The Horse Experiement

Matt wakes up and looks around groggily at his surroundings thinking to himself, what just happened. It appears that he was in a stable and was naked on his hands in knees with his dick hanging down from him. He looks to his right and see his twin sister Ally in the same position. This was the first time he had seen her naked in awhile and she was hot with her b cup tits hanging down. The room is dark with many empty stables around. Then the doors to the stable open and sunlight floods the room making Matt have to squint his eyes to see what is happening. The doors close quickly and he can clearly see a man walking into the room with a big bag. He walks over to his twin sister and him and puts the bag on the bench and starts to talk to us.
I bet you are wondering why you are here, he says
His sister and him don’t respond.
You are here because we are doing an experiment and you were chosen because of some certain qualities…
But we are only 16, he pleads.
The man continues, This experiment will hurt, I will tell you that, but when it is over we will have created something miraculous.
He then walks over to Matt and says, We will start with you. Then he opens his bag and takes out some lube and an assortment of dildos. He puts on a glove and sticks his fingers into the lube.
Matt can see what he is doing and begin to protest but his voice is cut short when he forcefully sticks two of his finger into his ass. The feeling is weird. It is painful and pleasurable at the same time. It is all over quickly though as he retracts his two fingers covered in lube and walks over and takes a 6 inch dildo and walks over and places the tip on Matt's ass.
If you are going to handle what happens next, we are going to need to loosen you up first, the man says.
He pushes the dildo slowly into his ass before finally bottoming out. The same feeling comes over him as Matt can feel the dildo inside of him. He then takes it back a few inches and starts to thrust it back and forth creating a rhythm. Matt grunts from exertion as he is doing this. Then something really weird happens, he starts to get a boner. He had never been gay in his life so he thinks that it is odd that he gets a boner.
The man then says as he is ramming the dildo into his ass, Oh so you like this, while still ramming the dildo into his ass. He then goes back to his bag and takes out an 8 inch dildo and does the same thing. The 8 inch dildo makes Matt feels fuller then the 6 inch dildo. As he is ramming the dildo in he can start to feel his ass getting looser and looser.
After about five minutes of the man ramming the dildo in his ass the man says to him, You are almost ready, there is just one more thing I have to do to you to get you ready for the main event, I have to clean you from the inside out.
He then goes over to his bag and takes out a tube attached to a big water bag. He goes over to a hose on the wall and fills the water bag full of water. The bag must have been big enough to hold a gallon. Then he takes the bag and hangs it on a hook above him that Matt had not noticed before. Matt think he recognizes the bag from some of the porn he watched. It was an enema, he thought to himself. He then takes the tube and proceeds to stick it right into his already loosened ass.
I am going to need you to be really clean in there if my experiment is going to work, the man says. He then turns a valve and the water starts to flow into his ass. Matt can feel the cold water flow into his ass making it expand. After a minute he can feel his belly start to expand and he looks back and his belly looks like he is pregnant. Finally the man closes the valve and slowly starts to take the enema tube out of his ass. As soon as he does this, some brown fluid shoots out of his ass and onto the floor. It feels really weird having the liquid shoot out of Matt's ass. He then proceeds to put the enema tube back in Matt's ass and does 3 times before the fluid that comes out of his ass is clear.
The man then pulls out walkie-talkie and says into it, He is ready, ring him in. I turn around and see the doors to the barn open and a man walks in directing a stallion behind him. Oh no, Matt thinks to himself, this can't be. The man then walks over to the stallion and starts to rub it cock. Before long a 2 foot long cock springs out from the horse.
Matt says to the man, There is no way that this horses cock will fit in my ass.
Well it has to, the man says.
