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My New Girl

This story contains sexual situations involving underage characters. If this type of story isn't your bag, please go read something else. Don't vote negative because you don't like the topic. This story will eventually have quite a few chapters and starts out slowly building more and more on the sex with each chapter. Not all of the themes are covered right away, but I promise to deliver. I have not finished this one yet and it may be a while before I do, but I wanted to share what I have. Right now I only have two chapters. Chapter Two will go on about two weeks after this one.

My New Girl

Chapter One

I am sitting on the front deck enjoying a cold beer. I couldn’t help seeing the comings and goings of the neighbors across the street. They live in a fairly ritzy house, but don’t have a pool. I can’t see into their backyard, but I know this from the conversation between the Mom and her young daughter.

The young girl looks to be about ten. She is wearing a long sundress that covers about half of her calves. She is short in stature as most ten year old girls are. The top of her head only comes up to her Mother’s breasts. She is very cute with shoulder length brown hair that curls in waves around her neck. She has pretty green eyes. Her body is slim, but not stick thin. It is obvious in a few years she’ll be every bit the knockout her mother is.

“Aw, come on Mom. You promised you’d take me to the pool today.” Her Mother smiles at her. “Melissa, you already know your Father has some people from the hospital coming over this afternoon and I have to get everything ready for them. I’ll take you tomorrow.” Melissa pouts a little, shrugging her shoulders in obvious disappointment. “Okay Mom.” She scurries into the house leaving her Mother to carry the groceries from the car into the house.

The scenery is too much to pass up. I don’t have any designs of getting cozy with Mom as she is clearly happily married, but I do want a closer look. I get up from my seat and mosey on over to her. “Hi. I’m Joe Winston. I just moved in last week and haven’t had a chance to meet any of the neighbors yet.” Mom casts her eyes my way for a minute and breaks into a smile. “Hello. My name is Sherry. Sherry Lipton. Welcome into the area. I hope you like the neighborhood. What can I do for you today?”

“Well, actually its more what I can do for you. I couldn’t help over hearing you don’t have a pool. I just wanted to let you know I have a large pool in the back as well as an indoor pool in case of foul weather. If you would like, you are welcome to bring Melissa over to use either one of them anytime you like.”

“That’s a kind offer, Joe. I may just take you up on that. The community pool is close to ten miles from here and is a royal pain. There are so many people in it, it's like sardines in a can.” I say my goodbyes and saunter back to my perch. The closer look had been well worth the effort. Sherry is one good looking babe. Long blond hair halfway down her back. At five three and maybe a hundred and five pounds, she has a figure most women would die for. I really dig her deep blue eyes.

Her firm softball sized tits jutting from her chest accent her amazing ass that sticks out enticingly from the back exposing a little tuft of her cheeks on each side at the bottom of her red shorts. When Sherry finally emptied the car, I went into the house. I wanted to offer to carry the groceries in for her, but figured that might seem a little too forward.


Early the next morning, I hear the doorbell chime. I am still lying in the bed nude. I never wear clothes to bed. I didn’t want to miss whoever was at the door and threw on a pair of swim trunks. I rush to the door. As it swings open, my eyes fall on Sherry’s exquisite figure standing in front of me. She is wearing a pull over t-shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans. It is all I can do to keep from getting a hard on. It is then I notice Melissa standing next to her. Melissa is attired in pretty much the same type of outfit.

“Hi Joe. I hope I am not intruding. I told my husband Tim about your offer to use your pool. He thought it was very kind of you and I did promise Melissa I’d take her to swim today. Is it okay?”

I can’t believe my good fortune. I may get a chance to see those shapely legs again if she decides to go in with Melissa. “Sure. Come on in. It’s a lot easier to get to the pool if you go through the house. Follow me.” The three of us manage the short walk to the pool quickly. Melissa’s eyes light up like garnets shimmering in the sun. I guess she has never seen a pool that size before. My pool is a hundred feet long by fifty feet wide.

Before I can blink an eye, Melissa peels herself out of her shirt and denims revealing a skimpy yellow bikini. When I say skimpy, that is an understatement. The bra barely covers her tiny nipples. I know they are tiny, because the bra is miniscule and there is no hint of any areolas. Not even when she stretches with her arms in the air. Most girls show a glimpse of their tits when they do that in a bikini.

