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Raising Chelsea

Raising Chelsea

Chelsea’s mother died of breast cancer when Chelsea was eight, and I was left to raise her on my own. Fortunately, her mother and I were both working professionals; she had been in real estate and I was an architect, and we had been able to spend a great deal of time at home raising our daughter. She was the spitting image of her mother, with bright strawberry blond hair and just a very light dusting of freckles on her nose. She was extremely smart and tested almost off the charts on intelligence tests.

When she was a baby, we took turns taking care of her such as changing diapers, bathing and powdering her and reading her stories. At about five or six years old, she started taking baths by herself, but about once a week, her mother would sit with her; sometimes bathing her, but mostly just talking. A few weeks after this ritual started. Chelsea asked her mother if I didn’t love her anymore. Her mom was shocked by this question and assured her I loved her very much, so Chelsea asked why I never gave her a bath and talked with her; after all, she related, she had things she only wanted to talk to dad about! So the next week, I gave Chelsea her “bath”; there was absolutely nothing erotic or sexual about it, and Chelsea really didn’t have anything earth shattering to discuss with me, but we talked and she giggled and it was a fun evening.

After her mother passed, I didn’t bath Chelsea for a couple of weeks; she took her own bath, but she acted very depressed and unhappy, but I didn’t realize what was wrong. Finally, after the third time I asked her what was wrong, she told me it was because I hadn’t given her her bath, and we didn’t “talk” anymore! Of course we talked all the time, but she apparently felt the baths were the only time we “really” talked. So the next weekend, I resumed the bathing ritual. I even fancied it up by lighting a candle or two, feeding her grapes and warming her towel in the clothes dryer before she got out. After a few weeks, I bought some bath oil and bath bubbles to put in the water, occasionally. We talked about a lot of things; originally, about her mom and how much we both missed her, but as the pain died away, she told me all about school, about the boys that were such jerks, the girls who were very silly, and other things that pre-teens like to talk about. Occasionally, she would ask me something very adult or serious and we would have a serious conversation.

One such question had to do with sex and babies. She already knew (from her mother, I think) that a boy put his “thing” into a girl’s “thing” and she got pregnant and had a baby. She wanted to know if I had put my thing into mommy’s thing and mommy got pregnant and Chelsea was born. How and where this question came from, I’ll never know, but I told her in adult terms; yes, I had put my penis in mommy’s vagina, mommy had gotten pregnant and Chelsea was our beautiful baby daughter. I didn’t tell her that her mother had an extremely difficult pregnancy and as a result, we had decided Chelsea would be an only child.

When Chelsea was about six, her mother had observed her rubbing herself on her vaginal area, so during their weekly bath discussions, her mom had told her that stimulating herself in that way was OK, but that she should only do it in private and not where others could see her. They talked a long time about this, with her mother trying to explain the “why” and “why nots” to a curious and precocious little girl. Later on, her mother told me all about it and we had a good chuckle. Childhood masturbation is normal, we both knew, and as long as it remained private, we saw no harm. Lord knows, her mother and I were extremely sexual people ourselves and enjoyed masturbatory games as a regular part of our sex life.

After my wife died, I kind of lost interest in sex and didn’t date anyone; mainly because I was too busy raising Chelsea and because I worked a great deal out of my home office, I didn’t have the opportunity to meet women. When Chelsea was ten, during one of our bathing rituals (which I had tried to stop, but Chelsea insisted), she asked me about touching herself “down there”. I asked what her mother had told her. She repeated what her mother said, and I assured her it was “normal”, but should be kept private. I started to drop it, but then asked her if she was still doing it and if it felt good. She told me she did it “once in awhile” and it felt OK, but she thought something was “wrong” because she never felt like it was at the “end”. I told her that when she was older, her body would fix that problem and not to worry about it and we didn’t talk about it anymore.

Chelsea started to have periods when she was twelve, and with help from the school nurse, I was able to buy the right sanitary pads and small Tampons, and the nurse explained to Chelsea what was happening and how to use the new items. She was bleeding lightly during one of her baths, and we discussed her periods and her body changes (not too graphically, but enough that she understood) and that was about the end of it. At no time, during these years, did I thing of Chelsea in a sexual way. Yes, she was very cute and very smart, but my mind was simply turned off about sex.

Then one day a year or so later, I walked past her room and the door was open about a third of the way. Chelsea was lying astraddle one of her pillows and was humping away as hard and fast as she could go. She was wearing little white panties with pink polka dots and a tee shirt that was pulled up around her middle. I heard her grunting, moaning and whispering something into the pillow, but I couldn’t make out any words. Then, her body stiffened and she ground as hard as she could into the pillow and it was obvious she was in the throes of orgasm. I watched as she stiffened and arched four or five times and then began to relax. I quickly stepped away from the open door, and slipped down to my room and into my bathroom. I was almost ashamed that I had stood and watched my daughter cum, but the erection in my pants was as hard as I’ve ever been, and I needed relief in the worst way. I stood over the sink and stroked my throbbing cock fast and hard and in less than a minute, I shot a stream of jism into the wash basin and onto the back of the sink and onto the lower part of the mirror. It was the hardest orgasm I had had in years.

I was shocked, amazed and a bit ashamed that I had gotten so aroused; in fact, I couldn’t remember the last time I had masturbated. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy it or thought there was anything wrong with it; I just hadn’t been in the mood. And now my lovely daughter had given me an erotic memory that would stay with me forever. Once I had regained my breath and composure, I cleaned up the mess, straightened my clothes and walked back through the house to my office, making sure I wasn’t being too stealthy. I had no intention of letting Chelsea know what I had seen; even during her bathing ritual, which I was now determined to end. Her door was fully open when I passed, but she was not in sight, and I returned to my work.

The following Saturday, her normal bath night, I told her we needed to stop doing this because she was becoming a young woman and was too old to be naked in front of her father. She reminded me that nudity had never been taboo in our house, and that I had seen all of her parts and she had seen some of mine and besides, this was the only time we “really” talked. As usual, I gave in and drew her bath water, put some bath oil in, and she came in completely naked and her skin literally glowed. She stepped into the tub, and for the first time in all our time together, I began to notice her feminine charms. Her breasts were just beginning to form small cones; her nipples and areola were just beginning to develop as little puffs and her vaginal area had a fine, light dusting of the strawberry blond hair that matched the color on her head. She lay back in the tub, closed her eyes, put her feet up on either side, spreading herself open and asked me to wash her with my hands instead of the washcloth I usually used and to tell her a story.

I had no idea what she was up to, but I started to worry. I was becoming aroused at the sight my young daughter was presenting me and I wasn’t sure what my reaction would be to rubbing her body all over with the slick bath soap and the feeling I would get from her pale soft skin. I almost refused, but then proceeded to lather her up and wash her from the feet up each leg to just below her crotch. I avoided touching her vaginal area and instead switched to each arm, her shoulders, chest and tummy. I had her sit up while I did her back, and as I finished each area, I carefully rinsed it off. I do not remember what we talked about or even if I told her a story; my mind was a blur, and I was very aware of a growing erection in my pants. When I told her that I was through, she looked at me and said “But Daddy, you haven’t done my bottom”, and with that, turned over and got on all fours so I could wash her bottom, front and back, which she seemed to enjoy because she wiggled and giggled as I did so. I gave her a slap on her bare butt, and told her it was all done, and retrieved her warm towel from the dryer. As she got out and I wrapped her in it, she turned and kissed me on the lips and said “Daddy that was one of the best baths ever!” and smiled as she went off to her room.

I cleaned up the bathroom, trying to ignore the painful hard-on that I had developed, and finally made it to my own room and into my shower where I used the slick soap to take care of my own problem. The image of my daughter’s ripening body and the feel of her soft skin had driven me wild. I remembered as I washed her bottom, the feel of her crevice and the extra slickness that seemed to be present. I couldn’t be sure, because of the bath oil and soap, but I would swear my daughter was secreting vaginal fluids as I was bathing her. I exploded in orgasm in my shower, and almost passed out from the pure pleasure! This would have to stop!

But it didn’t.

A few days later, I knew Chelsea was in her room; she had come home from school and fussed around the house for a bit, as I worked in my office. Then she announced she was going to her room for awhile, which was a bit unusual, as she normally did so without announcing it. I waited a bit, and then headed for my own room, intending to use the bathroom. As I came to Chelsea’s room, I tried to be as quiet as I could; her door was open halfway, and she was splayed out on her bed, humping her pillow, groaning softly, but this time, she had no panties or top on. I couldn’t see much of her little pussy, but her rectal rosebud would briefly come into view as she raised her hips and then would disappear as she ground back down against the pillow. I noted that her body was more diagonal across the bed so that her bottom was directly toward the door and this gave the best view of her private area. I briefly wondered if she had intended it to be this was. Then she started to stiffen and jerk in the throes of her climax. She groaned, and muttered “oh…goddd…fuckkk” as her body tensed and released, again and again. My cock was absolutely throbbing and the fronts of my jeans were wet from my pre-cum, but I couldn’t look away from this sight; one of the most erotic sights I’ve ever seen. Her mother and I used to masturbate for one another to watch, as part of our sex play, but I don’t recall it ever being this erotic.

As she started to relax and come down from her pleasure peak, I slipped away to my room, and again, headed for the bathroom and in less than a minute, unloaded my wad into the sink. I had tissues nearby that would have prevented the mess, but watching in the mirror as the cum squirted from my cock made it more sensual and seemed to make it last. I cleaned up, and headed back to my office and Chelsea came in wearing her swimsuit and told me she would be out by the pool. She had to be careful in the sun, because her very light complexion would burn easily, and I reminded her to use suntan lotion. A few minutes later, she stuck her head in the door, and asked if I would come do her back, so I joined her and began spreading lotion on her neck and shoulders and then on her legs. As I was rubbing it on her legs, she spread them slightly and raised her hips to give me access to her inner thighs. I couldn’t help but notice the slightly wet spot on the crotch of her bikini bottom, right where her pussy would be. If I hadn’t known better, I might have thought she wanted me to see it.

Later that same week, Chelsea arrived home from school in the early afternoon, which was a little surprising, because she often wanted to be with her friends during that time. But she would come in, tinker around downstairs for awhile, then announce she would be in her room “relaxing” for a bit, and go upstairs. God help me, I tried to resist the temptation, but the urge overwhelmed me; I had to see what she was doing! Sure enough, her bedroom door was open, now all the way, and she was on her bed, her butt up in the air, pointed directly at the doorway, and her head and shoulders were hunched in her pillow as her fingers rapidly played over her clitoris and Mons. Her hips pumped in rhythm and her slit was glistening from her fluids. I could not only see her rosebud clearly but also into her pink opening and could almost make out the tiny clit peeking from her slit. It didn’t take long until her orgasm began, and this time, I could see every twitch and pulsation in her pussy, but especially as her anus twitched open and closed; open and closed. That was the sure sign of how deep her orgasm reached. I almost didn’t make it to my bathroom before I shot my load. Lord, how long was this going to go on. I wanted to stop it, but couldn’t.

Friday, before “bath night” Chelsea showed up early afternoon, and once again, the ritual began. She went up to her room; I tried to resist going, but failed, miserably. I was feeling ashamed and depressed over my wonton feelings. It wasn’t as though I wanted to have sex with my daughter; I didn’t, but the sight of her pleasuring herself and the desire to “help” her was irresistible. I had never been aroused so much in my life, and as good as the sex life with her mother had been, this was even more erotic. As I approached her room, I heard something slightly different from her door, but couldn’t identify the sound. The door was fully open, Chelsea was again displayed with her ass toward the doorway, no clothes at all, but this time, she was masturbating her clit with one hand and the other hand was sliding something in and out of her opening. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but she was using it as a dildo as she frisked her clit and the strange sound I had heard was a soft squishing sound as she plunged the toy in and out of her opening. She had been going very fast when I first came to her door, but now she slowed down; not stopping, but simply slowing the stimulation, almost as if she were trying to make it last. It also allowed me to see every detail. After a minute or so, the paced picked up, and I could see juices running down her thighs and onto her hand with the toy. She slowed once more for a minute or so, then quickly picked up the speed and this time moved right through to orgasm. I could tell the power by the spasms of her body and the deep, guttural noises she was making. I would have heard her, even if I had remained in my office. The thought again crossed my mind that she intended for me to “catch” her in the act because she was making absolutely no effort to remain concealed or to keep quiet as she climaxed. I couldn’t take it anymore and rushed off to take care of my own business. It almost seemed as if each new load I shot was heavier than before. Of course, other than these sessions after watching my daughter, I had not been masturbating, so perhaps the body was producing more semen.

Chelsea would soon be fourteen, and although she didn’t date yet, her interest in boys was becoming obvious. As bath time approached, I was nervous and trying to think of a way to halt these little sessions but the “other” part of me wanted them to continue. I had quietly checked Chelsea’s room while she was out, looking for the “toy” she had used during her last masturbation. The only thing I found that seemed to fit the bill was a lipstick tube, about four inches long and about a half inch in diameter. Nothing else looked to be the right size of the thing I saw. I knew that many women used dildos, and in fact, her mother had had several toys during our marriage, but I had gotten rid of all of them after her death. I briefly wondered if that had been a mistake, but then shook that thought away.

I drew Chelsea’s bath, and waited for her to arrive. I normally wore jeans and a sweatshirt, but for some reason, tonight I was wearing swim trunks and a tee shirt because it wasn’t cool enough for a long sleeved shirt. Later, it occurred to me it would be difficult to conceal my reaction to her charms. Chelsea walked in completely nude and I couldn’t help but notice her breasts were noticeably filling out and the down around her vaginal area was definitely pubic hair. She stepped into the tub, taking her time before sitting in the hot water, and she leaned over and kissed me then straightened; from my position sitting on a short stool beside the tub, her crotch was at my eye level and I saw droplets of moisture on the hairs around her opening. My daughter was aroused!

I didn’t add any bath oil tonight, because I didn’t want to hide any feeling of slickness I might discover. We began talking and I started soaping her feet and working up one leg. Chelsea started to tell me about how several boys were flirting with her at school and she wondered when she could start dating. I had told her on a couple of occasions that she could date when she was sixteen, and not before, although before then, she could go to group events such as school dances and games, but I would be taking her to and from these events. As I reached the top of one leg and started to move to the other foot, she raised her hips out of the water and asked me to wash her “bottom”, as she itched there. I soaped the area, and slowly started to wash and massage her cunny lips and lower. I didn’t go too long, as she seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much, and it was obvious what she was up to. She sighed and smiled and slipped back into the water. I washed the other leg, and again, as I got near her crotch, she said “Daddy, can I ask you a personal question?” Our rule had always been to allow any question, no matter how “silly”, but this was the first time she had wanted to ask a “personal” question.

“Of course, sweetheart; what did you want to ask?” I was worried that I thought I knew.

“Daddy, do you enjoy watching me play with myself?” She had a big smile on her face, and I could feel my own face flush with embarrassment. I wasn’t sure what to say or how to say it, but Chelsea saved me the trouble. “I hope you like it and don’t think I’m ugly. I wanted you to watch me and it was exciting for me to think you were pleased by it. I finally started to be able to ‘finish’ when I play with myself, and I finally understand what you meant when you told me my body would tell me when I was ready.”

I stayed quiet a moment more, then told her that yes, I did enjoy seeing her pleasure herself and to see her growing into a beautiful young woman. I asked her how long she had known I was watching. She told me since last year, and described the first time I had seen her. She told me she had actually planned it, but it wasn’t until the third time that I finally came to see what was going on. I asked her about what she had inserted into her vagina, and she confirmed it was a lipstick tube; “but that isn’t very good because it isn’t big enough” she told me. I asked when she first started to orgasm, and she told me “I had my first cum about two years ago, over at Stephanie’s house. Steph showed me how to do it right, and I have been cumming every time, since then.” I was shocked at her language, but guess I shouldn’t have been; after all, I knew worse at her age.

“Daddy, I really itch down there; please wash me again” as she raised her hips and crotch out of the water. I was going to refuse, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that little cunny, and I began to soap it and massage it, letting my finger slide up and down her slit. The tip of my finger caught the tip of her clit, and I gently massage and tweaked it and in almost no time, her hips began to buck and she had a powerful orgasm, right on my hand. I let just the tip of my finger slide into her opening, and I just pulsed it gently, in time with her spasms, and that seemed to prolong her climax. She was giggling and groaning, all at the same time, but I was pleased that it was bringing her so much pleasure. I felt a wave of shame, but it was quickly overcome by lust. My erection was about to rip through my trunks and I wanted to excuse myself and retreat to my own bathroom to take care of business, but I could hardly stand because of my hard-on.

I tried to get up and get her towel, and Chelsea, coming down from her glow asked me another question. “Daddy, do you masturbate after you watch me cum?” I almost lied, but then realized that it would do no good. She knew the truth, and I had always been truthful to her.

“Yes, sweetheart; I can’t help it because you turn me on so much watching you do it I have to relieve myself.”

She got a huge smile on her face and told me she was glad. She knew I missed mom, and now she understood part of what I missed about her. “Do you want to masturbate now?” she asked. Then she looked at my crotch and smiled at the huge lump that showed.

