Maritime Law-the Last Cruise

On Monday morning all was back to normal, except that instead of tagging along with them, Samantha was now hooked on to Bills other arm as they walked and the two warm bodies pressed against him on either side made his shorts a little uncomfortable. At lunch time, having Samantha pressed up against his other side was delightful rather than uncomfortable.

Everyone at the table noticed the change since teenagers getting sex, especially sex that most of them only fantasize about, don’t have very good poker faces.

The girls were relentless but obtuse in their questioning, especially the three cheerleaders, Suzie, Jennifer, and Mindy, who had been at that first day party on “Maritime Law”. They had suspected that something had happened between Krystal and Bill that day but now they were sure something was going on and they wanted to know all about it. Bill flushed at their questions and lowered his head to the task of eating his lunch to avoid answering. Krystal was also evasive but Sammy returned their questions with raised eyebrows and a crooked smile which was nearly the same thing as verifying every question they had.

“Come on, spill it! Are you two, you know, doing it?” Mindy finally shot straight to the question on everybody’s mind.

“Well, not quite.” Samantha replied with a grin. Krystal and Bill looked at each other. You could count on Samantha to stir up the pot.

“What does that mean?” Jennifer asked. “You mean they haven’t done it yet?”

“That’s not what I said.” Samantha replied, the mirth showing in her eyes.

“Well what did you say then?” Suzie asked.

“It’s a question of mathematics.” Samantha stated flatly with a hint of a smile but a bright gleam in her eyes. “You just have the mathematics wrong.”

“What? What does mathematics have to do with…“ Mindy paused, “Doing it?”

“Nothing.” Sammy said, “It has to do with your original question.”

Bill got it right away and put his head down on his folded arms and moaned. It took Krystal a second more and she reached over and slapper her friend on the arm. ”Sammy!” she said reproachfully.

The rest of the girls looked at each other and at Samantha with obvious confusion in their faces. “What? I don’t get it.” Mindy puzzled. “I asked if they were doing it. What does that have to do with math?”

“Not quite your original question.” Samantha smiled back.

Jennifer looked at Mindy, “You said ‘are you two doing it?’”

“Yep, wrong question.” Samantha smiled triumphantly.

Suzie got it first and her look of confusion slowly turned into a wide eyed look of astonishment. “You mean… have you THREE been doing it?”

Bill groaned again, Krystal slapped Samantha again and Samantha sat up a little straighter and put on a triumphant grin and became aware of the moisture gathering in her panties. “Excuse me.” She smiled, “I think I need to visit the restroom.”

“Oh my god!” Mindy exclaimed and the three of them went into several moments of hysteria, flying questions, talking over each other, nobody listening, everybody talking, nothing that was said being heard.

Bill stood up and walked away, wandering over to the where his wrestling team buddies were eating and sat down with them. “Girl troubles, Billy boy?” Daniel asked, seeing the excitement and confusion going on at the cheerleader table.

“If only.” Bill replied and put his head back down onto his folded arms while the girls tattered excitedly and leaned to whisper to each other conspiratorially.

The next day, at the pleading of all the girls, Bill scheduled another party on “Maritime Law” for the following Saturday. Since he and his parents had since taken the boat out several times on Sundays, his parents only day off, his dad was convinced that he could handle the boat himself and he got permission to take her off shore for the day. “But remember, never out of sight of land and always err on the side of caution. Legally you have the right of way under sail, but always make way for the other guy. There’s a lot of stupid out there.” Bill readily agreed.

Saturday morning he arrived early, made the same arrangements as a few months ago, setting everything up in the main cabin but secured for a day at sea. He opened the ports and hatches, turned on the bilge ventilation fan and checked the fuel tanks to make sure there was enough to power them out and back into the harbor. Samantha and Krystal arrived first followed in about ten minutes by Suzie, Jennifer and Mindy.

“Where are the boys?” Mindy asked.

“We didn’t invite them.” Samantha answered with a sly smile.

That got everyone to tittering and giggling as Bill coiled ropes, uncovered the mainsail and the jib and readied the boat for sea. When he started the small harbor engine, jumped to the dock and began untying the mooring lines Mindy asked startled “What are you doing?”

“We’re going out today.” Samantha replied and smiled smugly.

Mindy just looked at her wide eyed as Bill jumped back aboard, put the engine in reverse and slowly backed away from the dock into the main channel. He slipped it into idle, let the speed bleed off a little, then pushed the controls to slow ahead, and swung her bow to the South, heading out to the breakwater and the Pacific ocean. When he got into the main channel just before the breakwaters he gave the girls a few instructions, and they raised the mainsail, then unfurled the jib and when the sails filled and he could feel the tug of the wind, he cut the engine and they glided silently out of the channel. As soon as he passed the channel buoy, covered with resting sea lions, he swung her north and headed up the coast.

