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A Schoolboy’s Secrets – Day Eight: Back Seat Boys

Dear Diary,
God that hurt… Not just my last encounter, but a dull as hell lecture with Professor Somebody from Some University. Three endless hours on the benefits of private schooling and how it affects university life blah blah blah… I’d rather have sat through Chinese…

And now we’ve got a fucking trip about it too! As if we hadn’t got enough information from the professor, we’ve got to visit where he came from as well! Although no lessons are one thing, trailing around some university is probably just as crap…

I wasn’t in a good mood in bed that night. There wasn’t much point in Kyle coming over as usual. I just ended up ranting about the trip the next day rather than finding new ways of arousing him.

Morning came and so did a lifeline. The snow from the night before meant that the ground was buried under inches of the stuff. Thank God! It has to be called off! The coach can’t make it in this! The rest of the lads also agreed, and made plans for simply lying in all day.

“What do you mean we’re still going?”
“Now there’s no need for that Gabriel, we’ve booked everything so we’re damn well going, regardless of the weather!”
Mr. Owen gave the bad news over breakfast and this didn’t go down too well for anyone. We were all forced to go back into our rooms and “dress accordingly”. Most came down with coats and boots; I just went out in uniform! If I died of cold from this sodding trip, the school would pay! Kyle thought I was mad but there was method to my madness

The coach was loaded with 50 of the apparently “brightest” of us and a couple of teachers. Our luck was with the coach driver, who by the time we were ready to roll was facing a torrential blizzard. Everyone pretty much agreed the back was probably the safest place to be. But I got to the back seat first! With Kyle beside me all the way, how could this possibly go wrong?

3 minutes into the journey we were stuck in a traffic jam. The traffic was moving at what could only be seen as slower than the lamp posts beside it. As it was early morning, Kyle had used this opportunity to take a bit of a nap. He spread out over the empty seats next to him, and I made no attempt to hide the fact that I was lightly caressing his light brown hair. Or that his face was dangerously close to giving me a blowjob! He looked so peaceful when he shut his eyes, and so snug in his body-hugging coat. It just made me want to unzip it and join him. Stupid school, why did we have to go on this trip? I didn’t have to come out in the cold if we did… He was asleep for a stupidly long time, and I was bored just sitting there, fondling him.

Flashbacks were the only way of me entertaining myself. I gazed down the aisle and made up some kinky ways of punishing the various fitties I saw. It’s been a while since I got my whip out, maybe Ashley would benefit from a good…
A jolt and a crunch woke Kyle. The coach had hit some black ice and ended up halfway inside a black estate in front of it. Even at 5mph, it did a surprisingly large amount of damage. Obscenities came from both the coach and estate drivers. The teachers and boys rose in shock, some even got out. The lads then started to chatter excitedly about the prospect of not having to go anymore. It all got rather loud very quickly.

But we just sat at the back and let things take their course. Kyle just looked at me and we both grinned. The coach pulled to the side and then came the long waiting. Unlike everyone else, I was just sitting, with Kyle still resting on my lap:
“Have a good nap?” I asked, trying to kill the silence between us
“Yeah, wasn’t too bad. It was really odd though…”
“Dare I ask?” I grinned. I knew what he meant by odd, it was pretty much the same every night. Horny bitch…
“Well it was on this bus, weirdly…”
“You don’t have to say anymore!”
“Why not?”
“You’re so predictable! It’ll obviously involve sex in some way!”
“How’d you guess?”
“Same as it has been for weeks now!”
“True!” he giggled. He paused before I came out with:
“So why not try it?”
“You know, here and now…”
“What, where everyone can see?”
“Yeah, why not? It’s not like they’re even looking”
“But…I’m not sure”
“Look, I’m half-hard and I don’t want it to go to waste”
Kyle was completely shocked by that, and couldn’t think of anything to come back with. “Come on, just one little lick! Looks like we could be here for a while anyway!” He was still frozen in surprise, gaping at me. I took my opportunity and started to push my lips against his open mouth. He responded by nipping at mine.
“We shouldn’t…” he whispered as we started to full-on make out.
“Oh I think we should!” I said, thrusting my hands down his trousers.
“Shit! They’re so cold!” And it had an effect too. From wet dream mode, it started to firm in my hand as I pressed against him. He had to kiss me more to stop the other boys noticing his moans. He was always so sensitive down in his boxers! He decided to join me by sliding his equally cold hands down my own trousers. And I could see why he needed to hide his mouth! I almost blew him away with a melting moan. I was surprised no-one turned round, as we’d been kissing for well over 5 minutes before one of us snapped.