“After we get you dried off and warm, I’ll go take care of myself” I told her. She frowned, and then said “No fair! You watched me, now I want to watch you! Please, Daddy, do it here into the tub where I can see…PLEEZE!” I had absolutely no intention of following through, but once again, lust and the thought of having her see my cum shoot into the tub made me even more aroused. I kneeled up and my cock was just above the edge of the tub. Chelsea, sat back and I began pumping my cock over the water covering her crotch…imagining what it looked like earlier when she was cumming. In no time, I began to squirt, and Chelsea reached out and stroked the underside of my cock with her fingers and that only intensified my orgasm. She swirled the goo I had shot into her bathwater, then stood and carefully rinsed it off her skin, then stepped from the tub and asked me to dry her off. My cock shriveled back into my swim trunks and I was able to get up and retrieve the towel and carefully dry her off, taking special care to dry her cunny, her bum and her lovely little breasts.

We didn’t openly speak about that bath for a couple of days, but then Chelsea came home and soon announced she was going to her room to “rest”. “Would you like to come help me rest?” she asked with a smile. I smiled back, but part of me wanted to stop this right now! But again, the other part of me would let me stop. “I’ll be up in a few minutes. Get ready…but don’t start without me.” I embarrassed myself with that last moment. What in hell was I thinking?

When I reached her room, she was almost completely naked except for a scarf that she had wrapped around her neck and draped across her stomach and covering her crotch. She had the lipstick tube in one hand and smiled when I came in. I walked to the side of the bed, and took the tube away from her and set it on the nightstand, explaining she wouldn’t need that tonight. I leaned over and kissed her, and then gently began stroking her skin, making goose bumps rise. “You can start, now.” I told her, and as I watched she began to slowly masturbate her clit. I could see she was already wet, and I told her to spread her legs and put the soles of her feet together, open like a butterfly, so I could see her pussy. The words seemed to shock and excite her, because I always use the proper term, such as vagina, when I had discussed sex with her. Her movements became faster and more frantic and when I knew she was close, I leaned over and kissed her stomach and blew gently on her open vagina. “Cum for me baby!”, I told her and it was enough. She exploded into a series of orgasmic spasms that continued for almost a full minute, and she was completely breathless and spent at the end of that time.

As she recovered, she looked up at me coyly and said “You know what I want for my birthday next week?” I told her I did not know. She said “I want one of those sex toys that ladies use to put in their pussies when they play. I think they are called dildos.”

“Yes, that’s what they are called. Where did you learn about that?” I asked her. She told me they were regularly advertised and shown in women’s magazines, and sure enough, she showed me several pictures and ads. I told her I thought that could be arranged, and perhaps we could pick one out together. She thought that would be a great idea “But first, we have to take care of another problem” as she reached out and stroked the outline of my cock in my shorts. I pulled my shorts down and slowly began to stroke while Chelsea, carefully watched every move, and then used the tips of her fingers and nails to gently scratch my scrotum and tease my cock. Just as I was getting close to cumming, I asked her to get a tissue to catch the mess, and she pulled one and held it at the ready to catch my load. As I felt it start and let out a groan, she quickly leaned forward and licked the tip of my cock, which sent an electric shock to my nuts and the first spurt squirted from the tip of my cock. Chelsea caught part of it with her tongue, and let the rest shoot into the tissue. She continued to stroke my scrotum, and occasionally lick the tip of my cock until I was completely emptied.

I’m not sure if this is the way her mother and I would have raised her together, but I’m doing the best I can. I would make certain that she got an extra special birthday present from one of the “toy” catalogs I picked up.

Project Gaia, Chapter 4

Fourth Report
I am ashamed that it didn’t take long for me to have sex with Ali. The way it happened, I suppose she had sex with me. I had very little choice, looking like she did, my body just took over, leaving my brain and judgment back in the world before this island. She drove me in her jeep along the smooth roads, pointing out landmarks and areas of interest along our way. Every subtle bounce on our way shook her chest, sending waves through her cleavage. I tried not to stare, but I’m only a man. When you put a big pair of bouncing tits a foot from my face I have to look. It didn’t help that when I looked away I could see beautiful pregnant women enjoying their bodies and finding the most comfort and pleasure they could.
I was in such a deep trance that I was totally unaware of our surroundings. Ali was talking the whole time about the island, the girls and where my group should be interested in studying but my thoughts never wavered from her swollen figure and swaying tits. I had turned on my tape recorder, so at least my study wouldn’t suffer. I was finally jolted back to earth when Ali parked and stopped talking. I shook my head clear and looked out onto the landscape Ali had brought me to. I must have really been far off, since I was now on top of the mountain above the breeders’ campus. I rubbed my eyes at the far, lush vivid tree lines interwoven with modern buildings and curvy roads. We were straight across from the beach, people frolicking and swimming. Ali had picked a great spot, we had to be fifty feet up and only a dozen feet from a mild waterfall, constantly roaring and bubbling in the background. The hot sun beat down upon everything, bringing an intensely hot, tropical sheen to everything.
Ali leaned back and rubbed her belly in slow circular motions. Her small hands moved around and around, bringing a wide Cheshire grin to her face. She did this for a long time as we sat there enjoying the view and the natural calm. I was weighing my responsibility against the beauty of my companion, a tough fight going on in my head.
Ali broke the silence saying the babies were kicking, pulling my hand in to feel. She moved it for me in the same circle around her globe, only 4 and a half months but still firm and full of life. This continued with her cooing softly at the feeling and resting her head back on her seat. A few more rubs and coo’s turned to gasps and gasps to moans. Her nipples looked like they could pierce her shirt and she was stroking her hips back and forth in her seat. I knew what I was doing, the pleasure this was giving her, but I never even thought about stopping. This felt right. Ali was big and bloated and very obviously horny and I wanted to do anything, to do everything to satisfy her in that moment. She finally moved my hand up to her double-d breast and I squeezed it to her delight, feeling its hefty weight and the milk sloshing within it.
I guess me grabbing her like that gave Ali all she needed and with surprising quickness for someone her size she sat up and pulled me into a wet, hungry kiss. She rammed her tongue deep into my mouth, holding my head in both hands while I grabbed her belly. She pulled back and paused enough to pull her top off, her round tits bouncing down onto her belly before attacking me with another intense kiss. She was overwhelming me, pressing into me so hard I was nearly falling over. We were pretty cramped in her Jeep and what we both wanted to do was going to need a little more room.
We clumsily piled out of the car and I led Ali around to the hood of her car where I helped lift her up (with her giggling and oo’ing the whole time) and perch her plump ass on the hood. She massaged her breasts for a moment before bringing a hand down to her shorts. She traced a finger along her pussy, her wetness starting to seep through, her head flinging back like it was on a spring. Looking at this I stripped off my own shirt and lifted her up and she peeled the shorts down her legs, revealing she had forgone panties with a bra. She finally was able to masturbate with purpose, rhythmically gliding her finger in and out of herself. She motioned me in close and whispered to get naked and “come get her”. I fully believe not a man alive could have resisted her. I stripped down, my now fully erect penis springing from my underwear.
Ali eyed me up and down, biting her lip and kneading her breast before leaning back and spreading her legs. I grabbed around her hips and guided myself into her, the wettest, hottest pussy I’d ever felt. So tight it felt like she was vacuuming the cum from my balls. She groaned loudly as I entered, her bare pussy pulsing with the pleasure she was feeling. Ali was trying her best to thrust back onto me and I was eager to fuck her. I couldn’t even think straight, the sex was so intense and thick in the air all I could think was fuck her fuck her fuck this big pregnant goddess and cum all over her huge tits in her waiting mouth. I was building momentum as well I ould despite an awkward angle and Ali was lost, climbing toward an orgasm. Her pussy was dripping down onto the hood and was making loud, wet noises with every thrust. My cock had never felt bigger, I would have sworn I was driving up towards her throat but I wasn’t getting any complaints.
I felt the need to hold back until Ali had cum. After all, she had started this, she deserved to finish. I was in paradise, but I knew it would be tough to finish with her trying to keep her balance on the hood of her Jeep. I pulled out and told her to hop off. She did with a sexy fling of her hair and rubbed her gravid form, from her breasts to her belly to her hips to her belly to her tits again. I grabbed her by the hair, took a kiss from her and spun her around before caressing her tight ass. She arched her back and pressed back into me before I bent her over and she spread her legs again, bracing herself against the Jeep. I finally slowing down enough to look down and realized my penis did look noticeably bigger than it ever had. I didn’t question it, I welcomed it and swiped the tip along her lips until she was shuddering and dripping again. I plunged back in with one stroke and Ali screamed out a loud “O”, echoing across the valley. Now everything was perfect and we thrust against each other, racing towards orgasm. I was doing everything I could to fill her, smacking her smooth ass and gripping her long hair with authority. Under this kind of assault she could only last so long until her pussy contracted hard around me, spraying pussy juice against our thighs. I had no chance against her intensely spasming body and felt my cum shooting into her. She somehow had the clarity to pull forward, releasing my dick, turn around and aim the rest of my load at her tits. I came more than I think I ever have, rope after rope, until my ejaculate dripped down onto her baby belly. I collapsed onto the truck, unable to handle the pleasure I had felt. Ali stayed under me, surprising me with a quick suck of my penis to get any remaining seed before rubbing my cum into her belly in the same slow, loving motions that had started us in the first place. We sat on the ground and looked out over the midday sun, my arm around her, her head tucked into my arm for a while before deciding it was time to clean ourselves up and reenter society. Before we got up, Ali did say something to me worth noting.
“I guess you earned a little something after that,” she purred contently. I told her I thought I had, reaching around to grab her breast again. She swatted my hand playfully before continuing “Not that. I was going to tell you my belly measurements. 42 inches as of last night at my doctors. I guess a little big for only four months, but I guess quadruplets will do that. Also, I’ve been told I tend to have some of the biggest tiny-people of all the girls.” It was a nice piece of intimacy for her to finally stop teasing me with her “secret”, and I kissed the top of her head before helping her up and re-dress.
We made our way down the mountain the same way we came up, but unfortunately I was beginning to remember my duty here to study the people. I guess you could call that studying. I will, because I certainly don’t regret it.

Project Gaia, Chapter 5

Something on this island is very different. I haven’t felt the same since a bit after we arrived. I was always an example of ethics and conduct, and now here I am driving around sitting next to the woman I was meant to observe. I’d done plenty of observing, and plenty more, having just a few hours ago made love with Ali in a tropical paradise and now all I want is to do more of the same thing. Something on this island has changed me. It’s like the culture has been injected with sex, everything inviting naughty thoughts and actions. It’s rare to go long without seeing two people fucking their brains out; the men are avid lovers of the women’s’ pregnancy and the women themselves (most swollen enormously with pregnancy, bigger than a single term) happy to pleasure one another. But why? The hormones? I suppose it’s part of the reason, but even a multiple pregnancy doesn’t drive women into this kind of sexual overdrive. Maybe all of them together explains it. To test my hypothesis I asked Ali to drive me to the most crowded area around. Deep down I knew this wasn’t to sate my scientific curiosity, but my lust.
Ali knew exactly the place to go, setting her sights on the beach. There were white sand beaches with mild, bright blue waves crashing onto the shore and the hot sun beating down on the barely-clothed beauties. Big bellies were waddling about in revealing bikinis, showing as much skin as they could thrust into the daylight. The only one pieces I saw were the girls who had decided against bikini tops, their dark nipples pointing out like erasers on pencils. I was amazed at how collectively brazen these women were. At home no woman this gravid would consider herself sexy enough to parade around, so obviously fertile and fecund. But no woman on this island considered herself anything less than a goddess. Why should they, I suppose. They are treated like fertility goddesses, giving birth to the next generation in the lap of luxury.
Ali, sad she hadn’t brought a swimsuit with her, led me into the crowd, which was an experience by itself. Every belly I saw was round and smooth, ranging from modest to eye-poppingly enormous. I marveled at how many babies some woman must be carrying, and how close to (or even past) term some were. The packed pregnant beach apparently gave these women great joy, bellies bulging rudely from their figures up and down the beach as they tanned and relaxed and swam and frolicked with one another. I suspect under some of the shadier umbrellas and changing tents the frolicking and companionship had been taken to its inevitable conclusion. My head was swiveling so fast I tripped over my own feet when Ali stopped suddenly without warning.
Spitting out the grains of sand from my mouth, I shaded my eyes and looked up. There was no need; the sun was thoroughly blocked out by two moons rubbing against each other. I stood up and saw Ali hugging a nude pregnant woman, her belly swollen huge and round in front of her. They parted and began rubbing each other’s globes, talking about their pregnancies.
“That’s my girl Ali, always getting so big so quickly. Damn girl, you’re so pretty. And who is this? And why do you always have some new hunk on your arm?”
“This is one of the new scientists, here to study us.” They shared a look and a giggle at this point and it became more obvious that I could hardly expect a girl as obsessed with sex as Ali seemed to be to keep what we had done a secret. All I can hope for now is that my superiors somehow don’t find out. “Meet Brittany! She’s one of my best friends. And one of my roundest! Look at you, babe, all belly and boobs. Ah, I love it.”
Brittany took a step back and thrust her belly forward, hands on her lower back. I was hypnotized by her massive womb, especially since she was so obviously proud of it. It curved out from under her breasts and sloped out so far you couldn’t see her sex even though it was obviously bare. Her belly button had popped out and topped her tummy like a third nipple. It took me a minute to shake away from staring at her pregnancy to take in the rest of her. A brunette beauty, she swayed back and forth on her heels, which shook her bare tits slightly left and right, brown crinkled nipples rudely stuck out. It was obvious from her tan she spent a lot of time at the beach and from her lack of tan lines that her nudity was a habit. Everything about her was slight and thin besides her fat belly and big tits. I imagine she would be a thin girl if not for her pregnancy, one where she was very clearly carrying multiples.
“I know, I know. I’ve gotten pretty big this time. Weird it’s only two in here, I’m as big as when I had three! I’m happy though, I love this shit. I’ve been cumming like a hundred times a day. I swear my preggo belly is pushing on my clit. I gotta stop talking, I’m about to drip.” Wow, Brittany certainly got right to the point. I had never heard a woman speak that raunchily about sex, and it was a little shocking coming from a woman with an enormous bump. Apparently she was having twins, so with her girth she had to be close to delivery. I didn’t know much about the birthing processes here yet so I finally spoke up and asked her how far along she was. She smiled and patted her globe.
“Nearly there, forty-two weeks. Only a couple more! Not much left to do but relax and enjoy myself. I’m so big enough already. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting so fucking pregnant I waddle like a penguin but my babies are already twelve pounds each. Ugh, shoot me now. Kind of a catch-22, I love being pregnant but I still fucking hate birthing kid this fucking big.” Wait, had she said 42? I know pregnancies only last 40 weeks. Maybe this girl had it wrong? She didn’t seem like the sharpest tool.
Ali was a bit smarter than her friend and must have read the confusion on my face. “Pregnancies tend to last an extra month here. It’s part of why we keep things so stress-free. We also have such great diets, they’re really great about giving us what we need.” This was the kind of thing I needed. I made a note to check into specific dietary needs at my next convenience. Now my day was yielding the results I’d come for. When I looked up, Brittany was waddling as fast as her swollen feet could take her toward the water, Ali right behind her and stripping off her top to join her. They splashed into the water and began a playful game of belly tag, grabbing each other and moving effortlessly in the warm water. I stopped to take notes of what I was seeing around the beach specifically, including a girl laying out sunbathing who was massive enough to warrant a beached whale comparison, a girl walking out of one of the changing tents wiping her mouth as a grinning man walked out behind her (gee, I wonder), and two girls near Ali and Brittany giggling as they shot their milk at one another. When I looked up from my book, Ali and Brittany were waddling up the beach hand in hand. Brittany looked back for me, and yelled that I better hurry up and join them. Not wanting to lose my subjects, I jogged up to meet them, not a hard task since they weren’t moving too fast. I have to say, even though Brittany was a fit girl her broad ass sure had a lot of attractive bounce to it.
We kept walking past everyone, past the beach, and onto the street. I was wondering where we were going before we turned into a beach-adjacent bungalow. Judging from the pictures, this was Brittany’s home and like everywhere else I’ve been it was focused on comfort and ease. The pictures were of Brittany, at term in several different pregnancies, some bigger and some smaller, next to a chart of her measurements. As recently as last week Brittany measured an impressive 68 inches around her belly. It was obvious she had been doing this for years (she still looks under 25) and had been swollen up even bigger than what she is now with child. Britt helped Ali shimmy off the soaked shorts she had swum in and they stood back again to admire one another. This entailed a ton of belly rubbing and oohs and aah at the movement and kicks. Ali and I sat back onto a nearby couch and Brittany had to sit down on her favorite chair, saying being so big tired her out pretty quick. I saw through this, though and I think Ali did too. Once Brittany sat down the drops of moisture trailing down her thighs were obvious. Brittany was dripping wet and panting now as she sat back as far as she could. She saw the hunger in Ali’s eyes and scooted her hips up and spread her legs apart, her belly pushing towards us. Ali shuddered next to me and slid off the couch and slinked along until she was at Britt’s feet. Brittany’s pussy was bright red and already lubricating furiously, pooling under her and filling the air with musk. I was hard as a rock, my cock straining against my pants as I watched Ali massage the insides of Brittany’s legs before she started kissing the underside of her belly. Britt’s view of Ali was completely blocked by her own pregnancy, so she let her head fall to the side and she kept eye contact with me. She bit her lip and thrust forward with a bolt when Ali probed her pussy with her tongue, Ali obviously experienced at eating out another girl (especially a girl with a giant belly). Brittany eyed me up and down until her eyes rested at my obvious erection and she gripped her belly as Ali went to work trying to making her friend cum. Brittany hadn’t been kidding about how horny she was, this girl was pouring like a faucet now that Ali was lapping at her pussy like a melting ice cream cone. Finally the tension broke and Brittany reached out for me and I was next to her in a heartbeat, shirt already off and her clawing away my zipper and briefs until she pulled out my cock and stroked it with hunger before devouring it in her tight mouth. Any pretense I had about ethics and detachment was lost as this swollen model gave me the loudest, wettest blowjob I’ve ever experienced.
We must have been an erotic sight, Brittany swallowing me while a nude Ali had graduated to pushing her fingers into Brittany while tasting her juices. Britt was deep throating me now, her head bobbing up and down while I cupped her head in agreement. I think the only reason I held her head was to keep from applauding because she was so intensely focused on my dick it left my legs weak. I was amazed enough that she could take as much of me as she did. There is no doubt now that my penis has grown noticeably bigger during my stay, longer, fatter and veinier than I’d ever seen it. Brittany began moaning and pushing her swamped pussy onto Ali’s face as she began to cum. Ali redoubled her efforts, leading Brittany over the peaks of orgasm before leaning back on her heels to show her face showered with juice. It took only a moment before the sex-crazed Brittany was ready to go again, but now that her head was clearer she was a bit more demanding.
At her instructions, Ali laid down on the floor and Brittany kneeled down in front of her. They kissed softly as much as they could, their bellies preventing them from getting too close. Brittany had other plans in mind and slid herself down Ali’s body until she was parting her thighs and licking her way down her thighs until she was tonguing her tight pussy. She was slobbering all over Ali’s lower body, tracing up from her calves to her pussy to her belly button and back around again. Brittany’s belly was so huge it was pressing into the carpet, pulling her down so her back arched up and her ass stuck out. It was clear by now that Brittany was a cock-hungry slut, so I had no problems kneeling down behind her and sliding my dick into her bright red pussy, bottoming out on one stroke. Brittany felt me deep within her and used the excitement to shove her tongue deep inside Ali and claw at Ali’s round ass. A woman as pregnant and horny as Brittany demanded a good, hard fucking and I jackhammered into her sex as her and Ali built toward orgasm, Brittany shoving her head deep in Ali’s crotch as Ali began to cum. Ali shivered and shook with pleasure and I went to work making sure I wasn’t the only one not to leave satisfied. I grabbed a handful of brunette hair yanked back, arching Britt’s back even more and rewarding myself with a deep twinge around my cock. Brittany was humping back at me as best as she could given her belly, her tits slapping wildly against her bump. I looked down at Brittany’s fat ass bouncing against my legs and noticed for the first time a tattoo just above her ass cheeks, reading in curved ornate lettering “BORN TO BREED”. I went crazy seeing this, fucking this proudly knocked up slut with quick, deep thrusts until I couldn’t take anymore and came inside her. I must have shot over half a pint of cum, jizzing for near a minute until Brittany collapsed on her side next to Ali. They interlocked hands and rested for a while before deciding it was time to go about their day.
They each rose with a grunt and left to shower together. I know Ali grabbed a bottle of cocoa butter moisturizer as they waddled to the back so I imagine they are taking turns rubbing each other down. I don’t have long until they return. I think I feel my body chemistry changing even as write this, drawing me deeper into this rabbit hole of hedonism. Down and down it goes, where it ends I do not know. The most worrying part is that I don’t really want to know.

