her oversized dress. She was quite a looker for a woman in her late 60’s he mused to himself, it was a darn shame she had t be alone all the time now. And doing yard work must be hard on a woman her size and age.

“ Good afternoon, Mrs Higgins”, Ted called over neighbourly

“ Oh I didn’t see you up in that tree Ted”, Mrs Higgins said somewhat startled

“ My boys have grown out of their treehouse, have to make sure one’s up and proper for my new angel”

“ Oh yes, sweet little Hannah, she’s such a tiny little angel. Just make sure you don’t break your neck up in that tree”

“ Yes, of course, my wife would kill me if I killed myself”, Ted and Mrs Higgins both chortled at this.

Ted looked at James and Marshall who were lounging on the back patio sipping on lemonades after their dad at the park. They already looked bored, and Ted knew Marshall was the chief instigator of trouble of the two twins, and idle hands led to trouble.

“ Tell you what, James and Marshall will help you with your lawn work”

“ Oh, I could never…”, Mrs Higgins

“ I insist, Mrs Higgins, especially for those cinnamon cookies you made for the bake sale”

“ If you insist, “ Mrs Higgins blushed.

James and Marshall grudgingly followed their father’s request and headed next door to the Higgins home. Mrs Higgins quickly set the boys to work mowing her back yard which has quickly overgrown during her time of mourning. They mowed the lawn, cleaned out the bird bath, and generally cleaned up the lawn all under the general and gentle management of Mrs Higgins. And to their crdit, they didn’t complain once about having to work for the old lady next door.

“ You did such a wonderful job boys, please come in for a drink and a reward for your hard work”

“ No reward is necessary, ma’am”, the more serious James said.

“ I’ll never turn a drink, “ Marshall siad and getting a punch in the arm from his brother, “ of lemonade”

“ Boys will be boys”, Mrs Higgins laughed and led them in

The house was eclectic inside as well, every room had books in it, even the kitchen had books lying around. And degrees and corticated were on every wall. Not to mention the bowls everywhere full of jellybeans. But only three colours the boys thought as odd; red, white and blue.

Mrs Higgins led them into the living room and had them sit on the couch. She handed them the remote and told them to relax a bit and watch anything they wanted on tv. They had cable tv with hundreds of channels and they could watch anything, she was just going to make them a sandwich each and some lemonade.

The boys sat in the living room staring around, they had never been inside and it was pretty weird. They were in the home of an old nerd who love candy it seemed. There was even a bowl full of those three different kinds of jelly beans sitting on the table in front of them.

Marshall reached forward and grabbed a handful of them

“ hey man, maybe we shouldn’t do that”, James said

“ I don’t think they’re poison dude”, Marshall teased is twin

“ Fuck off, I mean she didn’t say we could have any”

“ James, look around, they’re in every room, if she didn’t wants us to have them she would have said so”

“ I guess,”

“ Yeah, stop being a pussy man”, Marshall said chomping down on a handful of all three different colours

Grudgingly James joined in, and he admit they were pretty good. The red ones tasted like cherry, the white ones tasted like liquorice, and the blue ones tasted like blueberries.

“ Let’s see what’s on tv”

The boys flicked trough the channels, bored and chomping on the jelly beans. In just a few minutes they began to feel restless and warm under their collars. They didn’t think twice of it after their hard work. Marshall was also thrilled they had the Playboy channel and normally James would dissaprove but he seemed just as wrapt watching a big busted blonde get sandwiched between two guys. They had never seen porn before outside of a few magazines that had been smuggled around school . Their parents had even put blocks on their internet searches they hadn’t figured their way around yet.

Mrs Higgins called in from the kitchen saying she accidentally burned the grill cheese and was going to start over. The boys told her to take her time and quietly laughed at each other and chomped down on more of the jelly beans.

The boys found themselves getting really hard watching the porn, sharing the same room all their lives they knew that the other masturbated. But to their knowledge they had never been as rock hard in each others presence and it was weird, the porn they were watching at turned them on, but neither believed they had ever been as hard as they were now.

“ Your late lunch is ready”, the boys heard Mrs Higgins say as she entered the room

Marshall and James lept to their feet in a panic having not heard her walk down the hall to enter the living room. Marshall quickly a jameed a button on the control to turn off the tv and faced in her direction without a second glance

She stepped into the living room and was about to say something with a smile on her face , when she stopped and looked the boys over. Marshall and James just stood there trying to smile and act sweet and innocent.