Kyle saw the light side and decided to go for the zipper, expertly revealing the rod he’d seen so many times before. It felt so cold and revealed with the risk of tens of eyes looking at it. But god it felt so much better in his mouth. My frantic presses at his crotch had fuelled his hormones right up, and he was sucking faster than I’d ever known him to. His eyes looked up and I melted. Pools of glowing blue shining up at me was the cutest thing ever. And that mouth, what a combination! The innocent schoolboy giving a public blowjob. This must be a dream…

But it wasn’t. If it was, no-one would have noticed. But Ashley, the one who I was fantasizing about earlier noticed all too quickly. He caught a glance whilst turning round to his friend and:
“Oh my God!” he pointed at us, and that attracted more attention. Soon, almost half the bus was watching us. But still Kyle carried on. He never even slowed down, despite the twenty-odd eyes staring at his back. I was fast approaching orgasm, but the huge amount of jeering and shouting made me panic. I’d never been caught on such a scale; it should have made me feel naughty, but instead…more…frightened… My erection started to flop, which made Kyle notice. It was all going wrong around me. Boys were shouting, some of them being really insulting, Kyle started to get scared too. He got back on the seat and started to hold me, tight.
“Well…” I could barely hear him say. “What now?”
“I…” I stammered back “I…guess this is not much use now…” I started to put my trousers back on.
“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” a voice tore through the shouts. A tall blond boy who I recognised from the rugby club stood up. His appearance did seem to shut everyone up. But what the fuck was he going to do… “Before you put that away…” he said, oddly.
“What you gonna do Ricky? Fuck him?” Ashley laughed from behind him. The others laughed with him until they got as a response:
Stunned silence. Blissful silence. I grinned. Ricky grinned. Even Kyle grinned.
“So Kyle, am I allowed to?”
“You can ride it as hard as you like!” Not the response I expected. But to be honest, I’d do anything to shoot my load! As Ricky got his trousers and boxers undone, to the sound of boys egging him on, he whispered in my ear:
“I hope you enjoy fucking me. I hear my ass is really tight and sensitive” A pulse ran through my cock and it was suddenly alive again. With an expert hand, he steered my rod right into his entrance. It wasn’t even in and he was moaning. He was right on the sensitivity side. But what about the tight bit?

His buttocks were smoothly round, a perfect fit. He slid ever further down my thick rod, squeezing it tight. He was practically screaming by the time he fell down onto me. And I was too. The rugby training really had paid off with this guy. His ass was great to squeeze, and he loved it every time I did! But it was even better inside. My dick felt so comfy and warm stuck right up there. I never knew he was such a cock-lover. Look at him! Bouncing up and down like he’s on a fucking trampoline! Fuck, I want his shirt off so badly… If there was one person who was enjoying it more than us though, it had to be Kyle. By now, he was jacking off so madly, his hand was a blur!

At exactly the same time, we all let go. Kyle first splashed all over Ricky’s thighs, which had a great effect. His hole contracted as he shot out four wonderful and long loads. But his ecstatic groans couldn’t be heard over the still mad chanting of the audience. I was then squeezed into my own exhausting climax as Ricky departed and collapsed on the seat next to me. All three of our loads mixed on my waist as we all gasped for breath.

We weren’t the only ones. All the boys suddenly snapped back around in their seats. It was a good thing that we all let go at the same time. Everyone except us three sat in silence, and shock hit me hard. Standing in front of me down the aisle was an open-mouthed Mr. Harvey, the exact same guy who had tried to get rid of me since he caught me fucking Nathan. I couldn’t believe it was him. How had he got on this trip?