Project Gaia, Chapter 6

Ali and Brittany didn’t take long in the shower, both coming out looking like angels and smelling like flowers. They had showered and lotioned and dressed up for the rest of their day. I had checked through my notes while they were gone and decided to track down the answers to my questions on the girls’ diets. What did they feed the women bringing forth the next generation? Did it change them, maybe make them more docile or hornier? Could be. These women treated pregnancy so differently that they all had something different in common. It could be their diets and so that’s what I wanted to explore next. Unfortunately Brittany couldn’t come along, being so close to popping she wanted to stay at home and rest so Ali and I went out to explore the food sources in Eden.

It turns out Eden used a kind of high-tech cafeteria system. The girls would go in whenever they felt like it and input some login data. Each girl had a specific diet program, based on their personal body and pregnancy. Their meals would be brought out to them by food staff while they relaxed on whatever they wanted. There were no limits on the girls meals or calories, the dieticians figuring there was little chance of the girls being so pregnant and gaining too much weight. Some of the girls used this as an excuse to pig out, spending hours a day gorging. It was really remarkable how, even though they were all tied together through being so hugely gravid, the girls had so many choices on how to spend their days. We were in luck that there was a café close to Brittany’s house and Ali and I walked (and waddled) the few blocks.

Ali had changes out of her dirtied tank top and shorts and into a dress borrowed from Britt. It was a white button-up dress, the hemline falling just above her knees and bouncing with every step. She had finished it off with a black sash tied just above her belly and below her boobs making every curve pop out and drawing your eyes down to her bump. I don’t know what she and I were meant to be but I suppose I should note her that we walked hand-in-hand, Ali saying that her legs were still weak from so many orgasms that day. We walked slowly through the streets, admiring some of the more swollen women and the maternity clothing shops before finding the café.

Ali punched in a code to the establishment and we entered the hall. Smaller well-lit circular tables surrounded by comfortable chairs, booths and couches littered the area. Some of the tables were occupied by women focused on their meals, hugely pregnant figures made even rounder by the caloric meals they were eating. Most of the hall was empty, though. I guess it wasn’t truly a typical meal time, but I still would have guessed more women would be here. I was feeling lost here and asked Ali to see if she knew anyone here we could talk to. It was just easier at this point for me to learn from other women since my conversations with Ali tended to turn into less talking and more cumming. Ali and I walked the tables for a few minutes in search of a familiar face and finding none. All these women were smiling and happy but Ali didn’t really know any of them. Finally, as I was giving up, Ali yelled across the room “NIKKI!”.

A hazel haired beauty looked up from a sizable meal to wave back at Ali, motioning us over to join her. Her bright green eyes and dimpled smile were very pleasant and she had a body worth noticing. She was sitting splay-legged at her table in a padded booth against the wall and her huge belly reached all the way out to her knees. It must have stuck out two feet and I’m certain it was wider than her body. She could barely cover it with a t-shirt (black with a yellow “under construction” stretched over the belly, funny).

“Meet Nikki”, Ali introduced as she settled her own pregnant frame into the booth next to her friend, me next to Ali. “I was assigned to show her around the island too when she first joined Eden. This was a few months and quite a few inches ago though. How are you doing? Gonna pop?”

“No, haha, not yet. I’m still only seven months. Hard to believe, honestly, I feel like I am all belly. Seriously, I thought they eased the new girls in with a lower order multiple before they gave us a big bunch of quintuplets like this!” I choked on the water I was sipping when I found out she was knocked up with quints. More than anything else I was thinking about how big her belly would get in the next two to three months. There’s no way she’d be able to even waddle!

“They try to but you must have just been super fertile. Don’t lie though, you like it. You gotta, I know I love when my belly gets that big and full.”

“I do love it, but I don’t like having to get so big so quick. I’m already 88 inches around and that’s just not enough. That’s why I spend so much time here, I have to gain at least another 100 pounds. I’m not worried about getting too fat though, all the doctors and dieticians agree most of that weight will be baby and boobs. I don’t mind these, I have to say.” I didn’t mind her boobs either, each of them were huge and heavy and nearly as big as her head. “Still, I wish I could little things like drive, walk regularly or, say, see which pants I’m wearing.” Ali and I giggled at her joke. Nikki laughed too and I think her shirt nearly tore, as tight as it was against her pregnant body. She shifted in her seat and I couldn’t help after her joke to check out her ass to see it was a pair of sweat shorts cut like bikini panties, high up on her hips and revealing nearly everything. Her shorts looked more like a belt than anything decent.

A waiter walked by and asked Ali if she wanted something to eat. Ali did after a long day and I took this as my opportunity to use the bathroom. I left as Ali gave her code for her specialized meal and her and Nikki began whispering very closely.

Using the bathroom gave me the chance to finally inspect my own changes. My penis had absolutely grown. I wasn’t worried though. If this was my biggest problem, I’m doing ok. I finished up and composed myself to try to act professionally in front of two hot women with big bellies. I left and accidently walked straight into the kitchen across the hall. I saw men bustling about preparing complex dishes and meals. The amount of food in this kitchen was overwhelming. Some of the meals were so immense they needed two men to carry the platter out! The only thing I couldn’t place was how every dish was sprayed with some substance right before it was sent out of the kitchen. No one was looking up from their work to notice me, so I dabbed one of the cakes after it was sprayed and put the napkin in my pocket. I will test it as soon as possible for chemical agents, and I hope that gives me another piece of this pregnant puzzle.

With little left to do now in the kitchen I decided to leave before someone asked too many questions. Walking back to Nikki and Ali’s table I saw they had had a cake delivered. It was the same cake I had just tested! Those results just became even more interesting. It was a wide double-decker cake slathered with chocolate frosting and topped with ornate decorations and a large number “19”.

“Nikki, what’s with the 19? This isn’t…”

“My birthday, yep. Sweet number 19.” Nikki said through a mouthful a cake. She was attacking the desert head on, no plate just fork and mouth. Ali had cut off a portion for herself but it was clear this was Nikki’s treat. She was so young! Only 19, and already knocked up with five big babies. It was a wonder these women agreed to do this their whole lives. Why, a girl as young as Nikki could be pregnant for decades! At only 19 and apparently especially fertile she had signed herself over to be a baby factory, alternating her days between pleasure and pregnancy. She seemed happy enough at the moment, hair pulled back in a ponytail so nothing got in the way of her sweets. The wait staff had also left an impressively big can of whipped cream and Nikki sprinkled each individual bite with a dollop.

She ate and ate until the birthday cake had nearly gone, Ali pecking at it here and there but the majority going into Nikki’s tummy. With a final forkful and a satisfied sigh, Nikki finished the impressive cake and lay back rubbing her poor stomach (or at least as much as her slender hands could reach). She eventually rolled up her shirt and tucked it under her boobs to give her belly room to breath after such a meal. Ali was pretty full but Nikki had obviously capped off a full meal with a desert made for six. Well, she is eating for six. Most women didn’t take it this literally, but I wasn’t going to stop her from finding ways to grow her belly out rounder and rounder and plump her tits up until she was all belly and tits. Ali still had her playful spark and grabbed the whipped cream from the table. There wasn’t much left, but enough for her. She took a deep drag off the can before spraying a big smiley face across Nikki’s heaving belly, using her stretched skin as a pink canvas. Nikki giggled at the gesture and tasted the cream off her belly.

“Like that? I figured you’re so happy to be so pregnant you might as well show it with a big smiley face on your big belly.”

“I love it. Ugghh, I never used to eat this much. Now I feel like that’s all I do is get so stuffed. I’m lucky I don’t have big thunder thighs and a sagging ass. Don’t get me wrong, my ass is so huge right now but it still fucking rocks. Yesterday one of the waiters helped me leave after I got too full and I saw him get hard after he watched me waddle away. If I hadn’t been so full I’d have swallowed his cum right then and there. That’s the worst part about having quints at 19, I’m still not used to being massively pregnant and I have to do so much you girls just do naturally. I’ll be a pro soon, but now I don’t have any time to do other things. God I miss cock so much. I wasn’t, like, a whore before I came here but I fucking love a big cock.”

“You’ll have plenty of time to have all kinds of crazy, nasty sex, baby. Someone as sexy and round as you is gonna have no problem getting someone to love how you look,” Ali purred into Nikki’s ear, not wanting anyone else to hear but loud enough for me to hear them like an intruder. Ali noticed the whipped cream had begun to run down the slope of Nikki’s belly and was wildly distorting the once smiling face. Ali reached down a finger again to scoop and taste the cream. “This really is delicious. You know now that I think of it, it sort of looks like cum, doesn’t it? White and thick and sticky. Yep, really cummy.”

Ali leaned down and gently licked off some of the cum and Nikki shuddered in her seat and started scissoring her toned thighs together in frustration. Ali rubbed the cream around and around until Nikki’s belly was covered in a sheen of transparent white goo. It really did resemble ejaculate, and made her belly shine brightly, even in the dimly lit corner. How was Ali always this sexual? How could she turn every encounter we had into an orgy? It was unreal. She had been meant to be my guide but she had become as much my subject as anything else. She was nearly impossible to keep up with, but I hadn’t shied away from anything yet. She was definitely testing my limits.

“You know, if you really are hungry for some cock, there’s a big fat one sitting at this table with his mouth open.” For the record, I don’t think my mouth was open. I was there and Nikki smiled even deeper running her hands over her tits, around and around. Ali winked at me and went back in to lick at Nikki’s massive baby bump, lapping the cream up and making a real mess of it. I ran my hand down Ali’s bent over back and cupped her ass before she surprised me by unzipping my pants. This girl had some experience! I had been fool (or wise) enough to leave my underwear at Brittany’s, so Ali had full access to my rising cock, teasing the head of it while she teased Nikki’s sensitive bump. What a woman, always finding the erotic and being generous and unselfish with her men (namely me, in this instance).

“So what do you say, Nik? Do you want some real cum for once or what?”

“Ooooh, you have no idea how badly. Come here, stud. I need to swallow some cock right now or I’ll explode.” Nikki finally reopened her eyes and licked her lips through heavy lids. Well she already looks like she’ll pop, I better do what she says, I remember thinking. I’m amazed now at how persuasive I can be when I want to avoid how deep I am going into this world of sexual freedom.

I moved across the table to sit on her other side and lifted up enough to get in position. Nikki cooed in delight at the sight of an erect penis and reached out to hold the shaft firmly. She giggled at an idea before reaching out to grab the whipped cream canister and spraying it on the tip of my dick. I recoiled at the cool, unexpected sensation but Nikki caught me in her mouth before I could escape. I relaxed and let myself get lost in her smooth, soft technique. She tongued up and down my cock slit while rotating her mouth around my cock. She cleaned my penis of any of the sugary treat quickly before sucking deeply. She would release every few seconds to re-apply, alternating between sucking, licking and spraying whipped cream. She was really taking pride in her work while Ali sat up behind her (sitting sideways to get close enough with her belly) and kneaded her massive tits through the shirt-bra and pulled at her pointing nipples. After a few moments of tending to her needy tits, Nikki’s shirt began to darken and sag as milk flowed from her. All the while, Nikki was focused on my pleasure, my orgasm, my penis. She’d rest the canister on her belly while she sucked deeply from the head and stroked the shaft with both hands in short, rapid bursts and then squirt more cream on me, either covering the head or running a line down the shaft for lubrication. The only reason I hadn’t cum yet was the cool temperature of the cream kept backing me off.

Nikki released me from a particularly hard suck with a loud pop and rubbed my dick all over her face, trails of precum oozing out onto her cheeks and lips. I’m amazed I was about to cum for the third time in a day and still had enough hydration for precum, especially given the loads I had been dispensing.

“Cum on my face, cum all over me, I want to be covered in it. Please shoot your cum in my mouth and into my big, knocked up baby belly. Don’t you want to cum? Then shoot baby!” I had no choice, my cock had taken over my entire body and I was about to shoot my load all over Nikki while she pleaded for me to cum and stroked the cum from my balls with both hands. I shook and finally came, Nikki gasping as it hit her across her face. She lurched forward, in spite of her girth, and took me in her mouth, load after load spurting down her wet throat and into her bloated stomach. Her cheeks bulged at first but she relaxed and drank my cum with a smile. After I had finished, I slumped back and Nikki scooped the left over cum off her face and mouth and sucked it down.

“Thank you so much, I really needed that. I can masturbate all day long, and trust me I can, but after a while you just miss making someone else feel so good. God, I can still feel your cum in my stomach. Good thing I did this, I needed something for my breath,” Nikki purred. She layed back into Ali’s arms and rested her eyes again. Ali kissed the top of her head and after a minute I helped them both stand up and waddle out. Nikki’s body was even better than I had seen, her drenched shirt hanging heavily on her rotund middle. She had no stretchmarks on her teen body, her quintuplet filled belly settled into her wide, supple hips. Standing up, you really couldn’t tell if she was wearing those shorts at all, everything was on display. She managed to pull down her shirt a little to cover some of her swelling, but her meal had grown her rounder and the sticky, stretched skin had combined to make it tougher to redress. They talked for a minute while I composed myself and tried to figure out my next plan of attack. Thinking clearly was becoming difficult. I’m going to make a decision here and now; since something on this island is clearly corrupting me towards some unknown purpose, I will let myself go. That way I will find out what that purpose is, and I assume once I know that I will know the answers to the questions I can’t seem to answer in the traditional ways. It’s good for me that the way I will go is with a harem of pregnant horny girls all trying to live up to the name of their home, “Eden”.

Project Gaia, Chapter 9

Well it took him long enough, but finally my sweet fella has settled into the Gravitta lifestyle. This is Ali and I’m taking my turn to change this from his scientific journal into a bit more of a personal one (as if he wasn’t just using this to brag about his sex life anyway!). I’ve had my eye on him since he showed up all those months ago. He was easy to seduce but he just wouldn’t stop digging until he found out how our island was keeping the women so pregnant and the men so hung and horny. Now that he knows, he’s finally calmed down a lot, and is pretty content spending his days with me, growing closer, making love and enjoying the tropical island we live in. He’s been really helpful, tending to my every need. Why. I’m so pregnant I can’t even get dressed on my own anymore! ;)

It’s been a month since he updated this and in that time we’ve really taken advantage of my swelling waistline, having sex often throughout the day and all night long. Thank god the hormones here facilitate faster recovery for the guys, otherwise my hunk wouldn’t stand a chance against my ravenous sex drive! By now with my near ten month belly about to pop with quadruplets, I’m so full it feels like someone is rubbing on my fat clit any time I move or sway. And boy do I sway, as I waddle around my enormous womb working with the newest recruits as they acclimate to their new calling in life and helping some of the biggest and least mobile girls on the island with their day to day tasks during the workday while their men are away. At least I did until I turned into one of those girls!