The man then presses a button on his remote and the straps holding his hands and legs to the ground tighten and I am lifted up into the air on a platform that I was on that I had not notice. The platform stops at the perfect height for the horse to penetrate his ass. The stallion then rears up and places both its hooves on a bar so that the hooves will not be on Matt. Then the stallion starts to thrust searching for his hole. He starts to prepare himself for the inevitable. Finally after four or five missed thrusts, the horse finds his hole. At first the horse can only fit the apple sized tip of his dick into his ass. The horse then begins to thrust his dick further and further into his ass. Finally, after a couple of minutes of the horse going deeper and deeper into his ass the horse bottoms out and stands still for a couple of seconds. The pain is excruciating. Matt almost blacks out from having the horse dick so far up his ass. Then the horse pulls out six inches and thrusts. He repeats this action and then forms a constant rhythm. The pain begins to subside and the pleasure kicks in. Before long he can feel his own dick start to shoot off on the floor. Then after ten minutes of straight fucking from the horse, he can feel the horse's balls tense up. The horse then bottoms out and his dick erupts with cum. The hot fluid feels so good inside his virgin ass. The ropes of cum cover the inside of his ass and begins to make his ass expand. The horse keeps cumming for about a minute. Finally the horse stops and right as the horse pulls its dick out of him the man puts a but plug in and says to him,
Now we don’t need to waste any of that come do we. He then lowers the platform and takes the straps off Matt's legs and hands and he collapses on the ground. He feels so bloated and he looks at his stomach and it looks like he is pregnant from all the cum inside of him. He can feel it swishing around in his ass and it feels kind of good. Then he passes out on the floor
Now it is your turn, the man says to Ally. Ally had been secretly turned on by the incidents that had happened to her brother. Her pussy had gotten very wet and she was hoping that the man did not notice. He walks around her and a circle and grabs one of her breasts and squeezes. Ally lets out a small moan as the man does so. He then looks at her wet pussy and says to her, Someone liked to see her brother get fucked by that horse. He then sticks two fingers into her virgin pussy and starts to finger her. This was the first time that someone other than herself had put fingers into her pussy. He then rapidly finger fucks her an Ally is moaning. After awhile she cums hard. Ally had always been a squirter so fluid gushes from her pussy and all over the guy.
The guy then faces Ally and says to her. The way we got your brother ready was by fucking his ass with dildos to make it big enough to accommodate the horses penis. The way we will do it with you is by arousing your vagina. He then walks over to his bag and pulls out a vibrator. Ally was no stranger to vibrators and always kept one in her bag just in case. He puts the vibrator to her clit and begins to squirm but she cannot because her hands and legs are tied to the ground. He then turns the vibrator to the highest intensity and she orgasms instantly. He does not take the vibrator away though. He does this for about 10 minutes orgasming several more times each one bigger than the one before. Finally he pulls the vibrator away from her pussy and pulls out his walkie-talkie and says into it, Bring the other horse in. Then the doors open and Ally turns to see what animal will be violating her pussy. This stallion seems to be even bigger than the one her brother Steve got.
Ally then says to the man, wont I need some lube.
The man replies, I don't think so, your pussy looks pretty well lubricated from your own fluids. The man pulls out the remote and presses a button and just as he had done on Matt, the straps tighten around her legs and hands and she is raised into the air, her ass at the perfect height for the horse. Then the man begins to rub the horses cock and this cock is way longer than the one Matt got. It is a little less than 3 feet. Her moth is opened in astonishment and the man says, I have saved the best for last. Ally is worried. She had never had sex before and the biggest thing she had ever put into her pussy was a few fingers so she knew that this would hurt. The horse reared up and put its hooves on the bar and Ally thought to herself, Here we go. The dick missed a couple of times but finally it found her hole, it wasn’t her pussy though. The apples sized head of the horses dick had penetrated her ass and the man and Ally were not ready for it. The pain was excruciating first of all because she was not ready and second of all because her ass was not prepared like Matt's.
Oops, the man says, wrong hole. He then grasps the horse dick from Ally's throbbing ass and puts it in her virgin pussy. The pain hits her hard as the horse bucks, taking her virginity in one swoop. It hurt Ally so bad and this was not even 6 inches of the almost 3 foot cock of the horse. The horse then begins to thrust further and further into her pussy until it stops. It is hitting her cervix and the horse has still not bottomed out yet. The horse bucks and bucks until finally her cervix is forced open and the horses dick is thrust into her womb. After a few more inches the horse finally bottoms out with its dick poking the end of her womb. Ally had never felt so full in her life. At first it was very painful but it was now getting pleasurable. Then the horse pulled out 10 inches and thrust back and started a rhythm. The horse almost tore apart her little pussy. Ally was in a state of bliss. She blacked out all of her surroundings because the pleasure from the huge dick in her pussy put her over the edge. Yes, it was very painful but it was still very pleasurable. She must have orgasmed 10 or 12 before she could feel the horses balls tense up. This is it, she thought as the horse bottomed out hitting the end of her womb. Ropes of hot cum shot out of her the horse dick and into her pussy. Ally had the biggest orgasm she had ever had she was shaking profusely as the hot cum shot into her pussy. It wasn’t over in 5 seconds like a human being would it lasted an eternity to ally but in real life about 5 minutes. Then it was over and as the horse pulled its dick out of her the man put another plug like he did to Matt allowing just a few drops of cum to slip out of her abused pussy. The man then lowered the platform and removed the straps and like Matt, Ally collapsed on the ground in a state of bliss and passed out.