They made way for about an hour, sailing past Palo Alto and up towards Long Beach, tacking and turning more than necessary to get the girls used to the crew responsibilities then he finally came about and headed back south the way they had come. He steered down the coast about a half mile off shore just north of the Huntington Beach Pier, turned her into the wind, luffed the sails and told the girls to let go all the sheets. The mainsail came down, the jib wound itself around the forestay and he scooted up to the anchor and pulled the safety pin, then back to the cockpit and flicked the switch that let about three hundred feet of anchor line reel out onto the seabed some thirty fathoms below.

When he was sure the anchor had set, and everything was secured he winked at Krystal and Sammy and they took his meaning. “Time for a swim!” Samantha yelled and both girls pulled off their beach cover-ups shimmied out of their bathing suits and dived overboard together into the clear deep blue saltwater.

The cheerleaders looked at each other in shock as Bill stepped out of his board shorts, and dove overboard chasing them both down playfully, splashing, diving under them, grabbing, touching and occasionally stopping for a kiss with either one of them or both. Their naked bodies could be seen clearly through the deep water this far off shore and the three cheerleaders stood on deck mesmerized by the spectacle below them.

Jennifer and Krystal watched open mouthed for a moment, looked at each other and both dived. The five swam playfully around for a few moments and Sammy called up to Mindy who was still standing on deck watching with an unsure look on her face. “Come on Mindy! The waters great!”

Mindy put her hand to her mouth in indecision until the others started joined in, goading her to come in. She finally put her hand to her nose, closed her eyes and jumped in feet first.

Now Bill was surrounded by five beautiful girls, three in tiny bikinis and two with nothing on at all and it was beginning to show through the clear water. Krystal swam over to him and tugged on his hardness. He slapped her away playfully, but reached out and grabbed a breast. Samantha moved over behind Mindy and quickly unsnapped her bikini top, snatching it away and threw it up onto the deck of “Maritime Law”. Mindy screamed, angrily and covered her breasts but she couldn’t tread water with just her feet so she had to let go and use her arms. Bill admired her large D-cup breasts and the nipples, erect from the cold water for just a fleeting instant before she turned away from him.

Suzie followed by taking off her own top and slipping underwater, resurfacing triumphantly holding the top and bottoms of her bikini. She tossed them up onto the boat but the bottoms missed, sliding down the hull and sinking beneath the water. Bill dove under and retrieved them, opening them up and holding them out with both hands, teasingly.

Suzie tried to grab them but Bill backstroked away from her laughing and holding them, in the air. With everyone looking at that diversion, Sammy swam up under Mindy and quickly jerked her bottoms down off her feet before she could even react. She screamed again and dived under water chasing Samantha to the other side of the group where Sammy surfaced and tossed the rest of the suit up onto the deck out of reach. Mindy swam about for a minute in a panic and finally made her way over to the transom ladder and climbed back up on the boat, trying to cover herself with her hands, clearly not happy. She jumped up into the cockpit and quickly wrapped a towel around herself and sat down in a huff, watching everyone else play below in the cool clear water.

Jennifer, the last one still in her bikini rolled her eyes, untied the top and squirmed out of the bottoms, tossing them up on deck and joined in, taking off after Bill to help Suzie retrieve her bottoms. Bill dove under the hull and around the keel surfacing on the other side of the boat and tossed the suit up onto the deck from that side. Suzie and Jennifer detoured around the stern and caught him by surprise, as he was coming back around. He tried to duck under but Suzie caught him by one arm and Jennifer grabbed him around the waist pulling him to her and holding on.

Bill was aware of the warm skin against his back in contrast to the cold water and could feel the kicking motion as her thighs bounced against his bottom. He felt the softness of her breasts pressed against his shoulder blades and when Suzie playfully reached down and grabbed at him, she found him fully hard. “Wow! Looks like somebody is excited!” she squealed.

“Yeah,” He said with new confidence, “I’m skinny dipping with four naked ladies. If you had one of these you’d be excited too.”

They all laughed as the other two girls swam around the stern looking for them. “Bill’s ready for some play time.” Jennifer announced. And everyone giggled.

They huddled around him and took turns grabbing at him, pinching his bottom and swimming up close to him. He got brave and reached out and grabbed a handful of Suzie’s breast. She didn’t protest so he reached down and cupped her between the legs. She only moved a little closer. Meanwhile, Jennifer had wrapped her legs around his waist and he was aware of an even warmer heat at the small of his back, then he noticed Krystal was floating head back with her eyes closed. Looking down through the clear water he saw that Sammy had her hand between Krystal’s legs. Then Sammy reached down and took hold of Bill and began to stroke him underwater and Jennifer began to press herself harder into Bills back gently rocking her hips.

Bill could no longer concentrate on staying afloat with the weight on his back and the attention he was paying to soft female breasts and multiple hands on his privates. He had to let go of Suzie and reach up to grab the top of the stern ladder to keep from sinking. Samantha let go of both him and Krystal and paddled over to the ladder. She climbed the ladder onto the transom platform pausing at the top step to bend over, showing off her soft parts to everyone below. The girls made cat calls and Bill reached up and ran his hand down her thigh and calf as she stepped up onto the boat.