I quickly got my trousers back up before he screeched:
“GABRIEL WILLIAMS! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” He stormed up the aisle, towering over our whimpering bodies. Ricky and Kyle followed suit and hid their dripping rods. “From what I see, this looks like you’ve been up to your old games again!”
“There’s no need for words Williams! You can keep your mouth shut!” he was going red in the face at that. Best to keep quiet then…
“In fact, as senior leader on this trip, I can do what I damn well please!” Oh no… “Not even sucking up to Mr. Owen will get you out of this one!”
“Please sir…”

older brother discipline fiction

At the Races

Sitting in his chair, sipping at his tea, he flicked idly over the album. It was times like this which he loved. The afternoon sun cast a mellow light onto the dusty photos lying in his lap. He smiled; his childhood was always so much fun. And it was even better to look back on!
One photo stood out for him though. The grainy family photo at the horse race. He couldn’t remember this one before. How could he even forget that day? Looking into his own eyes, he remembered the time the family went to Saratoga. Oh, how much had changed since then. He was fitter, smarter, and more handsome; and yet in the photo, so anonymous. His sisters all bore huge white grins; merely a smile was on his face.
He grinned at his own adolescent misery. He closed his eyes and dreamed of that day…

A bright August day, perfect for taking the family up to Saratoga and watch the races. Not the ideal weekend for Peter Corbin. He’d rather not have the fuss of actually doing something on a Saturday. After the aching car journey, he was glad to get out. But as usual, his mum would have something to say.

“Now, be good! All of you!” she would say everywhere they went. The four of them would usual charge off at this point, hurtling straight for the sea or the roller coaster. But only the three girls ran off in a squeal of excitement. Peter was just left to mope around his mother, hands in his pockets kicking at the gravel.
“What’s up Peter? We’ve not come all this way for you to look miserable!”
“Why have we come here? It’s so boring here!”
“Nonsense; your sisters have dreamed of coming up here! Now perk up, we’re in the upper classes now! Don’t want you giving the wrong impression!” She took her bonnet from the back seats and toddled off towards the hoards of people dressed in white dresses and black suits, bearing hats and umbrellas.
It all just seemed too ridiculous for Peter. Why had his mother always tried her best to try and “fit in with the upper classes”? And why had his sisters all been so desperate to follow her? Peter just slumped against the side of the car, where gentlemen strode past him and sniggered pompously at the urchin.

The rest of his family meanwhile had made quick amends with trying to “fit in”. His sisters were giggling over the wide range of horses and their impressive jockeys on show. Mother had joined in a conversation possibly involving weather and the cheese at lunch. They all laughed heartily with the anonymous snobs around them. What made things worse was the fact that none of them bore the strains of a 3 hour car journey that was written all over Peter’s face.

Peter had had enough of lazing around the car and decided to wander himself. He dare not look at the towering snobs walking past him, in case their voiced their impression of a teenage boy dressed in merely a T-Shirt and jeans. The ground was exquisitely kept, the lawns a lush green and the paths a perfect white gravel. Not a blade or stone was out of place. The various wooden stands and tables outside the restaurant were illuminated in the warm morning glow. At least his eyes were alive with the sight, unlike his dead brain with the bore. As he made his way to the white fencing by the track, his mother grabbed him by the shoulder:
“Come on Peter! This gentleman has offered to take a photo for our albums back home!” In less than 5 seconds, the family went from giggles to pose to laughing at the end, and Peter barely had time to react. The man behind the camera was a tall, dark haired man in a black suit and top hat. Very much the “Bond-like man” his mother had liked.

“Thank you very much!” she smiled to take the camera back
“My pleasure!” he smiled back, and Mother giggled.
“Peter, this is Quentin, we’ve just been talking to him earlier!”
“Nice to meet you old chap!” he held out a hand which Peter shook.
“Is he our new daddy?” Peter smirked in his mother’s ear. He could tell that got to her by the way she flinched as he said it.
“Now, Peter, we’ll be watching the 3:00 race as Quentin has a horse running then! Would you care to join us?”
“Sure, why not?”
“Splendid!” Quentin replied. “We’ll meet you by the bar just before!” he smiled. “Say, why don’t you go find my son, Stephen? He’s just by the stables watching our horse!” Number 3, can’t miss it, she’s a beauty!” He grinned and walked off. The girls giggled and followed on, probably lured by his teeth Peter thought.
He was glad to see that back of them. It made him cringe every time his mother tried to find a new bloke that was way out of her league. And his sisters were just pathetic anyway, giggling at anything said by any man at anytime.

