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R1 – Rachel: Fire and Innocence – Intro

Rachel: Fire and Innocence – Intro

By billy69boy

When Harry picked me up the following Saturday afternoon, he seemed downright jolly, and even more animated than usual. He told me he was excited to have his niece Rachel for the weekend, after not seeing her for two years.

I interrupted him at that point to tell him I had permission to sleep over night at a friend’s house, so he could have me until Sunday night if he wanted. This seemed to please him, and he smiled widely, nodded his head, and winked at me.

Harry went on to explain that Rachel had lived with him for over a year, when she was 11. Rachel’s dad died when she was 2, and her mother (Harry’s sister) became gravely ill when Rachel was 10. Rachel had come to live with Uncle Harry while her mother recovered and convalesced.

He began taking photographs of her almost every day. Even at 11 years old, she had a magical quality about her that had beautifully blossomed since then. Harry spoke of her almost reverently, like he was in the presence of a Goddess. Rachel became very comfortable in front of Uncle Harry’s camera, and she looked forward to their now almost daily photo shoots after supper each night.

Rachel was open to just about any suggestions that her beloved Uncle Harry could come up with, and Harry was very creative, as usual. She was so open minded and trusting, that she quickly became enmeshed in Uncle Harry’s fantasy world. Besides her being introduced to an entire world of deviant sex, she actually became quite a poised model. In fact, he said, they just finished up a photo session right before he came to pick me up. He told me she was still in her make-up and dress from the shoot, and she was looking better than he had ever remembered.

As we entered Harry’s apartment, he introduced me to Rachel, and I uttered a weak hello in her direction, as I busied myself with taking off my winter coat. As Harry walked our coats to the closet, I turned toward Rachel, and my jaw dropped down to my chest. She was sitting on the couch with her legs folded sideways in front of her body. Her slinky black dress had ridden up her bare thigh and up over her more than ample ass cheek, revealing her smooth pink pussy peeking out behind her legs.

I was immediately and literally dumbstruck. My eyes were as big as saucers. Then, it got worse. Once I was able to pry my eyes away from her exposed girl parts, I took in the view of her face and head. She had the most angelic face. Her big blue eyes were set apart slightly, her nose was perfect, and she was smiling at me brightly with her full lips and her flawless teeth. I could tell her features were accented with makeup, but it was subtle and understated.

Her hair was light brown, long, and flowing over her shoulders. To add insult to injury, as they say, she wore a gold ribbon in her hair. It kind of symbolized her standing as Miss Queen Beautiful.

As my stunned eyes surveyed the rest of her body, I just shook my head in awe. She was tall and slender, with medium sized breasts, and a skinny little waist that gave way to full hips, and a tight, round ass. Her thin, smooth legs went on forever, culminating in a pair of black spiked heels.

I was confused, though. I had a hard time reconciling the fact that, from the neck up she looked like a ten year old cherub, but from the neck down, she could easily pass for twenty. I envisioned myself kneeling in front of her, bowing down, and humbly taking her delicate feet in my hands and kissing them, first one then the other. I might have actually done it, if only I could have moved from my chair. So, now I was not only speechless, but catatonic as well. What a great first impression.

I was temporarily saved from further awkwardness when Harry came into the living room with a bottle of champagne and three glasses. He bent over and kissed Rachel on the lips, and sat down on the couch beside her. As he went about opening the bottle, he proudly bragged on his niece, and called her his little treasure. Rachel expressed how good it was to be there, after not seeing Uncle Harry for so long. She paused, looked up at the ceiling, and smiled broadly as she recalled some past memories, and quietly mumbled something about “those parties”. I could see that she was beginning to blush.

I sat back in my chair, sipping champagne, and I listened to Harry and Rachel reminisce about their times together. It was obvious there was real love and affection, mutually felt. I had a thousand thoughts racing through my head. When Rachel muttered about “those parties”, was she referring to the type of party I attended last weekend? It boggled my already fragile senses.