Matt wakes up on the cold ground naked and looks at himself. His stomach bulged with all the cum inside of him and his ass ached and Matt tries to stand up but cannot. He looks around and saw that he is in a horses stable. He then turns and looks at his twin sister lying next to him naked. She too had a stomach that bulged like she was pregnant too but she still looked sexy. Matt could see her B-cup tits because she was lying on her back and her beautiful pussy with just a little tuft of hair at the top of her slit. His cock starts to grow but at that same moment she woke up.
Ally wakes up on the floor naked and thinks to herself, What happened. Then all the memories come back to her and she looks at her stomach. It is still bloated and she can feel the plug that is holding all the cum inside of her. She then looks to her right and sees her brother naked lying on the ground. He is staring at her tits and pussy. Matt looks away as his sister looks over but now it is Ally's turn to inspect her brothers body. She had always thought her brother was hot but had not seen him naked since she was little. He had an athletic body and was 6 feet tall. Then she started to stare at his cock. She had only seen one cock before and that was her boyfriends and his was only about 6 inches. Matt's cock was fully erect. Probably from staring at Matt, she thinks to herself. He has a big cock, about 8 inches. She then hears the ban doors open and the 2 siblings looks over to them. The man from yesterday walks in and opens the door to the stall that they are in.
Rise and shine boys and girls, the man says, I bet you have been wondering what the experiment I preformed on you was for. I didn’t want to tell you yesterday to spoil the surprise but here we go. Those 2 horses yesterday that you had a little fun with, were normal. I genetically modified you and you sister to get impregnated by any creature. I also modified the time the pregnancy will take to make it go from 9 months to 1 month so you will feel changes pretty soon. Another thing is that the reason I plugged up your holes from letting the cum seep out was because the creatures cum takes about 4 hours to impregnate you. The reason I wanted to do this was because I wanted to create the greatest horse ever. I could not do this with mating 2 horses together but I had to mate a horse with a human because with a human, the horse can be very intelligent. The reason I picked you 2 was because you both have high IQ's, are athletic and it looked like you could handle this. And I thought it would be fun to have a brother and sister. Oh, and by the way, my name is Dr. Jekyll Any questions.
Matt speaks up, You cannot be serious, there is no way that I can be pregnant.
Oh, I am quite serious, Dr. Jekyll says, I have given you, ah I don’t want to get into specifics. Any more questions.
Yeah, Ally says, how will the baby horse come out of our…
Well your bodies will be changing to accommodate the baby horses but it will still hurt very much, Dr. Jekyll says, it will probably hurt more than a normal pregnancy so be prepared. You will stay here in this stable for the remainder of this pregnancy. Oh, and one more thing. Dr. Jekyll the walks over to Matt and pulls out the but plug holding all the horses cum inside of him. The cum shoots out of his ass and all over the concrete floor of the stable. He then pulls the plug out of Ally and says, Well I hope that this semen did its thing. And walks out of the stable leaving Matt and Ally laying in piles of cum. They both sighed out of relief when the cum was finally out of their pussies and asses.
What are we going to do know, exclaims Ally.
I don’t know, says Matt.
