I'm Alaska, and I love sex

Hi, I'm Alaska. I'm a typical 17 year old girl in high school. 5'11", long, blonde hair, okay body, blue eyes, etc. But there's one thing that is different about me over other girls. I love sex and have it all the time. I want to make sure you realize I'm not a slut or Hoe or anything like that. I don't see sex as this act that you can only share with certain people. To me, it's just another social activity. And with the right people at the right time, it's a good money maker too.

My first time having sex was when I was 13 and it was the beginning of summer break. Me and my brother were home alone and bored out of our minds. He was 15 at the time and knew all about sex. Me and my brother have always been close, so when he suggested we have sex, I went with it gladly. He had me get naked and lay in bed. Once, a lady came in my class and taught us sex, but it was middle school, so it wasn't real informative. One thing I did know was he needed to wear a condom, so I made him steal one from our parent's dresser.

Then he got on me and pushed his dick into me. Him screwing me was the best experience of my young life. It was an awesome feeling rushing through my body and it felt good to have my brother so close to me. This lead to two and a half months of fucking at least once a day. We tried everything. Anal, blow job, hand job, finger, lick, shower, couch, floor, and grass.

Now, when most people picture this, they scream," INCEST!! POSSESSED!! VEIL!!", but it's nothing bad. Our love making gave us something to do and gave us a closer bond. We didn't pop out a three headed kid. Our parents didn't find out and send us to a mental institution. We didn't drop out and become druggies. My brother is now 19 and in college for a computer tech degree.

Once I got into High school, my love of sex labeled me a " Whore", but my small group of friends see past labels and understand what I stand for. Some are guys and some are girls. I have fucked each one at least once. My best friend John is my most frequent lover.

But now about the making money part. Like most teenage girls, I babysit a lot. I know you're thinking about the fathers, but that can make things very complicated. No, I set my sights on the kids I watch. Most of them aren't kids. They are around 9 to 14 with parents too protective to leave their kids alone, but don't mind a stranger in the house with their children. The children know how to shut up and keep a secret.

They will spend all their allowance for kisses, getting to feel me, blow jobs, and sex. I know, I'm a " Child molester" or a "Kid Fucker", right? Nope. I don't have set amounts for the things either. They have what they have and it depends on what mood I'm in. I mean, when you stressed out, a 10 year old's 4 in. dick can be a soothing feeling in you. Not big enough to stretch you or do deep. It's just a thicker finger with no knuckles. Giving a small dick a blow is also relaxing.

I did fuck one father once. He was driving me home and I plain out said," Mr. Johnson, I'm not a slut or anything, but if you want to screw, I'd be fine with it." He accepted and we pulled into a abandoned parking lot and fucked. I didn't like it because it was rushed and had no love in it. He just wanted to fuck my young body and drop me off. He put a tip in the baby sit money, but I didn't work for him again. His kid was 5, so too young to have fun with anyways.

Now, one secret screw I did enjoy was when my dad fucked me without realizing it. My mom was out of town for a meeting and I thought my dad was going to be out till morning when he went out to hang with friends, so I slept in my parent's bed. About 1 am, I wake up to my dad stumbling into the dark room and getting in bed. He must have taught I was mom in his drunkenness. He laid on me and kissed me. I didn't protest to us making out. I could taste vodka in his mouth. I was half hoping I could get drunk from it. I was actually enjoying myself and didn't notice him slide my panties to one side.

I suddenly feel a quite large dick slide into my pussy and start fucking nice and slow. Part of me wanted to tell him who he was screwing, but I was enjoying his quiet, loving fuck, so I stayed quiet and continued making out with him. Plus, I fucked my brother probably 100 times. Later on, he fills me with his essence, then hold me close and we go to sleep.

I wake up to being in his arms and I get up and make breakfast. He comes in a few minutes later and sits at the table. He asks me," Where's your mom?". I say," She's on her trip for the meeting." He looks confused and says," Then who did I…..", then he realizes who he fucked. I just nod and say," I was gonna say something, but I was enjoying it too much. By the way, you are a good kisser and a great lover!"

