I had saved everything I could for five years to buy into the governor’s lottery on Prim. I owned a prospecting, refining station in the fourth asteroid belt. My name is Hunter McCarter and I am twenty one which is very young to own my own station. I had inherited it though and so far I had been able to slowly remodel it and bring it into this decade.

I walked into the room to see fifty men looking at me. I had bought three tries and a doctor had witnessed each deposit each of the three days I had made them. A large screen came up and showed a young girl, the name Emily appeared in one corner. She was one of three sixteen year old creche daughters of the governor.

I watched with the other men as small bottles of sperm were poured into a larger container and mixed. A device broke her hymen and spread her pussy. A type of funnel was pushed down and inserted into her cervix before the large container of sperm was poured in. Everything was removed and we looked at the corner screen as my name appeared.

The crowd grumbled but I felt… elated. Another girl appeared named Winter and we watched a repeat of her impregnation. Again my name appeared and I was shocked, to win twice was very rare. I turned and started for the door but stopped before leaving. I turned to look at the third girl named Silver.

When my name appeared a third time I was stunned. The men left in the room shouted and I turned and left. I slipped my ID bracelet under a scanner and the gold edged door open. I walked in not sure what to expect. Emily, Winter and Silver all stood as I came in but I looked at the man beside them and he grinned, “I had to meet the only man that has ever managed to get three girls pregnant in one drawing.”

I smiled and looked at the three girls that were a month pregnant with my child. The governor turned to the girls, “Your things have been sent to Mr McCarter’s shuttle.”

He grinned at me again and left. I hesitated before turning and gesturing to the door, “We can talk on the ship.”

Emily cleared her throat, “The other door has a Taxi waiting and is private.”

I looked at her and then the other door before nodding and walking towards it with them. They were quiet all the way to the port and out to my large cargo shuttle. It was mostly empty but a few things were sitting in the cargo area and I sat the girls in what would have been crew seats if I had crew. I ran a system check nervously before getting clearance and lifting.

Once out of the atmosphere I set a course for the fourth belt and turned on the auto pilot. I hesitated before turning to look at the three girls, “You can call me Hunter. I own a prospecting, refining station in the fourth belt. I have a new class A birthing android on order with an artificial womb on standby and it should be delivered in a couple of months. Once a month we move to the belt transport station for local supplies and send the refined ore out.”

I looked at each of them, “It gets lonely and I wanted a wife…”

Winter laughed and looked at her creche sisters, “than we are the lucky ones since we have each other now.”

Silver and Emily grinned and I smiled, “I’ll try to spend a little extra time at the belt transport station each month.”

Silver stood and stretched, “How long before we reach your station?”

I smiled, “Three days.”

They looked at each other and I pointed to the ladder on the back wall of the bridge, “That goes up to the sleeping area. The bathroom is the narrow door beside the one going back to the cargo area. Watch the water use, we only have a hundred gallons.”

They leaned together and whispered before grinning and moving to the ladder, “We’ll be back in a minute.”

It was several minutes before I heard them behind me and turned to look. I was surprised and grinned when I saw all three naked, “getting comfortable?”

Emily grinned, “Since we don’t want to go open our trunks for clean clothes and don’t want to wear dirty clothes for three days…”

I smiled and stood to undress before folding my clothes and setting them in the copilot seat. They were staring at my hard cock and I looked down before looking at them. Silver grinned and walked closer and wrapped her hand around my cock, “this looks nice.”

Emily and Winter were nodding as I blushed. Silver looked into my face, “Can you leave the shuttle on auto pilot?”

I glanced back and down at the instruments before nodding. She grinned and let my cock go before grabbing my hand, “Good because I want to try this out.”

She pulled me after her to the ladder as Emily and Winter went up quickly and Silver grinned before starting to follow them. She stopped when her cute butt was by my face and wiggled it before giggling and climbing up. I laughed and followed her into the sleeping area to find them sitting on one of the narrow beds.

I shook my head and reached for Silver and pulled her across to another bed before pushing her down. I grinned and sat beside her before caressing her body. I rubbed one of her nipples before bending to give it a suck. She groaned and shuddered and I turned and moved down between her legs.

She looked at me as if wondering what I was doing and I grinned again before leaning in and licking through her trimmed pussy. She gasped and shuddered, “oooohhhh!”

I covered her clit and started sucking and using my tongue. She shuddered and jerked her hips up as she moaned and cried out. I kept licking her and using my tongue and heard another groan. I glanced across at the other bed to see Winter between Emily’s legs licking her pussy. Silver laughed and ran her hands through my hair, “We never thought about anyone doing this.”

