Me and my older sister

Me and my older sister

All of my young life I had watched my older sister when she was near me at home. Her thick wavy hair was deep golden in color and her skin was so smooth.
She is eight years older than me which means that she was given the task of babysitting me many times as a kid but since we got along very well it was always good.
One day when I was about twelve I was going to take a shower and thought that I was alone upstairs in the house. My sister and her recent husband had a bedroom across the hall from mine but I had not heard her upstairs so I thought I was alone.
Being very naughty, I decided to make my voyage to the bathroom with nothing on and carried my towel on my arm. To my surprise and hers, my sister stepped out of her room as I walked by fully nude with my erect penis standing straight out. She yelped a little and ducked back into her room apologetically and I hurried to the bathroom full of embarrassment and also turned on realizing that my sexy older sister had just been the first girl to ever see my erect penis.
It was a mixed sensation that made me so excited that masturbation was the only reasonable solution. I went on to take my shower and then carefully went back to my room, this time wearing my towel so that if she happened to see me again at least I would be covered up.
I made it back to my room without my sister seeing me in the hall again, rather a relief. However when I had closed my bedroom door I turned to discover that my sister was in my room and sitting on the edge of my bed.
"Why are you in my room?" I asked feeling very nervous, I figured that she was going to give me a talking to about my naked stroll in the hall from earlier.
"I just wanted to explain to you that you shouldn't be ashamed about being naked earlier, I didn't mean to embarrass you it's just that I wasn't expecting my little brother to come bouncing along with no clothes on and sporting a really nice boner…it was really pretty cool to see you like that and I just wanted to tell you privately that it is cool that it happened and that if you ever want to ask me anything about sexual stuff, you can. I would be very happy to help explain."
She smiled at me as I stood there in my towel with my dick now fully hard under it and my silence an obvious give away to the fact that my questions were beyond my vocabulary.
"Looks like somebody is really happy to see me there dude, can we have a better look at that cock?"
I was stunned, my sweet and sexy older sister wanted me to show her my stiff cock and nothing in the world was more exciting to me.
"It's okay, here…let me take that silly towel off you and get a better look at that raging boner my brother has for me there."
She reached over to me and pulled my towel off, suddenly I stood fully naked and slightly damp from the shower with the most hard dick I had ever had in my life.
"Ooh, that's better, she cooed. Why don't you let me take a taste?"
My ears rang in disbelief, taste my dick? I couldn't believe this was really happening.
She grasped the base of my dick and slid to the floor in front of me and before I could respond she had taken most of my hard dick into her very skilled mouth.
I didn't know what to do with my hands so I rested them on her shoulders and stroked her soft hair that lay gently on them.
Her mouth was doing magical work that my hands were not capable of competing with as her tongue slid back and forth under the tip of my penis in slow yet powerful movements.
"If you need to squirt your cum just feel free okay? I will just drink it for you."
My sister was absolutely blowing my mind! Here this gorgeous young female about twenty years old, soft, medium blonde hair that was very thick and a bit wavy, her brilliant green eyes looking lustfully into mine and her impish smile that was even more incredible from this angle.
There she was on her knees in my bedroom sucking my twelve year old dick and she tells me she will drink my cum?! I couldn't even begin to form words to deal with this information, instead I allowed myself to ejaculate my first shared orgasm of my life into the loving mouth and throat of my wonderful older sister. She delicately continued to suck me while squirt after squirt of my cum shot into her mouth.
Each squirt was followed by her dutiful act of swallowing my load and then as my orgasm finally came to it's conclusion, she looked up at me with a sexy smile in her eyes and she kissed my dick as she took it lovingly from her mouth.
"Is that better?" She asked.
"Fuck Sue, I can't believe what you just did, yes…that is way better!"
She continued to smile at me while she slowly stood up and as she leaned to my face and kissed me gently on the mouth, she slid her lips to my ear and whispered.
"Next time it's my turn." And she walked out of my room with a soft and seductive glance back at me over her shoulder.
The door closed and I fell onto the bed in a bit of shock. Next time? Wow, when would that be? I wondered to myself as my dick pulsed back to erection. This time I had no choice but to take hold of it and squeeze off a second batch.
My dick never had such a great afternoon until that day and as fortune would have it.
I was in the midst of shooting my wad as the door opened silently and my beautiful sister stood there watching me masturbate.
"I said next time was My turn Joe…don't waste your efforts on yourself when you can be learning how to please your sister!"
I was more shocked than before as she came in and removed her clothing exposing my young and perverted eyes to the most delightful sight in my life. Her body was even better than my imagination had thought it may be as many times it had starred in my fantasies. Her small breasts were about a 34 c size and her swollen nipples deep tan pink.
Her tummy was a soft slightly tanned shade and though she had recently given birth to my first nephew only months before, her body had bounced back really nicely.
She lead me to the bed and laid down with me.
Her body was on top of mine as she kissed me again with her mouth open and she reached down between us and wrapped her fingers around my hard-on.
Before I could even figure what to do about all of this, she was sliding my dick inside of herself as the most amazingly warm and tight sensation overtook my entire being!
My sister was fucking my hard twelve year old dick and it was even better than any fantasy could come close to.
Even though I was a small kid at that age who was only about four foot ten, my dick had been maturing faster than the rest of me because it had been six to seven inches long since I had turned eleven.
Sue was only about 5 foot 4 and weighed probably 115 pounds so she was not much taller than me at that time. I eventually grew to nearly 6 feet by age 15 but that day I felt like a giant!
She fucked me until I shot off inside of her and then she moved around until she had her pussy in front of my face.
I had never seen a grown pussy in real life before, magazines had been helpful but I had only ever seen a real one that a girl down the street had shown me a few years before when I was seven and she was nine years old.
This however was completely different.
Sue had a soft bush of thick hair that was trimmed into a perfect triangle that pointed down to the place where my eyes were fixed.
"Lick me clean Joey, you need to get all of your cum out of my pussy before my husband finds out what you just did in there."
I was again unable to find words but did what she asked and licked her beautiful pussy that was dripping with my cum.
I had never tasted my cum before but as I was faced with her sexy snatch with it's delicately trimmed bush, all that mattered to me was that I was in absolute heaven!
I was determined to remove every bit of evidence in order to prevent her husband from finding out that her little brother had shot his load up his sister's pussy.
It didn't occur to me that she had no intention on letting him find out because she would be in trouble for fooling with her under-aged brother but this never crossed my sex starved mind as I licked and sucked madly at her delicious pussy lips and the feel of sliding my tongue into her slice was really exciting.
I got hard again from the excitement and she quickly decided to give me another treat.
She re-positioned herself on me to face my dick and began sucking me while her pussy smothered me in it's soft warmth.
Her asshole was only a split second from my mouth and as my nose was right next to it I couldn't help but breath in the scent of it through my nose. What an awesome smell she had!
I dove my tongue deeper inside her and she sucked me really hard. I came in her mouth again and she began wildly bucking herself against my face in crazed motions that I soon discovered were the motions of her having an orgasm.
I was very proud of myself as she eventually climbed off of my face and kissed me.
"Thanks little brother, that was the best orgasm I've ever had! Even my husband doesn't get me that excited…so glad we sleep right across the hall from each other."
She kissed me again and told me to look forward to more visits like this whenever we would be alone at home from now on.
Believe me; it was the only thing on my young mind for many months to come.
More stories about the continued adventures to follow.

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