Cum dump

I worked from home doing billing for several companies. I had worked through two years of college before getting a degree in art that I can’t use. I did enjoy painting and spent most evenings drawing or painting. All through college I had a friend named Dan that had bought a house next to mine.

He had parties a lot and I went occasionally. He has a younger sister living with him now, Dawn was fourteen and was always hanging out. I didn’t mind since she was very beautiful. He was having a party tonight and I decided to go. I walked in and glanced at the men and women before going to look for Dan.

I walked into one of the bedrooms and stopped when I saw Dawn. She was naked and laying on a narrow bed with her hips raised. Her legs were spread and raised on the footboard of the bed. In her pussy was a funnel and a man was spurting cum into it. I looked at Dan beside the bed with Dawn licking and sucking his cock, “what is this?”

He looked at me as the man put his cock away and Dawn blushed. He smiled, “my sister likes the feel of warm sperm.”

I looked at Dawn, “but…”

He moved around the bed to stroke his cock by the funnel, “she won’t let anyone fuck her.”

I walked to the bed and saw the anal plug under the funnel, “how often do you do this?”

Dan shuddered as he began spurting cum into the funnel and Dawn shivered, “just a couple of times a week.”

I watched the cum drain down into her, “how much cum has she taken?”

He put his cock away, “I think fifteen guys.”

He started for the door and Dawn cleared her throat, “you can do it to.”

I looked into her face, “I like putting it in without using a funnel.”

I turned towards the door and she cleared her throat again, “you can do that as much as you want tomorrow.”

I looked at her and a woman walked in laughing, “I got him going again Dawn.”

A man was following her with his cock sticking out of his pants. I left and stayed in the kitchen or living room for a couple of hours. I think by the time I left at least another forty men went back to deposit cum in Dawn. All I could think about as I lay in bed was her naked on the bed.

I was working when she knocked and walked in like she had always done. I glanced at her as I kept working, “did they fill you up?”

She grinned as she sat on the couch, “yeah.”

I looked at her again, “how long do you leave it in?”

She lifted her skirt and moved the crotch of her panties aside, “I’ve leaked a lot but some is still in me.”

I looked up from her cummy pussy and she leaned back as she began fingering herself, “I meant what I said Brett, you can fuck me as much as you want.”

I smiled, “but not the other men?”

She shook her head, “I suck Dan but no one else.”

I watched her finger slipping in and out of her slimy hole, “and I get your pussy. Who gets your ass?”

She shuddered, “no one has claimed it yet.”

I had enough and stood to pull my pants down and off. Dawn smiled when she saw my cock and wiggled forward to the edge of the couch. I walked to the couch and knelt to rub the head of my cock through her slit before holding her panties aside and pushing into her. She groaned as my cock stretched her pussy and sank all the way into her.

I watched her face as I started to fuck her using long, slow, deep thrusts. It was only a minute before her eyes widened and then she spasmed and jerked, “oooohhhh!”

Her pussy grasped my cock as she bucked and kept thrusting up. I smiled and fucked her hard for a minute, she wailed as she squirted and thrashed around. I buried my cock and pushed against the back of her pussy before gushing and pumping huge spurts of cum. She jerked in surprise as her pussy clenched and milked the torrent of sperm into her.

When I stopped cumming she grinned, “that was good.”

I pulled out and moved the crouch of her panties back, “yes it was.”

I caressed her stomach and looked into her face, “and now that you have tasted it you will want to let the men do it.”

She opened her mouth but I stood, “you will.”

I looked down at her, “I will fuck you today and everyday until you become a cum dump again. The moment you let another man fuck you I will stop.”

I looked across the room, “I have to go out of town for a month starting next week.”

I looked at Dawn again, “while I am gone you fuck as many men as you want. When I return you will have to choose.”

She stood, “my pussy…”

I touched her lips, “we can talk after you choose.”