Her swim panties are like a patch just covering her pubic area with a thong in the back showing the edges of her asshole. All of that is tied together with strings. She even has little bows on each of her hips where the strings are tied. Very cute indeed. Melissa trots over to the diving board sailing into the pool.

In the mean time I am keeping an eye on Sherry. I am eagerly waiting to see her disrobe. I am dying to see if her suit is as skimpy as her daughter’s. Sherry slowly lowers her pants. I still can’t tell, because her shirt is covering her suit bottom. Still, I am looking at the prettiest set of legs I have ever seen on any woman.

“Would you like something to drink, Sherry? Its pretty hot out here.” Sherry cracks a smile. “Yes. That would be nice. Do you have any tea?” “Sure thing. I’ll be right back.” I walk slowly into the house to get three glasses of iced tea. I didn’t want to appear too eager to gawk at her. I finally arrive at the edge of the pool with the tea. Sherry is reclining in one of my pool chairs. Her shirt is folded neatly on one of the many poolside tables along with the rest of her and Melissa’s clothes.

My God. My tongue nearly falls out of my mouth. Her suit is a dark green in color and is every bit as skimpy as her daughter’s. Her breasts are poking at the fabric like two luscious pears. The cups of her bikini bra only cover the tips of her tits. They look so firm and inviting. My eyes slowly coast to a spot between her legs. Holy shit. Her suit is rolling into the recesses of her pussy. On top of all that, the damn thing is bulging right up at me. My dick is so hard its tenting out my swim suit.

I am embarrassed because Sherry can see it clearly. I can’t do anything about it without bringing her attention to my dick. I decide to ignore it. Sherry takes a sip of her tea. I am dumfounded by her beauty and sit there in a staring gaze. Sherry casts her eyes my way. “It was extremely nice of you to let Melissa use your pool. You know of course you’ve caused a big problem for me.” I tear my eyes away from her snatch to momentarily look into her eyes.

“What problem is that Sherry?” Sherry laughs. “Melissa. She’s going to worry me to death every day to ask you to let her use the pool. I’ll have to find a way to let her down easy. I can’t impose on your generosity like that.”

It is my turn to laugh. “You’ll do nothing of the kind. Melissa is welcome to use the pool anytime she wants provided she has an adult that can swim with her. It’s a deep pool and pretty big for a ten year old to be in it alone. We certainly don’t want her to drown.”

This statement elicits a big grin from Sherry. My eyes drift back down to her snatch. “Oh, you’re such a doll. That will make things a lot easier. I can’t come over very often. Well, not as often as Melissa will want me to. Would it be all right if I let her ding your doorbell and swim if you have time to watch her?”

“You bet. I’d be honored to keep her for you anytime you want, that is if you aren’t afraid to leave her alone with me.” Sherry blushes slightly. “Forgive me Joe. I didn’t mean to impose quite that much. I can’t see any problem with Melissa being over here alone with a gentleman such as yourself. Especially since you are our neighbor. As far as getting you to baby sit Melissa when my husband and I want to go out, well I can’t possibly ask you to give up your time for that.”

I put forth a little extra effort to look into her eyes again. “Nonsense. I don’t work. I’ve been retired for two years now. I’ve got plenty of time. Besides, I’d really like to get to know Melissa a little bit. She seems like a wonderful kid.” My eyes drift back between Sherry’s legs. In the meantime, Melissa is having a blast. I am wondering why she hasn’t made an appearance in front of us yet as all kids seem to want to hear what the grownups are talking about. I figure as hot as it is she’d at least be after the tea.

“Retired? You can’t be more than twenty five.” I grin a little. “Actually, I’m only twenty four.” Sherry takes another swig on her tea. “Joe. Can I tell you a little secret? I’ll only tell you if you promise to keep it to yourself and won’t take it the wrong way.” “Sure. Your secret is safe with me. I promise I won’t take it anyway other than the way you tell me to.”

Sherry blushes hard. “My husband never looks at me like that Joe.” I divert my eyes away from her snatch immediately. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to stare. I was just admiring your beauty. If I said you aren’t pretty, I’d be lying. Now what is your secret?”

“Oh. You big dummy. That is my secret. My husband never gets a raging hard on like that when he is around me.” I turn blood red. “Sorry. It seems to have a mind of its own. I’ll try to avoid it in the future.” Sherry quickly pipes in.