I’m pretty huge right now myself, and I gotta admit, I love it. I love that I can’t reach around my belly to rub my big popped out belly button. It sticks out nearly two inches and it’s so sensitive I shiver whenever my hubby wraps his lips around it and sucks deeply. More than once I’ve been left shaking with a deep hickey around my belly button, one that shows through light colored clothing. It’s a bit embarrassing, but well worth it! My belly is wider than my full, child-bearing hips and takes up my entire torso, measuring 86 inches around. Even with my experience carrying a full car’s worth of people inside me, I’m nearly uselessly huge by now. I’m happy I’ve found a guy like the one I have, since he never lets me forget for a moment how sexy and desirable I am when I’m this knocked up.

I had the day by myself and was tidying up in an admittedly rare, matching pink set of underwear when the door rang with some fun faces.

“Nikki! Brittany! Hey you guys, what are you up to?” I asked, moving awkwardly around the door so the door wouldn’t hit me in the womb. My lovely friends were there, obviously coming from a nice day at the beach with Nikki wearing a cute white two piece swimsuit. You can never really tell where Brittany was by an outfit since she really never dresses, she really loves the feeling of being naked and of course how much attention her swollen, curvy body gets from all the guys (and most of the girls)! Brittany pushed her way past me, eager to get to the bathroom to pee. I noticed her new shoulder tat as she passed me by. It was a sexy lady cradling a big pregnant belly, but the belly was a picture of the globe. Britt was going for a real “Earth Mother” thing, and it suited her.

“Well, we were around and thought it’d be nice to check up on you since you’re so close to dropping. You look amazing, sweetheart, really, really glowing,” Nikki flattered me as she leant in for a quick kiss on the lips.

“You’re so sweet, come in, I’m alone. I was just trying to keep myself busy. I swear if I’m not battling the heat and humidity, I’m just trying to keep myself comfortable. These four are big!”

Nikki was really settled into island life, a real change from the nervous eighteen year old girl who I had mentored through her first pregnancy, the heavy quints she had borne two months ago. She held up like a trooper right up until the end, and even found a casual boy toy in her last two months, one of the island’s chefs. If anyone could keep a girl here satisfied, it was probably him! We moved ourselves into the kitchen where Nikki began fixing a few cups of tea while I rested my bloated body down into a comfortable chair by the table. I had a chance to admire her round butt in her sexy little bikini, each plump cheek giggling softly as she moved. Nikki's body had bounced back quickly from her birth of the heavy quints.

“You know, I just got my test results back yesterday. I’m officially pregnant again! I knew I was, I got a little bit of a swelling in my abdomen, but it’s still nice to know for sure. I’m one month with triplets. My “iron chef” was pretty happy too, especially when Brittany dropped by to help us celebrate most of last night.” I heard Brittany rustling herself with a laugh in the bathroom after hearing her name.

“He sure was iron!” She joked from the other room, opening the door and waddling herself in. Brittany was currently in the middle of her biggest load yet on the island, four months along with octuplets! In this pregnancy alone she was carrying as many as she had in the last three years. They refrain from higher order multiples until you are a proven breeder and Brittany was sure that, notorious for carrying some of the heaviest and healthiest babies of anybody. I’m really jealous of her. She was already big, at only four months she looked at term with twins. I can’t even imagine what she’s gonna look like at term. Knowing Britt though, she’s really gonna take these next six months as a challenge and when she’s not having sex with any guy walking by with a six pack and a nice cock (or girl with a round belly and perky tits), she’s going to be preparing for this as much as possible. Brittany waddled herself in and sat next to me as Nikki put a cup of tea in front of us and sat in the last seat. Brittany sat sideways to reach and started pouring sugar in to satisfy her sweet tooth. I didn’t really have that option so instead I tucked a napkin under my boobs and used my massive belly as a shelf for my own cup. We started sipping and talking, our conversation turning lazily from life to weather (mostly the tropical heat we had to find ways around) to work to men.

“I really owe you, Ali,” Nikki confided. “You were so right about finding a boyfriend for those long nights. By the time I was too big to even waddle, I really, really needed him. In more ways than one,” Nikki grinned, her big cheekbones high in her face and her bright green eyes shining. “I was so big by the end, I really blew up in those last few months. I mean, I expected it with as much as I was eating, but to gain 55 pounds in your tenth month?! Who does that?”

“Don’t, baby, you looked so sexy at the end all round. Didn’t you just love being preggo? I fuckin’ love this, spending all day swelling up and gettin’ it in. I know you had fun last night!” Brittany added, rubbing around her belly before reaching a leg up to tease Nikki’s thigh.

“You know I did,” Nikki grinned. “I had a great time last night and when I was carrying those quints. I don’t think I know anyone who loves being pregnant as much as you though, Brittany. Are you really just this horny?”

“Oh trust me, she is, sweetheart,” I interrupted. Brittany was busy anyway refilling her cup. “I’ve known Brittany since our early days here on Gravitta and I can’t really remember her wearing clothes or not taking every chance for sex that she gets.”

“What, like you guys don’t love getting fucked nice and hard? Letting some hunk with a long, thick cock drill you while you cum over and over? So I’m big and pregnant and hormonal all the time, I’m horny! If I wasn’t in the program, honestly I’d probably have a ton of kids anyway. I’m a sexual person.” Brittany was really getting into her description of herself, rubbing up and down her belly until she was grabbing onto her long, crinkly nipples and scissoring her legs together. I can guarantee her wet pussy was screaming to get fucked. I know she was sure looking at Nikki and I with a lot of desire in her eyes. “I’m not gonna wear clothes if I don’t have to, I like people looking at my big, fat boobs and seeing half the guys crane to see my ass sway when I waddle past. I look good with a big ol’ belly attached to the front of me. I know it’s going to get plenty big with eight in here. Can you even imagine how wet my pussy is going to be in a few months? I’ve never been this big this quick! God, I’m drenched already, I wake up every morning with my hand in my pussy. I keep dreaming of what I'll look like in a few months with a belly too enormous for me to even stand up and my titties spraying out milk like I'm a little cow. Some sexy preggos feeding my hungry belly and eating my needy pussy while all I have to do is keep eating and resting and getting as pregnant as possible. I better see you girls there, front and center. Six months? By then you should both be nice and big, and dressed in, say, the sexiest lingerie we can find? I know having you two in sexy outfits will help me pass my time!"

God, Brittany sure has an imagination when it comes to sex. We were all so caught up in the moment, we just spent a minute rubbing on our bellies and sipping our drinks.

"I swear, my boyfriend is getting such a workout when he comes in the door. It's a good thing he likes my ass since doggy style is just about all we can do. He's really enjoyed my doctor's advice that he cums inside me, even if sometimes we get a little caught up and he cums on my face or my belly. I just cant help but craving it, feeling him splatter me with his sperm. Last night we actually got a little naughtier than usual," I confided. Just the memory of last night was getting me wet again, and I started moving my hands around my belly in big, lazy circles before circling them down to my hips and thighs before coming back up again. My pink bra and skimpy thong just felt so constricting and uncomfortable while I remembered so vividly how I had been ravaged the night before. "I was waiting around for so long for him to come home I decided to turn myself into a big-bellied Barbie and play a little dress up. He was really excited when he came in to find a naughty, knocked up school girl. I had one of his button-up shirts tied in a knot around my boobs with my nipples almost poking through and my short little plaid skirt really high up on my hips. I had some sexy little glasses and heels. The hardest part was getting a delicate pair of stockings up my legs around my globes. I took the time to really slut up my make-up. I even used some bright red lipstick to scribble an "A+" on the side of my baby factory. As soon as he came home, he wanted all over me like a wild animal but I made him wait a little to get teased."

"I sat him down on his big, comfy chair and sat in his lap. The chair was really groaning but he didn't complain. I told him in a sweet little voice that I had been too busy having sex and getting knocked up to study and I needed a BIG favor from my favorite professor. I could feel his big dick sliding down in between my ass nice and slow while I told him I had seen him staring at me all year long while my poor little tummy swelled and swelled and my little uniform covered less and less of me until it made me look like a dirty slut that was just begging to get fucked. I started whispering in his ear, asking him if there was anyyyything I could do to get my grade "up". I swear he was drooling like a caveman by this point and his big cock was starting to throb. I was getting afraid he was going to blow in his pants but I kept squirming and teasing in his lap.

Finally I took his hands and starting having him unbutton my top and pull my boobs out while I was kissing up and down his neck. We couldn't wait another moment and I honestly think I went too far with the teasing! I've never been fucked like that, he bent me over the couch and just didn't stop. I couldn't stop orgasming, I felt like I was on fire. I'm only wearing a bra since my boobs are sore from slapping off my big, hard belly and panties to catch some of that torrential load that's still dripping out of me," I finished my story with a wide grin, and looked up to see Nikki fanning herself softly and Brittany rubbing softly on her clit.

"Mmmm, Ali you dirty girl, I just love the way you talk," Nikki said. She readjusted her bright white bikini top top to push her large bust together, giving herself a long line of cleavage that was even more eye-popping without the globe of a womb that Brittany or I had. "What do you think about taking our measurements while we're here?"

How could I resist? We moved into the living room and grabbed the measuring tape. We started with Nikki's recently impregnated body, checking her at a curvy and delicious 36H-31-36. No wonder her chef was so randy for her! I bet he'll find plenty of ways to keep her belly full ;) . Brittany grabbed a camera and Nikki posed for her, turning and voguing and vamping for the attention in her little bikini, shaking her milky fits and hiking her bottom into a mini thong cut way up buttcrack. Brittany was up next, measuring "big" for four months at 38DD-55-42. She is really set for a big explosion in that waistline. Knowing her, Brittany was going to be in heat the whole time. I can see her tenth month now with a long line of guys coming by to service her when she needs it most, bending over the side of her bed with her belly button dragging on the ground and her boy toys burying their horse cocks deep inside her sopping wet cunt. I cannot wait. I'm certain Britt's going to set new records for belly size. Finally she and Nik teamed up to measure me. 40F-86-38, and I was surprised it wasn't even larger! I posed for my pics, but since I couldn't really pose per se, I mainly showed off little things I had grown too big for, like reaching my hands around my belly or having any chance seeing anything below my boobs and baby factory.

After our personal photo shoot, Brittany and Nikki left for a quick trip to the gym followed by a binge session at the cafeteria. I was left with a wet pussy and a few hours until I could get my sexy, hung guy all to myself. After I'm done writing here, I think I will break open my closet and try to find another fun outfit for the night. I know I've got some that can fit me. With adjustable enough waists, I know I have a cheerleader, a French maid, an angel and a police officer. Boy, I may need to do a little fashion show! Tonight will be fun. Maybe I'll write about it sometime, or maybe he will when I'm done with him long enough to let him think again!

The First Time My Girlfriend Had a Gangbang

This is a story about the first time that my girlfriend and i had a gangbang… enjoy!
One night after having sex with my girlfriend, we were both satisfied and happy and she asked me if i had any fantasys. We'd had this chat many times and she had always done as i had wanted, for example stockings etc.
This time as a joke i suggested a gangbang with about 3 or 4 men, thining that she would laugh and find it playful, she actually seemed to love the idea! She had gotten all moist again thinking about it. We talked about it and i actually liked the fact that another man would be pumping and dumping his load on my girlfriend. We decided to sleep on it and the next day we would talk about it.
The next day arrived and we were still keen on the idea, so together we posted an add on craigslist- Coventry (England) we didn't expect many replies, so we left it for the day while we went out. when we returned home and checked our emails we were surprised how many men had offered, all shapes and sizes, ages, races.
We decided to only go with the men who had pictures, so we whittled it down to what she wanted. Now i am quite muscular with a good bodytype surprisingly she chose older man who were chubby/fat (very different to me) but it is what she wanted so i was happy to oblige.
We contacted the men back and asked when they would all be free, we decided that next Tuesday night would be best for everyone, we had no place to host so one of the men offered us all to his flat, so thats what we chose, his flat with two other men and me so she would have four men hard over her, four men wanting to fuck her brains out.
As Tuesday came we were both very excited! She had been and had a good wax and had bought some sexy underwear. I should now explain what my girlfriend actually looks like. She's 21 withh neck length brunette hair, very pretty. Her body is quite thin, yet she has a few wobbly bits (which i like about her) she has a sexy big ass, DD boobs which are beautiful to suck and a one of the best vagina's ever.
Anyway, we called at the mans flat and there were two other men there. She was in a tight top and leggings, ready to get her clothes off so that these old men could fuck her wild. We greeted everyone and she sat down on the sofa between a rather fat old man and a slightly skinnier older man, the host was watching same as me.
Without any warning she started to feel the mens trousers where their penis's are. She looked a little nervous but at the same time very horny. She felt their dicks and in return they started feeling her tits through her top. She then took off her top and another man undone her bra, each man had a tit each. She groaed as they licked her tits and she made them ever harder. She then started to kiss the man on her left and started to undo his trousers, th other guy followed and the host was naked by now! he suggested we go into his bedroom which had more room for everyone to get involved.
Walking to his bedroom the men had taken off their clothes, including me i was wanking while i was watching her wank off the men. She was wanking two off while sucking another on the bed. She then proceeded to place two cocks in her mouth at the same time.
By now her pants were off and she was getting licked by the host, she groaned as he licked her tight pussy, sucked and played with her arsehole. She was groaning and so wet! the other guys were getting tiurns to have a blowjob.
The guy lickig her pussy then put his old dick into her, she made out a little cry of plasure as he put it in, he started pumping away, his fat body moving about and her tits bouncing up and down. As she was tossing off two of the guys i moved in and she sucked my cock. She asked me to touch the other guys dick and toss him off. Now im not gay and i have never done anything like that but i was so turned on so i grabbed his cock and started to toss his dick, and he did the same to me while we both groped my girlfriends tits.
The guy fucking her grew closer and closer to cuming and eventually his quite tiny cock come all inside her, she didnt want anyone to wear comdoms, she wanted everyone to cream inside her really deep. So this guy did just that as he come he groaned and so did she, and he went deep and stayed there and then pulled out, some cum dripping. Then the other guy started having a go on her, she wanted his come deep in her too.
Me and the other guy and my girlfriend took it in turns to toss each other off and then he came on her boobs and she rubbed it in and licked up as much as she could in her mouth.
The other guy fucking her had also come to climax he had come in her really deep again, she was loving being such a naughty little slut. Finally I fucked her wet pussy, she had som much cum in there but she loved it and so did i! Eventually i came inside her and we both showerd at the mans house and left.
We still stay in contact with these guys hoping to do this again. Infact the other day i came home from work and she was upstairs fucking one of them. So i joined in!
Thanks for reading!

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Seduction of a Babysitter Part V

Nathan got dressed, as Janis walked towards the bathroom. As she stepped into the hallway, her barefoot stepped into a sticky substance on the floor. She stooped down and stuck her finger it, curious about what it was. She brought it to her nose, sniffing it, it smelled like female secretion, 'but how did it get there,' she wondered.

Janis stood back up and walked down the hallway, stopping at Melissa's door, she peered in and saw her daughter covered up with her blanket, sleeping. Janis shrugged her shoulders, still wondering how that spot on the floor got there, but didn't dwell on it. She proceeded to the bathroom, and cleaned herself up. After she was done, she went to bed, fully satisfied for the time being.

After her mom went to bed, Melissa got up and put her sheets on her bed, and tossed her blanket on the bed. She got dressed, and made her way to the front room, the smell of sex still in the air. Nathan was gone already, disappointing her a little. She looked down at the floor, where her mom had squirted earlier, still seeing a puddle there. Melissa shook her head in disbelief, because her mom had made no effort to hide the fact that she had, had sex.

Melissa got a dirty towel and wiped it up as best as she could, as well as wiping up her own secretions in the hallway. She sat down on the couch, noticing a large wet spot on the middle cushion, shaking her head again.

That evening when Janis woke up, she made dinner for her and Melissa, acting as if nothing had happened in the morning. They sat down at the dinner table to eat, and Melissa said, "mom there is a large wet spot on the middle cushion of the couch." Janis froze as she was dishing food onto her plate, taken by surprise. She looked at Melissa, "really, did you spill something on it?" Melissa looked at her mom, knowing how that spot got there, but not wanting her mom to know she had watched her having sex with Nathan. "No, it was there when I got up this morning," Melissa said.

Janis smiled, knowing it was her that had made that spot, thanks to Nathan, "huh, well maybe Nathan spilled something on it last night." Melissa smirked, "if he did, it would have been dry by the morning." Janis shrugged her shoulders, "it's hard telling what happened. So I heard you didn't give him any problems, and he's willing to babysit you again tomorrow." Melissa's face lit up after her mom said that, "he's coming back tomorrow?" She asked excitedly. Janis smiled and nodded at Melissa, "yep, he sure is."

For the rest of dinner, Melissa and her mom made small talk, talking about Janis' work and about school getting ready to start again soon. Melissa's mind kept going back to watching her mom having sex with Nathan, and about Nathan coming back tomorrow.