Suzie followed and made a similar show. Krystal started to climb out but instead backed down in front of Bill and lifted her hips so that she caught his hardness between her legs, rocking gently until he was captured in her entrance and she leaned back, taking his full length into her from behind.

Bill grabbed the other handrail on the ladder and planted his feet on the bottom rung and let her undulate there feeling him fill her. Still holding on from behind, Jennifer whispered “Oh, my god.” as she realized what they were doing right in front of her. She wrapped her legs further around until she had her ankles wrapped around Krystal’s waist and she could feel their movements against her and she pulled herself tighter to him and rocked her own hips to their rhythm.

Suzie looked back and saw the ripples radiating out around them and said “Oh, my god they’re doing it right there in the water! Jennifer! They’re doing it right there in front of you!”

“Yes… yes… I know” Jennifer grunted. “Yes.. they’re doing… aaaaahhhh!” she yelled in Bills ear as the heat of the situation overtook her and she orgasmed against his back.

“Oh, that was so hot.” Samantha said as her hand went between her legs and she had to squat down on the cockpit cushion in deference to her failing knees.

Jennifer let go of Bill as Krystal pulled off of him and climbed up the ladder, then she helped Bill get Jennifer up the ladder in her temporarily weakened condition. When Jennifer reached the platform she threw her arms around Bill and kissed him passionately before releasing him and climbing over the transom into the cockpit. A little flustered but still raging hard, Bill climbed into the cockpit to the sight of four ravishingly beautiful naked girls with Mindy sexily wrapped in a towel near the cabin hatch sulking but watching.

He was having a very hard time believing this was happening to him. He’d seen porn sites with group sex, he’d even read stories about it but He never believed that it could be true, yet here he was in what he suddenly realized was appropriately named the “cockpit”, staring at eight beautiful breasts and three beautiful vaginas. Only three because one was obscured by a hand casually working between its owners legs.

He stepped into the cockpit and sat down next to Krystal, pulling her gently onto his lap intending to finish the business they had started on the water. She raised her hips and sat down on him, taking him inside and began rocking up and down. For the other girls, it was different than in the water. It was inferred there. You knew what was going on but you couldn’t really see it. Suddenly it was on display for everyone, and seeing him buried deep inside her then exposed all the way to the head and buried again, over and over was exceptionally erotic. Now three of the girls were working themselves into a frenzy watching this show of unashamed sex, live and close up. Only Mindy seemed uncomfortable and sat back averting her eyes but sneaking a peek now and then. It was apparent that it was bothering her as she crossed her knees and squeezed her thighs together squirming in her seat, huddling behind her towel.

Mindy had been the vocal one all along, challenging, asking questions, seeming the most interested but when it came time to act, she was the most subdued, seemingly embarrassed by the open display of sex. It’s what they had fantasized about, hoped for, never thinking it would actually occur and now that it was happening, Jennifer and Suzie were on board, openly masturbating while watching, but Mindy was shy and uncomfortable. She furtively watched as Samantha switched places with Krystal with a kiss and a fondling of each other.

Samantha sat facing away from Bill so that everyone could see him fill and empty her while she massaged her clit, eyes open steadily watching everyone’s faces as they watched her. She did this for several minutes until Bill clenched up and spasmed inside her, their collective juices flowing out around him. Samantha continued to grind up and down on him but he began to soften before she could finish and she raised her hips and let him slip out, a large quantity of fluids pouring and dripping out of her onto the vinyl covering of the cockpit bench.

Samantha stood up on the bench, fluids still running down her thighs. Stepping over the side she dove into the water. She quickly rubbed her thighs and between her legs, cleaning of any excess fluids and climbed back aboard smiling and refreshed.

Bill leaned back and sighed as Krystal bent over and gently massaged his balls while sucking gently on him until after a few minutes he was ready for round two. When Krystal was lifting a leg over him, Suzie called out to her, “Krys. Can I, you know, have him?”

Krystal sat back on the bench and smiled at her with a shrug that said “Help yourself.” Suzie started to get up but Bill stood instead and pushed her gently by the shoulders back onto the bench. He knelt in front of her lifting the back of her knees gently and pressed his lips to hers, and began sucking on her clit. Suzie rolled her eyes back in her head and spread her legs farther, clearly signaling her pleasure and approval. Bill reached up and kneaded her breasts with one hand as he slid two fingers inside her and started rubbing behind her G-spot.

All the while, Jennifer who had been masturbating on the other side of the cockpit after her first orgasm in the water, got up and came over where Bill was kneeling and started stroking his back and rear with the flat of her hands, and pressing her breasts to his side. She reached under him and took his hardness in her hand, stroking gently to keep him going. She needn’t have worried, Bill was fully aware that he was now basically having sex with his third girl of the day and he was fully as hard as he could ever be. When Suzie nearly came from his oral attentions, he lifted her off the bench, turning her lengthwise and lay between her legs. He kissed up her stomach, between and all around her breasts. He sucked lightly on her nipples which caused her to arch back, pressing them harder into his mouth, then he kissed her neck, and cheeks, her bottom lip and finally full and passionate on the mouth. She opened to him and he entered her both with his hardness and his tongue at the same time. She sucked on his tongue and pulled him into her, feeling not only the immediate sensations of a boy making love to her, but also the tingly, naughty sensation of four other pairs of eyes watching every move they made in this normally most private of acts. The thought of it turned her on even more.

