The night I fucked a 12 year old black boy

A few days had passed and I was sure I would have him. I noticed every weekend his mom would leave him home by himself. I Knew one of these weekends I would have him to myself. I Was 26 years old and all I could think about was 12 year old black boys. The boy I had my eyes set on was a 12 year old 4 foot 9 carmel skinned cutie. I wated for the right weekend, I sat close enough to his house to here his mom say see you when I get back from Atlanta. As she drove away I wated for the sun to go down, then I made my move. I was dressed up like a pizza delivery guy. I knocked on the door and the boy answered. I told him his mom wanted to surprise him with a pizza. He took the pizza and said thanks, then started to close the door. I stopped him and told him I really needed to use the bathroom. He said he was not to let strangers in. After going back and forth, he finally let me in. Now the fun was about to start, my plan was working. After coming out the bathroom, I asked him if he ever drank liquor. He said he tried his moms once. I asked him if he wanted some of mine. He said yes. I pulled out a shot of liquor that I had mixed with something else. It did not take long before the little sexy 12 year old was feeling good. Soon he sat on the couch, and I sat next to him. I kissed him on the lips, and he pushed me away. He could not get up because I gave him the date rape drug. I was going to take full advantage. I stood up and picked him up as if we were getting married. I walked up the stairs and into his room, with a hand full of ass the entire way. He kept asking me why do I fell like this. I told him to just enjoy it. As we walked into his room, I placed him on the bed. He had pajamas on and smelled like soap, I guess he had just gotten out the shower. I took off his shirt and then his pants. He was laying on his back with his spiderman underwear on. I took a few pictures. Then I slowly pulled his underwater down. He had a nice size dick for a 12 year old and he was not even hard yeat. I set my camera up and put it into video mode. I could not help myself and I shoved his dick into my mouth. He kept saying stop, but his sick was getting bigger. Soon he was rock hard, and was doing a little moaning. I went faster and he got louder. Then he busted a fat nut in my mouth. I sucked until nothing else came out, then spit the cum in a cup. I then flipped him over and grabbed my lub. I put it all over my pointer finger and put it right into his tight hot hairless virgin ass. I immediately started to go fast. For the first minute there were screams of pain, then he started moaning. Now I put two fingers in, then three. After three of my fingers fucked his cute black ass for 30 minutes, it was time for my dick. I pulled him to the edge of the bed and his feet were dangling. I slowly pushed and pulled the head of my dick, in and out his ass. It felt so good. I started to go deeper and he yelled out. I was ready for this and put duck tape over his mouth. Then I put in again, I could here the yelling from inside the tape. As my 7 and a half inch dick made it in half way into his tight black ass, I could here him start to cry. It felt to good, so i went deeper. The yeals got louder but I was not going to stop. I was going really slow, so I would not tear anything. Soon my dick was almost all the way in. I could go no further, or my dick would be in his stomach. His tight ass hole was getting so wet I started to speed up just a bit. By now he was moaning and I took the tape off his mouth. As i kept pumping I rapped my hand around his hips, and started jacking off his dick. He started to moan louder. I felt his ass hole clench my dick and I knew he was about to bust another nut, and so was I. As cum came running out his dick his ass hole got looser. I came the hardest I ever had in my life, and every bit of my cum went into his still tight ass. This was just the first fuck, I was going to fuck him all night, over and over. When Im done with him, he's going to love a dick in his ass. After about 20 more minutes of fucking his ass with my fingers, I was ready to put my fat dick in him again. I put tape on his mouth. This time I shoved my dick in his ass and his scream made me push my dick all the way up into his stomach. I pumped harder and harder faster and faster. I was going so fast and hard, that his ass was making a clapping sound. I could even see his ass cheeks giggling as my pelvis met his round soft ass. I kept my speed up and again he started to moan. I took the tape off his mouth and started fucking him really slow. I pulled my dick out his ass and flipped him on his back, then lifted his legs spread open, over his head. I pushed my dick in and immediately started to got fast. I grabbed his dick and started jacking him off. He busted a nut really fast. I kept going until I was about yo cum. I pulled my dick out and put it in his mouth. I started pumping and busted a nut in his mouth. I told him to swallow it and he did. We both laid on his be together for a bit while I was thinking of what I had just done. Soon the sun was going to come up, and I had to leave. I whispered into his ear and I told him, one day Ill be back.

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