The next afternoon, Nathan rang the doorbell at 3:15 sharp. Janis greeted him with a huge smile, and let him inside. Melissa wasn't in the front room. As Nathan walked into the front room, Janis followed him, "ok same as last time, if you have any problems call me, food is in the fridge. Melissa has a friend of hers over tonight, so they'll probably stay in room most of the night." Nathan looked at Janis and smiled, "don't worry Ms. White, we'll be fine." Janis chuckled, "please stop calling me that, call me Janis." Nathan nodded as he sat down on the couch and Janis turned to leave, "see you later tonight Nathan," Janis yelled as she opened the door and left.

After the front door closed, Melissa came out of her room, and entered the front room. She was wearing tight boy shorts and a tight tank top. "Hi Nathan," she said, walking towards him. Nathan looked at her and smiled, "hi Melissa." Melissa sat down on the other side of the couch, staring at him.

Nathan looked at Melissa and smiled, "can I help you?" Melissa shifted around on the couch and smiled, "so I heard you made love to my mom." Nathan looked at her in shock, not sure what to say. He didn't think Janis would tell her daughter about their morning tryst. Melissa giggled at his reaction, "don't worry your secret is safe with me, but only on one condition." Nathan looked at her sternly, "and what's that?" Knowing it probably was him having sex with her, but a little angry at Janis for telling her daughter.

Melissa smiled, then yelled, "ok Stacy, you can come out here now." Nathan looked at Melissa in fear, already forgetting about Melissa's friend being there. He looked towards the hallway as Stacy walked into the front room. Stacy is 12, with shoulder length red hair and blue eyes. She also had a slender build, weighing about 105 lbs. Standing 5'4", with a firm 32B chest.

Stacy was wearing a tight tube top and extremely short skirt, that barely covered her ass cheeks, as she strolled in front of the couch and sat down between Melissa and him. Melissa looked around Stacy and smiled, "you're going to show Stacy what it feels like to make love." Nathan shook his head vigorously, "no way, not going to happen."

Melissa got up from the couch and stood in front of Nathan, "you will too, or your mom and my mom will find out we had sex." Nathan looked at her in fear, not wanting to believe this was happening. He knew Melissa was young, but he couldn't believe she could be so devious. He also knew he had made a mistake by having sex with her in the first place, but now she was threatening to blackmail him unless she got what she wanted.

Melissa crossed her arms, looking at Nathan sternly. Nathan looked at Stacy, then back at Melissa, "so that's it, just have sex with Stacy?" He asked, realizing he had made a mistake by agreeing to babysit again. Melissa slowly nodded, "yep, well and with me too." Nathan looked at her, wide eyed, knowing he didn't have much of a choice. If his mom found out that he had sex with Melissa, she not only would disown him, but more than likely call the police as well.

Nathan sat there, thinking about it for a bit. He knew this was almost every guy's dream, to have sex with two girls at once, but that wasn't what was holding him back. He didn't know Stacy, and didn't want her going and telling her mom about this. He looked at Melissa, "ok, but can we wait until after dinner?" Hoping that would buy him some time to get out of this. Melissa smiled, "yes we can wait."

For the rest of the afternoon, Nathan tried to come up with ways to get out of having sex with the two girls, but kept coming up empty. Melissa and Stacy hung out in Melissa's room until Nathan made dinner. Every once in a while, Nathan would hear them giggling and laughing in her room.

After dinner was ready, Nathan hollered for them. Melissa strolled into the dining room, followed by Stacy, right behind her. Melissa was still wearing her tight boy shorts and tank top, but Stacy was only wearing a blue lace bra and matching thong. As Nathan was carrying the food to the table he stopped in place, staring at Stacy.

Stacy strutted in front of him, her bra stretched tight by her chest, and her thong pulled tight against her hairless pussy, showing a tiny cameltoe. "Melissa where are Stacy's clothes?" Nathan asked, feeling his dick begin to harden in his pants.

Both of the girls looked at each other and giggled. Melissa looked at Nathan, "umm in my room, duh." Nathan set the food on the table, "why did she take them off?" Melissa smirked, "so she was ready as soon as we get done eating."

Nathan sat down at the table, across from the two girls, staring at Stacy's chest. "That could have waited," Nathan said, still staring. Melissa laughed, "well we didn't want you to forget about it, and thought it would get you hard already." Nathan couldn't disagree with her, it did get him hard, as his dick throbbed against his pants, "yeah, but it's not the proper attire to wear at the dinner table."

Melissa ignored him as she dished herself some food, and began eating. The three of them ate silently, Nathan glancing at Stacy's tits every once in a while, causing his dick to throb more. When they were about done eating, Melissa broke the silence, "by the way Nathan, Stacy is a virgin, and has never even seen a dick before, or masturbated."

Nathan dropped his fork on his plate, looking wide eyed at Stacy, as she slowly nodded and smiled. 'This just keeps getting better and better,' he thought to himself. 'That's all the more reason I need to get out of this.' Nathan felt a lump grow in his throat, knowing this could give Stacy all the more reason to tell someone, especially if he hurt her, or she didn't really want to go through with this.

Melissa laughed, "why the long look Nathan." Nathan shook his head and went back to eating, trying desperately to find a way out of having sex with Stacy.

After they were done eating, they all carried their plates to the sink and Nathan grabbed the pan from the table. He started the water to do the dishes when Melissa came up behind him. She reached around his waist and grabbed his crotch, "ok it's after dinner. Mmm and it looks like our trick worked," Melissa moaned, squeezing his erection, through his pants.

Nathan groaned, turning the water off, realizing he wasn't going to be able to get out of it. He turned around to face Melissa, looking down at her. "Come on big boy, time to teach a girl how to make love," Melissa said playfully. She grabbed Nathan's hand and lead him towards her room. Nathan didn't resist, knowing that Melissa was in charge, or he would more than likely go to jail.

Melissa lead Nathan into her room, his dick bulging against his pants as they entered. Stacy was sitting in the middle of Melissa's bed, her face lighting up when they entered. Melissa told Nathan to stand at the foot of the bed and take his pants and boxers off, as she climbed onto the bed, next to her friend.

Nathan nervously began fumbling with the button on his pants, looking at the two girls, sitting there patiently waiting. He finally got it unbuttoned, and began pushing them down, along with his boxers. As his boxers slid over his dick, it sprang back immediately, causing Stacy to gasp. Melissa giggled at her friend, as Nathan pushed his pants and boxers, completely down and off.

As Nathan stood back up, Stacy nervously shifted around on the bed, staring at his hard dick. "Oh my god Melissa, that's amazing," Stacy said, slowly moving closer to the end of the bed. Melissa chuckled as she moved next to Stacy, "see I told you, you would like it." Stacy licked her lips as her eyes crossed, staring at his dick. There was a small dab of precum leaking out of the pee hole, glistening in the light.

Nathan watched Stacy nervously reach her hand out and put her forefinger into the precum. Stacy quizzically stared at it, as his dick bobbed up, breaking the contact with her finger, his precum sticking to her finger. "What's that, it feels sticky," Stacy exclaimed, moving her hand back, his precum stringing out with it. Melissa giggled, "wow Stacy you haven't ever done any of this before huh? That's his cum leaking out already."

Nathan laughed to himself at both of them, "well its not really cum, it's called precum. It leaks out when I get really turned on," he said. Melissa and Stacy both nodded, as Stacy moved her hand back until the string broke and fell onto her finger. Stacy brought her finger to her nose and sniffed, "it doesn't smell like anything." Nathan and Melissa both laughed, as they watched Stacy stick her tongue out and lick the precum off of her finger. "Hmm not much of a taste either," Stacy added, shrugging her shoulders.

Melissa looked at her friend, "that's odd, because when I swallowed his cum the other day, it tasted pretty good." Nathan shrugged his shoulders, not sure what to tell them, about the taste of his cum. Stacy looked at Melissa in shock, "you swallowed his cum, you can get pregnant from that." Nathan and Melissa looked at each other and burst out laughing. Stacy cowered a bit at their reaction.

"You can't get pregnant from swallowing cum, you can only get pregnant if a guy comes in your pussy," Melissa said, laughingly. Stacy stared at Melissa, "are you sure?" Melissa nodded, "I'm positive, I read it on the internet. Who told you something silly like that?" Stacy looked at Melissa sternly, "my mom did." Melissa shook her head, "I think she told you that, so you wouldn't try anything sexual. Did she also tell you that you could get pregnant the very first time you have sex?"

Nathan stood there, mesmerized by Melissa knowing this much about sex, and talking to her friend like that. Stacy slowly nodded, looking down at the bed. Melissa laughed again, "well that's wrong to, Nathan came in my pussy twice, and I'm not pregnant." Stacy looked back up at Melissa, "ok."

They both turned back to Nathan, Melissa looked up at him and smiled, "damn parents and misleading their children." Nathan smirked, unsure of what to say to her.

Melissa looked at Stacy and said, "why don't you try wrapping your hand around his dick, to see what it feels like." Stacy nodded, sitting Indian style on the end of the bed. Nathan watched Stacy slowly reach out and wrap her tiny hand around his dick. He groaned as his dick throbbed in her squeezing grip. Stacy giggled when his dick throbbed in her hand, saying, "wow it's so hard, but soft, and it moved when I touched it."

Melissa laughed at friend, as she moved closer to Nathan, "now try and put it in mouth, and suck on it like it's a sucker." Stacy nodded as she moved to knees on the bed, using her other hand to hold herself up. Melissa watched closely as Stacy opened her mouth wide and slowly began to engulf the head of Nathan's dick. "Yeah Stacy, that's it, suck on his dick, get it all wet so it can go in your pussy," Melissa moaned, as she reached a hand back and lightly rubbed Stacy's ass cheek.

After watching her mom have sex with Nathan, Melissa found herself fascinated about watching another girl having sex with a guy, but also wondered why it had turned her on so much. She tried searching for it on the internet, and came across some websites with two women playing with each other, without a guy. Melissa found herself getting turned on by looking at the pictures of it, and watching videos of it. She also watched videos of two girls having sex with a guy at the same time. So when she found out Nathan was coming back to babysit, she asked her mom if Stacy could stay the night, so she could find out what it was like, firsthand.

Melissa watched Stacy slowly move her head forward, taking more of Nathan's dick into her mouth, as she started rubbing Stacy's ass cheek harder. Nathan threw his head back, as Stacy moved her hand away, her tongue running along the bottom side of his shaft, and the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. Stacy choked a little, pulling her head back. Melissa giggled, "don't choke on it. You probably can't get it all in your mouth, I couldn't."

Stacy moaned as she closed her mouth around Nathan's dick, and sucked as hard as she could. Nathan groaned loudly, "oh fuck!" Melissa cooed, "that's it Stacy, now start moving your mouth up and down it, while you suck." Stacy did as Melissa said, slowly pulling her head back, until just the head was in her mouth, sucking hard. Nathan's body trembled as she sucked on his sensitive head, then slowly moving her head back into him, taking his dick in, as far as she could. Stacy was able to get almost 4" of his dick into her mouth, before it reached her throat. She started a steady rhythm, slowly moving her head back, then swallowing his dick again, sucking on it hard.

'For an inexperienced girl, she sure can suck a dick,' Nathan thought to himself, closing his eyes and moving his hips with her head. Melissa moaned, "oh my god that's so sexy, don't stop Stacy."

Melissa moved back up the bed, behind Stacy's upturned ass. She slid her finger under Stacy's thong and moved it aside, exposing Stacy's virgin slit to her. Melissa nervously moved her hand towards her friend's pussy , and grazed the tip of her finger across Stacy's pussy lips. She felt Stacy's ass tremble against her hand, as she lightly moved her finger up and down her friend's tiny slit.

Melissa slowly tried to push her finger between Stacy's labia, causing Stacy to moan a little louder. Melissa cooed to herself as she watched her finger began to disappear into her friend's pussy. As her finger entered Stacy's virgin hole, she felt the same warmth and wetness she feels when playing with herself, but it also felt different to her, because it was another girl's pussy. "Oh my god," Melissa whispered to herself, as she continued pushing her finger in, feeling Stacy's pussy squeezing her finger.

As Stacy started moving her head faster, up and down, Nathan had to stop her, or he would cum quickly. As she pulled away from his dick, she looked up at him with lust. Nathan smiled and bent down, lightly kissing her on the lips, as she moaned.

Melissa started moving her finger in and out of Stacy's pussy, enjoying the feeling of Stacy's pussy sucking at her finger. Melissa was amazed at how Stacy's pussy lips moved in and out with her finger. She looked up at Nathan and Stacy kissing and asked, "did you cum already Nathan?" Nathan looked at Melissa, shaking his head. Melissa smiled, moving her finger a little faster, in and out of Stacy's pussy, "ok good, well you can take off my panties and get me ready for your hard dick."

Nathan stood there for a moment, not really thinking about Melissa being there, just about the amazing blowjob he had got from Stacy. He moved around the bed, until he was standing right behind Melissa's ass. He looked up at Stacy's ass and saw Melissa moving her finger in and out of her friend's virgin pussy. He groaned at the sight, then grabbed at Melissa's boy shorts and started tugging them down. Melissa helped him by moving herself around, allowing him to pull them off.

Melissa pulled her finger out of Stacy's pussy, as she moved to her knees, and at almost a 45 degree angle from Stacy's body. "Don't move Stacy, I'm gonna get you ready to have sex with Nathan as well." Stacy looked over her shoulder, confused about what Melissa meant.

Nathan stood there, wanting to see what Melissa was talking about, and meant about getting her friend ready. He watched as Melissa put her hands on the bed, and move her head closer to Stacy's pussy. Melissa stuck her tongue out and delved the tip of it into her friend's pussy lips. Nathan groaned as he looked on, "holy shit."

Melissa moved the the tip of her tongue up Stacy's slit, tasting her first pussy ever, as Stacy's nectar collected on her tongue. Melissa pulled her tongue back, tasting it, "mmm, oh my god your pussy tastes incredible, Stacy." Stacy giggled at Melissa, not sure what to say. Melissa again stuck her tongue out and pushed it back into Stacy's slit, she moved her tongue down this time, brushing it across Stacy's over sensitive clit. Stacy's back arched as she raised her head, "oh my fucking god," she exclaimed in pleasure.

Nathan watched in amazement, as he saw a girl licking another girl's pussy for the first time in person. It was at that moment he was elated that he had agreed to babysit again.

Melissa moved her tongue up and down Stacy's pussy a few times, tasting more of Stacy's juices, then she stopped at Stacy's entrance. Melissa grabbed Stacy's hips, and quickly pushed her tongue into Stacy's pussy, burying her face into Stacy's muff and ass. Stacy's back arched more, raising her ass higher, as she exclaimed, "ahh, holy shit that feels funny but amazing." Melissa moaned into Stacy's pussy, as she moved her tongue in and out of Stacy's sucking hole, noticing it getting wetter.

Nathan continued to watch Melissa eat out her friend's pussy, as he started rubbing Melissa's pussy. He noticed it was already, incredibly wet, as he sunk his middle finger into it. He decided she didn't need any preparation, as he pulled his finger out of her and moved up behind her. He guided his dick to Melissa's pussy, as Stacy was getting louder and louder, moving her hips and grinding her pussy into Melissa's face.

Nathan kept his eyes on Melissa eating Stacy's pussy out, as he felt the head of his dick brush against her soft pussy lips. Melissa wiggled her hips in front of him, as he steadily pushed his hips forward, feeling his dick begin to sink into her tight pussy. Melissa moaned into Stacy's pussy as she felt Nathan's dick enter her. Nathan grabbed Melissa's hips and drove his dick home, deep inside of her pussy, hard.

Melissa's body lunged forward, when Nathan slammed into her, pushing her face harder into Stacy's pussy. Stacy's body was trembling and shaking as her orgasm was nearing. "What is happening to me? Oh my god, I gotta pee," Stacy yelled, trying to pull away from Melissa. Melissa held onto Stacy's hips, not allowing her to pull away, as she pulled her tongue out of Stacy's pussy and moved her mouth down, sucking Stacy's clit into her mouth.

Nathan was moving his hips forward and back, sliding his dick in and out of Melissa, hard and fast, knowing it wasn't going to take him long to cum. He was groaning as he watched Melissa suck on Stacy's clit. Stacy's body was trembling so hard that the bed was shaking against his legs.

Stacy cried out in ecstasy, as Melissa sucked and nibbled on her clit, "ahhhhh!" Stacy's hips continuing to try pulling away from Melissa, as her body was rocked with her first orgasm. "Oh my god, I gotta pee," Stacy cried, as her body jerked and shook in the throes of her orgasm. "Ooohhh, aaahhh, what is happening to me," Stacy stammered out, still cumming.

Melissa moaned more into Stacy's pussy, as her chin was inundated with Stacy's wetness, as it began to flow out. Melissa didn't relent on Stacy's clit, sucking on it hard, throughout Stacy's orgasm.

As Stacy's orgasm began to slowly fade, her arms got weak, and she fell onto her chest on the bed, her body still trembling and shaking with the aftershocks of her orgasm. She closed her eyes, feeling completely relaxed now, trying to figure out what that was. Melissa released her hips, and she fell flat on the bed, trying to recover.

After Melissa let go of Stacy's hips, she looked back at Nathan and smiled. Stacy's wetness was covering her chin and lips as she said, "are you gonna cum Nathan? Huh are you gonna cum in my young, tight pussy, so Stacy can suck it out of me?" Nathan was grunting as his orgasm neared, "uh huh, uh huh." Liking what he heard Melissa say.

Melissa started rubbing her clit, as she moved her hips back into Nathan's thrusts, "that's it baby, cum for me, fill my tight pussy up with your hot cum." That did it for Nathan, as he slammed into Melissa's pussy, he cried out, "here it comes, I'm fucking cumming." Melissa felt his dick swell up inside of her, and soon felt the hot rush of his cum filling her pussy, setting off her orgasm as well. "Me too Nathan, your making me cum too!" Melissa yelled as her pussy clamped down on Nathan's spurting dick, pushing some of his cum back out around it.

