My Fantastic First Time

I remember everything perfectly. It was the day after my birthday in June. School had finished a week ago. My sister is cool. Her name is Krystal. She was beautiful. Nice boobs, nice ass, nothing extraordinary but she was very sexy. At the time I was 15 and she was a freshmen in college. She had been setting me up with her friend's sisters since I was 12 and she always helped me out. My girlfriend and I had broken up for stupid reasons that couldn't be fixed and I was just in a woman-needing mood. But tonight my sister would do me the biggest favor of my life.

I stayed at Krystal's apartment a lot. It was like a big hotel suite. There were three bedrooms and she always kept one ready for me. One night her drop dead gorgeous friend was there. She was blonde, bright blue eyes, she had nice boobs (I had never seen them bare), and just a perfect ass. It had that perfect curve to it but not too big. I went to bed because I was really tired and just not in the mood to hang out with them. When I was 14 I had started to sleep naked. Clothes and no blanket was too cold, clothes and a blanket was too hot. No clothes and a blanket is perfect, so that's how I roll. I was half asleep when I heard my door open. Krystal's beautiful friend, Erica, was standing there in a bath robe. Krystal was next to her. They closed the door and turned on the lights, but kept them dim and moody. Erica untied her robe and let it fall away from her. She was standing there, hair down, tits out (they were so big and so perfect, you have no idea), totally naked. My dick got hard super fast and there was a tent in the blanket. It was never very long, 6 1/2 inches back then, and it still is now. But my cock is nice and thick. It hasn't changed and back then it was also 6 1/2 inches around. She came over to me and threw me back down. She pushed the blanket away and got on top of me, intentionally hovering her great ass over my penis to tease me. Then she got real close and whispered "I heard you're feeling lonely, let me rock your world."

Then it started. My door locked from the outside. Krystal came over to me and whispered "She is horny as hell. You're welcome lil' man." She left and locked the door. Erica got off me and grabbed my dick and started to stroke it. I was in absolute heaven. She put her head down and started sucking. After a few minutes she faced the other way and got on top of me. She sandwiched my dick in her tits and it was simply amazing. Her ass was in my face, I wasn't quite sure how to give a girl oral so I just started messing around with my tongue. Apparently I was doing it right because after a few seconds she gasped in pleasure. We went on like that for a while, and then she got off of me. She sat in front of me just staring at my dick. Then she seductively said "What do you want to do." I just kept staring at her ass. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted my penis in her sweet pussy. So I said so.

She crawled on me again, rubbing her pussy on my dick, and whispered "I want you, to fuck me so hard that I scream for more." That pushed me over the edge. I got up and stood next to the bed and she lay on her back with her butt on the edge. She grabbed my dick and teased me, rubbing the head on her wet pussy. Then the time came. She wrapped her legs around me and pushed my rock hard cock in her. Her pussy was warm, and so tight. It was as tight as folding a pillow in half over your dick and squeezing it together. At that moment the idea of a condom came to mind, but I figured she was on birth control and the idea left my mind. I slowly started to go in and out of her, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing or if she even liked it. She was smiling at me, then she said "You're cute, you won''t hurt me. Fuck me hard, it feels good." I got the message. I still wasn't sure exactly what I was doing, I just kept going in and out really fast, but it felt SO GOOD. She started moaning my name really loudly. I went faster and tried to push deeper into her pussy, and then she really started to scream in pleasure. She kept saying my name and moaning to fuck her harder. It was all too good. I reached up and felt her tits. They were so smooth.

Next she pushed me back a little bit. She stood up and got body to body with me and pressed me up against the wall and said "now let me do the work." She threw me on the bed and got on top of me. She slid her pussy onto my dick and leaned forward, putting her beautiful tits right in my face. She bounced her ass really fast on my dick and I sucked on her nipples and felt up her ass with my hands. It was absolutely wonderful. I glanced over at the clock, we had been fucking for 35 minutes, I couldn't believe I hadn't cummed yet. She got off and lay on her back again, she was tired and wanted me to fuck her again. I stood up again and started to really fuck her. She wrapped her legs around me and I watched her contort her stomach muscles and her pussy tightened. I kept fucking her hard and fast and she kept screaming in pleasure. My dick was in heaven as my balls slapped her ass. I was about to cum. She looked at me and said to cum inside her, she wanted to feel my warm cum in her. After I couldn't hold it in any longer it just came gushing out. I stopped and let my dick sit in her warm pussy. She sighed in pleasure and pulled me onto her. We kissed and fell asleep together. We had fucked for over an hour. It was the best night of my life.

The next morning I woke up with Erica still sleeping. I reached over and massaged her tits to wake her up. Just as she woke up Krystal walked in, still in her bath robe. She giggled and said "I could hear you two from a mile away. Now I need a cock, let me join the party." I couldn't believe my ears. Krystal dropped her bath robe. Her perky C cup tits popped out. She grabbed my cock and went to town on it with her mouth. I boasted my hips were tired from fucking Erica so hard. My sister laughed and said she didn't give a shit. She stood me up and lay on her back rubbing the shaft of my penis on her already wet pussy and said "Fuck me. My pussy is even tighter." Erica giggled and said her pussy was tighter. They started arguing and I interrupted and said "I'll fuck you both nice and hard and I'll decide." They smiled and agreed. I was in ABSOLUTE HEAVEN.

Erica moved to the edge of the bed. I slid my dick into my sister's pussy. I fucked her hard and fast and got my cock deep into her pussy. It was very tight. She kept moaning louder and louder, I thought she was going to explode. But I really wanted to fuck Erica again. I took my penis out of her and Krystal got up and gave me one more quick blowjob. Then I stepped over to Erica. I remembered hearing about how girls could orgasm, it was like a guy cumming. I asked Erica if I had made her orgasm last night. She said that she was close when I cummed, and I said I would make her orgasm this time. She smiled and said "My pussy is ready for that thick cock. Put it in big boy." I slipped my cock into her. It was even tighter than last night, and it was tighter than my sister's. I started to slam my dick in and out of her as hard as I physically could. It sounded like someone clapping really loudly in a movie theater. I was fucking her so hard and so fast that my hips were really starting to get soar. Her legs were gripping my waist and she was screaming like people on a roller coaster. My sister watched with a grin on her face. I really wanted to make Erica orgasm. Her sweet, warm pussy started to squeeze and then stop and squeeze and stop and she said she was orgasming. I kept going and she moaned she wanted me to cum in her tits. I slammed my cock as deep as I possible could into her pussy a few more times, and then pushed it in between her big tits. She sandwiched my dick again and rubbed them back and forth and licked the head. My warm load burst out of my dick and all over her tits and face. She let out a sigh of relief and pleasure and lust. Erica said it was the best sex of her life and my sister smiled at me. I satisfied Erica's desires every night for the next week.

I was one lucky teenager. It's your choice if you want to believe me. Whether you do or not, the best sex of my life was my first time. If you haven't had your first time yet, I hope yours turns out as good as mine did.

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