They both just lay in there pool of cum for the whole day, their asses and pussies too sore for them to walk around and before they go to bed, the man puts a bucket of grains and water into their stall and says, Here's dinner. Then walks out of the room. Matt crawls over and gets the 2 buckets and bring them over to Ally. Ally gives Matt a puzzled look and he just shrugs it off. He then takes a handful of the grain and puts eats it. It's not that bad, says Matt. Ally then tries the grain and agrees with Matt. They could have probably eaten anything at the moment. They had not eaten anything in awhile and they were both very hungry. They then took turns sipping water from the bucket until the bucket was drained. They then fall asleep on the cold concrete. Matt wakes up first the next morning and feels different. He feels a weight on his chest and looks down and sees that he has some A-Cup tits. His hips had widened too and his stomach was a little bloated. His ass also did not feel sore anymore. He looks over and sees his sister awake as well. Her hips had widened too but not as much as Matt's. Her tits had gone up from an A-Cup to a B-Cup. She assumed it was because of the milk she would be producing. Her pussy does not feel sore anymore also. She looks over at her brother and chuckles a little as he sees his tits and widened hips.
What's so funny, Matt says to Ally.
You look hot, Ally says, Are those real, pointing towards her brothers tits.
Oh of course they are, says Matt, Feel them if you do not believe me.
She then walks over to Matt and places her hands on his tits. Matt was shaking in anticipation for this and lets out a small moan as she places her hands on his tits and starts to feel around. Ally then said to him, You can feel my tits if you want. Matt then places his hands on his sisters B-Cup tits. Ally too lets out a small moan as he does this. This is the first time that anyone has touched her bare breasts. Her boyfriend had touched them but that had been on the bus through her shirt. Ally's pussy started to get wet and Matt's dick started to get hard. That’s when Matt kissed his sister on the lips. This was the first time Matt had never kissed a girl before and he loved it. His hand moved passionately down her chest and to her pussy. He started to finger her clit. After fingering her clit for some time she yelled, I'm cumming. Her body shacked violently as the orgasm went through her whole body. After the orgasm was over, she said to her brother, Now your turn.
She then grabbed his already hard cock and stock it into her mouth. She started to suck his cock and massaging his balls at the same time. Then she could feel Matt's balls tense up and he tried to pull away but she held on because she wanted to taste his cum. He then came hard and Ally swallowed the whole thing.
Matt then picked up Ally and laid her in a corner on the hay. He then took his 8 inch cock and directed it into her awaiting pussy. Ally moaned as the tip entered her pussy. Matt pushed hard and soon he was hilt deep in his sisters pussy. He then pulled out a little and started to fuck his sister hard. Ally screamed in pleasure as multiple orgasm racked her body. The, about 5 minutes in, Matt cummed into his sisters pussy. They both lay there for a few moments with Matt's dick still in his sisters pussy and thats when they heard someone clapping.
Dr. Jekyll had been watching the whole thing and was astonished. He had never thought that this would happen. He then said, Bravo you two. That was quite the show.
Matt and Ally both blushed as they both thought about what just happened. What made it even worse was that someone had seen them do it. Matt then pulled his semi hard dick out of his sisters pussy and a little stream of cum followed after that.
After a few awkward seconds, the Dr. Jekyll says, Well the reason I came here was because I needed to feed your kids, pointing towards there bulging stomachs, the best way to do that is by the semen from their fathers. He then leads the two of them out of a stall and into another stall where both their horses were kept. The black one was Ally's and the brown one was Matt's. Well, I will leave you two to get to it, Dr. Jekyll says as he backs out of the room.
They both stand there for a few minutes when Ally says, Well I will go first to show you how it is done. She then walks over to her horse and starts to rub its huge cock. Soon the almost 3 foot cock is at full mast and the horse and Ally are ready. The horses cocks is so big that Ally can barely get her mouth around it. Soon she starts to suck on its cock with her mouth and at the same time using her hands to rub his cock. Before long Ally can feel the stallions balls tense up and she prepares herself. The first few ropes of cum go straight down her throat and into her stomach. Soon her stomach fills up with cum and she knows that she cannot handle it anymore. She pulls the horses cock out of her mouth but the horse is not done wet. It cums all over her body, covering her face tits and pussy. Finally, after what seems like hours, the horse is done. Now it's your turn, Ally says to her brother covered in cum.
Matt walks over to his brown horse and starts to rub its cock. Soon the cock is at full length and Matt just stares at it. I don't think I can do this, he says to Ally.
Yes, you can, just do what I did, Ally says encouragingly.
Matt then takes the whole cock and puts it into his mouth. He then starts to suck on it at the same time jacking off the horse with his hands. Soon the horses balls tense up and send ropes of cum down Matt's throat. Before long Matt's stomach is full and he pulls out the cock from his mouth. The horses dick then starts to shoot cum all over Matt's body covering him from head to toe.