Melissa and Nathan continued to cum together, both of their bodies shaking and trembling together. Nathan continued to slowly move his hips as he emptied the entire contents of his balls into her sucking pussy. Melissa had her head on the bed, as she vigorously rubbed her clit throughout her orgasm, "fuck I love feeling your hot cum in me." Melissa groaned as her orgasm faded.

Nathan stumbled backwards as his own orgasm ended, his dick slipping out of Melissa's leaking hole. He could see his cum dripping off of her pussy lips, right onto the bed, as he used the wall to keep him up. "Oh my god, that was intense," he said to himself, realizing that was hardest he had ever cum before.

Melissa collapsed onto the bed, her pussy still leaking Nathan's cum and forming a small pool on the bed. "Mmm, Stacy are you ok up there?" She asked, looking at her friend still laying on the bed.

To be continued. Constructive criticism please.

Pipe Crew XV- Baseball to House Guests

“Kimmy and I fooled around a little when we were younger. You know, the curious stuff. We even rubbed each other down there until we got real excited, but we didn’t really know what we were doing. I think Kim was a little jealous when you started to like me too,” admitted my girlfriend, Katie Schultz. I had just admitted to sleeping with my little sister and she had just admitted she found it hot. “She asks about you and me all the time. If we kiss, if we… other stuff. I tell her it’s none of her business, but I guess she knows now, thanks to Becka.”

“Do you think she’s going to make trouble for you or for us?” I was a little worried that her dad would find out. Truth was, he scared the bejeezus out of me.

“Oh, I doubt it. If she threatens to, I will threaten to tell about her and Smokey.”

“Smokey? The DOG?”

“You don’t want to know. She was just curious, that’s all. But if mom and dad found out what she was doing, they wouldn’t let her out of her room or near the dog ever again.” She was laughing. I wanted to ask her for more details, but decided I’d rather do something else instead. All this sexy talk was getting me horny again, not that I was ever not horny. At fourteen, I had two states, somewhat horny and horny as hell. I was moving from somewhat to horny as hell again. My cock stirred and Katie noticed. I moved over her to cover her nakedness with mine. Her legs parted and I settled between them. She was already warm and slick from our previous intercourse. I slipped in easily. We kissed and screwed and kissed some more. It wasn’t the hard, urgent fucking that made me erupt easily. This was the long slow lovemaking that was about being joined as one and taking in all the sensuality of the moment. After a time, I rolled over and pulled Katie on top of me. She sat up until she was kneeling next to my hips with my cock buried in her pussy and then started a slow, bucking grind. This put her breasts in an easy arms reach. Her head lolled back and she rode me in slow motion, controlling the depth and speed. I thrust my hips upward to meet her descent, but I didn’t do anything but match her pace. I let my hands roam all over her smooth, tight skin. She shortened her bucking to just a couple inches, right at the bottom. Her breasts were bouncing, their fullness only slightly flattening as she reached the depth of her stroke. She was so tiny at the waist, it made her breasts appear larger by comparison. I enjoyed her pleasure as she closed her eyes and focused on her own pleasure. She picked up the pace, rubbing her engorged labia hard against the sides of my thickened cock. She started to cum and with it she started to flow with her heavy juices. She squirted so much I used to think she was peeing on me. She kept it up for several minutes, having her own orgasms at her own pace. Whenever I felt her slowing down, I would cup her breasts and graze her nipples with my fingers. This would reawaken her fading sensations and her orgasm would grow stronger. I was in no hurry to finish. I was content to let her ride my cock until we died of starvation. Then I heard a noise coming from nearby. Whispering. I froze.

“Why did you stop?” asked Katie, somewhat miffed I interrupted her chain orgasm.

“We are not alone anymore,” I explained. I searched around, but I couldn’t pinpoint our little sisters who had snuck up the ladder to the upper loft and our little love nest.

“I’ll fix them,” pledged Katie. She jumped up and climbed over the bales that hid us from casual view, nearly landing on our little stalkers. “What the hell are you two little girls doing up here?” She grabbed each of them by an arm and made them climb back over the bales to where I was. Becka looked sheepish, but Kim looked astonished. I was still hard and covered with the product of her sister’s orgasm. Kim stared at my hard cock. Becka stared at Katie’s naked form. I know Becka was checking out the competition. She wrested her arm from Katie’s grasp and leaped on top of me, eager for me to protect and forgive her.

“We weren’t really spying, honest. We hadn’t even peeked yet. We were still trying to work up the nerve to climb the bales. We were listening to you and trying to figure out who would go first when Katie jumped over and grabbed us. It scared me so bad I nearly peed!” explained my twelve year old sister.

Kim was still struggling to get away, but she was no match for her older sister. “Lemme go! We only wanted to see, that’s all.”

“Kimberly Della Schultz! You know better than that! You should be ashamed of yourself!” Katie was used to telling her younger sister off from the tone of it. “What Paul and I do is private. How would you like it if I watched you with your boyfriend?”

“HA! I don’t have a boy friends, so THERE! And I wouldn’t mind. You’re my sister; you are supposed to be teaching me stuff. And we didn’t SEE anything. We just got up here when you caught us.” Her eyes still hadn’t left my cock.

“Have you had a good enough look at Paul’s privates yet?” Katie smacked her sister in the back of her head to get her attention. “It’s not polite to stare.”

“But look at it! It’s so big! How does it….?” She stopped short of finishing her question.

“Feel? Fit? Taste? Is that what you are asking? We’ll I’ll tell you. Good. Tight. Fantastic. Got enough information yet?”

Sensing she was not about to die, Kim decided to press her luck. She turned to Becka. “You let him put THAT thing inside you? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, not at all. It feels really good. My pussy just opens up and it slides in. When it gets all the way in, it feels SO nice. It makes me tingle all over and then when I can’t take it anymore, it’s like my stomach explodes and my ears ring and my toes hurt and it’s just the best feeling in the whole world. Ask Katie, she knows.”

Kim turned to her sister. She raised her eyebrows expectantly.

“It’s not your business, but Becka is right. There’s nothing as nice as having Paul’s big hard cock stuffed in my pussy. It makes me feel so grown up and when I orgasm, it’s so fantastic.”

“Can I try it?” asked Kim.

“NO!” said all three of us simultaneously. I had heard enough. This was going in a direction I couldn’t see anything good coming from.

“Can I at least touch it?”

Katie acted like she was thinking it over. “No, I don’t think so. He’s my boyfriend, not yours. You need to get your own boyfriend and touch his.”

“Can I at least see it go inside you? Then we will climb down, I promise.” Katie looked at me and I shrugged. My cock was just waving around the barn, not doing anyone any good and all this attention hadn’t allowed it to abate. If this would get me back inside Katie and our intruders out of the loft, I would let Kim watch me penetrate her sister.

“Don’t ever come back up here when we are up here alone, got it? I will let you see this ONCE.” She let her sister go and pushed me back off my elbows to flat on my back. She grabbed the base of my erection and guided the head to her now cooled off cunt. She wiggled her hips and slowly descended onto my shaft. Our sisters got down between my feet to watch it sliding in.

“Oh dang! Look at that!” gushed Kim. “It just slides in. How does it feel Becka?” She turned to ask her partner in crime.

“It feels really good. Really good.” She was fixated on watching my cock sliding in and out of Katie’s hole. I watched her reach between her legs and rub her pussy through her jeans. I could tell we were going to fuck later, just by the raspy breathing coming from her mouth. “Come on, let’s go. We promised.” She bumped Kim’s shoulder and they reluctantly climbed out of the love nest and we listened as they descended to the ground.

The brief respite and the tawdry conversation was all I needed to get prepped to finish. When I felt my orgasm starting to build, I gripped Katie’s hips and controlled her actions while I thrust upward into her. She steadied herself by leaning forward, grasping my chest with semi-clenched fingers. I felt her pinch my nipples and that was all the encouragement I needed. I pumped another load of fresh cum into her well-used confines. She joined me in my release, continuing to pinch and twist my nipples harder as she came. Finally it hurt too much and I had to grab her wrists to get her to let my nipples go. I thought she was going to rip them completely off.

We spent fifteen minutes licking each other clean. I love the taste of a fresh-fucked, cum-filled pussy and gladly licked her until she was empty and fresh as a daisy. I even managed to drag my tongue across her sphincter a couple times, just to see what kind of reaction I would get. She reacted by sticking the tip of her middle finger against my own asshole and giving me a massage.

After we were cleaned up and dressed, we kissed for a while and then made our way unsteadily to the ground. Katie and Kim rode their three-wheelers back through the fields to their house before it got too dark. Becka and I went into the house to get cleaned up for bed. In the bathroom that connected our two bedrooms, Becka lounged in her pink nightie on the counter. She had her head propped up on her hand and her left knee was pointing to the ceiling, giving me a full view of her bare pussy and it’s light covering of new pubic hair. She hadn’t bothered to put on her panties after her bath. I lay in the tub and enjoyed the hot water. I cleaned all the parts of me and paid a lot of attention to my cock. It was at half-mast but it was squeaky clean.

I climbed out of the tub and dried off, wagging my cock in my sister’s face, since she refused to move from her supine position. She didn’t move when I wiggled it right under her nose. She moved enough to pretend to bite it when I slapped it against her cheek. Then she opened her mouth and sucked the first three inches in before jumping down off of the counter. I pulled on my shorts and we walked downstairs to tell our parents goodnight. Mom was in her nightgown, sitting in the living room knitting a blanket when we took turns kissing her good night.

“Your father is asleep in the den. You can go give him a kiss before you go to bed,” she told my sister. Becka skipped down the hall, to kiss our father goodnight. “Are you being careful, Paul?” mom asked as Becka slipped out of sight.

“Yes mom, I am being very careful,” I said and I sat on the arm of her chair. Her arm easily slipped around my waist.

“I’m too young to be a grandmother,” she lamented. “You are too young to be a father.”

“Well,” I teased, “If I could have you all the time, I wouldn’t need these other girls. Then you’d know if I was doing it right and doing it safely.”

“Oh Paul!” she squeezed. “I do think about it all the time. But I am not ready to have a relationship with my own son. It’s just too much for me right now. But finding time with your father is getting harder and hard too, so I appreciate your offer.”

Becka rejoined us and we went upstairs together, her to her room, me to mine. But her door had hardly closed before she came through the bathroom, buck-naked to beat me into my own bed.

“It’s my turn now Paul. It’s my turn to be your girlfriend. It’s my turn to have your thing in me.”

“You might have to suck it for a while to help me get hard. Katie and I fucked a lot tonight. I am really tired.”

“OK.” She didn’t protest, she just sat up on the edge of the bed and waited for me to come closer. I dropped my shorts and before her. She guided my semi-hard dick to her mouth and began to lick and suck it, getting it nice and slick. She was able to get more than half into her throat while it was under-inflated. It didn’t stay semi-hard for long. I grasped the back of her head as I grew harder, filling her mouth and stretching her throat. She put her hands on my hips to push me away, but I didn’t allow it. I don’t know what came over me. Suddenly I was angry with her for spying on Katie and I, and I wanted to punish her. She started to struggle and gag, which only made me more excited. I pulled out just enough for her to cough and swallow and get a couple gulps of air, before I forced my cock back into her mouth and down her throat. She looked up at me with panic in her eyes.

“You should not have spied on us,” I whispered. “This is your punishment.” I pulled out again. To my surprise, after she caught her breath, she opened her mouth up wide, waiting for my thrust. I grabbed her head again, and drove my cock fully into her throat, not stopping until I felt her nose pressing against my pelvic bone. Her eyes never left mine. Now that she was resigned to her punishment, my cock in her throat didn’t make her gag as hard. I could feel her convulse, but she never tried to pull off. She tried to push even more into her throat until I made her back off. She was crying.

“I’m so sorry Paul. I didn’t mean to spy. But I wanted to see. I wanted to see what Katie did that I didn’t do. I was only jealous, that’s all.”

“It’s okay, Becka. Katie can’t do everything you can do. No one has ever got my entire boner into their throat before. That was a-maze-ing. You are the best at sucking dick there ever was.”

“You really think so?” she asked with no small amount of pride in her voice. “Thank you for saying so!”

“I do think so. I also think that you should keep that talent to yourself. If you suck a dick like that before you have sex, you aren’t ever going to have sex again.” She nodded and we both laughed. “But you are the best cock sucker I have ever known. The BEST!”

I made her stand up so I could lie down on the bed and she could mimic what she had seen Katie doing earlier. She threw one leg over me and dropped to her knees. My rod was hot and wet from her mouth. It only took her a couple of tries to get me fully engaged into her depths. Her tight cunt was a velvet fist gripping my rod. Though I was nearly fucked dry, I only had to remember her nose against my groin with my cock deep in her throat to put myself on the verge of an orgasm. I rubbed and twisted her nipples until she started to spasm around my cock. I answered with a spasm of my own. She collapsed against my chest and we went to sleep like that.

I woke up at 3 am to the sensation of being ridden again. Becka had coaxed my cock into readiness and now was using our combined juices to lubricate her second fuck of the night. As good as it felt, I was tired and wanted to sleep. So I grabbed her tiny ass cheeks and started to drive up into her. While I was fucking her, I was spreading her ass wider, until I could sense her brown button was gaping wide. I rubbed my middle finger along my driving cock, getting it nice and slick. I pressed my finger against her sphincter until it yielded and then finger fucked her ass to the second knuckle. The double penetration sensation was enough to send her over the edge and take me with her. When we finished, she dismounted my cock and padded silently into the bathroom. I heard the commode flush and then her door shut. She was going to finish the night in her own bed.

The next day on the bus to school, little was said. Every so often Kim would turn around to look at me and Katie would flick her in the back of the head with her finger, reminding her to mind her own business.

On Friday night, Centerville had its opening baseball game of the season. We didn’t draw the same kind of crowds as we did for football, but there were a couple hundred people there anyway. Without the distances a football field offered to protect us from the crowds, it was easy to hear all the people in the stands. Some of them really got into the game and never stopped shouting. It was a little intimidating.

Early in the season we only played seven inning exhibition games. They were more like an organized scrimmage. The games didn’t count against the season record. It wasn’t light as late and the field lights weren’t much better than the dusk they were trying to chase away. In the middle of the fifth, pitching coach Billy Parsons had me get up and start working from the stretch to loosen up. With one out at the top of the sixth inning, Chad Henning had a runner on first and a three run lead. Coach Harris liked to say he left a pitcher in one pitch too long if he allows him to blow a lead. The third batter in the inning cracked a hard single to right center and the runner wheeled through second and stood on third without a throw from Bird Rice who had cut the throw off at second. Coach Harris called time and strode out to the mound. As he crossed the first base line, he tapped his right arm and Coach Parsons gave me a nod.

“You’re in.”

Even though it was an exhibition game and it didn’t matter, I felt four hundred pairs of eyes on me as I ran in from the bullpen on the right field line, past the home bleachers. When I got to the mound, Chad Henning slapped the ball in my glove and strode off. Chad knew that he could still win the game, if I pitched well. He also knew he wouldn’t get the loss if I didn’t. I could earn a save or a loss, but not a win.

“Just step and fire. Throw the ball where Joe tells you. Got it?” He didn’t wait for an answer, he just walked off.

“We are gonna stick with the number 1. Watch my middle finger. Only my middle finger. The rest are just dummies, got it?” I must have looked confused. “The base runners are going to try and steal our signs, alright?” I got it then. I grinned and nodded.

The first batter was a Cro-Magnon named Meat or Beef or Chuck Roast or something like that. Joe waggled all his fingers all over but he kept pointing his middle finger at the inside of his seam on the right side. Belt high over the inside half. I nodded.

I looked over my left shoulder to hold the runner at first, raised my toe and pointed it where I wanted the pitch to go, slid forward and fired. The ball nearly sizzled as it cut through the air. Wooof! THOCK! I heard the swing but I could see it was too late. The sound of the ball hitting the catchers mitt was satisfying. Joe went through the same gyrations, but the pitch and location were the same. I rocked and fired. THOwooofCK! The batter was so late the ball hit the glove as the bat came around. For the third pitch, Joe signaled low, away and off the plate. Again I checked the runners and fired. The batter flailed at the offering, not coming close. MeatBeefChuck, whatever his name was, glared at me as he stomped back to the dugout. Two outs. Joe signaled for time.

“On the next pitch, don’t check the runner at first. Act like you forgot. Throw the ball high, right at the umps face,” he said to me while covering his mouth with his mitt. “Then duck.”


“I’m gonna gun down the guy on first as he tries to steal second, I don’t want to bean you by mistake. Just fire and get down. Got it?”

“Sure, I guess.” Joe went through a series of fake signals. The runner on first took a huge lead. I had to work at making the pitch without checking the runner. My pitch sailed high, and Joe leaped from the crouch and already had his left foot coming forward as he caught the ball. As soon as I let it go, I dropped down low, making it look like I had fallen down. The runner was already halfway to second when Joe fired from the plate. His aim was true and the shortstop, his twin brother James, caught the ball two feet above the bag and dropped his hand down on the runner’s outstretched arm before he it could reach the bag.

“Yerrrrr OUT!” shouted the second base umpire. Four pitches and I was out of the inning.