Bill rocked his hips and lifted himself so that his shaft was rubbing along her clit on the down stroke. He pressed his pubic bone hard against hers when he was as deep as he could go, and repeated the movements. He moved deliberately, and slowly, prolonging her pleasure with each stroke until she clenched her body and curled her toes and panted out fast breaths as she came for the first time that day. Bill continued his strokes until she put her hands on his chest and pushed him gently back, sensually overwhelmed for the moment.

Bill rose to his knees and looked around the cockpit. He had been inside of Krystal and Samantha, neither of whom had come yet, and Suzie who had. Jennifer was still massaging his balls and he took her hand and pulled her up off the deck. She climbed up, right on top of Suzie and began to kiss and suck on her breasts while lifting her rear end in an obvious invitation to Bill.

He knelt up behind her and rubbed himself up and down her slit, concentrating on her clit for several strokes then pushed himself inside her, now very wet and welcoming. She raised and lowered her rear end and clenched at him, feeling him inside her, seemingly willing him to come again, all the while sucking on Suzie’s nipples and kissing her breasts. Suzie was lying quietly with eyes closed feeling the motions of the two above her. She reached down beneath Jennifer and felt the length of Bill moving in and out, letting her hands smooth along his shaft and feeling the softness at the base of his hardness as he plunged all the way in and back out again.

All this time, Mindy was sitting, hunched in a corner, wrapped in her towel pretending not to watch but not missing a detail. She had to admit to herself that what she was seeing was turning her on, but she was just so uncomfortable with it all. Normally vocal Mindy had retreated into a quiet corner of her terry cloth sanctuary, and was trying to make sense out of her aversion to what was going on as opposed to the rapidly spreading pool of fluid that was leaking out of her onto the vinyl bench. She reached down under the towel and touched herself, looking for the source and quickly discovered that is was leaking from her vagina and it made it quite pleasurable when she touched herself and rubbed the lubricating fluid in just the right places.

Although Mindy talked the talk, she didn’t walk the walk. She had been protected growing up and hadn’t even considered masturbating before today. She had let a couple of boys kiss her and she even mad e out with one but never let them touch her more than that. Now as she watched the others do everything right in front of her eyes, and having seen the incredible orgasms the other shad experienced she was becoming increasingly curious and increasingly turned on. She’d had little tingles before but this was overwhelming. She pulled one hand inside the towel and began to run her finger up and down between her legs. She found her clitoris for the first time really and was shocked at the electrical pleasure it sent up her stomach, even reaching to her breasts and tightening her nipples.

As she watched Bill moving in and out of Jennifer, and Jennifer sucking on Suzie’s nipples the urge to rub herself faster and harder became irresistible. As she did, her towel began to slip off her shoulders and she had to struggle between keeping covered and satisfying her growing need. Finally, she let it fall and surrendered to the realization that she was the only one not completely exposed and that nobody was watching her anyway, until she looked up and saw Bill and Jennifer looking over Suzie’s body, staring intently directly under the towel at what she was doing. She quickly stopped and pushed the towel over her knees but Bill shifted his eyes directly to her eyes. There was a half smile, half grimace on his face as his hips continued to grind into Jennifer.

A motion on the other side of the cockpit caught her eye and she turned to see Krystal and Samantha, sitting side by side, knees wide apart, each with a hand between the other’s legs. Samantha had her eyes closed and her head back, and was clearly on the verge of an orgasm. Krystal slipped two fingers up into her friend and began to furiously work on her G-spot as she rolled herself off the bench onto her knees and began licking Samantha vigorously.

This was finally too much for Mindy and she finally pushed the towel out of the way, leaned back on the bench and staring directly back into Bill’s eyes, inserted a finger inside herself and began to realize what all the commotion was about as electric waves of pleasure soared through her body. Oh, why had everyone always told her this was bad? Right now she didn’t care. She was shocked when her warm waves of pleasure snuck up on her and slammed her body with her first ever orgasm in just minutes. That was it. Now she knew she simply had to have more.

Mindy’s first orgasm had been so hard and visibly amazing, it sent Jennifer into her own mind blowing orgasm and she shook and jerked on top of Suzie and clinched her cheeks together so hard it caused Bill to pop out and stroke a few times on Jennifer’s crack before lifting himself off of the girls.

