Estelle and Judy Fuck Goats

Estelle and Judy do the Goats

By williamburns:


Mature Adult reading 21 years of age Yes, its sick, just enjoy.

Story is all fiction

The next day after Estelle`s welcoming to the family party she was about to do her first animal sex fuck film. Estelle and Judy were the stars in the film and they didn`t know who else would be involved. Estelle and Judy went out to the barn to fine Charlie the hired hand. The girls of course were feeling naughty. Naughty wasn`t the right word.They were two fucking slut whores that were hoping to fine Charlie and fuck him.

They walked from the house to the barn naked and in high heels. They both loved being naked and Estelle just loved her new found perverted family. Judy the fucking whore never told Estelle about Charlie and his big cock. Charlie called it his 2 x 10. 2 inches thick and 10 inches long. The girls enter the barn and their was Charlie standing behind a sheep fucking away at the animals cunt.

Estelle just looked at that huge cock sliding in and out of that ewe`s cunt hole. Amazed at the size of that big wet slimy cock her mouth began to drool as she watched him fucking the ewe.

Judy just laughed smiling at Estelle. "Go ahead suck his cock when his done fucking that ewe`s cunt. I have. It tastes great."

Charlie motioned to the girls to come forward and at the same time let out a moan unloading his cum deep into the ewe's cunt. He waited till he finished cumming then offered his cock to Estelle. There was no hesitation on her part, dropping to her knees taking that 10 inch cock in her mouth, she started sucking that meat like a fucking whore.

Judy of course right next to her kissing Estelle's tits and rubbing her cunt, fingering her asshole as Estelle devoured Charlies cock. Estelle loved sucking cock but what she really wanted was to get fucked.

William came into the barn leading a small goat. "Estelle today is your lucky day you are going to fuck a goat and suck his cock. Judy will help you get the goats cock hard." Within minutes Judy had the goats cock out and sucking its cock. When it was hard Charlie got the goat in position for Estelle. Judy was still stroking the goats cock making it stick out nice and long.

Charlie had the front legs of the animal up on a bale of straw so Estelle had easy access to his cock. Estelle lay on her side just enough to reach the animals cock touching it with her tongue first then slowly wrapping her whole mouth around his cock. Now her head was bobbing up and down on it`s shaft taking it deep in her mouth.

Judy stroking the goats cock wanting him to cum in Estelle's mouth. "Estelle, suck his cock. Suck it you slut, eat his cum and swallow his hot spunk. Do it you fucking cunt." Judy in lust waiting for Estelle to get a full load of goat cum.

Estelle wasn't ready when she received a load of goat cum in her mouth. She coughed a little then swallowed the load of cum. "How did you like that you fucking cunt?" Judy said smiling.

"Now its my turn to fuck a goat and Estelle eat my sloppy wet cunt while I fuck this other goat. Judy very demanding now.

William brought in another goat. Judy laid back on a bale of straw and spread her legs. Charlie and William move the goat in place so Judy could take control and move herself under the goat taking his cock in her cunt. Pushing his cock in her cunt she began to fuck his cock. Estelle seemed a little confused when Charlie had Estelle put her ass in the air telling her she was getting her asshole reamed by him.

Estelle really wanted to eat Judy's cunt. Estelle never had a 2 inch thick 10 inch long cock up her asshole but she new it was going to happen. Estelle put her ass in the air and Charlie lube his thick cock and pushed his mushroomed head into her asshole not being gentle. Charlie rammed his meat deep into her asshole. Estelle's asshole gave way to the thick man meat and Charlie began to fuck Estelle's now very stretched asshole.

Slamming her just like he did the ewe's cunt never thinking anything but to relive his fully loaded balls again all the way up into Estelle's Bowell's.

Judy let out a moan as she took a load of goat cum in her cunt, fucking the goat feverishly getting all his cum in her cunt.

Releasing the goat from her cunt she stood and walk over to Estelle were she was getting her asshole reamed by Charlie. Judy spread her cunt lifting herself up to Estelle's mouth. "Suck this goat cum from my cunt you fucking slut. Eat it like a hungry whore." Judy said.

Judy was so hot and horny and loved fucking animals. Estelle horny and very lustful sucked and licked Judy's cunt swallowing ever drop of cum. Charlie very excited watching and moaning as he fucked Estelle's asshole.

"Yeah Estelle eat that fucking whores cunt.She loves you eating her pussy. Go Estelle, suck her cunt you bitch. Eat that goat cum from her cunt." Still pumping Estelle`s asshole with his massive cock bring himself to a climax.

Now he shot his load into Estelle asshole moaning loudly. "Oh fuck, I'm fucking cumming yeah."

The two girls turned to each other and swapped goat cum as they kissed each other. Not realizing that William went to get goat two more goats. He brought them into the barn and had Judy and Estelle lay side by side. These two goats were bigger and there cocks were longer and thicker.

William told the girls they were to first suck the goats cocks then they would be fucked in their assholes by the goats. Laying under the goats with Charlie and Williams help they did the nasty job of sucking goat cock. When they had the cocks nice and long the girls turned over giving up there assholes to be fucked.

The goats smelled the hot cunts and just like any animal that smells pussy they jump up and mounted the girls and started fucking them as if they were just a piece of hot female ewe cunts.

Humping the two girls forcing their cocks deeper and deeper into the girls assholes.
Estelle and Judy's assholes were stretched their assholes felt like they would be torn from the hard fucking of these big goats. Their tits were swaying under their bodies as they bent over being fucked from behind. Several more hard thrusts from the goats now exploding there cocks sending loads of cum up the girls assholes filling them.

As the goats finished fucking them and releasing there cunts from their cocks. Now moving away leaving the girls assholes dripping with massive loads of cum. William lead Judy behind Estelle. "Go ahead Judy lick her asshole clean then Estelle will lick yours asshole clean." Just when the two girls finished eat each other assholes William called out for his hired hands that were watching from a distance.

Estelle and Judy were sucking each others and cunts in a 69 position. Twenty of the guys all different ages came forward circle the girls and pissed on the two giving them a beautiful golden shower. Soaking there bodies in piss and goat cum still on there faces. Not letting the girls move except to sit on the piss filled dirty ground facing the men.

The men finished by jacking of their hard cocks splashing their cum in the girls faces leaving them with cum filled faces. Estelle and Judy kissed each other and with there hands washed each others faces rubbing the cum more and more on there tits and reaching down finger each others cunts. The two fucking cunts were were in love.

Telling each other how much they loved fucking and playing together. Judy's 7 year old daughter Karen enter the barn and saw the two women all naked full of piss and cum asked Charlie if she could do something to help. Charlie laughed. "Karen you can piss on your mom and that new fucking whore Estelle."

The women still on the dirty muddy floor. Karen quickly stood in front of Judy spread her little cunt lips and began to empty her bladder in her mother's face. Judy reached and pulled Estelle close to her and Karen turn and pissed in Estelle's face. Karen finished emptying her bladder and leaned forward.

"Mom lick my cunt please." Judy sucked her cunt then Estelle finished the little sluts cunt kissing her deep between her cunt lips.

Karen asked if this was being filmed and if she was on it. William answered her.

"All my fucking sluts are on film and I think this one should bring in some good hard cash."

The end.
Wet and sweet all the time
Wet and sweet all the time

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