James Baldwin was first to bat in our half of the sixth. He punched a ball off the outer third of his bat that landed just past the deep second baseman. He easily beat the throw to first. I was next to bat. I tried not to look too nervous as I left the dugout and headed for the batter’s box. I was quaking inside. I was so amped up, I swung early in the first pitch I saw and slapped a liner between first and second and sprinted to first. James moved over to third and I looked over to Coach Harris for the sign. It was a first pitch GO sign, which meant I was supposed to steal second. I took as big of a lead as I dared and waited for the pitcher to make his move to the plate. As his hands came to his waist, I thought I detected movement toward the plate and I took off. But the movement wasn’t toward the plate, he was throwing a pickoff to first. I recognized it too late. I was already committed to second. The throw to first was a little high and the first baseman didn’t get a chance to stride into it and fire it at second. He had to jump to get it then gather himself to send the ball chasing me down at second. The split-second was enough. I beat the throw and now I had a single and a stolen base and a strike out. Standing on second base, listening to my teammates and the fans cheering, I LOVED baseball.

James and I scored as the top of the order started shelling our guests. When I took the mound at the top of the seventh, I had an eight run lead. I don’t recall the exact order of pitches in the final inning, but there were nine of them: fastball in, fastball out, fastball middle, fastball high, fastball low, fastball right center, fastball left center, fastball center and fastball high and away. Three of the pitches were called strikes the rest were swings and misses.

After the teams shook hands, the Warriors returned to the dugout for the post game talk.

“I saw a lot of good things for being so early in the year, men,” growled Coach Harris. “I saw some things we need to work on. Like how to recognize a pick-off move and beat the throw back to first instead of trying for second.” He was looking right at me with a twinkle in his eye. Jack and James shoved me back and forth between them.

“Yeah, Rook! Nice steal. The way you run, I thought you were riding on a chicken’s back,” teased Jack.

“It’s a good thing the first baseman had an arm like a slot machine. My grandmother could have pegged you at second,” added James.

“Sleep in tomorrow morning. Pitchers at 8 a.m. for therapy, everyone else at 8:30.”

8:00 a.m. is sleeping in on a Saturday? This was a joke, right? Nope. Coach Walt had been coaching a long time. He knew that athletes, particularly baseball players, liked to celebrate after a win. The early practice meant the players were less likely to be hung over. But for me, I would be up a couple hours before the 8:00 a.m. practice, so I didn’t mind.

The families all gathered at the A&W for the traditional post-game celebration. The Schultz’s were also there. I felt a little weird being with the parents of the girls I was having sex with and the younger sister who had begged to watch. But I tried to act natural. Katie was a lot friendlier and more physical with me in front of her parents. She would hug my arm and hold on tight, kiss my cheek, lay her head on my shoulder, hold my hand, and her parent’s, particularly her dad, didn’t seem to mind. Kim and Becka would run off and join their other friends, which consisted of the younger siblings of my teammates.

“What was that pitch you threw to the last batter, Paul?” asked Mr. Schultz.

“Well, sir, that was….”

“THE CHEESE!” interrupted Joe Baldwin. “The Fatty. The Kahuna. El Fiero. The Paul David Express. Makes batters quake and girls hearts break. That sir, was the Numero Uno.”
“…the fastball.” I finished. “It’s really the only pitch I know how to throw.” Mr. Schultz was laughing at my catcher’s antics.

“I thought so. But you throw it pretty well.”

That night I remember watching all the fire trucks roaring by the A&W hearing sirens fading in the distance. There were a lot of them. They headed out of town in the direction of where we all lived. I put it out of my mind, but I do recall seeing my father and Mr. Schultz also cocking their heads with concern. That many trucks could only mean something bad. We weren’t there much longer when we heard another siren and it was definitely coming back to town. A deputy sheriff skidded to a stop on the road in front of the restaurant. The deputy got out and strode over to Mr. Schultz.

“It’s your place, Samuel.” Katie gripped my arm in fear. She had a fire at home. The Schultz’s departed first and my father settled both our bill and theirs. We were on the road right after them. We could see the fire two miles before we got to their driveway. The barn was fully engulfed, it would be a total loss. The roof on the farmhouse and one wall was also burning, but it appeared that the Centerville Fire Department would have it under control. Mister Loeschen and a bunch of other neighbors had their own pumper trucks on station and were battling the fire on the backside of the barn where it was threatening the machine shed where Mr. Schultz parked his tractors and harvesters. Men were braving the heat to start the equipment and drag it clear. My mom and sister stood in a group with Mrs. Schultz, Katie and Kim. They were hugging each other and crying. More cars and pickups streamed in. The entire Pipe Crew assembled and we helped drag equipment out of the machine shed just to be safe. We also moved the cattle and hogs into pens farther down the lot to safer confines. About 4:30 in the morning, the women all went to our house to clean up and go to bed. The Schultz’s would stay with us with us for the foreseeable future, until their house was repaired. That was fine with me. I couldn’t wait to spend more time with Katie.

The barn fire burnt for the rest of the night. The house was put out and when the all clear was given, well after daylight, the women went inside to assess the damages. Between the smoke and the water, only a small amount of their possessions were
spared. The machine shed never caught fire, thanks to the quick acting neighbors. When the fire investigator completed his investigation, he ended up blaming the fire and on an electrical short in an old twist style light switch in the barn. It was unlikely that if they had been home, they could have saved the barn. It was probably better that it burned while they were gone, there was such a strong likelihood that Samuel Schultz would have risked his life to save his barn.

Other neighbors showed up with big thermos bottles of hot coffee, warm biscuits, fried ham and egg casseroles. The volunteer firefighters gratefully ate their fill and left, headed home to their own chores and maybe a short nap. The Centerville firemen had to be prevailed upon to accept the gratitude of the farming community. They weren’t used to people bringing them baked goods for allowing a century old barn to burn to the ground.

At 9:30 that morning I realized I was late for practice, as was Rusty and the Baldwins. We didn’t change out of our smoky clothes, we just piled into the Baldwins old pickup and headed into town to face our punishment. When we arrived, the team gathered around us to get the story. Coach Harris called practice on account of our “heroic” commitment to help our neighbors. We piled back into the pickup for the ride back to my house. When we got there, I was dead on my feet. I staggered upstairs, thinking I would take a hot bath and put on some clean clothes and then join the family downstairs. Of course I fell asleep in the tub. When I woke up, the water was filthy and tepid. I drained it out and sat there while it refilled, enjoying the rising heat. I was almost asleep again when the door leading to my sisters room opened and Becka came in with Kim right behind.

“Kim has to use the toilet. Don’t look,” said Becka.

“Kim, you should go use the toilet in the hall. I’m in the tub.”

“Katie is in there. She’s been in there for HOURS,” she said with great exaggeration. “She wants to be beautiful for her BOY friend.” More exaggeration.

“Then use the one of the bathrooms downstairs.”

“Both occupied. This won’t take a minute,” she chirped. “Look away.” She didn’t wait for me to look away, instead she grabbed her jeans by the waistband and slipped them down to her ankles and plopped down on the toilet. She gave me a full view of her pink slit with its downy covering of hair. Kim was entering puberty, just a few months shy of Becka. Without bidding, my cock stirred. I am not immune to the raw sexuality of a pussy I have never seen before. Becka sat on the edge of the tub and stirred the water with her hands. She reached over, in plain view of her friend, and gripped my thickening member, making it fill all the faster. Kim watched with fascination. When she finished peeing, she patted herself dry, pulled her jeans and panties back into place then knelt next to the tub. She didn’t ask for permission, she just reached out and placed her hand next to my sisters on my erection. Now I was fully engorged and pointing at the ceiling.

“That’s so cool.” I don’t know if it was the erotic notion of these two preteens touching me, or the pure exhaustion from being up all night, but I just closed my eyes and slid deeper into the tub. I didn’t move when I felt Becka lean over and put her mouth on my cockhead. If she wanted to blow me and let her young friend watch, I didn’t mind. But when she pulled her head off and I felt them move my cock to point another direction, I tensed. When Kim’s mouth closed over the mushroom of my hard-on, I jerked upright.

“That’s enough. OUT! Both of you.” They giggled and complied, closing the door behind them. I climbed out of the tub and dried off. When I opened the door to my room, I was caught by surprise. Decorating my bed was a barely dressed Katie Schultz.

“What was going on in there? Did Kim and Becka join you?”

“I woke up and kicked them out.” Seeing Katie in her bra and panties did me no good in making my erection fade. It had the opposite effect. Little head was telling big head what to do. “I don’t have a lot of energy, but I have enough for this.” I covered her nearly naked form with my clearly aroused nude form.

“This is the first time we’ve made love in a bed,” stated Katie.

“That’s too bad,” I replied. “This won’t last long.” I pulled her panties down and positioned myself between her legs. She was already hot and wet and I slid in easily. Our lovemaking was hot but brief. In just minutes I was pumping my seed into her womb. She gripped me tight, my orgasm had triggered hers. I rolled off of her and rolled her on top of me, still buried in her pussy. She covered me with kisses until I let sleep overtake me.

When I awoke, it was mid-afternoon. The house was empty. I got dressed and headed downstairs. I found a couple sandwiches on the counter with a note:

“There’s milk in the fridge. We are over at the Schultz Farm. We will be back around 6. Love, Mom.”

I checked the clock on the oven and it was only three-thirty. I clomped out back, grabbed my jacket and set out through the orchards and fields that separate our house from theirs. When I arrived, the farm yard was already buzzing with activity. Mister was there with his small Caterpillar, pushing the ruined remains of the barn and contents into an ever smaller pile. This was loaded onto waiting trucks and driven to a burn-pile on the back of the property. In Oregon, when a farmer clears new ground, he harvests the trees and burns the remaining scrub in large piles.

Other men were working in the machine shed, converting it using portable fencing panels and baling wire to make a lean-to barn. One end was being filled with hay that kept arriving on pickups, trailers, and flat-bed semis. The animals would have feed and shelter for the spring until the pastures showed enough growth. The equipment would just have to sit in the rain until the barn was replaced. Nobody was making invoices, keeping track of donations, or making a fuss. You can bet that Samuel Loeschen took note of every kindness showed to him by his neighbors. And if it took the rest of his life, he would find a way to repay each and every one of them when the opportunity came. That’s the way neighbors are.

By 6 o’clock, the barn was completely gone and Mister was surveying the barn site with Sam Schultz, my dad, Senior Hoak and his son, Junior. Senior had to be eighty-five years old, small and wiry, but ramrod straight. Junior was the spitting image of his father and looked much younger than his sixty years.

“I remember my dad and granddad telling me about your barn,” Senior was explaining. “Forty foot main beams, twenty-four foot cross members. It was the biggest barn in Lancaster County when they helped your granddad raise it. There wasn’t a single nail used in the construction until the put the shakes on the roof. Even the side walls were split-pinned to the frame.”

“Yep. Built to last. It’s a damn shame they don’t build them like that anymore,” lamented Mr. Loeschen.

“Like Hell they don’t!” challenged the elder Hoak. “If you want to put that barn up just like it was, it won’t take more than Fourth of July to get it ready. It’s been too damn long since we’ve had a good barn raising. And don’t you go frettin’ about how expensive it is. It’s a damn site cheaper than slapping together a metal building that rusts to the ground before your grandkids start high school.” Obviously Senior Hoak took the long view.

Mr. Loeschen thought about it a while. “I really can’t ask you to do that. I didn’t have insurance. We’ll make do.”

“Ask? Hell, Loeschen, if you asked, I’d tell you to screw a duck. I ain’t offering to do it because you asked. I’m doing it because if I don’t, it won’t get done and Loeschen Farms won’t have a Hoak Barn on it for the first time in a century. No sonny, next fall your new barn will be filled with this summer’s hay.”

Sam Loeschen swallowed hard a couple times. His eyes glistened and he was fighting to stay composed. “I’d like that. Whatever you need, you just let me know.”

“Junior, give him the shopping list,” Senior ordered his son. Junior reached into the top pocket of his bib overalls and fished out four old sheets of hand-written supplies. “I reckon this will be a start. Them girls of yours will be able to make the pins just fine. And I’ve noticed you’ve had a few young men sniffing around, like this one here,” he grabbed me by the arm with a scary strong grip. “This one looks like a hard day’s work won’t kill him, I’ll teach him and a couple of his friends how to make a mortise and tenon. It’s time to pass on what I know to the next generation.”

Junior Hoak looked a little sad. Junior was married once, but his wife died in childbirth with their first child and he never remarried. The Hoak line would die with Junior.

“Yes sir, I’d be honored. It actually sounds like fun,” I said. I looked for approval from my father and my boss, Mister Loeschen. Both looked pleased with my eagerness to learn the old skills.

The group of men poured over the shopping list. My father had enough pull at the mill to get the rough beams sawn for next to nothing from wood in the Hoak storage yard. Mr. Loeschen would replace the seasoned oak with green oak he would harvest later when Senior told him the time was right. Loeschen Farms has plenty of green oak to harvest. The split pins would be made from black walnut and cut out with a special jig. The tenon pins would be crafted from ash. The roof would have split cedar shakes and the barn’s exterior would also be made from cedar boards. The interior floors would be clear pine as would interior walls. The cedar would have to be harvested in the forest above Centerville, but the rest could be cut down on the farm. Later I would find out that I had two jobs in getting ready for the barn raising. One was splitting shakes from lengths of cedar, the other was shaping mortises and tenons. (Do you know how many cedar shakes it takes to cover a barn roof? Nope, it’s a lot more than that. For a while, I even dreamed about splitting shakes and it still makes me shudder. A square of shakes covers 100 square feet, with a six inch overlap, that’s 20 rows by 20 shakes. 400 shakes per square. This barn was sixty feet deep and fifty feet tall at the highest peak of the gambrel roof. The lowest edge of the roof was twenty feet off the ground. Without the gambrel, the roof would have been close to 380 squares. With the gambrel and the added wing shelters, I would be splitting 550 squares of cedar shakes. 22,000 shakes. After I got the hang of it, I would split five or six hundred a night, letting the girls stack and bundle them the next day. Still, it took me a couple of months of splitting to get it done.)

While I was listening to the men discussing plans for the barn, the women and girls were in the house sorting clothes and possessions into piles of what could be washed and saved and what had to be destroyed. When they were finished, there wasn’t a lot to be saved.

When we finally got home, stinking of soot, ash and barnyard leftovers, there was a big pot of stew on the stove and a basket of buttermilk biscuits on the counter in the kitchen. In the pantry was a huge array of pies and a chocolate cake. At least we wouldn’t go hungry. Dad and Sam washed up in the utility sink, the rest of us headed to different bathrooms to prepare for supper.

We weren’t a praying family, but we all bowed our heads when the Schultz’s bent theirs and joined hands to give thanks. Before anyone dug in, my father cleared his throat and spoke.

“We want you folks to know how glad we are that you are staying with us. You won’t ever be a burden and we won’t hear any talk of you overstaying your welcome. You are to come and go as you please. We know you are in unfamiliar territory, but we haven’t been here all that long ourselves. If it’s in the house, it’s yours to use if you like or have if you need. Now, let’s eat.” That stew was something akin to ambrosia. We poured heaping ladles full unto the biscuits at the bottom of our bowls and then tore into them. I ate four bowls, until I could eat no more. Sam Schultz ate six or more. He was a man with a serious appetite. After supper my father showed Sam into the office and the two of them acted like they could use the privacy so we left them be. Kim and Katie went to the living room and turned on the big console television to watch Dobie Gillis or some other silly program. Mother and Mrs. Schultz cleaned up the kitchen and sat at the country table and share a cup of coffee, sweet and light. I almost walked in on them, but I heard sobbing and thought better of it. I retreated to my room where I was joined almost immediately by Becka.

“What are we going to do?” whispered Becka. “Katie is going to want to keep you to herself. Kim told me she wants to have put your thing into her. You won’t have any time for me.”

“Don’t worry Becka, you will still have your turns. Maybe not every night, but enough. It’s dangerous with so many people in the house. I don’t know if Mr. and Mrs. Schultz will stay downstairs or if they will come up to check on Kim and Katie. We will just have to be extra careful. And you need to STAY DRESSED. Don’t come barging in naked.”

“Oh all right. How about now? Can I have a turn now?”

I dropped my hand down her back and cupped her firm young ass. I gave it a squeeze.

“Yes. Yes you can.”



Copyright, 2012, Patricia Steel (

Do whatever you want with this story, only keep my name attached, please. Please report any and all orgasms arrived at through reading and masturbating to these words. I love knowing that I am deliberately manipulating your mind into an erotic state. This story is to be considered “Fiction” although it has its basis in “Fact”. This is not to be considered a true tale of underage sex, statutory rape, or molestation, as these events happened more than a quarter century ago. Some of the principal parties are no longer living. The only reason I’m telling you that it has its basis in truth, is it might make it all the more sexy for you, and maybe make your orgasms better/stronger/faster. Thank you, and enjoy.

I asked Jesse for his permission to write this story. He granted it, without a problem, and, while some of the scenes are "fleshed out" with fantasy, the basis of this tale lies in the realm of truth. This is a "sexy" story for many of us, who are turned on by "on the edge" topics like incest and gay rape, but we must realize the psychological and physical damage that was done to Jesse, and pledge to ourselves and our children that such abuse will NEVER happen in our own homes. If we can do that, then we can enjoy stories like this, while at the same time raising awareness of these sorts of situations where sexual abuse by siblings occurs frequently, and in the most severe ways imaginable.

Part 2

That first night home, Jesse fell asleep worried about what Roy might do to him, and he was right in his caution. He kept his underwear on, even though in the late august heat, he was just sweating like some sort of animal, even with the fan blowing right on him. Finally, he did fall asleep on his belly, facing Roy, but he slept heavily — the sleep most 8-yr-olds usually sleep.