I also had a strange feeling that I had seen her somewhere before. Obviously, I had never met her in real life, because I’m positive I would have remembered her. I watched Rachel as she swung her legs down off the sofa, and slumped back into the cushions. She hooked her spiked heels on the edge of the coffee table, and she shimmied her body down towards her feet until she was comfortable. At least that made one of us. I felt like I should grab my eyeballs and put them back in their sockets before they popped out completely and dropped on the floor. Her sheer black mini dress was now almost up to her waist, concealing nothing. Even though her legs were closed, I now had a full view up and down the total length of her legs, and there was that little pink pussy winking at me from underneath her legs. I gulped down the last of my champagne, and held my glass out for Harry to refill it. As I settled back down to listen to more stories, I could feel my pulse rate slow somewhat, and I began to feel a little more functional. The feeling didn’t last long. I felt both sets of their eyes on me at once. Uncle Harry nodded towards me and told Rachel that I was the young man he was telling her about. She smiled approvingly, and agreed that I was as cute as Uncle Harry said I was.
I could feel my face redden when I felt the spotlight on me. I smiled sheepishly. Rachel asked me what I did with my time when I wasn’t in school, and I managed to squeak out something about working at the supermarket in the evenings. Emboldened, I returned her gesture at small talk by asking her where she was for the two years she didn’t see Harry. As Harry beamed and stuck out his chest, Rachel told me that she had been all around the world. Doing what? I blurted out. Oh, modeling, of course, she replied nonchalantly.

Harry couldn’t hold back at that point, and took over the story from there. It seemed that, when Rachel lived with him, Harry put together a pretty decent portfolio of his best photographs of her and sent them out to several modeling agencies. Within weeks, he was getting calls about her, and soon they were off to New York City. Rachel wowed the agency people, and she breezed through her auditions. She had bookings lined up by the dozens, and off she went. Harry couldn’t leave his work, so he hired a matronly woman recommended by the agency to be Rachel’s temporary guardian and tutor.

Rachel modeled fashions in L.A., Paris, London, you name it. She made it onto the covers of Seventeen, Elle, and appeared on last month’s edition of Glamour. Then it hit me. I remembered my eyes catching sight of a magnificent, chaste, innocent face on one of the magazine covers on the rack by the checkout line at the supermarket where I worked. I was busy at the time, and had just caught a glimpse of her face. I had made a mental note to go back and check her out later, which I never did. I recalled the bold orange lettering above her head that read GLAMOUR. Needless to say, I was dumbstruck all over again.

Here I was sitting in the same room with a half naked cover girl model, and I was paralyzed. I had never even tried to talk with any of the cute girls at my school, much less dated anyone yet. I was in awe of beautiful young girls, and now I was close enough to one that I could have reached out and touched her, if I could have moved. Luckily, Harry came to my rescue once again.

He explained that his daily photo shoots with her started to get kind of stale, and they thought of ways to spice things up a little. Rachel was completely uninhibited around her uncle, and it seemed natural that she would suggest she take her clothes off for his camera. Uncle Harry went with it, naturally, and soon they took all the nude shots they could think of, in all the poses possible, with all the props imaginable. That’s where the toys came in. Once he introduced Rachel to all the multitudes of sex toys available, they took their photo sessions to a whole new level. Rachel took to the sex toys like they were Barbie dolls. She was anxious to try them all, and Uncle Harry generously obliged.

When they finally tired of each other, Uncle Harry suggested it might be fun if he invited some of his photography buddies over, and they could have a group photo session. It would give her some idea of what it would be like if she was a glamour model. Rachel enthusiastically agreed, and thus began the first of Harry’s famous parties.

So, my nastiest thoughts had been confirmed. Rachel not only attended the same type of Harry’s parties that I did, but she also starred in the very first one. The realization completely boggled my mind. An infinite number of possibilities competed for space in my overwhelmed brain, and finally I just shook my head quickly in an attempt to clear my head. It was a nice idea, but what happened next just blew my gray matter to smithereens.

I heard Harry ask Rachel if she wanted to show me some of her goodness that made her famous. She giggled as she stood up facing me. Harry turned her around, then, he dragged the coffee table away, and he told me to pull my chair up closer to the sofa. As I maneuvered my chair closer, Rachel bent over and put her hands on the seat of the sofa. I slumped hard into my chair like a rag doll, as I watched Harry slip her dress up to her waist, and start rubbing her wiggling ass with both hands. Rachel threw her hair back and let out a low moan. I was a complete puddle, and I felt a rush of electricity go up my spine and appear to streak out the top of my head.

Rachel had the most beautiful round ass I had ever seen in all the naked porn pictures in my life. Her pussy lips jutted out from under her legs, and it was as pink and pure as the day she was born. The only hair anywhere on her whole body was her eyebrows, and the hair on the top of her head. I gasped as I watched Harry coax her legs farther apart, and immediately stick two of his meaty fingers right up inside her eager pussy. Rachel moaned again, and pressed her undulating ass cheeks against his hand. As Harry massaged the inner walls of her glistening pussy, I could feel myself getting light-headed, and my breathing grew heavy.