“ You two have been into the candy, havent you?”, she said with a sigh but still had a smile on her face

“ Umm , not really.. “ Marshall said

She raised her eyebrow at the boys in disbelief

“ Maybe a few”, James said

The eyebrow and the look of amusement came into her face

“Okay, we did”

“That explains the hard ons you’re pointing at me”

James and Marshall flushed beat red at this, in their lives erections always vanished when adults interrupted their fun, but they were still hard as rock

Mrs Higgins continued, “ it also explains why you’re watching one of my gangbangs”

“ Ummm.. We were what???????????”, Marshall squeaked out, feeling like he was going to pass out

“ The gangbang, on the tv, behind you”, Mrs Higgins spelled out

“What is a gangbang and ….?”, James said trying to talk hos way out of it

“ Turn around right now young men and watch the tv”

The boys turned like semi-paralyzed deer caught by their predator and looked at the tv. They bugged their eyes out some more, as it seemed that Marshall had in fact not turned off the tv at all and had just turned on the dvd player. On the screen before them was playing a homemade movie of a top heavy brunette with graying hair in her fifties on her knees surrounded by three guys trying to stick their big cocks in her mouth at the same time. It took them all of a second to notice that the woman on the screen was in fact Mrs Higgins, and that she wasn’t fat at all, she just had HUGE tits.

“ I guess I cant really send you two home with hard on’s, so its time for your reward”

They heard the sound of clothes hitting the floor behind them, but were too scared to turn around and too fixated on the screen before them

“ Turn around boys, time to eat”

They turned and saw Mrs Higgins standing naked as God had made her before them. She wasn’t fat all. She had pulled her hair from her bun and put her glasses on a table. Her hair was long and mostly grey with dark streaks. But the boys eyes went to her body, there were sags around her waist and her eyes had crows feet. But she had the biggest tits they had ever seen, they were positively monstrous taking up most of her chest and were amazingly relatively round and firm especially for a woman her age despite the heavy droop age..

The bys understood the dresses now and saw the discarded handsewn bra on the floor, those boobs might cause traffic accidents

The boys just stood there nervously not knowing what to do, Mrs Higgins just sighed.

“ Boys need so much instruction”

She pushed them back and onto the couch where they landed with a plop. She then knelt on the floor between them and started rubbing their crotches, fondling their teen cocks through their shorts. The boys groaned having never had any kind of woman touch them before. She traced her hands along their lengths through their shorts and then ran her hands up the short leg hems and stroked them directly

“ oh god, I’ve missed having a man to play with”, she groaned as she stroked them

The boys started groaning and breathing heavy as she wrapped her hands around their shafts.She started stroking them firmly with long even strokes.

“ I love having two young cocks in my hands, and you two have such wonderful cocks”

“ Yes, Mrs Higgins, “ Marshall gasped

“ Thank you ma’am”, James breathed hoarsely

“ Take those shorts off right now”, Mrs Higgins instructed

The boys quickly obeyed and pulled off their shorts and underwear and sat there with their naked dicks jutting out hard as rocks. Mrs Higgins cooed and brushed her hair and face all over their dicks in turn, all the whilst rubbing herself with her now free hands.

James and Marshall just looked at each other with shock and then smiled. Ten minutes ago they thought they were just being bored in a crazy lady’s house, now they were being played with by a big titted secret nympho.When Mrs Higgins turned to rub her face all over James’ dick, the boys quickly high fived..

“ Not as big as I normally like, but that will change soon enough”, Mrs Higgins said cryptically staring at their teen dicks

And without further ado she leaned forward and thrust her lips down Marshalls cock. He had never had a woman do this to him and the hot and wet sensation wrapping around him was intense, especially when she went all the way right down to his balls on her first “ gulp”. His back arched and she pushed him down back on the couch and thrust her head back up and down wetly on his dick for a few bobs, but he couldn’t hold bac. His balls tightened and he thrust into her mouth and let himself cum into her mouth. It was the most intense cum he had ever had, and the first one with a woman ever. He fired volleys into her mouth and she hungrily slurped away at it, swallowing every drop

When he was down, Mrs Higgins turned her attention to James and gave him the same treatment, and just like Marshall before him within a few head bobs he was cumming hard into her mouth. And she justas hungrily licked his cock clean and made sure she got all the spunk she could.

She then reached over to the candy bowl and picked out a couple of red ones and handed them to the boys

“ I don’t think you’ll need these, but take them anyways”, Mrs Higgins said with an evil grin

“ They’re just candy”, Marshall said taking his

“ Not this kind, I made them myself”

James caught on quicker , “ they’re drugs”

“ Just drugs for sex, how did you think my husband passed away.”

The twins looked at each other and almost laughed, they could see how this woman might sex a guy to death. And they ate their red jelly beans.

The amazing part was that they were still hard after cumming, normally they’d get soft right away. Even James who had spent a night seeing how many times he could masturbate still took him 10 minutes to get hard again after cumming. This was remarkable .