Bill turned to see Krystal on her knees working hard between Samantha’s legs and he knelt behind her and pressed his head against her soft folds. She responded by lifting her hips in compliance and he slid himself insider her all the way to his pubic bone. Krystal groaned at the feeling which caused Samantha to groan and Bill began rocking his hips in earnest. The motion transferred through Krystal’s body to Samantha quickly sent her over the edge and she sprayed Krystal in the face as she seized violently, twitching and jerking on the bench and gasping for air. Krystal continued to lick her and finger her until she calmed down, lying back in the bench breathing heavily and flushed bright red on her face, neck and chest. Bill continued to pump into Krystal until she too had a milder, yet satisfying orgasm. She turned on her knees and took Bill in her mouth and began to work on him as deep as she could. She wasn’t as good at this as Samantha but she was determined to try and wanted to make Bill come once more.

Jennifer and Suzie were lying on the other bench, arms and legs entwined, gently touching and stroking each other’s bodies, while they watched Krystal’s oral ministrations on Bill.

Mindy now watched all of this in fascination and was once again idly rubbing herself in complete view of everyone now having lost most of her long reinforced inhibitions. She was now sitting head back on the bench, heels up on its edge, knees wide apart with two fingers of one hand buried deep inside her and the other hand discovering the wonderful nuances of her clit. Finally she got off the bench, crawled on hands and knees over to Bill and Krystal and tentatively reached out and cupped Bill’s balls. He looked down at her and reached over and cupped one of her breasts. She jumped at the touch but immediately pulled his withdrawn hand back to her breast and marveled at the feel of it there. Seeing what was going on, Krystal reached under Mindy and slid a finger up into her. Mindy jumped again, but leaned forward and allowed the two of them to explore her body.

As Krystal withdrew from Bill, Mindy allowed her hand to slide up and stroke along his shaft, then back down to his balls as Krystal took him back in. She looked them both in the eyes alternately and then at her hand, and back at them. She felt the warm wetness of their skin, the hard shaft, covered in velvety, slippery softness. It made her tingle between the legs and Krystal was expert at finding the tingle and magnifying it. Mindy could feel liquid tickling her thighs as it leaked from within and that in itself added to the erotic feeling, growing stronger yet again.

The next time she ran her hand out on Bill’s shaft, she gently pushed Krystal away and carefully touched her tongue to the tip of him, tasting the fluid beading up there. She kissed the end, licked it several times then took him in her mouth, looking up at him for approval. He grimaced but said noting when her teeth grazed the edge of his head. She took the hint and pulled them back using only her lips and tongue. She was afraid and excited all at once and the emotional roller coaster further magnified what Krystal was doing between her legs. Just as she thought she was about to explode once more, Krystal pulled away from her, took her hand and guided her to the bench next to Samantha.

Bill knelt at the edge of the bench and as Krystal and Samantha each took one of Mindy’s legs and gently pulled them apart, Bill leaned in and placed his mouth over her clit and began to lick sensually over and around it. He put his hands under her hips and gently squeezed her cheeks as he lifted her to his mouth and pressed his tongue deep inside her. She gasped and was torn between pushing him away and grabbing his head and grinding him into her, but the confusion was allayed by the exquisite pleasure she suddenly realized and she placed her hands on his head and opened her legs wider for him.

She looked across the cockpit and saw that Jennifer and Suzie, still entwined in each other were watching the action intently and for a moment she wanted to cover up again, but Bill had just run his tongue down past her sensitive opening and all the way back to the other little pleasure bud and she jumped first at her feeling of disgust but instantly was overwhelmed by the immense pleasure that it brought. As he licked back up to her clit, she instinctively raised her hips, coaxing him back down, wanting to try that again. He didn’t disappoint and this time, encouraged by her movements, he tarried there a moment and twirled his tongue around that forbidden place while she let herself become lost in the pleasure of it.

Once again, just as she was about to succumb and let her body roll off that delicious cliff, Bill pulled away from her and stood up, leaning over and bending down to kiss her on the breasts, suck gently on her nipples, trace up her neck and finally kiss around her mouth, licking her lips seductively and then kissing her deeply. She opened her mouth and met his tongue. She put her arms around his shoulders and returned the kiss passionately. Samantha and Krystal were still holding her legs and both were stroking the inside of her thighs gently and sensually.

Bill lowered his body and his hardness lay between them resting on her stomach. He rotated his hips, rubbing it on her stomach and she reached between them and took him in her hand, letting him press it in and out of her grip. She continued to kiss him and she was aware her fluids dripping down over that spot he had just been teasing with his tongue, then she lost her grip on him as he slid downwards, then pressed up and she was suddenly aware of the tip of him probing for her entrance and she froze.

She pushed up on his chest and pulled her legs together with a look of terror in her eyes. “No, we can’t! I’m not… I’ve never…” She froze again in mid sentence realizing everyone was looking at her in shock.

Even in his throes of passion, Bill was the first to react kindly and softly. “It’s ok, Mindy. We didn’t know. Nobody her will ask you to do anything you don’t want to do.” And he looked around the cockpit at everyone now nodding their heads in confirmation.

“I’m sorry.” Mindy said, “I just didn’t expect.. I never thought it was going to happen… I thought it was just girl talk Like fantasy stuff. I don’t know if I‘m ready.”