“Relax. I’m actually enjoying the attention. I’d be insulted if you didn’t get a hard on with me donning this bathing suit. Don’t get me wrong. I love Tim and we get along just fine, but you are a handsome man. I have to tell you. You turn me on. If it wasn’t for Melissa being here, I’d be tempted to roll up in your arms and give you a great big sloppy kiss right on your mouth. “

I almost choke on my tea. I’m not about to let an opportunity like this get away. “That’s okay. I understand how you feel. I feel the same way. We can be discrete. If you want to kiss me, why don’t you come over when Melissa isn’t with you?”

I see Sherry’s shoulders rise up in a shrug. “Big problem. My husband is an emergency room surgeon at the hospital. He’s always on call. When they call him, he has to leave right away. They often send a helicopter for him. When that happens, there’s no time to get a sitter for Melissa and she isn’t allowed to go with him. That means Melissa is always with me. If only she were a little older, I might be able to share you with her.”

I choke up spitting tea across the patio. “How much older? I probably won’t live that long.” “Don’t get all worried. I was just kidding. Well it would be interesting to have a daughter that understands a woman’s needs. Forget I said that. I guess I’m just fantasizing out loud. Since we know we can’t do anything, will it be all right with you if I come over some and dream. I promise to wear something revealing. You can gawk all you want.”

My hard on is raging now. I am even dribbling a little in my pants. “You’ve got a deal. But only if you don’t mind me training Melissa so you and I can get together.” I break out in a mischievous grin. Sherry laughs. “That’s what I like about you Joe. You are so funny.“

I stand up taking Sherry by the hand pulling her to her feet. I pat her playfully on the ass as she swings by me. “Lets go in for a swim. We’ve ignored Melissa long enough.” Sherry runs toward the pool. “Sure, Joe. Last one in is a rotten egg.”


I just finished a shower and slip on a pair of track pants similar to Speedos. Well they cover about as much. I am preparing to fix breakfast. I hear the doorbell chime. I set the pan to the side on the stove and answer the door. There to my surprise is Melissa. She is donning her little yellow bikini and nothing else. Her dark green toe nail polish accents her bikini quite well.

It also makes her feet look delicious. I have always had a serious foot fetish and these are really cute. Especially with those perfect little toes wiggling at me the way she does them. I find myself staring at her feet. “What can I do for you young lady?” Melissa grins widely. “Mom said I could ask you if I can swim in your pool. Can I?”

“Have you had breakfast yet?” Melissa stammers a little. “Well, no. I haven’t. I was in too much of a hurry to come over. You’ve got a neat pool. Your house is pretty cool too.” I motion the girl into the house. Melissa tromps on in following me to the kitchen. “You can wait here. Go ahead and sit at the table. Give me a few minutes to put on some clothes. This isn’t the proper attire to be wearing in front of a little girl like you.”

I hear Melissa sigh. Evidently she really is eager to hit the pool. “It’s okay Mr. Winston. I don’t mind. Wear what you’ve got on. I’m a big girl.” I think it is cute. She said big girl. Heck she only comes up a little above my belly button. “I won’t get upset. Besides, you’re coming in with me aren’t you?” I give up the idea of changing. After all, she’s already seen me in what I have on. “Call me Joe. We’re having eggs, bacon, toast, and orange juice.” We eat breakfast and head for the pool.

Melissa dives in right away with me following a close second. She comes up to me in the water giving me a grabbing hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you Joe for being so sweet letting me use your pool.” I find myself hugging her back. I marvel at how warm and soft her little body is. “You’re quite welcome Melissa.”

We swim around for hours with Melissa hugging me off and on between swims. I am beginning to enjoy holding the darling little girl during the times she wants to hug me. I am also suffering from a raging hard on. Luckily, Melissa can’t see it in the water. I start getting water logged. I get out of the pool plopping in one of the recliners. To my surprise, Melissa parks herself on the one next to me. I was expecting her to continue to swim.

I scan her body. Suddenly I notice she has very pretty shapely legs. It is like I am looking at a miniature version of her Mother, only without tits. This discovery creates a problem. I begin staring at her thinking about Sherry. I am looking at little Melissa’s beautiful young body and dreaming about what I want to do with Sherry. My penis is bucking at my suit. It is so hard I think it might pop.