Mrs Higgins took them by the cocks and gently pulled them off the couch. She sashayed before them, her hips wiggling before the twin brothers as she led them by their cocks up stairs and into her bedroom. It was a huge 4 poster bed with a mirror on the ceiling. Porno dvd’s covered the floor. A row of dildos stood on the nightstand by the bed as did a big bottle of lube.Not to mention the bowl full of the three different jeely beans

She crawled up onto the bed and lay on her back, her bog tits flopping onto either side of her. She opened her thighs wide and pointed to a shaved crotch. And then curled her finger in a gesture for the boys to get to it. They took off their shirts and joined her on the bed.

Mrs Higgins pushed Marshalls head between her thoighs and he started mindlessly licking, having no idea of what he was doing.

“ No no dear, take it easier…lick above my honey hole, , no not there, right where all that…oh yes, ,,, that’s it…. No see that little nub, I want you to..oh yes, that’s nice”

Mrs Higgins pushed James’ head to one of her big nipples and had him start suckling, he groped and mauled at the big tit not able to get both of his hands around even one.

“ Now, Marshall, take your index finger and push it into me, that’s it, no w curl it up, oh yes, now start stroking in and out..oh my… don’t stop licking and sucking my clitty either”

Marshall now discovered what that flap of flesh and stuff was called, it was nothing like he imagined it was from the guys clearly bullshitting in school. But he really liked eating her pussy and continued at it.

Mrs Higgins thought he was clumsy but had some talent, its was going to a while to teach a boy how to eat pussy like a man, and especially how to eat it well. But all this licking was making her horny, and she knew she wasn’t going to cum with clumsy fumbling.

“ Stick your dick in me now, Marshall”

He didn’t need anymore instruction on that, he knelt between her legs and she gripped by the dick and guided him into her hungry depths. The hotness, wetness and grip of a horny woman’s cunt was everything he had ever dreamed of. He started thrusting rapidly in, but with one hand Mrs Higgins slowed him down and showed him how to get into a rhythym. Mrs Higgins then pulled James up to her and hand him push his teen dick into her very mature mouth

The boys both tried fucking her, mouth and pussy and Mrs Higgins loved it, she even encouraged James my making him grab the back of her head so he could grip and thrust. Within about 20 minutes, both of the twin brithers came again. Marshall deep in her pussy, and James in her mouth.

They were still hard despite odds and she laid James back on the bed and climbed on top of his cum and spit soaked cock and quickly took his virginity as well. Marshall moved to standing in front of her so she could suck his cocks, while she bounced on his brother’s dick. Marshall got his chance to play with her mountainous mammaries during this time too. After about half an hour of riding his 16 year old dick, Mrs Higgins finally came and shook through her own cum, squeezing his dick with her kegel muscles so hard that he spurt deep into her womb. As she groaned in orgasm, Marshall came all over her face.

She then flopped down on the bed between the two boys, who were just getting soft now. She caught her breath and said

“ I better call your parents and tell them you’re staying over for dinner”

The two boys grinned at each other and high fived while she dialled next door. Like a lot of chatty neighbors she got into a lengthy discussion with Marshalls and James’ father, and after about 10 minutes of being bored waiting for her the boys decided to take matters into their own hands

Marshall got mrs Higgins on all fours on the bed whilst she was talking on the phone, and rubbed his hard again dick up against her pussy and thrust it into her, she gasped but kept talking making an excuse. Which only lasted as long as it took James to kneel in front of her and feed her his cock.

She tried talking between pounds and pulled her lips from his dick a few times, but eventually she told the twins father that something came up in the kitchen and she had to go.

The two boys and grey cougar spent the next three hours fucking in every conceivable way, she even gave her self an enema so they could fucking her in the ass. Plus they even dp’ed her. By the end they had each cum in her 6 times, but now ere very sore and just couldn’t go on

The three of them lay on the big bed, each of the two fair haired twins sucking on a huge nipple of hers respectively whle she stroked their heads and enjoyed the raw feeling of a well fucked pussy and ass as the cum oozed out of her holes.

“ “It’s very important you boys listen to me about those candies, they’re drugs. If you take the red and white bills you’ll still be able to fuck anyone even without a condom and never get them pregnant and can cum a lot like you did with me. If you take the red and blue you will only want to watch sex, but if you take all three your dicks will get bigger… just never for my sakes , ever take the blue and white, it’s horrible”

“ Got it, never blue and white, but all three to get bigger”, James said, being the practical one he’d remember

“ I want you to come over and fuck me everyday to see your growth and to make sure you’re ready to please your future wives and girlfriends”

The two boys felt a stirring in their crotches at that, and so did she softly stroking their dicks that were her new playtoys

“ But be careful these candies never fall into anyones else’s hands, this has to be our secret”

By this point the need boys didn’t care anymore, and were just thinking about growing bigger dicks and fucking their big titted 63 year old neighbor everyday. Marshall pushed her head down onto his dick and decided she should swallow their cum one more time before they went home

The candies would of course end up in the wrong hands, but this was just the beginning

End of chapter 1

LAURA: A Little Girl

JackassTales…Tale #70…Readers; please read this from the viewpoint of a prepubescent girl. A grown woman fan requested me to write ‘her’ remembrances as such. If incest between young characters or coming of age sex stories bothers you, then please don’t read.

