Mom and Son sex


4th story in 4 days; yay
another story by my mate since you guys loved the last ones.
if you like it please comment and tell us if you want our true sex stories

The story:

It was the greatest day in my life. The day i lost my virginity to my MOM!!!!

I woke up like any other normal day and was greeted by my mom with bacon and eggs. She told me Dad was away on one of his business for the day and won"t be back until tomorrow so it was just me and her at home

She kissed me on the forehead and said she was going out to do some shopping and would be back in an hour

My mom is attractive standing at 5"9 and weighing 160 pounds (85kg). She is rather curvy but has a few extra pounds around her breast and ass regions. She wears a 32D bra, has shoulder length dark brown hair and always has a perfume smell about her. For a 48 year old woman she looks great

When i finished my breakfast i went to put my boxers in the wash but something happened while i was in the laundry that doesn"t usually occur

I saw my moms silky purple panties laying on the ground from last night and for some reason i picked them up and smelt them. Being 14 years old and still a virgin i thought it was ok

I started taking in her wonderful aroma and thought it was the best thing on earth. Before i knew it i was standing there with my boxers off with a boner

I went back to my room and couldn"t get the thought of my mom"s vagina out of my head so i masturbated and shot my load in a very short time

I kept thinking to myself that it was wrong and if i perused these thoughts my mom would hate me

When my mom returned from grocery shopping i was laying on the couch (with clothes on) watching tv

She told me to help her put the groceries away so i agreed. I handed her the milk and when she bent over to put it in the fridge her ass poked up at me

Before i knew it there was a tent shape forming in my pants and i was about to turn and hide it from her but it was too late. She turned around for some more fridge stuff and literally got hit in the face by my cock in my pants

It stretched out and bounced back in to my skin tight again

"I"m so sorry mom i don"t know what just happened to me" i said nervously as i raced to my room. I didn"t come out for the rest of the day until she called me for dinner

I grabbed my food off her and just kept looking down as i didn"t want to make eye contact

We both sat down and ate our food and she asked me to help her wash the dishes

"About earlier today son i don"t care about it because i know you are a growing man and men have needs that sometimes aren"t getting fulfilled"

"Thanks for understanding mom and once again i am really sorry"

"Thats ok son. In fact i have a little proposition to make. How would you like to help my needs out for the whole night?"

Did i just hear correctly. Was my mom actually asking me to have sex with her for the whole night

"Do you mean have sex?"

"That"s correct. As far as i know you havnt lost your virginity yet and i would love to be your first. I could teach you everything you need to know and when you have sex with someone your own age you will have a great knowledge"

I couldn"t believe it. I agreed and my mom took me by the hand and walked me into her room. she layed me down and got straight to work. She took my pants off and i was already hard as a rock when she asked me for the sex so there was no need to warm up

She put her mouth on my cock and i wanted to cum straight away. She started bobbing her head up and down and her tongue was licking up and down my shaft. Her warm mouth was too much for me to handle and i blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and made a slurping sound as she took her mouth from my raging hard on.

"Much bigger then your fathers ever was honey" she said with a grin on her face

She told me it was her turn to get pleasured and pulled her pants off but her panties were still on. I could see a giant wet patch in the middle of her crotch and i knew her juices must be flowing like crazy.

I pulled down her panties and started slowly licking her thighs and when i got close to her pussy i would back off and do the same to the other side

I had done this about 5 times until she had enough and grabbed me by the back of my head and rammed me into her soaking wet cunt

I started violating licking her out and inserted 1 finger until i got a good rhythm and went straight to 3 fingers

I knew from stories and videos i had seen that i needed to find her clit so i licked at the top of her cunt and i knew when i hit the spot because she bucked straight away and let out a loud moan

She started shaking and her moans got loader so i started licking and putting my fingers in her harder and faster and was rewarded with a giant gush of her juices all over my face

When she settled down she took my cock in her mouth again and got it to fully erect again and took her top and bra off. Her tits were massive and bobbed around when her bra fell off.

She laid down on her back in the same position as i was licking her out and in then she told me to stick it in her ass slowly. I did as she told me and i now knew what everyone was raving on about when they said girls asses are extremely tight

I stuck the head of my 8 inch cock in her ass and it bounced straight back out. I knew i had to use more force but i went a bit over board as i stuck it all in in one go. My mom let out a huge scream and i apologized which she knew was alright because i was a first timer

I went at a steady pace and just as the head was about to escape her tight hole i rammed it back in again. Every time her ass engulfed the full 8 inches she let out a scream

I picked up the pace and my mom was moaning non stop and i told her i was close to cumming. She told me to leave it in her ass when i did

I came in her ass letting out a massive moan as spurt after spurt of my hot creamy cum poured into my moms asshole. I didn"t even know it was possible to have that much in me especially after i had already came twice today already

She then took my cock out of her ass and guided it into her vagina. It a feeling like no other. It was soaking wet and warm as i pushed all of my 8 inches of meat in slowly

she laid her head back and closed her eyes as i started to rock my hips back and forth I couldn"t believe it. I was actually fucking my own mother from where i had came out of 19 years ago

My mom started to tense up and told me she was close to cumming. I was on the verge as well and i could feel it rising through my penis as she let out a giant scream and was shuttering and bucking all over the bed as we both came at the same time

I never new women came so much as the bed became soaking wet underneath where we just made love. We stayed in the same bed together for the rest of the night and i kissed and sucked on her nipples for hours

We came a few more times together before we fell asleep

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