Melissa keeps glancing my way. It doesn’t take a genius to realize she is admiring my body. I didn’t know ten year olds would do that. It slowly becomes a staring party. Both of us are gawking at the other openly with no concern about what the other will think. I am getting more excited by the second imagining she is Sherry. I can almost feel her moist lips on mine.

Melissa is the first to break the spell. “What’s that Joe?” I tear my eyes from her pussy to see her finger pointing at my raging boner. “Never you mind what that is. You are too young for us to have a discussion about that.” Melissa sits there in contemplation for a few minutes saying nothing. Suddenly she stands up putting her hands on her hips.

“You’re not being fair Joe. I’m not all that young. Besides, I don’t tell Mom everything I do. For your information I already know what that thing there is. Of course I don’t know much else about it other than it has something to do with sex.”

“Please tell me about sex. I asked Mom about it. All she said was boys are different from girls and we’d have the talk when I turn twelve. Mom doesn’t realize how it makes me feel when my girl friends talk about sex and I don’t know anything. I’ve never actually seen a penis. I‘ve been trying to catch a glimpse of my Dad‘s.“

“He‘s always so careful and manages to cover it up before I can see anything when ever I walk in on him in the bathroom. Some of the girls at school talk about hard ons a lot. They say they peek at their little brother’s things when ever they can. I don’t have a brother, so I can’t do that. They say a guy gets that way when he’s horny. Are you horny Joe?”

I lose my tongue momentarily. Talking like that, I’d just as well level with her. Obviously she isn’t a dummy. “I shouldn’t be talking about this kind of stuff with you, but if you promise not to tell your Mom, I’ll go ahead and answer any questions you have. Yes, I am horny. What else do you want to know?”

She stands there with her hands still on her hips and turning beet red. Obviously even with her bubbling curiosity, she is still deeply embarrassed. “What is horny Joe. What does it mean when a guy gets that way?” I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with a ten year old girl. Looking at her sweet snatch poking at her bathing suit while I am talking about sex is making me dribble in my pants. To make matters worse, I am no longer thinking about Sherry while I gawk. All I can think about right now is how pretty Melissa is.

“Both girls and boys get horny. It’s when someone gets excited about sex. A guy’s dick gets hard when he sees a beautiful girl. Then he wants to fuck her. That’s another word for sex. Fucking is when a guy puts his penis in a girl’s vagina and runs it in and out until he shoots off. If a girl is laden with an egg she can get pregnant when the guy shoots off in her. Then she has a baby the same way your Mom did when she had you.” I decide I should keep it fairly simple to start out with and not get technical.

I see the wheels turning in Melissa’s head. “Let me see if I have this straight Joe. You are telling me you think I am beautiful and you want to shoot off in me so I can have a baby.” It’s my turn to get red. “No. That’s not what I’m saying at all.” Melissa interrupts me. “Yes it is. Your thing is hard. You admitted to being horny and there is no one else here other than me. Also you‘ve yet to take your eyes off of me since I came over. Let me see your thing Joe. I want to know what it looks like. If you do, I‘ll let you see mine as long as you like.”

Without a doubt, I am getting into some deep shit here. “No. You can’t see it. You are a little girl and it wouldn’t be right. I couldn’t take it out here anyway.” Melissa is unperturbed. “Joe. What we are lacking here is trust. Let me rephrase what I am asking so we can attain that trust. If you take me into the house to let me see your penis, Mom won’t know you did. If you don’t show me, Mom might just find out you did.”

I sit there in shock. Did Melissa just resort to blackmail by threatening to say I showed her my dick if I don’t show it to her? It sure sounded like she did. I also know it would be her word against mine. Unfortunately I know the way it works in court.

If she says I showed it to her and I didn’t, it’s the same thing as if she says I showed it to her and I did. Melissa could cry and make it sound like an awful thing I have done to her. I can’t do the same with my explanation of what I didn’t do. Then there would be the cost of a lawyer. I’d have to pay that, guilty or not. The child has me over a barrel. Suddenly it dawns on me. Melissa isn’t threatening to say I showed it to her at all. What she is saying is she won’t tell a soul. It certainly isn’t going to hurt anything to let her see it.

“What’s your Mom doing right now and when are you due home?” Melissa looks at me with a mischievous grin. “She’s doing laundry and cleaning the house. She won’t come over here. She doesn’t have time. I don’t have to be home until six. That gives us four hours.”