LAURA: A Little Girl’s Story
by a girl grown into womanhood

[1] A Girl’s Thing

My mom was a really good factory worker so she was surprised when she was suddenly transferred to the late shift. To add to her problems was the dilemma of what to do with me. I had just turned eleven a month ago. There was only one solution. I would have to spend my nights with my aunt and uncle. The plans called for Mom to pick me up in the morning and take me to school.

I didn’t know Aunt Molly or Uncle John very well, and I especially didn’t know my sixteen-year-old cousin Nick hardly at all, so it was kinda awkward getting used to spending the night at their house. To my little girl’s mind, my aunt and uncle could only be described as the homeliest, dreariest, most boring people I knew.

On the other hand, their son was a lively prankster who always seemed to be full of some kinda devilish mischief. Nick stood head and toes over me and I guess if he wanted to he could pick me up and throw me clear over into their neighbor’s yard. For a boy, my cousin was sort of a bear of an almost-man with a grizzly laugh and work-hardened hands.

I can’t say when it began happening, but at times, Nick was especially kind to me. From out of the blue he ordered me my favorite pizza and rented me any movie I wanted. I don’t believe Aunt Molly or Uncle John ever ate pizza with us nor watched a movie. The fuddy-duddies went to bed early and fell soundly asleep.

No boy was ever as nice as Nick was to me and I started liking him pretty fast. On non-school nights we often ate our pizza and watched our movies way up until midnight! I had never been up that late so, most times, I got really sleepy.

Well, Nick began a nightly routine, school-night or not, of picking me up in his strong arms and carrying me to my bed. I usually had my pjs on by then so I got tucked in snug as a bug in a rug. Nick would then kiss my cheek and rub my back as I fell asleep on my tummy. He told me things like how the cartoon princesses on my pajamas looked very pretty but they were not as pretty as his precious little cousin. I would fall asleep with a happy smile on my face.

After about a month of this, Nick didn’t quite tuck my bedclothes in as tightly nor did he pull them up as far. When his gentle back-rubbing began he would start to rub lower and lower until he started brushing up against the clothing covering my bottom. At times he would leave his hand there; I guess because he was forgetting to move it. Sometimes, but not often, his fingers would accidentally slip into my pjs and panties. Once or twice his hand just stayed there on my soft butt for several minutes. I never really thought anything of it other than the fact he was just being a sweet, loving cousin. I never said anything about it and he never brought it up either. It was nice to have someone to love me besides Mom.

This same bedtime routine went on with Nick a few weeks until one night he asked me to flip on my back and he was gonna rub my tummy. I was really sleepy and I wanted to go to sleep. I was afraid this change would disturb my sleep pattern. I went ahead and rolled onto my back without thinking and my bedtime rubber starting rubbing my tummy the same way he rubbed my back.

Well, not exactly the same way. Nick’s firm hand went under my pj top and gently rubbed my belly. He even ran his hand over my chest all the way up to my neck. I didn’t have any boobies, at least none much to speak of, but I began having a strange feeling which made my itty bitty nipples tingle and swell. I think this boy doing his nightly rubbing must have noticed because his hand touched both of them just to see what was going on. I supposed he was as surprised as I was to find out my little titties were getting bigger.

Nick’s fingers lingered at my boobies and felt about in confusion for a few minutes more. I guess he finally gave up in puzzled mystification. But this boy wasn’t put off just because a couple of titties had popped up in surprise! He must have decided he would rub my belly again so he began rubbing lower and lower down the front of my little girl’s body. His finger tickled my bellybutton and I giggled softly. I felt fingers slip under my pajama and panty waistbands. I don’t think this boy sitting on my bed really knew what he was doing to me. A shiver was running down my spine. I’m not sure what this feeling was, but I think it was excitement. I had never felt anything like this before. Actually, I kinda liked it. But of course Nick didn’t know this and I wasn’t going to embarrass him by telling him.

Nick’s hand then did something completely unexpected. I don’t think he even really meant to do it. His big hand pushed under my pj and panty waistbands all the way. I didn’t know how much the boy, who of course had never been married, knew about little girls’ bodies, but we have pussies… down there! I guess he was kinda dumbfounded by what he found down there because he started rubbing and squeezing and fingering my hairless little pussy just like he was trying to figure out what it was.

I scrunched my eyes and peeped at Nick and he gave me a smile. This made me feel better, but still I felt weird. I was confused because it felt so good even though I kinda knew it was bad. I didn't know what it was I was feeling but as a strong hand rubbed my young virgin pussy all I knew was I never wanted the nice feeling to stop!