I pulled her after me and back to my bedroom. I stripped and turned to watch as she undressed. I followed her onto the bed and felt and caressed her body as she smiled. I kissed her before moving between her legs and pushing into her slimy cunt. I fucked her eight times in many positions before she went home that night.

It was the same the next day but I took breaks between working. The following day I fucked her until after dinner when she kissed me and went home. I saw all the cars and knew Dan was having another party. It was a couple of hours before I got up the nerve to go over. When I stepped into Dawn’s bedroom it was to see a man between her legs fucking her.

She was grunting and shuddering and there was a huge puddle of cum between her leg on the bed. I waited until he came and pulled out and she turned her head to see me, “you have a month to decide.”

I turned and walked out and went home to start packing. I took my laptop and everything I needed before getting in my car and driving away. It was the middle of the night when I pulled into the isolated log home. I tried to be quiet when I unpacked and put everything on the back porch but my father walked out, “Brett?”

I smiled, “sorry I woke you.”

He shrugged, “I’ll live.”

I looked out into the night, “I needed to think.”

He turned to the door, “Your grandfather will welcome the company.”

The problem was I couldn’t think, all I saw was Dawn with the man between her legs. It was almost a month before grandfather came onto the porch as I worked. He waited until I finished and looked at him before sitting, “tell me.”

I looked out and finally started talking. I told him how I felt and he shook his head and we sat in silence before he stood, “hell bring the bitch here and all three of us will keep her cum dump full.”

I watched him walk back into the house and smiled. Since grandmother and my mom had died they had lived together and I had never seen them with a woman. I finally chuckled before turning back to finish for the day. The more I thought about his words the more interested I was. I started packing up and smiled at my grandfather and dad before leaving.

When I got home Dan was having another party and my heart sank. I left everything in the car and just stripped as I headed to bed. I woke to Dawn rubbing my chest, “you are home early.”

I looked at her, “did you let them use you tonight?”

She looked away, “I didn’t know… yes.”

I sighed, “you have one day to decide.”

She looked at me and bit her lip, “can’t…”

I kept looking at her and she sighed and laid against me, “okay but you better fuck me a lot.”

I smiled and turned to push her onto her back before reaching between her legs. She wasn’t wearing panties and her slimy cunt felt hot and puffy. I rolled onto her and shoved in before kissing her as I started to fuck her with deep thrusts, “I need to speak with Dan.”

She was grunting as she held me while lifting and spreading her legs, “mmmm?”

I smiled and humped and pressed as her cummy pussy rippled and tried to milk my cock. A minute later she was thrashing around and wailing as I went back to fucking her hard and deep. I buried my cock several minutes later and kissed her as I gushed huge spurts of cum through her cervix. She jerked and tilted her hips, “aaaaahhhhh!”

I pumped and spewed until I was done and pulled out. I rolled off the bed and turned to pull her after me. I dressed and led her back to her house where the party was slower but not dead. I found Dan in his bedroom feeling up a naked woman. I kicked the bed and he turned to look at me with bleary eyes, “Brett?”

I gestured to Dawn, “Dawn is moving in with me and I’m going home for awhile.”

He looked at her, “take her.”

I turned and pulled Dawn into her room, “pack.”

She looked at me, “just like that?”

I smiled, “do you want me?”

She nodded and I smiled, “and I want you.”

She turned and started throwing clothes onto her bed. I wrapped it up and carried it to my car. I put her in and left and started back to my grandfather’s. Dawn put her head back and closed her eyes and it was morning when I pulled in at my grandfather’s log home. I woke her and got out before leading her into the house.

She held my hand as my dad looked at us from the kitchen table, “you weren’t gone long.”

I turned Dawn and caressed her face, “I decided to take grandfather’s advice and bring my cum dump home for the three of us to use.”

She blinked and looked at dad before opening her mouth, “but…”

I touched her lips, “they aren’t strangers. Do you want three of us to use you and stay with me?”

She smiled, “sure.”