I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue. She gasped and shuddered as her hips lifted off the bed. I continued to lick, nibble and tease her clit until she jerked and spasmed. I moved up her body and kissed her as I pushed with my hips. I wiggled and pushed harder and groaned as my cock suddenly pushed into her.

Silver shuddered and spread her legs as my cock pushed into her and stretched her pussy. I started to fuck her with slow thrusts and she hugged me as her pussy became slipperier. A couple of minutes and she was jerking and shaking. Her tight pussy was squeezing and grasping my cock each time I pushed into her.

When I hit her cervix, she jerked and shuddered before lifting and thrusting up, “YES!”

I was fucking her a little harder as she began to writhe and thrash around. She wailed and began shuddering hard as her pussy spasmed and kept squeezing my cock. This was the first time I had been inside a woman and I buried my cock as it throbbed. Silver was clutching me and gasped when I started spewing and pumping huge spurts of cum.

She lifted her hips and started jerking as warm cum kept pumping into her, “mmmmmm!”

I grunted and shuddered as I kept spurting and pumping more cum into her. When I was done she shuddered one last time and sighed as she relaxed. I pulled out of her and lay against her, “Thanks Silver.”

She grinned, “It was my pleasure.”

Winter giggled as she stood, “My turn.”

I looked at her as Silver slipped off the bed and Emily sat up, “I want to taste his stuff.”

Silver laughed as she laid down, “Well, he put a lot in me.”

Winter laid down and rubbed her bare breasts against me, “Lick me?”

I pushed her onto her back and moved down on the bed, “I thought you would never ask.”

She laughed as I opened her pussy and licked through it. I started teasing her clit with my tongue and sucking on it and she gasped and shuddered as her hips lifted. I kept licking and wiggling my tongue on her clit. It wasn’t long before she stiffened and then howled as she shuddered hard and twisted away.

I grinned as I pushed her onto her back again before I moved up her panting body. I lifted and pushed into her tight pussy slowly. She groaned as she put her arms around me and lifted her hips again. I began to fuck her with slow thrusts and she sighed and kissed me. It was a couple of minutes before her pussy spasmed and she squirted.

She started bucking and writhing around as I fucked her with deep thrusts. She was wailing and struggling under me as I buried my cock and started humping and pressing into her. She jerked and shook as her pussy grasped my cock and she squirted once more, “ooohhhh!”

I continued to fuck her and started doing it harder and faster. I was careful not to push into her to deep but kept fucking her hard. I buried my cock and started humping and grinding and Winter howled. Her body convulsed and her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. I went back to fucking her slowly and it was a few minutes before I thrust into her.

I held her shaking body as I spewed another torrent of cum. I pumped thick, strong spurts deep inside her and Winter clutched me and lifted her hips, “oooohhhh!”

When I stopped cumming her wonderful pussy was leaking around my cock. I kissed her before pulling out and Emily and Silver laughed. Silver slid out of bed and came to pull Winter out and across to the other bed as Emily walked to me. She crawled onto the bed and straddled me before fitting my cock to her tight pussy and wiggling down it.

She was tight and warm but slippery too. She sighed and shuddered before putting her hands on my chest and starting to rock. I cupped and felt her firm breasts as her pussy kept grasping and squeezing my cock. She began to moan and jerk as she twisted and wiggled. Her pussy grasped and milked my cock as she began bouncing and dragging her pussy back and forth.

Slowly she became erratic and jerked back and forth frantically. She stiffened before wailing and shuddering as her pussy contracted and she squirted, “fuck!”

She fell onto me as she continued to jerk and I caressed her hips and back before rolling over. I kissed her and smiled before starting to fuck her slowly with deep thrusts. She lifted and thrust her hips up each time I pushed into her. It was a couple of minutes before she spasmed as her warm pussy rippled and tightened.

She wailed and thrashed around as I fucked her with long strokes. It was another ten minutes before I fucked her hard and deep and then held her as I began to flood her tight hole with warm cum. She jerked and tilted her hips as she clutched me, “aaaahhhh!”

When I was done she relaxed and then grinned, “next time that’s how I’m getting pregnant.”

Winter and Silver laughed as I grinned and kissed her. I pulled out before moving off the bed, “anyone hungry?”

The three days were nice and each hour I was pulled away by one of the girls like I was on a hidden schedule. I did order two more artificial wombs during my first break. I slept with one girl each night and enjoyed every second. I slowed as I approached my station and flipped ship before slowly backing into the only empty cargo bay.