One or two of Nick’s exploring fingers began flicking my tiny clit. My little pussy didn’t have very much natural moisture, but it was getting pretty wet now. I had learned a new name for pussy not long ago. A boy’s finger now played with the entrance to my ‘vagina’. I closed my eyes tight then I let out a soft moan. As another finger played with my wet hole, I began whimpering with pleasure.

I think, but I wasn’t sure, I heard Nick ask, "Do you like that my little sweetheart?” I don't believe I answered. Instead, I started to rock my young hips back and forth in my bed. A smile lit my face. Nick was saying something about how I was a good little girl. His free hand was on my flat chest and his fingers were playing with my tiny nipples and titties.

I knew that my cousin was a whiz in school, so although he was just now learning about pussies, he was quickly picking up ideas about how to make them feel good. Nick fingered my wet little pussy faster and faster. From somewhere down in the depths of my feminine being a glorious wonder was born. My moans and whimpering cries became louder as a fire began burning between my legs. My vaginal muscles spasmed and the sweetest feeling I had ever known swept over my heart, body, and soul. I knew now what cumming felt like! I was having an orgasm just like my friend at school had when her daddy rubbed her pussy! Then I had another one and one or two more! My friend never had more than one. Just wait until she hears about all of mine!

I was kinda disappointed when Nick pulled his hand out of my panties. The sweet boy kissed my cheeks, both of them, and then he kissed me smack dab on the lips. I had never been lip-kissed like this before, but I liked it. I liked it so much I lip-kissed him right back. I threw my skinny little arms around his neck and hugged him tight. He hugged me, too. While he was hugging me, one of his hands slipped back into my panties and played with my little ass. I know ‘ass’ is one of those ‘bad’ words my mom told me I wasn’t supposed to say, but I guess I was feeling a bit bad and naughty at the same time.

After a few minutes, Nick again pulled his hand out of my panties. He rose from his sitting place on my bed, turned my light out, then headed for the door where he leaned with his back touching my door jam. I watched this almost-man perform a most curious procedure. In the dim glow of the hall light, I saw my sweet cousin’s hands unbutton his pants. He pulled out a big, long, thick thing then he jerked and pulled on it. Nick beat that snakelike thing harder and harder and faster and faster. The thing must have gotten mad at him because it began to spit at him with a milky white fluid. I betcha it spit out eight or eleven globs off that stuff before it calmed down and stopped! Nick musta been awfully mad too because he slung a drop or two of the sticky stuff off of the end of the thing then stuffed it back into his pants.

As fascinated as I was by what was going on this night, I couldn’t keep my eyes from closing. Before sleep overtook me, I told myself that tomorrow, if I woke up before Nick did, I would pull that thing out of his underclothes and see if I could treat it better than he did. I betcha, if I rubbed it slow and gently a lot and maybe even kissed it a bunch of times, it wouldn’t get mad and spit at me! I drifted off into dreamland thinking about the magical wonders my bedmate’s hands could do to my little body. Maybe tomorrow night he could dream about mine.

[2] A Boy’s Thing

Nick was a late sleeper this morning. Apparently everyone else was, too. I then remembered that it was Saturday, so no school, yet Mom had to work until noon. I then recalled the events of last night and the kinda naughty promise I had made to myself. I knew that girl parts and boy parts are quite a bit different, but I sure was curious as to why Nick beat his parts so violently last night just after he had made my girl parts feel so good. That snakelike thing he beat kinda fascinated me. Why did it get mad and spit? I reckon it had good reason to after Nick’s beating, but I betcha it wouldn’t get mad and spit at me!

I silently climbed the second floor steps leading up to the room of the boy who slept there. I tiptoed on my barefoot feet so as to be especially quiet. I had already done one naughty thing this morning by slipping off my princess pajama bottoms. My panties had kitties on them; one was kinda sunk into the crack of my little pussy just as if he was snuggling up in a soft special place. Nick’s fingers were the only other things that had ever been inside my pussy folds. I knew he had accidentally touched me there last night and that once started he had only played with me out of curiosity and not because he was a bad boy.

Several wicked thoughts ran through my young mind as my steps took me closer to the boy upstairs. I still had my princess pajama top on, yet I wanted to take it off too. My itty-bitty titties were tingling as if some momentous event were about to happen. In my mind, I just couldn’t think of anything more momentous than the feelings Nick made my pussy feel last night!

I stepped off the stairs and found the door to the room I sought. I turned the doorknob and then I stopped. Why I did it, I didn’t know, but I unbuttoned every single button on my princess top. My titties began swelling a bit and so did my burning little pussy. I knew that Nick would control himself with more effort this morning, but if the devil made him do it, I wanted to make it easy for him to touch my titties and pussy. I am a good girl, yet god help me, I came within an inch of reaching for my panties and pulling them off!