I take Melissa by the hand. “Lets go to my room. I’ll show it to you there. I’m holding you to your promise to let me see yours.” I hear a little giggle as Melissa replies. “That was the whole idea in the first place. I like it when you look at me. It makes me feel all grown up. I want you to see my pussy.”


I open the door to my bedroom. Melissa runs in looking all around at everything. I would have thought she’d be after me to show her my dick right away, but it is like she has forgotten all about it. I’m not going to rush her. “Oh, wow. You’ve got a really neat room. The bed is huge. It would swallow me up.” Melissa gallops toward the bed diving in on her back.

“This is heaven. I could lie here like this all day.” I smile. I am glad she is so happy. I am beginning to develop quite an admiration for this child. I wish I had a daughter like her. I am also eating up the opportunity to gawk at her magnificent little body. Her pussy is sucking the front of her swim suit into it every time she opens and closes her legs. Trust me, she is wearing them out with the opening and closing part.

Who would ever have known a ten year old could be this much fun. “Mom would like this.” I nearly choke on my tongue at the thought of Sherry being in my bed. Melissa lays there enjoying the comfort of my bed for nearly twenty minutes while we talk idle chatter about her friends and school. I learn a lot about her during this time.

One thing I picked up right away. She didn’t tell me so, but it is obvious. Melissa is curious about sex. She has learned a little at school, but isn’t sure what is the truth and what is made up. I will have to be careful not to hurt her feelings by refusing to show her the things I know she will want to see and I also know I can‘t show her. Yet I will also have to slowly teach her about sex to satisfy her curiosity without actually doing anything with her. I have to keep in mind she’s only ten years old.

Melissa flounces out of the bed. “Okay. Take that suit off.” I guess she didn’t forget after all. I’ve already promised to show her. My thumbs slowly find themselves sliding my trunks to my knees. They fall to the floor. I step out of them as Melissa gasps. “Wow. It’s beautiful. I never dreamed a penis would look that pretty.” Melissa turns red before shrugging her little shoulders.

“I wasn’t sure I could really do this part, but here goes.” Melissa quickly strips out of her bikini. She casually throws the bra and panties on the bed. It’s my turn to gasp. Who would have ever thought a ten year old would look this good in the buff. Her nipples are much bigger than I thought. She doesn’t have any tits, but her nipples sit out an inch from her chest. They are as hard as a rock. I reach over to the bed picking up her bra. That explains it. The bra is padded. That’s why her nipples didn’t show through the bra when it was wet.

Oddly, I finally notice her gorgeous belly button. I’ve always had a fascination with inny’s. Melissa’s goes in so deep, I can’t see the bottom of it from here. That would be a great place to stick my tongue. I cast my eyes between her legs. Her little pussy has no hair around it, yet it is poking enticingly from between her legs. I am having visions of shoving my tongue deeply inside of her. Melissa looks at me as if I am a dunce. “Well. What do you think. Am I pretty enough for you to want to fuck me?”

I take a minute to clear my head. I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear that. At the same time, she is so pretty, that is precisely what I want to do to her. I’d like to poke my lightening rod up that cute little ass of hers too. “Yes. Melissa you are very beautiful. I could stand here and gawk at you all day. No. I can’t fuck you. You are just too young.”

Surprisingly, Melissa doesn’t argue about it. She steps forward to get a closer look at my dick. “Ooooooo. It looks so smooth. I just love that neat looking patch of hair around the base of it.” Her hand goes out quickly wrapping its fingers around my rock hard shaft. “Hey. I said you could look, but that’s all I agreed to.” Melissa seemingly is ignoring what I told her.

“I’ve already got my hand on it, so it doesn’t matter now. It’s longer than I thought it would be and it’s huge. I can barely get my fingers around it. I really like this.” I don’t know why she thinks my dick is so long. I’ve only got six inches. That’s pretty much average for most guys.

Melissa must have tiny fingers too, because my rod isn’t all that thick. She’s definitely enjoying holding it. My problem is she is making me feel so, so good, especially while I am looking at her sweet bared snatch. It is all I can do to resist throwing her on the bed and stuffing myself deeply inside of her.