Once I heard the docking clamp lock I started shutting the shuttle down. I unloaded the supplies with the three girls helping and then pulled their trunks after me as I led them deeper into the station. I guess they thought it would be sparse or barren. My quarters were large and comfortable and made the girls grab hands to look around as they thought of things to change.

I left them to plot as I went to check everything. I started the station moving towards the next section of the asteroid belt and headed back to my quarters. The girls were naked again and grinned when they saw me. Emily took my hand and pulled me towards the bedroom, “you have to fuck us since we are finally home.”

I grinned as I reached down to rub her butt, “you girls are naked again.”

She turned at the wide bed and started undressing me, “we liked being naked and it is more comfortable this way.”

I rubbed her nipples, “I’ll warm the rest of the station up.”

She shuddered before I pushed her onto the bed, “did you wash?”

She laughed, “since you seem to have lots of water yeah.”

I grinned and moved onto the bed after her and between her legs. I licked through her pussy and began to tease her clit. I nibbled on her labia before going back to her clit and then tongue fucked her before returning to her clit. Emily was shrieking and shuddering long before I stopped with Winter and Silver sitting on the bed laughing.

I moved up her body as she panted and kissed her before pushing into her slowly. I fucked her with deep thrusts as she began to clutch me and wail. Her tight pussy grasped and kept squeezing my cock each time I pushed into her. Several minutes went by before Emily screamed and began to buck and thrash around, “aaaahhhh!”

It was awhile before I was ready and by then she had her legs up and spread. I thrust into her and pressed as I began to gush sperm. Emily lifted her hips and clung to me, “fuck!”

I pumped and spurted and finally relaxed when I stopped cumming. I kissed her and pulled out before rolling onto my back, “the station has around ten cubic kilometers of water and I refine more and let it freeze to be sold.”

I reached for Winter, “now that you have water I am going to start licking you too.”

She laughed with Silver and Emily as she laid back and I moved down between her legs. I opened her legs and captured her clit to tease and suck before starting to lick. She jerked as her hips lifted, “ooohhh!”

I pushed my tongue into her before starting to nibble on her inner lips. When I did her clit I used my lips and she shuddered as she humped up. I started wiggling my tongue and sucking and it was a few minutes before Winter yelled as she spasmed and jerked before twisting away. I pushed her all the way onto her stomach as I moved up and lifted her hips.

I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her tight pussy. I started to fuck her with long strokes and it wasn’t long before her warm pussy was squeezing and grasping my cock. Silver and Emily were holding each other as I continued to fuck Winter and then Emily started to finger her sister.

Winter was pushing back each time I thrust into her and it was several minutes before she howled and began shaking, “aaaahhhhh!”

I held her waist as I fucked her hard and deep and she kept jerking and shoving back. Her pussy was a lot slipperier as it tried to grasp my cock. Each time she screamed, wailed or howled she became more erratic as her pussy tightened. It was awhile before I felt my balls churring and thrust into her and held her as my cock erupted and I began spewing cum.

She shuddered hard as her tight pussy tried to milk the cum into her deeper, “mmmm!”

When I stopped cumming I let her go and she slowly laid down. I grinned when I saw Silver already shuddering as her sister licked her pussy. I moved away from Winter and pulled Emily away from Silver’s pussy, “let Winter lick you.”

I took her place as she grinned and Winter giggled. I pushed into Silver and kissed her as I began to fuck her slowly with long strokes. She was lifting her hips as her pussy squeezed with the first thrust. It wasn’t long before I was kissing her as she shuddered and spasmed. A few minutes later she wailed as she started bucking and thrashing around, “fffuuuuccccckkkkkk!”

I started to fuck her harder, stopping to grind and hump as she spasmed and jerked. Her slippery pussy was grabbing and clenching around my cock as she bucked and struggled. She lifted her legs and spread them as she howled and her pussy rippled around my cock. I fucked her hard and deep, planting my cock and humping to push deeper.

By the time I needed to cum Silver was thrashing around and incoherent. I fucked her as I started spurting and she clung to me as her pussy became slimy around my cock. She jerked and shuddered and wrapped her legs until I finished. She grinned and pulled my face down for a kiss. I pulled out and laid between her and Emily as Winter crawled between her legs to lick her leaking pussy.

The station is full now with children of all ages. Emily, Winter and Silver love to get pregnant and they are very good mothers.

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