Harry turned toward me, and asked me if I’d like to feel Rachel’s tight little ass. Of course I did, I thought to myself, and I would surely do so, if I hadn’t passed out and fell sideways off my chair and onto the floor in a pitiful heap.


Me and my friend Jerry were out driving looking for a young girl about nine or ten years old that we could abduct and rape. We saw a young girl walking to school and we just knew that she was the one we were going to rape and torture.
At the time we decided we were going to rape her, Susan had turned nine. She was a small girl, slim with a pretty face and small budding breasts. Her eyes were blue, her skin creamy white and her hair was blonde and long.
My friend Jerry had raped young girls before but after he had abducted a young girl and tied her up, he then raped and tortured her before snuffing her.
We decided that after we had abducted Susan tied her up and gagged her we would then take her somewhere quiet to rape and torture her, then when we got tired of raping and torturing her we would kill her. Jerry said he'd do it if I couldn't. First thing we did was get a van. I provided rope a ball-gag some needles and a camera. Jerry added handcuffs a knife and a gun. Now we just needed a place to take her. Jerry took care of that. His brother owned a cabin that was only used in the winter. It hadn't really been used in a while, so we went up there and got it set up for Susan's torture and rape. While we were there, Jerry went out into the woods with a shovel to dig her grave.
Now all we needed was little Susan. I wanted to rape her and torture her so much I was trembling with excitement. We spent the day looking for the little cunt but didn't see her. So I jacked off thinking about all the things I was going to do to the bitch. Next day, we tried again and luck was smiling on us. She was all alone waiting for the school bus. She had on a white shirt and a short grey skirt. There was nobody around to see us abduct her. I got my hard cock out knowing that soon it would be shooting spunk up her little cunt and in her sexy little mouth.
Jerry stopped right next to her. I jumped out and quickly put my hand over her mouth and dragged her into the back of our van. It felt wonderful feeling her soft lips against my palm. Holding her like that I shut the door and pushed her into the back seat with me.
We took off for the cabin. I wondered what she was thinking, having been snatched off the street and sitting in a car with two strange men, one of who had got his rock hard cock out and was pushing it against her. She was helpless to do anything. She started to cry when I handcuffed her hands behind her back. Her eyes were wide with fear and she was shaking with terror when I tied her sexy feet together then ball-gagged her. I pulled her shoes and socks off so I could look at her toes they were so pretty and her skin was baby soft and smooth. Seeing the look of fear in her eyes I took a picture of her. She began to struggle when I pulled her panties down and started to finger her little cunt. "We're going to hurt you bitch," I told her. "We're going to do things to you and it will hurt you and you will be in a lot of pain but it’ll make our cocks feel really good. We are going to rape you and torture you and when we have finished with you we are going to kill you."
She didn't hear it, I don't think, because she just kept sobbing. I liked seeing her cry. I liked making her cry. She looked so sexy bound and gagged, her little body was mine to do with what I wanted. I put my hand over her mouth and against her nose, making her struggle for air. Laughing, I pushed her down on the seat and pushed my hard naked cock against her. She was hysterical by the time we got to the cabin. I untied her ankles and we dragged her out of the van and forced her stumbling into the house. Pushing her into a chair I retied her ankles.
I took out her ball-gag, "What's your name cunt and how old are you".
She was so terrified of us she could only whisper, "My name is Susan and I am nine-years-old, Please don't hurt me, Please let me go home".
It got me really turned on seeing this little girl sitting there bound and so helpless crying and pleading with us not to hurt her, so I took some pictures. She was looking at my hard cock standing proud, then at Jerry‘s hard cock also standing proud. This was so sexy! I was going to send some copies of the pictures to her mother. My cock was on fire for her. This is great. I'd dreamed of raping little girls before, but it was never this good! When we kill her, I said, “I want to do it."
"OK, but make sure you are cumming in her mouth her ass or her cunt when you kill her. It's a real fucking turn-on. So what do you want to do to her first?"
"Stick needles in her tits and nipples, I want to make this fucking little bitch scream".
"Yeah. Me too." We stroked our hard throbbing cocks, while the little bitch sat looking at us in sheer terror, sobbing, whimpering and pleading with us not to hurt her and let her go.