“But you’re the one that kept talking about it.” Suzie said, “What did you think was going to happen?”

“I thought we were going to spend that day sunning on the deck, listening to music, eating chips and drinking sodas.” She said sheepishly. “When we got out here and everyone suddenly got naked it just surprised me and… well, embarrassed. I’ve never been naked in front of a bunch of people, except in the locker room. Especially in front of a boy.”

“Well, really, neither have we.” Admitted Suzie, “But when we decided to do this I figured it’s what we were planning and I wasn’t going to be the party pooper. Especially after we found out Sammy and Krystal have been having all the fun without us”

“Yeah, me too.” Chimed in Jennifer.

“Chill, Mindy.” Bill reassured her. “We have all day, we can do whatever we want, or don’t want.” He said looking her in the eye. His erection had softened with all this conversation and he finished, “But right now, I think I we should eat, I’m starving.” And he dove head first overboard and plunged deep in the clear water pulling down to twenty five or thirty feet before turning and kicking back up to the surface. He shook the water out of his face and looked up at five beautiful faces peering over the railing at him.

One by one, they stood, stepped around the railing and dove in after him. There followed a great hullabaloo of splashing, laughing, grabbing, touching and fondling and now even Mindy joined in joyously, made comfortable with Bills gentle assurance and the fact that he had stopped without question and respected her wishes. She realized that alone made her even hotter and she joined the other five beautiful naked teenagers simply enjoying the great outdoors, and each other.

After about ten minutes of this, washed off and refreshed, they all gathered around the stern ladder and climbed back aboard. Bill grabbed a towel and dried himself, but then dropped it on a bench and climbed down the step into the cabin, still naked, and began putting out food and drinks for everyone. All of the girls followed and there continued a bit of horseplay as Bill pressed ice cold cans of soda onto naked butts and breasts to a chorus of shrill screams and the girls returned the compliment in kind, pressing their sodas against his tender regions.

They sat around the galley table and ate sandwiches, pickles and chips quietly until Samantha pulled an especially large dill pickle out of the jar and began to lick it seductively. Everyone laughed and dared her to use it as she was intimating and without hesitation, she lowered it between her legs and inserted it all the way in and out of site then squirmed in her seat with a triumphant “There!” and continued to eat her sandwich with a gleam in her eye. That brought hoots and hollers from everyone and a round of laughter and comments about its relative size.

When they finished lunch, Sammy stood and out one foot up on the seat, She reached her thumb and finger up inside and extracted the pickle, licked it again, wrapped her leg around Bill and rubbed the pickle along his lips. He put out his tongue and licked the end and without warning, snapped his head and bit off half the pickle with a snarl, and chewed it lewdly. Everyone howled with laughter and when Krystal leaned over and took a bite, Suzie and Jennifer followed and bit off little slices for themselves. Sammy finished by sucking the remainder in her mouth and finishing it off. Mindy watched in fascination and felt wetness dribble down the inside of her left thigh.

When they finished cleaning up the galley Krystal yawned and said “Wow, I-am-full-and-tired. I think it’s nap time.” She went to the forward stateroom, plopped down on the bed face first with her feet hanging over the end. Bill followed and lay down next to her, hooking one leg over hers and putting a hand over her cheeks. The others followed and one by one, they all found a place on the bed and snuggled in close to each other and fell into a sound and peaceful sleep of nearly two hours.

Bill awoke first and quickly became aware of his surroundings which prompted an instant swelling in his loins. He slipped out of bed and tiptoed quietly into the main cabin where he turned on the security system, set it for the forward stateroom, inserted a thumb drive into the USB port and set the system to record. Then he slipped back into the stateroom. Samantha, face down in the middle of the five was breathing softly and her legs were parted just enough to display her tender parts to Bill. He stood at the foot of the bed, slowly stroking himself, careful not to block the camera above the door and admired his own personal harem. He then climbed softly back onto the bed, positioned himself above Samantha’s perfect round cheeks and gently slid his entire length inside her in one smooth motion. Samantha awoke with a smile and looked over her shoulder as if to see who was inside of her. Bill just smiled back and leaned down to kiss her upturned lips. Mindy was waking on one side and Suzie on the other and the movement of them all began to stir the rest. They awoke one by one, remembering where they were, smiling broadly. Suzie rolled over and took hold of him and began to stroke him as he moved in and out of Samantha. Jennifer joined in. Krystal cupped his balls and gently massaged them and leaned in, kissing his chest and sucking lightly on his nipples.

There were hands from one girl between the legs of another. There were hands on others breasts and mouths and tongues working between parted legs. Mindy was leaning up against the headboard while Sammy licked her clit and pressed a finger inside her, while Bill pumped into her from behind. Krystal was sucking on Mindy’s breasts while still squeezing Bills jewels.