I looked at my father, “she likes her pussy cummy. You and grandfather need to fuck her when you need or want it.”

He looked at her and she grinned as she lifted her skirt to show her pussy, “I’m horny if you need it.”

Dad grinned as he stood and walked to her and gave her a kiss before looking at me, “are you sure?”

I nodded as I turned to the door, “I need to bring our things in. Fuck her and give her to grandfather to fuck.”

It was almost noon before the three of them came out and Dawn looked used with cum leaking all the way to her feet. She was naked when she found me on the porch and hesitated. I saved my work and stood to push my pants off before holding out my hand. She grinned as she walked to me and I sat and let her straddle me before fitting my cock to her slimy hole.

She groaned as my cock pushed up into her. I held her against me, “did you get nice and slimy?”

She smiled and then giggled, “yeah, your dad and grandfather really needed to fuck.”

I caressed her hips as her pussy squeezed, “I think I love you.”

She looked into my face before kissing me, “I know.”

She started rocking slowly as I looked at her, “you know?”

Dawn shuddered and kissed me as her pussy grasped my cock and she groaned. When she relaxed she leaned forward and began to rub on me, “if you didn’t you wouldn’t have thought of your father and grandfather using me.”

I smiled and stood as she wrapped her legs around me and carried her into the house and back to my room. I sat on my bed and twisted as I rolled before I started to fuck her firmly. She hugged me and lifted her legs and spread them. She shuddered hard a minute later and I kissed her before lifting up.

I looked down as I pulled out of her slimy pussy and pushed against her ass. She groaned as my cock pushed in and then shuddered hard, “aaahhh!”

I pulled back and started to fuck her ass slowly. She had more than enough cum leaking out of her pussy and onto her ass to lube it. A few minutes and she spasmed before stiffening and then arching her back as her ass squeezed my cock, “yyyeeeessssss!”

I was fucking her with long strokes that drove my cock all the way up inside her. She jerked and clutched at me as I continued to fuck her with deep thrusts, “Brett!”

I let her thrash and struggle and squirm as I kept fucking her and finally I buried my cock to pump thick spurts of cum. She gasped and jerked as warm cum erupted in her bowels, “oooohhhh!”

When I stopped, I kissed her and pulled out and laid beside her to caress her tummy as she panted. She looked at me and grinned, “that was so good.”

I rubbed her clit and she shuddered again. I bent to suck on a nipple, “when you have a period we can use it to dump cum into.”

She grinned and rolled onto me and kissed me. I held her and felt her body before pulling her off the bed and back to the porch. I went back to work and we started talking and Dad and grandfather came out a few times before dad had to go to work. He blushed when he bent and kissed Dawn, “see you tonight.”

She grinned and turned back to the conversation with grandfather about drawing with a computer. I finished early and stood to stretch as I felt the lack of sleep. I found Dawn and grandfather in the kitchen as he talked her through cooking the meal. He kept rubbing her butt each time she walked near and I smiled, “getting horny again?”

He smiled, “it has been a long time since I felt a girl.”

Dawn smiled and backed up to let him rub her butt again. I grinned and turned her and bent her over the table, “fuck her or I will.”

He grinned as he stood and opened his pants. Dawn spread her legs and looked back as he positioned his cock and pushed into her slimy pussy. I went to watch dinner as she started grunting and moaning. It was a minute before she was wailing and shaking as my grandfather fucked her with deep, firm thrusts.

A few minutes later he held her and she yelled as he started pumping cum into her. I waited until grandfather was done before moving to the table as he pulled out. I held her down as she looked back and took his place to push into her slimy hole. I buried my cock and humped before I started to fuck her with deep thrusts.

It wasn’t long before she was back to wailing and spasmed as her cummy pussy constantly squeezed my cock. Two years later I got her pregnant while dad and grandfather fucked her ass and then again two years after that. After she had our third daughter grandfather died so it was just dad and I using her.

Even after all these years she loves having cum in her pussy.

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