I turned the camera on in the bedroom to take pictures of what we did to her. I untied Susan's ankles and we dragged her into the bedroom and threw her down on the bed. "This is it you little cunt, this is where you get raped and tortured”. Jerry had a long fat cock like me and the thought of seeing that in her little cunt really turned me on. I pulled her skirt off then her little pink panties. Seeing her bald little cunt just made me want to fuck her right then. Susan was shaking her head and trying to get away. Jerry ripped her shirt off. Her nipples were small but we would soon be torturing them and her slut tits. Taking three long thin needles each, we pushed them into her nipples, enjoying her screams which were so loud we had to ball-gag her. I pushed her legs up so they were bent and put my head between her legs biting her soft labia lips. Now I was ready to fuck her. Moving up between her legs I worked the head of my cock into her little slit. She didn't react at first but then she started to sob again as I pushed my cock further in her. I pushed in until I hit her hymen and she started to moan with the pain. I was rock hard and her tight pussy was almost making me cum. Jerry put more needles into her nipples and tits. I pushed slowly stretching her hymen enjoying the fact that it hurt her. Her whole body went rigid when I buried my cock deep inside her. She was thrashing about on the bed trying to push me off. I fucked her in short strokes making it last and causing her more pain. Watching her wriggle her cuffed hands under her, her lips drawing back over the ball gag in her mouth was making me come faster. It was the best fuck I'd ever had. I didn't stop pumping until I had filled her little cunt with my spunk. I pulled out rubbing the head of my cock all around her little slit. She was flushed red, sweating and crying. I pushed more needles into her nipples and tits making her jump with the pain while Jerry fucked her cunt. I liked watching his huge cock go in and out of her tiny cunt. "Fuck her, Jerry! Fuck her hard! Fuck her real good!” I cheered.
I continued sticking more needles into her tits and nipples. She was screaming and crying with the pain and she was getting exhausted with all her struggles to get free. Too bad, because we were not finished with her yet.
Jerry fucked her for a long time while Susan just kept sobbing as finally he shot his spunk deep inside her womb. Grinning at her he said "She likes being fucked". Jerry pulled his cock out, it was dripping with both of our spunk. He took out her gag and pushed the head of his cock into her mouth. "Suck it like a lollipop Susan and we will let you go if you swallow all my spunk." He winked at me. I saw her lips start to suck. "Yeah, that's a good little slut. Susan sucked his cock harder then she started gagging as her mouth was filled with his hot spunk. She had no choice but to swallow his man seed. Then he pulled out. "All yours." He said.
“OK Susan you little slut, you now have to suck my cock and swallow my spunk as well if you want to live”. I put my cock in her mouth as far as it would go. She sucked it like her life depended on it. Watching her suck my cock was too much and I was soon shooting my spunk deep inside her mouth. She choked and gagged but the little bitch swallowed it all. Jerry rolled her over, pushing her legs under her so her ass was raised up. I thought he was going to fuck her ass, but he was just wanted to fuck her doggie style. Her cuffed hands twisted against her back as he entered her. She whimpered and cried the whole time she was being fucked. Jerry pulled out before cumming. I lay down and pulled Susan onto me so that she was straddling me. I guided her down onto my cock and fucked her, while Jerry made her suck him off again. When both of us had shot our loads into her I shoved her down onto her back. Her tear stained young innocent face looked terrified.
"So how are we going to kill her?” I asked Jerry.
Her eyes got wide with horror and she turned pale, her body shaking in terror pleading with us not to kill her.
"Lets shoot her" he said.
"No that's to quick for this little cunt. I think we should cut her tits off, I want this little cunt to die slowly and in pain". I said.
"Nah, too messy", Jerry said.
“OK, then we will kill her slowly with the rope and while she is gasping for breath I am going to cut her nipples off, I want this little cunt to suffer and die slowly” I said.
"OK lets do it. Lets kill the little bitch".
I picked up the coil of rope I'd used to tie her ankles.
Jerry hauled her off the bed and we dragged her with her hands still cuffed behind her back struggling, screaming and crying and pleading with us not to kill her out of the cabin. We forced her into the woods but she didn't want to go. She struggled so much we had to slap her face several times. We stopped by her grave. “This is where you are going to die you little slut this is where we are going to hang you”….. I shoved her up against a tree. She looked so terrified as I took the noose and put it around her neck and threw the other end over a branch. I fucked her little cunt again, harder than ever making her cry with the pain. When I was ready to cum I pulled the rope tight and Susan was lifted up in the air so that her toes were off the floor. I shot my spunk deep inside her little cunt and as she was slowly strangled I got my knife and sliced her nipples off. Jerry was right. It was the best fuck I had ever had. She was gasping for breath when I let her down and hogtied her. I bent her legs back and tied her ankles to her wrists and then her noose to her ankles but left a little slack. We watched her bleed and struggle to get loose so we laughed and pissed on her face and took more photos. Very slowly as she grew tired with all her struggling her legs began to pull the noose tighter around her neck and slowly she died. I took more photos and then we dumped her in her grave and buried her.

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