And as for his son, what would he be like? The same pompous git that all the rest of the men were like here? At least Peter would get to spend time with someone of his own age. He decided there was no point not trying. Which was it, number three?

Down a small passageway, Peter found the row of stables and saw the outline of a teenage boy against the glare of the sun. He was leaning next to the open door of stable number 4. Once the sun dipped behind the tall wooden building Peter was able to see the boy more clearly; and the sight took his breath away!
Sure, Stephen was just like his father, dressed in a smart black suit and a top hat; but he was at least a much nicer person to look at. Just about his height, he had streaks of dark blonde hair waving across his face. Deep dark blue eyes set in the creamiest of slender face were staring back at him. Peter’s lips went dry as he was now within touching distance.

“Erm…hi!” Stephen opened his mouth to let out his perfect voice. Not snobby, not boring, just right to make your knees wobble.
“Hi…” Peter said before he realised
“You lost?”
“No, I… I was told to find you. I… I know your dad you see…”
“Oh do you now. I’m sorry for you…”
“The stuck-up git’s probably trying to woo some lady into letting him show her his horse. Or at least that what he says! Every time we come to the races he always ends up sleeping with a stranger. And he always leaves me bored and alone! God I hate him!” he worked up such a frenzy ranting about his apparently “stuck-up” father, that Peter had lost the idea he was even upper class. He was turning into an average boy just like him. “I’m sorry, I’m hurling all my troubles at you and I’ve only just met you!”
“No, it’s no problem!” Peter said. He joined him against the wall. “I don’t even have a father…”
“Oh, I’m sorry…”
“It’s OK; I was too young to remember him anyway”
“That’s awful!”
“Yeah…” Peter said softly. We’re even now, two strangers knowing two secrets. “So, you ride?”
“Yes, but only when father makes me.”
“Mmm, I can tell” Peter said looking down at Stephen’s shirt. After a pause Stephen replied:
“To be honest I can’t be bothered, I get enough mockery at school what with…er…”
“Well it’s just not manly is it? Cantering around all afternoon on a horse…”
“It does your body a world of good though!”
“Yes I know but… what?”
“I said it does your body a world of good!” Peter couldn’t resist anymore, he was bored for the day anyway. Stephen seemed almost baffled by what Peter had said. He just gaped; pink lips wide open at him. After a short while he closed them again and took a deep breath. He’d made his decision.

“You fancy a closer look?” he looked at Peter, biting his lips. At this point, Peter’s eyes went into hyperactivity. They kept switching from the eyes that were gazing straight at him to the plump pink lips of the stable-boy to the covered body that would almost certainly be his prize. Stephen didn’t even let him answer. He wrapped his arms around Peter’s waist and pulled hard.

The effect was mind-boggling. Peter’s lips were cushioned by the drooling lips of Stephen, which then enveloped his in a hard kiss. The pair of lips then crashed again and again in loops of firm kisses. Slowly Peter’s hands plucked up courage to rest on Stephen’s pulsating body. But just as they were about to feel Stephen’s abdomen, the kiss was broken.

“Oh, how rude of me!” Stephen exclaimed “I’m Stephen by the way, who are you?”
“Nice to meet you Peter! Brace yourself!”
“What?” Peter was then thrown right inside stable 3, which was thankfully clean. A huge mass of hay caught Peter, who sat up to see Stephen heave the doors closed. It was just the two of them now in a dark stable, what could they possibly do?

Stephen then jumped down next to Peter, who ravaged at him instantly. Pushing his shoulders deeper into the hay, Stephen could do little to resist the power of this latest burst of lust. Peter literally covered the helpless stable-boy with his passionate kisses. Stephen just laughed ecstatically as Peter started unbuttoning the shirt and coating every inch of it with nips and licks. When he was caught off guard, Stephen returned the favour and planted Peter into the haystack.