He shakes his head and says," I'm so sorry Alaska." I kneel in front of him and say," Don't be. I loved it." He puts his hand on my cheek and smiles at me, saying," I thought the tongue I was kissing felt softer." I stand up and say," I wasn't drunk last night and I remember you telling me that you'd give me a shower fuck this morning. And my dad always keeps his word, right?'' I was lying, but I wanted to fuck him again and was hoping this would work. It did perfectly.

We got in the shower and he says," What I was talking about a shower fuck is that me and your mom do anal in the shower. You want to do that Alaska?"I nod and I get on all fours and moan as he pushes his dick into my ass. Now, me and my brother did anal lots of times, but dad is thicker and longer. He gets in and fucks me slow and deep. We finish and get out. We agree that we will not fuck each other again.

I've had sex with dozens of people for many reasons. Most were friends who I was hanging out with. Some were for money. Three were family. One fuck that I regret is back when I was 14. I was a stupid kid going through puberty and I thought I was cool by stealing. One day in a clothes store, I was putting shirts on and putting my sweater over them so I could take them.

A employee caught me on camera in the changing stall and came in. He threatened to call my mom, and I started to cry. then, out of no where, I pull his dick out and start blowing him to get out of trouble. He sat down and let me blow him. When I finished, he said he'd let me go if I left the clothes. I took off the shirts and ended up down to my bare chest. I also took off my sweat pants to take off the jeans I was stealing. I was now down to underwear.

To this day, I don't know why, but I slide off the underwear and sat in the guy's lap. I put his dick in me and fucked him. He just put his hands on my butt and tongue in my mouth. We finished and I got dressed and left the store, embarrassed that I got caught stealing.

Again, I'm not a slut or anything, just like sex is all. One of my favorite fucks was a four way with my friends, John, Chelsea, and April. I ended up getting tied between four support poles in April's basement, spreading my limbs completely apart and me laying on the ground naked. I got blindfolded too. This was in our "being in a cult" phase. John's dick filled my pussy as a pussy covered my mouth and I was forced to feast on it. Another pussy rubbed across my stomach, wetting my bare skin.

The two pussies switched once in a while until John finished. Then I was untied and i took off the blindfold. We then drew two lines on a paper, splitting it into four equal sections, each with one of our names. Each person throws a dart at the paper on the wall and goes in basement closet with the name hit and fuck. First was Chelsea and April, using a strap on. Then me and Chelsea, using strap on.

When we walked out of closet, I still had the dick on when John hits my name, so I go back in. I was sworn to secrecy, but John had me use the strap on on him. So while the other's thought he fucked me, I fucked his ass with the 6 in. sex toy. He said he was okay with it and the last to throw was April, who fucked Josh. That day was the day that started me and John's best friendship.

Now, I said there was three family members I fucked. My brother, my dad, and my quiet cousin Jimmy. Jimmy's a nice person, but doesn't say more than 10 words a day at best. He's 16 at the time and so was I. One night, me and him were alone in the dark living room watching a movie. I had got up to pee and came back. I decided to sit in Jimmy's lap and cuddle with him. He didn't mind, just wrapping his arms around me. In the movie, there was a long, detailed sex scene.

I feel him unconsciously rubbing my ass softly, getting turned on. I smile at him and kiss him soft and slow. He puts his other hand behind my head and we make out. I then learned that he has a really long tongue and he used the whole thing, which felt kinda cool. Soon, we are laying naked under the throw blanket for the couch, looking as if we are sleeping. The TV is off and it's 98% dark, with a little light from bathroom in hall. I'm in front of him in his arms and he's quietly and softly fucking me from behind in my pussy.

While we're fucking, my mom walks in the dark living room and whispers," Aw, they're cuddled together sleeping. I'll leave you two angels to your dreams then." She leaves and we continue our fuck. He shoots his load into my ass and we sleep.

The next afternoon, me, Jimmy, and mom are in living room watching TV. Jimmy is between me and mom, and we keep looking at each other thinking," If mom wasn't here, we'd be fucking." I get this weird feeling that mom wouldn't say anything about it, so I impulsively pull hid dick out and lean over and start sucking his soft dick. It gets hard and I blow him quietly, not rubbing it in my mom's face.