Nick’s window was open and an early morning breeze flowed through. I betcha he gets hot up here when it is a warm night like the one we had last night. “Oh Lordy,” I whispered when I saw the boy’s face-down body lying atop crumbled bedcovers. He was completely naked and my eyes could see at least ninety percent of his gorgeous backside nudity!

I had never seen a boy’s naked ass. And, yes I still remember that ‘ass’ is a bad word. But, oh me oh my, Nick’s ass was nice! For that matter, so was the rest of him. I know I’m only an eleven-year-old girl, so what would I know about a boy’s body? And, how would my little girl’s mind know how to appreciate the masculine manhood my eyes were determined to examine?

Well, I can tell this; as I sat my scantily-clad booty onto that naked boy’s bed, every nerve ending in my female body came alive. I felt more alive than ever. Mischievous wickedness guided one of my hands towards Nick’s ass. My warm, moist palm lay on his backside’s flesh. Vewy, vewy slowly, I massaged the dear, firm, whitetail skin I found there. While the sleeping young man stirred, I planted a soft kiss on one irresistible ass spot and then laid my face check against his ass check.

“Laura?” a drowsy voice asked. “What are you doing?”

My heart stopped. It didn’t flutter a beat. “Hush, Sweetie,” I implored.

Nick did hush and he lay motionless. I played with his beautiful ass a few minutes more. I kissed it with about a dozen playful kisses. My hands discovered this boy’s back and the muscular shoulders lying atop them. I kissed and massaged every inch of that heavenly skin.

Nick’s body mesmerized me. My body tingled and shivered all over. I began kissing his irresistible ass once again. “Nicky, Sweetie, will you turn over on your back?” I practically begged.

The boy on the bed rotated his body so quickly that the lips of mine that had been kissing his gorgeous ass were now pressed to the swelling flesh of his massive erection. My lips had no alternative but to kiss the penis skin which was attached to my quivering mouth. I loved the naughty wickedness of doing it!

I made a wild guess that Nick’s penis was about six inches long. I gave each inch a minute or two of kissing. It came to my mind that I ought to stick my tongue out and lick the long, thick, snake-like pole. This added another minute or two to each inch of my penis play. I was completely intoxicated and under the influence of this boy’s magnificent erection!

I sat up abruptly and held Nick’s penis in my hand. “I knew it, I just knew it, Nicky,” I exclaimed. “By being nice to your penis, by kissing and licking it instead of ‘beating’ it, it wouldn’t get mad and spit at me! You mistreated it last night so it spit at you!”

A puzzled look crossed Nick’s face. “What the hell are you talking about, Laura?” he asked. “I didn’t mistreat my dick! I jacked off after playing with your sweet little pussy. I made my dick feel good.”

Now, I was puzzled, “What’s a ‘dick’?”

Nick shook his head as if he was talking to an imbecile. “A ‘dick’ is a ‘penis’, is a ‘cock’! Hell girl, the only reason my dick hasn’t ‘spit’ at you this morning is because you didn’t do what I did! I don’t mean the beating. I mean the ‘jacking’. I betcha that no matter how gently you ‘jack’ my dick, it would still spit all over the place!”

“It would not!” I argued.

“Betcha!” Nick insisted.

I’ll show him. I took a firm grasp on the ‘dick’ in my hand and held the shaft straight up in the air. Ever so gently, I worked my fingers up and down the full length of the ‘cock’. The head of Nick’s beautiful penis popped in and out of my palm. Just to prove my intentions to not mistreat the penis, I leaned over and kissed its head. My wet tongue tickled the boy’s peehole and then licked all around the head. I then continued my sensitive, tender up and down manual manipulations of Nick’s dick.

The boy’s muscular body tensed. He took a deep breath. And then, wonder of wonders, a spout of creamy white goo shot three feet up. While I couldn’t believe my eyes, I couldn’t stop jacking Nick’s dick. Glob after glob of gooey cream spurted up only to fall back down onto this wondrous young man’s body.

Why I did it I couldn’t say, but before the spurting stopped I put the head of Nick’s penis into my mouth. I tasted the tangy, salty flavors of boy goo. It wasn’t good, it wasn’t bad, it was just fun.

“See, I told you,” Nick said. “I betcha it would happen and it did.”

I refused to acknowledge that Nick had won. It seemed that his dick didn’t care if it was mistreated or not. Fickle bastard!

“We bet and I won,” Nick boasted. “Now, what do I get?”

“Nothing,” I childishly answered. Okay, yes he had won and yes I should pay the debt.

I added, “Okay, what do you want?”

Nick’s answer came quickly, “After breakfast, I want to fuck you!”