Stephen, kneeling dominant over Peter, tore off his shirt and revealed what Peter was longing for. The face may have been a typical teenager, but the body was one of a professional athlete. Never before had Peter seen such physical beauty, such well defined muscles, and such an arousing build.

Stephen then threw his new exposed flesh over Peter. Oh and how warm it was too! Stephen playfully tugged at Peter’s T-shirt in an attempt to see some new flesh of his own. Peter grinned and moaned as he started to pull up the end of his shirt and place hot kisses around his waist. Obediently, Peter removed the clothing and let Stephen play more. Stephen was clearly in better shape, but he loved Peter’s body as if it were better than his own! Peter couldn’t control himself letting out moans and childish giggles and the tantalising tongue caressed his body. After letting Stephen play, he could take no more. He through Stephen back to his original position and let loose his next act.

Although his body was hard to resist, what must have been stored in his trousers must have been twice as hot. He made light work of the zipper and found the result in no time at all. Being handled for the first time by cold hands seemed to have effect on Stephen, for precum was spurting out endlessly. Peter couldn’t control himself and licked it all right up. He made sure to be as tentative with his tongue as possible to make Stephen ooze out more of the sticky sweetness.

Stephen was lost for words, even his top hat couldn’t muffle out the loud groans he was emitting. Peter loved the sounds he was making though; his voice was just right for the orgasmic screaming type. He was just about to go in for a huge swallow of the thick rod when a voice boomed out over the loudspeakers:
“Ladies and gentlemen, the action will commence in 5 minutes!”

Peter and Stephen exchanged dirty looks. They both giggled and Peter dived in for a full-on suck. Stephen squealed in delight, urging him on for more. Peter was exceptionally good for his age and experience, and Stephen would bare testament to that! Up and down he went; thrusting his head like his life depended on it. The taste was so good, and it never stopped at the rate Stephen was going.
Stephen was pulled right to the brink of ecstasy before he gave in. He pulled the drooling Peter up so he was lying next to him. The time came for his revenge! Removing the denim from Peter, he grasped his round buttocks in his hands. With Stephen’s breath down his neck and fingers dangerously close to his entrance, Peter was close to letting go there and then. Peter was then vigorously flipped over and Stephen braced himself for the boarding.

“They’re lining up at the start line” Stephen’s bulging head was poised, waiting for the opportune moment, when Peter couldn’t bear the wait any longer.

“And they’re off!” In one swift manoeuvre, Stephen pounced and thrusted hard up into Peter. In response, Peter screamed in joy, and pulled at Stephen buttocks, enticing him to go deeper and take more. So he did, with amazing effect. The sensation in between his legs completely overcame Peter, and he found his hips wanted to swallow up more. Back-thrusting soon led to invites of more pounding from Stephen; who by the way seemed to really be getting in his stride. Forget legs of a jockey, this boy had moves that could out run a stallion!

“Look at them go! Their legs are literally pounding against the ground!” They giggled once more at the amply timed loudspeaker. Thankfully, the cheers from the crowd just managed to overcome the mass of squeals and gasps. They both loved it, even in the prickly bed of hay; the sensations were completely mind blowing.
After an age of tireless thrusting, Stephen could take the tightness no longer. He dislodged himself from Peter in a frantic series of moaning; and Peter knew what was coming next. Quickly, his mouth was at the head of Stephen, begging to be filled once again.

“And they’re approaching the finish now!” With one last shrill squeak, Stephen let go, emitting a vast wave of semen, drenching Peter’s unexpecting face.

“And the winner is, Blind Eye!” Peter laughed as he wiped the sperm from his eyes and placing it straight into his mouth. Stephen joined in the laughter too, after he’d got rid of every last drop onto Peter’s lips. Once Peter had licked as much as he could off his lips, Stephen thought he’d lend a helping hand in tidying up his face! The muscular stable-boy once again planted Peter straight into the hay bale, and the two kissed long on into the evening sunset.