Dr. Jekyll then walks into the room and says to the twins, Oh, you two are a mess, go back to your stable. Matt and Ally comply and follow them back to their stable. He then puts a bucket of cold water and a horse brush and says to them, you two should probably clean up.
They then grab the bucket and begin to scrub each other with it focusing on the "sensitive" areas mostly. This routine goes on everyday for a couple for. They wake up, have sex, get covered in cum, and then wash each other. Their bodies go through many more changes as well. Both of their hips get wide enough to accommodate the horse. There tits swell up in size too. They go all the way to the D-Cup and stop. Their stomachs keep expanding rapidly in size too. With about a week left, it looks like they both have quadruplets in their stomachs. They have to stop having sex because their bellies are so big but they can still feel each other up.
Then one day, Dr. Jekyll walks in the room with a box full of dildos. He says to the twins, Here, these are for Matt. If you want to deliver this horse without any damage then you will need to work on making your rectum big enough to accommodate this horse.
What about me, says Ally.
You should be fine, women are meant to give birth and I think that your vagina will do just fine.
The man leaves and Matt goes over and looks at the dildos. They are not that long but some of the girths of the dildos were huge.
Want to help, Matt say to Ally.
Sure, Ally says, Now get into the position.
Matt gets on his hands and knees and Ally chooses the smallest dildos and penetrates Matt's ass slowly. Matt moans because he had been craving having the horses dick in his ass for awhile but he knew that it would hurt the baby. She then worked her way up to the biggest dildo which was as wide as the horses dick. She did this every day until one day Matt had some sharp pains in his stomach and soon after his sister did too.
They both knew that their babies were coming and started to prepare their selves. Out of instinct, they both lay on their sides because that is how horses normally give birth. They both yelled as they went through the first contraction.
Dr. Jekyll then came running in and says, The show has just begun, and brings a chair over to watch the festivities. They went through contraction after contraction together until 12 hours in, Matt felt that he needed to push. He started to push and could feel the horse sliding down his colon. He pushed and pushed until he looked back and could see the head out. Almost there, Matt thought. He kept pushing and pushing until the front legs popped out, then the back legs popped out after and he was done. His baby horse crawled over to him and Matt pulled off the membrane from around it. The horse then started to suck on Matt's tit. The feeling was amazing as he could feel the milk leaving his body and into his horse.
Nice job Matt, Dr. Jekyll says, That is a beauty.
Now it is my turn, though Ally, That horse is way too big to fit out of my pussy. She then started pushing and could feel the calf start to exit her womb. She pushed and pushed and looked back and could see the snout start to pop out.
You are doing well, Matt says encouragingly, Almost there.
Ally keeps pushing and can feel the front legs pop out. Then she could feel the back legs pop out and she thought to herself, Wow, how did that come out of my pussy. Her baby horse then crawled over to her and started sucking on her tit for some milk. She had been waiting for this for awhile because the pressure was building up and she didn’t think could handle it anymore. It also felt very good. The two twins then fell asleep with their babies sucking on their tits.
They woke up the next day and they both felt different. Their bodies had gone back to normal. Matt no longer had tits and widened hips and Ally tits and hips had gone done in size. They were perplexed. Then they could hear the barn doors open and in walked Dr. Jekyll into their stall.
Hello, Dr. Jekyll says to the twins, You did a nice job yesterday.
He looked at their perplexed looks and says, There was one more thing that I did not tell you about when I modified your bodies. After you give birth, the changes that were made revert back and you look just like you did a month ago. Unless you want to keep the changes.
No, no, says the twins in unison.
Ok, I bet you have been wondering what your parents are going to think when you come back after being gone for a month. Well, when I kidnapped you, your parents were going to send you to camp for a month and I have been sending them letters about all the fun you have been having. Do not tell anyone about what happened today unless you want me to release a video documenting what happened. From you having sex with each other, with a horse, and giving birth.
Are we clear?
They both nod in agreement. He then tosses in some clothes and says to them get dressed, you are going home.
As they put on the clothes, it feels so foreign because they had not worn clothes for a month. He then ushers them onto a bus and drives them home. When they get home, the twins act as if nothing ever happened. They try to go on with normal lives but they will always remember what happened in those stables.

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