She starts working her hand gently up and down my shaft. “Uuumm. This is nice. I like rubbing it for you.” I am ready to explode, yet I can’t bring myself to make her quit. Suddenly I can’t take it any longer. I erupt into a wonderful orgasm. My jism is squirting all over the place. Melissa is shocked as my cum showers her chest and face.

When I finish my ejaculation, Melissa strokes me for a few more minutes until I go soft. Her hand moves to her chest. At first she tries to wipe my semen from her breasts. When she smears some across one of her nipples, she breaks out in a wide grin. Suddenly she rubs it all over her chest. “Cool. I’ve never felt anything like this before. Your juice makes me feel slick. My tits feel like they are coming alive. This is awesome. Will you let me do it again the next time I am alone with you?”

I didn’t really think it was a good idea to let a ten year old beat me off, but she already has, so it won’t make any difference now. “Sure, Baby. You can do it anytime you want to.” Melissa chuckles in glee. I notice a big gob of semen just under her nose. It is starting to run down toward her lip. I am anxious to see what she will do when it gets there. To my surprise, her tongue darts out swiping it off her lip.

She smiles longingly. “That tastes really good. Can I get all of it in my mouth next time?” I ignore that for the moment. Melissa watches in curiosity as I walk to the bathroom. I wet up a rag and return to Melissa. I wipe off her face and chest . After cleaning up her belly, I smile at her. I bend down giving sweet Melissa a quick kiss on her lips. “Don’t get carried away girl. Put your bikini back on. Its time for you to go home.” Who would have ever thought it would be so exciting watching a girl get dressed?

To be continued…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

The First Time

It all goes back, to the first time I had sex with her.

Her name was Sarah, and boy was she cute.

She was 16 at the time, and so was I.

Sarah had long brown hair, about 5'6" hazel eyes, and a chubby figure.

Her breasts were an amazing 32DD, and she knew they were nice.

We had been talking for awhile, and she had told me before that she liked me.

We started to date, go out here and there, hangout, watch movies, you know.

When ever she would come over to my house, we would always go up to my room and fool around.

It started with kissing, and slowly moved more each time.

She came over one day, and we automatically started to get in the mood.

I got on top of her, and started kissing her, while grinding my body up against hers.

She let out a soft moan of pleasure, and that told me she wanted more. So I slid my hand under her shirt,

and unclasped her bra. She pulled her shirt and bra off in one motion, letting her breasts fall free.

I took a moment, to take in the beautiful tits, that had just graced my presence.

She took my hand, and placed it on her warm soft breast, and pulled me down onto her.

As she was kissing me, I started to softly squeeze her breast, to which she had to stifle a moan from

Then i took her hard pink nipple, and started to lightly twist and play with it. She went crazy for that.

As I started to work my way down to her panties, she stopped me.

She said, "Fuck that, I want your dick inside of me." As she bit her lip.

I couldn't get my pants off fast enough.

She laid there, looking at what was now my massive throbbing dick.

In one quick motion, she pulled me back on top of her, and managed to get her pants and panties off.

Then to my surprise, she took hold of my dick, and shoved it right into her warm wet pussy.

I could feel her tighten around me, as she started to move her hips to the rhythm of my thrusts.

She started slowly, but moved harder and faster, every chance she got. Moaning uncontrollably from

As she got close to orgasm, i picked up speed. Thrusting harder and faster than I ever had before.

She started to moan louder, and lose control of her body. It was almost as though her body took control,
and started to spasm.

Right before she was about to cum, she tightened up around my cock, and started to shake.

The pleasure I felt in my cock from her tightening up, made me lose it.

I came inside of her, (She had birth control) and our bodies moved to the feel of the orgasms.

After I came, I pulled out of her, and all of a sudden, I felt a hot liquid, run all down my dick and thighs.

She was still shaking and moaning extremely loud as it happened.

I was amazed by the amount of cum that she produced from her orgasm. The bed was soaked.

When she finally regained control, she looked up at me, and said with a smile. "I didn't know I could do
that.. I'm sorry if it got on you."

I just sat there in amazement, that this girl I really liked, was able to squirt. It turned me on like nothing else.

We got dressed, and she kissed me.

I looked at the puddle she left on my bed, and looked back at her.

I said, "You know, sometime we have to do this again."

She smiled, and said, "I hope so, I want to do that to you again."

I walked her out to her car, reliving that memory the whole night.