He awoke to his underwear being stuffed into his mouth. "Oh no, please, not again," he thought, but yes, it was happening. Roy was sitting, straddling the small of his back. Jesse could hardly breathe, between the underwear half down his throat, and Roy on his back. Roy probably weighed more that twice what Jesse weighed, and was a middle-school wrestler. There was no hope of escape from this position. Roy had his fingers in Jesse's ass, first two, then three, then four. At four, Jesse began to scream through the cotton briefs. Roy grabbed him by his shoulder-length copper-colored hair, and yanked his head back, curtailing the scream. Roy had been using some kind of slippery stuff in his ass, to get his fingers in there, but he didn't trim his nails, and he scratched the kid's anus already causing bleeding before he even started fucking him.

Roy placed his bigger, heavier, stronger legs outside of Jesse's and Jesse could now feel the head of Roy's cock pushing at his anus. "Oh please God, no." he thought. But God doesn't help little boys with Bullys for brothers who like to fuck their little brothers up the ass, now do they?

Roy's body basically covered his, his left hand pulling back Jesse's head by his hair, Roy talked into Jesse's ear this time, spitting a constant stream of "You like this, don't you, you little faggot? You love getting your ass fucked by a real man. You couldn't wait to get back home to get your ass filled with my big cock, could you?"

Jesse only cried through it all, wondering what he ever did to Roy that was so terrible, that he should do this to him. He tried to leave Roy alone as much as possible. He knew Roy had a bad temper, but until recently, Jesse had admired him– admired his body, his strength, his abilities in sports, and Jesse hoped one day to be a lot like him, minus the bad temper. But now, no. Now he wanted to be nothing like him. Nothing like him at all. Jesse never wanted to abuse boys who were smaller and weaker than him — he knew every boy had a mean streak in him somewhere, but no, he would never do this to another human being.

This time did not hurt like the last time. Jesse did not know why, but he was very happy about that. In his mind, he envisioned that his ass had changed shape the last time he was "raped" by Roy, and that now, he was, more or less, a custom fit for his abusive brother. In truth, that was actually partially true. The other factor was that from behind, Roy wasn't able to thrust in quite as far, for which Jesse should have been grateful, if he knew the whole mechanics of the process.

Finally, just like the last time, Roy would make a deep thrust, then keep it there, and the warm feeling inside his gut. This feeling he actually kinda liked, out of the whole terrible experience. Each time Roy thrust inside him, though, he pulled back on Jesse's hair, painfully over-extending Jesse's little neck, and the tears flowed for yet another reason. Finally, with a loud bellowing sound– like a bull, Roy finished, and collapsed on top of him. God, he was too heavy. After a little while, he pulled the briefs out of Jesse's mouth, and stuffed them in his ass, instead. Jesse screamed at this new violation of his body. Roy laughed, saying, "Try not to make such a mess this time, faggot. People will start to wonder about you." Roy rolled back to his own bed, and started looking at a NASCAR magazine.

Jesse looked over at Brad. Brad rolled near him and asked, "Did that truly hurt very much?"

"You mean he's never done that to you?" Jesse asked.

"No, never.. Did it really hurt a lot?" Brad repeated the question.

"This time, not too bad. It hurt, but I could stand it, until he started pulling my hair real hard. That hurt way too much. My neck is still sore, and he's too fucking heavy. I hate it when he lays on me, and he knows it, from being a wrestler. The first time, though. It was the worst thing I'd ever been through. I still don't feel completely OK from that one. Like he did some damage to me or something. I probably should have gone to a doctor, but you know Mom and Dad."

"Jesse, if I try real hard not to hurt you, do you think I could try it with you? I won't pull your hair, or lie on top of you, or call you names, or anything. I just want to, you know, know how it feels to be inside someone. I know you're not gay or anything. Neither am I. I just want to do this. I could make you do this, like Roy, but I'd rather you let me, instead."

"If I say no, you'll make anyway. Is that what you're saying?" Jesse asked.

"Pretty much, yeah, Jesse. I'm sorry, but I feel like I have to do this to you. You're kinda weak and helpless, and that's giving me a hard-on, kinda like I get watching Dad's porno tapes" Brad replied.

"Then I guess I have to let you."

With that, Jesse spread his legs slightly, and buried his face in his pillows.

Brad put his longer legs outside Jesse's, and rested his weight on his knees. He put his hands on each side of Jesse's elbows, on the bed, and rested his weight there, then, slowly, and awkwardly, he could feel Brad's cock poking around between his ass cheeks, looking for his anus. Eventually he found it, and he pushed. A lot at first, getting him inside the sphincter, then a little at a time. Brad didn't feel the need to sink it all the way home. Just having the sensitive part inside his baby brother was enough. He pumped in and out just a few times, and then Jesse felt the warm feeling inside his gut. Brad had cum already. Jesse was glad of that. It hadn't hurt with Brad, and it hadn't lasted more than a few minutes. If he had to be raped by one of his brothers, he'd prefer it to be Brad. What a ridiculous thing to have to think, he thought.

Brad got off of him without putting any weight on him at all. "Thanks, Baby Bro, that was awesome!" Brad said, and tossed his long red hair in affection.

"Don't expect a "you're welcome" dickwad." Jesse responded, "because you're not welcome in my ass, fucker."

Brad laughed at that, and so did Jesse.

"Come on, let's go get a bath." Brad suggested. Jesse nodded, knowing that the two of them were still expected to bathe together, because things like what just happened weren't supposed to happen at their age yet.

Brad was very attentive to Jesse during the bath– washing his hair for him, and his back, and under his arms, and even gently trying to clean his ass for him. Jesse, like always, sat between Brad's long legs in the old claw-foot tub. For Jesse, Brad was just being nicer than usual, because he just fucked him up the ass. For Brad, it was all he could do not to assault his little brother with the adorable little white ass, and hott little body all over again. He decided to try something else.

Brad sat up on the back edge of the old claw-foot tub, his small early-adolescent cock standing straight out at attention. He had just a little coal-black hair surrounding the base of it. Jesse naturally turned around to see what was going on.

"That's it, Jesse. Turn around, on your hands and knees, and come up here. I want you to do something for me." Brad commanded.

"Do I have a choice this time?" Jesse felt that it was "one of those" things.

"Not really Kid. If you refuse, well… You'll be doing it one way or the other. I just like to keep it friendly and loving between you and me, OK?"

"Yeah, OK.." Jesse acquiesced.

"I want you to put it in your mouth, swirl your tongue around the underside a little… pull it out part way, and take it back in, kinda over and over. Sort of the way I moved it in and out of your ass… nice and slow.. in and out, just a little at a time. That underside is where it feels the best, so that's where you want to put all the pressure. But if I feel a single tooth touch it, I'm going to punch you in the head, and tell mom you fell getting out of the tub, so, think about that very carefully."

Jessy looked at him with eyes as big as dinner plates. He wanted him to put his cock in his mouth?? How disgusting was that?? Did people actually do that? Who?

"It's called a Blowjob, Jesse. Girls do it for their boyfriends all the time, and sometimes guys do it, too, for their special friends, or guys that they love. You do love me, don't you Jesse?? I never want to hurt you like Roy does. I want it to be nice between me and you, ok? And this won't cause you any pain at all."

"Yeah, OK…"

So he approached Brad on his hands and knees, both of which were still underwater, when he reached him, he put his arms up on his brother's thighs, leaning on them, as he moved his head closer and closer to IT.

"Now just open your mouth, Baby Brother, but don't use your teeth at all." Brad instructed, and Jesse complied.

He felt the head of the thing enter his mouth, and Brad left out a sigh. "Use your tongue." Brad ordered.

When Jesse did, Brad leaned his head back, and started rocking his hips, fucking his little Brother's skull. Brad had seen this in his Dad's Magazines, and had even seen Roy's girlfriends do this for him, but he had no idea it might feel this good. Brad balanced himself with one hand on the side of the old Claw-Foot bathtub, and grabbed Jesse's hair, instinctively with the other. He did not pull, as Jesse was thankful for, but he did control the rhythm of Jesse's strokes upon his cock, between rocking his hips, and thrusting Jesse's skull down to meet his bucking.

A constant, low moan came from Brad… came from down deep inside him. This lasted a minute or two, and then, Brad shoved Jesse's head all the way down on his boy-cock. It wasn't very long, thankfully, but it still triggered Jesse's gag reflex. Brad didn't care, the gagging felt good to him, as he began pumping splooge into his little brother's gut, this time from the top end. Jesse couldn't breathe — his epiglottis had closed to protect his lungs, but Brad didn't particularly care… for the next minute or so, Jesse's mouth and throat were nothing more than his cum receptacle, and Jesse had better get used to it, because this would not be the last time. The little kid was a natural cocksucker, Brad figured.

Finally, Brad let go of Jesse's hair, and pulled out of his throat. The kid started coughing and gagging like crazy. Brad put his hand over Jesse's mouth, to quiet his coughs, so his parents' wouldn't hear. Not that it was likely, anyway. Brad sat back down into the cooling bathwater, and sat Jesse between his legs, holding on to him, like he was a baby once again, and rocking with him back and forth, occasionally kissing his head, and saying "Shhhh, Jesse, it's all right now, it's all over." Finally, Jesse sat sideways, upon his thigh, curled up to his chest, and started to cry. Brad comforted him as best he could. He ran a little bit more hot water into the bathtub, to keep them comfortable a while longer. He rocked Jesse again, until the tears subsided.

To say that Brad wasn't remorseful over what he had just done to his little brother wouldn't have been quite accurate. But to say that he didn't enjoy hurting his little brother, and exerting power over him, well, that wouldn't be accurate either.

He didn't like the violence and injury that Roy inflicted upon Jesse. No.. that was too much, but the subtle, control and deep-seated emotional pain that he could cause his baby brother… to make him curl up on his lap and cry like a baby, yes, that was something that made Brad's cock hard enough to cut diamonds.


Never Regret

Jennifer stood there in the door, still with her hand rubbing furiously down inside her panties; she was awaiting Calista's answer.

Calista could feel herself growing warmer. She had always had sexual fantasies that involved her and other girls, but she was always too afraid to admit them.

She usually hung out with Jen, known as Jennifer, in hope that someday they might be a little more than just "friends". It seemed to her now, that her hopes had come true.
Finally she got the courage to answer.

" I will do whatever you want " She replied.

" Good" Jen said with a sly look on her face.
" Let's see, what should we start with…?" Jen was slowly teasing Calista by making her wait for her answer.

She couldn't hold it back any longer. Calista grabbed her friend and pulled her close. They locked lips and kissed with such a passion.

Their tongues were swirling in and out of each other's mouthes; mixing their saliva and exploring everything the other had to offer. Calista again made the first approach as she removed Jen's hand from fingering herself and replaced it with her own.

She fingered her new lover as hard and fast as she could; making her stand on the tips of her toes, moaning loudly in appreciation of her best friend's skill.
Calista continued to finger-fuck her as she tried not to break the kiss. Suddenly, she felt the back of her pants pull open. She turned around and saw Nyla standing behind her, moving her fingers into Calista's
ass hole.

"Ohhh" Calista moaned as she felt the finger slide inside her.

"How do you like it?" Nyla asked in a sexy tone.
"I love it" Calista replied panting.

Jen was pulling Calista's hand into her as she bounced madly up and down, feeling closer and closer to cumming each time she came down.

"Ohh fuck yes!" She yelled

"Please don't stop!"

Instead of listening, Calista removed her hand from Jen's pants and pulled her to the bed.

Calista took charge. She pulled off Jen's pants and panties, and stared directly at her shaven pussy. She had waited a long time for this moment, and was not going to let it pass her up.

Calista lunged in toward her friend's pussy; licking and slurping all of the juicy wetness that had accumulated while she was being finger fucked.

Nyla couldn't help but masterbate. The sight of her younger sister being eaten out was enough to make her cum right there.

'Hmmm" Nyla moaned as she smelled her sister's musk. She was now masterbating hard as she saw Calista eating away at Jen's cunt.

Calista reached up her arm and started to finger Jen as she ate her out.

Jen's Body writhed with pleasure. Her back arched and She moaned loud. "Ohh god fuck yes!" All of her excitment sent Calista going further into Jen's now dripping pussy.
Her tongue was pushing far into the inner walls of her friend's love hole. She loved the sweet taste that she had longed for, that she hungered for. She would stop at nothing until Jen would cum hard on her face.
Jen was thrashing about on the bed tilting her head back and moaning, practically screaming Calista's name. She grabbed the back of Calista's head and pulled her deep into her cunt. Jen's hips moved
back and forth in a non-rythmic motion as she was doing everything she could to climax. She felt herself on the virge of what would be heaven and she pleaded to Calista.

"Please whatever you do don't stop!" She moaned loudly as she whimpered,
"Don't—" She was cut off mid-sentence as she raged on into her orgasm. Wave after wave shook her body into convulsions that made her scream.

"Fuck yes!" she yelled as Calista stayed persistently eating away at her now pouring pussy.

"Ughhh ohh fuck yes!" Jen yelled again as she was thrown into a second powerful orgasm.

Her muscles tightened as she thrashed on the bed being sent through what seemed an eternity of pleasure.

Just when she thought it couldnt get any more heavenly, her sister came over and decided to join in.
Nyla took the vibrator that she had just used, removed Calista's head and shoved it inside her sister.

Nyla turned it on high, the vibrations nearly killed Jen as she could no longer control her movements. She was rolling and screaming in pleasure and finally after a few moments, her stream of multiple orgasms subsided.

Calista turned toward Nyla.

"Is that good enough? she asked as she licked the cum off the sides of her mouth.

"I dont know, what do you think Jen?" She asked, looking over to her now breathless sister.

All Jen could do was give a "thumbs up" indicating that Calista had passed her "exam" with flying colors.

"I think since you did such a good job, Calista, that we should get the chance to repay you." Said Nyla as she stepped closer to Calista.

Calista's eyes lit with excitement as she saw such a naked beauty approach her.

Nyla reached over and grabbed Calista's shirt. She lifted it up quickly and tossed it aside.

Looking at Calista's bra-less set of C- cups, she leaned forward and kissed her passionatly; her sisters taste still fresh in her mouth.

Nyla's hand moved to caress Calista's brest as she continued to kiss her, tasting Jen's juices in her mouth.

"Yumm," Nyla replied as she broke the kiss to look into Calista's eyes.

"I can see someone is enjoying this," she cooed.

Nyla quietly slid her hand down Calista's pants and rubbed her swollen, dripping pussy.

Calista seemed to melt down to the side of the bed, and Nyla took the opportunity to pull off her pants as well.

Now the three girls were completely naked next to each other, each admiring the others body.

Jen pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and handed it to Nyla. After taking a look at it, she stuck the vibrator in her mouth and licked all the remains of her sister's juices from it.

Then she leaned over to her sister and kissed her, spitting some of her own cum into her mouth. Jen played with it for a moment before swallowing it and saying

"I think i taste good"

"You do!" Calista remarked.

Nyla turned back on the vibrator; it was now Calista's turn for some fun. Nyla inserted the tip into Calista's vagina. Amy let out a soft moan as she moved herself closer to Nyla, forcing more of the vibrator into her wanting pussy. Nyla got down on her knees so she could get a better view and reach. She could smell the scent of her newest playmate, and it excited her very much. She started to pump the vib in an out of her, faster and faster.

Calista was moving her hips to match the vibrator while Nyla kept shoving it in harder and faster.

Jen had finally regained her breath and was watching the fun going on between her sister and best friend. An idea fell upon her that gave her a bit of excitment.

Jen laid on the floor behind her sister and moved her head underneath Nyla's pussy. She moved her head up and started to eat Nyla out.

"Ohh God!" Nyla moaned as she kept pumping the vibrator in and out of Calista.

"That feels so good!"

Jen then stuck her finger in Nula's ass, using the beads of sweat that had accumulated as lube. Nyla again moaned in pleasure as she started to grind her pussy into Jen's mouth.
Calista was getting into it now. She was massaging her breast while she was being fucked with the vibrator. She looked at Calista in pleasure and it sent her on a riot.

"Fuck me Nyla! Fuck me hard!"

Nyla bent down and started licking Calista's pussy. She licked it as fast as she could while pumping the vib hard into Calista's cunt.

Calista couldnt take it anymore, She yelled in pleasure
"God Nyla! You're amazing!"
"Fuck yes! Uhhhh god!"

She screamed as she fell into an orgasm, shocking her body making her grab Nyla's face and pushing it hard into her pussy. Her cum had covered Nyla's face; but she was too occupied to notice.

Jen was sending her sister through a paradice as she fucked her ass while she was eating her out. Nyla couldnt hold on any longer either. She grinded her pussy hard into Jen's face, smearing her juices all over. Jen was doing the best she could to pleasure her sister as she had her orgasm.
Nyla moaned and writhed though an amazing climax that made her weak.

"Oh I love your mouth! Fuck Jen! Don't stop ughhh ohh yes! It feels so good!"

Nyla continued to fuck her sister's face as she came and even some after.

Breathing hard, she moved off her sister. Jen's face glistened with Nyla's pussy juices.

Calista moved over to Jen and started kissing her, sometimes taking her tongue out of Jen's mouth to lick up some of the residing cum off her face.

The three girls sat there panting.

Moments later, they heard the front door open. Nyla ran to look out her bedroom window and saw her dad's car parked in the driveway.

"Oh No!" She said quietly looking at the other girls.