There was a general commotion of motion, moaning and sighs as bodies wreathed and squirmed against each other and no tender spot was being ignored. After only a few minutes Bill finally succumbed for only the second time that day, but from all the previous activity, the needed rest and the sudden erotic scene around him he came prodigiously, filling Samantha completely until her fluids and his semen where running freely onto the bed.

Mindy didn’t know why, but the sight of Bill jerking and obviously squirting inside Samantha really turned her on and her muscles clinched in little spasms as Sammy worked on them.

Bill continued to rock in and out and the motion and the eroticism were more than enough to keep him hard until Samantha finished in a great clinching orgasm of jerks and spasms adding more of her own juices to his, wetting the bedspread thoroughly and that was more than Mindy could take. She pushed Sammy away and moved over to Bill. She pulled on his arm and he rolled over and collapsed on the bed, then she lifted herself up over Bill, and looking down into his eyes she slowly began to lower herself down on him.

Everyone froze and watched as Mindy’s lips slowly spread to accept Bill’s head then suddenly slipped around the crown and engulfed it. Another half inch and she stopped, grimacing there and began to push downward slowly, then up, and downward again. She was clearly trying to get past a good amount of pain and tears welled up in eyes, one streaming down her cheek and dripping onto Bills chest.

Bill reached up and put his hands on her arms and stopped her. “You don’t’ need to do this.” He said gently.

“Oh, god Bill, I’m may be completely confused but one thing I know right now is I DO need this…” And she pulled up, then down again gently. She bounced a little, biting her lip and making little grunting noises. She rose again, then slowly lowered, stopping again and grimacing.

Everyone was holding their breath and watching Bill penetrating her very slowly just fractions of an inch at a time. Mindy pushed harder and grimaced some more, then suddenly with a jerk she fell all the way down, fully impaled and screamed. Everyone jumped! She sat there panting for a moment, breathing in little gasps and making little crying sounds. “Oh, crap that hurt.” She breathed. “God, if I hadn’t seen you all have so much fun this would have cured me. Geese that hurts.” And two more tears splashed on Bills chest.

“Relax Mindy.” Krystal assured her. “It won’t hurt for long. Just be still for a while.”

Mindy had collapsed down onto Bills chest, still fully impaled, the pain causing little spasms that squeezed him and made it hard for him to remain still. He lifted her head and kissed her gently on the eyes and face and let her relax in his arms.

After a while she began to pull off of him and grimaced again, but pushed back down, letting the pain subside, then tried again. It took a while but soon she was moving up and down, testing the feel, the angle, the sensations and it wasn’t long before the pleasure outweighed the pain and she began to rock freely on Bill’s lap.

“Oh, my god, she really was a virgin!” Suzie exclaimed as a small trickle of blood ran down Bills shaft mixed with her other juices. She immediately reached down and began rubbing herself with one hand while she twirled a nipple in the other.

Samantha reached behind her and ran a fingertip over her anus. Mindy gasped and tilted her hips back in recognition of this new pleasure. Krystal cupped one of Mindy’s breasts and began to squeeze a nipple and pinch it between her fingers. Mindy sat up straight and pressed into Krystal’s hand while pushing her hips back into Sammy’s. Mindy’s eyes were now closed, still squeezing out the last of her tears and she was breathing hard, mouth open and grunting “huh, huh, huh, huh,” with each thrust.

Samantha twirled her finger around the rim of Mindy’s opening and coated it with the juices running freely there. Then she swirled it back up around her small opening applying some pressure and rubbing around the edges. Mindy pressed backwards and Samantha pushed hard and pressed the finger all the way in. Mindy stopped rocking and clinched against Sammy and Bill then began rocking again with renewed lust.

Samantha was amazed at the feeling of Bills hardness moving on the other side of the thin membrane and Bill could feel her finger pressing against him as Mindy rode up and down on him. Samantha pressed up inside Mindy in pulses rather than actually sliding in and out. Krystal twirled Mindy’s nipples and pinched them harder, squeezing her breasts at the same time. Mindy panted, clinched her entire body, held her breath then screamed out as she collapsed in jerking little spasms as waves of released pressure and pleasure rode over her. When Samantha withdrew her finger Mindy jerked in another after-shock spasm. Bill gently rocked his hips forward pushing himself in deeply and she spasmed again.

“Oh, my god Bill, thank you!” She whispered in his ear, between breaths, “That was amazing, can we do it again?”

Bill laughed lightly in her ear, “Whenever you want.” He assured her and started rotating his hips again, pressing into her and pulling free. He pushed her over and rolled on top of her and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he started pumping with renewed vigor. She started panting again and squeezing his body as he pressed in and out of her and he became aware of other activity going on around him again.

Bill pulled out of her and pressed his hand against her hip, motioning for her to turn over. She immediately flipped herself over and presented her rear end to him. He slipped easily back into her and she reciprocated with thrusts of her hips and clenching of her cheeks. Bill reached underneath her and squeezed both breasts and she responded with additional moaning and heavy breathing. Both of them became aware of other hands beginning to explore their bodies all over and their thrusts became stronger and faster. All of the other girls were touching, caressing, pressing against them and exploring every square inch of their skin and they were both very near to sensory overload until finally Bill exploded for the third time today, squirting deep inside Mindy ash she pressed her rear back into him trying to milk every ounce out of him as she felt it fill her insides. The warmth, the spasms from his filling her and the idea that she had caused him to come and all of the hands touching sensitive parts of her body sent her into the third orgasm of her young life, and it was oh, so good.