‘No’ was the word on the tip of my tongue, yet the word was lost as the tip of Nick’s tongue touched one of my itty bitty nipples. Both of my nipples and tits received an incredibly good suckling. My pajama top came off and so did my panties. My little pussy got only enough sucking and licking to whet its appetite for more.

Nick stopped and told me to go get ready for breakfast. “I would fuck you now, but I can’t get it up yet. It won’t be long. Laura, we will fuck after breakfast.”

Like a good little beginner whore, I said, “Okay.”

[3] Girl and Boy Things Together

My heart raced during breakfast. I said hardly a word. My little pussy stayed a bit wet with anticipation. I had already bathed and put on a clean pair of summer shorts along with a sleeveless, spaghetti-strapped top.

Nick had on cut-off jeans and a blue tee-shirt. He never once looked at me while his parents were home, yet I constantly peeked at him. He had promised to put his dick in my pussy at the first chance we had this morning. I couldn’t stop thinking about how in the world he would be able to get his monster cock into my miniscule pussy hole.

About 10 p.m. Aunt Molly and Uncle John left to do their Saturday shopping. Mom wouldn’t be here to pick me up until noon. Nick watched his parent’s car exit the drive before seeking me out in my bedroom. I wasn’t surprised when he walked to me and scooped me up in his powerful arms. With a single-minded purpose, he strode upstairs to his bedroom.

“Baby, are you ready to fuck?” Nick asked matter-of-factly. “It’s up to you. I wouldn’t rape any little girl.”

“Sweetie, I want you to fuck me,” I answered. “I’m a virgin, but I don’t want to be so with you.”

Nick pitched me from his arms and I landed in the middle of his unmade bed. I had a thought that he would jump into the bed with me, strip me of my clothing, and then fuck me like crazy. Yet, that’s not what he did. Instead, this gorgeous hunk of a young man announced, “Laura, let’s play a game. Let’s take our clothes off. You will pretend to be an innocent girl with the world’s prettiest pussy. I’m going to be the hungry “Pussy Monster” that chases you so he can get your pussy. Okay?”

I was surprised, yet it seemed like a harmless game. “Okay,” I agreed.

So, we two began undressing. As Nick watched my clothing come off, he added, “Let me explain a few rules. It will go hard on you if you ‘let’ me catch you. Girlie, I will spank your cute little ass so many times you won’t be able to sit on it! And then, I will fuck you so hard that you will spurt blood all over the house! Your JOB is to run and fight. Don’t you dare let the Pussy Monster catch you?”

For some reason, I began to get frightened. Surely Nick wouldn’t hurt me; would he? I was on my knees when my panties came off. Menacing eyes gazed at my crotch and a gruff, beastly voice spoke, “Me, want pussy!”

Nick reached for me. I turned, slipped from his fingertips, and then jumped out of the bed on the opposite side. My small body and my swift agility allowed me to avoid the naked boy’s clutches when he dove across the bed. With his dick swinging wildly, the monster ran around the foot of the bed in an attempt to seize me. I jumped and the stood up atop the mattress. Now, whichever way he ran, I had the opposite direction in which to flee.

Horrifying, feral, guttural growls emanated from the creature standing at the foot of the bed. I only made out FOUR distinct words, “ME, WANT PUSSY NOW!”

Crazed with pussy lust, Nick decided to jump into the bed from the foot thereby cutting off both avenues of my escape. Unfortunately for the monster, a round center knob was a decorative feature to the oaken footboard. The beast’s balls and the bed’s single knob collided. Alas, the brawny, beastly brute discovered that wooden knobs had the upper hand to fleshy balls in hardness. The Pussy Monster’s shrill screams reverberated throughout the house. The beast curled up into a fetal ball and soaked the bedcovers with pain-filled tears.

I had jumped out of the bed when Nick had jumped in. My gaze fell on the single bed ball and my mind told me the story of why the brutal monster was crying so helplessly. What should I do? I was safe from spankings and rape, yet I felt a special sorrow for the injured boy. This boy, my cousin, had been so good to me over the past weeks. He had made me feel at home. He had shared my bed and his bed with me and he had made my pussy know all kinds of pleasure.

Suddenly, I knew what to do. Still nude, I ran downstairs and filled a large Ziploc freezer bag with ice cubes. I ran back upstairs. My nursing instincts took over. “Nick, stop whining and lie on your back with your legs spread!” I ordered.

In disbelief, my instructions were followed to the letter. Nick uncurled from his fetal ball and lay spread-eagle on the bed. A gigantic, purple bruise was already coloring the young man’s testicle sack. His balls were swollen to near baseball size which explained the pain.

Ever so slowly, I applied my ice bag to the purplish sack of balls. At first, Nick shivered and tried to recoil from more pain. Finally, the frozen cubes performed their comforting magic. Pain subsided and the darkening hues ebbed. Taking my time, I brought life back to dying balls.