I hear my mom say," When I said make your cousin feel welcome, I wasn't meaning this. But it's good you two are close. And not ashamed of it either. Can you deep throat Alaska?" I try, but can't. She lightly laughs and says," Stop bobbing for a moment and just open your throat." I do and her hand presses the back of my head down slow and Jimmy's dick slides down my throat. I get it all the way down into my throat, then mom says," Now, leave your throat open and bob."

I do and it works. My mom taught me to deep throat on my cousin. Soon, Jimmy moans and squirts cum down my throat. Mom then encourages me to fuck him, so I get in his lap and fuck him unprotected, like she said to. She gives us tips as we fuck and we learn a lot. One thing that surprised me was when he started to cum and I was getting off, mom held me on him and rubbed his ball sack until he finished cumming.

I see cum flowing out of me and I can feel that I'm filled to the rim. She says," I know you risk pregnancy, but the pussy is a home for dick and cum. You shouldn't make the dick be dressed up in his home or not be able to drop stuff off inside his own home. Let nature be nature." Jimmy says," Okay, but what was with the rubbing?'' She smiles and says," That releases more cum. It gives both of you more pleasure."

So we come up to today. I am babysitting a 12 year old and wrote all this into a notebook. I find myself wanting to ask this boy if he's interested in some fun, but I know he's broke because he doesn't get allowance. I don't care about money though, cause his parents paid me greatly before they left. Plus, money isn't even half the reason I have fun with the kids. I do it to teach them, have fun, and get them to request me to babysit more.

So I go into Archie's room where he's on his computer, watching a sex video, but not so much porn. He doesn't hear me come in. I say," You want to see that stuff in person?" He jumps when I spoke and then says," Um… I guess so… sure.." I strip down naked and sit on his bed, legs open half way, giving him perfect view. His jaw drops as he looks at me. I smile and say," Go ahead and explore. Nothing's off limits and I'll answer any questions." He nervously stands up and takes a step forward, then reaches out and feels my 32c breast. He just stands there, softly squeezing. I say," Come on, isn't there anywhere else you want to feel?"

He nods and his hand goes from my chest to my crotch. He rubs my " front yard" for a second, then runs his finger across my slit, his finger sightly going inside. He then pushes his finger inside and feels around. He asks," Where's your clit?'' " Top, near the opening.", I reply and feel his finger find it. He plays with it for a minute and I see him get a bulge in his pants, so I unbutton his pants and slide them down with his underwear.

I rub it completely hard, then ask," Wanna be the only guy in your class to nail a hot teen girl?" He nods and I help guide him in and he fucks me. Pretty well for a 12 year old actually. He cums within seconds and we also hear his parents pull into the driveway. We quickly get dressed and I kiss him on the lips and say," I'll baby sit you again soon baby." Then I walk out as his parents walk in. I get in my car and drive home.

As I pull into the driveway, I see mom is gone and dad's here. I walk in and see dad watching a movie. I flop into his lap, wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him softly for almost a whole minute. When our lips part, he says," Hi Alaska….. What got you in such a mood?" I sigh and say," I know we agreed to not screw again, but I was secretly masturbating while babysitting and now I'm really warmed up and REALLY need a good fuck right now."

He sighs, looks at me for a moment with my puppy dog eyes, and nods. We go upstairs to his room and we strip down and crawl into bed. He says," Your mom went to an emergency meeting upstate and will be gone tonight, so we can take our time." We cuddle together and make out while feeling each other for over an hour. Then, during our make out, he ends up on top and our hips lock as he enters me slow and gentle.

He humps me slow and kisses my neck softly. I bite on his arm as he stretches my pussy out. I let myself fall asleep while he fucks me. In my half sleep, I feel him fuck and cum in me four times before stopping and cuddling me into his arms. I smile as I feel his cum run out of me and down my leg as we fall asleep.

( I will continue this story, good ratings or not)

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