They all collapsed back onto the bed and lay there panting, touching and feeling each other lightly until Krystal finally got up and said “Time for another swim” and scooted out the door and up the ladder before the rest of them could get off the bed. Bill let them all go up the ladder before he turned off the security system, pulled out the thumb drive and smiling, tucked it in the pocket of his back pack before bounding up the stairs two at a time and leaping over the rail directly into the center of his five naked sirens, once again grabbing and touching and feeling freely, laughing and living life large.

When they finally tired, they climbed back aboard, and Bill turned on the fresh water pump and hosed the salt off of everyone until all were fresh and clean. Krystal took an extra moment with the hard spray, directing it between her legs until she had a little shudder and handed it back to Bill. He retrieved a bottle of shampoo from one of the heads and the girls all took turns washing the salt out of their hair, everyone still comfortably naked in front of everyone else. When all were clean and rinsed, Bill hauled up the anchor, set the sails, let them catch the wind and turned “Maritime law” down the coast back to Newport Harbor. The girls lay out on deck and stood and waved at boats passing a few hundred yards away. Near enough that the occupants could see that they were naked, far enough not to be recognizable. Besides it’s doubtful anyone would remember their faces.

As they closed on the harbor, the girls all slipped back into their bikinis and Krystal brought Bill his shorts. They tacked in around the Newport Buoy, sailed up the channel all the way past the bait barge where Bill kicked in the engine, dropped sail and steered back to the dock as the girls strapped the sail covers on over the main boom and cleaned up the rest of the boat.

Monday at school was strange yet exciting. Mindy was sitting on the wall by the main steps when Bill arrived at school and a sly smile and a quick parting of her knees showed him she wore no underwear. All day Suzie and Jennifer kept smiling at him and making lewd comments while Krystal and Sammy just clung to him, letting him feel the soft press of a breast against his arm now and then, or the press of a thigh against his legs. Bill was glad he had put on baggy shorts and a baggy tee-shirt. He had to go into the locker room and put on his jock strap after second period to keep his continuous hard on contained in front of him.

The Junior Prom rolled around but when Krystal consented to be his date she asked “What about Sammy?” so he asked her too, and she said, “What about the other girls?” so he had to buy five corsages, and rent a limousine to take them all. When he picked them up at Samantha’s house he was stunned at the array of beauty spread before him. They all wore more or less matching gowns, slightly different styles but all of similar glittering black material, contrary to what most girls would do they all had their hair curled and waved in similar styles. The parents there taking pictures were puzzled by all of this, especially of the single male escort but Bill was sure it was the girls way of saying that they were all his equal date for the evening. He was positive when laughing and giggling they pinned a boutonniere on his lapel made of five tiny rosebuds.

Bill had another difficult time that evening when it was revealed in the limo that NONE of the girls was wearing underwear and they had to use a napkin and a little soda water from the bar to wash off the semen that was spilled on his trousers on the way to the prom.

For the next few months Bill never went on a date with less than three girls and often all five, sometimes taking turns in the back of the theatre sucking him dry, always with various sexual exploits and although the girls had all sworn secrecy, the other cheerleaders and the wrestling team couldn’t help but wonder what was going on between Bill and five of the schools hottest girls. He became somewhat of a hero to the boys for having such a relationship, and to the girls in wonder about what those five knew that they didn’t. When asked, they would, smile and remain silent.

The weekend before Krystal left for Virginia with her family, Bill took her down “Maritime Law”, just the two of them. She had to tell her father that Samantha was going along, but Sammy went and spent the evening at the mall with the other girls and they all covered for her.

Bill had roses, candles, crystal, china and silverware ready and after dinner (consumed completely in the nude) he made love to her one last time in the forward stateroom, both of them with tears and exceptional tenderness. When he locked up the boat that night, he removed the thumb drive from the security system and held it close to his heart as a memento of his first real love, perhaps the only girl he would ever really love for the rest of his life. He knew he would miss her terribly. But then, thanks to her, he had four other girlfriends and life was full of possibilities.


This ends the story of Bill and Krystal. In reality, after Bills betrayal with Samantha, Krystal broke up with him in an ugly argument and she never spoke to Samantha again for betraying her. The events described in the first two chapters did occur in real life in the mid 1960’s. I modernized them for today’s audience.

I hope you’ve enjoyed their real life experiences and the fantasy world in the third and fourth chapters, built from the comments of you, the readers.

Although this is the last of the “Maritime Law” series, the character that Bill was based on will return as David in the series “Sadie”. The true story of my wife and I, beginning in the years of the sexual revolution, and perhaps beyond.

Thank you for reading our stories,


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