Sitting at this boy’s bedside, I noticed a thing I should have noticed before. Nick’s penis, his dick, his cock was a pale image of its former glory. It had shrunk in both length and girth. Oh dear, what a shame! Feminine instincts led me into a rage of wicked, wanton manipulations.

“Me, Cock-a-doodle-do Monster!” I announced. “Me jack Nicky’s cock, get him big, and make him spit!”.

Even though I was halfway kidding, I did tenderly close my long, slender fingers around Nick’s pitiful dick. The limp penis was so soft and pliable. I felt a little guilt but I knew that had he not been chasing me to get my pussy, he wouldn’t be in the miserable condition he was in now.

I kissed the sad pitiable piece of Nick’s penis meat several times with forgiving lips. I felt blood begin to rapidly pump through penile veins. This beautiful dick was coming back to life. My small mouth held the shaft while I licked the cockhead. I sucked the head and several inches of the boy’s cockshaft deeper inside me where the penis flesh became sopping wet from my pouring saliva. I had heard from my girlfriend at school that some girls were able to suck a boy’s whole penis into her mouth and then swallow the cream which comes out. I tried the first part by sticking the swelling pee-pole so deep inside my throat that I nearly gagged.

“Wait, Laura, wait,” Nick begged. “That feels so good, but I said I wanted to fuck you, so that’s what I want to do! Babydoll, will you come up here and straddle my face with your legs? Me, still Pussy Monster and I want your sweet little cunt. Me, eat pussy!”

I guess I blushed. Oh, I was so proud this boy wanted me so much that moisture began making me wet. I scooted up in Nick’s bed and I straddled his face. When lips began kissing my sensitive pussy flesh, I nearly swooned. My little cracked mound swelled to nearly twice its original size.

“Me, eat sweet, little girl pussy!” Nick triumphantly announced. The boy spread my crack with his fingers and began eating my clit. Oh wow, he sure knew how to set a tiny clit on fire! I was about to go crazy with such wondrous sexual joy radiating throughout my loins. I felt the tip of a tongue push at my hymen and lick as much of my vaginal hole as possible. Delightful sensations of pleasure caused me to whimper and cry with blissful elation.

“Me, fuck pussy!” this insatiable sex monster said. “Laura, scoot back down and straddle my hips. You’re soaking wet from my sucking and I’m wet from yours. Spread your pussy folds and sat on my cockhead. It may hurt for a short time, or it may not hurt at all.”

Not caring if it hurt of not, I hurriedly scooted back down until I was all set in the position Nick had asked for. I wanted to get fucked and I wanted to now. Although technically, with me on top, the Pussy Monster was the one getting fucked while I as the Cock-a-doddle-do Monster was going to be doing the fucking.

Wetness touched wetness. I slowly lowered my pussy onto Nick’s penis. My pussy folds parted. My inner pussy lips kissed a cockhead. The head of a penile giant popped my cherry. It hurt, yet not as much as I expected. I sat all the way down impaling my pussy onto a swollen, long, hard erection. I fucked that erection even though I had only a limited knowledge of how to do so. I jumped up and down. I rolled my hips in around about rotations.

Nick whimpered, I whimpered, and we both moaned as impending relief neared. Before it did, the boy beneath me finally took on the role of a young man. With our loins still locked in an inseparable embrace, he rolled me over until his body lay atop mine. His penis pounded my pussy in quick, uncontrollable thrusts that had no end in sight. At last, I was getting properly fucked by a boy who knew what he was doing!

I began cumming. Orgasmic ecstasy thrilled my heart and loins. Nick’s thrills quickly followed mine. His dick emptied its loads of thick orgasmic creams into my tiny vaginal void. Multiple orgasms raced throughout my body as I encouraged my young lover to fuck me more.

“Me, get good pussy!” a young monster whispered. “Fucking is good!”

“Me, get good cock!” I answered without meaning to. “Fucking is very good!”

[4] Girl & Boy Play Sin-Time Games

After Nicky rented me my favorite movie and bought my favorite pizza, we had a great time watching TV and eating our treat. Aunt Molly and Uncle John had no clue, but their son had promised their niece that he was going to eat and fuck her pussy after they went to bed.

So Nick did eat my pussy and I ate his dick. My lover’s purple balls were now a pale blue. By the end of another month of almost daily screwing, I knew that my favorite part of getting fucked was feeling Nicky’s enormous shaft stretching my elastic vaginal tunnel and the pulse-pounding elation of his cockhead’s spurting cream.

All in all, I remained a little girl for a few more years, yet Nick played a very significant role in helping me to mature into a young woman. I was Nicky’s to fuck exclusively until I turned sixteen. After that I began experimenting with other guys and I discovered the many joys and pleasures of different ages and sizes of cocks.

Some might call me bad, but this bad little girl was having a ball of a time!